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Okunuşu: / jɔː’sɛlf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: your·self


zam. kendiniz, kendin;
kendi kendinize. be your self tabii olunuz.

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  • The Kaedith placed a hand on his shoulder and walked him toward the shelter of the house. "In time I will tell all, and you will not believe. Surely then there is little urgency in me telling you." She gestured toward the forest that surrounded. "You may simply see this house as a refuge for the present time, a place of rest that is far removed from the troubles of yourself and your own world."
  • Couldn't tell you, said the brigadier. "My advice to you is to keep yourself as inconspicuous as possible until the administrator gets back."
  • Do I understand from you, my dear sir, that you yourself were carried away from this island when about four years of age? he asked, pulling up his horse, as if he felt unable to guide the animal, and gazing at me earnestly.
  • "Well then," Palliser argued-"Yes, I see what you mean. This is merely knowledge--premature knowledge? Umph. Well, let's return to eleven-thirty." He took a step towards the safe, but Sir Giles caught him by the wrist. "Don't do that, you fool," he said. "Why the hell didn't I see it before? If you once go back, you'll bind yourself to go on doing the same thing--you must."
  • Never! returned the girl, emphatically. "You'll never be a nobody, Dave. You are too true, both to yourself and to those around you. You'll make a name for yourself in this world even if they take your present name away from you;" and as she spoke the girl's words rang with earnestness.
  • "Give you a tip: never run yourself down. You want people to hear, you make a noise. Shannon! Get him a drink." He strutted toward his desk as spectral Shannon coalesced beside me.
  • Take a chair, Hawkesley, interrupted the skipper; "pour yourself out a glass of wine, and let us have your story in the fewest possible words. Mr Armitage, do me the favour to ascertain the brig's present whereabouts and let me know. Now, Hawkesley, we are ready to listen to you."
  • `Everything in Paris is gay,' said Ignatius Gallaher. `They believe in enjoying life - and don't you think they're right? If you want to enjoy yourself properly you must go to Paris. And, mind you, they've a great feeling for the Irish there. When they heard I was from Ireland they were ready to eat me, man.'
  • "I just thought you should know, a lot of us think the paint youre using isnt a very good match for the old paint," she said. I have to admit I was quite agitated by this and spoke a bit harshly saying, "A lot of us? Who exactly isa lot of us’? Just how many people have been wondering in and out while Ive been painting?" Defensively she replied, "Oh, we havent been inside. We were just looking at the paint swatches over at the hardware store. The colour you picked is too orange." "I see," I said, a bit embarrassed that I had been so set on edge by the crazy lady I had encountered earlier, continuing with, "Well I guess youll just have to come in and see for yourself when I open."
  • "To give yourself up?" echoed Burrell, vaguely. "How do you mean?" He had sat like one in a trance during the long recital, only his eyes alive.
  • "Welcome to the exciting world of the convenience store industry. Give yourself a hand, because you have made the right choice in selecting a career in this bustling service industry…"
  • And what if you find yourself getting overly concerned about your weight and preoccupied with food?
  • "Yes, sir, wife; and it might happen that the gallant husband had an accident with you. We can dig holes, you see. Perhaps we might put somebody in one and cover him up.--Now, you understand. Behave yourself and you shall come to no harm; but play any tricks, and--Look here, my lads; show our new labourer what you have in your pockets."
  • Similarityook at the images of ted for yourself and see the uncanny similarities.
  • "Take a vacation, Spen. Let this thing blow over. You can use the Amex for a few more hours. Buy yourself an airline ticket, get some cash. I'll wire more where you're going."
  • Just identify yourself got it the explains Jim hilbert the first line.
  • It appears you do not want freedom very much for yourself or the remnant of your army, said Turan Shah. "Perhaps you would be more willing to pay the price we ask if we were to put you to the torture."
  • I could have cried from relief until I suddenly realized I didnt know anyones name at the whole table. 'Lovely Einstein, dont introduce yourself to anyone, or ask them what their names are, either…’ I thought to myself.
  • Kewpie said: "Hell, Shean, take a few drinks and maybe you'll feel like working. You can knock off a few bucks for yourself tonight as well as not."
  • All right, be patient a minute and I will have you out, Charley answered as he climbed nimbly up his tree and reached the edge of the pit. A moment's search and he found what he wanted, a long, stout grape vine strong as a rope. He cut off a piece some forty feet in length, fastened one end to the tree, and dropped the other down into the pit. "You'll have to pull yourself out, Walt," he called.
  • But I must find some means to know," said I. "I cannot continue to go dovering round in the black night with two men's lives at my girdle! Catriona, try to put yourself in my place, as I vow to God I try hard to put myself in yours. This is no kind of talk that should ever have fallen between me and you; no kind of talk; my heart is sick with it. See, keep him here till two of the morning, and I care not. Try him with that."
  • "But this is so short sighted. I can tell you that you might get a thousand bucks out of these registers combined. You couldve gotten yourself a job back in the warehouse and set up a nice little system."
  • "No, no!" cried Natasha, "she and I have already talked it over. We knew you'd say so. But it won't do, because you see, if you say that--if you consider yourself bound by your promise--it will seem as if she had not meant it seriously. It makes it as if you were marrying her because you must, and that wouldn't do at all."
  • "Fine," Colt grunted after a long moment of thought. "But if the ghosts of ten thousand dead dwarves suck the life from our bones, you've only got yourself to blame."
  • Sit ye down there, Leather, said the scout, "see, or, rather, hear-- for the eyes aren't of much use just now--I've set down the grub an' a flask o' water beside ye. Don't strike a light unless you want to have your neck stretched. Daylight won't be long o' lettin' ye see what's goin' on. You won't weary, for it'll be as good as a play, yourself bein' chief actor an' audience all at the same time!"
  • "If a fight looks to start, get behind the cart or oxendon't leave yourself open to direct attack. If they come round the cart at you, the spears will have to keep them away while the archers pick them off, even though you guys don't have armor or shields. That's an oversight we'll correct as soon as we can. Stay together and don't runyou'll be picked off individually if you do."
  • No, replied the outlaw. "You might injure yourself with the guns, and the badges are no good anywhere outside of Chicago. If you don't get out right now, we'll handcuff you to a tree and let the bears feed on you. You don't look good to us anyway."
  • Do not apologize, Sir Sidney Smith said kindly; "the feeling did you credit as a man, though as an officer personal feelings cannot be permitted to sway the actions. Now go ashore again and report yourself as returned from leave."
  • "You must clear yourself completely, sir, before you can hope to obtain absolution for your sins of omission," insisted Mrs Gilmour, pretending to be very stern indeed. "Now, prisoner at the bar, answer truly, have you or have you not got a yacht?"
  • About what you yourself have just answered. He told me to come and inform myself whether you had decided to hold firm in spite of all, in spite of the King himself.
  • If either of them come into your consciousness, breathe and focus yourself on the moment, on the things that surround you, the mundane.’
  • In the kitchen she got two mugs from a cupboard and stood on tiptoes to reach a box of hot chocolate mix. When she noticed me still standing in the living room, she said, "Make yourself at home."
  • I'll go downstairs to the cigar stand and shake you the dice, one flop, to see whether you go into business for yourself or come to work for me, Cappy pleaded.
  • "Only our holy brotherhood has the real meaning of life, all the rest is a dream," said Pierre. "Understand, my dear fellow, that outside this union all is filled with deceit and falsehood and I agree with you that nothing is left for an intelligent and good man but to live out his life, like you, merely trying not to harm others. But make our fundamental convictions your own, join our brotherhood, give yourself up to us, let yourself be guided, and you will at once feel yourself, as I have felt myself, a part of that vast invisible chain the beginning of which is hidden in heaven," said Pierre.
  • Take good care of yourself _________________ every child is born a naturalist.
  • Tip, we're gonna get you taken care of. Maxine is in the housemiracles performed 24/7. We're gonna walk those puppies, we're gonna rip out those polyps and you're gonna get yourself some relaxation on top of itI hear your distress and I respond to it with the Lord's love. I'm your helping hand, honey, all you gotta do is grab it. Can you do that, Tip? Can you take hold of my outstretched hand? Tip groaned:
  • I'm telling you, this idea is gold. You can still want to do drugs, just don't buy them and you can't do them! You can still want to go out and have sex with strangers but if you lock yourself in a trunk you can't leave the house. You can want to surf just don't learn to swim. Keep that finger out of that nose and you're fine. Shit, there's the book title right there!
  • Yes and no, M. Aronnax, replied Captain Nemo, who seemed to know the Red Sea by heart. "That which is no longer dangerous for a modern vessel, well rigged, strongly built, and master of its own course, thanks to obedient steam, offered all sorts of perils to the ships of the ancients. Picture to yourself those first navigators venturing in ships made of planks sewn with the cords of the palmtree, saturated with the grease of the seadog, and covered with powdered resin! They had not even instruments wherewith to take their bearings, and they went by guess amongst currents of which they scarcely knew anything. Under such conditions shipwrecks were, and must have been, numerous. But in our time, steamers running between Suez and the South Seas have nothing more to fear from the fury of this gulf, in spite of contrary tradewinds. The captain and passengers do not prepare for their departure by offering propitiatory sacrifices; and, on their return, they no longer go ornamented with wreaths and gilt fillets to thank the gods in the neighbouring temple."
  • "Lucky bastard," Kelvin mumbled. "Take my word for it. You are dead and this in definitely hell, or one of its suburbs. If you manage to get killed then consider yourself lucky. You might come back as something better!"
  • He tried to draw Guido out. "Why do you mix yourself in this quarrel? Why does a Templar write troubadour poetry and seek dangerous company in a bookseller's wineshop?"
  • Now, said Monte Cristo, "that you have fortified yourself against all painful excitement, prepare yourself, my dear M. Cavalcanti, to meet your lost Andrea." Saying which Monte Cristo bowed, and disappeared behind the tapestry, leaving the major fascinated beyond expression with the delightful reception which he had received at the hands of the count.
  • Max shook his head slightly, letting out a low laugh. Who the hell did this guy think he was? What was he trying to prove? What was his game: danger didn't scare him? Sounded like the words of a bloody idiot if ever he'd heard them. You don't go seeking it out, especially when you don't have to, when nothing real is on the line. Throwing yourself around for pointless bravado was an unacceptable risk to people in their line of work. They were expected, for the protection of others, to be at the top of their game. Breaking your leg on a morning jog was going to help absolutely nobody.
  • Clytemnestra left. Erato smiled an apology, stepped outside, and shut the door. Paddington locked it, used the toilet, and stared into the wide mirror. "What have you got yourself into?" he asked. When his reflection didnt have any sensible answer, he unlocked the door and followed Erato back through the labyrinth and through a door. A moment too late, he realised they werent in the dining room.
  • "What if I were to tell you he would accept you as an ally in a heartbeat? That in return he could give you power, wealth, or almost anything you could ever desire. All you would have to do is pledge yourself to him. Before you say no think for a moment. He and his armies are powerful, posed to sweep across this nation like a wildfire. Everything in its path will be annihilated. At his side you would be behind the fire. Safety guaranteed, a life of leisure yours for the taking. What would you say?"
  • Daniel of Woller rose to his feet and stared down on Gordon. "There is no way you or your world can protect yourself from Eba-evin. He will invade, entering your world at will, leaving just as suddenly, and he will win." Daniel walked slowly to the edge of the rocky precipice and the spires of smoke curled about him and thin tongues of flame rose from the depths. He turned and spoke again to Gordon. "The only way you can save yourself is to join forces with Eba-evin ... as I have."
  • His companion nods. "Master, it is no time to chide you now; affection is not berated out of the heart. If love have touched you," he says, with a wry smile, "nought remains but so: ‘Redime te captum quam queas minimo!"—save yourself as best as you can.
  • "Vasili Dmitrich, I thank you for the honor," she said, with an embarrassed voice, though it sounded severe to Denisov--"but my daughter is so young, and I thought that, as my son's friend, you would have addressed yourself first to me. In that case you would not have obliged me to give this refusal."
  • "You haven't tried to play the game," he answered tensely. "For months you've been withdrawing into your shell. You've been clanking your chains and half-heartedly wishing for some mysterious power to strike them off. It wasn't a thing you undertook lightly. It isn't a thing--marriage, I mean--that you hold lightly. That being the case, you would have been wise to try making the best of it, instead of making the worst of it. But you let yourself drift into a state of mind where you--well, you see the result. I saw it coming. I didn't need to happen in this afternoon to know that there were undercurrents of feeling swirling about. And so the way you feel now is in itself a penalty. If you let Monohan cut any more figure in your thoughts, you'll pay bigger in the end."
  • 'Psha!' said he in a whisper--for the semblance of sleep affected everyone alike--'his pulse is just gone. Now, Madam, listen to me. There's not a soul in Chapelizod but yourself who does not know his wounds are mortal--he's dying, Ma'am.'
  • "Sir, you may thank yourself for this great loss," says his callous brother. "You would not bless our Europe with your daughter, but rather lose her to Africawhere she is, at the least, banished from your eye, who hath caused the wet grief oft!"
  • Don't you know that I am an army officer, and that you are laying up a good deal of trouble for yourself by making me a prisoner?
  • Your son did wrong not to kill them, the Arab said, "he will be in danger from them. I have called not only to thank him, but to ask him to come and bide with us for a time; he will assuredly be in danger here. Were I governor of the town I would chop off the heads of all those people who breed disorders and are a curse to it. 'Tis well that Franks like yourself should settle among us, and should trade with us, buying our goods and selling to us those of Europe, but these thieves and cut-throats, these ruffians who neither trade nor work, but live by ill-doing, should be rooted out."
  • "And he with you, by George! When he took your fortune, and your spoons, and your ear-rings, he had all he wanted of you. He drove you from his house; and when he discovered you had made yourself comfortable, and found a good situation, he'd have taken your guineas, and your silver, and your ear-rings over again, and then allowed you half-a-dozen years more to make a new harvest for his mill. You don't wish him good; if you say you do, you lie."
  • The Puppetmaster shook his head. "You dont get it. You think this is a game. Youve always thought of villainy as a game. Thats why you always considered yourself a supervillain, because you think you can get away with acting like youre in a comic book."
  • I know how you feel about it, Mr. Bronson went on; "but you are only a boy, very much like that young sparrow we were watching. If at home you have not sufficient control over yourself to study, then away from home, out in the world which you think is calling to you, you will likewise not have sufficient control over yourself to do the work of that world.
  • But, madame, replied the count, continuing the conversation, and looking by turns at Madame de Villefort and Valentine, "have I not already had the honor of meeting yourself and mademoiselle before? I could not help thinking so just now; the idea came over my mind, and as mademoiselle entered the sight of her was an additional ray of light thrown on a confused remembrance; excuse the remark."
  • "Ember, you have to LEARN to drive a car first! Next, you get a permit so you can practice and then, you get a licensein that order. You could kill yourself trying to drive around freakinclueless. I thought we agreed that youd get my permission BEFORE you decided to alleviate your own curiosity about something. This kind of stunt could kill me too because Id keel over if something happened to you…"
  • Feel free to use my office if you want to do any interviewing Import. In fact with the Factory expanding and getting busier, why dont you organise some carpenter ants from White Ant Excavators to build yourself an office of your own?’
  • Just brace yourself for the next few weeks of the tabloid hacks digging up as much dirt as possible on the gaydamak family.
  • When the company is privatized, you should avail yourself of the opportunity and buy some shares.
  • Jetson, you owe it to yourself, as well as to the class, to offer your apology for a remark that reflected upon the whole brigade. You can violate no feeling of honor or proper pride by such an apology. In fact, I do not see how you can justify yourself in withholding such apology for having expressed a sentiment which you know you did not mean in the way that the brigade has taken it.
  • This surprised Stephanie, who was used to opposition, and when Stephanie explained that she had picked the elk trophy to attack instead of the snarling javelina or the mountain lion because its head stuck out the farthest, Aunt Helen said it made sense, though it didn't really. Aunt Helen also explained briefly that she thought Stephanie's curiosity exceeded her knowledge of taxidermy; Aunt Helen added that Stephanie might be laboring under the false impression that the taxidermist had left a dried up chunk of elk brain inside the elk head, but such a belief was only logical and who knew but what it was true? Stephanie asked what taxidermy was. Aunt Helen said that was not too important and Stephanie should just go ahead with what she wanted. Such notions grip you when you're eight, Aunt Helen explained. The difference was when you were older you stopped yourself from doing anything. Well, she wasn't going to stop Stephanie.
  • And came out of it with flying colors and waving plumes. Why, my dear fellow, those chaps on the island will delight in decorating, and befeathering, and fixing you up again in great shape, as they did before. You need not present yourself to the ladies until all your former gorgeousness is restored. Then imagine your triumph. You have no idea how becoming the costume of a forest warrior is to you. Don't you remember how highly Madam Rothsay complimented your impersonation of that character? But seriously, Bullen, I doubt if there is any other plan so good as the one I have suggested; and unless you can think of a better, it is the one we must adopt. Now, as we must be at least within sight of the island, and have no desire to pass it, or land on it in the dark, I propose that we get a little sleep while waiting for daylight to show us its position. My! won't I be glad of a breakfast, though? Plenty to eat was at least one alleviating feature of our recent captivity, and it is to be hoped that our new hosts will be equally generous with their provisions.
  • On this machan were some old blankets. "Here, conceal yourself in these" said the policeman. The Deputy Magistrate needed no second bidding. He climbed up and rolled himself in one of the blankets and heaped the others in front of him. The policeman carried the ladder away, right out of the house. Then he shut the door and returned to the office.
  • At the far end of this snug room is a second door, on opening which you find yourself looking down upon the great kitchen, with a little balcony before you, from which the housekeeper used to issue her commands to the cook, and exercise a sovereign supervision.
  • Well, sir, said General Givet to Captain Bassil, "what was your reason for ordering this lad shot? You will please explain yourself at once."
  • In the old digging days the knapsack, or straps-across-the chest fashion, was tried, but the load pressed on a man's chest and impeded his breathing, and a man needs to have his bellows free on long tracks in hot, stirless weather. Then the "horse-collar," or rolled military overcoat style--swag over one shoulder and under the other arm--was tried, but it was found to be too hot for the Australian climate, and was discarded along with Wellington boots and leggings. Until recently, Australian city artists and editors--who knew as much about the bush as Downing Street knows about the British colonies in general--seemed to think the horse-collar swag was still in existence; and some artists gave the swagman a stick, as if he were a tramp of civilization with an eye on the backyard and a fear of the dog. English artists, by the way, seem firmly convinced that the Australian bushman is born in Wellington boots with a polish on 'em you could shave yourself by.
  • The ensign frowns. "As I am an honest man, I thought you had received some bodily wound! There is more sense in that than in reputation!" Cassio fails to enjoy the jest on sense. "Reputation is an idle and most false imposition: oft got without merit, and lost without deserving! You have lost no reputation at all unless you repute yourself such a loser.
  • "I compared what you told me about yourself to the records we have of the others. The prodigies. It seems clear that there is most certainly a familial influence. Your parents were each uncommonly intelligent. Likely, had they tried their hands at magic, they would have excelled as well. I must say, though, in reviewing your story, I found a few points puzzling. You say just before you entered this place, you discovered that Leo was not what you had thought him to be," he said, taking advantage of her answer to slurp a few hasty spoonfuls of the stew.
  • "You know whats good for you, get your ass out of here," said the pimply guy. "Nobody slings rock around the Hill but Crips. Do yourself a favor. Get the fuck out before they grab your ass."
  • "You know, I think I agree with you." I took another look at Dooglas, preening himself by the fire, rising up on his toes and then sinking back down, watching us with the shining eyes of somebody whos just found true religion. "Ask yourself this," I said to him, "if youve a mind left to do it with. Where will you be if Sapriels power runs out, or even Sapriel himself? We are not the only ones interested in him. Do you think he will waste a thought on you? Where will you be, you and your business? You are not exactly leaving much to the imagination, are you, and you have not left yourself anywhere to retreat. Is this what a leading merchant renowned for his perspicacity would do?"
  • "All right, then; consider yourself a member, and come round to the field behind our house this afternoon. We practise there every day."
  • You'll like it better, said Crooks. "You come to me if you get stuck; but work things out for yourself if you can. Now, about those notes I've indorsed!"
  • Therefore, you can carry it yourself exactly as though it were your suitcase, keep it with you in the train and on shipboard.
  • Gwydion's smile was sour as spoiled milk. "My dear wife, you appear to be under a misapprehension. Your role here is as nothing greater than an accessory, an ornament. You should acquaint yourself with this reality immediately: I am the power in Aquia."
  • Never you fear but that I'll be right at my post of duty when the command is given to form ranks, Corporal 'Lige said to the messenger, and after the latter had departed he added as he turned to the boy, "Now, Isaac, lad, you can see what they think of Corporal 'Lige. Colonel Easton and Master Brown are hangin' 'round the inn instead of waitin' for the committee to visit them. An' what do I do? Why, I stay quietly here, knowin' they can't well get along without me, an' instead of coolin' my heels among a lot of raw recruits, I'm sent for when the time is come, as if I was a staff officer. That's one thing you want to bear in mind. If you don't count yourself of any importance, other people are mighty apt to pass you by as a ne'er-do-well."
  • The life was difficult, he found, and extremely laborious. When it suited his book J. P. could be one of the most fascinating and entertaining of men, but when it didn't, well, he wasn't. The truth was that you could never tell what he really thought at any moment; it made you feel as though you were blind and not he; you found yourself groping around all the time for a good lead and coming unexpectedly up against a stone wall.
  • But they had a monoplane last summer, Larry; and you can see for yourself it's a biplane out yonder over the lake. So that's why I thought it must be Percy Carberry and his crony, Sandy Hollingshead.
  • The confident endeavoured to encourage the jeweller: Believe me, said he, that Schemselnihar is not so unreasonable as to expose you to the least danger, from whom she expects such considerable services. Consider with yourself that there is not the least appearance of hazard: my mistress and I are too much interested in this affair to involve you in any danger. You may depend upon me, and leave yourself to my conduct. After the affair is over, you will confess to me that your fear was groundless.
  • "Please dont steer this away from our point," I jumped in, since Kylie looked a bit stricken by his question. "Feel free to go where you want. Write what you want and invest in your wonderful therapeutic remedies. But we have a problem with how you misrepresented yourself to us. And to God knows how many other people who have genuine concerns."
  • If you like a proper boozer and a chat with friends go there mother red cap - big up yourself " "
  • Wait--wait! urged the more prudent Eustace. "For Heaven's sake, don't give yourself away again. If you must lick the boy, wait until you get him--and the sheep--safe home this evening. If you give him beans now, its more than likely he'll leave the whole flock in the veldt and won't come back at all--not forgetting, of course, to drive off a dozen or two to Nteya's location."
  • "Say, Burton, come with me to the dance at Grant's to-night," said the visitor. "I'm driving out in my cutter, and I want company. They're O.K. people, and there's a new-comer out there we all want to see. As for an invitation--well, I have instructions to see that all the desirables are asked, and I figure you in that bunch. Come along. The sooner you get acquainted here the better, both for yourself and from a business point of view."
  • Mappel was taken aback by this determined response. "What makes you say that? You yourself said that the races will all unite here at Connel. Are you now saying that prediction may not unfold?"
  • Will, he began slowly, "do you remember what you said back there about not being so quick to tell folks when they might be wrong? I would like for you to keep this information to yourself when we get to town. And Will, I would also ask that you keep your being a Democrat to yourself. Would you do that for me? Please?"
  • "I'm not that young you fool." Her eyes sparked at him. Something else flashed there. "I didn't think it proper for you to be out in the open like that. Embarrassing yourself with yoursize."
  • "I do assure you," replied Doctor Danvers, in a voice which seemed scarcely audible, after the stunning and passionate explosion of Marston's wrath, "I did not imagine that you could feel thus sorely upon the point; nay, I thought that you yourself were not without such painful doubts."
  • I know him, said the man with the bandage. "And he knows more of chivalry than you ever will, Monseigneur. Good Christian men are being murdered over there, and if you think yourself too grand to grieve for them you can at least show a decent respect."
  • "He's a sturdy little chap," he said, "and we'll do our best. A child frequently survives terrific shock. It would be mistaken kindness for me to make light of his condition simply to spare your feelings. He has an even chance. I shall stay until morning. Now, I think it would be best to lay him on a bed. You must relax, Mrs. Fyfe. I can see that the strain is telling on you. You mustn't allow yourself to get in that abnormal condition. The baby is not conscious of pain. He is not suffering half so much in his body as you are in your mind, and you mustn't do that. Be hopeful. We'll need your help. We should have a nurse, but there was no time to get one."
  • Do take care of yourself my darling - i feel awfully anxious about you.
  • You think you have disgraced yourself by letting your enemies out-manoeuvre you, and with the prisoners turn the table on your little escort?
  • "Now, my friend, plant yourself, as they say across the water, help yourself to what there is as the spirit moves you, and talk--the more about yourself the better. But stop. I forgot that we do not even know each other's name yet. Let me introduce myself first.
  • "Phew! Verily you are a hero of science if you have brought yourself to live in a hole like this for a couple of years rather than give up your dream, and grow fat on the loaves and fishes of conventionality."
  • Munching some sandwiches or treating yourself to an ice cream break.
  • Summer comes and the days fly by. Soon, its half over and I havent done a thing to enjoy it. Enjoy yourself along the way. I remember thinking those words as I climbed Bear Butte. So I jump on the opportunity when I see an ad posted on the local classified website from an area resort. Someone cancelled their reservation at the last minute and rather than let the cabin sit empty, the resort owner is offering the cabin to local residents for only fifty dollars a night. We can afford one night.
  • Every night now I used to slip ashore towards ten o'clock at some little village, and buy ten or fifteen cents' worth of meal or bacon or other stuff to eat; and sometimes I lifted a chicken that warn't roosting comfortable, and took him along. Pap always said, take a chicken when you get a chance, because if you don't want him yourself you can easy find somebody that does, and a good deed ain't ever forgot. I never see pap when he didn't want the chicken himself, but that is what he used to say, anyway.
  • Be always strictly truthful. There are two principal incentives to falsehood--vanity and fear. Never seek self-glorification by a falsehood. If fame is not to be won legitimately, do without it; and never seek to screen yourself by a falsehood--this is mean and cowardly in the last degree. `To err is human;' we are all liable to make mistakes sometimes; such a person as an infallible man, woman, or child has never yet existed, and never will exist. Therefore, if you make a mistake, have the courage to manfully acknowledge it and take the consequences; I will answer for it that they will not be very dreadful. A fault confessed is half atoned. And, apart from the morality of the thing, let me tell you that a reputation for truthfulness is a priceless possession to a man; it makes his services doubly valuable."
  • The desks on the route between Alec and I were lying haphazardly on their sides, but there wasn't any sign of Alec. Mrs. Alexander was looking down at me; concern etched into her features, and the beginnings of a crowd was starting to form as the rest of the students came over to look at the freak. Only something wasn't right. They weren't towering enough. When you pass out on a regular basis, you get used to finding yourself on the floor surrounded by concerned-looking people, but none of these people were looming properly.
  • Despite his anger over the nocturnal commotion, Malvolio is relishing the moment. "Sir Toby, I must be round with you! My lady bade me tell you that, though she harbours you as her kinsman, shes nothing allied to your disorders! If you can separate yourself and your misdemeanors, you are welcome to the house; if not, an it would please you to take leave of her, she is very willing to bid you farewell!"
  • And find yourself stepping onto the far curb beside CC. She says, "I'd go to San Francisco if I could." She keeps her eyes on the mall as she walks. "I'd go anywhere, if I could."
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