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work over
 |  Word belgesi oluştur  |  Listeye Ekle  | 
Okunuşu: / wəːk ’əʊvə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work over
Ekler: works over/worked over/work·ing over


bir daha yapmak, üstünden geçmek;
değişiklik yapmak;
A.b.d., argo. hırpalamak.

work over için örnek cümleler:

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  • The statement is made by the two accused men that they worked over the plans until after midnight, and that they left this man Babcock at the office when they went to their homes. Babcock denied that he was in the office at all that night.
  • At the end of their watch, Walter awoke Chris and the captain and stretched out for a nap, but the outlaw never closed his eyes during the long uneventful night. When not watching, he was hovering over Charley's bedside administering medicine or working over the bitten leg. Yet daylight found him as cool and fresh as ever, apparently unaffected by his long vigil.
  • The Brewster family must have had a thing for remote alleys, because Hartwell eventually found Brandon being worked over by Andrew and his girlfriend Carla, who was tormented by Justice when he was her vampire.
  • He had been lucky. Most everyone present on the scene must have been worked over to one degree or another. Even, apparently, the dignitaries attending to take part in the ceremony. But there were dignitaries and dignitaries. Max didnt know if hed ever seen a god looking quite so ill-used. Especially one venturing out in public with his head swathed in an oozing linen bandage that drooped low to cover his left eye, the remaining strands of mustache that had not been crisped off shooting away in every direction like the whiskers of a cat. Especially one favoring a leg with a locked knee and leaning on a cane, of all things.
  • Ask me another--a woman's whim: I was born lucky, thanks to the immortal little star that winked and worked over my birth-hour. Besides, the girl by habit is down on foreign blacks who attack her: I must tell you that the Zulu voorlooper who shot her bodyguard was tortured, all our lot, but ten, killed, and----
  • It was not until we had worked over him ten minutes or more that I could see any change, and then suddenly he opened his eyes, blinking in the rays of the lantern Jim was holding close by his face.
  • As she worked over her biscuit dough, Claire listened to their talk resentfully. She wished they would keep still, but she said nothing. They went ahead, demonstrating, she thought bitterly, the truth of Lawrence's argument.
  • The home manufacture of ostrich feathers first gave Hamilton a clear insight into poverty. Four or five rooms each occupied by a family of several persons he entered in one tenement, and in each he found three or four people working over ostrich plumes, working nervously at high speed, afraid to stop, even for a moment.
  • And the nightmare went on while some one telegraphed to Mr. Pomeroy, and the doctors behind closed doors worked over Lester. Nurses slipped silently into the house; detectives appeared, roped the curious people out of the grounds, and raked the place for clews. It was then that Elinor had a thought. She called the chief of police, and took him into the library, shutting the door.
  • By the time that the sun had risen and Leslie was able to dispense with the aid of the lantern, he was so utterly weary that he could scarcely drag one leg after the other; his lips were so dry that he could no longer whistle, and his throat so sore that he could no longer shout, while he was sinking with exhaustion from hunger and thirst. Yet he pressed doggedly on, still prosecuting his search with grim determination and the same concentration as before until, close upon midday--when he was working over toward the eastern side of the island, he paused suddenly and listened as intently as though his life depended upon it. Yes; there it was again--the distant but faintly heard bark of a dog--he was sure of it! Gathering himself together, he once more strove to whistle, but failed; then he attempted to shout.
  • Wilson: Dr. Hagen has changed the way the food safety inspection system has worked over the last two years. And from somebody whos in the trenches every day, this regulatory change is so refreshing. I can have valued suppliers build an item and meet a quality or microbial specification, and the regulators cant do that yet. But they can come out and say, "This is what we need to do to prevent this." And then we can support that and push that forward. So theres a growing industry-regulatory relationship thats buildingnot just with Costco but across the boardwhere food safety is such a focus. Nobody gets up in the morning and goes to work and says, "Well, you know, Im gonna make somebody sick today, because Im gonna do this."
  • The chantry singers play a leading role in the festivals and have performed nearly all the major bach works over the years.
  • Quite a different picture is presented by an industrious old Mexican, whom I happen to see away down in the bottom of a deep ravine, along which swiftly hurries a tiny stream. He is diligently shovelling dirt into a rude sluice-box which he has constructed in the bed of the stream at a point where the water rushes swiftly down a declivity. Setting my bicycle up against a rock, I clamber down the steep bank to investigate. In tones that savor of anything but satisfaction with the result of his labor, he informs me that he has to work "most infernal hard" to pan out two dollars' worth of "dust" a day. "I have had to work over all that pile of gravel you see yonder to clean up seventeen dollars' worth of dust," further volunteered the old "greaser," as I picked up a spare shovel and helped him remove a couple of bowlders that he was trying to roll out of his war. I condole with him at the low grade of the gravel he is working, hope he may "strike it rich " one of these days, and take my departure.
  • For the purposes he had in view five hundred dollars would be none too much. The remaining five hundred he had resolved to invest in his sister's comfort and happiness. He had thought the matter over and come to his decision in that secretive, careful fashion so typical of him, working over every logical step of his induction so thoroughly that it ended by becoming part of his mental fiber. So when he reached the conclusion it had already become to him an axiom. In presenting it as such to his sister, he never realized that she had not followed with him the logical steps, and so could hardly be expected to accept the conclusion out-of-hand.
  • Tyler, whom I later found out was the main creator of these devices, explained that these communicators might not work over such long distances. He was giving instructions to someone named Abram about how the two groups may still be able to communicate. Justin and Melissa began arguing about whether or not totake the next step.’ Justin wanted the others to do something while Lady Magmilan was overseas, but Melissa wanted to wait. They did a good job of not giving away very much information. I had no idea what they were talking about.
  • "'No,' I said, 'it's not a burglar. But I've found out what I wanted, that you do your morning's work over night. But you mustn't wait for me when I choose to sit up. And now go back to your bed like a good soul, whilst I take a run down to the beach.'
  • There was a census,"" the editor went on, after a pause during which he had been working over a column of figures, ""and my uncle was a supervisor. Mr."
  • Steve's warm grin flashed. "Sorry, kids. I was working over a few facts in my head, trying to make them add up. Okay, let's talk. Start by telling me about last night."
  • When she and Isabel van Cannan returned, they found him almost gone. Saltire and McNeil had worked over him until the sweat dripped from their faces, but he who has been kissed by the black mamba, deadliest of snakes, is lost beyond all human effort. The light was fast fading from his face, but, for a moment, a spurt of life leaped in his eyes. He held out his aims to the woman, and she fell weeping into them. Christine turned away and stared out at the darkness. Saltire had been writing; a sheet of paper upon which the ink was still wet lay upon the table, and in his hand he held a packet of letters.
  • "I worked over there for a couple of weeks, alright?" she continued. "Back when one of the girls there--this was a couple years back--one of the girls there, the assistant manager, she was out for someoperation, I think it was. Knee problem…?"
  • The feet of the men at work over the burning hold were blistering. Dan yanked out an inch hose and set a cabin boy to sluicing the deck where they stood, sending up dense clouds of enveloping steam. A broad tongue of blue flame curled out of the port hawse-hole, licked along the half-protruding anchor, rose above the rail, and then burst into a puff of red fire which floated away in the wind. A cargo port door warped in the heat, buckled outward, tearing plates and rivets with a rasping screech, and dropped hissing into the black waters; and the wind, blowing from astern, was sucked into the opening, fanning the flames to screaming ferocity.
  • They won't, said Ledermann as he worked over Adolph. "These stupid country people, what would they know about invisible ink? It may never be found at all. It may even now be trodden in the dust."
  • I say, Dave, will you explain something to me? said a voice from a corner. The question came from Chip Macklin, Gus Plum's former toady. The small boy was working over a sheet of algebra sums.
  • Gwilym stared back at him wordlessly for a long while, his mind still working over the implications of what hed been told. Finally opening his mouth to respond, he was cut off as the door to the room opened suddenly, revealing his wife and his captain, Colvin Laros.
  • I guess I can promise you that, my son, replied Pat. "We'll separate here. Sparrer and I will work off to leeward, Hal will keep straight ahead and Walt will swing to windward. If you two start any they will work over to us and give Sparrer a chance to see em. Yell if you start any. I reckon you'll find 'em pretty tame. They haven't been bothered here and they know as well as we do that the law protects 'em now. Watch for fresh sign and follow it up."
  • I am glad you are American and not English! the other went on to cry. "I would be sorry, indeed, if I owed the life of my little Frieda to an English boy. But an American, it is quite different. Ach! what would I not do to show you how grateful I am for your brave act? Tell me, can I not do something to prove that in Germany we look upon your country as our friends? My name it is Herr Frederick Haskins, I am the principal owner of the chemical works over yonder. Let me be your host while in Sempst you stay. It would give me much pleasure, I assure you."
  • His hands were his trained observers. As he worked over her, they gave him a detailed picture which sank deep into his memory. She was splendidly made. His fingers caught the delicate curve of her throat and shoulders. Her skin was satin to his touch. He knew that the fine hair, the smooth skin, the curve and grace of her body belonged to a beautiful woman.
  • But his work over and all his duties properly attended to, Chester bethought himself of his wounded chum. He was anxious to see Hal and relate what had happened and to make sure that his friend was being properly taken care of.
  • Yes, sir, but an eel's a fish. Leastways so I was always told, when I used to work over at the Aquarium on Agar's Island.
  • The Marine Biological Laboratory, was the reply, "which owns all the land on the other side of the street, just as we do on this. It is a summer college supported by a number of leading universities, to which graduate students come for courses in biology and marine life. There is some research work done also, and at the present moment Professor Jacques Loeb is doing some wonderful work over there on fish hybridization. We are entirely distinct organizations, one being a summer school and the other being a government marine hatchery with a biological laboratory attached. They have their own boats and we have ours, but we grant them the privilege of using our wharves, and there is a great deal of friendly cooperation between the two."
  • By this time the bloody work over on the Cawnpore shore was about ended. The fleet of captured boats were either empty or in flames, and of their passengers the men had all been killed the women and children were prisoners on the bank.
  • 'Over there,' Shylock replied, pointing to a series of large container ships sailing in and out of a very busy port. Each ship was heavily laden with currencyhard currency. 'They're collecting Earth's coins, melting them down and using the raw materials to make the machinery. See the smelting works over there on the horizon. The building with flames and bright sparks flying into the sky.'
  • Oh! Smithy, he remarked, pleasantly, "you're sure going to get another new suit of clothes, because there's a measuring worm right now, crawling up your back, with his tape line working over time."
  • Jimmie and Jack slid out of the doorway and down the oscillating bamboo stairs, and when, an hour later, the Major went to the little dock where the Manhattan lay he found the two boys working over her, sweating and complaining in loud voices against the inefficiency of modern motor boat manufacturers. The Major went on with his preparations for departure, never doubting that the Manhattan would be ready for him in a few minutes.
  • "Absenteeism," Jackie agreed. "You know very well that youve had a lot of time off work over the past few months, between your annual leave and special leave. It would be less of a problem if your absences had all been scheduled, but they havent been. Why is that."
  • He reviewed the article noting the basic facts. The Simulated Life Elapsed Experience Process was under development by Panacium Inc. a new pharmaceutical company started to bring this one product to market. The process involved an integration of technology and pharmacology. First a chip designed to stimulate function in certain areas of the brain was inserted. The chip was an offshoot of technology developed to lessen Parkinson symptoms and epileptic fits, but the new chip was tiny and worked over a wide enough range so it could be inserted through a very small hole punched into the prefrontal cortex. Chuck, no medical expert, was reminded of the movie, Suddenly Last Summer in which Montgomery Clift played a slow thinking neurosurgeon who was being pressured to perform a lobotomy on Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Ignacio told her the story. Norton was lying in the hotel, unconscious, Patten working over him; Jim Galloway and Antone were in the little jail and soon would be taken to the county-seat; Kid Rickard was shot through the lung but would live, Patten said; Vidal Nuñez, over whom the whole thing had started, was dead.
  • The Princess sleeps, she dreams, until her dreams cloud and images of the previous night transform it into yet another nightmare in a long chain of them. The recollections of her father being run through, and then the pale face and evil eyes of the Necromancer as he smiles a snake's smile. The Princess awakes with a shock, finding herself in an unfamiliar bed. She looks around and sees Edna working over a small pot. The smell of porridge fills the small house. Edna turns to see that the Princess is awake and flashes her a caring smile.
  • I must go right now, George Fremont said. "Mr. Cameron is at the office, working over the Tolford estate papers, and he asked me to call at the rooms and go home with him. He's always nervous when working over that case. The heirs are troublesome, and threatening, I guess."
  • Flo didn't bother to look up from her present chore of resupplying the food bar with rolls and muffins. "Cause we already ordered the posters. I gave all the info to Burt Hofferheifer when he stopped by this morning on his way to work over at the Gazette in Justice City. He's also going to give the information to the local radio station. Everybody in town is talking about it so we can't up and change everything."
  • We worked over one range and around another with the great valley of the river lying at our feet, while beyond were chain upon chain of bleak and rugged mountains. Finally we came to a vast gulch supposed to be the home of the large rams. My men had hunted in this section two years before, and had never failed to find good heads here, but we now saw nothing worth stalking. By degrees we worked to the top of the gulch, and coming to the summit of the ridge paused, for at our feet was what at first appeared but a perpendicular precipice of jagged rock falling hundreds of feet. The clouds now lifted a bit and we could see below a vast circular valley with green grass and rapid glacial streams. On all sides it was hemmed in and guarded by mighty mountains with giant cliffs and vast slides of broken rocks reaching from the bottom to the very summits. Opposite was a great dull blue glacier from which the north fork of the Killy River belched forth, while other smaller glaciers and snow banks seemed kept in place only by granite barriers.
  • Levi and his aunt conveyed the senseless form to the front room, and after working over him nearly half an hour, he came out of the fit, but only to suffer the most intense agonies at the loss of his money.
  • "Yes, I guess you're right," said Bert, "and look at those compressed air drills working over there. Think how long it would take to bore out those holes by the old method of hammering a drill into the rock. There's no doubt, that, as you say, modern machinery is the only thing responsible for this work. It's a wonderful thing, any way you look at it."
  • It's worth it. I told myself. Babysitters are expensive. Putting up with a little verbal abuse is well worth a free babysitter. I closed my eyes and imagined calling Carolyn, commanding her to babysit at six o'clock and then hanging up the phone. Some people shouldn't have the benefit of free will. Maybe it was a good thing that my ability didn't work over the phone.
  • Whatever can they be doing up there; and where's Bessie's Uncle Asa, that he's left them all alone in the storm? Oh! Max, we've just got to work over to the house and help them. Do you think we're heading that way fast enough? Ain't there any way we could help the old raft to hurry up, and strike the house so we could climb up there? Well, if the worst comes I'm meaning to swim for it, current or no current.
  • Oh, dear, yes. And we saw you meet Sim Johnson on the pier, and we saw you get into the rowboat with your bundle, and we saw the little old man with the gray beard row you out on the stream, and then we saw you all pull up the object you had towing astern, take it into the boat, work over it a while, toss it back, and row away.
  • When at last they returned to the vicinity of the hangar from which they had started, they found an excited and angry group around Horace Jardin's aeroplane. Something was wrong with it and the two mechanics working over it were unable to find out why the machine refused to fly. It refused, indeed, to rise from the ground and the engine worked with a peculiar jolt. The sound of the bugle from the high ground in front of the mess hall called them to lunch and they went off, leaving the men still at work. Horace was in a very bad humor, and as usual indulged himself in a number of foolish threats, the least of which was to scrap the whole machine.
  • Now it was Lawrence who was speaking. "I guess she'd surprise us if we could supply her with a chafing-dish. I'd like to see her at work over one in my studio with the bunch around waiting hungrily for results."
  • When the vet had worked over Lad for an hour and had patched him up and had declared there was no doubt at all about his getting well, Wolf and Bruce were brought in to see the invalid. The Mistress thought he might be glad to see them.
  • "She knocks," he said, knitting his fierce black brows. "All morning I have been working over that car, and I can't find that knock."
  • And here, at Culebra, the problem had been harder to solve than anywhere else. There had been enormous landslides, that made it necessary to do the work over and over again. Twenty-one million cubic yards of earth had fallen from the mountain side, in many cases covering the engines and shovels engaged in the work of excavation. One slide involved sixty-three acres. At another place, forty-seven acres moved entirely across the Canal at the rate of fourteen feet a day, and rose at one point to a height of thirty feet. Over twenty times, these avalanches came down the sides of the cut. It seemed as though Nature were angered at the attempts of man to change what she had ordained, and were determined to drive him to despair. But the attempts were renewed with dogged persistence, and now the course of the Canal had been fully protected, and baffled Nature could rage in vain. It was heart-breaking work, but when Uncle Sam puts his hand to the plough, he doesn't turn back. Science and pluck, working hand in hand with splendid audacity, had come out triumphant.
  • Farn sank onto the short grass beside a tapis and began rubbing his forefeet under his armpits. Tika watched, gradually understanding he was getting oil from glands there, which he then worked over his wings. ‘My wings must stay supple,’ explained Farn. ‘The hide can crack if it becomes dry, then I might not be able to fly.’
  • Studying engineering doesn't harden a man's leg, anyway, I heard Rayburn answer. "That cut pretty near took mine off. But now that we've stopped the bleeding I guess I'm all right. I think I can work over to you on my hands and knees and help you with the Professor. Now that I know he's alive I seem to be a lot more alive myself."
  • This is a particularly flagrant way to illegally distribute millions of copyrighted works over the internet.
  • "That is the idea exactly," answered the boatswain's mate, patting the gig affectionately. "We shall be working over this little craft for the next few weeks on every possible occasion."
  • He laid them together on a wide berth at the side of the cabin and began to work over them alternately. Swiftly and deftly he heated blankets and prepared food. He wound them in the hot cloth, chafed their hands and arms, and forced brandy down their throats.
  • It is better that you should make them, Godfrey, and also the wooden leg when he is ready for it, Alexis had said. "It is just as well that their gratitude should be divided a little, so I will hand that part of the work over to you."
  • My dear Wilton, what is the use of Mrs. Sherborne, and the Clays, and all that lot working over you for four years to make an Englishman out of you, if the very first time you're rattled you go back to the vernacular?
  • Shower emollients bath emollients are designed to work over a 10-20 minute period during bathing.
  • Benedicthis face worked over with an unearthly fury that didnt match him at allsaid with a tremble, "I let you win. It was the only way I could bring Humphrey down for his idiocy."
  • Then we had better proceed forthwith, and get our work over whilst the opportunity is favourable, remarked Don Hermoso. "What is your name, by the by?"
  • Another circumstance which was equally in his favor, if not more so, was the kind consideration of the London papers. They announced his forthcoming work over and over again. Some of their writers came to see him so as to get the particulars, and what little he told them they described in the most attractive and effective manner.
  • Our four boys spent all their leisure time on the aviation field. The Jardin plane seemed possessed. Every night, after the mechanicians had spent the day working over it, the machine would go sailing off the field, purring and humming and flying smoothly and evenly. And as surely as morning came something was wrong! Jardin was frantic. Frank, always at his elbow, irritated him into admissions and statements that he scarcely recognized as his own when he afterwards thought about them. He was not wise enough to put two and two together.
  • With military promptness, the mechanic was carried to the hospital, and the school doctor was soon working over him. Meanwhile, dry garments had been supplied to Larry and Mr. Vardon. A messenger came from Colonel Masterly to learn what was going on, and, when he heard of the rescue, Dick and his chums were excused from taking part in the day's closing drill.
  • In a moment the yacht was alongside the exhausted swimmers, and they were hauled aboard. Jeems Howell was about done for, and had to be worked over for some time; Jo also had shipped considerable salt water, but Jim and Juarez were in tolerable condition considering the experience they had been through.
  • SPX Chief Executive Chris Kearney has worked over the past few years to focus the company on its flow control business, making equipment used in processing liquids ranging from petroleum to dairy products.
  • No sooner was work over in the afternoon of the day after that on which Rupert had heard of his brother's loss than Skinner came across with Easton to see him.
  • He will find it in the dust, repeated Ledermann and threw water over Adolph, while the Weasel stood up and tightened his belt. Then the Wolf counted out to him the money needed for his short journey to Ithaca. The counting was interrupted with directions and threats. The Weasel drew a long breath of relief when he was finally dismissed, and was allowed to slip out into the night, where he turned toward Syracuse. Ledermann still worked over the unconscious man.
  • I slept till noon. When I came on deck I found that everything was going on much as usual. One of the secretaries was with J. P.; the others were at work over the day's papers.
  • Problem 3: This one isn't medical, but since I'm going to be contributing to a lot of lab work over the next few days, and this book needs to stay on schedule, I can't afford to let this time go to waste. I was talking to my editor the other day, and he said, "Look, Lewis, I know about the problems you have urinating. I think by now you've told all of us about your problems. But we have to get this book done. I don't care how you do it, just stay on schedule. Have the doctor jot some stuff down for it while he's scribbling up some prescriptions, I don't care. And when can I see a rough draft, or even page one of this stupid book?" This struck me as a bit odd, since usually he does care. He cares a lot, to the point of being a nuisance. But something in his insensitive bedside manner lit a fire under my fanny that just will not go out, so I've devised a plan that might be crazy enough to work.
  • While the doctor was busy working over the unconscious boy, the hotel detective and a policeman came running in and got the details.
  • The Jessie Drew continued on her voyage. Stops were made at several ports in Saginaw Bay, where cargo was either discharged or taken on. Sam kept himself out of Nat's way, but this was not difficult, for Nat found plenty to do, as, since he grasped matters rapidly, the purser turned more and more work over to him.
  • Jolly Roger was sobbing. He was sobbing, in a strange, hard man- fashion, as he tore open Cassidy's shirt and saw the red wound that went clean through Cassidy's right breast just under the shoulder. And Peter still heard that strange sound coming from his lips, a moaning as if for breath, as his master ran and brought up water, and worked over the fallen man. And then he got under Cassidy, and rose up with him on his shoulders, and staggered off with him toward the creek. There he found a path, a narrow foot trail, and not once did he stop with his burden until he came into a little clearing, out of which Cassidy had seen the smoke rising. In this clearing was a cabin, and from the cabin came an old man to meet him--an old man and a girl.
  • "My sister, she work over there on his compound. She say last night OlLevasseur so pissed about sumting, he throw a big fit. He so bad all them working for him leave post-haste. He yelling at that Larsen guy and throwing things around. She say she even hear gunshots. Thats when everybody run, my sister run three kilometers in the dark."
  • Arthur found Louise developing hysteria, while Beth, Patsy and Helen Hahn were working over her and striving to comfort her. Uncle John, the major and big Runyon stood gazing helplessly at the dolorous scene.
  • When the fog had cleared out of his brain the reaction was just as powerful. I took him out alone while the others worked over the Alder Creek party, and all at once my man fell apart like wet sawdust.
  • As they arrived at Tonys place, Annie showed Jennie the plate of noodles. The woman smiled and the two ladies headed for the kitchen. Franks wife, Anna, was already there, working over the stove.
  • Gil filmed some footage with Leslie and her crew near the bonfire and could feel the night winding down. He had thrown himself completely into work over the past nine months and he was exhausted. He turned to the crew and said, "Im gonnahead back to the hotel now. Its been a long day."
  • Dave Darrin rose and walked over to the engine room, opening the door and looking in. Hal and Eph were hard at work over the motor, while Lieutenant Jack Benson, with his hand in his pockets, stood watching their efforts.
  • With scarcely another glance at her he plunged down the bank and set to work over his fire. Colina sedately followed and seated herself on a boulder to wait until she should be served.
  • As the Master and the few others who had descended the steps were working over the fallen man, the Mistress checked the turmoil on the veranda. At Lad's leap, memory of this speed mad motorist had rushed back to her.
  • I'll work over the baby camera pictures while you handle the others, suggested Frank, and the two boys were soon busy at their tasks. Finally Ned handed a torn print to Frank, pointing out a single feature as he did so.
  • I didn't believe in the people opposite, in spite of their references being said to be good. You may say that's because of what followed; but it isn't for I didn't like the looks of the stiff elderly Miss Mimprisses; and I didn't like the two forward servants, though they seemed to keep themselves to themselves wonderfully, and no man ever allowed in the house. Worst of all, I didn't like that handsome young Miss Adela, sitting at work over coloured worsted at the dining-room or drawing-room window, for young Mr Barclay was always looking across at her; and though he grew red-faced, my poor Miss Virginia grew every day more pale.
  • "As much as I hate it yes," Dredrik replied. "Captain Barnes, if you would ready your men to work over our defenses as soon as I clear out the east side."
  • The girl was working over him. He could feel her and hear her movement. Water was trickling over his face. Then he heard a voice, close over him, saying something in a sobbing monotone which he could not understand.
  • Except for the trireme none of these galleys had outriggers they were all worked over the gunwale.
  • As for Ella Wright, the physicians and nurses worked over her long and earnestly, and were on the point of giving her up when at last a flutter of her eyelids was seen.
  • The scouts could be seen following up, as it were, the movements of some force hidden by the hills from where the regiment had halted, and by degrees they began to work over the eminence and disappeared, while the general seemed to be fretting with impatience, till all at once those near him heard him utter a low "Hah!" and he gave the order to his men to prepare to mount.
  • As they worked over the lad, bathing the wound with hot water and endeavoring to force stimulating drinks between the set teeth, they did not observe a bearded face was pressed for a moment against a window pane. It was an evil face, and was gone on the instant.
  • 'And you, Hassan,' replied Caroline, having understood immediately to whom she was speaking. She now fully understood that her work over the previous few days had, in fact, been closer to the truth than she had ever imagined.
  • A week after killing the big ram we again visited the great basin, but found nothing, and cautiously moved a little higher to a sheltered position. From here we carefully scanned the bottom of this large gulch, and soon spied a bunch of ewes and lambs, and shortly afterward three medium sized rams. When we first saw them one had become suspicious and was looking intently in our direction, so we crouched low against the rocks, keeping perfectly still until they once more began to feed. When they had gradually worked over a slight knoll we made a quick approach, cautiously stalking up to the ridge over which the sheep had gone. I had expected to get a fair shot at two hundred yards or under, but when I peered over nothing was in sight. I concluded they had not gone up the mountain side, for their white coats against the black rocks would have rendered them easily seen. I, therefore, started to walk boldly in the direction in which we had seen them go, thinking they had probably taken shelter from the gale behind some rocks.
  • It must be Demetri. I had heard the Cullens talking about him. He was supposedly the best tracker in the world and usually led the Volturi to battle. His power apparently worked over immense distances. I knew Edward was focused on killing him first, in order to protect Alice and Jasper, even though the two of them had abandoned the Cullens in this darkest of hours. Why he would want to protect Alice and Jasper after what they had done was beyond my comprehension.
  • "I was well aware of the risk, Commander," Mr. Conor interrupted, "just as I am now. And dont forget, my friend"—he patted the mans shoulder—"while there are Traitors in our midst, to be sure, there are termites in the Black Coffin as well. Im not about to endanger what Ive worked over twenty years to see come to fruition, Commander. Place a detail of four to cover us. Put the rest on the girl in the wheelchair and her friend. Those two, Commander, youll guard like the very artery in your neck. Is that understood?"
  • He did not finish giving voice to the fear that Cassidy was dead-- or dying, and for a moment he saw only the big staring eyes of the girl as the gray-bearded man helped him with his burden. Not until the Irishman was on a cot in the cabin did he discover how childishly weak he had become and what a terrific struggle he had made with the weight on his shoulders. He sank into a chair, while the old trapper worked over Cassidy.
  • All the same, urged Tom, "I'd rather keep quiet about that stunt, for the present at least. I want to go back and finish the work over there. If the Huns are going to be driven to the Rhine we ought to be doing our duty by Uncle Sam; which we couldn't if shut up in the Government penitentiary at Fort Leavenworth, awaiting trial as deserters."
  • "Morning!" Cindy grunted as she was face-down and getting worked over pretty good. "Make sure you give some extra attention to my ass, please," she said to the masseuse.
  • Sarah looked up from his arm and grinned and Connor returned with a grin of his own. Jillian tried to cover a laugh with a cough that didnt work over too well.
  • The weather is unusually tropical, said the Phoenix, cocking one eye toward the sun. "This fire, however, is necessary--but I shall explain later. Meanwhile, if you will just aid me with this branch--" And for the next fifteen minutes they worked over the heap, adding to it and shaping it up. David kept his thoughts to himself. He could see that the Phoenix knew what it was doing, so everything must be all right.
  • We go back through the car park and follow the sign for 'pick your own' out towards the gardens. The ghost is calm and focussed. He scans the gardens and we see Anna at once. She's working over near the greenhouses. There are a couple of other people around but no one's near her. The ghost watches her for a while and I know he's working on a plan. I've got used to playing dead. Staying under his radar. Panic keeps me locked down.
  • But that was what he was asking and Summer wouldnt lie. She had told her two eldest the truth about Jody, not just his death and the exact manner it had been achieved, but about his drinking, why they were divorced, why after they were divorced Skye had arrived. That he loved them, that she didnt understand why he was gone, so many things Summer had said that were the truth, even if they were also confusing as hell not only to her kids, but still to herself. Jody had crawled right back where hed been since the end of March, even if Summer had been worked over to the nth degree.
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