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Okunuşu: / jɔːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours


zam. seninki, sizinki.

yours için örnek cümleler:

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  • Hearken now, Gahagan Khan. His Highness Prince Holkar has sent me to thee. You shall have the moon-face for your wife--your second wife, that is;--the first shall be the incomparable Puttee Rooge, who loves you to madness;--with Puttee Rooge, who is the wife, you shall have the wealth and rank of Bobbachy Bahawder, of whom his Highness intends to get rid. You shall be second in command of his Highness's forces. Look, here is his commission signed with the celestial seal, and attested by the sacred names of the forty-nine Imaums. You have but to renounce your religion and your service, and all these rewards are yours.
  • I return here, O Umbezi, to speak with the white chief, Macumazahn. As to where I have been, that is my affair, and not yours or Masapo's.
  • Oh! you can joke all you want to, snapped back the other; "you're so lofty you needn't mind an ordinary snowfall. If it got up to your chin, you could still manage to stretch that rubber neck of yours around, and feel comfortable. But I ain't in the same class, you see, with my ordinary figure, and short neck. But all I meant to say was, that I'd keep my sweater on under my coat, and stick my woolen gloves in my pockets."
  • "Tell the master-at-arms to see to it that Seaman Davis gets a warm meal, the best that the ship affords, and at once. Davis, you will draw a suit of clothes from the canteen at my expense. yours are ruined. After that you will turn in and stay there till to-morrow morning."
  • "'Ah, General,' she used to say--she always called me general--'what a glorious career yours is! A soldier is indeed a man.'
  • A personal enmity to you, general? replied Bernadotte. "Why should I have? We have always gone together, almost in the same stride; I was even made general before you. While my campaigns on the Rhine were less brilliant than yours on the Adige, they were not less profitable for the Republic; and when I had the honor to serve under you, you found in me, I hope, a subordinate devoted, if not to the man, at least to the country which he served. It is true that since your departure, general, I have been more fortunate than you in not having the responsibility of a great army, which, if one may believe Klber's despatches, you have left in a disastrous position."
  • "'Deed an' they were! Ecod, Jack! 'tis the best joke I've heard for a twelvemonth." They both started to laugh. "Sure 'twas bluff on my part, Jack, when I told ye yours was unloaded And me lady was determined to set you free from the moment I told her all about it this morning. We were sure ye were no ordinary highwayman, though I was a fool not to have known ye right away. But now I have found ye out, ye'll stay with us--Cousin Harry?"
  • As we walked away the surgeon said, ‘Well, there you are. I told you he would know about the carts and waggons. But yours is out of reach, you see, and though we may recapture it, I dont know when that will be. Anyway, as he said, he probably wouldnt let you have it back, even for a donation to his Retired QuartermastersComfort Fund.’
  • "Vandean, my lad," whispered the lieutenant, "that idea of yours saved us," and he caught and pressed the lad's cold hand. Then aloud: "Now, my lads, get the oars in under the thwarts, so that they don't float out, and then you, Dance, and you, Tom Fillot, in over the side and begin baling."
  • Well done, indeed! Sir John Burgon exclaimed, "and in knightly fashion. Verily, those long border spears of yours are right good weapons, when so stoutly used."
  • Open that Court of yours to me, as you opened it to him! I cry out as he did
  • A pretty big order for a shave-tail (greenhorn) Lewis, General Beech had said at parting, "but I bet you and that dark shadow of yours will make good." The hearty handclasp and kind smile warmed the young officer's heart. General Beech was unusually young for his post as division commander, and he had endeared himself to his followers by his kindly manner and dignified directness, and Lewis would have faced death for him.
  • "Nice seeing you," says Rhea. "You should bring that little wench of yours to the Nines sometime so we can all meet her. We still go, most Thursdays."
  • DEAR SIR,--Mr. M'Phun and a few friends are coming to tea at my house after meeting; perhaps you will also favor us with your company. yours truly, ELIZA BOGGS.
  • How do you know that for sure? How do you know it isn't those newfriends' of yours that are trying to take over the planet and I'm here to save you? Zarg's eyes flashed with cunning. Brick mulled the idea over.
  • "You quite understand, Miss Gray? The effect of this is to give Mr. Guy de Beaumirail his liberty, but without prejudice to any rights of yours as to any property of his which may hereafter turn up."
  • Better late than too late. Now, I've a good mind to take a vote whether I'd better unload the rest of the pills in this old reliable medicine box at you. Mebbe I ought to pump one into that coyote heart of yours.
  • We've been through this. Hot drinks make me thirsty…..That's one of yours by the way. Brick pointed out the puddle on the stairs.
  • Quarrel with the foe: to you from failing hands we throw the flashlight; be yours to hold it high.
  • "It isn't the least. It's a necessity, though you are so kind as to make a virtue of it. And then there's this as well. Cousin Marion would never consent to go, if she thought it was for her sake that I was going with her. So you must go to her and say you think that it's me whom the heat doesn't suit, and you will see if she doesn't say at once that she will go back with me. And the real reason for her going will be our secret, just yours and mine."
  • Betsy (this was a nigger woman), "you fly around and get him something to eat as quick as you can, poor thing; and one of you girls go and wake up Buck and tell him--oh, here he is himself. Buck, take this little stranger and get the wet clothes off from him and dress him up in some of yours that's dry."
  • Come, Munson, said Katherine, "you get into the lantern and be the beacon. You can see that red hair of yours a mile. Too bad Hinpoha isn't here, she's a regular signal light."
  • "That's fine, honey," Christine smiled to the speaker. "I'll talk with you then and maybe we can straighten that boy of yours out."
  • "As for myself, I am from this world, but the opposite side of it. We were desert people even before the curse, and so we survived. We were the first ones to give the Stars the names they use here." He looked to her. "My people are as divided on Representation as yours are."
  • Caislyn laughed at her friend, "Yes, some witches, like yourself, can tap into a specific elemental energy with great proficiency. yours is apparently fire."
  • Van Helsing shook her head, 'I fear not. This land is very different from yours or mine. Even if we did have a special, it would probably not arrive as soon as our regular train. Moreover, we have something to prepare. We must think. Now let us organize. You, friend Artemis, go to the train and get the tickets and arrange that all be ready for us to go in the morning. Do you, friend Joanna, go to the agent of the ship and get from her letters to the agent in Galatz, with authority to make a search of the ship just as it was here. Quincy Morris, you see the Vice Consul, and get her aid with her fellow in Galatz and all she can do to make our way smooth, so that no times be lost when over the Danube. Joan will stay with Minas and me, and we shall consult. For so if time be long you may be delayed. And it will not matter when the sun set, since I am here with to make report.'
  • "It is a bargain. When the Abbot is a prisoner or the lady saved, the new dignities are yours . . . Monks of Kirkstall, harken!" he cried to those upon the benches. "For inasmuch as Aldam, Abbot of Kirkstall Abbey, has aided and abetted the enemies of his lawful Sovereign and has furthered and assisted the abductors of the Countess of Clare, Maid-in-waiting to Her Majesty; now, I, Aymer de Lacy, Knight of the Body, under the authority vested in me by this signet and in the name of the King, do hereby publicly degrade and remove the said Aldam from his office and do absolve and release every and all of you from any obligation or duty to him. And further, whosoever shall offer him comfort or sustenance shall be deemed and held traitor and shall suffer death. Heed and obey."
  • Rakyn shrugged. "The Vai are a mysterious race. There were more of them at one time, but they were all but exterminated in superstitious battles of the past. The Vai disappeared from history for a long while, but I suspect it was more a matter of them hiding their talent, or ignoring it, in order to avoid persecution. At any rate, yours must be tempered if you are going to meet with Reed again. He is a master." Rakyn's words were as bland as a bad storyteller's and Brydon, even in his weakness, sensed the prince had given him a watered-down version of the truth, if not an outright lie.
  • Saxon winked again. "Besides Macaroon and yours truly, theres one other ... his personal secretary, Peepee. You appear to be the sort of man who appreciates good womanflesh, Mr. Bond. Youll find Peepee quite a mouthwatering sight."
  • "I am against war. There can be no victory, only misery. My people have grown stale and angry while yours have lost the dearest part of themselves."
  • "You sure have a lot to learn!" sighed the learned Frank. "It is like this. That new dad of yours is a Major, isn't he? All right. He has the right to have a special man that he picks out work for him, and take care of his horse and fuss around the quarters and fix his things. But the man has to belong to his command, and Lee is attached to the School of Fire."
  • When I give the sign, continued the schemer, "declare the curse upon all those who do not bend. A word from your lips, and Ramabai's troops vanish, reform and become yours and mine!"
  • No, let them sleep, Robin; they are better off than I. That maidenlike friend of yours has taken possession of my bed, after your mother's routing me up as if I had been a stoat or a dormouse. Of course he is a Cavalier: I suppose he has a name; but is that, too, a secret?
  • You Jokers are a bunch of clowns! You've certainly gotten the short end of the stick with regards to those long memories of yours if you still believe that we wronged you, responded Reeltu, his usual cool and smiling demeanour evaporating in the heat of anger.
  • Hortensio ignores the sarcasm. "I am afraid, sir, do what you can, yours will not be entreated!" The lad returns. "Now, wheres my wife?"
  • "As fair and as gooda kind of hand-in-hand comparisonhad been something too fair and too good for any lady in Britain!" says the Italian. He looks at Leonatuss ring. "If she went before others I have seen as that diamond of yours outlustres those I have beheld, I could believe she excelled many; but I have not seen the most precious diamond that isnor you the lady!"
  • Maka was going on to tell something more about the wicked men, when the captain interrupted him. "Can this friend of yours speak English?" he asked.
  • She has studied some music, mathematics and philosophy. "But the full sum of me is a sum of some-ingwhich, in gross terms, is an unlessoned girl, unschooled, unpractised. Happily in this she is not yet so old but she may learn; happier than this, she is not bred so dull but she can learn; happiest of all is that her gentle spirit commits itself to yours to be directed, as from her lord, her governor, her king!
  • He will have his due said the old man quietly when the Colonel had ended, "for his name will be honoured when yours and mine are forgotten. And you also," he added, turning to the Oriental, "have served the Federation well and will be recompensed as you deserve. But all in good time. We must think of the living before we can remember the dead."
  • "Sari, we need you," said Aerie. "Ive never heard anyone with a voice that comes close to what you can do with yours can do."
  • Joe touched his gas-mask with a sneer: "He's pushin' the yellow stuff at us, Heinie," he said; and to me: "You get yours all right. I don't know what it is, but you get it, same as me an' Heinie an' Duck. I don't know what it is," he repeated impatiently; "maybe it's dough; maybe it's them suffragettes with their silk feet an' white gloves what clap their hands at you. I ain't saying nothin' to you, am I? Then lemme alone an' go an' talk business with Duck over there----"
  • "I cant believe you chose this time to haul that clarinet of yours after all these years. What were you thinking?"
  • "Do you think they know we are here now? I am almost certain that they didn't detect my forces, but yours is a lot harder to hide."
  • "Your subjects have starved, while you and yours have feasted. You have lavished millions in vain display upon your palaces, while they have died in their hovels for lack of bread; and when men have asked you for freedom and justice, you have given them the knout, the chain, and the prison.
  • "I don't know," Chloe answered truthfully. "There was only one at first, but that can't be yours for that was in the Crown."
  • First Children. roared Draco, Lord Of Destruction, "You have evaded your deaths for long enough. You may have your own army, but mine outmatches yours five-to-one." Although the First Children could not see, Draco's smile grew wider. "Your move, First Children. Surrender and face a merciful death, or be brutally torn apart by my army."
  • Look here, Jonas, he said impressively. "Supposing I were to tell you that this yarn of yours is all a cock-and-bull lie, and that you've come here to lead us into a trap? And supposing I were to tell half a dozen men here to shoot you when I count twenty? What then?"
  • "My point exactly. That blonde, brainy second wife of yours is pulling your strings now. Thats whats got your crazy first wife so pissed."
  • "What significance are your words to me? My time is not yours to waste; I am a busy man." By "busy", he clearly meant "important," but then he hadnt moved to throw us out, either.
  • "Monsieur le Marquis." said he rising, "I take your wager, and I pledge my lands in Normandy against yours of Bardelys. Should you lose, they will no longer call you the Magnificent; should I lose --I shall be a beggar. It is a momentous wager, Bardelys, and spells ruin for one of us."
  • "You seem to have done very well, Brother, even better than we did yonder on the other side of the town, though some might think that fray a thing whereof to make a song. Also that last shot of yours was worthy of a good archer, for I marked it, I marked it. A great lord was laid low thereby. Let us go and see who it was."
  • "Well, your guns will be at work before many hours if all goes well," said Poertner. "This sausage of yours is not so bad, after all! Food is food when you are hungry! Ah, it will be some time, at best, before we can eat again in Berlin, my friend!"
  • "No," Maldynado admitted, "but you're just a girl. How can yours be for..." He stuck out his fingers and started figuring under his breath.
  • Ah! you may laugh, said Mike. "You're disappointed because you didn't find it out first. There it all is, as plain as plain. The people used to think the pirate vessel disappeared, because she sailed out of sight and used to lie in hiding till they wanted to attack another ship. Well, I shan't say any more about it if you are going to laugh, but there's the treasure in the cave: we found it; and half's yours and half's mine. Now then, what did the Doctor say?"
  • Was it war-time when Hlangani entered the Gaika location to stir up strife? Was it right that he should bring his dogs on to my farm to hunt my bucks? answered Carhayes fearlessly. "Again, was it fair play for four men, armed with assegais, to attack one, who had but two shots? Or was it self-defence? Listen to my words, Kreli, and you chiefs and amapakati of the House of Gcaleka," he went on, raising his voice till it was audible to the whole assemblage. "In the presence of you all I proclaim Hlangani a coward. He has struck and insulted me because I am bound. He dare not meet me free. I challenge him to do so. Loosen these bonds. I am weak and wounded. I cannot escape--you need not fear--and let him meet me if he dares, with any weapon he chooses. I challenge him. If he refuses he is nothing but a cowardly dog, and worse than the meanest Fingo. If you, Kreli, refuse my request, it is because you know this bragging herald of yours to be a coward."
  • Never mind the loss of the brig, Captain. It was no fault of yours that she came to grief. Other ship-owners may do as they please. I shall take the liberty of doing as I please. So, if you are ready, the ship is ready. I have seen Captain Stuart, and I find that he is down with typhoid fever, poor fellow, and won't be fit for duty again for many weeks. The Walrus must sail not later than a week or ten days hence. She can't sail without a captain, and I know of no better man than yourself; so, if you agree to take command, there she is, if not I'll find another man.
  • Stephen spoke quicker as if time had become a crucial factor. "The will of Godson is paved first by the actions of great individuals. That is what waits for you now. The choice is yours to make. The power rests within you to stop Ingar, but the responsibility does not rest solely upon your shoulders. The angels are here to save the land regardless of your decision. You have been the centerpiece through this all, the channel through which Godson has painted his will, but what you do now is within your own hands."
  • Lester agreed this was reasonable. I said: "D'ya think this big amp-tray of yours could find out what the Wendel woman is getting a divorce for? Why her husband can't see her? How's that for an angle?"
  • It is no fault of yours that I was not, you treacherous rascal! returned Frobisher, so savagely that the Korean involuntarily stepped backward a pace. "If ever I get out of this and can get my hands on you, I'll make you sorry for your betrayal of me!"
  • See here, lad, he said, "I figured that a rest wouldn't hurt you any, so I told the thin fellow that if you stayed on here a while, I didn't have much on hand, and I'd keep you company. Jest to watch that you didn't get up in the middle of the night and try and find some other new trail. So it's you and me for a few days, and I guess that teamster of yours ought to show up soon, because, of course, he doesn't know anythin' about what's been goin' on."
  • "Nothing in particular, except that it is your footprint," he answered. "Then I happened to meet old Edward, who was loafing along, and he informed me that you and Mr. Davies had gone up the beach; there is his footprint--Mr. Davies's, I mean--but you don't seem to have been very sociable, because here is yours right in the middle of it. Therefore you must have been walking in Indian file, and a little way back in parallel lines, with quite thirty yards between you."
  • Friendships blossoming on the basis of similar ideas, outlooks or tastes may seem intuitive, but that intuition is deceiving. Most friendships develop between people who are not family members or sexual partners, so friendship can't be explained on the basis of genetic or reproductive interests. Instead, evolutionary biologists have typically relied on a tit-for-tat process known as reciprocal altruism to explain friendship: you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.
  • In those wonderful years of yours you never thought of the blessing you were to us, only of what good you could find in us. All that time, you were helping us and others, and making us better, happier, even nobler people. From the day you struck the first blow for labor, in The Iron Mills on to the editorials in The Tribune, The Youth's Companion and The Independent, with all the good the novels, the stories brought to people, you were always year after year making the ways straighter, lifting up people, making them happier and better. No woman ever did better for her time than you and no shrieking suffragette will ever understand the influence you wielded, greater than hundreds of thousands of women's votes.
  • Oh, and Drummond! You're going to be so happy! Hilda came back to him and supported her husband as he limped toward the stairs. "While you were gone the most wonderful thing happened. Stephanie showed an interest in your special Native American things. She was studying and studying those old pots of yours like nothing you've ever seen. She was standing in front of them and just staring at them so patiently. My goodness, it was awfully cute, but, you know, it impressed me," said Hilda with a thrilled expression on her face. The fact that Stephanie picked up two of those valuable pots and took them outside to play camp with after Hilda left and the fact that they were sitting precariously on a pile of sticks on the lawn and were full of dirty water and mesquite beans was unknown to Granny Hilda. "Maybe she'll grow up to be an archeologist or an anthropologist someday," said Granny Hilda.
  • You're a good fellow, Charlie, said Shank, squeezing the hand that held his, "and I believe it is that very trustfulness of yours which gives you so great power and influence with people. I know it has influenced me for good many a time in the past, and would continue to do so still if I were not past redemption."
  • Close upon half-past one--lunch-time; and this London air of yours has given me a most voracious appetite. Suppose we go in somewhere and get some lunch, to start with; afterwards we can take a stroll in the Park, and have a yarn together--that is to say, if you are not otherwise engaged.
  • I should never have done, my dear fellow, pursued he, were I to enumerate all the advantages of service. Trust me, Gil Blas, discard for ever your foolish wish of being a tutor, and follow my example. So be it: but, Fabricio, replied I, governors like yours are not to be met with every day; and if resolved to go to service, I should like at least to get a good situation. Oh! you are in the right, said he, and that shall be my concern. I will get you a comfortable place, if it were only to snatch a fine fellow from the jaws of the university.
  • If you monkey with that door, I'll twist your neck. Savve? You can take yours when I'm done. An' if it saves you, I'll twist your neck, anyway. You ain't got no chance, nohow. I told you many times what you'd get if you did me dirt.
  • "Last year I actually woke up and had enchanted the dresser in my bedroom at the condo, it was talking to me, telling me what outfits to wear. Offering me clothing suggestions. This is kind of standard for me though, thats why I dont keep a lot of furniture in my room or in my house for that matter. I feel asleep on my couch once and woke up to find it had been enchanted. It ate books for about a month before I got it removed. Sadly, I am so good at imbibing magic into inanimate objects, that it usually takes two or three of us to remove it. And the bedroom furniture in that room has been enchanted so many times, that we cant remove the enchantments. Actually, the entire room is so enchanted that it cant be removed, thats why no one but me has ever slept in it. It doesnt like other magic and it will let you know it. You might be lucky that the dresser didnt open for you, it might have eaten your hand or something since it is my magic inside of it and not yours.
  • She had become a raging, uncontrollable flood of passion, the sandbags of frustration swept away by loves sweet torrent. "Israel! Israel! My schoenkeit, my love! Youre a continental man of the world. Im yours to use ... yours! Make love to me ... daring love ... make French love to me! Yes, make it French!"
  • Whenever I feel afraid, I whistle a happy tune.... His dad had taken him to see "The Sound of Music" and he never forgot it. His jet did a barrel roll..... "Up yours USAF!!"
  • Very kind and disinterested of you, I'm sure, remarked Potter, sneeringly. "But if she's no relation of yours there's no call for you to worry any more about her; she's aboard my ship, now; and I'll look after her in future, and do whatever may be necessary. As for you, I'll trans-ship you, the first chance I get; never fear."
  • I'll be very careful, sir, Matt assured him. "Thank you for the vacation, the promised job, and the chance to invest my thousand dollars at eight per cent. And, now that my affairs are out of the way, let's talk about yours.
  • But innocence wears a robe of such pure light, interrupted the Protector, "that it will shine in the darkest night, as yours will, if you are innocent.
  • Buenos noches, excellency. I understand yon have been looking for me. I am, senor, yours to command. The big Irishman brought his heels together and gave a mocking military salute.
  • My lips pressed into a thin line. "I admit I should have known it was not my natural ability that kicked your ass, but what do you mean you'll let me keep it? I took it and you can't give something that's not yours anymore." I looked at his hand on my shoulder, fighting the urge to set it on fire to get him off me. "How did you get the amulet of power anyway? It makes sense Conall and I are guardians, the last Priestess was our mother."
  • "Well, in the same sense that tripping over your own feet can be called taking a step forward. Still, it would seem that vacant head of yours is quite susceptible to concentration. It stands to reason, though. You never need to clear your mind," Ayna jabbed.
  • It wasn't the bear, Child! answered the old woman, gravely. "It was that ter'ble scream o' yours cured my rheumatiz! Old 'Spotty,' she come to her young one's call. Could I do less, Child, when I heerd my little one cry out fer me?"
  • All professional writers work to deadlines; keeping to yours is the first step in acquiring the necessary self-discipline to become a professional yourself.
  • No, thanks. Though yours are good, I am about resolved never to use them again. Then, with a smile whose bitterness it would be impossible to describe, he added: "They brought me ill-luck. Good-night! Sir John. I must sleep soundly to-night, so as not to want to sleep to-morrow night."
  • I mean two things. First, that the sun is not a hundred miles away. Second, it's ridiculous to think Oderion makes the sun set. But those things are yours to believe if you choose."
  • "Of course. That dark flair of yours - oh!" She gave a small shudder of remembered delight. "That deft twist, your arabesques of deceit and betrayal, the way your victims found themselves manipulated without any idea of how it had really come about, and for that matter how badly theyd been screwed. And that cool thin smile as you watched your designs play out. I wasnt the only one to fall for you, you know."
  • " This is useless, Krishnan," said Varadrajan without protest, "I have no authority over Thyagrajan. You know the rules. They will let you kill me but wont release her under any circumstances. You are putting yours as well my life in unnecessary danger. She is safe until you both are roaming free and alive. The day they come to know that you can not be captured or killed then they may release her. Better if you get off this city and find safer haven trusting in your destiny that the death doesnt approach you or the news that Janaki is fed to fishes."
  • Then you have the power of attorney for him in the present negotiations? Good. I 'll make you a proposition. The twenty-five hundred dollars shall be held in trust by me, on his demand at any time. We 'll settle about yours afterward. Then he shall be put on probation for, say, a year--in our office. You can either coach him in his studies, for I am confident now that you will be up in yours hereafter, or he can attend night-school. And after that, if he comes through his period of probation with flying colors, I 'll give him the same opportunities for an education that you possess. It all depends on himself. And now, Mr. Attorney, what have you to say to my offer in the interests of your client?
  • Well, old chap, said Jack, "I am exceedingly sorry to hear this; for in unscrupulous hands that submarine may work a terrific amount of mischief, and everything connected with the working of her is so simple that any ordinarily skilful mechanician could easily puzzle it all out with a little study. Moreover, if she has fallen into the hands of the Spaniards--as I suppose she has--they will have no difficulty in accounting for the mysterious disablement of their ships here on the occasion of the James B. Potter incident, and it will make them so watchful that henceforth we shall be able to do absolutely nothing. But I do not blame you, Phil: you could not be expected to know that these fellows had somehow discovered the existence of the boat; nor could you be expected to watch her night and day. Her loss is a very serious misfortune, of course, but I am convinced that it is not through any carelessness of yours that it happened."
  • He found a lovingly detailed pen-and-ink of a woman carried through the jungle by a gorilla while a man swings on a vine to her rescue. A tattered bit of her skirt and a shredded shirt sleeve are all that remain of her clothes; they don't hide her breasts or butt. Her hair is black and shoulder-length, like Cindy Hurly's. Her muscled rescuer wears a tiny tigerskin loincloth. His hair is as light and as long as yours.
  • Petruchio rises. "Katherina, that cap of yours becomes you not! Off with that baublethrow it under foot!" She drops the hat he commissioned for her to the floor.
  • Yes, look at them. Where are the men that built them? In gaol. How was the money to build them obtained? By robbing English capitalists. And what's the consequences? Why, they are all empty. Fancy, ten thousand empty houses in a small town like yours.
  • Where? queried Stern eagerly, his heart leaping with joy. "I see no fire. Your eyes, used to the dark places and the fogs, now far surpass mine, even as mine will yours when the time of light shall come. Where is the fire, Zangamon?"
  • "So you're the kid Miser Jenkins thought stole your pass?" exclaimed one of the trainmen, after a searching scrutiny of the boy. "He must be losing his eyesight. That face of yours ought to vouch for you, if nothing else. Crooks don't have such honest faces."
  • "Her late Highness's court-physician. Oh, have no fear, Herr; this new-found Princess of yours will come into her own," with a bitter smile.
  • "Well, if it's all right, and properly made out, I don't know that it's any concern of yours why it was given to me. If you have any doubt about it, why don't you find out from the people who issued it?"
  • The two women of my life, bookends in the mortal spectrum of female existence, walked hand and hand together down the hall. Augie glanced back over her shoulder towards yours truly. "Next week Mr. Glass" was all she need to say said, "next week."
  • That will do, Luka. I will throw mine into the boat, and we will keep yours on board. Now we have got among cod there is no fear of our not getting plenty of food. I know they catch enormous quantities off the northern coast of Norway, and it is evident that they come as far as these waters. It is some time since we tried this deep-sea fishing, which accounts for our not having caught any before.
  • "Ye had the undermost indeed, my lord, since ye so fell," returned Dick; "but had the waves not holpen me, it was I that should have had the worst. Ye were pleased to make me yours with several dagger marks, which I still carry. And in fine, my lord, methinks I had all the danger, as well as all the profit, of that little blind-man's mellay on the beach."
  • My orders are secret, sir. The search will begin at once. Ensign Darrin, if you will leave your marines to hold the deck, we will use all our seamen and yours below.
  • God A'might, Madam! How pious! he sneered. "Something's behind all this. I know your record. What woman of the court of Austria or France comes out with morals? We used you here because you had none. And now, when it comes to the settlement between you and me, you talk like a nun. As though a trifle from virtue such as yours would be missed!"
  • "Then, Pharaoh, hearken! To-morrow I leave Egypt for another land, giving you back your generalship and sheathing the sword that I had hoped to wield in its defence and yours when the last great day of trial by battle comes, as come it will. I tell you that I go to return no more, unless the lady Amada yonder shall summon me back to fight for her and you, promising herself to me in guerdon."
  • Good Lord! Jones, don't get your jaw tacks aboard now, cried Mr Stormcock, as I pricked up my ears on hearing the name of Sir Charles Napier, Dad's old captain. "We've heard that yarn of yours three times at least since we started fitting out; and, I'm hanged if it'll stand telling again!"
  • Lord St. Simon shook his head. "I am afraid that it will take wiser heads than yours or mine," he remarked, and bowing in a stately, old-fashioned manner he departed.
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