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Okunuşu: / wuːnd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wound
Ekler: wounds
Türü: isim, fiil


i. , k.dili Oh! Hayret!
i. , argo. hayret uyandıran kimse veya şey, çok makbul şey.
f. , argo. şaşırtmak, hayrete düşürmek.

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  • They wound around this way and that. There were times when Rob, who came directly on the heels of the pilot, could not see the slightest trace of a trail; but he realized that from long association and investigation Mr. Henderson knew exactly where to set his feet, and thus avoid unpleasant consequences.
  • Toes amputated and their wounds took months to heal during the dark arctic winter.
  • "And that is all, Jack," concluded Hillars. "For all these months not an hour has passed in which I have not cursed the folly of that moment. Instead of healing under the balm of philosophy, the wound grows more painful every day. She did not love me, I know, but she would have been near me. And if the King had taken away her principality, she would have needed me in a thousand ways. And it is not less than possible that in time she might have learned the lesson of love. But now--if she is the woman I believe her to be, she never could love me after what has happened. And knowing this, I can't leave liquor alone, and don't want to. In my cups I do not care."
  • Edwards dearest wish was to go home. As the days stretched into weeks and the weeks turned to months the hope of rescue faded. Only at last, with the passage of time, did acceptance cover the awful wound of abandonment. In the end he could become resigned to living his life with strangers.
  • Oswald remained for a fortnight with Glendower, while Roger's wound was healing. At the end of that time he learned that Henry, having marched into Cardigan and ravaged the country there, was already retiring; his army having suffered terribly from the effects of the weather, the impossibility of obtaining supplies, and the constant and harassing attacks by the Welsh.
  • Mirra's heart bled for their pain. Her eyes burnt with unshed tears, and she could hardly bear to look at them. Most, she was certain, would die from their wounds or remain crippled, and succumb to starvation or fall prey to the wolves that would come for the carrion. Bane did not spare a glance for his fallen troops, nor heed their despairing cries for help.
  • The twenty foot sprint ended abruptly, Idimus stopped dead by the sight that lay before him. The blood did not belong to Savados, rather the man designated to feed him. A man who now hung there, a deep wound in his chest, what was left of Savados' manacles wrapped around his throat.
  • This was the throw-stick, or fire-bow, which they soon began to work with serious effect from behind their breastworks, which they had strengthened by rolling logs to the top of the banks. The fire-bow was a stout bar of ash, hickory, or other pliant wood, one end of which was firmly set in the earth. In the other was hollowed a shallow cavity, and just beneath was attached a stout thong, by which the bow could be drawn back. A ball of tow, or other inflammable material, wound about a small stone to give it weight, was saturated with pitch. The upper end of the bow was drawn back, a fire ball placed in the cavity and lighted, the thong released, and the blazing missile projected with the force and accuracy of an arrow against the devoted building.
  • The sliver of moon showed a worn path through the trees and brush going in the direction she desired. She listened to the night sounds as she went, her feet hardly making a noise on the ground. There was the soft hooting of an owl seeking its midnight repast, and crickets called noisily to each other in the distance. Fireflies danced along the edge of the path where a tiny creek gurgled as it wound down to the same place she was heading. A warm breeze shuffled the pine needles above her head and whispered along the oak branches full of Spanish moss.
  • So it looks as if Bertrand's refusal to play the dirty game didn't prevent that man from finding some one who was willing to sell his soul for money, was the way Tom wound up his short story.
  • ISRAEL KENSKY died at five o'clock in the morning. They had made a rough attempt to dress the wound in his shoulder, but, had they been the most skilful of surgeons with the best appliances which modern surgery had invented at their hands, they could not have saved his life. He died literally in the arms of Irene, and they buried him in a little forest on the edge of a sluggish stream, and Cherry Bim unconsciously delivered the funeral oration.
  • At least the two of them had apparently come alone, without Jills legion of warrior priests or errant tagging acolytes. Even more importantly, they had tuned down their god-auras, not that Jardin had much of an aura left of any sort after his treatment at the hands of Arznaak. Except for ego, then, and a certain undisguisable lethality, there was nothing to stop them from blending into the mob. The fact that only Gashanatantras support was keeping the barely conscious Jardin from slumping to the ground was scarcely remarkable. Plenty of those thronging the stands had wounds or disabilities or stigmata; that was why they were here, hoping for the favorable benediction of the risen Emperor incarnate. Perhaps it had worked in past years, and had been more than legend; perhaps it would work tonight. Or perhaps -
  • By this time Mrs. Gummidge was sitting up, and the color was returning to her cheeks. Baptiste set to work with flint and steel to light a fire, and meanwhile Gummidge and I waded through the shallows to the opposite side of the stream. To our surprise, we found Moralle lying unconscious, but breathing. He had two ugly tomahawk wounds on the head and shoulder, but I judged that he had a fighting chance for life. Gardapie had gone to the bottom above the falls, and doubtless Lavigne's body had been sucked into one of the deep holes below, for we could find no trace of it.
  • Examining the wounds of the dog, which were not serious, he pointed to the cat and administered several severe kicks to the dog, which ran snarling toward the camp, while the guide picked up the body and returned to where his companion stood fastening his bundle, having apparently taken no interest in the contest. There was a short exchange of gutterals and then each of the Indians stooping down placed a band of strong cloth around his forehead, slipped it under the cord around the wood, and, with the aid of his companion, easily raised it to his back and walked off to camp as if it was a burden of no moment.
  • His benevolent hostess immediately called a little Indian attendant, in order to despatch him for the doctor; but her guest shook his head and motioned with his uplifted hand for her to desist. She reseated herself, more at a loss than ever to account for his present appearance and conduct. She had supposed that he was suffering from the pain of his wounds, but she now saw that of these he was entirely regardless. She became aware that a more deeply seated pain afflicted him. Again he turned his face toward the roof of the hut, his hands crossed upon his breast, and his bosom racked with unutterable misery.
  • But he still couldn't help the errant wanting to taste her lips again, to feel her flesh pressed up against his own, all softness and feminine mystery, while their tongues wound together. Gabriel shifted again in the chair, uncomfortable for another reason.
  • Great God! he will live, but as a madman, cried Doctor Dick, moved by the sight of the strong man's brain having been crazed by the wound he had received.
  • Francis crashed back into the clearing, carrying the small medical kit. Under Laura's directions he helped them lift the ltscta on to the ground. The mother stayed where she was, hopeful that these humans could do something, anything that would give her son a chance to live. She knew that a bad wound like this should mean death but these humans were acting as if they could save him.
  • Drew had a horror of scenes, and instead of reporting to Tyke or to the captain, he resolved to go quietly to his room, bind up the wound as well as he was able, and then get into his berth with the hope that a good night's rest would put him in good shape again.
  • According to the bbc reporter, the victims all had single bullet wounds in the back of the head or neck.
  • "I'll keep that in mind," Aiden replied with a shudder. Noticing that Colt seemed to be distracted, he turned to see what he was looking at. The prone form of Fletcher seemed to be the focus of his attention, and it was difficult to judge what the ranger was thinking. Fletchers wounds had not been attended to, and had clotted on his clothing. Pacian had evidently taken the time to bind his arms and legs, however. Nellise slumped forward as she finished her prayers, practically wilting before their eyes.
  • "Why dont the rest of you go up to your rooms, and Ill finish taking care of Mr. Decker," Leanne told the others as she continued to gently dab at my wounds.
  • A massive body lay prone on the ground near the center of the street. "Charlie!" I was at his side in an instant. The ogre lay on his back, one leg canted off at an unnatural angle and his head cranked too far to the right. He had at least thirty arrows in him, and a mammoth spear embedded in his chest. There were too many wounds to count, and much too much blood.
  • Even as good as he was, wound after wound threatened to slow him, but the strange colors around his middle seemed to break away, bits of itself covering anything that was too crippling.
  • He spoke in this dialect, which the stranger in part at least understood, and the sound of which at once rendered him more friendly. By degrees they comprehended each other's meaning the easier, as the shepherd had come the same way and had seen the wreck of the canoe. Felix learned that the shepherd was a scout sent on ahead to see that the road was clear of enemies. His tribe were on the march with their flocks, and to avoid the steep woods and hills which there blocked their course, they had followed the level and open beach at the foot of the cliff, aware, of course, of the gap which Felix had found. While they were talking, Felix saw the cloud of dust raised by the sheep as the flocks wound round a jutting buttress of cliff.
  • Sixteen wounded men laid on pallets, many of them missing limbs, all of them with grievous wounds dressed in blood soaked rags. The clash had been brief and small in the overall scheme of things but extremely brutal. Of the wounded retrieved only six had been theirs which explained the guards stationed inside. Healers would quickly become a precious commodity, and all three of theirs worked now in one place. If any gained enough strength and will they could quickly remove any chance the wounded had of living through the upcoming battle.
  • These streams, flowing down from unknown regions in the north, were often encumbered with large blocks of ice. There was but little game in those dismal forests, and on those sear and bleak prairies. The savages were pitiless, and would often give but a meagre portion to their adopted brethren. Father Hennepin often divested himself of his clothes, bound them upon his head, and swam across these streams. Upon reaching the shore, his limbs would be so chilled and benumbed that he could scarcely stand. The blood would trickle down his body and limbs, from wounds inflicted by the sharp edges of the ice. The trail invariably led to spots where the crossings of the swollen streams were not very wide. Several of the Indians were men of gigantic stature. Father Hennepin was a tall man, but his companions were very short, and neither of them could swim. When they came to a ford where the water was over the heads of the short men these tall Indians would carry them across on their shoulders. When all were compelled to swim they would help the unfortunate men across on pieces of drift wood.
  • You talk like a Spaniard, Colonel, said the Governor, and thus dealt the Colonel's pride a wound that was to smart resentfully for many a week. At the moment it struck him silent, and sent him stamping out of the shed in a rage for which he could find no words.
  • The warrior slowly lowered his sword, adjusting to his new surroundings. His broad wing was damaged and hung awkwardly. His side bled, his hands also. A wound above his eye gusted forth blood that flowed down his cheek. Silent, he looked around. "My Lady Calledwdele," he bowed. "I'm sorry. I was the last to stand. There are no others."
  • The start next morning was through a torn and rent Wilderness, amid smoke and vapours, with wounded in the wagons, making a solemn train that wound its way through the forest, escorted on either flank by troopers, commanded by Talbot, slightly wounded in the shoulder. The Secretary had gone again to look on at the battle.
  • Cracks like wounds stung his body. The invisible shine appeared within him and out of this shine came a calm. The tingle of his body subsided and his fears were lifted. The reason of his mind regained a foothold.
  • Levine's team looked to the skies for inspiration. "Birds look around and decide which way all their neighbors are flying," Levine said. "The idea that they would move as independent birds but also coordinate is where the idea of flocking came from. This way of thinking hadn't been applied to epithelial tissue motility in wound healing."
  • With his morning rituals done and no pressing matters for the evening it was time to take care of some personal business. First he would take Anja's advice and talk to the Galnathian smith Arianna about the mace he had procured from her shop during the fight if for no other reason to either give it back or offer payment. Secondly He longed to spend some time with Eitreen. She had been as busy or more so tending to the wounded patching them up enough they can continue to retreat further west, and the fighters injured from training or wounds acquired prior.
  • Into the midst of these Frank forced his way. In the center, his head on Jack's knee, was Captain Jack. Blood flowed from wounds in the back of his head, from his forehead and from his sides. He was unconscious.
  • Maida and Liandra finished washing his wounds, working slowly because he winced and whimpered each time they touched one of the bloody gashes. "Now, a salve," Maida said. "But I have no idea which one."
  • It is safe to conclude that if Molloy had been set free that evening with a cutlass in his hand he would--after supper of course--have attacked single-handed the united band of forty Arabs, killed at least ten of them, and left the remaining thirty to mourn over their mangled bodies and the loss of numerous thumbs and noses, to say nothing of other wounds and bruises.
  • This done, Mr Brooke turned his attention to the wound received by the boat, where the charge from the swivel gun had gone crashing through the top of the cabin and out at the side. It was a gaping wound in the slight planking of the boat, but the shot had torn their way out some distance above the water-line, so that unless very rough weather came on there was no danger, and we had other and more serious business now to take up our attention.
  • All through the afternoon the five men wound up the valley, following one another's footsteps, emerging from sombre thickets of fir to flounder across wide pastures of "nigger-heads," that wobbled and wriggled and bowed beneath their feet, until at cost of much effort and profanity they gained the firmer footing of the forest. Occasionally they came upon the stream, and found easier going along its gravel bars, till a bend threw them again into the meadows and mesas on either hand. Their course led them far up the big valley to another stream that entered from the right, bearing backward in a great bow towards the Yukon, and always there were dense clouds of mosquitoes above their heads. At one point Stark, hot and irritable, remarked:
  • Some of the women were hurt, but only a few had suffered actual wounds that bled. They were mostly bruised, battered and in deep shock at the events of the last hours and with the death of their men. The surviving lads were shoved in beside them; those that could took their weeping mothers in their arms in an attempt to comfort them.
  • Prometheus's eyes widened: he hadn't anticipated that. No-one had tried that before or, come to think of it, even killed a Titan or God before. If this guy was serious, Prometheus reckoned that the Entity might be the first. The Entity opened his palm and blew on it. A glowing white light formed, which he then threw into the thrashing waters below. Instantly, the water shifted state and became cold ice, restricting Prometheus's movements and trapping the chains underwater. The Entity appeared to smile before placing his hand on the cliff surface again. Spears of chalk ejected outwards, piercing Prometheus in god knows how many places. He bled from each spot, but continued to laugh as each spot grew steadily smaller, but ceased laughing when more spears protruded, filling and enlarging the holes again. Prometheus began to roar in fury, raising his arms and shattering the shafts connecting him to the cliff face, leaving only the spearheads in him. His wounds were still healing, but they were getting slower now.
  • By small degrees, he came to realize he had experienced this pain before. When he had been little. Rordan felt the raw wound of two separate incidents in time, now linked by a common feeling of shock. He had come back from the woods with no answer in both instances and the sting of failure squeezed a gasp from his chest.
  • The second beast had wasted no time. Even before its partner had made its move the beast had maneuvered to flank the dwarf. Wikkid turned just in time to catch the beasts mouth with the haft of his axe as the beast bore him down. Long narrow razor sharp claws dug in, the tips managing to penetrate the through the metal links of his mail shirt. Blood ran hot from the tiny shallow wounds.
  • For half an hour those unwounded of the party were occupied in bandaging up the wounds of the others. At the end of that time the men who had pursued the fugitives had arrived.
  • A hideous wreck above her gun-deck, with funnel pierced, both masts tottering to their fall, guns dismounted, and planks stained red with the life-blood of many a gallant Chinaman, the Chih' Yuen quickly gathered sternway, piling the water up in a white, foaming mass under her round counter, while the vengeful guns of the Japanese squadron never ceased to thunder their hatred of the destroyer of two of their ships. Frobisher himself was obliged to relinquish the command to Drake for a few minutes, while the surgeon bound up a bad scalp wound which was blinding him with blood, this having been received from a fragment of flying shell that had managed to penetrate through the observation slit of the conning-tower.
  • Sam continued to lose control over his own dating destiny, as women were consistently casting him aside for the first time in his illustrious dating career. I was wondering when the Jewish Dating Hall of Fame was gonnacome a knocking and enshrine him into its imaginary, hollowed walls. Sam was definitely starting to worry mehe was taking chances with his life that showed me that he was literally hanging over the edge. He went on a weekend trip and skied the equivalent of the K-12 from John Cusacks movie, Better off Dead." Sam was no Lane Meyer and he wound up teetering on the jagged edge of a cliff after his skis skidded on a patch of ice. He saw his life in front of his eyes and, to his surprise, the viewing was more of a preview than a full-length feature.
  • Late in the afternoon they wound down a narrow trail that led from the plateau into a narrow, beautiful valley. A tree-bordered river meandered through the center of the level plain that formed the valley's floor, while beyond rose precipitous cliffs, which trailed off in either direction as far as the eye could reach.
  • Jack checks his leg, his jeans have been cleanly cut and only a small wound lies beneath, merely less than a fourth-of-an-inch thick. "Yeah, Im fine," he exclaims, still surprised. "Are youare you okay?"
  • It was in that hour that it came to me to cast myself upon this fair creature's mercy. Surely one so sweet and saintly to behold would take compassion on an unfortunate! Haply my wound and all the rest that I had that night endured made me dull-witted and warped my reason.
  • His touch was intoxicating. I could feel warm tingles start from my shoulders and work their way down my arms. A full two seconds of silence passed before I realized he'd asked me why I'd come downstairs. "I can't sleep. I've been trying, but I'm too wound up to do anything but just lie there. I thought I'd come downstairs and talk to you instead. I mean unless it's bothering you. You know, keeping you from patrolling or something."
  • The pain in my ankle, the swelled and irritated condition of my nose plainly proved to me that there was no dream about my injuries, but I discovered that my head and leg were neatly bandaged with strips of fine linen. I sat for a while busily collecting the incidents of the past twenty-four hours, arranging them in my mind in their proper order and place. I cut out the dream portion from the realities with very little trouble until I reached the part where I had awakened in the night and had seen the wolves, the eagle and the Wild Hunter. I could not be sure whether that was a dream or reality. Had I seen this strange old man with his eagle and his wolf pack beside our camp fire or had I dreamed it? Had this hobgoblin man, who might be my own father, rescued me from death at the claws of the grizzly and bound my wounds for me, or was that but a dream too? Had not Big Pete saved me perhaps and cared for me afterward?
  • Bain and its partners wound up acquiring 61.7 percent of Seat for 853 million euros in November 1997, beating another bidder.
  • 'I have been thinking, and have made up my mind as to what is best. If I did simply follow my inclining I would do now, at this moment, what is to be done. But there are other things to follow, and things that are thousand times more difficult in that them we do not know. This is simple. He have yet no life taken, though that is of time, and to act now would be to take danger from his forever. But then we may have to want Artemis, and how shall we tell her of this? If you, who saw the wounds on Lucas's throat, and saw the wounds so similar on the child's at the hospital, if you, who saw the coffin empty last night and full today with a man who have not change only to be more rose and more beautiful in a whole week, after he die, if you know of this and know of the white figure last night that brought the child to the churchyard, and yet of your own senses you did not believe, how then, can I expect Artemis, who know none of those things, to believe?
  • A great deal of use, Alexis said quietly. "There are hundreds, aye thousands, of men in Russia who have lost a leg, some from an accident like this, or from a waggon going over them, some from a wound in battle. In some cases the leg is taken off much above the knee, but even then they are able to get about and enjoy their lives; but when it is below the knee, like this, they are able to do everything just the same as if they had both feet. They can walk and ride, and, in fact, do everything like others; besides, for such men there are people at St. Petersburg who make feet of cork, and when these are on, with a boot and trousers, or with a high boot, no one could tell that the wearer had not two feet. I have met men who had lost a leg, and they walked so well that I did not know till I was told that they had not two legs."
  • Though our hero was much mortified at this triumph of his rival, he made a virtue of necessity, and retired with great complaisance, wishing that Miss Biddy might never again be the subject of such a disagreeable dispute. Whether the patient was frighted at this altercation, or displeased with her mother's decision against an agreeable young fellow, who had, as it were, recalled her from the grave, and made himself master of the secret that rankled at her heart, or the disease had wound up her nerves for another paroxysm, certain it is, she all of a sudden broke forth into a violent peal of laughter, which was succeeded by the most doleful cries, and other expressions of grief; then she relapsed into a fit, attended with strong convulsions, to the unspeakable terror of the old gentlewoman, who entreated Doctor Looby to be expeditious in his prescription. Accordingly he seized the pen with great confidence, and a whole magazine of antihysteric medicines were, in different forms, externally and internally applied.
  • My Aleuts were not permitted to shoot unless we were following up a wounded bear in the thick brush; but I found it most difficult to keep them to this rule. The large hole of the bullet from my .50-caliber which Nikolai carried made it easy to distinguish his hits, and if a bear had received the mortal wound from his rifle, I should not have kept the skin.
  • Life with the yorkshiremen always carried menacing undertones and everton were on a short fuse, fully wound up and all ready to go.
  • Richard shook his head dumbly and gently laid bare the white shoulder. The wound was bleeding very slightly, and they bound it deftly betwixt them, with their united handkerchiefs and a napkin seized from the table.
  • As she drew away the hair, washed the wound and bound it up with a strip from her own dress, she was filled with a divine gladness. Not only was she doing that which she wished most to do, but she was making repayment. He would have died there had she not found him, and no one else would have found him in that lone spot.
  • Sarah came in with a handful of clean towels and the first aid box he stocked in the house just incase of an accident. Only because they live so far out in the woods they might need them. She sat them all on the table and walked around to the sink and filled the empty fruit bowl full of hot water. She brought it over and sat down in a chair in front of him. As she cleaned his chest wounds first she asked "How were you able to stand while being shocked."
  • Brydon champed at the bit of impatience, but his leg wound had torn open after the exertions of the day and he knew it would be a disadvantage until it was more fully healed.
  • Screaming and grasping his left wrist with his right hand, the gun finally drops from the mans hand to the floor, a red ball of steaming metal. His hand reduced to a disfigured lump flesh, bone and blood. His eyes full of pain and insane anger, he pulls a large knife from behind his back and screams at the priest, "I'll kill you!...I'll kill you!" Leaping forward, he charges at the priest. He shoves out his hand with the knife, burying it deep into the priest's chest, straight into his heart. Blood sprays from the wound, covering the mans face and chest. The priest does not falter from his position, standing firmly in place as if nothing had happened to him at all. He reaches down with his left hand grasping not the knife sticking out of his chest, but the mans hand who was still clutching the knife. He pulls the mans hand slowly from the knife, but does not let go of his hand. Reaching over with his right hand, the priest grabs the handle of the knife and slowly pulls it out of his chest. The blood no longer flowing from any of his gunshot wounds or the knife wound.
  • No, he muttered, "the doubt I felt was but the commencement of forgetfulness; but here the wound reopens, and the heart again thirsts for vengeance. And the prisoner," he continued aloud, "was he ever heard of afterwards?"
  • "Oh, gentlemen, see, see!—dead Henrys wounds open their congealed mouths, and bleed afresh!" No gash is visible, of course, but her hearers share the common belief that a victims injuries ooze when the murderer is near. She cries to Richard, "Blush, blush, thou lump of foul deformity, fortis thy presence that expels this blood from cold and empty veins where no blood dwells! Thy deed, inhuman and unnatural, provokes this divulge most unnatural!"
  • No one spoke, but a stretcher was quickly brought, and Frank was conveyed in a state of insensibility to the nearest hospital, where his manly form shattered, burned, and lacerated was laid on a bed. He breathed, although he was unconscious and evinced no sign of feeling when the surgeons examined his wounds.
  • I always forget, sir. wound reminds me when I go too fast, and aren't careful. All right again soon, though. Don't hear no noos of the war being over, sir, I s'pose?
  • He looked around at the others and moved to Dexter next. Dexter let him study his wounds then fetch out his holy symbol to once again begin chanting and moving about.
  • The tumultuous thunder of the fierce war-dance sounded louder and louder upon the night--the glare of the distant fires reddened, and then glowed forth afresh. What if Tom Carhayes had come upon the spoor of his missing sheep--and in his blind rage had followed it right into Nteya's location? Might he not as well walk straight into a den of lions? The savage Gaikas, wound up to the highest pitch of bloodthirsty excitement, would at such a time be hardly less dangerous than so many beasts of prey. Even at that very moment the cord of that one life might be snapped.
  • Jack! cried the Doctor, with his face wrinkling up, as he tried to look very severe. "Yes Jack. But you're not Jack: he was some common fisherman's or miner's boy, not the son of a medical man--a gentleman. There, go and dress that wound in his trousers, my dear."
  • She wasnt stupid, Serenity knew what Jackson did to her was wrong. Yet, she always made excuses for himshe wound him up, he didnt realize how badly he hurt her or, her old favorite, hed change.
  • Fortune, however, favours the brave; and although he fell where he might easily have remained for years without being discovered, he was found the same day by a party of Boers, who dressed his wounds, gave him food and drink (which he had not touched for two days), and helped him by easy stages to the coast.
  • "You wished to thresh things out? I am ready. And in case we should be interrupted, you know, I have called on you in your official capacity. We'll say that I am troubled by the old wound in the head; that will do as well as anything, won't it?"
  • I wound down, and watched him. "Wow, thats crazy, Mom," he said. "Youre, like, deciding youre psychic? You?"
  • This question seemed to perplex them, for they saw that their interrogator knew the difference between a war and a hunting arrow--the former being barbed in order to render its extraction from the wound difficult, while the head of the latter is round and can be drawn out of game that has been killed, and used again.
  • Thus saying, the chieftain, whose commands none dared disobey, entered the lodge whither Donald had been tenderly conveyed, and where the chief's daughter was already bathing his wounds.
  • With this beginning, the agent passed into a detailed description of the anatomy of the two different kinds of seal, and wound up with an earnest panegyric of his fur seal family.
  • I think there is every hope of his doing so. These natives are as hard as nails. I don't suppose the child has ever had a day's illness in his life, and in this pure dry air there is little fear of the wound doing badly. The next thing to do is to make him a pair of crutches to get about with till he can bear to have a wooden stump on. The only nuisance is that we shall be delayed. As a doctor, I cannot very well leave my patient till he is fairly on the road towards recovery.
  • If you have described the wound correctly, I should say there was every danger. I have written, however, to your mother, so that she may be able to decide if anything of the kind is probable, and then you may be obliged to make another journey up here. At all events, if your father's life should be in danger, you may depend upon it I will come to the camp; although I am free to admit that a ride across Smoke Creek Desert isn't one that I hanker for, although you seem to have made the journey on foot and thought little of it.
  • In all these past months, Tom hadn't seen anyone. Over the past two months, he'd tried four of the roads. He hadn't figured out to double back in a wizard's way of thinking. Wizard way, of all ways, worked best to reverse the steps by resaying a spell. Saying a spell was most specialized in thought. In theory, the right way to say it was for one to walk into a Spell Well. Without it, though, it took moments to gather one's wits; they all wound up back at the Crossroads Landing, looking at the other roads, deciding which one they'd try next.
  • "Yes, that was pretty easy!" he replied as everyone laughed. "My first fight, I wound up being skewered on the limb of a tree courtesy of my new friend Thaddeus Brewster.
  • A pistol cracked behind me; then another, and a sharp, stinging pain in the shoulder warned me that I was hit. But I took no heed of it then. The wound could not be serious, else I had already been out of the saddle, and it would be time enough to look to it when I had outdistanced my pursuers. I say my pursuers, for already there were hoofbeats behind me, and I knew that those gentlemen had taken to their horses. But, as you may recall, I had on their arrival noted the jaded condition of their cattle, whilst I bestrode a horse that was comparatively fresh, so that pursuit had but small terrors for me. Nevertheless, they held out longer, and gave me more to do than I had imagined would be the case. For nigh upon a half-hour I rode, before I could be said to have got clear of them, and then for aught I knew they were still following, resolved to hound me down by the aid of such information as they might cull upon their way.
  • It was with a feeling of tremendous relief that we finally emerged from this canyon safely. Battered and strained, but still alive. "The Captain" was still seaworthy and stanch but she showed many marks and wounds of the terrible descent.
  • There were other wounds on the boar's body. The first, caused by the boy's shot, showed a bloody furrow just over the eye; the blow had been too weak to crush the frontal bone. The second came from Sir John's first shot; it had caught the animal diagonally and grazed his breast. The third, fired at close quarters, went through the body; but, as Roland had said, not until after the animal was dead.
  • The earth demon shook its head as if to clear it, bits of mud crumbling from its chest. It placed a hand on the wound and straightened.
  • They apply pressure to the wound and the bleeding stops. Some cushions are brought from the side tables of the club and placed under his head. He's conscious and asks for a cigarette and a drink. Both requests are quickly satisfied.
  • "The magician and prophet who is the brother of your grandfather, Master, and the son of a king; he who brought you up before he became a hermit? Yes, I know him well, though I have seldom been very near to him because his eyes frighten me, as they frightened Cambyses the Persian when Tanofir cursed him and foretold his doom after he had stabbed the holy Apis, saying that by a wound from that same sword in his own body he should die himself, which thing came to pass. As they have frightened many another man also."
  • We wound around local streets, heading generally back toward the docks, and finally entered a shuttered house where we descended to the basement. Beneath an old rug was an iron grate. The guy rolled up the edge of the rug, being careful not to disturb a slender thread that ran from one frayed corner off into the darkness. Then he turned his back, did something behind him in the gloom, and waited. Running water gurgled below the grate, gradually growing fainter. Finally the grate clanged and squeaked open. The edge of a ladder was revealed, leading down into a big pipe that I hoped wasnt the sewer.
  • In the dark, the Mongol camp simply assumed the dark shadows were simply their battalions returning since Grandmas group camped fifteen hundred kilometers west. The Americans caused about fifty thousand casualties, although most of them were only minor wounds that would soon heal. But those wounded needed immediate attention.
  • Here we remained for three weeks, during which time Jack's wounds healed up, and his strength returned rapidly. Peterkin and I employed ourselves in alternately tending our comrade, and in scouring the neighbouring woods and plains in search of wild animals.
  • The young Englishman looked at his watch--which had somehow escaped the fingers of his captors, and which he had kept wound regularly--and found to his astonishment that it was close on half-past four o'clock in the morning, and that therefore daylight could not be very far distant. It would not be long before he could climb up to his perch at the window, and see who the attackers were. Meanwhile the explosions had increased from the exchange of single shots to a general cannonade on both sides; and now the very atmosphere was vibrating with the deafening concussions, as the guns on the battlements roared and the heavy conical shot from the attacking party plunged against the thick masonry of the walls, toppling down great masses of stone, mortar, and debris at every hit.
  • Rob was already busily engaged stanching the bleeding from his wounds, which seemed to be numerous, though not apt to prove fatal, if they had proper attention.
  • The Golem picked its way through the carnage, towards the center of the room. It stopped in front of the golden throne, looming over Harvey, who was slumped in the chair with his eyes closed. There was a large gash down his side, congealed blood around the wound appeared as a black stain against the colorful material of his robes.
  • The Romans were soon upon the spot, and were loud in exclamation of surprise and grief at seeing their commander covered with dust, and bleeding from several wounds, while his horse lay dead beside him. To their inquiries whether he was seriously wounded, Titus replied, lightly:
  • She'd already known that they were going to lose, but she rushed in with Oscar anyway to help patch up. Maybe it was that fate thing Oscar kept bugging her about. It was by fate she'd found out about the Calgary elite and how they meant to squander the chance for rain. It was by fate she'd wound up in Green Vale in the first place. She and her adopted city didn't stand a chance in this coming battle but they were fighting anyway. Nobody dared suggest this, but maybe, even if they all died, maybe they were proving a point.
  • The sun rose higher and the road wound about and ran up and down, each turn or hilltop bringing new but tantalizingly familiar scenes, for I'd been to Inscher years back at my father's side. The thought of him drained part of the joy from me, but being young, new thoughts soon came to replace sad ones. On we went, and when the sun passed beyond its zenith, Caldridge came to view.
  • They were returning home covered with scars and wounds received while performing acts of bravery, but what cared they for scars and wounds so long as they had not lost an eye, ear or leg, and were feeling perfectly well and strong? To be sure, Billy had lost the tip of his tail when he was blown up by a bomb, but that did not matter.
  • Finding that it was not wise to take the ship in any closer, while we were yet some distance from our prize, a boat was sent to Mr. Cruce with the instructions that he was to run his line from the whale back to the ship, if the creature was dead. He (the mate) replied that the whale died as quietly as he had taken his wounds, and immediately started for the ship. When he had paid out all his line, another boat bent on, until we got the end on board. Then we merrily walked him up alongside, while sufficient sail was kept drawing to prevent her being set in any nearer. When he was fast, we crowded on all canvas to get away; for although the sea was deep close up to the cliff, that swell was a very ugly feature, and one which has been responsible for the loss of a great number of ships in such places all over the world. Notwithstanding all our efforts, we did get so near that every detail of the rock was clearly visible to the naked eye, and we had some anxious minutes while the old ship, rolling tremendously, crawled inch after inch along the awful side of that sea-encircled pyramid.
  • A diabetic patient with an open wound in his neck as a result of a surgically drained tooth abscess.
  • Caislyn saw the tears, and as she examined more closely she realized she was seeing blood, fresh blood and it was getting on her hands as well. She took a napkin that was laying on the coffee table and began to dab the blood away. To her surprise she realized that there were no wounds beneath the drying blood.
  • Dismounting, he wound the horse through the rubble, careful of his footing. He could not afford for his horse to go lame. At the edge of the rock door he knelt, scraped his hand across the back of a small, sandy rock that had been formed by wind, water and time to resemble a ladder. He felt the sharp prick of the metal latch, cursed softly, and then tripped it. Taking two paces back, he waited.
  • Frobisher, very much alive, but still weak from his wounds, arrived in due time at Asan, closely guarded by a file of soldiery, and was carried direct to the fort at the mouth of the river.
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