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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • I wanted to help. I swear to God I wanted to do something, but the force of the crowd was too much to contend with. I screamed out for them to stop, but they couldn't. If they stopped, they would've ended up on the ground, crushed to death as well.
  • Then suddenly he felt a stab in his arm. It went deep and he jerked in shock, looking at the man whod snuck up on him and jabbed him with a knife. But no, it wasnt a knife he was holding, it was a needle. The messy stab tore at his arm and now blood dripped from the needle. Russ felt all the adrenaline, all the strength, drain out of him as something else took its place . . . like pollution spreading through water he felt weakness creep through his body, crawling toward his heart till he felt as if even that slowed to a crawl. He couldnt thrash anymore. He couldnt lift his head. When he blinked, his eyelids crept slowly down over his eyes and wanted desperately to stay shut. He had to force them back up with all the willpower it seemed he had left. He slowly looked from side to side, first to the left, then to the right, then agonizingly down at the rest of his body. His chained hands rested heavily on his chest, but he couldnt shift them away, and his lungs didnt seem to want to respond.
  • "I have enough for both of us," Nigel retorted, cutting her off. What was she thinking, wanting to go into a public house where only floozies showed themselves? She could listen from the outside.
  • Telamon looked from Joff to Coursa with a quizzical expression. The old woman had some kind of hold over this brilliant, rambling scribe that gave her his insight and loyalty with absolute obedience. Telamon would have wanted an alliance with Coursa for the chance to study her gift for wielding power even if she had nothing else to offer. "You make an excellent point, master scribe. We will discuss things further in the days to come. I am not ready to claim the throne just yet. With careful planning I believe we can expand my influence. We will move when the time is right."
  • Kavio glanced involuntarily at Mother. He had never seen her so ashen. Though a part of him wanted to spit in Father's face, the knowledge that he had disappointed Mother burned like chili pepper in his mouth. But no matter what happened, he'd be cursed before he'd show how he felt in front of this assemblage of vultures and jackals. Or in front of his father.
  • We escaped the house after I gave Megan and Cassidy numerous kisses, hugs, and promises to come in and check on them when I got home. Mark told me to have fun and stay out as late as I wanted and I gave him a sick smile in return. I didn't want to stay out at all. I didn't even want to go.
  • Elryia nodded. "I was counting on that, as well as everyone doing their part to make sure they're trained properly. Which is what I wanted to address today." Elryia looked between Javal, Rhimaldez and Ristalln, making sure she had the attention of all three. "If we are going to meet Gerin's army on the field and win, then we have to match it. Idimus hasn't fought a legitimate war in over a century. His troops are not what they used to be, but they're still formidableforced or not. They are nearly five-hundred strong, with almost a third of that devoted to a proficient cavalry. The rest are very seasoned foot solders, not to mention Estechian, Gerin and perhaps even Kalinies."
  • "Welcome," he greeted her, pretending not to notice her frown. "I'm sorry to have cheated and used force, but you turned away all my ambassadors and my gifts. It wasn't easy getting to talk to you. I only wanted to ask you to seal an alliance with a wedding."
  • Soon, there are flowers on the tomato plants. Then, tiny deep green bulbs appear at the flowers center. "Those are tomatoes!" I tell Morgen. Shes delighted by their progress, and she wants to run out to check on them as soon as she wakes up. So, every morning, I brew myself coffee on the stove, pour myself a cup, and follow her out.
  • Ever since his parents died mysteriously when he was ten, Trevor had been forced to move to New Jersey and live with his Aunt Sophie and his cousin Jonnie. Though Trevor didn't always like New Jersey, he always did well in school (he wanted to go to Princeton University, after all), which is why he got invited to all sorts of academic luncheons.
  • Moving sluggishly at first, Aiden was compelled to clothe himself faster than he wanted to by the bitter cold inside the Lodge. He quickly donned his normal winter attire, and then added the layer of armour over the top of his tunic. As they had experienced, a chain shirt wasn't much protection against arrows, something that was of no small concern in the impending confrontation. Despite this, the novice warrior found himself feeling remarkably calm, although it might have something to do with still being half asleep. Ignorance was bliss, after all.
  • "Im sorry, you said extranational organizations, are we talking about the UN?" She was becoming impatient and wanted to move things along.
  • African Americans were presumed partial to Republicans for historical reasons, but they were disfranchised. White Alabamans felt bitter towards the Republican Party in the aftermath of the Civil War and Reconstruction. These factors created a longstanding tradition that any candidate who wanted to be viable with white voters had to run as a Democrat regardless of political beliefs.
  • Dr. Jenner kept smiling, and played absently with some of the monitors behind her head. She wanted to scream at Noah to get her out of there, but whatever had happened, he was under this womans spell, and she would be of no help. "No, I just know about how you work, and sweet talk is cheap to you." She licked those horsey lips of hers and kept smiling.
  • Garon pulled a pipe from thin air and began to light it with flame hovering above his finger."They are rare.You see the magician who wants a flying rug must weave it. Every strand and every fiber must be put in with the same amount of power from the same person.Some say that you must also bind the spirit of a Calon faerie. The making takes many, many moons to complete, and most do not have the fortitude nor the ambition to complete one."
  • "Maybe if you stayed with me it would help me sleep." I almost couldn't believe those words were really coming out of my mouth. I wanted to blame it on how close he was standing, or how tired I was, or anything else that might be remotely believable, but based on how serious his face had just become, it was too late to take it all back.
  • "Its actually something the queen thought of," Sarah explained. "I had asked her what I might be able to do that could be considered useful, and she wanted to know how much I could teleport at a time. I told her I truthfully didnt know, so she said that shed have a pack of food all ready to go on the bed in our quarters. All I had to do was conjure the bag here. When were finished, Ill send it back, where it will be filled and ready for the next time."
  • The grand opening party was truly a gala affair, complete with catered food that Blair deemed "Edible for a change." Shawn wanted his home/business to be the kind of place that people would feel like they were wearing their favorite sweater or pair of shoes.
  • Annie felt very alone since her husband died. Most of her days were empty, even in that big house of hers. Shed rise in the morning and sit at the kitchen table all day, unable to do the things she once enjoyed. She gave up her chickens and her extensive garden, unable to tend to either one properly. She simply didnt have the strength, or the will, to do what she wanted to.
  • It works both ways: Hosts who are planning a fancy cocktail party should give their guests a heads-up, so they can pack the right clothes and avoid an expensive last-minute shopping trip, Bertone says. Meanwhile, "if the guest wants everyone to go a Broadway show at $150 ticket, this request should be made upfront," she says. Same goes for a night out at an expensive silver-service restaurant, she says. And if those same guests have turned vegan in the past 12 months, they should inform their host before they buy a 20-pound turkey. Otherwise, Bertone says, all parties might prefer to wait another year until they see each other again.
  • "Yeah, evidently we have a hysterical mother on the phone to 911. It seems that someone warned her daughter that a man was stalking her. Theyre both crying and screaming to the 911 operator. Anyway after what happened with the Sarah Evans case the captain wants an investigator on anything that resembles a stalker case. As they say the heat is on and no one wants to be the one that drops the ball this time, especially after what just happened. See you. I have to run."
  • Mom tried another conversation starter. "It's warm for this time in autumn," she observed. Alice looked at her watch and sighed. "I suppose you'll take the kids sledding when it snows, she continued." Alice shrugged, pained. Rick thought it was dangerous. "I don't mean to be rude, but was there a reason you wanted to see me?" Mom was getting a little irritated.
  • "Do you remember the first time we came here, we wanted to create our own little utopia, start our own religion, in effect?"
  • Yave bit down on her lip. She wanted to press the issue, but instead, she pursued another topic which obviously consumed her with greater ferocity. "Will you at least demand their assistance when we deal with the algors?"
  • "'You see, St. Thomas,' he said to me the other day. 'Monsieur Kiril is a man of education, who speaks French. He is a Russian seigneur who has had misfortunes, but he is a man. He knows what's what.... If he wants anything and asks me, he won't get a refusal. When one has studied, you see, one likes education and well-bred people.' It is for your sake I mention it, Monsieur Kiril. The other day if it had not been for you that affair would have ended ill."
  • "Well Mom noticed it too, about the two of you I mean. She is also ok with it too because even Mom wants you to be happy, Brother. Even though Sarah is just a little older than you and your teacher, it doesnt matter all that much to me. Youre both legally adults. If she makes you happy, thats all that really matters. Good luck Brother, we are rooting for the both of you." A moment later she stated "By the way I saw how you held and kissed her on the head before you took her home. I never thought someone could turn so red. Dont worry though, I did not tell Mom. That will be our little secret."
  • She struggled for composure. The demonstration would give her the recognition she needed to move forward with her work, but it was clear Bob wanted all the glory for himself.
  • "Can I please have your attention for just a moment?" Doherty yelled as the excited crowd slowly settled down. "Wasnt that a great game?" The crowd cheered loudly for a few seconds. "I first wanted to thank Coach Bunning and the Central High team for being such a worthy opponent in this wonderful rivalry. Win or lose, they will always be champions!" The Central High guys smiled as the crowd chanted "Central! Central! Central!"
  • "And I am still arguing with your husband. I can't understand why he wants to go to the war," replied Pierre, addressing the princess with none of the embarrassment so commonly shown by young men in their intercourse with young women.
  • The children spoke only of the black wands they saw on that morning and the Dark Robes' evil deeds to their school. Students wanted to rush out the main gates and go crazy on who they believed caused the coming evil.
  • Those jewels I brought with me as a young bride were very precious to me, but I have sacrificed them for Nicholass sake. As for my husband, he has hardly given me anything in all the years weve been married. He would not let me keep in touch with my friends in Wiltshire, and even tried to stop me seeing my parents. After I had my first baby I was very ill, and then the babe, my little Margaret, whom I had named after my mother, sickened and died. I was terribly upset, and could not bear to meet anyone. But Stephen forced himself upon me and I was soon with child again. That was a boy, born dead. Then came another girl, whom I insisted on being called Margaret also, for I wanted mother to be remembered. But she too was a sickly child and died soon after her second birthday. Meanwhile I had had Nicholas, who was, thank God, a robust little boy and has always enjoyed the best of health. I have had two more children, but neither has survived, and at the last I had a miscarriage which was brought on by my husbands anger.
  • "I didnt really respond to Molly, though she made herself very clear. Then the other day an old friend named Simmons went sour on me and you blistered me for grabbing your place when all I wanted was to keep your damn picture on schedule."
  • By the time we left police headquarters, most of the alcohol buzz had worn off. The incessant droning of Captain Schmitt must have brought us back to our senses. We headed toward Baus room to find out what happened to him and get him to buy us a case of beer for our troubles. The three of us made quiet a trio because Bosco and I didnt even have time to kick Baus ass. He had already gone to the beverage store and bought a case of cold beer. That bastard must have known that two wild bears were on the loose and he better give us what we wanted.
  • "Oh, it's terrible to feel oneself so in this man's power," thought Rostov. He knew what a shock he would inflict on his father and mother by the news of this loss, he knew what a relief it would be to escape it all, and felt that Dolokhov knew that he could save him from all this shame and sorrow, but wanted now to play with him as a cat does with a mouse.
  • Why did you allow Berri to come with us?’ Tika kept her voice low. ‘She teases Kran, and most of the other men now, but I cannot work out why she wanted to come.’
  • Over the next two months, I constantly fought my desire to rejoin the pack. Instead, I denied that part of me that wanted to help Jacob. I focused on continuing my life as if he wasnt in Italy; as if he wasnt fighting for his life or for his love. I pretended that I wasnt his beta, and never had been. By reminding myself every day that Jacob had chosen her over us, I was able to attend classes and cook meals at night. I focused on Seth, and on doing all the little chores and behaviors which belonged to the Leah who existed before Demetris arrival. At all costs, I kept myself occupied to avoid thinking about him. It worked well until I was alone at night. The pain belonged to the night and could not be denied. The least I could do was cry quietly so Seth would be worried no longer.
  • Ryson raised an eyebrow at the wizard. "Come again? I am the magic? I have no idea what that means." The delver continued moving, albeit at a much slower pace to accommodate the wizard that now had to navigate through the trees as well. Ryson didnt want to move too far away from Enin mostly because he wanted to hear this explanation.
  • "Who are you? Who sent you? And what was in that needle?" he demanded. Silence. I couldnt have made my mouth work even if I wanted to; it felt like sandpaper. My phone, which I couldve used to call for back up, was in my coat out of reach. Lovely.
  • "She came here, of course, to Antibes. She hired a small Chteau on the road to Juan-les-Pins. The first day she went walking with the children. She asked a few locals some rather pointed questions. Most of the people ignored her or avoided her. Some even shouted at her. They all knew she was German, and none of them trusted her. But she got noticed. And on the second day she was contacted. But not by the people she wanted to meet."
  • Helena found time to go to Victoria to meet the travellers that afternoon, and to reflect as she waited for the boat-train to come in that she in her cool pink blouse and her skirt of Poiret stuff would certainly present a very refreshing contrast to poor Jessie in dishevelled and dusty travelling-clothes. She did not in the least want Jessie to look bedraggled except in so far as she herself would gain by the contrast, for she was good-natured enough not to want any one to be at a disadvantage as long as that did not add to her own advantage. Jessie was a dreadfully bad sailor, too, but it was quite enough that she should have travelled for a night and a day, without hoping that she had had a bad crossing. Helena merely wanted to appear fresh and brilliant herself. At length the train came in, and though she saw Archie step out quite distinctly, she continued searching for him with her eyes in the crowd, until he made his way up to her.
  • She watched her brothers walk off with their ladies. Hubert and Filbert were shoving each other playfully, while Gwendolyn and Mandolyn were pretending that this behavior wasnt juvenile. All four of them appeared happy. Alix desperately wanted to be like them - wanted friends to talk to and laugh with. Nurse Hildegard loved her, but couldnt understand Alixs interest in science and history and art. Her mother…? Who ever knew what the queen felt? The princess sat alone on the grass, hugging volume Q to her chest and wondering what was so wrong with her? It was the thousandth time shed wondered that, but she still wasnt a finger-width closer to an answer.
  • Given the ridiculous heat, studying was the last thing I really wanted to do, but there wasn't really anything else to do so I changed into cooler clothes and made the best of it. Three hours later my brain felt like it was going to run out of my nose, so I wandered upstairs.
  • "I must say that I've enjoyed this evening tremendously," he said. "The meal was great, the wine terrific and the company incomparable. In particular I'm glad there's somebody to talk to about this - this willow tree thing. Somehow I think it's my duty to do something about it. Granddad wanted to - I feel he's left it to me. It was always on his mind. I sort of grew up with it." He looked down at his feet. "I haven't slept in days, thinking about it."
  • What am I thinking? He wants to kill me! And once Eric is safe, I will let him. That was the deal.’ She knew that if she ran, Eric would never be safe; Vincent would go after him to get to her. ‘What would Matt say?’ she thought as she rolled to her side, and she answered herself: ‘He would say that Id better stop reading those horror novels.’ Sleep slowly pulled her down into its murky depths.
  • Elryia nodded, the smile still dominating her face. "Aye. We saw many things in those years and he taught me even more. We made it a point, no matter how far away we were, to return to see my parents once, sometimes twice, a year." Her once smiling face turned dark and incredibly sad, "When I was twenty-four, and I'll never forget the day, we were returning that summerwalking up the road to my home when I saw black smoke rising over the hill. I ran as fast as I could and when I made it to the top Grahamas pulled me back and forced me to hide. I wanted to charge in when I saw the home I grew up in burn to the ground, but he wouldn't release his grip on me. It was only when I saw someone coming out did I understand why he wouldn't let me go." El's usually gentle demeanor turned sharp, then her mouth erupted in a snarl.
  • Hence the need for some spin from Tokyo. "The yen is doing what the prime minister said he wanted it to do," says Michael Spencer, Hong Kong-based chief economist for Asia at Deutsche Bank (DB). With Abes advisers now talking about excess weakness, "my guess is some outside pressure is being brought to bear," he says. That leads to officials trying to reassure the Americans and others that the Japanese "are not trying to undercut everybody."
  • Moving to unlock the gate, her hand recoiled when she saw that it was already unlatched, the padlock hanging loose. She could have sworn that she locked it before she left it earlier that morning. If anyone really wanted to get inside they could just climb the fence, but she usually locked it to discourage people wandering off the beach from invading her privacy or accidentally letting out her dog. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end, and she felt the first little squeeze of adrenaline grab her stomach.
  • In bed, Dan was getting much more from Summer, their naked bodies entangled, lying on their sides, and Summer wanted him, wanted to make love to him no matter what it meant. If she fell pregnant, it would be a baby conceived in great passion, even love. He loved her, told her so, whispering her name in a guttural choke. Summer agreed, letting that slip, unsure how much was the moment or the man. Either way, she said she loved him, then flipped onto her back, widening her hips. All Dan had to do was move astride her, press his body where Summer felt he belonged.
  • "With all the friends, family and church members here this afternoon, the spirit is definitely strong. But for Mitchell and Rachel the spirit is now going to be stronger in their household because of cleaving two into one flesh. But marriage, just like everything else comes with instructions. Now Ive met with these two in private and went over, in detail, their prospective roles in this marriage. Ive counseled Rachel from the book of Proverbs on how to be a capable wife. Ive counseled Mitchell from the book of Ephesians on loving his wife the same way Christ loved the congregation. This couple has been advised in the direction in which the Lord wants their marriage to go. I will continue to be an adviser to this couple and will continue to admonish them for many years to come.
  • "Your Majesty is too kind!" replied de Beausset to the invitation to accompany the Emperor; he wanted to sleep, did not know how to ride and was afraid of doing so.
  • "To endure war is the most difficult subordination of man's freedom to the law of God," the voice had said. "Simplicity is submission to the will of God; you cannot escape from Him. And they are simple. They do not talk, but act. The spoken word is silver but the unspoken is golden. Man can be master of nothing while he fears death, but he who does not fear it possesses all. If there were no suffering, man would not know his limitations, would not know himself. The hardest thing [Pierre went on thinking, or hearing, in his dream] is to be able in your soul to unite the meaning of all. To unite all?" he asked himself. "No, not to unite. Thoughts cannot be united, but to harness all these thoughts together is what we need! Yes, one must harness them, must harness them!" he repeated to himself with inward rapture, feeling that these words and they alone expressed what he wanted to say and solved the question that tormented him.
  • Within a few time-glasses, he was certain, the Cotti would mount a fierce attack on the pass, and he wanted to be far away when they did. To his credit, the Prince did not complain about the stiff pace Blade set all day, for although he slowed the horses to a walk several times, he did not stop until sunset. The beasts were war steeds, tall and strong, bred for their stamina and spirit. He had been surprised to be given such highly trained animals, having expected dull-eyed work horses. Their ease of handling pleased him, for the assassin was no horseman, and had little liking for the animals.
  • "You should let me go, Sallis ti Ath," said Kein, ignoring Oston. "Your companion wants to see me dead. Perhaps he will wait for you to sleep before slitting my throat."
  • I think what Hrant said was unmistakably clear. Interestingly, back then "expert opinions" requested by the courts reaffirmed that Hrants words had nothing to do with insulting Turkishness, but the court of appeals just wanted to understand his words as an insult under Article 301.
  • She paused, realizing she definitely no longer wanted to pursue a conversation, but her fruitless obligation to social mores bound her now to make small talk. "Actually, its Ms. Dahl," she tried unsuccessfully to interject. "But, Im sorry to hear that—"
  • "Im fine," he said not wanting to be disturbed. As if in response to the unasked question, she said, "Im Nicole." She did not know what else to say, she wasnt in the habit of striking up conversations with strangers.
  • Strangely, it seemed to him, the Ricallyn kept their distance, moving with him as he walked cautiously toward the door. Once he was out of the dark chamber he wanted to make a run for the main doors, but till then he moved very slowly. Breathing, rustling fabric, and the fall of footsteps were the only noises he heard, but they were magnified in his hearing to echo through the room.
  • Sheldrake being not unwilling to convince him, Mr. Merridew emerged from the next few minutes in a startled and very anxious condition. It seemed clear indeed that transport was going to be in a serious state of collapse if the Stone was multiplied. On the other hand he very naturally and very badly wanted it.
  • "Don't get too comfortable," Colt muttered tiredly. "I reckon since those dwarves were the ones to make that breach, they know it's there, so they'll probably be coming this far at least to see if they can catch us. And if we don't keep moving, we'll freeze to death in these wet clothes." Aiden knew he was right, but right now he just wanted to curl up into a ball and rest.
  • Sazar had to be very careful indeed at this instant. He was about to request what he truly needed, what he wanted very badly. At this critical point, he knew that he would almost instinctively use his power to manipulate and to control. After all, that was how he always got what he wanted. Unfortunately, he was forced to do more than control his instinct, he needed to bury it. Success depended solely on him stating his offer as succinctly as possible and allowing the sorceress herself to decide whether or not to give him what he wanted.
  • Dober Jung smiled slightly and raised his hand don Brangot to wait for his response. "Youre asking about an ugly affair afterworld history. The human gods wanted to expand their afterworlds, but the administration wouldnt grant them additional space. Not that they needed it since they had access to the infinite amount of space in afterworld Seventeen, which is the Void, and in their own infinite void, afterworld Seventeen adjunct A, which is Limbo. The Void and Limbo are very limited versions of Oblivion, and the gods can control them. You need extra room, plan accordingly and build in one of those areas."
  • "Your blood glucose levels and your electrolytes were all over the place when I checked them at the lab. Ive still got a few tests waiting to come back, but we need to be really careful with you right now." He wiggled out of her embrace and gently put her head on a pillow. Omari wanted to sit up in protest, but that was sounding like a lot of effort at the moment.
  • Johnny looks again at his watch. Twenty-eight minutes. He is about to make one hell of a lot of ripples and wants to cut it as close to takeoff as possible. He walks over to the same convenience stand where he earlier bought his atlas and coffee. There he exchanges handful of yen for an Internet card.
  • I planned to leave work early that day. My wife, Laura, was going to drop off our daughters at a neighbors house and pick me up at noon. I found a lump on my left testicle a week ago and Laura insisted I get it checked out. After a physical, the doctor said he wanted me to get an ultrasound. That test came back with concerning results and I had to follow up with a serum tumor marker test.
  • She paused. She so wanted a word from him that would explain to her what had happened and to which she could find no answer.
  • "Wrong choice of words." She waved her hands in apology. "Breandan sought you out, no matter how much he may try to deny it. The moment I told him what I saw he wanted to see you, but it's screwed things up. I always saw you bumping into each other and your love growing. I told him to stay away, that the time for your meeting would happen naturally. Then I found out he had been spying on you for the last month." She smiled. "This morning when you saw him by the slope before you fell, he didn't help you up because I called him away." She waved away my curious expression as to how she'd called him. "You were not supposed to meet like that. But when you got lost the future changed again, and in pops the vampire's chance." She grimaced and looked down at her tiny hands, now fisted in her lap. "But I guess it's my own fault for blurting out the truth."
  • Now that it was in the open, Hugh wanted to explain what he could. "This thing with BolsoverI never meant for it to come between us," he said. "I cant properly describe the effect he had on me. I just wanted to be with him. All the time. I dont quite understand it now."
  • She held him as she had done on the street, but now she could feel the warmth of his body. He left his glass down and held her in return, and she closed her eyes tightly, wanting to lose herself in this.
  • He put the statue of the woman with the owl's head on the floor. He arranged the Trio with Edge in the middle. He wanted Alise to exclaim over The Jynx, to say it belonged in the middle, to praise it as the best he had ever done.
  • "Pay attention, Graice," Sybille snapped at her. "He wants to take his pants off so they won't get wet when he wades in."
  • Theseus nods. "In himself, he is; but in this kind, wanting your fathers voice, the other must be held the worthier."
  • Crispin looked much put out. ‘I knew I shouldnt have trusted that servant. She was obviously only telling me what I wanted to hear. Died in a pool of blood indeed.’
  • Harvey's gaze bore into the man, scorching his image onto his retinas. His features, his attire, his every nuance and posture and shift in movement. He wanted to remember everything, drink in every aspect of the man before him.
  • Jeannette, of course, had failed to calculate that going elsewhere would be an option for Barnes. And now that she too was leaving, she no longer cared. What Michaelson feared was that word would spread about not just Scott Halpern, but now also Robert Barnes turning down a tenure offer from NDU in favor of an untenured position elsewhere. Would others like them think that there was something wrong with NDU? This was not the sort of reputation Michaelson wanted for his university. He'd try again to persuade Barnes to stay, or if not that, take a leave of absence instead of resigning. He'd ask Ruth and Dominic to work on him, too. They should do this for him, Michaelson thought, since they both now owed him for their new acting positions--as well as higher salaries.
  • A flaming star fell from the sky and crashed with a bang just over the nearest hill. Otto didn't ponder on that long. He had heard many stories about legendary Heroes having swords made from starmetal. Metal from a star. Or basically from a rock that fell down from heavens. The stories weren't clear on details, but Otto didn't really need details. Something flaming that fell from the sky meant material for an awesome sword, and material for an awesome sword meant a lot of gold. As simple as that. He hurried to get his most prized possession: a donkey and a cart. He threw a shovel, a pitchfork and a length of rope onto the cart. He had no idea how big that thing would be, and he wanted to be prepared.
  • "Shes a child, not a soldier. Kate would not have wanted this for her daughter, and Joseph wouldve disapproved with starting her so young."
  • I hadnt wanted to take the shine off her enthusiasm but it worried me. Some very good work is done by prison psychiatrists, what made Sarah so confident?
  • Except Mom. She's probably crying, and Dad's probably telling her not to get excited because you're nearly an adult and pretty sensible for a fourteen-year-old. Mom always wants everyone to be together and happy, even though being together makes them miserable. You could call her and say you're fine. But she wouldn't believe it. She would beg you to come home, and you never can, so there's no point in calling. If Dad picked up the phone, he would tell you to get your ass home now if you know what's good for you. You decide to send Mom a postcard in the morning, so it'll have a Gainesville postmark and not give any clues about how to find you.
  • The Reaper pounded closer. I honed my gaze onto a strand gripping my left arm. I reached inside myself, conjuring all the intensity I could muster. Cotton candy. I wanted to turn it into shreds of cotton candy.
  • "Actually, that's part of what I want to understand. I mean I didn't come here wanting to learn your story specifically, but there's so much history I don't know. There's this shared past that I'm not a part of. It's like, oh I don't know, I think maybe learning about the past will help me understand what's going on right now."
  • The terrycloth is thick. Feeling a breast through terrycloth would hardly be like feeling anything at all. The only thing you know for sure is that when she wants you to stop, she'll say so. You might be telling the Beastman that you got tit on your first date. Is that what this is? A date? Your first make-out session. You might get tit on your first make-out session.
  • The Nazis arrest Grandpa as he waits, at the train station, on his way to work. He sees them coming and attempts to move into the crowd, to use it as camouflage, but the crowd sees what he is doing and quickly disperses not wanting to do anything to make this day their last day of freedom; if you call these days in Germany freedom; it is more like one big prison waiting to collapse around its once proud ears.
  • As I was staring into one of the freezers in the frozen food section contemplating if I wanted pepperoni flavour or deluxe, a man walked up beside me wearing a stupid look on his face.
  • Legon knew how much she enjoyed being a healer. It was something that she had always wanted to do. Laura had to almost restrain her from helping sick people in town. He let go of her. She smiled warmly at him and walked to Murray.
  • "I dont know, he might find something. Ive always had a feeling that the really important things in life are the least understood. Life holds so many hidden mysteries. Good luck is a mystery. Everyone wants it, but the real key to good fortune is unknown. Contentment is another example. Its so important to life, and yet no one seems to know how to dig up that treasure."
  • I still wasn't sure what to wear. I wanted to look nice, but not overdressed. Stylish yet comfortable. Orlando was a good forty-five minutes away, so I also didn't want something that would wrinkle horribly in the car. I tried on about five different outfits before flopping back on the bed in my bra and underwear. This was ridiculous. Not only was I going to meet creatures that shouldn't exist, I also couldn't find anything to wear!
  • Not wanting to leave the apartment unarmed, she replaced the larger chef knife with a smaller, but still sharp paring knife that she put in her purse before closing and locking the front door. She had to knock on several doors before someone finally answered. It was an elderly man who looked to be in his 80s, his flannel shirt buttoned unevenly so that one side of the collar rose higher than the other. Omari let out the breath she didnt realize she had been holding. There was very little possibility that this man had been her attacker.
  • We had agreed to disagree, but now I was beginning to wonder if I really was going mad. I didnt believe in things that went bump in the night, but I wanted to. That was why I had taken the job at Zelko Corp. They offered me something other companies couldnt: the opportunity to find the supernatural and get paid doing it. There have been weird and unexplained things Ive come across, but nothing yet that really changed my world. Nonetheless, I never, ever, thought I would come across something as paranormal as this.
  • "Yes, nothing definite. In fact, if Trays promised not to say or do anything this might end up working to my advantage in our next inevitable debate. See, we stayed involved in this 'semi-argumentbecause I told him I wanted to skip my freshman year of high school. He refused to give into me no matter how many logical reasons I gave him.
  • While Laurie was gone, Gordon whispered to Mom that he thought she might be carrying his child, and that he wanted to do the right thing. Mom was immediately torn. The thought - what an odious daughter-in-law - was equally balanced by the vision of more grandchildren. Unlike Rick, Gordon would let her see his children. On the whole, she was delighted by the prospect. Especially that he wanted to make it legal. Especially that there'd be new babies.
  • "I know I wasn't supposed to use magic in here so we wouldn't wake up the creatures. But, honestly! How could anyone sleep through that?" My chin pointed at the dragon now busy turning one column into toast. A pain twisted around my head so fierce, I felt sick to my stomach and dizzy besides. Dragon smoke made it almost impossible to breathe and I wanted to tear off my fevered leg, it hurt so badly. And hungry? I hadn't eaten in so long, Catered started to look tasty!
  • I wanted to scream but my mouth was swamped with the bile of disgust that abscesses boiled from every taste bud. All attempted noise was negated into deafening silence. But that howl had to escape. That howl needed to find an exit. It erupted through the only possible escape route. In my eyes that howl burned with the acidity of denigration.
  • Enin suddenly offered his own opinion on the matter. He spoke with a greater weight to his voice as if he wanted to offer a deeper understanding. "What the captain says is very true. Do not dismiss it, my friend. You cant save people from themselves, and even more so, you cant keep people from their fate."
  • "I think she forgot that I have two," Tania said. "When the guards stormed in, they demanded I bring the cloak with me. Not wanting to meet the sharp side of a sword, I agreed. They only said to bring the cloak, not the cloaks."
  • "Yeah, Ive been trained to think the other way, but now Im beginning to see the other side of this. Jesus wanted his preaching to be understood and accepted. Why am I putting so much attention on an event that put an end to his public teaching? Just like Katie said, the light was going away. The bright light was about to be extinguished. Philip, keep on going, I want see how you handle the rest of this."
  • "Eh, I'm not going to do anything. I just wanted to know if ye knew everyone like ya were braggin' ya did." His eyes turned back to the woman and held. "But now I need to prove yer telling the truth."
  • She watched him, her eyes told him she knew he wanted to hit her. Expected it. When he did not, something flickered there. Some inner knowledge that just looked unsettling on one so young.
  • Suki talks to the nurse and then we sit on the plastic chairs. We don't talk, we hardly move; we just stare at the notices on the wall even though they're too far away to read. Max or Suki speak to the nurse from time to time. Then a couple of Max's friends turn up and take him off to get a coffee and something to eat. He doesn't look as if he wants to leave.
  • Still full of sleep, it was hard to pull on her white uniform. This morning she resented it more than most. Being a waitress at Ricks Caf was a lousy job. She was on her feet more than she wanted to be, tipping had never taken hold in Spearfish Lake, and the pay was nothing to be happy with. Still, she wasnt spending a lot of money, and was able to save a bit. It was a job, not a good one, but the best shed found after shed graduated the spring before, though she knew it wouldnt last forever. It was still better than babysitting for her four-year-old half-brother.
  • The look on Andrews face was so tortured that I wanted to break through the glass to comfort him. Angels should not have to endure the heartache that was evident on his face. Did he look this way because he knew how close Joseph would be to me tonight? Could he be jealous? Ehno did say that Andrew had taken a liking to me, but why? Or was it the thought of me possibly killing myself while dreaming that had him so heartbroken?
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