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Okunuşu: / wɛst / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: west
Türü: isim, sıfat, zarf


i. batı, garp;

s. batıdaki, batı;
batıya doğru olan;
batıdan gelen (rüzgâr);

z. batıya doğru.

west için örnek cümleler:

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  • Pete was using his height advantage to pass over the double- and triple-teams. Christian and Harrington were inserted into the lineup to hit open jumpers, and on the first two possessions of the second quarter they made their coach look like a genius. Pete loved to make the diagonal pass. What was once taboo and was called a cross-court pass, was now commonplace and called a skip pass. Helmsdale's defensive over-pursuit of the ball made the pass a natural to an open player across the floor. The play was commonly used by west Valley's big man, who grew up as a point guard and was not averse to throwing any pass worth completing.
  • The author's success with this book is so marked that it may well encourage him to further efforts. The description of mining life in the Far west is true and accurate.--Standard.
  • We were aboard a pirate ship three nights ago and sank a German raider 75 miles from this island. If you can pick up the wreck, we are due west.
  • An hour later and the camp seemed to be all quiet, for every one was apparently sound asleep. Even Thad and Allan had known of no reason why a watch should be maintained, for they felt sure there could hardly be a human being within miles of the camp; and even if this were not so, the chances were strongly in favor of its proving to be an honest farmer, or some miner on his way to the workings further west.
  • Al Spiders scout planes were in fact part of quite a large squadron of mosquitoes that flew around feeding information back to Al Spider about the west.
  • Thursday, 15th. The first part a fresh Gale and dark Cloudy weather; Remainder, little wind and clear; a large swell from South West. Wind South west by South, South, East South East; course South 14 degrees 15 minutes East; distance 45 miles; latitude 30 degrees 8 minutes South, longitude 41 degrees 39 minutes West.
  • I am not going to leave my friend, said west coldly. "I could have galloped away had I wanted to. Let me walk by his side to help him."
  • The gentle irony of this was not lost on its object, for in the west a herder of sheep is the next remove from a dumb animal.
  • Had it not been for liberal use of opium the night before, the brigands would not have tarried so long at the well; but they were terribly thirsty, a bit nerve shattered and craved for the drug. The chief alone had fully recovered. He cursed and raved at his men, kicked and beat them. What! After all these weeks of waiting, to let sleep stand between them and thousands of rupees! Dogs! Pigs! Did they not recollect that Bala Khan had a way of nailing thieves outside the walls of his city? Well, he for one would not wait. He would mount the sacred white elephant and head toward the caves in the hills. Let them who would decorate the walls of Bala Khan. The threat of Bala Khan put life into the eight followers, and they were getting ready to move on, when one of them discovered a small caravan approaching from the west.
  • "Sturdy, half-disciplined beggars," continued the B. M. O., watching the mountain plank through his glasses; "every variety of adventurer in their ranks--cattlemen, ranchmen, Hudson Bay trappers, North west police, lumbermen, mail carriers, bear hunters, Indians, renegade frontiersmen, soldiers of fortune--a sweet lot, Algy."
  • My dear lady, I began again, "my relation to the affairs of the American Republic is a very humble one. I am no minister of state, and I know you deal with ministers direct. How, then, shall I gain your friendship for my country? You are dangerous to have for an enemy. Are you too highpriced to have for a friendfor a friend to our Uniona friend of the principle of democracy? Come now, you enjoy large questions. Tell me, what does this council mean regarding Oregon? Is it true that England plans now to concentrate all her traders, all her troops, and force them west up the Saskatchewan and into Oregon this coming season? Come, now, Madam, is it to be war?"
  • Get me the west Coast Trading Company, he ordered the private exchange operator, "and tell Mr. J. Augustus Redell I want to speak to him."
  • James west was looking out through his glasses to starboard at an object floating two or three miles away, and several sailors, hanging over the side, were also curiously observing it.
  • Shifting to a slightly more comfortable position in the Vultee's cockpit seat, Dave Dawson absently drummed the fingers of one hand on the side of the cockpit and stared down at the sky-blue Caribbean Sea rolling far beneath his wings. Behind him was Puerto Rico, and a considerable way ahead of him was the British-owned island of Trinidad. Several miles off the Vultee's left wing tip were the Leeward and Windward islands of the west Indies jutting up out of the blue water. High above him was a cloudless sky with a shimmering ball of gold in the center.
  • [14] Bark cut off from trees to indicate a certain course through the forests. It is a very common practice among the pioneers of the West.
  • As a general rule, with an increase in elevation comes a decrease in temperature and an increase in precipitation. Northeast, east, and southeast Colorado are mostly the high plains, while Northern Colorado is a mix of high plains, foothills, and mountains. Northwest and west Colorado are predominantly mountainous, with some desert lands mixed in. Southwest and southern Colorado are a complex mixture of desert and mountain areas.
  • These two were our old friends whom we knew as May Leather and Mary Jackson, but who must now be re-introduced to the reader as Mrs Charlie Brooke and Mrs Dick Darvall. On the same day they had changed their names at the Ranch of Roaring Bull, and had come to essay wedded life in the far west.
  • The army is advancing from west to east to cut Salaheddin in half horizontally,"" the official said on condition of anonymity, referring to the key rebel stronghold in the city."
  • Kin you keep your feet through the west River Bridge, with the narrer-gage comin' in on one side, an' the Montreal flyer the other, an' the old bridge teeterin' between? said the Deacon. "Kin you put your nose down on the cow-catcher of a locomotive when you're waitin' at the depot an' let 'em play 'Curfew shall not ring to-night' with the big brass bell?"
  • To the west of trent bridge the river is still navigable for a short stretch.
  • Mount Inspection being the highest land in the neighbourhood, became the principal station of the survey. From it a glimpse was got of the mainland, bearing South 17 degrees west about eighteen miles. The north-eastern end of the island, also, could be seen, fronted with rocky ledges extending three quarters of a mile off. This hill is a mass of calcareous rock, similar to the high parts of Bountiful Island, with the same honeycombed surface, as if it had been exposed to the action of the sea. In other parts of the island there is a great quantity of ironstone; and the cliffs on the eastern side are mixed with this and pipe-clay; on the northern extreme are some lakes or swamps.
  • It is hypocrisy for the west to proclaim democratic slogans while demeaning and persecuting those who prefer to take a different moral high ground.
  • "Roosing Oolvaya sits on the west bank of the River Oolvaan," Roni said. "The river takes a long curve out to the east in this area and then loops back to the west; the citys right at the eastern-most edge of this bulge. About fifteen miles downstream to the south the Oolvaan splits into its three primary distributaries: the Greater, Lesser, and Equivocal Oolvaans."
  • "The Lodge is here, at the top right of the map. The large circle you see surrounding that area is our safe zone, so called because we doubt the hunters would strike at us so close to our stronghold. For the past few mornings, our scouts have sighted the bodies of fallen deer in the south and south west area of the ranges. They're skinning the animals and keeping the racks of any bucks they kill, but leaving most of the rest. This is attracting wolves and other predators, so keep your eyes out for any such beasts and steer clear."
  • "Naturally, after Jefferson had bought it, he wanted to know something about his purchase. So he appointed two men to explore the new country. I want you to remember their names, because they did a great work. One was Meriwether Lewis and the other William Clark, and you will find their trip described in your school history as 'the Lewis and Clark expedition.' I can't see why their exploration was not attended by as much danger and hardship as LaSalle's, which had been undertaken so many years before. The dense forests and great rivers of the west were all unknown and there were many hostile Indians.
  • The United States is also helping to train and equip African forces from the ECOWAS regional group of west African countries who are mobilizing to join the battle. U.S. officials stressed there are no plans to dispatch American combat troops.
  • "You won't believe this," said Sam. Bryan grunted agreement. "Been out of the country ... saved a little money ... seven years on the force you know. Visited Mom on the west coast. Sister in Bermuda. Guess what? Italy. Six months. Living in a suburb of Bari. Heel of Italy. Great! A dozen kinds of pasta. Took that night course at the college. Conversational Italian. Did fine."
  • Twilight in Burbon. The moon would be in quarter phase, but it had not yet risen above the horizon. A full harvest moon would have given enough light to read by, but that was still several days away. Fading light in the west left the sky a deep dark blue, not quite the black of night. Most stars remained blanketed out of sight, only a few bright ones in the east were visible. The air was dry but cold, even for dusk in the harvest season, the wind absent. The scent of many fires from a host of chimneys filled the streets. The plumes of smoke drifted lazily about rooftops, wafting in the air with no particular place to go.
  • Monty rose to his feet slowly. His face was an enigma. The Rajput stood at attention facing him and they met each other's eyes East facing west in such fashion that manhood seemed to fill the smoky room. Every one was silent. Even Maga held her breath. Monty strode toward Rustum Khan; the Rajput was the first to speak.
  • There was a few moments' pause while the pair crept alongside of their ponies. Then west drew a deep breath and cried: "Mount!"
  • Llywelyn took my hand and began to lead us west through the trees, back towards the castle. It was very dark under the trees, but there was a hint of grayness to the murk that told me dawn was not far off.
  • Glen looked at the chart and saw many things which had become familiar to his eyes in the last few days. There was an elevation that was undoubtedly Buffalo Mound, certain wavy lines that depicted a stream down its west side could scarcely mean anything but Buffalo Creek. A big star was quite conspicuous midway along the course of the stream and Glen was curiously examining words which he made out to be "Deep Springs" and "Twin Elms" when Mr. Jervice put his thumb over the spot.
  • My name is Rory Feldman. I am a 40 year-old, broken down, victim of the ideal suburban life. has-been, who has seen better days. Much better days. All of my mental torment started 38 years ago when my parents, Rose and Arnold Feldman, decided to move our family to west Barton from Brooklyn, New York.
  • With a grim yet somewhat optimistic determination, dd piloted the car through the narrow lanes west of bury.
  • And this and much more as the fugitives cantered easily along through the darkness, giving their ponies their heads and letting them increase the distance more and more, till all at once west broke the silence by exclaiming: "I say, Ingle, is it really true?"
  • Block after block was covered until the wagon, far in advance of the detectives, swung around the corner into west Broadway.
  • They blame a recent drop in theater attendances on the impression that the west end has become seedy in recent years.
  • The noble little vessel was reluctant to leave any of her freight in so desolate a place, in such frail boats as the Rushtons seemed, and in the calm between the thunder squalls, several times turned towards them, as they energetically pushed up the river's mouth, and seemed to call them back as she heavily flapped her white sails. They kept steadily on, however, while the Julia, bowing to a power stronger than herself, and to a fresh puff from the rapidly rising thunder heads, speedily reached North west River.
  • The Sheriff took his time as if he were rethinking his plan. Finally, he turned to me and, in a tone of voice leaving no room for discussion, informed me he aimed to take me along with my few belongings stuffed into my old army duffle bag to the west county line. He planned to deposit me and my possessions unceremoniously under a black oak tree at a roadside stop located less than one hundred yards beyond the county boundary. From there, I could hitch a ride to wherever I wanted to go as long as I didn't come back into his jurisdiction.
  • For two days Jolly Roger and Peter paddled their way slowly up the eastern shore of Wollaston. That he had correctly analyzed the mental arguments which would guide Cassidy in his pursuit Jolly Roger had little doubt. He would keep to the west shore, and up through the Hatchet Lake and Black River waterways, as his quarry had never failed to hit straight for the farther north in time of peril. Meanwhile Jolly Roger had decided to make his way without haste up the east shore of Wollaston, and paddle north and east through the Du Brochet and Thiewiaza River waterways. If these courses were followed, each hour would add to the distance between them, and when the way was safe they would head straight for the Barren Lands.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending this important community event, she began. "We thank you for both your past and present support of our local culinary artists," she gushed. "We are happy this morning to present to you some of the finest future chefs of west Hartford, as well as their remarkable creations," she remarked.
  • They had sailed about eight miles to the west when Luka exclaimed, "There is something there by the shore close to that point. It may be the boat; it may be a rock."
  • On the morrow, the 20th of January, the Dream set sail under the command of Captain Turcott. At eight o'clock in the morning Godfrey, not without emotion, saw the horizon in the west wipe out, as if it were a shadow, the island on which he had been to school for six months a school of which he never forgot the lessons.
  • "Let it be a week, then; we can be ready in that time," said Mr. Duncan. Their wanderings were recounted by Whirlwind, and when he had concluded, Mrs. Duncan's joy was nearly turned to sorrow, for fear they had not escaped the dangers of the Sierra. Accordingly, their arrangements were made to set out after a week's preparation. Mr. Duncan's equipments being nearly the same as those with which he had started two years before, when his journey was so unfortunately interrupted. Their destination now was somewhat different than what it was then; their only object being to recover their lost children. Cole had given such glowing descriptions of the country west of the Sierra that they thought it probable they should settle there; still, this was a minor consideration with them.
  • We were then above or west of Richmond, on the James River. We were all feeling pretty tired, and, to put it mildly, we rested uneasily at the old house.
  • Lyon ( 25 ) got recs off to a good start against the bowling of former west indies test fast bowler reon king.
  • ACROSS the cabin table was spread the big, inaccurate chart of the west coast of Africa, on which Captain North had penciled the rat-infested island and the river.
  • Thursday, 9th. Ditto Weather. In the Evening found the Variation to be 11 degrees 42 minutes West. Wind South East by South; course North West; distance 118 miles; latitude 9 degrees 16 minutes, longitude 13 degrees 17 minutes West.
  • In this story Charley west and Walter Hazard embark upon a new and dangerous quest for fortune. With their old and tried comrades, Captain Westfield and the little negro, Chris, they join the great army of fishermen that yearly search the Florida seas for the thousands of kinds of rare fish and water creatures that abound there. The Florida waters hide many strange and unknown dangers. The perils the chums encounter from weird fishes and creatures of the sea and the menace of hurricane and shipwreck, make very interesting and instructive reading. This is the sixth book of adventures of the boy chums.
  • During the years that Mr. Roosevelt was actually engaged in the cattle business in North Dakota, his everyday life led him constantly to the haunts of big game, and, almost in spite of himself, gave him constant hunting opportunities. Besides that, during dull seasons of the year, he made trips to more or less distant localities in search of the species of big game not found immediately about his ranch. His mode of hunting and of traveling was quite different from that now in vogue among big-game hunters. His knowledge of the west was early enough to touch upon the time when each man was as good as his neighbor, and the mere fact that a man was paid wages to perform certain acts for you did not in any degree lower his position in the world, nor elevate yours. In those days, if one started out with a companion, hired or otherwise, to go to a certain place, or to do a certain piece of work, each man was expected to perform his share of the labor.
  • Most ships trading round the Horn to the west Coast in those days would take a charter on the Gulf Stream to clean them well, on account of carrying guano. The Helen Mar carried no guano, and charged freightage accordingly for being clean. Drygoods she'd brought out from New York, linens, cottons, tinware, shoes, and an outfit of furniture for a Chilian millionaire's house, including a half-dozen baby carriages, and a consignment of silk stockings and patent medicines. Now she was going back, expecting to pick up a cargo of rubber and cocoa and what not, along the west Coast. Captain Goodwin was master, and it happened he was short of hands, including his cook. He hired Stevey Todd for cook, and shipped the rest of us willing enough. It was in October as I recollect it, and sometime in November when we came to lie in the harbour of the city of Portate.
  • Elfwood bordered the north central region of Centauria with Awlland to the northeast. The dead country of Slagg bordered from the western shores at the Maximus Ocean to the north to Sheramm's Lake, which was nestled between Elfwood and Slagg for some hundred or so lake front miles. The vast Plains of Rhammahadra spanned from the Maximus Ocean to the Minimus Ocean, the entire width of Morrah's largest of three continents, largest threefold of the other two combined. The plains spread deep into the south, including the twenty mile wide coast to coast strip of land between southern Centauria and Mantadia, the Land of Lost Memories, to finally terminate where land met sea. It is to say that the Plains of Rhammahadra were very, very big. It was onto these plains that Mia's Stand did enter from the southeast corner of Elfwood. It was also onto these same plains, a hundred miles to the west, that Marigaff and Aaramerielle had been captured before being taken to Slagg, two day's hard march to the west.
  • After two hours of it she was walking up a ledge with the river left well below on her right; and before long was peering out across the plain at Daisy's army all to the west of her, and no sentries anywhere near the ravine, believed to be inaccessible.
  • "I hardly know myself," he replied, with some trepidation. "I was sure we came south and west when carried away, and then of course the opposite direction is north-east, and we have, as near as I could tell, been travelling that direction. Yet," he added, musingly, "I ought to know the ground, but I do not recall one feature of it as familiar. What do you think about these mountains?" he asked of the chief, who stood moodily apart gazing upon the distant range with a troubled look.
  • She had never before possessed a comprehensive idea of the various timber holdings along the west shore of Roaring Lake, since it had not been a matter of particular interest to her. She was not sure why it now became a matter of interest to her, unless it was an impression that over these squares and oblongs which stood for thousands upon thousands of merchantable logs there was already shaping a struggle, a clash of iron wills and determined purposes directly involving, perhaps arising because of her.
  • "Oh, thats not so hard to explain. I suspect its the eastern nature of this relationship that has limited the research. Theres a popular saying: ‘East is East and west is West, and never the twain shall meet.’ I think it was Rudyard Kipling."
  • The little petty encounters kept on day after day, week after week, as if each side was practising its men and trying their strength for some great fight to come, and all the while, round and about Barnstaple and away toward Exeter, the forces were gathering, till all at once, when least expected, scouts came in from east and west with news that told of a probable encounter, perhaps before another sun had set.
  • I followed the banks of the Atbara to the junction of the Settite or Taccazy river; I then followed the latter grand stream into the Abyssinian mountains in the Base country. From thence I crossed over to the rivers Salaam and Angrab, at the foot of the magnificent range of mountains from which they flow direct into the Atbara. Having explored those rivers, I passed through an extensive and beautiful tract of country forming a portion of Abyssinia on the south bank of the river Salaam; and again crossing the Atbara, I arrived at the frontier town of Gellabat, known by Bruce as "Ras el Feel." Marching due west from that point I arrived at the river Rahad, in about lat. 12 degrees 30 minutes; descending its banks I crossed over a narrow strip of country to the west, arriving at the river Dinder, and following these streams to their junction with the Blue Nile, I descended that grand river to Khartoum, having been exactly twelve months from the day I had left Berber.
  • Yes, and his name is Bernard Brandon. He came out here on a special mission for her, I suppose to find her father, and not hearing from him she feared that he had gotten into trouble, so came west herself in search of him.
  • Most of the allotments of land, in the group, were in the immediate neighbourhood of the Reef. As there were quite a hundred of them, more than ten thousand acres of the islands were thus taken up, at the start. By a rough calculation, however, the group extended east and west sixty-three miles, and north and south about fifty,--the Reef being a very little west and a very little south of its centre. Of this surface it was thought something like three-fourths was dry land, or naked rock. This would give rather more than a million and a half of acres of land; but, of this great extent of territory, not more than two-thirds could be rendered available for the purposes of husbandry, for want of soil, or the elements of soil. There were places where the deposit of mud seemed to be of vast depth, while in others it did not exceed a few inches. The same was true of the sands, though the last was rarely of as great depth as the mud, or alluvium.
  • The strange man left Paris and Dimitri on the beach, and Captain west raced over to them. He snatched at their necks and took hold of them with a tight grip in an attempt to use the two bodies as shields against the onslaught.
  • They quickened their steps now. This was no time for leisurely investigation of the phenomena of earthquakes. They soon reached the point they had attained the day before. But as they had explored that section of the hillside already, they did not halt there, but pushed on to the west.
  • Xeric monocotyledonous mats on inselbergs in west africa and atlantic central africa.
  • About the time that Alexander was making his way eastward through Persia, Pytheas was leaving the Greek colony of Marseilles for the west and north.
  • This is especially true on the matter of settlements. Shortly after the UN vote, the Netanyahu government announced, in punitive fashion, that it was authorizing the building of 3,000 new housing units in Jerusalem and the west Bank, and making plans for construction in an especially contentious area known as E1. The announcement caused the governments of five countries to summon Israels ambassadors in protest.
  • "Them lot on the west can afford the losses. They have an unending supply of Chinese laborers coming through San Francisco," Jesse commented.
  • Leigh did as the captain had ordered him, and found that the ships were at that moment in longitude 73 degrees west and latitude 15 degrees North; so that, going by the chart, there ought not to be any land in sight for several days at least.
  • CHAPTER FORTY-FIVEIt's was game time. The town of west Valley supported its team all year, and the Friday night semi-final game against Fellingwood would be no exception. The 5,000-seat East City College gymnasium was brimming with Rocket supporters wearing blue and gold. Over 1,000 people had shown up to cheer their team. Even Pete, in his focused haze, couldn't believe the turnout.
  • In a moment, however, it became evident that Shaw was not lost; that, in fact, he was very much found, and with an undiminished lung capacity. Such Black Bear growls and sniffs as came from around the corner of the cliff were never heard before outside of a Wild west show. There seemed to be half a dozen Black Bears growling at, and ready to devour each other.
  • Mr Anson, the renegade, need not trouble himself, sir, said west quietly. "Neither my companion nor I will do as he has done."
  • She generator - computing moved forward, turned, auction midlands property west undecided.
  • Captain west emerged on the deck with a particular swagger, still tying his britches. He put his hand on Dimitris shoulder and shoved the boy in the direction of the First Mate.
  • "Well, Rolls did not return in 'two minutes'--I wished that he would, for just then I felt sick at my second 'long Tom'--horridly strong and raw--and presently I became aware of some commotion in the entrance-hall west of me--running feet, calls--so, among others, I hurried out to see, and there by the Office stood a mob, craning to see something in their midst, the hotel-people fussing about, begging them to stand back.
  • Barry Melnick joined Isabel, the Berman's, the Baum's, and the Plotkin's for a post-game meal at the west Valley Diner. Melnick had driven with Lou Berman on the way to pick up Pete at the school. Pete stared at the passing lights on the bus-ride from the game to west Valley High School. The bus was very quiet on account of the team being completely drained. Ron McNally had an ice pack on his eye and Chris Harrington was also icing a swollen lip. Pete couldn't believe his high school career was over, but was relieved to have made it through in such dramatic fashion. It was time to move up another level, which was a thought shared by Lou and Barry while they sat a few minutes waiting for Pete.
  • "You are protected to the west by the summer-fallow," he said, "so your only danger is from the south. There's a strip of stubble a hundred yards wide there that the fire would lick up in a moment. We must throw a break across it in some way."
  • The Afar were not stingy with ammunitionsome of the spot carnage taking place in secret garden pockets that night put to shame all the damage done by the savagesblades. Those who came in over west Rim found themselves nonplussed by a maze of open Fields, with nothing to take their bloodlust out on other than an occasional tethered camel or snoozing Field hand. Disastrously conspicuous in their frustration, they were picked off by treetop snipers one by one as they approached the community.
  • Over this we got tolerably well, but at the end of two miles in an East-South-East direction from Palm Island, all hopes were at an end of proceeding farther in the boats, as for a great extent the river was impassable for them. We found there was a large sheet of water beyond, and then another dry patch. It would therefore have been useless labour to attempt dragging the boats over any more of the dry parts. Two conical-shaped hills, so much alike that we called them the Brothers, bore North by west 1/2 west one mile.
  • What you must understand, Princess, is that your plan to overthrow the west and make the East the world's controlling force, is known by those who can prevent you, he answered quietly. "You see, I can't go away from here and tell whoever asks me that you are observing your promise to----"
  • With five and-a-half minutes left in the game, west Valley was clinging to a 36-34 lead. Nonetheless, over the next three-plus minutes Pete scored six points, snatched four rebounds, blocked a shot, and refused to let Gerry Williams even touch the ball. Larry Melnick moved to the edge of his wood bleacher seat, as Carmine Pagnozzi screamed for a foul on Pete. Gerry was wondering if Pete had somehow crept into his mind as was reading his every thought. west Valley 44, Fellingwood 36. Time out, Fellingwood.
  • CHAPTER EIGHTEENComing off an easy win against Kelpham, west Valley was eager to complete its non-conference schedule. On this particular night, the team would be taking a short bus ride across town to St. Francis High School to face the Eagles.
  • The north west development agency has identified gardens as a key economic regenerator for the rural economy.
  • "Congratulations, Captain." Jadars laugh was cynical. "I admire yourferinghi initiative. But I dont want to see you harmed. Like I told you, Im sending you with the zenana. Theyll be moved to that hilltop there west of the camp. So at least youll be able to watch the battle." He turned to leave. "Farewell until tomorrow, Captain. May Allah ride with you."
  • Feeder parades in the morning by individual bands from west of castlederg caused little disruption.
  • One hundred years ago, this whole region, west of the Alleghanies, was an unexplored and an unknown wilderness. Its silent rivers, its forests, and its prairies were crowded with game. Countless Indian tribes, whose names even had never been heard east of the Alleghanies, ranged this vast expanse, pursuing, in the chase, wild beasts scarcely more savage than themselves.
  • The sloop was making great speed down the middle channel of the Bay, her canvas straining in a fine west breeze, and her deck canted far to leeward. No boy could long withstand the pleasure of sailing on such a day, and before noon the young stranger had given in to a consuming desire to know the names of things. Jeremy now had the whole ship by heart and was filled with joy at the opportunity of talking about her to one more ignorant than himself. Of course, he was as proud of the Royal James as if he owned her. How he glowed over his account of the battle with the brig! Nothing on the coast could outsail the sloop, he was sure. Indeed, it was with some regret that he admitted a hope of her being overtaken by the Delaware boy's friends, and he was divided between pride and despair as the day went on and no sail appeared to the north. By noon his new acquaintance was ravenously hungry, as was to be expected, and over their pannikins of soup the last reserve between them went by the board.
  • Among recent comments on Egypt, I find Roger Cohen's most noteworthy: "It is time to think again about the relation that the west is often quick to draw between religion and backwardness on the one hand, and secularism and modernity on the other. For the Middle East, as it emerges from Western-backed tyranny, becomingsecular' is not necessarily the answer to its problems."
  • "There are other, less significant Cathuran outposts in the remote parts of Sylva and the Westland," he said, motioning to the three smaller dice. "We'll be approaching the east coast, and traveling all the way to the west coast by ship would be risky. The Southland and Mundleboro have been occupied for only a few years, and the Zjhon influence has less hold there, but the southern coasts are brutally hot. Landing on the shores of the Southland would be difficult, as there are several key ports along the peninsula, and that area will likely be patrolled heavily."
  • The Western Channel is two cables wide, with a depth, in the shoalest part, of 10 fathoms; it is formed by the Middle Ground on the eastern side, and the Yellow Rock Reef on the western; the latter is an extensive patch of kelp, with a double light-coloured rock near its extremity. The least water on it at low-water is 6 feet; from the Shear Beacon, it bears North 50 degrees west five-tenths of a mile, and from the lighthouse, South 52 degrees west eight-tenths of a mile. The Shear Beacon and the flagstaff at George Town in a line lead over the outer extreme. There is generally a white buoy in its vicinity, and a black one on the western edge of the Middle Ground. The Barrel Rock red beacon, and the high and low white beacons, erected by the Beagle's crew on the shore over Lagoon Bay, kept in one, lead through the Western Channel. When abreast of the Shear Beacon, steer for the next beyond on the west side of the channel, to avoid a long patch of kelp, with three and five fathoms in it, extending two cables and a half to the South-South-West of the Barrel Rock.
  • What I suggest’, said Pearl. ‘Is that at some time in the future we get White Ant Excavators to create a tunnel that runs west to the edge of the Reserve, to a secret location that only we know about. A tunnel would be useful for getting the dollops and scents out if it became necessary to do so’.
  • After a good nights sleep at the Ansonia (interrupted only by a suicidal dowager who had jumped from the ledge outside his room to the street twelve floors below, an action which elicited cheers from a good-natured throng, especially when the firemen neatly pulled the net away), Bond moseyed over to west End Avenue to make his contact and get further instructions from an agent at the Cafe Aw-Go-Go-Already who made fellafel and acted as a "mailbox" for messages.
  • They parted company. Wikkid Eertu and Anja rode north to Mal-Karak. Dredrik, Eitreen, Nichole and Lesley went west to Calington.
  • Columbarium niches both single and double columbarium niches are situated in the cloister area of the west chapel at wilford hill only.
  • How on earth the superpowers in the west overlooked that a country with a population of only four million would need fifty million sheep with no ulterior motives was beyond Grigor. But the thought of the ensuing bloodbath lowered the temperature of even his ice cold blood. However, he was one of the best financiers in the galaxy, and no challenge was too big for him. "I'll do it" he growled back.
  • Not completely satisfied the cabin was empty, Brad looked around carefully. There was no place to hide at the west end where the huge rough rock fireplace took up the whole end wall. He looked across the rock hearth, worn and polished by use, to the bed of cold ashes pushed up into the back right corner of the firebox. It was the remains of the last fire he had built in the late spring, when it was still raining. Wet and cold he had stopped at the cabin to get warm and to dry out after coming off of the mountain. But mostly he had just been killing time. It had been too early to go to a house full of relatives, none of whom he really liked or cared about.
  • The west Valley team had the day off after the East Shores game and a group of the team's players, including Pete, drove a few miles down the road to Pikesville to watch the girls volleyball team take on the Lady Grizzlies. It was Adam's pleading, and the fact that Pete had a lot more free time since Erica cut him loose, that led the guys to the best two-out-of-three match. Adam had grown quite fond of Jenny Dowling, an Irish setter who was about 5'4" and was the drunk skank that went a few rounds with Pete at his brief party appearance. Jen wasn't a real beauty, but she was known to score more off the court than she did between the lines.
  • "Throughout the afternoon I told him the history of our land. I told him of the legend of Skylar the first holder of the Garlan branch and of the rise of Robart the current Great Wizard. I spoke of the peace that had lasted for nearly a thousand years. I told the tale of our expansion from the cold wastes of the north to the swamplands of the south and from the desert in the west to the first venturing across the great eastern sea to his land."
  • Captain Len Guy and west did not enter the tents until they had made certain that Hearne and his companions had gone to their usual place of rest.I came back likewise and went to bed.
  • They were popular with officers from the slave ships and with west indian planters and merchants who returned from the colonies.
  • When the four men had passed through the door Carney dropped the heavy wooden bar into place, turned the key in the padlock, gathered up the fire arms, mounted the buckskin, and rode into the west.
  • The pilot repaid the scout's deferment with honesty. "I've transmitted for an emergency pickup. I've already received acknowledgment from Station Control. Two melees are on the way to pick us up. We evacuate the ship and move a half kilometer west of this transport, wait for the melees to land, and we get out of here."
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