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work at
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Okunuşu: / wəːk at / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work at
Ekler: works at/worked at/work·ing at


çalışmak, çabalamak.

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  • Through the door came the regular hum of a lathe. The princess timidly opened the door which moved noiselessly and easily. She paused at the entrance. The prince was working at the lathe and after glancing round continued his work.
  • I was very much interested in this animal, and took a great deal of pains to tame her, though I never fully succeeded. Her nose, as I have said, was excellent; and though quite mute she could hunt very well, as I found by repeated trials when out rabbit shooting. She would never leave a hole, working at it with her feet and teeth until she got at the inmate. These qualities confirmed me in my opinion that a cross with the fox-hound would produce a good result. As an illustration of her keenness of smell, I may mention that one day when we were lying in the Tamar river, she winded some sheep on the bank, and was instantly overboard and after them, swimming so rapidly that she had reached the land, and, though herself only the size of a large dog-fox, had pulled down a fine ram before a party could get on shore to prevent her. When they landed, instead of trying to make her escape, she slunk into the boat. This freak of hers cost me five pounds.
  • Dolly stood opposite me, smiling. At this moment Archie entered. He had been working at his lathe. He is very fond of making things which he doesn't want, and then giving them to people who have no use for them.
  • That they should beg the turnkey to let them have another old umbrella to work at by way of recreation, as the sack-making was rather monotonous; that, if they should be successful in prevailing on him to grant their request, they should work at the umbrella very slowly, so as to give them time to carry out their plan, which was to form a sort of parachute by adding sail-cloth round the margin of the umbrella so as to extend it to twice its circumference. After it should be finished they were to seize a fitting opportunity, cut the bars of their window, and, with the machine, leap down into the yard below.
  • Mrs. Robson's face fell. She had expected the news, for every year a considerable number of the Leigh bawleys go down to Harwich and fish off that port for two or three months. The absence of Jack was always a great trial to her. When he was with her she felt that he was safe, for it is an almost unheard-of thing for a bawley to meet with an accident when fishing in the mouth of the Thames; but off Harwich the seas are heavy, and although even there accidents are rare--for the boats are safe and staunch and the fishermen handle them splendidly--still the risk is greater than when working at home.
  • She smiled and replied, "Cameron Breslin. I would be honored, but make it tomorrow afternoon because I work at night."
  • I was in Holly Springs when General Sherman began to move toward Memphis. Thinking there would be active work at Vicksburg, I prepared to go to Columbus by rail, and take a steamboat thence to Memphis. By this route it was nearly four hundred miles; but it was safer and more expeditious to travel in that way than to attempt the "overland" journey of fifty miles in a direct line.
  • "No! It looked really small and I thought I could blow it out, but it just didnt work at first. Its out now, though!"
  • It was ten minutes before Doctor Tom moved, and then he got his musket and brought it to the fire. He lifted the hammer, removed the cap, and taking a pin from his waist band worked at the nipple until he extracted a splinter of wood. Then he drew the charge, blew down the barrel to see that it was clear and reloaded the musket. Doctor Tom took some smoked salmon from his pouch, made a cup of coffee and silently ate his supper, and Boston began to comprehend that there was a reason for his refusal to eat while the stranger was in camp. But it was useless to try to make Doctor Tom talk until he had smoked, and Boston waited patiently.
  • Maggie thought back to the early days with Thomas Hartwell on the way home. It had been a difficult transition from the death of Gabriel and her miscarriage to life as a fully-functioning woman again. She had thrown herself into work at a bank during the four years between men.
  • "Thats right. I remember he told me he mainly worked at the Bayview store. That he was just filling in at Pine Trail."
  • The second apartment was taken by the tailor, who expected his former girlfriend to drive in from New Hamburg on Mondays, when the garden-supply store was closed, and entertain him. This plan went awry when the garden-supply business turned out quite well, and the girlfriend decided she didnt want the tailors nimble fingers as much as she wanted a lifestyle that included airline travel and exploring a late-twentyish young woman who worked at the Pro Hardware store in town. You could find them many Mondays at the Waterlot, a fancy restaurant on the edge of the river, planning things best known only to themselves and to an adult-accessories store in Hamilton.
  • "Well, Im going to tell you anyway. I leave for work at about seven-thirty and I always walk past the window to my landlords living room. The thing is, he always does yoga in there naked. Hes got to be pushing fifty and its completely gross, but I cant stop myself from glancing in even though it means Ill feel a little bit sick to my stomach for the entire day. Isnt that crazy?"
  • "Hey John. I need to ask you a favor. Turns out our friend Eleni doesnt work here anymore. She used to, but now she works at this other place."
  • Even here he did not abandon caution. The straps were still about his waist. One of these he fastened to a rod. Then with one hand he clung to the framework before him, while with the other he worked at the task of adjusting instruments.
  • "Bah! coiners melt their stuff and electro-gild it. These are right enough, and there's a big sum of money in there. Here, to work at once; I must have that door back in its place and the front sealed up."
  • I could have coped with getting into work at 7.00am, had it not involved being woken up by farming today.
  • The research was conceived by a small team then working at the University of Amsterdam, including UVMs Rankin, who has studied this pulsar, known as PSR B0943+10, for more than a decade; Wim Hermsen from SRON, the Netherlands Institute for Space Research in Utrecht, and the lead author on the new paper; Ben Stappers from the University of Manchester, UK; and Geoff Wright from Sussex University, UK.
  • My familys concern about my attending school by myself passed, and life settled into a familiar routine. Jacob was enjoying his job as a mechanic, and his boss was giving him more responsibilities every week. Rosalie, Emmett and Esme were making progress with the restoration of the house. Carlisle was enjoying his work at the hospital, and Alice and Jasper kept themselves occupied doing all manner of activities.
  • Louie, Lulu and Pearl had been down a few times to inspect the tunnel operation. It was very impressive. It was beautifully constructed with the smooth clay lined walls pointed to look like bricks. The tunnel was lit with beeswax candles mounted at intervals along the walls. On entering the tunnel the beeswax candles could be seen extending into the distance to where the bulldog ants were working at the digging face.
  • "OK, Crystal," Tanisha said, then turned to take Jon in her arms. Two hours up to Lees, maybe a little moreit would be their longest separation in weeks. Since they worked at the same job, they were rarely apart; sometimes they might go weeks before being separated for an hour. But, that was the way they liked it; despite the differences in their backgrounds, they almost always saw things the same way. They almost never disagreed on thingsand never, not once, had they ever had anything that could be called an argument. She threw her arms around her husband and gave him a kiss, then whispered in his ear, "Do the right thing."
  • After a month of working at the museum, Will was still amazed at the security installation. The bio-metrics took a while to get used to and sometimes slowed things down a bit, but they sure made the building secure.
  • The men in the tender jumped to the ground. So, likewise, did George, the engineer and his assistant. Andrews remained standing in the cab. He looked like some sea captain who was waiting to sink beneath the waves in his deserted ship. He worked at the lever and touched the valve, and then leaped from his post to the roadbed. The next moment "The General" was moving backwards towards the oncoming "Texas."
  • After the meal and exchanging hugs and other pleasantries Connor told them to be at his mothers house around noon for the public opening. David drove him home to expedite the plans before nightfall. At around five in the evening they arrived at the house on Friday afternoon. School would be out for the weekend and both teachers and students would already be home. Connor walked inside his house with the filled duffle bag, Tool and the chest harness, but he first need to clean up from working at the forge all day.
  • Gallant nodded after some forethought. "Dont say anything to Doughty, sir, and Im still struggling with the moral implications myself, but what she said made sense. And she proved it. At least to me. She is everything Ive ever wanted in a wife. She claims that I am likewise for her. Nightshade has been here for two hundred years and has worked at one of the markets nearest the gate to make sure she found the right man the moment he entered the gate. In the few hours Ive known her, I know more about her than I know about my own wife."
  • David works at getting the strap tied in a bow. When its finally done Jim says, ‘So youre off to Graylands, Amy. To sort out the loony buggers.’
  • In an hour Jimmie declared that they should be out of sight of the island altogether. The engines had been working at full speed ahead. Harry nursed the machinery constantly, knowing that it was new and would, therefore, require considerable care. Their urgent need for speed induced the lads to crowd the machinery to the limit, and Harry was gratified to note that every part responded properly to its task.
  • Youre going to hear testimony that a Dr. Robert Gallo, who worked at the United StatesNational Institutes of Health, announced at a press conference in 1984 that a virus he claimed he discovered, which was later to be named HIV, was the probable cause of AIDS. There were lots of problems with that announcement that came out later in various investigations, including an investigation by a congressional subcommittee proving that Dr. Gallo had stolen the virus he said he discovered from a French scientist by the name of Dr. Luc Montagnier. Dr. Gallo, just a few hours before this press conference, had also filed a patent application for these HIV tests that were talking about. Trouble is, it was also proven that he lied on that patent application.
  • I laughed and then led the way, Tom following close behind, till we entered a sort of court yard surrounded by sheds, with men and women busily at work at what I afterwards learned was the preparation of the cocoa.
  • I got a breather from it when Shelly took another customer. Some old guy who couldnt get his credit card to work at the pump.
  • "It so happened that we had Charlie Cross working at that station at that time, but the message did not apply to him, nor, for that matter, to his ink. On second consideration and reading, the message read very differently. 'Cross' was the code name of the station; 'All' meant that his barometer read 30.02 and that his morning temperature was zero; 'My' conveyed the information that his sky was clear, the wind from the south and that his minimum temperature for the night was zero; 'Ink' informed us that the wind velocity at the station was six miles an hour and that he could not add the usual height of the water in the Mississippi as the river was 'frozen.' Similar code messages are sent in twice a day from each of the two hundred stations.
  • He was a methodical man and had little time for the work at hand, for the mail-boat was waiting to carry him to another station. Books, quarters, and stores were in apple-pie order, and inwardly Hamilton raised his voice in praise of the young man, who strode silently and fiercely by his side, his face still distorted with a new-found fierceness.
  • They then prepared for their desperate venture. All the provisions and water that could be needed were put on board of each boat. Firearms were not forgotten. Arrangements were made for a long and arduous voyage. The men still worked at the pumps; and though the water gained on them, yet time was gained for completing these important preparations.
  • This leg proved quite hard work at times as we were flying into an increasingly gusty head wind.
  • Robinson worked at enlarging his shelter a little every day. He was sorely at loss to find something in which to carry the dirt away from the entrance, or enough so that it would not choke up the opening. A large clam shell was all he could think of at present. He would carry the dirt to the entrance and some distance away, and then throw it. Fortunately the ground sloped away rapidly, so that he needed a kind of platform before his door.
  • They applied for their application blanks and walked over to a desk to fill them out. As they were hard at work at this, Jack Curtiss and his two chums entered the office.
  • "Im Samantha. Im a nurse; I work at a hospital around here. Dominic is my husband. Im helping him to fulfill the destiny of our race, and so will you."
  • Would the schooner cover the distance? If so, would she escape being dashed to pieces in the thundering surf? These were the questions which agitated our minds as, impelled by the breeze, she drove through the water. We of ourselves could do nothing save work at the pumps and wait for what might happen.
  • Liseli didnt follow, instead gritted her teeth and walked over to a prone Ricallyn woman. No sense in wasting time standing around waiting. She couldnt carry the corpse herself but she could at least work at pushing and pulling it closer to the door. She glanced over at a watchful dog and shuddered, shaking her head as she bent to touch what had once been a woman. If only the dogs would just go away, fade into the shadows, now that they werent needed. Instead they seemed to grin as they watched her tend to their kill. She supposed she should be thankful they werent trying to feast on the bodies. That, she didnt think she could take.
  • Satisfied with this, the carpenter set to work at the end of one of the joists, using a sharp axe so deftly that the great wedge-like chips began to fly, and in a minute's time he had cut right through.
  • Mark ashby was given a blue mohican hairstyle by his parents as a reward for hard work at school in omaha, nebraska.
  • Kelloran turned it over to the Assistant Coordinator. Another woman. Caitlin something. She occupied the local version of Kellorans job. The step below. A once-a-year assignment with no traveling. No salary or benes. But I realized I would likely need to work at that level before moving up to Kellorans level. Once again I would be looking ahead to a series of rungs on a ladder. Paying my own dues.
  • The woman cleared her throat. "Our owner is not here right now, hes taking the day off, and I dont know where he is. And I used to work at a sketchy place on the bad end of Melrose for five years. You cant scare me with your intimidation techniques. Ive had guns pulled on me more than once, and your silly wings don't scare me," she squeaked defiantly.
  • Chris Bole at the time of this incident was on day thirty-four of his habitation of the Pink House. Chris studied computer science at Queens. Levin, Levin MacHill, Emmett, Barry, James and Neil knew Chris asthe nice chap who works at the Co-op’. This nice chap was looking for somewhere else to stay because hewell, lets just say that he needed to move. Suffice to say that since Fallah had gone there was a room spare in the Big Pink and it was quickly taken over by Chris. Chris moved in with his NTL connection, computer, TV and two laptrays with beanbag cushions. These two latter objects were instantly seized by the Big Pink folk as the great assist they represented. Chris knew this would happen: written in the corner of one laptray wasNot for use by stoners in rolling joints. This means you!’ Nonetheless: the trays were used for that purpose. Not that Chris was unduly discomfited.
  • Amanda stopped working at Organic Nation but still believed wholeheartedly in the product. She lived just outside of the town of Huntington and ate many of her meals at the ON location in town. On this particular night, she called ahead and walked in to pick up her take-out order. People waiting for their order sat on long, bright green bench made of recycled materials, which was situated near the front of the restaurant.
  • I didn't know. I kissed him again. He smiled, turned to the last bit of work at hand, let down the top bunk and unfolded the mattress and duvet.
  • These, under Arnold's direction, worked almost day and night at the task before them. Three of the air-ships were put together at a time, twenty men working at each, and within a month from the time that the Avondale discharged her cargo, the twelve new vessels were ready to take the air.
  • Cody had always been a great shot--not only an accurate, but a wonderfully quick shooter. This skill and quickness had saved his life many times. When he was not at work at some specific duty he would hunt buffaloes, riding forth over the plains on a horse he had trained to hunt. As a herd of buffaloes--and there were hundreds of them--was seen approaching some camp where Cody was, he would mount his horse, throw the reins on his neck, and sit quietly while the animal ran diagonally toward the herd at full speed, selected of his own will the last of the herd, and worked with all his keen, nervous ability until he brought his rider close alongside the shaggy animal. There is but one spot that is very vulnerable in a buffalo. You may shoot a dozen times and hardly wound him, but if one shot reaches the vital spot, the animal drops dead in his tracks. Again and again the men of the plains have seen Cody start out on his horse and within a few minutes from the firing of the first shot drop ten or a dozen of the wild beasts of the prairie.
  • I asked her what she had meant when she had told me before that she would "get" Briggs. "It probably wont work at all," she said sniffling. "It was silly of me to think it would. I should have just moved out the day I found that damn girls scrunchy in his office instead of dreaming up some hare-brained scheme for revenge."
  • We all came to the decision to stay home with our children independently. Gigi stayed home because her mother strongly suggested it was the only way to properly raise a child, and Gigi is one of the most nonconfrontational people I know. I stayed home to raise my son because at the salary I was making, full-time childcare would have meant I was paying to work at my job. Dawn had not decided what to do by the time she was in her sixth month of pregnancy. One day, she got pissed off at her boss and quit. She told him that she was leaving to stay home and raise her child, which would be far more rewarding than working for him. That last one sends us into gales of laughter every time. More rewarding? Oh, that Dawn -- what a cutup!
  • I was happy to see no evidence of disapproval. He followed with, "What are you going to do during your hiatus? Go back to work at Tasty Burger? Travel around Europe? Or just hang out?"
  • We remained mute, not stirring, and not knowing what surprise awaited us, whether agreeable or disagreeable. A sliding noise was heard: one would have said that panels were working at the sides of the Nautilus.
  • They put him to work at once, getting ready the baggage, and when this was completed, they sought out Melton to say good-bye. They wrung his hand until he laughingly protested that they wanted to cripple him.
  • That's right, Jack, the captain said as the lad mounted to the poop; "nothing like getting into harness in good time. We only took possession of the barque yesterday, and have put the hands to work this morning. I thought you had better come to work at once, because there is nothing like learning things from the beginning; and if you keep your eyes open you will learn as much as to the way things should be done as you would do in six months afloat. Mr. Timmins, this is Jack Robson, who sails with us as a midshipman. He is the lad I told you of who aided in saving all our lives on board the Petrel. If it had not been for him and the two men with him the house of Godstone
  • Ki Sing was cook and general servant to the little party, and performed his duties in a very satisfactory manner--better than either Ben or Bradley could have done--and left his white employers freer to work at the more congenial occupation of searching for gold.
  • The great tree offered so pleasant a camping place that we decided to pass the night there, and after a look round to see if there was likely to be danger lurking near, the fire was lit, the blacks setting to work at once to collect wood when they had put down their burdens. Then food was prepared and a hearty meal enjoyed, the restful sensation that came over us after the day's exertion being most delicious. Then one by one our followers dropped asleep, Jack Penny, who was still rather grumpy, last.
  • I feel a familiar swelling of pride. I like it when people understand how good I am at my job. working at V/DT was hard on my ego: after all, my job there was to do a perfectly rotten job, to design the worst user experiences that plausibility would allow. God, did I really do that for two whole goddamned years?
  • Ah! that day when he had stepped down from the mowing machine and had been ensnared by the idea of improving it. Why had he ever taken it up? Did he need money? No. Or was the work at a standstill? No. But the steel would on; it had need of a man; it had taken him by the throat and said, "You shall!"
  • 'Well, but, my friend, is it not needful that I should? When I go there I shall be all alone, and my friend Harker Joanna, nay, pardon me. I fall into my country's habit of putting your patronymic first, my friend Joanna Harker will not be by my side to correct and aid me. She will be in Exeter, miles away, probably working at papers of the law with my other friend, Peta Hawkins. So!'
  • I hope not when we're on it, working at our motor! Jack could not keep from exclaiming, looking with more interest than ever at the monster berg that had come all this distance from some glacier a thousand miles away, perhaps several times that distance, and would sooner or later lose itself in sub-tropical waters.
  • She selected a packet and opened it. The biscuit inside was too hard to chew. The point, she guessed, was to work at it slowly, and when she did, her hunger faded. It made her thirsty, though. The pump was not hard to find, set beside a stone sink with a drain. A row of tin cups hung on hooks on the wall. She helped herself to one. The water was cold and good.
  • Books didn't relax, but his voice returned to a less agitated register. "The enforcers do whatever Hollowcrest wants. My son, Enis, was only fourteen. He was so excited to earn a summer job working at the newspaper. He wanted to prove he could do more than run the presses. He set out to find stories, but he was...a little too good at investigating." Books sighed and looked over her head, eyes distant. "He saw Hollowcrest and his flunkies murder a Nurian diplomat. He ran back to me at work, but they'd seen him, and I didn't get him to safety in time. It's all my fault. If I'd believed him right away..." Books drained the rest of the bottle. "The enforcers cut him down in the courtyard below my office window. I screamed, and they saw me. I should have just stayed there, let them finish me. What was left after that? My wife left years ago." He picked at a thread on the chair arm. "But, coward that I am, I ran."
  • In one instance, he could see that there were eight victims with good credit records and very little credit activity that were targeted by the ring by using different addresses. He also could tell that one of the fraudsters worked at a medical facility, suggesting where the identities might have originated.
  • For a number years he was employed as a relief projectionist enabling him to work at many cinemas in the chain gaining valuable experience.
  • At the same time, several thousand miles away, Zhu Wen was looking at his computer screen in China. He was smoking another of his Zhongnanhai cigarettes. He loved smoking, and was a confirmed Chinese nicotine addict. As he smoked and worked at his computer, an alert popped up on his screen from the special security software that Lucky had installed.
  • Now, said the general, "you may as well go about the work at once. Further delay is useless. But you cannot go in those uniforms. Didn't you lay in some other clothes, as you suggested?"
  • Damache bounced from sales job to sales job - he worked at a drug store, a telephone call center, a real estate agency and an insurance firm. To comply with Irish welfare and immigration law, each time he lost a job he enrolled in computer-training programs, giving him access to computers and a reason to spend a lot of time online.
  • It was a decent challenge, but the more I worked at it, the more I could feel my energy expand. I began to be able to feel the edges of it. It took a while to stop the heat. The rock I practiced on glowed red at first, but in the end I was able to leave it cool as I blew fire from my palms over it.
  • "Well, you can imagine how hard it was to settle down to arduous work at 2 pounds a week when I knew that I could earn as much in a day by smearing my face with a little paint, laying my cap on the ground, and sitting still. It was a long fight between my pride and the money, but the dollars won at last, and I threw up reporting and sat day after day in the corner which I had first chosen, inspiring pity by my ghastly face and filling my pockets with coppers. Only one man knew my secret. He was the keeper of a low den in which I used to lodge in Swandam Lane, where I could every morning emerge as a squalid beggar and in the evenings transform myself into a well-dressed man about town. This fellow, a Lascar, was well paid by me for his rooms, so that I knew that my secret was safe in his possession.
  • In about two minutes I was holding up a line of trucks a block long and those drivers were saying a lot of things that were not very complimentary to me and not printed in Sunday-school papers. And old Blink Broosmore was right up at the head of the line with a truck load of cases from the box factory and the look on his face was about as ugly as a mud turtle's. Then, to make matters worse, my starter wouldn't work at the critical moment, and I had to get out to crank the engine. What a howl of indignation went up from those stalled truck drivers! I felt like a bad two-cent piece in a drawer full of five-dollar gold pieces. Guess my face was red behind my ears.
  • What astonished me more than anything was that they would go on working at all--as if nothing had happened--when I split open one of their dwellings and many of the channels, which must have been normally in the dark--were now exposed to the light. This made me suspect that their vision was either missing altogether or was very defective.
  • By the way, Bentley, said Eustace presently. "Talking about that outbuilding. I've decided to knock out the partition--it's only a wooden one--between the two rooms next to the storeroom, turn them into one, and use it as a bedroom for myself. The house is rather congested with the lot of us in it, after all. We might go to work at it this afternoon."
  • The name speaks for itself. Where else would a shallow guy go to get his mojo jump-started? Good news travels fast in Manhattan, so Sam didnt hesitate when an acquaintance told him about the opportunity to work at Camp Hook-Up every weekend in the summer. Actually, the camp operated from May until October and promised a fun time for all of its adult inhabitants.
  • I stood up and straightened my shoulders. "But perhaps there are other countries less difficult to please," I said, "where I can lose myself and be forgotten, and where I can see service. After all, a soldier's business is to fight, not to sit at a post all day or to do a clerk's work at Washington."
  • "Id love to, but Ive got to work early in the morning." When he wasnt delivering pizzas for Luigi, Owen worked at the local bakery, which meant he had to be up bright and early to get the weekend bread baked. "Can I take a rain check?"
  • A few days' toil with a tractor and bulldozer had carved wide, muddy swatches into the woods. Pa and the negro men were working at the edge of an island of jungle. Pa had his shirt off. His shoulders were red from the sun, but I knew from our trips to the beach that what burned Ma or me would only tan Pa.
  • Since 1991 sarah and jim have worked at west dean gardens restoring the walled kitchen garden including 16 glasshouses and frames.
  • He sat frozen, watching the man. Then, as the stranger reached the far side of the cave, Rick came to life. If he lost this man, who obviously knew his way around, he was finished! working at top speed he untied his shoelaces and slipped off his shoes. Then, in stocking feet, he padded silently across the floor.
  • He lunched hurriedly at a bar, resumed his stroll and suddenly stopped, petrified, astounded and confused. He was walking under the gateway of the very house in the Rue de Surne to which Lupin had enticed him a few hours earlier! A force stronger than his own will was drawing him there once more. The solution of the problem lay there. There and there alone were all the elements of the truth. Do and say what he would, Lupin's assertions were so precise, his calculations so accurate, that, worried to the innermost recesses of his being by so prodigious a display of perspicacity, he could not do other than take up the work at the point where his enemy had left it.
  • As soon as Dick could leave his work at the pumps, he hurried back to the child, and threw himself down to rest by his side.
  • Seas such as I had never dreamed of were breaking on the bar before us. Overhead a storm was gathering. In the offing, it was reported, there sailed a strange and hostile ship. And in the brig Adventure there were contradictory orders and tangled ropes and men working at cross purposes.
  • "It's like going to see the steel works at Seraing at night," said Paul. "Except that there's less glare from the blast furnaces, of course."
  • After she had become accustomed to the smell of rancid oil and dyestuffs and the interminable racket of machinery she did not find her work at the knitting mill disagreeable. It was like any work, she imagined, an uninteresting task which had to be done.
  • Tom Gordon was approaching young manhood. He was a tall, sturdy boy, with a fair education, and it was high time that he set to work at the serious business of life. Providence had ordered that he should pass through more than one stirring experience. He had knocked about the world a good deal more than falls to the lot of most lads of his age, and had acquired valuable knowledge. He had learned much of the ways of men, and had undergone a schooling, rough of itself, but fitted to qualify him for the rebuffs of fortune to which we must all become accustomed.
  • These men are trying to put their crime on me, Don Miguel now said, fury in his tone. "They know that I left Mr. Cameron working at his desk. They were in the corridor and saw me pass down the elevator, which was making its last trip at that moment. They were whispering in a corner, in sight of the door to the Cameron suite. They took advantage of circumstances to place the crime on me."
  • "You looking for me?" he asked. He smiled. He had thought about her all night Friday, all day yesterday, and had her on his mind as he worked at chiseling a thick, wide piece of oak in the very beginning of a wood sculpture of two Double-crested cormorants sweeping across Huntington Bay. He had been thinking about this piece for a long time. The tree man who rented space in the truck yard next store, had become a source of great hunks of wood in exchange for a few dozen clams every once in a while. He brought the oak to him just before Christmas, and Billy had given him a sculpture of a red tailed hawk for his wife, who was fascinated by Central Park's Pale Male. Billy's model was a hawk he had often seen while clamming in the bay near the mouth of Long Island Sound.
  • Brimmer would have passed, in all probability, had he not been unstrung by the knowledge that four of his comrades were working to secure the evidence which should warrant his expulsion from the Naval Academy. Oppressed by dread, this young scoundrel was not capable of doing his best work at the semi-annuals.
  • He made the line fast to a thwart near the bow. Holding fast with one hand, he drew the swamped canoe up to the launch. In that continuous roll it was no easy task to get Stella aboard, but they managed it, and presently she sat shivering in the cockpit, watching the man spill the water out of the Peterboro till it rode buoyantly again. Then he went to work at his engine methodically, wiping dry the ignition terminals, all the various connections where moisture could effect a short circuit. At the end of a few minutes, he turned the starting crank. The multiple cylinders fired with a roar.
  • Monsieur, said the baron to the duke, "all the servants of his majesty must approve of the latest intelligence which we have from the Island of Elba. Bonaparte"--M. Dandre looked at Louis XVIII., who, employed in writing a note, did not even raise his head. "Bonaparte," continued the baron, "is mortally wearied, and passes whole days in watching his miners at work at Porto-Longone."
  • All hands now set to work at clearing the pit, in order to save the young giraffes from being killed; that is, if they were yet living. Rheims with loops at the ends were thrown over the heads of the antelopes and other small game, by which they could be hauled out.
  • When the work at the land's office gave out, Jack did all sorts of jobs about town, and at last, one shearing season, when there was a heavy clip of wool, and shearers were getting L1 a hundred, he decided to go out back. I know that Clara was against it, but he argued that it was the only chance for him, and she persuaded herself that she could trust him. I was knocking about Solong at the time, and Jack and I decided to go out together and share his packhorse between us. He wrote to Beenaway Shed, about three hundred: miles north-west in the Great Scrubs, and got pens for both of us.
  • Such was the state of matters when our hero, Bill Bowls, was conveyed on board the Waterwitch, a seventy-four gun frigate, and set to work at once to learn his duty.
  • Looking interested, the man bent forward and, with a muttered word of apology, picked up the schedule on which Hamilton was working at the time. "This must be one o' mine!" he said, with an air of surprise.
  • I had been careful not to disturb the seals. I did not want any of them until the weather got cold enough to freeze their flesh. I thought of oil from their blubber, but I had nothing to hold it. When I had finished my hut I began to hunt about to see if I could find drift-wood, but I could only find a few pieces in the cove, and gave it up, for I did not see how I could anyhow keep up a fire through the winter. Then I bethought me that the penguins could furnish me with feathers, and I set to work at them with earnest, and in a week had filled my cave two feet deep with feathers."
  • "'A plank of wood'! said the Miller; 'why, that is just what I want for the roof of my barn. There is a very large hole in it, and the corn will all get damp if I don't stop it up. How lucky you mentioned it! It is quite remarkable how one good action always breeds another. I have given you my wheelbarrow, and now you are going to give me your plank. Of course, the wheelbarrow is worth far more than the plank, but true, friendship never notices things like that. Pray get it at once, and I will set to work at my barn this very day.'
  • The frizzy-haired kid stopped pushing and stood up straight. He scrolled away on his smart phone. "Hey guys. I just got a lead on Eleni. A friend of mine says he thinks she works at GreenStar."
  • Jack replied, "A friend of mine makes these. He works at a garden center so he can get all the ingredients he needs. They're pretty strong stuff." In short moments, everyone present had taken one. They drank rum-cokes and talked as they waited for the acid to take effect.
  • Miles and his friend Brown, after their work at the jetty, had chanced to return to the Institute at the moment referred to in the last chapter, when the poor young widow, having become resigned, had been led through the passage to her bedroom. Our hero happened to catch sight of her face, and it made a very powerful impression on him--an impression which was greatly deepened afterwards on hearing of her death.
  • Alfonso went on, "He told us he worked at different farms for twelve years as a farm laborer. He even joined the National Farmers Alliance, which is an organized group of farmers that fights for workers rights, but he still couldnt make a decent living. He and his family are heading down to a farm west of Kansas City to work. He said out here in the west, he wont have to compete with the cheap black laborers. He said those people would work for nothing." (In 1900, 75 million people lived in the United States, only 20 million people lived west of the Mississippi, 4 ½ million were farm laborers.)
  • The doctor and Kennedy went to work at once, but they encountered great difficulty. They had to tear the strong silk away piece by piece, and then cut it in narrow strips so as to extricate it from the meshes of the network. The tear made by the beaks of the condors was found to be several feet in length.
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