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Okunuşu: / juːθfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: youth·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. genç;
gençliğe yakışır.

youthful için örnek cümleler:

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  • Her fame carried throughout The Hamlets; for though she was far advanced in years, she traversed still as those much her junior. Herlois made her way around; void of fear or excessive helplessness. From the gate in which she belonged, to the Eastern one as well, would she go; to each elder and young alike, and to them of the age which bore and raised those very same youthful ones.
  • And there was one among the other egyrn called Nagan who was youthful of blood, and he too loved Athresa and longed to lie with her. And it had been the wisdom of the elder egyrn that these two should be wedded and bring forth princes for that place, and the time of the wedding drew nigh. And Nagan saw that Athresa drew more and more from him, and returned not his affections as she was wont, and that by day she went her own way and would not walk with him.
  • Author sometimes would make recall to days prior, when I was a younger lad and without cares (besides those of an ordinary youthful one). Not once did he try to force my return to civility. He only gave his word to not tell any where I was, and made laughter about himself and how all the people supposed he had grown mad in his grief without me. (He had given to them that I was in a discreet locale and was in safety; yet, he had not permission to disclose the spot.)
  • Mr. Johnson, it will be remembered, had obtained some distinction by his vigorous defense of the Union, in the Senate, at a time when nearly all the rest of the Southern Senators were either openly or secretly plotting treason. In my youthful enthusiasm for the cause of the Union, which had become strengthened by the Southern associations of the preceding months, I naturally gave to Mr. Johnson my earliest admiration and sympathy. One day, while walking up Pennsylvania avenue, I was surprised to see standing in front of Brown's, now the Metropolitan Hotel, a certain gentleman, earnestly engaged in conversation with Senator Wigfall, whom I had known in Texas as one of the prominent State officials under the then existing administration of Governor Sam. Houston.
  • Mr. Merton must have felt that he and his daughter's liberty, if not their lives, were in the keeping of a very youthful commander; still, his military habits of subordination were so strong, he did not venture even a suggestion. I had my own plan, and was just of an age to think it derogatory to my rank, to ask advice of any one. The proas were strongest ahead and on both bows, where they were collecting to the number of near twenty, evidently with the intention of boarding, should an opportunity offer; while, astern, and on our quarter, they were much fewer, and far more scattered. The reason of all this was apparent by our course, the pirates naturally supposing we should continue to stand on.
  • Ah, well, exclaimed Chateau-Renaud, who because he had seen his thirtieth summer fancied himself duly warranted in assuming a sort of paternal air with his more youthful friend, "you young people are never satisfied; why, what would you have more? your parents have chosen you a bride built on the model of Diana, the huntress, and yet you are not content."
  • The stream of smoke, pouring forth from its muzzle, for a moment enveloped the form of the youthful mariner; but from the midst of that sulphury nimbus came forth a clear manly voice, pronouncing the word "Missed!"
  • I don't understand. Stephen agonized over the mystery. The culmination of events was quickly taking their toll on his youthful enthusiasm. Being inside Sanctum, following Tun through the first maze, dealing with Lauren, and now the deficiency in his own explanations; all of this drained from him his normal exuberance. He was growing tired. It was late and he had not slept. The pain of riding horseback all day now sunk in his legs. He heaved a heavy breath in exhaustion. He could not decide what to do next, and the decision to move onward had to be made for him.
  • Just beneath the lowest tier of seats was a series of barred cages on a level with the surface of the arena. Into these we were herded. But, unfortunately, my youthful friend was not of those who occupied a cage with me.
  • "And is it possible that this exposure to radiation that did not kill him immediately could make him temporarily stronger, more youthful - so to speak? What I am really asking is - could an old man become virile?"
  • O lovely Fostina! in all thy youthful beauty, when surrounded by friends, and thy young heart overflowing with happiness, little then didst thou dream of this thy unhappy lot!
  • They were new. It showed. The youthful men strode in merriment, following an athletic trail that meandered through a park, skirting the edge of the Myrrh Desert. Newcomers were attracted to the desert by the magnificent color of the silty, reddish-gray sand. It was the only natural feature radiating color for as far as one could see. The single faint color was amplified by the molten blackness of the adjacent Obsidian Sea. The landscape cast its own eerie luminescence and no light shone from the pitch-black and starless sky. At the edge of the Myrrh Desert, the reality of all newcomerssituation settled in when they checked their tour map and correctly identified their location. More specifically, the newcomers discovered why the sand had color. The sand was gray and the color bled from afterworld two hundred ninety nine, Human Christian Hell.
  • Together we remembered our history as we looked on one the other; without saying words. Yet, to us it was as true that the other was doing the same. Moments as youthful ones made recall to our minds. These were those days when we would make competition for such things which now seemed as mere objects for futility. Also were we reminded of our times of sparring (in this same set) only a small number of years before. Sensing that we must move on from that place, we unlocked our embrace.
  • Aaramerielle was in their room for a while, and there they visited about many things. Aaramerielle proved to be a bottomless pit of knowledge when it came to certain subjects. Mia learned that the proverbs, history keeping, children and archery warfare were her areas of study. Despite Aaramerielles childlike appearance and youthful hyper attitude, she displayed a lot of wisdom. She was, after all, one hundred seventy four years of age. Yet even with that knowledge Mia could not seem to regard her as an adult. As they visited, Mias trust and respect for the fair elf grew, a kind of comfort, a serenity that relaxed her. She noticed that she was quickly beginning to feel very close to Aaramerielle.
  • Hugh himself wasnt oldtwenty-sixbut he was one of the wealthiest men in Henry IIs empire, with estates stretching across the breadth of England from his earldom in Cheshire on the Welsh marches to Lincolnshire in the east, as well as property in Normandy, and hence, one of the most powerful. Such responsibilities had served to dampen whatever youthful enthusiasm he might have once had, while simultaneously imbuing him with an air of permanent impatience; the mild arrogance born of wealth and power. He was used to being around important men, as his father had died (some said hed been poisoned) when he was young and he had spent the remaining years to his majority as a royal ward, and had learned to have scant regard for the mundane aspects of life. He was not ostentatious or loud, but neither was he content to melt into the background. It was merely that he understood his due and insisted upon receiving it.
  • Jessica grins as Lorenzo steps behind, arms enfolding her. "In such a night, Medea gathered the enchanted herbs that did renew old son!" The man was restored from impotence to youthful vigor.
  • In vain did I rack invention to endeavour to account for so strange an incident: my conjectures were all unsatisfactory, all improbable. I looked round to see if I could discover his lordship in the house, but without success: the numbers were so great that the people were concealed behind each other. Beside it was long since I had seen his lordship: perhaps his person was changed, as his title had been, by the death of his father. He was now the Earl of Idford. My surmises concerning this uncommon accident kept my mind in continual activity, till the drawing up of the curtain; when they immediately ceded to ideas of a much more captivating and irresistible kind. The delight received by the youthful imagination, the first time of being present at the representation of a play, is not I suspect to be equalled by any other ever yet experienced, or invented. The propriety and richness of the dresses, the deception and variety of the scenery, the natural and energetic delivery of the actors, and the reality of every incidental circumstance were so great as to excite incessant rapture!
  • He took a seat, making a point to sit opposite her, opposite from his youthful place at the table. He wanted to tell her that it was good to be here. He wanted to say that he was looking forward to his visit with Mom. But the words, conventional, comforting, and humane, wouldn't come. Since when, he wondered, has this family ever done the conventional thing?
  • On rounding a point of the river the travellers came suddenly upon an interesting group, in the midst of a most beautiful woodland scene. Under the trees on a flat spot by the river-bank were seated round a fire a man and a boy and a monkey. The monkey was a tame orang-utan, youthful but large. The boy was a Dyak in light cotton drawers, with the upper part of his body naked, brass rings on his arms, heavy ornaments in his ears, and a bright kerchief worn as a turban on his head. The man was a sort of nondescript in a semi-European shooting garb, with a wide-brimmed sombrero on his head, black hair, a deeply tanned face, a snub nose, huge beard and moustache, and immense blue spectacles.
  • "In my youthful pride and rage, I made a compact with dark powers and killed Yvoust using the Arts. It was long ago, and I am not the boy that committed that act. Still, the lad is father to the man, and for that sin and for the bargain I made, my soul is forfeit upon my death."
  • He was gifted, on occasion, with a gentle raillery, which almost always concealed a serious meaning. In the course of one Lent, a youthful vicar came to D----, and preached in the cathedral. He was tolerably eloquent. The subject of his sermon was charity. He urged the rich to give to the poor, in order to avoid hell, which he depicted in the most frightful manner of which he was capable, and to win paradise, which he represented as charming and desirable. Among the audience there was a wealthy retired merchant, who was somewhat of a usurer, named M. Geborand, who had amassed two millions in the manufacture of coarse cloth, serges, and woollen galloons. Never in his whole life had M. Geborand bestowed alms on any poor wretch. After the delivery of that sermon, it was observed that he gave a sou every Sunday to the poor old beggar-women at the door of the cathedral. There were six of them to share it. One day the Bishop caught sight of him in the act of bestowing this charity, and said to his sister, with a smile, "There is M. Geborand purchasing paradise for a sou."
  • Lucy, too, had certainly great perfection, particularly in figure; though in the crowd of beauty that has been so profusely lavished on the youthful in this country, she would not have been at all remarked in a large assembly of young American girls. Her face was pleasing nevertheless; and there was a piquant contrast between the raven blackness of her hair the deep blue of her eyes, and the dazzling whiteness of her skin. Her colour, too, was high, and changeful with her emotions. As for teeth, she had a set that one might have travelled weeks to meet with their equals; and, though she seemed totally unconscious of the advantage, she had a natural manner of showing them, that would have made a far less interesting face altogether agreeable. Her voice and laugh, too, when happy and free from care, were joyousness itself.
  • Valentin sighed deeply. "I envy you, brother. Would that I had a youthful companion to bring joy to my twilight years."
  • Fortunately the youthful pilot possessed a good pair of eyes. And the gloom had not as yet entirely blotted out all features of the landscape, now that they were so close to the earth.
  • The youthful chieftain of the plot had gone up last. When he perceived the mothers gaining on them, he cut the liana. With a sonorous bump, the mothers dropped in a heap to the ground. That was why the Bororo women were resigned to see their sons in heaven, forming the stars, while they--the women themselves--remained the transmigrated souls of their mothers upon earth.
  • She did not answer. It was because of this knowledge and this fear, which was part of her youthful equipment for violent death is a very terrible prospect to the young and the healthy that she obeyed him at all.
  • Some of these first classmen were twenty-four years of age, others from twenty to twenty-two. Hence, with many of them, there was some slight undercurrent of feeling over the necessity for taking instruction from such very youthful instructors as Jack Benson, Hal Hastings and Eph Somers.
  • The practical application of these theories in professional intervention, from youthful delinquency to entrenched criminal careers, will be examined.
  • Your name abruptly mentioned, casual words Of comment on your deeds, praise from your uncle, News from the armies, talk of your return, A word let fall touching your youthful passion Suffused her cheek, called to her drooping eye A momentary lustre.
  • How do, old boy; head a bit thick? was that youthful spark's airy greeting, as he coolly settled himself in an easy-chair.
  • I conjured her image across the sofa the night before I died, her laughing eyes with youthful crinkles in their corners, a delicate doll's chin, those silly bangs, and the sparse freckles across her cheekbones and bridge of her nose. I wondered how long it would take for this image to fade, for Gina to become but an abstract entity, an idea without a face. To lose the memory of how she looked would be like dying another death.
  • He lifted his eyes and saw a man looking at him from the doorway. He needed no further proof to assure him that this was Strang the king of the Mormons, for the Beaver Island prophet was painted well in that region which knew the grip and terror of his power. He was a massive man, with the slow slumbering strength of a beast. He was not much under fifty; but his thick beard, reddish and crinkling, his shaggy hair, and the full-fed ruddiness of his face, with its foundation of heavy jaw, gave him a more youthful appearance. There was in his eyes, set deep and so light that they shone like pale blue glass, the staring assurance that is frequently born of power. In his hand he carried a huge metal-knobbed stick.
  • He began turning over the leaves of the log book. It was an epic of the sea. Every incident that had befallen the Good Hope on her long voyage was faithfully set down. He skimmed through the records, reading the most interesting bits of information out aloud for the benefit of his youthful companions.
  • On this day, of all days, Cappy would not have missed luncheon with the Bilgewater Club for a farm. As he breezed along there was a smile on his ruddy old face and a lilt in his kind old heart, for he was rehearsing his announcement to his youthful friends of how he had but recently tanned the hide of a brother! He almost laughed aloud as he pictured himself solemnly relating, in the presence of J.
  • Thou wilt not, then, she said, playfully, after hesitating in what vein to reply, "deign to accept my heart, while one little corner is reserved for the memory of a youthful passion?"
  • Surely you cannot, you will not be so inhuman as to do such foul murder! cried the youthful secretary, placing himself between Kyd and Fitzroy, and stretching forth his hands deprecatingly.
  • "Oh, it's hardly worth mentioning. It was a sort of threat wrapped up, I believe, in genuine anxiety as to what might happen to my youthful insignificance. If I hadn't been rather on the alert just then I wouldn't even have perceived the meaning. But really an allusion to 'hot Southern blood' I could have only one meaning. Of course I laughed at it, but only 'pour l'honneur' and to show I understood perfectly. In reality it left me completely indifferent."
  • Ryson saw turmoil in this woman, the same turmoil he experienced as a youthful delver discovering his own unique abilities, but he was not afforded the opportunity to converse of such matters, for Mappel quickly guided him to the dwarf princes.
  • I expect her to turn towards the huts, but she comes right up to me. Her face seems both youthful and ancient, more worn than old. She has big, curious eyes; coppery skin. She wears a black derby like those Inca woman from the Andes.
  • The youthful Mr. Somers, looking a little pale and /distrait/, strolled up apparently to speak to me; his hands were in his pockets and an unlighted cigar was in his mouth. His eyes fell upon the elderly gentleman, a sight that caused him to shape his lips as though to whistle and drop the cigar.
  • Like a youthful Hercules in strength and action, Van went plunging through the crowd to get his man. But he could not win. Bostwick had speeded up his motor in a panic for haste and his car leaped away like a dragon on wings, the muffler cut out roaring like a gattling.
  • My dream of being a prosperous ship owner lay wrecked beside the shattered timbers of the Adventure; and knowing that, after all my youthful dreams of affluence, I now was a poor man with my way in the world to make, I felt that still another dream, a dearer, more ambitious dream, likewise was shattered.
  • Reserves hammered at donny fri 08 feb a youthful reserve squad were soundly beaten by doncaster rovers reserves midweek.
  • My youthful recollections, answered I, are very transient and confused. Blind man's buff and prison bars are but childish amusement! The burden of state affairs leaves me little time to ruminate on the trifles of my younger days. I am come to Madrid, said he, to settle accounts with my father's correspondent. I heard talk of you! Folks say that you have, a good berth at court, and are already almost as well off as a Jew broker. I thought I would just call in and say, how d'ye do? On my return into the country, your family will jump out of their skins for joy, when they hear how famously you are getting on.
  • "My informant told me that, fifty years later, after Mountain had raised a large family of children, and passed a life subsequently innocent of his youthful excesses, the same indelible marks were left to tell of the terrible conflict of that memorable night; and none of his neighbors ever doubted the literal truth of his strange story, save one.
  • They stood upon the platform overlooking the shadowy mazes of moonlit foliage down the glen; all nature was as silent as when it first came from the hands of its Creator. Looking towards heaven, and placing his hand upon her flaxen ringlets, now wafted about in the richest reflections and deepest contrasts of light and shadow, as a cold breeze from the valley beneath sought an opening to the plains beyond, he said, "May God Almighty bless and preserve thee, my daughter!" And then led her some distance down the hill--bade her adieu, and left her to seek her more youthful guide, and to ponder upon some novel and not very pleasing passages in the diary of her own experience.
  • In the meanwhile the hours passed, if not rapidly, at least tolerably. Faria, as we have said, without having recovered the use of his hand and foot, had regained all the clearness of his understanding, and had gradually, besides the moral instructions we have detailed, taught his youthful companion the patient and sublime duty of a prisoner, who learns to make something from nothing. They were thus perpetually employed,--Faria, that he might not see himself grow old; Dantes, for fear of recalling the almost extinct past which now only floated in his memory like a distant light wandering in the night. So life went on for them as it does for those who are not victims of misfortune and whose activities glide along mechanically and tranquilly beneath the eye of providence.
  • Well, perhaps when you learn the actual truth you'll wonder harder than ever how it is one of us has escaped landing in a lunatic asylum up to this time; but as some of my friends say to me, youthful enthusiasm is responsible for many queer things, and so long as my wonderful ambition is to copy after Stanley in the line of exploring, why, they don't worry."
  • Nor was Aunt Aubrey less pleased, as she saw her fair charge in all her youthful beauty, possessing her mother's gentle nature, lovely in mind and person.
  • Prescott recognized the name as that of the editor of the Patriot, a little newspaper published on a press traveling in a wagon with the Western army until a month since, when it had come over to the Army of Northern Virginia. The Patriot was "little" only in size. The wit, humour, terseness, spontaneous power of expression, and above all of phrase-making, which its youthful editor showed in its columns, already had made Raymond a power in the Confederacy, as they were destined in his maturity to win him fame in a reunited nation.
  • He made a gesture of anger that was precisely the same as Del Norte might have done. Strange there was something about this old man that so powerfully resembled the youthful Del Norte!
  • After some further delay, I was admitted to the presence of the old general, who, I imagined, was surprised at my youthful appearance and wondered that I had the temerity to beard such a grim old soldier as himself in his den.
  • The youthful Gales wriggled at this delicious flattery and dug their tiny moccasined toes into the sand. Molly courtesied nervously and continuously as she clung to her mother, and the boy showed a gap where two front teeth had been and was now filled by a very pink tongue.
  • The Princess laughed and said in French: "That is the difference between professional and amateur--between Nizam and Redif--between Ahmed Pasha and our esteemed but very youthful attach--who has much yet to learn about that endless war called Peace!"
  • Thanks for bringing the stuff over so promptly, Dick said to the youthful driver. "You must have hit only the high spots to get here so quick."
  • A newcomer waved his hand in front of a Droolers eyes. She appeared youthful and had a vibrant and healthy tone to her body, but she was hunched forward and her watery eyes sought a nonexistent point on the horizon. "Ill never let myself be in such a sorry state!" the newcomer declared.
  • Vaguely she endeavoured to realise that she was now inside one of its myriad sanctuaries; that here under her very tired and youthful eyes stood one of its countless altars; that here, also, near by, sat one of those blessed acolytes who aided in the mysteries of its wondrous service.
  • It was hard on him, Geoffrey thought, that he should be called upon to endure such scenes. He could no longer disguise the truth from himself --he had buried his happiness on his wedding-day. Looking back across the years, he well remembered how different a life he had imagined for himself. In those days he was tired of knocking about and of youthful escapades; even that kind of social success which must attend a young man who was handsome, clever, a good fellow, and blessed with large expectations, had, at the age of six-and-twenty, entirely lost its attractiveness. Therefore he had turned no deaf ear to his uncle, Sir Robert Bingham, who was then going on for seventy, when he suggested that it might be well of Geoffrey settled down, and introduced him to Lady Honoria.
  • Presenting his letter of introduction from Mr Smith, Robin was conducted over the premises by a clerk, who, under the impression that he was a very youthful and therefore unusually clever newspaper correspondent, treated him with marked respect. This was a severe trial to Robin's modesty; nevertheless he bore up manfully, and pulling out his note-book prepared for action.
  • The youthful body half rose to a sitting posture. The smiling lips tensed to the nervous shock of a momentary agony which the conscious mind never apprehended, and then the dead sank limply back into that deepest of slumbers from which there is no awakening.
  • Not yet! cried a youthful voice behind Stillwater, and crash! down came a heavy stick, hitting the gambler squarely upon the head and sending him with a thud to the earth.
  • The commanding General begs to express his high sense of the services rendered by Samuel Hardwicke and his band, and his appreciation of the rare courage, discretion and fortitude displayed by the youthful leader of the Pensacola scouting party. A few blank commissions in the volunteer forces having been placed in the commanding General's hands for bestowal upon deserving men, he is greatly pleased to issue the first of them to Mr. Hardwicke, in recognition of his gallant conduct, creating him a captain of volunteers, to date from the day of his departure on his recent mission.
  • Gonzague looked round upon his friends with the indulgent smile of a still youthful school-master surrounded by his promising pupils. "Well, gentlemen, does the fair amuse you?" he asked, urbanely.
  • It would be interesting to know how he squared matters with his warriors. It would have required a vivid imagination and a genius in the way of invention to explain how it was his horse was just vanishing in the distance; how the chief was in the act of recovering his weapon, and more than all, how it came about that the youthful warrior of a strange tribe, who had already slain one Assiniboine--though that was yet unknown to this party--was riding leisurely off on the back of the special pet of the chieftain. If the Assiniboine was wise he made a clean breast of it, and insisted that the dusky stranger was a marvel in his way whom it was exceedingly unwise to push into a corner.
  • Constantia's eye gleamed for a moment, like a meteor, and then it became fixed and faded; her form assumed the rigidity of marble, and at each respiration her lips fell more and more apart. The villain became alarmed, and, taking her hand, would have led her to a seat; but his touch recalled her to herself: she darted from him to the centre of the room, and there, her arm extended, her fine head thrown back, every feature, as it were, bursting with indignation, she looked like a youthful priestess denouncing vengeance on a sinful world.
  • He sat for a time gazing out of the window at the gray, wintry landscape that fled past, and then, having a youthful zest for new things, looked at those who traveled with him in the car. The company seemed to him, on the whole, to lack novelty and interest, being composed of farmers going to the capital of the Confederacy to sell food; wounded soldiers like himself, bound for the same place in search of cure; and one woman who sat in a corner alone, neither speaking nor spoken to, her whole aspect repelling any rash advance.
  • But the clang of the volley precluded any response from him except the half tender, half reckless smile that remained on his youthful face where he lay looking up at the sky with pleasant, sightless eyes, and a sunbeam touching the metal mule on his blood-wet collar.
  • He had been at home when Mukadi called and the connections from his past reached out to gather him again. When he heard Mukadis voice on the line, he did not immediately associate the voice with a name, but with a face and a place. He remembered his childhood friend and the time he spent in school in Bunia in the small compound run by Father Andreas. He had become friends with Tshindundu Mukadi, a child as different from himself as possible save for their shared African heritage. Tshindundu and Ignatius came from different tribes when their tribal distinctions seemed to matter less. As the children of civil servants, they were among those lucky enough to attend school. Thin and lean and athletic to Ignatius Bonifaces youthful robustness, Tshindundu excelled in school and this was their commonality.
  • Three officers were approaching. These the five midshipmen turned and saluted. In another moment all of the five save Dave Darrin received a sharp jolt. For the O.C. had halted and was introducing the three Navy officers to the youthful one.
  • Proper dress for us was well beneath seemly, but for the lot of our infants and our young. Many of them had coverings all about. These were made of shavings from the roaming beast. Our most young were too, the only ones with foot coverings. Those who were their seniors dared not to wear them; for there was always somewhere, a youthful one which went without. Damsels and debutantes donned varied stitchings from their shoulders to their ankles. Mas and pas along with our elders dressed in weavings of branches and leaves, and only to those places which were to be kept in secret.
  • All of you must turn your backs!’ Nollis youthful voice suddenly commanded. ‘All of you, except the Dragons. And the Dragon Lord must help me now.’
  • Follyng mr. cecil, like many independent young gentlemen, for some little time gave full reins to the youthful follies of the age.
  • Olenka too revived again, as it were, after leaving Taurogi. There the uncertainty of her future and continual fear were killing her; now in the depths of the forest she felt safer. The wholesome air brought back her strength. The sight of soldiers, of weapons, the movement and bustle of camp life, acted like balsam on her wearied soul. And the march of troops acted agreeably on her also; possible dangers did not alarm her in the least, for knightly blood was in her veins. Appearing less frequently before the soldiers, not permitting herself to gallop on a pony in front of the ranks, she attracted fewer glances, but general respect surrounded her. The mustached faces of the soldiers were laughing at sight of Anusia; heads were uncovered when Olenka drew near the fires. That was changed later to homage. But it did not pass without this,--that some heart beat for her in a youthful breast; but eyes did not dare to gaze at her so directly as at that brunette of the Ukraine.
  • Erling laughed heartily, sheathed his sword, and grasped his friend's hand, after which they remounted and rode forward; but they did not now ride in silence. Their tongues were effectually loosened, and for some time they discussed their respective prospects with all the warmth and enthusiasm of youthful confidants.
  • I wondered what each and every one was doing at that particular time, and imagined that most of my youthful associates were having a happy evening somewhere, while I, poor fool, was lying out on a Virginia porch in this dreadful fix, without a friend to counsel or advise with, while I might just as well have been at home and happy with the rest of them. If they thought of me at all, it probably was as a prisoner still about Harper's Ferry; but I would never, perhaps, have the satisfaction of knowing that my work in the Rebel camps had been understood. While cogitating in this frame of mind the moon began to show through the breaking clouds, and, as suddenly as if a face had appeared to my vision, the Southern moon looked straight down on my face, flooding the porch for a moment with a stream of mellow light.
  • A book that will not only interest and please all girls, but will also, from its pure but unostentatious teaching, stimulate and encourage to better and higher things, youthful hopes, dreams, and ambitions.--The Lady.
  • The pump-well was once more sounded, and found to be nearly empty. Owing to the nature of the bottom on which they had struck, the lightness of the thumps, or the strength of the ship herself, it was clear that the vessel had thus far escaped without any material injury. For this advantage Mark was deeply grateful, and could he only recover four or five of the people, and find his way out into open water, he might hope to live again to see America, and to be re-united to his youthful and charming bride.
  • Don sighed and went on eating. He was horribly low-spirited, but his youthful appetite once started, he felt the need of food, and kept on in silence, passing and receiving the cup till all was gone.
  • The sail was downstream. Beyond Annapolis some pretty manoeuvering work was done. While this drill was proceeding, however, the wind died out considerably. Then, light as the breeze was, the youthful crew captains were forced to beat back against almost a head wind.
  • Treherne was sitting alone by one of the great fires, regarding the gay scene with serious air. For him there was neither dancing nor games; he could only roam about catching glimpses of forbidden pleasures, impossible delights, and youthful hopes forever lost to him. Sad but not morose was his face, and to Octavia it was a mute reproach which she could not long resist. Coming up as if to warm herself, she spoke to him in her usually frank and friendly way, and felt her heart beat fast when she saw how swift a change her cordial manner wrought in him.
  • Taf wandered past the bath toward Jorden. "Thinking of home," she said quietly, "or perhaps this great duty you have been brought here for." She sat upon the foot of the bed, dark eyes flashing in the lamplight. Her hair shone like never before, her skin smoother, and her face glowed. The transformation had rejuvenated the aestri, Taf more youthful than everas she had once said: those who did not return to their first form seldom lived as long and well. Jorden could believe that. Taf looked younger, and more beautiful than ever. It was hard to think of her as thirty. She still looked younger than himself.
  • Travellers on such an errand as that which is carrying the gaucho and his youthful companions across the Chaco, do not lie abed late; and they are up and stirring as the first streak of blue grey light shows itself above the horizon.
  • It was a noble instinct which prompted his three youthful companions to remain by him in that critical moment, when, by flinging themselves upon the waves, they might have gained the shore without difficulty.
  • Betty awoke and went in later that night to see if Libbie had vanished again, but found her sleeping normally. In the morning the girl was much surprised to find she had been wandering in the garden and betrayed considerable interest in the details. Betty decided that it would be better to omit Esther's belief that she had eloped, and Libbie was allowed to remain in blissful ignorance of the action her youthful cousin attributed to her.
  • The political power of the colony was now in the possession of the victorious chief, so lately condemned to death. He was not long in surrendering it to a convention of the people, summoned to meet at Middle Plantations, (Williamsburg,) for that purpose, and in their hands we will leave the political affairs of the future mother of states. Our only remaining duty is to follow the fortunes of the principal characters of our narrative. The successful general, after attending to his military and political duties, accompanied his now betrothed bride from the ruins of Jamestown to the new seat of government. It was a delightful summer evening--the sun was just sinking beneath a horizon, where the darker blue of the distant landscape softened the shades of the azure sky, both merging in the indistinct prospect so as to form a magnificent back ground to a panorama, bathed in a flood of golden light. The youthful and happy pair instinctively reined up their horses, and gazed upon the enchanting scene, until their hearts were full of love and adoration.
  • You're about to become a member, she said. She pulled a fleece blanket over the two of them and then put her hand on Callahan's belt and began unbuckling. He quickly understood, as he closed his eyes and then moved his seat into the recline position. youthful enthusiasm took over, and Jennifer got down to the business at hand. Bill Callahan soon became a card-carrying member of the club, in almost no time at all.
  • He is standing south by east, Edwin, said the youthful captain, turning from the lattice and addressing the youth with animation; "we shall intercept him by sunset if this wind holds. But methinks," he added with interest, fixing his eyes upon him as, with his rich hair drooping about his cheeks, he leaned, forgetful of his occupation, over the sheet, "that of late you are getting sad and absent. This station does not suit your ambition, perhaps. You would be an officer instead of a clerk."
  • The Ty-Rap-O-Saurus Rex was sat quite awkwardly on the human designed chairs, his tail was pushed out behind him, and his feet were awkwardly placed on the floor in front of him. He had taken to occupying his time by polishing his many large golden medallions that hung heavily from around his neck. But the room was dark, and he was wearing sunglasses along with a trendy youthful cap, so he was still polishing the medallion he'd started with the day before.
  • Slough off dead skin cells to reveal glowing, youthful looking skin.
  • There we did lay for time unknown; unknowable and immeasurable in a world laid barren. Wreaking, bleeding, gasping, crying and gulping for enough clean air to cleanse us of this wretchedness. It was the strangest of sensations that broke this unusual spell of pure commiseration- from out of nowhere, a poking. The pesky poking of a dog's nose as it tries to rouse its master to do its bidding. Then once more, but sharper than a dog's nose- more akin to the rough pointiness of a broken stick. Then a sound, a slight moan, a whine of annoyance- of impatience. I turned my head to the side to find the legs and feet of young Sander crouched down beside us. He spoke high timbred words of inquisitiveness and frustration in Dinka. Despite all of this, the devastation around him, the youthful nature of his spirit trumping all.
  • An elderly gentleman from Devonshire who occupied the same carriage found himself wondering why his eyes invariably returned to the girl. This particular gentleman was past youthful sentimentalizing and not yet in those riper years when age casts regretful glances over its shoulder; therefore, being no psychometric, it puzzled him that this girl should compel his gaze.
  • 3 October.--The time seemed terribly long whilst we were waiting for the coming of Godalming and Quincy Morris. The Professor tried to keep our minds active by using them all the time. I could see her beneficent purpose, by the side glances which she threw from time to time at Harker. The poor fellow is overwhelmed in a misery that is appalling to see. Last night she was a frank, happy-looking woman, with strong, youthful face, full of energy, and with dark brown hair. Today she is a drawn, haggard old woman, whose white hair matches well with the hollow burning eyes and grief-written lines of her face. Her energy is still intact. In fact, she is like a living flame. This may yet be her salvation, for if all go well, it will tide her over the despairing period. She will then, in a kind of way, wake again to the realities of life. Poor fellow, I thought my own trouble was bad enough, but her . . . !
  • Now listen. In your most youthful and charming innocence I presume you do not know much of the capabilities for concealment offered by a lady's apparel! Now, suppose I had a messagewhere do you think I could hide it; granted, of course, the conditions obtaining at a ball in the White House?
  • How extreme are the vicissitudes of life! What a reverse of fortune was here! From hard fare, severe labour, and a brutal tyrant, to plenty, ease, and smiling felicity. No longer chained in poverty and ignorance, I now had free access to the precious mines of knowledge. Far from being restrained, I had every encouragement to pursue inquiry; and the happiness of the change was at first so great as almost to be incredible. But the youthful mind easily acquires new habits, and my character varied with the accidents by which it was influenced. Yet, to use my father's language, the case-hardening I had received tempered my future life, and prepared me to endure those misfortunes with fortitude which might otherwise have broken my spirit.
  • Ha, my young fledging! cried he, his cutlass descending with tremendous force, and with a fatal accuracy of aim, that would have cleft him to the chine had it taken effect; but, with youthful activity, he avoided the stroke which he could not avert, and the point of the pirate's weapon buried itself so deep in the floor of the cabin that he was unable to extricate it. Mark instantly availed himself of this singular advantage, and, quicker than lightning, sheathed his blade in his heart.
  • A blush reveals his youthful discomfiture in confessing such deep innocence. "What I am, truly, is thine and my poor countrys to command!—whither, indeed before thy here approach, old Siward, with ten thousand warlike men, already at point, was setting forth!"
  • On the part of the Irishman, this feeling is extended to the youthful couple who recline, with clasped hands, along the sternmost seat of the pinnace.
  • I was cordially received and hospitably entertained as one of the exiled refugees from "Maryland, my Maryland;" in fact, I became somewhat embarrassed by the generous attentions that the attachs about the place were disposed to give me, on account of my being a youthful exile from home.
  • Staff here barely looked old enough to drive. God knows what kind of youthful doctor they had examining Doug. Hopefully someone with at least a little experience. Someone actually treating him and not multi-tasking.
  • There were no other takers for this plan which struck me as youthful bravado.
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