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Okunuşu: / wʊd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: would
Türü: fiil


f. arzulamak, istemek

would için örnek cümleler:

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  • Dr. Sock rose. He pulled the gear off its rack, noting that there were three other, identical suits in the wall niche as well. He stripped off his replacement clothes and pulled on his new outfit, noting with some satisfaction that it was much more comfortable than his old suit. Seamless and form fitting. His father would have approved.
  • Some petitioners were still hung over, shuffling along at a slow trod, mumbling apologies when they bumped into others. One drunk bumped into Gidas. He elbowed the man in the ribs causing the drunk to fall over. Gidas could not understand why someone would even attempt to participate in the Opening if he was not mentally prepared.Many people were so afraid of success they would purposely do anything to ensure their failure. There were probably many people who attended the Day of Opening every year and were turned down every year.He felt no pity for such fools.
  • "Obviously." Nadir Sharif stroked the tip of his moustache a moment in thought. "So what would you have me do? The English feringhi cannot be harmed. He drinks every evening with His Majesty."
  • He was suffering physically. He, the commander in chief, a Serene Highness who everybody said possessed powers such as no man had ever had in Russia, to be placed in this position--made the laughingstock of the whole army! "I needn't have been in such a hurry to pray about today, or have kept awake thinking everything over all night," thought he to himself. "When I was a chit of an officer no one would have dared to mock me so... and now!" He was in a state of physical suffering as if from corporal punishment, and could not avoid expressing it by cries of anger and distress. But his strength soon began to fail him, and looking about him, conscious of having said much that was amiss, he again got into his caleche and drove back in silence.
  • To us, their descendants, who are not historians and are not carried away by the process of research and can therefore regard the event with unclouded common sense, an incalculable number of causes present themselves. The deeper we delve in search of these causes the more of them we find; and each separate cause or whole series of causes appears to us equally valid in itself and equally false by its insignificance compared to the magnitude of the events, and by its impotence--apart from the cooperation of all the other coincident causes--to occasion the event. To us, the wish or objection of this or that French corporal to serve a second term appears as much a cause as Napoleon's refusal to withdraw his troops beyond the Vistula and to restore the duchy of Oldenburg; for had he not wished to serve, and had a second, a third, and a thousandth corporal and private also refused, there would have been so many less men in Napoleon's army and the war could not have occurred.
  • "I!" cried Favourite. "Ah! Do not say that even in jest! If you were to cease to love me, I would spring after you, I would scratch you, I should rend you, I would throw you into the water, I would have you arrested."
  • The amount is roughly what a middle-class family of four would have to pay extra in taxes next year if Congress cannot strike a deal to remove the threat of roughly $600 billion in tax hikes and federal spending cuts.
  • "'What a silly boy you are'! cried the Miller; 'I really don't know what is the use of sending you to school. You seem not to learn anything. Why, if little Hans came up here, and saw our warm fire, and our good supper, and our great cask of red wine, he might get envious, and envy is a most terrible thing, and would spoil anybody's nature. I certainly will not allow Hans' nature to be spoiled. I am his best friend, and I will always watch over him, and see that he is not led into any temptations. Besides, if Hans came here, he might ask me to let him have some flour on credit, and that I could not do. Flour is one thing, and friendship is another, and they should not be confused. Why, the words are spelt differently, and mean quite different things. Everybody can see that.'
  • The doctor agreed and Rose showed Mickey and Lynne to the wardrobe. Mickey put on his coat and he found some gloves and a woollen hat he could wear. Lynne decided on a pink scarf to tie snugly around her neck and a brown velvet trench coat. Rose wore her black winter jacket and she had found a multicoloured hand knitted scarf, which she could wind around her neck three times and still the ends would trail on the floor, but it proved its purpose very well; it certainly kept one warm. The Doctor merely put on his brown overcoat, though he buttoned it up this time.
  • Some days I was afraid it all would have to come to an end. Eventually Johna would run out of things to teach us and send us away. I didnt know if Ivy and I would manage to stay together or if wed need to separate. I couldnt bear the thought of heading off on my own and living among people without sharing the truth of who I was.
  • Ralff looked a query at me, but I refused. "I'll not beg the surrender to younot for anything. Nor would it move the Master."
  • I remembered the conversation Huwaidi and I had that evening. He preferred to define the process in the Middle East as an "Arab revolution" rather than the "Arab Spring," and believed that the entire region would be affected by the process. No one would be able to stop it. Although the revolution varied somewhat depending on the country, people in the region were demanding comprehensive change. The difference in Egypt from the other revolutions was that it had no leaders and it was not planned beforehand. The masses knew what they were faced with but they did not know exactly what they wanted. Everybody from 7 to 70 was politicized for the first time. As a result, 90 political parties emerged in Egypt.
  • Adam crashed the Chevy into a rather insanely ordinary looking Volvo. Once the vehicles came to a stop all four tires simultaneously flattened and both axles broke, just to make sure that they were no longer going to be abused in this idiotic chase. Adam cursed a little but breathed a sigh of relief. The car chase was over and he had survived. He would live to attack Jim Stalin again another day.
  • Loan to Value. This is the amount of the mortgage expressed as a percentage of the value of the property, or the price you are paying for the property. So a £60,000 mortgage on a £80,000 property would mean a LTV of 75%.
  • "She would like you to move over so she does not have to sit next to me," Currun said, slowly enunciating each word. Liseli blushed.
  • Consumer prices excluding fresh food fell 0.2 percent in December from a year earlier, the government said in Tokyo today, matching the median estimate of 23 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News. Bank of Japan (8301) Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said today that meeting the target would not be easy and that central banks need to be alert to financial bubbles.
  • David Slaine had a secret for the FBI that summer day, one of scores he would eventually reveal in his role as a dream informant. The subject was Teterboro Airport. Slaine claimed a money manager he knew was using it to profit quietly on trades of health-care stocks.
  • The only difficulty in the way of re-establishing relations with Chloe while retaining the Stone was the explanation of how he had got it. He hardly saw himself saying to her, "I have stolen this from you, and I want to use it. But if you are very nice to me I will not give it to anyone else, though i might make a hundred or two by doing so. I will, that is, buy you with a hundred pounds and the preservation in my own hands of your property." The nearest he got to saying that even to himself was to recollect that she had occasionally, in times of financial stress, jested, half-mockingly, half-grimly, on the amount for which she would sell herself. But he realized that anyone who offered five pounds, or indeed five pence, would stand a better chance than he himself coming with such a bargain. Besides, of course, he didn't want her to sell herself, he wanted her to love him--in exchange for his loss of a hundred pounds and his promise only to use the Stone for his own purposes.
  • The 38North analysis would indicate the key installations and equipment are now in place at Pung-gye-Ri where the next test is expected to take place.
  • The Bible legend tells us that the absence of labor--idleness--was a condition of the first man's blessedness before the Fall. Fallen man has retained a love of idleness, but the curse weighs on the race not only because we have to seek our bread in the sweat of our brows, but because our moral nature is such that we cannot be both idle and at ease. An inner voice tells us we are in the wrong if we are idle. If man could find a state in which he felt that though idle he was fulfilling his duty, he would have found one of the conditions of man's primitive blessedness. And such a state of obligatory and irreproachable idleness is the lot of a whole class- the military. The chief attraction of military service has consisted and will consist in this compulsory and irreproachable idleness.
  • His veins pumping with adrenaline the likes of which hed never felt before, Dr. Sock charged. He hopped over the soggy boxes of his hiding spot and, with a battle cry that sounded like the squeal of a dying pig, flung himself towards the warehouse door. Never mind that he was early for the meeting. Never mind that there might not even be drugs inside the warehouse. It had to be done now or he would wuss out.
  • "I wish. Joan was always causing mischief here and there, but it was all in good fun. Never thought it would lead to the axe for her."
  • "Range, it is fine, I have stayed here many times, and the people here are honest. You have no need to fear about your belongings."Sterlin assured him. Nonetheless Range would be out here momentarily to fetch the Sword.Miriam gave him a squeeze as if to say, it will be all right. He did not like leaving the Sword out, unprotected.
  • Two key consequences may ensue. One is that Naftali Bennett, the religious hawk who rejects the idea of Palestinian state altogether, may not have to be brought into a government. Pollsters had expected his new party to do so well that Mr Netanyahu would have had to give him a senior post.
  • Now that I had a chance to talk, I wasn't sure what to say. Nobody had ever wanted to hire me. Mrs. Campbell gave me a tired smile, "The tutor lab is still understaffed. Obviously you couldn't spend your whole afternoon tutoring, as that would negatively affect your efforts to catch up. I'm thinking just an hour or so per night. It would just be minimum wage, but I think you'll find you quite enjoy teaching."
  • The IMF said in a statement on Nov. 20 that it would be important to clarify whether Portugal was eligible for the OMT program as part of its move back into the bond market. Coelho said a day later that the IMFs observation was "pertinent."
  • Returning to Madeline would be a double blow. Hed lose the woman who meant something to him and be forcing himself to live with the creature who stole his life.
  • House Speaker John Boehner last week said a debt-limit increase would come with a "price tag," which he has defined as spending cuts equal to the size of the additional borrowing.
  • "It would appear that he now believes himself to be above those laws," Kaymin retorted angrily, "for I doubt that he can speak any justifiable cause to excuse his violations."
  • "Andrew, would you like..." Princess Mary suddenly said in a trembling voice, "would you like to see little Nicholas? He is always talking about you!"
  • She skipped across the field, still in her blue and black Demons cheerleading uniform. There was a guy with her. In the semi-darkness, I couldn't quite make him out, but there was no doubt in my mind who it was. Who else would she be out here with after the game? He was wearing a Demons letterman jacket with a blue Demon on the back and a Demons baseball cap.
  • Although there is limited appetite in Australia for Asian immigrants, in other words, there is no limit to the Australian appetite for Asian money. Most of the countrys political and economic elite, led by Gillard, seem eager to pivot their economy toward Asia. A substantial amount of Chinas industrial growth is already fueled by minerals extracted from that dry Australian soil. Gillards government recently issued a white paper that labeled the coming era the Asian Century, and promised that every Australian school would teach at least one Asian language.
  • Sebastian was angry at himself for not having the strength to leave sooner. Now, if he left, Madeline would kill Serenity just to spite him.
  • James looked at his gun and made sure it fired. It did and he was sure his aim was good. He growled and went over to Jim Stalin and put the barrel of the gun up to Stalins forehead. He was not really thinking straight at this point. If he was he would have looked at the dust jacket and seen that Jims name was mentioned there multiple times and his was not mentioned at all.
  • "The driver was nothing. A low caste." He shrugged it away. "You are an important feringhi. You would not have been harmed. You should never have drawn a pistol. And then you allowed yourself to be captured. It was an act beneath honor. The women spat on you and your horse when you were brought through the streets. I have no doubt theyll kill us both now."
  • "Who are you?" Amalric demanded, pointing his longsword at the prostrate man's back, lest he turn out to be a killer disguised as a supplicant. But would a Saracen be speaking French?
  • Princess Mary rose and moved to the door, then stopped and said: "Andrew, if you had faith you would have turned to God and asked Him to give you the love you do not feel, and your prayer would have been answered."
  • "He could be hiding somewhere with a gun, waiting for us to do just that," decided Inspector Girardin in a rush of caution. "I see no blood in the car," he added, leaning forward and poking his fat bottom into the air. The interior of the vehicle yielded nothing of any immediate interest. "Let us press on. Whoever he is, he has a long walk. How would you describe him?"
  • Sebastian couldnt read minds but he knew when someone was no good. People had an aura he could sense and, should were it visible, this mans aura would have been a thick black smog surrounding him.
  • Kaylas beaming and her partners nodding. After a few more standard questions, Kayla asks if I would mind waiting in the lobby for a moment. I walk out and shut the door behind me, and I take a seat in the leather chair. The positions mine. Its mine if I want it. I know it.
  • "I thought that if I told you the circumstances you would understand afterwards if I wanted your help. I should feel so much stronger if I felt that you were at the back of me."
  • Would she go to prison? Even the risk of incarceration was better than spending the rest of her life under the same roof as him. Perhaps, in hindsight, she should have murdered Jackson a long time ago. He never would have let her go. Whatever happened, however carefully she planned, Jackson would always have been one step ahead of her. Even if shed gotten away from him, Serenity would have looked over her shoulder for the rest of her life, seeing his face in every man she met, wondering when he would eventually catch up with her.
  • She heard the undertone of bitterness in his voice, and she felt desolate. She would have traded her life to restore the power to his right arm.
  • I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach. It shouldn't have mattered. I'd known he hated me pretty much ever since I'd met him. Somehow it did matter though. To have his friendship dangled out in front of me only to be yanked away a heartbeat later was somehow crueler than I'd ever guessed it would be.
  • I think it would be fair to say that Snits proposal threw me even more than all the insanity Id been through in the past few days.
  • "O about so large," Cecilia told him. "A kind of cream colour, with gold flakings, and funny black marks. Will you? It would be so good of you. Miss Burnet;'s too kind. All four of us ought to find it, oughtn't we? Thank you."
  • In a parallel move, however, his ruling party hinted that it is working on a new formula to circumvent the immunity controversy based on a principle to maintain parliamentary privilege and lift all other forms of immunity if a deputy is engaged in any wrongdoing. Deputies will be tried for their crimes, and their penalties will be postponed during the period they serve in Parliament. They would serve their prison term later.
  • above board - honest - Partridge's Dictionary of Slang says above board is from card-playing for money - specifically keeping hands visible above the table (board was the word for table, hence boardroom), not below, where they could be engaged in cheating. This would naturally have extended as a metaphor to the notion (favoured by 1870 Brewer) of a conjuror preparing a trick with hands above the 'board' (table), rather than below it, where the trickery could be concealed, 'under-hand' (see also underhand).
  • He said he was also confident of reaching consensus next year on his aim to provide universal social security coverage in Mexico, and that he would press for constitutional change to spur more competition in the telecommunications sector.
  • He notified the State Department earlier this month that within 90 days of his confirmation he would move to sell off holdings in three trusts benefiting him and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. In the Jan. 8 letter to the department's Office of the Legal Adviser, Kerry said he would not take part in any decisions that could affect the companies he has holdings in until those investments are sold off.
  • He should stand up and walk out of town but he couldnt bring himself to do it. With Madeline in the city, Serenity was no longer safe. To walk away would certainly guarantee Serenitys death.
  • Jack kisses at Emmas neck as he cups her breast in his hand. She moans gently. Her skin is soft against his fingers, and he lingers for many moments, exploring, tracing the line of her beautiful form as though he was an artist sketching details onto canvas. Her pants are open with just one button, one swift move of his thumb and forefinger. Emma backs away for a second, her eyes never leaving his, as she slides her pants and panties away, revealing her complete form to Jack in the dim yellow light of the bedside lamp. He cannot take his eyes away, not that the thought or wish would ever cross his mind. Jack removes the rest of his clothing as smoothly as possible, in spite of his nervousness. He feels vulnerable, his body completely exposed. Emma runs a hand down Jacks chest, both calming him and exciting him immensely she brings her body to his, until he can feel himself slide inside of her.
  • I felt my eyes go wide. Nobody here was supposed to know about that. The more people that knew, the more pity I'd see in everyone's eyes. All that pity would then make it hard to want to continue fighting, hard to want to do anything other than just curl up in my room so I could avoid them all.
  • Margret looked at her, "Oh God no! The Sires paired us, thinking thats what we wanted. But yuck, we have the same creator, and he brought us up together. That would be like with my brother," she shivered.
  • The English army was profoundly shaken. There is no doubt that, had they not been enfeebled in their first shock by the disaster of the hollow road the cuirassiers would have overwhelmed the centre and decided the victory. This extraordinary cavalry petrified Clinton, who had seen Talavera and Badajoz. Wellington, three-quarters vanquished, admired heroically. He said in an undertone, "Sublime!"
  • The event in Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 would have thwarted the first layer of the three-layered plan of Section Yashika completely. But miraculously, Uramatsu survived. All three layers remained intact. One of the greatest tumults in the history of man could not thwart the dead Colonel's plan.
  • "I am not entirely sure. It is the mission of half vampires to slay as many vampires as possible. There are few of us, and we eventually die in the line of duty. The rumors are that the oldest one of us lived to be five hundred years old, though he was starting to show significant signs of aging before he died. I would guess that if I were to live to die of old age, I would live to approximately five hundred and fifty to six hundred years old."
  • And now to the matter of the promise Guru Vajravahan made to the Major. It is not clear I will be able to keep this promise. And another thought occurred to me. The Guru had told the Major the he would die in the hands of someone he already knew. At that time the Major did not know me.
  • Sarah took the journal from Steve. "If these people showed up, Ill bet there would be some mention in here, dont you think?"
  • He turned toward the queen and the princess.He almost laughed. He was in a room with a queen and a princess.Who would have thought?
  • Meanwhile, the Senate Finance Committee released a proposal on taxes this past August, calling for an increase in the AMT exemption amounts for 2012 to $50,600 and $78,750 . The proposal would also increase the exemption amounts for 2013 to $51,150 and $79,850 . But so far, it remains just a proposal.
  • If the commanders had been guided by reason, it would seem that it must have been obvious to Napoleon that by advancing thirteen hundred miles and giving battle with a probability of losing a quarter of his army, he was advancing to certain destruction, and it must have been equally clear to Kutuzov that by accepting battle and risking the loss of a quarter of his army he would certainly lose Moscow. For Kutuzov this was mathematically clear, as it is that if when playing draughts I have one man less and go on exchanging, I shall certainly lose, and therefore should not exchange. When my opponent has sixteen men and I have fourteen, I am only one eighth weaker than he, but when I have exchanged thirteen more men he will be three times as strong as I am.
  • "Who am I? You know, thats the most important question you can ask any man. Let us say I am one who has forsworn everything the world would have . . . and thereby found the one thing most others have lost." He smiled easily. "Can you guess what that is?"
  • "I could not endanger your mate and wee ones, Gregorian, not to mention your entire herd. The Elders who want to kill me would not think anything of killing your entire herd and your children."
  • Its everything Shirin said would happen. Prince Jadar has been stripped of his lands, and the queen has been granted license to start an inquisition.
  • He lifted his hand and waved his men forward. His own horse clattered over the drawbridge first. He gripped the pommel of his saddle hard, so the sudden trembling of his hand would not show. Thank you for this great honor, Louis. I hope to repay you for it.
  • People were burned to death in Madımak or randomly killed in Gazi, but the perpetrators would not be identified. The police would never find the culprits; the prosecutors would fail to find any evidence.
  • "That little creep would have met with a big surprise, if Id gotten my hands on him, Ill tell you!" Tommy exclaimed.
  • But Ishigami said Marubeni was only supplying equipment as part of the bid, and had been deterred from taking an operational role by the government's refusal to guarantee rail fares. That shortcoming would likely deter Japanese firms from bidding for other PPPs, he said.
  • Drawing in a trembling breath, she mentally counted the hour, knowing they would leave soon. She was tired, fatigued; the headaches always came after every long night.
  • For a man who likes to say "the proof is in the eyes of the beholder", Draghi will need to deliver on his pledge next year but without triggering another ECB internal schism that would blow the market confidence he has restored.
  • "'Tut, tut,' said he. 'I am quite sure that a man of your intelligence will see that there can be but one outcome to this affair. It is necessary that you should withdraw. You have worked things in such a fashion that we have only one resource left. It has been an intellectual treat to me to see the way in which you have grappled with this affair, and I say, unaffectedly, that it would be a grief to me to be forced to take any extreme measure. You smile, sir, abut I assure you that it really would.'
  • Hadrian watched her carefully as though he feared she would fall ill. "Fourteen hundred and twenty-four," he answered smoothly. "Do you want Evadne—?"
  • Savers, he said, should not really care whether the government forces them to save. They are going to save regardless. "Other than feeling oppressed because I now have to do it because the government said so, the effects other than ideology are zero," he said. "But the effect on those who have a problem saving would be profound."
  • The most likely outcome for the 2014 election would be a three-way split between Congress, the BJP, and regional parties, according to Anjalika Bardalai, an analyst at the Eurasia Group.
  • Baibars's thin lips curved in a smile. "I took the risk that your answer would be something like that when I decided to strike down Turan Shah. If you were not willing to deal with me, I would have to kill you. Had I more strongly suspected that I would not have your cooperation, then I would have preferred to let Turan Shah live long enough to do the killing, as he planned, so that the dishonor would have been his, rather than mine." Baibars's eyes turned to Roland as he said this.
  • "No. They were found floating near the margin by a park-keeper. They have been identified as her clothes, and it seemed to me that if the clothes were there the body would not be far off."
  • "I don't understand what you keep trying to tell me." Caislyn was worried that her dad would slip away before he got to finishing telling her again.
  • She got to her feet and walked across the sand. John was cringing as the ghost hit him, again and again. Hits that would leave no mark, Shanna knew, but would hurt all the same. He would scream and scream and no one would understand why.
  • "Queen Janahara. She offered me a chance to live. I didnt know what I was doing, where I was, anything. Before I thought Id already agreed." At last a tear came. "And Ive never told anyone. Im so ashamed." She wiped her eyes and stiffened. "But Ive never done what I told her I would do. Not once."
  • "It's clear that only 30 percent or less of voters solidly support the LDP. Unless Abe is careful, his cabinet support will go down to that level very quickly and even with a two-thirds majority, he would be in trouble," said Sophia University political science professor Koichi Nakano.
  • My heart went pitter-patter, but still mindful of the fact that throwing myself at him would just result in him freaking out and keeping me at arm's length, I managed not to go all gooey on the outside too. Unfortunately the effort meant I was slow responding. He moved on before I got anything out.
  • "I knew you would be here," replied Pierre. "I will come to supper with you. May I?" he added in a low voice so as not to disturb the vicomte who was continuing his story.
  • He felt that if he brooded on what he had gone through he would sicken or grow mad. There were sins whose fascination was more in the memory than in the doing of them, strange triumphs that gratified the pride more than the passions, and gave to the intellect a quickened sense of joy, greater than any joy they brought, or could ever bring, to the senses. But this was not one of them. It was a thing to be driven out of the mind, to be drugged with poppies, to be strangled lest it might strangle one itself.
  • Jeremy wondered if he should skip town and leave his father to his fate. That would mean similarly condemning his mother and sisters to the hands of The Puppetmaster, however, and judging by the email hed received Jeremy wasnt ready to be so uncharitable.
  • He heard some sort of animalistic mewling.A bear perhaps?It would explain the death of Sterlin Similow.But that fearfulness when outside could not be explained by a mere bear. He could feel the fear slide under the door, almost visible, moving into the room, riding along the draft of cold.
  • Rachel nodded slowly, her wonderfully expressive face full of sympathy. "I'm sorry to have pried like that. If I'd known it would make you feel bad, I wouldn't have asked."
  • "My grandparents. If this was such a horrific place, I doubt they would return here. The fact that they were always gone suggests that they were always here. I would go on to say that they might have a home here, or have at the very least some friends here that they visited often. Someone that knew them. Someone that would know they werent from around here. And if they did have friends like that, they obviously had a way to return home."
  • Marguerite wiped her face with her kerchief. "Oh, I know, I would not be the first woman to command a city under siege. Eleanor of Aquitaine did it, too. But I am no Eleanor. Tell me, how long did this Isabella and her knights hold out?"
  • A Wolf pursued a Lamb, which fled for refuge to a certain Temple. The Wolf called out to him and said, "The Priest will slay you in sacrifice, if he should catch you." On which the Lamb replied, "It would be better for me to be sacrificed in the Temple than to be eaten by you."
  • Mr Berlusconi had been looking forward to almost three months in which the PdL movement would keep alive the current, non-party government in parliament with a policy of abstention rather than opposition. During that time, he would have been able to plot his electoral campaign, reorganise his divided followers and, at the same time, comprehensively denigrate the austerity and other policies of the government while presenting himself as the man to give the electorate a less painful way forward. But because of Mr Montis decision at the weekend, Mr Berlusconi is now in a headlong rush to a snap election, possibly as early as February 17th, and with the Christmas, New Year and Epiphany holidays in between.
  • BOXER'S split hoof was a long time in healing. They had started the rebuilding of the windmill the day after the victory celebrations were ended Boxer refused to take even a day off work, and made it a point of honour not to let it be seen that he was in pain. In the evenings he would admit privately to Clover that the hoof troubled him a great deal. Clover treated the hoof with poultices of herbs which she prepared by chewing them, and both she and Benjamin urged Boxer to work less hard. "A horse's lungs do not last for ever," she said to him. But Boxer would not listen. He had, he said, only one real ambition left-to see the windmill well under way before he reached the age for retirement.
  • The rules as regards adding or multiplying, however, are the same as above. But where you would expect to add or multiply probabilities, instead you add or multiply probability amplitudes that now are complex numbers.
  • Not being with her was torture. Every part of him longed for her, but if he truly loved Serenity, he would do what was best for her. True love should be self-less. How he felt didnt matter. What mattered was Serenity should be allowed to live her life as a normal human being.
  • Princess Mary went to the door of the study with special trepidation. It seemed to her that not only did everybody know that her fate would be decided that day, but that they also knew what she thought about it. She read this in Tikhon's face and in that of Prince Vasili's valet, who made her a low bow when she met him in the corridor carrying hot water.
  • Theres an old salt hangs around the marina. His name is Samuel but everyone calls him Sam. Winston and I know him well. Hes a drunk and a bit nutty. Hes got a boat stashed somewhere I think but I dont know if it would be up to a trip that far out, especially if the sea got nasty.’
  • When stores add limits to products, like "limit 4 per customer," it tricks shoppers into thinking the product is scarce, the price low, or both. It also gives the impression of big demand. You find yourself buying several when you would normally buy just one, to avoid missing out.
  • "The OTHS's first missions were to find the testing facilities, save those they could, put the others out of their misery, and seal the buildings from humans." He sighed as he continued to walk down along the corridor. "The hope was that most of the results of all that testing would remain hidden too, but we weren't so lucky there. Humans and their technology were way ahead of us on the communication front."
  • Where did she think she was running to? Wherever she went in the world, there was the chance Madeline would find her again. Could she live like that? Always looking over her shoulder? Wouldnt she be living exactly how shed feared if she had left Jackson?
  • "That is no doubt so," the Ambassador allowed. "But, Hajji Ibrahim, if I go to the English Government and say that one of their nationals, by bribing a member of your house, has come into the possession of a very sacred relic they will not be in the mind to take it from him; and if I add that this gives men power to jump about like grasshoppers they will ask me for proof." He paused. "And if you could give them proof, or if this Sir Giles would let them have it, do you think they would restore it to us?"
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