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work on
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɒn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work on
Ekler: works on/worked on/work·ing on


tesir etmek, etkilemeye çalışmak;
üstünde çalışmak.

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  • 1. Each time You distribute or publicly digitally perform the Work or a Collective Work, the Licensor offers to the recipient a license to the work on the same terms and conditions as the license granted to You under this License.
  • I had been pointing out to the lad, accordingly said the geologist, "how exceedingly strenuous is the work on the Alaskan trail, how that none but picked, experienced men of iron constitution and frontier powers of endurance could carry out the work, and how one weak man in the party might cripple the entire season's trip."
  • "Aeshma is a Madness Demon who specializes in inducing rage, vengeance, and lust. He'll want to take Alex somewhere safe where he can work on her," Thomas said. "He has to corrupt her--make her willingly do something evil, or repulsive. Anything to taint her soul. That'll take time."
  • As a post-doctoral research fellow, she is currently working on a number of publications based on her doctoral research.
  • There had been a lot of new faces, both black and white, in the dorms and around the classrooms of Georgia Tech when she was a freshman. Jon had been one of them, and shed only gradually come to notice him. He wasnt real tall for a guy, only a couple inches taller than her own five-foot four, and like her, a bit on the overweight side. Since they were engineering students on pretty much the same track, they shared a lot of classes together, worked on some classroom exercises in groups, and a couple times as a pair, friendly but not really friends. For most of their freshman year and their first semester as sophomores, the sum total of her impression of Jon was that he was friendly and actually pretty nice for a white guy. Besides that, he was just about as smart as she was; they both were near the top of their class rankings. Jon was absolutely nothing special to her, although they did respect each other for their intelligence.
  • Now Lopez is a slippery chap. He denied knowing anything about Lyman, but declared that unless the cattleman appeared shortly and took up his work on the cattle concession the grant would be taken from him. That is like South American justice. Lock a man up and then deprive him of his rights because he can't appear and claim them!
  • Yellow, Green and Red all turned away from their discussion at such glad tidings and ambled quickly out of the dining room back into the hallway to greet their victorious captain. They all looked jubilant at the Boys capture, except one: Greenbeards expression was one of fabricated approval, a cynical edge just visible beneath the surface if one looked closely. The cogs of his not-so-sharp mind were working on some as yet unformulated theory which took his attention away from the present situation and into the murky lands of half-baked pirate logic.
  • La Salle was in great want of more boats. The Indians had some, which were dug out from immense trunks of trees, of graceful form and rich carving, capable of carrying twenty or thirty men. As all the work on these boats had been performed with stone hatchets, almost an infinity of labor had been expended upon them, and they were deemed very valuable.
  • Gan stood abruptly. ‘Soran, pick twenty of the Guards whom you consider best to continue this journey. The rest will return to Gaharn. Such a large band was perhaps an ill-conceived idea on my part to start with. The smaller our numbers, more chance maybe of being less noticed. Baras and Salak, you will return with them.’ Both men looked as though they would protest but Gan raised his hand. ‘You both remain unharmed. You both experienced the Shardi attacks last night and remained alive and unhurt. You will tell the Guards in barracks of what happened and work on tactics and strategies to combat any future encounters with Shardi. Trem and Drak are but slightly injured.’ He raised an eyebrow questioningly at the Healer.
  • We're going to paint a robin on it as a record of your brave deed, said Migwan. "Hinpoha is working on the design right now."
  • Replica planes perform exciting aerobatics whilst troops work on the ground.
  • "Yes, he cares for you very much." The grin remained on her face, proving that she still needed to work on her expressions even if she was now able to experience and feel them. "He wants to keep you safe."
  • Spencer had a soft spot for Sammy. He'd worked on security too. It couldn't be more than a few months before he was due to retire, thought Spencer, but still he said nothing. He concentrated on putting the chess pieces away.
  • As there seemed no possibility of getting him up, the boys and Mr. Bell set to work on the by no means easy task of securing the terrified animals more carefully.
  • Then I began to think once more of how much better off I should have been if I had settled down to work on my uncle's plantation.
  • Once the messy business of negotiating EU healthcare for foreign nationals had been sorted out with the EMTs and the Casualty Intake triage, once theyd both been digested and shat out by a dozen diagnostic devices from X-rays to MRIs, once the harried house officers had impersonally prodded them and presented them both with hardcopy FAQs for their various injuries (second-degree burns, mild shock for Art; pelvic dislocation, minor kidney bruising, broken femur, whiplash, concussion and mandible trauma for Linda), they found themselves in adjacent beds in the recovery room, which bustled as though it, too, were working on GMT-5, busy as a 9PM restaurant on a Saturday night.
  • On the day that followed, the first thing I did was to have the Links collect a lot of wood, the softest and driest I could find. This I heaped up in a conical pile and walled in snugly with turf and a little of the clay, which was everywhere about us. When it was lighted and smoking slightly through various small chinks, I banked it up around the bottom and returned to the work on the flints.
  • "You should have told me how bad it was Tray. I couldve brought Celeste. That way, I couldve worked on you…" he stated with urgency.
  • His book, SEE NOTHING, based on a year he'd spent living with the deconstructionists, is still the standard work on the subject.
  • Most of the supervisors in the store had tricks for avoiding work. working on the schedule was a classic that we all shared.
  • I work on my artwork part time 2003 awarded a grant from commissions east to pursue training in silver jewelry making.
  • It's one of those we dug up on the chief's island, explained Walter. "You see I used to work in a store where they used to handle such things, and I got an idea when we first opened the package that those plumes were not in as bad shape as they appeared. I did not say anything about it, because I did not want to run the risk of possibly causing more disappointment, but I put the box in the canoe and the first chance I got on the island I took a weak solution of vinegar and water and went to work on them.
  • "I said that I work on her behalf," he corrected, before ducking under the water. He came back up, dark hair curling around his face and water dripping off his lashes, and grinned at me through the wet strands. "I am Kit Marlowe, by the way, in case you've forgotten."
  • Rick shrugged as expressively as one flat on his back could manage. "Nothing. We can swim with the girls, and we can keep working on the radio units. But there isn't a single thing to do so far as the project goes. I wish there were. I feel left out."
  • For one thing, Lynch quieted my mind of the fear that the Old Man would again get Newman aloft at night, and attempt his life with better success. The very next day, Lynch came to the foretop, where Newman and I were working on the rigging. He examined the work, and then said, abruptly, to Newman,
  • The boys now went to a spot a little above where the soldiers were fishing, and set to work on their own lines. Just as Ferry announced a fine haul, they threw in, and soon everybody in the party was busy, bringing in several kinds of fish, big and little, including some fine trout of a variety the boys had not before seen.
  • While raj and rahul were busy preparing their test we sat together and designed posters for advertising about the competition.We put an hour's work on the poster.
  • Some of the other six had doubtless made fires in the woods after a fashion, and possibly tried to cook fish over the same, with poor success. Bob White admitted that he had often been in the mountains with some of the men who worked on his father's place, and had spent lots of nights afoot in the Blue Ridge; so that he could not really be called a "tenderfoot scout."
  • As his grandfather disappeared into the forest, Connor went right to work on the shelter. Cutting down five saplings, using the hatchet side of Tool, was a simple task. He also stripped away all of the branches and limbs each green sapling sprouted. Connor then turned Tool over on its hammer end and hammered in two of the saplings into the ground, vertically. He latched one of the straighter saplings horizontally to bridge the two vertical posts that he had previously hammered in. He used the rope still wrapped over his shoulder to do the latching. Using the last two saplings, he laid them both on the horizontal shaft as a backdrop for the shelter. After he finished latching the saplings together the shelter started to take the shape of a simple shelter.
  • She made me a triple stacked sandwich, at that point. Not even Tray would be able to get his mouth around half of it. I spent just as much time talking to Elizabeth as I did working on the project with Krista.
  • I guess, said Hamilton, "that supervisor had those enumerators just breaking their necks to beat out the other agents, and he worked on their pride to get up their speed."
  • When he had ascended the hill and reached the little village street, he saw for the first time peasant militiamen in their white shirts and with crosses on their caps, who, talking and laughing loudly, animated and perspiring, were at work on a huge knoll overgrown with grass to the right of the road.
  • "There were many failures, as most of those captured had no experience in such things, but after countless attempts, a slave named Imeteri made a deadly discovery. Weakened from working in stuffy quarters, he convinced his captors to let him work outside whenever the sun shone. His efforts were fruitless for many weeks, and many of his experiments lay about in disarray, unfinished or forgotten completely, except for the details in his copious notes. Most of them consisted of various compounds of elements he placed in clay mugs, which he sealed with mud. One day, while working on his experiments, an explosion knocked him off his feet, and he knew one of his concoctions had worked. It took many more efforts for him to duplicate his success.
  • Several papers have already been produced, including on Europe and other areas. Additional work on the determinants of long-term growth in the face of structural shifts in the global economydemographic changes for exampleis under way.
  • "And working on my master's degree. Crime doesn't pay very well, at least not for me. Especially working for him. Anyway, if our writer boy here can get his act together, I might possibly get paid and get some credit in the big expose' before I get my head blown off. I figure it might be a good resume' builder and help me land a real job. What'ya mean, abuse?"
  • Two officers were standing on the knoll, directing the men. On seeing these peasants, who were evidently still amused by the novelty of their position as soldiers, Pierre once more thought of the wounded men at Mozhaysk and understood what the soldier had meant when he said: "They want the whole nation to fall on them." The sight of these bearded peasants at work on the battlefield, with their queer, clumsy boots and perspiring necks, and their shirts opening from the left toward the middle, unfastened, exposing their sunburned collarbones, impressed Pierre more strongly with the solemnity and importance of the moment than anything he had yet seen or heard.
  • A detailed survey of other experimental work on african tone orthography lays the groundwork for the experiment.
  • Palmtop user, this magazine will help you get more out of your work on the road.
  • "Ah, sorry to have to bother you so early in the morning Ms. Finn, but I received an anonymous tip that you may have had contact with a suspect in a case Im working on and I wanted to ask you a few questions."
  • "We'll begin work on fire." Gillian paused, looking around the room. "I wonder if the fire extinguisher is still down here, and if it still works."
  • "Your mother, Roger, was one of the best of women. She was a good housewife, and an affectionate. I do not know that I ever saw her greatly ruffled in temper, but there were times when I would fly from my house, and not come up from my work on board, until it was time to go straight away to bed, so did she prick and sting me with her tongue; and that not shrilly or with anger, but with little things, let slip as it were unawares, and with an air of ignorance that they in any way applied to me.
  • He sat and pulled his tunic away.The healer began to silently work on the wound. She used different potions and some powders.Finally she wrapped it up with some clean bandages and tied it off. The wound felt better and not as stiff.He thanked her and the three men left.
  • I had been working on an enzyme which was called glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase.
  • Don't talk to me about morality and civic duty, he replied to a persistent interviewer. "If you quit your job tomorrow and went to work on another paper, you would write just what you were told to write. It's morality and civic duty now with you; on the new job it would be backing up a thieving railroad with... morality and civic duty, I suppose. Your price, my son, is just about thirty per week. That's what you sell for. But your paper would sell for a bit more.
  • Warm did not hide the fact he would have preferred to fuse with a mouse, or a mouse pad. Right now, all he could do was to pretend he totally ignored the fact he was physically stuck to a chair. And he was doing just fine until it was time to go to his second shift at 1-0 Computer Associates, where he had been working on a program for the management of empty space in staff lockers in telecommunications companies.
  • I know, he said modestly. "I'm actually working on my own movie. It's going to show what a nice guy I am inside my gruff, shopkeeper's exterior. It's called 'Big Aesop Saves Tockworld and Meets Lots of Beautiful Ducks with Big Webs'."
  • These holes become invisible to anyone working on site, even to hole engineers who are always willing to provide more.
  • During the late summer and early autumn he had been working on some idea that seemed to have taken hold of his mind to a greater extent than any previous effort had ever done. His chums knew of it, but no one had been able to coax Bud to let them share his confidence.
  • Glad enough were the pigs, in particular, to obtain this new range. Here was everything they could want; food in thousands, sand to root on, fresh water to drink, pools to wallow in, and a range for their migratory propensities. Mark had no sooner set them at work on the sea-weed and shell-fish that abounded there, for the time being at least, than he foresaw he should have to erect a gate at his bridge, and keep the hogs here most of the time. With such a range, and the deposits of the tides alone, would have no great difficulty in making their own living. This would enable him to increase the number kept, which he had hitherto been obliged to keep down with the most rigid attention to the increase.
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mike said. "They're good guys. I know a few of them from some cases we worked on over the years. I know one guy in particular up in Toronto. I'll make some calls, ask around. Who knows what will turn up."
  • Later, they were in the bathroom, sitting in adjoining stalls. They were working on an eight-ball, passing the ziplock back and forth under the partition. Gordon thought for awhile. "You know, if I can be of any service, you know, just tell me," he said in a way Allen picked up on.
  • The evening went fine and I had two or three drinks but kept it pretty low key. I didn't feel like getting in with Rebecca again and I'm pretty sure that's what she was after, even if just for one night. We talked about our classes and post-university plans. She had it all figured out. She was going to travel for a while and then come back and apply for a Masters in order to be a gallery curator. It all seemed nice and fine for her but I wasn't very interested. There had been a time when I would have hung on every word she was saying, if only to get her pants off, but I just didn't care anymore. Her busty chest, milky curves, and unassuming allure no longer worked on me. I was too down in the dumps.
  • Securaplane hired Leon as a senior engineering technician in 2004, the same year it won the contract to work on the 787 parts. The company, which was taken over by Meggitt in April 2011, makes three important battery-related systems for the 787 as a subcontractor to France's Thales SA (TCFP.PA).
  • At one part of the journey he came upon some criminals in long chains which extended from their necks to their ankles. They were doing work on the roads under a guard. He would fain have conversed with these men, but, fearing to be questioned, turned aside into the shelter of a plantation and passed stealthily by.
  • "Look," and he gestured with all four arms and hands to the thousands of machine-helpers working on their device. "We havent been saved, yet we are able to build complex things with only a thought."
  • Everyone who wants to become a police officer has to complete a two-year probationary period working on the beat as a patrol constable.
  • Felix's own position was bitter in the extreme. He felt he had talent. He loved deeply, he knew that he was in turn as deeply beloved; but he was utterly powerless. On the confines of the estate, indeed, the men would run gladly to do his bidding. Beyond, and on his own account, he was helpless. Manual labour (to plough, to sow, to work on shipboard) could produce nothing in a time when almost all work was done by bondsmen or family retainers. The life of a hunter in the woods was free, but produced nothing.
  • They ought, said the boy, "if they're working on cotton, because, I've been told, that is always a cash crop. But why does every one leave the cotton crop to the negro. It isn't a hard crop to raise, is it?"
  • When the breakfast was over the crew were set to making skidways and travoy roads on eight. This was a precedent. In time the work on the plains was grumblingly done in any weather. However, as to this Radway proved firm enough. He was a good fighter when he knew he was being imposed on. A man could never cheat or defy him openly without collecting a little war that left him surprised at the jobber's belligerency. The doubtful cases, those on the subtle line of indecision, found him weak. He could be so easily persuaded that he was in the wrong. At times it even seemed that he was anxious to be proved at fault, so eager was he to catch fairly the justice of the other man's attitude. He held his men inexorably and firmly to their work on the indisputably comfortable days; but gave in often when an able-bodied woodsman should have seen in the weather no inconvenience, even. As the days slipped by, however, he tightened the reins. Christmas was approaching. An easy mathematical computation reduced the question of completing his contract with Morrison
  • With the greatest care the boys went over the lines of the graven ivory comparing the figures with the carvings of the hieroglyphics which the "chief" had carved on his totem pole, and found them to be almost identical, except for a few minor particulars caused by the relief work on the totem, and less crudity in the carvings.
  • The British administration, which began with Sir Robert Farquhar as Governor, was followed by rapid social and economic changes. Slavery was abolished in 1835. The planters received two million pounds sterling in compensation for the loss of their slaves who had been imported from Africa and Madagascar during the French occupation. The abolition of slavery had important repercussions on the socio-economic and demographic fields. The planters brought large number of indentured labourers from India to work in the sugar cane fields. Between 1834 and 1921, around half a million indentured labourers were present on the island. They worked on sugar estates, factories, in transport and construction sites. Additionally, the British brought 8,740 Indian soldiers to the islands.
  • Deduction of wages for those working on a commission basis fairness at work white paper: family friendly policies casual about employe status?
  • Bekka spent time mostly watching and studying them, though occasionally she would correct Rosh when he misspoke on how the solar winds worked on the sails and how the helm could still control a ship even without them, though it was slow and cumbersome.
  • I have worked on 4,000 sets and i have never been offered anything other than a disposable cup.
  • The philosophical truth had been before his mind from the first, and at times had almost determined him to abandon the project. But as he was not sufficiently acquainted with the laws of aerostation as to be certain of failure, he had worked on with the determination to seek success, though it must be acknowledged with but faint hopes of finding it.
  • Margaret looked out through the forest and watched a woodpecker at work on the dry side of a hollow trunk, the side protected from the driving rain.
  • "Im ready," she said with a faint smile that didnt reach her eyes. She had been extremely quiet since seeing what was happening to the city, and was still holding the knife crusted with Alisiyas blood. Russ had wanted to say something reassuring about it not really being her fault, but he couldnt quite get the words out. She would just shake her head at him and insist that it was, anyway. Well. There would be time later for reflecting on things that had happened . . . now they just had to work on making sure there would be a later for them.
  • The example I am going to cite in respect to the Kurdish and Alevi question is the activities of the Association of Confrontation which I am proud of being a supporter. The association led by a writer from Dersim, Cafer Solgun, held a civilian Alevi workshop. In this workshop, we analyzed the Alevi workshops held by the government; currently we are working on a report on what was missing in these endeavors.
  • "Im making a sweater for daddy. Lets get you another set of needles." She reached into her yarn bag and retrieved a different set of knitting needles. She would often work on two projects at one time, switching back and forth, depending on her mood. There were several small balls of yarn in the bottom of the bag.
  • Each time You distribute or publicly digitally perform a Derivative Work, Licensor offers to the recipient a license to the original work on the same terms and conditions as the license granted to You under this License.
  • "I think so, Bug. I hope so. Go on. Get to bed. Dream good dreams for himand absolutely no working on that infernal proof of his."
  • In the early years, ingenious contraptions were devised, like the trolley seen here in use during work on the long groin.
  • I'll be sure to mention colour schemes next time our scientists are working on breaking the laws of physics. Ted had nowhere to place his frustration. He rubbed his face as a form of release.
  • How dare he! Here I was, risking my life for the good of all mankind and he was getting ready to cheat on me with a younger, hotter woman! The nerve of the man! And it's not like I was an old hag either! I was still fairly attractive! Granted, I was a little heavier than when we first met, but those pounds were from giving birth to his children! You can't expect a woman to blow up to the size of a beached whale, push a watermelon out of her uterus, and then instantly pop back to collegiate thinness! I was working on it, and I thought I was looking rather good. The other day in the grocery store I could have sworn a man was checking out my butt. It could have had something to do with the Hello Kitty sticker I found later stuck to my jeans, but I doubt it. My butt is pretty hot.
  • Blindly he groped his way up the stairs, and as Drummond got to the door the end came. Someone must have put in gear the machinery which worked on the fifth step, or perhaps it was automatic. For suddenly a heavy steel weight revolving on an arm whizzed out from the wall and struck Lakington behind the neck. Without a sound he fell forward, and the weight unchecked, clanged sullenly home. And thus did the invention of which he was proudest break the inventor's own neck. Truly, the retribution was just...'
  • Willow and I skipped our morning classes so we could sit and debate the pros and cons at a local coffee shop. The coffee shop was only seven minutes from the school, but I was a nervous wreck anyway. I didnt tell Ember that I wouldnt be at school this morning for obvious reasons. I also knew my sister would wear me down with questions if I mentioned it without any explanation. My skill doesnt work on her and I didnt want to outright lie. So I had chickened out and said nothingnow, I would have to pay the price. I kept checking my cell phone as if I could see her through it somehow.
  • The students will also submit a dossier of drafts of their own academic writing, which will be worked on with the tutor.
  • Llywelyn nodded as if that explained anything and he sent me to the next man. All told, I worked on five men like Cadoc, each one with a wound caused by the hacking of a sword at limbs that should never have been near a sharp object in the first place.
  • But the real problem for Apple is not the numbers but the fear amongst investors that its best days may be over, that it will never find another innovation to match the iPhone or iPad. Tim Cook insisted his firm was working on some "incredible stuff" but Wall Street will want to see it before it starts buying the shares again.
  • In the meantime Frank had discovered that the breakdown had been caused by a defect in the ignition apparatus which it would take some time to repair. Both he and Harry went to work on it after supper, however, and by midnight they had it adjusted.
  • Like asking a car mechanic to work on the car without lifting the bonnet!
  • She and Shadowings tumbled to earth in the middle of the square. All around them there were blasts, one after another. And men shouting. The guard had put lanterns out on the ground to supplement the Dead light so the sandbag lines could work on into the night. Lunde was probably out there somewhere. All the wall men who weren't carrying something crowded around her.
  • April 15--The first ten-yearly census was completed to-day. Even with the aid of Frumuos and Zangamon, I have been at work on this nearly two months, for now our outlying farms, villages and settlements have pushed away fifteen or twenty miles from the original focus at the Cliffs, or 'Cliffton,' as the capital is becoming generally known."
  • Hpa overview the hpa updated the committee on its work on pandemic flu preparedness.
  • The entire courtroom watches the actual film footage of the press conference convened and presided over by Mrs. Hartman as Secretary of Health and Human Services, where Dr. Gallo announces he has found the cause of AIDSa retrovirus he calls HTLV-3, named so because it was the latest in a family of viruses he had been working on in his research. He shows pictures of HTLV-1 and HTLV-2, and then HTLV-3.
  • For fear of the evil presence, the students broke up in groups to practice their three magical casting spells. The younger ones worked on saying such a tricky but most powerful spell.
  • The crew of the commo track consisted of O'Rourke, the First Sergeant when he was with the troop, and a gunner by the name of Miller, who spend as little time at the track as he could. Everyone but the First Sergeant took a shift on the radios at night but during the day they were O'Rourke's responsibility. Stans worked with O'Rourke during the day but had a shift of his own at night when there was usually very little happening. He had thought that he and O'Rourke would be splitting the day shift, but O'Rourke was reluctant to let him work on his own. Stans persevered in spite of O'Rourke's lack of confidence in him, knowing that sooner or later O'Rourke would have to give him a chance to prove himself.
  • Mike sits down at his laptop and works on his report. He begins to organize the data chronologically with names, dates, places and details of nearly every transaction done in the past four years. His gallery of photos alone would put most of these people away for life. Laboring away at the word processor, he's startled when his cell phone rings.
  • In her last dream, the Shaman was still working on the figure of the woman closest to the men. The other women and children and the stars had not been etched into the wall. It was a painstakingly slow process. She had been dreaming it sporadically. Sometimes coming into the cave to find a figure completed.
  • Asta shook herself after reciting her list. Obviously she had been thinking about it. "It doesnt matter right now," she added. "Lets go after the shifter and get the relics back, then Ill work on a plan to placate the dragons. Theres always something that can be traded."
  • The euses consortium is a new nsf consortium of researchers who are working on this problem.
  • Particle accelerators, said Cosmo. "We like to send your hair into the fifth dimension before we work on it. Gives it a nice glow."
  • Constable exhibited this painting at the royal academy in 1831, but continued working on it during 1833 and 1834.
  • Then he composed a second e-mail to Pam Tolliver, his nurse practitioner on the stroke service. Pam was like a bloodhound, and looked like one, too. She had worked on the service for fifteen years, and was a little droopy and soft around the edges. While she never had the skillset to be a doctor, she was a great administrator for all of the stroke patients. She was thorough, and ran things down.
  • Flaming Desire gains the victory thanks to their finisher, "Bottoms Up" and speaking of bottoms up, did she really think that would distract either of those two? Come on now. I mean it worked on me, I can barely remember much of the match now. Brad and Chad look really depressed that they lost. Oh well, while Karrie consoles her brothers, lets go to an interview, and lets hope he gets this one right. Simon Tucker is standing by, at least I hope so, with Nathan "Unique" Taylor. Go ahead Simon.
  • Research i am currently working on a number of projects concerning extragalactic astronomy, in particular the fornax cluster spectroscopic survey.
  • Well, can you please write down exactly what it is you're going to do and give me an estimate of how much it'll cost? When can you work on it?
  • Rick scanned it quickly. It was a telegram that his father had taken over the phone. Rick's pulse quickened. Dr. Gordon, who had been at work on a secret rocket project in the far west, had wired:
  • Sometimes after work in the evening Louie would call up to Pearl Baker-Moths place to join her for an evening meal. However not tonight, Louie was tired and besides Pearl was busy working on important stuff for the global warming summit on Wednesday.
  • I don't have to put down how much he earns, the boy explained, "only to state whether he is paying wages, or being paid wages, or working on his own account.
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