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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • Inkoosi, he said, when he had scraped away the tears produced by the snuff, "I have come to ask you a favour. You heard Umbezi say to-day that he will not give me his daughter, Mameena, unless I give him a hundred head of cows. Now, I have not got the cattle, and I cannot earn them by work in many years. Therefore I must take them from a certain tribe I know which is at war with the Zulus. But this I cannot do unless I have a gun. If I had a good gun, Inkoosi--one that only goes off when it is asked, and not of its own fancy, I who have some name could persuade a number of men whom I know, who once were servants of my father, or their sons, to be my companions in this venture."
  • David nods. ‘I agree with you, absolutely. Up-to-dateness is next to godliness, in my book.’ He assumes an innocent look. ‘And as a matter of fact, Ive done some work in watercolours, myself.’
  • Bodies were flying everywhere as the apes tried to maintain a strong hold on their box of strength. It was quite a site to see as these apes fought off everything from Orca killer whales to Pit Bull terriers to Centaurs to rams to Hippos to Grizzly bears. Hartwells bunch were also working in concert as he relayed to his vampires - Maggie, Belinda, Daniel, Brandon, Maxwell and Samuel - that they should hold back some of their power until he gave the word to drain Billingsley, Mary Brewster, Eloise Phillips, Randy Prince, Gregory and Julie Justice, and Agent Terrence Carter. He also had a strategy on who would be performing each task.
  • Hed supposed Lord William would receive him at best distrustfully and at worst with a drawn sword; after all, a mere two days earlier theyd tried to kill each other. Hed brought a hostage with him, a measure of his good faith and this seemed to work in his favor. Olwens Norman lover had done the translations, all the while glaring at him with such intense hatred that hed decided he had more to fear from this man than from Lord William. Hed turned away from the frosty scrutiny only to find Longsword staring at his face with undisguised distaste.
  • "`I have distinguished myself lately by manufacturing a sideboard and dresser, as well as a table and bench for the female authority, and expect to accomplish a henhouse and a gate next week. You see we work in hope. I fervently wish we could live on the same. However, I'm pretty jolly, despite a severe attack of rheumatism, which has not been improved by my getting up in the night and rushing out in my shirt to chase away trespassing cows and pigs, as we have not got a watch-dog yet.
  • Cary of '87, who is even now planning for his struggle with the difficulties on the way to the Grand Falls, has had the most experience in work of the sort the expedition hopes to do, save the Professor and Cole. Logging and hunting in the Maine forests in the vicinity of his home in Machias, and fishing on the Georges from Cape Ann smacks, have fitted him physically, as taking the highest honors for scholarship at Bowdoin, teaching and university work in his chosen branch, have prepared him mentally, for the great task in which he leads.
  • I was 28 years old and living in New York when mylife earthquake' occurred. I was working in Midtown Manhattan for a well-known publisher and was experiencing some success in my career despite yearning to venture out on my own. I had read so many books that it left me feeling empty and wondering if I could put words and stories together to fill that void.
  • "Im serious, Mike. Look at us. Two guys at our prime and were working in retail. We both have so much more potential than a dead end job like this."
  • It is interested in candidates working in the area of cellular, developmental, genetic, or systems neurobiology.
  • Most immigrants in Utah worked in the mines and for the railroads, manufacturing parts, loading or unloading supplies and repairing rail lines, among other tasks. Almost any job was acceptable by these hard working immigrants that were just trying to get ahead. As with other immigrant groups of previous eras, working conditions were perilous and the work, back breaking. They worked long hours for little pay and no benefits, which was the very reason why so many working Americans detested their arrival. With so much cheap foreign labor coming into the country, it was highly unrealistic for local laborers to ask for higher wages or try to improve their own working conditions. This was exactly the reason large businesses enticed the foreigners to come to America in the first place.
  • Attracted by his dog's barking, the old captain, who was at work in a small potato patch he cultivated, came hobbling to meet the boys as they tied up and disembarked.
  • They talked to more than 2,300 people, and what they found should make everyone working in the present tsunami disaster relief think hard.
  • At work in a hole in the ground. Hear the click of their machines? They are turning out silver dollars faster than we can spend them. We hid around until they went to work, then came up to talk with Dode.
  • "Aug. 11th.--At this season immense beetles are at work in vast numbers, walking off with every species of dung, by forming it into balls as large as small apples, and rolling them away with their hind legs, while they walk backwards by means of the forelegs. Should a ball of dung roll into a deep rut, I have frequently seen another beetle come to the assistance of the proprietor of the ball, and quarrel for its possession after their joint labours have raised it to the level.
  • So, my girlfriend Katie and I moved down here from Missouri. I intended to find writing work in a warmer climate. This place, Doctors Landing, is small, but Kingsboro, FL is nearbycity of two million people, three military bases, tech industries on the rise. Figured at least I could get some tech writing work, freelance the rest of the time.
  • The last time they were there, the men were at work in the bottom of the oozy dike, where a little water lay, soaked out of the sides; but now, right away to the flood-gates, there was a glistening lane of water, the open ditch resembling a long canal in which a barge could have been sailed.
  • The next instant the boat was under the stern and the rescued castaways were sliding down a rope into it. Hardly a word was spoken while this was going on; the work in hand was too important.
  • "I aint talking about whether or not you gotta work in the morning, but whatever, man. You made it out. Thats whats important." He quickly scanned the club and pointed out a group of young girls dancing like it was their last chance for the night. Sawyer was studying the group, trying to decide which of them he would consider taking home. To me, the girls looked too young. I almost expected someone to bust into the club and arrest me on some kind of perversion charge just for looking. I wasnt old, but watching those particular young girls dance made me feel old, and the longer I watched, the older I felt.
  • His best known work in english - the poetics of space - remains a staple on architecture courses everywhere today.
  • Many, however, of the more energetic miners worked in companies and used cradles, by means of which they washed out a much larger quantity of gold in shorter time; and in places which did not yield a sufficient return by the pan process to render it worth while working, the cradle owners obtained ample remuneration for their toil.
  • It has the sort of look as though I was going with them, as it stands now. Of course orders are secret; but I would not be surprised if my men packed off in about a week. I have work in Washington, however, that may keep me there for another week at least, so I am to go over on a regular passenger boat, and the chaps I have spoken of will go with me.
  • There are five research projects included, revealing that some continuing work in educational gerontology is underway in my home country.
  • Our colleague andy tillman has been doing some exemplary work in the area of bullet construction for heavy rifle calibers.
  • Thankfully, at that point, the girl who worked in the kitchen came over and served breakfast. A full English had never tasted so good, and they both began to feel normal again.
  • This was the way General Gordon greeted his boys, when they rode up beside the stump on which he was seated, superintending the negroes who were at work in the field.
  • There was a yell, a scream, that echoed out, reverberated, and went racketing through the house, and Jimmie Dale leaped forward--over a table, sending it crashing to the floor. The man had reeled back against the wall, clutching at a shattered wrist, staring into the flashlight's eye, white-faced, jaw dropped, lips working in mingled pain and fear.
  • He spoke to Red about going to work in the US. Red was going to work in the US. They had similar interests: going to the US to find work. Strengthening the range of business experience. Meeting a broad range of people. Having a good time in the US. Coming home to do some kind of work or staying in the US. McIlroy knew many people were applying for the scheme. The scheme was an intelligent idea. McIlroy wondered if the inside of the house was as big as the outside of the house. He smoked a joint outside with Levin MacHill and James Hendry sitting on the old fridge. It was a Friday. Summer would soon be on the way.
  • I sometimes think that although I'm working in the free Western world, I might have been better off under a communist regime, given the way things have ended up. I'm led to believe - and did believe - that, in a free-market society, every individual has the right to strike out on their own on a whim and at a risk: to be the author of one's own destiny, to sculpt fate. But at least under some kind of state-ordered system, I could approach someone and say something like, "Listen mate (or mateski), I'm wasted in this totally pointless task. How's about something more productive for me to do?" If I was to do that here, and someone actually paid any notice, it'd be decided that I was a waste of money and I'd get the sack. I might be bored here, but at least that's better than being penniless on the streets.
  • "All right then, Lady Merrit. And what would you like to do, after you are well again of course, as I have no doubt you will be. Most of the Widows work in the embroidery room, since most have been trained, as you have, in fancy needlework. The Women's Retreat House earns much of its keep by selling tapestries and embroideries to noble houses and churches."
  • Such is a brief description of the tremendous forces which dominate Iceland. Here Nature works in silence for long periods beneath the crust of the earth, and then, with little or no forewarning, bursts forth in uncontrollable fury, ruthlessly devastating with its fiery streams whatever impedes its course.
  • You needn't bother your head, said the man. "It's I, Lupin. I have been working in the painter's shop since early morning. This is when we knock off for breakfast. So I came upstairs."
  • We ought to be able to get the boys up here, without letting him know that we are in the mine, answered Elmer. "We needn't travel with a fife and drum corps ahead of us, nor even carry any lights down with us. He's probably working in some inside chamber."
  • Jain stopped. Coursa took another step and turned to face her. "No," Jain said. "You have people in all the right places. You have a way to kill all of them at once. You have ways into all of their castles, ways to get to all of them. You sent your children and your grandchildren to work in those castles. How long, Coursa?"
  • They were made by muckers, Ned continued. "You know the kind of shoes the men who work in mines wear? Big ones, looking more like a mud scow than a shoe. They have turned some of the copper workers loose on us, little man."
  • Alaska's well-developed state-owned ferry system (known as the Alaska Marine Highway) serves the cities of southeast, the Gulf Coast and the Alaska Peninsula. The ferries transport vehicles as well as passengers. The system also operates a ferry service from Bellingham, Washington and Prince Rupert, British Columbia in Canada through the Inside Passage to Skagway. The Inter-Island Ferry Authority also serves as an important marine link for many communities in the Prince of Wales Island region of Southeast and works in concert with the Alaska Marine Highway.
  • That morning, Botzi got a strange letter, a map apparently showing where a great Inca treasure was located in South America. He went around to see his friends working in the neighbouring shops next door. They gathered outside in the street discussing it. However, Alby Monk, the money lender was excluded from the gathering. He however watched with curious interest, from inside his shop window, a scowl on his face. Fungus his accomplice stood beside him, also staring at the group.
  • Benjy's eyes twinkled, for he knew that some new device was working in his father's brain, which brain never failed to bring its plans to maturity.
  • Would you like to paint a dinosaur?"" he asked a girl whose mother had brought her to the mall to see the work in progress. He handed her a brush and she added color to the leg of one of creatures."
  • So Roger recounted to him his story, showing that he had to return to the Canyon in a few weeks, but that he couldn't see any fun in lying around waiting for the time to pass. He pointed out that he was especially anxious to fit himself for work in Alaska, and quoted Rivers' dictum as to the experience he would need.
  • For Eibhlin back at the school, her classmates felt relieved for she had come out of her dream spell ok. It was hard to act like everything was normal at the school. Students had a hard time concentrating on their work in class for they now knew what was happening out there. With Hunter, Riley and John dead, they knew poor Tom and I must be going through a lot of hell.
  • Magic seemed to be a property of the universe - indeed, Kevin was later to discover, both universes. There was nothing intrinsic in his world which prevented magic from functioning as intended. The reason magic did not, in general, work was that a carefully-designed barrier surrounded the crossing, fitting in the interstices of the passage between the Two Worlds. This interfered to prevent magical devices and artefacts from working when moved from Lyndesfarne. The same magical blockade also acted in the opposite direction, to prevent sophisticated technology from working in the Other World. The barrier was actively and carefully maintained, but occasionally something would slip through: some magical artefact would end up in our world still active - or at least partially so.
  • Perhaps the hosts won't welcome three, suggested Ned, in a whisper. "Such people, like those who present communications from dead friends, at a dollar per, like to work in private."
  • There has been no star visible in the heavens, nor any glimpse of a moon for four nights. The sun is the dimmest red ball in the daytime, a danger-signal lantern, seen through dirty glass. There is a yeast at work in the Solitary's mind It is as if the material universe being cut away from him--save just this solid remnant of it in which he lounges--there were space found for something not belonging to it to draw near him.
  • This made Mrs Gilmour jump up so suddenly that she spilt her tea, which made them laugh; and all set to work in a merry mood to collect their traps for the return journey, the good lady saying she would "never forgive the Captain" for not telling her the time before.
  • Unlike many writers and actors who had been members of the party, odets was not blacklisted and continued to work in hollywood.
  • My dear daughter: Nothing could please me more than your request to take the last two years of your high school work in the public school instead of at Miss Russell's, although I must say your mother made a considerable fuss at first on account of the various classes of girls you would be thrown with. However, she thought better of the plan when she heard that your little friend Sahwah is a Brewster of the Samuel Brewsters, and this Hinpoha person you are so fond of is Judge Bradford's granddaughter. As long as Miss Kent is a teacher in the High School and takes such an interest in you there is no objection on our part to your going on to school in the company of your new friends. You are old enough to choose your companions, so from now on it's going to be 'up to you.'"
  • "Then I went to New York to work in Media." Another smile. "We really called itMediawith a capital. I fell in love with a guy at NYU helped him make his thesis film. Nice enough guy but a user. I worked my ass off for him."
  • When not racing powerboats shelley works in her family bridal wear business, a world away from the male dominated world of powerboat racing.
  • Morton was the host of Quiz Show. He was known for his penchant for collecting unique vehicles. That day, he had apparently come to work in some lemon yellow Italian job.
  • The award was given to a representative group of those who had worked in solidarity with chilean exiles in the uk.
  • I used everything and talked about everything and that was why in my eyes I was so successful. I had worked in a working class, old school, pub during university and once you can balance pontificating with lecturers and cursing out drunks you can communicate. That was one of, if not my finest skill. People want to be a people person and the most idiotic people say they are people persons, no they aren't, other people hate them. Me though, I am a people person because I walk a fine line between good and bad. I am unspecial in the most special way.
  • "The way is in your hand," Lief said nodding to the sword. "The sword's ability to reflect natural light allows the carrier to fend off the advance of any shadow tree. Apparently, the Sword of Decree was created when the decision was made to place the seeds of shadow trees into Sanctum. Though not every elf is a magic caster, every elf has the ability to store magical energies. Even when the sphere sucked pure magic from the world, it could not take that which each elf stored in his body. This stored energy, the last vestige of magic for the elves that worked in Sanctum, was used to create the Sword of Decree.
  • "Wait a minute." The look on his face turned arrogant. "You mean to tell me that you work in the computer department and you dont know the front side bus on this machines processor."
  • I asked the ss to work in pairs putting the sentences in a logical sequence.
  • Before leaving, Mrs. Halford had an interview with Bill Tooley, who was now able to hobble about with the aid of a crutch. She said that if he would, under Derrick's direction, take care of Harry Mule, and see that all his wants were promptly supplied until he got well, she would pay him the same wages that he could earn by working in the breaker.
  • Todays highlights: the editors on the FAAs wasteful staffing at little-used airports; Caroline Baum wonders why were not talking about entitlement reform; Margaret Carlson on the plot to stop Susan Rice; Ezra Klein on using the fiscal cliff as an opportunity; Jonathan Mahler on Ohio States perfect season that doesnt count; Shikha Dalmia on why Canadas immigration quotas would work in the U.S.
  • Mathematics has since been greatly extended, and there has been a fruitful interaction between mathematics and science, to the benefit of both. Mathematical discoveries continue to be made today. According to Mikhail B. Sevryuk, in the January 2006 issue of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, "The number of papers and books included in the Mathematical Reviews database since 1940 (the first year of operation of MR) is now more than 1.9 million, and more than 75 thousand items are added to the database each year. The overwhelming majority of works in this ocean contain new mathematical theorems and their proofs."
  • Self-study booklets ] a group project involves working in a team to complete a task.
  • Tom Temple, a bright, self-reliant lad, by the death of his father becomes a boarder at the home of Nathan Middleton, a penurious insurance agent. Though well paid for keeping the boy, Nathan and his wife endeavor to bring Master Tom in line with their parsimonious habits. The lad ingeniously evades their efforts and revolutionizes the household. As Tom is heir to $40,000, he is regarded as a person of some importance until by an unfortunate combination of circumstances his fortune shrinks to a few hundreds. He leaves Plympton village to seek work in New York, whence he undertakes an important mission to California, around which center the most exciting incidents of his young career. Some of his adventures in the far west are so startling that the reader will scarcely close the book until the last page shall have been reached. The tale is written in Mr. Alger's most fascinating style, and is bound to please the very large class of boys who regard this popular author as a prime favorite.
  • Samuel didnt know what to do for the first time in his young life. His skills were off the charts but his social mind was still very raw and was a work in process. Max did little to help his sons mind freeze, as he continued to cut himself up in order to push Samuel to stop internalizing his feelings and simply react to what was in front of him.
  • As the wall mounted clock clicked past 11.30am, she sent her completed expose to Jim Buchanan by internal Email, unaware that he, too, had been at his own desk for some time mulling over his own take on this episode. Whereas she had worked in silence at one end of a very large office, Buchanan had been in his own office at the other end, accompanied by a large supply of coffee, and with CNN on the TV. It was he, therefore, who caught the press conference in Canberra, and therefore he that was aware that something newsworthy was finally to result from all this frustration. Just as the conference came to an abrupt end, a pop-up window on his computer announced receipt of an Email. It was obvious straight away that it has been sent internally, and he rushed out into the main office and in the direction of Caroline's desk.
  • On this day there came up from the south MacDonald, the government map maker. He was gray and grizzled, with a great, free laugh and a clean heart. Two days he remained with Pierrot. He told Nepeese of his daughters at home, of their mother, whom he worshiped more than anything else on earth--and before he went on in his quest of the last timber line of Banksian pine, he took pictures of the Willow as he had first seen her on her birthday: her hair piled in glossy coils, her red dress, the high-heeled shoes. He carried the negatives on with him, promising Pierrot that he would get a picture back in some way. Thus fate works in its strange and apparently innocent ways as it spins its webs of tragedy.
  • Qian was an extremely powerful Chinese business man. He was also obscenely wealthy and therefore wanted more. He was well respected in Mainland China for his business acumen and had spearheaded the ChineseGo Abroad Policywhich had returned billions of dollars in revenue from major investors outside China in a relatively short time. He had spent years living and working in Australia, America and Europe and spoke English fluently.
  • The barbican, london will be holding the first retrospective of her work in september 2005.
  • January 2002 can nurses working in remote units accurately request and interpret radiographs?
  • I listened to the playful sarcasm and realized that I had used the only two bath towels last night. A hand towel would never work in his case. Its barely big enough for his hand. I couldnt suppress my laughter anymore. I extracted my head and tried to look innocent.
  • Georgio's parents had described her to Venir, and several years later he found her by chance, working in a tavern in the City of Bone. She had grown to be a comely woman with long locks of curly brown hair, and round chestnut eyes like her mother and Georgio. Venir spoke with her, but it did not go well. Shame and humiliation had hardened her, and she would not acknowledge any pleasant memories of family and home. Venir wound up walking away. He had kept tabs on her for a while, but soon lost track of her. It was a memory he wished he could leave behind.
  • This would give the prisoners time to get a brief but much needed rest after their long and miserable journey from Perm, penned up like sheep in iron-barred cattle trucks, and it would leave the drowsiest part of the night, from four o'clock to sunrise, for the hazardous work in hand.
  • Late that same night, Carton and Stryver work in Stryvers chambers. In his puffed-up and arrogant manner, Stryver announces that he intends to marry Lucie. Carton drinks heavily at the news, assuring Stryver that his words have not upset him. Stryver suggests that Carton himself find "some respectable woman with a little property," and marry her, lest he end up ill and penniless.
  • They will work in teams to build the highest, strongest tower and to create a promotional brochure for their own housing development.
  • From that moment he accepted the situation and made the best of it. He was provided with a bed of shavings, and he soon learned the routine of his keeper's work in removing the bed. Monarch would not permit the keeper to remove a single shaving from the cage if a fresh supply was not in sight. He would gather all the bedding in a pile, lie upon it and guard every shred jealously, striking and smashing any implement of wood or iron thrust into the cage to filch his treasure. But when a sackful of fresh shavings was placed where he could see it, Monarch voluntarily left his bed, went to another part of the cage and watched the removal of the pile without interfering.
  • My work was interesting and stimulating. Being in this country was providing me with professional experience I would not have gained for many years working in the USA. I was able to witness the direct impact of my nursing on childrens lives, and it was very satisfying. The learning curve had been steep, but luckily the program was staffed with experienced professionals. I learned quickly from them, and finally found the peace there for which I had longed.
  • It always takes Alan at least five or six holes just to be present with me on the same golf course. We both worked in Manhattan and usually got a half day at least once a month on Fridays. However, the mad dash home seemed to impact Alan a lot more than it did me. I used my train time to slow down my roll and get into full weekend mode. This meant leaving behind all of the pressure and anxiety of the workweek.
  • "Ive met him, too," Karlini said reluctantly. "Hes a technologist on call to the gods. Hes got a nasty attitude. He thinks everything weve been doing should have been shut down, especially the work in the lab. If hes satisfied that the labs been defanged Id think thats pretty solid assurance."
  • The subject, however, was not further pursued, but now and then Omar would express a hope that she had returned in safety to her father, or wonder why she had been working in his cause, his words showing plainly that his head was still filled with thoughts of our pretty visitor.
  • For some days their life continued as before. Cyrus Harding and Gideon Spilett worked together, sometimes chemists, sometimes experimentalists. The reporter never left the engineer except to hunt with Herbert, for it would not have been prudent to allow the lad to ramble alone in the forest; and it was very necessary to be on their guard. As to Neb and Pencroft, one day at the stables and poultryyard, another at the corral, without reckoning work in Granite House, they were never in want of employment.
  • I had received instructions from the Missionary Secretaries to visit Oxford Mission as soon as possible, and to do all I could for its upbuilding. This Mission had had a good measure of success in years gone by. A church and Mission house had been built at Jackson's Bay, and many of the Indians had been converted. But the village was too far from the Hudson's Bay Company's Post, where the Indians traded, and where naturally they gathered. For several years the work had been left in charge of a native teacher. The people regretted the absence of an ordained Missionary, and the place suffered accordingly. Making all the arrangements I could for the successful prosecution of the work in my absence, I left Norway House in a small canoe, manned by two of my Christian Indians, one of whom was my interpreter. With this wonderful little boat I was now to make my first intimate acquaintance.
  • They have been skilled up by working in the practice alongside practice nurses within diabetic clinic.
  • Now, said he, and smiled, "now a nice little pile of dead wood on the beach, a curl of birch-bark and a handful of pine punk and grass--a touch of the flint and steel! Then this," and he pointed at the maskalonge, "broiled on a pointed stick, with a handful of checkerberries for dessert, and I think you and I will be about ready to begin work in earnest!"
  • That mischief had been intended was obvious, for a piece of iron wire, bright as if cut with nippers at one end and broken off short at the other, had been driven right through the centre of the cable, so as to touch the inner wires--thus forming a leak, or conductor, into the sea. There could be no doubt that it had not got there by accident; neither had it been driven there during the making or shipping of the cable, for in that case the testings for continuity would have betrayed its presence before the starting of the expedition. The piece of wire, too, was the same size as that which formed the protecting cover, and it was of the exact diameter of the cable. There was also the mark of a cut on the Manilla hemp, where the wire had entered. It could have been done only by one of the men who were at work in the tank at the time the portion went over, and, strange to say, this was the same gang which had been at work there when the previous "fault" occurred.
  • You may never be ready for your first child. The stars are unlikely to align how you hope they will but in this scenario I was very happy. Breeding animals is an art form and I believe that attraction, physical attraction works in the same way. Humans want to mate, to breed with the correct specimen. Elly was a great specimen; tall, beautiful, elegant. What more could I ask for?
  • There was no knowing how many years the natives had worked in that underground mine, crushing out the gold with rude appliances and disposing of the refuse by means of the tunnel cut through the fault in the rock.
  • The study trip explored the interplay between theoretical aspects of the ma course with the operational reality of ngos working in conflict areas.
  • Cap's health being such that he deemed it inadvisable to continue work in the field, he had severed his connection with the expedition, after finishing the preliminary map of Green River, and was temporarily settled in Kanab, where he had been for some time.
  • We had plans to shop until the mall closed, but when we arrived at Sears fate would intervene. I found a complete set of Craftsman mechanical tools along with a toolbox for Tray. Still having money, I decided to buy him a few extra sets. I had no idea that so many tools even existed in the world. I stood in the crowded aisles and stared at the massive selection like a mindless moron. Of course, my Ember vs. the Craftsman tool sets 'stare-down-sessionnetted me nothing at all. I had no idea which ones would be useful. So I finally asked the older gentleman who was working in that department to assist me.
  • The back room was empty and the lights on. Paddington checked the back yard. "Lisa?" Her car was out the front, so she wasnt working in the city garden, but no head popped up to greet him. He moved farther into the nursery, checking each row in turn. In the fourth, he found a pair of jeans, Lisas red sweater with the hole in the sleeve, and a brown shirt.
  • "Im not blaming you at all," Consprite retorted haughtily. "Blame implies that Ive done something wrong, and Ive done nothing wrong. Ive simply changed my perspective to be in better alignment with how things now work in the land."
  • Following graduation mike healey worked in rio de janeiro from 1977 to 1981.
  • DURING SOME OF THIS TIME, I worked in a call center. It was the kind of place you see on television - all pink cubicles and windowless walls. I worked the night shift, taking roadside assistance calls. It was the only job the temp agency could find for me.
  • Interest that is calculated on both the principal sum of money and interest previously accrued. Because compound interest can be applied to savings as well as debt, it can work in ones favor or against it. For example, compound interest on the amount one saves may increase the value of the savings account over time. But compound interest on debt may increase the amount one owes to pay off that debt over time.
  • Men worked in teams at answering cannon. The riflemen were just trying to hide behind whatever cover they could get; sometimes they would pop up to fire shots at some enemy she couldn't see. The air was toxic with gunpowder and brick dust. Somebody was shouting orders to organize a bucket brigade of sandbags for the breach. Somebody, somewhere, was screaming.
  • After leaving school at sixteen i worked in the photographic darkroom of the morris motors car factory at cowley.
  • While Mark discovered quickly that being a stay-at-home mom is a demanding job, other people are still not so savvy. People are so used to dumping their kids off for someone else to watch, that they have no clue what it is like to take care of children twenty-four/seven. If I were to tell people that I run a twenty-four hour daycare center it would be closer to the truth. I have high respect for people who work in the daycare field. No amount of money would make me want to spend all day long with other people's children. Mine are bad enough and I love them to death.
  • Brad, of course, had no response for such high praise, so he told his own first meeting story. "I remember the first time I saw you. I was taking the subway into work in those days, and it was just another day until I looked across the car and saw a woman wearing headphones and scribbling on a note pad. I couldnt take my eyes off you the entire 20-minute ride."
  • Frank glanced at his wife who had a look of concern on her face. "Actually, I told Anna that Id work in the garden today. Sorry."
  • Yet the temptation passed as quickly as it had presented itself. There was that other work in the world to day, and who was to take it up if he drew back? Others might be of gifts more competent, but at least he had come to know himself through hard experience, and knowledge so bought was not to be lightly flung away.
  • Throughout the year the animals worked even harder than they had worked in the previous year To rebuild the windmill, with walls twice as thick as before, and to finish it by the appointed date, together with the regular work of the farm, was a tremendous labour. There were times when it seemed to the animals that they worked longer hours and fed no better than they had done in Jones's day. On Sunday mornings Squealer, holding down a long strip of paper with his trotter, would read out to them lists of figures proving that the production of every class of foodstuff had increased by two hundred per cent, three hundred per cent, or five hundred per cent, as the case might be. The animals saw no reason to disbelieve him, especially as they could no longer remember very clearly what conditions had been like before the Rebellion. All the same, there were days when they felt that they would sooner have had less figures and more food.
  • They fell into their traditional division of labor then, Art working on a variety of user-experience plans, dividing each into subplans, then devising protocols for user testing to see what would work in the field; Fede working on logistics from plane tickets to personal days to budget and critical-path charts. They worked side by side, but still used the collaboration tools that Art had grown up with, designed to allow remote, pseudonymous parties to fit their separate work components into the same structure, resolving schedule and planning collisions where it could and throwing exceptions where it couldnt. They worked beside each other and each hardly knew the other was there, and that, Art thought, when he thought of it, when the receptionist commed him to tell him that "Linderrr"—freakinteabagswas there for him, that was the defining characteristic of a Tribalist. A norm, a modus operandi, a way of being that did not distinguish between communication face-to-face and communication at a distance.
  • Completed which involved study at home and time working in the surgery.
  • I've seen the Cathedral more times than I could begin to count. I worked in the open area between it and Jackson Square during the day, reading cards for tourists and locals alike. The ghost tours do a little spiel near the gates of the Square before heading down Pere Antoine Alley where it's said a ghostly funeral procession sometimes passes during intense storms.
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