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yours truly
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Okunuşu: / jɔːz ’truːli / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: yours tru·ly


hürmetle, saygılarımla.

yours truly için örnek cümleler:

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  • But forewords are why we're all here today. There have been other prominent writers in the field - Fizzlepot and Cranwreath come to mind, usually as the result of heartburn - but it is my hope that my work in this collection will finally get the art form out of its infancy and up walking around and bumping into coffee tables. The coffee tables, of course, that I'm sure will all be holding copies of this book, as well as remote controls for flipping between television channels of the many late-night shows featuring an appearance by yours truly describing the bizarre story of how I owe my career to a cross-dressing dog track janitor party clown in leather.
  • My corpse hands buried themselves into the grayness of frozen water. How humiliating! Only minutes after fulfilling Nietzsches prophecy I was back in the gutter. I pushed my hands deeper searching for the frozen ground beneath and slipped even further flipping onto my back like a turtle. I self-consciously gnashed at the air with my angry fangs. But it was in this moment that my eyes trailed to the dissipating gray snow clouds above. There the optics of yours truly caught the full spectrum of a ceiling that had been obscured by a cumulous foreground. My eyes cast upwardly the shiny silver answer.
  • "There were, additionally, two documents transferring everything Father possessed to either his manservant, Karl Günfel, or to his only genuine son, Yours Truly.
  • "Some interest that I haven't been able to make out yet has been hammering our stocks down day after day," he wrote. "I don't understand it, for the stocks are good--they rest on a solid foundation of value and intrinsically are worth more than is bid for them right now. Some powerful concern is beating them down for a purpose of its own. Sooner or later they will let up, and then we'll get things back in good shape. I am amply protected now, thanks to you, and am not at all afraid of losing my holdings. The only difficulty is that I am unable to predict exactly when the other fellows will decide that they have accomplished whatever they are about, and let up. It may not be before next year. In that case I couldn't help you out on those notes when they come due. So put in your best licks, old man. You may have to pony up for a little while, though of course sooner or later I can put it all back. Then, you bet your life, I keep out of it. Lumbering's good enough for yours truly.
  • It's a wonder you're not reading my name on a little board slab instead of seeing yours truly in flesh and blood, Jack, laughed Thorne nervously. "A ton of rock, man--a ton of rock, and I was under it!"
  • Sadly the only person other than yours truly that sees my craftsmanship is the morgue attendant, and even then it is anonymous. Usually my official classification is "unexplained illness." My credit is stolen away by a sniveling weak-chinned pudgy man who spends his nights with stiffs wondering why smoking hot Cathi, note the "i "not the "y", down the hall, you know the one with big tits, will not even smile at him. But, even if he were to recognize my handiwork, could you imagine the audacity of a medical examiner claiming that the deceased was killed by a parasitical Supernatural? There is no little box to check on the sheet for that one.
  • The world of spelunking is an exciting one for those that happen to live in northwest Tennessee. Home of the infamous Dunbar Cave State Park, Clarksville, TN, is visited every year by literally millions upon millions of avid spelunkers. Perhaps that figure has been inflated drastically by yours truly for shock value, but I think you still get the point. It is visited. And definitely by people. And occasionally those people are spelunkers, or are at least aware of the term.
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