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Okunuşu: / jɔːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours


zam. seninki, sizinki.

yours için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Ye had the undermost indeed, my lord, since ye so fell," returned Dick; "but had the waves not holpen me, it was I that should have had the worst. Ye were pleased to make me yours with several dagger marks, which I still carry. And in fine, my lord, methinks I had all the danger, as well as all the profit, of that little blind-man's mellay on the beach."
  • I thank you, said the marquise, "for having retained such a kind and tender remembrance of me; it proves that yours is a noble, magnanimous soul.
  • I didn't come in his behalf, Mr. Jones. I came on my own account, answered Dave. "All I want to know is: Is he a real nephew of yours or not?"
  • "O you fishermen, children of your fathers," began Raymond, half-lapsing into his mystical voice, "you takers of the catch, who go around about in the abode of the waters, you shall not catch me in this net of yours in which you catch the inert ones."
  • "Say, Fluff. Saw an old friend of yours the other day." And when Florrie, "gun-shy" as Elmer called her, was too wise to ask any questions, he hastened on: "Juanito Miranda it was. Sent his best. So did Mrs. Juanito."
  • A frown furrowed his brow. "This venture of yours may still fail, if the Prince is as he claims, and unmoved by your charms. I shall purchase a potion as well, which you must put in his wine at dinner. It will make him more... amenable."
  • "I don't normally provide this level of service to customers," he confided, "but you and yours did us a real favour by getting that north road cleared, and I'm not unappreciative, even if Colt is a loud-mouthed braggart."
  • Why, Mike, Matt interrupted, "I never before suspected you were intolerant of a shipmate's private convictions. I must say this attitude of yours is disturbing."
  • "He has the habit of taking a long time to deliver his orders, and he always has some plausible excuse for the delay--although I never accept his excuses. It isn't the way to bring up a boy. But he doesn't steal, and I don't let him go out nights, so he can't have any companions. But why do you ask? What business of yours is it?"
  • That is the horse, the sheik said gravely. "Only to one, whom I regard as a son, would I part with him. On his back you may scoff at pursuit by any foes, for outside my encampment there is not a horse in Egypt which it could not distance. Now it is yours to do with as you like, save to sell it, for I would not that his blood should run in any veins save those of the horses of my tribe."
  • His intelligent friend replied: This obstinacy of yours will push me, and a lot of others, into disaster.
  • "She is safe," the Seer croaked, as raspy as a dry summer wind. "She is safe where you and yours cannot touch her. She will be safe until the moment when she realizes her destiny."
  • Hortensio ignores the sarcasm. "I am afraid, sir, do what you can, yours will not be entreated!" The lad returns. "Now, wheres my wife?"
  • Yes; he'll kill no more of our oxen, old chap, cried his brother. "Well done, little un! You stopped him splendidly. That last shot of yours brought him up for me to finish."
  • You call, "CC!" and pull her into your arms. Her hand has been seared, but you think it should be made right. You feel her power merge with yours to heal her skin.
  • "Here are the signature cards. You sign yours and have her sign hers; then you give both to Captain Porter, the pilot, when he leaves the ship, and ask him to deliver them to me. I, in turn, will deliver them to the bank. Tell Miss Keenan she is absolutely under your orders; that she's to forget she ever heard of the lumber and shipping business. Both of you are to keep away from a man by the name of J. Augustus Redell. He's aboard and he's our enemy, captain.
  • "It is decided, we help the Humans to avoid their own extinction and prevent whatever fallout would reach us. The two that did not agree to help, I recommend you keep you and yours on this island. We do not need opposition or those that would begrudgingly assist. We are strong enough without you."
  • "You wanted to be clear of Gashanatantra, didnt you?" Max snarled. "Well, this may do it." The disc sank onto the Swords chest, delicate tendrils reaching out from it into his body. "Im going to try to couple Gashs power through his link to you into the containment field in the ring. Get out the ring and hold it up, and keep that sword of yours under control."
  • Sorry, remarked Dick, nonchalantly, "but you would have it, you know. I distinctly ordered you to throw up your hands, and you immediately attempted to plunge them into your pockets to get at your revolvers. If you compel me to shoot again I shall shoot to kill, so I hope that, for your own sake, you will make no further attempt to do anything foolish. Now, right about face, and march. I will tell you how to steer. And be very careful to keep that right hand of yours well above your head."
  • Hi-lee! Hi-lo! Der vinds dey blow Joost like die wacht am Rhine! Und vot iss mine belongs to me, Und vot iss yours iss mine!
  • Bane noticed the chair, and his voice was harsh. "You bring life, as I bring death. We are opposites. But death has more power than life; always remember that. It is nice to share my little ceremony, and interesting that my power is won through pain, while yours is just there, flowing out of you. I shall enjoy draining it from you and reducing you to an empty shell, then see what is left."
  • "Some interest that I haven't been able to make out yet has been hammering our stocks down day after day," he wrote. "I don't understand it, for the stocks are good--they rest on a solid foundation of value and intrinsically are worth more than is bid for them right now. Some powerful concern is beating them down for a purpose of its own. Sooner or later they will let up, and then we'll get things back in good shape. I am amply protected now, thanks to you, and am not at all afraid of losing my holdings. The only difficulty is that I am unable to predict exactly when the other fellows will decide that they have accomplished whatever they are about, and let up. It may not be before next year. In that case I couldn't help you out on those notes when they come due. So put in your best licks, old man. You may have to pony up for a little while, though of course sooner or later I can put it all back. Then, you bet your life, I keep out of it. Lumbering's good enough for yours truly.
  • Mrs. Humphreys shook her head. "I have nursed them both, sir, and which is mine and which is yours I could not say to save my life."
  • "Who would have thought it, eh?" grinned Stan. "Just over a million gross. After paying back our creditors, paying the bailiffs and all, that's about five hundred grand. My cut's £150,000, yours is £350,000. Not a bad year. Well, not bad for us, anyway. Now, about those good causes, sir. I believe there's a good hotel a few streets west of here that does an excellent dugong steak. They are always open for donations."
  • I'll be very careful, sir, Matt assured him. "Thank you for the vacation, the promised job, and the chance to invest my thousand dollars at eight per cent. And, now that my affairs are out of the way, let's talk about yours.
  • "Why aren't you more concerned? I would be if someone had the misfortune of seeing me naked. Then again..." he looked Sam up and down, "I suppose that seeing you naked would be a far more desirable experience than seeing yours truly."
  • "What of it if I do discomfort those who think more of pelf than of courage and of virtue; those who, as that Hebrew prophet wrote, lay field to field and house to house, until the wretched whom they have robbed find no place left whereon to dwell? What if I proved your sagest chapmen fools, and gorge your greedy moneychangers with the gold that they desire until they loathe its very sight and touch? What if I uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed against the ravening lusts of Mammon? Why, will not this world of yours be happier then?"
  • Look here, Jonas, he said impressively. "Supposing I were to tell you that this yarn of yours is all a cock-and-bull lie, and that you've come here to lead us into a trap? And supposing I were to tell half a dozen men here to shoot you when I count twenty? What then?"
  • "I don't normally provide this level of service to customers," he confided, "but you and yours did us a real favour by getting that north road cleared, and I'm not unappreciative, even if Colt is a loud-mouthed braggart."
  • Mind how you get out, he said, when the boat bumped against the slimy ladder that did duty for a stairway. "The steps are greasy, and those togs of yours are hardly suited to this job."
  • "Do they, by God?" he roared, unable longer to restrain himself, and leaping to his feet. "You have done, have you not? You have said all that you can call to mind? You have flung insults and epithets at me enough to earn the cutting of a dozen throats. You have dubbed me cheat and thief" - he choked in his passion - "until you have had your fill - is it not so? Now, listen to me, Master Bardelys, master spy, master buffoon, master masquerader! What manner of proceeding was yours to go to Lavedan under a false name? How call you that? Was that, perhaps, not cheating?"
  • "As fair and as gooda kind of hand-in-hand comparisonhad been something too fair and too good for any lady in Britain!" says the Italian. He looks at Leonatuss ring. "If she went before others I have seen as that diamond of yours outlustres those I have beheld, I could believe she excelled many; but I have not seen the most precious diamond that isnor you the lady!"
  • She reflected on this, her eyelids dropped, and quietly she said: "Me not take off heads with my teeth, Cobby; and yours too big and red, and know too much, it give me belly-ache if me swallow it. But you not mean it! You not want to go! Cobby want to be priest to me. So stay--me treat you well--make you a great man when me see my way, you teaching us to make shoo-gah and other things, and helping us fight. Me just going to fight Daisy, and me want you to train a regiment of sharpshooters in rifle-firing, and be their captain. Our rifles not very good, but every day now we expecting a caravan of Arabs, and me have five hundred tusks of ivory to buy rifles: me and you stun Daisy deaf and dumb with sudden thunder."
  • If you monkey with that door, I'll twist your neck. Savve? You can take yours when I'm done. An' if it saves you, I'll twist your neck, anyway. You ain't got no chance, nohow. I told you many times what you'd get if you did me dirt.
  • "You starting with the dialectic again?" Haddo shrugged. "Anyway," Favored went on, "as long as youre bringing up insensitivity, hows that Karlini of yours doing? You keeping an eye on him?"
  • "My name is Twiten and I tarry from a land long ago lost, Narteria. It is written that Narteria is the source of all that is known upon this world. The few of us remaining are called Overseers, countering the balance of the world around you. We all have been born with a purpose. yours is to protect. Mine, to give you the means to do so.
  • I don't like you, Markel, he said, with cold impudence. The only decent thing you'll ever do will be to die--and if those men of yours on the stairs move another step it will be your death warrant. Do you understand? I would suggest that you request them to stay where they are."
  • "Well the first thing I want to do is to find some pretty cloth and make you a tie back curtain for the bedroom doorway of yours so we don't have to keep ducking through it."
  • "Face your fears, Fais. Theres no one here to judge you but yourself. Ill lend you my preserver. Butty, why dont you lend yours to Codal?"
  • "Please. I have had a dozen more serious injuries a dozen times each, and all I've had to heal them was time. A night more won't kill me," he said. She began to object again, but he cut her off. "You saved my life. I wanted to give mine for yours just a few hours ago, but you denied me. The least you can do is stay healthy long enough for me to repay my debt."
  • It must be a terrible sensation to any passenger, no matter how brave he may think himself, he went on to say, "when he feels the shock as a torpedo explodes against the hull of the steamer and knows that in a short time she is doomed to be swallowed by the sea. And you told me once yourself, Jack, that this scheming cousin of yours couldn't swim a stroke."
  • 'I have yours on the screen, Professor Anderson. Here it is - a string of letters - scrolling past my eyes quicker than I can read them. But it is all here. Your soul. And with those string of letters comes the translation in a language so old it would make you blush. This is the name of your gwo bonanj. The name of your soul.
  • "My first ten thousand American marathon quads have already started building underground bunkers on the tallest mountaintops across Central Asia. They will attack during the Olympics with one hundred thousand other fliers because the Khan has to keep so many quads here to maintain security. Protecting millions of Mongols across that vast territory will take a few hundred thousand quads. Genghis wont have enough for this falls offensive." He paused dramatically before making his larger point: "That child of yours just stopped the conquest of France. Not just with the money. Weve sent those marathoners excellent wands. Most of them are now either super-quads or near-supers. I ordered a million bombs over a year ago and hired air mules to deliver them throughout Central Asia, so this is the perfect time for Billy to kill super-quads in the arena."
  • "You touch me with that damned power of yours and I will kill you, witch. Now is your chance to prove you do want to help, and believe me, if you try anything, you will die before I do."
  • She has studied some music, mathematics and philosophy. "But the full sum of me is a sum of some-ingwhich, in gross terms, is an unlessoned girl, unschooled, unpractised. Happily in this she is not yet so old but she may learn; happier than this, she is not bred so dull but she can learn; happiest of all is that her gentle spirit commits itself to yours to be directed, as from her lord, her governor, her king!
  • Enin walked around the desk toward Holli. "Now, look at your shadow on the ground. It has no substance, no depth whatsoever, but you can see it is there. When I stand here, my shadow is separate from yours. If I walk toward you, my shadow combines with yours and neither of our shadows is the same as it was. When I step away, our shadows return to the outline of our individual shapes."
  • "You won't think so when you see what we'll do to that supper of yours to-night," retorted Tom. "Gee, but this air does give you an appetite."
  • Jorden glanced to the stool and sat, Orani taking her place at her broad desk. "I'm not sure what I can say," Jorden returned as politely as he could manage, "this is all very new to me. I don't know very much about anything in this world, and I just hope this council of yours understands that. I just want to get home again." The captain gave a blank stare. "To my world," he added.
  • It's Nikita, right? Alexander asked with some contempt in his voice. He didn't give Nikita a chance to respond. "You know, I remember you from Hall High School. I think you were on the newspaper staff or something like that. Yeah, I recall it now. You were always sticking that bird nose of yours were it didn't belong," he said in a threatening manner.
  • "And now," continued Cornelius, -- wiping away a tear which was glistening in his eye, and which was shed much more for that marvellous black tulip which he was not to see than for the life which he was about to lose, -- "I have no wish left, except that the tulip should be called Rosa Barlaensis, that is to say, that its name should combine yours and mine; and as, of course, you do not understand Latin, and might therefore forget this name, try to get for me pencil and paper, that I may write it down for you."
  • "Why should I? I can eat yours for free," laughs Bob as he breaks off half of the hash brown patty and stuffs it in his mouth.
  • Yes, Dick, she answered, "I am quite, quite sure. My gratitude you won long ago; it was yours when we first stood on the deck of the Mermaid together, dripping from our long night's immersion in the sea--for had you not, even then, saved my life? And it grew even deeper as I noted day by day your thoughtful care and anxiety for my welfare. But gratitude and love are two very different feelings; and while I should of course have always been profoundly grateful to you for your unceasing care, I am sure that I should never have learned to love you had I not first seen that you loved me."
  • Crude!' he murmured, 'crude! If you and your pals, Captain, are ever out of a job, the New York police is yours for the asking.' He smoked for a few moments in silence, and then, with a quick hunch of his shoulders, he turned to Drummond. 'I guess there'll be time to throw bouquets after,' he remarked.
  • Arkin acknowledged this with commands. "Legon, attack with everything you have. Dont worry about their wards, simply overpower them. Sasha, go for random people but dont use much power. Sara, use yours sparingly and only target those whose wards flicker and fade. Legon, when I tell you, hit their lead horses brain."
  • But innocence wears a robe of such pure light, interrupted the Protector, "that it will shine in the darkest night, as yours will, if you are innocent.
  • "Only where you jobbed that sword of yours into my leg. Phew! it's getting stiffer every moment. I shan't be able to walk directly. Were you?"
  • "As fair and as gooda kind of hand-in-hand comparisonhad been something too fair and too good for any lady in Britain!" says the Italian. He looks at Leonatuss ring. "If she went before others I have seen as that diamond of yours outlustres those I have beheld, I could believe she excelled many; but I have not seen the most precious diamond that isnor you the lady!"
  • I asked around about what might be causing the headaches your family has been experiencing and wondered if the house itself might be adding to your illness. A friend of mine mentioned they bought a home that had brilliantly colored wallpaper in it like yours does and it turned out the wallpaper had been made with some dangerous chemicals that sickened the family. You may want to strip off your wallpaper and see if that helps.
  • "Average height, well built, wears armor the color of yours but with red trim, a griffin emblazoned upon his chest plate and shield."
  • The finger covered his lips again to shut him up. "You will never go where they are dark warrior. Do you think a blackness as deep as yours may ever go to where they are?"
  • Beatrice, said Brandon, with a deep, fervid emotion in his voice; "Beatrice, I am yours, and you are mine. Beatrice, it was a lie that kept us apart. My life is yours, and yours is mine."
  • The vessel might sink on her first voyage and that would cancel the charter, Matt replied; "so I guess I'll be a sport and hold up my end. You paid out the hard cash and took a chance, and so will I." And, with the words, Matt drew from his pocket the Black Butte Lumber Company's check for a thousand dollars, indorsed it and passed it over to Cappy Ricks. "We're equal partners, sir," he said, "and I pried that thousand out of Hudner on the side as a commission for chartering the Unicorn to you. Half of it is yours and I owe you the other half; so there you are."
  • Now you interest me, I returned, "and you must tell me more. Is this Mona of yours the sole resident of the moon, of whom you spoke to Thorwald?"
  • Dan'l, said the younger boy, reprovingly, "why don't you use that thick head of yours a little? When you get up in the morning, isn't your shadow longer than it is in the middle of the day?"
  • Whoreple who have gone a whoring after strange gods i thought yours was supposed to be the only one?
  • "So we find a granddaughter of yours for me to marry," Telamon said. "And I look the other way while your family quietly runs my kingdom. Is there anything else?"
  • We talked for a while, just going over things, and he told me Kirby was checking over every sporting man in town that he thought had ever been around New York. In an effort to tie the French girl's murder up with that end of things. He said: "Kirby believes like you do; that there's a connection here with Crandall, but he isn't missing any chances. She doesn't fit in this theory of yours in any way that we can see."
  • "Two ships follow this one and will arrive in about three weeks. They will return all that your people were cheated of. There are also a few gifts from my kingdom to yours that you may find useful. These are primarily medicinal herbs and seed crops that will give high yields. We have found over the centuries that Allivan prospers when its neighbors and trading partners prosper. I hope that Your Majesty will accept these gifts in the spirit of building a future of peace between our two lands."
  • I have not much more to tell you, went on the Spaniard after those little reciprocities between him and the captain. "It was one morning that the French vessel abandoned me and the next that yours came to my help. Dios, I could not believe I was in my senses when I heard the voices of your officers! I thought I was in a state of delirium and that the sight of your ship, especially after the disappointment of the preceding day, was only a mirage of my imagination, like the Fata Morgana!"
  • Yes, said Thorwald, "and in anticipation of your consent to go on the expedition, I invited some other friends of yours last night to share the pleasure with us. And here they are now," he continued, rising and stepping to the door.
  • Saxon winked again. "Besides Macaroon and yours truly, theres one other ... his personal secretary, Peepee. You appear to be the sort of man who appreciates good womanflesh, Mr. Bond. Youll find Peepee quite a mouthwatering sight."
  • Timon regards Sempronius, another prominent Athenian. "And now I remember, my lord, that you gave good words the other day of a bay courser I rode on. It is yours because you liked it!"
  • Linda remarked on truths of her own. "But not yours alone. There are others here that can protect Burbon. Sy, Enin, the guard. Sy can come up with scouts of his own. They won't find everything you could, but they'll let the goblins know we're waiting for them. I've learned enough about them from what you've told me that they won't attack."
  • Matt Peasley, said Cappy solemnly, "you think this is funny; but it isn't. You do not realize what you are doing. Why, this action of yours will be construed as highway robbery and no man on the Street will trust you. You must think of your future in business.
  • Siniestro beheld the cowering sergeant, who turned even paler. "I'll have that bald-headed priest's head on a pike by tomorrow night," snapped the Alcalde, "But yours will be there waiting!"
  • Kenna shrugged. "I never set eyes on her until that day at the 'Mount Nelson.' She was a friend of yours and chose to call herself by the name of a friend of mine, and . . . I humoured her . . . and you. But the thing has gone too far. After inquiries among other passengers I have realized the truth--that it was Diana who . . ." A spasm of pain flickered across his melancholy eyes. Sarle, in grave wonder and hurt, turned to April.
  • Still hungry for the sound of a human voice, Bond changed stations. "Once again, its time forYour Tum-Tum-Tummy and You,’ with yours truly, Dr. Charlton Carter, your nutritionist of the airwaves, with todays topic, ‘Can a Severe Heart Attack Be Beneficial in Easing Tension?’—but first a word from my sponsor, Ottos Organic Foods, a combination of natures own whole grain okra flour with genuine crushed Indiana limestone."
  • She took a nasty whack on the head too. A bit more serious than yours but shes OK. Shes recovering at the Mossman hospital.’
  • "Do not stand there like a sheep," Baker told him. "Hold that course of yours and be prepared to follow my orders quickly and efficiently."
  • Don't be like that. We can't stay here. Look, when we go back to Bellevue, I promise I'll be yours completely. I'll forget about my writing. I'll even get Kathleen to bring our meals up to the room so I never have to leave you.
  • "You don't seem to reflect, sir, how very shocking yours is! what a perversion of the Bible! We are told to discriminate between the wicked and the good; we are told to have natural affections; we are told to have common sense, and common fairness, and common decency; to honour our parents, and not, that I remember, to honour their murderers."
  • "Thanks, Hubert," came the muffled reply, "youre always a grand sport, mboy. Now get that smartAlix sister of yours to come play Filbert."
  • Never, the sheik said; "at least never alone. There are fierce tribes between the lakes and the sea. No white man could get through alone. He could only do it by going with a great band of fighting men and carriers, and by buying his way by presents through the great tribes and fighting his way through the small ones. You may travel down to the sea some day with me if I join the caravans of the Arabs, and then if there are countrymen of yours on the coast, as I have heard, and they would pay me a good ransom for you, we may see about it. You are ungrateful to wish to leave me."
  • "Waiter! bring a light. My cigar is out," said the Jew, affecting not to observe Stumps's tone or manner. "It is strange," he went on, "how, sometimes, you find a bad cigar--a very bad cigar--in the midst of good ones. yours is going well, I think."
  • That other brother of yours will do that for me. What is his name, by the way? asked the doctor, as Rumple disappeared from the room in search of more firewood.
  • "Yes, the East India Company. I suppose this company of yours wants something from India, and I can easily imagine it might be profit. Perhaps I should tell you straightaway that such matters bore me not a little." The man glanced impatiently back toward the field. "But come, its growing darker as we talk. Id hoped you might join us in our little game. Its elementary. Should be childs play for a man who commands at sea." He turned to one of the men standing by the side of the field. "Ahmed, prepare a stick for Captainby the way, I wasnt given your name."
  • It was simple, sheik. Had I fought him in his own fashion he would, I have no doubt, have killed me. But my method was as new to him as his would have been to me. Will you draw your dagger and advance at me as if going to strike? Now, if I have my knife in my right hand also, you know what to do; you would try to grasp my wrist with your left hand. I should try to grasp yours in the same way. We should struggle, but with your superior strength you would soon wrench your right hand free, and strike me down. Now, you see, I take my closed knife in my left hand, pointing it straight towards you, with my left foot forward; that is the position in which we stand when we use our fists. You, like that Maltese, are puzzled, and stand, as he did, for a moment indecisive; that would have been fatal to you. As, you see, I leap forward, changing my advanced foot as I do so, catch your wrist, and pull your arm with a sudden jerk towards me, and at the same moment strike you under the arm with my left hand.
  • "Oh, take the sense, sweet, of my innocence," he says. "Love takes the meaning in lovers conference. I mean that my heart unto yours is so knit that but one heart we can make of ittwo bosoms interchained with an oath; so, then, two bosoms and a single troth!
  • Something like that. She paused after she spoke, her eyes locked onto something far away, a cue card perhaps and then she continued, "And then after Vesuvio, I set out on a wonderful hike. When I was walking through the Marina a man stopped me and asked if I was staying with you. I thought, God, this is weird. Turns out he's a neighbor of yours and saw me leaving the house. Porky the plumber? What a character he is. Told me he was doing a job for this little 85 year-old woman who wanted him to work in his underwear because that's the way her dear departed husband did. He told her he couldn't do briefs but would work in boxers and a V-neck t shirt."
  • "The other dolt is yours to dispose of, my king," the assassin said, bowing with such respect that it sent goose bumps rippling down the fool's spine. "You may not ever be the King of Men, my friend, but you will always be the King of Fools. Didn't it cross your mind that after King Rigert lost his head, they might block that passage up? What were you thinking?"
  • Coriolanus looks at the chandler. "Kindly, sir, I pray, let me hat. I have wounds to show youwhich shall be yours in private.’" He raises an eyebrow. "Your good voice, sirwhat say you?"
  • Ivixa changed her focus and eyed Kea for a moment. "Oh, I get it now. This feud of yours is a dodge." She glanced at her friends. "Shes coveting."
  • That was too much for Milady. "First off, its not my problem its yours and the Captain shall hear of it. And second its not a little problem. This place is an icebox. Uninhabitable. Either get it fixed or find me a comparable suite with some heat."
  • "You are a dog, and a son of a dog," shouted Maputa, shaking his fat fist in the face of the trembling but indignant Umgona. "You promised me your daughter in marriage, then having vowed her to that umfagozan--that low lout of a soldier, Nahoon, the son of Zomba--you went, the two of you, and poisoned the king's ear against me, bringing me into trouble with the king, and now you have bewitched my cattle. Well, wait, I will be even with you, Wizard; wait till you wake up in the cold morning to find your fence red with fire, and the slayers standing outside your gates to eat up you and yours with spears -"
  • Why, look here, Sir Godfrey, I'll keep yours and Master Scar's swords with such an edge on 'em as shall frighten your enemies into fits. You'll let me go, won't you, dear master? I can't stay behind. Sir Godfrey shook his head. "Master Scarlett, sir, put in a word for me. Don't go and leave me behind. I'll be that faithful and true as never was."
  • Samad settled his wineglass on the carpet with a sigh of resignation. "Youve heard nothing I have said. I am telling you it would be best for you to forget about yourmission.’ Your destiny is no longer in your hands. But if you will open your heart, you will find it has riches to compensate you manyfold. Still, they can be yours only if you can know love. But now, I fear, the only love you know is self-love, ambition. You have not yet understood it is empty as mirror.
  • "I see." Connor looked over to see David smiling upon him. "You have become quite strong and have become a good man. I am so proud of you and I always will be. Whatever decisions you make in life, are yours to make and youll have my support."
  • Is yours gone too? I saw them when they came up from the fire. But you did right to keep still. If we had moved I expect we'd have had our throats cut.
  • "Oh, is that what it was?" asked Arthur, who sounded like he was starting to get angry. "How about I pull out the surburito and crush that fat melon of yours right now?"
  • Look here, Hawkesley; you have interested me in spite of myself, said Mr Austin. "If you are not too tired I should like you to tell me the whole history of these singular suspicions of yours from the very moment of their birth."
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