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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • Truth was that I hadn't told her all my deep and dark secrets either. If they didn't come up I doubt I would. There was plenty of stuff from when I worked in bars and there was the summer I'd spent in the Greek tourist trap called Kos. I could have written a book about the months I spent there and the crazy shit that went down. I certainly wouldn't be offering her any of the gory details freely and maybe she had similarly grim memories that were better forgotten.
  • One day, while hard at work in a law office, my boss said I should write a book about all the crazy people we have to deal with. Working on my Acceptance trilogy at the time, I had vampires on the brain, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny to have a sitcom where the lawyers are literally bloodsuckers?"
  • She was right to have trusted him, she thought smugly, aware that the intuitive gamble shed taken in giving him the crystal had so far worked in her favour.
  • The hay's about ready to cut, said Jack, as he plodded along the path, near the water's edge, through a thriving meadow of clover and timothy. "There's always plenty of work in haying time. Hullo! What grasshoppers! Jingo!"
  • Soundproofing works in each case against the forecasted costs of these works.
  • Are there any of you listening to this that haven't figured out how we got past the guards yet? Yeah, I know it's not very original, but it worked in Star Wars, and storm troopers are only slightly brighter than trolls. (I suspect trolls are better shots, though.) I tried to convince Josh to shape change, and to howl like a wookie, but he wouldn't go for it. Besides, in werebeast form the guards probably would have recognized him, but as a human? According to Drat, all Darksiders looked alike.
  • Cameron spent the rest of the day partly in "taking in" the circus and partly in conversing with the farmers who seemed to have taken possession of the town; but in answer to his most diligent and careful enquiries he could hear of no position on a farm for which he could honestly offer himself. The farmers wanted mowers, or cradlers, or good smart turnip hands, and Cameron sorrowfully had to confess he was none of these. There apparently was no single bit of work in the farmer's life that Cameron felt himself qualified to perform.
  • Foster, who knew he would find waiting tedious, went back to the car for his small bag, after which he and Pete set off for the hotel. They had some trouble to cross the path of the avalanche and then spent some time getting past the men who were unloading a row of flat cars. The single-line track was cut out of the rock and one ran a risk of glissading down to the river by venturing outside its edge. Once, indeed, a heavy beam, thrown too far, plunged down like a toboggan, and leaping from a rock's crest splashed into the flood. The men on the cars worked in furious haste, and it was difficult to avoid the clanging rails they threw off.
  • "Thats awesome!" Carrie says. She tells me about a friend who worked in a daycare and took care of little three-month-old babies. "There was never enough time, you know, to give them all the attention they needed, so basically they just sat there hanging out, nobody paying any attention to them unless they cried."
  • Ive worked in lots of corporations and companies in my time Mr. Du and Ive formed an opinion about most risk managers generally. Would you like me to share that opinion with you?’
  • "One year the beings of good had seen how far they had fallen, and how corrupt humanity was becoming. A single man could be capable of taking over half of the known world; societies were practicing human sacrifice; plagues and diseases were rampant; intellectuals were condemned as evil, and those claiming they were working in the name of their gods were praised as vessels of divine power. They knew the corrupt would not easily give up what they had so cleverly won, and so, on winter equinox, the two sides met in battle. The battle lasted for five days, and while there were heavy casualties on both sides, the side that stood for all that was good and pure was losing, for their morale was quickly fading. On the fifth day, when all seemed lost, angels descended from heaven and gave much-needed aid to the side of good. With the angels on their side, those fighting for good found strength they didn't know they had, and they were quickly able to force those on the side of evil into hiding. That night the earth experienced true peace for the first time in centuries.
  • Featherstone paused, and Foster, who murmured a few words of awkward sympathy, waited until he resumed; "I am a magistrate, pledged to do my duty, but I helped my boy to escape, and the man I was afraid of did nothing, though he knew. After a time, I went to him again, and he gave me to understand that he would not interfere so long as Lawrence stayed away, but must be free to take the proper line if he came back. It's plain now that he knew my son's faults and meant to give him the chance of overcoming them by hard work in Canada. At last, when he was very ill, he sent for me and said I could let Lawrence know he was forgiven."
  • It's one of those we dug up on the chief's island, explained Walter. "You see I used to work in a store where they used to handle such things, and I got an idea when we first opened the package that those plumes were not in as bad shape as they appeared. I did not say anything about it, because I did not want to run the risk of possibly causing more disappointment, but I put the box in the canoe and the first chance I got on the island I took a weak solution of vinegar and water and went to work on them.
  • Watching the throngs that passed, both on foot and in carriages of many types, the young naval officers felt certain that at no other point could they obtain as good a general view of the city of Naples. Many well-to-do Italians were afoot, having sold their carriages and automobiles in order to buy the war bonds of their country. As there were several Italian warships in port, sailors from these craft were ashore and mingling with the throng. Soldiers home on sick leave from the Austrian frontier were to be seen. Other men, who looked like mere lads, wore new army uniforms proudly. These latter were the present year's recruits, lately called to the colors and drilling for the work that lay ahead of them, work in deadly earnest against hated Austria.
  • You needn't, said Jack. "Tell me what you want. Any boy who's ever worked in a newspaper office can do a little thing like that."
  • The same leaven was working in him that in other times begat Rubens and Jordaens and the Van Eycks, and all their wondrous tribe, and in times more recent begat in the green country of the Ardennes, where the Meuse washes the old walls of Dijon, the great artist of the Patroclus, whose genius is too near us for us aright to measure its divinity.
  • They fell into their traditional division of labor then, Art working on a variety of user-experience plans, dividing each into subplans, then devising protocols for user testing to see what would work in the field; Fede working on logistics from plane tickets to personal days to budget and critical-path charts. They worked side by side, but still used the collaboration tools that Art had grown up with, designed to allow remote, pseudonymous parties to fit their separate work components into the same structure, resolving schedule and planning collisions where it could and throwing exceptions where it couldnt. They worked beside each other and each hardly knew the other was there, and that, Art thought, when he thought of it, when the receptionist commed him to tell him that "Linderrr"—freakinteabagswas there for him, that was the defining characteristic of a Tribalist. A norm, a modus operandi, a way of being that did not distinguish between communication face-to-face and communication at a distance.
  • Is that so! Well, if Abe did that I give him credit for it, I sure do. Those fellers are swindlers, pure an' simple. But they generally work in sech a way that the law can't tech 'em. I ain't got no use for 'em--and I reckon Abe ain't neither, went on the old miner, vigorously. And then he sat down to breakfast with the boys, telling them much about Butte, and the mining country around it, and about what dealings he had had with Roger's uncle.
  • Although the importance of his discoveries was not realised at this time, Cook was given command of two new ships, the Resolution and Adventure, provisioned for a year for "a voyage to remote parts," a few months later. And the old Endeavour went back to her collier work in the North Sea.
  • Magic seemed to be a property of the universe - indeed, Kevin was later to discover, both universes. There was nothing intrinsic in his world which prevented magic from functioning as intended. The reason magic did not, in general, work was that a carefully-designed barrier surrounded the crossing, fitting in the interstices of the passage between the Two Worlds. This interfered to prevent magical devices and artefacts from working when moved from Lyndesfarne. The same magical blockade also acted in the opposite direction, to prevent sophisticated technology from working in the Other World. The barrier was actively and carefully maintained, but occasionally something would slip through: some magical artefact would end up in our world still active - or at least partially so.
  • Admiral nurses are clinical nurse specialists working in the field of dementia care.
  • "No sir, I don't believe so," answered Warrick. "While his early work was the foundation for our work here, we have not only surpassed his expectations but, by ultimately using the Interface Lab as the end game, we've taken his work in a direction that he could not have even dreamed of. I understand the need to keep the Professor in the dark about what he is working towards, but I am still pleased at the progress we are making despite the inconvenience of indirect application."
  • Hawksworth nodded assent as their guards led them directly across the wide drawbridge and through a passageway. The outer edge of the drawbridge was connected by heavy chains to rollers at the top of the entryway. The two rollers worked in a stone channel cut upward into the steep walls of the passage and were held in place by iron bars inserted into the channel. The bridge would lift automatically by simple removal of the iron bars. Around them now was a small, heavily defended barbican and ahead, between the outer and inner wall, was a gateway set in a towering portal almost eighty feet high that was faced with gleaming blue enamel tiles.
  • Analogueants must be working in a uk higher education institution or academic analog.
  • Inkoosi, he said, when he had scraped away the tears produced by the snuff, "I have come to ask you a favour. You heard Umbezi say to-day that he will not give me his daughter, Mameena, unless I give him a hundred head of cows. Now, I have not got the cattle, and I cannot earn them by work in many years. Therefore I must take them from a certain tribe I know which is at war with the Zulus. But this I cannot do unless I have a gun. If I had a good gun, Inkoosi--one that only goes off when it is asked, and not of its own fancy, I who have some name could persuade a number of men whom I know, who once were servants of my father, or their sons, to be my companions in this venture."
  • I worked in my room till noon, without having seen Captain Nemo, even for an instant. On board no preparations for departure were visible.
  • THE THIRD CATEGORY: the lord of all dominion has some animals and he employs them in different work in the construction of the city and palace.
  • The recently rediscovered Soft City was one of the standout works in the 2008 Berlin Biennale, while a Norwegian documentary released last year chronicled his topsy-turvy life.
  • "But as a scientist who worked in Gallo's lab once put it, quote: ‘Gallo was known for this sort of unscrupulous behavior years before the AIDS virus ever came along.’ Perhaps the Japanese never pressed the issue because it turns out that this HTLV virus, pronounced by Gallo to be the cause of leukemia, is currently estimated to cause cancer in humans only once in every 2000 years. But thanks to the silence of the Japanese, Robert Gallo finally had a virus he could call his own, and if it didn't cause leukemia, he simply had to find a disease it did cause and he'd be famous."
  • 'O'Flaherty?--hey!--no, by George!--though so it is--there's work in Frank Nutter yet, by Jove,' said the general, poking his glass and his fat face an inch or two nearer.
  • "And all this time, Pete and me been working in a shoe factory, runnin' after stupid little boxes and here we are sittin' on seven hundred million buck—"
  • "Couldn't be better!" he assured her, but she noticed there were rings under his eyes and that his hands, white enough now in contrast to the tan which still showed at his wrists, were perceptibly thinner. "Fact is, I work in this building, Betty. Kind of junior clerk for a man on the fourth floor, substituting while his clerks are away on vacation. Hale got me the place."
  • One pamphlet in 1811 by reformer and writer, Mary Leadbeater, tells the story of two female friends. Rose warns her friend Nancy that 'must not every poor man's wife work in and out of doors, and do all she can to help her husband? And do you think you can afford tea, on thirteen pence a day? Put that out of your head entirely, Nancy; give up the tea for good and all.'
  • Mike faltered a second, overwhelmed with what this meant. He felt for his side arm and realized it sat on the filing cabinet across the room where he had slung it, his jacket, and his keys in his haste to get to work in front of the computer.
  • "Gotcha." She ran inside the house and grabbed her school bag that was filled with the papers that she forgot to put up before she left yesterday. "Mother, thank you for putting my work in my bag."
  • Dr. adam morgan dr. adam morgan is a practicing clinical psychologist working in the nhs.
  • "But as a scientist who worked in Gallo's lab once put it, quote, Gallo was known for this sort of unscrupulous behavior years before the AIDS virus ever came along, unquote. Perhaps the Japanese never pressed the issue because it turns out that this HTLV virus, pronounced by Gallo to be the cause of leukemia, is currently estimated to cause cancer in humans only once in every 2000 years. But thanks to the silence of the Japanese, Robert Gallo finally had a virus he could call his own, and if it didn't cause leukemia, he simply had to find a disease it did cause and he'd be famous."
  • Others go to work in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, medical and agricultural industries.
  • The reason was because she was embarrassed. Customers like the lady dont like the idea that they couldnt figure out how to use an MP3 player, and they hate the fact that I made it work in less than two minutes.
  • These included work as a caretaker, a mail coach driver and work in the local fish hatchery, cannery row near monterey.
  • Project Gutenberg-tm is synonymous with the free distribution of electronic works in formats readable by the widest variety of computers including obsolete, old, middle-aged and new computers. It exists because of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donations from people in all walks of life.
  • Professor griffiths is well known for his work in algebraic geometry.
  • John Gaviller sat in his swivel chair behind his desk, leaning his head on his hand. Ambrose was shocked by the change that three months' illness had worked in him.
  • On board the submarine the lads were enjoying themselves as much as their fellow Scouts on the motor boat. This second experience was even more novel and enjoyable than their first dive. Mr. Barr sat in the cabin reading some scientific works. Barton, seemingly a changed character, was at work in the engine room. The negro cook was in the galley, while in the conning tower the ensign was giving Donald and Merritt a lesson in handling a diving craft.
  • "No, that was a path, but it imposed too much on the subjects. We didnt want to create a reality for them. We wanted them to find their own reality and so the seed was developed to stimulate the brain, to work in sync with the medication and the mind, the imagination, the individual unconscious itself.
  • 1.F.1. Project Gutenberg volunteers and employees expend considerable effort to identify, do copyright research on, transcribe and proofread public domain works in creating the Project Gutenberg-tm collection. Despite these efforts, Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works, and the medium on which they may be stored, may contain "Defects," such as, but not limited to, incomplete, inaccurate or corrupt data, transcription errors, a copyright or other intellectual property infringement, a defective or damaged disk or other medium, a computer virus, or computer codes that damage or cannot be read by your equipment.
  • At least the two of them had apparently come alone, without Jills legion of warrior priests or errant tagging acolytes. Even more importantly, they had tuned down their god-auras, not that Jardin had much of an aura left of any sort after his treatment at the hands of Arznaak. Except for ego, then, and a certain undisguisable lethality, there was nothing to stop them from blending into the mob. The fact that only Gashanatantras support was keeping the barely conscious Jardin from slumping to the ground was scarcely remarkable. Plenty of those thronging the stands had wounds or disabilities or stigmata; that was why they were here, hoping for the favorable benediction of the risen Emperor incarnate. Perhaps it had worked in past years, and had been more than legend; perhaps it would work tonight. Or perhaps -
  • The party set to work in haste to tear down small branches of trees and scraps of bushes, and heap them on to the top of the car. Cherry Bim, who had the instinct of deception, superintending the actual masking of the roof, and as the sun was now setting detected a new danger.
  • The wreck broke in upon the monotony of Brandon's island life and changed the current of his thoughts. The revelations contained in Despard's manuscript came with perfect novelty to his mind. Potts, his enemy, now stood before him in darker colors, the foulest of miscreants, one who had descended to an association with Thuggee, one who bore on his arm the dread mark of Bowhani. Against such an enemy as this he would have to be wary. If this enemy suspected his existence could he not readily find means to effect his destruction forever? Who could tell what mysterious allies this man might have? Cigole had tracked and followed him with the patience and vindictiveness of a blood-hound. There might be many such as he. He saw plainly that if he ever escaped his first and highest necessity would be to work in secret, to conceal his true name, and to let it be supposed that Louis Brandon had been drowned, while another name would enable him to do what he wished.
  • Yes! shouted Bud. "That's their game! They tried to scare us so they could work in from the other side, and run off a bunch of steers. Dirk! Chot!" he cried again, making a megaphone of his hands, and sending his cry out into the night.
  • All this while there was no sign of any attack by the Matabele. Indeed, the fear of such a thing was to some extent dying away, and Benita, watching from the top of the wall, could see that their nine remaining oxen, together with the two horses--for that belonging to Jacob Meyer had died--and the Makalanga goats and sheep, were daily driven out to graze; also, that the women were working in the crops upon the fertile soil around the lowest wall. Still, a strict watch was kept, and at night everyone slept within the fortifications; moreover, the drilling of the men and their instruction in the use of firearms went on continually under Tamas, who now, in his father's old age, was the virtual chief of the people.
  • Here supreme astonishment was the chief ingredient in their feelings, for they stood on the edge of a slope, at the foot of which, as in a basin, lay what seemed to be a small cultivated garden in the midst of a miniature valley covered with trees and shrubs, through which a tiny rivulet ran. This verdant little gem was so hemmed in by hills that it could not be seen from the sea or any low part of the island. But what surprised the discoverers most was the sight of an old woman, bent nearly double, who was busily at work in the garden. Not far from her was an old man, who, from his motions while at work, appeared to be blind. Their costume being nondescript, besides ragged, did not betoken their nationality.
  • Mr. Murdoch was right. At that very moment the cobbler was in the grocery kept by Deacon Abrams, shouting, "We've got him again, Deacon! He's in town. He works in a paint shop--had paint on his face. Or else he's a blacksmith, or he works in coal, or something black--or dusty. We can run him down now."
  • A man chanced to be working in a field not far distant. He heard the cries of the boys and saw their danger. There was not a moment to be lost. He started upon the full run, throwing off coat and waistcoat and shoes, in his almost frantic speed, till he reached the water. He then plunged in, and, by swimming and wading, seized the canoe when it was within but about twenty feet of the roaring falls. With almost superhuman exertions he succeeded in dragging it to the shore.
  • Guest speakers will discuss their first-hand experiences of working in the music industry.
  • "Let me tell you about this girl - she's beautiful. Met her at the faculty club last week. works in Classics - assistant prof. - smart as a whip." Bruno chomped on the mints and Bryan heard them crack, one by one. "Beautiful. Likes me - crazy about me."
  • I blinked the glaze from my eyes, and looked at the smirking phantasm at the counter. He glowed with a white sheen, even though his frumpy work-clothes managed to convey their dinginess. He worked in sheetrock. They were always dusted with the fine white powder.
  • The cctv professional tape works in any vhs recorder, delivering crisp definition and almost eliminating dropouts.
  • Next comes Department C, in which the men finish their time. Here many sleep in one room, always under strict watch, being employed during the day at their respective trades, or going out in gangs to work in the fields connected with the establishment.
  • Make your choice quickly, for we can't waste many seconds over this business, the old man cried impatiently, and we obeyed his command, I hoping most sincerely that the lot would fall to some other than myself, for I was willing to risk the hard work in order to remain with the leader.
  • It was hardly a reassuring sight. Several members of the American delegation had the stiff and unnatural look of brainwashed prisoners. Tommy was positioned, like hired help, directly behind the Carter contingentMadeline Carter, her father, and the younger brother who worked in the Busters front office. The row below the Carters was occupied by politicians representing both the District of Columbia and Florida. Deirdre Smiths husband, Congressman Ernest Gordon, was sitting next to Florida Keys owner Javy Castilla.
  • Speech therapists work in a variety of settings including schools, health centers, hospitals or private practice.
  • That morning, Botzi got a strange letter, a map apparently showing where a great Inca treasure was located in South America. He went around to see his friends working in the neighbouring shops next door. They gathered outside in the street discussing it. However, Alby Monk, the money lender was excluded from the gathering. He however watched with curious interest, from inside his shop window, a scowl on his face. Fungus his accomplice stood beside him, also staring at the group.
  • They sat down to work in good earnest. The spreading rim of canvas, instead of being tagged on as on former occasions, was now sewn securely to the umbrella, and when the latter was expanded, the canvas hung down all round it, and the numerous stays hung quite loose. Ben expected that the rapidity of the descent would suddenly expand this appendage, and check the speed. The ends of the loose cords were gathered up and fastened to the handle, as was also the binding-cord before referred to--all of which was done with that thoroughness of workmanship for which sailors are celebrated.
  • Meat inspectors working in scottish abattoirs have also reported a marked increase in carcasses showing evidence of liver fluke infestation.
  • For example, the ancient Chinese observed that certain rocks (lodestone) were attracted to one another by some invisible force. This effect was later called magnetism, and was first rigorously studied in the 17th century. A little earlier than the Chinese, the ancient Greeks knew of other objects such as amber, that when rubbed with fur would cause a similar invisible attraction between the two. This was also first studied rigorously in the 17th century, and came to be called electricity. Thus, physics had come to understand two observations of nature in terms of some root cause (electricity and magnetism). However, further work in the 19th century revealed that these two forces were just two different aspects of one forceelectromagnetism. This process of "unifying" forces continues today, and electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force are now considered to be two aspects of the electroweak interaction. Physics hopes to find an ultimate reason (Theory of Everything) for why nature is as it is (see section Current research below for more information).
  • Non smokers working in a smoke filled environment showed elevated dna damage markers.
  • "'Lave him in the river?' said O'Toole, his eyes starting from the sockets, and his whole face working in strong anxiety; 'is it lave him in the river yer honor means?'
  • Applied linguists work in french, german, russian, spanish, and ukrainian.
  • Frank's conjecture turned out to be correct, for it was nearly a week before the lieutenant concluded that his work in the town was done. Then the column took up its march in a jubilant mood, for their comrade, who was a prime favorite in the regiment, had been rescued and the work had been done in the deft and finished way that marked the traditions of the American Army.
  • Scholars of the medieval Islamic world who wrote on biology included al-Jahiz (781869), Al-Dinawari (828896), who wrote on botany, and Rhazes (865925) who wrote on anatomy and physiology. Medicine was especially well studied by Islamic scholars working in Greek philosopher traditions, while natural history drew heavily on Aristotelian thought, especially in upholding a fixed hierarchy of life.
  • And then began heartrending scenes. Tom and Jack did variant work in carrying out the dead and dying, in both of which classes were men, women and children.
  • We wasted an entire day trying to find a way to take the canoe over the hills, as we did not dare risk sending her down by water. My men were positively disheartened and on the verge of revolt, as they contended that it was all my fault that I had taken them to a diabolical place like that. I plainly told them that if I gave them such high wages it was because I knew there was a great deal of risk, as I had explained to them at the beginning of the expedition, and I expected them to do some hard work in return.
  • Thinking about work in the lab reminded Rick that he had an unfinished project of his own on his workbench upstairs. He was half out of his chair, determined to go upstairs and put the rest of the afternoon to good use, when Scotty called.
  • About this time a glimmer of the truth began to work in upon Thad's brain. He realized in the first place that no ordinary bear of the wild woods would act in this remarkable fashion. No doubt, had it ventured into the camp at all, it would have come on all four legs, "woofing" its displeasure that human beings had disturbed the loneliness of its haunts.
  • It will be done, the director answered, "but not in my time nor in yours. It is a piece of work in which every step counts, and just one summer's work may bring results that will help millions of people in the years yet to come."
  • The other set of brakes work in reverse to a conventional break system, such as that found in a motor car.
  • That four by four. Notice the panels on top? They're wings that can pop out for this to act as an aircraft. The boot has thrusters inside, so open the boot, push a button and, voila, ya got yourselves a space shuttle, just a miniature one. It worked in ninety percent of our tests, Tao explained.
  • "Do thou work!" she urges. "When thou shalt bring me word she loves my son, Ill tell thee on the instant thou art then as great as is thy master!—greater, for his fortunes all lie speechless, and his name is at last gasp! Return he cannot, nor continue where he is; to shift, his being is to exchange one misery with another!—and every day that comes comes to decay a days work in him.
  • I confess to the enjoyment of a real difficulty. From the first I had observed that the Egyptian authorities did not wish to encourage English explorations of the slave-producing districts, as such examinations would be detrimental to the traffic, and would lead to reports to the European governments that would ultimately prohibit the trade; it was perfectly clear that the utmost would be done to prevent my expedition from starting. This opposition gave a piquancy to the undertaking, and I resolved that nothing should thwart my plans. Accordingly I set to work in earnest. I had taken the precaution to obtain an order upon the Treasury at Khartoum for what money I required, and as ready cash performs wonders in that country of credit and delay, I was within a few weeks ready to start. I engaged three vessels, including two large noggurs or sailing barges, and a good decked vessel with comfortable cabins, known by all Nile tourists as a diahbiah.
  • The following extracts are from the last letter which I sent to the Mission Rooms, ere, owing to the failure of Mrs Young's health, we left the land of the Saulteaux for work in the Master's Vineyard elsewhere. The Mission had now been fully established, a comfortable parsonage built and well furnished.
  • In a few minutes more he was at work in the tent, with the boys gathered around him. The developer had worked perfectly, notwithstanding the haste, and the printing was well advanced in the soft light of the tent.
  • The Prince lay awake for a long time, thinking about what he had learnt. He had always thought war an honourable thing, an undertaking by brave men who fought for honour and glory, who battled and died proudly under the flags of their King and country. Sometimes there were prisoners, and these were taken to work in the mines, digging ore to forge into new weapons for the Cotti army, a fitting punishment for setting themselves against the might of his father's kingdom.
  • Postdoc work in the department of physics, and maintain several collaborations with people over there.
  • But the English will not hang you. You and your mates will be treated as prisoners of war, Darrin assured him. "You will be well fed. You will have some amusements. When spring comes you will have gardens to work in and the flowers or vegetables that you raise will belong to you. It is a stupid lie to tell you that the English hang you all. You will soon be on shore, and in an English prison camp, and then you will know that you have been lied to. You will enjoy finding yourself on shore, for you were not often allowed to go ashore when you got back from these trips to take on your next mine cargo at--"
  • These wolves were quite clever and seemed to work in unison to take down prey, but the pattern to their attacks was now clear. Anticipating its next move, Aiden stepped to one side and brought his shortsword across just as the first wolf tried to take advantage of the momentary distraction caused by the death of his companion. His sword hit, gashing it along its flank as it leapt past, causing it to recoil reflexively and crash into the ground instead of landing gracefully.
  • Chahda had experience with Buddhist monasteries dating back to the time when he had worked in Nepal. Also, many Indians were Buddhists. There were some in almost every monastery, and of that number a few could be depended on to speak Hindi, or Hindustani as it was called, which was Chahda's language. He also knew a little Tibetan from his years in Nepal.
  • From where they lay, screened by some thin brush, the scouts were able to observe the ground, and Ned could form his plan of campaign. He never wasted much time when his hand had been placed to the plow. Following the line of loose rock that had undoubtedly been carried out of some working in the hillside, he believed he could settle on the exact position of the opening.
  • Boys are natural born collectors. They are interrogation points, full of curiosity, like the "man from Missouri," they want to know. The wise leader will say, "Let us find out some thing about this tree, or plant, or bird, or whatever it may be, and together we will be learners." The textbook method will not work in a boys' camp. "Go find me a flower" is the true method, and let us see what it is. Nature study books and leaflets should be used merely as guides, not as texts.
  • Frank worked in silence. His mind was wandering and he missed some of what she was saying. He knew she was upset, and that the best response was to just let her have it out. The trouble was that she got obsessive about it, and would worry one of her mother's slights for a week before becoming offended by something else. "Well," he responded while she sipped on her coffee, "in another century you would have been burned as a witch by now. She's just taking the party line."
  • "All right then, Lady Merrit. And what would you like to do, after you are well again of course, as I have no doubt you will be. Most of the Widows work in the embroidery room, since most have been trained, as you have, in fancy needlework. The Women's Retreat House earns much of its keep by selling tapestries and embroideries to noble houses and churches."
  • I was king of DIY though, I could have published a book on it. I would have left the pages blank and sold it with a pen. I was relishing building my kitchen and was glad when Marvin left, leaving me, Krueger and Elly alone. The three of us worked in unison putting the cupboards together. Krueger must have thought it was too easy as he kept nicking my screwdriver, that or he wanted to do it all by himself.
  • There had been no change and no warning of that conclusion. Whatever process had been working in her body, since the day when her inner being had been caught with the Stone into the Unity, closed quietly and suddenly. The purgation of her flesh accomplished itself, and it was by apparent chance that Arglay was with her when it ceased. He had paused by the bedside before going to his own room next to hers for the night. As he looked he saw one of those recurrent tremors shake her, but this time it was not confined to one side but swept over the whole body. From head to foot a vibration passed through her; she sighed deeply, and murmured something indistinguishable. So, on the moment, she died.
  • Sespian withdrew a folded paper from his pocket. He opened it and placed it on the table before his guest. Lakecrest leaned forward. It was Dunn's now-complete list of men working in Fort Urgot and the Imperial Barracks who were loyal to Hollowcrest. When Lakecrest's frown gave way to a slack-jawed gape, Sespian felt a thrum of satisfaction in his breast.
  • In February 2004, Pope John Paul II was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize honouring his life's work in opposing Communist oppression and helping to reshape the world.
  • Gasworks residency staff are keen to discuss works in progress and assist in sourcing materials, offering local knowledge, contacts and creative input.
  • There can be no doubt that H'yemba did that, she decided. "In the confusion of the catastrophe he has disarmed me. That means well-planned rebellion--and at this time it will be fatal! Now, above all else, we must work in harmony, stand fast, close up the ranks! This must not be!"
  • Off-site prefabrication and cutting have tended to work in favor of pvc.
  • Doctors said junior medics will either be forced abroad or work in posts with no chance of career progression.
  • The next morning Nathan drove Simon to the airport where they wished each other luck on their new beginning. Nathan was now alone, just like in those first few days when he had arrived in Paris. He continued working in the same line of work and all was going well, but a part of him felt like something was missing. He made a good living and saved a good amount of money, but he lived few new experiences. The days went by, each the same as the previous, with the same routine and monotony.
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