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Okunuşu: / wɛː / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: where
Türü: zarf


z. , zam., bağlaç. nere, nerede, nereye;

zam. yer;
bağlaç. (olduğu) yer;
(bulunduğu) durum.

where için örnek cümleler:

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  • Peeling off the tank top, she reached for a sports bra, her large breasts requiring support. A plain v-neck white t-shirt followed, Rose seated on the end of the king-sized mattress, another reason Gray wasnt bothered by her absence. He lay all the way to the left, turned on his left. Rose sat on the right corner, pulling on black track pants. Then she grabbed socks from the small table where she stacked her clothes. Walking clothes, sleeping clothes, daytime clothes she would need later; underwear, shorts, and another t-shirt, apparel Rose Robinson Burnett had placed there the night before, what she did every night, had been doing since she was a teenager.
  • Bry stopped pottering and joined him at the window. "I love it. I'd prefer to live here than Carmetta. But George says we have to live in the big house for the image, to keep the visitors happy. I find that strange. One of the ten richest men on the planet and other people decide where he lives. where I live too."
  • My eyes snapped open. The sky was dark, though the stars could be seen like tiny beacons. This was where I need to be. My hearing was great, and his footstepsno matter how hard he triedwere easily heard behind me.
  • Ben rolled a somewhat thinner joint from his ounce as he told Allen about the surveillance his boss was doing. It bothered him because the wife was obviously the victim of his abuse, and the prick was using his suspicions to torment her. When in fact, he was being quite the man around town, himself. "I'm not supposed to talk about it," he said, looking at Judy. She nodded. "But it's gotten to the point where I don't feel I can just sit by and watch anymore." She thought he looked noble. "I'm working on a way to fix it."
  • Usually, Joanna would do her tai chi forms on the beach, a moving meditation that enveloped her in peace. This morning, she felt the pull of the water. She sat on the big rock on the beach below her house, undid the laces on her running shoes, pulled off the white athletic socks, and ran into the water. Then plunged under the surface, swimming underwater for 20 yards, coming up to move into a graceful crawl. She swam parallel to the shore free for a while of plaguing thoughts. She would have liked to have swum in the nude, but was too constrained to do it where she could be seen by passing boaters, or even a neighbor. The only traffic on the water in this early hour was an occasional clammer enroute to the passageway linking the harbor to the bay.
  • Inside, the hull was like Trevor had expectedit was sparsely decorated (it was a hull, after all, not the captain's quarters) with concave walls and countless crates stacked about. But here, Trevor noticed that the four chains on each dragon wing were drawn taut to the center of the hull, where they were wound about a pair of massive metal cranks.
  • No matter where or how you use the amazingly compact zp80, the digital and analog outputs will deliver superior sound to every room.
  • The security guards pounced and managed to save the killer from being torn apart by the enraged crowd. Kevin was carried back stage where he was attended until the ambulance arrived. The crowd panicked and the helicopters added to the confusion,
  • "He's also the most likely. It was his deposit that's out of whack. Did he tell you where he was going? Did he tell you that he and Sue broke up?"
  • Neil turned his mind to his words and their meaning. He wondered whether he was conscious and not a stone or indeed a web. He wondered what time it was and whether time was real. He told himself that his beliefs were things uncertain too, uncertain like his memory of eating the night before. There was a gap in his ideas that was leaking the others out. But where were the ideas going? Nowhere. That was impossible.
  • Below is the code listing where the device is nothing but an 80 byte chunk of memory.
  • Oh, stony pasture, where the tall mullein stands up so sturdy on its little seed!
  • The stage was indian wells country club, where the two singers played in the same foursome wednesday.
  • Galen thu 24th nov 2005 at 10:51 pm where i struggle with semantic markup is with the gray areas.
  • He rode back to the stream, where the remainder of his men, the unhorsed knights, the archers and the men-at-arms, had collected. He counted four of his men lying prone on the ground, and six of Rhirids. Dying horses thrashed and screamed.
  • "II know not whether she loves me, or where she isNo guest of mine has heard her story, and I have spoken to you of the birds. Even the wind carries no fragment of her fate and no sound but the waves when I ask, as if I put an ordinary conch to my ear." The gardeners voice suddenly cracked, sick with age and sorrow and he cried like an old tree creaking, "Where is she? Why is there no report of her?"
  • Enshrouded in dust, as a result the regions where stars are formed are hidden.
  • Hayk and Petros moved their feet in one-two's. The dog panted, heaved. Part of its gut already hung out and its blood spread in a pool at least a meter across. Each cousin took a leg, then with a few words exchanged in Armenian, they dragged the dying animal toward the overpass bridge to our right. It whined and panted. Swinging the animal like a sack, they tossed it over, where it landed with a crash and a shriek. Hayk stepped to the bridge's edge.
  • Kell smiled, returning to his own party, his agent Samuel with his wife Giselle. They were celebrating too, film rights to The War On Emily Dickinson having been sold. At a restaurant on the northeast side of the city, Kell hadnt considered where he was, not having seen a single Souza since 1987. Not sinceKell stopped, yet it was difficult to block out her face, one so broken. He looked over again, Marthe surrounded by a plethora of loved ones, a thin, dark-haired man at her side.
  • "Ah, the country where fashion comes from. Then wed better do something to improve your image." And that same day, Mother bought a trendy suit and fit it on him personally. Hector and Antoine were curious and came to see what was going on with their brother in the living room.
  • "Peace! Break thee off!" cries the officer. They rise, amazed, as the faint image of a man in regal armor appears, hovering at the edge of the wavering light. "Look, where it comes again!"
  • Sun light streamed in golden shafts through shattered windows. Thick dust and the rubble of masonry and plaster covered everything so as to make you pick your way with care. I paused a long time on the threshold before venturing in. It wasnt fear for my footing which held me, but reverence for the hush of the room, where nothing had moved in all these years. There was no sound of animals, no noise of wind, and no bustle of Mankind.
  • The map told me I was getting closer to the Vatican. I was about to turn left when I reached another plaza with yet another fountain and steps that seemed to go on and on up a series of terraces. I couldnt help but be drawn up to the top, even though it was the opposite direction from where I wanted to go.
  • The equinoxes are the two points on the celestial sphere where the ecliptic intersects the celestial equator.
  • When I woke up the next morning, it took me a minute to remember where I was, especially with the pounding headache courtesy of too much booze. A glass of water and three aspirin had been placed on the nightstand beside me. I gratefully took the aspirin and drank the entire glass of water.
  • I was stuck in a dream where horrible little creatures tried to chew my legs as I attempted to beat them off, but my arms were too heavy. I tensed, ready to whack one, when a firm hand on my arm startled me out of sleep and I jumped.
  • As to the Marbles, we saw Joseph receiving them from a group of holy, men on a hilltop, the wind was blowing and you could see across the countryside for miles around but neither Angharad nor I could say for certain where it was. Angharad guessed it was Wearyall Hill, near Glastonbury.
  • "Bid him encamp his soldiers where they are. Tell him the emperor, and the empress, too, feast at my house!—and he shall feast with them!
  • Shortly into the flight Mia noticed they were heading toward a group of sparingly lit buildings. From this distance she could not be certain, but as they grew closer she saw that it was indeed Marigaffs Farm. She hoped he wouldnt attempt to raid the farm with her in his claw. Cwyth soundlessly circled the farm once. His great wings flapped in a backward motion, slowing him to alight with a deep thump on the lawn in front of the house. There on the lawn, twenty feet from where Cwyth set down, was Marigaff in her white wicker rocking chair, smoking her pipe while knitting in the light of a small fire. She stopped her knitting when Cwyth dropped Mia directly in front of her. Mia fell hard to the ground.
  • Research projects typically involve interdisciplinary teams where we provide expertise in diatom analysis or the use of isotope ratios in diatom analysis or the use of isotope ratios in diatoms.
  • Edgington says that the most complex chains are where there has been a marital split.
  • " Now, let me tell you a bare fact. The U.S. has infiltrated its men everywhere and with the help of money they are causing havocs in other countries. Of course, we too did that miracle with money that flown in from the countries that had so called sympathy in our fight. Not only money but weapons too. What was ultimate gain to those who supplied us money and weapons? I always have thought about this. And where money failed, with our best efforts to infuriate the feelings of downtrodden people we succeeded in impossible tasks! It was our power. But what those downtrodden people have got till this date? Tell me. But that's the very reason why they could do all these things in India, unobtrusively! Its all a big game I too know very little of. Just guesses and doubts. Who has concrete proof?"
  • "Ninety bucks!" he thought to himself, excited. "I bet that would buy a pretty dope model tank!" But where was there a toy store in this town? He groaned, remembering the last time hed attempted to search for a specialty store. What if the local prepubescent hoodlums were slouching at the doors of the toy store, ready to challenge him to a duel of words for the rights to purchase a plastic model? His heart sankbut then again, he was a new man. Hed defeated King Pete; surely he could handle an eight year old ruffian.
  • Restaurants catering for every taste line the picturesque harbor where the masts of traditional wooden gullets sway gently in the breeze.
  • After the war he returned to the city where he was born, manchester, and joined a local group of singing minstrels.
  • The Pier Guard saluted, and then hurried to get in front of his king, where he opened the front door of the home. Yaeko came out first, floating limply, followed by Conor.
  • He sees Othello, obviously distraught. I did say so!—look where he comes! Not poppy nor mandragora, nor all the drowsy syrups of the world shall ever medicine thee unto that sweet sleep which thou ownedst yesterday!
  • "And though it beallowedin common persons, with those where lies no more dependency than brats and beggary!—and who is more lowly than he?—to knit in self-figured knot their hopes, yet you are curbed from that dissipation by the consequence othe crown, and must not soil the precious regard of it with a base slave!—a hilding fit for a livery, for a squires cloth, a pantlersnot even so eminent!"
  • I think I know where youre going with this line of thought,’ Michael ventured. ‘You think your aunt will label you a hypocrite if you decide to marry me.’ Frances nodded. ‘Do you know something, Frances,’ Michael began to explain, ‘Ive realised over the past few months that Ive spent my entire life worrying about what people thought of me, and in particular, what they expected from me. I realise now that it was a waste of time. Provided it doesnt hurt anyone else, do what makes you happy.’
  • This is most energetically favorable where there is no pre-existing order in the water that requires destruction.
  • Which just went to prove his point. His sister did need someone to keep on eye on her. Somebody who wasnt out to take advantage had to be concerned for her well-being here in the big city where she was so obviously out of her depth. She might have rejected him now but shed certainly thank him later. He creaked to his feet and wobbled in after her through the door.
  • Pitchy dark except where the silver bars of moonlight streamed through the holes in the wall.
  • He took from his pants pocket a ring of keys with a round white tag, led us to the restaurant door, opened it, and snapped on a light mounted to the outside of the building, then a light inside. In the electric glare, the Heart Tree was just a big tree, the Hawkins Cafe was an old roadside restaurant, and the land where the motel had burned was ugly instead of mysterious.
  • When they reached the old town with its narrow streets and high buildings, Tapper had to keep closer to the two men in order not to lose them. There were fewer people here as well. He tried to keep track of where he was going, but soon he felt increasingly lost. He was a sailor, after all, and being on land was awkward enough without having to navigate this maze of narrow streets and alleys. He wished he had a compass. But he would not be able to see it in this poor light anyway. And a bosun was not supposed to navigate at all that was what officers were for.
  • Secondly, it decreases the open flux by increasing the length of the polarity inversion line where flux cancelation occurs.
  • I started to attend relaxation classes which are held in an office block in the city center where i go for my momentum classes.
  • The first red-and-white-garbed of the troop mounted the stairs, urn in his hands, where he marched to the end of the plank, andflash!—was a seagull winging wide out over the water. He circled the ship once before mounting the steady sea breeze, gaining altitude very quickly. High over the ship now (Where has the urn gone? Melody wondered. Is it somehow part of the gulls body now?), the seagull flashed. The human guard, at least a thousand feet up, little more than a red dot, fell, having released the reappeared urn. Yaeko gave an audible gasp, staring upso did Melody and Maggieas the man, holding himself arrow straight, plummeted at full speed for the sea. But just before he slammed into the water, which surely would have killed him, he flashed yet again:
  • Replicatehis book triumph where all previous attempts had failed in terms of accurately replicating the number six / mcgoohan character?
  • The symptoms include a red, itchy rash where the allergen has been in contact with the skin.
  • Adjacencysign delivers an efficient clinical model where a notable 90 % of the clinical adjacencies are met.
  • In some expressions english has no preposition where one may be used in another language; in other expressions the opposite is true.
  • "Well," he said, returning her caress, "I do not mean to urge you upon that point. It must not, however, be until Una's marriage has taken place. That cannot be, for many good reasons, sooner than this time twelve months; we shall then exchange this strange and barbarous abode for Paris, where are many eligible convents, in which are entertained as sisters some of the noblest ladies of France; and there, too, in Una's marriage will be continued, though not the name, at all events the blood, the lineage, and the title which, so sure as justice ultimately governs the course of human events, will be again established, powerful and honoured in this country, the scene of their ancient glory and transitory misfortunes. Meanwhile, we must not mention this engagement to Una. Here she runs no risk of being sought or won; but the mere knowledge that her hand was absolutely pledged, might excite a capricious opposition and repining such as neither I nor you would like to see; therefore be secret."
  • With a hand lens, the openings where the hair follicles once penetrated the dermis are easily visible.
  • "Not really. I have them in the other room." They followed the doctor into the lab area, where he pulled a heavy lined bag off of the shelf and set it on the examining table. He unzipped the bag. "Like I said, not much here of interest. We looked his clothes over thoroughly."
  • By nightfall theyd arrived at the foot of one of the great mountains where the cool wind blowing downhill had the smell of a snow covered pine forest. Mia donned her coat and chose to ride her horse for a while. They stopped to make camp on the leeward side of a sheer rock cliff, part way up a slight hill. A stream ran nearby, giving them a means to water the horses. They loosed them to graze. Finnegaff ensured the concerned Mia that they would not stray. He made a small fire as Belemeriath broke out the cooking supplies. Despite his meager four inches in height, he could air lift heavy cast iron skillets or sizable pots with relative ease. Mia did like the fact that the fairy was always happy to do whatever, more than willing to help with any chore. Maybe he wasnt so bad after all, as long as he stayed out of her face.
  • That hum followed to her room, where she heard Gray starting to snore. She smiled. Even if she had wanted to ask him, he was already asleep.
  • It is also a gentle herb suitable for children, where it can be used to calm anxious or excitable children and soothe headaches.
  • ''Only I knew where Shivrasan was hiding! I had made these arrangements with no help from anyone. No one could possibly know that Shivrasan was hiding at Bangalore.... I personally took all the precautions. I made sure no one, a single person; even in our ranks knew where he is hiding. Its preposterous that SIT found them. And yet…. this is impossible!"
  • Nicole and Randy started going together again after two years, but very casually, without long-range prospects. They both knew she had one thing going for her that Crystal and Myleigh lackedshe'd be willing to stay in Spearfish Lake, where Randy was pretty well going to have to live to take part in the family business, while the other two were not willing. In that time, she'd gotten to be pretty good friends with both Crystal and Myleighshe'd hiked a part of the AT with Crystal, and Myleigh had introduced her to surfing. They were still good friends, and when one or the other was in Spearfish Lake, which wasn't often these days, they were always house guests, although Myleigh was here much more often than Crystal. None of us have been very fair to Randy, she thought. And damn it, I'm just as bad as they are.
  • Between prolonged periods of mental stillness, she pondered: Is Mr. Conor there, at the Pier? Is he wondering where I am? Was it he who brought me here?
  • Rhirid and Dylan exchanged a glance. "Normans were here?" the chief asked harshly. "Are you certain?" When Goewyn nodded, he added, "Did they say who they were? where they were from?"
  • Nobility of spirit has few roles in tinseltown, where the formulaic hero has reigned for decades.
  • Instead, he founded an institute where the bond between members is not a formal canonical vow, but a bond of charity.
  • "This is where we meet with study subjects, where your grandmother and I talked. I explained the process, reviewed her medical records, answered her questions."
  • In the middle of the lounge, Aurora looked misplaced. Louis joined her, then pulled her against him where she had been held all night as if recovered from a storm, the hurricane which had been their son. That evening the air had cleared, their way made plain. Louis touched Auroras face and found tears of joy, like his own.
  • The conference was in a large hotel and I must have imagined a person looking down from a room at this woman in the parking lot. My thought was that this person looking down was in fact the logical controlling part of her consciousness. It took a few years, but I returned to this and wrote the story. The original plot had this logical part of the person telling the story. However, I did not reveal this split personality until the very end. Through one of the workshops, I realized this was too complicated and actually was a trick ending. Since I did not want to fool the reader into thinking they were reading one thing but were reading another, I changed this to a straight third person point of view where the protagonist somewhat talks to this other self. The title made more sense with the original plot, but I liked and kept it even though it may now be slightly obscure.
  • Finnegaff strode a few yards to the crest of a small knoll. "Great Saa!" he exclaimed. Mia and Romessee came to his side. Blocking the path theyd only yesterday come down was a row of trees, branches intertwined, allowing no passage. Dirt was upturned everywhere from where the trees had uprooted themselves and relocated to their defensive position.
  • Above the water table is the zone where the ground is not fully saturated.
  • Unlike the bearded dragons tested, chameleon skin gives more uniform results, regardless of where on the body the samples come from.
  • I found that I was really looking forward to summer, and had even talked to Wanda about returning to the restaurant. Everything seemed to be back to normal, with the exception of that huge hole in my chest where my heart used to be.
  • In the end, she says, a well-fed baby is more important than where that food comes from. "If you feed formula to your child, and a healthy loving home, and your baby was full term and healthy weight, then there are going to be minimal differences in the outcome of child," she says.
  • Lowlight situations where the flash cannot be used or is outside its effective range.
  • That afternoon, I went to the classroom where I held my discussion section. Although attendance had been extremely low these past few weeks, I was surprised to find that absolutely nobody had showed up today. I waited twenty minutes, but no one came. There was no point in staying, so I decided I may as well go back to my office. I had to go there anyway for my office hours.
  • The heavy wood crashed with a resounding boom that seemed to shake the ground, and the bard stood staring in undisguised astonishment at the gap where the gate had been moments ago. It had been a stroke of luck, far more than they'd hoped for, but with all that they'd gone through lately, they were perfectly willing to accept it.
  • Focused on serving i ts surrounding residential neighborhoods, the mall offered few stores where uw students could shop for clothes.
  • Two things are to be done: my wife must move for Cassio to her mistress; Ill set her on, myself the while drawing the Moor apart, and bringing him jump to where he may find Cassio soliciting his wife!
  • She fell to her knees, a brutalized face landing in his lap. He was glad, unable to witness that agony for long. Jan and Lynn had told him, after hed been alert a few days, as Marthe couldnt speak of how close hed been. Instead all six of her siblings gave snapshot views. From those words, including ones implicit on the faces of Marthe and her parents, Kell knew where he sat in the big scheme. Not quite at the end, but getting closer.
  • "I was, I must confess, great Albions queen in former, golden days. But now mischance hath trod my title down, and with dishonour laid me on the ground, where I must take like seat unto my fortune, and to my humble state conform myself."
  • "After I tried to make him bed me, he became so angry that he threw me out of his room, almost literally. I was so hurt and angry. I had spent so many years with him, told him how deeply I felt for him, but he rejected me. I went down into the tavern where I decided to drown by sorrow in mead. There was a group of travelers there speaking about the Black Knight. What exactly they were discussing, I was completely ignorant but, nonetheless, I joined the conversation. One of the men introduced himself as Rennir. He kept buying me drinks, and I kept talking."
  • At first Delamere didnt respond, staring out at the men vying against each other, and too late Longsword realized that his friend would have preferred to be back where he was a year ago, because then hed have Olwen and his sons again. But then he said, "Lady Teleris different. More kindly disposed towards you, for some reason. Ive even heard rumors that she shares the same bed with you on occasion."
  • "Some one way, some another!" the senator tells the shuffling men; but then he stops them with a gesture. He asks the rejected suitor, "Do you know where we may apprehend her and the Moor?"
  • Baker directs traffic as they stack the twenty-four cartons up next to the table where the jury has a good view of them. As the men and their dollies make their way back out of the courtroom, Baker opens a carton and shows the Judge, the jury, and the witness the contents of reports and magazines.
  • "Throw those soldiers into the lockup!" the furious mayor ordered. "Well use them later, at the front*; they can catch the enemys bullets for us." Then he walked over to the damaged tomb and discovered the golden medallion between the remainder of bones in the tomb. When he saw the inscription on the age-old medallion, his jaw dropped in surprise: It had the number of the current year, 1791, on it. He hurriedly put the treasure back into the coffin, which was shut again, with all the bones inside, a few minutes later. The bewildered mayor then immediately ordered his men to transfer the grave to the church of Saint Laurent, where it could be better taken care of. He never spoke another word about it to anyone, ever again.
  • I'm thinking about Danny, the ghosts, and the kids. I don't understand any of it and I don't know where to start. It terrifies me. It's the sort of stuff they lock you up for raving about. I can't put it on Suki. Even if she believed me, it's too much. That's too hard to take, so I tell myself the thing with Suki's not done, just postponed until I sort this out. First I have to understand what's happening to me.
  • Chanter became aware of movement in the shadows around him. Inky figures walked across the moon-silvered soil, and beasts heaved themselves to their feet with a jingle of harness. The Hashon Jahar were on the move again. They mounted their tireless steeds and formed up into rows and columns. Chanter knew where they were going. They answered the same silent call as he did, guided by the gods to the gathering. The steady clop of hooves passed him, row upon orderly row of animated statues of stone and earth blood. Chanter wondered if his purpose, granted by choosing the girl, was done.
  • We have a well-stocked bookcase where you are welcome to exchange or borrow books.
  • Brownfield land target where odpm had set a higher three year target.
  • Shaa left the guards where theyd fallen and trotted toward Mont, who had already fumbled the correct key into the lock. The door rasped and opened. Mont stepped into the cell and looked anxiously around. Shaa drew his sword and moved to the entrance behind Mont.
  • Unseen in the flickering shadows of the greenwood, where it faces onto a broad meadow, Jacques lurks among the elms, watching carefully to learn the ways of his courtly and contentious counterpart.
  • Flam sighed. Being a scout was fun until one actually spotted something. And then the questions came. where did he come from and what does he look like and all that stuff. He really pushed his brain to produce coherent answers. He knew it was worth it. If the robbery was successful, the one who spotted the victim would get an extra share.
  • "What's the shotgun for?" Kelly asked, pointing the thumb of his right hand over his shoulder towards the kitchen where the weapon leaned against the pantry door.
  • Peripatetic workers who are employed to travel outside great britain, the issue remains where they are based.
  • Allogeneic transplantation, where cord blood stem cells coming from a sibling or an unrelated donor are used.
  • Annie stood with the child and nodded. "Yes, I can smell it. He needs changing, thats all. Wait here." She walked into the bedroom where the diapers were kept and then stepped into the kitchen to moisten a second, smaller cloth. Annie returned to the warmer, larger living room to change him in.
  • Thats exactly what they did. Starting in Boston, where they cruised Cambridge, watching the cute nerdyboys and geekygirls wander the streets, having heated technical debates, lugging half-finished works of technology and art through the sopping summertime, a riot of townie accents and highbrow engineerspeak.
  • One thousand, he breathed in, looked at the map in the coming light. Now three centimeters to the right? Rotting deer smell mixed with gasoline and-fuck, don't blevatsa-but he did anyway, right onto the wrappings, onto his soaking wet cold feet, right where he stood in the minefield.
  • With the light of the morning filling the field where she'd slept, she could finally see the scene she had stumbled through in darkness the night before. It had all been blanketed with several inches of dense snow that elsewhere might have been a terrible storm, but amounted to little more than a light flurry to the people of the Northern Alliance. She waded into the ankle-deep snow and surveyed the campsite.
  • Instead she thought of where she lay, where she was; in two worlds, having seen yet again another man with a hole in his head. This mans death didnt make her cry, but what had been orchestrated by Gray did make Rose curious. Something, she was certain. While her spouse was a good person, he was also her protector, a father. First Gray was Rose, Emory, and Liams defender, their safeguard. Then he was a nice guy.
  • Campbell pauses to read his notes and find out where he wants to go from here. But before he can ask his next question, Fowler speaks up.
  • She didnt dare argue with the kings son. She contemplated fleeing Rhuddlan as she had fled Chester. Why not? she thought. She owed William Longsword nothing. He had given her back Bronwen but she had saved his life. BronwenCould she travel on foot all that way to the abbey? Would she even want to leave? where did that child disappear to, anyway?
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