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Okunuşu: / wuːnd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wound
Ekler: wounds
Türü: isim, fiil


i. , k.dili Oh! Hayret!
i. , argo. hayret uyandıran kimse veya şey, çok makbul şey.
f. , argo. şaşırtmak, hayrete düşürmek.

wound için örnek cümleler:

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  • Rabig had been lifted to his feet from where he had been lying, and stood supported by two comrades. Blood was running down his face from a wound in his head. He seemed weak and dazed, although a surgeon who had been hastily summoned pronounced the wound not dangerous. He seemed to have been dealt a glancing blow, and, as in the case of all scalp wounds, the blood had flowed freely.
  • The shadows lay thick enough for all purposes, yet there was light enough to reveal several incongruous things. First I noted a dozen or more of the black Links, some of them moving about, some squatting on the ground, monkey-fashion, eating mangoes and melons, one lying flat on his back in the agony of death. He it was that moaned; he had received his mortal wounds in the great explosion. I saw that his arm was gone, and then I knew him--Grin.
  • A path wound around the circumference of the pool from the entrance where he stood and over to a cave mouth two stories in height. Near the entrance stood a chopped stone obelisk four feet tall and a smaller, naturally flat stone. From within the cave came the glow of firelight.
  • 26 September.--Truly there is no such thing as finality. Not a week since I said 'Finis,’ and yet here I am starting fresh again, or rather going on with the record. Until this afternoon I had no cause to think of what is done. Renfield had become, to all intents, as sane as she ever was. She was already well ahead with her fly business, and she had just started in the spider line also, so she had not been of any trouble to me. I had a letter from Artemis, written on Sunday, and from it I gather that she is bearing up wonderfully well. Quincy Morris is with her, and that is much of a help, for she herself is a bubbling well of good spirits. Quincy wrote me a line too, and from her I hear that Artemis is beginning to recover something of her old buoyancy, so as to them all my mind is at rest. As for myself, I was settling down to my work with the enthusiasm which I used to have for it, so that I might fairly have said that the wound which poor Lucas left on me was becoming cicatrised.
  • A reliever for Pasqual had to come in to get the last Keys out. Then Wilson Boyd, the first batter up for the Busters in the bottom of the inning, personified the crowds frustrated dreams when he struck out, threw his bat down, and cussed out the umpire. His ejection from the game at this late stage was a mere formality, but he made a show of it. Mannys at-bat was delayed as Boyd wound up his season by grabbing several bats out of the rack in the dugout and tossing them onto the field.
  • It was long before the shadow of this dark cloud passed away from Fort Erie; and it was longer still before poor Marie recovered her wonted cheerfulness. But the presence of Mr Wilson did much to comfort her. Gradually time softened the pang and healed the wound.
  • You haven't counted in your own wounds just healing, or the terrific time you had with the Horde, suggested Beatrice. "How in this world you ever got through I don't see."
  • The melee was furious, and though Aiden and the others were injured and weary from their travels, they gave as good as they got, striking down one Akoran warrior after another, mostly from Colt's massive blade, but also from Sayana, her dwarf-crafted axe splitting the warrior's shields with ease, and severing limbs at every opportunity. The big ranger was sporting many wounds, but he shrugged them off and kept fighting, knowing that to fall was to die.
  • Doctor Powell slipped off surgical gloves and threw them in the bin. ‘Weve sewn her up. Head wounds often look worse than they are. Lots of bleeders up there.’
  • Then, in a fit of renewed weakness, brought about by the turmoil of his blood, he lay back upon the pillow of furs, watching Nanea's face while with a native salve of pounded leaves she busied herself dressing the wounds that the leopard had made.
  • We can't stay very long, you know, Tommy explained, "because you've got to have that peroxide dope put on your bites. It doesn't pay to fool with wounds of that description!"
  • Lightskeep certainly looked like a lighthouse. It was hollowed out from roof to floor, save for a crude staircase that wound about the interior and led all the way to the top. They weren't steps so much as chunks of brick, though, and there wasn't a railing of any sortworst of all, there were big gaps in between these steps, so you could see all the way to the floor below.
  • Baree did not travel far this night. The fact that his wound had come with dusk, and his fight with Oohoomisew still later, filled him with caution. Experience had taught him that the dark shadows and the black pits in the forest were possible ambuscades of danger. He was no longer afraid, as he had once been, but he had had fighting enough for a time, and so he accepted circumspection as the better part of valor and held himself aloof from the perils of darkness. It was a strange instinct that made him seek his bed on the top of a huge rock up which he had some difficulty in climbing. Perhaps it was a harkening back to the days of long ago when Gray Wolf, in her first motherhood, sought refuge at the summit of the Sun Rock which towered high above the forest world of which she and Kazan were a part, and where later she was blinded in her battle with the lynx.
  • He looked at her steadily; and the girl, who felt the impulsive desire to wound him too strong for her, made a little gesture.
  • Looking toward the seat intended for the king, Macbeth is horrified to see the pale shape of Banquohis bloody wounds glistening, eyes fixed in a piercing glare.
  • The fiendish deviltry of the man who had set it was evident. The whole vile scheme flashed upon Carney; it was set where the trail narrowed before it wound down to the gorge, and the man caught in it could be killed by a club, or left to be devoured by the wolves. A pistol might protect him for a little short time against the wolves, but that even could be easily wheedled out of a man caught by the murderer coming with a pretense of helping him.
  • Last question was... what I was supposed to do with my friend Krishnan? He was badly injured. I did not know how serious his wound was. How can I get help of a doctor?
  • Landon attempts to strike out a lumbering clawed strike against the black smoke version of his former self. The creature is far too swift to fall for such a slow attack. With wolf-like reflexes, the smoke figure shoves the length of the spear straight through Landons throat. He begins to let out a bloodcurdling cry. The monster continues its work upon Landon as he slowly transforms back to his former self. The monster removes his shirt, ripping away the buttons with its claws. Landon bleeds profusely as the monster strips him naked, piling his clothing in a neat pile behind his body. The smoke creature grasps his spear once more and, with a swift kick, he removes it from Landons neck as Landons body falls to the ground. Landon lets out a disgusting gurgling noise as he attempts to breathe despite the huge wound in his throat. The monster takes this as a sign that the job is not finished, and pierces Landon in the skull with the spear. Landon shakes and tremors for a few moments like a speared fish, and then finally he falls silent.
  • The interpreter collapsed to the ground upon impact. He neither screamed nor cried. His shirt seared away, his chest boiled with severe burns as scarlet smoke drifted up from the smoldering wound.
  • The sun and moon (two brothers, according to the Bororos) while hunting together began to play with arrows with blunt heads, such as those used by Bororos for catching birds alive. They hit each other in fun, but at last the sun shot one arrow with too much force and the moon died from the effects of the wound. The sun, unconcerned, left his dying brother and continued hunting; but afterwards returned with medicinal leaves which he placed on the wound of the moon. According to Bororo fashion, he even covered the dying brother entirely with leaves, when he saw his approaching end. When he discovered that the moon was dead he became frightened and left. That is why the moon, which when alive was once as bright as the sun, is now of less splendour. It is because it is dead, and the sun is still alive.
  • Toward mid-afternoon Waldo became aware that he was much weaker from the effects of his battle with Korth than he had supposed. He had lost much blood from his wounds, and the exertion of following the trail at a swift pace had reopened some of the worse ones, so that now, as he ran, he was leaving a little trail of blood behind him.
  • I have said that the woman Braithwaite was of a sinister strength; but I had little dreamt how strong she really was. First it was her arms that wound themselves about my neck, long, sinuous, and supple as the tentacles of some vile monster; then, as I struggled, her thumbs were on my windpipe like pads of steel. Tighter she pressed, and tighter yet. My eyeballs started; my tongue lolled; I heard my brand drop, and through a mist I saw it picked up instantly. It crashed upon my skull as I still struggled vainly; again and again it came down mercilessly in the same place; until I felt as though a sponge of warm water had been squeezed over my head, and saw a hundred withered masks grinning sudden exultation into mine; but still the lean arm whirled, and the splinters flew, till I was blind with my blood and the seven senses were beaten out of me.
  • Of course, she said, "of course, you must kill him." She stepped a few feet from me, and, raising her hands to her throat, unfastened a little gold chain which she wore around her neck. She took it off and held it toward me. "Would you like this?" she said. I did not answer, nor did she wait for me to do so, but wound the chain around my wrist and fastened it, and I raised it and kissed it, and neither of us spoke. She went out to the veranda to warn her mother of my departure, and I to tell the servants to bring the carriage to the door.
  • Tenderly we carried the inanimate form of poor Hillars into the inn and laid it on the sofa. I tore back his blood-wet shirt. The wound was slightly below the right lung. The bullet had severed an artery, for I could see that the blood gushed. We worked over him for a few moments, and then he opened his eyes. He saw me and smiled.
  • "Honey, we already have proof that they are not wrong. The prophecy never mentions whether your power will be Witch or Demon. While you are not as powerful as Magnus, you bound four Overlords to you. Four Overlords Brenna, do you have any idea what that means? Four Overlords with will as strong as Lucifers and powers just as great and terrifying. Four Overlords who were fighting and hated each other. You brought them together, soothed the wounds and began their healing. If that isnt proof that you are incredibly powerful, nothing is."
  • With the doctor had come also four members of the Lee posse. To the deputy in charge Jack turned over his four prisoners and the gold recovered. As soon as the doctor had examined and dressed his wound he mounted and took the trail after MacQueen. With him rode Bellamy.
  • The traffic entered a canyon of soot-stained wood and stone. Beneath the wheels, the road surface, which had been alternating between paving slabs and the newer asphalt-and-stone, changed back to cobblestones; some of the side streets as we passed, though, had no other pavement than gravel or dirt. The highway wound off and lost size to diverging distributaries like tentacles leaving the body of an octopus. We rounded another bend and debouched into Ballistas square. It was a open space only in the sense that it lacked major buildings; the din and the crush more than filled in the gap.
  • But the next instant he felt a burning, stinging pain across his forehead and a second later his eyes saw nothing, while he was conscious that they were filled with blood that streamed from his wound.
  • At the gable end of the barn, a narrow, paved alleyway wound upwards, and Paul stopped to catch his breath and reassess his options.
  • They wound along the edge of the forest scruff, young pine and firs clawing at their feet and their horses. New grass pierced the snow, struggling to find sunlight.
  • I used the term, Edmund replied slowly, "without attaching a very clear meaning to it. It simply expressed the general thought that was in my mind. It may be some other form of solar radiation to which we are not accustomed on the earth, but which is specially effective here when the sun is uncovered because of the greater nearness of Venus. This atmosphere, notwithstanding its density, may well be diaphanous to the ultraviolet rays, owing to some peculiarity in its composition which I have not had time to study. At any rate, it is evident, from what we have seen, that the rays of the unclouded sun almost instantly affect the brain. I, myself, felt them as if a thousand needles had been thrust through my skull; and I believe that they are responsible, rather than the shock of the wound in my side, for my present weakness."
  • Interest in silver has renewed as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. One application has silver being used with alginate, a naturally occurring biopolymer derived from seaweed, in a range of products designed to prevent infections as part of wound management procedures, particularly applicable to burn victims. In 2007, a company introduced a glass product they claimed had antibacterial properties by coating the glass with a thin layer of silver. In addition, in 2007 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved an endotracheal breathing tube with a fine coat of silver for use in mechanical ventilation, after studies found it reduced the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia.
  • Brydon champed at the bit of impatience, but his leg wound had torn open after the exertions of the day and he knew it would be a disadvantage until it was more fully healed.
  • For several hours the rebels paid but scant attention to him, further than to furnish him a bowl of rice "pap," from which he might sup while it was held to his lips. They also gave him a drink of water, and one young rebel considerately washed the wound on his head, on which the blood had dried, presenting anything but a pleasant sight.
  • Mirra recognised the man whose leg she had healed, and hope surged within her. She managed a weak smile, her mouth too dry to speak. He pulled a water skin from his coat and held it to her lips. The cool liquid slid down her burning throat, bringing blessed relief. Although her healing power would block the pain of wounds, it did not prevent the pangs of thirst and hunger. She made the most of his kindness and drained the water skin.
  • You are a fine bunch, you are! exploded Stubbs when Chester announced that he had dressed the wounds as well as he could. "Wanted to see those cats chew me up, didn't you?"
  • The start next morning was through a torn and rent Wilderness, amid smoke and vapours, with wounded in the wagons, making a solemn train that wound its way through the forest, escorted on either flank by troopers, commanded by Talbot, slightly wounded in the shoulder. The Secretary had gone again to look on at the battle.
  • Time to speak of that later, Messire, responded the Templar. "Let me take him to the Paris Temple. We Templars know as well the healing of wounds as the giving. I would have brought him with me at once, but he insisted I take him to you."
  • As Tressa finished her breakfast, Annie wondered what had taken place that would have made Alfonso so upset. Was it the previous days encounter with the drunken man? He did have several battle wounds and she wouldnt blame him if he felt she wasnt worth the aggravation. She felt sad that they couldnt have kept their friendship into the next phase of their lives. The woman hung her head as a tear ran down her cheek. She suddenly raised her head and wiped the tear away. She wouldnt let him know of her sorrow.
  • Out of my league, eh? Blue Cloud rushed forward, using the huge Theta sword to try and wound Tahkshi, who was not the least bit abated by this, merely taking a step back to avoid it. "such shoddy discipline," groaned Tahkshi, twirling his blade, "to a master like me, your clumsy attempts are slow motion," he twirled once more in a blur of red, and Blue Cloud's hand and blade dropped to the floor, spattered with blood, "and now," he struck across the throat, "you die." Cloud's head rolled slowly along the carpet, a macabre football in the game of death.
  • And it was a fearsome sight that met their eyes. The two big stallions, the black and the bay, were both in Satan's corral, fighting furiously, with a rage and viciousness that words are inadequate to describe. They circled rapidly about, biting at each other with their long yellow teeth, and lashing out with their hoofs. Each was quick as a flash of light, but every once in a while a sharp hoof would find its mark, or the deadly teeth would rip into the other's skin. Blood flowed freely, but neither seemed to notice the wounds that the other inflicted. They had longed to decide the question of supremacy ever since the newcomer's arrival, and now they were determined to settle the matter.
  • The night passed quietly and in the morning Joff checked Airks wound. Blood wept from the scabs but not enough to pose a problem. Airk was stiff and sore but insisted that he felt up to traveling. Joff treated the injury with more goblin goo, which also seemed to make the blood still seeping from the wound thicken. Eduard fashioned a sling for Airks arm so that it would not trouble him so as they walked.
  • "Yes! I know!" she replied, then ran from the livery. She shot a beckoning glance at Mia. Certainly not wanting to be left alone and not knowing what else to do, (everything was happening so fast!), Mia followed Romessee toward a ramp in the other direction from the one Finnegaff was destined. They dodged alarmed Centaurs, soon to arrive at the base of the ramp before Mia thought to look up. More than an occasional arrow was coming over the wall. She actually saw a Centaur take an arrow in the shoulder. The Centaur glanced at the arrow protruding from his flesh. The manhorse ignored the wound and continued his assail of arrows.
  • I might bleed too much, stain my bedclothes, get tetanus, have a poorly healing open wound or any number of nasties.
  • His face became livid with rage as he found my guard impregnable, while blood flowed from a dozen minor wounds upon his face and body.
  • No time was lost in lifting the child to his feet. The eyes of all ran eagerly over him to see where he was wounded; and an exclamation of joy soon broke forth when they saw that, except the scratches of the thorns, and the deep track of a cord upon his wrist, nothing in the shape of a wound could be discovered upon his diminutive body. He had now come to himself, and assured them all that he was not hurt a bit. Hurrah! Jan was safe!
  • The movement was all but fatal. The wound in his throat tore apart, his head fell forward and his eyes closed. I saw the blood spreading and dyeing the gold braid. But he straightened himself and leaned forward. His eyes opened, and, holding himself erect with one hand on the railing of the balcony, he stretched the other over me, as though in benediction.
  • She saw no signs of the horses she had feared would be there. It was a small stone building, one side built into the cliff that served as the fortress wall when the village had been little more than an outpost between two warring countries. A narrow pathway wound around the building and ended in a five-stride by five-stride pad she assumed was once used for storage.
  • One of the Belgians also carried a bandage, roughly fastened, possibly by a clumsy comrade, around his arm. It showed traces of blood, and Rob could guess that a speeding bullet fired by the spies at bay probably had caused the wound.
  • On June 23 we turned our baidarkas' bows to the upper bay, at the head of which we ascended a small river that wound through a vast meadow until the stream met the mountains. Here we unloaded our simple camp gear, and while the men prepared breakfast, Blake and I ascended an elevation which commanded an uninterrupted view of the grassy plain. No bears were in sight, so we had time and undisturbed opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the scene. We lay for some time basking in the sun, talking of books and people, and of many subjects of common interest. Now and then one would take the glasses and scan the outskirts of the vast meadow which stretched before us. All at once Blake gave a low exclamation and pointed to the west. I followed the direction of his gaze, and saw four bears slowly leaving the woods. They were at some distance, and we did not think we had time to reach them before they would probably return to the underbrush for their mid-day sleep, so for the present we let them go.
  • "Aye, Cannergy. If we can't catch 'im any other way, I'll have to wound 'im. No one's been able to catch 'im so far, and his time's a-runnin' short. He still wears his yearlin' halter, ya see, and if'n we don't get it off soon, he'll be ruined. The armies left us only three horses, and I need 'im for breeding. T'will be a blasted shame if I have to shoot 'im, but what else can I do?"
  • Paul was lifted gently, after receiving treatment from the surgeon of the fleet, and carried to a boat, where he regained consciousness. His wound was severe, but his blood was so healthy that he would recover, according to the surgeon, with great rapidity.
  • Purple. I smashed the two orbs together. A massive cloud of purple dust exploded filling the whole room. The sand warriors had vanished. A purple powdery haze lingered in the air. I coughed purple, I breathed purple, I had purple all over my skin. I walked to the well; my entire body was covered in the stuff. It had mixed with my wounds, I even bled purple. I certainly wasn't expecting that. My thoughts jumped to the leather journal. I found it near the third well covered in purple dust but still intact. Good, I'm sure that thing is important.
  • "Every fool and now you, Pence. So you seeno harm done." With that, the gardener looked down for the first time to inspect the selfsame wound he had just selflessly dismissed. "Of course, the fact that I seem to be turning into petrified wood is some cause for concern. Come over here."
  • But Prince Ahmad and ElHadar were standing now with their swords at the ready, and slashed relentlessly at the creature as it came toward them. A thick white liquid oozed from the monster's wounds, and it bellowed so loud that the entire island seemed to shake. Verethran the monkey abandoned his post at the flour barrel to leap into the fray and claw at the creature's eyes while the prince and the captain hacked at its body. Jafar alSharif stood back, holding Leila behind him with his flour-covered hands to protect her from the fiend.
  • An upraised finger cut me off before I could latch onto my last remaining point. "The fact that your injury was less severe is really quite immaterial. Even the fact that shape shifter inflicted wounds don't heal as quickly as normal for me is really a small matter when compared to just how much blood you lost before we got the bleeding staunched."
  • My lord was lowered gently on to the cushions, and Miss Betty fluttered over to him like a distracted hen. Then Diana told Thomas to take charge of my lord's horse that they could see, quietly nibbling the grass further down the road, stooped and picked up his Grace of Andover's sword, with its curiously wrought hilt, and jumped into the coach to help Miss Betty to attend to Jack's wounds.
  • He pointed the very tip of the sword toward the closest sapling. The branches were already retracting from the sword's glow. When the tightly wound beam from the sword's point blazed into the thicket, the thin trunks began to scatter.
  • Rayburn took the body of poor Dennis before him on his own horse; he'd be d----d if the Indians should get Dennis yet, he said; and away we went up the sandy bed of the arroyo, driving the mules before us, and the Otom Indians pelting along on a dead-run. The Indian who had been hit coolly broke the arrow off short, and then pulled it out through the wound.
  • I controlled myself while their eyes were yet upon me. I went to the door and held it open for them, and they, perceiving something of my disorder, were courteous enough to omit the protracted leave-takings that under other auspices there might have been. Marsac paused a moment on the threshold as if he would have offered me some word of comfort. Then, perceiving, perhaps, how banal must be all comfort that was of words alone, and how it might but increase the anger of the wound it was meant to balm, he sighed a simple "Adieu, monsieur!" and went his way.
  • An older lady, she didnt take anyone with her, but she fought well enough. Which delayed the inevitable for a few seconds. She had great sticks, though, so he gave her a mortal wound so he could transfer her wands as she died. He stopped her cursing by stomping on her jaw.
  • The boys stole across the narrow space between the cabin and the hangar, and flattened themselves against the log walls as they wound their way toward the little "night door" near the other end. As they passed the big sliding doors they paused an instant and pressed their ears close against the planks, but all was still. Both had an instant of disappointment, for they were counting strongly on being able to crow over the rest.
  • He had. There were two great holes in the dead man's ribs, where the bullets had entered. Both wounds were mortal. But, with the desperate endurance of his race, the stricken warrior had rent off fragments of his blanket and had deliberately plugged the gaping orifices. Then, crawling away, the fierce savage had sought out a position where he might lurk in ambush, and had found it, too. Here he lay, a broad assegai still grasped in his hand, waiting to strike one fell and fatal blow at his slayers ere death should come upon him. But death had overtaken him too quickly; and luckily, indeed, for the objects of his enmity that it had.
  • The Romans were soon upon the spot, and were loud in exclamation of surprise and grief at seeing their commander covered with dust, and bleeding from several wounds, while his horse lay dead beside him. To their inquiries whether he was seriously wounded, Titus replied, lightly:
  • Nothing much the matter with me, spoke Nort, as his hand again went to his head. Then he found that a bullet had creased its way across his forehead, cutting a long gash, but making a wound that was only superficial, though it bled profusely.
  • I looked down at my wound and at the silent people all around. It seemed everyone was waiting for me. I called for a cheer for Sir John.
  • That's what made the character so valuable, he grinned, feeling the bandage about his head tenderly. I saw that he was weaker than he had led us to believe, and that he was suffering from his wound.
  • The dust cloud kicked up by the makeshift blades cleared. Morpheus was...hell, he was fine. Not one of blades had missed him, they had all impaled him, that was evident from the wounds, but he had pulled them out of him or himself off of them. Small wounds that were once large wounds were closing up quickly; Tahkshi had never seen this level of regeneration before, not even from Prometheus.
  • Magnitskys associates, though, keep looking for the cash. An investigation spearheaded by his former client, Hermitage Capital Management, a London-based investment fund, has traced $134 million through bank accounts and shell companies in at least 17 countries. Banking records obtained by Hermitage and reviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek show that millions wound up in offshore accounts and real estate owned by Russian officials, their relatives, and the former owner of a Russian bank. Authorities in four of these countries confirm that they have opened money-laundering investigations.
  • He was a tall and magnificently formed young man, who, although his breast was scarred with assegai wounds, showing that he was a warrior, had not yet attained to the honour of the "ring" of polished wax laid over strips of rush bound round with sinew and sewn to the hair, the "isicoco" which at a certain age or dignity, determined by the king, Zulus are allowed to assume. But his face struck me more even than his grace, strength and stature. Undoubtedly it was a very fine face, with little or nothing of the negroid type about it; indeed, he might have been a rather dark-coloured Arab, to which stock he probably threw back. The eyes, too, were large and rather melancholy, and in his reserved, dignified air there was something that showed him to be no common fellow, but one of breeding and intellect.
  • In some severe burns and wounds, aloe gel may actually impede healing.
  • Rick went down the ladder to the foredeck and tied his arrowhead to the fish line wound in the reel on his bow. He nocked the arrow and got ready to shoot. He looked up at the two pretty girls standing above him. "Let out a yell if you see a dark blot."
  • This world was not then so good as Doctor Pangloss believed it, neither was it so wicked as Dantes thought it, since this man, who had nothing to expect from his comrade but the inheritance of his share of the prize-money, manifested so much sorrow when he saw him fall. Fortunately, as we have said, Edmond was only wounded, and with certain herbs gathered at certain seasons, and sold to the smugglers by the old Sardinian women, the wound soon closed. Edmond then resolved to try Jacopo, and offered him in return for his attention a share of his prize-money, but Jacopo refused it indignantly.
  • As I wound up for the delivery, I held my nerves and muscles under absolute command, though the grinning jaws were hurtling toward me at terrific speed. And then I let go, with every ounce of my weight and muscle and science in back of that throw. The stone caught the hyaenodon full upon the end of the nose, and sent him bowling over upon his back.
  • Yes, you saved me, answered Masouda, and kneeling down she kissed his feet; then rising again, with her long, soft hair wiped away the blood that was running from a wound in his arm.
  • This task was begun at once and everybody reembarked, a joyful little army that had won a triumph and that felt able to win more if need be. The wounded made light of their wounds and all felt new strength and courage with the daylight. The five returned with the others to their boats.
  • "Demons are blessed with the ability to heal, but are cursed to take the wounds upon themselves, even if it is just psychological pain they feel. Lycans walk between the Elder/Human world and the world of the animals, yet they pay a price each time they shift. The pain of shifting can cause them to become comatose for a time. That is why most of them do not shift anymore. The pain is unbearable. The Fey have a fractured breed, more diversity, more infighting over their differences. We all have weaknesses, it is a trade off for whatever amazing power we have."
  • The sculptor, spite of his command over himself, turned pale. At that moment the head of Starke moved--clearly moved. It raised itself convulsively for a single moment; its eyes rolled, and it gave vent to a subdued moan of intense agony. Mr. Fiddyes fell fainting on the floor as Dr. Carnell entered. It needed but a glance to tell the doctor what had happened, even had not Peter just then given vent to another low cry. The surgeon's measures were soon taken. Locking the door, he bore a chair to the wall which supported the body of the malefactor. He drew from his pocket a case of glittering instruments, and with one of these, so small and delicate that it scarcely seemed larger than a needle, he rapidly, but dexterously and firmly, touched Peter just at the back of the neck. There was no wound larger than the head of a small pin, and yet the head fell instantly as though the heart had been pierced. The doctor had divided the spinal cord, and Peter Starke was dead indeed.
  • His elation was short-lived, however, as Colt called for their attention to the road ahead. Peering along the road, Aiden could see what had caught the big man's attentiona large, four-wheeled wagon was sitting just off the road, with one of its wheels heavily damaged. Two draft horses lay dead, still strapped to the wagon, with vicious wounds arrayed along their massive flanks. The wagon was empty, except for a few broken wooden boxes scattered around, and there was no sign of the driver.
  • It was half an hour before Peck came to his senses. In the meantime the captain had obtained some water, washed the private's wound and bound it up in bandages torn from his shirt.
  • So they crept away quietly to their chamber, and, having swallowed the draught that the doctor had given them, said their prayers each in his own fashion, locked the door, and lay down to rest as well as their wounds and sore anxieties would allow them.
  • The sun was just beginning to slide down in the west, when they came over a rise and saw the inn. Before them lay a great expanse of trees.From his vantage point Range could look behind and ahead. From both views it appeared the same. The road wound away into the trees never to be seen again.Range reflected on the distance they had come and on the amount left. They were not even halfway to Romus yet.They must hurry. Every moment he felt the danger increasing.
  • Jacob wanted to stop them, to follow, but his legs were sore andandhe was bleeding from six large puncture wounds on his chest! "Oh God! I need HELP! Somebody please!" He covered the wounds with his hands, but the red seeped through his fingers. Doors opened somewhere around him. "Hello? Anyone, PLEASE!" His body was growing cold and begged for sleep. But someone grabbed his arms and shook him from his slumber.
  • His guides took him directly south, and in three marches (three days) brought him to the strand. This journey was not in a straight line; they considered it was about five-and-thirty or forty miles to the sea, but the country was covered with almost impenetrable forests, which compelled a circuitous path. They had also to avoid a great ridge of hills, and to slip through a pass or river valley, because these hills were frequently traversed by the gipsies who were said, indeed, to travel along them for hundreds of miles. Through the river valley, therefore, which wound between the hills, they approached the sea, so much on a level with it that Felix did not catch a distant glimpse.
  • Why had Carhayes not fallen in with the armed party instead of himself, thought Eustace bitterly. That would have cut the knot of the difficulty in a trice. They would not have spared him so readily. They were Gcalekas, Hlangani's tribesmen. Hlangani's wound would have been avenged, and Eanswyth would by this time be free.
  • He shambled to the bathroom and checked the results of last night's firefight in the mirror. His face was grazed in places, a long, deep scratch running from cheek to chin. Vague memories of a splinter of wood catching his cheek and drawing the blood red line down to his chin. He touched the edges of his wounds carefully, looking for signs of infection.
  • The near-silence of the cave was broken only by the sounds of their heavy breathing, the fight having taken all they could muster. Aiden grimaced as the adrenaline began to dissipate, and the pain from his wounds became more noticeable. He sheathed his bloodied sword and staggered over to Morik, who was lying against the wall, his breath coming in shallow gasps.
  • The twenty foot sprint ended abruptly, Idimus stopped dead by the sight that lay before him. The blood did not belong to Savados, rather the man designated to feed him. A man who now hung there, a deep wound in his chest, what was left of Savados' manacles wrapped around his throat.
  • It seemed to Hal and Chester that the passageway wound about considerably, for they were conscious of making several sharp turns. Then, from ahead, a faint glow of light pierced the darkness and they could make out their surroundings.
  • A lamp was quickly lighted, and then a half-shriek escaped Eanswyth. For her husband presented a ghastly spectacle. He was hatless, and his thick brown beard was matted with blood, which had streamed down the side of his face from a wound in his head. One of his hands, too, was covered with blood, and his clothes were hacked and cut in several places.
  • Clayton coughed and the Ghost turned to gaze upon him, so he spoke. "I'm n-not sure I understand how we got here. We do have an amulet and we spoke the words Gorbo-nom achewan No-nopawno agerwan and we wound up in that mountain with the golden tower. I assume that's how that girl, Brickle, how she got there, since she also had the amulet before we got it. There was an old man named Woller in our world who also spoke those words and somebody named Daniel Woller who knew the words, and his wife Kathy. The old man said that Daniel was Daniel of Woller."
  • Jacobs hands moved instinctively to cover his genitals, but the others didnt bother or even notice. He examined his left shoulder. The gash was at least six inches in length. It was swollen and stained with many different shades of purple. "This wound Don. What did they do to me?"
  • Amid the others' breathless interest, Walter related the adventures of the night. When the captain learned of Charley's accident, he brought out the brandy bottle and insisted on his drinking what remained of the liquor. His wound was then bathed, clean and bandaged again and he was made to lay down upon his couch in the hut, while Walter stretched out on his own bed for a nap.
  • The rock groundwork and most of the outer walls had sunk beneath the water, and of course the main entrance as well. Since the side of the castle facing Roosing Oolvaya was the one canted over at an angle, the crenellated top of the curtain wall was only ten feet above the water level, low enough for the larger waves to ride completely over it. Max lifted his hand into the air and tentatively sketched a string of compact characters. He hadnt tried this before, but the principle was well-founded; there was no reason it shouldnt work. The characters flowed together, melting and merging, and wound into an open circlet of soft silver, a smaller solid disc hanging from it; Max lowered the circlet over his head, resting it above his brow, and positioned the solid disc in front of his left eye.
  • Morrigan refuses to believe this. She enters Alastor's room, quickly followed by the others. The Fairy removes Alastor's bandages, his wounds are closed but now of a sickly color, like putrid, rotten flesh. She also checks the wounds on his back. They too are closed but nevertheless akin to the look of being week long dead. Laying him back down, the Fairy becomes confused. Where Alastor is unwounded, his flesh is normal, and that which was wounded appears to belong to a corpse. Closing her eyes, she places her hands on his chest, over his heart. After a time, she sneers in disgust, opening her eyes and looking at the bracers.
  • An hour later Mrs. Rayner was standing on the platform at the station, Ross and others of her satellites hanging about her; Captain Rayner was talking in subdued tones with one or two of the senior officers; Miss Travers, looking feverishly pretty, was chatting busily with Royce and Foster, though a close observer could have noted that her dark eyes often sought the westward prairie over which wound the road to the distant post. It was nearly train-time, and three or four horsemen could be seen at various distances, while, far out towards the fort, long skirmish-lines and fluttering guidons were sweeping over the slopes in mimic war-array.
  • The chandler scoffs. "Not one amongst us, save yourself, but says he used us scornfully! He should have showed us his marks of merit, wounds received fors country!"
  • I sprang up and stood beside her on the rock. She handed me her glasses and pointed. The snow was now falling more heavily, and swirled about fiercely, for a high wind was beginning to blow. However, there were times when there were pauses between the snow flurries and I could see a long way round. From the height where we were it was possible to see a great distance. And far off, beyond the white waste of snow, I could see the river lying like a black ribbon in kinks and curls as it wound its way. Straight in front of us and not far off, in fact so near that I wondered we had not noticed before, came a group of mounted women hurrying along. In the midst of them was a cart, a long leiter wagon which swept from side to side, like a dog's tail wagging, with each stern inequality of the road. Outlined against the snow as they were, I could see from the women's clothes that they were peasants or gypsies of some kind.
  • Blood was pouring persistently from a wound in the scalp, but with his knowledge of "first aid" Apple was able to stop this quickly by making pressure. They had no bandage material of any description but they took turns in making pressure with their fingers until the blood seemed inclined no longer to flow and the wound showed a tendency to be covered by a firm clot.
  • The next three days were counterparts of the first, except that the party met with not a single mishap. Whenever possible they kept to the waterleads, and Bill soon grew sick of the sight of pond lilies. But at times it was necessary to pole their way through the sawgrass. Often the grass had to be cut away in front, and all three suffered from wounds made by its sharp-toothed edges.
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