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Okunuşu: / jɔː’sɛlf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: your·self


zam. kendiniz, kendin;
kendi kendinize. be your self tabii olunuz.

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  • You grin in relief, say, "It's cool," and shake his hand. His grip is strong. You feel yourself liking him. His smile grows.
  • It was yet early in the eighteenth century. England was taking up her great position in India, and Warren Hastings was anxious to open up friendly relations with Tibet beyond the great Himalaya ranges. To this end he sent an Englishman, George Bogle, with these instructions: "I desire you will proceed to Lhasa. The design of your mission is to open a mutual and equal communication of trade between the inhabitants of Tibet and Bengal. You will take with you samples, for a trial of such articles of commerce as may be sent from this country. And you will diligently inform yourself of the manufactures, productions, and goods which are to be procured in Tibet. The following will also be proper subjects for your inquiry, the nature of the roads between the borders of Bengal and Lhasa and the neighbouring countries. I wish you to remain a sufficient time to obtain a complete knowledge of the country. The period of your stay must be left to your discretion."
  • Be always strictly truthful. There are two principal incentives to falsehood--vanity and fear. Never seek self-glorification by a falsehood. If fame is not to be won legitimately, do without it; and never seek to screen yourself by a falsehood--this is mean and cowardly in the last degree. `To err is human;' we are all liable to make mistakes sometimes; such a person as an infallible man, woman, or child has never yet existed, and never will exist. Therefore, if you make a mistake, have the courage to manfully acknowledge it and take the consequences; I will answer for it that they will not be very dreadful. A fault confessed is half atoned. And, apart from the morality of the thing, let me tell you that a reputation for truthfulness is a priceless possession to a man; it makes his services doubly valuable."
  • Now, then, youngster, observed Dan as the wagon started up, "you've behaved fine. Nobody is hurt, and you've done yourself some good.
  • "But nothing!" the earl interrupted angrily. "Listen to me, Rogerthe Welsh bother you? Well, Im bothered, too, but not by the same man. Im bothered by Rhirid ap Maelgwyn. He was supposed to be our ally against the Bastard; I gave him horses and weapons, and damned fine ones at that! All I asked in return was Richard Delameres whore and perhaps a strategic arrow sent in the Bastards direction. And what have I got? Nothing! This is what you ought to be concerning yourself withnot Gruffudd of Powys, who might have cut his throat while shaving last month, which would explain why he hasnt turned up recently! Not Gruffudd, but Rhirid ap Maelgwn!"
  • A little gleam crept into the officer's dark eyes. "It is a trifle difficult to understand why you place yourself under an obligation to me in respect to the peon Pereira. If there is a mutiny in the cuartel, why not take him?"
  • Lewinna hugged Rordan. "You take care of yourself little Rordsie. And watch after Fikna for me. Keep him out of trouble."
  • I believe, my heroic love, that you have regarded yourself as a mere plaything in my eyes. Why, ma chere, all of my heart you have irrevocably. One of your dear hands is more precious to me, than any other girl whom mine eyes have ever seen. Do you remember the definition of love that I tried to give you? Well, I gave it from my own experience. With such a love, my prairie flower, do I adore you. It is fit now that we are so soon to part, that I should tell you this: and you will know that every blow I strike, every noble deed I do, shall be for the approbation of the dear heart from whom fate severs me. And though the hours of absence will be dreary there will lie beyond the darkest of them one hope which shall blaze like a star through the night, and this is, that I shall soon be able to call my Annette my own sweet bride. Now, my beloved, if that wished-for time had come, and I were to say, 'Will you be mine, Annette,' what would your answer be?"""
  • Do you think that I sorrow for Madame Danglars? Undeceive yourself again; either I am greatly mistaken, or she has provided against the catastrophe which threatens you, and, which will pass over without affecting her. She has taken care for herself,--at least I hope so,--for her attention has not been diverted from her projects by watching over me. She has fostered my independence by professedly indulging my love for liberty. Oh, no, sir; from my childhood I have seen too much, and understood too much, of what has passed around me, for misfortune to have an undue power over me. From my earliest recollections, I have been beloved by no one--so much the worse; that has naturally led me to love no one--so much the better--now you have my profession of faith.
  • "But," continued the clerk, who was a very friendly fellow, "I'll make inquiries, and let you know the result, if you leave me your address. Meanwhile you can amuse yourself by paying a visit to that wonderful ship, the Great Eastern, which has come to lay a submarine telegraph cable between this and Aden. Of course you have heard of her arrival-- perhaps seen her."
  • "Yes, Beatrice, I have. I have thought it over, and I think that-- forgive me again--that if you can bring yourself to it, perhaps you had better marry him. He is not such a bad sort of man, and he is well off."
  • Sarah had remained quiet the whole time Steve had been rambling, nibbling on a bread-stick. Now that he appeared to be done, she took a breath. "I think that since theyve named you in their will, they thought highly of you. You should at least go to their house up there and see for yourself what you were given. I think you owe them that."
  • Father! said Billy, though rather sobered by the sight of his father's trembling, choking passion, "do you call yourself an Englishman?"
  • Give yourself a viking name, learn the runic alphabet and get a certificate signed by chief god, odin.
  • If you recognise in yourself some such decisive taste, there is no room for hesitation: follow your bent. And observe (lest I should too much discourage you) that the disposition does not usually burn so brightly at the first, or rather not so constantly. Habit and practice sharpen gifts; the necessity of toil grows less disgusting, grows even welcome, in the course of years; a small taste (if it be only genuine) waxes with indulgence into an exclusive passion. Enough, just now, if you can look back over a fair interval, and see that your chosen art has a little more than held its own among the thronging interests of youth. Time will do the rest, if devotion help it; and soon your every thought will be engrossed in that beloved occupation.
  • Free yourself from your doubts, delver. I understand them, but they will only make things more difficult for you. There is a sphere and I am now quite sure that it is responsible for the happenings of the past few days. You must expect to see things you would previously never have believed possible. Very simply, the magic is free. How or why it's free is of great concern to me. It is what we must determine. Remember the legends. Keep them in your mind, hold to them, and believe them. They will help you, and perhaps keep you from madness. They may also save your life.
  • Todd stiffened. "So that's it! How could I have been so stupid?" He pushed her away. "You're looking for a daddy. A daddy was part of the deal. The Vinces weren't gonna let you host the embryo unless you found yourself a dumb country tool." He glared down at her. "What you did to me in the bedroom just nowit made you cheap, Maria. You were trying to use me, but you were only cheapening yourself."
  • I couldnt believe what Alice was offering. "No, Alice, please dont offer yourself to save us." I wouldnt be able to live with myself knowing that she was a slave, serving their unjust power base in Volterra. Aro wanted Alice by his side, to guide the Volturisdecisions and increase their power and dominance in the world. With Alices gift, it might work too.
  • Generate revenue for yourself and or any third party business activity.
  • Crook locks were also handed out along with information about how to protect yourself from vehicle crime.
  • "Not very good ones," Bret countered. "You're the one who had real parents. And I'm pretty sure your dad would want you to be able to defend yourself if Krage attacks."
  • The Magur was silent a moment before replying, ‘You have been chosen .... I do not know why. Now you are involved, you have seen too much of the Agents for them to let you off free. If you hand yourself in, you have everything to lose. Those who discover the invaders true identity do not walk away alive.’
  • "Have it your way," said Favored. He adjusted his perch on the edge of his hatch. "Your names Karlini? Okay, Karlini, you cant be too surprised youve never heard of this stuff before. The gods arent fools. They dont like using humans if theres any way to help it; humans are too much trouble. Theyre too much like the gods themselves, sneaky and nasty and you cant trust them worth a damn, if you ask me. You can drive yourself crazy trying to reason with a human, too., and theyre all goddamned busybodies, they wont just do a job and leave it at that. On top of it all they talk too much. Even when theyre not out broadcasting to the world, theyve got a hellish gift for thinking up new ways to cause problems. You hear what Im saying?"
  • But they had a monoplane last summer, Larry; and you can see for yourself it's a biplane out yonder over the lake. So that's why I thought it must be Percy Carberry and his crony, Sandy Hollingshead.
  • Would it be world peace, an end to famine, the total eradication of all forms of county music? For one day? Obviously, what you do is, you make yourself omnipotent forever. Obviously! You are omnipotent, aren't you?
  • Mr. Murphy hitched his trousers, stuck his thumbs in his belt and glared at Matt Peasley. "See here, you," he declared, "you're a child wonder, all right, but the trouble with you is, you hate yourself too much. Listen to me, kid. I'm the skipper of the Retriever now and you're my friend, young Matt Peasley, so I can talk to you as a friend. You're a pretty skookum youth and I'd hate like everything to mix it with you, but if you start to veto the old man's orders you may look for a fine thrashing from me when I get back from Australia! I won't have you making a damned fool of yourself, Matt.
  • I want you to prove how we Bedlamites stand by one another by placing yourself under my orders for a whole hour. You have no duty or engagement, have you?
  • There, there, Hughie, old fellow, don't go mad with your foolish fears. Pray for yourself and us, if you please, for it is a terrible night, and we may well stand in need of prayer; but do your duty like a man. Stand in your place until I summon you, and then come, if a score of ghosts stand in the way.
  • A Fox caught in a trap escaped, but in so doing lost his tail. Thereafter, feeling his life a burden from the shame and ridicule to which he was exposed, he schemed to convince all the other Foxes that being tailless was much more attractive, thus making up for his own deprivation. He assembled a good many Foxes and publicly advised them to cut off their tails, saying that they would not only look much better without them, but that they would get rid of the weight of the brush, which was a very great inconvenience. One of them interrupting him said, "If you had not yourself lost your tail, my friend, you would not thus counsel us."
  • Take care, said the doctor sternly, as an arrow nearly grazed my ear. "If one of those arrows gives ever so slight a wound it may prove fatal, my lad; don't expose yourself in the least. Ah! the game must begin in earnest," he said partly under his breath.
  • Mr. Hay, she said, and her low voice was vibrant with feeling, "you have entangled yourself in an adventure which cannot possibly end well for you. Whatever happens, you cannot come out with credit and safety, and I would rather you came out with credit."
  • "Just like in this case, you might find yourself at a Mexican restaurant and don't know why, we find that negative publicity can sometimes increase sales because that makes that product top of mind," Berger said.
  • The Powers That Be. Typically referring to autocratic managers or bosses at work, extending to all other figures of authority, especially those too arrogant or important to be seen by or talk face-to-face with the people under their control, (thanks DC). If you are one of TPTB ask yourself why people refer to you as this and how you might become more like a human being. Alternatively The People To Blame (an expression which can arise in anyone's vocabulary in moments of weakness) and Too Poor To Be... (whatever, which is a very neat way to sum up the inevitability of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and the fact that motivation at desperate levels tends to be determined by circumstances).
  • "I already have clarified you in which condition you both are. It was we who saved your life. We, before Police or LTTE could place hands on you, brought you here. Now you both are in good physical state. They are searching you every where like wild beasts. But if you can join hands with me and undertake a mission, which you would love most, or if I daresay you yourself are planning the same I am about to tell you. So, should I say you are with me?"
  • "Ember, you have to LEARN to drive a car first! Next, you get a permit so you can practice and then, you get a licensein that order. You could kill yourself trying to drive around freakinclueless. I thought we agreed that youd get my permission BEFORE you decided to alleviate your own curiosity about something. This kind of stunt could kill me too because Id keel over if something happened to you…"
  • That's right, the child replied, "and until they come, you can defend yourself with my knife, you know. Don't forget the proper way to use it. Strike like this, and then do so; you can rip him up beautifully. As for me, I'm going to hunt up a quiet corner where I can get a nap. No, I can't stay here, for we must not be seen together; it would never do. Now do you be sure to keep away from that window. You must not even go near it, no matter what you hear, for fear they might suspect that you hoped for help from that direction. If they did, it would be all up with us; for they would send out and search the woods, and beat the bushes, and find our friends where they lie hidden. The whole thing would fall through, and you would have to stop here with this horrid duke that you hate so much."
  • A better woman than she never lived, nor a worse boy than I. You can't understand, Inez. You are too young and too good yourself to realize what a wretch I was. I deliberately ran away from home seven years ago, and have never been within a thousand miles of it since, and I never expected to do so, until within the last day or so; somehow or other, I've fallen to thinking more than before.
  • "In the seventh place, try, by the frequent thought of death," the Rhetor said, "to bring yourself to regard it not as a dreaded foe, but as a friend that frees the soul grown weary in the labors of virtue from this distressful life, and leads it to its place of recompense and peace."
  • Crockett found there some of his old fellow-soldiers of the Creek War. When all things were ready for a start, he went to bid adieu to his friends and to take a parting dram with them. There were three men present who were candidates for the State Legislature. While they were having a very merry time, one, as though uttering a thought which had that moment occurred to him, exclaimed, "Why, Crockett, you ought to offer yourself for the Legislature for your district." Crockett replied, "I live at least forty miles from any white settlement." Here the matter dropped.
  • "Ordinarily I'd assume the former," Aiden continued, "because you seem to have bonded with that animal. But in this case, you also threw yourself into the line of danger back in the mountains, when we first fought that wolf pack on the way to Fort Highmarch. So I have to wonder, what exactly is your problem? What is eating away at you so badly that you don't mind facing danger head on, and drinking yourself to a stupor at the worst possible times?"
  • "I knew you'd see that I'm acting square. Come! Get the cramp out of yourself while I make a pot of coffee." He held out his hand to assist her, and she accepted it, but stumbled as she rose, for she had been crouched in one position for several hours, and her limbs were stiff. He caught her and swung her ashore; then, instead of putting her feet to the ground, he pressed her to himself roughly and kissed her. She gave a stifled cry and fought him off, but he laughed and held her the closer.
  • Larry, my boy, I'm no preacher, but I want to be the friend to you your father was to me. You are full of enthusiasm and life and spirits, and you love the army ways and have made yourself very popular with the youngsters, but I'm afraid you are too careless and independent where the seniors are concerned. Rayner is a good soldier; and you show him very scant respect, I'm told.
  • Stop lying. Do you really think you're fooling anyone with pictures from the eighties? You are not "athletic and toned." All the typos and misspellings in your profile also give away the fact that you barely made it through high school. There's a reason you're fifty and single: you're misrepresenting yourself.
  • "My lad, I am proud of you. I know you would much prefer to remain on deck and do your duty as you see it. There is another side to this matter, however. Your duty just now lies in getting yourself into shape for the morrow. You are in no condition to work. You have done quite enough for one day."
  • Although The Fabulists is his first novel, Casey writes with the even, controlled tone of a much more experienced author, delving so deeply, so completely into his characters that its almost impossible to avoid becoming involved, even immersed, in their saga. Youll wonder about Tess and Mungo. Youll care about them. Youll even find yourself going along with the stories they weave for each other, hoping the tales end before the relationship does. Why? Because theyre not flashy high-concept creations, theyre palpably REAL characters, fully realized and drawn with sensitivity and intelligence.
  • "I pray you, daughter-in-law, singor express yourself in a more comfortable sort!" the older woman urges. "If my son were my husband, I should freelier rejoice in that absence wherein he won honour than in the embracements of his bed, where he would most show love.
  • You've got to do it! he cried savagely. "It's the only possible way. Remember your oath, Captain. It's for the greatest good of all mankind. You swore to uphold that when you entered the Service. Damn you, Gardiner, I'm your superior officer! Pull yourself together, you damned coward, and obey me, or you'll be disgraced forever!"
  • 'As you plase, Sir,' replied the attorney; 'you're tumblin' yourself and your friend into a nice predicament--as good a consthructive ousther, vi et armis, as my client could possibly desire. Av coorse, Sir, we'll seek compensation in the regular way for this violent threspass; and we have you criminally, you'll obsarve, no less than civilly.'
  • Anna. Aurore's thoughts came clearly to her, sad, accepting of her fate. I tried to warn you, Anna. Now it's too late. The outsiders have truly spoiled you. Gautier and Meg'll burn in hell for what they've done. You can let yourself die now. There's no escape. You can't get out. Not before I set off the explosions. N'est pas?
  • Because you are still in the world, you old fool, and not where you deserve to be, I answered. "Because Mavovo's Snake was a snake with a true tongue after all, and Dogeetah came as it foretold. Because we are all alive and well, and it is Imbozwi with his spawn who are dead upon the posts. That is why, Hans, as you would have seen for yourself if you had kept awake, instead of swallowing filthy medicine like a frightened woman, just because you were afraid of death, which at your age you ought to have welcomed."
  • Can't you work yourself along the tree? I asked. "We can't reach, and even if we could walk out I don't see how we'd ever get back."
  • Simplelook at them. They're ussort of. That's the point! You have to face up to who you really are and admit the truth about yourself to get past them. I figured they were lying because that's what I would do. And you, well you're not as bad as I am, but can you honestly say that you've never told a lie in your whole life? Of course not. They know us; they knew exactly how to play us. That puzzle stuff, you live for that stuff. But I knew that neither of us would rather die than give up the truth.'
  • "True, madam. And, to comfort you with the chance, assure yourself that, after our ship did split, when you and those poor number saved with you hung upon our driven boat, I saw your brother, most provident in peril, bind himselfcourage and hope both teaching him the practiseto a strong mast that lived upon the seawhere I saw him hold acquaintance with the waves, like Arion on the dolphins back,"—stay afloat, "so long as I could see!"
  • 'Tis well, and go with us you shall. So tumble into the chariot, and stow yourself away wherever you can find room. Then let us on with speed.
  • "The entirety of the Universe, including all known and unknown dimensions, is currently in a paradox recovery cycle. The Spirit Channel will travel out of Oblivion and through afterworld one to reach afterworld sixteen, the Conservatory, and you will be arriving fourteen hours in the past." The agent handed them their boarding passes. "Since you will be traveling to a non-observation level of an afterworld, you will experience strong perceptions of color." The agent pointed towards his eyes. "You may need to give yourself a few minutes to adjust when you arrive. Have a nice ride."
  • "Thank you, my dear, you have cheered me up," said she as she always did. "But best of all you have brought yourself back--for I never saw anything like it, you ought to give your wife a scolding! What are we to do with her? She is like a mad woman when you are away. Doesn't see anything, doesn't remember anything," she went on, repeating her usual phrases. "Look, Anna Timofeevna," she added to her companion, "see what a box for cards my son has brought us!"
  • Just brace yourself for the next few weeks of the tabloid hacks digging up as much dirt as possible on the gaydamak family.
  • The night before the examinations, instead of studying, you saw fit to wander away and involve yourself in a disgraceful fight with hoodlums. I did not say anything at the time. In my heart I think I might almost have forgiven you that, if you had done well in your school-work.
  • Of course, said Jack; "that is to say, I think so. But you must judge for yourself whether the post is such as you would care to accept. The fact is that, as I told you just now, I have been overworking myself; and a specialist whom I have come down here to consult tells me that I must take a long holiday in the open air. I have therefore decided to go on a yachting cruise--to the West Indies, probably--and I want you to take command of the ship for me. She is a brand-new, three-hundred-and- forty-ton steam-yacht, of eight hundred indicated horse-power, and her guaranteed sea speed is twenty-two knots."
  • "The same way you left it, I suppose. And anyway, it's not my world. Didn't you say yourself that I spoke your language? I came from this world, onlyI seem to have lost my memory." He watched her jaw working. "What's so important about the flute?"
  • What line, Viretta asked, "the line between genius and insanity? Because I crossed that line years ago. All insanity is, is the ability to think outside the box. And in my opinion, you need to build a bond between yourself and the natural world to do this. I tore away barriers between me and nature, and i gained this knowledge and power."
  • "Obviously not. We're talking and moving, aren't we? But--we are on the fence. When I gave my impulsor the jolt of high power, it went wrong and I think something must have happened to me. At the same instant, you had shot yourself.
  • Well, said Mr. Jones, "the result shows that instead of making everything come out all right, you made it come all wrong. Now, Derrick, I want this to be a lesson that you will remember all your life. By making that one little bit of a change in a single line you placed yourself and me in great peril. In consequence of the situation to which it led one man has lost his life, and several others came very near doing so. You thought you knew better than your father who drew that plan, and in your ignorance undertook to improve upon his work.
  • "Well, enjoy yourself with those ladies," I said. "Youll probably have a better time than Im having. The Busters are losing, in case you wondered."
  • "So you turned Paul down, eh?" he said at last. "You're the prize chump. You've missed the best chance you'll ever have to put yourself on Easy Street."
  • "Confound it, boy! I never acted this way! How then you? Get a hold of yourself and stop sniveling like a yellow-bellied ninny!"
  • Aha!’ George declared triumphantly. ‘So thats what this is all about! This isnt about me at all, is it? Its about you! Youre about to commit yourself and it terrifies you!’ He cocked his head arrogantly. ‘Youre also jealous of me because I dont commit myself to anyone and I dont care a button about what people think of me. Youre jealous of my freedom, and the fact that I can play the field with young women like Miss Norwood.’
  • Ah, then, isn't it yourself has the illigant time of it, Father dear! said he, tapping him familiarly upon his ample paunch, "and nothing to trouble you; the best of divarsion wherever you go, and whether it's Badahos or Ballykilruddery, it's all one; the women is fond of ye. Father Murphy, the coadjutor in Scariff, was just such another as yourself, and he'd coax the birds off the trees with the tongue of him. Give us a pull at the pipkin before it's all gone, and I'll give you a chant."
  • That doesn't sound like smooching to me, said Allura. "It sounds like a sledge hammer smashing a metal object. Have you uploaded yourself into a robot's brain, Philip?"
  • "I heard O'Rourke last night. He woke me up. But dont worry about it, everyone falls asleep now and then, especially O'Rourke, though hed never admit it. I woke him up one time when he was on radio watch and had to shake him for five minutes before he came to. And when he did, he got mad as hell at me for thinking he was asleep! Hes a weird fucker that guy! The important thing to remember is not to lie down or youll doze off without realizing it. Sit up stand up, that way if you go to sleep youll fall over and wake yourself up."
  • No, Hester. No, I do not. I am ashamed of myself and humbly apologize! cried Gladwyn. "If you insist upon placing yourself within the power of yonder savages, I shall know that you do so from the loftiest sense of duty, with a full knowledge that you jeopardize your life, and with a courage that I fear I for one could not exhibit."
  • Then entrust yourself to your faithful savior who is working for your good, even as he did with that woman.
  • Perhaps not, replied the doctor. "You kept command of yourself pretty well; but I think the secret of that is that you have not quite forgotten Mona."
  • "Oh, dont be so melodramatic," she said, rolling her eyes. "So you were an idiot? So you still are? Thats no reason to cut yourself off from everyone. Learn from you mistake and get on with your damned life."
  • No, you won't sir! retorted Jetson, rising, his face ablaze with sulky anger. "You may go to Coventry, Mr. Darrin, and welcome, but you shall not share mine with me. You shall not share anything whatever with me--not even the air of this room if I can prevail upon you to take yourself out of a room where you are not wanted. Mr. Darrin, I indulge myself in the honor of wishing you--good evening!"
  • I hope you will come. I desire to be generous on my part. Ask yourself whether you are able to believe this. You don't know women, Mr. Neeland. Your conclusion probably will be a wrong one.
  • "Come on, I have the card. I just didn't get to the ticket master in time." Caislyn tried to sound convincing to no one. 'Damn, I hope I was right about the building,' she thought to herself since she hadn't seen anyone else trying to get in the building from this point of entry. "Look, I know you're there.  Just show yourself and lets have us a chat about it. What do you say?"
  • "I would doubt that very much, Dr. Shaa," said the captain with a sidelong glance in his direction, "seeing as you yourself contribute mightily to it, dont you know. You are a challenge yourself, sir, and no doubt about that. You must have been quite a vexation to your mother, if you dont mind my saying so."
  • Did you hear me shouting when Peter came along? I hoped you would understand and bide yourself some way, so that he wouldn't find you. What I was most afraid of was that you would be in the woods with your friend, and that you wouldn't hear us.
  • Go, sir, said the king; "and should I forget you (kings' memories are short), do not be afraid to bring yourself to my recollection. Baron, send for the minister of war. Blacas, remain."
  • "They'll walk into the trap beautiful, sir, see if they don't," he said. "Lor', sir, if you only could make yourself look like the Yankee skipper, we should be lovely."
  • "Never, never marry, my dear fellow! That's my advice: never marry till you can say to yourself that you have done all you are capable of, and until you have ceased to love the woman of your choice and have seen her plainly as she is, or else you will make a cruel and irrevocable mistake. Marry when you are old and good for nothing--or all that is good and noble in you will be lost. It will all be wasted on trifles. Yes! Yes! Yes! Don't look at me with such surprise. If you marry expecting anything from yourself in the future, you will feel at every step that for you all is ended, all is closed except the drawing room, where you will be ranged side by side with a court lackey and an idiot!... But what's the good?..." and he waved his arm.
  • "Take a vacation, Spen. Let this thing blow over. You can use the Amex for a few more hours. Buy yourself an airline ticket, get some cash. I'll wire more where you're going."
  • Wait--wait! urged the more prudent Eustace. "For Heaven's sake, don't give yourself away again. If you must lick the boy, wait until you get him--and the sheep--safe home this evening. If you give him beans now, its more than likely he'll leave the whole flock in the veldt and won't come back at all--not forgetting, of course, to drive off a dozen or two to Nteya's location."
  • Do you think yourself competent to command a steamer like the Guardian-Mother, my dear fellow? asked Louis, with a rather quizzical expression on his face.
  • "Thats your whole problem," Roni said. "You cant look at yourself any more without seeing a victim. Who was it who used to bore everybodys ears off with all that stuff about the limits of fate and the power of will? Couldnt have been you; youve got a martyr complex."
  • Certainly, Dawson, the major replied at once. "The place is yours. Help yourself to anything you like. So your survey flight is called off, eh?"
  • Colin, you are hereby summoned to a hearing on June 21 to answer charges of willful disobedience to the Ministry's laws. You put yourself and others in danger by leaving school grounds to avenge Headmaster Barns' death. In doing so, at least three of those students are now dead and we hold you responsible.
  • Nightshade showed Aufait and Doughty to their rooms and then sent Gallant on ahead to their room. When her husband left, she turned to deFöl and showed him into his room. She shut the door and a frown crossed her mouth. "Now is the time of peace from life and so I will be blunt. Aufait, Doughty and yourself do not yet fit into our society. Doubt is small pebbles cast into the placid pond, creating ripples of dissension."
  • Better not try it, Jack, cautioned Rand, "for if you eat as fast as you talk or talk as fast as you eat you will either starve yourself or choke."
  • All right, then, nodded Dave. "I understand that you don't want to fight here. Don't try to provoke me into a formal fight, at the Naval Academy, unless you are prepared to defend your side before a class committee. Now get up and take yourself away--you infamous hound!"
  • Huh! easy to laugh, you fellows, he remark, with deep satire in his voice. "Mebbe, now, you, don't believe what I'm telling you! Mebbe one of you'd like to just climb up there, and see for yourself what it is? I dare you, Bumpus!"
  • I have already told you how the road follows the coast-line, high up the cliffs, so that you look down hundreds of feet, almost sheer on to the waves dashing against the rocks below. There's nothing but a low wall to prevent you pitching bang over and dashing yourself to bits, if you had an accident. There are two or three villages between Castellamare and Sorrento, and generally a lot of traffic; but, as it happened, we didn't pass or meet much that afternoon; I suppose because it was getting late.
  • Being desirous to spare the lady the trouble to come to me, I made haste to meet her; and as I was saluting her with a low bow, she asked me, What are you? a man or a genie? A man, madam, said I; I have no correspondence with genies. By what adventure, said she, (fetching a deep sigh,) are you come hither? I have lived here these twenty-five years, and never saw any man but yourself during that time.
  • Mr. Mackinder, Ned said in a low tone vibrant with indignation, "if you've quite satisfied yourself that we have not got the package you seem to be seeking we'll excuse you. We don't want your company any more, and we shall try to proceed upon our journey alone."
  • "Nay, not yet. They'd see it burning, and tread it out. Here, you let me have it. I'll hold it to the last minute, and when I throw, you duck yourself down, or you might get burnt."
  • You have no occasion to censure yourself for anything, replied Louis. "You have obeyed your orders, and our present difficult situation is the result of the non-appearance of the ship. Don't blame yourself, Captain Scott, for not a shadow of an imputation can rest upon your conduct."
  • The Watermark was a mid-air maelstrom, a ball of whipping vapor so tangled it might as well have been a rather confused waterspout or an errant floating pond. The usual traversal trick involved the use of its lashing wind as a crack-the-whip boost to spin yourself around and past it. The Stain surrounding the Watermark on the jagged floor-path usually had the appearance of a shoreline trough after a passing tidal surge or flood wave, being strewn with kelp and other seaweeds, sucking sands, an occasional lashing flounder, and residual pools of salt water. None of these things were actually there, of course, which only served to bear out the distinction between the perceptions of outer and inner eyes. The guardians (and Creeley before them) had been big on verisimilitude.
  • 'You didn't tell--not you, truly. I lay you a tenpenny-bit there isn't a tattler in the town but has the story by rote--a pretty kettle o' fish you'll make of it, with your meddling and lying. If 'twas true, 'twould be another matter, but--hold your tongue;--how the plague are you to know one card from another when they're all alike, and Mrs. Macnamara, Mrs. Macfiddle. I suppose you can read better than the adjutant, ha, ha! Well, mind my words, you've got yourself into a pretty predicament; I'd walk twice from this to the county court-house and back again, only to look at it; a pleasant cross-hackling the counsellors will give you, and if you prevaricate--you know what that is, my boy--the judge will make short work with you, and you may cool your heels in gaol as long as he pleases, for me.'
  • In a measure, yes, admitted the Kaiser. "But your presence with the Russian troops does not incline us to look with much favor upon yourself or your comrades.
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