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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • While the stores lasted they worked in the creek; when the stock became so low as to threaten a famine, Tony, with the gold already won in his possession, started off, riding bare-backed for the spot where the saddles had been "planted," and carefully avoiding the men along the other creek. Finding the saddles where they had been left, he took his own and rode away towards Birralong, anticipating the entertainment he would have at the expense of the wise men who had prophesied so freely about the results of following up a wild-cat scheme.
  • Rather, the other replied. "I'm going to work in the Bureau. As a matter of fact, I'm just going to Washington to get my appointment now."
  • After returning from Guatemala City, Raven was convinced that getting into the Canadian Museum of Civilizations collections was going to be the easiest of the four jobs. The Canadians were polite and easy going. Always willing to accommodate you and not the least bit paranoid. Perhaps a bit too trustworthy, but Raven knew that was going to work in his favor.
  • Thus, the AI-Wise Quran makes understood through the sacrifice of a cow that through his prophethood, Moses excised and destroyed the concept of cow-worship, which had entered into that nations character and worked in their natures.
  • 1.E.6. You may convert to and distribute this work in any binary, compressed, marked up, nonproprietary or proprietary form, including any word processing or hypertext form. However, if you provide access to or distribute copies of a Project Gutenberg-tm work in a format other than "Plain Vanilla ASCII" or other format used in the official version posted on the official Project Gutenberg-tm web site (www.gutenberg.org), you must, at no additional cost, fee or expense to the user, provide a copy, a means of exporting a copy, or a means of obtaining a copy upon request, of the work in its original "Plain Vanilla ASCII" or other form. Any alternate format must include the full Project Gutenberg-tm License as specified in paragraph 1.E.1.
  • Artificial ventilation was provided entirely by hand a total of 1400 university students worked in shifts to ensure the survival of these patients.
  • Where once had stood a man now lay a mangled mass of metal. The snow around the heap was pitted where flecks of blood melted through, and armor showed smudges of blood far blacker than she had seen anywhere but the field a few days ago. There was no flesh or bone among the spent armor either, only a scattering of bluish-gray dust. There had been more than a blade at work in the murder of these soldiers. Some unholy magic had ravaged their bodies. He had taken more than their lives; he had taken their humanity. Now they could not even be honored for their sacrifice with a funeral. It was horrible.
  • The last time they were there, the men were at work in the bottom of the oozy dike, where a little water lay, soaked out of the sides; but now, right away to the flood-gates, there was a glistening lane of water, the open ditch resembling a long canal in which a barge could have been sailed.
  • During the milder days of winter they might work in the open air; indeed, the greater part of their work they must needs do outside the hut. Still it would be necessary to have shelter not only during the nights, but in times of storm and severe weather.
  • "Once, before the time of our Grandmothers, the People lived peacefully and joyfully in this rich Land. People could go about their business during the day, work in the fields able to see what they were cutting, work in the gardens able to tell plant from weed, prune the fruit trees able to see clearly the final shape. The livestock could graze and the children could play in the sun. They say the People tanned dark brown and had rosy cheeks. They could build their homes in the open, handy to their fields and orchards.
  • Prostituted women working in the red light district of amsterdam do not sexually service men out of free choice.
  • Brick and Hamp undertook the contract, and, by following Jerry's instructions, they completed the work in a very few minutes. Then they dragged a big log down the ravine and put it on the fire.
  • After spending a fortnight with their families cutting wood and choring about their abodes they then went to work in the lumber camps for February and March.
  • The members were all present excepting Polly, who had declined coming down to make her own defense, and Esther, who was still at work in New York. The two Field girls, Juliet and Beatrice, completed the original number, as they were both in Woodford for the winter attending the High School. Rose Dyer, with Faith's hand tight in hers, appeared uneasy and distressed. In her rle of Camp Fire Guardian she was not assured of the wisdom of their proceedings and could find no precedent for it among other Camp Fire clubs. However, Miss McMurtry had consented to join their meeting and, as she had been the original and was now the head Guardian of all the clubs in Woodford, the responsibility might honestly be shared with her.
  • One morning, when the prince was up early, and, as he used to do, was preparing to work in the garden, the gardener prevented him, saying, This day is a great festival among the idolaters; and because they abstain from work themselves, spending their time in abominable mysteries and public rejoicings, they will not let Mussulman work; who, to gain their favour, generally assist at their shows, which are worth seeing; wherefore have nothing to do to-day; I leave you here; and the time approaching in which the ship uses to sail for the isle of Ebene, I will go to some of my friends, and know when it will depart, and secure you a passage in it. The gardener put on his best clothes, and went to the feast.
  • The guys hanging around were not the Mexican mafia types I expected. They were just a bunch of middle-American Anglos. They were quite a bit older than Jared and me. Maybe they had nicer clothes and a few more tattoos and earrings than the average Joe who worked in a garage, but not by much.
  • Solicitors directly employed by the board work in partnership with advice organizations.
  • But now, on top of everything, you have brought me disgrace-- because you broke into his safe to-night for THAT? He would and will accuse me. I have heard of you--the Gray Seal--you have done a pitiful night's work in your greed for that thing there.
  • "Do thou work!" she urges. "When thou shalt bring me word she loves my son, Ill tell thee on the instant thou art then as great as is thy master!—greater, for his fortunes all lie speechless, and his name is at last gasp! Return he cannot, nor continue where he is; to shift, his being is to exchange one misery with another!—and every day that comes comes to decay a days work in him.
  • Oh no, no one would think of such a thing as that! Men like these are only sent to the big towns, Tiumen, or Perm, or Tobolsk, and then they are settled on land or work in the towns, but they are free to do as they like. The country wants labour, and men who won't work at home and expect the community to keep them have to work here or else they would starve. Then there are numbers who are only guilty of some small offence. They have stolen something, or they have resisted the tax-gatherer, or something of that sort. They only go to prison for the term of their sentences, perhaps only three or four months, and then they too are free like the others, and can work in the towns, or trade if they happen to have money to set them up, or they can settle in a village and take up land and cultivate it. They can live where they like in Siberia. I had many rich men pointed out to me in Tobolsk who had come out as convicts.
  • 'But be sure to be thankful every day for your privilege. . . . It will be good to think of you all, with the glorious mountains about you, and Christ's own work in your hands. . . . Ah! how we would like to choose our work, and the place in which to do it!'
  • "Poor little Hans was very anxious to go and work in his garden, for his flowers had not been watered for two days, but he did not like to refuse the Miller, as he was such a good friend to him.
  • Now, said the former as they sauntered along the bank of the river, "the question that you and I must settle at once is, are we two to work by ourselves, or are we to join with our late friends, and work in company?"
  • Over the years the society has performed virtually all the works in the standard choral repertoire.
  • I say, now, resumed Power, catching at once that there was something working in his mind,--"I say, now, how happened it that you, a right good-looking, soldier-like fellow, that always made his way among the fair ones, with that confounded roguish eye and slippery tongue,--how the deuce did it come to pass that you never married?"
  • At every turn, they came across something that evoked their wonder and admiration. Most of the figures and statistics connected with the colossal work they were already familiar with, but the information thus gained was, in a certain sense, hazy and unreal. It was seen through the mirage of distance, and not until their eyes actually saw the work in course of construction, did the knowledge lying in their minds, take a sharp and clearly cut outline.
  • But who was I to criticize? Stoney Winston: failed actor and unsold writer, marginal freelance editor, production manager, and even director if the film was safely short, cheap, and trivial. Id never worked in a big studio like Warners or Universal and never seen a budget over two hundred thousand. Its hard to be more also-ran than that.
  • But the streetlights were working in her favor. Carter raced toward a red light, but instead of stopping he turned into a McDonalds parking lot. Averys eyes grew wide and she took a quivering breath. This was her chance. She jerked the car to the side of the road, leaned over to push open the door, and shoved Kendra out.
  • Coleridge realizes that poetry works in exactly the same way, and comes up with his notion of emotion recollected in tranquility.
  • "Like a good son," repeated the captain, "an' he turned out to be a first-rate man, which was lucky, for his poor father died soon after, leavin' him to do the work alone. An' well able was the young engineer to do it. He got rid o' the chain-gang men altogether, and hired none but men o' the best character in their place. He cleared off the forests and planted the ground with cocoa-nut palms. Got out steam mills, circular saws, lathes, etc., and established a system of general education with a younger brother as head-master--an' tail-master too, for I believe there was only one. He also taught the men to work in brass, iron, and wood, and his wife--a Cocos girl that he married after comin' out--taught all the women and girls to sew, cook, and manage the house. In short, everything went on in full swing of prosperity, till the year 1876, when the island-born inhabitants were about 500, as contented and happy as could be.
  • Within an hour three Germans had been brought in by the sentries. Two of them were laborers who were coming from a neighboring hamlet to their work in the town. The other had been intercepted coming from the town on his way to take an early train at a railroad station some three miles away.
  • Her voice was weaker, so I moistened her lips with the brandy again, and she continued, but it seemed as though her memory had gone on working in the interval for her story was further advanced. I was about to call her back to the point, but Van Helsing whispered to me, 'Let her go on. Do not interrupt her. She cannot go back, and maybe could not proceed at all if once she lost the thread of her thought.'
  • It was weary work in that breathlessly hot cabin, but no one murmured, and Mark sat gazing out of the window and wondering why their captors did not set them adrift in a boat, the simple explanation being that they would have done so had they not dreaded being followed and caught when becalmed, and then surprised. For it was evident that, for reasons of his own, the American skipper shrank from leaving the coast, with its many creeks and rivers, where he could hide or run from pursuit.
  • Dantes was confused and silent at this explanation of the thoughts which had unconsciously been working in his mind, or rather soul; for there are two distinct sorts of ideas, those that proceed from the head and those that emanate from the heart.
  • While his brain was academically and technologically advanced, his human emotions were still very much a work in progress. He and Kayla were so in sync that he knew she wasn't revealing the entire truth. The smirk on her face the previous week revealed the joy of victory, combined with the knowledge that a secret had been safely kept in the vault.
  • Inkoosi, Mameena's thought works in the dark; it is like a white ant in its tunnel of mud. You see the tunnel which shows that she is thinking, but you do not see the thought within. Still, sometimes, when she believes that no one beholds or hears her--here I bethought me of the young lady's soliloquy over my apparently senseless self--"or when she is surprised, the true thought peeps out of its tunnel. It did so the other day, when I pleaded with her after she had heard that I killed the buffalo with the cleft horn.
  • 'Briefly. He was working in his office for half an hour. I did tell him he should be out before Donald started work. And he was, I think. Or at least they overlapped by only a few minutes.'
  • Those who had come half-way to meet Waldo had hovered at a safe distance while he had been speaking to Nadara's father, and when the two turned toward the forest all had returned to their work in evident relief; for the old man had told them that the stranger was the mighty warrior who had killed the terrible Korth with his bare hands, nor had the story lost anything in the telling.
  • "I would send emissaries to the Pari to try and resolve the matter diplomatically. Moreover, I would create incentives for others to come and work in Aquia until the curse is sorted out. I would advise Emira-Regent Selene to attempt to lure capable managers to come work for Aquia, to ensure that it becomes the fertile and prosperous land it generally is." She gritted her teeth at me, in an imitation of a smile.
  • A new Widow had arrived four days before. The Widows were high-born women whose husbands were dead and children grown. No longer useful to their families, they often chose, or were forced, to retire to the Women's Retreat House. They had rooms on the upper floor, poor compared to the mansions and castles they came from, but comfortable by the standards of this place. They prayed with the Sisters and most of them worked in the embroidery room making robes and hangings for castles and churches. They wore the same grey dress as the Sisters, although their veils were black.
  • Broken, shmoken, said Hank. "If you find Egyptian faience work in a Sumerian grave, you know they traded. If you find old Radio shack model 100's in a Memphis grave, you know the Egyptians traded with the Pilgrim fathers across the Atlantic Ocean."
  • Jap Town was situated on First South between Main Street and Third West. Most of it would be destroyed in 1969 to be replaced with newer buildings such as the new Salt Palace and Abravanel Hall. In 1900, 417 Japanese were in Utah. By 1910, 2110 lived here and by 1920, 2936 Japanese called Utah home. These numbers rose only slightly to 3269 by 1930, as restrictions were placed on immigration numbers. The Japanese worked in the copper mine at Bingham and the coal mines in Carbon County. They also worked for the Rio Grande- Western Railroad. The sugar beet industry took over 1000 Japanese workers into their fields. By 1910, Japanese farmers planted 4000 acres of sugar beets, with 2100 acres of other crops. Four years later, almost 4500 acres were beets and 9000 acres were other crops including celery and ever-bearing strawberries, which they patented.
  • Foster, who knew he would find waiting tedious, went back to the car for his small bag, after which he and Pete set off for the hotel. They had some trouble to cross the path of the avalanche and then spent some time getting past the men who were unloading a row of flat cars. The single-line track was cut out of the rock and one ran a risk of glissading down to the river by venturing outside its edge. Once, indeed, a heavy beam, thrown too far, plunged down like a toboggan, and leaping from a rock's crest splashed into the flood. The men on the cars worked in furious haste, and it was difficult to avoid the clanging rails they threw off.
  • In February 2004, Pope John Paul II was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize honouring his life's work in opposing Communist oppression and helping to reshape the world.
  • Accustomed to work in the darkness, the sailors had no difficulty in carrying out the operation, and before morning broke the battery was complete. It was six feet high on the side facing the water, with two embrasures for the guns, four feet high on the sides covered by the chevaux de frise. The front face was twenty-five feet in length, the sides forty. Morning was breaking as the work was finished, and bread and cold meat were served out, with a full ration of grog. By the time these were consumed it was broad daylight; for there is little twilight so near the equator.
  • Last of all, we saw the men searched on coming in from their work in the fields, or in the different workshops. They all stood in a line while the warder passed his hands down their bodies and legs, and looked into their hats. Then he turned to a basin of water standing by, and carefully washed his hands.
  • Dockyard companies must attract a pre-agreed minimum level of work in order to recover their overheads.
  • They retreated to an alcove and put their shirts in a safe place, then went to work in their T shirts. Lugging rocks would work up a sweat, and it was chilly underground. The shirts were for use during rest periods.
  • He strode away from the pit with the noise of Saundersprotests in the background. She was continuing to shout out, alternately cursing his name and begging his mercy as if unsure what to say. He ignored her, though, as did most of the crew. An evil look adorned his face: eyes small, nose flaring, mouth turned upwards in disgust. His crew followed, largely unconcerned by the events they had just seen, but Bluebeard was grossly affected. His eyes were working in tunnel-vision only as he saw solely the forest ahead of him, not thinking about where he had been or where he was going but simply stepping one foot in front of the other with no thought whatsoever. Emotion ran his body while his mind ranted about the mutinous dog trapped in the pit.
  • My breast swelled with family pride when the tenants each came to stand in line and pay their small coins. These were our people and we looked after them, they paid us. It was a matter of duty. But now I saw this did not happen all of its own accord. The estates were hard work in right of themselves and the source of many mens livings.
  • "`I have distinguished myself lately by manufacturing a sideboard and dresser, as well as a table and bench for the female authority, and expect to accomplish a henhouse and a gate next week. You see we work in hope. I fervently wish we could live on the same. However, I'm pretty jolly, despite a severe attack of rheumatism, which has not been improved by my getting up in the night and rushing out in my shirt to chase away trespassing cows and pigs, as we have not got a watch-dog yet.
  • By midday, when all hands sat down to a hasty meal, the actual erection of the stockade had been commenced, and by the time that darkness had fallen the first line of posts was completed, in the form of a square some thirty feet by thirty, all but a length of about twelve feet, which perforce had to be left open for that night, since the men could not work in the dark--a guard being posted there to prevent any unauthorised persons from entering.
  • "‘If the scorn of your bright eyne have power to raise such love in mine, alack, in me what strange effect would they work in mild aspect! Whiles you chid me, I did love; how then might your prayers move!
  • Chahda had experience with Buddhist monasteries dating back to the time when he had worked in Nepal. Also, many Indians were Buddhists. There were some in almost every monastery, and of that number a few could be depended on to speak Hindi, or Hindustani as it was called, which was Chahda's language. He also knew a little Tibetan from his years in Nepal.
  • The next morning was one of those early summer days when the sky is filled with billowy white clouds, and the air is thick with the buzzing of insects and the smell of weeds. Bubba was puttering around in the garden trying to find enough string beans to have for lunch. He had on a rumpled suit and a tie and was sweating fairly heavily, but he didn't mind. It felt right to himjust like the dirt on his shoes and the way some of the leaves and stalks irritated the skin on the back of his hands. If you work in a garden, you get sweaty and dirty and prickly. To try to have it any other way was silly. Not that he was doing all that much work. It was hard to find beans among all the weeds and vines, but it didn't require a great deal of physical effort.
  • He praised the bravery of people who served britain by working in intelligence.
  • It always takes Alan at least five or six holes just to be present with me on the same golf course. We both worked in Manhattan and usually got a half day at least once a month on Fridays. However, the mad dash home seemed to impact Alan a lot more than it did me. I used my train time to slow down my roll and get into full weekend mode. This meant leaving behind all of the pressure and anxiety of the workweek.
  • For years I worked in the exasperating world of retail. Essentially I was a salesman, but today, every simple, straightforward job title has to be dressed up with some ridiculous, extravagant, politically correct, purely useless label. That being said I was not actually a salesman; I was a Customer Service Sales Representative. For those of you who arent sure what that means, it means I was a salesman.
  • Trained as a secondary teacher and worked in adult education and staff training and development in the financial sector.
  • I am not an old man, Peter, said my father, when I spoke to him on the subject, "and I have, I hope, still many useful years' work in me. I have always been a fisherman. My father was a fisherman, and so was his father before him. Fishing is the only work I understand. It is honest work. Why then should I live in idleness upon thy bounty, when I can still play my part in the world?"
  • He talked the owner of the BMW into dropping the charges of theft and claimed thewomanwho accused Jackson of rape had retracted her statement. Apparently, victims of assault often withdrew charges; something Serenity knew all about. On this occasion though, things worked in her favor and she was finally free to live her life without repercussions.
  • 'I am going to tell you' (at the beginning of the second paragraph) "'of a very strange thing which happened to me since I last wrote. I will first state that after my guano-bags had all been safely stored in the warerooms I have hired, I had a heavy piece of work getting the packages of gold out of the bags, and in packing the bars in small, stout boxes I found in the City of Mexico and had sent down here. In looking around for boxes which would suit my purpose, I discovered these, which had been used for stereotype plates. They were stamped on the outside, and just what I wanted, being about as heavy after I packed them with gold as they were when they were filled with type-metal. This packing I had to do principally at night, when I was supposed to be working in a little office attached to the rooms. As soon as this was done, I sent all the boxes to a safe-deposit bank in Mexico, and there the greater part of them are yet. Some I have shipped to the mint in San Francisco, some have gone North, and I am getting rid of the rest as fast as I can.
  • The academy is working in partnership with emap to place advertorials in top biking magazines such as bike, performance bike, what bike?
  • I couldn't very well go without it, replied our guest, laughing. "No, I don't think so," he added, more seriously. "It was easy enough, all except the mounting and dismounting. In fact, Phil, I'm so nearly all right again that I should have no excuse to be hanging around here any longer if it were not that I can be of use to you by taking all the chores off your hands, thus leaving you and Joe free to get about your work in the crater."
  • That's a pity. We could do with a bit of showy work in the department. This is one of a number of crimes, all of the same class, of which we have failed to discover the perpetrator. This time we want the criminal ... and quickly!
  • That morning, Botzi got a strange letter, a map apparently showing where a great Inca treasure was located in South America. He went around to see his friends working in the neighbouring shops next door. They gathered outside in the street discussing it. However, Alby Monk, the money lender was excluded from the gathering. He however watched with curious interest, from inside his shop window, a scowl on his face. Fungus his accomplice stood beside him, also staring at the group.
  • "You can return to work in the morning," replied Elvallon. "I'm sure you've lost enough pay as it is. Now, will you let me work?"
  • In these trying circumstances, the chief engineer accepted an offer made by the gentlemen in the ship, to take turn about in superintending the men at work in the tank paying-out the cable.
  • Like the Primetime Emmys, a separate Creative Arts Emmy ceremony is also held a few days earlier to honor the behind-the-scenes personnel working in daytime television.
  • These piers were constructed by a French firm. The first thing was to manufacture the artificial stone, which was composed of seven parts sand, of which there is a plentiful supply in this vicinity, and one part of hydraulic lime, imported from France. I suppose the latter is something like the cement used in New York in building sewers and drains, or other works in wet places. This concrete was mixed by machinery, then put into immense wooden moulds, just as you make a loaf of sponge cake, Mrs. Blossom, where it was kept for several weeks. These blocks weighed twenty tons each.
  • So, while the CACHALOT could have fearlessly challenged comparison with any ship afloat for cleanliness and neatness of appearance, the hands no longer felt that they were continually being "worked up" or "hazed" for the sole, diabolical satisfaction of keeping them "at it." Of course, the incidence of the work was divided, since so many of the crew were quite unable to do any sailorizing, as we term work in sails and rigging. Upon them, then, fell all the common labour, which can be done by any unskilled man or woman afloat or ashore.
  • Besides always adding to the comforts of their home, they found plenty of indoor work in the way of cutting out buckskin and fur garments which were sewed with deer sinew, the making of snowshoes and wooden bowls, and the braiding of mats. For recreation Donald told tales of the great world beyond the sea, Ah-mo related incidents of her life in Montreal, and Atoka recalled many a weird Indian legend. They also played simple games. Atoka was taught to read and write from copies set by Donald, while all three improved their knowledge of English, French, and several Indian dialects. For outside work there were traps to be visited, snow to be cleared from the path leading to the river, the water hole through the ice to be chopped out every day, water to be fetched, wood to be cut for the roaring fireplace, fish to be caught through the ice in the pond, and an occasional hunt to be taken after fresh meat.
  • Poe, who worked in the immigration and citizenship department in the building across the streetonce the post office, now a collection of government departmentswas planning to write limericks for a living. It wasnt much of a plan, so he decided to produce a darling little book of limericks about cinnamon buns. He would, he figured, visit bakeries and farmers markets across the province, rating their buns in limericks. He would keep the limericks short enough for Twitter, and they would spread like kudzu and dandelions across the memeosphere. Hed had several other plans for his life, but this one seemed the best at the moment, and perhaps it was.
  • It is all of a piece with the counterfeit instructions, Ned said. "There is an unknown interest working in this case. If the officers at Manila suspected or had wind of what is going on here, why didn't they send a troop ship and capture the chiefs, and so screen out the men responsible for the conspiracy?"
  • Clive nodded. ‘Yes, Askphrit was my fault. I was the one whowe were so busy in those days, I got distracted, forgot to run the program to test the results, and ended up leaving out some of the protocols that should have been added in his case. I am sorry my dear, but on the other hand, the loophole I accidentally left for him, has now worked in your favour.
  • But nobody had time to see how the other action was progressing, for all were too busy with the work in hand, which was the task of defending their own lives.
  • I walk up onto her porch. The screen door is latched. I try squeezing through the mesh, but my cheek just squeezes flat. Passing through solid objects might work in the movies, but not so much for me. So much for popular conceptions of ghosts.
  • Dr. adam morgan dr. adam morgan is a practicing clinical psychologist working in the nhs.
  • "Randolph, ethical... debates aside, it seems as though you are frustrated at some kind of perceived side-lining in this network. Let me explain to you again why this is your fault rather than anybody else's. Right from the start, we have all forged links with each other at The Fairley Institute, developing relations of trust and collaboration between our respective disciplines. From this, each of us have established sub-committees in which we discuss the more sensitive and tentative aspects of our work under the Telstar project. Since each sub-committee files classified minutes, there is no need or obligation to discuss that work in these meetings.
  • Yes! shouted Bud. "That's their game! They tried to scare us so they could work in from the other side, and run off a bunch of steers. Dirk! Chot!" he cried again, making a megaphone of his hands, and sending his cry out into the night.
  • Yes. I don't feel old, you see. I feel as if I had many years' good work in me yet. But there! That's the trouble with the mediocre men. They are shelved before they are old. I am one of them.
  • Before digging into the ice, the captain had to obtain borings, to insure working in the best direction. Long bores were driven into the side walls; but after fifteen meters, the instruments were still impeded by the thickness of those walls. It was futile to attack the ceiling since that surface was the Ice Bank itself, more than 400 meters high. Captain Nemo then bored into the lower surface. There we were separated from the sea by a tenmeter barrier. That's how thick the iceberg was. From this point on, it was an issue of cutting out a piece equal in surface area to the Nautilus's waterline. This meant detaching about 6,500 cubic meters, to dig a hole through which the ship could descend below this tract of ice.
  • Our navigating continued under these conditions until March 13. That day the Nautilus was put to work in some depthsounding experiments that fascinated me deeply.
  • Sarge stepped onto the Wilmington field the next day to the smell of fresh cut grass and rosin. He put his hands on his hips and tried to stretch a knot out of his lower back. He watched the flurry of players around him. Doc Bismark stood behind second base and fired baseballs from a spring-loaded mechanism similar to a bazooka. It hurled baseballs to ungodly heights. They were tracked down by Wonder Boy and Savoy Special deep in the outfield. The robots never missed a one as their internal steam pistons hissed with each mighty step they took. Biscuit Wagner worked in with them and was holding his own against their scientific marvels.
  • "Again, that was the theory. But the theory doesnt work in practice in this case, because the proteins used on both the ELISA and Western Blot are the same and have been proven to cross-react with antibodies to other diseases and conditions. In fact, no one is supposed to take a Western Blot test without having at least two prior positive ELISA tests, because the Western Blot produces too many false positives by itself. According to one study in 1993, there was as much as a forty-percent chance of having a false result on a Western Blot by itself."
  • I knew it was time to step up and get to work in the classroom. The coaches told me that I had to get my grade point average above a 2.2 in my sophomore year. It was painfully obvious that were trying to do anything they could to get me to leave the school and release themselves from the financial obligation. I guess I didnt read the fine print on the Letter of Intent they had me sign. In my mind they would never have the option to tell me when to leave, because I would go when I was good and damn ready!
  • The ai seemed to work in only one map so far, but our computer-controlled opponents at least seemed competent.
  • The reason was because she was embarrassed. Customers like the lady dont like the idea that they couldnt figure out how to use an MP3 player, and they hate the fact that I made it work in less than two minutes.
  • The year before, in violation of an explicit agreement, Captain Barney had worked in with an outside rowboatman from West Street, towing him to piers where vessels were about to dock. This, of course, got that boatman on the scene in advance of the Battery men, who had only their strong arms and their oars to depend upon. Thus the rival had the first chance at the job of carrying the lines from the docking steamships to men waiting on the pier to make them fast. Captain Barney received part of the money which this boatman made. It was little enough, to be sure, but no amount of money was too small for him. And so Dan, the Battery boatmen being his friends, was glad to see Hodge on his knees--yet he was the slickest tugboat-captain on earth.
  • "Shes small." Mistress Laureys lips tightened into a frown, her nose twitching. "I cant place her as a handmaiden now, but perhaps she will earn that position in time. We are in need of another scull." My mother had told me that most servants working in the Great House started out as scullery maids, more often called sculls, although she had had the great fortune of being selected as a handmaiden on entrance to the Great House. Sculls had the unfortunate privilege of performing all of the dirty undignified chores disliked by the apprentices or masters in a given discipline, or the handmaidens and valets who served a single mistress or master.
  • He finished up working in a fairground sideshow where he died after being mauled by a lion.
  • Frank's conjecture turned out to be correct, for it was nearly a week before the lieutenant concluded that his work in the town was done. Then the column took up its march in a jubilant mood, for their comrade, who was a prime favorite in the regiment, had been rescued and the work had been done in the deft and finished way that marked the traditions of the American Army.
  • All of the scouts took a hand at it, even Bumpus, and received more or less valuable instruction from the two guides, as to how the paddle should be worked in order to have as little "lost motion" as possible; and at the same time secure the greatest amount of benefit. But when after half an hour of labor, they found their muscles beginning to tire from the unaccustomed motion, the boys considered themselves lucky to be able to turn the paddles over once more to the canoe men, who were used to the job, and could keep it up steadily all day, if need be.
  • As for himself, he had the proud realization that in measuring his opportunities on the broadest possible gauge, he had lived up to them sincerely, and he knew the results to be good. On his own bridge he had faced the blind fog with the lives of passengers hanging upon his judgment; he had met the elements at their work, and out of the ordeal he had come with greater self-reliance, broader, kindlier, better. For the first time in his life he was looking beyond his dreams, although the work in hand was all-absorbing; there would be more for him to do. He felt it, he knew it, for such is youth.
  • Sure enough, he did manage to discover something that had the appearance of a boat; but as it rose and fell with the waves, now vanishing altogether from his sight, and then again being plainly seen, Max made it out to be a rowboat. There were no oars working in the sunlight, nor could he discover the first sign of life about the bobbing craft that was coming down on the flood.
  • Noah went on to tell how Aaron was in fact Ginas boyfriend, and had been kidnapped to manipulate Gina, who worked in a genetics lab at Washington University. Dominic had apparently been stalking Gina for a long period of time, waiting for the perfect moment to abduct her. She had been perfect, a beautiful and vulnerable young woman, who also happened to be Feathered, with a new boyfriend to use as a hostage.
  • I worked in my room till noon, without having seen Captain Nemo, even for an instant. On board no preparations for departure were visible.
  • "Do thou work!" she urges. "When thou shalt bring me word she loves my son, Ill tell thee on the instant thou art then as great as is thy master!—greater, for his fortunes all lie speechless, and his name is at last gasp! Return he cannot, nor continue where he is; to shift, his being is to exchange one misery with another!—and every day that comes comes to decay a days work in him.
  • Theyd met back in March, on the first Friday after Jim started work in Albany. The walls of his room on Frederick Street had been starting to close in on him, so when he got back from work that evening he went out again immediately for a stroll down to the waterfront. Ten minutes later he was sitting on the jetty with his legs dangling over the edge, rolling a cigarette and wondering in an off-hand sort of way what he would do about dinner that night. The sun was hanging low in the sky to his right, and by the look of it there was perhaps half an hour left till sunset. Being alone and friendless in a strange town was not, he decided, a very pleasant position to be in. Particularly at dinner time.
  • Donald campbell, a child, adolescent and adult psychoanalyst, works in the national health service and in private practice.
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