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work on
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɒn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work on
Ekler: works on/worked on/work·ing on


tesir etmek, etkilemeye çalışmak;
üstünde çalışmak.

work on için örnek cümleler:

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  • It is well-known what a commotion and uproar it causes if twenty water-buffalo work on top of each other.
  • "Yes," confirmed Kingston. "The head of the interface lab has been working on this acquisition for a number of years now. It is his opinion that when Thurman comes on board, we could be looking at building another prototype on par with the perceived current specs of the lost project," Kingston glanced at the white coat at the end of the table, "in a minimum of 12 months."
  • The white slave has done right, he said. "Who are you that you are to insult him? He came to work on my business, and you would have interfered with and hindered him. Hamish has been rightly punished, though truly the white man must have hit hard, for his nose is flattened to his face. Mashallah it must have been a wonderful blow. The white men are Kaffirs, but they have marvellous powers. Now go to work again and let me hear of no more quarrels."
  • "I'm not much on mining, but here, blankets are just what they sound like. They are covered with quicksilver to which the gold particles become attached. Later the quicksilver is washed from the blankets, and the gold taken from it by some process I don't know about. I may have missed a few details--probably have. I've only worked on the dredges three days."
  • Both types of operations must work on distributed matrices if the resulting application is to be truly scalable.
  • "Freeing yourself from all ties with the life you lived," says Bianca. "But lets not fret about that now. Lets concentrate on finding your stratum. Youll have plenty of time to work on Clearing."
  • The taxes are very heavy. The State takes a third of a man's total earnings, and the priesthood about five per cent on the remainder. But on the other hand, if a man through any cause falls into bona fide misfortune the State supports him in the position of life to which he belongs. If he is idle, however, he is sent to work on the Government undertakings, and the State looks after his wives and children. The State also makes all the roads and builds all town houses, about which great care is shown, letting them out to families at a small rent. It also keeps up a standing army of about twenty thousand men, and provides watchmen, etc. In return for their five per cent the priests attend to the service of the temples, carry out all religious ceremonies, and keep schools, where they teach whatever they think desirable, which is not very much. Some of the temples also possess private property, but priests as individuals cannot hold property.
  • When the work on the hull was done, West occupied himself with the masts and the rigging, with the assistance of Martin Holt, our sailing master, who was very clever at this kind of industry.
  • "Of course. You made it through the cave. You are one of us. We always keep one hut empty to house the next adventurer to make the trek. We hadn't anticipated three at once. work on the other huts will begin first thing tomorrow," he said.
  • I'm glad you are working on presenting this information, but this graphic doesn't work for me. Why is this a circle? There is a lot here that I don't know what I'm supposed to see.
  • Quite! A big ship like this is all eyes in the daytime, you know, and to-day there have been men at work on the railings ever since breakfast, so there is no danger at all that anything of that sort can have happened. But I wonder where the young rascal can be? I seem to remember having seen him nipping round somewhere this morning. Let me see; what could I have been doing? and the purser screwed up his face until there was nothing of his eyes visible.
  • Helping Lou get through the jitters of his marriage proposal to Linda Rexwell was also his way of showing me the light. There were very few things that Lou Graves did without a purpose. He was the kind of man that would bring his lunch and dinner leftovers to the local homeless shelter. Waste is not part of his life, and I think that has been the key ingredient to our success at BlueWorld. We even recycle our own materials in-house for paper and plastic products, and I'm sure that he is working on a way to efficiently reuse garbage.
  • She went on. "When I worked fo- for the Department of Defense, we would have gotten fired if we were as late as most of you here are." For one, Moleth never worked for the Department of Defense. She claimed to be a master programmer from back in the mainframe days. She often talked about her high-paying job with the D.O.D. where she worked on classified projects like the actual Star Wars and the guidance systems for ICBMs. She left because she wanted a more relaxing job. We all knew she never worked on the top secret missile defense system or anything at the D.O.D. She had a hard time using the mouse on her computer, so I was pretty sure missile defense was out of the question. The only possible thing the military could have wanted from her was some software they wanted leaked to the enemy. You know, something they could steal and upload that would make them blow themselves up. While there is a saying, "All is fair in love and war", there is still a line in the sand and Moleth was just too far over the line.
  • Tom and I, with axes and adzes, hollowing out the two logs. Jim went to work on his stringer, shaping it up and also digging it out after he had made some measurements of the log I was working on.
  • Jacob and I laughed. She seemed enthralled with the idea of working on it. Ten years was a long time for our family to stay in any one location, even if everything went well for us. I didnt say anything though, to alter her happy mood. You never know, she could be right.
  • A number of them were parading the deck, examining everything they saw. When Kitty appeared, they gazed at her with astonishment, she being the first white woman they had probably ever seen. All the people appeared to be very friendly, and anxious to induce our men to go on shore in order to trade, but there being plenty of work on board, the captain would not allow this. At night the natives took their departure, promising to return the next day.
  • But it was at precisely the wrong moment. Lilac fired the blunderbuss - which discharged in a storm of electric-blue sparks - just as he issued the warning, and the interruption startled her. The report was deafening; the birds tumbled into one another, squawking, and the cage lurched brutally, the door swinging to and fro. Lilac, knowing at the instant that shed missed, retreated with a sound of spluttered frustration and made for Benjamin with her head bowed and her fingers at work on the rifle. The clown had dodged the attack easily; with terrifying speed, it had leapt to the height of a house, flipped, and then come back down to earth with all the agility and ambush-ready precision of a panther. Benjamins cry of alarm, it seemed, had achieved nothing except offer a smidgen of extra distance between himself, Lilac and the monster.
  • The students will also submit a dossier of drafts of their own academic writing, which will be worked on with the tutor.
  • "Okay, I havent figured out how it can smell like theres a real forest, but Im working on it! I mean, if that ride at Disneyland can use aromatics, so could this thing."
  • At last the long winter was over, the thaw came, and the work at the mine was renewed. Godfrey was afraid that he might be still kept in the office, and he spoke to Mikail on the subject; the latter spoke to one of the officials, and told him that the prisoner Ivan Holstoff petitioned that he might be again put to work on the mine instead of being kept in the office, as he felt his health suffering from the confinement. Two days later Godfrey was called into the governor's room.
  • That's right, he agreed. "And maybe not even then. Just another reason why an Intelligence man gets gray hair so early in life. You never can tell about a job until it's all finished and you're working on another. Then it's the same thing all over again."
  • "I'll bring you some evidence. But now I got to go back and warn all the fellows don't sleep too tight until I find some way to keep them from getting their brains sucked out. I'm working on it. I'll get back to you." Little Jimmy walks, back to the dance floor.
  • She worked on making herself wonderful for him, anticipating his grand homecoming, their reunion as a family.
  • I had a long, thickish piece of hard twine, which I devoted to the mouth of the bag. I had to make the holes for these with great regularity, so as not to leave an opening large enough for a rat to jump out at. I worked on without stopping till my task was accomplished, as I was anxious to ascertain whether it would answer the object I had in view.
  • In which the radio dramatist can work on the principle that anything which can be described can be imagined.
  • "You should have told me how bad it was Tray. I couldve brought Celeste. That way, I couldve worked on you…" he stated with urgency.
  • "Well, Ill be here too. Theres stuff we can work on while they clean up all thewhile they do it," Vera said. "Well do some inventory. Lisa didnt keep good records. This place is due for a stock overhaul."
  • "Once we complete the ritual, the next step is to engage World War three." Marduk held the blood-red amulet in his hands, "To clean this world of all that is no longer needed. It will be quick and easy. My engineers have been working on a stealth nuclear device that will first disable the electronic web and then deliver a lethal surgical blast of radiation which will completely annihilate key human populations. By the time we are finished, there will be no resistance, just hungry, diseased and despondent people. They will be ready to receive us. It will be our Eden Maeve."
  • According to the custom of Vermont, Sunday afternoon is salting-time on the farm, and, unless something very important happens, we attend to the salting ourselves. Dave and Pete, the red oxen, are treated first; they stay in the home meadow ready for work on Monday. Then come the cows, with Pan, the calf, who should have been turned into veal long ago, but survived on account of his manners; and lastly the horses, scattered through the seventy acres of the Back Pasture.
  • "That was Calvin Briggs, the man I told you about that runs the wardcarving school. He was bringing by some materials for me to work on since I'm doing so much from home now."
  • Cassiopia stood with her back to the entrance, working on the robot near its empty base station. Using both hands, she was fidgeting with a small panel on one side of its chest plate. She glanced over her shoulder momentarily as Markman entered. "I thought you'd find your way in."
  • "The mine wasn't worked on Sunday, in those days, and Captain Costin asked Ellen to meet him on a Sunday night at nine o'clock. Well, the Lansdale boys somehow found out where their sister was going, and they went, too. And they shot down Captain Costin in cold blood, right at the mine entrance. Just when he was holding out his arms to greet his sweetheart!"
  • Project provided stimulus for interesting investigative work on the site.
  • Sarah turned to look in the same direction and saw Mark holding both of Mathews arms behind his back. He still wore his silver suit and didnt ruin it somehow. Kara stood to the side of Mark, glaring at Mathew. Mathew was struggling to free himself without luck. "He tried to escape while you were working on that porker, Buddy." Mathew tried squirming, but screamed in pain when Mark tightened his grip and almost dislocating his shoulders from behind in the process. "What do you want me to do with him?"
  • He was momentarily stunned. It was a picture of him and Clarice and Blondie on the beach. Clarice was just a little thingwearing a blue bathing suit with neon green polka dots and ruffles. She had stopped working on her sand castle to smile up at the camera. Scott was sitting beside herhis eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglassessmiling happily, his arm draped around an equally happy-looking Blondie.
  • I didn't even think of that. Ryson rubbed his chin in careful consideration. "I would have to get her to hold it, and I have no idea if it would do anything. It doesn't work on command or anything like that."
  • Frank Colburn was quickly looking around now. He could see an older, distinguished man in a big office right behind Fran, working on papers at his desk. It was clear that it was Bill Callahan. "Bingo!" he thought. Colburn suddenly ignored Fran and Monica and walked around her desk and right into Callahan's office. He went right up to his desk and stood in front, as Callahan was signing a document.
  • Todd proudly strutted down the street, smiling broadly, tossing the used fast food carton to the sidewalk. He laughed loudly to show how unconcerned he was, tossed his hair (though, having a crew cut, he appeared to passers-by to be avoiding an angry bee that had flown near his ear), and marched on, arms held stiffly at his sides as he bobbed up and down. Now deep in thought, he worked on his latest opus: a rap song about the prodigious efforts it took to maintain a steady reputation at the Cracker Barrel, the deadly pains of not having any sort of girlfriend, the uncertainty of who his birth parents really were.
  • "I have to work on my short game," experienced golf pro Hartwell added as he led the boys toward the large putting green in the middle of the cavernous store.
  • I am now at work on a story about Arthur Cumnock, Harvard's football captain who was the hero of Class Day. It will come out this week and will match Lieut. Grant's chance. In July I begin a story called the "Traveller's Tale" which will be used in the November Harper. That is all I am doing.
  • Billy was too far gone to speak, but he drew his last grenade from his sack. Bart and Frank also were down to their last one, for the work on the previous day had almost used up the stock with which they had started out. They had a chance for one last throw, and then if it came to a hand to hand fight they had nothing to rely on but their knives.
  • "True," admitted Sallis. The trail led between the depository and a couple of goldsmiths, where he noted still more sylphs at work. These belonged to the goldsmiths, their nimble fingers working on jewelry.
  • Wise, boilies are by far the best bait with all the leading makes and flavors working on the day.
  • Due to the demand for troops, women often found themselves working on the front lines as drivers, medics, mechanics and other roles when commanders attached their units to combat battalions.
  • One day, while hard at work in a law office, my boss said I should write a book about all the crazy people we have to deal with. working on my Acceptance trilogy at the time, I had vampires on the brain, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny to have a sitcom where the lawyers are literally bloodsuckers?"
  • Sweat gushed from Dr. Socks brow. Even his facemask couldnt conceal his disappointment. Or was it his voice? Hed have to work on that. "No! I mean, uh, yes, I like it. I like it a lot."
  • Feeling the lock on the door, she tried a key. This time it worked on her first try. She swung the door open just enough to peer out. No guards were in the immediate area, so she opened the door and exited, locking it behind her. Instead of running aimlessly, she ran back down the narrow corridor towards her cell. Finding the right key, she opened the door. This plan had to work.
  • 'Good old Neil,' said Allan, giving the elder lad a friendly pat on the shoulder. 'Well, I must say it's an awfully jolly place, and I wish I'd been here while you were working on it.'
  • They worked on steadily, without speaking, losing no time. Each did whatever was needed, without thought of leaving to the other the least task that presented itself to hand. Thus, Kama saw when more ice was needed and went and got it, while a snowshoe, pushed over by the lunge of a dog, was stuck on end again by Daylight. While coffee was boiling, bacon frying, and flapjacks were being mixed, Daylight found time to put on a big pot of beans. Kama came back, sat down on the edge of the spruce boughs, and in the interval of waiting, mended harness.
  • About noon they became hungry, but hunger was an old foe whom they had been well trained to defy, so they worked on utterly regardless of him.
  • The Professor looked up from the scrolling numbers. "No, no, that's fine for today. Besides, I need to drop off some notes I've been working on for CJ at the interface lab."
  • Dopant diffusion and atomic interactions, in collaboration with phd colleagues working on modeling.
  • For now, the delver ignored them. He spun towards the goblins at the point who were now working on yet another lamp. They were too busy to notice what was going on behind them. Ryson ran toward them at top speed. The short sword remained in his hand just as the dagger remained in his clenched teeth.
  • Nay, you dont understand.’Tis a special cart that I worked on myself. It has a hiding place. The money was hidden safe enoughno one could find it. How was I to know they would steal me cart?’
  • I remind myself not to let it get to me, and I try to push it from my mind as I drive home. I take a deep breath and turn into a grocery store to grab some snacks for while I work on my essay later. I know Ill be hungry. Thats another thing about the second trimester: my appetite is going crazy. Now, instead of being tired all the time, Im hungry all the time.
  • I am currently working on a project to detect sporadic recombination in multiple dna sequence alignments.
  • The evening went fine and I had two or three drinks but kept it pretty low key. I didn't feel like getting in with Rebecca again and I'm pretty sure that's what she was after, even if just for one night. We talked about our classes and post-university plans. She had it all figured out. She was going to travel for a while and then come back and apply for a Masters in order to be a gallery curator. It all seemed nice and fine for her but I wasn't very interested. There had been a time when I would have hung on every word she was saying, if only to get her pants off, but I just didn't care anymore. Her busty chest, milky curves, and unassuming allure no longer worked on me. I was too down in the dumps.
  • Now Lopez is a slippery chap. He denied knowing anything about Lyman, but declared that unless the cattleman appeared shortly and took up his work on the cattle concession the grant would be taken from him. That is like South American justice. Lock a man up and then deprive him of his rights because he can't appear and claim them!
  • I lost myself in my work; it was more fulfilling than solving the other puzzles of the facility. The feel of the tools in my hands against the metal I was working on was deeply satisfying. The process of creating filled me with pride, the time I spent meticulously setting the gearing of the drill would pay dividends in hastening my venture through the fourth door. Reality snapped me from my work for a moment. What's beyond the door I wonder?
  • Paul obeyed, and at the luncheon-table was introduced to Mrs. Darco, a lean brunette, who by way of establishing her own dignity was sulkily disdainful of the newcomer. He was glad to escape into the library, where Darco set him to work on more correspondence--an endless whirl of it, diversified with family skirmishes.
  • This position would suit a time served tradesman, who is able to work on their own initiative.
  • The staff member allowed his work on this case to be observed by an assessor for svq purposes.
  • "We used a racing boat hull so, yeah, shes very fast. We lost two nautical miles per hour in the conversion to electric, from eighty-six to eighty-four, at the top end, but were still working on it. Tommy has a new lubrication compound he wants to try; hes testing it on a jet ski today. That should provide some entertainment," Butler ended grimly.
  • They dug some sleeping positions and worked on the vehicles the third day. Almost everyone was done by noon. Those who werent sent out to the bridge site ate their lunch in the shade of one of the tanks then stretched out and took a nap. The ground was cooler and more comfortable than a mattress. They lay flat against the earth and relaxed, semi-conscious and silent. The sky was a deep blue and a soft wind rustled the coarse grass ever so slightly.
  • Without more ado the boys fell to work on their task. They cut the holes about ten feet apart. It was hard work, but they stuck to it perseveringly, and at last, from the two holes, two columns of black smoke spouted up. Luckily for their plans the wind had, by this time, moderated so much as to have fallen almost flat.
  • I had been pointing out to the lad, accordingly said the geologist, "how exceedingly strenuous is the work on the Alaskan trail, how that none but picked, experienced men of iron constitution and frontier powers of endurance could carry out the work, and how one weak man in the party might cripple the entire season's trip."
  • On the 21st of March, 1916, Richard and his wife and daughter moved from the Scribner cottage to Crossroads, and a few days later he was attacked by the illness that ended in his death on April 11. He had dined with his wife and afterward had worked on an article on preparedness, written some letters and telegrams concerning the same subject and, while repeating one of the latter over the telephone, was stricken. Within a week of his fifty-third year, just one year from the day he had first brought his baby daughter to her real home, doing the best and finest work of his career in the cause of the Allies and preparedness, quite unconscious that the end was near, he left us. In those fifty-two years he had crowded the work, the pleasures, the kind, chivalrous deeds of many men, and he died just as I am sure he would have wished to die, working into the night for a great cause, and although ill and tired, still fretful for the morning that he might again take up the fight.
  • 'Lynne Reed. She used to work on the 36th floor, for a Mr Patchwork. All her files were deleted only yesterday,' Mickey said intrigued. 'by the same Mr Patchwork.'
  • Alec was uncharacteristically early, already sitting at his normal desk. He looked up and briefly met my eyes when I reached my desk, but there wasn't even a trace of acknowledgment in his gaze. Mrs. Alexander started class, reviewed a couple of points that other groups needed clarified, and then released us to work on our assignments.
  • For several days I treated the Links somewhat harshly, requiring much work on the boat and on more of the arrows. I encouraged also a species of fear which I found my conduct had created. It was high time, I knew, to dominate the creatures, unless I was willing that they should dominate me.
  • "All right, lets get to work. Vampires, we stay right here and help Blake with his research. Joe, Valerie and Brandon, you guys work on alternative strategies. Everyone else put on your swim trunks, because its free swim!" Hartwell stated.
  • Returning back to his orders, Baker frowned. He would be stuck here during the winter and he didnt like it. After a year of boring patrols and running errands for the bigger shipscaptains he would have liked to return to warmer waters and get some real action. Perhaps the Mediterranean, or even the West Indies. Where the water was warm, the sun shining and the crew could work on deck without freezing to death. He called to the sentry at his door. "Pass the word for Mr. Reeman and Mr. Pope!"
  • The research team is now further pursuing stem cell manipulation, which holds promise for treating a wide range of diseases. They have already shown that they can transform human fibroblast cells into pluripotent stem cells, and now plan to start working on delivering the proteins needed to differentiate stem cells into specialized tissues.
  • Naw, Johnny, Barney protested, "I ain't kidding. Miz Thompson got a gold egg from the hens this morning. At least, it looks kinda like gold but she says it ain't. See, here it is." He reached into the cupboard where Hetty had placed the odd egg. He walked over and handed it to Johnny who was sitting on the sink drain counter to work on the shattered window.
  • For the first time in his life, Kragor let food escape from his open mouth. Jodyne smacked him in the back of the head again, which reminded him to shut his mouth and mumble something about needing to be off to do some work on the ship.
  • By the time people started trickling out and my shift started, I'd spent plenty of time watching Britney pout, and very little time actually working on my homework. I think it was really starting to sink in that she wasn't going to be able to get out of continuing to spend most of her afternoons here.
  • If we're all finished shall we move to the living room and begin work on the next stage of the plan. Spiritwind could see the room's passion for food had waned.
  • Eventually he found the bicycle in the far corner of the garage propped up between an old washing machine and an ancient second-hand fridge that was on its last legs when they originally bought it. The faded red bicycle was so heavily shrouded in dust and cobwebs it was barely recognisable. The chain and the handlebars had rusted solid, the wheels barely turned and worst of all the tyres were completely flat. He wasnt even sure he could restore it but with no alternative, and with his future hanging in the balance, he hastily retrieved his toolbox from the house and immediately knelt down on the bare concrete to begin work on the restoration. He wrestled with the rusty skeleton for the rest of the morning. The atmosphere grew thick and acrid with WD-40. Within an hour his hands were bloody and bruised and his back was sore enough to bring tears to his eyes.
  • Enin explained quickly. "They are not here to attack." He turned a glance to Holli. "Since you didn't think I would be a help to you today, I spent my time working on a spell to read thoughts. I was practicing on the townspeople as they trained. It was amazing to see what they were thinking. In a strange way, most of them really want the dwarves to attack, almost as if they want to prove something. Anyway, when I sensed the goblins, I probed their thoughts. They are not here on a raid. They are here to investigate what's going on. From the hills, they've seen our people on the wall. They saw the group of elves enter through the south gate. They know we are preparing for something. Apparently some serp, named Sazar I think, has sent them to find out more of what's going on behind the wall. By his order, they are not to attack us."
  • An eu ist project is currently working on diffusion modeling in silicon germanium alloys.
  • Yes, he punished me some, Joe admitted. "But I got in a little work on him, too. The only trouble is that I'm afraid I didn't blacken an eye, or break a jaw, or otherwise do any damage that might be apparent and so lead to the fellow's discovery."
  • Sarah is currently working on music for clarinet quartet for performance in cambridge in june.
  • They do a lot of work on bmw, aston martin, ferrari etc. but modern cars.
  • Before I could say another word, Zoe was working her way down my body with her tongue and then started working on the big guy. I almost exploded when she first made contact with the mother- ship.
  • "Keep an eye upward lest they loose a turret and destroy the bridge," De Lacy shouted, and fell to work on the gate with his heavy axe, while Dauvrey made haste to prevent the dropping of the portcullis by driving a spike into the grooves in which it worked.
  • In her last dream, the Shaman was still working on the figure of the woman closest to the men. The other women and children and the stars had not been etched into the wall. It was a painstakingly slow process. She had been dreaming it sporadically. Sometimes coming into the cave to find a figure completed.
  • Initially focused on mammalian herbivores, we are now also working on the birds of the coastal marshes.
  • Jody sacks and i will be working on refurbishing the new library giving it a new face-lift!
  • This was heavy. That was all right, though. Jace knew how to handle his Uncle after so many years. Just another kink in the land of cogs working on the bigger machinery. Nothing he couldnt handle.
  • He took ferry across the filthy Tyne, and walked jown alleys and squalid streets where coal dust formed the mud, and the air was sour with foreign vapours. And as he walked he champed still at the unlit cigar, and brooded over the angularity of his fate. But when he passed between the gates of the dock company's premises, and exchanged words with the policeman on guard, a change came over him. He threw away the cigar stump, tightened his lips, and left all thoughts of personal matters outside the door-sill. He was Mr. Gedge's hired servant; his brain was devoted to furthering Gedge's interests; and all the acid of his tongue was ready to spur on those who did the manual work on Gedge's ship.
  • They also worked on processes to produce other artificial dyestuffs but the board of the company was not keen to diversify at that stage.
  • The pilot was facing forward, for good reasons, and had absolutely no sight lines to the BlueThree. The only way to communicate in the copter was through the headsets they each wore. Within minutes of takeoff, Dalia had reached her right hand down and was working on Mike's kielbasa. Dalia was wearing a short skirt and a tight t-shirt with a sheer bra. Natalie had issues with air travel and was a little more reluctant to release her libido than her friend Dalia. She was wearing a classic tennis outfit but left out the undergarment part for the time being.
  • "We are working with factories, restaurants, any kind of business," Agusti Bou, who works on restructuring credit at Jausas, a Barcelona-based law firm, said in a phone interview. "Theres going to be a growing default problem because the huge issue in Spain is not the public debt, its the private."
  • During those nineteen days just mentioned, no unique incidents distinguished our voyage. I saw little of the captain. He was at work. In the library I often found books he had left open, especially books on natural history. He had thumbed through my work on the great ocean depths, and the margins were covered with his notes, which sometimes contradicted my theories and formulations. But the captain remained content with this method of refining my work, and he rarely discussed it with me. Sometimes I heard melancholy sounds reverberating from the organ, which he played very expressively, but only at night in the midst of the most secretive darkness, while the Nautilus slumbered in the wilderness of the ocean.
  • When Michael McCallister was not shining shoes at the Wilmington Train Station, he either played stickball or worked on his Carny Ball card collection. He was still gloating about the rookie Sarge Safran and Nap Hill cards he obtained on a trade with Gus Jensen. Jensen was a fan of the "other" league and Michaels was able to sucker his neighborhood friend into trading Safran and Hill for an old Honus Wagner tobacco card Michael had found in his basement. Boy, thought McCallister, was that Jensen kid dumb.
  • About twelve o'clock we turned out and went along up the bank. The river was coming up pretty fast, and lots of driftwood going by on the rise. By and by along comes part of a log raft--nine logs fast together. We went out with the skiff and towed it ashore. Then we had dinner. Anybody but pap would a waited and seen the day through, so as to catch more stuff; but that warn't pap's style. Nine logs was enough for one time; he must shove right over to town and sell. So he locked me in and took the skiff, and started off towing the raft about half-past three. I judged he wouldn't come back that night. I waited till I reckoned he had got a good start; then I out with my saw, and went to work on that log again. Before he was t'other side of the river I was out of the hole; him and his raft was just a speck on the water away off yonder.
  • It keeps on building too. Without hard shells on the nuts, you won't need a hardhat to eat a picnic in a nut grove in fall anymore. That makes the land even more productive. See what I mean? This is a really good solution I'm working on.
  • "I'm sorry Mr. Bourden," said Inspector Jaffre, pulling at his ear. "I really can't say anything more than I've already told you. Your wife was strangled. Her body, you saw it, it was covered in welts. The lab has no theories either. But don't you worry Mr. Bourden, we're still working on it. I think you should go home now. Nothing you can do here. Get some rest."
  • Do you know any good publicists in wales that would love to work on a rich tapestry of happenings?
  • I have worked on 4,000 sets and i have never been offered anything other than a disposable cup.
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