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Okunuşu: / wəːði / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wor·thy
Ekler: wor·thi·er/wor·thi·est
Türü: sıfat, isim


s. değerli;
layık, reva, müstahak;

i. değerli kimse;

worthy için örnek cümleler:

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  • Fikna said, "I have every confidence she will find a gentleman worthy of her. She cultivates many fine qualities." He took a bite out of a chip.
  • As the others wait for him to return with a worthy prize, Titus Lartius and Caius Martius come around a street corner, followed by a column of troops, who are peering back and forth warily, swords held at the ready.
  • Gracious Lord! I am not worthy of the favor for which I ask, but I set as much by it as by life itself. Permit me to take command over these Tartars and move to the field with them at once.
  • From the mouth of the worthy prince of the church there came words like thunderbolts, and the souls of the hearers opened to the truth, almost as flowers open to the sun.
  • Such was the squadron to which the Lion belonged, and on board the Lion sailed Antony Waymouth as master's mate or chief officer under the captain, and his friend Edward Raymond, to whom was awarded the office of cosmographer, he being at the same time an adventurer of some three hundred pounds. Of the Lion an honourable gentleman, John Wood, was captain, and Master James Walker, a truly worthy man, and pious withal, the minister. Captain Lancaster, a man of renown and valour, was the admiral and general; and Nicholas Parker, captain of the Serpent, the vice-admiral. Of the rest of the officers and gentlemen adventurers it is not necessary here to speak. That they were not a godless or a lawless company, intent only on plunder, may be proved by the following rules and articles set down for their guidance:
  • That the cone of Perboewatan was indeed in a state of considerable activity, worthy of a stronger term than "moderate," was very obvious. Although at a distance, as we have said, of four miles, the glare of its fires on the three figures perched near the top of Rakata was very intense, while explosion after explosion sent molten lava and red-hot rocks, pumice, and dust, high into the thickening air--clouds of smoke and steam being vomited forth at the same time. The wind, of which there was very little, blew it all away from the position occupied by the three observers.
  • The Frenchman himself, however, skillful boxer that he was, was not deceived. He realized, as he rested in his corner, that he had met a foeman worthy of the best he had to offer.
  • Instantly Van der Kemp seized the animal by the 'tail, and, Avith a force worthy of Hercules, heaved it aside as if it had been a dead cat, revealing the man of science underneath--alive and well, but dishevelled, scratched, and soiled--also, as deaf as a door-post!
  • "Oh, yes," Zhardann said caustically, "surprise. For beings of our stature, there are worthy tactics and unworthy tactics. Power is meant to be used for domination, not hidden away for -"
  • Yes, that would be like him, she confessed with shudder. "I think he was made to lead a forlorn hope. Pity it won't be one worthy of the best in him."
  • It is downright cruelty on your part to show your self so adorable, so worthy of all love and admiration, my sweet Isabelle, and at the same time to deprive me of every hope, said de Sigognac, ruefully; "to give one glimpse of heaven and then shut me out again; nothing could be more cruel. But I will not despair; I shall make you yield to me yet."
  • Carton, who frequently wanders near the Manetteshouse late at night, enters the house one August day and speaks to Lucie alone. She observes a change in his face. He laments his wasted life, despairing that he shall never live a better life than the one he now lives. Lucie assures him that he might become much worthier of himself. She believes that her tenderness can save him. Carton insists that he has declined beyond salvation but admits that he has always viewed Lucie as "the last dream of [his] soul." She has made him consider beginning his life again, though he no longer believes in the possibility of doing so. He feels happy to have admitted this much to Lucie and to know that something remains in him that still deserves pity. Carton ends his confession with a pledge that he would do anything for Lucie, including give his life.
  • You speak truly, replied the other; "and having so good an object to attain, it is meet that we use the worthiest means to achieve it; a lily should not be trained and nourished by a sullied hand."
  • "You are a woman of great courage," Prince Ahmad said. "I'm very glad I put aside my misgivings and agreed to let you join our party. You are a worthy companion indeed, and if our mission does succeed you will be ranked beside Rida and Shamilah in the annals of history."
  • Coincided with the opening of the tate modern, a worthy brother to hand the baton onto!
  • Yet there he sat at the elbow of his hostess, calm and smiling, no whit removed from his usual self-contained and arrogant self. Christine gave him one long look that seemed to turn her violet eyes black; then she looked no more his way. She could not have told why she hated this action in him so bitterly. Perhaps she felt that he was worthy of higher things, but, if questioned, she would probably have laid it at the door of caste and country. All that she knew, for a poignant moment, was an intense longing to strike the smile from his lips with anything to hand--a wine-glass, a bowl, a knife.
  • So ignominious an end after such worthy service was, however, prevented by the personal interference of the old Prince, who, from his private resources, paid off the most pressing creditors. To the last, the old Prince received him as a friend, and listened to his counsel. Thyma was ever in hopes that some change in the balance of parties would give him his opportunity. When the young Prince succeeded, he was clever enough to see that the presence of such men about his Court gave it a stability, and he, too, invited Thyma to tender his advice. The Baron's hopes now rose higher than ever, but again he was disappointed.
  • Now, my worthy servants, he said, "show these heretic dogs how you obey, that their master may learn the power of your master. You are old and weary of life. Begone, and await me in Paradise."
  • The grave serving-man brought in the wine, which proved worthy of the hostess's praise. Paul was grateful for it, for it helped to steady his shaken nerve. He felt pretty much as he imagined a man might feel who was learning to stand under fire.
  • Thus, since He gave to David (Upon whom be peace) the Vicegerency of the earth together with his Prophethood in exceptional form, He so made the seed of that ability unfold as a miracle worthy of his extensive Prophethood and broad kingship that huge mountains followed him like soldiers, students, or followers, and at his command and in his tongue declared the praises and glorifications of the All-Glorious Creator.
  • The courtier kept silence for a few moments. "The prisoner must not be found," he thought, "or mayhap the young lord, Josceline De Aldithely, will be undone; and for the friendship I do bear his father, this may not be. But neither must the worthy bailiff die." Then he spoke.
  • The leaders of the different companies, therefore, mingled on terms of perfect good fellowship; interchanging visits, and regaling each other in the best style their respective camps afforded. But the rich treat for the worthy captain was to see the "chivalry" of the various encampments, engaged in contests of skill at running, jumping, wrestling, shooting with the rifle, and running horses. And then their rough hunters' feastings and carousels. They drank together, they sang, they laughed, they whooped; they tried to out-brag and out-lie each other in stories of their adventures and achievements. Here the free trappers were in all their glory; they considered themselves the "cocks of the walk," and always carried the highest crests. Now and then familiarity was pushed too far, and would effervesce into a brawl, and a "rough and tumble" fight; but it all ended in cordial reconciliation and maudlin endearment.
  • The king clapped his hands. "He must be first everywhere! worthy General, I know him. He is a terribly stubborn cavalier, and will not let himself be smoked out."
  • In vain did Anusia, while running after her through the room, endeavor to comfort her. She repeated continually one thing,--that she was not worthy of him, that she would not dare to look in his eyes; then again she would begin to speak of the deeds of Babinich, of the seizure of Boguslav, of his revenge, of saving the king, of Prostki, Volmontovichi, and Chenstohova; and at last of her own faults, of her stubbornness, for which she must do penance in the cloister.
  • After this meeting, Passepartout and Fix got into the habit of chatting together, the latter making it a point to gain the worthy man's confidence. He frequently offered him a glass of whiskey or pale ale in the steamer bar-room, which Passepartout never failed to accept with graceful alacrity, mentally pronouncing Fix the best of good fellows.
  • Ryson turned one option over in his mind. He needed to convince the goblins that Burbon was not a worthy target for their ill-will, and he had a messenger before him. He stared deeply into the swollen face of the goblin.
  • But it all left an impression of sadness and of suppressed awe upon the minds and susceptibilities of the worthy Richmond yokels come with their wives or sweethearts to enjoy the fun of the fair, and gladly did everyone emerge out of that melancholy booth into the sunshine, the brightness and the noise.
  • We have seen how, being taken into confidence by his daughter, he had allowed Amlie, disguised as a Bressan peasant, to be present at the trial. The reader will also remember the kindness the worthy man had shown to Amlie and her mother when they themselves were prisoners. This time, as he was still ignorant of the rejection of the appeal, he allowed his feelings to be worked upon. Charlotte had told him that her young mistress was to start that night for Paris to endeavor to hasten the pardon, and that she desired before leaving to see the Baron de Sainte-Hermine and obtain his last instructions.
  • The Horticultural Society of Haarlem had shown itself worthy of its fame by giving a hundred thousand guilders for the bulb of a tulip. The town, which did not wish to be outdone, voted a like sum, which was placed in the hands of that notable body to solemnise the auspicious event.
  • Mareth waved a dismissive hand in Mercas direction. "Your games with the Lord General are not my concern. I am here for my glory alone. I will track down this warlock of yours because it sounds like a worthy challenge. My entertainment is the only reason I chose to serve you. I have been briefed on Kuzzaks time table. I will rejoin you when the task is complete."
  • "Thats not a helpful mind-set. Try thinking of these people as though they were gods. Never underestimate your adversary, right? Treat them as if they were worthy of your subtlety, even if theyre not; youll be able to get a lot more done with them in any case if you dont look at them like squirrels. Ill grant you it may be more fun to eradicate a few here and there, but thats not what were here for, as I recall. Unless youve changed your agenda?"
  • Finnegaff strode to the center of the small shaded clearing and held his arms out. "Fair elves! I, Finnegaff the Sorcerer, along with my worthy party, have come in peace. We ask passage to your sacred city, and audience with her majesty Queen Ronnameth. We beg you heed our call and grace us with your presence!" Immediately from amongst the trees emerged three elves, dressed in green robes and carrying long bows. The first of them spoke.
  • We have nothing with which to sink it, and the waters have already given up their trust. There, if I mistake not, we shall find a tomb worthy of a better man than this.
  • I had another attainment, of which too I did not neglect to inform him; for it was one of which I was not a little proud. Much of my time, during my residence at Oxford, had been devoted to the study of polemical divinity, or the art of abuse, extracted from the scriptures, the fathers, and the different doctors of different faiths. The points that had most attracted my attention were the disputes concerning the Athanasian creed, and the thirty-nine articles. On both these subjects I had made many extracts, many remarks, and collected many authorities; for I had subscribed the thirty-nine articles, and consequently the Athanasian creed, and what I had done it became me to defend. This is the maxim of all people, who think it more worthy their dignity to be consistent in error than to forget self, revere truth, and retract.
  • I had need for sparring; and of all the Hamlet soldiers, there was just one whose iron I counted worthy of sharpening with mine. Magdalen was my fiercest competitor, and the finest fighter I ever knew. Though we had not yet taken to the fields of combat, ourselves; it could be seen plainly that he and I were far more advanced in skill than all the others which had trained with us. When we took part in mocked battle, all halted - guide and novice, akin - and took note of us.
  • Great hopping watermelons! yelled the farmer, rushing at his son followed by his wife. Together the worthy souls almost squashed the small lad like a butterfly under a harrow. But at last the first greetings were over and the farmer turned to the somewhat amused group of boys and men who were looking on.
  • And without further ado the worthy fellow sprang into a cab and was whirled away to the residence of the American consul. Yes, the consul had a cablegram for him, but it was at his office. Could Captain Murphy not wait until morning?
  • Gradually, a worthy lieutenant of the old grey chief began to show symptoms of impatience, and the hungry circle closed in. Vixen looked up and whinnied slightly. It seemed a pitiful appeal for help from the human friends who had cared for her so well and so long.
  • The rash exploit had been accomplished; and for an hour Passepartout laughed gaily at his success. Sir Francis pressed the worthy fellow's hand, and his master said, "Well done!" which, from him, was high commendation; to which Passepartout replied that all the credit of the affair belonged to Mr. Fogg. As for him, he had only been struck with a "queer" idea; and he laughed to think that for a few moments he, Passepartout, the ex-gymnast, ex-sergeant fireman, had been the spouse of a charming woman, a venerable, embalmed rajah! As for the young Indian woman, she had been unconscious throughout of what was passing, and now, wrapped up in a travelling-blanket, was reposing in one of the howdahs.
  • As the brothers stood and backed away, a great weight lifted from their shoulders. They had done their duty bravely and had accomplished a worthy good deed. Their consciences freed them for much more pleasurable thoughts and they looked around.
  • It may not sound poetical, but it is only simple fact that with the sight of the buck unconscious of his danger the dominant emotion of the Shawanoe was a sense of ravening hunger. It was a long time since he had partaken of food and his appetite was worthy of Victor Shelton. He meant that that buck should fill the aching void that vexed him.
  • If my life were spared, here was one more splendid new leaf for my laurel crown. If, on the other hand, I died, then it would be a death worthy of such a career. I said nothing, but I cannot doubt that all the noble thoughts that were in me shone in my face, for Massena took my hand and wrung it.
  • After dinner, word was brought that Jacques had returned with two peasants from Montagnac. They wanted exact directions as to where the hunters had left the animal. Roland rose, intending to go to them, but Madame de Montrevel, who could never see enough of her son, turned to the messenger and said: "Bring these worthy men in here. It is not necessary to disturb M. Roland for that."
  • But there was another person in the household whose history is worthy of narration--the poor Indian woman--"Madge," as we called her for shortness, though her real name was Okenmadgelika. She also owed her life to Uncle Donald.
  • Such was the substance of the worthy secretary's remarks to us. We could not go in search of the admiral, as it was uncertain where he was to be found, so, very little satisfied with our morning's work, we left the house.
  • Everything would have been over then, as all was over with Rogers and Gratian! This foolish expedition would thus have come to a conclusion worthy of such rashness and imprudence!
  • She was a housewife of high degree, and would not have thought of leaving--perhaps for months--her immaculate window-panes and her spotless floors and furniture, had she not also left some one to take care of them. A distant cousin, Miss Willy Croup, had lived with her since her husband's death, and though this lady was willing to stay during Mrs. Cliff's absence, Mrs. Cliff considered her too quiet and inoffensive to be left in entire charge of her possessions, and Miss Betty Handshall, a worthy maiden of fifty, a little older than Willy, and a much more determined character, was asked to come and live in Mrs. Cliffs house until her return.
  • Worthy bailiff, he said, "what is done cannot be undone. The prisoner is gone, no man knoweth whither. Thy only hope is in flight. And to that, seeing thou art a worthy man, I will help thee. Go thou apparently to seek for the prisoner, but flee for thy life, and tell me not where. Thou knowest a place of safety, I warrant thee."
  • Not that I haven't a due regard for the prize, went on Dick. "But if I lost it, and still could have the honor of producing an airship that would be thought worthy of government approval, that would be worth while."
  • The truth is, replied Dantes, "that I am too happy for noisy mirth; if that is what you meant by your observation, my worthy friend, you are right; joy takes a strange effect at times, it seems to oppress us almost the same as sorrow."
  • "That I neither know how she should be loved, nor feel how she should be worthy is the opinion that fire cannot melt out of me!" claims Benedick. "I will die in it at the stake!"
  • Although dalton seems amiable enough, he struggles at times to find anything worthy to say.
  • And it is more worthy of it, because it is existent, it has an external reality.
  • The great chief was unbounded in his expressions of gratitude for the recovery of his daughter. He would fain have detained the captain a long time as his guest, but the time for departure had arrived. When the captain's horse was brought for him to mount, the chief declared that the steed was not worthy of him, and sent for one of his best horses, which he presented in its stead; declaring that it made his heart glad to see his friend so well mounted. He then appointed a young Nez Perce to accompany his guest to the next village, and "to carry his talk" concerning them; and the two parties separated with mutual expressions of good will.
  • So good-bye, brave little lads! Good-bye, stout old Foster-father and kindly Foster-mother! Good-bye, worthy Head-nurse with your strings of titles, and good-bye, dainty little Bija! Good-bye also to grinning Meroo, to purring Down, and frolicking Tumbu!
  • "Yourvirtueis to make him worthy whose offence subdues him,"—praise the punished criminal, "and curse that Justice did it! Who deserves greatness deserves your hate!—and your affections are for a sick mans appetiteone who most desires that which would increase his evil!
  • That worthy fellow persisted in seeing in the Commander of the Nautilus one of those unknown servants who return mankind contempt for indifference. For him, he was a misunderstood genius who, tired of earth's deceptions, had taken refuge in this inaccessible medium, where he might follow his instincts freely. To my mind, this explains but one side of Captain Nemo's character. Indeed, the mystery of that last night during which we had been chained in prison, the sleep, and the precaution so violently taken by the Captain of snatching from my eyes the glass I had raised to sweep the horizon, the mortal wound of the man, due to an unaccountable shock of the Nautilus, all put me on a new track. No; Captain Nemo was not satisfied with shunning man. His formidable apparatus not only suited his instinct of freedom, but perhaps also the design of some terrible retaliation.
  • This the worthy man said to calm Nellie's fears, though in his own heart there was real anxiety, and he was not long in placing the horses fast to the big sled. But before he left he stopped to turn Midnight into the barn floor, threw on her blanket, and left her quietly munching a liberal supply of hay.
  • The soldier bows. "I am called Dercetas. Mark Antony I served, whose best was worthy best to be served. Whilst he stood up and spoke, he was my master; and I wore my life to spend upon his haters!"
  • The First Cure : Scruples like this are worthy of the Mutazilites, because they say: Actions and things for which a person is responsible are either, of themselves and in regard to the hereafter, good, and because of that good they were commanded, or they are bad, and because they are bad they were prohibited.
  • In writing a personal narrative I take it that the most important events to be chronicled in the life of a man are his choice of a wife and his choice of a profession. As I am unmarried, the chief event in my life is my choice of a profession, and as to that, as a matter of fact, I was given no choice, but from my earliest childhood was destined to be a soldier. My education and my daily environment each pointed to that career, and even if I had shown a remarkable aptitude for any other calling, which I did not, I doubt if I would have pursued it. I am confident that had my education been directed in an entirely different channel, I should have followed my destiny, and come out a soldier in the end. For by inheritance as well as by instinct I was foreordained to follow the fortunes of war, to delight in the clash of arms and the smoke of battle; and I expect that when I do hear the clash of arms and smell the smoke of battle, the last of the Macklins will prove himself worthy of his ancestors.
  • Offering the benefit of having no upward chain, the property is worthy of an early internal viewing.
  • Fikna said, "Most treacherous to end the game in that manner. However, good timing regardless. Its not often you are victorious at cards, Rord. I played poorly in your place, although I admit I learned a great amount. Next time I shall offer a more worthy opposition."
  • Inspired by humility before God and pride before his fellowmen, the Emperor Justinian moves to his prie dieu. He falls on his knees and exclaims: "God be praised who has thought me worthy to bring such a work to completion! I have surpassed thee, O Solomon."
  • Of course Jup was now well used to service. He brushed their clothes, he turned the spit, he waited at table, he swept the rooms, he gathered wood, and he performed another admirable piece of service which delighted Pencrofthe never went to sleep without first coming to tuck up the worthy sailor in his bed.
  • Eli recognized this worthy immediately, nor was he very much surprised to see him there, since Owen had declared it to be his belief that they might run across him sooner or later.
  • "We have had the worthiest intention in mind during our secret actions: to make Vint a better place. All our work, our going behind the Magisters back, has been toward a long-term plan for change in the way we deal with our neighbors. A test, if you will. The trade agreements we made, the deals we brokered without his consent, needed to be made to gauge whether our country could succeed in expanding its borders in any direction, or if the idea of a Vinten empire was, in the end, mere folly."
  • We have already given a picture of a free trapper and his horse, as furnished by Captain Bonneville: we shall here subjoin, as a companion picture, his description of a free trapper's wife, that the reader may have a correct idea of the kind of blessing the worthy hunter in question had invoked to solace him in the wilderness.
  • As their poverty offers no temptation to the marauder, and as they are inoffensive in their habits, they are never the objects of warfare: should one of them, however, fall into the hands of a war party, he is sure to be made a sacrifice, for the sake of that savage trophy, a scalp, and that barbarous ceremony, a scalp dance. These forlorn beings, forming a mere link between human nature and the brute, have been looked down upon with pity and contempt by the creole trappers, who have given them the appellation of "les dignes de pitie," or "the objects of pity."; They appear more worthy to be called the wild men of the mountains.
  • Men are rendered selfish, and corrupt, by the baneful influence of the systems under which they live: but it is well worthy the attention of those who believe mankind to be generally capable of great happiness, and who are desirous to promote it, that, however the wants of the wretched may tempt them to accept the immediate relief that is within their reach, they never collectively fail to bestow the most unbounded applause, on those principles by which their own proceedings are condemned. They are not in love with baseness: it is forced upon them.
  • Your reactions are not foreign to me. I expect I am doing much of the same, Mappel admitted. "I keep reaffirming that there are other powers at work here, coming to our aid. I have made such a claim when Lief came upon Ryson Acumen and again when I found you here in Connel. It lessens my own concerns to hope that we are not left alone to face such a dreadful task, but I must face the cold facts. Elflore is lacking in guidance. We face this matter with but our own wisdom. Perhaps it is but a test to prove whether we are worthy for what might come in the future. Perhaps the same is true for your people as well. If you are to see the plan of Godson unfold, then you must deal with this particular danger with your own spirit and power."
  • The empty plinth was then adjudged a work of art worthy of exhibition, while the head was rejected.
  • When I came aboard Hartog was overjoyed at my return. "I shall have to keep thee tied up, Peter," he said to me, in jest at my frequent mishaps. "You are for ever either falling overboard or running away." But when I told him of my adventure on Amazon Island he listened with great interest, expressing regret that I should have pledged my word against the ship's calling there. His disappointment, however, was modified when I told him that nothing of any commercial value was to be found upon either of the Engano Islands; nothing, in fact, being worthy of notice but the wonderful contentment of the inhabitants, a commodity which could not be carried away.
  • Now my name is not Jasper Derry if I enter your hut this night, said the hunter stoutly. "If I could not turn round and walk straight back to the fort this night, I would not be worthy of your daughter, old man. So come along with you. What say you, Arrowhead; shall we go straight back?"
  • As soon as the prince came into the king's presence, he bowed and kissed the floor. The king, who, of all that hitherto had exposed their lives on this occasion, had not before seen one worthy of his notice, had now a real compassion for prince Camaralzaman, on account of the danger he was about to expose himself to; and perceiving in him something which merited deference and respect, he did him the more honour, and made him seat himself near him. Young man, said he, I can hardly believe that you, at this age, can have acquired sufficient experience to enable you to cure my daughter. I will give her to you with all my heart on that account; nay, more willingly than I should have done to others who have before offered themselves; but then I declare to you, at the same time, with, a great deal of concern, that if you fail to succeed in your attempt, notwithstanding your noble appearance, and exceedingly beautiful person, you must lose your head.
  • This love results in giving to the soul objects of love worthy of it in Paradise.
  • It seems that for a while Jane was very angry. Then she remembered that, after all, Dr. Merchison had apologised, and that he had made his offensive remarks in the ignorance and prejudice which afflicted the entire medical profession and were more worthy of pity than of anger. Further, she remembered that in her indignation she had forgotten to acknowledge or accept his apology, and, lastly, she asked him to a garden-party.
  • In a short time the groans of the wounded were heard. By a strange chance three young men fell, all named Yan. This amazed other defenders bearing the same name; but in general the defence was worthy of the storm. Even women, children, and old men came out on the walls. Soldiers stood there with unterrified heart, in smoke and fire, amid a rain of missiles, and answered with determination to the fire of the enemy. Some seized the wheels and rolled the cannon to the most exposed places; others thrust into breaches in the walls stones, beams, dung, and earth.
  • Meantime, Beth, her brother, and Pratt had gratified their most crying needs on Algy's cooking, much to that worthy Celestial's delight. There were two things Beth intended to perform: report the results of her labors to Van, and attack Mr. Lawrence in his den.
  • The opera of "Parisina" was announced for representation, and the principal actors were Coselli, Moriani, and La Specchia. The young men, therefore, had reason to consider themselves fortunate in having the opportunity of hearing one of the best works by the composer of "Lucia di Lammermoor," supported by three of the most renowned vocalists of Italy. Albert had never been able to endure the Italian theatres, with their orchestras from which it is impossible to see, and the absence of balconies, or open boxes; all these defects pressed hard on a man who had had his stall at the Bouffes, and had shared a lower box at the Opera. Still, in spite of this, Albert displayed his most dazzling and effective costumes each time he visited the theatres; but, alas, his elegant toilet was wholly thrown away, and one of the most worthy representatives of Parisian fashion had to carry with him the mortifying reflection that he had nearly overrun Italy without meeting with a single adventure.
  • She must have looked at her watch 40 or 50 times during the 48-minute lunch. Summer worked for a foundation that donated its time and money to worthy causes. It was up to Summer to find those companies, or individuals, that could turn the money into growing human capital.
  • Waiting till fortune should throw a situation in my way, worthy to be honoured by my acceptance, I thought I could not do better than to devote my leisure to my charming Laura, whom I had not seen since the pleasant occurrence of our double discovery. I could not venture on dressing as Don Caesar de Ribera; it would have been an act of madness to have assumed that style but as a disguise. Besides that my own suit was not much out of condition, all smaller articles had propagated miraculously in the aforesaid bundle. I made myself up, therefore, with the barber's aid, as a sort of middle man between Don Caesar and Gil Blas. In this demi- character, I knocked at Arsenia's door. Laura was alone in the parlour where we had met last. Ah! is it you? cried she, as soon as she saw me; I thought you were lost. You have had leave to come and see me for this week: but it seems you are modest, and do not presume too much on your license.
  • Nothing worthy of notice occurred until he reached the lake above-mentioned, on the borders of which he halted. Looking across the bay, on the other side of which the hunter's wigwam stood, he could discern among the pines and willows, the orange-coloured birch-bark of which it was made, but no wreath of blue smoke told of the presence of the hunter.
  • "Alastor, son of Eoin. What are those names to me? He said them as though they had some meaning, worthy of remembrance. He failed to mention that Eoin fell like a coward, much like his son is about to."
  • Marina steps back. "If you were born to honour, show it now!" she demands. "If it was put upon you, make good the judgment that thought you worthy of it!"
  • As Billy predicted, every quad worthy of the name flew up to find out what was going on. Every city had a militia -- after three centuries of war, the Empire had plenty of veterans. These were now the threat.
  • Also, in old age you will see that you have achieved success in performing more worship, and so will be more worthy to receive Divine mercy.
  • Then let it burn me up, replied Imbozwi with ineffable contempt, "and I will believe that these white men are magicians worthy to be kept alive, and not common slave-traders such as we have often heard of."
  • Blondin, being a polite, intelligent fellow as well as our foreman, was privileged to take his meals with us, besides occupying one of our four rooms. In consequence of this we conversed chiefly in the patois French of the country, for the worthy man was not deeply learned in English. Salamander messed with the men in their own house, after preparing and spreading our meals.
  • Lucius is hardly surprised; no one bets against Rome. "Dream often so, and never falsely," he says dryly, as they round a turn. "Softho!" he cries, after spotting two bodies on the ground ahead. "What trunk is here without its top?" he gasps, dismayed, as he approaches. "The ruin speaks that it was sometime a worthy building!"
  • Unfortunately, I am peculiarly situated. My worthy uncle, who is all to me in this world, would be quite alone if I were to leave him; and although he has never said so, I know he dreads the possibility of my suggesting such a thing to him: so that, between his fears and mine, the matter is never broached by either party, nor do I think ever can be.
  • That I do not know for certain,"" replied Meeker. ""I believe the chap in the navy-pantaloons is known as--Buckrow, and the other, the tall Briton, is called 'Long Jim,' or some such name, by his companions. They both appear to be worthy men, and it made me sad to see them on the beach in Manila for the need of passage to Hong-Kong, or some other place where they would be more likely to get a ship."
  • Most surprising is the $43 billion in pension assets held by the United Nations Investment Management Division, 96% of which is managed in-house. While the United Nations and its Secretary General are involved in a plethora of worthy initiatives to create a more sustainable society, according to SAM, its pension fund appears uninterested in sophisticated ESG integration strategies when it makes decisions. Until all organizationscorporations, governments, and multilateral organizations like the UNmanage their pension assets in a way consistent with their rhetoric, the sustainability movement will lag behind its potential.
  • As often happens when an individual is mentioned, the worthy referred to opened the door at that moment and stepped into the room.
  • "Good fortune, worthy soldier; and farewell!" The aging warriors walk outside, where some of Antonys troops await. The military contingent will escort him and his new wife to the river for the start of their sea voyage to Athens.
  • Rao maintained a respectful tone, as his training dictated with a high-ranking sage. "I will observe your powers, Briraji, and hope to learn from you, when you deem me worthy enough to teach."
  • Unvarnished opinion is that the house gobbling up pushes is simply part of the cost of philanthropic entertainment in support of worthy causes.
  • And yet it is difficult to imagine an historical character whose activity was so unswervingly directed to a single aim; and it would be difficult to imagine any aim more worthy or more consonant with the will of the whole people. Still more difficult would it be to find an instance in history of the aim of an historical personage being so completely accomplished as that to which all Kutuzov's efforts were directed in 1812.
  • First, any man will succeed in being angry,--for example, my anger at Radzivill; secondly, how could he be incensed at Radzeyovski when he took his sons in guardianship, because the father was not better? That is a golden heart, and I think it is the queen who is making requests against the life of Radzivill. She is a worthy lady, not a word against that, but she has a woman's mind; and know that if a woman is enraged at you, even should you hide in a crack of the floor, she will pick you out with a pin.
  • As the mail-cart was returning the next day to Lisbon, I immediately sat down and replied to the worthy Father's letter, speaking as encouragingly as I could of my own prospects. I dwelt much upon what was nearest my heart, and begged of the good priest to watch over my uncle's health, to cheer his spirits and support his courage; and that I trusted the day was not far distant when I should be once more among them, with many a story of fray and battle-field to enliven their firesides. Pressing him to write frequently to me, I closed my hurried letter; and having despatched it, sat sorrowfully down to muse over my fortunes.
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