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work at
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Okunuşu: / wəːk at / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work at
Ekler: works at/worked at/work·ing at


çalışmak, çabalamak.

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  • "Bah! coiners melt their stuff and electro-gild it. These are right enough, and there's a big sum of money in there. Here, to work at once; I must have that door back in its place and the front sealed up."
  • Stephen left behind quarrelling parents, a married sister, a younger brother, two girlfriends named Joanne and Mimi, and a friend in the Bronx. The jungle was a switch in territory for him. Up to now he had done most of his surveying work on Arctic islands and on the Scottish coast. He had done undergraduate work at the University of Buffalo and graduate work at the University of Chicago. From Buffalo and Chicago it was a natural hop to the Arctic circle and the furthest-most tip of Scotland.
  • She also hired another former Yum executive, Ralph Bower to lead the U.S. business. Bower, who also used to work at Domino
  • I'd stayed in rooming houses before and for two reasons. Lack of money for one, and working at the screwy private cop business for another. But the Palace was a bit different. It wasn't bad and it wasn't good, but a room there cost as much as you usually pay in a first-class hotel. And they didn't want their money in advance and that's a rule in all of them. I just said something to the landlady about a man named MacIntosh mentioning the place and I was in with no questions asked about baggage.
  • So soon in the afternoon, Elmer; what's up? demanded Chatz, who, having rested since last using the pole, did not understand why they should call it a day's work at not much after three o'clock.
  • The woman cleared her throat. "Our owner is not here right now, hes taking the day off, and I dont know where he is. And I used to work at a sketchy place on the bad end of Melrose for five years. You cant scare me with your intimidation techniques. Ive had guns pulled on me more than once, and your silly wings don't scare me," she squeaked defiantly.
  • At last the long winter was over, the thaw came, and the work at the mine was renewed. Godfrey was afraid that he might be still kept in the office, and he spoke to Mikail on the subject; the latter spoke to one of the officials, and told him that the prisoner Ivan Holstoff petitioned that he might be again put to work on the mine instead of being kept in the office, as he felt his health suffering from the confinement. Two days later Godfrey was called into the governor's room.
  • Janes brother Derek is a bank teller. Hes now working at a branch in St Georges Terrace, in Perth, and Jane knows this is where all the big banking and financial people congregate. Derek has tried to point out that his branch is right down at the unfashionable end, and that hes only a teller, but Jane doesnt care. Hes on the way up, and thats what counts. Derek says she should train to be a bank teller too, because its the most secure job there is. There have been times when they watched their dad, whos a manager in a stevedoring company, hanging on to his job by his fingernails. In stevedoring everything depends on the vagaries of the shipping business. Derek is determined never to be in that position himself.
  • University cards must be accredited before they will work at a door swipe connected to the central security system.
  • In the meantime, Melody hasnt noticed that a new mathematics teacher is working at her middle school: a large man, with graying hair, intense green eyes, devilish eyebrows, and a close-cropped beard over a strong chin.
  • "But ... this is making no sense! I mean ... I remember speaking to the vice principal at Melodys middle school ... Mr. Jefferson.... Mr. Jefferson told me that Aedan had worked at the district for over twenty years. Hes ... hes a teacher, for Gods sake, not aa king ... a geometry teacher! ... Hes won awards, Mr. Jefferson told me, awards! Teacher of the Year, that sort of thing.... Hes ... hes a member of the community, of Imperial Beach.... Hes no king ... is he? Is he? I mean, if he had to rebuild the temple, why wait in I.B.? Why teach? What was holding him up? Why not get back and do it immediately himself? Why not go back straightaway and kill Necrolius and be done with it? Why ... Why is Melody needed?"
  • This landmark would have been reached earlier as demand has consistently outstripped supply, but they are working at capacity.
  • Several trips were required to make all the final arrangements. A local lawyer was brisk in setting up a corporation and writing up a very tight purchase agreement for the equipment. A local bank quickly setup an account and point of sale terminalalthough the gentleman I dealt with was initially horrified that it was going to be acorporate affair’. Finding an apartment was rather difficult, but a remarkably friendly woman who worked at the post office told me of one that was coming up as she processed my application for a mail box.
  • I'd managed to get the tips of my fingers to flame and I worked at creating a ball of fire, like I had with my energy. Even though it was really the same thing, it felt a lot harder to do. I went back to my meditative breathing and practiced forming the ball in my mind. Extending my hands, eyes closed, I followed the energy down my arms and pushed the sphere out between my palms.
  • He allowed the motor to work at the reduced speed that it had been carrying on ever since quitting the home field, where the workshop and the hangar stood. Andy still continued to use the glasses, as though he had not quite given up all hope of making some sort of discovery.
  • Such was the state of matters when our hero, Bill Bowls, was conveyed on board the Waterwitch, a seventy-four gun frigate, and set to work at once to learn his duty.
  • "That's how I met him, I did. He was running away to the Western Skies. See, one day, I was working at the Leaping Pony when I hear this loud thud outside, like something fell out of the sky. I walk outside and sure enoughthere's a dragon on the hilltop. Can you imagine such a thing? A dragon! This dragon seems perfectly exhausted, so I nurture him as best I can, and feed him all the food I've got in my storage rooms. Soon enough, Coriath's feeling better and he flies back to the Palace."
  • In so dense a fog it was necessary to adopt unusual precautions in order to prevent the boats from parting company. We therefore proceeded in single file, the launch leading, with the first cutter attached by her painter, the second cutter, in her turn, attached by her painter to the first cutter, bringing up the rear. The cutters were ordered to regulate their speed so that the connecting rope between each and the boat ahead should be just slack enough to dip into the water and no more, thus insuring that each boat's crew should do its own fair share of work at the oars.
  • By day they shuttled from school to any jobs they could find. By night, they schemed to start a landscaping business. They worked at every discount department store and supermarket in town, any jobs they could find. But with 13,000 college kids trying to pay rising tuition at a state university ten miles away, the job market for someone their age was neither good nor well paying.
  • The crew dropped work at once, and came climbing the ladder up the deep side of the canyon like a string of monkeys; then they came running across the red decking.
  • Even Davos regulars can get lost at times. Two years ago, the main entrance was moved to the rear of the building, and extensive rebuilding work at the Davos conference centre forced many a Davos man and woman off their well-trodden paths. On the upside, the rebuilding has brought more Davos sessions into the conference centre, which means less time spent traveling between venues.
  • Dr. Morrison answered. "When it comes to missile work, you can get fantastically complicated. In fact, some missile systems are so complicated it's a wonder they ever work at all."
  • Roy worked at his levers desperately, while Peggy, white faced but silent, clung tightly to the sides of the chassis. Professor Wandering William did not utter a word, but his lips moved, as, from a pleasing rapid forward motion their course suddenly changed to that fearful downward plunge through space.
  • After the tragedy of losing her husband before their daughter was born, it was great to see her happy again. For a long time, she and Jules had stayed isolated. We all worried about her, but she went through the grieving process and decided to move far away from the military base in Augusta, Georgia. Now she worked at an elementary school as a first grade teacher. But even though it had been five years, she still had her down times.
  • Five more days passed, all too quickly, and once more Monday came round. It was the 22nd of October, and the Michaelmas Sittings began on the 24th. On the morrow, Tuesday, Geoffrey was to return to London, there to meet Lady Honoria and get to work at Chambers. That very morning, indeed, a brief, the biggest he had yet received--it was marked thirty guineas--had been forwarded to him from his chambers, with a note from his clerk to the effect that the case was expected to be in the special jury list on the first day of the sittings, and that the clerk had made an appointment for him with the solicitors for 5.15 on the Tuesday. The brief was sent to him by his uncle's firm, and marked, "With you the Attorney-General, and Mr. Candleton, Q.C.," the well-known leader of the Probate and Divorce Court Bar. Never before had Geoffrey found himself in such honourable company, that is on the back of a brief, and not a little was he elated thereby.
  • "Hello," the emperor said brightly. "What are you doing here?" Before Amaranthe could answer, he burbled on. "Are you on duty? Will you be working at the Barracks?"
  • They applied for their application blanks and walked over to a desk to fill them out. As they were hard at work at this, Jack Curtiss and his two chums entered the office.
  • "'A plank of wood'! said the Miller; 'why, that is just what I want for the roof of my barn. There is a very large hole in it, and the corn will all get damp if I don't stop it up. How lucky you mentioned it! It is quite remarkable how one good action always breeds another. I have given you my wheelbarrow, and now you are going to give me your plank. Of course, the wheelbarrow is worth far more than the plank, but true, friendship never notices things like that. Pray get it at once, and I will set to work at my barn this very day.'
  • Assiduously I fell to work upon the Mahar lock that held my chain. It was pitifully simple. A child might have picked it, and a moment later I was free. The Mahars were now evidently completing their work at the table. One already turned away and was examining other victims, evidently with the intention of selecting the next subject.
  • "Yes. He stated, quote, we are the original, first and joint inventors ... of the subject matter which is claimed and for which a patent is sought, unquote. That simply wasn't true. I later found out that Dr. Gallo had done extensive work with the French virus called LAV and had, in fact, used it to make the blood test he was trying to patent. He also used a lot of the work the French themselves had done to develop their own blood test, which Dr. Gallo knew about and had access to. In other words, very little, if anything, was Dr. Gallo's original work at all."
  • He certainly did! answered Harry. "Then we went on working at the pumps. I was busy with the starboard pump because it wasn't working just as it should. I saw him start up the ladder!"
  • I worked at one of those big box electronic companies. The kind of company that builds a huge 30,000 square foot store at each location. The kind of store that has a demonstration model of every single product they sell for hordes of customers to paw at and cover with their grime and germs.
  • After tramping about and beating my body for some time to create circulation, I was rewarded by feeling my blood flow once more in a natural way. The last quarter of the moon shed what light it could over the tree tops and I strapped on my snowshoes and went to work at chopping wood to last till morning. A good cup of tea, some biscuit and pork and the then bright and cheerful fire made me my old self, but I received a lesson never to be forgotten.
  • They began working at dawn the next morning. Baker had assembled his officers in the great cabin in order to discuss the operation. They were standing around the table on which lay a chart of the southern archipelago. Anna was sitting on the aft bench, listening to the discussion, a faint smile on her mouth.
  • It was ten minutes before Doctor Tom moved, and then he got his musket and brought it to the fire. He lifted the hammer, removed the cap, and taking a pin from his waist band worked at the nipple until he extracted a splinter of wood. Then he drew the charge, blew down the barrel to see that it was clear and reloaded the musket. Doctor Tom took some smoked salmon from his pouch, made a cup of coffee and silently ate his supper, and Boston began to comprehend that there was a reason for his refusal to eat while the stranger was in camp. But it was useless to try to make Doctor Tom talk until he had smoked, and Boston waited patiently.
  • In 2006, Singh earned a base salary of $145,965. In 2008, his first full year back, his base was $270,258, an 85 percent jump. Kaur, who also retired in 2006 and then went to work at Coalinga in 2007, saw her base pay almost double, to $252,796 from 2006 to 2008, state records show.
  • Something to drink? the cute flight attendant, with Christine on her plastic nametag, asked as she pushed her cart down the aisle. The ride was smooth. Susan decided to celebrate: it was the end of the week, and she wasn't doing any work at home today, other than push a few e-mails.
  • With everything out of her, the cutter floated a good three feet lighter, and we at once hauled her in as close to the shore as she would come, so as to work at her, if need be, without the boat, simply standing in the water.
  • It's exactly like some of Link's underhanded work at Oak Hall, was Roger's comment. "Father and son must be very much alike."
  • Henry boarded the train after it pulled into the station and sat in the back end of the desolate front car. He moved over toward the window of a three-seater and stared blankly out into the expanse, recounting the events since he started working at Manhattan Life Insurance Company.
  • An added consumer bonus of working at the slower rate is that I am enabled to call out each item as it is scanned to reassure you that the items are being correctly identified and priced.
  • I am an army officer, he said quietly, "and am engaged in a piece of work at General Gallieni's own suggestion. You will summon him immediately."
  • Father could not get work, for there were but few settlers, and none near him, who were able to hire. So he economized to save his money as much as possible, and worked at home. The clearing near the house grew larger and larger, and now we could see the beautiful sun earlier.
  • Tim can easily claim to have worked at more foreign bureaux than anyone else in itv news.
  • Sandy stared at the door as it swung closed. Barb was getting sort of cool, distant. They had worked at Moss Hill Nursing Home for over three years, starting together as part-time and now full-time nurses. They were best friends. Even in nursing school they went everywhere together, studied together, shared boyfriends. But Barb seemed less friendly these days and didn't want to talk. They used to talk for hours over the phone - until her ear was hot and red. Barb had changed her hair style, cut it real short and hadn't said a thing about it. Usually that was something they would discuss for days. And she smoked a lot more than usual. Now Barb was almost unfriendly. And the way she talked. Just a word or two in each sentence, as though she couldn't be bothered to add the rest and wanted to get it over with. Funny.
  • "There is no God," he told Wendy, when she served him supper that evening, and after shed spent most of an hour telling him about her work at the law office in the morning and the shopping in the afternoon. They did as much shopping as they could in Ayr, but there were many things you just couldnt get in a town with twenty stores.
  • A week later Prince Andrew was a member of the Committee on Army Regulations and--what he had not at all expected--was chairman of a section of the committee for the revision of the laws. At Speranski's request he took the first part of the Civil Code that was being drawn up and, with the aid of the Code Napoleon and the Institutes of Justinian, he worked at formulating the section on Personal Rights.
  • Billy was a big farm boy who had worked at the yard for a few years. He was clever and had a knack for getting equipment to work. Over the course a week, Jackie and Billy put the LTD together, taking the chassis from one car and dropping in an engine and transmission from another. That last day at the yard was the last time Jackie saw him. Joe Parker, the owner, had bought a case of Leinenkugels and some steaks, and fixed lunch for the workers. They sat around eating and talking about what they were going to do from there on. In the few months since Joe announced he was selling the property for a development, everyone seemed to have made a plan, except Jackie. The other workers assured him something would turn up, though nobody had any suggestions. Towards the middle of the afternoon, people started to leave, and there were handshakes and slaps on the back, and promises to stay in touch. However, Billy moved back to the farm a few weeks later, Joe left town in a new RV and the other workers scattered.
  • Old Hotchkiss had used the barrow to transport tools when he traveled to work at outlying farms. It was much like a plank table with two handles at one end and an iron banded wheel and two legs forming a tripod beneath.
  • "Im from Wulvil. My father was a trawler. My mom is a homesteader. My sister works at the lodeshaft in the neighborhood. We both might work on cutter boats if I get back for a break. I played a lot of ranc at home with my buddies. I own a trained dog at home named Guts and a prospect named Carina. Whom I think the world of. Hows that?"
  • Fossils found in East Africa suggest that primates roamed the area more than 20 million years ago. Recent finds near Kenya's Lake Turkana indicate that hominids such as Homo habilis (1.8 and 2.5 million years ago) and Homo erectus (1.8 million to 350 000 years ago) are possible direct ancestors of modern Homo sapiens and lived in Kenya during the Pleistocene epoch. In 1984, one particular discovery made at Lake Turkana by famous palaeoanthropologist Richard Leakey and Kamoya Kimeu was the skeleton of a Turkana boy, belonging to Homo erectus from 1.6 million years ago. Previous research on early hominids is particularly identified with Mary Leakey and Louis Leakey, who were responsible for the preliminary archaeological research at Olorgesailie and Hyrax Hill. Later work at the former was undertaken by Glynn Isaac.
  • The state proposed that a chief psychiatrists pay rise to $24,267 per month from $13,311. Left out of the plan were psychiatrists working at mental hospitals including Atascadero, Coalinga and Patton, and mental wards inside prisons at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville and Salinas Valley State Prison in Soledad.
  • Then a man of a different type was ushered in by an obsequious servant. He was dressed in American fashion, but his face indicated a Spanish origin. He was a Cuban who had been educated as a civil engineer in one of the scientific schools of the United States. His features were alert and intelligent, but there was a certain shiftiness in his eyes, and something about him gave an indefinable air of dissipation. He had been employed for a time in harbor work at Vera Cruz, but had killed a man in a brawl and been forced to flee the country. On the Canal, there were eighty-seven distinct nationalities engaged in the work, and, in view of the great demand for labor, he had no difficulty in securing employment, the more easily as he was an expert in his profession. He had been assigned to the Gatun section of the work, with his quarters in the city of Colon.
  • Chris Bole at the time of this incident was on day thirty-four of his habitation of the Pink House. Chris studied computer science at Queens. Levin, Levin MacHill, Emmett, Barry, James and Neil knew Chris asthe nice chap who works at the Co-op’. This nice chap was looking for somewhere else to stay because hewell, lets just say that he needed to move. Suffice to say that since Fallah had gone there was a room spare in the Big Pink and it was quickly taken over by Chris. Chris moved in with his NTL connection, computer, TV and two laptrays with beanbag cushions. These two latter objects were instantly seized by the Big Pink folk as the great assist they represented. Chris knew this would happen: written in the corner of one laptray wasNot for use by stoners in rolling joints. This means you!’ Nonetheless: the trays were used for that purpose. Not that Chris was unduly discomfited.
  • He must have had money, or else he got remittances from home, for he paid his way and helped many a poor devil. They said that he gave away most of his money. Sometimes he worked for a while himself as bookkeeper at a shearing-shed, wool-sorter, shearer, even rouseabout; he'd work at anything a bushman could get to do. Then he'd go out back to God-forgotten districts and preach to bushmen in one place, and get a few children together in another and teach them to read. He could take his drink, and swear a little when he thought it necessary. On one occasion, at a rough shearing-shed, he called his beloved brethren "damned fools" for drinking their cheques.
  • "Then you will need to sacrifice something else. It could be an animal, but thats a little less reliable since you are trying to keep out Elders. It might not work at all for a Lycan that is the same breeding as the animal you sacrifice."
  • Normal did what? bellowed John Wylie. He wasn't a large man by any stretch of imagination. [Of course, throughout history, there have been more Herculean efforts of stretching the imagination than a simple adjustment for a vertically challenged guy. "Honey, I spent the whole night working at the office" tops this list.] In fact, it was safe for most people [unless they happen to be leprechauns, gnomes, elves, brownies (not the chocolate kind, the other kind) or really, really short people well below three feet in height,] to describe him as a small man - a very small man, indeed, since it would be quite a stretch for him to reach three feet. But he sure did have a pair of lungs on him. A stranger who heard him, but hadn't seen him, would have sworn that he was a giant of a man because of the way he could roar.
  • The hunter only follows very fresh tracks, and in a short time comes up with the big cat. As soon as the animal knows it is pursued, it either climbs a tree or crouches under some thick shrub. If the hunter finds it up a tree, he sets to work at once to cut down the tree (that is if he has no gun). As soon as the tree totters he makes his way in the direction which it is to fall. The lynx clings to the tree until near the ground, and then springs clear. While he is floundering in the snow, the Indian bravely runs in and knocks him with his axe. Of course, if he has his gun, he simply shoots the cat and it tumbles dead to the foot of the tree. The feat of running down a lynx and shooting him with a bow and arrow is what all Indian youths aim to accomplish; they are then considered hunters.
  • The yard i used to work at used to feed oat balancer along with oats + garlic & honey.
  • The weather continued hot and dry. At night Brandon flung himself down wherever he happened to be, either at the brig or at the rock. Every day he had to go to the rock for water, and also to look out toward the sea from that side. At first, while intent upon his work at the ship, the sight of the barren horizon every day did not materially affect him; he rose superior to despondency and cheered himself with his task. But at length, at the end of about three weeks, all this work was done and nothing more remained. His only idea was to labor to effect his escape, and not to insure his comfort during his stay.
  • He made the line fast to a thwart near the bow. Holding fast with one hand, he drew the swamped canoe up to the launch. In that continuous roll it was no easy task to get Stella aboard, but they managed it, and presently she sat shivering in the cockpit, watching the man spill the water out of the Peterboro till it rode buoyantly again. Then he went to work at his engine methodically, wiping dry the ignition terminals, all the various connections where moisture could effect a short circuit. At the end of a few minutes, he turned the starting crank. The multiple cylinders fired with a roar.
  • Before the men left with little Robin, Robert had a few final words for Abigail and then the new boy who had come to the house for his breakfast. working at the fireplace she listened covertly as Robert warned the boy to behave and then reminded him of the penalties for running away; whipping, branding on the cheek or shoulder with the letter R, and extension of servitude. She didnt know if hearing about the penalties was enough to deter him; she didnt know him well enough yet, but from what she had seen so far he seemed to be a good lad. He had always shown her nothing but respect and cooperation and she was positive she would have no trouble with him.
  • Captain Baker, of the old Thirty-seventh, was detailed to do the examining, and because time was precious and it was most important to learn just what enemy units were opposed to the American forces, he got to work at once, an interpreter standing at his side while a stenographer made note of the replies.
  • Refusing to be disheartened, he collected a jar of used, tractor engine oil from a dirt encrusted barrel by the door and dripped it on to the chain, working at the links one by one to free them.
  • Robinson set to work at once to make a door for his bower out of the pine wood cast up by the waves. How easy the work proceeded with saws, hammers, augers, squares, planes, nails, hinges, and screws! With the wagon too, Friday could now gather his corn quickly and easily, or haul in a great quantity of grapes to dry for raisins.
  • Things werent going to be quite the same as before. Louie and Lulu had discussed it and agreed that Lulu would work at the Factory two days a week. On these days Rose would take care of Tiger and Lily.
  • "Well, Im going to tell you anyway. I leave for work at about seven-thirty and I always walk past the window to my landlords living room. The thing is, he always does yoga in there naked. Hes got to be pushing fifty and its completely gross, but I cant stop myself from glancing in even though it means Ill feel a little bit sick to my stomach for the entire day. Isnt that crazy?"
  • "After graduating from Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Gallo discovered that he couldn't bear to be around sick people, and found his niche instead in the research lab, going to work at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland...."
  • No disease in the world is more deadly and virulent. It strikes down its victims swiftly and without warning. Even as the men worked at the quarry, Max observed one who took himself a little distance from his fellows, and sat down upon a rock as though he were in pain.
  • Down the long passages, through the great, fretted halls, across the cool marble courts, flitted Inez and Margaret. It was like a dream. They went through a room where women, idling or working at tapestries, looked at them curiously. Margaret heard one of them say to another:
  • "There was the hay from the Marshes to be sold, and the wood, too," answered the little man. "But," he went on, "I could not make much out of the wood, and I was too old to learn, so I gave it up, and went into Winnipeg to work at my trade. And, indeed," he added cheerfully, "I made very good wages of it."
  • Winter set in in three weeks after Godfrey reached Kara, and the work at the mine had to be abandoned. As much employment as possible was made for the convicts. Some were sent out to aid in bringing in the trees that had been felled during the previous winter for firewood, others sawed the wood up and split it into billets for the stoves, other parties went out into the forest to fell trees for the next winter's fires. Some were set to whitewash the houses, a process that was done five times a year; but in spite of all this there was not work for half the number. The time hung very heavily on the hands of those who were unemployed. Godfrey was not of this number, for as soon as the work at the mine terminated he received an order to work in the office as a clerk.
  • As has been hinted, even the inexperienced newcomer noticed the lack of enthusiasm, of unity. Had he known the loyalty, devotion, and adoration that a thoroughly competent man wins from his "hands," the state of affairs would have seemed even more surprising. The lumber-jack will work sixteen, eighteen hours a day, sometimes up to the waist in water full of floating ice; sleep wet on the ground by a little fire; and then next morning will spring to work at daylight with an "Oh, no, not tired; just a little stiff, sir!" in cheerful reply to his master's inquiry,--for the right man! Only it must be a strong man,--with the strength of the wilderness in his eye.
  • They exchanged news and greetings. Jonathan expressed interest in the work at Church and talked about his own work in turn.
  • As he sat musing his eye fell upon the axe, and he started up and seized it as if suddenly reminded of some forgotten urgent duty. He fell to work at the big tree again, and laboured doggedly till nightfall. Inexperienced as he was, he brought observation and intelligence to the task, and knew already the kind of stroke which told most with the least expenditure of effort. When he could see no longer, he leaned gasping on the axe, and gave a grim nod of the head. 'I shall have you down.'
  • Terahertz radiation using tabletop sources, complementing 4gls work at daresbury.
  • Tom Gordon was approaching young manhood. He was a tall, sturdy boy, with a fair education, and it was high time that he set to work at the serious business of life. Providence had ordered that he should pass through more than one stirring experience. He had knocked about the world a good deal more than falls to the lot of most lads of his age, and had acquired valuable knowledge. He had learned much of the ways of men, and had undergone a schooling, rough of itself, but fitted to qualify him for the rebuffs of fortune to which we must all become accustomed.
  • By the end of the day I was more then happy to go home. I liked Fiasco, Junior, and even Chester, but sitting and listening to people talk about auditing insurance was tiresome at best. As I walked outside I was almost ran over by Moleth, one of our help staff. I had to jump out of the way to avoid the violently purple Honda. As she passed by me, time seemed to slow down and everything came in to sharp relief. My mind was still working at normal speed; it was the world that slowed down, not me. That being said, it felt like I had a few seconds to take in all of the dents, dings, and scratches on Moleths car. I wondered how many people hadnt been so lucky. Was I destined to be one of those dents? Time resumed its previous pace and I felt myself toppling over. I hit the pavement hard scratching the palms of my hands on the asphalt. I got up cursing and looked around for any more assailants. Moleth was gone and it was highly unlikely she had noticed me. I rushed to my car and gratefully slipped into the protective steel cage and headed home.
  • Both lads were eager enough to be there to witness the progress of the works at first; but after going again and again, they voted the whole thing to be uninteresting, and no more worth seeing than the digging of one of the ditches on the farms at home.
  • Monsieur, said the baron to the duke, "all the servants of his majesty must approve of the latest intelligence which we have from the Island of Elba. Bonaparte"--M. Dandre looked at Louis XVIII., who, employed in writing a note, did not even raise his head. "Bonaparte," continued the baron, "is mortally wearied, and passes whole days in watching his miners at work at Porto-Longone."
  • "You dont work at it enough," he would say, stating the obvious. He was certainly in a position to know how little time I had to be creative.
  • "All that day and the next we searched, but found not him who had hidden away; but in the night of the second day, when it rained heavily, and Taku (who is my brother's son) and I and my two children worked at the making of a KUPEGA (net), he whom we had sought came to the door. And as we looked our hearts were filled with pity, for, as he put out his hands to us, he staggered and fell to the ground.
  • 'Well, but, my friend, is it not needful that I should? When I go there I shall be all alone, and my friend Harker Joanna, nay, pardon me. I fall into my country's habit of putting your patronymic first, my friend Joanna Harker will not be by my side to correct and aid me. She will be in Exeter, miles away, probably working at papers of the law with my other friend, Peta Hawkins. So!'
  • The other negro remained sullen and hostile. For some days after his encounter with Edgar his face was so swollen up that he was scarcely able to see. He would have been compelled to work as usual, for humanity is not a characteristic of the Arabs; but Edgar told the sheik's wife that if the man was forced to work at present he would be very ill, and that he must for a time remain quiet and apply bandages soaked in hot water to his face. Under this treatment the swelling gradually abated, but the nose did not resume its normal shape, the bridge having been broken by Edgar's blow. Any presents that the latter received in the way of milk or other articles of food he shared with the negroes, the allowance of food served out being very scanty and of the coarsest description.
  • He can eat exclusively on drive-thru, if me must. He can lock his doors and never open them. He can work at home from the comfort of his lazy-boy chair. He has no troubles talking with anyone. The telephone is very handy for that. He does not mind meeting people either, as long as he does not have to shake their hand. He will keep his distance, and maintain it, permanently.
  • Dolly stood opposite me, smiling. At this moment Archie entered. He had been working at his lathe. He is very fond of making things which he doesn't want, and then giving them to people who have no use for them.
  • His friends approval meant everything to Longsword. He hurried after Delamere. "Listen, Richard," he said earnestly, "the mangonel will work, not as effectively, but it will still work at a greater distance. Its a trick I heard of once. We just load the sling with smaller missiles and fewer of them. So its lighter. The force of the release is the same but the sling will shoot farther because there isnt much weight in it."
  • The private sector is already working at removing capacity bottlenecks in some member states [ 12 ] .
  • Orlando D. Epps, 38, started working at the Census Bureau through a work-study program while a senior in high school. Upon his graduation in 1992, the bureau hired him full-time in an administrative job at the lowest pay grade on the federal scale, GS-1. "I kept time cards, and I typed memos," he said.
  • Gallant nodded after some forethought. "Dont say anything to Doughty, sir, and Im still struggling with the moral implications myself, but what she said made sense. And she proved it. At least to me. She is everything Ive ever wanted in a wife. She claims that I am likewise for her. Nightshade has been here for two hundred years and has worked at one of the markets nearest the gate to make sure she found the right man the moment he entered the gate. In the few hours Ive known her, I know more about her than I know about my own wife."
  • In addition to working at a restaurant, Jeff took a second job as the desk clerk at the gay hotel where he lived – $90 a month for a single room, and all the company you wanted right in the same building. He made a lot of friends, had a lot of lovers, and went to a lot of gay bars. "Whatever you heard about San Francisco at that time was true, and then some."
  • No, Boss, I didn't stay long enough. And neither did nobody else I ever heard of, who worked at Dot and Dash. I vamoosed.
  • Of course the three American boys were thanked most heartily by the officers whose lives they had saved. It promised to turn out to be one of the best things that could have happened for them; and, as Josh remarked, their old luck seemed to be working at full speed.
  • CHAPTER FIFTY-EIGHTIsabel spent her summer working at a local church summer camp. She was a volunteer and was only paid with"god's thanks." The summer had moved by quickly. Much too fast for a 17 year-old girl who's boyfriend was leaving to go to college. Pete and Isabel had a great summer, but Pete was leaving for school the following morning. She was amazed that the pressure of carrying a basketball program, moving to a new place, and doing all that schoolwork, hadn't even seemed to bother him. He couldn't be that confident. He had to have reservations and doubts.
  • They soon lowered themselves down the wall of rock, and ran to the camp, where the captain had just arranged that soon after breakfast Rifle and Tim were to take it in turns to mount to the highest point of the ridge to keep watch, while the rest worked at preparations for their defence and that of the cattle.
  • Byrds regional training is designed to teach the basics of dressage to riders aged 12-21 working at all levels.
  • I was at that bloody park all week, thats what. On the Monday, on the Tuesday, the Wednesday, and the Thursday. From twelve to nearly half-past. I was supposed to be back at work at twelve-thirty, for Gods sake. So on the Friday I took a sickie, and had the whole day off. I was going to hang around that blasted park all day, if I had to. And you turned up at one.’
  • Brimmer would have passed, in all probability, had he not been unstrung by the knowledge that four of his comrades were working to secure the evidence which should warrant his expulsion from the Naval Academy. Oppressed by dread, this young scoundrel was not capable of doing his best work at the semi-annuals.
  • Nearly every vessel is aground, he said when he approached our hiding-place with every evidence of having traveled long and rapidly. "The river is black with 'em from here to the point, an' some are likely to stay quite a spell on the mud unless mighty quick work at lighterin' is done. I allowed the Britishers had better sense than to run ships up here where there's about half water enough to float 'em."
  • The place was an arsenal! Arranged against one wall were the parts of three powerful guns, all ready to be assembled. And all about, neatly stacked, were shells. He looked at them, pointing his light at them, to make sure. They bore the stamp of the Krupp works at Essen in Germany, the world-famous works whence the greater part of German munitions of war come.
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