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Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: would–be
Türü: sıfat


s. sözde.

would-be için örnek cümleler:

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  • "I am aware of that, that is why I am here," Ingar said simply. He did not need to hear the idle ravings of this sorceress. She did not see the sphere as he did. However, she might have different insights on the party of would-be invaders. She might know more of their intentions, more of their weaknesses which he might exploit. "What is it you believe will happen here and how will your followers strive to carry out your bidding?"
  • Terrified, i tried to scale the wall but it was extremely well built and offered no handholds to the unlucky would-be wall climber.
  • Nevertheless, the mansion was the place to go. Resolutely he climbed out of the pit (for the three of them had still been standing thigh-deep in their would-be graves) and pulled his two mates out with him. The pit looked deeper from this angle than it had felt inside: out in the light, he could only see a gaping chasm of pitch darkness out of which were clambering two human forms. Their feet slipped and slid on the wet mud wall as they pulled themselves up with their captains help.
  • Esmerelda dug in a heel, stopped and turned to face her would-be executioner. She smiled a snakes smile. "Then youre no longer useful to me."
  • Roger was, as ever, well in the front rank of the combatants, and was carrying himself right manfully, when he saw one of his countrymen slip and fall in a pool of blood, losing his sword as he fell. A burly black-bearded ruffian, whom he had been engaging, instantly set his foot on the prostrate body, and shortened his hanger to thrust him through; but Roger, who was engaged with another pirate, nimbly evaded the blow aimed at him, and, with one spring, like a young leopard, was on the would-be slayer, and, taking him before he could turn, passed his sword through the pirate's body with such force that it penetrated to the hilt, while both rescuer and corpse went rolling to the deck together. Roger disencumbered himself from the dead body, and, setting his foot upon it, pulled violently at his sword to get it free again.
  • So Joff rode with his own thoughts as his companions. Hills and fields passed in at an achingly slow pace. When they made camp Joff thought only of his time in the company of Coursa and her clan. They had given him everything he had not been able to find at the Academy or among his own kin: acceptance, patience, and understanding. Joff dearly wanted to get on his horse and ride back to her but he knew that to do so would be to leave his job half done. Telamon had a battle to fight and the would-be king thought Joffs presence would help. Coursa clearly wanted The Holdings to have a king and she wanted that king to be Telamon. All of this made Joffs duties clear.
  • His would-be son-in-law looked as though he knew very little about it indeed, although the inference was sufficiently obvious.
  • Risky to attempt to help would-be teachers develop a vocation for their profession.
  • They involve the people who provide the wherewithal for most would-be athletes who want to take up sport.
  • Every week hundreds of would-be entrepreneurs meet their bank managers in the hope of getting a loan to start a business.
  • It is also far less likely that an appeal will be brought once the would-be appellant has been returned.
  • So easily enough, down went Mark, humming his tune again, and changing the humming to singing about the three ravens sitting on a tree, though in this instance, excepting the young in the nest below, there were only two, and instead of sitting, they were sailing round and round, croaking and barking angrily, the cock bird, if it was not the hen, making a pretence every now and then, to dart down and strike at the would-be marauder, who was descending to their home.
  • They were now so close that the young midshipmen would have been able to hear the shouts of the imperiled ones had it not been that the wind blew the sounds of voices away from the would-be rescuers.
  • Our caravan, consisting of the three vehicles belonging to the would-be picketers, Preacher Roy's truck containing the two of us, county patrol cars fore and aft, headed to the county seat fifteen miles to the west. Once there, we all would under go more questioning relating to exactly what happened.
  • "Really?" A wave of relief loosened some of the anxiety that had been constricting him. He pushed ahead of Jerry and climbed. When he passed over the crown, there below them, just as Jerry said, sprawled the clearing of the would-be second subdivision. A slash through the treetops marked the lay of Connecticut Hill Road.
  • Getting to know your server so how does a would-be hacker get information about your server?
  • It is clear to a would-be rapist that if they try the command again they will suffer the same consequences.
  • Elryia had used that time, now that Lanyan and Gort were among them, to discuss her overall plan. When she had finished with Lanyan, he seemed enthused and even honored that she had chosen him above all others to train the would-be riders, yet before she even focused on Gort, the Dwarf seemed disappointed.
  • "Good worts?—good cabbage!" says the knight. He turns to the teacher, who had been with his uncle when they confronted the would-be poachers. "Slender, I broke your headwhat matter have you against me?" he demands
  • She unlocked the door and passed in, not without a comprehensive and an amused glance which took in the sober front doors of her new employer and her would-be employer.
  • There was another habitue of the same lodging, named Stoker, whose temperament was the very opposite to that of little Zook. He was a huge, burly dock labourer; an ex-prize-fighter and a disturber of the peace wherever he went. Between Stoker and Zook there was nothing in common save their poverty, and the former had taken a strong dislike to the latter, presumably on the ground of Zook's superiority in everything except bulk of frame. Charlie had come into slight collision with Stoker on Zook's account more than once, and had tried to make peace between them, but Stoker was essentially a bully; he would listen to no advice, and had more than once told the would-be peacemaker to mind his own business.
  • This means that skilled would-be immigrants hoping for the door to open could be in for a long wait. Theyve become the essential bargaining chip in what will likely be a tense, protracted negotiationnot just between Democrats and Republicans, but among Republicans themselves.
  • "All right," sang out Bert, and the three hurriedly skirted the bog in the direction which its unfortunate victim had indicated. Sure enough, in a few minutes they reached a spot where the reeds thinned out considerably, and they could see the stranger. He was almost up to his shoulders in the soft, sticky mud, but when he caught sight of his would-be rescuers, he waved a hand to them feebly.
  • The mutineers and would-be pirates went on to Redhills where they gained freedom, but with magistrates keeping a wary eye on them. We never saw them again, nor heard of manyperhaps most removed to places less familiar with them. I know the histories of but a few.
  • In spite of his best resolve to leave it, the idea resurfaced throughout the day and each time he pushed it away. Maybe he could disrupt the brothersplan by breaking their chain of action. If, for instance, he could yell at the very moment of their taking the girl, maybe he could scare the would-be kidnappers off. Or perhaps startle the horses and make them gallop at the crucial time, upsetting the timing. The more he thought of the idea, the more it appealed to him. In his thinking, such interference seemed possible. But he would have to know more: where the teacher lived, and what route the coach would take. He was excited by these thoughts and before he truly realized it, hed already committed himself to some sort of rescue attempt. That they had time off until the boat was fixed conspired to make it possible.
  • A small skirmish broke out as one child tried to snatch a shiny trinket from a cart laden with rings and necklaces. Unfortunately for the would-be thief, the owner of the tiny shop, having years of experience with street rats, had been watching this particular little monster since he had started eyeing potential marks. The hand snaked out and grabbed the medallion, but the shop owner was quicker. Shaking the youngster by the arm, drawing him up and away from his prized wares, he forcefully snatched the jewelry back from the bawling brat. Flinging the crying child away from his cart, he turned to discover that four more necklaces had been pilfered, thanks to the rest of the brats gang.
  • I'm not a great one for pride and dignity, I'm more on the side of fun and dancing and screw the consequences, and so I begin to dance too, not really caring whether I look foolish or otherwise. The audience approves. "Get 'em off!" shouts a would-be woodnymph.
  • A man yanked a piece of burning wood from the nearest fire and thrust it into her would-be tormentor's hand, and he swung back to her. He pressed it to her cheek, but her power healed the burn and blocked the pain. The smell of charring flesh sickened her, but she knew from childhood escapades that any injury she received healed instantly. Perhaps he was ensuring that she really was a healer, she thought. He removed the brand and scowled at her.
  • "Pray you, walk near," Flavius tells the agents, motioning for them to go into the house for a noon meal. "Ill speak with you anon." The would-be collectors move inside briskly.
  • His injunction was obeyed to the letter, for the would-be thief of an honest man's character on insufficient evidence was stopped by Miles's bulky person so violently that the whitewash was scattered all about, and part of it went into the active man's eyes.
  • HIS GRACE OF ANDOVER made a sign to the footmen, and with a sinking heart Diana watched them leave the room, discreetly closing the door behind them. She affected to eat a peach, skinning it with fingers that were stiff and wooden. Tracy leaned back in his chair, surveying her through half-shut eyelids. He watched her eat her peach and rise to her feet standing with her hand on the back of the high, carved chair. She addressed him nervously and with would-be lightness.
  • Deft footwork a late stand-in was found - david cameron, the then would-be tory leader.
  • The first is that the only reason they exist is to give would-be book buyers a convenient way to check over a book's contents before making a purchase. To the consumer, I'm sure that this seems like a good and reasonable thing to expect. After all, if someone is going to spend their hard-earned money on a stack of papers, they might like to have at least a false sense that somewhere in the middle of that stack is something of value and importance. Yes, I'm sure that the consumer does in fact feel this way.
  • By: michael holland the use of feng shui in the home is the source of some debate for many would-be home decorators.
  • "You have done well to come to me at once," said the captain. "Speak to no one of what you have heard, and appear even to your messmates as if all were going on right. To-morrow morning I will communicate with the admiral, and we will soon have these would-be mutineers in limbo. Have you no idea who were the speakers?"
  • No matter who actually perpetrates the pre-announced crime, the responsibility will fall on the would-be owner of the land and of the thought.
  • Surrender! cried Frank, believing that the very sound of his voice would do much toward frightening the would-be traitor.
  • We'll do nothing of the sort, replied the other quietly and firmly. Then, with an anxiety in his face which he could not altogether conceal, he walked his horse over to the prostrate Kafir. But the latter suddenly staggered to his feet. His left shoulder was streaming with blood, and the concussion of the close discharge had stunned him. Even his would-be slayer looked somewhat relieved over this turn which affairs had taken, and for this he had to thank the plunging of his horse, for it is difficult to shoot straight, even point blank, with a restive steed beneath one, let alone the additional handicap of being in a white rage at the time.
  • The would-be bride concursand so she bursts into tears. "Would Katherina had never seen him, though!" The lady gathers up the hem of her white-satin wedding gown and hurries into the house, followed by Bianca and their attendants.
  • They drove around the front and waited for the vehicle to get out there. It made it pretty quick and the mooks were as well armed as ever. The International House of Mookswas world renowned for their endless supply of mooks for would-be evil geniuses in the Stepford area.
  • Theres a long avenue of trees leading up from the road to the castle keep and leaf mould and the demolition rubble of centuries bound the hard earth track between. The path itself has been much cleared by would-be historians from the local secondary schools. As I walked under the dripping shade of those great trees, I wondered what I thought I was doing.
  • But the idea was not so easy to carry out, though for the moment the general was alone. The horse he rode was strong and fairly fresh, those of his would-be captors pretty well foundered, and, in addition, there was help at hand.
  • Chalk one up to her husband. Now that he had brought it up she did remember Nilhanu mentioning the fact that a jorii only enhances the magic inside you. Well, so much for this thing helping them esca- wait. Then what had happened to the jorii? How did it hide itself from the would-be thief? Was it something that one of them did? Keeping this revelation to herself for the time being, she decided to practice on the marble in silence.
  • That settled, they set up a testing area for would-be recruits. A crowd gathered to watch, and men and boys trickled forth to show their prowess.
  • Off we went, the would-be pirates marching a ways apart to side or rear, and having only knives and cutlasses to defend themselves by day, and a few tents for cover by night as they huddled in their separate camp, the swivels overlooking them. The bear problem seemed much diminished by our efforts or whatever reason. Rothman and Harkness had thinned their number by one while Gardt and I were engaged in escaping the mutineersbaiting it with a weak mule, and shooting it before its attack came. Off it ran, never to appear again.
  • They are not just employees of others - or even would-be cybernetic entrepreneurs.
  • I hope you got that in writing, he responded, "because most of the guys I played with back when you were still around are in jail, have run off to South America with their eighteen year old secretaries and their client's trust fund, or are dead. So now what are you gonna do, smart guy? There ain't nothing left around here anymore except a bunch of greedy young estate planners, alimony lawyers, and would-be politicians. Why you couldn't get one of those pampered little pricks to wager on a round of golf if you gave them twenty strokes and tickets to see two naked Democrat politicians mud wrestle a pig."
  • While my would-be murderers were holding this whispered colloquy, I had stood half-petrified by the open window; unwilling to slide down the sheets into the arms of an unseen enemy, though I had no idea which of them it could be; more hopeful of slipping past my butchers in the darkness, and so to Rattray and poor Eva; but not the less eagerly looking for some hiding-place in the room. The best that offered was a recess in the thick wall between the two windows, filled with hanging clothes: a narrow closet without a door, which would shelter me well enough if not too curiously inspected. Here I hid myself in the end, after a moment of indecision which nearly cost me my life. The coats and trousers still shook in front of me when the door flew open at the first kick, and Santos stood a moment in the moonlight, looking for the bed. With a stride he reached it, and I saw the gleam of a knife from where I stood among the squire's clothes; it flashed over my bed, and was still.
  • The platoon itself was a virtual collage of humanity. There were Blacks, Whites, Indians, Chicanos, a German and a Canadian, a former pimp from Washington, D.C., an aspiring boxer from Miami, a farmer from Iowa and a would-be hoodlum from Chicago. It was, in short, such a diverse assortment of contrasting cultures and life styles as could only be assembled in an American Army.
  • Shaking off my presentiments of evil, I entered the centre hut. Mr. Carson was resting on the sofa, and by him knelt Stella holding his hand, and her head resting on his breast. I saw at once that she had been telling him of what had come about between us; nor was I sorry, for it is a task that a would-be son-in-law is generally glad to do by deputy.
  • Thrive on chaos, we subconsciously drive off any would-be friend and then wonder why we are alone.
  • The chief came to a halt before the man with the bared parang. His face was livid, and working spasmodically with rage and excitement. He tried to speak, and then he turned his eyes upon Thandar, standing there bound ready for decapitation. As his gaze fell upon this prisoner his eyes went wide, and then he turned upon the would-be executioner, and with a mighty blow felled him.
  • Of course, galloway is not a would-be labor dictator along the crude, hamfisted and crazy lines of arthur scargill.
  • The struggle that now followed was most violent, the Italian making the most furious efforts to free himself; but Frank was very large and strong for his years; he was possessed of bull-dog tenacity and high-strung courage, and was strenuously assisted by the other three; so that the union of all their forces formed something to which one man was scarcely equal. In a very short time, therefore, after the arrival of Bob and Clive, the would-be robber was lying on his face, held firmly down by the four boys.
  • The room was in total darkness. The atom of gas that still remained alight did not illuminate a distance of three inches round the burner. I desperately drew my arm across my eyes, as if to shut out even the darkness and tried to think of nothing. It was in vain. The confounded themes touched on by Hammond in the garden kept obtruding themselves on my brain. I battled against them. I erected ramparts of would-be blankness of intellect to keep them out. They still crowded upon me. While I was lying still as a corpse, hoping that by a perfect physical inaction I should hasten mental repose, an awful incident occurred. A Something dropped, as it seemed, from the ceiling, plumb upon my chest, and the next instant I felt two bony hands encircling my throat, endeavoring to choke me.
  • He becomes so focused on the glut of foes in front of him that he does not think for a moment to guard his back. One undead slowly slinks up, preparing to stab Alastor. Alastor swings wide, cutting down five undead. It is then that he comes face to face with his would-be assassin. The suddenness of the undead being so close makes Alastor pause long enough that the undead can think to strike.
  • Vertook was Catrin's first concern; he could not swim, and she feared he would panic. Her fears were confirmed by the loud splashing noises he made as he thrashed in the water. Hampered by the weight of the staff, she reached him shortly after Strom and Benjin did. Vertook landed several solid blows on his would-be rescuers before they could get him to stop flailing. Benjin assured him he would not let him drown, and Vertook went limp in his arms.
  • These days the infamous former prison that claimed the lives of many a would-be escapee is now a national park.
  • Shadow did not finish the story he had started to tell. Unbeknown to him, Roger had come up behind, and was now on his hands and knees in the water. Luke gave the would-be story-teller a quick shove; and over went Shadow backwards, to land in the shallow water with a resounding splash.
  • Although occasionally brave villains are found, as a rule ill-doers are cowards; and the would-be mutineers on board the Lion were no exception to the rule. The captain and his lieutenant noted those who on that awful night showed most fear, and they proved to be the very men Marston had mentioned. Even the boatswain, who was generally a bold fellow, evidently shrank from the performance of any duty of especial danger, and while the captain went aloft to cut away the topmast was not one of those who had volunteered to accompany him, though under ordinary circumstances it would have been his duty to perform the work.
  • As the elevator passes the halfway point between the fourth and fifth floor, the motor suddenly quits and the emergency brakes clamp the cage to a shuddering halt. The guys are caught off balance and one falls to the coarse wooden floor. A dazzling array of halogen flood lamps bursts from the landing above. The would-be killers are now blinded and trapped in the cage between the floors.
  • The would-be bride concursand so she bursts into tears. "Would Katherina had never seen him, though!" The lady gathers up the hem of her white-satin wedding gown and hurries into the house, followed by Bianca and their attendants.
  • While awaiting word back from the would-be suitors, the King set out with his retinue on one last ill-fated campaign to locate the mysterious garden. Lodging at an expensive inn in an otherwise nondescript country village, paying their stay with violent threats for the innkeeper and his family instead of fair coin, the King and his men rode out each day in a new direction, returning to the inn each night in worse airs than the day before.
  • Disconnected thoughts together, in steps a would-be president of britain.
  • A man yanked a piece of burning wood from the nearest fire and thrust it into her would-be tormentor's hand, and he swung back to her. He pressed it to her cheek, but her power healed the burn and blocked the pain. The smell of charring flesh sickened her, but she knew from childhood escapades that any injury she received healed instantly. Perhaps he was ensuring that she really was a healer, she thought. He removed the brand and scowled at her.
  • There is one important proviso, however: the would-be student must already be a manager.
  • It was nowhere in sight. Dance's head had evidently proved sufficiently clear to enable him to sail the craft well enough to keep out of the would-be captor's reach, unless she were somewhere in sight forward and the American captain was in pursuit.
  • I was getting irritated at being jerked around and being called "girl", but figured in this moment discretion was the better part of valor. Williams, as my would-be rescuer answered to, smiled coldly. "You've forgotten to guard your back, Hart. One would think you would have learned such a lesson over two hundred years ago."
  • Well, continued the would-be comforter, "vessels have started out before this and never arrived at their destination. Take the Lusitania for instance. More than ever are the Hun submersibles on the job these critical days, for their commanders know they've almost got to their last gasp."
  • When the train came along it proved to be crowded, for there had been a sale of public and private lands not far away and many of the disappointed would-be buyers were on board.
  • Though he didn't need stealth to approach the market, Chase kept himself hidden and watched what everyone around was doing. When he saw the vegetable vendor, he settled in for a good look. The vendor was a young man who seemed to be looking everywhere at once. He stood right behind the display of red peppers, ready to fend off a would-be thief.
  • Thinking that she had surely gotten out, Omari planned to search the inside of the house before checking the neighborhood streets. Despite the laws of physics, the big dog usually managed to wiggle her way through the dog door she had installed in the past for smaller dogs she had once owned. Since she got along fine just using that, she had never changed it, just to discourage any would-be robbers easily crawling in through a Great Dane sized door.
  • A round of applause for goat-man Peter Nesmith! yells Gary. "My biggest guest for a long time." He's smiling and clapping his hands. We are a hit. The audience clap too. The would-be woodnymphs have livened up again and whistle and signal for me to continue. I can't disappoint them.
  • He went on to play the charmless would-be tycoon paul robinson in neighbors.
  • "I have witnessed men crippled for life after just a single session. Years ago, I watched Idi Amin personally execute a would-be assassin with a Sambok in front of several hundred witnesses. Of course, back then he wasnt the fat slob he eventually became. He was very strong and he put all the power he could into each blow. The first ten strokes cut the mans back to ribbons. After 30 strokes, he was unconscious, and Amin stopped the execution to revive the unfortunate. In due course, his punishment continued. In the end the would-be assassin received 100 strokes, but he died long before the last stroke was laid."
  • Perhaps actual spies trailed him as well. He again heard a rustle nearby, a subtle crackling in the leaves that made him tense. Maybe Nilo, or some other would-be ally, still wanted to follow him into exile. Or maybe some would-be enemy wanted to make certain he would never return.
  • Mike's assassins are lined up along one side of the elevator. Lance has his men strip search the would-be killers who are quickly reduced to their shoes and shorts. While it hasn't been decided where to dump them, he figures where ever they end up, it will be more embarrassing to Pete and Joe when they're discovered. When finished, Lance hits the ground floor button and the would-be killers and their captors descend.
  • Across the street, a club security guard hops out and opens the back doors of the van. Suddenly, from the loading dock the would-be killers are pushed unceremoniously out and into the back of David's windowless white van. Its rear doors are slammed shut, and bolted. Several of Lance's men get in the van and it speeds off. One of the security guards stays behind and returns to the elevator room. He slides the door back in place and re-bolts it then unbolts the door to the club. Carefully he checks there is no other evidence remaining of what has recently happened.
  • The story: in a far distant future, a would-be master race seeks to dominate the galaxy.
  • Then he took pains to show them just how it was possible to break the frenzied grip of a drowning person, that has so many times drawn a would-be rescuer down to a watery grave. Whether the grasp was upon the wrists, the neck, or around the body from the back, there was a simple method of shaking off the terrified one in order to clutch him unawares.
  • Lizzard finished, and then Snee rose to begin dismantling him. Although Groot had engaged Snee initially for his reputation in the guidance and litigation of the matters of business, he was pleasantly surprised to find him rising to the demands of the present occasion, displaying the full armamentarium of the prototypical barrister: the sly innuendo, the dramatic punctuation, the delicate control of "spin," casting the available facts to provide the best reflection on Groot while gracefully weaving through them the odd supposition or outright conclusion he wished for the audience to appreciate. He had reached the story of Groots visit from the would-be torturers and their reluctant revelation of the warrant signed by Dooglas when a commotion began in the anteroom. A door slammed, heavy footsteps were heard, a gabble of voices rose. Snee broke off as the members craned their necks to try to glimpse what was going on. "Order in the cloakroom!" the Speaker was shouting as he bashed away with the Mallet.
  • Looking over at the would-be killers he continues, "That might have consequences, guys, very unhealthy consequences. I think you guys got a problem on your hands tonight."
  • Scheherazade, he said, "isn't it funny? I ask you, did you ever hear of a would-be murderess and her escaped victim being on such cordial terms? Did you?"
  • He actually went under while Frank looked; and the heart of the would-be rescuer almost stood still with a terrible fear that that was the end.
  • I am aware of that, that is why I am here, Ingar said simply. He did not need to hear the idle ravings of this sorceress. She did not see the sphere as he did. However, she might have different insights on the party of would-be invaders. She might know more of their intentions, more of their weaknesses which he might exploit. "What is it you believe will happen here and how will your followers strive to carry out your bidding?"
  • A couple of yards away, the chin of Jim's lifelong friend, video cameraman and would-be bon viveur, Michael Selwyn Barton, was resting on a similar post. The squawk made by the seagull, as it unloaded itself onto the hapless Jim, woke Mick up.
  • While Telamons forces advanced to the hill he had chosen, the opposing army moved to the hill facing and made their camp there. Joff looked up at the camp and imagined Laird Alerick and his allies looking down at Telamons disposition in confusion and with some apprehension. The would-be king was obviously up to something but none of them knew quite what. They had the larger army and Telamon had not chosen the most defensible ground in the area, though attack was out of the question for him, given the inferior size of his force. They did not know what he was up to and that would make them nervous.
  • Catching sight of him the moment he emerged, the buck stood for some moments eyeing him with sheer curiosity. Was this a harmless passer-by, or a would-be trespasser on his new domain of cabbages? On second glance, he decided that it looked like the noisy figure which had waved defiance from the top of the fence. Realizing this, a red gleam came into the buck's eye. He wheeled, stamped, and shook his antlers in challenge.
  • Her mysterious witchery disguises the real lady audley, a bigamist and would-be murderess.
  • Experts urge would-be homeowners to not borrow beyond their capacity.
  • Their house, in fact, though outside the compound, was close beside it and within the grounds of the company, being fenced off from the town by a high wire fence. The only entrance into this enclosure was an enormous iron gate through which all friends of the Drummunds or visitors to the compound had to pass, under the scrutinizing stare of the man on guard, who had also the right to challenge persons as to what business took them into the company's grounds. It was thus that De Beers guarded, and still do guard to this day, the diamond industry from thieves and pirates, and would-be members of the illicit diamond-buying trade.
  • "I am sorry, for I need you. But you're right, you're right! It's not here that men are needed. Advisers are always plentiful, but men are not. The regiments would not be what they are if the would-be advisers served there as you do. I remember you at Austerlitz.... I remember, yes, I remember you with the standard!" said Kutuzov, and a flush of pleasure suffused Prince Andrew's face at this recollection.
  • But with weddings becoming larger, costlier, and more complex, many would-be newlyweds are turning to professional wedding consultants for help.
  • Fine! was the comment of the pilot, as he jumped to the ground, and bent over to detach some part of the machinery without which the motor, as Andy always said, "would not move worth a cent." This he often took with him, just as a chauffeur might the spark plug of an automobile, rendering it helpless unless the would-be thief were prepared to supply the deficiency off-hand, which was a remote possibility that never worried Frank.
  • This was sufficient to satisfy his companion, who lay down again. But it was impossible to attempt more for a time, and the would-be fugitive was forced to crouch there, letting the valuable moments fly, and fretting, as he knew how impossible it would be for him to escape if he waited till day.
  • Destitute and desperate to continue funding his obsession, the aging King schemed to marry off his daughter, the firstborn Princess, to the highest bidder, for she had grown from a big-eared, freckled child into a young woman of renowned beauty. The Kings idea was a heartless thing if ever there was one: he commissioned to be made one hundred pennies bearing her countenance on one sideto show off her captivating smileand then he had them delivered in ninety-nine handsome purple coaches to the richest lords and noblemen in all of the ninety-nine other kingdoms of man. On the back of each penny was an engraved script inquiring what each would-be suitor was willing to pay for the Princesss hand.
  • "What needs I fear that?—we have a pair of stocks in the town!" She doubts that the would-be intruder will break into a wealthy mans home in afternoon sunshine.
  • In a storybook, Ambrosius would have reluctantly developed a heart-warming affection for this little creature, they would have gone on exciting adventures together and then, just in his moment of direst peril, the little crab-type-thing would have saved our hero's life. Unfortunately for the crab-type-thing, real life differed somewhat. Ambrosius approached the thing with a friendly look on its face, at which it tweedled affectionately, then with a deft movement he flipped it on its back and left it helplessly flailing its many legs in the air. Ambrosius walked on and forgot about his would-be companion. It is a sad fact that shortly afterwards a giant pig-like creature came along and pitilessly ate up the crab-type-thing in several cruel crunches. Such is life.
  • "So I get rid of goblins and what takes their place? Thieves," Ryson grumbled, as he moved at a light jogging pace toward the last place he saw Lief Woodson. As he moved through one narrow street, he could not help but sense a trio of would-be bandits laying in wait for a wayward traveler. With his disgust surrounding the circumstances of this abandoned town still fresh in his mind, he decided to see if he could set them straight in the error of their ways.
  • At short notice he became unavailable but by deft footwork a late stand-in was found - david cameron, the then would-be tory leader.
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