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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

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  • Applied mathematics concerns itself with mathematical methods that are typically used in science, engineering, business, and industry. Thus, "applied mathematics" is a mathematical science with specialized knowledge. The term applied mathematics also describes the professional specialty in which mathematicians work on practical problems; as a profession focused on practical problems, applied mathematics focuses on the "formulation, study, and use of mathematical models" in science, engineering, and other areas of mathematical practice.
  • At the same time, it was necessary to become familiar with the methods required for stem cell analysis at the laboratory of the Canadian cooperation partner, Professor Judah Denburg of the McMaster University in Hamilton and to transfer this knowledge to Germany. Dr. Kristin Weiße spent six months in Canada working in the group of Professor Denburg in order to acquire the necessary know-how and profit from the experience of the Canadian partners. Dr. Lehmann and Dr. Weiße agree that "with the subject of environmental contamination and stem cells we have established an exciting new field of research." The UFZ team is currently the only one in the world investigating this relationship with analytical precision and methodical patience. The LiNA study, in the course of which mothers and their children can be observed over several years, represents a unique basis.
  • "Our printers stopped working the morning of the siege. Everything did. Everything stops working. That's the infowar. The infowar probably is what did for my hearing aids. They were supposed to last ten years but it's hardly been two.
  • He stepped on her thigh, put a hand on her head, and pushed himself up. Amaranthe grunted as he clambered onto her shoulders. His boots ground into her muscles like a pestle working the bottom of a mortar. Once he was standing, she pushed her heels into the ground and, back rigid, inched up.
  • "Oh yes, getting in to see him wasn't an insurmountable problem," Aiden assured her. "I don't think he's the one that wrote the note. He has a mercenary working for him by the name of Robert Black; same initials, and I got a bit of a reaction out of him when I mentioned the diggers under the crypt had perished. I think he's our man."
  • 'Gladys, you don't have to be a genius to work out that something unusual has been happening lately. You really have not been yourself, and I'm not talking about the fact you haven't even been to the arcade once in the past several weeks.' She squeezed her hand. 'Those storms were another thing entirely, never seen anything like it. Then you faint and the next day you don't need your glasses. Not to mention all the broken crockery I've been findingdamn it, girl, you even broke off the taps in the bathroom.'
  • Contracts awarded since January represent only the initial work at Fukushima. But a half-dozen executives at companies with nuclear industry experience raised questions about the Japanese government's and Tepco's oversight of the process.
  • Digger grinned. He became Sitting Bull, which wasn't much work for him, and Little Bit became Geronimo. Her job was to tell Sitting Bull where the pale faces were, and then ambush them while Jordy and I rode through the desert carrying the mail to Fort Apache. Digger died every time you shot him, which would have been fine if after every death he had not immediately sat up and giggled. Little Bit never died and would only be wounded for a minute or two, even though Paladin never missed and Rowdy Yates only missed sometimes. Finally I said Little Bit was dead and I wasn't going to play any more, so Jordy and I won, even though Little Bit said, "Did not!" and she and Digger began a war dance around the sand box.
  • Maureen worked her way through the pile of unopened bills, frowning, but saying nothing. Nick watched her furtively out of the corner of his eye while he cleared the draining board. The tension in the room mounted as the pile of letters accumulated at her elbow. With each new envelope she opened he became more and more anxious. The dishes he dried felt as fragile as antique porcelain in his shaking hands. Where had all the bills come from? He had bought nothing in the last month so she couldn't blame him. Just existing these days, just breathing and living on bread and water, seemed to cost a fortune. There was no way of avoiding bills while you were still alive no matter how hard you tried. Which was a bloody good reason for being dead, he thought, not for the first time.
  • "Supposedly this company was shut down after an investigation showed that much of their work was unethical and inhumane. The early part of Lanas career focused on making sure that companies like this are never even formed. She can be an irritating bitch, but shes a damned good lawyer."
  • The first "stringless" bean was bred in 1894 by Calvin Keeney, called the "father of the stringless bean", while working in Le Roy, New York.
  • Gwena, the oldest, spent an inordinate amount of time combing her hair. On the way to the woods, she craned her neck to attract the attention of young men burning brush for gardens. Several of the hoolilgans smiled at her like idiots, until they saw Brena and hastened back to work.
  • Indeed the captain smiled. "I doubt we have any of those. The aestri are difficult to restrain." She motioned toward an old, but ornate stool, the legs carved to figures of what looked like angels, the cloth cushion a work of art. "Please sit a moment, and perhaps we may resolve this. We have a journey of several weeks ahead, and I doubt that you would be in any condition to stand before the Council if left to rot in the hold until Saljid."
  • Before the university level, students should focus on four curricular areas; science, mathematics, history and the arts. I see no reason to change this emphasis. Probably interdisciplinary work is more important than it was in earlier times, but that is best undertaken after the major disciplines have been acquired.
  • No matter how fried, how drunk or how tired he was, James could always take control of his wife and work her like a fine instrument. He paused overlong and then conceded. "Alright. Let's not bring this up to the people at the
  • I first ascertained that the door was still locked, just to be sure. My tense posture deflated at this discovery. So I had been alone. When had I become so paranoid? My imagination was playing barbaric tricks on me. For a moment I had to remind myself why I chose to work here.
  • Louise Schultze (17 January 1980) is an Australian philanthropist and entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of iBidAM.com Pty Ltd., a national advertising and marketing company working with over 10,000 small businesses in Australia. She has received nominations for the Australian Telstra Business Women's Awards, The Marketing Executives International - Australian Marketer of the year, and the Anthill Cool Company Awards. Louise has promoted and volunteered in humanitarian and environmental causes throughout the world, and is noted for her work with foster children through Salem International. She has solely cared for nine indigenous additional children through foster care several times in her home in Gippsland. She has been cited as Australia's version of Angelina Jolie, one of the world's most beautiful women and takes corporate social responsibility one step further by not only coaching large corporations about the importance of social responsibility in capitalism, but she walks the talk by donating all her personal profits of iBidAM to The Salem Foundation.
  • According to an ancient legend, the first man was made by Jupiter, the first bull by Neptune, and the first house by Minerva. On the completion of their labors, a dispute arose as to which had made the most perfect work. They agreed to appoint Momus as judge, and to abide by his decision. Momus, however, being very envious of the handicraft of each, found fault with all. He first blamed the work of Neptune because he had not made the horns of the bull below his eyes, so he might better see where to strike. He then condemned the work of Jupiter, because he had not placed the heart of man on the outside, that everyone might read the thoughts of the evil disposed and take precautions against the intended mischief. And, lastly, he inveighed against Minerva because she had not contrived iron wheels in the foundation of her house, so its inhabitants might more easily remove if a neighbor proved unpleasant. Jupiter, indignant at such inveterate faultfinding, drove him from his office of judge, and expelled him from the mansions of Olympus.
  • As Harat walked away, Vertook pulled his gaze from the fountain long enough to watch the man who would now protect and guide those he loved. Tears fell from his own cheeks as he released the responsibilities he had worked so hard to obtain. Harat placed the sash underneath his garment, as of yet unwilling to reveal Vertook's wishes. He walked quietly through the crowd as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, and Vertook breathed a mighty sigh of relief; he had chosen well.
  • Mitsy yawned, took out a file, and began working on her fingernails. A gang mark identical to the bouncers' branded the back of one of her hands. As of the latest enforcer reports, Mitsy was the Panthers' leader.
  • I went home after that. I sat in the livingroom again, alone like the last invader. I had no idea where anyone was. There was at least someone else in the house, I could hear them in their room. I thought it might be Levin MacHill. I felt that I should go upstairs. There was probably some work I could be doing. I stared out the window, smiling as I remembered how Hamish had done the same, month after month, waiting for a job to walk by. Then I scowled as I recalled his arrest. Then I hit my head as I recalled hisdefenceduring his lengthy police interview. I wondered if he and Levin would be interested in playing some snooker soon. They would only go at my instigation.
  • She nodded. "It would not be unlike Diamont to punish those He considered unworthy by unleashing a plague upon them. But my God is one of Evil, and these disasters are happening even in the lands of Gauvin and Adera. I would easier believe that the Gods of Good would abandon their people before actively working to destroy them."
  • The driver nods and assumes a fetal position on the cold metal floor of the van. He wants to believe Tom but knows things don't always work out. He hopes his wife and kids will be okay and he silently begins praying and shivering.
  • Gash closed his mouth and fixed me with an exasperated glare, implying that he might have been preparing to issue just such a pronouncement. "The situation is much different now than it was a few weeks ago in Roosing Oolvaya, or even in Oolsmouth. Who knew that so many gods would fly at each others throats? Who would have expected that so many independent plots would reach their inflection points at so close to the same time? And your friends, Karlini and Maximillian - what were they working on in that laboratory we just left?"
  • "Oh, noble English that could entertain with half their forces the full pride of France, and let another half stand laughing by, all out of work and cold for want of action!"
  • "I don't understand why that Royal bastard even conceived of coming after you. Usually, they get their dirty work done for them. It was insane!"
  • She approached him, saw his face, and something gave way within her. Her eyes grew dim. By the expression of her father's face, not sad, not crushed, but angry and working unnaturally, she saw that hanging over her and about to crush her was some terrible misfortune, the worst in life, one she had not yet experienced, irreparable and incomprehensible--the death of one she loved.
  • "Do I believe strongly in the First Amendment? Yes. But we do not push the envelope," said Torchinsky, who worked in the Justice Department under President George W. Bush and was counsel to the 2004 re-election campaign. "Do we have clients who once in a while want to step out and do something more activist? Yes."
  • "That's alright," Scott said, distracted by the pile of work Josie had left in his inbox the previous day. "No one's coming in until seven anyways."
  • Ronan shrugged, not caring anymore. "I work for the Thieves Guild. A job came through several days ago to recover the ring of Arodilac Bridd. You have the ring. Simple as that."
  • 'The woman inside seemed to know Lynne, but the gentleman, I think he is their boss, said he didn't have a Mrs Reed working in his staff. He was hiding something.' he said gravely. He thought hard about what they should do next.
  • Haddo and the bird had obviously worked out a deal that gave the bird a certain amount of autonomy over its own schedule; frankly, Karlini figured that was just as well, since the problem of where to house the bird otherwise never seemed to go away. As it was, letting the bird hang out on its own avoided a lot of hassles, especially since the bird seemed willing enough to make itself available when needed. If you could reliably reason from the scant evidence, it would appear that the bird liked its job with Karlini much more than its old one, working for the Death whod ended up in the ring, and was willing to compromise to keep its employers happy. "Do you think youve got enough of a rapport with this thing," Karlini said in a low voice, "that itll let you know in advance before it decides to take its leave of absence to visit the ancestral breeding grounds?"
  • "Good. I've been preparing since ya left. Come with me." Javal lead each of them out of his chambers, along the wall and down to the second level. From there they passed by three caves heading west, then turned and entered the fourth. The long tunnel led them to a large room filled with six dwarves each standing at anvils and their own private kilns. The right side was pounding diligently away at long thin strips of metal, shaping and sharpening it, melding it into a point, then cooling it to place it in a metal container right next to half a dozen more. The left side worked with wider, broader pieces of metal upon their slabs, rounding the corners and smoothing the sharp edges, the complete opposite of the other three. "I've got the right side working on blades we'll make swords out of later, the left side on breast plates and eventually bracers."
  • "Sorry. It's all we had to work with. We're going to lower a wooden spoon over the side. You can't use magic around metal. That's how you got trapped."
  • He headed for the Mayor's office and went straight inside. The secretary looked up as he entered and her eyes went wide. She didn't say anything, however, just nodded nervously at the young adventurer as he strode past. Olaf was in his chambers as usual, appearing as though he was about to put aside his work and leave in the next few minutes. He turned to see who had entered and seemed just as shocked as the secretary had been.
  • "Well, I've got a research position under a senile bore who hasn't done any real work since the seventies. My job is to look busy so he can keep getting grant money. Between that and the time I get as instructor for Chem 130, I have a hell of a lot of unsupervised access to the labs."
  • "Electricity doesnt work the same on this realm," Anarion told her with a slight smile. "There are spells that could reveal who has come and gone from these rooms, but it wouldnt narrow the number considerably. Arisar was a popular seer and since she had the kings ear, there were many who wished to consult with her, including visiting dignitaries."
  • She turned right when she came to the corner where Moosewood and the Guitar works hunkered dark in their basement lairs.
  • The Imp reached forward and logged off his computer. It was nearly three in the morning. But staying with Geraldine while she'd labored over her manuscript tonight had been worth it. They worked well together, he thought.
  • Thisthis wasnt a good start to their working relationship. Though Ed had always been great at poking holes in Jeremys dreams.
  • The other two men arrested worked at brokerage firm RP Martin Holdings Ltd., according to one of the people and a third person familiar with the investigation, who also requested anonymity. The employees are Terry Farr and Jim Gilmour, people with knowledge of the investigation said. They were later released on bail.
  • Hura pointed. "To stop that thing, of course. If it is not stopped soon then the Domain will be gone in a few of their days. They have come in contact with some transition point, or some lock or connection between worlds, or they are very near to such a thing. The blasts and subsequent disruptions to the strata have brought the quakes, a warning of far worse to come. Their work in other areas of this ocean over the past thirty cycles has devastated several of the shard worlds. Perhaps they test new equipment that has not been used previously. You must stop it, Jorden."
  • Kaymin swallowed quickly, his mind moving into rapid and dark assumption. "Are you absolutely certain that these avalanches are the work of Gaals sorceresses? There are disasters of nature happening all across Trivallyn, and certainly they cannot all be the cause of magic. In fact, Morvay blames its earthquakes on the doing of your wizards, and I can only presume the falsity of that claim." His tone lingered with question.
  • "Will you believe my word, sworn before God, that I have told His Excellency that very thing? That this new war could destroy our years of work and prayer." Sarmento still spoke in English. "But he is a man with a personal vendetta toward the English. It is our great tragedy. The Viceroy of Goa, His Excellency, Miguel Vaijantes, is a man nourished by hatred. May God forgive him."
  • "Hmm," said Gash. "Perhaps if you work carefully at it you can again tap into Iskendarians knowledge without rousing his consciousness; perhaps that is what you were observing."
  • Jal had never seen one of the People unconscious or sick. He had no idea id herbs worked in the same way on them as they did on humans. He knew all the People could summon the Power, which was the main thing that set them apart. He had more experience than he wished as to how that Power could be used, since entering Rhakis employ.
  • "My twin? Linda? She had a ton of work to do this morning. That's why we left early last night. She's banging away at her computer up in the cottage right now." She could see he was mulling the memory of two women with mismatched hair and radically different bodies. Twins? She was short, broad-shouldered, fatter than she should be, and haughty. Linda was tall and slender, not beautiful, her teeth were a bit too big, but she had bright eyes and a contagious grin that was compelling as though she really was enjoying to whomever she was speaking.
  • "You know me, Wholt," Amaranthe said, still not reaching for her knife. "We worked together for six months. If I knew anything about magic, you'd have seen proof surely. Besides, you have to know I wouldn't betray the empire."
  • "The motel? I hacked your credit card records and your bank account too, for that matter. Still working on that DNA sample we collected off your drink glass but we did get a good set of fingerprints."
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  • The Grab-n-Go where I interviewed was on the road to the landing, about half a mile inland. I would be working there once they decided I was skilled enough to ring up cigarettes and beer.
  • Of course, people don't like to believe that the world is random, even when it comes to Powerball. Even in a random draw, we try to infer rules. How many kids are skipping class to sit in their dorm room working on the next Facebook after viewing The Social Network? And how many people are skipping college to follow the examples of Steve Jobs or Peter Thiel?
  • The first Whitelaw turned to see what was happening when a giant black cat leaped on him with an infuriated snarl. Isabella watched as the man tried to change into his wolf form, but was hampered by his clothing. The large cat made short work of him and then took care of the other writhing man.
  • "If you require a little space for prayer, I grant it," he says darkly, a knife gleaming in his hand. "Pray; but be not tedious, for the gods are quick of earand I am sworn to do my work with haste."
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  • "Wow, thats one rare piece!" Susan couldnt contain her excitement. She grabbed the necklace from George. working in museums all her life had given her a very good eye for rare and unique objects. "Ive never seen such a large triple serial triskele carved out of single emerald before! How much money did this guy offer you for it?"
  • The man shook his already trembling head. ‘I know of no Bark Sir. I only work down here, never up there Sir. Truly Sir.’
  • Sammy was the driver - a genial old chap with a full head of snow-white hair and photos of his seven grandchildren in his wallet. Spencer was glad it was Sammy. They'd worked together at Foxglove for almost a decade. They shook hands warmly, holding each other by the elbows and grinning. As they cruised slowly down the wide boulevards between electronics company estates in the direction of Foxglove, Spencer asked Sammy about his wife and Sammy asked Spencer about his cuts and bruises. He said he'd picked them up trying to burgle an electronics company. Sammy laughed and left the subject alone.
  • A molecule is the smallest indivisible portion of a pure chemical substance that has its unique set of chemical properties, that is, its potential to undergo a certain set of chemical reactions with other substances. However, this definition only works well for substances that are composed of molecules, which is not true of many substances (see below). Molecules are typically a set of atoms bound together by covalent bonds, such that the structure is electrically neutral and all valence electrons are paired with other electrons either in bonds or in lone pairs.
  • When Jeremy from work had offered him the flat in London at such a reasonable rent, hed convinced himself that a trial separation might be good for them. There was sound financial logic in it. It would save him the expensive commute, and meant he could leave Julie the car, but inside himself hed been excited, thinking London would give him the new lease of life hed been looking for.
  • Joe nodded and quietly tiptoed into the bedroom for his cleaner "after-work" clothes. Once back in the kitchen, he removed his shirt and ran a soapy rag down his arms and across his back and chest, rinsing in a similar manner. He then washed his face, his ears and his neck. He combed his hair. Pulling on a cleaner shirt, he unbuttoned his pants and switched them for the cleaner pair that he wore after he returned home. He pulled off his dirty socks and decided to go barefoot through dinner, to cool his hot sweaty feet. He carefully folded his filthy work clothes and set them on a wooden chair by the back door. He could wear them one more day before they would be too dirty to put up with.
  • "No! It looked really small and I thought I could blow it out, but it just didnt work at first. Its out now, though!"
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  • It was a disappointment that was at least countered by other events. It would be fun to see Bill's red demon again upon the blocks where it belonged, and more fun to help him work on it.
  • Jeremy wasnt obsessed. Not really. He did have a crappy apartment, true, but his roomie disqualified him for loner status. But could he really help if his dad was too much of a skinflint to pay him a decent working wage? Was it his fault that his dad kept him from being a loner? No! Not at all.
  • I clicked the phone shut and eyed it for a moment. Remembering back to the days when these little devices didnt accompany us everywhere, and when people didnt assume you were available to talk at any moment in the day. Daniel and I had spoken on Friday. When Id signed off with him, I was thinking Id need to check my work calendar, which in my head meant not until Monday at the earliest. But in his worldand who was I kidding, in mine now tooit was all available on our little devices.
  • Anyway, I do have some ghosts, as you say, but I am ready to work them through. I cannot turn my back on my calling in life and I will not have my Prince ask me twice. I accept your offer, but I do have one condition!"
  • I missed them both so badly. Dad had always been there to listen when I got into problems like this. He'd known how to deal with the world, how to work with circumstances so that what resulted was beneficial, or at least something I could live with. And Cindi. If she were still here this would all be a moot point. I hadn't ever needed any other friends while she was alive, hadn't ever had to really put myself out there where I could get dragged into the kind of stupid infighting I'd read about for so many years growing up.
  • him. Not so Mr. Ward. He was having no truck with this ridiculous behaviour. To him it was intolerable that young Mr. Galt should roll up whenever he felt like it and get away with it by claiming some undefined illness or other. Kevins work was now slow and
  • "Honored guests, we shall now show you to your rooms, but do not think that in your rooms you must remain. As it is still early, feel free to wander about the inn, where on every floor you will find many works of art, unseen by the eyes of men and women for many a year, that in truth rival those already seen here, in this very room. Also, if you are in the mood to read, there is a study on the second floor with many novels from numerous cities as well as books of history.
  • The sun had just begun to highlight the surfaces of the Pelican when Katherine found her way to the railing overlooking the main deck. Early morning light is a valuable commodity in photography and Katherine was used to rising before dawn. She had come to treasure the freshness of the air and the peaceful few hours she could steal before the rest of humanity began their day. For this reason, she was surprised to find what appeared to be most of the crew of the Pelican, on deck and involved in a noisy martial arts exercise. It was easy to pick out Chan in his shorts and another loud Hawaiian shirt, moving from group to group. At each group, he would stop and demonstrate a move for that particular group to work on. He seemed completely relaxed as he threw crewmember after crewmember to the deck with no apparent effort. He would then tyrannically rehearse the group in that move. Sometimes he would say, "Ive seen worse" before he moved on. Those words seemed to be the best praise he would give.
  • "Okay, I havent figured out how it can smell like theres a real forest, but Im working on it! I mean, if that ride at Disneyland can use aromatics, so could this thing."
  • A few more days on the outside combined with a working knowledge of what he was walking in to, made Brad much more focused this time around. The familiar receptionist at the Torres, Berger, Thomas & Fukiyama front desk appeared busy but was actually scribbling her way through the Monday New York Times crossword puzzle. There were days when she could stretch her natural abilities to attempt the Wednesday puzzle, but once the weekend was in sight she resorted to other time-wasting means to pass get through the day.
  • The once-confident apes were being confused and disoriented all across the field as they initial changes of the Hartwell gang were definitely causing their desired imbalance effect. Couples were working together exclusively for the first time. Maxwell thought it was time for the passion that existed between two to be leveraged in the arena of battle for the first time.
  • "Exactly." Sarah continued to stare into those gentle hazel eyes as he recounted his story in a hollow tone. "The accident that left this mark took place when I was but fourteen years old. That summer, I was working with my granddaddy at his forge. I was hammering some metal rivets and support bars into the correct shape while Granddaddy was quenching a cross-beam with his specially blended black Ink. That is his trademark." Connor looked up and added this for her parents sake. "The metal was still red hot and steaming of the ink when he put it on a drying rack to cool and let the ink be absorbed.
  • Its coming up to four oclock. It was just before two when Amy left to get the bus to her afternoon shift at Graylands, and Jim and Big Ron have finally tired of talking about Jane. Earlier, Jim had walked down to the Post Office to send a telegram to Bert, his old boss in Albany, to tell him he wouldnt be working there any more. Something had come up, he wrote; an urgent personal matter he had to attend to in Perth. He could have phoned, but with a telegram Bert couldnt bawl him out or ask any awkward questions.
  • Even those of us who came from humble means and worked our way to a better station than our parents must acknowledge we had some help along the way. Maybe we had a mentor showing us the ropes. Maybe we received federal financial aid, loans, or scholarships to support our education. Maybe someone gave us a break and hired us untested for our first job.
  • She placed the candle back in its proper position along the circle and continued back until she was facing north again. This was the Vadoma way. Many witches start their circles to the east with air, for new beginnings. The Vadoma's come from a long line of earthly witches. While they didn't discount the other elements, they had a strong affinity for the earth and that which comes forth from it. The family had always started their circles in the north. Ritual spell casting will always work better when you believe one hundred percent in what you are doing. So, with the Vadoma family, they always pay homage to the earth first and last. As Caislyn turned and bowed to the north once more, completing the circle, a shimmering light shot up from the ring toward the ceiling and settled back in leaving a luminescent glow along the salt lines. Everything was now ready for Caislyn to begin.
  • James was introduced to Chris through Kyle. They had gone to high school together, worked on their first project together under Kyle's dad's contracting. working with Kyle, James made the best money in his life. James, Chris and Kyle were all eager to go into business for themselves. Kyle thought it worth his while to bring his two friends into a partnership in the construction business. Kyle arranged a meeting at Earl's coffee shop, months back....
  • Everyone looked at Hartwell as Maggie glided home, "She has some issues with him. We should probably let her work it out fully."
  • 'Well young Shylock, you certainly surprise with your insight and understanding of we Magicians. We could perhaps possibly be accused of being a littletiny bit that is - circumspect at times, but things do work out for the bestwell, usually anyway,' he told them.
  • You can take a few minutes before going to crew, so you walk among the paintings and sculptures in the art center's atrium. The show is called "The Divine Impulse." The oldest piece is a 13th century French Madonna with dark skin, but most of the work is recent: a Christ crucified on a U.S. missile being fired into space, a Muhammad with a glowing lightbulb instead of a head, a fat Buddha who looks like a melting candle, a Moses parting a sea of money, a gang of Hindu gods in bikinis and speedos at a beach party with Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and John F. Kennedy.
  • Hed saved dinner? Delamere had to stop and take a good look around to assure himself that he was indeed in Rhuddlan. Surely there was some kind of magic being worked on him. Perhaps he was only dreaming and hed soon awaken to find Olwens warm body next to him.
  • Like all old men, and like the majority of thinkers, he slept little. This brief slumber was profound. In the morning he meditated for an hour, then he said his mass, either at the cathedral or in his own house. His mass said, he broke his fast on rye bread dipped in the milk of his own cows. Then he set to work.
  • At the end of the meal Nick tapped the table with his knife and held up his glass. He was slightly tipsy and spoke slowly and deliberately so as not to slur his words. "A toast," he declared. Maureen and Martin raised their glasses. "To the man upstairs. Our lord Jesus Christ. Who works in very mysterious ways but who came good in the end."
  • "I know honey, but you were so incredibly lucky that you werent kidnapped. Whoever this is clearly enjoys toying with his victims, otherwise you wouldnt be here right now. Francesca is right. Its more important to keep you safe right now. So just relax now. If you get all worked up Ill make you stay another night."
  • The next day was damp and cold, the bark of the dogs echoed in the heavy morning air. The weathering ground was wide, you could see far beyond its boundary walls and there were others here for the sport. Thomas talked all the way. This was ground for the long winged falcons, my lords birds, the short winged hawk would follow the wall or line of hedge row to find her prey, swooping quicker than the eye could see on the creatures of the field. This was work for the dogs, keener than the eyes of a man, to sense the presence of a quarry and start the birds.
  • As the canvases were not representational, figurative works, there could be no comparison with other treatments of a " subject " .
  • He sits there in the dark for quite some time, the only light being that of the fire coming in through the window. He goes over and peers through the window and sees several buildings adjacent to the flaming warehouse have now caught fire as well. He watches as crews work to put out the fire and after a while they seem to have managed to stop it from spreading.
  • Richard was back on his tablet and muttering under his breath. "Oh, this would be so much easier if I could work unfettered. Why isn't he answering?"
  • With J Bug directly in front of me, my thoughts were focused on directing him toward the most unusual of stunts. There was this one morning when we finished a lesson and Mr. Cohen had us work in groups. The activity was a little slow, so I told Javon to do a flip on to the carpet in the middle of the class. Before I knew it my words were quickly turned into action; Javon had jumped onto a chair and quickly bent his knees and then headed airborne into the thin air of the classroom.
  • The room Lyosha rented was in a building formerly lived in by chimney sweeps, the work once preferred by outcasts, so they could roam the streets unmonitored and speak at hours unchecked. The superintendent had already shut off the electricity in the hall. We climbed the rickety stairs by matchlight; Lyosha burning out four or five sticks on our way up.
  • Alex did mind, but the girl had already started going through his work without awaiting a reply. His only concern was that some of the pictures were not exactly what someone would consider normal, or, at the very least, tasteful. "Go ahead," he finally replied, despite the fact that it was too late.
  • The remaining months of his current captivity had been spent solving the world's signage issues. He had completed most of the ancient sites that he had visited in the Jade Empire, and had been working on the Southern half of the UWC. Ever since he had overheard the guard mention that the transport escorting him to the Seven Cities would be there in the morning, Dirk had tried desperately to occupy his thoughts with things other than the impending doom that awaited him.
  • As the wolf in me had gone, I volunteered, and my resignation had been accepted. I was really looking forward to returning home, even more than I would have ever expected. If there were nursing opportunities closer to home, perhaps I would seek work there as well. There was no longer any reason to run, and I knew it was finally time to reestablish my old connections. Mom would be happy. I wasnt sure about Seth, but perhaps one day he would forgive me. Maybe one day we could even talk about what had happened to me. It would be on my terms, in any case.
  • "Yes, but I have to go to work in a little while, and I won't be able to help you with it then. You can watch TV while I'm working."
  • Messick is very pleased that they hadnt blown the jury away with this. Its not easy for someone who doesnt work with Kochs Postulates every day; but with this background laid down, he was on the verge of his first major score. Just a couple more key points….
  • Humphrey looked as if he might become a man I could respect, possibly even work with. And for that reason, I would let him return home unhindered, despite the danger in doing so. In time, he might forget what he owed me. The necessities of ruleand the tutelage of his grandfathermight well insure that he would try me for many years to come.
  • Billy shook Hannah Farnham's hand. He decided with the warmth of skin lingering on his that he would love to sculpt her. Newspaper stories described her face as pleasing, not beautiful. He disagreed. She was beautiful with a longish face, her high cheek bones accentuated by her hair pulled back into a pony tail tied with a green ribbon. She glowed when she smiled, displaying one slightly crooked tooth. Her teeth were her own, not the product of cosmetic dentistry. She was dressed in green shorts and a white muscle shirt that showed the nipples of her tits and no bulges on her body. This was a woman who worked out and watched what she ate. Her daughter who had the extraordinary beauty of youth with full cheeks and juicy lips half rose from her chair to touch his hand.
  • "I will want to hear from Sapriel his version of these facts," the floating sphere-creature said, somewhat metallically, as the generalized reaction began to quiet down. "Yet I am troubled. Is there one who will speak for Sapriel?" The interlocking spheres whirred as they tracked around, examining the audience, but when no one piped up, it went on. "I am troubled. We maintain a world of harmony, of equilibrium, working our will with care and prudence. One who is engaged in business with those who inhabit the world has certain responsibilities, for continuity, respectability, predictability. If we are thought of as arbitrary, as flighty, that climate for dealing will worsen."
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