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Okunuşu: / wʊd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: would
Türü: fiil


f. arzulamak, istemek

would için örnek cümleler:

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  • Liseli shook her head. More important was the question, why was she standing there? She should be sleeping. Resting. Tomorrowor was it today? — would be a big day. They had all those Adayzjians outside to contend with, and she was not going to just sit around inside the temple eating up the stores and hoping Leetons hold on the doors maintained.
  • "It may be so with you," he answered; "indeed, I have no doubt that it is, but with me it is different. I am a very remarkable Rocket, and come of remarkable parents. My mother was the most celebrated Catherine Wheel of her day, and was renowned for her graceful dancing. When she made her great public appearance she spun round nineteen times before she went out, and each time that she did so she threw into the air seven pink stars. She was three feet and a half in diameter, and made of the very best gunpowder. My father was a Rocket like myself, and of French extraction. He flew so high that the people were afraid that he would never come down again. He did, though, for he was of a kindly disposition, and he made a most brilliant descent in a shower of golden rain. The newspapers wrote about his performance in very flattering terms. Indeed, the Court Gazette called him a triumph of Pylotechnic art."
  • "I'm going to have trouble enough looking after myself and Mr. Wendel, and I can't take the extra chances, kid." I realized how this would make him feel and switched the meaning with: "I can't take chances with a bunch of cops stopping our get-away. You've got to stay here and give me warning."
  • The fortress, the only secure post remaining in the city, had been commandeered by Jadar and his hand-picked guard. His officers had taken accommodations in the town, and the troops had erected an enormous tent complex along the road leading into the city from the north. Their women now swarmed over the bazaar, accumulating stores for the march south. Bullock carts of fresh produce glutted the roads leading into the city, for word had reached the surrounding villages that Burhanpur was host to the retinue of the prince and his soldiers from the northbuyers accustomed to high northern prices. The villagers also knew from long experience that a wise man would strip his fields and gardens and orchards now and sell, before an army on the march simply took what it wanted.
  • A better answer may be that the same psychological forces that lead to private sector deleveraging cause the private sector to "go on strike" until the government sector subsequently delevers. That is, to the extent that the private sector has become allergic to too much debt, it is allergic not only to an overabundance of private sector debt but to debt altogether. In that case, the private sector would attempt to compensate for government budget deficits by increasing its savings - keeping the total borrowing and spending at the desired levels. Government borrowing would drive private sector deleveraging, rendering fiscal policy futile.
  • "Greg, I..." she stopped as she saw the slump in his shoulders. 'He already knows.' she thought to herself, 'he knew that I would disappoint him.' "I have to go, Greg. I can't do this now and you should go." She turned her back to him, in part to give her strength enough to finish her statement, but also so he would not see the tears that she was no longer able to fight back. "Go, enjoy the party and find someone worthy of you, because I am not that girl." She didn't have to turn back around to know that he was walking away, wounded beyond measure by her words.
  • "I!" cried Favourite. "Ah! Do not say that even in jest! If you were to cease to love me, I would spring after you, I would scratch you, I should rend you, I would throw you into the water, I would have you arrested."
  • While another cut in Greeces bailout-loan rates and an increase in infrastructure funding would help fill in any remaining gaps, the policy makers hinted that outright debt forgiveness -- still a taboo topic for Germany and its top-rated creditor allies -- would be on the table as well.
  • "I have believed it," Lord Arglay answered, "but for one thing I will not now make that office a personal quarrel between these men and myself, though I think that otherwise even the Government would find it difficult to turn me out. But the Law is greater than the servants of the Law, and shall I make the Law a privy garden for my own pride? Also since this child has come to such an end I will have none but myself, so far as is possible, be her servant for the rest of her time."
  • He was fairly sure that concealed down here by the network of tangled branches, in the gloom of the settling dusk they had little chance of spotting him, and by the time the Agents followed his trail, he would have put miles between himself and the stone barn.
  • "Those whom the French and Africans are fighting now in Mali are the (same) people who overthrew the Gaddafi regime, those that our Western partners armed so that they would overthrow the Gaddafi regime," Lavrov told a news conference.
  • "And if I were to adhere to that manner of thinking," Kaymin told her, "I would have killed you the moment you revealed that Morvay has linked with Corrado."
  • The executioner stood up and a hush came over the crowd. The axe swing was moments away. As he heard the whoosh through the air, Peter felt a sudden horror. Was he imagining things? Was he really about to die, just when he thought he would live? He heard a scream and thought for sure it was his own. That he was losing his head.
  • **For the sake of brevity, suffice it to say that Mausi departed and made an arduous journey over the crest of the mountains. In due course, he came to a town called Diddle where he resumed his profession of picking pockets and burglarizing homes. Unknown to him, Damsel Delicia and Aretino were approaching from another direction, but it would be a number of days before they arrived.**
  • Benedict hesitated and said, "Yes, yes I am. And you would be wise to take the offer. Your garrison will leave here alive, just with heavy fines for their treason. As for your stupid stand against the King, you will jailed for a time King Humphrey will determine. All of this, I add, is more than reasonable. Let the world know that King Humphrey is still a reasonable man even when he doesnt need to be! Take his pardon."
  • Amalric was hoping I would be killed. And I, I swore to Nicolette I would stay alive and come back to her. And yet moments ago I wanted the Saracens to kill me. It is a disease, this yearning for death, and I can catch it as quickly as the next man.
  • They kept on going down the hall and that was all I heard. The big bruiser's nose was taped and, having had my own schozzle busted once, I knew what they'd done to him. Splinted it up inside so it would heal without leaving too much of a bump.
  • "When Joan quit, you see, it didnt take much thought to decide who would take over. You have been one of our best employees for . . . nearly five years, now."
  • "Do I indeed?" thought the swami. He wracked his brain but could not come up with anything. But then it suddenly occurred to him. He excused himself for a moment, went to his study and brought out his bound composition book. He opened it to where there was a folded piece of paper with some handwriting on it. "Miss Rahman, as you must know, Sapnabhairavi had a most endearing streak of mischief in her. One day she gave this to me. She said she wanted to write an 'Ashram Poem' in three paragraphs. She had written the 'Hermit' paragraph. I was to add the 'Jungle' paragraph. And a third person she had in mind would some day write the 'Peace' paragraph."
  • "You are most kind," said Louis. "This knight who interprets for me here is what we call a troubadour - a singer of songs. If, in your generosity, you could provide him with an instrument - a lute, say, or a harp - so that he could play and sing for us, it would comfort us greatly in our sorrow."
  • During this lull in action Ra and Mom became closer and I noticed that she was beginning to get a bit chubbier in the belly. "Well," I thought, "its about time she gets a chance at happiness!" Grandpaw was having trouble catching food as his joints became stiffer with age. I began delivering food to him, but not that he could seeit was always just sitting there knocked out as he turned the corner of a rock. I always saved that last pounce for him. Mom would see me do this on occasion and would give me a smile and a wink. All was well in the valley and I again began to think of revenge. I decided that it was time to return to the palace, to check up on the new "king". Ra wanted to come along, but I told him that this was just a scouting trip. I reassured him that he would be with me when the king received justice. With Ra keeping and eye on things in the valley I set off for "home".
  • He had a bit of time before their journey, and hoped the incident a few moments ago would work in his favor, and perhaps open the door for Kate to trust her heart, to trust him and deepen their intimacy. However, Damien felt himself treading a thin line where his marriage was concerned. If Kate did not get pregnantIf he had planted a child in another woman, the night before his weddinga child that he could not deny
  • "Sarah, relax. I havent any ideas because I am still so new to all of this. But there are some things I would like to test."
  • The Captain jumped easily over the counter, and started his way around the forge where he would be able to come at him from behind.
  • "Rumour has come to us that there have been Papirians seen on the frontier. Now, our Empress appreciates your progress, but she would prefer to have this particular rumour decisively contradicted."
  • Sick to her stomach again, she backed out of the office and gently shut the door behind her. She would have to deal with his things at some point but not now.
  • Congress followed the "Boehner Rule" in 2011, which led to the $1.2 trillion of automatic cuts set to start in January. Replacing those spending reductions would require other cuts beyond what would be needed to pay for another debt-limit increase, said Representative James Lankford, an Oklahoma Republican who will be a member of his partys House leadership next year.
  • I eased up and closed my eyes. He was probably right; they probably did need to be removed. It would probably be easier with a dentist, but what did I know?
  • He had unwitting allies among these enemies. The sociopathic Englishman was certain to cause further problems, and the bizarre Brenneman woman would serve to distract Dimarico now and then. His greatest hope, though, lay with Swann, whose megalomania might yet result in Dimarico's overthrow.
  • Roland turned to face the King, pushed back his tilting helmet so he could be heard, and addressed Louis in a voice that stilled the crowd. "Sire, I would restore to the English gentleman his forfeited arms and horse, that he may use them when he accompanies you on crusade."
  • Her smile vanished, and she was suddenly crying in his arms. "Oh, my love, I thought we would never again be together like this." He held her till her sobs subsided. She raised her head, and he traced the path of her tears on her cheek with his fingertip.
  • "To hear is to obey." Nadir Sharif bowed low, casting a worried glance toward Hawksworth. "But perhaps it would be equally pleasing to Your Majesty . . . and to Her Majesty as well . . . to allow the woman to travel to Fatehpur under the cognizance of the English ambassador."
  • Who had saved them? And why? Did someone in India hate the Portuguese so much they would defend the English before even knowing who they were? No one in India could know about King Jamess letter, about the East India Companys plans. No one. Even George Elkington did not know everything. Yet someone in India already wanted the English alive. He had wrestled with the question for the rest of the trip upriver, and he could think of no answers. They had been saved for a reason, a reason he did not know, and that worried him even more than the Portuguese.
  • Dorian shrugged his shoulders. "I believe he married Lady Radley's maid, and has established her in Paris as an English dressmaker. Anglomania is very fashionable over there now, I hear. It seems silly of the French, doesn't it? But--do you know?--he was not at all a bad servant. I never liked him, but I had nothing to complain about. One often imagines things that are quite absurd. He was really very devoted to me and seemed quite sorry when he went away. Have another brandy-and-soda? Or would you like hock-and-seltzer? I always take hock-and-seltzer myself. There is sure to be some in the next room."
  • This wasnt the best idea, but it would work. People would question them: Why cant you send a message? Why do you all have to go?Range would make it clear this was not the kind of message one sends via a messenger and the trip would take a long time, so he could not leave his family behind.
  • "We will find them, Caislyn. We have too. Why else would all this be happening if it wasn't to prepare us to find your parents and who took them?" Jaxon turned and placed a hand upon her friend's arm.
  • "Not as large as this. The main estates went to a cousin, along with the title. Channing was a dower land and one of the smallest, though fathers favorite. Hunting, fishing, its been a favorite of many of the lords who would join my father, rusticating they call it." Kate added. "Weve raised peacocks, and added three green houses, as well as prime horseflesh to our stables." She was scanning below. "Youve impressive land here, Damien."
  • NICOLETTE TREMBLED WITH IMPATIENCE. SHE LOOKED UP FOR THE SUN, but it was too low to be seen, though a late-afternoon glow suffused the canopy of leaves and branches over her head. If he kept to the promise in his letter, Roland would appear at any moment. Her black mare, tied to a nearby elm sapling, stamped her hoofs restlessly.
  • But let us assume that what is called science can harmonize all contradictions and possesses an unchanging standard of good and bad by which to try historic characters and events; let us say that Alexander could have done everything differently; let us say that with guidance from those who blame him and who profess to know the ultimate aim of the movement of humanity, he might have arranged matters according to the program his present accusers would have given him--of nationality, freedom, equality, and progress (these, I think, cover the ground). Let us assume that this program was possible and had then been formulated, and that Alexander had acted on it. What would then have become of the activity of all those who opposed the tendency that then prevailed in the government--an activity that in the opinion of the historians was good and beneficent? Their activity would not have existed: there would have been no life, there would have been nothing.
  • "You have to come back, Caly. We cannot go on without you." His breath caught. What if she liked this strange new watery world more than she liked him? She looked as pretty as he had remembered her, pink-cheeked and healthy. What if she didnt want their problems, but the ease of silk and conversation with fine people? He did not know what he would do then.
  • "Yes, but do they make them in the East, or dig them up, or magnetize them, or something?" Cecilia persisted. "Angus dear, you must see what I mean. If there was a mine now, how dreadful it would be."
  • "That would send a shockwave through the international finance services community," Gurule said. "It would put the fear of God in bank officials that knowingly disregard the law."
  • Dare I tell him about the child? Her body was cold with fright. What would he do to keep his child from falling into Amalric's hands?
  • Serenity knew the far end of the pier had been closed off while reinforcements were carried out on the struts. Her old company had won the tender for the work and she was disappointed she wouldnt be able to see the job through to the end. In a few days, the rest of the pier would be closed off and as far as Serenity knew, it would remain closed for the rest of the winter.
  • Armed with its improved doctrine, the IMF could do for capital controls what the WTO does for trade barriers. The global capital markets would run more smoothly. For that to happen, governments must give the IMF the power.
  • Malloyre stared at him incredulously. The command told him immediately that this would be a battle with no quarter. The use of langrel against personnel left no room for truce. Then suddenly the true implications of Hawksworths command hit him like a blow in the chest. "That shots for close quarters. We lay alongside, and the bastardsll grapple and board us sure. Swarm us like curs on a bitch."
  • "To name a few. Wyverns and dragons are my main concern, but the others still would pose some threat that we may or may not be equipped to handle. Sirens seem like a good idea as long as they are sent with something else. Shell be immune to Siren Song, the four of us may also be immune because of the Binding Spell. That would be a bit of good news. Of course, we might not be and that would be really bad. I imagine Chiron has taken both possibilities into account."
  • "How very efficient," Cox said, offering Liang a worryingly toothy smile. "Im sure that there are a number of other areas in which cooperation would be mutually beneficial."
  • "Theyre not clinic hours," Bussey said. "Youre not working the same intensity as you would during regular clinic days, and I dont think theres a fatigue issue."
  • The narrator ponders the secrets and mysteries that each human being poses to every other: Lorry, as he rides on in the mail coach with two strangers, constitutes a case in point. Dozing, he drifts in and out of dreams, most of which revolve around the workings of Tellsons bank. Still, there exists "another current of impression that never cease[s] to run" through Lorrys mindthe notion that he makes his way to dig someone out of a grave. He imagines repetitive conversations with a specter, who tells Lorry that his body has lain buried nearly eighteen years. Lorry informs his imaginary companion that he now has been "recalled to life" and asks him if he cares to live. He also asks, cryptically, "Shall I show her to you? Will you come and see her?" The ghosts reaction to this question varies, as he sometimes claims that he would die were he to see this woman too soon; at other times, he weeps and pleads to see her immediately.
  • "Of course, for you are his heirit would be against nature for him to be otherwise. But that is you, and we are no relations whatsoever."
  • Those three would be useful. The others could be considered political neuters, too easily led by the smoothly charismatic Dimarico.
  • Jians lips quirked. "Surely you would not be so foolish as to threaten me," he remarked with a slight note of challenge in his voice.
  • "Don't pay any attention to him, Dorian," said the painter. "I understand what you mean, and I believe in this girl. Any one you love must be marvellous, and any girl who has the effect you describe must be fine and noble. To spiritualize one's age ¬¬ that is something worth doing. If this girl can give a soul to those who have lived without one, if she can create the sense of beauty in people whose lives have been sordid and ugly, if she can strip them of their selfishness and lend them tears for sorrows that are not their own, she is worthy of all your adoration, worthy of the adoration of the world. This marriage is quite right. I did not think so at first, but I admit it now. The gods made Sibyl Vane for you. Without her you would have been incomplete."
  • She did not hesitate. "Royal decree would have him brought to King Almara in the royal city of Rowe, but, truth be told, he would never make it that far."
  • "No, oh god no. I remember that debacle. I would rather face Dragons than you on a diet." Gabriel said emphatically.
  • The original line of the Russian forces along the river Kolocha had been dislocated by the capture of the Shevardino Redoubt on the twenty-fourth, and part of the line--the left flank--had been drawn back. That part of the line was not entrenched and in front of it the ground was more open and level than elsewhere. It was evident to anyone, military or not, that it was here the French should attack. It would seem that not much consideration was needed to reach this conclusion, nor any particular care or trouble on the part of the Emperor and his marshals, nor was there any need of that special and supreme quality called genius that people are so apt to ascribe to Napoleon; yet the historians who described the event later and the men who then surrounded Napoleon, and he himself, thought otherwise.
  • He acted like it was all my choice. It gave me goose bumps. Britney almost tripped over herself assuring Brandon that we were still the best of friends, and she wouldn't even think of leaving me without a ride. Obviously if it wasn't convenient for him to take me, she would love to make sure I got home ok.
  • Jaxon laid on the floor a moment, hoping the vampire would think he had hurt her a little and come closer. She could feel something inside her shift again. It was the same feeling she had when she fought Rick. She closed her eyes and allowed that feeling to take over.
  • She remembered how he had tried to instruct her in l'amour courtois, the religion of Love, before he and his family fled. If he had stayed, she wondered, what would I be now? How fortunate that I was left free to discover the Holy Light.
  • The local area was decent enough for Los Angeles and didnt suffer too much from the violence plaguing many of the citys suburbs. A cafe, its walls lined with books, appealed to her. If she could take one of those books off the shelves and lose herself in another world for an hour, she would be happy.
  • "Merchants from the north have spoken of a proposed treaty between Morvay and Corrado. It would appear as though they are planning to link their strengths."
  • It was difficult to calculate the actual distance, but, however far it was, Paul knew, the journey would be made much longer by the difficulty of the terrain.
  • "They do drink the blood from living beings; however one cannot continue to exist in a state like that without immersing themselves in magic. It is common for vampires to be able to wipe the minds of the humans they drink from. It is also common to find blood donation centers that are run by vampires or their thralls. They would not risk putting themselves in a position that would arouse suspicion from humans, though there are cases where they will completely drain the blood from a person to kill them and turn them into a vampire."
  • There were many students speaking to new petitioners under the wide expanse of trees where the air remained cool, sheltered from the suns touch. Gidas approached one of the students who did not seem too interested in the entire day.Gidas wondered why an indifferent student would be out here.
  • Above her came the sound of metal tearing and the ladder jolted beneath her, but there was no longer time. Simply removing the ladder would not be enough to trap Madeline at the bottom of the pipe.
  • Yet, as if on the outskirts of its own nature, it presently found itself observing other thoughts. Much the same argument that Arglay had already gone over flashed through it; scattered phrases-"if he just disappears"-" time and place" -"I wonder what Arglay would say to this"-struck it and passed. The figure of the young man put out its hand and received something from the tall man. Lord Arglay's mind made an effort forward. "Stop, you fool," it knew itself thinking, and heard Giles's voice say, close and loud, "Calm now, quite calm. just make as near an image of what you were doing as you can."
  • "I will not be sultan," said Baibars, spreading his yellowish hands in a fending-off gesture. "The Mameluke general Ai Beg, who is senior to me, will wed the lady Spray-of-Pearls and reign in Cairo. We have agreed. So ends the dynasty of Saladin. A pity, but fate is fate. Turan Shah did us many injuries. It would take too long to tell you all of it. If the servant has a duty to the master, so also the master has a duty to the servant, and Turan Shah failed his servants many times over. He rewarded fidelity with contempt and punishment. And that is why we slew him. But he was plotting to kill you and all of your men. He had been guaranteed that he would get the ransom money and Damietta even so, you see."
  • When the sound of their footsteps had died away, Dorian locked the door and put the key in his pocket. He felt safe now. No one would ever look upon the horrible thing. No eye but his would ever see his shame.
  • Sources familiar with the Obama-Boehner talks confirmed that Boehner proposed extending low tax rates for everyone who has earned less than $1 million, and rates would rise for wages above that. Obama wants that threshold set at $250,000.
  • Greece said it would spend 10 billion euros to buy back bonds in a bid to reduce its ballooning debt and unfreeze long-delayed aid, setting a price range above market expectations to ensure sufficient investor interest.
  • But I hadn't even decided to enter the tournament, Roland thought. His heart felt like a burning brand, and the blood around it boiled. I see. He must have planned that either I would die ignominiously here in the forest, or, if I were able to overcome these creatures, I would be goaded into challenging him. Either way he expected to trap me, and these men are but his pawns.
  • Then I saw that we were not alone. The president and the other prisoners from the White House were locked up in three of the cells midway down the dungeon. Lady Magmilan unlocked the cell in between the President and the lady and across from the man prisoner. As she unlocked my handcuffs, the large wooden door opened. She paused and waited to see who would come through. She didnt seem to have been expecting anyone. Melissa stepped through first.
  • All orders were now issued through Squealer or one of the other pigs. Napoleon himself was not seen in public as often as once in a fortnight. When he did appear, he was attended not only by his retinue of dogs but by a black cockerel who marched in front of him and acted as a kind of trumpeter, letting out a loud "cock-a-doodle-doo" before Napoleon spoke. Even in the farmhouse, it was said, Napoleon inhabited separate apartments from the others. He took his meals alone, with two dogs to wait upon him, and always ate from the Crown Derby dinner service which had been in the glass cupboard in the drawing-room. It was also announced that the gun would be fired every year on Napoleon's birthday, as well as on the other two anniversaries.
  • By the beginning of August Helene's affairs were clearly defined and she wrote a letter to her husband--who, as she imagined, loved her very much--informing him of her intention to marry N.N. and of her having embraced the one true faith, and asking him to carry out all the formalities necessary for a divorce, which would be explained to him by the bearer of the letter.
  • So good not only to those close to him, she thought, but to everyone - merchants, townsfolk, peasants. How they cheered for him as he passed by! What would become of them all if he died?
  • Steve finally conceded the point and slipped the journal into his jacket pocket. They continued to look around the master bedroom before returning to the ground floor. He didnt know about Sarah, but he was starting to have second thoughts about putting this place up for sale. This wasnt the dump he figured it would be. Everything they had discovered thus far had been tasteful and elegant, indicating subtle wealth everywhere he looked. This was the home of a very civilized couple that enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle, surrounding themselves with unique possessions that interested them. Besides, the house was freakinhuge!
  • She had to stop, out of breath. But Sarli knew the rest. It made horrible sense. "So you trapped it," she said, beginning to back away from the wyrm. "You brought it here, and made sure it would never reach maturity, never make its first kill. And the - the - sacrifices. You feed it - "
  • The sun would be up in a little more than half an hour. It was a good thing for Leanne that the windows on the Jeep were tinted. They were dark, almost black, the way the cops hated, and she assured me they would protect her from the suns harmful rays. Still, just to be sure, she slipped on a pair of supple, black leather gloves, and smeared SPF 45 sunblock over her face and neck. The stuff had the consistency of Lepage's glue--the white stuff--as if she wasn't white enough all ready. She kept a black balaclava and some dark, wraparound sunglasses by her side just in case.
  • Along the way, he fell in with a pack of aura, who greeted him with amiability born of an excess of sugar punch, and immediately fell to gossiping about his kin. Having asked after the state of the Empress and exchanged cooing noises at her continued infirmity, they moved on to Princess Adelais. Upon Valentin agreeing that it was likely she would do the address, one of them said, "Such a pity. The Empress has the dignity and authority your dear gone brother and father."
  • So many questions raced through his mind. What the hell had happened at the hotel? He no longer questioned the possibility that someone else had disappeared from the room, but what shed gotten herself involved with remained a mystery. He couldnt explain much of what had happenedfrom how the glass in the bedroom had been broken, to how someone managed to shatter dozens of windshields in a matter of seconds and then disappear without a trace. If he didnt know better, James would have thought he was chasing a ghost.
  • "Because you do not know into whom Lib was reborn. You would have had to be there at the precise moment Libs first breadth was taken for you to know what body and family to stay near. After two minutes, Libs memory of you, us and everything we know was lost until that body is discarded and the return home. When Lib faded from you here, there was no way for you to follow. None of us have that ability. Many of us intentionally observe pregnant women as they give birth and we enjoy conversing for those first few moments with the one who was sent back. Some of us actually end up staying near that person for the entirety of their lives. However, following someone from here to there and linking up has never been accomplished. The odds of being next to the right woman at the precise moment is too astronomical to calculate. What we do possess are the gifts to manage time until our loved ones return. Focus on your mountain peak and you will know when Lib has returned, whether it takes six or sixty years. The universe is yours. Enjoy it."
  • The president called on his backers to pressure Congress both by traditional means and through social media. The White House has encouraged supporters to tweet how roughly $2,000 less in disposable income would hurt their spending.
  • "I think I should be the one to spar with her. You know, keep things even!" Jillian announced to her mate. She stood up and took Haunt from Jack. Jillian doused Haunts remaining flames as she picked it up. Jack smiled at her. If Connor didnt know Jillian wasnt a Balancer he would swear it would be impossible for a woman of Jillians size to swing that solid metal club with one hand as one would a small stick. Jillian spun and flipped Haunt like it was nearly weightless.
  • The dinner plates were Royal Doulton. Ben vaguely knew the name, but a plastic plate would have suited him more than adequately. The food was the best he had ever tasted.
  • "Merciful Allah. The elephant does not smell his crime." The small man caught Hawksworths questioning look. "The Great Akman believed elephants would not kill an innocent man, that they can always smell a mans guilt. But I have never before seen one refuse to kill a prisoner. I think Samad must be a wizard, who has entranced the animal."
  • "I think dealing with Ve will end up being the least of our problems, today. Remember though, he feeds off of strong emotions so try to calm down a bit." Caislyn was trying to reassure Jax, but the whole prospect of something "feeding" on her emotions brought a renewed sense of dread to the pit of her stomach. Taking several deep breaths, Jax tried to calm herself, concentrating on keeping her hands still so that Caislyn, nor Ve, would see just how nervous she was by being there. A few moments later, Caislyn reached over and put her hand on Jax's arm, "You do realize that you are shaking the whole couch with your leg don't you?"
  • "No," Elaine said. She had heard much about Camelot, city of towers and royalty, from all the knights and princes. Some of them, after a few cups of ale, could wax quite poetic about the famous city. If she saw it, she might be impressed... and if she was impressed by its purely human elegance, she would lose something. She wasnt sure what, but she knew instinctively that Camelot was not for her.
  • Wednesday, I felt nervous all day. This would be our last chance to practice the routines before the actual auditions on Thursday.
  • Monique handed him her credit card. It was a good thing Dave had given her a large advance. The chartered flight, the phone, and the car and boat she would rent were expensive, and wouldn't come out of her fee.
  • By careful probing and slow persuasion, Sir Henry eventually enlisted four of his friends to form the Regimental Saturday Club. There was nothing unusual or suspicious about this - many old India hands formed such associations to companionably recall the days of great adventure. No one, not even the SIS, ever suspected the club of having a secret agenda. The club would meet occasionally in some country estate or castle over a weekend. Just the men. Wives were not invited, and they did not care to join such 'juvenile' outings either.
  • On the other side of the island in a puff of unrealistic coincidental happenstance a group of people popped into a sudden existence. They would all have been rather surprised at it had they had time to think about it. Two men and a woman headed the group, their positions obvious to everyone around them as they were the only ones to have any inkling what their names were.
  • That frog thought that nothing would attack it, since it was such a big frog. But the bug didnt kill itthe frogs arrogance killed it long ago. The arrogant men in the world dont look out for things. They arent aware. Have your foes weakness be your strength.
  • Influence in society, however, is a capital which has to be economized if it is to last. Prince Vasili knew this, and having once realized that if he asked on behalf of all who begged of him, he would soon be unable to ask for himself, he became chary of using his influence. But in Princess Drubetskaya's case he felt, after her second appeal, something like qualms of conscience. She had reminded him of what was quite true; he had been indebted to her father for the first steps in his career. Moreover, he could see by her manners that she was one of those women--mostly mothers--who, having once made up their minds, will not rest until they have gained their end, and are prepared if necessary to go on insisting day after day and hour after hour, and even to make scenes. This last consideration moved him.
  • Germany has historically been the main trading partner of Austria, making it vulnerable to rapid changes in the German economy. However, since Austria became a member state of the European Union it has gained closer ties to other EU economies, reducing its economic dependence on Germany. In addition, membership in the EU has drawn an influx of foreign investors attracted by Austria's access to the single European market and proximity to the aspiring economies of the European Union. Growth in GDP accelerated in recent years and reached 3.3% in 2006. Austria indicated on 16 Nov 2010 that it would withhold the December installment of its contribution to the EU bailout of Greece citing material worsening of the Greek debt situation and apparent inability of Greece to collect the level of tax receipts it had previously promised.
  • Kaymin turned and looked at him dryly. "As much as I appreciate the offer, I would prefer to return and find that the horsesand youare actually still here," he replied.
  • Jadar signaled the hunt was finished and wheeled his horse back toward the camp. Vasant Rao rode a few paces behind, asking himself how long that regal head would remain on those royal shoulders.
  • "Threatens to send them the photograph. And she will do it. I know that she will do it. You do not know her, but she has a soul of steel. She has the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the most resolute of men. Rather than I should marry another woman, there are no lengths to which she would not go--none."
  • "A plateau is flat. How can a door be on a plateau? Id think it would be on a wall somewhere, and according to this map, there isnt any. Not unless we try here, west of the lake, or possibly the east, where the mountains start again."
  • Experienced yet fairly young, hale and active, he would brook no shirking or slap-dash work. He quite overrode Rothman, for which I resented him, but Rothman took it in good heart. Within a few days he had regained his standing, and become as indispensable to Captain Ames as to the Master of Caldridgerelaying and seconding all orders.
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