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Okunuşu: / juːθfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: youth·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. genç;
gençliğe yakışır.

youthful için örnek cümleler:

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  • It is said that soldiers, after spending a year or two in the serious business of slaying each other, look upon a woman as one would regard a divinity--a being to be approached with awe and respect; and such emotions sprang into the heart of Prescott when he glanced into feminine faces, especially youthful ones. Becoming suddenly conscious of his rusty apparel and appearance, he looked about him in alarm. Other soldiers were passing, some fresh and trim, some rusty as himself, but a great percentage of both had bandaged limbs or bodies, and he found no consolation in such company, wishing to appear well, irrespective of others.
  • Three officers were approaching. These the five midshipmen turned and saluted. In another moment all of the five save Dave Darrin received a sharp jolt. For the O.C. had halted and was introducing the three Navy officers to the youthful one.
  • Just what you please; you may speak of her country and of her youthful reminiscences, or if you like it better you can talk of Rome, Naples, or Florence.
  • With many a kiss, passionate and sorrowful, he greeted the hidden love-treasures, and many a falling tear dimmed the bold eyes, and wet the ruddy cheeks of the youthful watcher, as late into the night he sat gazing into the flaring flame of that element, in which many a sorrowful heart, in its agony, seems to find a parallel of the torture it endures, and to find a saddened pleasure in the contemplation. But at last the watcher turned to his rude couch, and only the radiance of the lamp, diffused through the opaline walls of the hut, gave evidence of the presence of human beings in that desolate, wave-borne, wind-driven, desert of ice.
  • All of you must turn your backs!’ Nollis youthful voice suddenly commanded. ‘All of you, except the Dragons. And the Dragon Lord must help me now.’
  • Dawson stopped as he turned and looked at the co-pilot in the seat next to his. Cold rage filled his heart, and his bitter hatred of all things Nazi flared up again. Too many times had his youthful eyes looked upon death not to recognize it now. Nothing in the world could help the co-pilot. He had passed on to join his buddies in the airmen's Valhalla.
  • All lined together for the morning meal of figs and nectar, or wine. Those who nursed, along with their infants, came first in these and all other doings. Second were the youthful girls, then the younger lads. Next the damsels, then the pubescent males, and always pas came last. Kindreds sat as one, laughing carefree, in the placidity of their nooks.
  • "Yes, that all happened!" he said, and, smiling happily to himself like a child, he fell into a deep, youthful slumber.
  • Finding that she could not keep Billy at home when he had found out that by his exertions, boy though he was, he could support the family, Mrs. Cody gave a reluctant consent for him to make another trip to the far West under an old and experienced wagon-master named Lew Simpson, and who had taken a great fancy to the youthful Indian-fighter.
  • I thought, probably with youthful arrogance, that i could improve on that.
  • My dear sir, do not make me a bear-trainer! To Sapyeha, who asked me the same question, I answered that he and Roh had the same preceptor, but not me; for I in youthful years was a cooper, and knew how to set staves very well.
  • It was early next morning when Van der Kemp and his man left their couches and descended to the shore, leaving their visitor enjoying the benefit of that profound slumber which bids defiance to turmoil and noise, however stupendous, and which seems to be the peculiar privilege of healthy infants and youthful seamen.
  • "Yes, I have heard so," returned the youthful sportsman, who, although young, was not to be caught with chaff, "and the fishing, I hear, is also splendid. Salmon and cod are found swarming in the rivers by those who care for mild occupation, while really exciting sport is to be had in the great lakes of the interior, where there are plenty of fresh-water whales that take the fly."
  • Prince Andrew arrived in Petersburg in August, 1809. It was the time when the youthful Speranski was at the zenith of his fame and his reforms were being pushed forward with the greatest energy. That same August the Emperor was thrown from his caleche, injured his leg, and remained three weeks at Peterhof, receiving Speranski every day and no one else. At that time the two famous decrees were being prepared that so agitated society--abolishing court ranks and introducing examinations to qualify for the grades of Collegiate Assessor and State Councilor--and not merely these but a whole state constitution, intended to change the existing order of government in Russia: legal, administrative, and financial, from the Council of State down to the district tribunals. Now those vague liberal dreams with which the Emperor Alexander had ascended the throne, and which he had tried to put into effect with the aid of his associates, Czartoryski, Novosiltsev, Kochubey, and Strogonov--whom he himself in jest had called his Comite de salut public--were taking shape and being realized.
  • He said Syria and its president, Bashar al-Assad -- now embroiled in civil war -- was well aware of Syria's youthful population and knew he needed to adjust to it.
  • As i entered the main grand foyer i was soon to learn how my youthful charm could make a fool of a man.
  • When morning came, de Sigognac was more impressed than ever with the dilapidated, crumbling condition of his ancient mansion. Daylight has no mercy upon old age and ruins; it reveals with cruel distinctness the wrinkles, gray hairs, poverty, misery, stains, fissures, dust and mould in which they abound; but more kindly night softens or conceals all defects, with its friendly shade, spreading over them its mantle of darkness. The rooms that used to seem so vast to their youthful owner had shrunken, and looked almost small and insignificant to him now, to his extreme surprise and mortification; but he soon regained the feeling of being really at home, and resumed his former way of life completely; just as one goes back to an old garment, that has for a time been laid aside, and replaced by a new one.
  • Billevich, who at first had taken a position not far from the village, had been living there a week," and the thought did not even come to his head that he would soon have such terrible guests. One evening the youthful Butryms, herding horses beyond Volmontovichi, informed him that troops had issued from the forest, and were advancing from the south. Billevich was too old and experienced a soldier not to take precautions. Some of his infantry, partly furnished with fire-arms by the Domasheviches, he placed in the houses recently rebuilt, and some he stationed at the gate; with the cavalry he took possession himself of a broad pasture somewhat in the rear, beyond the fences, and which touched with one side the river. He did this mainly to gain the praise of Babinich, who must understand skilful dispositions; the place he had chosen was really a strong one.
  • With the necessity of making a quick shift to the siding, the conductor of the freight train had momentarily forgotten the presence of his youthful charge, and when at last he did remember, it was with the supposition that he had remained in the cab with the engineer.
  • Newman was my friend--aye, more than that, he was in my youthful eyes a demi-god, a man to revere and worship above all others. He was prisoner, helpless. The crew were bent on mutiny; I could not stop them. The mutiny was planned and expected by the captain; and its outbreak would be the needed excuse for the slaying of Newman, and, Newman said, of the lady.
  • Erling laughed heartily, sheathed his sword, and grasped his friend's hand, after which they remounted and rode forward; but they did not now ride in silence. Their tongues were effectually loosened, and for some time they discussed their respective prospects with all the warmth and enthusiasm of youthful confidants.
  • The picture of youthful innocence, the duo were tailor made for the record buyers of era.
  • "Nor I," Marigaff said. "We have known but two before you with Shemesaa." Theramon was now being helped to his feet, his youthful pride taking over as he brushed the dirt from his blood-stained clothing. "She is more powerful than we thought," Marigaff said to Finnegaff.
  • His strong frame and constitution, undamaged by youthful excess, fought a vigorous battle for life, and he began slowly to mend; but the climate of Suakim was so bad for him that he was finally sent down to the hospital at Alexandria, where, under much more favourable circumstances, he began to recover rapidly.
  • Now one day's caprice Weighs down years of smiling, youthful hearts are rovers, Love is bought and sold: Fortune's gifts may cease, Love is less beguiling; Wisest were the lovers In the days of old.
  • The day was far spent, and before a fireplace in his private apartments Richard sat alone, in heavy meditation. The pale, clean-shaven, youthful face, with its beautiful mouth and straight Norman nose, and the short, slender figure in its mantle and doublet of black velvet furred with ermine, rich under tunic of white satin, tight-fitting hose of silk, and dark brown hair hanging bushy to the shoulders, would have been almost effeminate but for the massively majestic forehead and the fierce black eyes--brilliant, compelling, stern, proud--that flashed forth the mighty soul within.
  • Vaguely she endeavoured to realise that she was now inside one of its myriad sanctuaries; that here under her very tired and youthful eyes stood one of its countless altars; that here, also, near by, sat one of those blessed acolytes who aided in the mysteries of its wondrous service.
  • Lucy, too, had certainly great perfection, particularly in figure; though in the crowd of beauty that has been so profusely lavished on the youthful in this country, she would not have been at all remarked in a large assembly of young American girls. Her face was pleasing nevertheless; and there was a piquant contrast between the raven blackness of her hair the deep blue of her eyes, and the dazzling whiteness of her skin. Her colour, too, was high, and changeful with her emotions. As for teeth, she had a set that one might have travelled weeks to meet with their equals; and, though she seemed totally unconscious of the advantage, she had a natural manner of showing them, that would have made a far less interesting face altogether agreeable. Her voice and laugh, too, when happy and free from care, were joyousness itself.
  • Upon his return from Seattle, Matt called at the telegraph office in Hoquiam and received his loading instructions from the owners. His heart beat high with youthful importance and the joy of victory as he almost ran to the water front and engaged a big gasoline launch to take him aboard the Retriever and then kick her into the mill dock at Cosmopolis. His ship was not where he had left her, however, and after an hour's search he discovered her several miles up the Chehalis river. Murphy was on deck, gazing wistfully at the house and wishing he had some white paint, when Matt Peasley came aboard. Even before the latter leaped to the deck Mr.
  • Author sometimes would make recall to days prior, when I was a younger lad and without cares (besides those of an ordinary youthful one). Not once did he try to force my return to civility. He only gave his word to not tell any where I was, and made laughter about himself and how all the people supposed he had grown mad in his grief without me. (He had given to them that I was in a discreet locale and was in safety; yet, he had not permission to disclose the spot.)
  • Can it be possible that she is Cornelia's daughter and mine? said the prince to himself. "Her profession, her age, her sweet face, in which I can trace a softened, beautified likeness of her mother's, but which has a peculiarly high bred, refined expression, worthy of a royal princess, all combine to make me believe it must be so. Then, alas! alas! it is his own sister that this cursed libertine has so wronged, and he has been guilty of a horrible, horrible crime. Oh! I am cruelly punished for my youthful folly and sin."
  • Jessica grins as Lorenzo steps behind, arms enfolding her. "In such a night, Medea gathered the enchanted herbs that did renew old son!" The man was restored from impotence to youthful vigor.
  • Thanks for bringing the stuff over so promptly, Dick said to the youthful driver. "You must have hit only the high spots to get here so quick."
  • Injecting small amounts of a natural collagen like restylane you can restore a smooth defined border and a natural youthful look.
  • "You shall confess that you are both deceived." Caska tilts the weapon hanging at his side upwardtoward Caesars home. "There, as I point my sword, the son arises who is on a great way southward, in weighing the youthful season of the year. Some two miles hence, up higher toward the north, he first presents his fire.
  • Preston 2 - 1 man utd a youthful man utd a youthful manchester united side lost out to preston north end in an entertaining friendly at deepdale.
  • He asked if he might smoke, and was informed that he might; and he lighted a cigarette and stretched out on his chair, a little hungry from lack of luncheon, a trifle tired from lack of sleep, but, in virtue of his vigorous and youthful years, comfortable, contented, and happy.
  • Little jean was probably too youthful yet to take part in that literary arbitration.
  • Many colored rays, passing through the windows, joined with the gleam of candles, with which the altar seemed burning, and fell upon the faces of senators in the church chairs, on the white beards, on the imposing forms, on golden chains, on violet velvet. You would have said, "A Roman senate!" such was the majesty and dignity of these old men. Here and there among gray heads was to be seen the face of a warrior senator; here and there gleamed the blond head of a youthful lord. All eyes were fixed on the altar, all were praying; the flames of the candles were glittering and quivering; the smoke from the censers was playing and curling in the bright air. The body of the church was packed with heads, and over the heads a rainbow of Banners was playing, like a rainbow of flowers.
  • For me, elementary school in late spring was about the youthful anticipation of leaving behind the daily grind of public education and entering three months of summer vacation. Similar to most students, towards the end of May I would be in an unairconditioned classroom, forearms sweaty and sticking to the desk surface, watching the clock tick away the minutes. The teacher, whoever she was, must have wondered as well, as twenty to twenty five kids squirmed, and barely listened to whatever she was teaching. This was a drawn out ordeal that stretched until the last bell on the last day, when we would finally be released and pour out of Judge Haynes Elementary in Portland, Indiana. In that strange expanding and shrinking of the perception of time, three months as an adult does not seem that long. As a child though, this was an eternity, and for the Howard family meant two weeks at Lake Gage, two weeks to be allowed to play to my heart's content. For most the first seven years of my life, this was part of what our family did each summer, and was often the highlight of the year.
  • Ardournow that time has cooled the youthful ardor that carried me away, let me do justice to this unfortunate girl.
  • Anna Pavlovna's drawing room was gradually filling. The highest Petersburg society was assembled there: people differing widely in age and character but alike in the social circle to which they belonged. Prince Vasili's daughter, the beautiful Helene, came to take her father to the ambassador's entertainment; she wore a ball dress and her badge as maid of honor. The youthful little Princess Bolkonskaya, known as la femme la plus seduisante de Petersbourg,* was also there. She had been married during the previous winter, and being pregnant did not go to any large gatherings, but only to small receptions. Prince Vasili's son, Hippolyte, had come with Mortemart, whom he introduced. The Abbe Morio and many others had also come.
  • He does not give this explanation till afterwards. Now there is no time for talking; he must act, and instantly. But how he intends acting, or what he means to do with the torterillas, neither of his youthful comrades can tell or guess.
  • My days in the Capitol at that time were usually spent in the gallery of the Senate, where were to be seen and heard the great leaders on both sides. Some of the Southern Senators were making their farewell speeches, the words of which I, in my youthful innocence, tried vainly to reconcile with their action, as well as with the proceedings of a peace Congress, which was being held at Willard's old hall on F street.
  • The vessels lay at Betto's group a fortnight, completing all the arrangements made; though the Rancocus sailed on her voyage as soon as the terms of the treaty were agreed on, and the Anne was sent back to the Reef with the news that the war had terminated. As for Waally, he was obliged to place his favourite son in the hands of young Ooroony, who held the youthful chief as a hostage for his father's good behaviour.
  • Graice expected the man to reverse course and leave. So did his horse (a sensible animal mindful of its duty and undistracted by youthful beauty) which chafed and tried to turn back on its own, obviously impatient at the interruption in completing its appointed rounds. But the rider pulled hard on the reins to keep his mount standing still. The man openly stared at Graice. His eyes moved from her face down to her ankles and then back up again. Even though aware that her slender legs were exposed from the knees down to her bare feet, young Graice was not intimidated. She reacted silently and the man felt an intense guilt feeling. His face flushed deep red and his eyes looked down. He was ready to flee from Graice's effect, but an instant before he left, Antonetta's voice came from the door of the garden house.
  • Whatever may have been thought of the feasibility or propriety of this project, Mr. Porter could scarcely have doubted my motive, but he apparently looked upon me as a youthful enthusiast, or, as we term it nowadays, a crank.
  • We went out of the stable. By the melancholy light of some other lamps, which only served to dress up horror in its native colours, we arrived at a kitchen where an old harridan was broiling some steaks on the coals, and getting supper ready. The kitchen furniture was better than might be expected, and the pantry provided in a very plentiful manner. The lady of the larder's picture is worth drawing. Considerably on the wrong side of sixty! -- In her youth her hair had been of a fiery red; though she would have called it auburn. Time had indeed given it the fairer tint of grey; but a lock of more youthful hue, interspersed at intervals, produced all the variegated effect of the admired autumnal shades. To say nothing of an olive complexion, she had an enormous chin turning up, an immense nose turning down, with a mouth in the middle, modestly retiring inwards, to make room for its encroaching neighbours. Red eyes are no beauty in any animal but a ferret; -- hers were purple.
  • Arthur was away at the time and I was minding the store while he was gone. I liked the Swiss and so invited them to go to a party where I knew there would be lots of other young gay guys for them to mingle with, but they were standard bearers of sobriety and kept their youthful adventurism on a short leash. They declined.
  • Now, no man could have answered such a direct question easily, and in this case it was especially hard for the Kentuckian, who was torn between his ungovernable desire and that decision which cold reason had thrust upon him. He wanted to say, "Yes, I'll marry her to- morrow," but something bade him pause before he sacrificed upon this altar of a youthful love his life, his hopes, his ambitions. Had he not wrestled with himself for months in thinking it all out, until his mind was weary and listless with the effort? For the great test that tries a man's soul and compels him to know himself had not yet come to Meade Burrell; wherefore, he hesitated long.
  • Next they bathed and washed his face and hands and shortly had the satisfaction of seeing him open his eyes. Robert now held up his head and placed the remaining water in the pannikin to his lips. This he managed to drink and blessed, blessed water, it revived him completely. The other man was then sent back to the canoe for the tea kettle and provisions, Robert starting a fire during his absence. Tea and partridge broth made and administered in small quantities at first helped him to regain his strength. His youthful vitality soon asserted itself and after he was propped up and made comfortable he managed to feed himself with some of the shredded meat.
  • The youthful Gales wriggled at this delicious flattery and dug their tiny moccasined toes into the sand. Molly courtesied nervously and continuously as she clung to her mother, and the boy showed a gap where two front teeth had been and was now filled by a very pink tongue.
  • Ben ignored her. ‘Fly the plane". It had been drummed into his head again and again by his youthful instructor. "Dont worry about what is happening around you….just fly the damn plane"
  • A thrilling tale, in which the U boat is the principal factor. The youthful hero, with that redoubtable personage, Captain Crouch, passes through many ordeals and adventures.
  • In the language of the romance writer, Julia would be termed a brunette, Cornelia a blonde. Their figures are as different as their complexion: the former tall and of full womanly development, the latter of low stature, slighter, and to all appearance more youthful.
  • We know, you western people have the youthful blood coursing through your veins.
  • Genetics and cloning methods are now available to cure diseases, renew youthful vitality, replace lost or defective limbs and organs, even in some cases, to restore life. Such methods are available for our purposes. We have a controlled environment, an uninhabited planet. Let us utilize all the capacities of science available. We can genetically alter the DNA strands of known organisms and create our own alien life. We can watch the development of a new life on a planetary scale.
  • This was spoken as if Avis were just across the street and could run over in a minute. But as I did not discourage the idea the invitation was sent, and before night Avis was with us, filling the house with melody. She delighted in her song and was as youthful in spirit as a girl, and this was a quality always noticeable in the Martians. And, moreover, under the influence of Avis the members of our own household found their voices, so that the doctor and I learned that they need not send to the antipodes for singers. Zenith and Foedric were exceptionally good, but no one except Avis possessed the peculiar charm of Mona.
  • Aaramerielle was in their room for a while, and there they visited about many things. Aaramerielle proved to be a bottomless pit of knowledge when it came to certain subjects. Mia learned that the proverbs, history keeping, children and archery warfare were her areas of study. Despite Aaramerielles childlike appearance and youthful hyper attitude, she displayed a lot of wisdom. She was, after all, one hundred seventy four years of age. Yet even with that knowledge Mia could not seem to regard her as an adult. As they visited, Mias trust and respect for the fair elf grew, a kind of comfort, a serenity that relaxed her. She noticed that she was quickly beginning to feel very close to Aaramerielle.
  • Black Harry was a youthful desperado of the worst sort. He had devastated, plundered, robbed, and murdered in a most infamous manner, his last act being the shooting of Robert Dawson, the Eastern banker.
  • With this caution the amateur dentist left the cabin, and proceeded to the fore-part of the vessel. In passing the steward's pantry a youthful voice arrested him.
  • "But come thy ways; well go along together, and ere we have thy youthful wages spent, well light upon some settled, low contentment." He considers heading north to the timeless woodlands that abound with berries, edible plants and roots, and game birds and animals.
  • I conjured her image across the sofa the night before I died, her laughing eyes with youthful crinkles in their corners, a delicate doll's chin, those silly bangs, and the sparse freckles across her cheekbones and bridge of her nose. I wondered how long it would take for this image to fade, for Gina to become but an abstract entity, an idea without a face. To lose the memory of how she looked would be like dying another death.
  • Only my friends, replied the scholar. "To teach requires pedagogy and numerous devices for improving the youthful mind. I do not greatly admire the youthful mind and it bores me. I am informed that I also bore it. Hence I prefer rather to wander than to teach. I do not claim originality in this rle; there have been 'scholar gypsies' before this. The phrase sounds better than 'educated hobo,' but the meaning is the same."
  • Small accomplishments will mean little if they do not lead to ultimate victory, Mappel reminded the youthful interpreter as if to warn him of the price of failure. "This is not something in which we can accept limited success. We succeed fully, or we perish."
  • "The reason is, your spirits are attentive," says Lorenzo. "For do but note a wild and wanton herdor a race of youthful and unhandled coltsfighting in mad bounds, bellowing and neighing loud, which is the hot condition of their blood. If they but hear perchance a trumpet sound, or if any air of music touch their ears, you shall perceive them make a mutual stand, their savage eyes turned to a modest gaze by the sweet power of music!
  • He brushed his long football hair away from his eyes, and looked again. Yes, old Bill must have taken the bit between his teeth, if he had any left, and was renewing his youthful days; for they used to tell great stories about his having once upon a time been a clever race horse--about thirty-odd years ago, some people put it.
  • I expect her to turn towards the huts, but she comes right up to me. Her face seems both youthful and ancient, more worn than old. She has big, curious eyes; coppery skin. She wears a black derby like those Inca woman from the Andes.
  • When five Indian youths invited their guests to go on a hunt the boys took their rifles, but their hosts carried only bows and arrows. On the return of the tired party at nightfall they brought the choice portions of three antelopes, two of which were slain by the youthful Blackfeet, while the one that George Shelton had brought down received also an effective thrust from an arrow. The dusky hunters guyed"" the palefaces who could not do as well as they with their primitive weapons, even though the fire spouted from the iron tubes and the balls that could not be seen by the eye carried death farther than did the missiles launched by the natives. George and Victor took it all in good part, and did not resent the taunts that were numerous."
  • The youthful interpreter leapt from his chair with a broad smile and the energy of a young deer at play. He could not keep his eyes from the tips of Mappel's ears even as he held out a sturdy hand to grip Mappel's. His eyes sparkled with enthusiasm, rather than surprise.
  • Before we have finished the story of Meriwether Lewis and his companions, we shall see that this high praise of the youthful commander was well deserved.
  • It was done swiftly too swiftly for Frank to shoot, if he had intended such a thing. But Frank Merriwell had no desire to shoot his former schoolmate, even though Leslie Gage had become a hardened and desperate criminal, and so, having broken away, the youthful leader of the mutineers stood in no danger of being harmed.
  • Miles felt a strong, unaccountable attraction towards the young private. He had not yet heard his voice nor encountered his eye; indeed, being behind him, he had only seen his side-face, and as the expression on it was that of stern gravity, the attractive power could not have lain in that. It might have lain in the youthful look of the lad, for albeit a goodly man in person, he was almost a boy in countenance, being apparently not yet twenty years of age.
  • Comedy was provided by the ever youthful tony jones who only has to walk on stage to receive spontaneous laughter from the audience.
  • The sight of his unfortunate followers had thus opened the eyes of the youthful general, to the desperate character of his enemies, and the awful fate which immediately awaited him, but it was not fear which now revived his stupified powers to action. His look was bold and daring, while a preternatural brilliancy shot from his proud eye, as the president of the court, with an assumed calmness, pronounced upon him the sentence of death. As the last fatal word fell from the lips of the stern old knight, the prisoner's countenance was rigid, cold and death-like for an instant, as he struggled to master his rebellious and scornful feelings into such a state of discipline as would enable him to express the little he had to say, with clearness and precision.
  • Suddenly, at this moment, when all hope seemed lost, a loud cry was heard. There was a rush of two figures upon the scene; and the next instant Number Six was torn away, and rolled over on his back. A firm grasp was fixed on his throat, and a tremendous blow descended on his head from a stout stick, which was wielded by the youthful but sinewy arm of Frank Wilmot. At the same instant, also, Bob Clark had bounded at Number Five, leaped on his back, and began beating him about the head.
  • He thought that he lay at the feet of his fond and gentle mother, while his proud father smiled at his youthful gambols. It was in a princely hall, decked with all the luxury wealth can supply; other children were there, but he was the eldest and best beloved, the inheritor of almost boundless riches--of title and power. He had early learned his own importance; foolish nurses had not been slow to give him the baneful lesson; and while his parents believed him to be all their hearts could wish, the noxious seeds were already taking root. Years rolled on; he had gained knowledge at school, and beneath the care of his tutor, but, as regards self-government or religious feelings, he was still less educated than the poorest peasant on his father's broad domains. At last the truth had burst on his father's mind. His son was passionate, headstrong, self-willed, and, worse, deceitful. Every means of reclaiming him had been tried in vain, and he had determined to send him to sea under a strict captain, who promised to curb, if not to break, his spirit, if severity could influence him.
  • Fortunately the youthful pilot possessed a good pair of eyes. And the gloom had not as yet entirely blotted out all features of the landscape, now that they were so close to the earth.
  • Kmita himself began to think the same; for being a soldier from youthful years, he understood war, but had never heard of a victory after which the victor was in a worse condition than before. The Swedes were evidently in a worse condition, and just after the battle at Warsaw.
  • In the deathlike stillness only the tramp of horses was heard. This was the Emperors' suites. The Emperors rode up to the flank, and the trumpets of the first cavalry regiment played the general march. It seemed as though not the trumpeters were playing, but as if the army itself, rejoicing at the Emperors' approach, had naturally burst into music. Amid these sounds, only the youthful kindly voice of the Emperor Alexander was clearly heard. He gave the words of greeting, and the first regiment roared "Hurrah!" so deafeningly, continuously, and joyfully that the men themselves were awed by their multitude and the immensity of the power they constituted.
  • The practical application of these theories in professional intervention, from youthful delinquency to entrenched criminal careers, will be examined.
  • On the other hand, what did it really matter, anyway? Shaa had enough objectivity to recognize how far he was sliding into ennui, but the undertow of apathy was enough to make him not exactly care. What point was there in getting rid of the gods, after all? Maxs longtime goal would just shift the problems of life onto another playing field; it wouldnt necessarily solve anything. In fact, Shaa was aware he hadnt had a major goal in some time other than just staying alive. Now, back in Peridol, in the midst of his youthful haunts, there was some question whether that was even a worthwhile goal.
  • Well, the Tecumseh, with her six hundred passengers, afforded an uncommon fine field for the ship-fever. That's what I was going to observe. They had a great time at Quebec last summer; but it was unanimously voted that the Tecumseh was the worst ship of the lot. I send out an agent to see what had become of my three friends, and he came back and told me all. He said that about four hundred of the Tecumseh's passengers died during the voyage, and ever so many more after the landing. The obtained a list of the dead from the quarantine records, and among them were those of the these three youthful Brandons. Yes, they joined old Cognac pretty soon--lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in death not divided. But this young devil that you speak of must have escaped. I dare say he did, for the confusion was awful.
  • They were new. It showed. The youthful men strode in merriment, following an athletic trail that meandered through a park, skirting the edge of the Myrrh Desert. Newcomers were attracted to the desert by the magnificent color of the silty, reddish-gray sand. It was the only natural feature radiating color for as far as one could see. The single faint color was amplified by the molten blackness of the adjacent Obsidian Sea. The landscape cast its own eerie luminescence and no light shone from the pitch-black and starless sky. At the edge of the Myrrh Desert, the reality of all newcomerssituation settled in when they checked their tour map and correctly identified their location. More specifically, the newcomers discovered why the sand had color. The sand was gray and the color bled from afterworld two hundred ninety nine, Human Christian Hell.
  • Yes, replied the count, "and you confirmed the report. A youthful indiscretion, I suppose, which you were anxious to conceal from the world at large?" The major recovered himself, and resumed his usual calm manner, at the same time casting his eyes down, either to give himself time to compose his countenance, or to assist his imagination, all the while giving an under-look at the count, the protracted smile on whose lips still announced the same polite curiosity. "Yes," said the major, "I did wish this fault to be hidden from every eye."
  • Leaping from the gun into the midst, he dealt blows as if he had the strength of a Hercules, and essayed to stop, with his single arm and the intervention of his body, their onward and victorious course. But the impetus was already given, and they bore him forward with his men in a dense mass, so crowded together that no man could use his weapon. They were driven aft and upon the quarter deck, where the captain came to his aid and succeeded in rallying them for the defence of this important post. At the same instant the youthful pirate, seeing the success of his party, called his followers from their unequal contest, and leaped down with them among his crew, leaving half his men dead behind him.
  • Herloiss face had many lines going to and fro and around again, akin to the air of mystery and thoughtful design of a fossil. Behind those wrinkles was smooth skin, like a cream, in a lightly spotted brown. This was proof of the attractive young woman all the elder ones - especially the menbragged Herlois used to be. She often refused to make admission that the season of her youthful beauty had gone, taking time to make her skin up with color whenever chance permitted her doing so.
  • The celestial sphere was a concept more comforting than the Copernican system, for simple Karls soul was yearning for the geocentric. Hed come to realize that no inns await the spacewalker. Azimuthal maps were even closer to his heart. But curvature frustrated him in ways he couldnt understand. The very mathematical, very martial, very flat structure of a football field had been branded on his subconscious. That reliable grid-iron had been the sole focus of his youthful ideals and discipline. Thinking hadnt been so important then. The coach took care of all that nonsense. What had been important was persistence.
  • Prescott recognized the name as that of the editor of the Patriot, a little newspaper published on a press traveling in a wagon with the Western army until a month since, when it had come over to the Army of Northern Virginia. The Patriot was "little" only in size. The wit, humour, terseness, spontaneous power of expression, and above all of phrase-making, which its youthful editor showed in its columns, already had made Raymond a power in the Confederacy, as they were destined in his maturity to win him fame in a reunited nation.
  • Hain is a shining example of youthful idealism being replaced by cynical self interest in later life.
  • Mr. Johnson, it will be remembered, had obtained some distinction by his vigorous defense of the Union, in the Senate, at a time when nearly all the rest of the Southern Senators were either openly or secretly plotting treason. In my youthful enthusiasm for the cause of the Union, which had become strengthened by the Southern associations of the preceding months, I naturally gave to Mr. Johnson my earliest admiration and sympathy. One day, while walking up Pennsylvania avenue, I was surprised to see standing in front of Brown's, now the Metropolitan Hotel, a certain gentleman, earnestly engaged in conversation with Senator Wigfall, whom I had known in Texas as one of the prominent State officials under the then existing administration of Governor Sam. Houston.
  • "The question is not when you shall become a man, Trekker; but when shall you allow yourself to no more be a youthful one?"
  • For some time the battle was waged with doubtful success. At one moment the pirates, who, after the first wild charge, had formed into a body, would be driven over the side, and at another they would press the defending party towards the stern. Their youthful leader, who was everywhere present, cheering them on with animating cries as often as they were beaten back towards their own vessel, was at length opposed to Kenard face to face.
  • Beatrice's grey eyes filled with tears, as she turned to go in bitterness of heart. So all her labour was in vain, and that which would be done must be done without the mute farewell she sought. Well, when sorrow was so much, what mattered a little more? She turned to go, but not unobserved. A certain rather youthful Member of Parliament, with an eye for beauty in distress, had been standing close to her, talking to a constituent. The constituent had departed to wherever constituents go--and many representatives, if asked, would cheerfully point out a locality suitable to the genus, at least in their judgment--and the member had overheard the conversation and seen Beatrice's eyes fill with tears. "What a lovely woman!" he had said to himself, and then did what he should have done, namely, lifted his hat and inquired if, as a member of the House, he could be of any service to her. Beatrice listened, and explained that she was particularly anxious to get into the Ladies' Gallery.
  • Taf wandered past the bath toward Jorden. "Thinking of home," she said quietly, "or perhaps this great duty you have been brought here for." She sat upon the foot of the bed, dark eyes flashing in the lamplight. Her hair shone like never before, her skin smoother, and her face glowed. The transformation had rejuvenated the aestri, Taf more youthful than everas she had once said: those who did not return to their first form seldom lived as long and well. Jorden could believe that. Taf looked younger, and more beautiful than ever. It was hard to think of her as thirty. She still looked younger than himself.
  • She stared at the tree and thought of Cari, imbuing it with all the Jann's youthful exuberance mixed with common sense. But, as with everything else in the garden, she felt nothing. If there was no special feeling of wrongness other than the feeling that pervaded the entire garden, neither was there anything to give her a clue of rightness. The ylang-ylang tree was like any other plant in this garden.
  • Well, perhaps when you learn the actual truth you'll wonder harder than ever how it is one of us has escaped landing in a lunatic asylum up to this time; but as some of my friends say to me, youthful enthusiasm is responsible for many queer things, and so long as my wonderful ambition is to copy after Stanley in the line of exploring, why, they don't worry."
  • H'm, said the doctor, whose youthful appearance might not give a stranger a proper measure of his long and varied experience. "Nearly suffocated, too. He couldn't have lasted there much longer. His heart action is pretty weak even yet. Better have him removed to his bed, and kept there for the rest of the day, at least."
  • He looked at the girl, strove to collapse game online Yahoo consider her impersonally, for her youthful beauty began to disturb him.
  • Slaughtering the generals support staff didnt take long or attract attention. He found the key to the armory and crossed the courtyard, no one giving his youthful face a second glance. High above the fort he heard the echoes of firefights. It reassured him to know he didnt fight alone. He killed the two guards -- or maybe two quads just chatting near the doors -- and entered.
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