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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • Edna Richards rolled up in her 1985 Plymouth Reliant K car, which had somehow defied all conventional machinery logic and was still on the road. The 72 year-old had not worked in more than 20 years and was a long way from the steno pool, but she was looking for a challenge and would find it at 244 Industrial Way in Huntington, New York.
  • Then bit by bit, he unloaded his mind, which appeared full of little things, like a junk shop. He says: "See that woman that left?" he says. "She has four children, all girls, and she's mad over it. Around here, when a woman's going to have a child, she generally puts in a bid at the temple for a boy. Queer, ain't it! Well, that one has had four girls. Every time she comes around afterwards and lays down the law. Sometimes she brings her man, and they both lay down the law. Well, it's lively! That one on the left," he says, pointing to the children, "that's Nan, proper name Ananda. She's one of their four. She's got the nerve of a horsefly! The chunky one in the middle, his name's Sokai, but I call him Soaker for short. His folks work in the rice fields. The littlest one's Kishatriya, which I call him Kiyi on account of his solemnness. Seemed to me it ought to cheer things up, to call him Kiyi. His folks died of cholera. He keeps meditatin' all the time.
  • Rick reported the conversation to his father when the scientist came in from late work in the laboratory. Hartson Brant nodded wearily. "Good. If Marks is on the way, that means he has answers we need badly to some of our mathematical problems."
  • I'm glad to hear it, was Lord Hastings' comment. "I've other work in hand and I wouldn't want to trust it to a man who is nervous under fire."
  • Yet she was sensibly aware that this windfall meant a short cut to things which she had only looked to attain by plodding over economic hills. She could say good-by to singing in photoplay houses, to vaudeville engagements, to concert work in provincial towns. She could hitch her wagon to a star and go straight up the avenue that led to a career, if it were in her to achieve greatness. Pleasant dreams in which the buoyant ego soared, until the logical interpretation of her ambitions brought her to a more practical consideration of ways and means, and that in turn confronted her with the fact that she could leave the Pacific coast to-morrow morning if she so chose.
  • Waneusing from their work in the waning light, farmers spoke quietly of american intentions.
  • Now, he stood in front of his work in progress, adding a stroke here and a brush stroke there, trying to perfect it. He hoped that finishing the painting would free his mind of the morbid, yet beautifully glistening waterfall of blood for good. The only problem was that the fool saw the killer's face in his mind's eye. It peeked out from behind the tapestry, staring straight at him.
  • "Maybe there are other reasons for war besides sheer boredom, or ennui, as the French would say," the man said as he worked in earnest on opening the can of hash. "There's always the traditional reason of wanting someone else's property and just deciding to take it, that's how this country got started, probably how every country got started, for that matter, but perhaps the real reason for all war and violence is just that life is cheap, that's why it's so easy to kill and always has been. Has to be some reason, doesn't there? Life is cheap, that's why having thousands of nuclear missiles that could kill hundreds of millions, even billions of people, doesn't seem to worry us that much. We accept it, like there's nothing we can do. Maybe human life just isn't worth that much, yours, mine, and everybody else's, and there's nothing we can do to change that."
  • Jap Town was situated on First South between Main Street and Third West. Most of it would be destroyed in 1969 to be replaced with newer buildings such as the new Salt Palace and Abravanel Hall. In 1900, 417 Japanese were in Utah. By 1910, 2110 lived here and by 1920, 2936 Japanese called Utah home. These numbers rose only slightly to 3269 by 1930, as restrictions were placed on immigration numbers. The Japanese worked in the copper mine at Bingham and the coal mines in Carbon County. They also worked for the Rio Grande- Western Railroad. The sugar beet industry took over 1000 Japanese workers into their fields. By 1910, Japanese farmers planted 4000 acres of sugar beets, with 2100 acres of other crops. Four years later, almost 4500 acres were beets and 9000 acres were other crops including celery and ever-bearing strawberries, which they patented.
  • I have now left the industry thankfully and work in a virtually unregulated environment, in an almost paperless office.
  • She'd been in town about half her time; the opposition had still three weeks to do their business. There'd been one murder in the forty-two days they had to work in ... and I didn't want to be the star in another. Or for my client to be starred. I wanted Joey to have bail all ready to put up so that I could get Wendel out of town if it seemed advisable.
  • Todays highlights: the editors on the FAAs wasteful staffing at little-used airports; Caroline Baum wonders why were not talking about entitlement reform; Margaret Carlson on the plot to stop Susan Rice; Ezra Klein on using the fiscal cliff as an opportunity; Jonathan Mahler on Ohio States perfect season that doesnt count; Shikha Dalmia on why Canadas immigration quotas would work in the U.S.
  • I am not an old man, Peter, said my father, when I spoke to him on the subject, "and I have, I hope, still many useful years' work in me. I have always been a fisherman. My father was a fisherman, and so was his father before him. Fishing is the only work I understand. It is honest work. Why then should I live in idleness upon thy bounty, when I can still play my part in the world?"
  • Perhaps the hosts won't welcome three, suggested Ned, in a whisper. "Such people, like those who present communications from dead friends, at a dollar per, like to work in private."
  • I have spent over twelve years working in the public policy and / or strategy consulting arena.
  • Off-site prefabrication and cutting have tended to work in favor of pvc.
  • Attracted by his dog's barking, the old captain, who was at work in a small potato patch he cultivated, came hobbling to meet the boys as they tied up and disembarked.
  • Yes. They'll really be ever so much better off in the long run if it's managed that way. Often and often, in the city, I've heard the people who work in the charity organizations tell about families that were quite ruined because they were helped too much.
  • I listened to the playful sarcasm and realized that I had used the only two bath towels last night. A hand towel would never work in his case. Its barely big enough for his hand. I couldnt suppress my laughter anymore. I extracted my head and tried to look innocent.
  • Though the rest of the crew ill-treated Mark and me, and Tom also when they had the chance, the captain and officers tyrannised over them in the most brutal fashion. It was no unusual occurrence for the first mate to heave a handspike at one of the men when he did not go about his work in a way to please him, and both captain and mates swore at the men on all occasions in the most fearful way.
  • It proved to be a small, cubical box, something more than an inch square, fashioned of bronze and elaborately decorated with minute relief work in the best manner of ancient Indian craftsmanship.
  • On board the submarine the lads were enjoying themselves as much as their fellow Scouts on the motor boat. This second experience was even more novel and enjoyable than their first dive. Mr. Barr sat in the cabin reading some scientific works. Barton, seemingly a changed character, was at work in the engine room. The negro cook was in the galley, while in the conning tower the ensign was giving Donald and Merritt a lesson in handling a diving craft.
  • When he'd arrived at his room in the Ana Hotel, fresh from detox, clothes had been waiting for him in the closet. Some anonymous Foxglove employee had done their job exceptionally well. Everything fitted exactly. Not only that, but the styles were right. They were precisely him. He never wore jeans. Chinos were as casual as he got. Nor did he like teeshirts. He felt more comfortable in slightly smarter clothes, somewhere on the crossover line between work and play. He couldn't remember when he'd first started to dress this way, or why. Perhaps it was a side-effect of having to wear a uniform or just part of the psychological quirkiness that had turned him towards security work in the first place. He'd be the last person able to answer that question. Even as a drunk he'd been relatively well-dressed. Filthy most of the time, and higher than a frightened skunk, but not casual. Twice he'd found suits in the dumpsters and worn them till they'd fallen apart. That was how he'd got his street-name: Gent, short for gentleman.
  • The lad's face fell. "I spent it at first as though there was no end to my little pile," he said. "I had pulled up when your letter came, but I only had enough left to pay my way back to Florida, buy this pony, and the outfit you suggested. There's nothing left. The fellows tried to get me to stay and work in the city until the next school term opens, but I told them, no! that I was going back to the best friend a boy ever had, back to the man who had been just as good as a father to me ever since my own folks died and left me a young boy alone in Florida. I told them of some of the adventures we had been through together, and what dandy chums we've been for such a long time."
  • Poe, who worked in the immigration and citizenship department in the building across the streetonce the post office, now a collection of government departmentswas planning to write limericks for a living. It wasnt much of a plan, so he decided to produce a darling little book of limericks about cinnamon buns. He would, he figured, visit bakeries and farmers markets across the province, rating their buns in limericks. He would keep the limericks short enough for Twitter, and they would spread like kudzu and dandelions across the memeosphere. Hed had several other plans for his life, but this one seemed the best at the moment, and perhaps it was.
  • "I was once a Countess with an entire estate, money, horses, servants, anything and everything. I was spoilt and arrogant. Then my private and cosseted world died a gruesome death. Now I have only Bismarck. Even Tirpitz has gone." She sighed. "I live in the Convent because Sister Marie-Threse allows me too, and because I have no where else. In return I work in the school. I teach English. I am not a nun, no more am I a novice either. They call me Sister because its still safer than calling me Helga."
  • Two busy young clerks were at work in the office adjoining the foyer, and for those who were already provided with a room-mate the task of securing a room was a matter of only a few moments.
  • You may want to consider asking a local gravedigger who is used to working in graveyards if he could dig the excavation for you.
  • That day at the house of Spicer South was an off day. The kinsmen who had stopped for the night stayed on through the morning. Nothing was said of the possibility of trouble. The men talked crops, and tossed horseshoes in the yard; but no one went to work in the fields, and all remained within easy call.
  • The aim of work in these areas is to maintain and improve neutron spectrometry and neutron dosimetry capabilities and services.
  • 1.F.1. Project Gutenberg volunteers and employees expend considerable effort to identify, do copyright research on, transcribe and proofread public domain works in creating the Project Gutenberg-tm collection. Despite these efforts, Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works, and the medium on which they may be stored, may contain "Defects," such as, but not limited to, incomplete, inaccurate or corrupt data, transcription errors, a copyright or other intellectual property infringement, a defective or damaged disk or other medium, a computer virus, or computer codes that damage or cannot be read by your equipment.
  • Joff heard a thump from outside. He looked at the door. It was probably nothing. Just . . . something about the size of a man falling against the side of the cottage with the force of a person dropping dead. Joff shook his head. The adventure in the Goblin Hills had obviously made him jumpy. He had just taken up his quill when he heard a groan from outside. "Bugger." Joffs sword belt hung on one of the wall pegs. He wished Coursa was there, but she and Jain were at Jains cottage, working in the garden. The thought made Joff a little ashamed. Even someone in his condition should not long for the protection of an old woman.
  • They were made by muckers, Ned continued. "You know the kind of shoes the men who work in mines wear? Big ones, looking more like a mud scow than a shoe. They have turned some of the copper workers loose on us, little man."
  • Previously to laying the keel of the pinnace, Mark named it the Neshamony, after a creek that was nearly opposite to the Rancocus, another inlet of the Delaware, that had given its name to the ship from the circumstance that Friend Abraham White had been born on its low banks. The means of averting the pains and penalties of working in the sun, were also attended to, as indeed the great preliminary measure in this new enterprise. To this end, the raft was again put in requisition; an old main-course was got out of the sail-room, and lowered upon the raft; spare spars were cut to the necessary length, and thrown into the water, to be towed down in company; ropes,
  • And now, resumed Mitchon, "I may tell you that we were sure Mr. Rivers would not advise you to go to Alaska this year, and Mr. Herold told me to take you to Mr. Field, who has charge of the swamp work in Minnesota. You will go out with him as soon as he opens field work, which, I presume, will be next week."
  • A mule hates the dark almost as much as an Indian; he dislikes to work in water, and above all he dreads miry places or quicksands, for which his small, sharp hoofs are peculiarly unfitted.
  • The exclusive right of reproduction given to authors includes storing the work in electronic form.
  • The large works in pen and ink imitate the small marks of the tiny sketches, be they figurative images or abstract doodles.
  • A sign: "Eilat." Nestling on the shores of the Red Sea, where thousands of years ago a hard-hearted Pharoah and his minions had perished by a miracle as they pursued the Children of Israel into its waters. Are there any more wondrous works in that bag, Sir?, Bond asked looking skyward, seeking some message, some sign. He saw one: "DRINK COCA-COLA"—in Hebrew. The skywriting pilot (unless he was an Israeli) probably was going stark, raving mad flying the plane from right to left.
  • I used everything and talked about everything and that was why in my eyes I was so successful. I had worked in a working class, old school, pub during university and once you can balance pontificating with lecturers and cursing out drunks you can communicate. That was one of, if not my finest skill. People want to be a people person and the most idiotic people say they are people persons, no they aren't, other people hate them. Me though, I am a people person because I walk a fine line between good and bad. I am unspecial in the most special way.
  • Part of his career andrew worked in a range of contracting fields from landfill gas installation to bioremediation.
  • At the meeting today’, said Pearl. ‘White Ant Excavators will give a presentation on how they will carry out the work in conjunction with Overland Transporters Ltd. White Ant Excavators will put forward a construction proposal and cost for acceptance by the investors including yourselves Sir Cada and Lady Bird’.
  • When he saw Peter Nelson from the control room leaning out of the outer rail, Briggs was tempted to confront him. He worked in the control room and had to know something of what was going on, and he was nowhere near as evasive as anyone else in engineering.
  • For Eibhlin back at the school, her classmates felt relieved for she had come out of her dream spell ok. It was hard to act like everything was normal at the school. Students had a hard time concentrating on their work in class for they now knew what was happening out there. With Hunter, Riley and John dead, they knew poor Tom and I must be going through a lot of hell.
  • "Do not take that view of it. The shock has unnerved me and excited you; we must not do anything hastily. Notwithstanding the evidence, I believe in your innocence. To prove that I mean what I say, I will add that your resignation is not demanded, and, if tendered, will not be accepted. I shall, as you know, be obliged to report the facts as I have found them, but something new may develop, and in the meantime I ask you to go on with your work in the store as if nothing had happened. Furthermore, I apologise to you for my momentary distrust. I--I was rather upset, you know."
  • Tommy almost spat out his own cookie. "Jesus, Randi. How would I know something like that? I dont work in the White House."
  • Chris Hill: There are a lot. working in Antarctica is extremely risky. Many field camps in Antarctica if they wake up and the weather's particularly bad, they'll just take a day off. We cant do that once we've started this process. If we stopped it and took the heat source away, the water would freeze in the pipes and that would be game over.
  • I recall my uncle, sonny wainwright, was employed there as a watchman and my dear old gran wainwright worked in the canteen.
  • Terry didnt know where he was and hadnt heard from him all day. Only Terry, Dan, and Summer knew Rafe had stopped at Summers house last night, but everyone knew Dan would be there until he had to leave for work. The exact time wasnt mentioned, but Skye had been informed Dan would see her tomorrow morning. He had to work in the middle of the night, but insisted he would stop at the day care before going home to sleep.
  • "Not really," Bret said. "My father works in the maternity wing, and my mother had too many emergency patients in the last couple of days to come up to my room."
  • Yes, I think he might, because there is a mule at work in the mine now that had a broken leg, and they cured him. He was a young mule, though. I'm afraid they won't bother with one so old as Harry.
  • Nearly 160,000 Ethiopian women went to work in Saudi Arabia in the 12 months ending July 7, more than 10 times the number a year earlier, data from the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs show. Tens of thousands more migrated illegally, according to the United Nations.
  • One evening, as she was coming home very tired after a long day's work in the slums of the city, Jane arrived at the model cottages outside my park gates. Having half an hour to spare, she determined to visit a few of their occupants. Her second call was on the Smith family.
  • Frank produced a handful of crackers from his little pack, which he willingly turned over to the other. This seemed to satisfy Jimmy; at least, he stopped groaning and telling of his aches and pains. When they could get his jaws to working in this fashion, he seldom allowed himself to enter any complaint. Jimmy could be bribed to do a good many things by the promise of a feast at the other end.
  • I had to do it, of course. It took longer than expected because the envelope with the evaluation forms was not in his mail box. After handing me a batch of small pencils bound together by a rubber band, one of the secretaries grudgingly agreed to accompany me to Briggss office with the department master key to see if the evaluation forms were there. A fat elderly woman, she walked very slowly. When we finally got to his office, we found that Angie was there working in it. "You could have saved me a trip if you had just checked here first!" the secretary said accusingly.
  • Frank worked in silence. His mind was wandering and he missed some of what she was saying. He knew she was upset, and that the best response was to just let her have it out. The trouble was that she got obsessive about it, and would worry one of her mother's slights for a week before becoming offended by something else. "Well," he responded while she sipped on her coffee, "in another century you would have been burned as a witch by now. She's just taking the party line."
  • The older sandstone remains weathered and discolored and recent repair work in fine grained yellow ashlar is clearly visible.
  • Three telephonists had been paid to complete the work in the election run-up.
  • Asked if the overnight arrest was a second coup, Mariko said: "This is not a coup. The president is still in place but the prime minister was no longer working in the interests of the country."
  • Although Fred had contemplated this issue, and had prepared for it, yet he had become so thoroughly imbued with the belief that it was Mickey O'Rooney who was toiling upward that he was almost entirely thrown off his guard. Because of this, the cunning Apache would have secured his foothold and clambered out upon the daring lad, but for one thing. He had done, tremendous work in climbing a rope for such a distance, and his strength was nearly gone when he reached the open air.
  • In February 2004, Pope John Paul II was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize honouring his life's work in opposing Communist oppression and helping to reshape the world.
  • For years I worked in the exasperating world of retail. Essentially I was a salesman, but today, every simple, straightforward job title has to be dressed up with some ridiculous, extravagant, politically correct, purely useless label. That being said I was not actually a salesman; I was a Customer Service Sales Representative. For those of you who arent sure what that means, it means I was a salesman.
  • Alec appeared immediately, paint speckled and undeniably alive from where he'd been working in his studio. "I really wish you'd just call for me when you need something. All of this moving around isn't going to help your back heal any more quickly."
  • At work in a hole in the ground. Hear the click of their machines? They are turning out silver dollars faster than we can spend them. We hid around until they went to work, then came up to talk with Dode.
  • I'm pretty smart. In fact, I almost made it through high school. Pop made me quit and go to work in his body shop. He said I was dumber than a lug nut. If that's true then he's dumber than a crescent wrench. Sorry, you probably don't even know what them things are, beings that you're so pretty and stuff. I bet you cut hair. OK, then Pop's as dumb as a bobby pin. You know what that is, right? Fuck, wish I had more hair on top. I can make a ponytail in the back. Momma always told me I look handsome with it. Pop asked if that's how my boyfriend holds onto me. I ain't got a boyfriend. Pop's stupid. Jesus, don't tell him I said that or he'll beat me with that bike chain again. That fucker smarts, I tell ya.
  • You will be working in a modern weather office, using the very latest hi-tech meteorological data feeds.
  • Perk insisted on his chum making himself as comfortable as possible, considering the cramped quarters they occupied in the cluttered cabin of their ship, which continued to keep up a soothing movement with the successive waves that worked in from the open gulf inclining a sleepy person to slumber.
  • Boys are natural born collectors. They are interrogation points, full of curiosity, like the "man from Missouri," they want to know. The wise leader will say, "Let us find out some thing about this tree, or plant, or bird, or whatever it may be, and together we will be learners." The textbook method will not work in a boys' camp. "Go find me a flower" is the true method, and let us see what it is. Nature study books and leaflets should be used merely as guides, not as texts.
  • Nothing. This has only been a reconnoitring trip. To-morrow we shall have Melchior back, and we can get to work in earnest.
  • "You can return to work in the morning," replied Elvallon. "I'm sure you've lost enough pay as it is. Now, will you let me work?"
  • Heine didn't get a chance to ruin things here when he passed through, going to Paris and to his smash on the Marne, Jack explained. "Towns and villages look natural, as I see them, and they must have harvested crops in those brown fields. This is a bit of the real France, and entirely different from the horrible desert we've been at work in so long."
  • The Overland Riders were calm. The thrilling experiences through which they had passed, while engaged in war work in France, had taught them to be so.
  • Lower voltages may be necessary when working in close contact with earthed metalwork.
  • "Wait a minute." The look on his face turned arrogant. "You mean to tell me that you work in the computer department and you dont know the front side bus on this machines processor."
  • I pondered over his words and his experience, and talked about them with my good wife, and we decided to go. Our loving friends were startled at our resolve, but soon gave us their benedictions, united to tangible evidences of their regard. A blessed peace filled our souls, and we longed to be away and at work in the new field which had so suddenly opened before us.
  • "The children in this study are often given prescription medicines," says Vohra, a pediatrician who works in the Department of Pediatrics and the School of Public Health at the U of A.
  • Stuart foster during the 1980s stuart foster worked in the printing ink industry.
  • Men worked in teams at answering cannon. The riflemen were just trying to hide behind whatever cover they could get; sometimes they would pop up to fire shots at some enemy she couldn't see. The air was toxic with gunpowder and brick dust. Somebody was shouting orders to organize a bucket brigade of sandbags for the breach. Somebody, somewhere, was screaming.
  • Frank looked to the small, inconspicuous door to their right. "My sister. She works in there, has, uh, something for me." He stared at the ground. "Just money. I uh, Im gonna get something for her."
  • Pat cleared her throat. "Actually," she said slowly, "I'm afraid I don't have much of a future in Bryllan now." Her voice grew very quiet. "I've never been very honest about my work in Cryneth. And I can't tell you about it now, butwell, I have my own reasons for avoiding the police. Besides, I'm not going to let you go off on your own. Of course I'll help you find Maggie."
  • His attention starts to wander and he finds himself thinking about how, as kids, he and his friends used to ride their bikes down past the brickworks on their way to the river. Sometimes theyd stop to stare in through the wire gates at the men working in the hot, dirty gloom, sweating and heaving like lost souls in hell. The fiery glow whenever the door of a kiln was opened added to the effect. It never occurred to David that one day he would be one of those tortured, sweating souls.
  • And as a man had to be able to ride any kind of a log in any water; to propel that log by jumping on it, by rolling it squirrel fashion with the feet, by punting it as one would a canoe; to be skillful in pushing, prying, and poling other logs from the quarter deck of the same cranky craft; as he must be prepared at any and all times to jump waist deep into the river, to work in ice-water hours at a stretch; as he was called upon to break the most dangerous jams on the river, representing, as they did, the accumulation which the jam crew had left behind them, it was naturally considered the height of glory to belong to the rear crew. Here were the best of the Fighting Forty,--men with a reputation as "white-water birlers"-- men afraid of nothing.
  • "Notwithstanding the large number of islands in which Christianity has been firmly established, it is calculated that there are two hundred and fifty inhabited islands still sunk in the darkness of idolatry and savageism, so that there remains a very large amount of work to be done. There, I have given you a short account of missionary work in the Pacific. Another day I will get a chart, and show you the places I have spoken about. I will then tell you more respecting them. You will like especially to hear of Savage Island, or Niue, which I understand we are to visit, to inquire about some natives who, it is reported, have been carried away by the Chilian slavers."
  • The richard attenborough center has long known that even congenital blindness is no bar to drawing or working in color.
  • I used to work in one, he says, "when I first arrived here in the other world. I worked in a Burger King on Charing Cross Road."
  • These included work as a caretaker, a mail coach driver and work in the local fish hatchery, cannery row near monterey.
  • Other missionary organisations at work in the country quickly saw the advantage of using these syllabic characters, and were not slow to avail themselves of them. While all lovers of Missions rejoice at this, it is to be regretted that some, from whom better things might have been expected, were anxious to take the credit of the invention, instead of giving it to its rightful claimant, the Reverend James Evans. It is a remarkable fact, that so perfectly did Mr Evans do his work, that no improvement has been made as regards the use of these characters among the Cree Indians.
  • Writing has always been a part of my life, even from the time I was a young boy. There were periods, some of them stretching to several years apiece, when I didnt write a thing. But I always returned to the art. I read lots, too. Rarely fiction, mind you, but moral philosophy, education, history, religion, politics, economics. My favorites: Erich Fromm, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Lao-tse, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ray Billington, David C. Korten, E.F. Schumacher, Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (my all-time favorite). I read the occasional science-fiction novel (Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, Robert Heinlein, and Frank Herbert); I picked up my first fantasy book, The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, when I was 19 and working in a tiny gas station booth and needing something to do with the long hours. But overwhelmingly nonfiction of the variety I listed above ruled my bookshelves and my thoughts, and does to this day.
  • Thresher has a number of wines from the australian winemaker peter bright who has been working in portugal for a number of years now.
  • And now, said Fray Antonio, speaking slowly and reverently, "for such glorious work in God's service as has been granted but rarely to man to do!"
  • Ive worked in lots of corporations and companies in my time Mr. Du and Ive formed an opinion about most risk managers generally. Would you like me to share that opinion with you?’
  • I asked the ss to work in pairs putting the sentences in a logical sequence.
  • How fine! ejaculated Amy. "But, Jessie, I wish I could think of some awfully smart idea to work in connection with the lawn party. That lovely, lovely sports coat that Letterblair has in his window has taken my eye."
  • The shop itself occupied the front portion of a large, redbrick Victorian house. To the rear, in the spacious and not-clean kitchen, Gwynnea tall, mean, rawboned creature of nineteensat next to the sink and ate cereal from a bowl that he held cupped in the horny palm of one hand. As he masticated, his slack jaw working in slow, circular motion, he stared through the window at the long, dank garden. This was filled by bags of fertilizer, stacked in rows and interspersed by a profusion of purple-headed thistles, nettles in full flower and fleshy, fetid weeds that even the florist herself, Gwynnes sister, could not name.
  • "You know," he frowned, "Ive heard that before, and I think I can tell you, at least, that it pisses me off. I mean, personally. I mean, my moms folks are Swedish, they came to this country about 1910, broke their butts cutting timber up in the north woods to make a living. Dads folks are Czechoslovakian and they came about the same time. My granddad and his dad worked in the Chicago stockyards. They all came to this country with hardly a dime to their names, and had to work their asses off. Theres no way in hell any of my ancestors could have had anything to do with slavery, by an ocean and half a century."
  • The range includes graders, scrapers and land planes - all of which have been well-proven working in the harshest of environments.
  • "I over see our P.I. lab in Washington. For the most part I stay out of the labs. They creep me out, especially the experimental ones." He shook his head at some thought he must have had. "I mostly work in the field, overseeing the majority of our investigations. Usually my cases involve horrific deaths that have been suspected to be of the paranormal persuasion."
  • Similarly, even if Obamacare proves stunningly effective at restraining health-care costs, it wont work in a day, a year or even 10 years. Bringing down health-care costs will be a multidecade project no matter how we approach the task. Success will be defined by health-care spending growing a bit faster than the economy rather than much faster. Health cares share of the economy will still grow -- which means the governments share will probably grow, too.
  • Magick was such a perverse entity. What worked in one situation didnt work in another. It was the reason agents for the Committee had to be prepared. Foreknowledge often meant the difference between success and failure.
  • Following graduation mike healey worked in rio de janeiro from 1977 to 1981.
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