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Okunuşu: / jɔː’sɛlf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: your·self


zam. kendiniz, kendin;
kendi kendinize. be your self tabii olunuz.

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  • I won't tell her, and I'm not going to be angry, either, Dolly. But I'm very much afraid you'll be sorry yourself before we get back to the farm, and I don't see how Miss Eleanor can help finding out, because I'm pretty sure Mr. Holmes isn't going to get us back in time for lunch.
  • "Too modest are you," says Cominius, "more cruel to your good report than grateful to us that give you truly!" Clapping a hand on the commanders shoulder, he laughs. "By your patience, ifgainst yourself you be incensed, well put you, like one that means his proper harm, in manacles, then reason safely with you!"
  • "I will go out and talk to her," said Mama, pushing him toward the earthen jug filled with drinking water. "You must get out of the dress, first. Then, douse yourself before she sees you."
  • I'll have it rolled down for you the next time, Roger! cried Phil, gaily. "Just imagine yourself in the wild West, in one of the old-time overland coaches, with the Indians in full pursuit. How about that, Belle?"
  • 'And Mr. Dangerfield, if you'll only lay yourself out to help me, with your great knowledge and subtlety--disclosing everything you know or conjecture, and putting me in train to discover the rest--so that I may fully clear this dreadful mystery up--there is no sacrifice of fortune I will not cheerfully make to recompense such immense services, and you may name with confidence your own terms, and think nothing exorbitant.'
  • Then plunging his hand into his pocket, he drew forth a goodly number of gold pieces, and throwing them down carelessly on the table, said, "Pay yourself for the bottle of wine out of this, and keep the balance."
  • Well, but Sarah, dear, interposed the more exacting Jane, "you are making yourself unnecessarily ignorant. You very well know how intimate we are with the Greenes, and they know the Winters perfectly well, who are next-door neighbours to Mrs. Bradfort. I don't see how you can say we haven't good means of being 'measurably' well-informed."
  • Now I recognize the look that has so haunted me since I met you this morning. Upon my soul, Weston, I am glad to see that you are not dead, that you can clear up the story of Mayhew's killing and announce yourself once more a guiltless man.
  • Not if it's bubble wrap, said Neville. "You're liable to cut yourself to pieces on sharp bits of plastic if you're in a hurry."
  • Will, he began slowly, "do you remember what you said back there about not being so quick to tell folks when they might be wrong? I would like for you to keep this information to yourself when we get to town. And Will, I would also ask that you keep your being a Democrat to yourself. Would you do that for me? Please?"
  • "Ferrara meant you to find that cord, boy! Remember, he is unacquainted with your chambers and he requires a focus for his damnable forces! He knows well that you will have the thing somewhere near to you, and probably he knows something of its awful history! You are in danger! Keep a fast hold upon yourself.
  • "Ill tell you what you shall do. Our generals wife is now the generalI may say so in this respect: for that he hath devoted and given up himself to the contemplation, marking and denotement of her parts and graces. Confess yourself freely to herimportune her help to put you in your place again! She is of so free, so kind, so apt, so blessed a disposition, she in her goodness holds it a vice not to do more than she is requested!
  • The Russian Emperor's aide-de-camp is an impostor. Officers are nothing when they have no powers; this one had none.... The Austrians let themselves be tricked at the crossing of the Vienna bridge, you are letting yourself be tricked by an aide-de-camp of the Emperor.
  • "Youre not just a writer," she shot back. "Youve been out there representing yourself as this nice researcher whos just writing his story, and all along youre also, like, soliciting potential clients. Youre selling software to therapists and recruiting the people wholl need it. Are you going to be a therapist toothats the only part we couldnt figure out."
  • An excellent idea. Now suppose that you go and put yourself to bed with them, and they will be sure to wake you bright and early in the morning, he said, smiling now, because there really seemed a way out of the difficulty.
  • She said to him: "Unhappy man, no longer afflict yourself with pining after your country, but build you a ship, with which you may return home, since it is the will of the gods; who, doubtless, as they are greater in power than I, are greater in skill, and best can tell what is fittest for man. But I call the gods and my inward conscience to witness that I have no thought but what stood with thy safety, nor would have done or counselled anything against thy good. I persuaded thee to nothing which I should not have followed myself in thy extremity; for my mind is innocent and simple. O, if thou knewest what dreadful sufferings thou must yet endure before ever thou reachest thy native land, thou wouldest not esteem so hardly of a goddess's offer to share her immortality with thee; nor, for a few years' enjoyment of a perishing Penelope, refuse an imperishable and never-dying life with Calypso."
  • "I quite agree with you, my dear Mr. Marston," answered Dr. Danvers. "I have not divulged one syllable of that poor wretch's confession, save to yourself alone. You, as a magistrate, a relative of the murdered gentleman, and the head of that establishment among whom the guilt rests, are invested with an interest in detecting, and powers of sifting the truth in this matter, such as none other possesses. I clearly see, with you, too, the inexpediency and folly of talking, for talking's sake, of this affair. I mean to keep my counsel, and shall most assuredly, irrespectively even of your request--which should, however, of course, have weight with me--maintain a strict and cautious silence upon this subject."
  • Dr. foot recommends review: free yourself from embarrassing foot odor!
  • Says the jailer, "YourDeathhas eyes ins head then; I have not seen him so pictured. You must either be directed by some that take upon them to know, or do take upon yourself that which I am sure you do not know. On you jump to the after-inquiry"—Judgment—"at your own peril!
  • I'm doubtful, Foster answered. "What I meant to win was you; but in a way, that's wrong. If you hadn't given yourself to me, it would have been impossible. Well, it has been a day of triumph, and now, if you are willing, we needn't wait very long."
  • Catriona, said I, "what that mistake was I do not care to know. I know but the one thing--that you went to Prestongrange and begged my life upon your knees. O, I ken well enough it was for your father that you went, but when you were there you pleaded for me also. It is a thing I cannot speak of. There are two things I cannot think of into myself: and the one is your good words when you called yourself my little friend, and the other that you pleaded for my life. Let us never speak more, we two, of pardon or offence."
  • "I say again: it is necessary that you see itjust as it was necessary for you to realize your daughters abilities," said Mr. Conor. "I am sorry if I frightened you earlier. It was not my intention to do so, but to reawaken, as it were, Melodys powers so that you could see for yourself what she can do. I can see the questions rolling around in your head. If you can stay patient, hopefully youll live your way into the answers. Or, if not the answers, then their best approximations."
  • If you ever deny it again I'll drown you. It's WELL for you to set there and blubber like a baby--it's fitten for you, after the way you've acted. I never see such an old ostrich for wanting to gobble everything --and I a-trusting you all the time, like you was my own father. You ought to been ashamed of yourself to stand by and hear it saddled on to a lot of poor niggers, and you never say a word for 'em. It makes me feel ridiculous to think I was soft enough to BELIEVE that rubbage. Cuss you, I can see now why you was so anxious to make up the deffisit--you wanted to get what money I'd got out of the Nonesuch and one thing or another, and scoop it ALL!
  • No, I want to see you bring him in, his father said; "only don't kill yourself at it. It's just as well not to overstrain yourself; it's easy to have too much energy without judgment."
  • You see, Professor, said Young, "I don't want t' say anything against that big book you're writin'. I don't doubt that in its way it'll be a daisy; but you know yourself there won't be more'n about three cranks in th' whole o' God's universe who'll ever read more'n about ten lines of it; an' that's why I want you t' rush ahead with th' little book--that stands some chance o' bein' read outside o' lunatic asylums--so's folks'll know what a powerful queer time we've had. Don't be too cussed particular t' say just where that valley is--for, while it's not likely, we might want t' take a fightin' crowd along an' dynamite our way back there some day after more cash; but, exceptin' that, just give 'em th' cold facts. I reckon they'll make some folks open their eyes."
  • If you stick by that determination you'll find yourself on the beach in Cape Town, unless you conclude to take my recently vacated berth as second mate. And I'd hate like the devil to have you do that. There's neither sense nor profit for you in swapping jobs with me.
  • "Be ruled by me: depart in patience, and let us all go to The Tiger for dinner. Then, about evening, come yourself here alone, to know the reason for this strange restraint.
  • "You may resent it. I can't help that," said he, "but I think it would be neither kind nor right, if in a place like this city, I were to abandon you, with no more experience than a child, and no one but Mrs. Wardell to take care of you -- Mrs. Wardell, who really knows very little more of the world than you do yourself -- to the risk of being imposed on, or even compromised by your confidence in the professions of people who happen to turn up in a Babel so handsomely provided with sharks and sharpers, as London is."
  • 'For god's sake, Gladys, you are going out on a date with Maxand this is how you show up? He actually seems to genuinely like you. He's about as hot as it getshe's a fricking military Captain and he's built like an outdoors Gucci model. I really would have though you would have shown more effort.' She crossed her arms and shook her head slowly. 'Why did you have to sabotage yourself like this?'
  • I suppose by that, said Burke, "that you looked upon the stone mound in the cave as a sort of will left by those old Peruvians, and you made yourself an executor to carry out the intentions of the testators, as the lawyers say."
  • If you begin it, he will lead you into such deep mortification that will make you despise yourself and all your good works.
  • "I am not an idiot," Russ snapped back. "Go ahead and get yourself out of this mess, then." He lowered Fortya to the ground, and she let him, but still clutched one hand and stood halfway behind him, staring at Ricalli with saucer eyes.
  • My dear Nat:--Make yourself at home. I will be away to-day but will see you again to-night. Don't be surprised if somebody makes you a visit.
  • "And get yourself killed! You have a family that loves you, one that doesn't care what Perticus has turned you into." Rhimaldez pulled against the hand at first, but quickly stopped straining. "This will end, I promise. But you don't need to risk your life to make it so."
  • "When you finally run out of opponents, I will appear as a German duke that I killed a few years ago. He also had his face slashed. I'll stay at the same hotel you first chose when you ran away. I will make sure I am well known before our fight so reporters can find plenty of witnesses. After I kill you, I will take off my helmet and yell my name in German as I pretend to transfer ownership of your wands. Nobody knows your father speaks fluent German. Remember to carry several bags of blood because everyone will be recording the image of your corpse. And don't bet on yourself that last day.
  • "Yes, when I look into your eyes, I still see eternity. I look at them and know that I am safe. And I have never had the urge to look away. You see yourself as a Jackal headed Vampire. I see you as Anubis. I am not sure I would have you any other way."
  • If swearing to yourself was something people did, then Steve would swear to himself that he didn't even know hemorrhoids could burst. For the three days after the hemorrhoid had popped out of his ass and sat there like a purple raisin clinging to his anus he had tried his best to ignore it. Ignore the itching and aching as it slowly swelled up until it felt like a walnut between his ass cheeks. It had kept him up the previous two nights and all the Preparation H in the world didn't seem to have any effect. Still, when he was sitting there and all of a sudden he felt his pants get wet he would have sworn, if swearing to yourself was something people did, that he had shit himself. He was totally puzzled though, he had sharted before but never without some warning or feeling of his bowels loosening.
  • "Blood and bones! thunder and Mars! You see, sir, you shall see, and that very quickly, what you have to do with it, unless you take yourself off in the twinkling of an eye. I will give you one minute's grace, for your extreme youth touches me, so take to your heels and fly while there is yet time.
  • "You need to ask yourself if you would use the portability of a laptop. Thats the real reason to get a laptop. Its portable. All the other reasons are just excuses. Would you ever want to bring your computer to a friends house? Would you ever want to work on it while at a coffee shop? Or at the very least, sit in a coffee shop and make it look like youre working on your laptop while you really just play solitaire."
  • "Try to serve well and show yourself worthy," added he, addressing Boris with severity. "I am glad.... Are you here on leave?" he went on in his usual tone of indifference.
  • "I dont believe in ghosts," Max replied caustically. "Im sure you spilled your coffee yourself and computers just freeze sometimes."
  • "We should forget the monster. Let's just get out of here. Peter, the words are inscribed on this plaque. You go first. Just touch the plaque and say the words, then wait for me. If I'm not mistaken you'll find yourself out there on the plains."
  • To issue a command " to pull yourself together " to a deeply depressed, inactive patient is an obscenity.
  • At the sight of him, Robert felt an overwhelming surge of love. He still had his son, and he knew how lucky he was. He knew of many parents who had lost children in infancy or at a tender age and understood the concept of not allowing yourself to love your child until they had grown to adulthood when it was almost guaranteed that he or she would live for many more years. But he couldnt stop himself from loving his son with all his heart. Robin was all he had left of Kathleen; and the lad had proved to be a sturdy, healthy boy.
  • "Come on Sarge!" Reicherts voice was mocking now, "Dont try to pull rank on me. Youre not Platoon Sergeant, youre Acting Platoon Sergeant. ‘Acting’, Sargelike temporary. Like in a damned theater only youre beginning to take yourself seriously!"
  • There are many things, said Lord Hastings quietly. "There is the consular service, the diplomatic service. Who knows how far you may rise? Already you have made a name for yourself and have won distinction. You may go far, if you apply yourself."
  • I didn't get the feeling that they wanted me back and starting from scratch, cultivating clients didn't really appeal to me. Maybe they were trying to tell me something. Take two months for yourself and find another job there, stay there, don't come back. Whatever they were saying, whatever my future held I had no idea about it at that time because my head felt like it was in a vice.
  • Two thousand bucks! Say, boys, with that you could buy yourself a new herd of cattle, to make up somewhat for the bunch you lost! cried Yellin' Kid.
  • Peter died soon after you went away, but Tim hunts the dogs just as well. They had a beautiful run last Wednesday, and the Lord[2] sent for him and gave him a five-pound note; but he says he'd rather see yourself back again than twice as much. They killed near the big turnip-field, and all went down to see where you leaped Badger over the sunk fence,--they call it "Hammersley's Nose" ever since. Bodkin was at Ballinasloe the last fair, limping about with a stick; he's twice as quiet as he used to be, and never beat any one since that morning.
  • Well, Mrs. Peake wants me to remain with her, and so does Abner. I'm thinking about it. When I make my mind up I'll let you know, Jim. If it's stay, why we can have it all over again. I want to warn you, Jim. You're going to get yourself into trouble if you keep on the way you're bent now. There's a law that sends a man to the penitentiary for setting fire to a neighbor's house, he said, as sternly as he could.
  • You're only borrowing trouble when you allow yourself to fear that, was the reply. "But all the same, I mean to do everything I can to get things hurried along. I'll see the general, and with your permission explain to him that there's great need of our getting word to-day."
  • All right, said his companion. "You're probably better by yourself when you're in one of your tantrums. Just see if you can't get some of your natural meanness out of you while looking at the beauties of nature along the route."
  • Oh ... Reeltu paused for a moment as if he wasn't sure of what to say next. "You can tell me to mind my own business, but this is what I think. You may run off to Donagar if you wish, but remember this, leave now and you walk away from your loving wife, your house, your job, leaving posterity with nothing but the legacy of a quitter, a coward, a miserable loser. Depart now and you forever separate yourself from the vital legacies of Romeo
  • Bodywork ask yourself the following questions does the car appear genuine; what are your general impressions?
  • "I see," Enin allowed as he rubbed his chin. "Well, the truth is this is a difficult spell for you to cast. It is a combination of different magical aspects, and they have little to do with your primary powers. Shadow is prevalent in the spell because you are in essence transporting yourself to a place that is a whisper reflection of this land. Light is involved slightly as an offset to its natural opposite shadow but more importantly in how the yellow aspect is included in the orange aura of energy and movement. The orange power of energy will guide and bring you to me while the gray essence of shadow will let you pass into this other plane of existence. I know that doesnt sound very clear but that is the essence of the spell. Because you cast with a green aura, it is difficult for you to see the underlying aspects of the gray and orange energy types that are involved in the basics of the spell. Let me see if I can help you with that."
  • Few plantations are so rich in soil as not to be improved by manure. Inform yourself of the best means, suited to the location and soil of the place under, your charge, of improving it in this and in every other way. When an opportunity offers, carry out these improvements. Rely upon it there are few employers who will not see and reward such efforts.
  • They all laughed and braced themselves for a shot of vodkas. I was still struggling to make out their accents but I suppose after a while abroad you lose that regional twang, as you struggle to make yourself understood by the masses. I wondered if I was losing my Yorkshire twang.
  • "When you see my sister, Princess Mary, you'll get on with her," he said. "Perhaps you are right for yourself," he added after a short pause, "but everyone lives in his own way. You lived for yourself and say you nearly ruined your life and only found happiness when you began living for others. I experienced just the reverse. I lived for glory.--And after all what is glory? The same love of others, a desire to do something for them, a desire for their approval.--So I lived for others, and not almost, but quite, ruined my life. And I have become calmer since I began to live only for myself."
  • "It's the subconscious mind that controls the beating of our hearts, our breathing, growth, healing, aging, and more. Under normal circumstances, our conscious minds have very limited control over these functions. For example, you can affect your rate of breathing and even hold your breath, but you cannot kill yourself by deciding to stop breathing. If you hold your breath long enough, you will only pass out, as your subconscious mind takes over.
  • The game is not as simple as it sounded.We need to sit in a circle and one of us will rotate a bottle when it stops the person who is facing the mouth of the bottle will be asked a question by the person who is facing the other end of the bottle.I thought it simple but when the game started it was really hard you will see it for yourself when i explain what happened.
  • The captain frowned as I spoke, but subduing his anger he continued - "Boy, you are too bold. I admit that we treated you roughly, but that was because you made us lose time and gave us a good deal of trouble. As to the black flag, that is merely a joke that my fellows play off upon people sometimes in order to frighten them. It is their humour, and does no harm. I am no pirate, boy, but a lawful trader, - a rough one, I grant you, but one can't help that in these seas, where there are so many pirates on the water and such murderous blackguards on the land. I carry on a trade in sandal-wood with the Feejee Islands; and if you choose, Ralph, to behave yourself and be a good boy, I'll take you along with me and give you a good share of the profits. You see I'm in want of an honest boy like you, to look after the cabin and keep the log, and superintend the traffic on shore sometimes. What say you, Ralph, would you like to become a sandal-wood trader?"
  • Save yourself some sneezes next year by purchasing large resealable plastic tubs for storage of decorations. Keep them dusted during the year to avoid build up.
  • "Not as flimsy as it looks, eh?" called Lilac, beaming down at him. "And don't worry about the keeling; my weight, minuscule though it is, will counterbalance you. Don't forget to strap yourself in when you sit down, either. Thats most important. Youll find two belts hanging under the saddle; when you get on, just bring them round your waist, click them together, and well be ready to go."
  • Cosmetology licenses are given out based on hours spent cutting hair, and in some states, a written examination. Skill and style are not required. "Its a piece of paper that gives you the opportunity to practice legally, but after that you have to find your way in the business yourself whether its a $10 haircut or a fancy place," Rogers say. That someone has a license is no guarantee they wont mangle your hair, Masterson says: "Experience definitely weighs more over licensing." The hours required for licensing also vary from state to state. New York requires 1,000 hours of practice, while California requires 1,600 hours. Those hours are just a fraction of whats needed for someone to have a clue when they cut, experts say. Some states also require continuing education for hairstylists. A licensed stylist may also have no sense of the latest fashions and technologies, Rogers says.
  • "And I say you will die first." For all the attention Menkar was paying her, Nasan might as well have been a piece of furniture. "You're doomed, Rigel. The whole expedition is doomed. You're already going demon, I can smell it. Calling yourself Lord and attacking Calgary's gates won't change anything."
  • "There is clearly more than that going on," agreed Groot. "You dont send a businessman a message by shutting down his whole business. When youve already tried to exterminate someone, what do you have left to say to them, and who is even left to hear the message? You havent left yourself any room to maneuver, either. What more can you do to escalate? If youre sending messages, you build up to the scorching of earth, you dont start there. The way you describe it, this certainly sounds like the imposition of barren wasteland to me. What more can they do now?"
  • You intend to murder me, then? asked the Prince with bitter contempt. "You might as well have spared yourself this long introduction. I suspected it from the moment I knew that you were Captain Gardiner."
  • "'Comport yourself always, Roger, as if, though a soldier in arms, you were still a monk at heart. You are brave and strong, and may rise to some honour; but, whether or no, you may bear yourself as if you were of gentle blood, and wore knightly spurs. Not all who are so are honourable and merciful, as they have vowed to be. Remember, I shall hear of you from time to time, through my Lord Percy; and that it will gladden me to have a good account of you, and to feel that I have not done wrong in letting you go forth, from this house of rest, to take part in the turmoil and strife of the world.'
  • The Members of the Body rebelled against the Belly, and said, "Why should we be perpetually engaged in administering to your wants, while you do nothing but take your rest, and enjoy yourself in luxury and self-indulgence?' The Members carried out their resolve and refused their assistance to the Belly. The whole Body quickly became debilitated, and the hands, feet, mouth, and eyes, when too late, repented of their folly.
  • "Diane, your faith asks too much of human beings. I saw young men and women give themselves to the flames at Mont Segur. You, too, are immolating yourself day after day by denying Love."
  • Now, said Jimmie Dale grimly, "this spells ruin for you, Clayton. You don't deserve a chance to escape prison bars, but I'm going to give you one, for you're going to get it pretty stiff, anyhow. If you refuse to sign this, I'll hand you over to the district attorney in half an hour, and Carruthers and I will swear to your confession; on the other hand, if you sign it, Carruthers will not be able to print it until to-morrow morning, and that gives you something like fourteen hours to put distance between yourself and New York. Here is a pen--if you are quick enough to take us by surprise once you have signed, you might succeed in making a dash for that door and effecting your escape--without forcing us to compound a felony-- understand?"
  • What answer, however, could the jeweller have made, in the deplorable condition he was placed? He stood still as if thunderstruck, and had not a word to say. He was, however, sensible that the affair required expedition, and therefore went immediately to give the prince an account of it. He addressed himself to him with an air that sufficiently showed the bad news he brought. Prince, said he to him, arm yourself with courage and patience, and prepare to receive the most terrible assault ever yet made on your nature. Tell me, in few words, said the prince, what it is I must prepare to receive; for if it be death only, I am ready and willing to undergo it.
  • Well. If my number comes up, you could be hitching yourself to a bloody conscript. Or a draft dodger, on the run from the Army. Because thats what Im going to do, I reckon.’
  • Tip, we're gonna get you taken care of. Maxine is in the housemiracles performed 24/7. We're gonna walk those puppies, we're gonna rip out those polyps and you're gonna get yourself some relaxation on top of itI hear your distress and I respond to it with the Lord's love. I'm your helping hand, honey, all you gotta do is grab it. Can you do that, Tip? Can you take hold of my outstretched hand? Tip groaned:
  • "Don't worry, I'm okay," the salesman said, climbing out of the pile and brushing himself off. "I should probably leave things like this, it would be easier to get to the merchandise. You wouldn't believe how often this happens. Anyway, a young man such as yourself shouldn't be so concerned with his final sleeping arrangements, not that death, the big D, can't come to any of us at any time, sometimes when we least expect it. But right now, you should be concentrating on enjoying yourself as much as you can, while you can, which for a man, or most men, means only one thing. Follow me."
  • Then the vehicle begins the descent, you feel yourself slipping downwards, falling into the abyss.
  • My good friend, I can only repeat the words addressed to you by the Abbe Busoni. Villefort merited punishment for what he had done to you, and, perhaps, to others. Benedetto, if still living, will become the instrument of divine retribution in some way or other, and then be duly punished in his turn. As far as you yourself are concerned, I see but one point in which you are really guilty. Ask yourself, wherefore, after rescuing the infant from its living grave, you did not restore it to its mother? There was the crime, Bertuccio--that was where you became really culpable.
  • Eight days thus passed in this wilderness of desolation; but on the ninth, for I had notched the hours and even the minutes on a stick, my fate seemed be ginning to take another turn. Crossing a little court, I met the house steward, a personage whose will was absolute; yes, the lady abbess herself was obedient to his will. He rendered an account of his stewardship to none but the corregidor, on whom alone he was dependent, and whose confidence in him was unbounded. His name was Pedro Zendono, and the town of Salsedon in Biscay laid claim to the honour of his birth. Figure to yourself a tall man, with the complexion of a mummy and the bare anatomy of a dealer in mortification; he might have sat for the penitent thief in a picture of the crucifixion. He scarcely ever cast a carnal glance towards us Magdalens. You never saw such a face of rank hypocrisy in all your life, though you have spent some part of it under the same roof with the archbishop, and are not unacquainted with the clergy of his diocese.
  • Oh, then, my dear Doctor, said Thorwald, "I perceive that I have committed a breach of etiquette in forcing this subject upon you, and in asking you to put yourself in the way of receiving spiritual impressions."
  • I say, answered Milsom, "that it will be quite the proper thing to do, and will smooth away a very serious difficulty. But, Jack, my boy, has it occurred to you that you will be running a good many quite unnecessary risks by mixing yourself up in this affair? For you must remember that we may be compelled to fight, before all is done; while, if we are captured, it may mean years of imprisonment in a Spanish penal settlement, which will be no joke, I can assure you, my lad!"
  • We are still trying to find out ourselves, dear one. We have been through so many old books and papers. They are described clearly in many writings, but the purpose of them is hidden in riddles. Iska and Kemti will read some to youmaybe you yourself will understand where it is all confusion to us.’
  • "By the way, you might shine up to Hilda Farrand and join the rest of the fortune-hunters. She's got it to throw to the birds, and in her own right. Seriously, old fellow, don't put yourself into a false position through ignorance. Not that there is any danger to a hardened old woodsman like you."
  • Well, replied the doctor, "this is certainly something I never dreamed of in my philosophy. I didn't see how the moon could be drawn away from the earth when once actually attached to it, but I suppose the sun and planets all happen to be pulling in one direction just now and are proving too much for the earth's attraction. But what concerns us more at this time is covered by your question, 'What are we going to do now?' And I will answer that I think we will stick to the moon for a while. You can see for yourself that we are held here much more firmly than when we were disporting ourselves in the air yesterday, and the earth is now too far away for us to throw ourselves and our balloon within its attraction."
  • "Good, its agreed then. Our convoy will leave in three days. It will be my pleasure to travel with you, Captain Hawksworth. Your reputation has already reached His Highness. We will meet you here at the beginning of the second pahar. I believe thats your hour of nine in the morning." He smiled with a warmth that was almost genuine. "You should consider yourself fortunate. Few feringhi have ever traveled inland. You will find the interior far different from Surat. Until then."
  • Nonsense, that was the point. She had been thinking the most ridiculous things ever since she had got the clue. Hold that thoughtfollow it through. Denny would be better at this really; Tamar did not have a strong sense of the ridiculous. You could not have if you spent your existence popping out of a bottle and sayingYour wish is my command' and still managing to take yourself seriously.
  • You must not pay them any thing for it. Whatever you have promised makes no difference. It is Mrs. B.'s property, not theirs. If you pay them, you will violate all our customs, and establish a precedent very bad for us and for yourself.
  • "Of course not, Humphrey. I am merely saying that a powerful man such as yourself needs food to stay strong. OurI mean your food is money. Now, how can greed be a sin if it is our destiny?"
  • "You," he chuckled, "How could you possibly defend yourself against a band of rogues?" His superior smile was more than a little irritating. She was not a defenseless little girl.
  • Loyle, he said, "you know something about a horse, for I've watched you with them. Handle yourself the same way. You wouldn't force a horse; don't force yourself."
  • Bebebecause you were a white man, she sobbed. "And Dad would never have left any white man in the lurch. But it was your fault. You had no right to get yourself in such a position. Besides, it wasn't necessary."
  • Ah! ah! said Dalton, "you never did relish machinations, and it is well you are not left to yourself in this plan of mine: honour is not the coin to take to a villain's market."
  • 'You didn't tell--not you, truly. I lay you a tenpenny-bit there isn't a tattler in the town but has the story by rote--a pretty kettle o' fish you'll make of it, with your meddling and lying. If 'twas true, 'twould be another matter, but--hold your tongue;--how the plague are you to know one card from another when they're all alike, and Mrs. Macnamara, Mrs. Macfiddle. I suppose you can read better than the adjutant, ha, ha! Well, mind my words, you've got yourself into a pretty predicament; I'd walk twice from this to the county court-house and back again, only to look at it; a pleasant cross-hackling the counsellors will give you, and if you prevaricate--you know what that is, my boy--the judge will make short work with you, and you may cool your heels in gaol as long as he pleases, for me.'
  • Then just get it into your brain, if you can, that we are not out on a schoolboy trip, but upon the borders of new, almost untried ground, and we shall soon be mounting places that are either dangerous or safe as you conduct yourself.
  • Lord Henry shrugged his shoulders. "My dear fellow, as if I cared! Let us go up to the drawing-room. No sherry, thank you, Mr. Chapman. Something has happened to you, Dorian. Tell me what it is. You are not yourself to-night."
  • Better give it up, Tom, said Merriam with a grin. "Scylla and Charybdis won't be in it with the dilemma you'll find yourself in if you keep on."
  • Very well, then, Master Russell, if you are rather harshly treated in the future, remember you have only yourself to blame. As a general rule, we take prisoners only for the purpose of squeezing what information we can out of them.
  • "I guess you'll be able to put in the time, all right," he remarked. "Make yourself at home. If you take a notion to read, there's a lot of books and magazines in my room. Mrs. Howe'll show you."
  • If you want to get away from the general melee of people, then take yourself away to the aptly titled quiet room.
  • And you're another, said Dyke sourly. "Well, haven't we been fried or grilled ever since we've been out here? and don't you say yourself that it's all a failure, and that you've made a big mistake?"
  • "After all the times I made fun of you for being quick you did this to get back at me, right? Thats what you were doing in the bathroom, putting yourself right on the edge so you could pay me back. I get it. Hardy harr harr. Ok, well just have to wait a few minutes before we can try again," she said, taking a seat on the bed.
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