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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • "The woman at my house," he began. "Her name is Madeline and she wants me to join her. She wants me to spend the rest of eternity with her."
  • "What brought me back?" Graham said, finding it hard not to brighten at such a face. "I'll tell you. At first it started out as nothing but petty vengeance. I wanted simply to destroy Idimus, as he had done with everything I had." Graham's green eyes fell on everyone, back to Merial, and then to Elryia who still had her hand on one shoulder, head on the other. "But about thirty years ago, Lornya came to me…"
  • Jacob revved the engine as we pulled out from the curve, leaving the town of Valdez behind. I turned to watch the mountains disappear into the distance. The two years since Id returned from Volterra were the happiest years of my life. My hand rested on the back of Jacobs neck lovingly, as I remembered all the happy memories that had come from living here. My most treasured memory was the day Jacob asked me to go hiking with him. He hadnt wanted to be carried and we hiked together at his pace. We climbed to the top of a nearby mountain and spread a blanket, intending to have a sunset dinner together. But just as the sun started to set, casting pink and orange hues across the sky, Jacob bent down on one knee and proposed to me. He slowly opened a small box, which had been hidden in his pocket, revealing an antique silver ring. It was beautifulfour diamonds surrounded by sapphires in a square cluster head. I had no idea when he would have bought it. Too overwhelmed to speak, I eventually nodded a yes to him. He laughed and kissed me until the sun went down.
  • Stewart was holding on, not by much, and Marthe offered an appeal, praying he would stir long enough to admit who he was. Let go of the lies and fabrications; he was deluding himself, as if accepting his sexuality was going to brand him some kind of leper. Didnt he realize this plague had already done that? If you were sick but straight, everyone thought you were gay, only old women and young children escaping the label. Even young women were looked upon with contempt. Not that they were lesbians but addicts, as clean, upstanding heterosexuals didnt contract this unspeakable, impolite complaint. It seemed to Marthe that anyone caught in the epidemics sticky, inescapable web were damned by association, why she wanted Stewart to stop lying to himself. No family waited in his room or outside his door for they had all accepted it. Accepted it, then shunned him. No one left to lose, nothing but Stewarts own soul.
  • Andrew cleared his throat again. "Well, he has no daughter of his own. He has no son either, which is complicating things in Vindyrion, since the King is getting older now. Even if he does eventually have a son, he will not be able to raise him and shape him into the leader he wants him to be; but that is another matter.
  • She looked away in embarrassment, not wanting to admit her feelings, which she had striven to hide for so long. Several flippant replies occurred to her, but she could not lie to him. "Because... I love you."
  • "Real good," she smiled. "I had a lot of fun, and took tons of photos. They've still got to go in for developing, of course. But, I wanted to come right by and let you know I was back." She grinned, and took him in her arms, and planted a kiss on his lips. He was only a little taller than she was, and it wasn't a big reach upward. "See, while I was gone, I realized I was looking forward to seeing you again."
  • Sophia woke up. It was Muammar. She had dozed off in a chair in the hotel's lobby after finding the card game Rossano had spoke of, but not their director or Mr. Wayne. She hadn't told the card players, a half-dozen members of the cast and crew, why she was looking for Mr. Hathaway and the Duke because she hadn't wanted to cause a panic just yet. She had decided to wait for Rossano and had dozed off, once more to dreams of her war-torn childhood. Would they never leave her alone?
  • "She keeps wanting to hash things out. I just wish shed calm down. Her health is the only thing that matters right now. If shes okay, I am, too."
  • It was delicious, and he had to force himself to eat slowly, when all he wanted to do was cram it into his mouth as fast as it would go down. Paul couldnt believe how fantastic it tasted, with a richness of flavour that would beat any five star restaurant in the world.
  • In Exam Village, or Goshichon in Korean, there were so many young people who wanted to cast early ballots last week that extra polling booths had to be brought in.
  • The boy crouched, and then dashed to one side. Dafydd urged his horse after him and in an easy motion, leaned down and scooped him up. I followed, wanting to make sure Dafydd wouldnt harm him, though I saw no anger in him tonight. "A man knows when to fight and when to save his energy for another day," Dafydd said.
  • He experienced disappointment, sadness. His instinct about this woman was right. She was a phony. She was more interested in placating him, because she wanted to make up for her dismissal of his work when her grouchiness overcame her usual civility last week. He wanted an objective assessment, not just to be stroked.
  • Roc nodded his head. He wouldnt, or couldnt, look at me. Despite everything he said, I wanted to reach out and hug him. This hulking man, a warrior in a secret band of rogues, had been bested by Ivys gifted manipulations. He sat beaten as if he lost an entire army on the battlefield.
  • Anubis uneasily answered, "You know that I have been patrolling here for a very long time. I have seen many burials that have taken place, from small ceremonies to large full-blown ones. Every ceremony has the same routine. First comes the dead, next the family, followed by the things that the dead one loved most in life and what they wanted with them in the next life, mostly food and wealth. Sometimes though, that included pets, and sometimes slaves and such."
  • Delamere sent word back to Longsword and took off after the Welshman. He didnt want to overtake the man; he only wanted to follow him. He was more wary of traps and ambushes now than hed been before the day Longsword was shot.
  • "Coach Doherty wanted to talk to you first," his mom said in a voice intended to calm him down. It was the same voice she used after Dave gave up a winning single to lose the Minor League championship when he was nine. Back then, she turned to her son in the back seat after he threw his glove.
  • Meanwhile, Gruffudd had reached down and flung back the heavy cloth covering the bed of the wagon, wanting to see if the treasure were something he might be able to carry with him. But the grin died on his face as he looked down and saw a cart laden with straw. He frowned. Straw.
  • Her lip curled. "And why do you think I wanted you to escape with me? Why do you think I waited for you to be ready? Theres no such thing as theright time’ - I just waited for you! Why do you think I came back for you?"
  • Whole parts of her life were gone. She longed to sit at the counter while Mom made dinner, and pump her for how it really was when they were growing up. She only remembered some things, and it was obvious it was distorted. She wanted real insightful answers from her mother, who was after all the oldest remaining source of family history.
  • "But you love your family more." Sallis forced a smile. "You loved your husband so much that you slept in separate rooms. Your family wanted you to dissuade him from extending the franchise in Marka and he refused, again and again. You moved the house sylphs from the villa and made them sleep in converted stables. So they could not hear your rows? Or to ensure there would be no witnesses if you felt compelled to commit violence? Those pieces of evidence are nothing by themselves."
  • "Yes, leading a mob of cliff fauns. Meuril wants armed support. He's afraid of what Fenrah might do to Laven-lay in revenge."
  • I stormed into my rooms and found Gwydion lounging in a chair, one booted leg swung up on the chair's arm, book in hand. His nonchalance, from which I had drawn heart the week before, infuriated me. I wanted to tear the book from his hands and hurl it out the window. Locking the door firmly behind me, I hissed, "You beast!"
  • Feel my big bone sandwich you delicious fucking sexual whorebag mothering fucking mothers daughter yee-ess!’ sang Barry in response. Emmett slapped himself in the face. He wanted a cheese-grater to grate out his ears.
  • I almost said no, but as he pulled me in towards him, I suddenly realized just how badly I wanted to touch his incredibly hard chest and shoulders. Being wrapped in his arms was so pleasant that I didn't even protest when he pulled me in closer.
  • It was like she wasn't afraid anymore. But it was more than that. It wasn't just a lack of fearit felt like its positive opposite: courage. She knew what she was facing, what the odds wereand all she wanted to do was face it head on, right now.
  • "He doesnt want me," Ivy said, her eyes narrowing. "He wants you. Just like everyone else. Its always about you, Reychel. When is it going to be about me?"
  • Brad tried not to think about the one time he had told his mother he wanted to take Annie out on a date. It was shortly after Easter vacation and he had some extra money from working for Charlie Carr.
  • She had closed her eyes, so she couldnt see the look on Noahs face, but she heard the hurt in his voice. "I promise you, we would have discussed all this with you before the surgery, but after you ran away and collapsed again, we couldnt really wait. If it had infiltrated your kidneys or liver, we would have been possibly looking at a transplant situation, and you know as well as I how risky things would have become. I wanted to wait for you to regain consciousness, but I just couldnt."
  • The next attacker was finally a handful. He was monstrous, but quick. The crusader swung his sword at the shoulder but missed. The monster tackled the crusaderstill in midswingand both landed on the ground. The monster swung several times at the crusaders face, gleeing that he could draw blood at each punch. Blood was everywhere. This embarrassed the crusader. He wanted it to stop quick. He craned his head sharply, his jaws connecting with the monsters wrist. He bit down. The monsters eyes widenedhe never felt pain like this. He fell off the crusader and slid to the wall, trying not to weep while clutching his bloody, broken hand.
  • "Uh uh, well, he wanted me to find out what you were doing with those girls. He didn't think you was telling him everything. He didn't trust you."
  • An old mother. She didnt want me to join the army, but I wanted to go and see the world. And shes got my brothers and sisters at home, so shes being looked after all right.’
  • Hugh grinned. "What if I did? Come on, Roger! When was the last time I entered a tournament? Five years ago? Six? Im the earl of Chester, for Gods sake; I have nothing to gain by throwing myself into the midst of a frenzy of swords and risking my life! Why did you think I wanted to enter this one?"
  • I remember the first time I got on a bicycle and pedaled my way to freedom. It took my older sister months to wean herself off training wheels but I wanted to make my mark on the world. Lucky for me, my vision didn't include wobbling and falling on my head; that definitely wasn't the impression I was trying to make on the kids in the neighborhood.
  • Her hand shook as she put pen to paper. How could she give him her location without Madeline realizing. She wracked her brain, but nothing would work. She wanted to come up with something smart, but she couldnt figure out a way to say, ‘Help, Im in a hangar at the airport!’ without writing exactly that.
  • She pushed him away with disgust, cussed him up and down, and two seconds later was hanging all over him again. Vane couldnt peel her off for the life of him. They leaned against each other quietly, using flesh for emotional support. The televised images, blowing around the room, made grim shadow puppets of their heads. Vane was experiencing an exaggerated sense of the sordid, unaccustomed as he was to the sticky underbelly of society. All he wanted was a long scalding shower.
  • "Even the slaves are better off in Islam, Madame. A slave can be rich and powerful. The Mamelukes are slaves. Even the great Baibars is accounted a slave. In fact, because I had been a soldier, it was eventually the Mamelukes who took me in. Life became even better for me then. The Arabs and the Turks, people born Muslims, they do not trust converts, but the Mamelukes are all converts, so it did not matter to them that I had once been a Christian. Eventually, I came to serve Baibars himself. He wanted to know everything I could tell him about the Christian part of the world."
  • As the implications of her observation dawned on him Nick felt as if someone was slowly pouring a bucket of cold water over his head. He couldnt breath in. He was drowning in terror. He wanted to turn and run back out of the house and hide out in the fields but he couldnt move. He felt as if the blood was congealing in his veins. His brain too was slowing down, as if he was suffering from some kind of mental hypothermia. He tried to think. If it wasnt a power cutif it wasnt a power cutif it wasnt a power cutHe couldnt get his brain to work properly, he just couldnt think straight any more. If it wasnt a power cut theythey must have been cut off. He shivered. The house was freezing. His teeth started chattering. Their world was coming to an end as they entered a new Ice Age.
  • He hadn't brought up the subject of fulfilling her destiny lately. She still didn't believe a word of it. Who witched this Oscar into being and for what? All she wanted was to go home, if only she could figure out where she was and how to get the clan to take her back.
  • "Try to hurt me," she said softly. But now her wisdom was lulled, she wanted him to hurt her, just because she wanted to be hurt by him.
  • "Oh don't worry, I'm leaving tomorrow," Pacian assured him, "I just wanted to drop in and say hello before you drink yourself to death-" The sound of a plate hitting someone in the head stopped Pacian short, and was followed by the sounds of a scuffle within. The faint yet distinctive sound of a dagger being unsheathed alarmed Aiden, to the point that he risked opening the door, and saw the blond rogue wrestling his father to the ground with a dagger held to his throat and a look of blind rage on his face.
  • But Olivia, too, wants privacy. "Let the garden door be shut, and leave me to my hearing." Mary curtseys and leads the knights back into the house, closing the door behind them.
  • "I'm aware of that. It is the reason I didn't kill you yet. I just wanted to make you squirm a bit, but you disappointed me, as usual."
  • She resisted the urge to drop her forehead to the table. This whole situation was crazy; nothing more than a charade. They were looking for a man who was already dead at the time the crime had been committed. She almost wanted to laugh. The part of herself shed never felt completely in control of wanted to reach across the table, grab the cop by the shoulders and shout, ‘I murdered Jackson three days ago so he couldnt have raped a woman. And, by the way, the woman who told you she was raped is a vampire.’
  • Cecily took a deep breath, "Wow, and I always wanted a sister." Rachel had the gall to laugh. Sarah and I sat in stony silence for the rest of the trip. I was feeling pretty low by the time we reached the movie theater so I tried to offer an olive branch.
  • Then when he revealed that he wanted to become a teacher rather than a soldier like his father and grandfather before him, he overheard his father - talking to his mother one night - accuse him of being a gutless, spineless wonder who'd always been a pathetic excuse for a son. An out and out coward! Although nothing was said to his face, he now knew how his father really felt about him and he understood his previous feelings drawn from veiled comments and innuendo over the years. Nothing too blatant, always carefully veiled and disguised. Now, with this new understanding, his father's duplicity and false pretence hurt even more. That was when the box went on the shelf, and he determined to run away from home as soon as he could. He hadn't looked in the box since, nor had he seen his parentsnor, sadly, had he missed them.
  • "You know Sarah thought you were after her, I dont think she believed in your project. I think she might have wanted you to be interested in her, not your precious procedures. We talked about it before you met that psychologist from London, do you remember? In the end we decided it was more likely you were after me. Its me you talked to, not her."
  • Foka, the butler, was the most ill-tempered person in the house. Natasha liked to test her power over him. He distrusted the order and asked whether the samovar was really wanted.
  • It took all of those accumulated seconds for Petra to debrief, some things of which Rose knew, some of which were secrets Petra released because, as Rose heard in her sisters voice, Petra wanted them out. She wanted it to be over, but what she wanted and what had happened over the last few nights were incongruous. In Petras spilled words, Rose heard not only the complaints, but a desire for them to catch hold, stick to Petra, so Petra wouldnt let Garth return.
  • The incident had made Aradia realize that whether she wanted her powers or not was irrelevant. They made her feel isolated from everyone, but no matter how much she wished it, they would never go away, and she could not turn her back on them.
  • "He thought that if the Greeks wanted to speak about regret or sorrow, they would have used a different word." (lupeo)
  • "I was invited by a half vampire I go to school with. He said the ghosts wanted me there because I set a vampire on fire last week."
  • The strains of the polonaise, which had continued for a considerable time, had begun to sound like a sad reminiscence to Natasha's ears. She wanted to cry. Peronskaya had left them. The count was at the other end of the room. She and the countess and Sonya were standing by themselves as in the depths of a forest amid that crowd of strangers, with no one interested in them and not wanted by anyone. Prince Andrew with a lady passed by, evidently not recognizing them. The handsome Anatole was smilingly talking to a partner on his arm and looked at Natasha as one looks at a wall. Boris passed them twice and each time turned away. Berg and his wife, who were not dancing, came up to them.
  • Well anyway, here comes the life of Jesus. His ministry is the next topic. Peterson wants me to understand why Jesus Christ was sent to us. Jesus ought to know why he was sent, so maybe I can find something.
  • Little Chandler quickened his pace. For the first time in his life he felt himself superior to the people he passed. For the first time his soul revolted against the dull inelegance of Capel Street. There was no doubt about it: if you wanted to succeed you had to go away. You could do nothing in Dublin. As he crossed Grattan Bridge he looked down the river towards the lower quays and pitied the poor stunted houses. They seemed to him a band of tramps, huddled together along the river-banks, their old coats covered with dust and soot, stupefied by the panorama of sunset and waiting for the first chill of night to bid them arise, shake themselves and begone. He wondered whether he could write a poem to express his idea. Perhaps Gallaher might be able to get it into some London paper for him. Could he write something original? He was not sure what idea he wished to express, but the thought that a poetic moment had touched him took life within him like an infant hope. He stepped onward bravely.
  • He wants to lead his party away, to install his deputies in office at Egypts palace and to assume full control of his new territory. "Ill take my leave," he tells Cleopatra, with a slight bow.
  • Being a child, Joanne really wanted all those sweat bands the tennis players wore on their wrists and all the kids running like mice after balls to mean something. She wanted the clean green to mean but it didn't. It was boring. She was idle. The sound of tennis balls on television, the sound of tennis balls on the square. She could be standing in the garden and the back door could be open. It could be sunny and there could be shade under trees. What should she do, with time?
  • I ran headlong into the gates. Not exactly where I wanted to be, but I didn't have time to find a spot further away from the Duke. Besides, I figured he'd be too busy dealing with old death incarnate to worry about me if it came to that.
  • Gray sighed getting into bed. Michael was his friend. They were friends, yet, Michael was also an asshole. Gray accepted that as well, the two pieces of Michael Roddy hed known for a long time. Michael was a jerk, but had brought Gray to Evanston, had set Rose into his life. If not for that, Gray would have probably cut his ties with Michael ages ago. So much about him was posed, all that he said earlier just fancy sentences full of this, that, and the other, the best way to just say he was fucking Alicia Hester. Thats all it was and Gray lay flat, not wanting to corrupt his pregnant wife with that information.
  • She turned to me. I wanted nothing more than to throw my arms about her and cling to her, but even at my young age of four, I realized an urgency of the situation. Her hand caressed my cheek.
  • Katherine was marveling at just how close she could get to a fish that had once been only a legend. She wanted to reach out and touch it, but knew that it was a predator and could attack her on a whim. She had been keenly interested in the news reports during the summer of 2000 when three living specimens had been photographed in Sodwana Bay in the St. Lucia Wetlands Park near her home. She had never visited those deep submarine canyons, those depths were only for very skilled divers. She knew that one of the three divers who had first photographed the Coelacanth had died on that expedition, when a problem had resulted in an uncontrolled ascent.
  • I glanced at my watch. If she wanted to make dinner before the ballet, she'd better get here soon. She'd said she still had a few loose ends to tie up at work, but this was cutting it close. Not that it would kill me to miss the ballet.
  • It was probably the hardest thing that Cail Vinney ever had to do, but now it was done. The doctors had agreed to the terms of the contract after much debate and he had taken the papers back to Colby. By the following week Colby had put a full page ad in the Gazette advertising the opening of the all-new Colby Clinic for the best in personal care. As Vinney had expected, the mayor turned out for the ceremonies as well as many members of city council. The paper had carried it on page three. How did Colby miss not having it on the front page? Surely it was more important than some middle-east crisis. Anyway, they could hardly keep up with the demand for their services and other doctors wanted to join the team. They weren't so excited about being on Colby's payroll, but they came anyway.
  • "Recently a document surfaced in the Vaticans secret archives absolving the Templars of all heresies," continued the visitor. "Apparently the Pope at the time felt pressured by the King of France who amassed a great debt to the Order. He wanted it disbanded because it was becoming too powerful and rich.
  • Then Elaine knew what it was the faeries wanted to prevent - why they had sent a colorful skein floating down the river. Why they had handed her soul an escape, and a key. She was fated to go to Camelot, but fate could cut two ways.
  • Shaa was searching his memory. What exactly had the Sword told him? He had mentioned two gods with whom hed interacted, in addition to Gashanatantra; a woman and a man. A "tweedy" man? Yes, Shaa thought, just so. The Sword had clearly been feeling his way through his discussion with Shaa, trying to decide where the balance point rested between keeping to himself information he wasnt sure he wanted to share and continuing to manage his balancing act solo. It was plain that the Sword knew more about these gods than he was prepared to let on. While the general rule of thumb was that the more dope you had on a god the better off youd be, Shaa had been willing to let it ride. Who knew where this tte--tte with the Sword might lead, for one. For another, if he encountered the Swords gods, Shaa, being his own prudent self, would never approach them, of course.
  • That was exactly the sort of response the General had been afraid of. He was going to explain why Vannard's idea was very, very stupid, but Saalteinamariva interjected. "You moron! Of course he doesn't want you to slaughter a village! If he wanted a village slaughtered, he would have asked me! Magic is a much more efficient way to do this."
  • No one would speak to me too much. Just casual talk about my pains and diet. Now I could stand on my own legs with no support. I could not go beyond the doors, closed from outside, as if they wanted me not to know where I was and for what I was brought back to life.
  • Jorden frowned. "One of them is a welder, I think. You'd have to knock out a lot more than that if you wanted to put an operation like this out of action." There were at least thirty men in the pit or hanging from the superstructure, and plenty of equipment to deal with almost any conceivable breakdown.
  • Gash led me into a field of what looked like wild wheat that started out knee-high, then mounted slowly to my chest before bounding suddenly to a level a good two feet above my head. When we emerged from the grain we were abruptly in the midst of a dense wood, fully equipped with clinging mists, dangling creepers, carpets of pine needles and decaying mulch, and heaven-scraping trees. Birds called exotically overhead, animals slunk in the underbrush. I wanted to ask Gash if wed have to climb but I didnt really want to hear the answer. Instead, I followed him along a ridgeline that revealed itself two hundred feet further along to be the broken-backed remnant of an ancient fallen trunk, food now for a whole new linear grove whose members had to be themselves a hundred feet tall apiece.
  • One of the goons at the doorway leaned through it and yelled, "Boss wants the inquisitors!" Three figures garbed all in black - three figures who seemed quite familiar to Groot - immediately filed in; they must have been waiting on call only steps away. A collective gasp rose up around the chamber.
  • Donovan groaned into her mouth, deepening the kiss. His hands came to her face and gentled over her finely shaped features. Slowly, he withdrew and looked down at Isabellas shaking form. She shuddered from the effort of trying to force herself away. She wanted him. He could smell the arousal in the air, but she also was afraid of the heat between them. For some reason, it angered him. "Get used to it," he gritted. "Get used to us." Then he claimed her lips again.
  • Jenna's eyes narrowed, but Dexter walked off the forecastle and headed towards the staircase. She wanted to follow him but a call from Rosh distracted her. He motioned her over and, with a sigh, she followed. She thought she had given up a life of public service when she fled her homeland.
  • "Eleana found out about this 'datebecause someone saw them exchange the roses. We know it was all schoolwork and business between him and Katie, but Eleana thought it was a hook up. She broke it off via text message and refused to listen to his explanation. Two days later she discovered the truth and wanted to get back together. He said no because he couldnt trust her anymore.
  • The hallway was quiet, Rose seeing Alicias daughter at the end of the corridor, talking on her cell. Rose wouldnt bother Kelly, her dying grandmother not as big of a pull as what might be going on with her friends. It was fine to miss a day of lessons, but to be yanked from the social whirl was altogether different. Rose only wanted a minute, setting her dying relative in a proper place. She inhaled, smelling a hospital, no sex, weed, or pot roast anywhere.
  • A chill run down Serenitys back; ghostly fingers tracing her spine, across her shoulders. The house felt too big, too empty, and she suddenly wanted to be back in her tiny duplex again. This place had a strange atmosphere, cold and impersonal, more like a museum than a home. Without Sebastian, it was almost unwelcoming.
  • Suzanne didn't ask what was wrong, or if I needed anything. She didn't do anything but let me cry it all out. It was relatively short as far as crying jags go, but it wore me out. All I wanted to do now was go back to bed and sleep for a few more hours, maybe let the pounding behind my eyes ease back. Since that wasn't going to happen, I'd do what I came here to do.
  • I loved riding my bike. I knew that at sixteen years old I should be anxious to get a car, but my parents told me that no teenager needs a car of their own. I had my license so I could borrow one of the family cars if needed, but if I wanted a car of my own it was up to me. I was okay with borrowing, and most of the money I earned was going in to a savings account for college. Besides, I was in to the whole living green thing and felt that if my destination was under a mile away I could walk, and if it was less than ten miles away I could bike. I got all my stuff together quickly and took off, hoping that my late start wouldnt affect how many classes I would have to miss that day.
  • Sheldrake being not unwilling to convince him, Mr. Merridew emerged from the next few minutes in a startled and very anxious condition. It seemed clear indeed that transport was going to be in a serious state of collapse if the Stone was multiplied. On the other hand he very naturally and very badly wanted it.
  • I tuck myself behind the tallest of my fellow travelers so that Silas cant see me as I go to collect my bags. Though he is just on the other side of a window thirty feet away, I dont believe were sharing the same terrain. He wants only to see his girl, and Im terrified of getting into his truck. Terrified enough that when I finally see my luggage, I let it pass by again and again on the conveyor belt so that I can have more time to collect myself. I am not yet equipped to either kiss a boyfriend, or get into a vehicle. I want only to survive the day.
  • "Do you?" It wasnt really a question. Belinda sounded bored and angry, but Dave thought he could detect something else as well. He wasnt sure what it was, or what he wanted it to be. Fear? Hope? He had no idea.
  • Bordens line rang a few times. Then his voice mail clicked on. I felt a wave of relief. I hadnt really wanted to talk to him. Conversation was not my forte. I preferred carefully crafting written messages and letting them do the work.
  • The pain reminded me of the time after Dads heart attack. Dad had known that some of the boys from the reservation were starting to change for the first time, and he had been watching Seth carefully, wanting to guide and support him. The shock and disappointment in seeing me transform had killed him. Mom and Seth hadnt said so, of course, but there was no one else more responsible for his death than I was. If only I hadnt been inside with him when it first happened, he would still be around today.
  • The Giles' edition of the ART OF WAR, as stated above, was a scholarly work. Dr. Giles was a leading sinologue at the time and an assistant in the Department of Oriental Printed Books and Manuscripts in the British Museum. Apparently he wanted to produce a definitive edition, superior to anything else that existed and perhaps something that would become a standard translation. It was the best translation available for 50 years. But apparently there was not much interest in Sun Tzu in English- speaking countries since it took the start of the Second World War to renew interest in his work. Several people published unsatisfactory English translations of Sun Tzu. In 1944, Dr. Giles' translation was edited and published in the United States in a series of military science books. But it wasn't until 1963 that a good English translation (by Samuel B. Griffith and still in print) was published that was an equal to Giles' translation. While this translation is more lucid than Dr. Giles' translation, it lacks his copious notes that make his so interesting.
  • Her brown eyes were kind, absolution Kell ached to accept. He returned her small grin, hearing in her slow, easy tone leisure and relaxation. A party atmosphere, and his accidental attendance hadnt set her off. He wouldnt have wanted that, not on her thirty-second birthday or any other day. "Good." He took a bite of cake, then gave one to Marie. "Thats really good."
  • She hugged him - tight - like she'd never let go of him. But she knew she'd have to. He was sweating and warm to the touch. His heart raced like he had run all day. Now he wanted to run like a wild creature through the woods, looking forwhat?
  • "Yes I can!" I hadnt meant to shout. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt Alison, but I just couldnt deal with this. Not now. Maybe not ever. I turned back to her to tell her I was sorry, but she was already fading.
  • "For one thing, theyre not hostages - you can bet hes not holding them for ransom. He can never let them loose and expect to live, remember? Lets see... heres some possibilities. Start off assuming he wants to take over, wants to be the only god around, or the supreme god anyway - having the former big-cheese gods toady to him would be just his kind of satisfaction. So, a preemptive strike, obviously, and now hes just about won almost before hes begun. But does it end there?" Max stared into space for a moment. "Could he be drawing power from the ones hes got confined? He is, isnt he."
  • "The doctor in charge there had wanted to keep her presence a secret. He was worried about reprisals against collaborators. And some of the staff were not too happy treating her either. I cant blame them really. The doctor told them she was a prisoner and I was her guard. They didnt know who she really was or what she had done. But they knew what the Germans had done to some of their friends and relatives. There was a lot of hatred waiting to well up. So I ended up looking after her. I would bathe her face when she became heated, and I would soothe and calm her when she was agitated. Sometimes I just held her while she slept.
  • Twisting her segmented, not-human neck was difficult. She wanted to say something of the beauty of it to him, but all the words felt too clumsy for the job, so she just watched Menkar instead. He seemed to be listening to the music she could only barely hear. It sounded like singing. Not the thunder-rumble the Stars had used to speak to each other before, but almost-human voices, a melodic mutter just beyond her understanding.
  • He continued to frown. "Well I do," he said, and he did. Then he had difficulty in thinking of anything else he could possibly say. "I like you a lot, Taf. I'm just tired and not thinking straight." The aestri simply stared. "I shouldn't have kissed you." He felt terrible. The last thing he wanted to do was upset Taf. After the kaedith he really should have known better. This world just wasn't like home.
  • Not now. Later, I promise. Sorry to bother you. I wanted to get things straightened out in my head and I cant even talk about it.
  • We were on foot, running through the undergrowth in the woods, the light fading too quickly. Andrew wanted to fly, but I told him times had changed and the skies werent safe anymore. He didnt answer, only followed in my wake silentlyso quietly I had to turn several times to see if he was still there.
  • "No, I'm not, Dad. I thought I'd go up on the mountain bird hunting until about noon and then I'll be back in case Charlie wants me to work in the afternoon.
  • Coach Andrews hugged Pete as he got to the bench and said, "It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy." Pete released the coach from an emotional hug and was mobbed by his teammates. Adam Baum wanted Pete to take a curtain call, but he was already done with it and refused the extra gesture. The season wasn't over, there was still work to do. From the offices overlooking the court, Ross Parker rested his weary head in his huge, thin hands and thought long and hard about the two big problems now staring him in the face: how would he stop the West Valley runaway train, and who was he going to get to play forward at East City the following year?
  • "Well, you know father didn't like anything of the sort. He wouldn't have any visitors if he could help it, and he used to say that a woman should be happy in her own family circle. But then, as I used to say to mother, a woman wants her own circle to begin with, and I had not got mine yet."
  • "Theyre waiting for FDA approval. Once they get it, theyre hoping Celestian becomes the standard of care for the terminally ill. Everyone who wants to will be able to take the Death Trip."
  • It shouldnt have been this way. He shouldnt have to hide from his older brother and Robbie shouldnt be slaving out in the fields with the other hands. They should have been studying for their futures, the futures their father had chosen for them; the futures that befitted second and third sons of the nobility. As much as Jamie wanted to be around horses, his father had insisted that he learn a trade first. Then, if luck were with him, he could purchase land and horses and do what he wanted.
  • The look of dissatisfaction turned to confusion. The merchant thought he heard the stranger clearly speak of the return of magic, but now he was not so sure. He conceded he might have misunderstood, but made no apology. "The Borderline has a string quartet. Down the block." He pointed then turned quickly. He obviously wanted nothing more to do with the stranger.
  • Ryson raised an eyebrow at the wizard. "Come again? I am the magic? I have no idea what that means." The delver continued moving, albeit at a much slower pace to accommodate the wizard that now had to navigate through the trees as well. Ryson didnt want to move too far away from Enin mostly because he wanted to hear this explanation.
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