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Okunuşu: / wʊd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: would
Türü: fiil


f. arzulamak, istemek

would için örnek cümleler:

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  • "We were able to confirm, from a reliable source, his presence in the (training) camps which the Pakistanis were running in Peshawar," wrote the former French intelligence analyst who blogs at Le Monde newspaper under the pen-name Abou Djaffar. "There, towards the end of the 1980s, or the beginning of the 1990s, he received paramilitary training which would be very useful to him in Algeria."
  • "My son, you distress me very much. Sibyl is always under my special care. Of course, if this gentleman is wealthy, there is no reason why she should not contract an alliance with him. I trust he is one of the aristocracy. He has all the appearance of it, I must say. It might be a most brilliant marriage for Sibyl. They would make a charming couple. His good looks are really quite remarkable; everybody notices them."
  • I felt my eyes go wide at all the new terms, but kept my mouth shut because I was worried Rachel would clam up if I started asking questions.
  • "Good, do not go in there and mess everything up.You are like an elephant at a tea party."The priest would go in and kill the entire town if Lazerek let him.
  • I hugged her to me as she bit and clawed at my neck and back, ignoring the pain and concentrating on healing the damage she inflicted. Suddenly I held Leanne again, as determined to tear me to shreds as if she were the demon. Charlie grabbed at her hands and held them out to her sides up against the wall to stop her from flaying the skin from my back. As strong as he was, he struggled with the petite woman and she broke his grip several times. I closed my eyes as I felt the hard, bony ridges of the demon against me. I pushed against its forehead, trying to keep it from my neck or it would have torn my throat out. Debris struck me; jagged shards of glass bit into my face, and broken splinters of wood impaled me from behind as if the demon directed them. It struggled against me, but I could feel its efforts weakening. I opened my eyes again as it morphed between the three souls inhabiting Leanne's body. It screamed once more, a final wail in demon form, and suddenly I held Alison in my arms as the wind died down and the lightning storm subsided.
  • Vane sank deeper into his seat. Well-meaning words couldnt undo reality. Hed run from responsibility like a hypochondriac from a handshake. And the world hed run into didnt appear a whole hell of a lot better. It was simply different. Hed flattered his species, pretending that human beings, stripped of the encumbrance of having, would be devoted to intellectual and ethical pursuits. They would be fundamentally wise, eager only for spiritual enrichment.
  • At the sight of the tortured Frenchman and the crowd surrounding the Lobnoe Place, Pierre had so definitely made up his mind that he could no longer remain in Moscow and would leave for the army that very day that it seemed to him that either he had told the coachman this or that the man ought to have known it for himself.
  • Then she saw the shafts of light creeping through the thick drapes and realized it was daytime. One thing they hadnt discussedif she became a vampire, she would have to say goodbye to the light. By Sebastians departure, she guessed that part of the myth was true. She had never seen Sebastian in the light.
  • We decided to ride the horses into town, so that I could pick up the supplies that Thellium had requested. Cedric picked out a small sweet-natured bay mare, a grey that Cedrics father had imported from the west, for me to ride. He said I needed to warm up on an animal that wouldnt be inclined to throw me, and would offer a steady gait. She was a lovely horse. I stroked her soft and silky mane, and felt content. It took no time at all for me to feel comfortable.
  • But that would be later, and this is now. Now, the rebels cheered and whooped. Peter could feel all sorts of emotions welling up inside of him. Benedict may have the experience of countless wars and the command of equipped soldiers. But Peter had his men, and that was all he needed to win.
  • But despite having larger developed markets in the West, Alibaba's chief strategy officer, Zeng Ming told CNBC that Tmall's expansion target would be Southeast Asia.
  • At Avaritusorder, she and Pyp stood and watched as the crew of the Orpheus was flogged. Olympia knew that only their patrician breeding had saved her and Pyp from that fate, but she would have willingly switched places with any of those men. As the braided leather whip peeled strips of skin from the backs of the sailors and merchants, Olympia pressed Pyps face into her waist.
  • Cutting the overhauls cost could yield savings that most people wouldnt notice because the overhaul doesnt begin in earnest until 2014. Yet it would force the uninsured to shoulder an even greater share of health-care costs.
  • "And didn't Hippolyte tell you?" asked Prince Vasili, turning to his son and seizing the little princess' arm as if she would have run away and he had just managed to catch her, "didn't he tell you how he himself was pining for the dear princess, and how she showed him the door? Oh, she is a pearl among women, Princess," he added, turning to Princess Mary.
  • The Egyptian men who usually carried Nicolette's sedan chair had run away, she discovered. Amalric sent for a horse from the Queen's stable. When a page brought it, Nicolette climbed up behind him and they rode the short distance to the Saracen mansion he had claimed for himself when they took Damietta. Maurice said he would follow them on foot.
  • He finally looked away as she continued to stare at him. Never knowing what to do in these situations, he reacted as he always did and attempted to appear completely oblivious. Obviously, the situation would have to be addressed at some point, though he was forced to once again acknowledge his childish side which suggested that if he only ignore the problem long enough, it may just go away on its own.
  • Since the internets creation, a ragtag bunch of academics, engineers, firms and non-profit outfits have been in charge. That delights innovators but has been a nightmare for the tidy-minded, and especially for authoritarian governments. They would like the net to be run like the worlds telephone system, with tight standards and clearly set charges. The Dubai meeting brings the chance to write new rules, with a review of an elderly treaty: the International Telecommunication Regulations.
  • The glittering deluge of chains and bracelets that went sliding across the floor would have made me feel bad enough all by themselves, but there was a proverbial scorpion nestled in the midst of all that shininess. I'd thrown mine out shortly after the accident. Part of me hadn't wanted to. It had felt like I was abandoning Cindi by doing so, but just seeing Cindi's half of the twin pendants we'd received two years before had been enough to send me into a tailspin.
  • When it seemed as if he could not stand another hill, they cleared a rise and the lake spread out before them to the southeast.It spread as far as Hamilcar could see.He used to come to the Tchesht Lake as a child.His father would take his brothers and him to fish and talk. He was sure, on some level, those memories held meaning to him, but he could not seem to dig that deep. Thinking about his family would do him no good now. The past was better left buried. At least for now.
  • Saint Michel, am I going to cry? In front of my men, when I am trying to face death like a brave knight? That would be a poor thing. Let them say I went to my death gallantly. Let me have at least that little bit of glory.
  • The mother would not give up. She said in a commanding voice: "Never mind all that. As I just told you, I have a great deal of money. More money than you can imagine. Do what I want."
  • No, his was not the face of a liar. And he felt as she did about Mont Segur. Heretics, yes, but our people, people of Languedoc. Had not Amalric burned them? As he would burn me if he could see into my heart.
  • So we confront the dangers of the fiscal cliff with an economy that appears distinctly healthier than it was a year ago. If fiscal policy was not changing, this underlying strength would point to faster GDP growth in 2013. If we got a worst case outcome from the budget talks, with all the deflationary measures now scheduled having full effect, it would bring on a new recession. But that is not going to happen. And if we get a modest fiscal tightening out of this crisis, it would not disrupt the expansion.
  • Dells past earnings also got an artificial boost, in Shaws opinion, because it did not have to expense stock options before 2006, the year accounting rules mandated that such costs be counted. Shaw says stock options were disproportionately important for employee retention at Dell, which was known to pay workers modest base compensation. She says that by not accounting stock options, Dell was able to boost its non-GAAP earnings per share by as much as 57 percent. In fiscal 2005 alone, this would have cut Dells non-GAAP operating margin from 8.6 percent to 6.6 percent, Shaw said. Intel exclusivity payments, she says, went from representing 10 percent of Dells operating income in fiscal 2003 to 76 percent to start fiscal 2007. Consistent with the SECs findings, this points to a company hiding underlying sales weakness by tapping reserves that did not represent operational gains.
  • New London listings rose 10 percent in December from a year earlier, and a continued flow of sellers would help to support "more competitive" pricing next year, according to Rightmove. Monthly declines in the capital were led by a 6.5 percent drop in Tower Hamlets and a 4.8 percent decline in Hounslow.
  • The prince began a distressed pacing. "Terek is the only God yet free," he said, pounding back and forth across the floor. "It makes no sense that He would send such a sight to me. Or is it a warning, of what may come to pass if we do not succeed? Or of what may happen if we leave in the fashion that we plan?" He spun back on his wizard. "Tell me, Jian, that you can make some sense of this!"
  • Three men were heading for the booth, coming across the dance floor and walking as though they were more used to sawdust under their feet. All three looked like saloon bouncers. That type. The one in the lead was a big burly red-faced bird that would have weighed at least two-fifty stripped to the buff. We had two ashtrays, heavy glass affairs, on the table and I palmed the one nearest me and stood up and got clear of the booth. The big guy said:
  • At the Marble Arch they hailed an omnibus, which left them close to their shabby home in the Euston Road. It was after five o'clock, and Sibyl had to lie down for a couple of hours before acting. Jim insisted that she should do so. He said that he would sooner part with her when their mother was not present. She would be sure to make a scene, and he detested scenes of every kind.
  • up to scratch - fit for purpose, or meets the required standard - from the practice in early organised bare-knuckle and prizefighting (1600-1700s) of scratching a line in the ground as a starting point for prize fighters or bare-knuckle boxers to face each other, signifying that contestants were ready in the required position and capable of fighting at the beginning of each round. A fighter who failed to come up to the scratch at the start of a round was deemed incapable of continuing and so would lose the contest. The expression was originally 'up to the scratch'.
  • My father built the house in a crop of woods. The house is large, too large in my opinion. There are four floors plus a basement. If you had to classify it, youd call it a mansion, but that would not be exactly accurate.
  • "Because were more interesting when were running," Jack told him, "Not to mention if we were chasing them it would mean they had something we wanted. Right now were the only ones with the clue where the Black Fossil is."
  • "Who sacrificed everything for him," chimed in the princess, who would again have risen had not the prince still held her fast, "though he never could appreciate it. No, mon cousin," she added with a sigh, "I shall always remember that in this world one must expect no reward, that in this world there is neither honor nor justice. In this world one has to be cunning and cruel."
  • With no time to argue, Kaymin didnt reply and instead pulled free his own sword, hidden beneath his saddle-pack; the Dargasian craftsmanship of the weapon would not have gone unnoticed in Sime. "Jian," he said.
  • "Oh, and General? Remember, although you are laying the siege, I still have power over the army. I noticed as of late that you like to declare victories after your battles. I am the King of England, and though I dont have many privileges, I daresay I should have the credit and the honor. I merely appoint you to do my bidding. would you have one of your soldiers declare a victory for you?"
  • Much as I wished not to involve myself in their disputes, Bielerfeldt had openly showed his enmity, and I knew soft talk from me wouldn't procure a change in him. Should Ralff's protection be removed by whatever means, my life and safety would be forfeit.
  • Shed always know that this might happen, but still it had come as a shock. She was grateful shed had the foresight to figure out the escape routes. She only had to hope the Agents would underestimate her.
  • Isaac watched the bird fly off into the forest. He would have wished that he could be like that, always floating from one place to the next, getting lost in it all. But he couldnt wish for what he already was.
  • Under the deal, officials said the ECB would regulate some 150 to 200 banks directly - all major cross-border lenders and state aided institutions - with the power to delve into all 6,000 banks in case of problems.
  • Amalric started, then realized that Louis was only maundering on about the ancient hero Roland. De Vency, that dog of a troubadour, would be remembered in no one's songs.
  • The Swami looked at Dr. Sengupta, who looked lost in thought. He began. "First of all, it would be quite natural for the man to break out in tumors all over, or warts as you say. Second, we know of examples of living things glowing at night. In Central and South America, there are examples of fungus and frog species that glow at night - from very mild radioactivity. So I would say what you suggest is quite possible."
  • He left in order not to obstruct the commander in chief's undivided control of the army, and hoping that more decisive action would then be taken, but the command of the armies became still more confused and enfeebled. Bennigsen, the Tsarevich, and a swarm of adjutants general remained with the army to keep the commander in chief under observation and arouse his energy, and Barclay, feeling less free than ever under the observation of all these "eyes of the Emperor," became still more cautious of undertaking any decisive action and avoided giving battle.
  • Continuously blasting jets of fire to illuminate the surrounding countryside, Steve was able to keep the circling griffins at bay. Every so often one would skirt the flames and try to attack one of the men who had fallen in behind him, but an intense blast was all it took to send the offending griffin retreating back up into the sky, squawking angrily. However, while he was able to keep the griffins in check, Steve discovered that he was unable to let his attention stray, for if it did, then the ever observant griffins would attack the moment his flames lessened. Man, they were fast!
  • Once again I stripped my clothing. While preparing for the first dive attempt I had another idea, I should have brought more metal... the weight would have helped me descend faster. The thought reminded me of the sealed hallway and I shuddered. I sat with my feet in the well. I drew in slow, deep breaths. I silently slid into the water and began my swim down. I felt comfortable in the water; I knew I would have no trouble making it down now that I had a visible destination.
  • "I have been checking the map regularly," Jian told her, feeling incredibly uncomfortable in this heat. He now understood the reason why Gaal always supplied Corrado with their royal magic-users while his own order supplied Dargiss; sending a Wherrite to dwell in these lands would simply be cruel. "As long as we continue in a southwesterly direction, we should reach a town by nightfall." And once there, they would hopefully learn the location of this mysterious Alari Desert. Then, they would return to the endless sands to camp for the nightfor he would not risk lodgings at an inn, where Kaymins telling features might be glimpsed and recognized, however unlikely that seemed. The wizard was determined to take as little chance as possible with his princes safety.
  • Anna Mikhaylovna sat down beside him, with her own handkerchief wiped the tears from his eyes and from the letter, then having dried her own eyes she comforted the count, and decided that at dinner and till teatime she would prepare the countess, and after tea, with God's help, would inform her.
  • "Also, Honey, I would be derelict were I not to warn you about your crew. As you are new here, your ignorance is excusable." He sprayed saliva in Mudheads face with each exhalation. Mudhead did not move.
  • Only one in six of the respondents would expect government officials to tell the truth when facing tough issues, it found.
  • "When evening came I felt that it would be an imprudence to leave so precious a thing in the office behind me. Bankers' safes had been forced before now, and why should not mine be? If so, how terrible would be the position in which I should find myself! I determined, therefore, that for the next few days I would always carry the case backward and forward with me, so that it might never be really out of my reach. With this intention, I called a cab and drove out to my house at Streatham, carrying the jewel with me. I did not breathe freely until I had taken it upstairs and locked it in the bureau of my dressing-room.
  • Germany has historically been the main trading partner of Austria, making it vulnerable to rapid changes in the German economy. However, since Austria became a member state of the European Union it has gained closer ties to other EU economies, reducing its economic dependence on Germany. In addition, membership in the EU has drawn an influx of foreign investors attracted by Austria's access to the single European market and proximity to the aspiring economies of the European Union. Growth in GDP accelerated in recent years and reached 3.3% in 2006. Austria indicated on 16 Nov 2010 that it would withhold the December installment of its contribution to the EU bailout of Greece citing material worsening of the Greek debt situation and apparent inability of Greece to collect the level of tax receipts it had previously promised.
  • Success for Nadir Sharif had always seemed so effortless, so inevitable, he often marveled that so few others had ever grasped the elementary secret. His simple formula for longevity, in a court where favorites daily rose and fell, was first to establish with certainty which side of a difference would inevitably triumph, and then to unveil his own supporting views.
  • "I dont mind at all, nowhere in particular. I was going up to Rommel to see the dancing bears. Did you know they train bears to dance up there?I have heard it is truly a sight to behold.Me? I would never get near a bear! No sir!" he shivered for a moment.
  • A Goatherd, driving his flock from their pasture at eventide, found some Wild Goats mingled among them, and shut them up together with his own for the night. The next day it snowed very hard, so that he could not take the herd to their usual feeding places, but was obliged to keep them in the fold. He gave his own goats just sufficient food to keep them alive, but fed the strangers more abundantly in the hope of enticing them to stay with him and of making them his own. When the thaw set in, he led them all out to feed, and the Wild Goats scampered away as fast as they could to the mountains. The Goatherd scolded them for their ingratitude in leaving him, when during the storm he had taken more care of them than of his own herd. One of them, turning about, said to him: "That is the very reason why we are so cautious; for if you yesterday treated us better than the Goats you have had so long, it is plain also that if others came after us, you would in the same manner prefer them to ourselves."
  • Boeing probably delivered 51 airliners to customers last month, analysts including David Strauss with UBS AG (UBSN) and Peter Arment with Sterne Agee & Leach Inc. calculated this week. That would bring the total this year through November to 537 and compares with Airbuss 516 deliveries. The planemaker is scheduled to announce its monthly orders and deliveries today.
  • "Apparently Jaxon is going to help Caislyn with the search for her parents. Im not sure why or what she would get out of it. Im still trying to find a clue to Jaxons past. All I know is that she came from Raleigh and she was adopted by the DeLaneys when she was just a baby. Before that, there is nothing. There are no records of her biological parents or her birth in any database or legal system. Im looking into private organizations, but so far no luck there either. Im also checking with churches, but some of them don't keep very good records, especially if it was done anonymously," Seth reported. He had given Marc more information than he really wanted but it was necessary in order to keep Marcs attention off of Caislyn.
  • The success of this entire concept relied on a crucial, untested notion: If a mans neighbors were to copy his competent efforts step-for-step, then a number of equivalent copies of his project would be produced. Additionally, if these neighborsefforts were, in turn, copied by their neighbors, a multitude of surrounding copies, mirroring the best efforts of the original, would be produced. The ripple effect would, in theory, eventually produce a community of copies that were functionally and aesthetically as stable or unstable as the prototype; Mamuset was to be the sum of thousands of independent attempts to mimic a single effort. Practically speaking, if ground zero was the ideal, the standard would be a diminishing return relative to that prototype, with the outskirts harboring those copies of highest imperfection.
  • "You wrecked the life of Sibyl Vane," was the answer, "and Sibyl Vane was my sister. She killed herself. I know it. Her death is at your door. I swore I would kill you in return. For years I have sought you. I had no clue, no trace. The two people who could have described you were dead. I knew nothing of you but the pet name she used to call you. I heard it to-night by chance. Make your peace with God, for to-night you are going to die."
  • Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist and former aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, said Obamas team made the mistake of holding on too long to the idea that Boehner and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell would compromise.
  • "I am a dying man," said old Turner. "I have had diabetes for years. My doctor says it is a question whether I shall live a month. Yet I would rather die under my own roof than in a gaol."
  • He landed on his feet prepared for a fight. The hold was empty except for a few large containers for petrol. Squeezing himself quickly behind these, he waited to see what would happen. The crane boom returned loaded with a deluxe looking Tender craft, a version of the Zodiac, a partly rigid, inflatable boat that fit snugly into the bay below the main deck. No one came down into the bay once the craft was released from the crane and Kobi breathed again as the hatch doors swung silently closed.
  • The blessedly-welcome numbness quickly spread out to encompass my entire foot. Working with a sure quickness any surgeon would have envied, Donovan wrapped my ankle and then examined his handiwork with a nod of approval.
  • The next morning, Monday, Diane heard a heavy knock on Aleth's door. Whispering a prayer, she got up and opened it to find three of the inquisitors' men-at-arms standing there. She had spent a sleepless, terrified night on her pallet next to Aleth's bed, wondering when they would come for her, and it was almost a relief to see them. Uncertainty is more painful than certain doom, she thought. She searched their faces. They seemed neither kindly nor cruel. They asked if she were the woman visiting the widow Aleth and told her she must go with them. They showed no curiosity about who she really was. They were simply men doing their work, to bring certain designated people before the friars.
  • The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said in an August report said the tax increases and spending cuts would shrink economic output next year by 0.5 percent and push the unemployment rate to about 9 percent.
  • For a second nothing made sense. Brandon was the one who was saving us, and if that wasn't out of the ordinary, I didn't know what would be. Only he'd said in his note not to say anything to anyone. Of course. He was testing me, making sure I was going to keep quiet about what he'd done. Probably because he didn't want any of the praise for such a selfless act.
  • James Buchanan Stalin walked in to his non-descript government office at nearly ten in the morning. His hair, which would be perfect if not for the bit of mess that resulted from it being combed improperly, was pushed back revealing a ruggedly handsome face that, while it would not compete with Brad Pitt was one that most comely women would not kick out of their beds.
  • "Where are you from?" He asked conversationally obviously trying to reduce the tension from the accident, and trying a little too hard. He wanted to get back to the sex. She would see if she could hold him off until the next day. If she couldn't, he would probably dump her before he was of any use to her.
  • Alex did so and managed to avoid having her pretty head torn off by mere inches. They ran down the tunnel opposite from where they had come from just so they would not have to deal with the same hazards. For some reason people in these stories just do not like to recover the same ground that they had passed by before.
  • Liseli bowed her head, a little awed that the goddess would say something like that to her, though she hardly believed it. "I wont forget," she promised.
  • The king took the last swallow of his wine, which was no longer warm. "I would feel much more secure in this decision," he began slowly, delicately setting down his empty, silver-worked goblet, "if another Mithwell heir was to be produced." He gaze flickered to his captain, who lowered his eyes. The king had bestowed upon Broda Lyndon the princess of his choice, his second-born, Antanya, and had made no secret of his displeasure at their continuing childlessness. Of the three matches he had made thus far, he determined that a child of Broda and Antanya would show the most promise; a child that would undoubtedly follow in Brodas footsteps and one day take over his duties as captain, if Jostin did not fall to sickness or injury. For then, the child would instead become king.
  • "Attack Morvay once theyve sent their forces off to aid Corrado. All of their might will be directed elsewhere, and King Almara would never expect such a bold move from us."
  • He declined to discuss whether he would support Rice, but urged Obama to "step back" from the controversy and "take a deep breath" as he decided whom to nominate.
  • She momentarily considered abandoning her plans and residing in Atlantis with Evadne, relying on prayers and the promises of unreliable Neptune and the relatively more dependable Thetis to rescue Pyp and Olympia. She did not want to leave Evadne just as she was getting to know her betterthe promise of that loss was already beginning to hurtbut there was no doubt that her mother and brother needed her far more than Evadne. To reside in Atlantis would be the cowards way out without any guarantee that she would ever see them again. Without any guarantee that she could see herself without shame.
  • "Thank God!" she whispered. "Oh Louis..." She reached out toward him, but before she could embrace him, she drew back. She would not, Nicolette realized, show her love for her son in front of all these people.
  • "I spoke with engineers at Awash only last week. They informed me that the pipeline is complete and already under operation. As your arrival coincides with its completion, I must assume you are here to stay." His sunglasses blazed as he turned back. "You may be surprised to learn that you, and all your trespasses, are my personal assignment. I know all about you, Honey; I know far more than I would have freely sought to know. I know that every detail of your operation is covered, and cleared, by a State Department lackey in Addis Ababa named Mohammed Tibor. I am also aware that Tibor runs under the reins of this powerful American organization that shares your name.
  • Under the plan, a number of companies are seeking to erect hundreds of wind turbines across the boggy midlands of Ireland. The power generated would be transferred to the UK via undersea cables that would join the grid at two points in Wales.
  • In the autumn of 1806 everybody had again begun talking of the war with Napoleon with even greater warmth than the year before. Orders were given to raise recruits, ten men in every thousand for the regular army, and besides this, nine men in every thousand for the militia. Everywhere Bonaparte was anathematized and in Moscow nothing but the coming war was talked of. For the Rostov family the whole interest of these preparations for war lay in the fact that Nicholas would not hear of remaining in Moscow, and only awaited the termination of Denisov's furlough after Christmas to return with him to their regiment. His approaching departure did not prevent his amusing himself, but rather gave zest to his pleasures. He spent the greater part of his time away from home, at dinners, parties, and balls.
  • The English army was profoundly shaken. There is no doubt that, had they not been enfeebled in their first shock by the disaster of the hollow road the cuirassiers would have overwhelmed the centre and decided the victory. This extraordinary cavalry petrified Clinton, who had seen Talavera and Badajoz. Wellington, three-quarters vanquished, admired heroically. He said in an undertone, "Sublime!"
  • Rhenyon stroked his goatee thoughtfully. "I do not wish to delay any further." He glanced up, noting that the sun was practically overhead. "We will need to stop shortly for the midday meal. But I would like to at least make it to the forests edge before we do."
  • "Mercy becomes a chivalrous knight, Sire Orlando. But these heretics deserve not your pity. Most of them are the so-called perfecti, the preachers and leaders who seduced countless others from the true faith. They are worse than murderers. They are killers of souls. To let them keep their dignity in death would give them a last opportunity to mislead their foolish followers. Do we want people from all over Languedoc to hear that these Bougres strolled down the mountain, laid themselves on the pyre, and serenely gave up their lives, just as if they were honest Christian martyrs? No, let it be said that they had to be dragged to their deaths and thrown upon the faggots."
  • Last month, Abe pledged that if he were elected, he would push the BOJ to aggressively ease monetary policy to bring life back into the economy that is suffering from deflation and a strong yen. These comments have led to a rally in the country's stock market - which has risen 12 percent in the past month - and an over 5 percent slide in the yen against the dollar over the same period.
  • California adjoins the Pacific Ocean to the west, Oregon to the north, Nevada and Arizona to the east, and the Mexican state of Baja California to the south. With an area of 160,000 square miles (414,000 km2), it is the 3rd largest state in the United States in size, after Alaska and Texas. If it were a country, California would be the 59th-largest in the world in area.
  • More than four in five of the general public would expect a business leader to lie when confronted with a difficult issue, according to the PR firm's trust barometer.
  • "We would only slow you down," Ivy continued, turning to Kerk. "You have deadlines and now that you have to go home and pack up again, youll lose a lot of time. You may not get paid if you dont deliver your goods in a timely manner."
  • Damiens sapphire eyes were shiny and damp as he stared at her. He knew what she had written before. What she thought of poets love once. Kates voice, her expression while speaking those words, was incredibly moving. It meant more than anything she could have said. For all of his life, he would never forget them.
  • Seth leaned back in his chair with some relief. He hadn't been sure that calling Ve's bluff would work, but he was quite glad it did. Vampires usually didn't fair well when fighting a demon. Besides, Seth had more important things to take care of right now. "Why was the Seer here?"
  • Connor fell to his knees and held her shoulders. He spoke calmly and clearly. "Jillian, listen to me. It is dangerous, I will be the first to admit it, but only under pressure and if it explodes all at once. The method I used gave the energy a direction and it wasnt compressed. I used a similar case of the Back Draft, not an actual one; like the one I demonstrated yesterday, ok." He then brought her into a hug until she calmed down. "I would never put Sarah in any real danger, never."
  • Bluebeards face emptied of blood. He would not have taken such criticism from any other member of his crew, but he esteemed Liu with great mystical abilities and took her every word seriously.
  • The risk for Obama is that Republicans will match his brinkmanship and no deal will be reached. The result would be the "fiscal cliff," the more than $600 billion in automatic spending cuts and tax increases that start kicking in automatically at the beginning of the new year.
  • She kicked him quickly in the groin, and as he doubled over in pain, she slipped past him and ran down the corridor. They were surprised, but they would recover quickly, so she turned into the first opening for restrooms that she came to. Instead of entering the women's, she dashed into the men's.
  • By all accounts, Boehner appears to be in a stronger position with his rank-and-file than he was 2011 during the debt-ceiling debate, when it was uncertain whether House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia would back the speaker in a deal that included new revenue.
  • James got into a position not unlike a Karate master that would never even consider getting into a fight as long and pointless as this one was turning out to be. The fact that he was wearing a slightly blood stained suit, a gift from the mook that parented him and sent him out named into the world to be beaten on in this fight, just made the whole scene more comical.
  • "Thank you Malachi, you are dismissed." He looked as if he wanted to protest, but decided against it and left. "Alright sir, would you like to join me inside?" she said to Steven. He followed, and she shut the door behind them. Melissa was next, then Mathew, Brittany, and Tyler. While she was interviewing Tyler, Lady Magmilan busted through the door.
  • "TJ, we are the best hope. If there had been any other way, Dave would have spared us the pain and danger and told the government long ago. The only reason he is putting himself at risk is that there is no other way to stop the bomb."
  • "You loved her body, and so you could not harm it. She and I knew that she was not her body. How else do you suppose she could have withstood those weeks of torture? How I longed to rescue her from that, but there was no way. I could only save her from the final agony of fire, and only with an arrow. I could not even weep for her as I killed her, for fear the tears would spoil my aim."
  • "Oh, quite nothing, I would say, except one's a young fellow who jabbers on, and the other an old gent whose hands might shake. But for all that, he's yet to cut off an ear... by accident."
  • It all started with a boy in his class who had targeted a quiet, shy girl for bullying, knowing that she would not speak up for herself or talk to the teacher about the situation. Like most bullies, this boy pushed the girl around and insulted her in front of classmates, but he did this during recess or when the teacher was out of the room. On the few occasions that students spoke up on the girls behalf, the bully threatened them, saying he would beat them up if they told anyone. As he became more confident that he could do whatever he wanted and suffer no consequences for his actions, he began to branch out and verbally attack other students, again threatening them with violence if they said anything about the situation to a teacher or parent.
  • Pierre inquired what was being said about leaving, and the corporal told him that nearly all the troops were starting and there ought to be an order about the prisoners that day. Sokolov, one of the soldiers in the shed with Pierre, was dying, and Pierre told the corporal that something should be done about him. The corporal replied that Pierre need not worry about that as they had an ambulance and a permanent hospital and arrangements would be made for the sick, and that in general everything that could happen had been foreseen by the authorities.
  • The mooks tried to go in, but being the mooks they were Jim managed to kill them in very graphic ways that it would be rather disgusting to describe, but they took a dental tool, three prophylactics and eleven garbage bags to clean up the mess afterwards.
  • Seeing confusion on their guestsfaces, the queen explained. "A wyverie is a person that is immune to dragons. No dragons would do him harm, even if they wanted to."
  • Serenitys heart caught in her chest. She didnt need light to know the persons identity. Even though she had only spent moments with him, she would recognize the breadth of his shoulders, the angle of his jaw and the curve of his forearms anywhere.
  • When the sitarist had completed his tuning, he settled back and the room fell totally silent. He paused a moment, as though in meditation, then struck the first note of a somber melody Hawksworth at first found almost totally rootless. Using a wire plectrum attached to his right forefinger, he seemed to be waving sounds from the air above the fingerboard. A note would shimmer
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