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Okunuşu: / wɒʃ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: wash
Ekler: wash·es/washed/wash·ing
Türü: fiil, isim, sıfat


f. yıkamak, ıslatmak;
su ile silmek;
yıkanmak, banyo yapmak;
ince boya tabakası ile kaplamak, yaldızlamak;
min. toprağı yıkayarak altın filizini ayırmak;
yıkanmaya dayanmak (kumaş);
hafif hafif çarpmak (dalga);

i. yıkama, yıkanma;
deniz veya nehir suyunun çalkanmasından hasıl olan ses;
dalga sesi, kürek palası veya gemi çarkının meydana getirdiği su akıntısı;
dalgaların sahile attığı süprüntü;
sulu mutfak artığı;
ağıza güzel koku vermek için kullanılan sıvı;
tuvalet suyu;
güz. san. ince suluboya tabakası;
kuru vadi;
toprak aşınması;
ince tabaka kaplama;

s. yıkanabilir.

wash için örnek cümleler:

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  • It's alright I know why it's itchy. I can't wash it due to a very irritating shower that goes cold every time I try to clean it. He scratched furiously, hopping along rather than stopping. Coincidence could tell the conversation was heading towards nonsense and took over security duty, which meant listening for approaching aliens.
  • Light spilled through the doorway and washed across the dim vestibule, light from glowing panels in the ceiling and from powerful discs set into small cylinders suspended at cunning angles from the walls. The floor was set with wide white tiles, the walls lined with mysterious machines, except for one section of wall that appeared to have recently melted and was still giving off both a glow of heat and possibly toxic vapors. A coffin - that in fact looked more like a transparent bathtub on stilts - was visible to the right. Dortonn leaned through the doorway and glanced around, then squared his shoulders and shuffled boldly into the sanctum. Svin raised an eyebrow at Jurtan, who shrugged, indicating no change in the ambient music, so Svin hefted his sword and crept through the doorway himself.
  • But I did not want the despairing look Mrs Vallance gave me to make me go down again, and this time I was washed up against something, which I seized; but there seemed no life in it when we were hauled up, for the poor fellow did not move, and it was pitiful to see the way in which his poor wife clung to him.
  • I was sorry for the poor Chinamen, whom I found, two days later, still wandering about amidst the ruins of their gardens. Their loamy beds had been quite washed away, and their fences and some of their huts carried clean down the creek. One of them told me he had lost 30l. in notes, which he had concealed in his cabin; but the flood had risen so quickly that he had been unable to save it.
  • "The paddles is backin' astern," replied Hellyer; "and so, miss, their wake drifts for'ard instead of aft. That's the reason, miss, you sees nothing washing by."
  • Meals had been irregular that day with the officers, for there was much to be seen after in coiling down ropes, washing the decks, and in getting everything neatly in ship-shape. As they passed the Middle Sunk the second mate touched Jack on the shoulder.
  • Cradle cap can be loosened with a mixture of salicylic acid in aqueous cream, which is then washed out with baby shampoo.
  • Little needed to be said of Lilacs bathroom except that it was pristine, perfumed, and as well equipped as Benjamin had hoped. The only curiosity was the soap: yes, it was an ordinary-looking, discreetly fragrant white bar, but when he washed his hands with it something unusual happened.
  • Scoff huge greasy breakfasts washed down with gigantic mugs of sweet tea.
  • Bane stalked back to his tent, the jet cloak swirling about him as if his rage had fuelled it to animation. Mord ran to find help, and returned with two reluctant gnomes. When they cut her bonds, Mirra's rubbery legs would not obey her. They carried her to a stream in the forest and washed her with coarse soap, scrubbing her ragged hair. Mord hacked off the remaining tresses that hung from her scalp in tangled clumps with his knife. When she was clean, they wrapped her in an old, threadbare green robe and carried her to Bane's tent.
  • Only the luxury of the steaming tub could pull her thoughts away, and she eased into the water, which soon turned black with mud and soot. Despite her efforts, her skin would not come completely clean, and she settled for mostly clean. As the water began to grow cool, Catrin emerged from the tub, and she toweled off her raised flesh. Collette had left fresh clothes for her, and Catrin shook her head. She seemed to always find herself donning the clothes of others while a stranger washed her garments. She supposed she was growing accustomed to it, for it did not bother her as much as it had in the past. The loaned garments were overlarge and well worn, but they were clean, dry, and not uncomfortable.
  • Within a fortnight of the day of my discomfiture in the hut I was quite well and strong again, my ribs, or whatever part of me it was that the buffalo had injured with his iron knees, having mended up. Also, I was anxious to be going, having business to attend to in Natal, and, as no more had been seen or heard of Saduko, I determined to trek homewards, leaving a message that he knew where to find me if he wanted me. The truth is that I was by no means keen on being involved in his private war with Bangu. Indeed, I wished to wash my hands of the whole matter, including the fair Mameena and her mocking eyes.
  • She wiped her hands on the seat of her jeans and a strange wave of pride washed over her. Peter was right. Something was different about her.
  • Nothing loath to knock off their fatiguing task for a while, the boys clambered up to the surface by the rope and soon were busy eating the lunch they had brought with them. They washed it down with smoking hot chocolate which they had poured into their vacuum bottles at breakfast time. The hot stuff was grateful and invigorating in the chill air, and they ate and drank with keen appetites.
  • Sir, the fisherman, speaking always to the genie, whom he kept shut up in his vessel, went on thus: The physician Douban rose up, and, after a profound reverence, says to the king, he judged it meet that his majesty should take horse, and go to the place where he used to play at the mell. The king did so, and when he arrived there, the physician came to him with the mell, and says to him, Sir, exercise yourself with this mell, and strike the ball with it until you find your hands and your body in a sweat. When the medicine I have put in the handle of the mell is heated with your hand, it will penetrate your whole body; and as soon as you shall sweat, you may leave off the exercise, for then the medicine will have had its effect. As soon as you are returned to your palace, go into the bath, and cause yourself to be well washed and rubbed; then go to bed, and, when you rise to-morrow, you will find yourself cured.
  • I c'n tell you 'bout that, interjected Pete. "A sponge is all slimy an' nasty. Yo' put him in de sun an' he dies quick an' all de slime runs out. Den yo' buries him in san' 'til his insides all decay. Den you puts him in a pon' an' takes him out, an' beats him wif a stick, lots o' times oveh, maybe, 'til all de jelly an' all de san' an' all de muck am out ob him. Den yo' wash him in fresh wateh 'til he's clean an' lets him dry an' he's done."
  • When the water level dropped to nearly nothing, they could all see that the surface of the land had been completely altered. An entirely new sea arm had gouged its way several hundred paces into the former jungle. It lay filled with brown water and a few uprooted trees. Other rocky hills and spires dotted the landscape in all inland directions, revealed now by the absence of obscuring greenery. The spring at the foot of the monolith was filled with salt water. Most of the trees had collapsed, and many had washed away to the sea. The only remaining tree species were palms. The undergrowth was mostly scoured from the face of the earth, and vast expanses of light brown mud lay in every direction. Behind them, they could see the broken skeletal halves of the Kazhak, left where the sea abandoned it, against the edge of the hills another mile distant.
  • Behold! a temple set amid sands and washed by a wide, palm-bordered river, and across its pyloned court processions of priests, who pass to and fro with flaunting banners. The court empties; I could see the shadow of a falcon's wings that fled across its sunlit floor. A man clad in a priest's white robe, shaven-headed, and barefooted, enters through the southern pylon gate and walks slowly towards a painted granite shrine, in which sits the image of a woman crowned with the double crown of Egypt, surmounted by a lotus bloom, and holding in her hand the sacred sistrum. Now, as though he heard some sound, he halts and looks towards us, and by the heaven above me, his face is the face of Leo Vincey in his youth, the face too of that Kallikrates whose corpse we had seen in the Caves of Kor!
  • God made this world, and all things that are therein. God rules this world, and God made His laws, and He says they are just and right, and God says, `The soul that sinneth shall surely die,' answered Paul, solemnly. "Captain understand, it is not I who say that. God says it. But though God is a God of justice He is full of love and mercy, and He has therefore formed a plan for the benefit of sinning men, by which man's sins can be washed away, by which His justice will be satisfied, His love and mercy shown. He has allowed another to be punished instead of the sinner," Paul continued, explaining to the captain God's plan of salvation much in the same terms as he had already explained it to me.
  • Somehow, communication with different parts of the world had been reestablished. I was filled in on info by people who snuck into the park to use the drinking fountain. Im sure half of it was bullshit rumors that had been built up, and Im sure the other half was devastatingly true. All of the major cities were razed to the ground, skyscrapers leveled by Rust-Tips as they tunneled up them from the inside. A bunch of people had gathered in the football stadium in Denver, only to be steam washed by the mysterious white robot. One person told me it smelled like hot dogs cooking, a macabre tail gate party from hell.
  • That young Eskimo did not visit his bride empty handed. He carried a bundle containing a gift skins of the young eider duck to make an undergarment for his lady love, two plump little auks with which to gratify her palate, and a bladder of oil to wash them down and cause her heart to rejoice.
  • I then recollected that the chief volume of water out of the butt must have washed them away. Still they could not be far off. I lay down on the kelson and felt about with my hand on every side. My search for a moment was in vain. At last I picked up an olive, and then another. My fear was that the jar was broken. What if the pickles and biscuits had shared the same fate? That this was the case was too probable, and if so my stock of provisions, would be spoiled, if not lost altogether.
  • He liked his present life. True, his days were filled with work, but most often it was in the fresh air, not in some dark dingy mine, or in a dank workhall breathing in the chemically laden air where he had lost his sense of smell and taste. All he knew, then as now, was that he was hungry, thats one thing that hadnt changed. Otherwise Nigel was kind enough, in a tough, no-nonsense manner. Ruth was pleasant too, smiling often, not complaining about cooking for him and washing his clothes. Chance was grateful for his situation; the only thing that rankled him was Colin, Colin who shirked his duty, content to let Chance do most of the work.
  • It was the same, when he sprang up merrily at a line of laundry, flapping in alluring invitation from the drying ground lines. A single word of rebuke,--and thenceforth the family wash was safe from him.
  • The men have all gone off after the horse-thieves, said Roger. "But Todd hasn't much hope of tracing them, for the rain washed out all the hoofmarks."
  • Reichert kept everyone loose. He wrestled with the Vietnamese, sometimes taking on three at once in hilarious contests. He thrived on the local food and beer and learned enough Vietnamese to send to the next village for a prostitute. He ordered lemonade in a local caf and then spent his time flipping seeds at the waitresses with his spoon. Other afternoons he would spend with the local men playing a chess-like game in the caf. He seldom won, but everyone enjoyed playing with him. Wherever he went children who clamored around him to get rides on his shoulders and pull on his moustache pursued him. When he was in need of excitement he would go to the washing point at a nearby stream, strip himself naked and lay in the middle of it. The villagers soon decided that he was crazy and overlooked even his most outrageous conduct by tapping their finger against the side of their head, and exchanging knowing words.
  • "Freedom? What freedom do we have? In the world we live in, there are but two choices to be made: join the army or run from it. If you join, you will pray each day that you will live long enough to pray again on the next. Pray that the impossible happens, that you live to see your children march off to the same fate as you try for the rest of your life to wash the blood from your hands. And if you cannot bear to throw your body into the flames of war, then you can live as I have. A fugitive, a nomad. Known by no one and hated by everyone. What worse fate could the Tressons have in store? What worse fate exists?" she proclaimed.
  • For a short eternity she stared at the flood waters that rushed to take her to the Mother for judging. Surely, it could not come to this. All of her failings behind her, she finally had found the courage to step away from the trap she had lived in only to have it all washed away in a moment.
  • Now we reached one of the doors of the palace and I was taken to a chamber where slaves who were waiting, washed and anointed me with scents, after which they clad me in a beautiful robe of silk, setting the girdle of rose-hued pearls about me.
  • At last we were relieved for an hour, and taking possession of a kitchen we fried some pork-chops with onions and potatoes. It was grand. We washed them down with coffee, and went back to duty. For the remainder of that day and for the whole of the night there was no rest for us.
  • Sticky Smith, off duty and having filled himself to repletion with caf-au-lait at the inn, volunteered to act as nurse, attendant, remover of fish and baiter of hook, while Maryette was absent at the stone-rimmed pool where the washing of all Sainte Lesse laundry had been accomplished for hundreds of years.
  • Discussing the events of the past few hours, speculating upon the possible location of their chums, making plans for the future, the boys sat late about the table. Rowdy fell asleep over his bone. At last Tom jumped up, declaring he would wash the dishes if the others would sweep and put the cabin to rights.
  • I can't quite understand how it could have broken through here, said the squire; "but I suppose it was quite a small crack at first, and the water soon washed it bigger."
  • For a time, which seemed to me an eternity, I was under water, but when I rose to the surface I could see the ship at some distance from me, fighting her way through the storm. I was almost suffocated by the spray which continually blew over me, and the heavy sea boots which I wore, filling with water, threatened to drag me down. I had given myself up for lost, when I noticed a spar floating near, which must have been washed overboard with me, and, making an effort, I succeeded in laying hold of it, so that I managed to keep afloat. Thus holding to the spar and swimming, sometimes with one hand and sometimes with the other, I kept my head above water until my feet touched ground, when I waded upon the shore of an island, where I fell down exhausted, and for the time lost consciousness.
  • "Enter the city, clasp your wives, your friends!—tell them your feats, whilst they with joyful tears wash the congealment from your wounds, and kiss the honoured gashes to wholeness!"
  • Once home, Paul decided to wash the grime of central London off himself with a long hot shower. That, he had to admit, was a nice thing about living alone, there was always enough hot water in the boiler.
  • Seeing, then, that there was no time to be lost, Frobisher gave orders for the boats to be hoisted out, as many men as they could safely hold being told off to each, with instructions that, upon their cargoes being landed, they were to be brought back to the ship by a crew selected among themselves, for the remainder of the men. In the meantime, while the boats were transferring some of the men to the shore, the remainder were to set to work to construct rafts as quickly as possible out of the raffle of wreckage washing about the deck and alongside, so that, in the event of the boats not having time to make more than the one trip, those left behind should have some means of saving their lives other than by swimming.
  • I tell you that he is dead, and I slew him. Are you asleep that you stare at me so? Awaken and do as I bid you; wash your lover's blood off my tomahawk.
  • Jon did not look up. He sat alone, unchained upon a squared stone block, a bunk for the damned. The cell opened up into a large oval expanse. There were no corners. Rubble littered the floor. Streams of dirty underground water washed down over long sections of the walls. Not a fitting place for the only remaining blood-true Folarok in Dunop.
  • Next, for about a half an hour, I whoops now and then; at last I hears the answer a long ways off, and tries to follow it, but I couldn't do it, and directly I judged I'd got into a nest of towheads, for I had little dim glimpses of them on both sides of me--sometimes just a narrow channel between, and some that I couldn't see I knowed was there because I'd hear the wash of the current against the old dead brush and trash that hung over the banks. Well, I warn't long loosing the whoops down amongst the towheads; and I only tried to chase them a little while, anyway, because it was worse than chasing a Jack-o'-lantern. You never knowed a sound dodge around so, and swap places so quick and so much.
  • "You'll soon get used to that," said Melton. "After a day or two you won't notice any difference. I could of course have built on a lower level, and in some ways that would have been an advantage. But when I settled here I made up my mind that I wanted air that was washed clean by the mountain breezes, and I planted my stakes according."
  • But all these things had been arranged for beforehand, so that in due course of time every fellow would have his share of camp duties. Today he might have to assist in the cooking; tomorrow help wash dishes; the next day be one of the wood-getters; and then perhaps on the fourth blissful day, he would be at liberty to just loaf!
  • A crab crawling over her leg woke Talsy in the morning, and she walked to the cave, where she nibbled cold potato and drank water to wash away the sour taste of salt.
  • He has his heart set on the well. He would unravel every seasons stitch for a hundred years. He would wash away his crimes and be cleansed of the sins of his father. He will wish away the garden. He will wish away the well.
  • Leena found her arms around the older woman, holding her as an overwhelming flood of pain washed over her. There were no loud wails of anguish just a soft regular shudder of the massive shoulders as Leena rubbed her back.
  • "You do not present yourself in such a state," the Prince pointed out, his gaze raking Blade's clean leather clothes and glossy hair. The assassin had bathed in a stream the previous evening, disdaining the cold to wash the mud and stink from himself and his clothes.
  • "The kings missing!" he yelled. "All hands on deck! Hes been hit by lightning and washed overboard! Winged Guards to recoveryothers have been washed overboard as well! The rest of you are needed to secure the masts! Move!"
  • Having been told to come in on hearing it, they left work at once, ran to the pump, washed themselves, and appeared in the dining room looking hot, but bright and jovial, for nothing brightens the human countenance so much, (by gladdening the heart), as the consciousness of having performed duty well.
  • Myranda finished her meal and carried the bowls to the kitchen to wash them. By now, she knew better than to expect gratitude from her host. She returned to her seat, sitting quietly and thinking of the dragon sleeping in the cold just outside the door.
  • The storm passed, and she did not shake any more, but nei¬ther did she leave to meet Arthur and his grandparents until her quarter of an hour had elapsed, which she spent trying not to think. Then something clicked, and the Tess who acqui¬esced in everything took over. She was about to leave but then realized she could not go the way she was, that she should wash and put on a bra and bright summer dress she had picked up in a charity shop, and having done this, she stuffed a cardigan into a shoulder bag for the evening.
  • There was still some daylight left after dishes had been washed and put away, and the supper refuse burned. Tim and Don walked off a way with their flags. Teams from the other patrols scrambled for their flags, too, and practiced until the last light began to go.
  • That was all before their 1928 July Fourth game with the Norfolk Nasties. During the top of the fifth inning, storm clouds marched over the Blue Ridge Mountains and were upon the baseball diamond before anyone had taken the time to notice. Lynchburg was losing as usual that day and were attempting to get a third out as the Nasties scored six runs on four hits and three errors. Cold winds moved through the sticky, hot air. Everything went dark and the few fans on hand ran for cover. In an instant the entire ballpark flashed white as if all color had been washed away. A giant bolt of lightning lashed forth from the storm clouds and touched down on the head of Lynchburgs pitcher, Nap Hill.
  • The group of six guys coming from the arcade walked through the garage door and into the house, scattering for a brief moment to wash up before reassembling in the main room. And the last of the groups, the four people on a treasure hunt, were still on the course as Sharon and Agent Blake waited by the shore watching the last minutes of the sun reflect from the West on the Eastern shore.
  • Clear water, from one of the casks, and poured into a tin mug, washed down their cold collation, and then, refreshed and reinvigorated, the trio resumed their paddles, which were not again laid down till the sun was descending towards the western horizon. By that time they were not far from a small wooded islet near the coast of Java, on which Van der Kemp resolved to spend the night.
  • 30 feet. Even that was a bit deep for me. The colour tends to wash out a bit at that depth but the reef there is magnificent. Youll see. Well be using underwater lights for the actual shooting, especially in the cave area, although I need it to look like an underwater cave, not the foyer of the Hilton. Tricky lighting.’
  • "It is an accustomed action with her to seem thus, washing her hands. I have known her to continue in this a quarter of an hour!"
  • "Nay, all of you who stand and look on, whilst my wretchedness doth bait my selfthough some of you with Pilate wash your hands, showing an outward pity, you have here delivered me to my sour cross!—and water cannot wash away your sin!"
  • Rob's announcement of the program for the eight days they were to spend on the island was greeted with cheers. The news that turns were to be taken by two scouts daily at washing dishes and cooking did not awaken quite so much enthusiasm. Everybody cheered up again, however, when Rob announced that the Flying Fish would be at the disposal of the boys of the patrol.
  • Paul lay for a moment in the warmth and comfort, letting himself wake up, listening to the jumble of sounds washing over each other, blending and clashing at the same time.
  • Afterward Daron and Alek carried our gear to the river so we could wash it. It seemed the chivalrous male was normal here. Nothing wrong with that, and I winked at Loi as she arched an eyebrow at me.
  • As the sun set, the air began to cool and Annie headed back inside. She washed the dishes and cleaned herself in a similar manner as Joe had done. She slipped on her nightgown and made herself a cup of hot tea.
  • "Wandering over the ocean, and battling with the elements and strong-armed men," answered young Waymouth. "But the spectacle of two such gay gallants as we are in this quiet street has already attracted attention. I see down there the Sign of the White Swan, a good hostelrie, I know. Let us step in there; it is about the hour of dinner, and I know full well that we shall find a cup of good sack to wash down the viands. While discussing it I will tell you briefly of my doings and listen gladly to yours. I long to hear of your past life and future prospects."
  • The car wash also got underway on monday starting at 09.00 at the fire station.
  • Ripplelow rippling wash of the tide across the pebbly shore was in his ears; the salt wind was in his throat.
  • After killing the camel, continued the young man, "the sheik became quiet. The evil spirit had passed out of him; and he sat down upon the sand. Then his wives came up to him; and he talked to them kindly, and put his hands on each of the children, and called them by name. They screamed when they looked at him, and Golah told them not to be frightened; that he would wash his face and frighten them no more. The little boy led him to the water and he rushed into the sea as far as he could wade. He went there to die. Muley ran after to bring him out, and they were both drowned. I could not help them, for I was starving!"
  • A wave of grief washed over her, darker than the sorrow she felt for dying King Louis. She had hoped for so much from Orlando. She had loved him so. And now that love was dead.
  • Thorpe, however, spent a little money--not much--and transformed Camp One. Every bunk was provided with a tick, which the men could fill with hay, balsam, or hemlock, as suited them. Cheap but attractive curtains on wires at once brightened the room and shut each man's "bedroom" from the main hall. The deacon seat remained but was supplemented by a half-dozen simple and comfortable chairs. In the center of the room stood a big round table over which glowed two hanging lamps. The table was littered with papers and magazines. Home life was still further suggested by a canary bird in a gilt cage, a sleepy cat, and two pots of red geraniums. Thorpe had further imported a washerwoman who dwelt in a separate little cabin under the hill. She washed the men's belongings at twenty-five cents a week, which amount Thorpe deducted from each man's wages, whether he had the washing done or not. This encouraged cleanliness. Phil scrubbed out every day, while the men were in the woods.
  • Luckily, one can be an addict in style, he liked to repeat to himself as he inhaled another dose of funfetamine and washed it down with a Hot Benedictus cocktail.
  • Sometimes, the potash would be bought from homeowners by peddlers, called "ashies". They would then make the soap themselves and sell it back to the people for a profit. Soap makers and candle makers were often the same person, since they both dealt with fats and fires. They were called "chandlers". Sodium hydroxide would soon replace the potash in making lye, eliminating that aspect of soap making. The grease in soap makes it difficult for dirt and germs to hang on, allowing them toslip offand be washed down the drain.
  • Daniel left the room, saying that he had to go to the bathroom to wash his hands, which appeared to be a logical excuse for a tidy vampire. Instead, he sped into New York City to a diamond guy he knew on 47th Street. Daniel did all of the craftsmanship on the ring himself, adding 'diamond designer' to his list of extensive competencies.
  • Good job there, Will. You know, it's a good thing you were not alive in 1912 or, for sure, you would somehow have managed to land a consulting gig on the Titanic. Yeah. Or even better, you could be washing dishes on the Hindenburg! One day, long into the future, some nosey archeologists will be digging through the rubble around here and come upon a large stone bearing the inscription, ‘It was that crazy socialist's fault!'
  • In under six months, they had a flotilla of carrier-sized slabs joined together and all the rough spots sanded, pounded, and ground off. The water around the ship was spotted with floating gravel, like a speedboat's props ate a thousand Styrofoam coolers. Every day, villagers in small canoes came out and netted them out like leafs on a giant pool. The buoys and a twenty-mile long net kept their debris from washing ashore all across the island chains, but even that wasn't perfect. Storms could still wash a few over the nets. This was the state's main topic of complaint, debris.
  • Louisa instinctively tightened her grip on her embroidered purse, where the spoils of her plundering were safely hidden. ‘Yes,’ she said faintly, a wave of hauteur beginning to wash over her features, ‘I confess I was admiring it.’
  • After she had finished her dance, the veiled women again emerged from thezenana, carrying a large silver vessel, and saluted Allaudin. He was brought to the center of the square, where they began to remove the red bindings on his hands and feet. His hands, then his feet, were bathed in rosewater. After they were dried, he was taken back to the Diwan-i-Khas and attired in yet another of the new suits of clothes given to him by the bride. He returned to the general cheers of the assembled guests, whose hands had also been washed while he was gone.
  • Alastor takes his sword off, tossing it onto the bed. He then starts to remove his outer coat and shirts. Amelia returns to find Alastor half naked. She hands the basin and towel to him, trying to avoid looking at him. Alastor sets the basin down on a nearby vanity, splashing water onto his face and chest. Amelia looks on as he washes, blushing as she does so, but she finds that she cannot look away, for the sight of a large number of scars on Alastor's body will not let her. At least, that is the justification she convinces herself of.
  • Monday, June 2. On last Friday morning, just three weeks from the day the water rose, signs of its falling began. Yesterday the ground appeared, and a hard rain coming down at the same time washed off much of the unwholesome debris. To day is fine, and we went out without a boat for a long walk.
  • Before they had walked very far they were overtaken by a rattling blackboard, drawn by a lean, raw-boned white horse and driven by a cheerful farmer's wife who invited them to "hop in," an invitation which they accepted gratefully. She was going to the Faulkner vendue, she informed them, and her heart was set on three wooden wash tubs and seven yards of ingrain carpet advertised in the list of household goods offered for sale.
  • The remainder of the "jollies" were drawn up in martial array on the after part of the poop, under the command of Captain Targetts and Lieutenants Wagstaff and Shunter of the same serviceable corps; all of the men spick and span in their full regimentals and appearing as smart as if on the parade ground at Forton; although, but a few minutes previously, most of the poor fellows had been washing plates and mess traps, and performing other menial duties below.
  • We are travelling at a good pace, Luka, he said, "and thirty-five miles a day six days a week is quite enough, so on Sundays we will always choose a good camping ground by a stream, wash our clothes, and rest."
  • Within an instant, the same boyish, charming smile washed away his learned and intelligent gaze, pulling her close into a hug. "Yes... but if she forgets, you can tell her."
  • The impact may also have produced acid rain, depending on what type of rock the asteroid struck. However, recent research suggests this effect was relatively minor, lasting for approximately 12 years. The acidity was neutralized by the environment, and the survival of animals vulnerable to acid rain effects (such as frogs) indicate this was not a major contributor to extinction. Impact theories can only explain very rapid extinctions, since the dust clouds and possible sulfuric aerosols would wash out of the atmosphere in a fairly short timepossibly under ten years.
  • They worked the dirt out of the soiled clothes, washing and rinsing, wringing and hanging. Finally, the last and dirtiest of the loads was soaking. These were the mens and the older boys work pants. All real dirty, especially on the knees, thighs and seats.
  • Then I drank from the clear pool, and after washing my hands and face continued my flight. Above the source of the brook I encountered a rugged climb to the summit of a long ridge. Beyond was a steep declivity to the shore of a placid, inland sea, upon the quiet surface of which lay several beautiful islands.
  • In the great sea-shell I boiled the turtle, not without the greatest trouble. The Links ate the meat, for I felt no hankering after this species after one trial. The shell was all I had expected, when at last it was clean, for I had felt the need of a basin in which to wash.
  • Dowl eyed Sallis neutrally, taking in his obvious youth and finally deigned to answer. "Having a hole poked through the middle is unusual in this city," he replied. "When I wash a body, it's not normally covered in blood."
  • She didnt sleep. She spent the hours making up new poultices or washing out the soiled bandages and setting them near the brazier to dry. Her sicklewort came from the forest. The leaves were dried for future use in teas or syrups, while the stalks were mashed and boiled in water until the mixture congealed. She kept the jelly in a tightly closed earthen pot in a dark corner of her quarters until some accident necessitated its use. To make a poultice she mixed the jelly with a little barley meal, which gave it an even consistency, and suet, which made it spreadable, put it on a clean cloth, warmed it over the fire and applied it directly to the wound.
  • I reached the shore of Hailey Bay after having used every last ounce of willpower in me. I clawed at the rocky shore and dragged myself away from the waves, past the broken pieces of debris that had washed up before me. I collapsed beside a pile of rotted seaweed with my face pressed into the decaying pillow. I closed my eyes for what I thought was a second.
  • Master bedroom with double bed and en-suite shower, wash basin, wc and hair dryer.
  • I sat back with a smile. I propped my hands behind my head, interlacing my fingers. I realized I didnt much care whether they let me off. This really was it. I had an out, finally. I let that feeling wash over me.
  • Hob oven fridge/freezer microwave dishwasher washing machine iron/ironing board tv room fans barbecue shared pool outside the apartment has 3 terraces.
  • Annie glanced down quickly at Tressa hoping the same thing. She knew she could kill any unhatched eggs from the pest with a simple wash of coal oil, but if the inspectors found any trace of the bug, they both would be detained.
  • Cuttlefish bones have also started washing up on west coast beaches in large numbers.
  • I do not have access to clean utensils or have any facilities that i can get to to do any washing up.
  • "Do it," she moaned as she teetered on the edge, her whole body tight with the crest of pleasure about to wash over her. "I want you to!"
  • Hank washed the film, and after it was dry put it in a frame with some paper which he had, and held it up to the gas jet. In a few seconds the picture showed up on the paper fine, just like our writing does when we do it in invisible ink and hold it up to a blaze.
  • Why would you ask a salesman in a washing machine shop, " is water metered here?
  • 'I trust you will forgive me, but I have much work to do in private this evening. You will, I hope, find all things as you wish.'At the door she turned, and after a moment's pause said, 'Let me advise you, my dear young friend. Nay, let me warn you with all seriousness, that should you leave these rooms you will not by any chance go to sleep in any other part of the castle. It is old, and has many memories, and there are bad dreams for those who sleep unwisely. Be warned! Should sleep now or ever overcome you, or be like to do, then haste to your own chamber or to these rooms, for your rest will then be safe. But if you be not careful in this respect, then,’ she finished her speech in a gruesome way, for she motioned with her hands as if she were washing them. I quite understood. My only doubt was as to whether any dream could be more terrible than the unnatural, horrible net of gloom and mystery which seemed closing around me.
  • The icy water chilled his mouth and sent feelers of pain racing through his tongue and teeth. He swallowed quickly and then sucked warm outside air through his teeth to neutralize the cold. He smiled and greedily sucked up another mouthful of the crystal clear liquid. This time he held the water in his mouth and after it had warmed up slightly he sloshed it around in his mouth to wash away the gritty, dry feeling along with the sticky half dried spit which coated his throat.
  • "This was looked for at your hand, but this was balked! The double gilt of this opportunity you let time wash off, and you are now sailed into the North of my ladys opinion!—where you will hang like an icicle on a Dutchmans beard unless you do redeem it by some laudable attempt, either of valour or policy."
  • Gleve paused in his task and studied his patient for a moment. There were tears running down Keiran's cheeks. No, not cold, upset. "Oh Keiran, what's happened to you?" he asked. When Keiran did not respond, Gleve went back to his careful washing.
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