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Okunuşu: / jɔːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours


zam. seninki, sizinki.

yours için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Draw your sleeves over your hands," said the eunuch. "None must appear before the King showing his hands, and, dwarf, since you have no sleeves, thrust yours into your robe."
  • Terinopus stood up from his golden throne and answered. "It is possible because of the safeguards we have placed between this world and your own. Each god has a bloodline connected to him in the world of the living. The Dirujen is of Inshae's bloodline, as yours is of Arius. If we did not have this connection to your world, we could not exist there. Your sword exists for the same reason, so that it can be used in both worlds; although the one you touch now is different from the one you carry in your world. The one that pierced you is more like the spirit of the sword, and not complete unless you are in this realm."
  • "Rather should you desire to live alone in holiness until at length your separate lives are merged and lost in the Good Unspeakable, the eternal bliss that lies in the last Nothingness. Ah! you do not believe me now; you shake your heads and smile; yet a day will dawn, it may be after many incarnations, when you shall bow them in the dust and weep, saying to me, 'Brother Kou-en, yours were the words of wisdom, ours the deeds of foolishness;'" and with a deep sigh the old man turned and left us.
  • "You touch me with that damned power of yours and I will kill you, witch. Now is your chance to prove you do want to help, and believe me, if you try anything, you will die before I do."
  • "Relax son, it's only water. It's a little cool, but it gets your blood flowin'. Besides, it'll make you smell a lot better. When's the last time you washed that uniform a' yours anyway?"
  • I'll see to it that no one wallops you or jumps on you, promised Frank. "You keep right with me till you learn the ropes and unlearn all the bitterness those relations of yours have put into you. I'm going to have you and me paired off for the same room, if I can."
  • Yes, that is the worst of it. You are unanswerable. yours is the logic of youth, and no man can answer that. The facts of life can, but they have no place in the logic of youth. Youth must try to live according to its logic. That is the only way to learn better.
  • "You really should be ashamed of yourselves," Graice said again to the three reprobates as she launched into her lecture. "I'm appalled. Profanity is no laughing matter. Foul words hurt feelings and yours are so loud they pollute the air itself." She continued for half a minute while soft moans and sniffles gave audible proof that the three heard her words and felt her effect. Their heads were already as low as their bowed necks would allow, so they bent their backs forward from the waist to bring them lower. Finally she concluded, "No one should be forced to listen to you shout like that. There are women present. Don't you care what they think? And what if a child heard you? Can you imagine how awful that would be?"
  • "It is too late," said the priest solemnly, "seeing that if such vows as yours are broken for the second time, O Prophetess, the curse of the goddess will pursue you and him for whom they were broken, yes, through this life and all other lives that perchance may be given to you upon the earth or elsewhere."
  • "Well, if it's all right, and properly made out, I don't know that it's any concern of yours why it was given to me. If you have any doubt about it, why don't you find out from the people who issued it?"
  • "True faith? O King, can you still speak of yours as the true faith when you have suffered so grievously? Thousands of your men are dead, and your hopes of victory lie in ashes. Do you still believe in the God in Whose name you fought?"
  • 'I do remember you, my poor child,' said I, taking her hand; 'I do remember you very well. Speak to me frankly-- speak to me as a friend. Whatever I can do or say for you, is yours already; only speak.'
  • Well, of course they may be, agreed Dick. "That is rather a brilliant idea of yours, old chap, and may be worth following up--if they give us the chance. But not just now; there are more pressing matters claiming our attention at this moment--these bonds of ours, for instance. I don't know how yours are, but mine have been drawn quite unnecessarily tight; my fingers already feel as though they are about to burst. Do you think you could make that fellow understand that there is no need at all to bind us, and that if he will release us we ask nothing better than to accompany him whithersoever he may be pleased to take us?"
  • This is yours now, Tony; and twice as much more afterwards, if you do what I want of you. It's a good joke that I want to play on a midshipman down at the Academy.
  • "Yes, Master, but not easily. Remember, it was on a chain about the man's neck, and I could not draw it over his head, for, like his hands, his throat was tied by a cord, as you remember yours was."
  • Something like that. She paused after she spoke, her eyes locked onto something far away, a cue card perhaps and then she continued, "And then after Vesuvio, I set out on a wonderful hike. When I was walking through the Marina a man stopped me and asked if I was staying with you. I thought, God, this is weird. Turns out he's a neighbor of yours and saw me leaving the house. Porky the plumber? What a character he is. Told me he was doing a job for this little 85 year-old woman who wanted him to work in his underwear because that's the way her dear departed husband did. He told her he couldn't do briefs but would work in boxers and a V-neck t shirt."
  • You are cruel, inhuman man, I said through tears. "You are being no better than grandfather of yours that you think so terrible," I informed him.
  • She looks askance at his slovenly appearance. "Thats more than some whose tailors are as costly as yours can justly boast of. Whats Your Lordships pleasure?"
  • Fikna said, "Didnt the Deuces Road pass through here? I appear to recall a lesson of yours going on about that."
  • Our streets, he said, "are still thronged with warriors. Our numbers are scarcely diminished. yours are lessening every day. You are dying with hunger and sickness. Your provisions and water are failing. You must soon fall into our hands. The bridges are broken down, and you cannot escape. There will be too few of you left to satisfy the vengeance of the gods."
  • "No," Maldynado admitted, "but you're just a girl. How can yours be for..." He stuck out his fingers and started figuring under his breath.
  • "And elusive," struck in Mills in a low voice. "Some of them are like that. She will never change. Amid all the shames and shadows of that life there will always lie the ray of her perfect honesty. I don't know about your honesty, but yours will be the easier lot. You will always have your . . . other love--you pig-headed enthusiast of the sea."
  • "It's up to us, my lads," said Melton, as he carefully examined his weapons to see that they were in prime condition, while Bert and Tom followed his example. "The next half hour will probably tell the story. We're in for a lovely scrap, and we'll have that friend of yours with us when we come back, or we'll never come back at all."
  • Young men,"" he said abruptly, ""this country is engaged in the greatest war in all history. Considering your youth and present lack of experience, yours is to be a part of great responsibility. You look like capable and courageous young Americans, and I believe you are. I have confidence that you will bear your share of the burdens of war with credit to yourselves and glory to your country."
  • Certainly, answered Jack; "there can be no possible objection to your making such an enquiry, somewhat peculiar though it is. But whether I answer it or not must depend upon the reason which you may assign for asking the question. It is not usual, here in England, for total strangers to ask such personal questions as yours without being prepared to explain why they are asked."
  • Perhaps not; but I'll tell you what would be a help. Be a Sister of Charity. I'll be a Paulist. I'll devote myself to the sick. Then you and I can go together; and when you are tired I can assist you. I think that idea is much better than yours.
  • That will do, Luka. I will throw mine into the boat, and we will keep yours on board. Now we have got among cod there is no fear of our not getting plenty of food. I know they catch enormous quantities off the northern coast of Norway, and it is evident that they come as far as these waters. It is some time since we tried this deep-sea fishing, which accounts for our not having caught any before.
  • Oh! Mr. Quatermain, he said, "I am a victim of too faithful service. To abandon all these valuable possessions of yours to a rapacious enemy was more than I could bear. So I put every one of them in the pit, and then, as I thought I heard someone coming, got in myself and pulled down the stone. But, Mr. Quatermain, soon afterwards the enemy added arson to murder and pillage, and the whole place began to blaze. I could hear the fire roaring above and a little later the ashes covered the exit so that I could no longer lift the stone, which indeed grew too hot to touch. Here, then, I sat all night in the most suffocating heat, very much afraid, Mr. Quatermain, lest the two kegs of gunpowder that were with me should explode, till at last, just as I had abandoned hope and prepared to die like a tortoise baked alive by a bushman, I heard your welcome voice. And Mr. Quatermain, if there is any soothing ointment to spare, I shall be much obliged, for I am scorched all over."
  • Lief responded with quick certainty. "We need to get a better look at them. Dwarves are unmistakable in feature. All are stout and powerful. They are shorter than the average human. Their faces are much like yours or mine except stern, as if chiseled. The men wear long beards, and most let their hair grow full and long. They wield axe, mace, and broadsword."
  • You're a good fellow, Charlie, said Shank, squeezing the hand that held his, "and I believe it is that very trustfulness of yours which gives you so great power and influence with people. I know it has influenced me for good many a time in the past, and would continue to do so still if I were not past redemption."
  • Why, man alive, one drink won't hurt you! said Thomas. "I know you're on the straight, and you know I'm the last man that 'ud try to get you off it. But you want something for that cold. You don't want to die on the track, do you? What would your missus say? That cough of yours is enough to bust a bullock."
  • And our priests are a hundred times better than yours are. General Zuroaga says so, and so does your father. I don't like your Mexican priests. The general says he wishes they were all dead, and their places filled by good, live men from Europe and the United States.
  • Esther Crippen, that is the loveliest song in all the world and you are the loveliest singer of it! How glad I am to have arrived at just this moment! Why, your little room makes me feel that it is a real refuge from all that is dark and bare and cold. And you surely are with the 'magic touch engifted to warm the hearts of lonely mortals' with that beautiful voice of yours.
  • Conor nodded. "My apologies," he said. "And yes," he chuckled, "at university we are trained to mouth inanities likegreat potential.’ But in this case, its quite true. Andlet me finishthis little girl of yours is desperately trying to realize it. Its why Ive challenged her. Becauseat least in her caseshe is one student who doesnt seem to want to dig herself into a hole of ignorance and cover herself up, her shyness notwithstanding."
  • Suppose you try Lord --, who has Government influence? In these troublous times there's no end of employment, and for men whose misfortunes don't need to be called to remembrance. yours won't stand in the way. I know his lordship personally. He's not at all exacting.
  • I seem to remember a scheme of yours that resulted in the capture of a submarine last year, Murphy reminded the old man. "That was a bully scheme, and I'm willing to wager that the head which produced it can produce another just as good. Tell me your plan for eliminating submarines, Mr. Ricks."
  • I daresay you would. But Providence has been much kinder to you in that line than you deserve. But oh, good Heavens, Ada, do be mighty careful what you say. If you had propounded that idea of yours to anyone else, for instance, there's no knowing what amount of mischief it might open up.
  • Belarius nods. "Be pleased awhile." He rises and grasps the taller young mans shoulder. "This gentleman, whom I call Polydore, most worthy prince, as yours is true Guiderius.
  • "On the bright side, that means that you can hotfoot it around in my car until you get clearance to drive yours or fly again."
  • That is the horse, the sheik said gravely. "Only to one, whom I regard as a son, would I part with him. On his back you may scoff at pursuit by any foes, for outside my encampment there is not a horse in Egypt which it could not distance. Now it is yours to do with as you like, save to sell it, for I would not that his blood should run in any veins save those of the horses of my tribe."
  • "Yeah," he said, anger rising. "My people are segregated for good reasons. For safety, our own and everybody else's. yours were simply ignorant bigots."
  • It will do, he muttered to himself, with a satisfied air. "Just in the right spot, and Fan--isn't she the thing for it? By Jove! she shows well. Never saw her look better in her life. If his lordship be the sort he's got the name of being, I ought to get an appointment out of him. Sweet Fan! I've made five pounds out of you this morning. You're worth your weight in gold, or its equivalent. Hold up your head, my chick! and show that pretty face of yours to the window! You're about to be examined, and as I've heard, by a connoisseur. Ha! ha! ha!" The apostrophe was soliloquised, Fan was too far off to hear him.
  • Not a bit, replied Miss Judy emphatically. "He thought that mouse funeral was the best impromptu stunt we've pulled off yet. That kind of thing was just what camp needed today. The novelty of it got everybody stirred up and made them hilarious. That funeral oration of yours was the funniest thing I ever heard. Miss Amesbury thought so too. She took it all down while you were delivering it."
  • "And this Brixby fellow of yours I don't mind telling you I'm well tired of being addressed as Admiral Drake or Captain Bligh and such. What do you plan to do regarding that? I expected discipline in your unit but it's certainly not of the level I thought."
  • Gabriel's eyes opened. Slowly he reached out and took her hand again. "No, she wasn't lying about that. You are stronger than most. Your gifts are uncertain. You seem to be able to hear almost anyone within a certain range. It makes them uneasy because yours is so powerful but unchecked."
  • "Now thats a firm handshake," Stewart muttered. "You could give that friend of yours a few pointers on shaking hands."
  • "I'm awful sorry," said the other, "I am, fer a fact. 'Taint ev'ry day such a chance goes strolling by. But--oh, by the way, I was forgettin'. Here's somethin' right in your line. Put that few dollars of yours into some A number one top-notch town property an' it'll earn more fer you before the snow flies than your muscles will. Here's somethin' extra good," as he drew a map from his pocket. "See this block--high class industrial property. Prices from one hundred to three hundred dollars a lot, tenth down an' ten dollars a month until paid fer; no taxes, interest, or charges of any kind. Here's a fine corner here, facin' south an' west, overlookin' the town, five hundred dollars fer two lots, that's only fifty dollars you'd need to put up an' we'll sell those lots again for a cool thousand before December. Come along, you're dry after your trip; let's wet this thing a little an' then we'll take an auto out an' show you the stuff."
  • Ivixa changed her focus and eyed Kea for a moment. "Oh, I get it now. This feud of yours is a dodge." She glanced at her friends. "Shes coveting."
  • You cur! whispered Jimmie Dale. "There's just one reason, only one, that keeps me from putting a bullet through you while you sit there. We'll get to that in a moment. There is that little story first--shall I tell it to you now? For the past four years, and God knows how many before that, you've gone the pace. The lavishness of this bachelor establishment of yours is common talk in New York--far in excess of a bank cashier's salary. But you were supposed to be a wealthy man in your own right; and so, in reality you were--once. But you went through your fortune two years ago. Counted a model citizen, an upright man, an honour to the community--what were you, Carling? What ARE you? Shall I tell you? Roue, gambler, leading a double life of the fastest kind. You did it cleverly, Carling; hid it well--but your game is up. To-night, for instance, you are at the end of your tether, swamped with debts, exposure threatening you at any moment. Why don't you tell me again that I lie--Carling?"
  • "I'd think I'd remember another tunnel in me own home," the dwarf replied, skidding down the inclined rocks to land on the stone floor. "But if you're sure about it, I'll take some time to look at it. Is this tunnel 'o yours big enough to squeeze through?"
  • "Leave that to me, my lads," said the lieutenant, gravely. "I shall do my duty by you all, so please to do yours by me. Wait till nightfall and see."
  • It wasn't the bear, Child! answered the old woman, gravely. "It was that ter'ble scream o' yours cured my rheumatiz! Old 'Spotty,' she come to her young one's call. Could I do less, Child, when I heerd my little one cry out fer me?"
  • Maka was going on to tell something more about the wicked men, when the captain interrupted him. "Can this friend of yours speak English?" he asked.
  • You call, "CC!" and pull her into your arms. Her hand has been seared, but you think it should be made right. You feel her power merge with yours to heal her skin.
  • The doctor found him on one of his journeys out to the stove for fresh boiling water, and would certainly have thought him to be in a fit but for Sylvia's explanation of the family peculiarity. So he only smiled to himself, and, lifting Rumple, laid him more at ease in the farther corner of the room, covering him over with a rug; and then he went back to the bedroom, where Nealie was busy helping him with Rupert, and said, in a laughing tone: "I have just picked that brother of yours up from the floor, where he lay as fast asleep as if he were on the softest bed that had ever been made."
  • "And even the miserable lives we lead are not allowed to reach their natural span. For myself I do not grumble, for I am one of the lucky ones. I am twelve years old and have had over four hundred children. Such is the natural life of a pig. But no animal escapes the cruel knife in the end. You young porkers who are sitting in front of me, every one of you will scream your lives out at the block within a year. To that horror we all must come-cows, pigs, hens, sheep, everyone. Even the horses and the dogs have no better fate. You, Boxer, the very day that those great muscles of yours lose their power, Jones will sell you to the knacker, who will cut your throat and boil you down for the foxhounds. As for the dogs, when they grow old and toothless, Jones ties a brick round their necks and drowns them in the nearest pond.
  • "Wanderers, this land has its secrets, into which no foreigner must pry. I say to you yet again that while I live you set no foot upon that Mountain. Know also, Leo Vincey, I have bared my heart to you, and I have been told in answer that this long quest of yours is not for me, as I was sure in my folly, but, as I think, for some demon wearing the shape of woman, whom you will never find. Now I make no prayer to you; it is not fitting, but you have learned too much.
  • You will excuse me, if any cases are brought in, I must attend to them at once. I never allow anything to interfere with my magisterial duties. But do not go away. I'll dispose of them off-hand, and shall be happy to continue the conversation. I want to have a few words with you, Mr Cheveley, upon a matter of importance, to obtain your advice and assistance. By-the-bye, you wrote to me a short time ago about a son of yours who wishes to enter the naval service. This is, I presume, the young gentleman, he continued, looking at me, "Eh! My lad? And so you wish to become a second Nelson?"
  • Mademoiselle must not shrink from me; she is too beautiful to be unkind. Ah ma petite Amie, those adorable lips of yours are made to kiss and kiss, not to pout and cry a lover nay. Through this wide land there is many a maid who would glory in the love, my beautiful girl, that I offer you. He advanced towards the maid, trembling with his passion, and dropped upon his knee.
  • Mareth waved a dismissive hand in Mercas direction. "Your games with the Lord General are not my concern. I am here for my glory alone. I will track down this warlock of yours because it sounds like a worthy challenge. My entertainment is the only reason I chose to serve you. I have been briefed on Kuzzaks time table. I will rejoin you when the task is complete."
  • "Tell the master-at-arms to see to it that Seaman Davis gets a warm meal, the best that the ship affords, and at once. Davis, you will draw a suit of clothes from the canteen at my expense. yours are ruined. After that you will turn in and stay there till to-morrow morning."
  • "Thats yours too," he said and kissed her deeply, his arms wrapping around her waist. Omaris wings folded unconsciously around them, as they often did when she felt comfortable and happy. She clutched the glass heart in her hand behind his back, and wished the moment would never end.
  • "Vandean, my lad," whispered the lieutenant, "that idea of yours saved us," and he caught and pressed the lad's cold hand. Then aloud: "Now, my lads, get the oars in under the thwarts, so that they don't float out, and then you, Dance, and you, Tom Fillot, in over the side and begin baling."
  • Friendships blossoming on the basis of similar ideas, outlooks or tastes may seem intuitive, but that intuition is deceiving. Most friendships develop between people who are not family members or sexual partners, so friendship can't be explained on the basis of genetic or reproductive interests. Instead, evolutionary biologists have typically relied on a tit-for-tat process known as reciprocal altruism to explain friendship: you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.
  • "That may sound confusing to you, but we knew what those words meant before this serp of yours even came to this land. 'The last plain cityis Connel, the final city of the farmland plains before the Colad Mountains. 'Diminished but not destroyed’—certainly the dwarves put great damage to the city, but we were not quite destroyed. 'The whiteness of night’, Im sure that sounds very confusing until you think of the snow that fell last night. And for the last part, the goblins were silent, but then they shrieked when they wanted us to see them. Connel has fallen into the serps hands and yet there was no true battle. This prophesy was explained clearly to us many seasons ago, by a special person who is no longer with us. He understood the prophesies clearly and he told us what they meant before the sphere ever broke free from Sanctum Mountain. You see, we knew this would all happen long before this day ever came."
  • "You and I both know that Rakuen is still alive. You would have felt it if hed been killed. And I know that youre actually desperate to see him. You say his name in your sleep all the time. Why dont you use that telepathy of yours and finally look for him?" Naomi swerved hard to the right, plunging into a narrow gap to pass the slow moving car in front of them.
  • "Ive heard both versions, but I like yours better," Shae said. "Youve done some blues stuff I really adore. So, are you married? Kids or like that?"
  • "If I knew how to find this Hura of yours then I would, but honestly I've never been really sure if she is real or mythical. Some talk of her as a woman that drops in for lunch every year or two, and others say she made the sun and moon themselves while waiting for something interesting to happen. If Hura had a less cryptic address..."
  • "Whatever the man paid you for your services is yours to keep," promised Sallis. "It's the man I'm after, not his hoard."
  • "My point exactly. That blonde, brainy second wife of yours is pulling your strings now. Thats whats got your crazy first wife so pissed."
  • "You sure have a lot to learn!" sighed the learned Frank. "It is like this. That new dad of yours is a Major, isn't he? All right. He has the right to have a special man that he picks out work for him, and take care of his horse and fuss around the quarters and fix his things. But the man has to belong to his command, and Lee is attached to the School of Fire."
  • If you don't, she held up a warning finger, "I'll come up and visit you in that secret wireless room of yours just as I once said I would."
  • To prevent fuel starvation at high rpm it is advisable to fit a fast flow fuel tap or have yours modified.
  • Not at all, but my own particular interests seem infinitely more important to me than there is any possibility of yours doing.
  • Hearken now, Gahagan Khan. His Highness Prince Holkar has sent me to thee. You shall have the moon-face for your wife--your second wife, that is;--the first shall be the incomparable Puttee Rooge, who loves you to madness;--with Puttee Rooge, who is the wife, you shall have the wealth and rank of Bobbachy Bahawder, of whom his Highness intends to get rid. You shall be second in command of his Highness's forces. Look, here is his commission signed with the celestial seal, and attested by the sacred names of the forty-nine Imaums. You have but to renounce your religion and your service, and all these rewards are yours.
  • "You really should be ashamed of yourselves," Graice said again to the three reprobates as she launched into her lecture. "I'm appalled. Profanity is no laughing matter. Foul words hurt feelings and yours are so loud they pollute the air itself." She continued for half a minute while soft moans and sniffles gave audible proof that the three heard her words and felt her effect. Their heads were already as low as their bowed necks would allow, so they bent their backs forward from the waist to bring them lower. Finally she concluded, "No one should be forced to listen to you shout like that. There are women present. Don't you care what they think? And what if a child heard you? Can you imagine how awful that would be?"
  • "Mop, huh?" Sheila tossed the hair that cascaded below her shoulder blades. "Should I maybe wear it like yours or hers?"
  • "Your subjects have starved, while you and yours have feasted. You have lavished millions in vain display upon your palaces, while they have died in their hovels for lack of bread; and when men have asked you for freedom and justice, you have given them the knout, the chain, and the prison.
  • Never mind the loss of the brig, Captain. It was no fault of yours that she came to grief. Other ship-owners may do as they please. I shall take the liberty of doing as I please. So, if you are ready, the ship is ready. I have seen Captain Stuart, and I find that he is down with typhoid fever, poor fellow, and won't be fit for duty again for many weeks. The Walrus must sail not later than a week or ten days hence. She can't sail without a captain, and I know of no better man than yourself; so, if you agree to take command, there she is, if not I'll find another man.
  • That's true, said Jack. "Well, I agree with you. yours is by far the best plan. How many men do you need aboard the submarine?"
  • "I do not know," he answered. "How should I know, who am but an ignorant old black man, who was born not much more than eighty years ago? Yet, Lady, tell me, for I seek your wisdom, where were you born from? Out of the earth, or out of the heavens? What? You shake your head, you who do not remember? Well, neither do I remember. Yet it is true that all circles meet somewhere, and it is true that the Portuguese maiden said she would come again; and lastly it is true that she was such an one as you are, for she haunts this place, and I, who have seen her sitting yonder in the moonlight, know her beauty well. Yet mayhap she comes no more in flesh, but still her spirit comes; for, Lady, out of those eyes of yours I see it gaze at me. Come," he added abruptly, "let us descend the wall, for as you cannot remember, there is more to show you. Have no fear--the steps are easy."
  • I was infinitely taken with the spirit of the maid. "I could be wishing I had brought you a spray of that heather," says I. "And, though I did ill to speak with you at the first, now it seems we have common acquaintance, I make it my petition you will not forget me. David Balfour is the name I am known by. This is my lucky day, when I have just come into a landed estate, and am not very long out of a deadly peril. I wish you would keep my name in mind for the sake of Balwhidder," said I, "and I will yours for the sake of my lucky day."
  • Good Lord, Master Jim, what's wrong, sir? What's happened, sir? And--and those clothes, Master Jim, sir! They aren't the ones you went out in, sir--they aren't yours at all, sir! Jason ventured anxiously.
  • "Well, I haven't got any razors like you fellows have," I retorted. "I say, Tanner, have you stropped yours up lately? Smithy's are getting rusty with the sea air."
  • "Think again, old comrade. Twelve brave and true men have I with me. Take us as your gentlemen and men at arms to protect you and yours against those who are unfriendly. You must have enemies."
  • The vessel might sink on her first voyage and that would cancel the charter, Matt replied; "so I guess I'll be a sport and hold up my end. You paid out the hard cash and took a chance, and so will I." And, with the words, Matt drew from his pocket the Black Butte Lumber Company's check for a thousand dollars, indorsed it and passed it over to Cappy Ricks. "We're equal partners, sir," he said, "and I pried that thousand out of Hudner on the side as a commission for chartering the Unicorn to you. Half of it is yours and I owe you the other half; so there you are."
  • Belarius nods. "Be pleased awhile." He rises and grasps the taller young mans shoulder. "This gentleman, whom I call Polydore, most worthy prince, as yours is true Guiderius.
  • Oh, and Drummond! You're going to be so happy! Hilda came back to him and supported her husband as he limped toward the stairs. "While you were gone the most wonderful thing happened. Stephanie showed an interest in your special Native American things. She was studying and studying those old pots of yours like nothing you've ever seen. She was standing in front of them and just staring at them so patiently. My goodness, it was awfully cute, but, you know, it impressed me," said Hilda with a thrilled expression on her face. The fact that Stephanie picked up two of those valuable pots and took them outside to play camp with after Hilda left and the fact that they were sitting precariously on a pile of sticks on the lawn and were full of dirty water and mesquite beans was unknown to Granny Hilda. "Maybe she'll grow up to be an archeologist or an anthropologist someday," said Granny Hilda.
  • "Most certainly if you are she, you do usurp your selffor what is yours to bestow is not yours for reserving!" argues Cesario, annoyed by the veil; Viola wants to see the face Duke Orsino finds so attractive. "But this is apart from my commission.
  • "What, and risk yours and Kristas blundering attempts to foil another guys imagined interest in me?? I wouldnt want you to waste any more time, groping around in the dark trying to discover the truth. Ill talk about this with you, but I have conditions," Willow said and waited for my reply.
  • "I dont care what the prophecy says," Johna interrupted. "You take care of you and yours and thats all the saving you need."
  • Still hungry for the sound of a human voice, Bond changed stations. "Once again, its time forYour Tum-Tum-Tummy and You,’ with yours truly, Dr. Charlton Carter, your nutritionist of the airwaves, with todays topic, ‘Can a Severe Heart Attack Be Beneficial in Easing Tension?’—but first a word from my sponsor, Ottos Organic Foods, a combination of natures own whole grain okra flour with genuine crushed Indiana limestone."
  • It's just as much my business to talk to you, he said, "as it'd be yours to talk to me. In fact it's more. You c'n talk in your lecture room, an' I'll talk here. Perhaps it ain't altogether your fault; it's just that you don't know any better. You're just a plumb ignorant critter out here, Mister Professor, an' by rights you oughtn't to be around loose.
  • The journey here exercised a favorable influence over her. Her strength increased to a marked degree, and she has once or twice spoken about the past. She told me that her father wrote to his son Louis in Australia some weeks before his death, and urged him to come home. She thinks that he is on his way to England. The Colonel and I at once thought that he ought to be sought after without delay, and he promised to write to his nephew, your old playmate, who, he tells me, is to be a neighbor of yours.
  • "These can be yours if you help me reproduce with your most powerful quads. Preferably prodigies, but I dont care about looks, bloodlines, or personalities."
  • "When I am home," said he simply, "I live in a big house on the Lake Shore Drive. It is heated by steam and lighted by electricity. I touch a button or turn a screw, and at once I am lighted and warmed. At certain hours meals are served me. I don't know how they are cooked, or where the materials come from. Since leaving college I have spent a little time down town every day; and then I've played golf or tennis or ridden a horse in the park. The only real thing left is the sailing. The wind blows just as hard and the waves mount just as high to-day as they did when Drake sailed. All the rest is tame. We do little imitations of the real thing with blue ribbons tied to them, and think we are camping or roughing it. This life of yours is glorious, is vital, it means something in the march of the world;--and I doubt whether ours does. You are subduing the wilderness, extending the frontier. After you will come the backwoods farmer to pull up the stumps, and after him the big farmer and the cities."
  • You give the goblins more credit that they deserve. Do you think they can act on their own? They have their orders. They will follow these blindly. They would walk into their own stupid death. They are as dim-witted as the rocks around you, but they do not question my commands. They will attack if you even try to take me hostage. It will probably mean my death, but it will mean yours as well, and the death of everyone you're supposed to protect.
  • "Yes! How many times do you think we can pull that same trick? I tell you, that ass of yours always makes our lives so much easier!"
  • "I beg of you, Magdalen; no longer find blame with yourself for this hardship. Come along with me on the journey. It will be as both of ours. We have made preparation for this very voyage, together. This mission is yours as well as it is mine. You also are worthy to see its fulfillment; and that, with your own eyes."
  • Princess, replied Haiatalnefous, your fortune is indeed strange that a marriage, so unhappy as yours was, should be rendered unhappy by so unaccountable an accident, your love being reciprocal, and full of wonders. Pray Heaven you may again meet with your husband as soon as you desire! and be assured I will keep the secret till he arrives. It will be the greatest pleasure to me in the world to be the only person in the vast kingdom of the isle of Ebene who knows what and who your are, while you continue to govern the people as happily as you have begun: I only ask to be your friend; nothing could be more to my satisfaction. The two princesses tenderly embraced each other, and, after a thousand vows of mutual friendship, lay down to rest.
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