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Okunuşu: / wəːði / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wor·thy
Ekler: wor·thi·er/wor·thi·est
Türü: sıfat, isim


s. değerli;
layık, reva, müstahak;

i. değerli kimse;

worthy için örnek cümleler:

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  • Ulysses, retiring a little out of sight, cleansed him in the cisterns from the soil and impurities with which the rocks and waves had covered all his body, and clothing himself with befitting raiment, which the princess's attendants had given him, he presented himself in more worthy shape to Nausicaa. She admired to see what a comely personage he was, now he was dressed in all parts; she thought him some king or hero: and secretly wished that the gods would be pleased to give her such a husband.
  • During this dreadful siege, which threatened death in every form, we had two men killed, and four wounded, besides a number of cattle. We killed of the enemy thirty-seven, and wounded a great number. After they were gone, we picked up one hundred and twenty- five pounds weight of bullets, besides what stuck in the logs of our fort; which certainly is a great proof of their industry. Soon after this, I went into the settlement, and nothing worthy of a place in this account passed in my affairs for some time.
  • I am delighted to report that the new mgf has a horn worthy of the great british marque.
  • I'd be a donkey if I didn't, and not worthy of being called a scout, the other boy remarked with scathing emphasis. "Fact is, if my mind wasn't so much wrapped up with this aeroplane stability device, I couldn't have missed seeing that little trick myself if I'd looked the ground over; because that happens to be one of the first things I ever learned about tracking and trailing."
  • The old chief proved himself well worthy of the dignity bestowed on him. By word and gesture he animated his people to fight bravely, and to resist to the last; and every time they raised one of their war-whoops, he led the chorus, which these returned with no less vehemence. Still, as I considered the matter, I began to apprehend that we were completely in the power of our vindictive enemies. While we were inside our entrenchments, they knew that it was more prudent not to come to the hand-to-hand encounter; but if we attempted to move onward, we should be instantly surrounded and cut down. The Dacotahs had enough men to keep watch and watch, and to tire us out. Had we been a party of men alone, we might have cut our way through them; but, of course, with the women and children that was impossible. As long as the powder lasted we might keep them at bay; and thus all we could do was to hold out bravely, and to hope that some turn might occur in our favour.
  • "Why ravest thou, Atene, like some short-lived summer torrent against the barrier of a seamless cliff? Dost think, poor creature of an hour, to sweep away the rock of my eternal strength with foam and bursting bubbles? Have done and listen. I do not seek thy petty rule, who, if I will it, can take the empire of the world. Yet learn, thou holdest it of my hand. More--I purpose soon to visit thee in thy city--choose thou if it shall be in peace or war! Therefore, Khania, purge thy court and amend thy laws, that when I come I may find contentment in the land which now it lacks, and confirm thee in thy government. My counsel to thee also is that thou choose some worthy man to husband, let him be whom thou wilt, if only he is just and upright and one upon whom thou mayest rest, needing wise guidance as thou dost, Atene. Come, now, my guests, let us hence," and she walked past the Khania, stepping fearlessly upon the very edge of the wind-swept, rounded peak.
  • The crack that creaked was not the dawn; but the floor the old man walked upon. For it was noon when he awoke, styling his warmth with a dingy coat. Lanky and bent an old man was he, with gnarled yellow teeth amounting to three. With clothes always stained he always complained in a mood disregarding affection. He liked it that way for "Who?" he would say, "is worthy of my attention?"
  • It was a case of contested will no very uncommon thing. But in that to which I refer, there were circumstances of a peculiar, I might say very peculiar, kind. These, with the position of the parties concerned, rendered the suit worthy of being placed among the records of causes celebres.
  • He changed his lodgings a second time, from the worthy Mrs Martin's first-floor to the apartments of a certain Abednego in Curseover Street, who keeps a court of reception--popularly know as a sponging-house, of the class immortalised by Hogarth--for gentlemen under a pecuniary cloud.
  • Aiden stood still for a long moment, unsure of its intent, until the wolf casually trotted off into the undergrowth, as if it had deemed the young man to be non-threatening and hardly worthy of its attention. Even though Colt had at least partially trained it, the young man was still nervous around the beast, the memory of its jaws digging into his flesh still vivid in his mind. Shaking his head, he continued his search and eventually found Nellise kneeling down on the other side of the mausoleum, which turned out to be the front, judging by the outline of a door in the weathered stone.
  • Lord Philario returns the formal bow of Posthumus Leonatus, then grips his hand, as both beam. He turns to the guests. "I beseech you all, be better known to this gentleman, whom I commend to you as a noble friend of mine! How worthy he is I will leave to appear hereafter, rather than story him within his own hearing!"
  • The trip to Moose Junction did not take long. The place seemed hardly worthy of its name. There was no imposing station, but only a little wooden shack with a long platform for freight. But at one side of the shack was a train that provoked exclamations of delighted laughter.
  • He opened his eyes to see her in her nightgown, looking terrified. He must have been talking in his sleep or making some other noise. His heart was racing and he was covered in icy cold sweat. He started to shiver uncontrollably. Sasha sat behind him and wrapped her arm tight around him, the same way he would do to her when she was having an episode. Her hands began to warm as her fear subsided. The warmth was most welcome. He didnt feel worthy of the love and comfort, but he took it anyway. Warmth began to make its way through him as his ragged breath slowed and heart calmed.
  • My eyes shot around the area. Why wasnt anyone helping? Behind me, the Guardians all stood with their weapons out. What was the point if they werent going to use them? As I turned back to Luke, he stared off toward Lucia. The pained expression never left his face. Carmela held on to his hand with more fierceness, as if she were protecting him. As my gaze followed Lukes, I took in the two women at the top of the hill, all in their white, like they were pure. In that moment, I wanted to scratch their eyes out and paint them in black. I wanted to burn the tattoos off their flesh. They werent worthy enough to wear such divine markings. We were protectors; we were not evil, yet these women were. A chill started at the base of my spine and worked its way up.
  • "Oh, Natasha!" said Sonya, looking ecstatically and earnestly at her friend as if she did not consider her worthy to hear what she meant to say and as if she were saying it to someone else, with whom joking was out of the question, "I am in love with your brother once for all and, whatever may happen to him or to me, shall never cease to love him as long as I live."
  • The next three days passed without the occurrence of anything worthy of record, save that Flora, acting upon Dick's advice, continued her pistol practice, with the view of further perfecting herself at the target, and acquiring even still greater dexterity. On the fourth day, however, feeling that she was tolerably proficient, and perhaps wearying somewhat of the monotony of perpetual shooting at a target, as soon as Leslie and the natives--one of whom now readily answered to the name of Cuffy, while the other did not disdain to be styled Sambo--had gone off to the brig, she resolved to treat herself to the luxury of a long ramble, with only Sailor for company. Accordingly, packing a small basket with a sufficient luncheon for herself and the dog, she set off.
  • When Dr. Toole grumbled at his disappointment, he was not at all aware how nearly his interview with Loftus had knocked the entire affair on the head. He had no idea how much that worthy person was horrified by his proposition; and Toole walked off in a huff, without bidding him good-night, and making a remark in which the words 'old woman' occurred pretty audibly. But Loftus remained under the glimpses of the moon in perturbation and sore perplexity. It was so late he scarcely dared disturb Dr. Walsingham or General Chattesworth. But there came the half-stifled cadence of a song--not bacchanalian, but sentimental--something about Daphne and a swain--struggling through the window-shutters next the green hall-door close by, and Dan instantly bethought himself of Father Roach. So knocking stoutly at the window, he caused the melody to subside and the shutter to open. When the priest, looking out, saw Dan Loftus in his deshabille, I believe he thought for a moment it was something from the neighbouring churchyard.
  • But no exposition that he could give sufficed to affect the foregone conclusion that both the Bible and the Pilgrim, containing as they did matter that was offensive to the Queen, were worthy of condemnation, and, therefore, doomed to the flames.
  • That worthy mariner quite agreed with him. "It's the very best thing you could do, sir," he answered. "It would have annoyed me terribly to have had to shoot you out of mischief's way, because you've been kind enough to say you like my poetry, and because I've come to see, sir, you're a gentleman."
  • Paying for what he thought for Yumas house was no big deal. He paid $1.5 million to the tribe for the five-acres of vacant landthe land was appraised for $500,000, and he also donated another $750,000 to a general scholarship fund for worthy students to go to college. The details of this transaction remained firmly confidential at Gils request meaning that Leslie had no knowledge of the benefactor that anonymously donated the money to start the scholarship fund.
  • Indeed, even the sleepy Step Hen sat up and took notice that the two mentioned, as well as Jim and Eli, were already on their feet, exchanging significant looks. Words were hardly needed to proclaim that they deemed the circumstance as one worthy of investigation.
  • "When it is paid according to the tenor," says Shylock. "It doth appear you are a worthy judge; you know the lawyour exposition hath been most sound. I charge you, by the law whereof you are a well-deserving pillar, proceed to judgment!
  • Crowned less than a year ago, Louis XI stands beside two heavy but finely carved oak chairs at the front of a grand reception hall in his palace at Rheims. "Fair Queen of England, worthy Margaret, sit down with us! It ill-befits thy state and birth that thou shouldst stand while Louis doth sit!"
  • Mr. Arkins answered by a vigorous and convincing shake of the head. It was very pleasant to hear this worthy American talk. He was completely acclimatized on his archipelago, and to the conditions of life there. He lived with his family as the penguins lived in their rookeries. His wife was a "valiant" woman of the Scriptural type, his sons were strong, hardy fellows, who did not know what sickness meant. His business was prosperous. The Green Cormorant had the custom of all the ships, whalers and others, that put in at Kerguelen. Atkins supplied them with everything they required, and no second inn existed at Christmas Harbour. His sons were carpenters, sailmakers, and fishers, and they hunted the amphibians in all the creeks during the hot season. In short, this was a family of honest folk who fulfilled their destiny without much difficulty.
  • Henry accepts it. "We thank thee, gentle Percy, for thy painsand to thy worth will add right worthy gains!" NorthumberlandSir Henry Percy, long ago knighted by King Richardbows.
  • Young people who appreciate Tom Brown's School-days will find this story a worthy companion to that fascinating book. There is the same manliness of tone, truthfulness of outline, avoidance of exaggeration and caricature, and healthy morality as characterized the masterpiece of Mr. Hughes.--Newcastle Journal.
  • Grant me, O Christ, to take vengeance, not for my own wrongs, but for the insults wrought on the country! I am a sinner; I am not worthy of Thy grace; but have mercy on me! Permit me to shed the blood of heretics, and for Thy praise I will fast and scourge myself every week on this day till the end of my life.
  • If my worthy ancestor could see that, said John Chinn, "he'd have been proud of me. Eyes, lower jaw, and lungs. A very nice shot." He whistled for Bukta as he drew the tape over the stiffening bulk.
  • "Theyre testing us," Sarah whispered, barely audible. "Theyre making certain were deemed worthy to enter their territory."
  • The grave serving-man brought in the wine, which proved worthy of the hostess's praise. Paul was grateful for it, for it helped to steady his shaken nerve. He felt pretty much as he imagined a man might feel who was learning to stand under fire.
  • Yes, that would be like him, she confessed with shudder. "I think he was made to lead a forlorn hope. Pity it won't be one worthy of the best in him."
  • 'Tis well, Danglars--'tis well! replied M. Morrel. "You are a worthy fellow; and I had already thought of your interests in the event of poor Edmond having become captain of the Pharaon."
  • "Why aren't you in Tolosa? You ought to be in Tolosa. Isn't Tolosa the proper field for your abilities, for your sympathies, for your profusions, for your generosities--the king without a crown, the man without a fortune! But here there is nothing worthy of your talents. No, there is no longer anything worth any sort of trouble here. There isn't even that ridiculous Monsieur George. I understand that the talk of the coast from here to Cette is that Monsieur George is drowned. Upon my word I believe he is. And serve him right, too. There's Therese, but I don't suppose that your love for your sister . . ."
  • It is not a custom with us, answered Zamoyski, "to refuse hospitality to any man, even should he come uninvited. There will always be a place at my table for a guest; but for such a worthy person as the Swedish monarch the first place. Inform then the Most Serene King of Sweden that I invite him, and all the more gladly since the Most Serene Carolus Gustavus is lord in Sweden, as I am in Zamost. But as your worthiness has seen, there is no lack of servants in my house; therefore his Swedish Serenity need not bring his servants with him. Should he bring them I might think that he counts me a poor man, and wishes to show me contempt."
  • In a short time the groans of the wounded were heard. By a strange chance three young men fell, all named Yan. This amazed other defenders bearing the same name; but in general the defence was worthy of the storm. Even women, children, and old men came out on the walls. Soldiers stood there with unterrified heart, in smoke and fire, amid a rain of missiles, and answered with determination to the fire of the enemy. Some seized the wheels and rolled the cannon to the most exposed places; others thrust into breaches in the walls stones, beams, dung, and earth.
  • In the meantime our worthy little Lieutenant Puddock--by this time quite reconciled to the new state of things, walked up to Belmont, with his head a great deal fuller--such and so great are human vagaries--of the interview pending between him and Aunt Becky than of the little romance which had exploded so unexpectedly about a fortnight ago.
  • A disease, which Captain Bonneville supposed to be pneumonia, now appeared among the Indians, carrying off numbers of them after an illness of three or four days. The worthy captain acted as physician, prescribing profuse sweatings and copious bleedings, and uniformly with success, if the patient were subsequently treated with proper care. In extraordinary cases, the poor savages called in the aid of their own doctors or conjurors, who officiated with great noise and mummery, but with little benefit. Those who died during this epidemic were buried in graves, after the manner of the whites, but without any regard to the direction of the head. It is a fact worthy of notice that, while this malady made such ravages among the natives, not a single white man had the slightest symptom of it.
  • The worthy man had done his best to imitate his favourite flower in the sombre and stern elegance of his garments; and we are bound to record, to his honour, that he had perfectly succeeded in his object.
  • Redeveloped to create a cultural complex worthy of the 21st century.
  • Kalumah's preserver was seen several times. This worthy bear paced to and fro on the deserted plains in melancholy mood, pausing in his walk as the explorers passed, and sometimes following them to the fort, knowing well that he had nothing to fear from them.
  • "And you, good yeomen, whose limbs were made in England, show us here the metal of your posture! Let us swear that you are worthy your breeding!—which I doubt not, for there is none of you so mean and base that hath not a noble lustre in your eyes! I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start!"
  • "Thine own ransom, worthy senhor, we shall fix at not less than five hundred golden pieces; and for thy daughter, we must allow Antony Waymouth to arrange that."
  • Leopold contradicted every known tradition of royalty. The king business is usually the business of spending unearned money. Your royal spendthrift is a much more familiar figure than the royal miser. Moreover, nobody ever associates productive power with a king save in the big family line. His task is inherited and with it a bank account sufficient to meet all needs. This immunity from economic necessity is a large price to pay for lack of liberty in speech and action. The principal job of most kings, as we all know, is to be a noble and acquiescent figure-head, to pin decorations on worthy persons, and to open public exhibitions.
  • But Negoro had a good idea. By his means Alvez spread the report that the death of Kazounde's sovereign was supernatural; that the great Manitou only reserved it for his elect. The natives, so inclined to superstition, accepted this lie. The fire that came out of the bodies of the king and his minister became a sacred fire. They had nothing to do but honor Moini Loungga by obsequies worthy of a man elevated to the rank of the gods.
  • Marks tuxedo was silver on silver and he even matched down to his silver shoes. His spiky, jet black hair made the perfect contrast to the tux. Plus his silver eyes shone like his suit. Connor stepped behind Mark and they really did have the same build only on a different size and frame. Their contrast was shocking with Marks silver tuxedo in the fore and Connors massive black background. It was picture worthy.
  • Nobody treated me any differently than before, but I felt different about myself. By the first week in March, Id been with Llywelyn for over a month. Each day we woke, traveled a little further on our journey to Brecon, and went to bed at night, whether that was in a castle, a manor, or one time in a tent on the ground. None of this was worthy of notice or comment by anyone other than me. I was surprised, even, by how easily Llywelyns men accepted me. I was Llywelyns woman, always there, and that was enough to be going on with.
  • But as they walk, he speaks aloudand piously: "May the honoured gods keep Rome in safety, and the chairs of justice supplied with worthy men!—plant love amongsthrong our large temples with the shows of peace, and not our streets with war."
  • Through the light of belief, man rises to the highest of the high and acquires a value worthy of Paradise.
  • The great Serpent God will smile on us for this day's work, Basru said in a pleased voice. "Even as the High Priestess ordered us, we have found a worthy sacrifice for the Festival of the Seventh Moon."
  • Churlish to criticize such a worthy volume for offering too much, but do walkers really need so much detailed data?
  • The baron, after petting Bayard and Miraut until they were in ecstasies of delight, chose from among the horses a beautiful, spirited chestnut for himself, the duke selected a Spanish jennet, with proudly arched neck and flowing mane, which was worthy to carry an Infanta, and an exquisite white palfrey, whose skin shone like satin, was brought out for the baronne.
  • Although to some her presence brings the deepest consternation, yet to me she is most worthy of the greatest admiration!
  • "So far I read aloud," she says. "But even the very middle of my heart is warmed by the rest!—and takes it thankfully!" She smiles at the Italian. "You are as welcome, worthy sir, as I have words to bid youand shall find it so in all that I can do!"
  • Lucius is hardly surprised; no one bets against Rome. "Dream often so, and never falsely," he says dryly, as they round a turn. "Softho!" he cries, after spotting two bodies on the ground ahead. "What trunk is here without its top?" he gasps, dismayed, as he approaches. "The ruin speaks that it was sometime a worthy building!"
  • The girl shook her head. "Even if that is true it would not gratify me much," she said. "It is only those nearest and dearest to me I expect the most from, and that I am not worthy of it does not affect the case. Still, I think we have talked sufficiently in this strain."
  • Its a famous story that could be applied to disabilities or race relations or classWilder was a famous African-American actora diorama of core disparities of just about any kind. I am using the story here to underline a worthy goal that most top B-Schools struggle to achieve: "Global Minds." We do, in fact, a lot to foster this ideal: We make certain that long periods of time are spent working or schooling abroad. We insist on learning the languages of emerging markets, and spending long periods immersed in exotic and challenging cultures. Dr. Judy Olian, Dean of UCLAs Anderson School of Management, insists that we learn more from abrasive experiences than blander ones: Mali over Monaco, Iceland over Ireland. I wholeheartedly agree.
  • "Well! hear me," said the officer, laughing, "it is quite natural that this worthy fellow should bear you a grudge, -- you seem to have given it him very soundly."
  • The trip proved a most enjoyable one to me, although no incidents worthy of note occurred on the way. On my return from Fort Kearny I was paid off the same as the rest of the employs. The remainder of the summer and fall I spent in herding cattle and working for Russell, Majors
  • After having bestowed upon the abbe the epithets of saucy insignificant pimp, she put him in mind of the good offices which he had received at her hands; how she had supplied him with bed, board, and bedfellow, in his greatest necessity; sent him abroad with money in his pockets--and, in a word, cherished him in her bosom, when his own mother had abandoned him to distress. She then reviled him for presuming to affront her before strangers, and gave the company to understand, that the young ladies would wait upon them as soon as they could be confessed and receive absolution from a worthy cordelier, who was now employed in performing that charitable office. The gentlemen were satisfied with this remonstrance, which argued the old lady's pious concern for the souls that were under her care, and our adventurer proposed an accommodation betwixt her and the abbe, who was prevailed upon to ask her pardon, and received her blessing upon his knees.
  • I lifted my arms and outstretched them toward heaven. I wanted to give the combined essences back to the Creator of all things. I didnt feel worthy to embrace the light and the silver mist. The blended essences swirled into a spiraling tornado. I was standing inside the epicenter of their power. They spun around me in a frenzied celestial storm. Waves of pure euphoria began to ripple upward
  • "And that is all there is to tell of the Council for Worlds Unseen. I came back to Pravik, nearly crippled by the shattering of a dream that had become more to me than I knew. But just as you recovered after the death of your foster parents, so I recovered after the death of my vision. I became a teacher, carrying on the work here in Pravik, keeping true history alive and out of the clutches of the Empire. I teach ancient languages, and legends, and dreams, but I teach only those who are worthy to learn."
  • It was some time before this Adonis was quite satisfied with himself. He re-touched the paint on his shoulders several times, and modified the glare of that on his wide-mouthed, high-cheek-boned visage before he could tear himself away; but at last he did so, and, throwing a large piece of scarlet cloth over his shoulders, he thrust his looking-glass under his belt, and proceeded to mount his palfrey, which was held in readiness near to the tent door by one of his wives. The horse was really a fine animal, and seemed worthy of a more warlike master. His shoulders, too, were striped with red paint, and feathers were intertwined with his mane and tail, while the bridle was decorated with various jingling ornaments.
  • To have gone on burdened with their prisoners would have meant failure, to have plunged to right or left into the dense black wood no better than madness. There was only one course open--retreat; and in the emergency, young as he was in military evolutions, Fred proved himself worthy of his charge.
  • M. Morrel felt that further resistance or remonstrance was useless. He saw before him an officer delegated to enforce the law, and perfectly well knew that it would be as unavailing to seek pity from a magistrate decked with his official scarf, as to address a petition to some cold marble effigy. Old Dantes, however, sprang forward. There are situations which the heart of a father or a mother cannot be made to understand. He prayed and supplicated in terms so moving, that even the officer was touched, and, although firm in his duty, he kindly said, "My worthy friend, let me beg of you to calm your apprehensions. Your son has probably neglected some prescribed form or attention in registering his cargo, and it is more than probable he will be set at liberty directly he has given the information required, whether touching the health of his crew, or the value of his freight."
  • "And, thanking you kindly, sir, I'd feel much more comfortable if I didn't take it," returned Connors, in a tone there was no mistaking. So Mr. Lloyd, resolving in his mind that he would find out some other way of rewarding the worthy fellow, said no more then, and shortly after took his leave.
  • "Are you all resolved to give him your voices?" asks the mercer. "But thats no matter: the greater part carries it. I say if he would incline to the people, there was never a worthier man."
  • The route over which the whites travelled that day chanced to be unusually picturesque and beautiful. The path, or "trail,"--for there was scarcely anything worthy the name of path,--wound through a sycamore and white-oak grove that fringed the river, the sloping banks of which were covered with an infinite variety of shrubs and evergreens, bearing flowers and blossoms of most delicate beauty and exquisite fragrance, amidst which tangled festoons of the indigenous vine drooped with pendant bunches of purple grapes. Arbutus shrubs of immense size were seen, and the landscape was in some places interspersed thickly with manzanita rushes, the crimson berries of which are much in favour with the Indians, also with the grizzly bear! Some of the plains they crossed were studded with magnificent oaks, devoid of underwood, such as one is accustomed to see in noblemen's parks in England.
  • "At 1.30 for the first time a fair breeze sprang up or rather lazily got up. Joyfully then we raised our mast and sail. The boys curled up to sleep, except Beaulieu. He had his fiddle and now he proceeded to favour us with 'A Life on the Ocean Wave,' 'The Campbells are Coming,' etc., in a manner worthy of his social position and of his fiddle. When not in use this aesthetic instrument (in its box) knocks about on deck or underfoot, among pots and pans, exposed in all weather; no one seems to fear it will be injured.
  • The sovereigns new wife curtseys to her husband. "My worthy lord, if ever Tamora were gracious in those princely eyes of thine, then hear me speak, indifferently for alland at my suit, sweet, pardon what is past."
  • You should leave this service, said she, looking at him with sympathy; "for such an honorable man needs assurance that he is serving a just cause and a worthy master."
  • To make a long story short, next morning I went with the family to "the kirk," heard an awfully long sermon, during which I nipped my fingers to keep myself awake; and as soon as I could I made my escape back to my lodgings, very well pleased to get away, but feeling that I must have left a very unfavourable impression upon the minds of my worthy entertainers.
  • Hi, hullo, who's taking my name in vain? at that moment exclaimed Dr Nettleby himself, emerging from the gunroom at this critical juncture, the worthy medico having been making his rounds, looking up some of those of his patients who were not actually on the sick list. "I'm sure I heard that Irish blackguard Macan's voice somewhere. Ah, it is you, corporal, as I thought! Hi, hullo, what's the matter, youngster?"
  • It was evident, from the alternate motion of his head, that his attentions were evenly divided between the church and the fair sex; although, to confess the truth, they seemed much more favorably received by the latter than the former,--a brown earthen flagon appearing to absorb all the worthy monk's thoughts that he could spare from the contemplation of heavenly objects.
  • A place less suited for the abode of men could scarce have been found, or even imagined. The soil was sterile, unproductive, and rarely visited by game worthy of being hunted. The few roots and other articles of food they were enabled to raise, furnished but a precarious subsistence.
  • "True," says I, "but 'neath this attitude of mind is a wily cunning and desperate, bloodthirsty courage and determination worthy any pirate or buccaneer of them all."
  • If you have an important secret to confide, had we not better enter the house? suggested the major, who saw from the excited earnestness of the worthy couple that something very unusual had occurred to agitate them.
  • Sir, said Godwin in a weak voice, "we do not know how to thank you for so great an honour, that we never thought to win till we had done more famous deeds than the beating off of a band of robbers. Sir, we have no more to say, save that while we live we will strive to be worthy of our name and of you."
  • And as he watched unnoticed from above, Rougn saw the naming of Ganel about to begin, and he said to Asir, ‘Go, blight the Earth for yonder dradgefling, and find me another worthy to be called hecolan before I shall allow you again into the dark balm of Dimnach.’ And Rougn flew between the Sun and the Earth, just as the Sun rose highest in Ganels blessing, and he hurled Asir towards the Earth as his shadow spread blackest across Bryggne.
  • We have already shown the political opinions of the worthy jailer. He was a royalist. He therefore felt the deepest sympathy for the four condemned men, and had hoped, like nearly every one in Bourg--like Madame de Montrevel, whose despair at what she had done was known to him--that the First Consul would pardon them. He had therefore mitigated their captivity as much as possible, without failing in his duty, by relieving them of all needless restrictions. On the other hand, it is true that he had refused a gift of sixty thousand francs (a sum which in those days was worth nearly treble what it is now) to allow them to escape.
  • 'I see, I see,' laughed Zikali. 'A gallant deed! You have butchered the father and the mother, and now you would butcher the child who has slain one of your grown warriors in fair fight. A very gallant deed, well worthy of the chief of the Amakoba! Well, loose his spirit--only--' He stopped and took a pinch of snuff from a box which he drew from a slit in the lobe of his great ear."
  • Ooh, there was a tasty idea. The collective memory of MassPike. Like Dark Ages scholars, memorizing entire texts to preserve them against the depredations of barbarism, passing their collections carefully from car to car. Hed investigated the highway patrol reports on these guys, and there were hints there, shadowy clues of an organized subculture, one with a hierarchy, where newbies tricked out their storage with libraries of novel and rare tuneage in a bid to convince the established elite that they were worthy of joining the collective memory.
  • Now, my worthy servants, he said, "show these heretic dogs how you obey, that their master may learn the power of your master. You are old and weary of life. Begone, and await me in Paradise."
  • The general tallc of the Captains' Room, which had halted for the moment, went on again. One worthy mariner had recently failed to show a clean bill of health in Barcelona, and had been sent to do twenty days penance at the quarantine station, which is in Port Mahon, Minorca. As a natural consequence, he wanted to give his views on Spain and Spanish government with length and bitterness, but somehow the opportunity was denied him. The red-haired man put in a sentence or two, and a question, and it was Kettle's views on the matter to which the Captain's Room found itself listening.
  • "Nay, my Uncle," I said, "we would greet you, no more, who are so worthy of our veneration, seeing we believe, both of us, that you saved us yonder in the East, from that tomb of which you speak, or rather from the jaws of lions or a cruel death by torments."
  • This seed has been given significant immaterial members by Divine Power and a subtle, valuable programme by Divine Determining, so that it may work beneath the ground, and emerging from that narrow world, enter the broad world of the air, and asking its Creator with the tongue of its disposition to be a tree, find a perfection worthy of it.
  • Meantime, Winnie had reached "Bedlam," where, to her disgust, Celestine had already broached the tidings to the breakfast-table, and Mrs. Forrest had been borne half fainting to her room. Pale, but calm and collected, Miss Forrest returned and began questioning the girl as to the sources of her information, and it was on hearing this colloquy that Winnie took heart of grace and impulsively sprang up the steps into the hall-way to add her share to the general sensation. It was with a feeling bordering on exultation that she found the local account to be lacking in several of the most startling and dramatic particulars. Celestine had not heard of the massacre of Captain Terry's command, and it was her own proud privilege to break the news to Miss Forrest. Here, however, she overshot the mark, for that young lady looked determinedly incredulous, dismissed her colored informant as no longer worthy of consideration, and, taking a light wrap from the hat-rack in the hall, tapped at Mrs. Post's door.
  • She had never before seen a picture more worthy than the chromos of advertising calendars and the few crude prints that find their way into the roughest places, and she was a passionate, though totally unconscious, devote of beauty. Now she was sitting before a sketch, its paint still moist, which more severe critics would have pronounced worthy of accolade.
  • Its god who creates, god who delivers, god who heals, and god who is worthy of a thunderous ovation of praise!
  • Billy hoped Arnie wasn't jonahing him with a premature celebration. 'Jinxing the joker, who jacked The Jynx,' he said to himself knowing that wasn't a very worthy alliteration.
  • "He needs no epitaph to guard a name Which men shall praise while worthy work is done. He lived and died for good, be that his fame.
  • The history of the negro has proved the correctness of this theory. In no instance has he evinced other than a retrogression, when once freed from restraint. Like a horse without harness, he runs wild, but, if harnessed, no animal is more useful. Unfortunately, this is contrary to public opinion in England, where the vox populi assumes the right of dictation upon matters and men in which it has had no experience. The English insist upon their own weights and measures as the scales for human excellence, and it has been decreed by the multitude, inexperienced in the negro personally, that he has been a badly-treated brother; that he is a worthy member of the human family, placed in an inferior position through the prejudice and ignorance of the white man, with whom he should be upon equality.
  • It was perfectly clear to the mind of the worthy magistrate that the key to the document was a number, composed of two or more ciphers, but what this number was all investigation seemed powerless to discover.
  • When the repast was over, a long talk ensued. The chief showed the same curiosity evinced by his tribe generally, to obtain information concerning the United States, of which they knew little but what they derived through their cousins, the Upper Nez Perces; as their traffic is almost exclusively with the British traders of the Hudson's Bay Company. Captain Bonneville did his best to set forth the merits of his nation, and the importance of their friendship to the red men, in which he was ably seconded by his worthy friend, the old chief with the hard name, who did all that he could to glorify the Big Hearts of the East.
  • Elevated tee, the green was just 116 yards away from the white tees with a vertical drop worthy of any rollercoaster.
  • Something gleamed in Barry's eyes that warned against jesting on that subject, and Little stepped aside with a shrug and watched Vandersee as that stolid worthy piloted the ship up to the crazy wharf with consummate skill.
  • Grim didn't even trouble to get out of bed, but listened without comment to my version of Narayan Singh's report, and Jeremy went back to sleep chuckling; so I held a silent wake over Yussuf Dakmar, keeping some more of the doped whisky ready in case he should look like recovering too soon. I even searched him, finding nothing worthy of note, except that he had remarkably little money. I expect the poor devil was a penny ante villain scheming for a thousand-dollar jackpot. I felt really sorry for him and turned him over with my boot to let him breathe better.
  • The degree requires the preparation of a thesis not exceeding 80,000 words, which must be worthy of publication by a learned society.
  • The worthy sailor lent such willing aid that there is little doubt he would have precipitated the catastrophe against which he warned, had not Hunky Ben placed himself on the starboard side"" of the steed and counteracted the heave. After that all went well; the amble of the Wheelbarrow fully justified the title, and in due course the party arrived at the ranch of Roaring Bull, where the poor invalid was confined to his room for a considerable time thereafter, and became known at the ranch as Mr Shank."
  • Enobarbus pleads: "Most worthy sir, you therein throw away the absolute soldiership you have by land!—distract your army, which doth most consist of war-marked infantry; leave unexecuted your own renowned knowledge; quite forego the way which promises assuranceand from firm security give up yourself wholly to chance and hazard!"
  • You can nominate yourself or a colleague who you feel to be a worthy recipient!
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