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work on
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɒn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work on
Ekler: works on/worked on/work·ing on


tesir etmek, etkilemeye çalışmak;
üstünde çalışmak.

work on için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Go easy on him," Nellise warned, taking out her medicine pouch to do some further work on Sayana. "He's in bad shape, and doesn't need to be beaten up again."
  • Before Dawson could ask questions, Freddy got up from his chair and walked quickly across the dining room and down the broad flight of carpeted steps to the lobby. Dawson blinked, then took a sip of water, and glanced over at the man in gray. The mysterious stranger was looking toward the lobby, and was in the act of pushing himself up out of his chair. He seemed to change his mind, however. He shot a quick look over Dawson's way, then settled back in his chair and went to work on a piece of pie the waiter had placed in front of him.
  • Spencer looked at her. Contradicting her sternness, she smiled warmly at him. He still couldn't work out her mood. He was out of practice, that was the problem. Nor was he sure why she was here. He realised that he should be offering her a drink, but he couldn't face the prospect of watching her sip a vodka and tonic when he needed one himself, so remained the bad host. "Who else works on the project?"
  • Anna sighed. "Yes," she answered slowly. "I've got ASE certifications on automobiles/light trucks, and I was working on medium and heavy trucks. Lots of work in that area."
  • "Aint nobody allowed to work on them registers without going through all the training programs," Ben said in his managerial voice. "You will be viewina series of training videos after we are done up here."
  • "Of his own free will and accord General Noury told me that he was leading a miserable life in spite of the wealth that he possessed, the honors that crowned him in Morocco, and the leisure that was always at his command when the army was not in the field. As he summed it up himself, his vices had got the better of him. He could not respect himself. I could see that there was something left of him. I went to work on him. I am not an evangelist myself, and I did not take him on that tack.
  • A large barn on the Hamilton property had been set aside for the use of the aviator and his men, for he had engaged several more besides Jack Butt to hurry along the work on Dick's new aircraft. The order had been placed for the motor, and that, it was promised, would be ready in time.
  • But there was much to do before the meal could be prepared, and no time was wasted. First the traps were carried into the cabin, and arranged in place. Then all three of the boys set to work on the deer, and partially skinned it. They cut off a number of tender steaks, and hung the carcass to the lower limbs of a stout pine tree.
  • Both types of operations must work on distributed matrices if the resulting application is to be truly scalable.
  • The staff member allowed his work on this case to be observed by an assessor for svq purposes.
  • Beavers build their houses of the same materials as their dams, and of various sizes, according to the number of the inmates. These, however, do not often exceed four or eight old ones, and from six to fourteen young ones. The houses are of a circular form, elevated some feet above the surface of the water; but the entrance is always low down beneath it. They are more rudely constructed than the dams, too. The wood is laid nearly horizontally, and crosswise; the branches, which project inwards, they cut off with their teeth. First there is a layer of wood, and then one of mud and stones; and so they work on till a sufficient height is gained, when the roof, of rough branches, is placed on the top, and plastered down with mud and stones.
  • Thus had it happened, and now Emla sat alone waiting for the stars to fade. With the new day would come also the bonded ones, and she must judge whether they were strong enough to face what they must. Kemti was still at work on the piles of books he had gathered from Emlas library; Iska and Yash slept already, still easily fatigued despite the help of senior healers and cosseting by Emlas household.
  • "Keep an eye upward lest they loose a turret and destroy the bridge," De Lacy shouted, and fell to work on the gate with his heavy axe, while Dauvrey made haste to prevent the dropping of the portcullis by driving a spike into the grooves in which it worked.
  • Now, though, all was serene. The scientists were at work on reports, or teaching summer sessions at universities. No major experiments were in progress, and no expeditions were being planned.
  • An eu ist project is currently working on diffusion modeling in silicon germanium alloys.
  • Pareen he might have gone to work on the ends, paring back the sticks to more closely resemble fingers.
  • "I won't need to," Sayana replied quietly, flattening her arms against her side, and turning her palms towards the ground. "I've been working on something in my spare time, lately." A moment later, she began to rise off the ground, as if being lifted by a great invisible hand. Aiden and the others were startled by this new ability the wild girl was using, and could only watch in silence as she slowly rose up forty feet off the ground. Despite the high winds, she was not blown away, and instead levitated in the air, perfectly still until she began to rotate around, allowing her to observe the entire horizon from altitude.
  • Had Princess Mary been capable of reflection at that moment, she would have been more surprised than Mademoiselle Bourienne at the change that had taken place in herself. From the moment she recognized that dear, loved face, a new life force took possession of her and compelled her to speak and act apart from her own will. From the time Rostov entered, her face became suddenly transformed. It was as if a light had been kindled in a carved and painted lantern and the intricate, skillful, artistic work on its sides, that previously seemed dark, coarse, and meaningless, was suddenly shown up in unexpected and striking beauty. For the first time all that pure, spiritual, inward travail through which she had lived appeared on the surface. All her inward labor, her dissatisfaction with herself, her sufferings, her strivings after goodness, her meekness, love, and self-sacrifice--all this now shone in those radiant eyes, in her delicate smile, and in every trait of her gentle face.
  • "Okay," Mirie said loudly. "Thats enough of that. Unless you have a DNA test that will work on elves, you can just shut it about the Ruaora crap, Anarion."
  • Tom and I, with axes and adzes, hollowing out the two logs. Jim went to work on his stringer, shaping it up and also digging it out after he had made some measurements of the log I was working on.
  • Thorpe and four others were set to work on this road, which was to be cut through a creek bottom leading, he was told, to "seventeen." The figures meant nothing to him. Later, each number came to possess an individuality of its own. He learned to use a double-bitted ax.
  • "Well, I'm a friend of his." Betty almost stuttered in her eagerness to explain before the old man should be lost again in his book. "He worked on the farm where I spent the summer, and he told me about you and how anxious he was to see you and find out about his people. I've been anxious, too, to learn if he reached Washington and whether he is here now. Do you know?"
  • Their only income came from her job. Serenity supported her husband while he worked on a novel. If not for Jacksons refusal to work, he would never allow her to have a job. After all, he denied her everything else. She had no family left, except for a step-father whod passed her on to Jackson for him to continue the good work hed started. Any school friends had given up trying to keep in contact with her.
  • The trip back was uneventful. Noodles did a descent near Acapulco, intending to refuel and move on. It was then that something bizarre happened. One of the NASA engineers who worked on their project was holidaying there. He spotted them and came over with a party of friends who were celebrating someones birthday. He begged the bots to join the party at sunset among the ruins of a nearby Inca temple, where giant statues were said to come alive and do a tribal dance.
  • "Chile, I didn't want to worry youna. Then the neighbors come in, 'kase I did a big piece o' hollerin', an' they worked on her and fotched her back; I 'ain't been no 'count since. See how my hand trembles now."
  • For a moment she hesitated, trembling. The thought of the prowling beasts out there in the darkness was appalling. Then, with a sudden brave toss of her head, she attacked the thorny boma wall with her delicate hands. Torn and bleeding though they were, she worked on breathlessly until she had made an opening through which she could worm her body, and at last she stood outside the enclosure.
  • "You're better at mending than I am," said Macnab to the Indian. "Set to work on the shoe when the camp is dug out, an' I'll go cut some firewood."
  • During the afternoon I had indubitable proof that the sealing-master had been working on the minds of the crew. The men, emerging at the foot of the mainmast, talked in whispers and cast evil glances at us. Two or three sailors made threatening gestures undisguisedly; then arose such angry mutterings that West could not to be deaf to them.
  • And the look of mingled fury and pain on the monk's face when, shaking off the assisting hands of the Prior and the Chancellor, he struggled to his feet, would have made a less hardened soldier feel a bit uneasy as to the fate of his soul. But without so much as a glance at the furious churchman, Raynor returned the dagger to its sheath and went to work on his sword blade.
  • Again Megales smiled. "I thought you knew me better, Carlo. The Yaquis who built this were condemned raiders. I postponed their execution a few months while they were working on this. It was a convenience both to them and to me."
  • Sy paused then turned to the delver. "Ryson you told me about what you saw at Pinesway, when that sword of yours gave you a vision of what Sazar wanted then. He wanted to make Pinesway a breeding ground for goblins to grow his army. Do you think he wants any thing different now? Problem is its not an abandoned little town at the edge of Dark Spruce. Its Connel on the edge of some of the richest farmland around. Hes going to make humans work on those farms for him. Put this all together and its not a good story for anyone, especially us."
  • The most famous example of arbitrage is that of Long Term Capital Management, the quant-based hedge fund which started off selling new US government bonds and buying older ones, and taking the profits as the prices converged. Hedge funds which operate an event driven strategy will often work on the basis of merger arbitrage, i.e. that the stock prices of companies will converge if they complete a merger deal.
  • Dr. lee horsley works on film noir in relation to twentieth- and twenty-first century literary noir.
  • Receptionist duties whilst also working on in-house graphics and publications.
  • "True. Killing you may prove difficult, if not impossible. I guess we'll just have to settle for confining you." She nodded to the other vamps and the ogre, who began to inch slowly forward. "Did you know that the same spells for confining demons work on Eternals? I wonder why that is?"
  • The living room was a flurry of activity. Light streamed in from different places. One wall was being torn down entirely, the other was being patched. They were both still missing the door and window, but I was sure that was what they were working on.
  • Graham had freed Lanyan and moved on to Jeralyle while Elryia worked on Gort, holding the chain between the manacles within her fingers. She closed her eyes and began chanting "Nayasta Sadama" softly, a cold crept out her palm and into the chain. Frost splintered and crawled across the steel from the opening on either end of her palm. Elryia released Gort's chain and took Gnert's, "Pull your hands apart Gort," she said as the same frost began flowing over Gnert's chain. Gort gave a tug and the sound of glass shattering filled the room. Once hardened metal now became fragile crumbling links that snowed onto the floor. His hands were still cuffed, but at least he could wield his arms freely. "It will do," she informed Graham, who had moved on to Carsis. She gave Gnert a reassuring look as she squeezed the frozen chains, turning them to dust in her fingertips. Between Elryia and Graham everyone was free in less than two minutes, and were filing out of the cell.
  • "Maybe if I did a little more work on calling air first? Just to get the energy levels back up, so to speak?" I shrugged my shoulders when she looked at me blankly. "Maybe there's like a progression or something, at least at first."
  • The projects during the expedition you will work on a local garden regeneration project alongside the local bedouin tribes within a mountain area.
  • "Look," and he gestured with all four arms and hands to the thousands of machine-helpers working on their device. "We havent been saved, yet we are able to build complex things with only a thought."
  • After the constant work on board the smack Jack found it strange as he came down the river to be walking up and down the deck with nothing to do. The Wild Wave passed through a fleet of bawleys trawling off Hole Haven; he knew every one of them by sight, but the Bessy was not among them.
  • "Chance wanted to take the villain to Danda-lay and make the execution a big affair," said another, "but Laylan says trying to take Sham through the forest would be as good as releasing him, so Chance agreed to have the execution here. Cliff fauns have been working on the scaffold since before dawn! There's to be a great spectacle."
  • Volunteers are wanted to work on this project - which at the moment will be purely clerical.
  • For several days I treated the Links somewhat harshly, requiring much work on the boat and on more of the arrows. I encouraged also a species of fear which I found my conduct had created. It was high time, I knew, to dominate the creatures, unless I was willing that they should dominate me.
  • "Thus shall it be!" the room chanted again. They were a little off this time. Apparently some of them had missed the chant cue and stumbled in a little late. They'd have to work on it.
  • "And working on my master's degree. Crime doesn't pay very well, at least not for me. Especially working for him. Anyway, if our writer boy here can get his act together, I might possibly get paid and get some credit in the big expose' before I get my head blown off. I figure it might be a good resume' builder and help me land a real job. What'ya mean, abuse?"
  • "If that was your subtle way of hinting we should leaveyou need to work on your subtlety. But to answer your question, of course. I'm many things, but I was raised to be a gentleman." When the bargirl made her way back over to us, Theo handed her a bill and told her to keep the change. I bet he ranked as a favorite among the wait staff wherever he went.
  • Over the next few weeks we entered fall, then the beginnings of winter, but life itself didn't change much. I tried my best to come up with dance moves to teach the four girls that were chosen to dance with me, and every Thursday we worked on the routine we'd perform at the winter show. It was decided that I'd be featured in two dances - one on my own, somewhere in the middle of the show, and one as the finale with the other four girls. I didn't feel I was so good at dancing to deserve two numbers of my own, but Dane and about half the club insisted that it was absolutely necessary.
  • The nearest source of help Rick could think of was JANIG, the secret security agency in Washington for which the Spindrift scientists had often worked on special projects. This wasn't a matter for the agency officially, but Rick was sure Steve Ames, their contact in JANIG, would help if he could. Since Spindrift had first worked with the agency on The Whispering Box Mystery, Steve and the boys had become good friends.
  • This here is going to be a traveling lodge of the Cadets of Temperance, especially so far as natives is concerned, said Swiftwater Jim, "and consequently everybody will work on this voyage."
  • Known as PageRank, it works on the notion that Web pages effectively vote for other pages by linking to them. The most important ones, Page and Brin reasoned, should be those drawing links from many other pages, especially from other really important ones.
  • I then worked on lip trills which i have been having particular problems getting up to speed.
  • These natives differed even more than others I had seen as the wives of sealers, from the inhabitants of the Australian continent, possessing quite the negro cast of countenance, and hair precisely of their woolly character. These characteristics are nowhere to be found on the continent, natives from every part of which have come under my observation. The difference existing is so great, that I feel warranted in pronouncing them to be a distinct race. Excellent likenesses of Tasmanian natives will be found in Strzelecki's work on New South Wales, where the truth of these remarks will be perceived at a glance.
  • Jacques perot thanked the treasurer for her scrupulous work on behalf of all members of the executive council.
  • Dave Cobb, who was scarcely older than the boys, had been hastily borrowed from the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington. He spared no time for greetings other than a cordial wave, and immediately got to work on the rocket Rick had found in the cove.
  • Id been working on this personality virus idea, like Id said, as one of several projects aimed in the long run at getting the world out of the situation Id played a key role in getting it into. My clean-room technique must have gone sour on me, though, or perhaps Id been the victim of sabotage - I hadnt exactly been a figure of great veneration by that time - but the bottom line was that my test system had gotten a jump and infected me.
  • There goes a big hawk, Tom. Look! cried Dick, suddenly becoming interested in a broad-winged bird skimming along just over the surface of the fen; and this bird sufficed to change the conversation, which was getting unpleasant for Dick, till they came to the place where the men were hard at work on the huge ditch, the boggy earth from which, piled up as it was, serving to consolidate the sides and keep them from flooding the fen when the drain was full, and the high-tide prevented the water from coming out by the flood-gates at the end.
  • Bud set to work assembling the various parts of his model. In some respects it was rather a crude imitation of a monoplane, but for practical purposes no doubt it would answer just as well as the most elegant model. What Bud wanted to find out most of all was whether he had been working on the right principle. If that turned out to be correct he could afford to have a better model made; then he could take up the idea with some of those capitalists who were interested in building airships of all kinds.
  • "And it doesn't seem that we're going to be meeting anymore, not this hour at least," interrupted Casey. "What a fruit cake. I could be working on my screenplay right now." He said this to no one in particular.
  • The day was perfect with few clouds and a constant Coral Sea breeze. Faint sounds of hammering and sawing came from the eastern corner of the resort as carpenters and other tradesmen worked on a movie set. Ben read a newspaper and went to sleep in the sun. He was later thankful that he had thought to smother himself with 30+ sunscreen before venturing to the pool. His tan deepened.
  • Five limericks for Mauds bakery, he thought. Hed got tired of the classical forms of poetry and was into a limerick phase. He worked on the first of them as he drove back to Waterloo.
  • Callahan even got a little sun on his face and arms to go slightly native. But he used a lot of number 30 sunblock, too. He knew that he was an American gringo down in the tropics. So he ended up getting a farmer's tan. He spent most of his time in the suite anyway, working on his laptop. He was either checking his bank accounts, talking to the attorneys in Canada, making investments, or surfing the Web. Jennifer was amazed at the time he spent on the computer.
  • Rick considered. What were the most important facts? They had been working on assumptions, but assumptions need proof before they can be accepted as valid.
  • Sick animals require close and judicious attention. Too frequently they are either left to get well or to die of themselves, or are bled and dosed with nauseous mixtures indiscriminately. Study the subject of the diseases of animals during your leisure evenings, which you can do from some of the many excellent works on the subject. Think before you act. When your animal has fever, nature would dictate that all stimulating articles of diet or medicine should be avoided.
  • Not at all, Edmund averred. "It is perfectly natural, and quite as I expected. Venus resembles the earth in composition, in form, in physical constitution, and in subordination to the sun, the great ruler of the entire system. Here are the same chemical elements, and the same laws of matter. The human type is manifestly the highest possible that could be developed with such materials to work upon. Why, then, should you be surprised to find that it prevails here as well as upon our planet? Intelligent life could find no more suitable abode than in a human body. The details are simply varied in accordance with the environment--a principle that works on the earth also."
  • "Okay, I havent figured out how it can smell like theres a real forest, but Im working on it! I mean, if that ride at Disneyland can use aromatics, so could this thing."
  • He watched the brown Nile flow, over a thousand feet wide here, oblivious to the crusaders. Across the river the yellow brick walls of Mansura curved in and out along the bank. In this flat country they looked as formidable as high mountains. Sturdy, square towers rose at intervals along the walls. To the north and east of the city Roland could see rich green fields where the Egyptian peasants, the fellahin, worked on as usual, ignoring the invaders across the river and supplying Mansura with all the provender it needed.
  • This particular sample she is working on in the fisheries department in stanley came from a rockhopper penguin on sea lion island.
  • The work on the lean tos had not been finished when the Overlanders were summoned to supper. There was little conversation until they had dulled the sharp edges of their appetites; then their drooping spirits revived and they began bantering each other.
  • Midtown Group's president, Helen Stefan Moreau, said lately she has seen a drop in temp assignments from the government for people with only high-school diplomas. Most of the temp orders require college degrees or better, with commensurate pay. She has even hired scientists for temp work on special projects.
  • Abdul had not met this inspector before. It wasn't surprising, though, as there were about twenty customs inspectors working in the free trade zone now. Different people worked on the various shifts every day.
  • He died suddenly from the effects of a chill, and when his affairs were wound up Bessy found herself mistress of the five hundred pounds for which he had insured his life, and the furniture of the cottage. It was natural that she should return to Leigh. She had no friends elsewhere; and she knew that money went much further there than in most other places. Two hundred pounds were spent in purchasing the cottage in which she now lived, and another two hundred in buying a bawley. At Leigh, as at most other fishing places, the men work on shares--the boat takes a share, and each of the men a share--the owner of a boat supplying nets as well as the boat itself. The bawley, therefore, brought Mrs. Robson in a sum equal to that earned by a fisherman, with deductions, however, for damages to nets and spars.
  • Droppin' off or pickin' up. Her tone revealed she wanted to get back to the fitness center where she worked on her muscles, her tan, or both.
  • Humphrey handed his wooden sword to the boy hed been fighting, who took it with something like reverence, and caught up his shirt and cloak. Like many of my castles, Castell y Bere was built on a narrow spur, overlooking a valley. Two summers ago, Id commenced work on a second, more secure keep to the south of the present one, and last year Id reinforced the entrance with a new gatehouse and curtain wall.
  • "We cant do anything until we have enough people and get some outside connections. This could take some time, but were working on it." I was disappointed. Waiting is not fun. I heard someone at the door, so I shoved the stone into my pillowcase again. It was only Steven.
  • "I was just wishing I was a boy again and was in for a game of hockey," said I. "I am going to London on Saturday. Our foreign correspondent has had to give up work on account of ill health."
  • The pilot was facing forward, for good reasons, and had absolutely no sight lines to the BlueThree. The only way to communicate in the copter was through the headsets they each wore. Within minutes of takeoff, Dalia had reached her right hand down and was working on Mike's kielbasa. Dalia was wearing a short skirt and a tight t-shirt with a sheer bra. Natalie had issues with air travel and was a little more reluctant to release her libido than her friend Dalia. She was wearing a classic tennis outfit but left out the undergarment part for the time being.
  • "The very thing!" exclaimed Marian. She was away at once in search of some of this new style canvas, in her eagerness to be at work on some winter sketches of these most interesting people, quite forgetting the peril of natives, the danger of the food supply giving out, the probability of an unpleasant meeting with the bearded stranger.
  • It is in no way my intention to attempt a comprehensive description of this unique people. My personal observation is, of course, inadequate to that task, and the numerous careful works on the subject are available to the interested reader.
  • "I hate to be the one to run, but I have to do some leg work before the night is over." Trall said as he headed for the door. "Talon, the chain mail is being worked on as we speak."
  • During those nineteen days just mentioned, no unique incidents distinguished our voyage. I saw little of the captain. He was at work. In the library I often found books he had left open, especially books on natural history. He had thumbed through my work on the great ocean depths, and the margins were covered with his notes, which sometimes contradicted my theories and formulations. But the captain remained content with this method of refining my work, and he rarely discussed it with me. Sometimes I heard melancholy sounds reverberating from the organ, which he played very expressively, but only at night in the midst of the most secretive darkness, while the Nautilus slumbered in the wilderness of the ocean.
  • The beaten apes were barely able to stand after taking such an extended beating, so the group helped bring them home and place them in bed, much as they did the previous night. The vampires worked on altering the story of the evening in their minds while the coming of the new days sun would restore their bodies to a functional, but not operational level.
  • "Well, no. Nobody did this. The magic works on its own. It moves, like an eddying pool, but mostly it doesn't do anything. But sometimes it surfaces, and when it does, it forms coldsliders or other things, or causes little problems like this." He smiled and gestured to the knotted gigantic organism. "Usually, it's harmless."
  • Melchior sat down quietly and gravely, and the meal went on without further reference to the unpleasant incident; but Dale grew eager about their work on the next day, chatting about the size of the crystals he had felt, and the difficulties of enlarging the hole so that they could creep in.
  • "Old Kosky could be a robot for all the attention she pays to him. He saw through her from the first minute and didn't mind letting her know, so she steers clear. She works on Tobie, now and then, but she'd rather chase manly men, if you know what I mean."
  • The boys now went to a spot a little above where the soldiers were fishing, and set to work on their own lines. Just as Ferry announced a fine haul, they threw in, and soon everybody in the party was busy, bringing in several kinds of fish, big and little, including some fine trout of a variety the boys had not before seen.
  • My best friend was the leading authority on relationships and the only source I had available to ask. I had to get something from her or my diabolical scheme would fall apart before it even started. It was strange though because Krista continued to cancel on me. We had been working on fixing up my brother and Willow for weeks now and suddenly, she wasnt interested in staging the final scene with me??
  • Research i am currently working on a number of projects concerning extragalactic astronomy, in particular the fornax cluster spectroscopic survey.
  • But a marine officer isn't a real sailor, Danny. He lives and works on a warship, to be sure, but he's more of a soldier. Now, as it happens, my whole heart and soul are wrapped up in being a Naval officer---a real Naval officer.
  • 'Lynne Reed. She used to work on the 36th floor, for a Mr Patchwork. All her files were deleted only yesterday,' Mickey said intrigued. 'by the same Mr Patchwork.'
  • Please let me stress again that these notes explored ways of working on ealier, relatively simple-minded browser versions.
  • Listen, I have to go and help clear up after the party, now. I'll try to think up some better answers for next time. And you work on your questions.
  • Maggie and Kayla started the day working on separate houses, but ended the day in a united effort to finish the last house. The winners on this day were the Jones family, who had lost their house in a hurricane and subsequent flood and had been living in the familys SUV for a few months. The women walked arm in arm out of the sight and on the way home, never saying a world and only enjoying the satisfying silence of each others contentment.
  • "A hoax?" Nightshade asked. "Then what do you think he was doing out at the Hansons farm building their new fence? He was out there to hunt the Saber Tooth and worked on their farm in exchange for a sword, a place to stay and food."
  • The class work on plain paper, drawing the triangle with the help of a protractor, then writing the commands below.
  • "The mine wasn't worked on Sunday, in those days, and Captain Costin asked Ellen to meet him on a Sunday night at nine o'clock. Well, the Lansdale boys somehow found out where their sister was going, and they went, too. And they shot down Captain Costin in cold blood, right at the mine entrance. Just when he was holding out his arms to greet his sweetheart!"
  • Uncle Rik seated in Mr Wright's drawing-room; Mr Wright in an easy-chair near the window; Mrs Wright--with much of the lustre gone out of her fine eyes--lying languidly on the sofa; Madge Mayland at work on some incomprehensible piece of netting beside her aunt,--all in deep mourning.
  • Of course, people don't like to believe that the world is random, even when it comes to Powerball. Even in a random draw, we try to infer rules. How many kids are skipping class to sit in their dorm room working on the next Facebook after viewing The Social Network? And how many people are skipping college to follow the examples of Steve Jobs or Peter Thiel?
  • When it comes to the impact of low-wage work on children and families, are today's young people just lazy? Do low-wage workers start families they cannot hope to support? Is it possible for young people to avoid becoming stuck in low-wage jobs in the first place?
  • What would have been the result, if Meade had been supported by Franklin, when he broke Stonewall Jackson's line at Fredericksburg? And if Sedgwick had been properly supported by Hooker, at Chancellorsville, when he drove Early from behind the "impregnable" works on Marye's Heights? Once more: If Pickett had succeeded and had broken into our line, and had been supported by Longstreet, then if the Sixth Corps, which had scarcely been engaged in the great fight, had turned in on them on the flank, if any of them had gotten back at all it would have been a miracle. If, on the other hand, General Meade had taken Hancock's advice and turned the Reserves and the Sixth Corps loose after Pickett the war might have ended. If they were to try it again they would be whipped worse. If they don't believe it, fire on Fort Sumter. If we had never been born we would not have to die.
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