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Okunuşu: / wəːði / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wor·thy
Ekler: wor·thi·er/wor·thi·est
Türü: sıfat, isim


s. değerli;
layık, reva, müstahak;

i. değerli kimse;

worthy için örnek cümleler:

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  • After this meeting, Passepartout and Fix got into the habit of chatting together, the latter making it a point to gain the worthy man's confidence. He frequently offered him a glass of whiskey or pale ale in the steamer bar-room, which Passepartout never failed to accept with graceful alacrity, mentally pronouncing Fix the best of good fellows.
  • Stranger, beneath this stone Lies the dust of a A Spy Who perished upon the gibbet; Yet The storied marbles of the great, The shrines of heroes, Entombed not one more worthy of Honor Than him who here Sleeps his last sleep.
  • Hurrying the frightened girl into the circle through which he had broken, the chief presented her to his son, and, with an air worthy of a civilised courtier, said:--
  • Nor could I aspire to such a position, my lord, until I have proved myself worthy of it. My uncle told me that he had suggested that I might be useful as a bearer of messages, and orders; and as I know every foot of the border, from near Berwick to Cumberland, methinks that I might serve you in that way. I ride lightly, know every morass and swamp, and every road through the fells; and have at times, when there was peace, crossed the Cheviots by several of the passes, to pay visits to my mother's sister, who is married to one of the Armstrongs, near Jedburgh. If your lordship will deign to employ me in such service, I can promise to do so safely, and to justify my uncle's recommendation; and shall be ready, at all times, to risk my life in carrying out your orders.
  • "Don't pay any attention to him, Dorian," said the painter. "I understand what you mean, and I believe in this girl. Any one you love must be marvellous, and any girl who has the effect you describe must be fine and noble. To spiritualize one's age ¬¬ that is something worth doing. If this girl can give a soul to those who have lived without one, if she can create the sense of beauty in people whose lives have been sordid and ugly, if she can strip them of their selfishness and lend them tears for sorrows that are not their own, she is worthy of all your adoration, worthy of the adoration of the world. This marriage is quite right. I did not think so at first, but I admit it now. The gods made Sibyl Vane for you. Without her you would have been incomplete."
  • "I prithee remember I have done thee worthy service!—told thee no lies, made no mistakings, served thee without or grudge or grumblings! Thou didst promise to abate me a full year," the spirit notes.
  • Ashamed to be even unjustly supposed to be intoxicated, Miles hurried away, wondering very much what could be the matter with him, for he had not tasted a drop of strong drink, except the half-glass of beer he had swallowed before Molloy chanced to knock it out of his hand. Suddenly he remembered that the sailor had said the beer was drugged. If he could have asked the barman who had served him, that worthy could have told him that this was true; that the whole glassful, if swallowed, would, ere long, have rendered him insensible, and that what he had already taken was enough to do him considerable damage.
  • "Yes," resumed the Bishop, "you have come from a very sad place. Listen. There will be more joy in heaven over the tear-bathed face of a repentant sinner than over the white robes of a hundred just men. If you emerge from that sad place with thoughts of hatred and of wrath against mankind, you are deserving of pity; if you emerge with thoughts of good-will and of peace, you are more worthy than any one of us."
  • They talked of Ganels torment and of Nicovars great goodness, and at length Aldragon told Melivar about the gift of fire. ‘I have not yet had cause to use it,’ he said, ‘but its a darkening world and the time may well be at hand. I am in about my middle years, yet death may always take me beforetimes as it has taken my son. I am sworn to pass on the secret of the fire at my lifes end, yet how can I tell when my lifes end will come? And who shall I find worthy of this great burden?’
  • The citizens of Dantzig are worthy people, and give a shining example to the whole Commonwealth. We shall meet Charnyetski at Warsaw, for I shall march there, but will stop a little first around Lublin.
  • It turns out that I misjudged Eli. I definitely didnt give him enough credit as a worthy adversary. I should have known he would try something because I was his only 'inwith Willow. I had successfully deflected and dodged his rain check offer for over a month now. I suppose he was tired of being placed on my back burner. He really was going to get my attention and force my hand on this rain check issue. By the end of my next class period, he would prove himself a worthy challenger in the 'gonna use Ember to get Willow so shell go out with megame.
  • After a separation of ten years, said I, it gives me much pleasure to find you again in so venerable a garb. For my part, answered he, it fills me with shame and confusion to appear in it before a man who has been an eye-witness of my guilty courses. These ghostly weeds are at once the charm of my present life, and the condemnation of my former. Alas! added he, heaving a righteous sigh, to be worthy of wearing it, my earlier years should have been passed in primitive innocence. By this discourse, so rational and edifying, replied I, it is plain, my dear brother, that the finger of the Lord has been upon you, that you are marked out for a vessel of sanctification. I tell you once again, I am delighted at it, and would give the world to know in what miraculous manner you and Raphael were led into the path of the righteous; for I am persuaded that it was his own self whom I met in the town, habited as a Carthusian. I was extremely sorry afterwards not to have stopped and spoken to him in the street; and I am waiting here to apologize for my neglect on his return.
  • In regard to philanthropy, the greatest virtue of crowned heads, Napoleon also did all in his power. He caused the words Maison de ma Mere to be inscribed on the charitable institutions, thereby combining tender filial affection with the majestic benevolence of a monarch. He visited the Foundling Hospital and, allowing the orphans saved by him to kiss his white hands, graciously conversed with Tutolmin. Then, as Thiers eloquently recounts, he ordered his soldiers to be paid in forged Russian money which he had prepared: "Raising the use of these means by an act worthy of himself and of the French army, he let relief be distributed to those who had been burned out. But as food was too precious to be given to foreigners, who were for the most part enemies, Napoleon preferred to supply them with money with which to purchase food from outside, and had paper rubles distributed to them."
  • "No more of him," murmurs the captain, glancing around to see if theyve been overheard. "He is a worthy man!" he says aloud, just in case, and places the last cushion. "Make way, they are coming."
  • Why are even his poorly sung out-takes deemed worthy of commercial release?
  • Bab is a capital story for children, who will be much amused by the picture on the cover of the worthy doll Jocasta.--Athenµum.
  • From the hearty way that both Thomasina and her husband laughed at the joke I could see that it had done service before, and that the whole explanation was simply an elaborate sell. I couldn't cope in badinage with the worthy Thomasina, but I thought I knew a surer way to her heart, so I said, 'Now, Ms. Bilder, we'll consider that first half-sovereign worked off, and this sister of her is waiting to be claimed when you've told me what you think will happen.'
  • But the old man answered not. Some strong feeling was evidently surging within him, for his mouth was tightly pursed and his features worked strangely. Suddenly he burst into tears, but the weakness was momentary. With an effort that seemed to concentrate the accumulated energy of all the McKays from Adam downwards, he again pursed his mouth and looked at his younger son with a stern persistent frown, worthy of the most rugged of Highlanders in his fiercest mood.
  • We have had too much of this, too much! There is no question on that point, said Pan Yan. "Is it not a wonder to you that such a laborious leader, such a virtuous man, such a worthy citizen, has this weakness?"
  • A place less suited for the abode of men could scarce have been found, or even imagined. The soil was sterile, unproductive, and rarely visited by game worthy of being hunted. The few roots and other articles of food they were enabled to raise, furnished but a precarious subsistence.
  • Can it be possible that she is Cornelia's daughter and mine? said the prince to himself. "Her profession, her age, her sweet face, in which I can trace a softened, beautified likeness of her mother's, but which has a peculiarly high bred, refined expression, worthy of a royal princess, all combine to make me believe it must be so. Then, alas! alas! it is his own sister that this cursed libertine has so wronged, and he has been guilty of a horrible, horrible crime. Oh! I am cruelly punished for my youthful folly and sin."
  • Disappointed by the lack of worthy weaponry, Alastor stops his search. A thought comes to his mind, at first preposterous but as he further considers the ramifications, the idea he realizes is not without merit. He faces Morion to ask her something, but she is preoccupied. He then, with a heart full of reluctance, takes down a sword which hangs apart from the rest on the wall within a leather sheath.
  • Since reality and wisdom require it to be thus and the one most worthy to perform this duty was the Prophet Muhammed (Upon whom be blessings and peace), because he actually performed those duties most perfectly, to which fact the world of Islam which he founded and the light of Islam which he showed are truthful and just witnesses, then this necessitates that he should have directly risen above all the rest of the universe, surpassed all beings, and attained to a rank at which he held a universal, elevated, and all-embracing conversation with the Creator of all beings.
  • That worthy was equal to the occasion. At the sound of his friend's double shot he had seized the large rifle and leaped forward in time to meet the baffled tiger. Quick as light his practised hand discharged the heavy bullet, which, passing over the animal's head, went into its spine near the haunches, so that when it tried a second spring its hind legs refused their office, and it rolled over fuming and struggling in an agony of pain and rage.
  • The chief had then washed off and went to sleep next to her. He was unaware of what his wife was planning on doing. In her mind, she did not see it worthy of raising a family without her husband. She made it her goal to be at the precinct tomorrow no matter what her husband said.
  • "These worthy merchants, fearing that others might discover their newfound treasure trove, sent word to the Great Wizard that they had been as yet unable to find inhabitants willing to trade in the Far Eastern Shores. They lied to the same Great Wizard that had provided the funds to stock their ship and pay for the voyage. The agreement was that any profit gained on a voyage of discovery was to be split equally between the Great Wizard, to be added to the state treasury, and the merchants. Fearing that the Great Wizard would not be pleased by their unconscionable profits they secretly restocked the ship and returned to the Far Eastern Shores."
  • It is very fair, replied Godwin;"and worthy of you, who are the most honest of men. Yet, Wulf, I am troubled. See you, my brother, have ever brethren loved each other as we do? And now must the shadow of a woman fall upon and blight that love which is so fair and precious?"
  • It is downright cruelty on your part to show your self so adorable, so worthy of all love and admiration, my sweet Isabelle, and at the same time to deprive me of every hope, said de Sigognac, ruefully; "to give one glimpse of heaven and then shut me out again; nothing could be more cruel. But I will not despair; I shall make you yield to me yet."
  • Tachyon chimed again, as if in anticipation. As if in that nudge he had deemed her worthy of the ornate saddle on his back. The close roar of wind, or a waterfall, and the distant chimes in the background, fell silent. The sea horse watched her.
  • Notice one thing, my worthy Canadian, I resumed. "If such an animal is in existence, if it inhabits the depths of the ocean, if it frequents the strata lying miles below the surface of the water, it must necessarily possess an organisation the strength of which would defy all comparison."
  • Kalumah's preserver was seen several times. This worthy bear paced to and fro on the deserted plains in melancholy mood, pausing in his walk as the explorers passed, and sometimes following them to the fort, knowing well that he had nothing to fear from them.
  • In the midst of his gaiety, however, one thought troubled the worthy servant. What would Mr. Fogg do with the elephant when he got to Allahabad? Would he carry him on with him? Impossible! The cost of transporting him would make him ruinously expensive. Would he sell him, or set him free? The estimable beast certainly deserved some consideration. Should Mr. Fogg choose to make him, Passepartout, a present of Kiouni, he would be very much embarrassed; and these thoughts did not cease worrying him for a long time.
  • "With the holy Tanofir, Master, until I fetch her, training her younger sister to be a diviner's worthy Cup. Only perhaps I shall never send, seeing that I think there will be fighting soon."
  • "Good Enobarbus, ’tis a worthy deed, and shall become you well, to entreat your captain to soft and gentle speech…."
  • As to the third worthy in our list, I cannot continue the parallel with due regard to facts, the imagination of the historian having thrown as yet no light on the latter days of the great Mumbo Jumbo. But that the parallel should he found to hold good to the last degree of coincidence, may safely be inferred from what the lights of our age have been telling us for the last forty years of the latent saint inherent in the nature of ebony, from Ham, the favorite son of Noah, down to Uncle Tom, the best man that ever lived.
  • You, sir?--you are my adopted father. But it was not you, I presume, who placed at my disposal 100,000 francs, which I spent in four or five months; it was not you who manufactured an Italian gentleman for my father; it was not you who introduced me into the world, and had me invited to a certain dinner at Auteuil, which I fancy I am eating at this moment, in company with the most distinguished people in Paris--amongst the rest with a certain procureur, whose acquaintance I did very wrong not to cultivate, for he would have been very useful to me just now;--it was not you, in fact, who bailed me for one or two millions, when the fatal discovery of my little secret took place. Come, speak, my worthy Corsican, speak!
  • At the stopping-places, answered Kmita, jestingly, "I commanded my attendants to plough my skin with discipline, so as to drive out the less worthy motives, which have their seat under the skin, and which I confess were plaguing me worse than horseflies."
  • The Court, said the Adjutant-General, "has heard the accusation against this man; and its duty is now to consider whether the safety and the peace of the district demand that the extreme penalty should be visited upon this enemy of both. The question is, whether he is worthy of death, or not. You will retire, gentlemen,--" there were four of them, exclusive of witnesses, and the clerk--"and find your verdict."
  • "You have been sent to us, Jacasta Triserren, because you are worthy to be our lifeslave," the man directly ahead of her said.
  • Graham barber has thoroughly scrutinized the large surviving repertoire of the nineteenth century and selected these works as being fully worthy of resurrection.
  • In vain did Anusia, while running after her through the room, endeavor to comfort her. She repeated continually one thing,--that she was not worthy of him, that she would not dare to look in his eyes; then again she would begin to speak of the deeds of Babinich, of the seizure of Boguslav, of his revenge, of saving the king, of Prostki, Volmontovichi, and Chenstohova; and at last of her own faults, of her stubbornness, for which she must do penance in the cloister.
  • She is a rascal, the maiden! thought the prince. But he added aloud: "Let Sakovich explain how that happened. Only do him no wrong; for he is a worthy man and of a noted family, therefore I do not wish that disdain should be shown such a person."
  • And at last, with the weak tears running down my cheeks, I told her of how it could not be: that I should be wronging her, and that she must think no more of me, only as a dear friend; when there is that amount of folly in this world, that my heart swelled, and a great ball seemed rising in my throat, and I choked again and again, as those arms clung tighter and tighter round my neck, and Lizzy called me her hero, and her brave lad who had saved her life again and again; and asked me to take her to my heart, and keep her there; for her to try and be to me a worthy loving wife--one that would never say a bitter word to me as long as she lived.
  • "Sir, with all my heart!" says Leonatus. "This worthy signior, I thank him, makes no stranger of me: we are familiar at first!" he addsrebuking the belligerent presumption.
  • Duilio reached behind his breastplate and gathered his ragged necklace, pulling up the hanging symbol of his god, a curved letter in the ancient script indicating the vast totality of all possibilities. "Few understand The Lord of Miracles. Most take miracles to be gifts that come freely to the lucky. If you would like to join me in praying to him today, pray not for powerful wonders to rescue us, but for the dedication to noble values and endeavors which make us worthy of receiving such grace—"
  • "But I cannot find it in my heart to forgive you the gravest trespass of my sister's person. She may not know, but I know and there are few deeds under the sun that are more evil. And more worthy of vengeance."
  • By fulfilling different duties, they become worthy to be particles in the world of permanence and the realm of the hereafter, which is alive with all of its elements.
  • Gobblenvarnished opinion is that the house gobbling up pushes is simply part of the cost of philanthropic entertainment in support of worthy causes.
  • M. Le Mesge looked at Morhange triumphantly. It was evident that he addressed himself exclusively to Morhange, considering him alone worthy of his confidences.
  • Therefore, said Monte Cristo feigning to mistake his meaning--"therefore I will not, for another instant, retard the pleasure of your meeting. Are you prepared to embrace your worthy father?"
  • "Nay, my good soldier, up!" she tells him. "My gentle Caius, worthy Martiusand by deed-achieving honour, newly namedwhat is it?—Coriolanus must I call thee?" He kisses her cheek. She looks around. "—But, oh, thy wife…."
  • The emissary is an old friend, but Cymbeline frowns; he knows what the emperors demand will be. "A worthy fellow, albeit he comes on angry purpose now. But thats no fault of his; we must receive him according to the honour of his senderand towards himself; his goodness forespent on us, we must extend our notice of it.
  • "Troth, my lord, I have played the part of Lady Fame! I found him here as melancholy as a badger in a warren! I told him, and I think I told him true, that Your Grace had got the good will of his young lady. And I offered him my company to a willow-tree, either to make him a garland, as being forsaken, or to find him up a rod, as being worthy to be whipped!"
  • 'I shall follow,' said Mrs. Hampton, 'within two or three months. My child will have had another half-year in which to know you and to understand your intentions towards her. I have no fear of her; but if you violate your promise in the slightest, you will act like a scoundrel, and I have Madge's undertaking that she will be candid with me. There is no more to be said now until we meet in England. I may tell you just this, Mr. Armstrong: we two have spent every night since I first saw you in each other's arms in tears. I am giving you a proof that I think well of you on very slender grounds. If you are in the least worthy my good opinion, you will think sometimes of what I have just told you.'
  • What happened when the pilot-boat came in sight of Shanghai will be easily guessed. The signals made by the Tankadere had been seen by the captain of the Yokohama steamer, who, espying the flag at half-mast, had directed his course towards the little craft. Phileas Fogg, after paying the stipulated price of his passage to John Busby, and rewarding that worthy with the additional sum of five hundred and fifty pounds, ascended the steamer with Aouda and Fix; and they started at once for Nagasaki and Yokohama.
  • There was no need, though, of pipe or shout from the worthy petty officer addressed, notwithstanding that the lusty seaman could have piped and shouted with the best, should duty demand it of him; for, the lieutenant's order had already reached the ears of every man of the watch, and all were at their several stations, ready for the next command.
  • In My Humble Opinion. We don't list many acronyms and abbreviations used in web-messaging, emails and texting, etc, because there are millions of them and other sites do it better; however the IMHO acronym has a certain resonance for life and communications generally, and it's been around for ages, so it is worthy of inclusion here. (Thanks DH)
  • Nay, Rupert, I know your thoughts! You do yourself injustice. So far as my love can be bestowed on any one, it is bestowed on thee. That I think of Lester as he once was with tenderness, I do not deny; that I now pity and fear him, you need not be told. Still I do confess to you, that, were he Lester now, and worthy of his name, my love would be his did he claim it. But we can never be aught to each other more. Be jealous no longer! 'Tis unworthy thee; and I will henceforth give thee no cause.
  • "When it is paid according to the tenor," says Shylock. "It doth appear you are a worthy judge; you know the lawyour exposition hath been most sound. I charge you, by the law whereof you are a well-deserving pillar, proceed to judgment!
  • No! Sterne's Uncle Toby, and that worthy uncle pronounced precisely the same words, while setting free a mosquito that annoyed him, but which he thought himself at liberty to thee and _thou_: 'Go, poor devil,' he said to it, 'the world is large enough to contain us, thee and me!'
  • "No, Im glad you did. I am not offended, I am…" He thought for a moment, "I am exalted, as if you have lifted me up, put me on a pedestal of some sort. I do not think I am worthy of it."
  • Marina steps back. "If you were born to honour, show it now!" she demands. "If it was put upon you, make good the judgment that thought you worthy of it!"
  • I am sorry, said Vidalinc, after the servant had closed the door behind him, "that you mean to treat this man so roughly, for after all he showed a spirit superior to his position, and becoming a gentleman. Suppose you let me go and pick a quarrel with him, and kill him for vou in a duel. All blood is red when it is shed, the lowly as well as the lofty, though they do pretend that the blood of the nobles is blue. I come of a good and ancient family, if not so high in rank as yours, and I have no fear of belittling myself in this affair. Only say the word, and I will go this instant, for this histrionic captain is, it seems to me, more worthy of the sword of a gentleman than the cudgels of your hired ruffians."
  • Instantly Van der Kemp seized the animal by the 'tail, and, Avith a force worthy of Hercules, heaved it aside as if it had been a dead cat, revealing the man of science underneath--alive and well, but dishevelled, scratched, and soiled--also, as deaf as a door-post!
  • Unvarnished opinion is that the house gobbling up pushes is simply part of the cost of philanthropic entertainment in support of worthy causes.
  • "Drink the coffee, Senor Bond. It is the very best in the world. You should know, senor, that before coming to Cuba to work in the sugar mills I lived in Colombia. The coffee of my native land is guarded by friendly shade trees on Andes mountains and only the most worthy aged beans and the finest green beans are ..."
  • Napoleon noticed at once what they were about and guessed that they were not ready. He did not wish to deprive them of the pleasure of giving him a surprise, so he pretended not to see de Beausset and called Fabvier to him, listening silently and with a stern frown to what Fabvier told him of the heroism and devotion of his troops fighting at Salamanca, at the other end of Europe, with but one thought--to be worthy of their Emperor--and but one fear--to fail to please him. The result of that battle had been deplorable. Napoleon made ironic remarks during Fabvier's account, as if he had not expected that matters could go otherwise in his absence.
  • I, who was intimately connected with many of these less known matters, claim for my master a reputation wholly different from that given to him in any garbled "history" of his life. I lay claim in his name for foresight beyond that of any man of his time. He made mistakes, but he made them bravely, grandly, and consistently. Where his convictions were enlisted, he had no reservations, and he used every means, every available weapon, as I have shown. But he was never selfseeking, never cheap, never insincere. A detester of all machine politicians, he was a statesman worthy to be called the William Pitt of the United States. The consistency of his career was a marvelous thing; because, though he changed in his beliefs, he was first to recognize the changing conditions of our country. He failed, and he is execrated. He won, and he is forgot.
  • After several pipes had been filled and emptied in this solemn ceremonial, the chief addressed the bride, detailing at considerable length the duties of a wife which, among Indians, are little less onerous than those of the pack-horse; this done, he turned to her friends and congratulated them upon the great alliance she had made. They showed a due sense of their good fortune, especially when the nuptial presents came to be distributed among the chiefs and relatives, amounting to about one hundred and eighty dollars. The company soon retired, and now the worthy trapper found indeed that he had no green girl to deal with; for the knowing dame at once assumed the style and dignity of a trapper's wife: taking possession of the lodge as her undisputed empire, arranging everything according to her own taste and habitudes, and appearing as much at home and on as easy terms with the trapper as if they had been man and wife for years.
  • Jim Snellys buses always ran on time. In twelve years of working for the Downtown Transit Authority, hed finished a route late only twice. When Jim Snelly was on the job, you could set your watch by himwhich, unbeknownst to him, many of the poor, bus-dependent retirees in the neighborhoods he drove through actually did. Still others cracked open their barred bedroom windows late at night just to hear his bus whine on by. They felt it was a risk, living in the crime-ridden barrios they didbut a worthy risk. Because Jim Snelly made them feel safe and secure.
  • I noticed that people who were liars, thieves and those who treated others with disrespect were the first to be sent back again. They were also greeted here by antagonistic and unsympathetic beings who shared little of the wonder, but were quick to point out the newcomers shortcomings. I remember having heard on a few occasions, "Now go back and learn how to behave" or, "Maybe youll think twice next time before you speak." It was at that moment that the person was sent back againas what or whom, well never know. It seems that those near death who admit the error of their ways and are honest with themselves and our Creator are deemed just worthy enough to get a peek at life over here before being sent away. A just reward if you ask me. Ill share with you some fascinating knowledge that Sha shared with me not long ago. I take it, Lib that you know of Sha?
  • She did not want to know what the Duke wanted with her. Her imagination conjured many possibilities, and none were worthy of her daughter. In many of them, she did not live. Elena would find a way to harness the amulet's power. She had done it once. She could do it again.
  • By the saints! Are you a Vega? Don Alejandro cried. "Would not any worthy man want a chance like that? Would not any caballero delight to serenade his love on a moonlight night? The little things you term silly are the very essence of love. I doubt not the senorita was displeased with you."
  • _Bad company painful, as well as dangerous: A short note, exciting much expectation: A question that shocks and surprises: Clarke and Olivia, or the overflowing of a full and friendly heart: Various mistakes rectified: The reading of the letter and the emotions it produces: Resolutions worthy of virtuous love_
  • "The doctor is a worthy individual, Jim, but he knows even less of the art of dressing than you do. He does not understand the soul-agony of a man who makes his first appearance in puce."
  • I drink to the graces, Law, Physic, Divinity, Viva la Compagnie! And here's to the worthy old Bursar of Trinity, Viva la Compagnie!
  • The Indians in the fort perceived his danger, and shouted warning to him. He did not understand their language. They made the most earnest gestures. He did not comprehend their meaning. Two Indians then leaped from the fort, and running toward him, seized his horse by the bridle. They made him understand that more than a thousand warriors, with rifle in hand and arrows on the string, were hidden, at but a short distance before him, ready to assail him with a deadly fire. The account which Crockett gives of the battle, though neither very graphic nor classic, is worthy of insertion here, as illustrative of the intellectual and moral traits of that singular man.
  • "’Tis true, most worthy signior," one of that group tells Brabantio. "The dukes in counciland your noble self, I am sure, is sent for!"
  • "The Elder War," Pendragon stood up shaking his head. "What a terrible thing for all of us. Brother against brother, mates battling for the lives of Humans, those of us who thought Humans deserved the right to become something. Weve done this dance a couple of times in the past, it hasnt always been about Elders either. How many times have Elders decided that perhaps Humans were not worthy of life? How many times have we had to destroy our own to prove that everything deserves life? We talk about Gabriel, but there are many among us that have been persecuted or that have done some persecuting.
  • "Now this is what does the heart good," exclaimed Waymouth in high glee. "Yonder is a brave fellow and a worthy foe. I had ten times rather meet such a one than the coward who runs away and then yields when he is caught without striking a blow. We shall take yonder gentleman--of that there is no doubt; and it will be a satisfaction to treat him as a brave man should be treated--with honour and distinction."
  • I accept most gratefully your offer, Cacama, and promise that, so far as in me lies, I will do my best to render your sister happy, and to prove myself worthy of her choice.
  • Oh, he is a worthy soldier! answered the king. "From Pan Sapyeha we have had news from Tykotsin, where he is besieging the voevoda. God give him luck! If all were like him, the Swedish enemy would regret their undertaking."
  • He spoke with a kind of fierceness, striving blindly to battle down the mad longing within, and his tones had a harshness that he was too agitated to notice. She drew back involuntarily. There came into her face a dignity he had never seen before. She was but a recluse and a girl, but she was of royal lineage by right of both her parents, and his words had roused a spirit worthy the daughter of Multnomah.
  • It was past midnight when the General rose, and my brain rioted with the pictures he had drawn for me. Surely, if I had ever considered turning back, I now no longer tolerated the thought of it. If he had wished to convince me that the life of a soldier of fortune was an ungrateful one he had set about proving it in the worst possible way. At that moment I saw no career so worthy to be imitated as his own, no success to be so envied as his failures. And in the glow and inspiration of his talk, and with the courage of a boy, I told him so. I think he was not ill pleased at what I said, nor with me. He seemed to approve of what I had related of myself, and of the comments I had made upon his reminiscences. He had said, again and again: "That is an intelligent question," "You have put your finger on the real weakness of the attack," "That was exactly the error in his strategy."
  • Thomas Mamanowatum, generally known as Big Tom,"" on account of his almost gigantic size, was the next to speak. He is one of the best of men. I have used him to help me a good deal, and have ever found him one of the worthiest and truest assistants. His people all love and trust him. He is perhaps the most influential Indian in the village."
  • Soldiers! shouted Pan Andrei, "Prince Boguslav is a traitor to the king and the Commonwealth! You are surrounded, and to-morrow you will be cut to pieces. You are serving a traitor; you are serving against the country! But whoso leaves this service leaves the traitor; to him forgiveness of the king, forgiveness of the hetman! Choose! Death and disgrace, or a reward to-morrow! I will pay wages, and a ducat a man, --two ducats a man! Choose! It is not for you, worthy soldiers, to serve a traitor! Long life to the king! Long life to the grand hetman of Lithuania!"
  • "Thou worthiest Martius!" says Lartius, left to supervise the men who will secure and hold Corioli, in support of the foray of troops led by Fortunes favorite.
  • It is the work of that excellent painter, Master Isaac Olliver," she added hastily, "and, from what I know of his skill, I vow his brush was worthy of a better subject."
  • This idea somewhat cheered up the worthy lieutenant's spirits, and made him unwilling to return eastward; still, as he could not remain by himself, he agreed to accompany us. The journey appeared very long. For the first few days we pushed forward to get beyond the reach of the Indians, in case they should fall in with any of their tribe and venture to pursue us. After this we were compelled, for the sake of our horses, to make more easy stages. We had also to halt for the purpose of providing ourselves with meat; but as we shot only for the pot, that caused us no great delay.
  • "O happy Leonatus!" cries Giacomolooking very pleased. "I may say the credit that thy lady hath from thee deserves thy trust!—and thy most perfect goodness, her assured credit! Blessed live you long, worthiest sir that ever country called its own! And with a ladyyou, his mistressfor only the most worthiest fit!"
  • No event worthy of description occurred during our walk, though it took us some hours to reach the spot for which I was directing our course.
  • The course was a heavily carved out piece of mechanical engineering, worthy of isambard brunel or whatever his name was?
  • The crack that creaked was not the dawn; but the floor the old man walked upon. For it was noon when he awoke, styling his warmth with a dingy coat. Lanky and bent an old man was he, with gnarled yellow teeth amounting to three. With clothes always stained he always complained in a mood disregarding affection. He liked it that way for "Who?" he would say, "is worthy of my attention?"
  • So saying, the worthy count left the room fully impressed that in hinting at the possibility of my uncle's marrying again, he had said something to ruffle my temper.
  • Ryson turned one option over in his mind. He needed to convince the goblins that Burbon was not a worthy target for their ill-will, and he had a messenger before him. He stared deeply into the swollen face of the goblin.
  • "I waited patiently, not to overhear what they said, but because I could do nothing else; besides, the same thing had occurred often before. The man who was with Caderousse was evidently a stranger to the South of France; he was one of those merchants who come to sell jewellery at the Beaucaire fair, and who during the month the fair lasts, and during which there is so great an influx of merchants and customers from all parts of Europe, often have dealings to the amount of 100,000 to 150,000 francs. Caderousse entered hastily. Then, seeing that the room was, as usual, empty, and only guarded by the dog, he called to his wife, 'Hello, Carconte,' said he, 'the worthy priest has not deceived us; the diamond is real.' An exclamation of joy was heard, and the staircase creaked beneath a feeble step. 'What do you say?' asked his wife, pale as death.
  • Mechanical engineering, worthy of isambard brunel or whatever his name was?
  • Lord Philario returns the formal bow of Posthumus Leonatus, then grips his hand, as both beam. He turns to the guests. "I beseech you all, be better known to this gentleman, whom I commend to you as a noble friend of mine! How worthy he is I will leave to appear hereafter, rather than story him within his own hearing!"
  • Here we would observe an oral tradition community as it enters new material into its oral store of recollections judged worthy of preservation.
  • The victory was most complete. The French fleet was annihilated. As might be supposed, the hero of the Nile was, after this, almost worshipped as a demigod. It is worthy of remark here that Nelson, as soon as the conquest was completed, sent orders through the fleet that thanksgiving should be returned, in every ship, to Almighty God, for the victory with which He had blessed His Majesty's arms.
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