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Okunuşu: / wʌrɪɪŋ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wor·ries/wor·ried/wor·ry·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. üzücü, endişelendirici;
can sıkıcı.

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  • Sensing the sorrow in the elder elf, Holli offered a conciliatory option. "There is no reason you can not climb Sanctum after the storm is over. Perhaps even before midnight, the sky will be clear. You could rest now and begin your climb then. You could do so at your own leisure without worrying how you might slow the progress of those that must enter. If Shayed has a message, I will ask her to repeat it to you upon your arrival. Would that be satisfactory?"
  • She might be making a colossal mistake. The officer didnt know shed murdered Jackson but hed made some pretty uncanny suggestions. Of course it worried her, but he seemed genuine. The last thing she wanted was the police coming back with a search warrant. She had no idea what they might find and she hoped showing them what a perverted cheat Jackson really was might put them off the scent.
  • Jorden couldn't fix the accordion-like instrument. When he finally worked out how to open the case, it came apart all too easily, and a conglomeration of internal organs spilled out onto the surface of the table that Jorden was currently working above. Jorden was briefly worried about that, but then the thing hadn't worked in years and he could hardly be expected to fix everything.
  • "Im sorry for the diva-tone. I know youre worried about tonight, but Ive had a hard, complicated day. I miss my Krista. Maybe we should put off this birthday dinner until Sunday. I need to de-stress…" I offered as I resorted once again to outright whining.
  • All saw it. Some stopped, others grew curious, and several worried that she was plotting. Carsis, the one she stared at so intently and who seemed to be the cause of all of it, was just as still.
  • Monson sighed. "If you want to throw yourself from the top of Mt. Rainer, I don't plan on stopping you. I was just going to say that any of the buildings here would suffice for a venture of that type. You only need a couple of stories to fall from, especially if you go headfirst. Going all the way to Mt. Rainer would be a waste of gas; you should be more worried about global warming."
  • This was so not acceptable. It might be all right for Mr. Llywelyn Fantasy to live his life in the thirteenth centuryand it was clear now that he must be part of some sort of intentional community in which a whole lot of people were living that dream with himbut I had to get going. Mom and Elisa would be worried sick by now. Had they called the police? If so, what would they find?
  • Corker said he is worried that Republicans are not holding out for the type of entitlement reform that will help contain spending.
  • Nicholas did not go to Moscow, and the countess did not renew the conversation with him about marriage. She saw with sorrow, and sometimes with exasperation, symptoms of a growing attachment between her son and the portionless Sonya. Though she blamed herself for it, she could not refrain from grumbling at and worrying Sonya, often pulling her up without reason, addressing her stiffly as "my dear," and using the formal "you" instead of the intimate "thou" in speaking to her. The kindhearted countess was the more vexed with Sonya because that poor, dark-eyed niece of hers was so meek, so kind, so devotedly grateful to her benefactors, and so faithfully, unchangingly, and unselfishly in love with Nicholas, that there were no grounds for finding fault with her.
  • At that time, with the vast German army spreading out over most of Belgium, and also fighting its way to Paris, the good people of Antwerp were constantly worried over the possibility of an attack. They had many scares, though as yet the invaders, after taking Brussels, had not chosen to invest the big city near the sea. Later on, as we all know, the time came when their heavy artillery was turned on the forts of Antwerp, and before the terrible fire from those colossal German guns, steel domes that had been called invulnerable were easily battered to pulp.
  • Steve and Bandy-legs made as though ready to reach out for their guns, placed conveniently near; but hesitated when they saw that Toby was grinning, and showed no signs of being worried.
  • Seth looked disappointed with my decision. He obviously thought I would come too. "Leah, dont worry about anything. Im going to be totally fine. Its Jacob Im worried about."
  • Sam fell to her knees and retched violently, spewing up bile and the lunch she had barely eaten. Lunch...she had just been sitting in the lunchroom with Richard worrying about a mysterious savior and the object of her budding affection and now... now she sat crumpled to the floor, barely able to stand. It all just felt wrong, so very wrong.
  • Then again, I couldn't spend my entire life worrying about what might go wrong. So instead, I waved to the crowd and embraced my new existence.
  • As the time went by, Jake realized that it might be a long time before they stopped, and that he might as well take advantage of all the books and read. Jake was odd in this character trait of his. In situations where most people would worry, Jake would read. He figured if you couldnt escape ultimate doom, then you might as well read. It sure beats worrying.
  • Hugh was beginning to feel nervous, and with a reason. While his chums' were wholly wrapped up in observing the numerous exciting incidents that fell under their observation, and connected with the work of the laboring players, the scout master had made a sudden discovery that worried him.
  • I thought you would say that, chief. The argument worried me too. There was I, all of a sudden, with three people in front of me instead of one: first, Arsne Lupin, cracksman; secondly, Colonel Sparmiento, his accomplice; thirdly, a dead man. Spare us! It was too much of a good thing!
  • That night, as they ravened over their meager meal, Knute came to them, hesitatingly. He was greatly worried and apprehension wrinkled his wooden face.
  • Emla had found among the books, and in some parchments written in Jeraks own hand, obscure references to Dragons. She had at first believed her tired brain was reading things not really there but as she worried at the phrases, gradually some clues seemed to emerge. She admitted to herself that she could be clutching at clouds, but determined to follow the clues and see whence they led her.
  • As a part of my preparation, the PM ordered the SIS to give me a full briefing on Bose. During this briefing, I learned something about one Lady Wyndmere, a resident of the palace and a person of Bengali origin. She was found in Calcutta as a four-year old, lost and wandering. She had been fully vetted by GHQ India before her adoption in England. But they learned nothing about her family. The SIS however was not satisfied and had their own investigation going, without the knowledge of the Palace. The SIS was worried about deep cover agents.
  • Trying to talk myself out of this black mood, I thought, she'll probably wake up tomorrow to the smell of three fat eggs cooking on an open fire. But that didn't cheer me at all, especially when the Grim smoke came into the clearing and surrounded our camp. Sympathy and plans for my immediate worries were for my friends. I kept a close eye on Eibhlin through the night while Tom slept, leaving only to go to the bathroom.
  • "Watch your tone, boy," his father cautioned. "Your mother has been worried sick about you, so show her some respect."
  • The next morning I woke up stiff from running home last night. I had stayed while Sam explained more about his parents and heritage, and then we had come back and went right to bed. I was still worrying over my parents return next week, what would I do to convince them to stay even longer? A sleepover? Sitting there worrying and thinking, I remembered I had school.
  • When at last the Gather ended, Bane sagged, the empty blood-cup falling with a clatter. Mirra hurried over to him, his sick pallor and the lines of strain and pain on his face worrying her. When she tried to touch him, he pushed her away and sat up. She knew that sheer willpower and pride fuelled his movements, and his brow glistened with sweat.
  • Now you're talking, Bessemer! To be frank, I was worried about you. I thought you were turning into a wimp. What do these hockey players do?
  • Well, it would be fine to be able to beat them, Bessie, but right now I'm more worried about what they will try to do next. This is a pretty lonely place we're going to, and they're so bold that there's no telling what they may try next.
  • Haworth claimed that every order he gave came directly from the earl. It wasnt that he thought the men wouldnt do his bidding without this veneer of authority, he simply believed that an outward display of Hughs interest in their activities would keep up their morale and stifle the continually sprouting rumors about his ill-health. He was convinced that the ruse worked. Privately, however, he worried about the earls state of mind. He didnt know how many more disasters Hugh could weather; each one seemed to leave him more vulnerable to the next. Even during the dark months after Robert Bolsovers death, Hugh had never mentioned suicide, nor had he shut himself away in his chambers. Or perhaps Ralph de Vire had had more charm than Haworth had believed. While another man might have been jealous of de Vires lingering presence, the idea never crossed Haworths unimaginative mind. After all, de Vire was dead and he was alive. Eventually Hugh would recover his senses and hed find Haworth, loyal, steady and patient, right where hed left him.
  • "Please, dont hurt me," I said, my voice little more than a whisper. "I just want to go home. My mother will be worried about me. I wasnt going to use the knife. I wouldnt even know how."
  • This night however, Sam had a companion aside from his usual gnome. Tonight, it was Elryia, sitting in front of the fire, as she had been earlier, and where she remained even after everyone had left. Samsun had passed several times and wondered about her. She didn't seem worried or stressed, or even sad; perhaps she just couldn't sleep. Something was on her mind. Samsun could see that much, even in the dark. "You well?" he asked as he rode up casually. Elryia's eyes remained locked on the fire as if she didn't see or hear him, "El?"
  • Apparently Frank was not in the same anxious and worried frame of mind as his cousin. He paid no attention to what Andy was saying, but went on questioning the one who had been in camp, and talked with the gentleman in question.
  • Linda's entrance put a stop to her reading, without, however, changing the direction of her thought. For after an exchange of greetings, Linda divulged the source of her worried expression, which Stella had immediately remarked.
  • And one of the most important cases is that one he told us about, Momsy explained. "He is greatly worried about that. If he cannot find that girl who lived with Mrs.
  • Emigration and, above all, the enormous death roll of the past eighteen months, had emptied the apartment houses of the great city, and those who had rooms to let were only too glad of a lodger, always providing they were not in danger of being worried by the committees of their section.
  • Squire Travers was much annoyed and worried over the occurrence. To think such a thing could happen with him right there, in the woods, seemed incredible.
  • I had stumbled to my feet the moment that I discovered that the wolf-dogs were holding the dyryth at bay. At sight of me several of the savage creatures left off worrying the great brute to come slinking with bared fangs toward me, and as I turned to run toward the trees again to seek safety among the lower branches, I saw a number of the man-apes leaping and chattering in the foliage of the nearest tree.
  • Are worried about looking to pass as what we for the clinton administration.
  • He looked worn and worried at the railway station--more like himself as he was when he first came to Solong--and as the train moved off I thought he looked--well, frightened.
  • Like a body of ants swarming on to a victim they had come from the road to the store. Now they streamed out again and gathered in the roadway, calling to one another, chaffing one another, and worrying those who still lingered inside to hasten along and bring the storekeeper with them.
  • It might be a long time before the first of the homing craft would come in sight and what was the use of worrying about them. Only in the wooden structure housing the naval officers was there any concern displayed.
  • Bessie felt that whatever Dolly might try to do to the other girls would serve them right, but she was worried about her chum. And when Dolly slipped off by herself after dinner, Bessie determined that she would not let her chum run any risks alone, even if she was not a sharer of Dolly's secret.
  • Fully understanding the dire nature of his situation, Aiden slowly began to rise, cautious of any Akoran warriors nearby whom might spot his movement, but he need not have worried he had fallen around the corner from the cave entrance, in near total darkness, roughly eighty yards from the nearest camp fire. The young man crept along the side of the hill towards the cave, in the hopes that the guards might be busy elsewhere.
  • She thought about going back to sleep to facilitate the process, but it was sweltering in the room. No air conditioning. They had disabled he central cooling system to conserve power, and Omari was covered in sweat. Between the heat, her shoulder, and worrying about the Francesca and the convention there was no going back to bed. She groaned and rolled out of bed, wishing that normal medications werent metabolized so quickly out of her body. Taking aspirin was basically just like eating candy.
  • He sharply turned a corner and headed down an alley, hoping to lose his attackers in the citys maze. He leapt over human sewage dumped from chamberpots above. Not that he was worried over shit squishing between his toes. That wasnt high up on his list of priorities at that moment.
  • Valedictory speeches of heads of two or three other schools and worried they seemed lengthy.
  • "We'll remain here until dark and hide in the shadows. Hopefully no one will spot us. Once night falls, we'll make our way to safe harbor to meet my mother's men," he told his crew, and his words were conveyed to the Stealthy Shark. Both crews took advantage of the downtime, and most sought food and drink. Their supplies were low, but with land in sight, they worried less. Others sought their hammocks. Catrin took the opportunity to arrange a meeting with Nat. Bryn rowed her to the Slippery Eel, and she found Nat in his cabin.
  • There were tourists all over the place, including lots of kids my age or slightly older. I got the feeling though, that most of them werent nearly as worried about their money, from the looks of all those shopping bags and the way they didnt blink at shelling out the Euros for those overpriced bottles of water from the refreshment carts.
  • Her mind reeled. Betzalel, her Mam's boyfriend. The man that had taken her mother so often away from the daughter that needed her. They had been trying to prepare her for this? If they had known this would happen, how much else did they know? As the wonders and worries collided, a realization slammed home and sent cold, angry shivers along her back.
  • As they had stayed at the hotel the night before, the boys had not been troubled much by the insects. They were much more worried by the quantities of quinine that Mr. Wallace insisted on their taking. When Burt had protested at taking ten grains all at once his uncle had laughed.
  • "Me good fellows," drawled Miles, "I'm mighty sorry ye've been worried over me young cousin here. He's fooled us all it appears, but now there's nought to be done in the matter, though I've a mind to send him to await the next sessions!" He slipped a guinea into each curiously ready palm, and replied to the head gaoler's haughty bow with a pleasant nod. In silence he watched them leave the room shaking their heads over the incomprehensible ways of the gentry. Then he turned and looked across at Carstares.
  • Aradia just shrugged casually and said, "Hell, the real reason I stayed was because my dad's office is in the same complex. I've done a lot of tidying there recently. I was worried you might wreck the place."
  • So you see, smiled Dave, as he called at Belle's home and handed her the letter, "there is never any need to be worried until trouble breaks in earnest."
  • That didn't add up in the slightest. "I don't believe you. At least not the part about it not being anything to worry about. You all wouldn't have been so worried about Alec bringing me home Friday night if this was all no big deal. None of you have argued with Alec about anything since then, but Friday night James, Jasmin and Jessica were all ready to rip my head off over his express orders."
  • Mom stared at her. How in the world would she know? After all this time. She couldn't remember which of the kids had an invisible friend. They were quite worried about one of them at some point. But who cared? Wasn't today hard enough without trying to figure out the past? She made a noncommittal answer.
  • "When you came to me and explained your worries of Tabris, I understood them far better than you realized. Tabris threatened Ryson and Tabris is a very powerful sorceress. The magic she controls is an aberration to you. It was as if your worst fears were coming to life. Now I knew that Ryson could not be truly hurt by Tabris, but because of your fears, you could not accept that. As I have said before, by warning Tabris I did not interfere in any way in what might come to pass. All I did was assist you in facing something you did not have the ability to face on your own."
  • Sudden annoyance flashed through Eleanor. She had always been patient and cautious and generally unaffected by waves of strong emotion but this morning she was worried about Gwalaes and resented the unwelcome intrusion. "I have a headache," she said. Her voice sounded firm and she was encouraged enough to add, "I will stay here and wait for Gwalaes to come."
  • There was general snickering about the room. I got up and bumbled my way to the shower. There is something about a shower that just makes the entire world right again. The water washed away all my cares, worries and eased some of the pain I was feeling. Washing my hair was a bit difficult, but I managed. When I was done, there was food being set out on the tables for me.
  • OK, so far so good. I've pulled the blinds, unplugged the phone and locked all the doors. Hmmma vibrating anus. You don't say. Rotating mouth action. Apparently there have been some major breakthroughs in the material they use as well. "Senso" … soft AND stretchy! Here's one that has blonde horse hair, and I was worried about them not being realistic! Wait just a sec, they have some with painted fingernails. Real girls have painted fingernails! I'm almost sold. Now here is one with an air pump, it doesn't really go into why, but I'm intrigued. For those with a mechanical fetish there's one that comes with its own repair kit. That will save an embarrassing trip to hardware store! Hold on, hold everythingnow I'm seeing something about a breakthrough called "cyber-skin" that feels even more like the real thing.
  • There was some worrying news of 2000 miles of additional rails planned to extend the railroad all the way to Edinburgh and beyond.
  • Other members of the mountain men club, Grandpa Drummond explained as they crossed a bridge, had invited women and children to dress up and march with them, dress up in buckskins, that is, not worrying about cotton skirts and girly things. Knowing that it wasn't too authentic to have them along, Drummond said, Mr. Thom was bound to make them feel uncomfortable. In fact, Granpa Drummond said Mr. Thom made everyone feel uncomfortable at almost every meeting.
  • Don't be scared, said Frank, as his companion looked in a worried way in the direction the tramp had taken. "That fellow will be too busy with those hornets for some time to come, I'm thinking, to mind us."
  • Arnold went a sort of blotchy green colour and his feelers curled up with fright at the mention of Al Spider. Louie reassured him that he was relatively safe from Al Spider but to be vigilant and let him know of anything suspicious. However, secretly Louie was a little worried about the situation.
  • We have all been trying to find you Fenj. How can you advise or help if you block yourself off from your Treasury when they might have urgent need of you?’ She was surprised, and then worried by Fenjs humble reply.
  • He flung his legs over the ledge and skated down the rocky slope, spraying loose rock ahead of him. He was no longer worried about rousing the camp. Almost, he wished they would wake. He could use their distractions.
  • Her mind wandered as she progressed up the incline towards the edge of the wood. It could have been worse, but not by much, she was thinking as she pulled the sled behind her. Old Marion Mackie did her best, but Tara was used to the love and companionship that came with being part of a loving family. She missed her parents and little brother who had died during the space storm with a terrible anguish and it seemed that nobody cared overmuch about how she was coping with it all. It was very worrying.
  • Mink could see the disappointment on Sarges face. He always thought that the head coach took everything way too seriously. He worried too much. Mink tried to lighten the moment.
  • Outside stood the German professor with his violin under his arm. And he looked so utterly wretched and uneasy that Sylvia wondered how he could feel so great an emotion over Betty, although the entire village seemed to be worrying as though in reality she had been their own "Princess." No one could talk of anything else until her condition became finally known; but Herr Crippen was a newcomer and Betty had never cared for him.
  • "Should I tell you?" she asked. "You mustn't tell a soul. Just hearing what's entailed will surprise you. I don't know what will happen if the professors knew I've been reading the Headmaster notes. The private files have been locked up in his study," Eibhlin said, casting a worried glance at her friends. "I'll be in trouble for sure if anyone finds out I've been in there all this time. Surely they will know. There is no way to lock the big door and someone will definitely see."
  • And then one day, in the midst of his forced cheerful, inane talk, Haworth suddenly stopped. Hugh only noticed because Haworths voice was loud. He glanced up to find his man staring at him, his expression worried and fearful. This was also puzzling because Haworths face was generally so dour, Hugh had long ago imagined any other emotion was impossible.
  • He was already worrying about the time and kept glancing at his watch. He'd have to get back in an hour or two or she would worry. She was always worried, even when she acted like she was angry. Jorden kept reminding himself of that, but he still found it annoying that she was always on his back about everything. He strode on and tried to forget about it all, at least for a while.
  • I found myself in a fitful sleep, with images of the shooter, of Max in my night-washed room, of Seths hurt look this morning, all mixed together. The dream of Max coming to me and telling me how urgent it was for me to find him, got all jumbled up with the events at the hospital, with the exchange between Seth and Max, Felecia worried about my heart monitor, then - a ray of hope. Doctor Gracie told me he had received several calls from Max. I awoke with a start, sitting straight up in bed. He must have Maxs number, or at least knew a way to contact him! I dialed information again, but asked for the number to the hospital this time.
  • Louie and Lulu had been visiting the farm each day. Things were carrying on as normal although it appeared that the Grovelmoore family was worried about serious odour problems throughout the house. More brown stains had appeared down the foundations but still nobody had taken any notice.
  • Many rich Russians continue to show their own worries by taking their money out of the country. Capital flight is running at about the same rate as last year, when it reached $84.2 billion, the Central Bank said last month.
  • Jeralyle wound his arm around her shoulder, "If you're worried about Grahamas or Lanyan, I don't think they meant to hurt you. I think they were trying to spare you from even more pain."
  • As soon as they had consumed breakfast they scrambled down to the beach with many groans and stretched their cramped and aching limbs. The rain, although now little more than a very heavy mist, limited their vision to a hundred yards or so in any direction. Steve hazarded the opinion that they were not more than two miles from the mainland, although he made no attempt to give a name to the island they were on. The fate of the Follow Me worried them all, but Phil, always the most sanguine in times of stress, pointed out that as the other craft had not followed them onto the island she was probably safe.
  • "No my dear. I have seen soldiers moving in the city all evening, and my father has no idea where I am. He worries for me, I'm sure, and I must return to the Emperor's Hall. I would stay the night, but I fear there is trouble in the city."
  • Think. Sam was on to something - even Liz had thought that - his theory of the bones and the soul. Maybe his investigations had worried Cassandra and she had gone to his house to determine what he knew, to destroy any evidence he had collected, to get rid of him. But she didn't get rid of him.
  • We all worried that Jessies non-appearance on the news after her arrival at the presidential palace might mean that she was under arrest, or perhaps under the weather. Mom and Dad hoped she was restraining her tongue in the presence of the Ramirez familyand that she had met Guadalupes sisterhood overtures at least halfway.
  • Tika was aware too, that Mim would never let her down. Fearful he might be, but he would never willingly leave her to face any danger alone. And the Dragons. Tika was almost sure they knew more than they admitted about the Power. The more she worried at it, the more it seemed that their whole moral code was formed to contain and control access to the Power.
  • The whole thing was creepy, like witchcraft. I was worrying about the cops showing up and busting us for some kind of conduct or something, but Arlene wasn't the least bit concerned. She went through this whole routine in a calm businesslike manner as if it were the most normal behavior in the world. It took her about thirty minutes to finish her set. Then she rested.
  • "No. The lead remaining is of such poor grade that it wouldn't be of any use. I'm sure that the mine would have been abandoned even before the Civil War if the South hadn't needed the lead so badly. Of course we're only part owners, anyway. My grandfather owned it jointly with the Hilleboes, our next-door neighbors. They own the property beyond ours, and uphill from the mine. We've never worried over the ownership of the mine itself, because it's worthless for any purpose."
  • "Okay, fine. The supernatural world is worried about some prophecy about an inter-species union that is supposed to create an ultimate power. Any time a new witch, vamp, Were, or anything else comes around, everyone gets twitchy. Jaxon is obviously not just human and so her presence is making waves." Seth explained.
  • "Well. Very well, actually, as you said it would. The people of Halvard embraced my people as long lost brothers and sisters. Morion, however, is still most worried about you."
  • One by one, starting at the back, Rhimaldez disconnected the shackles from the chain, directing the newly mobile prisoner into the cell. Carsis, Gnert, Gort, Lanyan, Jeralyle, Merial and finally Elryia. She stopped in front of the Captain and met his eyes. Again, as when she first saw him, something endearing and compassionate shone behind his eyes. She was curious about it, but she worried of keeping him waiting, so she only bowed cordially and ran a gentle hand across his own once he had removed her from the chains.
  • The death-bed of my boy is a scene I can never forget. He called me to him, and said he was very glad he was dying, because he felt he would never have been strong enough to fight his way through life, and endure daily what the other black boys endured. Therefore, he argued wistfully, and half inquiringly, he would only be a burden to me. He was a very affectionate and considerate little fellow, with an intelligence far beyond that of the ordinary aboriginal child. He spoke in English, because I had taught both him and his sister that language. At the last I learned--for the first time--that it was always worrying him, and almost breaking his little heart, that he could never compete with the black boys in their games of strength and skill; and no doubt he would have become an outcast were it not that he was my son.
  • His fears proved true, for when Charley related his suspicions over the frugal breakfast, the captain was visibly worried.
  • Ryson found it almost painfully simple to follow the shag without being noticed. The shag ran with a single minded purpose, always looking forward, moving at a steady pace. It never stopped to sniff the wind or to check its flank. It only ran onward in a northern direction. The monster took to the main roads and traveled with a confidence as if it had journeyed on these streets before. In reality, it simply followed the instructions the serp had placed in its mind, and thus, it gave no care to its surroundings or worries at becoming lost.
  • She had no wounds, no fever, and her breathing was steady. Although she seemed unharmed, she was still unconscious. Grahamas needed her safety verified, and he was too worried to convince himself of it. He needed to hear it from someone else. He held onto her and pushed Feiron to run a little bit faster. It had taken them several hours to find Rhimaldez, so it would be nearly that long until they made it back; as well as locating Lanyan and the other in the dense forest of Sharia. The Elf had promised to remain in the area, but Sharia was designed to be over abundant and complex. It could take time to find anythingeven if he knew where to look. Time was one thing Grahamas did not have.
  • He watched the couple for nearly an hour. Together they worked their way gradually downstream as she fished the pool methodically, covering every inch of water, although without further success. The old ghillie shadowed her faithfully, resting his elbow on his wading staff a few feet from her right shoulder while she remained stationary between casts, never straying more than a few yards from her side. A dog, a black Labrador by the look of it, made an occasional appearance, rooting around the bank and appearing to get the rough edge of the womans tongue whenever it came close enough to hamper her casting. It worried him that he might be forced to deal with the dog if it got in his way.
  • An internal inventory revealed nothing dark or sinister lurking inside or outside of me. I finally built up the courage to open my eyes. The morning of my sixteenth birthday, and everything appears normal. Im still the same me I was yesterday. I had been really worried that a new dark essence or skill would mysteriously take over my body and transform me into something scarylike a dark clique chick.
  • "For his trouble, like." Charlie glanced at his boat, as if worried it would overhear, and leaned in. "Ill tell you what," he said, "you dont tell anyone Im working for a Mainlander and I wont tell anyone youre writing letters to one."
  • The first professor said, "Didn't you feel you should have shared that information with us on a note by note basis? We are worried sick and very concerned on their whereabouts, too. Did you even consider telling us anything about the Shines boys or what remains of them? We have the right to know. We are in charge of them and their safety, as well as yours, my dear. For being members at this school, all is considered before any plans are made or taken."
  • Soon, all the people Trevor loved disappeared, but he didn't protest or try to follow after them, because he felt a warm feeling inside. It felt as if he had this feeling, this fullness, all the time he was in Dragonsholdonly Trevor had been too busy worrying to realize that it was there.
  • Oh, you must find the mine if you can, Dave. I rather think the Morrs are depending on it. Laura said Roger looked very much worried when he got that letter in St. Paul.
  • Machita froze, not daring to breath. If Gordito made the connection he could shout loud enough in his excitement to alert the guards, and she would be trapped. She need not have worried.
  • The farmers adored the night. Some sat out in the fields, falling asleep, not worrying about foxes and the such. Somewith the moneyheaded straight for Lincoln, which boasted the greatest number of taverns for two counties in any direction.
  • She continued working on the knot, Legon blissfully unaware of her momentary pause. She should say something to him, but what would she say? He, like everyone else in the family, was at the breaking point today. She would wait until tomorrow, wait and collect her thoughts. After a bit she stopped rubbing his shoulders and sat back down. She was still thinking about the tattoo. If it had been made by magic, then why? And did that mean that there was more to it than just decoration? She never worried that much about her brother. He was tough and could take care of himself, but if he had been marked with magic….
  • With the center of global economic activity moving increasingly to the East, U.S. companies are worried about being shut out of preferential trading arrangements in the region at a time of increasingly fierce competition.
  • She fluttered her hand in a dismissive manner, but inside she was so pleased he didnt blame her and her dogs. "You were angryand worried about the horses. I understand that now."
  • The following morning she went down to the stream to bathe; at the same time the parent leopards came for drink. They had not cared to seek their lair during the night on account of the fires; and, worrying over their cubs, they were not in the most agreeable mood.
  • "Gent! Gent! I was worried sick about you. God bless you. I didn't know whether to call the cops or what to do. You know how they are with people like us... like me." He snuffled and released himself, then stepped back to take a look. "You've been in the wars, Gent. You're looking rough."
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