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work on
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɒn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work on
Ekler: works on/worked on/work·ing on


tesir etmek, etkilemeye çalışmak;
üstünde çalışmak.

work on için örnek cümleler:

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  • Mr. Neil Angus McTodd always advertised his calling in the attire of the outward man, and the eye of an expert could tell with sureness at any given moment whether Mr. McTodd was in employment or not, and, if so, what type of steamboat he was on, what was his official position, what was his pay, and what was the last bit of work on which he had been employed.
  • "How could he have done anything hes done? Its prudent to assume every extra moment puts us in greater hazard. But you have said not to work on Jardin, so my arms remain folded."
  • The remaining months of his current captivity had been spent solving the world's signage issues. He had completed most of the ancient sites that he had visited in the Jade Empire, and had been working on the Southern half of the UWC. Ever since he had overheard the guard mention that the transport escorting him to the Seven Cities would be there in the morning, Dirk had tried desperately to occupy his thoughts with things other than the impending doom that awaited him.
  • Well, can you please write down exactly what it is you're going to do and give me an estimate of how much it'll cost? When can you work on it?
  • "We were?" No one else was in the living room. Digger and Little Bit had to go to bed half an hour before I did, and Pa was out in the yard working on the station wagon again.
  • Noticing that Kristen looked peeved, Petie turned to her and stroked her shoulder. "Only that plot aint gonna work on me no more, cause like any real redneck, I prefer blondes. Especially the show-off type, like Kristen here. The first time I saw her kick up her legs and expose her pantaloons in front of an arena crowd, she stole my heart for keeps."
  • Another way of stopping the film crew working on the reef near Skull Island. They took the bodyguard by mistake. They thought she was Brenda.’
  • Normally, such a job would be given to one of the runners, one of the children fresh from the Juggler's pack. Someone with enough brains to follow and keep their mouth shut, stay invisible, and hang about in doorways, waiting for someone else to move, someone else to think, someone else to act. But the instructions Smede passed on from the Silentman had been explicit. The regent wanted no one else from the Guild working on the job, no one else from the Guild even knowing about the job. The potential of embarrassment for the regency was too great.
  • I meant to, the caretaker answered. "The last seen of them here they were at work on the breaker. It was somewhere near the middle of the afternoon, and the cracker boss had been particularly ugly. The two boys were often caught whispering together, and more than once the cracker boss had launched such trifles as half pound blocks of shale at them. I happened to be on the outside just about that time."
  • As for the others, the cook and steward had their usual duties to attend to, and could not therefore be spared to lend a hand in re-rigging the brig, even had they possessed the necessary knowledge--which they did not; although later on, perhaps, when it came to mere pulling and hauling, their strength would be found useful, and would be unhesitatingly called for. Meanwhile the brig, although under her fore-course only, and running before the wind, needed to be steered; and this job Leslie undertook to personally attend to throughout the day, thus sparing another man for the pressing work on the forecastle.
  • I gulped. As I've said before, my Voice works on Harvey, but he is slightly dumber than the smartest brick. It's never worked on Otis and I had some serious doubts about whether it would work on this cat either. How much of her was cat and how much human?
  • They fell into their traditional division of labor then, Art working on a variety of user-experience plans, dividing each into subplans, then devising protocols for user testing to see what would work in the field; Fede working on logistics from plane tickets to personal days to budget and critical-path charts. They worked side by side, but still used the collaboration tools that Art had grown up with, designed to allow remote, pseudonymous parties to fit their separate work components into the same structure, resolving schedule and planning collisions where it could and throwing exceptions where it couldnt. They worked beside each other and each hardly knew the other was there, and that, Art thought, when he thought of it, when the receptionist commed him to tell him that "Linderrr"—freakinteabagswas there for him, that was the defining characteristic of a Tribalist. A norm, a modus operandi, a way of being that did not distinguish between communication face-to-face and communication at a distance.
  • The desired snow did not come for several days. Instead the weather grew still and cold and the girls were glad to stay indoors and work on their lessons or on things they were making for Christmas gifts.
  • One option is to make the ECB the ultimate regulator but require it to consult with non-euro-area governments, perhaps even giving them a veto during a phase-in period lasting several years. A variant of that option: Create a euro-area-only bank regulator and invite other countries to sign up later. After all, it would be difficult for the ECB to begin monitoring 6,000 banks overnight. In the meantime, as the ECB builds up its expertise, the euro-area governments could work on a structural fix for the ECB or pursue treaty amendments.
  • Indeed one afternoon they were almost discovered at work on the parachute. The turnkey was heard coming along the passage when Ben was in the act of fitting on the new appendages, and the key was actually in the door before the last shred of them was thrust into the hole in the floor, and the loose plank shut down! Ben immediately flung several of the sacks over the place, and then turning suddenly round on his comrade began to pommel him soundly by way of accounting for the flushed condition of his countenance.
  • Glad enough were the pigs, in particular, to obtain this new range. Here was everything they could want; food in thousands, sand to root on, fresh water to drink, pools to wallow in, and a range for their migratory propensities. Mark had no sooner set them at work on the sea-weed and shell-fish that abounded there, for the time being at least, than he foresaw he should have to erect a gate at his bridge, and keep the hogs here most of the time. With such a range, and the deposits of the tides alone, would have no great difficulty in making their own living. This would enable him to increase the number kept, which he had hitherto been obliged to keep down with the most rigid attention to the increase.
  • Their shop takes its name from an ammonite found in dorset, eons old, but the work on display here is strikingly contemporary.
  • Josie was already at her desk, still clearly in the process of organizing the office. Tonight she seemed to be working on the filing cabinet.
  • "Hmm? Oh, I understand. working on caravans, you must have evaluated people based on how far they can walk. I guess I sounded silly telling you don't worry, it's not far. I realize you can walk much farther than I can. Faster too. My legs are hurrying and yours are just strolling."
  • Emla kissed her friend and strode to the door as Kera remarked mildly: ‘And now I have lost my place.’ Her head was already bent again over the faded script she was working on and she didnt hear Emlas farewell.
  • Tray spent the ride to school explaining all the joys of taking Shop Class to Willow. She obviously knew that my brother was going to use his gift of obliteration so they could take the same classes. She threatened him with an unsharpened pencil if he even tried to register her for that 'testosterone fueledcourse. I wondered if his gift would work on her. Their Shop Class joys vs. certain death with the first broken fingernail debate continued as she walked into the administrative offices with him. She ended up with Creative Writing during his Shop Class. I guess either his obliterations dont work on her or Tray relented.
  • The large man grunted and headed off into the ship to climb up on top and work on the mounts that had it secured to the deck. Jenna and Jodyne followed him inside, with any one of them picking up things along the way that they took a fancy to. Jodyne found the galley shortly and busied herself with taking what she could from them to bolster her own stores. Dexter reminded her to leave enough for them to survive on.
  • I know, he said modestly. "I'm actually working on my own movie. It's going to show what a nice guy I am inside my gruff, shopkeeper's exterior. It's called 'Big Aesop Saves Tockworld and Meets Lots of Beautiful Ducks with Big Webs'."
  • "Right on, Grey!" said Artorius, looking over at Casey. "Gooney Boy over there wants to be a filmmaker, novelist, and mangaka. He always talks like that. You'd better be careful, he's probably already working on a screenplay of your life story."
  • For the next thirty minutes they failed miserably until Jillian eventually managed to do it, but only for about two seconds. Her eyes faintly glowed, but at least she and her mate could work on this new trick. And ten minutes later Sarahs father changed pace.
  • And Hugh watched the man, whom he now knew to be one of the extremist members of Parliament, walk over and glance at the book. He saw him conceal a smile, and then Valiance Nestor carried the good work on.
  • Fortunately, the details of the extraordinary expedition of Cortez were fully related by contemporary writers, several of whom were eyewitnesses of the scenes they described. It was not necessary for me, however, to revert to these; as Prescott, in his admirable work on the conquest of Mexico, has given a summary of them; and has drawn a most vivid picture of the events of the campaign. The book far surpasses in interest any volume of fiction, and I should strongly recommend my readers to take the first opportunity that occurs of perusing the whole story, of which I have only been able to touch upon the principal events.
  • She had begun working on her own, slipping into minds concerned only with daily survival. She saw how, by widening a pathway here and nudging a vague concept there, it was possible to expand these creaturesperceptions. Her first subjects had been feathered sky singers, as they were easy to keep caged and quickly lost their fears. She discovered they were very limited though, they showed no interest in other forms of life unless it was for crawlers, which they ate.
  • Electricity was humming in the air waiting for the surge of Carnival. The alleyways were flooded with children and whores working on their Samba costumes for the upcoming carnival parade. Waiting for their moment to look pretty in a life of ugliness.
  • During the late summer and early autumn he had been working on some idea that seemed to have taken hold of his mind to a greater extent than any previous effort had ever done. His chums knew of it, but no one had been able to coax Bud to let them share his confidence.
  • "I git fifty cents a hundred for pickin'," she answered, simply, "and I kin pick two hundred and fifty a day, and scrap twenty-five more. We doesn't git but fifty cents fur a whole day's work on the plantation."
  • Each time You distribute or publicly digitally perform a Derivative Work, Licensor offers to the recipient a license to the original work on the same terms and conditions as the license granted to You under this License.
  • Suppose a contractor in the united kingdom engages a self-employed plumber from another member state to work on a contract.
  • Bob informed members that john was at present working on a new portfolio to be handed out to prospective sponsors.
  • That would be holding the gun by the wrong end, protested Pat. "The story all happens before one of these things is needed." Pat was himself at work on a stretching board.
  • "We cant do anything until we have enough people and get some outside connections. This could take some time, but were working on it." I was disappointed. Waiting is not fun. I heard someone at the door, so I shoved the stone into my pillowcase again. It was only Steven.
  • "Well, I was cursed because of love." Anubis lifted his head up. "Baal seduced the daughter of the witch that cursed me. The daughter fell in love, Baal was only in lust. I stood up to protect Baal when the witch went to work on us. I went to her to explain that her daughter hadnt really been defiled, just deflowered. I guess she didnt like the distinction. She cursed me instead of Beal. Beal feels responsible."
  • "I'm quite proud of Tao, Foton and Hurricane, then. Oh, and Devilclash. I saw her earlier, along with Tao, Maria and Cody. You remember? The Department H operatives who have nothing to do with us? They're joining me. working on a little project I have in store for your boss." Tahkshi smiled, noticing Trexor's lack of comfort. "Cinradahs won't know what's hit him when the Tower goes down, down, down."
  • Cautiously producing my field glasses I examined the collar and discovered it to be made of stained porcupine quills cleverly worked on a buckskin band. The field glasses also told me that the boy's shirt was trimmed with the same material, while a duplicate of the sheep's collar formed a band which encircled his head, confining the long black hair and preventing it from falling over his face, but leaving it free to hang down his back to a point below the waist line.
  • Brick has supplied a grand plan. Coincidence offered credit, and the opportunity to explain, to Brick. Brick stopped working on the team symbol and answered.
  • Indeed we had; I worked on them myself. But somehow our leading men lost heart. A lot of them abandoned us, including the Reverend Mr White, and those who were left behind lost the will to fight.’
  • "We are working with factories, restaurants, any kind of business," Agusti Bou, who works on restructuring credit at Jausas, a Barcelona-based law firm, said in a phone interview. "Theres going to be a growing default problem because the huge issue in Spain is not the public debt, its the private."
  • At ten o'clock that evening all the work on the car was finished except the buckling on of the aluminum silk sides and the hanging of the propeller, the rudder and the aeroplane sides. It was as long and as hard a day's work as either of the boys had ever done. They were dead tired, but happy, and after a sousing wash-up they got into their pajamas and, throwing their blankets on the floor of the little office, were soon fast asleep.
  • Those in which the work done is not directly a part of the making of guns or ammunition. For example, we have a large force of draughtsmen working on new models of rifles and mechanisms and on machinery to enable us to make the new types. We make all the machinery that we use, right here in the plant. We make our own tools, too, so that there is a great deal of designing.
  • I can give you the works on physical jerks, private lessons to ladies in slimming.
  • There's a man working on the ladders, explained Will in a low whisper. "I can't see him yet, but I can hear the sound of a saw."
  • For now, the delver ignored them. He spun towards the goblins at the point who were now working on yet another lamp. They were too busy to notice what was going on behind them. Ryson ran toward them at top speed. The short sword remained in his hand just as the dagger remained in his clenched teeth.
  • Rick scanned it quickly. It was a telegram that his father had taken over the phone. Rick's pulse quickened. Dr. Gordon, who had been at work on a secret rocket project in the far west, had wired:
  • When it comes to the impact of low-wage work on children and families, are today's young people just lazy? Do low-wage workers start families they cannot hope to support? Is it possible for young people to avoid becoming stuck in low-wage jobs in the first place?
  • I was on my third mug of coffee. I had let it go lukewarm, working on it for an hour. I got a steady string of bumps that way, instead of a single jolt. I sipped it casually while the guy browsed.
  • But the real problem for Apple is not the numbers but the fear amongst investors that its best days may be over, that it will never find another innovation to match the iPhone or iPad. Tim Cook insisted his firm was working on some "incredible stuff" but Wall Street will want to see it before it starts buying the shares again.
  • Dredrik urged his legs to carry him faster as he realized that two of the black clad intruders were working on unbarring the gate. Two sentries who must have also heard the commotion charged with a loud shout, swords drawn only to be quickly cut down by the pair watching their fellows back.
  • Private morrow worked on entirely on his own initiative, all the time being under extremely heavy shellfire from the german guns.
  • Hedge fund A private investment fund which uses a range of sophisticated strategies to maximise returns including hedging, leveraging and derivatives trading. Authorities around the world are working on ways to regulate them.
  • Billy stood up and went back to clamming. He worked on automatic pilot with his mind focused on Babs Budinsky's nasty portrayal of Erin as a poison pen for right wing politicians instead of the rake, the wind and the water. Erin had told him what she did for a living, but what her calling meant hadn't registered until he heard Babs Budinsky describe how cruel and perhaps dishonest she could be.
  • The graves of the children? Yes, he had relettered them and hoed the weeds out. It had become the custom. Whoever lived on the ranch did that. For years, the story ran, the father and mother had returned each summer to the graves. But there had come a time when they came no more, and then old Hillard started the custom. The scar across the valley? An old mine. It had never paid. The men had worked on it, off and on, for years, for the indications had been good. But that was years and years ago.
  • He went out to the studio to work on the first of the snakes comprising the digits of The Jynx's hand casting the spell. He had braced and wrapped the body and arm of the figure as precaution against somehow breaking the wood.
  • 1.E.9. If you wish to charge a fee or distribute a Project Gutenberg-tm electronic work or group of works on different terms than are set forth in this agreement, you must obtain permission in writing from both the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and Michael Hart, the owner of the Project Gutenberg-tm trademark. Contact the Foundation as set forth in Section 3 below.
  • "Yes," confirmed Kingston. "The head of the interface lab has been working on this acquisition for a number of years now. It is his opinion that when Thurman comes on board, we could be looking at building another prototype on par with the perceived current specs of the lost project," Kingston glanced at the white coat at the end of the table, "in a minimum of 12 months."
  • It was on the north side of the Canyon, began the topographer, "and I was working on an outlying butte with my assistant.
  • In the Baltimore Sun story, the author suggested "we need to learn to get past these bimbo eruptions." Bimbo, from dictionary.com, is "an attractive but stupid young woman, especially one with loose morals." What we really need to work on is getting journalism schools to teach students the apparently lost art of looking up words in the dictionary.
  • "There were many failures, as most of those captured had no experience in such things, but after countless attempts, a slave named Imeteri made a deadly discovery. Weakened from working in stuffy quarters, he convinced his captors to let him work outside whenever the sun shone. His efforts were fruitless for many weeks, and many of his experiments lay about in disarray, unfinished or forgotten completely, except for the details in his copious notes. Most of them consisted of various compounds of elements he placed in clay mugs, which he sealed with mud. One day, while working on his experiments, an explosion knocked him off his feet, and he knew one of his concoctions had worked. It took many more efforts for him to duplicate his success.
  • Jasmin had about the least reason out of any girl alive to be an expert hair dresser since her naturally wavy hair could just air dry and still look like she'd spent hours working on it, but an expert she was. The results of her efforts on Rachel's behalf were nothing less than spectacular, and the casual-looking knot of curls and twists was wispy in all the right places.
  • You stare at the wall. You can't see through it. You stand still, thinking, "Up, up, and away!" Nothing changes. Does your levitation only work on things that are thicker than air? If you filled the tub with bubbles, could you walk on them? On smoke? Is standing on water the only thing you can do?
  • "Hello, lassie," he called to her. The girl knew him well and returned his greeting politely. Anne, meanwhile, was in the attic with some workmen, renovating the space into a study. She had finally convinced her hubby to only absorb himself in matters that were truly dear to him. This meant predicting the future combined with astrology. Her financial fortune enabled him to do this without worries; treating patients only for the sake of making some money was something he had finally stopped doing, at her insistence. Michel bent over his books on the occult, while the sun was pleasantly shining on his back. He was working on some predictions that would take place during the coming year. Suddenly he got hit on the forehead by a pea, which then fell onto the page in front of him with a splat.
  • In 1989, the wiener secession presented a retrospective of his works on paper.
  • It was evident that the natives in the bush were waiting for their friends in the canoes to approach closer before they attacked, and this hesitation saved the English the loss of a number of men; for had the savages attacked while the men were at work on the ships, the latter would have been taken at a serious disadvantage, and the loss would have been very heavy.
  • Harrison requested more money from the board to work on a third timekeeper.
  • Frank and steve were working on the lhs front valve crosshead slidebars ( below ), reaming the hole nearest the camera.
  • How dare he! Here I was, risking my life for the good of all mankind and he was getting ready to cheat on me with a younger, hotter woman! The nerve of the man! And it's not like I was an old hag either! I was still fairly attractive! Granted, I was a little heavier than when we first met, but those pounds were from giving birth to his children! You can't expect a woman to blow up to the size of a beached whale, push a watermelon out of her uterus, and then instantly pop back to collegiate thinness! I was working on it, and I thought I was looking rather good. The other day in the grocery store I could have sworn a man was checking out my butt. It could have had something to do with the Hello Kitty sticker I found later stuck to my jeans, but I doubt it. My butt is pretty hot.
  • "I want Strom and Osbourne to help me gather wood so we can build a small smoke room inside the cavern. We can also work on getting more water boiled, cooled, and into the flasks," he continued. With the responsibilities assigned, they got their gear and set off.
  • About noon they became hungry, but hunger was an old foe whom they had been well trained to defy, so they worked on utterly regardless of him.
  • We might have continued at such pleasing occupation a very long while, but that day began to break, and there was too much work on hand to admit of further foolishness.
  • If the majority of Kurds still favor the country's unity and integrity despite the unrelenting pressures and propaganda of the terrorist PKK, the BDP and similar leftist/separatist political movements, this is due to the fact that the majority of our Kurdish citizens are religious. The religiousness works on a certain level for the sake of the integration of the Kurds into the system. The AKP may still be seeing itself as the sole alternative to the atheist/Marxist PKK and a political party which is acting under its tutelage. The process triggered by the splintering and alienation is leaving the door open to new alternatives that would be quick the fill the void.
  • Anna hurries to the door. She flips the lights off and goes out. I hear the key turn in the lock. I hear Suki's voice and everything stops. I feel the ghost tugging against the ropes. The ropes. That's all I think about. I can't let him know about Suki. But the ghost's too busy working on the ropes to notice anything. I can't stop him.
  • Spending a whole day cooped up in a little niche about ten feet long by three wide, even though it be as high as the heavens, is dreary work for a boy. The time dragged terribly. In his work on the school farm Glen had learned to use the sun for a clock quite accurately, so there was no deceiving himself as to time. He had eaten a good breakfast before leaving the Gates' home so there was no occasion for excessive hunger, but he did get very thirsty. Looking down through the old quarry he fancied he saw a pump, and when the sun reached its noon zenith he crept cautiously down and satisfied his thirst. There was no one in sight, yet he felt afraid to venture toward the town before dark, and went back to his hiding place.
  • As Our Blessed Lady is my witness, M'seur, it is not strange that he should have taken you for the man we sought, for it is singular that you bear him out like a brother in looks, as I remember the boy. It is true that Francois made a great error when he sent word to his brothers suggesting that if either Gregson or Thorne was put out of the way you would probably be sent into the North. I swear by the Virgin that Meleese knew nothing of this, M'seur. She knew nothing of the schemes by which her brothers drove Gregson and Thorne back into the South. They did not wish to kill them, and yet it was necessary to do something that you might replace one of them, M'seur. They did not make a move alone but that something happened. Gregson lost a finger. Thorne was badly hurt--as you know. Bullets came through their window at night. With Jackpine in their employ it was easy to work on them, and it was not long before they sent down asking for another man to replace them.
  • His sentiments had always rankled, and Catrin wondered if the education was worth the degradation she had to endure. She had already mastered reading and writing, and she was more adept at mathematics than most, but those were skills taught to the younger students by Master Jarvis, who was a kind, personable teacher. Catrin missed his lessons. Those approaching maturity were subjected to Master Edling's oppressive views and bland historical teachings. It seemed to her that she learned things of far more relevance when she worked on the farm, and the school lessons seemed a waste of time.
  • He has also worked on the physical metallurgy of novel aluminum alloys produced by spray casting.
  • I make it work my own way. I do the extras from home while Morgens napping, after she goes to bed, and even, more often than Id like, before she wakes up. Five or six times in the first two months, I stay up until midnight and then set my alarm for four in the morning to give myself an hour or two to work on papers before she wakes up. Im sleep deprived, Im stressed, but Im doing it.
  • "Go ahead back to work," Dexter said, dismissing her. Smiling happily at having a task from him, she returned to her place working on the decking.
  • Warm did not hide the fact he would have preferred to fuse with a mouse, or a mouse pad. Right now, all he could do was to pretend he totally ignored the fact he was physically stuck to a chair. And he was doing just fine until it was time to go to his second shift at 1-0 Computer Associates, where he had been working on a program for the management of empty space in staff lockers in telecommunications companies.
  • The number of hogs packed in Cincinnati during the past twenty one years, from 1853 to 1875, was 9,242,972. While Cincinnati was at work on one season's crop of pork of 632,302 pigs, her rival, Chicago, on the shore of Lake Michigan, killed and packed in the same time her crop of 2,501,285 animals.
  • There's no room for a newspaper in Crofield, said the blacksmith. "They tried one, and it lasted six months, and my son worked on it all the time it ran."
  • But Jack would have had no time to make his toilet even if he had seriously thought of it. The strange objects in the air approached with great rapidity, and we soon saw that Edmund had correctly divined their nature. They were certainly air ships, and I was greatly interested in the observation that they seemed to be constructed somewhat upon the principles upon which our inventors were then working on the earth. But they were neither aeroplanes nor balloons. They bore a resemblance to mechanical birds, and seemed to be sustained and forced ahead by a wing-like action.
  • An elderly lady sat in a white wicker rocking chair on the covered boardwalk porch near the dining hall working on a knitting project. Her snow white shawl was draped over a modest full length purple dress, striped with dark purple to light purple stripes. The colors faded together where the purples met, making Mia unsure exactly where one color left off and the other color began. She was barefoot, her legs extended with her feet crossed. Her long, thick hair was well kept and was as gray as Finnegaffs. This, she thought, has to be Marigaff. She thought about them being married. They would look cute together.
  • About my traveling companion Id discovered practically nothing. Of course, he could probably say the same thing about me. In fact, as the miles had gone past under the wheels of the carriage the man who called himself Ballista had begun looking more than a little disgruntled. I knew I couldnt have given him much of anything to work on concerning me. The fact that he clearly was working on me, however, did make the situation more interesting, as if it really needed that. It was possible he was just some operator who never got out of bed in the morning without pulling on his cloak of suspicion, and was as a result merely keeping his hand in. It was possible, and if it was in fact the case then Id be out nothing but a little time and effort spent worrying about him and wondering what he was up to, and trying to pierce his secrets. The same would be true of him.
  • Bachelder, who reads one self-improvement or business book a week and started a library at company headquarters, is working on what she calls developing servant leaders to manage Popeyes when she
  • "Look there," Gryme pointed toward the center of the stone dock. "Theyve been working on clearing it. Theres a space open. I bet the elevators work there."
  • We've got to get a move on! Dick had said, after he had sent in his application to compete for the twenty thousand dollar government prize. "We don't want to be held back at the last minute. Boys, we've got to work on this airship ourselves."
  • In the meantime Frank had discovered that the breakdown had been caused by a defect in the ignition apparatus which it would take some time to repair. Both he and Harry went to work on it after supper, however, and by midnight they had it adjusted.
  • She was making him uncomfortable with her questions, probing into his life. Only because of the connection between them and her saying I love you just now, he answered. "I do things around the house, clean or whatever. I fix the car, work on the boat motor. Spend some time at Sugar's. I sculpt."
  • "It was never about trusting you with it. Youve been paying our bills and doing the household budget since you were nine. Ive been preparing, but its all been for you and your future. I think its time for you to start deciding on what colleges youre interested in attending so we can work on the finances together."
  • In case this hero should make his appearance after the address we have seen worthy Van Systens at work on so conscientiously, he would not fail to make as much of a sensation as the Stadtholder himself.
  • Down in a cave under the east bluff, said the Captain. "That's where we had our workshop. We used to slip away quietly one or two at a time and work on them whenever we had a chance. Sit in them and see how comfortable they are."
  • "Working on his index with her, my ass!" Shivvy said derisively. "Im sure it would be more accurate to say that you were working on her with your index finger!"
  • The beaten apes were barely able to stand after taking such an extended beating, so the group helped bring them home and place them in bed, much as they did the previous night. The vampires worked on altering the story of the evening in their minds while the coming of the new days sun would restore their bodies to a functional, but not operational level.
  • Nicole and Carla were hard at work on their Chicken Pot Pie cook-off and Agent Blake had already opened up a sizable lead on Sharon, who was being battered by the choppy waters and was fighting to keep up. Maggie and Kayla were working on separate houses on the other outskirts of Beach Haven, Belinda was in the knitting room and Emily was spread out in the chi room, as the quilts required as much space as possible for each woman. The last matchup of the day was taking place at Beach Haven Arcade, where Aaron was trying to establish a new record in the video game Centipede and Maxwell was trying to go there with him.
  • Warm decided to do something about it, to solve this issue just like he always had solved problems of the inorganic computer matter. He got one idea and immediately started to work on it. Since it had started so promising, he finished a six-pack of beer and threw himself onto the bed to calmly think up new ideas. However, he forgot about the backrest and while he was making close contact with the blanket something popped in his spine.
  • I'm going to work on this affair slow but sure, he told himself. "I think I can guess where the Drifter is headed for. If I am right, I know that I shall find it."
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