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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Favors, you say?" Ve questioned almost immediately. Caislyn knew from watching her father deal with the few demons who had come in his store that the one thing demon's could not resist was a favor. She also knew the one thing she never wanted was to owe a favor to a demon. They tended to end badly and are never worth the rewards you received. Ve continued on when Caislyn didn't answer immediately, "my apologies to your friend, please, sit and stay a while." He smiled as Caislyn sat back down. "Now, do tell what sort of favors fair Caislyn is requesting?"
  • Next day Prince Andrew called at a few houses he had not visited before, and among them at the Rostovs' with whom he had renewed acquaintance at the ball. Apart from considerations of politeness which demanded the call, he wanted to see that original, eager girl who had left such a pleasant impression on his mind, in her own home.
  • There were many things Petya wanted to say to the drummer boy, but did not dare to. He stood irresolutely beside him in the passage. Then in the darkness he took the boy's hand and pressed it.
  • The cemetery, of course. Raw material for a necromancer. I really wanted to be somewhere else. Unfortunately, I wasnt. "Carl, tell me about him."
  • Across the road, Bill argued with Timmi but watched Mavisdeparture. "Dont tell anymore of those crazy stories. Youre just like your mother . . . the one neither of us wanted to be around."
  • One evening, though, Denny suddenly wanted to talk. He put down his guitar (thank God for small mercies) and said out of the blue. ‘So what would you do if you were free? Really free I meanlike that other one. WhatisnameAshpit?'
  • "Yeah. She caught me at the door and I made an excuse I was looking for my friends. She works here and she wanted to help me find you. Luckily you found me first.", Mickey said as Rose stopped only a few feet away from the door.
  • And then the cavalry came crashing through the breach and everything was confusion. That first rush beat far back into the city, even past her hiding place so the enemies were behind her and in front of her at the same time. Nasan saw a lot of men getting trampled, shots exchanged on both sides, horses screaming and sickening thumps. She wanted to put her hands over her ears and scream herself to drown it out. Canmore and Green Vale were all so tangled together in the clouds of gunpowder smoke she was afraid of shooting anything at all for fear of hitting a friendly, but she threw in everything she had anywayforceblast, lances, poison, icerapid fire. When she was out of classic battle khipus she even managed to trip a few men with binding spells to the legs.
  • Lord Pigoc led me through the front sandstone pavilion. Two large wings encompassed the austere entrance with three towers reigning over the cliffs. The hall was lined with portraits of kinsman who had ruled in the past. I wondered briefly if my father was among the portraits. I wanted to ask, but Lord Pigoc gave me no opportunity, having walked fast by all. Tapestries hung down upon the stone walls. Fenestral windows with lattice frames that were covered in fabric allowed light in or drafts out.
  • Truth be told, Trevor had been wanting to practice his elvish with the elf-captain, but he wasn't about to say no to a meal in his room, either, so he eagerly took the tray from Erling and looked it over.
  • Teleri watched this scene repeat itself several times before slipping from the window. A thought had just occurred to her: if Rhirid was determined to burn down Rhuddlan, then she had better be prepared to escape, in which case she needed to be dressed. She clapped her hands together and ordered her women to bring her clothes. No, no; she changed her mind; she wanted water, soap and a drying cloth first; there wasnt time to have it heated, she just wanted a bowland, she added sharply, one of these lazy women ought to be brushing out her hair while she waited.
  • Serenity struggled to think of him as anything more than a friend. James was a good man, and she was an idiot for overlooking him. He could have been the happy ending Sebastian wanted for her, but it was impossible for her to imagine him as anything else. She knew he wanted moresaw it in the awkward way he held a door open for her or accidently brushed her handyet with him she felt guilty. Guilty for tricking him and what shed put him through. The emotion also came from her being with another man when there was only one person she wanted.
  • Syrill shrugged. "A few years ago, the swamp fauns began exporting the fur of some small creaturea shayshoofrom Kazar. It's lovely stuff, nearly as good as lynx or leopard pelts. The cats had agreements with all the fauns at one time that forbid the trade of cat pelts, and those concessions have died hard, even after the war started." Syrill's expression turned bitter. "No one wants to make an enemy of the cats if they're going to win. Shayshoo fur sold so well, the swamp fauns established breeding colonies to increase their pelt yield. The wood fauns' guild used to have almost a monopoly on furs, and they've been complaining loudly. They have cat furs by the cartload right now, but so far no one's buying."
  • Mappel stood silent. He turned to Matthew, then to Lief. Dealing with humans was foreign to him. Dealing with humans that made a career out of reading, understanding, and even redirecting the wants and desires of others, posed a challenge for which he was not prepared. The elves of his camp accepted his word and authority without challenge. This human would not.
  • Jeff had come up with a new procedure during heart surgery that had saved a doomed mans life; the procedure had been widely used by doctors across the world ever since the discovery. His cover was the talk of West Barton, and he even came into town to sign autographs and schmooze with the locals that were waiting on his every word like he had figured out the meaning of life. It really pissed me off that nobody ever wanted my autograph!
  • She was quite a drinker, but since Michael had started sleeping with her, only this past week, maybe she had cut back. He wanted to think that, think perhaps due to him she had tapered some. He would take that sort of credit, more than happy to allow his presence was calming or at least eased some of Alicias pain. She ached tremendously over her mothers death, to an extent even Rose didnt understand. Michael had heard that in Alicias teary voice, tender and similar to her cousin, their tones last Saturday night the icing on the cake. He knew after that he would have sex with her, for she was near enough. Enough like Rose to offer an approximation to what he had always wanted, but never received. He had wanted Rose since meeting her, but would never, ever have her.
  • "Speaking of bosses, Noah ordered me not to stay and bother you long so that you can finish getting better. I just wanted to drop these by, and properly say thank you for rescuing us all. Im still ashamed I wasnt able to do as much to help you escape. I just passed out in the stairwell while you were busy almost getting killed."
  • Queen Evasitting in a throne next to himwas a wrinkled woman. It was not that her years caught up with her, but she caught up with her years. Even in her youth, she had been as callous and coldhearted as an ancient widow. Her parched face seemed to pale even more under her thinning hair. Once oaken and flowing, her hair over the years had receded and whiten into a skeleton. Her blizzard hair was symmetry to her personality; she was the winter queen if there ever was one. She was even hard enough to kill springtime if she wanted.
  • "Thank you." I stared down at the angel. I was afraid if I ripped my eyes away from him, he would vanish. I wondered why I had been so anxious to get away earlier when I felt so peaceful in their presence now. Every second I spent next to this box the more I wanted to touch the man inside.
  • He nodded. "Yeah, one reason. I also wanted to give you time with the kids. You dont get much of that during the week, just time with them."
  • To his horror, she approached him again, her eyes intent on his. She put her hand over the one that still gripped the pitcher. "I want to discuss it here, Hugh. I may call you Hugh, I suppose? After all, were now partners in revenge, arent we?" Her voice was low and breathless. Hugh felt his throat constrict. His hand was frozen under her fingers. He wanted desperately to pull it away but he couldnt risk offending her.
  • 'I was myself looking out of the study window, having a smoke after dinner, and saw one of them come up to the house. As she passed the window of Renfield's room, the patient began to rate her from within, and called her all the foul names she could lay her tongue to. The woman, who seemed a decent fellow enough, contented herself by telling her to 'shut up for a foul-mouthed beggar', whereon our woman accused her of robbing her and wanting to murder her and said that she would hinder her if she were to swing for it. I opened the window and signed to the woman not to notice, so she contented herself after looking the place over and making up her mind as to what kind of place she had got to by saying, 'Lor' bless yer, lady, I wouldn't mind what was said to me in a bloomin' madhouse. I pity ye and the guv'nor for havin' to live in the house with a wild beast like that.'
  • She wanted me to stop channeling and I did too, but I couldnt stand there all blessed night and listen to mindless technical data about DJ equipment. I didnt want to deconstruct the thingjust buy it from him.
  • A rumor immediately spread in Petersburg, not that Helene wanted to be divorced from her husband (had such a report spread many would have opposed so illegal an intention) but simply that the unfortunate and interesting Helene was in doubt which of the two men she should marry. The question was no longer whether this was possible, but only which was the better match and how the matter would be regarded at court. There were, it is true, some rigid individuals unable to rise to the height of such a question, who saw in the project a desecration of the sacrament of marriage, but there were not many such and they remained silent, while the majority were interested in Helene's good fortune and in the question which match would be the more advantageous. Whether it was right or wrong to remarry while one had a husband living they did not discuss, for that question had evidently been settled by people "wiser than you or me," as they said, and to doubt the correctness of that decision would be to risk exposing one's stupidity and incapacity to live in society.
  • The bills sponsor, state Sen. Charles W. Carrico Sr. (R-Grayson County), said he wants to give smaller communities a bigger voice. "The last election, constituents were concerned that it didnt matter what they did, that more densely populated areas were going to outvote them," he said.
  • "Whats it look like? A beanbag. I have hundreds ofem in storage downstairs. I always wanted to make a riot cannon like the cops use; now I have the chance. The socks dull the impact a bit, but not much."
  • The fact was he was the one who approached Panacium, and they were open with him. Morrison was right to call him out on having an agenda. Raya was already inclined to view them as evil, and who knew what might be motivating Ed. It looked like Ed liked Rayaa lot. Could he be egging her on to get into her pants? What was up with that look between them? He wondered if they might have been friends with benefits and then he caught his own jealousy. He was the one who fucked up, but its not like they ever discussed exclusivity or anything like that. They'd never even met in person before. He couldnt believe how easily she dismissed him. She had more important things to do like oh save the world. And how was it that Raya who last week was allegedly in love with him now wanted him to fuck Danielle in order to find "the smoking gun" at Panacium?
  • Their orbits collided as Tray and Willow both wanted to prepare the same thing or both needed the same bowl or the same physical space. Their code language was still alive and they were using it as they bumped into each other. I interpreted what they were saying and laughed at their inside jokes. She completed a piece of my brotherone that I never knew existed until she came into our lives.
  • He seated himself on a wooden bench, with his back against a decrepit vine; he gazed at the stars, past the puny and stunted silhouettes of his fruit-trees. This quarter of an acre, so poorly planted, so encumbered with mean buildings and sheds, was dear to him, and satisfied his wants.
  • "Who wants to ride bikes in the driveway and wait for Daddy?" I took the shrieking and jumping up and down as affirmation and herded them out the front door.
  • "And you would have asked a lot of questions, kept me under wraps until you could figure out what to do with me. Isn't that right?" The delver's words snapped from his mouth. It was the tongue lashing he wanted to give to the guard that blocked his passage earlier that day. He had found the man in charge, the man ultimately responsible for the stationed guard, and he bore into him. "You probably would have kept me locked up until you could ask all your mindless questions. Well if I allowed that, I wouldn't have been able to save you the way I did. You would have all walked right into annihilation."
  • "Why would I be upset? You told me most of that dream stuff before, remember?" Pacian shrugged. "And I'm pretty sure Sayana wants to have your children, so she's not going to stay mad at you, even if she is now. So yeah, we're good. Just give Colt and Nel a chance to cool down before you speak with them, yeah?"
  • The night was peacefulfor the most part. The air was still, but he could hear grunts coming from the courtyard below, where the rebel soldiers were busy with digging their tunnel. Isaac gasped suddenlysurely if there was a traitor in the castle, then they would have relayed the news of the tunnel to Benedict? It was a thought no one considered, mainly because no one wanted to. It would simply have to be a bad bit of news he would share with Peter tomorrow.
  • "Luckily I dont break easy, but oooh boy, did he ever feel bad. Insisted on buying all my stuff for me, and wanted to take me out to dinner to make up for it. The rest is history."
  • "Oh, it's nothing. I only wished to say..." (he wanted to repeat a joke he had heard in Vienna and which he had been trying all that evening to get in) "I only wished to say that we are wrong to fight pour le Roi de Prusse!"
  • Over two weeks passed with no sightings of the Arachnideans. The rumors of a stirring calmed. Instead, I found my will tested night after night. In the heat of the day, the coolness of the night lent to me yearnings I had no knowledge possessed me. Although I slept on the pallet in front of the tent and Cono on his bed, I could not help but watch Cono when he readied for bed. I resisted not the temptation to stare at his muscular frame, broad shoulders, and wings. He showed no shame at his body, the sculptured muscles of his leg and chest. His manner teased me often, offering to help me with my binding around my chest in the mornings or at night when I removed it. At times he would smile at me in a manner that I wanted nothing more than to creep up into his bed. No, I understood in this was the danger that Twiten worried upon.
  • A familiar face caught Jaces eye as he turned his head. Beautiful, smooth honey complexion, Dark silky hair that fell in soft waves over delicate shoulders. Shelly Harmon lifted her moist, delicately painted lips into a smile once she saw him. Right away he noticed the hulking Lycans holding her close. Vex Truman. Also known as Richs pack brother, fellow football coach, and a temperamental Lycan if he ever knew oneaside from Rich, of course. Despite her curvaceous form leaning into Vex, he couldnt mistake Shellys thoughts she sent his way and what she wanted him to do to her body. Every aching detail sent his blood pumping faster. Alarm bells went off as every fiber in his being said she was hands off. Still, she and Vex hadnt officially announced anything concrete in the same zip code as monogamy. Considering pack rules, she being a Nightwalker couldnt be Vexs betrothed by any means. Jace smiled. Free reign to do what they wanted.
  • She put one hand up to her face and, rubbing the side of her temple, sighed heavily. 'Look,' she put one hand to her chest, in that way she did when she wanted to emphasize something, 'I am so sorry.'
  • Though from Bry that wasn't a strong negative. If she'd been truly pissed-off about his clumsy pass at the hotel and wanted nothing more to do with him, she'd have found far more forceful ways to express herself. As far as Spencer could sense, she was simply being as caustic and disinterested as she usually was when she switched from work-mode to personal affairs, as if she felt a need to demonstrate that the charm of business had been fully disengaged.
  • I leaned in close to her ear and ran my nose down to her collarbone inhaling deeply. She turned her head to expose her neck to me. I drew back to look at her face. Her eyes were closed. She wanted to satisfy me in any way she could. I bent down until my mouth was millimeters away from her artery, then slammed my teeth shut. She heard the sharp snap of my teeth, and flinched. When she realized I hadnt bit her she glanced up at me, her eyes sad and wanting.
  • "As I said before, the person he wants in return for freeing these people is very special to me. This person is an ideal candidate to join the Force when she is of age: smart, brave, loyal, and dedicated. Unbeknown to me, she followed us into the meeting with Mr. Brown. At the time, it was a huge surprise, but in hindsight, Im not surprised at all that she volunteered to go with Mr. Brown." The audience was past shocked now. A few people gasped, and people began crying, but most just stood there with their jaw dropped.
  • "No, no," Aradia said. "He just wanted it to look that way. Think about it. I'd have been a great choice. The werewolves would blame the Daytons, and the vampires would blame the Moraleses."
  • She remembered Bardulf and the Captain arguing. The Duke had wanted them both brought to him, alive. Would he use her the same way he was using this woman behind the curtain? She did not know, but she could not let it happen. Her mother was all that she had, all that mattered. Oh, if only she would have listened better, obeyed more. If she would not have climbed the Ladder, knowing the entire time that her Mam would never approve. But she had, and now she was here. Her Mam did not have to be.
  • I looked over to him, wanting to tell him how much I loved him. But he was concentrating very hard, trying to find the wolf within. Maybe he could find it again after all this time. To my surprise, he started to tremble, the way he used to. I was shocked to see him like this. It had been so long.
  • Myron wanted to say more but his voice choked up. All he could do was squeeze Izak's hands before crawling out from under the hedge and hurrying away. He was almost home when he heard a dog barking and the awful sound of a Yuzoi weapon firing.
  • "I agree." He added casually, "Do you see why it was so important for Sir Ralph and I to discuss Rhuddlan and Lord William to such great length? Although I couldnt have predicted your skillful contribution to my feud with the Bastard, I knew sooner or later wed meet again. I wanted to be ready."
  • "Doctor Nostradamus," Mayor Lemerre began, "it is our pleasure to congratulate you on your fiftieth birthday, celebrating half a century." All Michel really wanted to do was to slam the door in his face, but he couldnt very well do that to all of his excited fellow citizens or his family, so he had to be tolerant.
  • I flushed red at his name and bit the inside of my cheek hard, to hold back tears. It appeared she didn't know. Not wanting to feel like a tattle tale, I gave her a nod and turned to help the others.
  • "Thats not surprising," I said, "since nobody else does either. But as you may have observed, when a Prince wants something, he tends to get it."
  • "Itscomplicated." I was hoping hed just drop the subject. I wasnt sure how I would explain why Mr. Brown and Lady Magmilan wanted me in the first place. I didnt want to sound arrogant, but it would be hard for them to appreciate exactly what is sospecialabout me. To them we are all just a bunch of freaks.
  • President Barack Obama, who was re-elected this month after campaigning to make the wealthy pay their fair share, wants to raise taxes on the country's highest income earners. A handful of powerful corporate chief executive officers, including Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, has come out in support of higher taxes.
  • The light was bright at the other end, and when they made their way out into the courtyard, all the men were squinting. Suddenly silver horns sounded and deep drums were banged in a timed rhythm. Once his eyes adjusted, Gidas could see the group of musicians assembled for Lazereks welcome. Two huge white banners had been strung up to either side of the men and groups of people gathered about wanting to see the Praeceptor and his small band.A large round of applause went up from the crowd and Gidas could see the king standing in the shadows far above them, bidding them a hello.Lazerek nodded his approval, and Gidas relaxed. He was not certain why Lazerek was so adamant about this little show of respect, but it seemed very important to the mage. These mage games began to wear on Gidass nerves.
  • "Connor, I hate to ask, but how did she handle your mark? And what was her reaction?" David sincerely wanted to know.
  • He knelt down, as did Feena, taking his lead. It was like the dragon was a deer and he a mountain lion. He moved, not wanting to attract its attention. Feena suddenly leapt at the dragon, who moved to bite at him. When the dragon moved he turned his head to Legons right, exposing himself. As Legon jumped at the gray dragon, he activated cutting spells and brought the blade down over his head, aiming for where the head met the neck, but the dragon was fast. It saw him and began to turn its head. The fenrra hit the lower part of the dragons jaw, stopping just short of going all the way through.
  • "I'm aware of that. It is the reason I didn't kill you yet. I just wanted to make you squirm a bit, but you disappointed me, as usual."
  • When Lady Mardykes came in, her delight knew no bounds. She had already formed a plan for their future, and was not to be put off--William Feltram was to take the great grazing farm that belonged to the Mardykes estate; or, if he preferred it, to farm it for her, sharing the profits. She wanted something to interest her, and this was just the thing. It was hardly half-a-mile away, up the lake, and there was such a comfortable house and garden, and she and Gertrude could be as much together as ever almost; and, in fact, Gertrude and her husband could be nearly always at Mardykes Hall.
  • She paused. She so wanted a word from him that would explain to her what had happened and to which she could find no answer.
  • "There's no fauness," snapped Corry. He turned to look at his friend. "Syrill, I want to know why you told Capricia about my shifting. You promised not to tell anyone; you gave your word." He felt a burst of relief even as his voice flamed in anger. He'd been wanting to bring up the topic all winter, but had never found suitable opportunity.
  • "This one, I think," Jack announces as they stop before room 606. The room is almost completely dark, and a strange sickly smell fills the air in the room. The emergency lights along the back wall are covered in an almost-fine dark mist that dances like lines of cigarette smoke. The cry comes even more loudly, like that of an upset child that is not getting the attention it wants or needs.
  • A superior army faced them, and they were desperate, like they said. But it wasnt fair that they should take advantage of Hal and his friends. He would have been happy to help them out, if they had just asked him. All this blackmail and manipulation! It made Hal sick. Why should he let them pull his strings? What was in it for him, when it came down to it? The Runeblade! Well, why should he care? He had never wanted to be wielder of the Runeblade. It was something else that had been thrust upon him.
  • We spent hours in the courtyard till I could make the horse step just so, where and when I wanted it. We spent further hours in the field going from walk to trot to canter to gallop and back; switching between them, horse and rider learning to work as a team. I learned to change speed and direction smoothly, just on the signal from my knees and heels.
  • Mike lights another cigarette and then continues, "But that was where my problems began, more or less. You see, there was this news crew in town from one of the cable news networks, ANN, to cover the run up to the Iowa Caucuses. I got to talking with one of their producers, a guy named Jim Monroe. He remembered a piece I'd sent them earlier in the year. He said he liked it a lot but they couldn't buy it due to budget limits. Then he said he had something, though, if I wanted it, but was potentially dangerous. I said that pumping gas in a small town in Iowa is dangerous too, to your career. He laughed and then told me what he was up to."
  • "He told me he wanted to keep an eye on the Welsh, my lord," fitz Maurice said. "I said you would miss him but he ordered me to leave."
  • Foka, the butler, was the most ill-tempered person in the house. Natasha liked to test her power over him. He distrusted the order and asked whether the samovar was really wanted.
  • It is quite all right, Miss Norwood,’ Edwina assured, leaning closer to Frances, ‘I can see that I am alarming you. Please do not be concerned.’ Her smile grew increasingly intimate, and after a brief pause, she sat back in her chair. ‘The truth is, my thirteen year-old grandson, Crispin, needs someone to help him with his studies. I wanted to know whether you would be interested in the position.’
  • Pauls feet marched steadily onwards, occasionally jumping from one side of the track to the other to avoid the deeper mud and puddles. Ley-lines, Invaders and sacrifices aside, he wanted to keep his new socks dry for as long as possible.
  • At length the visitor took her leave, thanking the Swami profusely while holding his two hands warmly in her own two hands. The Swami found this gesture most heartwarming, but puzzled about its incongruity with the burkha conservatism. He offered his vehicle and driver to take the lady wherever she wanted a lift to, but she declined with thanks. She already had a vehicle. As the Swami came out to see her off he saw a shiny vehicle parked on the street, with a tall Nepalese driver standing next to it.
  • I had become agoraphobic of my own body. I wanted to rip off my skin because it nauseated me. I was finished tolerating its imposing size. I scratched away at layer after layer of myself till I was not visible.
  • `Well?' He shook her, and she turned her face away. `When I ask you a question,' he shouted, `you answer it. Do you hear me? Do you hear me?' Head bowed to one side, she didn't move. She knew that he wanted her to struggle, or answer back, or even whimper. Then, by some odd code he adhered to, he could strike her with a clear conscience. She knew this of old, and remained unresponsive. He let her go, and stood in front of her, frustrated but waiting for her to make a false move.
  • "Its old news. Charles wants to hurt anyone who looks at me. So Im positive he would want to murder anyone who screws me." They both giggled.
  • Daydream bobbed her head and Tommys arms wrapped around my waist holding tight. Daydream took off and spiraled up. I had to gasp for breath, though if I wanted to be honest it wasnt because of the take off that I lost it in the first place. We continued up, so the trees became smaller and smaller and the ground began to look like a patchwork quilt someones Grandmom would have made.
  • Gradually Roland's mind moved from simple stunned grief to wondering how Diane had been killed. Had the man who fired those arrows wanted to spare her the pain of a death by fire, or was it really his purpose to kill Hugues? And above all, who was it?
  • Do you ever wish ...' She started again. ‘Do you everregret opening my bottle? I mean it's messed up your life really, hasn't it? You know lots of people wish for adventure and end up regretting it. It's never what they hoped for. And you, well you didn't even ask for this,' she rushed on. ‘You just wanted a quiet life. You never wanted adventure, did you? And then I show up and turn your life upside down. I mean you didn't have to do any of this and I know why you are, butdon't you ever wish it had never happened?'
  • Today, even if they dont use drugs or sleep around indiscriminately, gay men are still considered to be in the high-risk category. Although no one wants to admit it, "profiling" aimed at the gay community is being used to interpret the results of HIV tests. Consider the story of Jeff, who lives in San Francisco.
  • Later she would have to sort out what had been an incredibly busy day. A miserable battle in which she'd seen far too much, finding out what Menkar really had in store for her and losing Oscar. But for now, to hell with it all. She up and did what she'd been wanting to do the whole timeshe threw her good arm around his neck and tackle-hugged him.
  • Something in her voice made him suspicious, and he soon had her pinned down and sobbing as she told him the truth. One more reason why she wasn't a fit mother. One more reason why she didn't deserve him, and he was wasting his time thinking she could be taught to satisfy him. He didn't want just adequate, anyway. He wanted perfection. And Alice had just failed on yet another front. Infidelity. Other women. His own sister.
  • As the New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte pointed out, the only impact the treaty would have on Americans would be to make it easier for disabled people to live and work in other countries. Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which was signed by Republican President George H. W. Bush, said Dole had come to the chamber because "he wants to know that other countries will come to treat the disabled as we do."
  • The crowd of students had drifted to the sides of the hall, like worshipers making way for a pair of pagan gods. Even so, there still wasn't quite room for them to walk side by side. The girl was leading. Her dark, wavy hair and perfect skin would've made her pretty in any crowd, but she also had perfectly symmetrical features and one of those bodies that required hours each day in the gym to maintain. I wanted to hate her. It didn't make any sense, she could hardly be blamed for taking care of herself, but it just didn't seem fair. Simply by being in the same town as us, she automatically made every other girl in school feel like bloated, heifers. Surely she was somehow cheating to be doing so well in the subtle, nasty game in which every high school girl ranked herself against every other female.
  • I hugged her. "I guess so." Although I was sad to leave, I was excited about the adventure ahead. I wanted to experience life as a normal student by attending classes and meeting humans. The risk of drawing unwanted attention to the family felt very real to me, though.
  • 29 September.--Last night, at a little before ten o'clock, Artemis and Quincy came into Van Helsing's room. She told us all what she wanted us to do, but especially addressing herself to Artemis, as if all our wills were centred in hers. She began by saying that she hoped we would all come with her too, 'for,’ she said, 'there is a grave duty to be done there. You were doubtless surprised at my letter?'This query was directly addressed to Lady Godalming.
  • You realize what you're thinking and smile. The Afro-American League for Beating Up White Kids Who Want to Be Cartoonists is not meeting in Aunt Ida's house tonight. Two people are in there, an old woman who may already be asleep and a girl who wants to come to you.
  • Founding Abdicationism was wholly consistent with this train of thought, and it was potentially revealing of Byrons inclination and state of mind as well. If he hadnt wanted his theoretical work made concrete but was willing to live with it after the fact, youd have expected hed have shut up and gone along. Instead, there he was, rocking the boat, starting a philosophical gambit that had grown into a political schism by claiming the whole idea of gods exercising dominion was illegitimate. The maneuver was astute. Even if Byron could sweep the basis of the old order away through some use of force or trick or stratagem, delegitimizing that order in advance could help insure against groundswell counterattack or lingering revanchism.
  • Mom and Dad were busy planning for Dartmouth. Mom had always wanted to study there, and Dad was set on making it happen next year. The plan was for Mom, Dad, Jacob and I to move there next year to allow Mom to study for the year. It was a possibility that Dad would decide to enroll as wellhe hadnt decided. He had already completed a number of degrees, and nothing particularly interested him at the moment.
  • I tried to take hold of my unraveling sanity. I don't know how long I sat there in the darkness, the coppery smell of blood surrounding me until I wanted to vomit.
  • They were in the Spine Mountains were they? He would appear to the Shardi later and tell them they could earn much of his pleasure by capturing these two servants of Emlas. And he would have to remember to be very clear that he meant he wanted them captured alive.
  • She had to talk to Roland. Even if only to tell him how much he had hurt her, how she hated him. And she wanted to hear what he had to say. In the aftermath of her discovery of his perfidy, her broken-hearted flight from Paris to Beziers, the one thing she regretted was that she had not waited to meet him face to face.
  • Making love with him there, and he wanted to often, brought a different feeling too, as doing that with him anywhere, at any time was an intense experience. Kate thought at times, that he seemed to become aroused by the strangest thingsseeing her in the stables, or having dirt up to her elbows in the greenhouse. He had tackled her to the ground one day whilst walking in the fields and brought her to an exquisite climax, and she found him watching her when her lashes lifted, looking at her with that enigmatic expression in his eyes.
  • Back out on the street Francesca turned to Omari. "We both know that this might be a trapbut we dont have much of a choice here. Just do your best to stay alert and on guard at all times. With any luck well find Molly at the factory and get the drop on the killer," Francesca said. It was unspoken between them, but the look they shared was one of mutual understanding. Neither of them would feel bad if the killer died in the process. Both of them had suffered too much at the hands of people wanting to abuse Feathered women for various purposes, and there was no excuse for letting someone like this escape to continue his murderous handiwork.
  • Jorden was somehow glad to be away from the odd house and the girl who seemed more the adult than most adults he knew. There was something not quite right, and it was something that he wasn't sure he wanted to be involved in. Or perhaps it was simply his antisocial behaviour showing through. He puzzled over the thought for some time without result.
  • The darker side of him wanted to fight. He wanted to destroy Madeline, but it wasnt so easy. One vampire could not kill another.
  • I grabbed Willow by the arm just as she walked underneath the archway to the Vaydem Arboretum. She gasped in shock, because she didnt notice me sitting there. I gestured for her to be quiet. Then, I pointed toward the high ceiling so she could see why I wanted her to keep the noise down. Willow immediately covered her mouth in surprise.
  • Not sure what to expect, and not really wanting (or needing) protective clothing, Sarah approached. However, the garments Kharus held out to her had her staring open-mouthed. The fabric the dwarf craftsman presented to her didnt even come close to resembling the suits of armor the others were wearing. What she was looking at was a much thinner, much stronger variant of the dwarvesspecial metal, bryl, which had been deftly woven into the fabric of the light purple gown being presented to her.
  • Mirra quailed a little, not wanting to enrage him, but her concern for him drove her to continue, "Maybe, but every ward you break forces you to use more power, does it not? The mages want you to use it so much that it kills you before you reach the final ward."
  • "No, good my lord; lets fight with gentle words till time lend friendsand friends their helpful swords!" Richard may ponder a lamentable demise, but the young duke, aware of the summary treatment of Bushy and Green, wants to live.
  • Obama also made it clear in the interview that he wants an increase in the U.S. debt limit as part of any compromise in the coming weeks. The U.S. will reach the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling this year, though Treasury can use so-called extraordinary measures to extend the deadline until at least mid-February, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
  • Mirra's heart sang with joy as she trotted through the heaving ship to the galley. A twinge of trepidation made her pause, for she was away from him again. Was that why he had agreed, to see if she would ignore his warning? She shrugged it off, determined not to let her fear of demons keep her from her calling. At last he was going to let her help him, and this was her chance to prove her good intentions. Once she had shown him her ability to sooth his pain with her healer's skills, surely he would soften his demeanour towards her and accept her as the friend she wanted so desperately to be?
  • In the morning, Gawain wakes with the rising sun. Not wanting to disturb Persephone, he slides out of bed as slowly as possible. After dressing he makes for the throne room, finding that his brother is already there.
  • Before turning to Ortega in her Hail Mary attempt at information, Aradia had approached her father. He'd been distinctly unhelpful. "Aradia, I appreciate your gusto for solving this murder," he'd said, "but even if I wanted to urge you on this path, I couldn't. I don't have anything on the Hitzigs beyond what you already know."
  • "No, just those papers and that case. I have been waiting awhile for you to come back. I wanted you to have those." Minty watched Talon look over the items.
  • "No. Jesus is peaceful in here. His disciples called himrabbi,’ which means teacher. So as a teacher, he was there to teach, not to hurt anyone. I think he wanted people to love each other and be kind to the animals. And it seems that a great many people in Palestine liked this message of peace and kindness."
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