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work into
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ’ɪntʊ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in·to
Ekler: works in·to/worked in·to/work·ing in·to


zorlamak, sokmak, koymak.

work into için örnek cümleler:

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  • Annotated bibliography to help put the content of is work into the context of the subject.
  • Getting myself all worked into this trainer has surely focussed my noggin, to the point where there would be times I'd forgotten about the strangeness of my situation. With the noggin calculating how many credits I ought to spend, and my peepers watching where to aim my zapper, the fact that I am sat on board a real spacecraft, being held captive, hardly seems to figure in my thoughts. Pa always used to say that when you're busy upstairs, it don't hardly matter much where your house is built.
  • It was some time before I could make up my mind to force the lid. When I did the first thing that my eyes fell upon was this buckskin bag of unmistakable Indian design, beautifully decorated with bead work and highly colored porcupine quills cunningly worked into a good luck design. As I picked up the bag I saw that it was sealed with wax and to it was attached a card on which was penned:
  • We moved into the bailey, hugging the gray stone wall that fronted the Honddu River, into which wed fallen. Brecons great hall was in the bailey, at the base of the motte where a circular keep of last resort and the oldest part of the castle shot up against the sky. The Bohuns had greatly expanded the castle during their reign. The outer wall of the great hall, above which housed the room where wed slept and Anna still lay, was worked into the curtain wall. This fortification projected out from either side of the hall and formed a complete circle around the motte.
  • "Looks a little small for me," Karlini said cautiously. "Theres no denying its got character, though, and you had to have put an awful lot of work into it. The fact that for most anybody on the planet, building that elaborate a mechanism would draw you an immediate sentence of eradication from the nearest god adds a certain something, too."
  • "Looks a little small for me," Karlini said cautiously. "Theres no denying its got character, though, and you had to have put an awful lot of work into it. The fact that for most anybody on the planet, building that elaborate a mechanism would draw you an immediate sentence of eradication from the nearest god adds a certain something, too."
  • In autumn you can spread farmyard manure which can be lightly worked into the soil later, in spring.
  • There never was such a man for prompt and instant action as Colonel Miller. As Jos said more than once, he was always packing twenty-four hours' work into twelve, and no one within had ever had a chance to shirk his share.
  • He crouched at the end of the barrel, whetted his hunting-knife on his palm a few times, and began to cut swiftly at a crack between two staves. Gradually the blade worked into the wood, opening a long narrow slot as Jeremy whittled away first at one side, then at the other. From time to time either he or Bob would stoop, trembling with excitement to peer through the crack, but it was pitch-dark inside the barrel.
  • Ethorne finished the walls and cross-braces of the bomb shelter that afternoon. He asked Pa if he should work into the night, but Pa said he didn't think so. He and Ethorne covered most of it with a few sheets of plywood, then shoveled some dirt over them, and Pa said, "Good enough." Ma asked how we would get into the bomb shelter if we needed to. Pa said, "Jumping's pretty fast," and we kids all laughed. Then Pa said they'd add a ladder or steps on the next day, and Ma nodded.
  • A decade went by and the family was flourishing. My dad worked his way up the ranks and out of the shadows and dangers of undercover work into a coveted position of Captain. After his last undercover operation in the early 1990's, he and my mom spent a few days getting reacquainted. Nine months later, I was born with the name Darius Theo Mitchell. The name Darius was an original concoction, but Theo was taken directly from the son on The Cosby Show, who I grew to appreciate by watching Nick at Night reruns.
  • Glen's attack upon the field of corn began that very day. A year ago, at the reform school, he had hated this work; now, he enjoyed it. The corn was higher than his head, and the heavy stalks, piled on his left arm as he cut with his right, wore through his shirt and made an attempt upon his skin, but he did not complain. He was doing a work into which his heart entered, and so he was enjoying it.
  • In movies," said the captain, "The entire story is one enormous commercial, with product placements in every nook and cranny. If a company has the cash, the producers will make sure their products are worked into the fabric of the story like glittering threads of artistic integrity in a carpet with neither warp nor woof."
  • He unwrapped the bundle. It contained the royal treasures of the Wampanoags. There was a large wampum belt of black and white beads woven into figures of persons and animals and flowers. Hung upon Captain Church, it reached from his shoulders to his ankles, before and behind. There was another wampum belt, with flags worked into it, and a small belt with a star. And these all were edged with red hair got in the country of the Mohawks. There were two fine horns full of glazed powder, and a red blanket.
  • On the 21st of March, 1916, Richard and his wife and daughter moved from the Scribner cottage to Crossroads, and a few days later he was attacked by the illness that ended in his death on April 11. He had dined with his wife and afterward had worked on an article on preparedness, written some letters and telegrams concerning the same subject and, while repeating one of the latter over the telephone, was stricken. Within a week of his fifty-third year, just one year from the day he had first brought his baby daughter to her real home, doing the best and finest work of his career in the cause of the Allies and preparedness, quite unconscious that the end was near, he left us. In those fifty-two years he had crowded the work, the pleasures, the kind, chivalrous deeds of many men, and he died just as I am sure he would have wished to die, working into the night for a great cause, and although ill and tired, still fretful for the morning that he might again take up the fight.
  • This was where the Nautilus had been sent accidentally or perhaps deliberatelyby its captain. It was sweeping around in a spiral whose radius kept growing smaller and smaller. The skiff, still attached to the ship's plating, was likewise carried around at dizzying speed. I could feel us whirling. I was experiencing that accompanying nausea that follows such continuous spinning motions. We were in dread, in the last stages of sheer horror, our blood frozen in our veins, our nerves numb, drenched in cold sweat as if from the throes of dying! And what a noise around our frail skiff! What roars echoing from several miles away! What crashes from the waters breaking against sharp rocks on the seafloor, where the hardest objects are smashed, where tree trunks are worn down and worked into "a shaggy fur," as Norwegians express it!
  • Rordan took out his official papers and studied the course listings. He examined the academy guide-map and located the office of the tutor who would guide his academic plans. After a few brief glances, he noted the requirement to finalize his registration at the counting house in town. Registration with the patrollers could be worked into the trip. He liked the idea of knocking out two chores in one day.
  • From the waist they wore cotton petticoats, reaching to the knees. Both had belts decorated by shells, worked into intricate patterns; and from similar belts, crossing the shoulder, hung quivers filled with small arrows. They had necklaces and bracelets of bright beads, of European manufacture; and both carried light spears, their bows hanging from their shoulders.
  • "Looks a little small for me," Karlini said cautiously. "Theres no denying its got character, though, and you had to have put an awful lot of work into it. The fact that for most anybody on the planet, building that elaborate a mechanism would draw you an immediate sentence of eradication from the nearest god adds a certain something, too."
  • "Gentlemen, do come in please." The solicitor said, waiting for them right inside the door. His name was John Arnall and he was a thin man of average height with a long, thin face, a pointy little chin and closely set eyes. His clothing, a fine doublet and breeches made from black genoa cut velvet with a floral pattern worked into the fabric and a startling white cambric shirt, bespoke of his prosperity. His long black hair had been tied back into a tail at the back of his head to keep it out of the way and he smelled strongly of ink. Most likely he had been writing the new will all afternoon.
  • 1. to reproduce the Work, to incorporate the work into one or more Collective Works, and to reproduce the Work as incorporated in the Collective Works;
  • Hh pursuing an idea of an annotated bibliography to help put the content of is work into the context of the subject.
  • So a glass splinter will not itch or irritate, and so it will work into your body.
  • Then, hoisting the sail, he put out the larger paddle which answered as a rudder, took his seat, and, waving his hand to Oliver, began his voyage. The wind was but light, and almost too favourable, for he had determined to sail to the eastward; not for any specific reason, but because there the sun rose, and that was the quarter of light and hope. His canoe, with a long fore-and-aft sail, and so well adapted for working into the wind, was not well rigged for drifting before a breeze, which was what he was now doing. He had merely to keep the canoe before the wind, steering so as to clear the bold headland of White Horse which rose blue from the water's edge far in front of him. Though the wind was light, the canoe being so taper and sharp at the prow, and the sail so large in comparison, slipped from the shore faster than he at first imagined.
  • The balloon basket had a burnt hole in one of the corners, but it was easy to fix. Within about an hour, they had gathered the right size branches which Noodles worked into the existing lattice of the basket. Banjo and Izaak were not needed to help and they spent some time practising gymnastics to co-ordinate their fighting skills if ever they were needed.
  • Relieved of Bengal's weight, which had been considerable, the Dolphin quickly recovered herself and caught up with the Turtle; then slowly worked into the lead. She did not lose the lead again, but came under the line a good three feet ahead of the Turtle. The long anticipated struggle was over and the Alley was the victor.
  • Except one would die at some point. Probably. How do you tell someone that fate, the universe, and destiny are all rooting for you to get together, but the chances they were going to die at some point in the relationship looked good? Call me crazy, but it doesn't strike me as the sort of thing you can casually work into conversation.
  • Zhardann had found lodgings in a predominantly residential section of the city not far from the central plaza wed just visited, or for all I knew he may have actually owned the place. The three-story house sat solidly on the comer lot of the Lane of Wealth, a street lined with similar houses, each with a neat gentrified garden out front that was fenced off from the cobblestone sidewalks by a chest-high stone wall topped with an iron grating. The gratings all had clever designs worked into them, coats of arms and heraldic beasts and long trailing vines and whatnot, but their vertical bars ended with sharp polished spear-heads: if I knew Zhardann, that detail alone would have been enough to close the lease for him. One of the servants whod accompanied us down from Roosing Oolvaya unbolted the side gate and Jill and I rode down the carriageway toward the stables at the rear of the house. "See to the horses and freshen up, why dont you, and then well meet in the house," Jill told me, swinging to the ground under an awning that stretched from the back door.
  • It's too bad Case didn't get a picture of that scene, said the young man named Porton. "It would have been a dandy to work into one of the sea dramas."
  • They also share a similarity of approach to writing poetry which links their work into a unified whole.
  • So called rainbow proteins (a spin-off from work into bioluminescence), which change colour in response to particular compounds, are also an option for detecting environmental toxins, or the potential agents of terrorism.
  • "Its beautiful," I said. I entered the room and reached out to touch the crosspiece with one finger. Silver and gold threads had been worked into the steel, though no gems adorned it. Perhaps they were used only in ornamental swords.
  • Mr Mackenzie, by way of answer, went out of the room and returned, bringing with him a most curious sword. It was long, and all the blade, which was very thick and heavy, was to within a quarter of an inch of the cutting edge worked into an ornamental pattern exactly as we work soft wood with a fret-saw, the steel, however, being invariably pierced in such a way as not to interfere with the strength of the sword. This in itself was sufficiently curious, but what was still more so was that all the edges of the hollow spaces cut through the substance of the blade were most beautifully inlaid with gold, which was in some way that I cannot understand welded on to the steel {Endnote 5}.
  • It was that time of year again and finals were coming up, which meant I had term papers to write. I sucked it up one day and settled into a groove. I knocked out one after another and they were all bullshit but they would get me the grades I needed, which was all I cared about. Everyone else was busy writing and studying and cramming five courses and three months worth of work into not even a week and a half, so my absence was being forgotten and going unnoticed.
  • As we did not intend to sail until the following rummer, the builder had about eight months in which to put our little ship together, a circumstance at which he expressed great satisfaction, as he said it would enable him to pick and choose his materials, and put careful work into her.
  • Simultaneous interpreters generally work into their mother tongue from one or several other languages.
  • In exchange for some worthless European trinkets, the Spaniards obtained some Yucca bread, copal gum, pieces of gold worked into the shape of fishes or birds, and garments made of cotton, which had been woven in the country. As the natives who had been taken on board at Cape Cotoche did not perfectly understand the language spoken by the inhabitants of Tabasco, the stay here was but of short duration, and the ships again put to sea. They passed the mouth of the Rio Guatzacoalco, the snowy peaks of the San Martin mountains being seen in the distance, and they anchored at the mouth of a river which was called Rio de las Banderas, from the number of white banners displayed by the natives to show their friendly feeling towards the new comers.
  • Now she spun around to look at me. "Great." She said and as quickly as she had spun around she had eased back into the groove that she'd been working into my chest.
  • Still, the German tribes were giving trouble about the country of the Rhine, and in the words of the famous Commentaries, "Caesar was determined to cross the Rhine, but he hardly thought it safe to cross in boats. Therefore, although the construction of a bridge presented great difficulties on account of the breadth, swiftness, and depth of the stream, he nevertheless thought it best to make the attempt or else not cross at all." Indeed, he wanted to impress the wild German people on the other side with a sense of the vast power of the Roman Empire. The barbarian tribes beyond must, indeed, have been impressed with the skill of the Roman soldier. For in ten days the bridge was completed: timber had been hewn from the forest, brought to the banks of the Rhine, worked into shape, piles driven into the bed of the river, beams laid across. And Caesar led his army in triumph to the other side. They stood for the first time in the land of the Germans, near the modern town of Coblenz, and after eighteen days on the farther side, they returned to Gaul, destroying the bridge behind them.
  • Steve didn't go down to the cabin for dinner, but ate it as best he could on the bridge. Neil, in his capacity of cabin-boy, arranged a folding stool beside him, and from that, at intervals between moving the wheel, blowing the whistle or anxiously scanning the course, Steve seized his food. The others descended to the main cabin and squeezed themselves about the table, which, adorned with a cloth of wonderful sheen and whiteness that bore the cruiser's former name and flag woven in the centre, held a plentiful supply of canned beans, fried bacon, potato chips, bread and butter and raspberry jam. Everything was thrillingly fine, from the pure linen tablecloth and napkins to the silverware. The plates held the same design that was worked into the napery, as did even the knives and forks and spoons. Ossie was apologetic as to the menu, although he need not have been.
  • 1. to reproduce the Work, to incorporate the work into one or more Collective Works, and to reproduce the Work as incorporated in the Collective Works; 2. to distribute copies or phonorecords of, display publicly, perform publicly, and perform publicly by means of a digital audio transmission the Work including as incorporated in Collective Works;
  • She is currently doing empirical work into the way the popular arts shape the worldview of young people today.
  • The town council building yielded nothing else of interest so the company set out for the guild house. The building was stone supported with sturdy, vaulted arches. It had once had fine carvings worked into the stone but those had been worn down by wind and time.
  • "As most of you know, Dr. Eli Thurman has been a part of our efforts here for quite some time now, although the good doctor doesn't really know that. It was Thurman's early work into M-theory and resonant frequencies that led us to borrow his research, which eventually led to the interface lab. We have been keeping tabs on Thurman and his work for a number of years, but the rebuilt interface lab has recently indicated that it may be time to acquire Thurman as an official asset to MESA. Developments in user acceptance testing have suggested that success may be just around the corner."
  • So that is that; the two young ladies go back to more important things at hand: they share a half-pint of very delicious Neapolitan ice cream and see how many American slang words they can work into a single sentence. As it turns out, Curt really does have nothing to do with the late night job; he never shows up or calls or sends notes or sends a message by way of Dave; but a handsome Korean, named Wayne Park, does. Sandra works at the job she has come to love; each night, as she closes shop after an evening on the phones, she collects all the literature she can find on the countries that interest her and her customers.
  • Clyde caught pitches from the two men. He was impressed. Both were deadly accurate. Wherever Clyde put his mitt, both Tanner and Cosgrove found their mark. The two soldiers put good zip on the ball, too, although Tanner interested Clyde more because he was a lefty. The pitchers would certainly have little difficulty working into the Whispers lineup as long as their heads were not too warped under the command of Captain Astor .
  • I must admit my first thought was that the Nobles would get a divorce, but that notion was quickly squelched by Amy: "There are a few things we have to discuss now that weve both stepped out of the closet. First of all, I didnt put all of this work into this man to divorce him. Secondly, we have to be the same parents to these kids that weve been all these years. Lastly, if any of you take this secret out of this beach and blab it, I will hunt you down and make you wish you were never born."
  • As she moved on past me towards the front door, I experienced an almost profound sense of relief. The last thing I wanted to do was engage Flo in any conversation dealing with reproductive organs. Not monkeys, not cows, and, especially, not human reproductive organs. I'd rather talk to her about psoriasis, phlegm, photosynthesis, or any of those ugly P words that are so hard to work into conversations.
  • The beads most valued were the white opal, the red porcelain, and the minute varieties generally used for working on screens in England; these small beads [These were given to me by Speke at Gondokoro] of various colours were much esteemed, and were worked into pretty ornaments, about the shape of a walnut, to be worn suspended from the neck. I had a small quantity of the latter variety that I presented to Kamrasi, who prized them as we should value precious stones.
  • Night was naturally the time at which this reverenced beauty of hers shone most effectively to the dazzlement of women and the undoing of men. Day was not so kind. The South African sun is ruthless to exposed complexions, and has an unhappy way of showing up the presence of thick pastes and creams which have been worked into contours in danger of becoming salients. So, although Marice never wore a collar, but always had her gowns cut into a deep V both back and front, she invariably shrouded herself with filmy laces and chiffons. She drew these about her now and rose wearily. It seemed to her she had noticed Druro looking at Gay with some strange quality in his glance.
  • Dexter sat by himself, having taken the ant back to New Haven in the hopes of finding something to keep them all busy other than rebuilding theHawk. He worried he might have to raise more money if their unemployment continued much longer. He had no use for the ant once they were finished with the Voidhawk, it was too large, at nearly thirty feet long, to lash to the hull of the Voidhawk. Still, it had proven very useful to them and Kragor had put a lot of work into it. Maybe he would just leave it stored on their asteroid hideaway for safekeeping.
  • A mast, about the same height as the canoe was long, was then set up; it was made from a young fir-tree. Another smaller fir supplied the yard, which extended fore and aft, nearly the length of the boat. The sail, of coarse canvas, was not very high, but long, and rather broader at each end where the rope attached it to the prow and stern, or, rather, the two prows. Thus arranged, it was not so well suited for running straight before the wind, as for working into it, a feat never attempted by the ships of the time.
  • We had been gone from camp but little over an hour, when, on approaching a small knoll, I caught sight of the white coat of a sheep just beyond. At once dropping upon my hands and knees I crawled up and carefully peered over to the other side. We had unknowingly worked into the midst of a big band of ewes, lambs, and small rams. I counted twenty-seven on my left and twenty-five on my right, but among them all there was not a head worth shooting.
  • Farmyard manure which can be lightly worked into the soil later, in spring.
  • The dangling Barbies alternated shrieking with grim whispers of the wretched death that was to come. The words insinuated themselves in Anna's subconscious, working into the roots of her soul, recalling every vision of hell that Catholic nuns had instilled into a child's growing fears.
  • to reproduce the Work, to incorporate the work into one or more Collective Works, and to reproduce the Work as incorporated in the Collective Works;
  • Peg went back to writing in her Journal and didn't stop until Maida brought her supper. After supper Mother Peg went to bed but Maida worked into the day, sweeping and scrubbing the small loft where she slept.
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