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Okunuşu: / jɔːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours


zam. seninki, sizinki.

yours için örnek cümleler:

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  • It's a cinch, agreed Barlow. But, drinking more slowly, he was altogether more thoughtful. "If we get there on time," was his one worry. "If we'd had that ten thousand of yours we'd never have sailed in this antedeluvian raft with a list to starboard like the tower of Pisa."
  • "See, Caesar!—oh, behold how pomp is followed! Mine will now be yours!—as, should we shift estates, yours would be mine." Maecenas stifles a smile at the childish notion; she is addressing the emperor as a peer.
  • One of their first steps would be to annihilate us, said Chester. "They would ravage the city, tear it into little pieces. Remember, it is our own home, yours and mine. Would you like to see that?"
  • Well, man, yours is a golden heart! Take it, and some day you may tell your son that it came from an English boy and man who looked upon you as friends. The watch was mine; the chain is from Saxe here: they are yours.
  • Hearing him give these directions, I could not but ask his meaning? 'What,' replied he, with generous indignation, 'do you suppose that I am come to cant about virtue? That, at least, is a vice of which you have never yet found me guilty. I am here to pay your debts, with money in my possession. Whether, in a court of law, it would be proved to be yours or mine I neither know nor care. But there is something better that I do know: which is that, if I were in your place and you in mine, you would not long let me remain in a house like this. With respect to the future, I am partly persuaded we shall neither of us act the miser.'
  • Well, I am going to bed. But do, please, think over my proposition, and let me know in the morning. There's no use in my discussing it now. You make me so angry. You are cowardly, you know, and very egotistic. You are afraid of what other fools will say. No matter how honest your motives, if others criticized your actions your feelings would be hurt. And you think more about your own wretched feelings than you do about mine. And then, being a cowardall men are at heart cowardsyou disguise your cowardice by calling it chivalry. I thank heaven that I was not born a man. Goodnight. Do think it over. And don't be foolish. What Berande needs is good American hustle. You don't know what that is. You are a muddler. Besides, you are enervated. I'm fresh to the climate. Let me be your partner, and you'll see me rattle the dry bones of the Solomons. Confess, I've rattled yours already.
  • "I was thinking that, too. I think one of our jhoruns manifested itself last night. I just dont know if it was yours or mine."
  • Maka was going on to tell something more about the wicked men, when the captain interrupted him. "Can this friend of yours speak English?" he asked.
  • Of course, then, as you see no objection to my proposition, I may count upon your co-operation in the event of any intrusion,--I mean, that while we, upon our sides, will not permit any of our friends to come forward, you will equally exert yourself with yours.
  • Barbara walked back and stood within inches of Christen, who moved in closer and whispered in the much taller Barbaras ear, "I got my black belt in karate last month, so if you want to make the first move then I will have no choice than to break that cute little nose of yours in at least four places."
  • 'His, of course. yours is?rather damaged.' she said to Lynne, while the foursome made their way hurrying along the dark and deserted streets of Cardiff in the direction of Penarth.
  • "Snake sting me!" says he, laughing ruefully as he re-pocketed his weapons. "This comes o' harbouring a lousy rogue as balks good liquor. The man as won't take good rum hath the head of a chicken, the heart of a yellow dog, and the bowels of a w-worm, and bone-rot him, says I. Lord love me, but I've seen many a better throat than yours slit ere now, my buxom lad!"
  • Is it indeed so, O Macumazana, Watcher by Night? Am I, Mavovo, the pupil of Zikali, the Opener of Roads, the greatest of wizards, indeed deceived by my own imaginings? And has man no other eyes but those in his head, that he cannot see what is hidden from man? Well, you say so and all we black people know that you are very clever, and why should I, a poor Zulu, be able to see what you cannot see? Yet when to-morrow one sends you a message from the ship in which we are to sail, begging you to come fast because there is trouble on the ship, then bethink you of your words and my words, and whether or no man can see what is hidden from man in the blackness of the future. Oh! that rifle of yours is mine already, though you will not give it to me now, you who think that I am a cheat. Well, my father Macumazana, because you think I am a cheat, never again will I blow the feather or read what the wind writes upon the ashes for you or any who eat your food.
  • By the way, said Don Ramon, "what do you propose to do with the Montijos when you have rescued them, in the event of this mad scheme of yours proving successful?"
  • The two women of my life, bookends in the mortal spectrum of female existence, walked hand and hand together down the hall. Augie glanced back over her shoulder towards yours truly. "Next week Mr. Glass" was all she need to say said, "next week."
  • And, do you know, Miss Granville, he added, "he wanted us to bring him here, declaring that some mutual and very dear friend of his and yours was staying, with you."
  • Linda remarked on truths of her own. "But not yours alone. There are others here that can protect Burbon. Sy, Enin, the guard. Sy can come up with scouts of his own. They won't find everything you could, but they'll let the goblins know we're waiting for them. I've learned enough about them from what you've told me that they won't attack."
  • So has mine, said Ingleborough. "It's all right. Give yours his head--they sniff water. I half fancy I can smell it myself; the air comes so cool and moist."
  • "Do you mean the young lady whose baggage got mixed with yours at the beginning of the voyage, my lady?" she asked. April remembered the necessity to walk delicately.
  • Well, you can't blame him, if he saw you roll your eyes, and make that face of yours look like thirty cents, remarked Bumpus, cuttingly.
  • "'Ah, General,' she used to say--she always called me general--'what a glorious career yours is! A soldier is indeed a man.'
  • "Well, in the same sense that tripping over your own feet can be called taking a step forward. Still, it would seem that vacant head of yours is quite susceptible to concentration. It stands to reason, though. You never need to clear your mind," Ayna jabbed.
  • I mean two things. First, that the sun is not a hundred miles away. Second, it's ridiculous to think Oderion makes the sun set. But those things are yours to believe if you choose."
  • Good Lord! Jones, don't get your jaw tacks aboard now, cried Mr Stormcock, as I pricked up my ears on hearing the name of Sir Charles Napier, Dad's old captain. "We've heard that yarn of yours three times at least since we started fitting out; and, I'm hanged if it'll stand telling again!"
  • "Thats yours too," he said and kissed her deeply, his arms wrapping around her waist. Omaris wings folded unconsciously around them, as they often did when she felt comfortable and happy. She clutched the glass heart in her hand behind his back, and wished the moment would never end.
  • "A strange tale," said the King. "A very strange tale which seems to remind me of something that happened not long ago. What was it? Well, it does not matter. Egyptian, do you seek any reward for that shot of yours at the lioness? If so, it shall be given to you. Have you a grudge against anyone, for instance?"
  • "O you fishermen, children of your fathers," began Raymond, half-lapsing into his mystical voice, "you takers of the catch, who go around about in the abode of the waters, you shall not catch me in this net of yours in which you catch the inert ones."
  • You'll have some remarkable things to set down in that log book of yours for this particular day, Tom, said the scout master; "and I think you can do the subject justice. I hope to read an account of this trip in print one of these days."
  • "How can you be so sure?" Vesta looked into the wise old woman's eyes and saw in them years of experience, heartache, sorrow, happiness, and life. She bowed her head to her beloved great grandmother just as a knock sounded at the door. Both women turned in time to see MacDara come bursting through. Catriona gave a knowing look to him as he came closer to them. Before he could say anything she was already speaking. "And so the past repeats itself with a twist of circumstance." She looked upon the confusion written all over her granddaughter's face then back to Mac. "I know what you have done, more importantly I know who you really are MacDara, son of the Oak. You may fool the young ones, but a true wise woman knows when she sees one of the Fae in her midst. Love's will shall be done, and I will not step in the way, she is yours to love, but also yours to protect. Should any harm come to her you shall feel my wrath for eternity."
  • Now, don't mention this to anyone, but there is an old goat trail down this side. It is somewhat grown over, but eyes as sharp as yours should have no trouble with it. It will make your travels up and down easier. Another thing--I trust you will not make known our rendezvous?
  • "Oh, take the sense, sweet, of my innocence," he says. "Love takes the meaning in lovers conference. I mean that my heart unto yours is so knit that but one heart we can make of ittwo bosoms interchained with an oath; so, then, two bosoms and a single troth!
  • The vessel might sink on her first voyage and that would cancel the charter, Matt replied; "so I guess I'll be a sport and hold up my end. You paid out the hard cash and took a chance, and so will I." And, with the words, Matt drew from his pocket the Black Butte Lumber Company's check for a thousand dollars, indorsed it and passed it over to Cappy Ricks. "We're equal partners, sir," he said, "and I pried that thousand out of Hudner on the side as a commission for chartering the Unicorn to you. Half of it is yours and I owe you the other half; so there you are."
  • Dead, he repeated. "Within a week you shall be my wife. You know. They have told you. I want money, and by all the gods of Hind, yours shall be the hand to give it to me. Marry me, and one week after I will give you means of leaving Allaha. Will you marry me?"
  • Yes, look at them. Where are the men that built them? In gaol. How was the money to build them obtained? By robbing English capitalists. And what's the consequences? Why, they are all empty. Fancy, ten thousand empty houses in a small town like yours.
  • A frown furrowed his brow. "This venture of yours may still fail, if the Prince is as he claims, and unmoved by your charms. I shall purchase a potion as well, which you must put in his wine at dinner. It will make him more... amenable."
  • Hortensio ignores the sarcasm. "I am afraid, sir, do what you can, yours will not be entreated!" The lad returns. "Now, wheres my wife?"
  • "Well the first thing I want to do is to find some pretty cloth and make you a tie back curtain for the bedroom doorway of yours so we don't have to keep ducking through it."
  • Quenela finally unfroze and whispered instructions to a a waist-coated servant. "The reparations are a natural component of the treaty, although once your steward sends a figure, we will negotiate. However, I cannot vow that my emirdom will not attack yours long after our deaths, even after our memory fades from the lands."
  • "I would have you and yours guard this castle and the town. Parley with the cats, with the hounds, with the horses, and with all that live hereby. Bid them my peace. Bid them that all must be my watch against the Dark."
  • By Saint Andrew! Monk, I have seen no finer figure, for many a day. A pity that a monk's gown should clothe such limbs as yours.
  • "That doesn't go with me," replied Frank. "I happened to hear some of that speech of yours and Coblenz was sprinkled through it rather thickly. Suppose you hand over to me that map with the red dots marked on it."
  • Intent is the key, Lib. Things happen throughout life that are often beyond a persons control. Recklessness that causes harm on earth will be punished or paid for in some manner over hereusually by being sent back again soon after arriving. It seems that when one intends to do harm, that a negative transfer of energy takes place that the person is not even aware of until it is too late. People are given choices and those decisions are what determine how, in what capacity and where we continue our relative journeys. All life and creation is electromagnetic energy in one form or another. Everything we do interacts with the energy systems all around us. In simple terms, take what is not yours and you will pay it back in one way or another. And nobody has anything to say about it. A simple, natural law.
  • "Wanted to do for me too, did ye. I knew yer game, old boy! I saw them eyes of yours on me, and murder in 'em, and it's me ought to know when ye plan to cut a man down--I know Thirkle.
  • "I doubt that you could, even if you wanted to. But if you do not wish to receive my training, then have that obsequious wizard of yours tell the Elder that you waive your right," he said.
  • "You've done well, Sheldon," he said, "and I'm sorry that you were hurt. You're relieved from duty for the rest of your watch. I'll put another man in your place. You'd better see the surgeons and have them wash out that cut of yours and bind it up again. Then tumble in and go to sleep. I hope you'll be all right in the morning."
  • "Oh, you are, are you?" sneered the French aviator. "It seems to me I'll have something to say about that, you young whippersnapper! If these friends of yours will keep out of this, I'll promise my boys will keep out, and I'll give you all the show you want."
  • "As always, sir, my services are yours to command," said Wroclaw. "As Haddo was commenting, though, with his usual velvety manner, we have been noting a certain ... decline in your condition of mind of late, sir. We beg your pardon for our boldness in raising this, but there it is."
  • Our streets, he said, "are still thronged with warriors. Our numbers are scarcely diminished. yours are lessening every day. You are dying with hunger and sickness. Your provisions and water are failing. You must soon fall into our hands. The bridges are broken down, and you cannot escape. There will be too few of you left to satisfy the vengeance of the gods."
  • We saw that beautiful face of yours in the red fire, replied Jack. "How are we going to get out of here? They've blockaded the river below, and the falls are above."
  • Gabriel's eyes opened. Slowly he reached out and took her hand again. "No, she wasn't lying about that. You are stronger than most. Your gifts are uncertain. You seem to be able to hear almost anyone within a certain range. It makes them uneasy because yours is so powerful but unchecked."
  • Then you have the power of attorney for him in the present negotiations? Good. I 'll make you a proposition. The twenty-five hundred dollars shall be held in trust by me, on his demand at any time. We 'll settle about yours afterward. Then he shall be put on probation for, say, a year--in our office. You can either coach him in his studies, for I am confident now that you will be up in yours hereafter, or he can attend night-school. And after that, if he comes through his period of probation with flying colors, I 'll give him the same opportunities for an education that you possess. It all depends on himself. And now, Mr. Attorney, what have you to say to my offer in the interests of your client?
  • "Do you think they know we are here now? I am almost certain that they didn't detect my forces, but yours is a lot harder to hide."
  • Before you spill your bad news, Billee, suggested Mr. Merkel, "maybe I ought to say a few words about what I've done. But also let me ask you if this Death Valley of yours is anything more than one of the picturesque names we have out here in the Golden West. You know we just naturally run to Dead Horse Gulch, Ghost Canyon and all that sort of stuff.
  • Here are my guns, said Riggs. "Had 'em stowed down back of the chart-locker--three of 'em--and you'll find a canister of ammunition for that big gun of yours in Mr. Harris's room. That gives us two guns apiece, and I guess we can give 'em some lively times if we come across their bows again."
  • We thrashed that all out the first time. It's old straw, Beta. My end of the task is getting these people here. yours is waiting, watching--and being strong!
  • You Jokers are a bunch of clowns! You've certainly gotten the short end of the stick with regards to those long memories of yours if you still believe that we wronged you, responded Reeltu, his usual cool and smiling demeanour evaporating in the heat of anger.
  • But I must go and bear my lot among those you strike; I will wait on among them, sharing their infamy and their fate. When your blow falls I will not turn away. I will think of those dear ones of yours who have suffered, and for their sakes will accept the blow of revenge.
  • How am I to know? said Mitchell. "It might be yours for all I know--it's ugly enough, and you never had any taste in women. But you mustn't speak of that in Bourke. But there's another youngster coming, and I'll swear that'll be Bogan's all right.
  • He found a lovingly detailed pen-and-ink of a woman carried through the jungle by a gorilla while a man swings on a vine to her rescue. A tattered bit of her skirt and a shredded shirt sleeve are all that remain of her clothes; they don't hide her breasts or butt. Her hair is black and shoulder-length, like Cindy Hurly's. Her muscled rescuer wears a tiny tigerskin loincloth. His hair is as light and as long as yours.
  • "Come, man, everyone has their price. I daresay yours is high, but name it. Lands, riches, titles, anything you wish, I can give you."
  • He was at first very mysterious. "It must be that secret of yours which you will not tell me," said she. "You said once before that it was connected with me, and that you would tell it to me when the time came. Has not the time come yet?" "Not yet," answered Langhetti.
  • "Upon my word! I don't know, but I suppose most of us are afraid lest we should be forced to accept that which we refuse. This ancient place gets upon the nerves, Miss Clifford; yours as well as mine. I can afford to be open about it, because I know that you know. Think of its associations: all the crime that has been committed here for ages and ages, all the suffering that has been endured here. Doubtless human sacrifices were offered in this cave or outside of it; that great burnt ring in the rock there may have been where they built the fires. And then those Portuguese starving to death, slowly starving to death while thousands of savages watched them die. Have you ever thought what it means? But of course you have, for like myself you are cursed with imagination. God in heaven! is it wonderful that it gets upon the nerves? especially when one cannot find what one is looking for, that vast treasure"--and his face became ecstatic--"that shall yet be yours and mine, and make us great and happy."
  • Petruchio rises. "Katherina, that cap of yours becomes you not! Off with that baublethrow it under foot!" She drops the hat he commissioned for her to the floor.
  • "If you listen to this argument," the torturer told the jailer, "I will personally see to it that any children of yours are -"
  • She looks askance at his slovenly appearance. "Thats more than some whose tailors are as costly as yours can justly boast of. Whats Your Lordships pleasure?"
  • Possibly, agreed Dick, who had no intention of taking this young man into his confidence to the extent of explaining the actual character of the draught. "Unfortunately, however, to do as you suggest needs the preliminary expenditure of a good deal of money, which is a singularly scarce commodity with me. No, I am afraid that plan of yours will scarcely do; it is true that I am particularly anxious to make my fortune, and that, too, without a moment's loss of time, but I am afraid I shall have to hit upon some other way of doing it."
  • We'll show you how, when we get to that slough that I told you of. Bring that best gun of yours along, and we'll post you right where the birds will come.
  • "Allow me to offer my welcome," Teron finally said, "although yours is not a face I expected to see here in Crysmir, considering present worldly hardships." Polite, but blunt; it seemed the young mans attitudes had changed little over these past years.
  • "The other dolt is yours to dispose of, my king," the assassin said, bowing with such respect that it sent goose bumps rippling down the fool's spine. "You may not ever be the King of Men, my friend, but you will always be the King of Fools. Didn't it cross your mind that after King Rigert lost his head, they might block that passage up? What were you thinking?"
  • "And you perverted yours by becoming a vain, petty politician with delusions of grandeur." Kobi returned. "Simon, youre so blind that you cant even see what youve become. You are a charlatan, one who constantly schemes and wheedles in a futile effort to steal power. Its no wonder everyone calls you thePeacock with two tails’. You and Levasseur are the masterminds behind all of this, arent you?"
  • Jean, I don't want to hurt your feelings, he said, seating himself on the sledge, "but I've got to get a few things out of my system. I believe this Meleese of yours is a bad woman."
  • The IRS gets copies of all 1099s and W-2s you receive, so make sure you report all required income on your return. IRS computers are pretty good at matching the numbers on the forms with the income shown on your return. A mismatch sends up a red flag and causes the IRS computers to spit out a bill. If you receive a 1099 showing income that isn't yours or listing incorrect income, get the issuer to file a correct form with the IRS.
  • Though the advice was good, the sultan could not take it, but fell into a rage. What! says he, is the sultaness of the Indies capable of prostituting herself in so base a manner? No, brother, I cannot believe what you say,--unless I saw it with my eyes: yours must needs have deceived you; the matter is so important, that I must be satisfied of it myself. Dear brother, answers Schahzenan, that you may without much difficulty. Appoint another hunting-match, and when we are out of town with your court and mine, we will stop under our pavilions, and at night let you and I return alone to my apartment. I am certain that next day you will see what I saw. The sultan, approving the stratagem, immediately appointed a new hunting-match; and that same day the pavilions were set up at the place appointed.
  • Having performed this exploit so successfully, I ran back as fast as my legs would carry me to young Velasquez, who was waiting at a house where he had given me notice to meet him, and his delight was extreme at the recital of what I had just done. He was so fully satisfied with me, as to lavish caresses without number, and to offer me thrice, in the fulness of his heart, half the contents of the bag, which I did thrice refuse. No, no, sir, said I, this first bag is yours and yours only; apply it to your own uses and occasions. I shall return forth with to the strong box, where, as our lucky stars have contrived it, there is money enough for both of us. Accordingly, three days afterwards I carried off a second bag, containing, like the first, five hundred crowns, of which I would only handle the fourth part, let Gaspard be as pressing as he pleased to force upon me a brotherly division, share and share alike.
  • "It does not matter how. I do know it; I have been sure of it from the moment when first we met, that night by the kloof. Although, perhaps, you felt nothing then, it was that gift of yours working upon a mind in tune, my mind, which led me there in time to save you, as it was that gift of yours which warned you of the disaster about to happen to the ship--oh! I have heard the story from your own lips. Your spirit can loose itself from the body: it can see the past and the future; it can discover the hidden things."
  • "Duke's probably bald because of your sausage farts. Least my farts dissipate. yours just hang in a green cloud and smother a guy. Least my farts don't smell like sausage."
  • "Ive heard both versions, but I like yours better," Shae said. "Youve done some blues stuff I really adore. So, are you married? Kids or like that?"
  • Having concluded not to take trouble to work Duncansby If gad home, have pleasure in leaving her to your charge. We, having other game on hand, have now taken French leave, and shall now bear up for Western Islands. You've no call to say anything about our being on board at all. Spin your own yarn, it will never be contradicted. yours truly,
  • "She went in another way, with the amulet. Maybe ... maybe she didn't run up against that, that thing." He paused and spoke in a low voice. "David, I really am sorry. It's my problem, not yours and now, look what I've done."
  • "Myself and what is mine, to you and yours is now converted. Just now I was the lord of this fair mansion, master of my servants, queen oer myself.; but now, even now, this house, these servants and this same myself are yours, my lord."
  • "And you'll be snug enough here, you see, and I might go whistle, and dickins a chance I'll ha' left but to go list or break horses, or break stones, by jingo; and I ha' run risks enough in this thing o' yours -- not but I'm willin' to run more, if need be; but there's no good in getting myself into pound, you know."
  • "That will not be necessary," the Wishfish said to Jai. "And let me inform you, boy, that this handsome butterfly is not yours to broker any more than a runaway slave is the property of his former master, so mind your words. If you want a pet, get a goldfish! Ive heard they live forever. And if I desired those eggs, rest assured I would already have them from you—"
  • Good! See that you do, returned Lord Hastings. "Some of these days that enthusiasm of yours will get us all into trouble."
  • Close upon half-past one--lunch-time; and this London air of yours has given me a most voracious appetite. Suppose we go in somewhere and get some lunch, to start with; afterwards we can take a stroll in the Park, and have a yarn together--that is to say, if you are not otherwise engaged.
  • "Why aren't you more concerned? I would be if someone had the misfortune of seeing me naked. Then again..." he looked Sam up and down, "I suppose that seeing you naked would be a far more desirable experience than seeing yours truly."
  • CC takes your hand, saying, "Sure thing." Having her hand in yours is beginning to feel as normal as everyone-is-staring-at-me-and-some-of-them-want-to-hurt-me-bad can possibly feel. The smart thing to do would be to drop CC's hand. So you don't.
  • Would I have to move the sun at noon day? the dwarf said with a tooth filled grin. "It is fine where it is. The honor of holding such a blade should be yours and yours alone."
  • He will have his due said the old man quietly when the Colonel had ended, "for his name will be honoured when yours and mine are forgotten. And you also," he added, turning to the Oriental, "have served the Federation well and will be recompensed as you deserve. But all in good time. We must think of the living before we can remember the dead."
  • No, let them sleep, Robin; they are better off than I. That maidenlike friend of yours has taken possession of my bed, after your mother's routing me up as if I had been a stoat or a dormouse. Of course he is a Cavalier: I suppose he has a name; but is that, too, a secret?
  • Well done, indeed! Sir John Burgon exclaimed, "and in knightly fashion. Verily, those long border spears of yours are right good weapons, when so stoutly used."
  • You're a good fellow, Charlie, said Shank, squeezing the hand that held his, "and I believe it is that very trustfulness of yours which gives you so great power and influence with people. I know it has influenced me for good many a time in the past, and would continue to do so still if I were not past redemption."
  • "Any friend of yours is a friend of mine," he said. "Besides, this is your night. We're going to have the best time ever."
  • Is yours gone too? I saw them when they came up from the fire. But you did right to keep still. If we had moved I expect we'd have had our throats cut.
  • "Draw your sleeves over your hands," said the eunuch. "None must appear before the King showing his hands, and, dwarf, since you have no sleeves, thrust yours into your robe."
  • 'You are not dying, dear Annette,' he said; 'you will live, and we shall love each other a thousand times better than we have ever done before, because this fear of yours has broken the ice between us.'
  • Ned, I said solemnly, "I know you don't joke, so you must mean it. Of course I will. I'm sure all of us fellows will be delighted to hear you're going to get some nice little CARAJZ [an unmarried girl] to lighten up that big house of yours over there. Who's the girl, Ned?"
  • This is God's doing, she said at last. "You saved my life when I was a child; now I have saved yours and the little girl's. Is she your own daughter?" she added, quickly.
  • Oh! you can joke all you want to, snapped back the other; "you're so lofty you needn't mind an ordinary snowfall. If it got up to your chin, you could still manage to stretch that rubber neck of yours around, and feel comfortable. But I ain't in the same class, you see, with my ordinary figure, and short neck. But all I meant to say was, that I'd keep my sweater on under my coat, and stick my woolen gloves in my pockets."
  • Mrs. Thompson, I appeal to your patriotism. Your friends, your country, the free people of the world, need this invention of yours.
  • "Oh, there is this girl, the new girl in the village. She is so lovely! Like the flowers in the moonlight! Her name is Machita... like yours is Machito... but you wouldn't like her."
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