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work on
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɒn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work on
Ekler: works on/worked on/work·ing on


tesir etmek, etkilemeye çalışmak;
üstünde çalışmak.

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  • It was next to impossible to converse, but every one being very tired it was not long after supper before we took to the blankets and not a man was kept awake by the noise. It seemed only a few moments before it was time to go at it again. All hands were up early and the other two boats were taken laboriously down in the same manner as the Dean had been engineered, but though we toiled steadily it was one o'clock by the time we succeeded in placing them alongside that boat. Anticipating this, Andy's utensils were taken down on the Nell, and while we were working with the Caonita, our good chef prepared the dinner and we stopped long enough to fortify ourselves with it. Having to build a trail in some places in order to carry the goods across ridges and boulders, it was not alone the work on lowering the boats which delayed us.
  • Both of the Dollar Dollar Bills are standing in front of Texs desk. Big Tyme says, "Thank you, Wil. We managed to rearrange the show a little and have managed to get three of the Brooklyn Bomber matches and we are currently working on the fourth. The matches starting after this announcement are the following. Butch vs Mikeal, Bruce vs Cashless Clayton and Bubba vs Charles Choker."
  • Jeannette, of course, had failed to calculate that going elsewhere would be an option for Barnes. And now that she too was leaving, she no longer cared. What Michaelson feared was that word would spread about not just Scott Halpern, but now also Robert Barnes turning down a tenure offer from NDU in favor of an untenured position elsewhere. Would others like them think that there was something wrong with NDU? This was not the sort of reputation Michaelson wanted for his university. He'd try again to persuade Barnes to stay, or if not that, take a leave of absence instead of resigning. He'd ask Ruth and Dominic to work on him, too. They should do this for him, Michaelson thought, since they both now owed him for their new acting positions--as well as higher salaries.
  • Guys company focused on high profile commercial projects, and it had been years since he worked on a residential project.
  • We are constantly working on finishing the paperwork to legally request donations in all 50 states. If your state is not listed and you would like to know if we have added it since the list you have, just ask.
  • "So, keeping this concept of mechanical resonance in mind, we look to some more modern work. Late in the 21st century, M-Theory was an attempt to describe the theory of everything. Almost two centuries earlier, Einstein, after his breakthroughs in relativity and light, had focused what some call wasted efforts on a theory of everything. He believed that everything should be able to be explained, measured, and observed. Heisenberg showed that we could either know where a particle is or how fast it is moving, but not both at the same time. Einstein just could not accept this and worked on a counter theory until the day he died.
  • Uncle Rik seated in Mr Wright's drawing-room; Mr Wright in an easy-chair near the window; Mrs Wright--with much of the lustre gone out of her fine eyes--lying languidly on the sofa; Madge Mayland at work on some incomprehensible piece of netting beside her aunt,--all in deep mourning.
  • I knew the tribe to be more or less nomadic, and I believed them capable of finding a clearing wherein we could live, by constantly fighting the jungle brutes, yet I was convinced that the welfare, not only of myself, but of all concerned, would be better served by remaining where we were. Attempting to show them how we could guard ourselves against future enemies by adopting various measures, I set them the example of working on the wall and of building sheltered dug- outs, succeeding at last in quieting many fears and convincing the chief that we were the safest on the hill.
  • Still a girl, I see! Ah, well, don't tempt me, Beta. It's hard enough to work on such a day, anyhow, without your trying to entice me out!
  • His mother is a pharmaceutical sales rep and that is how I got to know him. I had known him since he was born but I only got to know him the week I was asked to look after him at his house while his Mother went to a training seminar in Phoenix. When she left, he was surprisingly emotional about her departure but resumed work on his Lego castle moments later seemingly without a care in the world. He talked to himself nonstop even as I did my best to interact with him. Eventually, I gave up and just sat and watched him float from one activity to the next. Although he might have been the most uncoordinated and athletically-challenged kid on the planet I offered to take him on a hike and play catch and such anyway but he was far too busy drawing or building or reading books out loud to himself. Often times, when he didn't understand something he was reading, he would stop and explain it to himself.
  • In a few instances, I have no idea what I channeled to Ember. The best I can figure is they were a rebound effect from the tidal wave crashing through my body. Those out of control, unknown channels to her would likely get me a huge lecture from Celeste later. Something indescribably powerful was assisting me anytime I channeled obliterations. My gift would work on the entire crowd, unless I directed it to a specific person.
  • The latter lighted his pipe and looked about the room. It was warm and well lighted, and the furniture, which was plain but good, had been bought, piece by piece, to replace ruder articles they had made at the mill. One or two handsome skins lay upon the uncovered floor, and the walls were made of varnished cedar boards. A gun-rack occupied a corner, and the books on a shelf indicated that their owners had some literary taste, though there were works on mining and forestry. Above the shelf, the huge head of a moose, shot on a prospecting Journey to the North, hung between the smaller heads of bear and caribou.
  • Molly shook her head regretfully. "Well you think about this: you anI are different as cats andogs; but the same damn game worked on both of us."
  • "When I started researching bioluminescence 40 years ago at the [Cardiff University] medical school, a lot of people raised their eyebrows and said: 'What the devil is this guy doing working on animals in the sea? He was brought from Cambridge to do medical research'," Prof Campbell explains.
  • Front is decorated with beadwork applique worked on black wool broadcloth ( mostly disintegrated ) and backed with tanned smoked skin.
  • The work on tides at ucl has been an important contribution to a major development of ctim into fully self-consistent global electrodynamics.
  • They ought, said the boy, "if they're working on cotton, because, I've been told, that is always a cash crop. But why does every one leave the cotton crop to the negro. It isn't a hard crop to raise, is it?"
  • Sam felt her stomach churn. The fact was, he was too cute! How could they get married when he looked so much better than she did? No, no, that was not the case. She was hot. Ok, so she had about as much fashion sense as a blind deaf Ganga, but she was working on that. Oh, if only he had seen her wearing that dress she just bought...that Richard just bought.
  • At least two days in a week saw them heading out to the Playground. Some nights Kragor stayed with the ship working on it all night and munching on dried meats until Dexter made his return run.
  • 1.E.9. If you wish to charge a fee or distribute a Project Gutenberg-tm electronic work or group of works on different terms than are set forth in this agreement, you must obtain permission in writing from both the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and Michael Hart, the owner of the Project Gutenberg-tm trademark. Contact the Foundation as set forth in Section 3 below.
  • The crew worked on the marsh that afternoon, and the subsequent days of the week. They labored conscientiously but not zealously. There is a deal of difference, and the lumber-jack's unaided conscience is likely to allow him a certain amount of conversation from the decks of skidways. The work moved slowly. At Christmas a number of the men "went out." Most of them were back again after four or five days, for, while men were not plenty, neither was work. The equilibrium was nearly exact.
  • Gladys sat watching Migwan's busy knife cutting out the design. Why don't you bring your Craft work and keep me company?"" asked Migwan presently. ""I hate Craft work,"" said Gladys fretfully, ""but I suppose I might as well work on my ceremonial gown."" She brought the gown and sat down beside Migwan."
  • These were south american versions of their wild-west counterparts, making a rough, tough living, working on huge cattle ranches.
  • Magic capth don't work on raventh, he said. "Not for long. Bethidth, the dodo wath really a big frog in diguithe. I hate frogth; they belch in bed."
  • "A hoax?" Nightshade asked. "Then what do you think he was doing out at the Hansons farm building their new fence? He was out there to hunt the Saber Tooth and worked on their farm in exchange for a sword, a place to stay and food."
  • Outside again, we restored the trailer jacks, since Molly would have enough trouble cleaning up without working on a ten degree grade, then headed back toward the motel.
  • The General didn't shift his eyes, just continued to stare unresponsively. 'We haven't recovered it. I had them working on itbut nothing much…. Well, nothing could have survived.'
  • Anna sighed. "Yes," she answered slowly. "I've got ASE certifications on automobiles/light trucks, and I was working on medium and heavy trucks. Lots of work in that area."
  • "What hospital are they at?" asked Jerry. He was supposed to be managing the floor, but he had no interest in telling people to get back to work on a day like this.
  • With the aquatics group out on assignment, it was time for Hartwell to brief the other groups about his plans for next two nights of battles. The hunters and protectors were now in one group, while the vampires were always in a league of their own. Hartwell started to work on the inside and then he would disseminate the information to the periphery.
  • "Sorry. I was just saying, I really need to work on controlling this. I dont want to lose control and ignite something that shouldnt be ignited. Know what I mean?"
  • "Chile, I didn't want to worry youna. Then the neighbors come in, 'kase I did a big piece o' hollerin', an' they worked on her and fotched her back; I 'ain't been no 'count since. See how my hand trembles now."
  • Barque involuntarily snorted at that but quickly covered his face with his hand and pretended to be having a coughing fit. He realized he was going to have to work on his seduction tactics.
  • "Tell the truth midget, or Ill put my sword to work on you. It doesnt have any charges left, does it?" Dreth patted Darkblood as he waited for an answer. The sword hummed.
  • I'm going to work on this affair slow but sure, he told himself. "I think I can guess where the Drifter is headed for. If I am right, I know that I shall find it."
  • The philosophical truth had been before his mind from the first, and at times had almost determined him to abandon the project. But as he was not sufficiently acquainted with the laws of aerostation as to be certain of failure, he had worked on with the determination to seek success, though it must be acknowledged with but faint hopes of finding it.
  • The other werewolves sprinted for the exit and both dragons went to work on them. It was possible that one or two escaped but Asta said, "The Cat Clan is waiting upstairs."
  • I am working on my dissertation and cannot figure out how to add the page number of a source before you scan the doc.
  • Currently he was working on a better mousetrap, one that caught the mouse by a paw and dangled it in the air for the cats to play with and eventually finish off. It wasn't going so well at the moment; the spring release tended to slap the mouse against the ceiling and kill it, and then the cats weren't interested.
  • My comrades were ready for the work on hand immediately I gave the alarm, and swiftly the three of us crossed over, I wondering if it would be possible for us to throw the rope to the roof where the sailors could catch it.
  • ""I'm sure you will eventually, chin up Volkang, even I had to work on my evil skills." The voice said, reassuringly. "Tomorrow will be a big test for you, using the heart to destroy a planet should be easy, don't fail me." Volkang stayed silent. "Now, we have a while to wait, I'm going to put a film on. Go make some tea."
  • The row of six little houses, of which Tom's was the third, counting from the west, had been one of Yetmore's speculations. They were situated on the southern outskirts of town, and were mostly occupied by miners working on the Pelican. Each house was an exact counterpart of every other, they having been built by contract all on one pattern.
  • "No, thats the Master of the Dungeon," said the wizard. "The Overlord is his master, and no doubt the ruler of other dungeons as well. I believe it works on some kind of franchise deal, from what the Drow told me, and from what Ive heard from other sources."
  • Bob bond bob bond is a celebrated football illustrator, having worked on the original roy of the rovers magazine.
  • It was when this pass had been reached, after three weeks' toil, that the author was moved to the bestowal of another name by his admiration for the skill and pluck and perseverance of his chief colleague in the ascent. Those who think that a long apprenticeship must be served under skilled instructors before command of the technique of snow mountaineering can be obtained would have been astonished at Karstens's work on the Northeast Ridge. But it must be kept in mind that, while he had no previous experience on the heights, he had many years of experience with ice and snow--which is true of all of us except Tatum, and he had two winters' experience. In the course of winter travel in the interior of Alaska most of the problems of snow mountaineering present themselves at one time or another.
  • Both she and Mags were working on balance, even in their chairs. I saw her draw herself up and set her shoulders back with precision. It struck me, again, how much effort was required for the simplest things. "You look a bit peaked too, dear, if you dont mind my saying," Della observed.
  • "Go away you idiot," Reizvolle said, "Theyre here. The mooks should be working on them now. Youre the only real man among them so you had better get out there and start working on stopping them from getting us. They had to have brought the Black Fossil with them, so I will try to find that while you are keeping them busy.
  • Now I remember where the hell I am, and what's going on. This woman and the colleagues around her want to know how my artificial intelligence and robotics research and development project is going, because it is supposedly part of a wider network of cutting edge research and development projects each with their own agenda, but all sharing resources by utilising the Telstar installation. I think we're supposed to be working towards some loosely-specifiedwider project' which, at one point in time, was meant to be about living and travelling in space. I think that everyone here, being so busy working on their little vanity projects and talking meaningless nonsense in meetings like this, forgot about that. I don't remember when they forgot about it, but I do remember that I can't stand this woman and these othercolleagues'.
  • They were double-hulled vessels built on the whale-back plan, and the compartments between the inner and outer hull could be wholly or partially filled with water. When they were entirely filled the hull sank below the surface, leaving nothing as a mark to an enemy save a platform standing ten feet above the water. This platform, constructed throughout of 6-inch nickel-steel, was of oval shape, a hundred feet long and thirty broad in its greatest diameter, and carried the heavily armoured wheel-house and conning-tower, two funnels, six ventilators, and two huge pneumatic guns, each seventy-five feet long, working on pivots nearly amidships. These weapons, with an air-charge of three hundred atmospheres, would throw four hundred pounds of dynamite to a distance of three miles with such accuracy that the projectile would invariably fall within a space of twenty feet square. The guns could be discharged once a minute, and could thus hurl 48,000 lbs. of dynamite an hour upon a hostile fleet or fortifications.
  • When the storm had blown itself out the artisans again set to work on the big East Indiaman. Job, who had learned the science of gunnery under good masters, supervised the placing of every porthole with reference to ease and safety in firing as well as to the effectiveness of a broadside. He had a section of the deck forward of the capstan reinforced stoutly to bear the weight of a bow-chaser, on which he placed some dependence in case of a running fight.
  • A number of them were parading the deck, examining everything they saw. When Kitty appeared, they gazed at her with astonishment, she being the first white woman they had probably ever seen. All the people appeared to be very friendly, and anxious to induce our men to go on shore in order to trade, but there being plenty of work on board, the captain would not allow this. At night the natives took their departure, promising to return the next day.
  • I am now at work on a story about Arthur Cumnock, Harvard's football captain who was the hero of Class Day. It will come out this week and will match Lieut. Grant's chance. In July I begin a story called the "Traveller's Tale" which will be used in the November Harper. That is all I am doing.
  • He pointed toward a dark strip on the black horizon. "Old Dickison. Not a heap more to see in daylight. Folks keep talking about turning it into a county park. Maybe that'll happen when they finish this road." He laughed. "That's kind of a local joke. Seems like they've been working on this road forever."
  • First, and most important, said Peter, "Tom Connor must be notified. We must waste no time. The prospectors are beginning to get out, and any one of them, noticing the new scar on the mountain, might go exploring up there. When does Tom quit work on the Pelican?"
  • The outrage of the plane crashing now rose like bile in the back of his throat. He had paid those restorationists top-dollar. Now this. When he got back he would see to it they never worked on another airplane again.
  • "They stayed for more than two hours and watched videos," said Ted, "but never more than one minute of each. Laboratory personnel are still busy rewinding the institute's entire collection of videos, some of them watched for just twenty seconds. The motive for the break-in remains a mystery. Police have been working on the theory that a member of the gang visited the institute earlier to assess security."
  • "Unless you want to never again be able to leave my apartment, I don't think we have a choice." Caislyn looked very tired suddenly as she continued, "a Were death by the hands of someone not in the pack is a challenge to the entire pack. I should have thought of this sooner. Being as there were mitigating circumstances and you acted simply in defense, I don't think this will play out too bad. Arkos is not someone you want to mess with, but the damage is already done. Now we need to work on damage control. Believe it or not, the message I sent to him will help calm him despite what his dimwit lackey has to say. Arkos sees reason, and he knows I speak the truth. Speaking that truth is also what will get us out of there alive tomorrow. He knows I wouldn't go anywhere without telling someone what's going down."
  • Until a few days before the tournament the Scouts were working on their equipment. Indeed, the very last coat of varnish was put onto "Old Nanc" the Saturday afternoon preceding the tournament day, which fell on Wednesday. All that remained to be done was to deck the machine with flags and bunting and she would be ready for the parade. In truth, that very morning Bruce had gone on a motorcycle trip to St. Cloud City, twelve miles south of Woodbridge, to buy the necessary decorations.
  • Long after Glen had gone to bed that night, Mr. Brackett, the leveller, and the rodman sat up hard at work on the maps and profiles of the lines they had run that day. If Glen had seen this he would have realized what he afterwards learned, that while the work of most men ends with the day, that of an engineer in the field only ends with bedtime, and sometimes a late one at that.
  • During these days I in nowise neglected the archery practice, which alone could make my warriors capable of using the weapons to advantage. We shot at a target the size of a man, which I fashioned out of skins and heavy palm leaves. This being backed by a sort of hedge, constructed of bamboo and more of the leaves, we lost but few of the arrows employed. And the arrows used were not from our pointed stock, though they were whittled sharp on the end, so that many pierced the target as neatly as a bullet. Thirty of my force grew decidedly efficient, being accurate, strong shots who could be relied upon to perform good work on any attacking party. We also used the spears, in the throwing of which the Links took great delight. I was sure that come what might, the fellows would never again be so primitive as they were when first I met them in the jungle. Whether I left them or not, they would hereafter possess weapons which would place them far above the Blacks in point of capacity to kill.
  • Is there anything funnier than the idea of working on someone's home and doing a poor job? If I could do anything in the world I think I'd be a bad handyman. I am a true follower, nay devotee, of unconstructionalism.
  • I don't care Frank. I want to come back as soon as possible. I'm not going to be a fucking Latin American dictator. Get working on it. There's no hockey down here.
  • We understand that this loco-hauled diagram will also be working on saturdays.
  • I know, he said modestly. "I'm actually working on my own movie. It's going to show what a nice guy I am inside my gruff, shopkeeper's exterior. It's called 'Big Aesop Saves Tockworld and Meets Lots of Beautiful Ducks with Big Webs'."
  • He tightly bound Bogle's legs together. Then he set to work on his arms. His back was turned toward the boys, who were sitting up watching him.
  • Constable exhibited this painting at the royal academy in 1831, but continued working on it during 1833 and 1834.
  • Naw, Johnny, Barney protested, "I ain't kidding. Miz Thompson got a gold egg from the hens this morning. At least, it looks kinda like gold but she says it ain't. See, here it is." He reached into the cupboard where Hetty had placed the odd egg. He walked over and handed it to Johnny who was sitting on the sink drain counter to work on the shattered window.
  • His obliteration even lulled my mind although its never worked on me before. I was so relaxed that I couldnt seem to freak out about the fact that his obliteration had channeled to me as well.
  • Exhibit C broke the mold quite heavily with their bizarre blend of a freeform rock, fusion-jazz, techno-reggae, polka-grunge type of thing. It was a confusing mix of styles that left the band as bewildered as the audience. As the three minutes of feedback started their performance, no one was sure if it was part of a song, or if they were just really that bad at plugging in and tuning their instruments. Eventually, the drummer decided to give it a beat, and they just went with it. Throughout the entire set, the band members could be seen shaking their heads at each other. They only played two songs, but they were each fifteen minutes long. The band announced from stage that they were busy working on their demo, and the only response from the crowd was a guy asking a neighbor if they were going to finish their beer.
  • In 1937, in fact easter sunday, i remember working on the top coal face helping to install a 20in belt conveyor.
  • After high school, she went to N.Y.U. as a theatre major and worked on Broadway as a Producers Assistant on various shows during her four years of college. After school, she easily transitioned to full-time positions behind the scenes on a couple of major Broadway shows, but never lost her desire to be on center stage.
  • It is well-known what a commotion and uproar it causes if twenty water-buffalo work on top of each other.
  • Lastly, there was a tribunal known as the Council of Music. This was composed of the best instructed persons in the country, without regard of rank, and was devoted to the encouragement of all branches of science and art. All works on these subjects had to be submitted to them, before they could be made public. They had the supervision of all the productions of art, and the more delicate fabrics. They decided on the qualifications of the teachers of the various branches of science, inquired into the proper performance of their duties, and instituted examinations of the pupils. The Council gave prizes for historical composition, and poems treating of moral or traditional topics. It was, in fact, at once a board of education, and a council of science and art. The kings of the three allied states had seats upon it, and deliberated with the other members on the adjudication of the prizes.
  • The matter was no longer doubtful. Something was at work on the other side of the wall; the prisoner had discovered the danger, and had substituted a lever for a chisel.
  • "I'll leave you here a while," went on the commander to the boy. "You can look about a bit while I go below and work on my manifest. Mr. Carr will tell you anything you want to know."
  • I don't know yet. It puzzles me tremendously. Now, if it would only appear in the daytime once in a while, we might be able to get some information or knowledge about it; but, coming only at night, all it records itself as is just a black, moving thing. I'm working on the size of it now, making some careful studies. In a while I shall probably know its area and mass and density. But what it is I cannot say--not yet.
  • The broadside took Baker completely by surprise. He stood, his mouth agape, as the cannonballs whined through the rigging of his ship, holes appearing in her sails, cordage ripping, wood splintering and men in the fighting tops screaming in agony. One sailor fell as the yard he was working on was ripped in two, landing on the deck with a soft thud, not to move ever again.
  • One day, while hard at work in a law office, my boss said I should write a book about all the crazy people we have to deal with. working on my Acceptance trilogy at the time, I had vampires on the brain, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny to have a sitcom where the lawyers are literally bloodsuckers?"
  • Certainly, my boy, it's very simple, he said. "You see, all work on rivers, whether for the purpose of irrigation, flood control, or navigation, is dependent on the amount of water that flows through that river channel every year. A week of wet weather makes a vast difference to the amount of water the river is carrying, and a dry spell cuts it off."
  • "Pardon me, sir," interrupted John, "but we have gone those fellows one better. You forget that in the drawings we showed you there was a set of brakes designed to be worked by a control within reach of the pilot, brakes which will engage these ground wheels a good deal the same as brakes work on automobiles--by a flexible band of steel and grit-filled cotton which is made to compress over a large sort of hub on the inner side of each wheel."
  • "Im breaking out some tea and hardtack while we wait to see what the weather does. If it clears out enough, well make our way to the lock at Roiast. Thats where well anchor for the night. Now, I expect everyone to work on this trip. Itll go faster if you lend a hand. And Ill be in a better mood when you mess up something."
  • Toryn slowly worked on his hands and wrists. They were so stiff and swollen that he could scarcely move them. He reflected wryly that he had not been tied in all his younger years, yet in the past few months had been tied so often that he would bear the scars forever.
  • You don't stop on de Belt, cully. You're stopped. An' we was all in de servitood business, man an' horse, an' Jimmy dat sold de papers. Guess de passengers weren't out to grass neither, by de way dey acted. I done my turn, an' I'm none o' Barnum's crowd; but any horse dat's worked on de Belt four years don't train wid no simple child o' nature - not by de whole length o' N' York.
  • Mars is also working on perfecting a sextile to saturn, not necessarily a good thing?
  • Think all you like, Scotty said generously. "Me, I'm going to put my little gray brain cells to work on Chahda's cable. Aren't you all fired up with curiosity?"
  • "Ill see you Monday," Henry said as Jinny happily strolled away. She looked back and smiled the look of complete relaxation. She picked up her hand and waved goodbye as Henry waived back and waited for her to clear the doorway of her house. She missed him already, but all Henry could think about was sleeping until he had to get up for work on Monday.
  • Having set the compressed air at work on the forward tanks, Jack Benson quickly shifted the wrench, and without a word, getting at work on the midship's compartments. Then the stern tanks were emptied.
  • He watched the brown Nile flow, over a thousand feet wide here, oblivious to the crusaders. Across the river the yellow brick walls of Mansura curved in and out along the bank. In this flat country they looked as formidable as high mountains. Sturdy, square towers rose at intervals along the walls. To the north and east of the city Roland could see rich green fields where the Egyptian peasants, the fellahin, worked on as usual, ignoring the invaders across the river and supplying Mansura with all the provender it needed.
  • Apparently the whole justice thing was on the fritz right now. It would probably start working again just in time to punish me for whatever bad thing I did next. I tried to work on my homework some more, but my heart wasn't in it, so I just sat at my desk and tried not to look like I was pouting.
  • "Aside from the fact that they are nearly impossible to find? Believe it or not, when those folks do their job, they tend to want a look at their patient. I would rather not have them find out what I am--and if a healer cannot tell at the first glance I would frankly think twice about allowing them to work on me," he explained.
  • I have been working on a book called Dojo Football. It's about a billionaire who takes children from orphanages and raises them in an elite academy in Scotland. He teaches then various sports and then when they are old enough they become champions, Olympians and revolt against the billionire.
  • It was an enormous ship, yet it wasn't one of a kind. Japan had built one too. China was working on one as well, but theirs seemed plagued with problems. But as high as demand was for their product, the world only needed a few of them. Lava was a free resource, but it wasn't found everywhere. The Japanese model was capable of pumping the lava off the ocean floor, a feat their behemoth couldn't accomplish. But it pushed Japan's expenses through the roof and made their products nearly four times as expensive as what their behemoth could produce.
  • Sarah is currently working on music for clarinet quartet for performance in cambridge in june.
  • The Golden Eagle, of course, received a burst of applause, for the Boy Aviators were by this time quite well known. The Buzzard, too, as her inkhued shape loomed up, came in for a buzz of admiration. Malvoise, in a leathern jacket of black, with black leggings, gauntlets and goggles, instantly set to work on a final inspection, looking like some species of sable imp as he dodged in and out among the intricate wires.
  • A great rush is a scene of much bustle and excitement. Long lines of white tents overtop the heaps of pipeclay, which grow higher from day to day. The men are hard at work on these hills of mullock,"" plying the windlasses by which the stuff is brought up from below, or puddling and washing off ""the dirt."
  • Joe called out to his brother, "Maybe we could work on it next week after the weather warms. It should be warmer then."
  • "I apologize if I gave you the wrong impression. I never meant that I would be able to help in that way, though I would be delighted to if I could. I believe I simply asked if you would like to work on that leg."
  • Dredrik urged his legs to carry him faster as he realized that two of the black clad intruders were working on unbarring the gate. Two sentries who must have also heard the commotion charged with a loud shout, swords drawn only to be quickly cut down by the pair watching their fellows back.
  • Bessie had hoped to work on the superstitious nature of the gypsy man, and to frighten him, perhaps, if she had good luck, into letting her go off with Dolly. But Lolla's interference had put that out of the question. She turned sadly to Dolly, to see her companion's eyes twinkling.
  • Please refer to the abstracts supplied with the list of publications for details of our own work on plant cuticles.
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