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work at
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Okunuşu: / wəːk at / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work at
Ekler: works at/worked at/work·ing at


çalışmak, çabalamak.

work at için örnek cümleler:

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  • "I, along with all the other people working at Amgen, signed confidentiality agreements with Abbott, preventing us from disclosing certain details about our work, so I would be liable for breach of contract. I can tell you that the Abbott and Amgen scientists shared all the developmentsgood and badsurrounding the creation of the HIV ELISA test, so I was definitely privy to this information."
  • More often, racism was part of the accepted daily routine that Americans seldom thought about. The Vietnamese undoubtedly felt it as they lined up outside the camp gate to be searched before starting work each morning. The M.P.’s would run their hands down the bodies of young girls and slap the bony chest of the old people and hurry them through. In the evening they were checked again to make sure they took nothing with them. The Vietnamese could not object if they didnt want to work at the base, there were dozens of others waiting to take their place. But one had only to look at their downcast eyes and listen to their silence to realize their hatred. Of those few officers who were in a position to do anything about it, no one seemed to notice. Perhaps they could have done nothing if they had noticed. Officers only achieved promotions by getting along. No one would get very far by not accepting the status quo of his or her fellows.
  • When the work at the land's office gave out, Jack did all sorts of jobs about town, and at last, one shearing season, when there was a heavy clip of wool, and shearers were getting L1 a hundred, he decided to go out back. I know that Clara was against it, but he argued that it was the only chance for him, and she persuaded herself that she could trust him. I was knocking about Solong at the time, and Jack and I decided to go out together and share his packhorse between us. He wrote to Beenaway Shed, about three hundred: miles north-west in the Great Scrubs, and got pens for both of us.
  • Now lads, said Jack, extinguishing our candle, the sun will set in an hour, so we have no time to lose. "I shall go and cut a young tree to make my bow out of, and you had better each of you go and select good strong sticks for clubs, and we'll set to work at them after dark."
  • By next night I had completed my work at Barwyke. From early morning till then I was so incessantly occupied and hard-worked, that I had no time to think over the singular occurrence to which I have just referred. Behold me, however, at length once more seated at my little supper-table, having ended a comfortable meal. It had been a sultry day, and I had thrown one of the large windows up as high as it would go. I was sitting near it, with my brandy and water at my elbow, looking out into the dark. There was no moon, and the trees that are grouped about the house make the darkness round it supernaturally profound on such nights.
  • Oswald rode rapidly, until he had crossed the border. The truce would not expire for another thirteen days, but the raiders might be at work at any moment; for assuredly there would be no chance of complaints being made, on the eve of recommencement of general hostilities. He met no one on the road, until he reached the first hamlet on the English side. Here he stopped to give his horse half an hour's rest, and a feed. As he dismounted, two or three of the villagers came up.
  • It is an honor to work at the Brewers house. The house is mammoth and takes much work; but there are many employees but most of them had coughing spells, and when Sandras mother started to cough, and she thought nothing of it until it appeared that Sandra had caught T.B. and the doctor announced that Sandras mother gave it to Sandra, her dying child. Sandra was isolated in the house but her mother was sent away and little, heartbroken Sandra stayed in bed until she became well because she never had more than a winter cold.
  • Maybe Erika would be a stripper, removing with each article of clothing some part of her father that had cut into her, scarring her childhood flesh. Maybe Skye would be a prostitute, assuming any man in her bed was enough to ease the pain. Plus, hookers worked at night, like both of her fathers. As for Nat
  • As soon as Dick could leave his work at the pumps, he hurried back to the child, and threw himself down to rest by his side.
  • The hoof is as beautifully proportioned as that of the smallest gazelle, and his lengthy legs and short back give him every advantage for speed and endurance. There is a rule to be observed in hunting the giraffe on horseback: the instant he starts, he must be pressed--it is the speed that tells upon him, and the spurs must be at work at the very commencement of the hunt, and the horse pressed along at his best pace; it must be a race at top speed from the start, but, should the giraffe be allowed the slightest advantage for the first five minutes, the race will be against the horse.
  • The private sector is already working at removing capacity bottlenecks in some member states [ 12 ] .
  • "I think you just ran something by me that didnt stop. But, hey, were working with you, not me." The restaurant was mostly empty at this time of day. Agnew had just got off work at the university, and Poe had met him on this plaza. Neither had any idea Copeman was trying to find them, or that the Prime Minister was in consultation with the army at the moment.
  • Registrar in dermatology working at the welsh institute of dermatology in cardiff.
  • You have your work at home, attending to the fleet. It isn't much of a fleet, I'll admit; but such as it is it requires some attention."
  • Heaven and Hell was in Apartment 5. Agnew lived there, except during the day when he worked at Wilfred Laurier University as an audio-visual technician. He kept the equipment there working, having, it turned out, a knack at it.
  • It is as well to add that Araujo that was his name never saw better than when he had imbibed a few glasses of tafia; and he never did any work at all without a certain demijohn of that liquor, to which he paid frequent court.
  • Kass had the same natural instinct for flight as I, and it's taken years of practice to overwhelm the instinct. We still work at it.
  • The governor induced his Kannakas to work by interesting them in the explosions of the blasts, merely to enjoy the pleasure of seeing a cart-load of rock torn from its bed. One of these men would work at a drill all day, and then carry off the fragments to be placed in the walls, after he had had his sport in this operation of blasting. They seemed never to tire of the fun, and it was greatly questioned if half as much labour could have been got out of them at any other work, as at this.
  • Then they went down the cave, and as silently as possible began to work at the wall, destroying in a few minutes what had been built up with so much labour. When it was nearly down the Zulus were told that there was an enemy outside, and that they must help to catch him if necessary, but were not to harm him. They assented gladly enough; indeed, to get out of that cave they would have faced half a dozen enemies.
  • The home office has admitted a failure to protect mr danielson whilst he worked at the prison.
  • By the end of the day I was more then happy to go home. I liked Fiasco, Junior, and even Chester, but sitting and listening to people talk about auditing insurance was tiresome at best. As I walked outside I was almost ran over by Moleth, one of our help staff. I had to jump out of the way to avoid the violently purple Honda. As she passed by me, time seemed to slow down and everything came in to sharp relief. My mind was still working at normal speed; it was the world that slowed down, not me. That being said, it felt like I had a few seconds to take in all of the dents, dings, and scratches on Moleths car. I wondered how many people hadnt been so lucky. Was I destined to be one of those dents? Time resumed its previous pace and I felt myself toppling over. I hit the pavement hard scratching the palms of my hands on the asphalt. I got up cursing and looked around for any more assailants. Moleth was gone and it was highly unlikely she had noticed me. I rushed to my car and gratefully slipped into the protective steel cage and headed home.
  • Jack the Wolf, having dug the mud from his eyes, and ears, and neck band, was in the hotel making terms with Cameron for the summer's work at Fort Victor.
  • The Kramers met when Mindys last name was Orenstein and she was an aerobics instructor working at a health club. At the same club, Zack could often be seen parading around in a tank top and a skimpy pair of spandex shorts. Frankly, if I wore spandex my "central situation" would lack the necessary support to maintain any sense of decency.
  • To date, federal authorities have charged or implicated seven former employees of SAC Capital with insider trading while working at the firm, but have not alleged any wrongdoing by Cohen himself.
  • As Christmas drew near, the weather increased in severity. Blinding snow-squalls swept whirling from the northeast, accompanied by a high wind. The air was full of it,--fine, dry, powdery, like the dust of glass. The men worked covered with it as a tree is covered after a sleet. Sometimes it was impossible to work at all for hours at a time, but Thorpe did not allow a bad morning to spoil a good afternoon. The instant a lull fell on the storm, he was out with his scaling rule, and he expected the men to give him something to scale. He grappled the fierce winter by the throat, and shook from it the price of success.
  • Your name is Jeremy Jeremiah, and you live at 129 Baker Rd., apartment 211. You have a roommate named Ed. You work at Fine Fashion Clothiers. The store is run by your father. Your mother is alive and well, and you have two sisters, Clarice and Annette. They all live at your fathers house at 339 Global Crescent, in the suburbs.
  • I was very much interested in this animal, and took a great deal of pains to tame her, though I never fully succeeded. Her nose, as I have said, was excellent; and though quite mute she could hunt very well, as I found by repeated trials when out rabbit shooting. She would never leave a hole, working at it with her feet and teeth until she got at the inmate. These qualities confirmed me in my opinion that a cross with the fox-hound would produce a good result. As an illustration of her keenness of smell, I may mention that one day when we were lying in the Tamar river, she winded some sheep on the bank, and was instantly overboard and after them, swimming so rapidly that she had reached the land, and, though herself only the size of a large dog-fox, had pulled down a fine ram before a party could get on shore to prevent her. When they landed, instead of trying to make her escape, she slunk into the boat. This freak of hers cost me five pounds.
  • Spring and Skye stepped from Summers room. Theyd been lying on the big bed, talking of rutabagas and other vegetables. "Im hungry. John gets off work at six, but yeah, lets have some grub now."
  • Embassywo exchanged diplomatic representation recently, sending envoys to work at new interest sections at the algerian embassies in both capitals.
  • On reaching the cord they at once set to work upon it. Rather should it be said, that one of them did so: for only one could work at a time in this, the last labour, as they supposed, they would have to perform in that lone valley.
  • As she worried what the future held for her, the exchange between the bounty hunter and the soldiers became very heated. The other soldiers, who had stood silently until now, began to encircle the blade-for-hire. The leader stepped between the door and his underlings and began working at the ropes, blocking Myranda's view of the spectacle. Despite the overwhelming emotion, she could not help but notice an odd quality about him. It was something in the way he moved. It seemed . . . foreign.
  • On the other side, those who knew Buffalo Bill and had seen him at work at the buffaloes, were willing to bet high that he would prove the champion.
  • His words made fear dominate my system. My mind worked furiously toward an outcome where we would all get out of this. Plan after plan raced through my head. Though Id always been a quick thinker, my brain seemed to be working at twice its normal speed. The layout that Id seen of the property when I first arrived was burned in my memory, and it came up in my head as if I were playing a 3D game.
  • Her educational advantages had been far above the average, and she had improved them in a manner to gratify her friends and create for herself abundant mental resources. She had taken the full classical course at Harvard, carrying off several of the high prizes, had then enjoyed two years of post-graduate work at Clark, and finally spent two more years in foreign travel and study. As has been intimated, I had been over for her, and we were now on our way home, expecting to land on the morrow or the day after.
  • "Im sorry sir we dont offer piano lessons here," I replied. "But I know someone who does. About three stores down theres a guy named Alfred who works at the World of Music, he might be able to help you"
  • It was in his mind to slink back in the night, once his work at Government House were done, and from the outside of the stockade make known to Pitt and the others his presence, and so have them join him that their project might still be carried out. But in this he reckoned without the Governor, whom he found really in the thrall of a severe attack of gout, and almost as severe an attack of temper nourished by Blood's delay.
  • Perkins! Joe Perkins! He's our hired man. He's a terror to work at plowin', cradlin', and bindin', but he ain't no good at chores. I bet yeh he'll leave Mandy to do the milkin', ten cows, and some's awful bad.
  • Question to what extent have parents been involved in the school ethos work at any stage?
  • The schooner Lynx was saved, and most of the metallic work at the navy yard remained but little injured. The fine naval monument was somewhat mutilated, but whether accidentally at the time of the conflagration, or wantonly by the British, who went there the next day to complete the destructive work, is an unsettled question."
  • She smiled and replied, "Cameron Breslin. I would be honored, but make it tomorrow afternoon because I work at night."
  • Ki Sing was cook and general servant to the little party, and performed his duties in a very satisfactory manner--better than either Ben or Bradley could have done--and left his white employers freer to work at the more congenial occupation of searching for gold.
  • Godfrey's expedition was not a very successful one. He brought back four grouse and a dozen small birds, which he had killed with a single shot, firing into the thick of a flock that flew by overhead. The grouse were roasted for dinner, and Godfrey found to his satisfaction that Luka had baked a pile of cakes, this being the first time they had tasted bread for a fortnight, as it demanded more time and attention than they could spare to it in the boat. Luka told him that several flights of black duck had passed up the river while he had been at work at the boat, and volunteered to grease the boat next day if Godfrey would try to get a shot at them.
  • He had first to burn out his log the proper length and hack it into boat shape with his stone tools. This was very slow and tedious work. He had to handle the fire with great care for there was always the danger of spoiling the shape of the slowly forming boat. Both ends must be sharpened, but one more than the other to form the prow or forward going end. After he had shaped his boat, he began hollowing it out. This he did also by burning for the most part. He used the branches of pitch bearing trees for this purpose. But it was so slow. He worked at his boat all the time he could spare from his regular duties in attending to his goats, his garden and his cave. He was always making his cave larger. Every time he made a piece of furniture or stored away grain he must make more room in his cave by digging away the earth and carrying it out. He had made a large strong wicker basket for this purpose.
  • I went over and said hello to Bill and Charley and they said they were working at the Bank Club, Bill at the Faro bank and Charley back of the crap layout. Lester and Kewpie came over, Lester to tell me he was going back to the hotel and his date, and Kewpie to say he had to see a man about a dog. I waited until Bill and Charley got through eating, then said: "Come out and see me at the Three C Club. I'm working out there."
  • Slaves captured at various times by the scoundrels who infest those seas, are sometimes made to work at the oars--which are much used during calm weather--until they die, or become so worn out as to be useless, when they are mercilessly thrown overboard. That the slaves referred to on this occasion, animated probably by despair, had effected their release, and plucked up heart to assault the armed guard, was a matter of some surprise to the pirates: not so, however, to our adventurers, when they saw, foremost among the mutineers, a man clad in the garb of a European sailor.
  • "Id like to be in Senghennydd by mid-June," Llywelyn said. "No foot soldier is going to want to leave his planted fields or herd animals, but I cant allow the work at Caerphilly to continue without a show of force."
  • Piang never could remember just how he escaped. From every sheltered cove, from behind innocent-looking snags, appeared the heads of hungry crocodiles, awakened by the fight. Luckily they were attracted by the blood of Piang's victim, and he skilfully avoided the clumsy animals as they rushed after the fast disappearing meal. One powerful monster succeeded in dragging the body into the rushes, and the noise of the dispute, as they fought over their unfortunate mate, nauseated the boy. His arms were tired and stiff and his head was reeling, but he bravely worked at the paddle until he reached a bend of the river. It had been a narrow escape, and Piang had learned a lesson. Never again would he idly thump logs in a stream!
  • It was easy enough work at first, but became more difficult every foot they advanced, as the one behind had to crawl backward each time with the snow that the one at work passed back to him. At last the tunnel was driven twelve feet long, and the last four feet it had been given an upward direction, by which means less snow had to be removed than would have been the case had the bottom remained level with the ground and the height been increased.
  • Of everything that we can spare, added Harry, setting to work at once to rip the transoms and detach the bolts that held the heavy wireless apparatus in place. As he did so, Frank was moved by a sudden thought.
  • Jim's work at the steering oar was the best all round exercises, as it took in every muscle in his body as he stood bringing the sweep back and then shoving it from him as the boat needed to be guided this way or that.
  • She waved from her perch at the rear of her wagon where she worked at a bowl of porridge in a tin bowl and utensils she had crafted herself. After one more mouthful she carefuly set her meal aside and slid to the ground to greet him.
  • "You said you werent going to work at thisstore for very long. I thought you were going to look for something in Kingsboro," she said, finally.
  • By day they shuttled from school to any jobs they could find. By night, they schemed to start a landscaping business. They worked at every discount department store and supermarket in town, any jobs they could find. But with 13,000 college kids trying to pay rising tuition at a state university ten miles away, the job market for someone their age was neither good nor well paying.
  • The men in the tender jumped to the ground. So, likewise, did George, the engineer and his assistant. Andrews remained standing in the cab. He looked like some sea captain who was waiting to sink beneath the waves in his deserted ship. He worked at the lever and touched the valve, and then leaped from his post to the roadbed. The next moment "The General" was moving backwards towards the oncoming "Texas."
  • Now, Harry, lad, the latter whispered, "quick! let us see what there is in this bundle, and then set to work at once. No sleep to-night, my lad. When next we sleep we shall either be out of the clutches of the Inquisition, or--we shall be sleeping the last long sleep of all!"
  • Her name, Jim soon discovered, was Katie Smith, and she was in her late twenties and worked at the library. He took her out to dinner, and she took him back to her flat over the butchers shop in York Street. Later that night he discovered she had a very comfortable double bed.
  • The day was consumed in the petty affairs attendant upon such a campaign. When his three old partners went away to their work at four o'clock in the afternoon, a wire had come from far out north that a man who was competent to run the line was starting for Goldite forthwith.
  • He ate one of the little cakes which really came from the pastry cook's just round the corner, and while his mouth was full, Helena proceeded with her talented conversation. She was working at full horse-power, she wanted to dazzle without intermission.
  • I was at that bloody park all week, thats what. On the Monday, on the Tuesday, the Wednesday, and the Thursday. From twelve to nearly half-past. I was supposed to be back at work at twelve-thirty, for Gods sake. So on the Friday I took a sickie, and had the whole day off. I was going to hang around that blasted park all day, if I had to. And you turned up at one.’
  • Sandy stared at the door as it swung closed. Barb was getting sort of cool, distant. They had worked at Moss Hill Nursing Home for over three years, starting together as part-time and now full-time nurses. They were best friends. Even in nursing school they went everywhere together, studied together, shared boyfriends. But Barb seemed less friendly these days and didn't want to talk. They used to talk for hours over the phone - until her ear was hot and red. Barb had changed her hair style, cut it real short and hadn't said a thing about it. Usually that was something they would discuss for days. And she smoked a lot more than usual. Now Barb was almost unfriendly. And the way she talked. Just a word or two in each sentence, as though she couldn't be bothered to add the rest and wanted to get it over with. Funny.
  • "It so happened that we had Charlie Cross working at that station at that time, but the message did not apply to him, nor, for that matter, to his ink. On second consideration and reading, the message read very differently. 'Cross' was the code name of the station; 'All' meant that his barometer read 30.02 and that his morning temperature was zero; 'My' conveyed the information that his sky was clear, the wind from the south and that his minimum temperature for the night was zero; 'Ink' informed us that the wind velocity at the station was six miles an hour and that he could not add the usual height of the water in the Mississippi as the river was 'frozen.' Similar code messages are sent in twice a day from each of the two hundred stations.
  • Walking slowly throughout the city, Steve felt as though he was being paraded by all the curious dwarves as though he was a prized prisoner of war. Many of them, well, the vast majority, Steve corrected, looked as though they had just been working at a forge, which he guessed was probably accurate. Many wore thick, protective aprons which had layers of soot, pieces of chipped stone, and small curls of metal sticking out at various places. Many were still gripping hammers and files in their hands as they stared with unabashed curiosity at the newcomers.
  • Derailed, meanwhile, redoubled his attempts to awaken Ripping Winkles. He tried the old Blow up a Paper Bag and Pop it Behind Your Friend's Back trick, but that didn't work at all.
  • Featured sites about woodworking: woodworking sheet no 15 safe working at woodworking machines.. .
  • The Baron grabbed the final dynamite as it fell, just out of Indy's grasp. He then faked left around Herstaff and charged towards the net for a slam dunk. Just in time Indy's bear smashed into the side of the Baron's, throwing him off balance in a mix of blood and fur. He dropped the dynamite and Indy swung down dangerously from the side of his bear and snatched it out of the air. Indy's plan had not worked at all, so he had to think fast, looking down the court he saw Harvey, un-marked, two thirds of the way towards the opposite net.
  • "I was working at this radio station at my college in Philly," Kevin continued. "This was not long after his movieGladiator.’"
  • Seas such as I had never dreamed of were breaking on the bar before us. Overhead a storm was gathering. In the offing, it was reported, there sailed a strange and hostile ship. And in the brig Adventure there were contradictory orders and tangled ropes and men working at cross purposes.
  • Something else Jurtan had learned was how to think and work at the same time. While hed been mulling Maxs plans and intentions back and forth hed succeeded in getting the area cleaned up and the horses packed; more skills Jurtan couldnt recall wishing he possessed. At least sitting on a horse all day was no longer a more drawn-out form of one of Maxs tortures. Jurtan was almost at a stage where he could say he felt comfortable with riding.
  • Subject to the above terms and conditions, the license granted here is perpetual (for the duration of the applicable copyright in the Work). Notwithstanding the above, Licensor reserves the right to release the Work under different license terms or to stop distributing the work at any time; provided, however that any such election will not serve to withdraw this License (or any other license that has been, or is required to be, granted under the terms of this License), and this License will continue in full force and effect unless terminated as stated above.
  • Oh no, no one would think of such a thing as that! Men like these are only sent to the big towns, Tiumen, or Perm, or Tobolsk, and then they are settled on land or work in the towns, but they are free to do as they like. The country wants labour, and men who won't work at home and expect the community to keep them have to work here or else they would starve. Then there are numbers who are only guilty of some small offence. They have stolen something, or they have resisted the tax-gatherer, or something of that sort. They only go to prison for the term of their sentences, perhaps only three or four months, and then they too are free like the others, and can work in the towns, or trade if they happen to have money to set them up, or they can settle in a village and take up land and cultivate it. They can live where they like in Siberia. I had many rich men pointed out to me in Tobolsk who had come out as convicts.
  • Sarah had just started to see a guy she met near the end of the summer. At 26, she had had her share of relationships, although none had lasted more than six months. After high school, she had a few scholarship offers but decided to attend Cortland State University on what amounted to a half-scholarshipthe Division III school could not offer formal scholarships so it gave its students creative jobs to defray the costs. Sarah wound up working at the gym, which paid for more than half of her education, and her parents picked up the remainder of the small tab for this cost-conscious, in-state school.
  • "The house is at the end of the Street of Willows, and it was one of those trees that I climbed to make my way over the wall. Cypmann Galnes was working at his warehouse down at the docks. I swung over the top and Liss was there, sitting under a tree and doing needlepoint. She didn't say anything. She just watched me. I figured it'd be best to leave with whatever dignity I had left. Of course, it's easier to get into that garden than get out. After watching me slip and fall several times in trying to jump for the top of the wall, she brought me a cup of water. It was a hot day."
  • And he waved his hand northwards. There was only one road. Then all his attention fell back again to his work on the gold coin; and when those blue eyes were turned away there seemed nothing left to question. And now Rodriguez saw the design was a crown, a plain gold circlet with oak leaves rising up from it. And this woodland emblem stood up out of the gold, for the worker had hollowed the coin away all around it, and was sloping it up to the edge. Little was said by the watchers in the wonder of seeing the work, for no craft is very far from the line beyond which is magic, and the man in the leather coat was clearly a craftsman: and he said nothing for he worked at a craft. And when the arboreal crown was finished, and its edges were straight and sharp, an hour had passed since he began near noon. Then he drilled a hole near the rim and, drawing a thin green ribbon from his pocket, he passed it through the hole and, rising, he suddenly hung it round Rodriguez' neck.
  • Early work at trengwainton was by rose price, the son of a wealthy west indian sugar planter.
  • Confusing at first, but Blair wanted his work at Tinsley Green to spill over into his life because "green" was life for he and Allie.
  • Amanda stopped working at Organic Nation but still believed wholeheartedly in the product. She lived just outside of the town of Huntington and ate many of her meals at the ON location in town. On this particular night, she called ahead and walked in to pick up her take-out order. People waiting for their order sat on long, bright green bench made of recycled materials, which was situated near the front of the restaurant.
  • The whole household, as if to atone for not having done it sooner, set eagerly to work at the new task of placing the wounded in the carts. The wounded dragged themselves out of their rooms and stood with pale but happy faces round the carts. The news that carts were to be had spread to the neighboring houses, from which wounded men began to come into the Rostovs' yard. Many of the wounded asked them not to unload the carts but only to let them sit on the top of the things. But the work of unloading, once started, could not be arrested. It seemed not to matter whether all or only half the things were left behind. Cases full of china, bronzes, pictures, and mirrors that had been so carefully packed the night before now lay about the yard, and still they went on searching for and finding possibilities of unloading this or that and letting the wounded have another and yet another cart.
  • "I am glad you appreciate my work at last, Dorian," said the painter coldly when he had recovered from his surprise. "I never thought you would."
  • I decided that the best thing that I could do was to get to work at the oars and warm up, for I was chilled through and through to the very bone.
  • Raveche, who previously worked at London-based Barclays Plc (BARC) and Tokyo-based Nomura Holdings Inc. (8604), didnt respond to messages seeking comment, nor did Silver.
  • We were an enthusiastic lot that morning, I directing and working at my flints, some preparing cords, many scraping handles with bits of the glass-like material I had found, and with which they were already familiar, while others bound my hatchets to hafts, rudely finished, and knife blades to smaller odds and ends of wood. It was remarkable how readily they grasped the meaning of various things. Their exclamations of surprise and acknowledgment of the virtue of our growing "arsenal" frequently suggested to me a something as if the fellows were surprised at the real simplicity of all and were wondering why they had never done the like before.
  • After breakfast they went to work at briskly as ever; and laboured away until they considered that the hole was sunk to a sufficient depth. It would have taken a springbok to have leaped out of it; and no quagga could possibly have cleared itself from such a pit.
  • Monsieur, said the baron to the duke, "all the servants of his majesty must approve of the latest intelligence which we have from the Island of Elba. Bonaparte"--M. Dandre looked at Louis XVIII., who, employed in writing a note, did not even raise his head. "Bonaparte," continued the baron, "is mortally wearied, and passes whole days in watching his miners at work at Porto-Longone."
  • The crew dropped work at once, and came climbing the ladder up the deep side of the canyon like a string of monkeys; then they came running across the red decking.
  • A little over an hour later, I watched the plant superintendent's truck pull up out in front of the diner. He'd called earlier to see if I had sometime to talk with him about the developing situation over at the plant in Justice City. I'd said sure, halfway glad for something to turn my attention away from worrying about when the Judge would get back to us. The plant superintendent did not indicate one way or the other relating to whether or not the ESOP idea was a possibility. I'd also gone over in my mind what additional services I might be asked to provide, anticipating they might be looking for more help. I really couldn't come up with a thing, apart from going to work at the plant in some engineering capacity. But that idea made little sense as I'd intentionally avoided keeping up-to-date with industry innovations. I lagged twenty years behind regarding the new technology as well as production processes. So we'll just have to wait and see, I said to myself as the plant superintendent exited his truck to come inside.
  • Do you think I would continue to work at Riverview if I had a choice? Not at all. That job is a means to an end. As soon as I have enough money saved up, Ill leave Riverview and enrol at the university.’
  • Cody had always been a great shot--not only an accurate, but a wonderfully quick shooter. This skill and quickness had saved his life many times. When he was not at work at some specific duty he would hunt buffaloes, riding forth over the plains on a horse he had trained to hunt. As a herd of buffaloes--and there were hundreds of them--was seen approaching some camp where Cody was, he would mount his horse, throw the reins on his neck, and sit quietly while the animal ran diagonally toward the herd at full speed, selected of his own will the last of the herd, and worked with all his keen, nervous ability until he brought his rider close alongside the shaggy animal. There is but one spot that is very vulnerable in a buffalo. You may shoot a dozen times and hardly wound him, but if one shot reaches the vital spot, the animal drops dead in his tracks. Again and again the men of the plains have seen Cody start out on his horse and within a few minutes from the firing of the first shot drop ten or a dozen of the wild beasts of the prairie.
  • They spent the rest of the day exploring the ruins. Doorways led off from the sanctuary on either side of the wood panel. The one on the right led into a long hallway. Doorways led off at regular intervals into cells. The cells, Joff explained, had probably been the residence of the augurs who had once worked at the temple, their guests, and anyone else who had come to stay. The cells would have held little more than a palette and writing desk when they were in use. Now that had all rotted away or been taken.
  • "All that day and the next we searched, but found not him who had hidden away; but in the night of the second day, when it rained heavily, and Taku (who is my brother's son) and I and my two children worked at the making of a KUPEGA (net), he whom we had sought came to the door. And as we looked our hearts were filled with pity, for, as he put out his hands to us, he staggered and fell to the ground.
  • Through the door came the regular hum of a lathe. The princess timidly opened the door which moved noiselessly and easily. She paused at the entrance. The prince was working at the lathe and after glancing round continued his work.
  • Caradoc had climbed to the bridge of the Vulcan and stood staring silently at the bulk of the mother ship that was barely discernible through the night. The searchlight had been switched off. Neither ship showed a signal. From below came the muffled sounds of men working at the furnace, and in five or ten minutes a film of smoke trickled out of the Vulcan's great funnel.
  • But in fact van nistelrooy, perhaps more than any other forward in the current game, has worked at becoming a great marksman.
  • Up to that moment it hadnt occurred to him, but now that Ian had brought it up, of course! Not only did he now have a solid reason to carry on with his work at the glasshouse, but he had also been provided with the perfect cover for his nocturnal escapes. It couldnt have worked out better, and he promised himself a special visit for that very evening to celebrate his good fortune.
  • "You looking for me?" he asked. He smiled. He had thought about her all night Friday, all day yesterday, and had her on his mind as he worked at chiseling a thick, wide piece of oak in the very beginning of a wood sculpture of two Double-crested cormorants sweeping across Huntington Bay. He had been thinking about this piece for a long time. The tree man who rented space in the truck yard next store, had become a source of great hunks of wood in exchange for a few dozen clams every once in a while. He brought the oak to him just before Christmas, and Billy had given him a sculpture of a red tailed hawk for his wife, who was fascinated by Central Park's Pale Male. Billy's model was a hawk he had often seen while clamming in the bay near the mouth of Long Island Sound.
  • Old Hotchkiss had used the barrow to transport tools when he traveled to work at outlying farms. It was much like a plank table with two handles at one end and an iron banded wheel and two legs forming a tripod beneath.
  • "After graduating from Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Gallo discovered that he couldn't bear to be around sick people, and found his niche instead in the research lab, going to work at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland...."
  • "Then you will need to sacrifice something else. It could be an animal, but thats a little less reliable since you are trying to keep out Elders. It might not work at all for a Lycan that is the same breeding as the animal you sacrifice."
  • Satisfied with this, the carpenter set to work at the end of one of the joists, using a sharp axe so deftly that the great wedge-like chips began to fly, and in a minute's time he had cut right through.
  • Those who had not to work at the oars sat at first quietly on the thwarts, or leaned over the gunwale gazing into the deep, or up at the sky, enjoying the warm air and their own fancies. But after a time talkative spirits began to loose their tongues, and ere long a murmur of quiet conversation pervaded the ship.
  • The servants gathered round Natasha, but could not believe the strange order she brought them until the count himself, in his wife's name, confirmed the order to give up all the carts to the wounded and take the trunks to the storerooms. When they understood that order the servants set to work at this new task with pleasure and zeal. It no longer seemed strange to them but on the contrary it seemed the only thing that could be done, just as a quarter of an hour before it had not seemed strange to anyone that the wounded should be left behind and the goods carted away but that had seemed the only thing to do.
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