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work at
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Okunuşu: / wəːk at / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work at
Ekler: works at/worked at/work·ing at


çalışmak, çabalamak.

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  • But the works at Sardis were not given up. Margaret was not jealous of her rival, Science, and if Roland had ceased to be an inventor, a discoverer, a philosopher, simply because he had become a rich and happy husband, he would have ceased to be the Roland she had loved so long.
  • Two men to the sled, alternating between breaking trail and handling the dogs, and work at the gee-pole, is labour enough on the trail. But Connie had two outfits of dogs, and no one to help. He was in a snow-buried wilderness, back-trailing from memory the route taken by the Bear Lake Indians who had guided him into the country. And not only was he compelled to do the work of four men on the trail, but his camp work was more than doubled. For Squigg had to be fed forcibly, and each morning he had to be lashed to the sled, where he lay all day, howling, and laughing, and shrieking. At night he had to be unloaded and tended like a baby, and then put to bed where he would laugh and scream, the whole night through or else lie and whimper and pule like a beast in pain.
  • Again Ben led the way, keeping close to the edge of the runway and moving as fast as was comfortable for Winston to keep up. A gnawing feeling worked at Bens stomach. This was far too easy. Something had to go wrong. It always did. He must have been psychic. A dark shape moved in the jungle to his left. Ben stopped so abruptly that Liz collided with his back. He raised the Magnum. The first shot would be the one which alerted everyone on the island that they had visitors. Stealth and secrecy would vanish with a pull of the trigger.
  • When Mark said she Connor cracked an eye to look down at Marks expression, just to see him grinning up, waiting to see a reaction of his own. Mark is like your average size best friend and is also quite popular among the ladies, but hes never dated anyone seriously for some reason. Hes always getting good grades in every subject and in every class, like he has done this before. He could charm any lady, young or old. He has jet black spiky hair and practically liquid silver eyes. He lives by himself in an apartment, so he works at the local diner on the weekends to earn enough income to live. Apparently his parents died a long time ago and he really doesnt like talking about it so Connor leaves that particular subject alone. Marks said hes been an emancipated teen since he was thirteen which is hard to believe, but he has all the legal documents to prove his case.
  • The attack I had daily expected and against the advent of which I had laboured with such unremitting zeal, had failed to materialise. Day after day went by, with such a stillness and peace over all the world, that I began to forget the malignant Grin, who had kept the troubles simmering constantly, and to forget my fears of the savage Blacks. Without the slightest stir or bother, I kept my fellows in training with the bows, accompanied the parties on the hunt, kept the baskets and other essential properties of the camp in good condition and still found time leisurely to work at making my deadly bombs.
  • I'd stayed in rooming houses before and for two reasons. Lack of money for one, and working at the screwy private cop business for another. But the Palace was a bit different. It wasn't bad and it wasn't good, but a room there cost as much as you usually pay in a first-class hotel. And they didn't want their money in advance and that's a rule in all of them. I just said something to the landlady about a man named MacIntosh mentioning the place and I was in with no questions asked about baggage.
  • The dozen, working at speed, constructed a boom of logs shackled end to end. This they strung slantwise across the stream. One end was moored to the lower side of the backwater's inlet; the other to the opposite bank upstream. Thus logs coming down were deflected to the backwater. Six men with pike poles manned the boom, walking to and fro on the precarious footing, shoving the logs, as they came down, toward the slough. The others saw them safe inside. Dave Cottrell sat in midstream in the peakie, a rifle across his knees, watching either bank.
  • Yes, sir, after being charged with illicit-diamond-dealing with the Kaffirs working at the great Kimberley mines; and we want you to give orders for the wagon he had with him to be searched.
  • Two weeks later Kell drove to Marthes new apartment, new to him. Warehouses had been reclaimed by developers, turned into condos, Kell having run into their mutual acquaintance only a few months previous. According to Marian Williams, the women shared the space, Marthe still working at the hospital, still friends with Ash. That Ash was still up and around had been news to Kell, but when Marthe left in 1987, Kell had been excised from her existence, and those she loved. It was only coincidence he hadnt run into any of the Souzas over the last three years, a strange one for the enormity of that clan. Kell prayed Marthe hadnt joined the baby brigade. She had never wanted kids, not his, nor from anyone else that shed said. She hadnt said much when she left him, that particular issue not included in her last words.
  • A minute later another white man, whom to his amazement the paymaster recognized as his long lost "Tummas," was dragged and pushed through the throng. In his hands he bore several pots of paint and a number of rude brushes. Now he was ordered to begin work at once on his former master and decorate him in the highest style of savage art.
  • Mama worked at the big house, at the rancho. She walked there, early every morning, out the compound, down the road, and through the gardens to the hacienda. This morning there was a lift to her step she could not explain. Her son was home, afflicted with a terrible curse, yet the cool of the morning and the sounds of birds greeting the breaking day filled her with elation. She felt good.
  • I waited for the next message to appear. Colin worked at a cheese factory. When I first met him at a Luc Houtkamp show in Missouri, he was wearing his all-white work uniform. He had come to the show straight from work. He reeked of curdled milk solids.
  • That notion lasted all of about five minutes. No sooner had I started busing tables than the first shift of customers started moving out to head to work at jobs located all over the county. That's when I overheard crude language coming from a table full of workers who drove daily over to Justice City to toil in the tractor rear attachment equipment manufacturing plant. One of the group members told his co-workers he had reliable information that their jobs were being off-shored. The co-workers argued he didn't know what the hell he was talking about. According to the doubters, the entire plant only recently received raises, including a cost of living adjustment. It didn't make any sense for a business to do something like that if they intended to close the plant. The disagreement continued as the group paid their checks and departed the diner for their, hopefully yet secure, place of employment.
  • We had better try to work upwards, I observed. "The falling snow has surrounded the walls of our hut, and though we made the roof pretty thick, we are more likely to reach the open air through it than by working at the sides."
  • Since 1991 sarah and jim have worked at west dean gardens restoring the walled kitchen garden including 16 glasshouses and frames.
  • '"I know it too," said Miss Mowbray; sobbing. Then, with an effort to quell her passion, she asked in a firmer tone: "Pray, sir, tell me: did not you work at Bath?"
  • After the meal and exchanging hugs and other pleasantries Connor told them to be at his mothers house around noon for the public opening. David drove him home to expedite the plans before nightfall. At around five in the evening they arrived at the house on Friday afternoon. School would be out for the weekend and both teachers and students would already be home. Connor walked inside his house with the filled duffle bag, Tool and the chest harness, but he first need to clean up from working at the forge all day.
  • It is an honor to work at the Brewers house. The house is mammoth and takes much work; but there are many employees but most of them had coughing spells, and when Sandras mother started to cough, and she thought nothing of it until it appeared that Sandra had caught T.B. and the doctor announced that Sandras mother gave it to Sandra, her dying child. Sandra was isolated in the house but her mother was sent away and little, heartbroken Sandra stayed in bed until she became well because she never had more than a winter cold.
  • That officer had brought to Cambridge from New Haven a company of which he was the captain, and upon arriving there at once reported to the Massachusetts Committee of Safety that it would be possible, before the forts had been reinforced, to seize the works at Ticonderoga and Crown Point with a comparatively small body of men.
  • No disease in the world is more deadly and virulent. It strikes down its victims swiftly and without warning. Even as the men worked at the quarry, Max observed one who took himself a little distance from his fellows, and sat down upon a rock as though he were in pain.
  • "I went back to my old haunts, the saloons where I'd gone for a beer after a day's work at the docks, and the dance-halls, and the theatres, and I saw my old chums. That was hard, James."
  • Hawksworth leaned against the wooden spokes of a bullock cart and quickly passed the stiletto from his boot back to his belt. As he watched, the bark tipped, beginning to list dangerously, and then he heard Elkington command the porters to stop the loading and prepare to get underway. Only five of the twenty-five bullock carts had been emptied, and the sun was already approaching midafternoon. As Hawksworth had watched the men at work, some corner of his mind had become dimly aware of a curious anomaly. Whereas the Shahbandars porters were working at full speed, the drivers of the bullock carts seemed actually to be hindering the unloadingmoving the carts around in a confused way that always kept the work disorganized. And a number of answers began, just began, to fall into place.
  • "I, along with all the other people working at Amgen, signed confidentiality agreements with Abbott, preventing us from disclosing certain details about our work, so I would be liable for breach of contract. I can tell you that the Abbott and Amgen scientists shared all the developmentsgood and badsurrounding the creation of the HIV ELISA test, so I was definitely privy to this information."
  • "After he has authorized the beginning of todays work at the mint, he will verify the seal on the door of the customs house"—he pointed to the squat building adjoining their lodge—"and open it for today. All goods must be taxed and receive his chapp or seal before they can enter or leave India."
  • Slaine also works at a new venture far from the rat race of Wall Street. He is a partner in a small New York chain that trains and grooms dogs. Its called Spot.
  • U.K. prosecutors made their first arrests in the criminal Libor investigation on Dec. 11. Thomas Hayes, a former trader at UBS and Citigroup Inc., and two men who worked at the brokerage RP Martin Holdings Ltd. were questioned, people familiar with the case said.
  • "Well, you have chosen a most exquisite scene for me. The more I work at it, the more I find to admire. May I look now at what you have done?"
  • Every one had worked at the construction of the mill, and on the 1st of December it was finished. As usual, Pencroft was delighted with his work, and had no doubt that the apparatus was perfect.
  • "Quite possibly," the young cleric agreed. "I shall persevere, regardless of his attitude. It's for his own good, after all." Aiden decided not to reply to that, silently pleased that at least she was able to forgive people for their flaws. The young man hoped that she would do the same for him, soon. Presently, they arrived at the smithy and stepped through the doorway. The huge blacksmith was busy arranging equipment around in preparation for further work at the forge.
  • Widescreen switching was not working at the time of capture, so vanessa mae looks a bit squashed!
  • It's amazing what an eye- and heart-opening experience will do for your psyche. While we all were very productive at work at BlueWorld, the level of personal stress that we were operating under was always quite great. You see, that's the real difference between a productive person and on that calls themselves a workaholic.
  • You see, the Grays, even as advanced as they are, are soulless. However, they are better acclimated to our climate and temperatures. After lots of experimentation, the Reptilians ultimately found that humans interact with Grays with more passivity. The average Reptilian adult is over seven feet tall, about four hundred pounds, and resembles, if you can imagine, a cross between a crocodile and a human. Very frightening to people. Whereas a Gray is about five feet, has cartoonishy enlarged eyes to help it work at night and avoid detection, all of which also makes it look very childlike. Few people run from Grays because they don't instill fear, but curiosity. Childlike is a huge advantage with abductions and interactions, but the Reptilians are clearly in control. Being reptilian has some inherent hibernation advantages for space travel and offers a certain cellular ruggedness that mammals lack. It only makes sense that intelligent reptilians would dominate in space."
  • His method was well illustrated in my own case. One of his earliest injunctions to me was that I should never introduce any subject of conversation connected, in however remote a degree, with my travels or with my studies in relation to the government of tropical dependencies. When, for instance, he happened to need some information about India or the West Indies, he always directed one of the other men to find it for him. This arrangement had, from his standpoint, the double advantage of making the other man learn something of which he was ignorant, and of leaving me free to work at something of which I was ignorant. Thus J. P. killed two intellectual birds with one stone.
  • He ripped away the rotting cork with his teeth and pulled deeply on the brandy, twice. As always, it seemed to work at the knot in his gut. He took one more swallow, then shook Shirin.
  • As far as I know hes still working at the EasyHomes DIY Superstore. But hes living with that Charmaine, so I wouldnt know for sure.’
  • He gasped into her mouth as he felt her hands on him, feeling their way over his uniform, finding him ready and caressing him through the fabric of his breeches. Pulling her towards him, he lowered his face into her throat, working at the complicated lacing on the back of her dress.
  • Archy did as he was bid, and felt his way in the dark, till he found himself among the empty casks in the hold, which were stowed ready for use. There were certain spaces between the tiers which would afford him room to hide himself away. Into one of these he crept, and lay down waiting for Max. He fancied that where he was he should not be seen by anyone moving about the hold, unless expressly looking for him. He thought that Max was a long time in coming, and perhaps would not come at all. On the return of daylight, which would stream down through the open hatchway, should he not be discovered? he thought. The crew would certainly be at work at an early hour, and he might not have time to find a more secure hiding-place. Then he would have to undergo the annoyance and disgrace of being put on shore, and severely reprimanded by the captain, a very severe man, he had been told. At last he heard some one moving, and presently a light fell on his eyes. He was afraid to stir, almost to breathe, lest he should be discovered.
  • Now Monson was thoroughly confused. He did not understand what was so funny about working at Coren for twenty-five years. He also could not help but feel amazed. Mr. Gatt did not look that old. His hair threw you off, but up close his face boasted late thirties at the most.
  • "Well, you can imagine how hard it was to settle down to arduous work at 2 pounds a week when I knew that I could earn as much in a day by smearing my face with a little paint, laying my cap on the ground, and sitting still. It was a long fight between my pride and the money, but the dollars won at last, and I threw up reporting and sat day after day in the corner which I had first chosen, inspiring pity by my ghastly face and filling my pockets with coppers. Only one man knew my secret. He was the keeper of a low den in which I used to lodge in Swandam Lane, where I could every morning emerge as a squalid beggar and in the evenings transform myself into a well-dressed man about town. This fellow, a Lascar, was well paid by me for his rooms, so that I knew that my secret was safe in his possession.
  • I worked at one of those big box electronic companies. The kind of company that builds a huge 30,000 square foot store at each location. The kind of store that has a demonstration model of every single product they sell for hordes of customers to paw at and cover with their grime and germs.
  • I laughed and then led the way, Tom following close behind, till we entered a sort of court yard surrounded by sheds, with men and women busily at work at what I afterwards learned was the preparation of the cocoa.
  • For three years before coming to Tundra RX, Julie had worked at Mullin Brown, the big advertising agency in Toronto. She had been a mid-level manager in pharmaceutical marketing, and had accounts with Smith Planter and Kingston Allen Carter. Over time, she learned what the drug companies thought about their products, how they marketed their wares, and how they exploited their expensive proprietary patents. These were all valuable skills for Tundra RX to exploit when she came over.
  • For many days past all arms of the service had been working at top speed. Regiments and divisions had been reorganized and brought up to their full strength. Reserves had been brought from distant portions of the line and were massed heavily in the rear of the positions.
  • The men resumed their work at the oars; but an occasional scarcely heard whisper reaching my ears and suggesting rather than conveying such fragmentary sentences as "Some of us doomed"--"Lose the number of our mess," etcetera, etcetera, showed that a very unfortunate impression had been made by the strange incident.
  • Lieutenant Goloth wasn't fairing much better, either. Dr. Tolman had taken off his neckbrace and bandages (otherwise their plan wouldn't work at all), but even Lieutenant Goloth couldn't hide the pain he was going through.
  • "And will there be anything for the young lady here?" the young smith added, smiling at Sayana, who was gazing back at the shirtless young man working at the forge.
  • I've been pretty lucky since I escaped, narrated Dave. "I went away and got work at a factory just outside a little town. One winter day, when a lot of us were nooning, an empty palace car swung from a switching train into a ditch. It caught fire. There was no water near, and a good twenty thousand dollars was burning up, when I led the fellows to the car. We snowballed it till we put out the flames. That was my start in life. What do you think? About two weeks later an agent of the railroad came around.
  • We had, up to this time, been in the habit of going to bed with the sun, as we had no pressing call to work o' nights; and, indeed, our work during the day was usually hard enough, - what between fishing, and improving our bower, and diving in the Water Garden, and rambling in the woods; so that, when night came, we were usually very glad to retire to our beds. But now that we had a desire to work at night, we felt a wish for candles.
  • Five minutes afterwards Margaret Raleigh and Roland Clewe, sitting close together by the telegraph instrument in the works at Sardis, received the following message:
  • Twenty minutes later they both stood in Governor Smith's office listening while Smith outlined both the situation and what was required of them. Both Churchill and Barrett had, effectively, retired 5 years before, but as part of the contingency plan that Frederick Ambrose had had to present to the State Government as part of his tender, they had been listed as experienced staff that could be called upon to cover illness, rostering problems and, in the worst case, riot. There was none of that here and the paltry $5000 per annum each received to cover such eventualities did not, at that moment, seem a fitting on-call payment when called out to look after a terrorist, but when it was explained that they would only be required to work at night, while the prisoner was, presumably asleep, and for that would be paid $35 per hour, they both saw this addition to their small superannuation funds as a great positive.
  • Instantly the rescuer's Camp Fire training in the reviving of a person from a faint stimulated in her a sort of professional interest in the task before her, and she started forward to begin work at once. First she must loosen her patient's clothing to make it as easy as possible for her to breathe. Then she must get her in a supine position with her head slightly lower than any other part of her body in order that the brain might get a plentiful supply of blood.
  • "During his absence, he had created a weapon, a sword. A big, unwieldy thing that had more brute force in the tip of it than should be placed in any weapon, it had only one purpose, to cleave. That night, we all did our usual stuff. Gabe and I were farming, working at picking the harvest. We never saw Sonnellion coming. He hefted the sword and smashed it into Gabriels skull. It severed the head at the neck. I ran off, I had to get help. I had Matured, but that didnt mean much to us back then. Lucifer and Beezel were the protectors of all, not our own powers.
  • "Then you will need to sacrifice something else. It could be an animal, but thats a little less reliable since you are trying to keep out Elders. It might not work at all for a Lycan that is the same breeding as the animal you sacrifice."
  • You are wrong, said Michael stubbornly. "Sometimes what you don't know does hurt you. If I could live again, I would be a better man. When I was a boy there was no learning to be had, except for the upper class and the priests. Now when I am old and it is too late, you can learn everything. I have loitered around the schools and listened to the boys talking their lessons over. It is amazing what they know. Why, they know everything! And there are schools where they are set to work at all sorts of trades. I took a job cleaning floors once so that I might go in and see what it was they did.
  • Amanda stopped working at Organic Nation but still believed wholeheartedly in the product. She lived just outside of the town of Huntington and ate many of her meals at the ON location in town. On this particular night, she called ahead and walked in to pick up her take-out order. People waiting for their order sat on long, bright green bench made of recycled materials, which was situated near the front of the restaurant.
  • I couldnt complain; my pay was fair, if hardly princely. But why would the others work at rates that made them conspirators in their own exploitation? For experience and credit like Diane and Lee, for rent or carfare like Scuzzy and Thurston, or simply for the indescribable pleasure of making movies.
  • "It so happened that we had Charlie Cross working at that station at that time, but the message did not apply to him, nor, for that matter, to his ink. On second consideration and reading, the message read very differently. 'Cross' was the code name of the station; 'All' meant that his barometer read 30.02 and that his morning temperature was zero; 'My' conveyed the information that his sky was clear, the wind from the south and that his minimum temperature for the night was zero; 'Ink' informed us that the wind velocity at the station was six miles an hour and that he could not add the usual height of the water in the Mississippi as the river was 'frozen.' Similar code messages are sent in twice a day from each of the two hundred stations.
  • Question to what extent have parents been involved in the school ethos work at any stage?
  • Minimum page size websites should work at a minimum screen size of 800x600 pixels.
  • Then to an engineer officer he described the position of the old and newly-erected works at Cairo, saying that the latter were intended solely to overawe the town, and that some of them were open works in the rear, although no doubt they would be much strengthened, and some of the guns turned outward, as soon as news was received of the landing of the British army. He pointed out that many of the guns must, however, be retained in their present position, in case the population should rise as soon as the army approached, and that the guns were in most cases small, as the French had brought no battering-train with them.
  • After a great deal of correspondence it was decided that I should begin the work at Beren's River among the Saulteaux Indians who lived there, and in little bands scattered along the eastern shores of that great lake, and in the interior, most of them in extreme poverty and superstitious degradation. A few of them, as the result of acquaintance with our Christian Indians of other places, were groping after the great Light, and trying to lift themselves up socially in life.
  • Riles testified that he was in Plainville late on the Sunday night preceding the discovery of the robbery. As he was walking down town to get his team before leaving for home he fancied he saw a glimmer of light in Gardiner's store. Peering in through the window he could see Burton in the little office at the back, working at the combination of the safe by match-light. He knew that Burton was connected with the store and at the time did not suspect anything wrong.
  • Proudly Piang swung along at the head of the column, guiding them to his recent platform home. Camp was pitched on the shore, and the engineers commenced work at once. The boy impatiently waited for the divers to fix their cumbersome suits, and when all was ready, he plunged into the water and disappeared from view. The grotesque figures floating down with him made Piang want to laugh. They looked like huge devil-fish, and he wondered how they could stand the clumsy dress. After he had led the men to the boat he came to the top and swam with eyes down. If there were more boats, he wanted to find them first. The men on the bank were watching his agile movements with interest. With a shout he disappeared again. Yes, yes, there was a second boat. And as he circled the sunken craft he spied another near it. Striking out for the shore, he swam to where the general and the lieutenant were waiting.
  • Louis wiped the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his surcoat. "But we will be much stronger by the time the flood waters go down. My brother Alphonse is coming with reinforcements. We will await him, holding Damietta, and work at building river galleys and stone-casters until we can march." He paused and looked about him earnestly.
  • You could find yourself working at a busy military aerodrome, either in the uk or overseas.
  • She laughed, leading him to the dining room. Kell was directed to a chair toward the back where he sat down, hiding that bulge. Several of Marthes spiritual views differed with those he suspected her parents held. He wasnt sure about the rest of the family, but while Marthe might chafe at some of the Popes decrees, a huge part of her was all that upbringing. Nearly done with nursing school, all she wanted was to work at the city hospital, assume her position in a line of Souzas devoted to the medical field. Her father and oldest sister were already in place, her brother a fireman. Jan studied business and the rest were undecided. Then, as Kell watched Marthe remove a place setting, there was Frank.
  • "That's how I met him, I did. He was running away to the Western Skies. See, one day, I was working at the Leaping Pony when I hear this loud thud outside, like something fell out of the sky. I walk outside and sure enoughthere's a dragon on the hilltop. Can you imagine such a thing? A dragon! This dragon seems perfectly exhausted, so I nurture him as best I can, and feed him all the food I've got in my storage rooms. Soon enough, Coriath's feeling better and he flies back to the Palace."
  • Also, if Alvarez finds that the paper is really not in our hands, and if, in addition to that, we tell him that we know not where it is, perhaps we may avoid being tortured to make us confess its hiding-place; for I am sure that poor de Soto was tortured for no other reason than that Alvarez thought he had the cryptogram, and wished to make him confess where it is. That's my advice to you, Roger; and the sooner we set about trying to translate that cipher the sooner we shall finish and be able to destroy it, and the safer we shall be. How fortunate it is that they have not decided to bore out that spy-hole again! We shall now be able to work at the paper without danger of being seen.
  • There were various causes that induced this state of comparative inaction. In the first place, although everything around us was so delightful, and we could without difficulty obtain all that we required for our bodily comfort, we did not quite like the idea of settling down here for the rest of our lives, far away from our friends and our native land. To set energetically about preparations for a permanent residence seemed so like making up our minds to saying adieu to home and friends for ever, that we tacitly shrank from it and put off our preparations, for one reason and another, as long as we could. Then there was a little uncertainty still as to there being natives on the island, and we entertained a kind of faint hope that a ship might come and take us off. But as day after day passed, and neither savages nor ships appeared, we gave up all hope of an early deliverance and set diligently to work at our homestead.
  • They took the prereqistite offramps and turns to get to Leanne and Jack's place. Leanne and Jack were from Spokane but moved to Seattle where Jack could find work doing enginerring for local bands. Leanne worked at a secondhand dress shop. They had met up with Eric's cadre during a camping trip on Orcas Island. From there out, they all kept in touch and occasionally visited each other as the schedules allowed.
  • Christos Tsitskos, his 43-year-old son, lives with his father. Christos owned a small fur business before closing it in the crisis. He now works at another company manufacturing pelts, earning 5 euros an hour. There are no buyers, he said.
  • So that is that; the two young ladies go back to more important things at hand: they share a half-pint of very delicious Neapolitan ice cream and see how many American slang words they can work into a single sentence. As it turns out, Curt really does have nothing to do with the late night job; he never shows up or calls or sends notes or sends a message by way of Dave; but a handsome Korean, named Wayne Park, does. Sandra works at the job she has come to love; each night, as she closes shop after an evening on the phones, she collects all the literature she can find on the countries that interest her and her customers.
  • I was at that bloody park all week, thats what. On the Monday, on the Tuesday, the Wednesday, and the Thursday. From twelve to nearly half-past. I was supposed to be back at work at twelve-thirty, for Gods sake. So on the Friday I took a sickie, and had the whole day off. I was going to hang around that blasted park all day, if I had to. And you turned up at one.’
  • So it was that Hilda Farrand gave her lover confidence, brought him out from his fanaticism, launched him afresh into the current of events. He remained in Chicago all that summer, giving orders that all work at the village of Carpenter should cease. With his affairs that summer we have little to do. His common-sense treatment of the stock market, by which a policy of quiescence following an outright buying of the stock which he had previously held on margins, retrieved the losses already sustained, and finally put both partners on a firm financial footing. That is another story. So too is his reconciliation with and understanding of his sister. It came about through Hilda, of course. Perhaps in the inscrutable way of Providence the estrangement was of benefit,--even necessary,for it had thrown him entirely within himself during his militant years.
  • I nodded. I wasn't entirely certain my vocal cords could work at the moment. I hoped he understood what I meant, because explaining it was pretty much out of the question. I felt one hand reach up and cup my cheek, while the other traced the tattoo on my limp wrist.
  • Byrds regional training is designed to teach the basics of dressage to riders aged 12-21 working at all levels.
  • A few days' toil with a tractor and bulldozer had carved wide, muddy swatches into the woods. Pa and the negro men were working at the edge of an island of jungle. Pa had his shirt off. His shoulders were red from the sun, but I knew from our trips to the beach that what burned Ma or me would only tan Pa.
  • This undercurrent appeared to touch the incident of Horace MacNair, for it seemed that the old artist had walked over to the Ezekiels that night on purpose to talk with Auber about making a series of pictures of the salt marshes along the Passaic River. Old Horace was dead of his heart before Auber arrived, but the suggestion was repeated by Ezekiel; and Auber, taking it as something like a dying request from his old master, besides appreciating its value, set to work at once.
  • All hands now set to work at clearing the pit, in order to save the young giraffes from being killed; that is, if they were yet living. Rheims with loops at the ends were thrown over the heads of the antelopes and other small game, by which they could be hauled out.
  • Longley made several recommendations that were projected to save the state in excess of $24 million dollars. One of his major proposals included restructuring the Maine university system, which he felt was grossly inefficient. His work at the commission gave him a prominent state wide profile, something he decided to try to turn into an electoral mandate when Governor Curtis retired in 1974.
  • There was one active mind at work at that hour, however namely, that of Gorman who, after recovering from the blow given him by Dale, went to his own home on the banks of the Thames, in the unaristocratic locality of London Bridge.
  • Another given, given that Porky is one of the most prodigiously phlegmatic people I've ever met is that he began the endless cycle of mucous sucking and swallowing, followed by throat clearing and grunting that is his expression of self-sufficiency. I have a brass spittoon, though it's no longer expected to function as such, that saw its first usage in sixty years when Porky started coming over to do work at the house. He didn't use it often, since he's such a firm believer, as far as mucous goes anyway, in recycling, but it's nice to know that the spittoon still works, just in case.
  • "Hello," the emperor said brightly. "What are you doing here?" Before Amaranthe could answer, he burbled on. "Are you on duty? Will you be working at the Barracks?"
  • "Thank you, Kate, I've no doubt you might manage to do my work at the office, and that my clients would think your advice very good; but I'm no less sure that I would be a dismal failure in doing your work at home," responded Mr. Lloyd, with a smile, adding, more seriously: "Anyway, I have too much faith in your ability to make the best of Bert to think of spoiling your good work by clumsy interference."
  • "Okay thats a hilarious vision, but no. Id get to work at Sunridge full time. Youd be safe at the Vaydem School so I wouldnt have to attend with you. Of course, Id have to enroll you and Id still be providing all your transportation. During the school day, youd be on your own," Tray repliedfurther tempting me.
  • Her name, Jim soon discovered, was Katie Smith, and she was in her late twenties and worked at the library. He took her out to dinner, and she took him back to her flat over the butchers shop in York Street. Later that night he discovered she had a very comfortable double bed.
  • As the novel opens he is working at a big ranch cleaning out a stable. Another man is beaten nearly to death right in front of him by the owner of the ranch. The owner wants to hire him more permanently and will not take no for an answer.
  • Ousted on all sides, therefore, and disappointed of her prey, Clara Kingscott's life during this interregnum of affairs was not a happy one, although she tried to make the best of it that she could. As she had plenty of money for her wants she was not obliged to seek employment, and she could afford to wait awhile and watch. But watching without occupation, and waiting with nothing to do, is poor work at the best for an impatient mind.
  • I was happy to see no evidence of disapproval. He followed with, "What are you going to do during your hiatus? Go back to work at Tasty Burger? Travel around Europe? Or just hang out?"
  • "I was fortunate that the envenomation from the bite wasnt that bad. Still, I swelled up to my fingertips in one direction, and up to my bicep in the other direction. I had some faint neurological symptoms too, but I regained the use of most everything. Between the shattered leg, the rattlesnake bite, and the concussion, I was laid up for a good long while. Wasnt a pleasant journey either, and a bit embarrassing too, considering I worked at the hospital I ended up staying at. And after everything, I still have a bit of a limp in my right leg. I try not to let it slow me down though."
  • Down the long passages, through the great, fretted halls, across the cool marble courts, flitted Inez and Margaret. It was like a dream. They went through a room where women, idling or working at tapestries, looked at them curiously. Margaret heard one of them say to another:
  • "Peachville is a small community. Very different from Atlanta. I think it'll be a good place for you. Atlanta is just too big. Too full of opportunities to get in trouble or get mixed up with the wrong crowd." She pulled the car off the interstate. From the looks of it, we were in the middle of nowhere. "But I have to be completely honest with you, Harper. If you can't make it work at Shadowford, I'll have no choice but to take you to juvenile detention until you turn eighteen."
  • On the next day Mr. Radbury was too busy to think of leaving the ranch. There was much work at the cattle shed, part of which had been blown down by a norther which had proved little less than a hurricane.
  • If father could afford it, couldn't I learn to do something more interesting? What do girls work at whose fathers can afford to let them learn how to work?
  • "I hope youre right." Connie worked at the rifle again. This time she managed to twist the scope off. The scope went into the creek. "Picture a country," she began. "Lets call itHomeland’, to protect the innocent and the guilty."
  • "I knew him from the bus," Sandra says. "And he did some work at my grandmothers house." She looks over at her grandmother.
  • This leg proved quite hard work at times as we were flying into an increasingly gusty head wind.
  • In a few inaudible words of his language, he summoned Myn, who would only leave Myranda's side when the wavering girl had taken a seat on the ground. Then the two dragons stepped onto the crystal surface and swiftly vanished. Myranda struggled to decide whether what she had seen had actually happened, or if her ailing mind was playing tricks with her eyes. She was still working at it when Deacon carefully sat beside her, holding a steaming cup in his hands.
  • Night work employers need to consider risks to new and expectant mothers who work at night.
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