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Okunuşu: / jɔː’sɛlf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: your·self


zam. kendiniz, kendin;
kendi kendinize. be your self tabii olunuz.

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  • On day two (the rubber day), I need you to approach your search for the mighty orgasm a bit differentlycall this Uncle Phil's Orgasm Obstacle Course. Instead of swimwear, I need you to wear a tight sweater, maxi-pad, cotton panties, gym shorts, blue jeans, and Ugg boots. Say hi to the two hairy-backed, obese Persian men smoking cigars at the other end of the hot tub. Set the water temperature to 80 degrees, pour yourself a tall glass of yogurt, and prepare to submerge. Once inside the goo (did I mention the slightly brown-tinted bubbles?), don't bother trying to find the jets because they won't matter.
  • "How can I let you loose in the world? You would be a danger to yourself and everyone around you. Besides," I paused, considering my own certainty in the matter, "Ive grown fond of seeing youand even Annain my bed."
  • Walters turned to the manager. "A man can't be arrested without a warrant. I guess you understand you're making trouble for yourself by permitting these fellows to lock me in."
  • "I saw some UN guys in town yesterday," he said, "they had some nice shirts and jackets with the UN insignia. You should get yourself some UN apparel."
  • "Peste!" he snapped impatiently, "you are beginning to weary me, Marcel - and all the world does that so excellently that it needs not your collaboration. Go your ways, man, and do as you elect. But take my sanction to slay this fellow Chatellerault, and I shall be the better pleased if you avail yourself of it. He is lodged at the Auberge Royale, where probably you will find him at present. Now, go. I have more justice to dispense in this rebellious province."
  • "You seem inordinately pleased with yourself this morning," Goronwy said sourly as we met over my desk the next morning. Hed spent the previous evening going through the castle accounts with Castell y Beres steward. Goronwy had trained this man well, but sometimes two heads were better than one.
  • Peste, I will do nothing of the kind; the moment they come from government you would find them execrable. Besides, that does not concern the home but the financial department. Address yourself to M. Humann, section of the indirect contributions, corridor A., No. 26.
  • If you have no mind to be the dupe of a warm imagination, figure to yourself the little ornamented cottage which Horace fitted up near Tibur in the country of the Sabines, on a small farm, the fee-simple of which was given hint by Maecenas. Don Alphonso has made me just such another present, more as a token of affection than for the value of the thing. Then I must expect to see nothing but a dirty hovel! exclaimed Scipio. Bear in mind, replied I, that I have always given you quite an unvarnished description of my place; and now, even at this moment, you may judge for yourself whether I have not stuck to truth and nature in my representations. Just carry your eye along the course of the Guadalaviar, and observe at a little distance from the further bank, near that hamlet, consisting of nine or ten tenements, a house with four small turrets; that is my mansion.
  • Same Stuff Different Day. Toned down version. This motto of the downtrodden has been around for decades. If your work really makes you feel this way then perhaps it's time to suggest a few changes or move on. We are all here on this Earth only once (depening on your religious outlook) - whatever, life is too short to waste it doing a job that you hate. And if you are managing people who feel S2D2 about their jobs then for goodness sake do someting about it. A free SSDD colour poster is available from the free businessballs posters page for anyone suffering in a S2D2 organisation and wishing to give a bit of free feedback to the hierarchy. And if you are a CEO and see a few SSDD posters appearing around the place then perhaps ask yourself why. It's not the people who are bad - it's the organisation, and that's down to you mate. The S2D2 mathematical acronym interpretation may well have first been suggested by author Tom Clancy (Ack V O'Grady and L D Gray) - if you know more please contact us.
  • "You've got to call yourself something, unless you don't want people to know who you are. Just what is it exactly that you believe in?"
  • "For your information, the Roman Republic only existed until the mid-part of the second century B.C., when Julius Caesar overthrew it. From that point on, it was an empire, which existed in the West in Rome until the fifth century, and in the East in Constantinople until the fourteenth century. Oh, and there never was a customary practice of greeting in the Roman caste system. Most of the time the Senators and other important people didn't even acknowledge the commoners, let alone actually speak to them. What you're spouting is probably some jumped-up school tradition created to make the upperclassmen happy or to help other special individuals like yourself feel important. And while we're on the subject, we are not in Rome, so I hope you'll forgive me for not doing what the Romans do. Seeing as you don't really know anyway."
  • And now you unhappy heedless one! If you do not want to see Him and learn of Him in this way, divest yourself of your reason, become an animal, and thus be saved!
  • Here are the back numbers of Le Vie Parisienne said M. Le Mesge to me. "Amuse yourself with them, if you like, while I talk to your friend."
  • Mr. Brackett is going to run the level, and wants you for his rodman, continued Mr. Hobart. "The pay will be double what you are now receiving, and you can soon fit yourself for the position by a little hard study; for Mr. Brackett is a capital instructor. I have told him that he may take you on trial, and see what he can do with you. I also told him of your aversion to study, and gave him to understand what a difficult job he had undertaken."
  • Marc glared at the monitor of his computer. Seth was dangerously close to being flippant with him and he knew it. While Seth reported to Marc, he ultimately worked for the council and that was his major bargaining chip. He wasn't as easy to get rid of as the lower profile vampires that rubbed Marc the wrong way. The Council would miss Seths presence if he were to accidentally disappear. "Enough of this babble. You do as your told, you report back with what you find, you don't need to concern yourself with the semantics of the mission. The dissemination of facts is for myself and the High Council to deal with. Now what do you have to report?" Marc demanded.
  • The rake is aimed for CC. You throw yourself forward, arms wide, the right high to catch the rake, the left low to grab the darkness wielding it. The shaft of the rake is rough, the wood ancient, hard as stone. You smell lilacs, stronger than any lilacs could be, so sweet that the scent must be meant to hide something vile. Your left arm closes around flannel and a body as hard as the shaft of the rake.
  • You could find yourself at odds with someone whose work appears chaotic.
  • Roger, man, he cried, "thank God I have found you! I thought you were gone for ever. Can you help yourself at all, lad?"
  • "Yeah, keep telling yourself that Williams. Hey, good luck against Berman. I hope he takes you to school again in front of 5,000 people."
  • Well, you could have been killed! What do you have to say for yourself mage? Cuthbert turned and shook a finger at Redthorne, who merely shrugged.
  • I should think you would be. Here's a place of some kind; let's go in and have something to eat, and you can warm yourself.
  • All ten algors responded immediately. "Do not concern yourself with possible injuries from falling. We are again blessed with the power of healing. Nearly all the knowledge is returning slowly."
  • I agree with you there, said Frank. "I would not raise a hand to lighten your punishment, for I feel you deserve it. But every man must pay for his own misdeeds. The thing for you to do now is to expiate, so far as possible, your past crimes by turning yourself to doing what is right and good."
  • Quite so! Quite so! What am I thinking of? Why, the very fact of your coming forward, and implicating yourself in the conspiracy will be proof enough.
  • Just then, when almost in despair, I heard the voice of Sam Short shouting out, "Throw yourself on the ground, Dick; face downward, Dick."
  • "I see," Enin allowed as he rubbed his chin. "Well, the truth is this is a difficult spell for you to cast. It is a combination of different magical aspects, and they have little to do with your primary powers. Shadow is prevalent in the spell because you are in essence transporting yourself to a place that is a whisper reflection of this land. Light is involved slightly as an offset to its natural opposite shadow but more importantly in how the yellow aspect is included in the orange aura of energy and movement. The orange power of energy will guide and bring you to me while the gray essence of shadow will let you pass into this other plane of existence. I know that doesnt sound very clear but that is the essence of the spell. Because you cast with a green aura, it is difficult for you to see the underlying aspects of the gray and orange energy types that are involved in the basics of the spell. Let me see if I can help you with that."
  • "I suppose its not enough that you must make a fool of yourself before the earl," she said in a vicious voice, "but you must humiliate me as well!"
  • "Come!—stand not amazed at it, but go along with me! I will show you such a necessity in his death that you shall think yourself bound to put it on him! It is now nigh his suppertime, and the night goes to waste! About it!"
  • Switch yourself off, he snarled. "I shan't take the responsibility for doing it. You may be what you say you are, but I haven't anything to prove it. You're a fool, anyway, to run right into the arms of the Yankee general."
  • Then just get it into your brain, if you can, that we are not out on a schoolboy trip, but upon the borders of new, almost untried ground, and we shall soon be mounting places that are either dangerous or safe as you conduct yourself.
  • For another flash her lips trembled on the edge of a smile. Then she gave him the gloves, a bit troubled, and nodded to a chair with a deep, cushioned seat and wide arms. "Please make yourself comfortable, M'sieu David. I have something to do in the cabin and will return in a little while."
  • Well, sir, said General Givet to Captain Bassil, "what was your reason for ordering this lad shot? You will please explain yourself at once."
  • He laughed at this in a good-natured way. "Okay, maybe Im being a little cheesy, but were talking about art here. Its okay to be cheesy. Justclose your eyes, listen to the music, and let yourself go."
  • The Watermark was a mid-air maelstrom, a ball of whipping vapor so tangled it might as well have been a rather confused waterspout or an errant floating pond. The usual traversal trick involved the use of its lashing wind as a crack-the-whip boost to spin yourself around and past it. The Stain surrounding the Watermark on the jagged floor-path usually had the appearance of a shoreline trough after a passing tidal surge or flood wave, being strewn with kelp and other seaweeds, sucking sands, an occasional lashing flounder, and residual pools of salt water. None of these things were actually there, of course, which only served to bear out the distinction between the perceptions of outer and inner eyes. The guardians (and Creeley before them) had been big on verisimilitude.
  • "If you survive my brother you can blame his machinations for everything," Shaa pointed out. "You might want to do that anyway as soon as you get the Emperors ear. Believe me, my friend, you may find yourself the most strategic asset of all."
  • "Vasili Dmitrich, I thank you for the honor," she said, with an embarrassed voice, though it sounded severe to Denisov--"but my daughter is so young, and I thought that, as my son's friend, you would have addressed yourself first to me. In that case you would not have obliged me to give this refusal."
  • "I want to repeat this so I know you understand. You allowed the shadow seeds to fall. You could have stopped itSHOULD have stopped it. You did nothing! How much less would you have been responsible if there was another elf-dwarf war? You wish to throw all the responsibility upon Petiole? It does not work that way. You said it yourself only moments ago. You said that leadership also depends on the ones that follow. Think long and hard about that during your seasons alone when you want to consider your so-called heroic gesture. Petiole made the decision, but the camp elders allowed it to happen."
  • You've ce'tainly been good and spoiled, but you needn't ride your high hawss with me. Here's the long and the short of it. To tell lies ain't square. If I ask you anything you don't want to answer tell me to go to hell, but don't lie to me. If you do I'll punish you the same as if you were my brother, so long as you trail with me. If you don't like it, cut loose and hit the pike for yourself.
  • "You mean the Cause," she cried. "But, believe me, you can do nothing. To sacrifice yourself cannot profit it. Infinitely better you can serve the Duke by waiting until the time is ripe for another blow. And how can you better preserve your life than by remaining at Lavedan until the persecutions are at an end?"
  • It was disgusting, Paul thought, how people could have so little self-respect. They should create some kind of scheme where homeless people had to do community work, give something back to society in exchange for food and shelter. What these homeless people didnt understand, Paul concluded, was that lifes hard for everyone. Sure, homeless people came from all walks of life, but you couldnt just give up and let yourself go when things got tough. You had to knuckle down and deal with it. Hed paid his own way through university, trained himself up and through perseverance and hard graft, here he was, junior partner at Hodgson, Burke and Burnett Accountancy Ltd. Maybe he wasnt earning a fortune, but at least he was paying his way through life, and keeping his integrity.
  • "Get yourself together, man," Julio said, his voice rising. I handed Julio the ale bucket; I figured there was enough still sloshing around in the bottom to make a useful impact. The messenger took a deep guzzle and wiped his mouth with the back of his arm.
  • If you find you are going down too fast, lean back more, so as to drive your pike down into the snow. Try and keep your balance. If you go over, hold on to your alpenstock and try to stop yourself the best way you can. Ready?
  • "Not as flimsy as it looks, eh?" called Lilac, beaming down at him. "And don't worry about the keeling; my weight, minuscule though it is, will counterbalance you. Don't forget to strap yourself in when you sit down, either. Thats most important. Youll find two belts hanging under the saddle; when you get on, just bring them round your waist, click them together, and well be ready to go."
  • "Thats interesting," Shaa said loudly but conversationally, again overriding the officials momentum. "I was not aware that the Municipal Authority had any hint of magisterial prerogative over affairs of the harbor and its traffic. Now, if you had identified yourself as a direct functionary of the High Commissioner of Rates and Tithes, say, here on an excise matter or a question of customs duty, or indeed a delegated diplomat of the Oolsmouth Representative Council, your presence might be more amenable to straightforward understanding. Under the situation, though, I fail to see what significance your appearance here would present to anyone of us, or indeed the reason for your detaining us in our own prosecution of business. Accordingly -"
  • There you go again, Conseil my friend! the impatient Canadian shot back. "You never allow yourself any displays of bile or attacks of nerves! You're everlastingly calm! You'd say your aftermeal grace even if you didn't get any food for your beforemeal blessing and you'd starve to death rather than complain!"
  • Good. We professional authors need to stick together...just don't think of offering me any advice. I'd probably tell you to go throw yourself down a mineshaft.
  • Don't trouble yourself about that, lad, he answered; "I shall be well as soon as the breeze comes. It's this hot calm keeps me down. If the wind had continued, I should have been myself again by this time, though I have had a narrow squeak for it I'll allow."
  • If you stick by that determination you'll find yourself on the beach in Cape Town, unless you conclude to take my recently vacated berth as second mate. And I'd hate like the devil to have you do that. There's neither sense nor profit for you in swapping jobs with me.
  • Useful enough for our purpose, however, returned Davidson. "Send him up to Fort Garry with a message, while you lie down and rest. If you don't rest, you will yourself be useless in a short time. La Certe is not such a bad fellow as people think him, specially when his feelings are touched."
  • "See to your friendships, of course," she answers with a smile. "You will need allies, so isolating yourself from those who love you would be quite... stupid."
  • "Marry, Ill teach you! Think yourself a baby, that you have taen for true pay these tenders which are not sterling! Tender yourself more dearly, ornot to crack the winding of the poor phrase, running it thusyoull tender me a fool!"
  • Your Excellency has been very kind to me, and allowed me to leave Peshawur with a procession, guarding the streets so that I might pass in safety and with great honour. Therefore I make a return. There is a matter which troubles your Excellency. You ask yourself the why and the wherefore, and there is no answer. But the danger grows.
  • Bubba, honey, just look at how exhausted you are. There's no point wearing yourself to a frazzle looking for him just because of crazy notion The Old Man had when he scribbled that will. How much longer do you intend to go on?
  • The fierce little gentleman stared at him. "Damme! Do you permit yourself to be ironical?" he disapproved him, and possibly with a view to correcting any such tendency, proceeded to introduce himself.
  • "All right--I'll just give you a few examples now. First, you have no ease of manner. Why? Because you're never sure about your personal appearance. When a girl feels that she's perfectly groomed and dressed she can forget that part of her. That's charm. The more parts of yourself you can afford to forget the more charm you have."
  • Of what did we talk? I can't really tell; but you might put yourself in our places, and say if you would not naturally speak of those most dear when you knew beyond a peradventure that within a few hours at the most you would be standing face to face with death.
  • Ryson did not know how to respond. He was thankful for what Sy had done. He did not want to worry about Linda. He spoke his thoughts openly. "I'd rather you didn't put yourself at risk. In all honesty, I don't know what's going to happen next."
  • Then can you tell me what is to be done? The jewels ought be returned to your husband, for they are lawfully his property; but Denis Faire, the man who bought them, must not be the loser. Can you not throw yourself on your husbands mercy, and confess all?’
  • "You keep going west, or east," he added, glancing at Barque, who was pretending not to be listening, "and you think you would come to an end, but you don't. Space-time is warped in this place. There's no edge, no perimeter. You find yourself moved, or everything else is but you, it's hard to explain. So the sisters, they thought they would give names to everything and build up a map of the place. To see if theres a pattern, you know."
  • Go home, if you will, said his lordship, when Blood paused. "You may be sure that none will harass you on the score of your piracy, considering what it was that drove you to it. But why be in haste? We have heard of you, to be sure, and we know of what you are capable upon the seas. Here is a great chance for you, since you declare yourself sick of piracy. Should you choose to serve King William out here during this war, your knowledge of the West Indies should render you a very valuable servant to His Majesty's Government, which you would not find ungrateful. You should consider it. Damme, sir, I repeat: it is a great chance you are given.
  • We think that you must have stunned yourself with the fall, and we should have sent for a doctor, only he lives fifteen miles away, and we had no horse that could do the journey just then, and we had to wait for a few hours to see if you would be better, said the woman; and then she asked again: "But who were you with, dear, and how was it they went on and left you lying all alone in the road, you poor child?"
  • To wait for me. Hold yourself ready then to join me at the Champs Elysees, and lead me out of this house without any one seeing my departure. Maximilian hung his head, and obeyed with childlike reverence.
  • 'As you plase, Sir,' replied the attorney; 'you're tumblin' yourself and your friend into a nice predicament--as good a consthructive ousther, vi et armis, as my client could possibly desire. Av coorse, Sir, we'll seek compensation in the regular way for this violent threspass; and we have you criminally, you'll obsarve, no less than civilly.'
  • After this you had better tie yourself to the bed, was Dave's final remark, and then he turned in again and the light was again extinguished.
  • "Belike I am; but I tell you, Tracy, that if your passion is love, 'tis a strange one that puts yourself first. I would not give the snap of a finger for it! You want this girl, not for her happiness, but for your own pleasure. That is not the love I once told you would save you from yourself. When it comes, you will count yourself as nought; you will realise your own insignificance, and above all, be ready to make any sacrifice for her sake. Yes, even to the point of losing her!"
  • Don't you worry yourself about that, Master Roger, replied Jake. "I've seen men stronger and older than you faint for less than what we've just gone through."
  • "Well, Messire," another voice, full of contempt, broke in, "you seem to have done an excellent job of protecting our siege machines." Amalric de Gobignon stalked out of the darkness to gaze at Roland with haughty amusement. "Could you not at least have managed to get yourself killed?"
  • You have nothing to reproach yourself with, my sweet child, for you could not divine these mysteries, which have been suddenly disclosed by a combination of circumstances that would be considered romantic and improbable, even in a novel; and my joy at finding you as worthy in every way to be my beloved and honoured daughter, as if you had not lived amid all the dangers of such a career, makes up for the pain and anxiety caused by the illness and danger of my son. Whether he lives or dies, I shall never for one moment blame you for anything in connection with his misfortune. In any event, it was your virtue and courage that saved him from being guilty of a crime that I shudder to contemplate. And now, tell me, who was the handsome young man among your liberators who seemed to direct the attack, and who wounded Vallombreuse? An actor doubtless, though it appeared to me that he had a very noble bearing, and magnificent courage.
  • If you like a proper boozer and a chat with friends go there mother red cap - big up yourself " "
  • Then you passed beyond those stylish offices filled with vacant faces with glazed eyes red from too many hours of staring at monitors and readouts. The doors became thicker and the locks more complicated. The very look of the surroundings changed. The walls were not the smooth uniformity of the new alien supplied polymers. These walls were made of the old style materials - bricks, mortar, cement - and had rough plaster covering them. The only decorations on these walls were old water stains. At least, you hoped they were water stains and looked away quickly in case you found yourself proven wrong. This was the real heart of Chu's empire, where he sat like a big old spider at the centre of his web and ran the entire city.
  • Mappel was taken aback by this determined response. "What makes you say that? You yourself said that the races will all unite here at Connel. Are you now saying that prediction may not unfold?"
  • "You can't get back your lost place, but you can make a new one. My father is impressed with you. So is Syrill. You are a hero to the citizens of Laven-lay. You've drawn so much public attention to yourself that it would be difficult now to explain your disappearance. Very well. Stay in Panamindorah. Make a life for yourself." She paused. "Of course, I would like your help to translate the old script."
  • "Im confused. You said youre the guardian, but you had to figure everything out yourself too. Then how did you get that job? How did you know it was you?" I questioned.
  • "Well, I know how much the ladies like a neat house," he replied dryly, busily skinning a surprisingly fat hare. "Pull up a log and make yourself comfortable, in an hour or so we'll have a nice stew to eat."
  • "Of course I will protect you, dear. Something has upset your nerves. Come, dress yourself and you'll soon forget it all. I'll light the fire."
  • No, we do not consider the risk worth taking into account. Let me illustrate with a familiar example. Suppose you had just seen a cable tested with a ton's weight without a strain. Should you fear to take hold of the cable and lift yourself from the ground lest it might break and you should fall? The mechanism of this road is just as sure as that. The force that is driving us forward is no longer mysterious. The laws of electricity are well defined, and its mighty power is under perfect control. Nothing is left to chance, and the result is that there have been no accidents for many, many years, and practically speaking there cannot be any.
  • "Nothing to concern yourself with," Airk said calmly. "Now please dont make this difficult. Ill take no joy in it, I promise."
  • Now I am burning to hear your adventures, and longing to help you to get back to your friends; but I beg of you not to tell me more than you feel inclined, nor to put any strain on yourself at present, but just tell me sufficient for me to know how to act for you.
  • 'Two Masses in the morning, fastin',' says Father Roach, half aloud, 'is two, and two in the afternoon is four, and two at vespers is six,' says he; 'six Masses a day for nine days is close by sixty Masses,--say sixty,' says he; 'and they'll cost you--mind, Mickey, and don't be telling it again, for it's only to yourself I'd make them so cheap--a matter of three pounds.'"
  • "This is a curious toy, Inglish. It has so few strings." He examined it a moment longer, then turned to Hawksworth. "Do you yourself play this instrument?"
  • "You must keep calm, Bessie, that's the first thing to think of. If you let yourself get excited and worked up you won't help Zara, and you'll only get into trouble yourself.
  • He shrugged his shoulders. "You are ill, I suppose. When you are ill you shouldn't act. You make yourself ridiculous. My friends were bored. I was bored."
  • "Yes, mademoiselle; you must be yourself perfectly aware of that change; it is a studied and intentional one," continued Mrs. Marston, in a gentle but dignified tone. "Although I have felt some doubt as to whether it were advisable, so long as you observe toward me the forms of external respect, and punctually discharge the duties you have undertaken, to open any discussion whatever upon the subject; yet I have thought it better to give you a fair opportunity of explaining frankly, should you desire to do so, the feelings and impressions under which you are acting."
  • But the cheetah only looked at him curiously. "Well, take care of yourself at Lupricasia. Lots of shelts here would like you not to remember what happened to your money belt."
  • How can you save anybody's life by comin' out in sich a tom-fool way as this? Less than a quart of water, and not so much as a blanket with which to protect yourself.
  • "Sounds weak to me, buddy," Jack said. "You really think the Unseelie Fae were dealing with you straight? They like to screw over their own mothers. I think, maybe, if you destroy this world, you just might be taking yourself with it."
  • And now put yourself in my place for a moment. Walk with me a bit in my tender childhood, bed with me a night and imagine yourself dreaming such incomprehensible horrors. Remember I was an inexperienced child. I had never seen a wild boar in my life. For that matter I had never seen a domesticated pig. The nearest approach to one that I had seen was breakfast bacon sizzling in its fat. And yet here, real as life, wild boars dashed through my dreams, and I, with fantastic parents, swung through the lofty tree-spaces.
  • They reached the strip of dense fog that separated Dargis from the country of Morvay a few days later. Kaymin eased his horse to a stop in the middle of the muddy road and turned back to his wizard, squinting at him through the pouring rain. "I think it best you remove your robes now, Jian. If Wherry and Morvay are as close to war as rumor has it, you may not be safe so boldly proclaiming yourself as a wizard once we enter."
  • Yes, you can run when you get the ball, Skinner said in a tone of disgust; "but if a fellow half your height runs up against you, over you go. You must lay yourself out for pudding, Wordsworth. With that, and eating your food more slowly, you really might get to be of some use to the house."
  • I wrote 'em that I'd be very happy to see their president and explain to him in three words all about it; but that wouldn't do. 'Seems their president must be a god. He was too busy, and - well, you can read for yourself - they wanted explanations. The stationmaster at Amberley Royal - and he grovels before me, as a rule - wanted an explanation, and quick, too. The head sachem at St. Botolph's wanted three or four, and the Lord High Mukkamuk that oils the locomotives wanted one every fine day. I told 'em - I've told hem about fifty times - I stopped their holy and sacred train because I wanted to board her. Did they think I wanted to feel her pulse?
  • There: that is safe, said Dale. "Now pick up your ice-axe and hold by the rope with your left hand, so as to ease the strain upon your chest. Use the ice-axe cautiously, to keep yourself from turning round and from striking against the side. When you get down to the ledge, which must be, from what you say, only just out of sight, you will chip a secure place for your feet if the ice slopes, and, proceeding quite slowly and calmly, make yourself first quite safe. When this is done, unfasten the rope from about you, and make it fast about poor Melchior. Be very particular about the knot, mind. Don't forget what I have taught you. That knot must not slip in any way, either in tightening round his chest or coming undone."
  • Do I understand from you, my dear sir, that you yourself were carried away from this island when about four years of age? he asked, pulling up his horse, as if he felt unable to guide the animal, and gazing at me earnestly.
  • "Randi, Im just putting two and two together. The Belton League, where you love to let off steam by shooting guns, is harboring some kind of militia. Its two most prominent members are friends of yours. I believe the militia may have plotted with some officials of the Cuban embassy to pull off the kidnapping. So why am I questioning you? Think about it. You got yourself entangled in a love triangle with a Belton Leaguer who admits to having a Cuban lover."
  • "You will get yourself into trouble with the police, Mademoiselle Therese, if you go on like that," I said. But she was as obstinate as a mule and assured me with the utmost confidence that many people would be ready to defend a poor honest girl. There was something behind this attitude which I could not fathom. Suddenly she fetched a deep sigh.
  • You forget, brother Karl, that you yourself have been my instructor in these classical themes, as you call them. Though I must tell you that, with the exception of their occasionally lending a little ornament to my speech, I have derived not the slightest advantage from them; nor is it likely I ever shall.
  • Sir, even though you've cut yourself off from humanity, I can see that you haven't disowned all human feeling. We're castaways whom you've charitably taken aboard, we'll never forget that. Speaking for myself, I don't rule out that the interests of science could override even the need for freedom, which promises me that, in exchange, our encounter will provide great rewards.
  • Villefort's astonishment redoubled at this second thrust so forcibly made by his strange adversary. It was a long time since the magistrate had heard a paradox so strong, or rather, to say the truth more exactly, it was the first time he had ever heard of it. The procureur exerted himself to reply. "Sir," he responded, "you are a stranger, and I believe you say yourself that a portion of your life has been spent in Oriental countries, so you are not aware how human justice, so expeditious in barbarous countries, takes with us a prudent and well-studied course."
  • "Lord Greystoke," commenced the Russian, "by your continued and wanton interference with M. Rokoff and his plans you have at last brought yourself and your family to this unfortunate extremity. You have only yourself to thank. As you may imagine, it has cost M. Rokoff a large amount of money to finance this expedition, and, as you are the sole cause of it, he naturally looks to you for reimbursement.
  • I want you to come up to the house and satisfy yourself that I have told you the truth about being home last night, and then I want you to go to town with me.
  • The man addressed him very seriously in a low voice, "I'm afraid that you don't appreciate the seriousness of this. I'm holding up this wall precisely and exactly because this wall is in real danger of coming down and bringing the whole place with it. Under more normal circumstances I wouldn't take quite so corporeal and direct a hand in matters but this is an emergency. I represent absolutely no threat to the security and smooth functioning of your operation so there's no need for you to get yourself all worked up over my presence. I assure you that everything will be all right as long as I'm here. Now, please, go about your business and stop attracting attention. You're only making this more difficult."
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