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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • Mirie had brought herself upright and turned slightly to see the tall elf glaring at her. It didnt matter what the species was; they all seemed to have the same foibles. Lord Kavin wanted power of some kind. He had determined that by excluding Mirie he would gain some kind of upper hand. Probably against Anarion for bringing Mirie to the Light Land and to the Elfish court.
  • The bright overhead light on, our coupdoor open, we smoked...watched other passengers. Vahan studied each passerby, looking for acquaintances: olive-toned or tan-skinned, the younger women wore their hair long, the older ones had shoulder-length wavy or layered cuts. "Georgians?" I asked. "Tbilisi wagon is different," he said. "These're Armenians." Most did a doubletake at us, just as these same people did on the street in Moscow, the men's faces shiny with sleazy approval-ah ha, you've hooked yourself one, lad. Good work. Give it to the Slav. As on the street, the younger darker women smirked as if they wanted to pull out my hair, then scoop out my eyes Poe-style. In both cases, passing Russians ignored us.
  • `"But, you and your husband ..." Frau Pohl looked up from the cards, then back, and said nothing for a while. "If a woman is unhappy for too long, she eats up everything around her, she sucks it dry until the life is bled white; but that is because she craves for life. When a man is unhappy, he is worse than a beast in a corner, he is eaten away by a wish to destroy, he empties himself of life and light, he sinks lower and lower, until he wants only that which is a perversion of what once made him happy. And the cards say that this is your husband, and the first one is you."'
  • The brothers found the agent right outside the entrance to the fair where Clayton had parked his horse and cart. It was very early in the morning; they were first in line. "Robert ov vy; ottomma ow broder, James." Robbie answered in his native Cornish language for both him and his brother. He tried to speak in a manly voice, but much to his embarrassment, it cracked. He wanted to make such an impression on this man that despite his fear he looked up into Claytons rugged face and didnt shy away from the agents assessing stare.
  • Catrin wanted to agree with him. She was no goddess or sorceress with influence on the weather. To believe she was would be silly. But she still needed a reasonable explanation for the strange occurrences that seemed to center on her. She supposed her dance above the stone could have been a hallucination, but such rationalizations did not ring of truth. When she considered the appearance of the comet, the odds against it all being coincidental were staggering. Perhaps, she thought, she had just been in the wrong places at the wrong times, but things were too similar for those events to have been purely accidental.
  • "Shes not going turn you down, Brad. Take my word for it, I have it from the very best source that Annie wants to go out with you."
  • I can believe he would have returned to find Rock and the others asleep. They would have wanted to rest for the next day's fight.
  • I loved riding my bike. I knew that at sixteen years old I should be anxious to get a car, but my parents told me that no teenager needs a car of their own. I had my license so I could borrow one of the family cars if needed, but if I wanted a car of my own it was up to me. I was okay with borrowing, and most of the money I earned was going in to a savings account for college. Besides, I was in to the whole living green thing and felt that if my destination was under a mile away I could walk, and if it was less than ten miles away I could bike. I got all my stuff together quickly and took off, hoping that my late start wouldnt affect how many classes I would have to miss that day.
  • "It means someone in St. Louis wanted his calls to be untraceable. Always a bad sign. And it gets worse. My hack of the cell phone tower routers says that those two phones from KC arrived in Omaha about forty-five minutes ago. They popped up in a cell near the airport. Now my data says they're within a few thousand feet of where you are. Something's going down, guys."
  • My husband withdrew his hand. I stared back at everyone staring at us. Only days before what seemed charming now grated my nerves. Other guys also were on their way. They slumped into one another. Vahan sat up straight. I wanted him "sirelis." I wanted him to want me "mwishka."
  • Damn right Rick was in trouble. At that moment he was all distraught because of the threat to his inheritance. He wanted Mom dead for the insurance as well as the will, and here she was ruining it by marrying that idiot Allen. He had to kill her now. But how to do it?
  • The dinner dragged on as the All Division and All-Conference teams were being announced. The players on the All East City team would be announced at the end of the dinner, not on each individual sub-section. Pete didn't eat much of his dinner. This would be his last connection with high school sports, and he wanted it to be a sweet memory.
  • "Its rare for an immortal to die in the first place, and I know that Abelie would have wanted to be buried here, close to home."
  • "Well, if Arkin wanted to hurt us he could have done it a long time ago. And I dont think that magic users can take you over, but Im not sure."
  • Eric, however, was different. He had not been attracted to her from the beginning, rather the opposite. He had kept his distance, always being polite, but never crossing the line. When they finally did make love, it wasnt he whod started it, and Anna had realized that Eric probably was the first man shed met who really wanted her as a person, not only her body. And she had finally had to admit that she was in love with him as well.
  • My mind ran round and round like a cornered animal. I was driven back, back in my mind, into my forgotten childhood when people wanted to kill me then. When we were on the run, when Papa was killed, this is what it felt like now.
  • Large open air sheds with arching, corrugated purple roofs punctuated the green fields. They seemed to crouch like the telephone poles, bushes and trees. It was like everything wanted to huddle and wanted Simon to huddle too.
  • "Mr. Jackson, I don't have any questions. I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to watch you play basketball."
  • Well, no you didnt, but may I remind you of our fathers dying words? He wanted me to treat this house as if it were still the family home, despite the fact that you now own it.’
  • With a smile and one final bow, she locked her arms around the arm of Jeralyle, then of Merial and led them through the door. Once outside, Elryia remained close to his building, not wanting to travel too far off in case of a quick decision, though she knew it wouldn't be.
  • They were all gathered together up there like a flock of crows milling about. Alisiya stood apart from them, aloof and condescending. Apparently she wanted them to know how displeased she was with them for second guessing herRuss saw fear gnawing at her. She should have listened to him, back in the alley, he thought with grim satisfaction. Its not so easy controlling people when you dont have a magical hold on them, is it?
  • They stood in awkward silence for a moment, looking at each other. Olwen knew he wanted her to say something that would ease the guilt he was feeling because hed caused her anguish, but she couldnt; she was angry.
  • An hour or so later, when the car crossed the border into the state of Maine, Sara felt her body tighten. As each mile went by she could feel Erics pull getting stronger. As Vincent began to slow, to match the speed limit sign posted, Sara wanted him to drive faster. The car made its way down a steep hill and she could see dwellings in the distance. Meeting the pavement, dirt roads led off between groves of tress that adorned the small community in the valley. The houses were small, and most had sagging porch roofs and only a few areas where the paint wasnt worn away. A few of the yards had dead trees lying in the tall grass, and broken windows looked back at her. The road curved to the right and began to climb; more and more houses appeared, which got larger and nicer. Sara placed her hands on her knees, squeezing, in an attempt to control her impulse to tell Vincent to speed up.
  • "Marius's fate is unusual; I didn't know it could happen actually. The sistersonly goal in life was power; they sought it by studying the essence of life. They wanted to harvest it for themselves. The internal spark that drives our cells is the same force that facilitated your evolution to homo sentiens."
  • "This isnt about money, if thats what you think," she said. "You think you can just solve all you problems with money. If I wanted money there are any other people I could work for in houses better than this apartment. I didnt stay here for the money," she said. "I stayed here because of my feelings," she paused and there was silence between them. "My feelings have tricked me," she said more quietly. "Its my own fault, I knew you would be leaving eventually, back to Canada, I was fooling myself. I expected too much from you," she said and the last words stung. Momentarily she built her courage but couldnt maintain it and began crying to herself with her face in her hands. He held her and tried to comfort her. This was the particular scene hed hoped to avoid.
  • "But you love your family more." Sallis forced a smile. "You loved your husband so much that you slept in separate rooms. Your family wanted you to dissuade him from extending the franchise in Marka and he refused, again and again. You moved the house sylphs from the villa and made them sleep in converted stables. So they could not hear your rows? Or to ensure there would be no witnesses if you felt compelled to commit violence? Those pieces of evidence are nothing by themselves."
  • 'When you shall be convinced that I am so changed that it is better that I die that I may live. When I am thus dead in the flesh, then you will, without a moment's delay, drive a stake through me and cut off my head, or do whatever else may be wanting to give me rest!'
  • Why did you allow Berri to come with us?’ Tika kept her voice low. ‘She teases Kran, and most of the other men now, but I cannot work out why she wanted to come.’
  • After some weeks on Cyprus, he began to think of Nicolette. At first he felt that such thoughts betrayed Diane. But he came to realize that Diane would not feel that way. She had wanted him to be happy with Nicolette.
  • "You were tired," she explained. "The potion Nellise gave us made you feel like you were rested, but you were not. Channelling this power takes effort, and strength, and you were short on both down there. Remember that, when you next go to use this ability." Aiden sat there, looking at the shield for a few moments, before he dismissed it with a gesture. This was an astonishing developmentafter years of study and research, not to mention a desire to travel to a school to learn magic, he had wanted to be able to harness the powers that he read about others doing on a daily basis, but figured the level of expertise required to be far too immense. Perhaps he had gleaned more from his studies than he had originally thought.
  • The green hue betrayed Esmerelda's age, too. She was nearing thirty. Her face wasn't yet creased, but time had provided the rougher outlines. She released her grip on the stone dagger that was wedged behind her belt. Her hands were sweating. She wiped them on her cloak and felt the dagger again; even through material, it was pleasantly cool. Tonight was her first ritualor, rather, her first as sacrifatrixand she was nervous. If she wanted advancement, she had to perform well. She was already old for a first-timer. She looked over at Veronica and remembered the serving girl whod arrived at the Coven in tatters, bruised and scarcely alive, with swamp water in her lungs and barely a grasp of English in her head. Would she, too, get her chance one day? Esmerelda couldnt remember her own arrival. Shed been young, younger even than Daniel McAlister. But that day was gone from her memory. Though her mind was a-whirl, her face betrayed nothing.
  • The European Union requires that EU carriers be under European control, meaning Delta would need to involve an EU airline as a partner if it wanted majority control of Virgin.
  • "So that's why you traded cars. You wanted something sharp and cool to impress a school teacher with. Is your mother still pissed off about it?"
  • This whole time shed managed to lie to herself about Sebastian, ignore and justify the strange things he did. She hadnt wanted to see what he was, but couldnt ignore the statuesque redhead.
  • Ben came into the club for the very first time that night, rueing the cover charge and declining to get more than a soda water. He was uninterested in buying a lapdance. He'd called the FBI and been told to come into the club and see the two agents who would listen to what he had to say. He went up to Sam and Dave, ready to tell them everything, but it was the two guys his boss Rick had brought around, potential clients that had wanted to grill him. He hadn't liked them, and didn't trust anything they said. So they were Feds? Hmm. He thought quickly, and then gave them a memory stick and walked away before they could ask any questions.
  • He was being ground between those two women. They had squeezed the joy out of his life. He hated the thought of not going home tonight; he hated the thought of going to Sugar's. Monnie wanted all of him, to feel his flesh every night in her bed. He didn't want that either. He hadn't been happy for quite a while because of the two of them. He didn't realize how miserable his life had become until he saw his face in Billy's sculpture. He was embarrassed, exposed, stripped naked to his soul. The face Billy carved said that he didn't enjoy sleep or the women or clamming.
  • 'We just came to see you, Dad,' Kevin replied. 'Jimmy missed you and he cried all morning, so I promised him I'd bring him in to see you. He wants a ride home in the Cruiser.'
  • "Thats not all that Lady Magmilan and I talked about," I began. "She wants whatever is going on between us to stop, and she said shell step in if it doesnt. I dont really know what that means."
  • Dave wanted to shout at her. Or throw something. Or storm out of the visiting room, or anything that would make her look like the vicious bitch that she was. But he knew that if he did anything, somehow he would just come out looking like an ass. As usual. He felt the thin styrofoam of the cup flex alarmingly in his hand and made himself relax his grip. "Youre welcome."
  • God, it was so weird. She wanted to break into a run and leave it far behindbut that wouldn't help, it was in her hand, after all. And what could be worse than being caught in the middle of the night with a gun? Caught running with one.
  • "Mackenzie, you were supposed to rest!" The medic yelled, running towards her. That explained why she had winced when I had nudged her. She had taken a shower, and went to find me instead of much needed nursing. "Pack." I shouted seriously and lowly, a tone my pack knew I used when I wanted to be heard. "We shall tell the story of our birth." My father ordered. I nodded my head and he rested on a stool in the middle of the room. We all took our seats at the plastic tables and listened to my father begin the story we had all heard countless times.
  • Standing next to Keither, Sasha watched them go. She looked over at the boy who was slouching and didnt at all look like he wanted to be there.
  • Alana answered next but she stared off at the purple sunset. "You have me too Rommus. We have come a long way together, and in our travels you have taught me things about life; things I never thought about myself. I have seen how complex things are, and yet you explain everything so plainly and simply. You have changed me Rommus, and while I might not agree with you all the time, I think I am becoming who I always wanted to be; and it's because of you. I can't imagine not fighting alongside you in this war."
  • I slipped back to my apartment quietly, only wanting to be alone for a while. "A while" turned into all day. Lunch had already passed and I didnt want to go down to the cafeteria for dinner so I ate a bag of chips and a juice box instead. That was the only food I had in my apartment because I usually ate every meal in the cafeteria.
  • "I wanted to shut down my business but my partners convinced me to continue," he said. "Other businessmen know what I went through, why would they put their money and lives at risk?"
  • We were also going to play The Whisky one day. This was our lifes raison detre. Indeed, nothing was as pure, unbridled, and urgent than my days as the drummer for The Flip-Flops, who in our heyday, were the coolest breeze in Calabasas, California. Living on the western edge of the San Fernando Valley, the four of us were authentic Valley Girls when they were the girls you wanted to be. In our high school yearbook, we were given space to enshrine a Fondest Memory. Me, Lauren, Melindaall of us wrote: Rockinwith The Flip-Flops: 1985-1987. A year later, Ginger wrote the same in her yearbook. Soon after this, we suffered through the brutal battle that ultimately destroyed the band. But without question, the memory of how we sparkled back in the day far outshines how we drifted apart when adulthood stole us from our stage.
  • I ran my fingers along the impressed wallpaper. I wanted a cigarette. Lyosha walked back into the hall. Huddled against the wall, cold sank into my shoulder and up my face, lowering my temperature further from saffron to pale. A few minutes later, Lyosha padded toward and into my room. I guessed with a needle for himself. I hoped he had heated the end again... to sterilize the tip Vahan just used.
  • This time yesterday hed been on his way home, looking forward to a cosy meal with Elodie, never conceiving that only twenty-four hours later he would be in a foreign city, without passport or money and wanted by the police!
  • As deep as that went, at his very core was something far worse. Reiskin was his King, and Grahamas had his duties, but that was as far as their relationship went. Reiskin was a humble man, and an honorable man but they had never been great friends. The Champion wouldn't allow it. Graham always saw him as a superior, regardless of how little he wanted to be treated like one.
  • In the waiting area, Rose sat with Alicia while Gray and Michael went to see Petra. Rose shared her uncertainties, honesty really the best policy. If she had told Gray about Michael right off the bat, maybe he wouldnt even live in Evanston. Maybe Michael would have left; now this was Grays town and Rose only wanted Michael Roddy as far from all of them as possible.
  • The next morning, Kell woke early, rousing Marthe from sleep. Not by making love to her, only a simple push; he had showered, wanted to get started. They had driven straight to the hotel after the last flight, but hed called his mother after checking into their room. His father was still in the hospital, would be there until the end. According to Laura Vander Kellen, perhaps another day, maybe two.
  • "The marshal, a Count Rostov, hasn't sent half his contingent. He came to town and wanted to invite me to dinner--I gave him a pretty dinner!... And there, look at this.... Well, my boy," the old prince went on, addressing his son and patting Pierre on the shoulder. "A fine fellow--your friend--I like him! He stirs me up. Another says clever things and one doesn't care to listen, but this one talks rubbish yet stirs an old fellow up. Well, go! Get along! Perhaps I'll come and sit with you at supper. We'll have another dispute. Make friends with my little fool, Princess Mary," he shouted after Pierre, through the door.
  • His mother's rages never lasted long. In minutes, sometimes only seconds, and they were over. But it was the lack of any expression of remorse that hurt. Even a quiet "I'm sorry, Brad," would have dulled his pain. It was not like he wanted to be held or hugged. That didn't happen in his family. A ritual peck on the cheek at bedtime was all of the physical contact in the Burgess household.
  • Back in Austin, Perrys campaign worried they had gone too far. To have a nonbinding resolution was one thing. But actual independence, none of them truly wanted.
  • "Yes I did. I wanted to have a little part of you with me, as I would like for you to carry a symbol of me." Connor lifted his left sleeve up his arm to reveal an armlet fitted perfectly to his massive arm. Touching it after she sat down the box and still holding the ring he said "I made that anklet for you with my personal secret and I made this with your mark." Upon closer inspection Sarah recognized the circled star and the symbols etched inside.
  • Enin suddenly offered his own opinion on the matter. He spoke with a greater weight to his voice as if he wanted to offer a deeper understanding. "What the captain says is very true. Do not dismiss it, my friend. You cant save people from themselves, and even more so, you cant keep people from their fate."
  • Trevor wanted to follow Mathius but Erling grabbed him by the shirt and led him towards the opposite exittowards Lightskeep. "Come on now. Don't want Mathius' sacrifice to be in vain, would you?"
  • Kell stiffened with her words, but it was odd, not like he did with men. He felt something else, more personal, intimate. Again he wanted to touch her hands, ascertain if there was something about her, only her. He hadnt felt this way with Sam, or any of the girls back home.
  • Spencer laughed. All the tension forgotten. Free and happy as a bird. It was worth everything just to hear this. The old fox out-foxed, deceived by his own would-be method of deception. He wanted to lift Raymond from the throne and hug him. Oh, you wonderful man.
  • "Yeah, so did I, only the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Think about it." She took Steves hands in hers. "When we were threatened by the mugger, I wanted to prevent our stuff, namely the jorii, from falling into his hands. That wasnt fear. It was self preservation. I didnt want anything to happen to us, and that included all of our possessions."
  • She let the fingers of one hand lightly rest on the window ledge. She didn't want Gran to be taking this so seriously. She wanted her to just brush it off. To tell her that everything was fine. Gladys hadn't fainted in yearsit wasn't serious then, so why would it be serious now?
  • Helena fingered the debris of the card-house with those more delicate fingers that could caress and claw so exquisitely. Essentially, she cared not one atom what Jessie thought of her, but she wanted not to be uncomfortable for the next few weeks.
  • "No," Llywelyn said, "his father is much more predictable. He wants land and power and fights me for it. Owain appears to do what he does out of spite."
  • "Mom, here." I reached into my pocket and handed her my cell phone. It was one of those newest models, a gift from a mom who wants her son to call her more. My mother could barely boot up a computer, so I walked her through how to access the internet on the tiny device.
  • Jackie wasnt sure she wanted to go to Turtle Hill with Hjalmer. Turtle Hill was probably the best-known spot around Spearfish Lake for kids to go out and park in the late hours of a date. It had a beautiful view of the Turtle Lakes, and Spearfish Lake beyond, a view that was considered sufficiently romantic to lead to some serious neckingand more. Sometimes much more; Jackie could remember the hints shed gotten back in high school from her girlfriend Kirsten Langenderfer, about what had gone on out there in the back seat of Henry Toivos old Ford.
  • It was centered a distant way off, yet the flash of white light was so brilliant that both Ross and Liza instinctively jerked their eyes away. Ross slowed the car and pulled to the shoulder, knowing there wasn't anybody behind him and not wanting to cause an accident, but not every driver on the road was as mindful. When his vision cleared, he was greeted by an F250 barreling down on him and his wife.
  • The advanced farming methods, the experiments that she wanted to attempt, were all humored, but never seriously implemented. She was bloody tired of waiting for the world to realize women were as smart as men. It would never happen. The best she could hope for was that as the wife of someone like Damien was reported to be, nothing she did would be blinked at. She could study what she liked, do as she pleased, and they would work out the kinks as they went along. It was a perfect solution.
  • "Nobody wants people to know they did something ridiculous in order to join a group," Apgar said. He said colleges need to do more to stop the practice and should allow students to anonymously report it so administrators can step in earlier.
  • In the background they can hear the men clink their glasses together for another toast. It reminds her that she wants to ask Landon a question. She pulls her small notepad and pen from a drawer in the kitchen and begins to scribble down her question. Shes still kind of slow at writing, but shes reading huge chapter books now. The most recent is a romance novel that makes her blush.
  • 'When she woke she asked me for her coat, as she wanted to get something from the pocket. I asked Sister Agatha, and he brought all her things. I saw amongst them was her notebook, and was going to ask her to let me look at it, for I knew that I might find some clue to her trouble, but I suppose she must have seen my wish in my eyes, for she sent me over to the window, saying she wanted to be quite alone for a moment.
  • Around ten o'clock Wednesday morning Bob's cell phone rings. After several grunted answers he flips the phone shut and says, "That was Joe. He wants to make sure we're at the warehouse by eleven. He's not too happy that Pete's on his way over here."
  • Daniel coughed, but said nothing. The cupboard door didnt as much as stir. Esmerelda remembered how she had played hide-and-seek and other games as a child. Sometimes she hid in the cupboard, too. Sometimes no one found her until it was dark and then she came out and the house was empty. Other times, the winner was the one who stayed hidden the longest. How she wanted to play a game with Daniel. The atmosphere, the cruelty, the chance for revenge. But she let her bloodlust cool.
  • I walked through the cool dark, the only light coming from the grimy attic window, and fondled each piece. I picked up an oilcan and started oiling the joints and bearings and axles of each machine in turn. Pa would have wanted to know that everything was in good working order.
  • "Perhaps I should ask you why you seem so alarmed," Lady Magmilan said. I held my breath as I waited for her to answer. I wanted to blurt something out, but that would be even more suspicious.
  • Even with the bitchy look, I could see she was attractive. She was tall, skinny and didnt have a lot of curves, but still enough for me to look at. However, it was her height alone that made her appealing to me. I had always wanted to be with a girl who was taller than me, like being with some kind of Amazonian woman.
  • Rosalind spots Celia. "Peace! Here comes my sisterreading." She wants the ladys opinion. "Stand aside," Ganymede tells the men.
  • "As far as the sword goes, I answered his question truthfully so that I could gauge his response. He did not appear to desire the sword, and only looked at it twice. If he was really concerned about it, he would have done something or said something to get closer to it. I wanted to know if his intentions were to take it from me, and I was prepared to cut him down if he made a move for it. I needed to find out through him if the Silver Mages here can be trusted or not. So far, like my dreams have shown me, they can be trusted."
  • But Katherina grabs it. She adores the smart, fashionable hatand immediately wants to wear it on the trip to Padua. "Ill have no bigger!" she says, trying it on. "This doth fit the time, and gentlewomen wear such caps as these!"
  • "Theyre not trying to push anything on anyone. Nobody wants to die and everyone is going to. They just want to make dying a little easier."
  • "Prince Dafydd isnt the sort to go around slaughtering young, pregnant women, Will! Lady Teleri just wanted to provoke you and once again she succeeded admirably. She knows exactly how to get to you, do you know that?"
  • For Kell Vander Kellen, it was too many one night stands, too many days feeling like crap. Too many times hed seen Marthe and while he wanted to visit Nate, Kell refused. Not because Nate was that much of a thorn, but because of Nates proximity to Marthe.
  • When she had allowed the cloaked stranger into the room, she shut the door, but left it unlocked. Just in case his intentions were less than pure, she wanted to be sure that she could usher him out quickly.
  • Loruze was at least two days awayif he didn't push himself and his horse. A part of him wanted to charge there, but he knew better. In the back of his mind he worried how far Tallvas had actually spread his armor, wondering if he would find the rest of it from this trip or if it truly had been scattered about the land. If that were true, that meant he would be away far longer than he had hoped. The journey needed to be made, and in the end it would all be worth it, but he felt like a part of him was somewhere else; with someone else.
  • The children spoke only of the black wands they saw on that morning and the Dark Robes' evil deeds to their school. Students wanted to rush out the main gates and go crazy on who they believed caused the coming evil.
  • Legon wasnt all that thrilled about going off in a big city without Arkin, but he would have to get over it. Thankfully, it turned out the inn wasnt that hard to find. When they entered, they were greeted by a wave of musty smoke and sound. The inn had a tavern on the lower level and people were coming in from all around for lunch. The group moved toward the last table and sat around it. Legon sat with his back to the window, watching the people and waiting impatiently for Arkin. A tall woman with long red hair and a green dress came by and asked if they wanted anything to drink.
  • Queen Evasitting in a throne next to himwas a wrinkled woman. It was not that her years caught up with her, but she caught up with her years. Even in her youth, she had been as callous and coldhearted as an ancient widow. Her parched face seemed to pale even more under her thinning hair. Once oaken and flowing, her hair over the years had receded and whiten into a skeleton. Her blizzard hair was symmetry to her personality; she was the winter queen if there ever was one. She was even hard enough to kill springtime if she wanted.
  • Timmi broke loose and raced toward the Graffees’. Timmi swung open the Graffeesfront door without knocking. Mary Jean Graffee sat at a long table by the bay window looking through some old story boards of two of her favorite movies she had produced. Timmi stumbled down the stairs and stopped next to her. "I hate him! All he wants to do is beat on me and blame me for his lonely, pathetic life. I wish he would die. Be torn apart by the thing in that Mavispool. Or maybe he will be shot by my Charles. He is going to have that Mavis and that Mavis is going to like it. Charles will find out and shoot both of them." She pointed her finger and made a pop sound with her lips. "He beat me again."
  • It was odd, because I knew it was demon fast, but I could track his movement with my gaze. Was it crazy that I wanted to follow him? Grudgingly, I admitted to myself I'd never wanted to follow someone so badly, and I was never one to shy away from a physical challenge. I'd run blindingly fast from the hounds, and the only difference between now and then was that then I was scared. Huh, piece of cake. I had loads of scared stored up around the solar plexus area. Tapping into the well of energy inside me was too easy and I burst forward.
  • "Its a ridiculous catch-22no one is willing to welcome the airhead, because they are terrified of what the hulk might do when he finds out. At least thats what I think. I know Cam was blustering about trying to welcome her. I discovered that he was all talk and no action. I offered to help him out when we were alone and he still backed down! Can you believe that?? He even said I could do it myself if I wanted to try. He expected mea girlto attempt a 'welcoming partywithout any assistance from the guys.
  • I noticed Felixs expression change. He rolled his eyes and looked away. He must know what Demetri wanted to say. Curiosity filled me.
  • Then suddenly, the light of the world burst over him and there were no more bricks to walk upon. His legs still twitched as he let them drop to the cabin roof. He was beyond feeling relief, beyond caring; he just wanted to close his eyes and sleep for a year.
  • "Maybe they wanted to, but didnt know how to." Sarah was still chewing on her jerky. "Maybe your dad and his parents had an argument, and your dad decided to sever the relationship. Thats what I think happened."
  • "If its such a secret, I can understand why my father didnt want me asking questions." And of course he is my father, after all, Jurtan added under his voice. The Lion never wanted Jurtan to ask much of anything. Especially in public, when he usually tried as hard as possible to make people think Jurtan was certainly no offspring of his. Jurtan swerved aside, elbowed his way across the street, and plunged down a sudden alley, where the sound of an internal yaphorn harmonized intriguingly with the scent of ostentatiously baking bread. Max glanced around. Half a block up the street a woman was staring at him. Did he know her? He didnt think so, and anyway he was in disguise. You had to be a fool to trust a disguise, of course - but if the woman saw something in him it would be good to find out what it was. She looked -
  • While Barbara was an obvious choice for ogling purposes, Maureen had to go to her spies on the ground at Albany to land Holly. She was unsure about what she wanted to do after college, so she visited her faculty advisor, Jane Parnell.
  • And the two sides have yet to make headway on tough issues such as entitlements, with the Republicans wanting far more than Democrats are likely to tolerate in cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, the government healthcare programs for the poor and seniors.
  • Feeling warmer but not wanting Robert to notice, she moved slowly to lift the hair off the back of her neck. Was it Gods plan for her to marry this man and take care of him and his son? Isnt that what Evelyn had said, that God had a new plan for them and that she mustnt question it?
  • I had literally begged my sister to come to Sunridge with me today and just skip school entirely. She had stubbornly refused to even consider it though. Her freshman year is almost over and I believe she wants to enjoy every minute she has left. This was a surprising thoughtand one that makes me smile, considerably. Shes wasted countless hours trying to get me to use my obliteration skill to move her into a higher grade. I had somehow managed to stand my ground for once. Now, she was savoring the last days and I was sure that I had made the right decision.
  • Billy never served in anyones air force, so he never saw the sheer terror that the Khan inspired. One of the colonels looked like he had to take a dump. Billy wanted to inspire that depth of fear in his enemies.
  • "You should wish youd specified where you wanted me to hit you," Salvor said, as the outer edge of his fist connected with Gerets temple. As his prince crumpled bonelessly to the deck, Salvor grinned, chuckling, as he winced and put his hand on his wounded cheek.
  • "We all wanted to eat some delicious food and were waiting for strange attendants to serve us. On the table was an assortment of rotten food and some of the guests were eating it. You warned me to wait. However, I continued regarding the rotten food, thinking a miniscule amount would tide me over until the fresh food arrived.
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