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Okunuşu: / juːθfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: youth·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. genç;
gençliğe yakışır.

youthful için örnek cümleler:

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  • When all was ready, one of the youthful Sauks walked out from the party near the woods, holding the stick with the crotch of a small branch supported at the point of bifurcation. This crotch was four or five inches in length, and as it was carried aloft, it looked like an inverted V, raised high so that all might see it.
  • Could it be possible that this strange, half-wild man of the mountains, this killer, this master of a wolf pack, could be in any way connected with my father? I wondered, and as I wondered I found that a vague fear of this mad man who despite his reputed age seemed as youthful and as agile as a man in his thirties, was gripping me. Perhaps the strangeness of the wilderness park added to my awe, for certainly one could expect almost anything supernatural to happen in the twilight of the forest of giant trees, whose interlacing branches overhead shut out the light of heaven.
  • Two weeks later the old _Costa Rica,_ looking somewhat youthful in a new coat of black paint and with a huge American flag painted on each topside, slipped quietly out of San Francisco in ballast and for the last time turned her nose toward Panama. In the brief period given him in which to overhaul her interior, Terence P. Reardon had accomplished wonders, and an hour after Mike Murphy had taken his bearings from Point San Pedro and laid out his course the chief came into the chart room to announce that the old girl was doing eight knots and, barring unexpected bad weather, would continue to do it without falling to pieces. "If I could have spint two thousand dollars more on her," Terence declared, "I believe I could get another knot out av her. Time was whin she could do sixteen."
  • Close to, they saw the Wise One was indeed an incredibly old female. She leaned on a stick, the hand grasping it swollen and misshapen. But her voice was surprisingly strong and almost youthful as she said: ‘Thank you Fenj. I offer welcome to you all. My name is Nolli and I would prefer you to call me that.’
  • Proper dress for us was well beneath seemly, but for the lot of our infants and our young. Many of them had coverings all about. These were made of shavings from the roaming beast. Our most young were too, the only ones with foot coverings. Those who were their seniors dared not to wear them; for there was always somewhere, a youthful one which went without. Damsels and debutantes donned varied stitchings from their shoulders to their ankles. Mas and pas along with our elders dressed in weavings of branches and leaves, and only to those places which were to be kept in secret.
  • Miles felt a strong, unaccountable attraction towards the young private. He had not yet heard his voice nor encountered his eye; indeed, being behind him, he had only seen his side-face, and as the expression on it was that of stern gravity, the attractive power could not have lain in that. It might have lain in the youthful look of the lad, for albeit a goodly man in person, he was almost a boy in countenance, being apparently not yet twenty years of age.
  • Olenka too revived again, as it were, after leaving Taurogi. There the uncertainty of her future and continual fear were killing her; now in the depths of the forest she felt safer. The wholesome air brought back her strength. The sight of soldiers, of weapons, the movement and bustle of camp life, acted like balsam on her wearied soul. And the march of troops acted agreeably on her also; possible dangers did not alarm her in the least, for knightly blood was in her veins. Appearing less frequently before the soldiers, not permitting herself to gallop on a pony in front of the ranks, she attracted fewer glances, but general respect surrounded her. The mustached faces of the soldiers were laughing at sight of Anusia; heads were uncovered when Olenka drew near the fires. That was changed later to homage. But it did not pass without this,--that some heart beat for her in a youthful breast; but eyes did not dare to gaze at her so directly as at that brunette of the Ukraine.
  • Your name abruptly mentioned, casual words Of comment on your deeds, praise from your uncle, News from the armies, talk of your return, A word let fall touching your youthful passion Suffused her cheek, called to her drooping eye A momentary lustre.
  • But his youthful voice was shaking, and he stared at the edge of the abyss, listening to the far tumult now arising from the street below.
  • Jessica grins as Lorenzo steps behind, arms enfolding her. "In such a night, Medea gathered the enchanted herbs that did renew old son!" The man was restored from impotence to youthful vigor.
  • Valentin sighed deeply. "I envy you, brother. Would that I had a youthful companion to bring joy to my twilight years."
  • feature, as it were, bursting with indignation, she looked like a youthful priestess denouncing vengeance on a sinful world.
  • She stared at the tree and thought of Cari, imbuing it with all the Jann's youthful exuberance mixed with common sense. But, as with everything else in the garden, she felt nothing. If there was no special feeling of wrongness other than the feeling that pervaded the entire garden, neither was there anything to give her a clue of rightness. The ylang-ylang tree was like any other plant in this garden.
  • Having turned him down without having to think about it, she went on to think about it and out of pure youthful exuberance she told him their relationship would never work out because he ate meat and she was a strict vegetarian.
  • Mrs. Markham and Miss Harley were twin stars in this group, and Prescott could not tell which had the greater popularity. Mrs. Markham was the more worldly and perhaps the more accomplished; but the girl was all youthful freshness, and there was about her an air of simplicity that the older woman lacked.
  • Colonel Welsh didn't answer for a moment. He stared down at his two hands folded on the edge of the little table, and the expression on his thin face seemed to show a reluctance to answer that question. Presently, though, he lifted his head and looked straight at the two youthful air aces.
  • Just beneath the lowest tier of seats was a series of barred cages on a level with the surface of the arena. Into these we were herded. But, unfortunately, my youthful friend was not of those who occupied a cage with me.
  • He does not give this explanation till afterwards. Now there is no time for talking; he must act, and instantly. But how he intends acting, or what he means to do with the torterillas, neither of his youthful comrades can tell or guess.
  • So they went through their memories, smiling with pleasure: not the sad memories of old age, but poetic, youthful ones--those impressions of one's most distant past in which dreams and realities blend--and they laughed with quiet enjoyment.
  • Certain as a youthful girl of the East Gate would cry over a coldly turned shoulder of a younger lad of the same, assuredly her chum of the Western Gate would be there to hold her hand. Should that younger lad's head be found bowed for the losing of his sporting beast to his neighbors, without delay would his chum from the West be there to aid in morally sustaining him.
  • Graice expected the man to reverse course and leave. So did his horse (a sensible animal mindful of its duty and undistracted by youthful beauty) which chafed and tried to turn back on its own, obviously impatient at the interruption in completing its appointed rounds. But the rider pulled hard on the reins to keep his mount standing still. The man openly stared at Graice. His eyes moved from her face down to her ankles and then back up again. Even though aware that her slender legs were exposed from the knees down to her bare feet, young Graice was not intimidated. She reacted silently and the man felt an intense guilt feeling. His face flushed deep red and his eyes looked down. He was ready to flee from Graice's effect, but an instant before he left, Antonetta's voice came from the door of the garden house.
  • Anna Pavlovna's drawing room was gradually filling. The highest Petersburg society was assembled there: people differing widely in age and character but alike in the social circle to which they belonged. Prince Vasili's daughter, the beautiful Helene, came to take her father to the ambassador's entertainment; she wore a ball dress and her badge as maid of honor. The youthful little Princess Bolkonskaya, known as la femme la plus seduisante de Petersbourg,* was also there. She had been married during the previous winter, and being pregnant did not go to any large gatherings, but only to small receptions. Prince Vasili's son, Hippolyte, had come with Mortemart, whom he introduced. The Abbe Morio and many others had also come.
  • Herloiss face had many lines going to and fro and around again, akin to the air of mystery and thoughtful design of a fossil. Behind those wrinkles was smooth skin, like a cream, in a lightly spotted brown. This was proof of the attractive young woman all the elder ones - especially the menbragged Herlois used to be. She often refused to make admission that the season of her youthful beauty had gone, taking time to make her skin up with color whenever chance permitted her doing so.
  • It was hard on him, Geoffrey thought, that he should be called upon to endure such scenes. He could no longer disguise the truth from himself --he had buried his happiness on his wedding-day. Looking back across the years, he well remembered how different a life he had imagined for himself. In those days he was tired of knocking about and of youthful escapades; even that kind of social success which must attend a young man who was handsome, clever, a good fellow, and blessed with large expectations, had, at the age of six-and-twenty, entirely lost its attractiveness. Therefore he had turned no deaf ear to his uncle, Sir Robert Bingham, who was then going on for seventy, when he suggested that it might be well of Geoffrey settled down, and introduced him to Lady Honoria.
  • The youthful Mr. Somers, looking a little pale and /distrait/, strolled up apparently to speak to me; his hands were in his pockets and an unlighted cigar was in his mouth. His eyes fell upon the elderly gentleman, a sight that caused him to shape his lips as though to whistle and drop the cigar.
  • Little jean was probably too youthful yet to take part in that literary arbitration.
  • Some of these first classmen were twenty-four years of age, others from twenty to twenty-two. Hence, with many of them, there was some slight undercurrent of feeling over the necessity for taking instruction from such very youthful instructors as Jack Benson, Hal Hastings and Eph Somers.
  • Surely you cannot, you will not be so inhuman as to do such foul murder! cried the youthful secretary, placing himself between Kyd and Fitzroy, and stretching forth his hands deprecatingly.
  • They had only started trying; did people get pregnant that easily? Rose was thirty-six, not a kid. Not in her twenties, not some youthful girl. Was she knocked up? She wanted to smile, wanted to giggle. Instead, all she felt was ill.
  • Slough off dead skin cells to reveal glowing, youthful looking skin.
  • A solemn silence prevailed through the dimly lighted aisles, as the usual pause was allowed for the answer. At this juncture, and while the small party around the altar held their breath in mute astonishment and wonder, the door was rudely thrust open, and a gigantic figure strode down the hollow sounding aisle. His heavy footfalls rung upon Virginia's sensitive organs like the funeral knell of departed peace. He walked directly towards the altar, until he stood immediately behind the youthful pair about to plight their faith, his tall figure towering far above their heads.[5] Over his face he held a black mask, as he thus spoke, in answer to the general challenge of the priest.
  • In another part of the ground, at a considerable distance from the spot where our hero mounted guard, stood a youthful soldier, also on guard, and thinking, no doubt, of home. He was much too young for service in such a climate--almost a boy. He was a ruddy, healthy lad, with plenty of courage and high spirit, who was willing to encounter anything cheerfully, so long as, in so doing, he could serve his Queen and country. But he was careless of his own comfort and safety. Several times he had been found fault with for going out in the sun without his white helmet. Miles had taken a fancy to the lad, and had spoken seriously, but very kindly, to him that very day about the folly of exposing himself in a way that had already cost so many men their lives.
  • He would rather be alone than join their company, and would not compete with them in any of their sports, so that, when his absence from the arena was noticed, it was attributed to weakness or cowardice. These imputations stung him deeply, driving him to brood within himself. He was never seen in the courtyards or ante-rooms at the palace, nor following in the train of the Prince, as was the custom with the youthful nobles. The servility of the court angered and disgusted him; the eagerness of strong men to carry a cushion or fetch a dog annoyed him.
  • With the powerful aid of the Recluse, and the accumulating reinforcements from the loyal citizens of the town, the remainder of the gallant but misguided zealots were soon either cut down, captured, or put to flight. The slain of the Cavalier party were laid out in the State House, while those of the opposite faction were deposited in the tobacco warehouse, so lately the scene of youthful revels.
  • Together we remembered our history as we looked on one the other; without saying words. Yet, to us it was as true that the other was doing the same. Moments as youthful ones made recall to our minds. These were those days when we would make competition for such things which now seemed as mere objects for futility. Also were we reminded of our times of sparring (in this same set) only a small number of years before. Sensing that we must move on from that place, we unlocked our embrace.
  • Smoothes skin and refines and tones facial contours to promote radiant, more youthful looking features.
  • Lindon's forehead grew more wrinkled as Josiah Christmas, merchant of Bristol city, and his maternal uncle, walked into the office, whither the lad followed slowly, looking stubborn and ill-used, for Mike Bannock's poison was at work, and in his youthful ignorance and folly, he felt too angry to attempt a frank explanation.
  • There were many burdens to being Queen, to be sure, but who did I have to squeal with about my own rise? A gaping ache opened in my chest for Auralia or Oelphie. After all this, Auralia and I would have been past petty, youthful jealousies and I could just imagine us leaping around the room in excitement. For a moment, it was as if she were before me.
  • Now let us turn to another and less conspicuous South African whose point of view, imperial, personal and patriotic, is the exact opposite of that of Smuts. Throughout this chapter has run the strain of Hertzog, first the Boer General fighting gallantly in the field with Smuts as youthful comrade; then the member of the Botha Cabinet; later the bitter insurgent, and now the implacable foe of the order that he helped to establish. What manner of man is he and what has he to say?
  • The picture of youthful innocence, the duo were tailor made for the record buyers of era.
  • Always being very up-front with his sexual liaisons, the early part of the book becomes a catalog of youthful indiscretions.
  • The five midshipmen brought their right hands hesitatingly to the visors of their uniform caps. The very youthful lieutenant smartly returned their salutes, half smiled, then turned, in search of the officer in charge.
  • As each year passed the hardy warrior returned thickened by battle and time, rangy muscles turned to bullish brawn. Now the youthful face was scuffed and hard as stone. His friend was on a lone mission that even his forthcoming words could not explain. Venir was a talker, but said little about what was inside. Every time Venir left, Melegal felt it would be the last time he saw the man. He assumed the armament protected the man, but it did harm as well. Another piece of his jovial friend had disappeared whenever he returned.
  • Slaughtering the generals support staff didnt take long or attract attention. He found the key to the armory and crossed the courtyard, no one giving his youthful face a second glance. High above the fort he heard the echoes of firefights. It reassured him to know he didnt fight alone. He killed the two guards -- or maybe two quads just chatting near the doors -- and entered.
  • As a professor and leader of men, Rayburn Willis had a way with students, especially young male students, whom he impressed as being the sort of man they should all like to become some day. This pattern had carried him through his years in the service, academia, the commercial world and straight on through to the Moon Base Project. He was already on his third such young man at the Base, a physicist and programmer named Barley MacDunhill. Barley was the most youthful of the whole crew. At a mere twenty two years old, it was a close call for the commission, but they'd decided his attributes outweighed any possible age-related concerns.
  • The Princess laughed and said in French: "That is the difference between professional and amateur--between Nizam and Redif--between Ahmed Pasha and our esteemed but very youthful attach--who has much yet to learn about that endless war called Peace!"
  • The principal was a gracious woman of perhaps fifty. Her snow-white hair was piled high on her head and her dark eyes were bright and keen. Wonderful eyes they were, seeming to gaze straight into the youthful eyes that stared back affectionately or curiously as the case might be. Mrs. Eustice's gown was of black or very dark blue silk, made simply and fitting exquisitely. Straight, soft collar and cuffs of dotted net outlined the neck and wrists, and her single ornament was a tiny watch worn on a black ribbon.
  • Before we have finished the story of Meriwether Lewis and his companions, we shall see that this high praise of the youthful commander was well deserved.
  • Thank God! he exclaimed. Then again--"Yes, thank God it is!" It steadied his heart not a little to remember the picture in his mother's Bible that had so often stirred his youthful imagination of One standing in the fishing boat and bidding the storm be still. In the spruce thicket he stood some moments to regain his breath and strength.
  • When all was ready de Sigognac led Isabelle and Serafina to the table, placing one on each side of him, with the pretty soubrette opposite. Mme. Leonarde, the duenna of the troupe, sat beside the pedant, Leander, Matamore, his majesty the tyrant, and Scapin finding places for themselves. The youthful host was now able to study the faces of his guests at his ease, as they sat round the table in the full light of the candles burning upon it in the two theatrical candelabra. He turned his attention to the ladies first, and it perhaps will not be out of place to give a little sketch of them here, while the pedant attacks the gigantic game pasty.
  • Thou wilt not, then, she said, playfully, after hesitating in what vein to reply, "deign to accept my heart, while one little corner is reserved for the memory of a youthful passion?"
  • Prince Andrew arrived in Petersburg in August, 1809. It was the time when the youthful Speranski was at the zenith of his fame and his reforms were being pushed forward with the greatest energy. That same August the Emperor was thrown from his caleche, injured his leg, and remained three weeks at Peterhof, receiving Speranski every day and no one else. At that time the two famous decrees were being prepared that so agitated society--abolishing court ranks and introducing examinations to qualify for the grades of Collegiate Assessor and State Councilor--and not merely these but a whole state constitution, intended to change the existing order of government in Russia: legal, administrative, and financial, from the Council of State down to the district tribunals. Now those vague liberal dreams with which the Emperor Alexander had ascended the throne, and which he had tried to put into effect with the aid of his associates, Czartoryski, Novosiltsev, Kochubey, and Strogonov--whom he himself in jest had called his Comite de salut public--were taking shape and being realized.
  • Mas fetched their nursing infants while pas lingered behind, gathering the others. youthful girls kissed their pets and let them alone. Younger lads let their frogs free; to find shelter of their own. Damsels dashed along with their heads peaking backwards, as if to assure the security of their chums. A pubescent male made last effort to valor, seeking chance to save a debutante from dangers ensuing snare. Pas ran behind their kindreds now, taking care to their safe arrival. Each outgoing clan warded behind, that they may all cross over at once. All advanced to the entrance of the city of their ally. But this time, there were no opened doors to be spoken of.
  • Ardournow that time has cooled the youthful ardor that carried me away, let me do justice to this unfortunate girl.
  • Some of these first classmen were twenty-four years of age, others from twenty to twenty-two. Hence, with many of them, there was some slight undercurrent of feeling over the necessity for taking instruction from such very youthful instructors as Jack Benson, Hal Hastings and Eph Somers.
  • "Isn't she?" exclaimed the aristocratic Mrs. Blunt, with an almost youthful ingenuousness, and in those black eyes which looked at me so calmly there was a flash of the Southern beauty, still naive and romantic, as if altogether untouched by experience. "I don't think there is a single grain of vulgarity in all her enchanting person. Neither is there in my son. I suppose you won't deny that he is uncommon." She paused.
  • On this day, of all days, Cappy would not have missed luncheon with the Bilgewater Club for a farm. As he breezed along there was a smile on his ruddy old face and a lilt in his kind old heart, for he was rehearsing his announcement to his youthful friends of how he had but recently tanned the hide of a brother! He almost laughed aloud as he pictured himself solemnly relating, in the presence of J.
  • Many colored rays, passing through the windows, joined with the gleam of candles, with which the altar seemed burning, and fell upon the faces of senators in the church chairs, on the white beards, on the imposing forms, on golden chains, on violet velvet. You would have said, "A Roman senate!" such was the majesty and dignity of these old men. Here and there among gray heads was to be seen the face of a warrior senator; here and there gleamed the blond head of a youthful lord. All eyes were fixed on the altar, all were praying; the flames of the candles were glittering and quivering; the smoke from the censers was playing and curling in the bright air. The body of the church was packed with heads, and over the heads a rainbow of Banners was playing, like a rainbow of flowers.
  • One sunny morning, while I was strolling along the beach, I heard the sound of distant drumming, and presently a youthful voice broke into song. It was The Little Pine singing to his sweetheart.
  • My days in the Capitol at that time were usually spent in the gallery of the Senate, where were to be seen and heard the great leaders on both sides. Some of the Southern Senators were making their farewell speeches, the words of which I, in my youthful innocence, tried vainly to reconcile with their action, as well as with the proceedings of a peace Congress, which was being held at Willard's old hall on F street.
  • A sense of exhilaration pervaded Beth's youthful being. She was glad of what she had done. It was joyous, it was splendid, this absolute freedom in all this stern old world!
  • Between 1879 and 1890 Leopold personally supported the cost of creating and maintaining the Free State. It represented an outlay of more than $2,500,000. Afterwards he had adequate return in the revenues from rubber and ivory. But Leopold was a royal spender in the fullest sense. He had a variety of fads that ranged from youthful and beguiling femininity to the building of palaces and the beautifying of his own country. He lavished millions on making Brussels a sumptuous capital and Ostend an elaborate seaside resort. With his private life we are not concerned. Leopold the pleasure-seeker was one person; Leopold the business man was another, and as such he was unique among the rulers of Europe.
  • He began turning over the leaves of the log book. It was an epic of the sea. Every incident that had befallen the Good Hope on her long voyage was faithfully set down. He skimmed through the records, reading the most interesting bits of information out aloud for the benefit of his youthful companions.
  • The steamboat captain offered McGill a bed in his own cabin, for the log houses were not yet completed, and that night at supper the miner met the rest of the big family. Among them was a girl. Once McGill had beheld her, he could see none of the others; he became an automaton, directing his words at random, but focusing his soul upon her. He could not recall her name, for her first glance had driven all memory out of his head, and during the meal he feasted his hungry eyes upon her, feeling a yearning such as he had never before experienced. He did not pause to argue what it foretold; it is doubtful if he would have realized had he taken time to think, for he had never known women well, and ten years in the Yukon country had dimmed what youthful recollections he possessed. When he went to bed he was in a daze that did not vanish even when the captain, after carefully locking the doors and closing the cabin shutters, crawled under the bunk and brought forth a five-gallon keg of whisky, which he fondled like a mother her babe.
  • The youthful chieftain of the plot had gone up last. When he perceived the mothers gaining on them, he cut the liana. With a sonorous bump, the mothers dropped in a heap to the ground. That was why the Bororo women were resigned to see their sons in heaven, forming the stars, while they--the women themselves--remained the transmigrated souls of their mothers upon earth.
  • "Sally squinted into the distance, a few feet away. She needed glasses, but they interfered with her action art. You can't be an action artist if you don't look youthful and edgy, and glare at people a lot.
  • The boy had sandy, blond hair, which hung in his face, giving him a youthful appearance. He must have been no more than fifteen or sixteen years when changed. Of course, there was no easy way to tell how many years he had been a leech, as they never aged. He was tall, with a narrow waist and broad shoulders, and I wasnt surprised to see his perfectly sculptured and symmetrical face. All leeches seemed to look like that. The child couldnt be more than three years of age, with blond, shoulder-length curls.
  • Rachel had started prepping for the dance early, doing first her own makeup, and then Jasmin's while I was still gone with Alec. By the time I'd returned, Rachel's youthful features had taken on a mature cast that'd make all kinds of boys wish they'd taken a risk and asked Alec's little sister out.
  • I assured her sadly that it was so, and went on to suggest, for I felt that such a horrible doubt should not have life for a moment longer than I could help, that it often happened that after death faces become softened and even resolved into their youthful beauty, that this was especially so when death had been preceded by any acute or prolonged suffering. I seemed to quite do away with any doubt, and after kneeling beside the couch for a while and looking at his lovingly and long, she turned aside. I told her that that must be goodbye, as the coffin had to be prepared, so she went back and took his dead hand in her and kissed it, and bent over and kissed his forehead. She came away, fondly looking back over her shoulder at his as she came.
  • Sobbing, he sprawls on the pavement. O earth, I will befriend thee with more rain, that shall distil from these two ancient urns, than youthful April shall, with all its showers! In summers drought, Ill drop upon thee still; in winter, with warm tears Ill melt the snow, and keep eternal spring-time on thy face!—if thou refuse to drink my dear sonsblood!
  • Isabelle was much more youthful than Serafina, as was requisite for her role of ingenuous young girl, and far more simply dressed.
  • The pump-well was once more sounded, and found to be nearly empty. Owing to the nature of the bottom on which they had struck, the lightness of the thumps, or the strength of the ship herself, it was clear that the vessel had thus far escaped without any material injury. For this advantage Mark was deeply grateful, and could he only recover four or five of the people, and find his way out into open water, he might hope to live again to see America, and to be re-united to his youthful and charming bride.
  • Morrel looked obedience to her commands. Noirtier regarded the lovers with a look of ineffable tenderness, while Barrois, who had remained in the room in the character of a man privileged to know everything that passed, smiled on the youthful couple as he wiped the perspiration from his bald forehead. "How hot you look, my good Barrois," said Valentine.
  • The count burst out laughing. The other guests seeing that Shinshin was talking came up to listen. Berg, oblivious of irony or indifference, continued to explain how by exchanging into the Guards he had already gained a step on his old comrades of the Cadet Corps; how in wartime the company commander might get killed and he, as senior in the company, might easily succeed to the post; how popular he was with everyone in the regiment, and how satisfied his father was with him. Berg evidently enjoyed narrating all this, and did not seem to suspect that others, too, might have their own interests. But all he said was so prettily sedate, and the naivete of his youthful egotism was so obvious, that he disarmed his hearers.
  • "If you are the Shanallar, why are you so youthful in appearance?" came the first question, from Master nGida; his voice was shot through with genuine curiosity.
  • I don't understand. Stephen agonized over the mystery. The culmination of events was quickly taking their toll on his youthful enthusiasm. Being inside Sanctum, following Tun through the first maze, dealing with Lauren, and now the deficiency in his own explanations; all of this drained from him his normal exuberance. He was growing tired. It was late and he had not slept. The pain of riding horseback all day now sunk in his legs. He heaved a heavy breath in exhaustion. He could not decide what to do next, and the decision to move onward had to be made for him.
  • Three officers were approaching. These the five midshipmen turned and saluted. In another moment all of the five save Dave Darrin received a sharp jolt. For the O.C. had halted and was introducing the three Navy officers to the youthful one.
  • In his soul there suddenly arose such an unexpected turmoil of youthful thoughts and hopes, contrary to the whole tenor of his life, that unable to explain his condition to himself he lay down and fell asleep at once.
  • That same evening, in the solitude of my own room, I pondered over the little event of the day. I had calmed down from my state of excitement. The living apparition of Mary Simms occupied my mind almost to the exclusion of the terrors of the ghostly voice which had haunted me, and my own fears of coming insanity. In truth, what was that man to me? Nothing. What did his doings matter to such a perfect stranger as myself? Nothing. His connection with Mary Simms was our only link; and in what should that affect me? Nothing again. I debated with myself whether it were not foolish of me to comply with my youthful companion's request to visit her; whether it were not imprudent in me to take any further interest in the lost woman; whether there were not even danger in seeking to penetrate mysteries which were no concern of mine. The resolution to which I came pleased me, and I said aloud, "No, I will not go!"
  • O lovely Fostina! in all thy youthful beauty, when surrounded by friends, and thy young heart overflowing with happiness, little then didst thou dream of this thy unhappy lot!
  • Even quicker than either of his youthful comrades had the Hindoo identified the birds. A single glance sufficed, and simultaneously with that glance had the cry fallen from his lips, and the sack of Pythagorean beans from his grasp.
  • "I've been tired for eighteen years," the other replied; "to- night I hope to get rested." He lapsed into silence, watching his host pour out two glasses of liquor, fill his pipe, and then stretch himself out contentedly, his feet resting on another chair--a picture of youthful strength, vitality, and determination. Beneath the Lieutenant's flannel shirt the long, slim muscles showed free and full, and the firm set of jaw and lip denoted a mind at rest and confident of itself. Gale found himself for a moment jealously regarding the youth and his enviable state of contentment and decision.
  • Twenty is an alternative designer clothing line for women in their mid to late twenties who desires to dress youthful yet smart.
  • A cloaked man stands with a strange looking blade in his hand. His eyes are of the sort of attractive evil that could render entire kingdoms into his will, and full of the knowledge and wisdom of the unseen world. His skin is unnaturally pale, yet immaculate. His face is like that of the dead, preserved for all eternity in its youthful beauty.
  • The reader has not forgotten the encounter between Jacob Relstaub and Deerfoot, the Shawanoe, when the former plunged headlong through his own door in mortal fear that the tomahawk of the youthful warrior would be sent crashing through his brain; but, much as Deerfoot despised the German, he had no thought of visiting injury upon him. Shoving back the weapon to its place in his girdle, he therefore strode off in the forest, never pausing in his walk until the sun appeared above the horizon. He was then many miles from Martinsville, his face turned toward the southwest.
  • Newman was my friend--aye, more than that, he was in my youthful eyes a demi-god, a man to revere and worship above all others. He was prisoner, helpless. The crew were bent on mutiny; I could not stop them. The mutiny was planned and expected by the captain; and its outbreak would be the needed excuse for the slaying of Newman, and, Newman said, of the lady.
  • Ah, well, exclaimed Chateau-Renaud, who because he had seen his thirtieth summer fancied himself duly warranted in assuming a sort of paternal air with his more youthful friend, "you young people are never satisfied; why, what would you have more? your parents have chosen you a bride built on the model of Diana, the huntress, and yet you are not content."
  • It may seem strange that the youthful pair in the stern-sheets, still but tender children, and the girl more especially, should have withstood the terrible suffering beyond a period possible to many strong men, tough sailors every one of them. But it is not so strange after all, or rather after knowing that, in the struggle with starvation, youth always proves itself superior to age, and tender childhood will live on where manhood gives way to the weakness of inanition.
  • She did not answer. It was because of this knowledge and this fear, which was part of her youthful equipment for violent death is a very terrible prospect to the young and the healthy that she obeyed him at all.
  • Dawson stopped as he turned and looked at the co-pilot in the seat next to his. Cold rage filled his heart, and his bitter hatred of all things Nazi flared up again. Too many times had his youthful eyes looked upon death not to recognize it now. Nothing in the world could help the co-pilot. He had passed on to join his buddies in the airmen's Valhalla.
  • I had learned, while skirmishing about Washington, to know at sight nearly all of the prominent people who were active in this movement, and perhaps the fact that I had been somewhat accustomed to being in their society, and being quite youthful gave me an assurance that enabled me to go about among them in a free and open way, without exciting any suspicion.
  • Reserves hammered at donny fri 08 feb a youthful reserve squad were soundly beaten by doncaster rovers reserves midweek.
  • This was spoken as if Avis were just across the street and could run over in a minute. But as I did not discourage the idea the invitation was sent, and before night Avis was with us, filling the house with melody. She delighted in her song and was as youthful in spirit as a girl, and this was a quality always noticeable in the Martians. And, moreover, under the influence of Avis the members of our own household found their voices, so that the doctor and I learned that they need not send to the antipodes for singers. Zenith and Foedric were exceptionally good, but no one except Avis possessed the peculiar charm of Mona.
  • Colonel Welsh didn't answer for a moment. He stared down at his two hands folded on the edge of the little table, and the expression on his thin face seemed to show a reluctance to answer that question. Presently, though, he lifted his head and looked straight at the two youthful air aces.
  • 3 October.--The time seemed terribly long whilst we were waiting for the coming of Godalming and Quincy Morris. The Professor tried to keep our minds active by using them all the time. I could see her beneficent purpose, by the side glances which she threw from time to time at Harker. The poor fellow is overwhelmed in a misery that is appalling to see. Last night she was a frank, happy-looking woman, with strong, youthful face, full of energy, and with dark brown hair. Today she is a drawn, haggard old woman, whose white hair matches well with the hollow burning eyes and grief-written lines of her face. Her energy is still intact. In fact, she is like a living flame. This may yet be her salvation, for if all go well, it will tide her over the despairing period. She will then, in a kind of way, wake again to the realities of life. Poor fellow, I thought my own trouble was bad enough, but her . . . !
  • The youthful Capriles' re-election will help maintain unity among the historically fractured opposition in a potential election against Vice President Nicolas Maduro, Chavez's anointed successor.
  • On the part of the Irishman, this feeling is extended to the youthful couple who recline, with clasped hands, along the sternmost seat of the pinnace.
  • How important is the idea of youthful rebellion or cynicism to punk?
  • When five Indian youths invited their guests to go on a hunt the boys took their rifles, but their hosts carried only bows and arrows. On the return of the tired party at nightfall they brought the choice portions of three antelopes, two of which were slain by the youthful Blackfeet, while the one that George Shelton had brought down received also an effective thrust from an arrow. The dusky hunters guyed"" the palefaces who could not do as well as they with their primitive weapons, even though the fire spouted from the iron tubes and the balls that could not be seen by the eye carried death farther than did the missiles launched by the natives. George and Victor took it all in good part, and did not resent the taunts that were numerous."
  • The black eyes of the queen rested inquiringly on the youthful face of the hero, and seeing its sincerity, they grew bright with joy; and he, when he had made a profound obeisance, looked also at her boldly, as truth and honesty know how to look.
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