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work at
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Okunuşu: / wəːk at / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work at
Ekler: works at/worked at/work·ing at


çalışmak, çabalamak.

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  • Chris Bole at the time of this incident was on day thirty-four of his habitation of the Pink House. Chris studied computer science at Queens. Levin, Levin MacHill, Emmett, Barry, James and Neil knew Chris asthe nice chap who works at the Co-op’. This nice chap was looking for somewhere else to stay because hewell, lets just say that he needed to move. Suffice to say that since Fallah had gone there was a room spare in the Big Pink and it was quickly taken over by Chris. Chris moved in with his NTL connection, computer, TV and two laptrays with beanbag cushions. These two latter objects were instantly seized by the Big Pink folk as the great assist they represented. Chris knew this would happen: written in the corner of one laptray wasNot for use by stoners in rolling joints. This means you!’ Nonetheless: the trays were used for that purpose. Not that Chris was unduly discomfited.
  • Spring and Skye stepped from Summers room. Theyd been lying on the big bed, talking of rutabagas and other vegetables. "Im hungry. John gets off work at six, but yeah, lets have some grub now."
  • Fossils found in East Africa suggest that primates roamed the area more than 20 million years ago. Recent finds near Kenya's Lake Turkana indicate that hominids such as Homo habilis (1.8 and 2.5 million years ago) and Homo erectus (1.8 million to 350 000 years ago) are possible direct ancestors of modern Homo sapiens and lived in Kenya during the Pleistocene epoch. In 1984, one particular discovery made at Lake Turkana by famous palaeoanthropologist Richard Leakey and Kamoya Kimeu was the skeleton of a Turkana boy, belonging to Homo erectus from 1.6 million years ago. Previous research on early hominids is particularly identified with Mary Leakey and Louis Leakey, who were responsible for the preliminary archaeological research at Olorgesailie and Hyrax Hill. Later work at the former was undertaken by Glynn Isaac.
  • I worked at one of those big box electronic companies. The kind of company that builds a huge 30,000 square foot store at each location. The kind of store that has a demonstration model of every single product they sell for hordes of customers to paw at and cover with their grime and germs.
  • With that, Julie ripped the top sheet of paper from the pad as a memory jog, and got up. Callahan watched her as she walked out of the room. He always tried to hire good-looking women to work at Tundra RX. It made the days interesting.
  • Another given, given that Porky is one of the most prodigiously phlegmatic people I've ever met is that he began the endless cycle of mucous sucking and swallowing, followed by throat clearing and grunting that is his expression of self-sufficiency. I have a brass spittoon, though it's no longer expected to function as such, that saw its first usage in sixty years when Porky started coming over to do work at the house. He didn't use it often, since he's such a firm believer, as far as mucous goes anyway, in recycling, but it's nice to know that the spittoon still works, just in case.
  • I was very much interested in this animal, and took a great deal of pains to tame her, though I never fully succeeded. Her nose, as I have said, was excellent; and though quite mute she could hunt very well, as I found by repeated trials when out rabbit shooting. She would never leave a hole, working at it with her feet and teeth until she got at the inmate. These qualities confirmed me in my opinion that a cross with the fox-hound would produce a good result. As an illustration of her keenness of smell, I may mention that one day when we were lying in the Tamar river, she winded some sheep on the bank, and was instantly overboard and after them, swimming so rapidly that she had reached the land, and, though herself only the size of a large dog-fox, had pulled down a fine ram before a party could get on shore to prevent her. When they landed, instead of trying to make her escape, she slunk into the boat. This freak of hers cost me five pounds.
  • "After he has authorized the beginning of todays work at the mint, he will verify the seal on the door of the customs house"—he pointed to the squat building adjoining their lodge—"and open it for today. All goods must be taxed and receive his chapp or seal before they can enter or leave India."
  • "Id like to be in Senghennydd by mid-June," Llywelyn said. "No foot soldier is going to want to leave his planted fields or herd animals, but I cant allow the work at Caerphilly to continue without a show of force."
  • "Im sorry sir we dont offer piano lessons here," I replied. "But I know someone who does. About three stores down theres a guy named Alfred who works at the World of Music, he might be able to help you"
  • Those who had not to work at the oars sat at first quietly on the thwarts, or leaned over the gunwale gazing into the deep, or up at the sky, enjoying the warm air and their own fancies. But after a time talkative spirits began to loose their tongues, and ere long a murmur of quiet conversation pervaded the ship.
  • Well, said Featherstone, with feeling, "you are doing us a service we can't repay. I frankly don't like the plan, because it can only work at your expense, but it will give us time and I can think of nothing else."
  • She selected a packet and opened it. The biscuit inside was too hard to chew. The point, she guessed, was to work at it slowly, and when she did, her hunger faded. It made her thirsty, though. The pump was not hard to find, set beside a stone sink with a drain. A row of tin cups hung on hooks on the wall. She helped herself to one. The water was cold and good.
  • What astonished me more than anything was that they would go on working at all--as if nothing had happened--when I split open one of their dwellings and many of the channels, which must have been normally in the dark--were now exposed to the light. This made me suspect that their vision was either missing altogether or was very defective.
  • The frizzy-haired kid stopped pushing and stood up straight. He scrolled away on his smart phone. "Hey guys. I just got a lead on Eleni. A friend of mine says he thinks she works at GreenStar."
  • Caradoc had climbed to the bridge of the Vulcan and stood staring silently at the bulk of the mother ship that was barely discernible through the night. The searchlight had been switched off. Neither ship showed a signal. From below came the muffled sounds of men working at the furnace, and in five or ten minutes a film of smoke trickled out of the Vulcan's great funnel.
  • After hanging the phone up, Coon took a closer look at the contact list in front of him. Interpol had put together a profile of all the staff that worked at the museum; highlighting those that they had a particular interest in working with.
  • Judy laughed bitterly. "Well, it's too late now, isn't it? I'm too old. Even if I wanted a job nobody would hire me. I could work at McDonald's, maybe."
  • Louie, Lulu and Pearl had been down a few times to inspect the tunnel operation. It was very impressive. It was beautifully constructed with the smooth clay lined walls pointed to look like bricks. The tunnel was lit with beeswax candles mounted at intervals along the walls. On entering the tunnel the beeswax candles could be seen extending into the distance to where the bulldog ants were working at the digging face.
  • David Pearce: It's the pinnacle of a career. It's taken me 15 years training to get to a stage where I can do this. The whole project has taken about 10 years from its inception to get to the stage where we're ready to go into the field. Everything's got such a long lead-in time. So its a bit like a space mission. You work at it for years and years and years, you get one shot at it and that either works or it doesnt work. And if it does work, the data you get, you can spend the rest of your career analysing it. If it doesnt work, youre back to the drawing board and starting work again. If it all comes off it'll be really exciting. I compare it to finding life on another planet.
  • Al's words, back at the hotel, kept ringing at her. Pete was a nice guy; she liked him. It wouldn't be fair to say that she had come to love him, for she'd deliberately kept herself from that while the prospect of the trip was there. They hadn't even been particularly close; they'd kissed a few times, and once or twice she'd even let him cop a feel of her clothed breast, but that was about all there had ever been. He was convenient; they lived in the same apartment building; he was down a couple floors. They'd met as she was carrying groceries in one day, and having problems with a torn sack, and they'd wound up having dinner, and going out occasionally since. He worked at Hadley-Monroe, a few miles south, an engineer, designing machinery. A couple of times he'd mentioned that he was working on a project to design a laser-controlled die cutter, but she wasn't sure what a die was and wasn't terribly clear about what a laser had to do with it. The whole thing seemed like Greek to her.
  • You see, the Grays, even as advanced as they are, are soulless. However, they are better acclimated to our climate and temperatures. After lots of experimentation, the Reptilians ultimately found that humans interact with Grays with more passivity. The average Reptilian adult is over seven feet tall, about four hundred pounds, and resembles, if you can imagine, a cross between a crocodile and a human. Very frightening to people. Whereas a Gray is about five feet, has cartoonishy enlarged eyes to help it work at night and avoid detection, all of which also makes it look very childlike. Few people run from Grays because they don't instill fear, but curiosity. Childlike is a huge advantage with abductions and interactions, but the Reptilians are clearly in control. Being reptilian has some inherent hibernation advantages for space travel and offers a certain cellular ruggedness that mammals lack. It only makes sense that intelligent reptilians would dominate in space."
  • Whist working at a car dealership, richard bumped into a high school friend.
  • When Mark said she Connor cracked an eye to look down at Marks expression, just to see him grinning up, waiting to see a reaction of his own. Mark is like your average size best friend and is also quite popular among the ladies, but hes never dated anyone seriously for some reason. Hes always getting good grades in every subject and in every class, like he has done this before. He could charm any lady, young or old. He has jet black spiky hair and practically liquid silver eyes. He lives by himself in an apartment, so he works at the local diner on the weekends to earn enough income to live. Apparently his parents died a long time ago and he really doesnt like talking about it so Connor leaves that particular subject alone. Marks said hes been an emancipated teen since he was thirteen which is hard to believe, but he has all the legal documents to prove his case.
  • It was a rather large room in the ship. The biggest room in a Martian ship was reserved for the food storage, preparation and testing and this was it. On one side of the room, you could see large boxes and bales and stacks of various foodstuffs. The central portion of the room was equally divided between the food testing and food preparation tables. Kerr had been working at one of the testing tables, going through a sample he'd gotten from Ringo. This was the sixth or seventh sample he'd obtained so far.
  • "I never said I was an innkeeper. And I dont work at an inn, its called a restaurant," Russ said, knowing it probably wouldnt make any difference to him.
  • In a few minutes, I had a string of the savages hold of the mast-rope, forward, a luff-tackle being applied. As everything was ready aloft, all we had to do was to pull, until, judging by the eye, I thought the spar was high enough, when I ran up the rigging and clapped in the fid. Having the top-mast out of the way, without touching any of its rigging, I went down on the fore-yard, and loosened the sail. This appeared so much like business, that the savages gave sundry exclamations of delight; and, by the time I got on deck, they were all ready to applaud me as a good fellow. Even Smudge was completely mystified; and when I set the others at work at the jeer-fall to sway up the fore-yard, he was as active as any of them. We soon had the yard in its place, and I went aloft to secure it, touching the braces first so as to fill the sail.
  • The men went to work at the pumps and worked by relays. Amidst the rush of the waves over the ship it was difficult to work advantageously, but they toiled on. Still, in spite of their efforts, the leak seemed to have increased, for the water did not lessen. With their utmost exertion they could do little more than hold their own.
  • The modeling work at apl goes back thirty years for the terrestrial thermosphere.
  • Im going to be late,’ Gwynne complained. He worked at the EasyHomes DIY Superstore in East Acton. He did the Sunday shift for the extra fifty pence per hour.
  • Since 1991 sarah and jim have worked at west dean gardens restoring the walled kitchen garden including 16 glasshouses and frames.
  • Upon hearing the words uttered by the mechanic who handled the men working at their battleplane, Tom and his chum exchanged meaning looks.
  • It will be mighty hard on his nerves, said he, "if he comes to know how he squatted and worked for days and weeks over that diabolical trap that opens downward. He's a strong man, but he's got enough on his nerves as it is. No, I won't tell him. He is going to do the handsome thing by us, and it would be mean for me to do the unhandsome thing by him. By George! I don't believe he could sleep for two or three nights if he knew what I know! No, sir! You just keep your mouth shut until we are safe and sound in some civilized spot, with the whole business settled, and Shirley and me discharged. Then I will tell the captain about it, so that nobody need ever trouble his mind about coming back to look for gold rings and royal mummies. If I don't get back before my watch is called, I'll brazen it out somehow. We've got to twist discipline a little when we are all hard at work at a job like this."
  • There was one active mind at work at that hour, however namely, that of Gorman who, after recovering from the blow given him by Dale, went to his own home on the banks of the Thames, in the unaristocratic locality of London Bridge.
  • I'd been walking for more than two weeks and hadn't seen any of my friends. I remembered the voice of that goblin, so familiar to me. The most unusual part of it was that a goblin led the Dark and Evil. Why would evil wizards allow a Goblin to lead them? Is he a real goblin or something else? The goblin's voice sounded like he just might be Mr. Greeley who used to work at the school.
  • I could have coped with getting into work at 7.00am, had it not involved being woken up by farming today.
  • The Baron grabbed the final dynamite as it fell, just out of Indy's grasp. He then faked left around Herstaff and charged towards the net for a slam dunk. Just in time Indy's bear smashed into the side of the Baron's, throwing him off balance in a mix of blood and fur. He dropped the dynamite and Indy swung down dangerously from the side of his bear and snatched it out of the air. Indy's plan had not worked at all, so he had to think fast, looking down the court he saw Harvey, un-marked, two thirds of the way towards the opposite net.
  • He had taken four ibuprofen, washing them down with half the bottle of water. It had been a struggle, but he managed to keep them down. He had set the rest of the packet on the futon next to Liza on his way to the bathroom, where he had taken a long shower and dressed for work. He was impressed that he had made it in to work at all, but of course, Rose wouldnt see it that way.
  • In the first boat the captain went ashore. He considered it wise to land the treasure as fast as it could be taken out of the hold, for no one could know at what time, whether on account of wind from shore or waves from the sea, the vessel might slip out into deep water. This was a slower method than if everybody had worked at getting the gold on deck, and then everybody had worked at getting it ashore, but it was a safer plan than the other, for if an accident should occur, if the brig should be driven off the sand, they would have whatever they had already landed. As this thought passed through the mind of the captain, he could not help a dismal smile.
  • Robinson set to work at once to make a door for his bower out of the pine wood cast up by the waves. How easy the work proceeded with saws, hammers, augers, squares, planes, nails, hinges, and screws! With the wagon too, Friday could now gather his corn quickly and easily, or haul in a great quantity of grapes to dry for raisins.
  • Family life in this model home went forward without a jar. Thorwald and Zenith exhibited not the least sign of restraint before us, so that what we saw from day to day we were sure was their natural and usual behavior. They never worked at cross purposes, were never impatient nor forgetful of each other, but without effort, apparently, to avoid friction, they always did what was best pleasing to themselves, and at the same time what was just suited to each other. This happy state of affairs did not come from a division of labor, by which Zenith should have nothing to do with outside matters and Thorwald nothing to say about how things should go in the house, but it seemed to proceed from their innate love of harmony, their perfect compatibility, and their practical equality. The doctor and I saw there was something here far different from anything existing in the conjugal relation on the earth, but we could not decide just what it was. The doctor was strongly of the opinion, however, that it arose in some way from the higher condition of woman.
  • Mama worked at the big house, at the rancho. She walked there, early every morning, out the compound, down the road, and through the gardens to the hacienda. This morning there was a lift to her step she could not explain. Her son was home, afflicted with a terrible curse, yet the cool of the morning and the sounds of birds greeting the breaking day filled her with elation. She felt good.
  • Daphne, exhausted, fell back against her couch, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. It was latewell past 2 a.m., the usual time she got off work at the pub. She had spent the rest of her shift, nearly three hours, helping the pubs owners clean up the huge mess and assessing the extensive damage from the earthquake, and the smaller aftershock that occurred soon after. The police had come shortly after the first shaker and demanded the bar close; looters, they claimed, was the reason. Daphne pushed the rest of the bars stodgiest, drunkest patronsMidge, Bud, and Skeeter were the last to go and the drunkest of the drunkestout into the night before joining her bosses in their duties, afraid for her cockatiel, Jade, who was waiting for her at home, hoping she and her few meager possessions were all right.
  • Well, Governor, said Jack, "I was brought up a blacksmith; and I've worked at carpentering, and printing too; and I've edited a newspaper; but--"
  • I was at that bloody park all week, thats what. On the Monday, on the Tuesday, the Wednesday, and the Thursday. From twelve to nearly half-past. I was supposed to be back at work at twelve-thirty, for Gods sake. So on the Friday I took a sickie, and had the whole day off. I was going to hang around that blasted park all day, if I had to. And you turned up at one.’
  • Misha tucked his arms around the woman, answered in Russian. "Fuck you," he said to the foreign Armenian. The woman's moaning increased, slid a tone up the scale. He felt bad to use such language before a woman... but. Slobber ran from her mouth. Misha wiped there with his glove, worked at getting her to close it. She was going to catch pneumonia.
  • Books didn't relax, but his voice returned to a less agitated register. "The enforcers do whatever Hollowcrest wants. My son, Enis, was only fourteen. He was so excited to earn a summer job working at the newspaper. He wanted to prove he could do more than run the presses. He set out to find stories, but he was...a little too good at investigating." Books sighed and looked over her head, eyes distant. "He saw Hollowcrest and his flunkies murder a Nurian diplomat. He ran back to me at work, but they'd seen him, and I didn't get him to safety in time. It's all my fault. If I'd believed him right away..." Books drained the rest of the bottle. "The enforcers cut him down in the courtyard below my office window. I screamed, and they saw me. I should have just stayed there, let them finish me. What was left after that? My wife left years ago." He picked at a thread on the chair arm. "But, coward that I am, I ran."
  • Liseli didnt follow, instead gritted her teeth and walked over to a prone Ricallyn woman. No sense in wasting time standing around waiting. She couldnt carry the corpse herself but she could at least work at pushing and pulling it closer to the door. She glanced over at a watchful dog and shuddered, shaking her head as she bent to touch what had once been a woman. If only the dogs would just go away, fade into the shadows, now that they werent needed. Instead they seemed to grin as they watched her tend to their kill. She supposed she should be thankful they werent trying to feast on the bodies. That, she didnt think she could take.
  • Like most days between 6:30 and maybe 7:20 it got pretty slow. People who had to be at work at saner hours were not out yet. I was lucky to have this lull. It was the only way I was ever able to key in all the accounting crap on the store computer.
  • "The King is not some impractical holy man, though," Roland said, "with his eyes fixed on the next world. He works at being King the way a master mason works at planning and building castles and cathedrals. In planning this war he has moved slowly and carefully, and his preparations have been as complete as he could make them. He does not want to shed blood unnecessarily. He does not hate Islam. He only wants Jerusalem, because to us it is a holy city. If you could strike a bargain with him, you could trust him to keep faith with you forever."
  • Katie made beautifully intricate costume jewelry. The kind of stuff you see at the better craft fairs. When she had worked at a bank the year before, customers and co-workers were constantly nagging her to make something for them.
  • I got a breather from it when Shelly took another customer. Some old guy who couldnt get his credit card to work at the pump.
  • Instantly the rescuer's Camp Fire training in the reviving of a person from a faint stimulated in her a sort of professional interest in the task before her, and she started forward to begin work at once. First she must loosen her patient's clothing to make it as easy as possible for her to breathe. Then she must get her in a supine position with her head slightly lower than any other part of her body in order that the brain might get a plentiful supply of blood.
  • It was not yet supper-time, but it was almost dark enough to light the lamps. Jack felt better satisfied about his appearance when he found how dark and shadowy the parlor was; and he felt still better when he saw his father dressed as if he were going over to work at the forge, all but the leather apron.
  • How anti-clutter was created was by a chance incident. Noodles was working at JPL late one night, without much success, sitting wearily on a couch. He rummaged through the waste paper basket thinking he may have missed a promising formula or calculation. Among dozens of pizza dockets, he found nothing. In a fit of temper, he hurled the waste paper basket across the laboratory and hit the balustrade surrounding the "nuclear pit" where fissionable material was being made. The basket teetered over the railing and toppled down into the pool of heavy green water. A blinding flash almost shocked Noodles out of his shell. After he recovered, he shuffled over to see what happened. The water had disappeared. At the bottom of the tank was a glowing, fistful of material which Botzi instantly recognised as the new fuel. It came from discarded waste -this was anti-clutter.
  • Loosening her scarf, Marthe draped it over her shoulders. Frank had also moved out, was living on the south side, a good twenty minutes by bus. When not busy with class, Marthe made that journey, finding him either sacked out in bed or on the rare day at his job. He worked at an Italian restaurant, his arms a swirled pattern of burn marks from the pizza oven. She had noticed those scars masking others, ones that truly frightened her, his needle tracks more visible over the last year. Marthe had scolded in jest, her fears cloaked in medically appropriate warnings. He needed to use clean needles to stay clear of hepatitis B, but Frank had only laughed, then kissed her, rolling from his single bed in a dank room smelling of urine. Marthe was the only Souza to brave that seedy, drug-infested neighborhood, Rick and Lynn not stepping foot on those streets, only Jan sometimes accompanying Marthe on those missions. Mercy missions Jan would sniff, yet, Marthe was undaunted. She didnt go there at night, only during the day, trying to reach into that brother, one of two younger than her.
  • Satisfied with this, the carpenter set to work at the end of one of the joists, using a sharp axe so deftly that the great wedge-like chips began to fly, and in a minute's time he had cut right through.
  • My work at the hacienda done, I rode as far as the place of Fray Felipe, there to spend the night in quiet. But as we were about to retire, there came a thundering noise at the door, and this Sergeant Gonzales and a troop of soldiers entered. It appears that they had been chasing the highwayman called Senor Zorro, and had lost him in the darkness!
  • "Yes," Mom said, taking a plastic container from Alice and looking at it suspiciously. "That's right. Weren't you working at a candy store when Rick met you?" She was happy that he made Alice stop working when they got married.
  • Mentally, I snatched for dust motes in the air for a response to her observation, ensuring that my hood still cloaked my face. "I was visiting my cousin you see, she works at the palace. In Vizira, for Emira Quenela. Very fine. How do you know of this inn?" I inquired, desperate to change the subject.
  • Roy explained, "Nothing, really. It's just that he works at Stanley Hardware. Or he worked there, I guess, for the murder victim."
  • They took the prereqistite offramps and turns to get to Leanne and Jack's place. Leanne and Jack were from Spokane but moved to Seattle where Jack could find work doing enginerring for local bands. Leanne worked at a secondhand dress shop. They had met up with Eric's cadre during a camping trip on Orcas Island. From there out, they all kept in touch and occasionally visited each other as the schedules allowed.
  • You could find yourself working at a busy military aerodrome, either in the uk or overseas.
  • The dozen, working at speed, constructed a boom of logs shackled end to end. This they strung slantwise across the stream. One end was moored to the lower side of the backwater's inlet; the other to the opposite bank upstream. Thus logs coming down were deflected to the backwater. Six men with pike poles manned the boom, walking to and fro on the precarious footing, shoving the logs, as they came down, toward the slough. The others saw them safe inside. Dave Cottrell sat in midstream in the peakie, a rifle across his knees, watching either bank.
  • No; it is Abyssinia, replied the captain. "It is a country containing 200,000 square miles, nearly three-fourths of the size of Texas. It consists of tableland about 7,000 feet high, and there are peaks within its borders 15,000 feet high. It has a lake sixty miles long, and you have been told something about its rivers in connection with the sources of the Nile. It is rich in minerals, but the mines are hardly worked at all.
  • While he was speaking the Ariel had risen from the ground, and was hanging a few hundred feet above the little plateau. He gave the signal for the wheels to be lowered, and the propellers to set to work at half-speed. Then he pulled the lever which moved the air-planes, and the vessel sped away forwards and upwards at about sixty miles an hour.
  • Kass had the same natural instinct for flight as I, and it's taken years of practice to overwhelm the instinct. We still work at it.
  • "Dunn, I can appreciate your loyalty to those who paid for your school, but arranging my death?" Sespian eased the dagger out of the sheath. "It's...not a very nice thing to do. I liked you too. I thought I could trust you. Surely, you could have had everything you ever wanted working at my side."
  • That officer had brought to Cambridge from New Haven a company of which he was the captain, and upon arriving there at once reported to the Massachusetts Committee of Safety that it would be possible, before the forts had been reinforced, to seize the works at Ticonderoga and Crown Point with a comparatively small body of men.
  • CHAPTER FIFTY-EIGHTIsabel spent her summer working at a local church summer camp. She was a volunteer and was only paid with"god's thanks." The summer had moved by quickly. Much too fast for a 17 year-old girl who's boyfriend was leaving to go to college. Pete and Isabel had a great summer, but Pete was leaving for school the following morning. She was amazed that the pressure of carrying a basketball program, moving to a new place, and doing all that schoolwork, hadn't even seemed to bother him. He couldn't be that confident. He had to have reservations and doubts.
  • David works at getting the strap tied in a bow. When its finally done Jim says, ‘So youre off to Graylands, Amy. To sort out the loony buggers.’
  • "I did. It seemed like everyone in my life hated me. Mikes talking to me again, and that helps. I think I hit some kind of breaking point. My stress level was so high, and in an instant it went down to nothing. Something made me stop caring. So I work at a crappy retail store. So I might get fired from that crappy retail store. It all seems so trivial now. I just decided that whatever happens, happens."
  • He lunched hurriedly at a bar, resumed his stroll and suddenly stopped, petrified, astounded and confused. He was walking under the gateway of the very house in the Rue de Surne to which Lupin had enticed him a few hours earlier! A force stronger than his own will was drawing him there once more. The solution of the problem lay there. There and there alone were all the elements of the truth. Do and say what he would, Lupin's assertions were so precise, his calculations so accurate, that, worried to the innermost recesses of his being by so prodigious a display of perspicacity, he could not do other than take up the work at the point where his enemy had left it.
  • Things werent going to be quite the same as before. Louie and Lulu had discussed it and agreed that Lulu would work at the Factory two days a week. On these days Rose would take care of Tiger and Lily.
  • "Okay thats a hilarious vision, but no. Id get to work at Sunridge full time. Youd be safe at the Vaydem School so I wouldnt have to attend with you. Of course, Id have to enroll you and Id still be providing all your transportation. During the school day, youd be on your own," Tray repliedfurther tempting me.
  • We began meeting before class to get stoned in the Gardens. She replaced Steven, who was hard at work at a summer camp for young adults with mental disabilities. We became good friends and began spending most of our days together. She was a sweet girl and could be quite amusing, even more so when we were stoned.
  • "After graduating from Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Gallo discovered that he couldn't bear to be around sick people, and found his niche instead in the research lab, going to work at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland...."
  • Josh had left Melly and not returned. Josh was a fool, a crazy fool. Josh had everything a man could want: a fine house, work at the mill and a pretty wife, a very pretty wife. Why would he give it all up? Why would he leave Melly? Somebody would be sure to come courtin' before long. Somebody, for sure.
  • The knife was in her back pocket. She watched the boy's silhouette work at the fastener of his trousers, while she stole a hand behind her and slowly, slowly took out the knife. She let herself make silent choking dazed sounds.
  • Then they went down the cave, and as silently as possible began to work at the wall, destroying in a few minutes what had been built up with so much labour. When it was nearly down the Zulus were told that there was an enemy outside, and that they must help to catch him if necessary, but were not to harm him. They assented gladly enough; indeed, to get out of that cave they would have faced half a dozen enemies.
  • No, was the reply. "There are two chief commercial varieties, of different species, one larva having a hook on the shell, so that it can attach to fins or tail, the other being smaller and without hooks and making its way into the gills. But you'll go into all that when you get to Fairport, and even after you have worked at mussels all summer there will be a lot of problems you won't have touched. Don't forget now, the fifteenth."
  • Jack replied, "A friend of mine makes these. He works at a garden center so he can get all the ingredients he needs. They're pretty strong stuff." In short moments, everyone present had taken one. They drank rum-cokes and talked as they waited for the acid to take effect.
  • "I-- I do volunteer work at the hospital, eh. Every month, they close off another room here or there-- then the odd ward. Nurses quit and are not replaced. Every one's cutting back, laying off. You can't get a decent job, can't get into a good school. I don't know where it's going to end. It scares me to just think of it.
  • They have 2 sons: anthony, who is carrying on the trade as a qualified saddler and tim who works at tate britain.
  • As soon as the work was finished the party moved on into the next street, there to repeat the operations. As parties of sailors were at work at a score of other places the operations proceeded rapidly, and by nightfall the workers had the satisfaction of knowing that the fire was completely cut off, and that there was no chance of its spreading farther. Four other outbreaks had occurred in the course of the day. In two cases the sailors arrived upon the spot before the incendiaries had made their escape. One man was shot, and four taken before the Egyptian magistrate who had been appointed to try cases, and they were, after their guilt had been fully proved, sentenced to death and summarily hanged.
  • Raveche, who previously worked at London-based Barclays Plc (BARC) and Tokyo-based Nomura Holdings Inc. (8604), didnt respond to messages seeking comment, nor did Silver.
  • Barr's active mind was at work at once planning schemes to get the ivory off immediately. Accustomed to crises of all kinds, the recent scene with the man Davis hadn't even warmed his chilly blood.
  • It was a decent challenge, but the more I worked at it, the more I could feel my energy expand. I began to be able to feel the edges of it. It took a while to stop the heat. The rock I practiced on glowed red at first, but in the end I was able to leave it cool as I blew fire from my palms over it.
  • Do you think I would continue to work at Riverview if I had a choice? Not at all. That job is a means to an end. As soon as I have enough money saved up, Ill leave Riverview and enrol at the university.’
  • Terahertz radiation using tabletop sources, complementing 4gls work at daresbury.
  • "Are you working tomorrow, Brad? If you aren't I'll take the car in the morning. I'm going to work at least half a day, if not all day."
  • A little over an hour later, I watched the plant superintendent's truck pull up out in front of the diner. He'd called earlier to see if I had sometime to talk with him about the developing situation over at the plant in Justice City. I'd said sure, halfway glad for something to turn my attention away from worrying about when the Judge would get back to us. The plant superintendent did not indicate one way or the other relating to whether or not the ESOP idea was a possibility. I'd also gone over in my mind what additional services I might be asked to provide, anticipating they might be looking for more help. I really couldn't come up with a thing, apart from going to work at the plant in some engineering capacity. But that idea made little sense as I'd intentionally avoided keeping up-to-date with industry innovations. I lagged twenty years behind regarding the new technology as well as production processes. So we'll just have to wait and see, I said to myself as the plant superintendent exited his truck to come inside.
  • It's exactly like some of Link's underhanded work at Oak Hall, was Roger's comment. "Father and son must be very much alike."
  • This keel was finally finished, and by that time all along underneath we had burned and dug away a foot in depth of the wood, which meant that after the log--which was about three feet in diameter--was squared off to form the open top of the hull, the inside hollowing-out was only three or four inches deep, and we had still to dig it out fully eighteen inches more. Altogether I began to feel no little amount of pride in the general appearance and promise of the craft, hence I worked at it with feverish impetuosity.
  • Training for work at height may involve physical exertion in conditions of exposure to height.
  • "Then you will need to sacrifice something else. It could be an animal, but thats a little less reliable since you are trying to keep out Elders. It might not work at all for a Lycan that is the same breeding as the animal you sacrifice."
  • Sarah had just started to see a guy she met near the end of the summer. At 26, she had had her share of relationships, although none had lasted more than six months. After high school, she had a few scholarship offers but decided to attend Cortland State University on what amounted to a half-scholarshipthe Division III school could not offer formal scholarships so it gave its students creative jobs to defray the costs. Sarah wound up working at the gym, which paid for more than half of her education, and her parents picked up the remainder of the small tab for this cost-conscious, in-state school.
  • In the meantime, Melody hasnt noticed that a new mathematics teacher is working at her middle school: a large man, with graying hair, intense green eyes, devilish eyebrows, and a close-cropped beard over a strong chin.
  • The savages came frequently around the encampment at night, barking like dogs and howling like wolves. They did not venture upon any attack. Upon one occasion, however, a few men were at work at a little distance from the encampment, when they saw a large band of savages approaching. The workmen fled to the fort, leaving all their tools behind them. The savages gathered them up and retired. It was not safe to wander far for game. But fish was taken in great abundance from the bay.
  • Orlando D. Epps, 38, started working at the Census Bureau through a work-study program while a senior in high school. Upon his graduation in 1992, the bureau hired him full-time in an administrative job at the lowest pay grade on the federal scale, GS-1. "I kept time cards, and I typed memos," he said.
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