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Okunuşu: / juːθ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: youth
Ekler: youths
Türü: isim


i. gençlik;

i. ( youths) delikanlı, genç adam.

youth için örnek cümleler:

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  • When the people observed, however, that the salutation of respect made by the youth to the Rev. Jonas Fleetword was followed by no sign of recognition, they moved silently onward, marvelling amongst themselves at the young gentleman's keeping a little in advance of the clergyman, so as to take the exact station which belonged to the chief mourner. He was habited in a suit of the deepest black; and though the cloak which fell in ample folds from his throat concealed his figure, yet his movements indicated that it was slight and graceful. His broad hat completely shaded his face, but the luxuriant curls of light air, which, moistened by the misty atmosphere, fell negligently beneath its brim, intimated that he was more akin to the Cavalier than the Roundhead.
  • However, there were no screams of alarm, and there were no blasts of yammering machine-gun fire as the two youths covered forty yards in their headlong dash and reached the first of the parked bombers. At that point, Dawson swerved sharply to the left in order to avoid all notice if possible. Then he swerved back to the right again without checking his speed for a single instant. They had to pass four more bombers with mechanics and pilots swarming all over before they reached the Messerschmitt 110. They accomplished it in a matter of split seconds, but to Dawson's high-pitched nerves and whirling brain, it seemed a thousand years. It seemed as though he was only crawling over the ground, and in slow motion at that.
  • They found 3 youths in a small toy inflatable around 100 meters offshore.
  • At that moment the teacher appeared. He was a tall man, and broad, his green eyes immediately intense and penetrating. His hair was graying and short, still peppered with the remnants of a youth long since passed. He wore a closely cropped beard, also gray, attentively kept, that framed strong cheeks, making his eyes appear even more powerful. His eyebrows arched sharply over those eyes, giving him a devilish appearance, conveying a mocking disdain of all things petty and mortal. A sardonic smile formed on his lips as he gazed at the girl in the grasp of another teacher; he peered directly into Melodys soul and held the glance like twin magnetic beams, useless to resist against. His grin seemed to say: Ah. Caught you kissing that boy behind the backstop again, did she? When he shifted his gaze to Mrs. Lilywhite the grin stayed, but was now colored with the slightest edge of contempt. "Is there a problem?" he said. His voice was a low rumble, and that accentEnglish? Irish? He glanced back at Melody. "Who have we here?"
  • Mystic river " the friend of your youth is the only friend you will ever have, for he does not really see you.
  • Paying cabbie without speaking a word, this youth turned and walked into the hotel. As he entered, a colored boy hastened forward and relieved him of his traveling bag. He stepped up to the clerk's desk and said:
  • What he saw was a peaceful scene: horses grazed beyond the semicircle of hide tents. A man was skinning an antelope hanging from a rack. Women were cooking on open fires, fresh fish from the brook. Children and youth gazed open mouthed at the visitors, not having seen many white men before. The tent flaps were up, airing out the interiors. A pole overlooked the entrance, festooned with feathers, animal skins and what looked like human hair. Scalps! Chance caught Calicos eyes, and motioned toward the hanging trophies. Among the display was an unmistakable Irish red.
  • Pets were fine, in the right place, and near the common man Halford when he was drunk was not the right place. It wasn't that he really hated aestri, although he was not particularly fond of them, but he did hate idiot baby face youths who thought they owned the city. And when he was drunk there were always a lot of idiots around. They seemed to swarm to him as soon as he began to enjoy himself. Some idiot would come up to him and ask a pathetic question like Do you want another drink? or How are you feeling today?
  • It was no easy matter for Shadow Hamilton to break the ice, and Dave had to help him do it. But, once the plunge was taken, the youth given to sleep-walking told him his story in all of its details, and turned over to the doctor the stick-pin and the sheet of stamps he had found.
  • "We have heard the cattle lowing in the silent summer nights; We have smelt the smudge-fire fragrance--we have seen the smudge-fire lights-- We have heard the wild duck grumbling to his mate along the bank; Heard the thirsty horses snorting in the stream from which they drank; Heard the voice of youth and Laughter in the long slow-gloaming night; Seen the arched electric splendour of the Great North's livid light; Read the reason of existence--felt the touch that was divine-- And in eyes that glowed responsive saw the end of God's design."
  • Inside the cabin was Minnetaki, alone! She was crouched upon the floor, her beautiful hair tumbling in disheveled masses over her shoulders and into her lap, her face, as white as death, staring wildly at the youth who had appeared like an apparition before her.
  • A faint murmur of surprise soughed through the crowd, for Bucky O'Connor of the Arizona Rangers was by way of being a public hero just now on account of his capture of Fernendez, the stage robber. But the knife thrower had but lately arrived in the country. The youth carried with him none of the earmarks of his trade, unless it might be that quiet, steady gaze that seemed to search the soul. His voice was soft and drawling, his manner almost apologetic. In the smile that came and went was something sweet and sunny, in his bearing a gay charm that did not advertise the recklessness that bubbled from his daredevil spirit. Surely here was an easy victim upon whom to vent his spleen, thought the other in his growing passion.
  • The youth at first paid no attention to her (she was not the "someone" for whom he waited); but as she drew near, he became suddenly interested, and threw himself in her way. Just as she was about to pass, she raised her eyes, started, blushed, and exclaimed:
  • For more than a year this woman, who was approaching her late-forties, had stationed herself and her laptop computer nearly daily at this dining room table in this dingy apartment with its low rent and bad drains. She'd dreamed of writing a novel for most of her youth and adulthood. She'd decided, one dark autumn day late last year, to turn her present disaster upside down. She'd take this lemon life had handed her and squeeze lemonade from it. She'd sworn it.
  • The following day passed quietly at Oak Hall. Gus Plum and Nat Poole kept by themselves. Shadow Hamilton appeared to brighten a little, but Dave observed that the youth was by no means himself. He did not care to play baseball or "do a turn" at the gym., and kept for the most part by himself.
  • 'Yes, my dear, but not for you to play with. These are medicines.'Here Lucas made a wry face. 'Nay, but they are not to take in a decoction or in nauseous form, so you need not snub that so charming nose, or I shall point out to my friend Artemis what woes she may have to endure in seeing so much beauty that she so loves so much distort. Aha, my pretty mister, that bring the so nephew nose all straight again. This is medicinal, but you do not know how. I put her in your window, I make pretty wreath, and hang her round your neck, so you sleep well. Oh, yes! They, like the lotus flower, make your trouble forgotten. It smell so like the waters of Lethe, and of that fountain of youth that the Conquistadores sought for in the Floridas, and find her all too late.'
  • "I would've said consort, but, yes, you're the prince. If you die, another youth of the blood will be Heller's mate, and someday, El Elyon."
  • Pushing his way to the place where Mr Auberly and the others lay, the youth fell on his knees. "My father!" he exclaimed wildly.
  • Ah, but this youth from the Buckeye State was sly. He looked at the rigid coppery countenance of the chieftain as these words were interpreted to him. The youth thought he detected a sparkle of the small black eyes, but I fear it was only fancy.
  • Theseus directs his master of revels to prepare public celebrations. "Go, Philostrate, stir up the Athenian youth to merriments! Awake the pert and nimble spirit of Mirth! Turn Melancholy forth to funeralsthe pale companion is not for our romp!"
  • 'Pshaw! Ridiculous! What did your mother want but the gratification of her paltry passions? which were but the dregs and lees of goatish inclination; for with her the pervading headlong torrent of desire was passed. Did she think of morality? She would have sacrificed the youth and high spirits of Wakefield to her own salacious doating. Why should not he too have his wishes? Were his the most criminal; or the least fitted for the faculties of enjoyment?'
  • These are my friends, Neal and Adolphus Farrar,"" said Cyrus, introducing the blanketed youths, who had now risen to their feet."
  • During the ride to Halock, Tom Shocker managed to learn a good deal about Nat and his trouble with Dave and the others, and he also learned that the youth had considerable spending-money with him. The car was opened at Halock and run off on a siding, and the pair got off.
  • After letting the chief of the village know that the news just received rendered it necessary that they should proceed at once to the next town--but carefully refraining from going into particulars lest Baderoon should by any means be led to suspect their intentions--the party started off about daybreak under the guidance of the Malay youth Babu.
  • Daly, being what is termed a self-made man, entertained a prejudice against youths of the leisure class. He did not believe in their earnestness of purpose, their capacity for knowledge, nor their perseverance in anything. That a man of twenty-six should be looking for his first situation was incomprehensible to him. He made no effort to conceal his prejudice, because the class to which the young man had belonged enjoyed his hearty contempt.
  • Do you imagine that this anemic youth was capable of so frightful an assault?
  • It cannot be doubted that the Indian youth intended to make an assault on Jack Carleton. He must have known of his prostrating illness and concluded that he was a much less dangerous individual than when they first met; but there was something in the flash of the captive's eye and a meaning in the act of drawing his knife part way from his girdle, which caused the young Sauk to hesitate. Evidently he concluded that much could be said for and against the prudence of opening hostilities.
  • Whirlwind showed signs of fatigue before Deerfoot did. A comparatively clear path stretched in front. Dropping from the back of the horse, the Shawanoe challenged him to a race. Bounding off at his highest bent, the youth dashed across the country with the speed of the wind. He ran as he did when on the second half of his race with Ralph Genther.
  • Rollo bowed, but did not reply, awaiting the general's pleasure. Presently Cabrera, recollecting the sealed letter in his hand, gave it unopened to the youth.
  • To the youth who hopes for vigorous aggressive young manhood; to the young man who aspires to virile adult manhood this volume is dedicated.
  • Ravonino spoke with such an earnest look and tone that the youth could not doubt the sincerity of his belief in the Saviour whom he so affectionately held up to his view.
  • Liz is a 2nd year student at the rncm and principal percussionist with the national youth brass band of great britain.
  • For the first time ever the honda rya youth rib championship will be contested at a honda formula 4-stroke powerboat grand prix.
  • He was too slow. Cameron reached swiftly for his collar, and with one fierce wrench swept Mr. Bates clear over the top of his desk, shook him till his head wobbled dangerously, and flung him crashing across the desk and upon the prostrate form of the lanky youth sitting behind it.
  • Better get in. I'll drop you off with a decent first mark. Nice callow youth to start you off, should be no problem for you, not looking like that.
  • For, though being blinded by my own folly and the trouble at my heart I knew it not, with that smile, the happiness of youth died for Charmion the Egyptian; the hope of love fled; and the holy links of duty burst asunder. With that smile she consecrated herself to Evil, she renounced her Country and her Gods, and trampled on her oath. Ay, that smile marks the moment when the stream of history changed its course. For had I never seen it on her face Octavianus had not bestridden the world, and Egypt had once more been free and great.
  • "Never trust me, then! And by all means Ill stir on the youth to an answer!" But he has no intention of inciting bloodshed: "I think oxen and wainropes could not haul them together! As for Andrew: if he were opened, and you find so much blood in his liver as will clog the foot of a flea, Ill eat the rest of the anatomy!"
  • For some reason, perhaps because hed always half-suspected there was something unnatural about her, he was surprised at the changes twelve years had wrought. Fifty-one she was, he calculated rapidly; the hair not hidden by her veil was mostly grey and her face had lost the smooth skin of youth and gained wrinkles in its place. She sat stiffly upright on a cushioned bench seat beneath a large, oil-clothed covered window which permitted a dim yellow light to enter the room. One thing had not changed. Her bitter, unsmiling countenance.
  • It was the personality of the man, rather than the business, which attracted Tom Gordon. He liked Mr. Warmore so well that he secretly resolve to go with him. But the youth was not lacking in diplomacy.
  • A mile below the village the black boy dipped his paddle into the water and forced his skiff toward the bank. Paulvitch, elated by the chance which had drawn the youth to the same side of the river as that along which he followed rather than to the opposite side where he would have been beyond the stalker's reach, hid in the brush close beside the point at which it was evident the skiff would touch the bank of the slow-moving stream, which seemed jealous of each fleeting instant which drew it nearer to the broad and muddy Ugambi where it must for ever lose its identity in the larger stream that would presently cast its waters into the great ocean.
  • "Sorry, man, didn't mean to startle you," said a tall, skinny youth with long hair and a scraggly beard, no shirt, jeans, sneakers, a cousin to the early hippie version of Weldon, standing there holding a dandelion. "You looked like you needed a flower."
  • I set the water on the fire, and when it was hot put it into the moveable bagnio. The youth went in, and I myself washed and rubbed him. At last he came out, and laid himself down in his bed that I had prepared, and covered him with his bed-clothes. After he had slept a while, he awaked, and said, Dear prince, pray do me the favour to fetch me a melon and some sugar, that I may eat some and refresh me.
  • Oh, don't preach to me, Dave Porter! growled the youth who had been made a prisoner. "I hate that kind of talk. You always tried to set yourself up as being better than any one else. Maybe you could get on the soft side of Gus Plum, but you can't play any such game as that on me. I know what I am doing."
  • Besides football, Austria also has professional national leagues for most major team sports including the Austrian Hockey League for ice hockey, and the Österreichische Basketball Bundesliga for basketball. Bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton are also popular events with a permanent track located in Igls, which hosted bobsleigh and luge competitions for the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics held in Innsbruck. The first Winter youth Olympics in 2012 were held in Innsbruck as well. Horseback riding is popular also. The famed Spanish Riding School of Vienna is located in Vienna.
  • Cassius had sat waiting in the antechamber, barely hearing the shouting in the throne room over the roar in his ears. Valentin emerged, fists clenched, chin up, two guards holding tight to his elbows. He said in a trembling voice, "I have done wrong, I see that now. I am sorry to have dragged you into it. Understanding it was my youth that led me to this folly, our gracious Emperor has decided not to punish us. I leave at first light to join the envoy to Ilas." He had looked as if he wanted to say more, but his guards tugged him along.
  • Farnol dashed in at once, whipping right and left hooks to Smith's sides. Caradoc tore himself away and played for distance, stabbing at Farnol's head at long range. The short youth accepted with indifference punishment that cut cheeks and lips. He made rush after rush, driving Caradoc into the crowd, who immediately shifted back and made room. Time and again he landed terrific short arm jolts over heart and kidneys.
  • There was, nevertheless, something of pity mingled with regard, which the youth manifested towards his chafed companion, as he took the seat that had been occupied by Burrell, and, laying his hand upon the powerful arm of the Buccaneer, inquired, in a touching and anxious tone, if aught had particularly disturbed him.
  • In the company of Roxalanne de Lavedan all those old, cynical beliefs, built up upon a youth of undesirable experiences, were shattered and the error of them exposed. Swiftly was I becoming a convert to the faith which so long I had sneered at, and as lovesick as any unfledged youth in his first amour.
  • Bless my soul, Tom! he said. "Here we are, as right again as ninepence, my boy; I told you so, Mrs Hartshorne--I told you so," as if that lady were disputing the point. She was too glad to see Tom, however, to argue with the doctor as usual, but yielded the point gracefully, only throwing cold water on the ecstasies of our friend Damon, by suggesting that Tom's youth and constitution had pulled him through better perhaps than all the physic and meddling doctors in the world. Doctor Jolly, however, could also afford to be lenient; so he left the dowager's challenge unanswered.
  • Ralph gave him no concern at all, except that he was young, and the captain could foretell the weather much better than the probable actions of a youth.
  • After all, there was nothing mysterious in this. The boy followed implicitly the dictates of nature within him. He was amiable, straightforward, sanguine, and intensely earnest. When he laughed he let it out, as sailors have it, "with a will." When there was good cause to be grave, no power on earth could make him smile. We have called him boy, but in truth he was about that uncertain period of life when a youth is said to be neither a man nor a boy. His face was good-looking (every earnest, candid face is) and masculine; his hair was reddish-brown, and his eye bright blue. He was costumed in the deerskin cap, leggings, moccasins, and leathern shirt common to the western hunter.
  • Since the afternoon was drawing to a close the party came to a pause, and the next minute were looking across the stream at the three youths with their four animals, the riders having dismounted, each party much impressed by sight of the other. At the suggestion of Deerfoot, Victor Shelton acted as spokesman.
  • Great, who set this child to following me? Enforcers used youngsters as informants, since adults tended to ignore them, but she could not assume he was one of theirs. Other people employed youths for similar reasons. Businesses used them to spy on other businesses. Gangs gathered intelligence on rival gangs. Even lovers sent children to watch partners suspected of cheating. Given how long it had been since Amaranthe's last romantic relationship, she easily eliminated the last possibility.
  • John! She withdrew from her father's arms and sought those of the man who loved her and whom she loved, as youth will and must. "Let him go. Why should we care? Take me to my sister."
  • Starting off at a pace that kept the four youths on a run to keep up with him, the colonel led the way back to the house. Just before coming to it he stopped.
  • At this moment a fierce watch-dog sprung at the intruder with savage ferocity, and to one less accustomed to danger in all its shapes, would doubtless have proved a formidable foe; but in an instant a heavy blow from his iron sheathed sabre laid the animal struggling at his feet. He stood leaning upon his weapon for an instant, and then moved slowly away until he came near the river, when he laid his hand upon the palisade running along the foot of the garden, and leapt upon the beach like a youth of twenty. In a short time Virginia saw his boat upon the water, his gigantic form rising and bending to his work with desperate and reckless efforts, the frail bark gliding over the smooth waters, "like a thing of life," until it faded away in the distance to a mere speck.
  • He craned his neck to try and read the small print of the article, but the carriage was bumping too much, and at this angle, the lines of letters dissolved into incoherent mush. He turned his attention to the opposite page where a collection of ragged clothed youths were photographed under the heading.
  • ountess Olivia is keyed up as she paces in the garden with Mary; Cesario is expected. "I have sent after him; he says hell come! How shall I feast him? What bestow on him?—for youth is bought more oft than begged or borrowed….
  • The passion of the youth went to join the calf-love of the boy, and the man accomplished looked on them both with a half-humorous wonder. He was learning his world, he thought. It would not be easy to fool him in that way again.
  • And now the Tovas youths, their naked skins well washed by the shower, and glistening like bronze fresh from the furnace some of them, however, bleeding from the scratches they have received spring upon their feet, re adjust the jergas on the backs of their horses, and once more remount.
  • The youth might with truth have said he never missed, for his eye was as true and his hand as sure as that of any Leatherstocking or Robin Hood that ever lived.
  • And don't I know it! the other youth replied. "Can hardly keep my eyes open now. As a matter of fact, when we get back, I'm going to borrow a place from Major Parker to sleep until Colonel Welsh shows up. Blast it, Dave! I don't think I feel very friendly toward the colonel, just now. Heaven knows he's kept us in the dark once or twice in the past, but certainly nothing like this. I'm just about ready to explode with curiosity."
  • "I was called by The Hidden One," Baudry said, louder. Might as well let it all out, he'd decided. He gathered himself and rose to his feet, where he stood a full foot shorter than the youth.
  • No modern series of tales for boys and youth has met with anything like the cordial reception and popularity accorded to the Frank Merriwell Stories, published exclusively in Street
  • Jack Carleton was too sensible a youth to suppose that the Lost Trail could be found by a blind wandering through the immense expanse of wilderness, which stretched hundreds of miles in almost every direction from the little settlement of Martinsville. Both he and Otto had a strong hope, when they reached home after their stirring adventure with Deerfoot, that the colt Toby would follow them of his own accord. He belonged to a species possessing such unusual intelligence that there would have been nothing remarkable in such a proceeding, and the fact that he did not do so, gave ground for the belief that he had fallen into the hands of parties who prevented the animal from doing as he chose.
  • Hopping to the brook the youth slipped off his moccasin and removed the stocking. The swollen ankle was as sensitive as a boil. Dipping the stocking in the icy water he rang it almost dry and rubbed the limb, gently at first and then more vigorously until it was in a glow. This was soothing and gave partial relief, but much pain remained. An injury of that nature takes a long time to subside.
  • Slayy their men meet death by pestilence, their youths be slain by the sword in battle.
  • Garwood smiled cynically. "You needn't shoulder all the blame. I know her better than you do." He was rather surprised at the equanimity with which Kent accepted his dismissal. He had looked for a stormy interview with a disappointed, unreasonable youth who would protest and indulge in heroics. He felt quite kindly toward this young man, whose business, nevertheless, he intended to smash. Inwardly he made a note to offer him some sort of a job when that was accomplished. "I take back what I said a moment ago. But you must understand that there can be nothing between you and my daughter."
  • "Hadst thou, like us from our first swath, proceeded in the sweet degrees that this brief world affords to such as may the passive drugs of it"—leisure and privilege—"freely command, thou wouldst have plunged thyself in general riot!—melted down thy youth in different beds of lust!—and never learned the icy precepts of respect, but followed the sugared game"—chased sweet temptations—"before thee!
  • "Thou art welcome, Caius," says Cymbeline kindly. "Thy Caesar knighted me; my youth I spent much under him; from him I garnered honourwhich he to take back perforce behooves me to resist utterly!"
  • "How can we fight the French, Prince?" said Count Rostopchin. "Can we arm ourselves against our teachers and divinities? Look at our youths, look at our ladies! The French are our Gods: Paris is our Kingdom of Heaven."
  • How pleasant and how sad the turning tide Of human life, when side by side The child and youth begin to glide Along the vale of years: The pure twin-being for a little space, With lightsome heart, and yet a graver face. Too young for woe, though not for tears. ALLSTON.
  • The camera moved to the street again. A run-down street. Three black youths, filmed from the rear, were lilting along in aggressive style. Then a different street and two cocky white youths with almost the same walk. It looked like New York to Spencer. Maybe Queens.
  • The officer reaches down and rolls the page onto his back. "Hes alive, my lord!" He helps the moaning youth to sit up.
  • In Crumville resided a rich jewelry manufacturer named Oliver Wadsworth, who had a daughter named Jessie. One day the Wadsworth automobile caught fire and Jessie was in danger of being burned to death, when Dave rushed to the rescue and saved her. For this Mr. Wadsworth was very grateful, and when he learned that Dave lived with Mr. Potts, who had been one of his instructors in college, he made the man and the youth come to live with him.
  • Her three favorite pastimes are hangout of with her youth teens, acting, and writing. Charissa has lived in her in the dreams of her mind for as long as she can remember. Now, she loves to share those dreams and her love for her Abba through the fantastic portal of books.
  • As Dave spoke, a tall, fastidiously dressed youth came down the car aisle. He was not bad-looking, but there was an air of dissipation about him that was not pleasant to contemplate. He wore a fur-trimmed overcoat and a cap to match, and heavy fur-lined gloves.
  • He attempted to laugh at this pleasantry, but the laugh was hollow and seemed to freeze in his gullet as the wail broke forth again, ten times more hideous than at first. After a time the wail became more continuous, and the watcher began to get used to it. Then a happy thought flashed into his mind--this was, perhaps, some sort of mourning for the dead! He was right. The duty of the father of the poor youth who had been killed was, for several days after the funeral, to sit alone in his house and chant from sunset till daybreak a death-dirge, or, as it is called, the Tjerita bari. It was not till next day that this was told to him, but meanwhile the surmise afforded him instantaneous relief.
  • And as you would expect, Daisy noticed none of this. She spun like a whirly-top towards Augie and expertly wrapped tiny arms around the peacock. Daisy expertly wrapped her youth around Augies age. Daisy stared at the Rhinoceros face and spoke to her, "I love you." The nuns eyes momentarily diverted my stare of dissatisfaction to my precious Petal.
  • In some cases the police confiscated alcohol from the youths before moving them away from metro property.
  • SACRED To the Memory of FRITZ OPDAM DE KEYSER VAN DER KNOOPE A Midshipman of the Royal Navy Who was born Oct. 21st MDCCCLXVII. And Drowned By the Capsizing of H.M.S. Viper off the North Coast of Ireland On the 17th of January MDCCCLXXXV. A youth of peculiar promise who lacked but the greater indulgence of an all-wise Providence to earn the distinction of his forefathers (of whom he was the last male representative) in his Country's service in which he laid down his young life
  • Only a priest and the headmaster of a local youth hostel can stop the devilish deeds and save the burg from eternal damnation.
  • She stretched out her arms in one second of rapture unutterable; and then almost in the same moment they fell. The youth went out of her, she crumpled like a withered flower.
  • A youth less stout of heart than Dave might have sat down and given up the case as hopeless. But our hero was not made of such stuff. He moved on slowly, in one direction and then another, trying out what looked as if they might be passages to the outer air.
  • While speaking the two youths had walked away from the ballroom of the hotel. Now they found themselves at the entrance to a long, narrow apartment that was used as a writing and smoking room for men. Half a dozen persons were present, several writing letters and the others talking in low tones and smoking.
  • The hot coffee, possibly even more the contagion of the joyous enthusiasm of the two youths, did, indeed, seem to act like a charm on Marshall's taciturn and soured disposition; for, before the meal was half over, he was talking freely of his mining ventures with Thure and Bud; and it needed but a few well-directed inquiries to bring the desired story from his willing lips.
  • Yet she did not leave the habitation of Renaldo without regret. In the instant of parting, the idea of that unfortunate youth was associated with every well-known object that presented itself to her eyes; not as an inconstant, ungenerous, and perjured swain, but as the accomplished, the virtuous, the melting lover, who had captivated her virgin heart. As Fathom led her to the door, she was met by Renaldo's dog, which had long been her favourite; and the poor animal fawning upon her as she passed, her heart was overwhelmed with such a gush of tenderness, that a flood of tears streamed down her cheeks, and she had well-nigh sunk upon the floor.
  • I'd like to buy some land for a song, put in another youth of the group. "Then I might sell it and make a handsome profit. Say," he continued, his face brightening up, "that puts me in mind of a story. Once there was a man who wanted to----"
  • Lucy was silent, and I felt embarrassed, and a little at a loss what to say next. But a girl approaching sixteen, and who is with a youth who possesses her entire confidence, is not apt to be long silent. Something she will say; and how often is that something warm with natural feeling, instinct with truth, and touching from its confiding simplicity!
  • It is truly terrible, said Miss Brodie. "I wish I had known yesterday, but those men have spoilt it all. But here's 'Lily' Laughton," she continued hurriedly, "coming for his dance." As she spoke a youth of willowy figure, languishing dark eyes and ladylike manner drew near.
  • "Next we have [Greek: agtine], from [Greek: agti] and [Greek: neos], new, which can mean two things: either she who is the contrary of young, which is to say old; or she who is the enemy of novelty or the enemy of youth.
  • The youth at the wheel did not reply. Dave, quick to act, seized a lap-robe that was handy and held it up in front of Roger, who did not dare to leave the wheel. Then came a jingle of glass, but the pieces fell at the feet of the boys in the front of the car. The automobile itself slid on another ten feet, dragging the tree limb with it.
  • Or simply contact the national youth officer who can advise you if there is a band or majorette troupe in your area.
  • With a convulsive wriggle the youth freed his mouth, and uttered a shriek of genuine alarm, but Bane's strong arm pinned him to the earth.
  • A youth on crutches, passing along the deck behind them, lingered, listening to the conversation, slightly amused at Stent's game list and his further ambition to bag a Boche.
  • Jamie will explore insights gleaned over 25 years of youth work experience.
  • With a grim nod Freddy Farmer stepped past Dawson and walked over toward the man in gray who was just leaving the dining room. Dawson impulsively swung around and followed him. The man in gray acted as though he did not see Freddy, but the English youth stopped in front of him, barring his way.
  • Contemptible persons were selected, that the lamented youth might be condemned by them in their madness.
  • Charlie's earnest desire to please and obey his mother constantly came into collision with that self-will to which we have referred. Separately, these qualities may perhaps work quietly, at least as regards their possessor, but unitedly they form a mixture which is apt to become explosive in early youth.
  • And those times when I do put the effort? The times that I have broken out cleaning supplies and gloves and towels reserved for the act of cleaning? I scrub and scrape and vacuum and dust and do everything I ever saw The Mothers do in my youth to produce a house worthy of visitors. As soon as the visiting mom crosses the threshold, a swipe of what you hope to high heaven is chocolate pudding that has been streaked across a perfectly white wall stands out like the Vegas strip at night. In all the hours you disinfected every surface, how did this glaringly obvious sign of your inadequacies disguise itself?
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