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Okunuşu: / wʊd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: would
Türü: fiil


f. arzulamak, istemek

would için örnek cümleler:

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  • I hadn't done any real dancing since the winter show. I knew I should have wanted to, but there was something comforting about wearing my necklace. I was pretty sure that I had neutralized the demon. After all, I hadn't felt any desire to go out and wreak havoc or take over the world or anything, but I still had this tiny bit of doubt in the back of my mind that maybe it was just because I had been wearing my necklace non-stop around my wrist and that if I took it off something bad would happen.
  • Since INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS would steer clear of Junk Bonds, the market for these securities is thought to be inefficient, thereby offering opportunities for a higher return compared to higher-grade bonds.
  • "No, the Elders will give half of it," Morgana interrupted. "It was all of our fight. If we had lost, if Chiron had killed Brenna, who knows what would have happened."
  • The hall his room opened to was long and wide. He thought it incomprehensible that he could not see either end.He estimated it would take at least half of an hour to walk from one end to the other. He turned left, appropriate torches paced his way. The hall was thick with quiet. Sometimes people talking, babies crying and children laughing, crept up like old memories. The air was fresh, but still.He felt as if he were still in a room and not a drafty, dank hall. The stairs he was to take appeared a few feet ahead. As he approached them, a door opened and a young man, shaped like a broom, entered the hall.Range caught a glimpse of a young woman in the room, half-dressed. He quickly diverted his eyes but not quickly enough for the young man.
  • How this will impact the share price remains to be seen, but Garrity seems to think that perhaps a special dividend would talk investors off the ledge if Tim Cook's PR tour doesn't do the trick.
  • The survey of 862 Bloomberg customers who are investors, traders or analysts found that 40 percent expect financial markets to rise after a short-term tax-and-spending deal. An additional 28 percent forecast no significant market reaction while 26 percent say markets would fall, seeing a short-term deal as delaying an unavoidable day of reckoning with the countrys finances.
  • Maybe the best way to get his life back would be to do as she wanted. He was going to have to make a decision one way or the other. He strode along, hoping the gusty wind that blew cold on his face and sent his hair flying behind him, would blow some clarity into his befuddled mind.
  • The constant wariness tied her shoulders in taut knots. Her mind was tiring quickly from the attention that was required. She did not know how Johan could have survived the Rebellion for over two years, when every day must have been like this. Yet he did, and the lessons he taught would stay with her forever.
  • Range met the mans first blow, clanging harshly on his wrists.His opponent was stronger than he and probably more skilled. Range was tired from his journey, but he would have his vengeance.His adversarys blade was a blur, as it swept about him in a methodical and almost rhythmic manner.The man was straight-faced and no emotion dared interrupt his work.And thats when realization slapped Range like a rough hand. This man was at work!
  • Suddenly he heard a noise from the flower shrubs in the corner of the garden, as if some animal or a large bird was moving inside them. He walked over to examine. He saw a village woman with a flower basket in her left hand was plucking flowers. Instead of the customary tribal garb she was wearing a sari, Bengali style. She became frightened when she saw him and came out on to the full light of the security lanterns. She said: "I am so sorry, Sir. I did not mean to steal your flowers. But so many have bloomed. I thought you would not miss them if I took a few for my worship hour. Sorry, Sir! Are you the Saheb of the bungalow?"
  • After that, when in discussions with his village elders or stewards the blood rushed to his face and his fists began to clench, Nicholas would turn the broken ring on his finger and would drop his eyes before the man who was making him angry. But he did forget himself once or twice within a twelvemonth, and then he would go and confess to his wife, and would again promise that this should really be the very last time.
  • And with that said, Father Noah paused and closed his eyes firm. He raised his handspalms upto the ceiling as he meditated on the moment. Although his eyes were shut, he was sure he could see his parishionersstunned faces, them trying to piece together the shock. He knew that some would refuse to believe. Not everyone was willing to let their way of living die.
  • "I compose songs. I sing on invitation at the homes of great barons and men of wealth. I am pursuing studies in natural philosophy with the help of several masters living in Paris. And, of course, I am keeping up my practice in arms." The account of his days rang hollow in his ears. He did so little that sounded important. He felt sure this formidable man would despise him.
  • She sighed to herself as she placed a rolled up 20 Euro note in her mouth and held a cigarette lighter under the foil. She didnt like doing it, but if that was what it would take to stay hidden from their radar, thats what shed have to do.
  • "I can imagine. They're on a boat. Come on, what's all this about?" Realizing that she would get no sense out of her brother before she had supplied an explanation, Joan Duggleby collected her thoughts. "Tom phoned me at your place this morning. He was worried about you not showing up at his family occasion. He must have driven over to the Jenners' place to see if you were hiding with them. From what I could gather, the front door was open. So he went in."
  • "If the End is reached too violently it may mean chaos and madness," Ibrahim told her. "Even in lesser things it is not everyone who can bear to be carried hither and thither, in time or place or thought, and so in the greater it is necessary to grow accustomed to the Repose of the End. I think if you were to set it on your head now and offer your soul to it, the strength of your nature would be overthrown and not transformed by its own strength, and you would be destroyed. There is measure and degree in all things, even upon the Way."
  • Visible nature hardly existed for him. It would almost be true to say that there existed for Jean Valjean neither sun, nor fine summer days, nor radiant sky, nor fresh April dawns. I know not what vent-hole daylight habitually illumined his soul.
  • She climbed off the bed, taking the sheets with her, and approached her spouse as she would a wounded wild animal. "Jackson? Are you all right?"
  • Wincing, Valentin said, "Laisha, it would be a mistake to take me as your role model. Now come on. Ive beener, told, to bring you to breakfast."
  • "That and two shillings will buy him a cup of coffee." She referred to the price of coffee in her own realm, of course. The amount and type of currency varies from world to world. Rumor says that specialty shops in one world sell fancy coffee for $4 per cup to nave customers, and thats a lot more than two shillings. This story is probably apocryphal, though, since it is difficult to believe that anyone would pay that much, not even in a totally frivolous place.
  • Synergy A notion of disproportionately higher financial benefits expected by combining complementary businesses, which would exceed the performances of the entities achieved separately. For example, the MERGER some years ago of the two electrical equipment giants in Europe, namely ASEA and Brown Boveri with individual strengths in marketing and R&D respectively, was effected to reap the benefit of synergy.
  • As they approached her home, she thought her heart would halt at the spot. The warm white façade of the walls were still the same, the gardens as lovely as ever, and, as she entered it, it smelled of memory.
  • My apartment has been my safe haven for the past two days. I havent answered my phone or the door. I had snacks in my apartment, but I didnt eat much of anything. Mr. Garner came to my door a few times and threatened to knock it down if I didnt open it, but he never did. I explained to James and Ashley that I needed to be alone, and they seemed to understand. Still, at every mealtime, one of them would bring me something to eat, but I never opened the door. The mere thought of food made me feel nauseous.
  • "I . . . ." Russ wondered how he would do that. Currun may have been in the special forces once, but now . . . now he was a drunk.
  • As Hawksworth and Elkington listened, Mirza Nuruddin outlined the details of his offer. He would hire whatever men were needed. He normally did this for foreign traders, and took a percentage from themas well as from the meager salary of the men he hired. And he already had a pilot in mind, a man who knew every shoal and sandbar on the coastline.
  • "I have seen those symptoms before," said Holmes, throwing his cigarette into the fire. "Oscillation upon the pavement always means an affaire de coeur. She would like advice, but is not sure that the matter is not too delicate for communication. And yet even here we may discriminate. When a woman has been seriously wronged by a man she no longer oscillates, and the usual symptom is a broken bell wire. Here we may take it that there is a love matter, but that the maiden is not so much angry as perplexed, or grieved. But here she comes in person to resolve our doubts."
  • "He was a very shy man, Mr. Holmes. He would rather walk with me in the evening than in the daylight, for he said that he hated to be conspicuous. Very retiring and gentlemanly he was. Even his voice was gentle. He'd had the quinsy and swollen glands when he was young, he told me, and it had left him with a weak throat, and a hesitating, whispering fashion of speech. He was always well dressed, very neat and plain, but his eyes were weak, just as mine are, and he wore tinted glasses against the glare."
  • The oxen strained with the heavy load of silver plus the time console and other gear, so the groupexcepting Tobie and Koskinenwhen needed, put their shoulders to a cart or wagon to help it out of a rut or over a rock. Though but a few miles to the settlement, both they and the beasts would be worn down getting there.
  • Rolin and Cortibis set up the burlap cover about waist-high above the ground and tied it to trees with rope.The cover would suffice for three of them but they would be lying side together tonight, to conserve body heat. The ground beneath was cleared of snow, and the men settled down.Cortibis took the first watch, while Rolin and Nicodemus placed the prince in the middle of the shelter.
  • Stocks were seen as the asset of choice, with more than one in three of those surveyed on Nov. 27 forecasting equities would have the best returns in the coming year. Real estate came in second: Just less than one in five investors singled it out favorably, the best showing since the quarterly poll began in July 2009. Bonds were seen as offering the worst returns.
  • He thought of Julie, wondering yet again what she was doing now. She would love this place, the sense of tangible magic it contained.
  • "I guess. It hadn't really sunk in that we wouldn't be getting any of that this year. A month ago I would have thought that was a good thing, that it would be one less thing to remind me of Dad and Cindi. I think I might actually miss it this year though."
  • Then, a few years later, Stan Jr. made his big announcement. "Daddy, Im gay!" Big surprise. It still amazed him how selfish his son had been to say such a thing. His skin had crawled when he thought of the media getting wind of it. It would be so humiliating! Let the fathers of today parade their queer sons around like theyre actually proud of them. Stan Owens, Sr. was of a different generation. He had decided another smack was in order, but this one would have to hit home in a different way.
  • His face was agonized as he looked up at her. "I have tried to cure myself. If my brethren knew of the alchemists and infidel physicians I have gone to, I myself would stand trial for heresy. I have been with five different women, women I had enjoyed many times before. The spell is unbroken."
  • One would have thought that under the almost incredibly wretched conditions the Russian soldiers were in at that time--lacking warm boots and sheepskin coats, without a roof over their heads, in the snow with eighteen degrees of frost, and without even full rations (the commissariat did not always keep up with the troops)--they would have presented a very sad and depressing spectacle.
  • "You didnt die, that makes you pretty damn special." Lucifer let go. "Another day or two and you probably would not have been so lucky."
  • "He was supposed to knock you out!" Ed sneered, flicking dried blood off his knee. "You were in over your head, man! I needed to stop you, so I gave a homeless guy $100 to follow you around and konk you on the headgave him a nice suitn everythinghow did I know you would take him out first?"
  • Return to consciousness was not a sudden jolt. The drift back towards reality began slowly. First, of course, an initial bump as the door to the here and now was pushed open, light bursting in from behind. For moments immeasurable I swam in the gray fog between the two worlds, simultaneously aware that the desert and the big buzzard were mere works of fantasy, but my feet still lingering there one further second after another, desiring to resolve the desperate plight of my fictional self. Then the rear door darkening and closing, my feet drawing up quickly behind me. A peaceful, hope-filled light growing within. The light of renewal, of undeniable optimism and a belief in the miraculous being called forgiveness. A new day was dawning, old grudges could, could and would fall behind with the departure of yesterday. A new beginning. My son would... we both could-
  • She purchased ten acres to build a hospital, which the Duchess would gather other sponsors for. Again, Damien found the contacts and attended the meetings at a local inn with her. It was like thatthose plans she made on her own, realizing that her husband did more than simply allow it, he participated, whilst deferring to her ideas and diagrams, not changing a thing, but seeking out the workmen and masons, joining her at lunch with local physicians; and for the schools, the instructors she would need to staff it.
  • Steve smiled. His wife could make things disappear! Vanish completely! Not only that, she could bring them back! Did that mean the trapdoor had returned? It would have to be! That mugger was in for a major shock. Hell find the trapdoor closed and his prey missing. Wait. Sarah had pushed the locking bracket back out of the way, so itll appear as though someone had deliberately set them free. He laughed quietly to himself. He would love to see the look on his face.
  • "I suppose so," said Inspector Girardin, wondering if Bob had made a separate deal with the kidnappersone which would deprive the French branch of Interpol of a chance to pounce on a gang of forgers.
  • "Isabella, I have to fight. I have to free England from itself. Its decaying, love, its decaying. I cant stand by and watch that happen. My conscience would be so heavy it would drown me. I want to show our countrymen what its like to live in a world that is not a tyrants paradise. I want them to live by no ones demands but their own."
  • "Move out!" Drat commanded, more to his troops than to us. Some of the enemy had managed to make their way through the portal now, bringing the battle to us. It would only be a matter of time before they established a defensible position there, and then Snit and Rant would join them. Drat took the lead; we followed. There were only fifty or sixty trolls with us now. The rest we'd abandoned on the other side, dead or dying.
  • I do know my history,’ he asserted, as they came out of the shadow of the bridge under the open sky. ‘No, Im sorry, but if that stuff in my dream about alien invasions had really happened theyd have left some traces, some artefacts. Archaeologists would have found something and wed know about it. It would be written into the history books.’
  • McAfee said on Saturday he wanted to return to the United States, and Guerra said he had filed a motion that would require Guatemalan authorities to deport him there and not to Belize.
  • Jack does exactly as he is told, determined not to anger the man. Getting shot and dying today, although somehow fitting given his prior circumstances, would be most unwelcome. He turns to face the man, his hands open and presented before him. In the doorway, with the storm outside behind him, stands a large man. He is bald, has dark eyebrows and a somewhat angry-looking face. His leather jacket is soaked, along with his blue-jeans. He is holding a hunting rifle, his hands shaking a littleperhaps from the cold, or something elseJack cannot tell for sure. However, he recognizes the man: a family friend and one of the hunters that stay out in one of the houses a ways off.
  • "It is a good thing to be in love," John replies, nodding his head and smiling. "IIve been in love a few times. With my wife, I thought we really had it figured out; it was my second marriage after all, if you can believe that- I thought after the first one that I wouldnt make the same mistakes or that things would just be drastically different. They werent of course, and the same mistakes were made."
  • The Bush administration did not listen to Ankara's warning that "If you overturn the Hussein regime, you will be turning Iraq right over to Iran." And the Obama administration is now, almost insistently, repeating the mistake made by the Bush administration on this front. What's more, the US is not taking much in the way of risk to see the Assad regime in Syria -- Iran's main regional ally -- overturned. It would not be surprising if some foreign policy thinkers in Ankara ask whether the US is trying to counterbalance Turkey in the long run with an Iran (whose regime will eventually change). Firm pro-Maliki attitudes might well deal a serious blow to the stability of Turkish-American relations. I do hope personally that these developments do not push Prime Minister Erdoğan to the point of declaring to Obama "It's either Maliki or me."
  • Range missed Nicky and Lucan, but found the other men alleviated some of his distress.He would enjoy seeing Nicky again. Thoughts of Nicky led to thoughts of Lucan and then thoughts of Zoe. Suddenly his good feelings were replaced by the anguish.He had to curb that. He had to get by it, at least until he was finished.
  • That meant that she was expecting him to go, he thought very swiftly; if he said yes would she leave the room? or would she send a maid? It was growing urgent, this need of the Stone, though, of course, he could perhaps take her home. But where did she keep it? Suppose she had it round her neck in a bag? Girls did; and then- Even his mind refused to contemplate what measures, and in them what treachery, might be necessary: after all, they had been friends. "Yes" then, and pray heaven she went to tell Lord Arglay herself.
  • As Treasury secretary, Lew would head up a council of regulators surveying the financial system for excessive risk. And he would have a hand in shaping a controversial new regulation, known as the Volcker rule, which seeks to ban banks from gambling with their own moneyexactly the kind of activities that were part of Lews old business unit at Citigroup.
  • As Katherine swam along the face of the reef wall, variable currents made her progress treacherous and tiring. She knew if she wasnt careful, a sudden change in current flow could easily push her back into a nearby branch coral thicket that would leave her cut and bleeding in no time. However, she put extra effort in every stroke until she was able to drop further down the face into quieter water. At a depth of seven meters, the current flow turned into a general upwelling from below that made her adjust her buoyancy to accommodate its effect. She drifted laterally along the reef wall using her dive light to illuminate the holes and sea caves in the reef. Most were shallow with a variety of creatures living a tentacle-to-mouth existence.
  • That they should have tasted so much, only to lose it all. He found himself aware, for the first time ever, how much he could want, could need, a woman like Shirin beside him. With her, life itself seemed renewed. She was like no other he had ever known: strong, beautiful, self-willed. He had found himself admiring the last most of all, even though he still found it startling. But the love he had known with her in his arms now only made the despair deeper. Nothing was left. Now there was only abiding sorrow, loss beyond healing. She had given him something he had never known, something he realizedfor the first time everhe no longer wanted to live without. He would have taken her place a hundred times over, but even that seemed impossible.
  • Hugues could not have lain with Diane de Combret. If she would not lie with Roland, she certainly would never let Hugues touch her.
  • This was so cool! Talk about being straight out of the comic books! Now that he knew the nature of his jhorun, he wanted to do what any kid would want to do with a new toy: keep playing! He wanted to experiment! How strong did his anger have to be in order for it to manifest itself? Did he have to focus on a specific item? Was it only pertaining to anger? Could he summon the heat if he concentrated hard enough?
  • The French, who had ceased firing at this field strewn with dead and wounded where there was no one left to fire at, on seeing an adjutant riding over it trained a gun on him and fired several shots. The sensation of those terrible whistling sounds and of the corpses around him merged in Rostov's mind into a single feeling of terror and pity for himself. He remembered his mother's last letter. "What would she feel," thought he, "if she saw me here now on this field with the cannon aimed at me?"
  • "Could you tell me more about Balancers? I would like to hear it all from you." He still held her in an embrace in the kitchen.
  • "I worked with your parents before in the OTHS." Seth paused, unsure how to continue. "I have kept tabs on you now and again since their disappearance. I was hoping that you would lead me to those responsible, but you kept hitting dead ends."
  • As I grew in favor with the royal family so did my acceptance in the palace proper. I was welcome in the chamber of the queen and the nephew, as well as the throne room. King Akhenaten saw my presence at war counsel as a good omen. I had heard that the Pharaoh had once been great in battle, but age had slowed his once masterful military mind. I was present when the beautiful Queen Nefertiti posed for statues of her; she would stroke my fur as a distraction to posing. I had even heard that the nephew of the queen, whom I had grown very fond of, would become king before too long. This was due to the fact that the king and queen had only produced daughters. The boy was to wed one of them and ascend to the throne.
  • The event in Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 would have thwarted the first layer of the three-layered plan of Section Yashika completely. But miraculously, Uramatsu survived. All three layers remained intact. One of the greatest tumults in the history of man could not thwart the dead Colonel's plan.
  • Britney had wandered off to other, safer subjects. I nodded a lot and tried to avoid thinking about what life was going to be like if Jasmin was determined to kill me. There was just no way to know if I'd made the right choice in leaving when I did. would Cassie hate me a little less because we were both potentially in Jasmin's cross hairs, or would she hate me all the more because I'd seen her humiliated and forced to back down?
  • Well, whatever happened next, this time tomorrow, for better of worse, Paul thought, his adventure would be very nearly over.
  • He didnt look at her. "I want to tell you the thought never crossed my mind, but I would be lying. I was desperate for them, I missed them so much. All I wanted was to be with them, but the thought horrified me. I mean, my daughter was four years old! Could you imagine what it would do to her? A child vampire! I loved them so much; I would never have done it to them.
  • "I think if you ask most international business leaders, bankers whether they wanted to abolish elections to remove any element of uncertainty in the commercial world, well of course they would love to do that," Mayor Boris Johnson told CNN's Richard Quest.
  • Kerry immediately became the top candidate. Republicans opposed to a Rice nomination had bandied about Kerry's name, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Kerry would be a "popular choice with the Senate."
  • "Well, Jay, I'm glad you asked! I've been going through all this data that our little root kits have been sending. Seems there's a real gallery of JPEGS here, nice family photo album, it would so appear."
  • Come on Elodie, not this one again, the news is there to inform us, thats the purpose of it. What would they gain by misleading us? In my opinion, anyone who believes theres some big conspiracy going on trying to hide the truth from us, is just looking for a scapegoat to blame for their own problems.’ He screwed the corkscrew in and then tugged on it and with a satisfying "pop" the cork came out. He proffered the bottle, but Elodie shook her head.
  • He scanned the river mouth once more. It was deserted now. Even the fishing craft had fled. But upriver would be another matter. Portuguese longboats, launched with boarding parties of infantry, had been stranded when the two galleons were lost. Together they had carried easily a hundred, perhaps two hundred musketmen.
  • Then the thought occurs to himthis was his fathers world, of course there would be talking animals. "Did what we had to do," Jack replies, thinking it funny that he is having a conversation with an animal, however, not in the least bit surprised.
  • "Yes, sir. I believe that he foresaw some danger, or else he would not have talked so. And then I think that what he foresaw happened."
  • His mom answered for everyone. "If anyone took the time to get to know you, they would learn that you could seriously hurt someone. They would also know that you are built like a tank. Youre humble, not prideful."
  • "Investors in stocks and currency seem excited but the outcome was depressing for bond strategists,"said Akihiko Inoue, chief strategist at Mizuho. "Abe has been talking about spending as if Japans massive debt isnt a problem. If Aso becomes finance minister, that would be the worst combination for Japans fiscal health."
  • The feeling was mutual. Josh seemed fairly nondescript: six feet tall, about a hundred and seventy pounds, short brown hair, hazel eyes, medium complexion, maybe twenty-five years old. He was the kind of person you would forget about two minutes after bumping into him in a crowd, but there was something about him that set my spidey senses tingling.
  • "I plan to march south in ten days. You would be wise to leave tomorrow for the north, while the roads are still secure. Vasant Rao has asked to accompany you, and Im afraid I have no choice but to humor him. I need him here, but he is a man of temperament. I will provide guards for you as far north as the
  • "I would wish to advise the king at this time," Caddigan then interjected quickly, "to make contact with Queen Jeptha Pavula. Perhaps we can sort this out reasonably. I fear that the results of a battle between Wherry and Gaal would be devastating."
  • Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican who long ago discredited himself as a serious person by championing junk science on climate change, said on the Senate floor, "This unelected bureaucratic body would pass recommendations that would be forced upon the United States if we were a signatory."
  • Sure, Mister D meant wellshe acknowledged it. But he'd no rightno right at all! What would Tony do without her?
  • Hadrian watched her carefully as though he feared she would fall ill. "Fourteen hundred and twenty-four," he answered smoothly. "Do you want Evadne—?"
  • It was pathetic that hed go all the way to Paris, running errands for her. Had he really thought that would get her into his bed, or was he just helpful, or nosey?
  • Nearly all economists agree that the tax break for mortgage debt is a bad idea. It encourages people to take on more debt than they can afford and favors owners over renters. By contrast, the tax break for charitable contributions makes sense. It subsidizes something of value to broader society, and theres evidence that it achieves its goal of stimulating giving. By simply capping deductions, Congress would reduce the incentive to give without eliminating the incentive to get too deep into debt.
  • Back then, and to the other side of the road for the same. You may imagine my feelings when they started at a night sound or stepped forward to get a better view. How I kept my head from spinning is near a miracle. And every moment listening for the others to return and trap me from behind. Now rain began from those lowering clouds, slow heavy drops becoming a moderate shower. It increased my misery, I don't mind saying. But soon I saw it would aid me, for they shrank back under a thick tree toward the south, and the slight patter would cover my movements.
  • Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Dr Who's company car, so to speak. I can confirm that it is 'Dimensions' not 'Dimension'. This begs the follow-up question as to whether the Dimensions are relative to each other or to time, or to both, or to something entirely different. Apparently this is complicated, as one would expect. Essentially it means (probably) that the Dimensions In Space are relative to each other, and perhaps also this refers to the fact that the TARDIS time machine was a lot bigger on the inside than the outside - because the inside and outside were in different spatial dimensions (thanks S &D Hiscoke). I welcome further speculation about this just as much as unequivocal confirmation. Please feel free to get in touch.
  • When she tried to run down the hill she fell. It was steep. She tumbled and rolled, seeing the sky and the grass. Green and blue was all around her as she fell, and fell, and fell. It seemed like forever. It was forever. She dropped the jug. She didnt know where it went. The grass lit on fire as she rolled through it. The hill was no more. She was falling down a cliff. The world fell out from underneath her. A pit opened up beneath her. It had no bottom. Darkness would cradle her as she fell forever . . . .
  • At the moment,polls suggest that a center-left coalition would win an election. The campaignis expected to be "fierce," analysts at Barclays warned.
  • Moreover, Baptistine said, as we have just read, that her brother's end would prove her own. Madame Magloire did not say this, but she knew it.
  • Aretino found a recruiting office and joined the army. Lacking papers to prove he was a citizen or legal alien caused no problem. They army wanted anyone they could get and he was big, strong, and healthy. A Magic Sword would be useless against the brutal weaponry used on this world, but after a long period of training, Aretino became proficient with all sorts of horrible killing devices. Then he was deployed, as the army called it. He found himself in a desert surrounded by angry people who were shooting at him. He fought back but a voice in his head kept saying, "Thee couldst get killed here. Why the helleth dost thou remainingeth in such danger?" He listened to the voice, deserted, and headed for the Portal.
  • It would be so much easier if events would slow down enough for him to think straight and make his own informed decisions. Maybe what was needed was some objectivity? Tomorrow, he resolved, hed phone Julie, and perhaps his lawyer and get some level-headed advice. Feeling better for having come to a decision, Paul drifted once again into the blissful freedom of sleep.
  • Monique's lips curled back as she stared at Max's photo. This was the creep that had not been satisfied with abandoning her like the other morons. He had wanted her dead. She would see him rot in hell.
  • "Well, what if our plan doesnt work? What if our ambushing the sappers doesnt turn out the way we want? Not only would our men die, but then their sappers would have a clear path to the castle."
  • Liseli followed as they sped to a brisker pace. Soon a large building atop a hill rose before them, and she saw the dogs circling it in the dim faux-night. They were like shadowy demons, she thought, swarming. But she felt relief. Alisiya must be inside that building, and if so, maybe Russ was with her. Or at least she might know where Russ had gone, what had happened to him. If she did anything to him . . . or let anything happen to him . . . . Liseli clenched her fists. She didnt know what she could do to Alisiya, with her power, with her fathers and her dogsprotection, but she would find a way. Alisiya would pay, if anything had happened to Russ, anything at all. If he had the slightest little bruise, Alisiya would pay for it.
  • I was suddenly glad Britney had abandoned me. If it resulted in me seeing Brandon again today it couldn't be all bad. In fact, my life felt pretty much perfect right now. Wait, not quite perfect. If he'd greeted me with a hug in addition to the smile, then things would have been perfect.
  • Because they could not understand him all these people assumed that it was useless to talk to the old man; that he would never grasp the profundity of their plans, that he would answer with his phrases (which they thought were mere phrases) about a "golden bridge," about the impossibility of crossing the frontier with a crowd of tatterdemalions, and so forth. They had heard all that before. And all he said--that it was necessary to await provisions, or that the men had no boots--was so simple, while what they proposed was so complicated and clever, that it was evident that he was old and stupid and that they, though not in power, were commanders of genius.
  • yet another hypothesis was proposed by Michele Fruyt in Revue de Philologie 50, 1976: 221238, linking the Latin word with africus 'south wind', which would be of Umbrian origin and mean originally 'rainy wind'.
  • "Ye have demonstrated a remarkable knack for shaping the metal. Here," the dwarf plopped a long piece of unfinished steel on an anvil in front of him. "This will need to be heated, in the furnace there. Heat it as hot as ye can get it without melting it. Ye will need to fold the metal in half, much like ye would fold a piece of parchment."
  • Quietly, Sarah paced up and down the tunnel, running her hand along the curve of the walls. Nothing but lifeless masses of stone met her senses. Assuming she should expect a picture of some type to form in her mind, Sarah figured physical contact would be best. Therefore she skimmed her hand along the tunnel ceiling, and then the floor. Still nothing.
  • "I will promise you this, Father. If I reach Agra, I will never speak of popery unless asked. It honestly doesnt interest me. Im here on a mission, not a crusade. And in return I would ask one favor of you. I would like you to send a message to Miguel Vaijantes. Tell him that twenty years ago in Goa he once ordered the death of an English captain named Hawksworth on thestrappado. Tell him . . ."
  • "I would like to think that once the restructuring has been done, that should allow the companies to move on," he said in a phone interview. "The point of the process was to allow companies to breathe."
  • The camp was set up and the cook served up a warm and robust stew filed with vegetables, roots and rabbit.The food was so good Hamilcar had one of his men get him a second helping.He drank deeply from his canteen.Hutch had warned them that water would be scarce on the other side of the mountains.Hamilcar had plenty and if he didnt, hed just kill part of Hutchs men and take their water.
  • "I understand," she said after a long pause. "Although it is my hope that, if they do return, your God is plenty more merciful than mine." She nearly shuddered at considering how Diamont would reward such words if spoken by one of His own.
  • "I guess." Russ shook his head. "I dont think Ricalli would bother, knowing were Keys; I got it open easily enough. But . . . ."
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