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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • She wanted to rush in and help, but she feared that it would surprise Rommus and leave him open for the man to kill him. Her face twisted with worry for him, but she stood frozen as the men continued to fight. Her face contorted even more when she saw the man knee Rommus in the groin. He let out a short cry from the pain, but continued attacking and defending.
  • Gabriel and Baal helped get me to my feet and moving towards the bathroom. They placed me up on the counter. Their hands felt like steel anvils digging into my flesh. I wanted to scream but contented myself with spitting another mouthful of blood into the sink.
  • Alice quietly freaked out. Telling Cindy some things had made them more real, and she had an unpleasant vision of Rick as a slavering monster looming over her and the kids. She was living with a dangerous predator who wanted to hurt her and eat her children. And there was no way out. She started to cry, and Cindy drew her close and stroked her hair while she sobbed.
  • "The doctor in charge there had wanted to keep her presence a secret. He was worried about reprisals against collaborators. And some of the staff were not too happy treating her either. I cant blame them really. The doctor told them she was a prisoner and I was her guard. They didnt know who she really was or what she had done. But they knew what the Germans had done to some of their friends and relatives. There was a lot of hatred waiting to well up. So I ended up looking after her. I would bathe her face when she became heated, and I would soothe and calm her when she was agitated. Sometimes I just held her while she slept.
  • Of course, Sarah knew something was up the moment his littlelets go out for dinnersuggestion escaped his lips. Was he upset and wanted to get his mind off of his grandparents? Was the trip to the lawyers office a waste of time? No, she shook her head. That couldn't be it. If that were the case, they wouldn't be eating out. Okay, so why are they going out then? Wait a minute. Out to dinner? On a weekday? Did he inherit some money? Why wont he tell me? She sighed. Steve and his surprises. This had better be a pleasant surprise.
  • Cecily nudged me and nodded. "Don't worry. I'll catch up with you later. Just remember what I said." Her voice was heavy with emphasis. I wanted to strangle her. Remember what she said? She said to make a good impression. What did that mean?
  • Oh dear, not where Tess wanted the conversation to go. Peg had become so sharp in her old age, not like when they were young and Peg had made her reputation as the best midwife in all the Realms. Surely she would never speak to a labouring woman in this tone? Tess sighed. "My uncle, my father's brother he was, married one of Calla's daughters. She had several daughters, you know."
  • Two weeks later Kell drove to Marthes new apartment, new to him. Warehouses had been reclaimed by developers, turned into condos, Kell having run into their mutual acquaintance only a few months previous. According to Marian Williams, the women shared the space, Marthe still working at the hospital, still friends with Ash. That Ash was still up and around had been news to Kell, but when Marthe left in 1987, Kell had been excised from her existence, and those she loved. It was only coincidence he hadnt run into any of the Souzas over the last three years, a strange one for the enormity of that clan. Kell prayed Marthe hadnt joined the baby brigade. She had never wanted kids, not his, nor from anyone else that shed said. She hadnt said much when she left him, that particular issue not included in her last words.
  • The joke in the family was that Randy spoke to me. I seemed to know what he wanted whether it was water or an emergency trip out the door. Randy attached himself to me in the house, lying at my feet when I worked in my office at home reading papers or writing poetry. When I came home from work, he would be waiting to greet me with a frenzy of barking and licking and leaping, as if I had been away for a year. You can't help but love someone who puts on displays of affection like that.
  • The top Republican on the Homeland Security Committee, Collins said she still wanted more information about the attack on the U.S. mission and a nearby CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya.
  • "Nothing," replied Monson defensively. "I asked them if they wanted to dance but they said I wasn't good enough. Made me kind of angry."
  • Tired, hungry, and not wanting to mince words, Steve summed up their situation. "My wife and I seek an audience with the king and queen. This dagger belongs to Rhenyon. He sent us here."
  • She remembered Bardulf and the Captain arguing. The Duke had wanted them both brought to him, alive. Would he use her the same way he was using this woman behind the curtain? She did not know, but she could not let it happen. Her mother was all that she had, all that mattered. Oh, if only she would have listened better, obeyed more. If she would not have climbed the Ladder, knowing the entire time that her Mam would never approve. But she had, and now she was here. Her Mam did not have to be.
  • "Oh, more than that," Belemeriath said. "Were in luck! Finnegaff wants me to be with you for a long, long time!"
  • "You all know Samantha dont you?" Mr. Brown asked. Mr. Taylor, Cristof, and Mr. Locke were all on the jet. I dont think I couldve chosen a group of people I wanted to see less.
  • Sara stood in the corner trembling, her mind racing as she stared at the door. ‘Hes insane,’ her mind yelled, ‘he wants to kill me because he thinks Im a vampire.’ Her eyes jerked suddenly when Margret moved and followed the woman as she slowly walked towards a large dresser a few feet from the bed.
  • Buster had called right after Gray got off the phone with Michaels mother, asking if Gray wanted to announce the band wasnt taking any bookings for the rest of the year. It had been Busters way of establishing parameters, but Gray surprised him by saying they should play their annual New Years Eve show.
  • The foremen on the job, a no-nonsense Soldier Ant, warned the three not to laugh as daddy-long-legs are known to sulk if laughed at. The last thing the foreman wanted was a stop work on his hands.
  • We tried to calm the fire between the Kramers but were about as unsuccessful as feeling full an hour after a Chinese meal. Mindy started house shopping shortly after our night out and it wasnt long before she found one that she liked. The house was in Merrick, New York, which was the adjacent better-looking cousin to Bellmore. Zack said that he wanted to live in Bellmore but Mindy had an itch to climb a little.
  • "It was Thyagrajan's idea," At last he mouthed what he knew. "But I told him repeatedly to let her be in home and let us keep watch from outside. It would have been more profitable, as I think of it. We could have easily captured both of you. But he was insistent, the fool. He reasoned that you would not return at home if you found, Janaki was safe. He wanted bait and that could only be your wife. And how could we let you go when you have caused so horrible damage to the system? I had to admit there was a point, had to abduct Janaki, tap the phone and insure you return to Madras. Thyagrajan employed his mend and captured Janaki, moved her to a safe place and planted his men in the house!
  • "Ay, look, look at me!" she pleaded. "That's what I've wanted 'ee to do all along. Take my hands: they'm shapely to look at and strong to work for 'ee."
  • It was one of those uncomfortable moments where no one wanted to speak, no one wanted to make eye contact. They could feel the awful tension in the air, taste it in their mouths.
  • "Oh." I felt a little like a jerk. But I let that go quickly assuming she wanted to bitch me out for getting her bagel or coffee wrong.
  • "Hollowcrest gave his reasons for wanting you killed, described the tea he's using to drug Sespian, and explained why he feels the need to manipulate the emperor in the first place." He folded his arms and leaned against the wall. "To you."
  • When he reached home it was already getting dark. Some eight people had come to see him that evening: the secretary of a committee, the colonel of his battalion, his steward, his major-domo, and various petitioners. They all had business with Pierre and wanted decisions from him. Pierre did not understand and was not interested in any of these questions and only answered them in order to get rid of these people. When left alone at last he opened and read his wife's letter.
  • Shuman Enterprises had become anything but a company that George Shuman would be proud of. Well, he would have approved of the massage tables and women that finished you off, because he was known to frequent these type of establishments and he was also a frequent guest to a number of strip joints throughout the world. But, he drank sparingly and never smoked pot because it made his Johnson numb. So, aside from not making money, the company might have been everything and more of what George would have wanted it to be. Probably the most important thing was that the employees were very close and they loved being at work!
  • I bite my lip. I shouldnt have said anything. Sabonis might have people after him who wanted to harm him. "You know him?"
  • "I really don't understand you," she said. "First you were pleased to be done with the willow tree thing, you wanted to have nothing to do with it, it wasn't worth the effort as you're so fond of saying, and now you want to -"
  • "It always hurts, losing good men," he said quietly. "But they died in service to the crown, and thats a good way to go in my book. Look, I have to get back out there and provide some leadership, since Im the highest ranking member of the military in the region now. But I just wanted you to know, youve got a place in the Rangers, should you want to work with us again."
  • He looked at her long and hard, and suddenly she realized what was about to happen. Now that the array was complete, Bob wanted her out of the way so he could reap the glory and promotions himself. Without another word, she turned, and walked out of his office.
  • "I wanted to tell you something. You won't like it. Before I brought you to the hospital, I checked on Dane and Cassie to see if the demon had killed them. They were both dead and I pulled them into the prop room in hopes that someone would find them in the cleanup from the fire. Official reports found Cassie in there, but not Dane. I went back to retrieve the sword, and it had also disappeared."
  • "Uh-huh," said Freek, nodding his head. "So that's what you were doing in that soup kitchen; you were trolling for someone that you could bring up here and brainwash with your ideas, someone down and out who might be more susceptible, or would at least listen to you. When you saw me, you must have thought you had lucked out. I was perfect for your plans, Mink too, some poor little runaway who wouldn't mind listening to you if you fed and sheltered her, gave her a ride to wherever she wanted to go. You know, that kind of makes you a sneaky, manipulative, devious son of a bitch."
  • "Oh, Lauren, you two are so close. Did something happen?" I so very much wanted to blurt out, "Well, yes, I happened to meet a man who made me feel like I was holding a live electric wire." Obviously, I thought better than to use that approach. There was no way she would understand.
  • "We wanted to highlight the risks," says council chairman Wolfgang Franz, who is also president of the Center for European Economic Research, known by its German acronym, ZEW.
  • She had suspected since September, after missing her bleeding for the second time, but she hadnt told Gwalaes because her monthly fluxes were never very regular and shed wanted to wait another month. After all, she was barely seventeen; she wasnt certain if the changes to her body were merely further signs of maturation or something more dire. Then, also, shed wanted to keep the secretif, indeed, she were pregnantto herself for a while. With Hugh controlling so much of her life and Gwalaes haranguing her from the other side, this was one thing that was hers alone, and there was something satisfying and even joy-inspiring about hiding such important knowledge in herself. She had little else to make her happy at Chester.
  • Mr. Conor gazed back over the waters. Something seemed to be pressing on him, bothering him. He straightened up abruptly, as if he had decided something, and buttoned the bottom button of his blazer. "Come," he said. "I want to introduce you to a friend. I told him about youyour maths abilitiesand he wants to meet you."
  • Breandan moved ahead of me and took my hand. I heard a group of Disciples nearby, their high and happy voices floating through the dark coming straight toward us. He turned so we no longer walked on the path to the main gate but out onto the lawn surrounding the Temple, into the darkness. Over my shoulder I saw Devlin followed silently; he didn't look alarmed but rather annoyed. Rather than a silhouette, I made out his angular features and the green of his eyes. With a start I realised everything looked lighter, and then I saw why. Breandan's tattooed skin glowed in the dark. It was like he wanted to get caught. Like he didn't care Devlin could name him as demon.
  • This one, he decided, was too clever for her own good, and he might be able to turn that to his advantage; if he could just lead her in the direction he wanted her to go.
  • "Not trouble, but he wants to give more food to those natives who labor. To make them stronger in our service, he says. He has already increased the ration to the maximum allowed within his authority."
  • I returned his grin. "Yeah!" We ran to join Seth, then followed him as he opened each dog's gate to slap food onto its run. Jordy and I laughed at how happy the dogs were to see us, and we laughed again when Seth had to hose down the Great Dane's dog pen before he could put food in it. After the feeding was done, I wanted to help hose down pens in the final cleaning of the day, but I heard Ma call Jordy and me.
  • Peter slowly took the letters and hesitantly glanced through them. He wasnt surprised that they were correspondence between Killigrew and Benedict himself. Peter wanted to know what secrets were shared between the two, although Peter was terrified of what he would find. Each of the letters were short and to the point. Although Benedicts handwriting was cramped and hard to read, Peter could make out most of what was written, like in this letter:
  • Through the afternoon he entertained himself with music and videos, the curtains drawn, the computer turned off. He wanted to be entirely alone so that his emotions could rest undisturbed, untarnished by contact. Perhaps if he lost himself in idle activity he would not think that Kora was a drug, or that sex was painful, or love impossible.
  • "For example, if someone wanted to test Dr. Gallo's contention that his HTLV-3 virus caused AIDS, and they wanted to grow the virus in their own lab according to Koch's Postulate Number Two so they could do Postulates Number Three and Four, what did they have to do, now that it was believed that only the H9 culture would work?"
  • Brad had recently turned 50 and was amazed that he hadnt received the call about his 80 year-old father. Papa Greenberg wanted nothing to do with his "fruity" son. Father was always disappointed that his son walked away from the income and stability of the family business. Henry Greenberg would not even open up to fatherly pride when his son graced the cover of TIME magazine as "Man of the Year" for his contribution to the health and wellness of a nation. He had put a gag order on the entire family, so no member of the Greenberg clan had shared their sense of pride with Brad. This, in turn, hardened Brads heart.
  • The inside noise also quadrupled my hangover headache, and I really wanted a cigarette. I reminded myself I only had six left and should wait till later in the day, when my craving would become uncontrollable.
  • "You didnt foresee that Edward would be here though." Aro looked towards him with a bloody desire. I knew he wanted my dads power as much as he wanted Alice.
  • "True. But only half of the talk came close to the reality." His thumb brushed her lips. "I was more boy than man when I was tutored in pleasures, and I avoided virgins, having relationships with only those women who wanted the same thing."
  • Rick turned on Allen. "I need that rent right now," he threatened, grabbing Allen by the shirt and twisting. I'll deal with you later, he wanted to say, but he was dealing with him at the moment, drawing him to his feet and feeling around all his pockets for his cash. "We'll call this a partial payment," he sneered, thrusting Allen back into the couch. Ben used his cellphone to record the scene for posterity.
  • "How about we play for this?" Robin said. The boy eyed it. I could tell he wanted itI would too, if I was him. It was beautiful.
  • Joff tried to rest the axe on his shoulder as he had seen woodcutters do and nearly cut his own ear off. He sighed and resolved to carry the axe in both hands in front of him. The walk back to the log made him sweat, despite the cool morning. By the time he reached the log he was starting to breath hard. Joff knew that he would have go back, but he wanted to take one good swing at the log before he did. He raised the axe high over his head. It balanced there for a moment before it descended backward, taking Joff with hit. He lay on his back, gasping, and let darkness take him.
  • Bane shook his head. "I have done everything he has asked of me, but in this trivial matter I choose to please myself. He wants the people who stand against him to suffer, and she does, all the time. Why should I grant her the release of death? She will not go to his kingdom; she is a healer. I will corrupt her, then he will be able to torment her too."
  • Ok, if that is what we needJack Wack is a gay, Jewish Black dude who is probably about five feet six inches tall. Hes thin, has a shaved head because he wanted to hide the fact that he was losing his hair. Unless it is funnier to give him a large afro. Well figure that out when Chris does the cover. He favored any stereotypical gay or Jewish clothing and did this mainly to make it easy to identify or describe him. He also has secret fantasies about a certain elderly male member of the 60 minutes cast
  • "No one wants to die, that's a fact," Weldon said, nodding soberly to himself. "Perhaps that's the secret to all religious belief, if there is one." Weldon noticed Blake dripping beside him, grabbed his hand and shook it vigorously. "Hey, buddy, how ya doin? Figured things out yet?"
  • She wanted to tell him not to bother looking at her but instead she sat down on the bench in front of his and set the lamp between them. "Is it true?" she asked, her voice again under control but her arms crossed over her chest in case she weakened.
  • "No," Airk replied soberly. "You see, my love, you are one of Coursas band. Dont make it difficult. Tomkin already knows where this place is. Hell be here with soldiers soon. He wanted the augur dead so there would be no magic against him. You he wanted alive. Im sorry Jain, but we cant have a decent home and you have given me no children. This is my chance at a better life."
  • In the first place the marriage was not a brilliant one as regards birth, wealth, or rank. Secondly, Prince Andrew was no longer as young as he had been and his health was poor (the old man laid special stress on this), while she was very young. Thirdly, he had a son whom it would be a pity to entrust to a chit of a girl. "Fourthly and finally," the father said, looking ironically at his son, "I beg you to put it off for a year: go abroad, take a cure, look out as you wanted to for a German tutor for Prince Nicholas. Then if your love or passion or obstinacy--as you please--is still as great, marry! And that's my last word on it. Mind, the last..." concluded the prince, in a tone which showed that nothing would make him alter his decision.
  • The young man took a step forward. "Because my lord told me you were angry with me," he said. "And I wanted to apologize to you and present you with this." With a dramatic flap, he unloosed the bundle in his arm and shook out the hide of the stag, perfectly recognizable but for its lack of hooves and head. Gilbert had to hold the top with his arms reaching high and even then the bottom trailed a little on the ground.
  • Countess Mary wanted to tell him that man does not live by bread alone and that he attached too much importance to these matters. But she knew she must not say this and that it would be useless to do so. She only took his hand and kissed it. He took this as a sign of approval and a confirmation of his thoughts, and after a few minutes' reflection continued to think aloud.
  • Nervous and jumpy, I tripped over the sidewalk at school. My heart pounded and was lodged squarely in my throat. Tray tapped his pocket to remind me that he had his cell phone if I needed to reach him. We exchanged a knowing glance. I didnt want him to leave me anymore than he wanted to go but what choice did we have? The warning bell sounded, so we headed in opposite directions.
  • Jamie had worried somewhat that Robin might be a problem on the trip, but actually he added an element of fun and freshness to the journey. Watching him watching everything around him brought a new appreciation of this land to Jamie and Robert. Robins initial fear of being so high off the ground had abated quickly with the feel of his fathers strong arm around him and his fathers solid, warm body at his back. Roberts fear of Robin falling off the horse had been abated by the tough rope that had been tied snugly around the two of them, lashing them together so tightly, Robin couldnt have moved if he wanted to.
  • He looked at her without moving and saw that she wanted to draw a deep breath after stooping, but refrained from doing so and breathed cautiously.
  • Spencer wasn't sure what to do, but he knew he had to do something, and fast. The guest bedroom door led straight into the lounge and it was partially open. This had been an advantage so far - he probably wouldn't have woken up if it had been closed - but now it was a liability. If George walked five paces and glanced through the open door then yet another game would be over. He wasn't too bothered about George throwing him out, but he very much wanted to stay and satisfy his curiosity. What was George doing? He held his breath to mute his vocal chords and slowly rolled off the bed and on to the floor. It was a manoeuvre his body did not enjoy.
  • Grizzled men twice her age were dropping to their knees around her. The women warriors started keening like at a funeral. They'd all crowded around something at the back of the camp, and there were too many of them for her to see what was wrong. Her own father covered his face with his hand, and whether he was crying or not she couldn't tell. More than ever she wanted to leave, because as soon as she saw what was there it would become real and there would be no way to go back.
  • On Saturday morning, I got a phone call from Professor Trizenko informing me that I had been inducted as a member of an organization known as CURCharles University Rejects. The only other full members besides himself, so far, were Danielle and Craig. Craigs wife Lee only counted as an honorary member since she would remain a law student here. He wanted to know if I could attend a special initiation dinner at his home that very night.
  • After another few minutes of terrible silence, Ember gradually lifted her arm and pointed to the other side of the room. She wants me to turn around. I had no clue what kind of nightmare lurked behind me!? And would that nightmare become real and rip us both to shreds, if I look at it
  • Dober Jung smiled slightly and raised his hand don Brangot to wait for his response. "Youre asking about an ugly affair afterworld history. The human gods wanted to expand their afterworlds, but the administration wouldnt grant them additional space. Not that they needed it since they had access to the infinite amount of space in afterworld Seventeen, which is the Void, and in their own infinite void, afterworld Seventeen adjunct A, which is Limbo. The Void and Limbo are very limited versions of Oblivion, and the gods can control them. You need extra room, plan accordingly and build in one of those areas."
  • "That was what he wanted me to believe," said Shaa. "It was also consistent with the progression of the situation as a whole. Hes not one of your protgs, is he?"
  • Second, I want to thank my family: they cheered me on, helped me when I desperately needed advice, and have been nothing but supportive in whatever I wanted to do in life, even when it was to become a writer. (That was out of left-field, eh Mom?) Most important to acknowledge of this bunch is JD for understanding me when I was being an anti-social, crazy lunatic for months. (And for letting me have TWO men in my life besides him: Andrew and Joseph.) Michael, my brother, for calling me almost every night for three months begging for new material, and when I was finally done, he read the whole thing again in one day. Of course, my parents, who dedicated their lives to me. Dont worry, I didnt forget about how amazing you are, Grandma, and all the wonderful notes you gave me to help improve my writing. Youll always be an English teacher at heart.
  • The plotters' security measures were as inadequate as a leaky bucket and before long the head of state knew all about it. He had informed the World Coalition Security Forces and Murdoch had found himself running for his life. After a month on the run (an experience he never wanted to repeat) he had been caught, tried and sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • This time around, Hartwell was the impetus of the extraction not the jailor. He had two separate plans in his mind to choose from: one was the release of all things hunter, and the other was allowing Samuel to mirror the Lowerys men in the sky, thus opening the door for himand anybody who wanted to tag alongto make a run at Lowery. The fight couldnt end each night until either Hartwell or Lowery were eliminated, with the only distinction being that Lowery had been killed 99 times previously and was now down to his last and final life before turning back to a life of mortality.
  • I was halfway through my second re-read of my Biology chapter, when I heard a quiet knock at the door. Rachel giggled a little at my guilty start. "Don't worry; it's just fine that you're here. I ran into Donovan and he told me where to find you. I just wanted to apologize for earlier."
  • Rick woke next to Alice, who shrank from his energy even in sleep. He wanted Roxy so bad it hurt. A woman of substance, energy, intelligence. A real woman, unafraid of being a woman, able to take his maleness. To nurture him as a woman should. Not like this parody of a marriage, this ersatz female just lying there, passive and afraid.
  • "Why don't you cut the hardhearted act?" Anna snarled suddenly. She could see the turmoil inside Geneva's mind. The older woman was feeling regret and guilt. She hadn't wanted to be cast out of her family for supporting her younger sister, but she hadn't wanted to cut her only sister off without so much as another word. Arette's death had been of a part of Geneva as well. She had severely missed Arette, and she had mourned her passing. "You cared for her. She talked to you, and I'm not asking for national secrets. None of this goes beyond me. I won't bother your family. I won't broadcast it to a newspaper. Bastards are born and die a thousand times a day now, and frankly, no one gives a good goddamn anymore."
  • The note on bright yellow paper was taped inside the screen to the backdoor. "Call me," the printed message from Alise said. She probably wanted to stock another bird or fish. Billy pulled the damp piece of paper off the door. He crumpled the note and threw it into the trash can just inside the kitchen door.
  • "You got the results you wanted every time, didnt you?" Max said. "In my book that records pretty strong. Anyway, in this case, the Swords spell-mode decided the best way toHelp Karliniwas to get me to help Karlini, even if I wasnt conscious, so it went in and dug something out of my mind. I wish I could remember what it was it found."
  • "Listen, kid! Call up the hotel and get the kid. Tell him to go out and get himself something to eat, if he hasn't already done it. Tell him that if he wants to, he can come out. Tell him to take a cab."
  • "You might not'a' had to come out for that. John Hawkins there wants the tree and the springs. If he negotiates with the Nixes, Digger'll be back with his family. Would that be acceptable to you?"
  • "That depends. The soul sees what it wants to see. For some it is a continuation of what their previous lives would be had it never died, others have the things they always dreamt of but never got." Ristalln, Gort and the rest of the group had gathered around her to listen in
  • "Fine," she stopped for a minute. "Just remember that these four men will always be with you. Even when you think you cant trust anyone, you can always trust these four and your parents. When you think you are so alone that it hurts, they are always just a phone call away. You will not suffer eternity as your father did. Ultimately, you decided who you wanted and they consented. In the history of Witchcraft, it has only happened once before. When the binding Witch died, the Elders she had bound to her, died as well."
  • There was silence, the kind of silence that follows the shattering of a precious vase. Roland glanced over his shoulder to see if any of the other knights in the hot, dark room had heard. But they had all withdrawn to the far side, perhaps wanting to give Perrin privacy in his dying and any confession he might make. Only Louis and himself had heard the damning name of the last Sacrament of the Cathars.
  • The crewmen hesitated. They wanted rid of Fishmael, it is true, but now they were about to meet their end they had each become urgent philosophers and theologists. Perhaps helping some crazy captain kill the last embodiment of goodness was not such a sensible final act, after all.
  • "You have learned a lot about this woman, and each thing you have learned has made you want to know more. From a mere nuisance pulling you away from your duties, she has slowly become a person you wanted to know and be with. You have fallen in love with her from afar, and you did this after you met her. Each thing you learned made you realise how valuable she was and how foolish you had been not to have seen it in her eyes and in her face. You held her in your arms and yet you let such a wonderful woman slip you by. And that knowledge has caused you to search for her, to track her down until you could see her again. And why? Because you wish to have said the things you could not say, because you were ignorant, and you seek the opportunity to say them. You wish to rewind time and recapture that moment when she was weak in your arms. You said that it is not love that brings you here, but that is a lie. You are besotted by this woman."
  • Ryson grimaced with sorrow. First Mappel, and now Stephen, both gone. The pain tore at him, pulled from him the awareness of where he was, what he was doing. He ground his teeth together. He could not scream, though he wanted to.
  • He listened to the noises above, not wanting to hear them yet not wanting to miss them - a classic dilemma for a healthy but moral mind. It was all very straightforward and strangely innocent. They sounded like schoolchildren. Actually it was rather sweet. After a while he found himself smiling.
  • Shimon took Esu's words to Rome, where Paulus and Rock had gone to be rewarded. Emperor Claudius wanted to hear Shimon Magus, brother of the elah called Christus. Paulus said Shimon's teachings were false because his power was weak, as if truth and force are one. Shimon used the blood to fly before Claudius. Paulus and Rock used their power to throw Shimon to his death.
  • "I will do my best," Angharad said, speaking much more slowlyover-exaggerating now, which wasnt really what I wanted either.
  • "And more. It's total, and it's lifelong. I'm different, and though my assignment is one that nobody else wants, I at least am still alive. I thank Saa for that."
  • I leaned my forehead against the window and felt the cool glass against my skin. After everything I'd done, it made sense that no one wanted me. I closed my eyes and remembered the beautiful porcelain skin of my adopted mother, Jill. I never meant to hurt anyone, especially not her.
  • "Of course not." Kali seemed appalled at the absurdity of the idea. "Shes Persian. Her father was already some kind of official. He was far too dignified to allow his women to go to the mina bazaar. The Moghul must have seen her somewhere else. But if he wanted her, her father could not refuse."
  • Hours later, having finished up all my homework and endured the agony of dinner, I was finally free to do whatever I wanted with the last few minutes of my night.
  • The car came to a halt beside the footpath divided by iron railing. The booth seemed empty. The air was hot and damp. Sweat insistently formed heavy beads over forehead, though I wiped it out many times. Uneasiness filled up my empty mind. The shadow of Varadrajan slowly bent over the door, opened it in slow motion and stepped out in the blinding daylight. Krishnan too moved out of my blurred vision. I wanted to yell at my mute mind to strengthen up, be alert...and be ready for taking advantage of the situation. But, the dumbness grasped me in its cruel clutches. I tried to focus my vision on the stealthy movements of the two men towards that yellow booth.
  • Telling each other all the news I'll be bound, she thought, slipping down from Kolyei's back with relief. Her tired muscles ached in protest at the unaccustomed exercise. All she wanted to do was to lie down.
  • "And then I climbed into the mountain. The key is as indestructible as I am, though neither of us were intended that way. Originally, I only wanted to destroy the key. But I didnt want to chance my own destruction in case the key and I were linked more strongly than I thought, so I chose instead to hide it in one of the many lava tubes that riddled the slopes of the volcano. I left HaHril, satisfied that, between the magic of the key and the magic of the mountain, no one would ever learn its location.
  • Hawksworth slowly worked his way down the cobblestone roadway, past the guards at the Amar Singh Gate, and into the Agra night. He turned left and headed toward the banks of the Jamuna, hoping the smells and sounds of water would soothe his mind. When he reached the riverbank, he found himself looking back at the massive walls of the Red Fort, wondering again where Shirin was being kept, wanting to be with her. To hold her one last time. But the high stone walls stood dark and mute as his own despair.
  • Petra had a cup of coffee as Rose checked her grocery list. With Liam nearby, the women only chatted about Emorys big day, their outing that afternoon, then Petra was ready to leave. She claimed she needed to water her plants, but Rose knew her sister wanted to nap. Petra wore a strange face, no guilt that Rose could ascertain, but certainly some regret. Rose assumed it was Petras longtime boyfriend causing trouble; maybe someone between them had caused the split.
  • Robert and Elizabeth exchanged an amused smile when they realized that Robin wanted the same attention she had given Robert. So with a great show she tenderly wiped his cheek with a clean corner of the handkerchief in a mock procedure. He giggled delightedly and squirmed in Roberts lap.
  • "Good traveling," Mikyl said, and then turned back to Haaryd. "I see he is riding Bloodsong. Are you finally going to sell him to us, sly fox? We have wanted his blood in our foals for a long time."
  • Pain erupted across his chest as the enemy slashed a shallow wound across him, slicing his pectoral muscle and vein beds. He staggered back as blood rushed out of his chest. The man was coming up fast now, not wanting to waste time. He clutched his chest and tried vainly to stop the onslaught. He fell back landing on his tail bone, feeling it crack as it hit. The man was over him now and raised his sword for the death blow. In that moment he saw the flick of light, the flick that said that the Venefica protecting the soldier was dead. Arkin shot his hand forward and sent a fire spell at the mans head. It evaporated in a cloud of blood, bone, and brains that spattered his face. There was a metallic taste in his mouth; he had forgotten to close it before the spell hit. He rolled on his side and retched, seeing the blood from his chest soak the ground. He blacked out.
  • Alec released my waist and spun me out and back in without missing a single step. I wished I could be so lucky, only the fact that his arm was like an iron bar allowed me to keep my misstep from resulting in a fall, or possibly a sprained ankle. "Donovan has very inflexible standards when it comes to some things. Dancing happens to be one of them. In fact, I don't think I'll ever forget the expression on Jasmin's face when he told her she could go clubbing all she wanted after he judged her suitably proficient in real dancing. He said he wouldn't have her 'seduced by throbbing beats and soulless contact' before he'd at least exposed her to proper dance steps."
  • He wants to say more, but his voice is choked with emotion. "Oh," he adds, "joy has made away even eret can be born! Mine eyes cannot hold back water, methinks," he says, tears welling. "To forget their faults, I drink to you!"
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