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Okunuşu: / jɔːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours


zam. seninki, sizinki.

yours için örnek cümleler:

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  • Close upon half-past one--lunch-time; and this London air of yours has given me a most voracious appetite. Suppose we go in somewhere and get some lunch, to start with; afterwards we can take a stroll in the Park, and have a yarn together--that is to say, if you are not otherwise engaged.
  • "I've told you all I know, even things I didn't wish to. For now, I hope you will let me visit one of your fine taverns. I was hoping to obtain an ale and some food before returning to Connel. Surely, you would not deny me that. I only hope to add to the pockets of your own merchants; yours as well for keeping this town, and myself for that matter, safe while I'm here." He carefully pulled coins from his right front pocket. He did so slowly, allowing the guards to watch his every move. He handed gold to the guard in his path, silver to those on his sides. He even flipped coppers to the guards in the back.
  • And you're sure that this Dog Boy of yours will know where to find your dog? inquired Reeltu, not looking quite convinced.
  • Not really. It's sort of a mess inside and it can only fly at the speed of sound, rather than yours that could go at light-speed, Tao replied, always the pessimist. He led them over to where Paine was unlocking a large four by four.
  • Upon my soul, these women would puzzle the very Devil to read them aright. Why, here--they give you their hand--they press yours in return--they keep up a whispering conversation--permit you to accompany them home. Why, if a Parisian were to indulge in a quarter of these marks of flattering attention, her reputation would be gone forever.
  • Yes! cried Jetson tempestuously, unbuttoning his own overcoat and tossing it to the ground. "Now, take yours off, Mr. Darrin!"
  • Because if I had done so, Umbezi, I should have ceased to be a quiet white man. Yes, yes, my friend, I should have been in some such place as yours to-day, and that is the last thing that I wish. And now, Umbezi, you have had quite enough 'squareface,' so I will take the bottle away with me. Good-night.
  • Samad settled his wineglass on the carpet with a sigh of resignation. "Youve heard nothing I have said. I am telling you it would be best for you to forget about yourmission.’ Your destiny is no longer in your hands. But if you will open your heart, you will find it has riches to compensate you manyfold. Still, they can be yours only if you can know love. But now, I fear, the only love you know is self-love, ambition. You have not yet understood it is empty as mirror.
  • "It is a bargain. When the Abbot is a prisoner or the lady saved, the new dignities are yours . . . Monks of Kirkstall, harken!" he cried to those upon the benches. "For inasmuch as Aldam, Abbot of Kirkstall Abbey, has aided and abetted the enemies of his lawful Sovereign and has furthered and assisted the abductors of the Countess of Clare, Maid-in-waiting to Her Majesty; now, I, Aymer de Lacy, Knight of the Body, under the authority vested in me by this signet and in the name of the King, do hereby publicly degrade and remove the said Aldam from his office and do absolve and release every and all of you from any obligation or duty to him. And further, whosoever shall offer him comfort or sustenance shall be deemed and held traitor and shall suffer death. Heed and obey."
  • This is God's doing, she said at last. "You saved my life when I was a child; now I have saved yours and the little girl's. Is she your own daughter?" she added, quickly.
  • As you like, replied Sime quietly, and again quite master of himself. "Look out for snakes. I will carry the light and you can keep yours handy in case you may need it."
  • "Monsieur le Marquis." said he rising, "I take your wager, and I pledge my lands in Normandy against yours of Bardelys. Should you lose, they will no longer call you the Magnificent; should I lose --I shall be a beggar. It is a momentous wager, Bardelys, and spells ruin for one of us."
  • That was too much for Milady. "First off, its not my problem its yours and the Captain shall hear of it. And second its not a little problem. This place is an icebox. Uninhabitable. Either get it fixed or find me a comparable suite with some heat."
  • How's she comin'? Crooks demanded, and Joe told him. "I got twenty boys off my drive on the way to give you a boost," the old lumberman continued. "We'll show these fellows a thing or two about sweepin' up logs. Jimmy, my girl and I are going to camp down on this old tub of yours till the last log's out of the lake. Got room for us?"
  • We should like to return you your arms also, said Donald, "but your government took ours from us and I think we shall have to keep yours in their place."
  • "Relax son, it's only water. It's a little cool, but it gets your blood flowin'. Besides, it'll make you smell a lot better. When's the last time you washed that uniform a' yours anyway?"
  • Certainly I should like it, Edgar, and that purchase of the ship seems a very satisfactory one, though, of course, the profit will be yours and not mine, as I had nothing to do with it.
  • His bropursed his lips at him with tight-eyed regard. "You may rely on me to be cautious and discrete. Now, let us be certain to locate a shower station and clothing for Borus. Surely he can wear something of yours until we acquire an outfit suited to his measure."
  • "Greeting, Egyptian," he said, mopping his brow with his sleeve for the sun was hot. "An honour for you! A great honour! The King of kings commands your presence. Yes, he would speak with you with his own lips, and with that abortion of a servant of yours also. Come! Come swiftly!"
  • "But selling shares in a nonexistent mine with intent to defraud is quite a different matter," the agent said. "We've been collecting evidence for a few days, including some from clients of yours who were interested in knowing the field had been salted. And we've picked up Collins and Hilleboe."
  • She pointed to the two corridors as Lief and Ryson stood by her side. "Ryson, yours should come up several blocks northwest of the city center and Liefs will provide access more to the southeast. You will be several blocks apart and can thus cover more of the city. If you both move clockwise for a half circle and then turn inward and move counterclockwise you will not end up covering the same ground."
  • "Upon my word! I don't know, but I suppose most of us are afraid lest we should be forced to accept that which we refuse. This ancient place gets upon the nerves, Miss Clifford; yours as well as mine. I can afford to be open about it, because I know that you know. Think of its associations: all the crime that has been committed here for ages and ages, all the suffering that has been endured here. Doubtless human sacrifices were offered in this cave or outside of it; that great burnt ring in the rock there may have been where they built the fires. And then those Portuguese starving to death, slowly starving to death while thousands of savages watched them die. Have you ever thought what it means? But of course you have, for like myself you are cursed with imagination. God in heaven! is it wonderful that it gets upon the nerves? especially when one cannot find what one is looking for, that vast treasure"--and his face became ecstatic--"that shall yet be yours and mine, and make us great and happy."
  • Intent is the key, Lib. Things happen throughout life that are often beyond a persons control. Recklessness that causes harm on earth will be punished or paid for in some manner over hereusually by being sent back again soon after arriving. It seems that when one intends to do harm, that a negative transfer of energy takes place that the person is not even aware of until it is too late. People are given choices and those decisions are what determine how, in what capacity and where we continue our relative journeys. All life and creation is electromagnetic energy in one form or another. Everything we do interacts with the energy systems all around us. In simple terms, take what is not yours and you will pay it back in one way or another. And nobody has anything to say about it. A simple, natural law.
  • The eyes are ofttimes more eloquent than the lips, Tara, he replied; "and in yours I have read that which is neither hatred nor contempt for Turan the panthan, and my heart tells me that your lips bore false witness when they cried in anger: 'I hate you!'"
  • My dearest father, for I cannot call you anything else, I have just heard about my birth from a woman who calls herself my mother, and who, I suppose, has a right to do so, though certainly I shall never call her or think of her so. She has told me about her child and yours getting mixed, and how you brought both up in hopes of finding out some day which was which."
  • No, thanks. Though yours are good, I am about resolved never to use them again. Then, with a smile whose bitterness it would be impossible to describe, he added: "They brought me ill-luck. Good-night! Sir John. I must sleep soundly to-night, so as not to want to sleep to-morrow night."
  • There is no use denying that the clothes might be better, admitted Mr. Weatherby gravely. "Not that I care anything about what garments a man or boy wears, so long as they are clean, and yours are that. Still, I think it would make a better impression on Captain Marshall if you were to have a newer suit. I'll tell you what I'll do. Here, you take this money and go and get yourself a good suit and some underwear, and whatever else you need."
  • Why, look here, Sir Godfrey, I'll keep yours and Master Scar's swords with such an edge on 'em as shall frighten your enemies into fits. You'll let me go, won't you, dear master? I can't stay behind. Sir Godfrey shook his head. "Master Scarlett, sir, put in a word for me. Don't go and leave me behind. I'll be that faithful and true as never was."
  • "Why should I? I can eat yours for free," laughs Bob as he breaks off half of the hash brown patty and stuffs it in his mouth.
  • "Average height, well built, wears armor the color of yours but with red trim, a griffin emblazoned upon his chest plate and shield."
  • Of course, then, as you see no objection to my proposition, I may count upon your co-operation in the event of any intrusion,--I mean, that while we, upon our sides, will not permit any of our friends to come forward, you will equally exert yourself with yours.
  • "I dont see why we all cant do it all together." Jack said and Jillian joined the party. They all sat down in a loose circle, facing each other in the shade. Jack looked at Connor because he needed more explanation than the rest of them. "Sonar is slightly different from trying to read someones mind Connor. As you delve into someones mind, you try to read and process their consciousness in your mind. Even if you speak different languages once you enter their mind yours will begin to see how they associate words with images. It is the quickest way for us to learn a language without spending weeks or months trying to listen and learn.
  • "Have reverence for a passing soul, woman," said he sternly. "Black as his crimes are, yours are blacker, I'm thinking. He was only the tool of the woman he loved--his lawful wife."
  • "He has the habit of taking a long time to deliver his orders, and he always has some plausible excuse for the delay--although I never accept his excuses. It isn't the way to bring up a boy. But he doesn't steal, and I don't let him go out nights, so he can't have any companions. But why do you ask? What business of yours is it?"
  • "It is too late," said the priest solemnly, "seeing that if such vows as yours are broken for the second time, O Prophetess, the curse of the goddess will pursue you and him for whom they were broken, yes, through this life and all other lives that perchance may be given to you upon the earth or elsewhere."
  • "It isn't the least. It's a necessity, though you are so kind as to make a virtue of it. And then there's this as well. Cousin Marion would never consent to go, if she thought it was for her sake that I was going with her. So you must go to her and say you think that it's me whom the heat doesn't suit, and you will see if she doesn't say at once that she will go back with me. And the real reason for her going will be our secret, just yours and mine."
  • 'You are not dying, dear Annette,' he said; 'you will live, and we shall love each other a thousand times better than we have ever done before, because this fear of yours has broken the ice between us.'
  • If Dogeetah is your friend, then you are my friends, answered Bausi, "for in this land he rules as I rule, he whose blood flows in my veins, as my blood flows in his veins. But you lie. Dogeetah is no brother of slave-dealers, his heart is good and yours are evil. You say that he will meet you here. When will he meet you? Tell me, and if it is soon, I will hold my hand and wait to hear his report of you before I put you to death, for if he speaks well of you, you shall not die."
  • "I haven't the faintest notion of Roddy's whereabouts," she said, "and if he is lost out in this storm, perhaps drowned in one of the kloofs, yours will be the blame, and I will see you are brought to book for it." She spoke with the utmost malice and satisfaction. "Now, get out of my room!"
  • "If you had been drowned, Bert, it would to some extent have been my fault," said Mr. Lloyd; "for I should not have so long neglected teaching you to swim. A boy of your age ought to be well able to take care of himself in the water, and I should have seen that you were. However, now that this escape of yours has waked me up, I will attend to the matter at once. So we will begin to-morrow morning, Bert, and have a swimming lesson every day before breakfast."
  • Meena gave him an impatient look. "The scope of my life, oh mortal princeling, is so beyond that of my daughters, all her offsprings, and yours as well, that it does not even compare." She sighed. "And it never does any good trying to explain. Just accept that I had more important things to be doing, for longer than she even lived."
  • Kenna shrugged. "I never set eyes on her until that day at the 'Mount Nelson.' She was a friend of yours and chose to call herself by the name of a friend of mine, and . . . I humoured her . . . and you. But the thing has gone too far. After inquiries among other passengers I have realized the truth--that it was Diana who . . ." A spasm of pain flickered across his melancholy eyes. Sarle, in grave wonder and hurt, turned to April.
  • 'The excess of your anger perverts your judgment, and you cannot write such a narrative without keeping your passions in a vitiated state. Owing to the prejudices of mankind, you will impeach your own credibility. Moderate men will think you rash, the precise will call you a detractor, and the partisans, who are numerous, of the persons you will attempt to expose will raise a cry against you, that will infinitely overpower the equivocal proofs you can produce. It will become a question of veracity, and yours will be invalidated by the improbability, if not of the guilt, at least of the folly of your persecutor's conduct. You cannot reform them, will do yourself much harm, and the world no good. You will not only misemploy your time for the present, but impede your power for the future.'
  • His intelligent friend replied: This obstinacy of yours will push me, and a lot of others, into disaster.
  • "Listen," I said. "Tell me frankly. Is yours really a detachment fighting against the Boisheviki or is it a Red contingent?"
  • "Not at all, my dear Colonel," she replied vivaciously. "It is not enough. One who wins laurels on such a terrible field as war has a right to wear them. Do not all of us remember that great charge of yours just at the critical moment, and the splendid way in which you covered the retreat from Gettysburg. You always do your duty, Colonel."
  • Gill Mace, he spoke in a firm, stern tone, "you have been telling that bully friend of yours some more of the falsehoods you peddled out at Tipton."
  • "Rather should you desire to live alone in holiness until at length your separate lives are merged and lost in the Good Unspeakable, the eternal bliss that lies in the last Nothingness. Ah! you do not believe me now; you shake your heads and smile; yet a day will dawn, it may be after many incarnations, when you shall bow them in the dust and weep, saying to me, 'Brother Kou-en, yours were the words of wisdom, ours the deeds of foolishness;'" and with a deep sigh the old man turned and left us.
  • "Aye, go your ways, go your ways!" moans Rosalind theatrically. "I knew what you would prove!—my friends told me as much, and I thought no less! That flattering tongue of yours won me!" Posturing, she brings the back of a wrist to her forehead. "’Tis but one cast away!—and so, come, Death!"
  • Come back, Charley, that villain of yours has given me the cramp, standing here on the cold pavement. We'll have a little warm posset,--very small and thin, as they say in Tom Jones,--and then to bed.
  • Why, man alive, one drink won't hurt you! said Thomas. "I know you're on the straight, and you know I'm the last man that 'ud try to get you off it. But you want something for that cold. You don't want to die on the track, do you? What would your missus say? That cough of yours is enough to bust a bullock."
  • "Well the first thing I want to do is to find some pretty cloth and make you a tie back curtain for the bedroom doorway of yours so we don't have to keep ducking through it."
  • Petruchio rises. "Katherina, that cap of yours becomes you not! Off with that baublethrow it under foot!" She drops the hat he commissioned for her to the floor.
  • Tony made a little movement with his head. "I've made over Dane Cop to you, Bernard," he said. "It is yours by right, and you can take it without feeling that you owe anything to me. Godfrey Palliser meant it for you until I deceived him."
  • The chief says that you have given him back what he loved best in the world, and that his life is yours whenever it may be of use to you; he may be of service to you, gentlemen, should you ever go up the river--a Malay never forgives an injury or forgets a service.
  • "Quick!" he cried. "Those apes of yours have caught Schmidt and will kill him if we do not hasten to his aid. You alone can call them off. Take Jones and Sullivan--you may need help--and get to him as quick as you can. Follow the game trail south for about a mile. I will remain here. I am too spent with running to go back with you," and the mate of the Kincaid threw himself upon the ground, panting as though he was almost done for.
  • 'Well, but,' I said, 'the man does not know me'; but then, remembering something, I mentioned that he knew of me, since, some years ago, I got from him an invitation to a ball, but didn't go; on which Rolls said: 'Aye, always giving big parties, fond of fal-lals and high jinks, especially in Paris. You've called him a Yankee," but he's only half that, since, as you know, his mother and yours were English sisters, and he has mostly lived in France. Curious you never chanced to drop across him. I'll introduce him now to you."
  • To prevent fuel starvation at high rpm it is advisable to fit a fast flow fuel tap or have yours modified.
  • I have learned with the greatest satisfaction, general, that you have at last escaped from the bands of the tyrant who misconceived you so far as to offer you service under him. I deplore the unhappy circumstances which obliged you to treat with him; but I did not feel the slightest uneasiness; the heart of my faithful Bretons, and yours in particular, are too well known to me. To-day you are free, you are near my brother, all my hopes revive. I need not say more to such a Frenchman as you.
  • I thought you dead, and knew the full measure of despair. Now, when these were given me, I wished to know the secret of the man who had twice rescued me from death, and finally laid down his life for my sake. I did it not through curiosity. I did it, and her voice rose slightly, with solemn emphasis--"I did it through a holy feeling that, since my life was due to you, therefore, as yours was gone, mine should replace it, and be devoted to the purpose which you had undertaken.
  • "But you shall, and you must. I am your father and I order you. As for me, what does it matter? I may hide from them and escape, or--at least I am old, my life is done, whereas yours is before you. Now, good-bye, and go on," and he let go of the saddle-strap.
  • "You were just going to get cleaned up, weren't you?" asked Florrie contritely. "You look as hot and dusty as anything. My, what pretty hair you have; I'll bet it comes down to your waist, doesn't it? You ought to see mine when I take it down; it's like the pictures of the bush-whackers . . . you know what I mean, from South Africa or somewhere, you know . . . only, of course, mine's a prettier color. Sometime I'll come and comb yours for you, when you're tired out from curing sick Indians. But now," and she jumped to her feet, "I'll go out on the porch while you get dressed and then you come out, will you? It's cool there under the awning, and I'll have Mr. Struve bring us out some cold lemonade. But first, you do forgive me, don't you?"
  • "Who is this draped hag of the Mountain that stops the path of the Khania Atene and her dead lord? My guests, I find you in ill company, for it seems that you are conducted by an evil spirit to meet an evil fate. That guide of yours must surely be something hateful and hideous, for were she a wholesome woman she would not fear to show her face."
  • Crude!' he murmured, 'crude! If you and your pals, Captain, are ever out of a job, the New York police is yours for the asking.' He smoked for a few moments in silence, and then, with a quick hunch of his shoulders, he turned to Drummond. 'I guess there'll be time to throw bouquets after,' he remarked.
  • Princess, you know why I have brought you to the East and raised you to great honour here, why also I have made you my companion in these wars. It is for my dream's sake, the dream which told me that by some noble act of yours you should save the lives of thousands. Yet I am sure that you desire to escape, and plots are made to take you from me, though of these plots you say that you and your woman
  • 'Why, one of yours of course,' said Lizzy, with the hint of laughter in her voice. 'If you're not careful, you're going to lose that girl.'
  • "Yeah, well I see through this. Taking in all the neighborhood drunks and the birds in the rafters. Just more of the lost and helpless camping at Dave's house. Well, I'll bet they're in freaking hog heaven right now. I may not know a lot, but I know that's what you're thinking about. Yep, I think I know where their loyalties will be when the time comes. And yours too," says Mike.
  • Well, I am going to bed. But do, please, think over my proposition, and let me know in the morning. There's no use in my discussing it now. You make me so angry. You are cowardly, you know, and very egotistic. You are afraid of what other fools will say. No matter how honest your motives, if others criticized your actions your feelings would be hurt. And you think more about your own wretched feelings than you do about mine. And then, being a cowardall men are at heart cowardsyou disguise your cowardice by calling it chivalry. I thank heaven that I was not born a man. Goodnight. Do think it over. And don't be foolish. What Berande needs is good American hustle. You don't know what that is. You are a muddler. Besides, you are enervated. I'm fresh to the climate. Let me be your partner, and you'll see me rattle the dry bones of the Solomons. Confess, I've rattled yours already.
  • The journey here exercised a favorable influence over her. Her strength increased to a marked degree, and she has once or twice spoken about the past. She told me that her father wrote to his son Louis in Australia some weeks before his death, and urged him to come home. She thinks that he is on his way to England. The Colonel and I at once thought that he ought to be sought after without delay, and he promised to write to his nephew, your old playmate, who, he tells me, is to be a neighbor of yours.
  • Look here, Jonas, he said impressively. "Supposing I were to tell you that this yarn of yours is all a cock-and-bull lie, and that you've come here to lead us into a trap? And supposing I were to tell half a dozen men here to shoot you when I count twenty? What then?"
  • "What of it if I do discomfort those who think more of pelf than of courage and of virtue; those who, as that Hebrew prophet wrote, lay field to field and house to house, until the wretched whom they have robbed find no place left whereon to dwell? What if I proved your sagest chapmen fools, and gorge your greedy moneychangers with the gold that they desire until they loathe its very sight and touch? What if I uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed against the ravening lusts of Mammon? Why, will not this world of yours be happier then?"
  • Here are my guns, said Riggs. "Had 'em stowed down back of the chart-locker--three of 'em--and you'll find a canister of ammunition for that big gun of yours in Mr. Harris's room. That gives us two guns apiece, and I guess we can give 'em some lively times if we come across their bows again."
  • "Vandean, my lad," whispered the lieutenant, "that idea of yours saved us," and he caught and pressed the lad's cold hand. Then aloud: "Now, my lads, get the oars in under the thwarts, so that they don't float out, and then you, Dance, and you, Tom Fillot, in over the side and begin baling."
  • "It is decided, we help the Humans to avoid their own extinction and prevent whatever fallout would reach us. The two that did not agree to help, I recommend you keep you and yours on this island. We do not need opposition or those that would begrudgingly assist. We are strong enough without you."
  • "Yes! How many times do you think we can pull that same trick? I tell you, that ass of yours always makes our lives so much easier!"
  • I was coming to your house with an important paper my father asked me to hand you, when he heard me say I meant to take a long walk. I crossed this field to make a shortcut, as I've often done before. That terrible dog of yours was loose, although you have been warned against allowing it. And he would have attacked me, only that these brave boys came to my assistance. I shall tell my father about it, you can depend, sir.
  • The Basics. There are many that you can learn, but only a few that you need to master. Wait, perhaps "master" isn't the most accurate term I could be using, because at the heart of being a bachelor is this carefree feeling of independence that has been won specifically so that you don't have to waste your precious time mastering anything. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that being a bachelor requires that you not learn how to do a great many things, or at least to not do them in any correct way. Fortunately for you, as a man, you are pre-programmed to many of the hints and tips that will be presented in this book. All you really need is someone to elaborate on their usefulness, maybe sketch a few crude illustrations so that you can skim over most of the text, and then sum up with the encouragement of a coach by saying "now get in there and show us what those chicken legs of yours can do," followed by a swift smack on the rump.
  • He leaned over the stream again, and saw his reflection peering back up at him, warped and distorted by the rippling water. He hung his head and squeezed his eyes shut, but in the dark he saw Liselis green eyes glaring down at him. It made him feel angry for a moment. Shed deserted him! Sick to death and lost in the middle of nowhere . . . and she just ditched him! Yeah. Id ditch me too. But maybe if I wasnt so sick, I could be . . . a help . . . . No, who are you trying to kid? Liseli doesnt think she needs any protection, and certainly not yours.
  • "Now you have both sealed your fate." The priest said, a look of content and approval on his face. The man on the right immediately replies, "And yours preacher man, rule number one, no witnesses." Now the man on the left turned to face the priest, his adrenaline still pumping hard from shooting the pharmacist. "No more talk, time for you to meet your maker bible thumper!" His pistol pointing directly at the priest's chest, he squeezes the trigger three quick times. The man looks down at his gun in disbelief as it does not fire but just makes three clicking sounds. "Jesus Christ, are you kidding me, I know damn well I fully loaded in the car before we came in here." The priest raises his left hand and waives it in front of the man on the left. "Hold that thought son, you and I have unfinished business. Which of course, we will attend to shortly."
  • If you please, Monseigneur, will you have your men clear the road? The party of His Excellency the Patriarch of Jerusalem is behind yours and must hurry on.
  • All the same you would be badly off, rejoined Isabelle, "if I were to take you at your word, and promise to be yours when I was old and gray. But enough of this jesting," she continued gravely, "let us be serious! You know my resolution, de Sigognac, so try to content yourself with being the object of the deepest, truest, most devoted love that was ever yet bestowed on mortal man since hearts began to beat in this strange world of ours."
  • "I am afraid," said Pierre, smiling, and wavering between the confidence the personality of the Freemason inspired in him and his own habit of ridiculing the Masonic beliefs--"I am afraid I am very far from understanding--how am I to put it?--I am afraid my way of looking at the world is so opposed to yours that we shall not understand one another."
  • Ned, I said solemnly, "I know you don't joke, so you must mean it. Of course I will. I'm sure all of us fellows will be delighted to hear you're going to get some nice little CARAJZ [an unmarried girl] to lighten up that big house of yours over there. Who's the girl, Ned?"
  • "True faith? O King, can you still speak of yours as the true faith when you have suffered so grievously? Thousands of your men are dead, and your hopes of victory lie in ashes. Do you still believe in the God in Whose name you fought?"
  • It wasn't the bear, Child! answered the old woman, gravely. "It was that ter'ble scream o' yours cured my rheumatiz! Old 'Spotty,' she come to her young one's call. Could I do less, Child, when I heerd my little one cry out fer me?"
  • Having performed this exploit so successfully, I ran back as fast as my legs would carry me to young Velasquez, who was waiting at a house where he had given me notice to meet him, and his delight was extreme at the recital of what I had just done. He was so fully satisfied with me, as to lavish caresses without number, and to offer me thrice, in the fulness of his heart, half the contents of the bag, which I did thrice refuse. No, no, sir, said I, this first bag is yours and yours only; apply it to your own uses and occasions. I shall return forth with to the strong box, where, as our lucky stars have contrived it, there is money enough for both of us. Accordingly, three days afterwards I carried off a second bag, containing, like the first, five hundred crowns, of which I would only handle the fourth part, let Gaspard be as pressing as he pleased to force upon me a brotherly division, share and share alike.
  • "My name is Twiten and I tarry from a land long ago lost, Narteria. It is written that Narteria is the source of all that is known upon this world. The few of us remaining are called Overseers, countering the balance of the world around you. We all have been born with a purpose. yours is to protect. Mine, to give you the means to do so.
  • "A part of our duty is to take revenge on the British. I have done mine by training a child about ten years ago. You will do yours when you join the military.
  • How happy I am to see you! added he, shaking hands with me most cordially. My uncle Melchior, whom I love and honour like my natural father, charges me, if by chance I should have the honour of seeing you, to entertain you as his own son, and in case of need, to stretch my own credit and that of my friends to the utmost in your behalf. He extols the qualities of your heart and mind in terms sufficient of themselves to engage me in your service, though his recommendation had not been added to the other motives. Consider me, therefore, I entreat you, as participating in all my uncle's sentiments. You may depend on my friendship; let me hope for an equal share in yours.
  • My first impulse was to give up the hymn entirely, after reading yours today.
  • "The other senses compensate for our eyes Jacob. yours will eventually. I could hear you approaching. Smell you approaching."
  • It would simply make your chance of escape impossible, she argued. "It is preposterous. Why should you? Your life is worth to you as much as mine is to me. I know what that means. I would not stay here if I could help it. I would not sacrifice my life for yours. Neither shall you sacrifice yours for mine."
  • Good Lord! Jones, don't get your jaw tacks aboard now, cried Mr Stormcock, as I pricked up my ears on hearing the name of Sir Charles Napier, Dad's old captain. "We've heard that yarn of yours three times at least since we started fitting out; and, I'm hanged if it'll stand telling again!"
  • Toby walker - the seventies onwards 1984 the above photo is the only bearable image that exists here of yours truly.
  • If you monkey with that door, I'll twist your neck. Savve? You can take yours when I'm done. An' if it saves you, I'll twist your neck, anyway. You ain't got no chance, nohow. I told you many times what you'd get if you did me dirt.
  • She took a nasty whack on the head too. A bit more serious than yours but shes OK. Shes recovering at the Mossman hospital.’
  • You listen to me, continued the tall blacksmith, trying to be calm. "The railway company paid me quite a snug sum of money for what they needed of your land and mine. Mr. Magruder did it for you. I bought with the money thirty acres of land, just across the Cocahutchie, to the left of the bridge. Half of it was yours to begin with, and now I've traded you the other half. Don't speak. Listen to me. Most of it was rocky, but the railway company opened a quarry on it, getting out their stone, and it's paying handsomely. Livermore has built that hotel block. I put in the stone and our old house lot, and I own the corner store, except that Livermore can use the upper stories for his hotel. The factory company traded me ten shares of their stock for part of your land on which they built. I traded that stock for ten acres of rocky land along the road, across the Cocahutchie, up by the mill. That makes forty acres there."
  • "This argues fruitfulness, and liberal heart," says Othello, still looking down. "Hot, hot and moist!—this hand of yours requires a sequester from libertyfasting and prayer, exercise devout, much castigation! For theres a young and sweating devil here, that commonly rebels!
  • "Oh, is that what it was?" asked Arthur, who sounded like he was starting to get angry. "How about I pull out the surburito and crush that fat melon of yours right now?"
  • No troops could have fought better than yours towards the end of the siege, pasha. The way in which they threw themselves sabre in hand upon the French bayonets was splendid, and my own sailors could have fought no better than they did when the French entered the town.
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