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Okunuşu: / jɔː’sɛlf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: your·self


zam. kendiniz, kendin;
kendi kendinize. be your self tabii olunuz.

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  • "It was discipline. Security has improved considerably here since that incident." Jadar continued evenly, ignoring the look on Hawksworths face. "The only real difficulties that night were caused by you. It was very imprudent of you to kill one of the bandits with a pistol. They were instructed merely to disarm you. You were completely safe. But after your rash killing it became much more difficult for me to try to rescue you. And after the eclipse, it actually become impossible." Jadar wanted to ask Hawksworth what had really happened, but he suppressed the impulse. "Still, after your first mistake, you appear to have handled yourself reasonably well. Thats why were having this talk."
  • "Yes," she nodded. "This was amongst the Gatebreakers things in his city, Varaneshe. It is all about the worlds he saw and the Gates he traveled through." She frowned a little and added, "Before he took to breaking us, that is. It is something a young Key such as yourself will find helpful. Yes?"
  • Imagine to yourself an old, rambling, red-brick house, with odd corners and gables here and there, all bound and clasped together with ivy, and you have Craymoor Grange. It was built long before Queen Elizabeth's time, and that illustrious monarch is said to have slept in it in one of her royal progresses--as where has she not slept?
  • "Just like in this case, you might find yourself at a Mexican restaurant and don't know why, we find that negative publicity can sometimes increase sales because that makes that product top of mind," Berger said.
  • If you like a proper boozer and a chat with friends go there mother red cap - big up yourself " "
  • I would willingly do so, my lad, if your father and friends think it best you should become a sailor, but I cannot consent to act contrary to their wishes. You must at once, on landing, present yourself to Mr Butterfield; and as I am acquainted with him, I will accompany you and state how I have had the satisfaction of rescuing you from the perilous position in which you were placed.
  • Your cricket is not a bad thing for you, the elder of the two men said. "It brings you into notice, and will help you to get your stripes earlier than you otherwise would do; as a man who does his regiment credit either as a good shot or as a cricketer or in the sports is sure to attract notice, and to be pushed on if he is steady and a smart soldier. If you won't mind my giving you a bit of advice, I should say don't try to push yourself forward. Sometimes young fellows spoil their chances by doing so. Some of the old non-commissioned officers feel a bit jealous when they see a youngster likely to make his way up, and you know they can make it very hot for a fellow if they like. So be careful not to give them a chance. Even if you are blown up when you do not deserve it, it is better to hold your tongue than to kick against it. Cheeking a non-commissioned officer never pays."
  • "Shhh, youll wake the living," said Dreth. "What are you babbling about? Pull yourself together!" He slapped the walking dead about the head, dislodging Percys jawbone.
  • "But you have no proof other than your passion to bring Shellys killer to justice," Rich said a little stronger than he anticipated. "Not to mention besides Theos third rate assumptions, we cant be sure. Calm down for now and give yourself some time to think this over."
  • "Mr. Thorpe," said he, "let us try to be reasonable. Our case stands this way. We have gone to a great deal of expense on the Ossawinamakee in expectation of undertaking very extensive operations there. To that end we have cleared the stream, built three dams, and have laid the foundations of a harbor and boom. This has been very expensive. Now your purchase includes most of what we had meant to log. You have, roughly speaking, about three hundred millions in your holding, in addition to which there are several millions scattering near it, which would pay nobody but yourself to get in. Our holdings are further up stream, and comprise only about the equal of yours."
  • Do not think of it, Madame. You are not strong yourself yet. And your son - you would risk both your lives if you were to catch her fever. Her poor maid has already died of it.
  • The gardener cracked an eyelid. "Got yourself a little mantle, have you? Looks like you fell in a rubbish heap, but all right, its a good color. Regal."
  • After saying "Amen!" which the sick man echoed, Slagg pulled out his Bible and read through the fourteenth chapter of John's gospel, commenting quietly as he went along, while his comrade listened with intense earnestness. At the first verse Jim paused and said, "This wasn't written to holy and sinless men. `Let not your heart be troubled,' was said to the disciples, one o' them bein' Peter, the man who was to deny Jesus three times with oaths and curses, and then forsake Him. The Lord came to save sinners. It would be a poor look-out for you, Stumps, if you thought yourself a good man."
  • Before I imagine any further, however, let me clearly state that all of it is complicated so dont be surprised if you are at first doubtful or confused by itbut if youre not confused or doubtful, then give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of yourselfyou are one of the few that can move with the storys pace and not be slowed down by the few technicalities of it. Okay? Okay.
  • "Now control yourself my friend and slowly drive by your pretty little thing. Is she not everything I said she would be?" Simon Perry paused briefly knowing that Bernard would be too engrossed to respond.
  • If what you say be true, replied the count, smiling, "perhaps you will be kind enough to give me some account of yourself and your family?"
  • I've no doubt, sir, no doubt of that. You are a man of the world, Mr Markworth, like myself, and you'll pardon my hinting that you probably took a glance at this self-same will before committing yourself in the matrimonial noose with our rustic young friend. Ha! ha!
  • You may be telling the truth, I said, "but you must give an account of yourself to the factor. Don't make any disturbance. Come along with me quietly or--" I finished the sentence by displaying a pistol which I had dexterously slipped from my belt.
  • It wasnt a one-way street, either: not only could gods drag people into their affairs, people could get gods wrapped up in their messes as well. As a god, if you werent careful who you made promises or binding covenants to, you might find yourself embroiled in an entirely different situation than the one you thought was going on. "Once in, it can be difficult for even one of us to pull out," said an eight-foot guy with a another couple of feet of flowing white hair on top and a few of matching beard dangling down his middle; he had an edge to his voice that smacked of personal familiarity with the problem.
  • "For your information, the Roman Republic only existed until the mid-part of the second century B.C., when Julius Caesar overthrew it. From that point on, it was an empire, which existed in the West in Rome until the fifth century, and in the East in Constantinople until the fourteenth century. Oh, and there never was a customary practice of greeting in the Roman caste system. Most of the time the Senators and other important people didn't even acknowledge the commoners, let alone actually speak to them. What you're spouting is probably some jumped-up school tradition created to make the upperclassmen happy or to help other special individuals like yourself feel important. And while we're on the subject, we are not in Rome, so I hope you'll forgive me for not doing what the Romans do. Seeing as you don't really know anyway."
  • "I changed your bandages early this morn, and they looked clean.You are healing well.You will have some soreness in your shoulder where the sword stuck you for some time, but you should be almost normal by tomorrow. Do not overspend yourself today.Listen to Hlene or youll be back in bed again!"
  • The Russian Emperor's aide-de-camp is an impostor. Officers are nothing when they have no powers; this one had none.... The Austrians let themselves be tricked at the crossing of the Vienna bridge, you are letting yourself be tricked by an aide-de-camp of the Emperor.
  • " Now tell me, Krishnan, how did you get yourself caught in this danger.... Please don't hide any thing form me, I have some privilege now."
  • A Bull was striving with all his might to squeeze himself through a narrow passage which led to his stall. A young Calf came up, and offered to go before and show him the way by which he could manage to pass. "Save yourself the trouble," said the Bull; "I knew that way long before you were born."
  • Agnew looked at him skeptically. "Id suspect youre just doing this to entertain yourself if it werent that I actually do get interested women wherever you send me."
  • Well, Mrs. Peake wants me to remain with her, and so does Abner. I'm thinking about it. When I make my mind up I'll let you know, Jim. If it's stay, why we can have it all over again. I want to warn you, Jim. You're going to get yourself into trouble if you keep on the way you're bent now. There's a law that sends a man to the penitentiary for setting fire to a neighbor's house, he said, as sternly as he could.
  • Anna was chained to the bed in the back of the truck. Dan saw her comprehension and laughed. A moment later, he withdrew and the truck started. "Got a long way to go," he said cheerfully. "Make yourself at home, sugar."
  • Stover hesitated thoughtfully. "I don't reckon you could do yourself justice that away, but you might do your trainin' at daylight. The Centipede goes to work the same time we do, and the chances is your assassin won't miss his breakfast."
  • I didn't say that, though I don't see why you have to mix yourself up in his troubles. Why should you go out and kill these soldiers that haven't injured you?
  • Well, I'm not quite so sure o' that, returned the boy, with a modest look. "I would not myself put it quite so strong, you know. But you're a wise chief, and I hope you've got a lot of brothers as wise as yourself.
  • He steps toward the chair, in which Edward is being restrained. "Alas! How should you govern any kingdom, that know not how to use ambassadors?—nor how to be contented with one wife!—nor how to use your brothers brotherlynor how to study for the peoples welfare!" He adds, scornfully, "Nor how to shroud yourself from enemies!"
  • To tell you these things is why I came. But I must charge you with one solemn duty. Were a king to hear what has been said today, or to know the purpose of our Order, we should be counted guilty of treason, even as your father was. I charge you therefore Edward, on your most solemn word that you shall never speak of this in your lifetime; unless, of course, you become a king yourself.
  • I can't do that; it would be an anachronism here. I can make you a nice rock that you can use for pounding the clothes in a river somewhere, and a wooden bucket for dumping water on yourself.
  • He made the sign of the cross over her with his right hand, slowly and almost reverently. "I bless you with the sign of suffering. Bless yourself like a good penitent. And go from me in peace." His voice cracked on those last words, and tears blinded his eyes.
  • My eyes flamed, as did my face. "Explain yourself quickly, Twiten, because I will not be insulted in this manner. I have sacrificed, denied my birthright to become what I was born to do. Do not question me!"
  • "But that friend of hers, all jitters boiling and toiling under that fiery personality," Ve said added then licked his lips. "What I wouldn't give to have her working for me. The things I would be able to feel with her kicking around the customers!"If Seth had a hard time controlling himself when Ve talked about Caislyn, he found it an impossible task to maintain his cool when the demon talked about Jaxon like a piece of meat or an hot commodity. "Watch yourself Ve," the vampire warned with a low growl of a voice, "those are my friends you are talking about."
  • The pretended princess appeared that very moment, and perceiving that she had missed her prey, she cries, Fear nothing, prince! Who are you? Whom do you seek? I have lost my way, replies he, and am seeking it. If you have lost your way, says she, recommend yourself to God, he will deliver you out of your perplexity. Then the prince lift up his eyes towards Heaven. But, sir, says Scheherazade, I am obliged to break off, for day appears.
  • Stop, sir! commanded Mr. Clairy, rising. "Mr. Darrin, you will place yourself on report for strolling along the corridor with both shoes unlaced. You will also place yourself on report for impertinence in answering the midshipman in charge of the floor."
  • 'Of course I do,' said Ralston. 'If you hadn't cared for yourself you would never have brought a child like Madge into such an evil as this.'
  • "Royal Lear," says the duke, "give but that portion which yourself proposed, and here I take Cordelia by the hand, Duchess of Burgundy!"
  • That you find yourself alive, Mr. Dale, he said grimly, "is no confession of weakness upon the part of those with whom you have had to deal here. To bear witness to that there is one who is not alive, as you have seen. That man we knew. With you it was somewhat different. Your presence in the taxicab was only suspicious. There was always the possibility that you might be one of those ubiquitous 'innocent bystanders.' Your name, your position, the improbability that you could have anything in common with--shall we say, the matter that so deeply interests us?--was all in your favour. However, presumption and probability are the tools of fools. We do not depend upon them--we apply the test. And having applied the test, we are convinced that you have told the truth--that is all."
  • 'Very well, dear,'said Paul, greatly relieved at the turn things had taken, 'you shall have your way. But you must remember, dear '--he spoke as soothingly as he could--' it is my duty to see that you are cared for properly, and I must not leave you to yourself unless I am quite assured beforehand that you are certain to be bright and brave when I am gone.'He placed his hand beneath her chin, and coaxed her eyes to meet his own. 'You won't nourish these distressing fancies any more, will you?'
  • Delamere controlled himself with effort. "Is that so?" he retorted quietly. "I have no ideaand neither do the sixty-odd men in the barracks who have sworn their swords to you. Do you know what Im thinking, Will? That perhaps the king made you custodian of Rhuddlan Castle to teach you how to lead. To teach you how to stop putting yourself first all the time and instead make decisions and take actions which result in what is best for the entire kingdom!"
  • 'The interpretation of all which is, that, though you have discovered principles, which if pursued would secure to yourself and mankind in general certain happiness, and that though you can deal forth their dogmas and point out the path which others indubitably ought to take, yet, when your own passions are concerned, you act like the rest of the world. And you do this, not blindly, as they do, but, with your eyes open; at the moment that you are reminded of your maxims, and acknowledge their truth.'
  • The Magur was silent a moment before replying, ‘You have been chosen .... I do not know why. Now you are involved, you have seen too much of the Agents for them to let you off free. If you hand yourself in, you have everything to lose. Those who discover the invaders true identity do not walk away alive.’
  • "Let your hands and arms lie flat on the water! Don't try to raise your head farther than I let you! Keep your feet still! Let yourself hang helpless while I hold you and look round for the raft."
  • Ah! ah! said Dalton, "you never did relish machinations, and it is well you are not left to yourself in this plan of mine: honour is not the coin to take to a villain's market."
  • CINDER: Youve written yourself and your family into this story, with you being the mainwellvillain. You never exactly fully explain how your character gains these abilities and loses his humanity in the processwas that something intentional?
  • They're small fry. Let them smash. I'm the king pin here. You've got more money to make out of me than them. Of course, you're carrying too much, and you've got to choose, that's all. It's root hog or die for you or them. I'm too strong to smash. You could only embarrass me and get yourself tangled up. Your way out is to let the small fry go, and I'll lend you a hand to do it.
  • 'If you confine yourself to that you will come to no harm,' said Peterson. 'It is when the stakes become unlimited that the danger of a crash becomes unlimited too.'
  • Really, said Jimmie Dale, almost plaintively, swinging himself up on the corner of the desk and taking the cash box on his knee, "really, you are alarming yourself unnecessarily. I--"
  • Ryson ignored the alterations. He spoke softly to Lauren, in words that revealed his understanding. "Ignore him, and for a moment, ignore everything else. Stop worrying about what's happening to you. It's not helping you. You can wish with all your might that it would stop, but I don't think it's going to help. You're probably telling yourself over and over again that you didn't ask for this, didn't want it. All you want is to go back to the way things were, when you were no different than everybody else you knew."
  • It is easy to fall into the trap of calling the calls when you are yourself just pulling the backstroke.
  • I am well. As for the Throne, negotiations are beginning and we are drudging through formalities and foundations. I recently spoke to a representative of the Thirds Council and I believe she liked me. Keep me apprised of how it goes against Quenela and Hadil's forces. I hope you are keeping yourself faithful.
  • The French have breached the tower, pasha, he said, "and their storming party was about to cross the ditch when I came away. There are no troops there to defend the breach, and those on the wall are flying. Unless you yourself go out and rally the men to the defence the town is lost."
  • Listen to him, Ry, Linda implored, pleading while tears filled her eyes. "What good would it do if you just get yourself killed?"
  • "Mais, mon cher, I did this for my own sake, to satisfy my conscience, and there is nothing to thank me for. No one has ever complained yet of being too much loved; and besides, you are free, you could throw it up tomorrow. But you will see everything for yourself when you get to Petersburg. It is high time for you to get away from these terrible recollections." Prince Vasili sighed. "Yes, yes, my boy. And my valet can go in your carriage. Ah! I was nearly forgetting," he added. "You know, mon cher, your father and I had some accounts to settle, so I have received what was due from the Ryazan estate and will keep it; you won't require it. We'll go into the accounts later."
  • "True, in general," Dax agreed. "But you oversimplify the scenario. The killing could have been committed with the intention of sending a message. Or the assailant could have intentionally left evidence, knowing people such as yourself would overthink the situation. Or maybe it was simply a fledgling."
  • "But you have read the evidence. You have formed some conclusion? Do you not see some loophole, some flaw? Do you not yourself think that he is innocent?"
  • Have it your own way! grunted Tommy. "You know yourself that the caretaker said there were lights in the mine which no one could account for, and he especially mentioned the light in Tunnel Six."
  • Have it your own way! grunted Tommy. "You know yourself that the caretaker said there were lights in the mine which no one could account for and he especially mentioned the light in Tunnel Six.
  • "It is not a question of belief, Cain," The Marshall said. "Not on your part. You are too much of a part of this worlds beliefs for your doubts to matter. No, it isnt what you believe, but what others believe you to represent." He rotated the pistol to draw Cains attention to the barrel. "The only belief you need concern yourself with is whether or not I am capable of killing you."
  • "Oh, no, you won't, ma'am," rejoined the Captain chuckling again, her comical consternation soothing the last acerbities of his temper. "You shan't drown yourself if I can prevent you, ma'am!"
  • Do you say M. de Monte Cristo is our enemy? replied Mercedes, becoming paler than the sheet which covered her. "Who told you so? Why, you are mad, Albert! M. de Monte Cristo has only shown us kindness. M. de Monte Cristo saved your life; you yourself presented him to us. Oh, I entreat you, my son, if you had entertained such an idea, dispel it; and my counsel to you--nay, my prayer--is to retain his friendship."
  • "What Cougar?" Connor grinned meaningfully. "Are you calling yourself that now? Youre definitely the older woman."
  • "You missed yours today, it is past your bedtime, and those are the only reasons I'm not absolutely furious at you, Celia." Elizabeth lifted her head to scowl at Celia. "Seriously, Celia, you know how to act in public. I left you with Rian, so I really want to know how you managed to get through all these people, without touching any of them, to get all the way over here and launch yourself at the most important person in the room."
  • "And forsooth, Sir King of the Bow," she said--and the smile rippled into a laugh--"are you so puffed up by your victory that you will not deign to address me, but must needs hold yourself aloof, even when there is none to see your condescension! . . . Perchance even to ride beside me will compromise your dignity. Proceed. . . Proceed. . . I can follow; or wait for the grooms or the scullions with the victual carts."
  • Now, Tom--if that is your name--you have amused yourself and your shipmates at my expense--to your heart's content, I hope--you have played off your little practical joke upon me, and I bear no malice. But--let there be no more of it--do you understand?
  • I understand you, fair cousin; you expect deliverance at the hands of your degraded and new found kinsman; but trust me, he will need succour himself before that time arrives. I expect to march him through these streets in irons on my wedding-day. Frown not--gather no storms of indignation upon your brow--it shall be even so. But time wears apace; so pledge yourself before Heaven, that if I obtain Sir William's consent to this delay, you will be mine upon the return of the army.
  • What are you saying? The only agents were your uncle's hostility and his own obstinacy which would not study compromise. You must not blame yourself for anything.
  • "Brenna," Anubis mimicked my head movement, cocking it to the side, he narrowed his eyes slightly. "You are dealing with beings where age means very little. Furthermore, eternity really is a long time to be monogamous. While I realize you are horrified by the thought of sex, it will pass eventually and you will find yourself looking at eternity. The pool of potential sexual partners becomes narrower when you look at it from our end. While there isnt an Elder in the world who would seriously entertain the notion of having sex with you before the Maturing, after the Maturing is a different story."
  • "That is a rough, brief outline of the policy of the Brotherhood, which we are going to ask you to-night to join. Of course, in the eyes of the world we are only a set of fiends, whose sole object is the destruction of Society, and the inauguration of a state of universal anarchy. That, however, has no concern for us. What is called popular opinion is merely manufactured by the Press according to order, and does not count in serious concerns. What I have described to you are the true objects of the Brotherhood; and now it remains for you to say, yes or no, whether you will devote yourself and your invention to carrying them out or not."
  • No, you won't sir! retorted Jetson, rising, his face ablaze with sulky anger. "You may go to Coventry, Mr. Darrin, and welcome, but you shall not share mine with me. You shall not share anything whatever with me--not even the air of this room if I can prevail upon you to take yourself out of a room where you are not wanted. Mr. Darrin, I indulge myself in the honor of wishing you--good evening!"
  • Suppose the wedding over. Picture the bride in her orange blossoms, the bridegroom in his magpie dress--he could not adopt the time-honoured blue frock, being a cleric--the bridesmaids in their scarlet and white trains of tulle and tulips--the Bishop of Chumpchopster in his voluminous lawn sleeves pronouncing the blessing in his well-known and to be-much-admired Alcaic manner. Imagine the bells of Bigton clanging out their merry peal in the frosty air: paint to yourself the gallant and gay assemblage. Fancy, in a word, the marriage to be un fait accompli; the guests returned to Laburnum Cottage; the toast of the day proposed in that highly-declamatory style which makes the name of Sir Boanerges Todhunter synonymous with that of Cicero; thanks responded in the usual halting manner by the bridegroom; the happy pair started on their tour with the customary shower of shoes; the banquet concluded. Imagine all this. Aha! and now I will a tale unfold.
  • My mom was a prime example of picking yourself off the floor and moving on. She managed to wriggle out from under the boulder that was my dad, and make a nice life for herself. Half a life spent learning and the other half spent living.
  • "I'm afraid, Bucky; afraid away down deep. You don't half believe yourself what you say. I can't stand it to be here alone and not know what's going on.
  • Right, that is it,’ Louisa fumed. ‘I do not want to hear one more word from you, George!’ She pointed a menacing finger at him. ‘You and your partner have done enough damage for one morning, most assuredly. Frances has already experienced the brunt of my wrath this week, following her exceedingly foolish escapade the other day. Dont let yourself be next.’ She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. ‘Now enough of all that. We have come here today to discuss Christmas arrangements, and I am not leaving until we have.’
  • 'Tis true, madame, answered he, "that my father was a Girondin, but he was not among the number of those who voted for the king's death; he was an equal sufferer with yourself during the Reign of Terror, and had well-nigh lost his head on the same scaffold on which your father perished."
  • The two guards holding me looked thoughtful, "It appears that you may pass, slurpee," said one. "Although such a juicy morsel as yourself should be careful here. There are things that might eat you." He flashed long white canines at me in lascivious leer. I marched past with my nose in the air. Cecily grabbed my elbow and hustled me through the door.
  • Just as you like, Clinton. Of course if you like to tell us anything we shall be glad to hear it, but we all know that your brother was not the sort of fellow to get into any dishonourable sort of scrape, and I can promise you we shall ask no questions if you would rather keep the matter altogether to yourself.
  • I shall try to go discreetly,' said I. I believe it is yourself that I must thank for this crowning mercy, and I do thank you gratefully. After yesterday, my lord, this is like the doors of Heaven. I cannot find it in my heart to get the thing believed."
  • Stroma gave him an unamused look. "Dont go getting yourself expelled. Youre my responsibility now." She crossed her arms and said, "Rumor has it the manor, community hall, sanctum, archive and Boant Oak are all supposed to be linked by tunnels the Director had his servants use."
  • After a moment of battling nausea, Sarah continued. "Imagine putting yourself in the pouch of a big slingshot, and then youre launched into the air. Now, once youre sailing through the air, imagine stopping rather abruptly, like youre flung into a large catchers mitt. It feels rather like that."
  • "I didnt say you had the power to soar above the trees, I said you had the power within you to realize the sensation of flying. If you consider what you just did, and what a bird does, youd realize that you felt what its like for a bird to fly. A bird must flap its wings to gain lift and momentum. As it lifts in the air, it can soar for distances without flapping its wings, but it still must work to some extent to remain airborne for any length of time. Instead of flapping wings, you propelled yourself with your legs. You left the ground and remained in the air until you came back to the ground and then propelled yourself up once more. Its the same concept as flying only in shorter bursts and lower to the ground."
  • Dear and precious Friend, Your letter of the 13th has given me great delight. So you still love me, my romantic Julie? Separation, of which you say so much that is bad, does not seem to have had its usual effect on you. You complain of our separation. What then should I say, if I dared complain, I who am deprived of all who are dear to me? Ah, if we had not religion to console us life would be very sad. Why do you suppose that I should look severely on your affection for that young man? On such matters I am only severe with myself. I understand such feelings in others, and if never having felt them I cannot approve of them, neither do I condemn them. Only it seems to me that Christian love, love of one's neighbor, love of one's enemy, is worthier, sweeter, and better than the feelings which the beautiful eyes of a young man can inspire in a romantic and loving young girl like yourself.
  • "That's as well," Talon commented, "for assassins shouldn't reveal their clients to anyone." Again he cast a stern glance at Scar. "If you pay the price, you have only yourself to blame."
  • No; for my auxiliaries are the whole population. None of your generals can make a move unknown to me; send a despatch without my intercepting it; find a retreat where I shall not pursue him. The very soil is royalist and Christian! In default of the inhabitants, it speaks and tells me: 'The Blues passed here; the slaughterers are hidden there!' For the rest, you can judge for yourself.
  • Roger, man, he cried, "thank God I have found you! I thought you were gone for ever. Can you help yourself at all, lad?"
  • Sarah had remained quiet the whole time Steve had been rambling, nibbling on a bread-stick. Now that he appeared to be done, she took a breath. "I think that since theyve named you in their will, they thought highly of you. You should at least go to their house up there and see for yourself what you were given. I think you owe them that."
  • "But she is still alive and with her family." Lynne said to comfort him. "I know what it is like when the only thing you ever cared for is torn away from you. The world seems to collapse around you and there seems to be no future anymore, only a dark gaping hole to fall through. But I can also say that you have to get over it. Life goes on, for her and for you. You can't sit in your TARDIS forever blaming yourself for what happened."
  • I'm not criticising your work, son, he said. "As far as your duty is concerned, you're all that a man could wish for. But you mustn't take life in general and yourself in particular so seriously, or you'll never survive to wear an admiral's stars on your collar.
  • The whites looked at one another significantly. "Well, boys--we must be getting back to camp," said the Colonel. "Neyani, the white men think that your son is innocent. There is some other reason for the Black Panther. But to-morrow Major Hinchman will come. My advice to you is to wait until the White Father arrives, before doing anything that you yourself may regret for all the rest of your life."
  • Come, magistrate, said M. d'Avrigny, "show yourself a man; as an interpreter of the law, do honor to your profession by sacrificing your selfish interests to it."
  • "And let me guess. The two possible heirs are yourself and Hart." I shook my head, careful to keep my back straight. The nuns would have been so proud of me -mostly. Except for the wearing a sheet and being in bed with a relatively stranger part. That wouldn't have gone over so well. "Please, tell me this isn't just an inheritance dispute."
  • He lowered the blade and swore to himself. Something was behind him now, he was sure of it. He lowered the blade and swung around, the blade mapping his spin. There was nothing. "What's wrong, Tahkshi? Kill yourself already! Get out of my sight! Or are you afraid, small one? Afraid that if you go back, you'll find all of your sins waiting for you?" Tahkshi took a deep breath and plunged the blade into his chest. It impaled through his right lung. He looked down at the sword, which had not pierced the skin. He looked at his chest. A bony spike was pointing through it.
  • "Yes, Nemesis, very good," he said, with a faint sour smile. "I am sorry, Mr. Parker, you gave yourself the trouble to come all this way to tell me that -- I can't call it news. Very kind of you, though," he added, recollecting himself.
  • "Peste!" he snapped impatiently, "you are beginning to weary me, Marcel - and all the world does that so excellently that it needs not your collaboration. Go your ways, man, and do as you elect. But take my sanction to slay this fellow Chatellerault, and I shall be the better pleased if you avail yourself of it. He is lodged at the Auberge Royale, where probably you will find him at present. Now, go. I have more justice to dispense in this rebellious province."
  • You'll soon have time enough to rest yourself, youngster, said one of them. "You may consider yourself fortunate that things are no worse with you."
  • "Yes, mademoiselle; you must be yourself perfectly aware of that change; it is a studied and intentional one," continued Mrs. Marston, in a gentle but dignified tone. "Although I have felt some doubt as to whether it were advisable, so long as you observe toward me the forms of external respect, and punctually discharge the duties you have undertaken, to open any discussion whatever upon the subject; yet I have thought it better to give you a fair opportunity of explaining frankly, should you desire to do so, the feelings and impressions under which you are acting."
  • The duke is disturbed. "Whoeer he be that in this foul proceeding hath thus beguiled your daughter of herself, and you of her, the bloody book of law you shall yourself read, in the bitter letter after your own sense!—yea, though our proper son stood in your action!"
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