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Okunuşu: / wəːdi / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wordy
Ekler: word·i·er/word·i·est
Türü: sıfat


s. kelimesi çok;
kelimelerden ibaret.

wordy için örnek cümleler:

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  • Charlie squinted one eye and jacked up the eyebrow above the other eye as he looked up. He made sweeping and beckoning motions with his arms ending with beating both of them on his chest like a bull ape. "Come on down out of there you post scrambling, Bunco spieling, wordy word peddler before I yank that callous peppered, swivel hinged, bull battered tongue of yours down around your Adam's apple until your eyeballs play pop goes the weasel."
  • Unix was ported to a number of machines using the very wordy portable c compiler.
  • He is full of deep, wordy introspection about his fellow team members.
  • As a file of soldiers moved into the city, the people stood at a respectful distance, occasionally giving forth wordy expression of their anger. When I reached the office of The Avalanche, one of the leading journals of Memphis, and, of course, strongly disloyal, I found the soldiers removing a Rebel flag from the roof of the building. The owner of the banner made a very vehement objection to the proceeding. His indignation was so great that his friends were obliged to hold him, to prevent his throwing himself on the bayonet of the nearest soldier. I saw him several days later, when his anger had somewhat cooled. He found relief from his troubles, before the end of June, by joining the Rebel army at Holly Springs.
  • The book is a little wordy in some areas to take up space, but the message and overall content is very good.
  • Picton said nothing to his brother about Dr. Elroy. Hector had rather a serious wordy encounter with Fletcher Denyer, who called him nasty names, and plainly said he had willfully deceived him about Tearaway. Hector spoke his mind freely, saying he had no wish to see him again.
  • The Indian war in Minnesota dwindled to a fight on the part of politicians respecting its merits in the past, and the best mode of conducting it in the future. General Pope, General Sibley, and General Sully were praised and abused to the satisfaction of every resident of the State. Laudation and denunciation were poured out with equal liberality. The contest was nearly as fierce as the struggle between the whites and Indians. If epithets had been as fatal as bullets, the loss of life would have been terrible. Happily, the wordy battle was devoid of danger, and the State of Minnesota, her politicians, her generals, and her men emerged from it without harm.
  • Carney himself dozed over a wordy story, only to be suddenly wakened by a noise at his elbow. Wary, through the vicissitudes of his order of life he sat up wide awake, ready for action. Then by the light of the sputtering candle he saw his magazine sprawling on the floor, and knew he had been wakened by its fall. His bunk had creaked; but listening, no sound reached his ears from the other room, except certain stertorous breathings.
  • My dear Roland, said Sir John sadly, and without replying to the young officer's wordy sally, "won't you ever tell me about this fever which sears you, this sorrow which undermines you?"
  • "So does Kirby. I'll ask you just one thing. If there's trouble, leave the Rucci brothers to me. Let me take care of them. You understand; Maude told me she got wordy with you."
  • I. Master of Many Ships and Skipper of None II. The Man from Blue Water III. Under the Blue Star Flag IV. Bad News from Cape Town V. Matt Peasley Assumes Office VI. wordy War at a Dollar a Word VII. Cappy Ricks Makes Bad Medicine VIII. All Hands and Feet to the Rescue IX. Mr. Murphy Advises Preparedness X. The Battle of Table Bay XI. Mr. Skinner Receives a Telegram XII. The Campaign Opens XIII. An Old Friend Returns and Cappy Leads Another Ace XIV. Insult Added to Injury XV. Rumors of War XVI. War! XVII. Cappy Forces an Armistice XVIII. The War is Renewed XIX. Capp Seeks Peace XX. Peace at Last! XXI. Matt Peasley Meets a Talkative Stranger XXII. Face to Face XXIII.
  • Huh. Paddington rarely ever had one. He was too thin and wordy and intelligent, whereas Quentins large legs, robust arms, and ability to drain a keg were attractive qualities. Apparently.
  • Therefore, when the curtain rose at last on the first act of Moliere's witty comedy, St. Just turned deliberately towards the stage and tried to interest himself in the wordy quarrel between Philinte and Alceste.
  • Powers of mercy! exclaimed I, this can never be; it is all a romance. What! you the husband of that lady whose nerves were so affected by the disturbance? Yes, sir, answered he, I am her husband; and fortune, if you will take the word of a sinner, could not have done me a dirtier office than by conjuring up such a grievance as this. I know not, my friend, replied I, what reasons you may have for thus belabouring your rib with wordy buffets, but however she may be to blame, in mercy keep a bridle on your tongue; if you have any regard for me, do not displace the mirth and spoil the pleasure of this nuptial meeting, by ominous disorder or enraged questions of past injuries. You shall have no reason to complain on that score, rejoined Scipio; but shall see presently whether I am not a very apt dissembler.
  • Abruptly he was recalled to his position by the harsh voice of the clerk of arraigns. His obedience was mechanical, and the clerk droned out the wordy indictment which pronounced Peter Blood a false traitor against the Most Illustrious and Most Excellent Prince, James the Second, by the grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland King, his supreme and natural lord.
  • There was nothing to be gained by a wordy dispute, but Ambrose was only human. "You are sore because we smashed the company's monopoly at Moultrie," he said.
  • Suddenly she felt the need to speak. The wordy silence troubled her. "Mother, Mother," she cried, "why does he love me so much? I know why I love him. I love him because he is like what love himself should be. But what does he see in me? I am not worthy of him. And yet ¬¬ why, I cannot tell ¬¬ though I feel so much beneath him, I don't feel humble. I feel proud, terribly proud. Mother, did you love my father as I love Prince Charming?"
  • Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the pudding-race! Aboon them a' ye tak your place, Painch, tripe, or thairm: Weel are ye wordy o'a grace As lang's my arm
  • Garst, who was an enthusiastic cyclist, with a gurgle of unbelieving mirth, prepared to dispute this. There might have ensued a wordy sparring about caribou versus bicycle, had not the guide been impressed with the necessity for prompt action at the expense of speech.
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