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work up
 |  Word belgesi oluştur  |  Listeye Ekle  | 
Okunuşu: / wəːk ʌp / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work up
Ekler: works up/worked up/work·ing up


heyecanlandırmak, kamçılamak, kurmak;
düzenlemek, tanzim etmek, yapmak, geliştirmek.

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  • This was actually the case; for he had ordered Maurice to remove the instrument at that hour, lest the sound of it should become too familiar, and excite the curiosity of some undaunted domestic, who might frustrate his scheme by discovering the apparatus. As for poor Celinda, her fancy was, by his music and discourse, worked up to the highest pitch of enthusiastic terrors; the whole bed shook with her trepidation, the awful silence that succeeded the supernatural music threw an additional damp upon her spirits, and the artful Fathom affecting to snore at the same time, she could no longer contain her horror, but called upon his name with a fearful accent, and, having owned her present situation insupportable, entreated him to draw near her bedside, that he might be within touch on any emergency.
  • Handshake deal, worked up between the two companies within the first few years of business, effectively cut the world in two.
  • Later that night he worked up his courage to ask his father for the car. "Dad, either Friday or Saturday night it doesn't matter we can go either night."
  • Then you must steel your nerves a bit, Belle, dear. War, at the least, is a grewsome thing, but this war contains more horrors than any other war of which man has knowledge. The vast numbers engaged make it certain that the losses will be heavy, and heavier, until the struggle is over. If you work up near the front, within range of the big guns, you will necessarily have to become accustomed to seeing the visible evidence of huge losses daily.
  • "Congratulations," she said. "You worked up the courage to attack after all. I wasnt sure you would. Good thing these clothes arent mine." She plucked at her bloody tunic. "You want to die quickly, or slowly? Im leaning toward quickly, myself. Im in a hurry."
  • Just listen to 'em go, would you? ejaculated a voice close to Thad's shoulder, and he turned to find Allan there; while his three tent mates were close behind, all worked up again over this new and exciting mystery of the first night in camp.
  • Gina carefully grabbed one from behind as it tried to crawl toward the edge, "Don't have a pot big enough. Going to try to bake them, just wanted you two to work up an appropriate appetite."
  • "Most of the food industry worked up on this level," he continued quietly, "so as the smoke from the fires could get out 'o the ceiling vents. 'Twas the most efficient way to feed the city, so just about everyone who lived up here was a cook 'o some sort."
  • The next day, the thirteenth and Friday, opened dismally enough, but by the time we had finished breakfast the mountains Were clear of clouds and there was no wind to mar one's shooting. Such conditions were to be taken advantage of, and Hunter and I were soon working up the ridge well to leeward of the place where we had seen the sheep the night before. Reaching the crest we scanned the grounds on all sides, and also the rugged mountain tops about us.
  • It's a sou'easter, I'm almost certain, roared Dan in the girl's ear. "It will work up to a climax gradually, and then gradually go down, at this season of the year. Don't be afraid of the water. We can't sink, I believe; the only danger is that we might break up--and we won't do that."
  • While the girl behind the till worked up a sweat trying to check out all the groceries as fast as she could in order to shorten the cue, the old ladies chatted away.
  • Lazerek spun around. He saw nothing. It could possibly be a rat or other vermin, but he must be certain.He worked up an illumination orb to dispel the darkness.A yellow orb of light flared into existence above his head.
  • Speaking of sweaty bodies, Destiny was working up quite a sweat while swirling around a pole in the smaller workout room with a silver pole fixed in the middle of the room. The bright shiny pole was about as stiff as the rest of the poles in the room from watching her naked body gyrate and spin.
  • Garon waved his arms working up a spell, when a flash of light shot out of the woods and knocked him from his feet.He fell to the ground and did not move.
  • Give them a chance! said Shifty Pete. "They're young and inexperienced, so they don't know how to put out leaves yet. It's not an easy thing, putting out leaves. You have to work up dozens of chemical reactions just to get photosynthesis going! Better living with chemistry, and all that."
  • Spain and Italy, whose surging borrowing costs have shunted them to the heart of the turmoil in the euro area, are resisting pressure from ECB President Mario Draghi to formally request aid in return for strict conditions before the central bank will buy their bonds. Monti and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy have both said they will await further details as the ECB works up its plan. The German government said for the first time today that Chancellor Angela Merkel supports Draghi
  • "Well," said father, "one can't be young but once in one's life. I certainly did have great fun hunting when I was a boy; and if you'll do Benny's chores, I think we can manage to let him go. But it was a pretty sly trick of yours, John, to lead the talk around to hunting, and get me worked up over it, before you said anything about to-morrow."
  • The taller of the two officers stayed back in Franks apartment to finish up questioning them and taking their official statement, while the other went to do the initial work up of Ginas. Francesca had been doing a good job of remaining calm, but the longer she sat on Franks couch, the more she began to fidget, bouncing her legs up and down.
  • These last three days the camp were as a house divided against itself, as far as the Avenue and the Alley were concerned. Such a gathering of groups into corners, such whispering and giggling, such sudden scattering at the approach of one from the other side! Sahwah spent two whole afternoons over on the far side of Whaleback, rehearsing her shipwreck, while the rest of the Alleyites worked up their parts on shore, trying to imitate the voices and characteristics of the various councilors. All went fairly well except the combination Tiny Armstrong. Carmen Chadwick, on top of Hinpoha, and draped up in Tiny's clothes, made a truly imposing figure that drew involuntary applause from the rest of the cast, but when Tiny spoke, the weak, piping voice that issued from the gigantic figure promptly threw them all into hysterics. The real Tiny's voice was as deep and resonant as a fog horn.
  • She crept through a grove of trees that surrounded the inn, to work up behind it. In the rear, as she knew, were the stables, and the place where the automobiles of the guests were kept. She wanted to get a look at the horses and carriages that were tied in the shed for she would know Farmer Weeks' rig anywhere, she was sure.
  • This makes me even more breathless. I can't be imagining this. She could have gone by and left me sleeping. Perhaps I still have a chance. I'm working up to asking if I can take her out to dinner sometime but I take too long and she says,
  • I guess that would settle things mighty quick. It would be the joker in this game, all right! Well, why not make some? With what chemicals I've got left, couldn't I work up a half-pint? Bottled in glass flasks, I guess it would turn the trick on 'em!
  • Favouring gales carried the brig swiftly through Sunda Straits and out into the Indian Ocean. Two days and a half brought her to the desired haven. On the way, Captain Roy took note of the condition of Krakatoa, which at that time was quietly working up its subterranean forces with a view to the final catastrophe; opening a safety-valve now and then to prevent, as it were, premature explosion.
  • Denizens of hell, they have hope; they are working up toward paradise.
  • In the first place, Hamilton could not work up any enthusiasm over a millinery establishment, and although he had definite instructions that each one was to be considered as a factory and entered upon the schedules as one, he thought such an idea was stretching the point a little far. Fortunately he had covered a large number of them during the first weeks of the work, visiting the places in the early morning and in the evening when the offices of the larger factories were closed. His worst clash occurred at almost the very last one to which he went.
  • That's a thought, said Neville. "You could work up a slogan like, 'I eat a haggis a day and look what big things I've got!'"
  • Sid climbed down by the pueblo trail he had first discovered and worked up through the spruces up the valley, confident that he would soon find a way out and speculating on how to get down from the plateau above into the chasm where his camp was. But the rim walls of the box canyon offered him little encouragement. Three hundred feet above him they towered, with bare, stratified and perpendicular walls after the lower slopes of talus ended. The large spruces in the valley contented themselves with a root hold in the wet soil in its ravine. Nowhere did they come near enough to the cliffs to be of any use in climbing out.
  • What a time it seemed! From comparing notes afterwards it was but an hour and a quarter, yet it appeared to me that the night must have almost gone and the dawn be breaking above us. My limbs were weary and stiff, for I feared to change my position; yet my nerves were worked up to the highest pitch of tension, and my hearing was so acute that I could not only hear the gentle breathing of my companions, but I could distinguish the deeper, heavier in-breath of the bulky Jones from the thin, sighing note of the bank director. From my position I could look over the case in the direction of the floor. Suddenly my eyes caught the glint of a light.
  • Morning found the elephants gathered in the street outside Macklin's condominium, still trying to work up the courage to approach him.
  • The word described how I would have expected to react, but I didn't feel aggressive. I was exhausted, confused, and a little giddy. Maybe I was having a vivid dream, or an out-of-body experience. "Give me longer. I'm working up to it."
  • What are you thinking about, Cinder? said Mike one day, when they were out together, after a long, hard morning's work up at the Ladelles, over algebra and Latin, with the tutor who was resident at the Mount, the Doctor sharing, however, in the cost. "You seem to have been so moony and stupid lately."
  • I loved my brother tenderly, as I told your excellency, and I resolved not to send the money, but to take it to him myself. I possessed a thousand francs. I left five hundred with Assunta, my sister-in-law, and with the other five hundred I set off for Nimes. It was easy to do so, and as I had my boat and a lading to take in at sea, everything favored my project. But, after we had taken in our cargo, the wind became contrary, so that we were four or five days without being able to enter the Rhone. At last, however, we succeeded, and worked up to Arles. I left the boat between Bellegarde and Beaucaire, and took the road to Nimes.
  • I was getting totally worked up again over nothing when Mark called me back to the girls' room. They had just gotten out of the tub. Cassidy was already in her pajamas and Mark was towel drying her hair. He had a pair of Megan's underwear on his head and both she and Cassie were hysterically giggling.
  • An outbreak of movement and whispering among the audience made Monson wonder what they were all so worked up about. Monson was able to catch some of the chatter.
  • This is a love story, simple, tender and pretty as one would care to read. The action throughout is brisk and pleasing; the characters, it is apparent at once, are as true to life as though the author had known them all personally. Simple in all its situations, the story is worked up in that touching and quaint strain which never grows wearisome, no matter how often the lights and shadows of love are introduced. It rings true, and does not tax the imagination.--Boston Herald.
  • We had dinner out in that broad open passage betwixt the house and the kitchen; and there was things enough on that table for seven families --and all hot, too; none of your flabby, tough meat that's laid in a cupboard in a damp cellar all night and tastes like a hunk of old cold cannibal in the morning. Uncle Silas he asked a pretty long blessing over it, but it was worth it; and it didn't cool it a bit, neither, the way I've seen them kind of interruptions do lots of times. There was a considerable good deal of talk all the afternoon, and me and Tom was on the lookout all the time; but it warn't no use, they didn't happen to say nothing about any runaway nigger, and we was afraid to try to work up to it. But at supper, at night, one of the little boys says:
  • I'm going to send Alan McKinstra along to guide you. He knows that country like a book. You want to head for the lower pass, swing up Diable Caon, and work up in the headquarters of the Three Forks.
  • Oh, I remember now, Jerry replied. "She belongs to the Oriental Steamship Company. Old man Webb, of the Oriental Company, got all worked up about the possibilities of the Oriental trade right after the Spanish War. He had a lot of old bottoms running in the combined freight and passenger trade and not making expenses when the war came along, and the Government grabbed all his boats for transports to rush troops over to the Philippines. That was fine business for quite a while and the Oriental got out of the hole and made a lot of money besides. About that time Old Webb saw a vision of huge Oriental trade for the man who would go after it, and in his excitement he purchased the Narcissus. She carried horses down to the Philippines, and to China during the Boxer uprising; and when that business was over, and while old Webb was waiting for the expected boom in trade to the Orient, he got a lumber charter for her from Puget Sound to Australia.
  • Whee! you've got me all worked up with your story, Chief, said Andy again. "I can just seem to see the whole thing happening. And chances are, that when Cadger did come to, he found himself tied up, and unable to even whisper?"
  • Then when we get near the northern end of the lake perhaps you'll think it best to make a landing somewhere, and prowl around on foot, finding out what we can, Andy, continued eagerly; for he had become much worked up by this time, and was hoping that fortune would be as kind to them as on a previous occasion, which all Bloomsbury remembered very well.
  • It was only to be expected then that when I was left my own master at the death of my father, I would pursue my hobby to the limit; and I rather guess I have been on the jump for two years. Haven't made myself famous yet, and a little of my enthusiasm in that line has dribbled away; but I'm just as determined to work in the field of research as ever; only age is beginning to tone down my earlier wild notions, and after this last and crowning folly I think I shall hitch up with some veteran who knows it all, and be content to work up from the ranks.
  • I believe that it must have been some intimation from Ala which finally led Edmund to hold his course toward the mountains, but in a direction different from that which led to the mines. When he had once chosen this direction he worked up the speed to fully a hundred miles an hour, and all were compelled to go inside on account of the wind created by our rush through the air. We held on thus for five hours. During this time Edmund spread a repast made up of dishes chosen from the supplies in the car, and, of course, utterly strange to our guests. They found them to their taste, however, and were delighted with Edmund's entertainment. We spent a long time at our little table, and I was surprised at the variety of delicious things which Edmund managed to extract from his stores. There was even some champagne, and I noticed that Edmund urged it upon Ingra, who, nothing loth, drank enough to make him decidedly tipsy, a fact which was not surprising since we had found that the wines of Venus were very light, and but slightly alcoholized.
  • Presently they came to a steep hill. It was not steep enough to necessitate dismounting, but it rendered a rush inadvisable. They therefore worked up slowly, and, on gaining the top, got off to breathe and rest a while.
  • The Indians were now worked up to a condition of irresponsible madness. Another such impulse from the Medicine Man, and the thirsty knives would be quenched.
  • Wylie was working himself up to a rage, again. Considering how short he was though, there wasn't much of a distance for him to work up to. The hoverbus was crawling along at a snail's pace and the doltish, dunderhead of a driver had been stopping too often and too long at all the halts! He wished that the neutered numerologically-challenged narcissistic numskull would hurry up and get to Donagar instead of dawdling like a damned drowning duck draped in down diapers!
  • Ho, ho, that's right. She'd be a regular tortoise, said Mr. Clifford. "But why don't you make a couple of scaling ladders? I'll have the top hooks forged for you if you'll build the ladders. They'll be light and serviceable and you can work up a mighty spectacular drill with them."
  • I'll tell you, suh, Bob went on, feverishly. "A man came to me one day, and said he had been sent by one of the revenues who had been with my father that sad time, to tell me what he had picked up in the mountains. There were rumors going around that somewhere deep in the mountains, at one of the secret Stills, the moonshiners kept a prisoner at work. Some said it must be one of the revenue men who had disappeared; and that the moonshiners were bent on making him work up the mash, as a sort of punishment for having done them so much damage when he was in the employ of the Government."
  • And strangely enough, few even of these proud and independent men ever asked for their time, or preferred to quit rather than to work up again to the glories of their prize camp.
  • We worked up to a heated finish in the middle of the living room, steaming like a compost pile. She decided to stay; I would have felt weird if she hadn't but that unease I'd felt around her came back as soon as I caught my breath after orgasm. She paid me sixty-five dollars cash and said she would get the rest tomorrow at the bank.
  • Very well, then, I said, "this shall be mine to arrange. The wind is in the east, my road lies westward: keep your boat, I hire it; let us work up the Forth all day; and land me at two o'clock to-morrow at the westmost we'll can have reached."
  • Steadily working up through we passed the boatyard by bridge 7 at puttenham.
  • Cash-Based had worked up an appetite while struggling to present the appropriate image. He had discovered that he was out of diet goat feta, so he unlocked a private drawer, extracted a tin of McBowel's Exploding Haggis, and began opening it on his desk.
  • Tamas took this time to work up an attack on the city.As the final ceremony for the dead king was about to commence, Kitarssis warriors filled the streets of Rommel. Rexillion was just stepping onto a balcony to address his people when he spotted the enemy troops as they began hacking at the defenseless mourners at the back of the crowd.He ordered his troops to block all exits and slay every warrior in the city who belonged to Kitarssis. In a fit of rage, he later sent out a small band of men to make a path straight through to the city of Kitarssis.
  • Two more bright days of breeze succeeded and they were working up outside the fringe of islands, large and small, that dot the coast of Maine.
  • Yes, a trifle faster; but I'll probably have to work up to a little better speed in order to get where I want to go before our goal begins to run away from us.
  • "I did not over-drink last night!" Goronwy said, conscious enough now to work up the energy to thwart any aspersions on his character.
  • Take the Mafia dudes. Using their position as rivals, he could go to the owner with a counter-proposal. Of some sort. And work up some kind of turf war. And then organize his defeat, somehow. And take over. And then screw the rest of them out of any part of it, and keep it all for himself. Just because he could. King Gordon the First.
  • Made too good 'copy' to lose, I suppose? suggested Jimmie Dale quizzically. "Too bad, too, after working up a theatrical name like that for him--the Gray Seal--rather unique! Who stuck that on him-- you?"
  • He hesitated before the door to the library. Bessie was there, he knew, studiously working up her lessons. She must be nearly through with them, too, for she was always done before dinner, and dinner could not be many minutes away. As for his lessons, they were as yet untouched. The thought made him angry. It was bad enough to have one's sister--and two years younger at that--in the same grade, but to have her continually head and shoulders above him in scholarship was a most intolerable thing. Not that he was dull. No one knew better than himself that he was not dull. But somehow--he did not quite know how--his mind was on other things and he was usually unprepared.
  • No, herr, said the guide quietly; "the climbing would be too steep, and there is a slope there which later on will be swept by loose stones. Better take to the snow again, then work up it."
  • About the middle of the afternoon Frank strolled down to the village. He had been worked up a good deal all morning, and when dinner time came he was made aware that his aunt was determined to treat him as a kind of culprit.
  • "Sure, Ill make something float," Gidas absent-mindedly raised his hand and simultaneously the student rose into the air.The Prope Opifex almost dropped his tablet and writing instrument as he began rising.He was indignant. Gidas smiled while looking around at the gathering crowd. The student worked up a spell and hacked at the magic Gidas was using, and could not break it.
  • I don't say anything for a while. Part of me is thinking she's not exactly opened up about her mum. But the last couple of days I've been trying to work up to telling her about the ghosts. Before something happens. And because I need to tell someone and she deserves to know. I have to start somewhere, so I say, "My dad was an alcoholic." I have trouble getting the words out. "It wasn't so bad. He kept it under control, pretty much. My mother helped. We never had booze in the house." It doesn't seem much of a revelation and I force myself to finish. "I didn't even know until it was too late."
  • Too bad Miss Amesbury had to miss it. Thus Agony echoed Migwan's earlier expression of regret as she walked down the Alley arm in arm with Migwan and Hinpoha after the first bugle. "She's been working up there on her balcony all evening, and didn't hear a bit of the singing. We were too far up the river."
  • "You let the Americans fuck you for a long time so they get used to it. Never do it too hard. Us? We wouldn't let them near us. It got them so worked up and horny they just came in one day. They held us down and fucked us so hard that we can't see straight." The drunk slammed his fist into his hand repeatedly to represent his thoughts.
  • I've been a captain of sail, Florry. Of course, if I had never been master of a vessel of more than five hundred tons net register, or my sailing license had been limited to vessels of that tonnage, I should have to work up from second mate to master in steam. But any man who has been master of a vessel of more than five hundred tons net register for more than one year is entitled to apply for a license as master of steam vessels, and if he can pass the examination he can get his license.
  • A worked up Jenny whispered to me,"My grandma' goes to sleep at 9:30. She never wakes up, so I'll leave the door open for you."
  • When Mike's fiddle was not going, our lumbering companions were wont to spin long yarns, as we sat at the supper-table. Several of them had worked up the northern rivers of Canada, where the winter lasts much longer than it does in the district I am describing; and among these was a fine old French Canadian, Jacques Michaud by name, who had come south with a party, tempted by the prospect of obtaining a pocketful of dollars. He stood six feet two inches in his stockings; and his strength was in proportion to his size. At the same time, he was one of the most good-natured and kind-hearted men I ever met.
  • "Sure. I worked up a real sweat dancing. I think Im going to go outside and cool off a bit. Meet me out there with the water?"
  • "Certainly, Harry. Just touch the bell, and when Parker comes I will tell him what you want. I have got to work up this background, so I will join you later on. Don't keep Dorian too long. I have never been in better form for painting than I am to-day. This is going to be my masterpiece. It is my masterpiece as it stands."
  • I don't remember whether I thanked the Richmond man or not; it's likely not, as I was so much worked up that I didn't know what I was doing. I hastily told my companions what I had heard.
  • An AEC security man was running the board. Hetty had decided that one earthquake a day was enough and had gone to bed. Barney bewildered but happily pleased at so much company, sat on the edge of a chair and avidly watched and listened, not understanding a thing he saw or heard. At the back of the room, Johnny hunched over Big Jim Thompson's roll-top desk, working up a list of supplies he would need to repair the damages from the week's growing list of explosions.
  • "Good morning," she sang out as he stepped out of the elevator at the top floor. Fred merely grunted and turned away. He'd been giving her the cold shoulder for weeks. Once, only once, he'd worked up a smile in return, and the warmth of her reply had scuttled his persona for days. He'd been unable to muster any grumpiness at all and his productivity had fallen way off. If he gave in to her now, it might ruin his whole plan.
  • I would never have recognized the Johnsons. I have visited them several times since and their faces are familiar to me now, but I don't know whether any traces of the old likenesses worked up in my memory. I found Johnson an old man--old and grey before his time. He had a grizzly stubble round his chin and cheeks towards the end of the week, because he could only afford a shave on Saturday afternoon. He was working at some branch of his trade "in the shop" I understood, but he said he felt the work come heavier on him every winter. "I've felt very poorly this last winter or two," he said, "very poorly indeed." He was very sad and gentle.
  • All the skins which had formed my gold bag, had been left behind, in my flight from the Blacks, of course, but my Links having learned the process of curing pelts in the brine, had worked up some very good pieces. On these I levied a tax---the only one I imposed during my reign--thereby fitting the craft out in some degree of comfort, for the goddess had dressed herself in all the hides I had left in my shelter. This seemed to be the concluding ceremony, except that I made sure my oars and pole-pins were staunch, and I cut a long slender pole, to be used for any purpose which might develop later on.
  • I admit I couldn't work up a ton of sympathy for a hypothetical war that occurred after my species was wiped off the planet. I also had a very negative mental image of human farming. It didn't look so fun in The Matrix and I imagined the reality would be far less pleasant.
  • The girls were getting worked up into a frenzy of excitement. Let it not be said that gifts cannot buy love. I briefly considered locking the door behind her and not letting her back in.
  • Saxe nodded; the rope was kept tight, and drawn in foot by foot, till, just as the lad was thinking of what a tremendous jerk it would be if Dale slipped, the latter's head appeared above the rock, with his ice-axe projecting over his shoulder, it having worked up in the climbing till it threatened to escape from the belt and fall.
  • Like all the other horrible crime scenes you and I have worked up here Peter, this one will rob us of just a bit more of ourselves. It will take over our lives. Those around us will also suffer because of what we go through.’
  • Suddenly, Andriezen cast a blinding light and ran toward the window.The light caused Lazerek to pause for a moment. As Andriezen threw himself at the window, he was caught up, as if by some invisible hand, and jerked back into the room. He worked up another spell and Lazerek was tossed back like a child against the far wall. This caused Lazerek to lose his focus momentarily, and Andriezen dropped and then hopped up, already preparing another spell. He summoned the magic and Lazerek suddenly found himself manacled neck to hands to feet.
  • I placed my revolver, cocked, upon the top of the wooden case behind which I crouched. Holmes shot the slide across the front of his lantern and left us in pitch darkness--such an absolute darkness as I have never before experienced. The smell of hot metal remained to assure us that the light was still there, ready to flash out at a moment's notice. To me, with my nerves worked up to a pitch of expectancy, there was something depressing and subduing in the sudden gloom, and in the cold dank air of the vault.
  • I finally worked up enough courage to look across the cafeteria as I peeled the label off of the can. Alec wasn't at his usual place, but Brandon was at his normal table, surrounded by a smaller than normal group. The discussion looked way more intense than normal, and seemed to center around him and Cassie.
  • Aliens disguised as quacking elephants were lurking in the stairwell of Macklin's condo, working up the nerve to make him an offer.
  • Don set to work earnestly, and watched his companion, who cleverly twisted away at the gathered-up yarn, and then rolled his work up into a ball.
  • Dol Farrar, he said, "I guess this caps all the adventures that you or I have had up to date. No wonder you felt all day as if you were working up to something. I'll believe in presentiments in future."
  • I thought of asking raj earlier but raj is in final year and he is having a project working on and he is really helping me a lot with organizing and the band.So i thought it's better to not to ask him anymore.I don't want him worked up because of me but do i have an alternative now with the event in more than an hour.
  • As they made their way homeward, thoroughly worked up by the excitement of their adventure, Harry wondered whether his father would let him undertake this service Colonel Throckmorton had suggested. After all, he was not English, and he felt that his father might not want him to do it, although Mr. Fleming, he knew, sympathized strongly with the English in the war. He said nothing to Dick, preferring to wait until he was sure that he could go ahead with his plans.
  • Hang it all! said the chief-inspector. "People don't work up a whole business of this sort, without seeing something ahead of them ... solid profits."
  • Say, I believe you've gone and struck the truth just as you nearly always do, old fellow, not by luck, but by figuring it out. To get the coast clear, then, this sly Todd Pemberton means to go on bringing in important news, and keeping poor old Chief Waller worked up to top-notch speed, chasing around down there after shadows! Yes, that must be the game they've got in hand; and perhaps that's what all those waves of handkerchiefs meant between the pilot of the little Mermaid, and the fellow we couldn't see, who was hidden in the bushes on Norton's Point.
  • Oh! look at it, would you? cried Larry, almost as much worked up as his smaller companion. "This time there's going to be something doing! I bet you Frank wants to just snatch a floating piece of wood off the water as he skims along, just like them Wild West riders do on horseback, when they throw their hats down. Why! Something must a-busted--they dropped splash on the lake; and look at the old biplane sitting right there like a great big gull! Ain't that too bad, though; I'm sorry for Frank and Andy!"
  • Dan thought of the Captain's words as he crossed the ferry to New York. All through the day he had been filled with the pleasurable conviction that the morrow was a pretty decent sort of day to be ashore, and he had intended to work up to the joys thereof to the utmost of his capacity.
  • Hurrrah! shouted Bumpus, who had been so worked up during this struggle between his comrades and the greed of the elements, that he had hardly taken time to breathe.
  • "Never mind, Brianlet's see what we can do. Shoulder a spear. And as soon as we can work up a schedule we're going to start lessons. We're half crippled this way, fumbling along without the ability to communicate."
  • Alright, i know - i must have a pretty boring life to get worked up about such trifles!
  • So far we got, and no farther, in the transportation of supplies during the years I lived with the Folk. It never entered anybody's head to weave a basket out of willow-withes. Sometimes the men and women tied tough vines about the bundles of ferns and branches that they carried to the caves to sleep upon. Possibly in ten or twenty generations we might have worked up to the weaving of baskets. And of this, one thing is sure: if once we wove withes into baskets, the next and inevitable step would have been the weaving of cloth. Clothes would have followed, and with covering our nakedness would have come modesty.
  • You must keep calm, Bessie, that's the first thing to think of. If you let yourself get excited and worked up you won't help Zara, and you'll only get into trouble yourself."
  • "It is cold," she agreed, looking again at Edda. She hoped the older woman had on some good sunscreen, or she'd be burnt to a crisp in the hot sun at the bottom of the Canyon. "I've been working up to take a swim. I figured I could lie in the sun to warm up afterward."
  • Amber rolled her eyes. "Hun, The David says just some wind and rain. Dont get all worked up about it." She looked at Barker, his face hidden behind the rag. "Honestly, he gets like a scared puppy every time we get a little weather. Hows your head?"
  • There is not a dull chapter, nor, indeed, a dull page in the book; but the author has so carefully worked up his subject that the exciting deeds of his heroes are never incongruous or absurd.--Observer.
  • We reach the park and I'm still alive. Mickey slides the bike to a halt spraying dirt and pebbles everywhere and pissing people off. I try to get off but nothing's working and my knees give way. I sit in the dirt for a bit, working up the energy to move.
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