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work on
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɒn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work on
Ekler: works on/worked on/work·ing on


tesir etmek, etkilemeye çalışmak;
üstünde çalışmak.

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  • Hedge fund A private investment fund which uses a range of sophisticated strategies to maximise returns including hedging, leveraging and derivatives trading. Authorities around the world are working on ways to regulate them.
  • Tray had been noticeably absent for most of the day, working on the station wagon or doing other stuff outside. I think he wanted to give me a chance to spend some quality girl time with Willow. Krista and I were always so busy with our gossip, 'Ember-intriguesor one of our schemes that we had never taken the time to play 'dress up’ – although ironically, about half of her wardrobe was currently residing in my closet.
  • A young fisherman at the waters edge has stopped working on their nets, and he now joins them. "Why, man?" he asks the boy.
  • They came to me last night, Graham came to me, he whispered. "He offered me ten thousand dollars gold, and I did not take it." In his wonder at his own integrity, in spite of the excitement which shook him, Aiken's face for an instant lit with a weak, gratified smile. "I pretended to consider it," he went on, "and sent another of my men to Pecachua. He came back an hour ago. He tells me Graham offered Heinze twenty thousand dollars to buy off himself and the other officers and the men. But Heinze was afraid of the others, and so he planned to ask Laguerre for a native regiment, to pretend that he wanted them to work on the trenches. And then, when our men were lying about, suspecting nothing, the natives should fall on them and tie them, or shoot them, and then turn the guns on the city. And he has sent for the niggars!" Aiken cried. "And there's not one of them that wouldn't sell you out. They're there now!" he cried, shaking his hand at the mountain. "I warned you! I warned you!"
  • In addition to his work on quantum theory, other areas of study included thermodynamics.
  • Al's words, back at the hotel, kept ringing at her. Pete was a nice guy; she liked him. It wouldn't be fair to say that she had come to love him, for she'd deliberately kept herself from that while the prospect of the trip was there. They hadn't even been particularly close; they'd kissed a few times, and once or twice she'd even let him cop a feel of her clothed breast, but that was about all there had ever been. He was convenient; they lived in the same apartment building; he was down a couple floors. They'd met as she was carrying groceries in one day, and having problems with a torn sack, and they'd wound up having dinner, and going out occasionally since. He worked at Hadley-Monroe, a few miles south, an engineer, designing machinery. A couple of times he'd mentioned that he was working on a project to design a laser-controlled die cutter, but she wasn't sure what a die was and wasn't terribly clear about what a laser had to do with it. The whole thing seemed like Greek to her.
  • All this time I used to go to the hole every day, an' two or three times a day, an' lay with my face in it, so my eyes would get the light. I was afraid I'd go blind bein' all the time in the dark. An' between times I'd carry loose rock an' pile it under that window. I spent years of work on pilin' them rocks, an' then I used up all the rocks an' had to quit."
  • "Apparently it worked on the members of the tribe very well 100% of the time. But when the missionaires arrived, who of course did not believe that the bone could hurt them, it didnt work on them at all, and the tribe became very confused."
  • The republic began addressing economic stagnation by working on a barter deal with Argentina to exchange iron and steel products for 26 million bushels of wheat. A second pact with the Soviet Union would trade sheet iron for oil.
  • It was evident that the natives in the bush were waiting for their friends in the canoes to approach closer before they attacked, and this hesitation saved the English the loss of a number of men; for had the savages attacked while the men were at work on the ships, the latter would have been taken at a serious disadvantage, and the loss would have been very heavy.
  • The cable he worked on ran close by Skull Island. Foreigners now own Skull Island and are prepared to use force to keep people away from it. Otherwise, whats the big deal out there? Its an island in the middle of no-where. 360 degree view of the Coral Sea. It appears there are just men living there. Ive never seen a woman on that boat of theirs. And why the airstrip and light planes?’
  • When the work on the hull was done, West occupied himself with the masts and the rigging, with the assistance of Martin Holt, our sailing master, who was very clever at this kind of industry.
  • "I won't need to," Sayana replied quietly, flattening her arms against her side, and turning her palms towards the ground. "I've been working on something in my spare time, lately." A moment later, she began to rise off the ground, as if being lifted by a great invisible hand. Aiden and the others were startled by this new ability the wild girl was using, and could only watch in silence as she slowly rose up forty feet off the ground. Despite the high winds, she was not blown away, and instead levitated in the air, perfectly still until she began to rotate around, allowing her to observe the entire horizon from altitude.
  • "You should have told me how bad it was Tray. I couldve brought Celeste. That way, I couldve worked on you…" he stated with urgency.
  • "I didn't even think of that." Ryson rubbed his chin in careful consideration. "I would have to get her to hold it, and I have no idea if it would do anything. It doesn't work on command or anything like that."
  • "These results are most impressive, Warrick." The Professor reviewed numbers as they scrolled down a screen. "Far better than I had hoped for. And the work on the interval frequencies?"
  • "She works on foot," said Papa, "Machita can ride, when she chooses. But now she does not choose to do so. I taught her everything he knows."
  • Steve will also soon start work on a new maff project on bacterial canker of cherry.
  • "Ill give you a hand," Stans offered, "Ive never worked on a track before, but I know a little about engines."
  • "It was never about trusting you with it. Youve been paying our bills and doing the household budget since you were nine. Ive been preparing, but its all been for you and your future. I think its time for you to start deciding on what colleges youre interested in attending so we can work on the finances together."
  • "Yes," confirmed Kingston. "The head of the interface lab has been working on this acquisition for a number of years now. It is his opinion that when Thurman comes on board, we could be looking at building another prototype on par with the perceived current specs of the lost project," Kingston glanced at the white coat at the end of the table, "in a minimum of 12 months."
  • "Of course," said Julio. "No one seems to have seen him for the last week or so, and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be going on before that time. I havent actually knocked on his door, you understand, but I have the impression that he has holed up working on something. I left Eelmon to watch his house."
  • In the early years, ingenious contraptions were devised, like the trolley seen here in use during work on the long groin.
  • Those two disappeared from Talon's sight, but he didn't give them a second thought because his attention went to the Guardsmen standing by the woodpile. He watched him take his time working on another torch and noticing how preoccupied he was, Talon decided to make him his first victim. Talon walked out of the woods and into the cover of the burning fields. He moved through the field unnoticed and, in moments, he was crouched right outside of the woodpile. The Guardsmen had his back to Talon and was mumbling to himself as he was finishing the torch.
  • But before you do so, i should like to commend you for your very assiduous work on this case.
  • The greenwich team has concentrated its work on the traditional foods of developing countries to develop low-cost, enriched food mixes.
  • "Sorry." Barker saw through the swinging doors window that his car was still on the hoist. "Hes still working on it?"
  • Now you come to a point that I should have mentioned before! replied the caretaker. "Two days before they left a strange boy came to the mine and went to work on the breaker.
  • "Ill work on it," I said, without the least hope. "But dont expect to see me hanging around your hotel bar. Im not that kind of senorita."
  • "I knew hed be up to no good!" Ra said between chomps, "I had heard what he did to you in the kingschamber from one of your sisters. Just glad the priests finally opened that door, and that I wasnt too late!" As Ra was working on the screaming advisor I was getting the door open. I sprung free of the cage in time to clamp my teeth into the advisors knife hand, which was swinging toward Ra. The advisor let out another scream of pain as he dropped the knife. He rolled to his side and yelled at the priests to help and as they were coming forward to do just that, more streaks started flowing into the room and the priests began to scream as well. The palace cats had arrived!
  • Using what was now the blunt point of her knife, she fell to work on the stone. What remained of the blade was not as sharp, but it was thicker and stronger, so it had become a better tool for the task. She worked in a precarious position, perched on the helmet and overextended, but she landed several solid blows on the rock. Chips of stone and sparks flew before her determined stabbing.
  • It took time, however. He put trusted agents to work on the heels of great experts, and on the creeks where they began to buy he likewise bought.
  • The companys investors dont yet include Americans because the U.S. allows only accredited investorsgenerally those who have assets of more than $1 millionto buy equity in private firms. That will soon change: The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, signed into law last April, allows anyone to invest as much as $2,000 or 5 percent of their income or net worth, whichever is greater, in closely held ventures. The Securities and Exchange Commission is still working on rules for investor safeguards required by the act.
  • That's exactly the point, Johnson went on. "The police are working on the theory that Fremont was murdered at his private room at the bank one hot night in July. The relatives declare that there was no reason whatever for him to have committed suicide, yet they insist that he must have done so. Now, understand me," Johnson continued, "the relatives are all interested in the defense of a disinherited son of the banker who is charged with the crime of murder. And so, you see, when the police ask them to point to some one fact substantiating the suicide theory they are unable to do so.
  • The underwater scavenger hunt was also in full flight. Thad and Gary dropped off Agent Blake and Sharon in the middle of the ocean, and then came back to work on the boat motors. These guys were motor junkies, and never needed an excuse to get a few extra horsepower out of any vehicle. They raced back to the point where Sharon and Blake were and picked up the duo, with treasure, before lunch. Both divers appeared to have unearthed a significant haul, complete with many gold items in their nets. Thaddeus looked over at Gary as he helped Blake back in the boat, and Gary did the same as he easily lifted his daughter Sharon in his boat. The race was on back to the shore, as Blakes extra weight slowed their boat giving team Sharon a decided advantage. Of course, Thaddeus would make that stagger up when they got to the shore, because his Triumph bike was a good few miles faster than Thads Harley chopper. It was lunchtime and there was no real need to get back to the house quickly from the pawn shop, so they both grabbed a few bagels and then raced home with more than $1,000 each.
  • So the king went all through the crowd with his hat swabbing his eyes, and blessing the people and praising them and thanking them for being so good to the poor pirates away off there; and every little while the prettiest kind of girls, with the tears running down their cheeks, would up and ask him would he let them kiss him for to remember him by; and he always done it; and some of them he hugged and kissed as many as five or six times--and he was invited to stay a week; and everybody wanted him to live in their houses, and said they'd think it was an honor; but he said as this was the last day of the camp-meeting he couldn't do no good, and besides he was in a sweat to get to the Indian Ocean right off and go to work on the pirates.
  • I had provided the canoe with a number of improvised paddles we had cut ourselves. There were no two of equal size, shape, or weight. We had chopped them with an axe from sections of a tree. They were originally all intended to be the same, but what we intended to have and what we got were two different matters, as the five of us each worked on a separate paddle.
  • Billy had often considered finding other work on the days when he couldn't clam in the winter, but had never gone beyond thinking about it. "Where can I do my sculpting around here?"
  • "Since then, our people have been working on the pretty good assumption that something happened to that cow and those chickens not too long before they started giving the Eggnog ingredients. Someone remembered the experimental test shot, checked the date and then went out and had a look at the cave. We already had some earlier suspicions that this device produced a new type of beam ray. We took sightings from the cave, found them to be in a direct, unbroken line with the Circle T. We set up the device again and using a very small model, tried it out on some chick embryos. Sure enough, we got a mutation. But not the right kind.
  • Bronze. Bronze. And Gold. In four days I hadn't worked on or researched any articles. I slacked. I was supposed to be a journalist; instead I read Marina Tsvetayeva in Russian and looked up words I didn't know.
  • John grinned. "Well, put it that way if you like, Buddy," said he; "anyhow, as I said before, here I am. Some chap may quit or 'go West'--you know a round dozen of the poor chaps have been killed in the last year--and that may let me back in again. But I won't wait for it; I'll get after some of the commercial flying companies next week and see if I can't land a berth with them. I simply can't think of working on the ground. I guess I should have been born a bird, mother, instead of a human being, I love flying so much."
  • Returning back to his orders, Baker frowned. He would be stuck here during the winter and he didnt like it. After a year of boring patrols and running errands for the bigger shipscaptains he would have liked to return to warmer waters and get some real action. Perhaps the Mediterranean, or even the West Indies. Where the water was warm, the sun shining and the crew could work on deck without freezing to death. He called to the sentry at his door. "Pass the word for Mr. Reeman and Mr. Pope!"
  • The Chinese are the only people in the Orient, and, so far as we know, in the European and Asiatic continents, who resemble the Americans in their love for a good, substantial morning meal. This was much better adapted to our purpose than the Russian custom, which compelled us to do the greater part of our day's work on merely bread and weak tea.
  • 28 October.--When the telegram came announcing the arrival in Galatz I do not think it was such a shock to any of us as might have been expected. True, we did not know whence, or how, or when, the bolt would come. But I think we all expected that something strange would happen. The day of arrival at Varna made us individually satisfied that things would not be just as we had expected. We only waited to learn where the change would occur. None the less, however, it was a surprise. I suppose that nature works on such a hopeful basis that we believe against ourselves that things will be as they ought to be, not as we should know that they will be. Transcendentalism is a beacon to the angels, even if it be a will-o'-the-wisp to woman. Van Helsing raised her hand over her head for a moment, as though in remonstrance with the Almighty. But she said not a word, and in a few seconds stood up with her face sternly set.
  • Rachel poked me in the ribs, and then went back to work on the last few details of my 'new and improved' look. I'd actually been trying to sneak a look in the mirror to find out how everything was shaping up, but it wasn't worth trying to explain. With the pall that'd descended over the pack once we'd made it back, it was almost certain she wouldn't believe me. Nobody even knew where we'd gone, but they'd keyed off of our mood faster than I would've believed possible. The results hadn't been good.
  • "Hey, is that the girl reporter youre talking to?" asked Petie. "She oughtta do an article about me, ’cause Im thinking of starting another foundation to help out these soldiers. Thatd be a great topic, right? Or else you could put it in your screenplay. Whats up with that, anyway? Still working on it?"
  • Yaeko, blushing and staring at her knees, grinned shyly. She shrugged very slightly, but did not answer. Her father, smiling and nodding proudly while glancing at her, said, "She is too modest, Mr. Ishikawa. It is hers. She tells us it is nearly completed. She has been working on it for over three years now."
  • Jeannette, of course, had failed to calculate that going elsewhere would be an option for Barnes. And now that she too was leaving, she no longer cared. What Michaelson feared was that word would spread about not just Scott Halpern, but now also Robert Barnes turning down a tenure offer from NDU in favor of an untenured position elsewhere. Would others like them think that there was something wrong with NDU? This was not the sort of reputation Michaelson wanted for his university. He'd try again to persuade Barnes to stay, or if not that, take a leave of absence instead of resigning. He'd ask Ruth and Dominic to work on him, too. They should do this for him, Michaelson thought, since they both now owed him for their new acting positions--as well as higher salaries.
  • Paralegal work on the law school web sites, however only their law students can access these pages.
  • Oh, it's YOU, eh? His eyes roved around the room, fastened for an instant on some of Jimmie Dale's work on an easel, came back finally to Jimmie Dale--and he plumped himself down in the chair indicated. "Thought you was more'n a cub reporter," he remarked, with a grin. "You were too slick with your pencil. Pretty fine studio you got here. Carruthers says you're going to draw me."
  • When it comes to the impact of low-wage work on children and families, are today's young people just lazy? Do low-wage workers start families they cannot hope to support? Is it possible for young people to avoid becoming stuck in low-wage jobs in the first place?
  • After they took possession of the boy they began bribing him to play the part he has played here so imperfectly. They taught him cheap little French phrases from the dictionary, and touched up his already dusky complexion so as to make him look darker than ever. Yesterday I saw Bradley at work on his face with a brush!
  • Experts believe the two previous tests used plutonium as fissile material, but North Korea is also believed to have been working on a programme to produce highly-enriched uranium.
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome, among person working on a computer most of the time is not unheard of.
  • My best friend was the leading authority on relationships and the only source I had available to ask. I had to get something from her or my diabolical scheme would fall apart before it even started. It was strange though because Krista continued to cancel on me. We had been working on fixing up my brother and Willow for weeks now and suddenly, she wasnt interested in staging the final scene with me??
  • Adit driven from near the old reducing works on the south connects with these workings, its mouth is however choked.
  • This forging shop, the manufacturer said, entering it as he spoke, "is where most of the metal parts of the gun are first roughly shaped, and this man is working on part of a cartridge ejector.
  • The game was in Pete's hands, and he knew it... the man guarding him knew it... everyone in the town knew it. Lou Berman smiled as he watched his son set up under the basket. His thoughts drifted back to their days in the park together, working on positioning and preparing his son to be the hero. To be the guy who went out with the head cheerleader, the player who would be awarded a college scholarship.
  • Local joiner robert clouston has been awarded the contract to start work on the interior of the church on monday.
  • Caislyn sighed and kept rolling through her little tirade, "We know that I am part witch and part Fey and that Jax is part witch, part vampire. That makes us both pretty unique, I guess. We know that together we are stronger than we are separately. My parents are okay for now and are being held by some loony-bin monks who have a hard-on for this book," she held the book in the air for effect. "We know that we are in Ireland now, which is at least somewhat safer than where we were in the States, especially since it will take a while for anyone to realize how far we went or in what direction. According to my dead great grandmother, help is on the way and we are this close to uncovering the secret my parents have been working on for years. Were close to an end, guys. We just have to find the creepy monks, rescue my family, and figure out how to make the non-human community believe we are not part of some freaky end of days prophecy."
  • The plan is to demolish the smaller aviary and extend the larger aviary with further improvement works on the larger aviary.
  • They dug some sleeping positions and worked on the vehicles the third day. Almost everyone was done by noon. Those who werent sent out to the bridge site ate their lunch in the shade of one of the tanks then stretched out and took a nap. The ground was cooler and more comfortable than a mattress. They lay flat against the earth and relaxed, semi-conscious and silent. The sky was a deep blue and a soft wind rustled the coarse grass ever so slightly.
  • The army marched in two columns against the French right, their advance being supported by the guns of some of the ships' launches, which had entered the Lake of Aboukir. The French guns played rapidly, and the 92nd, which was the leading regiment, pushed forward, while the French cavalry, which charged the 90th, were received with a heavy fire and driven back. The columns now formed into line, and, pressing steadily forward, the French were compelled to abandon their position, and to retreat to the works on the heights before the town itself. Unfortunately, the British general, from the ease with which he had turned the enemy from their first position, thought that he might carry the second by a sudden attack. But, although the troops fought gallantly, they were unable to win the position, which was strong and well armed, and after some hours' fighting they were called off. Their loss during the day had been about 1100 killed and wounded, while that of the French was not more than half this number.
  • This is surely one blazing day, said Hamilton one day early in June, as after the noon hour, he settled back at his work on the punching machine.
  • Old John stared at her in amazement. "Why, it was on your own recommendation--that, an' the fact that I found out he done some really good work on the Nettle River project. But you asked me in so many words to give him a job!"
  • "Its possible," said Max. "It could happen, but there again Id be surprised. Arznaaks worked on this for a long time; hes not going to let himself get tripped up on some minor detail. Shaa and your friends may find him, but Id bet it wont until he makes himself traceable by letting off an energy signature that makes him visible - and if hes done that itll already be too late."
  • But it was impossible for me or anybody else to keep him from hard labor, although he had plenty. He had become so inured to hard work that it seemed he could not stop. He finally got all of his farm cleared that he wanted cleared. A few of the last years of his eventful life, he let some of his land to be worked on shares and kept his meadow land and pasture. He needed all of that, for he kept quite a stock of cattle, sheep and horses and took care of them himself, most of the time, up to his last sickness.
  • "Maybe if I did a little more work on calling air first? Just to get the energy levels back up, so to speak?" I shrugged my shoulders when she looked at me blankly. "Maybe there's like a progression or something, at least at first."
  • Jason pulled up a chair and started working on the other side. He turned on the radio, but kept the volume low. News about a riot over food interrupted the music. They had been at sea for half a year, and had run out of most things. For sure toilet paper was sourly missed, as was soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and laundry detergent, but they had yet to miss a single meal. Most of the time, they had a surplus of food. The two trash bags stuffed full of dried kelp would last several bitter flavored months, another bag was filled with shark jerky and would last nearly as long. They lacked variety, but not food.
  • Over the next few weeks we entered fall, then the beginnings of winter, but life itself didn't change much. I tried my best to come up with dance moves to teach the four girls that were chosen to dance with me, and every Thursday we worked on the routine we'd perform at the winter show. It was decided that I'd be featured in two dances - one on my own, somewhere in the middle of the show, and one as the finale with the other four girls. I didn't feel I was so good at dancing to deserve two numbers of my own, but Dane and about half the club insisted that it was absolutely necessary.
  • Most people with malignant mesothelioma have worked on jobs where they breathed asbestos.
  • The mechanic who worked on Ghurkin's racer was a devotee of Looney Tunes. He remarked to the Bio-Teks on leaving, "I named the racing carThe Road Runner' because nobody could beat Monsignor Ghurkin. He loved to goBeep!-Beep!' before take-off. -Pity he didn't get past that mountain, though, - you don't think it could possibly be Wylie Coyote in disguise?"
  • We later found her working on the henna tattoo stall whilst wearing stripy socks.
  • On the twenty seventh, the main party, which was working on the upper part of the portage, joined that of Captain Clark at the lower camp, where a second cache, or place of deposit, had been formed, and where the boat swivel was now hidden under the rocks. The journal says:
  • They fell into their traditional division of labor then, Art working on a variety of user-experience plans, dividing each into subplans, then devising protocols for user testing to see what would work in the field; Fede working on logistics from plane tickets to personal days to budget and critical-path charts. They worked side by side, but still used the collaboration tools that Art had grown up with, designed to allow remote, pseudonymous parties to fit their separate work components into the same structure, resolving schedule and planning collisions where it could and throwing exceptions where it couldnt. They worked beside each other and each hardly knew the other was there, and that, Art thought, when he thought of it, when the receptionist commed him to tell him that "Linderrr"—freakinteabagswas there for him, that was the defining characteristic of a Tribalist. A norm, a modus operandi, a way of being that did not distinguish between communication face-to-face and communication at a distance.
  • Kamalanathan has been Wal-Mart's vice president of ethical sourcing since 2002. He sits on the board of the Global Social Compliance Program, which was formed in 2006 and now includes more than 30 companies that work on measures such as developing a clear and consistent message for suppliers.
  • Then while John and Tom went industriously to work, Paul and Bob rode away to Clark Polytechnic in New York with Mr. Giddings. Just before starting into the city that morning, the newspaper man had met Tom, and there was little doubt that he was well pleased with this addition to his force of workers. Of course Paul and Bob were sorry to have to interrupt their labors on Sky-Bird II, but there was no help for it, and there was some consolation in the thought that undoubtedly their instructors would let them work on some of the airplane's smaller parts as a portion of their school mechanical practice. This supposition indeed proved correct, and as the fall days passed they found the two student chums not only partaking with full spirit in the sports of their comrades, but also contributing in no small measure to the progress of the work on the new airplane.
  • They were nearing the village. Sounds of a dog fight reached their ears, the savage growls of the combatants, and the yapping and barking of the pack that crowded about them. Then the hoarse call of an Indian, and a yelping of dogs as the man evidently worked on them industriously with a club.
  • One day, while hard at work in a law office, my boss said I should write a book about all the crazy people we have to deal with. working on my Acceptance trilogy at the time, I had vampires on the brain, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny to have a sitcom where the lawyers are literally bloodsuckers?"
  • The Major inhabited a small, bare room in the northeast corner of the huge Police barracks. The floor was uncarpeted, the furniture simple and scanty, and the books which occupied the row of shelves extending nearly around the room were almost wholly technical works on military science, history, and geography. The apartment was, in fact, typical of the life of its owner.
  • Phonics teaching, by contrast, is bottom-up, working on the basis that words take their shape from their parts.
  • Particle accelerators, said Cosmo. "We like to send your hair into the fifth dimension before we work on it. Gives it a nice glow."
  • It will be easily understood that we cannot give any detailed account of all the expeditions, which set out from Greenland, and succeeded each other on the coasts of Labrador and the United States. Those of our readers who wish for circumstantial details, should refer to M. Gabriel Gravier's interesting publication, the most complete work on the subject, and from which we have borrowed all that relates to the Norman expeditions.
  • Catrin, Rolph, and Benjin worked on the oxcart in the afternoon sun. The cart was in poor condition, and one of the wheels was seized. After they removed the wheel and greased the hub, it moved more freely, but was still less than perfect. Catrin was glad to have the cart as it would make their travels much easier, and she hoped it would help them appear more like locals. Collette folded the blankets from the loft and insisted they would make a good cushion for the splintery wooden seat. Their kindness in such a trying time spoke volumes for their generous souls, and Catrin vowed to never forget them and all they had done for her.
  • She made an unhappy face at me. Sometimes that was a good tactic - Im a man, and like any man Ill turn gooey under the right circumstances - but it wasnt going to work on me this time. I already didnt like her. "If I pay you good money and give you my trust," she said, "I would expect that you would at least be willing to guarantee -"
  • You steer, boy, said she, "and I'll go to work on making some kind of sail out of the big skin. By morning we ought to have our little craft under full control."
  • Their only income came from her job. Serenity supported her husband while he worked on a novel. If not for Jacksons refusal to work, he would never allow her to have a job. After all, he denied her everything else. She had no family left, except for a step-father whod passed her on to Jackson for him to continue the good work hed started. Any school friends had given up trying to keep in contact with her.
  • "Oh, thats rich! I dont know what kind of game youre playing, you castrating bitch, but it wont work on me," he scowled, clutching the wall. It took a great deal of willpower for Avery to restrain herself, but she stifled her anger and went right to her seat.
  • Within two years he had become a successful magazine illustrator working on commission.
  • Well, I'm glad you are so well informed. It will help a little when you take your parts tomorrow afternoon. I've finished the studio work on the film now, and all that remains are some exteriors in the vicinity of the Lake. The film will wind up with a big battle between Allen and his Green Mountain Boys against the Sheriff of Albany, assisted by some Indians and Red Coats.
  • The next moment the air was full of flying arms and legs and sandals and fluttering robes; and when it cleared Aldam was lying in a heap on the floor--and Raynor Royk was working on his dagger, as placidly as though it were a common enough act with him to seize the foot of a mitred Abbot and whirl him backward to the earth.
  • Hartwell and Emily had a very brief dating history in the early years, and this close association would do work on both Maggie and Aarons jealousy database. Maggie and Aaron never had the occasion to either have much in common or enter into discussion of any length, but their relationship would make a complete u-turn at the sight of their loved ones in a warm embrace. Aaron had always admired Maggie from afar and would let his most latent feelings become known. Everyone in both families would be outraged that Gary and Thad would use their physical power and experience to harm Kayla and Max, who they now viewed as young, defenseless children.
  • The 10/66 group has been working on an intervention designed to educate and train caregivers to better manage people with dementia in the community.
  • Outside again, we restored the trailer jacks, since Molly would have enough trouble cleaning up without working on a ten degree grade, then headed back toward the motel.
  • Certain enactments which make specific provision about works on particular classes of common land are amended to ensure consistency with the new regime.
  • Bern and Lille had their ceiling aglow in simulation of the midday sun when we entered their cavern. Bern was laid on a blanket outside the cabin while Lille worked on his leg with what looked like a pair of crochet hooks. His skin was flayed open and his calf muscle peeled back, exposing the bone.
  • Just across the river, at the mouth of the Tres Barras, was the collectoria for the State of Par. The Par seringueiros worked on the Rio Tres Barras and its tributaries on its right side--that is to say, the Annipir, the Igarap Preto, the Cururu, and another (nameless) stream. There were, perhaps, altogether some eighty or a hundred seringueiros, all told, working in that immense region on the Par side. In the year 1910, 90,000 kil. of rubber were collected by those few seringueiros, and in the year 1911 a slightly larger amount was sent down the river from that point. The Par Fiscal Agency was only established there on December 11th, 1910. The collectoria was situated in a most beautiful spot on a high point overlooking the mouth of the Tres Barras, and directly facing the Juruena-Arinos. On the Juruena previous to reaching S. Manoel on the left side was a stream in which gold was to be found.
  • Apparently the whole justice thing was on the fritz right now. It would probably start working again just in time to punish me for whatever bad thing I did next. I tried to work on my homework some more, but my heart wasn't in it, so I just sat at my desk and tried not to look like I was pouting.
  • Foton was in his chamber when a knock disturbed him. He started, and what he was working on disappeared. "Come in!" he called as he turned around to see Tahkshi at the door.
  • He went to see sir william preece, who had also been working on the problem of sending morse signals by wireless.
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