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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Oh, never mind," Longsword grinned. He grabbed the other mans arm and pulled him along to the dais where a place lay waiting for him at the table. "Come on! Thered better be wine in that pitcher. I tried to make them understand I wanted wine." Longsword picked up the pitcher and sniffed at it. "Good!" he pronounced and poured himself and Delamere a cupful. He raised his and gestured to Delamere to do the same.
  • Jessamine went to lie on the bed, thoughtful. Fourteen years of studies to become a good queen hadn't left her the free time necessary to discover men on her own. She would have loved to discover sex with Ileana, but as princess and heir to her mother's throne they hadn't allowed her to breathe. And now at last she'd have the Rite. Nothing to be afraid of, as it was a knowledge she had been longing for for months now, but she would have preferred to choose the partner and time, without following the rules of forceful initiation. Such a shame. She was mature enough to understand that as future queen she had more duties than rights, but sometimes a little voice inside her whined it wasn't fair: she wanted to be free to choose. Thinking about it, though, she'd have the rest of her life to do so, at least regarding men: she could have as many or as few as she chose, as long as she had daughters to continue the Goddess's line.
  • She wanted another baby, what shed said outside, before Petra called. Another Elmo had been her exact words, and as Michael, Lovie, and Buster took over, Gray whispered into Roses ear. "Honey, can you go on?"
  • I looked at Krishnan. I wanted to tell him this bastard was wasting our time. He knew everything, even where Janaki was hidden. Krishnan silently heard that rubbish.
  • WOLFE: Again, I really let this story do whatever it wanted to do. I was more just a passenger along for the ride. I am just as happy as you are that it ended on a high note for one of the characters.
  • "It could be she didnt think I was worth waiting for." He hesitated. "Ive had some time to think about it since. In a way it was probably my own fault. I think she wanted more than I was ready to give."
  • "Thank you," Catrin said, nodding, but things had changed between them. Knowing he would not accompany her, their relationship felt thin and strained. Nat sat for a while in uncomfortable silence then excused himself. It was a strange parting, and Catrin was saddened by the tension. She tried to wish Nat well, but she kept seeing herself alone in a strange land where everyone wanted her dead.
  • But to see that, she would have to turn, and that was the last thing she wanted. All she wanted was to lie next to Dan, snorting or not, perhaps entice him to wake by some small, rhythmic movements. She tried that, but he began to snore.
  • The effect of this episode on Archie's mind was that his mother understood, and his father didn't. The prospect of a whipping had not made him falter in his resolve not to say he was sorry, so long as he wasn't sorry, but the moment his mother had put his misdeeds in a sensible light, he saw them sensibly, and would not have minded being whipped if by that drastic method he could have borne witness to the reality of his sorrow. But only three days later he received six smart cuts with that horrible cane for climbing onto the unparapetted roof of the house out of his bedroom window, which he had been expressly forbidden to do. But then there was no question of being sorry or not--as a matter of fact he was not--summary justice was executed for mere disobedience, and before doing the same thing again he added up the pleasure of going on the roof, and balanced it against the pain inflicted on the tight seat of his sailor-trousers as he bent over a chair, and found it wanting.
  • "I found them in Grand Cayman. They have technology that decrypts secure email. The guy was a student of the professor that developed it. Now he's using it to get rich. I just wanted a piece of the action."
  • Louie called Import into his office to discuss workload. Yes it was going to be a busy week. White Ant Excavators had fifteen Bulldog Ants arriving for servicing after coming off a major tunnelling project. Louie wanting to do something for the Ten Ants after what they had done for he and Lulu, suggested to Import that if he needed to he could employ some more worker bees.
  • We finished eating amicably. I told him Id clean up since hed gotten everything ready, and he settled contentedly in the living room in front of the TV. I moved slowly in the kitchen, still recalling the conversation from lunch as well as Dougs reactions about it. Well, Id wanted to let him know about this thing that was important to me, and I had. Its not like I had expected him to suddenly see the world anew, or turn into one of those super sensitive guys who want to hear all about your feelings.
  • "She wanted to bring him back here and turn him into a hippie with sex and drugs. I would have gone along with that plan, except it never got beyond the talking stage."
  • Anna was shaken. He was there inside her, and she couldn't do anything to prevent it. More heat sourced through her, hardening her nipples to insistent nubs and causing a vivid awareness to warm the place between her thighs. The things that Gabriel wanted to do to her were lingering on the cusp of her thoughts, visions of him licking her, suckling her breasts, stroking the flesh of her thighs, and finding the moist warmth that was making her uncomfortable. She didn't want to think of it. So she said rapidly, "And you think that eventually I'll know who my father is?"
  • "You will do the best you can for me, Harry, I know," said Charles, who knew nothing about horses, and was lazy in discussion. "But it's rather a blow just now, when a poor devil wants every shilling he can get together, to find himself fifty pounds nearly out of pocket."
  • Ryson took hold of Lief's conviction as a sign of hope for Burbon's well-being. "Have you heard anything? I didn't stop on the way here. I didn't think I wanted to know."
  • "Im glad of that, Sir; upon my soul, Im glad." He slapped his black serge knee and his thick thigh wobbled. "I distrust contented men; they keep their wants a secret."
  • Vibrant green light filled her. She pictured her Mam in her mind. She willed the green life back out of her, commanding it to fly on the winds. She told the breeze the message she wanted delivered. She did not know if it would find her, or how long it would take. She was not even sure that it had worked, but it was all that she could do.
  • A young, beautiful, but mysterious little girl wanders into a village. The village rejoices, because there is a monster in the woods that lured their own girls into the woods and ate them up, so they no longer have young girls of their own. They watch over her night and day until she is eighteen years old. She announces that she is ready to make her own decisions, and that she wants to travel to the closest village so she can start to see the world. She wants to go by herself, but the villagers insist that she be escorted to ensure that she comes back. She travels to all the villages in the area, discovering new things and meeting new people every time. She is safe on each journey and returns home willingly every time, and there had been no attacks from the monster for years, so over time she has fewer and fewer escorts until soon she is traveling on her own.
  • I wanted to ask more, but didn't want to venture into the kinds of things that would get him in trouble with Alec. We walked for another minute or so before I was struck with the silliness of someone who was old enough to be my great grandfather calling me 'Mistress Paige.'
  • Before turning to Ortega in her Hail Mary attempt at information, Aradia had approached her father. He'd been distinctly unhelpful. "Aradia, I appreciate your gusto for solving this murder," he'd said, "but even if I wanted to urge you on this path, I couldn't. I don't have anything on the Hitzigs beyond what you already know."
  • But now she cannot speak, and Marcus thinks she wants someone to aloud read to her. He asks Lucius, "Canst thou not guess wherefore she plies thee thus?"
  • Dave wanted to shout at her. Or throw something. Or storm out of the visiting room, or anything that would make her look like the vicious bitch that she was. But he knew that if he did anything, somehow he would just come out looking like an ass. As usual. He felt the thin styrofoam of the cup flex alarmingly in his hand and made himself relax his grip. "Youre welcome."
  • Ashs thoughts filled my head. Im okay. He just wants to get you pissed off. Hes been arguing with Kale about who gets to kill you. They plan to make a game of it. Both of them like their mealskicking’.
  • "You might know me by my nickname." Mark still laughed as his friend continued to tease the poor girl. Connor forced his expression to remain calm, but he wanted to laugh as hard as Mark was doing.
  • "Really," Gabriel sighed the word. "I'm in a cleaning mood." It wasn't the only kind of mood he was in. He didn't want to shut his eyes and have dreams of a woman he couldn't quite see and visions of slender hands performing work that he couldn't quite understand. Slender hands he wanted stroking his flesh instead, touching him in places that hadn't been touched in months.
  • Soma didn't seem to mind. She took to the woods right away, and found herself a playmate in Squee after only a few hours. He quickly filled her in on the rules, all of which seemed very sensible to her. You got to eat when you wanted, sleep where you wanted, play all day long and do whatever you felt like. This was not a bad deal, as far as she was concerned. It didn't take long for her to fall into the Watcher routine, and she set about charming Bumbarta the same as she'd done with the captain. By now whenever he wanted to be sure about anything a Watcher had told him, Bumbarta called upon Soma to verify.
  • Despite his obvious underestimation of both her will and her determination to keep him safe, she saw no need to argue over it further, as he was currently where she wanted him. "Once the royal city of Vasos has been taken, it will be considerably safer for you to re-enter Dargis and oversee everything personally." She shifted slightly as Macala, her familiar, slithered from around her waist and moved over the sand to lie mere inches from the blaze of the fire. The snakes tongue flickered in and out, seeking the scent of prey.
  • I swallowed hard and nodded. I could do this. After all I had come this far, to go back now would be a betrayal of what I had already accomplished. A picture of my grandfather came to mind. He wanted this. I had to have courage, if not for me, then for him.
  • "That was what he wanted me to believe," said Shaa. "It was also consistent with the progression of the situation as a whole. Hes not one of your protgs, is he?"
  • Once people had their beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, it became apparent that life was going to have to go oneven if some people were going on without life. People were still driving drunk, abusing their families, wanting divorces, smoking pot, coveting their neighbor's [wife's] ass, getting into car wrecks, ad nauseam. Only some of those people were now vampires and court during the day just wasn't working. The notices for Failure to Appear were numerous enough to paper the men's washroom on the third floor of the Deputee County Courthouse. So a night court was established, with the Honorable Judge Peter Standiff presiding for eternity (or at least until the next election cycle).
  • "Seat yourself here next to me and I will explain everything to you. His Majesty thinks the news of your trading fleet is extremely auspicious, coming as it did on the first day of his birthday celebration. He wants to return the honor by allowing you to join him in the royal circle at the wedding of Prince Allaudin and Princess Layla."
  • Dexter nodded. "I'm working on it," he said. Then he chuckled before adding, "Can you believe Rosh wants to learn to be a helmsman?"
  • Portugal wants to improve its debt profile to avoid an accumulation of future repayments that might spook bond investors. The three measures applied to loans from the stability fund to Greece were an extension of maturities, the possible deferment of interest payments, and a reduction in administrative commissions, according to Coelho.
  • Krishnan lay still, huddled in a corner, unconscious. I got hold of the bottle. I wanted to drink it. It was the only soothing medicine to my troubled heart. I wanted to run away from the fear. I wanted to embrace a lovely sleep that could make me forget the dreadful events. I wanted to push aside the frightning thoughts... firing wildly at us... I wanted to run away from the oncoming dangers.
  • "Shall I be charged no further than this at present?" asks Coriolanus; he wants the hearing to be definitive. He looks at the many restive plebeians "Must all here determine?"
  • After waving goodbye to her future mate as he left in the red truck with his grandfather, Sarahs weekend felt so slow. She wouldnt see him for a month and that thought kept her spirits down. She so badly wanted to be near him and secretly figure out his plans, but that wouldnt happen.
  • Obviously, the man was aware of his daughter's circumstance. And angry. The best thing would be to find out his habits and then rob his house when he wasn't home. There was no need to anger him any further. Strange, though, that his daughter wanted the Bridd family ring for something. What was it Arodilac had said?
  • Amalric seethed. By Saint Dominic! He dashes all my hopes, and not content with that, he wants to drag me off to the East with him.
  • "Oh, Lauren, you two are so close. Did something happen?" I so very much wanted to blurt out, "Well, yes, I happened to meet a man who made me feel like I was holding a live electric wire." Obviously, I thought better than to use that approach. There was no way she would understand.
  • `Okay. I'll be up soon,' he heard himself say in an even voice. She left, and he stared at the television without taking anything in. Why now? Jesus Christ, why now? He had been desolate for so long, and now two women wanted him. There was so much hurt involved with Connie, on both sides, yet she, it seemed, had forgiven him, still thought of him as her husband, however flawed. Maybe she was more mature. He had always believed in one man, one woman, but now he had discovered magic, and he wanted it. He knew Connie was waiting for him, but he stayed watching a stupid programme. All he had to do was go upstairs and fuck her, and everything would be fine, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He stayed more than an hour, until the National Anthem played and the colour card came on the screen.
  • "Shes not going turn you down, Brad. Take my word for it, I have it from the very best source that Annie wants to go out with you."
  • "Seek, seek for him," she tells the doctor, "lest his ungoverned rage dissolve the life that wants the means to lead it!"
  • He understood what Keither meant; it hadnt taken a genius to notice that Keither harbored feelings for Sara. This was actually good. He wanted to prove himself and so he tried harder with everything to impress her.
  • "Yes. She wanted to see you, so I let her stay up to-night; and anyhow I didn't want to be sitting up-stairs when you got here."
  • "Thats not all of it and I know it," Linda pressed. "I know youve been worried about Lief since you got back. I understand that and weve already talked about it a lot. You know you cant stop him from doing what he wants to do. You even talked to Holli and she thinks he wont do anything too risky. You agreed that now that he knows this Tabris is with Sazar, hes going to be extra careful. That seemed to make you feel better for about half a day, but then you went right back to moping around again. That has me completely confused, because as far as I can tell, youve accepted the situation as it stands, but something is still eating at you and I want to know what it is."
  • During the paladin's introduction the orc leader was picking its nose, and the other orc was yawning. Presumably. This, or it wanted to swallow its opponents. In either case, the orc leader didn't pass up the opportunity to flick whatever it dug out into its companion's open mouth. It didn't seem to mind. Also, both orcs didn't seem to care much about the Rainbow Sturgeon and the Joyous Beige Dragon.
  • What humans liked best, as far as she could see, was not sex or fighting each other or making money. These were just the things they thought they liked doing best. What they really liked was organising the world, categorising people, listing them and putting them in order so that they could always lay their hands on them. Making up a huge ledger of humanity to keep everything and everyone in their place. They seemed to find doing this reassuring; all trying fervently to make order out of what was essentially chaos. It had never changed, and it was very different from what they believed they wanted. But when a man wishes for power, what he actually wants is to be the one at the top of the list, the person who draws up the ledger and organises all the rest. Those without power console themselves with organising their CD collection. It is the reason that parents interfere with their children's marriages.
  • This is terrific. Ive been on the right track all along. Matthew 4:23 said Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom, and now I find that he wants his students to seek the kingdom of God first. All right, that settles it. The kingdom of God is a rock solid starting place.
  • By the time I returned to our stall, Gil had everything organized. The biggest fish hung from broad iron hooks on the highest wooden plank, and assorted fish were artfully arranged in wooden bins. The majority of the fish stayed tightly wrapped to avoid spoiling in the heat the day would bring. Gil wrote a single word in bright red paint on a large plank of wood that spanned the front of our stall. I wanted to know what the word meant, but I felt too embarrassed to ask.
  • The last thing in the world I wanted to do was reach my hand through that cloud and touch the statue. Hey, even with no lights, the carving was not a thing of beauty. I figured it might be better if I took off my magic shades. The statue was still butt ugly, but at least that was all I could see. I stuck the sunglasses in my purse and set it down on a nearby shelf, (trying to ignore the fact that all of the cleaning bottles had to do with bloodstain removal) took a deep breath, and reached cautiously forward until my fingers touched the statue. Nothing happened. I didn't feel cold, or hot, or faint, or suddenly have the urge to run screaming down the hallway. Okay. Not so bad. I gripped the hideous carving and lifted it off the shelf. It was heavier than I thought and my hand dipped a bit in the air. Still nothing happened.
  • She looked past Roland and saw that the other friar was Perrin, a faint smile playing about his lips and a question in his eyes. What a chance Perrin is taking, she thought. Roland does not deserve such a loyal companion. Shrewd of you, Roland, bringing him along. Even if I wanted to expose you, I could never do anything to hurt Perrin.
  • "A battle is won by those who firmly resolve to win it! Why did we lose the battle at Austerlitz? The French losses were almost equal to ours, but very early we said to ourselves that we were losing the battle, and we did lose it. And we said so because we had nothing to fight for there, we wanted to get away from the battlefield as soon as we could. 'We've lost, so let us run,' and we ran. If we had not said that till the evening, heaven knows what might not have happened. But tomorrow we shan't say it! You talk about our position, the left flank weak and the right flank too extended," he went on. "That's all nonsense, there's nothing of the kind. But what awaits us tomorrow? A hundred million most diverse chances which will be decided on the instant by the fact that our men or theirs run or do not run, and that this man or that man is killed, but all that is being done at present is only play. The fact is that those men with whom you have ridden round the position not only do not help matters, but hinder. They are only concerned with their own petty interests."
  • "Good. I mean, hes been expecting your call." wanting to help her young attorneys case Mum added, "I think hes really looking forward to having dinner with you tonight."
  • "Told you what?" I said playing melodramatic coy. I loathed Jerry enough that I wanted him to work for any satisfaction.
  • "I must say that I've enjoyed this evening tremendously," he said. "The meal was great, the wine terrific and the company incomparable. In particular I'm glad there's somebody to talk to about this - this willow tree thing. Somehow I think it's my duty to do something about it. Granddad wanted to - I feel he's left it to me. It was always on his mind. I sort of grew up with it." He looked down at his feet. "I haven't slept in days, thinking about it."
  • Something about the sound of his voice made her want to relax. She no longer wanted to throw the amulet in his face, hoping to at least chip a tooth or two. Instead, she tried once more, this time taking deep breaths that came slower and slower, deeper and deeper.
  • Legon stopped. This man wanted to die. He wanted the pain to stop. He didnt want the humiliation of having to go home disfigured, and most of all he didnt want the shame of being spared by an Elf. Legon was going to kill him anyway. It was fine that he wanted it, really, but then he remembered the co-op and Sara and the boy that Barnin had told him about.
  • Bill wanted me to come down to R&R on Friday morning to discuss his cant-miss proposal. Rumors were circulating that R&R was looking to establish a West Coast presence and take advantage of that virtually untapped financial information market. It would have been next to impossible for me to not hear whispers in such a gossipy company. Although I never gossiped, there were plenty of people that were looking to ride my coattails, or talk about matters that didnt concern them.
  • Every Sunday, James's Aunt Janet had a family dinner. She took caree of the family at the expense of starting her own family or finding a love. She invited James and Geena; James' sister, Lisa; James' father, Harry--though he always declined-- and James' grandfather, Brandon. It was James' turn to pick up his grandfather. The first Sunday of every month was his turn. It was also Geena's Sunday to work. James was reluctant to let Geena really see his grandfather. It was as if his grandfather was a time machine--a portal for Geena to look into to see James at that age. James feared age, hated decrepitude and despised people lost beneath the cloak of senility. His hatred of the old was only compounded by his years at Reihold's; a place where the dead still walked. They still walked and they still wanted to buy underwear.
  • "That knew we were about to be robbed? I dont think so. He clearly said he wanted our money. Seemed very surprised when we didnt have any."
  • Aster died and Jessamine stared petrified at his bloodied body. Keldar glanced at her, then grabbed the newborn, still boiling with fury. He couldn't touch her, but he wouldn't allow her little bastard to scorn him forever. His heart was bleeding and he wanted to scream, but he wouldn't let her see how much he was hurt.
  • "This is my very own mama's peach pie that she used to make for weddings and funerals and such," he began. Everybody looked at him. "She would have made it for engagements, too. But I didn't know about Gordon and Laurie when I made it." He got a concerned look on his face. "Now, I don't want you thinking I made it for a funeral or nothing. That wouldn't be very nice, and I've turned a corner in my life and just don't want to play that kind of joke no more." He spun the pie slowly. "Well, what I'm trying to say, it's special, with you here and all. I wanted to tell you, your mother, well, she's a good person, and I'm trying my best to take real good care of her."
  • She laughed, leading him to the dining room. Kell was directed to a chair toward the back where he sat down, hiding that bulge. Several of Marthes spiritual views differed with those he suspected her parents held. He wasnt sure about the rest of the family, but while Marthe might chafe at some of the Popes decrees, a huge part of her was all that upbringing. Nearly done with nursing school, all she wanted was to work at the city hospital, assume her position in a line of Souzas devoted to the medical field. Her father and oldest sister were already in place, her brother a fireman. Jan studied business and the rest were undecided. Then, as Kell watched Marthe remove a place setting, there was Frank.
  • "I wasn't trying to—" Anna bit off what she was trying to say. She hadn't come to the Landry home for supper. She had wanted to continue reading the book she had found in the house before. The book that had an interesting history about the lake and the people who had chosen to live there for so long. There was a chapter in the book about the salt mine that she particularly wanted to read.
  • "Sure you can. Your dad would have wanted you to have it. I got plenty of Hooks myself, loosing one won't do me no harm. Take it."
  • "As a matter of fact, it was common knowledge that you did start taking AZT, but you have never wanted to say publicly whether you ever stopped taking it, or exactly how long you took it, have you?"
  • Nellise studied Aiden's distracted face for a few moments before she spoke again. "You had a disagreement over what you wanted to do with your life, that much is obvious."
  • Her thoughts were going negative, and she knew itit was time to think about something else. Her coffee cup was empty and there were a couple things she wanted to iron down with Mike, including getting away for the reunion a couple months off. She grabbed her cup, stood up, and headed down to the office coffeepot, ducking her head under the ridiculously low door frame out of force of habit.
  • The rebellious Roman is expecting war, given his attempt to overthrow the republics government, and Pompey wants to attack first. He tells Menecrates firmly, "If the great gods be just, they shall assist the deeds of justest men!"
  • Going inside through the garage door, she set her purse and keys on the table beside the door. Sarah then walked into the living room and sat down all the paperwork from her classes. She stepped back outside and walked into the front yard where Jack continued painting. "You wanted to talk?"
  • "I meant no offense, sir, I just wanted to make sure she was positively identified. The crime is more significant when it is committed against a Maturing Demon."
  • "Man youre really green!" He said. "No one wants to know. You could walk right up to the I.G., shoot a load of smack and pass out on the floor and the next morning no one would know anything about it. Everybodys running some kind of racket so nobody wants to make waves. You dont get promotions by going around stirring up trouble for everyone!"
  • "Yes I can!" I hadnt meant to shout. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt Alison, but I just couldnt deal with this. Not now. Maybe not ever. I turned back to her to tell her I was sorry, but she was already fading.
  • That evening, Hull spoke to Gryme in a language none of the others recognized, and Gryme translated, "He says he wants to steer through the night, to get us to Salience more quickly."
  • Keither knew that he should be crying, but he wasnt. He just didnt have it in him. And Kovos wouldnt have wanted it that way. He wouldnt want people sulking over his death. He tried to calm his cluttered mind but couldnt. The last thing he said to his brother was that he was selfish, which was something Keither knew to be untrue. He knew what his brother had done for him over the years; kept him from getting hit with arrows, saved him from being trampled by animals. It was too hard to think of the number of times Kovos had saved him from harm if not death. But what had he done for Kovos? What had he done for anyone? There wasnt much that was for sure. He always had great intentions of helping, but when it came time to do it he wasnt there. It should have been him that had been killed by the Iumenta, should have been him that had made the ultimate sacrifice for the group. All of the others put in effort, but he was just along for the ride.
  • "It was Bronwens idea," Alan dArques tried to explain. "She wanted to sit on one of our horses. Shes utterly fearless."
  • "Theyve never told her. She doesnt know. Jacob wanted to tell her, but Bella wanted him to wait till she was older."
  • But these tracks were different. Shyshax recognized at least two scent signatures and suspected he knew the others. These tracks were left by Lexis and his officers. They had snuck through the lines in the dead of night and were heading towards Laven-lay. Shyshax wanted to be off at once to tell Syrill, but Laylan had insisted they follow the trail for a short distance to be certain of the direction.
  • "It seems they wanted to do an undercover investigative report on drug dealing nationwide and, in particular, in St. Louis, a king pin in the Midwest drug trade, smuggling, distribution, the whole thing. They especially wanted a segment on methamphetamine production and traffic in the U.S., with a concentration on the meth labs in rural America. They wanted angles on the corrupting effect it was having and the impact of smuggled Mexican crystal meth after the crack down on OTC pseudophed and the overall distribution system from the top down to the street dealer. Meth certainly had been a problem in Iowa. He said he wanted me to try to infiltrate the St. Louis based organization since I looked the small town Iowa guy part, street-wise, that is. I wasn't sure I appreciated that part. Anyway, I agreed and met him again secretly for the next week as he filled me in on what they had so far."
  • I ravished her, once her way and then once my way. In a pas de deux of violence I swept her backwards towards the wall. I tore at her unnecessary corset slashing it to tatters. Her exquisite form trembled from the impact. Quickly I was thrusting both her exterior and interior. She moaned loudly; for me, and the ink she expected in the press tomorrow for our dalliance. As we came closer her violet eyes rolled to the back of her head pushed by pleasure. wanting her full attention I pulled my hand back and slapped her across her face. Her eyes instantly spun back, a hybrid of shock and now boiling passion. Eavesdropping on her heartbeat I knew we were close to the finale of our paso-doble. Almost there. Almost there. And then it hit.
  • "Ah, yes, it was a shame really. Caislyn sure does know how to make a sweet deal. Her father taught her that, no doubt." Ve looked out past Seth, as if reliving a fond memory. "Which is another shame because as much as I wanted what that girl was offering, I would almost rather have what she wasn't offering."
  • I wasnt about to climb back down and cede all the high ground I had gained. Maybe that was stupid and stubborn, but I didnt care. I wanted to get to Aviemore as soon as possible and I knew that the Lairig Ghru would get me there. I probably wasnt thinking straight by that point.
  • While I leisurely studied for finals, Angie has been making arrangements for us. After a few phone calls, she found a girlfriend of hers from New Dominion University who wants to sublet her apartment for the summer. Its located near the Vienna Metrowhich is somewhere in the Northern Virginia suburbs. Angie thinks well definitely need a car there, but that we should be able to get a used one fairly cheaply through Craigslist. I guess thats what that $500 from Barry will be going for.
  • Lornya, although happy that they agreed, regretted keeping things so secretive. A part of her truly worried about the aura mixed within the group. Where they were headed and what lay on the horizon were events that would determine not only the future of a kingdom, but Eldonia itself. She wanted to take no chances, didn't want to reveal too muchespecially if someone were to turn. They needed time to finish their quest and retain the things that had long since been hidden. If Valaira were to find them first, it would be drastic. All would be lost.
  • The Champion, wearing a wide unwavering smile, turned to his left as Elryia faced her right, both hands now placed in the others. "Elryia." His voice was stern and commanding as usual, but it had the same serenity it always did when he spoke to or of her. "Since meeting you, not a day has passed where I did not want to be by your side. Since the first time I saw you, I have wanted to protect you. The first smile from you I ever viewed I knew I wanted to make last forever." He let go of her hands and turned back towards Ristalln with an open palm. The Knight withdrawing from his pocket a thin, golden band to place in it. One which Grahamas slid over Elryia's left ring finger. "That is my vow. That from this day forward, I will do everything in my power and beyond it to always be there for you. To always protect you and to always make you happy. I promise to love you, more, everyday for the rest of my life. With Everything I Have."
  • "He warned me, didn't he?" A mental image of the photograph came to Anna, and it was broadcasted clearly to Gabriel. The wedding picture where Gautier stared down at his bride, the love in his face, the complete worship he had felt for Arette had been unambiguous. Gautier had loved his wife, even when something wretched had happened, and he had wanted to protect her child even if the baby wasn't his.
  • "Dan, I almost didnt make an issue of it." She almost let him leave her with his issue, and she wanted to see his eyes, let him see hers, that she wasnt offended, not in the least.
  • But things really went bad on Tuesday. I saw Shivvy the next morning in Briggss lecture class. Just afterward, I asked her if she could please give me back my two papers. She said shed come by and see me during my office hours later today; there was something she wanted to talk to me about anyway, but was too busy just right now. It was a warm spring day, and she was wearing one of those short skirts I remembered first seeing her in last September before the weather turned cool.
  • Elizabeth wanted to believe her sister. She wanted to feel secure and lighthearted again. But it was so difficult when all she could think about was what they had lost. They had lost everything they had ever known, their warm home, their beloved parents, their friends and their dedicated servants. And Elizabeth not only grieved for the loss of the people and the material things, she also grieved for the loss of her beliefs. So much of what their father had told them had been lies, lies to shelter them from the truth, lies about their Uncle Francis because their father had never forgiven him.
  • I keep my head down and get through the rest of the day all right. There's a bit of me wants to have it out with Ally, but it's too much of a risk. He's got a temper and I'm a bit afraid about what he's heard. I've been straight with him so it should work itself out. Or that's what I tell myself.
  • Her lip curled. "And why do you think I wanted you to escape with me? Why do you think I waited for you to be ready? Theres no such thing as theright time’ - I just waited for you! Why do you think I came back for you?"
  • "No, no," I said quickly. "Please, hold my hand. I just... I can't believe how nice you are. I treated you like crap when you came back. I could see you were hurt and I wanted to help but I was so angry at you that I refused to let myself approach you. I even tried to hurt your feelings. And yet you still kept an eye on me to make sure I was safe. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
  • She stood there with her mouth open. I don't blame her; my siblings and I treated our parents with nothing but respect, even when we were mad at them. Most of the time we just gave our parents the silent treatment when we wanted to let them know we didn't like what they were saying or doing, and while I was a pretty sarcastic person to everyone else, I did my best to bite my tongue around mom and dad. Never, in the history of our family, had anyone said anything rude to mom. She narrowed her eyes and looked at my neck.
  • "Sorry about the noise," Joe apologized. "Didnt expect this tonight." He looked at Annie and grinned. He continued, "We wanted to thank you for the time we spent at your house. Without your help, we could not have saved the money to purchase this place. We decided to get you a small gift. Shes outside."
  • Suddenly, he was ten years old againhis parents had just rented a hot air balloon and young Trevor was peering over the edge of the basket, right before the balloon lifted off the ground. In a matter of seconds, the city below shrank to the size of a miniature model set. The people below looked like insects, the buildings no bigger than toy trucks, the roads extending much farther than Trevor thought was possible. He wanted to look away, but for some terrible reason Trevor kept looking down, his knuckles white as he gripped the basket.
  • "You see? Everyone wants these things, not to mention vitality, creativity and self-confidence--those are the abstract pearls of life. But what does a person do to dig up those treasures? They are hidden, and yet they are so vital to a good life. The inner abstract qualities are the real treasures."
  • On the surface, theres nothing controversial about that. Increasing the number of visas for highly-skilled immigrants is one of the few policy goals Obama and the GOP agree on. That reflects a big change in Republican thinking in recent months, as party leaders saw support among Hispanics drop in the face of tough anti-immigrant rhetoric. When Mitt Romney talked about immigrants during the Republican primaries, he focused on undocumented workers, suggesting they should "self-deport." By the summer, he had softened his tone, saying he wanted to "staple a green card to the diplomas" of all foreign math and science grads who study at U.S. universities.
  • "A few more minutes, Rob. Give me a few more minutes." And then his voice changed and he was angry as hell. His hand gripped the rail so tight his knuckles turned white. "God, I hate this! I hate this disease. I so wanted it to be gone; I prayed for it to be gone…"
  • "A lone maiden, Helena, Crestiana's cousin, arrived upon the steps of the house carrying an infant in her arms with the tale of his existence. The poor maiden carried only the babe and a letter: a letter that Master Pers himself had written before his death in case something happened to him. He worried about his wife and wanted her to be given entrance to the house if fate didn't allow him to bring her. Fate was cruel; Crestiana died within hours after giving birth. Her last actions sent young master Cono to his home here. She feared for his life.
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