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Okunuşu: / wʊd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: would
Türü: fiil


f. arzulamak, istemek

would için örnek cümleler:

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  • But now we have adequate information that would satisfy Rodrik. First, we now know that the information on these three CDs is also included on the other CDs without any changes or modifications. Second, the copies of the modified CDs were also found in the search carried out in the "cosmic room" of the military compound in Gölcük; it was unrealistic to think that these CDs were planted there by conspirers. Defense lawyers had hard disk no. 5 examined by experts in the US; the experts concluded that many documents on the hard disk were saved in 2009, but seemed to have been created in 2004. This pointed to a conspiracy but nobody asked the real question: Who was responsible for the conspiracy? And then the final, fatal discovery was made: The personal password of Capt. Yakar was the same as the password of hard drive no. 5. There was a deliberate manipulation; however, the conspiracy was staged not by the conspirers who wanted to put Doğan into a difficult position, but by his colleagues.
  • The wizard sighed in frustration. Hed been hoping to find some clue to help him locate the shard, and he debated slipping down to Loewens office and searching that as well. Finally, however, he decided that it would be safest to just stay where he was. The fewer men who saw him, the better the chance that Loewen would remain ignorant of the fact that he was already in Crysmir, something that was imperative if he hoped to catch the other wizard off his guard. Uncharacteristically impatient, he removed his outer cloaks and sat down rigidly upon the bed to wait.
  • They both nodded and each took one of his hands to funnel in some stamina. Five minutes later they each released his hands. "Sarah, are you ready?" He asked and her head spun around to glare at him. "Dont worry there will be no more explosions today." She arched an eyebrow in a provocative disappointment. Then he caught her train of thought and would amend those words later.
  • "Made of gold," Reginald went on, "with a stone--that size... in the middle. Well, so he asked me over to help him experiment, and there was a man from the Persian Embassy there too, who said it was what Sir Giles thought it was--at least, he'd bought it as being--but that doesn't matter. Well now, this thing--I know you won't believe it--it sounds so silly; only you know I did it. Not Sir Giles--he said he wanted to observe, but I did. The Persian fellow was rather upset about it, at least not upset, but a bit high in the air, you know. Rather frosty. But I'm bound to say he met us quite fairly, said he was perfectly willing to admit that we had it, and to make it clear to us what it was; only he must have it back. But that would have been too silly."
  • They had hardly begun to play before the doctor's disheveled head suddenly appeared from behind Mary Hendrikhovna. He had been awake for some time, listening to what was being said, and evidently found nothing entertaining or amusing in what was going on. His face was sad and depressed. Without greeting the officers, he scratched himself and asked to be allowed to pass as they were blocking the way. As soon as he had left the room all the officers burst into loud laughter and Mary Hendrikhovna blushed till her eyes filled with tears and thereby became still more attractive to them. Returning from the yard, the doctor told his wife (who had ceased to smile so happily, and looked at him in alarm, awaiting her sentence) that the rain had ceased and they must go to sleep in their covered cart, or everything in it would be stolen.
  • She looked up in bewilderment, holding Eliashas head in her hands as she dropped the lifeless body to the floor. She let the head fall back, and stared at the still form. The eyes that had once twinkled at her, and glowed in the darkness, were dull and glassy. She reached out to close them, then closed her own eyes. This cant be happening. This will change. It always changes. Eliashas life was all around her, in vivid red, not gray, not dreamlike, and if she opened her eyes again she would see it, but it wasnt true, she told herself. Its a lie. Its a dream. Its more gray. Its . . . .
  • Cecilia came a step nearer. "What do you mean about the Stone?" she asked, and made a mistake which in a less startled moment she would not have made. "You had better tell me," she added.
  • He strode through the gallery in his deep purple tunic that reached his knees. Over the tunic he wore a coat that was just as long and sported just as rich of a purple. From there his woolen socks wrapped around his legs on down to his toes. His feet were covered with poulaines. Albertin a moment of jesthad ordered this particular pair of long-toed shoes to be so long that the extensions had to be chained to his tunic (otherwise he would literally be tripping over his own feet). It was a vulgarity his fellow nobles frowned upon. It was the raging fashion though, and Albertdespite his advanced agewas all about the newest fad.
  • One of the cultural innovations of the late Restoration had been the coffee house and chocolate house, where patrons would gather to drink coffee or chocolate (which was a beverage like hot chocolate and was unsweetened). Each coffee shop in the City was associated with a particular type of patron. Puritan merchants favored Lloyd's, for example, and founded Lloyd's of London there. However, Button's and Will's coffee shops attracted writers, and Addison and Steele became the center of their own Kit-Kat Club and exerted a powerful influence over which authors rose or fell in reputation. (This would be satirized by Alexander Pope later, as Atticus acting as a petty tyrant to a "little senate" of sycophants.) Addison's essays, and to a lesser extent Steele's, helped set the critical framework for the time. Addison's essays on the imagination were highly influential as distillations and reformulations of aesthetic philosophy. Mr. Spectator would comment upon fashions, the vanity of women, the emptiness of conversation, and the folly of youth.
  • "Uh…" I wasnt sure whether to make a comment or ask a question. I was almost convinced that they were about to show me something horrific that would scar me for life.
  • Berg always spoke quietly, politely, and with great precision. His conversation always related entirely to himself; he would remain calm and silent when the talk related to any topic that had no direct bearing on himself. He could remain silent for hours without being at all put out of countenance himself or making others uncomfortable, but as soon as the conversation concerned himself he would begin to talk circumstantially and with evident satisfaction.
  • Jacques started walking back to his office when he noticed something abnormal. There were footsteps in the hallway, something that was expressly forbidden after the closing. He considered going to his office, which would have given him some safety, but he was the usual idiot who appeared in stories like this and eschewed the safety of the office in order to satisfy his curiosity.
  • "You better get inside," he said, checking his watch even though it was probably too dark to see the time. The way he raised his arm and leaned forward brought his chest so close to me, I wanted to run my hand along the rippled muscles I felt certain I would find underneath his black t-shirt. "It's way past your bedtime."
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, said she would introduce legislation next month to reinstate the assault- weapons ban.
  • I didn't want to admit it, but there was also a fear in the back of my mind that I would only do more harm than good by dancing. After all, I was directly responsible for the death of so many people because of my performance. Even though Jack had told me that it wasn't really my fault, that there was no way I could have known that I was a pawn in their sick plan to summon a demon, there was no denying that they couldn't have done it without me.
  • "When I told him that duty and the oath were above everything, he started proving goodness knows what! A pity you were not there--what would you have said?"
  • But when the animals saw the green flag flying, and heard the gun firing again-seven times it was fired in all-and heard the speech that Napoleon made, congratulating them on their conduct, it did seem to them after all that they had won a great victory. The animals slain in the battle were given a solemn funeral. Boxer and Clover pulled the wagon which served as a hearse, and Napoleon himself walked at the head of the procession. Two whole days were given over to celebrations. There were songs, speeches, and more firing of the gun, and a special gift of an apple was bestowed on every animal, with two ounces of corn for each bird and three biscuits for each dog. It was announced that the battle would be called the Battle of the Windmill, and that Napoleon had created a new decoration, the Order of the Green Banner, which he had conferred upon himself. In the general rejoicings the unfortunate affair of the banknotes was forgotten.
  • "I did suspect there was something between you two," said Louis with a sad smile. "The giving of the scarf at my Queen's song contest was not so innocent after all, was it? How long ago that was! Yes, I would never have believed you if you had accused him without proof. He and I quarreled about many things, but I always thought I could depend upon him." He looked at Roland with the eyes of a wounded child. "I trusted him."
  • Theres something truly fulfilling and satisfying, I imagine, about the gardening process. It would require patience, hard-work, and diligence. But it would be worth it.
  • "You blame me for driving you back to Amalric. You say it is my fault that you have decided to let our child be raised as Amalric's. All this, you say, is because I hid Diane from you. Tell me, Madame, suppose Diane did not exist. You would still be pregnant, would you not? And would you not still have run back to Amalric?"
  • "Of course, I am going to go, too," Jack Wolfe says last, "When I came into contact with my father in his world, I did not confront him. I didnt know what was going on. Had I known, I would have taken care of it right then. I need to confront him. Besides, I dont want to be apart from you, Emma, not ever again. I also dont want to live in fear."
  • "Adriana." I spent too much time correcting my mom. It came out a little rude. I would have tried to smooth things over but I was too busy trying to brace myself against the panic attack I was sure was coming. My vision swam for a moment, but all the practice compartmentalizing my mind seemed to be paying off.
  • The Colonel was sitting at the head of the long conference table. The two officers sat to his left. Major Simpson chose a chair to sit as far as he could from everyone. The Swami and the SP sat to the Colonel's right, the Swami next to him. On the desk in front of the Colonel was a tall stack of files, nearly a foot high. Now the Swami asked: "Colonel, the military watches this place very closely. Especially, you watch the influx of refugees. This is a very small town. If one day a very tall stranger arrived in town carrying a long sword, you would have known about him?"
  • Sarah then spoke clearly to her father. "Connor would have killed the insolent student if I didnt stop him myself."
  • Finally it was the captain of Wherrys army who stepped back to the king. "We accept the terms of your surrender," he said officially. "For we also do not wish for any unnecessary bloodshed, and, as worshippers of Gauvin, we would be grateful to settle this matter as peacefully as possible."
  • "I like men who have a future and women who have a past," he answered. "Or do you think that would make it a petticoat party?"
  • Anakash Forest encompassed the entire northern region of Lentari, stretching from the western ocean all the way to the Great Sea of Koralis. At times the forest was many hundreds of leagues wide. Fortunately, though, the smaller southeastern section of the forest that they were about to traverse was only about twenty-five leagues wide before it jutted up against the base of the Bohani Mountains. The path they were aiming for, which would lead them to the northern lake, Raehn, should be somewhere close to the mountains.
  • Stocks which rise and fall in price with the state of the economy, in such industries as construction, automobile, engineering or those affected by the international economy such as shipping, aviation, and tourism. Cyclical stocks are also stocks which are affected by the natural environment such as fertilisers and tea. Examples of non-cyclical stocks would be drugs, insurance, basic foodstuffs and many other consumer products.
  • Hallward laid his hand upon his arm. "Don't, Harry. You have annoyed Dorian. He is not like other men. He would never bring misery upon any one. His nature is too fine for that."
  • "Not only is it something Im considering, Id love to do it," the president said on Bloomberg Television in his first interview since winning re-election. "Its something I would have loved to have done in the first term."
  • It would be difficult to explain why and whither ants whose heap has been destroyed are hurrying: some from the heap dragging bits of rubbish, larvae, and corpses, others back to the heap, or why they jostle, overtake one another, and fight, and it would be equally difficult to explain what caused the Russians after the departure of the French to throng to the place that had formerly been Moscow. But when we watch the ants round their ruined heap, the tenacity, energy, and immense number of the delving insects prove that despite the destruction of the heap, something indestructible, which though intangible is the real strength of the colony, still exists; and similarly, though in Moscow in the month of October there was no government no churches, shrines, riches, or houses--it was still the Moscow it had been in August. All was destroyed, except something intangible yet powerful and indestructible.
  • At the onset of the Civil War, Delaware was only nominally a slave state, and it remained in the Union. Delaware voted against secession on January 3, 1861. As the governor said, Delaware had been the first state to embrace the Union by ratifying the Constitution and would be the last to leave it. While most Delaware citizens who fought in the war served in the regiments of the state, some served in companies on the Confederate side in Maryland and Virginia Regiments. Delaware is notable for being the only slave state from which no Confederate regiments or militia groups were assembled. It freed the remaining Delaware slaves with the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution in December 1865.
  • Sometimes when, trying to understand him, she spoke of the good work he was doing for his serfs, he would be vexed and reply: "Not in the least; it never entered my head and I wouldn't do that for their good! That's all poetry and old wives' talk--all that doing good to one's neighbor! What I want is that our children should not have to go begging. I must put our affairs in order while I am alive, that's all. And to do that, order and strictness are essential.... That's all about it!" said he, clenching his vigorous fist. "And fairness, of course," he added, "for if the peasant is naked and hungry and has only one miserable horse, he can do no good either for himself or for me."
  • "If only they would be quick!" thought Rostov, feeling that at last the time had come to experience the joy of an attack of which he had so often heard from his fellow hussars.
  • "I dont know. But I do know I love you. I truly do. How sad it makes me that I cant tell you everything." Her eyes darkened and she took his hand. "Please understand I did not know the prince would use you the way he has. But it is for good. Try to believe that."
  • "He is a good king. If he were to obtain the sword and decide to announce it, Saddig would find out. Other kingdoms would look for the other Swords and war may begin. And let us not forget our friend Lazerek the sorcerer.He wants the Sword as well. I dont think the king, even with the Sword could withstand the might of the mage."
  • During this period, Wojty?a wrote a series of articles in Krakw's Catholic newspaper Tygodnik Powszechny ("Universal Weekly") dealing with contemporary church issues. He focused on creating original literary work during his first dozen years as a priest. War, life under Communism, and his pastoral responsibilities all fed his poetry and plays. Wojty?a published his work under two pseudonyms - Andrzej Jawie? and Stanis?aw Andrzej Gruda - to distinguish his literary from his religious writings, (under his own name) and also so that his literary works would be considered on their merits. In 1960, Wojty?a published the influential theological book Love and Responsibility, a defence of traditional Church teachings on marriage from a new philosophical standpoint.
  • "I would like a Super Vente Grande Komodo Dragon island blend," Jim told him, "Id like cream, sugar, cocoanut juice as well as any unidentified non-poisonous good tasting stuff that you can find."
  • I felt a giggle surge past my lips, and pressed them tight before I could completely embarrass myself. "That's amazing. My dad thought knowing how to dance would make my first dance easier. It turned out to be a complete waste of time. Nobody asked me to dance and his lessons wouldn't have helped even if they had. Still, now I wish I'd done a better job of learning."
  • "Well, Gli and Bin explained so much to me when I first arrivedreturned. They were wonderful, but it was all too much too soon and I ran away. I would like to apologize to them for being rude."
  • Coedy sat quietly upon the young black stallion they had purchased for him, observing the two of them expressionlessly. When Kaymin and Jian had finally caught up to the young thief and explained their quest to him, the boy too had confessed to feeling that strange wave of tingling relaxation moving throughout his body, although hed also expressed suspicion that it was caused by the wizards magicks. Hed told them flat-out that he thought they were both insane, however he also seemed to recognize his danger at staying in Harlow. Finally, he declared that he would accompany them for the simple reason that he presently had nothing better to do.
  • "Well, father was going off to France again in a week, and Hosmer wrote and said that it would be safer and better not to see each other until he had gone. We could write in the meantime, and he used to write every day. I took the letters in in the morning, so there was no need for father to know."
  • "I suppose so," said Inspector Girardin, wondering if Bob had made a separate deal with the kidnappersone which would deprive the French branch of Interpol of a chance to pounce on a gang of forgers.
  • To decrease the deficit, 52 percent say they would favor allowing tax cuts for households making $250,000 or more to expire -- Obamas signature demand -- and reducing Social Security benefits for high earners, an idea Republicans have advocated. Three in five back the repeal of tax cuts for households earning more than $1 million and reducing Medicare benefits for higher-income people.
  • However, one analyst questioned whether this would make Firefox OS stand out, bearing in mind developers were already free to offer web apps for most other devices, and in the case of Android could also sell native apps outside Google's own Play store if the user adjusted their settings to accept them.
  • "Lets just go with, you never want to have to make it." Anubis gave me a look that should have meant something and didnt. I decided not to pry since I had just drank it. Maybe in ten or fifteen thousand years I would ask the recipe.
  • "The Army is 14% female so I'm already outnumbered," she said. "You just don't think about the guys you're around as eye candy or potential husbands. But you still take care of yourself. I put my hair back every day. I wore Chapstick because my lips would get so dry. And I put eyeliner on because I look deadly without eyeliner."
  • He looked at her a long moment, feeling the tenderness beneath her strength, and he knew he wanted her more than anything. Before he thought, he had slipped his arm around her waist and drawn her up to him. He later remembered his amazement at her softness, her warmth as he pulled her body against his own. Before she could speak, he had kissed her, bringing her mouth full to his lips. He had thought for an instant she would resist, and he meant to draw her closer. Only then did he realize it was she who had come to him, pressing her body against his. They clung together in the lamplight, neither wanting the moment to end. At last, with an act of will, she pulled herself away.
  • Another chuckle. "That's one of the most difficult questions you've asked so far. He likes to call himself our butler, but that doesn't even begin to describe him. He does take care of most of the duties a typical butler would assume, but he's also our financial manager, and long-time family friend. I'm excited for you to meet him tomorrow. I think you'll like him."
  • "Mom, how could you think that? I've never even had the slightest desire to do something like that." The lies were starting to add up, but Alec had acted like it was important not to be grounded right now. That and I really didn't want to get into the kind of trouble the truth would bring.
  • A hallway ran eastwards away from the cafeteria. That seemed like a good place to start. Crossing the cafeteria, he turned left to go down the hall. Eventually he came to a row of offices. Offices had phones. Not much of a chance that they would work, given the current pattern of things he had seen so far, but it was still worth a try. Stan turned left into the first office he came across.
  • He had done this, he was responsible. He should have walked away when he was given the chance. His presence in her life would only bring Serenity pain and yet he pursued her.
  • "And, unlike other freighters her age that have a standard three blade screw, the screw on this ship is a state-of-the-art anti-cavitation type, which would make her capable of thirty knots, easily. I'd say that the Ambigu is just what her name implies. She's a very modern ship hiding behind a layer of makeup designed to give you the impression that she is a near-derelict."
  • From there the entry separated into different cultures and how angels were portrayed in each one. It was informative, but Lillie knew that she had to take it all with a grain of salt, seeing as how the first thing that the book had to say about ghosts was that they were the souls of people who had "unfinished business" or "regrets" and said nothing about how it was possible that the souls simply didn't want to move on, which she knew first hand was not the case. She sighed, realizing that she wasn't really any closer to knowing anything about angels than she was when she opened the book. Not only did it not mention the myth that angels could help "restless" souls move on, but the only thing mentioned that she hadn't heard before was that angels could choose to become mortal for no apparent reason at all. Not even fallen angels became mortal. Who would want to be a mortal, roaming this mess of a planet as a fragile being?
  • "Well, aren't you ashamed of yourself, Captain Tushin?" he continued. "One would think that as an artillery officer you would set a good example, yet here you are without your boots! The alarm will be sounded and you'll be in a pretty position without your boots!" (The staff officer smiled.) "Kindly return to your posts, gentlemen, all of you, all!" he added in a tone of command.
  • David Slaine had a secret for the FBI that summer day, one of scores he would eventually reveal in his role as a dream informant. The subject was Teterboro Airport. Slaine claimed a money manager he knew was using it to profit quietly on trades of health-care stocks.
  • "Will you now?" Mochan made a clicking noise, waving his hand as if the action would erase Vincents words. "I dont think you will be doing any more killing. Did she know of your plan to use then kill her?"
  • "Pretty tight. They have a couple of bouncers there and a metal detector. It would probably be tough to get a gun in there, if that's what you mean."
  • Cassius was informed that it would take them most of the day to reach Vittore Palace, nestled in the rolling hills to the south of the great forest. It was chilly, and a servant had placed hot bricks at their feet along with an enticing collection of fur rugs. Lunch was served by mounted retainers who trotted up and down the line of carriages with trays. This allowed them to reach the palace before dusk. It was a great stone pile, which had been the seat of the White Prince for centuries, and looked it.
  • The English language was rather different in those days, so Heywood's versions of these expressions (the translations used by Bartlett's are shown below) are generally a little different to modern usage, but the essence is clear to see, and some are particularly elegant in their old form. It's not easy to say how many of these expressions Heywood actually devised himself. He probably originated some because he was a noted writer of epigrams. Whatever, John Heywood and his 1546 'Proverbs' collection can arguably be credited with originating or popularising the interpretation of these sayings into forms that we would recognise today, and for reinforcing their use in the English language.
  • She nodded impatiently at him, her mind still in a frenzied daze. Betrothed to the heir or not, few would be bold enough to disturb their majesties at such an hour, but this could not wait until morning.
  • Isaac glared at the break in his words. He continued, "Well anyway, the next morning, not only did Benedicts army attack, but they attacked early. If we hadnt been vigilant enough, they would have easily scaled the walls and stormed the castle. Now, I may be wrong, but I dont think falcons normally live around this part of the kingdom. Especially falcons who fly solely between this castle and the English camp."
  • Louisiana Republican Representative John Fleming, a member of the conservative Tea Party caucus who has never voted to increase the debt ceiling, said he would support a debt limit hike if it were part of a deal to make Medicare and Social Security sustainable.
  • pair of formal thigh- length stockings the Company had insisted he pack. Perfect. He bound his hose around the kings letter, knotted it protectively over the seal, and tossed the bundle into the smaller wooden chest he would take ashore.
  • Currun shrugged. "You forget we never went there to look for her. Not since she was born, at least." He glanced at Russ, and added, "We would have taken her away from him then, but no one understood what was going on. He hid her from us, and everyone there denied her existence, so we gave up." He shook his head and looked away.
  • When they discovered they were pregnant with a daughter when Ammon was two and a half, they were much wiser at this point and knew that they had to name her Terra. Earth was the opposite of air; hopefully having a daughter named after the earth would bring balance to the household.
  • India's regulator said it would wait for a safety report from Boeing, expected later on Wednesday, before deciding whether to ground the 6 Dreamliners operated by state-owned Air India. "We have formed a small team and are having discussions with Boeing as well as Air India, and working out the basic problems to the basic electrical systems, and then we'll take a final call on this," Arun Mishra, Director General of Civil Aviation told reporters.
  • Benefit performances, poor pictures, statues, benevolent societies, gypsy choirs, schools, subscription dinners, sprees, Freemasons, churches, and books--no one and nothing met with a refusal from him, and had it not been for two friends who had borrowed large sums from him and taken him under their protection, he would have given everything away. There was never a dinner or soiree at the Club without him. As soon as he sank into his place on the sofa after two bottles of Margaux he was surrounded, and talking, disputing, and joking began. When there were quarrels, his kindly smile and well-timed jests reconciled the antagonists. The Masonic dinners were dull and dreary when he was not there.
  • at Sarmento. "Of course, the discrepancy would probably never have been detected if the coins given to the traitor had not been melted down and assayed. The question remains who ordered him paid?" Arangbar turned to Hawksworth, who stood with his mind churning, refusing to accept the consequences of what he was hearing. It meant the end of everything. "Perhaps the Inglish ambassador can help explain it."
  • My son was relieved that he did not have to talk to anyone in a position of authority alone. It made him feel much more comfortable and able to open up knowing that he was not the only one bothered about the problems caused by this one boy. From what the boys were told, the administration was aware that there were problems with the bully and now, with specific examples from the four boys, they would be able to better address the situation and take steps to ensure the bullying stopped.
  • Adelais spun on her heel and flounced off. Rubbing his eye socket with his index finger, Valentin said, "I would happily yield my place to the princess, Cesare."
  • Two days later, Calista cautiously teetered about the small hut, her feet splayed at odd angles to avoid placing pressure on the burns. Banonia could only gape at the rapidity of Calistas convalescence, but insisted that Calista not leave the house; sand or dirt in her bandage would be death to remove and could irritate the wound enough to cause infection. Calista thought that at last, her accursed lineage was serving her.
  • Diana Aviv, president of Independent Sector, an association of nonprofits, said one plan floated by the White House, which would shrink the percentage of donations higher-income taxpayers could deduct from their taxes, could reduce charitable giving by $1.7 billion to $7 billion a year. Another plan, to cap all tax deductions at a specific dollar amount, could hurt giving even more, she said.
  • Kaymin sighed and moved away with Jian through the crowded streets, both of them baking in the late afternoon sunshine. Cheyne and Coedy trailed lazily along behind, Cheyne leading the horse theyd been sharing by the reins, and both appearing perfectly at ease with the stifling temperature. Kaymin and Jian paused at several booths that sold clothing, but soon discovered that they would find nothing heavy enough to be suitable for travel in Wherrys frigid climate. Finally they settled on the warmest cloths they could find, hoping that it would be enough to sustain them until they reached the nearest town or city to Wherrys mountainous border.
  • "What is it?" whispered Balthusa. It looked archaic and meaningless to her. She supposed that it was her ignorance of artistry which prevented her identifying it as one of the conventional designs of some prevailing culture. But had she been the most erudite artist in the world, she would have been no nearer the solution.
  • "I amI amI do not know what I am!" it howled, causing the flames on its back to flare up. When it wailed it was a very loud, high-pitched shrieking noise. I looked around, hoping no one could hear. There were a couple houses across the street, and I prayed to whoever would listen that they couldnt hear or that they werent watching.
  • The old prince did not sleep either. Tikhon, half asleep, heard him pacing angrily about and snorting. The old prince felt as though he had been insulted through his daughter. The insult was the more pointed because it concerned not himself but another, his daughter, whom he loved more than himself. He kept telling himself that he would consider the whole matter and decide what was right and how he should act, but instead of that he only excited himself more and more.
  • "I was under the impression that Karl would monitor the critical calls, and that you, Denise, would field the general ones. Its still pretty early in the game for me to be handling big decisions, and Ive frankly had a pretty tough day."
  • The painter felt strangely moved. The lad was infinitely dear to him, and his personality had been the great turning point in his art. He could not bear the idea of reproaching him any more. After all, his indifference was probably merely a mood that would pass away. There was so much in him that was good, so much in him that was noble.
  • But the princess, if she did not again thank him in words, thanked him with the whole expression of her face, radiant with gratitude and tenderness. She could not believe that there was nothing to thank him for. On the contrary, it seemed to her certain that had he not been there she would have perished at the hands of the mutineers and of the French, and that he had exposed himself to terrible and obvious danger to save her, and even more certain was it that he was a man of lofty and noble soul, able to understand her position and her sorrow. His kind, honest eyes, with the tears rising in them when she herself had begun to cry as she spoke of her loss, did leave her memory.
  • Updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 in this way would grant an individuals online content the same protection under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution (freedom from unreasonable search and seizure) that has long been afforded to postal mail, phone calls and documents within a persons home.
  • They finally reached the chopping block. The guard pushed Peter down, his head resting on the splintery wood. Peter felt his bravery dip as the deep ridge in the block scratched and bruised his face. He saw that the grass around the block was stained a deep burgundy. Peter knew what caused the stains. He knew that very soon, he too would be helping to make the grass grow. Blood makes for a great fertilizer.
  • I've been surprised at the positive response. I usually hear quite a few comments like 'This is better than I thought it would be,' or even 'This is pretty good'.
  • "I really think thats impossible now. Hes canceled the daily durbar. No one can see him. Even I have difficulty meeting with him." Nadir Sharif accepted a cup from the tray and examined Hawksworth sorrowfully as he sipped it. "In any case, I fear a meeting would do you little good, Ambassador. Hes busy arranging the departure for all the court, including the zenana. There are thousands of people to move, and on very short notice. In fact, Ive been trying to see Her Majesty for several days, but she has received no one." He smiled evenly. "Not even her own brother."
  • The new office of the PM will have power and authority to co-ordinate and supervise the functions of the Government and will be occupied by an elected MP who will be the leader of the party or coalition with majority members in Parliament. The world watched Annan and his UN-backed panel and African Union chairman Jakaya Kikwete as they brought together the erstwhile rivals to the signing ceremony, beamed live on national TV from the steps of Nairobi's Harambee House. On 29 February 2008, representatives of PNU and ODM began working on the finer details of the power-sharing agreement. Kenyan lawmakers unanimously approved a power-sharing deal 18 March 2008, aimed at salvaging a country usually seen as one of the most stable and prosperous in Africa. The deal brought Kibaki's PNU and Odinga's ODM together and heralded the formation of the grand coalition, in which the two political parties would share power equally.
  • Having prepared that, he summoned a servant to tell Cesare that he would not be attending dinner at the palace. If he was to meet with Elodia the next morning at the Wanderers Rest, he might as well sleep there tonight.
  • "Why would he care if I was nice to you?" I debated on whether I wanted to hatch this issue. He had already found out my uncle controlled my diet, which was embarrassing enough.
  • He smiled smugly. Within hours the massive American security apparatus would be looking for the bomber. They would probably succeed too. They had better, because he had a hot one in the guest room and no more time for saving the world.
  • Officer Ellis pulled down the drive toward Shadowford and my palms grew sweaty. I had no idea what to expect from Ella Mae and Mrs. Shadowford. would they kick me out? Or were they going to be lenient since Mayor Chen excused me from the investigation?
  • Ah. I suppose I should owe you an apology for that. I wasencouraging you to keep the fire going, hoping that it would help me remember better. You would have been able to control it just fine, if it werent for me. I promise I wont interfere unless you ask for my help from this point forward. Does that sound okay?
  • Yet, as if on the outskirts of its own nature, it presently found itself observing other thoughts. Much the same argument that Arglay had already gone over flashed through it; scattered phrases-"if he just disappears"-" time and place" -"I wonder what Arglay would say to this"-struck it and passed. The figure of the young man put out its hand and received something from the tall man. Lord Arglay's mind made an effort forward. "Stop, you fool," it knew itself thinking, and heard Giles's voice say, close and loud, "Calm now, quite calm. just make as near an image of what you were doing as you can."
  • In the 19th century, the empire was internally stagnated and externally threatened by imperialism. The defeat by the British Empire in the First Opium War (1840) led to the Treaty of Nanjing (1842), under which Hong Kong was ceded and opium import was legitimized. Subsequent military defeats and unequal treaties with other imperial powers would continue even after the fall of the Qing Dynasty.
  • An Owl, in her wisdom, counseled the Birds that when the acorn first began to sprout, to pull it all up out of the ground and not allow it to grow. She said acorns would produce mistletoe, from which an irremediable poison, the bird- lime, would be extracted and by which they would be captured. The Owl next advised them to pluck up the seed of the flax, which men had sown, as it was a plant which boded no good to them. And, lastly, the Owl, seeing an archer approach, predicted that this man, being on foot, would contrive darts armed with feathers which would fly faster than the wings of the Birds themselves. The Birds gave no credence to these warning words, but considered the Owl to be beside herself and said that she was mad. But afterwards, finding her words were true, they wondered at her knowledge and deemed her to be the wisest of birds. Hence it is that when she appears they look to her as knowing all things, while she no longer gives them advice, but in solitude laments their past folly.
  • The light of a half-lit moon filtered languorously through the slim vents in the cellar. Realizing that the illumination would be meager, Potita had grudgingly supplied oil and lamps, which cast nearly as many shadows on the packed earth floor as they dispelled.
  • I sought him out the next couple of lunches and asked him about some of the things he had done in his life. Where and when he was born, places he'd been. He couldn't remember anything from his childhood - when vampires are created, they spend several years living in madness, only half aware of their surroundings and what they are doing. Half vampires suffer from the same curse, so by the time he was able to clearly remember what he was doing, anywhere between twenty and thirty years had passed. One of his first memories was spending a summer with Bram Stoker, which I found ironic on a couple of levels. First was that he knew someone that could provide an accurate description of how vampires really were, and he missed the mark by a long shot. Second is that I realized when Jack had mentioned that he would have stopped Stoker from publishing that book, it was more out of hindsight rather than wishful thinking.
  • He chuckled. "Well, they should be killed, of course. They would always be a threat to you and your child. I would even let you do it, if you desire to."
  • He recognised the houses. They were Gallifreyan houses. He remembered he used to live there. His mother and father lived in the bluish looking house on the left. An eerie feeling got over him. He didn't know whether he should be happy that he was given back a memory of his home or whether he should feel sad that he would never be able to return there. His eyes began to water and he looked away from the house. It recalled too many memories in him.
  • The arrival of the Samurai in Aizawl had left no doubt as to who my Katana avenger was. But a few days before his arrival, I had met a female Buddhist monk in the shopping district of Aizawl. She said she foresaw that I was in some danger, and assured me that it would be warded off if I wore on my person a Jade Buddha that would arrive with a tall Samurai. I found that Buddha and stole it. I wore it on my person since then, 24 hours a day, every day. Yet the disease came. Yesterday, I suddenly remembered the Samurai interview report. The interview was conducted by you, but the interpreter was one Bhikkhuni Sumi. I did not know what the title Bhikkhuni meant. I asked a Hindu officer and he told me that it meant a female monk. A female monk from Champhai in Aizawl appearing twice in the space of a few days, and both times in connection with the Samurai! Suddenly, everything became clear to me. The Jade Buddha was not to ward off the disease. It was the disease. Everybody knew by now what radioactive material could do to you. The female monk was the second avenger.
  • Hedge funds drove up prices for Greek sovereign debt last week after determining that European finance ministers would back off a pledge to pay no more than about 28 percent of face value to retire the nations bonds. Money managers correctly wagered that not enough bondholders would participate at that level to get the deal done. That would put at risk bailout funds that Greece needs to stave off economic collapse.
  • Sceptics point out that plenty of elegant, wafer-thin screens are already on sale. Moreover, Apples existing set-top box, which lets users play content from iTunes, Netflix and other services on their TVs, has not been a stunning success. But this misses theso to speakbigger picture. The iTV, which may be controlled via gestures and voice commands as well as via iPads and iPhones, could be a digital hub for the home. It would let people check whether their washing machine has finished its cycle while they gossip on Facebook and watch their favourite soap. Peter Misek of Jefferies, an investment bank, says sales of it should also boost purchases of iPads and other Apple gear, as more people get sucked into the firms "ecosystem" of linked devices and software.
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