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Okunuşu: / wuːnd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wound
Ekler: wounds
Türü: isim, fiil


i. , k.dili Oh! Hayret!
i. , argo. hayret uyandıran kimse veya şey, çok makbul şey.
f. , argo. şaşırtmak, hayrete düşürmek.

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  • "Of course I will go, more than gladly." So it happened that after a hasty luncheon I wound down the mountain to Parco, found Padre Stefano, explained my errand to him, found him intensely eager and sympathetic, and by five o'clock had him back at the convent with all that was necessary for the resting of the soul of the dead girl.
  • My first idea, naturally. But a glance at the wound set me wondering. It was bleeding profusely, and from its location I was afraid that it might have penetrated the internal jugular; but the external only was wounded. I arrested the flow of blood and made the patient comfortable. Lady Lashmore assisted me coolly and displayed some skill as a nurse. In fact she had applied a ligature before my arrival.
  • Batujin wasn't done. While she stood there clutching the bow, he went to the safe box yet again and started to unpack it. Everything that they owned that was of any value went in theremoney, Batujin's cloak clasp, Sarangerel's jewelry and that silk shawl from the traders to the southall of this wound up in a small pile on the mat. Nasan wondered if she should refuse whatever it was they were going to give her. She was going to die! It was like leaving treasures on a corpse when you were about to drag it outside for the gliders to eat.
  • A twinge of old fear wound through his gut. What had she been doing with Sicarius's weapon? Hollowcrest couldn't be right, could he?
  • But by the next mail came another letter in his hand, describing how the fort had been carried at the point of the bayonet, and Shere Ali driven back behind the nullah. This, however, was the strongest position of all, and the most difficult to force. The road which wound down behind the fort into the bed of the nullah and zigzagged up again on the far side had been broken away, the cliffs were unscaleable, and the stone sangars on the brow proof against shell and bullet. Shere Ali's force was disposed behind these stone breastworks right across the valley on both sides of the river.
  • Jimmie was unconscious when his father carried him into the house. It was late in the night, and he was lying in his own little bed, and his mother had dressed his wounds, when he revived. And Tog was then howling under his window; and there Tog remained until dawn, listening to the child's cries of agony.
  • The next morning we made an early start, for to save this large skin I had decided to push on with all haste to the little settlement of Afognak, where I had arranged to meet my friend some days later. It was a beautiful morning, and once more we had a favoring breeze. Some forty miles across Shelikoff Straits was the Alaskan shore. The rugged, snow-clad mountains seemed to be softened when seen through the hazy blue atmosphere. One white-capped peak boldly pierced a line of clouds and stood forth against the pale blue of the sky beyond; while the great Douglas Glacier, ever present, wound its way down, down to the very sea. It was all grandly beautiful, and seemed In keeping with the day.
  • The program continued with an interview with Dr la Berg from Switzerland, who opened the first clinic in the world, where this new revolutionary method named after him was being performed. The method was based on applying onto the wound a synthetically generated alpine calf's fat tissue and covering the scar with multi-polymeric plasma, which facilitated the healing so rapidly it was noticeable to a naked eye.
  • We called to soldiers to bear his body and having set the pursuit, with that royal clay entered into Amada in triumph. It was not a very great town and the temple was its finest building and thither we wended. In the outer court we found Pharaoh lying at the point of death, for from many wounds his life drained out with his flowing blood, nor could the leeches help him.
  • But the next instant he felt a burning, stinging pain across his forehead and a second later his eyes saw nothing, while he was conscious that they were filled with blood that streamed from his wound.
  • He did not say anything as he passed the kitchen door, but he had his long cane fishing-pole over his shoulder. It had a line wound around it, ready for use. He went out of the gate and down the road toward the bridge, and gave only a glance across at the shop.
  • Well, you've got to rest now, anyhow, she dictated. "Now, stop thinking and planning, and just rest! Till your wound is healed, you're going to keep good and quiet."
  • Four more days went by very wearily. Our wounds were healing--for we all were in good condition as the result of our vigorous life in the open air--but they still kept us in constant pain, and so tended to increase our melancholy. Out in the valley, beyond the mouth of the cañon, the Indians maintained their watchful guard. Rayburn tried the experiment of holding a hat and coat out on a pole, standing himself under cover of the rock, and in an instant a pair of arrows went through the dummy; and as one of these came from the right and the other from the left, it was evident that in both directions the valley was picketed.
  • Dressing the wound carefully, and using restoratives, the doctor soon had the satisfaction of discovering that his patient was rallying; and within an hour's time his eyes opened, and he looked about him in a bewildered way.
  • Its hard to imagine a sadder, more unsatisfying patch -- the available solution to the slaughter of innocents is our ability to get better at cleaning the wounds and burying the dead. Until Americas leaders take on the gun lobby, until a president expends political capital on meaningful action, we will get better at mourning still.
  • My parents made a deal with me that if I got a full scholarship they would give me money toward a car. My maroon 1980 Ford Mustang was anything but a muscle car. The six-cylinder car handled fairly well but the brakes were pretty suspect. Who was I to complain, I finally had my own car! It felt good not having to bum rides off other guys and be able to go out and clear my head every once in a while. I had come to the conclusion that being a freshman sucked even more than the first year of middle school. I thought I had all of the tools coming into college but still wound up completely getting my head handed to me.
  • "I'll keep that in mind," Aiden replied with a shudder. Noticing that Colt seemed to be distracted, he turned to see what he was looking at. The prone form of Fletcher seemed to be the focus of his attention, and it was difficult to judge what the ranger was thinking. Fletchers wounds had not been attended to, and had clotted on his clothing. Pacian had evidently taken the time to bind his arms and legs, however. Nellise slumped forward as she finished her prayers, practically wilting before their eyes.
  • A blow landed on the side of his head. He was momentarily stunned; his shield must have slipped. The pain hit him an instant later, a jolt of lightning searing down his neck and into his shoulder; scorching the old wound Rhirids arrow had made months earlier. He couldnt remember the last time hed felt it but it screamed now with all its former intensity. The sudden shock made him furious. Without thinking he lashed out, thrusting his shield away from his body with a violent push and swinging his right arm around, over the neck of his horse, bringing his sword down on top of his opponents head.
  • After some careful maneuvering, John brought the Sky-Bird down, and though the tall grasses wound in the landing-gear in coming to a stop, they broke off without doing any damage.
  • "Aha!" He raised his mug into the air. He exaggerated each word with flamboyant motions. "As I say, there we were, dead in the water. With the rope about me waist, I swim past the ship, I did! And I did swim as I've never before, and in the storm, mind you!," he wound it up with a grand finish, "towed the boat off the high seas to the safety of this very bay!"
  • Half an hour went by, and Dave and his parent remained under the cliff. Without a fire it was extremely cold, and they had to stamp around to keep warm. At times Mr. Porter felt rather faint from his wounds, but he kept this from Dave as much as possible. Yet presently the boy noticed it.
  • "They must understand that we can only lose by taking the offensive. Patience and time are my warriors, my champions," thought Kutuzov. He knew that an apple should not be plucked while it is green. It will fall of itself when ripe, but if picked unripe the apple is spoiled, the tree is harmed, and your teeth are set on edge. Like an experienced sportsman he knew that the beast was wounded, and wounded as only the whole strength of Russia could have wounded it, but whether it was mortally wounded or not was still an undecided question. Now by the fact of Lauriston and Barthelemi having been sent, and by the reports of the guerrillas, Kutuzov was almost sure that the wound was mortal. But he needed further proofs and it was necessary to wait.
  • The energy with which this reproof, though severe, was begun denoted what self-flattery might well have construed into affection; for it proved the interest the lovely chider took in the rectitude of my conduct. But the kindness of it seemed to be all killed, in the formality and coldness of the conclusion. I stood speechless. She perceived the effect she had produced, and in a soft and relenting tone added--'I do not seek to wound your feelings, Mr. Trevor. Oh no! Would I could'--The angel checked herself, but soon with returning enthusiasm continued--'Ideas at this instant rush upon my mind that'--Again she paused--'You saved my life--but'--The tears started in her eyes, her voice faltered, she could not proceed. She had rung to inquire for a dressing room, the damned maid entered, Olivia followed, and I remained in speechless stupefaction, with the dreadful but reverberating in my ear.
  • "No, he won't Frank," Seth said as he took a step behind the vampire. He thrust his hand through Frank's body and pushed out his heart. "I will." Seth pulled his arm out of Frank's body and let it fall limply to the ground. He threw the heart on top of it. The only real way to kill a vampire was to make sure the wound was mortal and unable to heal. A broken neck could heal. A stake in the heart could heal, but disconnect the head or take out the heart, and their bodies weren't able to fix that kind of damage.
  • The body of Shep Boone was found next day by Munro among the blackberry bushes at the fence corner of his own place. No less than four witnesses had seen young Yarnell pass that way with a rifle in his hand about the same time that Shep was riding out from town. They had heard a shot, but had thought little of it. Munro had been hoeing cotton in the field and had seen the lad as he passed. Later he had heard excited voices, and presently a shot. Other circumstantial evidence wound a net around the boy. He was arrested. Before the coroner held an inquest a new development startled the community. Dick Bellamy fled on a night train, leaving a note to the coroner exonerating Hal. In it he practically admitted the crime, pleading self defence.
  • He ran through the Palace courtyard, past the finely- manicured gardens and the myriad of archways until he reached the Palace Steps, and climbed them three-at-a-time. The Palace was exactly as Trevor had remembered itgrand, with a spiraling staircase that wound up through the mountain's interior, up to the crystal chandeliers that dotted the ceiling. But just like his house, everything here emanated with a dull, red light.
  • "But then, just when I was getting ready to be released, this social worker bitch comes in and breaks it to me. Poor Daddyd stuck a gun in his mouth and blew his freaking brains out. So this social worker throws me in this halfway house with a bunch of total losers, like shes doing me a favor or something. I split and was just cruising on the streets, but I got caught and thrown in juvie. The old broad bails me out. More favors. Next thing I know Im living in this big condo in Marina del Rey with my new foster parents. Its no mystery why they didnt have any kids of their own. Their idea of a good time was balancing checkbooks over chai latte. I was always Poor Prissy. Sweet Prissy. They liked to show me off to their geek friends, liked to show them what great parents they were. I was out of my mind, Limo. One night I toldem I was gonna go admire the stupid sailboats or something, but I stuck out my thumb and got a ride down Lincoln to the freeway. After a couple more rides I wound up in Hollywood, cold and hungry and pregnant. Thats when I met Jeremy."
  • 'Yesterday, you were caught up in an accident in which an articulated lorry ploughed into a city centre Starbucks,' Amanda said. 'You were the only survivor, stumbling from the rubble, until you were struck down by a piece of debris. I was the first officer on the scene, helping any of the injured and making sure you were kept alive. I've seen a few bullet wounds, and knew you had just been shot minutes before. Only the doctors didn't find any bullet, just a wad of bloodied newspaper.
  • Under the oaks and beeches whose gnarled and twisted arms overlapped the path the column bent its course; and as it wound along the narrow way, the shafts of sunlight, breaking through the leaves, rippled over the steel casquetels and trappings until it was as if a rivulet had suddenly gushed forth and was flowing down this forest by-path.
  • I felt Cory tense in my arms as the hero and villain battled it out on TV. We were sitting, or more lying, on the couch in my basement getting our weekly fix. My arms were wound around her waste and I felt her fingers tracing invisible designs along my forearm. Her head was resting against the base of my neck and her long curly hair would occasionally tickle my face. One of those advertisements for the next show flashed across the screen and we both grumbled.
  • The wound wasnt as bad as it looked at first glance; if it was, the poor man would have been dead already. The rain had kept it somewhat clean and the mans companions hadnt stuffed it with leaves or horsehair or bits of their filthy tunics to stop the bleeding. Shed seen people pack wounds with some very imaginative materials, mostly to little effect. And anyway, now that the knight was lying horizontally and was still and out of the wet, the bleeding had stopped on its own.
  • But up in one of the boxes not far from the starting point were three young men who were utterly overcome with amazement and consternation. One of them had a face that was drawn and pale, as if he had received a mortal wound.
  • "Come outside with me." He walked past them through the marble doorway. "Have you seen the lake yet from the balcony? This one afternoon we will drink together and watch the sunset. Before we all leave Udaipur I wanted you to see this place. Its become very special for me. When I sit here in the cool afternoon, I seem to forget all the wounds Ive ever felt in battle. For a moment nothing else exists."
  • "Most fatal wounds come from behind, where the quad can't see it coming, so we maximized protection where we are most vulnerable. Like conventional armor, we don't use plating along the arms because the extra weight slows the wand hand down too much, but we found the most heat-resistant cloth to minimize skin burns. They all have a camouflage pattern to blend into the sky above to minimize their visibility from below."
  • "It was a wondrous combat," he declared, with all the spirit of a spectator, "for Poleon advanced bare-handed and beat him down even as the man fired into his face. It is due to the goodness and mercy of God that he was spared a single wound from this desperado--a miracle vouchsafed because of his clean heart and his righteous cause."
  • "He tricked us!" cried Mellor, whose tunic was in tatters, wholly ripped on one side and revealing a surface wound stitched intermittently down the length of his torso. "He's no old fool! Just look what he's done! The Synod'll have our heads, and then our hides."
  • Yes, said he, looking around, "I was the fortunate boy who jumped into the water after you, and found that chain wound round the button of my coat. I have kept it and the locket ever since, but I never knew you were the original until I heard the story from your lips."
  • Presently they were climbing a long hill. The road wound in and out among the trees, and at one place the grade was so steep that Dave had to throw the clutch into low gear. He and his uncle listened intently, and from a distance heard the chug-chug of the other car a long way ahead.
  • The man never so much as moved, though the two descending boys passed within thirty feet of where he reclined on the rock, his face turned toward the road that wound in and out of the tangle far below.
  • Quick, commanded Charley, "open one of your shotgun shells and take out the shot." While he had been speaking the lad had slipped one leg out of his pants and exposed the wound to view. It was only a tiny red puncture of the skin midway between knee and hip, but the bitten one knew that tiny place was more dangerous than a rifle ball.
  • "That's really strange," said Hendricks. "They brought her body to General Hospital. She had a bullet wound in her thigh."
  • It needed but the weight of a few to accomplish his design. The ship was stopped in its flight and then, to the horror of the girl, she felt it being dragged steadily downward. Gahan, too, realized the danger and the necessity for instant action. Clinging to the rope with his left hand, he had wound a leg about it, leaving his right hand free for his long-sword which he had not sheathed. A downward cut clove the soft head of a kaldane, and another severed the taut rope beneath the panthan's feet. The girl heard a sudden renewal of the shrill whistling of her foes, and at the same time she realized that the craft was rising again. Slowly it drifted upward, out of reach of the enemy, and a moment later she saw the figure of Turan clamber over the side. For the first time in many weeks her heart was filled with the joy of thanksgiving; but her first thought was of another.
  • Now for the bodies, and Ham caught hold of Quinley and turned the body over. "Wal, I swun!" and he stared down at the left hand. The little finger had been recently shot away and the wound was still roughly bandaged. "So y'ur th' feller that I owe a finger tew. Wal, here it is," and he thrust his hand into his pocket and pulled out the little buckskin-wrapped parcel, containing the little finger that he had shot from the unknown hand the night they were encamped on the shore of Goose Neck Lake, and laid it down on the corpse.
  • [*] As the readers of "Allan Quatermain" will be aware, this prophecy of the dying Zulu was fulfilled. Mr. Quatermain died at Zuvendis as a result of the wound he received in the battle between the armies of the rival Queens.--Editor.
  • "I will Mother, thanks for the tip." The next day he visited Mr. Delblonde, who had been in the medical care of Villain for some time. This chirurgeon took care of your wounds, cut away swellings, performed phlebotomy, pulled teeth, prepared herbal remedies and cut your hair or shaved your beard. The long-term patient had had the misfortune not to qualify for free treatments. His illness had been dragging on and on and he had been obliged to sell the one family heirloom he possessed, a root wood wardrobe, in order to be able to pay the bills. Only people who were completely destitute were eligible for free services and the municipality covered these cost. Michels suspicions were confirmed when he entered; Villain was of the old school. Delblonde was completely exhausted due to laxatives and various fontanelles. The patient was lying in bed in critical condition with a sister by his side. Nostradamus introduced himself and the old man thought he remembered him from the past. Half delirious, he began to talk about the old days, but his sister put a stop to it right away.
  • "We want a big thing of you, as you'll learn before long; but you mustn't ask too many questions, nor try to get away, nor refuse to do what is told you. If you do, your clock will be wound up in short order; but remember what I've told you, and you'll be released after a while, without any harm to you.
  • Master Rayburn, the old scholar, angler, and, in a small way, naturalist, had no pretensions to being either physician or surgeon; but there was neither within a day's journey, and in the course of a long career, he had found out that in ordinary cases nature herself is the great curer of ills. He had noticed how animals, if suffering from injuries, would keep the place clean with their tongues, and curl up and rest till the wounds healed; that if they suffered from over-eating they would starve themselves till they grew better; that at certain times of the year they would, if carnivorous creatures, eat grass, or, if herbivorous, find a place where the rock-salt which lay amongst the gypsum was laid bare, and lick it; and that even the birds looked out for lime at egg-laying time to form shell, and swallowed plenty of tiny stones to help their digestion.
  • The Masai perform no agriculture whatever, nor will they eat game meat. They have no desire whatever for any of the white man's provisions except sugar. In fact; their sole habitual diet is mixed cow's blood and milk--no fruits, no vegetables, no grains, rarely flesh; a striking commentary on extreme vegetarian claims. The blood they obtain by shooting a very sharp-pointed arrow into the neck vein of the cow. After the requisite amount has been drained, the wound is closed and the animal turned into the herd to recuperate. The blood and milk are then shaken together in long gourds. Certainly the race seems to thrive on this strange diet. Only rarely, on ceremonial occasions or when transportation is difficult, do they eat mutton or goat flesh, but never beef.
  • The road wound south, through hills thinly forested with pines. For a time, it followed the east bank of the Ciele, before the river swung toward the west and the great sea. Here, the hill country met the plain of Scarpe, which stretched from the Mearh Dun in the north to the cliffs far to the west that rose above the sea with their rocky heights. The plain of Scarpe extended a good five days' journey by horse to the forests of Lome standing on the western foothills and flanks of the Mountains of Morn. South was a hard week's ride before the plain met the river Rennet and Hearne, whose stone walls loomed over that course's mouth.
  • And so the talk ran on until it came time to retire. That night Ben slept but little, and it was not the rain or the aching of his wound that kept him awake either. He was bound to think of Larry constantly until something was heard of the missing lad.
  • I found him sitting up in bed and nursing his leg, the wound of which appeared red and angry at the edges. I sent, therefore, for a fomentation, and while applying it thought no harm to tell him the report from the Cove. To my astonishment it threw him into a transport, though whether of rage or horror I could not at first tell. But he jerked his leg from my grasp, and beating the straw with both fists he cried out--
  • Taranis starts to run toward the city entrance, Leon following close behind, but they need not run far to find the reason for the alarm: the sky has become full of the Guardian race. As they finally cross into Halvard proper, many fall to the ground in exhaustion, those who are able to land on their feet immediately move to the aid of their brethren. Hundreds descend upon the city, most bearing wounds hastily bandaged, if at all. One such flier lands in front of Leon. The Valachian prince runs to this one, quickly embracing her only to find that it is none other than Uri'el's wife, her arm cradling the child still inside her.
  • "Already found it," Lucia piped in. She looked like she had recovered from her wounds already. Id never recover from my emotional ones.
  • Astray leapt into Ceders arms, knocking her down on the bench. The cub gazed intently into her eyes, then leapt to the pole. With one look back to the children, he darted up the pole in an instant, circling around while he ascended as though a spiral staircase wound a welcome for him. At the top he disappeared.
  • It was in that hour that it came to me to cast myself upon this fair creature's mercy. Surely one so sweet and saintly to behold would take compassion on an unfortunate! Haply my wound and all the rest that I had that night endured made me dull-witted and warped my reason.
  • The pony balked, but finally gave way under protest, and they rode on into the jungle. A bridle path wound through the undergrowth and between the trees, and this they followed.
  • I returned to my companions and calmed them. I told them we were safe against further attack from the robbers and that we must only guess the way to reach Mongolia. Our horses were so exhausted and thin that on their bones we could have hung our overcoats. We spent two days here, during which time I frequently visited my patient. It also gave us opportunity to bandage our own fortunately light wounds and to secure a little rest; though unfortunately I had nothing but a jackknife with which to dig the bullet out of my left calf and the shoemaker's accessories from my right ankle. Inquiring from the brigands about the caravan roads, we soon made our way out to one of the main routes and had the good fortune to meet there the caravan of the young Mongol Prince Pounzig, who was on a holy mission carrying a message from the Living Buddha in Urga to the Dalai Lama in Lhasa. He helped us to purchase horses, camels and food.
  • "Then kill me." Jack challenged. Dane yelled wordlessly, pulled the sword away and slashed widely at Jack. Jack tried to jump back out of the way, but the sword's tip still tore a wide slash across his chest. He stumbled back into the wall and held his chest, gasping. I watched in horror as the wound quickly turned black. He slid down the wall and sat motionless.
  • "Jamie, love," came Mrs. Biddles kind voice. "This is going to hurt, but youre a strong lad. I know you are." She cooed, bringing a cloth over to wash the wounds.
  • The cruel wounds inflicted by the sharp stones under my feet were unnoticed. Away ahead of me was a moving object; it could use but three legs, but that was one leg more than I had, and the ram had distanced me. After an age of time I reached the rugged, broader footing of the mountain side, and creeping up behind some sheltering rocks again fired at the fleeing ram. With the impact of the bullet the sheep fell headlong down a cliff to a projecting rock thirty feet below, where it lay apparently dead. A moment later it again arose, seemingly as able as ever, and ran along the face of the beetling rock where my eyes, aided by powerful field glasses, could perceive no foothold; then it gave a magnificent leap to a ledge on the opposite side of the narrow canyon and fell dead, out of my reach.
  • The hag cackled with the shiver of breaking glass, "Oh, I see you plan to shoot me! And what will you use to wound me, my delicious morsel?"
  • But if the constable was not badly wounded, though the injury caused by a bullet passing through his leg was an ugly one, the reputations of Dick Winthorpe and Tom Tallington had received such ugly wounds that their fathers found it difficult to get them cured.
  • The guy who used to play center, Gary Tyrell, left school after the first semester because he saw the handwriting on the wall. Nobody had to tell Gary that I would be starting once I was eligible. Practice after practice went by with me kicking his ass; it got so bad at the end of the semester that Coach simply let me run with the first team so we could gel together. Gary was a nice guy but he was a bit spoiled by his success in high school against inferior competition. I heard he transferred to another Division II school but wound up quitting after not getting enough playing time.
  • As they neared the submarine, where they knew lay safety, the spirits of the lads soared once more, in spite of their wounds.
  • A spiritual wound produced by a rending of the spiritual body is like a physical wound and, strange as it may seem, just as a deep wound may heal and its edges join, physical and spiritual wounds alike can yet heal completely only as the result of a vital force from within.
  • First, they bethought them of the well into which it might possibly have been thrown, but the fact of this matter proved very difficult to ascertain. Tying a piece of metal--it was an old Portuguese sword-hilt --to a string, they let it down and found that it touched water at a depth of one hundred and twenty feet, and bottom at a depth of one hundred and forty-seven feet. Therefore there were twenty-seven feet of water. Weighting a bucket they sank it until it rested upon this bottom, then wound it up again several times. On the third occasion it brought up a human bone and a wire anklet of pure gold. But this proved nothing, except that some ancient, perhaps thousands of years ago, had been thrown, or had fallen, into the well.
  • "The gates of the royal castle were thrown open, and out marched the dead, in row upon row. Warriors and wizards alike, woven back to a strange half-life by the arts of Scuadimnes. Fathers and husbands, sons and brothers, brought back from the grave to fight again. Their wounds gaped, and they bled darkness instead of blood. They called to each other in strange, whistling voices as if the wind spoke through them instead of their own breath. Terror fell on the city. The inhabitants fled. They carried word of the horror through all of Tormay. The duchies mobilized in confusion, readying themselves to march on Hearne, but to what end? To save it from wizards, or to save it from the hand of the king?"
  • "You're going to be okay," Nellise told him as she knelt down beside the man, her crystal in one hand as she started healing his extensive wounds.
  • A diabetic patient with an open wound in his neck as a result of a surgically drained tooth abscess.
  • "I was tending the wounds of Faolan," Colt replied. "Considering he helped save our lives, I figured it was only right that I return the favour."
  • Diane helped him roll up the chain mail shirt and lift it over his head. When he raised his arms the wound felt as if it were tearing open again. Stripping off his quilted undercoat to bare his back, he sat on the floor of the tent.
  • His very first, remotest recollections of childhood came back to Prince Andrew's mind when the dresser with sleeves rolled up began hastily to undo the buttons of his clothes and undressed him. The doctor bent down over the wound, felt it, and sighed deeply. Then he made a sign to someone, and the torturing pain in his abdomen caused Prince Andrew to lose consciousness. When he came to himself the splintered portions of his thighbone had been extracted, the torn flesh cut away, and the wound bandaged. Water was being sprinkled on his face. As soon as Prince Andrew opened his eyes, the doctor bent over, kissed him silently on the lips, and hurried away.
  • At that moment young Dr. Plumstead, who had come close to the bed, touched her on the shoulder, saying quietly: "Go and sit on that bench just outside the door until I call you in again. You have done him good already, and perhaps now we may pull him through, if God wills; but Mrs. Twiney is going to help me dress his wounds properly now, and then perhaps he will be more comfortable."
  • Back on his feet, he looked around to see what was happening with Pacian. The blond rogue had apparently wounded the wolf enough for it to disengage, for his childhood friend was slumped on the ground next to Nellise with blood dripping from several wounds that he'd received in the vicious fight. The wolf was slumped over on its side, bleeding to death from multiple stab wounds. Colt hobbled over towards them, leaning on his sword to ease the weight on his wounded leg.
  • Taking a minute to focus her eyes Sarah saw exactly what he meant. "Connor, your wounds, their all healed!" Sounding astonished would be an understatement for the way she spoke.
  • It's horrible, said Saxe, in a subdued tone; and he turned and looked down again where the guide had broken away the cornice, which curved out over a tremendous precipice, and saw that had he followed his inclination and slid down the snow slope, he would have gone over the cornice, and then plunged headlong, to fall nearly sheer down what seemed to be three or four thousand feet, to where a glacier wound along past the foot of the precipice.
  • Pain erupted across his chest as the enemy slashed a shallow wound across him, slicing his pectoral muscle and vein beds. He staggered back as blood rushed out of his chest. The man was coming up fast now, not wanting to waste time. He clutched his chest and tried vainly to stop the onslaught. He fell back landing on his tail bone, feeling it crack as it hit. The man was over him now and raised his sword for the death blow. In that moment he saw the flick of light, the flick that said that the Venefica protecting the soldier was dead. Arkin shot his hand forward and sent a fire spell at the mans head. It evaporated in a cloud of blood, bone, and brains that spattered his face. There was a metallic taste in his mouth; he had forgotten to close it before the spell hit. He rolled on his side and retched, seeing the blood from his chest soak the ground. He blacked out.
  • In fact Leslie's prophecy was amply fulfilled, and when the exhausted little troop rode into Tientsin two days later, more than one observer was moved to remark that they looked as though they had marched clean across the continent and fought the whole Chinese army on the way, so pitifully worn and draggled were they, and plastered with dust and sweat and the dried blood from their wounds.
  • The guard leapt forward, ready to attack the leaner man with a grizzly, golden-brown beard. Unfortunately, this man was too fast for the guard, already ducking out of the way of the sword swing. The guard tried his damndest to slash a gaping wound in the man, but failed each time. The man turned a swift fox and grabbed both of the guards hands, which were wrapped around the swords hilt. He pulled the guards hands over his head and pushed the guard against the wall of the barracks. The stockier man leapt forward and threw several solid punches to the guards stomach.
  • Blade staggered away, one leg dragging from the wound in his hip, shock and alcohol slowing him further. The dark alley swam in and out of focus as he tried to get his bearings. The two thugs who were not bleeding hobbled after him. He tried to increase his pace, his breath hissing through his bruised throat. Before he reached the main street where people might see the struggle and call the Watch, one of his pursuers tackled him, bringing him down hard enough to punch the wind from his lungs, and the dagger clattered away.
  • The druggist nodded. "Seemed so. He usually stops to pass the time of day. Had a terrible time yesterday with an infected hangnail. They can be pretty painful. I tried to sell him a new analgesic ointment, but he insisted on methyl chloride. He had an old refillable prescription from some doctor over in Arlington. Said he got it because infected hangnails bother him all the time. Lucky I had some. It used to be used all the time for pain from superficial wounds, but it went out of style. He bought a whole pint. Enough to last for fifty hangnails. Told him he didn't need it, but he insisted."
  • So they crept away quietly to their chamber, and, having swallowed the draught that the doctor had given them, said their prayers each in his own fashion, locked the door, and lay down to rest as well as their wounds and sore anxieties would allow them.
  • "Everyone just sit back and relax," Nellise instructed, sounding slightly annoyed at the interruption. "I shall enact a group healing prayer, since we're all looking rather battered at the moment. Please, your Highness, sit down, and your head wound shall be mended."
  • After the game, Pete and his best friend and teammate, Adam Baum, went with the team to a local watering hole called The Independence Tavern. This was Pete's inaugural excursion into a bar; he lived your average sheltered life, while his teammates had seen more bars than a line worker at a soap factory. This was a celebration, a major breakthrough had occurred. The town was rejoicing over one of its biggest victories in the school's history. West Valley was known for its large hospital and minimum security jail, which were both located within walking distance from the school. Many West Valley graduates often wound up in either of these two highly trafficked places as members of the community seeking to make complete recoveries.
  • As Talon lay on the floor, he tried to regain his breath and he noticed he didn't smell any smoke or feel the burning sensation of the fire. He felt his body for sword wounds and finding none, he opened his eyes. The first thing Talon noticed was the sunlight coming from outside his window.
  • Tell her all your lies! Sueela cried with a grin, glancing round from dabbing with a cloth the wound in the Queen's breast: "she not believe!"
  • But time heals all wounds, and when at length Roger asked her a certain question, her sorrow had sufficiently abated to admit of her saying "Yes" by way of answer.
  • Mirra nodded, then her eyes widened as he drew his dagger and leant closer. She gasped as he sliced her cheek, and a drop of blood escaped before the wound healed.
  • It was common to find him during the day crouched in a corner in the dark. He spewed out too many uncommon spells to do evil in his unguided wicked way and wound up torn between what was real and what wasn't. His mind played terrible tricks from the badness of evil spells that he cast.
  • The boys grinned back. "Can't tell you until we catch an enemy," Rick replied. "Actually, most of my terrible wounds came from falling down."
  • It was long before the shadow of this dark cloud passed away from Fort Erie; and it was longer still before poor Marie recovered her wonted cheerfulness. But the presence of Mr Wilson did much to comfort her. Gradually time softened the pang and healed the wound.
  • Now the Netops were of the allies in the Pokanoket League, and this warrior had been captured by a Mohegan ally of the Captain Church men. Captain Church wished to save him, in order to get information from him; but owing to a wound in the leg the Netop could not travel fast, therefore the Mohegan was granted leave to kill him, that night.
  • Badjanji! they screamed. The little insects, infuriated at the treatment they had received, fairly pounced upon the defenseless Dyaks. No jungle pest is so dreaded as the enraged honey-bee. Its envenomed stings are poisonous, deadly, and often cause more painful wounds than bolos. The men fought desperately. Tauntingly Piang laughed, swiftly he and Papita paddled, and the smoke from the torch enveloped them in its protecting waves. Coming abreast of the war-prau, Piang loosed the other basket of bees.
  • The seeress Ellese sat behind the desk and studied the sea of wrinkled faces. It bobbed and weaved like an ocean, accompanied by sniffles, hacking coughs and wheezing breaths as the old women aired their infirmities, illnesses associated with age, which no healing could cure. Young acolytes plied them with cups of milk or tea, balancing trays of pastries as they wound amidst the throng, summoned by snapping fingers and stopped by imperiously outstretched hands. The elder mothers muttered in a low-pitched hum, some discussing the topic on hand, others doubtless just swapping gossip. Ellese sighed and rapped on the desk, drawing all eyes to her, some of which wandered past without pause. The majority of her audience were stern-faced matrons, but a few were truly ancient.
  • But the Indian trapper again uses his judgment and waits till the first violent struggles are over, and the bear somewhat quiet, then the hunter takes careful aim and puts a bullet into his ear, being always at pretty close range. The ball passes clear thru the head, killing the bear instantly and making a wound that bleeds profusely, so that when the skinning process takes place, there is no blood in the body. The skin is cut around the throat, skinned towards the body and the head left as it is. However, this is digressing from the subject at issue.
  • Vera herself had a lifelong habit of chewing on the ends of pens and pencils. She remembered her mother yelling at her when more than once shed absentmindedly wound up with ink on her face. As the woman went on, Vera decided she wouldnt be good for Chuck. Something not quite right about her, a little too comfortable in a lab. Humorless maybe? Her grandson always had a good sense of irony. It was one of the traits they shared.
  • 'Bethink thee what are these men? They are strangers found floating on the bosom of a lake. Who brought them here? How came they here? How know you that they also are not servants of the Sun? Is this the hospitality that ye would have our nation show to those whom chance brings to them, to throw them to the flames? Shame on you! Shame on you! What is hospitality? To receive the stranger and show him favour. To bind up his wounds, and find a pillow for his head, and food for him to eat. But thy pillow is the fiery furnace, and thy food the hot savour of the flame. Shame on thee, I say!'
  • She was on her feet by now and busily arranging the puppets. I groaned. The next moment she had wound a long call upon the reed, which put further converse out of the question.
  • Ehno and Lucia came to Abelies side and helped her up. "You were going to die." The word sounded sour on her tongue. "The wound was a magical onethe Ladies of Light are more powerful than all other immortals. I did the only thing I could: I healed you."
  • With firm fingers he cuts the clothing from around the wound and sponging away the dried blood, uncovers a tiny hole in the white flesh.
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