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work at
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Okunuşu: / wəːk at / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work at
Ekler: works at/worked at/work·ing at


çalışmak, çabalamak.

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  • Thanks to the covering of clay and leaves, which permitted a slight circulation of air, while it kept out investigative insects, the skin was in excellent condition. Indeed I am inclined to believe the delay had been actually beneficial in the curing process. The thing was pliable and as sweet as a hide could possibly be--which, by the way, is not extravagant praise. I had rowed away, out of sight of my loyal subjects, before uncovering my treasure. Floating on the calm surface of the lake I worked at the pelt most arduously. Nearly the whole of that day I was rubbing it, scrubbing the parts together and otherwise keeping it soft, while the sun and the air dried out the moisture which made it heavy and "green."
  • If they are wise we will travel as rapidly as when alone, and in case of a refusal to obey orders they can be shot, or left to starve, as easily half an hour hence as now. Besides, there will be much work at the oars 'twixt here and Crown Point, and they can do a little more than their share of it.
  • We got to work at once, Juba aiding us a little under Edmund's direction, and soon we had the sleds out of the tangle and properly attached. Then we replaced the natives on their seats, and entered the car. Edmund began to fumble with his apparatus. After some ten minutes' work he said, in an evasive way, that the damage was not serious enough to prevent the working of the car, but I thought I caught an expression of extreme anxiety in his face. Still, his manner indicated that he considered himself master of the situation.
  • In a few minutes, I had a string of the savages hold of the mast-rope, forward, a luff-tackle being applied. As everything was ready aloft, all we had to do was to pull, until, judging by the eye, I thought the spar was high enough, when I ran up the rigging and clapped in the fid. Having the top-mast out of the way, without touching any of its rigging, I went down on the fore-yard, and loosened the sail. This appeared so much like business, that the savages gave sundry exclamations of delight; and, by the time I got on deck, they were all ready to applaud me as a good fellow. Even Smudge was completely mystified; and when I set the others at work at the jeer-fall to sway up the fore-yard, he was as active as any of them. We soon had the yard in its place, and I went aloft to secure it, touching the braces first so as to fill the sail.
  • Time was not moving all that fast right now, and Legons brain was not working at the moment. It was done for the day and it wasnt going to take anymore. He turned and looked at Sasha. She was still covered in blood, her face pale, mouth open. She looked at him, looked him right in the eyes. Never had she looked like that. She was defeated, hurt, humiliated, and her life was turned upside down. She hated violence, and yet all shed gotten today was that and a lot of it. There was a pleading look in her eyes, and it was this that brought clarity.
  • "You looking for me?" he asked. He smiled. He had thought about her all night Friday, all day yesterday, and had her on his mind as he worked at chiseling a thick, wide piece of oak in the very beginning of a wood sculpture of two Double-crested cormorants sweeping across Huntington Bay. He had been thinking about this piece for a long time. The tree man who rented space in the truck yard next store, had become a source of great hunks of wood in exchange for a few dozen clams every once in a while. He brought the oak to him just before Christmas, and Billy had given him a sculpture of a red tailed hawk for his wife, who was fascinated by Central Park's Pale Male. Billy's model was a hawk he had often seen while clamming in the bay near the mouth of Long Island Sound.
  • Orlando D. Epps, 38, started working at the Census Bureau through a work-study program while a senior in high school. Upon his graduation in 1992, the bureau hired him full-time in an administrative job at the lowest pay grade on the federal scale, GS-1. "I kept time cards, and I typed memos," he said.
  • After she had become accustomed to the smell of rancid oil and dyestuffs and the interminable racket of machinery she did not find her work at the knitting mill disagreeable. It was like any work, she imagined, an uninteresting task which had to be done.
  • Barr's active mind was at work at once planning schemes to get the ivory off immediately. Accustomed to crises of all kinds, the recent scene with the man Davis hadn't even warmed his chilly blood.
  • He joined HSBC in August and was previously head of the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN). After that, he worked at Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch in compliance and business intelligence.
  • They hacked out the terms of an employment agreement over the next two days, and two weeks later, Dr. Rakesh Gupta, addictions and all, was working at Tundra RX as the Chief Medical Officer.
  • "Dunn, I can appreciate your loyalty to those who paid for your school, but arranging my death?" Sespian eased the dagger out of the sheath. "It's...not a very nice thing to do. I liked you too. I thought I could trust you. Surely, you could have had everything you ever wanted working at my side."
  • We all came to the decision to stay home with our children independently. Gigi stayed home because her mother strongly suggested it was the only way to properly raise a child, and Gigi is one of the most nonconfrontational people I know. I stayed home to raise my son because at the salary I was making, full-time childcare would have meant I was paying to work at my job. Dawn had not decided what to do by the time she was in her sixth month of pregnancy. One day, she got pissed off at her boss and quit. She told him that she was leaving to stay home and raise her child, which would be far more rewarding than working for him. That last one sends us into gales of laughter every time. More rewarding? Oh, that Dawn -- what a cutup!
  • Rob had sent in his resignation soon after receiving the provost's memo when he thought that he would be turned down for tenure by the president and that he'd better act fast to secure his future. It was clearly better to go work at Mack
  • "This Godfrey Norton was evidently an important factor in the matter. He was a lawyer. That sounded ominous. What was the relation between them, and what the object of his repeated visits? Was she his client, his friend, or his mistress? If the former, she had probably transferred the photograph to his keeping. If the latter, it was less likely. On the issue of this question depended whether I should continue my work at Briony Lodge, or turn my attention to the gentleman's chambers in the Temple. It was a delicate point, and it widened the field of my inquiry. I fear that I bore you with these details, but I have to let you see my little difficulties, if you are to understand the situation."
  • Your name is Jeremy Jeremiah, and you live at 129 Baker Rd., apartment 211. You have a roommate named Ed. You work at Fine Fashion Clothiers. The store is run by your father. Your mother is alive and well, and you have two sisters, Clarice and Annette. They all live at your fathers house at 339 Global Crescent, in the suburbs.
  • By the time Jeff was fourteen, he had a job as a busboy in a local restaurant in the evenings, and started visiting the gay bars when he got off work. As his grades began to slip at school, the teachers and advisors were very sympathetic; after all, they rationalized, he had to work at night to help his mother make ends meet. The truth was that Jeff would go to school at eight in the morning, go to work at six in the evening, go to the bars at midnight, and drink and party until dawn. "When I started drinking, I didnt just drink to feel good. I got toasted. I got plastered, all the time. I turned out to be a blackout drinker for over twenty years."
  • Hawksworth leaned against the wooden spokes of a bullock cart and quickly passed the stiletto from his boot back to his belt. As he watched, the bark tipped, beginning to list dangerously, and then he heard Elkington command the porters to stop the loading and prepare to get underway. Only five of the twenty-five bullock carts had been emptied, and the sun was already approaching midafternoon. As Hawksworth had watched the men at work, some corner of his mind had become dimly aware of a curious anomaly. Whereas the Shahbandars porters were working at full speed, the drivers of the bullock carts seemed actually to be hindering the unloadingmoving the carts around in a confused way that always kept the work disorganized. And a number of answers began, just began, to fall into place.
  • That's a fact, agreed Madden, setting to work at once. "Here, pile these plates on trays and we'll load 'em in the small boat."
  • The knife was in her back pocket. She watched the boy's silhouette work at the fastener of his trousers, while she stole a hand behind her and slowly, slowly took out the knife. She let herself make silent choking dazed sounds.
  • Chris Bole at the time of this incident was on day thirty-four of his habitation of the Pink House. Chris studied computer science at Queens. Levin, Levin MacHill, Emmett, Barry, James and Neil knew Chris asthe nice chap who works at the Co-op’. This nice chap was looking for somewhere else to stay because hewell, lets just say that he needed to move. Suffice to say that since Fallah had gone there was a room spare in the Big Pink and it was quickly taken over by Chris. Chris moved in with his NTL connection, computer, TV and two laptrays with beanbag cushions. These two latter objects were instantly seized by the Big Pink folk as the great assist they represented. Chris knew this would happen: written in the corner of one laptray wasNot for use by stoners in rolling joints. This means you!’ Nonetheless: the trays were used for that purpose. Not that Chris was unduly discomfited.
  • In the course of the next week Godfrey called at the houses of the various people to whom he had letters of introduction, and left them with the hall porter. His host told him that he thought he had better take a fortnight to go about the capital and see the sights before he settled down to work at the office; and as not only the gentlemen with whom he had left letters of introduction and his card--for in Russia strangers always call first--but many others of his father's friends called or invited him to their houses, he speedily made a large number of acquaintances. At the end of the fortnight he took his place in the office. At first he was of very little use there; for although he could talk and understand Russian as spoken, he had entirely forgotten the written characters, and it took him some little time before he could either read the business correspondence or make entries in the office books. Ivan Petrovytch did his best to assist him, and in the course of a month he began to master the mysteries of Russian writing.
  • And he waved his hand northwards. There was only one road. Then all his attention fell back again to his work on the gold coin; and when those blue eyes were turned away there seemed nothing left to question. And now Rodriguez saw the design was a crown, a plain gold circlet with oak leaves rising up from it. And this woodland emblem stood up out of the gold, for the worker had hollowed the coin away all around it, and was sloping it up to the edge. Little was said by the watchers in the wonder of seeing the work, for no craft is very far from the line beyond which is magic, and the man in the leather coat was clearly a craftsman: and he said nothing for he worked at a craft. And when the arboreal crown was finished, and its edges were straight and sharp, an hour had passed since he began near noon. Then he drilled a hole near the rim and, drawing a thin green ribbon from his pocket, he passed it through the hole and, rising, he suddenly hung it round Rodriguez' neck.
  • Near the end of the shooting season Uncle Aub and Uncle Dod took some of the cousins, Robin and me shooting. By now males were superfluous at Grandmother's meetings, and I suspect the uncles were as bored as we were. Neither Robin nor I have been shooting much; when Dad is home he usually works Friday and Saturday nights, and Uncle J works at weekends, too. We both shoot at schoolit's the only sport Robin doesbut deer stalking is very different to clay bird shooting. You have to walk further, for a start.
  • We began meeting before class to get stoned in the Gardens. She replaced Steven, who was hard at work at a summer camp for young adults with mental disabilities. We became good friends and began spending most of our days together. She was a sweet girl and could be quite amusing, even more so when we were stoned.
  • All hands now set to work at clearing the pit, in order to save the young giraffes from being killed; that is, if they were yet living. Rheims with loops at the ends were thrown over the heads of the antelopes and other small game, by which they could be hauled out.
  • Steadily the airship again climbed up toward the clouds, from which she had so nearly fallen. And with a sandwich and a cup of coffee beside him, Mr. Vardon worked at the wires, putting in permanent ones in place of the temporary conductors. This could be done without stopping the motor.
  • Sarah had just started to see a guy she met near the end of the summer. At 26, she had had her share of relationships, although none had lasted more than six months. After high school, she had a few scholarship offers but decided to attend Cortland State University on what amounted to a half-scholarshipthe Division III school could not offer formal scholarships so it gave its students creative jobs to defray the costs. Sarah wound up working at the gym, which paid for more than half of her education, and her parents picked up the remainder of the small tab for this cost-conscious, in-state school.
  • I find the floods have extended over the greater part of the colony. Incalculable damage has been done, and several lives have been lost. The most painful incident of all occurred at Ballarat, where the miners were at work on one of the claims, when a swollen dam burst its banks and suddenly flooded the workings. Those who were working on the top of the shaft fled; but down below, ten of the miners were at work at a high level, in drives many feet above the bottom of the claim. The water soon filling up the drives through which they had passed from the main shaft, the men were unable to get out.
  • First, automation. It takes just three people to prepare the eight tonnes of rice consumed at lunch. The assembly lines are next. Terry Guo, the companys flamboyant chairman, has vowed to build "one million robots" in an effort to eliminate mind-numbing tasks and move towards fully automated plants. The challenge is that tastes change quickly in consumer electronics. By the time bespoke robot kit is ready to automate a given factory line, the product mix has changed, making it obsolete. Scepticism is warranted, but insiders believe the firm is just a year away from breakthroughs that work at scale on commercial lines. Such "Foxbots", and related services, could even be sold to other firms.
  • "Well work at my house, tomorrowdress is, of course, backwards shirts, black-bowtie and hi-top tennis shoes, with ripped fishnet hoseoh, a psychedelic punk rock hairstyle is requiredwell, if you wanna fit in, that is.
  • Down the long passages, through the great, fretted halls, across the cool marble courts, flitted Inez and Margaret. It was like a dream. They went through a room where women, idling or working at tapestries, looked at them curiously. Margaret heard one of them say to another:
  • The other negro remained sullen and hostile. For some days after his encounter with Edgar his face was so swollen up that he was scarcely able to see. He would have been compelled to work as usual, for humanity is not a characteristic of the Arabs; but Edgar told the sheik's wife that if the man was forced to work at present he would be very ill, and that he must for a time remain quiet and apply bandages soaked in hot water to his face. Under this treatment the swelling gradually abated, but the nose did not resume its normal shape, the bridge having been broken by Edgar's blow. Any presents that the latter received in the way of milk or other articles of food he shared with the negroes, the allowance of food served out being very scanty and of the coarsest description.
  • Mark ashby was given a blue mohican hairstyle by his parents as a reward for hard work at school in omaha, nebraska.
  • I can talk and work at the same time, said Dolly. "Is everything ready? Because, if it is, so is dinner. Come on, girls! The clams first.
  • The savages came frequently around the encampment at night, barking like dogs and howling like wolves. They did not venture upon any attack. Upon one occasion, however, a few men were at work at a little distance from the encampment, when they saw a large band of savages approaching. The workmen fled to the fort, leaving all their tools behind them. The savages gathered them up and retired. It was not safe to wander far for game. But fish was taken in great abundance from the bay.
  • Mr. Wallace and the boys dropped everything and followed. When they reached the camp after a hard march they found John bathing the swollen body of Captain Mac, and Mr. Wallace went to work at once with the medicines that lay ready. With the mud and dirt removed, Montenay's horrible condition only became more evident. Mr. Wallace went to work with the hypodermic while the boys aided John to cleanse the explorer's body, then handed the syringe to John to clean and turned to the bandages and lint.
  • Resolvest work at resolving these conflicts or finding a way through.
  • James is put to work at country fairs, promoting a quack nostrum for pain relief.
  • In an hour Jimmie declared that they should be out of sight of the island altogether. The engines had been working at full speed ahead. Harry nursed the machinery constantly, knowing that it was new and would, therefore, require considerable care. Their urgent need for speed induced the lads to crowd the machinery to the limit, and Harry was gratified to note that every part responded properly to its task.
  • The work at which women excelled was that requiring a quick intelligence, nimble fingers, and the faculty of easy adaptability. In the realm of physical strength woman was not a competitor, but there was another field in which she more than made up for that loss, and in which she early began to show great native ability. That was in all pursuits demanding the education of the mind. Here is where she was to look for the greatest of her victories. Nature had endowed man with a superior strength of body and muscle, but woman with a higher order of mind.
  • "During his absence, he had created a weapon, a sword. A big, unwieldy thing that had more brute force in the tip of it than should be placed in any weapon, it had only one purpose, to cleave. That night, we all did our usual stuff. Gabe and I were farming, working at picking the harvest. We never saw Sonnellion coming. He hefted the sword and smashed it into Gabriels skull. It severed the head at the neck. I ran off, I had to get help. I had Matured, but that didnt mean much to us back then. Lucifer and Beezel were the protectors of all, not our own powers.
  • Noodles knew he was back in the game. "I invented the reactor when I was working at JPL. We knew it had been stolen and we were about to go looking for it. Then you rang with an offer we couldn't refuse, about the four missing Gnomes. We took your job instead, but unfortunately, we started a little late."
  • As Jessica bent down to put on her boots Anne Howard sighed, thinking about their situation where children were being forced to work, and hard. The adults did the heavy backbreaking labour building the barricades. To the younger teenagers fell the day-to-day tasks ordinarily performed by these adults. Jessica and Jenny, the two Jays as they were known, were working at least ten hours a day on various necessary jobs, thus freeing their elders to work on the defences and to learn how to fight.
  • To show the stage of the mental development of the Folk, I may state that it would have been a simple thing for some of them to have driven us out and enlarged the crevice-opening. But they never thought of it. Lop-Ear and I did not think of it either until our increasing size compelled us to make an enlargement. This occurred when summer was well along and we were fat with better forage. We worked at the crevice in spells, when the fancy struck us.
  • After the tragedy of losing her husband before their daughter was born, it was great to see her happy again. For a long time, she and Jules had stayed isolated. We all worried about her, but she went through the grieving process and decided to move far away from the military base in Augusta, Georgia. Now she worked at an elementary school as a first grade teacher. But even though it had been five years, she still had her down times.
  • "That's how I met him, I did. He was running away to the Western Skies. See, one day, I was working at the Leaping Pony when I hear this loud thud outside, like something fell out of the sky. I walk outside and sure enoughthere's a dragon on the hilltop. Can you imagine such a thing? A dragon! This dragon seems perfectly exhausted, so I nurture him as best I can, and feed him all the food I've got in my storage rooms. Soon enough, Coriath's feeling better and he flies back to the Palace."
  • The great tree offered so pleasant a camping place that we decided to pass the night there, and after a look round to see if there was likely to be danger lurking near, the fire was lit, the blacks setting to work at once to collect wood when they had put down their burdens. Then food was prepared and a hearty meal enjoyed, the restful sensation that came over us after the day's exertion being most delicious. Then one by one our followers dropped asleep, Jack Penny, who was still rather grumpy, last.
  • The private sector is already working at removing capacity bottlenecks in some member states [ 12 ] .
  • I am going to take up hydroplane work at Columbus, now. Last night late I received a telegram from the Interstate people. It led to getting to Kewaukee and seeing you. There were no trains.
  • "Lori, please," said Larry. "Youre the one person in the world I can trust. You dont really have to work, like, in an office kind of thing. I dont care if you do any work at all but I cant do this alone. I need someone I can totally rely on to be at my side. I need you on my team, Lori. Please."
  • Refusing to be disheartened, he collected a jar of used, tractor engine oil from a dirt encrusted barrel by the door and dripped it on to the chain, working at the links one by one to free them.
  • "In my owners business. We work at night, mostly, but its really whenever a customer comes in or when were shipped off to the army for a week or two."
  • He went aft to the wheel-house, followed by Colston, and signalled for the three propellers to work at their utmost speed. The order was instantly obeyed; the fan-wheels ceased revolving, and under the impetus of her propellers the Ariel leapt forwards and upwards like an eagle on its upward swoop, rose five hundred feet in the air, and then swept over Kronstadt at a speed of more than a hundred miles an hour.
  • Proudly Piang swung along at the head of the column, guiding them to his recent platform home. Camp was pitched on the shore, and the engineers commenced work at once. The boy impatiently waited for the divers to fix their cumbersome suits, and when all was ready, he plunged into the water and disappeared from view. The grotesque figures floating down with him made Piang want to laugh. They looked like huge devil-fish, and he wondered how they could stand the clumsy dress. After he had led the men to the boat he came to the top and swam with eyes down. If there were more boats, he wanted to find them first. The men on the bank were watching his agile movements with interest. With a shout he disappeared again. Yes, yes, there was a second boat. And as he circled the sunken craft he spied another near it. Striking out for the shore, he swam to where the general and the lieutenant were waiting.
  • Cody had always been a great shot--not only an accurate, but a wonderfully quick shooter. This skill and quickness had saved his life many times. When he was not at work at some specific duty he would hunt buffaloes, riding forth over the plains on a horse he had trained to hunt. As a herd of buffaloes--and there were hundreds of them--was seen approaching some camp where Cody was, he would mount his horse, throw the reins on his neck, and sit quietly while the animal ran diagonally toward the herd at full speed, selected of his own will the last of the herd, and worked with all his keen, nervous ability until he brought his rider close alongside the shaggy animal. There is but one spot that is very vulnerable in a buffalo. You may shoot a dozen times and hardly wound him, but if one shot reaches the vital spot, the animal drops dead in his tracks. Again and again the men of the plains have seen Cody start out on his horse and within a few minutes from the firing of the first shot drop ten or a dozen of the wild beasts of the prairie.
  • The more I worked at the store, the more things I found that I liked about the job. The store managers quickly started referring to me as an example employee. As time went on I realized that was like someone saying you just won the Special Olympics but youre not retarded.
  • When the work at the land's office gave out, Jack did all sorts of jobs about town, and at last, one shearing season, when there was a heavy clip of wool, and shearers were getting L1 a hundred, he decided to go out back. I know that Clara was against it, but he argued that it was the only chance for him, and she persuaded herself that she could trust him. I was knocking about Solong at the time, and Jack and I decided to go out together and share his packhorse between us. He wrote to Beenaway Shed, about three hundred: miles north-west in the Great Scrubs, and got pens for both of us.
  • After tramping about and beating my body for some time to create circulation, I was rewarded by feeling my blood flow once more in a natural way. The last quarter of the moon shed what light it could over the tree tops and I strapped on my snowshoes and went to work at chopping wood to last till morning. A good cup of tea, some biscuit and pork and the then bright and cheerful fire made me my old self, but I received a lesson never to be forgotten.
  • The name speaks for itself. Where else would a shallow guy go to get his mojo jump-started? Good news travels fast in Manhattan, so Sam didnt hesitate when an acquaintance told him about the opportunity to work at Camp Hook-Up every weekend in the summer. Actually, the camp operated from May until October and promised a fun time for all of its adult inhabitants.
  • And now, hunger's pangs having been fairly well appeased by the remnant of the sponge loaf, Paul had time to surrender himself to the thought of impending starvation. He convinced himself that a boy could die of starvation in two days. Morrow at noontide would see him stark and cold. He grew newly holy at this reflection, and forgave everybody afresh with flattering tears. It became a sort of essential that he should leave a memorial on the wall of the cell in which he was about to perish, and so he got out the broken knife from under the mattress, and carved a big cross in the papered plaster of the wall. It was less artistic in its outline than he could have hoped; but its symbolism, at least, was clear, and he wept and exulted as he worked at it.
  • Oswald rode rapidly, until he had crossed the border. The truce would not expire for another thirteen days, but the raiders might be at work at any moment; for assuredly there would be no chance of complaints being made, on the eve of recommencement of general hostilities. He met no one on the road, until he reached the first hamlet on the English side. Here he stopped to give his horse half an hour's rest, and a feed. As he dismounted, two or three of the villagers came up.
  • "Now near to our villa that we called 'Ragnall' after this house, are the remains of a temple which were almost buried in the sand. This temple George obtained permission to excavate. It proved to be a long and costly business, but as he did not mind spending the money, that was no obstacle. For four winters we worked at it, employing several hundred men. As we went on we discovered that although not one of the largest, the temple, owing to its having been buried by the sand during, or shortly after the Roman epoch, remained much more perfect than we had expected, because the early Christians had never got at it with their chisels and hammers. Before long I hope to show you pictures and photographs of the various courts, etc., so I will not attempt to describe them now.
  • The research was conceived by a small team then working at the University of Amsterdam, including UVMs Rankin, who has studied this pulsar, known as PSR B0943+10, for more than a decade; Wim Hermsen from SRON, the Netherlands Institute for Space Research in Utrecht, and the lead author on the new paper; Ben Stappers from the University of Manchester, UK; and Geoff Wright from Sussex University, UK.
  • Upon making inquiries, he found that the man named worked at Mr. Penfold's, the mill wright at Lewes. He returned there at once and, going to Mr. Penfold, found the prisoner was absent from work. The men identified the brand on the tools as that of the prisoner. Another constable proved the arrest.
  • As soon as the work was finished the party moved on into the next street, there to repeat the operations. As parties of sailors were at work at a score of other places the operations proceeded rapidly, and by nightfall the workers had the satisfaction of knowing that the fire was completely cut off, and that there was no chance of its spreading farther. Four other outbreaks had occurred in the course of the day. In two cases the sailors arrived upon the spot before the incendiaries had made their escape. One man was shot, and four taken before the Egyptian magistrate who had been appointed to try cases, and they were, after their guilt had been fully proved, sentenced to death and summarily hanged.
  • Hey Flo, I'm telling you I'll be late if I can't get out this door in the next three minutes, complained one of the young guys who drove daily to the county seat to the east to spend the day working at the plant manufacturing rear attachments for tractors.
  • No; it is Abyssinia, replied the captain. "It is a country containing 200,000 square miles, nearly three-fourths of the size of Texas. It consists of tableland about 7,000 feet high, and there are peaks within its borders 15,000 feet high. It has a lake sixty miles long, and you have been told something about its rivers in connection with the sources of the Nile. It is rich in minerals, but the mines are hardly worked at all.
  • A few weeks went by and Sam thought he had it all figured out. The spring the schedule made the rounds for its lucky Club Hook-Up viewers. The people held in the highest regard would view the list of weekend themes first and sign up to work the weekend in advance. Sam had a friend named Bennie who worked at the camp and was privy to an advanced copy of the schedule. The two guys poured over the two stapled sheets like they were the answers to a final exam. For Sam, the content of the sheet meant almost as much as the actual weekend. When Sam scanned over the words Lesbian Weekend, his mind froze much as it had months earlier when he was between Natalie and Fran. In Sams misshapen world lesbian did not mean, "Hey pal, I only like girls." He saw a much deeper understanding of how he could turn an obvious disadvantage into a strength.
  • They sit on two, rented deck chairs. Sandra is working on a tan while Mrs. Z. is working on a young German from the Volkswagen Company; he is traveling with twenty other Volkswagen Company employees who head for the States to work at various V.W. automobile dealerships.
  • Dan sought to swing his boat alongside the other, when a sea unexpectedly threw him off. A full minute of valuable time was thus lost. Still Dan persisted. He was working at high speed now.
  • Well, thats what weve got to decide. Jills the obvious choice, but then who takes the kids to school? Ken has to be at work at eight.’
  • "Store I worked at in Kingsboro, we went through that in a week," Vera said. "I worked down at the corner of Fifeman and Billings. In thehood. Looked out on the store from behind bulletproof glass."
  • "It was quite a task for the governor and myself to get up at this early hour to receive you, but the occasion is well worth the effort," observed Mr. Young, smiling. "Here we usually sleep very late, often as late as nine o'clock. Even the Singhalese and Burghers are not yet generally up from their beds, though those who work at the wharves have appeared. If you had arrived a few hours later there would be thousands of the population here to see you."
  • There is no reason why I should allow this place to look so dismal just because things have gone wrong with my efforts to keep boarders and continue my work at school. As no one is coming to see me I can't afford a fire, but I'll open the piano and place Esther's song, 'The Soul's Desire,' on the music rack, just as though she were at home to sing it for me. Dick's dull old books shall lie here on the table where he used to leave them, near this red rose that John Everett brought me this morning. Somehow the rose makes me think of Polly. It is so radiant. How curious that certain persons suggest certain colors! Now Polly is often pale as a ghost, and yet red always makes me recall her.
  • I tumbled and tossed in my berth and counted a million sheep jumping a fence, worked at the multiplication table, and resorted to other devices to get into a doze, but every new creak, every groan of the straining timbers, kept me wide awake.
  • The short-handed crew went to work at the pumps, but, after two days' hard labor, it was found that the water in the hold steadily gained upon the pumps, and there was no doubt that the Miranda was badly strained. According to a report from Burke, the water came in forward, aft, and midships. Matters were now getting very serious, and the captain and his two mates consulted together, while the three negroes pumped. It was plain to all of them that if the water kept on gaining, it would not be long before the brig must go to the bottom. To keep her afloat until they reached a port would be impossible. To reach the shore in the boats was quite possible, for they were not a hundred miles from land. But to carry their treasure to land in two small boats was a thing which need not even be considered.
  • In one instance, he could see that there were eight victims with good credit records and very little credit activity that were targeted by the ring by using different addresses. He also could tell that one of the fraudsters worked at a medical facility, suggesting where the identities might have originated.
  • "Peachville is a small community. Very different from Atlanta. I think it'll be a good place for you. Atlanta is just too big. Too full of opportunities to get in trouble or get mixed up with the wrong crowd." She pulled the car off the interstate. From the looks of it, we were in the middle of nowhere. "But I have to be completely honest with you, Harper. If you can't make it work at Shadowford, I'll have no choice but to take you to juvenile detention until you turn eighteen."
  • The frizzy-haired kid stopped pushing and stood up straight. He scrolled away on his smart phone. "Hey guys. I just got a lead on Eleni. A friend of mine says he thinks she works at GreenStar."
  • "I was fortunate that the envenomation from the bite wasnt that bad. Still, I swelled up to my fingertips in one direction, and up to my bicep in the other direction. I had some faint neurological symptoms too, but I regained the use of most everything. Between the shattered leg, the rattlesnake bite, and the concussion, I was laid up for a good long while. Wasnt a pleasant journey either, and a bit embarrassing too, considering I worked at the hospital I ended up staying at. And after everything, I still have a bit of a limp in my right leg. I try not to let it slow me down though."
  • Gary answered his pre-teen daughter, "Your mom helped us win World War II. She worked at a factory that tested and assembled one of the atomic bombs."
  • Oh! I could manufacture the air necessary for my consumption, but it is useless, because I go up to the surface of the water when I please. However, if electricity does not furnish me with air to breathe, it works at least the powerful pumps that are stored in spacious reservoirs, and which enable me to prolong at need, and as long as I will, my stay in the depths of the sea. It gives a uniform and unintermittent light, which the sun does not. Now look at this clock; it is electrical, and goes with a regularity that defies the best chronometers. I have divided it into twentyfour hours, like the Italian clocks, because for me there is neither night nor day, sun nor moon, but only that factitious light that I take with me to the bottom of the sea. Look! just now, it is ten o'clock in the morning.
  • Christos Tsitskos, his 43-year-old son, lives with his father. Christos owned a small fur business before closing it in the crisis. He now works at another company manufacturing pelts, earning 5 euros an hour. There are no buyers, he said.
  • IT WAS SEVEN o'clock in the evening. Judge Jarriquez had all the time been absorbed in working at the puzzle and was no further advanced and had forgotten the time of repast and the time of repose, when there came a knock at his study door.
  • Your story is not exact, and your suppositions are forced, Don Miguel said, with a sneer, as if about to confound the conclusions of the boy with the logic of a man. "As purchasing agent for a perfectly legitimate concern, I visited that suite that night in the interest of the contract referred to by you. I was disappointed in the outcome of the negotiations, but I did not ask for the letters. They were confidential, and Mr. Cameron promised to regard them as such. When I left his office, Mr. Cameron was at work at his desk. That is all I have to say."
  • Physicists who work at the interplay of theory and experiment are called phenomenologists. Phenomenologists look at the complex phenomena observed in experiment and work to relate them to fundamental theory.
  • Arglay saw it and knew it for the end. He made no immediate move until he touched with his fingers the place where the epiphany of the Tetragrammaton had appeared. "Earth to earth," he said, "but perhaps also justice to justice and the Stone to the Stone." His hand covered her forehead. "Under the Protection," he murmured. "Good-bye, child," and so, his work at an end, left her.
  • It is as well to add that Araujo that was his name never saw better than when he had imbibed a few glasses of tafia; and he never did any work at all without a certain demijohn of that liquor, to which he paid frequent court.
  • Not knowing how long I might be kept a prisoner, I set to work at once to try and learn the language of my captors. The women, especially, were very ready to teach me; and my willingness to learn gaining me their friendship, they supplied me plentifully with food. I was puzzled, however, to know on what account they had carried me off, as I certainly could in no way benefit them. I concluded that one object might be to hold me as a hostage, in case any of their party should be taken prisoners.
  • He's dead, Colonel Welsh stated grimly. "He, too, was a Nazi spy. And working right under my very nose, which doesn't make me feel very proud. Shortly after your take-off, one of the mechanics who helped to roll out your plane came to me with the information that the technical sergeant had been standing right outside that office while I was giving you your instructions. I can tell you that that was the closest I ever came to having a case of heart failure. I got to work at once checking up on that technical sergeant. I won't bother you with the details, but we caught him cold. Complete with a powerful short-wave sending set, and all the rest of it. That was after he had had time to do his dirty work, if any. I know, now, what that dirty work was, of course. Your experiences, and Major Parker's, made the picture clear. He simply flashed word to other agents to get you two by hook or by crook. He knew your course, and he knew what you carried, though I'm still positive that he didn't know the contents of those sealed envelopes.
  • David works at getting the strap tied in a bow. When its finally done Jim says, ‘So youre off to Graylands, Amy. To sort out the loony buggers.’
  • "It so happened that we had Charlie Cross working at that station at that time, but the message did not apply to him, nor, for that matter, to his ink. On second consideration and reading, the message read very differently. 'Cross' was the code name of the station; 'All' meant that his barometer read 30.02 and that his morning temperature was zero; 'My' conveyed the information that his sky was clear, the wind from the south and that his minimum temperature for the night was zero; 'Ink' informed us that the wind velocity at the station was six miles an hour and that he could not add the usual height of the water in the Mississippi as the river was 'frozen.' Similar code messages are sent in twice a day from each of the two hundred stations.
  • Frobisher looked, and counted, indeed, five masts. They were, then, evidently those belonging to the pirate junks which had attacked the Chinese merchantman on the preceding day; and the fort on the hill, yonder, was the pirates' lair which he had been specially dispatched from Tien-tsin to destroy. He rubbed his hands gleefully and gave orders to clear for action; then, with his telescope fixed unwaveringly on the fort, he leant over the bridge rail, watching, while the Su-chen, her engines working at full pressure, stemmed the muddy tide on her errand of retribution.
  • The officer looked from Bryan to Liz, frowned, grunted and pulled out a small plastic box, removed a slim metal pick and began working at the lock. In a minute he swung the door open and walked inside. Bryan and Liz followed. The room smelled musty. The officer called, "Mrs. Parkins? Mrs. Parkins?" There was no answer. He walked to the window and pushed the heavy drapes aside. The room brightened and they looked around.
  • I was in Holly Springs when General Sherman began to move toward Memphis. Thinking there would be active work at Vicksburg, I prepared to go to Columbus by rail, and take a steamboat thence to Memphis. By this route it was nearly four hundred miles; but it was safer and more expeditious to travel in that way than to attempt the "overland" journey of fifty miles in a direct line.
  • "There was the hay from the Marshes to be sold, and the wood, too," answered the little man. "But," he went on, "I could not make much out of the wood, and I was too old to learn, so I gave it up, and went into Winnipeg to work at my trade. And, indeed," he added cheerfully, "I made very good wages of it."
  • It was easy enough work at first, but became more difficult every foot they advanced, as the one behind had to crawl backward each time with the snow that the one at work passed back to him. At last the tunnel was driven twelve feet long, and the last four feet it had been given an upward direction, by which means less snow had to be removed than would have been the case had the bottom remained level with the ground and the height been increased.
  • She worked at a large gallery back there, and regularly sent Doug fancy invitations to openings and eventsthings he would read over carefully before sending his regrets. I felt at somewhat of a loss talking to her, on the occasions she stopped by the city. Doug too, I think, and these rare dinners together always went better when Zoe came too. Really, he had not been that big a part of their liveshis ex had kept custody and he had been an every other weekend plus a summer month dad. It was Zoes determination (and career choice) that brought the two of them closer now.
  • Oh, wouldn't it be fun to get a chance to work at a broadcasting station? Amy cried. "We could sing, Jess. You know we sing well together.
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