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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • Peter M'Laughlan didn't preach much of hope in this world; how could he? There were men there who had slaved for twenty, thirty, forty years; worked as farmers have to work in few other lands--first to clear the stubborn bush from the barren soil, then to fence the ground, and manure it, and force crops from it--and for what? There was Cox, the farmer, starved off his selection after thirty years and going out back with his drays to work at tank-sinking for a squatter. There was his eldest son going shearing or droving--anything he could get to do--a stoop-shouldered, young-old man of thirty. And behind them, in the end, would be a dusty patch in the scrub, a fencepost here and there, and a pile of chimney-stones and a hardwood slab or two where the but was--for thirty hard years of the father's life and twenty of the son's.
  • Warren turned the light on the wheel and went to work. He had always prided himself on his swiftness in working out tire troubles, and when he saw the bad tear in the tube, he took it off and replaced it with one of the new tires strapped to the rear of the machine. He worked in desperate haste, and Ivan, at his side, worked with equal desperation.
  • Rupert Clinton returned with the column to Korti, as General Stewart went back with them to bring out the main body of troops. It was calculated that ten days must elapse before these would arrive at Gakdul, and the Guards and Marines set to work in earnest the next morning to get things into order. The work was very heavy, but as the men had plenty to eat and no lack of excellent water they did not mind it, congratulating themselves heartily upon the fact that they had not to make the long and wearisome journey to Korti and back.
  • You don't understand, Rath said. "He may effect a cure of his nonexistent Martian psychosis. But to cure something that is not there is, in effect, to erect a gratuitous delusional system. You might say that the machine would work in reverse, producing psychosis instead of removing it."
  • "At least I work in a place where theres medical equipment and people savvy with emergencies handy in case anything goes wrong while Im there. And the rest of the time Im usually with you, so Im covered for the most part. Crap, speaking of which I completely forgot about work. What kind of a business owner am I?" Omari shook her head, embarrassed that she hadnt even though about her clinic or her animals back home.
  • Then bit by bit, he unloaded his mind, which appeared full of little things, like a junk shop. He says: "See that woman that left?" he says. "She has four children, all girls, and she's mad over it. Around here, when a woman's going to have a child, she generally puts in a bid at the temple for a boy. Queer, ain't it! Well, that one has had four girls. Every time she comes around afterwards and lays down the law. Sometimes she brings her man, and they both lay down the law. Well, it's lively! That one on the left," he says, pointing to the children, "that's Nan, proper name Ananda. She's one of their four. She's got the nerve of a horsefly! The chunky one in the middle, his name's Sokai, but I call him Soaker for short. His folks work in the rice fields. The littlest one's Kishatriya, which I call him Kiyi on account of his solemnness. Seemed to me it ought to cheer things up, to call him Kiyi. His folks died of cholera. He keeps meditatin' all the time.
  • Most immigrants in Utah worked in the mines and for the railroads, manufacturing parts, loading or unloading supplies and repairing rail lines, among other tasks. Almost any job was acceptable by these hard working immigrants that were just trying to get ahead. As with other immigrant groups of previous eras, working conditions were perilous and the work, back breaking. They worked long hours for little pay and no benefits, which was the very reason why so many working Americans detested their arrival. With so much cheap foreign labor coming into the country, it was highly unrealistic for local laborers to ask for higher wages or try to improve their own working conditions. This was exactly the reason large businesses enticed the foreigners to come to America in the first place.
  • We were about half through when one bushman said to another: "Stop your damned swearin', Jim. Here's Peter M'Laughlan!" Peter walked up and the men made way for him and he went into the office. There was always considerably less swearing for a few feet round about where Peter M'Laughlan happened to be working in a shearing-shed. It seemed to be an understood thing with the men. He took no advantages, never volunteered to preach at a shed where he was working, and only spoke on union subjects when the men asked him to. He was "rep." (Shearers' Union representative) at this shed, but squatters and station managers respected him as much as the men did.
  • His best known work in english - the poetics of space - remains a staple on architecture courses everywhere today.
  • Such deportees were subjected to ill-treatment and many of them were compelled to work in armament factories.
  • Millenniumthat deposits of silver were worked in iran from the fourth millenium bc.
  • She blew out the lamp, and by the little light that crept through the shuttered casement led me by the hand to the far corner of the room. Here she pressed upon the wall, and a door opened in its thickness. We entered, and she closed the spring. Now we were in a little chamber, some five cubits in length by four in breadth; for a faint light struggled into the closet, and also the sound of voices, I knew not whence. Loosing my hand, she crept to the end of the place, and looked steadfastly at the wall; then crept back and, whispering Silence!"" led me forward with her. Then I saw that there were eyeholes in the wall, which pierced it, and were hidden on the farther side by carved work in stone. I looked through the hole that was in front of me, and I saw this: six cubits below was the level of the floor of another chamber, lit with fragrant lamps, and most richly furnished. It was the sleeping-place of Cleopatra, and there, within ten cubits of where we stood, sat Cleopatra on a gilded couch, and by her side sat Antony."
  • After spending a fortnight with their families cutting wood and choring about their abodes they then went to work in the lumber camps for February and March.
  • Theyd met back in March, on the first Friday after Jim started work in Albany. The walls of his room on Frederick Street had been starting to close in on him, so when he got back from work that evening he went out again immediately for a stroll down to the waterfront. Ten minutes later he was sitting on the jetty with his legs dangling over the edge, rolling a cigarette and wondering in an off-hand sort of way what he would do about dinner that night. The sun was hanging low in the sky to his right, and by the look of it there was perhaps half an hour left till sunset. Being alone and friendless in a strange town was not, he decided, a very pleasant position to be in. Particularly at dinner time.
  • "Curious. So do we keep her ignorant or do we facilitate a family reunion?" Karl liked to ask these kinds of rhetorical questions. "I think we should keep her ignorant. It works in our interest. If she knows too much it will be more difficult for us to get her to do whats required. I dont need to remind any of you that we are running out of time."
  • He was co-founder / director of project north east - an innovative british NGO which has now worked in 40 countries. www.pne.org.
  • On recovering myself I resolved never again to lose a similar opportunity. I had for so long worked in the dark, that I was not to be deterred from carrying out my intention. Armed with the handspike, I entered the crate. I first felt in each corner, to try and find an opening in which I could insert the end of my implement.
  • Misha stood. The woman moaned louder. His heart thumped hard in his chest. Just to lie down and sleep. Sit for one minute and dream. He looked at Babo as if seeing her the first time, a typical village woman, simple long hair... thick eyebrows, skin still dark and leathery from working in the sun until far into autumn. Her body was sturdy and thick-waisted. The motherfuckers. Motherfuckers. His unit was going to fuck these guys good when they found them. Fuck. Everyone thought they could always do what they wanted to... to Armenians. The worst things. And why hadn't he told?
  • "I've been in slumber, as you stated, so it's been a long time since I last wrote to her. Now she might fear the worst for me and my whereabouts. I urgently want to tell the others there are less Dark Robes around now, thanks to your amazing, wonderful deed in updating my magic wand. I had no idea you were so old and so great. That's truly sorcerer's magic at work in my presence."
  • Peru was taken by the Spaniards three hundred years ago from the native Indians, who lived happily under their own princes and chiefs. The latter were treated with the greatest cruelty and injustice by their conquerors, and compelled to work in the silver and copper mines which exist along the whole range of the Andes. The Spaniards were, in their turn, dispossessed of the government of the country by the descendants of the early settlers, who were assisted by the natives and the people descended from natives and Spaniard. Unhappily, the Roman Catholic religion is established throughout the whole of Chili and Peru, for the history of the two countries is nearly the same; and the people have the characteristics which are to be found wherever that religion prevails. The great mass are ignorant and superstitious; their priests, of whom there are great numbers, grossly impose on their credulity.
  • "Be at peace," he answered, "for no man has yet measured his own work, and it may be you shall do more than all these. They laboured in their office, and you shall work in yours. But why will you have me tell you what to do?"
  • Paginatef my friends working in other firms spent their training photocopying or paginating trial bundles.
  • They will work in teams to build the highest, strongest tower and to create a promotional brochure for their own housing development.
  • Previously to laying the keel of the pinnace, Mark named it the Neshamony, after a creek that was nearly opposite to the Rancocus, another inlet of the Delaware, that had given its name to the ship from the circumstance that Friend Abraham White had been born on its low banks. The means of averting the pains and penalties of working in the sun, were also attended to, as indeed the great preliminary measure in this new enterprise. To this end, the raft was again put in requisition; an old main-course was got out of the sail-room, and lowered upon the raft; spare spars were cut to the necessary length, and thrown into the water, to be towed down in company; ropes,
  • The mine-layers must be actively at work in these waters, said Dave. "Undoubtedly they plant the mines at night, then toward daylight move in toward the shoal and hide there during the day. We'll try that shoal again after daylight to-morrow morning--weather permitting."
  • My work in the social apostolate is mainly concerned with academic reflection.
  • I struggled up on my feet and proceeded to carry the big vessels to the river bank, where I intended to construct the raft. The effort to take each heavy bottle those few metres seemed almost beyond me in my exhausted state. At last I proceeded to strip the floor of the hut, which had been made with split assahy palms (Euterpe oleracea L.), in order that I might make a frame to which I could fasten the bottles. With a great deal of persuasion I got Filippe and Benedicto to help me. The long pieces of assahy were too heavy for our purpose, and we had the additional trouble of splitting each piece into four. It was most trying work in our worn-out condition. Then we had to go into the forest and collect some small liane, so that we could tie the pieces together, as we had no nails and no rope.
  • Anjoya Meseer glided through the busy afternoon crowds that thronged the Market Quarter of Greater Salience, trying not to spill the tears that edged her dark eyes. They might streak the kohl shed lined them with, and no hostess, not even one forced to live and work in Lesser Salience, would let herself appear as anything less than poised and calm at all times.
  • "You know," he frowned, "Ive heard that before, and I think I can tell you, at least, that it pisses me off. I mean, personally. I mean, my moms folks are Swedish, they came to this country about 1910, broke their butts cutting timber up in the north woods to make a living. Dads folks are Czechoslovakian and they came about the same time. My granddad and his dad worked in the Chicago stockyards. They all came to this country with hardly a dime to their names, and had to work their asses off. Theres no way in hell any of my ancestors could have had anything to do with slavery, by an ocean and half a century."
  • No longer confined to working in the bedroom, wireless access to the internet has been made available in our hotels.
  • Jain stopped. Coursa took another step and turned to face her. "No," Jain said. "You have people in all the right places. You have a way to kill all of them at once. You have ways into all of their castles, ways to get to all of them. You sent your children and your grandchildren to work in those castles. How long, Coursa?"
  • At the same time, it was necessary to become familiar with the methods required for stem cell analysis at the laboratory of the Canadian cooperation partner, Professor Judah Denburg of the McMaster University in Hamilton and to transfer this knowledge to Germany. Dr. Kristin Weiße spent six months in Canada working in the group of Professor Denburg in order to acquire the necessary know-how and profit from the experience of the Canadian partners. Dr. Lehmann and Dr. Weiße agree that "with the subject of environmental contamination and stem cells we have established an exciting new field of research." The UFZ team is currently the only one in the world investigating this relationship with analytical precision and methodical patience. The LiNA study, in the course of which mothers and their children can be observed over several years, represents a unique basis.
  • We had had no lunch, and now had no dinner. My men felt perfectly miserable, and in their speech did not exactly bless the day they had started with me on that expedition. We had worked hard, and had only covered a distance of 7,500 m. in twelve hours. At sunset, while the storm was raging, we beheld a most wonderful effect of light to the west, very much like a gorgeous aurora borealis. The sky, of intense vermilion, was streaked with beautiful radiations of the brightest lemon-yellow, which showed out vividly against the heavy black clouds directly above our heads. The river reflected the red tints, so that we appeared to be working in a river of blood.
  • Those who were in the Army of the Potomac will remember the Signal Telegraph Corps. I do not mean the Military or Morse Corps, but the Signal Telegraph Corps. There were two distinct organizations doing practically the same character of work in the Army of the Potomac. As a natural consequence, these two army telegraph corps were in a state of active, bitter warfare against each other all the time.
  • "There is information about their investment practices," he continued. "There is information about their employees. There are commentaries about individual people who live and work in Abu Dhabi that should not be made public." He also wanted the federal court record sealed.
  • I obviously struck a nerve. I was not unfamiliar with what the young man talked about. I worked in corporate America, and I knew well their almost total lack of concern for the welfare of their employees. The corporate America I knew paid strict attention to the bottom line. Whatever added to the bottom line also added to the salaries and bonuses paid yearly to corporate management. Employees were considered expendablesimply another means of production, and if they could be replaced by a machine or by a third world labor force working for less than subsistence wages, the leadership of corporate America with the blessings of the stockholders and the nation's lawmakers always on the prowl for political contributions thought nothing of destroying the lives of dedicated, hardworking American families.
  • I always felt I didn't really deserve that money, urged Billy. "You fellows did most of the work in Africa, I just trailed along."
  • On the litters lay seven men. All were gray with pain and sweating profusely. As they lay there Burt could see their naked breasts rise and fall with the increased palpitation caused by the poison. The matter of Captain Mac was forgotten on the instant, as all four went to work in a desperate effort to save the wounded men. The captain hastily loaded the hypodermic syringes and handed them to the other three, who injected the contents into the arms of the wounded as rapidly as possible. While this was going on the camp was surrounded by the villagers, and only the leveled guns of John and the other men held them outside.
  • He has intwined apects of traffic, boating and the day-to-day tedium of office work in a new way.
  • And, their working in jobs that are suitable for their abilities gives them pleasure.
  • Although Cook's claim to have reached the summit of Denali met with general acceptance outside, or at least was not openly scouted, it was otherwise in Alaska. The men, in particular, who lived and worked in the placer-mining regions about the base of the mountain, and were, perhaps, more familiar with the orography of the range than any surveyor or professed topographer, were openly incredulous. Upon the appearance of Doctor Cook's book, "To the Top of the Continent," in 1908, the writer well remembers the eagerness with which his copy (the only one in Fairbanks) was perused by man after man from the Kantishna diggings, and the acute way in which they detected the place where vague "fine writing" began to be substituted for definite description.
  • When he reached his apartment the parking lot was dark. The security light was burnt out again. The building was in poor repair, but it was cheap and he didn't complain. He walked slowly to the front door and stopped to look up at the sign, slightly leaning, slightly dirty and slightly broken. It said: WILL T WERS, with several letters missing. He sighed and entered, heading for the stairs. The elevator hadn't worked in years and all the tenants lived on the first five floors. The upper five floors were deserted and many of the windows were broken and covered in plywood. His apartment was the only one on the fifth floor.
  • We are looking for an enthusiastic self-starter to work in our consumer insight division.
  • "For three weeks I worked in the warehouse of Henry Dubineau, the largest importer of French and Italian wines to England. He also owns a chunk of the East India Company and some French stocks in a company that wants to build a canal somewhere..."
  • The nvq in administration is designed to give people the required skill to work in an office environment.
  • His tone was the tone of authority, as if he had been accustomed to command. Mr. Adams delivered a sentence to Maria; and the dug out was carefully worked in to the wrecked boat. Now edge to edge they floated. The other boat was hard and fast on a sunken tree, and a sharp branch had jabbed clear through the bottom.
  • "But as a scientist who worked in Gallo's lab once put it, quote, Gallo was known for this sort of unscrupulous behavior years before the AIDS virus ever came along, unquote. Perhaps the Japanese never pressed the issue because it turns out that this HTLV virus, pronounced by Gallo to be the cause of leukemia, is currently estimated to cause cancer in humans only once in every 2000 years. But thanks to the silence of the Japanese, Robert Gallo finally had a virus he could call his own, and if it didn't cause leukemia, he simply had to find a disease it did cause and he'd be famous."
  • He started working in the university department there and was asked to do forensic psychiatry for 6 months.
  • She stared at his face, some stubble; he probably hadnt shaved that morning. He had a few crows feet, working in the elements. Hed never married, had no children. Hed had her, twice. Did he want her a third time?
  • "I could do that, and would like to do it. My first choice, however, would be to learn to work in the copying room. I have all my life longed to be able to read."
  • As the second month drew to a close, Bert began to gain upon his rival. He nearly always made the majority of the points, and was now at least six ahead. Then suddenly the tide turned and Levi seemed to have it all his own way. The quickness with which he got the answers was bewildering. Nay, more, it was even suspicious. One familiar with the details of the problems given, and the amount of work a full working out would require, could not help being struck by the fact that Cohen seemed to arrive at his answer after a remarkably small expenditure of slate-pencil. Time and again he would have his slate down at least half-a-minute before Bert did his, although previous to this sudden change in his fortunes, the difference in time between them had been rarely more than a few seconds. Then again it was noticeable that he took the utmost care that none of the others should see what was on his slate. He did his work in a corner, hunched up over it so that it was well concealed, and he snatched his slate away from the pile at the very first opportunity.
  • 'O'Flaherty?--hey!--no, by George!--though so it is--there's work in Frank Nutter yet, by Jove,' said the general, poking his glass and his fat face an inch or two nearer.
  • "What we achieved in that project was to put together some DNA which allowed bioluminescence, to show that it worked in [the bacterium] E. coli, and to submit it to the 'parts registry' which holds this DNA so anyone else can use it in future," team member Theo Sanderson told BBC News.
  • With a good silent dog playing in front of a blind these ducks in the early spring will come within short range, as will the black duck and gray goose. They have keen eyesight and will work in from a quarter of a mile to investigate the dog. The dog of best color to attract ducks is yellow or yellow and white. A pure white is better than a dark colored, which latter only appears to scare them away.
  • But of all the work in the Survey, suggested Roger, thinking of the apparent inaccessibility of the Canyon as he had seen it, "I should think this Grand Canyon work the most difficult and dangerous of all."
  • But on condition you work in the name of the True Provider and within the sphere of His leave, and see yourself as a distribution official giving His property to His creatures.
  • Our navigating continued under these conditions until March 13. That day the Nautilus was put to work in some depthsounding experiments that fascinated me deeply.
  • Fred began to sweat seriously in earnest. If they really were tracking proficiently, they would be able to know precisely who had typed in which messages and where. He'd be caught out for sure. He hadn't even considered disguising his address. He tried hard to think. Was it really his fault? Just because he'd said certain things? Surely the individuals were responsible for whatever their actions had been. He could not be held accountable. Well, maybe not legally. There remained the simple matter of his livelihood. He'd be ruined. He'd never be able to work in high tech again.
  • The hole was partly filled with coarse sand and gravel; and, since gold is so heavy that it will sink down through sand and gravel until it comes to something more solid, all this had to be thrown off before they could hope to come to pay-dirt, which is usually a thin layer of gravel or clay lying on top of the bed-rock. Ham was now digging down to this bed-rock; and, when he reached it, he would throw a few shovels of the dirt directly on its top into a gold-pan, and then a few minutes' washing of the dirt in the pan would show whether or not they had struck gold. The hole he was digging was not large enough for more than one man to work in it at a time, consequently the others formed a circle around Ham and watched his progress with faces feverish with excitement, any one of them ready the moment Ham tired to seize a shovel and jump into the hole in his place. But the shoveling was not hard and the sturdy muscles of Ham did not tire.
  • This from Jimmie, who seemed to take a rather gloomy view of the situation. The boys remained at the old tool house only a short time. Their minds were fixed so intently on the work in hand that they hardly knew whether they had had any breakfast at all.
  • Louie and Lulu could hear the machinery working in the shed. Yes there would be a slowly rising pool of effluent under the house!
  • 'The woman inside seemed to know Lynne, but the gentleman, I think he is their boss, said he didn't have a Mrs Reed working in his staff. He was hiding something.' he said gravely. He thought hard about what they should do next.
  • Chatting thus about times past and present, while they watched the soldiers and seamen who passed continuously in and out of the Institute--intent on a game, or some non-intoxicant refreshment, or a lounge, a look at the papers, a confab with a comrade, or a bit of reading--the two invalids enjoyed their rest to the full, and frequently blessed the lady who provided such a retreat, as well as her warm-hearted assistants, who, for the love of Christ and human souls, had devoted themselves to carry on the work in that far-off land.
  • Capital! I knew we were not mistaken in you. Now, see here, I see you have something working in your mind. I don't want to even hamper you by asking what it is.
  • He returned to his shovel. He and Gettysburg worked in silence for fifteen minutes. Old Dave returned and joined them. Gettysburg tuned up for another of his songs, the burden of which was the tale of a hen pecked man.
  • These devices work in a different manner to the more familiar grating spectrometer.
  • But who was I to criticize? Stoney Winston: failed actor and unsold writer, marginal freelance editor, production manager, and even director if the film was safely short, cheap, and trivial. Id never worked in a big studio like Warners or Universal and never seen a budget over two hundred thousand. Its hard to be more also-ran than that.
  • He could not have told how long he slept that night. Dreams came to him in his restless slumber, and always they awakened him, so that he was looking at the stars again and trying not to think. In spite of the grief in his soul they were pleasant dreams, as though some gentle force were at work in him subconsciously to wipe away the shadows of tragedy. Mary Standish was with him again, between the mountains at Skagway; she was at his side in the heart of the tundras, the sun in her shining hair and eyes, and all about them the wonder of wild roses and purple iris and white seas of sedge-cotton and yellow-eyed daisies, and birds singing in the gladness of summer. He heard the birds. And he heard the girl's voice, answering them in her happiness and turning that happiness from the radiance of her eyes upon him. When he awoke, it was with a little cry, as if someone had stabbed him; and Olaf was building a fire, and dawn was breaking in rose-gleams over the mountains.
  • Those of us who work in upland path repair can often succumb to a rather unhealthy obsession with the state of footpaths.
  • Two busy young clerks were at work in the office adjoining the foyer, and for those who were already provided with a room-mate the task of securing a room was a matter of only a few moments.
  • "Your intentions are irrelevant. As a servant, you should be invisible to the upper class. I also know about the time you have spent with the scribe. Against my better judgment, I allowed you to continue. Perhaps your time with him gave you a false impression of your place here. In addition, I have also inquired with Ernesto about your work in the laundry." Mistress Laurey nodded her head to Ernesto, who was standing beside me. His hands were neatly folded in front of him, his face flushed with embarrassment.
  • Next was the Reverend George Young, with his wife and son. Dr Young had consented to go and begin the work in the Red River Settlement, a place where Methodism had never before had a footing. Grandly and well did he succeed in his efforts.
  • What he did know, however, was that he probably had a job lined up. A year before hed helped guide, in a pastoral way, a man named Clyde past a crisis in the Clydes marriage. Not that the Clyde would have had that crisis if hed been able to keep his hands off the university girls where he worked in the Audiovisual department.
  • Accustomed to work in the darkness, the sailors had no difficulty in carrying out the operation, and before morning broke the battery was complete. It was six feet high on the side facing the water, with two embrasures for the guns, four feet high on the sides covered by the chevaux de frise. The front face was twenty-five feet in length, the sides forty. Morning was breaking as the work was finished, and bread and cold meat were served out, with a full ration of grog. By the time these were consumed it was broad daylight; for there is little twilight so near the equator.
  • "Little," muttered Lille. "Ill give you little. And dont call me a thing, Im your better half and you know it." Her fingertips hovered over the wound, working in and out, meshing the edges of the wound together a millimeter at a time. Bits of dried blood flaked off and turned to lint before they hit the ground.
  • It required less time than this for Edgar to take his resolution. He had no fancy whatever for work in a London office, and the prospect of serving on board ship, the chance of seeing Constantinople and other places, and possibly of active service against the French, was vastly more pleasant. Before the end of that time he went up to the captain, touched his hat, and said that he thankfully accepted his offer.
  • The point was looming almost abreast now. He edged in nearer, to hug it as closely as he dared risk the depth of the water. Behind, remorselessly, the other boat was steadily closing the gap; and the shots were not all wild--one struck, with a curious singing sound, on some piece of metal a foot from his elbow. Closer to the shore, running now parallel with the head of the point, Jimmie Dale again edged in the boat, his jaws, clamped, working in little twitches.
  • Of course he shall work when I don't want him, the woman said, "but I shall find much for him to do. He will draw the water, he will fetch the fuel, he will grind the meal when I have anything else for the women to do. When he has done all I require of him, then he can go and work in the fields. It is no use your giving me a slave and then taking him away again."
  • They have been skilled up by working in the practice alongside practice nurses within diabetic clinic.
  • "The children in this study are often given prescription medicines," says Vohra, a pediatrician who works in the Department of Pediatrics and the School of Public Health at the U of A.
  • "Ive met him, too," Karlini said reluctantly. "Hes a technologist on call to the gods. Hes got a nasty attitude. He thinks everything weve been doing should have been shut down, especially the work in the lab. If hes satisfied that the labs been defanged Id think thats pretty solid assurance."
  • Northeast of Stanleyville lie the most important gold mines in the Colony. The precious metal was discovered accidentally some years ago in the gravel of small rivers west of Lake Albert, and near the small towns of Kilo and Moto. Four mines are now worked in this vicinity, two by the Government and two by a private company. At the outbreak of the war this area was on the verge of considerable development which has just been resumed. At the time of my visit all these mines were placers and the operation was rather primitive. With modern machinery and enlarged white staffs will come a pretentious exploitation. The Government mines alone yield more than $2,000,000 worth of gold every year. Shortly before my arrival in the Congo what was heralded as the largest gold nugget ever discovered was found in the Kilo State Mine. It weighed twelve pounds.
  • "The way is in your hand," Lief said nodding to the sword. "The sword's ability to reflect natural light allows the carrier to fend off the advance of any shadow tree. Apparently, the Sword of Decree was created when the decision was made to place the seeds of shadow trees into Sanctum. Though not every elf is a magic caster, every elf has the ability to store magical energies. Even when the sphere sucked pure magic from the world, it could not take that which each elf stored in his body. This stored energy, the last vestige of magic for the elves that worked in Sanctum, was used to create the Sword of Decree.
  • Like a set of sparrows intuitively we floated from piece to piece absorbing everything from Passarotti to Gauguin. The night flourished and withered on the framed work in front of us, directing the conversation like a good chaperone. Whenever awkward moments arose, when she asked silly questions on my private life, I instead chose to conversationally waltz through the adorned hallways. One, I expertly avoided these chatty interpersonal traps by intercepting each query. Two, I reflected the question back to her; Remember people adore conversating about themselves. And three, when I could not stand her maddening prying any longer, I would seek haven in my beloved artwork which she observed to be "so deep."
  • Broken, shmoken, said Hank. "If you find Egyptian faience work in a Sumerian grave, you know they traded. If you find old Radio shack model 100's in a Memphis grave, you know the Egyptians traded with the Pilgrim fathers across the Atlantic Ocean."
  • "Dont be ridiculous," Joseph scoffed. "Of course Ill come back. Im not going to make you sleep in a cell where your coworkers will see you when they arrive to work in the morning."
  • According to historian Zhifen Ju, at least five million Chinese civilians from northern China and Manchukuo were enslaved between 1935 and 1941 by the East Asia Development Board, or K?ain, for work in mines and war industries. After 1942, the number reached 10 million. The U.S. Library of Congress estimates that in Java, between 4 and 10 million romusha (Japanese: "manual laborers"), were forced to work by the Japanese military. About 270,000 of these Javanese laborers were sent to other Japanese-held areas in South East Asia, and only 52,000 were repatriated to Java.
  • The land I love above all others--not because it was kind to me, but because I was born on Australian soil, and because of the foreign father who died at his work in the ranks of Australian pioneers, and because of many things. Australia! My country! Her very name is music to me. God bless Australia! for the sake of the great hearts of the heart of her! God keep her clear of the old-world shams and social lies and mockery, and callous commercialism, and sordid shame! And heaven send that, if ever in my time her sons are called upon to fight for her young life and honour, I die with the first rank of them and be buried in Australian ground.
  • Jean-Luc stopped from his labours for a moment, and considered the events which had brought him to the site of the bridge. He had been fascinated by what he had seen and heard in the Forbidden Caves. The reply to his letter to Maman had not been able to shed any light on what had happened, and it had taken a good deal of assiduous work in the public libraries in Reims and Epernay for Jean-Luc to finally learn that Lyndesfarne was a place, an obscure little island off the north-east coast of England, apparently once the home of some secretive sect of monks.
  • Impugned the personal honesty of several named scientists working in the h.i.v field... .
  • The Egyptians were one of the first major civilizations to codify design elements in art and architecture. Egyptian blue, also known as calcium copper silicate is a pigment used by Egyptians for thousands of years. It is considered to be the first synthetic pigment. The wall paintings done in the service of the Pharaohs followed a rigid code of visual rules and meanings. Egyptian civilization is renowned for its colossal pyramids, temples and monumental tombs. Well-known examples are the Pyramid of Djoser designed by ancient architect and engineer Imhotep, the Sphinx, and the temple of Abu Simbel. Modern and contemporary Egyptian art can be as diverse as any works in the world art scene, from the vernacular architecture of Hassan Fathy and Ramses Wissa Wassef, to Mahmoud Mokhtar's sculptures, to the distinctive Coptic iconography of Isaac Fanous.
  • That's a pity. We could do with a bit of showy work in the department. This is one of a number of crimes, all of the same class, of which we have failed to discover the perpetrator. This time we want the criminal ... and quickly!
  • Unlike most publications in its field, it is particularly helpful for individuals working in not-for-profit organizations.
  • Housework as skilled work in contrast to the low status often accorded it by social services departments and other professionals.
  • I made my way downtown the following Wednesday, after a hasty early dinner. Id been prepared to go a couple rounds with Doug when he got wind of where I was headed. But he was preoccupiedhed brought home a stack of case files to review, and barely nodded when I said I had a New College sponsored talk to attend. Probably he was relieved to have the place to himself; I think he felt bad when he had to work in the evenings and tune me out while I moved around quietly, trying to stay out of his way.
  • Well armed, with righteous indignation burning in their hearts, used to roughing it, and with men who knew almost every foot of the country, the expedition from Diamond X was well equipped for the work in hand.
  • On this occasion, one of Custer's aides was a Michigan Officer, and in my hearing, while still on horseback, under fire, I heard Custer assure the officer that he had given Michigan full credit for certain work in his official report.
  • A team of managers that resided over all the stores in the company chain, but knew very little of what it was like to work in an actual store. But their word was considered to be gospel. The only person that could overrule district was the president of the company, and I doubt he had time to override anyones word. Counting that much money had to be time consuming.
  • March 2006 with heavy snowfall during the first week of the month we were unable to do any work in the garden.
  • Admiral nurses are clinical nurse specialists working in the field of dementia care.
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