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Okunuşu: / juːθ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: youth
Ekler: youths
Türü: isim


i. gençlik;

i. ( youths) delikanlı, genç adam.

youth için örnek cümleler:

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  • In May 2012, there were 11,537,900 people employed (either full- or part-time), with an unemployment rate of 5.1 per cent. youth unemployment (1524) stood at 11.2 per cent.
  • She looked up at the thin, straggly-haired youth with multiple piercings in and a scowl on his face who sauntered over. His nametag identified him as Drek and she thought that was very descriptive of the person.
  • I looked at him with fresh interest, for the mention of that dear lad Mironsac brought back to my mind the night in Paris on which my ill-starred wager had been laid, and I was reminded of how that high-minded youth had sought - when it was too late to reason me out of the undertaking by alluding to the dishonour with which in his honest eyes it must be fraught.
  • At the bungalow everything was systematically being prepared for the homeward journey. The laughter and chatter of the two girls was music to their father's ears. And sometimes he intercepted secret glances between Bruce and Kathlyn. Youth, youth; youth and love! Well, so it was. He himself had been a youth, had loved and been beloved. But he grew very lonely at the thought of Kathlyn eventually going into another home; and some young chap would soon come and claim Winnie, and he would have no one but Ahmed. If only he had had a boy, to bring his bride to his father's roof!
  • Twelve fed-up men went. And what happened to all except the four French youths is known. Fate laid a guiding hand on the shoulder of Carfax and gave him a gentle shove toward the Vosges. Destiny linked arms with Stent and Brown and led them toward Italy. Wayland's rendezvous with Old Man Death was in Finistre. Neeland sailed with an army corps, but Chance met him at Lorient and led him into the strangest paths a young man ever travelled.
  • Si was bending down under the gun, swabbing up some oil which had run down from one of the working joints. Suddenly the Yankee youth threw down his swab and caught up something which shone in spite of the dirt upon it.
  • He got to his feet, bowed and left. She followed him with her eyes and sighed. Her sister had been regent during her captivity, and not everybody had been happy with her government. Jessamine should forget her personal losses for the good of her country. Massimo's youth (and the resemblance with Carino, maybe she could give him to Ileana afterward) could help her, but mostly she should find the strength within herself.
  • More than my life! More than the life of myself and all my friends and family! More than all my fortune! His voice rang clear and keen as that of youth.
  • "Take Currun with you. He used to live in Varaneshe; he was under my fathers command. He left when his sister died." Alisiyas face turned serious, and she stepped closer. "He knows the city. He knows the palace. In his youth he was trained as a soldier in the special forces of Adayzjia. You must have him show you the way."
  • Mark, in the fear that his enemy would doubt his prowess, began the attack; and in defending himself from his adversary's thrusts Ralph soon showed him that he had learned the use of his thin rapier from a master the equal of his own teacher, thus making the hot-headed youth more cautious, and ready to turn aside the thrusts which followed when he ceased his own.
  • A quarter of a century seems a somewhat long time to look back, but twenty-five years ago Mrs Hartshorne was a young and handsome woman. Time had not dealt kindly with her as he does to some: none would dream of calling hers a graceful or a winning old age. She seemed to wrestle with the Destroyer, instead of ignoring his approach as most of us do, and quietly and placidly submitting to his encroachments. The result was not to her advantage. Every line on her face, every crow's-foot in the corners of her twinkling little eyes, every wrinkle on her careworn brow, every silvery hair on her head, marked the issue of some unsuccessful struggle; and the strong passions of her nature, even as they had embittered her life, seemed now, when her youth was passed, to war with death.
  • Next morning, I was early afoot, and I found Grace as much alive to the charms of home, as I was myself. She put on a gypsy, and accompanied me into the garden, where to my surprise, I found Lucy. It looked like old times to be in that spot, again, with those two dear girls. Rupert alone was wanting to complete the picture; but, I had an intimate conviction that Rupert, as he had been at least, could never come within the setting of the family group again. I was rejoiced, however, to see Lucy, and more so, just where I found her, and I believe told her as much with my eyes. The charming girl looked happier than she had appeared the day before, or for many previous days indeed, and I felt less apprehension than of late, concerning her having met with any agreeable youth of a more genteelprofession than that of a merchant-captain.
  • She stretched out her arms in one second of rapture unutterable; and then almost in the same moment they fell. The youth went out of her, she crumpled like a withered flower.
  • One bright morning in the spring-time of the year, a youth with the soft down of early manhood on his lips and cheeks, paced slowly to and fro near the margin of the pond in Kensington Gardens.
  • Every man there had become aware of the youth and beauty which, till that day, she had worn as if veiled, and they were paying the tribute that men will proffer until the end of time to those two gifts of the gods. She knew it without vanity, but also without embarrassment, for she had tasted triumph before in a world more difficult to please than this, surrounded by opponents worthier of her steel than Isabel van Cannan. The little triumph only pleased her in that she could offer it as a gift to the man she loved. For here is another eternal truth, that all men are one in pride of possession of that which excites envy and admiration in other men. All women know this with a gladness that is salted by sorrow.
  • These and similar questions were asked again and again while the youth was tramping through the wood in the company of his captors, and his heart sank when his own good sense obliged him to answer each one in the most unsatisfactory manner.
  • The light was ebbing slowly out of the rotunda and to my bodily eyes she was beginning to grow shadowy. I sat down on the couch and for a long time no word passed between us. We made no movement. We did not even turn towards each other. All I was conscious of was the softness of the seat which seemed somehow to cause a relaxation of my stern mood, I won't say against my will but without any will on my part. Another thing I was conscious of, strangely enough, was the enormous brass bowl for cigarette ends. Quietly, with the least possible action, Dona Rita moved it to the other side of her motionless person. Slowly, the fantastic women with butterflies' wings and the slender-limbed youths with the gorgeous pinions on their shoulders were vanishing into their black backgrounds with an effect of silent discretion, leaving us to ourselves.
  • Wild frontier is a superb american youth ministry site with useful articles on everything from hip-hop to faith development to teaching a biblical worldview.
  • Oh, heavens! exclaimed Morrel, "I do not deceive myself--that young man who is waving his hat, that youth in the uniform of a lieutenant, is Albert de Morcerf!"
  • So the stallion passed out into the night at his usual graceful walk, while his rider for the time listened and peered into the darkness behind him for sound or sight of the Assiniboines who would have given much for a chance to revenge themselves upon the daring youth that had outwitted them.
  • A few minutes later found Dave on the level from which he had fallen. As he scrambled over the rocks something caught the glare of the torchlight. The youth picked up the object.
  • As he had anticipated, the method of his flight was discovered very early the succeeding morning, and many of the warriors and large boys started in pursuit. The hunt was pressed with a promptness and skill scarcely conceivable. It was inevitable that they should be puzzled by the singular proceeding with the canoes, and the pursuers became scattered, each intent on following out his own theory, as is the case with a party of detectives in these later days. The last boat was not found, but the identical youth who had fared so ill at the hands of Jack, came upon his trail where it left the river. His black eyes glowed with anticipated revenge, which is one of the most blissful emotions that can stir the heart of the American Indian.
  • Now he reverted again to his repentance for the wicked youth that he had lived. And now, suddenly, his manner of speaking changed, and from merely thinking aloud he burst out into wild accusation.
  • He had hardly gone a hundred yards before the clock at Saint-Just struck once; that of Montagnac answered like a bronze echo. It was half-past ten o'clock. At the pace the young man was walking he needed only twenty minutes to reach the Chartreuse; especially if, instead of skirting the woods, he took the path that led direct to the monastery. Roland was too familiar from youth with every nook of the forest of Seillon to needlessly lengthen his walk ten minutes. He therefore turned unhesitatingly into the forest, coming out on the other side in about five minutes. Once there, he had only to cross a bit of open ground to reach the orchard wall of the convent. This took barely another five minutes.
  • A hush came over the great encircling crowd, as Thure stood before the alcalde and was solemnly sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Many of those rough bearded men had sons of their own back at home, hardly younger than was the prisoner, who now stood before the bar of justice, with a rope dangling threateningly above his head; and these men found it hard to believe that that wholesome-looking, clear-eyed youth could be guilty of the atrocious crime charged against him. But, there was the evidence; and the laws of the city must be enforced; and their faces grew stern and sad.
  • A cloud of dust marked the disappearance of the grinning youth with the "best pair of ponies in the state." He left behind him an appreciative audience.
  • Rose noted the mourners around her, her aunt active in Sessays community. A large turnout, but because Petra sat in a wheelchair, Rose had a seat beside her, right behind Alicia and her kids. The only blood family and if Rose had been alone, her youth might have seen her standing in the back even though she was the deceaseds niece. More cotton heads gathered than Rose had seen in years, her parentsfuneral attended by people of their generation, not quite sixty. Here the average age looked around seventy-five.
  • Klaus came, and the two youths drank toddy and smoked and made speeches, and Louise played patriotic songs on her violin, and Klaus gazed at her and asked for "more--more."
  • Neither of the youths, however, was at present giving a thought to his hirsute adornment, about which questionable compliments were frequently bandied. Their minds were full of moose, and their ears alert for the guide's next words.
  • Constance did not trust herself in the room a moment longer. After briefly collecting her thoughts, which had laboured unceasingly to unravel the mysteries that surrounded the Cavalier, she entered her father's chamber. He had been evidently suffering from illness, and was seated in a large easy chair, his feet resting upon cushions, while the Reverend Jonas Fleetword read from time to time out of sundry pious books that were placed on a table before him. The preacher paused as she approached, and signified his intention of walking forth "to meet the man Burrell," who, he understood from the wild youth called Robin Hays, was to arrive ere noon. It was a precious opportunity, one not to be neglected, for cultivating the rich seed sown in that holy land.
  • "Where has the witch gone?" roared another voice, the voice of youth and battle and tooth and claw; the voice of wolves and hawks and bounding deer. "Let me at her!"
  • To the youth who hopes for vigorous aggressive young manhood; to the young man who aspires to virile adult manhood this volume is dedicated.
  • Paul made his way towards his hotel, foreboding nothing, but full of youth and high spirits, and somewhat unfairly inspired by wine, considering the hour of the day. He was aware of this, and his one desire was to reach his own cool and shadowed chamber, and there sleep himself back into a sober possession of his faculties. Had any person suggested to him that he was tipsy, he would have had a right to repel the accusation with scorn. He walked without hesitation or uncertainty; he saw quite clearly and thought quite clearly. He had taken a glass more champagne than was entirely good for him, and that was all. Had the thing happened after dinner, he would simply have put on the brake for the rest of the evening, and would have carried his load with ease. As it was, nothing but a nap was needed to bring him back to a comfortable afternoon sensation. He told himself this as he strolled homeward, tasting his cigar in an occasional whiff, but using it mainly as a sort of fairy baton with which to beat time to the spirit ditties of no tune which filled his harmless mind.
  • There was general agreement that the phrase youth apathy is a pernicious misnomer.
  • On the summer morning air rose laughter from the youths and maidens coming in afoot. Sounded the cries of the teamsters, the barking of dogs, the mingled murmur of speech--English speech again; and the fresh wind, bearing away a fine, golden dust from the long roads, swayed the palm-tops and the fern-trees with a gentle and caressing touch.
  • Look out! you'll have your leg broken! yelled Phil. But Dave was on his guard, and, as the pony dropped, he leaped away to safety. Then, as the animal arose once more, the youth grabbed the saddle and vaulted into the seat.
  • I would not slay a youth like thee if I could help it, he said, parrying his attack, and endeavouring to close with him, and wrest the cutlass from his grasp.
  • Then I felt that I was alone, alone in the Holy Place with Things which are not of the earth. Silence fell--silence deep and black as the darkness which was around me. The silence fell, it gathered as the cloud gathered on the face of the moon that night when, a lad, I prayed upon the pylon towers. It gathered denser and yet more dense till it seemed to creep into my heart and call aloud therein; for utter silence has a voice that is more terrible than any cry. I spoke; the echoes of my words came back upon me from the walls and seemed to beat me down. The stillness was lighter to endure than an echo such as this. What was I about to see? Should I die, even now, in the fulness of my youth and strength? Terrible were the warnings that had been given to me. I was fear-stricken, and bethought me that I would fly. Fly!--fly whither? The temple door was barred; I could not fly. I was alone with the Godhead, alone with the Power that I had invoked. Nay, my heart was pure--my heart was pure. I would face the terror that was to come, ay, even though I died.
  • "Be quiet, Sophia," her mother chided, leading her back to where her sister sat huddled with some others, her mother who in her youth had won a Greta Garbo look-alike contest and a ticket to Hollywood but hadn't been able to accept it because of her parents' fear that she would somehow become a victim of the Black Hand if she went to America. Bombs started falling, making the ground shake and dirt fall from the roof.
  • "I will not believe it! You have shown that you can behave differently! You do not try to strip me of all I possess--why all those unfortunate youths you play with?"
  • It is easy to blame youth for being lazy or lacking initiative, but if we stop the discussion there we miss an important and much needed chance to help.
  • This last remark was addressed to Tedda; and any one could see with half an eye that poor, old anxious, fidgety Tedda, stamping at the flies, must have left a wild and tumultuous youth behind her.
  • "When he, yet the only son of my womb, was but tender-bodied, and when youth with comeliness plucked all gaze his waywhen for a day of the kings entreaties a mother should not sell him an hour from her beholdingI, considering how honour would become such a personthat it was no better than hanging picture-like by the wall, if renown not made it stir!—was pleased to let him seek danger where he was likely to find fame!
  • And Lea wasnt, in youth or beauty, anywhere near that of the Brazilian beauty. Her eyes were a bit too small and her nose a bit too large for true beauty, and she could have lost ten pounds to turn heads. Not that the agent cared; hed found her attractive (not counting how long it had been since he got laid) when hed met her for an interview, and she was growing on him like ivy on a stone wall in the sunlight.
  • Theseus directs his master of revels to prepare public celebrations. "Go, Philostrate, stir up the Athenian youth to merriments! Awake the pert and nimble spirit of Mirth! Turn Melancholy forth to funeralsthe pale companion is not for our romp!"
  • As this was a region full of birds, beasts, and insects of many kinds, it was resolved, for the professor's benefit, that a few days should be spent in it. Accordingly, the village chief set apart a newly-built house for the visitors' accommodation, and a youth named Grogo was appointed to wait on them and act as guide when they wished to traverse any part of the surrounding forest.
  • "Forgive me, Prince, for not responding, at once, to an offer so far above my deserts, and of the honor of which I am most deeply sensible. There could be no greater happiness, for a man, than to be the husband of one so fair, and in every way charming, as the Princess Amenche; but your offer came upon me altogether as a surprise. As I have told you, I have hitherto regarded myself as still a lad, and marriage as an event not to be thought of for years; but as you do not regard my youth as an objection, there is no reason why I should do so.
  • The two men paddled back to Grampierre's place in silence. Simon with native tact, forbore to ask questions. Such is the potency of the white man's eye that the leader of the breeds had unhesitatingly yielded the direction of affairs to the youth who was little more than a third of his age.
  • Such a volume may providentially stir up some youths by the divine fire kindled by these 'great of old' to lay open other lands.--Perth Advertiser.
  • I shall never see another daybreak.... After a moment she turned and began to pace the attic, a strange, terrible figure of haggard youth in the shadowy light. "How horribly still it is at daybreak!" she breathed, halting before Neeland. "How deathly quiet----"
  • His mother did not answer him, and presently Prescott went to the reception, but early as he was, Colonel Harley, the two editors and others were there before him. Colonel Harley, as Raymond termed it, was "extremely peacocky." He wore his most gorgeous raiment and in addition he was clothed about with vanity. Already he was whispering in the ear of Mrs. Markham, who had renewed her freshness, her youth and her liveliness.
  • Red Feather Jack was believed by many to be an admirer of Wyanokee's, though of a different tribe. He had once, on an occasion nearly similar to the one just related, offered to lead her to the dance, but the more refined maiden looked upon him with ineffable scorn and contempt, produced as much, doubtless, by his undignified and unnational habits, as by what she considered his inferior rank and understanding. After the cessation of the various sports upon the green--in the warehouse, and throughout the town, Jack was taken to the Berkley Arms, where his merry performances were kept up until a late hour of the night, to the great amusement of the loungers and the disappointed youths who had vainly aspired to a participation in the celebration of the Cavaliers.
  • "I don't believe it. I think this youth has been running round in the mist for too long and gone bonkers. He's quite literally out of his tree."
  • Is it poorly educated youths, texters, lack of education, intelligence, or what?
  • Under-age sex youth spared jail a teenager who had sex with an 11-year-old girl has been put on probation for three years.
  • Thinking of Jim and his ugly promise of future trouble he half turned, but to his surprise and pleasure he saw that it was the owner of the launch, and that apparently the youth was hurrying to overtake him.
  • After various compliments the sitting rose. Then we packed up for a few hours' march. In a short time we passed the chief's village. He came out to say good-bye. A copper bronze youth accompanied him, lithe as a leopard.
  • Time hath shattered all my frame, * Oh! how time hath shattered me. Time with lordly might can tame * Manly strength and vigour free. Time was in my youth, that none * Sped their way more fleet and fast: Time is and my strength is gone, * youth is sped, and speed is past.[FN9]
  • And now the Tovas youths, their naked skins well washed by the shower, and glistening like bronze fresh from the furnace some of them, however, bleeding from the scratches they have received spring upon their feet, re adjust the jergas on the backs of their horses, and once more remount.
  • All of the boys were agreed that this was the best thing to do, and so, after putting up their fishing outfit, they began the return to the lake shore, taking turns at carrying the unconscious youth.
  • John! She withdrew from her father's arms and sought those of the man who loved her and whom she loved, as youth will and must. "Let him go. Why should we care? Take me to my sister."
  • We'll try to take care of ourselves, said Dave; and then his uncle continued to give the youths advice, on one subject or another, until it was time to get ready to leave the train.
  • She has volunteered at numerous events including being the volunteer co-ordinator at durham sport youth games 2003.
  • "Carter," he said, "mistake me not. I know ye were but an instrument in the hands of others; a churl must obey his lord; I would not bear heavily on such an one. But I begin to learn upon many sides that this great duty lieth on my youth and ignorance, to avenge my father. Prithee, then, good Carter, set aside the memory of my threatenings, and in pure goodwill and honest penitence give me a word of help."
  • Every one living seized arms to resist the dreadful destroyers; garrisons were brought in from towns the remotest, regiments were formed of even village youths, and soon they were able to place twenty men against every Tartar.
  • "You can count on me to do what is required." Marduk joined Anu at the table where the five artifacts were laid out. "My shape shifter did a good job acquiring these objects. It was no easy task stealing them from the different museums across the world. This is my favorite piece." Marduk picked up a small bone cylinder. "It holds exactly four drops of the water from the fountain of youth and wisdom from the magnificent kingdom of Shambhala. It is the purest water that has ever existed. One drop of this water and I will live for two thousand years without aging. Two drops and I will gain enlightenment. Three drops and I will die a most gruesome and painful death. Four drops, and I will be reborn again and ascend."
  • Although the American Indian, as a rule, can go a long time, like the eagle, without winking his eyes, this youth was obliged to keep up a continual blinking, which added to his grotesque appearance, as with shoulders thrown back and a sidelong scowl he strode toward the river. Jack returned the scowl with interest, and it scarcely need be said that the two did not speak as they passed by.
  • And no wonder; for many months had not elapsed since that brown creature had kicked up its little heels, and twirled its tail, and shaken its shaggy mane in all the wild exuberance of early youth and unfettered freedom on the heather hills of its native island.
  • The youth crossed the grounds of the plant and again entered the office building. He did not wait to announce himself, but, as he reached the door of the manager's room and found it closed, he tapped briskly.
  • The dance was well under way, with older couples as well as youths joining in the trot. Estrellita had searched among the party-goers until she despaired of finding anyone familiar, then she left the ballroom and continued her search in the back hallways. Near the kitchen, she came upon one of the vaqueros.
  • I set the water on the fire, and when it was hot put it into the moveable bagnio. The youth went in, and I myself washed and rubbed him. At last he came out, and laid himself down in his bed that I had prepared, and covered him with his bed-clothes. After he had slept a while, he awaked, and said, Dear prince, pray do me the favour to fetch me a melon and some sugar, that I may eat some and refresh me.
  • The other was a young man who watched with a broad smile. Radiance glistened from his face, almost enough so that it appeared brighter than the light from the small candles. Ryson could not keep his eyebrows from shooting upward into a questioning expression. There was no other human about, besides the woman and Matthew. He did not have a true expectation of the interpreter, but he was not prepared for such youth.
  • All Belinda saw was red once her man was lit up and then turned off. She wasnt thinking about strategy and how it was imperative to keep the apes alive at all costs - at this moment she had returned to her most pure form as a vampire, focusing on the jugular vein in Lowerys neck and the lava ooze of blood flowing from his hyperactive veins. The supercharged flow was a veritable fountain of youth for vampires. Lowery was still following through on his violent body blow when Belinda used her super speed to blindingly-fast attach her now-exposed fangs to Lowerys neck, which was a complete about-face in terms than what he was used to in his previous life.
  • Theseus directs his master of revels to prepare public celebrations. "Go, Philostrate, stir up the Athenian youth to merriments! Awake the pert and nimble spirit of Mirth! Turn Melancholy forth to funeralsthe pale companion is not for our romp!"
  • He was far from the pure frozen nectar of his youth in the north, as if he needed yet another reminder of how much his path had taken him away from ... from what? Harmony and oneness with nature? Well, yes, that had been part of it, and the way of the warrior born, too, and the other traditions of his fathers. But then new experiences were not necessarily a bad thing either, nor (as he was gradually coming to acknowledge) was personal change or growth. Now if only -
  • "What is the use of youth and good looks when one is poor and lonely?" she sobbed. "They only mock one! It is like having a Paris hat put on your head while your feet are bare and bleeding and your stomach is empty."
  • To the flesh-eating wild things of the forests, clawed and winged, the Big Snow was the beginning of the winter carnival of slaughter and feasting, of wild adventure in the long nights, of merciless warfare on the frozen trails. The days of breeding, of motherhood--the peace of spring and summer--were over. Out of the sky came the wakening of the Northland, the call of all flesh-eating creatures to the long hunt, and in the first thrill of it living things were moving but little this night, and that watchfully and with suspicion. youth made it all new to Baree and Maheegun. Their blood ran swiftly; their feet fell softly; their ears were attuned to catch the slightest sounds.
  • The Cromwellians alluded to, who were supposed by the youths to be assembled at the Cross Keys, were a few of the late Protector's veteran soldiers, and were the most desperate, reckless and restless of the republicans who, as has been already mentioned, had fled to Jamestown after the restoration. These soldiers were unfitted for any kind of business, and generally lived upon the precarious hospitality of those of their own party who had settled themselves as industrious citizens of the new community.
  • Soon the youths knew by the pounding of the engine that the Eaglet was running at increased speed. The course had been changed, and now the craft was headed directly for the burning boat.
  • When five Indian youths invited their guests to go on a hunt the boys took their rifles, but their hosts carried only bows and arrows. On the return of the tired party at nightfall they brought the choice portions of three antelopes, two of which were slain by the youthful Blackfeet, while the one that George Shelton had brought down received also an effective thrust from an arrow. The dusky hunters guyed"" the palefaces who could not do as well as they with their primitive weapons, even though the fire spouted from the iron tubes and the balls that could not be seen by the eye carried death farther than did the missiles launched by the natives. George and Victor took it all in good part, and did not resent the taunts that were numerous."
  • Do not mistake. I suffer less because there is in me less strength to endure. At your age we have faith in life; it is the privilege of youth to believe and hope, but old men see death more clearly. Oh, 'tis here--'tis here--'tis over--my sight is gone--my senses fail! Your hand, Dantes! Adieu--adieu! And raising himself by a final effort, in which he summoned all his faculties, he said,--"Monte Cristo, forget not Monte Cristo!" And he fell back on the bed. The crisis was terrible, and a rigid form with twisted limbs, swollen eyelids, and lips flecked with bloody foam, lay on the bed of torture, in place of the intellectual being who so lately rested there.
  • "I warrant you, madam!" Charmian will help the youth further, confident that he will again rise to the occasion for her.
  • A grim old warrior with savage aspect after staring some time intensely at the intruder, was suddenly struck with something in his appearance, and stepping out a few paces from the mass of his companions began to address them in his own language, now and then pointing to the horseman, and using the most violent gesticulations. At another time the youth would have been not a little alarmed at certain significant signs which the speaker used when pointing to himself. These consisted in twirling his war club round and round, as if he was engaged in the most deadly conflict. Then he placed his hand to the side of his head and bent it near the earth as if about to prostrate himself, and finally pointing to Bacon. When he had done this, several of the crowd closed in toward his horse, and seemed intensely to examine the lineaments of his countenance. Having satisfied themselves, they set up a simultaneous yell of savage delight. He was quickly drawn from the saddle, his hands tied behind him, and then placed in the centre of the assembled throng.
  • Take him aft, said Jack to the officer who was attending him, laying his hand lightly on Carlos' shoulder as he spoke; and he noted with horror how, as he lifted his hand, the poor youth shrank and cowered, as though he expected to be struck. Then presently he came to Senora Montijo, who, poor soul, looked into Jack's face vacantly and laughed, as he directed her, too, to be taken aft! It was clear that she was quite mad; and Jack ground his teeth as he inwardly vowed fresh vows of vengeance against the infamous ruffian who was the author of such unspeakable misery and ruin. A little farther on he found Don Hermoso, whose condition seemed even worse than that of his son. But the Senorita Isolda he could not find, although he searched the remainder of the prisoners twice over. Then he walked aft to where Don Hermoso and his wife and son were standing listlessly together, exchanging an occasional word or two with each other, but apparently too utterly wretched to take notice of anything, or to engage in continuous conversation.
  • "Keep in mind their traditions. The usual type of warfare in Englandand throughout the Middle Ages in Europeis the raid. A band of Vikings or a herea raiding armycomes marauding in and starts destroying things. Defenders are killed, the women they catch are raped, maybe a few likely youths of either sex are captured for slaves, everything of value is stolen, they burn down the village."
  • He looked intently at Ilse Dumont, then his gaze swept the handsome suite of rooms. No one seemed to notice him; in perspective, men moved leisurely about the further salon, where play was going on; and there seemed to be no one else in sight. And, as he stood there, free, in full pride and vigour of youth and strength, he became incredulous that anything could threaten him which he could not take care of.
  • Your contribution will help me publish more free resources for youth soccer coaches all over the world.
  • 'Hair of the dog?' suggested Mr. Berry. 'Hi! Chips, old sonnie'--he was bawling down the staircase--' catch 'Oh, butter-fingers! There it is, just behind you. Half-a-crown. Just nip across, will you? Two Scotches and a split. Take a pull at your own tap while you're there, and look slippy. Armstrong, dear boy, you're looking very chalky. Don't overdo it, dear boy, whatever you do. In my youth I never did apply hot and rebellious liquors to the blood. I take to 'em very kindly now, but I never began till thirty. A man's a seasoned cask at thirty.'
  • We do not have a fully trained youth theater leader to lead the sessions and the group feels very segregated.
  • Oh, this girl was a dream, about five-foot-ten with a devilishly sweet smile. Her eyes and lips were forever moist. I'd watch her bend over her laundry basket in the common area of the youth hostel, her back tanned a golden brown, like it had been slowly baked and basted. She had tiny symmetrical blonde hairs running almost imperceptibly down either side of her spine, joining in a wispy little goatee on her tail bone. And when she crouched low in front of the dryer, her sweatpants rode down her ass, exposing pure white skin against the line of her tan, like a soft loaf of Wunder Brot.
  • I never wondered whether Rooster Donati had let Captain John go on his word, or he had posted bond, or he had escaped Saturday night, then made a deal early in the morning with the sheriff to quiet the matter. Whatever happened, the criminal proceedings against John Hawkins did not slow the legal proceedings against Mrs. DeLyon. On November 1, she lost the Fountain of youth to the Dickison State Bank and Captain John.
  • It was a day that might have prompted a hermit to leave his cave, a philosopher to renounce his books, a miser to give a penny to a beggar. It spoke of youth and love and growing things, of nest building in the trees, of water rippling over stones, of buds bursting into bloom, of grass blades pushing through the soil.
  • Let go of my arm, Porter, and Merwell tried to pull himself free, but in vain. Dave's eyes were blazing like two stars and seemed to look the tall youth through and through.
  • In the end, they didn't fight. Callahan let Jennifer go with an open invitation to come back. He was grateful that she came in the first place. It eased the transition into his brave new world. He knew that he was too old for her anyway, and that she needed youth in her life.
  • He clenched his fists and ground his teeth. Why should he lose this happiness that had come to him? He wanted this woman. No one should rob him of her. Even if it cost him his life and hers, he was determined to have her for his own. Why should he be denied her? Their rescue from this island was improbable, if not impossible. Ships never passed near there. It was too far from the beaten track, too full of hidden dangers. Navigators knew that and gave the island a wide berth. He had lied to her to reassure her, but he knew rescue was out of the question. They would spend the rest of their days there. The days would lengthen into months, the months into years. Their youth would go. Old age would come. Then it would be too late, and they would both be sorry. Why should they not mate now? He remembered the mutineers of H. M. S.
  • "Never trust me, then! And by all means Ill stir on the youth to an answer!" But he has no intention of inciting bloodshed: "I think oxen and wainropes could not haul them together! As for Andrew: if he were opened, and you find so much blood in his liver as will clog the foot of a flea, Ill eat the rest of the anatomy!"
  • Lennox leads the noblemen. "For certain, sir, he is not. I have a file of all the gentry: there is Siwards son!—and many other youths that even now protest their first of manhood."
  • When we got back to the Fountain of youth Motor Inn, Pa said, "Damn it to hell," and we turned around again. I looked in the backseat. Ma and Digger still slept. Little Bit lay against Ma's shoulder, but her eyes were open wide.
  • She stopped in the middle of her reflections, as the door opened and Lawrence Gould entered the room. She looked at him with a quick curiosity to see what the years had done to him. For some moments he failed to recognize her, and stood in an awkward silence; he had preserved his unhandy manners, at any rate. He was a tallish young man, still dark and harsh of feature; but what had been the reserve of shyness in the youth Miss Gregory had known had turned to a rather bitter taciturnity. The best feature of him was a certain directness in his gaze; he had the manner of a man who could forgo preliminaries.
  • It was more than flesh and blood could stand. The passion within the breast of the chief broke into a volcano-like flame. With a hissing gasp he sprang forward, striking swiftly with his knife, first downward, then upward and then from side to side, as if he meant to cut the execrated youth into ribbons. He repeated the wild blows with a celerity that almost prevented the eye from following the movements.
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