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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

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  • She acknowledged and made reference to the fact that there were truths to the stereotypes, but that the stereotypes did not apply to everyone. These incorrect stereotypes of men being oppressive and violent, women being submissive and abused, and all Muslims being fundamentalists are incorrectly applied to the majority when in reality this applies to a small minority. Readers of this work will finish this book with a new perspective on Islam and that of Middle Eastern culture.
  • At Lancaster Gate he bade Doncaster farewell, came again into his study, and stood still to look round it. His charge was at an end, and for all he could tell there were still before him years of life. Something must be done, and instinctively he looked at the MS. of the Survey of Organic Law which had laid so long neglected, then he walked over and picked it up. The type-written sheets bore in places his own alterations and in places hers. There were sheets of annotations she had typed and sheets of references in her writing. Lord Arglay looked at them, and for a moment it seemed to him an offensive thing that another handwriting should be mixed with theirs. Yet after a moment he smiled: to accept such a ruling would indeed be to go against the whole nature of the Stone and the work they had done together. For here was this lesser work, and if it were worth doing--as it might be--and if without someone to supply necessary detail it would probably not be done--was not this also as much in the nature of organic law as the operation of the Stone?...
  • But she knew next to nothing about hacking or hackers, and who had time, or interest, or even access to such information to check it out? So she'd worked on, trusting that this imp was a mild-mannered, friendly being, who apparently liked doing good deeds in unusual ways via the computer. Occasionally, she'd feel a niggling sense of concern over what was happening. But not often.
  • We decided that it was best that no one else know about Ammons wardcarving abilities, so we waited until after everyone else had gone to bed to start fixing the bad wards dad had carved into our house. Since outright replacing the banisters and cabinets would be obvious, Ammon worked really hard on making just enough changes to the existing wards so they became neutralized. He was tempted to try and change them into something good, but he wasnt sure enough of his capabilities to actually go for it. It took several hours each night he was there of sanding on my part and carving on his part to get it done, and even then we rushed through the last night he was there to make sure we got everything.
  • "No. Forget it," I tell him, but I dont know what else to say. I dont know how to explain that its more than that, so much more. I cant articulate that Im beginning to realize that theres something wrong here. Its subtle, but its there. And Im starting to understand that the problem is much bigger than Ive thought before. Ive been searching for something, working toward something, for years. But what is it that Ive been trying to access? Not greed or selfishness. Not ignorance or apathy. I want to walk away from that, not toward it.
  • For Cohen's managers, calls on Sunday afternoons are nothing unusual, and are in fact a regular part of the job. The work week at SAC generally begins then with rigorous grillings from Cohen about managers' "best ideas" and strongest convictions on stocks and other securities.
  • 1. to reproduce the Work, to incorporate the work into one or more Collective Works, and to reproduce the work as incorporated in the Collective Works;
  • The paramedic looked in my eyes, "You mean Max Meyer that works with us?" I nodded quickly and he answered, "Hold on." I waited a couple minutes. I could see the paramedic was talking on a handheld radio, but I couldnt hear what he was saying. He walked back over to the car and told me, "Max is working tonight. Whats your name?"
  • "Demon is working on becoming powerful, that is why some Elders want to kill me. They think that since I have magic, I am bad. They are scared of me."
  • I'd only been moving for about a minute before another howl sent chills running down my spine. It sounded like a different wolf, and it was closer than the first one. I tried to run faster, but all that time studiously avoiding exercise was working against me. I topped a slight rise and then tripped as the ground wasn't where I expected it to be.
  • He thought of the arrangement that had been worked out. Jadar was to be kept in Burhanpur for another three weeks, delayed by any means possible. By then Malik Ambar would have the city surrounded, all access cut off. The Imperial troops would be isolated and demoralized. No troops would be forthcoming from the mansabdars. Only promises of troops. Cut off from Agra and provisions, Jadar would have no choice but to sign a treaty. The paper had already been prepared. Malik Ambar would rule the Deccan from his new capital at Ahmadnagar, and Ghulam Adl would be appointed governor of all provinces north from Ahmadnagar to the Narbada River. With their combined troops holding the borders, no Moghul army could ever again challenge the Deccan. Ghulam Adl knew the mansabdars would support
  • "I try to live according to the insights of Sufism, a mystical movement within the Islam. I also publish works in my mother tongue."
  • LeeAnn plodded back to the house, her spirits at low tide. She didn't care for Brixby, didn't enjoy working with someone's stomach contents, didn't appreciate the way the Major treated peoplenot only Brixby but the way he'd pushed Edith around. She guessed part of what theyd said to each other, and had read Edith's body language. Maybe, she thought, hard times brought out the worst in Swanns type.
  • Gently, he pushed on the top of the window and was grateful to see that the bottom swung easily outward. Teetering on the wobbly trashcans, he gradually worked himself under the protruding window and in through the opening. He followed the sound of voices to an office in the front of the building. The people inside must have felt secure about any intrusion because they had left the inner door of the office open.
  • "How dare I?" Uri'el counters, he too standing, facing Leon with a righteous fury. "You are the one who delivers those letters, you are the one doing Cain's work, knowing full well what each of those letters contain! This little 'festival of victory' your father has stirred up is the work of the last one you so easily delivered. Do you even know how many died in Cain's siege?"
  • Sarah was shocked as well. She hadnt expected it to work that easily and that quickly. The stone had literally vanished from her hand only to appear moments later in Steves! That was a serious thrill! What else could she experiment on? She cast her gaze around their makeshift campsite, looking for suitable objects. There, a small stick on the ground. Sarahs brow furrowed as she ordered the stick to move over next to the hearth. However, it remained in place. Confused, she again ordered the stick to move. Again, the stick refused to cooperate. Whats wrong? Why isnt it working? Wait, did she really have an exact location in mind when she ordered the stick to move? She looked over to the hearth and chose a spot next to Steves collection of firewood. There will do.
  • 1.E.8. You may charge a reasonable fee for copies of or providing access to or distributing Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works provided that
  • Of course, people don't like to believe that the world is random, even when it comes to Powerball. Even in a random draw, we try to infer rules. How many kids are skipping class to sit in their dorm room working on the next Facebook after viewing The Social Network? And how many people are skipping college to follow the examples of Steve Jobs or Peter Thiel?
  • Susan squeezed her long fingernails into Bens shoulder. He ignored her. ‘None of you guys will work on that platform again without at least 2 armed, uniformed guards, standing by.’
  • "Ill head for the nearest fire escape, call you immediately and beg you to come a runnin’. Now go to work youre almost late," I reminded him.
  • "Ridiculous! My contacts tell me that it was very professionally executed. Certainly not the work of a first-timer. Theres no need to be modest, Mr Rosewater. My organisation needs your skills, and we are willing to pay generously for them. And you can see that if you choose not to work with us, we can make your life quite uncomfortable. Given those facts, I would have thought that the decision was obvious."
  • "Yeah, but they don't know Mary. I'll have Lance arrange some backup, just in case. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how they react to the frontal approach. The let'em look around strategy didn't work too well."
  • Vladimir was close kin to the parlor prestidigitator who manipulated his tricks of coin and card and box not through mystical power but through skill of hand, or by their mere operation as appliances. Both could work the hidden mechanisms cunningly wrought by others, but neither was heir to the secrets of the universe, or even to the curiosity to seek them out; they were wielders of the tools crafted by their betters.
  • By the autumn the animals were tired but happy. They had had a hard year, and after the sale of part of the hay and corn, the stores of food for the winter were none too plentiful, but the windmill compensated for everything. It was almost half built now. After the harvest there was a stretch of clear dry weather, and the animals toiled harder than ever, thinking it well worth while to plod to and fro all day with blocks of stone if by doing so they could raise the walls another foot. Boxer would even come out at nights and work for an hour or two on his own by the light of the harvest moon. In their spare moments the animals would walk round and round the half-finished mill, admiring the strength and perpendicularity of its walls and marvelling that they should ever have been able to build anything so imposing. Only old Benjamin refused to grow enthusiastic about the windmill, though, as usual, he would utter nothing beyond the cryptic remark that donkeys live a long time.
  • I didn't want to see the mess my water had made of his shirt, so I started at the top and worked my way down. I'd seen better hair in a couple of fashion magazines, but not very many. Casually windswept, straight blond hair had become iconic sometime in the last few years, and this boy either spent an hour on his hair each morning, or the wind in Utah was kinder and gentler than the wind in Minnesota. Kinder, and currently working on its cosmetology license.
  • Performance Royalties Under Blanket Licenses. Licensor waives the exclusive right to collect, whether individually or, in the event that Licensor is a member of a performance rights society (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), via that society, royalties for the public performance or public digital performance (e.g. webcast) of the Work.
  • The cup I poured the stiff black coffee into was white, a voodoo doll silhouetted on it with the words "Even if the marriage wasn't magic, the divorce can be" emblazoned below it. A client had given it to me for Christmas and I got such a kick out of it I used it for an instant pick-me-up whenever I felt stressed or annoyed. It usually worked.
  • "Not those sort of feelings," she clarified. "Understand that the power I work with, the control I have over it, is instinctive. I need to be in tune with my feelings because each emotion is a different state of energy that affects my abilities. I must be disciplined."
  • Dalla interrupted Kea. "Pupils have the most unusual life. Youre free from your head-of-household junk, but you arent working either. Youre in between, and youre free to do anything. Some people cant handle it and drop out. But the whole thing creates this atmosphere where everybodys doing something sideways."
  • "Desserts and coffee work as well," Brad stated. "The key is to keep the table as clear as possible for papers and on-line stock evaluation. A lack of room has been the biggest complaint by customers."
  • I wanted to ask what a Chupacabra was but we were entering the building and there was more security at the door. The guards were working in pairs. One of each pair stood idly by, watching the people entering. Since all the guards' faces had the same bored look I took it to mean that they were really watching everyone closely. The second of each pair was holding a wooden stick in their hand, about the size of a drumstick (music not chicken) and waving it over each person's body as they entered. All of the guards were wearing black cargo pants, boots, and black shirts that read "SuperCon Security" across the front and back.
  • "For three weeks I worked in the warehouse of Henry Dubineau, the largest importer of French and Italian wines to England. He also owns a chunk of the East India Company and some French stocks in a company that wants to build a canal somewhere..."
  • Now, if it is agreeable, Yash and Gan and I will work here with Mim for a while. You go with Iska and Kemti to the library. Tomorrow, perhaps, we will change around.’
  • "Laura, today both sides gave their opening statements to the jury. Benjamin Messick, attorney for the plaintiffs, took almost three hours to tell the jury he would prove that Dr. Robert Gallo, who worked for the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services wrongfully declared the virus called HIV as the cause of AIDS at a press conference in 1984. Further, Mr. Messick contends that the FDA improperly approved the drug AZT for the treatment of AIDS, and that the drug company called Burroughs Wellcome, now called GlaxoSmithKline, produced and distributed AZT to some 300,000 people who shouldn't have taken it. But the first surprise, according to Mr. Messick, is his contention that it was the AZT that actually caused AIDS in these victims, who later died, and says he will prove that they developed AIDS only because they took the AZT and not from the HIV."
  • "There was this gook bartender the Sarge hired to help out on busy nights working here. Damn good looking too. But anyway, she held out on everyone. Wouldnt even take money for it. So the first day after I took over I told her the Sarge was gone for good and if she wanted to stay on shed have to put out. She looked like she would have liked to scratch my eyes out! She hasnt been back since. She really had a temper that one. Funny people these Vietnamese, you never know what to expect!"
  • Gwen began to fall out of the sky. I flew as quickly as I could to come to her rescue. She was pale in the face. I could tell that she was spent from her hard work.
  • Ive worked in lots of corporations and companies in my time Mr. Du and Ive formed an opinion about most risk managers generally. Would you like me to share that opinion with you?’
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  • It was during one of these scouting trips in the early summer of 1634 that he had seen Robbie at work and was impressed by the strength and stamina of the young lad. William Clayton had seen the potential of the boy and a boy of his age would be indented to his master until the age of twenty-one, giving Francis Tyler nine years of service, rather than the standard term of five or seven years. And Clayton also knew that Tyler was a man without sons and this saddened the man considerably. Clayton had a strong feeling this boy could be a substitute. So when Robbie approached him at the fair, even though he looked oddly ill and distressed that day, wearing ragged breeches and threadbare shirt and accompanied by a younger brother who was equally as ill and distressed and similarly clothed, Clayton decided to take the risk, knowing that if he displeased his employer, he would be the one who would suffer the consequences. The boys, he knew, would be spared any harshness for Mr. Tyler was a kind and fair masterand a gentleman.
  • Spring and Skye stepped from Summers room. Theyd been lying on the big bed, talking of rutabagas and other vegetables. "Im hungry. John gets off work at six, but yeah, lets have some grub now."
  • In the end, they compromised. Denny went down to the local "Off Binns" and got beer, and they ordered a pizza. They let Slammer out to join them, Denny felt sorry for him, and Tamar thought there might be a slim chance that he would be some use with the clue (after all Hank had worked out the jar) but he was not.
  • As Caislyn worked on making herself presentable for a rave she thought about inviting a couple of her friends along with her as back up. Then she reminded herself that she hadn't really talked to any of them in a few months. Since her parents had gone missing, she had pretty much alienated all of her old friends. It wasn't so bad at first, they were all willing to lend a hand trying to find them, but after six months everyone lost steam and a few months later people stopped returning Caislyn's calls. Caislyn understood, even if she didn't like that everyone was giving up on her family.
  • The first "stringless" bean was bred in 1894 by Calvin Keeney, called the "father of the stringless bean", while working in Le Roy, New York.
  • Im joking, of course. Its no use being serious. She wouldnt give up what she has. Shes worked hard and this is her payoff: a secure, respected job. She doesnt understand me, and I just have to leave it at that. I know shes feeling sorry for me, and thats okay, because Im feeling sorry for her, too.
  • After 1870, European conflict was averted largely through a carefully planned network of treaties between the German Empire and the remainder of Europe orchestrated by Bismarck. He especially worked to hold Russia at Germany's side to avoid a two-front war with France and Russia. When Wilhelm II ascended to the throne as German Emperor (Kaiser), Bismarck was compelled to retire and his system of alliances was gradually de-emphasised. For example, the Kaiser refused to renew the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia in 1890. Two years later, the Franco-Russian Alliance was signed to counteract the force of the Triple Alliance. In 1904, the United Kingdom signed a series of agreements with France, the Entente Cordiale, and in 1907, the United Kingdom and Russia signed the Anglo-Russian Convention. While these agreements did not formally ally the United Kingdom with France or Russia, they made British entry into any future conflict involving France or Russia probable, and the system of interlocking bilateral agreements became known as the Triple Entente.
  • "Or are they in diet spare?—free from gross passion of either mirth or anger; constant in spirit, not swerving with the blood; garnished and decked in modest complement; not working with the ear without the eye, and in purged judgment trusting neither simply. Such and so firmly bolted didst thou seem!
  • "Those devices you took, there was an algorithm in them we had to run to destroy it. We did it last night. We don't know how that works either."
  • I looked in desperation for a remote. Not seeing one, I stepped over to the TV and turned down the sound. The moment I did so, he leapt into the air and released a short squeal. I turned to him and signed that the music was too loud – ‘Too loud,’ I said, distinctly mouthing it for him. He was too busy patting his chest, to get his heart under control, to notice. He squealed and made incomprehensible noises, word-like. I shook my head, meaningnoor somethingI dont even think I was trying to say anythingI left the room. That is, I waved my hands up and down, as if patting a pillow, which was meant to sooth and reassure him, and then I tapped my ear, which was meant to make him think that he was a bastard who played his musicat three in the fucking morning! Then I went back into the safeness of my own bedroom, locking the door, feeling exhilarated and unable to sleep. Good work me, I thought, in the relative silence, only vague murmurs of a TV and the broom of vehicles up and down the avenue.
  • While I waited for the 7-11 girl, whose name I didnt know, I marveled at how the direct approach had actually worked. I even sent a text message to Sawyer telling him all about it. He replied back that he was proud of me but I shouldnt expect it to work ever again. He was probably just getting home from some girls house.
  • I nearly shit myself when the old guys hand grabbed you around the throat.’ Derek put both his hands in the air. ‘I didnt know you were going to work it that way.’
  • "Sculpture." He envisioned the sculpture of a naked Monnie with a whisky bottle and shot glass at her feet, her right hand pointing down to emphasize her caustic suggestion that 'Maybe you should stay Mrs. Ledge.' Bulbous sagging breasts, heavy belly, hips barely showing from the square of her body, a bush on the mound between her big soft thighs.' He would call the work 'The Other Woman.' He wondered what the sculpture would tell him about Monnie?
  • She worked as a school secretary, Board of Ed job, not much money but good bennies and home early enough to get dinner on the table though usually she wound up taking on freelance bookkeeping, doing the neighbors taxes and whatever else to get by.
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  • For those technical readers interested in computers, the insect world didnt have laptops. However FONY had developed small computers that sat neatly in the gap between an insects thorax and abdomen. In the insect world these had become loosely termed asgaptops’. Louie had one of these and often took work home at night if the pressure was on.
  • "That was the intent, yes, though it didn't work as well as your necklace would have. Her bracelet was specifically made for her, which is why you became sick after she put it on you. It brought balance, but not the right kind of balance, and with you on a rampage it would have been like... well, like forcing you to swim in a race after you had been training for tennis for a year. Your body doesn't have the right memory for it, so it was rebelling against the new situation."
  • Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence to support the assertion that the blue laws were originally printed on blue paper. Rather, the word blue was used in the 17th century as a disparaging reference to rigid moral codes and those who observed them, particularly in blue-stocking, a reference to Oliver Cromwell's supporters in the parliament of 1653. Moreover, although Reverend Peters claimed that the term blue law was originally used by Puritan colonists, his work has since been found to be unreliable. In any event, Peters never asserted that the blue laws were originally printed on blue paper, and this has come to be regarded as an example of false etymology. Another version is that the laws were first bound in books with blue covers.
  • "Thank you sir...ma'am. This will make it possible to keep the good work going on, despite heavy resistance by the bureaucracy. Bless you both."
  • The family rooms had been stripped bare as well. The furniture had departed and the space where the her majestys work table stood was now empty. The brass telescope and its tripod were absent. Alix wandered into her own bed chamber to find that all her clothes and belongings had been carried off and even her bed had been stolen from her.
  • Mom's face was nearly as surprised as the time Dad had come home from work and announced he'd just taken the next two days off and we were going up to St. Cloud for a vacation starting in twenty minutes. I wasn't sure who'd called, or what exactly they were after, but it was looking like she was going to have a really good story to tell when she managed to get off of the phone.
  • After a serious and passionate workout from the both of them Connor laid on his back as Sarah cuddled up beside him. "I promised I would work on it later." She looked up at him with a coy smile which he returned. She didnt sound the least bit tired and neither did he. It was great to be a Balancer. "Now will you tell me what you were planning?"
  • Next morning Mr Dashwoods secretary came very meekly and asked if I would kindly be pleased to call upon his master. I said I would come when I had finished the work I was doing, and made a point of mixing medicines and preparing a syrup before I went with him. I was sure that Mr Dashwood was the sort of man who would respect me the more for keeping him waiting, even if it also made him angry.
  • "I am. Well hes at work now, and I was going to go home, but before I face my parents, I was wondering about that guy you arrested."
  • As I began working and losing my dependence on Aunt Mae, I started to save for college, there were also the savings that my parents had put away for my education. Soon, I would be there at college, business school to be more precise. I wanted more out of life as an adult. I wanted the best things that life had to offer, the finest clothing, the fanciest cars, food, wine, entertainment and of course, the perfect woman. I worked two jobs to put myself through college, never once wavering in my quest for a better life than that of my happy parents.
  • Christos Tsitskos, his 43-year-old son, lives with his father. Christos owned a small fur business before closing it in the crisis. He now works at another company manufacturing pelts, earning 5 euros an hour. There are no buyers, he said.
  • More often, racism was part of the accepted daily routine that Americans seldom thought about. The Vietnamese undoubtedly felt it as they lined up outside the camp gate to be searched before starting work each morning. The M.P.’s would run their hands down the bodies of young girls and slap the bony chest of the old people and hurry them through. In the evening they were checked again to make sure they took nothing with them. The Vietnamese could not object if they didnt want to work at the base, there were dozens of others waiting to take their place. But one had only to look at their downcast eyes and listen to their silence to realize their hatred. Of those few officers who were in a position to do anything about it, no one seemed to notice. Perhaps they could have done nothing if they had noticed. Officers only achieved promotions by getting along. No one would get very far by not accepting the status quo of his or her fellows.
  • As the New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte pointed out, the only impact the treaty would have on Americans would be to make it easier for disabled people to live and work in other countries. Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which was signed by Republican President George H. W. Bush, said Dole had come to the chamber because "he wants to know that other countries will come to treat the disabled as we do."
  • Sallis glanced at the sylph, and wondered what was different about her. She wore a gray work smock and a brown leather collar - Lyssan was the only sylph he had ever seen without a collar - and held herself in the servile stance common to all domestic sylphs. Then he saw the difference: a glance at her earpoints showed a wisp of silvery hair growing from the tip.
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  • "I have to be going. Important bourgeois work to get to and all." She stood up and threw a wad of cash down on the table. "You will at least take the time to see all the work I had done in your house, wont you? Even you arent that ungrateful, Omari."
  • 'Because it is a part of the terrible story, a part of poor Lucas's death and all that led to it. Because in the struggle which we have before us to rid the earth of this terrible monster we must have all the knowledge and all the help which we can get. I think that the cylinders which you gave me contained more than you intended me to know. But I can see that there are in your record many lights to this dark mystery. You will let me help, will you not? I know all up to a certain point, and I see already, though your diary only took me to 7 September, how poor Lucas was beset, and how his terrible doom was being wrought out. Joanna and I have been working day and night since Professor Van Helsing saw us. She is gone to Whitby to get more information, and she will be here tomorrow to help us. We need have no secrets amongst us. working together and with absolute trust, we can surely be stronger than if some of us were in the dark.'
  • Thurston was muttering into his stubble. "Sumbitches done me once too often." He looked behind him, worked the levers, and the purposely shaky camera backed away. "Show ever guddam one a them." Forward again to a bumpy stop. He yanked a lever viciously, then pretended to watch the off-screen scoop lifting. Thursty cackled maniacally.
  • Jorden couldn't fix the accordion-like instrument. When he finally worked out how to open the case, it came apart all too easily, and a conglomeration of internal organs spilled out onto the surface of the table that Jorden was currently working above. Jorden was briefly worried about that, but then the thing hadn't worked in years and he could hardly be expected to fix everything.
  • "That was good of you back there," he added. "To catch that. Maybe after you're done with your current scheme, we could work together. You can get me posing gigs. I'll be pretty and you can be..."
  • Omari left Noah to tend to his wounds and took the tools around to the front of the car. Popping the hood, she started inspecting and tweaking things here and there, trying to see what was going on down in there. There was obvious evidence of tampering inside the vehicle, and she choked back more anger. After what seemed like an eternity of pulling and prodding, Omari thought she had solved the problem. She was hot from working inside the warm compartment, and greasy from handling car parts. Mentally crossing her fingers, she turned the key, leaving grease marks on the starter.
  • Harrington wasnt ashamed at all. "Shes a trouble maker, Major! And you know shes working with the Israelis."
  • I emailed Kylie from work as soon as I got in the next day. Curious about her reactions to what Daniel had written, but respectful of her time. We were both at work, after all. (Had she been tempted, as I had, to call last night? And then been respectful of my time, ie that I was home with my husband who wasnt exactly on board with any of this?)
  • Mirie didnt like being herded. She feinted left and moved to her right. One of her arms shifted inside her jacket and in the next second a ten inch blade appeared in her hand. It glowed with a dim violet light that was equal to the color of her eyes. It was her only protection and one she wouldnt use lightly. It was a distinctive weapon that had been created with her blood and tears by a Master Warlock who worked for the Committee. Mirie had worked on her immediate boss, Nehemiah, for weeks in order to get him to agree to the blade. It had been worth the effort; the weapon hadnt let her down yet.
  • The next afternoon, when he'd finally talked himself out of believing that the king slayer's eyes had moved, the ancient servant woman who'd been bringing him his meals appeared to gather his laundry for wash. He told her that he thought he was ready to return to his duty as the kingdom's jester. He explained that since the painting was now complete, he could get back to work without being distracted. The kindly woman didn't have the heart to tell him that his old job was filled, and that there was no room for his joyous humor in a kingdom busy gearing up for war. Instead, she told him that she'd take him to see the new king on the morrow. He could learn on his own of the terrible state the new king and his jester had the kingdom in. She wasn't even sure the new king would see him. He certainly hadn't sent the old fool to this vacant wing to live. She, and a few others, had done that out of love for him. For all she knew, the new king might think him dead, or in the dungeon, or even long gone from the palace. He probably didn't think of the old fool at all.
  • Agriculture accounts for 35% of GDP, industry for 19% and services for the remaining 46%. Malawi has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world, although economic growth was estimated at 9.7% in 2008 and strong growth is predicted by the International Monetary Fund for 2009. The poverty rate in Malawi is decreasing through the work of the government and supporting organizations, with people living under the poverty line decreasing from 54% in 1990 to 40% in 2006, and the percentage of "ultra-poor" decreasing from 24% in 1990 to 15% in 2007.
  • "The moon works in much the same way the arrow does, only it moves at such a great speed that it never touches the ground."
  • "Lots of healers turn to sorcery," said Elvallon. "For the purest of reasons. They want to heal, they want to make people better and ease their suffering. So often, their herbs do not work and their remedies are ineffective. Then they learn of another way, of miracle cures that do work. They learn the true cost of their knowledge and the price they must pay only when it is too late."
  • 28 October.--When the telegram came announcing the arrival in Galatz I do not think it was such a shock to any of us as might have been expected. True, we did not know whence, or how, or when, the bolt would come. But I think we all expected that something strange would happen. The day of arrival at Varna made us individually satisfied that things would not be just as we had expected. We only waited to learn where the change would occur. None the less, however, it was a surprise. I suppose that nature works on such a hopeful basis that we believe against ourselves that things will be as they ought to be, not as we should know that they will be. Transcendentalism is a beacon to the angels, even if it be a will-o'-the-wisp to woman. Van Helsing raised her hand over her head for a moment, as though in remonstrance with the Almighty. But she said not a word, and in a few seconds stood up with her face sternly set.
  • He remembered how Julie used to nag him to exercise and keep fit and it had always seemed so hard, such an uphill effort, but now, he reflected, since meeting Elodie, hed found new motivation, and even started to enjoy his sweat-soaked, after work games of squash with Martin.
  • "What are you doing," Max said, "trying on your old persona? All that Peridol stuff never worked for you. Youre too odd."
  • Before Omari could reply, Francesca had already thrown her shoulder against the heavy looking door. But the door itself held; it was the frame around the door that shattered, and let the door, hinges intact, fall to the ground. Francesca dusted her hands off. "See? Toldja it would work again?"
  • "I dont think Ive seen you out of uniform in over a year," Suzana said to Strader. She tried to make her tone light, but it didnt exactly work when she was gasping heavily and gritting her teeth between each word.
  • "Oh, well, all right. I wish you a pleasant return journey, Doctor. And Im sure we will see each other again," and she presented him with a generous payment for the work yet to be done. She said goodbye to him with a seductive wink. Michel had barely sat down in the carriage when he suddenly felt pain everywhere in his body. It felt as though all of his joints were on fire.
  • The Duke gave his patronage until the fateful rebellion and even after that young Adam had work from Lady Katherine. In these later days there was less repairing of arms and armour, Adam turned his hand to all sorts of smithing. Watching Adam at work was always part of Edwards visits to Stafford, a pleasure and a treat. Adam was more than a tenant, not quite a servant, he enjoyed his special relationship: indulging Edward as he had been indulged by the Duke in years gone by.
  • "See?" said the Lion, between pants. The reason he was panting had a lot to do with the fact that they had just been chased headlong down several twisted streets, only managing to elude their pursuers by seizing a quick route to the nearest rooftop after rounding the latest corner. Even the Lion had decided against making a stand to fight them all single-handed after the fellow with the crossbow had appeared, although theyd surely hear his complaints about their poor supporting work later.
  • As has been indicated above, the ground for the novel had been laid by journalism. It had also been laid by drama and by satire. Long prose satires like Swift's Gulliver's Travels (1726) had a central character who goes through adventures and may (or may not) learn lessons. In fact, satires and philosophical works like Thomas More's Utopia (1516), Rabelais's Gargantua and Pantagruel (153264), and even Erasmus's In Praise of Folly (1511) had established long fictions subservient to a philosophical purpose. However, the most important single satirical source for the writing of novels came from Cervantes's Don Quixote (1605, 1615), which had been quickly translated from Spanish into other European languages including English. It would never go out of print, and the Augustan age saw many free translations in varying styles, by journalists (Ned Ward, 1700 and Peter Motteux, 1712) as well as novelists (Tobias Smollett, 1755). In general, one can see these three axes, drama, journalism, and satire, as blending in and giving rise to three different types of novel.
  • During that year the wars drew many recruits, and there were fewer knights passing by on the road to Faerie. Elaine worked steadily on her weaving, using threads of every color she could find to produce a vibrant, shapeless web that could never become a wearable garment. The cook despaired of her.
  • "...to destroy the invader and also any cells in the body which are presently infected by the outside organism. Then the immune system goes to work to produce antibodiesnewspecial agentsspecifically designed to fight any future invasion by this same intruder. This is the basic theory behind the smallpox vaccine, or any other vaccine."
  • "Here she is." Raven pushed Maeve in front of him. "I hope youre happy. Ive had to work extra hard to bring you this pretty little thing."
  • They began working at dawn the next morning. Baker had assembled his officers in the great cabin in order to discuss the operation. They were standing around the table on which lay a chart of the southern archipelago. Anna was sitting on the aft bench, listening to the discussion, a faint smile on her mouth.
  • I think about you so far away, but I want you [blur] [blur] [blur] God is with you always. Have you had a chance there to go to church? You know that many Americans are doing good evangelical work there? Have you see any [blur] [blur] work of the [blur]?
  • Dr. Bev was in an appointment when they arrived. She saw them as soon as the appointment was over. She talked with Mia, then with Lori. She told Lori she suspected schizophrenia, but it was a little early to know for sure, and that she would like to conduct a few tests. She said that if it was schizophrenia, there were a host of excellent medications available. That boosted Lori's attitude a little. She then learned that the condition might be life long, would likely get much worse, and would require medications for life. This slung her hopes in the other direction. Dr. Bev also telephoned her friend, the counselor at the high school, with whom she'd worked with for quite a few years. She then spoke with Mia and Lori.
  • Horst Wagner, deputy investigator and protection officer for the International Criminal Court did not look the part. Lanky with close cropped hair, he seemed mostly elbows and knees. But he was tough in a sinewy kind of way and after three years in the German police force, felt proved and ready for a new challenge. His current position required less physicalness and more ability at working phones. A desk job was new to him but he was adept. In his office on the third floor of the Courts administrative building, with the one long rectangular window, he cradled the phone between his chin and shoulder waiting word on his last witness gone missing. The Belgian officer on the other end of the phone was describing the scene of the last known residence and it did not appear good. The house was vacated, the door left open, furniture turned over, personal papers ransacked, and most telling a thick smear of blood from the living area out the front door.
  • "My dear Holmes," said I, "this is too much. You would certainly have been burned, had you lived a few centuries ago. It is true that I had a country walk on Thursday and came home in a dreadful mess, but as I have changed my clothes I can't imagine how you deduce it. As to Mary Jane, she is incorrigible, and my wife has given her notice, but there, again, I fail to see how you work it out."
  • "In a few hours. Listen, lass, I cannot be answering questions all day. You'll be occupying my time for months, so I'd like to get a wee bit of my own work done tonight. You'll be spending most of your time in the tower. That is where I teach, and that is where you will sleep. Why don't you head up there and make yourself at home? Anything to get you out of my hair!" he said.
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