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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

work için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Hey, it's no skin off my back. It'll be no problem," Joe says coldly. "Guys, this is your big chance to move up. Don't worry, things will work out. And another thing guys, you don't want to cross Pete, do you? He's still not too happy about the last time you screwed things up."
  • "A hoax?" Nightshade asked. "Then what do you think he was doing out at the Hansons farm building their new fence? He was out there to hunt the Saber Tooth and worked on their farm in exchange for a sword, a place to stay and food."
  • Now it was her Connors turn to try and make some noise for the crowd. Sarah heard some of the people talking about him and wondering if his highly developed muscles were all for show. That put a smile on quite a few faces. They were all proven wrong in thinking all his hard work didnt have a meaning or use.
  • Another way of stopping the film crew working on the reef near Skull Island. They took the bodyguard by mistake. They thought she was Brenda.’
  • Tus remained stern as ever, but Caya showed enough joy for the two of them. Myranda mustered a smile for their sake. Things were spinning out of control. Days ago, she lived a simple life, albeit a restless one. Then she seemed to be at the center of something she knew nothing about, but was apparently of monumental importance. Now she would be the figurehead of a group of renegades who were working toward an end to the war, but through a means that was nearly a match for the atrocity of the battlefield. Her simple life had been tied in knots.
  • San Francisco was the same as when hed last been in it, but with money in his pocket, the experience was much different. He stayed in a better place, ate good food, and got himself some new clothes to travel in, nothing flashy, well made durable stuff. Chance didnt remain long, but got on the railroad that wound its way through the Rockies and the high Sierras. He sat by the window, critically scanning the work that the Chinese railroad workers had carved through the tortuous route. In the days paper, he read about the ongoing scandals about railroad stock manipulations. Politicians had fallen, and tycoons were vilified in print.
  • The next morning, they shared a normal breakfast and then Kate did her work in the library. She dressed in a dun skirt and blouse, a hat to shade her face, and took a walk at luncheon; Damien joined her with some off comment about the sheep shearing. They strode along engaged in a normal conversation that centered on like subjects.
  • To be fair, Masterson says each state sets their own licensing rules and a graduate generally works as an assistant for one to two years. But licenses are also needed so people understand other issues like health and safety and, for barbers, the proper use of blades, he says. Some states also require hairstylists to make their education an ongoing program in order to renew their licenses after a certain amount of years. "There is a lot of passion and education to learn more about your craft," Rogers say, "but its up to the individual."
  • Eight middle-aged men were in the room, most of them sitting in plush, oversized chairs, puffing their pipes and reading books. An older man in expensive clothes and sporting a well-groomed grey beard noticed the newcomers, and made his way over to greet them. His features were lined with age, but still fair. Aiden could tell a working man by the rough texture of his skin, and this individuals smooth hands indicated he was clearly used to having others do his work.
  • "He gave me the impression that he now was working independently and behaving as though he is the true emir of AQ-linked groups in the Sahel," said Camille Tawil, a journalist at al Hayat and a leading authority on north African jihadism.
  • "Well, it is clearly quite old indeed, judging by the slight scarring along the sides, as you can see here, and along here," he said, pointing at the areas in question with a long, bony finger. "It seems to be made of metal, though I can find no signs of forging or working of any kindit is completely seamless, aside from the aforementioned nodules. Where did you find this, lad?"
  • With that they walked away into the woods chuckling. I forgot to ask them about food when I turned to see a bowl appear out of nowhere. The closer I got to the bowl, the more aware of this new body I was getting. My sense of smell told me that the bowl contained milk. I made short work of the bowl and set out to explore this new world, "Burp! Excuse me!" I chuckled, as I trotted off, "I can live like this!" As I scouted around I came across other animals scattered about here and there, some of which I had never seen before. Elephants and camels for sure, but also ones with long necks and feathers! I was beginning to think I was the only cat around when I spotted somethingfamiliar, lying on a rock in the shade of a tree. My renewed eyes focused on the shape as it raised its head and returned my gaze. "Grandpaw!" I yelled out.
  • Call it bravery, call it desperation, but Robbie had been right. Virginia was their destiny. How had he known? How had he even had the confidence to believe that Mr. Tylers agent would buy them? They had only been children, and two sickly ones at that; not the healthy grown men Mr. Tyler had needed to work on his plantation. They had surely been the two most pitiful creatures to ever beg to sell themselves.
  • A one-off cash or cheque payment to an organisation or individual. Processing a payment made using a Bank Giro Credit takes three working days.
  • Then there was Eertu and Anja. Just a few hours ago Hadrenn had demonstrated some interesting enchantment work Eertu had been working on. In fact he had dropped to the ground along with three dozen recruits when the archery target Hadrenn had shot erupted into an earth shaking ball of flame that threw debris for thirty yards. After much cursing the recruits quickly warmed up to the new ammunition.
  • In the meantime, Melody hasnt noticed that a new mathematics teacher is working at her middle school: a large man, with graying hair, intense green eyes, devilish eyebrows, and a close-cropped beard over a strong chin.
  • I hadnt been downtown in a few years and I missed the quaintness of my surroundings. I loved downtown, but living and working so close to Central Park made me forget about Battery Park real fast. When the weather was nice I would walk home through Central Park South all the way to Central Park West. I dont know where my spirit would have been all those years without the natural splendor of Central Park. For me, it was an oasis in the harshest of deserts. The one advantage of Battery Park over Central Park was the spectacular water view and the natural breeze that lifted your hair softly in the air and then inhaled enough to let your hair drop right back into position. There is no city in the world like New York, but I was getting exciting to trade all of the hustle and bustle for the serenity and tranquility of Californias rock, sand, and ocean.
  • Her hearing came back slowly, in blips and bloops over the course of a few hours. Then it was back, better than new. She found that she could hear sounds from much farther away. The camera-woman also showed her how she could use a terminal to access the memory in her new ears, which would buffer six months' worth of audio. Valentine didn't think she'd be in a position to make much use of this feature, as interesting as it was. There weren't any working machines in the city.
  • There are three big sets of variables driving individual tax bills next year: a household's filing status, household income, and the multiple 2013 tax proposals floating around Capitol Hill. The TPC has built standardized choices into its calculator so it can preload a lot of calculations into the tool and spare us a lot of work.
  • I winked at Kewpie and said: "You might as well know, I won't work unless I've got women around me. I'm the type that has to have women around. Can you get 'em for me?"
  • You went to law school for this, she thought. Had she become some kind of bag man relegated to subverting the criminal court? Did this put her on the side of war criminals? She knew lobbyists that worked for corrupt foreign governments, slimy was the word that came to mind. This was not why she went to law school. She rubbed her face, it was Friday afternoon, she felt like getting drunk, maybe she would go to happy hour. In the meantime, she was determined to procrastinate. She didnt have to respond until Monday. She could think about it over the weekend.
  • "I know I gave my word, Haddo, but this is not going to work. I havent kept anything from Roni since I met her. Now Im supposed to work against her behind her back?"
  • Pseudohistory is a term applied to texts which purport to be historical in nature but which depart from standard historiographical conventions in a way which undermines their conclusions. Closely related to deceptive historical revisionsm, works which draw controversial conclusions from new, speculative, or disputed historical evidence, particularly in the fields of national, political, military, and religious affairs, are often rejected as pseudohistory.
  • Sure enough, the rim of a gold encased piece of amber showed beneath a heavily encrusted shield. Tikas fingers worked the amber free with its knotted golden chain.
  • In 1843, Britishmen William Henson and John Stringfellow patented plans for a lightweight steam engine driven aircraft that used many of the same parts as todays plane. The plane never worked quite right and Henson gave up, leaving England for America in 1849.
  • "Thank you, but you need not worry. Maureen and Sally are doing a fine job of setting out all the food with the help of one of the field hands. I do not remember his name, the poor fellow…" She said with a chuckle. "He was quite displeased at having to work in the kitchen." She came back from the corner and smoothed the wrinkles out of the skirt of her gown as she seated herself back on the edge of the bed.
  • The student will gain a thorough understanding of how a pc works, even if you have never seen one before.
  • Though even in glimpses, I was aware of his inner turmoil. The man he meant to be and the guy who had let stress turn to panic being strongly at odds. The confident mask he wore talking to the kids had tiny cracks if you knew to look for them. But I knew Doug so well that I felt pretty confident his rational, take charge self would win the internal battles. Not that those were the best terms to use; I was itching, in fact, for my next workday when I could go use the work computer (without him seeing the search history) and really dig into how we might together address this new challenge. How to not make it a battle but something pleasant and enlivening and precious that we took on together.
  • Under a roadmap drafted by Tepco, radioactive fuel rods will be removed from Reactor No. 4 starting next November. After that, melted fuel inside three other reactors damaged by meltdowns and hydrogen explosions would be extracted. The work is projected to take more than a decade.
  • "I dont doubt it for a moment, Y Chao, "Mauro responded, "but as you well know, there are those who work even harder and have absolutely no say about any part of their futures."
  • "Do thou work!" she urges. "When thou shalt bring me word she loves my son, Ill tell thee on the instant thou art then as great as is thy master!—greater, for his fortunes all lie speechless, and his name is at last gasp! Return he cannot, nor continue where he is; to shift, his being is to exchange one misery with another!—and every day that comes comes to decay a days work in him.
  • The two men arrived very early Tuesday morning at the DCs office, but even at this hour, someone was waiting for them. The Swami saw a very tall, handsome and athletic-looking young man in khaki police uniform, with that regulation diagonal belt across his chest. The adornments on his collar and epaulets left no doubt that he was a high-ranking police officer. The man rose and saluted the DC. The DC then introduced them: "Siddhartha, meet Andrew Zoramthanga, IPS, the Superintendent of Police. He is the sharpest police officer we have here - and probably the sharpest in the Indian Police Service Cadre today. He will work with you, fully devoting his time to this matter. He has intimate knowledge of the matter and will be able to help you much better than I personally can."
  • If I ever settled down, I decided I would work hard to make myself fluent in another language. I just wanted there to be some place other than America that I could hobnob with the locals without feeling like such a dumbass. It didnt matter where that turned out to be, but Italy would do. I already kind of liked this place.
  • "No, no. These are passive defensive systems." Tommy explained carefully. "They will make your job easier. Ive been working on several prototype systems ever since the Pelican got orders for the seismic project in the Sunda Strait. I knew we would have to pass near to the Horn of Africa, an area with some of the worst pirating waters in the world, and I figured we needed something new to help prevent pirate attacks on the ship."
  • We spent hours in the courtyard till I could make the horse step just so, where and when I wanted it. We spent further hours in the field going from walk to trot to canter to gallop and back; switching between them, horse and rider learning to work as a team. I learned to change speed and direction smoothly, just on the signal from my knees and heels.
  • And so I had confided in my friends, and later my lovers. Keith, before and after our wedding. And yet, as we had matured, as my time got further divvied between working and raising Sam and those quick get togethers Id have with similarly busy women friendsit got so all the sharing became less important. As if I could guess their reactions and supportive praise in my head and neednt bother having the actual conversations.
  • He's right. Suki doesn't need to see me like this. She's got a bad enough impression already. But I can't stand her up either. Mickey's standing there grinning like an idiot, but he's the only option. So I tell him what she looks like, where she'll be waiting. "Don't say anything crazy," It's not like anything I say will make a difference. "Just tell her Tom can't make it and ask if I can meet her when she finishes work tomorrow." There's zero chance of this going well. But Mickey's thrilled, bouncing around on his toes like a puppy. Before I've finished telling him what he can't do he shoves the bike at me. "Wait here, dude," he says and bolts off into the park. Shit!
  • I tell him about my dad, whos willing to pay for me to go to university. "So I came out here to live rent-free and work for the summer. Save up some cash. Some friends were on their way to Toronto, so I caught a ride."
  • "Yes my son, it is not too late for you, but your soul is tarnished deep. It will take time and hard work for you to make up for the deeds you have done to others and to yourself. You have taken the first step by asking the lord to forgive you, thereby acknowledging his existence, which one must have some faith to do."
  • Morton was the host of Quiz Show. He was known for his penchant for collecting unique vehicles. That day, he had apparently come to work in some lemon yellow Italian job.
  • That feeling was welling up in me againrighteous anger mingled with impatience and annoyance. I found a patch of wall to take out my frustrations on and went to work.
  • "Well, I've got a research position under a senile bore who hasn't done any real work since the seventies. My job is to look busy so he can keep getting grant money. Between that and the time I get as instructor for Chem 130, I have a hell of a lot of unsupervised access to the labs."
  • "Surprisingly, it works out for him," Alexander added. "If I tried that on my own, I'm sure I'd end up lost or killed or eaten or kidnapped by faeries by day two."
  • "A bit of advice, sir," the old fool said. "It's better, when threatening a person, to snarl, or growl, or something similar. The jiggling of crimson-flustered jowls does not convey your rage well. Oh... andah, being Pooch Boy's pet, and being flayed by you personally, wellIt just doesn't work for me." The old fool looked around the room with a smirk, and shrugged his shoulders. "I meanI mean, I'm not frightened. Can't you do better than that?" He crossed his arms, looked towards a ceiling, and put a finger to his chin in contemplation. "How about, I'll boil your manhood while you watch, then feed it to Pooch Boy?" He comically cringed with his crotch at the thought of it. "Or, no, waitHow about, I'll chain you to the dungeon walls, and make you listen to Pooch Boy tell jokes, until you die of old age? Now, that is a frightening threat!"
  • "I got to my feet, worked up a good head of steam, and ran into that bitch as hard as I could. Sent her flying, right off the course. Most beautiful tackle youve ever seen, and completely legal as well. All the way up until she ran into the guard rail for the seating. Then, apparently, it was excessive force. Ha!"
  • While the girl behind the till worked up a sweat trying to check out all the groceries as fast as she could in order to shorten the cue, the old ladies chatted away.
  • Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. Whether this acronym originated in the armed services is not clear. These days it is just as applicable to the civilian work environment, and particularly the need to ensure a healthy work-life-balance. A reminder also for all managers and corporations that people who go the extra mile, beyond normal expectations, are to be treasured and suitably rewarded, not exploited. (ack T Rowe)
  • "The best thing we can do for economic growth is to lower taxes on the rich...they're already too high...but we also have to acknowledge that government is too big," he tells The Daily Ticker. "We have to dramatically reduce the size of government spending and if we don't do that then we need to be talking about tax increases on the middle class and working poor."
  • (Doctors are currently working day and night to find a way to kill vampires. They have tried sunlight, but it only burns and temporarily incapacitates; the vampire recovers when removed from sunlight. Staking through the heart does little more than produce a vague feeling of indigestion. Even decapitation has no effect (although Hollywood has rushed to produce a slew of movies and TV shows set during the French Revolution, featuring real beheadings).
  • 1.E.4. Do not unlink or detach or remove the full Project Gutenberg-tm License terms from this work, or any files containing a part of this work or any other work associated with Project Gutenberg-tm.
  • The train wound its way through massive fields of producefrom celery to strawberries. Workers worked diligently over the rows of food, lifting crates and loading trucks, making use of the final minutes of daylight.
  • "Youre the one driving, my mook covered friend," Reizvolle told him, "Youve seen the sign, lets put your little brain to work and capture the women."
  • In 1979 also, he performed two-piano works with Eileen Joyce. He played Sir Arthur Bliss's Piano Concerto at his United States debut in San Diego in 1982. His other U.S. appearances include performing at the Hamptons at a festival to the memory of Benno Moiseiwitsch. In 1983, he stood in at short notice for the indisposed Claudio Arrau at a Prom concert, where he played the Burleske in D minor by Richard Strauss, and the Konzertstück in F minor by Weber. In 1987 he played at Eileen Joyce's supposed 75th birthday party (she was actually 79).
  • "Lots of healers turn to sorcery," said Elvallon. "For the purest of reasons. They want to heal, they want to make people better and ease their suffering. So often, their herbs do not work and their remedies are ineffective. Then they learn of another way, of miracle cures that do work. They learn the true cost of their knowledge and the price they must pay only when it is too late."
  • Even so, Sebastian hated to take life. He never killed unless necessary and he found he needed to feed once a month to survive. Even so, once monthly for centuries amounted to a lot of death but he had grown used to it, dulled, anesthetized. He didnt care about these people. Most of them were worthless pieces of space; drug addicts and dealers, lazy bums who never bothered to work.
  • Do you happen to know a literary agent or publisher that might possibly be interested in representing future works (or this one?) If so, Ill be happier than you can imagine if youll forward the appropriate party this story, my email address, or any sort of contact information.
  • She laughed then, and said something to him in Welsh which he didnt understand but which sounded so beautiful in his ears that he wished she would go on talking forever. She seemed to know what he was thinking because she continued to speak in a low, conversational voice while taking the empty cup from him and refilling it. He studied her more closely. She was real enough. She wore a crimson surcoat with detail work of gold thread about the neckline. Her shining dark hair was braided and half-covered by a linen wimple. But it was her eyes that his kept returning to; he could not look away.
  • We had discussed the 'how much money do you make at work and where does it all gothing because of my sizable paycheck. Of course, Tray managed to turn the whole thing around on me. I ended up feeling very guilty because he thought I needed him to make more money. I told him that wasnt the point of my inquiry at all. Then, he asked me how much more money he needs to earn before were comfortable. I apologized and walked away from that conversation shaking my head and feeling like I had somehow just gotten played. He never did give me a straight answer.
  • "She's a wild one, eh? My niece that works at the Mehal says she's a nice girlbut ass-headed stubborn," said a brown-haired man, carefully carving a block of wood. I could discern the faintest shape of a swan.
  • "I will tell you, but you need to save your interruptions to the end. I will have to give you some history and you will have to accept that what I tell you is true, and that I will not answer all of your questions. Does that work for you?"
  • "Maybe there are other reasons for war besides sheer boredom, or ennui, as the French would say," the man said as he worked in earnest on opening the can of hash. "There's always the traditional reason of wanting someone else's property and just deciding to take it, that's how this country got started, probably how every country got started, for that matter, but perhaps the real reason for all war and violence is just that life is cheap, that's why it's so easy to kill and always has been. Has to be some reason, doesn't there? Life is cheap, that's why having thousands of nuclear missiles that could kill hundreds of millions, even billions of people, doesn't seem to worry us that much. We accept it, like there's nothing we can do. Maybe human life just isn't worth that much, yours, mine, and everybody else's, and there's nothing we can do to change that."
  • Albert, Mrs. Campbell, and the other tutor all waved goodbye as they left. One of the cheerleaders, a particularly whiny specimen named Jackie, wanted help, which I was happy to offer, even in my current state. Unfortunately she thought that meant I'd just hand over all the answers. We spent a good ten minutes with her trying to offer a variety of covert bribes ranging from the insignificant to things she couldn't possibly deliver. I kept telling her I wasn't interested and that she'd just have to do the work.
  • "Mike, sorry about the security thing. We just need to be careful. I'll explain later. But, right now, there's an empty apartment just like this one down the hall. You and Jessica can have it as long as you want it. You can work on your story all day if you don't mind the couple of hundred drunks downstairs every night."
  • This should have been a thriving market day, full of baskets of fish, bowls of vegetables, the flash of coins, and fresh honeyed bread. Here on the slopes of Shrewsbury, only a few buildings away from the towering stronghold, should have been the busiest spot of all. Osbern had expected to smell a dozen flavors of food and flowers, hopefully overpowering the stench of cow shit and fresh wool. He had thought he might even be able to hear the minstrel who sometimes roamed these partswhat was his name? Sigurd? In any case, Osbern had looked forward to this ride across Shropshire with Ralph, and especially to the town of Shrewsbury. Osbern truly enjoyed Shrewsbury on days such as this. He liked celebrating the fruits of anyones labor. Hard work deserved respect.
  • And strangely enough, Jeff has never taken another blood test since 1995 that hes aware of. He gets periodic viral load tests, which have all come back normal from the very beginning; but he has no clue whether he still reads positive on an Elisa or Western Blot; or even if he does, whether its a false positive reaction. "Ive got a lot of things that have been proven to cause false positives on an HIV blood test. Ive got Hepatitis C. Ive been vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. I test positive for Tuberculosis. Ive also been vaccinated for PCP. How do I really know that Im HIV-Positive, or whether Im just testing positive to other things? Besides, theyre not testing me for the HIV virus; theyre testing me for HIV antibodies. Well, considering the fact that Ive worked most of my life with drug addicts and homeless people, I probably have antibodies to everything in the world, and then some."
  • 30 October, evening.--They were so tired and worn out and dispirited that there was nothing to be done till they had some rest, so I asked them all to lie down for half an hour whilst I should enter everything up to the moment. I feel so grateful to the woman who invented the 'Traveller's' typewriter, and to Ms. Morris for getting this one for me. I should have felt quite astray doing the work if I had to write with a pen . . .
  • They had two girls with them and the less said about the girls the better. They both looked as if they should have been working for Lester's big blonde divorcee mama. That is, if the big tramp was running the kind of place that she looked as though she should be running.
  • They set about making themselves a comfortable place to sleep for the night. Sarah found several large plant (fern, maybe?) fronds and put those down for ground cover. Taking several of the larger ones, she held it up, feeling the texture and thickness. This might work to keep them warm at night.
  • But no Saracens were to be seen, except a few who lay on the ground, stabbed or arrow-struck, beside the Christian dead. The Egyptians had done their work well and had vanished into the night. From afar Roland heard cries of rejoicing, thousands of voices raised across the river in Mansura.
  • Caislyn nodded then added, "And that shield we had at the Causeway. We need to figure out how that works too. But I'm exhausted and so are you. We should get some sleep. I have a feeling the next few days are going to be very busy."
  • Eric hated his work but living at home had disqualified him from welfare, leaving work as a sorry alternative. Frying himself at Val's became more than a hobby, a diversion or a ritual. It became an escape, a sanctuary inside of a stupor. More than once, he came home tripping on acid. Thinking nothing of it, he would sit up and talk to his family-- even Carl, the old man. Eric would awake to a household of distant people who all acted as if they about to commit him.
  • The pair chose a former US Navy LST that had been decommissioned and sold to the Turkish Navy, where she served as transport, until they too had decommissioned her. She had then served as a ferry between Corsica and Sardinia. When Butler and Captain Z found her, she was waiting to be scrapped in a breaker yard in Tangiers. They spent the next year gutting, refurbishing, and fitting her with the latest technology and navigation systems. On a fine spring day, Captain Z christened her The Pelican, first ship in the Butler Project fleet. The two men worked well together, Matthew took care of the Projects mission and Captain Z took care of the ship. Each respected the others territory.
  • Marthe knew Kell leaned both ways. However, since summer, it was their friendship to sway, swinging toward that sexual notion, yet, vacillating. When she was ready, he wasnt, and vice versa and here they were again, all worked up with time the enemy. Time, her family, it was always something!
  • "Creative Commons Compatible License" means a license that is listed at http://creativecommons.org/compatiblelicenses that has been approved by Creative Commons as being essentially equivalent to this License, including, at a minimum, because that license: (i) contains terms that have the same purpose, meaning and effect as the License Elements of this License; and, (ii) explicitly permits the relicensing of derivatives of works made available under that license under this License or either a Creative Commons unported license or a Creative Commons jurisdiction license with the same License Elements as this License.
  • All this they did themselves: the innkeeper would not even come within the walls of the outer court; he insisted that he had washed his hands of the whole affair, the silly dunderheads might go to their death their own way. He would not aid and abet them. One of the stable boys brought the basket of food and the wood and the bed up the winding stone stairs, to be sure, but neither money nor prayers nor threats would bring him within the walls of the accursed place, and he stared fearfully at the hare-brained boys as they worked around the dead old room preparing for the night that was coming so fast.
  • "Yeah. I know. And maybe the shoot will work out for you, Mom. That'd be great. But I hope you won't give up on the book. You've put so much time into it."
  • "Despite his tinkerings, however, his knowledge remains quite pitifully shallow. Do you know how they, Emasculatems, function? No? Thank you for shaking your head so promptly. Your timely responses will expedite my work tonight.
  • "Suffice to say a few weeks after I met you this group took time out of their busy schedule of hunting down an assassin to hunt down me!" he said. "I couldn't avoid them for long and very shortly I was subjected to their hospitality in abundance. You learn much about the way people work when you are subjected to their techniques nonstop for a number of months."
  • Zack Kramer did a lot of traveling in the months following the honeymoon. The Kramers lived in a small apartment in the town of Great Neck, Long Island. The commute from Great Neck into Manhattan was only about 35 minutes, but Zack tended to use the commuting time to his advantage. Being a salesman enabled him to make his own hours and work when he had to. This both troubled Mindy and gave her the freedom to thrive in her job as a prosecuting attorney with the Nassau County District Attorneys Office.
  • Of those who watched it happen - the hurrixes from the other end of the street, the passers-by, the neighbours whod detected a commotion fomenting outside, and had come to look and glean their share of gossip - only a few reckoned it to be the work of a dreamshader. Most regarded it as just another of those everyday anomalies that abounded in Niamago, and they returned to their lives brighter in mood but not in mind. For one, who peeped out of the bushes at the side of the house, it was a sad reminder of better days, when there had been some hope to stem the misery, and the kind words of a master to allay its grief at being alive.
  • Holding that shiny object was Cal Brewster, the veritable emcee for the day's events. Lurking in the shadows and trailing her twin was Emily Brewster, who proved to be something of a mercenary for a change on this day. Her father, Thaddeus, was performing a similar function with Andrew in the park, but all of his teaching appeared to be working against him.
  • So its not surprising that Benny was somewhat annoyed when his work day was interrupted by an unexpected visit. It was one of the new housemaids, Carrie.
  • "You may be quite sure, Miss Gray, that I have not forgotten or neglected -- I have been at work about it since I saw you, but I am sorry to say with an unsatisfactory result. The person whom I suspected is certainly not the writer of the letter."
  • Lord Arglay said at last, "I won't ask you if you were drunk, Reginald, because I don't think you'd tell me this extraordinary story if you were drunk then unless you were drunk now, which you seem not to be. I wonder what exactly it was that Giles did. Sir Giles Tumulty, Miss Burnett, is one of the most cantankerously crooked birds I have ever known. He is, unfortunately, my remote brother-in-law; his brother was Reginald's mother's second husband--you know the kind of riddle-me-ree relationship. He's obscurely connected with diabolism in two continents; he has written a classic work on the ritual of Priapus; he is the first authority in the world on certain subjects, and the first authority in hell on one or two more. Yet he never seems to do anything himself, he's always in the background as an interested observer. I wonder what exactly it was that he did and still more I wonder why he did it."
  • Melody had turned out to be a model student, just as he suspected shed be. She seemed to have an intuitive and easy grasp of mathematics, though he knew that perception to be patently false: her mother had shared with him during his first call to her months ago that Melody had always struggled over her maths studies, but found the subject so compelling shed refuse to stop until she figured out the answer to the problem she was working on. Her ease in grasping the material had come with a very high price, one shed already paid many times over, and over the course of a lifetime.
  • TV producer and writer Bradley Bell accepting Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on the daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, 2010
  • She held her gaze on it for a long time, and a shrouded, fragmented memory worked its way into her murky mind. She tried, however briefly, to explain how she woke up to find herself here, only to realize she never had; the young woman had tumbled deep into a dream. One of a place she had only visited twice in her life: Loruze.
  • Gwen began to fall out of the sky. I flew as quickly as I could to come to her rescue. She was pale in the face. I could tell that she was spent from her hard work.
  • "Yeah. Infected people." She nudged Emma on the upper arm. "Imagine if the vaccine didnt work and we became infected. The vaccine only lasts what, seventy-two hours? After that, without a booster shot—"
  • "Really?" Aiden said, taking the lenses back and looking through them, puzzled. "Maybe they don't work well on people who already see well at night. Anyway, there's not a lot else of interest here, just a few scrolls and pieces of parchment. Oh, that reminds me..." Aiden carefully leaned over and fetched his gloves from the floor, paying particular interest to the formerly enchanted one, its gemstone still glittering in the faint light.
  • "Its not too late to fix whatever…," Jack says, dazed from the loss of blood and the pain. "We can work this out."
  • One night the caf owner, an unimpressive man named Tellmon, stayed at work until after dark because a carriage-load of men headed for Iteneris had arrived late demanding dinner and offering to pay extra. When they finished, Tellmon suggested that he find lodging for the men. The village had no inn but local people, including Tellmon, often made a little extra money by renting bedrooms. The travelers, however, were in such an inexplicable rush that they hung lanterns from the carriage and continued their journey in the dark. While Tellmon was walking home afterwards, he passed a neighbor's house and saw his friend Zake sitting with a lamp on the front porch.
  • I didn't want to see myself end up there either. Juvenile detention was like a jail sentence. Not to mention that going there for my last few years of high school would kill my chances at ever getting into a good college. I had to make things work here, no matter what. That meant putting whatever was up on the third floor out of my mind. Not to mention whatever had happened with Mrs. Shadowford's teacup. I told myself it was nothingthat it couldn't be the same thing that happened to me when I got angrythen followed Ella Mae through the first floor of the house.
  • During the Ming dynasty the last construction on the Great Wall was undertaken to protect China from foreign invasions. While the Great Wall had been built in earlier times, most of what is seen today was either built or repaired by the Ming. The brick and granite work was enlarged, the watch towers were redesigned, and cannons were placed along its length.
  • "It means that Christians who read the old part of the Bible have to come up with an interpretation that will support his conclusion--Jesus is the boss you know. So this one little statement takes care of all the old prophets and their books. Katie, Jesus is summing everything up right here, and this is the very thing experts have been trying to do for centuries. Bible experts read these old books to come up with a conclusion to preach to the people. And just think, theyve been digging up all these things about sacrifices and such. But Katie, there was no need for all that extra work since Jesus already did the work for them. He wrapped the whole thing up on his own. He gave the conclusion right here."
  • "I was already a rogue then. My children were rogues. What else could I raise them to be? My oldest, Gerald, he spent some time in the lairds army. He sent all his money home. When he came home from the last Goblin War he told me about a treasure stash. We went and got it and brought it back. Some of my children started farms and some became traders, and they all worked for me. They found trinkets. They learned where valuable things were kept. They found out when things were being moved I arranged the thefts, with children who didnt live near them, didnt look like them."
  • Swords were such clumsy tools. At least to him. But, it worked well enough as a spear, testing its weight, changing his grip. With a snarl he launched it at the nearest Dragon Spawn. It blasted through the back of the creature, sending a red spray before it. As it turned toward him, he ripped his dagger across its throat and moved on.
  • "Oh, thou, good Kent," she says, "how shall I live and work to match thy goodness? My life will be too short, and every measure fail me!"
  • Looking up at her old office building, Serenity felt a pang of regret. She had liked her job; even been good at it, when shed been there. Her position included taking care of the engineering companys payroll and overtime. She coordinated who covered should someone call in sick on a major job. Though a predominantly male environment, the situation suited Serenity just fine. She knew all men werent like Jackson. If she worked with women, they would want to know about her; ask questions about her life, her husband, the things she liked to do. Invitations for drinks would come, worse, requests for her and Jackson to come to dinner. Instead, Serenity kept herself to herself, and the men allowed her aloof behavior. They thought her standoffish, probably called her a bitch behind her back, but she didnt care.
  • "'Upon my word,' said the Miller, 'you are very lazy. Really, considering that I am going to give you my wheelbarrow, I think you might work harder. Idleness is a great sin, and I certainly don't like any of my friends to be idle or sluggish. You must not mind my speaking quite plainly to you. Of course I should not dream of doing so if I were not your friend. But what is the good of friendship if one cannot say exactly what one means? Anybody can say charming things and try to please and to flatter, but a true friend always says unpleasant things, and does not mind giving pain. Indeed, if he is a really true friend he prefers it, for he knows that then he is doing good.'
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