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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Don't have to," the tall one assured him. "I know Sarkonians who'll buy them, and they won't tell their bosses what they got either, let alone where they got them." Scar-face wanted to say something else but the young one cut him off.
  • "None," he said feebly. Then as the fever rose in his eyes and even flushed his pallid face, he said excitedly, "I had a master once--one I perilled my soul for. He knows I am dying; but, spite of all my letters, he will not come. He wants me dead, he wants me dead--and his wish is coming to pass now."
  • "You see, brothers..." said he when the shouts had ceased... and all at once his voice and the expression of his face changed. It was no longer the commander in chief speaking but an ordinary old man who wanted to tell his comrades something very important.
  • After waving goodbye to her future mate as he left in the red truck with his grandfather, Sarahs weekend felt so slow. She wouldnt see him for a month and that thought kept her spirits down. She so badly wanted to be near him and secretly figure out his plans, but that wouldnt happen.
  • And now we come to the way these test results are interpretedhow someone makes a determination about which results are Positive and which are not. Right now there are ten different ways to interpret a so-called HIV Western Blot Antibody test. Youre going to see a chart of these ten different ways, and how someone can test Positive using one set of criteria and not test Positive using another set. Thats a big problem for Mr. Armand if he wants to prove that my client was correctly diagnosed as HIV-Positive, and therefore had the means of infectingand murderingBeth Ann Brooks.
  • She hung up without saying goodbye. I closed my eyes and lightly banged my forehead with the phone several times. "Guess what!" I asked the girls when I no longer wanted to smash something. "Granny's coming over after naptime!"
  • "What are you going to do?" he asked her later. They were lying on the bed, holding each other loosely as if they wanted to hold on to the touch of each other a little longer.
  • "You went back to the real world to kill a lion. The tribe had taken your warrior membership card away. You wanted it back."
  • "I thought it would be easier from a strategic standpoint to simply let Samuel replicate the hoard, but he wanted to let the hunters free. Must have still had some guilt in keeping Cal down there?"
  • He followed, surrounded by officers, only one EMT. Their steps were also hurried and Summer gripped Dan. She had seen it all except Terry getting hit, but no one would need to tell her how it occurred, for she had heard the gunshot taking Terry down. Rafe had pistol whipped Terry, subduing him as Dan and Summer approached, what Dan told Jack Hardy as they stood in Jordan Howers kitchen. Dan would make a full account at the station, but Jack wanted Summer to just go home. Jordan would provide a statement, Elisa too.
  • They were quiet again and she knew he wanted to make love to her, but they ate and drank and talked again and time passed.
  • Lanyan and the others still did not. Graham had asked that they be patient once they left Kaldus. He wanted them close to Sharia before they rested and they had lost time recovering the horses that wandered during the capture. Gnert's contraption was right where they left it; yet he no longer rode ahead of them, instead found a safe spot right next to the largest man in the groupSamsun.
  • "She could probably kill everyone here if she wanted to without batting an eyelid," Pacian warned the Commander. "She has mysterious powers." Armin looked at Sayana dubiously.
  • When you thought about it, it made sense, this kind of living. You got to know your neighbors well, and when you wanted to get away from them, a short walk in any direction would take you somewhere peaceful.
  • Sallis ti Ath returned the smile. "Another commission?" he asked, stretching out a hand to take the letter. Oston was right; the sylphs and his father could wait a little longer. He might even arrange a ship to take four sylphs to his father's farm on Re Annan. "Olista wants me to hunt someone else?"
  • Marthe waited in their room, Kells footsteps in the kitchen. Nate was delayed and she just wanted to get this underway, start this new chapter in their relationship, one where the man she cared for might share more of his sex life with her. Even if it meant another person involved, Marthe wanted Kell to be all hers.
  • "Yes, you might say that....oh Teri.. it's so good to see you laughing. I know you would have liked the place anyway, but they just wanted to make sure."
  • "Why the fuck not? He did! He went off all cocked, went right off the fucking edge of the world. He left them Autumn, LEFT THEM." Summer didnt shout, didnt scream, but her children squealed in peals of giggles. "He left them, that drunk sonovabitch. Just fucking ignored all we ever were to him. We never mattered to him Autumn, never. If I want to matter to someone, well pardon me. Excuse me for wanting some small piece of my life back. Ex-cuse the fuck out of me!"
  • 'Yes, yes,’ Hal said snappishly. 'Im getting a bit sick of this Runeblade business. No one asked me if I wanted anything to do with it. I just want to get out of here with Gwen and Eric and go home…’ He halted, remembering what Prince Helgrim had done to his home and family.
  • Theseus nods. "In himself, he is; but in this kind, wanting your fathers voice, the other must be held the worthier."
  • Alastor, still facing the entrance, grows darker, focused beyond Dahlia and Gawain and the prisoners. His knuckles become white as he redoubles his grip on his weapon. Gawain comes about, wanting to see what has caught Alastor's attention. The room with the dead priests has soundlessly filled with soldiers, swords drawn. In their midst a muscular man, covered in black plate armor with red trim, stands with his arms crossed, smiling. His size, armor and demeanor leave no doubt that he controls the soldiers.
  • The authorities were fearful sword fighting would become a challenge sport; neither they nor Father Francis would permit it. They neednt have worried, no one in Cambridge wanted to challenge Edward. Nevertheless, his teaching and his patronage were valued. They would have been more so had Edward the patience of a teacher, to Father Francisdisappointment he had not.
  • Gods are actually ordinary people who had eaten the forbidden fruit on Earth. They wanted badly to merge into the main stream of universal consciousness, they also wanted peace and there was only one way out for themunplug all sensory inputs from their systemwith each and every bite on the apple, cut off all desires and reach the state in which all of you are now, if not for my incessant yapping. I shall stop here and leave you with nirvana for company just another 30 secondsgive you the feeling of what its like to be God, poor God.
  • That sounded nice to Anna. Someone who wanted something so simple and basic couldn't be evil. It didn't sound like Dan Cullen's idea of a normal relationship between a man and a woman. Her eyelids fluttered reluctantly.
  • Aside from surfer Blake, Sharon had only known true pleasure through Hartwell. And he was about as far as you could get from being a storybook romance. He basically took it when he wanted it, and she was only allowed to initiate occasionallyusually after he was killed and his self-esteem was only overbearing.
  • He pushed himself forward slowly, not wanting to suddenly alter his blood pressure and lose his precious little balance. His fingers scrabbled against the wet, grimy stone as he inched his way forward on hands and knees.
  • Brad blinked his eyes, wiped away a trace of spider web from his face. He thought of all the agony he had suffered since that day. Every time the phone rang had become a traumatic moment for him. He was sure it was Rita calling Carrie to tell her the awful thing her son had done. Whenever he had the faintest inkling his mother and Rita might be talking to each other the pit of his stomach would knot up in fear. It had happened over three months ago and he was still living with the guilt of wanting to see and touch Rita's bare breasts.
  • He sighed. "The king wanted to be married before the inevitable battle, and not just himself and Espriella: it was a day decreed by him for all Saeire Insu couples wanting to marry to do so. It would represent not just a commitment to each other, but to the new kingdom and the hope that they would live to see it survive. It is a holiday with us now, named after the kings fiance herself: Espriella Gloria."
  • "That must be so nice," Eliasha sighed. "Ive always wanted siblings. A sister, especially. Grandfathers so terribly overprotective that I have few friends besides servants. Otherwise I have to entertain all Grandfathers old, boring guests. You cant imagine how nice it is to have the both of you show up, youre—" she stopped and looked at Russ. "Are we forgetting you?" She affected a pout, which Liseli thought was a bit much.
  • The cemetery, of course. Raw material for a necromancer. I really wanted to be somewhere else. Unfortunately, I wasnt. "Carl, tell me about him."
  • "Wow.", Rose said when they walked through the lobby, back towards the door leading to the service elevator, "You really wanted to get rid of her!"
  • All she knew was that there were no cacti in this part of the desert, and this was no family vacation. She didnt even want to imagine the horrors that might be waiting for her in Las Vegas. The last time shed been in Vegas had been for a bachelorette party for Lana before shed married her scrawny, sickly-looking accountant of a husband. Omari had gotten wasted, which is an accomplishment for a Feathered person. Just like other drugs, they metabolized alcohol very quickly, and it was quite a feat to get more than just a little bit buzzed. Omari was trashed, and conservative Lana barely even drank anything, even though she had said that she wanted to have a wild evening before finally settling down. It had been fun at the time, but Omari had to hear about how shed ruined Lanas bachelorette party for years to come.
  • Dave, of course, knew what he and Sarah were going to do, but he wanted to be diplomatic and preserve a critical friendship. Actually, the unedited version that he was scared shitless of Bianca, and he really didnt want to be on her bad side, was more accurate. He thought about buying a house after his six-figure settlement finally arrived from his old companythe merger had taken a few months to complete and another four months before the two companies could successfully integrate their accounting systems.
  • Fenj lay now on the ledge of his cave. So many Cycles to ponder on, and now he was unsure whether he was being selfish in wanting to go beyond. They were so very young, Farn and Tika. Could they find the strength and the wisdom to do whatever lay before them? Fenj knew instinctively that trouble was not far off, for the world, not just these two, but they would certainly be in the midst of it.
  • Although we now outnumbered the Volturi, nobody wanted a conflict, and everyone but Jasper assumed a defensive position. Uncle Jasper liked to be prepared for anything.
  • The word quark was coined by American physicist Murray Gell-Mann (b. 1929) in its present sense. It originally comes from the phrase "Three quarks for Muster Mark" in Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. On June 27, 1978, Gell-Mann wrote a private letter to the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, in which he related that he had been influenced by Joyce's words: "The allusion to three quarks seemed perfect." (Originally, only three quarks had been discovered.) Gell-Mann, however, wanted to pronounce the word with (o) not (), as Joyce seemed to indicate by rhyming words in the vicinity such as Mark. Gell-Mann got around that "by supposing that one ingredient of the line 'Three quarks for Muster Mark' was a cry of 'Three quarts for Mister . . . ' heard in H.C. Earwicker's pub," a plausible suggestion given the complex punning in Joyce's novel.
  • Aft graduation, I told my mom that I was thinking of returning to New York. She told me that she wanted to leave New York, so we looked at each other and came to a mutually beneficial agreement. I would pay off the mortgage on the Miami Beach condo and give it to her. She, in turn, told me I could sell our West Barton house and keep the money.
  • Morgen wants to stay another night, but weve already spent more than we can afford on the cabin rental and the gas to get here. We have to just appreciate the experience for what it was. Its time to check out.
  • Fear pressed on my mind and made it hard to think, made it hard to remember he was here to talk, not hurt me. This demon, this vampire, who right now thirsted for my blood, wanted to talk. I'd left him here for half the night, hungry. He'd just sucked the life out of a Cleric, but it didn't seem to have been enough. She had been a small thing. But if I attacked it would be fatal, for he would succumb to his baser instinct.
  • "She would never do that," I said. "Shed kill them first. Sara wants total rule." I knelt down and laid my head in her lap.
  • "Wouldn't know," puffed Calpern, "All my dealings with politicians have been one-sided. They always wanted the biggest half of the pie. Where do you suppose this mayor wants to fit into this picture?
  • She wanted to rush in and help, but she feared that it would surprise Rommus and leave him open for the man to kill him. Her face twisted with worry for him, but she stood frozen as the men continued to fight. Her face contorted even more when she saw the man knee Rommus in the groin. He let out a short cry from the pain, but continued attacking and defending.
  • A flush stole over Miss Sutherland's face, and she picked nervously at the fringe of her jacket. "I met him first at the gasfitters' ball," she said. "They used to send father tickets when he was alive, and then afterwards they remembered us, and sent them to mother. Mr. Windibank did not wish us to go. He never did wish us to go anywhere. He would get quite mad if I wanted so much as to join a Sunday-school treat. But this time I was set on going, and I would go; for what right had he to prevent? He said the folk were not fit for us to know, when all father's friends were to be there. And he said that I had nothing fit to wear, when I had my purple plush that I had never so much as taken out of the drawer. At last, when nothing else would do, he went off to France upon the business of the firm, but we went, mother and I, with Mr. Hardy, who used to be our foreman, and it was there I met Mr. Hosmer Angel."
  • And he explained like one, a person, someone, can only explain in Russian, Vahan said, I wanted to see you, and only you.
  • "Range, the mage wants to test the Sword," Garon said from the doorway. Remmy was standing behind him, trying to look over his shoulder.
  • The mangled bodies had not bothered him, but her horror had. His reaction had angered him, amazed that he wanted to spare her the pain. It still brought him immense satisfaction to see the puny humans die, so why did he feel so differently about her? The pain of his injuries joined with the familiar pounding of his head in an all-encompassing throbbing that kept him awake for several hours, despite his exhaustion.
  • We discussed every possible scenario that we could imagineall the horrible ones and good ones. Wed all likely have to be admitted to a mental ward collectively afterwards, but how could I refuse? Im the one who wants Ember to have every normal childhood experience. Sweet Sixteen is about as traditional as it gets
  • And then she went on with some not so good. Joey Free's check had bounced and she was going to try it again in a few days. She'd called Joey's apartment and he hadn't been there. Wendel had answered the phone and told her Joey had gone to Los Angeles for three or four days and that he was holding the fort. Naturally, she hadn't said a word to Wendel about Joey's check coming back on us. She said Free had called Wendel that same morning, from Los Angeles, and had said he'd be back in three or four days, and that Wendel had said he'd stick close to Free's apartment, in case I wanted to get in touch with him about anything. I winked at Lester, got Long Distance, and said:
  • The Doctor rushed towards it and started tossing pieces of debris away with great haste. There was someone alive underneath the rubble and he wanted to excavate her as quickly as possible. As soon as he saw the red strands of hair, he knew it was Annika he had found and she was alive. Within moments she was pulled from the debris and she helped him look for Rose.
  • "You sure this is gonna work?" Rosh asked as he made ready to toss the inverted table where Dexter had explained that he wanted it.
  • I struggled to my feet, having to fall on the floor first to manage it. Helices and flaming balls and the sharp flashes of released energies were still rolling down through the top of the staircase. I was aware of the blood flowing down my left hand and the fiery mass of bruises along my front, but I wasnt going to let a little pain stop me now. The man fighting upstairs was my big hope for getting loose from Gashanatantra. If I was going to get him to do that, though, the thing he had to do first was deal with the aura Id set loose from the ring. I grabbed up the sword Monoch with my right hand. The sword was more sluggish than usual - it tried to do its turning-my-arm-inside-out number but its heart wasnt in it; all it really wanted to do now was lay around and digest. "Shut up and cooperate," I growled at it, and I was just starting toward the stairs when the wall into the temple and that side of the ceiling fell in.
  • Ambrosius sneered. "You think I could kill that thing even if I wanted to? No, as far as I'm concerned you can all starve. I don't care, not about the monster or the reward or the whole of the Hundred Boughs."
  • I offered to drive her home but I think she wanted to keep a low profile. Within seconds I walked back into the suite and was greeted by Chris holding a couple of beers. "Its good to have my dick back!" I exclaimed.
  • I spent the supper hour at the river, skipping stones and launching twiggy boats and swigging from a jug of Chenin Blanc. My anger at Diane had shrunk enough to look at. I admired her, liked her, by-god wanted her. But every time I reached toward her, she backed away.
  • It seemed he only wanted her lips, and she went along with it, beginning to enjoy herself. Tentatively, his tongue began to explore her lips, and then her gums and teeth. Fuck! His tongue would jag on her cavities! She launched her own to grapple with his. He flicked rather than thrust in response. He was dictating, which she could accept, but his lack of subtlety irritated her. She wished he could do all this without thinking, as if he had really mastered the skill, if he couldn't be naively sincere. She forced her tongue into his mouth again and he allowed her to plunge deeply, before disengaging and turning away.
  • She gave him a look like she wanted to clear the table and get busy right then and there. The guy had no shamethis woman was probably in her mid-40s, had a few kids, and was married. It was obvious from her reaction that she hadnt received a proposal like that for at least ten years; back then she was probably a waitress at swanky strip clubif there is such a thing.
  • They walked on and on underground, meeting other tunnels at intersections where the black riverscurrents met and mingled and flowed on under the streets above. Russ was tired but alert, feeling as if he were operating on adrenaline alone. He had to be alert; because he still didnt know what was going to be expected of him when they reached the underside of the palace. Hed given up asking Currun for information; the man opened up only when he wanted to and got pissed off when he didnt. When Currun did clue him in, he didnt want to miss it. Bastard, he thought again. He likes keeping me hanging on his every word.
  • "I dunno." Petie licked his lips with evident lust. "All I know is, Mad wants to be an Amazon queen. One of those power chicks who rule the world from behind the scenes."
  • Annie felt very alone since her husband died. Most of her days were empty, even in that big house of hers. Shed rise in the morning and sit at the kitchen table all day, unable to do the things she once enjoyed. She gave up her chickens and her extensive garden, unable to tend to either one properly. She simply didnt have the strength, or the will, to do what she wanted to.
  • It had been so long, she had wanted it to be right first time, knowing that it never had been. Given the chance, he could have given her comfort, the attention her body craved. It was true she had relished the power she had over him for those few moments, its delight heightened by fear, but it had quickly soured, and she wept in rage at whatever had made her act against herself.
  • Her hat box full of memories was sitting on her dresser. She had pulled it out to include her new items. I had paid the girl at the counter to wrap the box in the best paper and with the shiniest silver bow she could find. I wanted it to be special if Ember was going to carry it with her for the rest of her natural existence. That necklace cost a few grand. My sister loves the box and wrapping paper just as much as the gift inside. Sometimes I simply didnt understand that childmake that most of the time, I didnt understand her at all.
  • Since Jody killed himself. Since Jody hung his stupid self with the goddamned necktie I picked out for our wedding, Summer wanted to scream.
  • Cindys folks seemed resentful of yet another imposition on their pensioned lifestyle. Cindy had cajoled her folks to take the kids to Orlando with them, but the matter was still under negotiation. She wanted John to be the one to go down fetch them from Disney World if they ended up going. He hadnt agreed or disagreed. He simply couldnt think that far ahead.
  • "Yup, everyone wants his own car and melting ice at the poles is not enough to keep the sea level up. So were going to have to be more frugal. After all, what can we expect? With something like a billion airplanes in the air, all burning water for years. And the drought continues. Rain is seen as a gift from heaven these days."
  • I must admit, the odds were completely stacked against me but that didnt stop me from working my butt off that summer. I worked at a day camp all day and then worked out with free weights and played in basketball leagues at night. I also met this girl at camp named Jocelyn who just graduated high school. She was going to Cornell University in the fall but I was trying to take advantage of every moment we had together. I knew once she headed off to school that I would be just a summer memory. Part of me wanted more, but most of me was focused on recommitting myself both academically and athletically for my sophomore year.
  • "No, just those papers and that case. I have been waiting awhile for you to come back. I wanted you to have those." Minty watched Talon look over the items.
  • Another time a lady came into the store claiming she wanted to return a CD. The store policy at the time said that all products being returned get a little yellow sticker at the door so customer service would know it was brought from outside the store. The lady took the CD back to the computer department and transferred the little yellow sticker from her $14.99 CD onto a $1499.99 iMac computer. Then she tried to return the computer, but since she didnt have a receipt with it, the store sent her home, with the iMac. Once the store figured out what had happened a company wide policy was implemented which changed the little yellow sticker policy to a multi-coloured sticker policy. Each colour represented a specific price range. A week later some asshole tried a similar thing, but when the computer didnt have the right coloured sticker, he was busted.
  • Nosey bitch. He knew that she knew. She just wanted to find out all about it, to wallow in the details, to sympathise and show how adept she was at reaching the truth through her psychoanalytical probing. Nosiness, it used to be called. He glared at her. The victory was hers, of course, she would dictate the terms and he would be forced to comply. So be it.
  • I had made the unfortunate mistake of telling Willow about my 'Eli-slinging-cartoon-outline-analogythat consumed my thoughts while he was suspended over my head. She had cleverly made up the term 'go sketchbecause of her resulting mental image of his body shape outline on the wall if I had tossed him through it like I wanted to do.
  • Cecily chewed on her bottom lip some more. "Look Piper, a lot is riding on your application. The USB is pretty split on the human question right now. The side I work for wants you in. We want you in bad. That's why I've been protecting you for the last four years. The other side," she stopped and then shrugged. "Why beat around the bush? They want you dead."
  • What humans liked best, as far as she could see, was not sex or fighting each other or making money. These were just the things they thought they liked doing best. What they really liked was organising the world, categorising people, listing them and putting them in order so that they could always lay their hands on them. Making up a huge ledger of humanity to keep everything and everyone in their place. They seemed to find doing this reassuring; all trying fervently to make order out of what was essentially chaos. It had never changed, and it was very different from what they believed they wanted. But when a man wishes for power, what he actually wants is to be the one at the top of the list, the person who draws up the ledger and organises all the rest. Those without power console themselves with organising their CD collection. It is the reason that parents interfere with their children's marriages.
  • He closed his eyes in pain, then turned them on her again, burning. "I cannot believe that God wants people to live like statues - or bodiless spirits. This life you have chosen, what is it but fear and hiding, knowing one day those pigs will catch you and burn you alive? Diane, I will take you anywhere you want. You will be safe with me. I will take you away from this war, to Italy. It is beautiful in Italy. There are places there where the Inquisition has no power. You can live as you like. Think of the children we could have."
  • Timmi broke loose and raced toward the Graffees’. Timmi swung open the Graffeesfront door without knocking. Mary Jean Graffee sat at a long table by the bay window looking through some old story boards of two of her favorite movies she had produced. Timmi stumbled down the stairs and stopped next to her. "I hate him! All he wants to do is beat on me and blame me for his lonely, pathetic life. I wish he would die. Be torn apart by the thing in that Mavispool. Or maybe he will be shot by my Charles. He is going to have that Mavis and that Mavis is going to like it. Charles will find out and shoot both of them." She pointed her finger and made a pop sound with her lips. "He beat me again."
  • "And that was why she shrieked and fainted when she saw the coronet," cried Mr. Holder. "Oh, my God! what a blind fool I have been! And his asking to be allowed to go out for five minutes! The dear fellow wanted to see if the missing piece were at the scene of the struggle. How cruelly I have misjudged him!"
  • As the pair gabbed in the hot summer sun, a motorcycle cop cruised up, then pulled a U-turn. He flipped his flashers on and burped the siren once or twice. Chuck and Rubby scanned the streets to figure out what the police wanted this time.
  • I staggered then, but the song swept me up again and pulled me along in its wake. I wanted to stop, to rest, but the music would not let go. It called to me, commanded me, forced itself upon me and ravished me with the promise of bliss and nirvana. Extreme pleasure and pain are but opposite sides of the same coin, and that coin tottered on its edge so that I laughed and cried, and couldnt tell the difference.
  • After days of rain, at last they woke to a clear bright day, albeit frosty cold. Mim was entranced with the white hoar coating each smallest piece of plant. He went off in search of Lorak, even before breakfast, wanting to know how the plants dealt with this weather, the Nagum woodlands rarely enduring such cold. Ashta said she would accompany him.
  • Cassandra. She was almost nine and she was beautiful. Arnie wondered why he ever thought of her as an ugly baby. He was proud, a proud father of a beautiful young girl. He had asked Melly if she wanted a boy, but Melly just smiled and said that she was happy with her baby girl, no more children, not now, not ever. Arnie accepted that and loved Melly even more for her strong will and determination.
  • I considered making a "Do Not Enter" sign to let Agnes and the others know I wanted privacy, but I knew that if Ella Mae or Mrs. Shadowford wanted to come in, they could. Then again, I thought, Mrs. Shadowford was in a wheelchair. I hadnt noticed any kind of elevator or special contraption to move her upstairs, so maybe it was only Ella Mae and the other girls I had to worry about when it came to privacy.
  • Christianson wanted to hang out with Rogers the following night, be he had returned to Arizona to take care of some family business, or so he he told his younger charge. He then turned to Erickson, who had just returned from a week with one of his girlfriends in Europe and was looking to catch up on some sleep.
  • "Really?" Connor wanted to go on with this for his plan to work. "Ok, Jillian, could you and Sarah fortify Jack for me please?"
  • The thief was cleaning his nails with a thin blade while leaning against the wall. He knew his friend wanted him to admit his mistake. Melegal always played these games, but had never got him to acknowledge any failure. And the thief was always too impatient to pass up the next business transaction. The man wanted to regain his lost pro?ts.
  • Rordan made a glum face and said, "We havent seen the clogger yet. Even the rapids over there look bad. The Skipper just wants to make her schedule."
  • The waitresses got to know me by name. They never charged me for more than six or seven drinks. One of them - she was Indian or Asian, I couldn't really tell - wanted to be a model, but she had a lazy eye, so she was never going to get any work. She called herself Mercedes, but I didn't think that was her real name. I was in love with her even though she was going out with the actor.
  • I just wanted to clarify a few things on this class of the professor. You might have heard about it from the teller and I am not a teller or professor myself but in plain and simple Godly terms, "trouble shooting humans", is an endeavor which is increasingly becoming very important for my day to day survival. Initially humans developed as a means of communication for Gods. We were increasingly getting tired of the quantum ocean of pure consciousness with its irritating drone of Aummmmmmmm emerging from the depths like a burp from time to time serving as our only input. We decided we needed badly to have some fun. Bathe in a running stream for instance. Yeah! Yawn. The stream of consciousness beats the ocean any day, yawn. Goshthose streaming videos last night were real tiring.
  • Just barely, Amaranthe had the discipline to walk outside, where the crowd had dissipated, before ripping her sword out and hurling it at the closest wall. The point glanced off instead of sinking in with a satisfying thunk, and the weapon clattered onto the frosty sidewalk. She stalked over, grabbed it, and thought about throwing it again. She really wanted to skewer something.
  • This was a bit of a shock. An Elf wanted to test him? Keither would understand if Mantic wanted to see what Legon could do, but him? What benefit would that be?
  • "Really," Humphries said, "Its a little too gay for me, especially for only one night, but nobody wants to the hear the opinions of an old man."
  • "My parents told me I couldnt." As Overlord, Lucifer can grant a reprieve, but only if the mates are not expecting. "They wanted another grandchild."
  • My heart sank. I had strong feelings for Ash and I felt like ripping his head off for even thinking of her like that. It was like a blow to the stomach. Yet I knew he was right. Jason wanted a partner. By law she was right for him, not me. I was supposed to continue fucking and killing humans as needed. After all, how could someone actually care about a monster like me?
  • I wanted to protest, but if anything Rachel was being too kind. I'd seen Tim trying to sound out the captions underneath the pictures in Sports Illustrated of his favorite pro football players.
  • Sara gripped the edge of the table, her words spilling out faster. "Another man grabbed Eric. I screamed and went after him. One of the men grabbed me before I got to Eric. Mr. Casey looked worried as I tried to get the man to let go of me. He asked the old man what he wanted done with me. I could feel the old mans eyes go over every inch of my body. He said that I wouldnt make a good soldier, but hed put me to good use.
  • Omaris adventurous side was actually one of the things that usually made her and Noah so compatible. As an E.R. doctor, it was no surprise that he was an adrenaline junkie. He enjoyed going spontaneous and sometimes dangerous adventuresanything extreme was typically an enjoyable time for him, and he loved that Omari could keep up with him and then some. Until recently, at least. Now everyone wanted to encase her in some glass bubble like she was a fragile porcelain doll. Considering how many times shed broken her body or nearly died, she wasnt doing a good job of convincing them otherwise. And so at the end of the day it seemed that she was both the child, and a childs broken doll all in one. Great.
  • She didnt have the will to respond to any of that, and instead just sat there shaking, and secretly hoping that one of those bastards would just hurry it up and shoot her back up with drugs. As much as she hated feeling out of control, she was tired of dealing with everything. Tired of processing the pain, tired of processing her feelings of betrayal, anger, and paranoia. She wished for oblivion, and for once she was willing to succumb to the advice of those in charge to get it. And whether she wanted it or not, she had the feeling that she was going to get it one way or another.
  • The halls once again became a monotonous blur, and the dull cadence of their steps, a lullaby. Exhaustion dogged Catrin, and every step was a struggle. She leaned on Benjin, and they shuffled along together. Her vision blurred as she walked in a stupor, kept upright by only Benjin and her staff. Not wanting to complain, she did her best to deal with the fatigue, but it was overpowering. Her eyelids were leaden, her eyes burned, and she let Benjin guide her.
  • `After that first night with Sascha,' she began, and laughed as he perked up. `After that first night with Sascha, I began to see him constantly. He was a strange one. Sometimes he refused to come, said he wanted to conserve his essence.'
  • Suddenly, he was ten years old againhis parents had just rented a hot air balloon and young Trevor was peering over the edge of the basket, right before the balloon lifted off the ground. In a matter of seconds, the city below shrank to the size of a miniature model set. The people below looked like insects, the buildings no bigger than toy trucks, the roads extending much farther than Trevor thought was possible. He wanted to look away, but for some terrible reason Trevor kept looking down, his knuckles white as he gripped the basket.
  • He hadn't brought up the subject of fulfilling her destiny lately. She still didn't believe a word of it. Who witched this Oscar into being and for what? All she wanted was to go home, if only she could figure out where she was and how to get the clan to take her back.
  • The Clerics were shouting now, fighting. Though the fairy-lord would be able to handle himself, I spared a look for Devlin to check he was doing okay. The vision of necks snapping, a knife in the eye, and the sight of a Cleric going limp as the bones of his body shattered when it connected with a tree trunk, was not something I wanted to see or get a look at in more detail.
  • "Good question," said the snake. "Get on my back theres somebody who wants to see you. She can answer all your questions."
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