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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

work için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Hmm? Oh, I understand. working on caravans, you must have evaluated people based on how far they can walk. I guess I sounded silly telling you don't worry, it's not far. I realize you can walk much farther than I can. Faster too. My legs are hurrying and yours are just strolling."
  • Developing countries that are mimicking developed ones are those that will have to accept lower standards. To put it simply: "When developing economically, human and environmental rights are liabilities. The unique fundamental motto is to grow, develop, make profit and consume." In the meantime, the gap in standards between developed and developing countries is not closing but, on the contrary, widening. Take nuclear energy, for example. There is no future for nuclear energy in democracies where knowledge is widespread and shared. Contrary to nuclear lobbiesassertions, citizens in developed countries are aware that nuclear power plants pose a deadly threat today and in the future; they are definitely not a clean source of energy and are certainly no cheaper. Despite this, nuclear power plants remain the dream of countries weak in democracy. It is quite likely that in the near future, the nuclear industry will find work solely in developing countries.
  • "Correct. At the end of the day there is a stop in the pipe leading to the pit and people go in there and collect all of the remaining waste to be burnt in the furnace the next day. There are some other details from there, but you get how it works now," he finished.
  • "Unfortunately, it takes several weeks; I dont have the necessary equipment with me and I can only work properly at home."
  • Current assets are built up with the help of short-term and long-term funds. Short term sources include TRADE CREDIT, bank finance and bills payable. These are current liabilities, repayable within a year. Hence working capital or better still, net working capital can be understood as the portion of current assets financed by long-term funds such as loans, SHARE CAPITAL and RETAINED EARNINGS.
  • "Store I worked at in Kingsboro, we went through that in a week," Vera said. "I worked down at the corner of Fifeman and Billings. In thehood. Looked out on the store from behind bulletproof glass."
  • - Look, give me till tomorrow, will you? Ill work out how many hours you can do safely without incurring the wrath of either the unions or the taxman. Ill do whatever I can, though you can forget any notion of two hours a day. Come and see me again
  • The base of the mountain was far more ragged than Grahamas remembered, but that worked to his advantage, finding the niches necessary to creep into and drag himself up the first thirty feet. There he rested, letting his torn skin and cramped fingers take a break. In his respite, he took the opportunity to stare up at the climb before him. He had perhaps another hundred feet to reach the only plateauone that wound the entire length of the mountain, wide enough for Grahamas to stand on, but little else. And against the face that would eventually lead to the peak was what Grahamas was looking for. Amidst the countless blemishesboth large and smallthat existed there, was one that was simply an illusion. One that looked like all the rest, yet this one almost parchment thin and could be slid away to reveal a hidden chamber.
  • "Then you must work harder. Accelerate their training. All of the riders have to be ready for war, and time is a luxury we can no longer afford. The emperors armies are gathering in the east. Parthos is no longer safe. I lost six of my best soldiers last week to a Balborite assassin."
  • Joy put her glass down on a table and folded her hands. ‘My husband worked on a telecommunications project out there over 4 years ago. He retired once the project was finished.’
  • "That honourable day shall neer be seen," says the Bishop of Carlisle gravely. "Many a time hath banished Norfolk fought for Jesu Christ in glorious field, streaming the ensign of the Christian cross against pagans, Turks, and Saracens; then, toiled with works of war, retired himself to Italyand there at Venice gave his body to that pleasant countrys earth, and his pure soul unto his captain, Christ, under whose colours he had fought so long."
  • "If will patient be Karlini," said Haddo, "get there we will. As have heard you, same goals share all we, and reasons for roughly same. Yet have differences means about, we. Thinks friend Favored, dangerous is work of Roni."
  • Neary chuckled at that answer. He walked around the studio, taking a few notes. "You put those skylights in yourself?" he asked pointing to the ceiling. Billy nodded. "I like that stove. I should get one," Neary said. He examined the tools on the bench and the work area where several logs stood along with a large bulletin board on which Billy had pinned his sketches of a naked Erin in different settings. Three of the sketches showed the tattoos: the one of the red and pink roses rising from the cleft in Erin's buttocks, the other of the monarch butterfly with red and pink wings, and finally the yellow jackets emerging from the pair of wasps' nests that were the sculpture's backside. Neary pointed to the drawings of the roses and the monarch. "Hey is one of these the real McCoy. Is this what Prendergast has on her back?"
  • It was a seagull, exactly like the ones I might see at home. But this wasnt homewasnt like any place Id ever seen. We stood on the battlements of a castle, just as Anna had said. But it wasnt a picturesque castle from a fairytale. It was a working castle with stables and smoke rising from a blacksmiths forge, chickens and pigs and horses, and lots and lots of men sporting various weaponry: swords, axes, bows and arrows. Some milled below me in the courtyard of the castle and others moved purposefully from the keep, through the courtyards, and gatehouses, and back again.
  • After watching some of the trial on TV, she was afraid this is where Messick wanted to take her. But there was nothing she could do. She wasnt going to lie, but she would do everything in her power to minimize the damage that might be done to the AIDS charity work her husband had started before his death.
  • "I'm not sure," he chuckled nervously. "I know I should have already been applying for colleges, but I'm just not interested in earning a degree. I got this job over the summer and I realized that I really like doing hands-on work so much better than studying. My grades this year suck, and I just have a hard time caring. I do well in English, and that's about it. Maybe I'll find a job or go to trade school or something."
  • Mr. Cohen had some decent gym equipment in his basement and we started working out every night. Having two teachers in the house also made me reach more at school and I started to expect more of myself in the classroom. If this was my second chance then I was going to make the most of it.
  • "Im replaceable," Nora says. "Besides, you would do the job for much less money. All you foreigners are willing to work for peanuts." She laughs.
  • She lived in a basement apartment with only one window. We had to leave the bedroom door open while we slept for fear we'd suffocate. She couldn't afford anything else because all she had was some sort of disability pension. She wanted to be an actress but she hadn't worked as anything but an extra in years. Who would hire a woman with only one arm?
  • "Its not as though you can go back to work right now anyway. Ive got several weeks off work, so youll have a driver, and a bodyguardnot that you exactly need one but at least Im another pair of eyes to keep an eye out for trouble."
  • "Andrew! One thing I beg, I entreat of you!" she said, touching his elbow and looking at him with eyes that shone through her tears. "I understand you" (she looked down). "Don't imagine that sorrow is the work of men. Men are His tools." She looked a little above Prince Andrew's head with the confident, accustomed look with which one looks at the place where a familiar portrait hangs. "Sorrow is sent by Him, not by men. Men are His instruments, they are not to blame. If you think someone has wronged you, forget it and forgive! We have no right to punish. And then you will know the happiness of forgiving."
  • "I said that having antibodies to a foreign invader would mean that the immune system was working well and that the T-cells had to be doing their job of killing off the pathogen or the antibody would not have been created in the first place."
  • "Gabriella." Karen sighed. "This is a different facility than the one we work in. You were supposed to be flown to D.C. But now, with the angels . . . alive, they decided to not travel any farther than necessary."
  • Because her father was Dozent, Caelia's family lived in the best quarters in all of Annles-Scientia. Due to the crowding (no one had ever expected so many people to move into the place, after all), space was limited and the rooms of the Chancelar~Emerick family were no larger or nicer than any others. They did have one extra room where her parents often met with people who came for advice or debate, but that was a working room and not living space. The real attraction of their home came from its location. Their rooms were on First Hall, the closest of any living quarters to the Chamber where Caelia's parents and so many others worked.
  • Perhaps because of this pressure from the electorate, Kurdish deputies have begun speaking out in recent weeks against what Erdoğan has been saying. For example, Galip Ensarioğlu, a Diyarbakır deputy and one of the few high-profile Kurdish deputies of the AKP, raised his voice against Erdoğan's decision to remove the parliamentary immunity of 10 BDP deputies. Ensarioğlu said he would vote against his party's decision if such a bill were presented in Parliament. Many other Kurdish deputies of the AKP have privately criticized the AKP decision to work for the removal of the Kurdish BDP deputies' immunity.
  • The 20th century saw the arrival of Modernism, and along with it came the most prominent Portuguese painters: Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, who was heavily influenced by French painters, particularly by the Delaunays. Among his best known works is Canço Popular a Russa e o Figaro. Another great modernist painter/writer was Almada Negreiros, friend to the poet Fernando Pessoa, who painted his (Pessoa's) portrait. He was deeply influenced by both Cubist and Futurist trends. Prominent international figures in visual arts nowadays include painters Vieira da Silva, Julio Pomar, Helena Almeida, Joana Vasconcelos, Julio Sarmento and Paula Rego.
  • Iago protests, "How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees? Thou knowst we work by wit, not by witchcraft!—and wit depends on dilatory time.
  • The hunters and protectors were working in pairs, using a floater to fill in wherever necessary as the flow of the fight dictated. The starting match-ups were as follows: Cal and Emily versus Hartwell; Blake and Sharon versus Belinda; Garrison and Thaddeus versus Maxwell; Nicole and Carla versus Daniel; and Aaron and Kayla versus Maggie, with Andrew serving as the able-bodied floater.
  • He went to answer but before he could, Merial and Jeralyle had worked in front of them, to place before their feet the supplies they gathered. A stack of burlap that went up to his knee, and more twine than he had ever seen, neatly separated into tight rolls. "We can, and we will." Ristalln smiled to Lornya.
  • She continued working on the knot, Legon blissfully unaware of her momentary pause. She should say something to him, but what would she say? He, like everyone else in the family, was at the breaking point today. She would wait until tomorrow, wait and collect her thoughts. After a bit she stopped rubbing his shoulders and sat back down. She was still thinking about the tattoo. If it had been made by magic, then why? And did that mean that there was more to it than just decoration? She never worried that much about her brother. He was tough and could take care of himself, but if he had been marked with magic….
  • At midday they arrived at the lip of a deep chasm, where Bane stopped. Mirra rode up to the edge and looked down, giving a gasp of astonishment and horror. Bones covered the bottom of the gorge, lying in unruly piles, heaped against the rocky sides. The huge bones of dragons lay with human and animal skeletons, the bleached skulls of former adversaries piled together in death. Older bones pushed through the vegetation, grey and crumbling, newer ones gleamed ivory white. A broad swathe down the centre of the chasm had been trampled to grey dust, as whatever creature lurked below traversed to and from its lair. More recent kills lay mouldering, rotten flesh peeling from bones. A few fat crows feasted on them, but they were making slow work of it, and no larger, four-footed scavengers braved the chasm, it seemed.
  • A Saudi law guaranteeing one day off a week and limiting hours worked doesnt apply to housekeepers, according to the group. Employers control a workers immigration status, including when he or she can leave the country.
  • "Why is it that when you come in from working outside, you always smell as sweet as new-mown hay, but when your grandfather comes inside he stinks like he had dead fish in his armpits?" she asked. It wasn't true in either case but it still made him laugh. He moved to the other side of the table and sat down facing her.
  • Van Helsing strode forward, and took her hand, looking her straight in the eyes as she said, 'A brave woman's blood is the best thing on this earth when a man is in trouble. You're a woman and no mistake. Well, the devil may work against us for all she's worth, but God sends us women when we want them.'
  • "What? Then what is it?" Dave heard his voice rising to a squeak, a nervous tic that he had always hated in himself. What was going on here? Was this what a kidnapping was like? It wasnt what hed imagined, but apparently things worked differently in real life than they did in the movies. "Look, I dont have any money. Well, Ive got some, but not much. Maybe a couple of hundred dollars. And Id need to go to a bank machine to get it for you. My wife - Oh shit." Suddenly, he knew what was going on. "This is about Belinda, isnt it? Look, I didnt know that she was ripping off the company, I swear."
  • "Me too," Jon smiled. "I never understood why Crystal likes that kind of stuff, but she does. Some sort of cave woman, I guess. The summer she got out of high school, she spent three months at this outdoor leadership training place in Idaho. Its some sort of an outdoor boot camp to hear her tell about it. Then, the next four summers, she worked as a whitewater raft guide up in Tennessee. We went rafting with her one time, she soaked me down half a dozen times and dumped me out of the raft, as if I wasnt wet enough already. I mean, I knew I was taking my life in my hands to go out on the river with her, and she proved it."
  • Emla had told herself this was all because they had been neglected, had had no true guidance since their creation and subsequent escape into the world. She was forced to admit that that escape should have been seen as suspicious even then. But despite Jeraks occasional discourses on the need for care, caution, and awareness of the dark side of the Balance, Emla had been engrossed in her work to the exclusion of all such warnings. And thus the Linvaks had been given the freedom of her House and Garden and had learned where the Sacred Balance was kept.
  • Lou Graves does not believe in limiting the creative and intellectual capacity of his BlueNation. There are no set hours of operation in the BlueWorld Complex, except for the somewhat rigid manufacturing schedule. People are free to come and go all day and night as long as their work gets done. Although some people initially gravitated toward working during traditional business hours, because they have families and were trained to think that way, within a few months their perception of work was permanently altered.
  • If a film is among the few that have longer-term commercial value, its producers can choose the first path. If it isnt, they lose nothing by taking the second route. The license thus underwrites creative risk-taking without squandering public money on blockbusters. It also ensures that public investment generates public culture -- not works controlled by the studios for the next 95 years.
  • No... No. I still cannot see my son but can feel him shaking his shaggy head vigorously from behind the wall. My father- my own father- doesn't even really know me. But he goes to work every day and he makes his cash and so he thinks, somehow, that that means something. He hasn't done anything in his whole life but work for corporations, or prepare to work for corporations. He would give me a whole rash of shit for pursuing an alternate life path.... but what the hell has he ever done in his life that was worth anything?!
  • Briggs was there in the middle of the crowd. Right beside him was the African-American student whom I had caught cheating as well as Professor Asquith. Shivvy and Michael were also there; they seemed to have worked themselves up into an especially rabid frenzy. I also recognized many of the undergrads who had complained about the grades I had given them on the midterm or the book review. The chair of the honor code committee and several of its members were also there.
  • Jasmin stepped back around behind Dominic as I was watching, and for the first time I got a good idea of how the massively-piled style Jasmine had been working on for the last half hour was going to turn out.
  • My first impression told me that we didnt have much of a chance of convincing them to work with us. They didnt seem the rebellious sort. They looked as if they take their job seriously. As I was studying them, I began to hear random thoughts.
  • Her round shield scintillated with hundreds of tiny crimson and amber gemstones forming ten concentric circles, a geometrical work of art. Ysa's white sword was immaculately symmetrical, made of an inscrutable metal that still had not been re-created anywhere in the world known as Gallea. Bright yellow and white stripes curled around the sword's grip ten times until they met a golden, crystalline pommel.
  • "No, thats not like her at all. If she says shes going to be somewhere or do something, she will. And even if she had to run out and do something, she would leave me a note, or call my phone since they seem to be working again."
  • Maybe Erika would be a stripper, removing with each article of clothing some part of her father that had cut into her, scarring her childhood flesh. Maybe Skye would be a prostitute, assuming any man in her bed was enough to ease the pain. Plus, hookers worked at night, like both of her fathers. As for Nat
  • 1.E.9. If you wish to charge a fee or distribute a Project Gutenberg-tm electronic work or group of works on different terms than are set forth in this agreement, you must obtain permission in writing from both the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and Michael Hart, the owner of the Project Gutenberg-tm trademark. Contact the Foundation as set forth in Section 3 below.
  • The thought nearly shuts me down, so I concentrate on tying my trainers. When the doctor returns I'm all done. It's time to stand up, to look in control. To convince them it was all a misunderstanding. One look at the doctor's face and I know that's not going to work.
  • Later, I fell asleep and dreamed. I kicked off hard from the ground. The cool night air rushed through my hair as the neat square tree line of this forest reminded me so much of Linking Tree. The feeling fell away, shrinking rapidly into a patchwork of dark greens and blacks, and every thought of the Ministry at work inside my head was swept from my mind as though the rush of air had blown it away. I felt as though my heart was going to explode with pleasure; I was flying again, flying away from this place. We were going back home for a few glorious moments; all my problems seemed to recede to nothing, insignificant in the vast, starry sky.
  • Intercorporate Deposit A short-term deposit made by one company with another. The period usually does not exceed six months, and it could be as short as one or a few days. These deposits are essentially "brokered Deposits" given the extensive involvement of brokers. The interest rate is influenced by market forces and is, generally, significantly higher than the banks' lending rate of working CAPITAL.
  • "Well you remember the meeting, I mean of course you remember the meeting, it was such a ridiculous request how could you forget? But now theyve followed up and actually sent us some language they want us to put in the committee report. And its such an absurd request, basically extending the American Service-Members Protection Act to corporations because theyve got some beef with the ICC, Im really embarrassed to even ask you about it. So Ill just email them back and tell them Im real sorry but we cant help them and theyll just have to deal with the ICC themselves. Were not here to do their dirty work and pervert a law intended to protect the troops. So there it iswell phew, Im glad we got that all sorted out," she said gesturing like she was wiping her brow and the conversation was over. David looked at her and crooked his mouth to hide a smile.
  • Tats made a victory sign at the bartender, who responded with two beers. He looked over his bottle neck, reviewing my skinny six-foot-two from bourgeois haircut to golf shirt to jeans to cheapo sneakers. A sneer. "Pits dont work with assholes."
  • The student will gain a thorough understanding of how a pc works, even if you have never seen one before.
  • "Just turn your head a little more to the right, Dorian, like a good boy," said the painter, deep in his work and conscious only that a look had come into the lad's face that he had never seen there before.
  • "When you're gone, Mrs. King will have to let me onto the squad," she said. "You heard her say that I was her second choice. Well, once everyone is finished mourning your death, I'll be her first choice. I figure it will take about a day for everyone to forget you. Or haven't you noticed that memory works a bit different here?"
  • "But you and Ill never see each other. Remember how hard it was to work opposite each other? We became strangers."
  • The governments most productive informant in a broad investigation of Wall Street insider trading, he was also among the first to cooperate. His work led directly to the conviction of 12 people and indirectly to a half-dozen more. His leads helped prosecutors win judicial permission to wiretap the mobile phone of Galleon Group co-founder Raj Rajaratnam, who was later convicted.
  • "No one really knows. The only people who ever leave the island are trained assassins. They leave alone, by boat, to commit their murders and also report information back to the priests. Balborite assassins command a high price because they are all mageborn and highly skilled. They practice death magic, foul magic. They are the most ruthless killers in all of Durn, and they kill without remorse or regret. They simply work for the highest bidder. Even though Balbor is not part of the emperors kingdom, Vosper would be foolish to try and conquer it. Balbor is the island of blackness, a place so full of wickedness that even our greedy emperor does not desire it. He is satisfied to let them be."
  • "Its a little island off the West Coast, between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Its where all the hippies went when the sixties were over. I lived with my friend in her parentshouse, since they were off working in Victoria. There were five of us, and we each had to come up with a hundred bucks a month rent to cover the bills." I laugh. It was such a good deal. I earned that, plus spending money, selling handmade necklaces at the Saturday craft and farmers market.
  • Corry ran a hand lightly along the library wall. The director's office was above this spot. He pressed both hands against the plastered cement blocks. Sometimes he could do the thing he was trying to do, and sometimes he couldn't. Please work today.
  • Unbelievable, how, why, what is actually going on? Where the hell am I? My eyes welled up as I tried to rationalize my latest discovery. Nothing could explain it, but I knew to my core that I was right. The fact that I knew the sun wasn't moving didn't bother me anymore, I had dealt with that. The truth was that the sun was pinned directly over the object I was heading towards. The inherent curiosity I had for that object was now marred by a twinge of the supernatural, the fear that some forces unknown and greater than you can imagine are at work and guiding your fate. Or the even more terrifying notion that your fate is merely the result of a stray ripple, a chance vibration in the pulse of the universe.
  • He gasped into her mouth as he felt her hands on him, feeling their way over his uniform, finding him ready and caressing him through the fabric of his breeches. Pulling her towards him, he lowered his face into her throat, working at the complicated lacing on the back of her dress.
  • Seth allowed for a change of subject momentarily. "We work for the same person. He was probably trying to check up on me, and since I've been around you so much lately, he probably thought he could use you for information about how I'm performing my duties. Probably just a ploy to try to get my job. Believe me though, I will be looking into it." Seth's voice held a hint of retribution.
  • A morning a couple of weeks later, the Major sat in his office in Fort William, Calcutta. For the entire time since the raid on the temple, the last few words of the priest had been working on his mind. He was no longer able to dismiss these words as Hindu religious mumbo-jumbo. Unbeknownst to him, a stark fear - nothing less than a fear of macabre deathhad been taking hold of him, slowly. And when a fearless man starts to sense stark fear, it somehow becomes even starker. As the Major was brooding darkly on the events of the night of the raid, one of the soldiers who had accompanied him that night came in and saluted.
  • "She has a good face, speaks well, and has excellent-good clothes; theres no necessity of further qualities as can make her be refused." Not in the line of work proposed.
  • As he worked on the door wards Tika bespoke Kija. ‘We are at the Chamber of Balance Kija. I will do what must be done.’ She faltered. ‘Care for Farn, as I know you will. I love him dearly Kija.’
  • 'That is impractical, I'm afraid. Besides, it is not set up for casual viewing. You would not, I fear, find a room full of fruit fly an appealing spectacle. And indeed, most of our work is kept securely within computers.'
  • By the time we got back it was past six o'clock and the Boss was looking for us, fretting and wiping his nose with his thumb and forefinger. A group of children stood near the merry-go-round and we had to hurry to get everything started up. The Boss didn't say anything but the look in his eyes was enough. He straggled back to his post; a kind of raffle with numbers and pieces of card and the usual prizes of teddies, table tennis bats, torches. Antonio was already working quietly and Loli'd be about somewhere preparing hot-dogs or more raffle cards. The first kids scrambled onto their favourite vehicles as I eased off the brake, and gradually we picked up speed. I watched them spin round me for a while, and I'm not sure if it was the brandy, or the inevitably impressive sunset, or their open-mouthed enthusiasm, but I felt optimistic; for me or them or something else I couldn't say, but I felt hopeful.
  • Elvallon was away and not expected back until the next day. The storm followed a humid day that sapped even the energetic Lyssan's strength. Sallis had never seen her sweat before. He hadn't realized sylphs could, though a comment that perhaps she didn't usually work hard enough to sweat was ignored.
  • The frizzy-haired kid stopped pushing and stood up straight. He scrolled away on his smart phone. "Hey guys. I just got a lead on Eleni. A friend of mine says he thinks she works at GreenStar."
  • "I guess," said the Creeping Sword. "But I dont care. Im getting rid of it as soon as I can. I dont want to cast spells. I tried it three times and it only worked right once."
  • Ive thought about it a great deal since. Father Joseph and I have talked. Yes, I knew the story of Father John from your fathers lips. To make the vision come true you have to believe, to work miracles you must have faith as well as the Will of God on your side. Henry didnt have that faith; I think he knew it himself. He thought he could clear his doubts by joining with Henry Tudor. You see what happened, Tudor is indeed king and your father dead and gone."
  • Another dreamless night had passed, and I wasnt quite sure what that meant. Did the Sight fade when the one who gave it to you passed? It worried me. Andrew had stayed with me again, and he was a complete gentleman. It was amazing how much my life had changed within a few days. The fleeting thought of going back to work in the Fishbowl was kind of surrealwould I ever go back to the life I once knew?
  • The next day, she stuck close to the group even though she knew she should not. Perhaps curiosity was to blame. Perhaps part of her wanted the option to escape with them when they made their move, even though she still planned to stay. Or perhaps her fondness for the boys she had worked alongside for so many years drove her to foolishly watch over them. Nonetheless, she stayed with them while they carried rocks up and down the motte, whispering discreetly to each other whenever they could, watching all the guards and waiting for their chance to escape.
  • "Our kind never do seem to develop this problem. No. That would not be completely accurate. Actually, it works much like yours, for many, many years we can go, looking just like we did the day we reached manhood, then-- oops!--we are old." He snaps his fingers to accentuate the point, a broad smile on his face.
  • "Not so youd notice. I married into the property and inherited their way of life. From my side it was really a question of efficiency. Believe me, a wage earner works ten times faster and better than a slave. And we were efficient. We sold our products as much to the north as to the south... before the war."
  • Embry was moving to Port Angeles to work for the National Park Service, and Quil was going to start a new job too. Sams pack had made the commitment to stay home and continue to protect La Push. They had a leader who wasnt about to abandon them.
  • The pair tried by squeezing their left fists near the leaf. Again, the blue auras appeared but nothing happened. Obviously for anything that was no longer living, it just didnt work.
  • Omari left Noah to tend to his wounds and took the tools around to the front of the car. Popping the hood, she started inspecting and tweaking things here and there, trying to see what was going on down in there. There was obvious evidence of tampering inside the vehicle, and she choked back more anger. After what seemed like an eternity of pulling and prodding, Omari thought she had solved the problem. She was hot from working inside the warm compartment, and greasy from handling car parts. Mentally crossing her fingers, she turned the key, leaving grease marks on the starter.
  • "And now the unpublished papers of Iskendarian too," finished Roni. "Dont you think these change the story? Look here, and here, and here. Iskendarian studied the same things, Id bet on it. And unless I miss my guess he figured out to do the same stuff were working on."
  • During this period, Wojty?a wrote a series of articles in Krakw's Catholic newspaper Tygodnik Powszechny ("Universal Weekly") dealing with contemporary church issues. He focused on creating original literary work during his first dozen years as a priest. War, life under Communism, and his pastoral responsibilities all fed his poetry and plays. Wojty?a published his work under two pseudonyms - Andrzej Jawie? and Stanis?aw Andrzej Gruda - to distinguish his literary from his religious writings, (under his own name) and also so that his literary works would be considered on their merits. In 1960, Wojty?a published the influential theological book Love and Responsibility, a defence of traditional Church teachings on marriage from a new philosophical standpoint.
  • Maggie thought back to the early days with Thomas Hartwell on the way home. It had been a difficult transition from the death of Gabriel and her miscarriage to life as a fully-functioning woman again. She had thrown herself into work at a bank during the four years between men.
  • Mr. Delisle, of the new America Foundation, however, would like to see student loan debt forgiveness become a tax-free event for everyone, and not just people who have worked as teachers or in public service jobs. "Think about it practically," he said. "You forgive someones loans, then you stick them with a tax bill thats equivalent to making three or five or 10 more years of payment on the loan."Representative Sander M. Levin, Democrat of Michigan, has tried and plans to continue to try to get a law passed that will take away the tax burden, according to his spokesman. The odds of this happening anytime soon, however, are probably pretty low in the current political environment.
  • He quickly eyed the growing number of dark creatures in the distance. Ryson reviewed in his mind what he now knew to be the serps forces. "Only goblins in this area to deal with, but theres a hook hawk, a rock beetle, and at least two shags to worry about as well. Shags shouldnt be too much of a problem, the big one is probably back with Sazar. The hawk just ate and is more a reconnaissance tool than anything else. The beetle could be a danger, just have to keep an eye on the ground so I dont trip. Sazar did me a favor keeping the goblins in this formation. All I have to do is circle the city in expanding rings working outward. Eventually, Ill clear them all out."
  • When I checked something a customer was returning, it was very rare that I was truly trying to narrow down the problem. Most of the time I was checking to see if the device was perfectly fine and the customer was too dumb to work it.
  • "Lets see, the next couple of entries are all from 2009, and all of them pretty much say the same thing. They arent having any luck identifying who the Nohrin are. The first entry from 2010 mentions that the king and queen have granted them an extended leave of absence so that they can then focus all of their energies into their task when they return. Says here that the king is figuring they are working too hard and need to rest."
  • 1.E.1. The following sentence, with active links to, or other immediate access to, the full Project Gutenberg-tm License must appear prominently whenever any copy of a Project Gutenberg-tm work (any work on which the phrase "Project Gutenberg" appears, or with which the phrase "Project Gutenberg" is associated) is accessed, displayed, performed, viewed, copied or distributed:
  • The first god is the great light whom we call Sun, and all other gods live in his shadow and owe him their first being. The Earth is his best work and all the things upon it are his, and no creature may look upon him and keep his sight.
  • Melody was an accepted and liked member of his Geometry classroom, though certainly not one hed call popular: Melodys shyness seemed to intervene against such a possibility. She did her homework or classwork dutifullyand perfectlyand then would get to work either on his projects and planning or dive in on the special proof hed handed her. Conor tried to reserve time each day to precisely this latter end. But the girl staring intently down at the single sheet of notebook paper on her desktop, her hands clasped in her lap, was clearly showing signs of hopeless frustration mixed with sagging burnout. But, amazingly, each school day for the past twelve weeks, and without fail, and without a single word of complaint, shed try againand againand again
  • Midtown Group's president, Helen Stefan Moreau, said lately she has seen a drop in temp assignments from the government for people with only high-school diplomas. Most of the temp orders require college degrees or better, with commensurate pay. She has even hired scientists for temp work on special projects.
  • He knew that some workers did sometimes pass through the gates, individuals from a certain cadre who did not mix with the other working men. These labourers were a gruff lot and always kept themselves to themselves, and spoke French with a strong accent which suggested that it was not their mother tongue. Jean-Luc thought he recognised some of these individuals amongst the porters who scurried urgently to and fro, although his hiding place was sufficiently far away that he could not be sure.
  • There had never been the desire or time, not with the work so consuming. Not as bodies dropped like flies, Marthe with a plethora of nieces and nephews. Most of her siblings, save Frank and Annie, had reproduced, but Marthe wasnt a traditional Catholic daughter. Kell hadnt been the standard Catholic son, yet reading his latest book she found their upbringings as well as her work within the pages; notions of guilt, absolution, horror, and custom. His were Dutch, hers a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese, Kells Midwestern background also in evidence. Some characters spoke in a Wisconsin dialect and Marthe stifled giggles, imagining voices so distinctive, much like that of the author before hed lost his accent.
  • They finished their coffee, and Francesca went around checking to make sure that all the doors were locked before they left again for the truck. The roads were surprisingly clear, despite the lack of functioning stoplights. Omari had a feeling it would be worse later on in the day when everyone was trying to get home from work again. Things sped up even more when they reached the heart of the city where fortunately the power had already been restored, and all of the traffic lights were functioning.
  • "Hold it right there!" said Max. "Youre talking like the issues already been decided. What happened to the fighting spirit? Who says Ronis goo cant be contained? The thing to do is get out there and do something about it, not stand around discussing hypotheticals. And who says Arznaaks worked some permanent change either? Even if the systems been damaged Im sure something can be patched back together. One thing that sure hasnt changed - youre a god, and youre trying to exert your domination over the rest of us the way you gods always have. Change - hah!"
  • "I can't very well tend horses in a dress, can I? Wait until I change!" Ramn returned momentarily and slumped into a chair at the table, his obligation overridden by hunger. "Why must I work so hard to be a girl?" he asked, as he helped himself to a tortilla laden with sauce.
  • Ive never been a big fan of adultery, but I can marginally understand it if a marriage isnt working and a person is starving for romance. But sleeping with whores at a bachelor party makes absolutely no sense to me! It makes even less sense if you are a man who is about to be married! If youre a man or a woman looking for a last fling before getting married, then you should probably put the car in reverse and remain single. Marriage is all about pure commitment, not seeing what the other person will let you get away with! I had always had difficulty seeing eye-to-eye with Sam, but this had taken it to an all-time disjointed level. I was so upset that I was debated skipping his wedding the following week.
  • When Mother Peg had scanned all of her notes for that night, she closed the precious Journal and set it carefully on a shelf Rafe had built for her behind one of the beams in the stable. She had decided to keep her current Healing Journal as well as the Project Journal well away from the Princess' eyes and came to the stable when she wanted to work on them.
  • 'It works the same like co-ordinates on Earth. Longitude and latitude, together they give an exact fixed position.' Rose explained to Mickey. He'd got the idea alright, but he still didn't quite see how the telephone number would lead to this. He didn't bother to ask any more.
  • Joe looked outside. "Yes, its beautiful when youre inside looking out, but when you have to work outside in it, suddenly it isnt so nice."
  • Immediately the two started yelling again. As the endless arguing raged, Myranda's mind was working quickly. There had to be some sort of solution. Slowly an idea revealed itself. It was not a perfect one, but time allowed for little else.
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