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Okunuşu: / wɒʃ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wash
Ekler: wash·es/washed/wash·ing
Türü: fiil, isim, sıfat


f. yıkamak, ıslatmak;
su ile silmek;
yıkanmak, banyo yapmak;
ince boya tabakası ile kaplamak, yaldızlamak;
min. toprağı yıkayarak altın filizini ayırmak;
yıkanmaya dayanmak (kumaş);
hafif hafif çarpmak (dalga);

i. yıkama, yıkanma;
deniz veya nehir suyunun çalkanmasından hasıl olan ses;
dalga sesi, kürek palası veya gemi çarkının meydana getirdiği su akıntısı;
dalgaların sahile attığı süprüntü;
sulu mutfak artığı;
ağıza güzel koku vermek için kullanılan sıvı;
tuvalet suyu;
güz. san. ince suluboya tabakası;
kuru vadi;
toprak aşınması;
ince tabaka kaplama;

s. yıkanabilir.

wash için örnek cümleler:

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  • He had taken four ibuprofen, washing them down with half the bottle of water. It had been a struggle, but he managed to keep them down. He had set the rest of the packet on the futon next to Liza on his way to the bathroom, where he had taken a long shower and dressed for work. He was impressed that he had made it in to work at all, but of course, Rose wouldnt see it that way.
  • "Thank you." Scuzzy relaxed into a wide grin, unveiling three gold teeth in the process, and benign vibrations washed the company. Several people exhaled audibly. "Are you the director?"
  • Behold! a temple set amid sands and washed by a wide, palm-bordered river, and across its pyloned court processions of priests, who pass to and fro with flaunting banners. The court empties; I could see the shadow of a falcon's wings that fled across its sunlit floor. A man clad in a priest's white robe, shaven-headed, and barefooted, enters through the southern pylon gate and walks slowly towards a painted granite shrine, in which sits the image of a woman crowned with the double crown of Egypt, surmounted by a lotus bloom, and holding in her hand the sacred sistrum. Now, as though he heard some sound, he halts and looks towards us, and by the heaven above me, his face is the face of Leo Vincey in his youth, the face too of that Kallikrates whose corpse we had seen in the Caves of Kor!
  • Slim gave a little start, recovered himself immediately, stooped over, and, pretending to wash his hands in the snow, unwrapped and hastily read the note, and then trampled it into the ground. When one of the Germans turned suddenly, he was innocently drying his hands.
  • It was the night of the new moon and even the stars hid themselves. No light of the heavens washed over the vast land, and darkness reigned. Not a single creature dared to move out of their safe haven. Something big was about to happen. Everything was so lifeless that time seemed to have stopped.
  • Touched by her work, I grinned my thanks. Hastily, I washed my face with lukewarm water from a small copper basin. The splashes solidified the division between sleeping and waking, pulling me down from drifting and firmly into the realm of the awake. Waves of panic quickly followed.
  • Galley with cooker, fridge and washing machine, two flush toilets, shower and central heating.
  • Max nodded, stood up, and pulled me up out of his bed. The inertia of his pull landed me squarely in his arms. Had the last twelve hours not happened, this movement would have made me laugh. As it was, I wasnt much in the mood for celebrating, nor was I feeling very pleased with myself for letting my friend die. I stepped aside and went to the bathroom to wash my face.
  • The latter third of the speech was marred by the resumption of fights and other recreations among certain of the bad boys, and by fidgetings and whisperings that extended far and wide, washing even to the bases of isolated and incorruptible rocks like Sid and Mary. But now every sound ceased suddenly, with the subsidence of Mr. Walters' voice, and the conclusion of the speech was received with a burst of silent gratitude.
  • Bane flopped into a chair and ran a hand through his sweat-dampened hair. Trickles of perspiration washed the foul potions from his chest. The runes were stark against his skin, and his eyes burnt black in a haggard visage. He stared at her, breathing as if he had just run a hard race. Mirra looked down, receiving a surprise. The chair had sprouted shoots whose tiny leaves unfurled in the sun. Her healing power had restored the wood to life, so powerful had it been at the height of Bane's suffering.
  • While we are on this subject let us add (and our young readers will come to know it if they are spared to see many years) that civilisation alone will never improve the heart. Let history speak and it will tell you that deeds of darkest hue have been perpetrated in so-called civilised, though pagan lands. Civilisation is like the polish that beautifies inferior furniture, which water will wash off if it be but hot enough. Christianity resembles dye, which permeates every fibre of the fabric, and which nothing can eradicate.
  • The Chinamen get their gold in a very rude way, though it seems to answer their purpose. They put the stuff to be washed on to their cradle, and by scooping water over it and keeping the cradle going they gradually rinse it away, the fluid running over two or three ledges of blankets, and leaving the fine gold remaining behind adhering to the wool.
  • "No more, I say! For that I have not washed my nose that bled, or have foiled some debile wretchwhich, without note, heres many else have doneyou shout me forth in acclamations hyperbolical, as if I loved that my little should be dieted in praises, sauced with lies!"
  • Frobisher anchored a few miles up the river, and spent a whole day exercising his men at cutlass and small-arm drill, to smarten them up a little and prepare them as far as possible for the cut-and-thrust work which, he felt sure, the task of exterminating the pirates would ultimately involve. Early on the following morning the voyage upstream was continued, the Su-chen making not more than about six knots an hour against the strong current, the result, evidently, of heavy rains up-country, for the river--well named the "Yellow River"--was thick and turbid with mud, which had been washed off the surface of the land by the floods.
  • Now, this head was soon followed by other body parts, such as arms, legs, and a torso. Lastly the viscera washed up: a plethora, a cornucopia of organs, vital and not so vital, that washed up on the beach in a random array, as if part of a package deal, an economy pack of dismembered human body parts that had been rendered useless by their separation from the body. And in the appendix, the organ whose proud function had been shattered so long ago by the process of evolution, there was frozen a vague shape. Something that had been contained within him and had been invisible throughout the course of his natural life, but had attempted to show its visage now that the appendix was available for the world to see. Something that had once meant something to him that could only be expressed in the nomenclature of shapes. It manifested itself as the symbol for pi, but who knows what that meant. It was simply there.
  • We pass a washing line of black tee shirts strung across overgrown shrubbery.
  • I seemed to go into autopilot. I saw myself bounding over the ropes, as if I had been in a ring before. I was into the game, into the character. I snarled across the buzzer at my opponent, who owned a car wash chain in Cleveland.
  • Tom turned upon him savagely, but everyone in the boat was laughing, and his countenance relaxed, and he rose up and leaned over the side of the boat to wash his face, which a splash or two relieved from the pieces of bog and dead vegetation which adhered.
  • `I'm going to Wexford,' he said with perfect truth, `but I don't have to like it, do I?' and he closed the bathroom door for a respite. As he washed his hair, the water ran cold.
  • He dumped the trimming into the trash and washed his hands, glancing out the window up at the hell house. He cranked open a window and listened for signs of the band. The quicker they got started, the quicker theyd be gone. At least there were no signs of Macs security crew.
  • Alexander was on vacation, and did not have to go to school that week. Both he and Harriet expressed their approval of the meal. I smiled my thanks. After clearing the table and washing the dishes, I went out to the garden in the backyard for some fresh air. It was a beautiful day; the fragrant smell of various flowers hung in the air. Despite what the young girl Becky had said, Nicholas was a dedicated gardener; various herbs, plants and flowers were carefully and tastefully located in different parts of the yard. Attractive stones bordered the miscellaneous herbage of the lovely garden. It was very peaceful here, and I felt relaxed.
  • Next, Daylight surmised that he might be touched with religion; but, quest about as he would, in a conversation covering the most divergent topics, he could find no hint of queerness or unusualness. So it was, when between them they had washed and wiped the dishes and put them away, and had settled down to a comfortable smoke, that Daylight put his question.
  • By midday the dirt path they had been riding on begins to give way to an old paved road; the stones of which are well worn, having been overtaken by dirt and mud, only to be washed by the river and swept clean by the wind - a pattern repeated through untold ages - weathering the stones and making them a permanent fixture on the water's bank. Every mile or so, the remains of a stone structure reaching out into the river from the road can be seen.
  • Deerfoot waited until the last animal had passed, when he went forward to where the carcass of the game lay and deftly extracted its tongue. He did not touch any other portion, but, washing the delicacy in the stream, carried it to the small grove of trees which he had fixed upon in his mind as the place of the encampment of the Nez Perces, on their first day after leaving their village.
  • He obeyed her, and they neither of them spoke any more for some time. Indeed the rising wind made conversation difficult, and so far as Geoffrey was concerned he had little breath left to spare for words. He was a strong man, but the unaccustomed labour was beginning to tell on him, and his hands were blistering. For ten minutes or so he paddled on through a darkness which was now almost total, wondering where on earth he was wending, for it was quite impossible to see. For all he knew to the contrary, he might be circling round and round. He had only one thing to direct him, the sweep of the continually rising wind and the wash of the gathering waves. So long as these struck the canoe, which now began to roll ominously, on the starboard side, he must, he thought, be keeping a right course. But in the turmoil of the rising gale and the confusion of the night, this was no very satisfactory guide. At length, however, a broad and brilliant flash sprung out across the sea, almost straight ahead of him. It was the Poise light.
  • By now, Chuck was on the sidewalk yelling. "It's no damn business of the Parks Board how often I take a bath or wash my clothes. I thought we had a water shortage, so why are they wasting it as an alarm clock? Dammit, I'm gonna freeze to death out here."
  • Then the bottom dropped out again, and now the world was orange. There was no thud here. She fell, and kept falling, and kept falling. Visions of orange sky, orange clouds, and those bits of dirt in the wash were actually buildings with impossible geometries shot through with hallucinogenic light. Then dark wings closed around her and mercifully she lost consciousness.
  • There was still some daylight left after dishes had been washed and put away, and the supper refuse burned. Tim and Don walked off a way with their flags. Teams from the other patrols scrambled for their flags, too, and practiced until the last light began to go.
  • Curious and puzzled, Johnny washed at the kitchen sink and then walked to the door to shout for Barney. On the other side of the yard, Barney released the pump windmill clutch. While Johnny watched from the porch, the weight of the heavy slop cauldron slowly turned the big windmill and as the arm adorned by the kettle rotated downward, the cast-iron pot slipped off and fell to the hard-packed ground with a booming clang.
  • Patriss started to abase herself, but Kerrion waved an impatient hand, and she vanished amongst the curtains at the back of his bed chamber. He considered his vague memories of soft hands and a sweet voice singing lullabies to him in the darkness. At the age of six, he had been removed from her care and taken to the men's quarters, where a stern tutor had taken over the duty of rearing him. Menservants had washed and dressed him, and he had not known a woman's touch again until he was old enough to be allowed a concubine to warm his bed. He hardly knew his mother, and had been brought up to believe that women were inferior, too stupid to talk to and good for nothing but bearing children and giving a man pleasure.
  • Creams are semi-solid emulsions, that is mixtures of oil and water. They are divided into two types: oil-in-water (O/W) creams which are composed of small droplets of oil dispersed in a continuous phase, and water-in-oil (W/O) creams which are composed of small droplets of water dispersed in a continuous oily phase. Oil-in-water creams are more comfortable and cosmetically acceptable as they are less greasy and more easily washed off using water. Water-in-oil creams are more difficult to handle but many drugs which are incorporated into creams are hydrophobic and will be released more readily from a water-in-oil cream than an oil-in-water cream. Water-in-oil creams are also more moisturising as they provide an oily barrier which reduces water loss from the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin.
  • The actual earnings call the next morning was merely a formality to the disaster that was going on inside of Shuman Enterprises. There was nothing sold or produced during the first three months of the fiscal year, and the only person that appeared to benefit from the companys policies was Samantha Strandler, who lost ten pounds and also experienced both her first kisses and deluxe vagina car washes.
  • "Enter the city, clasp your wives, your friends!—tell them your feats, whilst they with joyful tears wash the congealment from your wounds, and kiss the honoured gashes to wholeness!"
  • In the john, he pulled out the foil sheet of Erecta pills, popped one out and into his mouth. He put his hand under the tap and washed the tiny green pill down with a mouthful of Yarmouth tap water. He then proceeded to take a pee while reading the text on the back of the pill sheet. He saw the warning not to drink alcohol when using Erecta, but he quickly dismissed it as bullshit. What were they thinking about, he wondered, as he headed back to table. How could you get in position to use the damn pills without several drinks to get in the mood? Fucking eggheads, he thought, as he sat down.
  • Now, where are our dads and the rest? and Thure looked curiously and excitedly around him at the various groups of miners hard at work with their picks or shovels or pans or other washing machines. "I can't see anybody in sight that looks like them--Oh, there is Dick Dickson!" and he jumped excitedly off his horse and ran up to a miner at work near by, who was about to wash a pan of dirt, followed by Bud.
  • Loggerhead turtle myrtle, found washed up close to death in the western isles in 2004.
  • The games over, the boys washed and then went upstairs to watch the dancing. Bert and Phil danced a two-step with some young ladies that Bert knew. Just as they started off, Dave caught Roger by the arm.
  • The water sloshed around her as she finally set about the task of washing her extremely long hair. In wafted around her like a halo. In was never an easy task to wash this amount of hair, but after her sortie into the woods, it was in desperate need of a clean.
  • I shan't forget what we did that night--the stealing down into the echoing cellar--the flickering of the candle-light on the white- washed walls--the sound of the spade clinking against a casual stone.
  • He tossed a sandwich to Lenny. "Here's breakfast….. lunch and probably dinner," Jeff said. Then he tossed Lenny a beer. "And here's something to wash it down with". Lenny accepted the gifts hungrily and ripped the sandwich open.
  • Though these caricatures of rival renown were the mere creations of jealousy in the poet of the Asturias, it was not my business to correct his ill temper. I am delighted, said I, that wit and you have had so serious a quarrel; and that the diarrhoea of your inventive faculties has been cured by an astringent. You may depend on it, I will put you in the way of a good livelihood, without drawing deep upon your intellectual credit. So much she better, cried he; wit smells like carrion in my nostrils, or rather like a pungent and deleterious perfume; fragrant to the sense, but corrosive to the vitals. I heartily wish, my dear Fabricio, resumed I, that you may always keep in that mind. Only wash your hands completely of poetry, and you may depend on it, I will enable you to keep your head above water without picking or stealing. In the mean while, added I, slipping a purse of sixty pistoles into his hand, accept this as a slight instance of my regard.
  • With the gained familiarity of a fellow traveler, her seat mate directed her to the Mt. Elgin Hotel and Nicole walked the half mile to a squat three story cement structure with an awning on the roof. Hector had had only time to assault her and not rob her before being interrupted, and she paid the tariff for a single night for a second story room facing the street and overlooking the towns central intersection. She washed in the shared bathroom, and then in her own room moved the furniture, a large wooden armchair and end table, to barricade the door before lying down clothed on top of the bed spread to sleep. Just outside her window on the street below was a constant cacophony of revving motorbikes and the calls of street hawkers selling roasted meat. Despite the noise, Nicole dozed quickly and slept through the night unmolested.
  • And the stone had grown so great in Aldragons mind as to consume him utterly. He looked in helpless horror at it, longing to embrace it and let it wash away all his hurts. He was slave to it, beyond all rescue of the Sun. He was part of it, as Ganel had been, and death seemed beautiful in its reflection. He set his wings to fly to it and erase himself.
  • We do not have janitors; children clean up after themselves and wash their own clothes.
  • Arab your aunt! laughed Jeremy: "I eat Arabs! I'm the only original genuine woolly bad man from way back! I'm the plumber who pulled the plug out of Arabia! You know English? Good! You know what a dose of salts is then? You've seen it work? Experienced it, maybe? Hah! You'll understand me. I'm a grain of the Epsom Salt that went through Beersheba, time the Turks had all the booze in sight and we were thirsty. Muddy booze it was too--oozy booze--not fit for washing hogs! Ever heard of Anzacs? Well, I'm one of 'em. Now you know what the scorpion who stung you's up against! You lie there and think about it, cocky; I'll show you his shirt tomorrow morning."
  • Master, said he, "in this we cannot obey you. See? While you and the woman talked I fetched water, as you commanded. Now I must wash your hurts and bind them."
  • So as to give the men occupation, and prevent their brooding, Hartog gave directions to man the boats in order that an attempt might be made to tow the ship through the weed, but after two days' fruitless effort the attempt was abandoned. It was dreadful to contemplate our impotence in the face of this danger, which hourly grew upon us. The seaweed, in itself so harmless that it becomes the sport of children when washed ashore upon the beaches at home, here, in its original and monstrous growth became more terrifying than all the Leviathans of the deep. There was something irresistible in this brown mantle which drew its folds so silently and yet so surely around us that even Dirk Hartog's indomitable spirit quailed at the thought of what might be before us. "What demon led us hither, Peter?" he said to me when a week had passed, and we still rode motionless in the grip of the seaweed. "Of all the perils which mariners must face, whoever heard of a ship's company being brought to their doom by floating kelp?"
  • "Who was it that thus cried?" she demands. "Why, worthy thane, you do unbend your noble strength, to think so brainsickly of things!" She moves closer. "Go get some water, and wash this filthy witness from your hand," she orders harshly. The candlelight reveals more. "Why did you bring these daggers from the place? They must lie there! Go, carry them!—and smear the sleepy grooms with blood!"
  • Nappyoak the diapers before washing, so can wash them in a normal wash with other clothes, at 40 degrees.
  • Instead, her eyes searched the rock and dirt that slid by too quickly. The cliff was washed in light as lightning struck in the hills above her. The thunder's retort was deafening.
  • "This is Timons last!" he cries, "who, daubed and spattered with your flattery, washes it off, and sprinkles in your faces your reeking villainy!" He seizes a large pan and hurls a stream of water at the heads of the startled lords. They back away, gasping, wiping their faces, brushing at their clothes.
  • His voice echoed through the emptiness and urgently tried to reach me on the other side. The blinders were being lifted slowly from my eyes as my reverie started to crack and shatter bit by agonizing bit. I was being drawn back to my brother and the unmitigated pain washed through me. It threatened to overwhelm me again.
  • Only wash fuel over the side in an emergency; it is an offense to pollute the waterways.
  • We've got to wash the dishes, now, said Minnehaha, who bore out her name by laughing and smiling most of the time. She had already told Zara that her real name was Margery Burton. "You sit down and rest, and when we've done, we'll talk to you and tell you more about the Camp Fire Girls and all the things we do."
  • Weep not! she said hastily, and turning her face aside. "Be a man, and brave these troubles out. Thou hast sown, now must thou reap; but after harvest the waters rise and wash away the rotting roots, and then seed-time comes again. Perchance, yonder in Cilicia, a way may be found, when once more thou art strong, by which thou mayst fly--if in truth thou canst bear thy life apart from Cleopatra's smile; then in some far land must thou dwell till these things are forgotten. And now my task is done, so fare thee well! At times I will come to visit thee and see that thou needest nothing."
  • Frank was in the middle of relating an anecdote about the shenanigans of the mischievous biology department at wash U when there was a knock on the door. Omari didnt wait for Frank to check it, running over to jam her eye against the peephole.
  • "Wouldn't let a man touch it, but had his own chinks from shore-side get it aboard with slings from the davits, and watched 'em stow it in the storeroom. It ain't in the hold. When I come across the key to the room I made up my mind I'd have a look at it. Tinned milk! Marked tinned milk! I say tinned milk hell! I wash my hands o' the whole cussed mess if ye don't look at it and see for yerself.
  • This day looked to be no exception. I stood giving the diner one last look to ensure I'd forgotten nothing. Sure enough, the proofers sat waiting filled with frozen cinnamon roll pellets and the daily receipts were now in Junior Junior's possession for the nightly deposit. All pots, pans, and dishes were cleaned and ready for the next day. All I had to do amounted to walking out the door and locking it behind me. Satisfied, I gave a last look through the large plate glass front window before I headed out the door. An old VW bug, looking as if it had not been washed in years, idling at one of the gas pumps caught my eye. Painted white lettering on the car door applied in a thoroughly unprofessional fashion formed the words "Peace
  • The washing machine & tumble drier are housed in a separate utility room.
  • By the time Blade stopped, Kerrion sagged, his face pale and drawn, the pain of his wound and bonds clearly debilitating him. Blade tethered the horses in a wood beside a stream, letting them cool before he watered them. He pulled the Prince down and dumped him on the ground, then went to the stream to wash off the dye and paint. Kerrion stared at him when he returned, apparently surprised by the transformation. Blade pulled a length of chain from a pack and tied it around the Prince's waist, leaving the ends free. He undid the thong that bound Kerrion's hands and started to fasten the chains to his wrists.
  • I should just like to ram that pair of clean socks between your teeth, my fine fellow, and keep it there with a leather strap, muttered the officer; and, as if about to put his wish into practice, he stooped and picked up the closely rolled-up pair of socks lying with some other articles of attire placed freshly washed upon a shelf by Anson's landlady.
  • Orran came over, puffing from his exertions, and stopped at a respectful distance from Bane, the soot on his face streaked with paler runnels where sweat had washed it off.
  • I felt little Edwards pain entering my body, when he could no longer believe in Papa coming back; behind it washed the aches of forty eight hours in the open without sleep. He might have wept with the sharpness of it, and I would have cried with him, but by now he was too sunk in misery. You could call the drops that leaked down his pink cheeks tears of despair; Edward had no name for them. Days of wandering had left him totally lost and helpless.
  • He tempered his excitement and frustration with his calmest voice, "I've made up my mind on this, Gina. I. . . I just don't think I can stay here. But, I'm very much in love with you. I don't want to leave you, and I don't want to leave your family in a lurch by just selling my car and disappearing one night. I want you all to come with me. I think we can do this, I really do. I'd like to leave this spring." He had clearly upset her, so he cut his argument short. "There are plenty of cities and towns that are hundreds of feet or more above sea level. I can google you a list of them after work, but I'm sure at least one of them we can call home." But telling a surfer girl to live inland was a tough sell. "Gina, Gina Gina. . . Gina. I—" but he just kissed her instead. "When it isn't just the very rich who see their oceanfront homes wash away, but when it's happening to everyone, that's when it'll be too late. Come with me this spring. Just, just think about it."
  • Two people are already inspecting the next artwork, so David and Amy stand behind them, further back. This painting is a muted wash of purple and grey with a brilliant golden disc in the top right-hand corner. But its most noticeable feature is a dead pigeon, a real one, which has been fixed somehow to the centre of the canvas. The young guy standing in front of the picture is wearing a pin-stripe suit. He seems to be explaining the meaning of the work to the girl by his side. What he says is inaudible to David and Amy, until the band suddenly drops into a dramatic silence broken only by occasional random notes from Ron on the bells. The guy seems unaware the background noise has dropped and his voice is suddenly clear. ‘So, if you take into account the differential masses of the purple and the grey,’ hes saying, ‘surmounted, as they are, by the disc of gold, the pigeon could be taken as a symbol of the spirit of the common man, yearning to take wing.’
  • But despair washed over him once again, when the sun had gone down and he found himself at the supper board. He couldnt eat or drink and the sight of the servants weaving around the trestle tables made him so dizzy that he had to force his numb gaze to the place before himOf course he was deadof courseThe evening passed without his notice. He was aware of being escorted to his suite of rooms by a small bodyguard, which, in a flash of lucidity, he thought amusing; did they think the Bastard would creep into Hawarden and snatch him away? He tried to be suitably gracious when they stripped him and put him to bedthere would be two men on the door if he needed anything, they said gravely. He thanked them again and asked for all the lamps to be litand when they left him alone, he got out of bed, threw a robe around his shoulders and sat down in the chairWhat was the point of being in bed, when he knew he wouldnt sleep?
  • He began to waddle round the circle, an extraordinary sight, covered as he was with grey grime, varied with streaks of black skin where the perspiration had washed the dust away.
  • In the great sea-shell I boiled the turtle, not without the greatest trouble. The Links ate the meat, for I felt no hankering after this species after one trial. The shell was all I had expected, when at last it was clean, for I had felt the need of a basin in which to wash.
  • Ain't nary a sign of the same around, and I'm afraid they must a been washed overboard when--but hold on there, what's this I'm knocking against every time I dip deep? Say, here's luck in great big gobs, fellers; it's an oar stuck under the thwarts, as sure as you live! What, two of the same, seems like! Well, well, what do you know about that? Couldn't have asked for anything better, could we? Oh! don't I wish I had all this water out, though.
  • Chanter's awareness was little more than a numb sensation. Before, he had rolled around on a sandy seabed, and the currents had played with him, washing him this way and that. Now he had become wedged into a rock shelf. The sea ran past him in gentle currents, and seaweed brushed his skin. He vaguely remembered the soft thud of hooves on sand, muted by the water. Now only the currents whispered to him. The sea's song reached him in warped, muted dirges, mixed with skirls of sound that prickled his dull mind. Fish brushed against him, and he was aware that he was being incorporated into the reef, growing attached to it as it made him a part of it. The gold around his neck blocked the Powers and reduced the world to a blurred, senseless muddle.
  • After an hour we finally managed to convince Boo-bear to leave the creek. He held my hand as we hiked back down. Celeste and Willow had made enough food to feed fifty people. After the meal, the men offered to wash the dishes. They disappeared into the kitchen and when they emerged it looked immaculate.
  • Pete washed his face and felt his head slightly clear for the first time in days. He was determined to stop Gerry cold in the second half after the action was fairly even in the first half.
  • His mind let go of the thought and he washed his hair with the soap. He rinsed with the wooden bucket and reveled in the feeling of being clean.
  • Thousands upon thousands of blue gemstones were stuck to the coral ceiling like ivy clinging to a wallthis was the sea. Most amazinglythe children had to stare vigilantly to be sure what they were seeingthe miniature sea was ebbing slowly west to east. The gemstones that washed into the eastern edge of the recreation were sucked up into the ceiling by the living coral and brought back to replenish the western coast and begin their journey again. The children saw that as the blue gems swept from side to side, the myriad tiny fins and turtle shells rose and fell below the waves. Ceder found herself wondering if the motion of the water and the miniature creatures reflected what was happening in the sea outside at that very moment. She posed the question to Cliff.
  • Then let me go, Sir Godfrey. Why, see how useful I can be. I can wash for you, and cook for you--anything, and cut a few armfuls of heath of a night to make your beds. And, look here, gen'lemen, soldiers on the march never gets a bit o' vegetable; but if there's any within a dozen miles of where you are, you shall always have it. So there!
  • "Some of the beavers were sitting upon the newly-raised work, gnawing the leaves and twigs that stuck out from the mud; others were washing themselves, disporting playfully through the water; while others squatted upon logs that lay along the edge of the dam, every now and again flapping their heavy tails upon the water, like so many laundresses beating out their wet linen.
  • She walks toward the water. Happy is Hermia, wheresoeer she lies; for she hath blessed and attracting eyes! How came her eyes so bright? Not with salt tears!—if so, mine eyes are oftener washed than hers! No, no, I am as ugly as a bear!—for beasts that meet me run away in fear! Therefore no marvel that Demetrius does as a monsterflys my presence thus!
  • I've brought Mickey's shirt, all washed and ironed, and I planned to take it round to him at the end of the day. I'm not in the mood for Max but I go anyway.
  • Below them, on all sides, washing the rocky shores of the island were the heaving waters of the great bay. They could take in most of the shore line, irregular and indented as it was, but, look as they did, there was no sign of life.
  • 'I am, messieurs, a cook, and I was born at Marseilles. In that dear town I spent my happy youth. For years and years I washed the dishes at the Hotel Continental. Ah, those were golden days!' and he sighed. 'I am a Frenchman. Need I say, messieurs, that I admire beauty? Nay, I adore the fair. Messieurs, we admire all the roses in a garden, but we pluck one. I plucked one, and alas, messieurs, it pricked my finger. She was a chambermaid, her name Annette, her figure ravishing, her face an angel's, her heart -- alas, messieurs, that I should have to own it! -- black and slippery as a patent leather boot. I loved to desperation, I adored her to despair. She transported me -- in every sense; she inspired me. Never have I cooked as I cooked (for I had been promoted at the hotel) when Annette, my adored Annette, smiled on me. Never' -- and here his manly voice broke into a sob -- 'never shall I cook so well again.' Here he melted into tears.
  • Within a fortnight of the day of my discomfiture in the hut I was quite well and strong again, my ribs, or whatever part of me it was that the buffalo had injured with his iron knees, having mended up. Also, I was anxious to be going, having business to attend to in Natal, and, as no more had been seen or heard of Saduko, I determined to trek homewards, leaving a message that he knew where to find me if he wanted me. The truth is that I was by no means keen on being involved in his private war with Bangu. Indeed, I wished to wash my hands of the whole matter, including the fair Mameena and her mocking eyes.
  • Modern washing machine pumps have plastic fixing brackets to they must be earthed with a separate earth wire.
  • Such was the first impression: then suddenly some instinct that lay below the surface surged up in rebellion against it, and washed the tender colouring out. It told him that the impression was a false one, that Jessie, so far from being callous and self-centred, as was the suggestion conveyed by Helena's words, was of faithful and golden heart. And then looking idly over the crowd that was growing thick on the broad gravel walk, he suddenly caught sight of Jessie herself looking at them. She was some little distance behind the rails that separated the ride from the path, and she instantly looked away, spoke to a girl who was with her, and strolled on. But Archie felt quite sure that she had seen them.
  • I heard the water running. That meant my brother was either washing his hands or taking a shower. I simply couldnt stand the anticipation any longer. I hobbled toward the hall intent on dragging him on my back to the living room if I had to. I suppose I could just pretend to collapse in the hallway. Tray would definitely come running if I did that. He finally walked out of the bathroom and stared at me in wonder.
  • When the girl returned from the spring, Patty tried again: "While I was in town somebody came here and cooked a meal, and when they got through they washed all the dishes and put them away so nicely I thought sure it was you, and I was glad, because I like to have you come and see me."
  • "Im worried about wearing it outside because getting in and out of the car can be a very dirty experienceespecially with me. I dont think this beautiful vestment could be washed or even dry-cleaned. So if I mess it up by getting dirty or grimy while I got in and out of the car then Id be in big trouble, of course. Not to mention, that getting the dress filthy would disappoint Celeste and Rave since I could never wear it again. You know me and how I am and how I can be in reference to…" I declared frantically.
  • Soon it grew very dark, and she rode alongside of them to show them the path, but they did not talk much. Wulf asked her who would take care of the inn while she was absent, to which she answered sharply that the inn would take care of itself, and no more. Picking their way along the stony road at a slow amble, they crossed the bed of two streams then almost dry, till at length they heard running water sounding above that of the slow wash of the sea to their left, and Masouda bade them halt. So they waited, until presently the moon rose in a clear sky, revealing a wide river in front, the pale ocean a hundred feet beneath them to the left, and to the right great mountains, along the face of which their path was cut. So bright was it that Godwin could see strange shapes carven on the sheer face of the rock, and beneath them writing which he could not read.
  • That ain't so, Miz Thompson, Barney cried indignantly. "I did too, wash my hands. Good, too. I wuzn't near my horse this morning. That milk just weren't no good."
  • Having satisfied their curiosity, and learned from an obliging miner the method of washing the gold, our adventurers returned to Jeffson's store, and there spent the night in discussing their plan of procedure. It was decided, first of all, that they should stick together and work in company.
  • Early faded memories of Hearne. The face of a woman who he himself had not even remembered. He clutched at the memory, frantic to examine her face for a second more, but the memory was gone, washed away by the pull of Nio's will. A summer sky with a hawk circling far overhead. The jumble of city streets and alleyways, mapped in his mind into impressions of angles, distance, time. This wall was climbable, this one was not. This door here never locked properly. Shops, taverns, and houses. The passing gilt carriages of the titled and wealthy. Faces of children. Lena and the twins. Dirty, tearful, laughing, cringing in fear. Hungry. Always hungry. Shadows.
  • "I gave him some morphia," explained Mr. Wallace as they washed up outside. "What he needs first is sleep. He must have been in absolute agony in there."
  • "Too bad the storm that destroyed the first Pier didnt wash your bony bottom out to sea," said Bud, who took another gulp from his mug. "It just dumped you where you belongin the gutter."
  • Sahwah sniffed and resumed her watch, holding the sheet in readiness to wave the instant the little steamer should appear around Blueberry Island. The minutes passed without a sign of the Bluebird, and Sahwah grew tired of looking at nothing. She ceased staring fixedly at the distant gap between Blueberry Island and the mainland, and pointed the glass around at the objects near her; at Migwan washing middies in the lake, her soap tied to the dock to keep it from floating away; at the toothbrushes strewn over the rocks like bones bleaching in the sun; at the smooth strip of shining sand; aiming her glass idly now here, now there, her feet swinging in the air eighteen feet above the water, her long brown hair flying in the wind.
  • A little bewildered by the salutes of those privates who knew of their promotions, even though they did not yet wear upon their sleeves the two stripes indicating their advance to corporals, Jerry and Slim hurried toward the wash spigots, preliminary to an assault upon the mess tent.
  • The two poor fellows were some distance in the pack, and had got on the largest cake they could find. They were sitting there helpless, holding on each by one hand to the rough surface of the ice, and with the other to their canoe to keep it from being washed off.
  • All on board kept a watchful eye on the horizon, looking for signs of enemy ships and gauging the weather. Catrin wondered if anyone else felt the intensity of the energy, as if the air were charged. Her carved fish sparkled in the light as she drew it from her shirt, and it looked nearly flawless. She left it out, exposed directly to the light. Breathing in the energy, she felt it flow through her, tingling and vibrating. Her head leaned back, she inhaled deeply, relishing the power as it pulsed around her. Part of her mind warned her against indulgence, but the ecstasy overwhelmed her. Never before had she felt the energy so strongly. It washed over her in massive waves, much the same as the waves' relentless assault on the cliffs.
  • Duke Antonio is furious. "We are simply cheated of our lives by drunkards! This wide-chapped rascal!—" He addresses the boatswain: "Would thou mightst lie drowning in the washing of ten tides!"—as are gibbeted criminals.
  • Dzeb's gentle nature washed from him with these words. His expression turned hateful, and the calm blue of his eyes dissolved into cold hostility. He roared, and his scream filled the air like a clap of thunder, and again, the ground shook. He pulled with all his might, but he could not break the chains.
  • He passed them, all of them, she answered. "Captain Munster will tell you what he saidsomething about being blowed, or words to that effect. Now I must run and wash up. Did the Sydney orders arrive?"
  • After another anxious glance round, as though he feared that, even at that distance, his and Frobisher's conversation might have been overheard, Ling turned away with a heavy scowl on his face--presumably to give the correct colour to his proposed part--and with an admirable assumption of indifference went toward the place where the soldiers were already partaking of their simple meal of boiled rice and a thin kind of soup, washed down by copious draughts of raki, a strong, pungent spirit distilled from rice.
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