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Okunuşu: / wɛː / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: where
Türü: zarf


z. , zam., bağlaç. nere, nerede, nereye;

zam. yer;
bağlaç. (olduğu) yer;
(bulunduğu) durum.

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  • Tannis repositioned himself again. He waited a long moment before answering. "No. I saw no bridge. But the columns of the temple that once stood there are too large to have been made by man. They are solid rock, carved right from a mountain that once stood in their place. They make the columns here in Brinn look like children made them. Most of the temple has fallen, some into a giant pile behind the columns, and some into the chasm the bridge once spanned. There is no way to cross there, and there is no way to build a bridge that long. The gods are the only ones who could have done it, and that is where the gods cross into this world to walk among us. When you see it, you cannot deny it."
  • Tanner holds up the book in range of the video camera so Campbell and the rest of the court can see it on their screen. "I have the book right here, Mr. Campbell, and Im starting on page 89 where they claim that…" Tanner puts on his glasses and reads, ‘…the licensed tests for HIV antibody are highly sensitive (greater than 99.8 percent) and specific (greater than 99.8 percent).’ Now lets be clear: theyre talking about the individual ELISA and Western Blot tests at this pointnot the combined tests. But my first question would be: How did they arrive at these sensitivity and specificity percentages if theyve never done validation studies to find actual HIV infection in the people who test Positive, which is the only accepted way I know of to establish true sensitivity and specificity? So I admit I start with some skepticism about the accuracy of their numbers."
  • "He did--the scoundrel!" said Marston, furiously striking his hand, in which his whip was clutched, upon his thigh; "he did mean to wound and torture me; and with the same object he persists in circulating what he calls his doubts. Meant me no ill, forsooth! why, my great God, sir, could any man be so stupid as not to perceive that the suggestion of such suspicions--absurd, contradictory, incredible as they were--was precisely the thing to exasperate feelings sufficiently troubled already, and not content with raising the question, where it was scouted, as I said, as soon as named, the vindictive slanderer proceeds to propagate and publish his pretended surmises--d----n him."
  • Archie was lying on the turf in front of the enclosed bathing-place where the stream debouched into the lake. There was a good stretch of deep water free from weeds and for the last half hour he had been swimming and diving in it. Now with hair drying back into its crisp curls under the hot sun, he lay on the short warm turf with his chin supported on his hands in an ecstasy of animal content. At this edge of the water the bank was made firm and solid with wooden campshuting that went down into deep water, but across the estuary of the stream broadening out into the lake the shallow margin was fringed with bulrushes and loosestrife. A strip of low-lying meadow-land behind was pink with campion and ragged-robin and starred with meadow-sweet, the scent of which mingled with the undefinable cool smell of running water. A bed of gravel made the bottom of the stream, and through the sun-lit water the pebbles gleamed like topazes through some liquid veil.
  • She found Lady Tintagel busy with her morning's post. There were a quantity of invitations, most of which, owing to press of others, had to be declined, and Helena having marked each of those with an "Accept" or "Refuse" laid them aside to answer. There was one, where the Russian dancers were to perform, which she very much regretted having to say "no" to, since that evening was already filled, and wondered if by any contrivance it would be possible to manage it. A glance at Lady TintagePs engagement book shewed her that the prohibiting acceptance was for a dinner and concert at Lady Awcock's, where all that was stately and Victorian spent evenings of unparalleled dreariness. Helena had already produced the most favourable impression on Lady Awcock by listening to her practically endless dissertations on political society forty years ago, and she thought she could manage it.
  • P ort glasgow junction top this is an east facing junction where the greenock and wemyss bay railroad joins the line.
  • I began to glance around the building, and my eyes rested on the rough grey figure of a crusader carved in stone, one of two in the church, his legs crossed and a great bucket helmet on his head. Then I looked across to the Williams aisle, where the fine monument to Sir John Williams of Herringstone was erected some twenty years ago. He and his wife are shown kneeling there, one each side of a great stone chest with high pyramidical top, and an ornate arch above it decorated with heraldic shields. What would he have made of the present wars? He would have had no doubts which party to support: he would have fought for the King.
  • Colorado dental health insurance will begin to from insurers was the census data subk car cheap insurance line quote where beta.
  • The other knight turned around. "Just wandering…" He grinned suddenly and to Alans frantic mind, maliciously. "When Im in a strange place I like to know where everything is. Good evening…"
  • "Sometimes," I said, walking on down the sidewalk toward the guard booth I could see protruding onto the sidewalk where the driveway entered the compound from the street. Jill lengthened her stride to match me. "Detecting isnt a one-trick affair," I went on. "You have to have a whole repertoire of possibilities."
  • "When I walked into the house the smell of death rushed into my face and I almost puked. Holding my nose, I brushed forward and talked to one of the officers that were located at the scene. ‘What happened here,’ I asked. ‘A young lady, about twenty-five was murdered. It seems as if she has been here for sometime. Rigor mortis has set in and our scientist predict that she has been here for at least three days,’ he replied. I walked forward near the kitchen where the body was found. As I got closer to the body, my surroundings started to become clearer to me.
  • "Glad you could join the party here, take a seat. Make yourself comfortable." Coon gestured to the sofa where Susan was sitting. "You must be Paul, and let me guess, you two are the Indian Elders?"
  • They have an unusual wart-like feature on either side of their heads called plicae where the earlobes are usually seen.
  • "I understand, Mr. Harrison. So tell me, how many cases of AIDS are on record where no HIV and no HIV antibodies were found?"
  • Normalization and accents the collation object automatically normalizes text internally to separate accents from base characters where possible.
  • Gritting his teeth, Aiden heaved himself back to his feet with an effort of pure willpower, and readied his sword. There was no point announcing his approach, for the expert mercenary looked more than capable of taking both of them on without difficulty. Instead, Aiden crept around behind him, hoping that Colt could see what he was up to, and keep Black distracted. Moving as quickly and quietly as he could manage, Aiden moved within range of his opponent, and, spying a place on his armour where the steel plating separated, stabbed with all of his remaining strength.
  • It was very dark. I stumbled along the heaving bricks, now guiding myself by a hand on the whitewashed wall, now by a touch on a column wet with the storm. From all the eaves the rain was dripping on to the pebbles at the foot of the arcade: a pigeon, startled from the capital where it was sleeping, beat its way into the cloister close. Still the white thing drifted before me to the farther side of the court, then along the cloister at right angles, and paused before one of the many doorways that led to the cells.
  • They came to a shaded avenue in the forest near to where Aldragon had captured Thuleke, and the sloud said, ‘There is my burrow. If youll give me leave Ill just pop in and tell the others that youve called.’
  • "Olwen!" he said again but now he was walking through the womens house to where she sat. The shadows were longer; the sun was sinking and it was taking him a long time to cross the relatively short space between the door and the bench upon which she sat. Why didnt her heart leap up to meet him? she thought. She was glad he was coming but that tickle in the pit of her stomach was missing. And yet, she didnt run from him. She was comfortable in the darkening embrace of the womens house, of Llanlleyn
  • "Was Mau hiding in there again?" Dad asked. The child nodded and went upstairs to his room, without the cat. The timer on the oven rang and the couple hurried to the kitchen, where Brigitte was trying out a new recipe.
  • This type of arrangement is found in the kidney glomerulus, where the basal lamina acts as a permeability barrier or sieve.
  • "Betsy, let Forest get a clue about what a father really is. Jody wasnt any sort of role model, but that man in there? Dan wants to be my kidsdad, lock stock and barrel. Let that be what Forest sees for a while and let me tell you, its what hes gonna see, because you know my kids. Skyes not gonna let Dan take two steps without asking where hes going, why hes going there. She did the same to Jody, never got a straight answer out of him, but Dan tells her the truth. Let Forest hear that for a while and if hes still acting like an asshole then…"
  • It is argued this is of low probability, even tho various circumstances are identified where such chance coincidence could exist.
  • "And now, lets have a great festival," the priest ended his speech. Harpists began to play celestial music and the revelers spread out into the decorated rooms, where they enjoyed the displayed delicacies. Some people chose silence and went to the surrounding terraces. The weather was cooperating and everyone had a great time.
  • The beach house was in both their names; maybe that was where Kell went, all Marthe wished to imagine. Stepping into their apartment, she stewed over that, noting their belongings appeared untouched. No invasion of microorganisms had swept away her embroidery table or Kells writing nook. A void where the typewriter usually sat was marked by dust on his desk. Not much happened there anymore.
  • "Speak then, if you will it," the bard ground their teeth together in irritation, glancing back to take note of where Mercy had fallen. No matter how much they strained, they couldn't rise from the chair. They hated to admit that the woman was right, but it appeared that even without the advantage of holding their soul bound, she outmatched them by far.
  • Brad knew the country well and there was no doubt in his mind about where the buck would head as it slipped downhill away from him. With no further thought about the rest of the flashing white flags of alarm and nervous does blowing from their hiding places in the dense brush, Brad jumped off the boulder and ducked under the laurel bushes. He slipped and slid on the rocks and roots which were concealed under the fresh coat of white powder as he hurried down to where he was sure the buck would come out of the laurel patch. Brad's heart raced at the exciting prospect of getting a shot at the big whitetail buck and he no longer felt the bitter cold of the frigid Arctic air.
  • "She could do it," Jon said, shaking his head. "She did a number on one of their players when she was a freshman. See, Crystal is a lot bigger than I am, big athlete, and has a black belt in karate, too. A year ago last summer when we came down for the student orientation, we visited her up north of here in Tennessee where she used to have her summer job. After the soaking down I mentioned, a couple guys attacked her with knives. Not a good move. Crystal beatem both up pretty bad in about two seconds, and for a second there I thought shed killed both of them."
  • Talsy's heart sank. The prospect of taking trees from the forest dismayed her. Chanter headed for the fire where Sheera and Kieran sat, their cooling breakfasts forgotten. He settled on a stool after directing a brief smile at each of them, and Sheera dished up a bowl of porridge for him. While Chanter ate, Talsy recounted the events that had occurred in his absence, the highlight of which was the fight with the thugs. At the end of the story, he inclined his head to Kieran.
  • 'Who--what's the matter?' cried Nutter, looking in the direction of his poor wife's gaze in black wrath and bewilderment, and beholding the weird woman who had followed him into the room. As he gazed on that pale, wicked face and sable shape, the same sort of spell which she exercised upon Mrs. Mack, and poor Mrs. Nutter, seemed in a few seconds to steal over Nutter himself, and fix him in the place where he stood. His mahogany face bleached to sickly boxwood, and his eyes looked like pale balls of stone about to leap from their sockets.
  • "A good Lenten answer!" she laughs. "And I can tell thee where the sayingI fear no colourswas born of…."
  • They went to the dining hall, where Finnegaff was with Marigaff, "partying", as Mia termed it, with a few score others. Aaramerielle told her that it was regarded as 'honor to tradition' before the Carrying of the Book of Life. It might even be a genuine tradition this time, she added, which Mia didn't quite get. She also reminded her that this sort of thing was common for wizards. Wizards, she said, could find an 'honor to tradition' for just about any occasion.
  • "In vain thou speakst, poor boy," says the nobleman coldly. "My fathers blood hath stopped the passage where thy words should enter!"
  • "It was a long time ago," Eduard explained. "Ive done a lot else since then." He turned his horse back the way he had been going, away from the village and the danger it held. "Come on. Theres a place where we can hide."
  • What about the worst case scenario where the other person responds with a " non merci?
  • "Yes, on the order of Schabowski," everyone chanted. The officer waited for a while to see if he would receive formal instructions, but then succumbed to the enormous pressure and opened the border crossings. Fortunately, the Red Army did not intervene. Overwhelmed, the East-Berliners walked to the other side of the border, where they were met by West-Berliners, flocking towards them and welcoming them with loud applause. The seer happily looked on as total strangers embraced each other underneath the Brandenburger Tor and burst into tears of happiness and disbelief. The Berlin monument with the Greek chariot had been standing in no mans land for so many years and some people were moved to touch its cold pillars. One of the city dwellers was parading under the gateway like a madman and filled with emotion kept calling out: "Ich bin ein Berliner!"
  • Flavius is adamant. "It is no matter!—let no images be hung with Caesars trophies! Ill about, and drive away the vulgar from the streets. So do you too, where you perceive them thick.
  • Titanic 3D was hugely popular in China, where Hollywood films have historically been limited to no more than 20 a year. It garnered the biggest opening of all time in the country, with a staggering $58m, far higher than it managed in its north American bow.
  • The tall man with the side of beef loped up and set the meat on the ground where it rolled about, moaning. "Ice," said the tall guy.
  • "I had got myself pretty well in hand; and it was as well. I never moved. The face I knew turned presently toward the spot where I stood hidden,--the face I had seen in my dream, beyond all doubting. The evil gray eyes glanced carelessly into the shadow, and up and down the quiet street; and then Monsieur Steinmetz, humming an air, got inside the window again, and closed it after him. Once more the great burly shadow that had at first told me I should not wait in that dark doorway in vain crossed the blinds; and then it disappeared. I saw my man no more that night; but I had seen enough. I knew who he was now, and where to find him.
  • Ronald lived with his family outside of Kampala to the west of town. Jonathan made their way through the streets not badly paved but lacking any curbing and suffering from the occasional wash where portions of someones front yard extended into the roadway. He stopped in front of the small neat brick house that he had driven to before for birthday parties and other occasions, which belonged to Ronald. Ronald thanked him for the fourth or fifth time and again he told him not to worry about it. He exaggeratedly thanked Naima for the pleasure of her company and complimented her on her abilities as a conversationalist. She waived goodbye, pleased with herself.
  • 'But I do object, Sir,' cried Devereux, suddenly, in a fierce high key, turning upon his little comrade. 'What d'ye mean, Sir? You think I mean to--to drown myself--ha, ha, ha! or what the devil's running in your head? I'm not a madman, Sir, nor you a mad-doctor. Go home, Sir--or go to--to where you will, Sir; only go your own way, and leave me mine.'
  • I looked down at my front where there were quite a few splatters of internal material, brain probably, as well as blood spots.
  • Two sets of footsteps crashed above, retreating rapidly into the trees. Max was scrambling back up the embankment to give chase when the charging footsteps stopped and were replaced by first a whinny and then a gallop. The path beyond the pit jogged to the left; presumably it snaked around to the spot where the ambushers had their horses hidden. Max dropped to the floor of the gully next to his own horse. "What?" Max demanded of it.
  • Utiliseailroad would undoubtedly attract business to an area where amenities are under utilized.
  • The boat then glides effortlessly into one of the water filled caissons where the doors close to form a watertight seal.
  • She looked at him again, really studying his face. She didnt recognize him. But to her credit, she had no real reason to. "He does look a little familiar," she lied. "I just cant put my finger on where from."
  • "They're short-coated this time of year," Finnegaff explained. "They're migrating north for the coming of summer, where they rear their calves. For them, this is a place to rest along the way."
  • Not forgetting a great link to a site where they have the coolest veggie recipes for the festive season.
  • "Woah, hold up" Indy said defensively. "The young lad definitely has talent at the very least, and although his music is technically simple; it's what creates the money that propels the music industry along based upon mass consumption defined by the predilection of the majority of consumers. It's possible the child has become an affliction of his own success, where any new musical movement he decides to take becomes too financially risky and as such he is forced into the 'safe' zone by his management, and as such pumps out masses of mediocre sounds for their highest profit margins." Harvey retorted smartly, creating a well-defined argument the likes of which the barbarians rarely heard.
  • There must have been some easterly storm recently that broke up the ice, there being virtually no offshore islands here, Winther contemplated. It was only a shame that it would have to be this utterly desolate place. He wondered where he was to stay. Should he just break into a barn or stable? If there even were any. Slowly he walked along the row of derelict houses, trying to get a glimpse through their windows without seeming too suspicious. Surely somebody must be home?
  • "You did quite a bit of damage. From where I was it looked like you took out several of them on your way out." Jacob tugged at the chains. "Dont bother", Don said. "Apparently they thought it would be funny to leave me here with the doors open so I would have to chew off my own arms to get out. Sick bastards."
  • "Wasnt our doing. This is where we tracked the birdie. Two nights, we slept under the stars, looking for the thing. I couldnt stand the bugs, so I went back to town."
  • Atrocitypt has now been added to the growing list of countries where terrorists have committed atrocities against innocent civilians.
  • Bill showed up at the club for an evening out, just back from a weekend with the mistress in a colleague's vacation cabin. He'd told Cindy some tale about going fishing with the boys, but his fish never left the bedroom. And he'd forgotten his story when he got back, prompting a real snit fit from his loving wife. So here he was, where the women were always in a better mood.
  • I managed to hitch a lift to the nearest hostelry, where my wife was waiting with a new tire.
  • Betty had originally lived in cambridge where she was a noted procuress ( meaning she was basically a pimp who employed prostitutes ).
  • But it didnt take her long to learn that in Perth graphic art means advertising. And the advertising industry is something she would rather not know about. She suspected from the start that shed made a mistake, and an incident in the second week of term finally convinced her of this. She had stayed behind after a Principles of Design class to ask her lecturer about a paragraph in his notes where he appeared to have contradicted himself. They were alone in the empty lecture room, and he brushed her query aside. It was a minor detail, he said, and he suggested instead that she should go to bed with him. He was quite blunt about it, and was genuinely astonished when she slapped his face. Apparently she was supposed to be thrilled.
  • "Therell be a side door off the kitchen," Joff said without looking up. "The outhouse probably rotted away a long time ago, but if its still around then thats where itll be."
  • One thousand, he breathed in, looked at the map in the coming light. Now three centimeters to the right? Rotting deer smell mixed with gasoline and-fuck, don't blevatsa-but he did anyway, right onto the wrappings, onto his soaking wet cold feet, right where he stood in the minefield.
  • They may go hungry even when food is relatively plentiful in the area where they live.
  • The link road remains in the draft unitary development plan, where it can become the subject of a public inquiry.
  • Longsword was at first stunned and then angry. Although Delamere warned him to just swallow it, the bitterness welled up so high inside him that he finally confronted his father. Any legitimate argument he might have had were lost in his frustrated shouts and scathing accusations and his timing was bad because the king was in the midst of an informal council meeting and the chamber was full of men. Henry didnt like being shouted at, particularly before witnesses, and he answered the challenge with his own booming voice and forced Longsword into a glaring silence. When Longsword would have replied, Henry told him to get out and not to dare enter his sight until he was summoned. The younger man strode angrily from the chamber, slamming the door behind him, and went straight to the stables, where he threw the saddle over his horse and disappeared alone into the countryside for two days.
  • Notwithstanding General Montague's undertakings and exhortations, however, Barton continued to suffer from the self-same unexplained cause; go how, when, or where he would, he was still constantly dogged or confronted by the being who had established over him so horrible an influence.
  • "So, where are you from?" Jason asked as they all crowded around the campfire, stuffed after the grand meal. "I detect a little southern—"
  • Hugh was tempted to take up his offer. He would have been justified, after all; where had Haworth gone? Not for a moment had Hugh believed his claim that he had business to tend to. Noit had been the realization that he would have had to share Hugh with Lady Teleri at the supper board that had prompted his disappearance. Haworth seemed to be able to tolerate the presence of women only if they were anonymous servants or meek, invisible wives.
  • We triumphantly returned to our resort where a rather forlorn-looking british birder was hanging over a beer.
  • Two days later, once everybody had let off steam, he was able to conduct a tense but relatively calm reunion where it was decided that two very different approaches be put to the test.
  • Sicinius is aware that many are now observing. "You show too much of that for which the people stir! If you will pass to where you are bound, you must inquire on your waywhich you are out ofwith a gentler spirit, or never be so noble as consulnor yoke with him as a tribune!"
  • Pathfinder in an area of poor nhs dental service provision where recruitment is the key issue.
  • Not like selling washing powder where you can use direct sales figures.
  • Charlie's voice spiralled roughly up from the basement, where Jones and Fielder had been sleeping. There was an unsettling urgency in his tone.
  • "I told you, Maximillian," Shaa was saying. "The Wraith District near Sheepsend, that was where we would find them. Did you listen to me? No, of course not. You never listen to me, you never listen to anyone. Hodgetown, you said, so Hodgetown it had to be, halfway across the city."
  • It can be carried out anywhere where there is the facility to perform a standard radiograph of the hand.
  • Dayna, on the other hand, was considered one of the wilder cards that Bradford had ever dealt -- at least until last night, he smirked to himself. She and her partner Sandy were wandering musicians, playing renaissance faires and anything else they could find; most of the time they lived out of a motor home, but had a small house in Bradford where they came to rest from time to time. The general belief around town was that the two were lesbians, but they'd never said anything to either confirm or deny it. "Thinned out a little," he nodded.
  • "What? Whats wrong?" I asked. I looked back to see what she was concerned about. The thugs had followed us. I saw their truck jump over the edge of the field and onto the road where their flat tire sparked against the blacktop.
  • Campbell looks back at his notes, wanting to pick up where he left off before that short but very important detour. "Dr. Fowler, in the last few minutes youve used words likevery probableandentirely possible.’ Dont we know any of these things for sure?"
  • Alone in a dark forest she walks. Morion looks down to discover that she wears silver armor, and in her hand she carries a sword which bears the image of a lion near the hilt. Returning her gaze back to the path before her, there stands a bright, shining figure. Immediately she understands the figure as being the Ice Fairy told of by Alastor. The Ice Fairy signals for Morion to follow, guiding her through the trees. The Queen loses sight of the Fairy. She panics, running in the direction where she last saw her but the Fairy is nowhere to be found, leaving Morion to find her own way amidst the now pitch black oppression of nature around her.
  • "Mmmm, mrrt mmn mnny!" Pence shouted angrily. He kicked his legs like a pedaling prince to turn himself around and see where the white bird was making off to with his beloved coin in tow.
  • The chill of the room abruptly deepened, and at that moment a swirling rush of wind spun from around Espriellas limp, hanging form and out, the pool of blood beneath her icing over and shattering and disappearing. Maggie heard a final, single scream of terrorEspriellas death cryand then Necrolius simply and forgetfully released her. Her corpse hit the floor like a heavy bag of chunk ice, where it shattered, scattering to the feet of the evil witnesses in the circle.
  • "Only, good master, while we do admire this virtue and this moral discipline, lets be no stoics!—not wear stocks, I pray, nor be so devoted to Aristotles constraints that Ovid be an outcast, quite abjured!" He has studied closely the Romans Ars AmatoriaThe Art of Loving. "Bulk up what acquaintance you have with logic, and practice rhetoric in your common talkbut music and poesy use in action! The mathematics and the metaphysics,"—he shrugs—"fall to them as you find your stomach serves you." But, he warns: "No profit grows where no pleasure is taen!
  • And so she went. Her escort smelled horrible and their mounts pace was so slow she sourly imagined that she could make better time if she walked. The man had estimated three days for the journey; she had no idea but a general direction where the Perfeddwlad was, yet she believed he was being generous. Still, she bit her tongue and kept all negative comments to herself. She was going homehow could she possibly complain?
  • The Enlisted Mens Club was unexpectedly plush. A horseshoe shaped bar of polished mahogany dominated the wall opposite the entrance. Leather stools surrounded the bar and there were tables and booths along the walls. Behind the bar where Stans and Smith sat was an impressive stock of liquor at least fifty different kinds along with several blenders, a stainless steel sink and an ice machine. The club was empty except for themselves, a bartender and three other soldiers sitting at a corner table at the opposite end of the building.
  • Menenius, standing at the front near where Coriolanus waits, addresses the assembly. "Having settled terms with the Volsces, and sent back Titus Lartius, it remains, as the main point of this, our after-meeting, to gratify his noble service who hath thus stood for his country!
  • Horatio is visiting from Germany, where he pursues advanced university studies in philosophy. "’Twill not appear," says the skeptic.
  • He made a 10-foot birdie putt on the 15th, where the hole was tucked on the left side.
  • "You should get out of that thing if you can. Go up tunnel, where its safer. There are people who will help you. Theyre not all like that guy."
  • This sketches a slightly flabby figure with a conical head and bulges where his ears should be.
  • "You can't trust anyone to do proper workmanship these days," Pacian lamented caustically. His wounds were mostly healed thanks to Nellise's ministrations, which was more than could be said for Aiden. His jaw was aching like mad, and he would likely have a nasty bruise from where he had been punched.
  • The initiative will also provide better public access to the waterfront by opening up areas and providing waterside walks where appropriate.
  • Johnny had been reading 'Doors of Perception' in class, re-reading in fact. That much was true. However, he had been reading 'The Old Man and the Sea' the week before and no one had asked him if he knew where they could get some good marlin. The disconcerting thing was that Johnny did in fact know where Lyle could get some acid, but his natural defence mechanisms had convinced him to play dumb. He had been a small time dealer all through his high school years in Peterborough. He would receive a sheet of acid, 200 hits, at an anonymous mailbox from a Russian guy he knew in Kingston in exchange for 500 dollars. He would then break it down and sell it for five bucks a hit. This kept Johnny in steady supply of black hoodies and pocket money throughout his teenage years, it had also been the primary source of the money he had saved for university. When he came to Toronto for school, Johnny figured he had left his acid pushing days behind him. He had assumed that the market was already saturated and he'd be unable to find a niche. But now-- Now he wasn't so sure.
  • The fun and excitement continues outside in the summer months where you can enjoy skilled demonstrations of jousting, falconry and horsemanship.
  • The conference is basically a gathering of influential leaders where ideas can be informally floated without public scrutiny. But to conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, and assorted cranks, they are where world leaders plan to further dominate the world, secretly pulling the strings. Perrys single attendance (he either chose not to attend or was not asked to return) looms large in the imaginations of the paranoid.
  • In utter disbelief his asked herod " where do you get this audience?
  • "Whats the one where they go back in time and Kirk falls for the mission gal who it turns out was a pacifist and had to die, or else shed talk FDR into delaying entry into WWII and the Nazis would win?"
  • Will you come then?’ I said. ‘Its at the top of the hill, near where the Dorchester road crosses the Ridgeway. I could take you with me on the horse, I think.’
  • The militia watched the A.R.V.N. troops enviously, but the Chief grabbed the first man who stopped to chase chickens and shouted abuse at him. There was no sense going through the village alone so they stopped and watched the Melee. The Chief motioned them to stay where they were and went off on his own. They began to feel very conspicuous standing in a group beside the road. A.R.V.N. troops walked by loaded down with plunder and looked at them suspiciously. They gripped their rifles and stared back. When the Chief still hadnt returned an hour later, Simpson took the group back to the landing point.
  • To her left were short, regular dunes which leveled eventually into a vast wasteland, one which fled away from her, rising steadily as it did, ending at a line of dramatic red sandstone bluffs fronting a daunting wall of mountain peaks many miles away. But these were not like peaks shed ever seen before: these had alarming vertical faces, like a jumble of granite cliffs, or like tremendous claws tearing out of the earth and straight up into the painfully blue sky. They appeared miles tall, impassable. The towering mountains ran parallel to her direction of travel and the beach, and were white with snow, save for sharp ridges or the hard-to-believe vertical faces where cobalt granite challenged the firmament.
  • The end of the Imperial Beach Pier was gone, replaced by a much wider silver-green extension that fled away from her into distant white haze. Beyond, way beyond where the Pier disappeared into it, was the tallest, thinnest mountain Maggie Singleton had ever seen. She whipped her head left, then right: tall cylindrical towers the size of skyscrapers on either side of her made her jump. Beyond the left guardtower loomedSaturn? Its awesome rings were nearly vertical to the calm, alien-blue sea.
  • "So perhaps I will venture certain educated guesses. If Kaar is the wonderful spirit and all-around great guy you describe, from where does his backing originate? After all, he not only managed to pull off the initial coup, hes also been able to make it stick, at least so far. Theres more to that than just locking people up."
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