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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • Brad's heart melted as it had dozens of times before. He knew the smile on his face was big and stupid. He felt self conscious and at the mercy of the events about to unfold here on the granite steps. Worse yet he was at a complete loss for words. The smile stayed glued to his lips and his words refused to come out. The terrible thoughts which were crawling through his mind kept trying to articulate themselves in place of the words he wanted to say.
  • What was worse was the many creatures that had no care about the nature of the gas cloud. Ghost ships, the real sorts ran by powerful beings that had no need for breath or life, lay in wait amongst the Devil's Breath. A few others took advantage of the dangerous nature of both the inhabitants and the cloud and set up bases near it. Anyone seeking refuge near the Devil's Breath was, by their very nature, not someone Dexter wanted to run in to.
  • The young soldier who had brought her protested, "The Lord told me to torture her. He said he wants to hear her scream."
  • Noah was trying to loosen up, she could tell that he wanted to relax, but he was having such a hard time. Omari tried to think of what she would be like if Noah had been the one so close to death. Last year he had been burned severely by an explosion in her house, and he had been injured to be certain, but nowhere near the kinds of wounds she had just lived through. Even so, seeing Noah in pain had been devastating to her, and she still blamed herself for not protecting him. Noah was a doctor, watching helplessly as someone he loved was hurt was so hard for him.
  • The cell phone in my hand had become damp with sweat. "Please, Jess, try to calm down. You can help us by taking care of yourself and the baby. I really think Petie just wants to sound off. He doesnt seem insane to me."
  • I didnt wait to be there when dad was finished talking and he came out of the garage. I heard all I wanted to know; curiosity was not strong enough to keep me there. I quickly slipped upstairs and waited until I could hear the door to the garage open, then slam shut. He slammed it shut hard enough I could feel vibrations at my spot at the top of the stairs, and Arvin came out of his room, curious. I motioned for him to be quiet and wait with me for a few seconds. We walked down the stairs as nonchalantly as possible, and tried to step loudly so we could announce our presence.
  • "The government, of course, the do-gooders who put this whole no-money system in. It seemed to happen overnight. One day you could get everything you wanted as long as you had the cold hard cash, then the next day all that was gone and you had to have one of those silly cards, and the only way you could get those was if you had a job of some kind, or some kind of exemption. Unless, of course, you're a rugged individualist like me. I make my own." The man looked at Blake strangely. "Don't you know all this? Where have you been, asleep somewhere? You don't look like Rip Van Winkle."
  • Kell still didnt look at Marthe, not wanting to know if she fell into that group. He kissed Dis hand, making her blush, an old joke for the crush shed had when Marthe first brought him around, long before Kell had been Marthes boyfriend. Now Di was in her late twenties, Kell guessed, a few years between her and Marthe.
  • Lulu wanted to give Pearl a big hug for being so clever. Fortunately she stopped herself in time. A thug hug was out of the question, it just wouldnt look right!
  • A man in a lab coat came over and stood on the other side of him. "This the college student they wanted us to test?"
  • "Youve lost, Sebastian," Madeline said. "She doesnt want you anymore. She wants to live anormallife, but I wont let her unless you agree to leave with me. You know Ill kill her if I have to. This is no different than with your wife. You let her down; your unseen presence in her life practically tortured her in the end," Madeline taunted him. "You wouldnt want to do the same with this human."
  • A burning grew in my chest. I roared with frustration. I wanted those pesky roots to turn to jelly. To my surprise, jelly they became, plopping me down on the floor of the tunnel in a sticky pile of goo.
  • "The third night. She had been playing Rosalind. I could not help going round. I had thrown her some flowers, and she had looked at me ¬¬ at least I fancied that she had. The old Jew was persistent. He seemed determined to take me behind, so I consented. It was curious my not wanting to know her, wasn't it?"
  • My reflex reaction was to call some of the Bloods to get me out but quickly realized that most of them were wanted criminals and the police would surely scoop them up if they rolled into the precinct. I reached deep into my right pocket and pulled out a piece of paper with Mr. Cohen's faded number written in black ink with the words "ANY TIME" written in bold letters.
  • Because hed never gone into detail about how exactly Vera died, he hadnt told her about the research he was doing. He hadnt mentioned that he pulled some connections and managed to get a major magazine interested in seeing a piece he was working on about the Death Trip. It was on spec, but he was sure theyd take it. Hed written an email to Corporate Communications at Panacium introducing himself as a journalist, telling them about Veras decision and his proposal to "learn about the process that led her there." Theyd bit. Called him back and offered him a tour and even a few minutes face time with Morrison himself. When he told them he was even going to spend a night at the Marriott to really try to live her process, they offered to comp him. This could be his big break. He wanted to share the news.
  • Ken appeared to ponder while he did some fancy driving, then replied as if he were winging it in a story conference. "Suppose... suppose he isnt paying? Suppose he just wants the bills to make an audit trail? He spends two hundred K cash but he shows two mil in costs. Thats a nice tax loss."
  • Gil listened to the message a few minutes later and was filled to the brim with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, he obviously wanted to call because he sent the package to her office. But, he wondered if she would have ever called if he hadnt taken the first step.
  • Jamie had worried somewhat that Robin might be a problem on the trip, but actually he added an element of fun and freshness to the journey. Watching him watching everything around him brought a new appreciation of this land to Jamie and Robert. Robins initial fear of being so high off the ground had abated quickly with the feel of his fathers strong arm around him and his fathers solid, warm body at his back. Roberts fear of Robin falling off the horse had been abated by the tough rope that had been tied snugly around the two of them, lashing them together so tightly, Robin couldnt have moved if he wanted to.
  • The Champion allowed a heartbeat of silence then shifted abruptly. He made his way across the field and pushed through town; giving a brief nod to the man that had pulled him to safety and receiving one in returnappreciation given to Graham for saving them all in the first place. Making his way to the back of the village and shaking his head as he cast his eyes upon the homes that had burned down. Why Idimus was here and what he wanted was all beyond Grahamas. More taxes, random attacks to destroy any sign of hope or rebellionGraham did not know, but one thing was for sure: there would be many more homes burned had Rhimaldez not shown up when he did. And for that, Idimus would surely kill him.
  • "Chongo's the ultimate trackernoses ten times better than mine. But sometimes the two pooch heads clash. One wants one thing, one wants another. It happens," he said as he ran his sausage-like fingers through the dirt and pointed to a marsh ahead. "Dogs seem rightusually are."
  • Enin wanted to ignore Baannat as he concentrated on what he could sense around Baannat. He filled his being with the magic that made up the place. He felt for any whispers of deeds that might link Baannat to Tabris. Still, he responded, for he knew Baannat would only continue to harass him.
  • Both sides were ready for battle, just as they were on February 24, 1981. The legs and the body might betray athletes as they get older, but the mind always wants to compete.
  • Jessamine gave birth in her cage, and Keldar stayed by her side, serious and silent. At first she thought he had come to humiliate her again, but soon understood he only wanted to support her. Exhausted, she thought his behavior was strange: he was a man and a king. He wasn't bound to assist his prisoners, slaves or concubines, when they gave birth. Why he had decided to be present baffled her, but she was too tired to inquire.
  • Rusty followed Brad everywhere. She was loyal to a fault, but had absolutely no discipline. She did just what she wanted to do. Anyway, it didn't matter, his mind was on the possibility of shooting the fat woodchuck who had taken up residence in the French's huge garden. Brad wanted to get the laugh on Doctor French's two grandsons, Robbie and Ernie, by doing it. Brad didn't really like them and was sure the feeling was mutual, particularly Ernest who was the oldest. Smart-assed bastard, Brad thought, distracted from his mission for a second by envy and resentment. Carefully, Brad kept the newly painted garden shed between himself and the rows of vegetables. He set each foot down deliberately, quietly stalking closer towards the garden and its elusive resident.
  • "It says here that the witch is wanted for questioning. It does not accuse her of any crime. There is no mention of accomplices nor any authority to detain anyone else. What has this woman done that would cause you to arrest her?"
  • Not wanting to create a scene there in the glade where everyone had stopped for their midday meal, she decided to invoke her secret weapon: Bambi eyes.
  • Despite his obvious underestimation of both her will and her determination to keep him safe, she saw no need to argue over it further, as he was currently where she wanted him. "Once the royal city of Vasos has been taken, it will be considerably safer for you to re-enter Dargis and oversee everything personally." She shifted slightly as Macala, her familiar, slithered from around her waist and moved over the sand to lie mere inches from the blaze of the fire. The snakes tongue flickered in and out, seeking the scent of prey.
  • Once we had returned to the city, I left Korol with my two simas for lodging. These honorable women were the younger sisters of my ma. Korol stayed in a portion of their abode reserved for guests. It was full and with much space for slumber, and ample room for her few possessions. (After all she had experienced, we wanted for her to find good rest, as well.)
  • She wanted to just say it, but if she spoke, Skye would hear. Summer didnt want her daughter to wake, pushed all the way to the edge of the mattress, Jody in between them. Skye was there, Summer noting a childs rapid breaths. Jody made no noise, he was dead. But he stared at his ex-wife, Summer feeling very much like Jodys former spouse. It had been seven months, after all. Seven months and Dan.
  • A sardonic grin slowly twisted his lips. "If you knew Lord William for as long as Ive known him, youd never even think to ask a question like that, Gwalaes. Besides," he added in Welsh, looking down at Bronwen with a more benign expression, "I really dont think your daughter wants to leave Rhuddlan. Do you, Bronwen?"
  • So we all squeezed into Mr. Drake's tiny trailer. He had soda pop for the kids, and wine for the adults, and Neapolitan ice cream for everyone, which was Ma's favorite, and he didn't mind that I cut around the strawberry to eat only chocolate and vanilla. Gwenny told us about life at the university, and Pa, Mr. Drake, and Johnny Tepes talked about history and free speech in Europe and early America, and finally Digger fell asleep on the rug, which was the signal for Ma to say all the kids had been up way past their bedtime. Little Bit said she wanted to stay, but Pa said we might as well all go. Johnny Tepes said he'd go, too, but he'd be back Saturday after supper to see Gwenny.
  • Summer takes in several deep breaths and is finally able to open her eyes. She realizes shes dead, because before her is an angel. Theres no mistaking it. Theres a halo of light around his golden blonde hair, and his rich, green eyes stare at her with an intensity shes never seen beforenot even in Landons fathomlessly deep eyes. His nose has a tiny bump on it that she immediately finds so endearing she wants to kiss it. Shes never kissed anyone beforeexcept her mum. He smiles at her, and she melts at the small dimples at the corners of his mouth. His teeth are white and straight, she notes, but regardless of his handsome features, she cant seem to shy too far away from his hypnotic green eyes.
  • An old mother. She didnt want me to join the army, but I wanted to go and see the world. And shes got my brothers and sisters at home, so shes being looked after all right.’
  • They were the strangest dreams she had ever had. There was a peculiar compulsion about them, a compulsion to find out more about where they were coming from. Over the last few nights the compulsion had grown stronger, to that of a most foolhardy oneto leave the safety of the settled area and venture out into this exciting new world, to explore, to find out why she was dreaming in this way. She also felt a tenuous sense of belonging, to whom or what she did not know, but she wanted to find out.
  • "I didnt want to tell you, my lord," the other man said. "I never wanted to tell you because I feared your reaction. I thought the birth of your son would revive your spirits but you seem bent on withering away until theres nothing left of you. Perhaps the idea of revenge might stir your blood instead."
  • I turned to help Josh, but he didnt really need it. He was crouched over the ogre, one knee on its chest while he flayed at its eyes and throat. The ogre panicked, all thoughts of battle replaced by the primal need for survival. All it wanted now was to escape, and it bellowed and roared in an effort to screw up the strength to break free. Josh rolled to the side and allowed the beast to scramble to its feet. It shuffled off down the alley after its master. It wasnt mercy that had saved the creature; we just couldnt leave the corpse lying in the street, and we didnt have the time or the resources to bring it with us.
  • Hed also insisted, consistently, that Jeremy would take over the shop. This destiny, more than anything, had annoyed Jeremy into taking up the mantle of a supervillain. He wanted to be a person of recognition, not a clothierand since dear papa had shot down a degree in art, well, that was strike one.
  • "Mr. Gatt," said Monson, wanting to make amends for his shortness. "I was wondering, what do you teach here? Likewhat's your subject?"
  • For the first time in years, I really felt alive. I could feel my proximity to Demetri and it surrounded me like a warm glove. His presence alone provided feelings of comfort and peace which washed over me in waves of euphoria. I knew it was crazy, and that a relationship with him would never work. Maybe it was even suicidal, but there was nothing I wanted more in the world than to be near him again, even if just for a short while.
  • Its just too daft, the boy thought, somehow both amused and disconcerted by the idea that Lilac hadnt had the sense to include a get-out clause in the arrangement. And it was patently clear that no such arrangement existed, otherwise the subject wouldnt have cropped up in the first place: Lilac and her companion would have drifted on by, and Wolfgang at the balcony wouldnt have thrown them anything except, perhaps, a cheery wave. "So why didnt you or Wolfgang agree upon, you know, a code-word or something, that you could use when you wanted to finish the game?" he asked, unwilling to believe that she could be quite so foolhardy as to make a deal without knowing how to end it.
  • The hatred her religion aroused was a mystery that had shaped the course of Diane's life. She had always wanted to ask why these men inflicted so much suffering on her and her people. Now at last she might solve the riddle of her persecutors.
  • As his own surprise passed, he felt himself suddenly wanting to take her in his arms. "What does it matter now? Youre divorced." The words filled him with momentary exhilaration, till he remembered the rest. "Youre also in danger, whether Im seen or not."
  • "Who took your parents? And why didn't you just tell the police about the lead?" Jax looked at Caislyn again, "Maybe they were trying to take you too? That's probably why Mr. 12 Year Old Vamp got his buddies to chase us, they wanted to get you."
  • Alec shook his head, "I've never had the finesse to play anything. Rachel took violin lessons for more than a year. I think she wanted to be able to play with mother. That's when she begged me to wire the house for sound. Donovan and I spent two weeks setting up mic's in mom's studio, and then another couple of weeks running sound into every other room of the house. She kept insisting it was so she could monitor mother on the rare occasions when nobody else was home, but I used to hear her trying to play along to 'Courtship'."
  • He knelt down, as did Feena, taking his lead. It was like the dragon was a deer and he a mountain lion. He moved, not wanting to attract its attention. Feena suddenly leapt at the dragon, who moved to bite at him. When the dragon moved he turned his head to Legons right, exposing himself. As Legon jumped at the gray dragon, he activated cutting spells and brought the blade down over his head, aiming for where the head met the neck, but the dragon was fast. It saw him and began to turn its head. The fenrra hit the lower part of the dragons jaw, stopping just short of going all the way through.
  • "I'll personally give you ten grand if you give me one more hour." It wasn't the loss of money that bothered Ambrosius. He just wanted another fix.
  • It wasnt much beyond caring for her children and herself. She gave away food not because she was up to cooking, but that so much had fallen their way. She froze what seemed applicable, but unknown dishes took space that Rose needed for milk and juice. It had helped that people were over most nights, but now on Saturday, the house was quiet. It had been three days; perhaps others felt the Burnetts wanted to be alone.
  • Natasha knew why he mentioned Mitya's likeness to Nicholas: the recollection of his dispute with his brother-in-law was unpleasant and he wanted to know what Natasha thought of it.
  • She had suspected since September, after missing her bleeding for the second time, but she hadnt told Gwalaes because her monthly fluxes were never very regular and shed wanted to wait another month. After all, she was barely seventeen; she wasnt certain if the changes to her body were merely further signs of maturation or something more dire. Then, also, shed wanted to keep the secretif, indeed, she were pregnantto herself for a while. With Hugh controlling so much of her life and Gwalaes haranguing her from the other side, this was one thing that was hers alone, and there was something satisfying and even joy-inspiring about hiding such important knowledge in herself. She had little else to make her happy at Chester.
  • Obama wants to let tax rates increase for individuals with incomes above $200,000 annually and for married couples with incomes exceeding $250,000.
  • Allen met Ben after work in the same row of gravestones where they'd met before. Allen really enjoyed the place. Judy was supposed to meet them there, but never showed. They took care of business. Allen tried to interest Ben in an upgrade this time - the dealer he got his pot from wanted to test the waters for some hydroponic shit. He produced a dime bag stuffed full of fuzzy looking pot. White widow. The good stuff.
  • "She wanted to chew me out for sending you overseas with yourcrippling back injury.’ She told me shed hold me responsible if you got into trouble over there."
  • "I- I just, can't, Nick." the Doctor stammered as he tried to control himself. He was sad for the boy and wanted to help him, but he was angry that he had dared ask this of him. He could barely utter the words he was about to say next. The words he always said if there was absolutely nothing that could be done. "I am sorry." And just as he had said those three words, the Doctor felt guilty, because he knew he might be able to help Nick. Certainly not all hope was lost. It was just because he had promised himself not to meddle any more. No more dashing off into the dangerous unknown, to risk so much to save a few. He had done that too many times and he had seen too much horror during those times. It was a task for the police, they were the proper authorities to deal with this.
  • The island is gearing up for the busy summer season. Theres a job posted for a waitress, a housekeeper, a construction worker, and heres one: "Manager wanted for Salt Spring Island Resort. Please send rsum and letter of introduction to info@SaltSpringResort.com."
  • "Mom, I dont want to date Seth anymore. I never really wanted to date him in the first place. The longer I drag this on, the harder its going to be on him. Hes a good friend, and I dont want to keep pretending that hes my boyfriend."
  • I picked at a flake in the surface of the bench. How could I even express that question to her? I glanced across the courtyard. Andrew and the others were at a stall, loading up with parcels. "King Murchadh asked me if I really wanted to get Dad back," I said.
  • She always lit up with a smile when she was reminded of his coming glory. She had always wanted to be with someone who was powerful, and she used her looks to seduce men ever since she discovered the talent. Uritus didn't fall for it though. Yes, he was moved by her looks and her charm, and he even cared for her, but if she was expecting to share his coming power, she was sadly mistaken. She was probably too simpleminded to truly understand power anyway, but she would be happy enough just to be the wife of the Emperor. She would play an important role though, since the people would probably feel better with a female figurehead. There had not been a maternal figure for the people of Medora since his mother died when his younger brother was born. He was six years old, but he could not remember much about her.
  • Her voice was weak, the words strained as they came out, but she was proud of how steady her voice was. "What do you be wanting with me?"
  • "YesAnd then, as you know, I found my wife, whom I had believed to be dead, alive and well and living at Rhuddlan with a child I never knew I had. After that, Lord William lost all pretense at politeness. I felt, quite naturally, that I had been used and made to look a fooland I admit I wanted a small measure of revenge. Because your husbands father happens to be the king, there isnt much I can do overtly, so I thought to lend a little assistance here and there to Lord Rhirid. And that was what Sir Roger was doing when he came across you."
  • "I dont want you to go. I want you here where I can protect you from…" He had wanted to say something, but chose not to. Actually it seemed as if he had wanted to say someone, someone in particular, but he finished, "…people like him, but nothing can be done about that now." As much as I wanted to ask who he was worried about, I knew I couldnt. He obviously didnt want to talk about it.
  • I could see in her eyes that she was battling pain. But when I asked, just casually, if she wanted me to try and track down a nurse, see about getting a Tylenol or something, she glumly shook her head. Or bobbed the half she could, which made me wince, I hoped not obviously. Its just that I would forget sometimes, then suddenly remember, that half her body no longer moved. The poor woman.
  • He was lost without her, had come here tonight hoping to be found. Rose wasnt sure if Petra wanted to be located, not completely. She wanted to be partially discovered, like a teenager Gray might have in one of his classes. Hoping to hide much of themselves from adults and authority figures, but to be exposed by a peer, maybe one of the opposite sex, just to have a small part of themselves validated. Petra needed to be reassured she was alive, breathing, but Garths presence wasnt needed full time.
  • A parade of scampering felines following in her wake, Catrin put the food outside the barn. The cats fell on it, each wanting their share and more, and they were soon begging again. Catrin stopped and looked at the cats trailing her. "Now listen to me. If I feed you any more, you'll get fat and lazy and not catch any mice," she said, shaking her finger and smiling. The cats looked at her and dispersed to various hay bales and horse blankets, content to preen or nap for the moment.
  • Messick has to interrupt once again, because he wants to change course slightly. "Dr. Peterson, just out of curiosity, what do you find when you examine the blood of an AIDS victim?"
  • Daniel coughed, but said nothing. The cupboard door didnt as much as stir. Esmerelda remembered how she had played hide-and-seek and other games as a child. Sometimes she hid in the cupboard, too. Sometimes no one found her until it was dark and then she came out and the house was empty. Other times, the winner was the one who stayed hidden the longest. How she wanted to play a game with Daniel. The atmosphere, the cruelty, the chance for revenge. But she let her bloodlust cool.
  • She wanted to say no, she would rather be dead than forced to live without the one person who had ever loved her, but he wouldnt understand. No one would ever understand.
  • "Yes, the dwarves of Dunop will survive without you. We will find a solution if that's what you force us to do, but that is not how it should be. I've known you for some time, Jon Folarok, and you are a Folarok. I know you don't wish to be king. You've never wanted the throne, but it is yours now. I truly feel for you, my friend. I see that you are aging before your time. I know this will only exact an even greater toll, but unfortunately, this is not the time for you to simply withdraw. I will say this with no regard for my own well-being; your father has done youand all of Dunopa disservice. He chose to run rather than face his true responsibility. I will hope that you do not do the same."
  • It is ironic that Frances, the woman I, your author, sometimes still live with, wants me to ride. I was on the back of a horse once and found it a damned unstable thing - even if it was more interested in grazing than throwing me off.
  • The light was uncomfortably bright; I just wanted to sleep in for a few more minutes. I tried fidgeting to get into a more comfortable position but pain jolted through my body. Oh God I wish I was still asleep. I saw the silhouettes of two men standing over me. "Well done my friend, well done. You don't have to suffer anymore." The man kneeled and placed his hand on my head and chest. The pain evaporated. "Wow, do that again please," I asked unashamedly.
  • Shaa wondered if he should turn and flee back to the body parts. These were gods - you couldnt very well order them around - but he thought by now they understood how dangerous it was to use any of their accustomed accouterments of their goddish infrastructure. They knew the Scapula had corrupted the conferencing architecture; it was only prudent to assume normal communications were no longer safe either, even if they werent yet demonstrably lethal. And there was already enough bait around to spare. But if Gashanatantra wanted to talk to his inamorata at the risk of his life, well, the die was cast.
  • Suddenly he thought of Alana. He wanted to be able to prove he was actually seeing a real vision of Vindyrion, so he looked for something distinct that he could describe to her. His eyes fell on all the things around him, but nothing seemed special enough to mention. As he searched, he didn't notice the man standing before him. It was a man wearing a silver robe.
  • Our home in Calgary had not been lived in for many decades. Esme wanted to make sure it was ready, so she and Carlisle had left a week earlier to prepare for our arrival. More excitingly, Rosalie and Emmett agreed to meet Esme there and work on the house with her. They were intending to live with us again now that we were moving back to civilization.
  • "Yes I do, and you've asked te important question. Why did tey do it?" said Belo. "After much consideration, it seems clear tat someone wanted an opportunity to hurt or even kill me. Or else to drive me away from home, which is what happened."
  • Anger, bright and strong, searing and ready to scorch, felled me to my knees. My eyes clouding, I screamed, a guttural, throaty sound, loud enough to rouse an entire wing of the palace. Heart pounding, I stormed down the stairs. I wanted to rip, to tear with my bear hands. Kay appeared before me, saying something, seeming concerned. Not hearing his words and possessed of an inhuman strength, I grabbed him by the collar, knocking him against the wall. His head cracked against the stone and when I saw his fear, I did not feel sympathy. I felt vindicated, I felt strong. And since I was his queen, he could not raise a hand to defend himself.
  • Saras body wanted to take a deep breath. His touch caused every inch of her skin to feel electrified. At that moment she didnt care that he could kill her at any time. His lips started to part against her skin, and a breath left his body. He pushed her way.
  • I walked with a bounce to my gait, feeling a bit like a girl from Kansas heading down a yellow brick road. I wanted to stay in the moment and enjoy the adventure, but I couldnt stop thinking about Karla and the trouble waiting for me on that bench back in Inverness Station.
  • "Yes, but Mr. Clerishaw wants a great deal of publicity, Mr. Garterr Browne smiled. "O a very great deal. He objects to any kind of secrecy."
  • Spencer was about to move from the counter, but then decided he wasn't satisfied with this little social encounter. The poor girl was probably forced to repeat that single approved response, client after client, day after day. He wanted to give her the chance to jump out of auto mode and say something original, something she'd made up herself. So he asked her: "Does the video play all day?"
  • "Im betting you just learned what a front side bus was earlier today and you wanted to bust someones balls about it. You dont have any real friends and all your online friends already knew what it was. So, you came here to bust the balls of the first salesmen you could find."
  • Gray Burnett didnt drive Alicia back to Sessay, her ex-husband Carl Hester did. Not long after Alicia asked her question and Gray offered an untrue reply, Alicia received a text from Chris. Craig had called their dad and Carl was heading to Evanston, not wanting Gray to drive. Gray was Michaels best friend after all and with Petras death still weighing on the family, Carl would fetch his ex-wife.
  • "She couldnt have heard. Those walls are soundproof," Mr. Brown said. She let me go and it seemed as if Mr. Brown had convinced her. I kept my head down and didnt make eye contact, still fearing I would give myself away. I wanted to be anywhere but there.
  • So that was it. He couldn't be angry. Hura was just doing her job, protecting her Domain. He had wanted to get home and he was home. Now there was one last thing he could do for Taf and the others in thanks for all they had done for him. "Dont worry, Ill take care of it," Jorden said carefully. It was the least he could do. "I have a feeling that this is as close to home as I'm going to get. I'll do what I can to delay the rig, at least for a few cycles, so if you could just say goodbye to Taf for me..." Words trailed.
  • "Perhaps I am just imagining it, but what if Im not. Do you see how they look at you? They are going mad over you! There has to be more to this. Its become typical for Mathew to have crushes on any new girls around here, but never has he acted on it, and this is more than the typical crush. Steven on the other hand resents any new person I try to bring into the group and makes them miserable, but hes different around you…" I didnt have any more to say, not wanting to argue with her. She was so convinced that that was the only explanation. I didnt think it was possible to hate her any more than I already did.
  • Months without really thinking about Sam turned into years. Occasionally, I would hear a sob story from my family that Sam had called and asked why I wouldnt talk to him. Sam hated when people were upset with him; even if he had been wrong he wanted you to forget everything and move on. The problem I had with Sam was he would never take anything I said seriously. The reason why so many women had grown tired of him was because he appeared to think so little of them. How could you show love for somebody one moment and then walk away coldly in the next? Sam was only concerned with things that bothered him; anybody elses problems were just that, their problems.
  • "Im beginning to understand. Go on." He wants to know more? Why does he look so calm? Can he take our words so easily as truth?
  • Delamere was so perplexed by Longswords attitude that he forgot his previous anger. Usually, Longsword was overly sensitive to any perceived slight and often reacted to it like a rabid dog, snapping and snarling at anything in his path. Now, however, he just sat back in his chair, meeting Delameres confused frown with a bland face. "After your initial recovery, you wanted a quick revenge…" Delamere said, less stridently.
  • I wanted to scream but my mouth was swamped with the bile of disgust that abscesses boiled from every taste bud. All attempted noise was negated into deafening silence. But that howl had to escape. That howl needed to find an exit. It erupted through the only possible escape route. In my eyes that howl burned with the acidity of denigration.
  • Asta was standing next to the narrow bed, staring at him with huge gold eyes. Her black and white hair tumbled fetchingly over her shoulders and her lusciously red lips were parted in surprise. And she was completely nude. The saucy t-shirt and jeans had vanished. Her well-shaped arms twitched as if she wanted to cover herself but she kept them in position, allowing him to see everything.
  • Spencer laughed. All the tension forgotten. Free and happy as a bird. It was worth everything just to hear this. The old fox out-foxed, deceived by his own would-be method of deception. He wanted to lift Raymond from the throne and hug him. Oh, you wonderful man.
  • 'You mean it's okay for us to take it, because no-one wants it anymore, but first we have to collect it, then figure out how to transport it?' checked Permission. 'But, I thought you were the keeper and that it had all been put in your safe-keeping?'
  • The principle was called the Pronos. She reviewed what he knew of it and began. The Jezeer was vast, and even with the training they had been given, she knew that it was a subject that they hadnt even begun to tap into. The Jezeer was about the body, mind, and voice, about ways of thinking, acting, and even moving, but the principle or practice she wanted now was that of perspective. She was able to change her sight today and that had to be part of the Jezeer. She looked at the Pronos. In essence, it was changing the world around you, if only in your mind. You could project your minds eye onto your surroundings. The mind still saw the real world and noted it, keeping you aware of your environment, but your eyes and senses saw what you wanted. This room was a good place to try this out. It was isolated and when she stopped the light spell the darkness was almost palpable. She disconnected from the network, calming herself.
  • "Right. Pete wants to send a message. He wants the place turned into an inferno. Says it will discourage reporters in the future."
  • "Doesnt this remind you of the dump, Jer?" Eds voice faded as he inched deeper into the labyrinth, somehow moving without light. "That was quite a night. Retarded, too. I cant believe you wanted to dip yourself in toxic oozethough why turn down a friends request, especially when you can tip off that friend about the ooze in the first place?"
  • "Well, to be quite honest sir, mine all went to legal expenses to pay the lawyers that won us the settlement. That's why I'm still out here, living on the streets. I didn't want to go to 'Nam, but they drafted me right out of college. Said my grades weren't good enough, so I had to go. But when I got back, nobody wanted to hire me. Some people called me Baby Killer. I even had a kid spit on my uniform at the airport when I came home. I'm not asking for this money for myself, but to help keep the work going for others like me. If you can spare five or ten dollars, you'll help a lot of people. And besides, it's tax deductible."
  • Now, the apostles were exhausted from sorrow and fell asleep. He had to wake them up. Finally, Judas came to betray Jesus. At this point the disciples wanted to draw their swords to protect him and one of them actually cut off the ear of a servant. So it appears to me that the disciples were not afraid. They were ready to defend him and fight on his behalf. But Jesus didn't want a fight, so he proceeded to heal the man who was hurt. After a short exchange with the officers and priests, he was taken away (Luke 22:42-54).
  • It was too early to admit to wanting to go to bed, though I was tired. Doug looked about ready to melt into the couch, though his eyes were still tracking the Giants game.
  • He squinted. "Where have you been?" he said in theIm so ill and weakvoice he saved for when he wanted sympathy.
  • "Exactly. He simply wanted people to listen to him. Jesus was sent by God to preach (Luke 4:43). He didnt come to die, he came to teach."
  • I sidestepped past her and hurried out before she thought of something else to say. I wanted to see what the others thought of this, so I pulled the stone from my pillowcase. Melissa had already told the others the details: where we were going, who was going, when, etcetera. She put Tiffany in charge until we returned.
  • "Tomorrow!" It was the only word Jillian said that rang through Sarahs entire being. "Are you positive that this cant wait until later? What if he gets hurt or worse? What if he wants nothing to do with me?" Sarah was truly pleading at this point and with a sharp tug she somehow managed to break her mothers hold. Jillian was stopped physically, but her excitement was easy to read and impossible to quench.
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