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Okunuşu: / wʊd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: would
Türü: fiil


f. arzulamak, istemek

would için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Haeven if a tiger crossed your path you would have nothing to worry about with my buddy Connor looking out for you." Mark smacked Connors back in a playful manor. At that they both glanced at each other, Connor stifled a laugh while Sarah couldnt hold back a small giggle. Wrong feline, Mark.
  • A clammy sweat broke out on Roland's forehead. Oh, Jesus, I have been a troubadour these many years, and yet now I cannot find the right words. I do not know what the King would do. He might decide we should all be holy martyrs. Die and go straight to Heaven.
  • I still haven't spoken. I'm not sure what I would even say. They have made it clear that they decide if and when I find out information related to my capture. Part of me curses my foolishness for being captured. How simple it would have been to write a letter to my professors or my family telling them where I was or what I was doing. I may have been captured but at least I would have the comfort of knowing I was being looked for. Another part of me, a darker part of me ... a part that hadn't existed in me until now, wants to know their purpose. What are they up to? Why do they need my blood? Why do they need my mind?
  • Peter laughed," If you think your men could just haul the trees to the side, think again. Those tree are thick and heavy as sin in summer. I would be amazed if your entire army with all the arms could haul away even one tree."
  • At the time of the advent of Islam, there were great minds among Arabs known as "duhatul Arab" (Arab geniuses). Some of them, like Amr bin As, became Muslims, whereas others rejected Islam despite their great intelligence. Ali best articulated that genius alone is not a great value. In response to a question as to why he did not employ operational strategies vis--vis Caliph Muawiyah, whom he fell into conflict with when seeking justice for the assassination of Caliph Uthman bin Affan, he said: "Without taqwa [God consciousness], I would have become the greatest mind and genius of the Arabs."
  • I heard something snap off to my right, but I was too busy blushing from the chorus of giggles coming from the front of the classroom. Even Mrs. Alexander had an amused smile on her kind face. "While there are certain types of vegetation that do indeed glow, I'm afraid I don't know of any natural phenomenon that would create the kind of effect you're referring too. Such a thing is still the provenance of science fiction writers."
  • In the weakest recovery since the Great Depression, most of the reduction in unemployment from its 10.0 percent peak in October 2009 has been accomplished through a significant drop in the percentage of adults working or looking for work. Were adult labor-force participation the same today, the unemployment rate would be 9.7 percent.
  • The cuirassiers, relatively few in number, and still further diminished by the catastrophe of the ravine, had almost the whole English army against them, but they multiplied themselves so that each man of them was equal to ten. Nevertheless, some Hanoverian battalions yielded. Wellington perceived it, and thought of his cavalry. Had Napoleon at that same moment thought of his infantry, he would have won the battle. This forgetfulness was his great and fatal mistake.
  • "The prime minister cant tell the public how he will vote, he cant tell investors whether the U.K. will be part of the worlds largest single market in four years time and he cant be clear on what it is people would be choosing between staying in or leaving," Labours foreign-affairs spokesman, Douglas Alexander, said in an e-mailed statement. "Uncertainty is the enemy of investment and the prime ministers approach has created a lot more uncertainty."
  • "Vasili Dmitrich, I thank you for the honor," she said, with an embarrassed voice, though it sounded severe to Denisov--"but my daughter is so young, and I thought that, as my son's friend, you would have addressed yourself first to me. In that case you would not have obliged me to give this refusal."
  • "Yes a full month. There is something special I would like to do during this time. It will cost a little bit, but I will find a way to work it all off for you." Connor stared straight ahead while speaking. He then rolled down the window and rested his right arm on the windowsill, letting the whipping motion of the wind caress his face as the truck went down the road. Connor has always loved the rapid breeze that comes from an open window, it feels almost like one is flying.
  • "Pray tell who then? Philyra?" Calista gabbled foolishly. She wished that her mouth would come back under her control and shut up. She bought another goblet of drink, hoping that having something in her mouth would prevent her from running it off.
  • Ianniss suggestion regarding the defense of the royal city of Rowe had been sheer madness, at least as far as Prince Roan Almara was concerned. However, and unsurprisingly, his father had approved the idea with little debate before putting it to the populace, who in turn had responded with unanimous enthusiasm. And now that the day of the confrontation had at last come, Roan was fairly confident that every soul in Rowe would be dead by the time the sun set that evening.
  • Sarah then spoke clearly to her father. "Connor would have killed the insolent student if I didnt stop him myself."
  • "The critical thing was to make sure that banks and other meaningful financial institutions had huge amounts of capital available" so when they suffered losses, the financial system would be "properly insulated," Wolin said.
  • "I don't know the legal aspect," Birlesmere muttered. "And he probably would. The English law is a difficult study, my dear Mr. Sheldrake, and Lord Arglay would probably know a good deal about it. I might consult the Law Officers--but even then--and Miss Burnett too. Being his secretary makes it so awkward...."
  • So the men huddled around the dozens of campfires, hoping the smoke would repel the mosquitoes. Coughing up smoke like dragons, the men quietly swapped stories of home. There was the occasional laugh as someone cracked a dirty joke. For those moments, they forgot where they were. The comics in the group became gods for a time.
  • Jax raised an eyebrow as she looked back at Caislyn "Why would I know any vampires? Oh, wait! You can't possible think that I'm a vampire. Just because I'm pale doesn't make me want to drink blood! I mean really, eww!"
  • Meanwhile, Sarah was trying to absorb as much as she could about the local plant life. How many opportunities would she get to check out what life was like on another world? Small, impossibly vivid purple flowers splashed with soft yellow streaks were the most abundant. They were growing on squat, green bushes that clumped together in groups of three or four.
  • "I would go with you but on my honor I'm up to here"--and he pointed to his throat. "I'm galloping to the commander of the corps. How do matters stand?... You know, Count, there'll be a battle tomorrow. Out of an army of a hundred thousand we must expect at least twenty thousand wounded, and we haven't stretchers, or bunks, or dressers, or doctors enough for six thousand. We have ten thousand carts, but we need other things as well--we must manage as best we can!"
  • "Yes; one of my natural enemies, or, shall I say, my natural prey. Briefly, Watson, I am in the midst of a very remarkable inquiry, and I have hoped to find a clue in the incoherent ramblings of these sots, as I have done before now. Had I been recognised in that den my life would not have been worth an hour's purchase; for I have used it before now for my own purposes, and the rascally Lascar who runs it has sworn to have vengeance upon me. There is a trap-door at the back of that building, near the corner of Paul's Wharf, which could tell some strange tales of what has passed through it upon the moonless nights."
  • Sara felt relief at first, and then she realized that she would die. As their eyes met, his went ablaze. She looked away and slid into the backseat next to Eric. A few seconds later the other boys squeezed in, their smell of body odor, urine, and smoke caused Saras eyes to water, and Vincent followed, taking the front passenger seat.
  • "I will understand Seth, if you feel it necessary to break from my support, but please, I beg you carry this secret as you carry your life, eternal. We are in love, my friend, and already cursed with the inability to be together as we wish, having to hide our love in shadows. To tear us apart after so many years, I would beg for death." Darren looked upon his lover and then back to Seth awaiting his answer.
  • I pushed back strands of limp black hair from my eyes with sticky fingers, so that my view of the woman would not be impaired. I watched the woman advance through the crowd while deftly controlling the flow of the panels of her skirts, which flirted with the cobbled stone floor. A deep surge of envy pulsed through my veins; in that moment I wished I could trade places with the woman. I searched out her sparkling blue eyes, and the woman looked through me as if I were invisible. I hated thinking of myself as so utterly inconsequential. The young woman's companion, an elegantly dressed young man, led her through the crowd until the two disappeared. I envied them and a part of me hated them.
  • The move was more symbolic as PDL appeared to have the numbers to block the vote and bring down Montis government. Abstentions by PDL senators gave Monti a quorum, without which the vote would have failed.
  • I stared down the tight corridor leading into the center of the obelisk. The path dog-legged around a set of enormous piping, obscuring the center of the room from view. This is it, if I cross this threshold there's no turning back. What would I even turn back to? The desert? The choking black haze? I'm damned either way. The paralysis of the decision still held me for a moment. I lifted my leg through the doorway. I lightly set my foot down on the metal grate of the corridor; the neon green glow pulsed inside.
  • I stopped Rachel just before she could put the impressive lungful of air she'd just taken in, to whatever use she'd planned. "It's ok. I'm better. The lane's dusty and exercise would do me good."
  • Then Roland heard the blood-chilling battle shrieks of the enemy. All night he had half expected this, that they would wait till now, just before dawn.
  • "The driver was nothing. A low caste." He shrugged it away. "You are an important feringhi. You would not have been harmed. You should never have drawn a pistol. And then you allowed yourself to be captured. It was an act beneath honor. The women spat on you and your horse when you were brought through the streets. I have no doubt theyll kill us both now."
  • "There's a point right there, Connell. Why would you lose your job right at that time? Why would Crandall try and force the Chief to run you out of town? Why would this attempt be made on your life?"
  • She wandered over to the fire and rotated the fish so that it was cooking evenly. Baffled, she inspected the rypo. It was just now starting to blister, so her husband couldnt have been gone for more than a minute or two. Where did he get this? Back at the lake? That would be at least an hours walk!
  • "Of course it would matter," she replied matter-of-factly. "Finding all the shards could take months, years. Taking care of the wizards would be a much more immediate solution." Her gaze slipped to Kaymins right and leveled upon Ice. "That is no ordinary wolf," she said.
  • "If there is a gradual recovery, as expected, his chances are good because another rate cut, which the hawks would not like, would not be needed."
  • One way around the problem would be to split the audit among several firms, so that no one auditor is playing "a substantial role", Gillis added, noting that only auditors playing a substantial role would need to be registered with the PCAOB.
  • Dad had only nibbled on the corner of the sandwich, which was disappointing. I had hoped that he would get something solid in him. I left the sandwich where it was, put the smoothie next to it, and crouched down beneath his eye level, hoping that he would maybe look at me.
  • "Really?" Dave poured himself a cup of coffee and fussed with milk and sugar, trying to buy himself time to think. Okay, he had come to Liza for help, but he hadnt really expected that she would give it, and to tell the truth, he was a little afraid when he thought about the kind of help she was likely to offer. Sure, she was being really nice to him, and she definitely seemed efficient, but it was important to remember, he told himself, that she had been arrested for assault. Technically, he was associating with a criminal. Of course, technically, he was a criminal himself now, even though it had been his own house, and even though they didnt find any cash to burgle.
  • The cynicism of Pinheiros flaunting his knowledge had galled Mukarrab Khan most of all. If this Jesuit knew, who else must know? That the governor of Surat was bound inescapably to the queen. That on any matter involving Portuguese trade he must always send a formal message to the Moghul and a secret one to the queen, and then wait while she dictated the ruling Arangbar would give. Did this Jesuit know also why Mukarrab Khan had been exiled from Agra? To the wilderness of provincial Surat? That it was on orders of the queen, to marry and take with him a woman becoming dangerous, thezenana favorite of the Moghul, before the womans influence outweighed that even of Janahara. And now this female viper was in his palace forever, could not be removed or divorced, because she was still a favorite of the Moghuls.
  • Sarah sat back and studied the king and queen. "I thought this prophecy would be in a book, or on a scroll, or something. That journal mentioned a four hundred year old document."
  • "Before we returned, we would not have been able to understand each other. We resided in different countries on opposite sides of the world. Over here, there is only here and all of it is home. You are able to communicate with anyone you direct your thoughts at, regardless of where you might be."
  • We finished eating in silence. Gabriels magic rolling off of him, filling the room. He was not as calm as I was. This would have been a sign if I had been a Centaur, but I wasnt, I was a Demon and Demons didnt read signs or omens. They didnt have the right mojo for it or something. Even when a Centaur was giving prophecy or revealing signs and deciphering omens, Demons tended to be skeptical.
  • "Well, I havent talked to them in a few monthsI mean I havent been necessarily trying with me not doing as good as they would have liked in school," Jack says, mentally suppressing the urge to slap himself for such an understatement regarding his school performance.
  • He spread his hands. "I admit I should have told you the truth from the beginning. But I thought I was protecting you. You would have been an accomplice to the hiding of a heretic."
  • She sat down on the bed, crossing her legs as she patted the bed in front of where she sat. Sitting down comfortably, she explained precisely what she meant. "Connor, we regenerate our cells, not heal. When a normal humans cell divides, the copy is slightly degraded. Thats the only reason why humans die of old age. If the degradation process didnt occur they would be as immortal as we are. Their cells cannot make an exact duplicate like ours can.
  • "Please," she said. "After they give him the cure, they can fix his bones. I had to hit him or he would have killed me. He would have infected me. You see that, right? I know it was wrong, but -- "
  • "Then you have nobody in Moscow?" she was saying. "You would be more comfortable somewhere in a house... in ours, for instance... the family are leaving."
  • Tommy and Butler made their way to a beachfront bar, the sort that tends to cater to locals more than to tourists. It was just shabby enough to make strangers leery of entering. In such places, people are often not as hostile as they seem and Butler knew that it would be a great place to glean information. The pair ordered a couple of beers and sat down at the bar. Matthew and Tommy represented themselves as two beleaguered males seeking refuge from their girlfriendsconstant demands. This warmed up the men hanging around the bar and after a polite amount of small talk and a second round, which included all of the men within earshot, Matthew turned the conversation in the direction he wanted it to go.
  • Beyond the Inquisition's fire, though, she would know eternal bliss in union with the true God. If she were good when she died, she would know goodness and happiness forever. Happiness that would make Roland's embrace seem as a mere drop of water compared to the sea. She would walk and talk with the good God in His paradise beyond the stars.
  • Dr. Sock nodded, feeling the weight of the gun in his pocket. He hadnt been able to kill Commander Bombastic, but thisthis he figured he could do. For his father. For a world that would be better off without the cancer that was Ed, even if that cancer had shared his pudding with Dr. Sock for years. "How should we do this? He might escape if we kick up a ruckus. I bet he has exits hidden all over the place. Probably picked that floor for a reason."
  • Sahil stared hard at Roland. "If the Emir Baibars had not taken an interest in you, I would send you to the headsman as well. If you attempt again to stir up your comrades, I will do it."
  • By the time I finally half-collapsed at my normal table in the tutor lab, all I could think about was how nice it would be to see Brandon one more time as he drove me home. I looked around to verify that all of the usual suspects were there. Geeks, check. Jocks, check. Rachel and her sinister side-kick James, check.
  • It is not certain whether the viviparous flesh-flies (Sarcophagidae) Leguat noted were native or early introductions; the mysterious and supposedly native Sarcophaga mutata might simply have been the globally widespread Red-tailed Flesh-fly (S. haemorrhoidalis). Otherwise, perhaps apart from the mid-sized Aegophagamyia remota, Odontomyia nigrinervis and Villa sexfasciata, no Diptera large and lumbering enough to make easy prey for Tafforet's bird seem to have been indigenous to Rodrigues. Terrestrial crustaceans were largely absent too; perhaps only the apparently native woodlouse of genus Oniscus or Porcellio would have been available. There were similarly few annelids; at least in the woodlands the large earthworm Amynthas rodericensis was abundant, but it is unclear whether the birds foraged in such habitat often.
  • "If you were to go to Naples and see my sister Fiorela, you would know we could not have had the same father. She is your height and has dark brown eyes. People in Naples sometimes looked askance at me, but one does not ask embarrassing questions of Arnaut de Vency."
  • "Harper, we would like to present you with this brand new Demons uniform," Mrs. King said as Brooke handed me a blue and black sports bag that held my pom poms, shorts, a t-shirt with the Demon mascot, and a crisp new uniform. "Let's welcome Harper Madison to the team one more time!"
  • Preparations also were underway for the naming ceremony. He had prayed for many days that this time a son would be named. There were two daughters already, and yet another would merely mean one more intriguing woman to be locked away forever, for he knew he could never allow a daughter to marry. The complications of yet another aspiring family in the palace circle were inconceivable. The scheming Persian Shiites, like the queen and her family, who had descended on Agra would like nothing better than another opportunity to use marriage to dilute the influence of Sunni Muslims at court.
  • The painter felt strangely moved. The lad was infinitely dear to him, and his personality had been the great turning point in his art. He could not bear the idea of reproaching him any more. After all, his indifference was probably merely a mood that would pass away. There was so much in him that was good, so much in him that was noble.
  • Since he wasn't going to be the one to rip off Global, and he had 10 days to pay the bank or lose all his equity in the condos, there was only one thing to do. He would find the hacker, and steal from him.
  • She hurt from his very touch, from that strong body holding her close. How often she had wanted to be gathered again in his arms, to be kissed and touched by him. Nevertheless, this moment was painful. Kate realized her life would change again. She knew herself well enough to admit that she would not deny any child whatever she could provide. She acknowledged too, that because it was Damiens, she would love it, as he had shown her that she was all too susceptible to it.
  • Brushing away the straw caught in her long blue tunic, she picked up her large, leather-bound volume again and laid it in her lap. This book, kept behind a concealed panel in her room, was all she had left of the holy objects she and Roland had rescued over two years ago from Mont Segur. All the rest - including the whereabouts of the stored-up wealth of the Cathar church - she had passed on to her superior. Now she was trying to prepare, by reading this scripture, for the sermon she would preach tonight to a small group of the faithful.
  • "Threatens to send them the photograph. And she will do it. I know that she will do it. You do not know her, but she has a soul of steel. She has the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the most resolute of men. Rather than I should marry another woman, there are no lengths to which she would not go--none."
  • "Only a first-timer would say something stupid like that. A little modesty is in order, Abi. We know nothing, even the most senior among us. We observe facts and we havent a clue as to what makes them so. Like that tree over there."
  • "She let the hawk fly upward from her wide right sleeve," went the song, arousing an involuntary sensation of courage and cheerfulness. Their conversation would probably have been different but for the effect of that song.
  • She listened as he went through his nightly routine in the bathroom; brushed his teeth, washed his face and took a leak. Jackson shed his clothes on his side of the bed. She would be the one to pick them up again in the morning as he slept on regardless.
  • On January 24th, the threat of a test became all the more ominous when North Korea reacted vehemently to a UN Security Council resolution two days earlier stiffening sanctions against the regime over its rocket launch. In an unusually explicit declaration of its hostile intent carried by the state Korean Central News Agency, it said it would carry out another nuclear test as part of an "all-out action" targeted at America.
  • Development of a new Chronoporter was clearly infeasible under foreseeable conditions. No matter how it agonized to abandon his great work, realism must rule his choices. If successful in establishing himself as the Leonardo of the age he might at least leave clues for the advantage of a future investigator. Perhaps the name Koskinen, in whatever barbaric form it survived the era, would loudly ring down the corridors of time in this branch of history.
  • Take last Friday, for example. He had just finished placing reservations at the new steak house in town when a major clients system went down. It had taken him three hours of remote dial in service to resuscitate the stubborn machinery. Was he thanked for putting in the long hours, especially on a Friday? Of course not. would he see any part of the exorbitant fee that his boss would charge the client for the after-hours support? Nope. Part of the job description, his sadistic supervisor had informed him.
  • Volatility is one measure used to assess the risk of a portfolio as it helps to describe the likely range of returns achieved by the fund. In statistical terms it is the standard deviation of the return distribution. Greater volatility of monthly fund returns means that there is a wider range of likely returns in the future, or greater uncertainty regarding the fund return. Most investors would equate this greater uncertainty with greater risk.
  • Better imagine those sun-glinting drifts Valkyries come to carry the slain to a Saxon Valhalla, there to feast and fight and be made whole again until Gotterdammerung. The swan-maidens would have heavy work this gore-soaked day.
  • Dells past earnings also got an artificial boost, in Shaws opinion, because it did not have to expense stock options before 2006, the year accounting rules mandated that such costs be counted. Shaw says stock options were disproportionately important for employee retention at Dell, which was known to pay workers modest base compensation. She says that by not accounting stock options, Dell was able to boost its non-GAAP earnings per share by as much as 57 percent. In fiscal 2005 alone, this would have cut Dells non-GAAP operating margin from 8.6 percent to 6.6 percent, Shaw said. Intel exclusivity payments, she says, went from representing 10 percent of Dells operating income in fiscal 2003 to 76 percent to start fiscal 2007. Consistent with the SECs findings, this points to a company hiding underlying sales weakness by tapping reserves that did not represent operational gains.
  • The stranger seemed to note this, but went on. "Our parents, Kauric and Lavallee, true creators of this world, would also journey here from time to time. And it was during one of these visits that the unfortunate happened. My Mother had come to Pellarin, Aderas lands, for She had a special love for the ocean; and there, She was struck down by a blade meant for another. It pierced Her mortal heart, and She died instantly, leaving Her no time to vanish from Trivallyn, resume Her immortal form, and thus save Herself from death.
  • "Dude, it takes very little to pop a steel wheel off a track. I'm sure the cast iron engine block of that SUV was more than enough. The impact of it being hit would have mangled the rail. Once one carriage is off the line, the rest follow right along," says Lance.
  • He envisioned Diane in the torture chamber. Her beautiful green eyes held his. She called to him over those leagues that Nicolette had just ridden. Abandon her? It would be easier to die than to do that.
  • I walked back to the living room area in somewhat of a trance and collapsed on a couch. The others were asleep. I was almost sure they hadnt heard any of it. I couldnt fall asleep even though I now felt physically and mentally exhausted. I calculated the answer to my question over and over. I had to be sure I had the right answer so I would know if Mr. Brown was telling the truth.
  • "I was told a charming Moscow story today and must treat you to it. Excuse me, Vicomte--I must tell it in Russian or the point will be lost...." And Prince Hippolyte began to tell his story in such Russian as a Frenchman would speak after spending about a year in Russia. Everyone waited, so emphatically and eagerly did he demand their attention to his story.
  • "I know the house of Gobignon much better than you think I do." The troubadour gazed at her with that infuriating, calm amusement. "What would you have me do? Flee the country again?"
  • As the New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte pointed out, the only impact the treaty would have on Americans would be to make it easier for disabled people to live and work in other countries. Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which was signed by Republican President George H. W. Bush, said Dole had come to the chamber because "he wants to know that other countries will come to treat the disabled as we do."
  • The thing about prison, Dave thought to himself as he joined the line for the metal detector, is how absolutely tedious the whole experience is. This shouldnt have been news to him after watching The Shawshank Redemption, but for some reason, he expected something more exciting. Of course, that was the US prison system. Maybe hed expected that the New Zealand prison would be something foreign and exotic, but actually, it was just one line after another. Line up at the gates. Line up for the metal detector. Line up to sign in and out. Line up to go into the visitorsroom. Between one thing and another, a half hour visit usually ended up taking closer to an hour and a half, and that didnt count the time it took to bus out to the prison and then back into work.
  • The Tudor era saw prominent artists as part of their court, portrait painting which would remain an enduring part of English art, was boosted by German Hans Holbein, natives such as Nicholas Hilliard built on this. Under the Stuarts, Continental artists were influential especially the Flemish, examples from the period includeAnthony van Dyck, Peter Lely, Godfrey Kneller and William Dobson. The 18th century was a time of significance with the founding of the Royal Academy, a classicism based on the High Renaissance prevailedThomas Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds became two of England's most treasured artists.
  • Yet while the PDs leader may well have been the candidate most qualified to lead the country, polls suggest he is less likely than his young challenger to win the election that would enable him to do so. A former communist with limited personal magnetism and media flair, he has less appeal than Mr Renzi to floating voters. And with the conservative People of Freedom party (PdL) imploding, it looks as if there are going to be plenty of those around.
  • The DC smiled: "Siddhartha, I remember the whole time we were in High School your ambition was to be a great detective. Here is your chance. You can be a real-life detective in a real-life murder mystery, with elements of great danger and intrigue. You would not find such a case in the most imaginative of fiction. So, go to it. As far as investigating, you have a blank check. I will even get you your own Watson."
  • Before meeting Sebastian, she hadnt realized how terrible her relationship was. The beatings and the verbal abuse had become commonplace and Serenity hadnt been able to imagine a relationship without the violence. Shed almost come to think the way he treated her was the norm. If she ever left Jackson and ended up with someone else the relationship would be the same. Sebastian had opened her eyes and made Serenity realize someone could care about her without exerting physical force. She had to leave, she just didnt know how or when to go.
  • Nobuko and I grew apart, slowly but surely. I was worried that shed tell my secret to the first person who would befriend her, but nothing ever happened to me after we grew apart, so at least she remained friendly in that sense. Even though I started going to the dance club again, I didn't really make friends at school after I lost her friendship. I wasnt entirely sure what to attribute to that -maybe it was because I knew that just being around me was a danger to people that couldn't handle themselves. Maybe it was that I was spending all my daylight hours cleaning the house, cooking for my family, and paying bills.
  • On 28 June 1914, Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb student and member of Young Bosnia, assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, Bosnia. This began a month of diplomatic manoeuvring between Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, France, and Britain called the July Crisis. Wanting to finally end Serbian interference in Bosnia, Austria-Hungary delivered the July Ultimatum to Serbia, a series of ten demands intentionally made unacceptable, intending to provoke a war with Serbia. When Serbia agreed to only eight of the ten demands, Austria-Hungary declared war on 28 July 1914. Strachan argues, "Whether an equivocal and early response by Serbia would have made any difference to Austria-Hungary's behaviour must be doubtful. Franz Ferdinand was not the sort of personality who commanded popularity, and his demise did not cast the empire into deepest mourning".
  • "I was told it would be dangerous because of the enemy. Dear friend, I can do nothing. I understand nothing. I have nobody! I want to go away tonight or early tomorrow morning."
  • "Thank you, DC Saheb. I am not fearful. I figure that if my time comes, I will go. But this whole business of the Hindu monster, it seems to me, is not for the police or the military. It is for a holy man. I would implore you to consult a Hindu holy man - perhaps from down in Silchar. Do you know any such person?"
  • This novel, however, was boring beyond belief. The story was very slow to start. He had believed (prayed!) that the pace would pick up, but after three cds, it was apparent that it wasnt going to happen anytime soon. And what was with the narrator? Flat, emotionless, unenthusiastic voice that could put even the most caffeinated person to sleep in just a few minutes. Which moron listened to her and thought, "Gentlemen, heres an idea, lets have her make an audio book"? How many accidents was this lady responsible for, anyway? **Groan**. Seven more CDs to go.
  • Kara studied the leaf intently. She snapped it in half and looked along the break. "I would say about two and a half to three weeks ago." She said throwing the leaf down.
  • "If you had a continuum with Clinton and LBJ on one end, Obama would be closer to the other end on external consultation," said Galston, now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.
  • India's regulator said it would wait for a safety report from Boeing, expected later on Wednesday, before deciding whether to ground the 6 Dreamliners operated by state-owned Air India. "We have formed a small team and are having discussions with Boeing as well as Air India, and working out the basic problems to the basic electrical systems, and then we'll take a final call on this," Arun Mishra, Director General of Civil Aviation told reporters.
  • "D'ya want this blood-sucker of a Crandall to get the settlement she's asking for? I'm telling you; the man isn't in it like this for a straight fee. That doesn't make sense. There's big money in it for him or he wouldn't be fooling around. Hell, man, there's a murder in it. Why I don't know, but there's a tie-up. would a supposedly reputable lawyer fool with murder for a divorce case fee? Use your head on this. I'm not bucking your wife's settlement. You're not. It's Crandall; he's back of it."
  • Liseli sighed as she set about cleaning up Leonas stuff. Once the countertop was clear she started to undress. Many of Liselis clothes had been picked out by Leona; most of the time she had enough sense to not bring home the more outlandish outfits that Liseli would refuse to wear. Still, Leona never gave up trying to make her date, or wear flashier clothes. She supposed that without Leona dressing her the way she did, she wouldnt have guys like Russ staring at her and conveniently bumping into her. She glanced in the mirror and shook her head.
  • Since giving his homily at the funeral of Pope John Paul, Pope Benedict XVI has continued to refer to John Paul II as "the Great." At the 20th World Youth Day in Germany 2005, Pope Benedict XVI, speaking in Polish, John Paul's native language, said, "As the Great Pope John Paul II would say: keep the flame of faith alive in your lives and your people." In May 2006, Pope Benedict XVI visited John Paul's native Poland. During that visit, he repeatedly made references to "the great John Paul" and "my great predecessor".
  • "I thought you knew suhr. It would be rude of me, as a woman, yes, to speak fuhrst in the presence of an honuhred guest."
  • In the bed in this room lay Mrs. Pentridge's mother, Mrs. Ferguson, who had been paralyzed from the waist downward for the last year. Opinion in the house was silently divided whether it would have been better for her to be taken altogether or not. Mr. Pentridge thought it would be a merciful release for her. Mrs. Pentridge thought it was a merciful blessing that she had been so far spared. Mrs. Ferguson disguised her own opinion, if she had one, and concentrated her energies on making the most of what visitors and what talk she could still have. Doncaster had fallen into what he felt to be a ridiculous habit of showing her his day's work after tea, and was even, half-seriously, trying to teach her his own prejudices about art; not that he allowed himself to call them that. Mrs. Pentridge, who was also in the room, examining pillow-cases, welcomed him as warmly as her mother.
  • "Just to name a few," Fenrir gave me a look. "I wouldnt stop with just those three. Id send anything I could bait, lure, trap, trick or bespell. Dragons, Wyverns, Gorgons, Minotaurs, Sirens, Cerebus, Hydras, Golems, Trolls, Skinwalkers, Humans, Elders, Witches, and anything else on the planet. But that is what I would do, if killing you was my ultimate goal. What Chiron does, well, thats anyones guess. He isnt known for his assassinations attempts. He usually just sits around and grumbles. I cant imagine he is conspiring alone though, so it is possible that someone else has thought of these things."
  • Natasha continued: "Don't you really understand? Nicholas would understand.... Bezukhov, now, is blue, dark-blue and red, and he is square."
  • Sara and Matt took him to the fence and waited for the class to start. They helped him into the uniform, after talking him out of his helmet and hammer, promising they would guard them with their lives.
  • The Justice Department claims that moves to reform the 1986 act would impede criminal and national security investigations. That is not necessarily true. Federal agents will still be able to rifle through a persons online inbox, social-network posts and other data stored on cloud-based services if they have good reason to believe a crime has been committed. That is certainly the case in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee, which adopted warrant requirements in 2010 after an appeals court ruled warrentless access to peoples e-mail unconstitutional. Many believe that updating the law will clear the "murky legal landscape" for companies and consumers alikeand provide proper safeguards for the vast amount of personal information currently stored in server farms.
  • At that stage of the economic cycle, a fiscal contraction on the government sector side of the ledger would create the room for the desired expansion on the private sector side of the ledger.
  • Wincing, Valentin said, "Laisha, it would be a mistake to take me as your role model. Now come on. Ive beener, told, to bring you to breakfast."
  • He opened his mouth to respond, then decided against it. Faced with impending insanity, it was doubtful that she would care much at all about certain particulars, and he could hardly blame her. It would not be unlike knowing the day that you were to die; certainly not an easy thing to live with.
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