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Okunuşu: / wʌrɪɪŋ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wor·ries/wor·ried/wor·ry·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. üzücü, endişelendirici;
can sıkıcı.

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  • And then one day, in the midst of his forced cheerful, inane talk, Haworth suddenly stopped. Hugh only noticed because Haworths voice was loud. He glanced up to find his man staring at him, his expression worried and fearful. This was also puzzling because Haworths face was generally so dour, Hugh had long ago imagined any other emotion was impossible.
  • That particular profession was one I wanted to successfully check off, soon. It was very difficult for my best friend to help me, because she still hadnt met Willow yet. When we stopped by Sunridge to pick her up for school on January 2nd, I was no closer to having an answer or meeting my career goal either. I was extremely worried because Eli Weston could mess up my Tray-Willow-relationship plan. I couldnt do anything about that particular relationship wrecking problem though because I had already introduced him to Willow.
  • "But when she came home after graduation," I said, "I could tell her heart was broken. She opened up to me about Manny, but she wouldnt really let me or anybody else help her get over him. Meanwhile, I married Tommy, my college boyfriend, after he finished law school. Jessie was at my side as maid of honor that day, and I could feel her sadness. I started my career as a budget analyst for the federal government, but I could never get her interested in applying for openings like that. Tommy and I tried to fix her up with some of his legal buddies, but she either acted disinterested during blind dates or refused to go at all. My parents were awfully worried by her refusal to do anything conventional, in either her career or her social life. They had to help pay the rent on her apartment while she was freelancing as a journalist. Then, after about three years of that, she decided to plunge all of her savings and energy into launching an online sports magazine with three partners."
  • "What I have in mind wouldnt matter. If you know where they are and can hit them with some kind of lightning blast, then why dont you, and we can all stop worrying about this matter?"
  • Suddenly Quil was thinking about Claire, and worrying that he might not get to see her again. I felt him wince and break a little on the inside.
  • Yes; but the others are all right, and it would not go off and gallop alone. Flies have worried the poor beast, I suppose.
  • "Thats not out on the shelves yet," the sales person said, "but no worries, I will get you one from the back." A few minutes later, the boy was paying for the latest game at the cash register.
  • "Yes," Julio agreed. "That god Sapriel the warrant mentions. And dont forget the delegation of torturers - no one knows where they came from, and somehow they managed to give the police squad the slip. Dooglas has quite an unusual number of men-at-arms at his property, too. If it was up to the Council, yes, I think theyd shut this nonsense down, but Dooglas worries me."
  • Score one for our side, said Frank. "We know a little more than we did before, too. I think it's a safe guess that the Germans aren't in this direction. We can go along without worrying about them."
  • She ducked through the entrance, worried about what she might find, but it was only the wounded man from the meadow, reclining among blankets on the ground. He no longer wore his armor, but had on a cream colored shirt. A blanket covered him to his waist. Several candles, guttering in shallow dishes, lit the tent, and the remains of a meal sat on a plate beside him. He took a sip from a small cup, and looked at them over the top of it.
  • Five years later, she is tired of rebuffing the sexual advances of male colleagues, worries the budget for the female force will shrink and fears the government will abandon them.
  • "No, no, no -- there now -- there's a darling, don't you be worrying yourself about nothing; look out again, and who knows but he's coming?"
  • As he set his mind to work marshaling the events of the last two days, a sudden startling thought smote him--suppose his party had started a day early! It was quite possible; it was probable, even! Big John had left him about noon, two days before. He had then gone back to the ranch with the buck and told them how he, Sid, had gone off on a lone hike to the Canyon Cheyo. Suppose then, his father, knowing the immense size of the canyon, had become worried over losing him and had started after him the very next day; Even if they went by the wooded plateau route they would have arrived at the head of the canyon by yesterday afternoon at latest! That, then, was the very time he should have been signaling with all his might, raising a smoke, firing his pistol from the ledge, doing everything to attract them, instead of fooling around trying to get out of the Lost Canyon by himself.
  • They say that girls spend more time worrying about how they look than boys do.
  • Steve hefted the jeweled dagger. "So why in the world did he give us this? Dont you think that its a bit odd? I really dont think hes worried about his men. I think he had some other motive in mind."
  • Sallis cleared his throat, surprised that his nerves chose now to start worrying him. Doubts assailed him. If he had anything wrong, he would suffer.
  • You missed Selby's blood because you were high or worried about hiding the joint or, most likely, simply new to recognizing the blood. Her line must be weaker than Heller's, or Heller couldn't have made her forget what she saw. Heller is of the first line, but does that mean her line is more powerful than the others? Could Chad Vaughn's power have been greater than Josh Dumont's? Would Chad need to be more powerful than an elah to kill one?
  • He had been wary around her at first, but now he had stopped worrying about bad things happening. After all, it had been three weeks, and, so far, everything was fine. As long as he did not make any wishes, he decided, nothing could go wrong. And, as his initial anxieties faded, he found that he was enjoying her company. She had a lot of entertaining stories to tell. She could talk virtually non-stop, in fact, which saved him the bother of trying to think of something interesting to say himself. The only thing he found mildly irritating was her habit of sneakily trying to make him wish for stuff. But he could not blame her for that really, in fact, he felt kind of sorry for her situation, stuck here with him for the rest of his life. Denny had no illusions about himself; he could well imagine that she would rather be off somewhere else, doing her own thing instead of putting up with him. He felt a little sad about this. Despite the fact that they had no real interests in common, he had begun to think of her as a friend. At least she had shown no signs of wanting to kick his head in.
  • "This is nottake a number to have sex with Brenna after the Maturing.’ We are supposed to be worried about my safety." I reminded them.
  • "That's a good point, but you can't blame me for being worried sweetie. I mean with this new boyfriend of yours. You know I don't trust boys that drive sports cars. Especially not the really cute ones who have a way of making every female in sight go all gooey on the inside."
  • "Stop saying Guardians. You know what I mean." Cuthbert picked up a foot from the pile and nibbled on a toe. "Look, as a favor the lads and me would be willing to come in and cut you up real good. Eat you if we have to. That would kill you wouldnt it? Release you from damnation and all that. I could look after your maggot collection, if thats whats worrying you."
  • Other discussants worried about the cost and quality of such a product.
  • Happy, she snapped off a fist to the chest salute and then turned and left the cabin. It was not until an hour or so later that she realized they had not finished their conversation about Kragor. Suddenly worried about Dexter and about the ship, she found the first excuse she could to head back down to his cabin. She knocked softly and heard no response. Upon sticking her head in she found him slumped over his desk, sleeping. She frowned but backed away. It was not the best of positions, but she knew disturbing him would just rouse him prematurely and he desperately needed sleep.
  • The companions nodded slowly, each with their own worried look. But one by onebe it by a gesture, a wink, or a whisperthey were assured that no danger lay behind them.
  • Jag is a jack of many trades: black market, smuggling, pirating, bootlegging, andhis favoritethe slave trade. He especially loves it when he finds the young ones because they are easily trained to do as you wish. To his disappointment, he wont have the time he wants with the young girl hes trapped in his human market. The people who want her, whoever they are, offered to pay for him to capture her specifically. He finds that very interesting and is only intrigued more by the little blonde girl who cries too much for his liking. When he had finally caught up with her and her mother, he was worried about the open space. With the help of his crew, the kidnapping went better than he would have predicted. He grins at the fond memory as he opens the door to the long hallway full of boys and girls for sale. Its feeding time.
  • Her head reeled as she attempted to find something, anything else they could talk about. She needed to show him she wasn't worried about it, that she knew he was going to be ok. The silver box nestled at the bottom of her bag popped into her mind. She mentally examined it briefly. That strange little box sat strangely present, ever nagging in the back of her head as if she was magnetically drawn to it. But then again, something pushed upon her consciousness, telling her that it wasn't the time for that. Richard needed something else, something more.
  • I was just guessing but it sounded reasonable, even to myself. And Lester thought I was the second Sherlock Holmes and I didn't want to disappoint him. God knows I hadn't shown any brilliance in the case up to that time and I thought he was entitled to something that would back up his blind faith. I looked at Wendel in what little light the dash lamp gave and his face looked drawn and worried but he didn't seem afraid. I said:
  • Along about ten o'clock in the morning it let up, and pretty soon, who should come along but Skinny and Bill, barefooted and with old clothes on. They were worried about the cave, and so was I. While it was raining so hard I thought about it a lot.
  • The path before her was anything but beautiful. The crooked streets seemed to hold fresh terrors at every step. It was hard for her to see her way now that the sun was almost down. The jutting upper stories of the houses had plunged the streets almost into darkness. She worried that she might not remember the directions he had written to her. She brushed against rough walls as she hurried along, trying to avoid all attention and to keep out of the mud, reeking of manure, that covered the center of these streets. She picked her way over planks laid down by the servingmen of the university, but more than once she stepped ankle-deep into a puddle. My good leather boots will be ruined, she thought, and if someone sees them before I get rid of them, how will I explain that?
  • Steeling herself, she turned to the dragon. "I will be honest, Kahvel, you intimidate me. Im nervous walking this close to a creature that my own husband is fascinated with. To tell the truth, Im worried hell do something foolish."
  • "I think I had better tell you he is a Spaniard--that he seems to know you from early days. . . ." I glanced at her face, it was extremely tense, apprehensive. For myself I had no longer any doubt as to the man and I hoped she would reach the correct conclusion herself. But I believe she was too distracted and worried to think consecutively. She only seemed to feel some terror in the air. In very pity I bent down and whispered carefully near her ear, "His name is Ortega."
  • During the feast and dancing, Puddlepaws escaped Dindi's pack. She worried in case the kitten tried to steal foods from the feast mats, but found Puddlepaws preoccupied behind her. Head low to the ground, eyes glowing with intent, small furry rump stuck up in the air, tail lashing, the kitten stalked a scurrying rat.
  • The major's got friends that are. If it's a showdown he'll dig the dough up. I ain't a bit worried about that. His brother, Webb, will come through.
  • Eventually he would get used to such things, but today was not that day. And he suffered the same reaction, tumbling back and nearly whirling a hammer at Gnert, but held. He was more worried about keeping himself out of the fire, "Stop doing that…" He glared and grabbed the frying pan, envisioning more than once hitting the Gnome upside the head with it.
  • Sy just shrugged. "I don't know what to think. If he was lured away, I have to ask why. The dwarves might have been afraid of his speed, or his sword. More likely they might have worried he would hear their digging before they could break through the surface. That, at least, seems plausible. I don't know why it was an elf that came to get him. Maybe the elf was in on it or maybe he was tricked as well. But it doesn't answer why the dwarves attacked us in the first place. What did they want?"
  • A worried senator, puffing for breath, begins: "Martius, ’tis true, that which you have lately told us!—the Volsces are in arms!"
  • "You jerk!" she shouted. "That's why Dyson never actually hurt you, isn't it? ISN"T IT? Do you know how worried I was? How I thought--"
  • Stop worrying about your dog for a moment and smell the sweet smog filled air of a pre-industrial city that has had a sudden influx of technology. This, my fellow non-humans, is what they call the sweet smell of freedom in these parts! grinned the Thulian, as Kerr and the rest of the recent inmates of the Kabul City jail filed out the door of the jail.
  • We waved off my parents as we rushed through checking in and the security guards who made us take off our shoes and made Elly throw away her make-up and drink. I told her I'd buy her new ones and that expedited the process. I took a look back to see my Dad consoling my crying Mother. I felt guilty. I never felt guilty, even when I knew I should do, it just wasn't there. Sometimes I worried about being a sociopath but here it was, guilt.
  • Down below, Mama let out a half-hearted, "James? Is that you?" like she always did since I came back home. I ignored her, like always, and she stopped worrying about it, like always.
  • A number of rabbits had managed to escape from their pens during the early weeks and were thriving in the wild. Although the biologists were worried about the impact this would have on native species, the majority of colonists were far too busy to worry about it. The remaining rabbits were being bred as a means of providing extra protein. Children were encouraged to think of them as a resource to be eaten and not as pets. Guinea pigs were acceptable as pets; there was not enough meat on their bones to make resource breeding a viable option. The children were more than delighted with this decision and the animal lovers amongst the adults felt much the same way.
  • Ryson nodded. "Yes. Yes, he did. That's why he was so worried about the quake. This interpreter was able to foresee many things, but he didn't predict the quake. He's here? Now? What can he tell us about what's going on?"
  • "Have no worries, Grandmother; I come only to ease the young prince's conscience. You're correct in that the king has even forbid him in seeing her. He wants only to be assured she is cared for on this day."
  • Eyeing me wearily, Jessie put down the fork with which she had been worrying a plate of lasagna. She stood up and loosened the zipper on her slacks as if to advertise that she was ten weeks along. "You sound bitter," she said. "Maybe you should get some counseling like your doctor advised."
  • Hugh was beginning to feel nervous, and with a reason. While his chums' were wholly wrapped up in observing the numerous exciting incidents that fell under their observation, and connected with the work of the laboring players, the scout master had made a sudden discovery that worried him.
  • I can't say as to that. It may have been done by accident, by a sailor asleep in the hold. Certainly no rat did it,"" and the pilot smiled. But he was more worried than he would admit to Nat."
  • I've been telling Tom, mother, said Carl, after looking around and making certain that none of the other children were within earshot; "and he's struck what promises to be a clue that may explain the mystery we've been worrying over."
  • "Honey, whether it was intentional or accidental, I gotta think hes there. I know youve always worried about him, but sweetie, I know he is. I just know it."
  • As it was, I have not the slightest recollection of having reached the bank. I thought that for years and years I strove to get away from that last terrible encounter. When at length my brain was clear and I opened my eyes, in the slow, weak manner of one who has all but passed to the further side of the dark river, I saw a beautiful, worried face above my own--the face of the goddess.
  • He means it for our good, all right, ventured Bandy-legs, "and you know, fellers, he had a boy drowned year before last, so I reckon he's worried about us more than a little. What did you tell him, Steve?"
  • Jillian looked at Connor. "Is she speaking the truth?" He couldnt answer, but his worried expression didnt get missed from under her golden gaze. "Connor, whats the problem?"
  • "I was in a coma for two weeks after that," Grahamas said, "That's why I worried so about Elryia when it happened to her."
  • "Why? Well, uh ... I was worried about Dan. He's been acting rather strange lately," he lied, "and I thought I could help. If I knew the language he was speaking I might be able to deduce the cause of the strange behavior."
  • I'd been hoping to be able to put off actually putting the dress on for at least another half hour, but when my makeup had finally been pronounced satisfactory, Jasmin had studied me for a few minutes, pulled my hair back, secured it with a pair of silver combs I was worried might actually contain genuine diamonds, and then helped Rachel cram me into the dress.
  • Some people are apparently worried that ms might become too bossy about what software their os can run.
  • Mrs. Morris died warning her older children to look out for the father, and so passed her burden on to them. But some way or other, there was different stuff in the children. They did look after their father, and took good care of the old Prodigy, but the task did not wear them out. Young Jack was indeed so bright that it rather worried Evelyn and Warren, who were always on the alert to overcome any symptoms of genius in themselves or the other children; but owing to their caution, he seemed to be developing well. And Professor Morris, blind to it all, forever digging in the dust of ages, knew nothing of the fact that he was the father of four wonderful children who were successfully carrying on the difficult business of growing up, managing a house, taking care of a parent, and looking after money matters as well.
  • I sat up straighter. He was right, that was certainly possible. Somebodys off hand comment could have burrowed right into my subconscious. Something Mags wouldnt have knownthe staff had to keep things private about the residents and did what they could to avoid worrying anyone about other peoples health.
  • There was ground for Jim's confidence. For the captain was a man of unlimited resource, backed by a remarkable experience and he was, no doubt, far more worried about us than we were about them.
  • I assure you that this Bambara worries me, Spardek went on with great dignity. "Do you know what he has come to? He denies transubstantiation. He is within an inch of the heresy of Zwingli and Oecolampades. Koukou denies transubstantiation."
  • Since its creation in 1973, the IFRA, which is financed by scent makers such as Givaudan, New York-listed International Flavors & Fragrances, and Germany's Symrise, has restricted natural ingredients for a range of health reasons, from worries about allergic reactions to cancer concerns.
  • Louie and Lulu stared in silence at the cold crystal rock. They dared not go too close. In being some distance away, the face had taken on the yellow hue of the beeswax candles again. Louie and Lulu stood holding each other for more than an hour. They were really getting worried about Pearl now.
  • There was a moment of hesitation, and then she nodded slowly. She dabbed at her eyes with the square of cloth and finally raised her head. Her expression was worried but resolute and he had the sinking feeling he wouldnt like what he was about to hear.
  • Sitting here on IAPETUS V, locked in the Telstar, watching the pathetic kid affecting a worried frown, it occurs to me that there is one other play for me to make. Sergei Boritz and his cohorts are jerks, but there's only so far they'd go. I'll go all the way, and if they don't let me out, that's what I'll do.
  • The instant they heard the news Dave and Freddy rushed to the office of the medical captain. They found there a very worried and very harassed man. He was just hanging up on the telephone when they burst in. He saw them, started to wave them outside, but suddenly checked the motion.
  • "Sounds like a good plan to me." Robert said, pleased with the conversation with his brother-in-law. One less thing to worry about, he thought, although he hadnt been that worried about his relationship with Phillip. He just hadnt liked the strain it put on Maureen.
  • "The act of physically doing something holds a stronger weight than magically doing it. You are putting both your mental and physical weight behind a lock when you perform the task this way. Upstairs I am not as worried about things because of the double locks down here and the wards that increase on each floor of the building." As Caislyn caught up to her she continued to explain, "this is why when you want a spell to be potent you actually cast the circle and perform all the ceremony that goes with it, instead of doing it mentally. It adds more strength to the spell."
  • Graham held, wondering if Rhimaldez had heard it and worried he would come rushing backbut he was nowhere to be found. Again, a scream, this one followed by a child crying and a large crash. He now could not sit idly and wait for Rhimaldez to return. He would deal with him when the time came, if it even arose.
  • I know nothing, chief, absolutely nothing; but there's a confounded notion worrying me.... Only it seems so absurd.... And then it doesn't explain things.... On the contrary, it confuses them rather....
  • Ryson raised a hand to interrupt the elf's words. "I'm not worried about Holli. I was with her in the Lacobian desert. I know she can take care of herself. It's here, Burbon, that's the problem. You see, I'm the only delver here. After seeing that serp, I should be spending the next several days scouting for goblin movements."
  • She worked hunkered over her machine for more than two hours, ignoring words or phrases over which she might have worried before. It was a matter of mind over matter, she'd decided. She could not make progress if she responded to this nonsense. She'd ignore it--those things or writings that night not be hers. She'd pretend they did not exist. She would not let this Imp rule her world.
  • "I heard about that blast," he said, and smiled good-humoredly. "Lee Chang was much worried when I went in to dinner. His one consolation was that you had eaten the tart before the oil began to fall."
  • - I phoned him up when I couldnt get through to you. You know what hes like, he didnt want to say anything, but when he saw how worried I was about you .... Well, maybe we shouldnt worry so much about you as you dont seem to give a damn about anybody or anything just lately.
  • "No, it was your love. Im sorry I dare not tell His Highness what you did. He must never find out. Hes already worried about too many obligations. You saw what just happened tonight with father. I think hes very troubled about what price he may be asked to pay someday for what happened today."
  • He was already worrying about the time and kept glancing at his watch. He'd have to get back in an hour or two or she would worry. She was always worried, even when she acted like she was angry. Jorden kept reminding himself of that, but he still found it annoying that she was always on his back about everything. He strode on and tried to forget about it all, at least for a while.
  • As he reached the landing, he paused to collect his breath. He suddenly felt very nervous. He would be closer to the viscount than hed ever been and he worried that he might stammer or drop something or present the wrong apparelHe wished that he hadnt been chosen for this honor. He glanced longingly back at the steps, now almost hidden in darkness.
  • It took a moment for Captain Taylor to regain his thoughts. "Well, like I said, Jacob stayed with her. Helga brought him back with her and at first he lived in the summerhouse. It wasnt very comfortable but compared to his more recent conditions it was pretty heavenly. Helga brought him food during her walks. Those dogs got more and more exercise every day. But Helga soon worried that Jacob would be picked up, that one day he would simply not be there. So she moved him into the house as a sort of personal footman."
  • Looking worried with a hand in his hair, Mr. Singh stepped into the office unannounced and uninvited. Jonathan stopped what he was doing and looked at the man without saying anything, waiting for his visitor to speak. His demeanor seemed apologetic in contrast to the man who had threatened him earlier.
  • Holli looked over the streets, scanned the buildings, and settled her attention on those that watched and waited for her advice. "Yes, you are. Will it ease your worries if I tell you that I don't think there are any acceptable casualty counts? That I think the loss of one is one too many?"
  • We head up the Cowley Road past restaurants and sex shops. The ghost turns into a side street where there are a few sleazy bars. I get a bad feeling. The ghost is juiced. I get the sense he's scared, and that worries me. We go down a flight of stairs and into a steamy red room filled with tables. Some sort of club. There is a bar along one wall with a mirror behind. A few guys stand along the bar drinking. We head for a guy sitting on a stool at the end of the bar. A good looking guy in sharp clothes, his hair gleaming in the soft light. He is sitting on the stool with his legs spread wide holding the Barbie girl in his arms. She's pressed up against his crotch.
  • After the tragedy of losing her husband before their daughter was born, it was great to see her happy again. For a long time, she and Jules had stayed isolated. We all worried about her, but she went through the grieving process and decided to move far away from the military base in Augusta, Georgia. Now she worked at an elementary school as a first grade teacher. But even though it had been five years, she still had her down times.
  • "You don't know how lucky you are buddy," Gil said aloud. He wished he were a clammer. Leading a simple life on the water with no worries and a good dog. All day in the sunshine, working when he felt like it. They had camaraderie too. On occasion, Gil stumbled into a bar where the clammers hung out, collected together, drinking and laughing. Dark faces from the sun, hard muscles from the work. But they were clannish. They didn't want to talk to people outside their little subculture. He had heard that, and experienced it himself when he tried to strike up a conversation. "You a clammer?" Gil asked. "Right," said the clammer and turned away from him. Gil was left dangling, rejected by this man who wouldn't earn as much in his lifetime as he had made from a single real estate deal. He swallowed a temptation to say something nasty, realistically that wouldn't have been wise. Clammers had a reputation for being strong, silent, and violent.
  • "I suppose you think I'm foolish," she ventured; "but I am really worried about Uncle Dick now. He has never answered the telegram and the two letters I've written. His Philadelphia lawyer writes that he is waiting to hear from him. He seems to have dropped out of the world. Do you think he may be sick in some hospital and not able to communicate with us?"
  • "I'm going to get a sample of the water from the pool and try to see if there's anything strange about it, then I thought we'd take a closer look at the mine to see if we can trace that water pipe. It still worries me."
  • The clock struck one as Joe pulled the bedclothes around him; and the next he knew he was being worried by a soft, insistent rapping, which seemed to continue through several centuries, until at last, unable to endure it longer, he opened his eyes and sat up.
  • Bill watches Jack silently. He is starting to worry about Jacks state of mind. He is growing slightly worried that he may soon follow his fathers lead and turn into something terrible. After all that he himself has seen, and that Jack must have been through, he feels that he could not blame Jack for going mad, yet hopes that this will not be an issue. After all, Jack is so youngBill contemplates stopping Jack, his mouth opening to form a protest, yet he stops himself for reasons he cannot exactly comprehend.
  • Master! Thank God you made it back safely. I could not sleep for worrying about you. That is why I was out there singing for those louts, to take my mind off my fears. He glanced again at Diane.
  • A grumble came from them, though it was hard for the Dwarf to tell from whom exactly. Then one came from the Dwarf as the tips of Sharia peeked over the hill. Lanyan was just thankful that he did not see smoke coming up from the treesas he had worried of previously. Now all that settled on him was relief. His home was intact, and though he was weary from traveling all night, his pace quickened. Deep down he knew they were safe, at least for now. When Idimus recovered, he would most certainly turn his soldiers to the one place he did not yet rule. If word spread of the barrier being down, then Sharia may be overrun with vagabonds, stragglers, and thieves. Lanyan hoped that the elves had seen what occurred and already informed Rasonius. Perhaps a temporary solution had already been put into place. But he would not know until they arrived, and Lanyan hurried even more so.
  • The taller boy marches along, stabbing the earth as he goes with the butt of a long, slender stick, while the younger one trots beside, mimicking his brother with the crooked shaft from a blackboy in his hand, both bearing them like spears. Their sister is never far behind, similarly barefooted but draped in a simple, pale dress, the likes of which were unknown upon the land until the white-skinned colonists introduced them. It dangles on narrow straps from her shoulders, hanging to her knees. It looks alien on her, opposing her every movement, as blatantly foreign to her manner as if she had been fitted with a straitjacket. Her hair resembles an explosion of dark smoke, locked stiffly into place around her head, ragged scraps and lengths poking in all directions. She follows her brothers with resilience, neither worried nor upset, simply keeping pace behind them and determined not to let them creep too far ahead.
  • "Seriously, Richard, the prince is far from secure on his throne. His brothers are a continuous nuisance and he hasnt got half the power my father thinks he has. Im not worried about him."
  • Poor Eve! said her sister commiseratingly, "I'm afraid she's a good deal worried about Leslie, though she won't say anything about it even to me."
  • Ned clung to it with might and main. He was not a little worried by his strange and perilous position. The yellow flood stretching on all sides of him was a terrifying sight.
  • Oh! remarked the other, making out to be little concerned about the matter, although his manner did not deceive the fat boy in the least, for he knew Giraffe was worried greatly; "there are lots of things we can do, all right; but you see the trouble is, Bumpus, they ain't agoin' to help out much."
  • We passed along these pieces of information to the subscribers of the Cihan News Agency. Everyone was surprised when Mubarak gave his much-anticipated speech and said he would not leave office. When I called Huwaidi once again, he, too, was shocked. He said, in a frustrated tone: "I found his speech very negative. We were expecting Mubarak to leave, but he chose to stay." When I asked what the public's reaction would be to Mubarak's decision, he said: "Protests will increase. I am concerned about the developments on Friday. Bad things may happen. I am worried about an intervention." The next day, on Feb. 11, 2011, the heated protests forced Mubarak to resign.
  • Dont think for a minute that this will happen to youperhaps I wasnt very upfront about Jakes circumstances, and it worries you that nobody helped this poor boy. People would have helped Jake, but Jake made sure nobody knew about his state of living. His grandma had lots of money, and it was all left to Jake; this took care of the money he needed for food. As for the Child Protection Serviceshe tricked them; he paid a homeless man to pretend that he was his father. Because of all the mean things his Grandma told him, he figured that nobody would want him, which of course was not truesort of.
  • "No, no!" Matthew said apologetically. "It is not in what you have said. Instead, it is in the heightened excitement I sense within you. Your natural instincts are driving you to explore the lands and investigate what has happened. I can see that and that is precisely what worries me. I think your powerful senses might be telling us that there is something important out there."
  • Maggie was listening and nodding in approval. The alarm in her eyes had gone. "Good," she said. "Good. Im relieved to hear it. It was one of my greatest worries when she wasdemoted"—she spat the word in contempt—"from that horrid GATE class with that intolerant sow of a teacher and that brat Tommy Heffledorf, who has bullied her every chance hes gotten. Know who he is? No? Well, no matter. The problem is, Mr. Conor, Melody is a very shy teen, and quite unassuming, and if she could simply melt into the background, shed do it in a heartbeat. Shes easy pickings for bullies like Tommy and, unfortunately, adult bullies like Mrs. Lilywhite. She needs to be challenged to grow and reach out of herselfI see that you agree."
  • But I was worried because I was getting so entangled in this web of deceit, although it was in the good cause of returning his property to him without getting his silly wife into more trouble. I could not now tell him the truth even if I had wanted to, but I hoped not to have to tell too many lies. However, now that I was in so far there seemed no alternative but to carry the affair through to its conclusion.
  • The officer then explained he worked for the Japanese Naval Intelligence. He was about to send four of his men over Malaya and across the Burma border into India, to set up a secret radio installation. Once they were in place, supplies would be dropped by aircraft. After the installation was up and running, it would be a rather routine assignment. But the officer was worried about his men - boys, really. They were fifteen to nineteen years of age. The Colonel felt that if the Samurai wanted to go with them and look after them and tell them stories and in general be their Uncle Masahiro, the officer could get him a civilian post with the Navy. Uramatsu agreed instantly. As they were taking leave, the officer asked: "If you dont mind, just out of curiosity, what do you use the Netsuke-and-Inro for?"
  • Laughter rang all around, a beautiful, lasting sound for a night many of the siblings had worried might be unpleasant. Not that Annie and Dan would be troubled, only Louis and Aurora on most minds.
  • Chase nodded in morose silence. Strom and Osbourne did not object to her forceful requests, and she truly believed they could help the Cathurans in some way. She worried about their safety, but security seemed to have vacated their world, leaving only fear and despair to fill the void.
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