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work off
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɒf / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work off
Ekler: works off/worked off/work·ing off


gidermek, üstesinden gelmek.

work off için örnek cümleler:

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  • Huh! he better not, grunted Giraffe, who had been amusing himself meanwhile in raising and lowering the hammer of his heavy rifle, as though he must have something going in order to work off his nervousness. "Why, we could eat him alive, and then not half try. Ten to one is mighty heavy odds, let me tell you. And no wonder he holds out the white flag. It's easy to surrender when you ain't got a show. But I'd go slow about trusting him, Thad; these here Injuns, I've heard, are a treacherous lot, take 'em as a whole."
  • The bully was furious when he realized that he would be unable to secure an authorized patrol, and he and his cronies, two lads about his own age named Bill Bender and Sam Redding, had been busy ever since devising schemes to "get even" as they called it. None of these, however, had been effective and the encounter of that day was the first chance Jack had had to work off any of his rancor on Rob Blake's patrol.
  • Boys, said he, turning to the Gingham Ground bunch just as they were starting away. "I have organized these eight village lads into a patrol of the Boy Scouts of America and we have planned to have a campfire this evening on Bob's Hill. These Scouts of mine mean all right. They are simply working off a little misdirected patriotism. Now, what we want, is for you to meet with us, you and the rest of the Gang. Will you do it?"
  • I must work off some of this steam or I shall burst, he said to himself, rolling and tumbling about in the very abandon of rapid convalescence: "It's hard work for me to play sick, but it must be done for the big prize that is at stake."
  • That same evening one of his employers sent for him, and told him that he had received reliable information that he, Thomas Gordon, was working off counterfeit money on the road.
  • Owen was an artist working off a bad divorce. His ex-wife turned out to have some pretty intense control issues, which were complicated further by her mental illness. Every since he started delivering pizzas in the village for Luigi, he had started wearing these goofy hats and suspenders. Like some old man from the 1930s.
  • As it happened, it was sent to be reprinted by the person with whom the son of Mary was bound apprentice; and the whole was worked off except the title-page, which fell into the hands of the youth.
  • Taking a breath and laying his utensils down Connor started with "I know I do not have any money, but Im strong enough to work off whatever debt I accumulate. If you need anything done around here Ill do it, no questions asked. Give me the tasks that are especially too difficult for you to do."
  • "Silvercloud. Dexter Silvercloud. This here's the Voidhawk, and she ain't much but she's ours. I don't reckon you can pay for passage, but you're welcome to a bunk all the same and you can work off your fee till we get to our next port," Dexter said, already turning back.
  • I passed some days to work off the fatigues of my voyage; after which I began to visit my former acquaintances. I abandoned myself to all manner of pleasure, insensibly squandered away all my money, and in this condition, instead of selling my moveables, resolved to part with my necklace, but had so little skill in pearls, that I took my measures very ill.
  • 'He is not without his uses,' he said. 'He is in special charge of the garden, and looks after the lay brothers employed in it. I will put someone else in charge, while he is busy, though I doubt if any will get as much work out of the lay brothers as he does; and indeed, he himself labours harder than any of them. With any other, I should say that tucking his gown round his waist, and labouring with might and main was unseemly; but as it works off some of his superabundant energy, I do not interfere with him.'
  • Answer c will help you work off a few calories and perk you up however you may still feel a bit drowsy.
  • Graham didn't understand his mother's reaction, nor asked her about it, yet it was a week laterhis first daywhen he learned of the Duke's true intentions for the offer: The art in which Graham destroyed was to be worked off in the stables. From the looks of that vase, Grahamas would be employed for a long time.
  • Mrs. Tiggs seemed to have read whatever memo Mrs. Sorenson had been working off of earlier. She started out the hour by asking me a question I was positive wasn't in any of the chapters I'd ever read.
  • After taking out the box that was placed into the trailer, he took the letter off the top. Opening the letter it readConnor this is my gift to you. All of these supplies didnt cost any more than nine hundred dollars, I got these supplies at a great bargain. I know that you still feel obligated to work off this debt, but you need to think about you and Sarah. I only ask that you do only the top six assignments and your debt is paid in full. If I hired someone theyd charge twice what these supplies cost. In this box is a gift I bought for youP.S. dont let your grandma see it or Ill get another goose egg on my skull." Setting the letter down and opening the box, Connor laughed. Inside the box were a case of condoms and a brand new chocolate brown silk bed sheets. On the condoms wrote "Good luck. Youll need it, Son. I expect great grandchildren one day, but not just yet." You sly old dog, Ill get you back one day. Connor covered the cottage supplies back up with the green tarp and smiled upon entering their house.
  • Beatrice, the world does not want your spirituality. It is not a spiritual world; it has no clear ideas upon the subject--it pays its religious premium and works off its aspirations at its weekly church going, and would think the person a fool who attempted to carry theories of celestial union into an earthly rule of life. It can sympathise with Lady Honoria; it can hardly sympathise with /you/.
  • A moment later the Dazzler's reefed jib was flung out, and she was straining and struggling in the thick of the fight. It was slow work, and hard and dangerous, clawing off that lee shore, and Joe found himself marveling often that so small a craft could possibly endure a minute in such elemental fury. But little by little she worked off the shore and out of the ground-swell into the deeper waters of the bay, where the main-sheet was slacked away a bit, and she ran for shelter behind the rock wall of the Alameda Mole a few miles away. Here they found the Reindeer calmly at anchor; and here, during the next several hours, straggled in the remainder of the fleet, with the exception of the Ghost, which had evidently gone ashore to keep the Go Ask Her company.
  • Jace thanked him and continued to the front door. Only then did he finally take a deep breath. He needed to expound some energy and work off this raging inferno boiling his blood. The ultimatum haunted him and only now did he realize the implications of his future actions.
  • He then sat down upon the ice, and, after a struggle, worked off his boots, squeezed the water from his socks, and chafed and pounded his feet until they felt alive. This done, he got up and looked around; and hope revived within him.
  • It's no more my fault than yours, grated out Jack, lashing the horse savagely, to work off some of his rage. "It's all the fault of those young cubs of Rob Blake's. Let them look out, though, for I'll get even with them before long, and in a way that will make them sit up and take notice."
  • Eurocrats often dismiss their critics as "populist". Yet any doubts about Italys readiness to work off its debt and adopt growth-enhancing reforms could easily push the euro zone back into an acute crisis. Only recently Olli Rehn, the European economic and monetary commissioner, declared the euro zone to have turned the corner, from managing the crisis to promoting reforms to boost competitiveness.
  • Clarkson parked the car and they climbed out, pulled on surgical masks, and entered the square. A few bodies lay in the street, but most had been collected by the wolves and driven by the truckload to the mortuary, which had been expanded considerably. Paddington might have felt bad for Ian having to deal with so many corpses if he hadnt been responsible for creating them by murdering his girlfriend. He could work off his debt the hard way, by being useful.
  • What do you say, Thad? he queried, for it was never possible to know whether Giraffe were working off one of his little practical jokes or not, he had such a way of looking very solemn, even while chuckling inwardly.
  • I guess I can promise you that, my son, replied Pat. "We'll separate here. Sparrer and I will work off to leeward, Hal will keep straight ahead and Walt will swing to windward. If you two start any they will work over to us and give Sparrer a chance to see em. Yell if you start any. I reckon you'll find 'em pretty tame. They haven't been bothered here and they know as well as we do that the law protects 'em now. Watch for fresh sign and follow it up."
  • Carla gaped at her. Then she managed to speak. Her tone was mechanical, like a robotsthe old fashioned kind of robot that works off gears and valves. ‘Congratulations.’
  • Allen nodded miserably. "But I'll let you work off the bail money you owe me," Rick continued. "Plus interest." Allen rolled his eyes. That blowjob. Groaning, he waved Rick over. Rick stood there, staring at him. "Get on up," he said finally, "I said you can start now."
  • Campus games, boating, preparation for the bonfire, etc., will occupy the time until dark. Every boy should be engaged in some recreative play, working off whatever surplus energy he may have at hand so that when the time for "turning in" comes, he will be physically tired and ready for bed.
  • Let him have something to work off his animal spirits, the Commissioner said; "it's a pity to let so much energy go to waste."
  • After one more glance around the room, Talon followed Minty down the hallway. He glanced up at the staircase leading to the few upstairs rooms in the inn and was saddened to see they were boarded up. It might have been the poor lighting, but Talon wasn't sure the staircase even made it to the top. Those rooms brought back many memories, since Talon had spent many a night in those rooms, mostly working off a hangover before returning to the castle the next morning.
  • That the cur had gone to the encampment hoping to get a permit to see the prisoners, in order to gloat over their misfortune, I had no doubt, and if he was successful I felt equally certain he would go to the jail by the shortest route. In event of failure, however, and I was positive he would fail, the villain might wander anywhere while working off his disappointment, therefore it stood us in hand to be exceeding cautious.
  • This is the perfect way to end the week and work off a bit of steam. Maybe I should ask Owen back to my place for tea after the show. Hes so sweet. I think theres some great potential between the two of us. Or maybe I should just keep things organic and see what happens. No need to push it and mess things up.
  • Oh, to be sure; I quite forgot to mention that. He told me that if I decided to join him he would require me to be on board as soon as I possibly could. Indeed, he hinted that if I could make it convenient to turn up tomorrow evening and sleep aboard the ship, he would be more than pleased. You see, he has his cargo pretty nearly loaded, and hopes to be able to get away at midday the day after to-morrow; so the sooner I am on board the sooner I shall be able to take some of the worry and trouble and work off his shoulders.
  • Another pretext would be her snuff, which would seem too dry or too damp or not rubbed fine enough. After these fits of irritability her face would grow yellow, and her maids knew by infallible symptoms when Belova would again be deaf, the snuff damp, and the countess' face yellow. Just as she needed to work off her spleen so she had sometimes to exercise her still-existing faculty of thinking--and the pretext for that was a game of patience. When she needed to cry, the deceased count would be the pretext. When she wanted to be agitated, Nicholas and his health would be the pretext, and when she felt a need to speak spitefully, the pretext would be Countess Mary. When her vocal organs needed exercise, which was usually toward seven o'clock when she had had an after-dinner rest in a darkened room, the pretext would be the retelling of the same stories over and over again to the same audience.
  • "Looks like machinery of some kind, that's all I c'n tell," he admitted. "But of course, they'd need a press of some sort to work off the paper money on. Now, chances are, it's bein' put up right in that long shed yonder, that we c'n see. Question is, how're we goin' to get close enough to peek through a crack, and find out what's goin' on in there?"
  • Nyoda understood the feeling. She had watched Sahwah's growing irritation all day long and knew that in her case the only relief would be strenuous activity. "Then perhaps it would be better for you to stay at home," she said lightly. "You might do some damage to us peaceful citizens. By the way, have you ever swum as far as Blueberry Island? It's a mile, I think. That ought to work off some of your superfluous energy. You have special permission to go in this afternoon. When you get there wait until I come for you in the launch. We can keep our eye on you from the road while you are swimming." Sahwah jumped for joy and ran to get into her bathing suit.
  • Obed had warned us against the natives of Queen Charlotte's Island, as likely to prove stronger and less friendly than any we had encountered. We felt a reasonable anxiety, therefore, when, almost as soon as we sighted the island, a thick fog came up with some wind and a heavy swell from the south and hid the coast completely. This lasted until November 2nd at daybreak, when the weather lifted and we saw land at about eight miles' distance. Unhappily the wind dropped at once, while the motion of the waves continued, and our sails being useless, we found ourselves drifting rapidly shoreward with the set of the current. In the height of our dismay, however, a breeze sprang up from the north-west, and we worked off.
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