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Okunuşu: / wɪð’ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: with·in
Türü: zarf, isim


z. , edat. ,
i. içeride, içeriden;
dahilen, derunen;
içinde, dahilinde;
edat. zarfında, içinde, sınırları içinde;

i. iç.

within için örnek cümleler:

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  • Throughout this time, Pomerelia was within Royal Prussia, a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with considerable autonomy. In the late 18th century, it became a part of Prussia.
  • Understanding welled within Johan, bubbling forth like a stream that had broken free of the earth. The trees blocked his view. Curious, he walked back to the soldiers where he had a clear line of sight. He stepped hesitantly at first, and then gained speed the closer he got. Curiosity overwhelmed his religious upbringing.
  • He took the notes Palliser handed him, and when he went away hung about the head of the stairway until Violet Wayne came up with a white haired lady. He contrived to catch her eye, and though she passed on with her companion within five minutes she came back again.
  • Such hope was shattered immediately and senselessly with a low toned groan that hummed up from the depths of Sanctum. It came with a burst, this howling guttural tone, and it filled the inside of Sanctum with raging ferocity. Everyone within Sanctum jumped at the impact of the sound. Even the docile cliff behemoth nearly lost hold of the rope which Stephen clung to. The algors, knowing the need for their music, continued to play, but they could not overcome the noise which now stormed Sanctum's internal core.
  • The colonel examined his revolver coldly. The moment that Umballa came within range the colonel intended to shoot. This matter was going to be settled definitely, here and now. So long as Umballa lived, a dread menace hung above Kathlyn's head. So, then, Umballa must die.
  • He came within reach of the sand bank, drifting past with his face under the surface, and like a fool I must needs pull him out of the water and lay him to drain. I knew I was a fool to meddle when there was a clear chance of being rid of the beggar for once and always, but couldn't help doing it all the same.
  • The western horizon took on its own eerie glow, one that matched the light of the statue. And Catrin knew, in that instant, without any doubt, the Statue of Terhilian that had been found in the west had just detonated, and she shrank away from the realization that tens of thousands had just perished in an instant. A new cataclysm had begun, and the next component of destruction stood within throwing distance of her. Zjhon guards formed a ring around the dais and effectively barred her path.
  • He is in demand and has become the cynosure of all eyes within and outside the industry.
  • Leena looked around. The day was beautiful with a bright golden morning sun shining in a flawless blue winter sky. Snow covered branches reached with loving arms toward the nourishing orb above. Everything looked as it should and yet it felt wrong. Leena felt exposed in the sunlight. A sense of dread clawed within her.
  • That, it was true, had been his original plan when he had entered the house half an hour previously, but it was an entirely different matter now. Then, he had counted on GETTING AWAY without their knowing it, before they, as he had fondly thought, would have had a chance to establish their espionage, and when they would have had no reason to suspect, for a time at least, that he was not still within the house, when they would have been watching, as it were, an empty cage.
  • These birds had grown so tame, as to take food freely out of the hand of anyone who offered it to them; and with like freedom, to take it where it was not offered, but found within reach of their long prehensile beaks. Often had they pilfered provisions to which they were anything but welcome; and, among other acts of their rapacity, there was one of which Fritz had been an interested spectator, and for which he was not likely ever to forgive them. That was, their robbing him of a dainty piece of meat, which one of the cooks had presented to Fritz himself; and upon which he had been going to make his dinner. One of the birds had the audacity to seize the meat in its mandibles, jerk it out of the dog's very teeth, and swallow it, before the latter had time to offer either interruption or remonstrance.
  • That seemed to work a change in me, he continued rapidly; "I recognised there was something behind this disgusting manifestation, something directing it; and I recognised, too, that the next move was up to me. I went back to my room. The odour was not so pronounced, but as I stood by the table, waiting, it increased, and increased, until it almost choked me. My nerves were playing tricks, but I kept a fast hold on myself. I set to work, very methodically, and fumigated the place. within myself I knew that it could do no good, but I felt that I had to put up some kind of opposition. You understand, sir?"
  • Other evidence existed as well. Vapors rose unsteadily from puddles of dark liquid. The air shimmered in several places with hazy clouds. The floor was hidden, encrusted with a thick fog which crystallized in many areas. And to everyone's dread, each corner radiated a light from its own source. Collections of small pebbles, no larger than fingernails, gleamed with a greenish orange glow. It reminded them all that the absence of the flame did not constitute the end of all dangers. Most of what the interpreter warned indeed waited within these walls, and it remained as deadly as he explained.
  • Most of the agricultural land within the park is used for grazing livestock.
  • The domed huts within their ring fences shone yellow and picturesque in the sunlight. A few men were seated in groups chatting in a bass undertone, and the red top knots of women showed above the thorn fence, gazing curiously at the visitors.
  • Grim didn't answer, but I saw him look long at Jeremy, and then for about thirty seconds steadily at Mabel Ticknor. After that he stared out of the window for a long time, not even moving his head when a crowd of Bedouins galloped to within fifty yards of the train and volleyed at it from horseback "merely out of devilment," as Hadad hastened to assure us.
  • This is a relatively underdeveloped theme within policy research on clusters.
  • He was already within ten feet of that open clearing in the midst of the granite walls which we described on our first visit to the grotto of Ceyzeriat. Roland clung closely to the wall, and moved forward almost imperceptibly. In the dim half-light he looked like a gliding bass-relief.
  • Her eyes came into view above the pamphlet sheet as she lowered it. For a moment, she stared into the depths of his being. Rordan recognized in her a kindred quality hed never experienced before. He struggled to imagine what she might be seeing; he didnt know himself what lay within.
  • Maintaining silence, she moved into the opening, opting to explore this unanticipated finding rather than abort the mission. She waited in pure stillness, allowing her eyes to adjust to the dark as she killed the light from the glow-stick. The fading sunlight drifted into the cave, and her widening pupils allowed her to scan farther down the path. She moved forward; slowly, carefully, but inspecting the sides of the rock with her hands. The opening section of the cave was smooth and natural, but deeper within the crevice, the rock revealed scars and uneven markings. The tunnel was not formed by the presence of wind or water battering the insides of the original hollow, but by manufactured forces, tools of the Fenrites.
  • In a brief time the boys arrived at the rear of the little house, which was not much more than a shanty in its appearance. They found that their surmise that smoke was rising from the chimney was correct. There could be no doubt that some one was within the building.
  • Banking the fire to last well through the night, Steve and Sarah snuggled close together. Looking up at the twinkling stars, Steve counted no fewer than ten shooting stars within just a couple of minutes. Always having an interest in astronomy, he started looking carefully at the clusters of stars, searching for any similarities to the night sky he was accustomed to. Was that Ursus Major? Nope, not unless the Big Dipper had expanded its basin from four anchor stars to nine. The shape was close, though.
  • Mappel wished to speak of this no further. He might have found it difficult to read the intentions of Consprite, but he knew he did not like the mayor's insistence at being included within all their decisions. Uneasily, he made one more attempt to sway Consprite toward a lesser role.
  • Skysdale had served in the Authority as a Station Subcommander. It was not his duty to question orders, only to see that they were communicated to the proper personnel. For this, he had gained the trust of the highest ranking officers within Authority Command, and Sinclair regarded this aspect of Skysdale's appointment as extremely important. If she couldn't get Authority to agree with the councils, at least she wanted to know what they were up to.
  • Money owed by the business that is generally due for payment within 12 months of balance sheet date. Examples: creditors, bank overdraft, taxation.
  • The catering within secondary schools in the boro is provided by caterers chosen by each school.
  • Being a strong wizard, he'd sensed evil on the wind and in the night air. Something or someone wanted to bend time and circumstances to their will and dark purpose. Knowing Alana's susceptibility to the Book, he cast a few spells to wake him if anything when awry, to trail her if she went anywhere, and then fell asleep in his clothes. within an hour, his eyes flew open, his body in agony at the sudden Transfiguration. He fought it, knowing only an evil presence could cause it on a night without a full moon. Then, his heart told him to fly to her. Grabbing his wand, he burst into her room just in time to see a vortex open and pull her in. Without hesitation, he jumped in behind her.
  • One hundred meters above ground, they used their wands to extend swords once they closed within five meters. The steel weighed literally nothing, so speed mattered more than strength. It was impossible to avoid glancing blows struck at lightning speed -- a disadvantage to the fighter with inferior armor. Unlike sword fights on the ground, each sought to surge above or below their opponent, like cats tumbling down a hill. Fighting while flying is inherently exhausting -- like boxing while running -- so those with greater endurance could defeat better opponents simply by out-lasting them.
  • The bag was to be propped up between tall stakes set in the ground; its bottomless bottom turned towards the earth, so that the aperture would be below. Under this a fire was to be kindled--not, however, until everything else should be ready; and the hot air rising up into the aperture would enter the balloon, and cause it to swell out to its full globular dimensions. More hot air being admitted, the cooler atmosphere within would be expelled, the balloon would become lighter than the surrounding air, and by the simple principle of atmospheric pressure it would ascend into the air. It was expected it would do so--it was hoped it would.
  • Stoutenburg watched them until the mist-laden distance had completely hidden them from his view. Then, with a sigh of relief, he went within.
  • A cadet petty officer from the first class briefly, crisply instructed them concerning the care of their room, and their duties within its walls.
  • There wasn't a single dissenting voice. Once they knew what was required, the girls rushed at once to their rooms to dress, and within ten minutes they were all assembled on the porch. Mingled with them were most of the girls from Miss Halsted's camp, thoroughly frightened and much distressed, and evidently entirely forgetful of the trouble that had existed as late as that evening between the two camps.
  • Quickly she and Ghek mounted to the deck after the latter had cast off the moorings. Tara tested the control, raising and lowering the ship a few feet within the walled space. It responded perfectly. Then she lowered it to the ground again and waited. From the open doorway came the sounds of conflict, now nearing them, now receding. The girl, having witnessed her champion's skill, had little fear of the outcome. Only a single antagonist could face him at a time upon the narrow stairway, he had the advantage of position and of the defensive, and he was a master of the sword while they were clumsy bunglers by comparison. Their sole advantage was in their numbers, unless they might find a way to come upon him from behind.
  • Filter feeders and if they feed in water contaminated by sewage they can concentrate the viruses within their bodies.
  • I believe it must be so,’ he stated. ‘We have responded like fools. This circus at Alesia is a set-up, nothing more than a smokescreen designed to lead us away from the truth, the truth that the real danger lies within the old frequency. And since that is the case, I will go there and personally attend to the destruction of the crystal myself.’
  • As we explained above, life ensures a form of unity within multiplicity; it causes a sort of permanence.
  • For a short time the situation had an unpleasant appearance. While we were deliberating upon the proper measures for safety, one of our negroes, who was in Waterproof during the firing, came to us with his story. The fight had been on our side, some guerrillas having chased one of our scouting parties to a point within range of our guns. Our men shelled them with artillery, and this was the extent of the battle. The story of the Irishman, in connection with the true account of the affair, forcibly reminded me of the famous battle of Piketon, Kentucky, in the first year of the war.
  • You were found within our lines in German uniforms, said the commander. "Therefore you are spies and must be treated as such. I myself shall call a court martial within the hour. You must be shot. The other man will be tried separately, but I have no doubt he will suffer the same fate. Orderly!"
  • The Church attempts within limits to aid those who are materially in want, assured Crane, with official dignity. "Our resources are small, but to the truly deserving we are always ready to give in the spirit of true giving."
  • If Burrell had possessed an atom of human feeling, he would have sunk abashed to the earth, and entreated the forgiveness of the Rabbi, whose flashing eyes and extended features glared and swelled with indignation; but the only two emotions that at the time contended within him were cowardice and pride. Had he the power, gladly would he have struck the Jew to death, as a punishment for what he deemed his insolence; but he feared the protecting and avenging hand of Cromwell, who never resigned a cherished purpose or a cherished person, and whose esteem for the learned Rabbi was perfectly known, and much talked of about the court.
  • And the all-encompassing benevolence and bestowal within the veil of beneficence show self-evidently an all-embracing mercy.
  • Was it a ruse to make him cross the line, alone, or did they really mean it? He hardly knew; but he had no time to debate the abstract question. Bursting into their midst, he seized the child with a rush in his circling arms, and tried to hurry back with it within the protecting taboo line.
  • Mappel stood firm with his weight pressed against his staff. He listened carefully to the words and the tone of the mayor. He watched even closer. Even as he stood within a whirlwind of an emotional tirade, he found it near impossible to develop a true assessment of this man.
  • Letting his instinct guide the power to the palm of his hand Connor opened his eyes. The piece of scrap stainless steel levitated off his hand and hovered for a moment. It began to heat up at a tremendous rate and he could feel its toll being extracted from within his being. The metal began to instantly mold itself to the exact same way it had been imagined. As it finished taking shape and cooling, it fell into his palm and looked perfect.
  • Armand, who was watching his sister very closely, saw that she started at the sight of the wretch, and seemed immediately to shrink still further within herself, whilst her eyes, suddenly luminous and dilated, rested on him like those of a captive bird upon an approaching cobra.
  • Another choice is to eliminate a selected few. It would be within my power by then to kill the elves and the humans. To be rid of them would certainly hinder them. Their secrets would die with them, the others would never pass what awaits them.
  • Oston followed as Sallis rode into the forest and turned off the road. The men ensured their animals were comfortable, kept swords and staff within easy reach, and waited.
  • This small chalk pit lying deep within thetford forest has the largest colony of military orchid in britain.
  • The density relieving spheres within cmm dramatically damp vibration, offering a pure, soft feel.
  • "Before the sphere, before Ingar, a conflict arose which even now will breed tension between allies. I am not aware of the cause of the conflict. That is apparently as much a secret as were the barriers placed within Sanctum. The actual war occurred so long ago that not even an elf remains alive that remembers the cause. The legend of the fighting, however, will live on forever.
  • St augustine introduced the rule for good reason, primarily as means of confronting nepotism and its associated corruption within the church.
  • This last man had as large a store of fresh provisions as could be hauled by one mule, and within five minutes after coming up with him we were getting supper, giving no heed to anything save the fact that we had food in plenty for at least one meal.
  • Achieving oneness, I relaxed into a trance and for time unknown I simply, was. As my consciousness floated I noticed a pulsing deep within me. I strained to touch it. Each time I thought I had a hold it slipped through my fingers. I tried again and again, and began to feel sad; the pulsing glow looked beautiful and special. I had drawn from the Source easily enough before, why was it causing me trouble now? I reached and wished it in my palm, pleading meekly. Nothing. Oh for gods' sake! The glow zapped into me and overflowed from my body to spill my aura into the air. A feeling of bliss trilled inside me as the layers of the lie tore one by one. My true self clawed its way out.
  • Agglomeration benefits of being located close to other firms within the industry which undertake r&d.
  • "Scott and I are going to discuss it, okay?" I say, my voice catching in my throat. I know I have to hold back the tears until were in the car. I manage a smile and say well be back within a half hour. Kayla says okay and Ray grunts something as Scott and I walk back to the car.
  • "Her powers can only be contained within the runes for so long before they become uncontrollable. Theyll destroy her from the inside. You can absorb only a small fraction through the tether. The primary channels are still being contained within the ritual ribbonthat means they are gonna be locked inside her body. The runes can withstand the channels for eight hours at most. The party will be over in about four. Were intentionally manipulating her spirit light, powers and essence channels for you.
  • Southeastern planters and traders from the Upper South brought slaves with them as the cotton plantations in Alabama expanded. The economy of the central Black Belt (named for its dark, productive soil) was built around large cotton plantations whose owners' wealth grew largely from slave labor. The area also drew many poor, disfranchised people who became subsistence farmers. Alabama had a population estimated at under 10,000 people in 1810, but it had increased to more than 300,000 people by 1830. Most Native American tribes were completely removed from the state within a few years of the passage of the Indian Removal Act by the United States Congress in 1830.
  • Some thought must have struck him just about that time, for he was observed to struggle to his knees with many a grunt, and then gaining his feet vanish within the nearest tent.
  • Here Macray crept foremost, with Rolls' muzzle at his back, lest he should deliberately rouse the outlook by any sound; and now the way was up and up the endless stair of that tower of mountain-rock, that looked a suitable boundary for a land, not of Wa-Ngwanya, but of titans and archangels, and now they were crawling north-west through some gross grove of wood, the dwelling-place of gloom, and now were moving north-east along dizzy cliff-brinks within theatres of crags, trackless grandeurs, with organ-voices of waters raving everywhere, and always a noisy north-wind thwarting them, so that toward midnight they halted exhausted on a ledge where the rock above rather overhung them, and had a bluff which a little protected them from the wind; and here Rolls, having produced from his knapsack biltong, biscuits, Johnny Walker, tied up Macray's legs, untied his hands behind, tied them before; and there, seated, they ate and drank together.
  • Heavy footfalls, a pause, and finally, a resounding crash, as if lightning had struck within a hair's breadth away. The massive stone door crumbled to an ash like substance. Its destruction created a curtain of gray and black dust that swirled about the broken edges of the cell entrance.
  • I gasped, spotting a sable coloured deer grazing within my line of sight, half hidden by a few dogwood trees. The cat's muscles bunched tightly before he sprung forward and bounded away. I didn't watch what happened to the deer after that.
  • So it was some minutes before he was admitted; then, putting down weapons, as usual, at the portals, he went in. But at his knee, within the bagging of his knickerbockers, he had a small revolver for self-defence, if necessary.
  • The men shouldered their burdens and started off on the trail that had now grown familiar to the treasure seekers. The men were able to maintain a fairly rapid pace, and before long the party arrived at the edge of the clearing within which the treasure was supposed to be buried.
  • The man now touched the Buddha box to his forehead. He thought for a second where to keep it, and then looked at the small ivory box and a clasp he had hanging from his sash. He tried and found that the lead box fitted neatly within the ivory box, leaving very little space. He looked at the woman and smiled. The woman said: "Your Netsuke-and-Inro will now be as important as your sword."
  • He held out his hand once more, and after a moment's hesitation, Fitz, who dared not trust himself to speak, placed his own within it, to have it held in a firm, warm pressure for some moments before it was released.
  • Much research within the field of corpus linguistics has therefore been based on these corpora.
  • "Your horses will be ready within the hour. I will be engaged here for the remainder of the day so this will be farewell, unless you desire to stay another night."
  • While this was enacting, I happened to be in my hut; thus I was not an eye-witness. About an hour later, I called some of my men to assist me in cleaning some rifles. Hardly had we commenced, when three shots were fired within a hundred paces of my hut. My men exclaimed, "They have shot the Abid (native)!" "What native?" I inquired. They then related the story I have just described. Brutal as these bloodthirsty villains were, I could hardly believe in so cold-blooded a murder. I immediately sent my people and the boy Saat to verify it; they returned with the report that the wretched father was sitting on the ground, bound to a tree, dead; shot by three balls.
  • Catrin was not surprised by his words, for the apartments were lavishly appointed. Deep carpets cushioned her feet, and beautiful works of art adorned the walls, depicting scenes of nature as only the most talented artists could render them. Elaborately carved chairs bore soft cushions, and a fire burned in the fireplace. Two doors led to private sleeping chambers that were not much smaller than the common room. within she found a delightfully soft feather mattress shrouded by a canopy of sheer material.
  • My father had a great and abiding love for India, and even in retirement, had a keen interest in that nations future. In particular, he admired Bose. Even though Bose made some wrong choices, my father felt that he had the special mettle needed in a leader of a newly freed nation. My father liked to quote from T. E. Lawrences Seven pillars of wisdom: All men dream; but not equally. Bose, he thought, was a grand dreamer who dreamed by broad daylight with his eyes wide open, and tried to make his dream real. In contrast, he felt that Boses contender for the leadership of free India, Jawaharlal Nehru, was an opportunist who courted arrests with the British and tried to develop his credentials that way. At any rate, I resolved within myself that while Bose had to be prevented from harming British interests, he needed to be kept alive and well to return and claim leadership of free India. I thought this was a way for me, from my most ordinary station in life, to make a momentous impact on a fledgling nation.
  • Situated either adjacent to or within easy traveling time from the various campuses.
  • Her form circled back to the elf and delver. "If this task frightens you, and well it should, there are other aspects which must bring you strength. You are not alone. Not you, Ryson Acumen as a delver, and not you, Lief Woodson, as an elf. Do not speak of the barriers in this mountain as unbreakable. What barrier is stronger than the line between life and death? I have crossed that barrier to seek you out, to alert you to what you face. If I can do that, can you not cross the barriers placed within this mountain? And what of your appearance here? You wish to overlook the guiding forces which have certainly had a hand in this, but these forces still exist. If it is their will that you succeed, then all of the magic in the sphere doubled, even tripled, could not stop you."
  • He referred to the universal practice of all aviators of setting fire to their craft if they are brought down within the enemy lines, and are not so badly injured as to prevent them from opening the gasoline tank and setting a match to it. This is done to prevent the machine, and often the valuable papers or photographs carried, from falling into the hands of the enemy.
  • They frequently produce large, swollen vesicles within the root tissues.
  • The walk to the cliff had not been accomplished without difficulty. Twice had they come close to running into the Filipino pickets, and once Luke had been almost certain they were being followed, but the alarm proved false. A night had been spent in the jungle, and at a point within half a mile of where Larry lay senseless under the big tree!
  • Exemplifydominant place of the clock within culture and medicine was exemplified when the hospital became center stage for infant feeding.
  • We will otherwise pay accounts within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice.
  • He walked away, his head down, thinking. He was trying to form a plan of action. within a short time the mystery that surrounded the beautiful girl with two names had deepened. He must find a way to learn the truth; he would not be satisfied till he knew the truth.
  • Eight staff versus students met for match is expected to take place within the next few weeks, along with other tsunami fundraisers.
  • Dextral faults within the simple fold zone link lurestan to the e-w trending structures of fars, in the eastern zagros.
  • Almost 100 years on and the army have over 40 professional photographers as well as over 1800 amateur snappers within its ranks.
  • So within 7 months and 2 days our boys have lost 3 grandparents to cancer.
  • When they came within three hundred yards of the abridge, they slackened the speed of their horses; then two thirds of them sprang from the saddles and advanced on a run to the bridge.
  • Importance of education variety of public employment within the in august.
  • Hence companies or even systems within companies ( including some mainframes ) can work together, exchanging information using a commonly accepted standard protocol.
  • Everybody fairly held their breath as Mr. Rollins dropped down on his hands and knees, struck a match, and half disappeared within the huge receptacle. He came backing out almost immediately; and before his head and shoulders appeared in view Paul knew that he had made a glorious find, because they could hear him laughing almost hysterically.
  • Students within the fine art program are also eligible to apply for junior fellowships upon graduation.
  • The rest of the day was devoted to hammering out a strategy. Zero-hour drills grew increasingly tight and smooth, due both to the Afars conditioning and to their almost blind obedience to the harsh translated commands of Mudhead. There was absolutely no indication of a threat on the horizon, but that night dogs were howling like banshees, the bird population was all in a flap, and bawling cats were taking to the rooftops and Fields. Goats bleated, camels roared, children screamed at the constantly rattling hatches and coops. Fathers sent boys and girls shinnying up trees to hand down nestlings, and before dawn the last birds took off, ditching paradise for Hell. within the hour they were all back, lighting in the canopies and rebounding. It was a big desert out there.
  • Inconsistencylist of, and explanations for, all of the plot inconsistencies within the four red dwarf novels.
  • Very well, Oswald. I shall walk round the ground, and see that all are vigilant. We know not where Glendower's men were lying. It may hap they were twenty miles away, but even so he would have had plenty of time to have brought them up, by now. I don't think there is much chance of any of our men being surprised; most of them having, in their time, been so used to midnight rides across moor and hill, and so accustomed to see in the dark that, crafty as the Welshmen may be, I do not think there is a chance of their getting within a hundred yards of any of our posts, without being seen; especially as the moon is still half full.
  • There is no reason why this average should not be made public within the school, to ensure transparency.
  • He laughed with such open good-humor that Nathaniel found himself smiling despite the varied unpleasant sensations within him. "Do you write much?" he asked.
  • Fugal techniques found is studied in detail and placed within an esthetic and historical context.
  • "Madame," said Lercari, "I say only this to you. If the Queen is not aware of her danger, we are. The Saracens are now camped only half a league away. You can see their tents from the city walls. Their galleys sail down the river within bowshot of Damietta whenever they please. They know you have only a few hundred men here, and only a handful capable of really fighting. An Egyptian fleet from Alexandria might attack our ships at any time. We are here to make our intentions known to the Queen. If we cannot have an audience, we will sail away this very day without speaking to her." He frowned at her, bringing his heavy brows together. "I was given to understand you would assist me, Madame, not put obstacles in my path."
  • Laos was granted self-government within the french union on 19 july 1949.
  • Veronica made no secret of her wishes to tie me more closely to her still. But, in spite of the clamour of the senses, there was something within me or round me that held me irresistibly from this.
  • They become respected within the church and get perks, kudos and esteem from the church leaders.
  • They were within an hour or two's rapid march of La Granja over a pass in the Guadarrama. The sergeant volunteered to lead them down into the gardens in that time. He knew a path often travelled by smugglers on their way to Segovia.
  • Holli found the condition intolerable. The inactivity, the indecision, and the clustered way they stood in the open; all of this left them vulnerable. Her mind, her well trained and honed instincts, screamed to her the reality of the situation. They were standing within the walls of Sanctum, perhaps the most dangerous place in all of Uton, standing there like sheep surrounded by ravenous wolves.
  • Kennedy stole around behind some clumps of shrubbery, while Joe remained motionless where he was. The former, at length, got within gunshot and fired.
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