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Okunuşu: / wəːθ’wʌɪl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: worth·while
Türü: sıfat


s. değerli, faydalı, dişe dokunur, zahmetine değer.

worthwhile için örnek cümleler:

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  • These schemes tend to be financially worthwhile only if the institution employs over 60 people.
  • "Those two and no others? Well, it's enough and more," the doctor said. "I'll have a word in the Captain's ear, but he might have his own candidates in any casenot much gets by him." He raised his voice. "Good luck with your future plantation, young manI consider oilnuts a worthwhile commodity." And whispering again, "Now break off from us as though we'd quarreled."
  • Glitz on the outside, nothing much worthwhile on the inside, and not even designed to last.
  • After that, he went to the large bookcase that had caught his attention earlier. Surprisingly, he discovered nothing even remotely interesting there. Most of the spines on display had Chinese writing on them, or some other language. What few there were in English - The Gardens of Bonbon OHoy or Charlotte Efferbys Effortless Companion, for example - appeared so inane as to barely merit even a cursory glance. He tried taking one of the foreign books out, simply to see if it contained anything more worthwhile inside, but found that it was wedged so firmly between the others that it wouldnt budge. He tried another, but again the book was packed-in too tightly to be of any use. He didnt bother trying any of the rest; by then, what little enthusiasm hed had was already well on the wane. He took himself off to the window instead, where he could watch Niamago go by while waiting for something to do.
  • For me the most worthwhile venture for my capital investment is a female over the age of forty. Logically, they are easiest to seduce. Living their lives of quiet desperation, they are the ones that hide their loneliness in plain sight. Embarrassed that they are forced to start dating again or, even more desperate, still dating.
  • Conservation volunteering is a worthwhile and healthy outdoor activity which makes a pleasant change from sitting at a desk!
  • The arthritis in his knees kicked in so he back-slided into a chair, still staring at the silent seven and they stared back at him. They saw and heard what he said but it did not compute as none of their input had enough detail regarding a Soul. The nearest they came to understanding what a Soul was, was in terms of style, or individuality, or worthwhile content.
  • Encouragement of creativity, or indeed any other worthwhile learning outcome.
  • Negotiate hard if you're asked to move to a pricey place. You don't really know how hard local baby sitting or trash collection costs will hit you until you experience them. If you're considering a move to a major city like Boston or Los Angeles from a small midwestern community, for example, make sure the job comes with the kind of differential that will such a move worthwhile.
  • Alec smiled and then wrapped me in a light blanket. The heat had finally relented slightly. Not enough to actually make it comfortable, but this high up it was actually a little chilly. If I hadn't spent the last several weeks living in the air-conditioned haven of Alec's house, the cooler temperatures at the top of the mountain would almost have made the trip worthwhile all by themselves.
  • Would you like to enhance your cv & do something worthwhile at the same time?
  • I nodded. I guess it wasn't until that moment that I really decided that I was going to protect her. Up until then I'd just been going with the flow--letting Dad and Grandpa lead me around by the nose, so to speak. At least protecting Alex gave me some sort of purpose or direction, and it seemed more worthwhile than anything I'd done while I was alive. The management job had always seemed rather pointless to me. It paid the bills, but I'd always felt like I was just spinning my wheels and not really accomplishing anything relevant. I wasn't really sure what an Innocent was yet, or even what the hell I was, but somehow the thought of watching out for Alex just felt right. Besides, these people knew what was what, which was more than I could say, and it's not like I had anything else to do.
  • On Bari's end of things, he decided that he'd like to be human again. He didn't particularly enjoy basketball-ness, and though he didn't particularly enjoy humanity, it seemed like it'd be a worthwhile move to go back. He figured he had a better chance of learning to enjoy humanity than basketball-ness-anity. He briefly considered an attempt at becoming part basketball, part human, but he had seen a documentary once about people that were born part basketball, and they tended to be miserable, never being accepted into either society, except as circus freaks.
  • "Ah," said the other. "The opening has been made, and all told it achieved its established goals. The final resolution will take somewhat more work. This campaign - did you call it? - will not be as simple as strolling into a shop and making a purchase from goods on hand, but then that was clear from the outset. The most worthwhile ones take time. The process will yield its own rewards, to be sure, and in any case that was to be expected."
  • "I didnt say that, did I? You might want to play along with him and try to figure out his game. You might even enjoy yourself while youre at it; I hear hes quite worthwhile for a girl to be around, hm?"
  • After a few pages I was seriously wondering if Arundi had ever been in the same room with a creature such as Monoch. He had anecdotes, sure, but I already had my own share of those myself. I also had a lot more practical information on what worked and what didnt. I flipped ahead to the long appendix. There I was greeted by panel after panel of illustrated halberds, buskirks, shields, hand-axes, saddles, self-aiming grappling irons, and swords, swords, swords. After a few pages of metallurgical analyses I never wanted to hear about tin content again, or forging descriptions, or where Famous Weapon X had picked up this nick or had gotten that chunk removed. The details of the engravings included as reference plates had their worthwhile parts, though. Between the narrative walkthroughs of the holdings of this museums collection, or that armorys, and the armamentarium wielded by this or that other legendary ravager of continents, it was hard to remember that this stuff was supposed to be interesting.
  • "Sure a nice night for fireworks." Maybe I was just getting used to my contacts with him, because there were some other odd things about the way this encounter was shaping up. For one, I was not feeling the vague ghost of Gashs own sensations. Maybe that was a side effect of the metabolic link that you built up a tolerance to. Id been fairly much distracted at that last meeting in Oolsmouth, but as I thought back on it now I didnt recall feeling his perceptions then either. I had no idea what if anything that meant. Maybe now I could punch Gash in the stomach without laying myself out, too, but it scarcely seemed worthwhile to try. Throwing a fist at him that other time had probably been valuable once, if only to learn that I really did pack a pretty hefty right, but that was the kind of lesson that seemed worth learning the first time and never having to take again.
  • The Dreamliner was born out of the ashes of the Sonic Cruiser, a plane that was planned to fly near the speed of sound with twice as many passengers as the Concorde, until airlines squelched the idea, saying they couldnt afford to pay for that luxury in the post-9/11 era. Boeing turned its sights to fuel efficiencya worthwhile goal but not a particularly enthralling onewhich drove nearly every design decision. Boeing decided to use carbon-fiber compositesessentially plasticfor the body and wings, and to reserve titanium and other heavy metals for the landing gear, engines, and some small parts. New engines from Rolls-Royce (RYCEY) and General Electric (GE) were designed to give more thrust with less fuel. The lithium-ion batteries, the focus of so many of Boeings current troubles, were selected because they could hold more energy and be quickly recharged. The electrical system replaced the traditional pneumatic systems that used hot air off the engines, for a more streamlined approach that lowers maintenance costs.
  • For the accidental breaking of far less worthwhile things, at home, she and her brothers and sisters had often been thrashed most unmercifully: Her lamentations soared to high heaven. And her father's running feet sounded like the tramp of Doom.
  • Finding answers to questions and allowing geologists to get more from their data is a very worthwhile part of my job " .
  • 'No, your Highness, they are so expensive I don't find them worthwhile to stock. Other stalls within the market place do though.'
  • The rubble had also fallen on the Guardsmen he noticed next to him, but true to form they had already spotted him and decided he was someone worthwhile to attack and were converging on him with their swords. And, also true to form, his own rapier was buried somewhere in the ruin of the upper room.
  • On a recent weekday afternoon when there was more poultry on the streets than people, a local grocer doubted the new subway will draw enough commuters to make the investment worthwhile.
  • Liseli started doodling in the margin, and ended up drawing a picture of Mr. Smiley Burger with an arrow through his head. She decided to finish her thought: It was just really stupid from there. And we never found the straws. I wouldnt mind having dreams, if they were worthwhile ones. You know, why not have a dream about beautiful things, like being here at the Mill when it was new? But no, I dream about Russ and the Burger House. Ive got to get a new job, its really sad that Im dreaming about that place.
  • Pemex has struggled to make the most of Mexico's crude oil reserves, and Pena Nieto has pledged to open up the company to more private investment. To make it worthwhile for investors, Pena Nieto believes a constitutional change is needed.
  • He caught the attention of the apprentice and haggled out a good deal for both weapons, and he even threw in a pouch of crossbow bolts for free. Regrettably, the total cost was still enough to take all but one of his remaining silver coins. Still, it would all be worthwhile if it helped him stay alive.
  • Methinks that I might do so, but happily none have molested me on my way, seeing perhaps that my wallet was not likely to be a full one; and that, mayhap, it was hardly worthwhile to meddle with me, with so small a prospect of plunder.
  • Not wishing to be made redundant, he never mentioned these concerns to anyone. If he had, it would have been explained that an artificially intelligent robot such as IAPETUS V would have the sort of stamina and psychological resilience required to be a suitable companion for a human being kept in solitary confinement for long periods of time, and that this was of use to the Telstar project. Dr. Randolph Bronson wouldn't have seen that as a particularly worthwhile investment, given both the way IAPETUS V had turned out and the fact that the Telstar project itself appeared to have no clear purpose. Much more useful and valuable, he thought, was the fact that IAPETUS V could be used as a chair.
  • ~ SeparationI went from one roommate, who wouldn't put out, to two roommates who surf, smoke weed, and don't put out. The contact highs make it all worthwhile.
  • "Finally, some worthwhile loot," he breathed, hearing the sounds of coins jingling within. He seemed to be very happy with his find as he emptied the contents into his palm for inspection, so Aiden went back to scouring this place for anything of relevance to him. Gingerly pushing the poor dead chap back in his chair, Aiden looked at the desk closely, taking a deep breath and blowing away clouds of dust to reveal what lay beneath.
  • The characteristics of worthwhile activities were not defined by the researchers but emerged out of interviews with teachers and school principals.
  • "I've recently had something like that happen myself," Amaranthe said to Basilard, drawing his gaze back to her. She tried to ignore the large, muscled audience looking on. "A friend died because of a choice I made. Just because someone else manipulated the encounter doesn't take away my responsibility for that person's death, a person who didn't deserve it. I might as well have killed him myself." Thinking of Wholt, she did not have to feign the thick emotion in her voice. "It was the same with you, wasn't it? Because of a natural instinct for self-preservation, you made the decision to take another's life so that you could live. Probably more than once." She eyed his scars. "A lot more than once. That kind of guilt is hard to carry. The only thing you can do now is make sure you do something worthwhile with your days, make a difference, justify your survival."
  • This requires critical self introspection but is worthwhile undertaking.
  • "Economic change in all periods depends, more than most economists think, on what people believe," observes the economic historian Joel Mokyr. If a few venture capitalists believe that "transformational technologies" are worth betting on, we may see some bold ideas come to fruition. But if they also convince the general public that the only worthwhile technological initiatives are splashy ventures that rate mentions in a State of the Union address, we wont have more technological progress. Well have less.
  • It is worthwhile making a simple stencil from a small sheet of brass to make this job easier.
  • We ask that children donate the money that would have been spent on a snack to support this worthwhile cause.
  • Three days later, after Carsis had guaranteed that Merial did not suspect him, after he was assured that she was expecting repercussions from Idimus, he took from her the one thing that threatened to tear them apart. With thoughts only of marriage and his lust to contain her, he snuck out while she slept and headed to her bar. When he was positive that no one was watching, he burned it to the ground. After everything had settled, he finalized his plot with the note on the door of her home when she was at the bar, implicating Idimus and his tax collector. He never felt one ounce of remorse for doing it; in his eyes, it was only bricks and wood. The future was far more tangible, and much more worthwhile.
  • "Finally, some worthwhile loot," he breathed, hearing the sounds of coins jingling within. He seemed to be very happy with his find as he emptied the contents into his palm for inspection, so Aiden went back to scouring this place for anything of relevance to him. Gingerly pushing the poor dead chap back in his chair, Aiden looked at the desk closely, taking a deep breath and blowing away clouds of dust to reveal what lay beneath.
  • I hadn't even heard of K.A.S.A. until I was well into my 20's; the organization was holding a fundraiser in New York City and I attended the function more to hook-up than to support a worthwhile cause. I was so blocked off in those days that I wrote a check for one hundred dollars and then left the event after about 45 minutes. It was another five years, at least, before I even thought about K.A.S.A. again; after I read Nina's book we talked about it and decided to become active in the group. We volunteered our time to help kids gain confidence and manage the pain of abuse.
  • She had always imagined death would come at the end of some criminal's sword during a battle for a worthwhile cause. Never had she pictured dying amongst strangers, forgotten by the world. Was anyone even wondering where she was? She had no family in the city, but surely some of her enforcer comrades would be curious why she had disappeared from work without a word.
  • Overall i think its pretty worthwhile software whilst bearing in mind the above caveats.
  • The test car was also fitted with optional adaptive halogen headlights, which see round corners for a worthwhile
  • I sampled it and agreed. So this milk was a worthwhile reserve ration for us, because in the form of salt butter or cheese, it would provide a pleasant change of pace from our standard fare.
  • It therefore seemed worthwhile to carry out similar tests with a larger number of subjects.
  • The topic being, what, precognizant dreams, my tiny bursts of ESP? Or more broadly that there are more fulfilling ways to communicate than texts and tweets. That I should keep paying attention to those little hunches, not just write them off. That we all need to slow down, observe, listen, be present in our own lives. Really see what we have, where so often it seems people focus on whats lacking. Even the idea that its worthwhile to take some risks, make changes, beeven in the tiredness of middle agespontaneous.
  • On the other hand, what did it really matter, anyway? Shaa had enough objectivity to recognize how far he was sliding into ennui, but the undertow of apathy was enough to make him not exactly care. What point was there in getting rid of the gods, after all? Maxs longtime goal would just shift the problems of life onto another playing field; it wouldnt necessarily solve anything. In fact, Shaa was aware he hadnt had a major goal in some time other than just staying alive. Now, back in Peridol, in the midst of his youthful haunts, there was some question whether that was even a worthwhile goal.
  • On the other hand, there were scenarios that were probably worse. It would be worthwhile to contemplate them, as a counterweight to his current train of thought, except he would have to think of a few of them first.
  • I didn't realize I was crying until I tried to talk. It was embarrassing, but was I too worried about being sent away to care. Any amount of ridicule would be worthwhile if it meant being able to stay with Alec. He obviously still wasn't convinced though.
  • Your mother, a wonderful woman, was Barbara Parker of Litchfield, Connecticut, daughter of Judge Arnold Parker of Litchfield, now deceased. I am Donald Mullen, the eldest of three brothers; Fay Mullen is the next of age and Patrick Mullen, the gunsmith of Maiden Lane, New York, is the youngest. We were born in Byron Bridge, Ireland, and we three came to this country after our parents died. You come of an honest, worthwhile people on my side, and of the best American blood on your mother's, Donald, and I ask only that you live an honest, honorable life and have faith in your country and your God, and He will be with you to the end.
  • The Orion stopped off in Lisbon for three days. Passengers and crew alighted to visit the city. The sailors made a beeline for the bars and pleasure houses that lined the back alleys of the harbor. The higher society sought more worthwhile pursuits, frequenting galleries, the library, or taking a coach tour of the city to the palaces and churches the city was famous for.
  • "No! As far as Im concerned, the next scheduled stop is Peridol." Max eyed the sack with Iskendarians manuscripts. There would be help available in Peridol, perhaps, if he was careful; untangling Iskendarians code looked to be a nontrivial task. A nontrivial task, but a worthwhile one. Max very much wanted to know if hed identified the equations properly, and correctly intuited their meaning. The thought that Iskendarian had figured out how to decode the communications system of the gods was worth the price of admission all by itself, but that was by no means the only topic of interest. It would very tantalizing indeed if Iskendarian had actually been the original creator of the Spell of Namelessness.
  • A review of the Mark II appeared in a computer magazine a week later. George was furious but there was nothing he could do. The magazine had made sure its ass was well-covered before it ran the piece, and George didn't want to get into some long battle with the media. Not worthwhile.
  • He now counted Swann as a friendmaybe the only good one he had. Not that they socializedhe recognized they had little in common beyond archerybut the man had always been ready with a greeting, took an interest in Gephart's rapidly advancing skills, encouraged him to improve. When the major had asked if he might be interested in something exciting, worthwhile and dangerous, he'd jumped at the invitation.
  • Shaa gazed carefully past another band of shrubbery and through the barred gate at the front of the property. The barricade and its guards were to the right, the three quarreling commanders were ahead of him, and he was well within earshot of their scarcely whispered conference. So... they were the Hand, were they. And their discussion was as relevant as Shaa had suspected it might be. He waited until the three of them had reached a momentary impasse, and had drawn back to glare at each other above belligerently folded arms, then vaulted lightly over the low gate and strolled closer. "Gentlemen," Shaa said, "I believe I have something worthwhile to contribute to your deliberations. Especially seeing as it is my apartment to which you are laying siege, and my brother who is your employer."
  • At some point, it will be economically worthwhile to build new, coal-fired generators.
  • Max had done him the favor of making sure the stuff was right at hand. Iskendarian was adding another sheaf from the bookcase to the tall pile hed assembled on the table when his eyes fell on a nearby blackboard. "Whats this?" he murmured. "Interesting, very interesting. A worthwhile extension. Perhaps -"
  • I had only been to one technology expo before. Although there were a few worthwhile booths to visit, it was mostly a joke. Manufacturers packed the place with booths featuring aesthetically pleasing set-ups, piles of full-colour brochures and a smiling company representative who was willing to give you a hundred reasons why his company was better than the ten other companies competing in the same market.
  • She would taste like marijuana, and he laughed, missing some notes due to the small bit of smoke hed ingested, and realizing Michael had been right. A few times in their long friendship, Michael had actually taught Gray a thing or two. Rose Robinson was one of Michaels more worthwhile lessons.
  • The memories of my life were tied inextricably to the reservation in La Push. In trying to find happiness for myself, I had been hurt. In trying to please those who cared about me, I had proven a disappointment. When I looked back over my life, I didnt really feel anything anymore. The pain and feelings were finally starting to dim. I didnt want to go back home, but I didnt begrudge Seth for his choice to return either. My future was not there. I wanted to travel far away and create a new way to define myself. My life would become worthwhile if I could achieve something meaningful. My goal was to serve as a nurse somewhere where I was needed.
  • Cavy fancy operates at all times in a fair, honest and worthwhile way.
  • Max grimaced. "I dont know, but I think it might be better if I did, dont you? The Swords Spell has certain hallmarks of Iskendarians style. Theres actually another question Id be even more interested in getting an answer to. If Iskendarian did have anything to do with this spell - a prospect I seriously doubt, mind you, but its always worthwhile to keep an open mind - well, the question is why would he bother? When youre dead, you dont get out much. How would he have even met the Sword? Nobodys seen Iskendarian for longer than the Swords been alive."
  • The days flew by, now that Callahan found something to do with his life that he thought was worthwhile and important. Something that would save the world, something that had meaning, and something that could possibly put several more million dollars in his pocket.
  • Is it really worthwhile trying to squeeze a few more megawatts from hydro power in this way?
  • He swirled the wine in his glass, admiring its rich deep red color, its attractive if somewhat forward raspberry-tinged nose. Cabernet with a blend of merlot, surely, but what was that distinctive? - oh, of course, almost as much cabernet franc as sauvignon, that would certainly do it, A bit gutsy behind a youthful streak of tannin, but the tannin along with the acidity gave it a tight backbone, an overall supple texture with a slightly peppery, spicy finish. Ah. Of the many things Fradi had been glad to leave behind in his old body, the gout and the inexorable dulling of his palate, which between them had not only left everything tasting mournfully bland but had provided a next-day residue of extreme joint pain, had been two lumps that had made the greatest dent in his ability to appreciate the worthwhile parts of life. Now, though - ah.
  • Some idiot hunter? the hermit wondered. worthwhile game was scarce above the tree line. She reached for the figures far shoulder and turned it over, pulling off a furred hood, wool cap and mask, to reveal the face of a young girl, pale blonde eyelashes nearly invisible against her cheeks. Surprisedwhen had she last been surprised?–the woman pulled the girl through the curtains to warm her up.
  • An interesting strategy is to buy Junk Bonds in anticipation of an improvement in rating which would result in price appreciation. Incidentally, some MUTUAL FUNDS in the U.S. have found it worthwhile to specialize in Junk Bond investing.
  • While we're in such pleasant surroundings, says Sherry, "Let's also consider our most profitable product, the Lifespan Extension program. I believe most of you are already on the program. The few who aren't, please note the 15% shareholder discount. This is very worthwhile as the program is ridiculously expensive. Extension of life is something that customers will pay through the nose for, and we really abuse that lack of price insensitivity as much as we can."
  • After a short discussion, they agreed that anyone who ever did anything worthwhile would never be seen in such a dump. It was definitely anothing happening' place.
  • If she is going to Uganda, do you think she is probably going to Kampala? Would it be worthwhile to talk to the uncle again and tell him if she is in Kampala, we can offer protection? I understand that he is reluctant and not trusting of the UN. You spoke with him, Ill rely on your judgment.
  • They'd seen other parts of the city, made a donation, possibly, to a worthwhile charity, found that family story-telling skills were alive and well in the region, and, thanks to two blokes drilling down a hole, pickled onion crisp afficionado, James Redfern Chartwell, had avoided having his brains bashed in with a fire extinguisher.
  • Back to top of page hungry elephant - making shopping worthwhile like to shop on-line?
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