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Okunuşu: / wɛː / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: where
Türü: zarf


z. , zam., bağlaç. nere, nerede, nereye;

zam. yer;
bağlaç. (olduğu) yer;
(bulunduğu) durum.

where için örnek cümleler:

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  • Paragraph 81 materially provides: " where death is not imminent, it usually will be appropriate to provide artificial nutrition or hydration.
  • "Good. Alana told me that you build all your cities near rivers. where is the river that Burnhamheade uses for its water supply? We didn't cross one when we arrived."
  • The gardener did not move or breathe, let alone answer his uninvited guest. It was but one day since he had given up the white seed and already his left arm was little more than a scraggly root. His right arm was blistered wood to the shoulder and beyond. His chest, throat, and chin were ashen gray where the two afflictions had come to clash in contrast.
  • "The Adventurers God," Phlinn Arol said, staring into space. "What was I thinking? Why couldnt I have picked something like God of Actuaries, say, or Lord of Ferns and Moss? No, I had to sign up for Lore and Romance, damn it all. And heres where it all might end."
  • Feel what way? Should I push my luck and ask him how he feels? There was no doubt in my mind, this was where I was supposed to be. Max completed me. I hadnt been tired when I arrived, but his sweet words felt like a lullaby, his warmth encompassed me, and I quickly fell asleep. Maybe my day had been more tiring than I realized.
  • Mungo laughed, settling into her story like a child. She was amused too, not knowing where that last bit had come from. Encouraged, she took a deep breath.
  • She also took seb to the vet where it was confirmed he had a fractured jaw.
  • Mountainous regions where farms have a supply from a body of water much higher than itself.
  • From where Gray was parked, Rose could only see the ER, not the main lobby entrance. She stood at her door until she spotted her husband. No one was with him and Rose ran to meet him.
  • "Maybe we shouldnt answer it," whispered Paul. "How are we going to explain where Maeve is to whoever is on the other side of that door?"
  • Argument of extremes the argument of extremes simply extrapolates each side of the argument to the point where they become unreal.
  • Tannis repositioned himself again. He waited a long moment before answering. "No. I saw no bridge. But the columns of the temple that once stood there are too large to have been made by man. They are solid rock, carved right from a mountain that once stood in their place. They make the columns here in Brinn look like children made them. Most of the temple has fallen, some into a giant pile behind the columns, and some into the chasm the bridge once spanned. There is no way to cross there, and there is no way to build a bridge that long. The gods are the only ones who could have done it, and that is where the gods cross into this world to walk among us. When you see it, you cannot deny it."
  • Pacian stood up slowly, then, looking down at his terrified father, said in a very quiet voice, "You're dead to me, in spirit, if not in fact. We will not meet again," then turned and slowly followed Nellise towards the door, where she put an arm around his shoulder, and made gentle hushing sounds as his chest wracked with sobs.
  • In the kitchen, we three kids went immediately to our usual seats. Mayella followed Ma over by the sink, where she said, "What'd you like me to do, ma'm?"
  • The guard did not even take the time to salute, and instantly sprung into motion. His footsteps could be heard echoing through the open door as he ran down the corridor. Tannis turned back to the men at the table and slammed the book closed. "I will not even bother to point to the place on the map where I think the Bhoors are now. We don't have much time."
  • "You don't say?!" Alexander replied with irritation. Whereas the paladin was knee-deep in the bog, more than a half of the dwarf was submerged. He proceeded slowly, poking the muddy ground with his trident. He couldn't see where he was putting his feet, so he decided to at least stab the place he wanted to step on and see if it stabs back. He really didn't want to fall into some unseen hole or get attacked by something that didn't appreciate being trodden on.
  • Gash and Pasook had indeed teamed up to go after Pod Dall and turn him into a ring. Pasook had double-crossed Gash, perhaps using the late Oskin Yahlei as his pawn, which is where I had come in originally. Gash wasnt the kind of guy to let a double-cross go unavenged, though, and hed seen the chance to take down two enemies with the same plot - Pasook and Sapriel - using me again as his own pawn and surrogate. Gash still didnt have the ring, though. If hed been keeping close enough tabs on me, he had to know where it was. He could be biding his time before taking it back. He could have decided, too, that it was in a safe enough place for the moment, and that it was succeeding perfectly well in stirring up nastiness without even having to be present. On the other hand, I was sure hed been out of commission for a while after Id hit him with the backlash zap, so maybe the rings transfer and current location had escaped his scrutiny. If that was true, why hadnt he asked me about it?
  • With the slowly setting sun on his back he kept going down the east slope until he hit the upper part of the granite ledges where he could rest before descending further down the ridge. His shadow on the ground ahead of him had grown in length and he knew that he was running out of daylight fast and could only halt for a minute or two. Before he started to hurry down the ridge again the sun was barely hanging above the purple hills forming the southwest horizon.
  • In stocking feet, Rose walked past her childrens bedrooms, past the guest room and house bathroom to where she and Gray slept in the far corner of house. She heard him humming and the inside of her body went weak.
  • Kija, the She Dragon, had never had contact with the two-leg tribe. From her earliest solo hunts, she had always sought food from flocks and herds well away from the places where the two-legs gathered in their strange dwellings. Most of the female Dragons did the same, although the males, hunting more often in groups, frequently descended on the fatter herds guarded by the two-leg creatures.
  • "Get up," ordered the Major and helped pull her to her feet by the back of her arm. "Listen to me," he said, "if I ever see you again, I will kill you, you understand? Now run." Nicole looked at him puzzled. "Go," he said, "now." She began moving her feet and stumbled over the uneven ground and looked back once to see the Major standing there placidly. The stalks surrounded her and engulfed her now and she ran in the direction which she thought was the opposite from where she came. She heard the sound of a pistol firing twice. She kept running.
  • Molly wiggled her shoulder blades against the river bank grass. "I always get itches where I cant scratch." She looked up at me around her beaky Roman nose. "Like it, huh?"
  • Threnn would be safe where she was, if Marena could believe Azserix, but she could vouch that this was no sort of life to live. However, if Threnn were freed from wherever it was she was being kept, doubtless she'd continue her attack against the Witch. If she did that, it was highly possible - no, Marena corrected herself, one needed to be realistic in times like these - probable that she would be killed.
  • Louisa soon relinquished her hold on Frances and stepped back several paces to where Michael was standing. ‘My dear girl,’ she resumed, ‘my dear, dear niece.’ She extracted a handkerchief from one of the sleeves in her gown and began to dab at her eyes.
  • OR THE FIRST TIME, Fradjikan was noting some serious regret at not having taken spell-work more seriously. He had never envisioned a case where the use of magic would be necessary and a sorcerer would not be available for convenient hire. He had certainly not foreseen being himself in a situation where his own life would depend on being able to conjure his own way out from under a malign spell. Yet the application of maximum muscular force had failed to move the most trivial portion of his body, and the most intense concentration and fiercest consolidation of will had produced mere mental exhaustion. His paralysis remained, and the tantalizing engines of healing remained an unbridgeable arms-span above his head.
  • Mortgages where the interest rate is set and continually readjusted by the lender at its own discretion.
  • The mid-afternoon sun illuminated the quiet abbey enclave below Delamere and his companions. Theyd ridden hard; Delamere felt an excruciating urgency to get to St. Marys and back to Rhuddlan because he feared Longsword wouldnt survive the night. Now he paused to collect his thoughts. He decided to abandon social niceties and not stop to greet the abbess but to detour directly to the storehouse where he remembered leaving the Welsh chit almost three weeks earlier.
  • Bry stopped pottering and joined him at the window. "I love it. I'd prefer to live here than Carmetta. But George says we have to live in the big house for the image, to keep the visitors happy. I find that strange. One of the ten richest men on the planet and other people decide where he lives. where I live too."
  • "Well, we need to continue south along the coast and find a place that is ice-free and where we can get ourselves a boat."
  • "Take it. Sign of good faith. Theres nineteen more, at least, where that came from. And its all yours. Ill get you a bargain price."
  • Tony nodded towards the building. "This is our Capitol Building. This is where all the government work is performed." He stopped the carriage so Annie could admire it.
  • "With all my heart!" cries the squire eagerly. He notes a particularly handsome actorone who resembles Sly, were he restored to sobriety and good health: "This fellow I remember, since once he played a farmers eldest son!" He thinks, recalling with pleasure. "’Twas where you wooed the gentlewoman so well," he tells the player. "I have forgot your name; but, surely that part was aptly fitted and naturally performed!"
  • Vanished civilization where large bet on to shorten the least in part.
  • Convalescee, fenner is convalescing in the hospital where he receives a visit from marilyn.
  • Observe the prototype in line 4 where the second variable has an ampersand in front of the variable name.
  • On the other hand...On the other hand Angela Roberts wasn't anything like so heavily protected and even if she wasn't quite so rich either he was sure somebody would be happy to pay a decent ransom for her release. He stared unseeingly at the bird table which was now being mobbed by a flock of angry bullfinches fighting over the few remaining scraps of stale bread. The more he thought about it the more the idea of kidnapping Angela Roberts intrigued him. Even though hed never done anything wrong in his life before, the last remaining legacy of his being brought up as a Catholic. Never stolen anything, always paid his taxes, rarely told lies, never cheated anybody. This crime was different though. The sort of thing where no-one needed to get hurt, not even financially, since she was bound to be insured against that sort of thing. All he would have to do was keep her in captivity for a couple of days and then release her with barely a hair out of place. The perfect victimless crime. Hardly even a sin.
  • Says Tom, gaping up at Lear, "Look where he stands and glares!" He turns to the stools before them: the downcast defendants. "Wantest thou eyes for trial, madam? ‘Come oer the bourn, Bessy, to me,’" he sings.
  • There was a fat dead roach in front of the safe. I kicked it out of the way. A hind leg broke off and skittered next to the rubber mats behind the registers. I suppressed a gag and sat down where the roach had been. Nowhere else to sit to set the safe timer.
  • Hydrolase enzymes which they secrete into the growth medium where they degrade both a and b -linked dietary carbohydrate polymers.
  • "Oh, I felt plenty. Clawing my way up from the sewers, I felt every insult society visited on me. By rights I had no call even to talk to you." Chances mouth turned down and a bitterness swept over him, but then he remembered today was a day of triumph. A day of redemption. "You know I ought to also thank you. You kindled a fire in me, an ambition to better myself. I dont know where I would be now without the dream youve started in me. Probably still on the canals."
  • "Were it better should I brush thus?" asks Petruchio, thwacking road dust from his tattered clothes with old, stained riding gloves. "But where is Kate? where is my lovely bride? How does my father?"
  • "To Ireland, I," says Donalbain. "Our separated fortunes shall keep us both the safer. where we are, theres daggers in mens smiles! The nearer in blood, the nearer bloody!"
  • Pence stood up, dusted off his knees and belly, and stepped cautiously to where the splinter had landed. He found it plunged half its length into an acorn-shaped rock. The entry cut was as clean as a crevice in ice. The green phantom glow had ceased.
  • "He did--the scoundrel!" said Marston, furiously striking his hand, in which his whip was clutched, upon his thigh; "he did mean to wound and torture me; and with the same object he persists in circulating what he calls his doubts. Meant me no ill, forsooth! why, my great God, sir, could any man be so stupid as not to perceive that the suggestion of such suspicions--absurd, contradictory, incredible as they were--was precisely the thing to exasperate feelings sufficiently troubled already, and not content with raising the question, where it was scouted, as I said, as soon as named, the vindictive slanderer proceeds to propagate and publish his pretended surmises--d----n him."
  • He drove back to the city, at peace with the decision. Accordingly Chance started drifting north, soon finding himself in quieter Seattle. The climate was moody, and it rained often. The locals were more taciturn, not discharging energy constantly as the people in California. Buying a passage all the way to Alaska, Chance took a freighter and got as far as Vancouver where he ran into Jeremiah Hawthorn. Under the mans influence, Chance cashed in his ticket, promising himself the trip to Alaska afterwards. After what? he wasnt quite sure.
  • Shaa raised one eyebrow. "Primus, for you to pass yourself off as Gashanatantra before Oskin Yahlei, you must have a high level of effective power. Secundus, your quite interesting aura supports this thesis. Tertius and higher, since from my reading of the situation you probably had a lot to do with that same situation in the first place, you know full well where Max is going and what hes going to try to do, and you can further figure out that he will need all the help he can get. Now, are you the man of action you appear or merely a worn-down counterfeit?"
  • All the answers are here on our fare finder page, where low cost bargain airfares can be booked with almost every international airline.
  • Breadwinner in a family, especially where there are children to be brought up.
  • "Then where is she? If she was in shape to walk away by herself then why is she hiding? And if she wasnt, then who carried her off? And why cant I hear her at all?" Karlinis head drooped lower, into the hands that were there to receive it. "Id like to believe something like that happened, but theres no evidence."
  • His sumptuous improvisations evoke the spirit of the townships, where music, politics & personal experiences have a great influence on the people.
  • "But I thought, Dr. Knowles, that AIDS was an immune deficiency diseasea disease where the immune system was not working well at all? How could a very sick immune system create antibodies for a virus called HIV that was supposedly destroying it? Can you explain the logic in that?"
  • Because Oderion has made laws which we all must obey. No god is able to harm another god. Providing you with the location of such artifacts would be the same as handing you a weapon to kill your enemy. You have already witnessed what one artifact can do to a god. The golden sword was able to kill Arius, an immortal. Aside from the laws of Oderion, I am unable to provide you with the artifacts because I do not know where they lie.
  • She had been hanging around for about half an hour more, when she saw a yellow shaft of light appear off to the left of her. She swung herself round, bobbing and swaying to see where it had come from. There, in the side of the cliff, was an open doorway, how was it that she had not noticed it before? She squinted into the light and made out a shadowy figure standing in the doorway. It was shaking. As her eyes grew used to the light, she could make out a face. She fixed the figure with a baleful eye. ‘You took your bloody time, didn't you?' she said.
  • Permitted where specified in the property details although some properties will accept an assistance dog.
  • Both of us needed to get back to work. She was polite about it, but I could see tension creep into her posture as she glanced at her phone for the time. I had more leeway, being part time. A long lunch could easily be covered with an extra hour elsewhere, and my work wasnt terribly interdependent on my co-workers. Or where it was, it was in the ether of email and shared documents, not being together in a room.
  • She returned to the living room where Dax, Mr. Dayton, and her parents still were seated, chatting. That's just a weird sight.
  • He glanced toward where homura was being bowed to by a group of courtiers, still smiling that delighted private smile.
  • "Here," she takes hold of my arm, bleeding where I pulled out the IV. She presses a wad of cotton wool over the wound and tapes it down. "If you leave and something goes wrong, they don't have to treat you."
  • One of Brad's favorite trout spots was only a hundred feet or so down the creek from where he'd started. The water had undercut a piece of granite ledge creating a kidney-shaped eddy that was dammed up by the roots of a blown-down hemlock. The pool was several feet across and four feet deep under the ledge. Always the perfect lair for a squaretail or two.
  • Marcus, knowing where the messages are falling, hears palace, but he assures the old man: "My lord, I aimed a mile beyond the moon! Your letter is with Jupiter by now!" Jupiter rules the gods of Rome.
  • Then she remembered. Shed flown over the edge of Ae Infinitus into the water, where she grabbed the wood she hung onto now. But then a wave rolled over her, one carrying more of that debris, and something had knocked her hard on her skull, and shed blacked out. How long had she been unconscious? But the question barely registered with her; the fearful storm was tossing her to and fro mercilessly, the giant waves rolling over her, submerging her. She came up from another one, coughing out seawater. She squinted into the storm. It was dark as night, the wind a lonesome monotone shriek. Another wave. Something slammed into her knee, something like jagged rock, and she yelped in pain. Then it occurred to her: When she fell into the sea she was very close to the cliffs! She had to get out! She had to get out before she was crushed against them!
  • Socialite friend to that den of iniquity, the purple shade club, where carol sings.
  • "If he can cause these dishonored dead to just appear where he wills, why not simply continue sending them? Surely there have been millions of dishonored dead. They would win by attrition eventually."
  • Food is served in the stove restaurant where the wooden beams and red brick create an olde worlde atmosphere.
  • They traveled through to the other end of the town where they fell in line with other vehicles heading east. A matatu was unloading passengers and men in uniforms were inspecting the cargo of a stopped truck. The driver drove around to the head of the line where they were fronted by a barricade manned by two soldiers wearing uniforms of undesignated origin. One of the men approached, a sullen youth, he recognized the Major and the two exchanged waives. In turn, he waived to his mate, who set the barricade to one side and allowed the vehicle to pass.
  • "Aye. It was fair sized, but still a meager little child where cities are concerned, so we expected no resistance. To our great surprise, they did not fear us. They even defied us. So... we decided to play with them, amused by their apparent courage. We took pleasure in telling stories of what we would do to their people. We so enjoyed talking loud so that they could hear us on the other side of their wall. Then, fortune would have it, a young man dressed in black with a face grim as Death himself walked through our camp and directly into Arkelon. We mocked him, laughed. Little did we know what Fate had in store for us. That very night, She severely punished us for our transgressions; our executioner had walked among us. The Angel of Death did not pass over us."
  • I found this particularly interesting as we could see an airliner passing over the area of ipswich where i live.
  • One more look over the edge of the flowerpot at the approaching sea was all the impetus the boy required: he scrambled up the white stem and when he reached the top he continued climbing right on up the green mist without a second thought. "Im going to make it!" he elated. But when he reached the topthe point in space where the green mist had first begun to glowthe makeshift ladder ended. He looked around with one hand shielding his eyes from the sun, searching for the penny, but he could no longer see it. He hung his head, mourning his poverty.
  • By late spring, although he'd hated every minute, every last second of the Soviet Army, Misha joined with Leo in becoming a member of the fedayin (yes, the Christians had taken on this Muslim name for fighters for the religion, freedom-fighters), Armenian and Karabakhtsi guerilla soldiers gone to fight Soviet Army soldiers or bands of Azeris up in the hills and mountains. From his fights in Novosibirsk, Misha still tasted the blood in his mouth where an Azeri recruit punched him.
  • Unbuilt architecture as a basis from where a digital reconstruction can be developed.
  • "This is the garden -- I tell you, lest you should mistake it for the forest where the enchanted princess slept, surrounded by great trees and thickets -- it excels even the old garden at Wyvern. There are pear-trees, and plum, and cherry, and apple. Upon my word, I forgot they were so huge, and the jungles are raspberries and gooseberries and currants. Did you ever see such thickets, and nettles between. I'm afraid you'll not make much of this. When I was a boy those great trees looked as big and mossgrown as they do now, and bore such odd crabbed little fruit, and not much even of that."
  • Robert followed her finger noting the spot on her neck. He also noticed that her shawl had slipped off her shoulders when she had been pulling his boot off. And she must have absentmindedly shrugged it completely off to tend to him. She had also unconsciously pushed her hair back off her shoulders and as he was taking note of all these facts, he saw mottled bruises and what looked like small bite marks at the base of her neck where it met her shoulder.
  • "Oh how funny you are." Another invisible missile was aimed at the assassin. He had to guess where exactly it was going to strike by observing the Archmage's hands. This time he managed to dodge. He dropped to the floor and rolled away from the corridor entrance, out of sight of his opponent. He ducked behind a table and waited.
  • Barbed wire fences began to show themselves alongside the tracks. where there were fences, there was livestock and before long, hundreds of cattle could be seen in the distance. where there was cattle, there were people and the next town quickly approached. The train slowed as it entered the town.
  • As Marthe went for the bathroom, Kell paced. If it wasnt raining, he would step out and smoke. Instead he turned on the TV, catching the local news, stories from around the Fox River Valley, accents of his youth reviving like a tonic. This was Kells America, long languid tones that eased his heart, returning him to when he was a child. The crimes were modern; robberies and murders even in the innocence of his past where paper mills remained the chief source of employment, the Green Bay Packers the only team for which to cheer. The Milwaukee Brewers were okay, but this far north only the Pack mattered, quarterback Brett Favre having returned that team to the top of the rankings. Last year they had missed the playoffs, but were undefeated so far. Still early in the season, but Kell paid attention, only rooting against Marthes 49ers when they happened to meet his team.
  • Presently the hoopla died down and the men remembered there was some shooting to do. The girls had already left with the women and children, including Robin; their ears ringing from all the chatter about wedding plans. Jamie ran off to the stables to fetch his and Roberts pistols where he had left them when stabling the horses. And Robert was once again left alone with his best friend, Roger.
  • Chance walked the yard, occasionally stopping to pick up a piece of debris to see if it had any relevance or recollection. where was the family? he worried. He walked to the well, drew himself a bucket of water and drank from it. Looking up, he noticed the old Negro maid Uziya sitting beneath the walnut tree.
  • Joff walked as fast as his condition would allow to the spot where had left his horse and prayed that the beast had not run off. The horse stood, eating grass, while Jain held its reins. "I did not know that Coursa had sent you," Joff said.
  • Paddyaddition, when driving from hanoi toward xuan thuy one passes many rice paddies where waders and possibly rails should be found.
  • Osmium tetroxide factory where your job is to seal the stuff in glass capsules!
  • When the vicar came and entered the little bedroom where the scared poacher, whose soul had died within him, was lying, still sick and weak, in his bed, and with a spirit that was prostrate with terror, Tom Chuff feebly beckoned the rest from the room, and, the door being closed, the good parson heard the strange confession, and with equal amazement the man's earnest and agitated vows of amendment, and his helpless appeals to him for support and counsel.
  • Further out are sites where great hammerheads are found from january to march.
  • What if Pasook hadnt been Gashs associate, though? What if wed all guessed wrong? Still, there was a Pasook, who could have heard about our speculations and decided to live up to them, fitting himself into our ongoing plot. Again, in that scenario he could be out to get a piece of the action against Sapriel, or to use us to help him get back at Sapriel for raiding his bank. Also again, if he knew I wasnt Gash, hed figure I was in no position to contradict him. Under this construction, though, where Pasook hadnt been in partnership with Gash, he might have no reason not to think I wasnt Gash after all.
  • A young kid, about five years his junior, was being interviewed. Police hovered in the background. The kid spoke of the virtues of the police force and how they saved his life. He rolled up his shirt and exposed an angry, baseball sized bruise where his heart was. He thanked the police for shooting him in the chest with a plastic bullet round rather than the standard-- lethal-- metal incarnations.
  • In the evening we went to rijswijk, where bram and olga live in a cramped and rather disorderly house.
  • Forbidding... bleak entrance of tough lincoln prison where lord archer was sent and he had not been given permission to attend the shindig.
  • "Amazing." Spencer was trying to imagine it, imagine all those molecules in pigs and frogs and loaves of bread, all migrating back to the place where they could form the new body.
  • Pa said, "I don't see how. It's not a war anyone can win. It's like a game of chicken where two cars are racing head-on at each other. What do you think the first one to turn aside is?"
  • Amelia sent her into plymouth where she arrived on the 17th on 23 june she took bullocks out to the fleet.
  • Interlinked puzzles, where the interlocking boxes are used in two puzzles.
  • "We need to stop and ask directions," Edgar said. He pulled over and stopped the car. "Look. Were downtown. This is where all the shops are. If theres a music store in this city, its going to be here."
  • What was his game? To my way of thinking, he was playing to the story Id established too obviously for any element of chance. Pasook had to know more than he was letting on. But why, what were his motives? To get back at Sapriel for raiding Pasooks own bank, for one; that was a no-charge given. To toy with Gashanatantra? That possibility was more interesting. If Pasook really had been Gashs associate in the ring bit, if that much had been accurate deduction rather than invention, he could have had a plan in mind where he would show up here, encounter the real Gash, and horn in on his new action. Surely Pasook could tell that I wasnt him. Jill, Gashs wife, hadnt known the difference, but then she hadnt seen him in a long time; Pasook, though, would have been hanging around with Gash much more recently.
  • I stared out the doorway and wondered where Lucia and Ehno had gone. When I looked down the stone steps I could see them battling with the multitude of Shadows. Lucia, even with a slight limp, held her own. Without thinking, I left the safety of the library and stood on the top step. Andrew followed behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist, preparing to pull me back inside. I looked over my shoulder.
  • Cancellatione regret that we cannot accept cancelations of contracts for items where the packaging has been opened.
  • Perhaps the King allowed Pea to abscond again that fateful morningwhen it was clear where she would choose to gobecause he believed it was the only chance for the Throne to gain the privileges and the powers of the garden. Whatever his motivation, let her go he did, with the Prince loosed soon after to hunt.
  • I will have to think closely,’ replied the Wise One. ‘I believe so, but exactly where will take me time to recall.’
  • "The interesting stuff," Lyosha continued. "It's in the republics or the soon to be republics," he said. "Like where that ABC guy went." He pointed at the TV.
  • Table manners: wait for the host or hostess to tell you where to sit.
  • Back in the workroom, Gashanatantra eyed Jardin carefully, alert to the possibility he had risen from his coma to prowl around the place in their absence with malign intent. No evidence of this presented itself. The restorative drips were proceeding, the shock radiator remained where he had left it, the chain restraints he had insisted on applying were undisturbed. Gashanatantra clicked open his box and began sorting through its contents.
  • "Droolers," a passerby explained to the slack-jawed and awestruck newcomers. "After youve been stuck in a Ghost Box, captured in a spirit battery, visited a few of the afterworlds where you only see the world in black-and-white and can never stay, tried to kill yourself, overfed every vice you crave and in sheer boredom sought those vices you always thought were beyond your interest, youll find your way here." The passerby nodded knowingly and looked upon a Drooler with a resigned and emotionally stunted expression. "One day you will give up completely. You will realize there is no where else to go and nothing else to do, and then you will plant yourself on one of these benches and start to drool."
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