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work up
 |  Word belgesi oluştur  |  Listeye Ekle  | 
Okunuşu: / wəːk ʌp / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work up
Ekler: works up/worked up/work·ing up


heyecanlandırmak, kamçılamak, kurmak;
düzenlemek, tanzim etmek, yapmak, geliştirmek.

work up için örnek cümleler:

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  • It was time for dinner, and Walter hurried off arm in arm with Si, who was still somewhat worked up over what had happened. "Walter, don't you go for to imagine I thought you guilty," said the Yankee boy. "I know you are honest to the core."
  • That's a thought, said Neville. "You could work up a slogan like, 'I eat a haggis a day and look what big things I've got!'"
  • Zircon motioned to Sing. "Tie him up. Then post guards. We'll stay here for the night." He turned to the boys. "I think it's safe to make a fire. We can have some supper and then turn in. I'll take first watch with one of the bearers. Scotty will take the second, Rick the third, and Sing the last." He opened the chamber of his rifle and extracted the shell, then put the rifle down. "I'm hungry," he said, grinning. "Nothing like a good fight to work up an appetite."
  • Because I can see where a heap of rock has been dumped down a slide, so chances are they've been doing some little work up here, enough to make a showing, in case a party is sent up to investigate before buying shares, was what Jack explained.
  • Steadily working up through we passed the boatyard by bridge 7 at puttenham.
  • I guess that would settle things mighty quick. It would be the joker in this game, all right! Well, why not make some? With what chemicals I've got left, couldn't I work up a half-pint? Bottled in glass flasks, I guess it would turn the trick on 'em!
  • To prevent hypoglycemia, progressively work up to strenuous activity.
  • That he was a gentleman by birth nobody doubted. There was nothing unusual in that, for all the cavalry regiments contain a considerable number of gentlemen in their ranks; men of this class generally enlisting in the cavalry in preference to the other arms of the service. It was, however, unusual for one to enlist at Edgar's age. Many young men, after having failed to gain a commission by competition, enlist in hopes of working up to one through the ranks. Another class are the men who having got into scrapes of one kind or another, run through their money, and tired out their friends, finally enlist as the only thing open to them.
  • By the time that the messenger returned with the glasses it had grown intensely dark: for to the natural obscurity of night there was added the further obscuration caused by the smoke with which the atmosphere was laden; while, to still further intensify the blackness, a heavy thunderstorm was working up against the wind, the combined result being a darkness in which it was literally impossible to see one's hand before one's face. Jack was at first inclined to anathematise the darkness; but when at length he was enabled to fully realise the intensity of it he felt much more disposed to bless it, for, having moved about half a dozen paces away from his post, and experienced some difficulty in finding his way back, he began to comfort himself with the reflection that the enemy, utterly strange to the country as they were, could do nothing until light enough should come to at least enable them to see where to put their feet.
  • The approaching riders having descended a decline were no longer visible, but they reappeared a few minutes later. In front, at a weary gallop and using his leather whip, rode an officer, disheveled and drenched, whose trousers had worked up to above his knees. Behind him, standing in the stirrups, trotted a Cossack. The officer, a very young lad with a broad rosy face and keen merry eyes, galloped up to Denisov and handed him a sodden envelope.
  • Saxe nodded; the rope was kept tight, and drawn in foot by foot, till, just as the lad was thinking of what a tremendous jerk it would be if Dale slipped, the latter's head appeared above the rock, with his ice-axe projecting over his shoulder, it having worked up in the climbing till it threatened to escape from the belt and fall.
  • Alright, i know - i must have a pretty boring life to get worked up about such trifles!
  • The taller of the two officers stayed back in Franks apartment to finish up questioning them and taking their official statement, while the other went to do the initial work up of Ginas. Francesca had been doing a good job of remaining calm, but the longer she sat on Franks couch, the more she began to fidget, bouncing her legs up and down.
  • Hang it all! said the chief-inspector. "People don't work up a whole business of this sort, without seeing something ahead of them ... solid profits."
  • As for the two Farrars, they were working up to such a heat of excitement that they felt as if life were now only beginning. They had heard of the thievish raids made by the black bear on unprotected camps, and of his special fondness for pork. Not knowing that there was no chance of an encounter with Bruin so near to civilization as this, they peered at that hole in the roof, expecting every moment to see a huge, black, snarling snout thrust through it.
  • Now, I'd be sorry to miss that same myself, remarked Bob; "because he's got me worked up to top notch fever about it, and I wanted to try and read the sign he left behind him. I've sure heard a heap about that picture writing, and what fun scouts have trying to make out what it all means. But there don't seem to be anything out of the way on this same island, suh.
  • We had dinner out in that broad open passage betwixt the house and the kitchen; and there was things enough on that table for seven families --and all hot, too; none of your flabby, tough meat that's laid in a cupboard in a damp cellar all night and tastes like a hunk of old cold cannibal in the morning. Uncle Silas he asked a pretty long blessing over it, but it was worth it; and it didn't cool it a bit, neither, the way I've seen them kind of interruptions do lots of times. There was a considerable good deal of talk all the afternoon, and me and Tom was on the lookout all the time; but it warn't no use, they didn't happen to say nothing about any runaway nigger, and we was afraid to try to work up to it. But at supper, at night, one of the little boys says:
  • Speaking of sweaty bodies, Destiny was working up quite a sweat while swirling around a pole in the smaller workout room with a silver pole fixed in the middle of the room. The bright shiny pole was about as stiff as the rest of the poles in the room from watching her naked body gyrate and spin.
  • Just before the battle commenced I had a real inspiration which practically decided the affair without any fighting at all. It occurred to me that if I mounted myself on stilts, some eighteen inches high, and shot an arrow or two from my bow, the enemy would turn tail and bolt. And so it turned out. As the armies approached one another in full battle array they presented quite an imposing appearance, and when a suitable distance separated them they halted for the inevitable abusive parley. Into the undignified abuse, needless to remark, I did not enter, but kept well in the background. The spokesman of my tribe accused the enemy of being without pluck--said that they were cowards, and would soon have their livers eaten by the invaders. There was any amount of spear-brandishing, yelling, and gesticulating. For these blacks apparently find it impossible to come up to actual fighting pitch without first being worked up to an extraordinary degree of excitement.
  • "You let the Americans fuck you for a long time so they get used to it. Never do it too hard. Us? We wouldn't let them near us. It got them so worked up and horny they just came in one day. They held us down and fucked us so hard that we can't see straight." The drunk slammed his fist into his hand repeatedly to represent his thoughts.
  • The captain took the sun at noon, and worked up the position of the boat. The run from the mouth of the Sarawak at that time was two hundred and four sea miles.
  • Spain and Italy, whose surging borrowing costs have shunted them to the heart of the turmoil in the euro area, are resisting pressure from ECB President Mario Draghi to formally request aid in return for strict conditions before the central bank will buy their bonds. Monti and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy have both said they will await further details as the ECB works up its plan. The German government said for the first time today that Chancellor Angela Merkel supports Draghi
  • Old silver-plated goods were made by taking a bar of copper and placing at top and bottom a thin slip of pure silver, which was made to adhere to the copper by heat. Then the silvered copper bar was passed through rolling mills till it was flattened to the necessary thickness, and came out with its due proportion of silver on both sides, ready for working up into shape, with the addition of pure silver finishings to the parts likely to be most worn.
  • I'll make the story short, was the reply. "I'm a railroad section hand, an' was lookin' to be made a foreman on a section near New York. I had a pile of friends among the men just above me, and I believe I would have worked up pretty rapidly."
  • As they made their way homeward, thoroughly worked up by the excitement of their adventure, Harry wondered whether his father would let him undertake this service Colonel Throckmorton had suggested. After all, he was not English, and he felt that his father might not want him to do it, although Mr. Fleming, he knew, sympathized strongly with the English in the war. He said nothing to Dick, preferring to wait until he was sure that he could go ahead with his plans.
  • I'm going to send Alan McKinstra along to guide you. He knows that country like a book. You want to head for the lower pass, swing up Diable Caon, and work up in the headquarters of the Three Forks.
  • This was actually the case; for he had ordered Maurice to remove the instrument at that hour, lest the sound of it should become too familiar, and excite the curiosity of some undaunted domestic, who might frustrate his scheme by discovering the apparatus. As for poor Celinda, her fancy was, by his music and discourse, worked up to the highest pitch of enthusiastic terrors; the whole bed shook with her trepidation, the awful silence that succeeded the supernatural music threw an additional damp upon her spirits, and the artful Fathom affecting to snore at the same time, she could no longer contain her horror, but called upon his name with a fearful accent, and, having owned her present situation insupportable, entreated him to draw near her bedside, that he might be within touch on any emergency.
  • No, herr, said the guide quietly; "the climbing would be too steep, and there is a slope there which later on will be swept by loose stones. Better take to the snow again, then work up it."
  • Mr Marshall? responded the steward. "Oh, 'e's all right; 'e's smart enough, 'e is; not much of a chap to look at--bein' a small man and not over strong--but 'is 'ead's screwed on the right way. But 'e can't do nothin', because, ye see, sir, they keeps 'im in irons and locked up in 'is own cabin, 'cept when 'e was let out twice a day to take the sights and work up the ship's reckonin', and then either Turnbull or one of 'is gang was always alongside of 'im, and nobody else was hever allowed to go anigh 'im; whilst at other times--when I was givin' 'im 'is meals, I mean--either Pete Burton or one of the other chaps what was in with Turnbull was always about to see as 'e and I didn't 'ave no talk together. So, ye see, the poor man 'adn't no chance to do anything 'owever much 'e might 'ave been minded."
  • "Sure. I worked up a real sweat dancing. I think Im going to go outside and cool off a bit. Meet me out there with the water?"
  • Normal's mind raced. There was no way for even an android to handle a mob armed with guns - not that the android could have handled even an unarmed mob, not if they'd decided to rush him all at once. But Normal knew his fellow humans well enough to know that they wouldn't do that  at least not now. They would have just rushed the android when they were all worked up and were acting as part of the mindless mob animal. But now that their zombie march had been halted and the momentum interrupted, they'd think twice before resorting to violence  especially if there was a chance of retaliation. However, if they had guns and could take down the android from a distance with impunity, that would be a different story altogether. Fortunately, Tommy, whoever he was, didn't appear to be in a hurry to comply with the leader's request  perhaps because he was afraid that the android would turn on him if he did. But that too wasn't going to last long.
  • Dan thought of the Captain's words as he crossed the ferry to New York. All through the day he had been filled with the pleasurable conviction that the morrow was a pretty decent sort of day to be ashore, and he had intended to work up to the joys thereof to the utmost of his capacity.
  • "I got to my feet, worked up a good head of steam, and ran into that bitch as hard as I could. Sent her flying, right off the course. Most beautiful tackle youve ever seen, and completely legal as well. All the way up until she ran into the guard rail for the seating. Then, apparently, it was excessive force. Ha!"
  • I don't remember whether I thanked the Richmond man or not; it's likely not, as I was so much worked up that I didn't know what I was doing. I hastily told my companions what I had heard.
  • Tom was out late, that night, and came to bed through the window. He was in a tremendous state of excitement. It was hours before he got to sleep. All the village flocked to the court-house the next morning, for this was to be the great day. Both sexes were about equally represented in the packed audience. After a long wait the jury filed in and took their places; shortly afterward, Potter, pale and haggard, timid and hopeless, was brought in, with chains upon him, and seated where all the curious eyes could stare at him; no less conspicuous was Injun Joe, stolid as ever. There was another pause, and then the judge arrived and the sheriff proclaimed the opening of the court. The usual whisperings among the lawyers and gathering together of papers followed. These details and accompanying delays worked up an atmosphere of preparation that was as impressive as it was fascinating.
  • Tamas took this time to work up an attack on the city.As the final ceremony for the dead king was about to commence, Kitarssis warriors filled the streets of Rommel. Rexillion was just stepping onto a balcony to address his people when he spotted the enemy troops as they began hacking at the defenseless mourners at the back of the crowd.He ordered his troops to block all exits and slay every warrior in the city who belonged to Kitarssis. In a fit of rage, he later sent out a small band of men to make a path straight through to the city of Kitarssis.
  • Out of my way, you schepsels! he cried roughly, urging his horse through the sullen and threatening crowd, as though so many hundreds of armed and excited barbarians worked up to the highest pitch of blood-thirstiness were just that number of cowering and subservient slaves. "Out of my way, do you hear? Where is Nteya? I want Nteya, the chief. Where is he?"
  • The entering of all these particulars in the log-book is termed keeping the dead reckoning, and the working out of the calculations just referred to is called working up the days work.
  • "I did not over-drink last night!" Goronwy said, conscious enough now to work up the energy to thwart any aspersions on his character.
  • The next day, the thirteenth and Friday, opened dismally enough, but by the time we had finished breakfast the mountains Were clear of clouds and there was no wind to mar one's shooting. Such conditions were to be taken advantage of, and Hunter and I were soon working up the ridge well to leeward of the place where we had seen the sheep the night before. Reaching the crest we scanned the grounds on all sides, and also the rugged mountain tops about us.
  • So far we got, and no farther, in the transportation of supplies during the years I lived with the Folk. It never entered anybody's head to weave a basket out of willow-withes. Sometimes the men and women tied tough vines about the bundles of ferns and branches that they carried to the caves to sleep upon. Possibly in ten or twenty generations we might have worked up to the weaving of baskets. And of this, one thing is sure: if once we wove withes into baskets, the next and inevitable step would have been the weaving of cloth. Clothes would have followed, and with covering our nakedness would have come modesty.
  • It was too far for an accurate shot, and I waited, hoping for a better chance. As Hunter now worked up over the summit, the sheep broke back below him, and in another second would have had a clear field across the flat to the main range. Running up as quickly as the nature of the ground would permit, I lessened the distance some fifty yards, and, just as they were about to disappear from view, I fired twice, carefully aiming at the larger sheep, which I knew to be the big ram.
  • It was only to be expected then that when I was left my own master at the death of my father, I would pursue my hobby to the limit; and I rather guess I have been on the jump for two years. Haven't made myself famous yet, and a little of my enthusiasm in that line has dribbled away; but I'm just as determined to work in the field of research as ever; only age is beginning to tone down my earlier wild notions, and after this last and crowning folly I think I shall hitch up with some veteran who knows it all, and be content to work up from the ranks.
  • Because I've heard some talk here about what would happen if you girls attempted to carry out your plans. They had a spy, a chauffeur, in Mr. Stanlock's home, and he found out all about it. Gerry used this to work up bad blood among the strikers, using Dave as his tool as usual. The threat reached my ears that if you girls came down here in Mining Town, you would never get out alive. They think it is just a move to put something over.
  • The man addressed him very seriously in a low voice, "I'm afraid that you don't appreciate the seriousness of this. I'm holding up this wall precisely and exactly because this wall is in real danger of coming down and bringing the whole place with it. Under more normal circumstances I wouldn't take quite so corporeal and direct a hand in matters but this is an emergency. I represent absolutely no threat to the security and smooth functioning of your operation so there's no need for you to get yourself all worked up over my presence. I assure you that everything will be all right as long as I'm here. Now, please, go about your business and stop attracting attention. You're only making this more difficult."
  • Dan thought of the Captain's words as he crossed the ferry to New York. All through the day he had been filled with the pleasurable conviction that the morrow was a pretty decent sort of day to be ashore, and he had intended to work up to the joys thereof to the utmost of his capacity.
  • "Good morning," she sang out as he stepped out of the elevator at the top floor. Fred merely grunted and turned away. He'd been giving her the cold shoulder for weeks. Once, only once, he'd worked up a smile in return, and the warmth of her reply had scuttled his persona for days. He'd been unable to muster any grumpiness at all and his productivity had fallen way off. If he gave in to her now, it might ruin his whole plan.
  • What are you thinking about, Cinder? said Mike one day, when they were out together, after a long, hard morning's work up at the Ladelles, over algebra and Latin, with the tutor who was resident at the Mount, the Doctor sharing, however, in the cost. "You seem to have been so moony and stupid lately."
  • The word described how I would have expected to react, but I didn't feel aggressive. I was exhausted, confused, and a little giddy. Maybe I was having a vivid dream, or an out-of-body experience. "Give me longer. I'm working up to it."
  • The Doctor turned his attention back to the conversation which had made an unpleasant turn. Mickey had been working up a rage and his anger was coming out now.
  • A highly entertaining story of the adventures of a boy who assisted a United States officer of the law in working up a famous case. The narrative is both interesting and instructive in that it shows what a bright boy can accomplish when thrown upon his own resources, and also portrays the manner in which such officers do their work.
  • Dol Farrar, he said, "I guess this caps all the adventures that you or I have had up to date. No wonder you felt all day as if you were working up to something. I'll believe in presentiments in future."
  • As Ronald Mason admitted to us that he practically ran the business, he must have known that we were going to work up the case. Our chief told Mr. Dalton we would. Therefore it must be another example of Mason's perfidy.
  • "What makes a man act so?" he says. "There's my fellow-man. Look at him! I'm sorry for him. Most of him had hard luck to be born, and yet when he gets in my way I just walk all over him. I can't help it. He's leathery and he's passive, my fellow-man. He goes to sleep in the middle of the road. When I ketch one of him, I kicks a hole in his trousers first, and then it occurs to me, 'My sufferin' brother! This is too bad!' Why, Pete Hillary was one of the dumbdest and leatheriest, and here's the Mayor's pink sojers been fillin' me with joy and sorrow, till I laughed from eleven till twelve, and been sheddin' tears ever since. Irish's been three times around his rosary before he got the scare kinks out of him, and between Irish bein' pathetic, and the Mayor and his sojers comin' out pink and going back jammed to the colour of canned salmon, my feelin's is worked up to bust. What makes a man act so? It must be he has cats in him."
  • One of our esteemed contemporaries is very much worked up in its mind about Mr. Balfour's foreign policy, which it compares to that of the camel, which, when pursued, buries its head in the sand. We quite agree with our esteemed contemporary about Mr. Balfour's foreign policy, but we fear it is getting its metaphors mixed. Surely it is not thinking of the camel which, when pursued, buries its head in the sand, but of the ostrich which, when pursued, runs its eye through a needle.
  • Father's farm improved with astonishing rapidity and became quite a pleasant place. Some of the stumps rotted out, some we tore out and some were burned up. In these ways many had disappeared and it began to look like old land. It was rich and productive and, in truth, it looked as level as a house floor. Some seasons it was rather wet, not being ditched sufficiently to take the water off. Yet father raised large crops of corn, potatoes, oats and wheat. Wheat grew very large but sometimes ran too much to straw; some seasons, rust would strike it and then the grain would shrink, but as that and gets older, and the more the clay is worked up with the soil, the better wheat it raises. In my opinion it will be as good wheat land as the oak openings or prairies of the West for all time to come.
  • All the skins which had formed my gold bag, had been left behind, in my flight from the Blacks, of course, but my Links having learned the process of curing pelts in the brine, had worked up some very good pieces. On these I levied a tax---the only one I imposed during my reign--thereby fitting the craft out in some degree of comfort, for the goddess had dressed herself in all the hides I had left in my shelter. This seemed to be the concluding ceremony, except that I made sure my oars and pole-pins were staunch, and I cut a long slender pole, to be used for any purpose which might develop later on.
  • When we returned to the dinner table, we finished our meal in silence. By the time I cracked open my fortune cookie, I had worked up a conspiracy theory that would make my sister proud.
  • That's because it's true love, Polydoor, not some trick worked up by Nurse Jane and her Magic Cap. True love is a primal force, like insanity. It operates in a separate dimension, outside space and time.
  • Never mind, put in Gladys pacifically, "if we didn't find anything we didn't lose anything either, and I've worked up such an appetite from digging that I could eat an ox."
  • Getting worked up on my behalf, Jessie reeled off numerous examples of how the Smith administration had misused the English language. "Homeland security" was turning into a smokescreen for detention or harassment of all kinds of political dissenters. "Outsourcing of commercially based government jobs" was not the money-saving activity it pretended to be, but a system for rewarding political allies.
  • I would never have recognized the Johnsons. I have visited them several times since and their faces are familiar to me now, but I don't know whether any traces of the old likenesses worked up in my memory. I found Johnson an old man--old and grey before his time. He had a grizzly stubble round his chin and cheeks towards the end of the week, because he could only afford a shave on Saturday afternoon. He was working at some branch of his trade "in the shop" I understood, but he said he felt the work come heavier on him every winter. "I've felt very poorly this last winter or two," he said, "very poorly indeed." He was very sad and gentle.
  • He found a place to stay in a nearby inn - a large and rambling establishment clearly prospering from the presence of so many men working up a thirst during the day, and having the copper to spend on beer to slake that thirst in the evenings. Jean-Luc, who privately preferred to drink his beer heavily watered-down, found himself nursing his pint many an evening, in all of the taverns and public houses in the area, listening to tales and fables of all kinds.
  • I believe that it must have been some intimation from Ala which finally led Edmund to hold his course toward the mountains, but in a direction different from that which led to the mines. When he had once chosen this direction he worked up the speed to fully a hundred miles an hour, and all were compelled to go inside on account of the wind created by our rush through the air. We held on thus for five hours. During this time Edmund spread a repast made up of dishes chosen from the supplies in the car, and, of course, utterly strange to our guests. They found them to their taste, however, and were delighted with Edmund's entertainment. We spent a long time at our little table, and I was surprised at the variety of delicious things which Edmund managed to extract from his stores. There was even some champagne, and I noticed that Edmund urged it upon Ingra, who, nothing loth, drank enough to make him decidedly tipsy, a fact which was not surprising since we had found that the wines of Venus were very light, and but slightly alcoholized.
  • Don set to work earnestly, and watched his companion, who cleverly twisted away at the gathered-up yarn, and then rolled his work up into a ball.
  • The Indians were now worked up to a condition of irresponsible madness. Another such impulse from the Medicine Man, and the thirsty knives would be quenched.
  • Case in point: do men usually wrap an engagement ring? Of course not! Women know from the minute they see that box what is about to transpire. Ive even seen people wrap obvious things like footballs, rakes, and books. I really had no defenses for the beauty of the Piedmont campus, and I think people receiving gifts are in a similar predicament. You need time to work up a reaction to new things; when it is thrust in your face there is nowhere for you to run or hide.
  • Aliens disguised as quacking elephants were lurking in the stairwell of Macklin's condo, working up the nerve to make him an offer.
  • Later that night he worked up his courage to ask his father for the car. "Dad, either Friday or Saturday night it doesn't matter we can go either night."
  • Oh! look at it, would you? cried Larry, almost as much worked up as his smaller companion. "This time there's going to be something doing! I bet you Frank wants to just snatch a floating piece of wood off the water as he skims along, just like them Wild West riders do on horseback, when they throw their hats down. Why! Something must a-busted--they dropped splash on the lake; and look at the old biplane sitting right there like a great big gull! Ain't that too bad, though; I'm sorry for Frank and Andy!"
  • Tamar relaxed a little; he was clearly working up to something. A stroke probably, but she'd rather have him like this. ‘You're right,' she said soothingly, ‘it's too hard, even if you'd been thinking about it, and I wasn't either, it doesn't mean anything, it wasn't your fault.'
  • You must keep calm, Bessie, that's the first thing to think of. If you let yourself get excited and worked up you won't help Zara, and you'll only get into trouble yourself."
  • "Harsh! She was running from the police after doing God knows what at a party she was too young to be at!" I was getting worked up again.
  • I didn't respond. It took me moments to make up my mind, but considerably longer to work up the courage to say it out loud. I couldn't go. I felt a responsibility to stay and help the human if I could.
  • She perused some of her favorite local shops including Beach Haven Resale, Antiques, Organics and Tennis, and worked up quite an appetite spending Hartwell's money, so she headed to the bagel place.
  • I don't say anything for a while. Part of me is thinking she's not exactly opened up about her mum. But the last couple of days I've been trying to work up to telling her about the ghosts. Before something happens. And because I need to tell someone and she deserves to know. I have to start somewhere, so I say, "My dad was an alcoholic." I have trouble getting the words out. "It wasn't so bad. He kept it under control, pretty much. My mother helped. We never had booze in the house." It doesn't seem much of a revelation and I force myself to finish. "I didn't even know until it was too late."
  • However, as reason asserted her sway over Mr. Count, he quieted down, knowing full well that the state of the line belonging to his rival would reveal the truth when the whale rose again. Therefore we returned to the ship, leaving our three boats busy waiting the whale's pleasure to rise again. When the skipper heard what had happened, he had his own boat manned, proceeding himself to the battle-field in expectation of complications presently. By the time he arrived upon the scene there were two more boats lying by, which had come up from the third ship, mentioned as working up from to leeward. "Pretty fine ground this's got ter be!" growled the old man. "Caint strike whale 'thout bein' crowded eout uv yer own propputty by a gang bunco steerers like this. Shall hev ter quit it, en keep a pawnshop."
  • Wright felt quite elated when he took his departure, for he had justified his contention that they had not been underbidden. Wright's business was to cut logs into lumber and sell the lumber. William Kent had looked after the logging end of the concern. The limits, the camps, and the drives were his field. What logs he did not sell he handed over to Wright and thought no more about, knowing that they would be worked up into everything from rough boards to matched flooring. Wright, then, having ascertained the reason of the throw down, accepted it philosophically as arising from circumstances beyond his control. But young Kent, when he received his manager's report, was not so philosophic.
  • My difficulty was that I couldn't really work up the proper amount of fear. If I really thought that I was in danger of imminent death, I would call everyone I knew for help. I just couldn't believe that these witches meant to kill me. Stupid maybe, but that's how I felt. This was America. People just don't go around kidnapping and murdering here. Ok, so, some people do, watch the news. But they are usually trailer trash psychotics, not successful business operators. Besides, I often daydreamed about being a superhero, or a bounty hunter, or a cool-headed person who conquered impossible situations. Now was my chance. I could handle this.
  • By the way, Sir, it was Crowfoot's son that got into that trouble last night with that Macleod man. The old Chief is in town, too, in fact is outside just now and quite worked up over the arrest.
  • "Whether these people admit it or not, the problem was there all along, I only inherited it. But why are you getting so worked up about it now, after all this time?"
  • The admonition had not been in vain, and since joining the Serpent Morrison had made a successful effort to break himself of the habit. He had very seldom gone ashore, and when he did so, never went alone, and always returned at an early hour, and without having taken more than he would have done in the ordinary way on board. He had not, however, given up his habit of grumbling, and his messmates were so accustomed to his taking a somber view of everything that his prognostication as to the nature of their work up the river had but little effect upon them.
  • 'I'm just gonna pop to the river to wash my face and,' I shrugged and tried to work up a smile, 'De-stress for a moment.'
  • "It is cold," she agreed, looking again at Edda. She hoped the older woman had on some good sunscreen, or she'd be burnt to a crisp in the hot sun at the bottom of the Canyon. "I've been working up to take a swim. I figured I could lie in the sun to warm up afterward."
  • I thought of asking raj earlier but raj is in final year and he is having a project working on and he is really helping me a lot with organizing and the band.So i thought it's better to not to ask him anymore.I don't want him worked up because of me but do i have an alternative now with the event in more than an hour.
  • No one could question his intentions; but then at the time Smithy was worked up to a degree that might excuse some bungling.
  • "Fairly and right nobly spoken," exclaimed Hugh, who, though hot-tempered, was of a generous disposition, and had been worked up to act as he had done by his uncle. "Agreed--agreed; I'll tell Beatrice what you have said, and, no doubt, she will see its wisdom."
  • We reach the park and I'm still alive. Mickey slides the bike to a halt spraying dirt and pebbles everywhere and pissing people off. I try to get off but nothing's working and my knees give way. I sit in the dirt for a bit, working up the energy to move.
  • It's a sou'easter, I'm almost certain, roared Dan in the girl's ear. "It will work up to a climax gradually, and then gradually go down, at this season of the year. Don't be afraid of the water. We can't sink, I believe; the only danger is that we might break up--and we won't do that."
  • Presently they came to a steep hill. It was not steep enough to necessitate dismounting, but it rendered a rush inadvisable. They therefore worked up slowly, and, on gaining the top, got off to breathe and rest a while.
  • Whee! you've got me all worked up with your story, Chief, said Andy again. "I can just seem to see the whole thing happening. And chances are, that when Cadger did come to, he found himself tied up, and unable to even whisper?"
  • Gina carefully grabbed one from behind as it tried to crawl toward the edge, "Don't have a pot big enough. Going to try to bake them, just wanted you two to work up an appropriate appetite."
  • Early on Monday morning the crew and a large force of stevedores commenced to discharge the vessel. Two winches were kept busy, the first mate being in charge of the work up forward and Matt superintending that aft. The shingles were loaded in huge rope cargo nets, snatched out of the ship and swung overside onto flat cars, which were shunted off into the drying yard as soon as loaded.
  • I was getting totally worked up again over nothing when Mark called me back to the girls' room. They had just gotten out of the tub. Cassidy was already in her pajamas and Mark was towel drying her hair. He had a pair of Megan's underwear on his head and both she and Cassie were hysterically giggling.
  • Favouring gales carried the brig swiftly through Sunda Straits and out into the Indian Ocean. Two days and a half brought her to the desired haven. On the way, Captain Roy took note of the condition of Krakatoa, which at that time was quietly working up its subterranean forces with a view to the final catastrophe; opening a safety-valve now and then to prevent, as it were, premature explosion.
  • In the first place, Hamilton could not work up any enthusiasm over a millinery establishment, and although he had definite instructions that each one was to be considered as a factory and entered upon the schedules as one, he thought such an idea was stretching the point a little far. Fortunately he had covered a large number of them during the first weeks of the work, visiting the places in the early morning and in the evening when the offices of the larger factories were closed. His worst clash occurred at almost the very last one to which he went.
  • For two hours we listened to the most blatant boasting. He was a great driver; he had driven for M., the American millionaire; for the Chinese Ambassador to France; for Grand-Duke Alexis; for the Kaiser himself! We learned how he had been the trusted familiar of these celebrities, how on various occasions--all detailed at length--he had been treated by them as an equal; and he told us sundry sly, slanderous, and disgusting anecdotes of these worthies, his forefinger laid one side his nose. When we finally got him worked up to the point of going to get some excessively bad photographs, "I haf daken myself!" we began to have hopes. So we tentatively approached once more the subject of transportation.
  • Master Rayburn said nothing, but went on dressing the men's wounds, till, regularly worked up into a perfect fury, Sir Edward turned upon him again. "This ends everything between us, Master Rayburn," he cried. "I have treated you as a friend, made you welcome at my table, and allowed my son to make you a kind of companion; but now, have the goodness to recollect that we are strangers, and if the gang from out of the cavern yonder attack you, get out of the trouble in the best way you can, for you will have no help from me."
  • Six red roses. Romance on the welfare shed say, if she said anything. She hadnt spoken to him, not a word, for nearly a year after the fire, but nobody could keep that up all the time, so now she only spoke to him when necessary. Maybe she was softening. The response when he brought her breakfast in bed this morning had given him hope. He had been trying to work up the courage to do it for weeks. Perhaps there was no going back, but he just wanted to be part of the human race again.
  • Map of the Great Lone Land. working up the Winnipeg. I waved to the leading Canoe. Across the Plains in November. The Rocky Mountains at the Sources of the Saskatchewan. Leaving a cosy Camp at dawn. The "Forks" of the Saskatchewan.
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