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Okunuşu: / jɔː’sɛlf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: your·self


zam. kendiniz, kendin;
kendi kendinize. be your self tabii olunuz.

yourself için örnek cümleler:

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  • You need give yourself no uneasiness about that, Crockett replied. "I care nothing for the office of major; I shall not allow my name to be used against your son for that office. But I shall do everything in my power to prevent his father from being colonel."
  • If you reject these terms, or if I do not receive an answer to this letter within two hours of the time that the bearer of it descends in the aerostat, I shall give orders for the immediate destruction of the war-balloons now in my hands, and I shall then proceed to destroy Cüstrin and the other aerostats which are moored near the town. That done I shall, for the time being, devote the force at my disposal to the defence of Berlin, and do my utmost to bring about the defeat and dispersal of the army which will then no longer be commanded by yourself.
  • It's o' no use for me to say nothin', Master Mike: he's master here, and does what he likes. You hadn't no business to come a-shovin' yourself into his place.
  • "No. Thank you for everything youve done. Just focus on yourself and you know, not dying. That would be great. Did Noah say how long you were going to be in the hospital?"
  • Oh, but it wasn't three! It was only one. You see, there was a balcony outside the window, and on the next floor there was another, and I thought that window was pretty sure to be open. It was, so I got inside, and then I found the room I was in was empty, and the door was open, so all I had to do was to walk down the stairs and tell the manager. They all came up and, well, you know what happened then yourself.
  • You're allers findin' excuses for blacklegs an' scabs, Mitchell, said Barcoo-Rot, who took Mitchell seriously (and who would have taken a laughing jackass seriously). "Why, you'd find a white spot on a squatter. I wouldn't be surprised if you blacklegged yourself in the end."
  • They reached the strip of dense fog that separated Dargis from the country of Morvay a few days later. Kaymin eased his horse to a stop in the middle of the muddy road and turned back to his wizard, squinting at him through the pouring rain. "I think it best you remove your robes now, Jian. If Wherry and Morvay are as close to war as rumor has it, you may not be safe so boldly proclaiming yourself as a wizard once we enter."
  • No you don't. You love her. Admit it to yourself and you'll feel much better; you can drop this nonsense and go off and console yourself with old Hank Williams records.
  • Unusual to find yourself wanting to add a case or a variable in the middle of ones already created.
  • You are a prejudiced beggar, Skinner, Rupert laughed. "You know very well he is not an ass, and I am not at all sure he is affected. I suppose it is the way he has been brought up. There is no saying what you might have been yourself if you had had nurses and people about you who always insisted on your turning out spick-and-span. Well, Easton, what have you been doing with yourself since we saw you last?"
  • Does he love you? Hope, Ganesha! Hope that he loves you! For unless he comes to find you, Ganesha, all the horrors that you saw last night, and all the deaths, and all the tortures shall be yours--with alligators at last to abolish the last traces of you! Do you like snakes, Ganesha? Do you like a madhouse in the dark? I think not. Therefore, Ganesha, you shall be left to yourself to think a little while. Think keenly! Invent a means of finding Athelstan and I will let you go free for his sake. But--fail--to think--of a successful plan--Ganesha--and you shall suffer in every atom of your big body! Bass! Take him away!
  • My broad smile quickly turned into a frown as Kim gave Kathy a dirty look. After a few moments of awkward silence, Kim burst in and said, "But we were so touched by the way you handled yourself on Oprah."
  • You'll like it better, said Crooks. "You come to me if you get stuck; but work things out for yourself if you can. Now, about those notes I've indorsed!"
  • You could find yourself working at a busy military aerodrome, either in the uk or overseas.
  • He saw her start, and stop, and instantly made amends. "You alarm yourself without reason, Miss Bishop. Whatever may lie between me and your uncle, you may be sure that I shall not follow the example he has set me. I shall not abuse my position to prosecute a private vengeance. On the contrary, I shall abuse it to protect him. Lord Willoughby's recommendation to me is that I shall treat him without mercy. My own intention is to send him back to his plantation in Barbados."
  • And--hallo! Zook, come here. Not a word about all this in the lodging-house;--stay, now I think of it, don't go to the lodging-house at all. Go to a casual ward where they'll make you take a good bath. Be sure you give yourself a good scrub. D'ye hear?
  • But address yourself to the keeper of the seals; he has the right of entry at the Tuileries, and can procure you audience at any hour of the day or night.
  • The man addressed him very seriously in a low voice, "I'm afraid that you don't appreciate the seriousness of this. I'm holding up this wall precisely and exactly because this wall is in real danger of coming down and bringing the whole place with it. Under more normal circumstances I wouldn't take quite so corporeal and direct a hand in matters but this is an emergency. I represent absolutely no threat to the security and smooth functioning of your operation so there's no need for you to get yourself all worked up over my presence. I assure you that everything will be all right as long as I'm here. Now, please, go about your business and stop attracting attention. You're only making this more difficult."
  • Your cricket is not a bad thing for you, the elder of the two men said. "It brings you into notice, and will help you to get your stripes earlier than you otherwise would do; as a man who does his regiment credit either as a good shot or as a cricketer or in the sports is sure to attract notice, and to be pushed on if he is steady and a smart soldier. If you won't mind my giving you a bit of advice, I should say don't try to push yourself forward. Sometimes young fellows spoil their chances by doing so. Some of the old non-commissioned officers feel a bit jealous when they see a youngster likely to make his way up, and you know they can make it very hot for a fellow if they like. So be careful not to give them a chance. Even if you are blown up when you do not deserve it, it is better to hold your tongue than to kick against it. Cheeking a non-commissioned officer never pays."
  • "No, Im afraid I dont," said Fradi. He had a few bottles of assorted spirits packed away in the bottom of the hamper, including a fresh one of aged rum; was it time to crack one of them? Maybe if he could get Spilkas drunk it would make him more helpful, either by making him talk more or making him talk less. If worse came to worse, Fradi could drink enough himself so he wouldnt care. No, that would be unprofessional. It was still too early in the morning, anyway. "I do know that lodging is scarce; you may find yourself back on the road home as soon as youve arrived." Fradjikan leveled a finger at Spilkas. "You should also know my personal staff complement is full, so dont think about taking service with me to stay off the streets. Unless you have some particular talent I should know about?"
  • After class, you go to the post office. There's nothing from anyone, but you only notice there's nothing from CC. You tell yourself that's good. But what if silence means someone found her? Her aunt could be crying over CC's body at this moment. You would never know.
  • But before anyone lunges skull-first without protective headgear into a career in the musical arts, it's important to start with a little bit of history. Your history, in fact. Why are you here? What exactly do you think you're doing? Whatever gave you the stupid idea that anyone even remotely cares to see you play your out-of-tune guitar on stage and call the hounds of war with your off-key caterwauling? The answer to all these questions is a simple one: it looks like an easy way to be cool. Easy enough for even a moron like yourself to pick up the basics. And the more garage bands that come around year after year, the easier it looks.
  • "For your information, the Roman Republic only existed until the mid-part of the second century B.C., when Julius Caesar overthrew it. From that point on, it was an empire, which existed in the West in Rome until the fifth century, and in the East in Constantinople until the fourteenth century. Oh, and there never was a customary practice of greeting in the Roman caste system. Most of the time the Senators and other important people didn't even acknowledge the commoners, let alone actually speak to them. What you're spouting is probably some jumped-up school tradition created to make the upperclassmen happy or to help other special individuals like yourself feel important. And while we're on the subject, we are not in Rome, so I hope you'll forgive me for not doing what the Romans do. Seeing as you don't really know anyway."
  • "The music of your English sitar is simple, young Ambassador. Like the instrument itself. But I think it moves you. Perhaps I felt something of your loneliness in the notes." She paused and studied him quietly. "But you yourself are not simple. Nothing about you comes easily. I sense you are filled with something you cannot express." She looked at him a moment longer, and then her voice came again, soft as the wine. "Why did you say what you did to Arangbar tonight? I was nothing to you. You violated mydharma. Perhaps it is true, as many tell me, that I have mastered the arts ofkama more fully than any woman in Agra, but still there is less and less pleasure in my life. What will you do now? Perhaps you think I belong to you, like some courtesan you have bought. But you are wrong. I belong to no man."
  • I'm not criticising your work, son, he said. "As far as your duty is concerned, you're all that a man could wish for. But you mustn't take life in general and yourself in particular so seriously, or you'll never survive to wear an admiral's stars on your collar.
  • No need to do that, replied Phil quietly. "'Brownie' and I will take you between us. Put a hand on my shoulder. Easy, son! That's it. Now the other on 'Brownie's.' Right you are. Just let yourself float. Ready, 'Brownie?' Don't hurry. Easy does it. We've got an eighth of a mile or so and there's no use getting tired at the start. I guess the tide will help us, though."
  • "Girl, with all youve done for me, I would jump into a volcano for you. We can definitely postpone dinner until tomorrow. Get some rest and enjoy the time with you man. Im sticking with what I said from the beginning; you found yourself a good one. I know hes being kind of hard on you right now, but just humor him. He only wants to keep you safe."
  • I've got some more to say to you, Sheldon pursued. "I did try to protect you from every other man in the Solomons, and from yourself as well. As for me, I didn't dream that danger lay in that quarter. So I failed to protect you from myself. I failed to protect you at all. You went your own wilful way, just as though I didn't existwrecking schooners, recruiting on Malaita, and sailing schooners; one lone, unprotected girl in the company of some of the worst scoundrels in the Solomons. Fowler! and Brahms! and Curtis! And such is the perverseness of human natureI am frank, you seeI love you for that too. I love you for all of you, just as you are."
  • A preoccupation with comparing yourself to others can only be an unwanted distraction.
  • Just this: you place yourself in my hands from the moment we get ashore, and trust to me. You don't know anything about the land, anyway--you said so. And I 'll fix it with my father--I know I can--so that you can get to know people of the right sort, and study and get an education, and be something else than a bay pirate or a sailor. That 's what you 'd like, is n't it?
  • Baker asks the next question quickly, before either Yaeger or the Judge can say anything more. "Mr. Yaeger, going back to the side effects of poppers for a minute, do you recall learning anything yourself about the relationship between poppers and a disease being called Kaposi's Sarcoma, or KS?"
  • "Now," she said, returning, "we had better get to business, that is unless you would like to worship the goddess Isis a little first, to bring yourself into a proper frame of mind, you know."
  • "Captain, would you care to refresh yourself with a glass of tundhi. Its the traditional way we break the fast of Ramadan." He directed the servant toward Hawksworth. "Its prepared in the womens apartments during the day, as an excuse for something to do."
  • I hope you won't chuck me overboard for it, though, as they did him! replied Mr Stormcock, good-humouredly. "Goodness knows, I don't wish any harm to the old ship, or anyone in her! It isn't likely I would; but, look at those clouds there away to win'ard and judge for yourself what sort of weather we're likely to have before nightfall!"
  • It's all very well for you, Mr Milne, she said. "You have only got yourself to please. But others haven't, and you ought to have more sense than to aid and abet a couple of responsible fathers of families like Mr Payne there and my stupid husband in any such folly."
  • "That mom side of you ... I couldn't look at Afghan kids. I just shut it off. You'll tear yourself up thinking about your kids," she said. "Your head has to be in the mission."
  • "Hold tight, Trevor!" Erling shrieked. He bounded up the rock face until he stood side-by-side with Trevor. "Your right hand. You've got to spin yourself around and grab onto another ledge."
  • His companion nods. "Master, it is no time to chide you now; affection is not berated out of the heart. If love have touched you," he says, with a wry smile, "nought remains but so: ‘Redime te captum quam queas minimo!"—save yourself as best as you can.
  • "I want you to keep it on--and, darling, darling, don't waste any of the moments we may be together! You told me yourself it could only be an hour."
  • "Miss Catherwood," Prescott said, "I am glad that my mother's house is to be the shelter of Miss Grayson and yourself at such a time. We have one or two faithful and strong-armed servants who will see that you suffer no harm."
  • "No, no!" cried Natasha, "she and I have already talked it over. We knew you'd say so. But it won't do, because you see, if you say that--if you consider yourself bound by your promise--it will seem as if she had not meant it seriously. It makes it as if you were marrying her because you must, and that wouldn't do at all."
  • "What, understand? Why would you? Its hard to look at yourself from the outside. All anyone knows now is that the King lost against some measly rebels. See, when I fled the battle and made my way back here, I had a lot of time to think. A lot of time. And I. Just. Couldnt. Bear to have a defeat. I cant ruin my good career. So I thought, well, what if I made this defeat another victory? Not even Hannibal himself could achieve such a glory! So the way I see it, if you were the commander, then my hands have been clean the whole time."
  • If you find yourself reaching for a $39.99 sweater or loading up on $0.99 iTunes songs, youre not alone. The strategy of ending prices with 99 cents has been around for decades and has worked its magic on almost all of us. But its certainly not the only trick retailers use when pricing products.
  • I demand the surrender of the town of Amiens, in the name of his Majesty the Kaiser and of the German Empire, said the lieutenant, in excellent French. "You, Monsieur le Maire, will consider yourself my prisoner. You will be held responsible for the conduct of the inhabitants. Any attack on German troops will be sternly punished. If the inhabitants of Amiens behave in a peaceable and orderly fashion they will not be harmed. Payment will be made for any private property required by our forces. A brigade of infantry will march in this afternoon. Quarters must be found for the troops, numbering nearly eight thousand men. You will be informed later of the requisition the town will be required to fill, in money and in supplies. For the present you are required to clear this square, where my men will remain."
  • The confident endeavoured to encourage the jeweller: Believe me, said he, that Schemselnihar is not so unreasonable as to expose you to the least danger, from whom she expects such considerable services. Consider with yourself that there is not the least appearance of hazard: my mistress and I are too much interested in this affair to involve you in any danger. You may depend upon me, and leave yourself to my conduct. After the affair is over, you will confess to me that your fear was groundless.
  • I want you to come up to the house and satisfy yourself that I have told you the truth about being home last night, and then I want you to go to town with me.
  • Then you are young enough to change your mind and recognize the dignity of labor, Darrin continued. "You are also young enough and, unless I mistake you, bright enough to win a very good place in life for yourself. And you are man enough, now you have had time to think it over, to see the wickedness of destroying yourself. Man, make yourself instead."
  • You look worried, Kate, and haven't been at all like yourself for several days. Now, why shouldn't I go to the hospital with you? Why do you try to hide your going from me? Don't you know that I must have heard the strange stories that are flitting about the garrison? Haven't I asked you to set me right if I have been told a wrong one? Kate, you are fretting yourself to death about something, and the captain looks worried and ill. I cannot but think it has some connection with the case of Mr. Hayne. Why should the Clancys--
  • The Members of the Body rebelled against the Belly, and said, "Why should we be perpetually engaged in administering to your wants, while you do nothing but take your rest, and enjoy yourself in luxury and self-indulgence?' The Members carried out their resolve and refused their assistance to the Belly. The whole Body quickly became debilitated, and the hands, feet, mouth, and eyes, when too late, repented of their folly.
  • As Robin trotted ahead of her off into the darkness, a blue glow spread out ahead of him, lighting his way through the crates and leaning piles of scrolls and books. Leen scowled to herself. She must be getting prematurely dotty, on top of blind, or perhaps it was mere engrossment in the book, although that was an excuse with more charity than Leen was usually willing to allow herself. Nevertheless, absentmindedness was the least dangerous explanation she could claim. Puttering about in the dust while mumbling non sequiturs was professionally expected of an archivist, but when you stopped backing it up with a lucid mind it meant trouble. One day youre forgetting the trick tunic you yourself had given the boy with the very goal of making it safer for him to prowl through your domain, as she had done at his age when it was her grandfather at the great desk, and soon youve advanced to fuddling the sequence for disarming the door wards, with the immediate sequelae of an expanding cloud of archivist-shaped vapor and, of course, the election of a new archivist.
  • "Rubbish," the strange man spat. "You came to me with the map and I knew how to interpret its signets and markings, nothing more. Everything Ive told you has been based on what you yourself gave to me."
  • You won't feel so lonesome with the light, he said. "Now keep quiet until I return. If you behave yourself you have nothing to fear. I am a government officer and I am holding you as a prisoner only until I can turn you over to the proper authorities."
  • "No," she assented with a weary air, "except that you might ask yourself what is the good of tormenting a man of noble feelings, however absurd. His Southern blood makes him very violent sometimes. I fear--" And then for the first time during this conversation, for the first time since I left Dona Rita the day before, for the first time I laughed.
  • "Yes you did! You knew exactly what you were doing when you handed me over! You knew they wouldnt let me go, but you could live with it because you told yourself you had no choice, or that it was justice because of what I am. Get out."
  • We arrived at Woodstock, and I dismounted and stood ready to receive Olivia. Andrews followed the example, but she called to her brother and noticed neither of us. He received her as she alighted, and I perceiving her serious look said, 'I hope, Miss Mowbray, I have not offended you?' She made no reply, but stood half a minute, as if to recover being cramped by sitting. Andrews was then on our left, at some distance, and I turned to the same side. She saw me and called, 'Mr. Trevor!' She said no more, but her look was too impressive to be misinterpreted. Hard fate! it could not be obeyed. I pretended indeed to walk away, but the moment she entered the door of the inn I hastened back to Andrews and said, 'If you think yourself insulted, Sir, you have only to inform me of it: I am at your service.'
  • Catriona, said I, "what that mistake was I do not care to know. I know but the one thing--that you went to Prestongrange and begged my life upon your knees. O, I ken well enough it was for your father that you went, but when you were there you pleaded for me also. It is a thing I cannot speak of. There are two things I cannot think of into myself: and the one is your good words when you called yourself my little friend, and the other that you pleaded for my life. Let us never speak more, we two, of pardon or offence."
  • "Certainly I would have been upset. You have yet to beget an heir, Hugh. Do you think I want to see the one earldom you have got pass to the Crown?" She sighed and with her thin hands smoothed down the skirt of her gown and plucked at an out of place thread on the fabric. "Well, now youre back youll have to marry again and soon. Get yourself an heir or two before the Young King decides to revolt again and dangles a carrot before your eyes."
  • Free yourself from your doubts, delver. I understand them, but they will only make things more difficult for you. There is a sphere and I am now quite sure that it is responsible for the happenings of the past few days. You must expect to see things you would previously never have believed possible. Very simply, the magic is free. How or why it's free is of great concern to me. It is what we must determine. Remember the legends. Keep them in your mind, hold to them, and believe them. They will help you, and perhaps keep you from madness. They may also save your life.
  • "Listen, girl," he said quietly, turning to Gladys, "Im going out to fetch someone who can cure him and Ill be back at nightfall. In the meantime, I want that bed stripped and changed, I want him bathed and made comfortable, I want the rubbish cleared out of this room and I want you to make yourself presentable. Understand? I dont give a damn about you or your baby, only that man. If you havent done as Ive told you by the time I return, Ill personally take you down to the ward and flog you to death. Do you understand?"
  • Mr Leslie, she said, the tears welling up into her eyes again, "I must ask you to prepare yourself to hear bad news--very bad and very sad news. I cannot bring the carpenter to you; I cannot bring him, or any other of the crew to you; for, my poor friend, you and I--and Sailor--are the only living beings left on board this most unfortunate ship!"
  • I didn't get the feeling that they wanted me back and starting from scratch, cultivating clients didn't really appeal to me. Maybe they were trying to tell me something. Take two months for yourself and find another job there, stay there, don't come back. Whatever they were saying, whatever my future held I had no idea about it at that time because my head felt like it was in a vice.
  • The man's eyebrows drew together, and then he smiled, and then he laughed while shaking his head, "Oh, I's very fine, yes, sir-ree. But why's a well-spoken gentleman like yourself off a-cryin' by hisself?"
  • "I am glad you are settled," he wrote. "At least I know you have enough to eat and a roof over you. I hope sincerely that you will do your best to fit yourself to your new conditions. I know it is hard, but with my lack of experience and my ignorance as to where to take hold, it may be a good many years before we can do any better."
  • "Lauren, going to see him is a really bad idea. The City Attorney would have a heart attack if he got wind of this. Besides, youre a key witness against him. Just meeting him and giving him information about yourself puts your life in danger from any number of accomplices he may have."
  • "One of my sailing crew," he lied casually. "We have another opening if you can tear yourself away from your duties in Washington."
  • "Huh, call yourself a kangaroo, or a monkey, if you like," spoke up Old Dan Tucker, "but as for me I'd rather play the part of Ham, or one of the other sons."
  • And you're another, said Dyke sourly. "Well, haven't we been fried or grilled ever since we've been out here? and don't you say yourself that it's all a failure, and that you've made a big mistake?"
  • "Karin." Tapper was still embarrassed by all of this and he nearly regretted having gone to Kuhlin with this matter. It was always like this in the navyif you volunteered for anything at all, you could consider yourself lucky if you came out of it alive. However, in this special case it was not so much his life that was in danger but his sense of decency. Which perhaps was uncommonly well developed for a petty officer.
  • "You have no right to criticize her! She may have some things to figure out, but at least shes honest. What do you do? You tell students youre going to teach them field hockey then and force yourself onto them in little sheds. I dont know if you know, but what you just did was attempted statutory rape."
  • He lowered the blade and swore to himself. Something was behind him now, he was sure of it. He lowered the blade and swung around, the blade mapping his spin. There was nothing. "What's wrong, Tahkshi? Kill yourself already! Get out of my sight! Or are you afraid, small one? Afraid that if you go back, you'll find all of your sins waiting for you?" Tahkshi took a deep breath and plunged the blade into his chest. It impaled through his right lung. He looked down at the sword, which had not pierced the skin. He looked at his chest. A bony spike was pointing through it.
  • Drey nodded. "I know, lad." Then he produced a short thin length of rope, and swung it about the outsider's waist. "We'll loop this around the cross-rope in case you slip, and I'll be right behind you. Taf there will help pull you in if you get yourself into any trouble." The aestri smiled as she stood casually against the rail, wearing little more than usual and apparently oblivious to the chill, wet wind, her nails well fixed to the timber. "We have the shaft clear for you, but it's filling at a good rate and the lads on the hand-pump are a might weary..."
  • "Under the circumstances, I'm sure that you would want to let us pass as quickly as possible, and to take refuge yourself as well. After all, we wouldn't expect you to try to actually stop a berserk Golem. That would be beyond even your abilities..."
  • I understand you, fair cousin; you expect deliverance at the hands of your degraded and new found kinsman; but trust me, he will need succour himself before that time arrives. I expect to march him through these streets in irons on my wedding-day. Frown not--gather no storms of indignation upon your brow--it shall be even so. But time wears apace; so pledge yourself before Heaven, that if I obtain Sir William's consent to this delay, you will be mine upon the return of the army.
  • "Youre not just a writer," she shot back. "Youve been out there representing yourself as this nice researcher whos just writing his story, and all along youre also, like, soliciting potential clients. Youre selling software to therapists and recruiting the people wholl need it. Are you going to be a therapist toothats the only part we couldnt figure out."
  • 'Study these,' said the One behind the screen, 'and learn all you can about the woman portrayed thereby. Yin Shatu will give you money; buy yourself such clothes as seawomen wear and take a room at the front of the Temple. At the end of two days, Hassiy will bring you to me again. Go!'
  • It was quite time, poor lad, muttered Melchior. "The warmth from my body will keep him alive, and, Heaven helping me, I may get safely down below the snow. If I can do that, I must find a place where I can make a fire. Now, lad, you call yourself a guide: make for the nearest bit of forest, and save this poor boy's life. But it's a hard task--a hard task, and you need all your strength and knowledge now."
  • Stover hesitated thoughtfully. "I don't reckon you could do yourself justice that away, but you might do your trainin' at daylight. The Centipede goes to work the same time we do, and the chances is your assassin won't miss his breakfast."
  • Fathom was almost choked with concern and resentment at the news of this mischance, so that he could not utter one word until this narrative was finished. Nor was his suspicion confined to the Tyrolese and his own lacquey; he considered the solicitor as their accomplice and director, and was so much provoked at the latter part of his harangue, that his discretion seemed to vanish, and, collaring the attorney, "Villain!" said he, "you yourself have been a principal actor in this robbery." Then turning to the bystanders, "and I desire in the King's name that he may be secured, until I can make oath before a magistrate in support of the charge. If you refuse your assistance in detaining him, I will make immediate application to one of the secretaries of state, who is my particular friend, and he will see justice done to all parties."
  • "Hey, no offense Marielle, but I dont think you thought this through too well. At what point as a little dolly vampire did you think it was a good idea to come by yourself and try to gun down two of the best vampire killers that ever lived?"
  • Jump up, young un, Bill said; "and you, Jack, get off your sea-boots. You stand just behind me and hold on, I feel much steadier now that I have got Joe on my shoulders. If you feel that you are going, leave go of me, you will only pull me backward holding on; and as you can swim you are all right. You have only got to keep yourself afloat, the tide will drift you up to the island in no time."
  • My dear M. Debray, said the banker, "do not kill yourself to-night listening to the follies of Madame Danglars, for you can hear them as well to-morrow; but I claim to-night and will devote it, if you will allow me, to talk over some serious matters with my wife." This time the blow was so well aimed, and hit so directly, that Lucien and the baroness were staggered, and they interrogated each other with their eyes, as if to seek help against this aggression, but the irresistible will of the master of the house prevailed, and the husband was victorious.
  • I don't, my lad, said the man, kindly; "I know what you feel. It's like being shut away from every one you know; and you feel as if you were going to be a savage, and never see England again. I felt something like that once; but I didn't come out like you did. Ah, well, that's neither here nor there. You're only a boy yet, with plenty o' time before you. Make yourself as happy as you can; these chaps are not so very bad when they don't want to get fighting, and I daresay you and me will be good enough friends. Eh? Hullo! What's the matter?"
  • Mappel was taken aback by this determined response. "What makes you say that? You yourself said that the races will all unite here at Connel. Are you now saying that prediction may not unfold?"
  • Some speech stumbled on his tongue; but she raised her hand. "Listen to me. I will be fair to you, fairer than you were either to yourself or to my mother.
  • He, said Edith, "of whom you speak does not know that I am alive, nor do I know where he is. Yet some day we will perhaps meet. And now you must not speak. You will agitate yourself too much. Here you have those who love you. For the one who brought you here is one who would lay down his life for yours, dearest--he is Paolo Langhetti."
  • "And that is where we stand at this time. You have heard yourself what the Colonel had to say and what the doctors had to say. Now, it will take me about an hour to bring you up to date on that certain file which we did not open. So let me call Koeli and tell her I will be a little late coming home."
  • "I am not an idiot," Russ snapped back. "Go ahead and get yourself out of this mess, then." He lowered Fortya to the ground, and she let him, but still clutched one hand and stood halfway behind him, staring at Ricalli with saucer eyes.
  • Well, I'll learn her how to meddle. And looky here--you drop that school, you hear? I'll learn people to bring up a boy to put on airs over his own father and let on to be better'n what HE is. You lemme catch you fooling around that school again, you hear? Your mother couldn't read, and she couldn't write, nuther, before she died. None of the family couldn't before THEY died. I can't; and here you're a-swelling yourself up like this. I ain't the man to stand it--you hear? Say, lemme hear you read.
  • "You know, Dax, I really did like you," she sneered. "But I guess for some guys such as yourself that just isn't enough!"
  • "The first thing to do, lad, will be to get you garments more suitable to the Percys' castle than those you have on; they are good enough to put on under armour, or when you ride in a foray; but here, one who would ride in the train of the Percys must make a brave show. It is curfew, now; but tomorrow, early, we will sally into the town, where we shall find a good choice of garments, for men of all conditions. You hold yourself well, and you have something of your mother's softness of speech; and will, I think, make a good impression on Sir Henry, when suitably clad.
  • She assumed her dolefully submissive manner and said to her husband: "Listen to me, Count, you have managed matters so that we are getting nothing for the house, and now you wish to throw away all our- all the children's property! You said yourself that we have a hundred thousand rubles' worth of things in the house. I don't consent, my dear, I don't! Do as you please! It's the government's business to look after the wounded; they know that. Look at the Lopukhins opposite, they cleared out everything two days ago. That's what other people do. It's only we who are such fools. If you have no pity on me, have some for the children."
  • He bowed in courtly fashion over the little brown hands. "Then you have never seen yourself with the eyes of others," he said. "I congratulate you on doing so to-night."
  • "I wouldn't be sending you all those letters if I didn't. Look, we could stand here all night, and I could tell you all the great things about our school and the conference. Do yourself a favor, when the season is over come up to see us with your parents. I grew up in Lessing and I've been living in New England ever since high school," Melnick responded.
  • As God is true! In his life he has never fled before any man as before you. You have covered yourself with immense glory!
  • After the door slammed behind the reinvigorated Mayor, I went over in my mind what the hell had happened. I hope I never forget this moment. This is what happens when you allow yourself to be sucked into conversations with the asylum's inmates.
  • "Screw your boss. Not literally," I added casually. "Tell him off and if he decides to fire you, get yourself a job where youll be better off and report him to the labour board. The labour board might even make your boss pay you a severance."
  • 'You need to shimmy down Nesha's back, then get into a crouch. When you have your balance enough, leap off with your arms out straight from either side and try to keep your legs together. Nesha will count to five then go into a dive and swoop under you. He's very good at getting the speed right, so you should be able to nearly guide yourself back into the saddle,' Daron explained.
  • "'I must thank you, my dear fellow, for having given yourself so much trouble. But it is quite unnecessary. I am out of sorts and have no intention of going ashore. At least, I have the pleasure of having made your acquaintance. Since I cannot profit by your hospitality, you must do me the favor of accepting mine as long as the launch stays by the vessel.'
  • Consider moving yourself and saving a mint of money; it can be fun, in a " covered wagon " sort of way.
  • 'The interpretation of all which is, that, though you have discovered principles, which if pursued would secure to yourself and mankind in general certain happiness, and that though you can deal forth their dogmas and point out the path which others indubitably ought to take, yet, when your own passions are concerned, you act like the rest of the world. And you do this, not blindly, as they do, but, with your eyes open; at the moment that you are reminded of your maxims, and acknowledge their truth.'
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