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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Everybody wants to be a movie star," Monica says and smiles and then holds up a black and white 8 x 10 photo of herself and points at it. "Im gonna be a movie star; but luckily Im not German."
  • It certainly didn't look like it wanted to kill her. It just looked, well, like it wanted to show her something.... Was this some kind of Lassie moment? What was she going to do? She was supposed to meet up with Brittany, she couldn't really amuse herself with following some lost dog around the dark streets of Sunny Bay. But she couldn't really just leave it here either.
  • It all started with a boy in his class who had targeted a quiet, shy girl for bullying, knowing that she would not speak up for herself or talk to the teacher about the situation. Like most bullies, this boy pushed the girl around and insulted her in front of classmates, but he did this during recess or when the teacher was out of the room. On the few occasions that students spoke up on the girls behalf, the bully threatened them, saying he would beat them up if they told anyone. As he became more confident that he could do whatever he wanted and suffer no consequences for his actions, he began to branch out and verbally attack other students, again threatening them with violence if they said anything about the situation to a teacher or parent.
  • The sky was still ominous with rain, and my house looked eerily quiet and dark. I shut the car door and listened for my Shar Pei, Hercules. Normally he would be trying to claw through the front door to tackle me. Not today, though, not even a peep. Goose bumps rose on my skin, and I wanted to turn around and leave. Instead, I braved the foggy mist and approached the door. It was my house and nothing would scare me from it.
  • The scimitars were awkward in her grip and bloody heavy. However, she couldn't just leave them propped against the wallnot in this giant retirement town. She'd probably get away with the ones she'd left in the woods and in the sea cave, but stashing these babies outside Patsy Chamber's houseSunny Bay's foremost quilterwas not the kind of message you wanted to send to an old lady. The gold scimitars were likely to raise a couple of eyebrows, and possibly even warrant a trip down to the local police stationand who knew how that would end. Nope, she had to get rid of them.
  • It was Mariah Murphy's ZippoTrevor had accidentally taken it the night of Sam Beechum's kegger. They had been outside and Mariah was smoking (and Trevor wanted to impress her), so he asked for a cigarette and wedged it in his mouth. He tried to use Mariah's Zippo, but all he got was sparks until Mariah ripped the cigarette from his mouth and threw it across the parking lot.
  • With one hand, wiping the snow from his face, Misha punched his pan into the ground with the other, threw soil at the tree he'd chosen. Mean. Awful and ugly. He wanted to do something cruel. His mouth in an ugly twist, he raised his voice at the young kid Armen, mocking, "Axper, do they have anything to eat?"
  • "Comon' your real name is Robert Masterson. You stole the identity of Sam Reynolds who died some years ago. You're wanted in 3 states for grand larceny. This isn't any time to play games, Masterson."
  • There in Evanston, or might she want to lay with their parents? Rose tried to remember if they talked about it after Margarets funeral, but all she recalled was a conversation about Elmo. About fucking Elmo and Rose fucking Gray to make their own version. Petra had wanted her to have another baby, but hadnt said squat about where she wanted to be buried. Or if. Maybe Garth knew.
  • I spat at my own leg. It missed and spattered on the cushion mats on the floor. I was sick of myself. If it wasnt the constant replaying of the Quiz Slam humiliation, it was this. I wanted to crawl out of my own mind.
  • It was like she wasn't afraid anymore. But it was more than that. It wasn't just a lack of fearit felt like its positive opposite: courage. She knew what she was facing, what the odds wereand all she wanted to do was face it head on, right now.
  • "Uh." Allen wasn't willing to bring up the subject, but he was sure curious as to what song Rick wanted him to sing for his supper. He would more than likely find a way to squeeze out of it, but he needed to know just how persistent he'd have to be to make the problem go away. He hoped he wasn't gonna hafta give him a blow job.
  • "We're really exposed here," Pacian added, looking around nervously at the lack of cover nearby. "If they had wanted to, the raiders could have waited here for more people to come and investigate, and then strike again. We're damn lucky they didn't think of that."
  • "And do not basely die!—nor cowardly relinquish my helmet to my countrymana Roman by a Roman valiantly vanquished!" He wants to be remembered as having denied Caesar a triumph.
  • He looked out the window to his office at a glorious bright day and cloudless blue sky that was like an ocean of light. From his position, he could make out the trees on the hilltop surrounding Lake Victoria. He called out, "Hey Ronald, Im off this afternoon to meet with Claude at the Lake Victoria Hotel," he said. "I just wanted to remind you."
  • "Once we did a favor for the White Lady," said Old Man. "She asked us how she could pay her debt, and we told her we wanted for nothing, except a child, which she could not give us. She told us we would have a daughter, and gave us this." He reached up to a jar tucked in the rafters of the house. From this he pulled a strange corncob doll. "The next day, we found you."
  • "Look, Mr. Armand, if the government had said to us, ‘We want to do everything we can to prevent HIV from spreading through the blood supply, and weve developed a test that goes overboard in trying to screen out HIV, and were going to use that test to protect everyone, and we are erring on the side of caution, so if you turn out to be Positive on this test, it doesnt mean you have HIV,’ then I might have understood. But still I would have wanted to see the test validated to prove that it, in fact, could find the antibodies to HIV in blood so we at least knew that we were finding evidence of HIV, even if we were finding antibodies to other things at the same time."
  • Yet I hesitated to postpone it. More than that, I found I really wanted to have the conversation. Without probing why, I just made it happen. Did the key things I needed to get done, and emailed out revised timelines on the rest. The diseases would still be there if we were a few days behind, after all.
  • Gary was busy eating, but he jokingly replied, "About the kid wanted to know if that guy wanted any of his bagels toasted?"
  • By now, people are actually killing each other for their supplies. I found an older man who had been knifed several times, his backpack emptied of all his goods except for a picture of him and his family that he had wrapped in newspaper. Part of me had wanted to take the time to bury him. The realistic part of me had stopped caring.
  • Robin jumped up from her chair. "I dont remember Mom wanting to change anything. I left you with what I thought you deserved."
  • Max wanted to cross his arms, put a world-beating scowl on his face, and sulk. Or better yet, get out on the street and start taking an active part in events. He could wield powers from the second quantum level, after all, or he could if he wasnt under all this shielding, and even if he couldnt wield them he could still deploy his brain. But here he was instead, not even able to do that much, what with the interference from that diabolical mind-scrambling shrieker, and a lack of enough facts from the outside world.
  • So Joff rode with his own thoughts as his companions. Hills and fields passed in at an achingly slow pace. When they made camp Joff thought only of his time in the company of Coursa and her clan. They had given him everything he had not been able to find at the Academy or among his own kin: acceptance, patience, and understanding. Joff dearly wanted to get on his horse and ride back to her but he knew that to do so would be to leave his job half done. Telamon had a battle to fight and the would-be king thought Joffs presence would help. Coursa clearly wanted The Holdings to have a king and she wanted that king to be Telamon. All of this made Joffs duties clear.
  • "Please. I have had a dozen more serious injuries a dozen times each, and all I've had to heal them was time. A night more won't kill me," he said. She began to object again, but he cut her off. "You saved my life. I wanted to give mine for yours just a few hours ago, but you denied me. The least you can do is stay healthy long enough for me to repay my debt."
  • Margret dropped her eyes. "Mochan was a Sirelord; he was the youngest and greediest for power, but he was also the weakest. He was born with a deformity and was shunned by everyone. You know the story: the tormented one wants revenge. The usualwe should rule the earthbullshit. He was pissed when the Sires went into hiding after Egypt started to fall. Mochan loved the fear of the humans and them treating him as a god. Besides his pleasure in torturing anything and everything, he was known for his experiments. He tried to find out how many different ways there were to change humans and kill vampires."
  • "Unless you know knives, it's not easy to explain," Jason said, avoiding the accent, which he could turn on and off when he wanted to. "In a broad sense the most popular are more or less hunting knives, but I doubt very many people take them hunting. Second After hunting knives come daggers, Scottish dirks, and throwing knives. Beyond that, whatever happens to strike my fancy or what someone orders. In almost thirty years I've made everything from a broadsword to an ulu."
  • I avoided looking at the mirror. It seemed like a crime to defile such a pretty dress, and I wanted to remember it like it had looked on the hanger, all shimmery and wispy. I did risk a look down at the price tag. My heart actually skipped a beat. That was more than some people spent on their first car."
  • He thought about this for awhile and then looked down, noticing that he had gotten closer to the black dragon. Fear came. He didnt want to be closer to that one. Still lying on the ground, he started to inch the other way but somehow he kept getting closer to the dragon. He rolled around on his belly, facing the field away from the dragon, crawling, straining to remember the feeling of hope that he had felt. The more he thought about it the more he moved away from the dragon. He wanted to turn back and look but something made him keep his eyes ahead of him.
  • "Whats eating the Great one?" Max said to Roni. "I thought he wanted to quit being dominated as much as any of us. Dont I remember him going on and on about getting his free will back?"
  • "I won't do that!" It giggled as it swirled its little hands through his hair. "I followed the catkin to Gennifer. I wanted to see how it was going." The creature pulled back, placing its hands on its hips as it stared at him. "I see it goeswell enough." Moving in very close, the little creature reached out and touched his eye.
  • "No! Well, I mean, I worded that poorly, but... well, all I really needed to do was kiss you on the cheek to get the message across. The rest was because I wanted to."
  • As if summoned by her thoughts, a cold breeze whipped through the tunnel. Her light flared up, and then sputtered out, laying a blanket of darkness over her. She knew it was a ghost that leaned over and blew the flame out. He wanted to dine in the dark, and she was the first course.
  • Jorden stood and offered a hand in greeting, but like most aestri, and unlike Taf, Midnight rarely used the human gesture of touching limbs. "Taf wanted me to come, but if it's any trouble I'll..."
  • Eadie looked down the long hall at this new ward, another child of some great family, to be kept by Lady Margaret, here at Coldharbour. Eadie was uncomfortable in her Sunday dress and shoes; it made her resentful. She wanted to be out in the open, at a secret place she knew, it had once been a quarry for building stone, long, long ago, and now all sorts of wild animals lived there. They were her friends. It wasnt as if she was going to meet this boy, not that she was interested anyway. She liked it best when she was by herself. Who was he anyway? The servants said he was a great lord, when you spoke to him you were to curtsey and call him "Sir Edward". He didnt look much like a great lord. He looked frightened, he was small and silent, and he didnt even smile once, not at anyone.
  • Jordy wanted to look at each dog, so I told him about them as we walked. "That's Bambi, the Basenji. They don't bark, an' they keep themselves clean like cats. They're real old. There were Basenjis in ancient Egypt with the Pharaohs. Bambi's one of my favorites."
  • I tried again to raise the scarf, and again failed. I thought maybe my power would have come back. Now that I had Cedric and Mediera, I wanted the magic back. I wanted the power to protect them. But it didnt seem to matter what I wanted. I feared leaving the book in my room, now that Mediera had access to it. She was in no way discreet. I dug a hole in the soft earth and buried the book, carefully wrapped in linens stolen from the laundry, in the soil, and draped the scarf around my neck. I would have to be content with my new life.
  • Breathe, Dave told himself. Theyre crooks, but that doesnt mean this is going to end badly. Everythings gone fine up till now. No reason it wont keep on that way. He wanted to look over to where Lizas car was parked, but he knew that would be a stupid move, even if he could see anything apart from the glare of the headlights.
  • "Aha! We finally got up to thiswithin youverse (Luke 17:20-21). Jesus wanted people to turn away from worry about money and the like, so making this turn from the outer life to this special inner life fits right in."
  • "No, Chris. They loved each other. I told you. The rules are different for us. Chad wanted to be with me. And with Josh. It would've been fine."
  • Paul couldnt help smiling, Babou wanting his jeans back would have to wait as he definitely didnt fancy dimension jumping in nothing but his underpants.
  • Rordan supposed the woman behind the curtain wanted him to find buried treasure or a lost place. The map required further study before he could make anything of it. He placed it back in his daypack with care. Later, hed make the time to examine the map where it would remain dry and undamaged.
  • Lynne actually wanted to go back to the TARDIS and try to get to Earth's 2006 Cardiff again. It was too bloomin' cold here, for Lynne's liking anyway.
  • The questions swirled around in a maddening circle and all wanted to be asked. When I finally opened my mouth to say something though, what I spoke and what I thought I was going to ask were two different things entirely.
  • I looked over to him, wanting to tell him how much I loved him. But he was concentrating very hard, trying to find the wolf within. Maybe he could find it again after all this time. To my surprise, he started to tremble, the way he used to. I was shocked to see him like this. It had been so long.
  • A sardonic grin slowly twisted his lips. "If you knew Lord William for as long as Ive known him, youd never even think to ask a question like that, Gwalaes. Besides," he added in Welsh, looking down at Bronwen with a more benign expression, "I really dont think your daughter wants to leave Rhuddlan. Do you, Bronwen?"
  • "I tried for three years to make Dr. Shingu's virus meet those criteria as the cause of this disease. But in 1967, I had to address a symposium on SMON and announce the bad newsthat I had failed to be able to isolate this echovirus from patients, and I could not even find indirect evidence that the patients had previously been infected with the virus. As much as we all wanted the answer, I could not support the claim that we had found the cause of SMON. No one was very happy with me, but they at least listened, and stopped believing in this fantasy."
  • The warm rain was a fine drizzle, which lightened up as they trudged their way through the mud and puddles to the wharf that moored the Lady Heretielle. The ship rocked gently with the dying waves, bumping against the leather-bound pylons that made up the pier with a quiet thunk. Strongwind was already there, horses packed, ready to board. If any one of them wanted to get out of Mantadia, it was Strongwind. Though the Mantid folk of the small village were not as harsh toward him as those in Rass were, they still had the smell of prejudice.
  • "We didnt know that it was only the Ladies of Light who wanted humans to be their slaves," he confessed. "We thought it was all the angels. That was how I met Abelie." His eyes were reminiscent. Sad.
  • We finished eating amicably. I told him Id clean up since hed gotten everything ready, and he settled contentedly in the living room in front of the TV. I moved slowly in the kitchen, still recalling the conversation from lunch as well as Dougs reactions about it. Well, Id wanted to let him know about this thing that was important to me, and I had. Its not like I had expected him to suddenly see the world anew, or turn into one of those super sensitive guys who want to hear all about your feelings.
  • There is a Larry. Not his real name, Larry is a hater. Self-loathing looks terrible on humans, worse on a 3,000 year-old Mesopotamian mummy. He has given up on it all. Figures it is better just to hide. All he is on this planet is a joke. More so than any other non-Fatal he is unable to drum up a shred of fear. But Larry does not want to be scary. He just wants to have a 9 to 5, a mortgage and a wife. It is pathetic, but who Larry really wants to be is Steve.
  • Damn her. The last thing he wanted was for the two of them to be cozy together. Mom would infect his well-trained wife and they'd turn against him. Why not? Everybody else was turning against him. What more exquisite betrayal than by your mother and your helpmeet? He needed them apart. It was his ship, and he'd be damned if he was going to let a mutiny brew up.
  • Jorden didn't like it. He went on into the forest regardless, there was little else to do. He wanted to leave the land of nightmare, perhaps forever, and he wanted to leave now. Unfortunately that meant finding the home of the local god and convincing her that he was out of his element. He no longer thought of why he was trapped within the Domain or why he had been brought there, he simply was and he wanted out.
  • On the whole, the situation worked. Aradia was finally accepting herself for who she was, but she still wanted to know where she'd truly come from and why she was the way she was.
  • I still haven't spoken. I'm not sure what I would even say. They have made it clear that they decide if and when I find out information related to my capture. Part of me curses my foolishness for being captured. How simple it would have been to write a letter to my professors or my family telling them where I was or what I was doing. I may have been captured but at least I would have the comfort of knowing I was being looked for. Another part of me, a darker part of me ... a part that hadn't existed in me until now, wants to know their purpose. What are they up to? Why do they need my blood? Why do they need my mind?
  • Messick goes back to the lectern to decide what he wants to do next. This is actually going very well, he thinks. And Goddard seems less resistant now. Maybe theres more I should explore with him. Its worth a try, anyway.
  • As Hawksworth listened, he realized he very much wanted to go. To lose himself for a time. And suddenly the words of Huyghen, and of Roger Symmes, flashed through his mind. Of the India you would not want to leave.Until you would not be able to leave.
  • "Im dying!" he cried. But his higher body was merely rattled. There were sounds of wedding music coming from the living room. Adolf and Eva were really tying the knot at the last minute. The ceremony didnt exactly go smoothly; they were interrupted by several serious explosions. The enemy was now laying siege to the city with great force. The German shepherd was frightened by the shooting and lay down next to the collapsed ghost; the only spot to find any comfort underground. This was lucky for Michel, because the animals warmth helped him to recover remarkably well. Instead of fleeing, he decided he wanted to see the finale of the war drama. To be on the safe side, he kept away from the psychic Goebbels, as he closely watched the downfall of the Nazis. After the wedding party, the Führer announced that he was going to commit suicide and wanted to be left alone. When he was alone with Eva, he dribbled a few drops of something into the mouth of his faithful dog. Blondie fell down dead and was whisked away to a corner of the room.
  • Massive waves of fear, embarrassment, and guilt washed over Catrin, freezing her in place. She wanted to flee or scream but could do neither. Instead she stood still as a stone and watched the events unfold, hoping to remain unseen, but it was not to be. The men spotted her and glared.
  • "Hold on - I thought you needed to be qualified to work in that industry?" When we were in Forks, Jacob had told me that he wanted to do his automotive certificate one day.
  • He looked up with a bright smile on his face, despite the pain. "Is there a doctor in the house?" he asked. Three customers stepped forward. "I've always wanted to say that. Hurry, fellas, it's killing me."
  • "You boys never do learn, do you?" Caloot was saying, one hand on his hip and the other on the hilt of his walking cane, and his gaze turned downward. "You thought you could move against Groot here and not be taken down for it, and maybe you could have, you never know. Oh, maybe the Council would have given you a slap on the wrist if youd left it there, but with the number of members you started off controlling and the others who wouldnt have had enough guts to actually line up against you if you hadnt forced them, you didnt have anything serious to fear. But you wanted it all, miscalculated and played your whole hand, didnt you, except you didnt have as much to build with as you thought, eh? Well, at least you got headed off before you caused too much harm, before it got too far out of control." He waggled his finger. "Let this be a lesson."
  • "If someone asks about last night?" She asked, lifting her head to look at him with concern pleading within her green eyes. There wasnt a single part of Connor that could deny Sarah of anything she wanted.
  • He seated himself on a wooden bench, with his back against a decrepit vine; he gazed at the stars, past the puny and stunted silhouettes of his fruit-trees. This quarter of an acre, so poorly planted, so encumbered with mean buildings and sheds, was dear to him, and satisfied his wants.
  • As we drove the rest of the road up to the house, a chill ran down my spine. There was something different about this place I couldnt quite put my finger on. The house itself, though old, was breathtaking. But there was also something dark about it. Unsettling. The house grew slowly larger, and my stomach lurched. I wanted to tell Mrs. Meeks to turn around and take me back to Atlanta. To juvenile detention if that was the only option. This house was... what?
  • In essence, Statman wants to create a new type of retirement plan that address the retirement-savings crisis that exists in the U.S. and that fits between Social Security and existing 401-type plans where contributions are defined and voluntary.
  • Jacques wants to hear the story of the defunct duel. "But as for the seventh causehow did you find the quarrel to be on the seventh cause?"
  • Michael Ivanovich did not at all know when "you and I" had said such things about Bonaparte, but understanding that he was wanted as a peg on which to hang the prince's favorite topic, he looked inquiringly at the young prince, wondering what would follow.
  • Reality came crashing back down on me. Aidenhe must be paralyzed with grief. Abelie had obviously been his kindred soul. How could he possibly deal with her loss? He and I may not have a normal father/daughter relationship, but I wanted to be there for him, to support him as he grieved for his wife.
  • It had been a date to remember, a real life-changing milestone for Josh, and for Danny, too. Marsha and Amy were the daughters of some old friends of the Evachevski family, with a summer cottage in the area. Danny had never gotten along with Marsha too well, but had gone along with a double date, since Josh wanted to go out with Amy. They were heading down to Albany River to go roller skating, but never got there; a car went off the road in front of them, and when they stopped to check it out, they found that it was driven by Ed Sloat, the C
  • "It seems coincidental that they attacked just when the Akorans were going to, also," Sayana added. "Wait... show me that battle plan you took from Erag, Aiden." The young man took the rolled up plans from inside his tunic and handed them over to her, wondering what she wanted with them. The wild girl unfurled the parchment and took a closer look at it.
  • Kavio glanced involuntarily at Mother. He had never seen her so ashen. Though a part of him wanted to spit in Father's face, the knowledge that he had disappointed Mother burned like chili pepper in his mouth. But no matter what happened, he'd be cursed before he'd show how he felt in front of this assemblage of vultures and jackals. Or in front of his father.
  • We wanted to hit Arty in the head again, to make him better. We tried a stick. The stick bounced right off and killed a cow. So Chegg threw a brick at him. It circled around Arty and took out Chegg's eye. We stopped hitting him with things after that.
  • Drew left the room and the large door closed behind him. Baby Max wanted his daddy, so he floated out of a shocked Nicole's arms and made his way across the room to Daniel, who was not visible.
  • Jaxon shared a look with Caislyn then decided a bit of truthfulness might be a good idea. "Seth, honestly we wanted you to come here because we need to talk to you. We don't feel that you've been completely honest with us. We think you know more than you are sharing with us."
  • "Andrew, Aiden, and I were working with the newly trained Guardians, explaining what their assignments were," Ehno conveyed. "Zola had informed us only days before that there would be a fire in Istanbul that would destroy ten thousand homes. We wanted Guardians there to help save as many human lives as possible."
  • Id make a lousy statistician. Id probably get fired for making up all the results. Who wants to talk to thousands of people just to find out the answer is pretty much what you thought it was going to be?
  • Anarion was pacing back and forth across the warehouses floor. Jack sighed. The prince hadnt relaxed for seven days. Jack didnt think he had slept either. Then Nehemiah had contacted Jack on day two and the prince hadnt wanted them to rescue Nehemiahs family. After Nehemiah had told the group what he had done, Jack wasnt happy about it either. But Nehemiah was determined.
  • Brad came to a short rock face extending forty or fifty feet to the side in each direction. It barred his upward progress unless he wanted to drop down and climb back up part of the near vertical climb below him. Without any further thought he grabbed a handful of foot tall mountain laurel stems growing out of the top of the five foot high wall. With both hands he carefully started to pull himself up the rock face.
  • "Like I saidI was tired. I couldnt bear the thought of putting up with more of this crap. I wasnt looking forward to the next day at all. Not at all. I just wanted everything to go away."
  • "Oh, well…" She said, forgetting about his fingers for the time being. What did she care if he made himself sick? "Uncle Francis also said that the both of you had not had much schooling, but you were smart and quick to learn..." Robert let out a short chuckle. He took a huge bite of the egg bread, shaking his head a little in amusement. Elizabeth stared for a second, then remembering her manners, continued, "…but Maureen told us that you and Jamie hated the rigors of the lessons; that all you wanted to do was learn about planting tobacco and that all Jamie wanted to do was ride horses."
  • The second day of school was far more relaxed and Rose only walked Emory to the gate. Asia McMahon was being dropped off, the girls reaching the porta-cabin together. Rose smiled at Asias mother, Megan, who sported a two-month-old baby in a sling. Megan McMahon was an old friend from high school and Rose remembered similar days, albeit at a much younger age, when she and Megan sat at lunch benches, discussing their lives. Rose was going to be a scientist or maybe a rock star. Megan wanted to find the cure for cancer or write the great Irish novel. Not the American one, Megan would smile, much easier if she trolled her own familys heritage. That they were now mothers of young children said much about their lives in a small town. They had dreamed big, but stayed local.
  • They walked back into the conference room and Mindy nodded to her lawyer, who presented the Divorce Agreement to Zack. His lawyer made a move like he wanted to see the document, but Zack waved him off. He quickly signed all of the papers and then Mindy signed and the divorce was made official that afternoon in front of a judge.
  • Gil was just going along with the program. His mind was locked into his latest real estate deal so he wasn't paying much attention to what I wanted or was doing or saying. He came out of his fog to say: I'm not walking the dog. I'm not cleaning up after the dog. The dog is gonna be yours. Amy said, I'll take care of him.
  • The authorities were fearful sword fighting would become a challenge sport; neither they nor Father Francis would permit it. They neednt have worried, no one in Cambridge wanted to challenge Edward. Nevertheless, his teaching and his patronage were valued. They would have been more so had Edward the patience of a teacher, to Father Francisdisappointment he had not.
  • "N-no," Nanci said, afraid of the Amazon who stood before her, seeing the fire in her eye. The last time shed seen her sister, Crystal had come close to killing Kip. Kip had beaten Nanci up, but not as badly as Crystal had beaten him in retaliation. It was that memory, and that alone, that made her think Crystal might be willing to help again, in spite of all that shed done to her. "I - I havent seen Kip for years," she said, her voice hanging on the verge of tears. "C-Curt did this to me. He knew I had some money and he wanted it to buy drugs."
  • By ten thirty, the sixth and seventh deaths had come and gone. Marthe wanted to forget those last two, Shane Wilson and Burt Wallace, no relation to Tommy Wallace. Shane had been a bouncer at a club downtown, Burt a county clerk. Shed known them since the wards inception two years previous, some of her first patients. Burt and Ash were friends and she didnt want to tell him this news.
  • The night was peacefulfor the most part. The air was still, but he could hear grunts coming from the courtyard below, where the rebel soldiers were busy with digging their tunnel. Isaac gasped suddenlysurely if there was a traitor in the castle, then they would have relayed the news of the tunnel to Benedict? It was a thought no one considered, mainly because no one wanted to. It would simply have to be a bad bit of news he would share with Peter tomorrow.
  • "No, no," I said quickly. "Please, hold my hand. I just... I can't believe how nice you are. I treated you like crap when you came back. I could see you were hurt and I wanted to help but I was so angry at you that I refused to let myself approach you. I even tried to hurt your feelings. And yet you still kept an eye on me to make sure I was safe. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
  • At first he wanted to put the case aside, close the books: unsolved. His wife had turned on him. A young couple have just lost their first born and you only think of your status in the community. He was ashamed and spent every evening speaking to people in the neighbourhood, and the county and beyond. Yet, what was he looking for? A car without licence plates? A car, maybe red, maybe maroon?
  • "As for your wants, your suffering during this dearth, you may as well strike at the heavens with your staves as lift them against the Roman state, whose course will go on the way it takes, cracking asunder ten thousand curbings of more strong link than can ever appear in your impediment!" he warns. "As for the dearth: the gods, not the patricians, make it!—and your knees to them, not arms, must help.
  • He didn't need to ask who they were, though. Under their deel overcoats he recognized the uniform of the Kashik, the imperial guard who gang-raped his mother and guarded the Khan. Since Genghis obviously wanted him to know who was after him, Billy resolved to rape someone that Genghis really cared about. Preferably female.
  • Coming from Baibars's lips, the Christian word for the Muslims sounded strange to Roland. It made him even angrier that Baibars should joke when Roland, the King, and all their comrades, helpless prisoners, were about to be slaughtered. And, my God, I am the one man in the crusader army who has never wanted to make war on these people.
  • I wanted to walk up to my water bottle teammate, I named her Aquafina, and dance with her. Instead, my bunkmates came back together and the rest of the camp was doing the Electric Slide or some endless line dance. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I make the first move? The simple, yet emotionally complicated introduction was giving me fits.
  • In the evenings, when I had time to myself, I would stare out the knothole in the bedroom shutters, but I never ventured out again. Some nights I told stories to myself, like I used to do for Kandek and Ivy, but more often than not I didnt have the interest. A story wasnt good unless someone wanted to hear it.
  • Her plight, however, went unnoticed as Tun called for their attention. "With our thanks to the sorceress, we can now begin." If he was truly thankful, his voice concealed it. He continued as if wanting to move beyond the use of magic as soon as possible. "It is time I reveal to you what waits for us beyond the darkness. The delver is correct, the cover of dark is an illusion. It is the first veil to discourage unwanted visitors into Sanctum. The dwarves were never able to use magic to create illusions, but we know how to use what the land gives us. Gems and crystals can bend the light, reshape it, create things which are not there and hide things which are. That is what awaits us.
  • I had been wanting a dog since our wire-haired terrier, Manny, had died more than a year ago. Dogs are dirty and demanding and sometimes a pain, but they are company, and loveable, and protection for the house. They are fun to have around. And a husband might cheat on you, but a dog never would. Besides, Amy wanted a puppy as much as I did.
  • "I didn't faint, I passed out in a manly way," Sespian muttered. "I'm probably not getting enough exercise or the right kind of food. Or something. I'm sure it's not a tumor. The whole idea is just ludicrous. I'm too young. I haven't done anything I wanted to do yet. I..." He barely heard his own words. He couldn't believe this.
  • "Aha! This is that father thing again. Its about being a true child of God. Now Katie, these are the family values Jesus wanted people to be concerned about--God is your father. He was speaking about being a child of God. This is about that big transformation again."
  • Scott turned back to the judge. "Your Honor, I believe this is a case of prejudice against my client'sspecies. His romantic advances were misinterpreted by all the parties. People saw what they wanted to see. If we make it a crime for men to try and pick up women, well, life will be pretty hard for all of us."
  • Once he was satisfied they understood the gravity of the situation, he asked if any of them wished to swear the oath. All of them wanted to, and each recited it individually. Benjin made them repeat it until they could speak it from memory, and he formally welcomed each of them to the Vestrana and kissed them on their foreheads.
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