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Okunuşu: / jɔːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours


zam. seninki, sizinki.

yours için örnek cümleler:

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  • Princess, you know why I have brought you to the East and raised you to great honour here, why also I have made you my companion in these wars. It is for my dream's sake, the dream which told me that by some noble act of yours you should save the lives of thousands. Yet I am sure that you desire to escape, and plots are made to take you from me, though of these plots you say that you and your woman
  • "I did soand went further, which is now our point of second meeting. Do you find patience so predominant in your nature that you can let this go? Are you so gospelld as to pray for thisgood man,’ and for his issue, whose heavy hand hath bowed you to the grave and beggared yours forever?"
  • "Nothing in particular, except that it is your footprint," he answered. "Then I happened to meet old Edward, who was loafing along, and he informed me that you and Mr. Davies had gone up the beach; there is his footprint--Mr. Davies's, I mean--but you don't seem to have been very sociable, because here is yours right in the middle of it. Therefore you must have been walking in Indian file, and a little way back in parallel lines, with quite thirty yards between you."
  • Come, Munson, said Katherine, "you get into the lantern and be the beacon. You can see that red hair of yours a mile. Too bad Hinpoha isn't here, she's a regular signal light."
  • He laughed at that. "About as angry as I could get with a piece of thistledown. But you know, you're not very wise, my Daphne. You've got it in you to madden me, but it's a risky thing to do. Now see here! I've brought you something to make those moss agate eyes of yours shine. Can you guess what it is?"
  • 'Upon my honour, Sir,' said Paul Dangerfield, with his head erect, 'I bear Mr. Lowe no ill-will. He is, you'll excuse me, a thief-catcher by nature. He can't help it. He thinks he works from duty, public spirit, and other fine influences; I know it is simply from an irrepressible instinct. I do assure you, I never yet bore any man the least ill-will. I've had to remove two or three, not because I hated them--I did not care a button for any--but because their existence was incompatible with my safety, which, Sir, is the first thing to me, as yours is to you. Human laws we respect--ha, ha!--you and I, because they subserve our convenience, and just so long. When they tend to our destruction, 'tis, of course, another thing.'
  • "Now just a moment," said Groot, digging in his slippered heels against the wood parquet floor of the entry hall. The policemen paid no attention to his attempt at friction and merely hoisted him into the air, then carried him toward the door. "At least let me put on a suit of proper clothes, unless these almighty orders of yours prohibit that, too."
  • As I said, that 's the point. A human life the money of the world cannot buy; nor can it redeem one which is misspent; nor can it make full and complete and beautiful a life which is dwarfed and warped and ugly. How about yourself? What is to be the effect of all these strange adventures on your life--your life, Joe? Are you going to pick yourself up to-morrow and try it over again? or the next day? or the day after? Do you understand? Why, Joe, do you think for one moment that I would place against the best value of my son's life the paltry value of a safe? And can I say, until time has told me, whether this trip of yours could not possibly have been better? Such an experience is as potent for evil as for good. One dollar is exactly like another--there are many in the world: but no Joe is like my Joe, nor can there be any others in the world to take his place. Don't you see, Joe? Don't you understand?
  • "My point exactly. That blonde, brainy second wife of yours is pulling your strings now. Thats whats got your crazy first wife so pissed."
  • "Myself and what is mine, to you and yours is now converted. Just now I was the lord of this fair mansion, master of my servants, queen oer myself.; but now, even now, this house, these servants and this same myself are yours, my lord."
  • "My lord, this chaos that you and yours endure came about at my hand. I fell under the curse of the Sordienoth and it was the speaking of the accursed wish that he thrust upon me in duress that has stopped time and left you in limbo". Falk confessed all and waited for the outraged judgement of the cloud king, but when Eldellins voice came forth again from the emptiness it was not full of wroth but of sorrow.
  • "Face your fears, Fais. Theres no one here to judge you but yourself. Ill lend you my preserver. Butty, why dont you lend yours to Codal?"
  • It's a wonder you're not reading my name on a little board slab instead of seeing yours truly in flesh and blood, Jack, laughed Thorne nervously. "A ton of rock, man--a ton of rock, and I was under it!"
  • Floki walked over to his horse, a pretty chestnut mare. "Take care of Buttercup, boy. Shes yours now. Shes a fine horse and as good natured as any Ive ever owned."
  • "Your subjects have starved, while you and yours have feasted. You have lavished millions in vain display upon your palaces, while they have died in their hovels for lack of bread; and when men have asked you for freedom and justice, you have given them the knout, the chain, and the prison.
  • "It is very different. For example, in Africa, AIDS is equally distributed between men and women, and not limited in any way to a homosexual population. In fact, in sub-Saharan Africa, HIV-positive women outnumber HIV-positive men. There are 7 times more children with AIDS in Africa than in the U.S. And our numbers are going up while yours are going down."
  • Matt Peasley, said Cappy solemnly, "you think this is funny; but it isn't. You do not realize what you are doing. Why, this action of yours will be construed as highway robbery and no man on the Street will trust you. You must think of your future in business.
  • 'I have heard a great deal about your family, Mr. Trevor; and of the ridiculous opposition which your grandfather pretended to make to my late brother, Mowbray. Your mother, I think, was twice married, and, as I have been told, both times very imprudently; so that the proud hopes which the rector entertained of raising a family were all overthrown. But that is always the case with clandestine matches. Many families, of much greater consequence than ever yours was, Mr. Trevor, have been brought low by such foolish and wicked doings. Young girls that have indulged improper connections, and secret lovers, have involved themselves, and all their relations, in ruin by their guilty proceedings. You are but a petty instance of the base and bad consequences of the crimes of such foolish young hussies. Come, niece!'
  • "You seem to have done very well, Brother, even better than we did yonder on the other side of the town, though some might think that fray a thing whereof to make a song. Also that last shot of yours was worthy of a good archer, for I marked it, I marked it. A great lord was laid low thereby. Let us go and see who it was."
  • "Draw your sleeves over your hands," said the eunuch. "None must appear before the King showing his hands, and, dwarf, since you have no sleeves, thrust yours into your robe."
  • And do you remember, Father of Monkeys, how you escaped from us by your cleverness? I wonder where you went to and how you died. I shall not forget you, for you gave me this, and he pointed to a big white scar upon his shoulder. "You would have killed me, but the stuff in that iron tube of yours burned slowly when you held the fire to it, so that I had time to jump aside and the iron ball did not strike me in the heart as you meant that it should. Yet, it is still here; oh! yes, I carry it with me to this day, and now that I have grown thin I can feel it with my finger."
  • Yes, there is little resemblance, Roland retorted. "And in my heart I am in no way like Stephen de Gobignon. The man who reared me was a better man. He was your father's slayer. If you still doubt me, then think - why would I speak of such shame? Only because I must, because it is the hateful truth. My having the same blood as yours makes me despise part of myself."
  • "Makenna. I was born during a time when some people still understood the significance of names. yours suggests that you have an affinity for fire. You were burning something in the cemetery before you were attacked. Your parents are wardcarvers, which means youve lived around magic all your lifetheres no way you can not pick up some sort of ability after spending that much time immersed in magic."
  • The girls walked straight past the two workmen, Jorden in tow, and headed for a ladder. They started to climb. "I didn't realize this loft of yours was so near the dock," the outsider said, somewhat surprised. "By the way you were talking I thought it was a long way."
  • "Quick!" he cried. "Those apes of yours have caught Schmidt and will kill him if we do not hasten to his aid. You alone can call them off. Take Jones and Sullivan--you may need help--and get to him as quick as you can. Follow the game trail south for about a mile. I will remain here. I am too spent with running to go back with you," and the mate of the Kincaid threw himself upon the ground, panting as though he was almost done for.
  • Claire gasped, realized her situation, and for the moment was carried beyond all power of speech. She sank in a chair and stared at him. Then, suppressing her rising fear, she said calmly: "Philip, would you have me yours against your will?"
  • Lord St. Simon shook his head. "I am afraid that it will take wiser heads than yours or mine," he remarked, and bowing in a stately, old-fashioned manner he departed.
  • Yes, the dwarves of Dunop will survive without you. We will find a solution if that's what you force us to do, but that is not how it should be. I've known you for some time, Jon Folarok, and you are a Folarok. I know you don't wish to be king. You've never wanted the throne, but it is yours now. I truly feel for you, my friend. I see that you are aging before your time. I know this will only exact an even greater toll, but unfortunately, this is not the time for you to simply withdraw. I will say this with no regard for my own well-being; your father has done you and all of Dunop a disservice. He chose to run rather than face his true responsibility. I will hope that you do not do the same.
  • "Well, Miss Clifford, you are quite right; that is why I have dared to make you a prisoner, because, as the old Molimo said, the treasure is yours and I wish to share it. Now, about this treasure, it seems that it can't be found, can it, although I have worked so hard?" and he looked at his delicate, scarred hands.
  • He leaned keenly to tell her. "It was for your own sake that I came to take you away, because in Europe you would be a far greater queen than here--with fewer subjects indeed, but far more skilled, and slaving for your pleasures far harder than any Mo-Ngwanya ever thinks of labouring for his own pleasures; indeed someone who is enjoying the wealth which is yours by law is at this moment a more powerful sort of monarch in Europe than you are here, or than monarchs are there; and I, being your cousin, and your natural guardian----"
  • He coughed again, said: "Now we're coming to a side street. I don't suppose I'd happen to notice if you just sort of walked down it. I can't help it if you escape, can I? But for Christ's sake, tell that partner of yours to take your baggage down the back way at the hotel. Everybody ain't reasonable like I am. And when you check in the Palace Rooms, which is two blocks over and in the middle of the block, don't tell Maude I sent you. Out loud, that is. And for Christ's sake keep out of the Three C Club and away from the police station. There's always phones and I suppose either Kirby or I could break away from the desk if we had to do it. Now here we are at the corner."
  • Follow her as you will, but know that her claims are false. The algors did not take her first son from her. The humans, the elves, the delvers; they are not your enemies. The enemy to us all is the darkness she chases. That is her path, let us pray that it will not be yours.
  • "Think again, old comrade. Twelve brave and true men have I with me. Take us as your gentlemen and men at arms to protect you and yours against those who are unfriendly. You must have enemies."
  • "Thanks, Master Weedon, thanks!" exclaimed Constance enthusiastically; "we would join our prayers with yours to persuade your wife to let you come, if that would avail."
  • I see that imagination of yours is working overtime, Bumpus, remarked Thad; and then turning to the Southern boy he went on: "Shall it be you or I, Bob?"
  • "She told you?" A look of genuine confusion came over his face, but then he recovered. "What happened between her and me is our business, not yours or anybody elses. And youd better keep your mouth shut about it, if you know whats good for you!"
  • Never mind, he said. "You'll get yours some day. I've just been more fortunate, that's all. Besides, I knew something of navigation before you did, and while you have mastered it now, I had a long start."
  • I understand; yours is what might be called a divided household, and Colonel Allen looked around with a smile at his companions.
  • You mean, said Burton excitedly, "you mean that all these crimes of yours that have seemed without motive, that have been so inexplicable, have really been like to-night to--"
  • "Hideous? horrible?" he said, taking off his glasses and thrusting his hand into his pocket for his handkerchief to wipe them, but bringing out something soft and white, which proved to be a piece of lint. "Oh, I do call it cool. If there's anything hideous it's your acts, sir; having those thundering guns fired, to send huge shells shivering and shattering human beings to pieces for the doctor to try and mend; your horrible chops given with cutlasses and the gilt-handled swords you are all so proud of wearing--insolent, bragging, showy tools that are not to be compared with my neat set of amputating knives in their mahogany case. These are to do good, while yours are to do evil. Then, too, your nasty, insidious, cruel bayonets, which make a worse wound than a bullet. Oh, it's too fine to call my work horrible, when I try to put straight all your mischief."
  • What, do you have the nerve to stick to that silly story, after admitting that this wonderfully gotten fortune of yours tallies to the dollar with what has been taken from my house? demanded Mr. Rollins, acting as though half tempted to immediately pounce upon the treasure, and take possession, depending on Paul and his scouts to back him up if Jo showed fight.
  • Sir, I said, "you're surely unaware of the discussions that have taken place in Europe and America with yourself as the subject. You don't realize that various accidents, caused by collisions with your underwater machine, have aroused public passions on those two continents. I'll spare you the innumerable hypotheses with which we've tried to explain this inexplicable phenomenon, whose secret is yours alone. But please understand that the Abraham Lincoln chased you over the Pacific high seas in the belief it was hunting some powerful marine monster, which had to be purged from the ocean at all cost."
  • She took a nasty whack on the head too. A bit more serious than yours but shes OK. Shes recovering at the Mossman hospital.’
  • Casey shook his head. "With that fire-bush you call hair, they'd find you too quickly. No, he'd chop off those hairy hobbit feet of yours to make you fit in a smaller box. Serves you right for being so tall."
  • "Last year I actually woke up and had enchanted the dresser in my bedroom at the condo, it was talking to me, telling me what outfits to wear. Offering me clothing suggestions. This is kind of standard for me though, thats why I dont keep a lot of furniture in my room or in my house for that matter. I feel asleep on my couch once and woke up to find it had been enchanted. It ate books for about a month before I got it removed. Sadly, I am so good at imbibing magic into inanimate objects, that it usually takes two or three of us to remove it. And the bedroom furniture in that room has been enchanted so many times, that we cant remove the enchantments. Actually, the entire room is so enchanted that it cant be removed, thats why no one but me has ever slept in it. It doesnt like other magic and it will let you know it. You might be lucky that the dresser didnt open for you, it might have eaten your hand or something since it is my magic inside of it and not yours.
  • "Snake sting me!" says he, laughing ruefully as he re-pocketed his weapons. "This comes o' harbouring a lousy rogue as balks good liquor. The man as won't take good rum hath the head of a chicken, the heart of a yellow dog, and the bowels of a w-worm, and bone-rot him, says I. Lord love me, but I've seen many a better throat than yours slit ere now, my buxom lad!"
  • A bigger one? Och, here's a lovely one, now--five minutes long, ascending scale with a sob at the end, guaranteed to scare a statue. yours for ten and six. I call that a real bargain, now!
  • Varan said, "Human beings and fantoms have been at war with one another for a long time. Your people ignore or pretend us away to nothingness. My people curse yours with madness and misfortune."
  • We are deeply saddened by the behaviour of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer, and asking your forgiveness we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people of the Covenant.
  • Whenever I feel afraid, I whistle a happy tune.... His dad had taken him to see "The Sound of Music" and he never forgot it. His jet did a barrel roll..... "Up yours USAF!!"
  • "I thought of that," he smiled. "There is a little danger of that, but not much, I guess. You see, I'll try to time our rate of travel, and figure out as closely as I can when we have covered the eighteen miles that should bring us even with the islands. Then, too, old Rover will be losing the trail about that time. When that bearded friend of yours and his guide leave the floe to go upon the solid shore ice of the islands, the floe is going to keep right on moving north. That breaks the trail, see? When we strike the end of that trail we can go due south and hit the islands. If the air is at all clear, we can see them. It's a clumsy arrangement, but better than going it without a trail."
  • "Do not stand there like a sheep," Baker told him. "Hold that course of yours and be prepared to follow my orders quickly and efficiently."
  • Mrs. Thompson, I appeal to your patriotism. Your friends, your country, the free people of the world, need this invention of yours.
  • "Greeting, Egyptian," he said, mopping his brow with his sleeve for the sun was hot. "An honour for you! A great honour! The King of kings commands your presence. Yes, he would speak with you with his own lips, and with that abortion of a servant of yours also. Come! Come swiftly!"
  • If you are worthy within yourself,’ said Yoal, ‘then your words will be worthy also. yours is the hardest task, for all other dragons will have your wisdom to defend them, and those that make laws after you will have your laws to guide them.’
  • "Of course it will," agreed the good woman. "But, there! how the baggage men do grumble at having to lug up big trunks like yours and Mr. Bellew's!"
  • As we walked away the surgeon said, ‘Well, there you are. I told you he would know about the carts and waggons. But yours is out of reach, you see, and though we may recapture it, I dont know when that will be. Anyway, as he said, he probably wouldnt let you have it back, even for a donation to his Retired QuartermastersComfort Fund.’
  • "Maybe something drives ground-huggers away that birds are too dumb to notice." Max said. "What about you? Is that music of yours giving you any hints?"
  • All the same you would be badly off, rejoined Isabelle, "if I were to take you at your word, and promise to be yours when I was old and gray. But enough of this jesting," she continued gravely, "let us be serious! You know my resolution, de Sigognac, so try to content yourself with being the object of the deepest, truest, most devoted love that was ever yet bestowed on mortal man since hearts began to beat in this strange world of ours."
  • You say so. Yet I have done things to you and yours that you can scarcely hold as noble, said Saladin. "I stole your cousin from her home, as her mother had been stolen from mine, paying back ill with ill, which is against the law, and in his own hall my servants slew her father and your uncle, who was once my friend.
  • I was angry with you for not giving an account of yourself for so long, but I see that you have accomplished more than I could hope for; and if God gives victory, not mine but yours will be the merit. You went like an angel guardian after Boguslav.
  • "Give me leave, beseech you. I did send, after the last enchantment you did here, a ring in chase of you; thus did I abuse myself, my servant, and, I fear me, you! Under your hard construction I must be, to have forced on you, by a shameful cunning, that which you knew was none of yours.
  • "By the time I got back to the house, he's sitting in there calling your name like he's trying to wake the dead and rubbing your hands hard enough to start a fire. For just a moment your eyes opened and Elke rushed to get you some hot soup. Then this man of yours sits there and spoon feeds you until you sank back into sleep. And there he sat all day yesterday and last night."
  • Good. I wouldn't want that head of yours to get any bigger than it is or else certain persons might find it necessary to teach you otherwise. If you know what I mean? She looked over at me and smiled as she finished speaking.
  • "Whatever this Source of yours is trying to do, do you think it will let you down now? At the end? With me here?" She sniffed in response trying to wipe tears before he could see them. She had never really shown this side. She had always seemed completely at ease with her fate in the hands of the Source. Whatever it was.
  • Waal, Jedge, we don't want to waste no time, neither yours nor ours. The fact is some of yer blank blank Indians have been rustlin' hosses from us fer some time back. We don't mind a cayuse now and then, but when it comes to a hull bunch of vallable hosses there's where we kick and we ain't goin' to stand fer it. And we want them hosses re-stored. And what's more, we want them blank blank copper snakes strung up.
  • The IRS gets copies of all 1099s and W-2s you receive, so make sure you report all required income on your return. IRS computers are pretty good at matching the numbers on the forms with the income shown on your return. A mismatch sends up a red flag and causes the IRS computers to spit out a bill. If you receive a 1099 showing income that isn't yours or listing incorrect income, get the issuer to file a correct form with the IRS.
  • "‘Safe where you and yours cannot touch her,'" the Sovereign quoted from the report Rome had given him so long ago. "That we will see. Morgan, I command you to scry for the location and identity of the last witch."
  • But this mother of yours must be an infamous woman, Malinche, Roger said indignantly, "thus to sell away her own daughter to be a slave!"
  • Carew surveyed the place with a quick interest. "It's a pity this valley of yours is stowed away so deep in the heart of the country," he said.
  • Well, they certainly can't treat them like cats, now can they? They'd get too skittish, chuckled the irrepressible Reeltu with a twinkle in his eyes. "But enough of this tomfoolery, you think this Dog Boy of yours can find us your dog ... what did you say his name was?"
  • Remember I mentioned a time before the pyramids? Well I guess that was very fortunate for me to include that, due to the fact that there is where my journey and now yours begins.
  • "There were, additionally, two documents transferring everything Father possessed to either his manservant, Karl Günfel, or to his only genuine son, yours Truly.
  • "There are doors for all of you," Alena adds, "You can take them together, make a home for yourself. You can even choose to not take any doorwalk as far as you can and you will find a cliff, the end of this world. If you jump from there, you will move on. I cannot say where. I couldnt even guess. The choice is yoursyou four, individually. Just as the choice is yours for revengeyou can use your memories to aid you and you can destroy Landons world, effectively sending him to whatever lies after."
  • "You going to let that psychotic son of yours do the honors again?" Hartwell asked hitting on two sensitive subjects: Cal and the 100th kill.
  • Forgive me, Madame, he said easily, and heard one of his men give a little grunt of surprise. "Just come with me, tell me in private why this man of yours deserves to be released, and I will listen with all respect."
  • "Be patient and forgive," said Tamas at length. "My father, Mambo, prays to the Munwali and the spirits of his fathers that this coming of yours may be fortunate, and that a vision of those things that are to be may descend upon him."
  • "You touch me with that damned power of yours and I will kill you, witch. Now is your chance to prove you do want to help, and believe me, if you try anything, you will die before I do."
  • "Give them the grenades," ordered Frank, getting his own ready. "They won't be expecting them and it may upset them. Throw yours at the same time I do mine."
  • "The other dolt is yours to dispose of, my king," the assassin said, bowing with such respect that it sent goose bumps rippling down the fool's spine. "You may not ever be the King of Men, my friend, but you will always be the King of Fools. Didn't it cross your mind that after King Rigert lost his head, they might block that passage up? What were you thinking?"
  • "I know that retardthats why Ive been in the parking lot for twenty minutes. Do you have yours shoved up your butt?"
  • We saw that beautiful face of yours in the red fire, replied Jack. "How are we going to get out of here? They've blockaded the river below, and the falls are above."
  • Whoreple who have gone a whoring after strange gods i thought yours was supposed to be the only one?
  • Brutal politics, I must confess. said Maximilian; "but don't attach any serious importance, dear, to what your father said. My father was not a bit behind yours in that sort of talk. 'Why,' said he, 'does not the emperor, who has devised so many clever and efficient modes of improving the art of war, organize a regiment of lawyers, judges and legal practitioners, sending them in the hottest fire the enemy could maintain, and using them to save better men?' You see, my dear, that for picturesque expression and generosity of spirit there is not much to choose between the language of either party. But what did M. Danglars say to this outburst on the part of the procureur?"
  • She smiled at him, which was infuriating. "I know only you, Master, the one I awoke to see and am now bonded to forever. I am yours to command."
  • Mrs. Humphreys shook her head. "I have nursed them both, sir, and which is mine and which is yours I could not say to save my life."
  • There's something mighty queer about this whole proposition. That yarn of yours last night, Jerry, didn't sit very easy on my pillow, and it doesn't rest very easy on my breakfast, either. What's the idea? What you trying to hide, you two?
  • "Then, Pharaoh, hearken! To-morrow I leave Egypt for another land, giving you back your generalship and sheathing the sword that I had hoped to wield in its defence and yours when the last great day of trial by battle comes, as come it will. I tell you that I go to return no more, unless the lady Amada yonder shall summon me back to fight for her and you, promising herself to me in guerdon."
  • I have learned with the greatest satisfaction, general, that you have at last escaped from the bands of the tyrant who misconceived you so far as to offer you service under him. I deplore the unhappy circumstances which obliged you to treat with him; but I did not feel the slightest uneasiness; the heart of my faithful Bretons, and yours in particular, are too well known to me. To-day you are free, you are near my brother, all my hopes revive. I need not say more to such a Frenchman as you.
  • Nor were these mere words. On the very next day, the opportunity occurred. Santillane, said his excellency, the place of governor in the royal prison of Valladolid is vacant: it is worth more than three hundred pistoles a year; and is yours if you will accept of it. Not if it were worth ten thousand ducats, answered I, for it would carry me away from your lordship. But, replied the minister, you may fill it by deputy, and only visit occasionally. That is as it may be, rejoined I; but I shall only accept it on condition of resigning in favour of Don Andrew de Tordesillas, a brave and loyal gentleman; I should like to give him this place in acknowledgment of his kindness to me in the tower of Segovia.
  • You will excuse me, if any cases are brought in, I must attend to them at once. I never allow anything to interfere with my magisterial duties. But do not go away. I'll dispose of them off-hand, and shall be happy to continue the conversation. I want to have a few words with you, Mr Cheveley, upon a matter of importance, to obtain your advice and assistance. By-the-bye, you wrote to me a short time ago about a son of yours who wishes to enter the naval service. This is, I presume, the young gentleman, he continued, looking at me, "Eh! My lad? And so you wish to become a second Nelson?"
  • You cur! whispered Jimmie Dale. "There's just one reason, only one, that keeps me from putting a bullet through you while you sit there. We'll get to that in a moment. There is that little story first--shall I tell it to you now? For the past four years, and God knows how many before that, you've gone the pace. The lavishness of this bachelor establishment of yours is common talk in New York--far in excess of a bank cashier's salary. But you were supposed to be a wealthy man in your own right; and so, in reality you were--once. But you went through your fortune two years ago. Counted a model citizen, an upright man, an honour to the community--what were you, Carling? What ARE you? Shall I tell you? Roue, gambler, leading a double life of the fastest kind. You did it cleverly, Carling; hid it well--but your game is up. To-night, for instance, you are at the end of your tether, swamped with debts, exposure threatening you at any moment. Why don't you tell me again that I lie--Carling?"
  • Conor nodded. "My apologies," he said. "And yes," he chuckled, "at university we are trained to mouth inanities likegreat potential.’ But in this case, its quite true. Andlet me finishthis little girl of yours is desperately trying to realize it. Its why Ive challenged her. Becauseat least in her caseshe is one student who doesnt seem to want to dig herself into a hole of ignorance and cover herself up, her shyness notwithstanding."
  • "I only need to know one thing," he said quietly, Tsarin nodding in return. "I've been feeling worse than ever since I came to this place, when I go home for too long, and I've blamed a lot of things. Lately I've been blaming you, thinking that you've been spiking my drinks with something." He paused to think. "Well maybe you haven't. Maybe this world of yours does exist, and maybe it is hard to leave it without suffering some sort of withdrawal... and that's what it is, isn't it, withdrawal. I get sick from the lack of this place, not drugs at all." He watched Tsarin nod. She was wearing a somewhat sombre expression, several creases forming on her brow. "I just need to know if I can survive back home. I felt like dying there for a while, and perhaps I would have, but if I can live through it, then I'm getting out of here."
  • You can drive, if you want to, the supervisor replied, "and if it wasn't for the agricultural schedules, I think it would be easier to do the work from a buggy. But with the field work to consider, and in a district as scattered as yours is, the saddle might work out better."
  • We should have beaten them, the sheik said. "That gun of yours would have turned the scale. Had it not been for that they would have been too strong for us, for they were all fighting men in their prime, and five or six of my men were no match for them in a hand-to-hand fight. Mashallah! it has been a great day; it will be talked of long in our tribe, how, with but twenty men, and many of these not at their best, we withstood forty dervishes, and so beat them that when a reinforcement of eight men came to us we destroyed them altogether."
  • Now you interest me, I returned, "and you must tell me more. Is this Mona of yours the sole resident of the moon, of whom you spoke to Thorwald?"
  • 'Ah!' I said, 'Sorais is a woman of spirit. She is acting at once, and will strike quick and hard. You have insulted her, my boy, and the blood will flow in rivers before the stain is washed away, and yours with it, if she can get hold of you. Well, I'm off to Nyleptha. Just you stop where you are, old fellow, and try to get your nerves straight again. You'll need them all, I can tell you, unless I have observed human nature in the rough for fifty years for nothing.' And off I went accordingly.
  • "True faith? O King, can you still speak of yours as the true faith when you have suffered so grievously? Thousands of your men are dead, and your hopes of victory lie in ashes. Do you still believe in the God in Whose name you fought?"
  • "And why should he trip just then--at the one and only moment, Martin? Chance, says you? Why, when he came leaping on me in the black dark should his hook meet and turn my knife from his throat? Chance again, says you? Why, when he flung me off and made for the window--why must I catch my foot 'gainst that staff o' yours and bring up against the wall with all the strength and breath knocked out o' me, and no chance for one thrust as he clambered through the lattice? By the Lord, Martin, here's more than chance, says I."
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