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Okunuşu: / wɔː / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: war
Ekler: wars
Türü: fiil, isim, sıfat


f. savaşmak, harp etmek, muharebe etmek, cenk etmek;
düşmanlık etmek, düşman olmak.

i. savaş, harp, muharebe;

s. savaşa özgü, savaşta kullanılan, savaş sonucu oluşan.

war için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Adolph Koenitz never became an American citizen, despite the fact that he had lived in San Francisco twenty years and operated three steamers out of this port. He was a reserve officer in the German Navy; and when the war broke out he interned his ships, placed his entire estate in his wife's name and reported for duty. He perished in the Battle of Jutland, both his boys were killed at Verdun, and now his widow would like to sell the Bavarian and get some cash. She had a large income from an estate in Germany, but the war cut that off.
  • Here it is, said Harry. "Petrol just arranged. Supply on way. Reach Bray Friday. Von Wedel may come. Red light markers arranged. Ealing Houndsditch Buckingham Admiralty war Office. Closing."
  • Running back to the casemate, he snatched a handful of powder, spread it thinly on deck, well away from the load, and placed a lighted match to it. There was no flame or puff of smoke, no explosion--nothing! The match simply burnt up and went out. Then the Su-chen's captain took a pinch of the stuff between his fingers and put it in his mouth, tasting it. A moment later he spat it out on deck with a cry of horror and amazement, for what had passed for powder in all those old cartridges was nothing but granulated charcoal! Then Frobisher recollected Wong-lih's accusation of peculation on the part of mandarins and other high officials who filled their pockets at the expense of their country, and how the admiral had said that it would be a bad thing for China if she had to go to war under conditions such as then obtained.
  • It is hard to say; but I am satisfied that there is a general Indian war much nearer at hand than Major Wilkins is willing to admit, and in that case we must be prepared at any moment for all sorts of unexpected happenings. I only wish I was by my sister's side in one of Cuyler's boats, and could give the lieutenant warning of what to expect.
  • Yes, replied the commander of the Sylph. "Vice Admiral Sir Frederick Sturdee, chief of the war staff, is hereabouts with a powerful fleet. The fact has been generally kept a secret, but I am in possession of that much information."
  • Of the total deaths in World war II, approximately 85 percent-mostly Soviet and Chinese-were on the Allied side and 15 percent on the Axis side. Many of these deaths were caused by war crimes committed by German and Japanese forces in occupied territories. An estimated 11 million to 17 civilians died as a direct or indirect result of Nazi ideological policies, including the systematic genocide of around six million Jews during The Holocaust along with a further five million Roma, homosexuals as well as Slavs and other ethnic and minority groups.
  • The modernization drive brought considerable demographic changes to Algeria. Village traditions underwent significant change as urbanization increased. New industries emerged and agricultural employment was substantially reduced. Education was extended nationwide, raising the literacy rate from less 10% to over 60%. Fertility rates had been consistently among the highest in the world. Therefore by 1980, there was a very youthful population and a housing crisis. The new generation struggled to relate to the cultural obsession with the war years and two conflicting protest movements developed: communists, including Berber identity movements; and Islamic intgristes. Both groups protested against one-party rule but also clashed with each other in universities and on the streets during the 1980s. Mass protests from both camps in autumn 1988 forced Bendjedid to concede the end of one-party rule.
  • In the 21st century, however, the number of armed conflicts in Africa has steadily declined. For instance, the civil war in Angola came to an end in 2002 after nearly 30 years. This has coincided with many countries abandoning communist style command economies and opening up for market reforms. The improved stability and economic reforms have led to a great increase in foreign investment into many African nations, mainly from China, which has spurred quick economic growth in many countries, seemingly ending decades of stagnation and decline. Several African economies are among the world's fasted growing as of 2011. A significant part of this growth can also be attributed to the facilitated diffusion of information technologies and specifically mobile telephony.
  • They didn't shoot,"" was the reply, ""because they had nothing to shoot with. I have made up my mind that they are an unwarlike people. I don't believe that they have the slightest idea what a gun is. Yet they are no cowards, and they'll fight if there is need of fighting, and no doubt they have weapons of some kind; only they are not natural slaughterers like ourselves, and I shouldn't be surprised if war is unknown on Venus."
  • "That fleet is there only to exert pressure to get Bin Laden handed over," the president stressed. "We dont want war with the whole of the Arab Confederation under any circumstances."
  • As their poverty offers no temptation to the marauder, and as they are inoffensive in their habits, they are never the objects of warfare: should one of them, however, fall into the hands of a war party, he is sure to be made a sacrifice, for the sake of that savage trophy, a scalp, and that barbarous ceremony, a scalp dance. These forlorn beings, forming a mere link between human nature and the brute, have been looked down upon with pity and contempt by the creole trappers, who have given them the appellation of "les dignes de pitie," or "the objects of pity."; They appear more worthy to be called the wild men of the mountains.
  • Karl Gustav noted quickly how terrible his task was. The war spread around him as widely as the sea spreads around a ship lost in the waters. Prussia was on fire; on fire was Great Poland, which had first accepted his sovereignty, and first wished to throw off the Swedish yoke; Little Poland was on fire, and so were Russia, Lithuania, and Jmud. In the castles and large towns the Swedes maintained themselves yet, as if on islands; but the villages, the forests, the fields, the rivers, were already in Polish hands. Not merely a single man, or small detachments, but a whole regiment might not leave the main Swedish army for two hours; for if it did the regiment vanished without tidings, and prisoners who fell into the hands of peasants died in terrible tortures.
  • More than 3,500 iraqis were killed last month, the highest civilian monthly toll since the war began.
  • That was a terrible war question which was troubling Ned himself. Whatever might have been the evil doings of either of the two governments, or of all the scheming, ambitious politicians, the helpless people of Mexico were in no manner to blame. Why, then, he asked himself, should any of them, like Anita, for instance, be killed by cannon-shot or torn in pieces by bursting shells? He could not settle the matter in his mind just then, but he said to her, encouragingly:
  • It asks whether the experience of total war created demands for a radical, or even socialist, reconstruction of society.
  • Awhile ago it was the Irish, now it is the Chinese that must go. Such is the cry. It seems, after all, that no country is bound to submit to immigration any more than to invasion; each is war to the knife, and resistance to either but legitimate defence. Yet we may regret the free tradition of the republic, which loved to depict herself with open arms, welcoming all unfortunates. And certainly, as a man who believes that he loves freedom, I may be excused some bitterness when I find her sacred name misused in the contention. It was but the other day that I heard a vulgar fellow in the Sand- lot, the popular tribune of San Francisco, roaring for arms and butchery. "At the call of Abraham Lincoln," said the orator, "ye rose in the name of freedom to set free the negroes; can ye not rise and liberate yourselves from a few dirty Mongolians?"
  • Joe turned to his brother. "Well stay in Sicily just until the war ends. Then well come back here to our home." He kissed Annie on the top of her head.
  • Prince Andrew's joyous feeling was considerably weakened as he approached the door of the minister's room. He felt offended, and without his noticing it the feeling of offense immediately turned into one of disdain which was quite uncalled for. His fertile mind instantly suggested to him a point of view which gave him a right to despise the adjutant and the minister. "Away from the smell of powder, they probably think it easy to gain victories!" he thought. His eyes narrowed disdainfully, he entered the room of the Minister of war with peculiarly deliberate steps. This feeling of disdain was heightened when he saw the minister seated at a large table reading some papers and making pencil notes on them, and for the first two or three minutes taking no notice of his arrival. A wax candle stood at each side of the minister's bent bald head with its gray temples. He went on reading to the end, without raising his eyes at the opening of the door and the sound of footsteps.
  • Compare that with the situation that Kissinger faced after the 1973 war where the Arabs and Israelis faced real urgency and pressure to come up with an agreement; or Bakers diplomacy leading up the Madrid peace conference where the U.S. had leverage and power. Woody Allen was wrong. Eighty percent of life isnt just showing up; its showing up at the right time.
  • "As I have said, I have asked the war Com to recall our army. It is now time he profess his strategies to deal with our many enemies."
  • Nay, Mother, we do but try to take back our own; as father well said, the cattle that were brought in are all English, that have been taken from us by the Bairds; and we do but pay them back in their own coin. It makes but little difference whether we are at war or peace. These reiving caterans are ever on the move. It was but last week that Adam Gordon and his bands wasted Tynedale, as far as Bellingham; and carried off, they say, two thousand head of cattle, and slew many of the people. If we did not cross the border sometimes, and give them a lesson, they would become so bold that there would be no limit to their raids.
  • In 1917, during World war I, Congress created the forerunner of the debt limit as a way to give President Woodrow Wilsons administration more latitude. The limit was designed to "eliminate the need for Congress to approve each new debt issuance and provide Treasury with greater discretion" in how it finances government borrowing, according to a 2011 Government Accountability Office report.
  • Why, what's to fear? he said. "It's a Christian country, this, and Christian men do not make war upon the wounded, nor upon those who harbour them." He still had, you see, illusions about Christians. He held a glass of cordial, prepared under his directions, to his lordship's lips. "Give your mind peace, my lord. The worst is done."
  • With which to retire when the war is over, put in another. "Why, we can go to America and live at ease for years to come."
  • At the men's end of the table the talk grew more and more animated. The colonel told them that the declaration of war had already appeared in Petersburg and that a copy, which he had himself seen, had that day been forwarded by courier to the commander in chief.
  • It is said that the war minister mentioned to the prime minister that such an action would result in fairly heavy british casualties.
  • In the first place,"" resumed the Admiral, ""you must know that relations between Great Britain and the United States are, and for some time have been, of an especially cordial nature. Throughout the great war Great Britain has been compelled to buy a large part of her food and munitions in the United States. Except for her being able to do so she would have been forced out of the war and the Entente Allies would have been defeated. There are Englishmen who will make you feel that the saving force of the United States is greatly appreciated in England, just as there are other Englishmen who will remark stupidly that the United States as a seller, has had a great opportunity to grow rich at England's expense."
  • "Nay, nay, Octavia, not only thatthat were excusable, that, and thousands more of semblable importbut he hath waged new wars gainst Pompey!—and made his will, read it to public ear!—but spoke scantly of me!
  • In July, 1814, when a British fleet and army were in the Chesapeake, the authorities of Alexandria again called the attention of the Secretary of war to the feeble condition of Fort Washington. The secretary did not believe the enemy would push for the capital, and nothing was done. The Alexandrians appealed to General Winder, who recommended the strengthening of the post. Three of the banks in Alexandria offered to loan the government fifty thousand dollars for the construction of more defences for the District. The money was accepted, but nothing was done to Fort Washington. When the battle of Bladensburg occurred, and the seat of government was left to the mercy of the invaders, Fort Washington was as feebly armed as ever, and its garrison consisted of only about eighty men, under Captain Samuel T. Dyson.
  • It was one of the supreme days in the history of Mars, when grim war passed and became but a memory. The effect was instantaneous. At once the people of the different nations were drawn together to their mutual advantage. Commerce became world-wide, one language was adopted, and the arts of peace flourished as never before. Men began to feel that they were one family, national distinctions were made little of, and the world drifted gradually toward universal brotherhood."
  • To accustom the Indians to his mode of worship, he commenced chanting the litany of the Virgin. He had a well-trained, melodious voice. The Indians were pleased with the novel strains floating over the still waters. Paddle in hand they paused to listen. Adroitly, he led them to believe that the Good Spirit had taught him to sing, and had sent him to them for their diversion. It would seem, on the whole, that the Indians treated their captives with remarkable kindness. The canoe of the Frenchmen was heavily laden with articles for trade, and there were but three to paddle. They therefore found it very difficult to keep up with the well-manned war canoes of the savages. The chief placed one or two warriors on board the Frenchmen's boat, to help them stem the current. It was with difficulty that the little fleet accomplished more than twenty or twenty-five miles a day.
  • In the wars, he said, "you may defend me whoever assails me, or if robbers or any common persons attack me, but if I arrange a meeting with a gentleman, and any knave basely interferes, then is he damned hereafter as well as accursed now; for, the laws of Chivalry being founded on true religion, the penalty for their breach is by no means confined to this world."
  • Let me go with thee, Peter, she said, clapping her hands with pleasure. "It is all I ask. But if we would not be followed by war canoes, which could easily overtake us, we must use much cunning in the manner of our going."
  • This misadventure did not, however, terminate the war. On the contrary, rat-hunting became a favourite pastime during the voyage down the Red Sea. Our hero, of course, took his turn at the fighting, but we believe that he never received a medal for his share in that war.
  • The officers, on the other hand, were depressed at the news. To them it meant that they might be years before they again obtained employment, that all chances of gaining distinction or promotion were at an end, and that they would be reduced to live on their scanty half-pay for an indefinite time. Mr. Addington indeed, who was now in power, thought only of retrenchment, and although it was evident to every thinking person that such a peace could only be of short duration, he crippled the country by paying off the greater portion of her ships-of-war; and when in May in the following year war again broke out, and Pitt returned to power, the whole work of getting the navy into fighting order had to be done over again. Two days after the fleet anchored at Spithead, Edgar was delighted to see his father on board a shore-boat that came alongside.
  • Many years had passed, but Tallin never forgot what he suffered at the emperors hands. During the Dragon Wars, Tallin and Duskeye were captured as prisoners of war. They suffered unimaginable cruelties. Tallin never broke his silence, but in the end, Tallin suffered for nothing. All the other dragon riders bowed under torture. As soon as they revealed their secrets, the emperor slaughtered them, and their dragons as well. If the emperor was lucky enough to capture a dragon and a rider together, he killed the dragon first, and then the rider. If the emperor only captured one, he would shatter the dragon stone using necromancy and kill them both. The emperor tried to avoid using the second method, because shattering the dragon stone usually cost him the life of one of his necromancers, as well.
  • After the war he returned to the city where he was born, manchester, and joined a local group of singing minstrels.
  • Ned believed that a full disclosure of the facts in the case would send warships to Asuncion. He believed that an international complication might breed open war unless he succeeded in getting Lyman away without open conflict with the authorities of the little republic. But how?
  • "I thank you, indeed, sir, and shall ever feel beholden to you; and I will, moreover, give you my knightly word that, whatever service I may have to perform, I will never again war with the Welsh.
  • "This means that I am a prisoner," thought Hadden, "but it will go hard if I cannot manage to give them the slip somehow. I don't intend to stay in this country if war is declared, to be pounded into mouti (medicine), or have my eyes put out, or any little joke of that sort."
  • From this time onward, a number of famous soldiers arose, one after the other: Kao-fan, [7] who was employed by the Chin State; Wang-tzu, [8] in the service of Ch`i; and Sun Wu, in the service of Wu. These men developed and threw light upon the principles of war.
  • "Worthy Martius, had we no quarrel else with Rome but that thou art thence banished, we would muster all from twelve to seventy, and, pouring war into the bowels of ungrateful Rome, like a bold flood oerbear!"
  • The rocket blast had not only blown up the escalade but it also started a fire that also destroyed the Crips hangout. By the time we got back near our hangout, the place was also engulfed with flames and bodies were scattered around the street. I must have been out for more than a few seconds because the war had shifted and then came to a bloody end.
  • Now the two men were each in dangerous territory, having exchanged positions. Rhirid was between the Normans and Longsword; Longsword was between the Welsh and Rhirid. Delamere had rushed forward upon hearing Rhirids war cry. The Welsh shouted out to their chief; Rhirid looked over his shoulder and saw Delamere bearing down on him. He barely had time to react. Delamere pulled up just short of the Welshman, sword flailing wildly. Rhirid blocked the swipes, but his horse was intimidated by the Normans snorting, prancing stallion and backed nervously away. Delamere pressed his advantage, urging his mount closer and closer, propelling the Welsh horse backwards. Rhirid pulled hard on the reins but his horse wasnt bred, as were the Norman mounts, for steadfastness under the duress of warfare. The animal was too terrified to heed any of Rhirids exhortations.
  • In 1933, France occupied Andorra as a result of social unrest before elections. On July 12, 1934, adventurer Boris Skossyreff issued a proclamation in Urgell, declaring himself "Boris I, King of Andorra", simultaneously declaring war on the Bishop of Urgell. He was arrested by Spanish authorities on July 20 and ultimately expelled from Spain. From 1936 to 1940, a French detachment was garrisoned in Andorra to prevent influences of the Spanish Civil war and Francoist Spain. Francoist troops reached the Andorran border in the later stages of the war. During World war II, Andorra remained neutral and was an important smuggling route between Vichy France and Spain.
  • "Yes it is. Both Elves and Iumenta use dragon domes. They were invented toward the end of the war of Generations," Mantic said.
  • So I thought although I said nothing, for since we had come off scatheless, what did it matter? Well, this. It showed me that the signet of the Great King was indeed to be dreaded and coveted, even here in Egypt. If Idernes could get it into his possession, what might he not do with it? Cause himself to be proclaimed Pharaoh perhaps and become the forefather of an independent dynasty. Why not, when the Empire of the East was taxed with a great war elsewhere? And if this was so why should not Peroa do the same, he who had behind him all Old Egypt, maddened with its wrongs and foreign rule?
  • The scenery was exceedingly beautiful as well as peaceful. There was nothing whatever to suggest that a dreadful war was going on. There were houses of friends to stop at, instead of hotels. There were towns and villages of some importance to be rapidly investigated by a tourist like Ned, from New York by way of England, and now a good young Mexican for the time being. Then there was an exciting evening, when all who were on horseback rode ahead of the wagons and on into the city, which occupies the site of the wonderful Tenochtitlan, which was captured by Hernando Cortes and his daring adventurers ever so long ago. From that time onward, during a number of busy days, Ned became better and better satisfied with the fact that his father had sent him across the sea to learn all that he could of Mexico and the Mexicans.
  • "It was a plain, double-edged, admirably-tempered dagger--a very workmanlike article indeed. On the cross hilt of it I swore one day that I would live thenceforth for one thing alone--the discovery of the murderer of old D'Avray's child, whom I had promised him to care for before all. When I had found this man, whoever he was, I also swore that I would kill him. Kill him myself, you understand; without any of the law's delay or uncertainty, without troubling bourreau or hangman. Kill him as he had killed her--to do this was what I meant to live for. There was war to the knife between him and me.
  • Well, if that be really so, he answered, "war is worth the making, for man himself is of no importance, only the son of man. But since you do see that war is bad for some--for those very some whom it is the ruler's business to protect--you will not now be too aggressive, and, as for the aggressions of others, I assure you that for the future no negro will ever dream of daring to molest or offend you."
  • After the French war was over, Rogers was appointed to the command of the post at Michilimackinac. His accounts did not come out right. He always had that failing, and he went to England to explain matters. While over there, he was riding one night in a stage-coach over Hounslow Heath, when a masked highwayman stopped the coach, and thrusting his pistols in at the window, told the passengers to hand over their money and watches. They were doing so, when Rogers, who was wonderfully strong, quickly reached out, grabbed the highwayman by the collar of his coat, pulled him into the coach, sat on him, took away his pistols, tied him up, and delivered him over to the authorities. He was an old offender, for whose apprehension a reward of £50 had been offered, which Rogers claimed and received.
  • Never mind! he exclaimed half aloud. "Never mind! We shall have a big war on our hands directly. Hurrah for war, and its glorious chances!--Pincher, you fool, what the deuce is the matter with you?"
  • There was no bond between them and their fellow-men but money, and the moment that was snapped they were looked upon in their true nature as criminals and outcasts from the pale of humanity. By sundown, when the Ithuriel left for the seat of war, the members of the Ring and those of the late Government who refused to acknowledge the Federation were lodged in prison, and news had been received from Montreal that the simultaneous rising of the Canadian Section had been completely successful, and that all the railways and arsenals and ships of war were in the hands of the Terrorists, so completing the capture of the North American continent.
  • If I had an enemy in a trap, my scheme would be to keep him there and not to let him walk out through an open door, laughed a young captain. "The war might have been finished to-day; now it's likely to go on for another twelvemonth."
  • Sir jeremy has called the war " politically illegitimate " and his book is being blocked.
  • "Tomorrow. And tomorrow night…" She smiled, looking forward to it. Ileana sighed. She had a feeling than when Jessamine would become queen, she would change a lot of rules. Not all changes would be bad, some would be for the better, but still... after the war with the Kadenites, the Amazons didn't really need another reformist queen... or did they?
  • Captain Ames of the Panther immediately communicated with the admiralty and arrangements were made to tow the dock to Antigua, where she would be kept as a naval reserve until the end of the war and then allowed to proceed to Buenos Aires.
  • "Oh, after me. That would be John F. Kennedy and Nikita Chroesjtsjov. They are the ones who will determine whether there will be a Third World war or not, and if that happens, the Fourth World war will be fought with sticks and stones."
  • Therefore, it was considered just as well that the British keep the German high sea fleet bottled up and give it no chance to reach the open, where, although the greater part might be sent to the bottom, some vessels might escape and embark upon a cruise of commerce warfare. This bloodless victory, it was pointed out, was of just as great value to Great Britain as if all the German ships of war had been at the bottom of the North Sea. Bottled up as they were, they were just as ineffective.
  • The image of a large group of people with tinfoil on their heads being slopped by crap filled my head and I bit down hard on my tongue to keep from laughing. For the second time today, my eyes filled with tears and Star wars turned to me tapping is shoulder.
  • "Did you hear what he said?" Hawksworth turned to Shirin, who stood waiting, a light smile erasing some of the fatigue in her face. "Hes planning to recruit another army of Rajputs. This war is only beginning. Good Christ, when will it end?"
  • I don't know about that, Saduko. I never promised you that I would make war upon Bangu--with or without the king's leave.
  • Within a fortnight of the day of my discomfiture in the hut I was quite well and strong again, my ribs, or whatever part of me it was that the buffalo had injured with his iron knees, having mended up. Also, I was anxious to be going, having business to attend to in Natal, and, as no more had been seen or heard of Saduko, I determined to trek homewards, leaving a message that he knew where to find me if he wanted me. The truth is that I was by no means keen on being involved in his private war with Bangu. Indeed, I wished to wash my hands of the whole matter, including the fair Mameena and her mocking eyes.
  • "This isn't a coup or piracy. Now, the lattermaking private war could be somewhat stickier, I'll admit, but if we can avoid publicity, it won't be announced to the world by me. Further, it'll be clear we acted in the interests of the locals. And if worse comes to worst we can simply stay there, safe from American law."
  • He jumped from his seat, and immediately sat down with a rude jar on the ice; but, nothing daunted, he quickly scrambled to his feet and began to dance like a wild Indian might when the war tocsin sounds through the village, and all his primeval instincts are aroused by the thought of fighting and plunder.
  • Talsy stood on a windswept plain of sparse grass, facing an army of Hashon Jahar. They stood like ebon statues, unmoving save for the horses' manes and tails blowing in the wind. She retreated several steps, her breath catching and heart pounding. The ten-deep ranks of Black Riders stretched away in either direction, facing her... or what was behind her. She turned to find a city defended by a high wall of grey stone crowned with crenulations, aflutter with war banners and bright pennants of rebellion.
  • "Tell me, sweet Kate, and tell me truly, too: hast thou beheld a fresher gentlewoman? Such a war of white and red within her cheeks! What stars do spangle heaven with such beauty as those two eyes become that heavenly face?"
  • Neither of them really doubted for a moment that war was coming. It was in the air. The attack on the little shop that they had helped to avert was only one of many, although there was no real rioting in London. Such scenes were simply the result of excitement, and no great harm was done anywhere. But the tension of which such attacks were the result was everywhere. For the next three days there was very little for anyone to do.
  • Hung over next morning McCormick became even more vitriolic on seeing Chance. "Jefferson Davis was a crook, shouldve been charged with war crimes. The Southerners were fools to follow him. But what would you expect from a bunch of illiterate louts, with all their inbreeding and clutches of bastards. Nothing to do all day but drink bourbon and diddle their slaves..."
  • Then, again, would I ask myself, was I very sure of this? And so the two questions were flung the one against the other; my conscience divided itself into two parties, and they waged a war that filled me with a depressing uncertainty.
  • Because, in the first place, we are at war with them, and would prevent them gaining any advantage. In the second place, because Egypt is a step on the way to India. There we are fighting with one of the great native princes, who has, they say, been promised help by the French, who are most jealous of us, since we have destroyed their influence there, and deprived them of their chance of becoming masters of a large portion of the country.
  • Fixed-wing aircraft were first used militarily by the Italians in Libya on 23 October 1911 during the Italo-Turkish war for reconnaissance, soon followed by the dropping of grenades and aerial photography the next year. By 1914, their military utility was obvious. They were initially used for reconnaissance and ground attack. To shoot down enemy planes, anti-aircraft guns and fighter aircraft were developed. Strategic bombers were created, principally by the Germans and British, though the former used Zeppelins as well. Towards the end of the conflict, aircraft carriers were used for the first time, with HMS Furious launching Sopwith Camels in a raid to destroy the Zeppelin hangars at Tondern in 1918.
  • Then there were greetings of lovers and friends, well known to each other by public report and familiar description, yet never seen in the flesh till now, and of others long parted by distance and by misconception of aims and motives. But however pleasing it might be to dwell at length upon the details of such a meeting, and its delightful contrast to the horrors of unsparing war and merciless destruction, there is now no space to do so, for the original limits of this history of the near future have already been reached and overpassed, and it is time to make ready for the curtain to descend upon the last scenes of the world-drama of the Year of Wonders--1904.
  • Now then! I said to myself, "here is a difference right away. Zenith says Thorwald must tell it; Thorwald would like to do so, but insists on sacrificing himself for Zenith's sake. Now, what if Zenith should prefer the pleasure of self-denial, and refuse to let Thorwald immolate his desire so readily? What could prevent war in this happy family? Would a quarrel be any less a quarrel because its cause was unselfishness rather than selfishness?"
  • During the prior Christmas, as she had mentioned to Aunt Helen, Stephanie had made an eager search through her grandparents' bookshelves. In one far corner of the room, where she headed now, she remembered, one shelf which looked as though a team of bobcats had been brought in and set to the task of shredding the covers of black and red velvet annuals and albums. The old tomes with titles like Benson Beauties and Copper State Capers promised hours of harmless escapades, if you could get past the spidery strings tickling your forearms and calves. There were foxy and dog-eared war documents from the files of old Fort Critterdon stripped naked of their covers (what depredations they had endured!) and stacks of broken and beaten book covers which had collapsed without their pages. And on one momentous afternoon she found a book which was wonderful. It concerned a murder! She would get that book to read to Aunt Helen.
  • 'Then the man's heart was heavy, and he knew that his path was evil, and he put aside the tempting of the woman and ceased to make war on his brother, and lived at peace in the same kraal with him. And after a time the woman came to him and said, "I have lost the past, I will be thy wife." And in his heart he knew that it was a lie and that she thought the evil thing, yet because of his love did he take her to wife.
  • Although the civil war which overthrew despotism, and planted the present line on the throne, had occurred so long before, our new friend spoke of it with as much interest as if it had but lately been concluded. Such an occurrence, indeed, was the great event in the lives of a generation.
  • But their unofficial alliance had begun to go wrong. Very wrong. And what had gone wrong was the most obvious problem of all. Jadar had lived half his life in army camps, fighting the Moghuls wars because he was the only son who could fight them, and he no longer saw any reason to relinquish his battle-earned inheritance to the queen.
  • During the war there was very little trafficking in ivory because it was a luxury. With peace came a big demand and the price soared to more than 200 francs a kilo. The ordinary price is about forty. One trader at Stanleyville cleaned up a profit of 3,000,000 francs in three months. Then came the inevitable reaction and with it a unique situation. In their mad desire to corral ivory the traders ran up the normal price that the native hunters received. The moment the boom burst the white buyers sought to regulate their purchases accordingly. The native, however, knows nothing about the law of demand and supply and he holds out for the boom price. The outcome is that hundreds of tons of ivory are piled up in the villages and no power on earth can convince the savage that there is such a thing as the ebb and flow of price. Such is commercial life in the jungle.
  • Now he was going to war for her, and he thought it was his own idea. Sahsca bared her teeth in what might be considered a smile on the face of a less bitter woman, and flung aside the red-dyed woolen curtains of the Khans inner court. She paused, waiting for her presence to stop all other conversation.
  • We all remember the war in the Soudan in which the Mahdi figured so largely, said Uncle Moses. "I should like to know something more about him."
  • "As there also exists a secret compact between Britain and the Triple Alliance, binding all four powers to declare war the moment one is threatened, the disclosure of this treaty must infallibly lead to war in a few weeks. In addition to this, measures have been taken to detach Italy from the Triple Alliance at the last moment, if possible. Success in this respect is, however, somewhat uncertain.
  • I hope he gets a good licking! Dave exclaimed. "Those poor people didn't have a chance. They were helpless. I don't see how he thinks he can win the war that way."
  • The telescopes were moved after the second world war to herstmonceux, where the 26-inch refractor can still be seen today.
  • "I wish you well. I cannot forget the great service that you did me, and I hope that you will return safely from a war soon to end."
  • The war chief was about forty years of age, and his face showed him to be a man of exceptional ability and mental strength. It was easy to understand the iron will with which he ruled the turbulent and warlike Blackfeet. He had thrown aside his blanket and sat in a close-fitting shirt of deerskin, with girdle at the waist, and with leggings and moccasins.
  • Well, my royal aunt knows it is a dangerous innovation. She will have none of it while Louis is away. She is our friend. He is not. He now forbids us barons to make war on one another. He says he will settle all our disputes himself. As if he were man enough to be my master. Altogether, the kingdom will be in better hands with him gone.
  • For the resultant products, their best customer was the mother country, and a lucrative commerce steadily grew up between the two countries. But when the march of events brought the unfortunate and wholly unnecessary war of Independence, this flourishing trade was the first to suffer, and many of the daring fishermen became our fiercest foes on board their own men-of-war.
  • 1627: Thirty Years' war reaches Pomerania, Duchy of Pomerania surrendered to the imperial army in the Capitulation of Franzburg
  • Yep, thet war a Canady wolf all right; an' as they hunt in packs thar must be more on 'em raound these diggin's I spect.
  • In his first stint as prime minister, Abe focused on foreign and military policy -- upgrading the defense agency to a ministry, and unsuccessfully pushing to revise the pacifistconstitution to specify Japans right to self-defense. He visited Beijing and Seoul to smooth ties frayed by Koizumis annual trips to Tokyos Yasukuni shrine, which memorializes World war II war criminals.
  • The image of the church remained crisp in her mind. It brought with it echoes of Connel. Memories of her last living days in Uton flooded back to her. Even now, she could still remember the great conflict between the forces she aligned and the magic casters. The stone church, where people prayed when the Wizard war reached its fury, served as sanctuary for many during the last terrible night of pitched battle. With the knowledge obtained upon her own death, she now knew how important those prayers were. Beyond the steps of the church, she could sense the ancient wall. She could almost feel the solid, powerful stones the dwarves labored to build around Connel. To this day, it remained mostly intact, just as the church stood upon its very same foundation. The image of the church and the wall allowed her a moment of confidence. If they again served in some way to aid those that battled the sphere, so much the better.
  • During world war ii, the demands changed due to burn often suffered by fighter pilots.
  • The sounds he could currently make out from the goblins in the distance were not the fearful squeals of disorganized panic as he would expect, but more of war shouts, and these sounded as if they extended all around the town. That also confused Joel. Goblins usually ran in, quickly took what they deemed important, and then ran out. They didnt take time to whoop and holler. Mixed in with these indiscernible ravings, Joel could make out the screams of humans. It almost sounded as if the goblins were actually targeting the thieves that nested in this otherwise deserted place. Shrieks from these hunted victims continued to grow and Joel began to wonder just what he was up against.
  • It was a cruel, inhuman thing to think of setting these savages against the Americans at all, for their notion of war was simply to murder men, women and children indiscriminately, and to burn houses and take scalps; but to try to make soldiers out of them was in a high degree ridiculous, and Sam could scarcely restrain his disposition to laugh aloud, as he saw them floundering about in trowsers for the first time in their lives and trying to make out what it all meant.
  • The first party consisted of Pfuel and his adherents--military theorists who believed in a science of war with immutable laws--laws of oblique movements, outflankings, and so forth. Pfuel and his adherents demanded a retirement into the depths of the country in accordance with precise laws defined by a pseudo-theory of war, and they saw only barbarism, ignorance, or evil intention in every deviation from that theory. To this party belonged the foreign nobles, Wolzogen, Wintzingerode, and others, chiefly Germans.
  • Syrians have fled their homeland in droves since its civil war began nearly two years ago. As of January 22, the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said the total number of refugees exceeded 678,000, with three countries bearing the brunt of the exodus: Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, each of which UNHCR says now houses more than 150,000 displaced Syrians.
  • Lady Tintagel with Jessie and Archie were going up to town on Monday to attend Helena's wedding the day after, and all through the hours of that week-end there was piling up ever higher and more menacingly the storm that so soon was to burst upon Europe in tempest of shot and shell. Before they left on Monday afternoon war was already declared between Russia and Germany, between Germany and France, the territory of Belgium was violated by the barbarian hordes who issued from the Central Empires, and Belgium had appealed, to England to uphold the treaty which Germany had torn up to light the fires of war. But, as in so many English homes in those days, the inevitable still seemed the incredible, and though from time to time they discussed the situation, life went on its normal course. Indeed there was nothing else to be done: whether England was going to war or not, dinner time came round as usual....
  • They had been in this house for many weeks now. Anna, Eric, the maid and a groom who tended the stable. It wasnt extraordinarily big, but it was an estate and it was Erics. His parents were both dead, the father having been killed in the last war against Russia and his mother had died only a few years later. It was the perfect love nest, Anna thought. The estate lay to the west of Stockholm, surrounded by deep forests and farmland. In front of the house was a big lawn that slowly sloped down towards the water of lake Mlaren. In the summer, one could sail a boat from here right into the center of the capital. Now, of course, the boats were all hauled ashore as the ice on the lake became thicker for every day.
  • As I grew in favor with the royal family so did my acceptance in the palace proper. I was welcome in the chamber of the queen and the nephew, as well as the throne room. King Akhenaten saw my presence at war counsel as a good omen. I had heard that the Pharaoh had once been great in battle, but age had slowed his once masterful military mind. I was present when the beautiful Queen Nefertiti posed for statues of her; she would stroke my fur as a distraction to posing. I had even heard that the nephew of the queen, whom I had grown very fond of, would become king before too long. This was due to the fact that the king and queen had only produced daughters. The boy was to wed one of them and ascend to the throne.
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