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Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: would–be
Türü: sıfat


s. sözde.

would-be için örnek cümleler:

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  • Deft footwork a late stand-in was found - david cameron, the then would-be tory leader.
  • "I am aware of that, that is why I am here," Ingar said simply. He did not need to hear the idle ravings of this sorceress. She did not see the sphere as he did. However, she might have different insights on the party of would-be invaders. She might know more of their intentions, more of their weaknesses which he might exploit. "What is it you believe will happen here and how will your followers strive to carry out your bidding?"
  • "Pray you, walk near," Flavius tells the agents, motioning for them to go into the house for a noon meal. "Ill speak with you anon." The would-be collectors move inside briskly.
  • Every time I watch golf and hear about the incredible pressure that golfers have to deal with I think about antlions. Antlions are the larvae of a insect that ends up looking like a dragonfly, but when they are young they excavate conical pits in the sand by crawling backwards in circles, at the same time flipping out sand grains with their long jaws. The slope of the funnel is adjusted to the critical angle of repose for sand, so that the sides readily give way under the feet of a would-be escapee. The antlion waits quietly at the bottom of the pit, with its body off to one side and concealed by the steep wall.
  • His injunction was obeyed to the letter, for the would-be thief of an honest man's character on insufficient evidence was stopped by Miles's bulky person so violently that the whitewash was scattered all about, and part of it went into the active man's eyes.
  • While Telamons forces advanced to the hill he had chosen, the opposing army moved to the hill facing and made their camp there. Joff looked up at the camp and imagined Laird Alerick and his allies looking down at Telamons disposition in confusion and with some apprehension. The would-be king was obviously up to something but none of them knew quite what. They had the larger army and Telamon had not chosen the most defensible ground in the area, though attack was out of the question for him, given the inferior size of his force. They did not know what he was up to and that would make them nervous.
  • Button-down collars and leather caps are all would-be beatles or embryo donovans.
  • These days the infamous former prison that claimed the lives of many a would-be escapee is now a national park.
  • In spite of my carefulness in this regard, Sapnabhairavi became pregnant. I learned this in late December. This threw my whole world into a spin. I was resigned to accepting death. I could probably live in shame after my failure with regard to Bose. But I could not in any way accept bringing shame to my parents, and to my fiancenot to speak of my mentor the PM. I could see news headlines on how Sir Henry Scottson and would-be royal bridegroom fathered a half-breed in India out of wedlock, with an ashram-living Hindu holy woman. I lost my head completely, and turned to the Devil for help.
  • Elated by the capture and identification of the would-be train-robbers, the officers made much of Bob, praising him for remaining to listen until he had heard the dastardly plot, and commenting on the good fortune which had placed him just where the tramps were.
  • Rommus jumped and shook his head at himself for not being alert enough to fend off some would-be attacker. He looked to his right where the voice had come from, and his breath caught in his throat. Beside him stood a woman of such stunning beauty that he was unable to remember even his name. He hoped she wasn't in a hurry to ask what it was.
  • The room was in total darkness. The atom of gas that still remained alight did not illuminate a distance of three inches round the burner. I desperately drew my arm across my eyes, as if to shut out even the darkness and tried to think of nothing. It was in vain. The confounded themes touched on by Hammond in the garden kept obtruding themselves on my brain. I battled against them. I erected ramparts of would-be blankness of intellect to keep them out. They still crowded upon me. While I was lying still as a corpse, hoping that by a perfect physical inaction I should hasten mental repose, an awful incident occurred. A Something dropped, as it seemed, from the ceiling, plumb upon my chest, and the next instant I felt two bony hands encircling my throat, endeavoring to choke me.
  • Lizzard finished, and then Snee rose to begin dismantling him. Although Groot had engaged Snee initially for his reputation in the guidance and litigation of the matters of business, he was pleasantly surprised to find him rising to the demands of the present occasion, displaying the full armamentarium of the prototypical barrister: the sly innuendo, the dramatic punctuation, the delicate control of "spin," casting the available facts to provide the best reflection on Groot while gracefully weaving through them the odd supposition or outright conclusion he wished for the audience to appreciate. He had reached the story of Groots visit from the would-be torturers and their reluctant revelation of the warrant signed by Dooglas when a commotion began in the anteroom. A door slammed, heavy footsteps were heard, a gabble of voices rose. Snee broke off as the members craned their necks to try to glimpse what was going on. "Order in the cloakroom!" the Speaker was shouting as he bashed away with the Mallet.
  • "You have done well to come to me at once," said the captain. "Speak to no one of what you have heard, and appear even to your messmates as if all were going on right. To-morrow morning I will communicate with the admiral, and we will soon have these would-be mutineers in limbo. Have you no idea who were the speakers?"
  • It is all very horrible to write of, but I am telling a simple story in this log of what takes place in warfare, when men of our army and navy contend with the uncivilised enemies of other lands. In this case we were encountering a gang of bloodthirsty wretches, whose whole career had been one of rapine and destruction. The desire seemed to be innate to kill, and this man, a prisoner, who since he had been taken had received nothing but kindness and attention, had been patiently watching for the opportunity which came at last. Just as Mr Reardon was stooping to attend to his fellow-prisoner, he had made a tremendous cat-like bound, driving me sidewise as he alighted on Mr Reardon's back, making at the same time a would-be deadly stroke with a small knife he had managed to keep hidden in the folds of his cotton jacket.
  • Of course; and that is why he contrived the series of accidents, so that the death might appear to be due to misadventure. And that is why I, on my side, wishing to bring things to a head, asked you to tell him of Mlle. Darcieux's impending departure. From that moment, it was no longer enough for the would-be sick man to wander about the grounds and the passages, in the dark, and execute some leisurely thought-out plan. No, he had to act, to act at once, without preparation, violently, dagger in hand. I had no doubt that he would decide to do it. And he did.
  • It was nowhere in sight. Dance's head had evidently proved sufficiently clear to enable him to sail the craft well enough to keep out of the would-be captor's reach, unless she were somewhere in sight forward and the American captain was in pursuit.
  • While awaiting word back from the would-be suitors, the King set out with his retinue on one last ill-fated campaign to locate the mysterious garden. Lodging at an expensive inn in an otherwise nondescript country village, paying their stay with violent threats for the innkeeper and his family instead of fair coin, the King and his men rode out each day in a new direction, returning to the inn each night in worse airs than the day before.
  • Then he took pains to show them just how it was possible to break the frenzied grip of a drowning person, that has so many times drawn a would-be rescuer down to a watery grave. Whether the grasp was upon the wrists, the neck, or around the body from the back, there was a simple method of shaking off the terrified one in order to clutch him unawares.
  • "Magic," she decided aloud. The owner had some sort of spell cast on the sword to brand the would-be thief with the mark of the rightful owner. For such a fine blade as this, a security measure of that type would hardly be out of place.
  • Then, scenting danger, and terrified moreover by the crowd which is gathering outside, the beasts stubbornly refuse to move. They huddle together with lowered heads, backing away from the opening and emitting the muffled, moaning noise evoked in cattle by the scent of blood. In vain their would-be drivers shout and goad them with assegais. Move they will not.
  • Our caravan, consisting of the three vehicles belonging to the would-be picketers, Preacher Roy's truck containing the two of us, county patrol cars fore and aft, headed to the county seat fifteen miles to the west. Once there, we all would under go more questioning relating to exactly what happened.
  • Shaking off my presentiments of evil, I entered the centre hut. Mr. Carson was resting on the sofa, and by him knelt Stella holding his hand, and her head resting on his breast. I saw at once that she had been telling him of what had come about between us; nor was I sorry, for it is a task that a would-be son-in-law is generally glad to do by deputy.
  • The next few moments were pandemonium as grooms ran up to help the guests from their horses and servants set up trestle tables and put out food and drink. Hugh and his male guests, Aymer, the viscount of Limoges and his two half-brothers, William, the would-be count of Angoulme and Aymer the younger, stood in a small circle laughing as they spoke, which told Haworth they were no longer discussing the transgressions of the prince. The wives of the two Aymers sat close to each other and blathered away. The dogs barked because they smelled food and were hungry, not having been fed that morning to make them keener for the hunt and the beaters and woodsmen stood in their own version of their lordscircle, presumably discussing much the same subject as Hugh and his companions, Haworth thought, as the amount of laughter coming from them was comparable. Haworths head ached.
  • Say, having his hands tied behind him puts me in mind of a story, began Shadow. "Once there was a fellow----" and then, as the would-be story teller saw a look of disgust coming over the faces of his chums, he added hastily: "Oh, well, never mind. I'll tell you that story some other time."
  • They drove around the front and waited for the vehicle to get out there. It made it pretty quick and the mooks were as well armed as ever. The International House of Mookswas world renowned for their endless supply of mooks for would-be evil geniuses in the Stepford area.
  • His heart went out to them. A pirate is not supposed to be emotional, but when it comes to the fate of ones crew it is hard not to be. Yet now his main concern was to find his would-be assassin, the leader of the ninjas, and kill him first.
  • After our supper we turned in but I lay awake for a long time listening to the crackle of the wood in the fire, the deep sighing breaths of the camels and the distant howling of the packs of wolves; but finally, even with all these noises, fell asleep. How long I had been asleep I did not know when suddenly I was awakened by a strong blow in the side. I was lying at the very edge of the tent and someone from outside had, without the least ceremony, pushed strongly against me. I thought it was one of the camels chewing the felt of the tent. I took my Mauser and struck the wall. A sharp scream was followed by the sound of quick running over the pebbles. In the morning we discovered the tracks of wolves approaching our tent from the side opposite to the fire and followed them to where they had begun to dig under the tent wall; but evidently one of the would-be robbers was forced to retreat with a bruise on his head from the handle of the Mauser.
  • They are not just employees of others - or even would-be cybernetic entrepreneurs.
  • The would-be bride concursand so she bursts into tears. "Would Katherina had never seen him, though!" The lady gathers up the hem of her white-satin wedding gown and hurries into the house, followed by Bianca and their attendants.
  • Only the threat of traitorous secession could make Mexicans in Texas seek something as drastic as a new state or states. Anyone nave enough to think a Texas Republic would somehow not be deeply, viciously racist has no understanding of either the true nature of Texass founding fathers, or their would-be heirs alive today in the militia movement and other secessionist traitors. And anyone imagining Mexican-Americans anywhere in the US, outside of the tiniest fraction, actually desire to "return" to Mexico, betrays their own lack of understanding of Mexican people. Even Keith Olbermann seems to have fallen for the lies put out by anti-immigrant hate mongers, that anyone with a Latino name is a foreigner whose loyalty does not lie with America, rather than as what they truly are, indigenous to the southwest and truly the most patriotic ethnicity in all of America.
  • Sam told me a story about this one girl that he had the hots for and she couldnt keep her hands off him, either. It was like being in high school again, as the two would-be lovers searched high and low for a location to consummate their unbridled lust. The gazebo was rocking, the cabin was taken, the utility shed was occupied, and even the TV room was full of people, well, watching TV.
  • Surrender! cried Frank, believing that the very sound of his voice would do much toward frightening the would-be traitor.
  • The first time Cal approached Hartwell during the day, he let it pass. But, the second time, he punched the would-be hunter in the face after Cal took an errant swing at him. Hartwells incredible vampire speed was too much for the above-average strength and speed of the 17 year-old Brewster. What impressed Hartwell on that first day they actually fought was Cals resilience and determination. Although Hartwell didnt put everything into the punch that landed on Cals jaw, he thought it would be enough to send a message. That was, until, Cal stood up only a few seconds after hitting the ground.
  • Scheherazade, he said, "isn't it funny? I ask you, did you ever hear of a would-be murderess and her escaped victim being on such cordial terms? Did you?"
  • "Consider this: In his celebratedPlowshare PapersLoxfinger never said anything that some of our would-be peacemakers havent been saying for yearswith negative results, of course. Why then were the Arab leaders suddenly positive? Because ... theyre in on the whole devilish plot! Ill swear to heaven a tiny clique of Arab bigshots knows exactly who Lazarus Loxfinger is. Thats why they pretended to swallow his proposals."
  • A man yanked a piece of burning wood from the nearest fire and thrust it into her would-be tormentor's hand, and he swung back to her. He pressed it to her cheek, but her power healed the burn and blocked the pain. The smell of charring flesh sickened her, but she knew from childhood escapades that any injury she received healed instantly. Perhaps he was ensuring that she really was a healer, she thought. He removed the brand and scowled at her.
  • But finally she reached the steps. As though her feet had wings, she flew up the shadow-obscured stones until she stood at the very top. And then she turned around to see if her would-be lover was following her after alland instead she saw another man.
  • Getting to know your server so how does a would-be hacker get information about your server?
  • He lighted a lamp, and they went together into the corner of the room. The open chink through which some light still glittered was easily discovered, and, taking a stout sword from his small armoury, Dick thrust it deep into the seam, and weighed strenuously on the hilt. The trap moved, gaped a little, and at length came widely open. Seizing it with their hands, the two young folk threw it back. It disclosed a few steps descending, and at the foot of them, where the would-be murderer had left it, a burning lamp.
  • June 11.--My would-be slayers camped all about my refuge and howling for my blood, though keeping well out of my line of fire. So I to making me a ladder of ropes whereby to come at my new- found sanctuary. Determine to make this my bedchamber.
  • It was a quite different story on the other side of town, where Gabriel Billingsley appeared to be the only one in on the grand plan. The other seven would-be apes had absolutely no idea what was going to happen when they stepped on the pitch of the great lawn at Beach Haven Park. They all knew they were powerful beings capable of snapping a think tree limb in their bare hands, but were somewhat apprehensive about the vampires and other assorted creatures that would be in front of them. The intel on these creatures was quite thin, as Billingsley decided to keep them in the dark and let things play out naturally and the way he wanted it to be.
  • Say, having his hands tied behind him puts me in mind of a story, began Shadow. "Once there was a fellow----" and then, as the would-be story teller saw a look of disgust coming over the faces of his chums, he added hastily: "Oh, well, never mind. I'll tell you that story some other time."
  • Spencer laughed. All the tension forgotten. Free and happy as a bird. It was worth everything just to hear this. The old fox out-foxed, deceived by his own would-be method of deception. He wanted to lift Raymond from the throne and hug him. Oh, you wonderful man.
  • HIS GRACE OF ANDOVER made a sign to the footmen, and with a sinking heart Diana watched them leave the room, discreetly closing the door behind them. She affected to eat a peach, skinning it with fingers that were stiff and wooden. Tracy leaned back in his chair, surveying her through half-shut eyelids. He watched her eat her peach and rise to her feet standing with her hand on the back of the high, carved chair. She addressed him nervously and with would-be lightness.
  • They were now so close that the young midshipmen would have been able to hear the shouts of the imperiled ones had it not been that the wind blew the sounds of voices away from the would-be rescuers.
  • Her mysterious witchery disguises the real lady audley, a bigamist and would-be murderess.
  • Questions are asked of the senior officer, basking in attention not usually afforded to those working patrol on a rural stretch of prairie interstate. The cameramen film the restrained underwear clad would-be killers, one with ominous blood stains on his briefs, surrounded by posing cops with menacing assault rifles. Finally, the show ends and the pervs are stuffed in the back of two of the patrol cars which speed away to a waiting jail cell.
  • The bread was brought. Saxe took it, and held it out to the mule, which slightly turned its head, gazed at it wistfully, but kept its hind quarters toward the would-be donor, turning as he turned, in spite of sundry coaxing words.
  • His companions followed him quickly, and crouching in the hall, they peered out into the darkness to see if they could detect the whereabouts of the would-be assassin.
  • It is clear to a would-be rapist that if they try the command again they will suffer the same consequences.
  • A small skirmish broke out as one child tried to snatch a shiny trinket from a cart laden with rings and necklaces. Unfortunately for the would-be thief, the owner of the tiny shop, having years of experience with street rats, had been watching this particular little monster since he had started eyeing potential marks. The hand snaked out and grabbed the medallion, but the shop owner was quicker. Shaking the youngster by the arm, drawing him up and away from his prized wares, he forcefully snatched the jewelry back from the bawling brat. Flinging the crying child away from his cart, he turned to discover that four more necklaces had been pilfered, thanks to the rest of the brats gang.
  • Vertook was Catrin's first concern; he could not swim, and she feared he would panic. Her fears were confirmed by the loud splashing noises he made as he thrashed in the water. Hampered by the weight of the staff, she reached him shortly after Strom and Benjin did. Vertook landed several solid blows on his would-be rescuers before they could get him to stop flailing. Benjin assured him he would not let him drown, and Vertook went limp in his arms.
  • Frank was wise enough to understand that it is always desirable to approach a drowning person from the rear, so that a grip may be taken before the would-be rescuer's presence is discovered. Once let those frenzied fingers clutch hold of him, and the chances of a double tragedy would be good.
  • There was a dead silence, neither of the would-be evaders of the enforced king's service moving, but listening intently for the slightest sound.
  • Thrive on chaos, we subconsciously drive off any would-be friend and then wonder why we are alone.
  • Perhaps actual spies trailed him as well. He again heard a rustle nearby, a subtle crackling in the leaves that made him tense. Maybe Nilo, or some other would-be ally, still wanted to follow him into exile. Or maybe some would-be enemy wanted to make certain he would never return.
  • Every week hundreds of would-be entrepreneurs meet their bank managers in the hope of getting a loan to start a business.
  • Experts urge would-be homeowners to not borrow beyond their capacity.
  • "Water gates," answered Syrill. "If Danda-lay is ever attacked, the river is their ultimate protection. They can open the sluice gates to this channel and another on the opposite side of the Tiber-wan." He pointed to the paddles. "These are designed to catch the pull of the river and open. They connect to underground portions of the Tiber-wan and would supplement the initial burst, making it very difficult for a would-be attacker to dam the river from above. Danda-lay is designed to withstand almost endless siege."
  • As the elevator passes the halfway point between the fourth and fifth floor, the motor suddenly quits and the emergency brakes clamp the cage to a shuddering halt. The guys are caught off balance and one falls to the coarse wooden floor. A dazzling array of halogen flood lamps bursts from the landing above. The would-be killers are now blinded and trapped in the cage between the floors.
  • "Good worts?—good cabbage!" says the knight. He turns to the teacher, who had been with his uncle when they confronted the would-be poachers. "Slender, I broke your headwhat matter have you against me?" he demands
  • There is one important proviso, however: the would-be student must already be a manager.
  • Here, the back-up network for would-be graduate entrepreneurs is much flimsier.
  • Dominated by "the many baby boomers who delayed retirement during the recession," prospective downsizers exceed would-be "upsizers" by nearly 3 to 1, says Louise Keely, chief research officer at the Demand Institute.
  • At short notice he became unavailable but by deft footwork a late stand-in was found - david cameron, the then would-be tory leader.
  • "I released a werewolf on the night of a full moon," Keon replied. "The wolf is one who is very fond of Aradia, a friend and would-be lover. I intended for their paths to cross."
  • Now, in wild countries, such a command is never disobeyed, except by a fool or a would-be suicide. As Dick Trent was neither, his hands went up at once. And as he looked into the wicked muzzles of two bulldog revolvers, he inwardly cursed the carelessness that had led him so far afield, unarmed.
  • Cautionary tale of a young would-be wizard who tries casting spells.
  • She unlocked the door and passed in, not without a comprehensive and an amused glance which took in the sober front doors of her new employer and her would-be employer.
  • An antidote to the property porn on tv, and a cautionary tale for starry-eyed would-be property ladder climbers.
  • It is, alas, the case that few would-be censors are capable of intelligently reading or viewing that which they wish to censor.
  • Looking over at the would-be killers he continues, "That might have consequences, guys, very unhealthy consequences. I think you guys got a problem on your hands tonight."
  • The first is that the only reason they exist is to give would-be book buyers a convenient way to check over a book's contents before making a purchase. To the consumer, I'm sure that this seems like a good and reasonable thing to expect. After all, if someone is going to spend their hard-earned money on a stack of papers, they might like to have at least a false sense that somewhere in the middle of that stack is something of value and importance. Yes, I'm sure that the consumer does in fact feel this way.
  • I want you to move up first, but move swiftly, Holli requested. She then turned to the giant cliff behemoth. "If you will Dzeb, I would like you to follow the delver. You are the least vulnerable of us. The delver's speed and your size might catch any would-be attacker off guard, if indeed such an ambush awaits. I would guess it is simply Shayed's presence that Lauren senses, but I wish to take no chances."
  • In due course the day broke--my marriage day. Leaving Indaba-zimbi to watch my would-be murderess, I went and fetched some natives from the stables, and with their aid bore Hendrika to the prison hut--that same hut in which she had been confined when she had been brought a baboon- child from the rocks. Here we shut her up, and, leaving Indaba-zimbi to watch outside, I returned to my sleeping-place and dressed in the best garments that the Babyan Kraals could furnish. But when I looked at the reflection of my face, I was horrified. It was covered with scratches inflicted by the nails of Hendrika. I doctored them up as best I could, then went out for a walk to calm my nerves, which, what between the events of the past night, and of those pending that day, were not a little disturbed.
  • Shirakawa told reporters he did not discuss monetary policy with Abe, and that he only visited to pay respect. It is rare for a premier or a would-be prime minister to reveal what was discussed at a closed-door meeting with a central bank governor.
  • But the idea was not so easy to carry out, though for the moment the general was alone. The horse he rode was strong and fairly fresh, those of his would-be captors pretty well foundered, and, in addition, there was help at hand.
  • I'm not a great one for pride and dignity, I'm more on the side of fun and dancing and screw the consequences, and so I begin to dance too, not really caring whether I look foolish or otherwise. The audience approves. "Get 'em off!" shouts a would-be woodnymph.
  • A man yanked a piece of burning wood from the nearest fire and thrust it into her would-be tormentor's hand, and he swung back to her. He pressed it to her cheek, but her power healed the burn and blocked the pain. The smell of charring flesh sickened her, but she knew from childhood escapades that any injury she received healed instantly. Perhaps he was ensuring that she really was a healer, she thought. He removed the brand and scowled at her.
  • Shadow did not finish the story he had started to tell. Unbeknown to him, Roger had come up behind, and was now on his hands and knees in the water. Luke gave the would-be story-teller a quick shove; and over went Shadow backwards, to land in the shallow water with a resounding splash.
  • Elryia had used that time, now that Lanyan and Gort were among them, to discuss her overall plan. When she had finished with Lanyan, he seemed enthused and even honored that she had chosen him above all others to train the would-be riders, yet before she even focused on Gort, the Dwarf seemed disappointed.
  • "Reward: one million ranmyas," Amaranthe said. "Impressive. I imagine you get lots of would-be bounty hunters stalking you."
  • This was sufficient to satisfy his companion, who lay down again. But it was impossible to attempt more for a time, and the would-be fugitive was forced to crouch there, letting the valuable moments fly, and fretting, as he knew how impossible it would be for him to escape if he waited till day.
  • Mike's assassins are lined up along one side of the elevator. Lance has his men strip search the would-be killers who are quickly reduced to their shoes and shorts. While it hasn't been decided where to dump them, he figures where ever they end up, it will be more embarrassing to Pete and Joe when they're discovered. When finished, Lance hits the ground floor button and the would-be killers and their captors descend.
  • We'll do nothing of the sort, replied the other quietly and firmly. Then, with an anxiety in his face which he could not altogether conceal, he walked his horse over to the prostrate Kafir. But the latter suddenly staggered to his feet. His left shoulder was streaming with blood, and the concussion of the close discharge had stunned him. Even his would-be slayer looked somewhat relieved over this turn which affairs had taken, and for this he had to thank the plunging of his horse, for it is difficult to shoot straight, even point blank, with a restive steed beneath one, let alone the additional handicap of being in a white rage at the time.
  • Roger was, as ever, well in the front rank of the combatants, and was carrying himself right manfully, when he saw one of his countrymen slip and fall in a pool of blood, losing his sword as he fell. A burly black-bearded ruffian, whom he had been engaging, instantly set his foot on the prostrate body, and shortened his hanger to thrust him through; but Roger, who was engaged with another pirate, nimbly evaded the blow aimed at him, and, with one spring, like a young leopard, was on the would-be slayer, and, taking him before he could turn, passed his sword through the pirate's body with such force that it penetrated to the hilt, while both rescuer and corpse went rolling to the deck together. Roger disencumbered himself from the dead body, and, setting his foot upon it, pulled violently at his sword to get it free again.
  • The mob halted, shouting their displeasure, while more of the locals came trailing up. It appeared they would soon have several dozen would-be guests.
  • In a storybook, Ambrosius would have reluctantly developed a heart-warming affection for this little creature, they would have gone on exciting adventures together and then, just in his moment of direst peril, the little crab-type-thing would have saved our hero's life. Unfortunately for the crab-type-thing, real life differed somewhat. Ambrosius approached the thing with a friendly look on its face, at which it tweedled affectionately, then with a deft movement he flipped it on its back and left it helplessly flailing its many legs in the air. Ambrosius walked on and forgot about his would-be companion. It is a sad fact that shortly afterwards a giant pig-like creature came along and pitilessly ate up the crab-type-thing in several cruel crunches. Such is life.
  • As she waits, she erects her own dreams, artifices of imagination these, of beaches and bungalows, of quiet lagoons and would-be lovers. Such dreams were also unsanctioned, but they had a way of happening nonetheless.
  • The story: in a far distant future, a would-be master race seeks to dominate the galaxy.
  • "Iz, three American nuclear subs, the Hazel Bishop, the Allen Funt and the Martin Luther King, will be lying off the Mediterranean coast, each carrying sixteen missiles, Polaris tipped with Lavoris. No reason an H-bomb cant smell kissing sweet. Theyll be launched if necessary. Thats a promise from the tall Westerner I spoke to an hour ago. In addition, an entire SAC wing will flyvery ostentatiouslyover the entire Middle East. Thatll give any would-be aggressors some second thoughts. Twenty thousand marines, gyrenes and saltines will be airlifted here by an armada of jet transports, cargo planes, B-56s, 47s, 36s, 29s, 17s, Cessnas, Fokkers, Spads, Macys Thanksgiving Day parade balloons, the Spirit of St. Louis ... anything we can get in the air. In addition, I hear that one division from Fort Bragg is trained to stick big, feathery wings into wax molds on their shoulders and fly that way. If they dont go too close to the sun theyve a chance of making it."
  • The village is still to be completed, but 68 people, would-be entrepreneurs and their teams, have already taken up two buildings at the site.
  • Terry, who was driving, since Tom had his hand bandaged from an accident in one of the chemical labs, almost drove into the wall of the apartment building. If youre a would-be terrorist and someone jumps into the back of your car, you panic. Hitting the gas is a distinct possibility, no matter which direction youve got the car pointing.
  • Very well, Senor, agreed the would-be assassin. "You have named the man who employed me; it is therefore evident that you know a great deal more about this affair--whatever it may be--than he suspects, so it is useless for me to attempt to keep the secret from you. Senor Alvaros is indeed the man who employed me; but I am not going to be such a fool as to go back and tell him that I have failed. I insisted upon receiving payment in advance, and there is therefore no need for me to see him again; I shall consequently leave Pinar del Rio, and resume my former occupation of contrabandista. With Senor Alvaros' fifty doubloons I can see my way to earn a very comfortable living as a smuggler; and if you, Senor, should at any time require my services in that capacity--or any other, for that matter--I shall be pleased to do my utmost to afford you complete satisfaction."
  • Diocesan missioner who sent his would-be evangelists into a betting shop, to put some money on a horse.
  • There was another habitue of the same lodging, named Stoker, whose temperament was the very opposite to that of little Zook. He was a huge, burly dock labourer; an ex-prize-fighter and a disturber of the peace wherever he went. Between Stoker and Zook there was nothing in common save their poverty, and the former had taken a strong dislike to the latter, presumably on the ground of Zook's superiority in everything except bulk of frame. Charlie had come into slight collision with Stoker on Zook's account more than once, and had tried to make peace between them, but Stoker was essentially a bully; he would listen to no advice, and had more than once told the would-be peacemaker to mind his own business.
  • Oh, say! this is a good one,"" pleaded the would-be story-teller. ""It's about an old college graduate who was a regular fiend for football. He would undergo almost any hardship for the sake of getting to a game. Well, one time there was a great contest on between two of the big colleges, and although old Bixby nearly broke his back to get there, he didn't arrive until late. 'Say, how is it going?' he puffed to a gate-keeper. 'Nothing to nothing, middle of the second half,' answered the gate-keeper. 'Is that so?' returned old Bixby. 'That's good! I haven't missed anything,' and he passed in."" And at this anecdote there was a general laugh."
  • "G-fees will continue to increase as a way to run down the GSEs' role in the mortgage market," writes Paul Diggle of Capital Economics. "Stronger mortgage demand suggests that would-be buyers are growing in confidence. Nevertheless, mortgage lending will continue to be held back by tight credit."
  • A round of applause for goat-man Peter Nesmith! yells Gary. "My biggest guest for a long time." He's smiling and clapping his hands. We are a hit. The audience clap too. The would-be woodnymphs have livened up again and whistle and signal for me to continue. I can't disappoint them.
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