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Okunuşu: / wɛst / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: west
Türü: isim, sıfat, zarf


i. batı, garp;

s. batıdaki, batı;
batıya doğru olan;
batıdan gelen (rüzgâr);

z. batıya doğru.

west için örnek cümleler:

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  • Well, said Jack, "the fact is that the yachting trip is all a `blind', and is in reality neither more nor less than a gun-running expedition in aid of the Cuban revolutionaries. And the yacht is really not mine, but belongs to a certain very wealthy Cuban gentleman who, being, like most Cubans, utterly sick of the Spanish misgovernment of the island, has thrown in his lot with the patriots, and has had the craft specially built for their service. But, recognising that to declare his ownership of her would at once arouse the suspicion of the Spaniards, and attract a tremendous amount of unwelcome attention to her, he has persuaded me to assume the apparent ownership of the vessel, and to undertake a trip to the west Indies in her, ostensibly for my health, but actually to run into the island a consignment of arms and ammunition, and otherwise to assist the patriots in every possible way."
  • West longitude this is the geographic west longitude of the location for which to perform the calculations.
  • On February 9 the Nautilus cruised in the widest part of the Red Sea, measuring 190 miles straight across from Suakin on the west coast to Qunfidha on the east coast.
  • An Old-Time Yarn: Wherein is set forth divers desperate mischances which befell Anthony Ingram and his shipmates in the west Indies and Mexico with Hawkins and Drake. By EDGAR PICKERING. Illustrated with 6 page Pictures drawn by ALFRED PEARSE. Crown 8vo, cloth elegant, 3s. 6d.
  • west Valley ran onto the floor in a single file after the two teams left the court. Their 1,000-plus fans all stood and cheered as the noise was both deafening and heart-warming. As Fellingwood took the floor, the sound of their 300 fans clapping was quickly drowned out by about 4,000 people that booed. It seemed that no one liked Fellingwood. In fact, many schools had been ticked off by the preferential treatment shown the school in the past. The west Valley fans started to mock Gerry Williams by chanting "G-E-R-R-Y, G-E-R-R-Y." Soon his name was echoing throughout the gym, but Gerry did his best to ignore it.
  • Has anyone tried the tables, upstairs, in the newly revamped forum on west street?
  • The Phoenix Company was known as a venturesome organization, as willing to send its fleet ramping out through the fog to the assistance of a distressed liner as to transport arms to west Indian or Central American revolutionists. Before Dan had commanded the Fledgling many months he had done both, and was beginning to be known up and down the coast as a captain to be called upon in emergencies verging upon the extraordinary, not to say extra-hazardous.
  • During this period of time, the Bantu established a number of political units ("kingdoms", "empires") in most parts of what today is Angola. The best known of these is the Kingdom of the Kongo that had its centre in the northwest of contemporary Angola, but included important regions in the west of present day Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of Congo as well as in southern Gabon. It established trade routes with other trading cities and civilizations up and down the coast of southwestern and west Africa and even with the Great Zimbabwe Mutapa Empire, but engaged in little or no transoceanic trade.
  • The antechamber was the receiving room of the Venerance. The far wall held a wide expansive window looking west across the river and over the city: the curtains were open. In front of the window was a large desk. At the desk, with his back to the door, gazing out at the city, sat the slight, rather sallow form of Kaar, his head propped on his hands. "It was Oskin Yahlei," Kaar said quietly. "Oskin Yahlei made me do it."
  • That brought an added flush to the color in Laura Bentley's face, and her eyes sparkled her gratitude, for Dick Prescott, now at west Point with his chum, Greg Holmes, had been her High School sweetheart, and doubtless was to become her Army sweetheart after he had made sure of his career.
  • Hanno left Carthage with a fleet of sixty vessels of fifty oars each, carrying 30,000 persons, and provisions for a long voyage. These emigrants, for so we may call them, were destined to people the new towns that the Carthaginians hoped to found on the west coast of Libya, or as we now call it, Africa.
  • [FN#76] Arab. "Bahr" which means a sea, a large river, a sheet of water, etc., lit. water cut or trenched in the earth. Bahri in Egypt means Northern; so Yamm (Sea, Mediterranean) in Hebrew is West.
  • We can go after a fortune that is coming to Roger Morr's mother. It's the Landslide Mine, and it's lost. Haskers, if we can locate that mine, our fortunes are made! Come on, and I'll tell you all about it while we are getting away from this place. We must go west just as fast as we can make it!
  • I know just the room, and I'll take you there, urged Len Spencer, reporter for the "Morning Blade." Len was an old friend of Dick Prescott, who, in his High School days before going to west Point, had worked as an amateur space reporter for the "Blade."
  • They were to lie low until they should receive from her a signal that most of the gang had left to take west to the place appointed for the exchange. They were then to wait through the day until dusk, slip quietly down, and capture the ranch before the return of the party with the gold. In case anything should occur to delay the attack on the ranch, another signal was to be given by Rosario.
  • At last the hunters returned and all embarked. Soon the boat had passed out of the bay and was making its way south along the west coast of the island. It was almost dark when her nose was turned toward shore and the long sweeps brought into play as the sail sagged to the foot of the mast.
  • I'm stationed at Gulfport, a short distance west of here, replied Harrison. "They wired me there and wanted to libel your craft. You know the United States protects merchants and workmen by seizing the vessel if their bills are not paid."
  • I'm going to join the Forest Service, the boy explained, knowing that according to the etiquette of the west no question would be asked about his business, but that he would be expected to volunteer some statement, "and my idea in coming to the ranch was to pick up a couple of horses and go on to the forest with the Ranger. I understand the Supervisor, Mr. Merritt, is very busy with some timber sales, and I didn't know whether the Ranger would be able to get away."
  • When you left us in London, Wallingford, I supposed we were on the point of sailing for the west Indies, but a better appointment soon after offering in the East, my destination was changed to Bombay. It was important that I should reach my port at as early a day as possible; and, no regular Indiaman being ready, I took passage in a licensed running vessel, a ship of no size, or force. Nothing occurred until we had got within three or four days' sail of our port, when we fell in with la Pauline, and were captured. At first, I think Captain Le Compte would have been willing to let me go on parole, but no opportunity offered, and we went with the ship to Manilla. While there, the melancholy loss happened, which, no doubt, you have comprehended from our mourning; and I was strongly in hopes of making some arrangements that would still enable me to save my situation. But, by this time, Monsieur Le Compte had become an open admirer of Emily, and I suppose it is hopeless to expect any liberation, so long as he can invent excuses to frustrate it.
  • The third quarter picked up where the second ended, with both teams waiting for someone to land the first big punch. west Valley edged ahead by six points, 36-30, by scoring the last four points of the period. Pete had game totals of 10 points, 16 rebounds and flour blocks. He had put the shackles on Gerry, who had only 12 points and four rebounds.
  • Further west and days south, another individual, with much different motives, was on the same quest. Though alone, he had been tormented and attacked. Not by weather or strangers, not even by the wild; the only thing that plagued Gerin was the one thing he could not fight, escape, or run from: his own mind. For the first time in nearly one hundred fifty years of service, Gerin's loyalty was beginning to crack.
  • By this time the west Point captain was beginning to wonder what ailed his men. The cadet players themselves were worried. If the Navy could play like this through the game, it looked as though Annapolis might wipe out, in one grand and big-scored victory, the memory of many past defeats.
  • In addition, Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of west Virginia and Mark Warner of Virginia are among supporters of gun ownersrights who now say they are open to some restrictions.
  • I'll explain, replied the captain. "Until yesterday the Cumberland was one of the blockading fleet off Heligoland. You can understand, therefore, that I have already heard of you lads. I have been ordered to patrol the west coast of Africa, and, if I mistake not, there will be fighting. I have recently lost two of my midshipmen through illness. You may have their places. What do you say?"
  • This Bryant's Station was a lonely post, and well exposed to attack. From it north and east to the Ohio River and west Virginia the country lay open and little settled.
  • Jimmie and Teddy passed over the summit to the west of the camp and took their way down a difficult incline toward the headwaters of the Greenbrier river. They traveled some distance, walking, sliding, creeping, before they came in sight of a copse which appeared to be worth looking over for wild game.
  • "Well, then," continued Armstrong, with a laugh, "that's trouble number two; and these troubles, you'll observe, apply to the whole west coast of both countries; but in the Bay of Biscay there is still another difficulty, for when these rushing and tormented waters try to escape, they are met fair in the face by the whole north coast of Spain, and thus--"
  • 'In the darker part of the sky, at about quarter way up, a purple glow suddenly appears. It grows bigger quickly, making a circle, the lower edge of which looks as though it slipped behind the yellow strip. This purple spot in the west comes just as the purple rainbow in the east is dying out, and as the western purple spot grows it gets brighter, so that there is a time, after the sun sets, when it seems brighter than it did before.'
  • The sky that evening showed great streaks of transparent lines of mist from west to east, the central radiation of these being formed of lines so precisely parallel that they seemed to have been drawn with rule and dividers. Directly overhead those lines gradually blended into a more indefinite mass. The radiations did not begin from the vanishing sun on the horizon, nor at the point diametrically opposite on the east, but began to appear only one-tenth up the entire circle of the sky, both west and east.
  • She had raced from the west region of the ring of attackers, passing not far south of the kopie eastward, braving the rain of spear and arrow that the kopie spat out at her, she pleading to her animal's ear, and soon was within a stone's-throw of the fugitives; upon which Spiciewegiehotiu, having spied that she had a rifle, shouted aloud: "Stop, Prince, or you all get shot!"
  • A once kindly merchant swung by his neck from the yardarm, pitching and rocking in mid-air as waves and swells pushed against the hull of the Island Pride. The ship, recently refitted in Salem, had put out late September and within days came broadside with what the merchant thought to be a derelict schooner. The pirates were swift and ruthless in their naval lusts, and the Island Pride had been their target for months. Captain west plotted and connived with the yard crews to leave some rig affixed to the flanks to make it possible for his crew to anchor their decrepit schooner alongside the larger ship. Though a merchant ship on a short jaunt to evaluate a new crew, and therefore without cargo or funds, it was everything Captain west had desired. His ambitions required cargo space.
  • The boys were anxious and excited, and Bradley counted on this when he made the next move. The men on the west slope had of course heard his call, he reasoned, and were hastening up to his rescue.
  • The resounding 57-36 victory was only a small step in west Valley's quest to play at East City College in the semifinals. Deep down, Pete knew he wouldn't be attending East City in the fall, but he was curious about playing on the big stage. He liked performing in front of people and felt like the larger the stands, the better he would play.
  • The site provides a calender of events, and details of activities in asia, central america, and west africa.
  • Crossed over to Point Pearce at daylight, but the wind being light all the morning did not reach an anchorage till the afternoon; the extreme of the point bearing North 41 degrees west three-quarters of a mile. A line of ripplings extended a couple of miles off to the south-west of it, in which we found there was only four fathoms. In standing across the entrance we passed first a bank of three fathoms, with six and seven on each side; Turtle Point bearing South 45 degrees west 11 miles; then two more, one of seven and eight fathoms, with twelve and seventeen on each side, the other of only two fathoms with twelve on the south, and twenty on the north side.
  • Thursday, 25th. Moderate and Cloudy weather; a.m. received on Board a supply of Beer and Water, and returned all our Empty Casks. Loosed the Topsails as a Signal for Sailing. Wind West, North by West, North west by West.
  • The west brandon furnace was discovered by george jobey in 1961 at a wooden roundhouse, a type of building common for its period.
  • Huh! That ought to be dead easy to locate, was Phil's comment. "All we have to do is to walk along the trail half a mile beyond Stony Cut and then to the west of the Four Rocks,--and there you are."
  • "Of course there's plenty of good hunting, boys, all over this wonderful Arizona," said the Colonel as they rode along. "All through the canyons of the pine belt south of Flagstaff there is deer and bear, and we could reach it by riding southwest from here. But I want you to see the Grand Canyon,--the big sight that no American should permit himself to miss,--and the way to get it all, and first-class big game hunting besides, is from that vast network of canyons and crags back of the north rim. It's a desert ride, either way we decide to go, southwest to the pine belt or west to the Ferry. We'll take the latter. It's eighty miles from here and just one drink the whole way. Here's where our oats-and-water scheme scintillates, for we can do it in three days, with good grain feed and water enough to keep the horses full of pep."
  • Tiled floor, standard wall finish with two 19thc windows on west and east; simple purlin and rafter roof.
  • They moved in a zigzagging pattern, not taking anything for granted. The lead flight officer monitored a small emergency device that served two purposes. It discharged an emergency tracking signal just as it mapped the terrain with a flow of radar. When he led them to a point exactly one half a kilometer west of the downed transport, he took a position behind a cluster of rocks.
  • That evening, Logan perched on the edge of the odd-shaped tower's roof and watched the sun slowly melt into the west side of the school. Casting spells into the night, dusky oranges, reds, and pinks splashed across the sky, the canvas pitted here and there with ever-shifting flocks of black crows.
  • It was a cold, raw morning that fell to our lot. A light wind, blowing from north of west in fitful puffs, scarcely slanted the downpour of thin, insistent rain; rain that by the keenness of it ought to have been snow or sleet.
  • Saturday, 25th. Moderate Trade Wind and Cloudy weather. Wind North North East; course North 50 degrees 15 minutes West; distance 92 miles; latitude 9 degrees 41 minutes North, longitude 28 degrees 30 minutes West.
  • The ROT militia split into three groups in 1996, one led by Richard McLaren operating out of an "embassy" (actually a trailer) in the remote small town of Fort Davis in west Texas. That part of the state wasnt even part of the original "Republic of Texas." Another ROT militia faction was led by by David Johnson and Jesse Enloe. Yet a third ROT faction was headed by Archie Lowe and Daniel Miller.
  • Some 6 kil. beyond, another basin was found, with more rocks strewn on and near its eastern bank, and a number of rocky islets. A high hill range with vertical cliffs stood on the west side and ended abruptly at the end of the basin. Low hills ran all along the river on the left side.
  • The various events have had fluctuating fortunes over the years with the west of england leading the way with its consistently high entry.
  • It was like Pete was back in Little League, mowing down hitters left and right. His fastball had regained its hop, the slider was biting, and his new spilt-fingered fastball was dropping off the table. west Valley was up 3-0, and Pete had 10 strikeouts through five innings. He was really excited in the bottom of the sixth. After striking out the first two hitters, Pete got a little too sky-high and walked the bases loaded. New friend, and Fellingwood second baseman, Eric Spalding came to the plate and drove in two runs with a single to right field. Lou Berman was behind the west Valley dugout, knowing full-well that his son always let up on people he liked.
  • The favorite weapon of the bear hunter of the old time Wild west story book was the bowie, and doughty deeds he used to do with it in hand-to-claw encounters with monstrous Grizzlies.
  • Probable reserves, mostly in the little explored desert west of baghdad.
  • After beating the Visigoths in only a few months, the Umayyad Caliphate started expanding rapidly in the peninsula. Beginning in 711, the land that is now Portugal became part of the vast Umayyad Caliphate's empire of Damascus that stretched from the Indus river in India up to the South of France until its collapse in 750, a year in which the west of the empire gained its independence under Abd-ar-Rahman I with the creation of the Emirate of Crdoba. After almost two centuries, the Emirate turned into the Caliphate of Crdoba in 929 until its dissolution a century later in 1031 to no less than 23 small kingdoms, called Taifa kingdoms.
  • Corrie west of coire an t-slugain, with the north ridge of aonach air chrith forming its west wall.
  • Their leader, the man who had first spoken to me, pointed to the west and stalked off; and two of the others seizing me by the arms, one on each side, we followed him.
  • I replied, with a little embarrassment, that as yet I had seen no active service, but that for three years I had been trained for it at west Point.
  • He had hardly spoken when it was as if a trumpet had rung out a challenge from one of the little gorges in front, and west answered by shouting: "Right-about face!" and leading the way back. It was no trumpet, but the loud neigh of a Boer horse, while shot after shot was fired as they galloped away, fortunately being able to shelter themselves from the fire by striking off to the right as soon as they were clear of the stones, the higher ones proving their salvation, being in the way of the enemy's aim.
  • Eagerly they strained their eyes. The strange craft swung around the bend, and continued to keep edging toward the west side of the river. A broad expanse of turgid water met their eyes, broken here and there with a few objects such as treetops.
  • Wednesday, 5th. Gentle breezes, with some Showers of Small Rain. Wind Ditto; course North 52 degrees West; distance 83 miles; latitude 24 degrees 31 minutes North, longitude 41 degrees 11 minutes West.
  • west Valley held the ball until there was about one minute left, until Gerry Williams fouled Pete near half court. The buzzer sounded sending Williams to the bench with five fouls. The crowd roared and chanted,"Goodbye, Gerry! Goodbye, Gerry! Goodbye, Gerry! We hate to see you go!" Gerry's 18-point, nine rebound night was over. The rivalry had taken Pete to another dimension and left Gerry shaking his confused head.
  • [A carriage road] Of all Labrador north of the Straits, North west River alone boasts a carriage road. To be sure, there are neither horses nor carriages at that post, but when Sir Donald A. Smith, at present at the head of the Hudson Bay Co.'s interests in Canada, but then plain Mr. Smith, factor, was in charge of that post his energy made the place a garden in the wilderness, and in addition to luxuries of an edible sort, he added drives in a carriage through forest and by shore, for about two miles, on a well made road. Now, we are informed there is not a horse or cow north of Belle Isle. The present factor, Mr.
  • "Ah, 'tis how! I say, what a shame for us to be sent on the west coast in such a state of ignorance. Here, all right, Massa Sambo. Go to sleep. I say, do come on, Van, or there'll be a row."
  • In an interview nearly three weeks ago for Turkish state-owned television, the colonel accused the west of double and even triple standards in trying to impose a no-fly zone in Libyan airspace. "The Turkish Army has been fighting the Kurds for years. Why is Turkish airspace not closed? Neither the US nor Europe have made any decision to that effect. Why?" he demanded to know.
  • A small island, on Re Annan it would take a cart four days to travel from north to south, and two days east to west . Not too heavily populated, farms were large and poverty rare, but everybody needed to work hard for what they had. Because so few lived on the island, there was little surplus for an army, so the people were the army. Every household had a sword, bow or ax, and even children could handle slings and staffs.
  • He watched with glee as the goblins stiffened with fear and quickly returned to the fold of the other creatures. He then bade the hook hawk to take flight, which it did without hesitation. The beast circled about at higher and higher elevations. All the time Sazar focused upon the images of the forest that came back to him through the mind of the bird. When he saw the second shag meandering west through sparse trees, he commanded it to return as well. The shag obeyed.
  • Argentina is situated in southern South America, with the Andes on the west and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east and south. Argentina has a total surface area (excluding the Antarctic claim and areas controlled by the United Kingdom) of 2,780,400 km2 (1,073,500 sq mi); of this, 43,710 km2 (16,880 sq mi), or 1.57%, is water. Argentina has six main regions. The Pampas are fertile lowlands located in the center and east. The Mesopotamia is a lowland enclosed by the Parana and Uruguay rivers, and the Gran Chaco is between the mesopotamia and the Andes. Cuyo is at the east side of the Andes, and the Argentine Northwest is at the North of it. The Patagonia is a large plateau to the south.
  • During the whole of the night the boats kept a westerly course, and before the wind. As morning dawned, the horizon was anxiously scanned in order to find a ship, but the ocean seemed deserted, and mid-day came without any signs of a vessel. The officer again tried to find his latitude, and decided that he was still upwards of twenty miles south of the Cape. From an observation he had made in the morning, he also concluded that, allowing every likely error for the chronometer, he must yet be many degrees west of the Cape, and was drifting rapidly westward. Having come to this conclusion, he signalled for the second boat to come close alongside, when he said--
  • Although the Eastway Road ran in a straight line, the Great River did not. From Anglio, the Grandis Fluve flowed southwest between Ostenland and Hibbria and then made an arc so that it ran northwestward as it approached Torae. There the River went around a bend and headed west to Matik. When the highway left Anglio, however, it ran due west, crossed the Fallal River at Iteneris and then the Great one at the Torae bend, and thus arrived at Matik on the south side of the River.
  • Once, indeed, during the three years, Constans had found brief opportunity to revisit the scenes of his old home in the valley of the Swiftwater. In this general district of the west Inch were to be found nearly all of the larger estates, a fitting cradling place, it would seem, for the new liberty, the awakening era.
  • He had no intention, however, of merely tipping the body into the water; he thought the risk of discovery was too great. Instead, he had decided to cross the river at a point several miles south where it could be easily forded, travel a short distance west and dump the corpse in the woods. The smell of new blood would soon attract nocturnal scavengers. With the moon to guide him and the bare October trees to obscure himand the trickiest bit behind himhe felt fairly confident of complete success but cautioned himself against letting down his guard. He was one soldier out alone in the dark and too close for comfort to hostile territory. The Welsh were expert at raiding in small groups, and they didnt care that he was the captain of the earl of Chesters personal bodyguard.
  • Dado on north and south walls, but pew panels reused on the south wall to the west of the doorway.
  • We are going by rail as far as we can go, Ned answered, "and then take shank's horses for the wild country, with mules to tote the baggage. In the eastern part of west Virginia, we are likely to travel forty miles without seeing a cabin."
  • For a thousand years the King and Queen never forgot the night when a pair of dolphins found a boy and a girl sailing east together across the sea, watched over by the west Wind alone. They always wished it could have lasted longer, tugging at their hearts like a half-remembered dream.
  • These, like the air-waves, were also registered--by self-acting tide-gauges and by personal observation--all over the world, and the observations coincided as to date with the great eruptions of the 26th and 27th of August. The influence of the sea-waves was observed and noted in the Java sea--which is shallow and where there are innumerable obstructions--as far as 450 miles, but to the west they swept over the deep waters of the Indian Ocean on to Cape Horn, and even, it is said, to the English Channel.
  • In the near west we had mere undulations over which we gradually travelled, but the country was getting much more disturbed than it had appeared since leaving the Araguaya River. Due west farther away stood before us a weird-looking plateau with a vertical high wall to the north. To the south it showed three terraces, the two lower ones supported on perpendicular cliffs, whereas a convex slope was between the second and third, or top terrace. To the south-west in the far distance another high plateau could be perceived, also with vertical cliffs to the north, but slanting at its southern end--a shape characteristic of nearly all the isolated mountains of that zone.
  • The roar of guns, much nearer than before, told me that the Prussian batteries which had passed me were already in action. Imagine my terrible position! Hour after hour was passing; the sun was sinking toward the west.
  • The noble little vessel was reluctant to leave any of her freight in so desolate a place, in such frail boats as the Rushtons seemed, and in the calm between the thunder squalls, several times turned towards them, as they energetically pushed up the river's mouth, and seemed to call them back as she heavily flapped her white sails. They kept steadily on, however, while the Julia, bowing to a power stronger than herself, and to a fresh puff from the rapidly rising thunder heads, speedily reached North west River.
  • Mostly haunted mostly haunted is a website run by a small team of paranormal site investigators based in the north west of england.
  • The lamorna valley is perfectly placed for exploring the far west peninsula by foot, car or bicycle.
  • It will still be possible to reach the west wall, but by using the funicular to ascend, which can have long queues.
  • He put out his light and stood with his face at the open port-hole. Only the soft throbbing of the vessel as she made her way slowly through the last of the Narrows into Frederick Sound came to his ears. The ship, at last, was asleep. The moon was straight overhead, no longer silhouetting the mountains, and beyond its misty rim of light the world was dark. Out of this darkness, rising like a deeper shadow, Alan could make out faintly the huge mass of Kupreanof Island. And he wondered, knowing the perils of the Narrows in places scarcely wider than the length of the ship, why Captain Rifle had chosen this course instead of going around by Cape Decision. He could feel that the land was more distant now, but the Nome was still pushing ahead under slow bell, and he could smell the fresh odor of kelp, and breathe deeply of the scent of forests that came from both east and west.
  • They carefully continued making their way west into the city. The only sound that could be heard in the eerie silence of the moonlit night was their own footfalls clattering on the pavement beneath their feet. Unseen imaginary demons lurked in every dark alley as they passed by.
  • This is not the place to tell how the expedition started at once as the dead Queen had wished, how Ceuta was triumphantly taken, and how Prince Henry distinguished himself till all Europe rang with his fame. Henry V. of England begged him to come over and take command of his forces. The Emperor of Germany sent the same request. But he had other schemes for his life. He would not fight the foes of England or of Germany, rather would he fight the great ocean whose waves dashed high against the coast of Portugal. He had learned something of inland Africa, of the distant coast of Guinea, and he was fired with the idea of exploring along this west coast of Africa and possibly reaching India by sea.
  • And yet he did not even know her name. The house was just such a one as he might have imagined to be her home beautiful, with the air of a longer family tradition than is commonly found in the Middle west unobtrusive but complete. And the furnishings of the room in which he was standing were in quiet but perfect taste.
  • It is strange, Roger agreed. "Assuredly, your Majesty, your father's prophecy did not allude to my people. We are a comparatively small nation, and are not even masters of the whole of our island. We have not one ship to fifty that the Spaniards possess, and have no desire for foreign conquests. We are strong if attacked, and even Spain would find it a hard matter, did she endeavor to conquer us; but we should not dream of challenging the rights she exercises over the seas to the west of her. Moreover, our climate is a cold one, and we should not be able to support, with comfort, the heat of a country like this. It is not from our nation that danger can ever approach you."
  • Sunday, 30th. Gentle breezes and fair weather. Variation in the Evening 18 degrees 30 minutes West, and in the Morning 19 degrees 30 minutes. Wind Northerly; course North 50 degrees 45 minutes East; distance 87 miles; latitude 44 degrees 34 minutes North, longitude 16 degrees 2 minutes West.
  • Both lads almost uttered a cry as the bright light bathed them and made it certain that their rivals had discovered their aeroplane; but before they could utter a word the mysterious craft had extinguished the search glare and was off with the rapidity of the wind toward the west.
  • In sum, the "essentialists" in the Islamic world and the west asked this question of compatibility came up with an answer: No.
  • While you were wasting time on the west Coast this office has been busy, he snorted, looking more like General Grant than ever as he pulled out a cigar and started chewing it. "We've taken this matter up with the British Government, and we've been retained to look into it."
  • Eli was waiting inside the west entrance of Sears along with the employee who had assisted me. They had two shopping carts filled with the stuff I had purchased. I thanked the nice salesman and then, tipped him ten dollars. I had no clue if that was standard practice, but I decided better safe than sorry.
  • During the progress of the war, as our armies penetrated the fertile portions of the "Confederacy," many of our soldiers cast longing eyes at the prospective wealth around them. "When the war is over we will come here to live, and show these people something they never dreamed of," was a frequent remark. Men born and reared in the extreme North, were amazed at the luxuriance of Southern verdure, and wondered that the richness of the soil had not been turned to greater advantage. It is often said in New England that no man who has once visited the fertile west ever returns to make his residence in the Eastern States. Many who have explored the South, and obtained a knowledge of its resources, will be equally reluctant to dwell in the regions where their boyhood days were passed.
  • These events and others stirred the Northern Confederacy to action afresh. They saw the Ohio Valley being cut in two. They had given up Boonesborough; but there were many other forts and stations and settlements and they sent their parties against the Americans of western Pennsylvania, west Virginia, and the outskirts of Kentucky along the Ohio.
  • 'Sacred Heart Hospital.' Yvonne replied, tapping at a monitor on the wall and checking her own watch. 'You were caught up in a terrible accident in the west End. Looks like you were the only survivor.'
  • At west Point such things were once possible, but the introduction of long rows of gas lamps put an end to it by illuminating the camp so that the pranks could not be performed without the greatest danger of detection.
  • There were three passages there, called respectively the Casson, near the left bank; the Dos Ananas, in the centre; and the channel da Terra Preta, which we followed, on the right. At Lua Nova, the end of the Mangabel rapid, the river turned in a sweeping curve to the north, the rocks getting fewer and fewer until eventually the river became quite clear of them, with only high hills along both banks. Lua Nova was a little settlement of five houses and a shed, some of them whitewashed, with doors and windows painted green. A small plantation of Indian corn, sugar-cane, and mandioca had been made, the soil being extremely fertile at that spot. We enjoyed a magnificent view to the west and north-north-west, the river there forming an elbow.
  • On the thirteenth day we found ourselves at the end of our lake voyage. The lake at this point was between fifteen and twenty miles across, and the appearance of the country to the north was that of a delta. The shores upon either side were choked with vast banks of reeds, and as the canoe skirted the edge of that upon the east coast, we could find no bottom with a bamboo of twenty-five feet in length, although the floating mass appeared like terra forma. We were in a perfect wilderness of vegetation: On the west were mountains of about 4,000 feet above the lake level, a continuation of the chain that formed the western shore from the south: these mountains decreased in height towards the north, in which direction the lake terminated in a broad valley of reeds.
  • To the west you have lovely mountain scenery whilst to the east you see amazing seascapes.
  • "Ned, dear coz, we shall once more shake hands, and drink a bowl together to the health of thy lady love," he exclaimed, apostrophising his friend while walking his quarter-deck, as the Lion, under all sail, clove her way towards the west through the limpid ocean.
  • To the west of windsor the land rises to the hill which takes its name from the medieval hermitage of st. leonard.
  • The Kaffir grunted, and the oxen plodded on at their slow two-mile-an-hour rate, leaving the last sign of occupation far behind, Anson twice over giving instructions to the man who was leading which way to steer, the result being that the creaking wagon was driven right away south and west over the open veldt, avoiding the various farms and places till Kimberley was left far behind.
  • Monday, 4th. First and latter parts, little wind and Cloudy; in the night Calm. Very few Birds about the Ship. Wind Westerly; course North by East; distance 26 miles; latitude 38 degrees 29 minutes South, longitude 145 degrees 32 minutes West.
  • We left Tremouille Island in the morning, and passing round the north side, soon came in sight of Clerke's, alias Ritchie's Reef. It was our intention to have gone round the northern end of it, but the tide setting two knots an hour forced us to the southward. In a line midway between it and Tremouille the depth was 17 and 20 fathoms. The reef was nearly three miles long, in a north-east and south-west direction, and one mile and a half wide; the centre being partly dry. Two miles and a half South-West by west of it we crossed a patch of 13 fathoms, with 22 and 25 fathoms on each side, the northern part of Hermite Island bearing South 62 degrees East fourteen miles, soon after which it was lost sight of from the poop.
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