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work at
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Okunuşu: / wəːk at / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work at
Ekler: works at/worked at/work·ing at


çalışmak, çabalamak.

work at için örnek cümleler:

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  • She had reams of them, different colors and makes, what they used in addition to her birth control pills, but now they were changing in necessity. Since Marthe went to work at the city hospital, a rubbers purpose hadnt been only to prevent conception, but to preempt illness, illnesses that only led to death.
  • Having been told to come in on hearing it, they left work at once, ran to the pump, washed themselves, and appeared in the dining room looking hot, but bright and jovial, for nothing brightens the human countenance so much, (by gladdening the heart), as the consciousness of having performed duty well.
  • Her educational advantages had been far above the average, and she had improved them in a manner to gratify her friends and create for herself abundant mental resources. She had taken the full classical course at Harvard, carrying off several of the high prizes, had then enjoyed two years of post-graduate work at Clark, and finally spent two more years in foreign travel and study. As has been intimated, I had been over for her, and we were now on our way home, expecting to land on the morrow or the day after.
  • Kevin had undergone his own particular therapy: pub, take-away, papers, lie-in, pub. It had worked at the time, had managed temporarily to banish his anxieties, and he had sincerely enjoyed himself and the company of his friends. But now, alone, surrounded by this hushed weariness, this Sunday night limbo, he knew he needed something else, something more personal, something he could say was truly his.
  • I have been working at a local automobile dealership for the past four years.
  • The doctor and Kennedy went to work at once, but they encountered great difficulty. They had to tear the strong silk away piece by piece, and then cut it in narrow strips so as to extricate it from the meshes of the network. The tear made by the beaks of the condors was found to be several feet in length.
  • Smithy looked around at the undergrowth, out of which they had just pushed. No doubt his imagination was working at full speed, and he could see a face leering out from behind every scrub bush. Smithy was at least a great reader, even if he had until lately never been allowed to associate with other boys; and likely enough he had spent many hours over Stevenson's "Treasure Island" and kindred stories of adventure. And being of a nervous temperament, the consciousness of hovering peril acted on him to a much greater extent than it did in the cases of his fellow scouts.
  • No; it is Abyssinia, replied the captain. "It is a country containing 200,000 square miles, nearly three-fourths of the size of Texas. It consists of tableland about 7,000 feet high, and there are peaks within its borders 15,000 feet high. It has a lake sixty miles long, and you have been told something about its rivers in connection with the sources of the Nile. It is rich in minerals, but the mines are hardly worked at all.
  • Down the long passages, through the great, fretted halls, across the cool marble courts, flitted Inez and Margaret. It was like a dream. They went through a room where women, idling or working at tapestries, looked at them curiously. Margaret heard one of them say to another:
  • The hoof is as beautifully proportioned as that of the smallest gazelle, and his lengthy legs and short back give him every advantage for speed and endurance. There is a rule to be observed in hunting the giraffe on horseback: the instant he starts, he must be pressed--it is the speed that tells upon him, and the spurs must be at work at the very commencement of the hunt, and the horse pressed along at his best pace; it must be a race at top speed from the start, but, should the giraffe be allowed the slightest advantage for the first five minutes, the race will be against the horse.
  • Here, at least, Jos and I were of service. Taking our places at the pumps, we toiled with might and main to keep the water down. Thus the remainder of the night passed with every one working at the pumps or assisting the captain to manage the vessel.
  • She worked at a large gallery back there, and regularly sent Doug fancy invitations to openings and eventsthings he would read over carefully before sending his regrets. I felt at somewhat of a loss talking to her, on the occasions she stopped by the city. Doug too, I think, and these rare dinners together always went better when Zoe came too. Really, he had not been that big a part of their liveshis ex had kept custody and he had been an every other weekend plus a summer month dad. It was Zoes determination (and career choice) that brought the two of them closer now.
  • Books didn't relax, but his voice returned to a less agitated register. "The enforcers do whatever Hollowcrest wants. My son, Enis, was only fourteen. He was so excited to earn a summer job working at the newspaper. He wanted to prove he could do more than run the presses. He set out to find stories, but he was...a little too good at investigating." Books sighed and looked over her head, eyes distant. "He saw Hollowcrest and his flunkies murder a Nurian diplomat. He ran back to me at work, but they'd seen him, and I didn't get him to safety in time. It's all my fault. If I'd believed him right away..." Books drained the rest of the bottle. "The enforcers cut him down in the courtyard below my office window. I screamed, and they saw me. I should have just stayed there, let them finish me. What was left after that? My wife left years ago." He picked at a thread on the chair arm. "But, coward that I am, I ran."
  • Well, thats what weve got to decide. Jills the obvious choice, but then who takes the kids to school? Ken has to be at work at eight.’
  • A little over an hour later, I watched the plant superintendent's truck pull up out in front of the diner. He'd called earlier to see if I had sometime to talk with him about the developing situation over at the plant in Justice City. I'd said sure, halfway glad for something to turn my attention away from worrying about when the Judge would get back to us. The plant superintendent did not indicate one way or the other relating to whether or not the ESOP idea was a possibility. I'd also gone over in my mind what additional services I might be asked to provide, anticipating they might be looking for more help. I really couldn't come up with a thing, apart from going to work at the plant in some engineering capacity. But that idea made little sense as I'd intentionally avoided keeping up-to-date with industry innovations. I lagged twenty years behind regarding the new technology as well as production processes. So we'll just have to wait and see, I said to myself as the plant superintendent exited his truck to come inside.
  • Flashing weapons, blazing torches, smoking waggon-loads of wet straw, hard work at neighbouring barricades in all directions, shrieks, volleys, execrations, bravery without stint, boom, smash and rattle, and the furious sounding of the living sea; but, still the deep ditch, and the single drawbridge, and the massive stone walls, and the eight great towers, and still Defarge of the wine-shop at his gun, grown doubly hot by the service of Four fierce hours.
  • I would never have recognized the Johnsons. I have visited them several times since and their faces are familiar to me now, but I don't know whether any traces of the old likenesses worked up in my memory. I found Johnson an old man--old and grey before his time. He had a grizzly stubble round his chin and cheeks towards the end of the week, because he could only afford a shave on Saturday afternoon. He was working at some branch of his trade "in the shop" I understood, but he said he felt the work come heavier on him every winter. "I've felt very poorly this last winter or two," he said, "very poorly indeed." He was very sad and gentle.
  • Several trips were required to make all the final arrangements. A local lawyer was brisk in setting up a corporation and writing up a very tight purchase agreement for the equipment. A local bank quickly setup an account and point of sale terminalalthough the gentleman I dealt with was initially horrified that it was going to be acorporate affair’. Finding an apartment was rather difficult, but a remarkably friendly woman who worked at the post office told me of one that was coming up as she processed my application for a mail box.
  • Now lads, said Jack, extinguishing our candle, the sun will set in an hour, so we have no time to lose. "I shall go and cut a young tree to make my bow out of, and you had better each of you go and select good strong sticks for clubs, and we'll set to work at them after dark."
  • Dahlia runs off to her home, smiling ear to ear. Amelia walks into the building, where she is met by a beautiful, smiling woman who works at the inn.
  • By next night I had completed my work at Barwyke. From early morning till then I was so incessantly occupied and hard-worked, that I had no time to think over the singular occurrence to which I have just referred. Behold me, however, at length once more seated at my little supper-table, having ended a comfortable meal. It had been a sultry day, and I had thrown one of the large windows up as high as it would go. I was sitting near it, with my brandy and water at my elbow, looking out into the dark. There was no moon, and the trees that are grouped about the house make the darkness round it supernaturally profound on such nights.
  • The private sector is already working at removing capacity bottlenecks in some member states [ 12 ] .
  • You are wrong, said Michael stubbornly. "Sometimes what you don't know does hurt you. If I could live again, I would be a better man. When I was a boy there was no learning to be had, except for the upper class and the priests. Now when I am old and it is too late, you can learn everything. I have loitered around the schools and listened to the boys talking their lessons over. It is amazing what they know. Why, they know everything! And there are schools where they are set to work at all sorts of trades. I took a job cleaning floors once so that I might go in and see what it was they did.
  • Bradley and Ben got to work at once. They had had their vacation, and were ready to settle down to business. They were stimulated to effort by the success of some of their fellow miners. Ben's next neighbor had already gathered nearly three thousand dollars' worth of gold-dust, and it was quite within the limits of probability that our young hero might be as successful.
  • Henry boarded the train after it pulled into the station and sat in the back end of the desolate front car. He moved over toward the window of a three-seater and stared blankly out into the expanse, recounting the events since he started working at Manhattan Life Insurance Company.
  • I pointed out to him that what he had heard was probably a legend arising from a tradition among the people which dated back to the time when one of the extinct parasitic volcanic cones was in activity. We saw several round the borders of the lake which had no doubt been working at a period long subsequent to the volcanic death of the central crater which now formed the bed of the lake itself. When it finally became extinct the people would imagine that the water from the lake had run down and put out the big fire below, more especially as, though it was constantly fed by streams running from the snow-tipped peaks about, there was no visible exit to it.
  • Two men to the sled, alternating between breaking trail and handling the dogs, and work at the gee-pole, is labour enough on the trail. But Connie had two outfits of dogs, and no one to help. He was in a snow-buried wilderness, back-trailing from memory the route taken by the Bear Lake Indians who had guided him into the country. And not only was he compelled to do the work of four men on the trail, but his camp work was more than doubled. For Squigg had to be fed forcibly, and each morning he had to be lashed to the sled, where he lay all day, howling, and laughing, and shrieking. At night he had to be unloaded and tended like a baby, and then put to bed where he would laugh and scream, the whole night through or else lie and whimper and pule like a beast in pain.
  • Kell asked out of curiosity, then felt intrusive. None of his business, yet, Marthe knew something about him, aware he might be a father. Then Kell wondered; how was a woman like Marthe working at a place like this?
  • There was one active mind at work at that hour, however namely, that of Gorman who, after recovering from the blow given him by Dale, went to his own home on the banks of the Thames, in the unaristocratic locality of London Bridge.
  • My work at the hacienda done, I rode as far as the place of Fray Felipe, there to spend the night in quiet. But as we were about to retire, there came a thundering noise at the door, and this Sergeant Gonzales and a troop of soldiers entered. It appears that they had been chasing the highwayman called Senor Zorro, and had lost him in the darkness!
  • "Hello," the emperor said brightly. "What are you doing here?" Before Amaranthe could answer, he burbled on. "Are you on duty? Will you be working at the Barracks?"
  • The boys fell to work at once, Jack and Don gathering the wood for the fire, while Rand and Pepper mixed the dough for the bread, Dick and Gerald agreeing to do the cleaning up afterwards. By the time the colonel came back the fire was blazing and the bread baking on some stones, which were set up in front of the fire.
  • No, was the reply. "There are two chief commercial varieties, of different species, one larva having a hook on the shell, so that it can attach to fins or tail, the other being smaller and without hooks and making its way into the gills. But you'll go into all that when you get to Fairport, and even after you have worked at mussels all summer there will be a lot of problems you won't have touched. Don't forget now, the fifteenth."
  • Mrs. Robson's face fell. She had expected the news, for every year a considerable number of the Leigh bawleys go down to Harwich and fish off that port for two or three months. The absence of Jack was always a great trial to her. When he was with her she felt that he was safe, for it is an almost unheard-of thing for a bawley to meet with an accident when fishing in the mouth of the Thames; but off Harwich the seas are heavy, and although even there accidents are rare--for the boats are safe and staunch and the fishermen handle them splendidly--still the risk is greater than when working at home.
  • Your name is Jeremy Jeremiah, and you live at 129 Baker Rd., apartment 211. You have a roommate named Ed. You work at Fine Fashion Clothiers. The store is run by your father. Your mother is alive and well, and you have two sisters, Clarice and Annette. They all live at your fathers house at 339 Global Crescent, in the suburbs.
  • It was in his mind to slink back in the night, once his work at Government House were done, and from the outside of the stockade make known to Pitt and the others his presence, and so have them join him that their project might still be carried out. But in this he reckoned without the Governor, whom he found really in the thrall of a severe attack of gout, and almost as severe an attack of temper nourished by Blood's delay.
  • While he was speaking the Ariel had risen from the ground, and was hanging a few hundred feet above the little plateau. He gave the signal for the wheels to be lowered, and the propellers to set to work at half-speed. Then he pulled the lever which moved the air-planes, and the vessel sped away forwards and upwards at about sixty miles an hour.
  • Janes brother Derek is a bank teller. Hes now working at a branch in St Georges Terrace, in Perth, and Jane knows this is where all the big banking and financial people congregate. Derek has tried to point out that his branch is right down at the unfashionable end, and that hes only a teller, but Jane doesnt care. Hes on the way up, and thats what counts. Derek says she should train to be a bank teller too, because its the most secure job there is. There have been times when they watched their dad, whos a manager in a stevedoring company, hanging on to his job by his fingernails. In stevedoring everything depends on the vagaries of the shipping business. Derek is determined never to be in that position himself.
  • I nodded. I wasn't entirely certain my vocal cords could work at the moment. I hoped he understood what I meant, because explaining it was pretty much out of the question. I felt one hand reach up and cup my cheek, while the other traced the tattoo on my limp wrist.
  • More often, racism was part of the accepted daily routine that Americans seldom thought about. The Vietnamese undoubtedly felt it as they lined up outside the camp gate to be searched before starting work each morning. The M.P.’s would run their hands down the bodies of young girls and slap the bony chest of the old people and hurry them through. In the evening they were checked again to make sure they took nothing with them. The Vietnamese could not object if they didnt want to work at the base, there were dozens of others waiting to take their place. But one had only to look at their downcast eyes and listen to their silence to realize their hatred. Of those few officers who were in a position to do anything about it, no one seemed to notice. Perhaps they could have done nothing if they had noticed. Officers only achieved promotions by getting along. No one would get very far by not accepting the status quo of his or her fellows.
  • When Mark said she Connor cracked an eye to look down at Marks expression, just to see him grinning up, waiting to see a reaction of his own. Mark is like your average size best friend and is also quite popular among the ladies, but hes never dated anyone seriously for some reason. Hes always getting good grades in every subject and in every class, like he has done this before. He could charm any lady, young or old. He has jet black spiky hair and practically liquid silver eyes. He lives by himself in an apartment, so he works at the local diner on the weekends to earn enough income to live. Apparently his parents died a long time ago and he really doesnt like talking about it so Connor leaves that particular subject alone. Marks said hes been an emancipated teen since he was thirteen which is hard to believe, but he has all the legal documents to prove his case.
  • Heaven and Hell was in Apartment 5. Agnew lived there, except during the day when he worked at Wilfred Laurier University as an audio-visual technician. He kept the equipment there working, having, it turned out, a knack at it.
  • The blacks, guided by the novice, went to work at once. To fasten a top-sail to its yard presented some difficulties for Tom and his companions. First the rolled up sail must be hoisted, then fastened to the yard.
  • I shall have to quit school, and go to work at something or other. My mother will never be able to meet expenses, even in the quiet way we live, now that part of her little income is cut off. A few hundred dollars a year means a lot to us, you see.
  • The First Tailor had had no other family except a sister who lived in Kitchener and worked at a bank. She found out she couldnt sublet the apartment except to students, and for that shed be liable for damage costs. The First Tailors will was taking time to probate, so she just left the problem of the apartment, although she whined about it to her husband, who just nodded and had a sudden picture of himself and the woman who taught grade nine French, on that bed someday during banking hours. It was just a vision, never to be realized of course, but he kept in on his mental display like a screen saver, there when no other data was being processed.
  • Daphne, exhausted, fell back against her couch, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. It was latewell past 2 a.m., the usual time she got off work at the pub. She had spent the rest of her shift, nearly three hours, helping the pubs owners clean up the huge mess and assessing the extensive damage from the earthquake, and the smaller aftershock that occurred soon after. The police had come shortly after the first shaker and demanded the bar close; looters, they claimed, was the reason. Daphne pushed the rest of the bars stodgiest, drunkest patronsMidge, Bud, and Skeeter were the last to go and the drunkest of the drunkestout into the night before joining her bosses in their duties, afraid for her cockatiel, Jade, who was waiting for her at home, hoping she and her few meager possessions were all right.
  • The work at the gun had been very hot, and as soon as they were able to do so, Walter and Si scurried to the upper deck to get a bit of fresh air.
  • A veranda with a grey painted rounded corrugated iron roof ran along the front of the house and along the eastern side so as to catch the sun. Pink and white climbing roses had wrapped themselves around some of the veranda columns and entwined themselves in the white painted iron lattice work at the top below the roof.
  • Humphries did nothing but ignore this last statement. "She worked at the library and I checked it out trying to score points with her. She got Polio back when it was a deadly disease. Kept trying to marry her, but she said she didnt want to get married if she couldnt dance at the wedding. Salk cured the disease two years later."
  • I have never seen it, she continued, "and you have never before said as much as is contained in those last words. Here we are, talking of many things we shall do after we are married, and yet you have nothing to say of all that wonderful and beautiful world of romance that ought to come before marriage. Is this voyage to come to an end and mean no more to us than to these hundreds of passengers around us, who seem only intent to get back to their work at the earliest possible moment? And is our wedding day to approach and pass and be looked upon merely as part of the necessary and becoming business of our lives? In short, am I never to hear a real love note?"
  • "I can do it," Sayana replied stubbornly, "I just need to throw more energy into it." Again, she concentrated, drawing in power, focusing it in one place, and this time, a roaring ball of fire materialised between her outstretched hands, that she promptly tossed at the nearby siege engines. The fireball blazed through the air and struck the ground near the closer of the two, detonating with considerable force, and sending the bodies of the engineers working at the engine flying through the air, to land in the snow some twenty feet away, charred and smouldering.
  • In 2006, Singh earned a base salary of $145,965. In 2008, his first full year back, his base was $270,258, an 85 percent jump. Kaur, who also retired in 2006 and then went to work at Coalinga in 2007, saw her base pay almost double, to $252,796 from 2006 to 2008, state records show.
  • I was happy to see no evidence of disapproval. He followed with, "What are you going to do during your hiatus? Go back to work at Tasty Burger? Travel around Europe? Or just hang out?"
  • I? cried Anson. "Oh, of course I know something about it. I've heard of the illicit-diamond-dealing, and read about it; but it has all gone in at one ear and out at the other. You see, I devote so much time to music. That and my work at the office keep me from taking much notice of other things. Politics, for instance, and the rumours of war. Do you think it at all likely that there will be any fighting, West?"
  • Louie, Lulu and Pearl had been down a few times to inspect the tunnel operation. It was very impressive. It was beautifully constructed with the smooth clay lined walls pointed to look like bricks. The tunnel was lit with beeswax candles mounted at intervals along the walls. On entering the tunnel the beeswax candles could be seen extending into the distance to where the bulldog ants were working at the digging face.
  • His method was well illustrated in my own case. One of his earliest injunctions to me was that I should never introduce any subject of conversation connected, in however remote a degree, with my travels or with my studies in relation to the government of tropical dependencies. When, for instance, he happened to need some information about India or the West Indies, he always directed one of the other men to find it for him. This arrangement had, from his standpoint, the double advantage of making the other man learn something of which he was ignorant, and of leaving me free to work at something of which I was ignorant. Thus J. P. killed two intellectual birds with one stone.
  • Even Davos regulars can get lost at times. Two years ago, the main entrance was moved to the rear of the building, and extensive rebuilding work at the Davos conference centre forced many a Davos man and woman off their well-trodden paths. On the upside, the rebuilding has brought more Davos sessions into the conference centre, which means less time spent traveling between venues.
  • "You dont have to wait. Women like that are already here," Paul insisted. "Ill tell you, when I was fourteen there was this secretary who worked at my dads dentist office. She knew how to take care of a boy like you wouldnt believe. Plus she used to jam that little air hose they use to clean your teeth up my ass while we were doing it. You have no idea how good that feels! I just feel sorry for the people who came in for a cleaning afterward."
  • The home office has admitted a failure to protect mr danielson whilst he worked at the prison.
  • I'm not going to be around forever so I need to show you how to do this without me. It's really very simple; you just have to work at it a bit. I'd hate to think if for some reason I wasn't around anymore that you would stop having pointless thoughts.
  • The name speaks for itself. Where else would a shallow guy go to get his mojo jump-started? Good news travels fast in Manhattan, so Sam didnt hesitate when an acquaintance told him about the opportunity to work at Camp Hook-Up every weekend in the summer. Actually, the camp operated from May until October and promised a fun time for all of its adult inhabitants.
  • The captain looked at Shaa for a moment, his hands still and the pipe forgotten. "You know, it is true," he continued, after the pause for consideration, resuming work at the same time on his pipe, "that a mariner does not often get the chance to engage in conversation of the sort I have engaged in with you, especially while at sea, dont you know. That being said, and that being no less than the truth, it must also be said that never in all my years of roaming the waterways of the known world, aye and seas and oceans beyond the commonly known, too, never, as I say, I can state with confidence, have I heard before today any person refer to any ship as having sinews."
  • Incarnate saw Charon and immediately thought, quite wisely, whoa, huge... However, he also thought an interesting thought. He thought that Charon was just a small guy in a big suit. Then he thought "that's what she said". Then he was confused to how that would work at all. Finally, he formulated a plan. "Hurry up!" yelled Pandora from within the hole that only Incarnate could rescue her from. He thought that she might be a bit better mannered towards him now, but, alas, he was wrong. Charon looked around and saw Incarnate hovering half a metre off the ground, two translucent orbs surrounding his clenched fists. As Charon moved slowly closer, Incarnate placed his hands together as if in prayer, then swept them back.
  • Jim quit his job at the trucking company on the Friday, and on Saturday he packed up his bedroll and his guitar and hitchhiked to Albany. After making some enquiries he found a room in a big old house on Frederick Street, and he turned up ready to start work at eight oclock sharp on Monday morning.
  • Kerb was working at the side of the road, putting down some curb stones.
  • '"I know it too," said Miss Mowbray; sobbing. Then, with an effort to quell her passion, she asked in a firmer tone: "Pray, sir, tell me: did not you work at Bath?"
  • She waved from her perch at the rear of her wagon where she worked at a bowl of porridge in a tin bowl and utensils she had crafted herself. After one more mouthful she carefuly set her meal aside and slid to the ground to greet him.
  • Louis wiped the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his surcoat. "But we will be much stronger by the time the flood waters go down. My brother Alphonse is coming with reinforcements. We will await him, holding Damietta, and work at building river galleys and stone-casters until we can march." He paused and looked about him earnestly.
  • More recently she has worked at new musical express so knows lots of pointless trivia about rock music.
  • I waited for the next message to appear. Colin worked at a cheese factory. When I first met him at a Luc Houtkamp show in Missouri, he was wearing his all-white work uniform. He had come to the show straight from work. He reeked of curdled milk solids.
  • Satisfied with this, the carpenter set to work at the end of one of the joists, using a sharp axe so deftly that the great wedge-like chips began to fly, and in a minute's time he had cut right through.
  • The modeling work at apl goes back thirty years for the terrestrial thermosphere.
  • Louie by no means does all the work at the Factory by himself. Oh no, Louie has a team of Ten Ants that do all the work for him and they are paid dollops and scents of honey per hour for their effort. This also comes with free accommodation for the Ten Ants below Mr McFarlands shed.
  • Rob lewis while i have been working at demos people think it is incredibly witty to ask what i am thinking.
  • By next night I had completed my work at Barwyke. From early morning till then I was so incessantly occupied and hard-worked, that I had no time to think over the singular occurrence to which I have just referred. Behold me, however, at length once more seated at my little supper-table, having ended a comfortable meal. It had been a sultry day, and I had thrown one of the large windows up as high as it would go. I was sitting near it, with my brandy and water at my elbow, looking out into the dark. There was no moon, and the trees that are grouped about the house make the darkness round it supernaturally profound on such nights.
  • Also, if Alvarez finds that the paper is really not in our hands, and if, in addition to that, we tell him that we know not where it is, perhaps we may avoid being tortured to make us confess its hiding-place; for I am sure that poor de Soto was tortured for no other reason than that Alvarez thought he had the cryptogram, and wished to make him confess where it is. That's my advice to you, Roger; and the sooner we set about trying to translate that cipher the sooner we shall finish and be able to destroy it, and the safer we shall be. How fortunate it is that they have not decided to bore out that spy-hole again! We shall now be able to work at the paper without danger of being seen.
  • "It so happened that we had Charlie Cross working at that station at that time, but the message did not apply to him, nor, for that matter, to his ink. On second consideration and reading, the message read very differently. 'Cross' was the code name of the station; 'All' meant that his barometer read 30.02 and that his morning temperature was zero; 'My' conveyed the information that his sky was clear, the wind from the south and that his minimum temperature for the night was zero; 'Ink' informed us that the wind velocity at the station was six miles an hour and that he could not add the usual height of the water in the Mississippi as the river was 'frozen.' Similar code messages are sent in twice a day from each of the two hundred stations.
  • Russ felt like he was treading water and sinking fast. He glanced over to Liseli with a pained expression, then answered; "She works at the same place I do. I dont really know anything about her family."
  • Steadily the airship again climbed up toward the clouds, from which she had so nearly fallen. And with a sandwich and a cup of coffee beside him, Mr. Vardon worked at the wires, putting in permanent ones in place of the temporary conductors. This could be done without stopping the motor.
  • Jacklyn, a pediatric nurse who worked at the ICC for five years, explains that she never thought she was doing anything wrong, since all the children were HIV-Positive and the doctors said she should expect to see the worst. When the kids would vomit, lose their ability to walk, have diarrhea, or even die, she was told it was because of the HIV. She believed for a long time that she was doing the best she could to save these children from this deadly disease called AIDS. She had no idea she was part of drug experiments being run on the children without anyones permission.
  • "You said you werent going to work at thisstore for very long. I thought you were going to look for something in Kingsboro," she said, finally.
  • They soon lowered themselves down the wall of rock, and ran to the camp, where the captain had just arranged that soon after breakfast Rifle and Tim were to take it in turns to mount to the highest point of the ridge to keep watch, while the rest worked at preparations for their defence and that of the cattle.
  • Damache bounced from sales job to sales job - he worked at a drug store, a telephone call center, a real estate agency and an insurance firm. To comply with Irish welfare and immigration law, each time he lost a job he enrolled in computer-training programs, giving him access to computers and a reason to spend a lot of time online.
  • You have your work at home, attending to the fleet. It isn't much of a fleet, I'll admit; but such as it is it requires some attention."
  • Contracts awarded since January represent only the initial work at Fukushima. But a half-dozen executives at companies with nuclear industry experience raised questions about the Japanese government's and Tepco's oversight of the process.
  • Not there, or at any place in the district. Or, for that matter, in any place in the United States unless I gave a false name. Steel workin' is my trade, an' I don't know any other; the men that run that trade in the United States refuse to let me work at it; very well, then, if the country won't let me earn my livin' by working for it, it'll have to give me a livin' without."
  • That also depends on circumstances, said Lawrence. "She wouldn't be fascinatingly efficient in that back-to-nature garb if she were doing charity work at home or if she were taking a trip in an airplane."
  • I am going to take up hydroplane work at Columbus, now. Last night late I received a telegram from the Interstate people. It led to getting to Kewaukee and seeing you. There were no trains.
  • Night work employers need to consider risks to new and expectant mothers who work at night.
  • Steinberg, 40, worked at SACs Sigma Capital Management unit and was one of 15 portfolio managers handling technology, media and telecommunications stocks before he was placed on leave in September.
  • She also hired another former Yum executive, Ralph Bower to lead the U.S. business. Bower, who also used to work at Domino
  • It's exactly like some of Link's underhanded work at Oak Hall, was Roger's comment. "Father and son must be very much alike."
  • Do you think I would continue to work at Riverview if I had a choice? Not at all. That job is a means to an end. As soon as I have enough money saved up, Ill leave Riverview and enrol at the university.’
  • The short-handed crew went to work at the pumps, but, after two days' hard labor, it was found that the water in the hold steadily gained upon the pumps, and there was no doubt that the Miranda was badly strained. According to a report from Burke, the water came in forward, aft, and midships. Matters were now getting very serious, and the captain and his two mates consulted together, while the three negroes pumped. It was plain to all of them that if the water kept on gaining, it would not be long before the brig must go to the bottom. To keep her afloat until they reached a port would be impossible. To reach the shore in the boats was quite possible, for they were not a hundred miles from land. But to carry their treasure to land in two small boats was a thing which need not even be considered.
  • This core, when completed, was wound in lengths on large reels, and was then submerged in water and subjected to a variety of severe electrical tests, so as to bring it as near as possible to a state of perfection, after which every inch of it was examined by hand while being unwound from the reels and re-wound on the large drums, on which it was to be forwarded to the covering works at East Greenwich, there to receive its external protecting sheath.
  • Yes, sir, after being charged with illicit-diamond-dealing with the Kaffirs working at the great Kimberley mines; and we want you to give orders for the wagon he had with him to be searched.
  • I know, I can use Grandpas spy glass, he suddenly realized and soon he could see every speck of the house. Then the youngster could not resist the temptation to sneak a look inside. He saw a tall man with short, dark hair, who was passionately working at a painting easel.
  • He must have had money, or else he got remittances from home, for he paid his way and helped many a poor devil. They said that he gave away most of his money. Sometimes he worked for a while himself as bookkeeper at a shearing-shed, wool-sorter, shearer, even rouseabout; he'd work at anything a bushman could get to do. Then he'd go out back to God-forgotten districts and preach to bushmen in one place, and get a few children together in another and teach them to read. He could take his drink, and swear a little when he thought it necessary. On one occasion, at a rough shearing-shed, he called his beloved brethren "damned fools" for drinking their cheques.
  • Before the afternoon April had settled down among them as if she had lived there always. Sarle and his kisses seemed like a lost dream; the menace of Kenna was forgotten. For the first time in her existence she let herself drift with the tide, taking no thought for the morrow nor the ultimate port at which her boat would "swing to." It was lotus-eating in a sense, yet none of the dwellers at Ho-la-l-la idled. It is true that Ghostie and belle Helne were crocks, but they worked at the business of repairing their bodies to tackle the battle of life once more. April soon discovered that they were only two of the many of Clive's comrades who came broken to the farm and went away healed. Clive was a Theosophist: all men were her brothers, and all women her sisters; but those especially among art-workers who fell by the wayside might share her bread and blanket. They called her Old Mother Sphinx, because of her inscrutable eyes, and the tenderness of her mothering.
  • "I did. It seemed like everyone in my life hated me. Mikes talking to me again, and that helps. I think I hit some kind of breaking point. My stress level was so high, and in an instant it went down to nothing. Something made me stop caring. So I work at a crappy retail store. So I might get fired from that crappy retail store. It all seems so trivial now. I just decided that whatever happens, happens."
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