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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • "Yes, but I have to go to work in a little while, and I won't be able to help you with it then. You can watch TV while I'm working."
  • "Instead, Agnew is out trying to commit every sin in the bible. I cant see that being Gods aim. He may work in mysterious ways, but not that mysterious."
  • There was a sudden burst of gas from a side working in the five-feet seam.
  • Unlike most publications in its field, it is particularly helpful for individuals working in not-for-profit organizations.
  • The richard attenborough center has long known that even congenital blindness is no bar to drawing or working in color.
  • She went to her work in early morning, bareheaded, in a limp pink dress very much open at the throat, which happened to be the merciful mode of the moment--a slender, sweet-lipped thing, beginning to move with grace now--and her chestnut hair burned gold-pale by the sun.
  • He also worked in france, and was involved in creating the first waterworks in paris.
  • All right; step lively now. We want to raise that waterline 'igh enough to work in the waves before we reach th' Channel.
  • They forthwith set to work in grim earnest, labouring for their lives. The casks were rolled out of the store, and holes were scooped in the sand for their reception. To bury them was not a long job. They took care, however, to set aside some provisions and water for their use while in hiding. Next came the job of burying their simple utensils, such as they were, and also the shell of the turtle. Then there was the gruesome task of digging up the body of poor Evans. It had to be done, and the sooner the better, as Roger said; so all three went to the unpleasant duty. The mound of sand was removed, the tilling taken out, and they presently came upon the body. The sand was brushed from the hair and clothing of the corpse, and it was then carried to the hut, placed in its previous position, and covered with the blanket in which it had been buried.
  • Well, then, said Tom, "I'll tell you what I wish you'd do. I must go back to work in a few minutes, but I wish you two would go down town and hear what folks have to say about this business, and then come back here and have dinner with me at twelve. Will you?"
  • The subject was not mentioned again in Kate's hearing, but she was greatly pleased, one morning, at seeing Reuben at work in the gardens.
  • They fell into their traditional division of labor then, Art working on a variety of user-experience plans, dividing each into subplans, then devising protocols for user testing to see what would work in the field; Fede working on logistics from plane tickets to personal days to budget and critical-path charts. They worked side by side, but still used the collaboration tools that Art had grown up with, designed to allow remote, pseudonymous parties to fit their separate work components into the same structure, resolving schedule and planning collisions where it could and throwing exceptions where it couldnt. They worked beside each other and each hardly knew the other was there, and that, Art thought, when he thought of it, when the receptionist commed him to tell him that "Linderrr"—freakinteabagswas there for him, that was the defining characteristic of a Tribalist. A norm, a modus operandi, a way of being that did not distinguish between communication face-to-face and communication at a distance.
  • The city potter probably worked in a communal workshop in a derelict warehouse, with electric kilns, making fewer one-off pieces.
  • Referring to the butyl rubber liner she commented that wrg would rather work in rubber than with piles any day!
  • All work in kanban areas must be under kanban control, no " squirrel " stores.
  • In February 2004, Pope John Paul II was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize honouring his life's work in opposing Communist oppression and helping to reshape the world.
  • Amaranthe sighed and accepted the age-worn alder box. She traced the faded yellow canary painted on the lid. Her mother, whom she barely remembered, had made it for her father when he first started working in the mines. This is all that's left of my parents and my past.
  • "No, that was a path, but it imposed too much on the subjects. We didnt want to create a reality for them. We wanted them to find their own reality and so the seed was developed to stimulate the brain, to work in sync with the medication and the mind, the imagination, the individual unconscious itself.
  • One evening, as she was coming home very tired after a long day's work in the slums of the city, Jane arrived at the model cottages outside my park gates. Having half an hour to spare, she determined to visit a few of their occupants. Her second call was on the Smith family.
  • But there is. That is the very point. The facts always smash youth's logic, and they usually smash youth's heart, too. It's like platonic friendships and . . . and all such things; they are all right in theory, but they won't work in practice. I used to believe in such things once. That is why I am here in the Solomons at present.
  • "All right," the maid squeaked. After finishing the clean-up, and dragging the piece of furniture up the stairs, she left and the scholar was free to get back to work in peace. He wanted to use the bed to comfortably get into a trance and he pushed it to where he wanted it.
  • After the old hunter had departed with the deer, the boys set to work in earnest to fix up their camp once more. Some of the things had been spoiled by the heavy storm, but Ham Spink had "made good," as Snap said, so nothing was really lost, so far as the young hunters were concerned.
  • He saw that the cliff fauns had already been at work in his absence. Sham was no longer lying in the straw, but standing in the middle of the room, naked, tied by each hand to a ring in opposite walls. He held one paw a little off the ground. The trap had broken his ankle. Sham's dark hair lay plastered against his brow, and sweat trickled down his neck from the unnatural fever brought on by Laylan's drugged trap. His chin rested on his chest, and he did not look up when Chance and Laylan entered.
  • Or….. Fate liked Fut'sors'. "Maybe the dudes that do wouldn't have done. Perhaps these cats are the ones that can see us through, and those errors just be fate working in ways too mysterious for even you to know about?" The added sway of the neck made it all the more plausible.
  • Maybe I should change my image,' said Mick. ‘Maybe go for a pair of Aviators, leather bomber jacket, blue jeans and white trainers, with perhaps a pony tail. You know something that says "I'm one of you." We've got to get some work in somehow.'
  • Ben cut in. ‘I gather it wasnt the first time a film crew had been working in the Batt Reef area. Isnt that where Steve Irwin was killed by the stingray?’
  • Let me mention just one more thing, and then were going to leave these awful so-called HIV-Antibody tests and move on to other issues. Youre going to meet Dr. Robert Richardson, one of our expert witnesses. Dr. Richardson worked in collaboration with the company that developed the first so-called HIV teststhe ELISA test. Dr. Richardson is going to tell you that these tests cannot be used to diagnose HIV infection. Hes also going to show you the printed inserts included in each test kit where the manufacturers admit that their test is not guaranteed to establish the presence or absence of HIV antibodies in human blood, let alone HIV itself.
  • Oh, they wouldn't execute Bullen! another said; "they would send him to Siberia. Bullen's always good at fighting an uphill game, and he would show off to great advantage in a chain-gang. Do they crop their hair there, Bullen, and put on a gray suit, as I saw them at work in Portsmouth dockyard last year?"
  • I didn't see a cent of money in any of those trades, but I've a thousand dollars laid up, and I'm only working in the railroad shop now, but I'm going into the hardware business. I wish you'd come back and come in with me. There's the store--rent free. We can sell plenty of tools, now that Crofield is booming!
  • "I was born in India, but yes, I have the great fortune to be of Persian blood. There are many Persians in India. You know, Persians still intimidate the Moghuls. Ours is a magnificent culture, an ancient culture, and Persians never let the Moghuls forget it." Shirin had dabbed at her brow and rose to peer out the door of the observatory building, as though by instinct. "Did you know that the first Moghul came to India less than a hundred years ago, actually after the Portuguese? He was named Babur, a distant descendant of the Mongol warrior Genghis Khan, and he was from Central Asia. Babur was the grandfather of Akman. They say he had wanted to invade Persia but that the ruling dynasty, the Safavis, was too strong. So he invaded India instead, and the Moghuls have been trying to make it into Persia ever since. Thats why Persians can always find work in India. They teach their language at court, and give lessons in fashion, and in painting and garden design. Samad came here from Persia, and now hes the national poet."
  • I have got myself used up, too great devotion to scientific research; hence I am accepting an offer from the railroad people for work in the mountains. I leave in a week. Think of it! The muck and the ruck, the execrable grub and worse drink! I shall have to work my passage on hand cars and doubtless by tie pass. My hands will lose all their polish. However, there may be some fun and likely some good practice. I see they are blowing themselves up at a great rate. Then, too, there is the prospective joy of seeing you, of whom quite wonderful tales have floated east to us. I am told you are in direct line for the position of the High Chief Muck-a-muck of the Force. Look me up in Superintendent Strong's division. I believe he is the bulwark of the Empire in my district."
  • I wish to thank Christine Bell for continuing to review my work in the Delver Magic series. Her generous contributions serve as an inspiration and confirmation that goodwill and thoughtfulness are not as rare as I might otherwise believe. Once more, I would also like to thank you for continuing to read the Delver Magic series.
  • We can't go back now, explained Ned, "and we can't afford to land and wait for day. We can't all stay in the Cibola, and those of us who are landed must be left in a safe place. Our work," he continued turning to Bob, "is in the Tunit Chas Mountains, thirty miles west of here. It seems as if you had to know it. We'll go there to-night and land, if we can, on some isolated and inaccessible plateau. We'll make that our new relief camp and you and Elmer must take charge of it. To-morrow Alan and I will return in the Cibola to our abandoned wagon, bury Buck and bring away such of our stores as may be left. It's going to be a great loss, for I suppose the Indians have stolen everything. If the gasoline is gone it will cut short our work in the mountains."
  • I think I know the reason of that,"" volunteered Hamilton. ""I heard some census men talking about it, and one of them had spent a long time in Italy. He said that while it was true plenty of the peasants worked in the fields, they usually lived together in villages and went to the fields in the morning."
  • A month after leaving Pearl Island, when it became known to the crew of the "Endraght" that a course had been set for home without having obtained the treasure which had been the object of the voyage, the spirit of discontent in the forecastle which had previously shown itself, became so marked as to threaten a mutiny. Had it not been that we held all the arms and ammunition aft, there would have been little doubt of the seamen refusing duty. As it was, they went about their work in so surly a manner, that if Hartog had not kept a check upon his temper, a serious outbreak on more than one occasion would have occurred.
  • 'It crumbles,' wrote the critic, 'at the very instant at which it should triumph. It is vague, unconvincing, wrong. You leave me unanswered for six whole weeks, and at the end you send me this incoherent sandheap, when your promises had given me the right to expect a solid piece of well-worked marble. I do not know whether you are well or ill, whether you desire to continue the work or no. All of which I am certain is that the piece is wanted for March, and that we cannot work together at this distance. I will meet you where you like--Paris, Brussels, Vienna, London, Hong Kong. It is all one to me so long as I get you back to work in time. But, for whatever reason, this second act is so written that it will not do. And I cannot wait I am a poet, but I am a poet without a language. If you will not be my interpreter, I must find another. Is friendship friendship, or is business business? In the name of both I ask you to meet me and to work with me.'
  • The observation spot on Rat Island was on the north-east end, which we placed in latitude 32 degrees 42 minutes 50 seconds South and longitude 1 degree 57 minutes 50 seconds West of Swan River. Having completed our work in the harbour, we left, for the purpose of securing the requisite material for the north-east part of this group, which we found to be a detached cluster with deep-water between, and to be also similarly separated from the extreme of the group--a small isle about five feet high, composed of sand and dead coral. The average depth surrounding the islands was 20 and 23 fathoms, being the same level as that of the great flat or plain on which they rest, and which extends out from the mainland, shelving off at the outer edge of the southern part of the Abrolhos almost precipitously to no bottom with 250 fathoms. We now proceeded southward, to examine the opening between Easter and Pelsart Groups, and to complete the extremity of the northern part of the latter.
  • The next morning Nathan drove Simon to the airport where they wished each other luck on their new beginning. Nathan was now alone, just like in those first few days when he had arrived in Paris. He continued working in the same line of work and all was going well, but a part of him felt like something was missing. He made a good living and saved a good amount of money, but he lived few new experiences. The days went by, each the same as the previous, with the same routine and monotony.
  • We werent back to work in five or ten, not even twenty or thirty. After forty-five minutes, most of the office had reverted back to childhood, throwing paper air planes and making up pointless games to pass the time. It was nice. By this point, even the phones werent working. They all tied into the computers and when the backup ran out of juice we were off the hook for all things Riders. Larry came around and told us all that the power company said that it was going to be another two hours, so we all were to take a super extended lunch that was paid and we didnt even have to make it up.
  • Wally was put in temporary charge of the project six weeks ago. It was first given to The Ice Queen by Mrs. Minkins. I had never met The Ice Queen but she was the kind of legend most big firms had. She had worked in accounts or legal for a lifetime and she was given the project, so I was told, as a reward.
  • The library was deep in the castles heart. More importantly, it was the Westerns heart. Socrates. Plato. Aristotle. That an idiot could work in such a room and not collapse at the overwhelming genius was unfortunate.
  • "An engineer was sent to examine it. He reported in favor of additional works in the rear, while he believed that the armament of the fort, and its elevated situation, would enable a well-managed garrison to repulse any number of ships of war which might attempt to pass up the river. Nothing more was done.
  • Experimental physics informs, and is informed by, engineering and technology. Experimental physicists involved in basic research design and perform experiments with equipment such as particle accelerators and lasers, whereas those involved in applied research often work in industry, developing technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and transistors. Feynman has noted that experimentalists may seek areas which are not well-explored by theorists.
  • He started working in the university department there and was asked to do forensic psychiatry for 6 months.
  • "Hold on - I thought you needed to be qualified to work in that industry?" When we were in Forks, Jacob had told me that he wanted to do his automotive certificate one day.
  • Poe, who worked in the immigration and citizenship department in the building across the streetonce the post office, now a collection of government departmentswas planning to write limericks for a living. It wasnt much of a plan, so he decided to produce a darling little book of limericks about cinnamon buns. He would, he figured, visit bakeries and farmers markets across the province, rating their buns in limericks. He would keep the limericks short enough for Twitter, and they would spread like kudzu and dandelions across the memeosphere. Hed had several other plans for his life, but this one seemed the best at the moment, and perhaps it was.
  • They were all dressed in the Scout uniform, which they wore when on Scout duty or out on an expedition, and were not a little proud of the fact that each one had bought his uniform with money earned by himself, the first money that some of them had ever earned. This the boys had done in various ways, each according to his own fancy, such as going errands, selling papers, working in stores and shops, etc. They were also provided with small bugle horns, upon which they had learned to sound various signals and calls.
  • Everybody else was saying something as all jumped and ran, but Jack and his father were silent. Ladder, rope, water-pails, were caught up, as if they were going to work in the shop, but the moment they were in the street again it seemed as if John Ogden's lungs must be as deep as the bellows of his forge.
  • 1.D. The copyright laws of the place where you are located also govern what you can do with this work. Copyright laws in most countries are in a constant state of change. If you are outside the United States, check the laws of your country in addition to the terms of this agreement before downloading, copying, displaying, performing, distributing or creating derivative works based on this work or any other Project Gutenberg-tm work. The Foundation makes no representations concerning the copyright status of any work in any country outside the United States.
  • Thus, the AI-Wise Quran makes understood through the sacrifice of a cow that through his prophethood, Moses excised and destroyed the concept of cow-worship, which had entered into that nations character and worked in their natures.
  • Within an hour three Germans had been brought in by the sentries. Two of them were laborers who were coming from a neighboring hamlet to their work in the town. The other had been intercepted coming from the town on his way to take an early train at a railroad station some three miles away.
  • Chavez worked in the fields until 1952, when he became an organizer for the Community Service Organization (CSO), a Latino civil rights group. He was hired and trained by Fred Ross as an organizer targeting police brutality. Chavez urged Mexican Americans to register and vote, and he traveled throughout California and made speeches in support of workers' rights. He later became CSO's national director in 1958.
  • The joke in the family was that Randy spoke to me. I seemed to know what he wanted whether it was water or an emergency trip out the door. Randy attached himself to me in the house, lying at my feet when I worked in my office at home reading papers or writing poetry. When I came home from work, he would be waiting to greet me with a frenzy of barking and licking and leaping, as if I had been away for a year. You can't help but love someone who puts on displays of affection like that.
  • After departing from his house and Sarah, David and Connor were driving down the road to his grandparents house in the old red pick-up. David wore his usual attire of a plaid shirt and blue jeans with his worn out work boots that were still dependable after years of hard work. His clean and slicked back gray hair told Connor that he didnt work in his forge today. David started up a conversation, once things were settled in and they were clearly away from prying eyes and ears. "Well my boy, this is a different change of pace. I want to surprise your grandma, so I didnt tell her where I was going." He had a playful smile written on his face as he drove with little care. "How long are you planning on staying with us? You were quite vague on the phone."
  • Completed which involved study at home and time working in the surgery.
  • We all said the duke was pretty smart, and there couldn't be no trouble about running daytimes. We judged we could make miles enough that night to get out of the reach of the powwow we reckoned the duke's work in the printing office was going to make in that little town; then we could boom right along if we wanted to.
  • Allen met Ben after work in the same row of gravestones where they'd met before. Allen really enjoyed the place. Judy was supposed to meet them there, but never showed. They took care of business. Allen tried to interest Ben in an upgrade this time - the dealer he got his pot from wanted to test the waters for some hydroponic shit. He produced a dime bag stuffed full of fuzzy looking pot. White widow. The good stuff.
  • But, soundly as Tom Tallington slept, the scriggly legs of a beetle were rather too much when they began to work in his ear, and he started up and brushed the creature away, the investigating insect falling on the floor with a sharp rap.
  • Much of what we need to know about achieving excellence is to be found in the sector from the people working in it.
  • Falk went home that night withrdrawn and sombre but still he did not lay his burdens upon Belessa and Aldwyn for they had enough to bear of their own. That day working at the local stores was the last day Falk would work in the village.
  • One in five dentists working in england qualified abroad, with polish dentists accounting for 17 % of all new nhs dentists.
  • Female managers working in hr had average pay rises of six per cent, compared to 4.8 per cent for their male co-workers.
  • "Your intentions are irrelevant. As a servant, you should be invisible to the upper class. I also know about the time you have spent with the scribe. Against my better judgment, I allowed you to continue. Perhaps your time with him gave you a false impression of your place here. In addition, I have also inquired with Ernesto about your work in the laundry." Mistress Laurey nodded her head to Ernesto, who was standing beside me. His hands were neatly folded in front of him, his face flushed with embarrassment.
  • Without the captain there to enforce discipline, the skeleton crew ate the petrels' rations, then, in an admission of hopelessness, the petrels themselves; they were left drifting on the foggy currents, knowing now that even if they spied the fish they would have no means of pursuing her. Still, the topmast was manned, for the mind works in strange ways and, even though all rational hope is gone, some irrational spark may remain.
  • Aided by an army officer, to whom the boys had recommended themselves, not only by reason of their rank, but because of their good work in the emergency, they found a man who was in charge of all three buildings as a renting agent. Fortunately he had his books, which he had saved from the wreck.
  • Not a bit of it! Belle disputed warmly. "Dave, don't belittle your own superb work in that fashion! The Army would have lost to-day if the West Point eleven had been made up exclusively of Prescotts and Holmeses!"
  • Cap's health being such that he deemed it inadvisable to continue work in the field, he had severed his connection with the expedition, after finishing the preliminary map of Green River, and was temporarily settled in Kanab, where he had been for some time.
  • Just then the curtain was drawn, and through it entered Masouda herself. She was dressed in a white robe that had a dagger worked in red over the left breast, and her long black hair fell upon her shoulders, although it was half hid by the veil, open in front, which hung from her head. Never had they seen her look so beautiful as she seemed thus.
  • It took several nights to learn all this, and, as he did not want to take any one into his confidence, he had to work in secret. But, with all his efforts he learned nothing, save that there was something odd about the ship that he could not fathom.
  • Tom's wound was painful, but not dangerous, though it would keep him on the ground for a day or two. Though, as a matter of fact, none of the members of the picked squadron was allowed to go aloft after the orders came detailing them for work in connection with the monster cannon. Their places were taken by others who were sent for, some being new fliers who were burning to make a name for themselves.
  • For some days their life continued as before. Cyrus Harding and Gideon Spilett worked together, sometimes chemists, sometimes experimentalists. The reporter never left the engineer except to hunt with Herbert, for it would not have been prudent to allow the lad to ramble alone in the forest; and it was very necessary to be on their guard. As to Neb and Pencroft, one day at the stables and poultryyard, another at the corral, without reckoning work in Granite House, they were never in want of employment.
  • But who was I to criticize? Stoney Winston: failed actor and unsold writer, marginal freelance editor, production manager, and even director if the film was safely short, cheap, and trivial. Id never worked in a big studio like Warners or Universal and never seen a budget over two hundred thousand. Its hard to be more also-ran than that.
  • All our friends lacked any real information, so the rumor mill was working in overdrive. Word got around fast that Tray and Krista have some kind of secret relationship. In order to get the latest gossip, I had to 'play along’. I made it seem as though they were keeping it a secret from me too. That wasnt exactly a lie because all I ever offered them was how I never see Tray and Krista do anything. Our friends just filled in the blanks with assumptionsit was amusing to hear the latest news on their budding romance. I would share the details with Krista, nightly and we both thought it was hilarious.
  • "It may be so," said Lumley, with a sigh; "and now, my boy, to change the subject, we must buckle to our winter's work in right good earnest; I mean what may be styled our philanthropic work; for the other work-- firewood-cutting, hunting, store arranging, preparation for the return of Indians in spring, with their furs, and all the other odds and ends of duty--is going along swimmingly; but our classes must be resumed, now that the holidays are over, for we have higher interests to consider than the mere eating that we may live, and living that we may eat."
  • Subsequently, the bass trumpet ( developed from the cavalry trumpet ) could provide a similar sonority for solo work in operatic music.
  • Well-heeled residents from their fine portuguese colonial-style mansions to work in the centro district below.
  • On his arrival in Calais, Jean-Luc found work in the area around the docks, working as a porter loading and unloading the ships, or serving in the bars and taverns in the vicinity. He even managed to pick up a smattering of English from the sailors and crew although, as he would later realise, he had acquired an eclectic vocabulary containing many words the meaning of which his mother would definitely not have approved.
  • Groundbreaking discoveries in modern linguistics, deutscher exposes the elusive forces of creation at work in human communication.
  • Balashev found Davout seated on a barrel in the shed of a peasant's hut, writing--he was auditing accounts. Better quarters could have been found him, but Marshal Davout was one of those men who purposely put themselves in most depressing conditions to have a justification for being gloomy. For the same reason they are always hard at work and in a hurry. "How can I think of the bright side of life when, as you see, I am sitting on a barrel and working in a dirty shed?" the expression of his face seemed to say. The chief pleasure and necessity of such men, when they encounter anyone who shows animation, is to flaunt their own dreary, persistent activity. Davout allowed himself that pleasure when Balashev was brought in. He became still more absorbed in his task when the Russian general entered, and after glancing over his spectacles at Balashev's face, which was animated by the beauty of the morning and by his talk with Murat, he did not rise or even stir, but scowled still more and sneered malevolently.
  • Meat inspectors working in scottish abattoirs have also reported a marked increase in carcasses showing evidence of liver fluke infestation.
  • Yes. I don't feel old, you see. I feel as if I had many years' good work in me yet. But there! That's the trouble with the mediocre men. They are shelved before they are old. I am one of them.
  • Project Gutenberg-tm is synonymous with the free distribution of electronic works in formats readable by the widest variety of computers including obsolete, old, middle-aged and new computers. It exists because of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donations from people in all walks of life.
  • It required less time than this for Edgar to take his resolution. He had no fancy whatever for work in a London office, and the prospect of serving on board ship, the chance of seeing Constantinople and other places, and possibly of active service against the French, was vastly more pleasant. Before the end of that time he went up to the captain, touched his hat, and said that he thankfully accepted his offer.
  • Previously evaluation work in the northeastern part of the site recorded a series of medieval furrows.
  • Left alone with his patients, save his Chinese assistant, Doctor Dick threw off his coat and set to work in earnest to see what he could do for them, and how seriously they were wounded.
  • Terry didnt know where he was and hadnt heard from him all day. Only Terry, Dan, and Summer knew Rafe had stopped at Summers house last night, but everyone knew Dan would be there until he had to leave for work. The exact time wasnt mentioned, but Skye had been informed Dan would see her tomorrow morning. He had to work in the middle of the night, but insisted he would stop at the day care before going home to sleep.
  • Eight men worked in the office, though Sespian knew they represented only a portion of the intelligence network. Some wore army uniforms and others bland civilian attire, though all were soldiers.
  • Hawksworth nodded assent as their guards led them directly across the wide drawbridge and through a passageway. The outer edge of the drawbridge was connected by heavy chains to rollers at the top of the entryway. The two rollers worked in a stone channel cut upward into the steep walls of the passage and were held in place by iron bars inserted into the channel. The bridge would lift automatically by simple removal of the iron bars. Around them now was a small, heavily defended barbican and ahead, between the outer and inner wall, was a gateway set in a towering portal almost eighty feet high that was faced with gleaming blue enamel tiles.
  • I was working in Russia and started to learn so I had something special on my resume. I came for some experience and now I've been at that office for three fucking years.
  • Two days later a rebel carrier brought news from Pat. She had a job, not, unfortunately for her tastes, with the theatre. She was working in a dress shop, but enough gossip passed through every day to make the long hours more than worth her while.
  • As she went about her work in the kitchen, she saw Abbey seat himself upon a log in the yard, his countenance wreathed in gloom. He was presently joined by her brother. Glancing out, now and then, she made a guess at the meat of their talk, and her lip curled slightly. She saw them walk down to Abbey's launch, and Charlie delivered an encouraging slap on Paul's shoulder as he embarked. Then the speedy craft tore out of the bay at a headlong gait, her motor roaring in unmuffled exhaust, wide wings of white spray arching off her flaring bows.
  • Paul and Bob now relieved Tom and John, and the latter young men took a nap. It was their custom to work in pairs, the observer preparing food for himself and the pilot during the course of flight. Sometimes the observer took the throttle long enough to give his friend a chance to eat, and sometimes the pilot retained his seat, allowing the automatic arrangement to do the guiding for him while he munched his food.
  • "We must be gone," said the tree spirit. His voice was gentle in response to her words, though he neither confirmed nor denied what she had said. "We have work of our own to do. The earth has lived long without us. It is time the trees felt spirit at work in them again. But I have a gift to give you, daughter of men."
  • "I would send emissaries to the Pari to try and resolve the matter diplomatically. Moreover, I would create incentives for others to come and work in Aquia until the curse is sorted out. I would advise Emira-Regent Selene to attempt to lure capable managers to come work for Aquia, to ensure that it becomes the fertile and prosperous land it generally is." She gritted her teeth at me, in an imitation of a smile.
  • What was clear was there was a careful demarcation of the labourers quartered on this side of the bridge and the workers on the island. The two groups never met, even when working in the very centre of the middle arch. When blocks of stone needed to be laid, a team from the mainland side under the direction of an Overseer would be directed to undertake the work. When completed, the entire group would leave, to be replaced by a similar team from the other side.
  • But the first look made him believe the worst. On the floor, toppled over in the chair to which he had been bound, lay Mr. Fulton, his injured shoulder twisted way out of place, his distorted face the color of old ivory. Gagged and tightly laced to the bed lay Mr. Billings, his features working in wildest rage.
  • A Night at Sea Shark Gulf Confidences Preparations for Winter Forwardness of the bad Season Severe Cold work in the Interior In six Months A photographic Negative Unexpected Incident.
  • While our explorers were thus reduced to a state of forced inaction as regarded the main object of their expedition, they did not by any means waste their time in idleness. On the contrary, each of the party went zealously to work in the way that was most suitable to his inclination.
  • I want to be sent to Nertchinsk instead of to Irkutsk. I would rather work in the mines or anywhere else than be shut up in prison.
  • Our colleague andy tillman has been doing some exemplary work in the area of bullet construction for heavy rifle calibers.
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