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Okunuşu: / jɔːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours


zam. seninki, sizinki.

yours için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Estates are valued by the rents they receive. None save the Kings reach their owner as full as they left the tenants but yours have failed for other reasons. Your receivers have not been dishonest men, they have faced opponents in their work, and your presence with Lady Margarets servants has shown the justice of your right.
  • "Gentle Octavia, let your best love draw you to that point which seems best to preserve it," Antony advises. "If I lose mine honour, I lose my self! Better I were not yours, than yours so unbranched!"—stripped. "But, as you requested, yourself shall go between us!
  • It's great, began Skinny. "We've been bandits and we've been Injuns, but Scouts beat 'em all. The woods are full of 'em all over the country, and they go about with uniforms on, doing good and having fun. They are like an army. We are one company, you will be another. I'm the same as captain, only they call me patrol leader. Mr. Norton is Scoutmaster, and there are officers above him, only we never saw them. We learn all about woodcraft and signs and signaling and how to do a lot of things, and we rescue people and do all kinds of stunts and get badges. The Ravens are going across the mountain on an exploring trip. I am going to look for a cave and maybe there is treasure in it. Our patrol animal is the crow, and it 'most ought to be yours because you live so near the Raven Rocks."
  • "I know they dont, but yours hasI saw it just last night." Now the concern was evident in her voice and face. "If it has changed colors then that mean that it must be…"
  • Saxon winked again. "Besides Macaroon and yours truly, theres one other ... his personal secretary, Peepee. You appear to be the sort of man who appreciates good womanflesh, Mr. Bond. Youll find Peepee quite a mouthwatering sight."
  • "I cannot tell, yet I feel ill at ease. Remember, my son, that you are the pride of my heart, and any sin or shame of yours would kill me. Good night, Maurice." And with a stately bow she swept away.
  • Mareth waved a dismissive hand in Mercas direction. "Your games with the Lord General are not my concern. I am here for my glory alone. I will track down this warlock of yours because it sounds like a worthy challenge. My entertainment is the only reason I chose to serve you. I have been briefed on Kuzzaks time table. I will rejoin you when the task is complete."
  • Gifford, he said, "that clerk of yours was right. There's almost a panic in potatoes. I've got five thousand barrels for you, and five thousand for myself, at a dollar and sixty, and the price just jumped. They will bring two dollars. If they do, we'll make two thousand apiece."
  • Now you interest me, I returned, "and you must tell me more. Is this Mona of yours the sole resident of the moon, of whom you spoke to Thorwald?"
  • You mean, said Burton excitedly, "you mean that all these crimes of yours that have seemed without motive, that have been so inexplicable, have really been like to-night to--"
  • "Wanderers, this land has its secrets, into which no foreigner must pry. I say to you yet again that while I live you set no foot upon that Mountain. Know also, Leo Vincey, I have bared my heart to you, and I have been told in answer that this long quest of yours is not for me, as I was sure in my folly, but, as I think, for some demon wearing the shape of woman, whom you will never find. Now I make no prayer to you; it is not fitting, but you have learned too much.
  • Good! Now look here. What would you say to these? And I showed him a couple of sovereigns: I longed to offer him twenty, but feared to excite his suspicions. "These are yours if you have a conveyance at the end of the lane - the lane we came up the night before last - in an hour's time."
  • Siniestro beheld the cowering sergeant, who turned even paler. "I'll have that bald-headed priest's head on a pike by tomorrow night," snapped the Alcalde, "But yours will be there waiting!"
  • 'Surely you are of his blood,’ Modgud said, 'for you sire the same progeny. Falsehoods are his offspring; yours also.’
  • I'm afraid that young companion of yours has bolted, and that Fraser is delayed by looking for him, observed Mr McTavish. "We can't delay much longer if we're to save the flesh," said Mr McDonald. "Fraser knows what he's about; he will easily make his way down to the beach by the landing-place in the morning, and we must send a boat on shore for him." As the day was advancing the others agreed to this proposal; and, leaving the remainder of our provisions for Mr Fraser and Mark, we set off. It was almost dark as we approached the harbour, and I began to fear that the crew would have taken the opportunity of attacking the officers--perhaps would have got the ship under weigh, and left us to our fate. I didn't, however, mention my fears to any one. I was greatly relieved when I made out through the gloom the ship at anchor, and soon after, the boat close to the beach.
  • Yes; he'll kill no more of our oxen, old chap, cried his brother. "Well done, little un! You stopped him splendidly. That last shot of yours brought him up for me to finish."
  • Thank you. That'll do. Well, Kettle, I hope you're satisfied now? I sent this blessed card because I wanted to see how deep this shore-going honesty of yours went, which I've heard so much about and now I know, and you may take it from me that you'll profit by it financially in the very near future. The shipmasters I've had to do with have been mostly rogues, and when I get hold of a straight man I know how to appreciate him. Now, good-by, Captain, and a prosperous voyage to you. If you catch the midnight mail to-night from here, you'll just get down to Newport to-morrow in time to see her come into dock. Take her over at once, you know; we can't have any time wasted. Here good-bye. I'm frantically busy.
  • Van Helsing shook her head, 'I fear not. This land is very different from yours or mine. Even if we did have a special, it would probably not arrive as soon as our regular train. Moreover, we have something to prepare. We must think. Now let us organize. You, friend Artemis, go to the train and get the tickets and arrange that all be ready for us to go in the morning. Do you, friend Joanna, go to the agent of the ship and get from her letters to the agent in Galatz, with authority to make a search of the ship just as it was here. Quincy Morris, you see the Vice Consul, and get her aid with her fellow in Galatz and all she can do to make our way smooth, so that no times be lost when over the Danube. Joan will stay with Minas and me, and we shall consult. For so if time be long you may be delayed. And it will not matter when the sun set, since I am here with to make report.'
  • He put the pitcher down with a thud. "How foolish! No, of course Im going. Perhaps we can discuss this matter of yours as we walk downstairs."
  • If you don't, she held up a warning finger, "I'll come up and visit you in that secret wireless room of yours just as I once said I would."
  • "More than this, if I saw you using it for such an end, I would take care that you did not use it for long. No man ever had such an awful responsibility laid upon him as the possession of this power lays upon you. It is yours to make or mar the future of the human race, of which I am but a unit. It is not the power that will ever win either my respect or my love, but the wisdom and the justice with which it may be used."
  • "And elusive," struck in Mills in a low voice. "Some of them are like that. She will never change. Amid all the shames and shadows of that life there will always lie the ray of her perfect honesty. I don't know about your honesty, but yours will be the easier lot. You will always have your . . . other love--you pig-headed enthusiast of the sea."
  • "Then, Pharaoh, hearken! To-morrow I leave Egypt for another land, giving you back your generalship and sheathing the sword that I had hoped to wield in its defence and yours when the last great day of trial by battle comes, as come it will. I tell you that I go to return no more, unless the lady Amada yonder shall summon me back to fight for her and you, promising herself to me in guerdon."
  • Good. I wouldn't want that head of yours to get any bigger than it is or else certain persons might find it necessary to teach you otherwise. If you know what I mean? She looked over at me and smiled as she finished speaking.
  • "Listen," I said. "Tell me frankly. Is yours really a detachment fighting against the Boisheviki or is it a Red contingent?"
  • Having performed this exploit so successfully, I ran back as fast as my legs would carry me to young Velasquez, who was waiting at a house where he had given me notice to meet him, and his delight was extreme at the recital of what I had just done. He was so fully satisfied with me, as to lavish caresses without number, and to offer me thrice, in the fulness of his heart, half the contents of the bag, which I did thrice refuse. No, no, sir, said I, this first bag is yours and yours only; apply it to your own uses and occasions. I shall return forth with to the strong box, where, as our lucky stars have contrived it, there is money enough for both of us. Accordingly, three days afterwards I carried off a second bag, containing, like the first, five hundred crowns, of which I would only handle the fourth part, let Gaspard be as pressing as he pleased to force upon me a brotherly division, share and share alike.
  • "You think I'm an old man and don't understand the present state of affairs?" concluded his father. "But it troubles me. I don't sleep at night. Come now, where has this great commander of yours shown his skill?" he concluded.
  • "Say you so, Master Cupid Bardelys?" And he combed his beard reflectively. "Be not too sure. There have been other passions - aye, as great as yours - yet have they staled. But you waste my time. Go, Marcel; you are excused your duties by me for as long as your own affairs shall hold you elsewhere - for as long as you please. We are here upon a gloomy business - as you know. There are my cousin Montmorency and the others to be dealt with, and we are holding no levees, countenancing no revels. But come to me when you will, and I will see you. Adieu!"
  • "That's fine, honey," Christine smiled to the speaker. "I'll talk with you then and maybe we can straighten that boy of yours out."
  • I asked around about what might be causing the headaches your family has been experiencing and wondered if the house itself might be adding to your illness. A friend of mine mentioned they bought a home that had brilliantly colored wallpaper in it like yours does and it turned out the wallpaper had been made with some dangerous chemicals that sickened the family. You may want to strip off your wallpaper and see if that helps.
  • "So you're the kid Miser Jenkins thought stole your pass?" exclaimed one of the trainmen, after a searching scrutiny of the boy. "He must be losing his eyesight. That face of yours ought to vouch for you, if nothing else. Crooks don't have such honest faces."
  • Linda remarked on truths of her own. "But not yours alone. There are others here that can protect Burbon. Sy, Enin, the guard. Sy can come up with scouts of his own. They won't find everything you could, but they'll let the goblins know we're waiting for them. I've learned enough about them from what you've told me that they won't attack."
  • There, there! he cried to her. "Don't you be afraid, little girl! I've got my automatic yet; I can feel it under me, as I lie here in this infernal boat. They haven't taken yours away?"
  • Never mind, he said. "You'll get yours some day. I've just been more fortunate, that's all. Besides, I knew something of navigation before you did, and while you have mastered it now, I had a long start."
  • Humph exclaimed Charlie with a shrug. "I've not much confidence in that safeguard. No doubt, in certain circumstances, and on certain occasions, the revolver is a most important and useful instrument, but, taking it all round, I would not put much store by it. When you met me at the Blue Fork to-night, for instance, of what use was my revolver to me? And, for the matter of that, after you had dropped it on the road of what use was yours to you? It only wants one of your fellows to have more pluck and a quicker eye and hand than yourself to dethrone you at once."
  • "Friends of yours coming home next Tuesday," he said, smiling as one who knows he brings pleasant news. "The Benders are due in Laurel Grove. Mrs. Guerin had a postal card last night."
  • It's a cinch, agreed Barlow. But, drinking more slowly, he was altogether more thoughtful. "If we get there on time," was his one worry. "If we'd had that ten thousand of yours we'd never have sailed in this antedeluvian raft with a list to starboard like the tower of Pisa."
  • "Thats your job! Most of this crap is yours anyway." Jeremy kicked an empty cardboard box out of the kitchen, downing his orange juice in one venomous gulp. "Gah. I hate you. I need a new roomie."
  • This plea made the minister laugh heartily, and say: As far as I see, Gil Blas, you mean to make yourself a general patron. Even so be it, my friend; the vacancy is yours for Tordesillas; but tell me unfeignedly what fellow-feeling you have in the business, for you are not such a fool as to throw away your interest for nothing. My lord, answered I, Don Andrew charged me nothing for all his acts of friendship, and should not a man repay his obligations? You are become highly moral and self-mortified, replied his excellency; rather more so than under the last administration. Precisely so, rejoined I; then evil communication corrupted my principles; bargain and sale were the order of the day, and I conformed to the established practice: now, all preferment is allotted on the footing of a meritorious free gift, and my integrity shall not be the last to fall in with the fashion.
  • "My lord, this chaos that you and yours endure came about at my hand. I fell under the curse of the Sordienoth and it was the speaking of the accursed wish that he thrust upon me in duress that has stopped time and left you in limbo". Falk confessed all and waited for the outraged judgement of the cloud king, but when Eldellins voice came forth again from the emptiness it was not full of wroth but of sorrow.
  • Jorden glanced to the stool and sat, Orani taking her place at her broad desk. "I'm not sure what I can say," Jorden returned as politely as he could manage, "this is all very new to me. I don't know very much about anything in this world, and I just hope this council of yours understands that. I just want to get home again." The captain gave a blank stare. "To my world," he added.
  • Sadly the only person other than yours truly that sees my craftsmanship is the morgue attendant, and even then it is anonymous. Usually my official classification is "unexplained illness." My credit is stolen away by a sniveling weak-chinned pudgy man who spends his nights with stiffs wondering why smoking hot Cathi, note the "i "not the "y", down the hall, you know the one with big tits, will not even smile at him. But, even if he were to recognize my handiwork, could you imagine the audacity of a medical examiner claiming that the deceased was killed by a parasitical Supernatural? There is no little box to check on the sheet for that one.
  • I must tell you, until you achieve your majority and have livery of your possessions; you are not, in fact, entitled to them. Quite simply Sir Edward your rents are not yours to take and it is criminal to do so or incite others to do so. Indeed, Sir Reginald Bray has had inflicted on him the loud and justified complaints of the steward of the manor you raided for rent and servants, inciting them to break their solemn oaths and contractual duties. Never mind if the estate will be yours one day, a large part of its income is his now! Youve stolen directly in receiving your own rents and indirectly in taking another mans servants: all without the Kings licence.
  • Sir Giles considered. "I propose to think over it for a few days," he said, "and see if I can think of any formula to find out, first where that assistant of yours is and secondly where we are. Also to see if Whitehall is doing anything, because I'm not going to be taken by surprise by them, not under present conditions. So I shall go back to London this afternoon."
  • Esther Crippen, that is the loveliest song in all the world and you are the loveliest singer of it! How glad I am to have arrived at just this moment! Why, your little room makes me feel that it is a real refuge from all that is dark and bare and cold. And you surely are with the 'magic touch engifted to warm the hearts of lonely mortals' with that beautiful voice of yours.
  • Would I have to move the sun at noon day? the dwarf said with a tooth filled grin. "It is fine where it is. The honor of holding such a blade should be yours and yours alone."
  • Good for you, Hugh, he remarked. "Those sharp eyes of yours let nothing escape. Now we'll just circle around a bit and give those precious foreigners the scare of their lives. I happen to have a supply of small experimental bombs along, which are heavy enough to frighten them into believing one of the new explosives may follow, after we have the range. Watch out for some fun, my son!"
  • "Enough! If she says she can do it, then I trust her. But more than that, we need to start trusting each other, or this isn't going to work." He had their undivided attention now, and he didn't hold back on saying what needed to be said. "Look, I know you're tired, and I know you're hurt, in more ways than one. Getting into a fight this dangerous after a journey that long isn't exactly ideal, and if I felt we had a choice here, I'd be staying out of this fight altogether. This isn't my war, and for most of you, it isn't yours either."
  • He slips out of her and she is sorry she brought up the subject. "Jim, you know very well what Im talking about," she says. "My plan is to make you lose the game because you will be with me, alone, while your buddies and those nasty cousins of yours keep going through the local girls like rabbits through a carrot patch."
  • It's a mighty lucky thing for you, he said, "that stick was there, because there's a heap o' places around the neck where a clawin' ain't healthy. But these scratches of yours won't take long to heal. Where you were a fool," he continued, "was in touchin' the rabbit at all. It's just as I told you.
  • O, do you think so? the little Metis replied, with a very ugly glance. "Now, monsieur, you have refused my offer, and listen to what you gain by doing so. By some means or other these two traitorous jades will be captured. Then le grand chef takes yours away up the dismal valley to Jubal's hut. I take your fine Indian chief's down to ma mere's ready cottage. As for you, if the maiden retain her reputed preferences she will be able, when the spring arrives, to come out upon the prairie and plant daisies, or any other blossom to her liking, above you."
  • That's true enough, said the lieutenant. "Well, what of that? A king's ship well-armed would keep a larger tribe than yours quiet!"
  • "You can thank Haddo," Max said, "yet another time. You dont want to find out what youd do without him. But things downstairs in this castle of yours are getting pretty hairy; I dont know how long it would have taken me to get up here on my own. Whats the situation?"
  • Sir, I said, "you're surely unaware of the discussions that have taken place in Europe and America with yourself as the subject. You don't realize that various accidents, caused by collisions with your underwater machine, have aroused public passions on those two continents. I'll spare you the innumerable hypotheses with which we've tried to explain this inexplicable phenomenon, whose secret is yours alone. But please understand that the Abraham Lincoln chased you over the Pacific high seas in the belief it was hunting some powerful marine monster, which had to be purged from the ocean at all cost."
  • He swallowed the roll and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "As it happens, I have been doing some fresh research, and some of it has turned out to involve the gods. I will show you some of it later, as long as youre so eager to know. That way, at least somebody may be able to use it, in case this damn-fool errand of yours turns out to be as nasty as it probably will. Are you satisfied?"
  • "Good. Ere long I shall visit Egypt, as I have told you, and there I shall pass judgment on you and others. Till then, farewell. Fear nothing, for you have my safe-conduct. Begone, both of you, for you weary me. But first drink and keep the cup, and in exchange, give me that bow of yours which shoots so far and straight."
  • "But selling shares in a nonexistent mine with intent to defraud is quite a different matter," the agent said. "We've been collecting evidence for a few days, including some from clients of yours who were interested in knowing the field had been salted. And we've picked up Collins and Hilleboe."
  • May those saints of yours preserve me, Jean, but this is all very cheerful! grunted Howland, half laughing in spite of himself. "Now that I'm tied up again, who the devil is there to die--but me?"
  • 'You're a funny boy, Paul. After all that fullishness of yours this morning I met your brother Dick. He gave me something. I've got it here this minute. I want to know if it belongs to you--really. Dick says it's all your very own, but I don't more'n half believe him. I say you must have copied it out of some book. Now, di'n't ee?'
  • Good! Now look here. What would you say to these? And I showed him a couple of sovereigns: I longed to offer him twenty, but feared to excite his suspicions. "These are yours if you have a conveyance at the end of the lane - the lane we came up the night before last - in an hour's time."
  • Then you have the power of attorney for him in the present negotiations? Good. I 'll make you a proposition. The twenty-five hundred dollars shall be held in trust by me, on his demand at any time. We 'll settle about yours afterward. Then he shall be put on probation for, say, a year--in our office. You can either coach him in his studies, for I am confident now that you will be up in yours hereafter, or he can attend night-school. And after that, if he comes through his period of probation with flying colors, I 'll give him the same opportunities for an education that you possess. It all depends on himself. And now, Mr. Attorney, what have you to say to my offer in the interests of your client?
  • There is no use denying that the clothes might be better, admitted Mr. Weatherby gravely. "Not that I care anything about what garments a man or boy wears, so long as they are clean, and yours are that. Still, I think it would make a better impression on Captain Marshall if you were to have a newer suit. I'll tell you what I'll do. Here, you take this money and go and get yourself a good suit and some underwear, and whatever else you need."
  • "Don't worry about it, Mom. Later, after that book of yours sells, you can treat us all to a trip to some tropical isle."
  • "This is, without exception, the most unintelligent thing you have said ever since I have known you. You may understand a lot about running contraband and about the minds of a certain class of people, but as to Rose's mind let me tell you that in comparison with hers yours is absolutely infantile, my adventurous friend. It would be contemptible if it weren't so--what shall I call it?-- babyish. You ought to be slapped and put to bed." There was an extraordinary earnestness in her tone and when she ceased I listened yet to the seductive inflexions of her voice, that no matter in what mood she spoke seemed only fit for tenderness and love. And I thought suddenly of Azzolati being ordered to take himself off from her presence for ever, in that voice the very anger of which seemed to twine itself gently round one's heart. No wonder the poor wretch could not forget the scene and couldn't restrain his tears on the plain of Rambouillet. My moods of resentment against Rita, hot as they were, had no more duration than a blaze of straw. So I only said:
  • That's Stephen Carson! he said. "I guess I'd better keep out of sight, because I don't care about getting into an argument with him. He's the most contrary person I ever saw in my life, and never fails to get up an argument about something or other with yours truly."
  • Not in yours neither, youngster. There, I daresay we shall soon beat them off. You two keep under shelter, and if things go against us, you both get away, and make for the mountain. Go right into that cave, and wait till I join you.
  • "My name is Twiten and I tarry from a land long ago lost, Narteria. It is written that Narteria is the source of all that is known upon this world. The few of us remaining are called Overseers, countering the balance of the world around you. We all have been born with a purpose. yours is to protect. Mine, to give you the means to do so.
  • "On the bright side, that means that you can hotfoot it around in my car until you get clearance to drive yours or fly again."
  • "Where are you, little fool?" he cried at length. "I have business with you before I cut your throat--that smooth, white throat of yours that I kissed down there by the lavoir!" There was no sound from her.
  • "My first ten thousand American marathon quads have already started building underground bunkers on the tallest mountaintops across Central Asia. They will attack during the Olympics with one hundred thousand other fliers because the Khan has to keep so many quads here to maintain security. Protecting millions of Mongols across that vast territory will take a few hundred thousand quads. Genghis wont have enough for this falls offensive." He paused dramatically before making his larger point: "That child of yours just stopped the conquest of France. Not just with the money. Weve sent those marathoners excellent wands. Most of them are now either super-quads or near-supers. I ordered a million bombs over a year ago and hired air mules to deliver them throughout Central Asia, so this is the perfect time for Billy to kill super-quads in the arena."
  • "You really should be ashamed of yourselves," Graice said again to the three reprobates as she launched into her lecture. "I'm appalled. Profanity is no laughing matter. Foul words hurt feelings and yours are so loud they pollute the air itself." She continued for half a minute while soft moans and sniffles gave audible proof that the three heard her words and felt her effect. Their heads were already as low as their bowed necks would allow, so they bent their backs forward from the waist to bring them lower. Finally she concluded, "No one should be forced to listen to you shout like that. There are women present. Don't you care what they think? And what if a child heard you? Can you imagine how awful that would be?"
  • And Lauren, her official title is Director of Canine Calisthenics at Le Chalet Chien, a posh kennel in the Hollywood Hills run by her ex-husband and his second wife. I dont know how Lauren can stand the constant reminder of a failed marriage. She says that disappointment is just a side-effect of expectation or hope, and she can bottle up both like no one I know. I think she is either very afraid of change, or incredibly evolved. I worry about her apathy, but deep down, Im jealous. For ten years, my stock joke when pitching our merchandise to a new grocery chain has been, "Theres no account wed rather have than yours and Im not trying to butter you up!" It was charming at first, but now I say it with such a dreary spirit that I suspect grocers buy our product out of pity for its seller.
  • Oh! as if we don't know the real reason, Step Hen declared, indignantly. "If you wasn't so crazy after eating all the time, I guess now you'd be the last one to go down there of your own free will. But that ain't saying we ain't glad of it. 'Taint often we get a chance to harness that appetite of yours to something that pays. Go on down a few more times, Giraffe; we might toddle along under another fish apiece."
  • Hearing him give these directions, I could not but ask his meaning? 'What,' replied he, with generous indignation, 'do you suppose that I am come to cant about virtue? That, at least, is a vice of which you have never yet found me guilty. I am here to pay your debts, with money in my possession. Whether, in a court of law, it would be proved to be yours or mine I neither know nor care. But there is something better that I do know: which is that, if I were in your place and you in mine, you would not long let me remain in a house like this. With respect to the future, I am partly persuaded we shall neither of us act the miser.'
  • Hi-lee! Hi-lo! Der vinds dey blow Joost like die wacht am Rhine! Und vot iss mine belongs to me, Und vot iss yours iss mine!
  • As dead as he can well be, said Emson, dismounting, and throwing his rein over his horse's head. "Yes; here we are. Your bullet caught him half-way up the back here; one of mine hit him in the side, and here's the other right through the left shoulder-blade. That means finis. But that shot of yours regularly paralysed him behind. Your lion, little un, and that skin will do for your museum. It's a beauty."
  • I guess, said Steve, "that Phil's folks know he won't get into trouble, Perry, while yours are pretty certain that you will. It makes a difference. Now we can go ahead with that election, can't we? How about nominations?"
  • "Thats yours too," he said and kissed her deeply, his arms wrapping around her waist. Omaris wings folded unconsciously around them, as they often did when she felt comfortable and happy. She clutched the glass heart in her hand behind his back, and wished the moment would never end.
  • Give one of the hands of that will of yours to supplication, so that it may reach Paradise, a fruit of the chain of good deeds, and stretch to eternal happiness.
  • She took a nasty whack on the head too. A bit more serious than yours but shes OK. Shes recovering at the Mossman hospital.’
  • I assured the gentleman I should feel under obligation to deal justly with the negroes, even at the expense of violating Southern precedent. "You may not be aware," I remarked, "of the magnitude of the change in the condition of the Southern negro during the two years just closed. The difference of opinion between your people and ourselves is, no doubt, an honest one. We shall be quite as persistent in pushing our views at the present time as you have been in enforcing yours in the past. We must try our theory, and wait for the result."
  • Rick laughed scornfully. "No I didn't. What money? Some lowlife accomplice of yours must have broken in while you were in jail." He marched over to the door and rattled the handle. "Look how flimsy this lock is. You only have to pull up on the doorknob and push to get in." He laughed. "Besides, I'd be the last one to steal your money. I'm waiting for you to pay me that back rent, so I want you to make as much money as you can. Believe me, I'd like to kill the bastard that robbed you," he said stoutly, reeling him in. "That's why this job is the right one. Plenty of money for everybody. I win, you win, the Prince wins."
  • "Don't refuse!" he begged. "I've set my heart on giving my senior partner a dinner. Surely you won't refuse to be my guest here, as I was yours in the woods!"
  • "You sure have a lot to learn!" sighed the learned Frank. "It is like this. That new dad of yours is a Major, isn't he? All right. He has the right to have a special man that he picks out work for him, and take care of his horse and fuss around the quarters and fix his things. But the man has to belong to his command, and Lee is attached to the School of Fire."
  • All right, said Wilbur. "I've been told off to protect this forest from danger of fire, and if there's any greater danger around than a bunch like yours I haven't seen it. I reckon I'll camp on your trail till you're out of my end of the forest, and then I'll pass the word along and see that there's some one with you to keep you from making fools of yourselves."
  • When Dalzell and I were fourth classmen we weren't troubled at all by the youngsters after Christmas. Last year, Eaton, our class didn't bother yours at any later date, either.
  • "My point exactly. That blonde, brainy second wife of yours is pulling your strings now. Thats whats got your crazy first wife so pissed."
  • She has studied some music, mathematics and philosophy. "But the full sum of me is a sum of some-ingwhich, in gross terms, is an unlessoned girl, unschooled, unpractised. Happily in this she is not yet so old but she may learn; happier than this, she is not bred so dull but she can learn; happiest of all is that her gentle spirit commits itself to yours to be directed, as from her lord, her governor, her king!
  • Lief responded with quick certainty. "We need to get a better look at them. Dwarves are unmistakable in feature. All are stout and powerful. They are shorter than the average human. Their faces are much like yours or mine except stern, as if chiseled. The men wear long beards, and most let their hair grow full and long. They wield axe, mace, and broadsword."
  • "Her late Highness's court-physician. Oh, have no fear, Herr; this new-found Princess of yours will come into her own," with a bitter smile.
  • Cassius proceeds quicklybefore the proud praetor can voice objection to that term. "Brutus and Caesarwhat could be in thatCaesar?’—why should that name be sounded more than yours? Write them together, yours is as fair a name; sound them, it doth become the mouth as well; weigh them, it is as heavyconjure withem," he says, pointedly, "Brutus will start a spirit as soon as Caesar!
  • "Calm yourself. You have time. There is no pressure. The pace is yours to set. It may seem overwhelming now, but it will all be routine. In time, you will be quite comfortable with it. I wish that I could sympathize with how you are feeling, but this is the only world I have ever known. Tell me, how can I help you?" he asked.
  • Remember I mentioned a time before the pyramids? Well I guess that was very fortunate for me to include that, due to the fact that there is where my journey and now yours begins.
  • I was, replied he, "but the sight of you woke me up. I wondered if you'd be waiting to see the braves come home. That Quilca of yours is a born soldier. He'd make a good general if they didn't train him!"
  • "And now," continued Cornelius, -- wiping away a tear which was glistening in his eye, and which was shed much more for that marvellous black tulip which he was not to see than for the life which he was about to lose, -- "I have no wish left, except that the tulip should be called Rosa Barlaensis, that is to say, that its name should combine yours and mine; and as, of course, you do not understand Latin, and might therefore forget this name, try to get for me pencil and paper, that I may write it down for you."
  • And as for a room, do not worry yourself on that score. This room is yours for as long as you need it. I should also add that it is exceedingly comfortable, and will suit your needs tolerably.’
  • She smiled at him, which was infuriating. "I know only you, Master, the one I awoke to see and am now bonded to forever. I am yours to command."
  • Sy paused then turned to the delver. "Ryson you told me about what you saw at Pinesway, when that sword of yours gave you a vision of what Sazar wanted then. He wanted to make Pinesway a breeding ground for goblins to grow his army. Do you think he wants any thing different now? Problem is its not an abandoned little town at the edge of Dark Spruce. Its Connel on the edge of some of the richest farmland around. Hes going to make humans work on those farms for him. Put this all together and its not a good story for anyone, especially us."
  • That is the horse, the sheik said gravely. "Only to one, whom I regard as a son, would I part with him. On his back you may scoff at pursuit by any foes, for outside my encampment there is not a horse in Egypt which it could not distance. Now it is yours to do with as you like, save to sell it, for I would not that his blood should run in any veins save those of the horses of my tribe."
  • "Believe in me, Deni . . . show me . . . care." He switched off the set and popped out the power cord. "Mudahid Asafu-Adjaye, I think its about time you made one of those great speeches of yours Im so famous for."
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