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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

work için örnek cümleler:

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  • Some Dodd-Frank work may not be completed until after Geithner leaves the Treasury. Regulators still are working on writing provisions, including the proprietary-trading ban named for former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker thats intended to reduce the chance banks will risk depositorsmoney.
  • He had been lucky. Most everyone present on the scene must have been worked over to one degree or another. Even, apparently, the dignitaries attending to take part in the ceremony. But there were dignitaries and dignitaries. Max didnt know if hed ever seen a god looking quite so ill-used. Especially one venturing out in public with his head swathed in an oozing linen bandage that drooped low to cover his left eye, the remaining strands of mustache that had not been crisped off shooting away in every direction like the whiskers of a cat. Especially one favoring a leg with a locked knee and leaning on a cane, of all things.
  • Art waits patiently over the next year for a grownup to show him how the blocks-from-pictures trick works, but none ever does. Many other mysteries are revealed, each one more disappointingly mundane than the last: even flying a plane seemed easy enough when the nice stew let him ride up in the cockpit for a while en route to New YorkArts awe at the complexity of adult knowledge fell away. By the age of five, he was stuck in a sort of perpetual terrible twos, fearlessly shouting "no" at the worlds every rule, arguing the morals and reason behind them until the frustrated adults whom he was picking on gave up and swatted him or told him that that was just how it was.
  • "The children in this study are often given prescription medicines," says Vohra, a pediatrician who works in the Department of Pediatrics and the School of Public Health at the U of A.
  • Her kindly face taking on a stern cast, Mrs. Alexander turned back to Alec. "I'm sure you'll enjoy working with Miss Paige, Alec. After all, you can't really expect to do everything by yourself. Occasionally a helping hand is exactly what's called for."
  • An hour later Jack was sitting outside on the porch of the old dilapidated farm house with Asta glued to his side. She had stopped crying and was watching as one of the Cat Clan warriors worked on the manacles.
  • "That witch saved your life. Shes upstairs in the main lab taking care of administrative tasks. She left me here with you because youve been very stable, and I can take care of most of your needs by myself. Theres no one else down here because we thought it best to keep your existence here as private as possible. They know that Jenner often works with potentially virulent and infectious agents, so she has a strict quarantine protocol. Theyre used to her restricting personnel and access to this lab," he said.
  • When Jeremy from work had offered him the flat in London at such a reasonable rent, hed convinced himself that a trial separation might be good for them. There was sound financial logic in it. It would save him the expensive commute, and meant he could leave Julie the car, but inside himself hed been excited, thinking London would give him the new lease of life hed been looking for.
  • Not yet, maybe next year. Maybe in eighteen months. Marthes work life revolved around that notion; they left, but always returned. Once that had been realized, Marthe, Ash, and their compatriots accepted this deployment. Where on other wards the idea was to nurse patients to a permanent dismissal, here on Ward 5B, they always came back.
  • Giacomo shakes his head sadly. "Lamentable. What?—to hide from the radiant sun, and take solace ithe dungeon with a snuff?"—one who extinguishes a taper to do her work.
  • "Oh, I was reaching for a block of wood on a high shelf at work and it fell before I had a good handle on it. It's no big deal."
  • "Hence!" he orders, pulling them toward the pile of coins. "Pack! Theres gold! You came for gold, ye slaves! You have worked for me!—theres payment for you!"
  • By next night I had completed my work at Barwyke. From early morning till then I was so incessantly occupied and hard-worked, that I had no time to think over the singular occurrence to which I have just referred. Behold me, however, at length once more seated at my little supper-table, having ended a comfortable meal. It had been a sultry day, and I had thrown one of the large windows up as high as it would go. I was sitting near it, with my brandy and water at my elbow, looking out into the dark. There was no moon, and the trees that are grouped about the house make the darkness round it supernaturally profound on such nights.
  • Emla sat frozen in mid sentence in the library where she was working with Kemti. After a glance at her face, he realised someone was bespeaking her. ‘Kemti,’ she whispered, indicating that he was to listen, too. He heard a gentle voice in his mind, calling Emlas name, at the same time as a raucous croaking came from the Garden below. He followed the Golden Lady to the window, even their tall graceful figures dwarfed by the immensely high embrasure. On the lawn below, two tattered, feather-ruffled black Merigs stood, staring up at them.
  • A curious gas was discovered shortly after the first settlers arrived in the valley along the eastern edges of the Great Salt Lake and in 1872 "Salt Lake City Gas works Company" began lighting the streets of Salt Lake. Twenty three years later in March, 1895, the "American Natural Gas Company" successfully delivered gas as a heating supplement into the heart of the city and Salt Lake became the first city west of Indiana to begin using the fuel for heat, a newcleaner burningfuel. However, the majority of the homes would still burn coal until 1929, when natural gas from Wyoming was piped in.
  • In the breaks between their bouts of lovemaking, they talked -- nothing serious. Al told her a little more about how he'd wound up as a boatman -- he'd been wandering after he got out of the Army, and one day had wandered into the Canyon Tours office, curious about what it would cost him to do a trip down the river. It had been just at the right moment; they'd needed a swamper, a helper to go on a run, helping with the cooking and the rafts -- and they needed one that minute. He'd been ready to go that minute, and made trip after trip that summer, learning how to handle the customers and the boats. By the time the summer was over, he was a boatman, with a raft of his own, and a little surprised to be paid for something he'd have been willing to pay to do if he'd had the money. Now, after five years, he led trips about half the time, depending on how the schedule worked out. Louise, who had seniority, would be heading back to the schoolroom before the next trip, so he'd probably be leading that one.
  • Nick shook his head in disbelief. "Get real, Alastair. This is the world of work Im talking about. Not the public sector. We dont have the luxury of picking and choosing our customers. Nor do we have a guaranteed income stream . If we need more money we cant just turn round and put up taxes or raise the rates like you guys. Christ, right now well take anything we can get. Its fucking dog eat dog out there."
  • The story here contained was written sometime between 2002 and 2007. The exact dates of when I first started and completed my first draft are unknown, but I am certain it is somewhere between those years. Being my first major attempt at writing a fantasy novel, it holds a special place in my heart, and I spent many sleepless nights working on it, hoping it may be my "big break" into being an honest-to-God writer. However, in 2008 the story, while still being very much part of my heart and soul, was abandoned as events in my life seemed to negate my hopes and dreams.
  • They hang up and Jack takes out a fresh pre-paid phone. He's had to buy several of these since the communications breakdown a few days earlier. For some reason, as soon as he begins using a new one, it stops working a few hours later. He dials the number in Council Bluffs that appeared on the caller ID. Nick answers and Jack says, "Okay, go ahead, I'm listening. What's your connection to all this?"
  • And that wasn't the end of it. A few weeks later he lost Bry over the same affair. She didn't care about the money, but she was in charge of publicity for the rushed launch of Mark II and she had to work every hour she was awake. Her sister was ill and she couldn't take care of her. She really hated that. Blamed the man who wouldn't fire the gun, though she'd never fired one herself. She was wired to hell. He started drinking. Bang! They blew themselves up.
  • The brain worked better then. I said: "Suppose you hold Mr. Wendel tonight and let me out. That's splitting the difference."
  • Talsy nodded, understanding his reluctance to enter the camp. Leaving the bag with him, she followed a narrow path that wandered through the rocks. People worked amongst the tents and shacks, cleaning skins, salting fish, cooking, washing or mending clothes. They stopped work to watch her pass, some greeting her with smiles and cheerfulness, belying the gloom and death that hung over the land. Most were young women, with a smattering of elderly crones and young boys. The few mature men seemed to be honest farmers or tradesmen. She wandered around until a friendly freckle-faced girl of about fifteen offered her a meal and took her to a crone cooking a pot of stew. The meaty aroma made Talsy's mouth water, and she accepted a bowl from the old woman and settled down on a wooden stool to consume it.
  • Since Maxwells head was hanging on to his shoulders by a thread, Samuel decided to work top-to-bottom to ensure the speediest and most efficient recovery. Samuel imagined his fathers head and body unmarked, and within two mortal secondswhich seemed like five minutes to Samuelhe was like a supernatural tornado, circling Maxwell until he was as good as new.
  • But the boy, facing the other prisoners, has suddenly become very distressed. "Nonow, alack, theres other work in hand!—I see something bitter to me as death! Your life, good master, must shuffle for a while…."
  • Rose was right. Sparks came flying from the wiring which the robot was working on. At the same time the generator began to falter. The robot was ripping up the circuits, not repairing them! The circuits it had exposed now were those of the generator and the main power supply.
  • Things had settled down by the end of the week. Personally, I mean. I was able to set aside the worries and internal churning and go about my days as normal. Go to work and spend the hours needed, balancing the concentration and tedium needed to get my job done efficiently and well. Interact with my co-workers, share a long lunch with Wally and review the upcoming budget revision, and so on.
  • What was most extraordinary about the BlueCampus grounds was that there was never a reason to leave. Underground walkways that were open to the sky linked BlueHeaven to BlueHome, the residential community. This 50-acre developed stretch of land was set on an area named BlueTown, which also had its own post office and zip code. All of the employees working at BlueHeaven lived in housing provided by the company. The company maintained the exterior of these homes, but the employees paid the subsidized mortgages and rents.
  • I no longer care whether Angies secret plan against Briggs works or not. Im just glad to be leaving here to begin a new life with her.
  • Ava helped him snag the tuna out of their hold, and gave him two other fish for the trouble. To the Canadian, it was a great deal; he did almost no work and already had hundreds of pounds of fish. Joey had easy access to candy and staples, so for him, it was like buying New York for a handful of nice beads.
  • If he was anything more than a normal man, he evidently did not know it, which had worked to her advantage in this instance. Bane's trust in his father was implicit, however, his only doubt seemed to be whether or not the Black Lord could break the spell he believed himself to be under. She was certain that the healers had not cast any spell, for they did not use that kind of magic, but if not, then who had, if anybody? Whatever the reason, she was glad that he had accepted her help; she could not bear to think of him dying tomorrow. Satisfied with the night's work, she fell asleep listening to Bane's soft breathing, comforted by his presence.
  • Im giving you an entire "Embers safe so Im worry free" day to spend with Willow. Please work on the middle stuff because Im getting very impatient. Have fun and do NOT think about me. Rave and Celeste vow to watch my every movement. Of course, that stinks for any potential gossip-fest with Krista but Id do anything for you!
  • They worked quietly, not speaking to each other or making eye contact when not necessary. It was the only way to avoid acknowledging or thinking too much about how gruesome their task was.
  • "This man Ive been working for has been tapping into the unconscious energy of humans to control the shift into the new consciousness. Hes been cultivating the fear, anger and insecurity of these humans to plunge the world further into darkness. Ive been working with the council of light to track down this man, infiltrate his inner sanctum and figure out his plan."
  • 'So, I've got you. Haven't I?' asked Shylock, before continuing. 'Let me guess. You work for Constance, and you keep this beach unchanged? That's why I don't leave tracks in the sand, and why this driftwood keeps reappearing at my side. And your shop's a nice little sidelineisn't that it? And Constance doesn't know!'
  • He went to work in Four Star pizza. He got a blue Four Star t-shirt with four golden stars above the right breast and wore his Four Star shirt. This was the only time he smiled. He was fed up being fat, but liked pizza, and wanted to be dead to the world, but something in him was living and breathing like a new-blossoming plant, something hed rather kill and squash. How could he be dead to the world with happiness growing in him everyday?
  • "That is a good place for me to be, Jameson," I admitted. "But, you see, Mike is using Bertha to put those televisions on the top shelf. According to the Big Bertha rule book, and company policy, he has to have a spotter. Otherwise, it creates an unsafe working environment."
  • "I need you to hear me Ember. I will respect your private thoughts and will ignore them to the best of my ability. Ive been reading your thoughts on the ride over, so I could prove that your internal world will always belong to you. I demonstrated how the cunning ribbon works only on the thoughts that you wouldve voiced anyway. I promise I will never speak one single thought youve had to anyoneever. I would never betray your trust…"
  • 1.B. "Project Gutenberg" is a registered trademark. It may only be used on or associated in any way with an electronic work by people who agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. There are a few things that you can do with most Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works even without complying with the full terms of this agreement. See paragraph 1.C below. There are a lot of things you can do with Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works if you follow the terms of this agreement and help preserve free future access to Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works. See paragraph 1.E below.
  • Dan Bailey was Summers age, or maybe he was already forty. He worked for Caltrans, on road crews up and down the northern end of the Sacramento Valley. Dan Bailey was similar in body type to Jody Sims, maybe a little taller, definitely a little heavier. He was more fair than Jody, comparable in how he had made her feel, at least in the physical, which was why she had slept with him later on, after Skye was born.
  • "Treason and Murder ever kept together as two yoked devils sworn to eithers purpose, working in causes unnatural, so that Surprise did not exclaim at them. But thougainst all proportion didst bring on wonder by waiting on Treason and on Murder!
  • I tried to be as discreet as possible, and it seemed to work for the first two years. These years were definitely the best of our marriage. We didnt fight that much because I was able to do my own thing and get the hell out of the house. That was, until Jill woke up one morning and heaved her guts up into the toilet. I figured that it was February, so cold and flu season was in full swing - if it was only that simple.
  • They were riding again. Well the rest of them were, but Pixie was still eating. "Come on, lets go!" He clucked his tongue. This worked for Sasha, why not for him? He tried to kick Pixies side. She snorted.
  • She had begun working on her own, slipping into minds concerned only with daily survival. She saw how, by widening a pathway here and nudging a vague concept there, it was possible to expand these creaturesperceptions. Her first subjects had been feathered sky singers, as they were easy to keep caged and quickly lost their fears. She discovered they were very limited though, they showed no interest in other forms of life unless it was for crawlers, which they ate.
  • Caravaggios life was a series of bad timing, bad judgment, and straight up bad luck, but he did create turbulent paintings full of contrasting brightness and darkness. Personally, I am more of a fan of the subtly of Da Vinci, give me his sfumato over Caravaggios chiaroscuro any day of the week, but regardless the man was a genius. Despite Caravaggios pathetic life story the man created works of art that were revered throughout the world during his lifetime, and once again in this century after being completely forgotten for four hundred years. He created truly great art, a perfect window into the pure emotion of humanity.
  • Art feels his own temper rise in response. Where the hell did Fede get off, anyway? "So fucking what, Fede? I dont actually work for you, you know. Ive been taking care of stuff offsite."
  • As they arrived at Tonys place, Annie showed Jennie the plate of noodles. The woman smiled and the two ladies headed for the kitchen. Franks wife, Anna, was already there, working over the stove.
  • Mahmoud Hussein, the Brotherhood's secretary-general, said holding the plebiscite was the only way out of the crisis, dismissing the opposition as "remnants of the (Mubarak) regime, thugs and people working for foreign agendas".
  • Jorden couldn't fix the accordion-like instrument. When he finally worked out how to open the case, it came apart all too easily, and a conglomeration of internal organs spilled out onto the surface of the table that Jorden was currently working above. Jorden was briefly worried about that, but then the thing hadn't worked in years and he could hardly be expected to fix everything.
  • They were late for the return bus home, as they knew they would be. Having stayed after quiting time at work, for a few hours of desperately needed overtime. But it was worth it. Donald would be able to have a fine education, and rise out of this limited, unsecured lifestyle. Thomas Lemore put his arm around his wife, looking into her warm brown eyes. He gave her a bright smile, "Well dear, ready for a nice walk home again. "Jeannette returned the smile and replied, "Sure, but only if we take the scenic route, I get bored so easily." They both laughed as they started walking down the street. On this side of town, there was not much scenery other than working factory buildings and condemned ones.
  • Professor Azim Surani from the University of Cambridge, principal investigator of the research, said: "The new study has the potential to be exploited in two distinct ways. First, the work could provide information on how to erase aberrant epigenetic marks that may underlie some diseases in adults. Second, the study provides opportunities to address whether germ cells can acquire new epigenetic marks through environmental or dietary influences on parents that may evade erasure and be transmitted to subsequent generations, with potentially undesirable consequences."
  • 1.F.3. LIMITED RIGHT OF REPLACEMENT OR REFUND - If you discover a defect in this electronic work within 90 days of receiving it, you can receive a refund of the money (if any) you paid for it by sending a written explanation to the person you received the work from. If you received the work on a physical medium, you must return the medium with your written explanation. The person or entity that provided you with the defective work may elect to provide a replacement copy in lieu of a refund. If you received the work electronically, the person or entity providing it to you may choose to give you a second opportunity to receive the work electronically in lieu of a refund. If the second copy is also defective, you may demand a refund in writing without further opportunities to fix the problem.
  • The scary part was that he wasnt kidding, and you would be even more horrified if you ever saw the 110-pound Mr. Feldman. The guy worked in our office and must have been every Jewish mothers nightmare. I could imagine Jewish mothers lining up down the block to feed and fatten up this kid. I was nervous the first time I shook his boney hand. I was even more nervous thinking about Sams desire to meet a woman so frail. Kelly was anything but frail - she had this big, round ass that was complimented by a pair of extremely strong legs. She also had a chest that obviously would be able to be controlled by the likes of a training bra. Sam definitely wasnt a breast man, that was for sure.
  • "Dont worry about the experts, and keep it simple. All right, thats going to work for me. Thats just the way I like it."
  • "Yes and no mistake!" cried Denisov. "You worked like wegular bwicks and it's nasty work! An attack's pleasant work! Hacking away at the dogs! But this sort of thing is the very devil, with them shooting at you like a target."
  • 'And, we've spoken with Infinite Resources Inc.,' said Permission. They are already working on how to build a new centre to replace Purgatory and the white-light. Apparently, they intend to use cloud formations as a basic raw material in Heaven, and are busily creating new construction methods. The Elements told us that they have already developed corona-welding, acid-raid etching, thunder-bolting, and they are busy developing aurora-lightingalthough they're a bit in the dark about that one right now.'
  • Later on during Saturday, more pipes were delivered and the poor digger operator and the labourer worked late once more to get the job finished and keep the bad tempered Shufflegrub happy.
  • "I know a -- " Valentine searched for the word. " -- a profiteer who has access to hardened logic that the infowar doesn't work against."
  • Friday came almost by surprise, but no one was questioning the significance of surviving through an entire work week. The only thing that could have made it more palatable would have been a check received for all of that sitting, but that would have to wait for the following week. Another five days to conquer, another mountain of unfulfilled curiosity to breach.
  • I put on a CD in the car for Morgen to sing along to, and I drive in silence. I think of the webinar I attended when I first started at the radio station, how inspired I had been to work extra hard to get funding for special projects. That work was supposed to make a difference. But what good has it done? What difference has it made? Mrs. McKinley isnt any better off.
  • Jennie lowered her voice and became concerned. "Let me know if I push you too hard with the work around here. I know youve had trouble with your back and I wouldnt want to hurt the baby in any way. Soyoull let me know."
  • Henry limped into work on Monday morning wondering how he survived the three-hour, full-out sexual sprint. Barbara proceeding through the bumping and grinding with all of the emotion of a robot, barely stopping to reflect between sessions. She was not looking for love and love was not really looking for her, either. While she had rebuffed many of the guys in college and high school to go all the way, that didnt mean that she hadnt gone all the way with a large group of older men.
  • "Blood obviously," she smiled sharply. "The fate of vampires is linked to that of humans. We are not immortal, without blood we would die as easily as you, for we are not alive in the same sense as you. The Oracle has seen a future in which mankind no longer exists. It was not a pleasant vision. We work to prevent it from coming to pass." She blinked and I felt her mood lighten, "Besides, I like Piper. Sometimes people do things for free for people they like."
  • The Chinese also could not hide who they were and hundreds were sent back to China under a new law in 1882... The Chinese Exclusion Act. Many Westerners feared a "yellow peril" of having too many Chinese immigrating into the western states. This law limited how many could come in and barred their families from joining the workers that it did allow in. Yellow skinned people were still not appreciated, never mind all their hard work building the railroads just a few years before.
  • Yo La Tengo had just released Popular Songs, the title another sign of the groups tongue-in-cheek attitude. It was only another aside by a small band, but one more recognized than Roses. Gray had downloaded the album, had ordered the vinyl too. Rose hadnt given it much of a listen, but Gray wanted to add the records first track, "Here To Fall", to their set list. She would let him work that into their lineup, not on Rose to suggest songs, except her two favorite Carly Simon tunes, to the group.
  • Kevin lost himself in his work for a few hours, entering the statistics and dividing them into various subgroups. This was the first stage in the operation, the most boring part. He was required to feed into the computer all the information which arrived at his desk, and then to categorise it for future reference. The source of information varied from police reports to bank statements, from parking fines to vaccinations. All the movements of every citizen in the town would eventually find their way into Kevins hands. If somebody sent a telegram, or applied for a university course, or took out an insurance policy, the glasshouse workers would find out about it. Everything, anything, no matter how seemingly insignificant, ended up in the computers memory bank.
  • "Deserving to die for having assisted me? Never! Had he lived I would have testified in his behalf. How do you even know why he came among them? Perhaps he had been orphaned, raised in a poorhouse among the worst sorts worked like a slave and denied education or any betterment."
  • She trotted onto the porch and unlocked the door, peeling off her dough-encrusted jeans as she passed through the living room, straight into the bathroom for a quick shower. As she shampooed, she even found lumps of bread dough in her hair. No one could accuse her of not getting into her work.
  • Even a job loss well before retirement age can be tough to recover from. People age 55 and over currently spend an average of more than 13 months on unemployment, according to the AARP Public Policy Institutenearly five months longer than for younger job-seekers. So don't take it for granted you'll be able to make up for years of failing to save enough on the back end of your working life.
  • They say the Mona Lisa is impressive but when I saw it I couldnt work out what all the fuss was about. It sucks!’
  • "Quite possibly," the young cleric agreed. "I shall persevere, regardless of his attitude. It's for his own good, after all." Aiden decided not to reply to that, silently pleased that at least she was able to forgive people for their flaws. The young man hoped that she would do the same for him, soon. Presently, they arrived at the smithy and stepped through the doorway. The huge blacksmith was busy arranging equipment around in preparation for further work at the forge.
  • Tony nodded towards the building. "This is our Capitol Building. This is where all the government work is performed." He stopped the carriage so Annie could admire it.
  • "Who says therapy doesn't work?" as the surprised doctor shook Leslie's hand and then watch her walk out of the office door. Leslie had done much research about Gil since they met and realized that he gave up everything he had worked for to reach for everything he lived for.
  • "Hardly everything. The Gifted cooperate with each other, we can and do work as a team. Most sorcerers are too selfish to work for anything but their own ends. We work for the greater good."
  • Larry was shocked. This was out of the blue. To shack up? He hadn't even felt her up. The same feeling from earlier returned; one of both conquest and trickery. Conquest usurped trickery and Larry replied, "Sure. I guess we can work something out."
  • She selected a packet and opened it. The biscuit inside was too hard to chew. The point, she guessed, was to work at it slowly, and when she did, her hunger faded. It made her thirsty, though. The pump was not hard to find, set beside a stone sink with a drain. A row of tin cups hung on hooks on the wall. She helped herself to one. The water was cold and good.
  • She thought for a minute, and then spoke, "You don't know why because you don't know how the universe will resolve itself with the right outcome. So in a possible future where everything works out, the one where I help you, you send an email back to set yourself on the right path, to me."
  • His buddies at work had told him to get some pills to fix his problem. But he distrusted drugs. He'd seen what they could do to him when he was young. At this age, he thought, they'd probably kill him--even those said to be relatively harmless. For Wally, relatively had often proven to be a relative word.
  • Hartwell and Emily had a very brief dating history in the early years, and this close association would do work on both Maggie and Aarons jealousy database. Maggie and Aaron never had the occasion to either have much in common or enter into discussion of any length, but their relationship would make a complete u-turn at the sight of their loved ones in a warm embrace. Aaron had always admired Maggie from afar and would let his most latent feelings become known. Everyone in both families would be outraged that Gary and Thad would use their physical power and experience to harm Kayla and Max, who they now viewed as young, defenseless children.
  • Id never experienced rebellion from Yvonne; she always worked well, fitting in with my demands, no matter how unreasonable. She enjoyed her job; she was good at it, and, for some reason, approved of me. I could have been angry, but as it was I just sat there, looking at her back as she retreated through the doorway.
  • One of my first conscious thoughts was that life is funny sometimes! Of course its not as funny as smashing a brand new mustang convertible into your house and having your life flash before your eyes. Sitting here in my car in the middle of my den, I cant help but think that things could have worked out differently - that I could have been happier - that I could have lived the life that was meant for me. That was, if I didnt have to keep up with the Greenbergs.
  • They go their separate ways through the pouring rain. Grandpa struggles along the highway with sorties into the forest when traffic comes. He is certain he is nothing more than a walking dead man like most the Jews. He has to make it home for his friends sake; the friend who he got killed; who is now hanging from the East guard tower with his feet chewed off. He rearranges his waterlogged coat; it has dried somewhat from him being under the trees. He cant make a mistake again; to ride and walk for days and to end up were you started is more than a bad dream. He is dying from the croup, he is certain. One more bad trip around the forest and back to the work Camp, and hes a dead man. He needs to find the small creek that runs northeast to southwest. He will have to hike deeper into the forest but that is life. He listens for running water amid the downpour and he thinks he hears it. There it is, he thinks.
  • Moreover, according to the testimony of His works, the Maker of the world possesses infinite beauty and perfection.
  • "I've quit that business," I told him. "I haven't played a job for two years and more. There's no money in it, and that's all I'll work for."
  • "I get it," Charlie said, stopping him. But it was a grim image. Someone fighting for breath as water poured into their lungs, the body's natural defences working overtime to sooth the abraded throat, filling the airways with thick sticky fluid. How did you fight against that, Charlie wondered, when your own body is automatically joining in the effort to kill you?
  • The elevator doors closed and Stacey quickly gathered her things and shoved them in her inconspicuous-looking leather briefcase. The briefcase was so white, middle-America-looking that it reeked of "Hey, Im working for the government but Im trying to look normal." Under normal circumstances, Stacey would be prone to snooping around when Brad left the building. She had planted a GPS tracking device in his wallet and a few other places, ensuring that she would always be current with his whereabouts.
  • Foley was also the founding Director of the Center for eResearch, which fosters cross-disciplinary internet-related research,. He wrote or edited twenty books, and authored upwards of 160 scholarly articles. Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries did a retrospective of his work in 2001 Additionally, he edited three series of books (Lord Studies in Oral Tradition, published by Garland, Voices in Performance and Text, by the University of Illinois Press, and Poetics of Orality and Literacy, with the University of Notre Dame Press)
  • As laser science needed good theoretical foundations, and also because research into these soon proved very fruitful, interest in quantum optics rose. Following the work of Dirac in quantum field theory, George Sudarshan, Roy J. Glauber, and Leonard Mandel applied quantum theory to the electromagnetic field in the 1950s and 1960s to gain a more detailed understanding of photodetection and the statistics of light (see degree of coherence).
  • Types of embroidery include every sort of ornamental work done with a sewing needle of any kind. Embroidery may be done on any number of fabrics from satin to canvas. Embroiderers, know for their resourcefulness, experiment and learn from others which kind of stitch and thread works best and proceed to produce wonderful works of art, many times mixing types of embroidery.
  • He flipped thru the channels after Mom went upstairs, looking for something to watch. She didn't allow smoking in the house, but since she'd gone to sleep he felt entitled to indulge himself just a little. After a hard day's work keeping Mom happy. He used an empty beer can to hide the ashes and butts - he was good about hiding the evidence - and he had a find-proof stash of beers in the fridge, which she didn't allow either.
  • Annies mouth hung open the moment she saw the black skinned porter. She had never come across such a man, had never expected to ever see one. Stories had been told of such dark men from Algiers working at the seaport in Palarmo, but she never imagined them looking as they did.
  • In one example, in April 2010, Williams and Li lent $6.4 million to pay down loans of nearly $20 million, mostly funded by a U.S. private equity firm, that were used to acquire Siwei, and for working capital, according to the filings.
  • "What hospital are they at?" asked Jerry. He was supposed to be managing the floor, but he had no interest in telling people to get back to work on a day like this.
  • Jesus was certainly capable of giving his own disciples what they needed to know. Ill simply go by his words. And as I move along in the story, all the pieces of the puzzle should come together to give one clear picture. The final fit will show me if I got it right or not. This is the correct way to think about context; everything spoken by the same person should fit together. Good plan. Now its time to get to work.
  • The work shift ended after all of the dried pop, gum and popcorn was cleared from the theater floors. Larry changed and walked home. As always, the city was a surreal spectacle. Punks clustered by a wall; plumes of pot smoke emitted from the band. Police dragged kids into a patty wagon; two of the kids were prostrate, handcuffed and pulled into custody by their feet. Prostitutes spread from the red light district to the rest of the city like a disease. He felt as if the world was running at a low ebb, bad karma. And rather than reaching out to Fanny to ease her pain, he let ill will flourish with her too.
  • "The Elder is the most learned member of our ranks. She represents the very wisest and balanced of the Masters, and is one of only two Archmages. She is essentially our leader, making sure that all relevant decisions are well-made. She will determine what skills you and your friends have, and what training will suit you best. In fact, despite the fact that Solomon and Ayna both chose you to be their student, the Elder must be the one to allow it. If she thinks poorly of the choice, then you will have to work your way through the ranks like everyone else," he said.
  • And thank you for supporting independent authors like me. Without your honesty and word of mouth, works like this would languish in Mundane obscurity, banished by the whims of the tyrants of the traditional publishing world.
  • She started the conversation with, "Brad Jeffries was the love of my life." I looked behind myself like she must have been talking to someone else, because I thought I still had an outside chance. She babbled on about how he was mentally and physically abusive at times, and often called her a "C-word" when she would work out at the health club in a unitard. Although the relationship had ended a year prior to our meeting, it was obvious that Jennifer was hiding behind her vulnerability. I surmised that she didnt like the fact that I was telling her how she should feel.
  • Mike sits down at his laptop and works on his report. He begins to organize the data chronologically with names, dates, places and details of nearly every transaction done in the past four years. His gallery of photos alone would put most of these people away for life. Laboring away at the word processor, he's startled when his cell phone rings.
  • The alleyways between the tents wound like city streets, except bright and rippling in the wind. Foreigners and strange creatures were hard at work driving stakes into the hard earth and hauling frames upright. They ported water canisters and sacks of meal. Hammers, voices in many languages, frying dough, even music somewhere. Horses, horse poop. It was almost like being in the Rattlingbones camp when they were going to settle down somewhere for a few days, exceptnot. She was reminded of that vividly when she almost got run over by a pair of machines that looked like ancients' relics, but gleamingly new. And if that weren't enough, then something that looked like an animated mint jelly crossed her path.
  • If they are to avoid a low-wage future, young Americans, particularly those who are currently disconnected from work and school, need our support in starting down a more productive path. A large measure of creativity, open-mindedness, and public and private effort is needed. Georgetown's work shows that the goal does not need to be a four-year college degree for everyone.
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