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Okunuşu: / jaʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yowl
Ekler: yowls/yowled/yowl·ing/yowls
Türü: isim, fiil


i. ulumak, uluyuş;

f. ulumak.

yowl için örnek cümleler:

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  • Stern, running but the faster, plugged him with a forty-four. The Anthropoid, still clinging, yowled hideously, then all at once dropped off and vanished in the depths.
  • Jerry uttered one terrific screech that echoed far and wide through the forest. He flung the ax madly toward the creature, and, without pausing to look behind, dashed for camp at his top speed. The beast was actually in pursuit, but it stopped at a distance of thirty feet, and uttered a yowl of disappointment.
  • "Oh, my boys! Have you missed me? There, there!" She patted and stroked them as they pranced up and down whimpering and yowling.
  • Behind her, the cat yowled plaintively and did a drive by with its tail streaming upward, leaning into her leg but not really touching it. Then it trotted off to the left, pausing at the head of the stairway there. It looked over its shoulder at Mirie and meowed as if asking a question. Then it trotted downstairs.
  • Tired as he was, Rolls hardly slept that night, there in the reign of rayless darkness between the creepers and the hollow of the rock, noting when the man-eater roared afar, when the mouth of the ounce yowled to the universe for food, when sentries went out, came in....
  • "Yeah, I guess. I didnt see them, but I heard their dogs . . ." Mausi stopped short when Ulva abruptly stood up and howled "Aroooooo" into the sky. The noise rattled Mausis bones and made him shiver worse than the cold water had. The pups yowled high-pitched imitations of their mother, but in the distance other wolefs answered Ulvas call with deeper-toned adult voices.
  • Kent has led Lear and his fool to an old shed, dilapidated by years of rough weather. Rain pounds on the roofs rough-hewn gray boards, intended only to shelter cattles hay from snow, and drips down inside, while the violent storm yowls unabated.
  • Dreth reached the zombies, who were tugging frantically at the door. "Open the bloody thing!" He cried, chopping at a cat woman who was about to pounce at Redthorne. She yowled as Darkblood drank her essence greedily.
  • At the signal, Hysteria began kicking the wall of the cabin with both hind feet and the orphan commenced to making all manner of strange noises. I was so surprised by the cacophony of sounds, which is to say noises that came out of the youngster's mouth that I almost forgot my own part of the plan. I am aware that boys are well-versed in the creation of creative noises as well as all kinds of mimicry, having been a boy myself once. But this orphan was a true artist. He belted out the yowls of a wildcat, the braying of a donkey, the barking of a dog, the screech of harpy, and the gurgling growl of a frog-bear. Not to be outdone, Hysteria let loose with the squeal of an angry equine, which is to say a horse.
  • The handy man let out a yowl of pain and leaped for the watering trough beside the corral, smoke trailing behind him. Hetty thoughtfully surveyed the scene of her experiment from beneath raised eyebrows. Then she grunted with satisfaction, picked up the remaining milk in the pail and went back to the ranch house. Barney climbed drippingly from the horse trough.
  • "Fury, Fury! There, Tyrant, there! Hark! hark!" calls Prospero, as Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban are driven away amid flying tails and flapping ears, all three stumbling quite drunkenly, dismayed by the yowling.
  • "And whilst a babbling echo masks the houndsshrill replies to the well-tuned horns, as if a double hunt were heard at once, let us lie down and mock their yowling noise!"
  • I climbed through the window, trying to keep my clothes from rubbing on the sill and making a noise, and got inside with no yowl coming from the bed. I knelt down by it so I could get the sleeper's face outlined against the wall, and saw it was a woman. I got ready to shove her pillow in her face, if she woke, and Wendel started to come in.
  • Dismal shot by them, followed by an enormous creature with glowing eyes that yowled at the top of its lungs, in what was probably very coarse language to anyone who spoke cat talk. Dismal had at last met his match, and was beating an inglorious retreat.
  • Outside the night is dark; dawn is still a long way off; a breeze rattles the chain fence. Close by, cats yowl and hiss among the weeds.
  • Genie yowled as he was unceremoniously tossed from the bed and he disappeared around the corner, as if that was where he was heading all along.
  • The handkerchief was now nearly consumed, and when the last spark faded away, the catamount came on more determinedly than ever. His yowls of fury floated through the tunnel with dismal reverberations. He sniffed and snorted, and began to tear at the obstacles that blocked the crevice.
  • They muttered and yowled as they bit off great mouthfuls. New arrivals came swarming from the forest. Soon more than a score of the gaunt brutes were assembled around the carcass.
  • Immediately a mournful yowling began in the bow of the boat, growing louder as they drew away from shore. And then, amid the laughter of his three companions, Dave ended his wail and instead broke into a lively boating song, the others joining in at the chorus. For Dave's singing was a source of pride to his friends.
  • Then he rose, found the Khan's sword, a beautiful and ancient weapon, and with a single cut of its keen edge, killed the second dog that I had wounded, which was still yowling and snarling at us. After this he collected the two spears and my knife, saying that they might be useful, and without trouble caught the Khan's horse, which stood with hanging head close by, so tired that even this desperate fight had not frightened it away.
  • Laurie brought a stiletto heel down on Rick's fingers and ground the point in with a hip roll. He yowled in pain and sat back in his seat, stuffing his fingers in his mouth and rocking. He moaned Roxy over and over. Rocking. Roxy.
  • Thay war aw byordnar roused an he cuid hear thair yowls o rage no ferr ahint him.
  • Hardly. It was more of a logistical problem than mathematical for the Sheik. The poor man had his hands full with that retinue. I'm told that one of his wives actually had a brawl with the wife of another aphid farmer before I'd gotten there. They say that she was having a screaming fit about how her Milk Sheik was better than the other one's. Johnny shook his head almost impatiently, as if he'd realized that he'd strayed from the straight and narrow path of the narration. "But to get back to my story, on my end, it wasn't mathematics or screaming wives that was the problem - it was the cats. The cats could sense that I wasn't human and they set off a caterwaul that upset the Sheik's wives. It also brought a crowd over and faster than you could skin a cat, those yowling felines and shrieking females were replaced by the howling mob that you encountered."
  • Dreth reached the zombies, who were tugging frantically at the door. "Open the bloody thing!" He cried, chopping at a cat woman who was about to pounce at Redthorne. She yowled as Darkblood drank her essence greedily.
  • Suddenly the wildcat pawed at his nose, drew back, and grew rigid with what seemed an effort to restrain some deep emotion. The next moment he gave vent to a loud, convulsive sneeze, and began to spit savagely. He appeared to be not only very angry, but surprised as well. When he fell to clawing frantically at his eyes and nose with both paws, Mrs. Gammit almost strangled with the effort to keep from laughing. But she held herself in, and continued to shake down the pungent shower. A moment more, and the wildcat, after an explosion of sneezes which almost made him stand on his head, gave utterance to a yowl of consternation, and turned to flee. As he bounded across the yard he evidently did not see just where he was going, for he ran head first into the wheelbarrow, which straightway upset and kicked him. For an instant he clawed at it wildly, mistaking it for a living assailant. Then he recovered his wits a little, and scurried away across the pasture, sneezing and spitting as he went.
  • "There is not an hour or ten minutes of day or night that is not made hideous with a dog-fight or chorus of yelps. There are about six different clans of dogs, divided as their owners are, and a Dogrib dog entering the Yellow-knife or Chipewyan part of the camp is immediately set upon by all the residents. Now the clansmen of the one in trouble rush to the rescue and there is a battle. Indians of both sides join in with clubs to belabour the fighters, and the yowling and yelping of those discomfited is painful to hear for long after the fight is over. It was a battle like this, I have been told, which caused the original split of the tribe, one part of which went south to become the Apaches of Arizona. The scenes go on all day and all night in different forms. A number of dogs are being broken in by being tied up to stakes. These keep up a heart-rending and peculiar crying, beginning with a short bark which melts into a yowl and dies away in a nerve-racking wail. This ceases not day or night, and half a dozen of these prisoners are within a stone's throw of our camp.
  • In the midst of which Cobby extended his hand to a box on the table, and immediately all the genii of astonishment were called and flocked. Behold now: a disc on top of the box begins to spin, and--by the grace of God!--out of it sounds "Woman is Fickle" from Rigoletto. Then those there knew music more teeming with some mood and meaning of the spheres than the strains of canaries, as much more teeming as the smart and burden of the psalm which may one day burst from earth to star will be vaster than our sonatas. And--Oh, joy!--see now how they move to the news that the Soul of Being is bliss and emotion of gavotte, jig, jazz, finger wagging, hand clapping, head wagging, body going, He dancing, they dancing, sons of His soul, remembering how that same melody and meaning was inherent in the Nebula in the era when He and they reeled red, the little hound, too, with yowling mouth, snout up, hailing Him that moves and makes.
  • The familys lawyers, being Waterloo lawyers, and not that careful with other peoples money, had advised the family that for four months rent, the last month of which they wouldnt get back anyway, just to leave the place empty. There had been a thought that the previous tailors sister might come to visit for a couple of weeks, and with her nasty kid and yowling Siamese cat, the apartment would come in handy. The same would be true if her mother came for a visit: anything to keep distance would be welcome.
  • A sound woke Sasha from a shallow sleep. There were chills running along her spine. Her eyes were still closed, but what was that sound? She opened them and listened to the eerie sound more intently. It sounded like animals, all small ones, all angry. She was still batting the mental fog away when she noticed the loudest one. It was a cat yowling. She looked to see Feena with his fire fur raised, teeth bared, yowls coming from his open mouth. She looked around to see other familiars in the forms of many different animals and elements, some bear cubs, some dogs, some catsall predators. Then she realized the din was also coming from the opposition as well. All of the Iumenta familiars joined their cries, begging their masters to let them loose on the enemy.
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