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Okunuşu: / jɔːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours


zam. seninki, sizinki.

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  • You will recognize the cell, Mademoiselle de Montrevel, said Courtois. "It is the one in which you were confined with your mother. The leader of these unfortunate young men, the Baron Charles de Sainte-Hermine, asked me as a favor to put them in cage No. 1. You know that's the name we give our cells. I did not think I ought to refuse him that consolation, knowing how the poor fellow loved you. Oh, don't be uneasy, Mademoiselle Amlie, I will never breathe your secret. Then he questioned me, asking which had been your mother's bed, and which yours. I told him, and then he wanted his to stand just where yours did. That wasn't hard, for the bed was not only in the same place, but it was the very one you had used. So, since the poor fellow entered your cell, he has spent nearly all his time lying on your bed."
  • "I thought of that," he smiled. "There is a little danger of that, but not much, I guess. You see, I'll try to time our rate of travel, and figure out as closely as I can when we have covered the eighteen miles that should bring us even with the islands. Then, too, old Rover will be losing the trail about that time. When that bearded friend of yours and his guide leave the floe to go upon the solid shore ice of the islands, the floe is going to keep right on moving north. That breaks the trail, see? When we strike the end of that trail we can go due south and hit the islands. If the air is at all clear, we can see them. It's a clumsy arrangement, but better than going it without a trail."
  • You give the goblins more credit that they deserve. Do you think they can act on their own? They have their orders. They will follow these blindly. They would walk into their own stupid death. They are as dim-witted as the rocks around you, but they do not question my commands. They will attack if you even try to take me hostage. It will probably mean my death, but it will mean yours as well, and the death of everyone you're supposed to protect.
  • "It's like this," he said thoughtfully, "if there's a battle soon, yours will win. That's right. But if three days pass, then after that, well, then that same battle will not soon be over."
  • The Basics. There are many that you can learn, but only a few that you need to master. Wait, perhaps "master" isn't the most accurate term I could be using, because at the heart of being a bachelor is this carefree feeling of independence that has been won specifically so that you don't have to waste your precious time mastering anything. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that being a bachelor requires that you not learn how to do a great many things, or at least to not do them in any correct way. Fortunately for you, as a man, you are pre-programmed to many of the hints and tips that will be presented in this book. All you really need is someone to elaborate on their usefulness, maybe sketch a few crude illustrations so that you can skim over most of the text, and then sum up with the encouragement of a coach by saying "now get in there and show us what those chicken legs of yours can do," followed by a swift smack on the rump.
  • "Where are you, little fool?" he cried at length. "I have business with you before I cut your throat--that smooth, white throat of yours that I kissed down there by the lavoir!" There was no sound from her.
  • "Shabaka the Egyptian," he muttered, "whom I held and let go because of a dream and for policy. So, Shabaka, you will wed Amada whom I desired because I could not take her, and doubtless you will rule in Egypt, for Pharaoh, I think, is as I am to-day. O Shabaka, you are strong and a great warrior, but there is something stronger than you in the world--that which men call Fate. Such success as yours offends the gods. Look on me, Shabaka, look on the King of kings, the Ruler of the earth, lying shamed in the dust before you, and, accursed Shabaka! do not call yourself happy until you see death as near as I do now."
  • Ah good wench! The greed in Iagos voice was as palpable as a tonguing from a thirsty dog. Good wench indeed! Give me that handkerchief. No, Iago. I will not. Ah, But you will. Yes. Give it me! Nay, Iago, nay; I found it, andtis not yours to return it to.
  • "Maybe he is a pine cone," I laughed. Then added, "Whatever he is, he knows the way out of this park of yours and I am going to follow him," I emphatically answered.
  • "It isn't the least. It's a necessity, though you are so kind as to make a virtue of it. And then there's this as well. Cousin Marion would never consent to go, if she thought it was for her sake that I was going with her. So you must go to her and say you think that it's me whom the heat doesn't suit, and you will see if she doesn't say at once that she will go back with me. And the real reason for her going will be our secret, just yours and mine."
  • Siniestro beheld the cowering sergeant, who turned even paler. "I'll have that bald-headed priest's head on a pike by tomorrow night," snapped the Alcalde, "But yours will be there waiting!"
  • "It would become me as well as it does you! And I should do it with much more ease, for my good will is to it, and yours it is against!"
  • Because the more you show regret, the more importance you give it, and that weak memory of yours becomes ingrained.
  • Kenna shrugged. "I never set eyes on her until that day at the 'Mount Nelson.' She was a friend of yours and chose to call herself by the name of a friend of mine, and . . . I humoured her . . . and you. But the thing has gone too far. After inquiries among other passengers I have realized the truth--that it was Diana who . . ." A spasm of pain flickered across his melancholy eyes. Sarle, in grave wonder and hurt, turned to April.
  • "If you have missed anything of yours upstairs, my dear young Monsieur, you mustn't say it's me. You don't know what our Rita is."
  • "The silver is yours to keep, Sahib. It is the custom that one whose chauganstick is broken in play may keep its silver tip. As a token of bravery. For you it is especially deserved." He was short, swarthy, and dressed in a dust- covered white shirt. He bowed slightly, while his eyes gleamed their admiration in the darkness.
  • Sir Giles leaned forward. "If this assistant of yours has moved in time," he said, "if he has gone back, wherever he's gone to, I suppose he might have gone forward instead?"
  • Certainly, answered Jack; "there can be no possible objection to your making such an enquiry, somewhat peculiar though it is. But whether I answer it or not must depend upon the reason which you may assign for asking the question. It is not usual, here in England, for total strangers to ask such personal questions as yours without being prepared to explain why they are asked."
  • "Your ships are not well manned!" argues Enobarbus vehemently. "Yourmarinersare muleteers, reapers, people ingrossed by swift impress!"—just recently forced into service. "In Caesars fleet are those that often havegainst Pompey fought! Their ships are yare, yours heavy!
  • We are deeply saddened by the behaviour of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer, and asking your forgiveness we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people of the Covenant.
  • "Don't worry about it, Mom. Later, after that book of yours sells, you can treat us all to a trip to some tropical isle."
  • The rancher answered with impatient annoyance. "You're 'way off, Norris. I don't care anything about your evidence. The idea is plumb ridiculous. Twenty odd years I've known him. He's the best they make, a pure through and through. Not a crooked hair in his head. I've eat out of the same frying pan too often with that boy not to know what he is. You go bury those suspicions of yours immediate. There's nothing to them."
  • Linda remarked on truths of her own. "But not yours alone. There are others here that can protect Burbon. Sy, Enin, the guard. Sy can come up with scouts of his own. They won't find everything you could, but they'll let the goblins know we're waiting for them. I've learned enough about them from what you've told me that they won't attack."
  • And do you remember, Father of Monkeys, how you escaped from us by your cleverness? I wonder where you went to and how you died. I shall not forget you, for you gave me this, and he pointed to a big white scar upon his shoulder. "You would have killed me, but the stuff in that iron tube of yours burned slowly when you held the fire to it, so that I had time to jump aside and the iron ball did not strike me in the heart as you meant that it should. Yet, it is still here; oh! yes, I carry it with me to this day, and now that I have grown thin I can feel it with my finger."
  • It seems, said my comrades, when the time for aperitives had brought us all together again, "that this Captain of yours is a remarkably charming fellow."
  • Go on, Larkyns, I said, at this point, to change the conversation and cover the paymaster's confusion as he bent his head over his plate. "I want to hear that yarn of yours about Madeira."
  • Hi-lee! Hi-lo! Der vinds dey blow Joost like die wacht am Rhine! Und vot iss mine belongs to me, Und vot iss yours iss mine!
  • "Then," said Natasha, taking a step towards him, and laying her hand on his arm as she spoke, "when you have made war impossible to the rivalry of nations and races, and have proclaimed peace on earth, then I will give myself to you, body and soul, to do with as you please, to kill or to keep alive, for then truly you will have done that which all the generations of men before you have failed to do, and it will be yours to ask and to have."
  • Barbara walked back and stood within inches of Christen, who moved in closer and whispered in the much taller Barbaras ear, "I got my black belt in karate last month, so if you want to make the first move then I will have no choice than to break that cute little nose of yours in at least four places."
  • "Listen, that little sister of yours is tough. Yaknow, women are much stronger than we think they are," Rave offered.
  • "She told you?" A look of genuine confusion came over his face, but then he recovered. "What happened between her and me is our business, not yours or anybody elses. And youd better keep your mouth shut about it, if you know whats good for you!"
  • 'Surely you are of his blood,’ Modgud said, 'for you sire the same progeny. Falsehoods are his offspring; yours also.’
  • Hemorrhoids do burst and once they do, they never heal because every time you take a dump it rips the scab off and the whole thing starts again until finally you stop eating and die on your couch like Steve did. Well he died on his couch not yours but you get the idea.
  • Oh! g-g-give him to me, won't you, Bandy-legs? I'd be the happiest fellow you ever s-s-saw if I had a real live b-b-bear of my own. S-s-say, just name your p-p-price, and if I've g-g-got anything you want right b-b-bad it's yours. That c-c-cook of yours is set against p-p-poor Nicodemus, who c-c-came in the night, and was g-given that name. Think it over, Bandy-legs.
  • If you are worthy within yourself,’ said Yoal, ‘then your words will be worthy also. yours is the hardest task, for all other dragons will have your wisdom to defend them, and those that make laws after you will have your laws to guide them.’
  • 'The excess of your anger perverts your judgment, and you cannot write such a narrative without keeping your passions in a vitiated state. Owing to the prejudices of mankind, you will impeach your own credibility. Moderate men will think you rash, the precise will call you a detractor, and the partisans, who are numerous, of the persons you will attempt to expose will raise a cry against you, that will infinitely overpower the equivocal proofs you can produce. It will become a question of veracity, and yours will be invalidated by the improbability, if not of the guilt, at least of the folly of your persecutor's conduct. You cannot reform them, will do yourself much harm, and the world no good. You will not only misemploy your time for the present, but impede your power for the future.'
  • "Pharaoh," I cried in despair, "I made a bond with you. It is recorded in writing and sealed. I have kept my part of the bond; my treasure you have spent; your enemies I have slain; your army I have commanded not so ill. Will you not keep yours and bid the priests release this lady from her vow and give her to me to whom she was promised? Or must I believe that you refuse, not because of goddesses and vows, but because yonder is the Royal Lady of Egypt, the true heiress to the throne who might perchance bear children, which as prophetess of Isis she can never do. Yes, because of this and because of certain cries that came to your ears in the hour of your crowning before Amen-ra and all the gods?"
  • Father pushed Kavio in front of him. Loudly, he announced, "My son will be your hostage and your slave, yours to command and yours to slay."
  • Friendships blossoming on the basis of similar ideas, outlooks or tastes may seem intuitive, but that intuition is deceiving. Most friendships develop between people who are not family members or sexual partners, so friendship can't be explained on the basis of genetic or reproductive interests. Instead, evolutionary biologists have typically relied on a tit-for-tat process known as reciprocal altruism to explain friendship: you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.
  • "It is a bargain. When the Abbot is a prisoner or the lady saved, the new dignities are yours . . . Monks of Kirkstall, harken!" he cried to those upon the benches. "For inasmuch as Aldam, Abbot of Kirkstall Abbey, has aided and abetted the enemies of his lawful Sovereign and has furthered and assisted the abductors of the Countess of Clare, Maid-in-waiting to Her Majesty; now, I, Aymer de Lacy, Knight of the Body, under the authority vested in me by this signet and in the name of the King, do hereby publicly degrade and remove the said Aldam from his office and do absolve and release every and all of you from any obligation or duty to him. And further, whosoever shall offer him comfort or sustenance shall be deemed and held traitor and shall suffer death. Heed and obey."
  • I'm yours to command, bowed Jim gallantly. "We will hold a special class as soon as I have satisfied my ravenous hunger."
  • "It's just this way," said Pete Deveaux, with a grin meant to be very cool and indifferent, although his eyes roved uneasily; "We fellows were working on our machine here, minding our own business, when these two kids of yours came up and demanded to know why we had played you dirty at Freetown and Kuka. They accused us of purposely carrying off your share of fuel at Freetown, and of stirring up the natives at Kuka so you couldn't make a safe landing."
  • "Dont forget the rest of the outfit, darling. yours is this one." Jean pulled one of the hangars out of the closet and extended it to Dave. "I cant wait to see it on you. And you too, of course," he said to Liza.
  • I'll see to it that no one wallops you or jumps on you, promised Frank. "You keep right with me till you learn the ropes and unlearn all the bitterness those relations of yours have put into you. I'm going to have you and me paired off for the same room, if I can."
  • Keep that right hand of yours over your head, ordered Dick, sharply, again covering him with lightning-like rapidity. "That's right," he continued. "Now perhaps you will kindly tell me how it came to be yours."
  • Floki walked over to his horse, a pretty chestnut mare. "Take care of Buttercup, boy. Shes yours now. Shes a fine horse and as good natured as any Ive ever owned."
  • You open the door. He walks into the middle of the room and glances at the beds. Levitz's is as perfect as an illustration in a magazine, but yours is wrinkle-free and tightly tucked. He points at it and says, "You have that one?"
  • What! you bound in solemn league and covenant to Apollo? exclaimed I with most intolerable laughter. Nothing under a prophet could ever have anticipated this. I should have been less surprised at any other transformation. What possible delights have you had the ingenuity to detect in the rugged landscape of Parnassus? It should seem as if the labourers there have a very poor taking in civil life, and feed on a coarse diet without sauce. Out upon you! cried he, in dudgeon at the hint. You are talking of those paltry authors, whose works and even their persons are under the thumb of booksellers and players. Is it any wonder that writers under such circumstances should be held cheap? But the good ones, my friend, are on a better footing in the world; and I think it may he affirmed, vanity apart, that my name is to be found in their list. Questionless, said I, talents like yours are convertible to every purpose; compositions from such a pen are not likely to be insipid. But I am on the rack to know how this rage for fencing with inky weapons could have seized thee.
  • SEVENTEEN"That cousin of yours is really strong," Hartwell said to Daniel as he placed a few drops of blood in Daniel's mouth. Of course, Daniel did not reply because he was basically comatose and non-responsive.
  • "Well, in the same sense that tripping over your own feet can be called taking a step forward. Still, it would seem that vacant head of yours is quite susceptible to concentration. It stands to reason, though. You never need to clear your mind," Ayna jabbed.
  • Good! Now look here. What would you say to these? And I showed him a couple of sovereigns: I longed to offer him twenty, but feared to excite his suspicions. "These are yours if you have a conveyance at the end of the lane - the lane we came up the night before last - in an hour's time."
  • "Snake sting me!" says he, laughing ruefully as he re-pocketed his weapons. "This comes o' harbouring a lousy rogue as balks good liquor. The man as won't take good rum hath the head of a chicken, the heart of a yellow dog, and the bowels of a w-worm, and bone-rot him, says I. Lord love me, but I've seen many a better throat than yours slit ere now, my buxom lad!"
  • Fond of them, sir? Why, I loves 'em! (Here he rocked.) "Don't feel for nothing else in the same way; not even for my old woman" (then with a burst of enthusiasm) "no, not even for the master himself, and I'm fond enough of him, God knows! But, begging your pardon, sir" (with a pull at his forelock), "would you mind holding that tin of yours a little tighter? I've got to keep an eye on that as well as on 'O. Paving,' and I just see'd that chap with the tall hat alooking at it suspicious."
  • Belarius nods. "Be pleased awhile." He rises and grasps the taller young mans shoulder. "This gentleman, whom I call Polydore, most worthy prince, as yours is true Guiderius.
  • Louie and I agreed for them to stay at the medical centre so that it could be a surprise for you today Lulu. Louie just fell in love with them straight away. Louie naturally insisted that it be arranged so that you and Louie are the parents. All the documentation has been arranged by Moore, Payper and Staff. So yes they are yours to love and cherish Lulu’.
  • "Most certainly if you are she, you do usurp your selffor what is yours to bestow is not yours for reserving!" argues Cesario, annoyed by the veil; Viola wants to see the face Duke Orsino finds so attractive. "But this is apart from my commission.
  • Carew surveyed the place with a quick interest. "It's a pity this valley of yours is stowed away so deep in the heart of the country," he said.
  • "What would you have us do, Catrin? I am yours to command," Benjin said, shocking everyone. He knelt in the sodden soil and bowed to her. Chase, Strom, and Osbourne stood silently.
  • "Yes! How many times do you think we can pull that same trick? I tell you, that ass of yours always makes our lives so much easier!"
  • Aye, between Cetewayo and Umbelazi. Why do you suppose those wagons of yours are loaded with guns for which so many cattle must be paid? Not to shoot game with, I think. Well, this little kraal of my father's is just now the headquarters of the Umbelazi faction, the Isigqosa, as the princedom of Gikazi is that of Cetewayo. My poor father! she added, with her characteristic shrug, "he thinks himself very great to-day, as he did after he had shot the elephant--before I nursed you, Macumazahn--but often I wonder what will be the end of it--for him and for all of us, Macumazahn, including yourself."
  • The world of spelunking is an exciting one for those that happen to live in northwest Tennessee. Home of the infamous Dunbar Cave State Park, Clarksville, TN, is visited every year by literally millions upon millions of avid spelunkers. Perhaps that figure has been inflated drastically by yours truly for shock value, but I think you still get the point. It is visited. And definitely by people. And occasionally those people are spelunkers, or are at least aware of the term.
  • It's great, began Skinny. "We've been bandits and we've been Injuns, but Scouts beat 'em all. The woods are full of 'em all over the country, and they go about with uniforms on, doing good and having fun. They are like an army. We are one company, you will be another. I'm the same as captain, only they call me patrol leader. Mr. Norton is Scoutmaster, and there are officers above him, only we never saw them. We learn all about woodcraft and signs and signaling and how to do a lot of things, and we rescue people and do all kinds of stunts and get badges. The Ravens are going across the mountain on an exploring trip. I am going to look for a cave and maybe there is treasure in it. Our patrol animal is the crow, and it 'most ought to be yours because you live so near the Raven Rocks."
  • "Well the first thing I want to do is to find some pretty cloth and make you a tie back curtain for the bedroom doorway of yours so we don't have to keep ducking through it."
  • Not in yours neither, youngster. There, I daresay we shall soon beat them off. You two keep under shelter, and if things go against us, you both get away, and make for the mountain. Go right into that cave, and wait till I join you.
  • If you monkey with that door, I'll twist your neck. Savve? You can take yours when I'm done. An' if it saves you, I'll twist your neck, anyway. You ain't got no chance, nohow. I told you many times what you'd get if you did me dirt.
  • Hold on, Mr. Jetson, you needn't answer him, interposed Darrin quickly, as Jetson opened his mouth. "First of all this affair seems to concern me. You've intimated that I'm no friend of yours and not worthy to be ranked as such. Now, I ask you, fairly and flatly, what has brought your mind to this pitch? What have I done, or what haven't I done?"
  • There's something mighty queer about this whole proposition. That yarn of yours last night, Jerry, didn't sit very easy on my pillow, and it doesn't rest very easy on my breakfast, either. What's the idea? What you trying to hide, you two?
  • "I dont care what the prophecy says," Johna interrupted. "You take care of you and yours and thats all the saving you need."
  • DEAR BROTHER,--When this reaches your hand, I'll not be far off. I'm on my way up to town, to be under Dr. Dease for the ould complaint. Cowley mistakes my case entirely; he says it's nothing but religion and wind. Father Magrath, who understands a good deal about females, thinks otherwise; but God knows who's right. Expect me to tea, and, with love to Lucy, Believe me, yours in haste, JUDITH MACAN.
  • Rakyn shrugged. "The Vai are a mysterious race. There were more of them at one time, but they were all but exterminated in superstitious battles of the past. The Vai disappeared from history for a long while, but I suspect it was more a matter of them hiding their talent, or ignoring it, in order to avoid persecution. At any rate, yours must be tempered if you are going to meet with Reed again. He is a master." Rakyn's words were as bland as a bad storyteller's and Brydon, even in his weakness, sensed the prince had given him a watered-down version of the truth, if not an outright lie.
  • "Now, to be perfectly plain with you, and in order that we may thoroughly understand each other before either of us commits himself to anything, I must tell you that I want to see this model flying ship of yours in order to be able to report on it to-night to the Executive of the Inner Circle, to whom I shall also want to introduce you. If you will not allow me to do that say so at once, and, for the present at least, our negotiations must come to a sudden stop."
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  • "You are no more devoted adherent of it than I am. You have suffered in one way and I in another from the falsehood and rottenness of present-day Society, but you do not hate it more utterly than I do, and you would not go to greater lengths than I would to destroy it. yours is a hatred of emotion, and mine is a hatred of reason. I have proved that, as Society is constituted, it is the worst and not the best qualities of humanity that win wealth and power, and such respect as the vulgar of all classes can give. But it is not such power as this that I would lay at your feet, when I ask you to share the world-empire with me. It is an empire of peace and not of war that I shall offer to you."
  • Where has this Junta of yours established itself? asked Milsom, also taking up the conversation in Spanish, of which he had a serviceable knowledge. "Would it be possible to get a cable message into their hands from this side without the risk of it being intercepted by the Spaniards?"
  • "I dont see why we all cant do it all together." Jack said and Jillian joined the party. They all sat down in a loose circle, facing each other in the shade. Jack looked at Connor because he needed more explanation than the rest of them. "Sonar is slightly different from trying to read someones mind Connor. As you delve into someones mind, you try to read and process their consciousness in your mind. Even if you speak different languages once you enter their mind yours will begin to see how they associate words with images. It is the quickest way for us to learn a language without spending weeks or months trying to listen and learn.
  • They are such good quality and so well-made that if you eventually wear yours out, tilley will replace it for free!
  • Can't get much out of him, Hawkins commented. "Well, boys, seems like you'll have no more trouble takin' possession of the Shootin' Star. It's yours.
  • "'Ah, General,' she used to say--she always called me general--'what a glorious career yours is! A soldier is indeed a man.'
  • Who would have thought of finding you, Dick, all alone by yourself out on yonder rock? said Tom, who was pulling stroke oar. "However, wonders never end. There's another old shipmate of yours on board, whom you'll be glad to see, I have a notion; and not a little surprised either, if you thought that he was left to perish on the Falkland Islands."
  • Sadly the only person other than yours truly that sees my craftsmanship is the morgue attendant, and even then it is anonymous. Usually my official classification is "unexplained illness." My credit is stolen away by a sniveling weak-chinned pudgy man who spends his nights with stiffs wondering why smoking hot Cathi, note the "i "not the "y", down the hall, you know the one with big tits, will not even smile at him. But, even if he were to recognize my handiwork, could you imagine the audacity of a medical examiner claiming that the deceased was killed by a parasitical Supernatural? There is no little box to check on the sheet for that one.
  • Arkin acknowledged this with commands. "Legon, attack with everything you have. Dont worry about their wards, simply overpower them. Sasha, go for random people but dont use much power. Sara, use yours sparingly and only target those whose wards flicker and fade. Legon, when I tell you, hit their lead horses brain."
  • "Any friend of yours is a friend of mine," he said. "Besides, this is your night. We're going to have the best time ever."
  • You probably been currying that mangey old horse of yours before you went to milking, Hetty snorted, "and tasted his cancerous old hide on your fingers. I've told you for the last time to wash your hands before you go to milking them cows. I didn't pay no eighteen hundred dollars for that prize, registered Guernsey just to have you give her bag fever with your dirty hands."
  • TO THE POLICE: Luther Doyle was murdered this evening in the tenement at 67 ---- Street. You'll find his body in a room on the second floor. If you want to know who did it, look in Mike Hagan's room on the floor above. There's a paper stuck under the edge of Hagan's table with a piece of chewing gum, where he hid it. You'll know what it is when you go out and take a look at Doyle's house in Pelham. yours truly, A FRIEND.
  • Ron frowned. "I might have to, if Julius tracks me down, or if it gets any colder." A spark lit Rons eyes. "That car of yours still run?"
  • "As fair and as gooda kind of hand-in-hand comparisonhad been something too fair and too good for any lady in Britain!" says the Italian. He looks at Leonatuss ring. "If she went before others I have seen as that diamond of yours outlustres those I have beheld, I could believe she excelled many; but I have not seen the most precious diamond that isnor you the lady!"
  • "'All yours, Ben all yours, and what's yours is mine, according to oath, Ben, to oath! But come, Ben, you hold the secret o' the treasure in your fist--the silver goddess. Come, the chart, lad, out wi' the chart and Bartlemy's jewels are ours--pearls, Ben-- diamonds, rubies--aha, come, find the chart--let your comrade aid ye, lad--'
  • It was now Mrs. Cliff's turn to be impatient. "That boss business is a very small matter," she replied, "although, of course, somebody must be head while you are gone, and it was about this that I came to see you. But after hearing what that colored man said, I want to speak of something far more important, which I have been thinking and thinking about, and to which I could see no head or tail until a minute ago. Before I go on, I want you to answer me this question: If you are lost at sea, and never come back, what is to become of that treasure? It is yours now, as you let us know plainly enough, but whose will it be if you should die? It may seem like a selfish and sordid thing for me to talk to you in this way just before you start on such an expedition, but I am a business woman,--since my husband's death I have been obliged to be that,--and I look at things with a business eye. Have you considered this matter?"
  • We've been through this. Hot drinks make me thirsty…..That's one of yours by the way. Brick pointed out the puddle on the stairs.
  • There's too much land around here, he shouted to Joe, "to leave me happy. And, what's more, I'm none too certain just where we are at this blessed minute. So it's the wide ocean for yours truly. We'll just have to run for it and trust to luck!"
  • But this mother of yours must be an infamous woman, Malinche, Roger said indignantly, "thus to sell away her own daughter to be a slave!"
  • Is yours gone too? I saw them when they came up from the fire. But you did right to keep still. If we had moved I expect we'd have had our throats cut.
  • "I don't normally provide this level of service to customers," he confided, "but you and yours did us a real favour by getting that north road cleared, and I'm not unappreciative, even if Colt is a loud-mouthed braggart."
  • Dromio is baffled. "I have some marks of yours upon my pate, and some of my mistressmarks upon my shoulders, but not a thousand marks between you both! If I should pay Your Worship those again, perchance you would not bear them patiently!"
  • "Think again, old comrade. Twelve brave and true men have I with me. Take us as your gentlemen and men at arms to protect you and yours against those who are unfriendly. You must have enemies."
  • "What significance are your words to me? My time is not yours to waste; I am a busy man." By "busy", he clearly meant "important," but then he hadnt moved to throw us out, either.
  • "Wanted to do for me too, did ye. I knew yer game, old boy! I saw them eyes of yours on me, and murder in 'em, and it's me ought to know when ye plan to cut a man down--I know Thirkle.
  • Something like that. She paused after she spoke, her eyes locked onto something far away, a cue card perhaps and then she continued, "And then after Vesuvio, I set out on a wonderful hike. When I was walking through the Marina a man stopped me and asked if I was staying with you. I thought, God, this is weird. Turns out he's a neighbor of yours and saw me leaving the house. Porky the plumber? What a character he is. Told me he was doing a job for this little 85 year-old woman who wanted him to work in his underwear because that's the way her dear departed husband did. He told her he couldn't do briefs but would work in boxers and a V-neck t shirt."
  • With part of your declaration I cannot agree. A maiden with such charms as yours is not left long to sigh for a lover. Believe me, I should like to be that bird, to whom you said you would, if you could, offer love and companionship.
  • "It is very different. For example, in Africa, AIDS is equally distributed between men and women, and not limited in any way to a homosexual population. In fact, in sub-Saharan Africa, HIV-positive women outnumber HIV-positive men. There are 7 times more children with AIDS in Africa than in the U.S. And our numbers are going up while yours are going down."
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