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Okunuşu: / wʊd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: would
Türü: fiil


f. arzulamak, istemek

would için örnek cümleler:

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  • Gently they lifted Kobi and ran the padded ropes under his body. One loop went under his armpits, and was attached to an improvised belaying harness around his hips. Then they wrapped his arms in close to his body, so that they would not hit anything on the way out.
  • "I remember one particularly," Baal responded. "I grabbed a young Gargoyle, his name was Linus. I ripped him into two pieces, severed him at the waist. The pain from that death doubled me over, made me scream out. For years, I could feel it. It nagged at me, I would try to sleep and feel myself being ripped apart again. I could feel the claws dig into my flesh at my neck and on one of my legs. Then the ripping feeling would begin, unimaginable pain that burned as my body was torn into two halves."
  • They piled into Jeans car ("Less conspicuous in a nice place like this, darling.") and started out across the island. The roads were almost empty as they drove through Oneroa and Ostend, and completely deserted after that. Dave felt incredibly exposed, but he reminded himself that Cox had no idea where they were, and he probably wasnt on the island yet anyway. And there was no way that his people would be looking out for Jeans Mini and certainly no way they would be able to tell that he was inside it.
  • Whereupon he burst out into a long story in German and English, so mixed up that I could not quite understand exactly what he said. Roughly I gathered that long ago, hundreds of years, men had died there and been buried in their graves; but sounds were heard under the clay, and when the graves were opened, men and women were found rosy with life and their mouths red with blood. And so, in haste to save their lives (aye, and their souls! - and here he crossed himself) those who were left fled away to other places, where the living lived and the dead were dead and not - not something. He was evidently afraid to speak the last words. As he proceeded with his narration, he grew more and more excited. It seemed as if his imagination had got hold of him, and he ended in a perfect paroxysm of fear - white-faced, perspiring, trembling, and looking round him as if expecting that some dreadful presence would manifest itself there in the bright sunshine on the open plain.
  • Swann doubled over in laughter, almost strangling with glee. He'd failed to convince her but... Out of the corner of an eye he saw a kick coming and dodged in the nick of time. He could easily imagine how Dimarico would respond to this tale.
  • "It would appear that he now believes himself to be above those laws," Kaymin retorted angrily, "for I doubt that he can speak any justifiable cause to excuse his violations."
  • The dragon knew now; knew what had been stolen from it, and what freedom meant. Nobody could confine a dragon, not forever, and its time had come. In its freedom, Sarlis own seemed insignificant, though she knew it would matter to her when the dragon left. And it would leave; it would follow the other dragons, wherever they had gone. It knew its destination; but Sarli, despite the mind-link, could not even begin to comprehend it. The only thing she could grasp, dimly, was that even the world was not large enough to mean freedom to the dragons.
  • Votes from moderate Republicans like Collins would be needed to overcome procedural obstacles.
  • Career advice is also tricky. Growth industries for well-paid jobs are effectively impossible to identify. In the U.S., the Computer and Electronic Products industry, which would have seemed a promising choice circa 1999, has lost 750,000 net jobs since then, while employment in Information Services has shrunk by over one million jobs.
  • Benny and Edith traveled to Columbia a few days later. She brought with her only the necessities as Benny assured her that they would call for her things upon arrival. Hed happily provide anything else she might need in the interim. The trip to Columbia was filled with anticipation for Benny. For one, he couldnt wait to introduce Edith to her new home. He was certain that she would be impressed with all that he had acquired. He greatly looked forward to presenting her to his friends in society.
  • That had been the 15th, hed gone to Paris on the 16th, ending up that night at the Punks farm. So ..... Paul tried to remember, so much seemed to have happened in so little time. Hed slept the best part of the day away on the 17th, walked all night, and slept again in the deserted barn on the 18th, so that would make this morning the 19th, he reasoned.
  • "Strange world indeed," Kahvel commented, "where humans would choose not to use their own appendages to move them about."
  • "Well, here we are! What a place, eh? Let's look around the house and choose out our rooms before unloading everything," my dad said cheerfully. I hopped out of the cab and looked at my younger brother and older sister as they got out of one of our cars, which my mom had been driving. (The other car was hitched to the back of the truck to save on gas, even though both Terra and I had our licenses.) Arvin was always hard to read anyway, so I couldn't tell if he was either complacent or apathetic. Terra looked thrilled - I'm sure that this place was exactly the kind of place she had always dreamed of living in. She always hated moving the most out of all of us kids, and this was exactly the kind of place that screamed, "live here forever!" I wished that my oldest brother, Ammon, was with us. He and I were a lot alike and he would probably share my hatred of this place with me.
  • "What makes you think so?" Jacques wondered, "Why would I know about the sex life of a man who has been dead for nearly five hundred years."
  • "'I should be happy to advance it without further parley from my own private purse,' said I, 'were it not that the strain would be rather more than it could bear. If, on the other hand, I am to do it in the name of the firm, then in justice to my partner I must insist that, even in your case, every businesslike precaution should be taken.'
  • Smiling back, Hadrian answered, "Do you know anyone who would buy a horse? Hes a good one." Or perhaps it is a she, Hadrian mused. No, definitely a she. A man would never have that kind of knowing smirk on his face.
  • Daniel feels a moment of beaming happiness, recognizing the girl from his advanced photography class. Lavender Clay is her name, and he has been talking to her for the past few weeks. He did not think that things were going well up until yesterday, when she asked if he would come by and help her with a photography project. What started as some amateur photography of her in different poses and scenes turned into dinner, a few drinks and eventually a few hoursworth of drunken sex. He just wished he remembered more of it.
  • "You said yourself that Lucan was interrogated before he was murdered. Maybe they thought I knew something about the Sword, although Osaban priests rarely need a reason to kill. Seems odd he would come to Lucan and then me."
  • Calista paused for a moment to turn to look at Claudius. As they stormed downhill, he was obviously lagging, and the bandage was turning scarlet again. Muddied, Calista attempted to give him an encouraging smile, wondering all the while when the horses would appear. She doubted Claudius could maintain this pace for too long. Blinking furiously, she tried to clear her eyes of the stinging darts of rain.
  • After the Swami finished his story, the SP said: "So we now have two mystery women, and we are farther from any rational understanding. As I said, if this Urvashi Rahman had stayed in a hotel in Aizawl, we would have known. And if she were staying with friends or relatives in a private home, would her movements not arouse suspicion of the hosts?"
  • I thought about the picture of my mother and the other cheerleaders. Had my mother lived at Shadowford, too? Or any of the other women in the picture, like the mayor or the sheriff? I wondered. After what I'd seen on the third floor, I knew there had to be some connection between Shadowford and the magical power in this town. Hopefully now that I was an official member of the cheerleading squad, I would have access to some of those answers. I reminded myself to be patient. Answers would come in time. If I pushed too hard, the doors might close to me, and they would be a lot harder to get open a second time.
  • That knowledge could be dangerous. Chiron was nutty as a fruitcake. Losing the vote would not necessarily mean that he would be contented to sit back on his haunches and suck it up. There was the possibility that he would take matters into his own hands. And he too would know who he could ally with.
  • Efforts to get the exchange going began with its incorporation in November 1992. The sponsors, mainly FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, include IDBI, GIC and LIC with IDBI playing the lead role. In the earlier stages, it was contemplated that the NSE would function primarily as a wholesale debt market (WDM) and that for EQUITY SHARES, it would play a complementary role to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). However, NSE's active operations in stocks have unleashed competitive pressures on the BSE and the latter has consequently streamlined its outmoded trading system. BSE members seek to extend their new on-line system (BOLT) to other towns and cities. The magnitude of NSE's impact can be gauged from the fact that in February 1996, daily turnover in equity shares on the exchange had crossed Rs.1000 crore, albeit temporarily. It WDM segment involves transactions in TREASURY BILLS, GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, PSU BONDS, COMMERCIAL PAPER, CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT and DEBENTURES. Other distinct features of the NSE include :
  • I pushed back strands of limp black hair from my eyes with sticky fingers, so that my view of the woman would not be impaired. I watched the woman advance through the crowd while deftly controlling the flow of the panels of her skirts, which flirted with the cobbled stone floor. A deep surge of envy pulsed through my veins; in that moment I wished I could trade places with the woman. I searched out her sparkling blue eyes, and the woman looked through me as if I were invisible. I hated thinking of myself as so utterly inconsequential. The young woman's companion, an elegantly dressed young man, led her through the crowd until the two disappeared. I envied them and a part of me hated them.
  • The Bankia group, which has received almost 18 billion euros of financial aid, is setting aside 8.1 billion euros in provisions this year to cover potential defaults on non-real estate loans, it said last month. Banco Popular said in October it would write off 3.2 billion euros of non-property loans by next year as it cleans up its balance sheet.
  • "I believe he is correct.Any other way and you would have to endure at least a week of scaling mountain walls. You would probably lose at least half your men in the process.That would be ill fortune with you entering the land of the Zmarly."
  • "I have heard enough. A man who dared speak to me as you have would be sent to the elephants. You, I think, deserve more. Since you speak to your god through dance, you do not need a tongue."
  • And it would be difficult to argue that the US is currently clamouring for haggis on the shelves of its superstores. The market for Thurston's haggis - expat Scots, Burns enthusiasts and Highland games attendees - is passionate but somewhat niche.
  • "Good. Now, we are today at loose ends. The whole military structure is in disarray. Anything we do now would be as a renegade group, and not as a part of the Government. I propose that we accelerate Col. Matsumoto's Third Layer plan and execute it ahead of his primary plans. It would be the same method we discussed, and it will be outside of Japanese soil. I am looking at August the 18th. On August the 23rd, a cover story will be put out to the world. Is everyone agreed?"
  • "Well," Mr. Garterr Browne went on, "I think I may say that, as soon as I heard of it, I saw what would have to be done. One thing, anyhow, I don't know about Persia, but I think it'll quiet things here."
  • "From the Hotel Montespan, Brighton. Gentleman seriously injured by burglars and afterwards died here registered as Reginald Montague Rowland Street West gave your name as that of relation burglar unfortunately escaped but no apparent trace of theft would like to confer Gregson manager."
  • Pierre in his secret soul agreed with the steward that it would be difficult to imagine happier people, and that God only knew what would happen to them when they were free, but he insisted, though reluctantly, on what he thought right. The steward promised to do all in his power to carry out the count's wishes, seeing clearly that not only would the count never be able to find out whether all measures had been taken for the sale of the land and forests and to release them from the Land Bank, but would probably never even inquire and would never know that the newly erected buildings were standing empty and that the serfs continued to give in money and work all that other people's serfs gave--that is to say, all that could be got out of them.
  • "Be quiet, backbiter!" said Dolgorukov. "It is not true; there are now two Russians, Miloradovich, and Dokhturov, and there would be a third, Count Arakcheev, if his nerves were not too weak."
  • Kate nodded, understanding perfectly what he was saying. As Viscountess she would get respect for her title, as far as her mind went, if she couldnt offer up something constructive, then shed do well to keep her mouth shut.
  • "Youre right. I must warn you, though, this was information you would have been told long ago if it was important for you to know. You will not like it.
  • He set off again, energized by his newfound optimism. He was soaked with sweat, thirsty as hell, and his feet had started to feel heavy, but these were still minor discomforts. He was certain he would find help before they became anything serious.
  • The drizzle had by now grown into a heavy downpour, and as the prince quickly guided his horse along the cobbled city streets, he fought to recall the last time that rain had not fallen in Dargis. Months, it seemed, perhaps a year. The countrys climate had always been wet, but if the rain didnt break soon, the only indigenous crop they would have left to feed their people with would be mushrooms. Their beef and mutton outfits were still strong, but the rains had drowned the potato and wheat crops, foods that had always gained them a large exporting revenue. Thankfully, the Dargasians continued to trade plenty of wood, mainly ash and cypress, to the other countries, and in return gained various grains and vegetables that they could no longer grow themselves. The amount of local crops that had been destroyed by the unrelenting rains was incalculable.
  • "He went into hiding for years until he came back with an army and tried to kill the Sires, almost succeeding," Vincent continued, "but he didnt know that experimenting on his own body would have consequences. That scar on his face, he got that in battle; his body doesnt heal like a pure vampire anymore. And hes killed a lot, both human and vampire. Thats why the Sires have ordered his death."
  • Dorian Gray laughed, and tossed his head. "You are quite incorrigible, Harry; but I don't mind. It is impossible to be angry with you. When you see Sibyl Vane, you will feel that the man who could wrong her would be a beast, a beast without a heart. I cannot understand how any one can wish to shame the thing he loves. I love Sibyl Vane. I want to place her on a pedestal of gold and to see the world worship the woman who is mine. What is marriage? An irrevocable vow. You mock at it for that. Ah! don't mock. It is an irrevocable vow that I want to take. Her trust makes me faithful, her belief makes me good. When I am with her, I regret all that you have taught me. I become different from what you have known me to be. I am changed, and the mere touch of Sibyl Vane's hand makes me forget you and all your wrong, fascinating, poisonous, delightful theories."
  • McAfee's attorney, Telesforo Guerra, said that if his request with the court is successful, McAfee would be allowed to stay in the country until the legal suits have been resolved.
  • The mans jaw hit the counter. One would have thought that the stranger had just announced that he had slept with his daughter. "Speak ye the truth? Can ye affect large cauldrons or are ye limited to small objects?"
  • To the question, "Is there any case in which you would approve of the military taking control of the government through a coup?" 17.1 percent replied, "I would approve," with 11.5 percent of AKP supporters approving, 24.4 percent from the CHP, 27.5 percent of MHP supporters and supporters of the BDP numbered 8.9 percent.
  • "My dear boy, you are really beginning to moralize. You will soon be going about like the converted, and the revivalist, warning people against all the sins of which you have grown tired. You are much too delightful to do that. Besides, it is no use. You and I are what we are, and will be what we will be. As for being poisoned by a book, there is no such thing as that. Art has no influence upon action. It annihilates the desire to act. It is superbly sterile. The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame. That is all. But we won't discuss literature. Come round to-morrow. I am going to ride at eleven. We might go together, and I will take you to lunch afterwards with Lady Branksome. She is a charming woman, and wants to consult you about some tapestries she is thinking of buying. Mind you come. Or shall we lunch with our little duchess? She says she never sees you now. Perhaps you are tired of Gladys? I thought you would be. Her clever tongue gets on one's nerves. Well, in any case, be here at eleven."
  • To Frank Lindsay Arglay sent a short note, saying nothing of the Stone but only that Miss Burnett had suffered from--he paused and with a wry smile wrote--a seizure, that she remained at Lancaster Gate, and that he would at all times be very happy to see Mr. Lindsay there. Frank however did not come. For a number of days he intended to answer the note, but he could think of nothing to say that seemed adequate. If Chloe wanted to see him, he argued, she would send a special message; it was not his business to intrude. So safeguarding himself from that intrusion he safeguarded himself also from any, and all that he might have known of the conclusion of the Mystery was hidden from him. He passed however a not unsuccessful life in his profession, and the only intruder he found himself unable to cope with was death.
  • "And yet, it all began with me. The Rivers power. Had I not set up my Gateway there, in that spot, under the waterfall, the Chaiorra would be a river like any other. It was the passing over my Gateway that first awoke the waters to magic. And from the first, it attracted the spirits of the lost, the dying, and the dead. I made it a Living River, and the dead are attracted to nothing moreso than Life."
  • All eight humans were staring at the trees with the same thought in mind: just what would happen if one of them did fell a tree? In response to their unspoken thought, a tree directly ahead of them groaned a little, as if a strong wind were blowing. Several branches swayed in the non-existent breeze.
  • "I would not expect it to," said Baibars. "It is because you are a man of such faith that I trust you. Because I trust you, I offer you freedom on nearly the same terms you agreed upon with the late Sultan. I know that in your eyes I am a rebel who has murdered his lawful lord. Will you keep your word with me nonetheless?"
  • The Peters Projection never really caught on. However, it did overturn the idea that there was only one way to depict the world, and last week it occurred to me that one could do something similar with the map of İstanbul. We all know what the standard map of the sprawling city looks like, but were it to be redrawn according to the touristic experience, it would look very different. Some 80 percent of the city, for example, would consist of Sultanahmet. Another 10 percent would be made up of Beyoğlu, and 5 percent of the Bosporus. The rest of the city would barely feature at all.
  • I felt my eyes go wide at all the new terms, but kept my mouth shut because I was worried Rachel would clam up if I started asking questions.
  • Rivlin says she would probably vote in favor of the Fed's current policy of low rates and bond purchases if she was still vice chair. But she does have doubts about it.
  • "Ha. You have a point. I suppose my idea of an adventure probably seems a little lame relative to all the exciting stuff that's happening in my own backyard. But this adventure of mine is something I would choose to be a part of. Besides, I'm not actually running around with you slaying vampires. All I know firsthand is what I've witnessed from my bedroom window."
  • The big jet liner climbed slowly into the grey skies over Heathrow Airport. Kobi Tenatta felt a lifting of his spirits as he settled into his seat. It would be a long trip before he arrived at his home in the central highlands of Kenya. The lengthy flight would take him to Nairobi, but that was only the first leg of his journey. After that, it would be a two-hour drive to his home in Nakuru. He was grateful, at least, to have begun.
  • "I cant. I have to go up to Thelliums rooms. I havent finished some copying work that I promised I would have done today," I lied.
  • Congress has always adjusted the AMT in the past, and the IRS is preparing as if lawmakers will do so again, acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller said in a recent letter to members of Congress. If lawmakers don't address the AMT, about 60 million taxpayers, nearly half of all individual filers, would have to wait until late Marchif not laterto file their returns while the IRS reworks its systems, Miller said.
  • I waited until I could feel the delivery boy dropping off the standard half dozen cake donuts on my doorstep from the bakery below. Once that had been dropped and his energy had moved out of the hall and into an elevator, I climbed from bed. I should have been exhausted, nauseated and anxious. I wasnt. I was calm. Tonight, I would probably sleep like the dead, with a house full of body guards.
  • Seth disconnected the call and realized that the sun was rising. He would not be able to get up with Marc for several more hours. That meant he had time to find out what he could about the Seer. The girls had seen him outside of Ve's place, which meant that Ve was involved. There were no coincidences when dealing with those creatures. The challenge that Seth faced would be getting Ve to give him information. Unfortunately, it looked as though Seth was going to have to make a bargain with him, though he wasn't thrilled with the idea of being in debt to a demon. Right now, he saw no other way.
  • What about the extrajudicial killings and disappearances of 17,500 people, most of which took place within the military area under your husbands command or under others accused in the Ergenekon case? All those victimschildren, brothers, sisters, wives and parents would gladly eat pasta and live in damp rooms if it would only bring their loved ones back to them. Have you ever imagined what it is like not to lock the door for more than 30 years in case your beloved might come back one night?
  • I grabbed my wig off of my cot and adjusted it over my own hair. My dark locks now tickled my ears. Many days I wondered how long it would take to reach my shoulders but just as often I was happy only to have it there.
  • The glittering deluge of chains and bracelets that went sliding across the floor would have made me feel bad enough all by themselves, but there was a proverbial scorpion nestled in the midst of all that shininess. I'd thrown mine out shortly after the accident. Part of me hadn't wanted to. It had felt like I was abandoning Cindi by doing so, but just seeing Cindi's half of the twin pendants we'd received two years before had been enough to send me into a tailspin.
  • "Oh, if anyone knew how little anything matters to me now," she said. "Of course I would on no account wish to go away from him.... Alpatych did say something about going.... Speak to him; I can do nothing, nothing, and don't want to...."
  • "Is anyone?" asks David as he tosses Mike a pack of cigs. "Ya'know it would be hell around here if those two teamed up?"
  • "That's my only difficulty," Lord Arglay explained. "I don't think she'd like it--and yet I don't know. Everybody else would be pleased. I might be hanged but I should be almost certain - to have a memorial statue somewhere, probably by Epstein. I like Epstein too. Well, I suppose I shan't."
  • "’We finally located the manuscript in Capily. Im anxious to start reading about Volans legendary travels, but Grace is anxious to return. The Nayan is very eager to see the manuscript, and I believe Grace would like to share the discovery with her.’" Steve closed the small book. "Capily? Wheres that? I havent heard of it."
  • Roland's stomach felt as if someone had driven a knife into it and twisted. He would kill whoever had done this. He had to.
  • He saw then that his mother still lived, although she was wounded in several places and undoubtedly would not last much longer; the Wherrites seemed to have finally realized the result of underestimating a Morvanian woman who held a weapon in her hands. Iannis, who from Roans point of view appeared to have killed all three of the wizards with whom shed been battling, also looked as though she was nearing the end of her reserves.
  • Those who were in the know thought nothing of the unusual sight of a Major of the Indian Army barging into the office of the Viceroy in Delhi without any appointment. The Major was somebody special. He was betrothed to a close member of the royal family. Also, his father had been a Governor of Bengal. Everybody knew that the Major was paying his dues in India, and would soon return as a hero of the Empire and would be addressed as Your Lordship. If the Major wanted something, he did not bother talking to his military chain-of-command, but simply had a word with the Viceroy. The chain-of-command, in the event, had no real choice.
  • The real mystery was what in the world Atellus stood to gain from allowing Papirians to run freely in his territory. The Papirians, little more than outlaws, occupied the mountains that ran down the spine of Jovan, a good few hundred leagues from Gallica, and took their doctrine from their leader, Papirius, a condemned Jovani traitor. They would side with any Gallican resistance, and no doubt make Atellusjob more difficult.
  • I thought Drat was going to tear up there for a moment. I have to admit I was rather touched by their loyalty to their leader as well. "Dose guys would follow me anywhere," he said, then grinned. "Mostly outa curiosity."
  • Jack thought about hitting Jim and kicking him off the speeding snowmobile, but being the hero as he was meant that Jim was likely to survive and something nasty would happen to Jack once Jim hit the ground. He stayed low on the snowmobile and started driving straight and slow.
  • She listened as he went through his nightly routine in the bathroom; brushed his teeth, washed his face and took a leak. Jackson shed his clothes on his side of the bed. She would be the one to pick them up again in the morning as he slept on regardless.
  • "No, Im not God, but thank you for the compliment. As to you having been good, I can only say that you were good enough to be here as you are now. If you had been otherwise, then you and I would not be communicating as we are."
  • "Yes. And a reason." Leeton took a step towards them. Russ held his ground, because behind them was the nothingness of the abyss. Leeton continued, "A reason to learn, a reason to strive, a reason to live. Alpyli gave me those things when she told me my future. She told me that if I chose to leave my home and everything I knew behind, forever, I would find love."
  • Maybe I could pull the dress off after all. Everyone would be so busy looking at the other three girls that they wouldn't even notice me. It wasn't ideal, but it was better than nothing.
  • He stepped to the side, but was still close enough that he was hovering over me as I undid the lock. "I do want to formally apologize to you. For my past actions. You deserve a great deal of respect and I failed to show it to you. I would like to explain myself to you and make amends."
  • Sarah didnt think she had ever run this much in her entire life. She just couldnt seem to catch her breath, yet she wasnt about to stop now. To do so would mean shed be left behind, and she wasnt about to let that happen.
  • At the feet of the dead soldier, he bent to retrieve his knife. The fire of his wound tore through his arm. Gritting his teeth, he shoved the pain aside. There was nothing he could do about it now. Elena was not around, and would have nothing to do with him, if today was like every other day.
  • "Then you are running late, Captain. I would have had plenty of time to sully the place were its forensic significance of any interest to me. What you are witnessing is solely the doing of these people you find dead about you. They arrived, as you have postulated, in a frenzy, many badly burned or otherwise injured. I cannot help but agree with your general assessment. Your description of their floor plan definitely resembles what I have heard of the site created by the American. I have never visited Mamuset; I learned of its specific arrangement in my wanderings tribe to tribe."
  • YAIR LAPID, a former television talk-show host whose secular, middle-of-the-road party soared into second place in Israels election on January 22nd, wrote a popular column for years in the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, in which he would ask, "What is it to be Israeli?" What, in other words, does it take to feel you belong in the Jewish state? The question became his trademark. Now a large chunk of the electoratea lot larger than the pollsters predictedhas given an answer that may reshape Israels future, not least by improving the chance of a durable peace with the Palestinians.
  • I tried moving it. Nope. It was firmly rooted to the floor. I returned the box atop the pedestal and paced slowly around it. I was a painter eying his subject wondering what brush would best suit the task. I stopped. Something felt wrong. I've forgotten something. I searched my mind. The journal!
  • "Righto," Connie said, "and some who would kill you to keep the theft from being found out, and a whole bunch who would torture you to get their hands on one of these."
  • Mard said: "I thought of that angle. Wendel's undoubtedly carrying insurance and his wife would be the beneficiary. A dead man couldn't fight a divorce action and none would be necessary. I'll stick with him. Don't you worry."
  • But before she could stop herself she said, "You never meant to sacrifice anything. You planned to kill that man in a way that would leave you looking blameless. But you lost your head when it turned out he was not as easy a victim as that poor jongleur."
  • "I wasnt thinking," Sara answered, fearing that Greg didnt believe her, but there was no way he would believe the truth. "I was scared for Eric."
  • He managed to find his feet and ran with a panicked old mans hobbling stride through the gate. He stopped, whirling in panic, and when he saw the cloud of smoke from his plane rising in the distance, he saw next to it a smaller, lighter cloud rising as well. A cloud of dust, but this was the kind that would rise from behind a moving vehicle. One that was coming towards him.
  • Robert walked with a strut through the courtyard. He was a proud man, and you have to be as himnot many can run a castle into the ground. And so soon too. It was only a few weeks since he took over, and already the castle was beginning to fall apart. He had let the once-mammoth food stores begin to dwindle, not knowing it was his duty to command the servants to bring in food. True, there was still roughly a months worth of food left, tucked away in the castles corners. However, all it took was a simple siege and the garrison would have to surrender quick from the starvation. Hunger destroyed castles better than catapults ever could.
  • Kutuzov's expectations that the proposals of capitulation (which were in no way binding) might give time for part of the transport to pass, and also that Murat's mistake would very soon be discovered, proved correct. As soon as Bonaparte (who was at Schonbrunn, sixteen miles from Hollabrunn) received Murat's dispatch with the proposal of a truce and a capitulation, he detected a ruse and wrote the following letter to Murat:
  • They got to their rooms, a joint suite that was on the middle floor overlooking the pool. Jack did not like that fact because he knew that someone would be falling into the pool before this idiotic chapter ended. Jack was again hoping that it would be Jim and not him.
  • "Yes, yes," answered Prince Andrew absently. "One thing I would do if I had the power," he began again, "I would not take prisoners. Why take prisoners? It's chivalry! The French have destroyed my home and are on their way to destroy Moscow, they have outraged and are outraging me every moment. They are my enemies. In my opinion they are all criminals. And so thinks Timokhin and the whole army. They should be executed! Since they are my foes they cannot be my friends, whatever may have been said at Tilsit."
  • The conversation ended by the count, who wished to be generous and to avoid further importunity, saying that he would give a note of hand for eighty thousand rubles. Berg smiled meekly, kissed the count on the shoulder, and said that he was very grateful, but that it was impossible for him to arrange his new life without receiving thirty thousand in ready money. "Or at least twenty thousand, Count," he added, "and then a note of hand for only sixty thousand."
  • "And why would I not understand ye? Ye are human, are ye not?" The weapon remained trained on them. "Who are ye? What do ye want?"
  • "D'ya want this blood-sucker of a Crandall to get the settlement she's asking for? I'm telling you; the man isn't in it like this for a straight fee. That doesn't make sense. There's big money in it for him or he wouldn't be fooling around. Hell, man, there's a murder in it. Why I don't know, but there's a tie-up. would a supposedly reputable lawyer fool with murder for a divorce case fee? Use your head on this. I'm not bucking your wife's settlement. You're not. It's Crandall; he's back of it."
  • "That image is seared in my mind. I would recognize him even on a dark night. I want the message to go out that I am waiting for him. I want him to come out like a man and face me, on that hill where we last met. He can bring the same revolver with which he shot my boys. A Samurai can do kesa giri almost through the force of inertia, even after he has been shot."
  • Had this man been endowed with the slightest capacity for perceiving the feelings of others, and had he at all understood what Pierre's feelings were, the latter would probably have left him, but the man's animated obtuseness to everything other than himself disarmed Pierre.
  • Adrienne delivered her address seated. It contained all the right sentiment: thanks for another year of peace, and affirmation of the military and political might of Jovan, that they might all hold their heads high to be known as Jovanis, that she had determined on ten convicts who were to be granted mercy, and that a representative of hers would be available to hear petitions all afternoon. She finished by wishing all a happy Peace Day, and then hobbled off the terrace to applause and cheers. Looking over, Valentin saw a smile on Cassiusface as he looked down at Adrienne. The smile dug deep into his cheeks and crinkled his eyes.
  • Natasha's prediction proved true. Dolokhov, who did not usually care for the society of ladies, began to come often to the house, and the question for whose sake he came (though no one spoke of it) was soon settled. He came because of Sonya. And Sonya, though she would never have dared to say so, knew it and blushed scarlet every time Dolokhov appeared.
  • I wanted to ask more, but didn't want to venture into the kinds of things that would get him in trouble with Alec. We walked for another minute or so before I was struck with the silliness of someone who was old enough to be my great grandfather calling me 'Mistress Paige.'
  • Geithner said the bill would reduce the risk of another crisis. But critics saw the legislation as flawed. Republicans said it created obstacles to the smooth operation of financial markets. And liberals said Geithner didn't go far enough to try to curb the worst abuses. They complained that he caved to pressure from banks to weaken the reforms.
  • They stopped short of saying who would pay the upfront bills. Instead, the summit concluded that "this backstop should be fiscally neutral over the medium term, by ensuring that public assistance is recouped by means of ex post levies on the financial sector."
  • I shook my head at that too. He named four others. I disagreed with each suggestion. Finally, he tossed his hands in the air and announced I would be eating chicken broth.
  • In this world there was no traffic, no industry, no pollution and no warfare, and Paul would never have believed without being here that it could feel so profoundly different.
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