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Okunuşu: / wuːnd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wound
Ekler: wounds
Türü: isim, fiil


i. , k.dili Oh! Hayret!
i. , argo. hayret uyandıran kimse veya şey, çok makbul şey.
f. , argo. şaşırtmak, hayrete düşürmek.

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  • So then what had brought Jurtan back to awareness? One of the instrumentalists was addressing him, thats what it must have been. "My man," the fellow was saying out of the side of his mouth, the other side being occupied by a thin cigarette trailing a matching line of blue exhaust. The smoke wound its way upward around the neck of the tall string bass the man was plunking. "You look to be grooving there goodly. Whats your instrument?"
  • The gully wound down the cliffs for over half an hour before opening out on the edge of a scree slope. Hal and Tanngrisnir made their way out onto the scattered rocks and picked their way down, slithering and slipping, crouching low; at times almost hugging the ground.
  • A fortnight after the fall of Mexico, Amenche and Roger were both convalescent. Amenche's wound had, after the first day, caused but little anxiety. She had fainted from loss of blood, and from the effects of the long strain which she had undergone, from the time that she had heard that Roger was a captive in the hands of the Mexicans, and destined for sacrifice at the temple. Under the influence, then, of happiness; and of the care and attention she received; she was, in two or three days, well enough to get up and go into the adjoining room, and sit by the couch of Roger; who was prostrated by fever, the result of imprisonment, anxiety, and his wounds. For a time his life was in danger; but after the crisis had passed, he too recovered rapidly.
  • A long silence fell between them. The action during the last few minutes had been too great an effort for Nathaniel and his wound troubled him again. As the pain and his terrible thoughts of Marion's fate returned to him he regretted that they had not ended it all in one last fight at the door. There, at least, they might have died like men instead of waiting to be shot down like dogs, their hands bound behind them, their breasts naked to the Mormon rifles. He did not fear death. In more than one game he had played against its hand, more often for love of the sport than not, but there was a horror in being penned up and tortured by it. He had come to look upon it as a fair enemy, filled of course with subterfuge and treachery, which were the laws of the game; but he had never dreamed of it as anything but merciful in its quickness. It was as if his adversary had broken an inviolable pact with him and he sweated and tossed on his bed of straw while Neil sat cool and silent on the bench against the dungeon wall. Sheer exhaustion brought him relief, and after a time he fell asleep.
  • She threw the stained cloak on the bed. Rolling back her sleeve, which proved to be a particularly painful experience, she found the bandage utterly saturated with blood. Myranda clenched her teeth and winced in pain as she pulled it away. The simple gash was swollen and red, crusted with the crimson remains of the blood. It was not improving. She knew from experience that wounds that took on this appearance seldom healed on their own and never healed completely.
  • "No, my lord! I would never have let that happen!" Haworth protested. "Of course, I immediately jumped down from my mount and challenged the Bastards knight, if only to divert attention from Sir Ralph. The tactic workedthe man turned to me and we began fighting. After a short bout, I gave him a wound which proved mortal, and it was at that moment that the Bastard and a dozen or so of his guards galloped like maniacs into the clearing. I was so outnumbered that when Sir Richard demanded my sword, I surrendered it. Sir Ralphhe didnt want to surrender, my lord."
  • The twenty foot sprint ended abruptly, Idimus stopped dead by the sight that lay before him. The blood did not belong to Savados, rather the man designated to feed him. A man who now hung there, a deep wound in his chest, what was left of Savados' manacles wrapped around his throat.
  • "Wake up Joff," Eduard said. Joff did not stir. Eduard looked around nervously, fearing the return of the goblins. "Well wait a while. Stay alert, Jain. The goblins may come back. Airk, we need to see to that shoulder. Stay there." Eduard rummaged around in one of the tents and came back with an earthenware jar full of green goo. After they had gotten Airks shirt off, Eduard began to apply the goo to the wound.
  • Bud quickly sprang off the back of his horse; and together and as gently as possible the two boys lowered the wounded miner from the saddle and laid him down on a little mound of grass. A few rods away a small stream of water wound its way, half-hidden by tall grass and bushes and low trees, through the little valley where they had stopped.
  • Conservative economists point out that even after the tax cuts, the rich overall wound up paying a larger dollar amount in income taxes. That's mainly because the incomes of the wealthy kept climbing. The top quintile paid 15 percent more in taxes but made 30 percent more money in 2006 than in 1996, the CRS reported.
  • Laura took a deep breath. Her hand was poised over the edge of the gaping wound. She looked closer. Good, there did not appear to be any damage to the internal organs. If she could stop the bleeding and close the wound the little one should survive. At least this wasn't the hot season; there weren't as many flies and buzzers around which were a prime cause of infection.
  • Even if he didn't know before, continued her sister, after a pause in which she had apparently been brooding over the indifference of the young man in question, "he ought to have made himself known after I told him who I was." Another pause. "That's what I did it for," she wound up, conclusively.
  • It had been in a skirmish with one of these venturesome enemy vessels that the Queen Mary had received injuries that necessitated her going into dry dock for a few days, while she was given an overhauling and her wounds healed. True enough, she had sent the foe to the bottom; but with a last dying shot, the Germans had put a shell aboard the _Queen Mary.
  • They returned to the car. Bob wound his window down so that he could flick ash onto the pavement. A taxi chugged part the car. Suddenly, a loose ball of paper shot past Bob's nose and landed on Guy's lap.
  • Suddenly the sharp pricking pain in her arm ceased. She was conscious of a sensation as though her arm was being blown up like a bicycle tyre, but it was not unpleasant. He withdrew the needle and kept his finger pressed upon the little red wound where it had gone in.
  • Bart was there panting and flushed with nothing worse than a scalp wound where a rifle butt had glanced from his head. Wilson himself was unhurt. Billy also had come through unscathed, but Tom was nowhere to be seen.
  • Oh! murther, and is it these your haner's axing after? and he ingeniously placed his finger upon a smaller wound made by his bottle on the previous night. "Yes, O'Reily, we wish you to state how you came by those wounds."
  • The week that followed was one of terrible labor, vigil and responsibility for Stern. Not yet recovered from his wounds nor fully rested from his flight before the Horde--now forever happily wiped out--the man nevertheless plunged with untiring energy into the stupendous tasks before him.
  • The room was silent as she unwound the linen from his neck and removed the soiled moss. She used the water Delamere had brought and a fresh cloth to clean out the wound and applied a poultice of sicklewort, warmed over the fire, to it and held it fast with another wrapping of linen bandage. All the while, she felt every eye watching her carefully and it made her nervous.
  • Playing the number one seed, Carlton, in the first round of the playoffs was a difficult chore. The team trailed by 12 at halftime and wound up losing by 23 by the time the final buzzer sounded. But a 9-10 final record, and a trip to the playoffs, was more than enough progress for a hopeful principal and newly invigorated town.
  • The Marshall straightened and touched his forehead, finding no wound with his fingertips. He showed no sign of feeling pain, nor did he appear surprised. "A paradox."
  • Aziel obeyed, and having washed out the wound with water, Metem rubbed ointment into it which burnt Elissa so sorely that she groaned aloud.
  • Impregnated dressing, clean the wound with iodine or alcohol daily and cover with a dry dressing.
  • She admired the muscles of his legs and the apparent firmness of his butt, once she had wiped the blood free. His wound still bled, but given there was a lead bullet imbedded in his right cheek, it was understandable why. She was glad he was out cold because the pain of what she had to do would not be a pleasant thing to bear.
  • Major Hester's first duty, after conveying his wife and child to the shelter of the blockhouse, was to visit the guest so strangely thrust upon his hospitality and inquire into his condition. He found him lying on a pallet of straw, over which a blanket had been thrown, and conversing with Truman Flagg in an Indian tongue unknown to the proprietor. The hunter was bathing the stranger's wounds with a gentleness that seemed out of keeping with his own rude aspect, and administering occasional draughts of cool well water, that appeared to revive the sufferer as though it were the very elixir of life.
  • Yes, you saved me, answered Masouda, and kneeling down she kissed his feet; then rising again, with her long, soft hair wiped away the blood that was running from a wound in his arm.
  • I detailed as succinctly as possible all that had transpired since our departure from the ship, and wound up by a suggestion that if they had any spare rations they would be most acceptable.
  • It seemed as though Hanky Panky could not tear his eyes away from the amazing sight which fairly fascinated him. As though held in the grip of a nightmare the boy was staring and muttering to himself. Sometimes his words signified wonder and awe; then again there was an underlying vein of compassion in what Hanky Panky said; for his heart was greatly touched by the sight of all this terrible misery. He could see some of the forms on the late battlefield moving. He realized that men in anguish must be calling out for a drink of cooling water so as to quench their burning thirst. Others were doubtless suffering all sorts of tortures from the wounds they had received.
  • Now whether through pure accident--in other words, the "sheer cussedness" of Fate--or whether it imagines that its master's last word was a command to itself, the white dog at this juncture gets up, and leaving the protecting shadow of its master begins to slink away over the veldt. This and the swaggering insolence of the Kafir is too much for Carhayes. Up goes his piece: there is a flash and a report. The wretched hound sinks in his tracks without even a yelp, and lies feebly kicking his life away, with the blood welling from a great circular wound behind the shoulder. The poor beast has run down his last buck.
  • "All right, boys," he said, without moving, "let 'em have it! Ready, port battery? Fire!" Jeremy and Bob, clinging side by side to the hatch-combing, felt the planking quiver under them at the series of mighty discharges, and saw the pirate schooner check and stagger like an animal that has received its death wound.
  • Ah! the magician--that Harmachis who overthrew the giant? I remember now. He is welcome. Tell me, Sir Magician, can thy magic mirror call forth an answer to this dream? Nay, how strange a thing is Sleep, that wrapping the mind in a web of darkness, straightly compels it to its will! Whence, then, come those images of fear rising on the horizon of the soul like some untimely moon upon a midday sky? Who grants them power to stalk so lifelike from Memory's halls, and, pointing to their wounds, thus confront the Present with the Past? Are they, then, messengers? Does the half-death of sleep give them foothold in our brains, and thus upknit the cut thread of human kinship? That was Cµsar's self, I tell thee, who but now stood at my side and murmured through his muffled robe warning words of which the memory is lost to me. Read me this riddle, thou Egyptian Sphinx,[*] and I'll show thee a rosier path to fortune than all thy stars can point. Thou hast brought the omen, solve thou its problem.
  • He wrenched his flashlight from his pocket. To find the wound and stop the flow of blood! The ray shot out there was a cry from Jimmie Dale and like a man distraught he reeled to his feet and like a man distraught stared at the upturned face, ghastly white under the flashlight's glare.
  • I've had a good life. Camilla tightened her grip on her sword. The man grinned, daring her to use it against him. She sensed other men closing in on her. If she did not try to break out at once they would seize her without too much trouble. She rushed at the approaching man, closing in on him before his comrades had a chance to react. The man raised his own weapon to counter her sword thrust and the blades met with a loud clash. As Camilla tried to force her sword towards him, the man stabbed at her with the wicked bladed knife held in his other hand, but he was hampered by the fact that she was a woman so was intending to wound rather than kill. He misjudged his thrust, or perhaps Camilla moved just that infinitesimal amount. The knife penetrated her side, slid through her rib cage and entered her lung. As her lifeblood pumped on to the sandy soil she dropped to her knees.
  • Edgar uttered an exclamation of alarm. There was a large dark patch on the sergeant's trousers. In dressing after their bathe the bandages had shifted a little, and the bleeding had recommenced. It was evident at once to Edgar that a great deal of blood had been lost, for Sergeant Bowen lay faint and exhausted upon the ground. Unknown to himself the action of the camel had set the wound off bleeding during the night, and although he had said nothing to Edgar about it, he had with difficulty walked up from the river to their hiding-place. Edgar ran down to the river with the two water-bottles; when he returned he found his companion insensible. He unbuttoned his tunic and got at the wound, from which blood was still flowing. He washed it, made a plug of wet linen, and with some difficulty bandaged it tightly. After some time the sergeant opened his eyes.
  • I stared in amazement at what he did. Catching up a long rope he wound it round the body of my dead comrade, and he tied a cloth round his mouth so as to almost cover his face.
  • Wolves and eagles are the servants of Jagasstai, the Mongol very seriously instructed us. However, this does not prevent the Mongols from hunting them. Once in the camp of Prince Baysei I witnessed such a hunt. The Mongol horsemen on the best of his steeds overtook the wolves on the open plain and killed them with heavy bamboo sticks or tashur. A Russian veterinary surgeon taught the Mongols to poison wolves with strychnine but the Mongols soon abandoned this method because of its danger to the dogs, the faithful friends and allies of the nomad. They do not, however, touch the eagles and hawks but even feed them. When the Mongols are slaughtering animals they often cast bits of meat up into the air for the hawks and eagles to catch in flight, just as we throw a bit of meat to a dog. Eagles and hawks fight and drive away the magpies and crows, which are very dangerous for cattle and horses, because they scratch and peck at the smallest wound or abrasion on the backs of the animals until they make them into uncurable areas which they continue to harass.
  • No sooner did he learn my intentions regarding him, than in an instant all memory of his past misfortune, all thoughts of his present destitute condition, seemed to have fled; and while I dressed his wound and bound up his shattered arm, he chattered away as unconcernedly about the past and the future as though seated beside the fire of his own bivouac, and surrounded by his own brother officers.
  • Most alginate dressings now come in a ribbon or rope format that is much easier to pack into the wound bed.
  • At Piriatingalini and Puchalini we found light cable suspension bridges, very shaky, which swung to and fro as you rode over them. Most of them were not more than four feet wide and had no parapet at all. I cannot say that I felt particularly happy when my mule--sure-footed, I grant--took me across, the bridge swinging, quivering, and squeaking with our weight on it, especially when we were in the middle. The rivers were extremely picturesque, with high mountains on either side, among which they wound their way in a snake-like fashion over a rocky bed, forming a series of cascades. We went that day 25 kil., and arrived at the tambo of Azupizu, which was in charge of a deserter from the French navy. He was an extraordinary character. He had forgotten French, and had neither learnt Spanish nor the local language of the Campas Indians.
  • For several minutes he kept the same position, but they noticed that his tail no longer switched about, and that his attitude was loose and drooping. Now and then he turned his proboscis to the spot where he had received the thrust of the kobaoba's horn. It was evident that the wound was distressing him, and this became more apparent by the loud painful breathing the creature uttered through his trunk.
  • This whole ridiculous exchange went on for a while without much gained in terms of fighting. In fact, their battle became a lazy clashing of blade on blade without much effort to kill or wound the other at all.
  • At last they were all lying on the deck--nine with serious wounds, the other half for the most part injured, but only to a very slight extent, and these were soon after taken one by one between a file of marines to the place in the hold appointed once more for their prison.
  • Was it the wound in the animal's side? And was Von Bloom meditating how the thrust had caused the death of such a huge creature?
  • "No," said the boy, bewildered. Despite all the magic hed already seen, he had not expected this. The pain, as well as the mark, was completely gone. "How did you -" he began, before realising that there was no explanation needed. Strifers tattoos healed, and if their bearer wished them to heal someone else, then that was that. "Thank you," he said instead, returning his gaze to the atulphi, and the grey wounds on his arms. There were fewer now, he saw, but many still remained. There was no blood, only thin streams of luminous vapour which rose up from them like cigarette smoke. Unless, of course, this was the way in which a creature such as Strifer did bleed: in mists, rather than rivulets.
  • So they crept away quietly to their chamber, and, having swallowed the draught that the doctor had given them, said their prayers each in his own fashion, locked the door, and lay down to rest as well as their wounds and sore anxieties would allow them.
  • If it had not been that there was a great deal of high, dry grass, that would crackle if I tried to run through it, I would have attempted to rush in on Buckrow and knock him senseless with the butt of a pistol. But as Thirkle sat facing in my direction, and there was little chance of getting to Buckrow before Thirkle would see me and give the alarm, or Buckrow hear me coming, I knew the only thing to do was to kill or wound Buckrow, even though I had to shoot him in the back. It seemed an unfair advantage, and nothing better than the act of an assassin; but I reasoned that Thirkle or Buckrow would have little mercy on me if I fell into their power.
  • Fran could see that Sam was having difficulty processing that new stream of information and thought to herself, "Damn, hes cute but there isnt much going on in the attic." Fran went on to explain how she was a lesbian, actually a bisexual, who was attracted to both Sam and Natalie. Straight Natalie was good friends with Fran and wasnt attracted to her in that way. The ironic twist was that Fran wound up sleeping with her last Sam, preferring to feast on an all-girl diet in subsequent encounters. Fran and Natalie remained friends, although the two never came closer to enhancing their bond any further than that near miss with Sam. Fran never spoke to Sam after she cleaned him up and he walked out the bunk door. It wasnt Sams first lesbian experience, and it wouldnt be his last.
  • The road here descended, and in its descent wound round a hill and led into a gentle hollow, on each side of which hills arose which were covered with trees.
  • But... how weak was the consolation. It wont let me be soothed. It would scream... it would deafen me... I would go on walking... one... two... three... infinity... The sweat would stream out from all sides. The healing wounds would cry. Then I would return back to bed... exhausted.
  • The latter was about as furious as a wild Indian could be, without exploding. Lone Wolf had his own theory of the thing, and he inquired particularly as to the manner in which the fatal wounds seemed to have been inflicted. When they were described, all doubt was removed from the mind of the chieftain.
  • If you have described the wound correctly, I should say there was every danger. I have written, however, to your mother, so that she may be able to decide if anything of the kind is probable, and then you may be obliged to make another journey up here. At all events, if your father's life should be in danger, you may depend upon it I will come to the camp; although I am free to admit that a ride across Smoke Creek Desert isn't one that I hanker for, although you seem to have made the journey on foot and thought little of it.
  • Harvey, our major, lost his arm near the shoulder. Scarcely an officer was not wounded. Power received a deep sabre-cut in the cheek from an aide-de-camp of General Foy, in return for a wound he gave the general; while I, in my endeavor to save General Laborde when unhorsed, was cut down through the helmet, and so stunned that I remembered no more around me. I kept my saddle, it is true, but I lost every sense of consciousness, my first glimmering of reason coming to my aid as I lay upon the river bank and felt my faithful follower Mike bathing my temples with water, as he kept up a running fire of lamentations for my being murthered so young.
  • "We'll come with you," Nellise added from nearby while gathering her things. "I... need another robe, and I want to keep an eye on Sayana's wounds, and perhaps even heal her some more tomorrow." Aiden nodded, checking his gear briefly as well. His chain shirt was looking rather battered in places, but at least it had managed to keep him in one piece.
  • It's horrible, said Saxe, in a subdued tone; and he turned and looked down again where the guide had broken away the cornice, which curved out over a tremendous precipice, and saw that had he followed his inclination and slid down the snow slope, he would have gone over the cornice, and then plunged headlong, to fall nearly sheer down what seemed to be three or four thousand feet, to where a glacier wound along past the foot of the precipice.
  • "He does me double wrong that wounds me with the flatteries of his tongue!" cries Richard. "Discharge my followers!"
  • It turned out that Bob White was carrying the rope. He had it wound around his body in a way Allan had shown him, so that it did not interfere with his movements, and was not coming loose all the time.
  • In Pierrot's voice there was growing wonder and amazement. He was incredulous, and yet he could not disbelieve what his eyes told him. What had happened was nothing short of a miracle, and for a time he uttered not a word more but remained staring in silence while Nepeese recovered from her astonishment to give Baree doctoring and food. After he had eaten ravenously of cold boiled mush she began bathing his wounds in warm water, and after that she soothed them with bear grease, talking to him all the time in her soft Cree. After the pain and hunger and treachery of his adventure, it was a wonderful homecoming for Baree. He slept that night at the foot of the Willow's bed. The next morning it was the cool caress of his tongue on her hand that awakened her.
  • All this fighting you seem to do,’ Farn puzzled. ‘Do you like to kill other two-legs so much? Are you not afraid they will kill you, or wound you dreadfully?’
  • I had the good fortune to witness that rarest of sights that falls to the lot of the casual traveller--a serious fight between natives. We stopped at a native wood-post--(some of them are operated by the occasionally industrious blacks)--for fuel. The whole village turned out to help load the logs. In the midst of the process a crowd of natives made their appearance, armed with spears and shields. They began to taunt the men and women who were loading our boat. I afterwards learned that they owned a wood-post nearby and were disgruntled because we had not patronized them. They blamed their neighbours for it. Almost before we realized it a pitched battle was in progress in which spears were thrown and men and women were laid out in a generally bloody fracas. One man got an assegai through his throat and it probably inflicted a fatal wound.
  • He can't be dead! cried Chester, trying to lift the still figure in his arms. "The wound he received was not a serious one."
  • The prospect was disheartening enough. The river had narrowed to less than a hundred yards in width and wound and twisted amongst the waste of marsh that stretched desolately ahead and astern as far as the eye could see. To the east and west the marsh extended back at least a mile before it met solid timbered land, here and there, and an occasional long point jutted out until it met the stream. Although the weary lad strained his eyes in all directions, not a sign could he see of the other canoes or of any human life. With a sigh of despair, he sank again to his knees and crawled forward to where his chum lay half unconscious and moaning in pain.
  • What was through the door, however, was not a group of mercenaries waiting to strike down whoever came through. There were three of them on the ground, bleeding from numerous wounds, but none of them were a threat to anyone, any more. Aiden cautiously moved in to the common room, looking around at the faces of the frightened townsfolk, men and women he had come to know over the time he had spent here, clutching each other in shocked silence.
  • Edna moves aside as the King drops down to his wife. He looks at Persephone, holding her hands as she struggles to stay awake, each breath she draws is punishing, the result of two wounds upon her chest. Gawain's eyes move to the doorway of Morion's room and sees only Mikha'el kneeling over.
  • Well, responded the captain, "I must look into this. I will get up and come ashore with you; but just go and call the surgeon first; I wish him to bind this wound of mine up again before I leave the ship."
  • Prometheus's eyes widened: he hadn't anticipated that. No-one had tried that before or, come to think of it, even killed a Titan or God before. If this guy was serious, Prometheus reckoned that the Entity might be the first. The Entity opened his palm and blew on it. A glowing white light formed, which he then threw into the thrashing waters below. Instantly, the water shifted state and became cold ice, restricting Prometheus's movements and trapping the chains underwater. The Entity appeared to smile before placing his hand on the cliff surface again. Spears of chalk ejected outwards, piercing Prometheus in god knows how many places. He bled from each spot, but continued to laugh as each spot grew steadily smaller, but ceased laughing when more spears protruded, filling and enlarging the holes again. Prometheus began to roar in fury, raising his arms and shattering the shafts connecting him to the cliff face, leaving only the spearheads in him. His wounds were still healing, but they were getting slower now.
  • Astray leapt into Ceders arms, knocking her down on the bench. The cub gazed intently into her eyes, then leapt to the pole. With one look back to the children, he darted up the pole in an instant, circling around while he ascended as though a spiral staircase wound a welcome for him. At the top he disappeared.
  • Jack checks his leg, his jeans have been cleanly cut and only a small wound lies beneath, merely less than a fourth-of-an-inch thick. "Yeah, Im fine," he exclaims, still surprised. "Are youare you okay?"
  • Its nose was a ragged, inflamed, circular hole in the centre of its blank face; a hole that resembled more closely nothing that I could think of other than a fresh bullet wound which has not yet commenced to bleed.
  • Fate seemed to be determined that the young people of the rival families should become intimate, in spite of all the stringent rules laid down by the heads; for Ralph was out one day, making a round, when it occurred to him that he would call upon Master Rayburn, to let him see how well the wound was healing up, and to say a few words of thanks to the old man for his kindness and attention.
  • Hippy had quickly rolled out of the way and jumped up, his face bloody, and his clothes showing rents where Henry's claws had raked them. Hippy ran to Hindenburg whom he found whimpering and licking his wounds.
  • Using the forward-looking beam and cascading side and rear floodlights of his helmet to light the way, he wound down the dank path. Each time he passed an offshoot in the tunnel, he checked the map to ensure he was on the right course. Normally he would never have put so much faith in a map, but his tingling skin told him that he was close. And Dirk's skin never lied.
  • Fungating malignant wounds often become cavity wounds, due to extensive tissue destruction ( figure 6 ).
  • Here is your prisoner, lads. Have you your lashings ready? And is the cave empty of everything that we intend to take away with us? Very well, then; march this fellow in there and bind his two feet and his right hand together securely--his left arm is broken and useless, you need not therefore trouble about that. And when you have done that I will set his broken arm and dress his wound for him. Keep him in the cave until I give you further instructions concerning him, and meanwhile give him a sufficiency of food and water to keep him from starving.
  • The trail wound its way among some of the biggest trees Id ever seen. I doubt that all of us arm in arm could have reached around the bole of a single one of them. They were deciduous, and their leafy canopy blotted out what little sun there was and colored the land in eerie twilight enough so that Leanne could safely remove her headdress. The forest floor to either side of the trail was covered in layer upon layer of dead leaves. Occasionally, a tangled root would snake its way along the surface for a while only to dive back beneath the moldy vegetation and lose itself once again. Flowers blossomed intermittently among the trees, some climbing the massive trunks, while others draped across fallen stumps and over crumbling rock formations. There wasnt an insect whine or bird cry to be heard.
  • "Yes," she answered shortly. For a moment all she could do was stare down at the wound in total disbelief. Then she heard the sound of a hand slapping hard onto flesh and a cry and she whirled around.
  • But the sun shone brightly; the scenery was glorious, and grew in places awe-inspiring, as the regiment wound up and up the pass, and glimpses of snow-capped mountain and glowing valley were obtained.
  • "It took twelve very long years to kill enough of them that the rest surrendered. By then, we had no more beings in the Maturing stage. They had all been killed. An entire generation wiped out. And the battles were something to see. The ground would look as if it were bleeding after a week or so of us using it. Our blood was thick enough that it killed vast areas, rendered it unusable. Several animal species were killed almost to extinction. While the wounds healed, it left scars on our souls, on our psyches, damaging everyone that fought in it. We numbered 2 million beings when the war began, when it ended there were less than a million of us. The Council and its supporters were outnumbered as it turned out. But they didnt have the Overlords. They didnt have the one crucial thing they needed, the ability to kill us.
  • Bradley nodded. "Also, the lamas won't permit the two of them to remain after their wounds are healed. They are evil men, and the lamas know it. Sooner or later, they'll have to leave the mountains and enter civilization. I know their type. They might survive if they wanted to live alone in the mountains like two wolves. But they won't."
  • A stinging medication, jolting him back to consciousness, was applied to his countless wounds by the cool, assured hands of Dr. Howard Friedman, the personal physician of M 33 and 1/3 personnel, the man who had invented the phenomenally successful combination suppository and thermometer with a menthol tip.
  • Sensing that time was of the essence, Aiden spoke the command word again and finished off the remaining warriors with another deadly blast from his sceptre, then fell back to the cells to evaluate the situation. A naked Nellise was crawling across the floor towards the remnants of her white robe, having been torn off and discarded earlier, the poor young cleric trembling and sobbing uncontrollably. On the other side of the cell was the prone form of Sayana, with most of her leather armour ripped from her body as well, but with no other wounds visible, which was something to be thankful for in this mess.
  • Neither the prince nor the peasant came scathless out of the encounter. Both were well scratched; but neither had received any wound of a serious nature; and the amateur hunter rose once more to his feet, conscious of having made a very narrow escape.
  • A short time after poor Gedge was lying in a state of stupor upon the bed he had previously occupied, and the Doctor was examining the young officer's wounds.
  • "We must take off his clothes, examine his wounds, and dress them," said the chief, "but first, we must make a bed to lay him on. My brother will watch him while I make it--it is but a few minutes' work." So saying, he took his tomahawk, cut and drove four stout posts into the ground, notched at the top, across which he placed two stout poles, which constituted a strong bedstead, though of a very primitive order; yet it was better than lying on the damp ground.
  • The combat had been short but hot. The Bantus brought up their wounded comrade for attention. He had been badly clawed in the arms and shoulders but his shield had saved him from fatal wounds, and Mr. Wallace soon had him fixed up. The Bantus were hugely delighted over the success of the hunt. They danced about the bodies with waving spears and shields while Burt took some good pictures. Then the skinning began.
  • The hugging at an end, there was yet another toast to follow, the same which always wound up the festivals of the "Free Lances," whatever the occasion. Their leader, as often before, now again pronounced it--
  • Madden had found the Englishman's heart still beating. He pressed his fingers in the long bloody wound on his head and the skull appeared sound enough under the long gash.
  • That's when I noticed that a body clothed in black robes and covered with blood laid a few yards away. The blood seeped from a large wound from a cast spell in the corpse's chest, and the head had been severed from its neck. The head lay nearby, looking ghostly in the gloom of its red eyes once glowing with malice, but now dimmed in death.
  • Now that my father was with us, having his wound as proof that he had taken part in the battle, we could no longer hope to pass ourselves off as cowards who remained at home while others were fighting for us, and in event of being captured in the city I believed we would receive rougher usage than those taken prisoners on the battle-field.
  • Seconds later, they both stood in the middle of the main room of Hartwell's house showing no signs of wear. The blood that had stained both of their shirts was gonethanks to the vampires' trademark fastidiousnessand the wounds that Hartwell displayed from Cal Brewster had been fully healed.
  • The woman yawned and rubbed her eyes, noticing a massive station with tracks crossing one another in every direction. Trains of every description, large and small, waltzed across the rails, barely missing one another. Their steady movement was like a choreographed collection of dancers, hauling and stopping at precise moments. Many of the trains appeared to be passenger type, yet the majority were definitely cargo carrying. They carried everything from steal beams, to coal, to iron ore and limestone, to live cattle, hogs and other animals. The trains wound their way through the yard, intent on their destination, confident of their direction. The sounds were intense, the smells powerful and the commotion was extreme.
  • Paul busied himself immediately. It was a pretty bad wound that the little man had received, and his left arm would be practically useless the balance of time; but he cared not for this, if only his life might be spared.
  • Our little Hebe glanced in the direction I had indicated, and seemed quite to understand the nature of my suggestion, for she shook her head violently and exclaimed rapidly in accents of very decided dissent, "Ve! Ve!! Ve!!!" pointing at the same time to Smellie's and my own untended wounds.
  • By the time Blade stopped, Kerrion sagged, his face pale and drawn, the pain of his wound and bonds clearly debilitating him. Blade tethered the horses in a wood beside a stream, letting them cool before he watered them. He pulled the Prince down and dumped him on the ground, then went to the stream to wash off the dye and paint. Kerrion stared at him when he returned, apparently surprised by the transformation. Blade pulled a length of chain from a pack and tied it around the Prince's waist, leaving the ends free. He undid the thong that bound Kerrion's hands and started to fasten the chains to his wrists.
  • These things then happened. And but a little while after I learned tidings from one Cornelius Dolabella, a noble Roman who waited upon Cµsar, and, moved by the beauty that swayed the souls of all who looked upon her, had pity for the woes of Cleopatra. He bade me warn her--for, as her physician, it was allowed me to pass in and out of the tomb where she dwelt--that in three days she would be sent away to Rome, together with her children, save Cµsarion, whom Octavian had already slain, that she might walk in the triumph of Cµsar. Accordingly I went in, and found her sitting, as now she always sat, plunged in a half stupor, and before her that blood-stained robe with which she had staunched the wounds of Antony. For on this she would continually feast her eyes.
  • For a space, De Lacy contented himself with parrying the blows aimed at him and with blocking the other's advance. Repeatedly he could have ended the fight, but always he forebore. The man was no possible match for him, and with soldierly generosity he hesitated either to kill or to wound grievously one who showed so much pluck and grit even when the struggle was plainly lost. He was waiting the opportunity to disarm him.
  • In April, Animal Farm was proclaimed a Republic, and it became necessary to elect a President. There was only one candidate, Napoleon, who was elected unanimously. On the same day it was given out that fresh documents had been discovered which revealed further details about Snowball's complicity with Jones. It now appeared that Snowball had not, as the animals had previously imagined, merely attempted to lose the Battle of the Cowshed by means of a stratagem, but had been openly fighting on Jones's side. In fact, it was he who had actually been the leader of the human forces, and had charged into battle with the words "Long live Humanity!" on his lips. The wounds on Snowball's back, which a few of the animals still remembered to have seen, had been inflicted by Napoleon's teeth.
  • Hugh had seen a mangonel once, at the royal castle at Gloucester. It was a device used to fling stones with great force against the walls of a fortress in an effort to collapse them. Power was derived from the torque of tightly twisted rope, into which a stout pole was inserted so that it stuck straight up into the air. A length of rope was fixed to the pole about three-quarters of the way up and its free end was wound around another pole which lay parallel to the torsion. This horizontal pole was turned by means of a handle until the rope pulled the torqued pole backwards to a fifteen degree, or smaller, angle. When the handle was released, the torqued pole, at the far end of which was a leather sling containing the stones, snapped forward with stunning velocity until it was stopped by a padded crossbar. But the missiles were unimpeded and flew loose of the sling towards their target. It wasnt a terribly accurate machine, he knew, but destructive nevertheless.
  • The brawlers removed their headgears and began to treat their wounds. Vertook's nose was bloodied, and he began to stuff small bits of cloth up his nose to stanch the bleeding. The old man lectured the leaders while they dressed their wounds, and it was plain that he shamed them. When the meeting reconvened, it did so in a much more subdued fashion. After what seemed an interminable time, they appeared to come to some conclusion, and they turned to face Catrin. Vertook stepped forward.
  • After a few minutes of searching around through the bushes and sparse trees that dotted the landscape, the young adventurer was momentarily startled when he came across a wolf, sitting on its haunches and observing him quietly from roughly twenty yards away. Aiden breathed a sigh of relief, for he recognised it as Faolan, who apparently had survived last night's battle with only minor wounds.
  • "Nay, I think with you, that it would be but waste of words, for-- forgive the comparison;--what the wolf dares"--and he looked at me-- "the tiger does not flee from," and he nodded towards Leo. "There, see how much better are the wounds upon your arm, which is no longer swollen. Now I will bandage it, and within some few weeks the bone will be as sound again as it was before you met the Khan Rassen hunting in the Plains. By the way, you will see him again soon, and his fair wife with him."
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