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Okunuşu: / wəːs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: worse
Türü: sıfat, zarf, isim


s. ,
z. ,
i. daha fena, daha kötü, beter;
daha hasta,
z. daha fena bir şekilde;

i. daha fena şey, beteri;
kötü durum.

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  • "My dream suddenly turned into a nightmare," Sarah recalls. "My parents simply couldnt deal with it. Most of my friends deserted me, like I had done something wrong. But worse than that, everyone abandoned Greg, as if he had leprosy."
  • Throw down your weapons and surrender, or you are dead men! he shouted again, and at this the third Tory, who must have believed there was more than one man in the thicket, took to his heels in alarm, while Corporal 'Lige, who had received no worse injury than a severe choking, seized upon the three muskets which were lying close beside him.
  • Ah, to be sure, said the scoundrel with a sneer. "Work, work, work. You and me, Mas' Don, is treated worse than the black niggers as cuts the sugar-canes down, and hoes the 'bacco in the plantations. I'm sorry for you."
  • Volumnia presses: "If it be honourable in your wars to seem the same as you are not,"—to employ a ruse, "when for your best ends you adapt your policy, how is it less or worse to hold counterfeiting to be as honourable in peace as in war, since it stands in like request to both?"
  • What the devil and all have I broken now? wondered Allan. "Plague take these barbarous customs! Jove, they're worse than the taboos of the old Maoris, in the ancient days! What's up?"
  • The story soon circulated among the students that Merwell and Dave had had a fight and the tall boy had gotten the worse of it. To this Dave said nothing, but Merwell explained to his friends that Porter had hit him foul, taking him completely off his guard.
  • Well, I couldn't provide against love, said Mitchell. "I fell in love myself more than once--and I don't suppose I'd have been any worse off if I'd have stayed in love. Ah, well! But suppose she did fall in love with the doctor and marry him, or suppose she fell in love with him and didn't marry him, for that matter--and suppose the girl fell in love with the secretary? There wouldn't be any harm done; it would only make them more contented with the home and bind them to it. They'd be a happy family, and the Lost Souls' Hotel would be more cheerful and homelike than ever."
  • As always when flying, the TARDIS shakes and tremors, and the occupants have to hold on tight to keep themselves steady. Mickey was holding on to the railing tightly with both hands, because this flight was worse than any he ever had before.
  • Meanwhile, if we can believe that animals are capable of reasoning, Whirlwind must have had some uncomfortable thoughts. He was listening for the next orders of his master and could make nothing of the tumult going on near him. He would have been eager to lend a helping hand, or, rather, hoof, but did not know how to lend it. He might make matters worse by the attempt. He had received his commands and it only remained for him to obey them.
  • "The longer we delay a deal or can't reach a deal at all, the worse it's going to be for the consumer and for the corporations and for the shareholders - so what the heck am I supposed to do? I have no choice but to stay on this story," sais Cramer.
  • But Scott was merciful. He withdrew the probe and very pitifully he closed the wound that he had opened. "No, no!" he said. "That has nothing to do with me or with Eustace either. But it makes your case absolutely plain. Come with me now before you feel any worse about it and ask him to give you your release!"
  • Myranda gave him a long, hard stare, considering his words. Finally, she opened the door and set off into the cold. A single look at the sky and whiff of the air assured her that she could not have chosen a worse time to venture into the woods alone. As was the curse of the north, snow had come at least once a week for the whole of her time in Wolloff's tower. Most were light flurries, but some brought with them wind and cold sufficient to endanger any creature that could not find shelter. Today would be such a day. A stiff breeze foreshadowed the harsh winds that would be tearing at her face within the hour.
  • "Well, well, I say it of myself," continued the trooper. "It's no use humbuggin' about it. I'm swimmin' wi' the current. Goin' to the dogs like a runaway locomotive. Of course I see well enough that men like Sergeant Hardy, an' Stevenson of the Marines, who have been temperance men all their lives, enjoy good health--would to God I was like 'em! And I know that drinkers are dyin' off like sheep, but that makes it all the worse for me, for, to tell you the honest truth, boys--an' I don't care who knows it--I can't leave off drinkin'. It's killin' me by inches. I know, likewise, that all the old hard drinkers here are soon sent home ruined for life--such of 'em at least as don't leave their miserable bones in the sand, and I know that I'm on the road to destruction, but I can't--I won't give it up!"
  • That was dreadful, said Dolly, shuddering at the memory. "But I think it was much worse for Mr. Jamieson and Bessie than for me."
  • If Rose had seen her mother sitting on Grays side of the bed, she would have run to Judiths arms, falling apart in her lap. Rose wished to let it out, cry a river and all that. She couldnt, not because it wasnt her usual manner, but that if she did it now, everyone would know. Rose might have told Lovie about the baby and Gray might have slipped it to the kids and if Megan McMahon found out, well, worse might happen. It would happen but, Rose sighed, no one could learn yet.
  • Greece already has one of the worst problems in Europe with hospital-acquired infections, and disease experts fear this is being made worse by an economic crisis that has cut health care staffing levels and hurt standards of care.
  • "Oh, no, good Kate! Neither art thou the worse for this poor furnishing and mean array! If thou accountst it shame, lay it to meand therefore tease!
  • Minna jumped up, almost upsetting the tray, and strode over to the windows. "He is in trouble, I know it. Those who tried to kill Kerrion have taken him, which means they will attempt the Prince's life again, this time secure in the knowledge that I cannot retaliate. But I could easily hire another assassin, though he may not be as good as Blade. He may fail... yet I am sure they have a better reason than that..." She frowned as a far worse thought struck her. "They plan to torture him, and find out what he knows."
  • The fact is, Sturk's face had a leaden tint; he looked, evidently enough, even in that dim candle-light, a great deal worse than the curious Miss Mag was accustomed to see him.
  • Burning fingers closed around her arm. She jumped and reached for her khipus as she turned around, though she realized too late that she didn't have any left. It was Menkar in his human form. Somehow Oscar managed to slink while perched on his shoulder. Menkar, in his anger, did an even worse job at appearing human than usual. His skin burned to the touch and there was a red light behind his eyes.
  • Next night we stuck a picture, which Tom drawed in blood, of a skull and crossbones on the front door; and next night another one of a coffin on the back door. I never see a family in such a sweat. They couldn't a been worse scared if the place had a been full of ghosts laying for them behind everything and under the beds and shivering through the air. If a door banged, Aunt Sally she jumped and said "ouch!" if anything fell, she jumped and said "ouch!" if you happened to touch her, when she warn't noticing, she done the same; she couldn't face noway and be satisfied, because she allowed there was something behind her every time--so she was always a-whirling around sudden, and saying "ouch," and before she'd got two-thirds around she'd whirl back again, and say it again; and she was afraid to go to bed, but she dasn't set up. So the thing was working very well, Tom said; he said he never see a thing work more satisfactory. He said it showed it was done right.
  • And as matters tended from bad to worse in the camp of the castaways upon the east coast of Jungle Island, another camp came into being upon the north coast.
  • Regardless, he was still a humanone with a family and Graham would not kill him. He refused to. He would have to hold back, and since he was certain that Rhimaldez would not share the same sentiment, that made this situation far worse.
  • Well, gentlemen, he said at last, through Mr. Tenney as interpreter, "you don't look any the worse for your long journey."
  • Yes, it's caught the end of the inn, and with that breeze blowing there isn't a chance for this house to be saved, Rob continued. "I'm sorry for the poor man who owns it; but then he'll be no worse off than tens of thousands of other Belgian sufferers."
  • Roger shuffled off to the companionway, and Dave went after him. The senator's son was growing worse every minute, and it was not long before Phil announced that he also felt sick. Both went to their staterooms, and Dave did what he could to relieve their distress.
  • Peter Measel, whom we had inevitably utterly forgotten, was sitting up with his back propped against a stone and his legs stretched straight in front of him, enjoying the situation with all the curiosity of his unchastened mind. I hove a lump of clay at him, but missed, and the effort made my headache worse.
  • It really looked for a moment as though we actually had the brig; but a chill of disappointment thrilled through me when I saw how splendidly she was handled. The man who commanded her was evidently equal to any emergency, for no sooner did the craft begin to luff into the wind than he let fly his after braces, shivered his main topsail, and hauled his head sheets over to windward, and--after a pause which must have sent the hearts of all on board into their mouths--the brig began to pay off again, until, by a deft and dainty manipulation of her canvas, she was actually got dead before the wind, when the main yard was squared and away she went once more but little the worse for her serious mishap.
  • It took Bane three days to recover from the ritual, but even then, his eyes were bloodshot again, his lips too red, and his unnatural pallor had returned. With the dark power came his foul temper and brutality, worse than before.
  • With a nod, Kevan put both hands back on the wheel and focused on the road. For several excruciating minutes, Shannon endured contractions that were coming fast and hard while trying not to get too jostled around as they hugged corner after corner of the blacktop. worse than the pain was the fact that she could feel her babys fear. His power pulsed with it. Between the mind numbing bouts of agony, she did her best to send soothing energy to him. The crackling of his energy calmed, but only a little.
  • Truly, it is a hard life on the border, the squire said, "and it is wonderful that any can be found willing to live within reach of the Scotch raiders. I myself have done a fair share of fighting, under our lord's banner; but to pass my life, never knowing whether I may not awake to find the house assailed, would be worse than the hardest service against an open foe.
  • 'Hell survive, Gwen,’ Tanngrisnir said confidently, gaining on them. 'He has fought worse battles than this, and survived. Many are the songs my people sing of his exploits.’ They slowed to allow the others to catch up.
  • When Falk reached the holding pen a tragedy met his eyes. For as if the boy had not endured enough of this day now the night brought him new woes and terrors. A sight of carnage met his eyes. There lay Skel, dead beneath the moonlight but not alone, around him were four of the red-wolves, all bloody and torn to death themselves. Inside the holding pen was worse slaughter to be found, no red-wolves in there just his herd, every last member of his flock, threats torn out, meat consumed and blood painted on the rocks. Shocked all Falk could do was kneel and stare at the end of his families only means, and of Skel who had been a good and loyal guardian of the flock right up until his final bloody breath. A voice from the darkness pierced Falks melancholy.
  • It would be fierce, he mused, "to have them held here, or in a detention camp as prisoners; and it would be worse if we should be attacked by an overwhelming force of revolutionists. I've just got to know the truth."
  • The beginner can rest assured, however that the fear of nettle stings is always far worse than the actual sting.
  • Their laughter alone was bad enough, but it was infinitely worse when they started imitating him. Neville just wanted to crawl away into a library carrel and read Duns Scotus.
  • "No," she answered, "I do not fear to die. Death cannot be worse than life is for most of us. I have not prayed for years, not since--well, never mind. I am not a coward. It would be cowardly to pray now because I may be wrong. If there is a God who knows all, He will understand that."
  • Sarah finally emerges from Hi-Health with her bag of new sweaters, another bag of new shoes, and now a bag of vitamins and supplements as well. The problem is she doesnt feel any better. In fact, she feels worse than ever; and once again she has to listen to another witnesss testimony as she walks down the mall toward the exit. It was Terri Simmons of Miami, Florida.
  • To his huge delight the boat, though lopsided and half full of water, was buoyed up by the branches, and he had no doubt that he could navigate her with the oars. As soon as he had finished his unappetizing meal, Rob clambered on board his "ark," as he mentally called her, and thrust the oars into the rowlocks. The boat was very heavy, and owing to her waterlogged condition pulled very hard. worse still, Rob encountered a current that carried him toward the other island, the one he had left that morning; and even worse, a fact he presently perceived, his craft was being carried around a point, on the opposite side of which he could see the glow of a fire against the night sky; for by this time it was dark. Rob was heartily glad that this was the case, for he knew that the fire must be that of the rascals who had abducted him, and in the darkness he might slip by them unnoticed.
  • "Well, now that you mentioned it, I must say, the intrusiveness is getting worse every day. In my own town, I cant even go out in public anymore. But, you go ahead and keep talking, because pleasant hours fly fast." Morency spoke about his career and his retirement coming up.
  • Muriel stood watching them, and Frank fancied that his eyes were gleaming with satisfaction. The boy began to believe he had mistaken the character of this astonishing youth; Muriel might be even worse than his older companions, for he might be one who delighted in torturing his victims.
  • I choked. It wasn't funny. It was worse than I thought, but the mental image of this lady being mooned from a car window struck me as hilarious. I shut my eyes tight and tried to think. What to say? What to do? How to not burst into hysterical laughter? After the day I had been through I was ready to laugh about anything and never stop.
  • I know nothing about the devil, said Kettle acidly; "but you've got me, and you couldn't very well find a worse bargain. If you are not a fool, you will set me ashore at once."
  • The scene in the gap hit me like a punch in the stomach. Dead men and horses lay strewn across the ground, although Llywelyns men were attempting to clear the road. Id carelessly mentioned the possibility of ambush, but the reality was far worse than I could have ever imagined. There was blood everywhere. The Middle Ages. Dear God, Im in the Middle Ages. I walked faster, hustling to keep up with Llywelyns long legs.
  • Shaa glanced at me, looking clearly the worse for some kind of wear. I offered him my handkerchief; he took it and mopped his brow. "I dont want to talk about it," he told me.
  • It was also time for puberty, and Jeff found himself attracted to boys, not girls. It made it even worse to be in a new city with new people and none of the old friends he had come to count on. He felt like an outcast. "I didnt have very many people I could hang out with."
  • Claire, he said thoughtfully, "we can't make it through. We'll have to find a place somewhere and prepare for winter. It's tough, but it's inevitable. I hate to give up now, but it will be even worse for us if we don't get meat, fur, and a house against the snow that will soon be covering everything."
  • It felt like the first time Alan was ever in the principals office, and he only saw the inside of that office once in his entire life. He had knocked a kid off the swing during second grade recess and the boy had to get ten stitches in his head. He had to wait a few minutes that day, too, and the wait seemed to be worse than the actual event. A safety reminder and a letter home was the worst of the deal and he only got a quick smack on the butt from his dad when he got home that day.
  • Dexter nodded. He had been surprised at the good time they had made, and wondered if it indicated a change in luck for him and the Voidhawk, or if perhaps it only meant his next voyage would be that much worse because of it. "And the pay?"
  • Miss Brodie was indignant. "What a shame! And what a fool! Why, he is ten times more fool than his son; for mark you, his son is undoubtedly a fool, and a selfish fool at that. I can't bear a young fool who sacrifices not simply his own life, but the interests of all who care for him, for some little pet selfishness of his own. But this father of his seems to be even worse than the son. Family name indeed! And I venture to say he expatiated upon the glory of his family name to my uncle. If there's one thing that my uncle goes quite mad about it is this affectation of superiority on the ground of the colour of a man's blood! No wonder he refused to withdraw the prosecution! What could Mr. Rae have been thinking about? What fools men are!"
  • She is in far worse danger than you imagine, Amalric coolly returned. "The Turks are on the way. The quicker she realizes that, the sooner we can get away from here."
  • If I should leave you here,"" he said, ""a much worse fate would overtake you than any that you anticipate, for your minds are not advanced enough to imagine the horrors that assail all those who lack courage. This is the testing place for aspirants, and more win their way across it than you might suppose, impudence of ambition adding skill to recklessness. All must make the attempt, alone and at night, who seek the inner shrines of Knowledge, and those creatures in the tank have no other food than is thus provided."
  • Then he stopped as his eye roved again to the stone pillar. Up on top of that white shaft of stone something moved! What he had thought at first glance were mere hummocks of rock or dusty bowlders, proved to be three human figures! How they had been put there, or how long they had been there, he could not imagine. One of them was smaller than the other two, a pathetic little heap of misery--it was without doubt the girl, and the other two were Neyani and his wife! the boy realized with a sudden shock. They were isolated, starving--and worse than that--oh, much worse--dying of thirst! That lonely rock,--under the pitiless desert sun!
  • Rordan nodded, trying not to worry about Fiknas sudden lack of gallant speech. "Yep, I guess so. Im just glad they didnt hurt us worse than they did."
  • I don't even know who you sold her to, was Daylight's answer. "And what's more, I'm not bothering my head about her. She was your mare, and it's none of my business what you did with her. You haven't got her, that's sure and worse luck. And now, while we're on touchy subjects, I'm going to open another one with you.
  • To Jorden it was somewhat worse than alien and hostile, and he was strangely comforted by the presence of the huge, fire breathing dragon. That was it, he was mad. Not only was he quite comfortable within metres of a beast of his own legend that had terrified those of the western world for centuries, he was actually terrified of losing her. With Kaeina near they did not need to fear even the greater lizard beast. Perhaps now only the gigantic mexin would pose a threat.
  • "For one I think we've just got to change our way of handling those fellows. The more we try to argue, and hold out the olive branch, the worse they get. I hate to tell the boys we've reached the end of the rope; but what else is left?" and Paul, as he spoke, shook his head, and drew a long breath.
  • Brad's heart melted as it had dozens of times before. He knew the smile on his face was big and stupid. He felt self conscious and at the mercy of the events about to unfold here on the granite steps. worse yet he was at a complete loss for words. The smile stayed glued to his lips and his words refused to come out. The terrible thoughts which were crawling through his mind kept trying to articulate themselves in place of the words he wanted to say.
  • By some strange inadvertency, however, Mr. Chaplin's eccentric person was missing from the screen. In spite of that, though, Han managed to enjoy the evening. Afterwards Perry suggested light refreshments and they set out in search of a lunch counter. But anyone who knows Plymouth will realise the hopelessness of their search. After roaming around the quiet and deserted streets and at last being assured by a policeman that their quest was worse than idle they went back to the tenders. "I suppose," said Perry disgustedly, "they close all the stores early so they can go to the movies. I wish now we'd had some soda at that drug store where the man had insomnia."
  • Most of these dishes are new to you, he told me. "But you can consume them without fear. They're healthy and nourishing. I renounced terrestrial foods long ago, and I'm none the worse for it. My crew are strong and full of energy, and they eat what I eat."
  • I understand, Dolly whispered back. "I think you are right, too, Bessie. We'd be worse off than ever. I was thinking that if only some of the other gypsies were here we might frighten them so much with it that they'd make him let us go."
  • All of the boys were more or less impressed by this strange silence. It seemed as though some heavy weight were pressing down upon them. Toby even whispered to one of his mates that it could hardly be worse if they were passing through a country graveyard at midnight.
  • "There is a sense that we have reached at least a turning point," Jens Larsen, chief European economist at RBC Capital Markets in London and a former Bank of England official, said by telephone. "You cant be very confident yet it will turn into very strong macroeconomic growth, but from a market perspective the fact that its clearly stopped getting worse is really important."
  • You give sympathy, my friend, which is worth its weight in precious stones. And action expressed in a wrong channel is worse than no action at all. Where do you ride?
  • "And there you are, sir, and them's fax. They chucked them two pore chaps overboard, and, speaking up for my messmates and self, I says we don't hold with killing nobody 'cept in the name of dooty; but here's a set o' miserable beggars as goes about buying and selling the pore niggers, and treating 'em worse than they would a box o' worms to go fishing with. Why, it's murder, sir, wholesale, retail, and for exportation, as the man said over his shop door in our town o' Bristol, and if we can only get at 'em--well, I won't say what we'll do, but if there ain't some fatal accidents that day, my name ain't Tom."
  • The boy chuckled. The Colonel was in a worse fix than he ever had been facing Apache Geronimo! "Looks like they would have to live right here, sir!" laughed Sid, looking up from making friends with the first puppy. "Couldn't wish for better den mates I'll say!"
  • No, I don't reckon it was the sheep herders themselves, said Slim, "but it might be some of their bunch coming to size things up. The government never made a worse mistake than to throw this Indian land open to everybody. Them fellers at Washington should have barred the sheep men!"
  • On the other hand, in spite of the light growing stronger, there was no sign of the brig, and, worse still, everything looked so distorted and hazy, not one familiar object to enable them to judge of their position.
  • It was so intended, Mr. Hayne; but my sister's health requires speedy change. She has been growing worse ever since we came, and she will not get well here.
  • And the jokes get worse as the evening wears on, and of course they get funnier as they get more tortuous.
  • `Why, Harry,' said I, `you surely do not reflect upon what you are talking about. We have a far worse want than coffee, and that is this very Indian corn you speak of--to make bread. Could I only get a supply of that, I should think very little about coffee or any other beverage. Unfortunately there is not a grain of corn within many an hundred miles of where we are now sitting.'"
  • Max was still standing, too, and as Phlinns head drew level with his own, Max reminded him, in a low whisper, "If worse comes to worse, just jump."
  • 'True. We are the same species. Then surely our first priority is to our own kind. Save the children, then save the chickens. Fair enough, it's a tragedy the whole business ever began, it stems from greed. But chickens are only one by-product of this. Humans suffer far worse even as we speak. Battery farming is unpleasant, it's true, but they lay the eggs, don't they? Until they stop, or we are in a position to help them, they'll continue to do so.'
  • The poor second mate grew worse and worse. Paul visited him, and he heard from the lips of the black seaman, perhaps for the first time, the full and free message of salvation; and, I believe, from what Paul told me, and from the remarks the mate made to me before he died, that he had fully accepted God's gracious offer of reconciliation.
  • They were soon convinced that it was no empty menace. In a few days a band of three hundred Blackfeet warriors appeared upon the hills. All now was consternation in the village. The force of the Nez Perces was too small to cope with the enemy in open fight; many of the young men having gone to their relatives on the Columbia to procure horses. The sages met in hurried council. What was to be done to ward off a blow which threatened annihilation? In this moment of imminent peril, a Pierced-nose chief, named Blue John by the whites, offered to approach secretly with a small, but chosen band, through a defile which led to the encampment of the enemy, and, by a sudden onset, to drive off the horses. Should this blow be successful, the spirit and strength of the invaders would be broken, and the Nez Perces, having horses, would be more than a match for them. Should it fail, the village would not be worse off than at present, when destruction appeared inevitable.
  • As Elryia watched the four of themRhimaldez and Ramia, Jeralyle and Merialopen doors for the other, guide and hold one another, she stood back, a small sliver of longing embedding itself within her soul, one she couldn't shake, one that would stay with her all night. It would only grow worse as El saw the gentle look on Ramia's face when she said goodbye to Rhimaldez. It was loss, it was hope. Though it pained her to watch him leave, it relieved her to know that she would see him again.
  • Then there were two other terrors against she must fight, the darkness and the dread of Jacob Meyer. Perhaps the darkness was the worse of them. To live in that hideous gloom in which their single lamp, for she dared burn no more lest the oil should give out, seemed but as one star to the whole night, ah! who that had not endured it could know what it meant? There the sick man, yonder the grinning skeletons, around the blackness and the silence, and beyond these again a miserable death, or Jacob Meyer. But of him Benita saw nothing, though once or twice she thought that she heard his voice raving outside the wall which they had built. If so, either he did not try to pull it down, or he failed in the attempt, or perhaps he feared that should he succeed, he would be greeted by a bullet. So at last she gave up thinking about him. Should he force his way into the cave she must deal with the situation as best she could. Meanwhile, her father's strength was sinking fast.
  • Gleve grieved over Maida. He had promised her. Bad enough that when the time came to ask Mother Sarah for a word, he had lost his nerve. It was even worse that he had been a coward about telling Maida, too ashamed to even look at her. Their friendship was surely broken now. She would never forgive him. He would not expect her to.
  • Katy rang the breakfast gong. Five minutes later the tattoo of knives and forks and spoons told of appetites in process of appeasement. Charlie came into the kitchen in the midst of this, bearing certain unmistakable signs. His eyes were inflamed, his cheeks still bearing the flush of liquor. His demeanor was that of a man suffering an intolerable headache and correspondingly short-tempered. Stella barely spoke to him. It was bad enough for a man to make a beast of himself with whisky, but far worse was his gambling streak. There were so many little ways in which she could have eased things with a few dollars; yet he always grumbled when she spoke of money, always put her off with promises to be redeemed when business got better.
  • "Surprise, surprise, maybe he isn't as shallow and vindictive as you thought." The words were mean, but they felt good. There were a lot of other, even worse things on the tip of my tongue, things I really wanted to say. For a moment, my anger warred with the fear of being completely friendless.
  • In a hand-to-hand combat with a chimpanzee, a strong man would have but little chance of success, and Mok, under the influence of two glasses of beer, was a man-chimpanzee. When Banker swore, and when he turned so that the light of the street lamp fell upon his face, Mok recognized him. He knew him for a Rackbird of the Rackbirds--as the cruel, black-eyed savage who had beaten him, trodden upon him, and almost crushed the soul out of him, in that far-away camp by the sea. How this man should have suddenly appeared in Paris, why he came there, and what he was going to do, whether he was alone, or with his band concealed in the neighboring doorways, Mok did not trouble his mind to consider. He held in his brazen grip a creature whom he considered worse than the most devilish of African devils, a villain who had been going to kill Cheditafa.
  • As before he suffered the moment of ill, the lack of breath, and the touch of fire. It was worse than it had been on the previous occasion, though brief, Jorden sitting to lessen the effects. He swore then to never return, regardless how severe the symptoms might become.
  • Foster thanked him and examined the map. It was clearly drawn and showed the height and natural features of the country, which was obviously rough. The path marked out led over the Border hills, dipped into winding valleys, and skirted moorland lakes. It seemed to draw him as he studied it, for the wilderness has charm, and the drove road ran through heathy wastes far from the smoke of factories and mining towns. Well, he was ready to cross the bleak uplands, without troubling much about the mist and rain, for he had faced worse winters than any Scotland knew, but he reflected with grim amusement that Daly would find the traveling rough if he got on his trail.
  • The great man moved haltingly to the very edge of the podium and looked down at the fortune teller's embodiments. He had drunk much, he had eaten much, but he was none the worse for it--there was very little he could do that would make him any worse than he already was.
  • "More? There's none there like there is here. An' it's gettin' worse all the time, worse this year than last year, worse last year than ten years ago.
  • How much more could I endure? I didn't know, but it couldn't be much. It felt so good and magical the morning we first set out. I had no idea then I'd be fighting hopelessness more than the Dark Robes. This blasted rain! It made things worse.
  • "Right. And thank you for reminding me where I was. Not enough grain poses problems. It starves the people it is supposed to be feeding, and, worse yet, encourages the farmers to try again, planting even fallow fields. None of the crops grow well the following season, and each season after the ground becomes increasingly more difficult to plow, and produces less wheat. This cycle could continue until the fields were unable to produce anything. Not a good situation."
  • To get to Mogador is our only chance, said Jim; "and I wish I were guilty of no worse crime than using deception, to induce some one to take us there. I have a hope that these men will buy us on speculation; and if lies will induce them to do so, they shall have plenty of them from me. And you," continued he, turning to the Krooman, "you must not let them know that you speak their language, or they will not give a dollar for you.
  • The same evening the girls left for Brisbane, but not alone, for Hil was taking the colt with her. Tom, the old groom at the hotel stables, had taken a violent fancy to both horse and owner, that she decided to take him with her to Sydney. At Brisbane they had to explain to him that his master was a mistress, and they sailed without delay for Sydney, none the worse for their experience, but feeling rather subdued at the tragic disaster which had robbed them of the spoil after which they had started.
  • I know I should have been freaked out, but it just didnt look real. Id seen worse at the movies. I suppose it was just that I refused to believe it had actually happened.
  • So I picked up my walking-stick and hobbled down the hillside, albeit with pain. Where the descent eased a little I found and followed a foot-track, which in time turned into a sunk road scored deep with old cart-ruts, and so brought me to a desolate farmstead, slowly dropping to ruin there in the perpetual shadow of the mountain. The slates that had fallen from the roof of byre and stable lay buried already under the growth of nettle and mallow and wild parsnip; and the yard-wall was down in a dozen places. I shuffled through one of these gaps, and almost at once found myself face to face with a park-fence of split oak--in yet worse repair, if that were possible. It stretched away right and left with promise of a noble circumference; but no hand had repaired it for at least twenty years. I counted no less than seven breaches through which a man of common size might step without squeezing; availed myself of the nearest; and having with difficulty dragged my disabled foot up the ha-ha slope beyond, took breath at the top and looked about me.
  • Look out! yelled Angle Poise. "She's going to cut the cake. We have to save the Red Shoe Witch from a fate worse than death!"
  • "You dont want to know what just happened," Avery groaned to Kendra on the other end. "Things couldnt be worse if I were lying face down in a ditch somewhere."
  • "Before you go in, Margarita, you need to know something. The king looks worse than he actually is. You must prepare yourself."
  • Most store managers worked their way up through the chain of command. Not Kevin Jameson. He came from an outside company and was hired as a store manager. I heard a rumour once that he used to sell furniture and gave a really good deal to one of the managers from our head office and got a job in return. Either that, or he slept with someone to get it. I dont know which is worse.
  • Well, he had escaped love so far, just as he had escaped smallpox; yet there it was, as contagious as smallpox, and a whole lot worse in running its course. It made men and women do such fearful and unreasonable things. It was like delirium tremens, only worse. And if he, Daylight, caught it, he might have it as badly as any of them. It was lunacy, stark lunacy, and contagious on top of it all. A half dozen young fellows were crazy over Freda. They all wanted to marry her. Yet she, in turn, was crazy over that some other fellow on the other side of the world, and would have nothing to do with them.
  • Jeeper, jeepers! Dawson finally muttered. "I couldn't have a worse case of jim-jams than I've got right now, even if I was actually piloting the President's plane. I--"
  • That, however, was far from George's mind; if the others meant "to make fools of themselves he guessed he could stand it too"; and when they started forth George had his place in the very van. Josh often said George's "bark was worse than his bite."
  • There was another item of news that was soon to be ready for Mr. Murdoch. Jack was conscious of a restless, excited state of mind, and Mary said things that made him worse.
  • You're as bad as the boys and girls, said Aunt Clara, shaking her finger at him knowingly. "I believe you want to go worse than any of them."
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