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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • Benton gave a bark of bitter laughter. "Because he's evil, healer. He's the Demon Lord! He enjoys seeing others suffer. He loves to kill and torture. You stand for everything that's pure and good. You, he wants to suffer more than anyone."
  • "When you look at Twitter posts, you can see people talking about being afraid of catching the flu or asking friends if they should get a flu shot or mentioning a public figure who seems to be ill," said Mark Dredze, an assistant research professor in the Department of Computer Science who uses tweets to monitor public health trends. "But posts like this don't measure how many people have actually contracted the flu. We wanted to separate hype about the flu from messages from people who truly become ill."
  • "Don't think I don't know it," Lyle said, "I've read Dr. Hoffman's book too, you know. By the way, do you mind if I put this in your fridge? It's unstable at warm temperatures. I don't like even having it out of the freezer this long, but I wanted to show you."
  • He looked skeptical, and though he wanted to argue Merial cut him off before the debate went any further than his mind. "El... I'd like to come with you..." she received a gentle nudge from the Mage standing next to her. "We... would like to go with you."
  • "Perhaps I will," Master Jarvis said. "I'm concerned about Master Edling's motivation. I suspect he had another reason for wanting the people moved."
  • First wanting to survey the area, Ristalln held his words. It was large enough to hold at least three to four-hundred soldiers. The grass would serve as suitable stuffing for targets and dummies, and he imagined that burlap wouldn't be too hard to find here. But the most important thing was the cover that Forgas provided. The mountain was far too high to see over, and its edgesas far off as they werecurved north to form a crescent, creating cover from the view outsiders may have. "It will."
  • They both walked away, the FBI agent roughly pushing Jeff Vittorio out the door. Karen stared after them, a look that only spelled out "good riddance." I wanted to scream "amen."
  • "I was just taking the time to correct you, Dick. You said date. I just wanted to let you know, only people who are, like, together, go on dates."
  • Louie explains to Pearl that they are quite busy at the Factory at the moment with spring coming on and the insects wanting to look their best.
  • "The human body is an incredibly efficient machine," says Dr. Fowler on the video. "But you could also call it very lazy. It wants to do as little work as possible. When something foreign invades the body, it first looks to see if it already has antibodies to fight that particular invader, so it already knows how to defeat it and doesnt have to go through the whole process again."
  • "There are people who seek a way out," he told her more quietly. "They can seek all they want. They won't find it. There are others who want to destroy us. It's for our own good, they say, and maybe it is. Who knows for how long this life will go on? But the thing about life is, it just wants to live. It's really as simple as that. Even for us. The life force is strong."
  • "I see." Enin wanted to ask more, but his own attention was quickly pulled in another direction. With a distinct mutter of dissatisfaction, he quickly turned and peered with great intent to the Northeast. He lifted his left hand above his shoulder and flicked his fingers in an odd fashion. Immediately, two snow white circles again danced about his left hand. They slipped off his fingers into midair, crashed together in an almost powdery explosion, and disappeared leaving behind a small distortion in the air. Enin focused deeply into this fist-sized mass of twisted, blurry air.
  • "You must have called her something besides Ruth." He whispered: "I-I-I called her p-puzzums." I said: "Oh Jesus!" and wanted to laugh in spite of the spot I was on, but I said instead: "Now when we get inside you get you face close to her ear and be ready to whisper in it. Then just put your hand over her mouth and whisper. For Christ's sake, don't let her make that first squawk. She'll come out of her sleep scared to death and she'll sing out sure as hell. So clamp down on her mouth until she knows who it is that's talking to her. Understand." He said he did.
  • "I know I wasn't supposed to use magic in here so we wouldn't wake up the creatures. But, honestly! How could anyone sleep through that?" My chin pointed at the dragon now busy turning one column into toast. A pain twisted around my head so fierce, I felt sick to my stomach and dizzy besides. Dragon smoke made it almost impossible to breathe and I wanted to tear off my fevered leg, it hurt so badly. And hungry? I hadn't eaten in so long, Catered started to look tasty!
  • "Take him to the barracks and let anyone who wants to have a go. Break every bone in his body. When they're done, put the gold collar on him and toss him in the sea."
  • Their orbits collided as Tray and Willow both wanted to prepare the same thing or both needed the same bowl or the same physical space. Their code language was still alive and they were using it as they bumped into each other. I interpreted what they were saying and laughed at their inside jokes. She completed a piece of my brotherone that I never knew existed until she came into our lives.
  • She wanted to know more but he needed to sleep. She could find out more later. Something inside her whispered that this had to do with his tattoo, but she didnt know how.
  • In my insanity, I had forgotten that her cell phone is equipped with the latest in GPS technology. I could track Embers physical location just by touching the app on my own phone. My cell phone was still in the console where I tossed it. The GPS lit up and I realized she was still at school. I could barely see the indicator because my vision was still colored bloody red. I followed the signal and it led me right back to her locker. Her cell phone was tucked inside the outer pocket of her backpack. It still displayed my unread text message. I wanted to shriek from the revelation as I stood immobile, but my mouth refused to cooperate with my mind. The text message indicator flashed on her cell phonea glaring reminder. The hideous reality of this situation swept through my body in sickening waves of relentless horror.
  • Loss crashed in from all sides, the night empty without Sebastian. She cried out of confusion and turmoil. She wanted him to come back, at the same time terrified he would.
  • "Five-seven." I saw her point. Once I learned to control my self-image on a conscious level, I could look pretty much any way I wanted to. The thought kind of creeped me out, and frankly I found the whole thing rather far-fetched. Which was probably why I couldnt do it yet.
  • Ambrosius sneered. "You think I could kill that thing even if I wanted to? No, as far as I'm concerned you can all starve. I don't care, not about the monster or the reward or the whole of the Hundred Boughs."
  • "Fast-forward to the age of email. Slowly but surely, we begin to mediate almost all of our communication over networks. Why walk down the hallway to ask a coworker a question, when you can just send email? You dont need to interrupt them, and you can keep going on your own projects, and if you forget the answer, you can just open the message again and look at the response. Therere all kinds of ways to interact with our friends over the network: we can play hallucinogenic games, chat, send pictures, code, music, funny articles, metric fuckloads of porn... The interaction is high-quality! Sure, you gain three pounds every year you spend behind the desk instead of walking down the hall to ask your buddy where he wants to go for lunch, but thats a small price to pay.
  • But there was no turning back now, I could see that. Maybe thats why Id wanted to meet him in person, for the confirmation that this was real and that denial wouldnt cut it anymore. Yes, I enjoyed talking to him, and walking close together like that did get my pulse running a bit. (I imagined saying this to Kylie, and how clearly her face would tell me she was aware of my attraction to him.) What I was getting from him went deeper thoughit was like he had brought me up a hill Id been avoiding and pointed out a whole new vista.
  • How the two guys sitting in front of me had managed to discover the information about Embers outburst was beyond me. Our class was already in session when it occurred. They had somehow gotten the word about the scene though, the minute it happened. I think they wanted me to overhear what they were discussing. They were probably too afraid to turn around and say something to me like "hey Tray, your sister just went ballistic in the lunchroom with half the school watching…"
  • But she'd already started running. She wasn't thinking; she just didn't want Shadowings to get hurt. There might have been a vague notion somewhere in there about not wanting to break the totem, either. But when she came out on the top of the stairs, Shad wasn't there. What in the name of the Stars–? There was nobody there at all. The handful of wall men who were still doing guard duty must have been on the other side of the city at the moment, which was also strange. Her heart pounded in her ears from the climb.
  • "Shes a child, not a soldier. Kate would not have wanted this for her daughter, and Joseph wouldve disapproved with starting her so young."
  • "I-, I was-", she said but she didn't finish what she wanted to say. Mickey understood she was angry. It was hard to see the man she loved say such horrible things, but she had to understand it was not the Doctor but only his Image gone bad.
  • "Escaping is easy," she hissed. An itch in her knot of blond of hair made her reach up and scratch angrily. "Dont you all understand that? I could have escaped a hundred times before if I wanted to. The reason I havent is because theres nowhere for us to run. If we went home, our families would just have to turn us back in or live in fear of Lord Richards wrath while trying to hide us."
  • "He's a curious man," agreed Spencer. "A charmer when he wants to be. What puzzles me is that he hired me to find you when he already knew where you were."
  • She turned to me. I wanted nothing more than to throw my arms about her and cling to her, but even at my young age of four, I realized an urgency of the situation. Her hand caressed my cheek.
  • But for the moment she was not listening. "Yes, yes . . ." She had turned her face aside and was gazing out into the darkness. "Look at the gas-jets, Willy--in the fog. What do they remind you of? That Christmas-tree . . . after Dick was born. . . . Don't you remember how he mistook the oranges on it for lanterns and wanted to blow them out . . . how he kicked to get at them . . ."
  • "If its such a secret, I can understand why my father didnt want me asking questions." And of course he is my father, after all, Jurtan added under his voice. The Lion never wanted Jurtan to ask much of anything. Especially in public, when he usually tried as hard as possible to make people think Jurtan was certainly no offspring of his. Jurtan swerved aside, elbowed his way across the street, and plunged down a sudden alley, where the sound of an internal yaphorn harmonized intriguingly with the scent of ostentatiously baking bread. Max glanced around. Half a block up the street a woman was staring at him. Did he know her? He didnt think so, and anyway he was in disguise. You had to be a fool to trust a disguise, of course - but if the woman saw something in him it would be good to find out what it was. She looked -
  • Max recognized that familiar look of doe-eyed terror. wanting to run but nowhere to go. For all his social finesse, Frank was clueless at times. As a detective he surely had his fair share of sensitivity when it came to watching people's reactions. But one distinct advantage of being in the army was recognizing fear.
  • "Dear, Dear? Will you listen to me? We have to know now. If we're staying here Brad goes back to school next week and he isn't even registered for this year because you said you wanted to stay out there.
  • They were an exhausted, miserably cold bunch by the time they finally saw a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, leaning on each other for support and to stave off the chill from their soaked clothing, for despite the hardship, no-one had wanted to sleep inside the caves. Aiden had been limping along, barely coherent, for the better part of the journey from the drained lake, and when they finally emerged from the cave into the night air, he almost toppled over in relief.
  • "Ah, jealousy is a good motivator. While lots of you became benevolent, helpful deities with whom the Humans wanted relationships, she became one that was to be dealt with only from afar."
  • "Yes, Im parched," her husband said, not wanting to engage in any bickering and he hastily returned to his room with a full bucket. Today he was going to succeed in visiting Hister, the Great German leader who would cause a world war, he was convinced. He sprinkled some water into the bowl and added some oil that had hallucinogenic properties. Then he sat down beside it. After staring at the water surface for a while, he began to relax and when the ethereal vapors slowly but surely began to intoxicate him, he fell into a deep trance. Suddenly, he was attached from behind; someone jumped onto his back. It was too late to defend himself and he fell forwards.
  • "I thought and thought about what to do, but couldnt think of a thing. I was desperate that day before I went to the post office. I knew that altering the index would annoy him, but it wasnt enough for me. And then suddenly it dawned on me that altering the dedication would send the message I wanted to send, and that he wouldnt be able to respond."
  • "Of course," Alex replied, as he followed Kate to her bedroom. Together, they lied in the darkness. They shared few words, yet every now and again would brush their hands close together, testing the limits of their condition. Alex wanted to hold Kate, to be beside her. Perhaps even more, however, he knew that this would be impossible at this moment.
  • The mood, though, was somewhat dampened at breakfast by the discovery that Doctor Brearly was not among the gathering at Wintersleigh. He had been called away on urgent medical business during the early hours of the morning, and was yet to return. This development threw everyone into a state of confusion, and for some time there was debate as to whether the outing to the Port Arthur penal settlement should be cancelled. George pointed out that it was unfair to cancel their arrangements just because one person was absent, and Agnes, still out of spirits, argued that the day trip without her fianc would offer her little pleasure. Louisa was loathe to agree with anything George Brearly said, but she had set her heart on the excursion for weeks and wanted nothing, not even the doctors absence, to interfere with her plans. The pleasure trip was therefore to go ahead, and no time was wasted preparing for it.
  • The stew dribbled down my chin, as I gasped. "Hot!" My scalded tongue formed the words with some difficulty. Fanning my mouth furiously and checking the door for any sign of entry, I mumbled, "Abarta wants you to hide me!"
  • "Why dont you meet me over there? I have one more thing to take care of before I get out of here," Henry replied, not wanting to be seen walking out with Rob. "Ill be there in five minutes."
  • "Oh, that part is about wealth; its a different topic. He is saying, you cannot serve both God and money (Luke 16:13). I guess a person has to make a choice. Let go of one, and you can have the other. Let go, let go, hmmm. Katie, I think these two things go together. If a person wants to pass through a narrow door they cant take anything with them, nothing at all. They have to let go of everything."
  • "I want to go through the boxes first and make sure were not selling anything that we may want to keep." Bobby looked like he wanted to argue but just set down the box he was holding and took the box of dishes instead. He left to take it down to the front yard. Naomi began digging through more boxes.
  • "Still have them," Josh said, blowing for the Busted Axle Road crossing. He laid on the horn really hard, sort of in hopes that it would wake Tiffany up. Typical teenager, wanted to sleep till noon. If she wanted to work the dogs any, she'd best be doing it while it was still cool.
  • Jack,’ Michael interposed, ‘nobody wants a worm. Theyre dirty and they belong in the ground. Moreover, I was trying to introduce you to some of my friends. I dont know whether your father told you this, but when you meet people, its polite to greet them.’
  • That sounded fine to me. She later told me that although she had now left Barry, she had not actually told him so. That might hurt her plan, at least if she did so now. Instead, she had told him that she had to go visit her mother in Southwest Virginia, and that she would let him know later when shed be coming back. In addition to her old suitcase, which I recognized from when she moved out of here last December, she had brought another nice new one which she had "borrowed" from Briggs for her trip. Between them, they held all the possessions she wanted to take with her. "He even lent me $500," she said, "which hell never see again!"
  • It was December 31, and once Sam saw Merryl in her shapely red dress he knew that he would have new plans for the New Year. The fact that she looked beautiful completed went unnoticed to Sam who said, "You didnt bring a black dress?" He had worn a tuxedo and wanted her to fall into place, too. She apologized profusely but there was no way to bring Sam back from the great beyond. He had crossed the line and there was no looking back. He wanted out of the relationship, so he slept with her one more time and then told her "that it wasnt going to work out between them." Merryl cried and cried but Sams feet were had been firmly placed in cement shoes. It was over and Sam was out of luck with the red dress blues.
  • I had somehow managed to avoid looking my cell phone for the last thirty minutes and that was a miracle. Ember would be changing classes in less than nine minutes and I wanted to be back before the bell rang if possible. I tried unsuccessfully to pry my phone away from Willow.
  • I wanted her to know. I wanted her to find out what she was. I wanted her to be in my life. If the Quatre wouldnt let me be with her, I wanted at least to be around her. I couldnt understand this attraction, but I knew what I wanted. I would help her learn about herself, then she might learn who I was without being shocked by it. That was my hope.
  • Katie was sitting on the floor in shorts. She leaned toward her outstretched left leg. Stretches. We had planned to go for a walk. Id told her I had something I wanted us to talk about.
  • Mr. Dayton showed very little emotion, but Dax was able to note and read what little did show through. His adopted father knew something, Dax was sure of it. He was also sure that if his father wanted to share his suspicions, he would.
  • Gerin pulled the blade away, "I do not want your throne." He slipped back to pick up his other sword and sheathed them both, "I wanted a challenge." And, as if moments ago they were not trying to take each other's lives, the General knelt down in front of his King.
  • The hallway was dimly lit by candlelight, not enough to make out fine details, but more than sufficient to see the silhouettes of the men before him less than ten yards away. Slowed by heavy armour, and in Bartlett's case, age, Aiden was closing the gap, until they appeared to split up at the end of the corridorthe warrior went to the right, while Bartlett continued on down the passage on the left. A brief moment of indecision flashed through the young adventurer's mind, but it wasn't really a tough call to makehe wanted Bartlett, the man responsible for this entire situation, and that other mercenary would get what was coming to him soon enough.
  • Dexter sighed. "It's a beautiful little rock, I'll admit," he said. "I'll not stop anyone that wants to. We've flown shorthanded before."
  • "What horse could? Listen, after we check to see if we have any deliveries at our nearest secret drop-off, we'll get a good meal someplace in Peotta and listen for whatever news we can pick up." She wanted to say more but she could see he was concentrating so hard on something else that he wouldn't have heard her. When he finally looked up, she met his gaze.
  • Vannard shrugged. "It was you who wanted to lug him with us anyway." A dagger flashed in his hand. At the same moment fire erupted from Saalteinamariva's fingertips.
  • They decided against visiting the Georgia Aquariumtoo much time inside a building, as incredible as it wasand the new World of Coca-Cola wasnt going to be open for another few weeks. But Sarah couldnt pass up a tour of the CNN Center; besides, it was less than an hour long. At the end of the tour, Sarah asked a few pointed questions and picked up a couple business cards of the people she wanted to come back and talk to when the HIV trial was over in Greenville. Its high time CNN started telling the truth to the rest of the world about these HIV tests, she decided, and Im going to do what I can to make that happeneven though she wasnt supposed to be thinking about the trial today.
  • "Yeah, I didn't get my damn coffee and beignets." It was absolutely vital he understand how pissed off I was at not being able to live my normal life. I wanted someone else to be as upset and frustrated as I was and if it meant me sounding like a whiner, so be it. I'd be damned if I was going to suffer alone or quietly. I may have been named for saints and martyrs, but no way in hell did I have the disposition of either.
  • Jack studied the double loading doors where the portal was supposed to be. The pair of Branwyns were conjuring their magicks there, repeating their spells and changing slight variations to see if something else would work. Hell, he wanted to pace too but he wasnt sure that Anarion would take it the right way. The elf was uber-anxious and ready to take someone apart on general principal, and Jack wasnt sure if his pacing might seem as though he cared for Mirie in the same way that the prince did.
  • Julian wanted to punch something. He did understand. It wasn't as big of a deal as most on the council seemed to think it was, but it was worth going after. The plans for stealing the medallions came to Julian only a year after he had been on the council. He remembered being told all about the secrets of the Jekyll Rock fortress. In a place that few had seen there was a large, flat, stone wall known simply as Marenon's Map. It was ancient, and the Erellens laid claim to its handiwork, just as they did with the medallions. Much of the story of the medallions and their beginning was now lost in history, but their uses were well known. In front of Marenon's Map stood a stone pedestal with six round slots in which the six medallions of each territory in Marenon could be placed. With each medallion the map revealed the activity of anything currently happening in that specific territory. It was like a live-action map. If one had the medallion of Mudav, the territory of the Stühocs, one could see anything happening in Mudav with a bird's eye view.
  • The word quark was coined by American physicist Murray Gell-Mann (b. 1929) in its present sense. It originally comes from the phrase "Three quarks for Muster Mark" in Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. On June 27, 1978, Gell-Mann wrote a private letter to the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, in which he related that he had been influenced by Joyce's words: "The allusion to three quarks seemed perfect." (Originally, only three quarks had been discovered.) Gell-Mann, however, wanted to pronounce the word with (o) not (), as Joyce seemed to indicate by rhyming words in the vicinity such as Mark. Gell-Mann got around that "by supposing that one ingredient of the line 'Three quarks for Muster Mark' was a cry of 'Three quarts for Mister . . . ' heard in H.C. Earwicker's pub," a plausible suggestion given the complex punning in Joyce's novel.
  • Chuck saw Rubby from a different angle because he still held onto those old values he'd learned in grade school. "Take care of your brother. Every person is important to our democracy. America's greatness comes from the strong protecting the weak." Chuck's life had exposed it as a load of bullshit, but his gut still wanted to believe the valued platitudes.
  • Italys Pier Luigi Bersani, the front-runner to succeed Prime Minister Mario Monti, wants markets to know he has fully abandoned the Communist allegiance of his youth.
  • "Right." Emma nods. She decides not to mention that guns are on her list of things she fears, ever since her fathers suicide. Even the sight of one in the hands of a professional brings back memories that she neither needs nor wants at the moment. Instead she settles and simply adds, "I understand." After all, despite her apprehension, she agrees.
  • "Strader said we didnt have to report in to her. In fact, he wants to keep you away from her. Were to continue checking in with him."
  • Only twenty-five years old, she said those words as so many young men had heard them. Once the diagnosis was delivered, one or two years were all that remained. A cruel malady, twisted with a discriminating, isolating grip; in growing more ill, death approaching, no one wanted anything to do with those affected.
  • When Blair walked into Georgia, he wanted to be seen with the best. Miss Georgia seemed like a good place to start when Blair met Tracey at a benefit for the American Cancer Society. He also made similar moves around the world, dating everyone from models to heiresses to princesses. His dating resume was truly a whos who of the finest women in the worldat least on paper.
  • John Baker sorely missed his best friend and felt the loss deeply. But he had a job to do, and he knew Ben would have wanted him to carry on with all the strength and courage he could muster. After all, the trial was nearing an end, and there would be plenty of time afterwards for mourning.
  • "Of course, we had to decline his offer that night because we promised you that wed go straight homeno pit stopsno detours. You should recognize the language because thats a quote from you. I was forced to give him a rain check because he wants to get better acquainted with her…"
  • "Clearly we are not wanted here. For some reason these people are angry at us and I don't intend to stay here and talk it over." he said determinately as the crowd began to make more noise and started to follow them.
  • "Well, If Jesus wanted everyone to get a perfect key to the kingdom, he would have set it up so that they got instruction directly from him, or from someone trained by him to teach. That way he would know that everyone got proper instruction. If the key to the kingdom started to move out by word of mouth, things would get so mixed up it would become useless. This is like the example of passing a story from one person to another. Eventually, the story is nothing like the original. If the key to the kingdom had to be just right to open the door, then it would have been necessary to keep the personal instruction a secret so that everyone had a chance to get the key directly from Jesus or from one of his trained apostles. Yeah, this explains the whole thing."
  • Gerasim, being a servant who in his time had seen many strange things, accepted Pierre's taking up his residence in the house without surprise, and seemed pleased to have someone to wait on. That same evening--without even asking himself what they were wanted for--he procured a coachman's coat and cap for Pierre, and promised to get him the pistol next day. Makar Alexeevich came twice that evening shuffling along in his galoshes as far as the door and stopped and looked ingratiatingly at Pierre. But as soon as Pierre turned toward him he wrapped his dressing gown around him with a shamefaced and angry look and hurried away. It was when Pierre (wearing the coachman's coat which Gerasim had procured for him and had disinfected by steam) was on his way with the old man to buy the pistol at the Sukharev market that he met the Rostovs.
  • "But it seems, everywhere I go, trouble follows. It doesn't seem safe to be near me," she said, wanting to tell Benjin about the destruction of the grove, but she could not bring herself to speak of it.
  • She was so disappointed. She wanted to forgive him, but the fact was he had hurt her and for the moment, she couldnt forget that.
  • It was funny. Shed spent the hours since releasing the earl and his men hating her husband with an incredible passion, just waiting for him to return so she could confront him, say what she wanted to say and leave him for good. It had struck her to the coreafter all shed done for him since hed agreed to give their marriage another chance, after sleeping with him, making sure his clothing and his chamber were clean, taking control of the servantsit had stung her that after all her efforts, hed tried to get rid of her anyway. And yet, it was funny that when hed smiled at her on the steps, her stomach had twisted painfully and she had wished so desperately that there wasnt any bad feeling between them.
  • Two men stopped before the gate. Amaranthe, staring at the floor, saw them at the edge of her vision. The surgeon and a single guard, carrying a repeating crossbow. She feigned a stupor. She was not a threat; at least, that's what she wanted them to think.
  • He waited, the smoke drifting over him, astonished that a religion capable of the beauty of her dance could treat death with such barbarity. At last, to his infinite relief, the servants indicated they could leave. They gathered up the pot of sacred fire and took his arm to lead him away. It was then he had pulled away, wanting to be alone with her one last time. Finally, no longer able to check his tears, he had turned and started blindly up the steps, alone.
  • I wanted to laugh but I tried to look stern instead. "Now, Lester, we agreed I was to decide anything that came up and that my decision would be final. Isn't that right?"
  • But to see that, she would have to turn, and that was the last thing she wanted. All she wanted was to lie next to Dan, snorting or not, perhaps entice him to wake by some small, rhythmic movements. She tried that, but he began to snore.
  • He knew how much I wanted to learn about humans, and how important having a human girl friend was. One day he asked me a peculiar question about how I went about making friends with them.
  • I stiffened. Evil bitch, I thought in my head at her, and then felt instantly bad. I tried to never use language that I didn't want my children using, and "bitch" would definitely not be a word I wanted hear out of a four year-old's mouth. I amended it to "Vicious, back-biting spider," all in my head of course.
  • Once she had climbed out from under the demon, she tried to sit back down again, but the bird wouldn't let her. It kept egging her on as she limped along the baked beach. Her left arm burned every time she tried to move it, so she stopped trying to do that. Meanwhile the bird plucked at her clothes, pushed at her ankles with its head. She complained a couple of times that she didn't know where they were going, and she didn't want to walk, she wanted to sit down, but it didn't listen to her. Soon she lost the strength even to argue, and she dumbly let the bird push her onward.
  • She nodded and took me home. We didn't talk much on the way there, mostly because I was feeling pretty bitter and she was still upset. I wanted so badly to tell her that it was me, not her, which caused the animals to act like that. I really, really hated to admit it to myself, but the fact of the matter was that when the snake tried to attack us I got that sick, unclean and empty feeling I had been feeling off and on since leaving the hospital.
  • "Yes!" He had never seen her so livid, even when she had wanted him to send Olwen back to her uncle. He didnt know much about women and their moods, not as much anyway as Delamere, and he wasnt sure how he was supposed to react to her insulting anger. He knew exactly what hed do if it were a man who was speaking to him in such a manner.
  • Scott pulled out a chair at the table for her. The dinette set had been a hasty, last-minute find at the Goodwill store. He wanted her to have a place to do her homework and eat supper.
  • His words made me feel ill. I was lying to him, and all he wanted was for me to feel safe. I didn't deserve his trust. After all, I hadn't given him all of mine. Before he could kiss my lips, I darted away.
  • Erickson's two years in a minimum security prison gave him a chance to further compartmentalize his life, and focus on what he really wanted to do with the rest of his years. Being married and spending time with his kids were no longer an option, as Lori Erickson literally cleaned house six months after Billy's surprise incarceration.
  • "Hey, that's a really good idea. There've been some real suspicious things happening lately." His mind was filled with a vision of the electronic fortress. Cameras and microphones. Monitors lining his nest. "What kind of security would I need if I wanted to see down the street and around the corner and shit? And all the doors. And inside." He passed Ben the weed and the lighter. Judy passed him the booze.
  • Lanyan hoped his words would have an effect, any effect; but Carsis was devoid of emotion and he stood fully towards the Elf. Lan's voice had fallen on empty ears. Only rage and dissension was evident. Carsis, for years, had no desire to understand the things around him; he only fed the hedonistic side of his soul. He didn't see that he was in danger of crossing a line, losing his fianc and his friend. He still only saw what he wanted and desired, and only those that stood in his way. "What will you dofriend? Shoot me?" He clenched his fists so tightly that Lanyan swore he heard the flesh of his fingers straining.
  • "Anna Ignatyevna wants to see you, Nicholas," said she, pronouncing the name so that Nicholas at once understood that Anna Ignatyevna was a very important person. "Come, Nicholas! You know you let me call you so?"
  • "We shall if everybody wants it; it can't be helped.... But believe me, my dear boy, there is nothing stronger than those two: patience and time, they will do it all. But the advisers n'entendent pas de cette oreille, voila le mal.* Some want a thing--others don't. What's one to do?" he asked, evidently expecting an answer. "Well, what do you want us to do?" he repeated and his eye shone with a deep, shrewd look. "I'll tell you what to do," he continued, as Prince Andrew still did not reply: "I will tell you what to do, and what I do. Dans le doute, mon cher," he paused, "abstiens-toi"*[2]--he articulated the French proverb deliberately.
  • "Even the slaves are better off in Islam, Madame. A slave can be rich and powerful. The Mamelukes are slaves. Even the great Baibars is accounted a slave. In fact, because I had been a soldier, it was eventually the Mamelukes who took me in. Life became even better for me then. The Arabs and the Turks, people born Muslims, they do not trust converts, but the Mamelukes are all converts, so it did not matter to them that I had once been a Christian. Eventually, I came to serve Baibars himself. He wanted to know everything I could tell him about the Christian part of the world."
  • It was to have been a relaxing afternoon in the Artists' Quarter: a cup of wine, a walk along the Promenade, a show later in the evening, the final performance of The Yellow King. I'd wanted to see it for weeks. I'd finally been able to filch a ticket. All in all, I was looking forward to an enjoyable few hours.
  • Leeton had gone very still, but Russ did not trust him enough to let him up. The King turned his murderously angry gaze from Liseli to Ricalli, and Russ was sure he didnt plan on just letting them do whatever they wanted with him.
  • She wanted to answer, but he said, "Wasnt a question, lady," then hooted and puffed on his pipe. "But do not you worry, Im not one to pry. Youve done the courtesy of company, myself of rations, and its good like that. No need for one to know more about the other than the first willing to tell. I dont have to know as much as your name. You can just be my lady by the river."
  • For a five hundred and twenty pound, ten-foot-tall ogre, Charlie moved pretty quietly when he wanted to. I turned slowly, trying to pretend his sudden appearance hadnt scared the bejeezus out of me.
  • Diotitus sat back in his chair and thought about the request. Gerard wanted a couple unsaved lackeys to steal the thoughts of an unsaved and insane woman. Images of Tif crossed his mind and he felt helpless about waking her from her drooling state. Beneath a sky deemed to be his own, moments of In-Life fluttered across the recesses of his mind. He recalled his childhood of privilege, adventures as a Greek soldier, promotion to commander, and his brief ascension to the status of a god. In the handful of weeks as a god, he couldnt even muster a rain cloud or enchant a rune. It was all a sham.
  • From seemingly out of nowhere, my Boo-bear appeared. I had no idea how long he had been standing in front of me before I noticed him. He reached his small hand out, so he could hold mine. The silver mist wrapped around his hand. It obviously wanted to include him in our embrace.
  • "The farmers reached several guard posts within the city limits quite a while ago," the serp said more to himself than to Chal, but he wanted the goblin to listen as well. "Theyve had plenty of time to rouse their forward scouts. Indeed, they have already recalled their outer patrols and have mounted several soldiers on horseback. These soldiers are not moving out. Why not?"
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