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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • "Maybe he just wanted them out of the area so they couldnt report his activities to you or anyone else," Hywel said. "Then when Owain heard you were coming, he took his opportunity to set the trap."
  • "No reason, not one that means anything. Devin was at Ricks Christmas party, Kell was gone, and I was horny. Nothing, it meant nothing except that then it didnt matter. Kell wanted a baby and wed been talking about it right before he left. He only wanted me to think about it and while he knew I didnt want kids, he just needed to say it. Needed me to know it was something he wanted. Not something I wanted, maybe that was why."
  • Only twenty-five years old, she said those words as so many young men had heard them. Once the diagnosis was delivered, one or two years were all that remained. A cruel malady, twisted with a discriminating, isolating grip; in growing more ill, death approaching, no one wanted anything to do with those affected.
  • "One daysoon, I thinkI'll be wanting your story in full," Dexter told her, his voice firm. He softened it a little as she looked back at him, a strange look in her eyes. "For now I'll settle with you letting me know how I can tell the sheriff this and have it ring true."
  • Nasan couldn't hold herself back any longer. With barely a glance to Paine to see if he was going to forbid hernot that he was going to stop her if he didshe ran up the stairs to the walltop and made through an obstacle course of cannon, sandbags, and guardmen who wanted to see what was going on, but couldn't leave their stations. She came a centimeter away from tripping on a wheel and splitting her face open.
  • An alarm sounded. Part of me wanted to go back, but even if I had, I probably couldnt have found my way. It seemed as if the hallway was getting darker and smaller. There were fewer doors lining the walls and it was much quieter. I had a sickening feeling that I was about to run into a dead end. I did.
  • Jain wanted to say that Eduard had to stay somewhere and that Marcus the innkeeper needed the coin. But even though she would soon be married, Jain was still considered a child in this house and thus was to be seen and not heard.
  • "He wanted to meet the guy who was messing with Kea. Thats about it." Rordan put down his tray. Borus eyed the slices of meat with interest.
  • She looked farther down at her bush, and closed the blan¬kets about her and towelled her hair again. She felt only an emptiness and bitterly knew that in such a state, far from wanting pleasure, she only wanted to hurt herself. Perhaps thats what puritans meant when they called it self-abuse. Not that she was against giving herself pleasure and she thought about some of her more memorable explorations, which made her feel good and she stopped rubbing her hair and silently laughed. She had done it first while still at school, where the precocious Marian had alerted her to its possibilities, but it wasnt until she had come to live here, at the age of thirty¬two, that she deliberately sat down one evening in this same armchair in her open dressing-gown before a warm fire, and began to explore her body, inch by inch, in a way no man had done and perhaps no man could know how.
  • Before 1095, Andorra did not have any type of military protection and the Bishop of Urgell, who knew that the Count of Urgell wanted to reclaim the Andorran valleys, asked for help and protection from the Lord of Caboet. In 1095, the Lord of Caboet and the Bishop of Urgell signed under oath a declaration of their co-sovereignty over Andorra. Arnalda, daughter of Arnau of Caboet, married the Viscount of Castellb and both became Viscounts of Castellb and Cerdanya. Years later their daughter, Ermessenda, married Roger Bernat II, the French Count of Foix. They became Roger Bernat II and Ermessenda I, Counts of Foix, Viscounts of Castellb and Cerdanya, and also co-sovereigns of Andorra (shared with the Bishop of Urgell).
  • The The Gremlins was published by Random House for Walt Disney and serialized in Cosmopolitan. Disney wanted to make a film based on the book but could not resolve copyright and RAF control over the production.
  • "Oh, all right," she said, choking back a laugh. "You have to promise not to get mad. It's not like I wanted to hide anything from you, I was just —"
  • Jake nervously noddedI suppose I should explain, as I have spoken little (actually not at all) of Jakes nerves. So here you go: he was nervous. Okay, fineIll be more detailed than that. He was really nervous. How much more detailed do you want? Just think how you would be if you had no idea where you were, there were books growing on trees, and a three-eyed man, who mysteriously knows your name, wants to ask you a few questions. Dwell on that a few seconds, would you?
  • Mard said nothing and reached out his hand and Crandall handed him papers. He studied them for a bit, while Joey babbled about wanting to go back to the city because Reno was too rich for his blood. He stopped for breath and I said:
  • Then the silver fog stopped near my heart. It was like it suddenly needed my permission to continue its climb. It was a consent that I just couldnt giveno matter how much I wanted it.
  • Fenj lay now on the ledge of his cave. So many Cycles to ponder on, and now he was unsure whether he was being selfish in wanting to go beyond. They were so very young, Farn and Tika. Could they find the strength and the wisdom to do whatever lay before them? Fenj knew instinctively that trouble was not far off, for the world, not just these two, but they would certainly be in the midst of it.
  • Not a drop of blood marred her skin. All at once, she remembered the hot water and Sebastian holding her in the shower. She recalled the security of his arms protecting her from the horror of what had happened. He held her against his chest, his own clothes soaking as she clung to his neck, her face buried against his throat. She yearned for him then, desperately wanting his presence with every fiber of her soul.
  • "Wait," Aiden whispered back, wanting to see what the bandits did before they acted. Two of them were looking around warily, hoping to spot the archers that brought down the others. One of the bandits was kneeling down to look closer at the arrow and bolt that were sticking up gruesomely, and as Aiden feared, it was obvious to the man what direction they had come from. The hooded figure turned straight towards the copse of trees less than twenty yards from them, and practically looked the young man in the eyes.
  • Those who were in the know thought nothing of the unusual sight of a Major of the Indian Army barging into the office of the Viceroy in Delhi without any appointment. The Major was somebody special. He was betrothed to a close member of the royal family. Also, his father had been a Governor of Bengal. Everybody knew that the Major was paying his dues in India, and would soon return as a hero of the Empire and would be addressed as Your Lordship. If the Major wanted something, he did not bother talking to his military chain-of-command, but simply had a word with the Viceroy. The chain-of-command, in the event, had no real choice.
  • Leslie and her crew walked around most of the day, talking to people in the tribe and getting shots of the sports complex and the reservation. She wanted to focus on shots of the old schools and the new school being built. She focused on government-funded programs being subsidized and often replaced by private funding. She highlighted the white man in the middle of the red mans world.
  • They were now below Greystones, travelling at speed be¬tween the long stretch of narrow beach to the east, and the moorland and mountains to the west. The anger, the assert¬ion had felt good, had given him back a feeling of his strength, of his right to say what he needed and what was detrimental to those needs. He would say it - he would make it plain, and if Connie really wanted that Godforsaken land, she would have to meet him halfway or lose everything. By Arklow, he was looking forward to the summer. Perhaps it would be a season of discovery.
  • They said goodbye to the whole family and the four of them left first. Jenny wanted to have him checked out at the hospital, but as stubborn as she is Connor told her all was fine. On the ride back Mark reminded everyone of their graduation camping trip tomorrow. After they got out of the car, Sarah and Connor quickly ran back to their home in the woods.
  • "It was Saris idea," said Mal. "She wanted this smooth segue where she could just strut across the floor and start in with Vida."
  • So many affairs spoiling perfectly good relationships. Marthe wanted to laugh, but instead she winced at letters piled in their box. No one had even checked the mail.
  • Max sat there for a moment before he finally decided to go and help. He had intended on spending the night in the pub annoying Frank. No part of him wanted to chase an errant dog across the countryside.
  • Terri took out her PDA and thumbed through her apps, she found the one she wanted and activated it. A large roll of duct tape appeared in mid air, she grabbed it and walked over to Shere.
  • Talsy sighed, knowing that he only asked to steer her off the subject, but her curiosity seemed doomed anyway. "I wanted to escape a life of drudgery. A Trueman girl has little to look forward to. My father would have selected a suitable mate for me, who would have paid him for my first child. The second I could keep, if I wished. I would have had to care for my father until his death, then I would have been alone, raising my children. Or I could live with a man, like the woman in the forest, but most men don't want to be burdened with a wife, they prefer to breed a child and raise it."
  • "Yes, the East India Company. I suppose this company of yours wants something from India, and I can easily imagine it might be profit. Perhaps I should tell you straightaway that such matters bore me not a little." The man glanced impatiently back toward the field. "But come, its growing darker as we talk. Id hoped you might join us in our little game. Its elementary. Should be childs play for a man who commands at sea." He turned to one of the men standing by the side of the field. "Ahmed, prepare a stick for Captainby the way, I wasnt given your name."
  • Towards the back of the crowd he saw a tight little group of Councilmen; William Claiborne, Samuel Mathews, Richard Bennett, George Menefie and William Pierce. Robert stiffened a little when he saw them. These men were good friends and business associates of Francis Tyler and it had been assumed that the brothers would follow in Tylers footsteps, sharing the same political views and business ventures. Robert felt the same respect that he would always have for them and as with Menefie, he wanted to remain on good terms with the lot of them. While Robert didnt have any political aspirations himself, he could still learn much from them. They had all been in the colony for many years and each had thriving plantations and controlled the trade with England. Robert knew it would be foolish to alienate them, but by associating with the Yeardley brothers, he feared he might have already done that.
  • Connor awoke at the crack of dawn, like always. Without moving his body he looked down to see Sarah laying in the exact same position, only now her left arm had found its way to lay across his abdominal muscles. She embraced him as if she never wanted to let go. What was obvious to him was that she never had to. Connor never wanted her to go either.
  • Stop this. Get over it, think, do something you stupid bastard! He stood up, thinking he should try to find her, anywayto hell with whether she wanted him around or not. She was alone in an unknown place, after all . . . . He felt a surge of dizziness and sat back down again, hard. He took a breath, but the air felt like knives shoving down into his lungs, and he choked on it, coughing violently. He thought he heard laughter then . . . he was sure someone was laughing at him from far away.
  • "I want no help," Roland said. "This is not your quarrel." But even as he spoke he felt a frustrated fury. He was in chains, fettered by his own ignorance. He had heard of this Didier Longarm, but he did not know where to find him. Though a moment ago he had wanted to kill the Templar, he had to have help.
  • Setting out across the open valley, not much was spoken. No one wanted to draw attention to themselves, however, seven humans and a gold dragon were going to warrant a second look no matter what species you happened to be. Counting off the correct number of paces north and then east put them in the middle of a large group of individual boulders.
  • Lulu stopped, not wanting to get any closer. Arnold moved on and up to the wall and touched it. Nothing happened. Arnold inspected it for the marvellous piece of quartz it was.
  • But nobody was ready yet to actually follow her suggestion. The reason was open and obvious. No one wanted to risk their own children in such a way.
  • Rose nodded. Petra hadnt wanted to marry Garth, nor did she want Lovie back either. Why didnt she tell me, Rose wondered. Then she felt silly. Why didnt I tell her about the baby?
  • Amaranthe Lokdon wanted for attempted sedition and illegal magic use. Do not attempt to apprehend. Kill on sight. By order of Commander of the Armies Hollowcrest.
  • "Why must we drop to our knees, if I may be so bold, young prince?" Cortibis asked.Why must the man add fuel to the fire?Why cant he just leave it alone?Range wanted to slap him and the prince.
  • Barnin had left seeking adventure a year or so ago. He was headstrong and had always wanted to find the resistance and join them. He wasnt anything amazing on a physical level but he made up for it in determination and confidence.
  • 'Yes, I'm sorry to have disturbed you,' said Permission, in a placatory tone. 'It's just thatwelloriginally my companion here just wanted to go home, but now he needs to collect back-taxes for the Creator, and before he can do that he must find Bb.
  • When he was young, Trevor wanted to be friends with Mariah. But as he got older, this desire had turned into something different. And now, Trevor couldn't resist; he ran across the lawn (as he had done a thousand times), over to the Murphy residence.
  • Once Catrin was supine on the table, the women coated her with a thick layer of the sparkling mud that almost immediately began to dry. When she was thoroughly coated, they left her to dry in silence. The drying mud pulled at her skin as it shriveled and cracked, and in some places it itched terribly, but she endured, not wanting to move. It was not long, though, before the women returned. They peeled the husk from Catrin, and the feeling of cool air on the newly exposed skin was intense. They wiped away the rest of the mud with a damp cloth, and the entire process was repeated, consuming the rest of the day.
  • "I was not certain about your motives for being here with my family, and I wanted to make certain everything was okay."
  • She was almost certainly an incarnate. The incarnates often sensed the strangeness in their lives, but they struggled with what that meant. They came in the store searching for books with answers. What they wanted to know most was: were they a part of something bigger?
  • Benjin did not discourage her, and the others looked as if they wanted to see it, so she took a deep breath and centered herself. The excitement made the meditation as difficult as her previous frustration had, but she closed her eyes and concentrated.
  • Except another baby. That could only come from Rose, only out of her body would that begin. Gray wanted a baby, of that Rose was sure, that and now he was aware too. And now that Gray knew, Rose inhaled, was it only a matter of time?
  • Her mind struggles to come to grips with what has happened to her, faced with this strange place that defies logic, like an un-waking dream. She begins to fear what has happened to her. Worst of all, she has no idea what has become of Jack. Although her last memories of him are fragmented in her mind like shards of a broken mirror, she still feels that connection. That sense, that longing, that has not been dulled or hidden away like her others feelings have. She senses that she should feel more worried or confused for her current situation, the water, the flood, and the moon, yet all she wants right now is Jack Wolfe, his comfort, his voice. She has a memory of making love in a red room, at a red rose motel, yet it feels like a lifetime ago. She wonders if she will ever see Jack again.
  • In essence, Statman wants to create a new type of retirement plan that address the retirement-savings crisis that exists in the U.S. and that fits between Social Security and existing 401-type plans where contributions are defined and voluntary.
  • Yeah, great consolation,’ Paul said bitterly. He wasnt sure which idea he found the most unpalatable; humanity being created in a laboratory or the Invaders installation of ready made religion. Something deep inside him rebelled against both ideas, desperately wanting to discredit their validity.
  • You brace yourself for a speech about God wanting the races to stay pure. You hear, "-she's got more to lose than you. Think on that. You could hurt her bad, just 'cause you want to have your fun."
  • The sight of his broin pain sent shivers through his body. Rordan shook his head against a growing fear of failure. "Would you want to? Ill never be the same after what Ive seen. Who knows where its going to lead us. You wanted fun. Here it is. Welcome to crazy land."
  • Sallis had no real interest in whatever the thief had stolen; recovering that was the City Guard's problem. All he wanted was the thief.
  • "Luckily I dont break easy, but oooh boy, did he ever feel bad. Insisted on buying all my stuff for me, and wanted to take me out to dinner to make up for it. The rest is history."
  • She looked down at her injury. She knew he had something else he wanted to say, but could not yet bring himself to it. "It's all right. Stings a little, but I've had worse."
  • Not wanting to miss her ferry, Frances willingly accepted his offer. The journey to Bellerive was a silent and rather awkward one, and grew increasingly so, when, at the terminal, Michael insisted on escorting Frances on the ferry to Hobart. Again she reluctantly let herself be persuaded, and once the doctors conveyance was secured in nearby stables, they made their way to the ferry.
  • Paul sighed, that was the heart of the problem really. How could they be effective parents when they couldnt agree on anything? Somewhere, he mused, there must have been a moment when things started going wrong. A moment, perhaps, if hed been paying attention, he could have stopped this whole bloody mess from happening. Was it when Julie had first started getting into all that new-age nonsense? taking on the crackpot ideas of her new friends? Maybe that was his fault really, spending the weekends off in the pub with the 4x4 club, instead of the family walks and outings that Julie had wanted.
  • "No one wants to die, that's a fact," Weldon said, nodding soberly to himself. "Perhaps that's the secret to all religious belief, if there is one." Weldon noticed Blake dripping beside him, grabbed his hand and shook it vigorously. "Hey, buddy, how ya doin? Figured things out yet?"
  • He watched Martin cramming food into his mouth. He had always loved the child more than anything else in the whole world. Looking at him was like seeing himself at that age. He had wanted desperately to ensure that his son had a happy childhood, a good start in life. Failing him as a father was the thing that hurt most of all. In some ways their relationship had been a history of failure, a mutual inability to communicate their love for each other. Even, on many occasions, to communicate at all. Nick had always tried to give the boy unconditional love but the reservoir from which he drew this most basic human emotion had been too shallowleaving them both starved of affection.
  • And Cominius, realizing that the tribunes might call for something less than death, wants to hear what they propose. "Know, I pray you—"
  • "It was early next morning I arrived at Penshurst, on a surprise visit, full of love and contrition at my absence and, yes, with pride at my deeds as captain and with longing for Eadie, Abigail, Thomas and Aletia. True wed fought the Cornish but thered been attempts to raise Kent and I was both reassurance and protection; for all wiser heads than mine had stopped a Kentish rising weeks before. I wanted to show off my command, for all it numbered only a dozen men with me.
  • I wondered now, if I was extra conscious of my own reactions simply from having listened to her. Empathetic listening, wasnt that one of the terms on that website? And Id empathized it right into my own psyche now, my nerves jangled as if wired to the tension of everyone pressed around me. Whatever you wanted to call it, some extra dimensional tapping of others, energy fields or plain misplaced anxiety, it was no fun for the person experiencing the sensations.
  • It was bad; as a child others picked on him. As a youth, to get revenge, he wanted to be what his father had searched for and wanted to become, great. His father died from the attempt to steal a forbidden spell to use to find this book of magic. The cast attempt drove him to madness first to do dismal things that would prove to make him great.
  • She wanted to tell him to get away, to turn back down the street and disappear in the rain and never come back. But in spite of herself, her eyes went back to the girl's face. There was something there that pleaded silently for help, and something elsesomething that shook Mrs. Cook with the force of old longing suddenly revived. She realized with a start that the girl's hands were chained.
  • "Good God," said Aurore horrified. "No one wants your money here, Anna." She glanced at Cecily and Camille, unsure on how to proceed. This young woman didn't know anything about her heritage. She didn't know anything about her gifts. And she didn't know anything about her connection to Gabriel. Aurore knew they had no family in the farthest reaches of Texas. Indeed, the family preferred the moist climes of the Deep South, especially Louisiana. She patted the girl's shoulder, and Anna restrained herself from flinching. "You're obviously one of us, and we're all as curious about you as you are about us."
  • Argile starred back at the sorcerer wishing he could at least manage some last act of defiance but the immobility of the field robbed him of even that. The sorcerer now starred directly into his eyes causing Argiles mind to explode with pain. He desperately wanted to cry out but no sound would come. As quickly as the intrusion came the pain subsided leaving him with a deep throbbing headache.
  • "Does this look like the same quality as the foyer ya just walked through?" he asked irritably. "Whoe'er did this had no finesse, no skill at all. Just wanted to get into the city and grab whate'er wasn't nailed down. Little more'n grave robbers," he added for good measure, although it was unclear if he was disgusted by the grave-robbers, or the poor quality of their stonework. It occurred to Aiden that they were basically walking into a giant tomb, and were little better than grave robbers themselves. He refrained from asking Clavis what made them any different to the people who carved their way in here countless years ago.
  • "Not at all. It's just important that Mr. Hughes sees you. He also wants it kept a secret. No one is supposed to know he is here."
  • Tray had abruptly decided a few weeks ago that I needed to come out of my shell through any means necessary. He can be really annoying when he wants me to do something I would not normally choose to do. I assured him that I was content living inside my own world (reading, listening to music and talking to him). But, he declared it was time to join everyone else. Relentless in this pursuit, he claimed to know whats best. In other words, he pulled his 'parental-cardand used it against me
  • "We're anchored in a small archipelago, out of sight," Ileana smiled. "Traders are with the soldiers, they'll come in as soon as this war is over. Jessamine is waiting for us, for you to strike King Keldar straight at home. She'll let you in. But remember she wants Keldar for herself."
  • After dinner, the children were bathed, Emory taking a shower before her brothers bath. Petra braided the little girls long brown hair, Emory wanting to wake in the morning with big waves. Before that commenced, Rose had towel-dried her childs long tresses, hinting that perhaps in the morning they wouldnt be quite dry.
  • Spencer shook his head. He was sure they'd discussed this before. Many days on the streets there'd been nothing to do but talk. Clearly he'd been more sober than the Professor when they'd discussed his name. "No. Never was. About three generations ago somebody in the family decided they wanted a French-sounding name, so they chose Degresseur - single word. My father learned to speak French and found out what it means."
  • Little Bit didn't want to wear a dress. When Ma asked if she wanted to be a little lady, she gave a decided "No," so Ma let her wear shorts, T-shirt, and cowboy boots like Digger and me.
  • "Now, if I could have done this without the knowledge of Professor Moriarty, all would have been well. But he was too wily for that. He saw every step which I took to draw my toils round him. Again and again he strove to break away, but I as often headed him off. I tell you, my friend, that if a detailed account of that silent contest could be written, it would take its place as the most brilliant bit of thrust-and-parry work in the history of detection. Never have I risen to such a height, and never have I been so hard pressed by an opponent. He cut deep, and yet I just undercut him. This morning the last steps were taken, and three days only were wanted to complete the business. I was sitting in my room thinking the matter over, when the door opened and Professor Moriarty stood before me.
  • He wanted to say more, to shame them into action, but the faces of the old men were staring at him with annoyance and he knew they were too preoccupied with their own plans for conciliation to take him seriously. He whirled around angrily and plowed into a servant bearing cups of sweet mead on a platter. The tray was upset and the cups went crashing to the ground but Rhirid stormed through the doorway and outside without a backwards glance.
  • Ember had a good time watching the battle of wills. So now I had a whole new worry to contend with. If my sister broke mine and Willows 'code speak,’ she would learn more than I wanted her to know before I wanted her to know it. I have sheltered Ember her entire life and I detest the thought of that outfit clinging to her body.
  • "No, just Gina. With Dominic being an Albino, I guess he really wanted to have more research on his own genome. He was insane, but not necessarily foolish. He just got carried away and accelerated hisplans when he caught you."
  • She nodded again, her mouth slightly open, her gaze locked with him. She could feel his heat, smell his sweat and all the other organic odors that had clung to his clothing: horses, hay and dust, and she reveled in it. When he lowered his lips to hers, her eyes automatically closed. His hand let go of her hand, only to hold her tighter to him with both hands now, and she found herself reaching for him, wanting to touch him. His lips were warm and insistent, but not overly greedy, not yet; and mindlessly she dropped the leashes, both hands now clutched his shoulders, feeling his solid muscles and strong bones through the softness of the fabric of his shirt. Then one hand slid up to the back of his neck under his hair. It was just as she imagined it would be, soft, thick, and luxurious. She could feel his hands doing the same, exploring her back, stroking her hair. She felt like she was being transported to the moon.
  • Isabella squared her shoulders and tried to keep the urge to move closer to Donovan tucked away. She wanted to step up to his powerful figure and rub against him just like acat.
  • Turstan, thank the Great One, came when he was allowed. He worked with my training with a sword. Although my stature and strength could not hope to fend off a male opponent, Turstan wanted me prepared in every facet to know what a warrior feels.
  • Rose undressed, but instead of getting into the shower as was her usual manner, she got back into bed, cuddling against Grays warm body. Within a few minutes, lovemaking commenced, Rose needing her husband, but not wanting to know why he agreed with her.
  • So that was it. Damn! It was a good likeness too, or at least good enough. There was Monoch flaming away, and the animated statue and the words of fire and the whole bit, but the greatest care had gone into rendering me, posing me like a real honest-to-gods hero, of all things. So much for being anonymous and melting into crowds; any of my god pals who wanted to track me down only had to listen for the murmurs and follow the stares. The next time I saw Fradjikan I just might try to wring his neck. No lie, he was turning out to be a pretty tricky customer indeed.
  • "Well, you know father didn't like anything of the sort. He wouldn't have any visitors if he could help it, and he used to say that a woman should be happy in her own family circle. But then, as I used to say to mother, a woman wants her own circle to begin with, and I had not got mine yet."
  • "He was the tall man with the black braid?" Rhona asked, her warm tone of voice expressing her appreciation of Salvors looks. When Geret nodded, she replied, "He said your caravan was bound for Yaren Fel. He said hed leave it to you to explain any specifics you wanted us to help you with along the way."
  • "He wasn't a prisoner," I said shortly, wanting to hurry this up. I could almost feel the Circle's noose closing in. And considering how many people they'd lost in the escape, a noose is exactly what it would be as soon as they caught me.
  • Art rang off, feeling exhausted and aggravated. He followed the tunnel signs to the nearest up-ramp, wanting to get into the sunlight and architecture and warm himself with both. A miniscule BMW Flea blatted its horn at him when he changed lanes. Had he cut the car off? He was still looking the wrong way, still anticipating oncoming traffic on the right. He raised a hand in an apologetic wave.
  • Alicia hadnt stayed with Michael last night and the two hours it took him to fetch her were spent by the rest in Petras room. Rose cried a little, holding her sisters hand, telling her things Rose felt others could know; memories from their childhood, Petras long struggles with her bad heart, bad bones, bad lung. Now both lungs, and soon theyd be cold, truly useless. Rose left that out, felt it was overly maudlin. Everything had a drippy, overcast sense, yet the day was sunny, bright but not hot. By mid-afternoon the sunshine would feel warm. Rose was ready for it, wanting to go home and blow bubbles with her children.
  • This action came on a night when the women and the men split up to eat separate meals. Zack smiled at us as he rubbed his hands together and cupped his left hand around her ample right breast. I took a big gulp of my beer as Zack finished air-caressinghe looked up at her and wagged his right index finger, telling her he wanted to whisper his findings in her ear. He whispered and she blushed and clumsily walked away from the table.
  • She looked away in embarrassment, not wanting to admit her feelings, which she had striven to hide for so long. Several flippant replies occurred to her, but she could not lie to him. "Because... I love you."
  • She struggled for composure. The demonstration would give her the recognition she needed to move forward with her work, but it was clear Bob wanted all the glory for himself.
  • "Okay, well, lets go get it," Jaxon declared as she started to walk into the little hallway. She was grateful for the interruption. Her breathing had calmed somewhat, but she wanted as much distance between her and Seth as possible and didn't even want to think about what could have just happened.
  • 'No!' Playing? It was driving her insane. She'd been a normal geeky girl before all this had started. That's all she wanted to be, normal again. Why was this happening to her?
  • The island is gearing up for the busy summer season. Theres a job posted for a waitress, a housekeeper, a construction worker, and heres one: "Manager wanted for Salt Spring Island Resort. Please send rsum and letter of introduction to info@SaltSpringResort.com."
  • Sam gathered her stuff, and then she and Richard started down the hall. Richard pulled out his tablet and started tapping away vigorously, the sound drowned out by the chatter of the crowd. Sam gave them all no notice, but continued to ponder the events of the past few months, especially the day that she and Cammie got attacked. Her conversation with Richard had left her wanting and had simply restarted the cognitive process that so many times before had left her irritated and disappointed. She just couldn't leave it alone.
  • Severan looked at him curiously, but the boy would not meet his glance. Outside, the wind rattled at the window, as if it wanted to get inside the room.
  • "Im still having a hard time believing you," Sara mumbled, not wanting to admit that she was starting to believe. "You could have done something to my eyes, to change their color."
  • The light and voices come from the right tunnel. Alastor peaks around the corner and spies an open door. Without pausing to face him, Alastor signals for Gawain to follow as he turns the corner into the tunnel. They pass a wide slot in the right wall, and a massive round stone in the wall opposite. Clearly a device meant to block off the path when the moat is filled. The men carefully place each step, not wanting to alert whomever is in the room beyond. Alastor begins to unsheathe his blade, only to strike the pommel against the low ceiling, the sound ringing as sure as any alarm throughout the whole spillway. The voices in the room come to an abrupt halt, which would not have been unexpected. Alastor curses himself and, releasing the grip on his sword, quickly takes a dagger that hangs from his belt. The sound of heavy, iron shod boots trampling rapidly, and the unsheathing of blades from metal scabbards come from the room, followed by battle cries. From beyond the door a man emerges looking much like the ones felled earlier.
  • Dober Jung smiled slightly and raised his hand don Brangot to wait for his response. "Youre asking about an ugly affair afterworld history. The human gods wanted to expand their afterworlds, but the administration wouldnt grant them additional space. Not that they needed it since they had access to the infinite amount of space in afterworld Seventeen, which is the Void, and in their own infinite void, afterworld Seventeen adjunct A, which is Limbo. The Void and Limbo are very limited versions of Oblivion, and the gods can control them. You need extra room, plan accordingly and build in one of those areas."
  • "I thought that if I told you the circumstances you would understand afterwards if I wanted your help. I should feel so much stronger if I felt that you were at the back of me."
  • I was sure I had said enough by now to convince these detectives that I was jealous as hell of my sister. Who wouldnt envy a love story like that? Jessie and I were the quintessential twenty-first-century women who wanted it all. Personal fulfillment and professional success were equally essential to us. But if Washington and Byrd thought I was secretly in love with my future brother-in-law or that I would intentionally undermine Jessies relationship, I knew I must set them straight.
  • "I've been talking to the guys," Pete says this sort of slow and I get a bad feeling. He bends down to retie his trainers and takes a moment to get back on track. "We've got room at the house, and we wondered if you wanted to stay with us?"
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