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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

work için örnek cümleler:

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  • Now if youd like to hear about me thats a whole other story. To tell you the truth, Im a bit disappointed if you want to know what happened to me: I wrote this book! What do you think happened? Ohyou mean besides that? Not a whole lot Im afraid. I still am a librarian, although all the other librarians hate me. I know what youre thinking, why dont I quit with all that money I made? Simple, because of my library fine. I have a $154,000,000 library card fine that I simply cant pay off with the money I made from this book. As long as I keep working as a librarian I dont have to pay it off.
  • As the guard runs, the soldier looks from the queen to Iras, then to the gentlewoman who is struggling to sit up and lean against the couch. "What work is here? Charmian, is this well done?"
  • As Jain filled the buckets she wondered if she had done the right thing in refusing Airks offer. He was very kind and she knew that she would do well to cultivate that kindness. But Jain did not want to depend on him the way some women depended on their husbands. She wanted to be free to walk in the village and even in the woods by herself without Airk worrying all the time. As she began the walk home the vastness of her future spread out before her. She would have to work out how to get along with Airk, a boy she had always liked but was sure she would never love. She had to be the mistress of her own household, raise her own children, and make any number of decisions that Joan had always made for her.
  • Llywelyn swung around to me as I sat on a cushion on the window seat in his office. I set down the guitar Id been playing, trying to work out the melody for one of the Welsh ballads, and paid attention.
  • Bernanke, whose term ends next January, said last week the unemployment rate in December "is not an acceptable situation," especially when 39 percent of the jobless havent worked for six months or more.
  • The guard systems were obviously thinking something over, perhaps trying to understand how Leen had made it from the Front Door to the Back Door so quickly. It was a potential flaw in Maxs plan, true, but there had been no evidence that the path guardians worked with that level of contextual and historical information. With timing presenting the problems it did, it had seemed a risk worth taking. After all, Max had the advantage of having done this before, too. It had been years before, admittedly, and the subject then had been a different Archivist, Leens grandfather apparently, but as long as the same systems were still in place there was no reason for it not to work again ...
  • "Within these three hours, Tullus, alone I fought within your Corioli wall!" boasts Martius, drawing his own knife, "and made what work I pleased!—’tis not my blood wherein thou seest me masked! For thy revenge, wrench up thy power to the highest!"
  • There were now at least two dozen riders that encircled them. Some had swords in hand, others had bows with arrows ready. They were surely not bound together by common training, as they did not allow their greater numbers to work to their advantage. Their positioning remained lax and disorganized, wide gaps remained in their ranks. They made no attempt to complement or coordinate their weaponry as those with bows found themselves clustered together. Those with long swords and best suited to block the escape routes were also far from optimal position.
  • Brother number two, Danny, was all-county in both lacrosse and soccer, and works on Wall Street. The brother she is the closest with, Tim, is only a year older than Sarah, and was the first Lindman to play their fathers favorite sport, basketball. Gary and Danny were both about six feet tall, but Tim was 64" and Sarah was almost as tall as the other two. Dad was 61" and mom was 57", so the height of the last two was a bit surprising.
  • The most influential Muslim chemists were Jbir ibn Hayyn (Geber, d. 815), al-Kindi (d. 873), al-Razi (d. 925), al-Biruni (d. 1048) and Alhazen (d. 1039). Their works became more widely known in Europe in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, beginning with the Latin translation of Jbirs Kitab al-Kimya in 1144. The contribution of Indian alchemists and metallurgists in the development of chemistry was also quite significant.
  • "Were you right?" Messick is sure he knows the answer, but he wants to give Kyoto the opportunity to take some credit for his work.
  • As the wolf in me had gone, I volunteered, and my resignation had been accepted. I was really looking forward to returning home, even more than I would have ever expected. If there were nursing opportunities closer to home, perhaps I would seek work there as well. There was no longer any reason to run, and I knew it was finally time to reestablish my old connections. Mom would be happy. I wasnt sure about Seth, but perhaps one day he would forgive me. Maybe one day we could even talk about what had happened to me. It would be on my terms, in any case.
  • "You better take this back to town then," Pacian said, dejectedly. Aiden didn't disagree with Colt's punishment, but he did feel a twinge of regret for his friend. Pacian had left their home town with him to avoid hard work.
  • The next morning, I was in the witch's gown again. An hour of hard work had made it presentable, if not precisely wrinkle-free. That was fortunate, because there was nothing else in my possession fit for an audience at court.
  • I shook my head. I couldnt go home and face everyone. It wouldnt take long for someone to work out what was going on with me. It wouldnt take long before everyone knew that I was the first wolf to imprint on a stinking vampire who wanted nothing to do with them. I couldnt live with that.
  • In the disposition it is said first that the batteries placed on the spot chosen by Napoleon, with the guns of Pernetti and Fouche; which were to come in line with them, 102 guns in all, were to open fire and shower shells on the Russian fleches and redoubts. This could not be done, as from the spots selected by Napoleon the projectiles did not carry to the Russian works, and those 102 guns shot into the air until the nearest commander, contrary to Napoleon's instructions, moved them forward.
  • Because of me. Fool. With his love-struck babbling, he had brought Amaranthe to Hollowcrest's attention. Dully, he realized whatever trouble she had found since was very likely his fault. But how had she ended up with Sicarius's knife? Surely Hollowcrest had been lying; she couldn't possibly be working with that monster.
  • Elizabeth shook my hand again and gave me a cryptic smile. "I work at Acclaimed Video, so if you ever want to reserve a movie, let me know."
  • 'No, no!' replied Agatha, horrified at the suggestion. 'I mean sent to Purgatory, where infection is a pre-requisite for any appointment. Of course she wasn't pleased with the demotion, but after all there has to be some sense of order. Besides, the other Seraphs wouldn't work with her any more.'
  • Detective McKnight was one of the finest in the business, having done the dirty work for many Royal families for over twenty-?ve years. He had seen the worst. This mess, however, was unique. Whatever had mangled the foolish Tonio was no assassin of a Royal house. It was perhaps a clever setup, though. It seemed more likely that Tonio had gotten caught up with the wrong locals. It happens.
  • Turns out my perceptions hadnt been so far off after all, it struck me. I knew he was holding a lot of work stress, but I hadnt sensed something seriously wrong, as in physical aliments. And that was indeed the case.
  • Tony held up his hand. "Nothing. He knew the guy couldnt speak English. He knew he was put up to it. He laughed too, didnt he Joe?" Tony looked over towards his brother. "In fact, I was tricked into saying the exact same thing to him when I started working there."
  • Of course, I knew this was happening because Tray was my eternal shadow and Willow tended to follow him around. Still, it felt like some kind of cosmic punishment for my evil thoughts. No matter how hard I worked to please the Creator, I continued to think about giving Eli the boot from my existence. Needless to say I spent most days repeatedly apologizing to the Maker.
  • From the hearty way that both Thomasina and her husband laughed at the joke I could see that it had done service before, and that the whole explanation was simply an elaborate sell. I couldn't cope in badinage with the worthy Thomasina, but I thought I knew a surer way to her heart, so I said, 'Now, Ms. Bilder, we'll consider that first half-sovereign worked off, and this sister of her is waiting to be claimed when you've told me what you think will happen.'
  • Though he was late for his shift Jeremy didnt hurry to get dressed, and when he stumbled into work an hour past his starting time he received a brutal lecture from his father.
  • "I'm going to put off the water for a while. I figure I'll be able to work on my sculpture of you full time for a while. I can hardly wait to begin."
  • - You pay a royalty fee of 20% of the gross profits you derive from the use of Project Gutenberg-tm works calculated using the method you already use to calculate your applicable taxes. The fee is owed to the owner of the Project Gutenberg-tm trademark, but he has agreed to donate royalties under this paragraph to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation. Royalty payments must be paid within 60 days following each date on which you prepare (or are legally required to prepare) your periodic tax returns. Royalty payments should be clearly marked as such and sent to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation at the address specified in Section 4, "Information about donations to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation."
  • Half-way through making it, she remembered that shep¬herds pie used to be his favourite dinner. She had even liked making it for him, once upon a time. She sometimes thought they might still be living together, at least, if she hadnt had to go out to work to keep a roof over their heads.
  • "When do the Chiefs come on?" Justin asked as they worked their way back up the stairs to the dorm room. Since Marienthal was located in a suburb of Kansas City, they rarely missed the football games, at least on TV.
  • The scientists frantically set to work behind their computers and slowly Lynne began to stir. She lifted her head slowly and drowsily. She was trembling all over and her hair hung sadly across her tired face. She hadn't spotted the Doctor yet.
  • Sure enough, Griddle had risen to the surface again, black spots healed, iron hide red as ever, vigor restored. Now he was carefully unfolding first one bat wing, then the other. He shook their kinks and wrinkles out and tried a test flap or two. The wings resembled a classical dragons, but seemed to work like an insects, becoming a blur as they reached takeoff speed. The enormous beast rose majestically into the air and hovered like a bumblebee.
  • "Meghan, are you happy to come inside for a little while? My friend Jacob is here too and we can work out what to do with you. He might still be asleep though, so we will need to be quiet. Can you do that for me?"
  • "It's good to see you again, Benjin. It seems like only yesterday we searched for herbs and roots together," she replied, and Catrin looked up to see Benjin give her a brief hug. The others seated themselves, and Benjin began by making the introductions. He worked his way around the room until he came to Catrin, and she suddenly realized she had not given Mother Gwendolin her name.
  • Writing has always been a part of my life, even from the time I was a young boy. There were periods, some of them stretching to several years apiece, when I didnt write a thing. But I always returned to the art. I read lots, too. Rarely fiction, mind you, but moral philosophy, education, history, religion, politics, economics. My favorites: Erich Fromm, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Lao-tse, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ray Billington, David C. Korten, E.F. Schumacher, Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (my all-time favorite). I read the occasional science-fiction novel (Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, Robert Heinlein, and Frank Herbert); I picked up my first fantasy book, The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, when I was 19 and working in a tiny gas station booth and needing something to do with the long hours. But overwhelmingly nonfiction of the variety I listed above ruled my bookshelves and my thoughts, and does to this day.
  • "Unless you're powerful good and can conjure up a bodyguard. The mental sciences take fierce concentration, and that makes you vulnerable to enemies while you're working your art."
  • "Right." He started enthusiastically. "Look at this." He showed the paper to Jamie, but it did no good. Jamies education hadnt even started by the time their father had died. Jamie had not even been six years of age and had not even been formally breeched by that time. He had learned his letters and numbers from Robbie, but could hardly read the first line of the Bible. Robbies reading skills were only slightly better, but he had memorized what the paper had said from the man who had given it to him. "A man came to the gardens six months ago and gave us all one of these handbills. He called himself William Clayton and he said he was an agent for a Mr. Tyler in Virginia. This Mr. Tyler is a planter and needs men to work his fields. Hell pay for our passage and then after weve worked for him for several years, well get our own land."
  • Tabitha left and Christine told Father Jay, "Earlier today, that stranger called and told me not to let Craig work past five." She held the wine glass in both hands.
  • I could of course, I could have said that, but it wouldve been dishonour. I could try to force my way out of the flour store: Id have to work him back and left some twenty feet with no clear way to get position on the door and yet not be pinned to it. Unhappily the door was shut. I attacked and attacked again each time breaking away before our swords could lock.
  • "I worked over there for a couple of weeks, alright?" she continued. "Back when one of the girls there--this was a couple years back--one of the girls there, the assistant manager, she was out for someoperation, I think it was. Knee problem…?"
  • He rubbed his face with his right hand in between shifting. "Im exhausted," he said honestly, surprising her. He must have been really tired if he was actually admitting to it. Too tired even for his Superman complex to be at work meant that he was just about at the end of his capacity to keep going.
  • I realized the fact that we never heard from you again is enough of a warning for me, but I hope we can work through those reasons and in enough time for you to work with us. I need you to make the trip to Centerpoint. And quite frankly, I would be honored to be working with you again."
  • "If you take a federally facilitated exchange then basically, as we understand it, its pretty much a one-size-fits all," Deal said. "I just would rather be at the table, working with them, than not have that opportunity."
  • One night, when Sandra thinks Jim is working all night, Sandra takes the long route home. She read a glowing report on a ballet whose ticket prices seem very reasonable. In Germany, her family bought season tickets to the opera and her grandmother and Lena and she attended plays and music recitals. But she attended nothing since she arrived in the States. She is in the center of the entertainment capital of the world, and she has seen no plays, no musicals, and no operas. Margot Fontain is dancing in a show called "The Red Shoes." It is fairly close by at the Metropolitan Theatre. Sandra is tired from all the long hours but she decides to spend a little of her precious time and money to get two cheap tickets. She waits in the long line. Just about the time her legs sag and she is having a major problem staying awake, she is at the ticket window. Before she can change her mind, she passes her money through a barred cage to an old lady with orange hair and thick fat lips chewing a wad of gum about the size of a small golf ball. She spends the money.
  • 26 September.--Truly there is no such thing as finality. Not a week since I said 'Finis,’ and yet here I am starting fresh again, or rather going on with the record. Until this afternoon I had no cause to think of what is done. Renfield had become, to all intents, as sane as she ever was. She was already well ahead with her fly business, and she had just started in the spider line also, so she had not been of any trouble to me. I had a letter from Artemis, written on Sunday, and from it I gather that she is bearing up wonderfully well. Quincy Morris is with her, and that is much of a help, for she herself is a bubbling well of good spirits. Quincy wrote me a line too, and from her I hear that Artemis is beginning to recover something of her old buoyancy, so as to them all my mind is at rest. As for myself, I was settling down to my work with the enthusiasm which I used to have for it, so that I might fairly have said that the wound which poor Lucas left on me was becoming cicatrised.
  • "I am especially cognisant of the fact that we can't be strong in the world unless we are strong at home - and the first priority of business which will affect my credibility as a diplomat working to help other countries create order, is whether America at last puts its own fiscal house in order."
  • "I am not at liberty to theorize about his motives at this time; we're still in the process of conducting our investigation. However, I can say that neither Attorney Cunningham, nor his secretary, had ever seen the shooter before, and they were not working on any cases in which he was involved."
  • Keither also had on a look of annoyance. The two brothers couldnt have been more different. Kovos was short and stocky and Keither tall and rather large. Kovos was leading, or more like pulling, Keither from the house. It looked like someone trying to pull a dog away from chasing a deer or a small child from his favorite toy. When they came out Kovos had two bows; one was his combat bow and the other Keithers hunting bow. Keither didnt have a combat bow. His family wouldnt let him get one until he could shoot his hunting bow with some degree of accuracy, which Keither had yet to do. The boy hated going outside and didnt like to shoot, but it was important to learn, so whenever Kovos was having a hard time leaving the house he would tell his father or mother that he would bring Keither and try and work with him. Keither never wanted to go, but Kovos was much stronger so Keither didnt have much of a choice in the matter. Sasha attempted to greet Keither by waving at him, but the boy only returned her wave with a glare.
  • At home that evening, I spent extra time on dinner, trying something new that I thought Doug would like. He had been working late nearly every night, and coming home looking tired and drained. Nothing he cared to talk about, though.
  • Eds eyes shined. "Well, ah, apparently he was impressed by my sock cannon. So he had me brought in to work for him. When I said I wasnt interestedhe kindalocked me in a computer room. Made me draw up tech specs on some god awful engineering software. Ran me into the ground, day after day." He straightened his shirt collar. "Guess the man can recognize brilliance."
  • Longsword didnt reply. He turned his gaze again to his father, attended now by his knights, and Delamere saw a mingling of devotion and admiration suffuse his face. He felt sudden anger with the king. Longsword deserved more recognition than he was given, more honors. While Henry inspired a fierce loyalty among many, he had no better champion than this bastard son. Yet he was seemingly oblivious of Longswords earnest endeavors on his behalf while simultaneously excusing the treachery of the Young King. Delamere could only hope that when the rebellion was finally put down, Henry would reward Longsword in a manner which would prove to his son how much his unswerving fidelity and hard work were valued.
  • Jason shrugged. "I really don't know. Maybe the GPS thing is broken. I mean, it's for roads and such, got it secondhand for fifty dollars. This isn't exactly what it was built for. But, it seems to be working right.
  • "For some reason, you seem to believe that you can teach her about everything and watch her every move. However, it would be remiss of me to not point out the glaring flaw in that particular brand of logic. Life does not work that way although I sure wish it could.
  • That night they camped next to a creek, the only place on the plain where trees grew and firewood could be found. Jain and Airk practiced their sword work with sticks while Eduard shouted directions. After a while Jain smacked Airks hand by accident. He cursed, shook his hand, and said he would have sit down for a bit.
  • Calio says he isn't bothered that the wealthy benefited more. He grew up poor in Cleveland and used education as a springboard. He went to law school, came to Washington, worked hard and now is "making a lot of money." He declined to say how much, but his predecessor earned $2.6 million a year. Calio owns a $2.9 million house on the edge of a country club in the suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland.
  • He ran to the shop, throwing the door wide. He ran through the empty storefront, tearing the curtain off as he entered the work room, and stopped.
  • After the meal and exchanging hugs and other pleasantries Connor told them to be at his mothers house around noon for the public opening. David drove him home to expedite the plans before nightfall. At around five in the evening they arrived at the house on Friday afternoon. School would be out for the weekend and both teachers and students would already be home. Connor walked inside his house with the filled duffle bag, Tool and the chest harness, but he first need to clean up from working at the forge all day.
  • "The King is not some impractical holy man, though," Roland said, "with his eyes fixed on the next world. He works at being King the way a master mason works at planning and building castles and cathedrals. In planning this war he has moved slowly and carefully, and his preparations have been as complete as he could make them. He does not want to shed blood unnecessarily. He does not hate Islam. He only wants Jerusalem, because to us it is a holy city. If you could strike a bargain with him, you could trust him to keep faith with you forever."
  • Sitting on the work surface, legs dangling, was a demon-human hybrid. It was the same double exposure effect as the psychotic nurse in the hospital. A creature housed within person.
  • Laurie got to work late. She was feeling sick, and not getting enough sleep, and maybe partying a little, and she kind of missed her alarm clock. The house mom didn't want to know. "Hundred dollar fine," she said, pointing to the posted list. Laurie wearily promised to pay before she left, and dragged her ass over to a table to get ready.
  • "I was married,'" he started over. "Ta a beautiful lass named Almri. Long, flowing black hair and dark gray eyes that could melt the very rocks of the caves we worked in. She was a kind-hearted soul and worked twice as hard as she loved. We grew up together, our families were friends and we both had similar goals and a desire for a simple life spent only in Forgas." Gort stopped his description abruptly. Ta all it was obvious it was far more painful than he had expected. He didn't want to get caught off guard and show emotion. "But things changed, we had only been married about three years when it happened."
  • My eyes shot around the area. Why wasnt anyone helping? Behind me, the Guardians all stood with their weapons out. What was the point if they werent going to use them? As I turned back to Luke, he stared off toward Lucia. The pained expression never left his face. Carmela held on to his hand with more fierceness, as if she were protecting him. As my gaze followed Lukes, I took in the two women at the top of the hill, all in their white, like they were pure. In that moment, I wanted to scratch their eyes out and paint them in black. I wanted to burn the tattoos off their flesh. They werent worthy enough to wear such divine markings. We were protectors; we were not evil, yet these women were. A chill started at the base of my spine and worked its way up.
  • "All right, lets get to work. Vampires, we stay right here and help Blake with his research. Joe, Valerie and Brandon, you guys work on alternative strategies. Everyone else put on your swim trunks, because its free swim!" Hartwell stated.
  • Stephen left behind quarrelling parents, a married sister, a younger brother, two girlfriends named Joanne and Mimi, and a friend in the Bronx. The jungle was a switch in territory for him. Up to now he had done most of his surveying work on Arctic islands and on the Scottish coast. He had done undergraduate work at the University of Buffalo and graduate work at the University of Chicago. From Buffalo and Chicago it was a natural hop to the Arctic circle and the furthest-most tip of Scotland.
  • In early May, the ground is ready. Scott calls for the rototiller and plans to prepare the soil for planting. But when he picks me up from work the next day, he tells me the guys at the rental shop told him the rototiller wont break through sod. Well have to have the ground ploughed first.
  • "I'm still not getting it Rommus," she said scratching behind an ear. "I guess I'll spend a few more nights thinking this over. So the sun works the same way I assume?"
  • "Never found it!" Colt barked back, manoeuvring for position against the immense creature. Aiden, committed to the fight despite his injury, drew his sword and spoke the command word to bring his shield into being, but as he suspected, nothing happened. Whatever magic had been in the glove's crystal was now gone, and it was just a rather expensive piece of clothing. Still, there were four armed warriors able to face the monster now, and their odds of surviving weren't terrible, so long as they worked together. The beast could only attack in one direction at a time, leaving it vulnerable on its flanks.
  • "There. I bestow upon you the white robe of the healer. You know all that you need to undo the work of all but the most monstrous of plights. This locket will aid your focus. You hold the distinction of being the only student I have ever had to reach this level in less than five months--you've done it in three. Congratulations, you've set the bar quite high," he said.
  • Before we moved away Van Helsing said, 'Now, my friends, one step of our work is done, one the most harrowing to ourselves. But there remains a greater task: to find out the author of all this our sorrow and to stamp her out. I have clues which we can follow, but it is a long task, and a difficult one, and there is danger in it, and pain. Shall you not all help me? We have learned to believe, all of us, is it not so? And since so, do we not see our duty? Yes! And do we not promise to go on to the bitter end?'
  • 1. to reproduce the Work, to incorporate the work into one or more Collective Works, and to reproduce the work as incorporated in the Collective Works;
  • Limits on the patents could discourage companies from participating in groups that set specifications that make electronics work more efficiently, said Adam Mossoff, a George Mason University law professor.
  • Nicole and Carla were hard at work on their Chicken Pot Pie cook-off and Agent Blake had already opened up a sizable lead on Sharon, who was being battered by the choppy waters and was fighting to keep up. Maggie and Kayla were working on separate houses on the other outskirts of Beach Haven, Belinda was in the knitting room and Emily was spread out in the chi room, as the quilts required as much space as possible for each woman. The last matchup of the day was taking place at Beach Haven Arcade, where Aaron was trying to establish a new record in the video game Centipede and Maxwell was trying to go there with him.
  • The morning sun streamed through the lace curtains. Heat was already building as yet another summer day formed. Ben was troubled. He couldnt work out why but something was bothering him deep down. It wasnt that he had fallen down drunk. Hed done that before, and recovered. It was something else. He looked around the room and his eyes stopped at the computer screen. The system had hibernated. That meant he hadnt closed down in the normal manner.
  • The battery, which, if completed, would have been almost a redoubt, was ranged behind a very low garden wall, backed up with a coating of bags of sand and a large slope of earth. This work was not finished; there had been no time to make a palisade for it.
  • 1.E.1. The following sentence, with active links to, or other immediate access to, the full Project Gutenberg-tm License must appear prominently whenever any copy of a Project Gutenberg-tm work (any work on which the phrase "Project Gutenberg" appears, or with which the phrase "Project Gutenberg" is associated) is accessed, displayed, performed, viewed, copied or distributed:
  • Behaviour, Effect, Expectation, Results. The headings by which to assess performance of anything, particularly a new initiative. A great discipline when working with a team or delegating another to conduct a review, when it's important to keep the review focused. (Ack. Don Clark)
  • Magic seemed to be a property of the universe - indeed, Kevin was later to discover, both universes. There was nothing intrinsic in his world which prevented magic from functioning as intended. The reason magic did not, in general, work was that a carefully-designed barrier surrounded the crossing, fitting in the interstices of the passage between the Two Worlds. This interfered to prevent magical devices and artefacts from working when moved from Lyndesfarne. The same magical blockade also acted in the opposite direction, to prevent sophisticated technology from working in the Other World. The barrier was actively and carefully maintained, but occasionally something would slip through: some magical artefact would end up in our world still active - or at least partially so.
  • If you think that is all married women do all day,’ Louisa explained, ‘then you are exceedingly mistaken. They work tirelessly to support their husbands and nurture their children. Unlike these supposed modern women, with idle bones in their body, they do not just think of themselves.’
  • "This is pretty complicated, and its an awful lot of work for a girl who I already know isnt available." We turned into the parking lot at school, and Seth found a parking space close to the door I needed to go in.
  • After Mass the morning after his arrival, Sir Thomas summoned Eleanor to the hall to meet the earl. Despite the feverish work of the seamstresses, she was dressed in the same plain woolen gown in which shed traveled from the abbey. He was annoyed. Robert would think that he hadnt followed the instructions in his letter.
  • It was simple work to open the box, to discover disappointment. Inside were several sealed scrolls I didnt trouble to open, the broken shaft of a spear, a single plate, a candle-stick and the only thing to catch my eye, a broad and shallow cup. For all its plainness the cup had a simple beauty that made it difficult to put it down. I found myself filled with a great happiness, sat on the floor and dreaming of France in the days of Duke Humphrey and the last King Henry.
  • Swann wondered if his mind was working right, or whether his half-joke about their brains being affected had some truth in it.
  • Though Myka sobbed protestingly Nicovar walked forward towards his brother and put his arms behind him to be bound. Danodel worked swiftly and efficiently, and soon Nicovar was trussed all about, unable to move anything but his feet. Danodel made him climb the steep pyre and stand with his back to the other side of the stake. ‘Now,’ said Nicovar, ‘release my wife.’
  • When Mother Peg had scanned all of her notes for that night, she closed the precious Journal and set it carefully on a shelf Rafe had built for her behind one of the beams in the stable. She had decided to keep her current Healing Journal as well as the Project Journal well away from the Princess' eyes and came to the stable when she wanted to work on them.
  • Most of the requests were made by one trader who worked in Tokyo from 2006 to 2009, and who also contacted employees at other banks and brokers trying to influence their Libor submissions. Finma didnt find any indication of the top management of UBS at the time being aware of the tradersmisconduct, it said.
  • Lew, President Obamas choice to be the next Treasury secretary, is set to face questions about his work at Citigroup at his upcoming Senate confirmation hearing. Although Democrats expect Lew to be confirmed quickly, some Republicans have complained about his tough approach in past budget battles.
  • "Hidden, I suppose. He can speak a few one-syllable words, but he is silent most of the time, and he is used to going about his work in the dark with no lantern. At first sight or sound of a stranger approaching, he disappears, hides until they leave. Maida and I think it must have been his mother who hid him, and two other people. At first he kept looking around and asking after 'Ma,' 'Kee' and 'Ric.'" Peg paused to accept a plate of bread and cheese from Katten. "We're stuck with him for now. It's annoying, but what else can we do? I guess he's a help to Maida, with the goats and garden and all. Always hungry, though."
  • Bracksford was open, probably trading freely with its neighbours once more, and Aiden had retrieved, well, something of interest from Ferrumgaard, so he didn't feel the need to take on any further work just yet either. There was still the matter of the Akoran raiders down south, but he wasn't a soldier, nor did they acquire enough wealth to hire some. He'd deal with that when the time came, but for now, as they walked along the road to Bracksford, he thought about the treasures he had retrieved from deep within the earth, and hoped that somewhere within that pile of knowledge were the answers that he sought.
  • "Dont lie," The Puppetmaster hissed, kneeling, "because I intended to give you a shitty start. Youre still in school, Jeremy. You need to work your way up from the ground if you really want to appreciate the life of a criminal."
  • Plus, online classes worked around her schedule. She even had enough money leftover to afford a personal online tutor, from India, who went by Jimmy. And she could take her laptop/classroom anywhere and truly enjoyed the broadband at his motel. She was taking classes right now, and he was 'distracting'.
  • He sighed and left.Apart from this the party was a great success and above all it opened doors to a new world to all of us.Mom introduced sneha to Mrs.singhania the top most designer in india.She was really impressed by sneha's work and they had a long chat.
  • The work with Tika was different. Emla and Yash were instructing her in control. It was now so easy for Tika to draw Power to herself, but she was told that too frequent or trivial usage of the Power would diminish her control. She would find herself needing to use the Power more and more until she was controlled by it, rather than the other way about.
  • The once-confident apes were being confused and disoriented all across the field as they initial changes of the Hartwell gang were definitely causing their desired imbalance effect. Couples were working together exclusively for the first time. Maxwell thought it was time for the passion that existed between two to be leveraged in the arena of battle for the first time.
  • Arglay saw it and knew it for the end. He made no immediate move until he touched with his fingers the place where the epiphany of the Tetragrammaton had appeared. "Earth to earth," he said, "but perhaps also justice to justice and the Stone to the Stone." His hand covered her forehead. "Under the Protection," he murmured. "Good-bye, child," and so, his work at an end, left her.
  • Neil went out to a lecture. We had long ago decided that Stormont wasnt for us. It was now two oclock. I was playing some more chess (with some weird made-up rules this time) with Levin MacHill, and Emmett and the McCochallLevin were meanwhile having a wee doodle and the blackboard. They became very enthusiastic and I, glancing at it, was well impressed with their efforts. At about twenty past I started work on it too for I could not resist. Other people gradually dispersed from the room. Just we three tired wrecks enthusiastically stayed creating a blackboard masterpiece until Hamish strolled in and looked bemusedly at our inspired creation.
  • "Yeah, like either of them could shoot straight after as many beers as they've had? Don't worry, you see how many guys I got working the floor? We got guns too. And then there's Mary."
  • He grunted, pulled a piece of fish out of the casserole, squinted at it, and threw it over his shoulder where it stuck to the wall. "We may have a job, too. Interested in some honest work for a change?" The guy laughed a coarse harsh laugh.
  • Spyderco is vague on exactly how his power works, and it quickly becomes evident that he wields the power best under extreme duress. Attacked by Dukkon, the bazooka is easy to come by. Attempting to shoot cans at a distance of twenty yards in a training regiment; it becomes a less elegant solution. He cant seem to focus his gift to use it properly except when hes scared to death.
  • I couldnt believe what Alice was offering. "No, Alice, please dont offer yourself to save us." I wouldnt be able to live with myself knowing that she was a slave, serving their unjust power base in Volterra. Aro wanted Alice by his side, to guide the Volturisdecisions and increase their power and dominance in the world. With Alices gift, it might work too.
  • Murnan Col hailed from Averlay in Thule. He was a trader who worked the coastal route of villages down to the duchy of Vomaro and all places of interest in between, including, of course, Hearne. Once in Vomaro, he always turned inland to Lura to acquire more expensive items for the return north. That spring, however, a bag of pearls bought off a fisherman convinced him to venture south, down through the desert to the city of Damarkan in Harth.
  • I'd felt power rolling off him in waves, power I'd only felt from Holgren when he was actively working magic. I felt another sensation gnawing at my gut as I slunk away that afternoon: Fear.
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