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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • Nicolette shook her head. "I know what you must be going through, Roland. I would give anything not to be the one to bring you this news. Hugues and Amalric want to force her to tell them who has helped her, whom she worked with. And they are after you especially. They suspect you are linked with her. Amalric still wants to destroy you. They will torture her until she names you."
  • "If youd told me when I was ten," he said as he emerged from the bathroom, "that one day Id look like this and be wearing this kind of costume, on the way to catch a bad guy in the act and turn him over to the cops, I wouldnt have believed you. But I would have wanted it to be true more than anything else."
  • "I don't know. First I heard about it was when you told him that's where you wanted to go. He seemed to think that it was a good idea."
  • "That knew we were about to be robbed? I dont think so. He clearly said he wanted our money. Seemed very surprised when we didnt have any."
  • "I don't want to come here any more. Too many memories and too much embarrassment. That bitch called me a whore in front of everyone. Syd Brown came by a couple of days later. That stupid son of a bitch wanted to get all the details of my romance with Tommy. He said all he had to do was change a few names and he would have the great suburban love affair novel of the decade. I told him to get the hell out of here and not come back. He said he was going to write the novel anyhow. Then I get an unbelievable offer. Harry Dix and his wife come by and they hang around till the last call. When everyone clears out they say to me any time I want to take sex to another level, they're ready for a mnagetrois. And I said, Get the fuck out of my place and never come back." She stepped away to draw a pint of beer, a Harp's. She put the glass in front of him. "You still living with Erin?"
  • "Do you know what jail is like?" Todd asked sadly. "MomI mean, I guess my foster momshe used to say that if I ever wound up in jail, to not bother ever coming home. She said that her uncle had been in jail and she never wanted for any of her kids to end up there. She said that it smelled like my grandfathers house and you couldnt eat ice cream, only brussels sprouts and liver all day long."
  • "Only take care you don't get caught up in the past too," palliser said. "But I should think you could see him if you wanted to. As I understand it, all the past still exists and it's merely a matter of choosing your point of view."
  • "First, he wants to offer terms," Longsword said, lowering himself onto the ground with a bit of effort. Three years in Wales seemed to have stiffened his muscles and he found the activities hed once done with ease were slightly more arduous. Delamere had told him the culprit was age, not Wales, but he didnt believe that. "Which he fully expects to be rejected."
  • For a while, Trevor stared at Mariah, careful to keep a safe distance away. His heart told him to run up to Mariah and hug heractually, to kiss her. He wanted to kiss her so badly.
  • He hung up and waved in the general direction of the sniper and finished his sandwich. His phone rang again, but it was his unwanted dinner guest so he ignored it. He strolled into the house and got the keys to the Cabriolet. Then he drove off, taking his time driving to the restaurant and making a number of unnecessary detours and a few calls. He wasn't worried about being followed; he just wanted to be late.
  • "Oh, yeah. Mike," I said. "Rory wanted me to tell you that he wants to get the store closed on time tonight, cause hes going to hit the bar, look for some ladies and get some action."
  • "Range, the mage wants to test the Sword," Garon said from the doorway. Remmy was standing behind him, trying to look over his shoulder.
  • Id make a lousy statistician. Id probably get fired for making up all the results. Who wants to talk to thousands of people just to find out the answer is pretty much what you thought it was going to be?
  • She was my perfectly imperfect person, completely mortal in every way. She breathed and I felt it. Her heart palpitated and I listened on completely enchanted. I have never had the desire to be an everything to anyone, but now I had unexpectedly discovered I wanted to be something for a single someone. I felt it burning from my skin inwards and my center outwards. Two fuses running towards a stick of dynamite: I was happy.
  • Eadie wants to come too. How can she when there shall be enough strain under Tudor gaze? Mothers letter pleads for good behaviour, that I might let her seek happiness in the last years of her life. What can I do?
  • It can be guessed that what Erdoğan wants to achieve is to make Turkey a strong country. Perhaps, he is trying to create the trappings of notions of power and prestige in his mind. He aims to stand behind the legacy he inherited from his ancestors and develop it. There is no problem with this. If you rule a country, you can see that country as your area of creation, your lego park. There can be nothing more pleasing than in addition to God giving you the chance to have any dream you want realizing your dream. Who can be luckier than an individual who forces the limits of his/her imagination? Nevertheless, although the dream Erdoğan has interests all of us, we are living in a country where the realization of that dream is not possible as there are many painful facts forgotten by the government.
  • The prospect of sitting around the table, watching Colt drinking himself stupid wasn't very appealing to Aiden, so he decided to accompany Nellise to the local smithy. Sayana also saw the wisdom of being somewhere else at the present moment and tagged along silently as was her custom. Aiden really wanted to discuss a few things with her, and thought perhaps Nellise might be discreet enough to keep them to herself, but felt this wasn't the right time.
  • She smiled and touched a finger to his burgeoning mustache. Fashions were changing in Wales and more and more of the men sported them. I hoped Llywelyn would refrain from growing one, but Bevyn looked at Rhodri with something bordering on envy. I wanted to tell him that hed grow upand acquire the ability to grow one
  • Aerie doubted that the proposed jam, chaperone or not, had anything to do with John wanting to make music. At least she had a convenient excuse to turn him down.
  • Lord Henry looked in the direction in which the trembling gloved hand was pointing. "Yes," he said, smiling, "I see the gardener waiting for you. I suppose he wants to ask you what flowers you wish to have on the table to-night. How absurdly nervous you are, my dear fellow! You must come and see my doctor, when we get back to town."
  • There was a storm raging within me. I wanted to kill that bastard Thyagarajan who had shoved me in the dirty stream. I wanted to shoot that heinous Varadrajan too who had got me, a straight man leading a simple life and earning my livelihood through honest means, to obey his orders. But how futile was my rage. I did not know what I should do in such extraordinary and dangerous circumstances. After what Thyagarajan had done to me, I had no one in whom I could confide. I was frightened to death. I was worried to death.
  • Still,' said Hank heartily, ‘I can but try I suppose. It's for a good cause.' Here he looked at Tamar. ‘And who wants to live forever anyway?'
  • "No, you don't see." He took her good hand in both of his. She grimaced and wanted to pull away. "Iwhat is your name?"
  • Maida looked at her for a moment, then dropped her eyes in shame. "You might as well know," she said. "I wanted to be a Healer. I ran away, went to the Healer's School."
  • The darker side of him wanted to fight. He wanted to destroy Madeline, but it wasnt so easy. One vampire could not kill another.
  • Reluctantly she lay down and he wrapped her tight. He picked her up easily; she didnt weigh much. It seemed that ladies who could afford it, didnt eat, and those who wanted to, all the working women, couldnt afford to eat.
  • "Omari, please open youre eyes, I need to check your pupil size," Noah said softly, and she knew he would pry her eyes open if she didnt comply. Part of her wanted to be as uncooperative as possible.
  • When no one did I looked around and realized that it was the same table that I had sat down at on my first day here. The day that Jack had originally tried to confront me about who I was. Since it was winter no one wanted to eat outside, so by all reason someone should have tried to sit down at that table, but apparently it was still condemned. Well, that, or I really looked as angry as I felt.
  • Although the question was asked lightly, Leena could sense its seriousness. These were simple folk that wanted no trouble from the authorities.
  • The sunlight catches the tiny piece of metal that looks as if its crawling out of his ear, its fingers stuck deeply into his skin. Summer cant help herself as she raises her fingers to his ear, wanting to feel the thing. It actually appears to be a part of him. She touches the metal, and Gage jerks. She pulls her hand back quickly.
  • He hadn't intended for this to happen. He'd wanted to find a cave, that was for sure, he hadn't intended on falling through the ceiling though.
  • Her hunger sated, she wanted a nap, but more than that she desperately wanted to get clean. As if someone were reading her mind, several women approached Catrin with soft towels and scented soaps. One motioned for her to follow and walked toward the towering fountain Catrin had created. She was delighted to see a pond forming outward from the fountain, and she hoped it would continue to grow. She envisioned a lush oasis nestled in the valley, full of life and vigor--a jewel in the desert.
  • My dad came up to watch the next nights consolation game. He had seen the box score of the previous nights game and wanted details. He even talked to some of the guys on the team, who excitedly recounted my wild six-minute stint. It was no consolation to me that my view from the bench remained unchanged throughout the game that afternoon. There was no call from a coach who must have been read the riot act from the previous game by boosters who wanted my feet to remain in cement shoes for good. This was my last game in a Piedmont uniform. With the spring semester only a few weeks away, it was finally time for me to move on.
  • Maggie felt crippling hopelessness settle in her being. She wasnt sure if it was the kings or hers. The longer she stayed in his soul, the more she understood him, the more she felt her life energy becoming his life energy, the more she wanted to help him, to see him succeed.
  • Sam and I had branched off from our six-layer lunch group once the layers started peeling away. Cal was the first to leave R&R as a result of the pressures of living around wealth. Although he had a secure job that paid adequately, Cal and his wife wanted more. Cal resigned so he could take a position at a brokerage firm, where he would be working 60% more hours for a 20% increase in pay. I suppose he was headed for a slow climb up the social ladder.
  • "Only some of it," he said, shaking his head. Pain flashed across his face, then was gone, wiped away by sheer force of will. "They know only that he wants you. Not why."
  • When I arrived at school the next day there was a strange feeling in the air. Of course, it could have just been my perception since I didnt have on five layers of clothing like usual. I still wore a thermal shirt and a long-sleeved T-shirt, but I intentionally left my hooded sweatshirt at home. I wanted to make sure the dark clique could see me. Plus, without my CD player I no longer had ear buds to hide anymore.
  • Soma didn't seem to mind. She took to the woods right away, and found herself a playmate in Squee after only a few hours. He quickly filled her in on the rules, all of which seemed very sensible to her. You got to eat when you wanted, sleep where you wanted, play all day long and do whatever you felt like. This was not a bad deal, as far as she was concerned. It didn't take long for her to fall into the Watcher routine, and she set about charming Bumbarta the same as she'd done with the captain. By now whenever he wanted to be sure about anything a Watcher had told him, Bumbarta called upon Soma to verify.
  • Jacob dropped to his hands and knees and crawled across the damp floor with his right arm outstretched until he found the back of his room. He sat with his back against the wall and his knees to his chest. He heard the other men rustling in their cells, presumably finding a comfortable spot to rest. He was exhausted and wanted to join them in sleep, but his mind refused to yield. How could he overpower the attendant? Would he be able to use that rod against him? He could easily crawl under the door of the stall, but what then? Could he feign an injury? Pretend to be ill? Maybe he could get the keys from the mans pocket and toss it to one of the others. Would they even help him? Jacob curled up onto the floor, resting his head on his arms, and closed his eyes. He laughed to himself; he wouldnt have to close his eyes to fall asleep anymore.
  • As the pair gabbed in the hot summer sun, a motorcycle cop cruised up, then pulled a U-turn. He flipped his flashers on and burped the siren once or twice. Chuck and Rubby scanned the streets to figure out what the police wanted this time.
  • Little Beth had tripped over two dead bodies. She had fallen into them, hence the blood on her hands and arms. Bobby wanted to vomit. He swallowed hard and looked back at the shards of light indicating the entrance to the cavern. Running from this sickening death hole would have been logical but he turned his torch back to the bodies on the ground. Both were female. Both were Aboriginal. There was no clothing on or near them. Both had suffered horrific physical injuries, probably by a swinging machete or axe. One was a woman of at least 30 although it was difficult to tell from the shocking wounds over her body. The other was in her early teens. The older womans head was almost totally severed from her body. Neither had a right hand. Each right hand had been severed at the wrist. Bobby shone his torch around frantically. No hands.
  • "It says here that the witch is wanted for questioning. It does not accuse her of any crime. There is no mention of accomplices nor any authority to detain anyone else. What has this woman done that would cause you to arrest her?"
  • At that moment, something in Jax shifted. Whatever had been awakened in her early wanted out and it wasn't going to take no for an answer. Her body tightened and her breath stopped in her lungs. Everything went silent. It was as if the world stopped moving for just a split second. Jax closed her eyes briefly to give herself a mental shake. When she looked up again at Rick, her vision was different. She could see him fully covered in fur, face like a wolf, glowing eyes, and much bigger and muscular than he'd ever been. His clothes were in pieces around him. But there was something else, she could hear his heartbeat and see his blood flowing inside of him. Jaxon could smell his blood, his anger, his excitement at what he thought he was going to do. She took all those things in within a matter of seconds. The world had slowed down, all except for her.
  • "We're really exposed here," Pacian added, looking around nervously at the lack of cover nearby. "If they had wanted to, the raiders could have waited here for more people to come and investigate, and then strike again. We're damn lucky they didn't think of that."
  • Dr. Sock wanted to throttle The Puppetmaster, to go back to the security checkpoint, forcibly steal his cannon and use it to disintegrate the man. Instead he wrestled with his aggravation, playing back the memories of The Puppetmasters anger during their first meeting to keep himself in check. Fear brought safety.
  • The Clerics were shouting now, fighting. Though the fairy-lord would be able to handle himself, I spared a look for Devlin to check he was doing okay. The vision of necks snapping, a knife in the eye, and the sight of a Cleric going limp as the bones of his body shattered when it connected with a tree trunk, was not something I wanted to see or get a look at in more detail.
  • Seeing what lay before them, scattered in mobs across the meadow surrounding the Temple, she wanted nothing other than to turn her mare around and bolt back to face the Duke.
  • What a half of basketball. Confusion and frustration reigned in the Helmsdale locker room. The Knights were barely challenged all year, but had run up against a hot ball club that wasn't scared anymore. Ross Parker knew his team was tense, but wanted them to play all-out when they stepped on the floor.
  • "Yeah, Ive been trained to think the other way, but now Im beginning to see the other side of this. Jesus wanted his preaching to be understood and accepted. Why am I putting so much attention on an event that put an end to his public teaching? Just like Katie said, the light was going away. The bright light was about to be extinguished. Philip, keep on going, I want see how you handle the rest of this."
  • I looked at Hunter then turned to look at the ramp. So this was it? This ramp and whatever lay at its end was what the song so wanted me to find? I could feel the song tingling through my body. It wanted to sing out loud for the world to hear. It was almost physically lifting me up, not onto the ramp, but into the sky. And I wanted to follow.
  • I had heard of the Beatles, but I didn't know how popular they were. I met all four, but with George, I clicked immediately. He said he wanted to learn properly. I said it's not just learning chords, like the guitar. Sitar takes at least one year to sit properly because the instrument is so difficult to hold. Then you cut your fingers to this extent . He said he would try. He seemed so sweet and sincere that I believed it.
  • Pete is about six foot seven and he's folded up like a deckchair on the rickshaw bicycle. His red hair sticks out from beneath a straw boater making him look like a posh scarecrow. He stares at me as if he wants to say something else but isn't sure about it. I'm worried that this might mean trouble so I raise a hand and start to move off.
  • I said I realized that, but that Wendel seemed sincerely in love with his wife and only wanted to talk with her and find out what he'd done to cause her action. Kirby didn't answer this but just stood up and said:
  • Pierre continued. When he spoke of the execution he wanted to pass over the horrible details, but Natasha insisted that he should not omit anything.
  • He held her, willing her to wake. Her hair tickled his noise. He sniffed back a sneeze and breathed in the scent of her hair, which calmed him. The trivial problem of a wanting to sneeze and noticing what her hair smelled like was welcome; it meant that the episode was over. He wasnt sure how, but he knew when they were over, knew when no more tremors would rock her body. He always noticed something mundane like the scent of her hair or that one of his socks had a hole in it. After a bit Sashas eyes opened.
  • Mom wasn't as pleased to see her as last time. She was a little distant, and Judy wanted to talk. She wanted to tell Mom about her new perceptions. She'd been practicing for a conversation with Mom while she was telling Allen and Ben about it. But Mom said she was going out, and they stood in the hall for a few moments, Mom holding her purse and keys, Judy sweating all over the painting she'd brought to show off.
  • Another euphemism, he wants me to mop up vomit or something equally unpleasant. I don't argue. When I'm done with the vomit, I stick my head round the corner just long enough to say bye. I'm out of there before Ally can find me anything else to do.
  • Yet, as Roy got closer to her and she started to feel the heat from his face and even his lips, Aradia began to wonder if what he wanted would really be wrong at all. She leaned a fraction of an inch toward him.
  • "The marshal, a Count Rostov, hasn't sent half his contingent. He came to town and wanted to invite me to dinner--I gave him a pretty dinner!... And there, look at this.... Well, my boy," the old prince went on, addressing his son and patting Pierre on the shoulder. "A fine fellow--your friend--I like him! He stirs me up. Another says clever things and one doesn't care to listen, but this one talks rubbish yet stirs an old fellow up. Well, go! Get along! Perhaps I'll come and sit with you at supper. We'll have another dispute. Make friends with my little fool, Princess Mary," he shouted after Pierre, through the door.
  • She peeked from under the blanket as I started the car. "Its okay. Im curious about everythingincluding how cold might affect me. I wanted to see what would happen."
  • Jai and Ceder ran to catch upthe lighting inside the castle was low enough to remind them of Sorids dark abode and they wanted anything but to be left behind here. As the children soon saw, the reason Cliff had proceeded so quickly was that he was involved in an awkward game of give and chase with Astray. The cub was stalking the shiny ball like a born predator. In the aquamarine ambience he became one with the shadows. He leapt forward every few strides to give the glass ball a tap with his paw; the poor jesterfish, for his part, was so torn between fleeing for his life and performing his dutynamely, to escort the childrenthat even as he yelped and scurried to escape like a mouse inside a wheel, he was simultaneously pointing out interesting sculptures and striking coral formations as though giving a historical tour of the castle. "Right this way," he was saying as Jai and Ceder caught up, "and well wind our way around the Circle of the Sea on our way to the high council room, which is, of course, deep in the castle."
  • "I'm sure I'll manage," Aiden assured the old fellow as he took the old tome, then recalled that he wanted to ask about the enchanted glove he now wore. "Something I wanted to mention before I forget is this item I found while travelling along the southern highway. Would you know anything about this?" Dale looked down at the glove Aiden presented on his left hand, and gave it a cursory examination.
  • As much as he wanted to meet Trevor in Port Paravel, it simply wasn't a wise thing to do. But Trevor wouldn't have gone with Erling alone, so Coriath had lied. He told him that they would meet in Port Paravel.
  • Meanwhile, in Iraq, the carnage has not subsided even 10 years after Saddam Hussein was brought down. The chance that Iraq may not hold together is still a fact to reckon with. That is why the most stable region in present Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), wants to hold onto the instruments of survival in case a meltdown occurs and the path to independence is opened one day. The three most powerful instruments in the KRG's hands are oil, the army and a close alliance with neighbors, foremost Turkey.
  • "We agree he wants the baby, correct? Illegitimate, born of a servant, he doesnt carehe only wants his child. So, if you were nowhere to be found, how do you think hed react?"
  • The question hung in the air. It went unanswered. Again, only for a moment, Jons mind lost its confusion and Strog's desire was clear to Jon. He wanted names, names of dwarves he could list as traitors and publicly execute. Jon thought of Hern, his friend, his advisor, pierced through the heart because he condemned the actions of the true traitors. Jon knew, knew if he spoke a single name, he would condemn that dwarf to death. For the first time since being thrown in this cell, he felt that familiar twinge in his stomach. He felt the burden of knowing too much. He shook his head at Strog.
  • Mom, in her single years, was a new and improved woman. She was a happy, content, lover of life. It was a far cry from the little housewife that sat at home and waited for her husband. There were so many parallels between my mom and Jill; the men in their lives did whatever they wanted and the women sat by and waited for any crumb of a relationship.
  • "We all wanted to eat some delicious food and were waiting for strange attendants to serve us. On the table was an assortment of rotten food and some of the guests were eating it. You warned me to wait. However, I continued regarding the rotten food, thinking a miniscule amount would tide me over until the fresh food arrived.
  • Jessicas mind was starting to fade, yet her thoughts sped up. She wanted to get me the last of the information. Your name was Varin Holstein. As you mourned for Ash you contemplated suicide, but as a vampire you thought your soul would die too. You thought you might not see her ever again. Youve stayed alive all this time, waiting endlessly, in the hope she would come back. Over time your conscious mind forgot about her. Kale turned you in 1348. Hes kept an eye on you ever since.
  • "The sphere has changed," Dzeb answered simply. "The Wizard War was a conflict of individuals, those that wanted the magic free and those that wanted the magic removed from the land. Such matters are not the concern of Godson, thus they are not the concern of cliff behemoths."
  • "And just consider this: we have thousands of theologians who have been searching through this 1600 page book for the key to a better life, not realizing that the most important information on how to become familiar with God was traditionally passed along in private. Thats a careless oversight and comes from the western habit of not wanting to recognize any eastern influence. I can give you another example of the very same thing; its about sackcloth and ashes."
  • Mom sat down and fanned herself. "Oh it was awful. Well, I was distracted. I think I was on the phone. Yes. I was talking to my daughter in law, who I thought hated me. She had something to tell me, and wanted to stop by for a visit. I got to see the baby." Mom looked ecstatic. "I think she's going to divorce Rick. She seemed so unhappy."
  • "Brother," Daniel confidently repeated. "I always wanted a little brother," the 6'4" Daniel said as he glided over and put his arm around Brandon, who snuggled up to his chest.
  • "Jennifer, hi its Edward. I just wanted to call and tell you what a great time I had with you today. I hope we can do it all again real soon. Bye."
  • Anubis uneasily answered, "You know that I have been patrolling here for a very long time. I have seen many burials that have taken place, from small ceremonies to large full-blown ones. Every ceremony has the same routine. First comes the dead, next the family, followed by the things that the dead one loved most in life and what they wanted with them in the next life, mostly food and wealth. Sometimes though, that included pets, and sometimes slaves and such."
  • It was a rush back to work. They were busier than usual that night and Tess wondered if it was a coincidence or whether some had come out to celebrate. wanting to think, she had walked to work and as her shift drew to a close her concentration faltered several times and it was only luck that she didn't drop anything. All night the customers had talked about the new President, and finally she realized what had left her bewildered earlier in the day. There were others, many others, who had yearned for her to win. It was like being found naked in the middle of the street and being greeted with friendly approval instead of being clapped into jail. Of course she had known that others would vote for her. Of course she had known that. But what she had not realized was that it was so important to others, and that they could, and would win.
  • Hal shovelled his breakfast up slowly, gazing out of the window across the cluttered farmyard. Early morning birdsong poured in; a liquid, ever-changing song of joy that was at serious odds with his mood. No one understood him. Why should he go to agricultural college, out in the middle of nowhere in Cheshire, just so he could spend the rest of his life working on a farm? He wanted to do something with his life! Sometimes it felt like he was going to burst with boredom and longing.
  • The wanted poster featured the picture the woman in the ink shop had sketched of him. This version came with a few words at the bottom: Maldynado Monticzhelo, wanted Dead or Alive: 250 ranmyas.
  • "Take this and tie it onto your left wrist. Itll let anyone in our force know youre with us. Anyone gives you sauce, tell them Pontustel wants to see them. Thats my name, by the way. My arcane name, not my clumser lie."
  • Just as Rose wanted to take a peek behind one of the curtains, Mickey pulled her on her sleeve. There were two guards coming their way and it was clear they were unwanted guests. Rose and Mickey hurried away but the guards picked up pace and came after them.
  • Did it help that Alicia looked so much like her cousin? Since Michael met Rose, Alicia had been the only one of his lovers at all comparable. That Alicia was blonde set her apart just enough to allow Michael the freedom to fuck her. Hed been intrigued at their first meeting the previous Saturday, seeing immediately in her alcoholic stupor she was easy pickings, that and how much she and Rose were alike. Rose had preferred pot, but both those cousins imbibed too much. How many times had Michael wanted to take one minute when Rose was fully wasted, but there was always someone around. She was never alone, and if she had been, would Michael have really done anything? Could he betray his best friend, his only friend? As Alicias movements grew steadier, Michael sighed. No, probably not.
  • "Hey, fuck you, Fede." Art is surprised to hear the words coming out of his mouth, but once theyre out, he decides to go with them. "You can indulge your paranoid fantasies to your hearts content, but dont drag me into them. I got mugged last night. I had a near-fatal car crash a week ago. If the VP of HR wants to find out why I havent been in the office, he can send me an email and Ill tell him exactly whats going on, and if he doesnt like it, he can toss my goddamned salad. But I dont report to you. If you want to have a discussion, you call me and act like a human goddamned being. Tomorrow. Good-bye, Fede." Art rings the comm off and snarls at it, then switches it off, switches off the emergency override, and briefly considers tossing it out the goddamned window onto the precious English paving stones below. Instead, he hurls it into the soft cushions of the sofa.
  • Then, for no apparent reason other then it was probably inevitable, the attacks came with alarming regularity. In the past two days he had felt like he was about to pass out over twenty times, breath difficult for lengthy periods, the world oddly slowing about himself. Mother had already taken him to the doctor again, which was both good and bad. It meant most of the day off school at least, but the doctor started talking about more tests and perhaps hospitalization, which was the last thing Jorden wanted to hear. He tried to look healthy, which wasn't altogether difficult in between the strange attacks he suffered.
  • "Maybe they wanted to, but didnt know how to." Sarah was still chewing on her jerky. "Maybe your dad and his parents had an argument, and your dad decided to sever the relationship. Thats what I think happened."
  • Kragor shimmied down from the crow's nest atop the mast, surprising more than one of the Federation soldiers with his speedy descent. He moved beside Dexter and looked up the short distance it took to meet the gaze of Captain Gedmun. "You'll be wanting the cargo holds then?"
  • "She wanted to bring him back here and turn him into a hippie with sex and drugs. I would have gone along with that plan, except it never got beyond the talking stage."
  • I did feel really guilty about this particular situation. Tray was always pulling me out of the fry pan just so I could jump right into the middle of the first fire I discover. Although he didnt seem to mind having to do that for me all the time, I wanted him to have time to pursue a relationship with Willow.
  • "I got a permit last year. Madelines had one for a long time. Dont worry, the cops know about it." He looked at me strangely. "I did get stopped by a detective on my way down here, though. He says he wants to talk to you. His names Washington."
  • The note on bright yellow paper was taped inside the screen to the backdoor. "Call me," the printed message from Alise said. She probably wanted to stock another bird or fish. Billy pulled the damp piece of paper off the door. He crumpled the note and threw it into the trash can just inside the kitchen door.
  • I expected Carson Pressley to bust through the door with the rest of his Queer Eye for the Straight Guy team. I shot Lou a puzzled look and replied, "You wanted me to come all the way back here so you could ask me about your wardrobe for tonight?"
  • I thought back to what Rosalie had told me. Teenage girls liked going to the movies, watching television and shopping as a general rule. I didnt want to lie to Natalie, but none of those things seemed interesting to me. I couldnt tell her the truth either. My favorite activities would seem impossible. I liked chasing bluebirds through the forest canopy. I liked hunting cougars while my husband, who used to be a wolf, watched. I liked listening to the stories my immortal family told about how the world had changed over time. No, I couldnt tell her any of that. I needed to find some middle ground between the lies I should tell and the honesty I wanted to give to her.
  • Phlinn hesitated, then lowered his hand. Monoch continued to make the buzz of an aggravated beehive. I wanted to take Monoch in my own hand, but what was I going to do then? Attack the broccoli? I wanted information out of Phlinn Arol, not a battle royal. Finally he spoke. "You are not who you seem to be, you know."
  • She wanted to rush in and help, but she feared that it would surprise Rommus and leave him open for the man to kill him. Her face twisted with worry for him, but she stood frozen as the men continued to fight. Her face contorted even more when she saw the man knee Rommus in the groin. He let out a short cry from the pain, but continued attacking and defending.
  • There was going to be trouble. I tried to stop thinking about all the possibilities and fall asleep, but it was impossible. No matter what happened, the outcome was not going to be good. As I finally began to find sleep, I thought of something else. What did Lady Magmilan have planned for the president? Would she keep him alive and threaten to kill him, if she doesnt get her way? Or will she just simply kill him? I wanted to stop these thoughts, but my mind was racing.
  • "Its a ridiculous catch-22no one is willing to welcome the airhead, because they are terrified of what the hulk might do when he finds out. At least thats what I think. I know Cam was blustering about trying to welcome her. I discovered that he was all talk and no action. I offered to help him out when we were alone and he still backed down! Can you believe that?? He even said I could do it myself if I wanted to try. He expected mea girlto attempt a 'welcoming partywithout any assistance from the guys.
  • He placed the paper and books back, then closed the trunk, standing a moment, at the edge of the bed, shaking his head that so contradictory a woman existed. His vast experience with women, including his mother, showed that they were forever in love with someone or something. Men were the cynics and jades; women were the romantics, the creatures who wanted fidelity, commitment, softness, and understanding and love, the more idealistic the better.
  • He continued his clandestine progress through the woods for another twenty minutes before he eventually came within sight of the bridge. To his dismay, from his new vantage point on the northern edge of the woods, he discovered he was too low down to see the actual river which was obscured by a high bank as far as he could see in either direction. There was no escaping the fact that if he wanted to observe his quarry properly he would have to leave this part of the wood and cross the main road again to get to higher ground. Unnerved, he sat down on an uprooted tree trunk in a small clearing while he regained his composure and tried to work out his next move.
  • Not wanting to continue this conversation for fear that a guard might get wise to me, "I didnt watch it, but Ill have to look for it on the net tonight because everyone keeps telling me I look just like her."
  • "I've been talking to the guys," Pete says this sort of slow and I get a bad feeling. He bends down to retie his trainers and takes a moment to get back on track. "We've got room at the house, and we wondered if you wanted to stay with us?"
  • "I don't know, unless it was that I wanted to ask leave to go home, and was afraid to do it awake, so tried when asleep. I shall not tell any story, as I was the heroine of this, but will give my turn to you, Mr. Annon," said Blanche, with a soft glance, which was quite thrown away, for the gentleman's eyes were fixed on Octavia, who sat on a low ottoman at Mrs. Snowdon's feet in the full glow of the firelight.
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