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work on
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɒn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work on
Ekler: works on/worked on/work·ing on


tesir etmek, etkilemeye çalışmak;
üstünde çalışmak.

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  • In the Baltimore Sun story, the author suggested "we need to learn to get past these bimbo eruptions." Bimbo, from dictionary.com, is "an attractive but stupid young woman, especially one with loose morals." What we really need to work on is getting journalism schools to teach students the apparently lost art of looking up words in the dictionary.
  • "Yes, about that and then there are about five thousands hectares of forest. Henry II is a fervent hunter." The carriage was now moving past the new palace, which was still surrounded by scaffolding. Cartloads of materials were moving to and fro and groups of workmen were working on the construction. The guest, however, was taken to the old castle, situated just behind it.
  • I know about a whole lot of things I don't go blabbing round to everybody about, responded the elder lad, with a sneer, "and as for having a model built, I'm going to get right to work on one at once. It'll be a model of a Bleriot monoplane, and a large one, too. I notice that there is nothing said in the rules about the size of the machines."
  • When the storm had blown itself out the artisans again set to work on the big East Indiaman. Job, who had learned the science of gunnery under good masters, supervised the placing of every porthole with reference to ease and safety in firing as well as to the effectiveness of a broadside. He had a section of the deck forward of the capstan reinforced stoutly to bear the weight of a bow-chaser, on which he placed some dependence in case of a running fight.
  • I think the Brothers worked on the Marble Edward damaged, not just to repair it but to study how it was made. It was the only one laid open for inspection and no chances could be taken with the others. Edwards accident let the Brothers see into it. I believe the Brothers also had a problem matching materials: yet their patience lasted years, for years they sought to copy them. They were still reluctant to return the complete set when Edward came of full age.
  • "Hello Frank," she said neither kissing him nor extending her hand. She didn't like Kelly, and he didn't like her. They were people who worked on projects where they had to intersect but without any unnecessary pleasantries or conversation with only a nod or an occasional hello passing between them.
  • He turned to go, but Anna was abruptly stricken with remorse. She saw a man who was being segregated from his own kin, something she would have hated to do to her worst enemy. She called, "Wait! Gabriel, don't go." She paused while he waited, and she stared at his broad back. He was wearing a blue shirt that showed off the breadth of his muscled form, and she suddenly appreciated how fit he was, how relentlessly he must work on his boats to keep himself this well-developed. If she looked at his hands she knew she'd see the same thing as on her own hands, the calluses of a blue-collar man, someone who wasn't afraid of hard work. "I don't want to chase you off from your family."
  • Our young mate, and his sole assistant, Bob Betts, had set about their work on the stream-cable and anchor, the lightest and most manageable of all the ground-tackle in the vessel. Both were strong and active, and both were expert in the use of blocks, purchases, and handspikes; but the day was seen lighting the eastern sky, and the anchor was barely off the gunwale, and ready to be stoppered in the meanwhile the ship still tended in the right direction, the wind had moderated to a mere royal-breeze, and the sea had so far gone down as nearly to leave the vessel without motion. As soon as perfectly convinced of the existence of this favourable state of things, and of its being likely to last, Mark ceased to work, in order to wait for day, telling Bob to discontinue his exertions also. It was fully time, for both of those vigorous and strong-handed men were thoroughly fatigued with the toil of that eventful morning.
  • The early 20th century building is thoroughly French in inspiration, but has an awkward little domed construction in the middle that looks like a garden gazebo that had climbed up onto the mansard roof to get a better view. I'd been in the building before as it was being renovated for housing because I was sort of dating an architect working on it. She took me down to the basement, a maze of catacombs, the remains of the previous building's old hallways and rooms after it had been dynamited as a fire block immediately after the 1906 earthquake. It was pitch black and spooky and just right for some vertical dirty sex, during which I parlayed my nun fantasies into a good orgasm, goading us to climax and release.
  • She'd worked on this piece on and off for nearly a month, now. There should be a long string of documents, all slugged "Wayward Pols." The only difference with each one would be the date following the document title.
  • The pilot was facing forward, for good reasons, and had absolutely no sight lines to the BlueThree. The only way to communicate in the copter was through the headsets they each wore. Within minutes of takeoff, Dalia had reached her right hand down and was working on Mike's kielbasa. Dalia was wearing a short skirt and a tight t-shirt with a sheer bra. Natalie had issues with air travel and was a little more reluctant to release her libido than her friend Dalia. She was wearing a classic tennis outfit but left out the undergarment part for the time being.
  • Peterkin, who soon gave them a specimen of his powers as a marksman, and contrived in other ways to fill the minds of the chief and his people with a very exalted idea of his powers both of body and intellect, endeavoured to make assurance doubly sure by working on their superstitious fears.
  • This is surely one blazing day, said Hamilton one day early in June, as after the noon hour, he settled back at his work on the punching machine.
  • By daybreak the sea had calmed down somewhat, and the wind had still further moderated. But the danger was by no means over till they could get in communication with the Brutus. Frank was set to work on the wireless and soon "raised" the towing ship, the captain of which was delighted to hear of his consort's safety. The position of the Southern Cross being ascertained, her bearings were wirelessed to the Brutus, and she then cast anchor to await the arrival of the towing ship.
  • It does not take such a man as the factor long to recover from a moral concussion. By the time he came in sight of the cabin his mind was again at work on physical things--on the necessities of the situation. The appalling thing, after all, was not that both Pierrot and Nepeese were dead, but that his dream was shattered. It was not that Nepeese was dead, but that he had lost her. This was his vital disappointment. The other thing--his crime--it was easy to destroy all traces of that.
  • He has recently received a grant from the russian foundation for fundamental sciences to work on the orchid flora of russia.
  • How they hurried! Freckles lifted the youngest to his shoulder, the second took his club and dinner pail, and when they reached Mrs. Duncan they found her at work on a big box. She had loosened the lid, and then she laughingly sat on it.
  • The outrage of the plane crashing now rose like bile in the back of his throat. He had paid those restorationists top-dollar. Now this. When he got back he would see to it they never worked on another airplane again.
  • I advise that we should get hold of a chief, or some other person of influence, and keep him as a hostage on board, while our people are working on shore, said Charlie Tilston. "The wildest savages know what that means, and will not venture to attack us while we have a chief in our power."
  • "Go easy on him," Nellise warned, taking out her medicine pouch to do some further work on Sayana. "He's in bad shape, and doesn't need to be beaten up again."
  • Their creativity, subdued by working on the corridors, had built to the point of eruption, and with permission to do as they please it spilled over into every available nook and cranny. By the time they were finished the entire Jefferian fleet was a cacophony of surprises just waiting to be opened, the replica Trevi fountain that served as a sink in the toilets on level six being a particular highlight.
  • And he waved his hand northwards. There was only one road. Then all his attention fell back again to his work on the gold coin; and when those blue eyes were turned away there seemed nothing left to question. And now Rodriguez saw the design was a crown, a plain gold circlet with oak leaves rising up from it. And this woodland emblem stood up out of the gold, for the worker had hollowed the coin away all around it, and was sloping it up to the edge. Little was said by the watchers in the wonder of seeing the work, for no craft is very far from the line beyond which is magic, and the man in the leather coat was clearly a craftsman: and he said nothing for he worked at a craft. And when the arboreal crown was finished, and its edges were straight and sharp, an hour had passed since he began near noon. Then he drilled a hole near the rim and, drawing a thin green ribbon from his pocket, he passed it through the hole and, rising, he suddenly hung it round Rodriguez' neck.
  • Inside the office there was a tiny receptionist buried under a mass of hair. It could have been Slash if you'd slipped an axe into her hands. She smiled at me and asked in Polish if she could help me. I was beginning to understand their utterances but I couldn't reply yet. I just looked at her blankly while I tried to form something in my head that might work on my tongue.
  • But there are other matters of more import than such homely things; so now we come to the time when Stern felt the pressing imperative of a return to the tower. For he lacked tools in every way; he needed them to build furniture, doors, shutters; to clear away the brush and make the place orderly, rational and beautiful; to start work on his projected laboratory and power-plant; for a thousand purposes.
  • Speaking of business; aren't you supposed to be watching over Macklin Macklino, making sure he works on the model railroad Vlod wants?
  • When Warm returned to work, everybody looked at him mysteriously. He went to his desk and saw his boss working on the computer. The boss didn't even say hello. He didn't look well either, as if he hadn't left the place for quite a long time.
  • Hpa overview the hpa updated the committee on its work on pandemic flu preparedness.
  • "Okay," Mirie said loudly. "Thats enough of that. Unless you have a DNA test that will work on elves, you can just shut it about the Ruaora crap, Anarion."
  • Alfonso knew the little lady was desperately tired, but he continued with his story. "No. They only worked for the Central Pacific. The people who worked on that line were mainly Irish, but there were also German and Englishmen, some were Black, some Indians and many were ex-soldiers. There were quite a few men who died building the railroads. Tunnel explosions, cave-ins, frostbite."
  • "You need to ask yourself if you would use the portability of a laptop. Thats the real reason to get a laptop. Its portable. All the other reasons are just excuses. Would you ever want to bring your computer to a friends house? Would you ever want to work on it while at a coffee shop? Or at the very least, sit in a coffee shop and make it look like youre working on your laptop while you really just play solitaire."
  • When they reached the landing and engaged in hand to hand work with the Germans, other doors giving on the landing opened, and more rioters appeared to give aid to their companions. For a time the fight seemed to be in favor of the Germans, as their number told, and then in favor of the Americans, who had the advantage of discipline and team work on their side. Two more of their number had fallen, however, and the remaining Americans fought with the fury of desperation added to their usual dauntless courage. They took merciless toll of German lives, and at last the rioters, astonished and dismayed at their own losses, began to give way. Suddenly they were seized by panic, and to a man turned and fled through a long hall that ran the length of the house.
  • Two days before they had decided that Steve was to be captain, Joe, chief engineer, Phil, first mate, Perry, second mate, Ossie, steward, Neil, cabin boy and Han, crew. Neil and Han had naturally rebelled at being left without office or title and the omission had been laughingly remedied to their entire satisfaction. In fact, Han was quite stuck up over his official position, pointing out that it might be possible for a boat to get along without a captain or mate or even a steward, but that a crew was absolutely essential. He declared his intention of purchasing a yachting cap at the first port of call and having the inscription "Crew" worked on it in gold bullion.
  • At ten o'clock that evening all the work on the car was finished except the buckling on of the aluminum silk sides and the hanging of the propeller, the rudder and the aeroplane sides. It was as long and as hard a day's work as either of the boys had ever done. They were dead tired, but happy, and after a sousing wash-up they got into their pajamas and, throwing their blankets on the floor of the little office, were soon fast asleep.
  • Replica planes perform exciting aerobatics whilst troops work on the ground.
  • She worked on making herself wonderful for him, anticipating his grand homecoming, their reunion as a family.
  • "Well," I said, "again, Larry, there will be cashflow, and then there will be long-tern asset protection and growth. Why dont you start looking at your own priorities, including... including your... artists, and Emily and Ed will go to work on their end of the bargain. We know there is a short delay for the payments, so I appreciate everyones willingness to start building a path for the next quarter. I think that will keep us busy until the money comes in."
  • Very well, said the Supervisor laconically. Then, turning to the Ranger, he commenced talking with him about the work in hand, and for the moment Wilbur was left aside. The lumberman who had been working on the other side of the Supervisor, however, sauntered up and introduced himself as "McGinnis, me boy, Red McGinnis, they call me, because of the natural beauty of me hair."
  • "I'll leave you here a while," went on the commander to the boy. "You can look about a bit while I go below and work on my manifest. Mr. Carr will tell you anything you want to know."
  • "But, no, see, he had already worked out there. So, he sucks Dons ass for months, constantly works on him. Then when he gets what he wantswhat he thinks he wants--"
  • Yaeko, blushing and staring at her knees, grinned shyly. She shrugged very slightly, but did not answer. Her father, smiling and nodding proudly while glancing at her, said, "She is too modest, Mr. Ishikawa. It is hers. She tells us it is nearly completed. She has been working on it for over three years now."
  • The work went much quicker than he had anticipated, mainly because he could give his entire attention to it. Injin Charley attended to the commissary, with a delight in the process that removed it from the category of work. When it rained, an infrequent occurrence, the two hung Thorpe's rubber blankets before the opening of the driest shelter, and waited philosophically for the weather to clear. Injin Charley had finished the first canoe, and was now leisurely at work on another. Thorpe had filled his note-book with the class of statistics just described. He decided now to attempt an estimate of the timber.
  • Until a few days before the tournament the Scouts were working on their equipment. Indeed, the very last coat of varnish was put onto "Old Nanc" the Saturday afternoon preceding the tournament day, which fell on Wednesday. All that remained to be done was to deck the machine with flags and bunting and she would be ready for the parade. In truth, that very morning Bruce had gone on a motorcycle trip to St. Cloud City, twelve miles south of Woodbridge, to buy the necessary decorations.
  • When Omaris house had burned down, courtesy of Neogen, she had simply sold collected the insurance money, sold the property, and moved in with Noah. It was a harmonious arrangement in general, but she had spent so many years improving and working on her house, making it her own special sanctuary, and it was heartbreaking to lose it. Of course it was just a house, just a thing. Omari was a blackbelt the martial art aikido, which is based on manipulating energies and moving in harmony with an opponent. Her teacher, Kobayashi sensei, had tried to make her reflect on Zen principals of letting go and not being attached to material possessions, as their art dictated.
  • He collected the candle and the camera, placed them on a thwart, and went to work on the rope. It was reeved through an iron ring that jutted from the stone. The sight gave him heart. Where there was iron, men came often. At least he was sure that held true in this case. But his victory had spurred him on and he didn't want to sit quietly and wait. He wanted to keep going.
  • I work on the frame machines now, that twist the silk thread around to make the net.
  • How dare he! Here I was, risking my life for the good of all mankind and he was getting ready to cheat on me with a younger, hotter woman! The nerve of the man! And it's not like I was an old hag either! I was still fairly attractive! Granted, I was a little heavier than when we first met, but those pounds were from giving birth to his children! You can't expect a woman to blow up to the size of a beached whale, push a watermelon out of her uterus, and then instantly pop back to collegiate thinness! I was working on it, and I thought I was looking rather good. The other day in the grocery store I could have sworn a man was checking out my butt. It could have had something to do with the Hello Kitty sticker I found later stuck to my jeans, but I doubt it. My butt is pretty hot.
  • At the end of a minute's examination I began to suspect that King was not quite dead, so I recalled the old life-saver's drill and got to work on him. It took time. As King came more and more to his senses, and vomited a bit, and began to behave in all ways like a living man again, I had a chance to talk to the mahouts; and they were just like the members of any other union, preferring conversation to alleged hard labor any day of the week. They told me why the elephants were being washed so early and we enjoyed a regular conversazione on the beach.
  • Another spasm hit. I was close enough to standing that I stood bolt upright this time, instead of falling. I braced myself against the desk. The pain was white hot. I screamed. Some part of my mind wondered whether any customers were still in the store. The rest of it worked on getting the back muscles to relax.
  • There's no room for a newspaper in Crofield, said the blacksmith. "They tried one, and it lasted six months, and my son worked on it all the time it ran."
  • Meanwhile, at Pioneer Camp, Lieutenant Denmead was giving similar daily instruction to the troop, with frequent brief trips for practical demonstration. He had not thought it best to ask that more of the scouts might assist in the railroad survey, fearing that they would hinder the trained workers. But Rawson and the boys were to give the rest a detailed report of their work on their return to camp.
  • Jody sacks and i will be working on refurbishing the new library giving it a new face-lift!
  • Another way of stopping the film crew working on the reef near Skull Island. They took the bodyguard by mistake. They thought she was Brenda.’
  • When the constabulary colonel had gone, the three washed up and went downstairs. Tony was restless and Rick knew that he wanted to get to work on the artifacts they had flown down to Manila. The Ifugao treasure, minus the skull, was under guard at the university museum.
  • Without more ado the boys fell to work on their task. They cut the holes about ten feet apart. It was hard work, but they stuck to it perseveringly, and at last, from the two holes, two columns of black smoke spouted up. Luckily for their plans the wind had, by this time, moderated so much as to have fallen almost flat.
  • Project provided stimulus for interesting investigative work on the site.
  • For all the good it did him, he might just as well have yelled at the man in the moon. Colonel Welsh seemed to forget that either Dawson or Farmer existed as he gave all his attention to the paper work on his desk.
  • The Dirujen laughed a short laugh. "No. It does not speak like we do, but it can communicate to other Thrahks just like wolves or birds can communicate with each other. They use the clicking sounds you heard, along with other clicks it can make in its throat. In fact, in our language, Thrahk means 'click'. We are able to speak to it in a way, but it's not at all like you are thinking. We converse more on the level of feelings than anything else. We have been working with them and teaching them what we want them to do. For instance, we don't want them to attack this army, so we are trying to teach them that they are supposed to attack people who face them, and not the ones who stand next to them. It is difficult to show them this, but we are working on it."
  • "I was working on a test for HIV with the PCR, and I needed to write a little report to the NIH [National Institutes of Health] and say, ‘heres the progress weve made,’ and the first line of it wasHIV is the probable cause of AIDS.’ And I thought that was truethis was before I got involved. And I said, ‘whats the reference for that quote?’ And I looked for it for about two or three years, and I never could find it. And by the end of two years I had asked everybody at every meeting I had gone to that talked about AIDS, I had looked in every computer data base. There is no reference."
  • She is also interested in the role of women in byzantium and has worked on byzantine empresses.
  • "You know it really pisses me off when people imply that youre less of a doctor just because you work on animals. Some people would call what you do ambulance chasing."
  • Clare, the hero of the story, is a boy whose mother is killed at his side by the fall of a church during an earthquake. The kindly clergyman and his wife, who adopt him, die while he is still very young, and he is thrown upon the world a second time. The narrative of his wanderings is full of interest and novelty, the boy's unswerving honesty and his passion for children and animals leading him into all sorts of adventures. He works on a farm, supports a baby in an old deserted house, finds employment in a menagerie, becomes a bank clerk, is kidnapped, and ultimately discovers his father on board the ship to which he has been conveyed.
  • "Mr. Yamashuri…." Messick wants to hold off on that testimony right now and is sorry he asked the question. But Yamashuri had opened the door and Messick felt he better have those terms explained to the jury right now. On second thought, better not, he decides. "I'd like to wait for Dr. Moreau himself to tell us that story, if you don't mind. But the point is that you were working on this LAV virus, later to be called HIV, trying to grow it in your lab?"
  • The beads most valued were the white opal, the red porcelain, and the minute varieties generally used for working on screens in England; these small beads [These were given to me by Speke at Gondokoro] of various colours were much esteemed, and were worked into pretty ornaments, about the shape of a walnut, to be worn suspended from the neck. I had a small quantity of the latter variety that I presented to Kamrasi, who prized them as we should value precious stones.
  • "The answers," Tumulty said, "are that no foreign claim to the Stone has any validity, that Professor Palliser and I are at work on an investigation of its qualities, and that I cannot tell You how many stones exist for a reason I can show you." He felt in his pocket again.
  • The remaining months of his current captivity had been spent solving the world's signage issues. He had completed most of the ancient sites that he had visited in the Jade Empire, and had been working on the Southern half of the UWC. Ever since he had overheard the guard mention that the transport escorting him to the Seven Cities would be there in the morning, Dirk had tried desperately to occupy his thoughts with things other than the impending doom that awaited him.
  • As there seemed no possibility of getting him up, the boys and Mr. Bell set to work on the by no means easy task of securing the terrified animals more carefully.
  • Known as PageRank, it works on the notion that Web pages effectively vote for other pages by linking to them. The most important ones, Page and Brin reasoned, should be those drawing links from many other pages, especially from other really important ones.
  • You have hit it, Lupin. After all, why conceal the fact? It will relieve your conscience. Yes, Lupin, Dugrival used to work on the same lines as yourself. Oh, not on the same scale!... We were modest people: a louis here, a louis there ... a purse or two which we trained Gabriel to pick up at the races.... And, in this way, we had made our little pile ... just enough to buy a small place in the country.
  • When the season in Paris had reached its end, Richard returned to London and later on to Marion, where he spent the late summer and early fall, working on his Mediterranean and Paris articles, and completing his novel "Soldiers of Fortune." In October he returned to New York and once more assumed his editorial duties and took his usual active interest in the winter's gayeties.
  • I don't have to put down how much he earns, the boy explained, "only to state whether he is paying wages, or being paid wages, or working on his own account.
  • Dr. lee horsley works on film noir in relation to twentieth- and twenty-first century literary noir.
  • Gunnarson was busily working on one of the Power and Data Grapple Fixtures used to physically and electronically link each SRB into a single network. This allowed the entire assembly to fire as one when the remote signal was sent. Each PDGF had to be installed, meticulously checked and rechecked. Failure of one of these fixtures would cause the assembly to fire unevenly. If that happened, the main propulsion assembly would all but certainly somersault out of control like an immense Fourth of July firework display.
  • Adit driven from near the old reducing works on the south connects with these workings, its mouth is however choked.
  • Via speed change fixes: various changes to make the via driver really work on speed changes, and various other cleanups.
  • If we are still working on assigning blame and legitimacy, it will not get us any further ahead in understanding the period better.
  • "I want Strom and Osbourne to help me gather wood so we can build a small smoke room inside the cavern. We can also work on getting more water boiled, cooled, and into the flasks," he continued. With the responsibilities assigned, they got their gear and set off.
  • We are constantly working on finishing the paperwork to legally request donations in all 50 states. If your state is not listed and you would like to know if we have added it since the list you have, just ask.
  • Macora promised that his people should go to work on the following day; when pits should be dug and trees felled for the fence of the hopo.
  • The meal was finished, and all remaining silent, they worked on unravelling the sacking, and rolling up the yarn, Don thinking of home, and Jem whistling softly a doleful air.
  • Stanhope station work on the main station building restoration continues and is now 98 % complete.
  • Down that hole we went in single file again, the Gray Mahatma leading, treading an oval stairway interminably until I daresay we had descended more than a hundred feet. The air was warm, but breathable and there seemed to be plenty of it, as if some efficient means of artificial ventilation had been provided; nevertheless, it was nothing else than a cavern that we were exploring, and though there were traces of chisel and adze work on the walls, the only masonry was the steps.
  • Tray spent the ride to school explaining all the joys of taking Shop Class to Willow. She obviously knew that my brother was going to use his gift of obliteration so they could take the same classes. She threatened him with an unsharpened pencil if he even tried to register her for that 'testosterone fueledcourse. I wondered if his gift would work on her. Their Shop Class joys vs. certain death with the first broken fingernail debate continued as she walked into the administrative offices with him. She ended up with Creative Writing during his Shop Class. I guess either his obliterations dont work on her or Tray relented.
  • Now you come to a point that I should have mentioned before! replied the caretaker. "Two days before they left a strange boy came to the mine and went to work on the breaker.
  • He was already awake, the pillow on the ground and the blanket still around his shoulders. Unlike the day before, it looked like he was spending time on the drawing he was working on now. I cleared my throat to announce my presence, but he didnt seem to notice. I walked over to the desk to see what he was working on. It looked like he was starting in on the lion I had seen in his sketches, but this time more detailed and with smoother lines.
  • The cable he worked on ran close by Skull Island. Foreigners now own Skull Island and are prepared to use force to keep people away from it. Otherwise, whats the big deal out there? Its an island in the middle of no-where. 360 degree view of the Coral Sea. It appears there are just men living there. Ive never seen a woman on that boat of theirs. And why the airstrip and light planes?’
  • But what about Arette's own family? The birth certificate listed Arette's birthplace as Natchitoches, Louisiana. Anna's hope was that it was an uncommon name, and there might still be relatives in the area. Natchitoches wasn't far from Unknown, and Anna borrowed Gabriel's truck. Once she'd been able to get a copy of her Texas birth certificate and a duplicate social security card, she'd gone to get a driver's license using Gabriel's truck. He didn't mind her taking the vehicle while he worked on his boats to run various errands.
  • John ashdown studied journalism and contemporary history and is now working on the guardian sports desk as a football writer and sports sub-editor.
  • I know I wouldn't, he said confidently. "I've heard you say, Father, that everything was interesting if you only went into it deeply enough. Now, there's more chance for real original work with fish than in any other line I've ever heard of. The professor gave me an idea of all the different problems the Bureau was trying to solve, and each of them was more interesting than the last. You've got to be a doctor to study fish diseases, an engineer to devise ways and means for stream conditions, a chemist to work on poisons in the water that comes from factories, and all sorts of other things beside. It looks to me as though it had the best of all the professions boiled down into one!"
  • "Again, sir, look here; many say they can't work on from the beginning to the end of the fishing season without drink: no more they can, maybe, but rest is better far than drink; and if they would take the Sabbath-day's rest they might save the cost of the week's drink, and that's more by a long way than the Sabbath-day's toil gives them. So, as I say, when we obey God we do the best thing for ourselves, even in this life; and that to my mind shows what a merciful and loving God He is. He does not want to make us suffer pain or grief, He wants to make us happy; and so all His laws are such that if we would obey them, we should be happy. It is because men do not obey them that they are unhappy. There, sir, that's my belief. I'm an old man now; but I thought so when I was a young one, and every year since I have had good cause to think the same."
  • The days flew by as Krista and I worked on our schemes to assist Stupid Cupid. I spent hours at the Arboretum, studying with my best friend and any other excuse I could come up with so he could spend time alone with Willow. I hoped my brother didnt realize that the only times I needed the extra help with channeling or helping Krista were the times when he was off work.
  • With so many laptop users frequently working on the move, what are the options for the traveling businessperson?
  • Llywelyn made atsknoise through his teeth. "I was asking their names." I didnt respond and he began work on cutting up a small apple. "My man included the apple only after I told him that you possessed all your teeth."
  • Cose has continued to gain support from the jisc in its work on interoperability.
  • I was standing with my back to the wall, willing to see fair play, but too wise to become entangled in that medley of physical giants. The treachery now revealed made me angry in a second. The smell of fight in my nostrils had been working on my animal nature; a pin-prick would have been sufficient to arouse all my human frenzy for slaying. I turned about, burning with wrath, and had no more than struck down the wounded monster than three others leaped to perform the office in which he had failed. A reeking club was swinging in toward my head like a shot from a cannon. I dived below its line of motion and drove home my knife with all the lust of vengeance. My falling antagonist tripped and overtoppled the second, destroyed the blow he was about to aim and made him an easy mark for the dripping rock-crystal that crushed his shoulder and part of his neck to a boneless mass. The third met another of my friends and beat him down, only to be killed himself a second later.
  • So gradually, and with the approval of all those blindly watching, I turned my matrix of knowledge and confusion into an official and near-fictional project. My scheme to build a time machine, disguised as a visionary collaboration towards the development of human space travel. Any researcher involved would be there, available to me as a resource, believing themselves to be working on one thing for the purpose of space travel, but in actual fact producing something else entirely. Some, such as those producing the fusion energy system, would be creating something of direct use in my time machine. Others, such as you, would be pursuing projects of a diversionary nature, acting as a holding bay for knowledge that I may require at a later date.
  • They dropped me back across the chair and filed out. I sat up, worked my shoulder around a bit, and worked the kidnap note out of the wood of the chair as I worked on steadying my breathing. "Thanks," I said.
  • Even in the railroad rush of those few moments several things happened. Thorpe leaped for a rope. The crew working on top of the jam ducked instinctively to right and left and began to scramble towards safety. The men below, at first bewildered and not comprehending, finally understood, and ran towards the face of the jam with the intention of clambering up it. There could be no escape in the narrow canyon below, the walls of which rose sheer.
  • "Hmm? Oh, I understand. working on caravans, you must have evaluated people based on how far they can walk. I guess I sounded silly telling you don't worry, it's not far. I realize you can walk much farther than I can. Faster too. My legs are hurrying and yours are just strolling."
  • He goes back to working on the bike but keeps lecturing me. I know better than to remind him that I've done this before. When he's done with the bike he gets me to take the rickshaw out for a spin around town. When I get back he sends me out north to take some old lady shopping.
  • "Just me and you in the beginning. Once they weaken I want everyone out on the pitch working on their craft - me included."
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