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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • Kohl was quiet for a while. He didn't seem to have a ready answer. Spencer wanted to see his face as he struggled to find one. But he'd see it in a second.
  • Emorys hair was not quite to the middle of her back, but lengthy for a girl her age. Rose had wanted it as long as Emory could manage and as Rose had time to keep it tidy, Emory seemed happy with it. Roses own hair had been short during elementary school, Petras too, as Judith hadnt wanted to bother. Maybe it was having two daughters and Rose gazed up, noting high cloud illuminated by the streetlights. It was dark but lit, as if day and night were merging, seeing which would be victorious.
  • "And just consider this: we have thousands of theologians who have been searching through this 1600 page book for the key to a better life, not realizing that the most important information on how to become familiar with God was traditionally passed along in private. Thats a careless oversight and comes from the western habit of not wanting to recognize any eastern influence. I can give you another example of the very same thing; its about sackcloth and ashes."
  • Next, bolts for the doors of the new building were wanted and had to be of a special shape the prince had himself designed, and a leather case had to be ordered to keep the "will" in.
  • At the open door of the fridge Snelly considered how hed never had a child. It turned out Conor was as close as hed ever get to raising one. He thought of Conor the boy. Even factoring out his fledgling powers, there was something to him, something special. The Gaian child looked at the world in a different way. A way that inspired others. A natural leader. But he had stiffly shunned that role as a young adult. It was only after hed been called by his kingdom in its darkest hour to step up and lead that he did so, and then only with grating reluctance. He had wanted nothing more than to lead a quiet life as an Academic. He had wanted no role that imposed himself on others. But that was the role that had imposed itself on him.
  • "I saved your life…" and his head fell on her shoulder with dead weight. Sarah wanted to scream, but instantly heard him snoring on her shoulder.
  • The only difficulty in the way of re-establishing relations with Chloe while retaining the Stone was the explanation of how he had got it. He hardly saw himself saying to her, "I have stolen this from you, and I want to use it. But if you are very nice to me I will not give it to anyone else, though i might make a hundred or two by doing so. I will, that is, buy you with a hundred pounds and the preservation in my own hands of your property." The nearest he got to saying that even to himself was to recollect that she had occasionally, in times of financial stress, jested, half-mockingly, half-grimly, on the amount for which she would sell herself. But he realized that anyone who offered five pounds, or indeed five pence, would stand a better chance than he himself coming with such a bargain. Besides, of course, he didn't want her to sell herself, he wanted her to love him--in exchange for his loss of a hundred pounds and his promise only to use the Stone for his own purposes.
  • The strains of the polonaise, which had continued for a considerable time, had begun to sound like a sad reminiscence to Natasha's ears. She wanted to cry. Peronskaya had left them. The count was at the other end of the room. She and the countess and Sonya were standing by themselves as in the depths of a forest amid that crowd of strangers, with no one interested in them and not wanted by anyone. Prince Andrew with a lady passed by, evidently not recognizing them. The handsome Anatole was smilingly talking to a partner on his arm and looked at Natasha as one looks at a wall. Boris passed them twice and each time turned away. Berg and his wife, who were not dancing, came up to them.
  • "He wanted to destroy a goblin village and visit a seer. After that he was going to defeat some sort of evil empire. He asked us to help him with that."
  • "He came to the bar first. He was looking for you. Apparently when you last saw him, you told him there was someone special at the Borderline. I only hope you were talking about me. I wanted to help him find you and I didn't want an elf looking around on his own. We went to see if you were with Sy, but some of the guards said you were still out on a scout. I figured this was the best place to wait for you."
  • I expected a reversal of the state of affairs with Sarah, in just a few days. I waited in patience and in vain, it most definitely did not happen. In fact quite a long time passed before anything happened. I can tell you now; I wouldnt want what I wanted then! Ive come to fear the thought of letting Sarah loose amongst so many potential psychopaths, in her determination to cure them rather than assess their danger.
  • I tried to pepper the story with believable, but sudden changes that would keep the reader on edge. Did you expect a boat to smack David in the head in Everland River after he got away from that zombie at the bottom? Hell, I barely expected that to happen when I wrote it! I wanted David's journey home to be a slew of unexpected, but believable circumstances that kept you wondering what could possibly go wrong next.
  • "Excuse me a moment, I think the Archioness wants to speak with me," Nellise said as soon as Ariel had finished, getting up off the floor and making her way over to speak with Celeste, whos white robe was stained with blood and ash, but her face showed she was resolute and in control of the situation.
  • The next morning, Davis instructed four husky demolition workers how he wanted the drain ripped out of the pools bottom. He didnt care how much it cost the taxpayers. It had cost too many lives already. One too many: Cole. P. J. was right; he had to stop the blood feast. He waved toward the dormered mansion, assuming P. J. Drummer was sitting at his telescope, cheering.
  • "We're eight kills away from turning the corner," Emily said without giving away too much of the landscape. She wanted to save the final kill for a special occasionone that shouldn't be wasted on her inexperienced son.
  • "Yeah, well, youre probably right," Favored said. "Youve had more fieldwork than me anyway. There sure isnt much we could do on a boat even if we wanted to. Once we get to Peridol the storyll be different."
  • She decided she needed to explore every square centimeter of the valley perimeter. She wanted to go further than she could walk in a day, so she brought her pack along and overnighted in the basements of abandoned buildings. Oscar didn't ask her what she was up to with these excursions. Sometimes he went with her, but mostly not.
  • And he crushed her to him and kissed her as if he were starving. And it was just as it had been in her dream. He was so strong, so commanding; even when he had been cradling her face in his big hands ever so gently, she could sense the strength in them. And suddenly she wanted to feel those hands all over her body, over every sensitive inch of flesh, until she was gasping for breath and moaning his name. The image was so clear in her mind that her legs began to tremble and she sagged a little in his arms. But he was quick to catch her as she knew he would and she reveled in his passionate embrace.
  • "Jim, she wants to pair with you as Kolyei and I did and all the others! She will explain what is going to happen with the Larg."
  • "This is from Matthew 16:24-25. Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.’ Katie, this one has several puzzles in it. First of all, he wants people to take up their own cross."
  • "Damn right that's my answer. She threw me out on the street and took everything I own. And now that she's in trouble, she wants to get me back so she can take my money. I'm not a fucking credit card she can use whenever she wants to buy something; she can take care of herself like I took care of myself."
  • Dzeb held up a finger to halt the delver from asking another question. He wanted the delver to consider the full measure of his point. "Before you speak, let me pose the other possibility. What would you think if I said Godson did not send a message; if the cliff behemoths intervened at their own discretion?"
  • Right up to that moment I knew nothing, but now I'm sure that Kev's somehow responsible for whatever happened to the ghost. And I'm pretty sure that what the ghost wanted was to make sure she'd be safe, though I'm not sure she's worth the effort.
  • Judy wanted to tell Allen about this revelation. For the first time in ages he was at his rat-hole of an apartment. There was a young guy hanging out with him, nice looking, smart, cute, nice eyes. She told them about all her mom-clone relationships and how she was trying to change history. They got high and grooved to the inscrutable ways of fate.
  • "I am honor-bound to do the right thing," he said, slamming his fist into his hand. "Is slavery the right thing? Is chasing after a girl who wants to be free the right thing to do? Im tired of being held under the thumb of the Malborn. Arent you?"
  • Hed promised her he wouldnt be around, he didnt want to haunt her as he had his wife and family, and Sebastian wanted Serenity to get on with her life. His words couldnt stop her from hoping she would see him again.
  • This time she smiled in return and walked forward until she was pressed against his chest and felt his arms clasped firmly around her back. His pleasure in meeting her was so obvious and his embrace so sincere that she wanted to give herself up to it, to break down and confess all the horrible events that had brought her to this point. But she didnt dare. Six years had passed since they had last seen each other; six years that had had a profound effect on her life. Who was to say something similar hadnt happened to him? She wasnt the same person; how could she be sure he was? So she willed her mind not to crumble and held her body rigidly.
  • "You do unto them what they would do unto you, but sooner, catching them off guard, spoiling their plans." George Willis smiled, relishing the glory of those days, then his face darkened. "I got shot there, and shipped back to Calcutta, never fired another shot. I still carry a musket ball..." he pulled up his shirt to show a scar in his side. "When I came back in31, England had changed. Everywhere factories and iron beasts. Iron bridges, iron rails, heck, narrow boats made of iron. And look at the railroads. Everyone wants to travel on them. Big stinking worms, dragging themselves through the countryside, spoiling natures view with their tracks and constant whistling at every crossing."
  • The look of dissatisfaction turned to confusion. The merchant thought he heard the stranger clearly speak of the return of magic, but now he was not so sure. He conceded he might have misunderstood, but made no apology. "The Borderline has a string quartet. Down the block." He pointed then turned quickly. He obviously wanted nothing more to do with the stranger.
  • Her brown eyes were kind, absolution Kell ached to accept. He returned her small grin, hearing in her slow, easy tone leisure and relaxation. A party atmosphere, and his accidental attendance hadnt set her off. He wouldnt have wanted that, not on her thirty-second birthday or any other day. "Good." He took a bite of cake, then gave one to Marie. "Thats really good."
  • He then regained his composure."Let's start with a man-to-man press, Melvin on Berman, Williams on Fuller. Gentleman, this team is hungry, this crowd wants blood. Let's take it two points at a time and play Fellingwood basketball."
  • Garon smiled, causing his nose to dip, and his lips to disappear."It is simple: This mage wants the three Swords. There are only three beings in existence who could locate the Swords. Actually four, but we will leave the fourth one until later."
  • To compliment the pinafore: black tights and matching patent leather shoes that mimicked my beloved portrait. The shoes were cobbled with the past in mind, dedicated work and hard shoes. Imported from Switzerland, naturally, they were the most I had spent on a woman in eons. But Daisy being a girl of simple single thoughts pondered none on the expense. She only smiled and clicked them together with utter delight, a defiant Dorothy Gale never wanting to return home.
  • But he still couldn't help the errant wanting to taste her lips again, to feel her flesh pressed up against his own, all softness and feminine mystery, while their tongues wound together. Gabriel shifted again in the chair, uncomfortable for another reason.
  • On Saturday morning, I got a phone call from Professor Trizenko informing me that I had been inducted as a member of an organization known as CURCharles University Rejects. The only other full members besides himself, so far, were Danielle and Craig. Craigs wife Lee only counted as an honorary member since she would remain a law student here. He wanted to know if I could attend a special initiation dinner at his home that very night.
  • After a late start to their Saturday morning, forgers Scott Hamill and Jobbo Wright set out for Shepherd's Bush. There had been no reports on the radio of a body being found in a flat less than half a mile from Wormwood Scrubs Prison. They concluded that the gamblers had managed to dispose of their late partner unobtrusively. Having underlined the urgency of recovering the missing forged dollars, Hamill and Wright wanted a progress report.
  • Ranessa may or may not have lied about her baths being the best in Istwan, but Sallis wanted to relax in his all day and Oston seemed in no hurry to climb out again.
  • Judy was cold toward Mom, and spent her time hanging out with Frank and asking if he felt okay. She kept visualizing her very own mother having her way with her poor ailing husband, and could hardly sit still. Why was he still bringing her things after all she'd done to him? She wanted to throw a burning log into Mom's face, not heat her toesies.
  • "Yes, he cares for you very much." The grin remained on her face, proving that she still needed to work on her expressions even if she was now able to experience and feel them. "He wants to keep you safe."
  • Keshira could still feel her bond with Dexter. He was alive and well, though distant. She wanted to be near him, but did not know what it was that he wanted. He could tell her, of course, but he did not know that. Even from a distance he could communicate with her through their bond, but he did not know how and had never asked her. For the first time in her short life, Keshira understood frustration.
  • "Oh, my dear general!" Murat again interrupted him, "with all my heart I wish the Emperors may arrange the affair between them, and that the war begun by no wish of mine may finish as quickly as possible!" said he, in the tone of a servant who wants to remain good friends with another despite a quarrel between their masters.
  • "Maybe he just wanted them out of the area so they couldnt report his activities to you or anyone else," Hywel said. "Then when Owain heard you were coming, he took his opportunity to set the trap."
  • He didn't bother to call out a correction. He realized he had gotten what he wanted and there wasn't a lot of point in keeping this up if she couldn't even remember his name. If he stopped now, he'd invite her wrath. But the room was small, surrounded by two hundred people, and it was the nexus of their entertainment. The danger of someone interupting them was everpresent. James slid one of his legs back towards the door. Angela didn't notice. He banged his foot against the door and the convincing sound of a door's knock. He shared in her shock. He pulled away from her and looked up. She opened her eyes and looked around, dazed. James said, "Shit! Someone's at the door!"
  • "Not really, I just wanted to see if it was anything more than it appeared." Aiden was actually testing to see if Dale had been expecting it as a delivery from the merchant that had perished in the mountains. But apparently the man had just been carrying it as a piece of regular cargo. "Anyway, enough of that. Uh, say, would you mind very much if I stayed here for a while to read this book? I really need to study it, and the inn has nothing but distractions-"
  • This also didnt make sense. She wanted Dr. Sock to kill The Puppetmaster. So why take him to a camera room far removed from the action? The situation stank.
  • Continuing to sit with outward calm at her desk, Jeptha turned her thoughts to the mysterious invaders, partly just to keep the fear from her mind. She wanted to believe it to be the work of another country, of course, but who, and why?
  • "I told you that king was nothing but a brute. But you wouldnt listen to me." His half-brother was furious. He slammed his fist on the table where they were sitting with their mugs of ale. "Thats why I mutilated his horses. I wanted to start a fight with those bastards. He never loved Brnwen. He just wanted to screw her and then have a claim to Harlech."
  • "No one is certain, sir, but rest assured, we caught her before she could leave the barracks. We locked her away in the pit so that she would not be able to escape again. Commander Soterus had us release the other women once she was locked away. Everything is under control now, but the Commander wanted you to be informed of the situation."
  • It seemed he only wanted her lips, and she went along with it, beginning to enjoy herself. Tentatively, his tongue began to explore her lips, and then her gums and teeth. Fuck! His tongue would jag on her cavities! She launched her own to grapple with his. He flicked rather than thrust in response. He was dictating, which she could accept, but his lack of subtlety irritated her. She wished he could do all this without thinking, as if he had really mastered the skill, if he couldn't be naively sincere. She forced her tongue into his mouth again and he allowed her to plunge deeply, before disengaging and turning away.
  • Obviously a complete social reject just like me. It was nice to finally meet a kindred spirit. Britney's clingy neediness was nearly as bad as the icy indifference or borderline hostility all of the rest of the students displayed. Except for Brandon, but I couldn't quite bring myself to trust him. A boy that cute wasn't nice to a girl like me unless he wanted something from her.
  • I stood there and stared at the door. The room was quiet, so silent that it was deafening. I yanked my clothes off and threw the robe on, wanting Andrew back in there with me. It wasnt a good time to be aloneI needed his comforting hand in mine. In the mirror, my reflection stared back at me. There were dried golden tears on my cheeks and large, dark circles under my eyes. The robe fit perfectly and fell just above my knees. The fabric was silk-like and smooth against my skin. And it was hers.
  • "These creations, they are bound to their owners forever? How do they survive when their owners die?" Bekka asked, desperately wanting to understand more of the mechanics behind the magic.
  • She yelled for me to not remove the vestment. If there ever was a time I wanted to deny her, it was right that second. I held her closer to me and felt her inner fire rise up as it gave chase to her chaotic spirit light.
  • "Goddamn it, I'm not hiding. But I don't want to make myself an easy target for a loon who says he wants to cut out my tongue. And I know from his psychiatric reports that he is capable of doing just that."
  • The judge wants to give Armand time to settle down; so even though its early, he announces, "Court is in recess until two p.m. this afternoon."
  • But right now he wasnt about to allow this chit to dictate to him. If he wanted to move his damned head, hed move his damned head! So he straightened it up, just to show her who was boss and instantly a bolt of pain seared through his neck. Somehow he managed to keep his expression even so she didnt noticehe hoped she hadnt noticed.
  • "I cant…," Alex said again. He wanted to hold on to Kate as tightly as possible. He wanted to comfort her, but knowing that he could not do so made him feel even more terrible. "I wont leave. I could never turn and walk away. I would never be able to forgive myself. I would miss you for the rest of my life. I would regret you, for the rest of my life."
  • While she prepared the tea and coffee an uneasiness settled, like the cigarette ash, over the room. Andy and Clara muttered barely intelligible requests and reminders to each other, annoying themselves through their incoherence. Andy requested something to do with cigarettes, but Clara didn't quite catch it and replied something about going out later to buy some more. Andy left it at that, and Clara fidgeted, throwing quick, nervous glances at Richard. Richard wanted desperately to change his position, his knees were giving him pain, but his oversensitivity to social situations froze him; he couldn't move, at least not until someone spoke or Eleanor returned. He wished Andy would say something, break the ice in some way. He wished he had the power to do so himself, but he found it impossible to start. The longer the silence and awkwardness remained, the more difficult it would be to break it.
  • Two magi went west. At Hill Salem, they asked Herodes where the new prince lay. His surprise told them they'd been too trusting. They saw he wanted the child to kill or keep as a hostage. When the magi found Khalpai and Maryam, they told them to go south, where Rome and Parthia were weak and El had few worshippers.
  • "I don't think he wants to talk about it," he replied doubtfully. "When you talk to him, just... be tactful." Nellise smiled warmly, and Aiden went a little giddy inside.
  • It felt so good to be alone with my thoughts. I was free for a while, and flying through the forest at top speed. Since that day in the meadow when we stood against the Volturi, so many things had changed in my life. My bitterness about Sam had completely vanished which was good, but there was a new pain to focus onan empty and agonizing void. Not wanting any of the boys to see it, I had started spending more time alone. I didnt want to let my guard down and show them what had almost happened on that day. Even so, there were moments when running with them could not be avoided. Luckily I was better at controlling my thoughts now. No one knew what I knew.
  • He only sighed, but she wanted to hear him say it, tell her he was leaving. Just tell her, then it would be over. It was over, she knew it, but wanted him to set it in stone.
  • "Yes, of course. He knew about the teachers who came before him. If he wanted to quote one of those early Bible prophets, I dont know what would have prevented him from doing so."
  • Joe leaned forward. "I guess I had something to prove to him as well. I wanted him to see that Sicilians arent all stupid and backwards. He knows which of us is the landlord and which of us is the tenant." Joe nodded and reached for his wine glass. "Could I bother you for a little more wine?"
  • Eric wanted to lunge at him and kill him. Nerves and fear and mediocrity overwhelmed him. Eric knew it. His stepfather knew it. In the blink of an eye, the kitchen door was open, Eric was outside and his stepfather and mother argued in screams and shouts. It started to rain. The rain masked Eric's tears and snivelling.
  • This worry he held inside him was in direct contradiction to the buzz he had felt as he had moved fish with paper yesterday. He wanted to be the hero and save all the fish, but there was also an urge to be an anti-hero and exploit them even more. He knew that he could not walk away from his job at Fish Stocks Limitedhe had been addicted since the moment he had entered the trading floor. Yet it pained him to think of Sunbeam starving. Perhaps he could work for the Company and become powerful enough to change the way they operated. Yes. He would hold that in his mind. Of course he would. That's exactly what he would do. He had the power to do that, didn't he? Just crank the ratchet-hold of the company one bit tighter, then maybe he could...
  • Dexter felt himself drawn to her and, for a brief moment, he wanted to give in to her. Her arguments were sound; his desire for her considerable. His reasons for abstaining seemed petty in light of their troubles. He leaned in and kissed her, sharing a moment in time that stood still for both of them, yet vanished in an instant of ache and longing.
  • Margret dropped her eyes. "Mochan was a Sirelord; he was the youngest and greediest for power, but he was also the weakest. He was born with a deformity and was shunned by everyone. You know the story: the tormented one wants revenge. The usualwe should rule the earthbullshit. He was pissed when the Sires went into hiding after Egypt started to fall. Mochan loved the fear of the humans and them treating him as a god. Besides his pleasure in torturing anything and everything, he was known for his experiments. He tried to find out how many different ways there were to change humans and kill vampires."
  • I was nave, more so than I wanted to be. I didnt have skills in seduction. My only experience had been hearing stories from my girlfriends and watching hundreds of movies. I didnt want this moment to end and definitely wanted the fire within me to continue to burn. I whispered, "Its okay, I really want this."
  • Perched on an uncomfortable wooden chair, Amaranthe flirted with making up an identity, but with her wanted posters plastering the city, the soldiers would figure it out sooner or later. Besides, her interrogator would probably see through her lies.
  • Fluellen is taken aback; he wants to savor the stunning military victory. "Is it not lawful, an please Your Majesty, to tell how many is killed?"
  • The noise of pupils in the hall stirred him from his inner reverie. The thought of new people to meet pleased him. He knew he had to be patient, but he still wanted to be part of the community of Boant Oak. When the noise of meet and greet died down, he resumed his private thoughts.
  • Sara gripped the edge of the table, her words spilling out faster. "Another man grabbed Eric. I screamed and went after him. One of the men grabbed me before I got to Eric. Mr. Casey looked worried as I tried to get the man to let go of me. He asked the old man what he wanted done with me. I could feel the old mans eyes go over every inch of my body. He said that I wouldnt make a good soldier, but hed put me to good use.
  • "What human has not thought of riding on a dragons back?" Kahvel asked. "Do not chide him for wanting what every human in this kingdom has desired their entire lives."
  • Given the disconnect between my twentieth century reality and his thirteenth century life, I wasnt sure I wanted to know what was happening between him and me; which is why Angharads comments the morning of the fourth day at the manor proved so enlightening.
  • The FTC has signaled it wants a greater role in determining whats fair and reasonable. The agency, in a 3-2 decision Nov. 26, forced Robert Bosch GmBh to make standard-essential patents for air conditioners available to competitors as a condition for approving acquisition of the patent owner.
  • Given her profession, she wished she weighed fifty pounds more and had a foot more in height. Getting work was difficult unless the man hiring had an open mind. Usually they didn't, or they wanted favors.
  • Nat asked a few more questions, but Erika snuck from her spot, Summer not scolding. Then Nat walked away, leaving Summer with her sisters, John and Milt. As an installment of "The Rutabaga Queen" began, Summer whispered another story, the bits she could manage to repeat. She gripped her mug, warming her fingers, wishing Dan would return, wanting him to hold her, tell her it was over. It wasnt, a long ways from that, but some part had been laid to rest, maybe only Jody. But that was something, Summer considered.
  • "But you like living on the water?" Chance wanted to know. If he was to spend his life on a narrow boat he wanted to know if it was worth it.
  • She was still standing by the creek, a confused look on her face as she stared up at him. He could see she was deep in thought. Her green eyes were hidden behind half closed lids and long lashes, and although he wanted to leave he wouldn't leave her behind.
  • "Yes, come in and sit down," Christianson said as he motioned to the chairs facing his large mahogany desk. Referring to Worth would have been an act of true acknowledgement, and he wanted absolute no part of that respectful act.
  • "It was very odd. She came under attack from Gibson for having a weak research record--which indeed she has. He said that academics typically publish less after receiving tenure than before it when they face a stronger incentive to do so. And since Sweezy has published so little when she had the incentive to get tenure, he said, we could reasonably expect that she would publish nothing at all when she no longer had that incentive. He then asked us if that was what we really wanted.
  • He patted her hand and wondered why other women's skin wasn't as soft. After awhile she started to yawn and snuggle into his shoulder. He loved that feeling. A waif. Where are your parents, little girl? I'm lost, can you take me home, mister? But he couldn't dwell, and it was breaking his heart. He had to leave right now if he wanted to get home before Cindy. There'd be questions if he didn't. So he tenderly roused the vision of loveliness next to him and promised to come back tomorrow, pushing a fat wad of bills (mostly ones) toward her so she wouldn't have to go home penniless.
  • "‘What?’ I said, and it sounded like a shriek to me. ‘What did you say to me? What the hell did you say to me? Didnt you hear what I said? Thats my mothers carshe owns the lot I took it off of. Do you honestly think she wants you to do this? This is the stupidest goddamned thing—’
  • I wanted to say something, wanted to tell Alec he didn't need to worry about me, that I'd spent enough time by myself lately to be happy with my own company, but the words wouldn't come out. The sheer pleasure at having him hold me so close was like a drug. I could feel the pleasant, tingly sensation I'd started associating with his touch, and it was like the best full body massage, tied up with chocolate and reading a classic.
  • "Not only that." Maureen said, ignoring Robert for the moment. She couldnt meet his eyes. "He has rewritten his will. He wants everyone to know…" she stopped short, another sob escaping.
  • "This institution is starting to be overburdened," said the Council member, who wanted tight rules to delineate the bank's new supervisory role and to separate it from monetary policy.
  • Bordens line rang a few times. Then his voice mail clicked on. I felt a wave of relief. I hadnt really wanted to talk to him. Conversation was not my forte. I preferred carefully crafting written messages and letting them do the work.
  • They had tried to kill her. The army wanted her dead. And that man, the one in chargehe had prisoners in the basement and he was going to kill them! God there was just so much going on, what was she supposed to do?
  • Once I entered the vehicle Mr. Smith gave me a slip of paper. "This arrived in the mail today," he said. "The location I gave you was to a mansion. It seems that the kidnappers are having some sort of formal party. They said that I was to arrive with the brief case and they were going to release my nephew Kevin once theyve retrieved the brief case. In the letter they said that I had to leave the brief case with the doorman and he was going to put it with the hats and coats. Im guessing that they wanted me to contact the police because on the invitation it says that I could bring another guest."
  • Kaymin was watching as the dragon disappeared quickly into the clouds above. "I think it wanted to attack us!" he exclaimed wonderingly. He had never before beheld a dragon, and his initial reaction had been an interesting mixture of terror and awe. Apparently this reaction was continuing to hold firm.
  • Edeline had other worries to keep her company throughout the cold night. She had assumed that the task given to them by The Hidden One had been meant to end their captivity. It was only when Baudry had hinted otherwise that she even considered that she might have been wrong about that. If she wanted to live, then the quest might not be what she wanted? Wasn't that what he'd said? But if not to live, then, what? To die? Why would anyone want that? The answer came trickling to her like drops of water slowly falling. Some of them were more than a hundred years old. Ember had been trapped as a little girl for what seemed forever to her. The Hidden One might be a hundred twenty eight, unable to move, barely able to speak very long. Even Barque, even Baudry, were much older than they seemed. And if there was no escape? The thought was astounding. Of course they'd been trying for years! They were trapped in some sort of a supernatural maze. Yes, she could see where they might want to end their ordeal.
  • But it wasn't working. Even with the beer he couldn't relax. He'd settled down in his robe, ready for the porn, but had self-consciously changed into his jogging suit after twenty minutes. The old man had soured the front room for him, and now he couldn't even sit in his own house with his dick hanging out if he wanted to. This was meant to be his time, he was claiming back what was his, marking his territory.
  • By the time Andrew got through stuffing Brandon's mouth with brazil, cashew and almond nuts, the vampire was worn out and wanted the beat-down to stop. Carla was enjoying the torture up until the point when Andrew put a dry-roasted peanut in Brandon's sight and the vampire started crying. No icicles for the young vampire, just straight tears.
  • I led Shaul, Kaifa's slaves, and soldiers from Antonia to the grove that Esu loved. We carried lanterns, torches, swords, and staffs. We were bright enough and loud enough to warn him, if he had wanted to wake the band and flee. But he waited for us.
  • "Yes, your highness!" He formally took her outstretched claw and held it at her head level. Female Mantids were larger than males, much larger. Queen Xyledes was five and a half feet long head to tail, an average size for a Mantid. Some were six and a half feet or better. "Mother sends her regards and wanted me to ask you whatever happened with the broach?"
  • Like he was just now coming up with the idea. Which I doubted. But should I see him again, try to get to the bottom of all this? Or was I making excuses because I wanted to meet again and never mind why? I temporized with the need to check my calendar and told him Id phone him back.
  • The incident had made Aradia realize that whether she wanted her powers or not was irrelevant. They made her feel isolated from everyone, but no matter how much she wished it, they would never go away, and she could not turn her back on them.
  • She stared at him, waiting for the inevitable scan, the thing that would betray her as the danger she apparently was. If Emma, a woman who had no reason to hate her, wanted her dead enough to threaten a real agent, then Taylor - who seemed to have hated her from the get-go for whatever reason, was going to want her gone just as badly. Doublethink. Doubledead. Double-plus ungood.
  • Because hed never gone into detail about how exactly Vera died, he hadnt told her about the research he was doing. He hadnt mentioned that he pulled some connections and managed to get a major magazine interested in seeing a piece he was working on about the Death Trip. It was on spec, but he was sure theyd take it. Hed written an email to Corporate Communications at Panacium introducing himself as a journalist, telling them about Veras decision and his proposal to "learn about the process that led her there." Theyd bit. Called him back and offered him a tour and even a few minutes face time with Morrison himself. When he told them he was even going to spend a night at the Marriott to really try to live her process, they offered to comp him. This could be his big break. He wanted to share the news.
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