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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

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  • Atop Limin's Spire, the winds gusted, and even within the shelter of the stone walls, it was painfully cold. The structure's lack of a roof helped not at all. But the skies were clear, and Milo was convinced he had the focusing mechanism working properly.
  • This Monday, two days after that work in the library, I met my buyer. We met in a pub. in one last effort to come to terms. He was a thin faced, mean minded man; his suit a combination of slight fashion and high street economy, his tie a Christmas present given by someone without taste or thought. He came into control of his own family business quite young and on little merit, with a balance sheet in one hand and ambition in the other. Now he wanted to increase his business at the expense of mine, without effort or cost to himself.
  • "No?" Syrill raised his eyebrows. "And what do you think happens in the deep forest when a faun farmer comes upon a den with a couple of strapping youngsters? He could collect a few dozen white cowries in bounty for their tails. Ah, but perhaps they could work for him? Then he keeps their secret and they keep their lives."
  • Tony nodded towards the building. "This is our Capitol Building. This is where all the government work is performed." He stopped the carriage so Annie could admire it.
  • Reddy Committee A working group on matters relating to money supply which was appointed in December 1997 under the Chairmanship of Y.V. Reddy of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Its terms of reference sought, among other things, an assessment of the adequacy of existing money stock measures and suggestions to improve the existing reporting system.
  • As the legal battle plays out, India has worked to extend its oversight. In March, it advised merchant ships transiting the countrys exclusive economic zone, which extends 200 nautical miles from the coast, to declare any armed guards on board to Indias navy.
  • "Our printers stopped working the morning of the siege. Everything did. Everything stops working. That's the infowar. The infowar probably is what did for my hearing aids. They were supposed to last ten years but it's hardly been two.
  • "I say we try it," Vohl said. "I'll go first. You heard the gods. I cannot die. If it works, follow me. If it sends me to the void, don't"
  • The rich, in pursuit of eternal youth, have made Brazil the cosmetic surgery capital of the world. In Brazil, plastic surgery is not a dirty little secret, but is instead a status symbol. Conspicuous consumption at its best, getting work done shows that you have money to spend. Siliconadas proudly display their enhancements on magazine covers. Models, actresses, and Carnival queens expound the virtues of a new set of breasts or injecting fat into their face. In the weeks leading up to Carnival there is flesh flesh everywhere but nary a silicone implant to be inserted.
  • "Aloof? Detached is a better word. Stone cold, statuesque, like a painting on a wall. Is that really a way to exist? I try and have my input on peoples lives but it is always vicarious; I may work through a person but never as a person. I long to be one of those stupid, drinking, laughing slobs that grace the planet with their dirt, but I just can't seem to settle."
  • "I could do that, and would like to do it. My first choice, however, would be to learn to work in the copying room. I have all my life longed to be able to read."
  • Dan Bailey was Summers age, or maybe he was already forty. He worked for Caltrans, on road crews up and down the northern end of the Sacramento Valley. Dan Bailey was similar in body type to Jody Sims, maybe a little taller, definitely a little heavier. He was more fair than Jody, comparable in how he had made her feel, at least in the physical, which was why she had slept with him later on, after Skye was born.
  • It remained a ruin until Owains son Dafydd returned it to Henry six years later. The king sent in masons and builders to refashion it, building in stone in a rectangular shape softened by rounded towers at every corner. The main gate, bounded by a pair of close-set towers, faced the river only several hundred yards away, while the rear of the fortress looked out upon the demesne, the castles own fields, worked upon by taoegion, unfree laborers. Passing through the gate, one emerged onto the ward. Straight ahead was the keep, containing the ample hall and lords quarters; to the left were the barracks which housed the royal garrison. The ground floor of one tower served as a chapel. The kitchens, bake-house, brew-house, laundry rooms and latrines were in the rear, as were the stables and the armory. There was a covered well just past the entrance to the hall. The ward was a large expanse of packed earth. Rhuddlan was strong, superbly designed to withstand a lengthy siege. Its storerooms on the windowless ground floor of the keep were vast and Longsword kept them well-stocked.
  • Time was not moving all that fast right now, and Legons brain was not working at the moment. It was done for the day and it wasnt going to take anymore. He turned and looked at Sasha. She was still covered in blood, her face pale, mouth open. She looked at him, looked him right in the eyes. Never had she looked like that. She was defeated, hurt, humiliated, and her life was turned upside down. She hated violence, and yet all shed gotten today was that and a lot of it. There was a pleading look in her eyes, and it was this that brought clarity.
  • Unlike Mujar, whose life force was so powerful it made them immortal, the Hashon Jahar were undying because they were not alive, and only one being commanded the dead. Marrana. A strange power animated them, granting them the semblance of life. They seemed to have little awareness of individuality, and worked together as if one mind ruled them all. The screaming soul faces they wore when they slaughtered belonged to their prior victims, condemned to witness the horror of their kind's destruction.
  • A grunt sounded from near the fence and she returned her attention towards it. A shadow could be seen moving about through the gap. It began to push inwards through the hole and she could tell at once it was no dog, for something large strained and huffed as it worked to get itself into the yard. As more of its pale body squeezed through, she could see what looked like a swollen sleeping bag forcing its way in to be with them and she took a step back with apprehension.
  • From the opening tap, which David directed over to Bruce, the two worked seamlessly in a hoop concerto to create a near-flawless basketball symphony. Bruce dribbled down the left-hand side of the court and sensed his taller running mate streaking down the lanewell as fast as a slow-footed big man could streak with a uniform on. He lobbed a pass and David rose and gently laid the ball in over the rim.
  • My sons have work enough to occupy them,’ said Aldragon. ‘They must people all the continents of the Earth and bring the worship of the Sun to all creation. No, I must find one with better leisure to bear this burden. My son Ganel trod a path through the Suns anger and back into his mercy, and his sons trod some of the way with him. Isnt it fitting that I should pass this secret on to one of Ganels sons?’
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  • He watched the couple for nearly an hour. Together they worked their way gradually downstream as she fished the pool methodically, covering every inch of water, although without further success. The old ghillie shadowed her faithfully, resting his elbow on his wading staff a few feet from her right shoulder while she remained stationary between casts, never straying more than a few yards from her side. A dog, a black Labrador by the look of it, made an occasional appearance, rooting around the bank and appearing to get the rough edge of the womans tongue whenever it came close enough to hamper her casting. It worried him that he might be forced to deal with the dog if it got in his way.
  • I wasnt in a place to argue. My legs still didnt work and I suspected shambling through the streets half naked with my head bleeding profusely would raise my chances of getting mistaken for a zombie by a few thousand percent.
  • "Nono. Thats okay," I protested, sitting down at the desk. He raised his eyebrows. "Im going to stay here and analyze Ehnos blood work before this place starts to crowd in the morning," I clarified.
  • An hour later Jack was sitting outside on the porch of the old dilapidated farm house with Asta glued to his side. She had stopped crying and was watching as one of the Cat Clan warriors worked on the manacles.
  • Trying to beat around the bush with Paul would be useless. Id just be open and hope he didnt think I was a fruit loop. "Sorry Paul, it doesnt work like that, and Im definitely not psychic. But I did sense danger from you at the mall Sunday. Why would I feel that way if you werent dangerous? It just doesnt make any sense."
  • "The question of whether there's a new commitment that gets announced here isn't the right question," said Jonathan Pershing, the U.S. negotiator, according to Bloomberg. However, he added that if asked whether the world's biggest economy is working on a plan, "the answer is yes."
  • "It was not Bran who called you here Iyash," said Arwan. "We wanted to offer you a second chance to continue the work you have been doing. The Lyrian delegation has been very impressed with your efforts to raise the vibration of your fellow primates and sustain the high frequency of your work. We understand it has been very difficult over the last five hundred years for many of the peoples of Earth. There has been a dark energy, a shadow of greed and fear. This low vibration has spread like a disease throughout earth-consciousness, and has caused great illness and suffering for many. Too many of the ceremonies, and ways of life that were a celebration of this high vibration have been forgotten, lost, or disregarded. People like you, however, have been working hard to continue these ceremonies, to recognize their importance in sustaining these high vibrational frequencies."
  • How would you grade the U.S.’s involvement in working with other countries to increase productivity and the quality of agricultural products?
  • After Mass the morning after his arrival, Sir Thomas summoned Eleanor to the hall to meet the earl. Despite the feverish work of the seamstresses, she was dressed in the same plain woolen gown in which shed traveled from the abbey. He was annoyed. Robert would think that he hadnt followed the instructions in his letter.
  • She worked diligently for Organic Nation for nearly two years, and actually became very competent at her media relations job. In fact, a few months before the thunder led to rain, a handful of more savvy employees started running for the exits before destruction and devastation took hold. The Director of Media Relations had been taking the brunt of the onslaught of media scrutiny, so she fled for the safer pastures of The Gap. Once Brad heard of the defection, he quickly moved to promote Stacey to the director position, knowing that her obvious loyalty and good looks would help buffer him from the mounting negative exposure.
  • So Sandra is working two jobs, getting no sleep, and having no fun. And the only nights she can sleep is when Jim is working some trivial job all night. So each night, on her way to the dreaded apartment, she prays that Jim will not be home. She even thinks how her life might change if Jim gets hit by some meat truck as it is making an early morning delivery to the Village, not her village in Germany, but the one in New York. But her biggest problem is Jims attachment to his mother.
  • She wanted to ask him about Hollowcrest, about his 'old job,' why he'd returned to help, and if he was truly on her side or working toward some other agenda. But she could hardly do so, not without confessing her privacy-defying reading habits.
  • "Grandma, I need you to train and organize them. work them through all the usual formation flying exercises as if their lives depend on it and we will have the largest super-mobile force in quad history."
  • But its hard to leave Salt Spring Island behind. Its easier for George and Sophie because theyre just going to a friends wedding in Toronto, and theyll be back in a week. But I'm getting dropped off to spend the whole summer working in Fort Frances, and even when I get back to the West Coast, it wont be the same. Then, Ill just be visiting Salt Spring instead of living there. Those days, for now, are over.
  • The medieval latin versions of the aristotelian scientific corpus, with special reference to the biological works, london.
  • "– you. He better not want another day of work out of me," Steve grumbled. He had been guilted into returning to Kharusshop to finish the blade the following day. Thankfully, he hadnt been asked to return since.
  • "Really! Well, that's very nice, and I think that lamp is quite light enough to read and work by; and, Julia dear, I'll only ask a few minutes longer; the light is really so beautiful."
  • "They had to add to the anchors that tether the tidal generators again. They seem to have to add another link every day. One of the guys I used to work with. . . they make sailboats out of defective slabs. They aren't yacht pretty, but they'll get the job done and have some resale value. Said he'd let me have one at cost, but just this year while sales are slow. Right now, that's all we can really afford, that or something decades old and wood or fiberglass that scares me more. I've seen his, they aren't bad, sort of houseboat meets barge."
  • "Few sane people do. But you have other skills. And slowing down time will come in useful once you're the only child of ours left here. We'll get more work out of you then."
  • Typically an analyst will earn $70,000 as base salary with an additional bonus and will work 80-100 hours a week. Investment banking analysts undergo rigorous training which gives them a large and varied skillset which can be applied to almost any finance role, and this along with their work ethic makes them highly desirable employees.
  • "What are you doing," Max said, "trying on your old persona? All that Peridol stuff never worked for you. Youre too odd."
  • But she couldn't avoid being seen forever. Where the highway crossed the dry riverbed there was a checkpoint across the road, a guard shack and a line of sawhorses spanning the bridge. Keeping out of sight of the checkpoint as much as possible, Nasan investigated climbing down one side of the riverbed and up the other, but it was no good. It was completely exposed and so steep she'd have to fly. The other ways into Calgary were going to be just as heavily guarded, and she wasn't sure she'd be able to circle around to them, anyway. Her feet felt like they couldn't take another step. She was just going to have to trust that Oscar and Menkar had worked something out.
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  • He wouldnt want to make love to her as she was. Not because he didnt like her sweaty and sticky, but only due to his recent shower. That and he needed to be at work early, this the first day of school. The high school went back today, the elementary as well, but Gray would miss Emorys first day of school. Of real school, as she discounted kindergarten as something for babies.
  • Aiden and Nellise worked side by side, the cleric scorching her enemies with holy fire with each strike of her mace, but the mercenaries were slowly beginning to match their speed. As the novice warrior had feared, the effects of the incantation were woefully short, and soon enough, it was gone completely. Sergeant Evans was finishing off the last of the enemy, having smacked his shield into the armoured helm of his opponent, causing a loud 'clang' to echo over the landscape, dazing the warrior long enough for the old soldier to cut him down.
  • "Right, right. No, at Pine--at Riversideout here, youre gonna be on a more regular schedule. You and Marta will be switching off, working days and nights."
  • I looked in desperation for a remote. Not seeing one, I stepped over to the TV and turned down the sound. The moment I did so, he leapt into the air and released a short squeal. I turned to him and signed that the music was too loud – ‘Too loud,’ I said, distinctly mouthing it for him. He was too busy patting his chest, to get his heart under control, to notice. He squealed and made incomprehensible noises, word-like. I shook my head, meaningnoor somethingI dont even think I was trying to say anythingI left the room. That is, I waved my hands up and down, as if patting a pillow, which was meant to sooth and reassure him, and then I tapped my ear, which was meant to make him think that he was a bastard who played his musicat three in the fucking morning! Then I went back into the safeness of my own bedroom, locking the door, feeling exhilarated and unable to sleep. Good work me, I thought, in the relative silence, only vague murmurs of a TV and the broom of vehicles up and down the avenue.
  • `So I got a job in a hotel as a cleaner during the week, and I worked in a restaurant kitchen at the weekends, and that's how I got by. It was okay, even if I didn't get out much. Of course I saw my lover some afternoons, but he was away a lot.'
  • We had set up one tent and were at work on the second, when I heard an exclamation from Margit, who stood by the big cauldron, a few paces off, cooking our dinner of salt pork. Looking up I saw a ring of savages all about us on the edge of the fog.
  • Talon smiled in the merchant's direction. "I work all year for this. A few more sacks won't kill me." Talon brushed his hands off on his pants and ran his fingers through his dark blond hair. The sun was almost at its highest point as Talon was finishing for the day. He was happy that he was ahead of schedule, but picked up the pace, and with the merchant's help, he started moving more of the sacks. Sometime later, Talon unloaded the last of the sacks in his cart onto the merchant's sled and looked over to the merchant.
  • Lords Catten and Verbard floated at attention as another underling hovered before the hanging humans. Catten's icy heart was working overtime. Master Sinway had arrived. The master of all underlings was dark-robed, hawk-nosed, and not so different than his brethren. Still, Master Sinway's greater height and breadth distinguished him from all others. He made Catten feel small.
  • "I will tell you, but you need to save your interruptions to the end. I will have to give you some history and you will have to accept that what I tell you is true, and that I will not answer all of your questions. Does that work for you?"
  • She was right to have trusted him, she thought smugly, aware that the intuitive gamble shed taken in giving him the crystal had so far worked in her favour.
  • Lord Arglay shook hands. Mr. Lindsay, a trifle awkwardly apologized for disturbing Miss Burnett at her work. Lord Arglay said that any friend of Miss Burnett's was free at all times to disturb her in her work, which owing to her sense of form was rapidly becoming a great deal more her work than it was his. Mr. Lindsay said that the paragraph in the paper had alarmed him; he had been afraid there might have been some disturbance in the street, or even that some attack... . Lord Arglay said that he had feared the same thing and had been very anxious until Miss Burnett arrived. Mr. Lindsay was greatly indebted to Lord Arglay. Lord Arglay hoped that Mr. Lindsay would believe that their common friendship with Miss Burnett put his own house at Mr. Lindsay's disposal at such--or any--times. The maid announced Mr. Ibrahim. Mr. Lindsay was again obliged and must go. Lord Arglay regretted, understood, and parted. The maid showed Mr. Lindsay out.
  • We had discussed the 'how much money do you make at work and where does it all gothing because of my sizable paycheck. Of course, Tray managed to turn the whole thing around on me. I ended up feeling very guilty because he thought I needed him to make more money. I told him that wasnt the point of my inquiry at all. Then, he asked me how much more money he needs to earn before were comfortable. I apologized and walked away from that conversation shaking my head and feeling like I had somehow just gotten played. He never did give me a straight answer.
  • An officer cant work more than 16.5 hours straight, and daily limits are strictly enforced, according to the department.
  • There was an eerie whistle in the air. Breeze graced his face. One of the boars snarled, anguished. The other boars got worked up. More whistles had cut up the air. Milo looked. Several of the boars laid dead on the ground, their thick hides punctured with arrows. The remaining boarssmart enough to be scared of deathran back up the rocky hill, their fear powering their every step.
  • Falk arrived at work with the sunrise. He and the work-team which was around fifty strong moved out on Old Glenns instructions. Although a cold and biting wind touched all those who walked across the top of the hills of the Northfold there were a number of gulleys and hidden fields, some large, some small, where the villagers grew large amounts of grain and numerous fruits. Some of it went to the village stores but a large amount went south to Albury and then the cities, traded for coin to buy those things that did not grow locally.
  • "Ive been practicing with my clarinets. I even got my alto sax out of the garage. The valves need work but its in decent enough shape. I know a guy who plays jazz guitar. I can invite him, so we haveso we have something chordal. We can play at my churchsome week night. None of that weird stuff. Just straight ahead jazz."
  • After class I asked her about her experience and she told me it was wonderful. She met so many community members through that job, and the work was so real, so important, and so homegrown.
  • "My work takes me to fabulous and varied places." The man laughed and something sinister in it chilled Sespian further.
  • Watch and pray, my son. But harkee, Micah, see what more you can learn and let me know. In your work you may hear some rumour of this plot. ’Tis possible the Pouncey brothers may know something of it.’
  • Roland worked as hard as he could under Guacelm, but he never admitted, even to his teacher, that sometimes, alone in the hills, singing to rocks and trees, he dreamed of being a troubadour. He saw himself commanding words and verses as kings commanded their barons, holding seigneurs and their ladies fascinated by the power of his voice, drawing intricate music from lute and lyre and gittern by the skill in his fingers. Sometimes he forgot he was the son of a hunted outlaw and imagined himself welcomed and honored everywhere.
  • Sure enough, Griddle had risen to the surface again, black spots healed, iron hide red as ever, vigor restored. Now he was carefully unfolding first one bat wing, then the other. He shook their kinks and wrinkles out and tried a test flap or two. The wings resembled a classical dragons, but seemed to work like an insects, becoming a blur as they reached takeoff speed. The enormous beast rose majestically into the air and hovered like a bumblebee.
  • On the table, he set out three newspapers. When he had free time, he usually scanned the stories that did not make the front page. There were often people in the police reports that he knew, and he could never predict when such information could lead to a new case or help an old one. When WWII ended ten years before, he was released from the Army and shortly thereafter hired into the Chicago Police Department. However, after a couple of years, he decided the life of a cop did not suit him, and he joined an investigation agency to learn the trade. Once he felt he had gained the skills he needed, he set out on his own, working the northern part of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. He never was going to break the bank with his yearly income, but it was enough, and he was his own boss.
  • One potential point of contention will be her work as a lawyer for some of Wall Streets biggest names. She represented former Bank of America CEO Kenneth D. Lewis during an SEC probe of claims that Charlotte, North Carolina-based bank didnt disclose bonuses that Merrill Lynch & Co. paid to executives before buying the brokerage. The bank settled the claims for $150 million; Lewis wasnt accused of wrongdoing.
  • I nodded. I wasn't entirely certain my vocal cords could work at the moment. I hoped he understood what I meant, because explaining it was pretty much out of the question. I felt one hand reach up and cup my cheek, while the other traced the tattoo on my limp wrist.
  • A worked up Jenny whispered to me,"My grandma' goes to sleep at 9:30. She never wakes up, so I'll leave the door open for you."
  • "We are well aware of the situation on Earth and its proximity to the galactic equator. There has been much dissonance within the human consciousness lately. Our probes have also been monitoring the radiation situation. Weve been able to establish an electromagnetic pulse to reinforce the magnetosphere around the planet. While this is helping to reduce the effects of the gamma ray bursts from Cygnus X3, it does not reduce the strength of the singularity on the human consciousness. We have also noted a very strong Annunaki presence on the dark side of the moon. It seems as though they too have been working to reduce the harmful effects of the gamma radiation on the planet."
  • The Norwich School continued the landscape tradition, while the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood with their vivid and detailed style revived the Early Renaissance styleHolman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Everett Millais were leaders. Prominent amongst 20th-century artists was Henry Moore, regarded as the voice of British sculpture, and of British modernism in general. Contemporary painters include Lucian Freud, whose work Benefits Supervisor Sleeping in 2008 set a world record for sale value of a painting by a living artist.
  • "No, no, no, not talented," Enin stopped her in mid sentence, "gifted. Theres a huge difference. Talent comes from within, and there are many that are quite talented at casting spells. I am not so arrogant that I believe for an instant that my abilities come from within, or that I should receive credit for what I can do. No, my magical abilities are a gift from a greater power. I didnt earn them, didnt work long hours to perfect them. They were simply given to me at the outset. I dont know why, I simply accept it and take no praise for it."
  • "I'll be there in a second." Brad managed to holler while he worked himself up into a sitting position on the gray boulder.
  • What they did in there was anyones guess. My guess was hiding from customers. Essentially the same as me, but I had to work much harder to hide. They had a designated spot. That seemed like an unfair advantage to me.
  • We worked our way from the city entrance toward the bazaar. A smile crept to my face. I felt like a small cog in the machine of commerce whenever we visited and I liked that feeling of inclusion. I also liked to watch large sums of coin change hands. I sighed. It must be wonderful to have money. However, the surge of adrenaline coursing through my veins was hampered by the knowledge that when the stalls closed Gil would bring me to the Great House again. Would they take me this time? I half hoped so. I didnt want to see my mothers face fall in disappointment once again, but the notion also scared me. I would be a stranger here. I would be alone.
  • The thought nearly shuts me down, so I concentrate on tying my trainers. When the doctor returns I'm all done. It's time to stand up, to look in control. To convince them it was all a misunderstanding. One look at the doctor's face and I know that's not going to work.
  • She stared at his face, some stubble; he probably hadnt shaved that morning. He had a few crows feet, working in the elements. Hed never married, had no children. Hed had her, twice. Did he want her a third time?
  • Others include Benito Quinquela Martin, a quintessential 'port' painter for whom the working class and immigrant-bound La Boca neighborhood, in particular, was excellently suited. A similar environment inspired Adolfo Bellocq, whose lithographs have been influential since the 1920s. Evocative monuments ny Realist sculptors Erminio Blotta, Lola Mora and Rogelio Yrurtia became the part of the national landscape and today, Lucio Fontana and Len Ferrari are acclaimed sculptors and conceptual artists. Ciruelo is a world-famous fantasy artist and sculptor, and Marta Minujin is an innovative Conceptual artist. Argentina's "modern painters" are a difficult group to define. They have developed a constructivist rather than figurative style, though it is not quite abstract. Artists of this group include Julio Barragan, Luis Seoane, Carlos Torrallardona, Luis Aquino, Atilio Malinverno, and Alfredo Gramajo Gutirrez.
  • Three nights a week, Scott works and Morgen and I have a "girls night." We eat dinner by candlelight, turn on a single lamp on the dining room table to play a board game, then turn on the living room light to read. I sit with her as she falls asleep, writing quietly in my journal with one hand and holding her hand with the other.
  • I was gratified that my scheme to frighten or encourage the thief to dispose of the rest of the stolen jewellery seemed to have worked so quickly, in fact much more rapidly than I had expected. But I could imagine Mr Dashwood storming about his house and terrifying the servants. It would be little wonder if the guilty one should try to get rid of incriminating possessions at once.
  • Falk went home that night withrdrawn and sombre but still he did not lay his burdens upon Belessa and Aldwyn for they had enough to bear of their own. That day working at the local stores was the last day Falk would work in the village.
  • George's tone became more serious, more demanding. "I'd like you to come back and work for me, Spencer. What do you say?"
  • "Just turn your head a little more to the right, Dorian, like a good boy," said the painter, deep in his work and conscious only that a look had come into the lad's face that he had never seen there before.
  • But none of these wriggling corpuscles are hers. For the first time since her Ascension, her cell fails to meet her. It feels like returning home after a hard day at work to find that the landlord has changed the locks.
  • I have lots of work to do.I need to ask jyo and teddy to assist me in organizing the inter college competition and i have to announce and collect the participant's list.I asked teddy to come over to my place earlier today. Our practise sessions for today is cancelled as some members of the band have other works to do.
  • Chemistry came of age when Antoine Lavoisier (17431794) developed the theory of Conservation of mass in 1783; and the development of the Atomic Theory by John Dalton around 1800. The Law of Conservation of Mass resulted in the reformulation of chemistry based on this law and the oxygen theory of combustion, which was largely based on the work of Lavoisier. Lavoisier's fundamental contributions to chemistry were a result of a conscious effort to fit all experiments into the framework of a single theory.
  • The doctor had told me to stay out of the store for a solid seven days. I got a good laugh out of that when Katie let me know. Way I figured it, the job was toast. Looked like Id probably stay out of work altogether. And for who knew how long.
  • She and Shadowings tumbled to earth in the middle of the square. All around them there were blasts, one after another. And men shouting. The guard had put lanterns out on the ground to supplement the Dead light so the sandbag lines could work on into the night. Lunde was probably out there somewhere. All the wall men who weren't carrying something crowded around her.
  • The driver nods and assumes a fetal position on the cold metal floor of the van. He wants to believe Tom but knows things don't always work out. He hopes his wife and kids will be okay and he silently begins praying and shivering.
  • "What is it thats bothering you, Linda?" Enin asked. "You can come right out and say it, and if you cant explain it as well as you like, we can work with that, too. Remember who youre dealing with here. Most people dont know what Im talking about half the time I say something. I just tend to keep blurting things out until it finally makes sense. It works for me, it can work for you."
  • I spent my life working hard but I wasnt focused. Meeting and hanging out with Wayne gave me a completely new outlook on things. While I always cut my own grass and planted every flower and shrub in my garden, the inside of my house was often neglected. It was a case of using something until you beat it into the ground; upkeep was never one of my strong suits.
  • Koda put down his chisel to shake her hand and offered what sounded like a cheery greeting in whatever odd language he called his own. Gamma looked up and smiled before continuing her exacting work.
  • She leaped up and stood dithering at the foot of the bed. Then she called 911. Then she ran around and cleared away all the evidence of illegal drugs. There were roaches and rolling papers and used baggies everywhere. Then she ran around picking things off the floor, clearing a path from the front door for the ambulance crew. She would have been proud of her work if there hadn't been more serious things to think about.
  • "Put the motherly instinct in check, Samantha." Richard threw a beefy arm around her, picking her up off the ground. She tried to get away from him but he was strong. Surprisingly strong--it appeared that all the supplements were starting to work for him. But Sam wasn't the only one who was pissed. Many others, including teachers, were muttering under their breath, though Sam was the only one who was attempting to do anything about it.
  • I help him pile stones. We stack chunks of flat shale. Some have fossils of little scallop shells etched into them. I dont feel very strong, but I can work and not get winded.
  • "There would be better accommodation within the city than here," Midnight put forward. "And the carriage works pay well, I have heard."
  • "Are you working tomorrow, Brad? If you aren't I'll take the car in the morning. I'm going to work at least half a day, if not all day."
  • Mitsy yawned, took out a file, and began working on her fingernails. A gang mark identical to the bouncers' branded the back of one of her hands. As of the latest enforcer reports, Mitsy was the Panthers' leader.
  • I tore my way through the ever denser shrouds of root to the remnants of Karlas chamber. It was obvious that no one had been through here recently. The reversion was well underway. The dome had collapsed on itself like a half-deflated soccer ball. One side was ripped open wide and its contents strewn across the matrix. From the scale of the damage, it must have been the work of Reapers.
  • We went from face-to-face to lips-to-lips in the blink of an eye; the spontaneity was about as fierce as my desire to pee a few minutes before the encounter. It must have been the alcohol at work because I barely felt my back slamming against the wall. It would leave one of those drinking bruises you get and wake up the next day in pain and wondering what the hell you did to cause yourself harm.
  • "I'm not working for Hollowcrest," Amaranthe said. "Yes, I lied to you last time, and I'm sorry. I didn't think I could trust you. But we have a common enemy. We could work together to end the threat to your gang. Mitsy, are you in here?"
  • "What are you talking about?" Karlini said. "I thought Haddo was working for me. Its starting to look like I was wrong, isnt it, Haddo?"
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