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work force
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Okunuşu: / wəːk fɔːs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work force
Ekler: works force/worked force/work·ing force


bir yerde çalışan işçilerin tümü.

work force için örnek cümleler:

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  • As such, Davenport attracted a variety of different races, for a variety of different reasons. Dwarves came to Davenport because the docks provided guaranteed employment and even though the hours were long and they had to work above-ground, Dwarves are greedy above all other things and therefore made up over three- quarters of the working force there.
  • (The above memorandum was explained to me by one of the negroes. The owner of the plantation did not approve of marriages, because they were inconvenient in case it was desired to sell a portion of the working force.
  • "Looks as though there were going to be something doing pretty soon, doesn't there?" he remarked to "Chip," one of the most experienced members of the working force.
  • As always, the voices were right: the Master wanted to concentrate his entire work force to uncovering the rune crystal, but it wouldn't be long before the Palace would attack Dracwyn Mine. The Master had the obsidian dragon and Arachnia at his side, not to mention hundreds of dwarves, but the Master needed to be well- prepared for this attack.
  • Very soon after commencing labor I found that our working force must be increased. Accordingly, I employed some of the negroes who were escaping from the interior of the State and making their way to Natchez. As there were but few mules on the plantation, I was particularly careful to employ those negroes who were riding, rather than walking, from slavery. If I could not induce these mounted travelers to stop with us, I generally persuaded them to sell their saddle animals. Thus, hiring negroes and buying mules, I gradually put the plantation in a presentable condition.
  • Goldman Sachss Song, the No. 1 China forecaster, sees a need for government-led socioeconomic change in China to spur growth, including the loosening of the one-child policy. He says the countrys aging work force has benefited from the concentration of resources on a smaller number of children, but that its continuation could harm the countrys social structure by burdening lone children with their elderly parentscare.
  • I don't envy those two men their job, he said in an undertone, and, doubling on his tracks, he came back to the trail that had been blazed. Then circling round to the right, so as to be in the opposite direction from that which his searchers had taken, he quietly made his way past the working force and came to the spot where the cook was just making preparations for dinner. Unobserved, he crept quite close to the camp, and finding a convenient spruce with widely spreading branches, he climbed up some fifteen feet, where was a natural hammock in the boughs, and lay down, taking off the boot from his swollen foot and awaited what should come.
  • He now had a working force of fifty-four men and twelve women. Including his own son, there were some seven children at Settlement Cliffs. The labor of civilization waxed apace.
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