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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • Now, he stood in front of his work in progress, adding a stroke here and a brush stroke there, trying to perfect it. He hoped that finishing the painting would free his mind of the morbid, yet beautifully glistening waterfall of blood for good. The only problem was that the fool saw the killer's face in his mind's eye. It peeked out from behind the tapestry, staring straight at him.
  • The weight of the wand fit me exactly. I felt as if it were a part of me. "A young seeker as magical as one young wizard can get," was written and it was mine. Sorcery was at work in this forest.
  • "I'm no soldier. I draw the pay and rations of an officer of the line, but I do my work in the woods. Valannus knows I'm of more use ranging along the river than cooped up in the fort."
  • This base camp made working in what could have been impossible conditions quite bearable.
  • It took several nights to learn all this, and, as he did not want to take any one into his confidence, he had to work in secret. But, with all his efforts he learned nothing, save that there was something odd about the ship that he could not fathom.
  • "Before I was drafted I tried registering as a conscientious objector but since I didnt belong to a church my draft board laughed in my face. Then after I was drafted there was a chance Id stay stateside. After I got my orders for Vietnam, I met this guy who spend his year working in the Saigon Post Office. He lived in a hotel and shacked up with a Chinese girl the whole time. I figured I was bound to get lucky someday but when I got here and found out where I was assigned it was too late."
  • You are of much kindness to me, replied the other, while he tried to regain control of his feelings. "My name is Hugo Kesterberg. I used to live in New York, where I did work in a German importing house. I have been in dis country not long, so I speak not der language so goot."
  • Meanwhile they were progressing famously, and John Bunsby was in high hope. He several times assured Mr. Fogg that they would reach Shanghai in time; to which that gentleman responded that he counted upon it. The crew set to work in good earnest, inspired by the reward to be gained. There was not a sheet which was not tightened not a sail which was not vigorously hoisted; not a lurch could be charged to the man at the helm. They worked as desperately as if they were contesting in a Royal yacht regatta.
  • Chequerd example of east anglian building is the guildhall, whose frontage is of checker work in limestone with flint.
  • Have you not thought of this`? Although you serve without slacking in the heaviest work in this world out of fear of imprisonment, does the fear of an eternal incarceration like Hell not fill you with enthusiasm for a most light and agreeable act of service?
  • "We know you were there and we know that you are busy, but we need to talk to you Arkin. Whats wrong? Its obvious that you havent been working in the last few days. The air in the shop and your face are free of dust." As she spoke she gestured around the room.
  • ...Roman, that you have an enormous amount of experience in the field of telecommunications. Why would you want to work in our sports-hospitality oriented firm?
  • Annie smiled. "I suppose if women worked in a factory all day, they couldnt very well do household chores. There would be no time."
  • He flipped through the list quickly and went back to the one with a star next to it and a note in the margin: Father and grandfather both worked in the Egyptian antiquities market before they were rounded up in 1981 by Egyptian authorities as suspected members of El-Jihad.
  • But what might work in concert halls or aboard ships might not work within companies or government, according to Mr Edelman.
  • Opportune moment to have stronger links between ngos working in latin america.
  • "Honestly, I had nothing. I told them not to ask." He chuckled anxiously. "I mean, it isnt like I can tell them that I went through a portal and ended up in Italyeven if I do work in Paranormal Investigations. My boss would ask me how many hallucinogenic mushrooms had I eaten."
  • As father lived in a hired house I had my own time, during my vacations when I was not going to school. One man was quite displeased with me, because I refused to work for him for sixpence a day. Another man for whom I did work in haying, and spread hay after two or three mowers and raked after, never paid me anything. I supposed he would give me eighteen cents or two shillings a day. I worked for him four days; he was a rich man at that time. I wanted father to ask him for it for me, but he said if the man wasn't a mind to pay it let him go.
  • Many people are already used to district council employed parking attendants who work in off-street car parks.
  • Winter set in in three weeks after Godfrey reached Kara, and the work at the mine had to be abandoned. As much employment as possible was made for the convicts. Some were sent out to aid in bringing in the trees that had been felled during the previous winter for firewood, others sawed the wood up and split it into billets for the stoves, other parties went out into the forest to fell trees for the next winter's fires. Some were set to whitewash the houses, a process that was done five times a year; but in spite of all this there was not work for half the number. The time hung very heavily on the hands of those who were unemployed. Godfrey was not of this number, for as soon as the work at the mine terminated he received an order to work in the office as a clerk.
  • Northeast of Stanleyville lie the most important gold mines in the Colony. The precious metal was discovered accidentally some years ago in the gravel of small rivers west of Lake Albert, and near the small towns of Kilo and Moto. Four mines are now worked in this vicinity, two by the Government and two by a private company. At the outbreak of the war this area was on the verge of considerable development which has just been resumed. At the time of my visit all these mines were placers and the operation was rather primitive. With modern machinery and enlarged white staffs will come a pretentious exploitation. The Government mines alone yield more than $2,000,000 worth of gold every year. Shortly before my arrival in the Congo what was heralded as the largest gold nugget ever discovered was found in the Kilo State Mine. It weighed twelve pounds.
  • It was in the year 1826. The Government was engaged in an effort to put down bands of assassins by whom the most terrific atrocities had been committed, and I was appointed to conduct the work in the district of Agra."
  • So, on the whole, it was well with them, very well; and Patrasche, meeting on the highway or in the public streets the many dogs who toiled from daybreak into nightfall, paid only with blows and curses, and loosened from the shafts with a kick to starve and freeze as best they might-- Patrasche in his heart was very grateful to his fate, and thought it the fairest and the kindliest the world could hold. Though he was often very hungry indeed when he lay down at night; though he had to work in the heats of summer noons and the rasping chills of winter dawns; though his feet were often tender with wounds from the sharp edges of the jagged pavement; though he had to perform tasks beyond his strength and against his nature--yet he was grateful and content: he did his duty with each day, and the eyes that he loved smiled down on him. It was sufficient for Patrasche.
  • Balashev found Davout seated on a barrel in the shed of a peasant's hut, writing--he was auditing accounts. Better quarters could have been found him, but Marshal Davout was one of those men who purposely put themselves in most depressing conditions to have a justification for being gloomy. For the same reason they are always hard at work and in a hurry. "How can I think of the bright side of life when, as you see, I am sitting on a barrel and working in a dirty shed?" the expression of his face seemed to say. The chief pleasure and necessity of such men, when they encounter anyone who shows animation, is to flaunt their own dreary, persistent activity. Davout allowed himself that pleasure when Balashev was brought in. He became still more absorbed in his task when the Russian general entered, and after glancing over his spectacles at Balashev's face, which was animated by the beauty of the morning and by his talk with Murat, he did not rise or even stir, but scowled still more and sneered malevolently.
  • It worried me I should connect the image of Eadie with Sarah, and I couldnt shrug it off. All the time Id spent trying to get her to work in an academic way her personality had dominated, now it was even tingeing these images of Edward. Yet of the real Sarah there was neither sight nor sound, since prompting that first vision on the road she had comprehensively disappeared.
  • Thorpe knew that their restless spirits would soon tire of the monotony of work without ultimate interest. Ordinarily the hope of a big cut is sufficient to keep men of the right sort working for a record. But these men had no such hope--the camp was too small, and they were too few. Thorpe adopted the expedient, now quite common, of posting the results of each day's work in the men's shanty.
  • This program builds on the strength of our work in the field of visual ethnography.
  • Before his leave in port was ended Dave and Belle met "Mr. and Mrs. Launce" and learned that they were really the Earl and Countess of Denby. After her awful experience in the water the countess's health remained impaired for months, so the noble couple gave up the idea of spy work and turned their energies toward Red Cross work in France and Italy.
  • Some promoters worked in partnership sharing major artists that helped in raising the profile of the smaller fetes.
  • They passed the house where the overseer had lived when he was on the island with the crew of men who worked in the quarry--they were again hidden from view.
  • While his brain was academically and technologically advanced, his human emotions were still very much a work in progress. He and Kayla were so in sync that he knew she wasn't revealing the entire truth. The smirk on her face the previous week revealed the joy of victory, combined with the knowledge that a secret had been safely kept in the vault.
  • The last time they were there, the men were at work in the bottom of the oozy dike, where a little water lay, soaked out of the sides; but now, right away to the flood-gates, there was a glistening lane of water, the open ditch resembling a long canal in which a barge could have been sailed.
  • "But I know the truth!" said Cliff, the sparkle returning to his eyes. "My grandfathers and all my forefish before me have worked in this castle. More than a hundred generations ago, my great-great-great-great-greatyou get the ideamy great-great-great grandfather was a devoted servant to Saerin himself. He was in charge of bringing apples up to the tower everyday. Well, my fathers fathers told him and my father told me that when Saerin left, there was only one thing on his mind."
  • Laura looked away from me. "When the time is right, Ill drink the potion and walk into the sea. And... Ill just hope that it works in reverse."
  • On the last day of July a few of us met together in Gibson's rooms, those neat, white rooms in Balliol that overlook St Giles. Naymier, the Pole, was certain that Armageddon was coming. He proved it conclusively in the Quad with the aid of large maps and a dissertation on potatoes. He also showed us the probable course of the war. We lived in strained excitement. Things were too big to grasp. It was just the other day that 'The Blue Book,' most respectable of Oxford magazines, had published an article showing that a war between Great Britain and Germany was almost unthinkable. It had been written by an undergraduate who had actually been at a German university. Had the multitudinous Anglo-German societies at Oxford worked in vain? The world came crashing round our ears. Naymier was urgent for an Oxford or a Balliol Legion--I do not remember which--but we could not take him seriously. Two of us decided that we were physical cowards, and would not under any circumstances enlist. The flower of Oxford was too valuable to be used as cannon-fodder.
  • "Of course I was aware that I was working in a slight depression, but as a matter of fact it never occurred to me that this would make any especial difference. I was surprised, certainly, at the strength of the tide as it flowed in, and I remember a little later wondering whether it was spring tide and not being able to find any reason for the heavy flow, but it was only casually that the matter occurred to me at all. Few minutes elapsed, however, before I realized that any greater increase of depth would be a really serious matter. The water was already above my knees and increasing at an alarming rate. I think I have shown you how hard it is to get through that stuff, and to cross a hundred yards of tule grass is a matter of half an hour's work. Still, at any moment, I thought the water would reach its maximum and I felt ashamed to start back after all the labor of reaching the point where I then was.
  • I had been around universities my entire life. My mother started working in one when I was six, and since then, I have hardly ever been very far away from them. I clearly recognized the speech form. I had heard many very learned people speak very learned things. Yet, it seemed that there was more of a spirit of learning in hima very noble and brave and pure kind of this pursuit of what is realthan I had ever seen in a person, or ever thought about seeing.
  • We werent back to work in five or ten, not even twenty or thirty. After forty-five minutes, most of the office had reverted back to childhood, throwing paper air planes and making up pointless games to pass the time. It was nice. By this point, even the phones werent working. They all tied into the computers and when the backup ran out of juice we were off the hook for all things Riders. Larry came around and told us all that the power company said that it was going to be another two hours, so we all were to take a super extended lunch that was paid and we didnt even have to make it up.
  • Finally, he ran out of excuses and disguised himself as a peasant boy. He waited for a family to leave, then tagged along to blend in. It had always worked in the past. Not ten paces into the busy street the girl dropped down on him with the flying skill of a master.
  • So, my girlfriend Katie and I moved down here from Missouri. I intended to find writing work in a warmer climate. This place, Doctors Landing, is small, but Kingsboro, FL is nearbycity of two million people, three military bases, tech industries on the rise. Figured at least I could get some tech writing work, freelance the rest of the time.
  • Although the importance of his discoveries was not realised at this time, Cook was given command of two new ships, the Resolution and Adventure, provisioned for a year for "a voyage to remote parts," a few months later. And the old Endeavour went back to her collier work in the North Sea.
  • But the boy, facing the other prisoners, has suddenly become very distressed. "Nonow, alack, theres other work in hand!—I see something bitter to me as death! Your life, good master, must shuffle for a while…."
  • When he reached his apartment the parking lot was dark. The security light was burnt out again. The building was in poor repair, but it was cheap and he didn't complain. He walked slowly to the front door and stopped to look up at the sign, slightly leaning, slightly dirty and slightly broken. It said: WILL T WERS, with several letters missing. He sighed and entered, heading for the stairs. The elevator hadn't worked in years and all the tenants lived on the first five floors. The upper five floors were deserted and many of the windows were broken and covered in plywood. His apartment was the only one on the fifth floor.
  • On this day there came up from the south MacDonald, the government map maker. He was gray and grizzled, with a great, free laugh and a clean heart. Two days he remained with Pierrot. He told Nepeese of his daughters at home, of their mother, whom he worshiped more than anything else on earth--and before he went on in his quest of the last timber line of Banksian pine, he took pictures of the Willow as he had first seen her on her birthday: her hair piled in glossy coils, her red dress, the high-heeled shoes. He carried the negatives on with him, promising Pierrot that he would get a picture back in some way. Thus fate works in its strange and apparently innocent ways as it spins its webs of tragedy.
  • Even though I had known Chris for the better part of nine months, I had a good idea about who he was and what he stood for. That all flew out the window in the four weeks that Chris went out with Diane. I spent nearly every night in the suite waiting for the two of them to emerge from one of their sweaty sessions. I found sitting on the comfortable couch in the suite a better studying alternative to sitting in my dorm room. Not only was I able to finish all of my work in the two hours I was usually out there, it also gave me an opportunity to be more visible to women walking near our suite.
  • But now, on top of everything, you have brought me disgrace-- because you broke into his safe to-night for THAT? He would and will accuse me. I have heard of you--the Gray Seal--you have done a pitiful night's work in your greed for that thing there.
  • The hole was partly filled with coarse sand and gravel; and, since gold is so heavy that it will sink down through sand and gravel until it comes to something more solid, all this had to be thrown off before they could hope to come to pay-dirt, which is usually a thin layer of gravel or clay lying on top of the bed-rock. Ham was now digging down to this bed-rock; and, when he reached it, he would throw a few shovels of the dirt directly on its top into a gold-pan, and then a few minutes' washing of the dirt in the pan would show whether or not they had struck gold. The hole he was digging was not large enough for more than one man to work in it at a time, consequently the others formed a circle around Ham and watched his progress with faces feverish with excitement, any one of them ready the moment Ham tired to seize a shovel and jump into the hole in his place. But the shoveling was not hard and the sturdy muscles of Ham did not tire.
  • But by the time that the boy had reached this northern limit of spruce he had lost all idea of time. The days and nights seemed one perpetual nightmare. When asleep he dreamed that he was wading, or tracking, or poling, and when awake he felt as though he were working in his sleep. It seemed to him that he had spent years and years on an icy river, and that fate had tied him to it for ever and ever.
  • The media is full of reports of minors and women lured from their villages by promises of a good life as maids in the cities. They are often sent by agencies to work in homes in Delhi, and its satellite towns such as Noida and Gurgaon, where they face a myriad of abuses.
  • "Curious. So do we keep her ignorant or do we facilitate a family reunion?" Karl liked to ask these kinds of rhetorical questions. "I think we should keep her ignorant. It works in our interest. If she knows too much it will be more difficult for us to get her to do whats required. I dont need to remind any of you that we are running out of time."
  • She was cute, too, with uncommon grey eyes and a classical figure that she was probably trying to trim down to skinny. Not much chance of that, working in a bakery, Poe felt.
  • The ample bonus the government had awarded them for their singularly clever work in rescuing Lieutenant Chapin, the inventor of Chapinite, by their aeroplane Golden Eagle II, had supplied them with ample funds for their trip.
  • But there is. That is the very point. The facts always smash youth's logic, and they usually smash youth's heart, too. It's like platonic friendships and . . . and all such things; they are all right in theory, but they won't work in practice. I used to believe in such things once. That is why I am here in the Solomons at present.
  • I've worked at a press, said Jack. "I'm something of a printer. I'm sure I can do that work. It's like a press I used to run when I worked in that business."
  • "No, not on the face of it," admitted Thorpe. "But you did your work in a navigable stream for private purposes, without the consent of the Board of Control. Your presence on the river is illegal. You should have taken out a charter as an Improvement Company. Then as long as you 'tended to business and kept the concern in repair, we'd have paid you a toll per thousand feet. As soon as you let it slide, however, the works would revert to the State. I won't hinder your doing that yet; although I might. Take out your charter and fix your rate of toll."
  • Last time we visited the mill we met a woman who worked in a textile mill in leeds almost 50 years ago.
  • Argentine literature of that period was fiercely nationalist. It was followed by the modernist movement, which emerged in France in the late 19th century, and this period in turn was followed by vanguardism, with Ricardo Güiraldes as an important reference. Jorge Luis Borges, its most acclaimed writer, found new ways of looking at the modern world in metaphor and philosophical debate and his influence has extended to writers all over the globe. Borges is most famous for his works in short stories such as Ficciones and The Aleph.
  • Impressionistic portrait of the underpaid girls working in a parisian fashion house.
  • The older sandstone remains weathered and discolored and recent repair work in fine grained yellow ashlar is clearly visible.
  • 'By your letter to Minas last night. I was in doubt, and then everything took a hue of unreality, and I did not know what to trust, even the evidence of my own senses. Not knowing what to trust, I did not know what to do, and so had only to keep on working in what had hitherto been the groove of my life. The groove ceased to avail me, and I mistrusted myself. Doctor, you don't know what it is to doubt everything, even yourself. No, you don't, you couldn't with eyebrows like yours.'
  • I was king of DIY though, I could have published a book on it. I would have left the pages blank and sold it with a pen. I was relishing building my kitchen and was glad when Marvin left, leaving me, Krueger and Elly alone. The three of us worked in unison putting the cupboards together. Krueger must have thought it was too easy as he kept nicking my screwdriver, that or he wanted to do it all by himself.
  • All inspections are carried out by professionally qualified archivists with experience of working in a record office.
  • Inkoosi, he said, when he had scraped away the tears produced by the snuff, "I have come to ask you a favour. You heard Umbezi say to-day that he will not give me his daughter, Mameena, unless I give him a hundred head of cows. Now, I have not got the cattle, and I cannot earn them by work in many years. Therefore I must take them from a certain tribe I know which is at war with the Zulus. But this I cannot do unless I have a gun. If I had a good gun, Inkoosi--one that only goes off when it is asked, and not of its own fancy, I who have some name could persuade a number of men whom I know, who once were servants of my father, or their sons, to be my companions in this venture."
  • As the wall mounted clock clicked past 11.30am, she sent her completed expose to Jim Buchanan by internal Email, unaware that he, too, had been at his own desk for some time mulling over his own take on this episode. Whereas she had worked in silence at one end of a very large office, Buchanan had been in his own office at the other end, accompanied by a large supply of coffee, and with CNN on the TV. It was he, therefore, who caught the press conference in Canberra, and therefore he that was aware that something newsworthy was finally to result from all this frustration. Just as the conference came to an abrupt end, a pop-up window on his computer announced receipt of an Email. It was obvious straight away that it has been sent internally, and he rushed out into the main office and in the direction of Caroline's desk.
  • Self-study booklets ] a group project involves working in a team to complete a task.
  • "Dooley knew the communists real well because he used to work in North Vietnam and Laos setting up medical clinics and training medics to run them. In one of his books he described how the communists ruined one of his clinics and massacred all of his staff. They called his medicstraitorsfor cooperating with a westerner and lined them up in front of the whole village and cut the tendons in the backs of their legs. When they got tired of watching them crawl in the dirt, they cut off their heads with machetes and stuck them up on poles to rot in the sun. That was a warning to Dooley and any other Laotian who might think of helping them."
  • "Again, that was the theory. But the theory doesnt work in practice in this case, because the proteins used on both the ELISA and Western Blot are the same and have been proven to cross-react with antibodies to other diseases and conditions. In fact, no one is supposed to take a Western Blot test without having at least two prior positive ELISA tests, because the Western Blot produces too many false positives by itself. According to one study in 1993, there was as much as a forty-percent chance of having a false result on a Western Blot by itself."
  • "Hard-handed men that work in Athens, here, who never laboured in their minds till now, and now have toiled their unexercised memories with this same play, against your nuptials."
  • Mike Hedrick lives and works in Boulder, CO. His work has appeared in a number of different publications. 'Connections' is his first novel. It is based on his own experiences with mental illness.
  • "Wait a minute." The look on his face turned arrogant. "You mean to tell me that you work in the computer department and you dont know the front side bus on this machines processor."
  • Millenniumthat deposits of silver were worked in iran from the fourth millenium bc.
  • Mr Barclay looked wildly from one to the other, asking himself whether all this was some dream. Who were these men? Where the elderly Misses Mimpriss? And what was the meaning of Adela Mimpriss being on such terms with the injured man, who looked as if he had been working in some mine?
  • All right; step lively now. We want to raise that waterline 'igh enough to work in the waves before we reach th' Channel.
  • It turned up everywhere where anybody was trying to describe the way things work in nature.. .
  • "Yes, but I have to go to work in a little while, and I won't be able to help you with it then. You can watch TV while I'm working."
  • Violet Oliver faltered out some beginnings of an excuse. She did not want to bring him away from his work in Chiltistan. But Shere Ali was not listening to the excuses.
  • Traditionally, silversmiths mostly made "silverware" (cutlery, tableware, bowls, candlesticks and such). Only in more recent times has silversmithing become mainly work in jewelry, as much less solid silver tableware is now handmade.
  • Meanwhile, in one corner, Phoebe launched into an enthusiastic conversation with Liam. She gushed about the bash she had thrown last week at her flat in Maida Vale. The lovely, but strange Elspeth Williams had been therethe Elspeth Williams who was tipped for this years Turner Prize. Phoebe waxed lyrical about how Elspeth was working in the media of "found" crisp packets.
  • The members were all present excepting Polly, who had declined coming down to make her own defense, and Esther, who was still at work in New York. The two Field girls, Juliet and Beatrice, completed the original number, as they were both in Woodford for the winter attending the High School. Rose Dyer, with Faith's hand tight in hers, appeared uneasy and distressed. In her rle of Camp Fire Guardian she was not assured of the wisdom of their proceedings and could find no precedent for it among other Camp Fire clubs. However, Miss McMurtry had consented to join their meeting and, as she had been the original and was now the head Guardian of all the clubs in Woodford, the responsibility might honestly be shared with her.
  • Dry, said Brummy, promptly. He had a theory that the wet side of the chip, being presumably heaviest, was more likely to fall downwards; but this time it was "wet" up three times in succession. Brummy ignored Swampy's hand thrown out in hearty congratulation; and next morning he went to work in the shed. Swampy camped down the river, and Brummy supplied him with a cheap pair of moleskin trousers, tucker and tobacco. The shed cut out within three weeks and the two sundowners took the track again, Brummy with two pounds odd in his pocket--he having negotiated his cheque at the shed.
  • So I write to you in care of the last address I have record of for your west coast friend. I hope your work in fighting for the rights of the migrant workers, or for the oppressed of all stripes, is making a difference and giving you a sense of accomplishment. I am proud of you, so very proud. Always was and always have been, I just forgot to notice it in myself- I hope you realize this. I hope this letter finds you well. I love you Jamie.
  • 1.E.6. You may convert to and distribute this work in any binary, compressed, marked up, nonproprietary or proprietary form, including any word processing or hypertext form. However, if you provide access to or distribute copies of a Project Gutenberg-tm work in a format other than "Plain Vanilla ASCII" or other format used in the official version posted on the official Project Gutenberg-tm web site (www.gutenberg.org), you must, at no additional cost, fee or expense to the user, provide a copy, a means of exporting a copy, or a means of obtaining a copy upon request, of the work in its original "Plain Vanilla ASCII" or other form. Any alternate format must include the full Project Gutenberg-tm License as specified in paragraph 1.E.1.
  • My name is Ned. I guess I came here because someone told me I should, because I've worked in a factory for thirty years and last week they told me that if I wanted to stay, they were going to have to demote me. I never really liked anybody, I mean people in general, but this young woman at the factory, I like her ok, I guess. Well, she told me about Odyssey and how it could help me get more out of my job and my life and that I should go sign up. Told her I didn't have the money for that and she told me to take a good look around, that I didn't have much to lose and how I'd reached the end of my rope and she was right. So, I signed up and here I am.
  • Mother made a garment for father to work in which he called his frock. It was made of linen cloth that she brought from the State of New York. It was like a shirt only the sleeves were short. They reached half way to his elbows. This he wore, in place of a shirt, when working hard in warm weather. Southeast of the house father dug into the ground and made him an out door cellar, in which we kept our potatoes through the winter without freezing them. We found it very convenient.
  • Disqualifyme cases the pct can apply for that contractor to be nationally disqualified from working in that role.
  • Summers rage was building, "If you dont get off of me, my shoe is going to work in mysterious ways against your holy balls!"
  • "Thank you, but you need not worry. Maureen and Sally are doing a fine job of setting out all the food with the help of one of the field hands. I do not remember his name, the poor fellow…" She said with a chuckle. "He was quite displeased at having to work in the kitchen." She came back from the corner and smoothed the wrinkles out of the skirt of her gown as she seated herself back on the edge of the bed.
  • "Farewell! I will obey to the death, and if success can be earned we will earn it. If not, you shall hear of the Ariel's work in Russia before the week is out."
  • "I over see our P.I. lab in Washington. For the most part I stay out of the labs. They creep me out, especially the experimental ones." He shook his head at some thought he must have had. "I mostly work in the field, overseeing the majority of our investigations. Usually my cases involve horrific deaths that have been suspected to be of the paranormal persuasion."
  • It will be done, the director answered, "but not in my time nor in yours. It is a piece of work in which every step counts, and just one summer's work may bring results that will help millions of people in the years yet to come."
  • What if they ruled against me? What if I was forced to join the evil that worked in here? Their spells were endless and powerful. The power of the dark magic was cunning and treacherous. It might overcome me.
  • Poe, who worked in the immigration and citizenship department in the building across the streetonce the post office, now a collection of government departmentswas planning to write limericks for a living. It wasnt much of a plan, so he decided to produce a darling little book of limericks about cinnamon buns. He would, he figured, visit bakeries and farmers markets across the province, rating their buns in limericks. He would keep the limericks short enough for Twitter, and they would spread like kudzu and dandelions across the memeosphere. Hed had several other plans for his life, but this one seemed the best at the moment, and perhaps it was.
  • For most of the rest of the trip I spent my time recalling the many years I had lived and worked in the area. How I, for so long, tried to blame my discontent on what I considered the drabness of the region. To me it wasn't truly flat and it wasn't hilly, nor mostly hot nor mostly cold, rural or urban, the natives were neither country bumpkins nor city slickers. The whole thing sat right in the middle. I believed at the time that the place existed as a refuge for the undecided and uncommitted folks too afraid of taking a chance. They once called this place the frontier, a place where adventuresome individuals came to grab life by the ass and bend it into their will, but not anymore. The frontier left here a long time ago, headed for the coast.
  • But, soundly as Tom Tallington slept, the scriggly legs of a beetle were rather too much when they began to work in his ear, and he started up and brushed the creature away, the investigating insect falling on the floor with a sharp rap.
  • There seemed to be something working in her bosom after that last cry; presently she broke out, "And what is the meaning of all this? Why is all this shame loundered on my head? How could you dare it, David Balfour?"
  • In 2005 we were awarded the " corporate citizenship " award for our work in the community.
  • Arequipa was an interesting city with its picturesque arcades, its magnificent church of Spanish architecture with marvellous ancient wood carvings, and its prettily-laid-out gardens. I visited the astronomical observatory of Harvard College, a few miles from the town, where excellent work is being done in star photography from that eminently suitable spot for the study of the sky. The observatory was situated at an elevation of 8,060 ft. It worked in conjunction with the Harvard observatory in North America. By having thus one station north and another south of the equator, the observations made by that institution included the stars in all parts of the sky from the North to the South Pole. A 24-inch Bruce photographic telescope, a 13-inch Boyden telescope, an 8-inch Bache telescope, and a 4-inch meridian photometer were the principal instruments used at the Arequipa station.
  • Could it have been that the stormy influences at work in Nature lent energy to the orators that day? They were unusually animated, at least for Indians, though a white man would have found them intolerably bombastic. Each speech was a boastful eulogy of the speaker's tribe, and an exaggerated account of the wonderful exploits of its warriors.
  • He was very glad of his blanket, for the nights were cold; and when he had finished his supper he wrapped himself up in it and was soon asleep. He was awoke at daylight by voices inside the tent, and a few minutes later the sheik and his wife came out, and seeing Edgar standing there the sheik ordered him to go and assist the other slaves; but Amina pouted: "I thought you had brought him home as a present to me; what use will he be to me if he is to work in the field all day with the others?"
  • She blew out the lamp, and by the little light that crept through the shuttered casement led me by the hand to the far corner of the room. Here she pressed upon the wall, and a door opened in its thickness. We entered, and she closed the spring. Now we were in a little chamber, some five cubits in length by four in breadth; for a faint light struggled into the closet, and also the sound of voices, I knew not whence. Loosing my hand, she crept to the end of the place, and looked steadfastly at the wall; then crept back and, whispering Silence!"" led me forward with her. Then I saw that there were eyeholes in the wall, which pierced it, and were hidden on the farther side by carved work in stone. I looked through the hole that was in front of me, and I saw this: six cubits below was the level of the floor of another chamber, lit with fragrant lamps, and most richly furnished. It was the sleeping-place of Cleopatra, and there, within ten cubits of where we stood, sat Cleopatra on a gilded couch, and by her side sat Antony."
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