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Okunuşu: / wuːnd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wound
Ekler: wounds
Türü: isim, fiil


i. , k.dili Oh! Hayret!
i. , argo. hayret uyandıran kimse veya şey, çok makbul şey.
f. , argo. şaşırtmak, hayrete düşürmek.

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  • Job lashed the tiller and going to the lanyard at the mainmast, hauled down the black flag. Then they both set to work cleaning up the deck. The three dead men were given sea burial--slipped overboard without other ceremony than the short prayer for each which Jeremy repeated. The gunner who lay in agony in his berth had his wound bound up and was given a sip of brandy. Then the lank New Englander went below to get a meal, while Jeremy sluiced the gun decks with sea water.
  • Clearly incensed, Jashon shook Tranton off and charged. Talsy jumped aside and slashed with her knife. A line of blood appeared down Jashon's arm, and he howled with rage. She ducked under his swinging fist and slashed again, opening a wound across his belly. Jashon roared and lunged, but missed once more as Talsy spun away in time. As he ran past, she stuck out her foot, sending him sprawling. He leapt up, red faced, and threw himself at her. Talsy flung herself aside, and Jashon hit the railing. The old wood cracked under the impact and gave way. With a wailing scream, Jashon plunged over the edge.
  • I will confess as to a father, and open my whole soul. Prince Boguslav, not content with the calumny which he cast on me, has taken that maiden from Kyedani and confined her in Taurogi, or worse, for he is attacking her honesty, her virtue, her honor as a woman. Gracious Lord! the reason is confused in my head, when I think in what hands the poor girl is at present. By the passion of the Lord! these wounds pain less. That maiden thinks to this moment that I offered that damned soul, that arch-cur to raise hands on your Royal Grace--and she holds me the lowest of all the degenerate. I cannot, endure, I am not able to endure, till I find her, till I free her. Give me those Tartars and I swear that I will not do my own work alone, but I will crush so many Swedes that the court of this castle might be paved with their skulls.
  • "That was pure luck," Rhirid said, not a little smugly. "We thought to avenge the murder of the shepherd since the galanas was obviously not forthcoming. We had no idea who it was we shot. By rights that wound should have festered."
  • Everyone ignored him, mesmerized by his bloody wound and the grotesque sight of the slender rod projecting from his flesh. Delamere had dismounted and was at his side, pushing initially resistant but then suddenly compliant boots out of the stirrups. Frantically, he reached for Longswords torso and grabbing a piece of his hauberk, tugged on it until he felt his friends body start to tip towards him. He caught Longsword in his arms and gently brought him down to the ground.
  • Blade rammed the gag back in with such force that the Prince almost choked on it, then wound a strip of cloth around his head, holding it in place. He tied it tightly and shoved Kerrion aside before he reclaimed his seat on the far side of the fire. There he sipped his tea and regarded at his captive, who could only glare back at him. The assassin sat for a long time, measuring the Prince with his eyes. Finally he spoke into the silence.
  • Here he bandaged his wound as well as possible, and was about to set out once more in search of aid, when the final retreat was ordered. Unable to walk, he would soon have been made a prisoner, or, perhaps, in the heat of the moment, received worse treatment, when the idea of escaping on one of the mules occurred to him.
  • FOR two or three minutes after the door was shut and bolted not a word was spoken by the three boys. All were sorely bruised, and bleeding from many cuts and wounds, and breathless and exhausted by the way in which they had been carried along and the force with which they had been thrown down. Jack was the first to speak.
  • "You're doin' real good, lad," Clavis assured him, taking out a small flask and splashing its contents into the wound. Aiden bit back another scream as his wound burned from what must have been alcohol, to clean the wound. "When we've dug Nellise out, we'll be using some 'o those healing flasks she was given back in town to fix you quicker, but right now I need to spend a few minutes to clean ya up a bit before I set this leg in place."
  • Dona Catalina and Senorita Lolita had shown much sympathy, though the latter could scarcely refrain from smiling when she remembered the captain's boast regarding what he purposed doing to the highwayman, and compared it to what had happened. Don Carlos was outdoing himself to make the captain feel at home since it was well to seek influence with the army, and already had urged upon the officer that he remain at the hacienda a few days until his wound had healed.
  • In his despair, though, he walked slowly, because he could not make himself care whether he died of his wound or whether Amalric killed him.
  • As he stumbled down the mountainside toward the main camp, the hideous image of three charred skeletons Corba and her mother and daughter - arms entwined, arose in his mind and made him feel faint. He was dizzy, too, from the pain in his arm. He knew he could lose his left arm, or even die, if this wound was not treated. But there was no one in the camp he could trust to help him.
  • Of course, I knew that I dreamed, for this figure exactly resembled Brother John. There was his long, snowy beard. There in his hand was his butterfly net, with the handle of which he seemed to be prodding the ox. Only he was wound about with wreaths of flowers as were the great horns of the ox, and on either side of him and before and behind him ran girls, also wreathed with flowers. It was a vision, nothing else, and I shut my eyes again awaiting the fatal arrow.
  • Doctor Powell slipped off surgical gloves and threw them in the bin. ‘Weve sewn her up. Head wounds often look worse than they are. Lots of bleeders up there.’
  • As Peter ducked, he darted for an opening in the confusion and dashed out of the crowd. As soon as he made it out of the frenzied herd, he ripped his sword along a soldiers back. The soldier cried as he fell, his hands grasping at the hard-to-reach wound that was oozing blood. The other soldiers crowded Peter once more, their swords clanging like terrible thunder in the room.
  • A mule trunk, after being ransacked for useful odds and ends, was put in a corner and covered with a worn satin quilt. This must do for a throne. And a strip of red muslin wound about the little gold-embroidered skull cap Baby Akbar wore must, with the heron's plume from his father's state turban, make a monarch of the child.
  • While yet the candidate's wounds are streaming with blood, he is required to run with lightning speed for two or three miles and fetch back from a given spot a kind of toy lance planted in the ground. Then, having successfully passed the triple ordeals of fasting, stabbing, and running against time, and without food and water, the candidate, under the eyes of his admiring father, is at length received into the ranks of the bravest warriors, and is allowed to take a wife. At the close of the ceremony, the flow of blood from the candidate's really serious flesh-wounds is stopped by means of spiders' webs, powdered charcoal, and dry clay powder.
  • Thank him for the Sabah, Piang. I guess this will ease her restless spirit, all right. Tell him it will also serve as a balm for the wounds of the men who were attacked by the juramentados.
  • Jessamine rushed into Ileana's tent with a lump in her throat and her heart threatening to explode. Notturno lay on the stretcher, laboring to breathe with his chest wound bleeding. Ileana raised her head from the healing and looked at her friend with sorrow.
  • The child stared with bewildered eyes at this great star, with which she was unfamiliar, and which terrified her. The planet was, in fact, very near the horizon and was traversing a dense layer of mist which imparted to it a horrible ruddy hue. The mist, gloomily empurpled, magnified the star. One would have called it a luminous wound.
  • It gently cures man of the wounds inflicted on him by the transience of the world, the ephemeral nature of things and the love of them, and delivers him from the darkness of delusion and fancy.
  • The sculptor, spite of his command over himself, turned pale. At that moment the head of Starke moved--clearly moved. It raised itself convulsively for a single moment; its eyes rolled, and it gave vent to a subdued moan of intense agony. Mr. Fiddyes fell fainting on the floor as Dr. Carnell entered. It needed but a glance to tell the doctor what had happened, even had not Peter just then given vent to another low cry. The surgeon's measures were soon taken. Locking the door, he bore a chair to the wall which supported the body of the malefactor. He drew from his pocket a case of glittering instruments, and with one of these, so small and delicate that it scarcely seemed larger than a needle, he rapidly, but dexterously and firmly, touched Peter just at the back of the neck. There was no wound larger than the head of a small pin, and yet the head fell instantly as though the heart had been pierced. The doctor had divided the spinal cord, and Peter Starke was dead indeed.
  • Germany and Austria-Hungary now had new concerns over the great Serbian increase in territory, potentially uniting all the Slavs. They also feared the mobilization of Russian troops into the area. The assassination of Austrias Archduke Francis Ferdinand pressured the two countries to act and they attacked two months later by declaring war on Russia and its ally, France. They pushed hard through Belgium (one of Britains allies) and into France, marching in thirty miles from Paris. All sides suffered heavy causalities, with the majority not dying of battle wounds, but of secondary infections and diseases. At this time, in 1914, Italy and the United States were not involved in the war. However, the United States was entering a severe recession and was looking for a way to pull out of it.
  • Johan refused to relax, fearing that to give in would be to die at a coward's hand, even though shadows stole the edge of his vision, creeping slowly over his eyes. One hand wandered to the wound in his shoulder, slipping through the tear in his shirt to feel around inside. It wasn't as deep as he had feared, but his blood and energy seeped steadily down his chest.
  • "She's right," Colt grated. "If you can stand and walk, we should get after them." Sayana was vertical, and it seemed most of her wounds were closed. Her shirt was practically destroyed though, with barely enough of it intact to cover her chest. Her tattoos were starkly visible in the white light, winding their way across her torso in intricate patterns. Aiden suddenly realised he was staring, and quickly turned away. Of course, the other two men were doing the same as well, which had Nellise scowling at them.
  • "Aye, there's always a chance lad," Clavis said, keeping his voice neutral. "You two can make a start on it, I'll tend to Aiden's wounds a bit." The dwarf came in closer and carefully examined Aidens leg, and took a cursory look at the rest of him too.
  • About three o'clock in the morning a young man whose face and manner she liked came in and looked at Prescott. He showed deep concern, and then relief, when assured that the wound was not serious. His name was Talbot--Thomas Talbot, he said--and he was a particular friend of Prescott's. He gave Lucia one or two glances, but in a few moments he went away to take his part in the next day's battle.
  • "I have to see Kershid. Besides, what would you want with a cow when you have your lovely lithe Pari?" From the mother-of-pearl inlaid wardrobe I retrieved a cloud-grey gown. I possessed no white mourning dresses to fit my current size. Again, Gwydion was at my side, clothing me as easily as Reyal. I wound the lavender ribbon around my hair again.
  • "Somehow I managed to tell myself Jackson hitting me was my fault. I thought I wound him up. I believed…" she choked back a sob, "I believed he was angry with me because I hadnt been able to give him a family. This proves he was just a total, lazy pig."
  • I will take the skins of the hares which I have shot and will make me something, he thought. He washed and cleaned them, but he needed a knife and he set about making one. He split one end of a tough piece of wood, thrust his stone blade in it and wound it with cocoa fibre. His stone knife now had a handle. He could now cut the skins quite well. But what should he do for needle and thread? Maybe the vines would do. "But they are hardly strong enough," he thought. He pulled the sinews from the bones of the rabbit and found them hard. Maybe he could use them. He found fish skeletons on the seashore and bored a hole in the end of the small, sharp rib bones. Then he threaded his bone needle with the rabbit sinews and attempted to sew, but it would not go. His needle broke. The skin was too hard. He bored holes in the edge of the pieces of skin and sewed through the holes. This went very well.
  • When he awoke, all soldiers were dead; Rarisou was left a pile of smoking rubble and no sign of a single Tagh. The Lt. returned despite his wounds to inform of their descent directly to the King; one who had him executed for failure to adhere.
  • The guards opened the doors and their escorts gestured for them to go inside. The room was large and dark, lit only by a granite fireplace on the right side of the room. On either side of it were two bronze fish whose tails wound toward the fire, reflecting the light across their bodies. Above the fireplace was a green banner. In the center of it was the powder blue outline of a triangle. On the triangle was a fish in the same color, its head and tail curving up. This banner was not Iumenta or Elf; this was for one of the few great human houses that were left. There were rumored to be only five outside of the Queens control.
  • They improvised a stretcher and laid the mangled form upon it the blood streaming from wounds in his legs and trickling from his pallid lips.
  • "Shes coming to," Eertu stated flatly, "Hadrenn, water please." The young woman moaned as she tried to set up. "Try not to move," Eertu ordered as he helped her lean up against the wall inside the small dilapidated shack they had taken refuge in then accepted the canteen from Hadrenn. "You have been unconscious for some time and your wounds are considerable. Sip this slowly."
  • There is no mystery to tending wounds, Sire Guido, Diane said, "as I am sure you know. If you keep them closed and clean, God heals them at His pleasure."
  • The woman ignored both his snarls and the knife. Despite the vicious grinding of the long blade, there was no sign of pain or even harm. Ryson imagined the wound in the woman's abdomen must now be cavernous, large enough for nearly every organ to simply fall out, yet he could not find even the slightest trail of blood leaking to the ground. The only sign of blood remained on the shoulder of the tracker, and just below the area where the vampire's mouth held him. A small dark stain blotted the collar of his shirt. It grew no bigger even as the sharp teeth remained in the tracker's jugular. The woman was not allowing any of the red liquid to escape her hunger.
  • Sam tried to run and keep an eye on the tablet but was having difficulty. She wasn't the greatest multi-tasker, and her nerves were wound so tight it hurt. She was cursing her idiotic action. Why hadn't she thought out some sort of plan? She wasn't sure where she was or how she was going to help Adam. If the Mgui unit was as bad as Richard said, then she was in for the fight of her life. Further complicating her emotions, she felt sorry for kicking Richard in the man-berries. There was no justification for that. He would certainly hate her after this...if there was an after.
  • But his chance did not come. He could not make friends with her, and at last, in despair of finding a better opportunity, he had slipped into her room one night in the small hours to steal the chain. But it was wound round her neck in such a way that he could not slip it over her head. She had awakened while he was fumbling with the clasp and had begun to cry. Hearing her mother moving about in the next room, he had hastily carried the child with him, mounted the horse waiting in the yard, and ridden away.
  • "I'm exhausted," she moaned, quickly becoming covered in Fletcher's blood. "And this wound is too deep to staunch with bandages."
  • And there, working with the help of three or four women, hampered in every way for lack of proper materials, she labored hour after hour dressing wounds, setting broken bones, watching no few die, even despite the best that she could do.
  • The prospect was disheartening enough. The river had narrowed to less than a hundred yards in width and wound and twisted amongst the waste of marsh that stretched desolately ahead and astern as far as the eye could see. To the east and west the marsh extended back at least a mile before it met solid timbered land, here and there, and an occasional long point jutted out until it met the stream. Although the weary lad strained his eyes in all directions, not a sign could he see of the other canoes or of any human life. With a sigh of despair, he sank again to his knees and crawled forward to where his chum lay half unconscious and moaning in pain.
  • The gate clanged shut as they started up the long driveway. Past the belt of trees inside the wall, they entered a series of rolling lawns. The drive crossed another stream and then wound through an expanse of formal gardens. A crew of landskeepers far off to the left was pruning a hedge maze. Ahead of them on a rise, though, was the estate house; classically proportioned, with an abundance of colonnades and cornices breaking up the off-white stone facade. They skirted a fountain surrounded by a flower bed in the middle of the circular drive and Max mounted the front stairs. His yank on the bell-pull brought a muffled clanging of chimes from within.
  • Rakyn shrugged. "I was not here. Nykar witnessed your battle with the Parmittans. If he had made his presence known, he would have been killed or captured like the others. He waited until all had departed and then searched for you. He brought you here, tended your wounds, and made haste to find me. Since then we have improved your accommodations in hopes that you would survive. I have sent my men to discover the fate of your friends. Frankly, I would rather have the gauntlet in Parmitta than in the hands of my brothers."
  • I cannot think that,"" I observed; ""he had some other reason, depend on it."" I was right; the mystery was soon solved. All hands at once set to work to fit and rig the jury-masts, when we were called from our occupation by a cheer from Bubble, whose wound made it clearly dangerous for him to exert himself in any way."
  • I wound up each visit with my folks by watching the eleven oclock news. We switched between the local stations to pick up as many images from Cuba as we could.
  • Wesleys face went nearly purple with rage. "You will do as I say!" He roared, and he kicked Jamies shins so hard the weak, little boy fell heavily forward onto the uneven brick floor of the stables. And while he was still procumbent and trying desperately not to cry from the scrapes to his knees and hands, Wesley bent down and in one swift motion grabbed the back of Jamies shirt and ripped it away, exposing a skinny back that already bore the scars and festering wounds from previous whippings.
  • Valeria bent down, hugged him and exclaimed, "Let's go!" as she dove into the water, her tail-fin making a splash when she impacted. Brandon stood up, backed out of the water, and then ran back to the surf going airborne, changing into a merman as the salt water made contact with his lower body. The salt water felt like a magic potion, healing all mental wounds, as the family followed them and headed west.
  • If this convoy was only a short distance away, then it couldnt hurt to investigate the knights reasoned. The boy was prevailed upon to guide them and they set off through the forest along the main road which wound from the harbor at Avranches, to directly underneath the watchful eyes in Pontorsons towers and then into Brittany. Surely any tradesmen onhonest businesswould keep to this route; it was wide, maintained and well-traveled. But the boys hunch proved shrewd. The trio stood in the relative protection of the trees and could plainly see teams of plodding oxen dragging a dozen wagons in a neat, slow-moving line through the fallow fields which skirted the forest. Surrounding the wagons on all sides and forward and back were soldiers; mounted knights and crossbowmen on foot.
  • Impressed with the strangeness of this message, the man departed, and presently, in the dim light of the rain-washed moon, I perceived a little old man running towards me; for Tshoza, who was pretty ancient at the beginning of this history, had not been made younger by a severe wound at the battle of the Tugela and many other troubles.
  • So they went below again; and after Flora had dressed Leslie's wound afresh, the latter stretched himself out on the cabin lockers and sank into a refreshing sleep, while the girl busied herself in the preparation of such nourishing dishes, against his awakening, as the resources of the wreck afforded.
  • It contains chickweed, a herb that has been used for centuries to heal cuts and wounds and soothe itchy, irritated skin.
  • "Only if you know what that damned thing over there is," the old man chuckled, gesturing at the large contraption Aiden had seen the last time he was here. Back then, it was covered in dirt and grime, but since then Dale had cleaned it thoroughly, and a gleaming (if somewhat worn) device now stood against the wall. It was a glass tube, perhaps five feet in height, mounted vertically on a metal base, and capped on the top with more metal. Metal pipes wound their way from the base up the sides where they connected to the top, and it was the strangest thing Aiden had ever seen.
  • Balms for all wounds, salves for all sores, and cures for all sorts of diseases.
  • The boys traveled faster. They were almost at the top of the mountain now. Straight ahead the trail wound narrowly between two steep walls of rock and timber.
  • "The warlike service he has done, consider!—think upon the wounds his body bears, which show like graves ithe holy churchyard!"
  • Aymer laid back the doublet and shirt, wet and heavy with blood that had come from a deep wound in the right breast, and was still oozing slowly. The heart was beating, but very faintly, and forcing the set jaws apart with his dagger, he poured a measure of cordial down Sir John's throat.
  • So they lifted themselves up from the ground where they had been nursing their wounds and descended the stairs quickly, rallying their troops. The surviving ninjas crowded around Hirosaki immediately, ready to do his every whim. Yet the pirates were harder to convince.
  • Late in the afternoon they wound down a narrow trail that led from the plateau into a narrow, beautiful valley. A tree-bordered river meandered through the center of the level plain that formed the valley's floor, while beyond rose precipitous cliffs, which trailed off in either direction as far as the eye could reach.
  • "Any chance youre going to tell me why I have wounds in the first place?" she said, and coughed and tasted blood in her mouth. Her throat was killing her. What the hell had they done to her?
  • I kept two or three traps well set, with a very remote possibility of his putting his only remaining foot therein. Beaver medicine and castorum would not allure him, and the thought occurred to me to try anise seed oil, which I did, and on my next visit had the satisfaction of pulling him up drowned at the end of the chain. The wounds of the cut off legs were so thoroughly healed that when I skinned him there was not even a pucker of the skin in the places where the legs should have been. It is a marvel how he managed to navigate the waters of his native pond, but as the boy said, "I don't know how he did it, but he did."
  • They made the acquaintance of an inconspicuous red root with quite amazing medicinal properties. When rubbed on to injuries it not only numbed the wound but cleaned it as well. The Lind had used it for antiseptic and numbing properties in this way as long as any Lind could remember.
  • "Well, thats the curious part, aint it?" said the octopus, giving her a queer eye, as if it knew she was hiding a secret. "I heard a wave ogossip on the wayere. Seems theres been some kind omiracle back at the castle since we left. Theres a bowl opink medicine goin’ ‘rounda panacea, they say, a pink panacea fixinall the soldiers up right as rain. Funny thing is, no matter how many fish drink from it, or how many wounds they pour it over, the dish wont run dry. Hows that for a bit ogood, salty cheer?"
  • As if by magic, a victorious army was transformed into a flying mob. The Spaniards and Tlascalans took instant advantage of the change. Fatigue and thirst, wounds and exhaustion were forgotten. With shouts of triumph, and vengeance, they broke their ranks and followed hotly upon the fugitives. These, impeded by their very numbers, and half mad with panic, offered no resistance whatever. Great numbers were overtaken and slain and, when the Spaniards abandoned the pursuit at the summons of their leader's trumpet, and assembled round him, the field was covered with the bodies of their fallen foes.
  • It affected him. It calmed him, and he saw that he had been foolish. If he was deserting her, which he was, then she had every right to feel like that, to say it, to wound him with it, even. He'd write to her from Gorey. That was all he could do now. That the loss was not inevitable, that it was his choice in the end, made it very painful.
  • Ellen's Isle seemed such a suitable name for the beautiful little island that they all wondered how anyone could ever have called it anything else, even for a minute. One side of it curved in a tiny crescent, and there the water was calm and shallow, running up on a smooth, sandy beach. Behind the beach the land rose in a steep bluff for about fifty feet and stood high out of the water, its grim, rocky sides giving it the look of a mediµval castle. A steep path wound up the hillside, crossed in many places by the roots of trees growing along the slope, which were both a help in gaining a foothold and a fruitful source of mishap if you happened to be in too much of a hurry.
  • Lighting a match, Ben examined the man's wound and bound it up with the major's handkerchief, his own having been left behind with the Spanish woman. The stranger said that his name was Barton Brownell.
  • I sat up straighter. Cool. I was going to get to see some real magic in action! Not that bullet wounds healing in seconds wasn't magic, it was just in the past and I was having a hard time convincing my brain that it had actually happened.
  • You had best have your own wounds attended to, now. I will have a pile of rugs laid for you, in this little room to the left; and will let you know if any change takes place.
  • I spent the next few minutes relaxing and bathing in the well. Between the dust on myself and my clothes the water took on a swirling violet hue. I finished the rinse in the third well. The dust had clotted my wounds and blood stopped oozing. That's convenient. The weeping statue sat freshly cleaned on the edge of the well. My arms and head rested on the edge next to him. "Try not to be sad forever." He didn't respond. "Just saying." I shrugged; silence. My gaze shifted towards the journal.
  • The conversation was interrupted as three individuals quickly entered Sys command post. Lief Woodson had asked for Ryson and the wizard Enin, but he was more than somewhat surprised to see Holli. The sight of her opened up a painful wound.
  • The men upon the hillock lay, closely observing them, while they trailed upward from the beach and wound inland among desolate sand- hills; for a mile or so they even hung upon the rear of the march, ready, at a sign, to pour another volley on the weary and dispirited fugitives; and it was only when, striking at length upon a firm high-road, Dick began to call his men to some more martial order, that these jealous guardians of the coast of England silently disappeared among the snow. They had done what they desired; they had protected their own homes and farms, their own families and cattle; and their private interest being thus secured, it mattered not the weight of a straw to any one of them, although the Frenchmen should carry blood and fire to every other parish in the realm of England.
  • The demon-hag had ceased moving. Bluenose sat plucking thorns from his side as the old man sauntered up. Breaking a small clay bottle, the old man began to apply stinging ointment to the torn skin and finally sewed up the worst wounds with needle and sinew.
  • It was a pretty time. The sun, going into northern declination, was straight overhead. There was no wind, except for frequent squalls, which blew fiercely for from five minutes to half an hour, and wound up by deluging us with rain. After each squall, the awful sun would come out, drawing clouds of steam from the soaked decks.
  • Duke climbed into the car. "Come on, Jerry. We'll get no satisfaction out of these two. Let's go rub liniment on our wounds, and then we'll make a report to the State Police. Good night, lads. And I hope your mystery bites you. Let me know if it does, so I can say 'I told you so' in print."
  • The carriage wound its way uphill through the streets, and reached the Mehal's gates. Greeted with cheers, we were let through once again. Working through the dark grounds, we arrived before the dimly lit castle. Before the carriage stopped completely, I leaped onto the ground, swept past the guards, who bowed perplexedly, and entered my castle, only to be met by Gwydion's flunkies Kay and Farzal.
  • "If you should get excited on hearing this warning, and rush straight at the snake, not seeing him, why he'd get you. The first thing to do is to free your leg from all clothing, if he struck you, and tie a bandage tight above the mark where his fangs hit. Then get down yourself, or if you have a chum along, and you always will up here, according to the orders to hunt in pairs, have him suck the wound as hard as he can, spitting out the poison."
  • Our little Hebe glanced in the direction I had indicated, and seemed quite to understand the nature of my suggestion, for she shook her head violently and exclaimed rapidly in accents of very decided dissent, "Ve! Ve!! Ve!!!" pointing at the same time to Smellie's and my own untended wounds.
  • "Dazed and incapacitated, he was an easy mark for the bear, who turning, with a growl at the pain of her wounds from the three bullets, seized him in her teeth. Then, apparently suffering acutely herself, she dropped him to give a vicious bite at the blood dripping from her side, where one of the bullets had entered.
  • Don't! rejoined Amy with a shudder. "I loathe eels. They are so squirmy. One wound right around my arm once when I was fishing down the lake, and I never have forgotten the slimy feel of it."
  • They left him there a devil, with a thought in him of Cobby's feast, and of how he might make a clean sweep then of all that impeded and hated him, to be off for civilization. He had not interfered with anybody, he said to himself--had been interfered with in his peaceable routine, first by that Master R. K. Rolls, who was well in hell, and then by that Master Cobby, and now by this black beast whom he had deigned to feel tender to, and this white nigger who so lightly doomed him to death for doing nothing. Or not for doing nothing? The theft of the photograph ... she knew of that ... knew the motive.... "All right," he said, "war it is: the quickest lives. I do the killing, I think: no one wounds me with impunity...."
  • The Bororos used various-shaped arrow-heads, some triangular, others flattened on one side with a raised rib on the opposite side, others triangular in section with hollowed longitudinal grooves in each face of the triangle in the pyramid, making the wound inflicted a deadly one. Others, more uncommon, possessed a quadruple barbed point of bone.
  • "Yes, sir, that's it, on'y you pernounces it different to me. Don't make no difference in the strength on 'em," he continued testily, for his wound was evidently painful, "whether you spells it with a kay or a phoo. Why, I seed big vessels arterwards, as had been blowed a quarter of a mile inland, where they could never be got off again."
  • Mink nearly lost control of his bladder he laughed so hard. Sarge simply sat with his arms crossed. His face wore a grin. When Cobb finally tired himself out and wound down, Sarge addressed him.
  • At that reminder of yesterday she winced, and I was sorry that I had uttered it, for it must have set the wound in her pride a-bleeding again. Yesterday I had as much as told her that I loved her, and yesterday she had as much as answered me that she loved me, for yesterday I had sworn that Saint-Eustache's story of my betrothal was a lie. To-day she had had assurance of the truth from the very woman to whom Lesperon's faith was plighted, and I could imagine something of her shame.
  • From breast to knees ghastly wounds were furrowed in the man's brown skin where the powerful hind feet of the beast had raked him.
  • The blaring music rang out from the north, drawing on new reserves to make itself heard over the din. An answering call sounded sharply from the south. The two majestic chords met in perfect unison, and then the sea split apart like an open wound and there gushed forth endless legions of mermen and fantastic armored sea creatures flowing into, over, and under one another with every lurch of frenzied waves.
  • Andrew then introduced Cal to Carla, and the warm part of the reunion ended abruptly. Cal's wounds were still too fresh to welcome the enemy into the house of Brewster. He looked at Sharon Phillipsactually looked through herwith eyes as lethal as laser beams. After all, she had left him to rot on the bottom of the ocean.
  • Danodel stuck his torch into the earth and walked forward to meet him. The outcome was obvious from the first blow, for though Melivar was quick in spirit and strategy his weight was insufficient to tell against his bulky brother, and he was snorting for air through his bound nostrils before Danodel had even begun to pant. The contest lasted for less than five minutes, and when Melivar sank to his knees with the blood running from a hundred wounds Danodel stood malignantly above him bearing no cut longer than a single claw.
  • There were no wounds on the body, so it seemed that he had died from suffocation. There was still a sickening odor in the boat, but the constant manufacture of fresh air was gradually doing away with this.
  • Rachael rattled off her fears. "The doctor. He said your time was short. You lost too much blood and your wound was not healing."
  • Prescott noticed these things more or less and sometimes they pained him; but clearly they were outside his province, and in order to give them no room in his mind he applied himself more diligently than ever to his duties, his wound now permitting him to do almost a man's work.
  • It was in her hand almost as quickly as she made the request. In the meantime, with a handkerchief she had deftly bandaged the outlaw's leg above the bite. This was twisted tightly with a stick and prevented the poison circulating above the wound.
  • The savages speedily discovered the dead body of the cougar, and commenced skinning him. They were greatly surprised on seeing the number of the stabs, and inquired into the cause. When Crockett explained to them the conflict, the proof of which was manifest in his own lacerated skin, and in the wounds inflicted upon the cougar, they were greatly impressed with the valor he had displayed. The chief exclaimed several times, in tones of commingled admiration and astonishment, "Brave hunter! brave man!" He also expressed the earnest wish that Crockett would consent to be adopted as a son of the tribe. But this offer was respectfully declined.
  • According to the bbc reporter, the victims all had single bullet wounds in the back of the head or neck.
  • Clinical data exists that looked at rates of wound healing in diabetic foot ulcers during a 12-week period.
  • He waited until they were gone before prescribing himself a liberal dose of cocaine, a renowned analgesic. He promised himself he would sprinkle some on the wound when he changed the bandages later.
  • Over time, the compression helped to reduce local edema, re-shape his leg and reduce wound exudate.
  • Added to this was another difficulty. As he wound slowly, about midday, up the last reach, with the summit just above him, the wind carried masses of cloud over the crest and into his face. He walked alternately in a bewildering, driving fog and then in an air made crazy with electricity. Again and again, from one side or the other, he started when the storm boomed and cannonaded down a ravine and then belched out into the open. All this time the babel of the winds overhead never ceased, and the force of the storm cut up under him with such violence that he was almost raised from the earth.
  • While Vespasian was directing the attack, he was struck by a javelin in the heel. The Romans ceased from the attack and crowded round their general but, as soon as they ascertained that his wound was not serious, they returned to the attack with redoubled fury.
  • "I know not. When Jamie cleaned it the first time, he didnt think it was bad enough to require any. I havent even seen it myself." Robert said, instinctively bringing his fingers up to his cheek to touch and feel the wound.
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