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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • Holli offered her own view point. "It may be that he lost much of his forces to Rysons attack and he had no other alternative but to find an ally. It may not be something he wanted to do, but perhaps he felt it was necessary. Or perhaps it was the sorceress that pressed the alliance and the serp truly had no choice. How could he fight her if she is as powerful as Enin says and he had just lost the majority of his own forces?"
  • The insane music kept pounding away in the background, giving Muammar a headache. He wondered what this devil wanted of him. "Allah is all-powerful, he answered finally.
  • Recognizing them from the photograph, she had easily found Garrett and Emily sitting together. Willow introduced herself as Embers sister. They exchanged pleasantries and then I channeled a few obliterations. I needed them to open up and not feel nervous about talking to Willow. They saw her at the birthday party, but we didnt have time to waste on too much nonsense. I wanted the information then I wanted Willow out of that environment pronto.
  • Amanda ordered a light breakfast, sat at a window and stared out onto the early morning traffic. What had possessed her? A ridiculous situation where she had let her imagination get the better of her, letting fly with a fanciful murder investigation worthy of a Miss Marple novel. Kirkwood was mostly right. She did want out. She wanted to escape, and perhaps that was why she let her imagination run. Created a theory and tried to force them into a shape of murderous intent.
  • The other two decided to stay put. Ryson almost wanted to commend them for their intelligence, but he doubted they would understand.
  • "Now tell me whats so interesting about you that Kandek wants you back so badly?" Mark turned to me as Ivy poured his drink. "I know its not your wig straightening abilities."
  • You all shuffle in without talking. The chapel is large, beautiful, and old, by Florida standards, anyway. A plain wooden cross hangs on the wall. Stained glass shows creatures of the earth, not scenes from The Bible. The pews are wooden, dark and handsome and uncomfortable, despite or because of hard thin pads. If anyone wanted to be here, it might feel religious.
  • Summer turned, Nat already back to the TV. "Be there in a minute." Maybe this would turn his head from the Yankees to a more local team. Dan had already said he wanted to take the kids to some games next year, too busy building the new room to attend any in 2010. In 2011 an infant would join them, but Summer was willing and maybe Forest and Betsy might come along. Maybe Spring and John, make another Bay Area vacation out of it. Summer wanted that, wished to see the beach with Dans hand in hers, their child in his arms. She smiled, then noted headlights approach. Dan was home!
  • Once all of their bags appeared, Noah stacked them all on a cart, herded them out to the street and hailed a cab for the two of them to pile into. Omari wanted to wait until they got back to Santa Cruz so they could get some real food, but Noah was adamant that she eat something in San Jose. He had the cab drive go stop at a drive through, where he ordered a large combo meal for Omari, who was less than thrilled.
  • As the headache ebbed to a more bearable level, he rose and walked outside, glancing irritably at the sun, which rose in golden glory, a point of hot white light that stabbed at his eyes. He was still not used to its brightness. He preferred the dim, warm caverns of the Underworld, which the inner fire's lurid glow lighted. Why his father wished to conquer this awful place was beyond him. He just wanted to go home. He found the sun too bright, the nights too cold, and revolting water had fallen from the sky until he had learnt to control the weather. Banishing the clouds, however, brought out the sun in renewed fury. Gathering the fleecy white puffballs to block out the hated sun inevitably led to a drenching. Either way, he could not win, and now rarely bothered to interfere with the weather other than to deflect gathering storms.
  • "Good girl. Ive got someone who wants to meet ya. His name is Travis Jonesbut itll be Captain Jones, or Master depending on what he wants, to you," explains Jag as they walk in the direction of a car with tinted windows. "Well have to drive there, though. If you cause me any trouble at all Ill whip you. And if you try to run away Ill shoot you." He points to his pants where the outline of a gun is barely noticeable.
  • When we got to the jet, Lady Magmilan grabbed my shirt and dragged me out of the van, across the asphalt, and into the jet. The others quickly followed. I wish the ride in the jet wouldve lasted longer, wanting to delay any sort of punishment as long as possible. I was nervous for me and for the new prisoners. The jet landed and Lady Magmilan didnt waste any time.
  • The rebellious Roman is expecting war, given his attempt to overthrow the republics government, and Pompey wants to attack first. He tells Menecrates firmly, "If the great gods be just, they shall assist the deeds of justest men!"
  • Margaret was passing, her skin the hue of Roses white-gray tiles. Margaret hadnt stirred and the sisters had been there since noon. Rose wanted to leave in another hour and had hoped to speak to her aunt one last time.
  • The rebellious Roman is expecting war, given his attempt to overthrow the republics government, and Pompey wants to attack first. He tells Menecrates firmly, "If the great gods be just, they shall assist the deeds of justest men!"
  • On reaching the main road, Paul set off walking fast alongside the stream of traffic, crawling toward the T-junction. He realised quickly that if he wanted to save himself a long, uphill hike, now was the moment to hitch a lift. The flustered police were hardly going to recognise him amongst so much mayhem. Just ahead he spotted a flatbed truck piled high with bundles of sapling poles, rolls of tarpaulin and a heap of building site salvaged firewood.
  • Leeton had gone very still, but Russ did not trust him enough to let him up. The King turned his murderously angry gaze from Liseli to Ricalli, and Russ was sure he didnt plan on just letting them do whatever they wanted with him.
  • He said there is hope that progress can be made on the diplomatic front with Iran, which says its nuclear aspirations are solely peaceful. World powers believe Iran wants to build nuclear weapons.
  • I stared at the handcuffs for a while. It kind of freaked me out to think that someone had been touching me, man-handling me, while I was unconscious. That and the thought that being handcuffed in a closet probably didn't mean that they just wanted to talk with me. It wasn't looking too good. Getting involved in all this magic stuff was obviously a bad idea. I had no idea what I was up against, and to be quite honest, I think I would rather not know. Ignorance is bliss and all that.
  • "I dont think so. Im only on the fourth chapter, and there are lots of chapters in these gospels. But were going to move ahead quickly because I dont think Jesus was asking people to read the Bible. Maybe this book will tell us what he wanted them to do, so lets get going. Look here, John the Baptist is already in trouble. Hes in jail now."
  • "Really," Gabriel sighed the word. "I'm in a cleaning mood." It wasn't the only kind of mood he was in. He didn't want to shut his eyes and have dreams of a woman he couldn't quite see and visions of slender hands performing work that he couldn't quite understand. Slender hands he wanted stroking his flesh instead, touching him in places that hadn't been touched in months.
  • They were few and stunted, but they were heavily laden with fruit. Catrin scanned the branches for ripe apples and picked those within her reach, but she wanted a few more. As she stood on the tips of her toes and stretched toward an apple, hands grabbed her waist. She gasped when they lifted her into the air but was reassured when she heard Benjin chuckle. She snatched four beauties from the highest branches, and Benjin lowered her gently.
  • "Yes, the East India Company. I suppose this company of yours wants something from India, and I can easily imagine it might be profit. Perhaps I should tell you straightaway that such matters bore me not a little." The man glanced impatiently back toward the field. "But come, its growing darker as we talk. Id hoped you might join us in our little game. Its elementary. Should be childs play for a man who commands at sea." He turned to one of the men standing by the side of the field. "Ahmed, prepare a stick for Captainby the way, I wasnt given your name."
  • Baker looks over at the jury and sees that they are interpreting Harrisons silence exactly like he wants them toa sign that what Baker is saying is irrefutable. Actually, this isnt bad. As long as Baker doesnt ask for help, the Judge seems perfectly content to let the jury decide whatever they want to from Harrisons lack of response.
  • When he reached his home in Galil, Maryam looked on him with horror and fear. He begged her forgiveness. She fed him and told him how he was made by El and how magi called him a saoshyant. When she finished, she said, "Agents will look for you here. Find a land where El's names aren't known. Become something better than El wants you to be."
  • Esu looked at his hands, then at Rock. "Be careful. The tester wants you. When I sent you without money, sack, or shoes, did you lack anything?"
  • "You know," the Crawfish said conversationally, "after that little contretemps last night I might be asking myself how closely I wanted to cleave to Maximillian, should I have happened to be his partner, given the divergence of means that appeared to be in evidence."
  • He knew how much I wanted to learn about humans, and how important having a human girl friend was. One day he asked me a peculiar question about how I went about making friends with them.
  • "OK, then." Suki looks as if she's wants me to say something. Did she feel it too? I try so hard to get the ghost to speak to her so she'll stay a while longer. As she walks away, it's like I'm drowning and help is just out of reach.
  • "No it doesnt make me uncomfortable. I just cant tell you everything about it yet." I wanted so much to tell her every detail.
  • Meanwhile, Gruffudd had reached down and flung back the heavy cloth covering the bed of the wagon, wanting to see if the treasure were something he might be able to carry with him. But the grin died on his face as he looked down and saw a cart laden with straw. He frowned. Straw.
  • Every organisation wanted these New Things and demanded more promissory notes to pay for themso much so that DONKY, had to create another department to lend them promissory-promissory notes to buy new printing equipment. These new promissory-promissory notes were provided against a bond (a promissory note) guaranteed by all of the largest organisations in Wildermentand we all know how much we can trust large organisations with our personal welfare.
  • Ryson ignored her. "He wanted to seal the breach, keep the sphere buried. He held to this for long meetings with the elf elder Mappel. He ignored the requests of the humans as well. He was not convinced the sphere was a true threat. Do you know what changed his mind?"
  • What in the world would I say to her? Did she know that she had a special ability? Was she using it on purpose? Would she believe me when I tried to explain that the fate of mankind depended on her and me? Did she really even have an ability or was I just making this up because I wanted it to be true so badly? I would find out soon enough.
  • As much as I wanted to, I couldn't tell her what happened with the fairy-boy. It was weird, admittedly not weirder than the vampire slumbering in my wardrobe, but still pretty messed up. If I tried to tell her the boy was a fairy she'd take me to get my head checked. If I said the word 'vampire' she'd probably hit the klaxon as a reflex.
  • The United States Navy sent a battleship group to Scapa Flow to join with the British Grand Fleet, destroyers to Queenstown, Ireland, and submarines to help guard convoys. Several regiments of U.S. Marines were also dispatched to France. The British and French wanted U.S. units used to reinforce their troops already on the battle lines and not waste scarce shipping on bringing over supplies. The U.S. rejected the first proposition and accepted the second. General John J. Pershing, American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) commander, refused to break up U.S. units to be used as reinforcements for British Empire and French units. As an exception, he did allow African-American combat regiments to be used in French divisions. The Harlem Hellfighters fought as part of the French 16th Division, earning a unit Croix de Guerre for their actions at Chateau-Thierry, Belleau Wood, and Sechault. AEF doctrine called for the use of frontal assaults, which had long since been discarded by British Empire and French commanders because of the large loss of life.
  • The Indian government wants to conduct another trial for Headley, but the United States has said it would not send him to any other country.
  • "Its not stupid." He jutted his chin up defiantly. "That cat was really weird, most of the time shed scratch me if I looked at her wrong, but sometimes she wanted attention, and then I couldnt keep her off me. Shed roll all over my schoolwork and scratch my guitar and meow, meow, meow until Id pet her. Then, when she didnt like it anymore, shed scratch me and run away. I think I still have scars."
  • Dave signed the release and gave his blood for the test. But he was having a very hard time breathing, and the doctors wanted to put a tube down his throat to get oxygen to his lungs. During the intubation procedure, Dave had a heart attack and died. The HIV test was now the last thing on anyones mind.
  • "No," Airk replied soberly. "You see, my love, you are one of Coursas band. Dont make it difficult. Tomkin already knows where this place is. Hell be here with soldiers soon. He wanted the augur dead so there would be no magic against him. You he wanted alive. Im sorry Jain, but we cant have a decent home and you have given me no children. This is my chance at a better life."
  • She felt confused. One minute she wanted to cast a spell to burn the notes into the Unbelievable Zone, a special spell teenagers used so whoever looked upon the writing would see nothing but blank paper. The next, duty reminded her she should give the notes to the professors.
  • "Lauren, Id like to think that I am a pretty good judge of character. I wouldnt be spending the day with you if I thought you werent someone I wanted to be with, so ease up on the false humility already."
  • A huge rock of dumb feelings fell on me and made me a cripple. I desperately wanted to get out of this. How...I did not know. Even I did not know where to sail my trawler. How to contact my dear wife and ask her to escape...
  • Venir glowered back. Something about the Royal went under his skin, into the bone. Win or not, he wanted to chop the young man's head off. One slice.
  • "We didnt know that it was only the Ladies of Light who wanted humans to be their slaves," he confessed. "We thought it was all the angels. That was how I met Abelie." His eyes were reminiscent. Sad.
  • "I guess I am. I was in my sophomore year of college, heading for a degree in engineering, when I realized I really didnt want to engineer anything. I wanted to help people. I wasnt ready to switch majors to pre-med and start over. Ive never seen myself as a nurse, so I thought Id take a step back and go through EMT training, and see where that took me. Everything just kind of fell into place from there. I cant explain it. I dont know if Ill do this forever, but right now I feel like this is what Im supposed to be doing. Weird, right?"
  • "It's rather delicate, actually," the Mayor explained. "A former associate of mine is seeking to discredit my name and oust me from my position as Mayor. She wants five gold sovereigns to keep her silent." Aiden's eyes inadvertently widened in surpriseit was a small fortune by anyone's measure.
  • Trevor wanted to read a few chapters in The Neverending Story before they left (to help put him in an adventurous mood), but suddenly realized that all the books he had stolen from the Military State were now on the ocean floor, along with pieces of the dragon- ship.
  • He wanted to believe that Mathius was evil. He wanted to believe that Mathius had been behind everythingall the things he had gone through in Dragonshold. And he wanted to believe that things were still black and whitethat if he defeated Mathius in battle, he could still go home, even without the rune crystal.
  • A gentle nudge brought Catrin from her slumber. A female monk helped her dress in a warm robe and soft, fur-lined boots then led her from the room. Unsure if she would be led to yet another room, she was hesitant to set her expectations differently, not wanting to be disappointed. She was thus pleasantly surprised when they went beyond the last door and into the dark hall beyond.
  • Thats when I realized I could never let Jason have her. He only wanted to get laid. He didnt care for her and never would. Jason was incapable of ever having the rooted feelings I had for her. All he saw was a pretty face on an incarnate. He would never want anything deeper than that. I didnt care about the law. I wanted her and I would not let her fall into Jasons hands.
  • He said: "I've got it here. It's his money. I wanted to explain that to you, Shean. I went over in my account when I was drinking and I didn't want to sacrifice anything that I was holding. I wanted to wait until I had my regular money due. I didn't realize I'd run over the account when I gave you that check."
  • She was wearing a demon tattoo on her face like all the cheerleaders at school. She held one out to me and asked if I wanted help putting it on, but I stuck my tongue out at her. There was no way I was going to wear a blue demon on my face.
  • Kell still didnt look at Marthe, not wanting to know if she fell into that group. He kissed Dis hand, making her blush, an old joke for the crush shed had when Marthe first brought him around, long before Kell had been Marthes boyfriend. Now Di was in her late twenties, Kell guessed, a few years between her and Marthe.
  • We were sitting on the boardwalk, and a bunch of other kids were playing tag on the beach. We watched them for a few minutes, for lack of anything to say to each other. I found myself wanting to join them, something that never would have occurred to me two days ago.
  • He leapt from the second story landing and hit the ground running. There was a window being smashed above and behind him and someone was yelling "Stop where you are!" and when Johnny didn't stop, there was the report of a gun. Like most people Johnny had never been shot at before. Fortunately, some animal part of him knew how to deal with being hunted. It was animal instinct that carried him around the corner of the building and over the fence that ran alongside the railway tracks. It was animal instinct also that pumped his legs until the veins ran with acid and then still kept pumping them. Johnny was back on campus before animal instinct would turn his body back over to his brain and allow him to be sure he hadn't been shot. Johnny just wanted to hide. Someone wanted him dead.
  • I waited for the fear and for the panic. I waited for the scream of terror to rip from my throat, but it never came. I waited for him to grab me, and murder me, and cut me into pieces and hide me under the small patch of wild flowers over there. But he said and did nothing. The clever thing would have been to get the hell out of there and start running again. But I didn't want to, and I was curious as to who and what he was. I wanted to know why he was stood in front of me, and what he was after.
  • Cassidy threw a fit about her clothing, wanting to wear the Cinderella shirt she'd hated the day before. Breakfast wasn't pancakes, they had to point out, and pancakes were their favorite. And then they were off like a shot to play while I tried to clean up the kitchen and the house.
  • On his original journey, the swirling, crackling cloud, corrupted and trapped him the moment he made his first step. It crept into his lungs and his mind. It latched onto him, playing on his deepest darkest desires, toying with his emotions. Even if he wanted to, if the mist had not lulled him further on and he desired escape, it would have been impossible. Once he broke through, everything about the real world vanished from sight.
  • "What I can say about those warriors, Ms. Singleton," he added quietly, "was that they died doing exactly what they wanted to do in life. That kind of finish is rare in this world."
  • Seth had no intentions of telling them of the events he had over the last few hours, but he found he couldn't lie to them. Instead he chose to give them a very watered down version of what had happened. "I left here and called my employer to see if I could find out more about Frank. Then I went to see Ve, where I was able to find out information about the Seer, but I still didn't know who was behind everything until I ran into Frank. Once I handled Frank, I decided that the best course of action was to go to the Council directly, but they have already called an Emergency Meeting of the Regional High Council for tonight. I have been commanded by the High Council to report on everything I know." Seth shook his head slightly when he realized that even that version had given them far more information than he wanted to share. He drank more tea to keep himself busy.
  • 'It doesn't matter, Kevin,' she said flatly. Strangely, she felt no resentment or regret. Somehow, she actually felt calm. She felt better now, for she knew what she was, and she knew why she was here. She had a purposeto save her little brotherand all she wanted to do now was see that to the end.
  • "Well, there are several reasons," Bret resumed eventually, "One simple one is that I wanted to re-assure myself that this crossing really is closed - is still closed, I should say."
  • "Good. I mean, hes been expecting your call." wanting to help her young attorneys case Mum added, "I think hes really looking forward to having dinner with you tonight."
  • The buzzing in Sashas head was driving her nuts. Her breath caught and she excused herself. Walking away from the group still intently looking at Legon, she walked out of their clearing and past the trees that blocked them from view. She stood alone looking at the blank hilly landscape. Trembling, with her head still buzzing, she held her hand out, palm up. She looked at it, never having done this before, not wanting to do it, but she had to
  • Marthe finished the water, then walked toward the bedroom, stopping short of the doorway. Turning back, she didnt see Kell, but couldnt move forward to retrieve her bag. All she wanted was her bag.
  • "The whole thing was beautifully rigged from the start because your grandfather wanted you two to work together," Deidre stated.
  • "We like to keep track of criminals with bounties on their heads," Tuskar said. "You never know when we'll chance across one and have the opportunity to collect. Never had someone dumb enough to come to us before. Sure is convenient." Tuskar perused the documents. "Looks like you two are wanted dead. That simples things up. No need to capture you and force march you up to Enforcer Headquarters."
  • She walked to the palace, not wanting to arrive before Marguerite might have had a full night's sleep. Sullen-looking Genoese sailors gathered around the outer gate glared at her. She kept her eyes decorously down, pretending not to see them, but her stomach was churning. Those ships anchored offshore, the ships that had brought them all here, were hired from Genoa and manned by Genoese crews. They cared nothing for France or the crusade. Money alone interested them. What if, with this defeat, they decided to leave?
  • I nodded. If someone had told me before I had a child that some of my best memories would involve the two of us giggling together over DVDs of that 60s TV classic, I wouldnt have believed it. When in fact it was truethe adventures of Kirk and Spock had ignited numerous frank discussions in addition to the sheer fun of it all, from politics to history to Girls. "Well, anyway, I dont know how to explain this stuff," I said. "My stuff. But I wanted to you to know. Thats whats new, I guess."
  • She'd left the diner far behind. She had hurried past the school, around the Olde Salem Golf Course, and was now at the edge of the Salem woods. She had discovered a great number of trails and paths through the woods, but that wasn't what she wanted today. She plunged between the trees, making her own way.
  • But now she cannot speak, and Marcus thinks she wants someone to aloud read to her. He asks Lucius, "Canst thou not guess wherefore she plies thee thus?"
  • All this traveling is not exactly warming my heart, he thought, dejectedly. And when he happened to be upon a Normandic cathedral and attended the mass, he knew for sure: he wanted to go back to France.
  • "Why then? Why save me if when you first met me it was you that wanted to capture me? And why did you release me?" Myranda asked.
  • "About the decision, I wanted to let you know to impress upon you the importance of completing the device. If the Grand Disaster does come about, you must be ready."
  • "You will pay for killing my brother," he promised. "Prince John spent the last year spreading your wanted poster around the world. Every bounty hunter on Earth is looking for you."
  • And because of this I am a whore. Forever smiling, plastically marveling at how unique each wretched lady is. Before they are euthanized I give them everything they ever wanted: a perfect moment with someone who truly appreciates them for who they are. I make their little hearts beat just a little faster. I give them what they wanted more than anything else: hope. If they were to live past that night, I would be the person they would spend the rest of their life quietly masturbating to. Hope that all their dreams are still possible.
  • I wanted to be mad at her, but for some reason I just couldnt find it in me to start yelling. Yeah, I said, that sounds good. Im still not sure Im going to do much with fire in the near future, though. Jack said he was going to help me, and Im just finding it too hard to be around him.
  • "Sure," Max said, "if you wanted to set it off. Of course you couldnt see the cable itself either. There was about a thousand-foot drop down the face of the cliff, too, as I remember, and you had to hack your way to the top through the ice while hanging from pitons."
  • After gingerly putting on some clothes, wincing when she had to lift up her left arm to get her shirt on, she dialed down to the lobby to see what was going on with the conference. The conference had been cancelled for the day, but depending on the power situation they were intending to resume the convention on Tuesday or Wednesday. Omari was both relieved and a little disappointed. She had wanted to go back to Noah, go back to California where there was a sweet ocean breeze, electricity, and no tornadoes.
  • "Yes, we came for tea," she said. She figured that he would ask them to come back another day but she wanted to play this smoothly.
  • He did not like this line of talk. He felt uneasy. Secretly, he wished he could meet his half-brother someday, like brothers. He fancied the thought that he had someone he could call Dada, like many of his friends did. One day he told his mother that he wanted to forget all that about the Governor's House, and be like all the other normal Bengali boys. He also told her that this village in the jungles of the Sundarbans was a much more interesting place to live in than a place like the Governors house. This disturbed his mother greatly.
  • It was heavy. He thought at first that it was simply an animal, but when he stopped and focused on it he heard a slight wince and then something say "Ow." It was a man. Grahamas smiled slightly, the sound reassuring him that his senses were well on their way. But his joy faded. Not knowing who it was now gave him cause for concern. For a moment, Grahamas considered whipping around and confronting them, but curiosity got the better of him. He wanted answers. If he chased whoever it was away, he wouldn't get them.
  • "Are you sure, Maggie?" His green eyes intensified. "My guess is that Melody has always been an introspective, inquisitive child, one who has had to fight, to struggle for what she wants to do or become. She has had to struggle to learn; it hasnt come easily or naturally for her; she hasnt fit in and has had to deal with the consequences of choosing against popularity and herd acceptance. Am I right?"
  • Audrey sighed. She had never learned the name of the boy who broke into the castle four years ago and cut down the wooden frame of Richards keep. If the Normans knew his name, they had successfully kept any slaves from discovering it. They said only that the boy had been exiled from Engla-lond for his crimes and and henceforth was known as the Outlaw. "The Outlaw is the reason Lord Richard wanted us to build the keep in stone so quickly," she pointed out. She didnt like speaking against the Outlaw; she admired him as much as anyone. Nonetheless, their lives had become doubly miserable ever since his visit. "Hes also the reason its so difficult for us to get our hands on weapons or do anything at all without permission."
  • "There are people who seek a way out," he told her more quietly. "They can seek all they want. They won't find it. There are others who want to destroy us. It's for our own good, they say, and maybe it is. Who knows for how long this life will go on? But the thing about life is, it just wants to live. It's really as simple as that. Even for us. The life force is strong."
  • "Yea, so did I until the morning when George and his grandfather showed up." Susan continued, "I had a call from a Detective Coon, who said he wanted to talk to me about the missing objects. That same morning Raven showed up just hours before George and his grandfather came in to the museum. "
  • Her hand shook as she put pen to paper. How could she give him her location without Madeline realizing. She wracked her brain, but nothing would work. She wanted to come up with something smart, but she couldnt figure out a way to say, ‘Help, Im in a hangar at the airport!’ without writing exactly that.
  • "Dr. Goddard..." Crawley pauses, wanting so much to let Goddard continue the sentence he started about his current beliefs, but realizes that he has no basis in direct examination for that line of questions. When Goddard doesnt volunteer anything more, Crawley looks at the jury and then the witness. "Dr. Goddard, on behalf of the whole world, I would like to thank you for your brilliant discovery of AIDS. Your insightful perception probably saved many thousands of lives. But I have no questions."
  • Since I was supposed to be sick I had to say no to going out with my friends (they thought I was faking it just because I wanted to skip school, but lying to them about being sick was easier than trying to come up with a lie that explained why I would have wanted to stay home), not that I wanted to go out with them anyway. I wanted to watch what happened in the graveyard again that night, and again without my necklace on. I kept it close to me, just in case, but I was anxious to see what happened with no spells to interfere with my view.
  • "Okay, show me the place," Michel requested. He wanted to find out how the conflict had been resolved. With the tramp pushing his cart again, the two started on their way to the eastern part of the city. After they had crossed the Alexanderplatz, the man stopped in front of a large, ungainly building.
  • That particular profession was one I wanted to successfully check off, soon. It was very difficult for my best friend to help me, because she still hadnt met Willow yet. When we stopped by Sunridge to pick her up for school on January 2nd, I was no closer to having an answer or meeting my career goal either. I was extremely worried because Eli Weston could mess up my Tray-Willow-relationship plan. I couldnt do anything about that particular relationship wrecking problem though because I had already introduced him to Willow.
  • Would ye both eat your cake and have your cake/ You can't have your cake and eat it (too)/ He (or she or you ) wants their/your cake and eat it (too)
  • Althiof glared at Prince Helgrim, dabbing at his cheek. 'All I knew was they wanted to rescue a prisoner,’ he protested. 'I put them in the same cell, to taunt them.’
  • The judge wants to give Armand time to settle down; so even though its early, he announces, "Court is in recess until two p.m. this afternoon."
  • Although he didnt hear a reason behind the talks, Benedict could only assume that Peter was looking for terms of surrender. Benedict smiled, hoping that the past few weeks had humbled the rebel. Peters arrogance had been grating from the start. But if Peter was looking for a nice surrender, Benedict was going to feel lazy. After all, he had already offered the rebels a chance at surrender before the battle even started, and they squandered it. So as much as Benedict wanted to keep up his reputation as general, he wasnt willing to be accommodating anymore.
  • "We're just like humans, Christopher. They wouldn't worship us otherwise. They don't want us to be better than they are. If they wanted a world of love, they would've followed Buddha or Jesus or any of a million fools. They want the world they have."
  • A – ? Oh well, yes all right then, thank you,' said Tamar, trying to pull her scattered wits together. She did not want a cup of tea; she just wanted him to stop looking at her as if she was a peculiar type of wildlife specimen instead of a stunning and all-powerful being.
  • By now, people are actually killing each other for their supplies. I found an older man who had been knifed several times, his backpack emptied of all his goods except for a picture of him and his family that he had wrapped in newspaper. Part of me had wanted to take the time to bury him. The realistic part of me had stopped caring.
  • Rinsing her hair, Rose considered her morning; waking Emory first, then Liam, who only needed a bit of breakfast. Emory wanted a shower for her first day of school, plus breakfast, and if Petra arrived, pictures snapped at the house. Otherwise Rose would take a few shots at the school. Rose hoped Petra would join them, only because Gray couldnt. Roses family was so few, any attended marker of her childrens upbringing was appreciated. She could have asked most of the guys in the band, and Lise, Danes girlfriend had offered. Drummer Dane Hammond and Lise Ryan were like younger siblings and Lise was Emory and Liams babysitter. Their favorite, if Petra was busy. Petra wasnt active that morning, Rose was certain, unless she and Garth had somehow mended fences. Rose considered that as unlikely as Aunt Margaret making it through this round of bad health.
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