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Okunuşu: / wɛː / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: where
Türü: zarf


z. , zam., bağlaç. nere, nerede, nereye;

zam. yer;
bağlaç. (olduğu) yer;
(bulunduğu) durum.

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  • Cheyletiella mites ( frequently harbored by dogs and cats ) intensely itchy papules appear where the mites have fed on skin.
  • We made ourselves comfortable in the restaurant, where simple white napery contrasted with the old photographs of metropolitan life.
  • It was dark, and I was on my back. I had a strange feeling I was in a refrigerator. It was cold. Really cold. where was I? My fingers reached out and came in contact with something frigid and hard, like metal. Claustrophobia hit, and I reached out on all sides of me. Each time I hit freezing metal. Underneath, on top, to the sides, where my feet wereI was trapped. I screamed. It didnt help. where was Andrew? He wouldnt leave me, would he?
  • This is not an adequate solution in highly concurrent systems where reliability is required.
  • From his viewpoint he saw that a massive bowl-like cavern had been carved out of the rock, so large that he could barely make out the opposite side. Looking up he noted a massive hole in the ceiling, letting in light that dappled softly off the ever falling column of snow entering the cavern from above. The opening he was standing at was at the top of the bowl like floor, which reached its lowest point a few hundred meters from where he was standing.
  • "Jacques, were not Spaniards. This is not going to be our way." He barely heard his own words. Surely, he told himself, we have to act honorably. That was the unwritten code in the New World, where men made their own laws.
  • Myranda tried to focus herself. Slowly, she felt the darkness lessen. Sensations returned to her. She opened her eyes. It was night, Myn asleep on top of her. She managed to turn her eyes to the side, where she spotted Deacon in a chair beside the bed, also asleep. Her eyes lifted in time to see a dark form vanish from the window. Lain? She tried to move, causing Myn to stir. The dragon caught a glimpse of the girl's fluttering eyes lids and sprang to her feet, still on top of her. Myn looked to the sleeping Deacon and gave a sharp lash with her tail, jerking him to wakefulness.
  • We went through the hall and along another short bent passage which led to the kitchen. There two or three cooks were at work, and a boy was turning a long spit loaded with a row of chicken carcases in front of the fire. I only had a moment to notice this, for the sergeant led me up half a dozen stone steps and into a very long curved room where five great guns were pointed at the ports in the right hand wall. Some of the ports were covered with wooden shutters, and there was very poor light in the roombut enough for me to see six or seven men lying on straw mattresses laid on the floor beside the left hand or inner wall. There were a couple of buckets, and when I went closer to look I saw that they both contained vomit, which accounted for the foul smell in the place.
  • There, in the room where Cain had been kept, stands the empty coffin, the chains that bound it are no more, but that was expected. The coffin itself, however, was not. The Knight reluctantly touches the coffin, but feels nothing. The Knight then takes to examining the crypt, searching for any clues.
  • "If you leave the boat," said Ceder, "I have a feeling it will be the last time we see you. Stay here, where its safe."
  • There are also examples of styles that fall in between the two, where chinese brushwork meets an almost western abstraction.
  • "Not at all," Sister Marie-Threse replied. "So continue, Captain. How did this woman make contact with the French Underground? where did she go on her holiday?"
  • Karlini preceded them up onto the quarterdeck, where the captain was staring with a sage seamans expression down the river ahead of the ship. River traffic had been picking up over the past few hours, indicating (if any of them were in doubt) that they were fast approaching the Oolsmouth district. "A key?" the captain said, echoing Karlinis question. "Aye, a key Ive got, and a key Ive been using, too. Waste of time its been. Gazoont, thats his name, Meester Groots facilitator; not a clever sort like your lot, dont you know, but hes been regular enough in the past."
  • The best scrubber is the one where the limewater takes longest to go milky.
  • "…and many thousands of people had already died, yes." Mrs. Hartman completed Messicks sentence, wondering where all this was going, and why he had brought her all the way to Phoenix to talk about what a great job she had done.
  • Timon draws back. Ill meet you at the turn. Hidden by the brush, he dashes silently toward his cavern. What a god is gold, that he is worshipped in a baser temple than where swine feed!
  • Interspecific hybridisation, or breeding between different species has been used where they each possess desirable attributes.
  • A few days afterwards Lady Davidstow arrived back from England, and on the first evening of her return, after dusk had fallen, Archie was sitting on the floor against her knee in front of the one open fire-place in the house, where pine-logs fizzed and smouldered and burst into flame and glowed into a core of heat. Sometimes, for that pleasant hour before bed-time, she read to him, but to-night there had been no reading, for she had been telling him of the week she had passed at home.* They had moved up to London while she was there, and London was miry and foggy and cold.
  • "No, no, no," interrupted he, with irritability -- "no, sir, I am not a credulous -- far from a superstitious man. I have been, perhaps, too much the reverse -- too sceptical, too slow of belief; but unless I were one whom no amount of evidence could convince, unless I were to contemn the repeated, the perpetual evidence of my own senses, I am now -- now at last constrained to believe -- I have no escape from the conviction -- the overwhelming certainty -- that I am haunted and dogged, go where I may, by -- by a DEMON!"
  • Deadlock situations, where agents are not able to reach an understanding.
  • "But you do not know where to start. Don't worry, I do. If my theory is correct, he is most likely travelling in straight lines. I extrapolated the path he was travelling according to the vector of his approach to the goblin village and found possible starting points. You will receive a map containing these."
  • While the short length of just several hours for a murder trial may surprise legal experts in other countries, it is quite common in China, where verdicts are even delivered the same day in serious cases involving the death penalty.
  • So we stopped for dinner at a hamburger stand and had burgers, french fries, and chocolate milk shakes on tables set between two rows of parked cars. Behind the stand were older cars and a table where a Negro family ate. The air smelled of burnt meat and burnt gasoline, the smells of travel.
  • I made it to Pittsburgh by mid-afternoon. I had no idea where to go, I just cruised around until I found what seemed like a promising neighborhooda place called the Hill District.
  • Something else Jurtan had learned was how to think and work at the same time. While hed been mulling Maxs plans and intentions back and forth hed succeeded in getting the area cleaned up and the horses packed; more skills Jurtan couldnt recall wishing he possessed. At least sitting on a horse all day was no longer a more drawn-out form of one of Maxs tortures. Jurtan was almost at a stage where he could say he felt comfortable with riding.
  • At its center is a tranquil pool where water spills into pebbled rills which run throughout the garden.
  • "You don't say?!" Alexander replied with irritation. Whereas the paladin was knee-deep in the bog, more than a half of the dwarf was submerged. He proceeded slowly, poking the muddy ground with his trident. He couldn't see where he was putting his feet, so he decided to at least stab the place he wanted to step on and see if it stabs back. He really didn't want to fall into some unseen hole or get attacked by something that didn't appreciate being trodden on.
  • "And such fellows are perfected"—well studied—"in the great commandersnames; and they will teach you by rote where services were doneat such and such a sconce, at such a breach, at such a convoy; who came off bravely, who was shot, who disgraced; what terms the enemy stood onand this they learn perfectly in the phrase of war, which they trick up with new-turned oaths!
  • Numerical equations these are based on the diffusion equation in one dimension, where is the eddy viscosity.
  • So I showed them: the droolers and the fondlers and the pukers and my horrible little room and the scarred ping-pong table and the sticky decks of cards and the meshed-in TV. Alphie actually seemed to dig it, in a kind of horrified way. He started comparing it to the new Kingston Pen, where hed done his six-month bit. After seeing the first puker, Audie went quiet and thin-lipped, leaving nothing but Alphies enthusiastic gurgling as counterpoint to my tour.
  • I have many tomes encountered case where people do not know where they are saving their word processing documents.
  • "Come this way, please, sir," PC DeMoss said, striking off for the High Street. "Theres a pubround the corner where you can use the facilities."
  • Who is here? He sees Pisanio peeking into the hall from a side door. Cloten calls: "What?—are you backing, sirrah? Come hither! Ah, you precious pander!" He has no doubt that the princess has gone to meet her husband. "Villain, where is thy lady?—in a word, or else thou art straightway with the fiends!"—dispatched to Hell, he warns, grabbing the front of the mans coat.
  • Let me see,’ I said, and unwound the rag, pulling it away where it had stuck with the blood. ‘How did you get hurt?’
  • Kyoto nods. "And I can say that with certainty because of the successful lawsuits later filed against Ciba-Geigy, where this was proven."
  • All you need to know about optician services in sheffield: where is my nearest optician services in sheffield: where is my nearest optician?
  • As the platform gradually clears, young Aumerle comes to Bolingbroke. "Cousin, fare well!" he says earnestly. "What prescience must not know, from where you do remain let paper show," he asks, quietly, as the marshal and several other noblemen approach them.
  • Second was the question of where all this took place, I couldnt be sure from channelling. My guess, which is mere rational thought, puts Edward in the Scottish marches, not those of Wales. The castle might then be that of Alnwick, in Northumberland; if it was, Thomas could have returned to London by sea, a much safer course than travel by land.
  • In the afternoon visit a family owned winery " cavas del maipo " where you can enjoy some more wine tasting.
  • Paulus saw he could not win in Hill Salem, where people knew Esu's teaching and knew a nazar like Yakob Zadok should lead the Poor. He took his work to other towns. To weaken Yakob Zadok, he said men should have short hair like Romans, not long hair as Mose wrote. To weaken Maryam, he said women should not teach. To weaken me, he said I had betrayed Esu, as if Elah and Esu were so frail that I could make them fail. To weaken the Poor, he said Elah gave us masters, so slaves should obey. To weaken Esu's teaching, he said beliefs mattered, not actions.
  • Quasi-judicial functions where it uses powers similar to those of the high court.
  • "I apologize. When one does research, one tends to objectify the subject matter. I have a little bit of difficulty calling a dog he or she like it was a human being. You must understand, I'm not trying to offend you. We have a different points of view on the matter." Ortega took the book from her, closing it and putting it back onto a bookcase filled with a variety of equally large and leather-bound volumes. "The account in this book doesn't include the deposition of my great-great-however many greats grandfather, Juan Ortega. He was there in the square in front of the church, where they burned the beast and that poor woman. In every case the dog started out with a different name. In every case the person used was a woman."
  • I was a very precocious child and started worrying about things like where all the water had come from for the flood.
  • Tika was stunned by her enhanced perceptions. Her slave birth and upbringing, where to show any emotion was to invite rebuke at the least, would keep her silent on this matter, for the time being at least.
  • On the end of Summers line a voice asked what was the problem, but Summer couldnt speak, numb from the cold, the rain, the place where she stood. Then the shot exploded, piercing the black night and blasting rain. Summer dropped her phone, clinging to Dan, who leaned them against the wall of the complex. All the while that voice asked what was wrong.
  • Trevor is still clutching the whisky bottle and the rifle. He stumbles back past where David and Jim are standing to a rough line thats been marked out with rocks. He places the Corio bottle carefully on the ground out of harms way, and raises the rifle to his shoulder.
  • The air was sultry on the open bay where the water rolled lazily and dark. It had been a drudge of a day. A standstill wind and an overcast sky had turned the digging into an ordeal. The clams were slow in coming. He intended to stay out until he had 1,500 clams, the least he needed for rent. Sweat stung his eyes and soaked his clothes. No seagulls or cormorants swerved across the surface to relieve the tedium. Maybe he should have held onto the brass ring.
  • Charlie looked ready to shoot him where he sat. They had used the password, but McWhirter had tried for a shot anyway, without waiting to see who it was. Luckily he was a terrible marksman, even at point blank range. Charlie had a little dust in his hair from where the wall had exploded, but was unharmed.
  • Banquo, arriving late, is one of the lords who have traveled here to attend the monarch in council. Waiting in a large room outside the dining hall, where the others are finishing the days midday meal, he ruminates.
  • Pitchy dark except where the silver bars of moonlight streamed through the holes in the wall.
  • "Maybe they cant," Brangot said. "I never thought about it, but perhaps there are places in the afterlife where gods cannot go."
  • Suzana had almost forgotten he was there. Without thinking her blind eyes locked onto the spot where he was standing, some invisible force guiding her, and she was at the gate to his mind. But unlike Naomi who was an open door, Strader fought her. He struggled to put up barriers to her intrusion, but slipped for a moment, and she was in. Because he was fighting her, it felt strange. Instead of the clear images from Naomi, she caught bits and pieces of thoughts, stray images. She gasped at some of the things she saw there. Horrible images of war and explosions, friends dying in the jungle with their limbs blown off, leaves wilting under chemical assault. Things she had never seen before when shed been inside Straders mind.
  • We went into the house where Esu stayed. I told him, "You've been found already. More Persianists and Zadokees want to see your power."
  • At the other end of the scale we developed a real howler of a scenario where the nurse made every mistake in the book.
  • Although he stopped often to listen to the hound and was sure he knew where the dog was, Brad didn't realize how close to Blackie he actually was until the hound crashed through the brush next to him. After a greeting of wet slurping tongue and some of his high pitched tree bark Blackie led Brad to a huge bull pine on the edge of the pasture.
  • "Okay, Okay" she responded looking at David now for some clue as to where this was heading. He sat plaintively looking at his hands.
  • I dressed and dried my hair. As I brushed my hair, a soft, rhythmic noise came from my office, like paper being printed from my computer. In the mirror, my sea-green eyes dilated in alarm. Why did the sound seem so sinister? My heart made a plunge-dive through my chest as an odd creeping sensation found its way to the pit of my stomach. Another noise. Panic shot through me. In my head, I was replaying the scene where I had purposefully locked my office door. Maybe it was my imagination? Why did I feel like I was in some awful horror movie?
  • "Just think about it," I told her. "What if someone had fixed your eye before anyone else had a chance to see it? where would you be then?"
  • Jason jumped in again, "If I get the maps, can you show us where the new currents are, maybe some indication on how the trade winds have shifted and such, some hazards to look out for? We've heard some things about Panama, but can't get any information about how it affected the currents down south."
  • Imogen looks up at himfearfully. "Oh, get thee from my sight!" she cries, shoving him away. "Thou gavest me poison! Dangerous fellow, hence!—breathe not where princes are!"
  • As the seneschal arrived to announce that their meal was ready to be served, Rhaki asked: ‘Is there someone you could spare to show me various places where I might build?’
  • On the surface the woman is proclaiming the salvation of god but here seems to be where the story ends.
  • "When your kinsmen," he motioned towards Brangot, "move to invade afterworlds two hundred ninety nine through three hundred two, they will not be able to pass through Oblivion itself, and will tear through every afterworld, starting with afterworld number one, which is where the Spirit Channel operates."
  • Brad stuck to these scoured areas where he could walk quietly since there were few if any leaves underfoot and the dirt which did remain was hard and rocky. The last few steps before the flat bench that Brad was heading for were steep and treacherous with loose rock and dirt lying on top of an almost vertical rock face. When he was still a couple of steps from the top Brad stopped to look and listen. The flat was several acres across with very little underbrush and a little patience could get a wise hunter a grouse or two.
  • They may suffer with neck retraction ( where the neck is arched backward ).
  • "Safely, I think," the Parisian allows. "’Twas a contention in public, which the reporter may offer without contradiction. It was much like an argument that fell out here last night, where each of us spoke in praise of our countriesmistressesthis gentleman at that time vouchingand upon warrant of bloody affirmation!—his to be more fair, virtuous, wise, chaste, constant, qualifiedand less temptablethan any the rarest of our ladies in France!"
  • Stans lifted himself back through the top hatch and into the clear night air. He caught Reichert under the arms where he had fallen forward against his machine gun and pulled him out onto the deck of the track. He laid his body out as straight as possible and spun the gun shield around to protect him. He took his flak vest off and put it under Reicherts head and then began to examine him as well as he could in the dim light. He could feel the warm stickiness of blood on Reicherts fatigues, but it was impossible to tell where it came from. Everything below his chest was soaked with blood. One of his boots had been blown away and there was a pale white ankle bone protruding through his blackened flesh. His breath came in short raspy gasps that shook his entire body.
  • Johnny wasn't one to let others win that easily. He preyed on the false sense of security that the meat-eaters derived from their pizza piracy and managed to find an entire untouched pepperoni pizza still in its box. He closed the lid and took it over to an unoccupied section of the physics student lounge where he sat in a beat up armchair, opened the box onto a coffee table and began to systematically pluck all the pepperoni slices off of the entire pizza and deposit them into the lid of the box. As he de-meated his pizza, Johnny's thoughts returned to his short puzzling conversation with Lyle. Johnny had about fifty hits of quality blotter in his dorm room at this very moment. It was earmarked for personal use, but there was no reason he couldn't sell some of it to Lyle and see what developed from there. If he hadn't already burned his bridges. Johnny could certainly use the cash, at the very least. His bank account was running dangerously low and there were four days every week without free pizza.
  • Because Oderion has made laws which we all must obey. No god is able to harm another god. Providing you with the location of such artifacts would be the same as handing you a weapon to kill your enemy. You have already witnessed what one artifact can do to a god. The golden sword was able to kill Arius, an immortal. Aside from the laws of Oderion, I am unable to provide you with the artifacts because I do not know where they lie.
  • Forward of the gore curtain was the dark line of Ae Infinitus; it hugged the ocean to the piercing Sister way, way out there, well past where she could make it out any longer. Between this cliff and that Sister was the Black Coffin and his numberless invaders. Now, with (real) stars winking into existence overhead and King Ammalinaeusrising splendor in the south (Maggie stared at the rings for a long time and thought of the fierce dragon mother Satelemark and her children, though her brood was nowhere to be found in tonights sky), she wondered what she was doing here, wondered at the significance of the black dove.
  • She pushed back her chair. "Let me do a little figuring," she said. She stepped to the kitchen counter, where a tall coffee cup emblazoned with a print of a roadrunner was filled with pencils and pens beneath a tear-off pad of shopping lists. She selected a red-ink pen and tore a sheet from the pad. She returned to the table. "Sweetie pour us a couple of Scotches while I go over the numbers. I'll have to pass it by my board of directors, but I'm almost positive they'll go along."
  • I shook my head, trying to dispel my slowly growing feelings for this angel. He may want to protect me, he may be charming and breathtaking, but he was not mineno matter how much I felt the need to claim him. He was an angel; I was human. He was immortal; I was mortal. He wasnt just some vampire, where I could beg him to turn me into the deplorable creature he was so we could stalk the shadows for eternity. This was a genuine angel, full of radiance and love, something I couldnt reciprocate in full because Id get old and die while he stayed young and eternal. Any ideas of loving him had to be dumped right then. For the first time ever, I had no expectations.
  • Two men and young Kevin were told to stay where they were and give cover if necessary; the others separated into groups of two and fanned out to search the houses as quickly as possible. Most of the doors were open and the soldiers, who had at first
  • All the gifts used in our cakes are of the highest quality and we use top brand names where applicable.
  • Recurring nightmares to get on a bus where all the trees have the same expression.
  • She didnt dare argue with the kings son. She contemplated fleeing Rhuddlan as she had fled Chester. Why not? she thought. She owed William Longsword nothing. He had given her back Bronwen but she had saved his life. BronwenCould she travel on foot all that way to the abbey? Would she even want to leave? where did that child disappear to, anyway?
  • And so too this present century a body was discovered which was the very body of Pharaoh, thrown up on the seashore where he drowned.
  • The Fourth Sign: Rather than looking to its likes and opposites, the pleasure, loveliness, and beauty of a thing look to where those qualities are manifested.
  • "You see," Lyle went on, "I'm thinking of getting into it myself, but I don't know where to start." "Well," Johnny said, "There really is only one place to start. First you need some drugs."
  • Use an insect repellent where biting insects are known to be active.
  • At the cusp of the pass, where the land leveled off and began to descend, I began to hear footstepsor were they hoofsteps?—behind me. For every three steps I took, I heard one clomp behind me. When I stopped, it stopped.
  • I use the chimney to lever myself upright again, and circle it to see exactly what kind of damage Ive done. Theres a neat circular hole in the roof where the chimney used to be, gusting warm air into my face as I peer into its depths. The hole is the mouth of a piece of shiny metal conduit about the circumference of a basketball hoop. When I put my head into it, I hear the white noise of a fan, somewhere below in the buildings attic. I toss some gravel down the conduit and listen to the report as it pings off the fan blades down below. Thats a good, loud sound, and one that is certain to echo through the building.
  • To create the namespace declarations, you just have to have the svg element created somewhere where the namespace declarations are in scope.
  • "Iyes, actually," he sputtered, caught off guard by her sudden intensity. "I asked why it attacked you in the dream, and it seemed angry when I mentioned you, saying that 'you were not invited.'" Sayana continued looking at him for a long, searching moment, then reached up and touched the shard hanging from around Aiden's neck. She instantly flinched in pain, shaking her hand from what seemed to be a mild burn. He looked at her hand and indeed, saw a small red welt where she had touched the shard, but when Aiden touched it himself, it was as cold as usual.
  • REV. DR. FOLLIOTT. In their line, I grant you, oyster and lobster- sauce are the pillars of Hercules. But I speak of the cruet sauces, where the quintessence of the sapid is condensed in a phial. I can taste in my mind's palate a combination, which, if I could give it reality, I would christen with the name of my college, and hand it down to posterity as a seat of learning indeed.
  • My eyes back onto the front of the road, my mind raced. where could we go? We drove on in silence for another few minutes, breaking the speed limit, when Mom voiced my thought out loud. We were now out on the freeway with several other cars when we saw one of those weather condition signs flashing, over and over, displaying a radio station and advising us to seek safety.
  • The arable land where the stone curlews choose to nest covers land belonging to 84 owners.
  • Quick to realize the benefits of gas lighting and also found other applications where heat was needed.
  • The prosecution have helpfully drawn my attention to a number of instances where statutory instruments have amended later statutes.
  • Nerve relaxants are herbs that quickly calm the person to a state where the body and mind becomes relaxed.
  • Some conditions only affect the trabecular meshwork where the water in the eye drains out at the drainage gap.
  • That leaves the top section on plot 5 where i spread leafmould and have piled turkey litter.
  • Despite his objections, the Court decided that the complaint had cause and issued a warrant for Bembes arrest. It found that not only was there reason to believe that Bembes militia had committed crimes against civilians but that they had done so with his approval and on his orders. Bembe was betrayed by his own self regard and made the mistake of traveling to Brussels where he was arrested while shopping for new suits.
  • Really it was because a white face in an area where there are no white people means the possibility of a bigger bribe.
  • Asta grinned. "My kind of place. Anyway, I spent two weeks passing out twenty dollar bills to homeless, trying to find some witnesses who might identify the shifter. Funny, you know cheap wine obviously kills brain cells." She speared a jelly donut with her finger and brought the jelly to her lips. "Mmm. Strawberry. Okay. where was I? Oh, yes, homeless people. Smell bad and have the memories of gold fish. Did you know a gold fish has a three second memory? Makes you wonder how they reproduce."
  • I studied anthropology at the university of amsterdam where i received a phd in 1989.
  • "Remember you of castle the trap? Remember you your vision, of Death the god, of by ring the capture? Pod Dall that god was. Castle of Pod Dall was it where trapped were you. Owns Pod Dall castle that moves."
  • But anyhow, heres the first one; its John 3:16. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Hmmm, so where is the part about sacrifice? Ill check the context. Maybe the sacrifice part is in the surrounding verses. Okay, this is the discussion with Nicodemus about being born again. This is about the Spirit of God and the light of God.
  • With the light of the morning filling the field where she'd slept, she could finally see the scene she had stumbled through in darkness the night before. It had all been blanketed with several inches of dense snow that elsewhere might have been a terrible storm, but amounted to little more than a light flurry to the people of the Northern Alliance. She waded into the ankle-deep snow and surveyed the campsite.
  • Cloten, riding alone, surveys the surrounding Welsh hills this morning. Satisfied, he dismounts. I am near to the place where they should meet, if Pisanio have mapped it truly.
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