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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Sure," said the boy and the ogre started stuffing his pockets. He wanted lots of money so they could buy many rabbits.
  • And still she could feel its thoughts, its pain and fury. The wyrm screamed silently, unbearably. Sarli raised the knife over one gleaming eye, knowing that the wyrm must be aware of her now - and hesitated, not wanting to strike, waiting one second too long. The wyrm plunged downward violently, and she tumbled off its head, landing on the rubble far below. Her back exploded in pain.
  • However, Sally did take a peek over her shoulder. Her face lit up when she saw him and she opened her mouth to say something, but he wanted to surprise Maureen so he quickly put a finger in front of his lips to keep her quiet. She closed her mouth, nodding a little so as not to alert Maureen. She turned back to her duties, trying to suppress her smile.
  • Soon, there are flowers on the tomato plants. Then, tiny deep green bulbs appear at the flowers center. "Those are tomatoes!" I tell Morgen. Shes delighted by their progress, and she wants to run out to check on them as soon as she wakes up. So, every morning, I brew myself coffee on the stove, pour myself a cup, and follow her out.
  • Going inside through the garage door, she set her purse and keys on the table beside the door. Sarah then walked into the living room and sat down all the paperwork from her classes. She stepped back outside and walked into the front yard where Jack continued painting. "You wanted to talk?"
  • "A lone maiden, Helena, Crestiana's cousin, arrived upon the steps of the house carrying an infant in her arms with the tale of his existence. The poor maiden carried only the babe and a letter: a letter that Master Pers himself had written before his death in case something happened to him. He worried about his wife and wanted her to be given entrance to the house if fate didn't allow him to bring her. Fate was cruel; Crestiana died within hours after giving birth. Her last actions sent young master Cono to his home here. She feared for his life.
  • "Okay, okay, everyone settle down," a jovial Cindy exclaimed. "While Mr. Moore is changing his trousers, I wanted to fill you in on our plans for the future," she said as she motioned down with her hands and everyone followed directions by popping a squat on the clean and unused factory floor.
  • One night she had gone for a drink with the girls in Camden Street and had lain her eyes on him, but from the first moment, though she wanted him badly, she had arranged it so that he thought he was the one who had spotted her. How subtle women can be, she mused, when we don't really care. He, on the other hand, had been crude and direct, as she had guessed he would. He was young, drunk and handsome, so she allowed him to think himself immortal and perfectly potent, and that a woman like her was his plaything as of right.
  • She inhaled, wanting Kell in her. Wishing to lie down, be spoon-fed her dinner, then feel him, as much of him as she ever did. Due to countless outside influences, the couple still relied upon condoms, supplementing her birth control pills. Theyd not have any babies, wouldnt give each other any nasty maladies either.
  • Kaymin noted Jian approaching and made a slight gesture for the wizard to remain where he was; there really was no telling what would happen if Jians identity as a Wherrite was revealed. Also, witnessing his wizard being forced into ravaging the entire tavern and everyone in it wasnt something Kaymin particularly cared to see. He turned back to the men. "Do you have any proof of your claim?" he asked, wanting to throttle the boy himself for putting them into this situation.
  • We rushed down the hill and across a flat farther to the south, Ralff wanting to put a mile and more between his gang and the ship. My breath was well-nigh gone when we at length turned behind a rise and picked out a camping spot that would shelter our fires from eyes back at the ship. I say fires, for Ralff hoped to use fire to keep off wild beasts.
  • The darkness suddenly vanished. Peter winced and blinked away the sunlight flooding his eyes. He wanted to lift his hand to block the sun, but he was still shackled together. The pain will be over soon. Dont worry. He realized with a sadness that this would be the last time he would ever see the sun.
  • Closer to the low wall, tourist trappers-varsovsheks-lined along. Clouds enclosed the sky and its orange. One varsovshek looked, met my eye. Young, too, but like me, not exactly a kid. He turned to talk to a pal, the swing of his arm fluid, the socket easy not with relaxation, but the careless gesture of despair. My lungs twisted around my heart. Freezing hands moved up to my chest. Timothey. I wanted Timothey Junior here. Curly headed Virginia brother, gap toothed. One Saturday in junior high he'd taken his own braces off with pliers. A cousin, she and I sat on upturned buckets in the garage and witnessed as he stared into a purse mirror of Mom's. But we didn't run and tell. I wouldn't run and tell. Today at Newsweek, a brother's wrath, he'd have grinned, then talked a frog out of green. Talked a preacher out of God. And me? Gawky and gangly, skinny redhead, my curly hair always wild. I used to stammer. Awkward and bookish me. But, Timothey, T., mean as a striped-ass snake. My goddamned brother has, had, always known what and how to say.
  • Antonio is stern-faced. "Shylock, although I lend and borrow neither by giving nor taking of surplus, yet, to supply the ripe wants of my friend, Ill break a custom.
  • Roland wanted to soften the wording of the King's reply, but to do so would be to falsify it. In Arabic he said, "My lord the King says he will trade a city for Jerusalem. However, the city will not be Damietta, but Cairo."
  • She imagined the furniture in place: crib, changing table, dresser, maybe a rocker could be squeezed in. Better if it was a boy, a small room if Skye was added. But if Dan wanted another baby, theyd manage. One way or another, things would work out.
  • Above them it was the same. All of the dragons were sending spells at one another. Every time she closed her eyes there were new little spots of light. She felt Legon penetrating the wards of a human Venefica, saw him slash apart a few of their frontline men with a spell, and she closed the visual connection with him, not wanting to see anymore. The armies would charge soon; she could feel it. The other spotters were directing their spouses to different parts of the Empires frontlines and she realized that even though she wasnt aware of sending commands to Legon, the rest of the network was sending them for her. She engaged the Mahann more and more fully joined the network and soon lost herself in the vast sea of minds.
  • "Rennir taught us that the Great Father, whom we no longer knew as our own, was in fact the Great Enemy, the liar, the deceiver, and that the god which we all now served was the opposing force. Rennir, acting as our seer, our oracle, instructed us to go out and take what we needed and what we wanted from them who claimed the nameless God as their master. This was our divine right, and in this endeavor we were successful. Too successful. We began to indulge in the conquest, the bloodlust, and the other crimes which I shall not name, for you know them well. We roamed as a horde. We would lay siege to a city or town to settle in it, but grew bored as we sat in one place, so we would move on."
  • Boris rose to meet Rostov, but in doing so did not omit to steady and replace some chessmen that were falling. He was about to embrace his friend, but Nicholas avoided him. With that peculiar feeling of youth, that dread of beaten tracks, and wish to express itself in a manner different from that of its elders which is often insincere, Nicholas wished to do something special on meeting his friend. He wanted to pinch him, push him, do anything but kiss him--a thing everybody did. But notwithstanding this, Boris embraced him in a quiet, friendly way and kissed him three times.
  • "Silence!" Rand ordered. He did not want to get into it, especially not in the presence of the thing. Mermaids could not be harmed. It was true. No matter what you did to them, they could not be harmed and that was the very problem. You wanted to test that theory. You wanted to do things, just to see, and if you did, if you let down your guard and gave in ... Sergeant Rand had seen it happen before. Good men, helpless against themselves, utterly ruined because of these mutants. It was entirely their fault.
  • "Come." Vahan touched me again, his hands tight on the tops of my arm; he motioned me away from the window. Attention. He wanted my attention. "It's hard," he said, his voice shook. "But it's something-" He trailed off, pulled me toward cabin, finished his thought. "All of us, we all have to learn that to live, to live is to give things up."
  • Mavis didnt answer. She pulled herself up and out of the tight, little car. She stood for a moment, outside Aprils car, forcing April to lean across the passengers seat in order to speak to her through the open door. "When dear old dad first brought you home, I thought you were just another in a long line of women my father used and abused and then discarded. But when he came to me not long after the posting of the nuptials and told me you were having an affair with Iron=man Jackson, or whoever your Nautilus instructor happened to be, I decided I wanted to be like you." April lit two filtered cigarettes and handed one to Mavis. "For the first time, dear old dad was being treated in kind. But now he has you feeling guilty. Screw it! Invite Billy-Boy to our party. If you dont do him, I will." April stretched her tight body over the passengers seat and pulled the car door shut. She started the hot, little engine and drove away. She waved at Bill.
  • There was nothing he wanted to do more than shoot himself right now. Well, that wasn't top of his to do list, but he had to push that right to the back of his mind.
  • Hugh wanted to put to rest the problem of Gruffudd ap Madog before spring arrived in full force and caused the yet dormant foliage to erupt into leafy hiding places. He had to pretend to be mindless and inept in order to gain the advantage. Although Hugh had explained his tactics to him, Haworth grumbled anyway. He didnt like intentional stupidity.
  • "You saw how close I have already come to the gallows, and for no other reason than that my younger brother wished to get rid of me. It is well known that he was my father's favourite, and that he wanted Lerton to inherit the crown. I am not well liked because of that, my claim to the crown is only upheld because I am the first born son. Perhaps, over the course of a few years, I can make powerful friends and talk to them of the disadvantages of war, but I cannot call an end to it the moment I am crowned."
  • "This isnt about money, if thats what you think," she said. "You think you can just solve all you problems with money. If I wanted money there are any other people I could work for in houses better than this apartment. I didnt stay here for the money," she said. "I stayed here because of my feelings," she paused and there was silence between them. "My feelings have tricked me," she said more quietly. "Its my own fault, I knew you would be leaving eventually, back to Canada, I was fooling myself. I expected too much from you," she said and the last words stung. Momentarily she built her courage but couldnt maintain it and began crying to herself with her face in her hands. He held her and tried to comfort her. This was the particular scene hed hoped to avoid.
  • ('She's stalling for time. You got her goat. She wants to deliver a parting knock out punch, not just some pithy throw away,' Harvey said.)
  • Once she had climbed out from under the demon, she tried to sit back down again, but the bird wouldn't let her. It kept egging her on as she limped along the baked beach. Her left arm burned every time she tried to move it, so she stopped trying to do that. Meanwhile the bird plucked at her clothes, pushed at her ankles with its head. She complained a couple of times that she didn't know where they were going, and she didn't want to walk, she wanted to sit down, but it didn't listen to her. Soon she lost the strength even to argue, and she dumbly let the bird push her onward.
  • "I was in church, praying," Chance said gruffly. The word church closed the conversation instantly; Colin wanted nothing to do with it.
  • Ryson looked nervously toward the glowing stones in the far corners of the tier. He spoke with urgency. "It looks like there's at least one thing that's still dangerous here. The rocks you spoke of still glow. So unless anyone really wants to poke their head out to see if the air is free of poison, I suggest we keep moving."
  • Trevor shook his head. He that he should turn around and run awaynot because thought this might be a trap, though. Trevor wanted to run away because running away just seemed easier for him. The truth was, seeing Mariah Murphy again felt so good, it almost felt wrong, like opening up all your presents on Christmas Eve.
  • Now it was her turn to look guilty and fidget just a little bit. "Actually, that's why I wanted to talk to you this morning. I've been shooting that new place I left you the note about. The one that bunch of kids your age told me about. Anyways, it's the best place I've found so far. I've been shooting it at pretty much all hours, but I think I need to get higher up for the shot I want."
  • After Lovie left, Rose nearly told Gray about Michael. She did say that as soon as Petra woke, Rose wanted her to know about the baby. But that Gray had to tell her.
  • In the twenty minutes we sat letting my leg recuperate, we had talked about places we would like to travel to, all time favorite movies, books that we liked, and favorite running shoes. I kept anticipating that our day would be full of awkward silences, but there were very few. I got the feeling that he really wanted to know as much about me as I wanted to know about him.
  • They flew to the Pan Am terminal in the centre of the city. Spencer's choice. He wanted to see the Professor. He wanted to check that the Professor had got away from Beaumont OK. But more than that, he wanted to get drunk with him.
  • The main thrust of the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution is simple. "...All is retained which has not been surrendered." You may recall this from high school government classes being referred to as the "elastic" amendment to the Constitution, designed to supplement other parts of the Constitution such as the "elastic clause." Basically the Founding Fathers wanted to make sure the federal government was not limited in its power. Supreme Court decisions like United States v. Sprague have consistently upheld this interpretation.
  • The serp stalked the tall grass as if he was hunting rodents. His mind, however, was firmly set upon the puzzle. He wanted a war, but should he count on it? He had before him a known opportunity, a chance to obtain much needed supplies. He did not wish to let the chance of a successful raid slip through his reptilian fingers, but how much greater were the rewards in the event of a larger conflict?
  • Aaron brushed past her. Noelle trotted right behind him, straight down the hall to the bathroom, her heels clicking on the hardwood. Aerie glanced back at the van. She wanted badly to leave.
  • The first six months were about survival than anything else. Lesson plan, district- and state-wide teaching standards, teacher training, and kids that talked back. When Dave went to school, kids would get thrashed if they talked back to an adult. The beat-down line would go from teacher to principal to mom and then dad, when he arrived home from work tired and hungry. The last thing a dad wanted to go when he arrive home was discipline his kidsbut it was inevitably, his first order of business.
  • "Say yes," he said. "Say you love me. You do, dont you?" A sliver of worry appeared in his eyes at that last question, perhaps not as sure of himself as he wanted to be.
  • Just by looking at Mikes face I could tell he had a dozen things that he wanted to say to Jameson, but he kept his mouth shut.
  • After crossing the high open pasture land, Brad dropped down into the tree line. As he entered the trees he turned a bit more to the west. He wanted to hit his favorite spot on the creek. He moved fast through the terrain between the two mountains. It was rocky, full of ledges and several huge white pines that had been blown down in the hurricane which had been the scourge of the Atlantic seaboard in September of 1938. Reaching the creek at a series of one and two foot drops where the crystal clear water ran from one hogshead-sized pool to another. Each miniature fall made its own unique rush of sound which harmonized into a gentle blend of small cascading waterfalls and gurgling rapids. Brad sat on a moss covered rock near the middle of the group of small falls. He could smell and feel the cold moisture laden air drifting up from the creek. It felt good on his hot face and upper body.
  • Seeing the look on Steves face, Rhenyon held up the envelope. "Is there something that ye wanted to add? I can append the message."
  • "This one, I think," Jack announces as they stop before room 606. The room is almost completely dark, and a strange sickly smell fills the air in the room. The emergency lights along the back wall are covered in an almost-fine dark mist that dances like lines of cigarette smoke. The cry comes even more loudly, like that of an upset child that is not getting the attention it wants or needs.
  • Jeralyle chewed at his lip, a ponder lingering in his mind he wanted to ask, but not sure if he should. "Mare? If I may?" A half-smile pushed onto her face, and she accepted. "If he hadn't left, would you have married him?"
  • They continued in silence. They were deep inside the enemy castle and had neither a map, nor a guide. They both knew where they wanted to go. Neither of them knew how to get there. Neither of them was willing to admit that. Finally, they had to, because they were getting nowhere.
  • The two men were off, brimming with curiosity and apprehension. As they were getting into their vehicle, the Colonel said: "Oh, there was something else. Wednesday morning someone called and identified himself as Inspector Aichhinga. He got from us the address of our villains residence. But we just learned that the real Inspector Aichhinga never made such a call. He was still on the hill at that time. And in another development, when you were up on the hill, the police wanted a full record of Maj. Simpson's movements for the past one year. I think they put it all together. Pretty sharp fellows, the police?!"
  • The woman gave us a blank contract to look at, and a pamphlet full of measurements and costs. I looked at all the numbers and said, "I don't know. I think it's a bit more than we wanted to pay."
  • "That's an interesting theory, Peter," said Gordon with a wide grin. It was the first time Gordon Chaplain had smiled all night. He raised his index finger as though to more clearly identify the point he was about to make. "Now suppose we all wanted to see what Tom saw, we all wanted these special powers of perception. How would we enter this dream world, his dream world?" Gordon would pretend to amplify on Peter's notion of another world. In fact, it was also his theory.
  • Of course Grace knew once Jeff had a taste of Cindys vagina that there was no going back, but she wanted to extend the drama of the appearing pill from the wall a few more seconds before reacquainting herself with the adept hands and vibrator of Mr. VJJ.
  • Marthe giggled. While that one president remained Kells nemesis, the epidemic as a whole rarely crossed his lips. Yet remorse ran thick through her body. She wanted to sit next to him. Instead, she threaded her needle, attempting a few stitches.
  • "You really think I'm so selfish. That I kept away because I wanted to tease you?" Anna's voice revealed her insecurity.
  • "Guy wanted to…" Don began. "He was basically gonna put me on a fu--on-on a schedule. You know? Make up an itinerary for me. wanted me to visit the stores, certain times, fill out daily reports on the stores…"
  • "She wouldn't want me to say. The band is pulling apart. Yakob Zadok wants to follow the Holy. Andreas and Rock prefer the Persianists. They've met one named Paulus who wants to help us."
  • "No way that Brubacher dame gets near Marg," he muttered. "Bitch. I sold her Willow Towers for a song. Now she wants my twins does she? Bitch." He spun about and pressed the buzzer at the side of his desk. Miss Capricorn peeked in.
  • His hand moved across her face, and she dragged her lips against his fingers, then pushed back her head, exposing her neck to his kisses. He was powerless to hurry, even if he had wanted to, but he didn't care about the clock. This was their time together, which lapsed under its own rules.
  • "What about dinner?" Mom said. I stood to look at her, not wanting to argue in front of Anna. Mom met my eye, and then nodded. "Dessert first, then dinner. Sounds wonderful."
  • Lynn sat near the bed, giving Kell a kiss. Then silence, except for her tone, one of a doctor, also a friend. A friend, sister-in-law, conduit. As Marthe tried to breathe, she found it difficult, Kells voice curious, Lynn providing the best answers she had. The best they could give him was six months if Kell wanted to undergo treatment. Only to prolong his life; based in his lung, cancer was rife, radiation and chemotherapy only to offer time.
  • According to John F. Crosby, as Pope, John Paul II used the words of Gaudium et Spes later to introduce his own views on the nature of the human person in relation to God: man is "the only creature on earth that God has wanted for its own sake", but man "can fully discover his true self only in a sincere giving of himself".
  • The young soldier who had brought her protested, "The Lord told me to torture her. He said he wants to hear her scream."
  • "No, I'm not, Dad. I thought I'd go up on the mountain bird hunting until about noon and then I'll be back in case Charlie wants me to work in the afternoon.
  • "They never attended family reunions," Steve continued on, moments later. "No Christmases that I can remember. No phone calls to say hello, how are you? And for my birthday, they always sent three lousy bucks in my birthday card when I was a boy. And now I learn they have, er, had a mansion." Steve paused, and looked at his wife. "I never knew these people. I always thought they were cheap and wanted nothing to do with me. Then I find out theyve given me essentially everything they own. I dont understand why. Whats the logic behind that? Sure, Im flattered that they chose to give everything to me, but why should I bother with them?"
  • Messick looks across the room at Crawley, sitting at the defense table, as if to ask whether Crawley has changed his mind yet and wants to cross-examine this witness. Crawley turns and begins to confer with a few other members of the defense team. After a couple minutes, Judge Watts gets impatient.
  • Serenity held her breath while he kissed her, not wanting to smell the old alcohol and potato chips on his breath. Finally, he let her go.
  • It was bad; as a child others picked on him. As a youth, to get revenge, he wanted to be what his father had searched for and wanted to become, great. His father died from the attempt to steal a forbidden spell to use to find this book of magic. The cast attempt drove him to madness first to do dismal things that would prove to make him great.
  • No, I wanted to cry. My wish was to understand why I couldn't stand with them, beside them, to be acknowledged as was my right. It was my right! Yet I did nothing but smile at them both in their finery and glory, left to wonder about my fate. Quickly after their departure, King Edulf sent in the Winged Guards, to my surprise lead by Cono. He must have known where I had disappeared to. He met my eyes in disappointment.
  • "Um, yeah, thanks," he said, not wanting to appear un-neighborly. "I just need something to make my office smell better until Josie can go out and get some for us later this evening," he said, looking at her meaningfully. She nodded her understanding.
  • Cheyne watched as the attacker fell over, dead. "I wanted to kill him!" she burst out with a furious glare at the prince.
  • Today, Cotterman says her investments yield double-digits and her portfolio is a multiple of that initial $40,000. Because her self-directed account is still a Roth IRA, her gains and income accrue free of taxes. "We bought a $6,000 mobile home and fixed it up," she says of her first IRA real estate purchase. "We found someone who wanted to buy it for $10,500. We sold it to them but held a promissory note on the home so that they have to pay us $215.34 a month over a six-year period." After factoring in costs, Cotterman says she's earning 15 percent on her $10,000 promissory note.
  • "I'm going to be found with the bodies, aren't I?" said Spencer very quietly. He hadn't wanted to say it, he didn't want them to know he'd worked it out, but alcohol has a habit of becoming a truth-drug sometimes. "Drunk, dead, your man Alex's gun in my pocket, my address in Michael's. Spencer de Gresseur, the big fuck-up disposable drunk. His final blunder."
  • "Im sure it was because all the drugs they wanted him to take would start wasting away his body, and they wanted him to try to keep his weight up by consuming massive quantities of sugar. I tried to tell him that if he wanted to maintain his health, eating lots of sugar or fries wasnt the best way to do it."
  • Ever since he had seen Sergeant Butterman's patrol car parked outside the Murphy residence, all Trevor wanted to know was if Mariah was safe.
  • I felt my ears going red. I wanted nothing more than to sink down into my seat and try to ignore them, but once guys got started on something like that, they never stopped. Some of the people around me were starting to evidence signs of annoyance, but that just seemed to spur the hecklers on to greater heights.
  • Spencer so desperately needed to tell somebody about Pierre's death. That was the real reason he wanted to talk to George. The awful knowledge was eating him up, as unshared secrets do. The good citizen in him had wanted to pick up the phone in Pierre's lounge and tell the police, but he knew how suspicious they'd be. It wouldn't take them long to discover that for the last two years he'd been a bum, a derelict, a wino, a disreputable member of society who deserved to be locked up at the first sign of trouble. That's why he'd put so much effort into wiping his visit away.
  • 'What century is this?' Shylock asked, not at all sure he really wanted to know, but determined to ignore Bb's offer of a referral to an Ear specialist.
  • Both Evadne and Philyra guided her to the room and although Calista would have tumbled into the invitingly soft bed right then, Evadne insisted on undressing her. Philyra handed her a soft wool tunic, her sapphire eyes unreadable. At long last, Calista slipped into bed. It was as soft and warm as she could have wanted.
  • "Oh, Lauren, you two are so close. Did something happen?" I so very much wanted to blurt out, "Well, yes, I happened to meet a man who made me feel like I was holding a live electric wire." Obviously, I thought better than to use that approach. There was no way she would understand.
  • Max saw me approaching his truck with Rachael a few feet behind. He looked rested and seemed really upbeat when he explained, "I know you said that you had plans after school today, but after last night I wanted to make sure you werent pissed. Pathetic, right?"
  • It was a long drive back to school from the airport, and I had almost all day to think about my fucked-up relationship with Jessica. There were so many things that I wanted to say to her and I couldnt wait to get back to the suite to call her on the phone. Mind you, this was the mid-80s and cell phones were huge bricks that rich people toted around or stuck in their cars. Nobody at school had a wireless phone, which gave people a chance to be unreachable every now and then.
  • She could feel him watching her, gauging the play of emotions across her face. She wanted to get up and run, to pretend she had never met him. She willed herself calm.
  • I could tell he didnt care about the front side bus. He just wanted to drop a little computer lingo on someone so they would think hes a computer guy.
  • My brother had nearly fried his brain getting me out of trouble at school today. Almost the entire student body had suddenly become worse than the paparazzi and more than one strange occurrence should have had me jumping at the chance to start again. Added to the enticement was the fact that I had always wanted to skip my freshman year.
  • Next day, at about five o'clock, came the old Countess of Ardenbroke. The invalid either could not or would not get out of her carriage, so Laura Gray came down and got into it, and was very affably received by the thin old lady in an ermine tippet, propped with cushions, and with her feet upon a heated stool. It was hard to say which was paying this visit. She made Laura sit opposite to her, and told her all about her health and her sufferings, and her wants and sorrows with her maid, and various little bits of news about fifty people of whom Laura had never heard before. And now the visit being over, before Laura bid her good-bye, she said --
  • "I don't know, Tommy. The things he said before." She shrugs. "He might be angry but that doesn't mean he wants to see you hurt." She sees my face, probably guesses how desperate I am. "But I don't know. If he helped you before then perhaps he's sorry for what he did to you."
  • "And how did Lady Brandon describe this wonderful young man?" asked his companion. "I know she goes in for giving a rapid prcis of all her guests. I remember her bringing me up to a truculent and red-faced old gentleman covered all over with orders and ribbons, and hissing into my ear, in a tragic whisper which must have been perfectly audible to everybody in the room, the most astounding details. I simply fled. I like to find out people for myself. But Lady Brandon treats her guests exactly as an auctioneer treats his goods. She either explains them entirely away, or tells one everything about them except what one wants to know."
  • Embroidery techniques can produce a wide range of effects. Some produce a flat surface while others produce a relief effect. Almost any effect wanted can be produced in embroidery - from simple line to fancy stitches with beads, baubles and anything else attached. Embroidery is definitely one of the most versatile crafts ever created.
  • Walking towards the bed, she sat, not expecting to sleep because any minute Vincent could come through the door to kill her. She thought of Eric, wanting to go to him, to let him know that she was still alive. She leaned into the pillows, her eyes trained on the bedroom door. Two questions went through her mind as she began to doze off: Who were these Sirelords, and why was Margret so worried?
  • He said the daughter had fled the DRC. He was general but stated that aunt took her to Uganda for safety. Said she had already suffered enough and wanted the girl to be left in peace. Expressed his opposition to involvement in case that got the parents killed. I pressed, but he refused cooperationwas nervous about speaking with me, said UN could not protect him.
  • Dindi laughed with exhilaration despite herself, abandoning herself to whatever moves her body wanted to make. The corn was upright again. If anything, it was greener and more fragrant than before. Dindi slowed down, signaling the fae to stop too. They refused to take the hint. They kept whirling.
  • She was looking at him through eyes that were shining with tears. Then to his tremendous embarrassment, and later her own, she did what she now realized she had wanted to do since first setting eyes on him. She flung her arms around him and kissed him passionately.
  • I wanted to go to sleep long before dark, but couldn't justify it, so I just kept grinding along. I'd long ago learned that changing subjects and studying something new was almost as good as a break, so I swapped out books on a regular basis, and persevered despite increasingly-frequent head bobs.
  • Eighteen year-old Thaddeus in his hawk persona pursued a flying for the first time Hartwell, who was weighed down by Gary, for more than three hours, not because Thad couldnt catch them but because he wanted to learn more about his natural enemies.
  • The manifestation of his brother had taken a few steps in the direction of the Emperors tower in the course of its speech, Shaa noted, picking his way through the broken-field rubble left in its wake. That was probably just as well; Shaa wasnt sure at all he actually wanted to catch up with the thing, or what he would do if he did. Gnaw on its toe? In any case, the Corpus had to be a decoy; it would be quite surprising if Arznaak was actually inside. Parade around in public where he could be a target no one could miss? Not Arznaak, not bloody likely.
  • "We wanted to know how many times they were having sex, and how they were having sex; and we kept waiting and watching for the HIV-Negative partner to seroconvertto become HIV-Positive."
  • He flipped on the light and Marthe didnt miss his face, red and aching, as though where shed hit him was still apparent, and maybe it was. Maybe that mark could be found, but she didnt want to look that hard. She wanted him to give her an answer, some verbal response that wouldnt be so difficult to swallow.
  • The warm rain was a fine drizzle, which lightened up as they trudged their way through the mud and puddles to the wharf that moored the Lady Heretielle. The ship rocked gently with the dying waves, bumping against the leather-bound pylons that made up the pier with a quiet thunk. Strongwind was already there, horses packed, ready to board. If any one of them wanted to get out of Mantadia, it was Strongwind. Though the Mantid folk of the small village were not as harsh toward him as those in Rass were, they still had the smell of prejudice.
  • Rubinstein founded MicroPro International Inc. in June 1978. Subsequently, Rubinstein made an arrangement with Robb Barnaby, a programmer Rubinstein met at IMSAI. While at IMSAI, Barnaby wrote a screen editor which was called NED. Rubinstein had Barnaby totally rewrite NED into a new product, WordMaster. MicroPro was officially launched in September, 1978 using Barnabys first two programs, WordMaster and SuperSort. Feedback from the computer store dealers, who were MicroPros first customers, said they wanted a program with integrated printing.
  • Sallis wanted to take no chances. He rode with his quarterstaff strapped beside him and his sword hung from the pommel. Calcan controlled lands allegedly safe and stable, but he knew people everywhere were not always friendly towards strangers.
  • Jack pulls out one of his pre-paid cell phones and begins making some calls. He summons some of his more skillful helpers from the termination department. What he needs are a couple of creative psychopaths willing to do anything and he knows just the guys for the job. This time, he wants it done right and he wants to make an example so it won't happen again.
  • Connor sat straight up like someone just shocked him with a cattle prod, well in a way, Jillian did. wanting to understand more clearly he asked her "What do you mean by that?"
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