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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • Margret dropped her eyes. "Mochan was a Sirelord; he was the youngest and greediest for power, but he was also the weakest. He was born with a deformity and was shunned by everyone. You know the story: the tormented one wants revenge. The usualwe should rule the earthbullshit. He was pissed when the Sires went into hiding after Egypt started to fall. Mochan loved the fear of the humans and them treating him as a god. Besides his pleasure in torturing anything and everything, he was known for his experiments. He tried to find out how many different ways there were to change humans and kill vampires."
  • "Okay, well, lets go get it," Jaxon declared as she started to walk into the little hallway. She was grateful for the interruption. Her breathing had calmed somewhat, but she wanted as much distance between her and Seth as possible and didn't even want to think about what could have just happened.
  • A bead of sweat. Dr. Sock licked his lips. He wondered, not for the first time, not even for the fiftieth time, if it was too late to go back to his old life. The whole situation seemed too strange to be anything but a dream. But here he was, a villain practicing his art, and if he wanted to be recognized for what he was Dr. Sock had to take that step. Even if it meant consorting with the likes of The Puppetmaster.
  • "Well, his son has taken the bloody castle back! Ive wanted to buy some of that land for years and old Albert wouldnt let it go. And I hear his son is just as stubborn…"
  • The driver and fireman closed up the doors on the first truck and moved on to the second. They were at one end of the train while Jacob and his charges were at the other. Both men concentrated determindly on their work. Neither of them were looking for anything, and neither of them wanted to see anything.
  • "I just wanted to give this back." Chance handed him the jar. Edwards looked at it and motioned for Chance to take the other seat.
  • Richard had marvelled once that he could drink all he wanted and never suffer for it in the morning but it was the truth. He was dressed and hurrying through the keep in less time than it would have taken another man in a similar condition to merely roll out of the bed.
  • 'And, look'ee,' said Toole, returning, for he was going out, as he generally did, whenever he was profoundly ruffled; 'you remember the affidavit-man that was whipped and pilloried this time two years for perjury, eh? Look to it, my fine fellow. There's more than me knows how Mr. Nutter threatened to cane you that night--and a good turn 'twould have been--and 'twouldn't take much to persuade an honest jury that you wanted to pay him off for that by putting a nail in his coffin, you young miscreant! Go on--do--and I promise you'll get an airing yet you'll not like--you will.'
  • Chase did not react at first, but then his face wrinkled and he looked as if he wanted to spit. He shook his head back and forth wildly, trying to swallow. Benjin poured water over his lips, but Chase swallowed very little and sprayed most of it across the cabin as he coughed. After a moment, though, he drifted off, settling back into unconsciousness. His breaths were short, and Catrin encouraged him on each one, fearing it would be his last.
  • "Most certainly if you are she, you do usurp your selffor what is yours to bestow is not yours for reserving!" argues Cesario, annoyed by the veil; Viola wants to see the face Duke Orsino finds so attractive. "But this is apart from my commission.
  • She looked at Joanna as she spoke, and Joanna looked at me. I could see that the poor dear was torn about in her mind. Of course she wanted to be with me. But then the boat service would, most likely, be the one which would destroy the . . . the . . . Vampire. (Why did I hesitate to write the word?)
  • The dinner dragged on as the All Division and All-Conference teams were being announced. The players on the All East City team would be announced at the end of the dinner, not on each individual sub-section. Pete didn't eat much of his dinner. This would be his last connection with high school sports, and he wanted it to be a sweet memory.
  • When he got to the throne room, he felt an odd feeling. He closed the door and locked it, wanting no interruptions from the nosey Mages wandering the halls. The room seemed more silent than usual. He felt as if he was being watched, but after he inspected the shadows, he determined that that was impossible. He knelt in front of the small altar at the side of the room and began to pray to his god.
  • Maybe it was good she had avoided the seduction scenario then. "Look, maybe it's suicidal, but I have to go back and get an explanation. I can't just walk away from...from my life. If Hollowcrest wants me dead, where could I even hide that would be beyond his reach?" She gulped. Only now were the full ramifications spinning through her mind. "And if I can get back into the Imperial Barracks, maybe I'll have an opportunity to find out more about the emperor's situation. I can tell you what I learn if..." She raised her eyebrows. "Can you help me?"
  • Medicare For All could have passed, except for one barrier. The President. Once again, Obama showed his timidity and backed away, not even wanting a vote on it. But in the end that would matter little. Healthcare is one thing government does extremely well, far better than any private system could hope to. Thats exactly why conservatives demonize it, because it proves their ideology false and purely reactionary, with no creative ideas, just hating what the other side does. Private insurance companies would largely die off, as would most private healthcare except that aimed at the wealthy. And good riddance. Its a system that charges twice as much and provides half as much, and the reason that American life expectancy is so low and child mortality is so high compared to other wealthy nations.
  • "Eh?" I said, teary eyed to see people I loved. This must have been planned to bring us in here. The storm was forgotten for that fact remained we were watching something very religious coming about. The dead wanted to fight evil from their side of the dark.
  • "Most team owners would," replied Erickson. "But Mr. Carters philosophy is that solid isnt good enough. He wants that, of course, but he also believes in youth and economy."
  • "Don't you think I would have tried by now if there were another way? Something has set him on the trail to Thagoth. While I might wish I knew what it was, it is enough for me to know that he wants to find it." Holgren clasped my hands in his. "I want and need your help, Amra. I've seen you slip into and out of places so heavily guarded a mouse wouldn't pass unnoticed. I've watched you find valuables so cleverly hidden I couldn't have located them using the Arts. Your skills would be invaluable. Should you choose not to assist me, however, I will go on my own."
  • "We both wanted to fight to the finish the first time," he resumed. "But there was too many goddamned wimps down there in Havana hankering for a compromise. We know who got rich from that, dont we?"
  • "This is all we need, then. We canwait." She tapped the notepad on her knee a couple times. "He was here looking for more information on Larocka for Hollowcrest. I assume that means Hollow wants the Forge leader assassinatedhe wouldn't want someone killing the emperor he's drugging into submission, now would he? But the home address wasn't enough for some reason. Why wouldn't an assassin be able to get in and kill her at home?"
  • Those red eyes, they had fire in them, fire that would consume the earth and crush everything in their vision. She felt it still within her like a lingering thought. She feared it, the way it compelled her to do something awful, and even though damning it, she wanted to see it just once more. They were eyes icy, unbreakable, scheming and persuasive. She wanted to know what they wanted with her and if they belonged to that dark that called from inside the castle. She didn't understand why they had such a hold on her.
  • Hed meant it when he told her he wasnt asking her to leave for him. Their being together was impossible, but it didnt stop him wanting her to be happy. To go through each day knowing some creep tormented her while he remained helpless to do anything, filled him with fury and made his heart ache in some inexplicable way.
  • To have a fucking clue what's going on for once, Johnny had to bite his tongue to keep himself from saying. Giving the question a bit more thought he realized he didn't have a clue what he wanted. If he had been answering the question honestly the day before, he might have said sex. That morning though he felt that there was very little he was actually wanting for. Excepting, of course, money. He had known from the day he enrolled that his savings wouldn't carry him through more than a few months. He had been trying out a few leads on some easy money and though promising, they weren't delivering at the rate he had hoped. Right then, Johnny had a lot more than he cared to admit riding on the possibility that he could get back into the acid game. If that fell through, he would find himself in the position before Christmas of having to, for the first time in his life, get a real job.
  • I twisted round further in my seat and bit my lip. I had loads of questions I wanted to ask. The slums were melting pots of every religion, race, and minority you could think of. They were so intermixed there was little distinction between skin colours. Occasionally you got the odd throw-back; some, like Alex, were dark and some were pale or oriental in appearance and feature, but most were a creamy tan.
  • "But what if they're in real trouble?" I wanted to know. "What if they're lying in a ditch somewhere, pinned inside the car while water rises all around them?"
  • Everyone's eyes turned to the four of us and I almost stepped closer to Alek, freezing at the last moment. I moved closer to Loi instead. With those dirty looks being shot her way, she could do with the backup. The mayor's wife and daughter held a mini court on their veranda, observing us with their noses in the air. It was rather comical, and many of the townspeople gave them disapproving looks. I wasn't bothered. They didn't look like people I wanted to know.
  • She felt Legons apprehension through their connection, but in the end he agreed. Feena walked over to both of them and rubbed appreciatively against their legs. She reached down and picked him up. He nuzzled against her neck. These things were so odd, but she had to admit she wanted one. After that they started in the direction of the horses, soon to make the journey to the Sentinels, two large hills that marked the road into the Precipice, where the empire waited.
  • "Wait one moment before you say anything more," Mother Gwendolin said. She went to the door and summoned a nearby guard. After she whispered something in his ear, he left at a run. Catrin wanted desperately to ask what was going on, but she sensed Mother Gwendolin had good reason for her silence, and she also sensed an aura of excitement.
  • "He's back in town. I just heard last night. One of the gymnasium pickpockets we've been after all winter turned himself in. Seems he was in the baths, doing his looting circuit, and he touched Sicarius's towel before realizing whose stuff he was trolling through. The thief spent half the day looking over his shoulder and then showed up at HQ wanting to be arrested so he could hide out in a cell."
  • The pigs were in ecstasies over Napoleon's cunning. By seeming to be friendly with Pilkington he had forced Frederick to raise his price by twelve pounds. But the superior quality of Napoleon's mind, said Squealer, was shown in the fact that he trusted nobody, not even Frederick. Frederick had wanted to pay for the timber with something called a cheque, which, it seemed, was a piece of paper with a promise to pay written upon it. But Napoleon was too clever for him. He had demanded payment in real five-pound notes, which were to be handed over before the timber was removed. Already Frederick had paid up; and the sum he had paid was just enough to buy the machinery for the windmill.
  • With the manors Hugh had granted him, Sir Robert was now a modestly wealthy man of property. There was no longer any reason for him to serve as a member of the kings assembly except when he was called for his annual guard duty, and even then he could simply hire a knight to go in his place or pay, as his father had done for many years, the shield tax. But despite Hughs entreaties to remain with him at Chester through Christmas, Bolsover had instead decided to accompany Henry to Ireland. His reason, which he didnt share with the earl, was a vain one: he wanted to wear his new riches among the landless knights of the kings company, the group to which he had formerly belonged. Hugh, who had been born heir to enormous riches, wouldnt have understood Bolsovers flashy need to show off.
  • Or would he? There were certain new facts at hand, Jurtan realized. What could he deduce from them? Cleeve took Maxs order, for "something brewed, anything, and I dont mean tea," and scurried off again. When he had retreated, Jurtan said slowly, still thinking it out, "Shaas not the only one with a curse, is he? Eden - youre part of it too, arent you? Shaa can go wherever he wants except home, but homes the place you cant leave."
  • I had literally begged my sister to come to Sunridge with me today and just skip school entirely. She had stubbornly refused to even consider it though. Her freshman year is almost over and I believe she wants to enjoy every minute she has left. This was a surprising thoughtand one that makes me smile, considerably. Shes wasted countless hours trying to get me to use my obliteration skill to move her into a higher grade. I had somehow managed to stand my ground for once. Now, she was savoring the last days and I was sure that I had made the right decision.
  • He took a few steps forward and then, to his surprise, Chester lifted his sword and struck an aggressive posture. He halted. Hed never seen the earl fight; he hadnt thought the man knew how. Was this bluster or was he in earnest? What did it matter? If he wanted to fight, Longsword certainly wasnt about to dissuade him from doing so.
  • I called Pauls mother, who seemed really nervous when she answered the phone. I told her I was a friend of Pauls and wanted to visit him in jail, but didnt know how to get a hold of him to ask him to put me on his list. She told me she would see him tomorrow, and would tell him I called. I told her my name was Rachael Madison. I had found a way to get on the visitor list. I could have given her my name, but after Officer Johnson denying my request, I had to assume he might tell someone that I had asked him. As I was feeling pretty smug with myself, I saw that Officer Johnson was calling me back. Crap! How could he have found out so quickly that Id contacted Pauls mom?
  • What theyd already seen of Peridol, on the landward side coming in, hadnt been too impressive, unless you liked grime and the reek of danger. Even through Maxs best efforts on the road to acquaint him with these pleasures, both of them were still way down on Jurtans list of preferences. The city so far had been impressive mainly since it was clearly big, though, but not big enough by half to cope with everyone who wanted to be there.
  • We were also going to play The Whisky one day. This was our lifes raison detre. Indeed, nothing was as pure, unbridled, and urgent than my days as the drummer for The Flip-Flops, who in our heyday, were the coolest breeze in Calabasas, California. Living on the western edge of the San Fernando Valley, the four of us were authentic Valley Girls when they were the girls you wanted to be. In our high school yearbook, we were given space to enshrine a Fondest Memory. Me, Lauren, Melindaall of us wrote: Rockinwith The Flip-Flops: 1985-1987. A year later, Ginger wrote the same in her yearbook. Soon after this, we suffered through the brutal battle that ultimately destroyed the band. But without question, the memory of how we sparkled back in the day far outshines how we drifted apart when adulthood stole us from our stage.
  • I should have told him. I know I should have told him. A marriage has to be based on honesty and trust. But I didn't tell him. I was never going to use my ability again, so it was as if I didn't really have it, I rationalized. Besides, what man would be able to live with the fear of being under his wife's control? It wouldn't be fair to him to tell him and have him always wondering whether he was doing what he wanted to do or what I wanted him to do.
  • The prospect of another debt-ceiling showdown is complicating the stalled talks to prevent more than $600 billion of spending cuts and tax increases from taking effect in January. Republicans, who say they didnt suffer politically from the 2011 fight, are reprising their tactics. The administration wants to include a debt limit increase in a fiscal cliff deal and prevent Congress from wielding default as a weapon in the future.
  • "The same old hippie pipe dream," sighed Freek. "That was why we wanted everyone to take drugs and get high, remember? It's the only way you can have that kind of world."
  • He needed more, far more than either she could give or what he wanted to ask from her. Was it his age, his gender? Kell accepted those as excuses, did she? Did Marthe allow for his predatory nature, dismissing his flings because he was a young man? Twenty-four years old, but so was she. Marthe seemed to need a good screw pretty often. More than most girls and if Kell wasnt around
  • In the station, he sorely wanted to ring Tess, ask how she had settled in, anything to hear her voice, but he didn't. Instead, he rang Connie, who was delighted with the news, and he told her he was on his way.
  • "You boys never do learn, do you?" Caloot was saying, one hand on his hip and the other on the hilt of his walking cane, and his gaze turned downward. "You thought you could move against Groot here and not be taken down for it, and maybe you could have, you never know. Oh, maybe the Council would have given you a slap on the wrist if youd left it there, but with the number of members you started off controlling and the others who wouldnt have had enough guts to actually line up against you if you hadnt forced them, you didnt have anything serious to fear. But you wanted it all, miscalculated and played your whole hand, didnt you, except you didnt have as much to build with as you thought, eh? Well, at least you got headed off before you caused too much harm, before it got too far out of control." He waggled his finger. "Let this be a lesson."
  • "Alchemy." Even as he said it, Rordan realized he had lost all interest in the subject as a study. He no longer wanted to be a sage. Rordan jammed the two empty bottles into his backpack.
  • But the Judge didnt believe the particulars of Nicoles story. She was skeptical that Nicole was from the Congo and hinted that she was a Ugandan posing as Congolese in order to get asylum. She wanted to know why Nicole didnt identify herself as Congolese when she first presented herself at the airport and instead tried to enter the country as a Ugandan. The Judge dismissed the testimony from her fathers cousin as self serving and noted that the letter from her Uncle Mukadi was not properly authenticated. Nicole tried to explain that she had told her lawyer about Father Boniface, but her lawyer didnt think it was important to get a statement from the Priest. And when on cross examination, Nicole testified about the second sexual assault she suffered in Uganda, the Judge wanted to know why the incident was not included in her written statement in support of her application. She had told her lawyer, Nicole explained, but he didnt think it was relevant to her fear of return to the Congo.
  • "Maybe he just wanted them out of the area so they couldnt report his activities to you or anyone else," Hywel said. "Then when Owain heard you were coming, he took his opportunity to set the trap."
  • Glazing towards the eyesore all I wanted was an elephants weight worth of dynamite. "The dog is dead and I killed him," I chuckled underneath my breath.
  • "Im sure it is, but thats no answer," Sterlin said, with a chuckle."I wanted to know what made you decide to become one. Not why you are one."
  • Finally, Todd says, "Well, I guess it's time for us to get to work." and he and the women head for the club floor below. Likewise, Mike says he wants to get some work done. David remains scanning the security cameras.
  • His native Re Annan had some sylphs, and Sallis assumed they must be chattels, but there was no market on the island. Anybody who wanted a sylph must travel at least as far as Re Taura.
  • With worry and tension, he raised his head slowly to gaze at the moon. Nervousness was setting in his bones, and a wanting in his stomach. He was losing time, and with it Idimus may be losing faith in him. The desperation was present, the desire imminent...
  • "This woman," she snapped back. "‘This womanis your wife. And Im so sorry that you see my wanting to save your damn life is foolishness! Do you not know how much I care for you? I went out on a limb to save you and this is how you repay me. I have a question for you, Mr. Boss man."
  • "I didnt," Gwalaes reluctantly conceded. "But I wanted to! Eleanor, he was really concerned about you. Otherwise, why ask me? Why not simply ask the earl; the two of them stood together in the chapel."
  • "Only some of it," he said, shaking his head. Pain flashed across his face, then was gone, wiped away by sheer force of will. "They know only that he wants you. Not why."
  • There were many things Petya wanted to say to the drummer boy, but did not dare to. He stood irresolutely beside him in the passage. Then in the darkness he took the boy's hand and pressed it.
  • "Are you okay?" Jackson let go of my hand, but didn't move away. I could smell his soap, woodsy and natural. The scar on his side wrapped around the front of his body. I wondered what in the world happened to have caused such an ugly scar. Warmth radiated from his bare skin, and I wanted to move closer. I wanted to run my hand along the mark.
  • The man's battle culminated in a fevered chase where the hero tracked down a second holo-man. Sam struggled to make out this part of the action. The holographic scale really didn't include infrastructure, making it hard to understand the venue and environment. It didn't matter though; the more she stared at the figures and the boys watching them, the more she could not help herself. She wanted to know what was going to happen. The culmination of the scene came abruptly with the brutal destruction of the main character's target. While this made her cringe, it made the boys at the table cheer.
  • He watched Martin cramming food into his mouth. He had always loved the child more than anything else in the whole world. Looking at him was like seeing himself at that age. He had wanted desperately to ensure that his son had a happy childhood, a good start in life. Failing him as a father was the thing that hurt most of all. In some ways their relationship had been a history of failure, a mutual inability to communicate their love for each other. Even, on many occasions, to communicate at all. Nick had always tried to give the boy unconditional love but the reservoir from which he drew this most basic human emotion had been too shallowleaving them both starved of affection.
  • For a second he looked as though he was struggling to comprehend my words. He stood so still youd think a group of industrious lab technicians had carved a statue in the middle of the lab, though I could tell by his frozen expression his brain was working feverishly. If I thought his face couldnt turn paler or more skeptical, I was wrong. His mouth went all fish-out-of-water, and he visibly gulped before fiddling in his jacket pocket. His cell phone flashed to his ear. I knew what that meant: the FBI would be here soon. I wanted to kick myself for bringing this to his attention before I had researched everything more thoroughly. It seemed like a brilliant idea two minutes ago.
  • Joe leaned forward. "I guess I had something to prove to him as well. I wanted him to see that Sicilians arent all stupid and backwards. He knows which of us is the landlord and which of us is the tenant." Joe nodded and reached for his wine glass. "Could I bother you for a little more wine?"
  • Two of the onlookers whispered and pointed at Sicarius. Making bets or discussing the number of wanted posters they had seen him on?
  • "Yes I do, and you've asked te important question. Why did tey do it?" said Belo. "After much consideration, it seems clear tat someone wanted an opportunity to hurt or even kill me. Or else to drive me away from home, which is what happened."
  • Leaning against the gate staring into the arches I thought, I don't want to go in there. I can't go in there. I spent some time trying to reopen the gate; the lever was well out of reach. I knew my efforts were in vain; I wanted only the distraction of the effort.
  • Chloe flushed, and looked at him in distress. "Am I being silly?" she asked. "I do not compare, I was only asking what you wanted me to do."
  • Another time a lady came into the store claiming she wanted to return a CD. The store policy at the time said that all products being returned get a little yellow sticker at the door so customer service would know it was brought from outside the store. The lady took the CD back to the computer department and transferred the little yellow sticker from her $14.99 CD onto a $1499.99 iMac computer. Then she tried to return the computer, but since she didnt have a receipt with it, the store sent her home, with the iMac. Once the store figured out what had happened a company wide policy was implemented which changed the little yellow sticker policy to a multi-coloured sticker policy. Each colour represented a specific price range. A week later some asshole tried a similar thing, but when the computer didnt have the right coloured sticker, he was busted.
  • And all this loot loaded them down. So Billy invited them to deposit it at his bank before a more agile enemy shot them down. With the other Indian marathoners, who he had been paying all along, he suddenly commanded seventeen battalions, including one building bunkers in the mountains. With the enemy in disarray, the Indians consolidated their gains to take control over southern India. Team Red, in contrast, systematically emptied banks and businesses, which multiplied recruitment. Everyone wanted to join the Red Baron. To the disappointment of many, he only accepted those who could fly a thousand kilometers. To the bitter disappointment of the new government, many of those joining Team Red came from the new Indian Air Force because it was so lucrative.
  • "Of course." The mayor nodded and led them to a dismount area. Afoot, the group began to look around and decide what they wanted to do first. Salvor clapped a hand onto Ruels shoulder and began to lead him away, but Meena stepped over to join them.
  • That this education did not come with his father's approval was a fact Adam knew well. He'd heard the arguments. He'd listened, spellbound as his future was debated and decided with great passion by two intensely competitive adults. That his mother had won the battle had shocked him. But, as he understood it, the money was hers, there was little his father could do if she wanted him here.
  • Her hand went to the hank of khipus at her breast. No point in being stingy with them now. She picked out a couple of poisons and a fire. That ought to do it. She couldn't grip them in her left hand, so she did the next best thing and wound them around and around her fingers until they were tight. She gave the explosive combination a very cautious tug. They held, but they'd come off when she wanted them to.
  • Despiteor perhaps, because ofbeing so tired he couldnt see straight, Mark was just the least little bit needled at McCombers teasing him about putting off breakfast in order to get a date with Jackie. Heck, shed practically asked him! He didnt really think of it as a date; she just wanted to see some more of the sky. Besides, the last thing he needed in his life right now was a girlfriend, no matter how much hed like to have one.
  • "I beg to differ, Rommus. We are all a lot more alike than you probably think. We all need love. We all need to be wanted and appreciated. We all need time alone sometimes. We all have goals and we all have our views. It's the little differences that make us individuals, but we are all human."
  • "First, he wants to offer terms," Longsword said, lowering himself onto the ground with a bit of effort. Three years in Wales seemed to have stiffened his muscles and he found the activities hed once done with ease were slightly more arduous. Delamere had told him the culprit was age, not Wales, but he didnt believe that. "Which he fully expects to be rejected."
  • Hed already given his son a hug and didnt bother him now, better to end this day. In snatches of conversation Rose had explained how they came home, in addition to how they had left school. One far the superior, both with long-range consequences. Petra might spend a few nights, but a baby; Gray couldnt help his smile. Rose wanted to make a baby!
  • Paul settled back on the sofa, feeling pleased with himself for being able to help. It must be early afternoon, he thought yawning, and his lack of sleep was catching up with him. The convoy rolled along, passing picturesque, stone villages where the few people out and about stopped and stared at their motley procession of ancient vehicles. Paul slouched down lower on the sofa, not wanting to risk being seen and pretty soon found his head lolling, and his eyelids dropping closed.
  • "The woman at my house," he began. "Her name is Madeline and she wants me to join her. She wants me to spend the rest of eternity with her."
  • "Number one boom-boom girl here," the older woman assured him as she guided him in and pulled the curtain closed. Stans looked at the girl with a stupid grin on his face, not knowing who was supposed to make the first move. She was dressed in a plain cotton dress that revealed little of her figure. She was not at all pretty, but neither was she homely. Her hair was short and straight and her features were somewhat sharp for a Vietnamese. She moved without the slightest hesitation, taking Stans by the arm and sating him on the cot and then reaching for the buttons on his pants. He pushed her away and stood up. His body had been operating six steps ahead of his brain and now he found himself in a room with a girl who was trying to take his clothes off. He was not at all sure that he wanted to go through with the whole thing. His inexperience was embarrassing, beside the obvious expertise of this woman who was no larger than a child.
  • That stumped Jorden. He wasn't exactly sure he knew what she meant. Or wanted to know. "Ah... No. Not really." What others, he wondered. The eye of the aestri seemed to moisten. "What the hell are you talking about? Who hurt you?"
  • Max didnt interject and was still in receive mode, so not wanting to lose my momentum, I continued, "There are things that I just know. One of those things is that Paul Stratford is not a murderer, and I needed to get him out of jail. I talked to him, and I know that he was the one in danger Sunday morning. Whatever crazy sixth sense I have was telling me I needed to keep him from returning Mr. McMasterscar. I think if he would have, whoever killed the McMasters would have killed him, too."
  • "So there you are. He was protecting the apostles and didnt want them to worry. He is sayingI am not alone, because the Father is with me.’ Sarah, if Jesus had wanted the apostles to come to the crucifixion, he would have given the instructions to accompany him. After all, the apostles were the ones he was training to teach on his behalf. If the cross had been so important to their training, he would have had them there to witness the whole thing. But as we can see, he had them going to their homes to hide. The apostles were not at the crucifixion because Jesus didnt want them there. Thats all there is to it."
  • Legon stopped. This man wanted to die. He wanted the pain to stop. He didnt want the humiliation of having to go home disfigured, and most of all he didnt want the shame of being spared by an Elf. Legon was going to kill him anyway. It was fine that he wanted it, really, but then he remembered the co-op and Sara and the boy that Barnin had told him about.
  • Range let out a sigh. His legs suddenly wanted to give way, and his heartbeat was to the point of bursting.He began to come down from the rush.When Nicodemus heard Range was going north, he expected to go as well. Range reluctantly welcomed his friends assistance, another tool for him to use. On this long journey they would need more than one arm to wield a sword. Selfishness had won out over concern.
  • "Yes. He wants to put an Organic Nation location in their corporate headquarters and their other satellite offices around the world."
  • But these tracks were different. Shyshax recognized at least two scent signatures and suspected he knew the others. These tracks were left by Lexis and his officers. They had snuck through the lines in the dead of night and were heading towards Laven-lay. Shyshax wanted to be off at once to tell Syrill, but Laylan had insisted they follow the trail for a short distance to be certain of the direction.
  • "I actually didnt care what they were calling it, I just wanted to know if it was prevalent for them to have given it an official name. What are they doing for people that have it?"
  • Krista kept repeating herself out of anxiety. I finally stopped her run-on sentence and channeled an obliteration to her. I convinced her that she wants to go home tonight. My head was pounding relentlessly, but I just couldnt take anymore teenage female drama this weekend.
  • Edge, Jorden wondered. In such worlds of fantasy the edge could quite easily be a literal one, as in something the Katerina could fall off of. He thought to ask the aestri, then reconsidered. Jorden was not all that sure he wanted to know.
  • Roland wanted to soften the wording of the King's reply, but to do so would be to falsify it. In Arabic he said, "My lord the King says he will trade a city for Jerusalem. However, the city will not be Damietta, but Cairo."
  • Delamere didnt reply. He, too, watched Teleri and Chester. As far as he could see, the former was doing all the talking and the latter all the listening. Was she telling the earl the same story shed told him? For a moment he was frantiche wanted Longsword to know it before Chesterbut he quickly relaxed. There was no reason Teleri would say anything about Gwalaes to the earl; she had no idea of the significance of the name Eleanor.
  • Tray had been noticeably absent for most of the day, working on the station wagon or doing other stuff outside. I think he wanted to give me a chance to spend some quality girl time with Willow. Krista and I were always so busy with our gossip, 'Ember-intriguesor one of our schemes that we had never taken the time to play 'dress up’ – although ironically, about half of her wardrobe was currently residing in my closet.
  • "I doubt that you could, even if you wanted to. But if you do not wish to receive my training, then have that obsequious wizard of yours tell the Elder that you waive your right," he said.
  • "What?" Dave was getting angry again, and he knew his voice was getting louder, but this time he didnt bother trying to keep it down. "Are you kidding me? Who paid your rent in college when you wanted to move out of the dorms? Me. Who gave up medical school, and the chance for a real career, in San Francisco when you decided youd do better going back home to New Zealand? Me. Who arranged your events, entertained your clients and kept things going while you were out of the country for weeks at a time? Me. And who wore out the wordsNo Comment’, lived in a house with the curtains shut for three weeks and drove you to court in a blacked out SUV while your trial was on? Me. Me, me, me."
  • "But you like living on the water?" Chance wanted to know. If he was to spend his life on a narrow boat he wanted to know if it was worth it.
  • But other than being quick and hardy, hal?ings were considered little more than occasional inconvenience. They were amusing little people who traveled with caravans or in small nomadic packs, fetching supplies as needed. Often, they would not leave a person alone until they had traded whatever it was they had, for whatever it was they wanted. People would take what they neither wanted nor needed just to see them gone. It was as if halflings could talk people into letting themselves be robbed. Yet, there was much more to these little people.
  • Sir Giles was obscenely abrupt. On condition that he was left alone he would give the Persian a chance of recovering something, if All thought it worth while. Was he to be left alone? The Prince, as abruptly, agreed. Then at Lancaster Gate and wherever the secretary hibernated, were Types of the Stone, if they were wanted.
  • Dexter nodded. "I'm working on it," he said. Then he chuckled before adding, "Can you believe Rosh wants to learn to be a helmsman?"
  • "The children were inconsolable. They did not wish to remain all alone on the Ethereal Frontier; they wanted to be with their mother, even if by doing so they would witness her gruesome death at the greedy claws of the king. Close to her and weeping, their blue eyes full of tears, they joined her, surrounded by the surviving dragon killers. They went back to the kingdom.
  • He wanted to run, to leap away from this folly. What had he been thinking? He knew what he had been thinking. He had hoped forgiveness would be easily bought, with a smile and kind word, as if such petty change could erase a world of misdeed. He regarded Kershid who watched him with an equanimous hatred.
  • "None on our side. One trampled man on theirs but I think they took him away. They werent here to fight us, Will; they only wanted to deny you the pleasure of burning Llanlleyn to the ground."
  • As his own surprise passed, he felt himself suddenly wanting to take her in his arms. "What does it matter now? Youre divorced." The words filled him with momentary exhilaration, till he remembered the rest. "Youre also in danger, whether Im seen or not."
  • Quiet, shy Johannes sat and told me all I wanted to know about the people surrounding my family. My heart raced when I saw Cono for the first time in the Shimmering Pool, tall and broad of shoulders, muscles abound on his frame. His hair lengthened down to his shoulders; his dark eyes intense on his look.
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