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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

work in için örnek cümleler:

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  • I had so many fine minds at my disposal, all working in their own limited domains, falsely believing that they were cognizant parts of the whole. Who wouldn't want to work on space travel? I recall how eager you were to be a part of my project in the infancy of its officialdom during the early 1990s. An intelligent robot would be an asset on any manned long-distance space flight. Of course! Just like a tale from the old magazine Amazing Stories. You and your project were of no immediate use, but I let you in, supposing that the Soviet Union in the 1950s would find value or at least appeal in an intelligent robot.
  • Rupert Clinton returned with the column to Korti, as General Stewart went back with them to bring out the main body of troops. It was calculated that ten days must elapse before these would arrive at Gakdul, and the Guards and Marines set to work in earnest the next morning to get things into order. The work was very heavy, but as the men had plenty to eat and no lack of excellent water they did not mind it, congratulating themselves heartily upon the fact that they had not to make the long and wearisome journey to Korti and back.
  • Rsc northwest will be working in partnership with ferl to support colleges taking part in the program.
  • The Rivers joined together to complain to the Sea, saying, "Why is it that when we flow into your tides so potable and sweet, you work in us such a change, and make us salty and unfit to drink?" The Sea, perceiving that they intended to throw the blame on him, said, "Pray cease to flow into me, and then you will not be made briny."
  • We ought to be able to get the boys up here without letting him know that we are in the mine, answered Elmer. "We needn't travel with a fife and drum corps ahead of us, nor even carry any lights down with us. He's probably working in some inside chamber."
  • Unlike many writers and actors who had been members of the party, odets was not blacklisted and continued to work in hollywood.
  • Nothing, except that I look upon the sealing-master as a scoundrel of the deepest dye, perfectly capable of working in secret for some evil purpose with which he would like to associate Martin Holt!
  • Try counting how many individual aspects are at work in a grand sextile!
  • The Celts, the older man said in the gloom, they have always wandered. His own sons were working in Germany; his brothers at one time had all emigrated to Cuba.
  • I've done that often enough, he said to himself. "I'll have to leave the blacksmith's trade now, but I'm kind o' glad I learned it. I'm glad I didn't have my shoes on when I went into the water, though. Soaking isn't good for that kind of shoes. Don't I know? I've worked in every shoe-shop in Crofield, some. Didn't get any pay, except in shoes; but then I learned the trade, and that's something. I never had an opportunity to stay long in any one place, but I could stay in the city."
  • You may want to consider asking a local gravedigger who is used to working in graveyards if he could dig the excavation for you.
  • They were all dressed in the Scout uniform, which they wore when on Scout duty or out on an expedition, and were not a little proud of the fact that each one had bought his uniform with money earned by himself, the first money that some of them had ever earned. This the boys had done in various ways, each according to his own fancy, such as going errands, selling papers, working in stores and shops, etc. They were also provided with small bugle horns, upon which they had learned to sound various signals and calls.
  • "Dooley knew the communists real well because he used to work in North Vietnam and Laos setting up medical clinics and training medics to run them. In one of his books he described how the communists ruined one of his clinics and massacred all of his staff. They called his medicstraitorsfor cooperating with a westerner and lined them up in front of the whole village and cut the tendons in the backs of their legs. When they got tired of watching them crawl in the dirt, they cut off their heads with machetes and stuck them up on poles to rot in the sun. That was a warning to Dooley and any other Laotian who might think of helping them."
  • All inspections are carried out by professionally qualified archivists with experience of working in a record office.
  • Men worked in teams at answering cannon. The riflemen were just trying to hide behind whatever cover they could get; sometimes they would pop up to fire shots at some enemy she couldn't see. The air was toxic with gunpowder and brick dust. Somebody was shouting orders to organize a bucket brigade of sandbags for the breach. Somebody, somewhere, was screaming.
  • The mood in the castle was tense and uneasy. The departure of the healer, rumored to have actually been a Norman noblewoman, had affected the lord to a troubling degree and no one knew what to do about it. Longsword brooded constantly, rarely spoke and flew off the handle at the slightest incident. The servants worked in silence, his men avoided him and even Teleri remained shut in her chambers, apparently unwilling to cross his path lest she finally lose one of their battles.
  • Other missionary organisations at work in the country quickly saw the advantage of using these syllabic characters, and were not slow to avail themselves of them. While all lovers of Missions rejoice at this, it is to be regretted that some, from whom better things might have been expected, were anxious to take the credit of the invention, instead of giving it to its rightful claimant, the Reverend James Evans. It is a remarkable fact, that so perfectly did Mr Evans do his work, that no improvement has been made as regards the use of these characters among the Cree Indians.
  • Only for a short time, though, did he apply himself to the work in hand. Soon a voice shouted, "Behold a knight of old!" and when the scouts looked around there was Tim with the broom as a sword and a galvanized water bucket over his head. Even Don laughed.
  • The two sets of footsteps came closer and the small, frail boy tensed. He knew exactly what was to come; he went through this almost every day, but he wouldnt have it any other way. He wasnt like his older brother, Robbie; Robbie who tolerated their older brothers tyrannies because he already loved the land; Robbie, who was born with a green thumb and had planting in his blood. Oh, no, Jamie would rather be punished for his outright defiance than to work in the fields like a common serf.
  • She wondered why such a loathing of the work afflicted her; if all who earned their bread in the sweat of their brow were ridden with that feeling,--woodsmen, cooks, chauffeurs, the slaves of personal service and the great industrial mills alike? Her heart went out to them if they were. But she was quite sure that work could be otherwise than repellent, enslaving. She recalled that cooks and maids had worked in her father's house with no sign of the revolt that now assailed her. But it seemed to her that their tasks had been light compared with the job of cooking in Charlie Benton's camp.
  • While Mark discovered quickly that being a stay-at-home mom is a demanding job, other people are still not so savvy. People are so used to dumping their kids off for someone else to watch, that they have no clue what it is like to take care of children twenty-four/seven. If I were to tell people that I run a twenty-four hour daycare center it would be closer to the truth. I have high respect for people who work in the daycare field. No amount of money would make me want to spend all day long with other people's children. Mine are bad enough and I love them to death.
  • But no matter what happened, they could not remain here long. The fire was edging around, and working in toward Cale's cabin. In ten minutes, perhaps not so long a time as that, it would have swept over this territory, and gone roaring and leaping into the woods beyond.
  • Dry, said Brummy, promptly. He had a theory that the wet side of the chip, being presumably heaviest, was more likely to fall downwards; but this time it was "wet" up three times in succession. Brummy ignored Swampy's hand thrown out in hearty congratulation; and next morning he went to work in the shed. Swampy camped down the river, and Brummy supplied him with a cheap pair of moleskin trousers, tucker and tobacco. The shed cut out within three weeks and the two sundowners took the track again, Brummy with two pounds odd in his pocket--he having negotiated his cheque at the shed.
  • The city potter probably worked in a communal workshop in a derelict warehouse, with electric kilns, making fewer one-off pieces.
  • By all accounts everything seemed to be going well until one day Pearl had a call from White Ant Excavators to say that they had struck rock. In fact they had come up against a huge wall of very hard crystal quartz. White Ant Excavators had stopped work in the meantime to try and sort out what to do.
  • Capital! I knew we were not mistaken in you. Now, see here, I see you have something working in your mind. I don't want to even hamper you by asking what it is.
  • Her men are in the trenches; her women are working in the fields, sweeping the Paris boulevards, lighting the street lamps. They are undaunted, independent, magnificently capable. They ask no charity. But from those districts the war has wrecked, there are hundreds of thousands of women and little children without work, shelter or food. To them throughout the war zone the Secours National gives instant relief. In one day in Paris alone it provides 80,000 free meals. Six cents pays for one of these meals. One dollar from you will for a week keep a woman or child alive."
  • Shame you got to have at least some sort of qualification to work in a school huh!
  • He considered himself just an ordinary Champagne worker, like his father before him. He worked in the vineyards during Spring and Summer, pruning and tying the vines at one time of year, and harvesting the ripe grapes in another. This work was by its very nature seasonal and he turned his hand to whatever task was required at that time.
  • I pondered over his words and his experience, and talked about them with my good wife, and we decided to go. Our loving friends were startled at our resolve, but soon gave us their benedictions, united to tangible evidences of their regard. A blessed peace filled our souls, and we longed to be away and at work in the new field which had so suddenly opened before us.
  • Miraculous draft of fish, but the divine power at work in jesus singles peter out for special service.
  • A small servant wearing a cream-colored tunic entered the room carrying a gilded silver tray of food in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. As he entered the room, the Senashow stole into the boys mind. It was full of fear; he knew that he was late bringing the queens food. The chefs in the kitchen were running behind because the queen had changed her mind at the last second, and the boy was terrified that she would hurt him, or worse, his older brother who worked in the stables. His thoughts were plain on his countenance; the boy looked as though a breath of wind could destroy him. He was trembling slightly and froze in the doorway. The boy could see that the queen was angry.
  • Delamere gave the younger man a welcoming embrace. "You must have made quick work in Rouen," he remarked. "Were you at least invited to spend the night?"
  • Rick reported the conversation to his father when the scientist came in from late work in the laboratory. Hartson Brant nodded wearily. "Good. If Marks is on the way, that means he has answers we need badly to some of our mathematical problems."
  • The only way you will learn to work the oracle is through diligent work in your daily life.
  • "Poor little Hans was very anxious to go and work in his garden, for his flowers had not been watered for two days, but he did not like to refuse the Miller, as he was such a good friend to him.
  • A Widow who was fond of cleaning had two little maidens to wait on her. She was in the habit of waking them early in the morning, at cockcrow. The maidens, aggravated by such excessive labor, resolved to kill the cock who roused their mistress so early. When they had done this, they found that they had only prepared for themselves greater troubles, for their mistress, no longer hearing the hour from the cock, woke them up to their work in the middle of the night.
  • Maybe Id be better off in Scarborough, then,’ Jim said. ‘As far as the Army knows, I could be out working in the bush somewhere.’
  • The guys hanging around were not the Mexican mafia types I expected. They were just a bunch of middle-American Anglos. They were quite a bit older than Jared and me. Maybe they had nicer clothes and a few more tattoos and earrings than the average Joe who worked in a garage, but not by much.
  • He had been imprisoned there for three years, working in the local shipyard.
  • The award was given to a representative group of those who had worked in solidarity with chilean exiles in the uk.
  • The thought of Edith being of mixed race hadn't detoured Benny, even as David clumsily danced around the subject. A man of Benny's stature could marry whomever he pleased. Besides, he wasn't the type the concern himself with the thoughts of strangers. He worked in politics, after all. Still, David continued.
  • "Gotcha." She ran inside the house and grabbed her school bag that was filled with the papers that she forgot to put up before she left yesterday. "Mother, thank you for putting my work in my bag."
  • Current assets less current liabilities, representing the required investment, continually circulating, to finance stock, debtors, and work in progress.
  • Atrocious conditions young people used to work in back in the 19th century.
  • Perk insisted on his chum making himself as comfortable as possible, considering the cramped quarters they occupied in the cluttered cabin of their ship, which continued to keep up a soothing movement with the successive waves that worked in from the open gulf inclining a sleepy person to slumber.
  • Advancement in mobile technology will give the nhs further opportunities to work in different ways.
  • Many cima members work in management consulting, business analysis or project management.
  • The hay's about ready to cut, said Jack, as he plodded along the path, near the water's edge, through a thriving meadow of clover and timothy. "There's always plenty of work in haying time. Hullo! What grasshoppers! Jingo!"
  • But these benefits are only bequeathed to immigrants who have been legally working in the uk and thus contributing to the state.
  • "I told you I do not think that heresy is any longer a danger," said Louis. "I will not inflict more misery on my own people. I permit the Inquisition to do its work in France. That is enough."
  • Tremendous to have musicians as visionary as you at work in this country.
  • "’Tis calledthe evil.’ A most miraculous work in this good king, which often, since my here-remain in England, I have seen him do! How he solicits heaven, himself best knows. But strangely-visited peopleall swoln and ulcerous, pitiful to the eye, the sheer despair of surgeryhe cures, by hanging a golden stamp about their necks, put on with holy prayers!
  • Sockme psychologists explain such aberrations as being akin to the crowd behavior mechanism at work in the " bobby sox craze.
  • "Yes, two, t'ree hondred. Mos' of dem is work in dance-halls. Dere's one fine gal I see, name' Marie Bourgette. I tell you 'bout her by- an'-by."
  • But with the buoyant power of ten canoes and twenty or thirty men all applied simultaneously, Stern figured he had a reasonable chance of raising the sunken aeroplane. The fact that it was submerged, together with the diminished gravitation of the Abyss, also worked in his favor. And as he saw the Folk-men grip the cords with muscular hands, awaiting his command, he thrilled with pride and with the sense of real achievement.
  • The locals who had been working in Nicolette's household also had vanished. Her French servants were trembling with terror. Agnes, who loved a man who had gone off with the army, was red-eyed and unable to speak.
  • The silent summer forenoon, after this, wore away without event. Mrs. Gammit, working in her garden behind the house, with the hot, sweet scent of the flowering buckwheat-field in her nostrils and the drowsy hum of bees in her ears, would throw down her hoe about once in every half-hour and run into the barn to look hopefully at the traps. But nothing came to disturb them. Neither did anything come to disturb the hens, who attended so well to business that at noon Mrs. Gammit had seven fresh eggs to carry in. When night came, and neither weasels nor porcupines had given any further sign of their existence, Mrs. Gammit was puzzled. She was one of those impetuous women who expect everything to happen all at once. When milking was over, and her solitary, congenial supper, she sat down on the kitchen doorstep and considered the situation very carefully.
  • He was very glad of his blanket, for the nights were cold; and when he had finished his supper he wrapped himself up in it and was soon asleep. He was awoke at daylight by voices inside the tent, and a few minutes later the sheik and his wife came out, and seeing Edgar standing there the sheik ordered him to go and assist the other slaves; but Amina pouted: "I thought you had brought him home as a present to me; what use will he be to me if he is to work in the field all day with the others?"
  • Next, according to notes discovered by frances darwin, his father temporarily abandoned his work in order to visit ascot.
  • And now, said Fray Antonio, speaking slowly and reverently, "for such glorious work in God's service as has been granted but rarely to man to do!"
  • What if they ruled against me? What if I was forced to join the evil that worked in here? Their spells were endless and powerful. The power of the dark magic was cunning and treacherous. It might overcome me.
  • In a reconnaissance we made we found that from Camp Jahu we had to take the canoe along among innumerable rocks scattered in the only navigable channel on the north side of a basin 700 m. wide, with a large island 350 m. wide--Sarah Island--on the southern side of the bay, and another smaller island almost in the centre of the basin. There was a drop 2 ft. high--a regular step--in a barrier of sharply-pointed rocks. We had some two hours' hard work in order to get the canoe safely down. The rocks were so close together that we could not find a passage large enough for the canoe, and we actually had to pull her out of the water over some rocks and then let her down gently on the other side.
  • I work in two cities where the ring-necked parakeet is common, so i know the calls better than the average visiting birder.
  • This afternoon, as Teresa twanged at her banjo strings, she looked oftener than was good for her music at the group of men who were at work in the evergreen cabin.
  • "But as a scientist who worked in Gallo's lab once put it, quote, Gallo was known for this sort of unscrupulous behavior years before the AIDS virus ever came along, unquote. Perhaps the Japanese never pressed the issue because it turns out that this HTLV virus, pronounced by Gallo to be the cause of leukemia, is currently estimated to cause cancer in humans only once in every 2000 years. But thanks to the silence of the Japanese, Robert Gallo finally had a virus he could call his own, and if it didn't cause leukemia, he simply had to find a disease it did cause and he'd be famous."
  • Project Gutenberg-tm is synonymous with the free distribution of electronic works in formats readable by the widest variety of computers including obsolete, old, middle-aged and new computers. It exists because of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donations from people in all walks of life.
  • The sagacious animal, as if perfectly understanding what was said to him, and what his part of the work in hand was to be, crouched down like a lion in the dark shadows of the dingle, there to wait until he should hear his master's call.
  • Unlike most publications in its field, it is particularly helpful for individuals working in not-for-profit organizations.
  • "You know," he frowned, "Ive heard that before, and I think I can tell you, at least, that it pisses me off. I mean, personally. I mean, my moms folks are Swedish, they came to this country about 1910, broke their butts cutting timber up in the north woods to make a living. Dads folks are Czechoslovakian and they came about the same time. My granddad and his dad worked in the Chicago stockyards. They all came to this country with hardly a dime to their names, and had to work their asses off. Theres no way in hell any of my ancestors could have had anything to do with slavery, by an ocean and half a century."
  • Mr. Denman considered for some moments. "Let us see. You have done some work in a law office. Now," Mr. Denman spoke with some hesitation; "I have a place in my own office here--not much in it for the present, but--"
  • "Treason and Murder ever kept together as two yoked devils sworn to eithers purpose, working in causes unnatural, so that Surprise did not exclaim at them. But thougainst all proportion didst bring on wonder by waiting on Treason and on Murder!
  • Setting about their work in earnest, and labouring diligently from morning to night--and even into the night hours--they knew they would not be long in accomplishing a task so trifling as the stocking of a gun, or putting the handle to a boar-spear.
  • According to historian Zhifen Ju, at least five million Chinese civilians from northern China and Manchukuo were enslaved between 1935 and 1941 by the East Asia Development Board, or K?ain, for work in mines and war industries. After 1942, the number reached 10 million. The U.S. Library of Congress estimates that in Java, between 4 and 10 million romusha (Japanese: "manual laborers"), were forced to work by the Japanese military. About 270,000 of these Javanese laborers were sent to other Japanese-held areas in South East Asia, and only 52,000 were repatriated to Java.
  • But, mother, think of what the finding of such a mine means to us all! And father and Mr. Randolph, if they knew about the Cave of Gold and the skin map, I am sure would want us to come; and Old Juan and Manuel and the boys can take care of the rancho; and, you know, if we find the Cave of Gold and get the gold, then all of us, father and the rest, will be back soon; and we will be rich; and dad can build you the new house that you want and furnish it the way that you want it furnished; and Bud and I can go East and get the education that we need to fit us to do a man's work in the great new State of California that is bound to be made out of this country, now that it has become a part of the United States. It is yes, isn't it, mother? And we can start, can't we, to-morrow morning? and Thure's arm went round his mother and he drew her appealingly to him.
  • Mom wanted to let her down easy. Nah, she'd been doing that for 50 years. "I'm afraid you don't have what it takes to be an artist. You'd be better off working in a call center, the way you dress."
  • I was going to say, said Cameron in a tone loud and deliberate, "that I had been employed with the general copying work in a writer's office."
  • There seemed to be something working in her bosom after that last cry; presently she broke out, "And what is the meaning of all this? Why is all this shame loundered on my head? How could you dare it, David Balfour?"
  • Ken had developed a soft spot for Henry, and not the kind of soft spot that involved scented oils and role play. The only part of Henry that Ken was attracted to was his heart. It was rare for him to open up to people, but it was difficult to avoid getting close when you worked in tight quarters with people.
  • I wanted to ask what a Chupacabra was but we were entering the building and there was more security at the door. The guards were working in pairs. One of each pair stood idly by, watching the people entering. Since all the guards' faces had the same bored look I took it to mean that they were really watching everyone closely. The second of each pair was holding a wooden stick in their hand, about the size of a drumstick (music not chicken) and waving it over each person's body as they entered. All of the guards were wearing black cargo pants, boots, and black shirts that read "SuperCon Security" across the front and back.
  • For example, a man came to me who was much impressed by the truth, and desired to be a Christian. I questioned him closely, and found him very sincere and earnest in his resolves. The Spirit was undoubtedly working in his heart and conscience. He told us he had two wives, but was willing to put one away. Which one should go, he said he would leave to the Missionary to decide. His first wife was much the older woman, but she had no children, while the younger wife had quite a family of little ones around her. So poor are they in this cold northern land that it is hard for the best of them at times to get along.
  • How fine! ejaculated Amy. "But, Jessie, I wish I could think of some awfully smart idea to work in connection with the lawn party. That lovely, lovely sports coat that Letterblair has in his window has taken my eye."
  • Medea was already straightening Joffs blankets. "Ill be fine. Ive been on my own since my Norman went away to work in the City of Books. Its a shame to miss the funeral, but Grima . . ." She walked to the fireplace and put the kettle on as she spoke. "Well, thats a long story. Ill be along to put a flower on his grave sometime. Now off with you. Too much chatter might disturb Joffs rest."
  • Having satisfied their curiosity, and learned from an obliging miner the method of washing the gold, our adventurers returned to Jeffson's store, and there spent the night in discussing their plan of procedure. It was decided, first of all, that they should stick together and work in company.
  • 2. "Derivative Work" means a work based upon the Work or upon the Work and other pre-existing works, such as a translation, musical arrangement, dramatization, fictionalization, motion picture version, sound recording, art reproduction, abridgment, condensation, or any other form in which the Work may be recast, transformed, or adapted, except that a work that constitutes a Collective Work will not be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License. For the avoidance of doubt, where the Work is a musical composition or sound recording, the synchronization of the work in timed-relation with a moving image ("synching") will be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License.
  • "May it please your lordship," said the girl, "all I have said is true, but it is not half the truth. I watched the prisoner closely and searched his room and his effects daily for any clue that would throw light on this case, but without result. On the morning of the first of July, I searched his clothing and his trunk from top to bottom, but made no discoveries. Shortly before noon, while I was engaged in my work in one of the other rooms, I fancied I heard stealthy footsteps in the hall. I looked out, and was astonished to see Mr. Gardiner making his way silently toward Mr. Burton's room. I followed, unobserved. I saw Mr. Gardiner open Mr. Burton's trunk, which was always left unlocked, and thrust a package far down into the trunk. Mr. Gardiner then stole away as quietly as he had come. I immediately entered Mr. Burton's room and took the package out of the trunk. I identify it as the package already placed in evidence. I then----"
  • I have now left the industry thankfully and work in a virtually unregulated environment, in an almost paperless office.
  • Moments later Connor heard his grandfather pulling into the driveway and he honked the trucks horn twice. He grabbed Marks shoulder in appreciation saying "Later, Bud." Walking to his closet Connor grabbed his duffle bag and filled it with clothes. He ran into the open garage and grabbed Tool. He then had another idea that would work in his favor. Connor walked over to Karas wagon, untied the rope from the wagon and threw the chest strap and rope over his shoulder.
  • And this is the overall future direction of work in linguistics and nlp, including determiners.
  • Stuart foster during the 1980s stuart foster worked in the printing ink industry.
  • This was the way General Gordon greeted his boys, when they rode up beside the stump on which he was seated, superintending the negroes who were at work in the field.
  • Before returning to work in his excavation, Drew went down to the spot Ruth had pointed out. There was not a sign of anybody having been there. The earth between the huge lumps of lava seemed not to have been disturbed. He could find no broken twigs or torn vines at the edge of the jungle.
  • For a number of years, keith worked in the park as a part-time ranger.
  • Waneusing from their work in the waning light, farmers spoke quietly of american intentions.
  • Paul's pitiful "What else can I do, Derrick? I have got to earn some money somehow," completely silenced him; for he knew only too well that in a colliery there is but one employment open to a boy who cannot drive a mule or find work in the mine. Therefore he had promised to try and secure a place for his crippled friend, and had finally succeeded.
  • So do many people, Phil, was the reply, "but they were not. They were a wandering tribe, as Indians might be, who conquered a people older than themselves called the Nahoas, about whom we know very little. But the Aztecs achieved a good deal of skill in working in stone, and the fact that their monuments are not perishable, makes their civilization enduring in fame."
  • Accustomed to work in the darkness, the sailors had no difficulty in carrying out the operation, and before morning broke the battery was complete. It was six feet high on the side facing the water, with two embrasures for the guns, four feet high on the sides covered by the chevaux de frise. The front face was twenty-five feet in length, the sides forty. Morning was breaking as the work was finished, and bread and cold meat were served out, with a full ration of grog. By the time these were consumed it was broad daylight; for there is little twilight so near the equator.
  • For a moment the man hung there swaying on his elbow, his face working in ghastly fashion--and then suddenly, with a strange laugh, he carried one hand swiftly to his mouth--and laughed again--and before Jimmie Dale could reach him was lifeless on the floor.
  • Maybe if you stayed awake... some jerk whose name I don't even remember interrupts with a chuckle. All I know is that he works in biophysics, and is researching biological responses to exotic radiation, and always prattles on about ethical constraints.
  • Put to work in 1824 at a blacking factory, a humiliation that was to provide a mainspring for his subsequent ambition.
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