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work on
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɒn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work on
Ekler: works on/worked on/work·ing on


tesir etmek, etkilemeye çalışmak;
üstünde çalışmak.

work on için örnek cümleler:

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  • If they were home and there wasnt any baseball, music filled the house. Either Gray was practicing in the garage or their bedroom, or the stereo played. Rose might sing, she was always singing, but around her offspring it wasnt for practice. Only pleasure, and once both Emory and Liam were in school and Rose wasnt traveling to see an ailing relative, she would spend those few afternoon hours working on her instrument. Rose only sang, but she was very good at it.
  • That night, after having downed a quick bite with her daughter at a fast food chain, Geraldine sat herself down at the computer. She hadn't worked on her manuscript in weeks, but why should she abandon it now? The way she saw it, she could manage this day job and still plug away on the book at night.
  • His next visit, several days later, went more smoothly. He coaxed her into detailing her work on the large map she had tacked onto a wooden wall, and she gave him an hours worth of details.
  • If Firefox OS is a success it should help drive the creation of HTML5 apps, which by their nature should work on any smartphone.
  • Project provided stimulus for interesting investigative work on the site.
  • Each Fall, Jack Laker would spend at least three successive weekends, maybe four, working on his History of New Bamberg. He took his two teenage sons and they would tramp about Waterloo county talking to people, reading papers and making little notes in a large three-ring binder.
  • So he gathered together two thousand men who were working on the road and were very pleased indeed to carry something lighter than rocks and felled trees, and with these spears he marched into the Isisi forest, burning and slaying whenever he came upon a little village which offered no opposition. Thus he took to himself the air and title of conqueror with as little excuse as a flamboyant general ever had.
  • After high school, she went to N.Y.U. as a theatre major and worked on Broadway as a Producers Assistant on various shows during her four years of college. After school, she easily transitioned to full-time positions behind the scenes on a couple of major Broadway shows, but never lost her desire to be on center stage.
  • As a face-to-face fundraiser working on the street, you are likely to work six days a week, and at least 42 hours.
  • "True," admitted Sallis. The trail led between the depository and a couple of goldsmiths, where he noted still more sylphs at work. These belonged to the goldsmiths, their nimble fingers working on jewelry.
  • Near the end of her time on Broadway, she managed to complete a summer internship on CBS-TV in New York, which was only a few blocks from her full-time gig. She worked on the CBS Morning Show and had to be in at 5:00 a.m. to prepare cue cards and set up the green room for daily guests. Many nights she was at the theater, or out with co-workers, until 1:00 a.m. Her day on Broadway generally started at 3:00 p.m. and her day at CBS usually ended at noon. This gave Leslie a maximum of seven hours of free time, of which she slept maybe three or four hours a day.
  • "Perhaps they think we are a threat, perhaps they are just war-like creatures. I don't know anything about the dwarves. I should have tried to read their minds." Enin began to consider how to do such a thing. As often happened, his attention drifted from the topic at hand to the possibility of a new spell. "I wonder how I would go about that. It seems to be fairly common. I've heard of wizards able to cast such a spell. They can see thoughts, not deep hidden ones, not secrets, but they can often read what is being actively considered. I should know this spell. I know its just a mix of a basic sight and awareness link. Just let your own thoughts ride the waves of the magic with a sight spell attached. Direct it at thought rather than at seeing. I wonder if it would work on dwarves."
  • Maybe so, maybe so, he replied. "There'll be crowds of people coming in when they begin work on the new rail way and the bridge. I signed the deeds yesterday for all the land they're buying of Jack and me. I won't tell him about it quite yet, though. I don't wish to unsettle his mind. Let him stay where he is."
  • Pacian was clipped on the shoulder by the Commander's weapon as he rode past, and it was only the agile rogue's reflexes that prevented him from sustaining a mortal injury. Two arrows flew past them in quick succession, striking the last remaining warrior in the chest, leaving the field almost empty, aside from a few engineers still working on eliminating the flames nearby, and the unstoppable visage of Robert Black.
  • Our home in Calgary had not been lived in for many decades. Esme wanted to make sure it was ready, so she and Carlisle had left a week earlier to prepare for our arrival. More excitingly, Rosalie and Emmett agreed to meet Esme there and work on the house with her. They were intending to live with us again now that we were moving back to civilization.
  • Several quiet weeks slipped by. Berande, after such an unusual run of visiting vessels, drifted back into her old solitude. Sheldon went on with the daily round, clearing bush, planting cocoanuts, smoking copra, building bridges, and riding about his work on the horses Joan had bought. News of her he had none. Recruiting vessels on Malaita left the PoongaPoonga coast severely alone; and the Clansman, a Samoan recruiter, dropping anchor one sunset for billiards and gossip, reported rumours amongst the Sio natives that there had been fighting at PoongaPoonga. As this news would have had to travel right across the big island, little dependence was to be placed on it.
  • The engineer in charge of this section of the Mississippi, whose duty it was to guard the artificial banks or "levees" of the river, was working on the main break in the levee, with a huge gang of men. In this crisis, one of the planters, who formerly had been the local Weather Bureau official, had offered to take charge of the new threatened source of danger.
  • Joe called out to his brother, "Maybe we could work on it next week after the weather warms. It should be warmer then."
  • Thursday 6th september 2001 work on the new headstock was started today.
  • "I think I'd really rather have the remote, if you don't mind," she spoke up. She couldn't see much of Frank; he was bent over behind the TV, working on the outlet. Just his bony rear end poking out from behind the drapes. He stood up and ran his hands up the side of the window, tracing the wire. He sure was in fit looking A nice looking man, only about ten years younger. Suddenly she missed her husband. Judy doesn't deserve Frank.
  • Paralegal work on the law school web sites, however only their law students can access these pages.
  • "All right, lets get to work. Vampires, we stay right here and help Blake with his research. Joe, Valerie and Brandon, you guys work on alternative strategies. Everyone else put on your swim trunks, because its free swim!" Hartwell stated.
  • Within minutes of her arrival, Kathy was on my bed making out with me. With my right hand out of commission, it was time for my left hand to have all of the fun. This unique opportunity also gave me pause to work on my left side kissing skills, where the head is cocked to the left. Sounds weird but we all have a dominant kissing side, just like we have an ear that we like to use when we talk on the phone. I use my left ear when I talk on the phone; when I try to use my right ear my brain just wont function the same way.
  • Incidentally, my oldest daughter is a graduate student working on observational cosmology!
  • "They stayed for more than two hours and watched videos," said Ted, "but never more than one minute of each. Laboratory personnel are still busy rewinding the institute's entire collection of videos, some of them watched for just twenty seconds. The motive for the break-in remains a mystery. Police have been working on the theory that a member of the gang visited the institute earlier to assess security."
  • A little lower than this deck there projected on each side a broad, oblong, slightly curved sheet of metal, very thin, but strengthened by means of wire braces, till it was as rigid as a plate of solid steel, although it only weighed a few ounces. These air-planes worked on an axis amidships, and could be inclined either way through an angle of thirty degrees. At the pointed stern there revolved a powerful four-bladed propeller, and from each quarter, inclined slightly outwards from the middle line of the vessel, projected a somewhat smaller screw working underneath the after end of the air-planes.
  • The staff member allowed his work on this case to be observed by an assessor for svq purposes.
  • A great rush is a scene of much bustle and excitement. Long lines of white tents overtop the heaps of pipeclay, which grow higher from day to day. The men are hard at work on these hills of mullock,"" plying the windlasses by which the stuff is brought up from below, or puddling and washing off ""the dirt."
  • Id been working on this personality virus idea, like Id said, as one of several projects aimed in the long run at getting the world out of the situation Id played a key role in getting it into. My clean-room technique must have gone sour on me, though, or perhaps Id been the victim of sabotage - I hadnt exactly been a figure of great veneration by that time - but the bottom line was that my test system had gotten a jump and infected me.
  • A shallow adit driven from near the old reducing works on the south connects with these workings, its mouth is however choked.
  • I guess, said Hamilton, "that supervisor had those enumerators just breaking their necks to beat out the other agents, and he worked on their pride to get up their speed."
  • Melody couldnt work on the proof, no way. Maybe in the morning. Maybe. She could if he was all right. She could, she would ...
  • She and Shadowings tumbled to earth in the middle of the square. All around them there were blasts, one after another. And men shouting. The guard had put lanterns out on the ground to supplement the Dead light so the sandbag lines could work on into the night. Lunde was probably out there somewhere. All the wall men who weren't carrying something crowded around her.
  • Graham had freed Lanyan and moved on to Jeralyle while Elryia worked on Gort, holding the chain between the manacles within her fingers. She closed her eyes and began chanting "Nayasta Sadama" softly, a cold crept out her palm and into the chain. Frost splintered and crawled across the steel from the opening on either end of her palm. Elryia released Gort's chain and took Gnert's, "Pull your hands apart Gort," she said as the same frost began flowing over Gnert's chain. Gort gave a tug and the sound of glass shattering filled the room. Once hardened metal now became fragile crumbling links that snowed onto the floor. His hands were still cuffed, but at least he could wield his arms freely. "It will do," she informed Graham, who had moved on to Carsis. She gave Gnert a reassuring look as she squeezed the frozen chains, turning them to dust in her fingertips. Between Elryia and Graham everyone was free in less than two minutes, and were filing out of the cell.
  • It took time, however. He put trusted agents to work on the heels of great experts, and on the creeks where they began to buy he likewise bought.
  • "Youre right. We can work on this later. First and foremost, lets get the hell outta here and find that road."
  • No, that's the Master of the Dungeon, said the wizard. "The Overlord is his master, and no doubt the ruler of other dungeons as well. I believe it works on some kind of franchise deal, from what the Drow told me, and from what I've heard from other sources."
  • Tray continued to drive without pestering me for an answer. He has endless patience and thats so annoying in a situation like this. The 'silent treatmentNEVER works on him like it does on me. I get antsy if I make him wait too long. And eventually, he would just ask me the same question in a different way if I failed to respond.
  • "You saddled your dirty work on me, Ben Stark, and I've carried it for fifteen years; but to-night I put you out the way you put her out. An eye for an eye!"
  • So,' said Charlie, ‘you've failed. You couldn't find those two poncey, video-making, non-paying colander bastards. I gave you a whole week, and what do you give me - nothing! And you know what really pisses me right off - apart from the fact that I've had to come in to work on a Saturday - if it leaks out that those Implosion wankers have given me the run-around, my reputation could go down the pan. Although, I have to tell you that, as far as I'm concerned, your fuckin' reputation has already gone down the pan, shot through the sewers and is five fuckin' miles off Ramsgate beach.
  • I know about a whole lot of things I don't go blabbing round to everybody about, responded the elder lad, with a sneer, "and as for having a model built, I'm going to get right to work on one at once. It'll be a model of a Bleriot monoplane, and a large one, too. I notice that there is nothing said in the rules about the size of the machines."
  • Why yes, I'm happy to say. I'm working on several new things at the moment too. Keeps me occupied full time. I understand there's a growing demand for some of my works.
  • As the next in line to lead the vampire community, Darren had been working on opening the lines of communications with all other supernatural species. Seth had been leaving Darren's chambers when he ran smack into a cloaked figure right outside the door. "I'm so sorry, I didn't see you." He said, realizing that the figure had not been there a moment ago. "Is there something I can help you with?"
  • Rube mowed down Baltimores Ghost Wheeler and Rand Jeter. As he worked on big left-handed rookie, Pie McBride, Pete Hooligan called out from the Bombers dugout to Sarge. Sarge was, as always, playing first base.
  • "Oh, I wanted to punch her so bad!" Brooke yelled. "That guys father works on some committee with my mom so I couldnt give it to her. Ill be back in a minute," she said looking at her right hand. "I have to go wash this hand a few thousand times."
  • Billy was too far gone to speak, but he drew his last grenade from his sack. Bart and Frank also were down to their last one, for the work on the previous day had almost used up the stock with which they had started out. They had a chance for one last throw, and then if it came to a hand to hand fight they had nothing to rely on but their knives.
  • H'm! I just don't like to hear that, he said. "Andy and myself have been working on something lately that we want to keep a dead secret from everybody. If we don't tell even our friends, then there can be little chance of a leak. But I'm not inviting strangers to take a ride with me, or visit us in our shop. Though you can come in now, any time you want, Larry and Elephant."
  • Frank had seen Nemo work on a track with Toots in the saddle. He had timed the horse repeatedly, and he felt confident that Nemo could not fail to take a position if he were in proper form when he entered the race.
  • It was dark long before the task was finished, but the boys worked on by lantern light. The exercise made them feel quite warm. It was a proud and happy moment when their labor was done.
  • Call it bravery, call it desperation, but Robbie had been right. Virginia was their destiny. How had he known? How had he even had the confidence to believe that Mr. Tylers agent would buy them? They had only been children, and two sickly ones at that; not the healthy grown men Mr. Tyler had needed to work on his plantation. They had surely been the two most pitiful creatures to ever beg to sell themselves.
  • The work thus abruptly begun lasted for weeks, and Darco's enthusiasm drove Paul before it as if it had been a hurricane. Pauer lounged for a day or two, and then betook his golden visage and saffron eyes to London, leaving the pair to their labours. Paul and Darco worked on an average twelve hours a day, and it happened occasionally that a group of terrified commis voyageurs would assemble in the passage outside the study anticipating murder, whilst Darco, in Alsatian English, declaimed the passion of his heroine. There were deep wells of laughter here and there in the course of that dramatic pilgrimage.
  • Sarah turned to look in the same direction and saw Mark holding both of Mathews arms behind his back. He still wore his silver suit and didnt ruin it somehow. Kara stood to the side of Mark, glaring at Mathew. Mathew was struggling to free himself without luck. "He tried to escape while you were working on that porker, Buddy." Mathew tried squirming, but screamed in pain when Mark tightened his grip and almost dislocating his shoulders from behind in the process. "What do you want me to do with him?"
  • I am now at work on a story about Arthur Cumnock, Harvard's football captain who was the hero of Class Day. It will come out this week and will match Lieut. Grant's chance. In July I begin a story called the "Traveller's Tale" which will be used in the November Harper. That is all I am doing.
  • The same behavior as my father, he thought sadly, when the official man left, with his wishes on paper. Nostradamus had now retreated permanently to the attic and worked on his main work The Prophesies until he was no longer able to.
  • We were still working on statistics, which was nice in that I could follow what was being said and wasn't falling any further behind, but kind of a bummer because it meant I couldn't do a bunch of makeup work during class. It was a relief when Mrs. Campbell finally capped her marker and turned us loose to work on the homework assignment.
  • Jimmie Dale worked quickly then. In his dressing room, he changed from dinner clothes to tweeds; spent a second or so over the contents of a locked drawer in the dresser, from which he selected a very small but serviceable automatic, and a very small but highly powerful magnifying glass whose combination of little round lenses worked on a pivot, and, closed over one another, were of about the compass of a quarter of a dollar.
  • Thus it was that the three sons found themselves without money or position, with nothing but a bare patent of nobility. The third and youngest alone had made any progress, if such it could be called. By dint of his own persistent efforts, and by enduring insults and rebuffs with indifference, he had at last obtained an appointment in that section of the Treasury which received the dues upon merchandise, and regulated the imposts. He was but a messenger at every man's call; his pay was not sufficient to obtain his food, still it was an advance, and he was in a government office. He could but just exist in the town, sleeping in a garret, where he stored the provisions he took in with him every Monday morning from the Old House. He came home on the Saturday and returned to his work on the Monday. Even his patience was almost worn out.
  • The satisfying clatter of chinaware and silver and polite muttered requests for more potatoes and gravy filled the kitchen for the next quarter of an hour as the hungry men went to work on the prime Circle T yearling beef.
  • Local charity, groundwork greater nottingham is working on a new project to promote healthy eating in three primary schools.
  • Steve will also soon start work on a new maff project on bacterial canker of cherry.
  • The lad's own predilections were entirely for the sea; his happiest times had been spent at Leigh, and his father's work had kept the longing alive at other times. He would have preferred going to sea in one of the ships of which there was always such a line passing up and down the river, but he was too young for that when he first began his work on board the bawley; and as the time went on, and he became accustomed to the life of a fisherman, his longings for a wider experience gradually faded away, for it is seldom indeed that a Leigh boy goes to sea--the Leigh men being as a race devoted to their homes, and regarding with grave disapproval any who strike out from the regular groove.
  • Colin was at the time visiting research groups in africa working on cereal rusts are a problem.
  • Sarah and Connor came to the same spot everyday for the next week to train and work on bettering their winning odds against their elders.
  • I'm glad to tell you, Tubby, replied the other, "that the innkeeper says we deserve the best supper he can get ready. It seems that they've been talking about us here. Some of the nurses must have told how we worked on the battlefield; or it may be the wounded soldiers mentioned the fact that we did something to help them bear up till the stretchers arrived.
  • However, there has been less work on phase transitions from oriented melt phases to crystal phases in block copolymers.
  • "I have to admit that Mathew deserved far more than that slam you delivered." She smiled as she dipped the towel again in the water. "Im finished with this part, lean over here and let me work on your head."
  • She checked her position. She avoided their detection for the moment because they checked ground level access points. Eventually they would peer upwards. When they did, she wasn't deep enough in the shadows to elude their discovery. She also wasn't too pleased with what she could distinguish of the laptop. It was obviously a sensor of some sort, not quite a motion detector, more like a low level scanner. It probably worked on the ability to detect heat. The air flow in the vent was masking her presence, but she knew that wouldn't last for long. One flux in the air temperature and they'd know right where she was.
  • I should be back home, sat on my arse on a bean-bag in a bedsit, a jug of coffee to my left, a bowl of pickled onion Space Raiders to my right, a Commodore 64 on my lap plugged into a telly at my face. I should be working on MELIZA all the time. If I were home, I'd have finished her by now.
  • Bryn jones works on wide-field and spectroscopic and imaging surveys of galaxies, particularly for dwarf galaxies and compact galaxies in nearby galaxy clusters.
  • Yes, he punished me some, Joe admitted. "But I got in a little work on him, too. The only trouble is that I'm afraid I didn't blacken an eye, or break a jaw, or otherwise do any damage that might be apparent and so lead to the fellow's discovery."
  • Eventually he found the bicycle in the far corner of the garage propped up between an old washing machine and an ancient second-hand fridge that was on its last legs when they originally bought it. The faded red bicycle was so heavily shrouded in dust and cobwebs it was barely recognisable. The chain and the handlebars had rusted solid, the wheels barely turned and worst of all the tyres were completely flat. He wasnt even sure he could restore it but with no alternative, and with his future hanging in the balance, he hastily retrieved his toolbox from the house and immediately knelt down on the bare concrete to begin work on the restoration. He wrestled with the rusty skeleton for the rest of the morning. The atmosphere grew thick and acrid with WD-40. Within an hour his hands were bloody and bruised and his back was sore enough to bring tears to his eyes.
  • The class work on plain paper, drawing the triangle with the help of a protractor, then writing the commands below.
  • But before you do so, i should like to commend you for your very assiduous work on this case.
  • Louisiana-based Shaw Group worked on clean-up projects after the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl accidents and in decommissioning eight U.S. commercial reactors.
  • You are very kind, said Nealie, "but I will just get his supper corn from the bottom of the wagon, because you will not know where to find it, and Mr. Wallis said that a horse could not do heavy draught work on grass feed."
  • I thought of asking raj earlier but raj is in final year and he is having a project working on and he is really helping me a lot with organizing and the band.So i thought it's better to not to ask him anymore.I don't want him worked up because of me but do i have an alternative now with the event in more than an hour.
  • Yes, it's blowing quite hard. I didn't notice it so much down between those barges, but now I feel quite chilly. So you work on the pier, eh?
  • The King nodded. He rolled the parchment and started to work on the seal. "Thank you for bringing me these words." The King blew on the seal and stood. "Here. Take these words back to Townesmen Schillings. It's time to put this behind us. Edwin, prepare an escort for Michael. I intend for this message to make it all of the way this time."
  • It had been most difficult in March, Jodys year anniversary, but they were all eased six weeks later when Summer and Dan got pregnant. Terry had spent most of baseball season working on the addition, Dan assisting when not at work. When Milt and Autumn had visited in September, Milt was put to good use, but now it was a matter of a few signatures on a card stating that yes, everything from the smoke detector to light fixtures to the ninety-degree angles of the corners were up to snuff. Then Summer could relax and Terry could too.
  • Samsung makes handsets running the Android operating system and has become the biggest maker of smartphones. It also sees LTE as a key part of its strategy, and its Galaxy S III and Note II work on European LTE networks.
  • The small man walked over to Grace and daintily plucked the pill out of her hand, hinting that he was targeted because of his decidedly feminine mannerisms. He swallowed the pill and was surprised how easily it went down. The pill didnt take but three seconds to work on this diminutive closet geisha girl, as he walked seductively over to Mark, turned his back to him, stuck his ass out in the air and said, "Back it up, G!"
  • I can give you the works on physical jerks, private lessons to ladies in slimming.
  • I worked on a large project undertaken by my supervisor, dr. walter herzog.
  • The agency will be a catalyst for a culture of continuous self-improvement, working on three sound principles.
  • The republic began addressing economic stagnation by working on a barter deal with Argentina to exchange iron and steel products for 26 million bushels of wheat. A second pact with the Soviet Union would trade sheet iron for oil.
  • While Erin worked on her book upstairs, Billy carved the cormorants in flight and a harbor seal resting on the rocks around the Huntington Light House. But much of his time was devoted to shopping and cooking, and even dusting. Erin was a demanding boss and Billy a compliant employee.
  • The broadside took Baker completely by surprise. He stood, his mouth agape, as the cannonballs whined through the rigging of his ship, holes appearing in her sails, cordage ripping, wood splintering and men in the fighting tops screaming in agony. One sailor fell as the yard he was working on was ripped in two, landing on the deck with a soft thud, not to move ever again.
  • "'Leave the gate open, Tobias,' said McLeod. 'Come, boy,' to me, 'let us get to work on the quarterly statement again. This interruption came at an awkward time. We'll have to make up for it.'"
  • The radiator and front shock absorbers have been fitted, and work on the front tinwork has commenced.
  • Henry was so tired after work on Friday night that he thought about going to sleep early until Jinny made that a certainty by whispering in his ear, "I want to be with you all weekend. Ill text you when the coast is clear."
  • Henry showed up for work on Monday morning happy that he was finally getting full feeling back to his extremities, and that his plumbing seemed to back to full strength.
  • Two men stepped from the group and started working on the rope binding Arvin to the wagon. Bert loosened and removed a wide leather belt from around his waist. He waved it back and forth in front of the boy as he talked.
  • Indeed Molick's forces were very active. They seemed to be in a hurry to get a certain length of fence up before night, and as Dave looked at the cowboys and others employed, he realized that the owner of Centre O ranch had called in from the distant parts of his holdings most of his employees and set them to work on the fence.
  • Spring Air, which flies 33 Airbus SAS A320s, is also working on holding a Shanghai initial public offering that may raise more than 1 billion yuan ($160 million) to help fund expansion. The airline has filed its listing application with the securities regulator and may win approval for it early next year, Wang said. The company has been predicting an IPO date since at least 2011.
  • When I got back to practice the next week, I could sense that something was up. I was treated as an outsider since I arrived on campus but now was completely on my own. Three weeks had passed since I broke my wrist and my hand was starting to feel better. I had been working so hard on my left hand that it was starting to respond to the extra attention. I had always worked on my left hand as an additional option but now it was nearly as strong as my right.
  • It took a moment to sink in, then Spencer's eyes opened wide. He turned to look at Raymond. "You've been working on the human soul!" He was incredulous. "Is that what the Balloons project is about? working on souls?"
  • "Most excellently done, Miss. Paige. Albert said you seemed to pick up the concepts quite quickly. I've noticed you've been working on the older material during class, which I very much approve of, but you may want to listen today. We're starting a new section, and it should be fairly straightforward for you to pick up."
  • 1.F.3. LIMITED RIGHT OF REPLACEMENT OR REFUND - If you discover a defect in this electronic work within 90 days of receiving it, you can receive a refund of the money (if any) you paid for it by sending a written explanation to the person you received the work from. If you received the work on a physical medium, you must return the medium with your written explanation. The person or entity that provided you with the defective work may elect to provide a replacement copy in lieu of a refund. If you received the work electronically, the person or entity providing it to you may choose to give you a second opportunity to receive the work electronically in lieu of a refund. If the second copy is also defective, you may demand a refund in writing without further opportunities to fix the problem.
  • "Good God," af Klint exclaimed as the fishing smack finally made it past the islands and they had a clear view ahead. There was HMS Tartar, sitting at an odd angle, bows too high, fore-topmast hanging in its shrouds over the starboard bow, mizzen boom splintered, shortly, she was a complete mess. Her gun ports were still open, her guns still run out, but yet she did not look menacing any longer. Men were working on her, cutting away broken cordage, clearing the decks of tattered sails.
  • Most people with malignant mesothelioma have worked on jobs where they breathed asbestos.
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