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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • Longsword closed the door and stood with his back against it, watching Teleri come to a halt in the center of the room and turn around very deliberately to face him. Not once in all the time hed known her had she ever seemed afraid of him and now was no exception. Her chin was lifted and her expression was angry. If he admitted the truth to himself, he was a little afraid of her; he had a strong suspicion of people who were quick with words. He didnt relish the prospect of another argument, not after the pleasant night hed had and certainly not with someone who always seemed to beat him but if Gwalaesspeculation was true, then he wanted to know the reason behind it.
  • "I will have the heart of him if he forfeit; for, were he out of Venice, I can make what merchandise I will." Shylock wants to be ready. "Go, go, Tubal, and meet me at our synagogue."
  • They did manage to sneak off together for five or fifteen minutes here and there, and they made best use of their time when they did. He kept wanting to talk, but she didn't want to. The subject might turn to the future, and she had a bad feeling there wasn't going to be a future. Not if everything didn't go all right. Theirwhatever it was, was sweet, and new, and short. If only that afternoon could have lasted forever.
  • Gawain ends the story there. Morion and Amy had both begun to cry, Rachel stares off, lost in the memory of that day, in the memory of her death. Morion and Rachel then lock eyes, the young Queen wanting so much to speak, yet the words do not form. Gawain reaches out, taking his daughter's hand in his.
  • Unlike his predecessor, Roseduck was a strong believer in scouting. Scouts were regularly deployed in all reasonable directions and even a few unreasonable ones. He wanted to know about everything.
  • Desperately curious, but not wanting to appear too nosy, Pheron fidgeted from one leg to the other, a fact not lost on his attentive captain. How often have they been able to keep in frequent contact like this? Even the fastest methods of communication, by trained familiar, or by jhorun, could easily take several hours, maybe even a half day. He fidgeted again.
  • Except Mom. She's probably crying, and Dad's probably telling her not to get excited because you're nearly an adult and pretty sensible for a fourteen-year-old. Mom always wants everyone to be together and happy, even though being together makes them miserable. You could call her and say you're fine. But she wouldn't believe it. She would beg you to come home, and you never can, so there's no point in calling. If Dad picked up the phone, he would tell you to get your ass home now if you know what's good for you. You decide to send Mom a postcard in the morning, so it'll have a Gainesville postmark and not give any clues about how to find you.
  • "Yes, Mrs. Sheldrake," Frank rebelled suddenly, "but Miss Burnett wanted to get to London, and really we seem to be going over the same ground again and again."
  • Legon didnt want to be protected by the magic. He wanted to feel it, wanted to know the damage it caused. He let the walls down, letting it flood over him. He felt scared. It was too much. This was stupid. Why did this have to happen? Why did there have to be so much suffering in this life? Was that all life was?
  • Sources familiar with the Obama-Boehner talks confirmed that Boehner proposed extending low tax rates for everyone who has earned less than $1 million, and rates would rise for wages above that. Obama wants that threshold set at $250,000.
  • She went around in filthy socks, soiled pajamas and a ratty housecoat, the pockets overflowing with stickies. Why they hadn't seen to her right away when she'd gone to the hospital like that, she couldn't say. A reasonable person would have wanted Judy put away the moment he saw her.
  • After a brief wait, they were again ushered into the corridors, and finally brought into the throne room and put before the queen. Ryson saw the mix of emotions captured in her face and eyes. Cold hate. Blazing hot fury. He sensed the conflict within her. She wanted to lash out. She wanted to make them cower in her icy stare. And if she favored either the elf or the delver with her distaste, it was Ryson.
  • Frances deliberated. Given her cousins aversion to George, Frances wondered how it was that Agnes knew about his decision to abandon medicine in favour of journalism. She also wanted to know how long Agnes had known about it. She intended to ask her cousin these questions when Agnes returned to the room.
  • That is what the ITU wants to change. The main objective of the conference in Dubai is to broaden the definition of "telecommunications" to include the internetin the name of bridging the digital divide and bringing the full benefits of the web to the poor of the world.
  • What Kell noted as loud as the shouts between father and son, but Marthe was never quiet. Hed heard her all afternoon, making him ache, causing him turmoil, wishing to take her away, lay her down, and finally make love to her! It had been months, but then, who was he kidding? Kell had wanted Marthe since the first time he met her, four years before.
  • Campbell looks back at his notes, wanting to pick up where he left off before that short but very important detour. "Dr. Fowler, in the last few minutes youve used words likevery probableandentirely possible.’ Dont we know any of these things for sure?"
  • As he arrived at our table, Ellis wrapped up his phone conversation and shut the device. He shook hands with both of us. "I saw you come in, Jessica, and just wanted to take this opportunity to offer you and Manny my personal good wishes. We appreciate everything Manny did for our ball club, and I know the two of you are moving on to further great accomplishments with the Keys."
  • Even though there were fewer people in the store, they seemed to be spread out through the entire store. Every item I needed, every shelf I wanted to look at had a couple of people standing in front of it. Every item in my basket represented me having to wait on someone elses indecisiveness or finally getting frustrated enough to rudely reach in front of them.
  • She jumped at me trying to get at my hands, but we both knew it was pointless. I gave her a devilish grin. She wanted to know everything while I wanted her to know only which was absolutely necessary. Though I could confide in Jessica about things I wouldnt discuss with anyone else, I had to consider the law. Besides, the one time shed read my thoughts, shed acted so strange.
  • "The designers of the barrier weren't satisfied with just the poison gases. They apparently wanted something with a greater dramatic effect as well, so they put in another trap to stop entry. It's set to go off when we break the seal of this door. It was made airtight before the humans handed over the last tier to the dwarves. Within are compounds which consumed and removed the trapped air with slow precision. As the chemicals aged, they also altered into a substance which would now ignite at any new inflow of fresh air. So if you opened that door now, we would all be incinerated.
  • The Innkeeper, however, didn't seem to be fazed by Colt's aggressive demeanour and heavy build. He may have been past forty years of age and carrying a lot of extra weight, but he didnt show any fear of yet another rowdy drunkard in his bar. Aiden hoped his confidence wasnt misplaced, for Colt could probably make an Innkeeper-skinned rug from the old fellow if he really wanted.
  • "I had an idea that I wanted to bounce off my brother and I wanted Sarahs opinion as well." She looked nervous which is highly unusual and suspicious. She wore her usual pink top and white pants.
  • "I wanted to ask you about that. What possessed you to volunteer for that? I thought you were going to use that grif to pay for the room?"
  • Todd tells them that while they were driving over, Pete left his room. He called Joe and said he wanted to meet him for a quick lunch at a restaurant nearby. Todd says he should be gone for a while.
  • Connor followed her order and walked in the bedroom. His heart started racing in anticipation and anxiety because he began to fully grasp the situation and wondering just exactly what needed to be done to become a Balancer because it was simple to deduce that theres more to it than simply becoming one body. As he entered the room he heard the shower start. Taking off all of his clothes, and putting them in the hamper, he glimpsed at himself and felt a moment of hesitation. He wasnt a small man in any aspect, but Sarah might have complications linking herself with him and hoped shed be alright. All that he wore now was the armlet and it help ease the thoughts of hurting her. She knew what she had to do and his attributes must have been accepted if she wanted to go through with this. She had seen him fully in the shower once before. Connor lifted the bed sheet and slid between them. As he heard the shower running, his mind raced.
  • Hartwell let then man into the house and then was told that if he ever wanted to see his wife and child again, that there was only one way to do it. And that way was to die and be reborn as a vampire.
  • Max was dead set on picking me up at my house Saturday morning, but after a great deal of convincing, I told him I could wait for him at his apartment building, not wanting to delay our reunion for one second longer than I had to. I was in front of his building thirty minutes before his plane even landed.
  • This was a problem hed not foreseen. There were rumors that there was cholera in the water, but it wasnt a certainty. Could be also in the air or in the food. People, however, still talked about the latest epidemic in32, where many died and political unrest followed. Even today, any death was regarded suspiciously: could it have been caused by cholera? Everyone wanted to know.
  • "Do you think I wanted to break my word? I'm no power-hungry tyrant. I have always been content to advise. But the boy would destroy the empire." He cleaned his eyeglasses with a handkerchief. "In his first week on the throne, he vowed to make peace with all the nations we've ever warred with, cut military spending in half, funnel the money to education, and...oh, yes, and phase out the empire itself, instating some ridiculous people's republic with elected officials."
  • "I cant cast it on someone else. Its purely a matter of control. The spell is almost constantly and instantaneously altered with my own thoughts and movements. It has to be. If I cast it on someone else, the results would be disastrous. Now I can make you float, and I can move you from one area to another by levitating you, as long as you dont resist me, but I cant give you the same power of flight that I have right now. As I said, the spell requires constant and instantaneous updating. The moment you wanted to move in a new direction and the spell wasnt corrected properly for that desire, youd probably end up rocketing beyond the horizon."
  • The thief leaned back in his chair. It had been almost five years since Melegal had left Bone. The Outlands and the thief didn't mix well. No comfort or companionship. It was the city life for the rogue, and Melegal wanted no part of the underlings, either.
  • "Sarah, you asked me to keep you up to date on my Bible research. I just found good confirmation that the gospel is about a treasure and you wanted me to keep you informed. Dont you remember?"
  • Benjamin gave no response. Part of him wanted to go home and part of him wanted to stay and help; but he couldnt go home unless he helped Lilac find her birds, in which case he had little option but to stay in Niamago until tomorrow. Would it be so bad, he thought, to make mum wait a day longer? Yes, it would - but what choice did he have?
  • "Thank you." Miss Huntington seems perfectly content with whatever you want. That's the mark of a good servant. You could raid her fridge and read her books and sleep in her bed, and she would be pleased, because she likes thinking you're better than her. You could tell her to strip and have sex with you, and she would. It would be as easy as jerking off. It might be more fun while it was happening, but you suspect it would be less afterward. At least half the reason you want CC is she wants you.
  • Larry tried to be nonchalant. He also wanted to have no secrets from his old friend. "The gang... I think this girl, Fanny, is going to be there too."
  • "Tun didn't believe the sphere should be destroyed," Matthew noted out loud. "I remember that clearly. He was against the release of the magic. He wanted to encase the sphere, bury it again. He wouldn't listen to reason. You let him hold the sword and his opinion changed. He saw the truth behind the sphere, he saw what he needed to do."
  • The halls once again became a monotonous blur, and the dull cadence of their steps, a lullaby. Exhaustion dogged Catrin, and every step was a struggle. She leaned on Benjin, and they shuffled along together. Her vision blurred as she walked in a stupor, kept upright by only Benjin and her staff. Not wanting to complain, she did her best to deal with the fatigue, but it was overpowering. Her eyelids were leaden, her eyes burned, and she let Benjin guide her.
  • Trevor wasn't allowed to disembark and neither was Erling. Erling wanted to disembark to buy all sorts of supplies, but Trevor just wanted to feel solid ground underneath his feet. But the elf-captain had told them to stay put while he and his men were in Perceen.
  • "She wants you to come and rescue her and bring him home to Harlech castle." The sparrow flapped its little wings to emphasis how import its message was. "She believes that she will be killed."
  • "Even the slaves are better off in Islam, Madame. A slave can be rich and powerful. The Mamelukes are slaves. Even the great Baibars is accounted a slave. In fact, because I had been a soldier, it was eventually the Mamelukes who took me in. Life became even better for me then. The Arabs and the Turks, people born Muslims, they do not trust converts, but the Mamelukes are all converts, so it did not matter to them that I had once been a Christian. Eventually, I came to serve Baibars himself. He wanted to know everything I could tell him about the Christian part of the world."
  • I was suddenly even more grateful we were going to the dance together. If I only had a couple of weeks to live, then I wanted to spend every possible second with him."
  • Yes, Blair was head-over-heels in love and the static was interfering with his mojo. All he could think about was green and Allie and he even had a dream the night before about a green Allie asking him if he wanted to get married. He woke up in a cold sweat and had trouble going back to sleep, so he turned on the TV. That didnt work either as he clicked from "Sleepless in Seattle" to "When Harry Met Sally" before settling on a few rounds of Sportcenter.
  • It was all worth it. He had done the job Hura had wanted and all was well. There was only one nagging thought that remained, and that was he had just bought his friends so little time. A few cycles in the Domain at most. He should have done more...
  • "You will pay for killing my brother," he promised. "Prince John spent the last year spreading your wanted poster around the world. Every bounty hunter on Earth is looking for you."
  • "You didnt foresee that Edward would be here though." Aro looked towards him with a bloody desire. I knew he wanted my dads power as much as he wanted Alice.
  • Vibrant green light filled her. She pictured her Mam in her mind. She willed the green life back out of her, commanding it to fly on the winds. She told the breeze the message she wanted delivered. She did not know if it would find her, or how long it would take. She was not even sure that it had worked, but it was all that she could do.
  • If the girl that'd just walked by me without acknowledging the existence of any of us lesser beings was every boy's ideal physical specimen, the boy was every girls dream. A gorgeous fantasy breathed into life by some merciful goddess, one who wanted to give us each a glimpse of what awaited good little girls in the afterlife.
  • For the first time in years, I really felt alive. I could feel my proximity to Demetri and it surrounded me like a warm glove. His presence alone provided feelings of comfort and peace which washed over me in waves of euphoria. I knew it was crazy, and that a relationship with him would never work. Maybe it was even suicidal, but there was nothing I wanted more in the world than to be near him again, even if just for a short while.
  • About an hour and a half in we found ourselves sitting side by side, leaning against the headboard, Jack telling me about some of the more humorous of his adventures. "...so then she said that she wouldn't give me the jacket back until I made that noise again, and I had no idea what she was talking about. I tried all sorts of noises, but none of them were the ones she wanted to hear! I was just about to give up and hope that I could find a comparable jacket somewhere else, but she wasn't going to let me go until she heard that noise again. She ended up stepping on my foot and punching me in the gut at the same time, and I have to say, even at a young age the dragonkin are pretty strong and it hurt. Apparently the noise I made was what she wanted to hear, because she went into a laughing fit and gave my jacket back."
  • "It was Arnie Brubacher. He was comin' down the road in his wagon, bundled up good. He stopped and asked me to get in. Well, you know Arnie, can't talk, just pointed at me and pointed at his wagon, and I got in. He kept on goin', down the road past Jake's house. I wanted to get off and said so, but Arnie kept pointin' at me and at the wagon then up the road. Couldn't understand what he was tryin' to say so I just sat there figurin' maybe I'd stay at his house until the storm let up."
  • Suddenly Archie felt that he could preserve his secret no longer. As on the day in church when he wanted his mother to share with him the pleasure of that glorious comedian, the man with the wagging beard, so now he wanted her to share with him the secret joy of Martin's presence.
  • He took her home at dinnertime, Buster and Lovie standing watch. The children spoke of their days and Rose ate a substantial meal, a chicken spaghetti dish from Megan. Lise shared in their dinner, but Rose didnt want to return to the hospital. She wanted this part to be over. The casserole brigade would last a week, ten days, then life could go back to… "Gray," Rose said, her fork in hand. "I dont want to go back there tonight."
  • With worry and tension, he raised his head slowly to gaze at the moon. Nervousness was setting in his bones, and a wanting in his stomach. He was losing time, and with it Idimus may be losing faith in him. The desperation was present, the desire imminent...
  • Edeline spent another cold night on the ground. She could not even fathom the idea of sleeping in a tree, and was amazed at how comfortable the others were at doing it. Baudry in particular seemed to her like an orangutan, sprawled belly-down on a not-too-steady-looking branch, arms dangling below it, head precariously perched to one side. Yet there he was, snoring away peacefully while she tossed and turned on the duff not too far away, yet far enough that in case he did tumble down, at least he wouldn't be landing on her. Her ivy dress clung to her tightly, as if it wanted to warm her up, but it didn't help much. The night air was chilly and the sounds of the forest were enough by themselves to keep her from sleeping well. She did sleep, though, in snatches here and there, but every waking was accompanied by shivering and what she considered to be quite rational fears of being bitten or attacked by terrifying nocturnal creatures. The only animals she heard or saw, however, were owls and possums and crickets, none of whom intended any harm.
  • "Oh, it's terrible to feel oneself so in this man's power," thought Rostov. He knew what a shock he would inflict on his father and mother by the news of this loss, he knew what a relief it would be to escape it all, and felt that Dolokhov knew that he could save him from all this shame and sorrow, but wanted now to play with him as a cat does with a mouse.
  • I was nave, more so than I wanted to be. I didnt have skills in seduction. My only experience had been hearing stories from my girlfriends and watching hundreds of movies. I didnt want this moment to end and definitely wanted the fire within me to continue to burn. I whispered, "Its okay, I really want this."
  • Maggies sense of proportion was shot to hell. Awestruck, she could only watch the man before her as he held his arms open wide, his tortured cries drowned out by the fearsome ice tornadoes hed created. She wanted to touch him again, to comfort him, but felt the absolute certainty that shed die now if she tried; she knew then that had Necrolius passed through her back on the Gyssian flagship, shed have died then, too.
  • "They were willing to kill me. They wanted to trade me back to Brandon." It came out as something less than a whisper, but apparently Alec's hearing was acute enough to catch that too.
  • "She thinks she's better than we are. I heard that she told her father she wanted to go back to Elmdale High." Murmuring voices of indecipherable words. "She had a boy friend, but he dumped her this summer."
  • On reaching the main road, Paul set off walking fast alongside the stream of traffic, crawling toward the T-junction. He realised quickly that if he wanted to save himself a long, uphill hike, now was the moment to hitch a lift. The flustered police were hardly going to recognise him amongst so much mayhem. Just ahead he spotted a flatbed truck piled high with bundles of sapling poles, rolls of tarpaulin and a heap of building site salvaged firewood.
  • "True. But if I sent that guy away to go buy a movie at Wal-Mart, something else is going to catch his eye and hes going to get that too. So, instead of spending twenty, he spends fifty. Then the next time he wants to go shopping, he remembers that he got a better deal at Wal-Mart and that we wouldnt price match. So, he doesnt even bother coming here. And over the span of a year, being an average man, he spends a little over a thousand dollars there that he could have spent here." Brent Baker was now considering every single word I said. "So, you see Brent, we dont stand to lose twenty-five thousand in sales. We stand to lose one million."
  • She had been wanting to ask Melody all this time, and terrified of the answer shed receive. It was an unspeakably glorious sign that Melody hadnt told her yet. Now it was time to find out. She looked at her daughter with questioning, pleading eyes.
  • Ryson's eyes flared. "Stop it. Don't you know what you're saying? If we've failed, the dwarves will attack Burbon, and probably Connel again as well. You heard her. She wants to go after my family. She won't stop until everyone in Burbon and Connel is dead."
  • "I wanted to talk to you about a settlement. That is, if Mrs. Wendel decides to go through with her action and we decide not to oppose it."
  • She stared at him, waiting for the inevitable scan, the thing that would betray her as the danger she apparently was. If Emma, a woman who had no reason to hate her, wanted her dead enough to threaten a real agent, then Taylor - who seemed to have hated her from the get-go for whatever reason, was going to want her gone just as badly. Doublethink. Doubledead. Double-plus ungood.
  • "But what if someone came to you who had a degenerative condition, Lou Gehrigs disease, maybe, someone terrified of what was coming, fully cognizant, not clinically depressed or mentally ill, but wanting to end his life before he deteriorated physically and wanting to experience …"
  • The fortress, the only secure post remaining in the city, had been commandeered by Jadar and his hand-picked guard. His officers had taken accommodations in the town, and the troops had erected an enormous tent complex along the road leading into the city from the north. Their women now swarmed over the bazaar, accumulating stores for the march south. Bullock carts of fresh produce glutted the roads leading into the city, for word had reached the surrounding villages that Burhanpur was host to the retinue of the prince and his soldiers from the northbuyers accustomed to high northern prices. The villagers also knew from long experience that a wise man would strip his fields and gardens and orchards now and sell, before an army on the march simply took what it wanted.
  • It was centered a distant way off, yet the flash of white light was so brilliant that both Ross and Liza instinctively jerked their eyes away. Ross slowed the car and pulled to the shoulder, knowing there wasn't anybody behind him and not wanting to cause an accident, but not every driver on the road was as mindful. When his vision cleared, he was greeted by an F250 barreling down on him and his wife.
  • In New York he pored over the papers and the magazines, hoping to catch a glimpse of her in print. No such luck. The nursing organization had also lost track of her and had no record of her past. What had her friend said? Shed assumed her mothers maiden name to hide her titled identity: shed wanted to be known simply as April, not as Lady Bethune. The trouble was there was also no trace of Bethune anywhere. Not in Boston or New York. He thought of writing to her family in London but where would they send a reply that would take close to three months if, in the unlikely event, they were inclined to release private information? Again a dead end.
  • "Please," Chloe said gratefully, and tried to catch Frank's eye. She failed, and went sadly to the bank. She was always doing the selfish thing, she felt. But after all Lord Arglay might --might very easily--want several things done at once when he knew the situation. She wished she wanted to be with Frank a little more strongly. Duty with a strong inclination looked so dreadfully selfish beside duty with a mild inclination. She sat down gloomily in the Sheldrakes' car and it moved off.
  • Even if pleased to have his suspicions allayed, part of Sallis almost wanted Barten to be something evil. When had he become so jealous?
  • Still full of sleep, it was hard to pull on her white uniform. This morning she resented it more than most. Being a waitress at Ricks Caf was a lousy job. She was on her feet more than she wanted to be, tipping had never taken hold in Spearfish Lake, and the pay was nothing to be happy with. Still, she wasnt spending a lot of money, and was able to save a bit. It was a job, not a good one, but the best shed found after shed graduated the spring before, though she knew it wouldnt last forever. It was still better than babysitting for her four-year-old half-brother.
  • Just before Daniel was going to answer, because his son surely wanted no part of starting that discussion with his mother, the rays of the morning sun reinvigorated Hartwell and he also strolled into the main room.
  • And Haworth heard the unspoken but implicit, final two words, "without you." They echoed in his head, cold and unfeeling, despite the years of friendship and affection between them. In an instant, his anguish grew into an outraged despair. Hugh was walking to the door; hed switched the lamp to his left hand and had put his right on the latch. Any moment now he would be out of Haworths life forever. Haworth wanted to cry out, "My lord, what will I do?" because he knew that without Hugh, his life was meaningless. He didnt even realize he was trailing after the other man
  • This wasn't like being inside their machines. This was physical. This was open and visible to those wanting to take the time to look. Well, actually, so was the other on some level. But ferreting him out there, inside their computers, took expertise beyond that possessed by most people. Out here, on a sidewalk, he was fair game for all comers.
  • "Who stole it?" I asked suspiciously. Anyone with the balls to steal something from a werewolf was probably not the kind of person I wanted to mess with.
  • "Will you stop messing with what Im doing? Justcause you wanted to throw away your life doesnt mean you have to consistently interrupt mine."
  • If Gray ever asked her seriously, if he had a good reason, or even a half-baked idea, Rose might consider it. She wouldnt turn him down for anything, yet, it was only some small query, not even loud enough in Grays head to be formalized. Instead there was this little boy, so small, his four-year-old body warm against them. He curled into his mother, his head hitting Roses breasts. Hed nursed for two years, then cuddled against her there for another six months. Now he only did it when scared or sick and Rose never denied him. He was still little, barely a child. Getting there, and after only a minute, Liam turned, wanting his father.
  • "No, your first duty is to yourself." Enin looked about at everyone in the room. "I know all of you dont think too highly of me right now, but perhaps this will help explain, even if it is only slightly." The wizard turned back to Holli. "Ive spoken at length about choice and not interfering. You have a choice, as does everyone in this room. If you believe it is important for you to go with them, then I would never stand in your way. I will not take that choice from you. Everyone here wants me to solve this problem. Ive tried to make it clear that there are consequences in that action. I know my arguments seem weak in the face of what everyone is talking about, but you all need to decide for yourselves what you must do."
  • Integration ensued that easily, as swiftly as he fell in love with Rose. The two went hand in hand, as Gray never imagined being a part of this group, or feeling anything more than sorrow for Rose Robinson. He had felt so sorry for her and later that night, he had felt even more pity. Pity and great release, but the distress came first. Their drummer, Nick Shelton, wasnt as talented as Colin, but certainly acceptable. Gray didnt know much at that moment, other than he was slightly high and near a woman that as their voices blended, Gray only wanted to kiss her.
  • When I first phased years ago, all I could hear was Sams voice in my head. The pain of his thoughts constantly with me had been almost impossible to bear. All I wanted to do was to get away from him, but there he was every day. He saw straight through me, and knew my every thought. Agony. All the things I had tried to hide from him were there for the taking. Nothing could be hidden from the pack, and every emotion I felt had been magnified by their subsequent reaction to it.
  • The manifestation of his brother had taken a few steps in the direction of the Emperors tower in the course of its speech, Shaa noted, picking his way through the broken-field rubble left in its wake. That was probably just as well; Shaa wasnt sure at all he actually wanted to catch up with the thing, or what he would do if he did. Gnaw on its toe? In any case, the Corpus had to be a decoy; it would be quite surprising if Arznaak was actually inside. Parade around in public where he could be a target no one could miss? Not Arznaak, not bloody likely.
  • "Yeah, me neither. I guess people stopped taking our pictures a few years ago. Pictures are for remembering and not many people have wanted to remember us, I guess," says Bob.
  • Kethudrim sat back like I had slapped him. There was such pain in his eyes that I desperately wanted to take back my last words. "I'm sorry," I didn't know what else to say.
  • The last thing William wanted to do in life was die well. Living well is easy; dying well is hard. He took some comfort that his wife died well. She died like a Mongol.
  • "OK, guys. I put your order in, so thatll be ready in a bit, but I have a few minutes to kill, so I wanted to come and talk to you three." She emphasizedyou three.’
  • Talon's curiosity got the best of him and he sat down to see what his brother's papers were. Talon untied the bundle to read the first sheet. It was a listing of all the men who were in his unit for the duration of the war. Talon placed that one aside and wanted to make sure it made it to Prince Christopher. The next sheet was a small note written to a field commander from Prince Philip. It was about the possibility of entering farm regions.
  • "It wasnt you that I was prepared for," Dafydd said. "I confess Id put you from my mind entirely. Owain wanted to rescue Humphrey, but I know that tight-assed youth better than he does and told him he wouldnt come, not even if we asked. It was Llywelyn we wanted."
  • "Casey over there wants to work at store 58, in Pebbleton. So were moving her to 58. Jolene wants to manage store 20."
  • My poor Aggie,’ Louisa crooned, ‘you are feeling uptight about the wedding, and you are over-reacting to the smallest things. It is natural and perfectly understandable.’ Again she took hold of Agness hand. ‘Michael and Frances are friends, nothing more. Michael loves you. He wants to marry you, most assuredly.’
  • "I told you that king was nothing but a brute. But you wouldnt listen to me." His half-brother was furious. He slammed his fist on the table where they were sitting with their mugs of ale. "Thats why I mutilated his horses. I wanted to start a fight with those bastards. He never loved Brnwen. He just wanted to screw her and then have a claim to Harlech."
  • "But the lesser sun god, Turish saw how beautiful the Aysha women were and wanted to know them alllike his own personal gypsy harem. He tracked them for years, but he was always a second too late to capture them. So Turish got ticked off and decided to create another race to fight the LorTirin. He called them the KleRamdi which means Justice of the Sun God. They were a pack of warriors and they outnumbered the LorTirin Guardians by a hundred fold.
  • "Taghs…" the General thought to himself and his instinct, as a soldier, was to ride back and inform his King. But he wanted to investigate further. Maybe this one had fought its way out, or perhaps it could have been Idimus who released them, hoping that eventually they would work their way to Grahamas. Though they would leave nothing but destruction in their wakeand it was an extreme measureGerin no longer believed anything was beneath the King. Such an idea was feasible except that he didn't have a key to either door. He could have asked Estechian, after Gerin left Kaldus, to release them. Roane was directly west now, Kaldus much further south. In essence, the Tagh could have easily beat him here if Idimus sent word right after he left. But Estechian was loyal, and he knew the dangers that these monsters created. They would destroy everything around them, Kaldus as well. He would not release them without Gerin's approval, despite the King's orders. That only left one other person: Estophicles. "But why…" the General wondered.
  • "Mom, she was keeping a frog in the house. I wanted her to take it outside, so I just explained how frogs love singing under the stars. I guess I did dress up the idea just a bit."
  • They decided to bring Charles Lowery in on the demonstration, because he was the ex-vampire they most wanted to strike repeatedly.
  • Time returned to normal. Dr. Sock dropped his sock cannon. He didnt know what else to do, and he was glad that it didnt go off. The game, it seemed, was over, and he was going to jail. Probably for years, since hed assaulted a pair of cops with beanbags. Why had he wanted to be a supervillain again?
  • In bed, the boy trembled. His terrified mind wanted to escape, to run away from the awful dream, but his body could not wake. Then the dream changed.
  • "Theres nothing for you to understand, mistress!" Haworth interrupted sharply. "The girl is the earl of Chesters daughter and he wants her. With as little trouble as possible," he added, glaring.
  • Later, at the back of the plane, the other tour guides and Sandra hold a meeting to make sure everything will go smoothly. No one wants a disgruntled client. There will be calls to the headquarters in Los Angeles. Caligan will ream everybody out. "You expect these yahoos to spend fifty to one hundred-fifty grand again next year if they get pissed at us this year?" he will whisper through tight lips. Sandras superior, Martha, lays out the plans and itinerary for each of the countries the tour passes through. "I realize weve all had a late night," Martha says softly, "most of our clients are snoozing. Lets all get a few winks in after lunch."
  • "They bought me from my previous owners." She shudders and absently rubs her wrists again. "Anyway, theyve been searching for you, but your captain, Travis Jones I believe it was, has been dodging them, apparently. So this is where I come inthey knew we were in that house at the same time. When they found out I had known you they wanted me to help them capture you."
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