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Okunuşu: / jɔːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours


zam. seninki, sizinki.

yours için örnek cümleler:

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  • Shamsara sighed, stroking the cat. "If you wish to end the war, your task will not be an easy one. If you do as I say, this will come to pass. But the decision must be yours alone, for yours will be the greatest sacrifice."
  • Just the thing! exclaimed Migwan delightedly. "Katherine, that head of yours will make your fortune yet. All right, Hinpoha, you speak Tiny's lines."
  • I have written to Merivale, your colonel, on this subject, as well as generally on your behalf. We were cornets together forty years ago. A strict fellow you'll find him, but a trump on service. If you can't manage the leave, write a long letter home at all events. And so, God bless you, and all success! yours sincerely, W. Considine.
  • Who would have thought of finding you, Dick, all alone by yourself out on yonder rock? said Tom, who was pulling stroke oar. "However, wonders never end. There's another old shipmate of yours on board, whom you'll be glad to see, I have a notion; and not a little surprised either, if you thought that he was left to perish on the Falkland Islands."
  • Cassius proceeds quicklybefore the proud praetor can voice objection to that term. "Brutus and Caesarwhat could be in thatCaesar?’—why should that name be sounded more than yours? Write them together, yours is as fair a name; sound them, it doth become the mouth as well; weigh them, it is as heavyconjure withem," he says, pointedly, "Brutus will start a spirit as soon as Caesar!
  • Intent is the key, Lib. Things happen throughout life that are often beyond a persons control. Recklessness that causes harm on earth will be punished or paid for in some manner over hereusually by being sent back again soon after arriving. It seems that when one intends to do harm, that a negative transfer of energy takes place that the person is not even aware of until it is too late. People are given choices and those decisions are what determine how, in what capacity and where we continue our relative journeys. All life and creation is electromagnetic energy in one form or another. Everything we do interacts with the energy systems all around us. In simple terms, take what is not yours and you will pay it back in one way or another. And nobody has anything to say about it. A simple, natural law.
  • He gasps and swallows. You feel it, not on your palm, but in your blood. His flesh is your flesh. His disciples are extensions of your will. He has other worshippers in the world. They are yours and part of you. You don't know who or where they are. You know what matters. If you call, they will come. If you call strongly, they'll let nothing slow them but death. Kill Vaughn and keep them.
  • I swore once that never would I risk a comrade's life to save mine own; but matters are so different now ... we are both in hell, Armand, and I in striving to get out of mine will be showing you a way out of yours.
  • The journey here exercised a favorable influence over her. Her strength increased to a marked degree, and she has once or twice spoken about the past. She told me that her father wrote to his son Louis in Australia some weeks before his death, and urged him to come home. She thinks that he is on his way to England. The Colonel and I at once thought that he ought to be sought after without delay, and he promised to write to his nephew, your old playmate, who, he tells me, is to be a neighbor of yours.
  • The IRS gets copies of all 1099s and W-2s you receive, so make sure you report all required income on your return. IRS computers are pretty good at matching the numbers on the forms with the income shown on your return. A mismatch sends up a red flag and causes the IRS computers to spit out a bill. If you receive a 1099 showing income that isn't yours or listing incorrect income, get the issuer to file a correct form with the IRS.
  • "Oh, take the sense, sweet, of my innocence," he says. "Love takes the meaning in lovers conference. I mean that my heart unto yours is so knit that but one heart we can make of ittwo bosoms interchained with an oath; so, then, two bosoms and a single troth!
  • Hemorrhoids do burst and once they do, they never heal because every time you take a dump it rips the scab off and the whole thing starts again until finally you stop eating and die on your couch like Steve did. Well he died on his couch not yours but you get the idea.
  • Esther Crippen, that is the loveliest song in all the world and you are the loveliest singer of it! How glad I am to have arrived at just this moment! Why, your little room makes me feel that it is a real refuge from all that is dark and bare and cold. And you surely are with the 'magic touch engifted to warm the hearts of lonely mortals' with that beautiful voice of yours.
  • Sy paused then turned to the delver. "Ryson you told me about what you saw at Pinesway, when that sword of yours gave you a vision of what Sazar wanted then. He wanted to make Pinesway a breeding ground for goblins to grow his army. Do you think he wants any thing different now? Problem is its not an abandoned little town at the edge of Dark Spruce. Its Connel on the edge of some of the richest farmland around. Hes going to make humans work on those farms for him. Put this all together and its not a good story for anyone, especially us."
  • Close upon half-past one--lunch-time; and this London air of yours has given me a most voracious appetite. Suppose we go in somewhere and get some lunch, to start with; afterwards we can take a stroll in the Park, and have a yarn together--that is to say, if you are not otherwise engaged.
  • It is no fault of yours that I was not, you treacherous rascal! returned Frobisher, so savagely that the Korean involuntarily stepped backward a pace. "If ever I get out of this and can get my hands on you, I'll make you sorry for your betrayal of me!"
  • "I'm awful sorry," said the other, "I am, fer a fact. 'Taint ev'ry day such a chance goes strolling by. But--oh, by the way, I was forgettin'. Here's somethin' right in your line. Put that few dollars of yours into some A number one top-notch town property an' it'll earn more fer you before the snow flies than your muscles will. Here's somethin' extra good," as he drew a map from his pocket. "See this block--high class industrial property. Prices from one hundred to three hundred dollars a lot, tenth down an' ten dollars a month until paid fer; no taxes, interest, or charges of any kind. Here's a fine corner here, facin' south an' west, overlookin' the town, five hundred dollars fer two lots, that's only fifty dollars you'd need to put up an' we'll sell those lots again for a cool thousand before December. Come along, you're dry after your trip; let's wet this thing a little an' then we'll take an auto out an' show you the stuff."
  • "Most certainly if you are she, you do usurp your selffor what is yours to bestow is not yours for reserving!" argues Cesario, annoyed by the veil; Viola wants to see the face Duke Orsino finds so attractive. "But this is apart from my commission.
  • No troops could have fought better than yours towards the end of the siege, pasha. The way in which they threw themselves sabre in hand upon the French bayonets was splendid, and my own sailors could have fought no better than they did when the French entered the town.
  • I have no intention, he said, "of taking part with the Franks against the government. I am going to sell horses and camels. Frank money is as good as Turkish, and, moreover, they threaten to attack and destroy those who refuse to aid them. Your tribe lives far away, though, indeed, you may abide here at times, and there is nothing of yours that they can destroy. I have my people to think of, their villages, their flocks and herds and horses; therefore, I shall go and see this great man, and hear what he says, and shall, if I can, keep on terms of peace with him. An army so strong and so fierce that it has captured Alexandria after four hours' fighting is too formidable for an Arab chief to resist; but, assuredly, I have no thought of fighting on his side against my countrymen."
  • "But you shall, and you must. I am your father and I order you. As for me, what does it matter? I may hide from them and escape, or--at least I am old, my life is done, whereas yours is before you. Now, good-bye, and go on," and he let go of the saddle-strap.
  • "Nice try, but I'm not yours yet!" Regret tinged her amusement, but her resolve was firm, as it always was when the fae played this game with her. Dindi somersaulted through the air with an aerobic leap that catapulted her right out of the gap. She rolled away on the moss, laughing.
  • What a splendid business that last case of yours was, my dear Villefort! remarked a third; "I mean the trial of the man for murdering his father. Upon my word, you killed him ere the executioner had laid his hand upon him."
  • I should say to take an inventory of our belongings, Alexis, or rather of your belongings, for mine are very briefly described. Two hundred roubles in notes, a watch, a pocket-knife, the suit of clothes I stand up in, half a dozen pairs of socks, and three flannel shirts I bought on the way, one great-coat lined with fur; I think that is about all. It is a very small share. yours are much more numerous.
  • "It's just this way," said Pete Deveaux, with a grin meant to be very cool and indifferent, although his eyes roved uneasily; "We fellows were working on our machine here, minding our own business, when these two kids of yours came up and demanded to know why we had played you dirty at Freetown and Kuka. They accused us of purposely carrying off your share of fuel at Freetown, and of stirring up the natives at Kuka so you couldn't make a safe landing."
  • She looks askance at his slovenly appearance. "Thats more than some whose tailors are as costly as yours can justly boast of. Whats Your Lordships pleasure?"
  • "Yeah, well I see through this. Taking in all the neighborhood drunks and the birds in the rafters. Just more of the lost and helpless camping at Dave's house. Well, I'll bet they're in freaking hog heaven right now. I may not know a lot, but I know that's what you're thinking about. Yep, I think I know where their loyalties will be when the time comes. And yours too," says Mike.
  • "No Sir. Its purely my own conjecture that he may be an Indian. You know, I see them come by from time to time on the odd Saturdays when I am working and the Museum is open to the public. Their long dark hair and dark skin always stands out from the pale mothers with their equally pale kids who come to listen to yours and Dr. Bells lectures. But what always gives the Indians away from the common folk is the smell of campfire Sir. They always have this strong smell of campfire Sir, like they been out all night boiling down maple syrup or something."
  • "True faith? O King, can you still speak of yours as the true faith when you have suffered so grievously? Thousands of your men are dead, and your hopes of victory lie in ashes. Do you still believe in the God in Whose name you fought?"
  • DEAR SIR,--Mr. M'Phun and a few friends are coming to tea at my house after meeting; perhaps you will also favor us with your company. yours truly, ELIZA BOGGS.
  • You need give yourself no further concern whatever in the matter. We see that there is no likelihood of this action of yours establishing a precedent, which was the only thing we were afraid of. Now that you understand that we cannot reconcile our system to any sudden stoppages, we feel quite sure that -
  • "My name is Twiten and I tarry from a land long ago lost, Narteria. It is written that Narteria is the source of all that is known upon this world. The few of us remaining are called Overseers, countering the balance of the world around you. We all have been born with a purpose. yours is to protect. Mine, to give you the means to do so.
  • But Jan noticed something else. She came over to where Rick was pouring fresh coffee for his friends. "Rick, those friends of yours are nice. Have you noticed how much Mr. Barrows looks like Dad?"
  • Fikna said, "Didnt the Deuces Road pass through here? I appear to recall a lesson of yours going on about that."
  • "You are no more devoted adherent of it than I am. You have suffered in one way and I in another from the falsehood and rottenness of present-day Society, but you do not hate it more utterly than I do, and you would not go to greater lengths than I would to destroy it. yours is a hatred of emotion, and mine is a hatred of reason. I have proved that, as Society is constituted, it is the worst and not the best qualities of humanity that win wealth and power, and such respect as the vulgar of all classes can give. But it is not such power as this that I would lay at your feet, when I ask you to share the world-empire with me. It is an empire of peace and not of war that I shall offer to you."
  • "There were, additionally, two documents transferring everything Father possessed to either his manservant, Karl Günfel, or to his only genuine son, yours Truly.
  • Joy then continued. ‘Ben here thinks that he can just hop in that little boat of yours and motor out to Skull, pull up at the reef, get onto the island, hopefully find Winston, or whats left of him, and then get back to your boat and take a leisurely ride back to Port Douglas….all at night.’
  • Lief responded with quick certainty. "We need to get a better look at them. Dwarves are unmistakable in feature. All are stout and powerful. They are shorter than the average human. Their faces are much like yours or mine except stern, as if chiseled. The men wear long beards, and most let their hair grow full and long. They wield axe, mace, and broadsword."
  • "Who said it was a grizzly?" retorted Tom. "It might have been a black or brown bear. You've got grizzlies on the brain. The very biggest don't measure more than nine or ten feet from the nose to the root of the tail. Allowing a couple of feet more for his reach, and you have eleven or twelve altogether. How do you account for the other four or five? Unless," he went on with elaborate sarcasm, "you figure out that this pet of yours is about fourteen feet long."
  • You Jokers are a bunch of clowns! You've certainly gotten the short end of the stick with regards to those long memories of yours if you still believe that we wronged you, responded Reeltu, his usual cool and smiling demeanour evaporating in the heat of anger.
  • "When we went to England, I figured even a mind as tortuous as yours wouldn't have us move againso it must be here, and the coinage shouted Medieval. Simply a case of figuring the exact period. Thereforeas I said beforewhen could a few good archers have the most effect upon history? In other words, a process of elimination."
  • The chief says that you have given him back what he loved best in the world, and that his life is yours whenever it may be of use to you; he may be of service to you, gentlemen, should you ever go up the river--a Malay never forgives an injury or forgets a service.
  • "Do you mean the young lady whose baggage got mixed with yours at the beginning of the voyage, my lady?" she asked. April remembered the necessity to walk delicately.
  • Ricalli laughed, throwing his head back as let go of her neck. "No," he said, "the offer is yours to make." He leaned an elbow on his knee and drew closer to her again. "Name your sentence. Tell me what you will do for me, and I will make that your punishment. Are we agreed?"
  • The majordomo swallowed a few times, and bowed his head. "It shall be done, Huzoor. My life is yours to do with as you please. I have said it."
  • "By the time I got back to the house, he's sitting in there calling your name like he's trying to wake the dead and rubbing your hands hard enough to start a fire. For just a moment your eyes opened and Elke rushed to get you some hot soup. Then this man of yours sits there and spoon feeds you until you sank back into sleep. And there he sat all day yesterday and last night."
  • I think by this time you pretty well understand the situation of our palace, and how our stronghold was on the north side, close to which was the gate, so hardly fought for: if you don't, I'm afraid it is my fault, and not yours.
  • Timon regards Sempronius, another prominent Athenian. "And now I remember, my lord, that you gave good words the other day of a bay courser I rode on. It is yours because you liked it!"
  • "And this Brixby fellow of yours I don't mind telling you I'm well tired of being addressed as Admiral Drake or Captain Bligh and such. What do you plan to do regarding that? I expected discipline in your unit but it's certainly not of the level I thought."
  • Mareth waved a dismissive hand in Mercas direction. "Your games with the Lord General are not my concern. I am here for my glory alone. I will track down this warlock of yours because it sounds like a worthy challenge. My entertainment is the only reason I chose to serve you. I have been briefed on Kuzzaks time table. I will rejoin you when the task is complete."
  • She's going to try to get the Martha off, I should say. Or else why did she pay fiftyfive quid for her? And if she fails, she'll try to get her money back by saving the gearspars, you know, and patent steeringgear, and winches, and such things. At least that's what I'd do if I was in her place. When I sailed, the little girl had chartered the Emily'I'm going recruiting,' says Munsterhe's the skipper and owner now. 'And how much will you net on the cruise?' asks she. 'Oh, fifty quid,' says he. 'Good,' says she; 'you bring your Emily along with me and you'll get seventyfive.' You know that big ship's anchor and chain piled up behind the coalsheds? She was just buying that when I left. She's certainly a hustler, that little girl of yours.
  • "You won't think so when you see what we'll do to that supper of yours to-night," retorted Tom. "Gee, but this air does give you an appetite."
  • Ay, but One, replied the gentle and thoughtful girl; "yet a wild, reckless temper like yours is ever verging to idolatry, to the formation of many gods.
  • But come, boy reader! I have promised not to weary you with these things. Such teachings I must reserve for a future opportunity; when, God willing, I shall present them to intellects older than yours.
  • "Calm yourself. You have time. There is no pressure. The pace is yours to set. It may seem overwhelming now, but it will all be routine. In time, you will be quite comfortable with it. I wish that I could sympathize with how you are feeling, but this is the only world I have ever known. Tell me, how can I help you?" he asked.
  • "Come, man, everyone has their price. I daresay yours is high, but name it. Lands, riches, titles, anything you wish, I can give you."
  • Lester agreed this was reasonable. I said: "D'ya think this big amp-tray of yours could find out what the Wendel woman is getting a divorce for? Why her husband can't see her? How's that for an angle?"
  • Jenny poked her head around the front of her bed. "Were taking you down to x-ray to see how that leg of yours is doing."
  • I was angry with you for not giving an account of yourself for so long, but I see that you have accomplished more than I could hope for; and if God gives victory, not mine but yours will be the merit. You went like an angel guardian after Boguslav.
  • Very well. You claim to have documents that give you some power over Featherstone; I have others that give me power over you. Have you got yours here?
  • "As always, sir, my services are yours to command," said Wroclaw. "As Haddo was commenting, though, with his usual velvety manner, we have been noting a certain ... decline in your condition of mind of late, sir. We beg your pardon for our boldness in raising this, but there it is."
  • "Whatever the man paid you for your services is yours to keep," promised Sallis. "It's the man I'm after, not his hoard."
  • "I've told you all I know, even things I didn't wish to. For now, I hope you will let me visit one of your fine taverns. I was hoping to obtain an ale and some food before returning to Connel. Surely, you would not deny me that. I only hope to add to the pockets of your own merchants; yours as well for keeping this town, and myself for that matter, safe while I'm here." He carefully pulled coins from his right front pocket. He did so slowly, allowing the guards to watch his every move. He handed gold to the guard in his path, silver to those on his sides. He even flipped coppers to the guards in the back.
  • "You think I'm an old man and don't understand the present state of affairs?" concluded his father. "But it troubles me. I don't sleep at night. Come now, where has this great commander of yours shown his skill?" he concluded.
  • "It is as this daughter of white chiefs says," answered the man to whom she had appealed. "When she freed us from the fangs of those dogs, you promised her two lives, my brother, one for yours and one for mine."
  • "Dont forget the rest of the outfit, darling. yours is this one." Jean pulled one of the hangars out of the closet and extended it to Dave. "I cant wait to see it on you. And you too, of course," he said to Liza.
  • "Ha!" The Puppetmaster pointed his cane at Jeremys face. "Kid in a candy shop, pardon the clich. I love it. Yes, those puppy dog baby blues of yours have earned a small respiteor, rather, the chance to undo your previous stupidity."
  • Well, it hasn't looked like it up till now. Those youngsters of yours don't seem particularly obstreperous, Bentley, and Mrs Carhayes appears rather to have taken a fancy to them than otherwise.
  • I guess, said Steve, "that Phil's folks know he won't get into trouble, Perry, while yours are pretty certain that you will. It makes a difference. Now we can go ahead with that election, can't we? How about nominations?"
  • "O you fishermen, children of your fathers," began Raymond, half-lapsing into his mystical voice, "you takers of the catch, who go around about in the abode of the waters, you shall not catch me in this net of yours in which you catch the inert ones."
  • Honour is honour, Captain Cameron, replied Mr. Rae firmly, "and it might have been better if you had remembered that the honour of a cottar's son is as dear to him as yours is to you."
  • Bane noticed the chair, and his voice was harsh. "You bring life, as I bring death. We are opposites. But death has more power than life; always remember that. It is nice to share my little ceremony, and interesting that my power is won through pain, while yours is just there, flowing out of you. I shall enjoy draining it from you and reducing you to an empty shell, then see what is left."
  • Not a bit, replied Miss Judy emphatically. "He thought that mouse funeral was the best impromptu stunt we've pulled off yet. That kind of thing was just what camp needed today. The novelty of it got everybody stirred up and made them hilarious. That funeral oration of yours was the funniest thing I ever heard. Miss Amesbury thought so too. She took it all down while you were delivering it."
  • "Here are the signature cards. You sign yours and have her sign hers; then you give both to Captain Porter, the pilot, when he leaves the ship, and ask him to deliver them to me. I, in turn, will deliver them to the bank. Tell Miss Keenan she is absolutely under your orders; that she's to forget she ever heard of the lumber and shipping business. Both of you are to keep away from a man by the name of J. Augustus Redell. He's aboard and he's our enemy, captain.
  • Why, his answer made me laugh more than yours did. He said it would make you unhappy to know I had said such a thing to him. I replied that I would tell you myself, and that you were always happy when I said anything to you; and then you came up just in time.
  • Indeed, count, said Morcerf, "I thank you sincerely for having used so much candor towards me, and I gratefully accept the exclusion which you propose. You say you desire my mother's good opinion; I assure you it is already yours to a very unusual extent."
  • Petruchio rises. "Katherina, that cap of yours becomes you not! Off with that baublethrow it under foot!" She drops the hat he commissioned for her to the floor.
  • Why, man alive, one drink won't hurt you! said Thomas. "I know you're on the straight, and you know I'm the last man that 'ud try to get you off it. But you want something for that cold. You don't want to die on the track, do you? What would your missus say? That cough of yours is enough to bust a bullock."
  • "I haven't yet seen enough of them to provide a basis for translating the language, although this cube of yours does provide me with a few more letters... words... whatever they are. I shall take notes." He shuffled back to his desk, dipped a quill into a vial of ink, and began writing down notes of this new finding. Aiden stood there, looking down at the contraption, trying to make it relinquish its secrets with sheer force of will, but was thwarted by the laws of nature. On an impulse, he leaned over and tried to push in one of the nodules, much in the same way as Dale had done with the cube, and was pleased to see that something interesting happened.
  • "And you perverted yours by becoming a vain, petty politician with delusions of grandeur." Kobi returned. "Simon, youre so blind that you cant even see what youve become. You are a charlatan, one who constantly schemes and wheedles in a futile effort to steal power. Its no wonder everyone calls you thePeacock with two tails’. You and Levasseur are the masterminds behind all of this, arent you?"
  • "'All yours, Ben all yours, and what's yours is mine, according to oath, Ben, to oath! But come, Ben, you hold the secret o' the treasure in your fist--the silver goddess. Come, the chart, lad, out wi' the chart and Bartlemy's jewels are ours--pearls, Ben-- diamonds, rubies--aha, come, find the chart--let your comrade aid ye, lad--'
  • "You really should be ashamed of yourselves," Graice said again to the three reprobates as she launched into her lecture. "I'm appalled. Profanity is no laughing matter. Foul words hurt feelings and yours are so loud they pollute the air itself." She continued for half a minute while soft moans and sniffles gave audible proof that the three heard her words and felt her effect. Their heads were already as low as their bowed necks would allow, so they bent their backs forward from the waist to bring them lower. Finally she concluded, "No one should be forced to listen to you shout like that. There are women present. Don't you care what they think? And what if a child heard you? Can you imagine how awful that would be?"
  • "Leave that to me, my lads," said the lieutenant, gravely. "I shall do my duty by you all, so please to do yours by me. Wait till nightfall and see."
  • The princess Badoura took the billet, and opened it with a great deal of indifference, but, on seeing the ring, she had not patience to read it through; she rose hastily, broke the chair; which held her down with struggling, and ran and opened the door. She knew the prince the moment she saw him, and he her; they presently embraced each other with all imaginable tenderness, and, without being able to say a word for excess of joy, they looked on one another, admiring how they met again after their first interview. The princess's nurse, who ran to the door with her, made them come into her chamber, where the princess Badoura gave the prince her ring, saying, Take it, I cannot fairly keep it without restoring yours, which I will never part with: neither yours nor mine can be in better hands.
  • Captain Cullen, Dorety said, "you are in command of this ship, and it is not proper for me to comment now upon what you do. But I wish to say one thing. There is a hereafter, and yours will be a hot one."
  • Certainly, answered Jack; "there can be no possible objection to your making such an enquiry, somewhat peculiar though it is. But whether I answer it or not must depend upon the reason which you may assign for asking the question. It is not usual, here in England, for total strangers to ask such personal questions as yours without being prepared to explain why they are asked."
  • "Good. Ere long I shall visit Egypt, as I have told you, and there I shall pass judgment on you and others. Till then, farewell. Fear nothing, for you have my safe-conduct. Begone, both of you, for you weary me. But first drink and keep the cup, and in exchange, give me that bow of yours which shoots so far and straight."
  • Yes, I think I can, replied Grosvenor. "At all events I'll try; my lashings are quite as uncomfortable as yours can be, I fancy."
  • "Let's go have a cup of coffee. My wife is dying to meet you. She spotted those sculptures of yours in the gallery in Huntington and called me right up and said, "Mister Peacepennies have I got an idea for you. As soon as I saw The Jynx I knew she was right."
  • Is it indeed so, O Macumazana, Watcher by Night? Am I, Mavovo, the pupil of Zikali, the Opener of Roads, the greatest of wizards, indeed deceived by my own imaginings? And has man no other eyes but those in his head, that he cannot see what is hidden from man? Well, you say so and all we black people know that you are very clever, and why should I, a poor Zulu, be able to see what you cannot see? Yet when to-morrow one sends you a message from the ship in which we are to sail, begging you to come fast because there is trouble on the ship, then bethink you of your words and my words, and whether or no man can see what is hidden from man in the blackness of the future. Oh! that rifle of yours is mine already, though you will not give it to me now, you who think that I am a cheat. Well, my father Macumazana, because you think I am a cheat, never again will I blow the feather or read what the wind writes upon the ashes for you or any who eat your food.
  • Though invisible, it's aiming at ye none the less, and I give you my word of honour that I'll shoot ye dead upon the very least provocation, whether that provocation is yours or another's. Ye'll bear that in mind, Lord Julian. And now, ye greasy hangman, step out as brisk and lively as ye can, and behave as naturally as ye may, or it's the black stream of Cocytus ye'll be contemplating. Arm in arm they passed through the house, and down the garden, where Arabella lingered, awaiting Peter Blood's return.
  • Timon regards Sempronius, another prominent Athenian. "And now I remember, my lord, that you gave good words the other day of a bay courser I rode on. It is yours because you liked it!"
  • Of course, then, as you see no objection to my proposition, I may count upon your co-operation in the event of any intrusion,--I mean, that while we, upon our sides, will not permit any of our friends to come forward, you will equally exert yourself with yours.
  • Oh! you never can tell, replied the other; "and I noticed that you was mighty careful to lug yours along when you went after fish. Thought a big pickerel'd jump out of the water and chase you, p'raps. Careful how you let fish take a bite out of your leg, ain't you? Well, we might run across some savage animal that'd be a heap worse than a pickerel's sharp teeth."
  • "Pharaoh," I cried in despair, "I made a bond with you. It is recorded in writing and sealed. I have kept my part of the bond; my treasure you have spent; your enemies I have slain; your army I have commanded not so ill. Will you not keep yours and bid the priests release this lady from her vow and give her to me to whom she was promised? Or must I believe that you refuse, not because of goddesses and vows, but because yonder is the Royal Lady of Egypt, the true heiress to the throne who might perchance bear children, which as prophetess of Isis she can never do. Yes, because of this and because of certain cries that came to your ears in the hour of your crowning before Amen-ra and all the gods?"
  • I'm sure everyone in this workers' paradise of yours will toil equally, without thought of personal advantage, for the benefit of society as a whole, said Vlod dryly.
  • Quenela finally unfroze and whispered instructions to a a waist-coated servant. "The reparations are a natural component of the treaty, although once your steward sends a figure, we will negotiate. However, I cannot vow that my emirdom will not attack yours long after our deaths, even after our memory fades from the lands."
  • But, Miss Ashton, the stranger's voice argued, "please believe me when I say that this money is yours. Oh, of course I don't mean this special ten dollar bill; for yours was spent nearly a year ago. But at least the money represents the same amount."
  • We've been through this. Hot drinks make me thirsty…..That's one of yours by the way. Brick pointed out the puddle on the stairs.
  • I was, replied he, "but the sight of you woke me up. I wondered if you'd be waiting to see the braves come home. That Quilca of yours is a born soldier. He'd make a good general if they didn't train him!"
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