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Okunuşu: / jʌŋ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: young
Ekler: youn·ger/youn·gest
Türü: sıfat, isim


s. genç, küçük;
çocuk olan, yavru;

i. yavru, yavrular.

young için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Just behind those shrubberies, there," said the Purloiner, pointing halfway down the hills opposite side, "although I fear you may have your expectations set a little high, young master."
  • 'I'll help you look for him,' Nubs said. 'You go that way and I'll head north.' He was the youngest of the lot, still in his late twenties and decked out in his favourite yellow tank top and black stubby shorts. Able to run like a Kenyan after two hours' sleep and still sporting a raging hangover, he was the bane of the older runners, such as Casper, who still pined for their days of glory.
  • "It's been a long time," Doctor Gefarg said to his father, finally shifting his eyes away from the younger Pill. His deep rumbling voice was like thunder.
  • The conversation turned, the bar filled mostly with expatriates. Brightly lit, its light shone from the inside and spilled out into the parking lot and the street beyond. Any opportunity for contentiousness between them had passed, what was unsaid would remain that way. Jonathan looked at the crowd and then looked out into the dark at the shadowy figures of young boys selling mangoes in the parking lot. He sipped his beer and listened to the Priest sitting next to him reminisce about his home in the Congo.
  • Presently a group of French officers came along and seated themselves at a short distance from the two young Arabs. Having not the slightest idea that these could understand what they said, they talked loudly and unrestrainedly.
  • Pacian was holding the battered young woman with both arms as she cried, clutching at the holy symbol of the Church of Aielund, the halo-ringed sword of Kylaris, in amongst the torn robes on the floor. She looked at Aiden and suddenly held her breath, thunderstruck at his apparent return from the dead, but said nothing. He wanted nothing more than to get them all out of here safely and never return, but there was only one way they were going to make it out alivethe only way out, was through.
  • "Weary me, Tony!" exclaimed Raymond, who had been listening with the deepest attention, and an expression of wonder in his countenance, to every word his young companion had uttered. "Indeed you do not. If I did not know you to have been as a boy the soul of honour, and incapable of falsehood, I should only have been inclined to doubt that you had gone through all the adventures you describe."
  • She shook her head. "Dalla, you and I are too far past breaking in the young bucks. Theyd better learn to catch up."
  • The sentence was so unexpected, she was herself so close, that Arglay for a moment hesitated. It was not so much desire for her that filled him as a willingness to accept himself on those terms, to take this offered substitution. To play deity to an attractive young girl--there was, for a moment he felt, a certain point to the idea. But even as the point pricked him ever so slightly he smiled to think of it, and the consciousness of the prick passed from him. His own belief in God was still small, but his feeling for Organic Law was very strong, and his dislike of any human being pretending to be above that Law was stronger still. The temptation rose and was lost in its absurdity. And yet... She looked up with an inviting smile. He took her suddenly by one shoulder with his hand.
  • He watched with great concern toward the goblin efficiency when he witnessed the goblins force a young human male out of hiding from an old merchants store. Crossbow fire took out the victims legs first. When he crumpled to the ground, three ran up to him and took hold of the arrows that stuck out of his thighs. When he tried to pull away, they twisted the arrow rods over, causing apparent agony in their victim. A fourth goblin took hold of the victims head, mouthed something that Joel could not make out. The victim shook his head. With that, the fourth goblin jabbed a dagger in the young mans throat. With the man gurgling blood in death throws, the four goblins released him and left him to die in the street.
  • Mum somewhat disappointed that the call was not from the young girl said, "Yes, just a second and Ill transfer you."
  • Mrs. Snowdon's keen eyes were on him, and he looked embarrassed for a moment, but answered with some hesitation, "Why, no, I cannot say that, but I can assure you that he is not an habitual gambler. All young men of his rank play more or less, especially abroad. It is merely an amusement with most, and among men is not considered dishonorable or dangerous. Ladies think differently, I believe, at least in England."
  • He pushed himself out of his seat and got off the bus. It wasnt quite deserted, but there were very few people about. He checked the time on his cellphone - just after two. Everyone was probably still at work or at school, except for a pair of young mothers pushing enormous strollers, and a worrying looking pack of punks down the far end of the platform. Dave checked the timetable - the train wasnt due for nearly ten minutes. He tried to sit on a bench, but he felt far too exposed. Looking around, he spotted the bathrooms. He went into the mens room and straight to the disabled stall at the far end, which he locked behind him. Turning around, he caught sight of himself in the mirror.
  • She rose with the book still in her fingers, drew a shawl about her slight figure, and stepped out into the night. It was absolutely dark. A soft wind moved quietly, toying with the light folds of her dress; a few heavy drops of rain spattered in the dust. God's heaven had descended in a mantle of darkness and lay brooding over all the face of the prairies. And somewhere under that mantle of darkness, somewhere under the heaven of that same God, was a young man, sturdy and physically strong, but bearing in his quiet eyes and melancholy mouth a load beyond his years. How had his "stately mansions" narrowed in!
  • 'If he even finished the trail,' the younger bugle holder suggested. His nickname was Nubs. Why they called him Nubs, he would never say. Most references note that a nub is 'a small lump or protuberance', but Nubs would never shed light on the source of his moniker or who had given it to him. 'He was too bloody lazy to even show up for the start of the run.'
  • Later in the evening General Snowdon stood examining the antique screen. In many places carved oak was pierced quite through, so that voices were audible from behind it. The musicians had gone down to supper, the young folk were quietly busy at the other end of the hall, and as the old gentleman admired the quaint carving, the sound of his own name caught his ear. The housekeeper and butler still remained, though the other servants had gone, and sitting cosily behind the screen chatted in low tones believing themselves secure.
  • The young ladies were so busy during the evening, flitting about here and there, that I could scarcely tell how many there were of them. I remarked, however, that one was taller than the others, very fair, and with a graceful figure. When Armitage--who had remained out of sight, looking after the horses--came in, she was not in the room, and it was some time before she returned. When she did so, he rose to his feet, and regarded her earnestly, while the colour mounted to his cheek and brow; then he bowed, and stood apparently irresolute whether to advance or retreat. She started on seeing him and then put out her hand. He sprang across the room and took it.
  • Kerran's dark-blue eyes hardly flickered. Sallis was beginning to realize this young man was nearly always calm. "What do you think, Errim? Speak freely."
  • Though some skeptics smiled when told of Berg's merits, it could not be denied that he was a painstaking and brave officer, on excellent terms with his superiors, and a moral young man with a brilliant career before him and an assured position in society.
  • Pete didn't even know half the people that approached up him in the hallway to slap his hand. But he was happy that the school was behind his team, in what would surely be best year of their young lives. Girls that would never give him the right time of day were flashing the come and get it smile, but Pete was still trying to get over Erica and nobody else seamed to interest him. This, in turn, made him even more even more desirable to the female populous.
  • And, oh, what a shame--what an extraordinary perversion of sense this condemning of the children to the cellars of the churches is! Just as though anything were good enough for them, when in them lies the hope of the Church, and every possible means should be employed to twine their young affections about it! But these words do not apply to the Calvary Sunday School, for it was not held in a dingy basement, but in a separate building that united in itself nearly every good quality such an edifice should possess. It was of ample size, full of light and air, had free exposure to the sunshine, and was so arranged that every convenience was offered for the work of the school. Around the central hall were arranged rooms for the Bible classes, the infant class, and the library, so planned that by throwing up sliding doors they became part of the large room. The walls were hung with pictures illustrating Bible scenes, and with mottoes founded upon Bible texts; and finally, the benches were of a special make that was particularly comfortable.
  • "Shes coming to," Eertu stated flatly, "Hadrenn, water please." The young woman moaned as she tried to set up. "Try not to move," Eertu ordered as he helped her lean up against the wall inside the small dilapidated shack they had taken refuge in then accepted the canteen from Hadrenn. "You have been unconscious for some time and your wounds are considerable. Sip this slowly."
  • I know you favour that young Denis Faire,’ he said, ‘and I must say, he seems a personable young fellow, and hard working too. But I do want to do the best for Elizabeth, and young peoples affections dont always lead to lasting happiness and a good home and family life. And what Im afraid is that she may marry him by default, as it were, that without a dowry shell only be able to marry a poor man.’
  • The shock on the faces of the goons, the surprise on the face of the young woman at the sudden turn of events, the wondering look on the face of John Doe who all of a sudden had himself a companion at ground-level, the clinical expression on Heyachi's face as he inspected his handiwork, and the horror on the face of his team-mates while they considered the fact that they had just declared war on the collective gangs of Bloomingdale; it was as they say, one for the books. What wasn't known at that moment was whether it was one for the history books, the record books at the morgue or the more mundane books kept by the bookies.
  • Peter Elkington himself came down to the Thames that cold, gray February dawn they set sail, bringing along his own son, Georgea pudgy, pampered adolescent in a silk doublet. young George Elkington regally ignored Brian Hawksworth, a snub only one of the two still remembered. As the sails slowly dissolved into the icy mist, Brian climbed atop his uncles shoulders to catch a long last glimpse. No one dreamed that only one of the four would ever see London again.
  • The boy who whirled the magic tablet was, of course, bound to keep the secret of the ajie from the women. Let me tell you that one of the chief virtues of the Bororo men, old and young, was the fidelity with which they could keep secrets. The youngest children were amazing at keeping secrets even from their own mothers. There were things that Bororo women were not allowed to know. Boys attended the tribal meetings of men, and had never been known to reveal the secrets there discussed either to their sisters or mothers.
  • The short fight was over, the prisoners were secured, many fires had been lighted, and the deadly work of the fire-water was already begun. With a heavy heart and a sickening dread, the young soldier crept noiselessly from one lighted circle to another, narrowly escaping discovery a dozen times, and scanning anxiously each dejected group of captives. All were men, nor could he anywhere catch a glimpse of feminine draperies. At one place he saw a confused group, of what he fancied might be captives, on the opposite side of a fire-lighted opening, and made a great circuit through the woods in order to approach it more closely.
  • After I had eaten and slept for a time, I told the chief the story I had heard from the young Spanish officer, Santiago Mariano, concerning my father, and asked his opinion.
  • Cora smiled, then gripped her cane, Sal removing it from the cart. The young man stood to the side, waiting to see if Cora wanted to push it herself, or just walk on her own.
  • The young person was dressed in loincloth and a very odd hat,, which was at least four feet tall, and consisted of a lot of colorful feathers radiating out from a column of masks, like candy floss stuck to a totem pole.
  • Anubis stood as I rushed forward and said, "Slow down there, young cub! I think you might have made a mistake!" He was backing up a bit when I got to him.
  • Looks like your mighty hordes have been conquered by a bunch of kids, said the young Farm Person. "I don't think they'll be good for very much at the end of this little party."
  • I had an opportunity now to tell Rayburn and young of what Tizoc had been speaking at the moment when the summons from the Priest Captain came; and also of the strong personal reason that he had for protecting us, even to the extent of forwarding the outbreak of revolution, in his desire to save from death or slavery the son whom he so well loved.
  • While about 40 million Americans and 4 million Canadians smoke, most of the world's estimated 1.3 billion smokers live in low- and middle-income countries. Worldwide about 30 million young adults begin smoking each year (about half of all young men and 10 per cent of young women) and most do not stop.
  • Just like the party I'm at. I lift my eyes and I'm surrounded by old friends. Except they are still young and I'm still young and the music is thumping and the lights are flashing and it is clearly on. Someone passes me a beer and we're all shouting above the loud music and having a great time. Everything I say is funny and everything they say is funny and we're loud and obnoxious and suddenly I'm back at the funeral home. My friends are gone but I'm still holding a beer and shouting and acting the fool. Everyone is looking at me in horror and suddenly I just know that this is a child's wake because everyone is particularly heartbroken and I just yelled something humorous and inappropriate.
  • `Good man Jim,' Mungo said with feeling, as he put the rods and his bag into the chaos of the back seat. `I got a rod for the young fella in Dublin.'
  • But the key question to be answered is what does she knows and for that matter how did she come to know. He wondered if she was working with the District Attorneys Office or if perhaps she was flying solo. He had seen her talking with that young attorney in court. But in the end he knew it really wouldnt matter one way or the other, because soon, very soon he was going to disappearat least as far the world would know.
  • Shortly before my birth a circumstance had occurred which had contributed much to form and to confirm my father's secluded habits--it was the fact that a suspicion of MURDER had fallen upon his younger brother, though not sufficiently definite to lead to an indictment, yet strong enough to ruin him in public opinion.
  • Docking at the bustling seaport of Palermo was the most exciting part of the whole voyage. Hundreds of old men and women were there to meet their younger family members, hopeful that they could catch up on the farm-work that had to be done.
  • Alastor finds himself guided farther away from Eoin than he would want by the evil congregation. With son separated completely from father, the wraiths and Black Knights unleash the full force of their hatred upon the Knight. The skirmishes earlier were nothing more than a means to gauge the strength of this youngest member of their household. Try as he might, Alastor slowly becomes overwhelmed; the strength of his heart no longer matching that of his blades.
  • Dessi had opened the door and the two young female Dragons stood either side of Farn, Sket behind them all. Farns eyes whirred as Lorak moved out of the chamber first.
  • "You can breathe easy, Medwin," Aiden told the young man as they caught up with him. "By a quirk of fate, what you've done here isn't an atrocity, but in actual fact a service to the kingdom."
  • And a happy quartette they made, these four young people, sensible to the full of the enjoyments of life. Joke and anecdote were interchanged with good-humoured camaraderie and, if Mrs. Grundy was not present, she ought to have been, only in the capacity of spectator, that she might but learn how possible it is for youth of both sexes to meet together in wholesome social enjoyment without the watchful eye of a chaperon. After luncheon, the boys were invited to light their cigars, the girls apologising for not joining in, because they had given up male vices with male habiliments.
  • My two companions moved away from the topic I had raised and fell into family talk. Deirdre wondered if Madeline planned to involve her teenagers in Donalds campaign. She knew how tough public life could be on kids, although hers were younger than Madelines. Madeline said her kids were too busy text messaging their friends and listening to their iPods for hours every day to involve themselves much in politics.
  • But then, looking at the haughty young woman and the decadent old man, he suddenly understands the riddles implication. O you Powers that give heaven countless eyes, viewing mens acts why cloud you not their sights perpetually, if this be true which makes me pale to read it?
  • "You have lacked address. The woman does not live that is not to be won by any man who sets his mind to do it, if only he be of her station and have the means to maintain her in it or raise her to a better. A woman's love, sir, is a tree whose root is vanity. Your attentions flatter her, and predispose her to capitulate. Then, if you but wisely choose your time to deliver the attack, and do so with the necessary adroitness - nor is overmuch demanded - the battle is won with ease, and she surrenders. Believe me, Chatellerault, I am a younger man than you by full five years, yet in experience I am a generation older, and I talk of what I know."
  • "And so it was, in truth, my young friend--so it was; for that confession left behind it many fearful doubts, proving, indeed, nothing but the one fact, that, morally, the wretched man was guilty of the murder."
  • "Taalg, be calm" spoke the silver lady. Taalg deposited Falk gruffly to the floor. "I understand you may feel reluctant to speak to me young man, but rest assured you are in a house of power, it is not a cruel power but it is not a power which maintains itself through yielding unwittingly to its enemies, I will ask you questions and you will submit honest answers" as she spoke Falk looked deep into the silver orbs of her eyes and felt suddenly compelled to be as helpful as possible to his captors.
  • They sit on two, rented deck chairs. Sandra is working on a tan while Mrs. Z. is working on a young German from the Volkswagen Company; he is traveling with twenty other Volkswagen Company employees who head for the States to work at various V.W. automobile dealerships.
  • With the utmost gravity and stateliness my lady and the general led off the dance, for, according to the good old fashion, the men and maids in their best array joined the gentlefolk and danced with their betters in a high state of pride and bashfulness. Sir Jasper twirled the old housekeeper till her head spun around and around and her decorous skirts rustled stormily; Mrs. Snowdon captivated the gray-haired butler by her condescension; and John was made a proud man by the hand of his young mistress. The major came out strong among the pretty maids, and Rose danced the footmen out of breath long before the music paused.
  • She nodded, but paid little attention to the actual question. It was simply idle, and the young woman placed herself in front of the footsteps again, "We can't go backwe'd only trample our own footprints."
  • "'Photography is one of my hobbies,' said he. 'I have made my dark room up there. But, dear me! what an observant young lady we have come upon. Who would have believed it? Who would have ever believed it?' He spoke in a jesting tone, but there was no jest in his eyes as he looked at me. I read suspicion there and annoyance, but no jest.
  • Standing beside the young man was a tall woman with short hair and a deep Mediterranean complexion. Maeve could tell from the serious lines around her eyes, that this woman had a lot of life experience.
  • Kent turns to him, glaring. "With you, goodman boy, an you please!" He raises his sword. "Come, Ill flesh ye!—come on, young master!"
  • His Aura glowed so brightly that even the youngest neophyte could have viewed it. The individual auriculae framing his face flowed like ribbons in the breeze, and the colors were vividgreen glowing in many shades of perfect purity with shining gold strands interwoven. Such displays never presented around a man. Only senior Madrres could shine like this, and only Graice herself exceeded his radiance, assuming those who told her how hers appeared spoke truth.
  • I ain't got no fancy for young 'uns in camp, but ye kin do ez ye like, Walley Johnson, he answered grudgingly. "Only I want it understood, right now, I ain't no guardeen, an' won't be, to nawthin' that walks in petticoats! What I'm thinkin' of is the old cow out yonder, an' them hens o' Joe's what I seen a-roostin' over the cowstall."
  • Since arriving three days ago, she and Evelyn had been introduced to all twenty of his indentured servants. One of them was a young woman around twenty-four years old who worked in the house, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and tending to the kitchen garden. She had only six months left to her contract and in a moment of forgetting her place, informed Elizabeth of her plans to marry a man who had also been an indentured servant, but who was now free. The other nineteen were field hands or worked in the silk house, men ranging in age from sixteen to twenty-six and all from the county of Cornwall. They had all been mannerly and decently-kept, wearing their new sets of clothes they received once a year. Perhaps this land wasnt so wild and dangerous as her father had led them to believe.
  • The remark was received with a loud shout by his men, on which he ordered the Lion to be steered to close with her antagonist. The two ships met with a crash; and before the Portugals, who had been mustering on purpose, could reach the side of the Lion, her gallant crew, led by Waymouth, had boarded the enemy. And now, in truth, was shown what English steel could do; and well as many of the Portugals fought, the decks were soon cleared of all but a gallant few, who, surrounding the Portugal captain, stood at bay. That Portugal captain was a young man of a noble bearing; though wounded, he seemed resolved to resist to the last.
  • Cassius held up his hand and the prefect loosened his reins. "Good afternoon," he said to the young man who had hailed him. He was handsome, with light brown hair and a strong jaw, and dressed in a brown wool cloak that set him apart from the ragged homespun of the peasants. "How can I help you?"
  • Loofah skirted a low hill, leaping lumps of bracken and fallen branches. Aheadfar, far aheadthe train flitted between oak trunks and then passed behind a thick stand of birch. His panic flared and he leapt after it, redoubling his already superhuman effort. For in the bracken, in the trunks of the trees, in the foliage of the young saplings still struggling to make their mark on the wood, even in the liquid air itself, was the same face, puffy with fury, goading him mercilessly onwards with the laser sharpness of its piggy little eyes.
  • The young woman bowed one final time, and turned to the rest of the group while he watched her walk away, loosing his vision first to the Dwarf who looked leery and grumpy as always, then to Merial who blushed and skittered away, caught staring once more.
  • Max was young and impetuous, so it was no surprise when he zipped out and then zipped back before mere mortals could blink.
  • Jean Valjean was of that thoughtful but not gloomy disposition which constitutes the peculiarity of affectionate natures. On the whole, however, there was something decidedly sluggish and insignificant about Jean Valjean in appearance, at least. He had lost his father and mother at a very early age. His mother had died of a milk fever, which had not been properly attended to. His father, a tree-pruner, like himself, had been killed by a fall from a tree. All that remained to Jean Valjean was a sister older than himself,--a widow with seven children, boys and girls. This sister had brought up Jean Valjean, and so long as she had a husband she lodged and fed her young brother.
  • "Great question!" the young woman said so enthusiastically it startled Vera. "Not like an injection needle. As I was saying, once youre sedated, well use a laser to create a small hole right about here." The young woman pointed to the center of her own forehead.
  • Another familiar voice, but different than the one she knows. Alastor, younger, but him nonetheless. Looking up, she can not only hear, but see through Alastor's own eyes the fateful day of his finding Eoin slain.
  • I didnt see any Harrys or Hermiones but there were some more of those solitary young men I had been noticing everywhere. I imagined them belonging to some secret fellowship of the miserable. I was probably a member myself.
  • Still chattering, she led the way into the house. Mrs. Brill was an elder sister of the Hagar's Corner's agent and very like him in face, manner, and bright, cheery way of speaking. The house was tastefully furnished, and a white-capped maid could be seen hovering over the table as they went upstairs. Betty learned long afterward that Mr. Brill's father was wealthy and idolized his son's wife, who had given the younger man the ambition and spur his career had lacked until he met and married her. It was lovely Rose Gowdy who persuaded Steve Brill to take the job of telegraph operator, forgetting his prematurely white hair, and she who encouraged him to work his way to the top of the railroad business. Rose, and Rose's son, were given all the credit of that ultimate success by the older Brill.
  • "What have you found?" Nellise asked, coming over to see what the fuss was about. She gasped slightly as the young cleric saw what they were looking at, and then leaned in to inspect the remains with a professional eye.
  • As it turned out, the church was indeed filled with the wounded, a mixture of soldiers and civilians alike, with a dozen young clerics that were part of this chapter of the church doing their utmost to tend to the injured. Although they were moving as quickly as they could, unmoving bodies covered in blankets nearby indicated they were not always successful.
  • Lord Bossnowl was either unconscious of any such affair, or indifferent to its existence. He introduced the Captain very cordially to Miss Crotchet; and the young lady invited him, as the friend of their guests, to partake of her father's hospitality, an offer which was readily accepted.
  • 'When I received your letter I am already coming to you. By good fortune I can leave just at once, without wrong to any of those who have trusted me. Were fortune other, then it were bad for those who have trusted, for I come to my friend when she call me to aid those she holds dear. Tell your friend that when that time you suck from my wound so swiftly the poison of the gangrene from that knife that our other friend, too nervous, let slip, you did more for her when she wants my aids and you call for them than all her great fortune could do. But it is pleasure added to do for her, your friend, it is to you that I come. Have near at hand, and please it so arrange that we may see the young sir not too late on tomorrow, for it is likely that I may have to return here that night. But if need be I shall come again in three days, and stay longer if it must. Till then goodbye, my friend Joan.
  • It has not been at all like my canal travel at home, added Uncle Moses, who was the oldest person on board of the ship by one month, by which time Dr. Hawkes was his junior, and they were only fifty-four. "I went from Syracuse to Oswego by a canal boat when I was a young man. The trip was in the night, and I slept on a swinging shelf, held up by ropes; and we were bumping much of the time in the locks so that I did not sleep so well as I did last night. But what water have we ahead, Captain?"
  • At that moment the flames flared up and showed his young master's pale worn face. Alpatych told how he had been sent there and how difficult it was to get away.
  • Three hundred young men, who had shed their raincoats, stood before him. They wore brown uniforms, armbands with swastikas, arms outstretched in that rigid tribute he had adored in the good years. His godlike name was crackling from their throats. He was ...
  • Stanleyville has a significance for me less romantic but infinitely more practical than the first contact with the Congo River. After long weeks of suffering from inefficient service I sacked Gerome and annexed a boy named Nelson. The way of it was this: In the Katanga I engaged a young Belgian who was on his way home, to act as secretary. He knew the native languages and could always convince the most stubborn black to part with an egg. Nelson was his servant. He was born on the Rhodesian border and spoke English. I could therefore upbraid him to my heart's content, which was not the case with Gerome. Besides, he was not handicapped with a wife. In Africa the servants adopt the names of their masters. Nelson had worked for an Englishman at Elizabethville and acquired his cognomen. I have not the slightest doubt that he now masquerades under mine. Be that as it may, Nelson was a model servant and he remained with me until that September day when I boarded the Belgium-bound boat at Matadi.
  • He might have judged better than that, had he reflected an instant. He never yet had thought of his daughter except as a mere child, and he did not mean for an instant to intimate that her growing interest in the young lieutenant was anything more than a "school-girl" fancy. She was old enough, however, to take his thoughtless speech au srieux, and it hurt her.
  • If not for that turn of events, Rose and Gray would have never met. Gray graduated, entering college in Los Angeles. He played in a few bands, but concentrated on school while living at home. His mother floated about, a sorrowful woman whose youngest son had died when Gray was fifteen. Colleen Burnett had divorced her husband when Gray was nine, then Noel Burnett died, leaving his ex-wife with an ailing child and one obsessed with music. That Colleens mother was wealthy stood as the only reason Gray didnt end up homeless.
  • She tells the group to wait while she goes to the closest doctors office. Indians on the street look on curiously as a beautiful, young white lady walks a block with a brown bag held straight out in front of her. At the office, she tells the receptionist her problem and after both laugh at what is in the brown bag the receptionist takes the bag back to a private room. When she returns with a fresh, white bag containing the sanitized teeth, she introduces Sandra to her handsome boss, the doctor.
  • The scent Rose had noticed within Petras house was present in the ICU, but not as strong. A fading smell, bombarded with others, the aroma of a hospital. Rose hadnt been in one since Liam was born, but when Petra was younger, it was a common destination and the scent hadnt changed, disinfectants alongside unwashed bodies, collected urine, stale food. Still Roses stomach hadnt reacted, nothing to explain.
  • In an upper room overlooking the gardens, a young woman with dark brown hair and ivory pale skin is awakened by the shouting. She walks over to her window to see the King and Hector on the verge of trading blows. The King's eyes fill with wrath and he unsheathes a sword that had been hidden among his robes. The woman watches with apprehension.
  • It's a singular thing that just then, as I saw the young lady blush deeply, and Mrs Colonel look annoyed, I muttered to myself, "Something will come of this," because, if there's anything I hate, it's for a man to set himself up for a prophet. But it looked to me as if the captain had been taking Lieutenant Leigh's place, and that Miss Ross, as was really the case, though she had never seen him, had heard him so much talked of by her sister, that she had welcomed him, as she thought, quite as an old friend, when all the time she had been talking to Captain Dyer.
  • The young man, either not comprehending him, or so eager to escape as to forget all other considerations, sprang up on the bulwarks, and, seizing a rope, attempted to lower himself without assistance. Miscalculating the time, he descended rapidly; the ship gave a sudden lurch, the boat swung off, and the foaming sea surging up tore him from the rope, and with a fearful cry of despair he sank for ever. He was the first victim claimed by the ocean. His fate deterred others from making a like attempt.
  • Of the remaining six shots but one was effective--breaking the wing-tip of a young female, which was secured for a live decoy.
  • There was one feature of this camp that greatly puzzled our young woodsman, and that was its silence. Surely the night was too young for all the inmates of those lodges to have retired, and yet there was no sound of voices. Not even the wail of a child was to be heard nor the barking of a dog. It was unaccountable, and gave Donald a creepy feeling that he tried in vain to shake off. He moved with an even greater caution than if he had been guided by the usual sounds of such a place and spent a full hour in examining the camp from all points before daring to enter it.
  • When my parents were young and dinosaurs were roaming freely throughout the planet, school was a place where you participated or risked certain death! Not only were teachers verbally abusive at times, if parents caught wind of bad behavior than you would rather go out and play tag with the raptors than go home.
  • Captain Ringgold and Louis had considered the situation, and fully realized the intention of Captain Mazagan to follow the steamer and her little consort. They had agreed upon a plan, after Captain Scott and Felix, who was the detective of the ship, by which they hoped to "fool" the enemy, as the young commander expressed it. The Fatim had sailed early in the morning, but she was soon discovered off the Bay of Abukir. The reader is now in condition to inquire into what Captain Scott regarded as the one great mistake that had been made in the arrangements for outwitting the Moorish steam-yacht.
  • Louisa, meanwhile, had heard the sound of the approaching carriage, and beset with her own curiosity, had emerged from around the corner of the house to see who had just arrived. Having caught sight of the two black-haired women, one of whom was now being enveloped in Michaels arms, Louisa darted forward with uncharacteristic alacrity, dropping her fuchsia cutting and nearly trampling a shrub in the process. Once she had reached the place where the women were gathered, she clumsily grabbed the young woman who was standing aloof from the hugging couple, and almost knocked her over.
  • "I did not. If you say one more word about me to anyone, Ill come in there and drown your ugly butt," Timmi said, and then walked toward the patio doors. She stood outside and watched Charles run his fingers along a young womans arm. The young woman was about the same age as Inga; just a few years older than Timmi. It Teed her off to watch Charles touch other girls, but it was good that he was not faithful to that Mavis.
  • Elliot takes the first. He's asked by one of the younger journalists if there are plans to bring the price down further in the future. He replies that there's a chance, especially if some of the richer countries relax their restrictions on genetic research, which would bring down Foxglove's costs. This is pretty much nonsense, but the questioner has no way of knowing that and will probably pass it on to a few million people.
  • London, seeing help at hand, sent up a lusty shriek, and in a few minutes a big crowd had gathered about the combatants. Gardiner hurried to Burton's side and whispered, "Let him go, that's not what I hired you for." Burton released his grip and Riles fell in the snow, London sending up a fresh series of shrieks when he saw his oppressor again at liberty. The big man soon recovered himself and scrambled to his feet, and the crowd rapidly dispersed. But before Riles went he found occasion to hiss in Burton's ear, "You got the drop on me that time, young meddler, but I'll square it with ye yet, if I do murder for it."
  • "I dont want to leave," Thomas said, digging his heels into the plush carpet. "Them young ladies were right kind to me."
  • Confused, Catrin moved to Mother Gwendolin's side and tried to console her. From the looks the other monks were exchanging, they were as confused as she was. Mother Gwendolin took several deep breaths and gradually regained her composure. A young monk approached with jars of water, and Mother Gwendolin drank deeply when Catrin offered one to her. Catrin could barely stand the suspense, but she respected Mother Gwendolin and gave her time to calm herself.
  • 'Don't you think Mother is very quiet?' observed Tricksy, as the three young people, accompanied by Laddie, were crossing the moor. 'I wonder whether she's sorry about something?'
  • The Elda caught the eyes of two young Lind at the edge of the circle. They approached, tails swishing and eyes alight with anticipation.
  • Then he noticed two eunuchs leading a young boy into the room. The youth appeared to be hovering at the age of puberty, with still no trace of a beard. He wore a small but elaborately tied pastel turban, pearl earrings, and a large sapphire on a chain around his pale throat. His elaborate ensemble included a transparent blouse through which his delicate skin glistened in the lamplight, a long quilted sash at his waist, and tight-fitting trousers beneath light gauze pajamas that clung to his thighs as he moved. His lips were lightly red, and his perfume a mixture of flowers and musk. The boy reached for a ball of spiced opium and settled back against a quilted gold bolster next to Mukarrab Khan. The governor studied him momentarily and then returned to the music. And his thoughts.
  • Julian believed her. There was no reason not to. The two of them had formed a special bond over the past several years. She had been under training to be on the council about the same time he was. Her abilities matched no other. She could fight her way out of a den of Stühocs with her agility and swordplay. She was no one to pick a fight with. She was a year older than he, still making him the youngest of the council members. They had much in common. Both of them had died on Earth when they were only children. Nalani had no recollection of her death. Unfortunately Julian remembered his death in vivid detail.
  • Once a man, younger than Old Man, who wore a golden torque about his neck and gold bands on his arms, visited on market day. He saw her dance. Afterward, he came close to her, but did not touch her.
  • They were on the way out when Percy noticed the young trolls playing football with the barbarians' head. "Hey!" he complained. "No fair! They're playing with their food!"
  • "Bless me, how dull we are tonight!" exclaimed Rose, as the younger portion of the party wandered listlessly about the drawing rooms that evening, while my lady and the major played an absorbing game of piquet, and the general dozed peacefully at last.
  • He stabbed the closest man in the side, running him through the heart and dropping him to the ground, dead before he stopped moving. The young adventurer stepped over the body and prepared to strike at the next bandit, who was now facing him and ready to defend, a shortsword in his hand. Aiden could see Sayana out of the corner of his eye, and wondered for a brief moment if he should rush back over to support her. But he needn't have worried. She raised her hand, pointing at the approaching men, and flames shot out, engulfing both of them.
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