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Okunuşu: / juːθfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: youth·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. genç;
gençliğe yakışır.

youthful için örnek cümleler:

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  • The King clutched the expensive fabric covering his muscled belly as a vivid picture came to him, his sweet and cheerful second daughter, the one who loved him without question, as if he were just a man and not a King, and his beautiful older daugher, who remembered him when he was just a man and not a King. Their faces, of course, echoed the youthful face of their mother when they were young and in love, and he had to admit, even older, even deathly ill, she was still beautiful. No wonder he had not looked at her in months, even as she sat by his side fulfilling her official duties as Queen. How could he bear to kill her if he looked at her?
  • An enthusiastic shake of the hands passed between the old sailor and his youthful companions; after which the faces of all were turned towards the shore, still only dimly distinguishable, and uninviting as seen, but more welcome to the sight than the wilderness of water stretching as if to infinity behind them.
  • Ah, well, exclaimed Chateau-Renaud, who because he had seen his thirtieth summer fancied himself duly warranted in assuming a sort of paternal air with his more youthful friend, "you young people are never satisfied; why, what would you have more? your parents have chosen you a bride built on the model of Diana, the huntress, and yet you are not content."
  • Aiden had never seen a true elf before, and was not disappointedher angular eyes and pointed ears gave her an alien appearance, and at over six feet in height, she towered over Nellise and Sayana. Despite her youthful appearance, her eyes had the look of one who had seen the passing of many years, and not all of them good ones.
  • Kmita himself began to think the same; for being a soldier from youthful years, he understood war, but had never heard of a victory after which the victor was in a worse condition than before. The Swedes were evidently in a worse condition, and just after the battle at Warsaw.
  • Her fame carried throughout The Hamlets; for though she was far advanced in years, she traversed still as those much her junior. Herlois made her way around; void of fear or excessive helplessness. From the gate in which she belonged, to the Eastern one as well, would she go; to each elder and young alike, and to them of the age which bore and raised those very same youthful ones.
  • And the boy who was to grow to be a greater man even than his grandfather, though he could scarcely be a more lovable one, plucked a posy of the tulips and laid them on the plain marble slab which bore nothing but the words, "Heaven is the eternal home of the Emperor Babar." And when Bija, with many a little feminine ceremonial, had deposited her nosegay of sweet violets, and Head-nurse and Foster-mother had offered up their respects, they all went and sat down on a grassy spot, and Dearest-Lady, who was always full of youthful curiosities concerning all things, began to question Roy, who as a mere lad had been allowed to come with them, as to what he could remember of the time before he was picked up in the desert.
  • How do, old boy; head a bit thick? was that youthful spark's airy greeting, as he coolly settled himself in an easy-chair.
  • In a larger sense, progress with a small p relies on youth, it relies on youthful attitudes. The old don't drive progress, they inhibit it. Joe needs the other world to be full of young people if he's going to prosper. The old are not his friends.
  • It was still early in the afternoon when Jack Chapin and the youthful chaperon found the other young people together on the gallery.
  • The youthful body half rose to a sitting posture. The smiling lips tensed to the nervous shock of a momentary agony which the conscious mind never apprehended, and then the dead sank limply back into that deepest of slumbers from which there is no awakening.
  • Don sighed and went on eating. He was horribly low-spirited, but his youthful appetite once started, he felt the need of food, and kept on in silence, passing and receiving the cup till all was gone.
  • My dream of being a prosperous ship owner lay wrecked beside the shattered timbers of the Adventure; and knowing that, after all my youthful dreams of affluence, I now was a poor man with my way in the world to make, I felt that still another dream, a dearer, more ambitious dream, likewise was shattered.
  • Ryson saw turmoil in this woman, the same turmoil he experienced as a youthful delver discovering his own unique abilities, but he was not afforded the opportunity to converse of such matters, for Mappel quickly guided him to the dwarf princes.
  • The Ty-Rap-O-Saurus Rex was sat quite awkwardly on the human designed chairs, his tail was pushed out behind him, and his feet were awkwardly placed on the floor in front of him. He had taken to occupying his time by polishing his many large golden medallions that hung heavily from around his neck. But the room was dark, and he was wearing sunglasses along with a trendy youthful cap, so he was still polishing the medallion he'd started with the day before.
  • He had been at home when Mukadi called and the connections from his past reached out to gather him again. When he heard Mukadis voice on the line, he did not immediately associate the voice with a name, but with a face and a place. He remembered his childhood friend and the time he spent in school in Bunia in the small compound run by Father Andreas. He had become friends with Tshindundu Mukadi, a child as different from himself as possible save for their shared African heritage. Tshindundu and Ignatius came from different tribes when their tribal distinctions seemed to matter less. As the children of civil servants, they were among those lucky enough to attend school. Thin and lean and athletic to Ignatius Bonifaces youthful robustness, Tshindundu excelled in school and this was their commonality.
  • On October 11, the day when all was astir at headquarters over the news of Mack's defeat, the camp life of the officers of this squadron was proceeding as usual. Denisov, who had been losing at cards all night, had not yet come home when Rostov rode back early in the morning from a foraging expedition. Rostov in his cadet uniform, with a jerk to his horse, rode up to the porch, swung his leg over the saddle with a supple youthful movement, stood for a moment in the stirrup as if loathe to part from his horse, and at last sprang down and called to his orderly.
  • A blush reveals his youthful discomfiture in confessing such deep innocence. "What I am, truly, is thine and my poor countrys to command!—whither, indeed before thy here approach, old Siward, with ten thousand warlike men, already at point, was setting forth!"
  • Some of these first classmen were twenty-four years of age, others from twenty to twenty-two. Hence, with many of them, there was some slight undercurrent of feeling over the necessity for taking instruction from such very youthful instructors as Jack Benson, Hal Hastings and Eph Somers.
  • Surely you cannot, you will not be so inhuman as to do such foul murder! cried the youthful secretary, placing himself between Kyd and Fitzroy, and stretching forth his hands deprecatingly.
  • The courier announcing the successful issue of Bacon's campaign against the tribes of the Peninsula, which had so long disturbed the peace and tranquillity of the planters, was received with general manifestations of joy and expressions of gratitude to the youthful commander of the expedition.
  • I laughed, feeling as if I had nothing left to lose. "You have to excuse me Sara, but such harsh words from such a little girlyou must tell me how you maintain such a youthful appearance."
  • He sat for a time gazing out of the window at the gray, wintry landscape that fled past, and then, having a youthful zest for new things, looked at those who traveled with him in the car. The company seemed to him, on the whole, to lack novelty and interest, being composed of farmers going to the capital of the Confederacy to sell food; wounded soldiers like himself, bound for the same place in search of cure; and one woman who sat in a corner alone, neither speaking nor spoken to, her whole aspect repelling any rash advance.
  • "The question is not when you shall become a man, Trekker; but when shall you allow yourself to no more be a youthful one?"
  • Slaughtering the generals support staff didnt take long or attract attention. He found the key to the armory and crossed the courtyard, no one giving his youthful face a second glance. High above the fort he heard the echoes of firefights. It reassured him to know he didnt fight alone. He killed the two guards -- or maybe two quads just chatting near the doors -- and entered.
  • Sams arrival brought summer with him. My spirits lifted, and I felt youthful and silly, staying up way past our normal bedtime the first night to catch up. Nothing profound, just our regular roundabout conversations. He had, for years now, enjoyed telling me about what he was working on in schoolparticularly the things that reached beyond the scope of my understanding. Even the programming hed done as a high schooler seemed complex, and the advanced studies of computer engineering work he now spoke about might have been science fiction to me.
  • "He found out nothing about him for some time. At last he induced the British embassador to take the matter in hand, and he did so with such effect that the prisoner was liberated. He had been treated with some severity at first, but he was young, and the government was persuaded to look upon it as a youthful freak. Brandon's powerful influence with the British embassador obtained his unconditional release.
  • Yes, I smelled sheep very strongly, though I saw none, he said. "I distinctly remember the smell of sheep, for it brought back to my mind my youthful days when I used to go to the county fair. I smelled sheep all right."
  • In his soul there suddenly arose such an unexpected turmoil of youthful thoughts and hopes, contrary to the whole tenor of his life, that unable to explain his condition to himself he lay down and fell asleep at once.
  • In a secluded corner not far from the stage door they found Billy Webster waiting for them. His face was pale under his country tan. His blue eyes, that sometimes were charmingly humorous, showed no sign of humor now. If ever there was so youthful a figure of a stern and upright judge, he might well have stood for the model.
  • She stared at the tree and thought of Cari, imbuing it with all the Jann's youthful exuberance mixed with common sense. But, as with everything else in the garden, she felt nothing. If there was no special feeling of wrongness other than the feeling that pervaded the entire garden, neither was there anything to give her a clue of rightness. The ylang-ylang tree was like any other plant in this garden.
  • Mas fetched their nursing infants while pas lingered behind, gathering the others. youthful girls kissed their pets and let them alone. Younger lads let their frogs free; to find shelter of their own. Damsels dashed along with their heads peaking backwards, as if to assure the security of their chums. A pubescent male made last effort to valor, seeking chance to save a debutante from dangers ensuing snare. Pas ran behind their kindreds now, taking care to their safe arrival. Each outgoing clan warded behind, that they may all cross over at once. All advanced to the entrance of the city of their ally. But this time, there were no opened doors to be spoken of.
  • They had been young years ago, at some point, Summer allowed. Older than Nat, but younger than Spring and John. During their early days before they married, before they had the sort of sex that led Jody to ask Summer to marry him and have his kids, Summer and Jody had more tumultuous natures. His youthful drinking was wild, explosive, to blot out his parentsdeaths, also their lives. He was in his twenties, crazy, also gifted. Talented, so much musical prowess balanced by plenty of booze and lots of sex with Summer, only Summer and Jody. But because they were cloistered, when he lost it, few others offered stability. And when Jody lost it before they married and had children, his footing was precarious indeed.
  • Valentin sighed deeply. "I envy you, brother. Would that I had a youthful companion to bring joy to my twilight years."
  • When five Indian youths invited their guests to go on a hunt the boys took their rifles, but their hosts carried only bows and arrows. On the return of the tired party at nightfall they brought the choice portions of three antelopes, two of which were slain by the youthful Blackfeet, while the one that George Shelton had brought down received also an effective thrust from an arrow. The dusky hunters guyed"" the palefaces who could not do as well as they with their primitive weapons, even though the fire spouted from the iron tubes and the balls that could not be seen by the eye carried death farther than did the missiles launched by the natives. George and Victor took it all in good part, and did not resent the taunts that were numerous."
  • He is standing south by east, Edwin, said the youthful captain, turning from the lattice and addressing the youth with animation; "we shall intercept him by sunset if this wind holds. But methinks," he added with interest, fixing his eyes upon him as, with his rich hair drooping about his cheeks, he leaned, forgetful of his occupation, over the sheet, "that of late you are getting sad and absent. This station does not suit your ambition, perhaps. You would be an officer instead of a clerk."
  • All of you must turn your backs!’ Nollis youthful voice suddenly commanded. ‘All of you, except the Dragons. And the Dragon Lord must help me now.’
  • A brave warrior could take no exception to this declaration, accompanied as it was by such significant action; but it cannot be conceived that the Sauk was free from misgiving, when knowing, as he did, that he held the position of contestant only through the grace of his youthful antagonist, who a moment before could have pierced his heart with his hunting knife.
  • However, it signified little to the youthful mistress-of-the-bells, Maryette Courtray, called "Carillonnette," for her Yankee lover still lay in his distant hospital--her muleteer, "Djack." So mules might bray, and negroes fill the Sainte Lesse meadows with their shouting laughter; and the lank, hawk-nosed Yankee muleteers might saunter clanking into the White Doe in search of meat or drink or tobacco, or a glimpse of the pretty bell-mistress, for all it meant to her.
  • Indeed! deFöl thought when he looked for the Corporal. Ubermensch stood next to the entrance with the mountable canon perched across a bicep. The muzzle of the canon faced away from the entrance and he appeared to be in an involved conversation with a slight maiden of few notable proportions and a cute and youthful face.
  • The reader has not forgotten the encounter between Jacob Relstaub and Deerfoot, the Shawanoe, when the former plunged headlong through his own door in mortal fear that the tomahawk of the youthful warrior would be sent crashing through his brain; but, much as Deerfoot despised the German, he had no thought of visiting injury upon him. Shoving back the weapon to its place in his girdle, he therefore strode off in the forest, never pausing in his walk until the sun appeared above the horizon. He was then many miles from Martinsville, his face turned toward the southwest.
  • The economy could not meet the rising expectations generated by the expansion in education for the predominantly youthful albanian population.
  • He was adorable in her eyes just then: she could hardly realise that so few months ago she had definitely put him from her. His warm, smooth face, his crisp, curling hair, the youthful roughness and ardour of his embrace, inflamed and ravished her.
  • "I'll write you one," said Miss Bampton, and write it she did with a speed and a lavishness of plot that would have astonished more deliberate dramatists. There was a villain, a usurper king (Miss Bampton); there was a fairy (Marjorie); there was the rightful and youthful king (Archie) who lived (Act V.) in painful squalor in a dungeon, attended only by the jailer's daughter (Jeannie) who knew his identity and loved him whether he was in a dungeon or on a throne. Luckily, he loved her too, anywhere, and they were kind to a beggar-woman, who turned out to be the fairy, and did the rest. Miss Bampton was consigned to the lowest dungeon, and everybody else lived happily ever afterwards.
  • I wondered what each and every one was doing at that particular time, and imagined that most of my youthful associates were having a happy evening somewhere, while I, poor fool, was lying out on a Virginia porch in this dreadful fix, without a friend to counsel or advise with, while I might just as well have been at home and happy with the rest of them. If they thought of me at all, it probably was as a prisoner still about Harper's Ferry; but I would never, perhaps, have the satisfaction of knowing that my work in the Rebel camps had been understood. While cogitating in this frame of mind the moon began to show through the breaking clouds, and, as suddenly as if a face had appeared to my vision, the Southern moon looked straight down on my face, flooding the porch for a moment with a stream of mellow light.
  • As each year passed the hardy warrior returned thickened by battle and time, rangy muscles turned to bullish brawn. Now the youthful face was scuffed and hard as stone. His friend was on a lone mission that even his forthcoming words could not explain. Venir was a talker, but said little about what was inside. Every time Venir left, Melegal felt it would be the last time he saw the man. He assumed the armament protected the man, but it did harm as well. Another piece of his jovial friend had disappeared whenever he returned.
  • The youthful Pena Nieto took office on December 1 pledging to fire up the economy after years of underperformance, during which it fell behind its big Latin American peer Brazil.
  • The black eyes of the queen rested inquiringly on the youthful face of the hero, and seeing its sincerity, they grew bright with joy; and he, when he had made a profound obeisance, looked also at her boldly, as truth and honesty know how to look.
  • I don't understand. Stephen agonized over the mystery. The culmination of events was quickly taking their toll on his youthful enthusiasm. Being inside Sanctum, following Tun through the first maze, dealing with Lauren, and now the deficiency in his own explanations; all of this drained from him his normal exuberance. He was growing tired. It was late and he had not slept. The pain of riding horseback all day now sunk in his legs. He heaved a heavy breath in exhaustion. He could not decide what to do next, and the decision to move onward had to be made for him.
  • They stood upon the platform overlooking the shadowy mazes of moonlit foliage down the glen; all nature was as silent as when it first came from the hands of its Creator. Looking towards heaven, and placing his hand upon her flaxen ringlets, now wafted about in the richest reflections and deepest contrasts of light and shadow, as a cold breeze from the valley beneath sought an opening to the plains beyond, he said, "May God Almighty bless and preserve thee, my daughter!" And then led her some distance down the hill--bade her adieu, and left her to seek her more youthful guide, and to ponder upon some novel and not very pleasing passages in the diary of her own experience.
  • "God in thy good cause make thee prosperous!" says Gaunt. "Be swift like lightning in the execution; and let thy blows, doubly redoubled, fall like amazing thunder on the casque of thy adverse, pernicious enemy! Rouse up thy youthful blood!—be valiant, and live!"
  • There we did lay for time unknown; unknowable and immeasurable in a world laid barren. Wreaking, bleeding, gasping, crying and gulping for enough clean air to cleanse us of this wretchedness. It was the strangest of sensations that broke this unusual spell of pure commiseration- from out of nowhere, a poking. The pesky poking of a dog's nose as it tries to rouse its master to do its bidding. Then once more, but sharper than a dog's nose- more akin to the rough pointiness of a broken stick. Then a sound, a slight moan, a whine of annoyance- of impatience. I turned my head to the side to find the legs and feet of young Sander crouched down beside us. He spoke high timbred words of inquisitiveness and frustration in Dinka. Despite all of this, the devastation around him, the youthful nature of his spirit trumping all.
  • Let us call her 'King Charles,' exclaimed the eldest boy, as the gallant little vessel moved down the stream; while the children, who not ten minutes before were trembling with alarm at their grandfather's displeasure, now, with the happy versatility of youthful spirits, shouted gaily at the ship's progress over the unrippled waters.
  • Just beneath the lowest tier of seats was a series of barred cages on a level with the surface of the arena. Into these we were herded. But, unfortunately, my youthful friend was not of those who occupied a cage with me.
  • After some further delay, I was admitted to the presence of the old general, who, I imagined, was surprised at my youthful appearance and wondered that I had the temerity to beard such a grim old soldier as himself in his den.
  • "The reason is, your spirits are attentive," says Lorenzo. "For do but note a wild and wanton herdor a race of youthful and unhandled coltsfighting in mad bounds, bellowing and neighing loud, which is the hot condition of their blood. If they but hear perchance a trumpet sound, or if any air of music touch their ears, you shall perceive them make a mutual stand, their savage eyes turned to a modest gaze by the sweet power of music!
  • Halo of light surrounding his form, the youthful persian god remains obscure to us.
  • Mr. Johnson, it will be remembered, had obtained some distinction by his vigorous defense of the Union, in the Senate, at a time when nearly all the rest of the Southern Senators were either openly or secretly plotting treason. In my youthful enthusiasm for the cause of the Union, which had become strengthened by the Southern associations of the preceding months, I naturally gave to Mr. Johnson my earliest admiration and sympathy. One day, while walking up Pennsylvania avenue, I was surprised to see standing in front of Brown's, now the Metropolitan Hotel, a certain gentleman, earnestly engaged in conversation with Senator Wigfall, whom I had known in Texas as one of the prominent State officials under the then existing administration of Governor Sam. Houston.
  • Now, Sam, being himself possessed of strongly scientific tendencies, took a great fancy to little Robin, and sought to enlighten his young mind on many subjects where "musser's" knowledge failed. Of course he could not explain all that he himself knew about electricity--the child was too young for that,--but he did what he could, and introduced him one day to the interior of the station, where he filled his youthful mind with amazement and admiration by his rapid, and apparently meaningless, manipulation of the telegraph instrument.
  • It can help you to regain your youthful facial features and clear complexion, tighten your facial contours and reduce sagging.
  • Hain is a shining example of youthful idealism being replaced by cynical self interest in later life.
  • Billevich, who at first had taken a position not far from the village, had been living there a week," and the thought did not even come to his head that he would soon have such terrible guests. One evening the youthful Butryms, herding horses beyond Volmontovichi, informed him that troops had issued from the forest, and were advancing from the south. Billevich was too old and experienced a soldier not to take precautions. Some of his infantry, partly furnished with fire-arms by the Domasheviches, he placed in the houses recently rebuilt, and some he stationed at the gate; with the cavalry he took possession himself of a broad pasture somewhat in the rear, beyond the fences, and which touched with one side the river. He did this mainly to gain the praise of Babinich, who must understand skilful dispositions; the place he had chosen was really a strong one.
  • It would be interesting to know how he squared matters with his warriors. It would have required a vivid imagination and a genius in the way of invention to explain how it was his horse was just vanishing in the distance; how the chief was in the act of recovering his weapon, and more than all, how it came about that the youthful warrior of a strange tribe, who had already slain one Assiniboine--though that was yet unknown to this party--was riding leisurely off on the back of the special pet of the chieftain. If the Assiniboine was wise he made a clean breast of it, and insisted that the dusky stranger was a marvel in his way whom it was exceedingly unwise to push into a corner.
  • Rose owned no appropriate words, too late to complement Ramona on her youthful face. Now Rose viewed lines on the womans neck. Her hands, before unnoticed, were spotted, veins plain. "I guess," Rose said with little enthusiasm.
  • Sam had raised her head at his first sounding, watching his open and youthful face as she tried to pretend an enthusiasm for a tale she'd heard a thousand times before.
  • The youthful Mr. Somers, looking a little pale and /distrait/, strolled up apparently to speak to me; his hands were in his pockets and an unlighted cigar was in his mouth. His eyes fell upon the elderly gentleman, a sight that caused him to shape his lips as though to whistle and drop the cigar.
  • Thou wilt not, then, she said, playfully, after hesitating in what vein to reply, "deign to accept my heart, while one little corner is reserved for the memory of a youthful passion?"
  • Whatever may have been thought of the feasibility or propriety of this project, Mr. Porter could scarcely have doubted my motive, but he apparently looked upon me as a youthful enthusiast, or, as we term it nowadays, a crank.
  • More than luck. He was now living a charmed life where one slept with the woman of one's youthful dreams, met mysterious benefactresses on the freewayand when hunger struck? – Why, one just walked into de-peopled delis with piled-high food offered up for plunder. He had, he thought, finally freed himself from the daily monotony of a life with comfortably few variations.
  • On rounding a point of the river the travellers came suddenly upon an interesting group, in the midst of a most beautiful woodland scene. Under the trees on a flat spot by the river-bank were seated round a fire a man and a boy and a monkey. The monkey was a tame orang-utan, youthful but large. The boy was a Dyak in light cotton drawers, with the upper part of his body naked, brass rings on his arms, heavy ornaments in his ears, and a bright kerchief worn as a turban on his head. The man was a sort of nondescript in a semi-European shooting garb, with a wide-brimmed sombrero on his head, black hair, a deeply tanned face, a snub nose, huge beard and moustache, and immense blue spectacles.
  • Miles felt a strong, unaccountable attraction towards the young private. He had not yet heard his voice nor encountered his eye; indeed, being behind him, he had only seen his side-face, and as the expression on it was that of stern gravity, the attractive power could not have lain in that. It might have lain in the youthful look of the lad, for albeit a goodly man in person, he was almost a boy in countenance, being apparently not yet twenty years of age.
  • A little apart from the rest stood two youthful figures with haggard faces in whom we find it difficult to recognise Maurice Hammond and Philip Danvers.
  • But soon the bright visions of the future, which filled their youthful hearts, dispelled the gloom which hung around them as they parted with their friends.
  • What the devil, Master Scipio, interrupted I in my turn, you can cap verses out of the Greek poets! And pray where did you get acquainted with Hesiod? In very learned company, answered he. I lived some time with a walking dictionary at Salamanca, a fellow up to the elbows in quotation and commentary. He could put a large volume together like a house of cards. His library furnished him with a hodge-podge of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin common places, which he translated into buckram Castilian. As I was his transcriber, some tags of verses, stings of epigrams, and sage truisms stuck by the way. With such an apparatus, replied I, your memory must be most philosophically stocked. But, not to lose sight of our future prospects, whereabouts in Spain had we best fix our Socratic abode? My voice is for Arragon, resumed my counsellor. We shall there enjoy all the beauties of nature, and lead the life of Paradise. Well, then, for Arragon! said I. May it teem with all the dear delights that youthful poets fancy when they dream!
  • When all was ready, one of the youthful Sauks walked out from the party near the woods, holding the stick with the crotch of a small branch supported at the point of bifurcation. This crotch was four or five inches in length, and as it was carried aloft, it looked like an inverted V, raised high so that all might see it.
  • He lifted his eyes and saw a man looking at him from the doorway. He needed no further proof to assure him that this was Strang the king of the Mormons, for the Beaver Island prophet was painted well in that region which knew the grip and terror of his power. He was a massive man, with the slow slumbering strength of a beast. He was not much under fifty; but his thick beard, reddish and crinkling, his shaggy hair, and the full-fed ruddiness of his face, with its foundation of heavy jaw, gave him a more youthful appearance. There was in his eyes, set deep and so light that they shone like pale blue glass, the staring assurance that is frequently born of power. In his hand he carried a huge metal-knobbed stick.
  • Colonel Welsh didn't answer for a moment. He stared down at his two hands folded on the edge of the little table, and the expression on his thin face seemed to show a reluctance to answer that question. Presently, though, he lifted his head and looked straight at the two youthful air aces.
  • My youthful recollections, answered I, are very transient and confused. Blind man's buff and prison bars are but childish amusement! The burden of state affairs leaves me little time to ruminate on the trifles of my younger days. I am come to Madrid, said he, to settle accounts with my father's correspondent. I heard talk of you! Folks say that you have, a good berth at court, and are already almost as well off as a Jew broker. I thought I would just call in and say, how d'ye do? On my return into the country, your family will jump out of their skins for joy, when they hear how famously you are getting on.
  • Jeremy, who twenty-four hours before had thought of the ship as a place of utter desolation, would not now have changed places with any boy alive. He knew, perhaps for the first time, the fulness of joy that comes into life with human companionship. That night two lads at least had golden dreams of a youthful kind. Ducats and doubloons, princesses and plum-cake, swords awave and cannon blazing, great galleons with crimson sails--no wonder that they were smiling in their sleep when George Dunkin held a lantern over the bunk at the change of the watch.
  • She did not answer. It was because of this knowledge and this fear, which was part of her youthful equipment for violent death is a very terrible prospect to the young and the healthy that she obeyed him at all.
  • He thought that he lay at the feet of his fond and gentle mother, while his proud father smiled at his youthful gambols. It was in a princely hall, decked with all the luxury wealth can supply; other children were there, but he was the eldest and best beloved, the inheritor of almost boundless riches--of title and power. He had early learned his own importance; foolish nurses had not been slow to give him the baneful lesson; and while his parents believed him to be all their hearts could wish, the noxious seeds were already taking root. Years rolled on; he had gained knowledge at school, and beneath the care of his tutor, but, as regards self-government or religious feelings, he was still less educated than the poorest peasant on his father's broad domains. At last the truth had burst on his father's mind. His son was passionate, headstrong, self-willed, and, worse, deceitful. Every means of reclaiming him had been tried in vain, and he had determined to send him to sea under a strict captain, who promised to curb, if not to break, his spirit, if severity could influence him.
  • The day was far spent, and before a fireplace in his private apartments Richard sat alone, in heavy meditation. The pale, clean-shaven, youthful face, with its beautiful mouth and straight Norman nose, and the short, slender figure in its mantle and doublet of black velvet furred with ermine, rich under tunic of white satin, tight-fitting hose of silk, and dark brown hair hanging bushy to the shoulders, would have been almost effeminate but for the massively majestic forehead and the fierce black eyes--brilliant, compelling, stern, proud--that flashed forth the mighty soul within.
  • "Nor I," Marigaff said. "We have known but two before you with Shemesaa." Theramon was now being helped to his feet, his youthful pride taking over as he brushed the dirt from his blood-stained clothing. "She is more powerful than we thought," Marigaff said to Finnegaff.
  • A stately gray-headed old negro, known by the cognomen of Congo, was in command of some half score of more youthful footmen of his own colour, in the livery of the Governor, each of whom held the leashes of a pair of hounds.
  • Typical of the june brides songs, despite the pure pop youthful jangle, there is another side, a dark undercurrent.
  • "Wonderful indeed, Doctor! How many searches have been made for ithow many expeditions mounted? How much money laid out, and lives, too? The old crew used up their youthful days searching and trying to find backing for more searches. Nary a one left alive now, of courseand your man, this Abel fellow..." He broke off, thinking hard. "Come to the librarymore private."
  • Colonel Welsh didn't answer for a moment. He stared down at his two hands folded on the edge of the little table, and the expression on his thin face seemed to show a reluctance to answer that question. Presently, though, he lifted his head and looked straight at the two youthful air aces.
  • Now let us turn to another and less conspicuous South African whose point of view, imperial, personal and patriotic, is the exact opposite of that of Smuts. Throughout this chapter has run the strain of Hertzog, first the Boer General fighting gallantly in the field with Smuts as youthful comrade; then the member of the Botha Cabinet; later the bitter insurgent, and now the implacable foe of the order that he helped to establish. What manner of man is he and what has he to say?
  • He was silent, but his flushed face confirmed the truth of her accusation. For the moment that he stood near he examined her features. He saw eyes so dark that he could not tell whether they were blue or black, eyelashes of unusual length, and a pale face remarkable for its strength. But it was youthful and finely cut, while a wisp of bronze hair at the edge of the hood showed a gleam of gold as the sunshine fell across it.
  • Deerfoot turned his footsteps toward a high promontory some miles distant. It was the most elevated among many others, and formed a landmark visible over a very extensive area. The youthful warrior did not hasten his footsteps, for there was no call to do so, but he steadily approached the mountain, up which he tramped in his leisurely fashion, until he paused on the very highest point.
  • As i entered the main grand foyer i was soon to learn how my youthful charm could make a fool of a man.
  • Kmita grew gloomy at once, for his trouble came to his mind, and he noticed no longer that the black eyes were looking still more stubbornly at him, as if asking, "What is thy name, whence dost thou come, youthful knight?"
  • The author has used, to the best advantage, the many exciting incidents that naturally attend the career of a fugitive slave, and the seeds that he may sow in youthful hearts will perhaps bear a hundred-fold.
  • Beatrice's grey eyes filled with tears, as she turned to go in bitterness of heart. So all her labour was in vain, and that which would be done must be done without the mute farewell she sought. Well, when sorrow was so much, what mattered a little more? She turned to go, but not unobserved. A certain rather youthful Member of Parliament, with an eye for beauty in distress, had been standing close to her, talking to a constituent. The constituent had departed to wherever constituents go--and many representatives, if asked, would cheerfully point out a locality suitable to the genus, at least in their judgment--and the member had overheard the conversation and seen Beatrice's eyes fill with tears. "What a lovely woman!" he had said to himself, and then did what he should have done, namely, lifted his hat and inquired if, as a member of the House, he could be of any service to her. Beatrice listened, and explained that she was particularly anxious to get into the Ladies' Gallery.
  • When the train drew into Elreno, a great crowd was seen on the platform of the station, and, for the first time, a troubled look came to the face of the youthful prisoner.
  • The principal was a gracious woman of perhaps fifty. Her snow-white hair was piled high on her head and her dark eyes were bright and keen. Wonderful eyes they were, seeming to gaze straight into the youthful eyes that stared back affectionately or curiously as the case might be. Mrs. Eustice's gown was of black or very dark blue silk, made simply and fitting exquisitely. Straight, soft collar and cuffs of dotted net outlined the neck and wrists, and her single ornament was a tiny watch worn on a black ribbon.
  • No, its not,’ George insisted, watching Michael with penetrating eyes. ‘I know exactly what youre thinking. Youre having second thoughts. The wedding is in three days, and youre having second thoughts about going through with it. Its a common enough phenomenon.’ He then casually pulled out a cigarette and a box of matches from his pyjama pocket. As he lit his cigarette, his handsome and youthful features were briefly illuminated.
  • The courier announcing the successful issue of Bacon's campaign against the tribes of the Peninsula, which had so long disturbed the peace and tranquillity of the planters, was received with general manifestations of joy and expressions of gratitude to the youthful commander of the expedition.
  • She didn't move and he felt her watch him as he dressed and wondered if she took pleasure from it, or if she merely saw that he too had lost his youthful sleekness. It embarrassed him a little to be observed like this, but he wasn't slow to do the same to her. Fair enough. He had his trousers on, and he pulled his shirt over his head. There was nothing further to see, or so he thought.
  • Finding that she could not keep Billy at home when he had found out that by his exertions, boy though he was, he could support the family, Mrs. Cody gave a reluctant consent for him to make another trip to the far West under an old and experienced wagon-master named Lew Simpson, and who had taken a great fancy to the youthful Indian-fighter.
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