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work at
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Okunuşu: / wəːk at / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work at
Ekler: works at/worked at/work·ing at


çalışmak, çabalamak.

work at için örnek cümleler:

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  • She smiled and replied, "Cameron Breslin. I would be honored, but make it tomorrow afternoon because I work at night."
  • I stood up and straightened my shoulders. "But perhaps there are other countries less difficult to please," I said, "where I can lose myself and be forgotten, and where I can see service. After all, a soldier's business is to fight, not to sit at a post all day or to do a clerk's work at Washington."
  • The day was consumed in the petty affairs attendant upon such a campaign. When his three old partners went away to their work at four o'clock in the afternoon, a wire had come from far out north that a man who was competent to run the line was starting for Goldite forthwith.
  • Instantly the rescuer's Camp Fire training in the reviving of a person from a faint stimulated in her a sort of professional interest in the task before her, and she started forward to begin work at once. First she must loosen her patient's clothing to make it as easy as possible for her to breathe. Then she must get her in a supine position with her head slightly lower than any other part of her body in order that the brain might get a plentiful supply of blood.
  • It is unnecessary to say that Ayrton had been provided with this comfortable clothing. Cyrus Harding proposed that he should come to spend the bad season with them in Granite House, where he would be better lodged than at the corral, and Ayrton promised to do so, as soon as the last work at the corral was finished. He did this towards the middle of April. From that time Ayrton shared the common life, and made himself useful on all occasions; but still humble and sad, he never took part in the pleasures of his companions.
  • Your name is Jeremy Jeremiah, and you live at 129 Baker Rd., apartment 211. You have a roommate named Ed. You work at Fine Fashion Clothiers. The store is run by your father. Your mother is alive and well, and you have two sisters, Clarice and Annette. They all live at your fathers house at 339 Global Crescent, in the suburbs.
  • He eventually settled on Sperling, who had been working at the Treasury Department as a counselor to Secretary Timothy F. Geithner.
  • I am, sir; his only son. He left but two of us, a son and a daughter; and, though under no necessity to work at all, I wish to make this Miles Wallingford as good a seaman as the last, and, I hope, as honest a man.
  • No; it is Abyssinia, replied the captain. "It is a country containing 200,000 square miles, nearly three-fourths of the size of Texas. It consists of tableland about 7,000 feet high, and there are peaks within its borders 15,000 feet high. It has a lake sixty miles long, and you have been told something about its rivers in connection with the sources of the Nile. It is rich in minerals, but the mines are hardly worked at all.
  • Cameron couldnt resist, "You divorced that whore because she worked at Hooters and was sleeping with half of the customers."
  • Im going to be late,’ Gwynne complained. He worked at the EasyHomes DIY Superstore in East Acton. He did the Sunday shift for the extra fifty pence per hour.
  • Steadily the airship again climbed up toward the clouds, from which she had so nearly fallen. And with a sandwich and a cup of coffee beside him, Mr. Vardon worked at the wires, putting in permanent ones in place of the temporary conductors. This could be done without stopping the motor.
  • The captain looked at Shaa for a moment, his hands still and the pipe forgotten. "You know, it is true," he continued, after the pause for consideration, resuming work at the same time on his pipe, "that a mariner does not often get the chance to engage in conversation of the sort I have engaged in with you, especially while at sea, dont you know. That being said, and that being no less than the truth, it must also be said that never in all my years of roaming the waterways of the known world, aye and seas and oceans beyond the commonly known, too, never, as I say, I can state with confidence, have I heard before today any person refer to any ship as having sinews."
  • Tapper stopped walking and looked at her. "Look, miss. I am not embarrassed about her, or her working at the sauna. Its not that."
  • "I think you just ran something by me that didnt stop. But, hey, were working with you, not me." The restaurant was mostly empty at this time of day. Agnew had just got off work at the university, and Poe had met him on this plaza. Neither had any idea Copeman was trying to find them, or that the Prime Minister was in consultation with the army at the moment.
  • There were various causes that induced this state of comparative inaction. In the first place, although everything around us was so delightful, and we could without difficulty obtain all that we required for our bodily comfort, we did not quite like the idea of settling down here for the rest of our lives, far away from our friends and our native land. To set energetically about preparations for a permanent residence seemed so like making up our minds to saying adieu to home and friends for ever, that we tacitly shrank from it and put off our preparations, for one reason and another, as long as we could. Then there was a little uncertainty still as to there being natives on the island, and we entertained a kind of faint hope that a ship might come and take us off. But as day after day passed, and neither savages nor ships appeared, we gave up all hope of an early deliverance and set diligently to work at our homestead.
  • Dimsdale Road, Hoggs Lane and Norrington Road have been closed while emergency services work at the scene and detectives begin forensic examinations.
  • "I felt myself again paralyzed. My heart sank in my chest and I think I would have wept from frustration if I had been able to. I heard the crunch of the Colonel's boots across the stones of the shore as he approached. His hands started working at the knots that secured me."
  • While this was doing on the one hand and the ships were being refitted for sea on the other, Captain Blood was pondering the riddle on the solution of which his own fate depended. Indian spies whom he employed brought him word that the Spaniards, working at low tide, had salved the thirty guns of the Salvador, and thus had added yet another battery to their already overwhelming strength. In the end, and hoping for inspiration on the spot, Captain Blood made a reconnaissance in person. At the risk of his life, accompanied by two friendly Indians, he crossed to the island in a canoe under cover of dark. They concealed themselves and the canoe in the short thick scrub with which that side of the island was densely covered, and lay there until daybreak. Then Blood went forward alone, and with infinite precaution, to make his survey. He went to verify a suspicion that he had formed, and approached the fort as nearly as he dared and a deal nearer than was safe.
  • It seemed he had been fully briefed on Zelko Corp. "The Fishbowl was kind of from a joke." I smiled. "On a normal dayif there is ever a normal day for meI do autopsies on bodies that are suspected or deemedsupernatural.’ We have some very rich, very bored investors who pay us a lot of money to tell themno, he wasnt a demon, he just had a really bad skin diseaseoryes, he was very hairy, but sorry, he wasnt a werewolf.’ This is the first time Ive been completely baffled. Those"—I almost said angels—"bodies are different. I was actually scared for the first time since I started working at Zelko Corp." I wanted to put my hands over my mouth, shocked that I had just admitted that.
  • As Christmas drew near, the weather increased in severity. Blinding snow-squalls swept whirling from the northeast, accompanied by a high wind. The air was full of it,--fine, dry, powdery, like the dust of glass. The men worked covered with it as a tree is covered after a sleet. Sometimes it was impossible to work at all for hours at a time, but Thorpe did not allow a bad morning to spoil a good afternoon. The instant a lull fell on the storm, he was out with his scaling rule, and he expected the men to give him something to scale. He grappled the fierce winter by the throat, and shook from it the price of success.
  • 'If you can't see the potential political fallout when there is the possibility of a suspected Islamic terrorist being broken out of prison by a group of gay liberationists, I obviously made a great mistake employing you as my press secretary. And as for you being gay don't you realise that you were fully investigated by the secret services before being accepted to work at Parliament House. I've known since you started here.' This was a lie, as both of them were fully aware, but this was hardly the time for Lawrence to point that out.
  • But this is just the kind of thing that'll give you some idea of what you have to go through if you really want to be a true survivor. You can forget whatever they told you. A survivor has to be prepared for everything, not just the glamorous stuff, 'cause you never know just what might do you in. Danger lurks in every little thing. So a real survivor passes all the tests, no matter how big and no matter how small they might appear at first. Take it from me. I know. I've been there. And survival isn't something that just stops. You got to keep working at it all your life. I've devoted my life to it, and I've never been sorry, not even for a moment. Survival is the art of staying alive.
  • The Deputy Commissioner states, the superintendent continued, looking over the letter, "that you expect to join the Bureau permanently, and that you have been doing some work at college on fishes."
  • Over the next 5 hours we found out that these were the belongings of a guy named Dennis. He had died 4 months beforehand and that explained why the storage locker had been up for auction in the first place. We found out he died from Google, after we learned every damn thing about him which obviously included his name and where he was from. Here is where funny and sucks parted ways. He had been 57 when he passed away, he was somewhat mentally handicapped and spent years working at a grocery store. We knew this because he had kept his time cards and the hat he had worn to work. He had been married for awhile but his wife had left him. We found this out reading the painful letters and cards he had kept. He had spent the last years of his life in a group home.
  • "They must be done, my man. I don't care how roughly they are made, nor how badly sewn, but they must be cut to this pattern. Get as many men as you require to sew, and begin work at once. I'll send this boy to you soon, for you to get the pattern of his garment."
  • After the tackling was prepared and in good working order, it took me the greater part of a day to hoist the main-top sail. As I could not steer and work at this at the same time, I lashed the helm in such a position that, with a little watching now and then, it kept the schooner in her proper course. By this means I was enabled also to go about the deck and down below for things that I wanted, as occasion required; also to cook and eat my victuals. But I did not dare to trust to this plan during the three hours of rest that I allowed myself at night, as the wind might have shifted, in which case I should have been blown far out of my course ere I awoke. I was, therefore, in the habit of heaving-to during those three hours; that is, fixing the rudder and the sails in such a position as that by acting against each other, they would keep the ship stationary. After my night's rest, therefore, I had only to make allowance for the lee-way she had made, and so resume my course.
  • They sit on two, rented deck chairs. Sandra is working on a tan while Mrs. Z. is working on a young German from the Volkswagen Company; he is traveling with twenty other Volkswagen Company employees who head for the States to work at various V.W. automobile dealerships.
  • He returned to the room that comprised his home. It felt more empty than usual. The other voices that filled this hovel were gone. Riga's vibrant conversation and her occasional laughter. Tsitka's cry for food or chortle of pleasure. Eric's visits after work at the theater. Now, the small apartment housed only the din of Larry's frustrated thoughts and the echoes of police sirens. If the eardrums that resounded his inner voices could be lanced, he would do it. He had no escape; no reconciliation within his mind and no repair in his life.
  • I had been setting my alarm slightly early for the last few days and had a new morning ritual. I didnt drink coffee like most of my co-workers but I needed a way to wake up. I hated needing something in the morning to get me going, so I had tried going to bed early, taking cold showersyou know the drill. It wasnt me that made it hard to get up in the morning; it was that I went into work at 6:30 a.m. and more importantly, I was an insurance auditor. Not only did I sit on my butt all day long, but I spent my day looking at tax forms and profit and loss statements. I needed something but I just couldnt find it. I tried Dr. Pepper but the problem with that was it was sweet and at that time in the morning I just couldnt down it. I didnt care for coffee; I had given it up years ago but I was worried that it was my only option. As always, when it seemed that all was lost, Facebook saved me.
  • It was not a happy task, or a light one, and he worked at it absolutely alone except for Allard's passionate and powerless sympathy. But still he worked. And because there was so much to be done, it seemed to him that the days slipped through his fingers like beads of a broken chain.
  • She had reams of them, different colors and makes, what they used in addition to her birth control pills, but now they were changing in necessity. Since Marthe went to work at the city hospital, a rubbers purpose hadnt been only to prevent conception, but to preempt illness, illnesses that only led to death.
  • Archy did as he was bid, and felt his way in the dark, till he found himself among the empty casks in the hold, which were stowed ready for use. There were certain spaces between the tiers which would afford him room to hide himself away. Into one of these he crept, and lay down waiting for Max. He fancied that where he was he should not be seen by anyone moving about the hold, unless expressly looking for him. He thought that Max was a long time in coming, and perhaps would not come at all. On the return of daylight, which would stream down through the open hatchway, should he not be discovered? he thought. The crew would certainly be at work at an early hour, and he might not have time to find a more secure hiding-place. Then he would have to undergo the annoyance and disgrace of being put on shore, and severely reprimanded by the captain, a very severe man, he had been told. At last he heard some one moving, and presently a light fell on his eyes. He was afraid to stir, almost to breathe, lest he should be discovered.
  • The short-handed crew went to work at the pumps, but, after two days' hard labor, it was found that the water in the hold steadily gained upon the pumps, and there was no doubt that the Miranda was badly strained. According to a report from Burke, the water came in forward, aft, and midships. Matters were now getting very serious, and the captain and his two mates consulted together, while the three negroes pumped. It was plain to all of them that if the water kept on gaining, it would not be long before the brig must go to the bottom. To keep her afloat until they reached a port would be impossible. To reach the shore in the boats was quite possible, for they were not a hundred miles from land. But to carry their treasure to land in two small boats was a thing which need not even be considered.
  • What astonished me more than anything was that they would go on working at all--as if nothing had happened--when I split open one of their dwellings and many of the channels, which must have been normally in the dark--were now exposed to the light. This made me suspect that their vision was either missing altogether or was very defective.
  • "Bah! coiners melt their stuff and electro-gild it. These are right enough, and there's a big sum of money in there. Here, to work at once; I must have that door back in its place and the front sealed up."
  • Sandy stared at the door as it swung closed. Barb was getting sort of cool, distant. They had worked at Moss Hill Nursing Home for over three years, starting together as part-time and now full-time nurses. They were best friends. Even in nursing school they went everywhere together, studied together, shared boyfriends. But Barb seemed less friendly these days and didn't want to talk. They used to talk for hours over the phone - until her ear was hot and red. Barb had changed her hair style, cut it real short and hadn't said a thing about it. Usually that was something they would discuss for days. And she smoked a lot more than usual. Now Barb was almost unfriendly. And the way she talked. Just a word or two in each sentence, as though she couldn't be bothered to add the rest and wanted to get it over with. Funny.
  • He was a methodical man and had little time for the work at hand, for the mail-boat was waiting to carry him to another station. Books, quarters, and stores were in apple-pie order, and inwardly Hamilton raised his voice in praise of the young man, who strode silently and fiercely by his side, his face still distorted with a new-found fierceness.
  • Steadily the airship again climbed up toward the clouds, from which she had so nearly fallen. And with a sandwich and a cup of coffee beside him, Mr. Vardon worked at the wires, putting in permanent ones in place of the temporary conductors. This could be done without stopping the motor.
  • The men went to work at the pumps and worked by relays. Amidst the rush of the waves over the ship it was difficult to work advantageously, but they toiled on. Still, in spite of their efforts, the leak seemed to have increased, for the water did not lessen. With their utmost exertion they could do little more than hold their own.
  • "I can do it," Sayana replied stubbornly, "I just need to throw more energy into it." Again, she concentrated, drawing in power, focusing it in one place, and this time, a roaring ball of fire materialised between her outstretched hands, that she promptly tossed at the nearby siege engines. The fireball blazed through the air and struck the ground near the closer of the two, detonating with considerable force, and sending the bodies of the engineers working at the engine flying through the air, to land in the snow some twenty feet away, charred and smouldering.
  • Causality of reason in the intelligible character does not arise or start working at a certain time in producing an effect.
  • Walking slowly throughout the city, Steve felt as though he was being paraded by all the curious dwarves as though he was a prized prisoner of war. Many of them, well, the vast majority, Steve corrected, looked as though they had just been working at a forge, which he guessed was probably accurate. Many wore thick, protective aprons which had layers of soot, pieces of chipped stone, and small curls of metal sticking out at various places. Many were still gripping hammers and files in their hands as they stared with unabashed curiosity at the newcomers.
  • He paused from working at the grate, and tried to get into a more comfortable position. Currun muttered, "Im not breaking your fall, Markson . . . ."
  • Seas such as I had never dreamed of were breaking on the bar before us. Overhead a storm was gathering. In the offing, it was reported, there sailed a strange and hostile ship. And in the brig Adventure there were contradictory orders and tangled ropes and men working at cross purposes.
  • Old Hotchkiss had used the barrow to transport tools when he traveled to work at outlying farms. It was much like a plank table with two handles at one end and an iron banded wheel and two legs forming a tripod beneath.
  • Edgar remained at home for a week, spending much of his time, however, over his old school-books. Then he went up to town and worked at a crammer's until the examination came off, when, thanks in no small degree to the number of marks he obtained for his Arabic, he just managed to get the number necessary to qualify him. To his great satisfaction he was at once gazetted to a regiment as if he had been promoted from the ranks, instead of having to go through the course at Sandhurst, and thus gained several months' seniority. Three months' leave was granted him, and at the end of that time he joined his regiment, which was stationed at Malta.
  • I didn't know. I kissed him again. He smiled, turned to the last bit of work at hand, let down the top bunk and unfolded the mattress and duvet.
  • And from then on, they were the best of friends. Edgar was a nervous man who worked at Subway while he attempted to write a book on how math and history complemented each other. "It will be an outstandingly fascinating work," he explained, "and something that I dont have time to explain right now." Todd nodded curtly. Hed managed a C in algebra and remembered little about history except the line about "In fourteen hundred and ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue", because it was one of the tightest raps hed ever heard.
  • Fossils found in East Africa suggest that primates roamed the area more than 20 million years ago. Recent finds near Kenya's Lake Turkana indicate that hominids such as Homo habilis (1.8 and 2.5 million years ago) and Homo erectus (1.8 million to 350 000 years ago) are possible direct ancestors of modern Homo sapiens and lived in Kenya during the Pleistocene epoch. In 1984, one particular discovery made at Lake Turkana by famous palaeoanthropologist Richard Leakey and Kamoya Kimeu was the skeleton of a Turkana boy, belonging to Homo erectus from 1.6 million years ago. Previous research on early hominids is particularly identified with Mary Leakey and Louis Leakey, who were responsible for the preliminary archaeological research at Olorgesailie and Hyrax Hill. Later work at the former was undertaken by Glynn Isaac.
  • Stopping somewhat early, the Captain chose a smooth outcropping clear of debris for our camp, for nothing better showed ahead. With only a few cracks in which to drive stakes, stones were gathered from lower on the slope to hold down tent sides, for we would sleep in tents from now on. All except a few sentinels worked at rock gathering, for we needed stone to set up the great guns, and to make fire rings. As the last few were being searched out, one of the men started a viper. He kicked out at it, and it responded with a strike.
  • The real advantage of using a FONY camera was of course as we have learnt before, all concerned could view the images via the smellular net work at a later date.
  • 2. Subject to the above terms and conditions, the license granted here is perpetual (for the duration of the applicable copyright in the Work). Notwithstanding the above, Licensor reserves the right to release the Work under different license terms or to stop distributing the work at any time; provided, however that any such election will not serve to withdraw this License (or any other license that has been, or is required to be, granted under the terms of this License), and this License will continue in full force and effect unless terminated as stated above.
  • Her name, Jim soon discovered, was Katie Smith, and she was in her late twenties and worked at the library. He took her out to dinner, and she took him back to her flat over the butchers shop in York Street. Later that night he discovered she had a very comfortable double bed.
  • After a month of working at the museum, Will was still amazed at the security installation. The bio-metrics took a while to get used to and sometimes slowed things down a bit, but they sure made the building secure.
  • Question to what extent have parents been involved in the school ethos work at any stage?
  • "After graduating from Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Gallo discovered that he couldn't bear to be around sick people, and found his niche instead in the research lab, going to work at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland...."
  • Things werent going to be quite the same as before. Louie and Lulu had discussed it and agreed that Lulu would work at the Factory two days a week. On these days Rose would take care of Tiger and Lily.
  • We were an enthusiastic lot that morning, I directing and working at my flints, some preparing cords, many scraping handles with bits of the glass-like material I had found, and with which they were already familiar, while others bound my hatchets to hafts, rudely finished, and knife blades to smaller odds and ends of wood. It was remarkable how readily they grasped the meaning of various things. Their exclamations of surprise and acknowledgment of the virtue of our growing "arsenal" frequently suggested to me a something as if the fellows were surprised at the real simplicity of all and were wondering why they had never done the like before.
  • "Quite possibly," the young cleric agreed. "I shall persevere, regardless of his attitude. It's for his own good, after all." Aiden decided not to reply to that, silently pleased that at least she was able to forgive people for their flaws. The young man hoped that she would do the same for him, soon. Presently, they arrived at the smithy and stepped through the doorway. The huge blacksmith was busy arranging equipment around in preparation for further work at the forge.
  • It's strange. We've had several calls from male customers, but a few women have called too. They said that their partner took our Erecta, and it worked fine for a number of times. They'd have great sex, and then the pills wouldn't work at all another time. It seemed weird. That's not how these pills work. Erecta usually either works consistently, or not at all. Random effects are unusual.
  • That was not, apparently enough, Favoreds problem, however. It would be difficult to learn from his example, too, since the message-board he was observing most closely was almost edge-on to their observation gallery. In a panel above the primary screen was another matrix of views of scenery, and Wroclaw was pretty sure the vistas that were showing pertained intimately to the environs of the Stadium of State, where the Knitting ceremony by now was surely reaching its climax. At least part of Shaas surmise was presumably thus confirmed. Unless Favored was working at some cunningly unlikely cross purpose, the Scapula did have a confederate, and Favored was it.
  • Roy explained, "Nothing, really. It's just that he works at Stanley Hardware. Or he worked there, I guess, for the murder victim."
  • I carefully worked at the values of the rhythmic arabesques, which i wanted to present in a single tone, without any modulation.
  • The yard i used to work at used to feed oat balancer along with oats + garlic & honey.
  • Five minutes afterwards Margaret Raleigh and Roland Clewe, sitting close together by the telegraph instrument in the works at Sardis, received the following message:
  • The dozen, working at speed, constructed a boom of logs shackled end to end. This they strung slantwise across the stream. One end was moored to the lower side of the backwater's inlet; the other to the opposite bank upstream. Thus logs coming down were deflected to the backwater. Six men with pike poles manned the boom, walking to and fro on the precarious footing, shoving the logs, as they came down, toward the slough. The others saw them safe inside. Dave Cottrell sat in midstream in the peakie, a rifle across his knees, watching either bank.
  • The mascot said, "Theres no magic recipe for every life experience. Running away is sometimes the wrong thing to do too. The only thing that works is what worked at that moment. Fikna could tell you a thing or two about that. You are in big danger. Theres no study-up for this. Our instincts will prove true or they wont."
  • When the work at the land's office gave out, Jack did all sorts of jobs about town, and at last, one shearing season, when there was a heavy clip of wool, and shearers were getting L1 a hundred, he decided to go out back. I know that Clara was against it, but he argued that it was the only chance for him, and she persuaded herself that she could trust him. I was knocking about Solong at the time, and Jack and I decided to go out together and share his packhorse between us. He wrote to Beenaway Shed, about three hundred: miles north-west in the Great Scrubs, and got pens for both of us.
  • In the morning we got out the axes and went to work at the building of the raft; and, notwithstanding what Rayburn had said in regard to the ease of cutting them, I must confess that for my part I found the cutting of pine-trees very wearying and painful. My hands were blistered by it, and the muscles of my back were made extremely sore by it for several days. Indeed, the construction of a raft big enough to float us all, and our heavy packs, and El Sabio, was a serious undertaking. We spent two days and a half over it, and I never in my life was more thankful for anything than I was when at last that wretched raft was done. As Young observed, as he regarded our finished work critically, there was no style about it--for it was only a lot of rough logs, of which the upper and lower layers ran fore and aft and the middle layer transversely, the whole bound together by our pack-ropes--but it was large enough for our purposes, and it was solid and strong.
  • In so dense a fog it was necessary to adopt unusual precautions in order to prevent the boats from parting company. We therefore proceeded in single file, the launch leading, with the first cutter attached by her painter, the second cutter, in her turn, attached by her painter to the first cutter, bringing up the rear. The cutters were ordered to regulate their speed so that the connecting rope between each and the boat ahead should be just slack enough to dip into the water and no more, thus insuring that each boat's crew should do its own fair share of work at the oars.
  • Among the departures was Nikolai Petchenikov, who had worked at Paulson & Co. for 12 years and was a managing director in London, Paulson said, according to the person. The firm hired Mark Gordon, a former Soros Fund Management LLC employee, to focus on energy; Rajeev Shah, formerly of Soundpost Partners LP, for technology; and Ned Dybvig, previously of Camulos Capital LP and Soross firm, for distressed investments, Paulson said, according to the person.
  • They began working at dawn the next morning. Baker had assembled his officers in the great cabin in order to discuss the operation. They were standing around the table on which lay a chart of the southern archipelago. Anna was sitting on the aft bench, listening to the discussion, a faint smile on her mouth.
  • Then he noticed that the men engaged at the engine were confabulating. He saw a gleam of instruments. Also he saw another full bucket hitched on and sent down at the run. And then he saw the men furtively at work at something.
  • The schooner Lynx was saved, and most of the metallic work at the navy yard remained but little injured. The fine naval monument was somewhat mutilated, but whether accidentally at the time of the conflagration, or wantonly by the British, who went there the next day to complete the destructive work, is an unsettled question."
  • There was one active mind at work at that hour, however namely, that of Gorman who, after recovering from the blow given him by Dale, went to his own home on the banks of the Thames, in the unaristocratic locality of London Bridge.
  • As far as I know hes still working at the EasyHomes DIY Superstore. But hes living with that Charmaine, so I wouldnt know for sure.’
  • Asked how nerve conduction studies work at which point bell went thank goodness.
  • Her educational advantages had been far above the average, and she had improved them in a manner to gratify her friends and create for herself abundant mental resources. She had taken the full classical course at Harvard, carrying off several of the high prizes, had then enjoyed two years of post-graduate work at Clark, and finally spent two more years in foreign travel and study. As has been intimated, I had been over for her, and we were now on our way home, expecting to land on the morrow or the day after.
  • It will be mighty hard on his nerves, said he, "if he comes to know how he squatted and worked for days and weeks over that diabolical trap that opens downward. He's a strong man, but he's got enough on his nerves as it is. No, I won't tell him. He is going to do the handsome thing by us, and it would be mean for me to do the unhandsome thing by him. By George! I don't believe he could sleep for two or three nights if he knew what I know! No, sir! You just keep your mouth shut until we are safe and sound in some civilized spot, with the whole business settled, and Shirley and me discharged. Then I will tell the captain about it, so that nobody need ever trouble his mind about coming back to look for gold rings and royal mummies. If I don't get back before my watch is called, I'll brazen it out somehow. We've got to twist discipline a little when we are all hard at work at a job like this."
  • I would never have recognized the Johnsons. I have visited them several times since and their faces are familiar to me now, but I don't know whether any traces of the old likenesses worked up in my memory. I found Johnson an old man--old and grey before his time. He had a grizzly stubble round his chin and cheeks towards the end of the week, because he could only afford a shave on Saturday afternoon. He was working at some branch of his trade "in the shop" I understood, but he said he felt the work come heavier on him every winter. "I've felt very poorly this last winter or two," he said, "very poorly indeed." He was very sad and gentle.
  • Kell asked out of curiosity, then felt intrusive. None of his business, yet, Marthe knew something about him, aware he might be a father. Then Kell wondered; how was a woman like Marthe working at a place like this?
  • Jonathan looked at his boots which had suffered from recent asphalt work at the airport. "Again I want to thank you for addressing me as man" he said "and no Im not going out to clubs tonight, I need some sleep. Hey Addie" he said wanting to change the subject and tiring of talking about his clothes, "Ive got a question for you."
  • You see, Professor, he said, "the fact of the matter is that I can't spare the time. I might take a month or two, but you seem to think that a year is the least time in which any substantial results can he accomplished. I can't give a year, or anything like a year, to what, so far as I am concerned, will be sheer idleness. I've got a mother and sister at home on Cape Cod who depend on me for a living, and I must get to work again. You see, there is glory enough in all this, and glory that I should like to have a share in; but glory is a luxury that I can't afford. I've got to go to work at something that has money in it."
  • The doctor however did not waste any time in vain regrets or in exclamations of wonder: he was a medical man, and his first care was to examine the motionless form of the girl, to see how far she was hurt. She had only fainted, he shortly perceived, and he set to work at once to revive her.
  • As has been hinted, even the inexperienced newcomer noticed the lack of enthusiasm, of unity. Had he known the loyalty, devotion, and adoration that a thoroughly competent man wins from his "hands," the state of affairs would have seemed even more surprising. The lumber-jack will work sixteen, eighteen hours a day, sometimes up to the waist in water full of floating ice; sleep wet on the ground by a little fire; and then next morning will spring to work at daylight with an "Oh, no, not tired; just a little stiff, sir!" in cheerful reply to his master's inquiry,--for the right man! Only it must be a strong man,--with the strength of the wilderness in his eye.
  • We began meeting before class to get stoned in the Gardens. She replaced Steven, who was hard at work at a summer camp for young adults with mental disabilities. We became good friends and began spending most of our days together. She was a sweet girl and could be quite amusing, even more so when we were stoned.
  • One of Steinbergs colleagues was Richard Choo-Beng Lee, who worked at SAC from 1999 to 2004. Lee was among those charged in November 2009 with insider trading at another firm, the first time a former SAC employee was tied to the governments probe. He pleaded guilty and cooperated with the governments Galleon Group LLC hedge fund insider-trading case.
  • So that is that; the two young ladies go back to more important things at hand: they share a half-pint of very delicious Neapolitan ice cream and see how many American slang words they can work into a single sentence. As it turns out, Curt really does have nothing to do with the late night job; he never shows up or calls or sends notes or sends a message by way of Dave; but a handsome Korean, named Wayne Park, does. Sandra works at the job she has come to love; each night, as she closes shop after an evening on the phones, she collects all the literature she can find on the countries that interest her and her customers.
  • The doctor however did not waste any time in vain regrets or in exclamations of wonder: he was a medical man, and his first care was to examine the motionless form of the girl, to see how far she was hurt. She had only fainted, he shortly perceived, and he set to work at once to revive her.
  • "I, along with all the other people working at Amgen, signed confidentiality agreements with Abbott, preventing us from disclosing certain details about our work, so I would be liable for breach of contract. I can tell you that the Abbott and Amgen scientists shared all the developmentsgood and badsurrounding the creation of the HIV ELISA test, so I was definitely privy to this information."
  • This keel was finally finished, and by that time all along underneath we had burned and dug away a foot in depth of the wood, which meant that after the log--which was about three feet in diameter--was squared off to form the open top of the hull, the inside hollowing-out was only three or four inches deep, and we had still to dig it out fully eighteen inches more. Altogether I began to feel no little amount of pride in the general appearance and promise of the craft, hence I worked at it with feverish impetuosity.
  • I can talk and work at the same time, said Dolly. "Is everything ready? Because, if it is, so is dinner. Come on, girls! The clams first.
  • A few weeks went by and Sam thought he had it all figured out. The spring the schedule made the rounds for its lucky Club Hook-Up viewers. The people held in the highest regard would view the list of weekend themes first and sign up to work the weekend in advance. Sam had a friend named Bennie who worked at the camp and was privy to an advanced copy of the schedule. The two guys poured over the two stapled sheets like they were the answers to a final exam. For Sam, the content of the sheet meant almost as much as the actual weekend. When Sam scanned over the words Lesbian Weekend, his mind froze much as it had months earlier when he was between Natalie and Fran. In Sams misshapen world lesbian did not mean, "Hey pal, I only like girls." He saw a much deeper understanding of how he could turn an obvious disadvantage into a strength.
  • David works at getting the strap tied in a bow. When its finally done Jim says, ‘So youre off to Graylands, Amy. To sort out the loony buggers.’
  • "OK, Crystal," Tanisha said, then turned to take Jon in her arms. Two hours up to Lees, maybe a little moreit would be their longest separation in weeks. Since they worked at the same job, they were rarely apart; sometimes they might go weeks before being separated for an hour. But, that was the way they liked it; despite the differences in their backgrounds, they almost always saw things the same way. They almost never disagreed on thingsand never, not once, had they ever had anything that could be called an argument. She threw her arms around her husband and gave him a kiss, then whispered in his ear, "Do the right thing."
  • After the meal and exchanging hugs and other pleasantries Connor told them to be at his mothers house around noon for the public opening. David drove him home to expedite the plans before nightfall. At around five in the evening they arrived at the house on Friday afternoon. School would be out for the weekend and both teachers and students would already be home. Connor walked inside his house with the filled duffle bag, Tool and the chest harness, but he first need to clean up from working at the forge all day.
  • The settlers now began to talk of fetching the ballooncase, which they were anxious to place in perfect security; but to bring it, it would be necessary to take a cart to Port Balloon, and consequently, necessary to beat a road through the dense forests of the Far West. This would take some time. Also, Neb and Pencroft having gone to examine into the state of things at Port Balloon, and reported that the stock of cloth would suffer no damage in the grotto where it was stored, it was decided that the work at Prospect Heights should not be discontinued.
  • "I can understand," she nodded. "About as much fun as wiping grubby noses in the church day care center and listening to bitching that I really ought to be studying social work at Moorhead."
  • "Well work at my house, tomorrowdress is, of course, backwards shirts, black-bowtie and hi-top tennis shoes, with ripped fishnet hoseoh, a psychedelic punk rock hairstyle is requiredwell, if you wanna fit in, that is.
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