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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

work için örnek cümleler:

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  • Aiden and Nellise worked side by side, the cleric scorching her enemies with holy fire with each strike of her mace, but the mercenaries were slowly beginning to match their speed. As the novice warrior had feared, the effects of the incantation were woefully short, and soon enough, it was gone completely. Sergeant Evans was finishing off the last of the enemy, having smacked his shield into the armoured helm of his opponent, causing a loud 'clang' to echo over the landscape, dazing the warrior long enough for the old soldier to cut him down.
  • " ‘The human bodies in which you lived were infinitely unique. Unique like the irreplaceable notes of a grand symphony. The Symphony of Life. Thus have you lived and breathed to my glory. For you see, Dear Child, not only have you been those unique notes, you have been the page upon which those notes have been written. You have been the golden thread and the unbreakable weave, both. And II have reveled as the Player. For the perfect composition you have given me is as unrepeatable as the discrete and individual lives you have lived. You are their common thread. You have done My work well. For I am that which I have created. I am you, Beloved One, and you are me. Infinity within infinity.
  • What they did in there was anyones guess. My guess was hiding from customers. Essentially the same as me, but I had to work much harder to hide. They had a designated spot. That seemed like an unfair advantage to me.
  • There was an old traditional tension between the northern sections of Italy and the southern ones. The north had industry and progress, while the south depended mostly on agriculture and the older ways. The northern Italians appeared to think of themselves as superior, having little respect for the peasant farmers of the southern regions. The land of Sicily was owned by a handful of families and the farmers that worked the dirt were often treated like slaves. Little had changed over the centuries and it didnt seem likely that much would in the near future.
  • "I, along with all the other people working at Amgen, signed confidentiality agreements with Abbott, preventing us from disclosing certain details about our work, so I would be liable for breach of contract. I can tell you that the Abbott and Amgen scientists shared all the developmentsgood and badsurrounding the creation of the HIV ELISA test, so I was definitely privy to this information."
  • He got off the interstate at the next exit and worked his way thru the surface streets. Those international businessmen he'd met with last night were real jokers. The accents hadn't fooled him at all. But there was money behind them, and that's all he cared about at this point. His less reputable business partners had hinted that there were much bigger things going down at the club than would be healthy for him to know about. And that meant money. If he could just siphon some of it off as it flowed past, he'd be good to go. He could taste it. If the bank turned him down, these assholes would be his last chance. But hey, if the bank turned him down, fuck the bank. There were bigger fish to fry.
  • Mom's face was nearly as surprised as the time Dad had come home from work and announced he'd just taken the next two days off and we were going up to St. Cloud for a vacation starting in twenty minutes. I wasn't sure who'd called, or what exactly they were after, but it was looking like she was going to have a really good story to tell when she managed to get off of the phone.
  • Locking the door, she wondered what she should say to get back to the lab. Did she even want to go back to working for such a back stabbing weasel? She dialed.
  • "You let me take care of that. You need to work on your skills." Liza looked him over. "Were going to do this thing."
  • I went into work tired the next couple days, but also feeling reinvigorated. And more outwardly focused, which Im sure was good for my coworkers, and myself as well.
  • "I am alive," he teased, which made Yolande mockingly attack him with a pillow. The plague, meanwhile, continued to rage and the doctor worked around the clock during those days.
  • "My secretary," Lord Arglay said, half-lightly, half, seriously, "is a very rare young lady." His voice became entirely serious, as he added, "And if it is Giles, I will perhaps kill him tomorrow. But now I will see what is at work here."
  • "Remember," Amaranthe said, "the goal is to recruit this fellow to work for us. We don't want him killed or maimed."
  • Meanwhile, across town, Grigor and intern Dave were taking the super awesome fun slip and slide down to the basement parking lot of the Viking Bank Financiers Bureau. Today was the day they were to embark on their sail around the world, to the distant and magical lands of New Zealand, to oversee building work on the new eastern division headquarters.
  • I didn't understand what she was talking about but did not ask old Professor Plank who had just appeared behind the staff table. I thought I'd caught his attention. She worked her way along to the very end and took the seat that ought to have been Catered's. That meant his dream state was still going on.
  • I had yelled down for a messenger earlier, after the scent of work had floated in with her, and the messenger now returned with Turbot. Turbot was in more-or-less the same line of work as me, whatever that was, and we used each other as backup man when things were happening. He was glad to have something to do that might pay, at least as glad as me. As the wife was leaving in Turbots custody she paused and looked back.
  • These same humans, however, collected the spoils of looting escapades over many weeks, and Sazar knew the value of obtaining this treasure. This is why he targeted this abandoned town in the first place. The human bandits did the work for him, pillaging empty houses, plundering town stores, attacking wayward travelers that stumbled unaware into this place and relieving them of their valuables. Sazar now coveted these valuables. They could be sold and traded to other unscrupulous humans for the tools and weapons his minions lacked the talent to create for themselves. He could buy food that would entice other dark creatures to his side, close enough for him to weave his mind controlling spell over them and increase the size and power of his army.
  • raining cats and dogs - torrential rainfall - various different origins, all contributing to the strength of the expression today. The expression has been around for hundreds of years, appearing in the work of many writers (including Swift, Thackery and Shelley) since the first recorded use by English playwright Richard Brome in 1653, when in 'The City Wit' when he wrote '...it shall raine dogs and polecats..' (Quite why he cited polecats (more like ferrets) instead of cats we'll never know..... Contributory origins as follows (much referenced by Brewer in 1870, which shows they were just as confused about origins then as now..):
  • Emily removed her head-gear and turned off the flame of the torch, before setting it on the work table. She zoomed upstairs and was at the front door within a second, a route that would have taken the average mortal at least ten seconds to complete.
  • Because there was a relatively small population of Feathered people to begin with, they were often met with fear and racism of a sort. Much work had been done to improve the rights and acceptance of Feathered people in mainstream society, but a great deal of prejudice still existed. This caused there to be few Feathered people with advanced jobs and degrees, and in particular there was a dearth in the quantity of Feathered doctors. A lot of normal humans simply didnt want to trust a winged freak with their medical care. There was an organization called FLAI (Feathered Living Advancement Inernational) that attempted to promote legal and social equality for Feathered people. In theory it seemed like a good idea, but in practice their elitist practices and questionable publicity methods turned both Francesca and Omari off of the organization.
  • The one thing that looked certain was the ring. Whoever was out there, theyd want the ring. Oskin Yahlei had said that the ring would only work for the original wearer, but that was the kind of restriction a smart technician could usually get around; yeah, theyd want the ring, all right. Everybody would want the ring. At the moment, though, Oskin Yahlei had the ring, and I had Oskin Yahlei.
  • Alastor scrutinizes the contents of the armory room, unimpressed. The metal work is good, the swords and shields are expertly detailed, but he finds fault in it all.
  • The second line maintained, working their way in and out, twisting around other riders where need be, using their horses as they would a blade to draw close and strike a blow. Several hit, and when one did not, they shifted back to lead themselves from danger, only to be replaced by a member of the first wave behind them.
  • We talked about the use of Ericksonian metaphors. This was an area of Sarah's work I boned up for the project and I used it to draw her into talking about assessment. The problem is that these metaphors are very personal. This was, she said, why she couldn't create a simple list of questions for prisoners; it makes her work an art, everything depending on her right use of metaphor.
  • "Told you, she gets lost in the works of Doyle." Gabriel said. He was standing to one side of Fenrir. Fenrir was holding my book, so I was guessing he was the one that had called my name.
  • She keeps searching the drawer. "I've got some brochures for the restaurants we already work with. They must be in the house." She's on her feet quickly. "I'll go and get them." She's gone before the ghost can say anything. But he's still relaxed. There's no reason for him to be suspicious. As long as I don't blow it somehow.
  • She smiled, "I appreciate the thought, but you dont have to make it better. Im disappointed, but also strangely relieved. Success would have meant Id have to work harder to do even better next time. Which is what Ill do anyway, of course."
  • Debt-Equity Ratio This ratio is used to analyze FINANCIAL LEVERAGE. It is a structural ratio that gauges the level of debt financing, and is worked out by dividing total debt, short-term and long-term, by NET WORTH. The denominator would comprise total equity of common stockholders and PREFERENCE capital.
  • "You need to ask yourself if you would use the portability of a laptop. Thats the real reason to get a laptop. Its portable. All the other reasons are just excuses. Would you ever want to bring your computer to a friends house? Would you ever want to work on it while at a coffee shop? Or at the very least, sit in a coffee shop and make it look like youre working on your laptop while you really just play solitaire."
  • So he had tried to re-establish the relationship, this time with rules, rules that had to be respected. And for a few weeks she had complied, had been subdued and heavily passionate. She had given up phoning him at work and was nowhere to be seen when he returned home. He thought perhaps he had pushed the right button, that what she really needed and understood was a firm hand, his forceful, manly attitude.
  • The concept was so simple that I couldnt see anything but tears of joy in our future. The first step of the process involved a quick trip to the beverage store. Although we always drank Molson, the thought of seeing our favorite golden beverage being wasted did not sit well. Also, the bottle was not working as a visual for us in the whole Beer Hunter vision.
  • Seth hadnt really lied to the girls when he said that he had worked with Caislyns parents before they disappeared, and he certainly hadn't lied about the fact that he had been keeping an eye on her since then. What he failed to mention was that it was an assignment from his employer, Marc Pithview. He had known from the beginning that there was more to his assignment than to observe Caislyn and follow any leads she had. Since every lead Caislyn pursued ended up going nowhere, Seth couldn't figure out what it was that his employer found so interesting. There had to be something else. Fortunately for him, Jaxon had come along and made an excellent distraction to offer up to his employer and a perfect way to get closer to Caislyn. He needed more information and the only way to get it was to be in the ring with all the players.
  • They worked their way through the thick underbrush, and sure enough it cleared to a perfectly secluded place. The ground was bare except for some twigs and leaves. It was round with more than enough room for all of them and the horses. Twenty feet above them the trees became so dense that there was barely light to see. Not even the dragon could see them from overhead now. Legon instructed everyone to place their bedrolls on the ground; there wasnt room for a tent or a fire. Everyone agreed. They might need to leave in a hurry. The tents would slow things down and a fire could attract attention.
  • "Yeah, like either of them could shoot straight after as many beers as they've had? Don't worry, you see how many guys I got working the floor? We got guns too. And then there's Mary."
  • "I have work enough for you to do," Titus tells him, and calls into the house: "Publius! Come hither, Caius, and Valentine!" Three men immediately emerge from the houseswords drawn.
  • Gil had fumbled through the first day, bending a section of pole so badly it couldn't be used again and suffering under the strain of working the cumbersome rake through the bottom of the harbor. He was soaked with sweat, exhausted within an hour, and in agony from the blisters on his hands. He spent three hours on the water pulling up rocks, bottom mud, seaweed, and a few huge chowder clams. By the end of the ordeal he was so tired he was moving in slow motion. He barely made it home. Taking a shower was a major effort, and after a beer that was the best beer he had ever tasted, he collapsed on the hammock. His whole being ached until he slipped into a restless sleep.
  • Tamas took this time to work up an attack on the city.As the final ceremony for the dead king was about to commence, Kitarssis warriors filled the streets of Rommel. Rexillion was just stepping onto a balcony to address his people when he spotted the enemy troops as they began hacking at the defenseless mourners at the back of the crowd.He ordered his troops to block all exits and slay every warrior in the city who belonged to Kitarssis. In a fit of rage, he later sent out a small band of men to make a path straight through to the city of Kitarssis.
  • "How much?" Hadrian said tersely. There was yet much work from him to do in the city, much information to scrounge. After all, he had been chosen because only he could blend in without garnering too much attention. Calista was too obvious: the daughter of the former proconsul and Claudius was the one with whom she had fled. That would not leave town memory for a good while yet.
  • "Never found it!" Colt barked back, manoeuvring for position against the immense creature. Aiden, committed to the fight despite his injury, drew his sword and spoke the command word to bring his shield into being, but as he suspected, nothing happened. Whatever magic had been in the glove's crystal was now gone, and it was just a rather expensive piece of clothing. Still, there were four armed warriors able to face the monster now, and their odds of surviving weren't terrible, so long as they worked together. The beast could only attack in one direction at a time, leaving it vulnerable on its flanks.
  • He continued plodding along the road. His legs quickly became tired and his body suddenly was beginning to feel sore as though the cold had worked its way right into his bone marrow. Progress was slow and he was afraid of falling off the edge of whatever this road was.
  • "Its not too late to fix whatever…," Jack says, dazed from the loss of blood and the pain. "We can work this out."
  • "On the 4th, the first courier arrives from Petersburg. The mails are taken to the field marshal's room, for he likes to do everything himself. I am called in to help sort the letters and take those meant for us. The field marshal looks on and waits for letters addressed to him. We search, but none are to be found. The field marshal grows impatient and sets to work himself and finds letters from the Emperor to Count T., Prince V., and others. Then he bursts into one of his wild furies and rages at everyone and everything, seizes the letters, opens them, and reads those from the Emperor addressed to others. 'Ah! So that's the way they treat me! No confidence in me! Ah, ordered to keep an eye on me! Very well then! Get along with you!' So he writes the famous order of the day to General Bennigsen:
  • "IwellI think that dads really frustrated with work right now. Maybe this guy can help." It wasnt a lie, but apparently the wards for truth on the table didnt put up with half-truths, either, and it was obvious that Arvin didnt believe me.
  • Im joking, of course. Its no use being serious. She wouldnt give up what she has. Shes worked hard and this is her payoff: a secure, respected job. She doesnt understand me, and I just have to leave it at that. I know shes feeling sorry for me, and thats okay, because Im feeling sorry for her, too.
  • One out of five women were part of the labor force in 1910. A female seamstress could work for ten hours a day, six days a week and earn only $32.00/month, or about 13¢ an hour.
  • He came home one night from work and handed an envelope to his wife as the sat down for dinner. Miriam Bauman slowly opened the envelope and pulled out a check with more zeros than she had ever seen before.
  • "Sasha is going to come with me when I leave. You were rightanything that might happen to me and her on the road is better than what will happen if she stays here. How it affects you is this: I understand if you dont want to go with us, and if you do, we would like to go somewhere south, but if that doesnt work for you then…" he said, tapering off.
  • Hugh shrugged noncommittally. It all sounded too simple to him. What if the Bastard didnt rise to their bait and stayed put behind the walls? But he didnt make any objection. After all, it didnt matter what they planned; Henry would make short work of them.
  • Her thoughts drifted to the situation she currently found herself. Not for the first time that day she cursed her poor taste in men. Sleeping with a work colleague was never recommended whatever job you were in. But as a Detective Constable in the Metropolitan Police the very nature of the working environment meant there were no secrets. Policemen and women were the worst of gossips, and nothing could stay a secret for long. Drunken fumbling on a night out had led to the illicit dating of a married man. Even now Amanda fumed at the memory. It had taken just four weeks to realise what an asshole he was - and to think she was risking a career for him.
  • Rhona flushed, then let out a chuckle. "Of course. I have to get everyone to work for me, dont I? Especially the men!"
  • After the beheading of the maid from Indonesia, that government stopped issuing new visas for citizens to work in Saudi Arabia as domestics. Two weeks ago, the Saudis sparked another outcry over an execution, when a Sri Lankan maid, convicted of smothering a baby to death, was beheaded.
  • What we saw was horrendous. Seven members of the dance club - including the four that danced with me in the finale - were kneeling in a circle around a pagan design etched into the floor, arms raised in some sort of perverted worship. A gigantic monster that was made completely out of fire was slowly emerging from a glowing portal that hovered above this design on the floor. Every time the dancers finished chanting a phrase they bowed down and touched their foreheads to the floor. I could feel a surge of heat and power and the fire creature worked its way a little further through the portal. From what I could tell they were about three quarters of the way through, leaving not much time to stop what was going on.
  • After a few minutes, we rise and keep going. This time I fall behind, and I start thinking about how the beauty and the wonder of this mountain arent just at the top; theyre here, right now, around me. Have an open mind on the way up. Thats where the experience is. My whole focus for years and years now has been on a goal, on reaching and achieving. And that goal, no matter how hard I work or how far I go, is always further on. Its almost like the goal is a mirage, always on the horizon, just out of reach.
  • The unemployment rate dropped from 7.9% to 7.7%, its lowest level since December 2008. But the cause was not job growth. According to the survey of households, which often yields different results from the survey of employers, the number of people employed edged down 122,000 last month. But the labour force fell even more, by 350,000. The participation rate, which is the share of the working-age population that is either working or looking for work, sank to 63.6%, just above the recent cyclical low of 63.5% in August.
  • It didnt make much difference to me, one way or another. Id had plenty of gay co-workers at my college jobs in Atlanta. I just wondered if my gay-dar still worked.
  • They were eventually registered. The queue system itself worked upon a number between one and nine hundred and ninety-nine, and Jorden was given the number 237. Hura had last given audience to a squal farmer of Venice whose number had been 845. That made Jorden around four hundredth in line to be granted audience with Hura Ghiana. At least that was what he first suspected, but it was worse than that. Jorden was four hundredth in line to an interview with the office of the private secretary to Hura Ghiana, or in no line at all if he failed to inspire the secretary to the private secretary, as many did.
  • We'd all had a sip of the verlin, and it worked well when I begun to instruct my group through the first throw. As I wandered around the pairs I gave pointers and tips, or showed them the correct way if they had it wrong. It was satisfying work and other than Iggy, who kept his haughty look, all the others we'd met were open and friendly. More than one person teased me for throwing Alek. They all wanted to be taught the 'royal' throw as they'd named it.
  • Once we had the equipment assembled, the worries began. We had vague memories of the practicals we had to do in our university biology classessome good, but mainly bad, a litany of failures and frustrations. Some of the procedures we were about to try in our improvised lab were exactly those kinds of experiments. The only difference was that this time we could not count on a supervisor or skilled colleague to help us. We had to rely on our faded memories of lab work and on internet sources to help us whenever we got stuck. We had a lot of questions. Would we be able to isolate DNA? Would we amplify genes with a machine salvaged from the trash? Would even the simplest experiments be beyond our meagre skills? Would we join the legions of people who bought a surfboard but never really rode a wave, or who bought a guitar and never got beyond "Country Roads"?
  • I shook my head as I sealed the deposit bag. I wasnt sure how bad things might get, working with two horrible shrews. One of whom held my job in her claws.
  • There was a sense of discipline to the place, a feeling the Lodge had stood here for many decades, and that the people working and living here were part of long-standing tradition of service to the crown. The building was large enough to house at least thirty rangers, and yet the halls and common room were quiet from the absence of most of their people.
  • Hed supposed Lord William would receive him at best distrustfully and at worst with a drawn sword; after all, a mere two days earlier theyd tried to kill each other. Hed brought a hostage with him, a measure of his good faith and this seemed to work in his favor. Olwens Norman lover had done the translations, all the while glaring at him with such intense hatred that hed decided he had more to fear from this man than from Lord William. Hed turned away from the frosty scrutiny only to find Longsword staring at his face with undisguised distaste.
  • "That could work for you," I said, "except I know you too well to believe youll be able to shake off the humiliating circumstances."
  • It was natural for Javon and me to be friends. He had a special talent of getting under people's skin and I could look into anyone's eyes and influence their judgment. I remember this one time when I was called down to the Vice Principal's office. Mrs. Daniels was a large, Nubian princess who was the main authority figure in our school; Principal Lewis was the white figurehead, while Mrs. D did all of the dirty work and kept all of his hoodlums in line.
  • "The first thing lawyers tell those who want to leave France is to sell their primary residence, " she said in an interview. "My clients tell me theyre fed up and dont want to work for the state. All this is temporary, I hope."
  • "Looks a little small for me," Karlini said cautiously. "Theres no denying its got character, though, and you had to have put an awful lot of work into it. The fact that for most anybody on the planet, building that elaborate a mechanism would draw you an immediate sentence of eradication from the nearest god adds a certain something, too."
  • Gold solder is used for joining the components of gold jewelry by high-temperature hard soldering or brazing. If the work is to be of hallmarking quality, gold solder must match the carat weight of the work, and alloy formulas are manufactured in most industry-standard carat weights to color match yellow and white gold. Gold solder is usually made in at least three melting-point ranges referred to as Easy, Medium and Hard. By using the hard, high-melting point solder first, followed by solders with progressively lower melting points, goldsmiths can assemble complex items with several separate soldered joints.
  • "But what about the Lyrians," asked Guayin. "I feel like we should be working more closely with them in developing new systems for shifting the earth-consciousness. I believe they understand the power of love more deeply as the building block of conscious-creation."
  • Melegal explained that as soon as he'd found out Venir was in the dungeon, he had himself arrested for calling a City Watchman a "big, ugly, cow-loving orc-face". Now, the rogue had already escaped his first cell and managed to sneak into the dungeon he now occupied. Melegal wanted to make sure he got out of jail; he needed him around for protection and pro?ts. This was the surviving nature of their relationship, and it worked well for both men.
  • Spring and Skye stepped from Summers room. Theyd been lying on the big bed, talking of rutabagas and other vegetables. "Im hungry. John gets off work at six, but yeah, lets have some grub now."
  • "Good advice," confirmed Finnegaff. He looked to Mia. "Saa doesn't work all that well in the Land of Lost Memories. Saa will, however, perform unexpectedly and unpredictably. Control your thoughts, Miagaff. You could accidentally invoke Saa and have no idea what you did."
  • "It's good to see you again, Benjin. It seems like only yesterday we searched for herbs and roots together," she replied, and Catrin looked up to see Benjin give her a brief hug. The others seated themselves, and Benjin began by making the introductions. He worked his way around the room until he came to Catrin, and she suddenly realized she had not given Mother Gwendolin her name.
  • "Im not acting," Jonathan felt his face grow warm but controlled his tone. "As for the rest, I dont know what youre talking about, I work for the World Food Program, thats my job. Im sorry for any misunderstanding."
  • Nicolette shook her head. "I know what you must be going through, Roland. I would give anything not to be the one to bring you this news. Hugues and Amalric want to force her to tell them who has helped her, whom she worked with. And they are after you especially. They suspect you are linked with her. Amalric still wants to destroy you. They will torture her until she names you."
  • "Id hoped that Mr Farmer could talk some sense into you then, but unfortunately, it didnt work out," Cox said. "Mr Farmer is understandably upset by what did happen."
  • "I do believe this idea might work after all, Geret," he said, after the ballast had been adjusted. "You do know how to sail this thing, dont you?"
  • I was thinking back on the conclave Id attended, back in Oolsmouth; the one Gash had stage-managed, purging one of his adversaries in the process. Id actually learned quite a lot there, and that was when I hadnt even had any idea what questions I should be asking. In many ways I was still working through the leads Id gotten then. I should be in a much better position to resolve certain things now.
  • Alfonso took several more deep breaths and tried to relax. "Thats another reason I couldnt work in the mines. I get real sick when Im in tight places. I cant breathe. It seems to be getting worse the older I get." He cleared his throat several more times.
  • "Most of the food industry worked up on this level," he continued quietly, "so as the smoke from the fires could get out 'o the ceiling vents. 'Twas the most efficient way to feed the city, so just about everyone who lived up here was a cook 'o some sort."
  • Longsword didnt reply. He turned his gaze again to his father, attended now by his knights, and Delamere saw a mingling of devotion and admiration suffuse his face. He felt sudden anger with the king. Longsword deserved more recognition than he was given, more honors. While Henry inspired a fierce loyalty among many, he had no better champion than this bastard son. Yet he was seemingly oblivious of Longswords earnest endeavors on his behalf while simultaneously excusing the treachery of the Young King. Delamere could only hope that when the rebellion was finally put down, Henry would reward Longsword in a manner which would prove to his son how much his unswerving fidelity and hard work were valued.
  • A complex and dangerous thought, Zetak thought to himself. Cautiously, he said, "The value of having three triskaideks in the Triad is that two will always be able to work together if needed in a time of difficulty."
  • His lips twisted into a sneering smile. "Your magic will not work on me, witch, my father made certain of that. I am so glad you could join us today. Sport has been hard to come by lately, and I have missed it." He raised his head to address the soldiers behind her. "Take her and bind her!"
  • A few days later Wayne and I were hanging out and working in his garden and I said, "Dude, what the hell is up with Aunt Shirley?"
  • We met just with swords; wearing no more than light helms and leather jerkins, for the day was hot and work with the sword is warm. The crowd called in rude demand; they wanted us to use edged swords, not our blunt and safer tourney swords. It angered me. It seems they did want a Roman circus. Father Francis was all confusion, trying to still the crowd. My temper got the better of me, we would use edged swords, they were still hacked and blunt by the standards I remembered with Thomas. Sir John went white but my look of reassurance settled him, he must have known I wasnt here to hurt him.
  • Jason worked the controls as the sail figure eighted across the night sky. "It should have taken just a week or two, Gina. It's only about two thousand miles; even at just ten knots, that's two weeks at the most. We're two months into this and, by GPS, we're only about halfway there. But by the knots on the little speedometer, we're averaging fifteen knots. To keep with the winds, we have to zigzag some, but that couldn't—"
  • Serenity could do nothing more. The woman at reception gave her a pile of paperwork on a clipboard to fill in and she hugged the board to her chest. She hoped her medical insurance was still valid and her work hadnt yet notified the company about her being fired. Hopefully, the claim would slip through the net, but if it didnt she was in even more trouble.
  • Some companies have committed to that effort. Wal-Mart (WMT), the worlds largest retailer, for example, plans to sell (not without controversy) $1 billion in food sourced from 1 million small and midsize farms. And public-private partnerships are a key part of the World Economic Forums New Vision for Agriculture. Monsanto (MON), Pepsico (PEP), Bunge Limited (BG), Cargill, and other corporations have pledged to be part of the program, which will work to help countries "by aligning investments, programs, and innovations around shared priorities for agricultural growth."
  • Starting with the altar, which was in the middle of the room, Sara took each item off and set it on her desk, then rubbed the wood surface down with an oil and water blend while saying a prayer: "Negativity is gone, positivity grows. Harmful thoughts run away, pure love keeps you at bay…" She picked up each item from the desk and repeated the process, putting them back in their proper places. Then she began to cleanse the entire room. working with the altar items, she lit candles and incense and then went around the room in a clockwise spiral starting at the altar, sprinkling salt and flicking the liquid around the room and on any object that Robin could have touched, all while chanting her prayer. As she did this, she imagined her sisters image, bad thoughts, and feelings leave the room. When her last circle ended at the bedroom door she said, "This room is cleansed of all negativity!" and closed the door.
  • Moonwater smiled. "Most people are surprised to find aestri working in the castle. There have been aestri here since the council ratification of the laws of Hura, but we are allowed only as assistants and maids of the inner court. The women of the queue residence don't really like us, but it is the wish of Hura..." She smiled again. "But I'm sure you don't wish to stand here discussing such trivial things. If you will come this way."
  • "They put us on a train and took us to a camp. The train was horrible. It was just trucks and they squeezed us all in. The journey took hours and hours. Some of the older people died in our truck. And one baby too. The camp was just as bad. They took everything we had and gave us these uniforms. They made my father work. They kept him apart from me and my mother. My mother worked too. I dont know how long we stayed there, maybe a year? Then they put all the women and children into another train and brought us here.
  • After Mass the morning after his arrival, Sir Thomas summoned Eleanor to the hall to meet the earl. Despite the feverish work of the seamstresses, she was dressed in the same plain woolen gown in which shed traveled from the abbey. He was annoyed. Robert would think that he hadnt followed the instructions in his letter.
  • The rest of the class was working on problem fourteen, on page one thirty-three. Melody didnt hear when the teacher, Mrs. Lilywhite, called her name.
  • "Yet thanks! I must acknowledge that you are thieves professedthat you work not in holier shapes; for there is boundless theft in limited professions"—the licensed ones, deemed honorable. "Rascal thieves, heres gold!" He leads them to the new pile he has set outside. "Go, suck the subtle blood othe grape till the high fever seethe your blood to froth!—and soscape hanging!
  • The SP saluted the Swami and then they shook hands. The Swami took an instant liking to him. The SP spoke first. "Maharaj, we can get acquainted as we get started with the work at hand. I have got five eyewitnesses waiting to speak to you in the conference room in the next building."
  • Afternoon was approaching as she entered the village. Unlike the other places she'd been to, this town was alive with activity. Cloaked people busily cleared mounds of snow from the streets. Smoke rose from chimney after chimney. A well cared-for sign heralded the bustling hamlet as Nidel. The eyes of the people hard at work stayed, for the most part, on the task at hand. This gave Myranda some comfort. They did not know yet. Indeed, how could they? Even if they had been told every detail of what had happened, there were only two people who knew what she had done and what she looked like. As long as she didn't behave strangely, she would be just another visitor . . . for now.
  • The feeling of loss hit Ambrosius as he fell past the middle branches of the Hook Tree, and he realised he had been a fool. He had spent hours at his abacus and reading his books, and he had acquired an ethereal, useless type of wisdom. He could predict the movements of the stars, calculate the number of fish required to feed the population of Expiscor for the next ten years or even work out how many stories high a shack could be built without it collapsing, yet he had nobody to share these things with. If only he had set aside more time for Sunbeam...
  • "Well, we know their plan. We may find out more later. There are still got a lot of listening devices out there. I can be ready with trash barrels to smother the smoke bombs and firecrackers," says Lance. "And, if they bring'em in and leave'em in their coats like last night, I can you fix'em so they don't work very well."
  • If Jessica hadn't grudgingly complimented me on just how good my hair looked, I might have suspected Jasmin was trying to purposefully make me look worse than the other girls. Dominic and Rachel had to tell me I looked good, that was an unwritten girl-rule regardless of what species you were. Jessica had no such imperative, so I was forced to conclude Jasmin had done the best she could considering what she had to work with, and resigned myself to being the homely one in the group.
  • Lester almost ran to the door before either of us changed our minds. The three of us went out and MacIntosh Crumbled: "I should take lip from a guy like that. What in the hell! All he's got is a bunch of money and I got a job of work to do."
  • "Iyash and George are going to need a debrief as well," added Bes. "Theyre not going to be happy that the Council tricked them into believing that Raven was working for Marduk and that we needed those objects for ceremony."
  • His attention starts to wander and he finds himself thinking about how, as kids, he and his friends used to ride their bikes down past the brickworks on their way to the river. Sometimes theyd stop to stare in through the wire gates at the men working in the hot, dirty gloom, sweating and heaving like lost souls in hell. The fiery glow whenever the door of a kiln was opened added to the effect. It never occurred to David that one day he would be one of those tortured, sweating souls.
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