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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • Andrew stared into the milky depths of his coffee, was this all his life had amounted to? He remembered the days when he wanted to be a rock star or an astronaut. Now he was a failing businessman in a failing industry who spent most of his time secretly resenting all of his best customers.
  • My face flushed from frustrated anger. Of course, I realized this was irrational on my part, but I couldnt seem to help it. I knew there was always the chance that Ember could end up in ISS because of her IPOD. After all, she always had it with her. I had solemnly promised Ember that I would only use my obliteration skill on the ninety or so ridiculous boys that still wanted to ask her out. This iPod confiscation was an emergency of sorts and it didnt concern Ember in an odd way. I had loaded all her pictures from her birthday party into that device, so she could look at them whenever she wanted to. I couldnt allow some clueless school official to stumble across the pictures and decide to take a look through them. Not only was that an invasion of my sisters privacy, but there was always a chance that some of those pictures could end up on someones computer.
  • Intense blue light flooded down on her. She blinked and looked away until her eyes could adjust. When that wasnt happening quickly enough for her (this whole adventure was quite unnerving, and she wanted to be done with it as soon as possible), she climbed the remaining stairs to the landing, squinting and groping the whole way, her eyes watering. At the landing she opened her eyes completely, gazing down at her bare feet until she felt she could look up without pain.
  • 'There is someone who looks a bit like meperhaps it's him you've seen. A criminal, wanted by the policehim, I mean, not meI do hope they get him soon. He's an evil man, a complete and utter fiend.' As the black car tore past, screaming hatred into the dazzle-bright day, her genial eyes bored into the side of his face like a pair of gamma-ray lasers. 'It's not me, honestly it's not. I'm perfectly innocent, really I am. A decent sort of chap, in fact. Never touched a chain-saw. Love puppies, wouldn't dream of hurting one. And you can't blame me for what happened with the doll, it was all her fault, you see…'
  • The pair of them hung on my words in a flattering way. I found myself actually wanting to tell them more, where I generally tended to frown upon such sharing.
  • Aster died and Jessamine stared petrified at his bloodied body. Keldar glanced at her, then grabbed the newborn, still boiling with fury. He couldn't touch her, but he wouldn't allow her little bastard to scorn him forever. His heart was bleeding and he wanted to scream, but he wouldn't let her see how much he was hurt.
  • Breandan's reluctance to go to the Grove made sense now, as did the fairies' reaction to news that we were bonded. The fairy Priestesses were usually the life mates of the fairy-lords. Lochlann was trying to overthrow Devlin, who definitely needed overthrowing, and that would make him High Lord of all fairykind. The Priestess kept the spiritual balance and the High Lord kept physical order. Breandan had not wanted to see me, because he knew he would be stealing his brother's future mate. Yet, he could not help but seek me out, knowing that the white witch had seen we were to be together.
  • So when he asked me to marry him, I said, "yes!" and when we walked down the aisle, I said, "I do." And I swore to myself again that I would never, ever use the Voice again. It was a lot harder than I thought. I was tempted whenever we fought or disagreed. I was sorely tempted when I wanted to get pregnant and he didn't. Fortunately I did nothing and he came around on his own. And I was tempted every single day of being a parent. How nice it would be to have children who actually obeyed! You have no idea what temptation is until you are standing in the checkout line at Walmart and your child is throwing a temper tantrum on the floor and everyone is looking at you like you are a horrible mother. But I had made myself a promise and I kept it.
  • I may not have wanted to think about this all, but I seemed to be getting as far with that desire as with any of my others.
  • Joe nodded and continued, "Tonys quite concerned. He says he told his boys to remain quiet if anyone brought up the war at work. He thinks the government might be targeting immigrants, hoping to deport some." Joe again looked down at the letter and read, "I feel like this country wants us all to leave and go back to where we came from. Even at work, some supervisors have started ridiculing us over our skin color. Can you believe it? Even Smitty asked if I was happy the country was going to war, like it was my fault or something." Joe held out the letter so his father-in-law could read it.
  • "She wants to use one of her powers to protect Samuel in addition to us blocking anyone from seeing him!" Max said to Daniel.
  • "You must have called her something besides Ruth." He whispered: "I-I-I called her p-puzzums." I said: "Oh Jesus!" and wanted to laugh in spite of the spot I was on, but I said instead: "Now when we get inside you get you face close to her ear and be ready to whisper in it. Then just put your hand over her mouth and whisper. For Christ's sake, don't let her make that first squawk. She'll come out of her sleep scared to death and she'll sing out sure as hell. So clamp down on her mouth until she knows who it is that's talking to her. Understand." He said he did.
  • I tried to shrug off the shadow that seemed to crawl up my skin. His whispered comment had made me very uncomfortable though. Ive always hated to have anyone invade my personal space unless I invited them inside. Given the fact that Eli was already a major annoyance in my Tray and Willow matchmaking world, I decided to spend the rest of the day in careful avoidance of him. I had taken a huge risk asking him for Brylies name because I knew he wanted to cash in that dinner rain check. I had major plans for Willows immediate relationship future that didnt have anything to do with Eli Weston.
  • The dragon sniffed at the bottom of the door, identifying them. They could hear scratching and snuffling and the blood curdling voice of the wicked witch, wanting to know who was there. The time was now. They stood together on the landing, gave each other a last embrace, and burst thru the door like Butch and Sundance.
  • His servants too--Terenty and Vaska--in their own way noticed the change that had taken place in Pierre. They considered that he had become much "simpler." Terenty, when he had helped him undress and wished him good night, often lingered with his master's boots in his hands and clothes over his arm, to see whether he would not start a talk. And Pierre, noticing that Terenty wanted a chat, generally kept him there.
  • Martius frowns, still wanting to fight. "Will the time serve telling? I do not think so. Where is the enemy? Are you lords othe field?—if not, why cease you till you are?"
  • Of course, Dangerfield knew pretty well how matters stood; he was not a man to live in a dream; facts were his daily bread. He knew to a month how old he was, and pretty exactly how time had dealt with his personal charms. He had a very exact and cynical appreciation of the terms on which Miss Chattesworth would--if at all--become and continue to be his wife. But he wanted her--she suited him exactly, and all he needed to make his kingdom sure, when he had obtained her, was his legal rights. He was no Petruchio; neither was it his theory to rule by love. He had a different way. Without bluster, and without wheedling, he had the art of making those who were under his rule perfectly submissive; sooner or later they all came to fear him as a child does a spectre. He had no misgivings about the peace of his household.
  • Saying those words felt funny, like a premonition. Was it really over or was Marthe sparing herself from further disappointment? wanting all her relations present for that day, she had arranged Franks arrival. Spilling that to Kell eased her, but she hadnt informed her family. They still assumed Franks entrance was his own idea.
  • The principle was called the Pronos. She reviewed what he knew of it and began. The Jezeer was vast, and even with the training they had been given, she knew that it was a subject that they hadnt even begun to tap into. The Jezeer was about the body, mind, and voice, about ways of thinking, acting, and even moving, but the principle or practice she wanted now was that of perspective. She was able to change her sight today and that had to be part of the Jezeer. She looked at the Pronos. In essence, it was changing the world around you, if only in your mind. You could project your minds eye onto your surroundings. The mind still saw the real world and noted it, keeping you aware of your environment, but your eyes and senses saw what you wanted. This room was a good place to try this out. It was isolated and when she stopped the light spell the darkness was almost palpable. She disconnected from the network, calming herself.
  • "Yeah, well, youre probably right," Favored said. "Youve had more fieldwork than me anyway. There sure isnt much we could do on a boat even if we wanted to. Once we get to Peridol the storyll be different."
  • "Well, I don't want to take up too much of your time. Coach Boswell wanted me to come and talk to you about East City."
  • "And I have to tell you, one of Mr Farmers less admirable qualities is a desire for vengeance. Of course, if you were to join our enterprise, or at least let us in on the secrets of your remarkable success, Im sure hed be willing to let bygones be bygones. If not…" His voice trailed off. Daves heart was pounding, and he wanted nothing more than to get up and run away as fast as he could. He strained forward, but his arms were tied tight, and he fell back again.
  • Lester said: "I'll tell Joey what you said. Your girl called and wanted to know how you are. She wants you to call her."
  • Ryson had come to a complete halt within a broad leafed maple. He stood rigid upon a heavy bough. He looked off to the north. His nose sniffed the air as he remained motionless. Only the elf's continued movement caused him to react. As Lief stepped forward to Ryson's side, the delver put out an arm and grabbed the elf's shoulder. He made it very clear that he wanted silence.
  • The entrance itself was nothing dramatic. It had instead the studied nonchalance of someone who knows theyre cool and wants to underline the point by pretending they took it for granted. Characteristically, the obvious entrance that you came into off the street was a well-stocked bar, with the real entrance being a staircase leading down from an unmarked alcove to the left through the door to the kitchen. I had to wait at the top for a party of guys with swords to exit, and close on their heels an axe-toting dwarf, before I got my own chance to descend.
  • The door was open as hed left it, and he swung her around and into the room, stepped across the threshold himself and kicked the door shut. He stood with his hands on his hips and his back against the door, wanting her to see there was no escape, that shed thrown herself into the lions den uninvited and wasnt about to be let out until hed finished with her.
  • "Thank you," I said. He nodded and left. I read the paper aloud to the others: "In case I didnt have time to explain while I was there (for whatever reason), I wrote down what I was supposed to be telling you. Madam Pomfrette wants to interview each one of you (also Mr. Taylor and I) individually without Lady Magmilan there to help her make her final decision.
  • He had been wary around her at first, but now he had stopped worrying about bad things happening. After all, it had been three weeks, and, so far, everything was fine. As long as he did not make any wishes, he decided, nothing could go wrong. And, as his initial anxieties faded, he found that he was enjoying her company. She had a lot of entertaining stories to tell. She could talk virtually non-stop, in fact, which saved him the bother of trying to think of something interesting to say himself. The only thing he found mildly irritating was her habit of sneakily trying to make him wish for stuff. But he could not blame her for that really, in fact, he felt kind of sorry for her situation, stuck here with him for the rest of his life. Denny had no illusions about himself; he could well imagine that she would rather be off somewhere else, doing her own thing instead of putting up with him. He felt a little sad about this. Despite the fact that they had no real interests in common, he had begun to think of her as a friend. At least she had shown no signs of wanting to kick his head in.
  • Suddenly Archie felt that he could preserve his secret no longer. As on the day in church when he wanted his mother to share with him the pleasure of that glorious comedian, the man with the wagging beard, so now he wanted her to share with him the secret joy of Martin's presence.
  • Around noon, head bowed against the weather, his hands sunk deep into the pockets of the maroon windbreaker his sister had given for his birthday, he walked through a drifting rain into the Village. He couldn't wait any longer. He wanted to find the fifth snake so he could see it weaving along with the others through his imagination as he sculpted.
  • I could tell Ash wanted to question me, but I didnt give her the opportunity. I went back to the store, grabbed the cash from the register, then slowed to human speed as I hurried across the lot to Chriss store. I opened the door to the smell of fresh blood, and knew it had already started. I heard a weak voice.
  • It all started with a boy in his class who had targeted a quiet, shy girl for bullying, knowing that she would not speak up for herself or talk to the teacher about the situation. Like most bullies, this boy pushed the girl around and insulted her in front of classmates, but he did this during recess or when the teacher was out of the room. On the few occasions that students spoke up on the girls behalf, the bully threatened them, saying he would beat them up if they told anyone. As he became more confident that he could do whatever he wanted and suffer no consequences for his actions, he began to branch out and verbally attack other students, again threatening them with violence if they said anything about the situation to a teacher or parent.
  • The most important result of the conference has been to demonstrate that the world now splits into two camps when it comes to the internet: one is comprised of more authoritarian countries, which would like to turn back the clock and regain sovereignty over their own national bits of the internet; the other wants to keep the internet and its governance as it is (bearing in mind that some of its membersmotives may not always be as pure as they pretend).
  • I stared at the handcuffs for a while. It kind of freaked me out to think that someone had been touching me, man-handling me, while I was unconscious. That and the thought that being handcuffed in a closet probably didn't mean that they just wanted to talk with me. It wasn't looking too good. Getting involved in all this magic stuff was obviously a bad idea. I had no idea what I was up against, and to be quite honest, I think I would rather not know. Ignorance is bliss and all that.
  • Russ blinked at the flow of acerbic words, and fell silent. But the chains were still in the forefront of his mind. The only time hed ever felt such helpless fear was when the dogs had been circling, ready to attack. Hed never thought of himself as claustrophobic before, but there was no other way that he could think of the feeling. He didnt even want to think of it; he just wanted them to be off.
  • After a long stretch of silence, Yaeko said quietly, "He died before he could finish it. Ive been dreaming a lot of him lately. A lot. For some reason it feels right to give it to you now. Ive been wanting to for ages, but something has always held me back. I dreamt of him again last night. He was smiling at me, and he said, ‘It is time.’ And I knew exactly what he was talking about. Do you like it, Melody?"
  • She went on, ignoring the misgivings screaming in her ear and the sense of smallness that made her want to crawl back into her bedroom and close the door. "Yeah, okay.... First, Clockwise," she said, "I wanted to thank you for putting my home back together after the ... uh ... well ... yeah. Second, I ... want to ... to apologize for my behavior ... on the Pier," she added quickly, noting the puzzled look on his face. "I made a right ass of myself, and I ... I endangered you and your soldiers ..." She tore her gaze away from his. "I mean, Kumiyaay died because of me ..."
  • "Thats right, trade. Heres what Ive got. I was approached this afternoon by someone who wants my help in straightening out the political mess you guys have gotten yourselves into. In return they were gonna make me Dictator of the Gods. For some reason I thought they might not really have had me in mind."
  • A flaming star fell from the sky and crashed with a bang just over the nearest hill. Otto didn't ponder on that long. He had heard many stories about legendary Heroes having swords made from starmetal. Metal from a star. Or basically from a rock that fell down from heavens. The stories weren't clear on details, but Otto didn't really need details. Something flaming that fell from the sky meant material for an awesome sword, and material for an awesome sword meant a lot of gold. As simple as that. He hurried to get his most prized possession: a donkey and a cart. He threw a shovel, a pitchfork and a length of rope onto the cart. He had no idea how big that thing would be, and he wanted to be prepared.
  • Bill wanted me to come down to R&R on Friday morning to discuss his cant-miss proposal. Rumors were circulating that R&R was looking to establish a West Coast presence and take advantage of that virtually untapped financial information market. It would have been next to impossible for me to not hear whispers in such a gossipy company. Although I never gossiped, there were plenty of people that were looking to ride my coattails, or talk about matters that didnt concern them.
  • Michael put his hands in his pockets. Not jeans but dark blue cotton slacks. The air was cool and he wished for a sweater if they were going to talk there on the porch. "I dont want to bother you guys. I uh, just wanted to pop over, see if you were home."
  • "I often told you stories, of police work and evil men and their crimes, but they were just stories, they never really happened. I never wanted to tell you about real crimes, about real deaths. I never wanted to tell you about ... about the awful deaths, right here in New Bamberg."
  • "Your Honor…." Judge Watts once again silences Crawley and then pauses to consider the objection. Finally, she looks at the plaintiffsattorney. "I'll allow you to continue on that basis, Mr. Messick, on one condition. After Dr. Hoffmann has finished his speculation, if Mr. Crawley wants to object again and you can't provide the proof needed, I'll throw out that part of his testimony. Understood?"
  • Diane realized she was trembling. The Spirit spoke through me, she thought, and was awed by this sign of divine favor. I have done part of what I wanted to do. I have borne witness. But I never really will understand these men.
  • The worst part was that it was common knowledge he was going down. Naturally, nobody wanted to go down with him, therefore he couldn't count on any sort of loyalty from his underlings. They would carry out his orders, of course, but there was absolutely no guarantee they would keep important information to themselves. Only ones he could trust were Vannard and Saalteinamariva, and only because they had no other possible employers. No one else wanted to hire an insolent homicidal maniac, and a female mage who also was an insolent homicidal maniac. The problem with both of them was that they were powerful, insubordinate, and, well, homicidal. Either of them could turn against him at any point and for any reason. Or for absolutely no reason at all. They could also turn against each other, this time for real. And they still were his most trustworthy allies. It really showed how bad his situation was.
  • Maggie had too many questions; they were all jumbled at the front of her consciousness, wanting out. What the heck was an "aecxal being"? How does one go about Infecting a human soul? How does one determine that anothers soul is Infected? Was Trajan aYellow Traclusetoo? What was Necrolius? Was he even human?
  • Billy laughed. The brass ring again. "Call Mr. Dragon and tell him it's a deal. He'll get what he wants, because he's got the money. I'll get what I want, the winter off to sculpt, maybe two or three winters off, because he's giving me a little of his money."
  • Austins statehood convention was the most contentious and drawn out of any held by the statehood movements, if only because every idealistic thinker saw a chance to put their ideas into reality. Environmentalists proposed enshrining environmental protections into the new state constitution. Blacks and Latinos wanted an end to rampant poverty and exclusion of the citys poorer east side. Gays wanted civil rights protections included, including a guarantee of the right to marry. Feminists hoped to see abortion explicitly protected by a state constitution for the first time, and some hoped to see quotas for women as elected officials. Some idealists even called for nothing less than experiments in alternatives to capitalism to be set up by the city-state.
  • The union of the three powers desperately wanted to exit my body and become one with the burning flames. So, I prepared to release them to join the fire. I felt my spirit light press against the delicate fabric of the Vaydem vestment, but it refused to let the union pass. The combination spilled into the ribbon. It felt like water being funneled through a straw. The blended combination was being contained inside the purple ribbon against my skin.
  • Spencer's mind was working overtime. On the train he'd felt safe, and at Nathan's, even on the street in Fidel where nobody would dream of looking for him. But now they were leaving the district, he didn't feel safe at all. Once again he'd moved from an unreal world of drunkenness and peculiarity back into the real universe and the transition made him feel less secure rather than more. Kohl would be furious at having lost him, and Kohl was a powerful man - on official agency business or otherwise. The hotel would be under surveillance. They'd be monitoring his credit card use. That was one of the reasons he'd wanted Bry to meet him. She could book him into another hotel on one of her cards. But maybe it wasn't that simple.
  • "Why, you've hardly even sniffed out a decent goal this whole season," Barque declaimed. "You know the only reason you are ever selected for any team at all is that ludicrous rule that no one who wants to play can be rejected. As it is, you barely contribute at all."
  • "Well, yeah, all right," said Favored. "Youd think if my patron wanted me in Peridol for the Knitting shed at least have supplied transportation, but no."
  • THERE WAS MORE shouting outside, and the corporal wanted to see what was happening, so he dragged me into the alcove where the window overlooked the main gate so that he could keep hold of me while he had a look. I could hear the portcullis being raised and the creak as the great doors were opened, and the clatter of hooves on the cobbles of the yard. Next moment the shouts turned to yells, bellows eventhere were some clashes of swords and a pistol shot, then more horse-hooves galloping and entering the castle.
  • "Yeah, Ive been trained to think the other way, but now Im beginning to see the other side of this. Jesus wanted his preaching to be understood and accepted. Why am I putting so much attention on an event that put an end to his public teaching? Just like Katie said, the light was going away. The bright light was about to be extinguished. Philip, keep on going, I want see how you handle the rest of this."
  • "Sadly, no. This is the way I see myself internally but we all know what the truth is. Being a slick business man seemed like the best way to get my point across. You know it was my dream since you guys were small that you play together throughout high school. I enjoyed watching you two play so much that I never wanted to see the ride end. Those stupid people ruined it for everyone, but most of all it tore you guys apart and made you into enemies. I couldnt bear watching that anymore."
  • Zack could have met me inside but he looked like he wanted to be spotted while meeting me in front of the alley. With so many yentas in Bellmore, they would be more than happy to talk about the suspicious meetings of Zack Kramer. He stayed away from Bellmore women, preferring to prey on the innocence and loneliness of women in other towns and states. Although he suspected that Mindy knew what he was up tohell, half of the free-speaking world knew what he was up tohe wasnt going to flaunt it in her face. The road was his world and he was comfortable with leading a separate life away from Long Island.
  • "What a fine fellow you are, friend!" said the Cossack to a convoy soldier with a wagon, who was pressing onto the infantrymen who were crowded together close to his wheels and his horses. "What a fellow! You can't wait a moment! Don't you see the general wants to pass?"
  • He stepped around the head guard, who did not move, and walked deliberately but slowly toward the collection of buildings and houses which made up the heart of Burbon. He felt their eyes on his back, but he did not turn. He stepped as if nothing more than the burdens of travel wore upon his shoulders. He heard one of the guards mutter, but could not make out the words. He sensed another following, but again he showed no concern or even acknowledgment. The guard would remain far behind, but within view to see which inn Ryson would select. It seemed obvious they were intent on knowing where he would be if and when they wanted him to lend a hand.
  • I am also wanting to express my diligent and unwavering belief that the State Legislature should ultimately seek the full independence of Texas so that we never have to revisit this issue.
  • "He wants to use your boy to start a new reign. But I do not understand how. He will try again, and Machito must be ready. I am thinking we did not prepare Machito properly for the rites at the sacred spring."
  • "Take the book in my backpack," she interrupted hoarsely. Isabellas eyes were so tired. She could barely keep them up. Keeping alive was strenuous. Even though there was that potent draw to this stranger, this werejaguar, all she wanted to close her eyes and let the darkness take her. "Take it," she said instead, forcing the words out of her tortured throat. "And destroy it. Throw it into the flames of a fire. Make sure its gone forever."
  • "Philip, you dont understand. There were no printing presses in those days, and not everyone could read. Books didnt even exist back then. There were some scrolls in the temple, but I think that was about it. If Jesus wanted his disciples to read scripture, he would have needed the help of dozens or even hundreds of scribes to prepare the scriptures for the people. It took a long time to copy just one book, so Bible study wasnt an option for the common person back then. We get so involved with these Bible books, but Im wondering if this is the right thing to do. Jesus was in charge of everything, and I dont see the disciples doing any of this. I cant see the connection between what were doing now, and what was going on under the Lords careful supervision. Theres something very different about it."
  • And now he wanted a rest from it all. Some respite. Not answers - because answers, as he already knew, would only lead to more questions. No, he just wanted something to think about that wasnt to do with Niamago, Lilac, or being a dreamshader. Something ordinary. Something wholly and completely earthbound.
  • Paul couldnt help smiling, Babou wanting his jeans back would have to wait as he definitely didnt fancy dimension jumping in nothing but his underpants.
  • Before Ramn could insist, they had withdrawn into the brush. From somewhere in the undergrowth he could hear Perlita call, "But I wanted to say goodbye!"
  • "Bonuses are also down throughout the firm, but we wanted to acknowledge your contribution. So, we are giving you a..."
  • Now that his classmates were gone, the nine-year-old boy sat wide-eyed in a perfect combination of terror and embarrassment. The source of the terror was a 30-centimeter throwing knife glowing with a faint blue light, lodged deep into the floor right between the boy's legs, nestled next to his crotch. The sight of it made Sam's anger towards the black body-suited woman turn to rage. The boy was terrified. He looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Tears and snot were running freely from his face and he was sniffling incessantly. It was then that Sam noticed the puddle of liquid the boy was sitting in and the wet splotch on his pants.
  • He joined her. He had no choice, he was herded over there by his ring of escorts, who dispersed now that they had him where they wanted him. Standing next to Alisiya, he looked over the roof at where it jutted out like an arrow over the city. Hed noticed it when he first came, from his vantagepoint below, and wondered now what exactly it was for. Couldnt be anything good.
  • I still felt a sense of something big on the horizon. Its going to happen on my 16th birthday. This feeling might turn out to be some new spiritual power emerging. If that happened tomorrow, then I would be off on another three month long odyssey while I learned to control 'it.’ So, an attempted spirit flight adventure tonight was in order. After all, it might be a missed opportunity and my brother never wanted me to miss out on anything.
  • "We found out it wasn't that fun getting back to the land and leading a simple peasant lifestyle, growing your own food, that sort of thing. We found out it was a drag, as we used to say. Most of us just wanted to get high and have fun. Self-sufficiency is a myth."
  • Snit stood there, the energies swirling madly about in that fancy snowglobe-on-a-stick of his, and grinning this malicious little grin. I wanted to shove his teeth down his throat--all two hundred of them. I stood beside him suddenly and caught him in the head with a spinning wheel kick; guruma geri, if I remember my Japanese correctly. Actually, I caught him just beside the head. That damn shield of his stopped me from actually connecting with his bony melon. Still, it knocked him to the ground and wiped that smirk off his face, so it wasn't a total loss.
  • The guys at our table had been ripped to shreds by my 'crazy-rude-'tude-lectureincident. Jeff had even confided to me that he still wanted to date Krista, though his days as her love fool were fading fast. I adored his term love foolit made me smile and he said it three times in that whispered conversation. Jeff promised to give everyone a chance before our posse socially annihilated them. He also swore to confer with me before they attacked. That would turn out to be a nasty double edged sword because I seriously doubted that the guys would go for my 'banish-Eli-back-to-perfect-worldplan just so I could get my brother the hook up. I think they actually liked being around him tookind of popularity by association or something.
  • The realization so great and so overwhelming that he had to stop his horse, only remaining there in silence as he looked about frantically, forcing himself to breath. Without an army, it was impossible to face Grahamas. It was likely that he could lure or even challenge the Champion to a one-on-one fight, but that was not enough for him. Gerin wanted to completely destroy Grahamasbody and mind. He wanted to be faster, stronger, and more skilled than him. He wanted to outsmart him on the battlefield. Without an armythe one that Idimus would provideit would not happen. If he were to confront Idimus, even betray him, he would lose every soldier he had trained so hard.
  • Delta, the second-largest U.S. airline by operating revenue after United Continental Holdings (UAL.N), wants to gain access to Virgin's landing rights at London's Heathrow airport, according to two people familiar with the matter.
  • Up he slid, rested his chest near her face. Her breath warmed his hairs. He wanted to study her a moment longer, and fought an urge to pull her to him. How could he stick Zhanna in his pocket or carry her in a locked box at his heart? Without. Her absence long-worked on him a steady torture. Even now, try as he might, he was too aware he would soon get up and leave. Stop. Forget. Why couldn't he forget himself for once? What was life if he couldn't see, smell, touch Zhanna? Again he'd risked his life to see her. Enjoy her. Enjoy!
  • "We must see now, to Clare," I said to Meg. We stood on the battlements above the gate and watched the Bohuns exit through the northern castle gate and follow the road east to England. They rode side by side at the head of Bohuns men. The elder Bohun hadnt castigated his grandson in public, but I wouldnt have wanted to be in Humphreys shoes when his grandfather admonished him in private. That would be a tongue lashing to remember.
  • Shit, Paul thought, it looked like maybe he wasnt free to leave even if he wanted to. There was definitely more to this crystal than met the eye.
  • The smile Caelia gave him was genuine in one sense of that word. While her lips curled up, her eyes flashed a genuinely serious expression to Tabari. Having made her point, she turned to observe the trees on the left side of the wagon again. She had watched with interest as the wagons drew closer to the forest and now they were riding parallel to the edge of the woods. When the little convoy stopped for the evening later, she wanted to enter the forest on foot for a better view.
  • "Yes, I started reading the Bible years ago, but gave it up after about a month of study. I had a hard time understanding it. Some people wanted to teach me about the gospel, but when they started talking about the old covenant, I knew it wasnt for me. They said those animal sacrifices took place a long time ago. But they had God connected to the idea, so it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I cant associate a loving God with those cruel things. But enough of that, I want to hear about your discovery. You seem to be off to a lively start."
  • "Yeah, but theyre holding off at Madelines request. No one wants to set Petie off. But heres the deal." He lowered his already low voice. "Madeline gave me her semiautomaticjust in case."
  • Better than the group he had today. There was Mr. Glenn, first name unknown, who was a fisherman and braggart. He'd caught a twelve-inch trout and thought he had a trophy fish. There was Mr. Glenn's friend, who liked to tell jokes about Polish men he hadn't met, and then when he had drunk all the beer they'd brought on board, he retold the jokes, the second time far worse than the first. Then he'd tried to pinch Camille's butt, and Gabriel had to discourage him. And then there was Mrs. Glenn, whose first name Gabriel didn't want to know. But she wanted to know his first name and some things he didn't want to share. She wouldn't have minded a few more minutes alone with him in the galley of the Belle-Mere with her hands running all over Gabriel's upper body.
  • Haddo shrugged. "Not alone are you. Good or bad not is, fact is only. Of it make what choose you. To Peridol ride wanted you."
  • The man demanded to know what Dimarico intended. Taking on warriors, Dimarico told him. The abbey gave no leave for this, the reeve declared, and to Dimarico's stating he wanted free men, the reeve countered that none were free to go.
  • "She wants me to teach her how to be human." I didn't know why the idea bothered me so much. It had nagged at the back of my mind since Tam-Lien had brought it up.
  • Well, in any case, animals were being sacrificed at the temple in Jerusalem. That side was promoting the idea that God wanted sacrifices for the forgiveness of sins. But on the other hand, John was out by the Jordan River preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. These two groups sure had different ideas on how sins are forgiven, and it appears to me that Jesus made the choice to be with John.
  • Grahamas knew. He didn't have to see the General's blank stern eyes, or his tight, impatient stature to realize such. "Vengeance. He wants to redeem his loss." The Champion rode ahead further, then turned back to see first his regrouping soldiers and her bright, captivating blue eyes. "I love you."
  • Joe arrives looking ashen. He knows things are going downhill quickly and it's just a matter of time before St. Louis goes berserk. He just wants to be sure it's Pete that gets toasted, not himself.
  • I kept my speed down to around eighty or ninety miles an hour. I'm just guessing here, of course. It's not like I have a speedometer embedded in my forehead or anything. The trolls saw us barreling down on them and cleared a path for us. None of them wanted to be standing in the way of anything moving that fast. I set Alex down beside her father.
  • Another pretext would be her snuff, which would seem too dry or too damp or not rubbed fine enough. After these fits of irritability her face would grow yellow, and her maids knew by infallible symptoms when Belova would again be deaf, the snuff damp, and the countess' face yellow. Just as she needed to work off her spleen so she had sometimes to exercise her still-existing faculty of thinking--and the pretext for that was a game of patience. When she needed to cry, the deceased count would be the pretext. When she wanted to be agitated, Nicholas and his health would be the pretext, and when she felt a need to speak spitefully, the pretext would be Countess Mary. When her vocal organs needed exercise, which was usually toward seven o'clock when she had had an after-dinner rest in a darkened room, the pretext would be the retelling of the same stories over and over again to the same audience.
  • Lady Merrit and Imedla took much longer than they normally would standing in the courtyard, travel lanterns lit, bidding farewell to Liandra, Peg and Maida. They wanted to allow Ev and Jessa as long as possible to say goodbye. The two friends held one another tightly and shed tears into the shoulders of each other's plain grey dresses.
  • "Oh, the view from that window!--the snow-tipped mountain over across the quiet lake, the little village, the castle garden, with its terraces and bowers! I wanted you so much!
  • Alfonso stood and stretched. He glanced out the window and rested a moment. He sat back down and continued, "As a result of that war, the U.S. took Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines from Spain, paying them off with $20 million. Now you need to understand, the Filipinos werent real happy with the Spaniards occupying them before this time and they werent any more happy with the U.S. occupying them now, so they fought back. The U.S. sent 60,000 men over there and killed thousands upon thousands of Filipinos, or "gooks" as they were called, but finally the U.S. won and we got to take whatever we wanted from the Philippine Islands."
  • As the battle raged below, I told Kharset of my departure. He took what I said about Auralia and the citadel with the unflinching steeliness of a military man, but still protested. I stood firm despite my own misgivings. A part of me wailed that I was surrendering my very right to be queen, while a greater portion insisted that family comes before all, even a kingdom, and especially a family whose downfall I had predestined with my very birth. I owed them everything and had given them nothing but sorrow. I was the only one left and it fell to me protect Auralia, just as I would have wanted Auralia to protect me. Even though I did not know who or what awaited me in Auralia's fortress, I was unwilling to take any men with me, but Kharset's will prevailed and I was saddled with a small bodyguard of five men.
  • Jeremy hesitated. He wanted to tell his father everything. But there are some things even fathers cant fix, and even if this one could remedy Jeremys problem, he would never find out. It was partially daddys fault that all this had happened.
  • "I want you all to listen to me." His voice was filled with passion as he was careful to cast his plea over all of them and not focus solely upon Tun. He spoke with conviction, with urgency. He spoke with a comprehension of the depth of where they were and what they needed to do. And he spoke with the vibrancy of youth. "Someone should have said this before we entered this place, that someone should have been me. I guess we wanted to get this thing over with as soon as possible. But that's no excuse. We walked into Sanctum as if we were walking into a market, as if we could put aside the past like it never occurred. But it has occurred and it's time we deal with it. Before we take another step, we must come to the true understanding of what we must do."
  • Anna looked at him, her eyes wide. And so deep, Baker thought, so deep he wanted to find out if there ever was a bottom. He moved his face closer to hers.
  • Across the road, Bill argued with Timmi but watched Mavisdeparture. "Dont tell anymore of those crazy stories. Youre just like your mother . . . the one neither of us wanted to be around."
  • I thanked him and hurried down the hallway. In the bathroom, I splashed cold water on my face. Had Coach King killed Tori? A thousand possible scenarios flooded my mind. Maybe she threatened to break up with him. Or maybe he wanted to break it off with her and she threatened to tell.
  • Spencer wasn't sure what to do, but he knew he had to do something, and fast. The guest bedroom door led straight into the lounge and it was partially open. This had been an advantage so far - he probably wouldn't have woken up if it had been closed - but now it was a liability. If George walked five paces and glanced through the open door then yet another game would be over. He wasn't too bothered about George throwing him out, but he very much wanted to stay and satisfy his curiosity. What was George doing? He held his breath to mute his vocal chords and slowly rolled off the bed and on to the floor. It was a manoeuvre his body did not enjoy.
  • "Priests! These men were priests of the citadel!" Gawain declares in a hushed tone, not wanting to draw attention. Gawain directs his eyes away from the sight out of respect for them, whispering to himself.
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