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Okunuşu: / wɒʃ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wash
Ekler: wash·es/washed/wash·ing
Türü: fiil, isim, sıfat


f. yıkamak, ıslatmak;
su ile silmek;
yıkanmak, banyo yapmak;
ince boya tabakası ile kaplamak, yaldızlamak;
min. toprağı yıkayarak altın filizini ayırmak;
yıkanmaya dayanmak (kumaş);
hafif hafif çarpmak (dalga);

i. yıkama, yıkanma;
deniz veya nehir suyunun çalkanmasından hasıl olan ses;
dalga sesi, kürek palası veya gemi çarkının meydana getirdiği su akıntısı;
dalgaların sahile attığı süprüntü;
sulu mutfak artığı;
ağıza güzel koku vermek için kullanılan sıvı;
tuvalet suyu;
güz. san. ince suluboya tabakası;
kuru vadi;
toprak aşınması;
ince tabaka kaplama;

s. yıkanabilir.

wash için örnek cümleler:

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  • The fire hit head on, washing Sprat with a mild tingling sensation. Then it was gone. He continued to advance, splashing through a shallow pool of lava as he approached the killer.
  • Signor meestakes. 'Leven francs, signor, and he opened the dirty fingers of his left hand twice, and held up a thumb that looked as if it hadn't been washed since he was born.
  • Thus did his excellency relish the ingredients of pandarism to my palate; and I tasted them with the greediness, but not without the qualms of an epicure; for since my imprisonment I had become regenerate, and did not take pride in dirty work, because my employer washed his hands in perfumed water. But though conscience was awake, interest was not asleep. I was no longer a villain for the fun of it; but my compliance would confirm my footing with the minister, and him it was my duty, at all events, to please.
  • I assured her that I would not, but I doubted if I could keep my word. I, too, was beginning to succumb to the effects of the long struggle with the raging sea and the driving storm. I was almost exhausted, and chilled in every limb. I feared that before long we must both be washed from the spar.
  • It took less than an hour for the drizzle to start, but it seemed like a week to Toryn. He paced impatiently and glanced out at the village now and again. When the rain started, he was pleased to see the men and women flee for their huts as the rain washed off the insect repellent. Staying indoors was the best way to keep it active and avoid the nauseating reapplication process.
  • Max nodded, stood up, and pulled me up out of his bed. The inertia of his pull landed me squarely in his arms. Had the last twelve hours not happened, this movement would have made me laugh. As it was, I wasnt much in the mood for celebrating, nor was I feeling very pleased with myself for letting my friend die. I stepped aside and went to the bathroom to wash my face.
  • The threat of danger washed her fatigue away with the strength of a waterfall. The ache in her legs vanished, and she forgot her dry, sore throat which had become parched from breathing the dry desert air. Her vision became sharp as she surveyed all that stood before her.
  • Suite including fully tiled shower cubicle with shower, vanity wash hand basin with cupboards under.
  • Amenities/facilities provided hob fridge/freezer fridge/freezer fridge microwave washing machine satellite tv cot high chair barbecue outside a natural country garden.
  • As they talked, the Erecta tablet was absorbed into Mike's system, working its magic. He washed it down with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and later, after-dinner drinks. Susan was warm and animated as they shared the intimacy of the evening.
  • Hawksworth watched as the eunuchs first inspected the items and then ordered them prepared. The leaves were washed thoroughly with water from the cistern and then folded into natural cups. The liquor from the pot was strained through muslin into a crystal decanter and the earthen receptacle discarded. Then one of the turbaned servants poured a large portion of the liquor from the decanter into a palm-leaf cup and offered it to Hawksworth.
  • I remained snugly ensconced in my hiding-place until the clearing up and washing down of the decks informed me that work was over on board the schooner for that day, and then set out cautiously to return to the house. I managed to effect a retreat into the cover of the bush without betraying myself; and then, moved by a quite uncontrollable impulse, bent my steps once more in the direction of the hill-top, from which I had that morning effected my reconnaissance--though it took me considerably out of my way--determined to have just one more look round before settling myself for the evening.
  • "Because Sarah, the night can be dangerous to wonder around aimlessly in. especially if you dont know the area. The rain would wash away our tracks that we made, so we couldnt backtrack. Also it was too dark to see the stars, I would have gotten both of us lost and I wont risk your safety for anything. Finally I swore to myself that I will protect you." Answering her question felt effortless. Im your protector now Sarah. Get used to it.
  • Salvor closed his eyes, and a look of longing crossed his features. "What I would not give for a hot bath and a shirt that fits and smells reasonably clean," he murmured. Opening his eyes, he focused again on Kemsil. "But alas, I must stay with Geret and sacrifice my hygiene in favor of my duty. Runcan believes that letting the caliph know that a beggar prince has washed up on his shores will heavily influence him against trading with our country, should we ever manage to get home in one piece. Sanych, however, has no official government authority, and it lets Runcan feel out the situation, using her as a focal point for possible future relations with the Hyndi. Since Anjoya was clever enough to think of hiding you here, it seemed best to hide us with you."
  • See here, mother; you fix up daddy's leg the best you know how, and I'll look around for something that'll fill the pot. There are rabbits here in plenty, though it's mighty hard luck when you have to waste a cartridge on each one. I'll have enough in the way of meat by the time you've washed the wound. I've heard the poor old man himself say that plenty of cool water was needed on a bullet-hole.
  • Then something else happened. She turned her head to look at something on her other side, and abject horror washed over her, an unreasoning panic that brought Gabriel to his knees. "Jesus God!" he yelled hoarsely as he perceived what she had just seen, and his eyes flew open like blinds that someone had suddenly let go.
  • That's right, agreed Slim. "Wa'al, I reckon we can accommodate you. I'll send one of the boys back with a bottle of antiseptic stuff right after grub. wash out the wounds, pour some of this stuff on and bind 'em up. The men'll be all right. Greasers don't mind a little thing like a bullet through the arm or leg. You know 'em?"
  • But the soft earth of the bank had been washed out from under the top layer of roots and grass, and when so many stamping, crowding girls brought their weight upon the crumbling ground, it caved in with them. Jumping, screaming, tumbling scouts now went headlong down the slide of five feet into the roadway.
  • I could not catch what the doctor said in reply to this, being too much occupied in looking after my own safety while trying to pick my steps towards the stern; for there was a lot of loose dunnage washing backwards and forwards as the hulk rolled sluggishly from side to side and tons of water continually came in as the waves broke over her, causing me to keep my weather eye open and clutch hold of every stray rope I could grip that was secured in any way to prevent me from going overboard. The noise of the wind and sea and creaking and groaning of the poor ship's timbers, too, was something awful.
  • Recess for range style cooker ( lpg and electric points ), plumbing for automatic washing machine.
  • The games over, the boys washed and then went upstairs to watch the dancing. Bert and Phil danced a two-step with some young ladies that Bert knew. Just as they started off, Dave caught Roger by the arm.
  • In the meanwhile the tempest increased in violence, the sea continued to pile among the rocks, and the water actually covered the whole of the outer plain of the Reef Now it was that Mark comprehended how the base of the crater had been worn by water, the waves washing past it with tremendous violence. There was actually a strong current running over the whole of the reef, without the crater; the water rushing to leeward, as if glad to get past the obstacle of the island on any terms, in order to hasten away before the tempest. Mark was fully half an hour engaged in looking to his marquee and its contents, all of which were exposed, more or less, to the power of the gale. After securing his books, furniture,
  • The design of the dyson cr01 range of washing machines seems deliberately provocative.
  • When they had slept awhile, Godwin and Wulf rose and fed their horses. After they had washed and groomed them, they tested and did on their armour, then took them down to the spring to drink their fill, as their masters did. Also Wulf, who was cunning in war, brought with him four large wineskins which he had provided against this hour, and filling them with pure water, fastened two of them with thongs behind the saddle of Godwin and two behind his own.
  • Oh, what a peaceful day! said Hinpoha, rising from the depths like Undine and seating herself on a rock to dry her bright hair in the breeze before she went up the hill. The Winnebagos and Sandwiches had been in swimming and were lying lazily about in the warm sand. Slim sat in the shade of Hinpoha's rock and fanned himself. Even a dip in the cool water made him warm and breathless. Gladys and Migwan were out in a rowboat, washing middies in the lake.
  • I've told Luce about Suki. I had to there was no way I could buy flowers and her not worm it out of me. I can tell she approves of Suki, even though she's never met her. Of course I had to lie about the ghosts, and that meant letting her think I fell off the wagon and nearly blew it with Suki for no good reason. I keep waiting for the day when Luce will wash her hands of me. But there's no way I can tell her the truth. I'm not that stupid.
  • Most of our nets were washed away and our ice storage facility was ruined, said Tadashi Sakurai, a 73-year-old Soma fisherman as he repaired nets retrieved from the tsunami debris while bulldozers clear the building remains on the quayside.
  • Look at that, said Helen, lifting his basket above her head to examine the dry bottom, "it's really good. We'll wash them out later with the hose."
  • At first I took these for extinct geysers, but later I learned that the whole plateau called Salt Mountain is pitted over with them. Brine is running out of the mountain in great quantities, which means that the upper strata are being undermined as the salt washes out, and, as these crack, the funnels are formed no doubt by the loose deposits settling.
  • "Of course theres competition. Simple partnerships like ours, two, three men working together. But theres still plenty of room to stake out a claim. We all pan or use a sluice box, or a rocker box, scratching only the surface mostly. The yields are modest, but dont require much equipment. There are a couple of mines being dug, looking for a solid vein. The real competition is from mining consortiums using hydraulic mining techniques. They use water pressure to wash the gold-bearing gravel through giant sluices. That requires a large scale operation using enormous quantities of water."
  • The storm seemed to have washed the very air. It was clear as crystal. A few clouds, thin as gossamer, hung here and there, growing less as a steady breeze sprang up in the wake of the sun and gently dismissed them from the great blue bowl in which they lingered.
  • Excitement washed over the room but was quickly subdued in the memory of their loss. Nonetheless, it was at least one good omen, and some clung to it. A committee was assigned, and Catrin found herself whisked from the hall. Brother Vaughn led the group, and she spoke to him as they walked, filling him in on the details.
  • Chamois inserts are synthetic and can be washed repeatedly without fear of hardening.
  • Calista embraced him tightly. "How did you get here? Are you quite well? Have you seen Evadne or Philyra? Thetis? What of the others of Atlantis? How do they fare? How did find us?" She thought of how miraculous it was that both Hadrian and Claudius had washed up near her. Perhaps Neptune had heard her prayers after all.
  • A police escort to the hospital ensured that Sarah would be resting uncomfortably in the hospital within minutes. Once she went into labor, any thoughts or flashbacks of the days events had been washed away with the efficiency of a bar of antibacterial soap.
  • There was a hard change in the pursuing voices. The crowd halted abruptly, and a second later was pouring through the Yard after the slow flapping ghost. Mudhead burst retching onto a Street so dense with smoke it appeared fogbound. Overcome by fumes, he threw out his arms just as the howling mob came down on him. He was hauled to his feet. Mudhead promptly collapsed on his knees, was again pulled upright, and again collapsed. The shouting crowd scooped him up and roughly propelled him down the Street. Swooning, Mudhead was borne supine by his limbs; first as a limp bit of dragging backside, then as a cruciform slab high on the shoulders of the roaring tide. Burning leaves and branches rushed by above and on both sides, interlaced by shifting cords of smoke, as he was washed down a dark acrid tunnel to his doom. The blood beating in his head made that tunnel dilate and contract, made the mobs cries seesaw in his ears.
  • Foster set off after it as fast as he could walk. Daly would not go to the station, because there was no train south for some time, and the two hotels where motorists generally stayed were not far off. Still he might drive through the town, making for Kendal or Lancaster, in which case Foster would lose him. The car was not in the first garage, and he hurried to the other, attached to his hotel. He found the car, splashed with mud which the driver, whom he had seen at Hawick, was washing off.
  • He finished the sale and looked outside. He worked an extra shift on Tuesday and it was just getting dark. The new sodium lights washed the pump islands in a bright white glare. He couldn't believe how bright it was out there. Lyle watched the guy close the gas door on the side of his car and head toward him.
  • Little needed to be said of Lilacs bathroom except that it was pristine, perfumed, and as well equipped as Benjamin had hoped. The only curiosity was the soap: yes, it was an ordinary-looking, discreetly fragrant white bar, but when he washed his hands with it something unusual happened.
  • Paddington washed the mugs. Theyd been here nearly a month, but it was still a foreign sink. How could it be home when they were deep in zombie territory and far from friends?
  • Or as we used to call it, one who washes his dirty underwear in public.
  • Tudor had always been a wanderer, and with facile wit and quick vivid description he leaped from episode and place to episode and place, relating his experiences seemingly not because they were his, but for the sake of their bizarreness and uniqueness, for the unusual incident or the laughable situation. He had gone through South American revolutions, been a Rough Rider in Cuba, a scout in South Africa, a war correspondent in the RussoJapanese war. He had mushed dogs in the Klondike, washed gold from the sands of Nome, and edited a newspaper in San Francisco. The President of the United States was his friend. He was equally at home in the clubs of London and the Continent, the Grand Hotel at Yokohama, and the selector's shanties in the NeverNever country. He had shot big game in Siam, pearled in the Paumotus, visited Tolstoy, seen the Passion Play, and crossed the Andes on muleback; while he was a living directory of the fever holes of West Africa.
  • As the day continued calm, Mark was in no hurry, but passed half an hour in sounding the little bay that was formed by the sunken rocks that lay off the eastern, or weather end of the Crater Reef, as, in a spirit of humility, he insisted on calling that which everybody else now calls Mark's Reef. Here he not only found abundance of water for all he wanted, but to his surprise he also found a sandy bottom, formed no doubt by the particles washed from the surrounding rocks under the never-ceasing abrasion of the waves. On the submerged reef there were only a few inches of water, and our mariners saw clearly that it was possible to secure the ship in this basin, in a very effectual manner, could they only have a sufficiency of good weather in which to do it.
  • But the night passed without any alarm. As the morning wore away the scheduled washing appeared on the line. Farnum crept down to the valley lip and trained his glasses on the ranch house. Occasionally he could discern somebody moving about, though there were not enough signs of activity to show the presence of many people. All day the wash hung drying on the line. Dusk came, the blankets still signaling that all was well.
  • He tried to shout again, but only hoarse noises came from his throat. Then something splashed close to him as it struck the water. A wave washed Darrin against a rope. With all the force left in his hands he twined his fingers around the strands.
  • "This was looked for at your hand, but this was balked! The double gilt of this opportunity you let time wash off, and you are now sailed into the North of my ladys opinion!—where you will hang like an icicle on a Dutchmans beard unless you do redeem it by some laudable attempt, either of valour or policy."
  • I pushed the door open and found inside a good-sized room with simple furnishings: a wash basin, a table and an armchair looking over a mirror. The wall was decorated with blurry photographs of the same woman, various ages, with and without children.
  • "Jennie knows what shes doing." Joe kissed Annie again and added, "And youre a fighter. I knew youd be okay." He stood. "Id better go wash up. It was a hell of a day at work."
  • Joe pulled back. "Ill go wash and after we eat, things will look better. I promise." Joe kissed Annie on the forehead and went to wash up.
  • Paine and Incision were busy. Paine indeed was busy being fat and Incision was being busy guarding the ship. When I say "busy being fat" he was indeed shoving three-foot long hoagies into his gargantuan cake-hole. When I say guarding, Incision was actually cheering Paine on. So not really guarding at all, to be honest. Paine had hidden these foodstuffs in his fat-folds along with his weapons, which was a weird and horrible way to hide them, especially noticed when he tried to give Incision a hoagie and was met with a look of- well let's just call it "exaggerated underjoyment" . Paine had shrugged and eaten it himself after cleaning a few hairs and, somehow, a few grams of dust. Incision had chuckled, thinking does he wash under there?
  • Discolour them, they should be washed well with any discolored leaves removed.
  • For a short eternity she stared at the flood waters that rushed to take her to the Mother for judging. Surely, it could not come to this. All of her failings behind her, she finally had found the courage to step away from the trap she had lived in only to have it all washed away in a moment.
  • Plumbing installed for a washing machine, ample storage and also houses the hot water tank.
  • We looked at each other and at the schooner. One man had been washed overboard; another, struck by a falling spar, still lay insensible; the rest were weary and exhausted. Thanks to the skipper's foresight, the Aguila had suffered less than we had expected, and he exclaimed cheerfully that the damage could soon be repaired. But though our good ship remained sound, the storm had wrought a fearful calamity, which dazed the bravest, and blanched every face among us.
  • Khosa lifted a dainty paw, orange furred as was the rest of her, licked it thoroughly and swiped it round an ear several times. ‘Two-legs like the Kephi,’ she replied. ‘We stop squeakers overrunning the food stores, we are pleasing to look at, and we are quite friendly.’ She continued to wash herself fastidiously.
  • Laundry the general consensus is using a non-biological washing product and avoiding fabric softeners is appropriate.
  • Mungo was doing his best to keep everyone's spirits up, but his song was all but drowned out by the crash and howl of the tempest and the boom of the vortex, which sent vibrations up through the boards and made it seem as if the very world were in a washing machine.
  • After what felt like an hour, the man finally zipped up and moved on, and Todd went to the bathroom in peace. He did not bother washing his hands on the way out, giving the corroded sink a passing glance and nearly gagging at the stench of the neon-pink soap in the dispenser.
  • Well, if there's to be a fight, the sooner the better, commented Bud as he and his cousins washed up at home after their night in the open. They told of their experiences, which really amounted to nothing as far as getting a trace of the fugitives was concerned, and then. Mr. Merkel sent word to Sheriff Fowler of the theft.
  • We've got to wash the dishes, now, said Minnehaha, who bore out her name by laughing and smiling most of the time. She had already told Zara that her real name was Margery Burton. "You sit down and rest, and when we've done, we'll talk to you and tell you more about the Camp Fire Girls and all the things we do."
  • Nicks heart sank. That morning he had opened a letter from the credit card company which had exploded in his head like a letter bomb, destroying in one blinding flash the illusion that he was safe at home. He had been so upset that he had forgotten to hide the rest of his mail which now lay unopened on the window sill. There were several obvious bills and, worst of all, an unopened letter from the bank. Panic washed over him and he had to restrain himself from running out of the house and being sick. "I haven't had time to open it all," he lied, lamely.
  • Our spoor will be washed out, Victor: make haste, let us move on rapidly and gain those hills, and if we do so before the rain, the keenest-eyed Matabili will not be able to trace us; so come along. If no eyes are now on us, we may live here for a week without being discovered. Keep close together, Katie, and by my side, take advantage of every bush or slope of ground, and we will yet live to join our people again.
  • The Pretty Girl in the Army grew pale and thin and bigger-eyed. The women said it was a shame, and that she ought to be sent home to her friends, wherever they were. She was laid up for two or three days, and some of the women cooked delicacies and handed 'em over the barracks fence, and offered to come in and nurse her; but the square woman took washing home and nursed the girl herself.
  • I washed my face and wondered for a split-second why Zoe came to get me? We walked back to Lou's house and the other SVPs were waiting for us in the dining room around a huge oval table. I could sense before I even sat down that the ideas would be as off-key as a middle school orchestra.
  • Suddenly the ship heeled over more than ever--there was a loud crash-- the sea seemed with fierce roars to be washing over her--shrieks and cries of distress reached his ears even where he lay. Again she righted, and seemed to go tearing on through the ocean as before.
  • Annie felt bad that she wasnt allowed to help with the heavy chores, but she knew she was nearing her time. She finished washing the last of the blankets and took her time wringing out the rinse water. Every once in a while, shed glance over next door just to make sure she wasnt being watched.
  • Later Chance was washing their few dishes in the spring. Looking at his reflection disturbed by the flow of water, he froze, seeing Emilys face gazing back at him. He blinked, and when he opened his eyes she was gone. He was sad, but his heart was thumping. It wasnt the first time this had happened; a while ago, staring at the sky, he thought to have identified Emilys profile in a cloud formation.
  • "Im so proud that you saved yourself for this young man," her grandmother says. Sandras heart starts pounding and she knows she will start hyperventilating if the conversation gets around to her virginity again; plus her grandmother will be able to feel the lies through the tenseness and the reaction of her body especially if she starts hyperventilating; that will be a dead giveaway, Sandra thinks. She pushes her grandmother out to arms length and then walks over to the sink and begins washing her hands. "Im so proud," her grandmother continues, "that you are not like most of the other young girls in the village, and from what I hear, all over Germany at least in the American Sector. They all seem to sleep with dozens of men. What kind of a man will want them when they finally decide to settle in with a husband and raise children? No man. Thats who. You did it the right way, Sandra, the regale way, like a Queen. You waited. And now you hold this wonderful gift to give to your new husband on your wedding night."
  • When these receptacles were ready to receive the gold-dust, he began washing the sand again; and when he had secured enough to fill all three quills he stuck a piece of green banana on the ends for a stopper. Now he would have the treasures for his mother--that beautiful cloth and the funny, thin thing that played pranks on you when you looked into it.
  • Paul lay for a moment in the warmth and comfort, letting himself wake up, listening to the jumble of sounds washing over each other, blending and clashing at the same time.
  • Ceder moved, shifting oh-so-slightly in her sleepa sign of life! Her lips parted and a tiny cough fluttered in her throat. Her eyes flickered open. Jai saw a look of profound relief wash over her face as she beheld the unicorn and at once fell back to sleep.
  • Ned washed his face and hands and returned to the tent with a troubled mind. The boys were awake by this time, and he told them of his discovery.
  • Although the Ozannes kept an hotel in Kimberley, they were not of the class usually associated with hotel-running in rough mining-towns. It was merely that, on their arrival in the diamond fields, they had accepted such work as came to their hands, in a place where people like Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Beit were washing blue ground for diamonds in their own claims, and other men, afterward to become world-famous millionaires, were standing behind counters bartering with natives or serving drinks to miners.
  • "The paddles is backin' astern," replied Hellyer; "and so, miss, their wake drifts for'ard instead of aft. That's the reason, miss, you sees nothing washing by."
  • Jacob took a deep breath. Trish had been here recently, maybe just an hour ago, two at the most. He could smell the lavender lotion she was so fond of; she shied away from heavy perfumes. And she had washed her hair today. It was wonderful to be with her again. He was drawn to her bedroom, where her scent was the most potent. He followed her around the room, as she got up from bed and went to the bathroom, where she showered and got dressed. She moved to the living room and then the kitchen. She made some tea, green was her favorite, then back to the bathroom before she left.
  • When the rooms were ready, Mrs. Cook brought Virginia a clean dress of Maggie's so that she could wash her travel-stained clothing. To Lord Robert's chagrin, she insisted on washing his clothes as well. "I don't care what you look like," she said, handing him a nightshirt and a blanket to wear until his clothes were dry, "but I won't have you smelling like last week's rubbish while you're in my house."
  • Annie hurried over and placed her hand on the womans shoulder. "Sit. Ill take care of them." She went inside and transferred some of the warm water from the pan resting on the floor, over to the sink. She began to wash the plates.
  • Resigning myself to assisting the ladies until the morning rush subsided, I got busy helping Flo with the food bar, bussing tables, washing dishes and pots and pans, talking to the customers, and whatever else came up. All in all, I was in fairly good spirits considering my crowded dance schedule. A lot went on within as well as outside the diner, but I felt in control of things. And for me, having a sense of being in control was vital.
  • When used for treating udder lesions in cattle, the udder lesions in cattle, the udder and the teats should be washed immediately before the next milking.
  • The question was--to tell Cobby, or not to tell? and toward morning Rolls answered, "No--not now; after the happening of what has to happen." Cobby would command: "No killing!" and Rolls would obey, but Macray, who was out for killing, would not obey. Rolls, too, now, was all for killing. There are venoms, there are wrongs, which only blood can wash out, which only death can solve.
  • So they cleared a little space in the woods and with two rubbing sticks soon produced fire. While two of the girls were doing this, Dick washed the mushrooms in the little spring they had seen, and then sliced them with his knife.
  • He didn't even imagine the rest. Nor after that did he pay the slightest attention to Peter. For Breault knew dogs possibly even better than he knew men, and not by the smallest sign did he give Peter to understand that he was interested in him at all. He washed his dishes, whistling and humming, reloaded his pack on the raft, and once more began poling his way downstream.
  • I've been here, but it hasn't been much of nursing, cried Dyke, laughing in a half-choking way, as his breast swelled with joy. "I've fed you with a spoon and washed your face. Oh Joe, old man, you've been just like a big, stupid old baby."
  • The last light had been already extinguished in the little house when they were wading in the wash of the breakers, and it was impossible to predict at what moment the lurking men about the garden wall might make their onslaught. Of two evils, Dick preferred the least. He preferred that Joanna should remain under the guardianship of Sir Daniel rather than pass into the clutches of Lord Shoreby; and his mind was made up, if the house should be assaulted, to come at once to the relief of the besieged.
  • I found a stick of deodorant in the medicine cabinet. I would have been disgusted if some stranger borrowed mine, but I was desperate. I smeared on twice as much as I normally used because who knew when Id next get the chance to wash.
  • Talon walked over to his wash basin and splashed some water on his face. The water woke him up and he found himself thinking about the castle again.
  • Furnished with a fine antique bed and french armoire the room is decorated with lime wash of the original color and sumptuous fabrics.
  • Without delay I made my way down to the lagoon and washed myself thoroughly, scrubbing myself with a kind of soapy clay, and afterwards taking a run in order to get dry. This extraordinary system of applying the carcass of a freshly killed animal is invariably resorted to by the natives in case of serious illness, and they look upon it as an all but infallible cure. Certainly it was surprisingly efficacious in my own case.
  • Angel was bathed while her sister dressed. Totally unclothed, the 20 month old was placed directly into the sink where Annie went about washing her arms, legs and torso. She paid special attention to the girls ears, making sure the tiny earring holes were both fully healed. Both girls had pierced ears, a common tradition in Italy. Drying her off, Annie slipped the youngster into her warm nightgown and gave her the bear to hold. It had become her favorite toy, especially during bedtime.
  • She breathed deeply, forcing the tension to wash away. After she had pulled herself together, she pushed forward once more.
  • Sensing the aliens will, Spiritwind returned to his intimidation technique. "If you don't answer me, I'll take this glove, turn it inside out, and force it onto your head." Everyone took a moment to consider such a curious threat. Even Zarg forgot his rage as confusion washed across him. Spiritwind realised further explanation may be needed. "I'll trap your mind in a field of Earth time."
  • Billee Dobb was given a room to himself in the ranch house where he could rest and get well, and then the others washed up and "filled up," as Nort expressed it.
  • By 11 pm two loads of washing were finished and dried. Ironing his business shirts would be a challenge. Fay used to do all the ironing. Nothing else needed ironing as far as he was concerned and he bundled T shirts, running shorts, socks and underpants, into his bedroom drawers.
  • We cast off about one in the morning. The night was horribly cold, and a slow dawn was never more welcomed. But day brought a new horror. The sun poured down on us, and the smell from the horses packed closely below was almost unbearable; while, worst of all, we had to go below to wash and to draw our rations.
  • Running up the companionway he crouched under the hatchway, listening in order to determine whether a wave were washing over the ship or just leaving the stern. Having decided on this, the lad quickly threw open the hatch and sprang out on deck.
  • Of course they need to be well washed and thoroughly disinfected, ideally at the end of the breeding season.
  • Annie put her arm around Jennie and guided her back to the house. "Lets wash that up. Well put a cold washrag on it. That should help."
  • I'd go, too, if I were a boy, she said. "I've got to stay at home and wash dishes and sweep. You can go right out and make your fortune. I've read of lots of boys that went away from home and worked their way up. Some of 'em got to be Presidents."
  • "You don't know that," returned his uncle. "I have always noticed where gold is found in flakes, mixed with earth, that it has been washed in ages past into its present bed, from where it originally was in a pure state. At least such is the conclusion formed by present appearances."
  • As soon as the dishes were washed the girls gathered in the front part of the shack, where there was an old piano, and sang hymns and camp songs. "Let's pick out some hymns to learn by heart," suggested Nyoda; "think how lovely they'll sound, sung out on the lake in canoes." Nyoda's suggestion found favor with the girls, and they set immediately to work learning the "Crusaders' Hymn."
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