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Okunuşu: / wəːk / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work
Ekler: works/worked/work·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. çalışmak, iş yapmak;
emek sarfetmek, uğraşmak, meşgul olmak;
vazifeli olmak, memuriyeti olmak;
başarılı olmak, iyi netice vermek;
etkilemek, tesir etmek;
çözmek, halletmek.

i. iş, çalışma, meşguliyet;
görev, vazife;
eser, kitap;
el işi;
çalışma yeri;
fabrika, tesis;
, argo. tüm;
sirke köpüğü;
sevap kazanılacak iş.
(sonek)... işi, -den yapılmış.

work için örnek cümleler:

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  • Its out here now, in this willow tree, working that iPad of Dianes that, by all rights, should be in Long Island with Diane. The words of that weird lady from Connecticut, the one who back in March tried to deliver a message from a ghost, return back to me. I wish I had a way to contact her, because I have so many questions.
  • The old woman bethought herself first. "Take her in and lay her on the bed," she ordered. While she worked he began to hurry on his clothes, moving as though he were stupid; then he came up to the bed.
  • A giant hand had wrapped itself around his neck and squeezed, saving him the work of figuring out what rhymed with 'obscure'.
  • Fikna said, "Dianan was an interesting girl. With you working the play I could pass backstage and have a reason to mingle. It worked well."
  • The beat was attractive, maddening. It made him want to be a part of things, to dance in the town square. He worked hard. But. He never had any--fun. The word caught in his throat, emerged, and hung before him like the coast of Antarctica. He gripped the steering wheel. Mother had been on him about that earlier. _You ought to go out and have a good time, Arthur. Never mind those science trips._ Mother specialized in good times. Her round of social events would drive him crazy. He was content to see her alone at their weekly breakfast. Quite content. In fact, meditation was helpful after breakfast with Mother. He remembered to exhale, and he loosened his grip on the wheel.
  • Stars glittered through the branches ahead and Rhaki studied their position and that of the moon. Halfway to dawn, he estimated. Time enough to walk to the outskirts of Return. He walked steadily, not striding out, and noted the fields cultivated with beans and corn in the faint moonlight. Hargon had a few good administrators and the sense to let them get on with their work without his interference.
  • Hamish enjoyed working here, or at least he was able to tolerate it. His task was to collect the empty bottles and pint glasses that filled every available surface of the room. There was a magical aspect to the work, in that as soon as a glass or bottle was removed it was instantly replaced, often without any visible source. Hamish and his peers were kept busy. Indeed they were run off their feet. Although Hamish did not indulge in this practice, Levin, who also worked in this particular institution for a term, often came home to soak his members in hot water and sigh and feel content after an arduous six-hour shift. And all shifts were arduous.
  • The last of the visits from the great beyond took place at Beach Haven Sporting Goods, where Agent Blake Wallace was trying to move a muscle, any muscle, and remove himself from the hunting and fishing department. He only had one person work with him on his FBI task force focused on all things Hartwell, and he was back to repay an old debt.
  • I rinsed my face in a basin of cold water, washing away the chapped redness in my cheeks and eyes and left the room. The servants were busy, draping mirrors and furniture in black velvet. A maid stopped in the middle of her work to stare out the window, biting her lip to stay its quivering. In passing, I reached out and squeezed her shoulder. Her sorrowful brown eyes met mine. Much of the Assembly might have ignored Erina in her final months, but for the folk of the Alhazar, life would never be the same. I pressed a handkerchief into the woman's hand.
  • "I will tell you, but you need to save your interruptions to the end. I will have to give you some history and you will have to accept that what I tell you is true, and that I will not answer all of your questions. Does that work for you?"
  • Now it was her Connors turn to try and make some noise for the crowd. Sarah heard some of the people talking about him and wondering if his highly developed muscles were all for show. That put a smile on quite a few faces. They were all proven wrong in thinking all his hard work didnt have a meaning or use.
  • "Mother," Tabitha said, sighing. "I'll call him. He can work the extra hour tomorrow, but if he isn't able to get his pay tonight, we'll need gas money, too. "
  • "Havent you achieved a victory for your people? Does it matter if its true? Let them believe in you as the Prophet. Let them have hope. All you have to do is work on believing in yourself."
  • You mustnt worry,’ I told her. ‘When you see the works weve done youll be comforted, Im sure. I cant imagine how anyone could get across. But I dont know, of course, for Ive never been at a siege. One of the old fellows I was talking to the other day, Ted Barlow, whos been in the wars in Germany, said no defences can hold out for ever. If the enemy is steadfast enough theyll get over or through the strongest walls. But he said that the idea is to make it cost so much in time and men to capture a place that they wont bother, but will move on to somewhere easier to take.’
  • Right now, the stoppage of the construction work is the least of the problems. The loss of innocent lives at a frequency that is increasing alarmingly has cast a pall on Aizawl and its surroundings. Nobody feels safe.
  • In the kitchen, relocate the microwave from above the stove to a countertop or low cabinet, and if youre renovating think about raising the dishwasher height. Also consider adding a work area with a low-height counter so your older self can sit while prepping meals. That counter will be just as popular with grandkids, or the next owner of the home with young kids. "What works for aging in place should work across generations," says Tauke.
  • He was momentarily stunned. It was a picture of him and Clarice and Blondie on the beach. Clarice was just a little thingwearing a blue bathing suit with neon green polka dots and ruffles. She had stopped working on her sand castle to smile up at the camera. Scott was sitting beside herhis eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglassessmiling happily, his arm draped around an equally happy-looking Blondie.
  • Alaska has been identified, along with Pacific Northwest states Washington and Oregon, as being the least religious in the U.S. According to statistics collected by the Association of Religion Data Archives, about 39% of Alaska residents were members of religious congregations. Evangelical Protestants had 78,070 members, Roman Catholics had 54,359, and mainline Protestants had 37,156. After Catholicism, the largest single denominations are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with 30,169, and Southern Baptists with 22,959. The large Eastern Orthodox (with 49 parishes and up to 50,000 followers) population is a result of early Russian colonization and missionary work among Alaska Natives.
  • She has four other hatchlings to raise. Three is the most we usually have in a brood. She will be kept very busy training them to become independent of her. And I know she will work them hard, as she is anxious for Farn and you. If your journey takes much time, I think Kija will try to find you, to be of assistance in your task.’
  • She waved from her perch at the rear of her wagon where she worked at a bowl of porridge in a tin bowl and utensils she had crafted herself. After one more mouthful she carefuly set her meal aside and slid to the ground to greet him.
  • "At the time of Ambassador Stevens' visit, February 17 militia members had stopped accompanying special mission vehicle movements in protest over salary and working hours," the report said.
  • The other night I didn't have a problem convincing the cops to lock me up. But I hadn't thought it through and by the time I worked it out it was too late. The cops won't forget me in a hurry. No way I'm trying that again.
  • Glancing back the way he had come, he made his own decision. He would not confront her as he had said he would. He would not return to the two men behind him. They had their own differences to work through before they would be healed enough to fulfill their part.
  • He "has few allies on Capitol Hill," and the difficulties in his Senate confirmation should have been a "red flag" that he needed to work on this, Calabria said.
  • "Tiffany, I want you to learn more about this tip." Bob leaned forward in his chair. "Green ferret is the most important thing we're working on right now. Since he's your contact, you should be able to figure out how he got the information."
  • "Cam only wanted worker bees, I imagine, and felt we'd be in the way. Or maybe we worked too hard the other day and need a rest."
  • Spencer puzzled over the logic. He handed the Professor a flashlight and walked inside. Two people work faster than one, and the Professor had plenty of experience exploring strange buildings. The lights inside were off. Spencer didn't switch them on, instead he lit his flashlight. The Professor followed behind, holding his torch in one hand and whiskey in the other.
  • Our home in Calgary had not been lived in for many decades. Esme wanted to make sure it was ready, so she and Carlisle had left a week earlier to prepare for our arrival. More excitingly, Rosalie and Emmett agreed to meet Esme there and work on the house with her. They were intending to live with us again now that we were moving back to civilization.
  • He put on a jacket, went back onto the porch, and sat with his feet up on the railing thinking about the sculpture of Erin. Until she told him about the article in 'The Georgia Overview' with the photo of her mimicking a magician casting a spell he hadn't arrived at the pose that would reveal her to the observer of the sculpture. The conflict that blossomed between them this morning freed him to be as cruel to Erin as his work demanded. He sensed a maliciousness about her that was waiting to be exposed in the sculpture. He wasn't certain yet what form that would take. Her misshapen body with a bulging belly, swollen thighs, and two conical breasts were not unconventional elements in paintings and sculpture. He wanted to reach something unique in this piece that he had yet to realize.
  • We spent hours in the courtyard till I could make the horse step just so, where and when I wanted it. We spent further hours in the field going from walk to trot to canter to gallop and back; switching between them, horse and rider learning to work as a team. I learned to change speed and direction smoothly, just on the signal from my knees and heels.
  • Later, as Yaeko sat with her parents to begin the interview, Izumi Ishikawa asked her gently, "That was very, very beautiful, Yaeko. Who was it? Ludwig? Amadeus? Bach? Some obscure work by Vivaldi? Surely not Handel or Schubert or Mendelssohn…. It seems incredible, but I am not at all familiar with the composer."
  • Each time You distribute or publicly digitally perform the work (as defined in Section 1 above) or a Collective work (as defined in Section 1 above), the Licensor offers to the recipient a license to the work on the same terms and conditions as the license granted to You under this License.
  • "I was fortunate that the envenomation from the bite wasnt that bad. Still, I swelled up to my fingertips in one direction, and up to my bicep in the other direction. I had some faint neurological symptoms too, but I regained the use of most everything. Between the shattered leg, the rattlesnake bite, and the concussion, I was laid up for a good long while. Wasnt a pleasant journey either, and a bit embarrassing too, considering I worked at the hospital I ended up staying at. And after everything, I still have a bit of a limp in my right leg. I try not to let it slow me down though."
  • Of the summer term there is little good to be said. There is no clear recollection although there is a certainty that work fell badly into arrears. Edward knew it would be a weapon in the hands of Lady Margaret but if he did badly enough maybe next term would be the last. In the meantime would come summer and Penshurst.
  • "Of course theres competition. Simple partnerships like ours, two, three men working together. But theres still plenty of room to stake out a claim. We all pan or use a sluice box, or a rocker box, scratching only the surface mostly. The yields are modest, but dont require much equipment. There are a couple of mines being dug, looking for a solid vein. The real competition is from mining consortiums using hydraulic mining techniques. They use water pressure to wash the gold-bearing gravel through giant sluices. That requires a large scale operation using enormous quantities of water."
  • "And their form of physical therapy would not move that subluxation back into place. They move your legs around, get you to twist at the waistMeanwhile the drugs work on the inflammation, so it gets easier. Yes?"
  • "You wont know if they do, but if it looks like someone is paying a little too much attention to you, clear your head. If that doesnt work then try to hurt yourself."
  • It was difficult to see across the distance precisely what was being extracted from the last two wagons. To Hugh it looked like planks of wood of different sizes and that was all. But evidently it was something marvelous to the Bastard, for he had planted himself by the working men and was watching their every move.
  • I get through two days without anything going wrong. I find myself thinking about the ghosts a lot, and Suki. I wonder if I've done the right thing bailing on her. But I don't have any answers and somehow I know it's not right to go back until I've worked this stuff with the ghosts out.
  • The next day, Oliver and Isaac were went to the surveyors office and they worked on a map of the town for all of five minutes. After all, the surveyor was alsoon the payroll’.
  • If you do work full time, ask who youre working for. Are you working for a machine? A bastard? Are you making crude toys for kids in the east, that theyll play with for two days and then chuck? Visit a landfill site: its completely full of all the so-calledworkyouve been doing for the past eight years. Youve got an entire landfill site devoted to you, full of your good labour.
  • I explained my website work for school courses and business. Benny seemed to soften a bit. He nodded and a slight smile appeared.
  • "I have a comrade who is gifted with weapons." Amaranthe wondered how Sicarius would feel about her using him to sway people to her cause. Unfortunately, he was her only asset. "If you would be willing to work for me, I'll see to it that you have food, a place to sleep, and someone to watch over you while you practice your 'science.'"
  • Peter smiled, "This is only the first day. If you were working on this for months and still missed the tree, Id be worried. Now what I definitely expect from you today is to teach the men back in the castle. I picked you men because you are smart and have gifted tongues. I want this entire garrison to know how to fire an arrow by the end of the week. Understood?"
  • 'He began working here as a janitor, now he is boss of a whole department. Only a few weeks ago, that's odd.' Mickey said.
  • So the hunters left the house and Hartwell lay dormant for another few hours before the darkness of the night permeated the room. At which time, the brute force and potency of Lowery's blood coursed through Hartwell's veins and worked to repair and upgrade his lifeless body.
  • So we set forth and rode--the wind lulling, but the rain coming down steadily--and reached Gunwallo Cove with a little daylight to spare. On the beach there we found most of the foreigners landed, but seven of them laid out starkly, who had been drowned or brought ashore dead (for the yard had fallen on board, the day before, and no time left in the ship's extremity to bury them): and three as good as dead--among whom was Master Porson, with a great wound of the scalp; also everywhere great piles of freight, chests, bales, and casks--a few staved and taking damage from salt water and rain, but the most in apparent good condition. The crew had worked very busily at the salving, and to the great credit of men who had come through suffering and peril of death. Mr. Saint Aubyn's band, too, had lent help, though by this time the flowing of the tide forced them to give over. But the master (as one might say) of their endeavours was neither the Portuguese captain nor Mr. Saint Aubyn, but a young damsel whom I must describe more particularly.
  • They took the prereqistite offramps and turns to get to Leanne and Jack's place. Leanne and Jack were from Spokane but moved to Seattle where Jack could find work doing enginerring for local bands. Leanne worked at a secondhand dress shop. They had met up with Eric's cadre during a camping trip on Orcas Island. From there out, they all kept in touch and occasionally visited each other as the schedules allowed.
  • "Way to go!!" Steve remained motionless while Sarah worked on the ropes. Her small, delicate fingers made short work of the hastily tied knots.
  • When Amanda first saw the leaner, healthier version of Brad, her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She had first seen professional opportunity with a secondary objective of romance. After all, work always preempted play in Amandas world. She hit the drive-thru of Organic Nation about as many times as she said, "This will only sting for a moment," to her patients. She had fallen for the food, so falling for the man would become a mere formality.
  • "Honestly, I had nothing. I told them not to ask." He chuckled anxiously. "I mean, it isnt like I can tell them that I went through a portal and ended up in Italyeven if I do work in Paranormal Investigations. My boss would ask me how many hallucinogenic mushrooms had I eaten."
  • Im giving you an entire "Embers safe so Im worry free" day to spend with Willow. Please work on the middle stuff because Im getting very impatient. Have fun and do NOT think about me. Rave and Celeste vow to watch my every movement. Of course, that stinks for any potential gossip-fest with Krista but Id do anything for you!
  • And the "Squid-thing." Unfortunately that was only the barest part of it, although it was indisputably a highlight. Fortunately these were days of stability and the emperors had lately been a hardy lot; Leen didnt think civilization could stand a Knitting more than once a decade at the outside. Already Peridol was getting to be so crowded with out-of-towners you could barely cross a street at three in the morning, and the revelry hadnt even officially started yet. It would be difficult to fit a decent days work in edgewise. With such a round of parties and festivities coming up she couldnt possibly arrange to miss all of them, could she?
  • Yamashuri looks very confused. "Today was the first I ever heard of Dr. Gallo not believing in Kochs Postulates. I can tell you that he definitely believed in them when I was working for him, because my entire job was based on them, and as far as I know, our entire lab followed them, or tried to."
  • We're On Our Own. A wonderfully apt and fitting acronym for expressing a team or group feeling of unity and that thrilling combination of excitement and fear in the face of a challenge. While often caused by apparently negative or unwanted situations, such as desertion by a poor 'leader', or the cutting off of support, the WOOO effect can unleash previously hidden and unknown amazing capabilities in people and teams, and be so liberatingly empowering as to move mountains. WOOO is generally an ingredient of employee buy-outs and other situations where a work team of like-minded people takes over the ownership and responsibility for an organization which previously employed them merely as staff. WOOO may also happen by helpful positive design, such as the delegation of greater responsibility by a good leader to a maturing team. WOOO can happen when any group is given the opportunity to discover and develop and achieve by themselves. See delegation and the Tannenbaum and Schmidt Continuum. See also YOYO.
  • How would you grade the U.S.’s involvement in working with other countries to increase productivity and the quality of agricultural products?
  • Slaine was first confronted by the FBI about insider trading in June 2007 after it had investigated leaks of ratings changes by UBS Securities. He is a burly man with salt-and- pepper hair who retains his Boston accent. He grew up poor in a working-class neighborhood in Malden, Massachusetts. A star shooting guard on his high school basketball team, he went to Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, and began trading stocks after earning a bachelors degree in 1982. Before landing at Morgan Stanley in 1986, he worked at Smith Barney Harris Upham & Co., as well as Troster Singer Stevens Rothchild, according to regulatory records.
  • He went out to the studio to work on the first of the snakes comprising the digits of The Jynx's hand casting the spell. He had braced and wrapped the body and arm of the figure as precaution against somehow breaking the wood.
  • By mid afternoon all was finished. Pearl and Lulu carefully inspected the work they had completed. There was not a sign of what they had done. The concrete mixer was put back. There were quite a number of pipes missing of course, however this shouldnt be a problem!
  • Thats when I started to think this real job could turn into a real career. I was working a job I could tolerate, making a fairly decent wage, plus benefits and a quarterly bonus just for being a supervisor. After a little time more promotion opportunities could make themselves available and I heard store managers made a very nice salary.
  • For the next thirty minutes they failed miserably until Jillian eventually managed to do it, but only for about two seconds. Her eyes faintly glowed, but at least she and her mate could work on this new trick. And ten minutes later Sarahs father changed pace.
  • "Are you a smart boy, do you do well in school?" he asked. "Oh yes sir, I'm a straight 'A' student, and I work odd jobs to make money for college when I'm not studying."He looked down at me with the same face that Aunt Mae gets when she is about to give a verbal lesson. "That is excellent. You know Donald that a hard-working man can get very wealthy fast. And an affluent man depends on no one but himself. He is independent, stands on his own two feet and speaks his mind. The same as you are doing here and now Donald." I liked the sound of that, I thought to myself. That is the kind of man I want to be alright. To be as hard working as my dad, and as outspoken as my mom. They sure made a great team, how my heart longed to have them back. But I will make them proud of me. I will not let them down.
  • I didnt want to wake him up, but I was parched. I tried hoarsely calling out for him, but I couldnt make a noise loud enough to wake him up. Fortunately my mother walked in a couple minutes later, and came to my side. "Sweetie, how are you?" She grabbed one of those hospital water bottles with the long bendy straw and held it up to me so I could drink. I downed half the bottle before I felt like my throat could start working again.
  • The scary part was that he wasnt kidding, and you would be even more horrified if you ever saw the 110-pound Mr. Feldman. The guy worked in our office and must have been every Jewish mothers nightmare. I could imagine Jewish mothers lining up down the block to feed and fatten up this kid. I was nervous the first time I shook his boney hand. I was even more nervous thinking about Sams desire to meet a woman so frail. Kelly was anything but frail - she had this big, round ass that was complimented by a pair of extremely strong legs. She also had a chest that obviously would be able to be controlled by the likes of a training bra. Sam definitely wasnt a breast man, that was for sure.
  • I realized the fact that we never heard from you again is enough of a warning for me, but I hope we can work through those reasons and in enough time for you to work with us. I need you to make the trip to Centerpoint. And quite frankly, I would be honored to be working with you again."
  • Chanter looked at the matted hair he had just cut off and realised that he could have worked that out for himself. The coral and seaweed that grew on his skin and clothes gave off a nasty smell as it died. He picked barnacles off his elbows and threw them into the sea, where they might find new homes. The drying salt and slime itched, and he rose to walk down to the sea, where he used wet sand to scrub his skin in the foaming waves. Picking off the barnacles was no easy task. They sprouted in his ears and nose - a painful problem.
  • The sun had just cleared the eastern horizon as the patrol gathered their gear and began walking back to their perimeter. There was still a full day's work ahead and they would be starting early for Lai Khe to escort a convoy north. The rain had finally stopped and the sky was clearing. It would be another hot day.
  • I'd always thought that intense look of concentration was the sign of a true artist. Maybe it still was. Maybe whatever he was drawing was absolute crap. Maybe the masters like Michelangelo and da Vinci had completed their greatest works with expressions very similar to what everyone else in the class was sporting. Still, I couldn't help envy such contentment.
  • Jottras, who also works with the Christies real estate network, says he already has evidence of people leaving in the top-end property market. He has 30 percent more high-end homes for sale in France now than in March, when Hollande first mentioned the new levy on the campaign trail. Jottras sells homes that cost 1.5 million euros or more.
  • "Ridiculous! My contacts tell me that it was very professionally executed. Certainly not the work of a first-timer. Theres no need to be modest, Mr Rosewater. My organisation needs your skills, and we are willing to pay generously for them. And you can see that if you choose not to work with us, we can make your life quite uncomfortable. Given those facts, I would have thought that the decision was obvious."
  • "True," said Snelly with a contemplative grin. "Very true. I guess I could just make up some story: I worked in the Peace Corps or something most of my life, something like that. Still—" he shrugged—"itd be damn nice if I could just take a womans soul and plunk it down in mine just long enough so that shed see my history, see that it wasnt bullshit. Wouldnt that be grand, Highness?"
  • President Bill Clinton launched his "reinventing government" initiative in the 1990s. The federal money flowing to business rose 7 percent during his second term and 72 percent under Bush, who outsourced a record amount of national-security and defense work after the 2001 attacks by al Qaeda and through two wars. The upward trend continued under President Barack Obama until leveling off in 2010.
  • "But what if the final outcome is being swamped by reams of bureaucratic paper work and years of waiting and waiting to be approved by the government before you can open your store?"
  • They could talk for a while, then she could have Arthur in Ringsend a decent time before dinner at six. It was all worked out, all arranged to fit other people's schedules and habits. That was why and if she didn't move she'd be late. The angry part of her wanted to be late, if only by ten minutes, or a quar¬ter of an hour, maybe. Somehow it would be a blow against other people's habits and schedules which ruled her fife, and against Mungo, and not least, against herself, of course. She wanted that, because she hated herself for letting herself be judged null and void. She pinched herself hard, trying to feel something acute, but it was no use, it could not reach beyond that black, still sea of recrimination. If she butted her head through the pane of glass, perhaps, cut her forehead, let some real blood flow. No. She was not melodramatic. If she was going to hurt herself it would be subtle and concealed from judgmental eyes.
  • They sit on two, rented deck chairs. Sandra is working on a tan while Mrs. Z. is working on a young German from the Volkswagen Company; he is traveling with twenty other Volkswagen Company employees who head for the States to work at various V.W. automobile dealerships.
  • "Is he dependable?" Pa shrugged. "I mean, he's bright and he works hard. I can tell that. But I'm thinking of making him our cook, and you want to know your cook'll be there on time and ready to go most days."
  • Grandpa calls often but Sandra never tells him how miserable and unhappy she is, or how her father and his witch of a mother-in-law tried to hold her down and beat her naked legs with a leather belt and how she broke the witchs wrist and wishes it was her skull or how shes flunking school; she cries every time after she hangs up. She cries herself to sleep as the dog cuddles up to her and licks her hand. He is the only one who shows kindness. She isnt allowed to attend the fair in her village. Only three more days of festivities are left to enjoy. Her father is never home, because he works all the time, so he is hard to approach, but she is determined to go to the fair.
  • Nick shook his head in disbelief. "Get real, Alastair. This is the world of work Im talking about. Not the public sector. We dont have the luxury of picking and choosing our customers. Nor do we have a guaranteed income stream . If we need more money we cant just turn round and put up taxes or raise the rates like you guys. Christ, right now well take anything we can get. Its fucking dog eat dog out there."
  • Mike was right. If I had put a little more time into it, worked her a little more and pushed her in the right direction, I probably could have had success.
  • It takes me an hour to scrub that sparkly dust off. The only thing that works is a rusty, old Brillo pad. Diane is reluctant to help me at first, saying that she kind of likes the sparkles, because they outline my formuntil I tell her how they burn.
  • No time-outs left for the Rams, West Valley up three. Fellingwood worked quickly for a good shot and eventually got an open 15-footer for Melvin Atkins who missed but Darrell Wallace was there to tip it in. Eight seconds left, and counting. Steve Fuller inbounded the ball. Gerry and Melvin Atkins had lost Pete in the confusion and Steve threw the ball to him at the foul line. Pete turned, looked down court at an open Artie Schueller (who was shaking his head "no") and held the ball until Darrell Wallace knocked him to the floor. Before Pete got up he tossed the ball off Melvin's butt, out of sight of the referee. One point game, five seconds left. The game was in Pete's hands. Pete had thoroughly outplayed Gerry, scoring 30 points and grabbing 19 rebounds to Gerry's 20 points and nine rebounds. The only way he would be satisfied was if the 30 became 32.
  • The news of the job came on Tuesday, giving Henry the rest of the week to relax before starting his working life the following Monday. While most parents encouraged their grown children to do internships while in college, Ethan and Rita Moore directed their son to enjoy the fun ride while it lasted. They had years of experience that taught them that work was anything but fun, and that was why some poor schmuck coined all that labor and toilingwork.’
  • Fikna shook his head and returned the map to Rordan. "I am unable to make any further sense of it. It is an unparalleled work of art. A shame you didnt go into a hermitage. Your daubing skills might have reached such a level of perfection."
  • Yesterday, Billy had gone to Eileen, his sister, to ask for another loan, the $1,000 for his rent. She had given him $850, all she had, with the warning that Jason, her husband who was a UPS driver, would be furious if he found out. Jason was openly puzzled by Billy's attachment to the water where he labored so hard in the worst of winter wind and summer sun without a guaranteed paycheck or a pension or health insurance, the perks that went with being a package delivery driver working under a Teamsters' contract. He told Billy at every family gathering or whenever he ate dinner at Eileen's house that a college graduate like him should be doing something better with his life or at least have a steady job. "He'd love to live your life," Harvey would whisper.
  • I hold that my Gardt should stand for Parley but he puts it off from year to year, pleading the press of work here. I would stand myself were women allowed to vote and hold office, for I see the need of many improvements in the way we are governed. But that is as it is.
  • One of Steinbergs colleagues was Richard Choo-Beng Lee, who worked at SAC from 1999 to 2004. Lee was among those charged in November 2009 with insider trading at another firm, the first time a former SAC employee was tied to the governments probe. He pleaded guilty and cooperated with the governments Galleon Group LLC hedge fund insider-trading case.
  • "Well you remember the meeting, I mean of course you remember the meeting, it was such a ridiculous request how could you forget? But now theyve followed up and actually sent us some language they want us to put in the committee report. And its such an absurd request, basically extending the American Service-Members Protection Act to corporations because theyve got some beef with the ICC, Im really embarrassed to even ask you about it. So Ill just email them back and tell them Im real sorry but we cant help them and theyll just have to deal with the ICC themselves. Were not here to do their dirty work and pervert a law intended to protect the troops. So there it iswell phew, Im glad we got that all sorted out," she said gesturing like she was wiping her brow and the conversation was over. David looked at her and crooked his mouth to hide a smile.
  • On the poop, the aftermost end of the ships deck, Anna leaned against the rail, watching the spectacle. When they had first left Dalarö she had been below, mostly because of the cold, but also from exhaustion after the arduous work of getting the ship through the ice. And perhaps a little sore after having gotten Baker to do it in the first place. She smiled. The captain had been a bit of a surprise in that respect, letting her find some undisclosed desires he probably didnt even know he had.
  • The CIB basement was dark. It wasnt supposed to be dark but no-one seemed to bother about the fluorescent tubes which had expired long ago. On B2, eight tubes worked, 3 flickered and eighteen were dead. Ben manually unlocked his battered Commodore sedan. The remote control locking had never worked from the day he bought it. He opened a rear door and slid the box of possessions onto the seat. He slammed the door and the booming echo off cold painted concrete startled him for a second.
  • "They went to Gallward's stronghold and worked day and night to heal the Prince. They bathed him and drew the sword-poison from his body with poultices. They trickled teas down his throat. At all times three of them kept vigil in Prayer Circle around him, holding his Spirit within his Body, feeding it with Earth Energy, until it began to respond.
  • The riders also knew the goblins would be waiting with their crossbows. Again, the night assisted the defenders for their positions were cloaked in dark and shadow. Still, the riders knew a barrage of crossbow fire would welcome them the moment they came in range. At the moment they believed the exchange would occur, they urged their mounts on faster in hopes of racing beneath the arc of fire. The tactic worked with amazing success and as the hail of crossbow fire sailed over their heads, the soldiers released their own arrows.
  • "I realize that," Jian threw back sharply. "But of all the natives of Wherry, it has been the wizards who have worked the hardest to keep faith alive in the hope that Gauvin will one day return and speak once more." He stopped and looked at the prince. "It would not be unlike you suddenly finding out that one of your parents or Avilla was following the Father God."
  • Todd lived another thirty years. He was the kind of old man who bothered cashiers with long lines at grocery stores by telling them interminable stories that went nowhere. He continued to work at various minimum wage jobs for the rest of his life, usually being fired after a period of no more than a month. "I dont know what the heck," hed tell Hildaand, after her death, his ex-wife during their biannual phone chats. "I did my part for the human race. I wrote the best dang rap song that was ever written. I can die peacefully." As if dying peacefully was ever an option for a King.
  • "Later," she muttered as she worked on pulling the ropes past Hadrians hands. She could hear his teeth grinding at the pain of her tugging but she did not waste her breath apologizing. "Ah!" she gasped, as the bonds came free. "Work on your feet and Ill dig around for a knife or something sharp."
  • Things were looking very poorly for Republicans in DC. The region votes consistently Democratic, by more than 90%. Two more Democrats joined the US Senate, and like in Rio Grande, they were strong progressive working class Mexicans.
  • One of them giggled, pointed at the rock and said something softly- a mass guffaw of laughter erupted from the lot of them. Assorted exclamations sprang up anew, with numerous references to Macha and a tone and cat-calling aaaoooOOO sound that I took to be an international standard for the spreading of sexual innuendo. Across the village at the same hut where the bug chaser had been doing his work days prior, a kerchiefed woman stuck her head out of the doorway in response to this swelling of noise and sized up the scene. After giving me what I assumed to be a dirty look for being the cause of it all, she withdrew back into her home.
  • In the disposition it is said first that the batteries placed on the spot chosen by Napoleon, with the guns of Pernetti and Fouche; which were to come in line with them, 102 guns in all, were to open fire and shower shells on the Russian fleches and redoubts. This could not be done, as from the spots selected by Napoleon the projectiles did not carry to the Russian works, and those 102 guns shot into the air until the nearest commander, contrary to Napoleon's instructions, moved them forward.
  • She was right to have trusted him, she thought smugly, aware that the intuitive gamble shed taken in giving him the crystal had so far worked in her favour.
  • Yes, Im sure you do, although youre working very diligently for someone who is no longer employed in this household.’
  • His talents were internal. They worked best by manipulating objects, and people, from the inside, but hers... the Reds were always known for sheer destructive power. They could open the earth, shatter stone, or create balls of fire that burned hotter than the Fire Palace's rivers. He understood why his father had killed everyone that could Breathe after the Sundering. Today, though, it was a different world. Once trained, she would be his strongest weapon.
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