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Okunuşu: / jɔː’sɛlf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: your·self


zam. kendiniz, kendin;
kendi kendinize. be your self tabii olunuz.

yourself için örnek cümleler:

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  • And you, Kate, when you are yourself have been prompt to declare that I say what I mean. Very probably it may have been four days from the time that letter from the transfer reached Wall Street to the time the next one could get to him from here, even had I written the night we arrived. Possibly you forget that you forbade my doing so, and sent me to bed early. Mr. Van Antwerp has simply failed to remember that I had gone several hundred miles farther west; and even had I written on the train twice a day, the letters would not have reached him uninterruptedly. By this time he is beginning to get them fast enough. And as for you, Kate, you are quite as unjust as he. It augurs badly for my future peace; and--I am learning two lessons here, Kate.
  • Similarityook at the images of ted for yourself and see the uncanny similarities.
  • "Don't see why you want to tie yourself up like an Eskimo," grumbled Bob. "Well, we seem to be headed toward the door marked 'Education,' don't we, Betsey?"
  • Get your Social Security statement. Most workers will no longer receive a paper Social Security statement in the mail. But now people age 18 and older can access their Social Security statements online. Take a few minutes to check that your earnings history has been property recorded and familiarize yourself with your expected Social Security payout. "Delaying Social Security makes sense for most people if you can afford to do it, because the payout escalates enormously for every year you wait between ages 62 and 70," says Chatzky. "That's a return that is really hard to beat by putting your own money to work."
  • Unfortunately, this issue would be the final nail in the coffin of their relationship. George could only see the negative side. "He even looked for things to go wrong," Kellie remembers. "At that time, if you watched the news or read the papers, you would be bombarded with one horrible thing after another about AIDS. My husband believed them all. If you give yourself a negative affirmation like that every day, eventually its going to come true. It was sad to see how bleak and hopeless he was."
  • 'Excuse me,' said Dwyer, 'but I would suggest that by hastening your departure you but bring your dangers nearer. While you are in this country a letter now and then keeps everything quiet; but once across the Channel and with the colonel, you must either quarrel with him to your own destruction, or you must dance attendance upon Lady Emily with such assiduity as to commit yourself as completely as if you had been thrice called with her in the parish church. No, no; keep to this side of the Channel as long as you decently can. Besides, your sudden departure must appear suspicious, and will probably excite inquiry. Every good end likely to be accomplished by your absence will be effected as well by your departure for Dublin, where you may remain for three weeks or a month without giving rise to curiosity or doubt of an unpleasant kind; I would therefore advise you strongly to write immediately to the colonel, stating that business has occurred to defer your departure for a month, and you can then leave this place, if you think fit, immediately, that is, within a week or so.'
  • "'As I know your courage and talents, I shall be very happy if you will surrender the fortress, and take service as a major-general (hookahbadar) in my army. Should my proposal not meet with your assent, I beg leave to state that to-morrow I shall storm the fort, and on taking it, shall put to death every male in the garrison, and every female above twenty years of age. For yourself I shall reserve a punishment, which for novelty and exquisite torture has, I flatter myself, hardly ever been exceeded. Awaiting the favour of a reply, I am, Sir,
  • "Shhh, youll wake the living," said Dreth. "What are you babbling about? Pull yourself together!" He slapped the walking dead about the head, dislodging Percys jawbone.
  • Says Imogen defiantly, "I beseech you, sir, harm not yourself with your vexation! I am senseless of your wrath: a touch more rare subdues all pangs, all fears!"
  • "Who am I? Why, your physician, sir; Doctor Parkes, sir; the owner of this house, sir," replied he, with all the sternness he could command, and yet white as a specter with agitation. "For shame, sir, for shame, to give way thus. What do you mean by creating this causeless alarm, and disturbing the whole household at so unseasonable an hour? For shame, sir; go to your bed; undress yourself this moment; for shame."
  • Alecto wheels to face me. Her sharp, intelligent eyes seize and hold my gaze. "Put that down," she says. "Go. Save yourself while you can."
  • Dear and precious Friend, Your letter of the 13th has given me great delight. So you still love me, my romantic Julie? Separation, of which you say so much that is bad, does not seem to have had its usual effect on you. You complain of our separation. What then should I say, if I dared complain, I who am deprived of all who are dear to me? Ah, if we had not religion to console us life would be very sad. Why do you suppose that I should look severely on your affection for that young man? On such matters I am only severe with myself. I understand such feelings in others, and if never having felt them I cannot approve of them, neither do I condemn them. Only it seems to me that Christian love, love of one's neighbor, love of one's enemy, is worthier, sweeter, and better than the feelings which the beautiful eyes of a young man can inspire in a romantic and loving young girl like yourself.
  • Well, observed he, bursting into a fit of hearty laughter, notwithstanding his evident annoyance, "you may not have noticed it; but I'll warrant that everybody else has. Why, I should not have been surprised to hear that you had found yourself the laughing-stock of the town. Run away, Dick, and change your clothes at once; Shears must see those things and endeavour to alter them somehow; you can never wear them as they are."
  • "All right, then; consider yourself a member, and come round to the field behind our house this afternoon. We practise there every day."
  • Hold, brother! shouted Francois. "Have patience a little, and I'll bring them near enough. Place yourself in ambush, while I call them."
  • "Knowing shit about comics wont help you here, Jer. Theyre fake, and just because you call yourself a supervillain-"
  • Small-town boy yourself what kind of kinship did you feel with clark kent?
  • "Thank you very much, I will go on alone," said Prince Andrew, wishing to rid himself of this staff officer's company, "please don't trouble yourself further."
  • "My superior insight only makes it seem that way," Shaa said, with his own nod at self-referentiality; a typically auto-sarcastic lip contortion too ironic to be called a grin. "And are you in this bind by yourself and of your own volition?"
  • Make yourself easy on that score, said Despard, calmly. "She will be here to-morrow or the day after. I have written to Langhetti's sister; she will come, and will bring your sister with her."
  • "Youre right, I dont. But Ive had some hard times myself, and I know you cant always rely on someone else to change your life. You need to find the strength inside yourself to do what you think is right."
  • Do not acknowledge it, then, I implore you. Forget it. Do not open up once more that old and now almost forgotten sorrow. Think not of it even to yourself.
  • "Do not fret yourself too much in the action, mounsieur," says Bottom languorously, "and, good mounsieur, have a care the honey-bag break notI would be loath to have you overflowen by a honey-bag, signior! Wheres Mounsieur Mustardseed?"
  • Isn't it? the stranger said firmly. "Speak of possibilities and explain to me what you yourself have witnessed. Perhaps many days ago it was not possible, but it appears that this is no longer the case. I tell you the magic is free, and we now face everything that goes with it."
  • That's real kind of you, general, replied Bucky, in irony sportive. "But you really are putting yourself out too much for me. I reckon I'll not trouble you to go so far. By the way, did I understand you to say you had arrested a friend of mine?"
  • She shook her head. "Not any more. You have given of yourself to protect those around you. You have sacrificed your life and placed others before yourself. You dont need to be tested. Youre worthy. Youve always been worthy. Why do you think your three angels awoke in the plane?"
  • I am not my own master, Rupert, any more than you are yourself. I am your father's ward, and must so remain for more than five years to come. I am just as much under his control as you, yourself.
  • To fetch Jack and a span of bullocks. I won't be longer than I can help. Keep Duke with you, but don't leave the game. One moment: make a fire, and cook yourself a steak.
  • "The entirety of the Universe, including all known and unknown dimensions, is currently in a paradox recovery cycle. The Spirit Channel will travel out of Oblivion and through afterworld one to reach afterworld sixteen, the Conservatory, and you will be arriving fourteen hours in the past." The agent handed them their boarding passes. "Since you will be traveling to a non-observation level of an afterworld, you will experience strong perceptions of color." The agent pointed towards his eyes. "You may need to give yourself a few minutes to adjust when you arrive. Have a nice ride."
  • Her father folded his arms. "If you want Bat to have that bow, you will have to give it to him yourself with your own hands, after this war is over. Do you understand?"
  • Vaughn puts his arm around you. "Don't sweat it, Nix. We let ourselves get psyched out. Big mistake. All you need to do is keep remembering it's all in your head. Keep thinking yourself through to the other side, and you and me'll be splitting easy money."
  • THE COMMISSARY (WITH SINGULAR ANNOYANCE). A Scotch advocate! Do you then pretend to support yourself by that in this department?
  • THIS handsome present of the minister furnished Scipio with a new subject of congratulation, by reason of our second appearance at court. You may remark, said he, that fortune is preparing a load of aggrandizement to lay on your lordship's shoulders. Are you still sorry for having turned your back on solitude? May the Count of Olivarez live for ever! he is a very different sort of a master from his predecessor. The Duke of Lerma, with all your devotion to his service, left you to live upon suction for months without a pistole to bless yourself with; and the count has already made you a present which you could have had no reason to expect but after a course of long service.
  • I'm not criticising your work, son, he said. "As far as your duty is concerned, you're all that a man could wish for. But you mustn't take life in general and yourself in particular so seriously, or you'll never survive to wear an admiral's stars on your collar.
  • 'Well,' said the assistant, 'this is a pretty grave old case, and so I tell you. You may find yourself in trouble over this.'
  • Salisbury returns at a gallop, halting his lathered mount before the king. "My sovereign lord, bestow yourself with speed! The French are bravely in their battles set, and will with all expedience charge on us!"
  • My quiet was short. "Be honest with yourself," I said. "Since Morhange abandoned you, since the day when you saw Antinea, you have had only one idea. What good is it to beguile yourself with the stories of Tanit-Zerga, charming as they are? This leopard is a pretext, perhaps a guide. Oh, you know that mysterious things are going to happen tonight. How have you been able to keep from doing anything as long as this?"
  • Stop it! he ranted at himself. "Don't even let yourself think of it, you dope! Freddy will show up, or call you. He's just got to. He's--"
  • I found myself returning her smile. You really couldn't spend any time around Rachel and not find yourself smiling. "Well, I've heard about bus trips that were extremely fun, but I've never been on one before. For me it's always been way too much time crammed into a relatively small space with fifty or sixty other people and no bathroom. Still, if any bus trip is going to be fun, it'd be this one."
  • "And your hose should be ungartered, your bonnet unbanded, your sleeve unbuttoned, your shoe untiedeverything about you demonstrating a careless desolation. But you are no such man; you are, rather, point-de-vice"—scrupulous—"in your accoutrementsmore as loving yourself than seeming the lover of any other."
  • "Ah," laughed Sanych. "Then its a deal. I would not want such a fine lord of Vint as yourself to feel foolish, especially in the presence of foreigners."
  • I have for a long while hoped to be allowed to dedicate some book of mine to you, and now I bring you this work, because whatever its shortcomings, and whatever judgment may be passed upon it by yourself and others, it is yet the one I should wish you to accept.
  • Aha! I know you, and I should love to have known you when you were young Cameron's age. Though I'm quite sure you were never such a fool as he. You always knew how to take care of yourself.
  • "Junior," Amaranthe blurted to beat him. "How could you leave the farmleave my sisterlike that? You plant your seed, then just run off to the city to get yourself wound up in antics that put you in jail. For six months! You expecting her to have the baby and care for it without no men-folk to help provide?"
  • Dimarico nodded and moved toward the house. Swann motioned Sutton over, and said quietly, "Get two more men on Brixby. Maybe yourself and Small."
  • "Fancy yourself a Hercules, do you?" Evadne laughed dryly. "An outward manifestation of clear and directed skill is generally rare. Instead, your gift is very likely charisma a...persuasiveness. Does that sound like you? I thought as much. It is one of the most important abilities, in my opinion, conferred by divinity. A great and subtle power.
  • He sighed. "Let me examine your surgery wounds first. I just dont want you hurting yourself anymore than necessary. Youve already been through so much."
  • ". . . My emissaries will remain on the Godfist until you have presented yourself to me personally. This matter must be settled between you and me. It would be a pity if your countrymen and mine suffered needlessly as a result of your selfishness. I beg you to put away your ego and do what you know is right . . ."
  • "I shall not break the bread of inhospitality," said I, in the bitterness of my despair. I gathered up my traps--and then I let them tumble back. The needed words came with a rush to my lips. I went close to her. "Why did you humiliate yourself in begging my life of the Prince? Why, if my life was nothing to you? Answer. Why did you stoop to your knees to that man if I was worthless to you? Why?"
  • The night before the examinations, instead of studying, you saw fit to wander away and involve yourself in a disgraceful fight with hoodlums. I did not say anything at the time. In my heart I think I might almost have forgiven you that, if you had done well in your school-work.
  • If you're a guy, it's all about the nipple. You haven't truly seen the breast until you've seen the nipple. A girl can have a swimsuit on that exposes 98% of the jug but without that last fleshy little ring you can't consider yourself as having seen the tit. It's the difference between the pull-out Sears bra advertisement in the local paper and porn.
  • "Come now, Johnson, you must go to sleep after that," said Sam. "You're exciting yourself too much; remember that I am your doctor, and obedience is the first law of nature--when one is out of health."
  • Quite agree with you, Captain: quite agree with you all the way. But that's what's done on this ship, and there's no getting over it. It's not to my liking either I'm an old Conway boy, and was brought up to respect discipline. However, I daresay you'll see for yourself how things run before we dump you back on dry mud again. Now. here we are at my room, and there's a change of clothes in that drawer beneath the bed, and underwear below the settee here. You and I are much of a build, and the kit's quite at your service till your own is dry again.
  • If you have a claim against yourself and you are found negligent then you will be found liable.
  • "Maybe goodness is in your hands. If your job relies only on your hands it's pretty hard to do anything too bad. Sure you can hit someone, but you'll get hit back and sooner or later you'll come up against someone who's tougher than you. If you use your head, you can do some really nasty things. You don't get hit back, so you kid yourself that they are actually good."
  • "This article, my liege, yourself must break," he tells the king, "for, as you well know, a maid of grace and complete majesty, the French kings daughter, is coming herein embassy to speak with you about our surrendering Aquitaine to her decrepit, sick and bedrid father." The region, whose ownership is in question, lies just north of the Pyrenees, beside France.
  • "Have it your way," said Favored. He adjusted his perch on the edge of his hatch. "Your names Karlini? Okay, Karlini, you cant be too surprised youve never heard of this stuff before. The gods arent fools. They dont like using humans if theres any way to help it; humans are too much trouble. Theyre too much like the gods themselves, sneaky and nasty and you cant trust them worth a damn, if you ask me. You can drive yourself crazy trying to reason with a human, too., and theyre all goddamned busybodies, they wont just do a job and leave it at that. On top of it all they talk too much. Even when theyre not out broadcasting to the world, theyve got a hellish gift for thinking up new ways to cause problems. You hear what Im saying?"
  • My dear M. Debray, said the banker, "do not kill yourself to-night listening to the follies of Madame Danglars, for you can hear them as well to-morrow; but I claim to-night and will devote it, if you will allow me, to talk over some serious matters with my wife." This time the blow was so well aimed, and hit so directly, that Lucien and the baroness were staggered, and they interrogated each other with their eyes, as if to seek help against this aggression, but the irresistible will of the master of the house prevailed, and the husband was victorious.
  • Common problems and cures listed - many of which you can fix yourself with only the remote control handset or a soldering iron.
  • "Certainly I would have been upset. You have yet to beget an heir, Hugh. Do you think I want to see the one earldom you have got pass to the Crown?" She sighed and with her thin hands smoothed down the skirt of her gown and plucked at an out of place thread on the fabric. "Well, now youre back youll have to marry again and soon. Get yourself an heir or two before the Young King decides to revolt again and dangles a carrot before your eyes."
  • We won't starve if we don't, Petiole responded angrily. "You yourself said so. You said we have plenty of food. Do you now change your opinion?"
  • Shit, thought Jim. Shit! I bet tomorrow morning I get fuck-all in the way of extra sausages. Probably, here's a can of baked beans you wimp, open it yourself and eatem cold. I can't go through with it. I just can't.
  • They sat down to a simple meal, and Blade filled his wine cup under her worried gaze. He caught her glance and smiled. "Do not make yourself uneasy, I do not intend to get drunk."
  • To come to facts, the staff of Faith which each must shape for himself, is often hewn from unsuitable kinds of wood, yes, even by the very best among us. Willow, for instance, is pretty and easy to cut, but try to support yourself with it on the edge of a precipice and see where you are. Then of a truth you will long for ironbark, or even homely oak. I might carry my parable further, some allusions to the proper material of which to fashion the helmet of Salvation suggest themselves to me for example, but I won't.
  • Alcatrante laughed. "If you hurt me, as you threaten, you will find yourself in difficulties. You will be arrested, and you will have no opportunity to deliver the documents on time. My position as minister my extra territoriality will make it very difficult for you to extricate yourself."
  • "I suppose I shouldn't be croaking into your ear like a bird of ill omen, when you have to throw yourself heart and soul into that concert to-morrow," she said contritely. "I wonder why that Ancient Mariner way of seeking relief from one's troubles by pouring them into another ear is such a universal trait? You aren't vitally concerned, after all, and I am. Let's have that tea, dear, and talk about less grievous things. I still have one or two trifles to get in the shops too."
  • He dreamt of the darkness. This is a dangerous thing to do, for such dreams are opportunities for the Dark. To dream of the Dark is to bring yourself to its attention. Who knows what may happen then?
  • "We won't starve if we don't," Petiole responded angrily. "You yourself said so. You said we have plenty of food. Do you now change your opinion?"
  • Yes, to escort him into the capital. Really, my dear Gerard, you are but a child; you think yourself well informed because the telegraph has told you, three days after the landing, 'The usurper has landed at Cannes with several men. He is pursued.' But where is he? what is he doing? You do not know at all, and in this way they will chase him to Paris, without drawing a trigger.
  • Until you have occasion to communicate with your friends, said I, "perhaps it might be convenient for you (as of course it would be honourable to myself) if you were to regard yourself in the light of my guest?"
  • It was disgusting, Paul thought, how people could have so little self-respect. They should create some kind of scheme where homeless people had to do community work, give something back to society in exchange for food and shelter. What these homeless people didnt understand, Paul concluded, was that lifes hard for everyone. Sure, homeless people came from all walks of life, but you couldnt just give up and let yourself go when things got tough. You had to knuckle down and deal with it. Hed paid his own way through university, trained himself up and through perseverance and hard graft, here he was, junior partner at Hodgson, Burke and Burnett Accountancy Ltd. Maybe he wasnt earning a fortune, but at least he was paying his way through life, and keeping his integrity.
  • It makes sound sense, dad, said Warren sadly. "Europe has been full of beggars from the beginning of time. And soon, after the war is over, there will be thousands of sightseers flooding the continent. What could be more practical from the standpoint of such people as the ones described by Ivan than to secure two beautiful little children like our Elinor and the strange child that wandered to our doors? They would indeed mean 'drink and money and fire.'" He stopped and for a moment looked reproachfully at his father. "Oh, father, father," he cried, "see what your dreadful forgetfulness has done! How will you ever forgive yourself when you think of the misery and suffering you have brought on your darling! I can scarcely forgive you."
  • The first interrogator nearly laughed. "A prosecutor? Is that what's got you worried? You have no idea of what you got yourself into, do you? You got other problems, pal."
  • Robert consoled him with a gentle hand cupping the side of his neck. He looked into his eyes. "You are not like Wesley." He said in firm, measured words. "You will never be like him so do not worry yourself over it. All right?"
  • You can draw an oval yourself by following these steps: pound two small nails into the board.
  • Mathilda faced the door. "Stay here until I fetch you." She looked over her shoulder. "Here the night belongs to the Wrath. You may busy yourself with prayer, starting with a recitation of a ward to spare us your stupidity."
  • The eunuch, redoubling his pace, with much difficulty got up with him, when, taking him by the arm, he cried, Whither away so fast, sir? you cannot be admitted without me; and it I should seem that you have a great desire for death, who can. run to it so headlong! Not one of the many astrologers and magicians whom I have before introduced, made such haste as yourself to a place whither, I fear, you will but too soon come.
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  • Thank you, said Saxe at last, as he opened a pocket-comb, and began to use it to his wet hair: "I've quite done, thank you; but if I might give you a bit of advice, I wouldn't wash much this morning. Do it by degrees. If you made yourself quite clean, you might catch cold; and besides, the cows and goats wouldn't know you. `Morgen' once more."
  • Return to your duty, men, the captain said. "I will make enquiries into the matter. As for you, Broomberg, hand over that knife you are fingering, and consider yourself under arrest."
  • It is a terrible business indeed, Clinton, the doctor said, "and I feel for you most deeply. Of course the possibility of such a thing never entered my mind when I recommended you to let Mrs. Humphreys act as its foster-mother. It seemed at the time quite a providential circumstance that she too should be just confined, and in a position to take to your baby. The only possible suggestion I can offer is that you should for a time bring up both boys as your own. At present they are certainly wonderfully alike, but it is probable that as they grow up you will see in one or other of them a likeness to yourself or your wife, and that the other will take after its own parents. Of course these likenesses do not always exist, but in nine cases out of ten some resemblance can be traced between a boy and one or other of his parents."
  • Meena continued, "Youre a savant whos been coddled your entire life. But I wont be so rude as to let you think youre the godsown gift to humanity. That would be doing everyone a disfavor, and I try not to be so rude. Ill tell you when youre being a foolish little girl, and when your snap decisions to throw yourself into untold dangers may cost the lives of more people than you could possibly imagine."
  • I have told you, my friends, how I triumphed over the English at the fox-hunt when I pursued the animal so fiercely that even the herd of trained dogs was unable to keep up, and alone with my own hand I put him to the sword. Perhaps I have said too much of the matter, but there is a thrill in the triumphs of sport which even warfare cannot give, for in warfare you share your successes with your regiment and your army, but in sport it is you yourself unaided who have won the laurels. It is an advantage which the English have over us that in all classes they take great interest in every form of sport. It may be that they are richer than we, or it may be that they are more idle: but I was surprised when I was a prisoner in that country to observe how widespread was this feeling, and how much it filled the minds and the lives of the people. A horse that will run, a cock that will fight, a dog that will kill rats, a man that will box--they would turn away from the Emperor in all his glory in order to look upon any of these.
  • When Gil returned, he patted me gently on the head. I could tell that he appreciated the sales I made, and I felt proud. He dropped a warm copper into my palm. "Go on now and enjoy yourself for a bit." I beamed. This was my favorite part of the day. I maneuvered through the narrow lanes between stalls, which were teaming with country folk, a handful of wealthy squires, and even a few men in velvet suits and pluming white cravats, whom I imagined might be nobles from the Great House.
  • "You'd best get to your cabin, Catrin. We may be boarded, and there'll most likely be fighting on deck. Please remove yourself from harm," he pleaded.
  • "You can handle that kitchen with Katy as well as a man," he said to her at last. "And it will give you something to occupy your time. I'd have to pay a cook seventy dollars a month. Katy draws twenty-five. You can credit yourself with the balance, and I'll pay off when the contract money comes in. We might as well keep the coin in the family. I'll feel easier, because you won't get drunk and jump the job in a pinch. What do you say?"
  • He looked at Melissa from the corner of his eye and continued. "That big tom turkey, it's for your Christmas supper. It's the last of my toms, but don't worry yourself none. Next Spring I'll get me some more from Jason over in Badenberg." Arnie paused and shook himself. "Did you ever see a wind like that? It's jest blowin' like it was in some big hurry." He looked at Melissa. She was clearing the table. "Well, guess I should head home ... walk home ... in that howlin' wind."
  • "Ive been hoping you would. Get yourself a drink." She waved at the bartender, and, miracle of miracles, he was there at once. It was indeed a slow night. "This guy wants to buy himself a drink," she said.
  • "Much obliged. Now for God's sake let's talk business. You think you've got me cinched. You think you can go home an' raise hell in the 50th while I'm doin' time into these here trenches. You sez to yourself, 'O there ain't nothin' to it!' An' then you tickles yourself under the ribs, Doc. You better make a deal with me, do you hear? Gimme mine, and you can have yours, too; and between us, if we work together, we can hand one to Mike the Kike that'll start every ambulance in the city after him. Get me?"
  • Maximilian goes with me, said the count, in his kindest and most persuasive manner; "therefore do not make yourself uneasy on your brother's account."
  • "It will be all right, dear," his mother whispered back. "Don't worry yourself about it." And Bert, reassured, said nothing more.
  • There was no room at the bar for taking yourself seriously. In fact, the only thing there was room for was imagination and hope, two things that had been sorely missing Bailey Woods since the boys graduated high school. Together, they were a seamless machine that operated with incredible efficiency. But apart, they had struggled to regain any level of satisfaction they had previously attained.
  • Let us take another turn together, lad. I have been thinking a lot, he went on when they were beyond the lines, "of our talk yesterday. Now, lad, you have been brought up as a gentleman, and to consider yourself as Captain Clinton's son; remember, I don't want you to think that I expect you to make any change about that. I have done nothing for you as a father; and whether I am your father or not you do not owe me anything, and I want to tell you again that I don't expect in the least that because it is possible you are my son you should regard me in the light of your father.
  • Ron slaps out onto the verandah. ‘Hello, Davey, me lad!’ he says. As usual hes dressed in shorts and thongs. He holds a cigarette and an empty glass in one hand and an open bottle of Emu in the other. ‘Grab yourself a vessel thats reasonably watertight, me old china, and you can give me a hand to get rid of this bottle.’
  • My very good friend and excellent neighbor, replied the count, with a smile, "you really exaggerate my trifling exertions. You owe me nothing but some trifle of 20,000. francs, which you have been saved out of your travelling expenses, so that there is not much of a score between us;--but you must really permit me to congratulate you on the ease and unconcern with which you resigned yourself to your fate, and the perfect indifference you manifested as to the turn events might take."
  • "I want to repeat this so I know you understand. You allowed the shadow seeds to fall. You could have stopped itSHOULD have stopped it. You did nothing! How much less would you have been responsible if there was another elf-dwarf war? You wish to throw all the responsibility upon Petiole? It does not work that way. You said it yourself only moments ago. You said that leadership also depends on the ones that follow. Think long and hard about that during your seasons alone when you want to consider your so-called heroic gesture. Petiole made the decision, but the camp elders allowed it to happen."
  • If you like a proper boozer and a chat with friends go there mother red cap - big up yourself " "
  • You need not have the least fear; you will be profoundly unconscious during the period of sleep, and will awake without the slightest trace of any unpleasant feeling. Now, stretch yourself out comfortably on that sofa, and do exactly as I tell you.
  • "It makes all too much sense. Try to calm yourself and I will try to explain. This will not be easy to accept. It's not easy for me, yet it does not surprise me. You were attacked by the undead, sprung from magic long absent from Uton. I would guess that loosened energies are sailing in every direction even as we talk. The remnants of a spell captured long ago, now released, must have found this half-rotten corpse of some wayward traveler. The magic found its home and animated the body. You were simply unfortunate enough to come across its path."
  • What is the use of that? replied the dowager; "all the people know about her at Hartwood, and would have stopped her. But you can ask yourself presently, if you don't mind going down there."
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