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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

work için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Once out there I had no place to go. You cant exactly hop a bus when things go wrong. Besides, I plan to go into missionary work and Immanuel is a good place to get training."
  • "Trust me. I spend most of the year recovering from one injury or another," he said, placing his hand on his shoulder and working the joint until a distinct snap could be heard.
  • Could all the work be for naught if you become so mentally or physically disabled that staying at home isn't an option? In extreme cases, yes. But by making the changes, you'll have increased your options and likely increased the value of your home. You'll also presumably benefit from and enjoy many of the changes well before you reach a point where living at home is impossible.
  • Filippa added, "We were sewers in a sweatshop. They worked us eighty hours a week in a horrible, filthy, hot factory. The stairs were broken, the windows were covered with cobwebs and mud, you couldnt look out and very little light could come in. There was no fresh water to drink or to wash with. The one toilet was down the hall and served hundreds of workers." She hesitated and shook her head, "I cant imagine how we did it for so long. The mice and the roaches, the heat in the summer was blistering and the cold in the winter was…" She stopped and her disposition turned angry. "They lied to us."
  • 1.F.3. LIMITED RIGHT OF REPLACEMENT OR REFUND - If you discover a defect in this electronic work within 90 days of receiving it, you can receive a refund of the money (if any) you paid for it by sending a written explanation to the person you received the work from. If you received the work on a physical medium, you must return the medium with your written explanation. The person or entity that provided you with the defective work may elect to provide a replacement copy in lieu of a refund. If you received the work electronically, the person or entity providing it to you may choose to give you a second opportunity to receive the work electronically in lieu of a refund. If the second copy is also defective, you may demand a refund in writing without further opportunities to fix the problem.
  • "Im with you on that one, but this one will probably work in pharmaceutical sales," Kathy replied as she pulled Barbara Grays file.
  • 'So, I've got you. Haven't I?' asked Shylock, before continuing. 'Let me guess. You work for Constance, and you keep this beach unchanged? That's why I don't leave tracks in the sand, and why this driftwood keeps reappearing at my side. And your shop's a nice little sidelineisn't that it? And Constance doesn't know!'
  • Commerzbank AG (CBK), Germanys second-largest lender, is planning to eliminate 4,000 to 6,000 jobs over the next four years to meet its profit goals, according to a memo seen by Bloomberg News on Jan 24. London-based HSBC Holdings Plc, Europes biggest bank, is working through its plan to cut 30,000 jobs announced in 2011, which they aim to complete by year-end.
  • One head perked up ever so slightly as if the man might say something. Had he been able to develop a coherent thought, he might have argued that the women in this neighborhood used worse language than any hard-drinking working man, and children rarely came to Drunken Scum Street. Well, maybe it was a little more than rarely, but still. Okay, sometimes kids came to buy beer or smoke-weed for lazy parents or for themselves to use or trade, but those children were already so corrupted by woeful home lives that a few rude words in the air would hardly affect them. Or at least the drunk could have argued in that manner.
  • "The upshot of our talk was that, a week later, as I drove home from the station after my long railway journey, John Emmet sat by my side. He had taken service with me as gardener, and for nine years he served me well. You'll hardly believe it"--here the Vicar's gaze travelled over the unkempt flower-beds--"but under John Emmet's hand this garden of mine was a picture. The fellow would have half a day's work done before the rest of the parish was out of bed. I never knew a human creature who needed less sleep--that's not the way to put it, though-- the man couldn't sleep: he had lost the power (so he said) ever since the night the Nerbuddha struck.
  • "I think the bright sunlight and the clear air had worked as a tonic to me, for by the time I came to the foot of the great pine, I had quite lost faith in the verity of the vision that haunted me, believing at last that it was indeed but the nightmare of madness. Nevertheless, I turned sharply to the right, at the base of the tree, into a narrow path that led through a dense thicket. As I did so I tripped over something. A swarm of flies sung into the air around me, and looking down I saw the matted fleece, with the poor little bones thrusting through, of the dog we had bought in Hallsberg.
  • Dr. Ruth Cruise was the towns senior resident GP for Cooktown Hospital. She was also the area Forensic Pathologist. Originally from Melbourne, she had moved to Cairns and thence to Cooktown following the painful and drawn out separation and ultimate divorce from a high society neurosurgeon. He claimed she didnt fulfil hisneeds’. She claimed he was a narcissist, obsessional, jerk. Fortunately they had no children. Ruths parents were dead and her only brother lived somewhere in Europe. She was in her mid 50s, of medium build and extremely fit from hours of running on a home treadmill and maintaining a whirlwind work schedule. She had short cropped blond hair, fair complexion and a freckled covered nose. In her 30s and 40s she was considered stunning, other than by her husband. Now her beauty had matured into the warm elegance which only age produces. She should have looked haggard and worn, having spent hundreds of hours at horrific crime scenes and in air conditioned (and sometimes not air conditioned) morgues. Her demeanour and beauty defied the odds.
  • "Jeez. Youre the best partner I ever had. You put up the money, worked as hard as I have and never complained. You nursed me when I was sick." He knocked the ashes out of his pipe into the remains of the fire. He seemed genuinely sad. Chance pulled out the last item from his sack, a bottle of quality whiskey, the sight of which immediately cheered Jeremiah up. In a very short time they were singing at the top of their lungs.
  • These people had no idea what they were doing. Was it really going to work if they helped her make the totem? She didn't see any way around it, since it would take many pairs of hands to hold onto all of the cords. She tossed the blue bundle to another townie and took the white one for herself. She started to weave.
  • Elias knew that the spell would work quickly. The bones were already knitting together under the skin. Shamus would be able to walk with a crutch, which was enough to get him out of the forest.
  • Aerie squeezed through the double doors of the single bay garage. It looked like it had once been a barebones, working class carriage house, or maybe even a small barn with a hay loft. Its frame was twisted; its roof sagged. It looked like Rons kind of place, maybe even an upgrade over his last shanty, despite its lack of heat.
  • You spend the weekend working on a essay about slavery in Rome. When you read it over Monday morning, you decide it sucks, but the master might not notice if you add illustrations. So, at breakfast, you take an empty table where you can eat and draw. Your favorite part is about Spartacus, who led a slave revolt, then died on a cross, the traditional punishment for Rome's traitors. You don't want him to look like Jesus, so you make him clean-shaven and give him shorter hair.
  • "There was so much about Islam and the people who lived it that was left unsaid in the media and in public discussion, and I could do something about it" are the very words which explain the purpose of G. Willow Wilson's The Butterfly Mosque. Wilson's work was a well-written attempt to bridge the gap between the Middle East, mainly Islam, and the United States. She illustrated the truth: the good and bad of both cultures. While she focused on closing the gap between what is seen in the media in the U.S. in regards to men, women, and fundamentalists, she never presented only one side of the matter.
  • The knife was in her back pocket. She watched the boy's silhouette work at the fastener of his trousers, while she stole a hand behind her and slowly, slowly took out the knife. She let herself make silent choking dazed sounds.
  • Captain Luff peered into his pipe. It had gone dry a few minutes or so back, in the middle of a sticky spot involving a wizard-drive sternwheeler that had come tearing out of nowhere and half to swamped them; expensive piece of work that vessel had been, though, even without the mahogany railings and the gold-leaf and the mother-of-pearl figurehead. Some gods pleasure yacht, more than likely. "Second thoughts are we having then, Dr. Shaa?"
  • Pa said, "Can't be true. I am." He added, "I don't expect you to do less work than a white man, so I figure I better not pay you less money."
  • "As do I. Everything returns to nature eventually. You cannot take from nature without her getting something in return. Anything we take also gets taken from us, to a degree." He turned his eyes on her seriously. "One way or another!" He stared straight again. "Thats why we must work with nature, not against." Staring straight ahead they continued walking.
  • "Oh," Merial turned her gaze down and blushed slightly, continuing her work as they walked. "Several things. Cooking, salves, and they worked well for wounds," she nudged him with her elbow, "until you came along that is."
  • Geithner has at times been frustrated "that the Europeans were not able, or willing, to act fast enough to stop their economies from being dragged down," said Michael Barr, who worked under Geithner as assistant secretary for financial institutions in 2009-2010.
  • "The universe," began Elvallon, "is the work of the Creator. Whoever or whatever the Creator may be, the universe was wrought when he smashed the cosmic egg. The stars and worlds, benefic and malefic sephiroths; everything was created in that instant. And it happened by using the Gift."
  • His mind was not in a normal state. A healthy man usually thinks of, feels, and remembers innumerable things simultaneously, but has the power and will to select one sequence of thoughts or events on which to fix his whole attention. A healthy man can tear himself away from the deepest reflections to say a civil word to someone who comes in and can then return again to his own thoughts. But Prince Andrew's mind was not in a normal state in that respect. All the powers of his mind were more active and clearer than ever, but they acted apart from his will. Most diverse thoughts and images occupied him simultaneously. At times his brain suddenly began to work with a vigor, clearness, and depth it had never reached when he was in health, but suddenly in the midst of its work it would turn to some unexpected idea and he had not the strength to turn it back again.
  • To be fair, Masterson says each state sets their own licensing rules and a graduate generally works as an assistant for one to two years. But licenses are also needed so people understand other issues like health and safety and, for barbers, the proper use of blades, he says. Some states also require hairstylists to make their education an ongoing program in order to renew their licenses after a certain amount of years. "There is a lot of passion and education to learn more about your craft," Rogers say, "but its up to the individual."
  • She stood in silence for several seconds, but her rotund body could not long hold her thoughts. "Roselyn, please forgive me, but I could not but notice the striking resemblance you bear to the description of Lady Selene being bandied about...and you claim to have worked for her..."
  • To avoid thinking about anything else Kevin went over his finances once more. He calculated his monthly wage with extras, then deducted the rent and the fees of his mothers Home, took away a rounded up figure for bills and the like, tried to assess what he spent on food and clothing, then divided the rest by thirty. Every so often he got lost and confused and had to start all over again. He had just worked out that a constant rate of two hours overtime a day should see him clear and even enable him to buy a
  • Maureen began to realize what his problem was and she was overjoyed. Elizabeth would have never shown him that embroidery unless she had felt some connection. Maureen knew that they didnt show that embroidery to just any one. "Yes, Ive seen it." She answered nonchalantly, smiling to herself. "Ive seen both the twinsgowns. The embroidery work is exceptional."
  • "Come on, Nerissa," says Portia. "I have work in hand that you yet know not of! Well see our husbands before they think of us!"
  • Sometimes when, trying to understand him, she spoke of the good work he was doing for his serfs, he would be vexed and reply: "Not in the least; it never entered my head and I wouldn't do that for their good! That's all poetry and old wives' talk--all that doing good to one's neighbor! What I want is that our children should not have to go begging. I must put our affairs in order while I am alive, that's all. And to do that, order and strictness are essential.... That's all about it!" said he, clenching his vigorous fist. "And fairness, of course," he added, "for if the peasant is naked and hungry and has only one miserable horse, he can do no good either for himself or for me."
  • "Criminal attacks on electronic networks are a real and growing aspect of 21st century life and Sony continually works to strengthen our systems, building in multiple layers of defence and working to make our networks safe, secure and resilient," a spokesman for the firm added.
  • "No, not really. Paul may have declared his own apostleship in those letters, but I think its important to realize that he was not one of the twelve. In fact, I dont think Jesus ever met Paul in the flesh. But churches are very mindful of what he was saying, since his work was instrumental in the start of their own organizations."
  • My first period yoga class is exclusively for girls. The journey between the newspaper office and that particular classroom spans less than five minutes, walking. Somehow though, five different boys managed to intercept me on the way to change into work out clothing. Two other guys caught me between the locker room and my yoga classthree doors down and less than one minute away.
  • It started innocently enough: "Why does God care if we take off our hats, Gran?" But the nosy ladies in the nearby pews couldnt bear to simply listen in, and the argument spread like ripples on a pond, out as far as the pulpit, where the priest decided to squash the whole line of inquiry with some half-remembered philosophical word games from Descartes in which the objective truth of reality is used to prove the beneficence of God and vice-versa, and culminates with "I think therefore I am." Father Ferlenghetti even managed to work it into the thread of the sermon, but before he could go on, Arts shrill little voice answered from within the congregation.
  • "You want us to work with a Garner?" another one asked. He wasnt as clean cut as the rest of them. His hair was longer and shaggier and he was taller and more muscular than the other boys.
  • I early earned the captain's displeasure for my coming tardy to work to get the mules after the morning watering, and for my returning home at evening. It took much urging on Rothman's part to convince him the Master wanted me at home each night, and I do believe our captain spoke to my uncle before letting go his determination. As it was, he gave voice to many strictures as to the amount and quality of my work, by way of making up for my privileged status, perhaps.
  • The small window allowed just enough light to enter the attic for Kat to be able to maneuver around the many obstacles that lay strew across the floor. In the far corner she saw the 3 trunks that she hoped would provide the answers for which she searched. The first trunk she approached was a grand old mahogany steamer trunk and when she opened it smells of her childhood immediately wafted through the air making their way to her sensitive nostrils. Starring in the direction of the staircase she wondered what was keeping Darryl. Turning back to her work she flipped on a small flashlight that she had brought with her.
  • Yes,’ said Binda softly. Glistening tears rolled down her ebony cheeks. The little one is Koorine Burton. The other is her Mum, Oola. They live out near Hope Vale but work for Mrs. Jerome down Quarantine Road.’
  • Shirin waved her hand and laughed again. "If you understand all this, why not just take the papers back to the palace and work with them there?" She was in the room now, her olive cheeks exquisitely shadowed by the partially open door, where flickering shadows played lightly through the brilliant sunshine. "Today Id rather hear you play your English instrument."
  • "Dont lie," The Puppetmaster hissed, kneeling, "because I intended to give you a shitty start. Youre still in school, Jeremy. You need to work your way up from the ground if you really want to appreciate the life of a criminal."
  • "Really? This yesterday afternoon you say?" Ve asked as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened to his personal suites. "Hmm," Ve sat down and offered Seth a drink out of a crystal decanter filled with a dark viscous liquid. "Drink?" The red shone through Ve's demon eyes as he offered the blood to Seth, "It's O positive, everyone likes O positive, don't they?" Ve sat back and thought a moment before he asked his questions. "I have lots of visitors, Seth. Some of them are a bit more well mannered than you have been here tonight. It's not easy to find a good doorman, you know." Ve took a sip of his own drink and appeared to be thinking. "Then again, obviously Teddy wasn't that good, since you worked him over like that so quickly." Ve sipped another bit of his drink before adding, "perhaps I owe you a..." Ve dropped just short of saying favor before Seth interrupted.
  • Jim leaned back, propping his barrel-chested torso with his thick arms. Above his mildly pockmarked but squarely handsome face, the breeze tousled his dark, well-manicured hair. He had driven north directly from work but left his tie and suit coat in his car, parked at the end of the dock.
  • After the game Pete's dad said, "See, all of those hours we spent working on your left hand paid off." Pete looked at Isabel and thought that all the hours of practice paled in comparison to the fire lit under his ass by an empty house and a girl who held his one way ticket to heaven.
  • The People of the Asataria lived and worked surrounded by knowledge, learning, andthe Power. Those who dwelt in the city or the surrounding countryside administered the running of the day to day lives of themselves and the humans who shared the Realm of Gaharn with them. Cycles past, Jal had met some of these moreordinaryPeople, but always he had felt a tingle of apprehension, nervousness, in their company. And yet he had still taken employment with Rhaki.
  • Eventually he found the bicycle in the far corner of the garage propped up between an old washing machine and an ancient second-hand fridge that was on its last legs when they originally bought it. The faded red bicycle was so heavily shrouded in dust and cobwebs it was barely recognisable. The chain and the handlebars had rusted solid, the wheels barely turned and worst of all the tyres were completely flat. He wasnt even sure he could restore it but with no alternative, and with his future hanging in the balance, he hastily retrieved his toolbox from the house and immediately knelt down on the bare concrete to begin work on the restoration. He wrestled with the rusty skeleton for the rest of the morning. The atmosphere grew thick and acrid with WD-40. Within an hour his hands were bloody and bruised and his back was sore enough to bring tears to his eyes.
  • In the aftermath of the independence, several new authors emerged on the Algerian literary scene, they will attempt through their works to expose a number of social problems, among them there are Rachid Boudjedra, Rachid Mimouni, Leila Sebbar, Tahar Djaout and Tahir Wattar.
  • "Come on," Todd said. "Theres no way, man. You gotta be back at work in three days. Thats impossible."
  • "My friend. He was very good to me. Dimas worked on the caravans too but not at the same job as me. He was too old to do much lifting and carrying, but he knew numbers and words, and owners liked him to keep books about how much money they had and what inventory they bought and sold. You know, things like that."
  • Illegally obtained books on the mantelpiece too.’ (This referred to the Oxford Complete works of Shakespeare, amongst others.)
  • At work I kept the classical station on. They only played music in the a.m., then it switched to news. The day before I had heard "Carmina Burana"—the whole thing, not just that intense segment they always play in movies. Great stuff.
  • Continuing to sit with outward calm at her desk, Jeptha turned her thoughts to the mysterious invaders, partly just to keep the fear from her mind. She wanted to believe it to be the work of another country, of course, but who, and why?
  • - You pay a royalty fee of 20% of the gross profits you derive from the use of Project Gutenberg-tm works calculated using the method you already use to calculate your applicable taxes. The fee is owed to the owner of the Project Gutenberg-tm trademark, but he has agreed to donate royalties under this paragraph to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation. Royalty payments must be paid within 60 days following each date on which you prepare (or are legally required to prepare) your periodic tax returns. Royalty payments should be clearly marked as such and sent to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation at the address specified in Section 4, "Information about donations to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation."
  • While Grahamas expected hours upon hours of grueling labor, over the weeks he learned it would be nothing of the sort. To his relief, the work was more intellectually strenuous than it was physical. The Duke was incredibly lenient regarding Graham's freedom. If the horses were taken care ofwhich he could do so in only two hoursGrahamas was allowed to use the rest of his time to study, explore and anything else he wished, so long as he stayed out of trouble. When Graham did work with Tallvas, the Duke would tell him stories of the past, how Highlace came to be; he would share his knowledge of art, literature and virtually anything Grahamas said he wanted to learn. Overtime the youngster ended up spending as much time with the Duke as he did in the library.
  • Henry was so tired after work on Friday night that he thought about going to sleep early until Jinny made that a certainty by whispering in his ear, "I want to be with you all weekend. Ill text you when the coast is clear."
  • Helga always gave the appearance if being busy. Her desk was neat, she was working the computer mouse with her right hand, searching through papers with her left hand, while a vibrating dildo in her ass kept her posture quite erect... an old trick she learned back in Germany at school.
  • Prioritise Activities by Yield. The principle of 'working smart'. The word 'yield' means the result or productive effect of an action or activity. In life and business it's helpful to focus your efforts on tasks and activities that will give the highest return on your efforts. Identify and then work on things that will produce the best yield in your chosen area. When you plan how to spend your time, plan to spend it on efforts that will produce the highest yield according to whatever you are trying to achieve, be that business results, profit, etc, or any other desired impact, effect, benefit, greater good, etc. See also MILE and MOFMOF, and the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80:20 Rule. (Thanks S Billbess)
  • "Should I try to pick the lock?" Omari thought she might be able to use the delicate point of her trusty scissors to work some magic.
  • Or was it? A gnawing fear crept into Todd. What if he hadnt worked long enough to truly gain the experience necessary to write such a grim expos? What if his rap sounded paltry, sounded too hollow and nave? He was an exacting man; he couldnt settle for mediocrity. What if his work was stalled, dead, worthless?
  • Sallis used his talents whenever possible, catching those who liked to steal other people's sheep, or those prisoners the Guard managed to lose. He had never worked out if the Guard suffered from incompetence or carelessness. He had certainly amassed gold of his own, but Hayland always said the best work would be found on the mainland. And the most rewarding.
  • Hours later, Amaranthe surveyed the cannery with satisfaction. Despite Maldynado's propensity for using the broom to spar with imaginary foes instead of sweeping, the hardwood floors gleamed. The now-pristine counters would allow them to work without worrying about sawdust or fish guts sticking to their bills.
  • The pair of rescuers climbed inside. The woman investigated the grim reminders of past passengers by torchlight. She shook her head in anger and pity. The man revealed a pry bar, with which he made short work of the chains. When Myranda was free, he helped her to her feet, but the untold time she'd spent immobile had robbed her of the strength to walk. He carried her outside and onto one of two horses that were waiting at the ready.
  • That was not, apparently enough, Favoreds problem, however. It would be difficult to learn from his example, too, since the message-board he was observing most closely was almost edge-on to their observation gallery. In a panel above the primary screen was another matrix of views of scenery, and Wroclaw was pretty sure the vistas that were showing pertained intimately to the environs of the Stadium of State, where the Knitting ceremony by now was surely reaching its climax. At least part of Shaas surmise was presumably thus confirmed. Unless Favored was working at some cunningly unlikely cross purpose, the Scapula did have a confederate, and Favored was it.
  • Reichert stopped by one afternoon as they were sitting through an eventful day in total silence. He had been working with Third Platoon and had just arrived at camp the night before. He looked different than he had when Stans saw him on the bus. He was growing a moustache, his hair was shorter and he hadnt shaved in days. His moustache was long and thick and made him look like a desperado.
  • That night, after having downed a quick bite with her daughter at a fast food chain, Geraldine sat herself down at the computer. She hadn't worked on her manuscript in weeks, but why should she abandon it now? The way she saw it, she could manage this day job and still plug away on the book at night.
  • The cell phone Alan had attached to his belt made sure that he could take his work everywhere. When I left my office the work stayed on my desk and nobody usually bugged me when I was gone. Except for vacations, when something inevitably popped up, afternoon golf was usually an uninterrupted activity.
  • Trinos began to enjoy the enthusiastic characteristics of the world's people. It seemed to her that when they worked together they were unstoppable. Maybe they would make it. Maybe Trinos would not always be so bored in in?nity. But her moment of hope was brief. They were not going to make it after all. The prominent young race had too much success early. They lost their creativity as technology and convenience led them to self-indulgence and internal strife. They who had overcome so much now began ?ghting among themselves. Their pride and greed was to be their world's undoing.
  • The bombs flash to the east so they may not get him; but the rain might if he doesnt get under some shelter. His cloths are soaked through and through. The touch of dysentery he has endured for the last months at Dachau is getting worse in the dampness. They will be looking for him to head straight to his home so he will circle around and come in from the west. Lighting flashes; followed by a bang of thunder. Then the flood comes. He trips and goes face down in the mud. He gets up, pulling the soggy jacket around his shivering body. He falls again. And then again. He tries to get up but his strength is sapped from the lack of nutrition he has endured through the many months at the work Camp. He thinks about his wife and beautiful Sandra and then blacks out.
  • "Well, Im not sure I care at this point. How much has that gotten me so far, Katie? I mean, Im about to have to go down and work for, what, eleven hours in that store? Ive worked all week, either there or at Riverside. Im already into overtime, and I dont even get paid any extra for it, now that Im on salary."
  • In 1981, the Presidential working Party on the Second University was commissioned to look at both the possibilities of setting up a second university in Kenya as well as the reforming of the entire education system. The committee recommended that the 7423 system be changed to an 844 system (eight years in primary, four years in secondary, and four years in university education). The table under Present-day education in Kenya below shows the structure of the 844 system. Although the 7423 system theoretically ended with the introduction of the new 844 system in 1985, the last batch of students from the former system graduated from Kenyan Universities in 1992.
  • "They're only bad when they're on the other side!" quipped Syrill. "Laylan has done some work for me. His cheetah's tracks don't attract attention from enemy scouts. The pay is excellent. Of course, there are drawbacks. If you think the Raiders are fierce, then the cats may give you a green turn. We got a prisoner back last red month whom they'd tortured. He died yesterday. The cats had licked all the skin off one arm."
  • We were quiet when we woke and dealt with the usual morning stuff, then walked to breakfast together. The Great Hall buzzed with activity as we neared it, servants worked on opening the walls between the ballrooms and the throne room.
  • On the Wednesday a couple of weeks after I had started school I was sitting at lunch with Dani and Nobuko, a girl whose family had moved to Colorado from Japan over the summer and who was still trying to deal with culture shock. She was the girl I had seen sitting by herself at lunch my first day at Alpine High, and when I realized that she always sat by herself I tentatively approached her. She spoke excellent English, though her accent got pretty heavy when she got flustered, which was often. She was in three of my classes, and from what I could tell she was really self-conscious and had a difficult time making friends. I saw a kindred spirit in her, because even though I worked hard to be outgoing and amicable, I still felt nervous and flustered inside when I met new people. That, and I was used to moving and knew what culture shock felt like.
  • The broadside took Baker completely by surprise. He stood, his mouth agape, as the cannonballs whined through the rigging of his ship, holes appearing in her sails, cordage ripping, wood splintering and men in the fighting tops screaming in agony. One sailor fell as the yard he was working on was ripped in two, landing on the deck with a soft thud, not to move ever again.
  • Raoul was born in Brazzaville and has a background working in education at the Marien Ngouabi University in Brazzaville. She was married to General Alfred Raoul prior to the latter's death. From 1998 to 2002, she was a member of the National Transitional Council (CNT), the interim parliament that existed during the transitional period which followed the 1997 civil war. Her writings include Alternative Strategies to Fight Against Poverty in Congo (Strategies alternatives de lutte contre la pauvrete au Congo), published in 2000.
  • "With the realization that the magic in the world was fading, the great wizards, both good and evil, conferred together to solve the mystery. Since they all were subject to losing their powers, they agreed to work together. Ingar, however, was noticeably missing from the conference. Becoming suspicious, the wizards and sorcerers believed Ingar might be responsible. Spies were sent which never returned.
  • There it was again, math. Things kept coming back to math. For me, math had always been a dark room and me without a match. I didnt think I had any better grasp of mathematics now than Id had before Id run afoul of Max and his crew. Well, fine, Id never wanted to be an accountant, and Id certainly never wanted anything to do with the other major discipline that required a solid grasp of math, both abstract and applied. It was an axiom that you couldnt do magic unless you could work the math, but that had always been just dandy with me.
  • "My boys have seen you," Mitsy whispered, voice low and hoarse. "All over the city with some warrior caste dandy and SicariusHollowcrest's every-whim-doer. Don't pretend you're not working for the government. They've probably got you finding targets for whatever it is they're doing to my people."
  • "Joanna didn't say, she just called me at work and asked if I wanted to go with her. How come you're going?" Charlie asked warmly with a big grin. "I didn't know you had a girl friend, much less the two Simpson girls. You could do a lot worse. But both?"
  • "Thank you, sir. I guess I need to learn more about civic government. I can't wait to go into whatever records are public and learn about all of the ways the mayor works with the banks. I'll bet there are plenty of other people who'd be interested too. Maybe I can start a club at school."
  • I couldnt blame the previous manager or anyone else who had worked there. There was no time to deal with it. As long as Grab-n-Go refused to pay for double coverage, we would all be pinned behind those registers. Raking in cash for management with the threat of food poisoning suits dangling above our heads.
  • As unbelievable as it was considering that most of my classmates seemed more concerned with working their fast food jobs than with doing homework, the plain envelope she handed me contained my very first paycheck. Ever.
  • With two nights to go before Christmas, Louie had finished all the banging, hammering, cursing and swearing in the spare room. The couple could really relax now as the Factory was closed for two weeks until after New Year. They didnt have to think about going to work in the morning.
  • 1.E.7. Do not charge a fee for access to, viewing, displaying, performing, copying or distributing any Project Gutenberg-tm works unless you comply with paragraph 1.E.8 or 1.E.9.
  • I said: "Oh nuts! You'd screw things up if I did. Let it work out; it will. Now I want you to go to the phone and get Crandall on the wire. Insist on one thing. An appointment for eleven-thirty tonight. Tell him you'll be ready to discuss terms of settlement at that time. Make it at his office. If he objects to that hour, tell him you're sick of the whole dirty mess and want to pay off and leave in the morning."
  • But an Australian research team working in Shark Bay, Australia discovered, a third level of social hierarchy: coalitions among second-order alliances, which may be called "third-order alliances," or more imposingly as "second-order super-alliances," involving dolphins that were unrelated.
  • No, no, no, no, no. This couldn't be happening. Even if this was truth it was bullshit. And it probably wasn't true. Should he cry, laugh, throw up, lean over the desk and throttle George Stiles? It was all too much. No information. No job. No reason to stay sober. No vinyl disc. Everything going backwards. Back to zero and beyond. Danger and no gain. Kohl outside. George almost doing Kohl's work for him here in the office. The stupid, smug, rich, scheming asshole.
  • They were engaged in just such a conversation when they were rudely interrupted. Deacon had begun to brag about the spell he had cast on Myranda again, prompting more than a bit of concern from the white-robed elf he was talking to, when a pixie of some sort flitted up and positioned herself directly between them. She began to speak in an agitated manner. Her voice was musical, and the language was bizarre. It rose and fell in tone like the work of a talented flutist.
  • What seemed to work best was my solution at our last place in Missouri. When the kids werent looking, I would put the remote on top of a blade of the ceiling fan. No one could reach it or spot it but me. It had kept them in suspense for weeks.
  • Finally, he ran out of excuses and disguised himself as a peasant boy. He waited for a family to leave, then tagged along to blend in. It had always worked in the past. Not ten paces into the busy street the girl dropped down on him with the flying skill of a master.
  • A few years ago Landon convinced Captain Travis to provide him with books to teach her how to read and write. Apparently, slave owners dont want their slaves educated, so Landon was surprised when boxes began to show up outside his door weekly with different supplies and books. One day he came across a psychology book and found the disorder associated with Summers muteness. He extensively researched it, including techniques to help her speak again. He finally came to her with his findings and has been working with her ever since. But the number one, most important thing about her disorder is that pressure to make her speak will only bring anxiety. She was so impressed by it all she accepted to let him work with her on it. Landon talks with her constantly, even when shes not receptive at all. Summer knows shes blessed to have such a wonderful person in her life and wishes she could do more for him in exchange.
  • Zacks trips to The Center became more frequent as the weeks passed. By the end of the summer, Stanley offered him a job as Assistant Program Director for $25,000 per year. For the first time in his life, Zack saw the important work to be done, not the paycheck.
  • History wasn't any better, and we had a sub for Physics. Alec actually walked into class, saw Mrs. Alexander wasn't there, and then turned around and left. It was possibly the most brazen act of class cutting I'd ever seen, and somehow it didn't surprise me in the least. Even so, I spent the rest of the hour stewing while working on the pointless, busywork assignment the sub handed out.
  • Rhaki lifted a jug of wine but replaced it in the hearth without pouring himself any of it. A clear head was essential right now. He thought of the names Bark had given him. Yasha far seeker of considerable Power and extremely sensitive to the emotions of any near him. Gan, he did not even bother to consider. Perik. Surely Perik had been killed by Gangers on one of his mad expeditions to the far west? A foolish dreamer, as far as Rhaki could remember. That left Iska and Kera. Iska was strong in manipulative Power, in healing, but not inclined to use her manipulative talents at all. He recalled part of an argument he had overheard. Iska had been insisting that she would work only through suggestion, not force any changes in any minds. She had been arguing with one of the Discipline Seniors he thought, but he had not really been interested enough to pay much attention at the time. Kera was a Discipline Senior in the Asataria and had rarely left the Buildings of Learning since being raised to that position.
  • "Yeah, well, why dont you put that amazing perception to work and figure out that it was a stupid idea to take that necklace from Eliasha and, and give to me like you mined it from the damn mountain yourself!" Liseli put her hand to her forehead, then waved it at him, fighting a note of hysteria that surfaced in her voice. "I mean, what were you thinking?"
  • He shrugged, and then laughed heartily to himself. What was he thinking! Of course they werent really his parents. Just imagining his dads buttoned-up polo shirt made him laugh hysterically, especially when he remembered the little alligator on the front pocket. He remembered how hard hed ribbed his dad when hed come home with the shirt, writing a brief, four line rap about the pocket after half an hour of contemplation. "Your pockets got an alligator / its awful, see you later / If you wear it to work / Your peeps will think youre a jerk." His dad had not been amused, nor had he clapped; just further proof that he wasnt Todds biological father. Reginald Vel Johnson would have written it down on parchment paper and glued it to the refrigerator.
  • Since it was only yesterday that we had returned from sea after five days of trawling for tuna, my boat hands were not expected to report for work today. All alone, I got busy getting things ready for the sail ahead of me. I checked the stock of diesel on board as a matter of routine - it was only yesterday that I had got the spare diesel tank filled up. I checked the radio. No trouble there, all frequencies unaltered. I had nothing to worry about at that moment, but I was not sure whether I could sail such a long distance all alone! I did not know even what that package was supposed to contain! `Whatsoever it is ... why worry now when there is nothing left to change?’ I thought.
  • Then Van Helsing said, placing her hand tenderly on Harker's head, 'and now, Minas, poor dear, dear, Minas, tell us exactly what happened. God knows that I do not want that you be pained, but it is need that we know all. For now more than ever has all work to be done quick and sharp, and in deadly earnest. The day is close to us that must end all, if it may be so, and now is the chance that we may live and learn.'
  • Billy blew his whistle as he chugged past Tommy Ledge who was working his favorite spot near the Huntington Lighthouse. Trailing behind Billy at a respectable distance were the two clammers who had watched him sell the 4,500 clams last week. They had latched onto him on Friday, but he had clammed only long enough to dig the 1,000 clams he needed, 500 for Erin's party and the other 500 for his buyer.
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