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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • From the way in which each fellow bustled around it was plain to be seen that they had had considerable experience in these things, and knew just how to set to work in order to get the camp in shipshape condition.
  • Manton had been an eye opening experience. He had heard of blind and deaf people before but he had never seen one. Those people couldnt find work in the Empire, so they were homeless and often taken into the care, never to be seen again. The thing that got him the most was all the kids in Manton. Families that had kids with problems were forced to leave. The Iumenta had been sowing beliefs for decades that people with mental problems were evil. Hed felt these feelings. They were subtle, but they were definitely there. He had felt them about Sasha when he lived back home. Even though she was kind, he knew she was possessed. Those feelings had assaulted him his whole life like fiery little darts, but not anymore.
  • "Bottom line is, just answer me this, alright? Will you feel safe, working in the store, coming in every morning in the dark, and-and knowing that guy is on the loose?"
  • He entered a cupboard that in turn gave into a large room, faintly lit by glow lamps. A door on the opposite side of the room gave access to the household staff who worked in here. They had no knowledge of this rock doorway at the back of the cupboard, from where Rhaki could peep out to ensure he was alone.
  • Andrea was indebted for this visit to the following circumstances. At daybreak, the telegraphs were set at work in all directions, and almost immediately the authorities in every district had exerted their utmost endeavors to arrest the murderer of Caderousse. Compiegne, that royal residence and fortified town, is well furnished with authorities, gendarmes, and commissaries of police; they therefore began operations as soon as the telegraphic despatch arrived, and the Bell and Bottle being the best-known hotel in the town, they had naturally directed their first inquiries there.
  • A little after that he was sent in to blow out the cabin lamp. The Dazzler tacked about and began to work in toward the north shore. Everybody kept silent, save for occasional whispered questions and answers which passed between Bill and the captain. Finally the sloop was run into the wind, and the jib and mainsail lowered cautiously.
  • A movie. He needed to see a good movie. But what was playing? At the malls multiplex, he had a wide array of films to choose from. An animated film featuring a parade of ponies singing cheerful songs encouraging ecology. An action film where a poor working class man with enormous muscles apparently destroys an entire corporation using a single handgun. A romance movie; the twist being that a male played the female role and vice versa, a stunning gimmick that had reviewers describing the film as "forced" and "absolutely retarded." A crass documentary about a band of midgets forced to work in German coal mines during World War II. "Maybe I should see that one," he thought to himself. "It might give me a few ideas on controlling them when I finally get my hands on one tonight."
  • The tandem, however, did have an advantage over the cage on one significant point: it was a machine. A bizarre, implausible machine, admittedly, but one which had more going for it in terms of logic and physics than a bird-borne carriage. And when it came to choosing between the lift of an iron propeller or the flapping wings of some temperamental birds, it had to be said that this particular advantage was a decidedly large one. True, there was a magic at work in Niamago that could make people ski in the air and belch lightning; but Benjamin was still too much the child of a safe, cause-and-effect world to entertain the idea that it might be on par with, or hold sway over, the secure edicts of science. Perhaps, when he was back on land, he might think differently. In the meantime, he could only look forward to it.
  • There are now some 12,000 people working in commercial horticulture.
  • The first diggers who went there were said to have gathered vast quantities of gold; and when Frank and Joe arrived there was quite enough to repay hard work liberally. The miners did not work in companies there. Indeed, the form of the chasm did not admit of operations on a large scale being carried on at any one place. Most of the men worked singly with the pan, and used large bowie-knives with which they picked gold from the crevices of the rocks in the bed of the stream, or scratched the gravelly soil from the roots of the overhanging trees, which were usually rich in deposits. The gorge, about four miles in extent, presented one continuous string of men in single file, all eagerly picking up gold, and admitting that in this work they were unusually successful.
  • And if they were miners intending to work in the holdings of the syndicate they would have carried tools along, picks, shovels and the like? remarked Jack.
  • But by the time that the boy had reached this northern limit of spruce he had lost all idea of time. The days and nights seemed one perpetual nightmare. When asleep he dreamed that he was wading, or tracking, or poling, and when awake he felt as though he were working in his sleep. It seemed to him that he had spent years and years on an icy river, and that fate had tied him to it for ever and ever.
  • He had been at work in the main coal section, when he was knocked down by a rake of runaway hutches.
  • He performed pioneer work in the early days of the management of tracheo-oesophageal fistula in neonates.
  • Dockyard companies must attract a pre-agreed minimum level of work in order to recover their overheads.
  • I shrugged. It seemed to me that he was just another guy who worked closely with retail, but knew nothing about how things worked in an actual retail store.
  • A long time ago i did a stint of work in an exeter high street bookshop.
  • About three bells in the forenoon watch next morning the look-out aloft reported a sail on the larboard bow; and, on being questioned in the usual manner, he shouted down to us the further information that the stranger was a brig working in for the land on the starboard tack under topgallant-sails, and that she had all the look of a man-o'-war.
  • "But I know the truth!" said Cliff, the sparkle returning to his eyes. "My grandfathers and all my forefish before me have worked in this castle. More than a hundred generations ago, my great-great-great-great-greatyou get the ideamy great-great-great grandfather was a devoted servant to Saerin himself. He was in charge of bringing apples up to the tower everyday. Well, my fathers fathers told him and my father told me that when Saerin left, there was only one thing on his mind."
  • In the beginning of the Civil War, most of the half million Portuguese that lived in Angola and accounted for the majority of the skilled work in the public administration, agriculture, industries and trade fled the country leaving its once prosperous and growing economy to a state of bankruptcy.
  • He went to work in Four Star pizza. He got a blue Four Star t-shirt with four golden stars above the right breast and wore his Four Star shirt. This was the only time he smiled. He was fed up being fat, but liked pizza, and wanted to be dead to the world, but something in him was living and breathing like a new-blossoming plant, something hed rather kill and squash. How could he be dead to the world with happiness growing in him everyday?
  • Whereas those looking to put money to work in the equity markets could simply look at a company's fundamentals and price action then act accordingly, a world where aggressive central bank policy will be at play indefinitely and immeasurably changes the entire landscape.
  • Oh no, no one would think of such a thing as that! Men like these are only sent to the big towns, Tiumen, or Perm, or Tobolsk, and then they are settled on land or work in the towns, but they are free to do as they like. The country wants labour, and men who won't work at home and expect the community to keep them have to work here or else they would starve. Then there are numbers who are only guilty of some small offence. They have stolen something, or they have resisted the tax-gatherer, or something of that sort. They only go to prison for the term of their sentences, perhaps only three or four months, and then they too are free like the others, and can work in the towns, or trade if they happen to have money to set them up, or they can settle in a village and take up land and cultivate it. They can live where they like in Siberia. I had many rich men pointed out to me in Tobolsk who had come out as convicts.
  • "Me? Making pizza? Id never degrade myself like that! Id sooner work in a Mexican whorehouse. At least then Id get to travel."
  • The sagacious animal, as if perfectly understanding what was said to him, and what his part of the work in hand was to be, crouched down like a lion in the dark shadows of the dingle, there to wait until he should hear his master's call.
  • Misunderstandter recruitment remains widely misunderstood, with a general perception that anyone can work in the business.
  • Social pedagogues work in a way that combines social care and education.
  • Magic seemed to be a property of the universe - indeed, Kevin was later to discover, both universes. There was nothing intrinsic in his world which prevented magic from functioning as intended. The reason magic did not, in general, work was that a carefully-designed barrier surrounded the crossing, fitting in the interstices of the passage between the Two Worlds. This interfered to prevent magical devices and artefacts from working when moved from Lyndesfarne. The same magical blockade also acted in the opposite direction, to prevent sophisticated technology from working in the Other World. The barrier was actively and carefully maintained, but occasionally something would slip through: some magical artefact would end up in our world still active - or at least partially so.
  • The Egyptians were one of the first major civilizations to codify design elements in art and architecture. Egyptian blue, also known as calcium copper silicate is a pigment used by Egyptians for thousands of years. It is considered to be the first synthetic pigment. The wall paintings done in the service of the Pharaohs followed a rigid code of visual rules and meanings. Egyptian civilization is renowned for its colossal pyramids, temples and monumental tombs. Well-known examples are the Pyramid of Djoser designed by ancient architect and engineer Imhotep, the Sphinx, and the temple of Abu Simbel. Modern and contemporary Egyptian art can be as diverse as any works in the world art scene, from the vernacular architecture of Hassan Fathy and Ramses Wissa Wassef, to Mahmoud Mokhtar's sculptures, to the distinctive Coptic iconography of Isaac Fanous.
  • Frank looked to the small, inconspicuous door to their right. "My sister. She works in there, has, uh, something for me." He stared at the ground. "Just money. I uh, Im gonna get something for her."
  • He turned to Lester and explained: "Shean's a fussy sort of bastard. He won't work in a joint. Or at least he didn't used to."
  • I am very well satisfied with your performance, answered the prelate, but yet I own that it would be a pleasant thing enough to have a copy of my works in that hand. Your grace, replied I, has only to signify your wishes. The man who copies so well is a licentiate of my acquaintance. It will give him so much the more pleasure to gratify you, as it may be the means of interesting your goodness to extricate him from the melancholy situation to which he has the misfortune at present to be reduced.
  • I reddened. I'd never considered it bad to smell like fish, but under this woman's scrutiny I couldnt help but cringe. Mallory motioned to a girl who was scrubbing dishes, and whom I guessed was also a scull under her direction. "Addie, its your lucky day. Show fish girl your work. Once shes trained you can start working in the stables."
  • The ground sloped gently downwards from the edge of the forest, and the place where he was had probably been ploughed, but was now trodden flat and hard. Next in front of the stores he observed a long, low hut built of poles, and roofed with fir branches; the walls were formed of ferns, straw, bundles of hay, anything that had come to hand. On a standard beside it, a pale blue banner, with the device of a double hammer worked in gold upon it, fluttered in the wind. Twenty or thirty, perhaps more, spears leant against one end of this rude shed, their bright points projecting yards above the roof. To the right of the booth as many horses were picketed, and not far from them some soldiers were cooking at an open fire of logs. As Felix came slowly towards the booth, winding in and out among the carts and heaps of sacks, he saw that similar erections extended down the slope for a long distance.
  • At the meeting today’, said Pearl. ‘White Ant Excavators will give a presentation on how they will carry out the work in conjunction with Overland Transporters Ltd. White Ant Excavators will put forward a construction proposal and cost for acceptance by the investors including yourselves Sir Cada and Lady Bird’.
  • Wally was put in temporary charge of the project six weeks ago. It was first given to The Ice Queen by Mrs. Minkins. I had never met The Ice Queen but she was the kind of legend most big firms had. She had worked in accounts or legal for a lifetime and she was given the project, so I was told, as a reward.
  • "Me?" He looked at me for a second, caught between ego and the needs of honesty. "No, not I, certainly not. Such a barrier requires too much power. Not my specialty either. And myself as the most powerful in Roosing Oolvaya? At times, perhaps. Currently, perhaps not." He stopped suddenly, staring out the milky surface of the river-beast bladder that covered the solarium dome. "Such a barrier is employed by a sorcerer against other sorcerers. It is a sign that says, ‘Beware! Enter this area at your own risk! Secret work in progress!’"
  • "Usually those selected to work in the copying room are Sisters, and younger than you are, with a long life of manuscript work ahead of them. I don't want to draw attention to you, or cause trouble for you or myself. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?"
  • "I hope he doesn't get into mischief," murmured Mrs. Henderson, as she went back to her work in the kitchen. "If he wasn't such an honest boy, I would be more worried than I am about him. But I guess he will outgrow it," she added hopefully.
  • I work in two cities where the ring-necked parakeet is common, so i know the calls better than the average visiting birder.
  • There are five research projects included, revealing that some continuing work in educational gerontology is underway in my home country.
  • Mitigated by extensive drainage control works in and around the town.
  • In the early days, the clams had been plentiful and the prices paid were fairly decent. Not any more. In the past year, like a waterspout suddenly rising from the surface toward an ominously dark cloud, a concern gripped Billy that one day the clams would be gone, destroyed by pollution, or he might hurt his back too seriously to work through the pain. Then what would he do? When he graduated from college with a BA in English, Billy decided he didn't want to be part of corporate America or a bureaucrat or any sort of money grubber. He could never work in an office, 9 to 5, or be a salesman or run from door to door with packages like his brother-in-law. The water was in his blood.
  • If you are arrested, the patrol leader went on, "the police, instead of doing honest work in unraveling the mystery, will bend every effort to convict you. They will not consider any theory other than your guilt. Every scrap of evidence will be twisted and turned into proof against you, and in the meantime the real criminal may escape. It is a way the police have."
  • "And," Merlyn continued, "a few years later, when the fauns have gotten used to seeing cats in their streets and having their dens in their backyards, shelts will start disappearing. Slaves at first, criminals working in Filinian mines. Then strangersswamp faun visitors, outsiders, orphans, urchins, wandering minstrels. That will go on for a few years and no one will much mind, and the fauns will get richer and form more lucrative trade agreements, and their neighbors will become jealous and quarrelsome, but they'll snub their noses at those neighbors because they have Filinian treaties. And pretty soon the Filinians will be their only friends."
  • Chavez worked in the fields until 1952, when he became an organizer for the Community Service Organization (CSO), a Latino civil rights group. He was hired and trained by Fred Ross as an organizer targeting police brutality. Chavez urged Mexican Americans to register and vote, and he traveled throughout California and made speeches in support of workers' rights. He later became CSO's national director in 1958.
  • Amaranthe sighed and accepted the age-worn alder box. She traced the faded yellow canary painted on the lid. Her mother, whom she barely remembered, had made it for her father when he first started working in the mines. This is all that's left of my parents and my past.
  • "Theres going to be a procession from Buckingham Palace to the abbey for a commemorative mass," the matron declared enthusiastically. "My cousin works in an office on the second floor overlooking the route and Ill be there to see the Queen and her consort ride by in the royal carriage."
  • The subject was not mentioned again in Kate's hearing, but she was greatly pleased, one morning, at seeing Reuben at work in the gardens.
  • The two secretaries in our division often baffled me. Both middle-aged, stocky, and ordinary, they did the most thankless work in the office. They also knew everything that was happening, and to whom, seemingly before it had a chance to happen. While Caroline embraced her tasks and her colleagues with a smile, Jean never undertook anything without a grimace, and she cozied up to no one except the higher-ups.
  • After my arrival at home I paid a visit to old Roger Riddle, and had the satisfaction of telling him that Mark had become a steady fellow, and as Captain Mason had promised to take him the next voyage in the "Falcon," and to continue his instructions in navigation, he had every prospect of becoming an officer. Tom Trivett entered the navy, and having lost a leg, became an out-pensioner of Greenwich Hospital. He used frequently to come and see me in after years, and nothing pleased him so much as to talk over the adventures of our early days, and to spin long yarns to my children about those he subsequently went through. After a week's stay at Sandgate, I returned to Liverpool, where I at once set to work in Mr Butterfield's office, and have every reason to be thankful that I was enabled to take my place on one of the high stools which I had formerly looked upon with such intense disgust. By diligence and perseverance, and strict attention to my duties, I gained my principal's good opinion, and ultimately, on his death, I became the head of the firm.
  • One evening, as she was coming home very tired after a long day's work in the slums of the city, Jane arrived at the model cottages outside my park gates. Having half an hour to spare, she determined to visit a few of their occupants. Her second call was on the Smith family.
  • Finally, he ran out of excuses and disguised himself as a peasant boy. He waited for a family to leave, then tagged along to blend in. It had always worked in the past. Not ten paces into the busy street the girl dropped down on him with the flying skill of a master.
  • The forged metalwork is by alan evans who works in gloucestershire and continues the tradition of british artist blacksmiths.
  • After spending a fortnight with their families cutting wood and choring about their abodes they then went to work in the lumber camps for February and March.
  • Arequipa was an interesting city with its picturesque arcades, its magnificent church of Spanish architecture with marvellous ancient wood carvings, and its prettily-laid-out gardens. I visited the astronomical observatory of Harvard College, a few miles from the town, where excellent work is being done in star photography from that eminently suitable spot for the study of the sky. The observatory was situated at an elevation of 8,060 ft. It worked in conjunction with the Harvard observatory in North America. By having thus one station north and another south of the equator, the observations made by that institution included the stars in all parts of the sky from the North to the South Pole. A 24-inch Bruce photographic telescope, a 13-inch Boyden telescope, an 8-inch Bache telescope, and a 4-inch meridian photometer were the principal instruments used at the Arequipa station.
  • I confess to the enjoyment of a real difficulty. From the first I had observed that the Egyptian authorities did not wish to encourage English explorations of the slave-producing districts, as such examinations would be detrimental to the traffic, and would lead to reports to the European governments that would ultimately prohibit the trade; it was perfectly clear that the utmost would be done to prevent my expedition from starting. This opposition gave a piquancy to the undertaking, and I resolved that nothing should thwart my plans. Accordingly I set to work in earnest. I had taken the precaution to obtain an order upon the Treasury at Khartoum for what money I required, and as ready cash performs wonders in that country of credit and delay, I was within a few weeks ready to start. I engaged three vessels, including two large noggurs or sailing barges, and a good decked vessel with comfortable cabins, known by all Nile tourists as a diahbiah.
  • Studies suggest that the prescription medicines approved for human flu viruses would work in preventing bird flu infection in humans.
  • Then bit by bit, he unloaded his mind, which appeared full of little things, like a junk shop. He says: "See that woman that left?" he says. "She has four children, all girls, and she's mad over it. Around here, when a woman's going to have a child, she generally puts in a bid at the temple for a boy. Queer, ain't it! Well, that one has had four girls. Every time she comes around afterwards and lays down the law. Sometimes she brings her man, and they both lay down the law. Well, it's lively! That one on the left," he says, pointing to the children, "that's Nan, proper name Ananda. She's one of their four. She's got the nerve of a horsefly! The chunky one in the middle, his name's Sokai, but I call him Soaker for short. His folks work in the rice fields. The littlest one's Kishatriya, which I call him Kiyi on account of his solemnness. Seemed to me it ought to cheer things up, to call him Kiyi. His folks died of cholera. He keeps meditatin' all the time.
  • No, but all have an equal opportunity. Everyone is given a broad foundation of general information. The mind and hand are both trained and prepared to do good work, and then the choice of occupation is made and the special education begins. But one who has chosen some kind of manual labor as his vocation very often takes up literary or other professional work in addition, and everybody has some kind of study on hand, by which the mind is kept employed. There is no uneducated class among us.
  • Excuse me for insisting, Dave said in a modest manner, "but I am quite sure that I am better fitted than you. My work in the Northwest has always required considerable work with my arms, and besides that I am pretty well developed about the arms and shoulders. I don't want to discredit your ability, but I'm sure, don't you know, that I am stronger than you and could do the work better. You'll let me try, won't you? Really, you know, you ought to let me help!"
  • "Not here," replied the leader, smiling at the look of disappointment visible on William's face, which he could twist about in the most comical way ever seen outside of a clown's work in the circus. "To-night we'll make our first regular camp, you know, and that will be time enough to break in."
  • Oh! I know its done. But everyone works in the belief theyll leave you alone if you leave them alone. From many years painful experience theyve learned to stay out of noble fights and you owe them the same.
  • But an Australian research team working in Shark Bay, Australia discovered, a third level of social hierarchy: coalitions among second-order alliances, which may be called "third-order alliances," or more imposingly as "second-order super-alliances," involving dolphins that were unrelated.
  • This flood's knocked honest laborers out of their jobs right along, boys, the taller hobo continued, unable to repress a slight grin as he spoke, for he must have been pretty positive that he had not deceived the young fellows by such an absurd suggestion; "and we're trying to git acrost country so's to find work in another quarry. If now youse could only let us have a snack it'd be doin' a real kindness, and we'd thank you straight; wouldn't we, Bill?"
  • Nevertheless Frank Allfrey did not like the life. Whatever else might arouse his ambition, he was evidently not one of those whose soul was set upon the acquisition of wealth. Although successful as a digger, and with more gold in his possession than he knew what to do with, he detested the dirty, laborious work of digging and dabbling in mud from morning till night. He began to see that, as far as the nature of his daily toil was concerned, he worked harder, and was worse off than the poorest navvy who did the dirtiest work in old England! He sighed for more congenial employment, meditated much over the subject, and finally resolved to give up gold-digging.
  • I listened to the playful sarcasm and realized that I had used the only two bath towels last night. A hand towel would never work in his case. Its barely big enough for his hand. I couldnt suppress my laughter anymore. I extracted my head and tried to look innocent.
  • Develop an appreciation for the roles of various people who work in the courtroom.
  • This was Greek to Pat, whose acquaintance with automobiles was too recent for him to appreciate the importance of a license number at a time like this. But Sparrer had not practiced taking automobile numbers in the rush hours at Madison Square for nothing. It had been only fun there, by way of training his eyes to quick and sure observation. Now as a result eye and brain worked in unison and almost automatically and despite the speed of the car he got the number as surely as if it had been at a standstill.
  • Tom Temple, a bright, self-reliant lad, by the death of his father becomes a boarder at the home of Nathan Middleton, a penurious insurance agent. Though well paid for keeping the boy, Nathan and his wife endeavor to bring Master Tom in line with their parsimonious habits. The lad ingeniously evades their efforts and revolutionizes the household. As Tom is heir to $40,000, he is regarded as a person of some importance until by an unfortunate combination of circumstances his fortune shrinks to a few hundreds. He leaves Plympton village to seek work in New York, whence he undertakes an important mission to California, around which center the most exciting incidents of his young career. Some of his adventures in the far west are so startling that the reader will scarcely close the book until the last page shall have been reached. The tale is written in Mr. Alger's most fascinating style, and is bound to please the very large class of boys who regard this popular author as a prime favorite.
  • Perhaps we had better wait until morning, suggested Lieutenant McBride. "It is fast getting dark, and you can do much better work in daylight. Besides, you are not pressed for time, as your stay here will not count against you. I think you had better wait until morning."
  • This would give the prisoners time to get a brief but much needed rest after their long and miserable journey from Perm, penned up like sheep in iron-barred cattle trucks, and it would leave the drowsiest part of the night, from four o'clock to sunrise, for the hazardous work in hand.
  • The weight of the wand fit me exactly. I felt as if it were a part of me. "A young seeker as magical as one young wizard can get," was written and it was mine. Sorcery was at work in this forest.
  • I made my way downtown the following Wednesday, after a hasty early dinner. Id been prepared to go a couple rounds with Doug when he got wind of where I was headed. But he was preoccupiedhed brought home a stack of case files to review, and barely nodded when I said I had a New College sponsored talk to attend. Probably he was relieved to have the place to himself; I think he felt bad when he had to work in the evenings and tune me out while I moved around quietly, trying to stay out of his way.
  • Still, Tasha couldn't help recalling the dramatic and artistic settings in which her mom's assignments used to happen and to feel for this aging woman. She tried to imagine the limitation her mom now faced -- to go from shoots on dramatic city streets or inside fancy, upscale buildings to working in a mundane storefront which never changed in appearance from one boring day to another.
  • "The Lord works in mysterious ways," Leland said. "We don't know what He is, or isn't, letting happen, we just know that all things work to the best for those who love Him."
  • At the same time, it was necessary to become familiar with the methods required for stem cell analysis at the laboratory of the Canadian cooperation partner, Professor Judah Denburg of the McMaster University in Hamilton and to transfer this knowledge to Germany. Dr. Kristin Weiße spent six months in Canada working in the group of Professor Denburg in order to acquire the necessary know-how and profit from the experience of the Canadian partners. Dr. Lehmann and Dr. Weiße agree that "with the subject of environmental contamination and stem cells we have established an exciting new field of research." The UFZ team is currently the only one in the world investigating this relationship with analytical precision and methodical patience. The LiNA study, in the course of which mothers and their children can be observed over several years, represents a unique basis.
  • "Blast your filthy gasbag of a mouth!" Sir Giles said. "You've made me forget to ask one thing. Does it work in time as well as space? We must try, we must try." He sat down, picked up the Crown, and sat frowning at the Divine Letters.
  • To one who had not marked out every phase in Susan Hartshorne's treatment, the change that had been worked in her since Markworth had devoted his energies to her care, was nothing less than marvellous.
  • But the boy, facing the other prisoners, has suddenly become very distressed. "Nonow, alack, theres other work in hand!—I see something bitter to me as death! Your life, good master, must shuffle for a while…."
  • The same leaven was working in him that in other times begat Rubens and Jordaens and the Van Eycks, and all their wondrous tribe, and in times more recent begat in the green country of the Ardennes, where the Meuse washes the old walls of Dijon, the great artist of the Patroclus, whose genius is too near us for us aright to measure its divinity.
  • In building the Broken Hill Railway Williams was prompted by two reasons. One was to carry on the Rhodes project; the other was to link up what he believed to be a whole new mineral world to the needs of man. Nor was he working in the dark. Late in the nineties he had sent George Grey, a brother of Sir Edward, now Viscount Grey, through the present Katanga region on a prospecting expedition. Grey discovered large deposits of copper and also tin, lead, iron, coal, platinum, and diamonds. Williams now organized the company known as the Tanganyika Concessions, which became the instigator of Congo copper mining. Subsequently the Union Miniere du Haut Kantanga was formed by leading Belgian colonial capitalists and the Tanganyika Concessions acquired more than forty per cent of its capital. The Union Miniere took over all the concessions and discoveries of the British corporation. The Union Miniere is now the leading industrial institution in the Katanga and its story is really the narrative of a considerable phase of Congo development.
  • I blinked the glaze from my eyes, and looked at the smirking phantasm at the counter. He glowed with a white sheen, even though his frumpy work-clothes managed to convey their dinginess. He worked in sheetrock. They were always dusted with the fine white powder.
  • Fred began to sweat seriously in earnest. If they really were tracking proficiently, they would be able to know precisely who had typed in which messages and where. He'd be caught out for sure. He hadn't even considered disguising his address. He tried hard to think. Was it really his fault? Just because he'd said certain things? Surely the individuals were responsible for whatever their actions had been. He could not be held accountable. Well, maybe not legally. There remained the simple matter of his livelihood. He'd be ruined. He'd never be able to work in high tech again.
  • The exclusive right of reproduction given to authors includes storing the work in electronic form.
  • Subsequently, the bass trumpet ( developed from the cavalry trumpet ) could provide a similar sonority for solo work in operatic music.
  • Infant! said Martin. "Not much! At fifteen my father was doing a man's full work in the bush and on the farm, and when he grew to be a man he cleared most of his own land, too. Why, when I was eleven I drove my team all day on the farm."
  • Eighth Quality of Eloquence: It sometimes happens that in order to make the heart accept Almighty Gods wondrous works in the hereafter and make the mind affirm them, the Quran mentions His amazing works in this world by way of preparation, or it mentions the wondrous Divine works of the future and hereafter in such a way that we acquire firm conviction of them through similar things which we observe here.
  • The fire need only be small, but when the cooking commences, there should be for the most part red embers in the fireplace, capable of sending up great heat, with but a minimum of blaze. And there a cook can work in comfort, without dodging back every time a fierce blaze darts toward him, threatening to singe his eyebrows, and shorten his crop of hair.
  • From that moment he accepted the situation and made the best of it. He was provided with a bed of shavings, and he soon learned the routine of his keeper's work in removing the bed. Monarch would not permit the keeper to remove a single shaving from the cage if a fresh supply was not in sight. He would gather all the bedding in a pile, lie upon it and guard every shred jealously, striking and smashing any implement of wood or iron thrust into the cage to filch his treasure. But when a sackful of fresh shavings was placed where he could see it, Monarch voluntarily left his bed, went to another part of the cage and watched the removal of the pile without interfering.
  • "No, not take her. He must heave to and pick us up. As soon as it is day glasses will be at work in the maintop; and directly they see our plight the Nautilus will come down to us with every stitch of canvas set."
  • "Notwithstanding the large number of islands in which Christianity has been firmly established, it is calculated that there are two hundred and fifty inhabited islands still sunk in the darkness of idolatry and savageism, so that there remains a very large amount of work to be done. There, I have given you a short account of missionary work in the Pacific. Another day I will get a chart, and show you the places I have spoken about. I will then tell you more respecting them. You will like especially to hear of Savage Island, or Niue, which I understand we are to visit, to inquire about some natives who, it is reported, have been carried away by the Chilian slavers."
  • Her blank look told me I'd be better off reading his CV so I went through his and several other applicants CV's all of whom were wanting to work in our new customer service section. Monika found me about an hour later with seven CV's with the diversity of a Justin Bieber fan club.
  • Without waiting to see the cause of Billie's fall any more than to ask if he was hit, the Jackies pushed on toward the water works, leaving Billie to look out for himself as best he could until the work in hand was completed.
  • Through the lengthening evenings they sat crouched on wooden boxes either side of the stove, conversing rarely, gazing at one spot with a steady persistency which was only an outward indication of the persistency with which their minds held to the work in hand. Tim, the older at the business, showed this trait more strongly than Thorpe. The old man thought of nothing but logging. From the stump to the bank, from the bank to the camp, from the camp to the stump again, his restless intelligence travelled tirelessly, picking up, turning over, examining the littlest details with an ever-fresh curiosity and interest. Nothing was too small to escape this deliberate scrutiny. Nothing was in so perfect a state that it did not bear one more inspection. He played the logging as a chess player his game. One by one he adopted the various possibilities, remote and otherwise, as hypotheses, and thought out to the uttermost copper rivet what would be the best method of procedure in case that possibility should confront him.
  • It was early afternoon of a wonderful day. It was so still that the rippling waters of spring, singing in a thousand rills and streamlets, filled the forests with a droning music. In the warm sun the crimson bakneesh glowed like blood. In the open spaces the air was scented with the perfume of blue flowers. In the trees and bushes mated birds were building their nests. After the long sleep of winter nature was at work in all her glory. It was Unekepesim, the Mating Moon, the Home-building Moon--and Baree was going home. Not to matehood--but to Nepeese. He knew that she was there now, perhaps at the very edge of the chasm where he had seen her last. They would be playing together again soon, as they had played yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, and in his joy he barked up into Carvel's face, and urged him to greater speed.
  • To consolidate our work in the area of flooding, post convened a seminar in the house of commons on 29 april 2002.
  • The carpenters were immediately set to work in building a boat. The next day, while thus employed, the Joli and the Belle hove in sight. The short twilight of the tropics was then passing into night. A signal-fire was built, and seen by those on the ships. The next morning, the slow-sailing Aimable, which bore La Salle and his companions, appeared. La Salle landed and visited the encampment. Having sounded the creek, he decided to bring the three vessels in, and to send a boat to explore inland, hoping that the creek might prove to be the mouth of some river. The channel was carefully staked out for the entrance of the vessels, safe anchorage chosen, and orders were issued for the three to enter at the next high tide. La Salle would give the signal from the shore, when they were to move.
  • The men worked in a clutter of buntings, assembling the flags in nervous haste. Black laid out the nine letters and the crew hurriedly hooked them together. Ten minutes later, they strung the signal between the two splintered masts with a queer drunken gala effect.
  • That's a fact, Jack said. "If there are men working in the ship they must be supplied with air by a submarine. How could that be done, I'd like to know."
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