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work at
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Okunuşu: / wəːk at / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work at
Ekler: works at/worked at/work·ing at


çalışmak, çabalamak.

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  • I didn't know. I kissed him again. He smiled, turned to the last bit of work at hand, let down the top bunk and unfolded the mattress and duvet.
  • We are looking for an experienced cashier to work at a very well established, large retail outlet.
  • Janes brother Derek is a bank teller. Hes now working at a branch in St Georges Terrace, in Perth, and Jane knows this is where all the big banking and financial people congregate. Derek has tried to point out that his branch is right down at the unfashionable end, and that hes only a teller, but Jane doesnt care. Hes on the way up, and thats what counts. Derek says she should train to be a bank teller too, because its the most secure job there is. There have been times when they watched their dad, whos a manager in a stevedoring company, hanging on to his job by his fingernails. In stevedoring everything depends on the vagaries of the shipping business. Derek is determined never to be in that position himself.
  • The little submarine flew into the great new waterway, and hesitated no more than the brave hearts guiding its course. Its powerful searchlight illuminated the Canal from side to side, and they were able to get an idea of the immensity of the completed enterprise. Mile after mile, the smooth concrete wall slipped away back of them, thick, ponderous, designed to last as long as civilization lasted, and perhaps longer. As Bert gazed, his heart thrilled with a great pride at what his country had accomplished, and this feeling was succeeded by a fierce hatred of those who were plotting to set the great work at naught.
  • The Kramers met when Mindys last name was Orenstein and she was an aerobics instructor working at a health club. At the same club, Zack could often be seen parading around in a tank top and a skimpy pair of spandex shorts. Frankly, if I wore spandex my "central situation" would lack the necessary support to maintain any sense of decency.
  • A minute later another white man, whom to his amazement the paymaster recognized as his long lost "Tummas," was dragged and pushed through the throng. In his hands he bore several pots of paint and a number of rude brushes. Now he was ordered to begin work at once on his former master and decorate him in the highest style of savage art.
  • If father could afford it, couldn't I learn to do something more interesting? What do girls work at whose fathers can afford to let them learn how to work?
  • Dick found, a short time after, that the news had been carried to the works at the drain, where Mr Marston was busy; and no sooner did that gentleman hear of the state of affairs than he hurried over to offer his sympathy to Mrs Winthorpe and Dick.
  • Hey Flo, I'm telling you I'll be late if I can't get out this door in the next three minutes, complained one of the young guys who drove daily to the county seat to the east to spend the day working at the plant manufacturing rear attachments for tractors.
  • Others, like Philip, who gave Kell an icy stare, just like Louis and Aurora shared. Kell only smiled. That bastard wasnt sociable because Kell was a published novelist. Jans boyfriend wrote poetry, always bragging how his latest piece was going to be in this or that anthology, yet Kell possessed an agent, had just sold the film rights to 1955 Rainbow Chessboard. Only pocket money; he still worked at the restaurant, also part time at a bookstore to keep his hand in the industry, what he told people. Really it was to pay the rent, but now with a savings account, he might have a girlfriend to go with it.
  • By then, Slaine was giving fuller reports, thick with information both relevant and gossipy. He was working hard to draw people out and mentioned a trader nicknamed "Shakes," who worked at Schottenfeld.
  • There came a clanging of grapnels on the rail over the crouching defenders. Madden flung down the one nearest him, but others came flying through the air to take its place. The prostrate men worked busily dislodging the flukes. The fusillade from below prevented their getting on their knees, and they were forced to lie on their backs as they worked at the hooks. It seemed some sort of queer game: the attackers flinging up scaling irons, the defenders flipping them down. Madden had dislodged two or three, when Mulcher cried out for help.
  • Falk went home that night withrdrawn and sombre but still he did not lay his burdens upon Belessa and Aldwyn for they had enough to bear of their own. That day working at the local stores was the last day Falk would work in the village.
  • As he talked Carthoris had been working at the lock which held my fetters, and now, with an exclamation of pleasure, he dropped the end of the chain to the floor, and I stood up once more, freed from the galling irons I had chafed in for almost a year.
  • The boy spent the majority of his childhood outdoors with his grandfather and his parents didnt see much of their rapidly developing son. They only got together at mealtimes. It was not only Michel and Jeans fault they saw so little of each other; Jacques worked at the notarys practice all day and Reyniere, besides running the household, had her hands full with the youngest children. Seven-year-old Antoine was a particularly challenging case, because he always exhibited recalcitrant behavior. For the rest, Michel got along well with his little brothers, but play with them? No, there was little chance of that.
  • As he sat musing his eye fell upon the axe, and he started up and seized it as if suddenly reminded of some forgotten urgent duty. He fell to work at the big tree again, and laboured doggedly till nightfall. Inexperienced as he was, he brought observation and intelligence to the task, and knew already the kind of stroke which told most with the least expenditure of effort. When he could see no longer, he leaned gasping on the axe, and gave a grim nod of the head. 'I shall have you down.'
  • Weakness flooded him. Its been too much. My body cant take it. He used his Nippo to contact the closest agent in the vicinity, Edward Brown, 116, who was working at a Mediterranean port on one of the tiny democracys most vital secrets, the conversion of salt water into taffy. Browns helicopter ferried the emaciated Bond to the factory and an anxious M.
  • "There was the hay from the Marshes to be sold, and the wood, too," answered the little man. "But," he went on, "I could not make much out of the wood, and I was too old to learn, so I gave it up, and went into Winnipeg to work at my trade. And, indeed," he added cheerfully, "I made very good wages of it."
  • He took in the scene without a word and set to work at Virginia's shackles. They were off in the space of thirty minutes, and he held the iron chains up with disdain.
  • As soon as the work was finished the party moved on into the next street, there to repeat the operations. As parties of sailors were at work at a score of other places the operations proceeded rapidly, and by nightfall the workers had the satisfaction of knowing that the fire was completely cut off, and that there was no chance of its spreading farther. Four other outbreaks had occurred in the course of the day. In two cases the sailors arrived upon the spot before the incendiaries had made their escape. One man was shot, and four taken before the Egyptian magistrate who had been appointed to try cases, and they were, after their guilt had been fully proved, sentenced to death and summarily hanged.
  • She spent the first few months wandering around Europe, surviving on the money she had accrued working at a local lederhosen shop, which specialized in women's suggestive undergarments. There was also an XXX-rated sex shop in the dark recesses of the store, where men and women of all ages basically 'got jiggy with it.'
  • Indeed, if an untrained and inexperienced, common, ordinary, and blind man was to go to Europe and in all the factories there to work at all the trades and crafts in perfect and masterly fashion, and if he was to display a wise and artistic skill to such a degree that it left everyone speechless with amazement, anyone with a grain of consciousness would know that the man was not acting on his own initiative, but that a master of all trades was teaching him and causing him to work.
  • Stephen left behind quarrelling parents, a married sister, a younger brother, two girlfriends named Joanne and Mimi, and a friend in the Bronx. The jungle was a switch in territory for him. Up to now he had done most of his surveying work on Arctic islands and on the Scottish coast. He had done undergraduate work at the University of Buffalo and graduate work at the University of Chicago. From Buffalo and Chicago it was a natural hop to the Arctic circle and the furthest-most tip of Scotland.
  • I do not want any thanks, Smith, for a service that has cost me nothing. Now you are to go straight to Sergeant Edmonds. I have sent him a note already, and he is to set the tailors at work at once to rig you out in the karkee uniform. We cannot get you the helmet they are fitted out with. But no doubt they have got a spare one or two; probably they will let you have the helmet of the man whose place you are to take. You will be in orders to-morrow morning, and I have asked Edmonds to get your things all finished by that time. Come in and say good-bye before you start in the morning.
  • Embassywo exchanged diplomatic representation recently, sending envoys to work at new interest sections at the algerian embassies in both capitals.
  • The colonists, not having any pressing work out of doors, profited by the bad weather to work at the interior of Granite House, the arrangement of which was becoming more complete from day to day. The engineer made a turninglathe, with which he turned several articles both for the toilet and the kitchen, particularly buttons, the want of which was greatly felt. A gunrack had been made for the firearms, which were kept with extreme care, and neither tables nor cupboards were left incomplete. They sawed, they planed, they filed, they turned: and during the whole of this bad season, nothing was heard but the grinding of tools or the humming of the turninglathe which responded to the growling of the thunder.
  • Monsieur, said the baron to the duke, "all the servants of his majesty must approve of the latest intelligence which we have from the Island of Elba. Bonaparte"--M. Dandre looked at Louis XVIII., who, employed in writing a note, did not even raise his head. "Bonaparte," continued the baron, "is mortally wearied, and passes whole days in watching his miners at work at Porto-Longone."
  • Paine sat flabbergasted across two chairs, sweating dangerously with not-just-mild fear, whilst lab techs milled around uncertainly, looking at Tao for orders. Tao paced the length of the room, massaging his temples to concentrate harder, which didn't work at all as he pressed too hard and hurt his temples. Then Tao broke the fragile silence. "How do we cover this up?"
  • After much persuasion, Todd began working at Subway with Edgar as he concurrently began his latest opus: a triumphant rap song about their journey to Wichita, their trials and tribulations, the lessons learned by the pair, and the hot chicks theyd scored with. Originally conceived as a four minute long rap song with a chorus predominantly featuring the word "magnificent" that Todd announced would take "at least a week to write", Todd continued to work on the song long after he was fired from Subway a scant two weeks later. Management did not appreciate his creative promotional tool called "Big Free Freestyling with Twelve Inches", especially after many customers switched to only buying the six inch subs so that they would not be inundated by Todds improvised rap verses after theyd ordered.
  • Spring and Skye stepped from Summers room. Theyd been lying on the big bed, talking of rutabagas and other vegetables. "Im hungry. John gets off work at six, but yeah, lets have some grub now."
  • Almost a block ahead of Graice, three men emerged onto the street from one such establishment. In this case, the word 'emerged' connoted an action somewhere midway between 'staggering' and 'falling down flat.' Having narrowly succeeded in completing the journey from tavern to street, they paused to steady themselves before attempting further effort. As Graice approached, she saw that they were stevedores since they wore the belts and leather straps of their guild, but obviously they had not spent the day working at the dockyard. All were big burly men of substantial size. Undoubtedly they had strong muscles hidden somewhere, otherwise they could not have worked as stevedores, but they also had bulging bellies through which much beer had passed during their lifetimes. Their clothes were ripped and torn in a few places but would have been reasonably presentable had only they been clean. Chances that the garments would ever be even remotely presentable seemed slight.
  • Well, thats what weve got to decide. Jills the obvious choice, but then who takes the kids to school? Ken has to be at work at eight.’
  • Proudly Piang swung along at the head of the column, guiding them to his recent platform home. Camp was pitched on the shore, and the engineers commenced work at once. The boy impatiently waited for the divers to fix their cumbersome suits, and when all was ready, he plunged into the water and disappeared from view. The grotesque figures floating down with him made Piang want to laugh. They looked like huge devil-fish, and he wondered how they could stand the clumsy dress. After he had led the men to the boat he came to the top and swam with eyes down. If there were more boats, he wanted to find them first. The men on the bank were watching his agile movements with interest. With a shout he disappeared again. Yes, yes, there was a second boat. And as he circled the sunken craft he spied another near it. Striking out for the shore, he swam to where the general and the lieutenant were waiting.
  • I've been pretty lucky since I escaped, narrated Dave. "I went away and got work at a factory just outside a little town. One winter day, when a lot of us were nooning, an empty palace car swung from a switching train into a ditch. It caught fire. There was no water near, and a good twenty thousand dollars was burning up, when I led the fellows to the car. We snowballed it till we put out the flames. That was my start in life. What do you think? About two weeks later an agent of the railroad came around.
  • Noodles knew he was back in the game. "I invented the reactor when I was working at JPL. We knew it had been stolen and we were about to go looking for it. Then you rang with an offer we couldn't refuse, about the four missing Gnomes. We took your job instead, but unfortunately, we started a little late."
  • Maggie thought back to the early days with Thomas Hartwell on the way home. It had been a difficult transition from the death of Gabriel and her miscarriage to life as a fully-functioning woman again. She had thrown herself into work at a bank during the four years between men.
  • As a boy, john clarke started work at the mill by feeding the livestock going on to become master baker.
  • Then to an engineer officer he described the position of the old and newly-erected works at Cairo, saying that the latter were intended solely to overawe the town, and that some of them were open works in the rear, although no doubt they would be much strengthened, and some of the guns turned outward, as soon as news was received of the landing of the British army. He pointed out that many of the guns must, however, be retained in their present position, in case the population should rise as soon as the army approached, and that the guns were in most cases small, as the French had brought no battering-train with them.
  • "That's how I met him, I did. He was running away to the Western Skies. See, one day, I was working at the Leaping Pony when I hear this loud thud outside, like something fell out of the sky. I walk outside and sure enoughthere's a dragon on the hilltop. Can you imagine such a thing? A dragon! This dragon seems perfectly exhausted, so I nurture him as best I can, and feed him all the food I've got in my storage rooms. Soon enough, Coriath's feeling better and he flies back to the Palace."
  • No disease in the world is more deadly and virulent. It strikes down its victims swiftly and without warning. Even as the men worked at the quarry, Max observed one who took himself a little distance from his fellows, and sat down upon a rock as though he were in pain.
  • That's right, Jack, the captain said as the lad mounted to the poop; "nothing like getting into harness in good time. We only took possession of the barque yesterday, and have put the hands to work this morning. I thought you had better come to work at once, because there is nothing like learning things from the beginning; and if you keep your eyes open you will learn as much as to the way things should be done as you would do in six months afloat. Mr. Timmins, this is Jack Robson, who sails with us as a midshipman. He is the lad I told you of who aided in saving all our lives on board the Petrel. If it had not been for him and the two men with him the house of Godstone
  • Having been told to come in on hearing it, they left work at once, ran to the pump, washed themselves, and appeared in the dining room looking hot, but bright and jovial, for nothing brightens the human countenance so much, (by gladdening the heart), as the consciousness of having performed duty well.
  • "Casey over there wants to work at store 58, in Pebbleton. So were moving her to 58. Jolene wants to manage store 20."
  • It was then that Anna confided to me a trouble of which she had kept the knowledge secret, fearing it might vex me, to the neglect of my work at Amsterdam. I had become so absorbed in my love for her, that I had given no thought to the question of others paying their court. Yet that such should be the case was but natural. Anna was young, beautiful, and wealthy, the only child of a proud noble, so that when Count Hendrick Luitken proposed for her, Anna's father regarded his suit with approval, and recommended him to his daughter's good graces. But Anna, whose heart was wholly mine, had evaded the Count's attentions, although she dared not openly reject him, lest the clandestine love we bore each other might become known by reason of too close questioning, so she had been compelled to play the part of a wilful maid who did not know her own mind, and could not be made to see how advantageous the alliance proposed for her would be.
  • Humphries did nothing but ignore this last statement. "She worked at the library and I checked it out trying to score points with her. She got Polio back when it was a deadly disease. Kept trying to marry her, but she said she didnt want to get married if she couldnt dance at the wedding. Salk cured the disease two years later."
  • His friends approval meant everything to Longsword. He hurried after Delamere. "Listen, Richard," he said earnestly, "the mangonel will work, not as effectively, but it will still work at a greater distance. Its a trick I heard of once. We just load the sling with smaller missiles and fewer of them. So its lighter. The force of the release is the same but the sling will shoot farther because there isnt much weight in it."
  • Robinson worked at enlarging his shelter a little every day. He was sorely at loss to find something in which to carry the dirt away from the entrance, or enough so that it would not choke up the opening. A large clam shell was all he could think of at present. He would carry the dirt to the entrance and some distance away, and then throw it. Fortunately the ground sloped away rapidly, so that he needed a kind of platform before his door.
  • I nodded. I wasn't entirely certain my vocal cords could work at the moment. I hoped he understood what I meant, because explaining it was pretty much out of the question. I felt one hand reach up and cup my cheek, while the other traced the tattoo on my limp wrist.
  • Iska began work at once, assisting the dozen Healers who had hurried from Gaharn to join the Healers already present. Emla insisted the Healers who had travelled with the wounded go immediately to restthey were swaying on their feet with fatigue. Despite their protests, she told them not to try to use their Powers until a full days rest had restored them.
  • I had almost finished year one of my two-year associate degree in nursing. Once my studies were complete, my goal was to work at the Seattle Childrens Hospital. The idea of not ever being able to have my own children was like a sore that never healed. The pain was with me every minute of every day. I still hadnt had my period since the whole wolf thing had taken over my life. Working with children was the only thing which would help heal me over time.
  • The officer looked from Bryan to Liz, frowned, grunted and pulled out a small plastic box, removed a slim metal pick and began working at the lock. In a minute he swung the door open and walked inside. Bryan and Liz followed. The room smelled musty. The officer called, "Mrs. Parkins? Mrs. Parkins?" There was no answer. He walked to the window and pushed the heavy drapes aside. The room brightened and they looked around.
  • As the novel opens he is working at a big ranch cleaning out a stable. Another man is beaten nearly to death right in front of him by the owner of the ranch. The owner wants to hire him more permanently and will not take no for an answer.
  • Captain Barrington and Captain Hazzard, after viewing the landing place and its surroundings, decided that a better spot could hardly be found, and the men were set to work at once marking out a site for the portable hut, which was to form the main eating and dwelling place, and the smaller structure in which the officers of the expedition were to make their homes.
  • I shall have to quit school, and go to work at something or other. My mother will never be able to meet expenses, even in the quiet way we live, now that part of her little income is cut off. A few hundred dollars a year means a lot to us, you see.
  • Now Monson was thoroughly confused. He did not understand what was so funny about working at Coren for twenty-five years. He also could not help but feel amazed. Mr. Gatt did not look that old. His hair threw you off, but up close his face boasted late thirties at the most.
  • By early afternoon I felt worn out. Not from the hard work at the diner, but from having to come up with a contrived version of UB2's visit over and over again. After the morning rush, both Flo and Mary June trapped me in a corner of the kitchen and pressed hard for information regarding UB2's visit. I could not tell them the truth, so I tried to be evasive not wanting to outright lie to them. I think after a while they came to understand that, for the time being, I'd told them all I could. They seemed content to wait. How long their patience lasted remained to be seen. A fleeting image of two agitated ladies holding me upside down by my ankles and repeatedly dunking me into a dirty tub of dish water until I came clean with the real story flashed before my eyes.
  • At length the task was concluded, the hateful thong was bitten in two, and Glen's hands were free. They were cold, numb, and devoid of feeling; but after a while their circulation was gradually restored, and the boy began to work at the knot that secured the cord about his arm. It was a hard one to untie, but in this, too, he finally succeeded. Just as it loosened beneath Glen's fingers, the scout woke and gave the cord a pull. Fortunately the boy still held it, and the other was satisfied that his prisoner was still beside him. Glen hardly dared breathe until he felt certain that the Indian again slept. Then he fastened the cord to a bit of willow, that grew within reach, in order that there might be some resistance if the scout should pull at it again, and cautiously rose to his feet.
  • There was the merry throng laughing, gamboling, working at top speed.
  • "Then Barney wuz gone, and we knew Josh done him good, jest like his Pa was done good. worked at the mill, they did. Same mill, haulin' logs and splittin' and spittin'." The old man laughed, cackled. "Yup, spittin' too, they did." He chomped down hard on his tobacco and a trickle of dark liquid ran to his beard, already heavily stained.
  • She waved from her perch at the rear of her wagon where she worked at a bowl of porridge in a tin bowl and utensils she had crafted herself. After one more mouthful she carefuly set her meal aside and slid to the ground to greet him.
  • The settlers now began to talk of fetching the ballooncase, which they were anxious to place in perfect security; but to bring it, it would be necessary to take a cart to Port Balloon, and consequently, necessary to beat a road through the dense forests of the Far West. This would take some time. Also, Neb and Pencroft having gone to examine into the state of things at Port Balloon, and reported that the stock of cloth would suffer no damage in the grotto where it was stored, it was decided that the work at Prospect Heights should not be discontinued.
  • Mike Smith got home, ate a quick ham and cheese sandwich, washed it down with a Budweiser, and then went directly to work at his beat-up kitchen table. Following up on leads was what he did best. He always liked the gumshoe part of his trade, and he didn't have to wear a uniform to do it. He quickly got on the line with Pat McEwan.
  • Almost certainly, the stonework was carved by masons who had worked at canterbury cathedral.
  • No, was the reply. "There are two chief commercial varieties, of different species, one larva having a hook on the shell, so that it can attach to fins or tail, the other being smaller and without hooks and making its way into the gills. But you'll go into all that when you get to Fairport, and even after you have worked at mussels all summer there will be a lot of problems you won't have touched. Don't forget now, the fifteenth."
  • First, automation. It takes just three people to prepare the eight tonnes of rice consumed at lunch. The assembly lines are next. Terry Guo, the companys flamboyant chairman, has vowed to build "one million robots" in an effort to eliminate mind-numbing tasks and move towards fully automated plants. The challenge is that tastes change quickly in consumer electronics. By the time bespoke robot kit is ready to automate a given factory line, the product mix has changed, making it obsolete. Scepticism is warranted, but insiders believe the firm is just a year away from breakthroughs that work at scale on commercial lines. Such "Foxbots", and related services, could even be sold to other firms.
  • "I think you just ran something by me that didnt stop. But, hey, were working with you, not me." The restaurant was mostly empty at this time of day. Agnew had just got off work at the university, and Poe had met him on this plaza. Neither had any idea Copeman was trying to find them, or that the Prime Minister was in consultation with the army at the moment.
  • Tim can easily claim to have worked at more foreign bureaux than anyone else in itv news.
  • Then he noticed that the men engaged at the engine were confabulating. He saw a gleam of instruments. Also he saw another full bucket hitched on and sent down at the run. And then he saw the men furtively at work at something.
  • This keel was finally finished, and by that time all along underneath we had burned and dug away a foot in depth of the wood, which meant that after the log--which was about three feet in diameter--was squared off to form the open top of the hull, the inside hollowing-out was only three or four inches deep, and we had still to dig it out fully eighteen inches more. Altogether I began to feel no little amount of pride in the general appearance and promise of the craft, hence I worked at it with feverish impetuosity.
  • Incarnate saw Charon and immediately thought, quite wisely, whoa, huge... However, he also thought an interesting thought. He thought that Charon was just a small guy in a big suit. Then he thought "that's what she said". Then he was confused to how that would work at all. Finally, he formulated a plan. "Hurry up!" yelled Pandora from within the hole that only Incarnate could rescue her from. He thought that she might be a bit better mannered towards him now, but, alas, he was wrong. Charon looked around and saw Incarnate hovering half a metre off the ground, two translucent orbs surrounding his clenched fists. As Charon moved slowly closer, Incarnate placed his hands together as if in prayer, then swept them back.
  • Specialityly working at ici australia, carol has a broad career in base, specialty chemicals, most recently in paints.
  • Except he wasnt asleep, either. Without question he was awake; there was nothing vicarious about it. For that matter, he could never have assembled such a mess in his sleep. No, hed had to roll up his sleeves and work at it.
  • Contracts awarded since January represent only the initial work at Fukushima. But a half-dozen executives at companies with nuclear industry experience raised questions about the Japanese government's and Tepco's oversight of the process.
  • As soon as Dick could leave his work at the pumps, he hurried back to the child, and threw himself down to rest by his side.
  • Satisfied with this, the carpenter set to work at the end of one of the joists, using a sharp axe so deftly that the great wedge-like chips began to fly, and in a minute's time he had cut right through.
  • Byrds regional training is designed to teach the basics of dressage to riders aged 12-21 working at all levels.
  • He set to work at first then as exactly as possible to ascertain the disposition of this island which his view embraced over its whole length. He estimated that it ought to measure about sixty miles round, being, as far as he could see, about twenty miles long from south to north, and twelve miles wide from east to west.
  • I hope not when we're on it, working at our motor! Jack could not keep from exclaiming, looking with more interest than ever at the monster berg that had come all this distance from some glacier a thousand miles away, perhaps several times that distance, and would sooner or later lose itself in sub-tropical waters.
  • No, decided the aviator. "If she's going to work at all she'll do it up at this distance as well, if not better, than she would five hundred, or one hundred feet, from the ground."
  • Dexter worked at it, rolling his hips and losing control of himself. He shook his head as he felt her wrap her self around him, accepting him fully and asking for more. Jenna looked up at him, confused for a moment. Understanding came as she felt his muscles stiffen against her. A tear slipped from the corner of her eye at the abrupt consummation. Dexter grimaced and grunted, burying his head in the crook of her neck.
  • I reckon we had better bring along the pails and the pans to-morrow, Mr. Conroyal said, as he paused with Ham and Mr. Randolph for a last calculating look at the dam, before starting for the log house that night. "Looks now as if we might complete the dam and turn the water a little before night; and, if we do, we will want to get right to work at the hole. It sure looks as if we had struck a good thing here, boys," and his face lighted, as his eyes turned toward the elbow. "If this stream has been carrying down gold the way some of the streams have in this section, we'll have Dickson beat by a wagon load or two of gold a day. I can't see how it can help turning out something big," and the gold-fever light that shone in his eyes began to sparkle in the eyes of the others.
  • Some one was working at the lock now. There was one way to stop that. It would not take them long to find out that he WAS there once the door was opened! Better know it with the door SHUT! Jimmie Dale lifted his revolver coolly and fired through the panel.
  • Bryan went to the office the next day. Liz was surprised. Why wouldn't he work at home? His desk had been set up in the extra bedroom which they used for a study. Even his scraps of paper had been piled on his desk - his deep and important mathematical discoveries, brought with care and much fanfare from Willow Towers, in a small cardboard box.
  • Slaine also works at a new venture far from the rat race of Wall Street. He is a partner in a small New York chain that trains and grooms dogs. Its called Spot.
  • As she worried what the future held for her, the exchange between the bounty hunter and the soldiers became very heated. The other soldiers, who had stood silently until now, began to encircle the blade-for-hire. The leader stepped between the door and his underlings and began working at the ropes, blocking Myranda's view of the spectacle. Despite the overwhelming emotion, she could not help but notice an odd quality about him. It was something in the way he moved. It seemed . . . foreign.
  • Arglay saw it and knew it for the end. He made no immediate move until he touched with his fingers the place where the epiphany of the Tetragrammaton had appeared. "Earth to earth," he said, "but perhaps also justice to justice and the Stone to the Stone." His hand covered her forehead. "Under the Protection," he murmured. "Good-bye, child," and so, his work at an end, left her.
  • There was one active mind at work at that hour, however namely, that of Gorman who, after recovering from the blow given him by Dale, went to his own home on the banks of the Thames, in the unaristocratic locality of London Bridge.
  • The sample window is double-glazed to prevent condensation of moisture when working at temperatures above or below ambient.
  • By day they shuttled from school to any jobs they could find. By night, they schemed to start a landscaping business. They worked at every discount department store and supermarket in town, any jobs they could find. But with 13,000 college kids trying to pay rising tuition at a state university ten miles away, the job market for someone their age was neither good nor well paying.
  • Tom Fish likewise had nothing to say except that he stated that he would remain at the cabin while the boys were away, and might be doing some work at chinking the walls.
  • In so dense a fog it was necessary to adopt unusual precautions in order to prevent the boats from parting company. We therefore proceeded in single file, the launch leading, with the first cutter attached by her painter, the second cutter, in her turn, attached by her painter to the first cutter, bringing up the rear. The cutters were ordered to regulate their speed so that the connecting rope between each and the boat ahead should be just slack enough to dip into the water and no more, thus insuring that each boat's crew should do its own fair share of work at the oars.
  • As Christmas drew near, the weather increased in severity. Blinding snow-squalls swept whirling from the northeast, accompanied by a high wind. The air was full of it,--fine, dry, powdery, like the dust of glass. The men worked covered with it as a tree is covered after a sleet. Sometimes it was impossible to work at all for hours at a time, but Thorpe did not allow a bad morning to spoil a good afternoon. The instant a lull fell on the storm, he was out with his scaling rule, and he expected the men to give him something to scale. He grappled the fierce winter by the throat, and shook from it the price of success.
  • The real advantage of using a FONY camera was of course as we have learnt before, all concerned could view the images via the smellular net work at a later date.
  • I went over and said hello to Bill and Charley and they said they were working at the Bank Club, Bill at the Faro bank and Charley back of the crap layout. Lester and Kewpie came over, Lester to tell me he was going back to the hotel and his date, and Kewpie to say he had to see a man about a dog. I waited until Bill and Charley got through eating, then said: "Come out and see me at the Three C Club. I'm working out there."
  • I waited for the next message to appear. Colin worked at a cheese factory. When I first met him at a Luc Houtkamp show in Missouri, he was wearing his all-white work uniform. He had come to the show straight from work. He reeked of curdled milk solids.
  • "I don't think we should tell anybody." Gillian's hand paused for a moment in working at the knot, and I wet my lips nervously. "Just not right now. In a little bit, maybe." Especially because I didn't have a clue if I could do it on command.
  • Godfrey's expedition was not a very successful one. He brought back four grouse and a dozen small birds, which he had killed with a single shot, firing into the thick of a flock that flew by overhead. The grouse were roasted for dinner, and Godfrey found to his satisfaction that Luka had baked a pile of cakes, this being the first time they had tasted bread for a fortnight, as it demanded more time and attention than they could spare to it in the boat. Luka told him that several flights of black duck had passed up the river while he had been at work at the boat, and volunteered to grease the boat next day if Godfrey would try to get a shot at them.
  • "Well, as soon as she had cleared herself, the skipper sang out for the carpenter to sound the well; and when Chips drew up the rod he reported four feet of water in the hold! Of course all hands went at once to the pumps; but by the time that we'd been working at them for an hour we found it was no good, the water was gaining upon us hand over hand, and the craft was settling down under our feet. So we knocked off pumping and, our boats being all gone, went to work to put a raft together. But, our decks having been swept clean of everything, we hadn't much stuff left to work up, and it took us a couple of hours to knock together the few odds and ends that you took us off of this morning. We hadn't stuff to make anything bigger, and we hadn't the time, even if we'd had the stuff, for by the time that we had finished our raft the poor old hooker had settled so low in the water that we expected her to sink under us any minute.
  • I was very much interested in this animal, and took a great deal of pains to tame her, though I never fully succeeded. Her nose, as I have said, was excellent; and though quite mute she could hunt very well, as I found by repeated trials when out rabbit shooting. She would never leave a hole, working at it with her feet and teeth until she got at the inmate. These qualities confirmed me in my opinion that a cross with the fox-hound would produce a good result. As an illustration of her keenness of smell, I may mention that one day when we were lying in the Tamar river, she winded some sheep on the bank, and was instantly overboard and after them, swimming so rapidly that she had reached the land, and, though herself only the size of a large dog-fox, had pulled down a fine ram before a party could get on shore to prevent her. When they landed, instead of trying to make her escape, she slunk into the boat. This freak of hers cost me five pounds.
  • Since 1991 sarah and jim have worked at west dean gardens restoring the walled kitchen garden including 16 glasshouses and frames.
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