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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • As the New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte pointed out, the only impact the treaty would have on Americans would be to make it easier for disabled people to live and work in other countries. Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which was signed by Republican President George H. W. Bush, said Dole had come to the chamber because "he wants to know that other countries will come to treat the disabled as we do."
  • There was the sharp cry of shrapnel in the street and a sudden rattle against the whole house. The woman and child fled somewhere through a door, followed feebly by the old man. The brigade-major persuaded the general to work in some less unhealthy place. The telephone operators moved. A moment's delay as the general endeavoured to persuade the brigade-major to go first, and we found ourselves under a stalwart arch that led into the courtyard of the tavern. We lit pipes and cigarettes. The crashes of bursting shells grew more frequent, and the general remarked in a dry and injured tone--
  • Genesis works in partnerships and supports emerging artists through organizations such as the young vic, the royal court theater and others.
  • One pamphlet in 1811 by reformer and writer, Mary Leadbeater, tells the story of two female friends. Rose warns her friend Nancy that 'must not every poor man's wife work in and out of doors, and do all she can to help her husband? And do you think you can afford tea, on thirteen pence a day? Put that out of your head entirely, Nancy; give up the tea for good and all.'
  • Several times they saw old men at work in the fields, trying to save a part of their farm crops, though without horses they could do little. Every beast of burden had been drafted for one or the other army; what the Belgians missed the Germans had certainly commandeered to take the place of horses lost in the numerous fierce engagements thus far fought.
  • Social pedagogues work in a way that combines social care and education.
  • When he arrived in St. Louis he soon found himself at the end of his resources, and was faced with the absolute impossibility of securing work in that city. In company with forty other men he applied at the office of a general agent who had advertised for hands to go down the Mississippi and take up well-paid posts on a Louisiana sugar plantation. The agent demanded a fee of five dollars from each applicant, and, by pooling their resources, the members of this wretched band managed to meet the charge. The same night they were taken on board a steamer which immediately started down river. At three o'clock in the morning they were landed on the river bank about forty miles below St. Louis, at a spot where there was neither house, road, nor clearing. Before the marooned party had time to realize its plight the steamer had disappeared.
  • In two hours' time the traps had all been set and the boys were at home again. They had done a good day's work, but they wanted to do a better; so as soon as the mule was unharnessed and the wagon put under the shed where it belonged, they set to work in the shop again, and before dark a large coop, which would just fit into the wagon box, was completed. This was to be used to bring home the captured quails. After that one of the unoccupied negro cabins was selected to confine the birds in until the required number had been trapped. It received a thorough sweeping, the floor was covered with clean sand, and the broken window was boarded up so that the captives could not escape. When this was done David started for home, and Don and Bert went into the house to get ready for supper.
  • It is true, Sahib. Many have seen it at work in the graveyards of the Mussulman, but to-night no one may see it but the elephant.
  • Mike Hedrick lives and works in Boulder, CO. His work has appeared in a number of different publications. 'Connections' is his first novel. It is based on his own experiences with mental illness.
  • I had been around universities my entire life. My mother started working in one when I was six, and since then, I have hardly ever been very far away from them. I clearly recognized the speech form. I had heard many very learned people speak very learned things. Yet, it seemed that there was more of a spirit of learning in hima very noble and brave and pure kind of this pursuit of what is realthan I had ever seen in a person, or ever thought about seeing.
  • Well armed, with righteous indignation burning in their hearts, used to roughing it, and with men who knew almost every foot of the country, the expedition from Diamond X was well equipped for the work in hand.
  • He also worked in france, and was involved in creating the first waterworks in paris.
  • Matters came to pass as Ramabai had planned: the night work in the arena, the clearing of the tunnel, the making of the trap, the perfecting of all the details of escape. Ahmed would be given charge of the exit, Lal Singh of the road, and Ali (Bruce's man) would arrange that outside the city there should be no barriers. All because Ramabai thought more of his conscience than of his ambitions for Pundita.
  • Within the cottage, there is an exhibition of his life and works in the same farmyard setting in which he was raised.
  • That Derrick had not escaped scot-free from the noon-hour encounter was shown by a deep cut on his upper lip. That Bill Tooley had been much more severely punished was evident from the swollen condition of his face, and from the fact that he now worked in sullen silence, without attempting any further annoyance of the hump-backed lad beside him. Only by occasional glances full of hate cast at both Derrick and Paul did he show the true state of his feelings, and indicate the revengeful nature of his thoughts.
  • "We wrote to various people about Dan, people who could comment on his mathematical research. We sent along several of Dan's research papers and the response was enthusiastic. They agreed, to a man, that Dan was a first rate mathematician and his mathematical results were novel and exciting and broke new ground. But, now that I think of it, the responses were strange: they had never heard of this guy before. I remember going through the library trying to find the journals which had published his papers. Corrigan College is pretty small as colleges go and the library didn't subscribe to any of the journals. No one in the department had heard of the journals either, but that's not too surprising. Dan's area of research was pretty abstruse. There were perhaps a dozen people in the country who worked in the area, no more. And not too many journals carried research papers in that area."
  • Falk went home that night withrdrawn and sombre but still he did not lay his burdens upon Belessa and Aldwyn for they had enough to bear of their own. That day working at the local stores was the last day Falk would work in the village.
  • Most of the requests were made by one trader who worked in Tokyo from 2006 to 2009, and who also contacted employees at other banks and brokers trying to influence their Libor submissions. Finma didnt find any indication of the top management of UBS at the time being aware of the tradersmisconduct, it said.
  • Frank looked to the small, inconspicuous door to their right. "My sister. She works in there, has, uh, something for me." He stared at the ground. "Just money. I uh, Im gonna get something for her."
  • A more active use of the iraqi opposition was suggested for propaganda work in the occupied villages.
  • I don't know that, Bud, but we can guess. It must be either some company in the market with explosives, or else the Government itself trying to see how the Flying Squadron, as they call their aerial arm of the service, could work in time of actual war.
  • One moment I was lying on my back gazing up at the stars, and first thinking of my mother and how anxious she must be as to how I was getting on; then wondering where my father was likely to be, and whether we were going to work in the best way to find him; the next moment I was dreaming that Gyp had run after and caught a wild man of the woods by the tail, and had dragged him into camp, howling dismally.
  • The change in Annette was remarkable. She had evidently made up her mind for a struggle with herself, and she kept her inequalities of mood in astonishing control, all things considered. She became interested in the work in hand, and took some trifle of needlework to the study for the final reading of the piece between Darco and her husband Paul, with the manuscript before him, acted the whole comedy as brilliantly as an arm-chair rendering could go, and Darco with notebook and pencil listened in keenly attentive silence, note-taking here and there.
  • "There were many failures, as most of those captured had no experience in such things, but after countless attempts, a slave named Imeteri made a deadly discovery. Weakened from working in stuffy quarters, he convinced his captors to let him work outside whenever the sun shone. His efforts were fruitless for many weeks, and many of his experiments lay about in disarray, unfinished or forgotten completely, except for the details in his copious notes. Most of them consisted of various compounds of elements he placed in clay mugs, which he sealed with mud. One day, while working on his experiments, an explosion knocked him off his feet, and he knew one of his concoctions had worked. It took many more efforts for him to duplicate his success.
  • Printed from new plates, on good paper and bound in art linen cloth, and stamped in three colors from ornamental designs on side and back. Containing attractive frontispiece. A new edition of one of the most popular and best selling books of the year, and has been universally commended by the press and public as a work in which the freshest humor, purest pathos, and the most exquisite tenderness are portrayed. Bound in cloth, stamped in two inks from unique dies.
  • Louie was at the Factory when Pearl had phoned. The Factory was working a couple of days this week on some of Virgils wasps. Most of Virgils wasps had a clean and polish once a fortnight. Lulu was with Louie as usual working in the office.
  • Workplace climate is of special interest to Vembu. With 1,500 employees, most of whom work in Chennai and Pleasanton, California, his goal is to prevent these offices from turning into a "corporate environment," something that would be difficult to do if investor expectations needed to be taken into account.
  • Thresher has a number of wines from the australian winemaker peter bright who has been working in portugal for a number of years now.
  • The scary part was that he wasnt kidding, and you would be even more horrified if you ever saw the 110-pound Mr. Feldman. The guy worked in our office and must have been every Jewish mothers nightmare. I could imagine Jewish mothers lining up down the block to feed and fatten up this kid. I was nervous the first time I shook his boney hand. I was even more nervous thinking about Sams desire to meet a woman so frail. Kelly was anything but frail - she had this big, round ass that was complimented by a pair of extremely strong legs. She also had a chest that obviously would be able to be controlled by the likes of a training bra. Sam definitely wasnt a breast man, that was for sure.
  • Rsc northwest will be working in partnership with ferl to support colleges taking part in the program.
  • "There is information about their investment practices," he continued. "There is information about their employees. There are commentaries about individual people who live and work in Abu Dhabi that should not be made public." He also wanted the federal court record sealed.
  • Where intellect alone was concerned--as, for instance, in the working out of a problem in engineering or mechanics--he was cool, calculating, and absolutely unemotional. His highly-disciplined mind was capable of banishing every other subject from consideration save the one which claimed the attention of the hour, and of incorporating itself wholly with the work in hand until it was finished.
  • ...Roman, that you have an enormous amount of experience in the field of telecommunications. Why would you want to work in our sports-hospitality oriented firm?
  • But the first look made him believe the worst. On the floor, toppled over in the chair to which he had been bound, lay Mr. Fulton, his injured shoulder twisted way out of place, his distorted face the color of old ivory. Gagged and tightly laced to the bed lay Mr. Billings, his features working in wildest rage.
  • The modern day triumvirate must work in close harmony and be able to communicate constantly changing and evolving course management policies to members.
  • Before returning to work in his excavation, Drew went down to the spot Ruth had pointed out. There was not a sign of anybody having been there. The earth between the huge lumps of lava seemed not to have been disturbed. He could find no broken twigs or torn vines at the edge of the jungle.
  • Capital! I knew we were not mistaken in you. Now, see here, I see you have something working in your mind. I don't want to even hamper you by asking what it is.
  • Yes, but--Father, she said, with a small shake in her voice, "I--wish he was back again. There'd be almost room for him to work in Crofield, now."
  • Only fifteen years earlier I had sworn that I would never work in a kitchen again. I hoped, however, that by sticking to a very simple daily menu with limited selections that I could avoid the nightmares of short order work and focus on showcasing some simple, freshly prepared, hearty meals. What I encountered, though, was an experience so bizarre that I often found myself looking around for hidden camerashoping beyond all hope that I had been cruelly selected as the mark on some merciless new hidden camera reality show. Every small town has its quirks, but I swear I must have chosen the quirkiest little village in Canada.
  • Late that same night, Carton and Stryver work in Stryvers chambers. In his puffed-up and arrogant manner, Stryver announces that he intends to marry Lucie. Carton drinks heavily at the news, assuring Stryver that his words have not upset him. Stryver suggests that Carton himself find "some respectable woman with a little property," and marry her, lest he end up ill and penniless.
  • The four unshaven men stood, two on either side of Charlie, guns at the ready. This was their first big job and they weren't going to blow it. It wasn't what they'd planned, when they left Bucharest three months ago. They'd been professionally trained as milliners and hoped to find honest work in the specialist shops in and around Jermyn Street. But the London millinery scene had been far tougher than they'd expected.
  • Before his call to the ministry richard worked in personnel and industrial relations with eastern electricity following a graduate traineeship.
  • "Blast your filthy gasbag of a mouth!" Sir Giles said. "You've made me forget to ask one thing. Does it work in time as well as space? We must try, we must try." He sat down, picked up the Crown, and sat frowning at the Divine Letters.
  • I told you I do not think that heresy is any longer a danger, said Louis. "I will not inflict more misery on my own people. I permit the Inquisition to do its work in France. That is enough."
  • Therefore, since the Glorious and Munificent Lord of All Dominion is all-generous, He bestows a wage on them during their work in order to give a share to their souls.
  • "No sir, I don't believe so," answered Warrick. "While his early work was the foundation for our work here, we have not only surpassed his expectations but, by ultimately using the Interface Lab as the end game, we've taken his work in a direction that he could not have even dreamed of. I understand the need to keep the Professor in the dark about what he is working towards, but I am still pleased at the progress we are making despite the inconvenience of indirect application."
  • Left alone with his patients, save his Chinese assistant, Doctor Dick threw off his coat and set to work in earnest to see what he could do for them, and how seriously they were wounded.
  • So she had left Noah in Santa Cruz. He was back working in the ER, fulfilling his duty to keep his spot on staff in the actual hospital. No big deal, she told herself. It was only a week, but she had this sneaky mushy feeling creeping in as she thought of spending the week alone. They had been nearly inseparable for the last year, and she was amazed at how strongly she was reacting to the division. At least there was someone to watch Lotus so she didnt have to stay in the kennel at work.
  • However, before I recount that adventure, I must first get a new pen. This is much better. That last pen was running out of ink. Now, I found myself in quite the conundrum the other night. I was watching a rather corny horror television program called Tales from the Crypt, and one of the episodes was called Four Sided Triangle. Upon further research, I discovered that a science-fiction movie was released in 1953 with that very same title. So now I'm stuck thinking about how I should deal with these matters. My first option would be to carry on as if I was oblivious to the fact that what I thought was an original idea is not actually so. The second option would be to alter the triangles into other shapes with mismatched quantities of sides and degree of angles. The third choice would be to transform these creatures into something completely different. Being that I have to leave for work in a couple minutes, I will debate this matter at that place, and hopefully return in about twelve hours with an answer.
  • "I think I do. I felt that way an hour ago," I smirked again. "Must be tough working in a place thats open 24 hours."
  • No, but all have an equal opportunity. Everyone is given a broad foundation of general information. The mind and hand are both trained and prepared to do good work, and then the choice of occupation is made and the special education begins. But one who has chosen some kind of manual labor as his vocation very often takes up literary or other professional work in addition, and everybody has some kind of study on hand, by which the mind is kept employed. There is no uneducated class among us.
  • Multiculturalism encourages diversity and can help steer a society away from certain societal dangers. With the practice of multiculturalism, discrimination is not so evident. Certainly, Australia comes to my mind as being a nation known for its multiculturalism. America, too, is a nation that is a work in progress in this regard. I came across this quote in reference to social identity that makes you think; linguistics professor Deborah Tannen: "We all know we are unique individuals, but we tend to see others as representatives of groups. It's a natural tendency, since we must see the world in patterns in order to make sense of it; we wouldn't be able to deal with the daily onslaught of people and objects if we couldn't predict a lot about them and feel that we know who and what they are. But this natural and useful ability to see patterns of similarity has unfortunate consequences. It is offensive to reduce an identity to a category, and it's also misleading."
  • Those braziers and cooking pots, he had said, "and the tools that must have been needed to build the steps and to dig their graves, prove that they know how to work in iron. If it is not done in these caverns, then they get it from some other similar community. But I think it likely that we shall come upon some signs of the work hereabouts."
  • Complyobiological quality of water leaving treatment works the company complied with the sampling frequencies required by regulation 17 at its treatment works in 1999.
  • That four by four. Notice the panels on top? They're wings that can pop out for this to act as an aircraft. The boot has thrusters inside, so open the boot, push a button and, voila, ya got yourselves a space shuttle, just a miniature one. It worked in ninety percent of our tests, Tao explained.
  • The members were all present excepting Polly, who had declined coming down to make her own defense, and Esther, who was still at work in New York. The two Field girls, Juliet and Beatrice, completed the original number, as they were both in Woodford for the winter attending the High School. Rose Dyer, with Faith's hand tight in hers, appeared uneasy and distressed. In her rle of Camp Fire Guardian she was not assured of the wisdom of their proceedings and could find no precedent for it among other Camp Fire clubs. However, Miss McMurtry had consented to join their meeting and, as she had been the original and was now the head Guardian of all the clubs in Woodford, the responsibility might honestly be shared with her.
  • Her voice was weaker, so I moistened her lips with the brandy again, and she continued, but it seemed as though her memory had gone on working in the interval for her story was further advanced. I was about to call her back to the point, but Van Helsing whispered to me, 'Let her go on. Do not interrupt her. She cannot go back, and maybe could not proceed at all if once she lost the thread of her thought.'
  • Oh! In the far west, yes! But it is a God-forsaken country! I don't know much about it, I confess. I know they are booming town lots all over the land. I believe they have gone quite mad in the business, but from what I hear, the main work in the west just now is jaw work; the only thing they raise is corner lots.
  • In February 2004, Pope John Paul II was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize honouring his life's work in opposing Communist oppression and helping to reshape the world.
  • This was the way General Gordon greeted his boys, when they rode up beside the stump on which he was seated, superintending the negroes who were at work in the field.
  • Many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are working to solve this problem; however, most are far apart, uncoordinated, and working in isolation. The Sub-Saharan Africa NGO Consortium is attempting to coordinate efforts.
  • Rose still at work in the big department store, is one day faced with the greatest problem of her life. A tale of mystery as well as exciting girlish happenings.
  • This was Greek to Pat, whose acquaintance with automobiles was too recent for him to appreciate the importance of a license number at a time like this. But Sparrer had not practiced taking automobile numbers in the rush hours at Madison Square for nothing. It had been only fun there, by way of training his eyes to quick and sure observation. Now as a result eye and brain worked in unison and almost automatically and despite the speed of the car he got the number as surely as if it had been at a standstill.
  • The next morning Nathan drove Simon to the airport where they wished each other luck on their new beginning. Nathan was now alone, just like in those first few days when he had arrived in Paris. He continued working in the same line of work and all was going well, but a part of him felt like something was missing. He made a good living and saved a good amount of money, but he lived few new experiences. The days went by, each the same as the previous, with the same routine and monotony.
  • Sometimes it seemed to him that there was some invisible force working in him, drawing and drawing him against the dictates of his heart. He had experienced this feeling back in California, and had fought against it for weeks, without avail. And frequently now, when alone and undisturbed, he could see the old guru, shaking with the venom of his wrath, the blood dripping from his lacerated fingers, which he shook in the colonel's face flecking it with blood. A curse. It was so. He must obey that invincible will; he must go on and on.
  • Next morning Frank and his friends went out to choose their claim. As we have said, the Bigbear Gully was not at that time generally known. A comparatively small number of diggers had set to work in it, and they were careful to avoid giving much information to "prospecting," or searching parties, because they knew that if the richness of the soil were known, there would be a general rush to it from all quarters. There was therefore no lack of unoccupied ground.
  • Sespian withdrew a folded paper from his pocket. He opened it and placed it on the table before his guest. Lakecrest leaned forward. It was Dunn's now-complete list of men working in Fort Urgot and the Imperial Barracks who were loyal to Hollowcrest. When Lakecrest's frown gave way to a slack-jawed gape, Sespian felt a thrum of satisfaction in his breast.
  • There had been no change and no warning of that conclusion. Whatever process had been working in her body, since the day when her inner being had been caught with the Stone into the Unity, closed quietly and suddenly. The purgation of her flesh accomplished itself, and it was by apparent chance that Arglay was with her when it ceased. He had paused by the bedside before going to his own room next to hers for the night. As he looked he saw one of those recurrent tremors shake her, but this time it was not confined to one side but swept over the whole body. From head to foot a vibration passed through her; she sighed deeply, and murmured something indistinguishable. So, on the moment, she died.
  • "Im with you on that one, but this one will probably work in pharmaceutical sales," Kathy replied as she pulled Barbara Grays file.
  • It was a curious thing how the "personality" of the bushes appeared to affect them all. Saltire at his work gave the impression of a fighter concentrating on the defeat of an enemy. Roddy would dance for joy before each staggering bush. The impassivity of the natives departed from them when they stood about the funeral pyres, and clapping of hands and warlike chanting went heavenward with the smoke. Christine and Roddy often lingered to watch these rejoicings; indeed, it was impossible at any time to get the boy past Saltire and his gang without a halt. The English girl, while standing somewhat aloof, would nevertheless not conceal from herself the interest she felt in the forestry man's remarks, not only on the common enemy, but his work in general.
  • In a town, if she is lucky, she could perhaps work in a shop or become a hairdresser.
  • Boys are natural born collectors. They are interrogation points, full of curiosity, like the "man from Missouri," they want to know. The wise leader will say, "Let us find out some thing about this tree, or plant, or bird, or whatever it may be, and together we will be learners." The textbook method will not work in a boys' camp. "Go find me a flower" is the true method, and let us see what it is. Nature study books and leaflets should be used merely as guides, not as texts.
  • Only the previous night (Easter Sunday) at prayers in the cottage, we had been discussing the fact that the soul was entirely separate from the body, that Christ's idea of the body as the temple in which the soul dwells is so amply borne out by modern science. We had talked of thoughts from that admirable book, "Brain and Personality," by Dr. Thompson of New York, and also of the same subject in the light of a recent operation performed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital by Dr. Harvey Cushing. The doctor had removed from a man's brain two large cystic tumors without giving the man an ansthetic, and the patient had kept up a running conversation with him all the while the doctor's fingers were working in his brain. It had seemed such a striking proof that ourselves and our bodies are two absolutely different things.
  • Emissions research focusing upon test methodologies and the instrumentation to measure small particulates is significant and builds upon previous work in this area.
  • Just now the Boy Scouts in Belgium have a good many other things to bother them besides missing an occasional meal, explained Rob. "They have been taken over by the military authorities and are doing splendid work in heaps of ways."
  • I pondered over his words and his experience, and talked about them with my good wife, and we decided to go. Our loving friends were startled at our resolve, but soon gave us their benedictions, united to tangible evidences of their regard. A blessed peace filled our souls, and we longed to be away and at work in the new field which had so suddenly opened before us.
  • "Drink the coffee, Senor Bond. It is the very best in the world. You should know, senor, that before coming to Cuba to work in the sugar mills I lived in Colombia. The coffee of my native land is guarded by friendly shade trees on Andes mountains and only the most worthy aged beans and the finest green beans are ..."
  • Peru was taken by the Spaniards three hundred years ago from the native Indians, who lived happily under their own princes and chiefs. The latter were treated with the greatest cruelty and injustice by their conquerors, and compelled to work in the silver and copper mines which exist along the whole range of the Andes. The Spaniards were, in their turn, dispossessed of the government of the country by the descendants of the early settlers, who were assisted by the natives and the people descended from natives and Spaniard. Unhappily, the Roman Catholic religion is established throughout the whole of Chili and Peru, for the history of the two countries is nearly the same; and the people have the characteristics which are to be found wherever that religion prevails. The great mass are ignorant and superstitious; their priests, of whom there are great numbers, grossly impose on their credulity.
  • Glad to find you here in Bridgeton, Mr. Smedley, Randolph again said, his voice like oil and his manner confident and condescending. "I received the notification from you when over in France working in a secret capacity for the Government."
  • "Try it now," she said, standing up and stretching her back muscles. The Ford was high enough to tax her back. She needed a footstool to be able to work in the engine compartment without climbing up on the bumper and hanging over the side of the radiator like a sack lying over a fence.
  • The forged metalwork is by alan evans who works in gloucestershire and continues the tradition of british artist blacksmiths.
  • Codac recruits, trains and support community based volunteers to work in the community based volunteers to work in the community with disadvantaged groups and individuals.
  • "Well, look at that!" As they watched, dozens of pixies all working in a co-ordinated effort, were running a very weird pumping system. It was actually a large bag in the shape of a cube, made of some sort of tough material and apparently coated with a substance to make it air-proof. The flat roof was stitched to a heavy bamboo frame as was the floor of the cube. The floor was secured to the ground by means of heavy rocks weighing down the perimeter of the bottom frame. The roof frame also had smaller rocks piled on top. This roof was attached to a rope hoisted over a pulley hung from a large tree. As the rope was being pulled up and down by dozens of volunteers, this caused a pumping action, like the bellows used by a blacksmith. As the roof lifted the bag expanded, and swamp gas was sucked in through a nozzle at the bottom of the bag. When the ropes went slack, the stones on the roof of the bag flattened it, to expel the gas under pressure through some contraption attached to the inlet of one of the gas bottles.
  • I've seen the Cathedral more times than I could begin to count. I worked in the open area between it and Jackson Square during the day, reading cards for tourists and locals alike. The ghost tours do a little spiel near the gates of the Square before heading down Pere Antoine Alley where it's said a ghostly funeral procession sometimes passes during intense storms.
  • Since then I have written well over three filing cabinets full of book forewords, with more work in the wings. It's funny how life can pull a detour sign out from behind its back and send you down a two-lane country road in the middle of nowhere. But I really can't complain. Oh, I've still never been able to finish that novel I started - the one about aliens living among us, intended to fix some of the problems with the movie we saw as teenagers - but there's always a desire to make room for a good story.
  • I insisted on rebutting this. I told him that I had absolutely the greatest respect for him. I was not a traitor, but a disciple. I only critiqued his work in order to extend it, not denounce it. He himself, I pointed out, had made many of the same criticisms of his earlier work in his new book that would soon be coming out.
  • David was now anxious to get married immediately. It will be remembered that he had bought a horse; but he had not paid for it. The only property he had, except the coarse clothes upon his back, was a rifle. All the land in that neighborhood was taken up. He did not even own an axe with which to build him a log cabin. It would be necessary for him to hire some deserted shanty, and borrow such articles as were indispensable. Nothing could be done to any advantage without a horse. To diminish the months which he had promised to work in payment for the animal, he threw in his rifle.
  • There are now some 12,000 people working in commercial horticulture.
  • Why would the Shadow warn me that I shouldnt wake the angels when I didnt even have the power to do it? Andrew, lying next to me in the dark, was quiet. The complete silence was broken by the whirring of the heater, and I jumped. My mind wasnt working in this tired state; my thoughts were nothing more than an incoherent babble in my brain.
  • Now based at babcock bes, graeme works in the business process improvement team developing the estimating and tendering process for naval ship refit.
  • The first shrill cry had reached the Master, as he sat at work in his study. Down the slope he came running; and stopped in slack-jawed amaze at the tableau in front of him.
  • Since the 20th century, the individual fields of physics have become increasingly specialized, and today most physicists work in a single field for their entire careers. "Universalists" such as Albert Einstein (18791955) and Lev Landau (19081968), who worked in multiple fields of physics, are now very rare.
  • Gasworks residency staff are keen to discuss works in progress and assist in sourcing materials, offering local knowledge, contacts and creative input.
  • "Theyre the middle castes, the ones who do the work in a village. Carpenters, potters, weavers, barbers. They serve the high castes and each other. The barber shaves the potter; the potter makes his vessels. The Brahmins here probably wont sell them any land, so theyll always be poor. Thats why the middle castes live in houses of mud and thatch instead of brick. And below them are the unclean castes. Sweepers, servants, shoemakers."
  • We all who work in ci have seen it: the old ci hand who has gotten a bit spooky.
  • Unexpectedly Mirie was overwhelmed by the scent of lavender and clover and sunshine, all wrapped up into one. It caught her by surprise and her eyes went wide. She backed up another step and shook her head slightly to clear her head. The Committee wasnt going to appreciate that their surveillance had gone so far south. Furthermore, if she had to kill one of the Elfish court to free herself because of her inability to focus, they were probably going to put her in a magicked cage or have her working in the lowest basement for the next thirty years. Or worse they would give her to the Elfish court for their brand of retribution.
  • If visas for highly -skilled workers were the only issue on the table, Democrats and Republicans could solve it fairly quickly. The GOP would need a little time to convince the staunchest conservatives to sign on. Democrats would have to win over unions, but that might not be too difficult because most science and engineering grads work in fields with few union jobs, anyway.
  • The character and conduct of this man attracted the attention of Captain Bonneville, and he was anxious to hear the reason why he had deserted his tribe, and why he looked back upon them with such deadly hostility. Kosato told him his own story briefly: it gives a picture of the deep, strong passions that work in the bosoms of these miscalled stoics.
  • The rough-hewn tunnels beneath Ohmahold often intersected with other tunnels and passages. After only a few turns, Catrin was completely lost. Several times, they passed monks working in the mines, using mules to pull cartloads of salt and ore.
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