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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • "No, a friend of hers, and yours too, I believe, Weldon. Seems an old girlfriend wants to put his lights out or send him to Valhalla, something like that. I think it's the same broad who took you away from me that time. I have a hunch she's going to try and crash this party too. I'd love to run into her again. Things will be different this time."
  • As much as he wanted to, Grahamas didn't curse a third time. In the span of half an hour, he had ruined his shirt, lost all three lights, and was now trapped in a dark, empty chamber. And something else was in here with him. Most likely the same creature that had plastered those corpses into the wall, and the Champion feared he might be next. Slowly and silently he drug the blade out of its sheath, doing his best not to give away his location.
  • "Oh Christ, you know why! He couldnt stop, couldnt stop loving you or drinking, either one. All he wanted was for it to stop hurting, it was driving him insane. Thats what he said, what he said to me over and over. Every night after he left you Summer, he came back here, then called me. God, whyd he do that? He knew how I felt about you, maybe he wanted to rub it in my face. But he was so damned drunk and I talked to him until he passed out. All he said was how much he loved you, but not enough. Not you or the kids, never enough to stop. He never thought hed be able to quit and it hurt him Summer, because you and the kids, you were everything to him, more than the music, more than anything."
  • This was all happening on my day off, ruining what I had left of the night. I hated having my days off ruined. I should have been stretched out on the couch playing XBOX. I was always honest with her, whether she wanted to hear it or not, but with her ruining my day off, I wasnt pulling any punches.
  • Four years, it had been four years and while they had drifted in and out of each others lives, he was now sure, damned certain she was it! The last man hed screwed hadnt done much for him; all Kell wanted was Marthe. Martha Catherine Souza, but for all her chatty, sometimes profane vocabulary, right then, nothing. She uttered not one single word.
  • The King now spoke with solemnity and without a trace of feverishness. "Look at me, Mother. Can you not see I am better? God has spared me. He wants me to rescue Jerusalem for Him."
  • Wendel said: "Now understand me, Mr. Crandall. I'm willing to sign this settlement because I believe Ruth wants this divorce. Naturally, I want to be fair with her. Your threat about that assault charge hasn't influenced me in the slightest."
  • The market was enormous, and packed with stalls selling everythingfood, clothes, jewellery, perfumes, electronics, mechanical parts, you name it. We progressed slowly, partly because we five foreigners wanted to look at everything and partly because of the crush of people. About half way across was a courtyard with seats and a fountain in the middle. We flopped onto the seats, and Andrew asked who wanted food. Of course we all did. He took Robin, Calum and Emma to help bring it back.
  • Midafternoon there was another attack. Only yesterday she was telling Oscar she wanted nothing to do with townie warfare, but something had changed. The two off-duty guardsmen who helped her with the pole, their names were Jimmy and Roger. Roger liked cats. A kid called Lisa wanted to know if Oscar was so smart, could he play backgammon, though her mother shushed her for it. Nasan didn't want these people to die.
  • She stepped through the hatch and backed down the stairsthe Eleysian Teardrop seemed to know of her actions in advance and rose above her head as though following her downand at their foot turned and stumbled, trancelike, towards the brilliant rectangle of light of the doorway. The Teardrop hurried down, and then rushed in front of her, as though it wanted something from her. Was it going to shoot light into her chest again? What did it want? Melody squinted her way back out into bright sunlight, feeling lightheaded and woozy. She mindlessly pulled her sock-stuffed shoes from under the heavy gray door (the Teardrop waited patiently behind her), sitting on the warm wooden planks of the walkway next to it to hurriedly put them on, not bothering to tie the shoes laces, merely stuffing them back under the tongues. When she stood the Teardrop hurried back in front of her. Melody could only gawk at it, completely dumbfounded, horrified with the thought of another attack.
  • She did not want to destroy the Zjhon or their nation, but she could not allow them to continue their siege on the Godfist, and it was clear they would take over her homeland even if she escaped. No words would deter them; they would persist until forced to leave. She wanted to end the siege without the slaughter of men she realized were only doing their duty. That thought struck Catrin like a hammer blow: these men were not evil or her enemy; they were acting on orders. Archmaster Belegra was not evil either. He truly believed that what he did was good and right and protected his nation. Even if he was wrong, he was simply as fallible and flawed as any other person. The actions of the Zjhon were precipitated by prophecies and religious beliefs that spanned thousands of years. It was as if what they did was foreordained and inescapable.
  • "No, it's not like that. It's not about money. That pendant was the only thing of my mother's I'd ever owned. I never knew my mother," I said. "She gave me up for adoption when I was a baby. My parents gave me that necklace the day they told me I was adopted. They said my mother wanted me to have it. It's completely irreplaceable."
  • "Oh." She looked around, "Maybe we should go wait in the car next door." Kethudrim and Jonathan followed her. Harvey howled after them, I didn't blame him. I wanted to howl too.
  • She is trying not to cry, trying not to make her father scream at her again, because his screams are becoming louder and scarier than ever especially to a little four-year-old girl. In her mind, she knows that the funeral means her mother finally died: thats what her father says, "Well she finally died." Sandra knows that sounds wrong. But thats what he says and he keeps saying it to anyone who wants to listen. She heard many people say the samelike they all wanted her mother to die, or get well; one or the other. Berta Schmidt had been dying for as long as Sandra could rememberfor her age, she can remember pretty good especially anything to do with her mother.
  • Anubis uneasily answered, "You know that I have been patrolling here for a very long time. I have seen many burials that have taken place, from small ceremonies to large full-blown ones. Every ceremony has the same routine. First comes the dead, next the family, followed by the things that the dead one loved most in life and what they wanted with them in the next life, mostly food and wealth. Sometimes though, that included pets, and sometimes slaves and such."
  • She decided she wanted to take him up on that. The other way was too uncomfortable. Suddenly she clutched the fabric on her townie's dress. The compass was still there. Not dead. If you died, you couldn't take it with you, right? Unless Menkar had rematerialized that, too, and this wasn't the compass Sarangerel had given her
  • Frank was getting on in years, and didnt leave the house much. So, when he wanted something from the store, he would give me a call, make his order and Id deliver it to him. It wasnt something I did often, but Frank was special. He had always been my best customer from the first day I started.
  • David says to Todd, "Well, while the twisted sisters plot their attack, did you get what you wanted from his cell phone?"
  • Austins statehood movement met at the Frank Irwin Center, less than ten blocks from the Texas State Capital Building. The movement attracted everyone fed up with interference from the Texas state government, its kowtowing to business interests, spending more on prisons than schools, gerrymandering districts based on political advantage for Republicans, and a state school board notorious for putting false history in textbooks. They wanted a state with schools where you could mention Darwin, lynching, and condoms, where you could admit gay people exist and that many Founding Fathers werent Christians (most were Deists), and where oil, banks, and Evangelical churches did not try to dominate every aspect of daily life.
  • She hadnt told Rose because after having such a hissy fit that morning, the more she thought about it, the less bad it seemed. There were certainly things much worse than Garth wanting to marry her, but Petra had been so stunned by his desire to make their roller coaster relationship permanent, the amazement had scared the crap out of her. Now she wouldnt say anything to Rose as it was ridiculous. Petra had told her sister so many other parts of her life, but this was different. This wasnt only what Garth thought they needed, but the last thing Petra wanted, and yet, it seemed to be what most people managed.
  • Elizabeth and Evelyn had never known their Uncle Francis; they had only been two years old when he had gone away. But they had been told of him by their father and always in an angry, bitter tone. They had heard stories of their fathers and uncles boyhoods, how they had learned their trade and had worked side by side with their father in a prosperous goldsmithing business in London. The twinsgrandfather had been an esteemed member of the Goldsmiths Guild assuring the boysmembership when they finished their apprenticeships. But when Elizabeths and Evelyns grandfather had died sixteen years ago, their Uncle Francis had wanted something different, something more exciting.
  • "Four summers ago we were swimming in the river and they wanted to make it with me but I wouldn't let them. They got mad and started to make up stories about me.
  • Lucius offers her his. "Ah, my Lavinia, I will wipe thy cheeks." He starts to do so, but she backs away. The lady, suffering intense frustration, wants no more sympathyshe craves vengeance.
  • Since I was supposed to be sick I had to say no to going out with my friends (they thought I was faking it just because I wanted to skip school, but lying to them about being sick was easier than trying to come up with a lie that explained why I would have wanted to stay home), not that I wanted to go out with them anyway. I wanted to watch what happened in the graveyard again that night, and again without my necklace on. I kept it close to me, just in case, but I was anxious to see what happened with no spells to interfere with my view.
  • When it was Maeves turn to share, she thought long and hard about what she was most grateful for. So many things came into her mind, but she wanted to be clear and concise.
  • Over the next few days he cut down several trees from the edges of the clearing. Jain followed behind with the saw and cut off the narrow ends and all the limbs. She cut the limbs into short pieces and stacked them for firewood. It was a strange feeling, cutting so much timber. In the village a man who so much as cut off a single tree limb without the lairds permission would likely find himself swinging from a rope. Now they could cut all they wanted without worry. Airk still made a point to count the logs carefully and take no more than he needed. The forest provided game and firewood and to abuse it would be to incur the wrath of the gods as well as the more mundane punishments of cold and hunger.
  • Her moms image appeared. She was sitting in Dads old white rocker, her face pale and her eyes wet. Her hair, now grey, hung loosely around her neck. She cut it short after her husband died. She said that shed wanted to cut it off years ago but left it long because he loved it so much. Sara sat next to Robin on the orange couch, both looking at their mom.
  • Suddenly, he was ten years old againhis parents had just rented a hot air balloon and young Trevor was peering over the edge of the basket, right before the balloon lifted off the ground. In a matter of seconds, the city below shrank to the size of a miniature model set. The people below looked like insects, the buildings no bigger than toy trucks, the roads extending much farther than Trevor thought was possible. He wanted to look away, but for some terrible reason Trevor kept looking down, his knuckles white as he gripped the basket.
  • By the time we arrived at the hideout, all I wanted to do was sit, but when we got there Robin Hood and I where both surrounded by Robins men and questions. It was hard to make out what everybody was saying. I knew they were confused though, b then a girls voice said broke through the others.
  • The building, its innards shaded by the setting sun, loomed in the distance, growing by the second. Taking a deep breath, refusing to look down at the streets that were doubtless packed with police, protestors and other problems, Dr. Sock cradled his cannon in both arms. He wanted to get off at least three shots to make sure the glass broke, because if it didnt hed just hit the side and slide to his doom like an idiot.
  • Demetri laughed. "He thinks he is here for my safety. Dont be fooled by his size. I could take him down if I wanted to."
  • It took her a moment to decipher what he meant. "You mean mundane. Yes, I will deal with everything. I just wanted to inform you. You get huffy sometimes if you feel left out."
  • Antony ignores the gibe; he wants an amicable agreement. "I am not married, Caesar. Let me hear Agrippa further speak."
  • His next actions were instinctive, as the roaring in his head forced out any attempts at rational thought. As much as he wanted to stay in the grass and surrender his consciousness he felt himself moving back in the direction of the explosion. The sensation was eerie, it felt as if some outside force had taken over his body and he was now watching from a distance. He felt like a spectator, watching events before him on a stage. As if in a dream he saw himself moving toward the smoking personnel carrier. He felt not the slightest trace of emotion, neither fear nor dread nor anxiety. The vertigo subsided and now there was only an equally numbing mental silence. He could see his legs move, but he could not feel his feet touch the ground. He climbed without knowing how, over the side of the track and then down through the top hatch. It would be easier to get to Reichert and their new driver from the inside. He wondered if they were taking fire but his deafness made it impossible to tell. He went over the side as fast as he could to avoid exposing himself unnecessarily.
  • Summer nodded. "Hes moving in, this weekend. We talked about it, maybe something else we shouldve waited to do when Im not so out of it. But yeah, hes off all weekend, gonna bring some of his stuff over here. Its okay Autumn. I dont know what in the hells gonna happen next, but I do know I want him here. And he wants that too."
  • He turned his attention toward Glenys and saw a similar shadow on her injury. She gave off an acute odor of metallic fear and her body tensed with pain he could literally see. Rordan wanted to express horror at these sights, yet knew he had nothing to give. He cleared his throat of phlegm and swallowed hard, twice.
  • My family was so proud of me. I was getting good grades at college. I was smart enough to only command my professors when I truly needed the help. At first, I was afraid of being caught. But as time went by, I forgot all about fear. What was there to be afraid of? I could have walked into a bank, asked for the manager and commanded him to give me a million dollars. I could have any job I wanted after college. All I had to do was get an interview with the person with the most power. Pretty cool.
  • "He has. Thrusting this knowledge into it would not improve matters. He has read my records. He knows everyone I tortured and killed for Raumesys and Hollowcrest. And since. He's the one who put the bounty on my head. I am likely the only person in the world he truly wants dead."
  • Creating a combined military command makes it easier to provide the rebels the U.S. wants to promote with cash to buy weapons and the training to use them. The designation of al- Nusra as a terrorist group makes clear that U.S. support is conditional and that al-Qaeda cannot be a legitimate partner in the struggle. Just months ago, according to a report by the analyst Aron Lund, radical Islamist groups such as al-Nusra were marginal. Now they are the oppositions frontline troops.
  • "When we drove in here last time I noticed a new condo development being built about five miles down the road." She looked at Summer, "I wanted to apologize to you for not saying anything…"
  • Trevor wasn't sure he wanted an answer to that question. So, alone and homesick, he sat down on that boulder and looked out at the ocean but an object fell out of his pocket like loose change. Trevor stooped off the boulder to pick it up and was about to put it back in his pocket, but stopped short.
  • "Yeah, Crystal had Nanci figured out, right from the get-go," Jon nodded. "She didnt want Nanci going to NMU. She knew what Nanci wanted to do, which was party, and NMU was far enough away from home that my folks wouldnt be able to do anything about it. From what Mom told me, last winter Crystal told them Nanci was going to run wild, and she wasnt going to take the blame for it. But Dad said if Nanci wanted to go there, she could, since theyd let Crystal go where she wanted. Whats more, they expected Crystal to set a good example and look out for Nanci."
  • After what felt like mere moments of true slumber, Myranda was jarred from her rest by a gentle prodding on her uninjured shoulder. She opened her eyes, expecting to see Myn standing over her, wanting breakfast or some such. Instead she saw Wolloff.
  • The man, his attention diverted from the jailer to Groot, but obviously not wanting to waste an already uplifted hand, swept it down into Groots face. Groot rolled to the left with the slap as the mans fingers scraped down his cheek and spun his head heavily around. Slightly too late, Groot realized fuzzily that there was more beneath the glove than just a hand, that under the glove the man was wearing an appliance giving him the force of heavy mass and a raw flaying surface studded with the hooks or tiny barbs that had just ripped their way through his flesh. He could clearly feel the warmth of blood as it trickled down toward his jaw from his mauled skin. Rather than concentrate on that, Groot unscrewed his eyes and looked back up. The man was standing with his arms crossed. "It is ordered," he said.
  • "Motheryou look …." Bianca wants to saymisshapen’, but that seemed harsh, too impolite. "You lookdifferent," she says, instead. "Your complexion isallmottled. Are you alright? What happened?"
  • Messick looks at the defense table. "Perhaps Dr. Gallo wants to change the definition ofinfectionat the same time he changes Koch's Postulates."
  • Guido spoke in the darkness. "Roland, there is a great deal I have wanted to tell you. I may not have another chance. Come, let us find a corner of this room where we can speak together without being overheard."
  • Obama also wants to head off another confrontation over the U.S. debt limit, which will need to be raised in the coming months. Republicans insist that any increase in the government's $16.4 trillion borrowing authority must be paired with an equal reduction in spending.
  • "If you knew my mother…" Anna said after a pause. Does she mean Gabriel? Or the one who wants to judge her? Or are they one and the same? But there was something she wanted to know more than the other... "I'd like to hear about her?"
  • Jacob Worth looked over at Li Kwan, possibly hoping for her real personality to escape the jail of this robot that was keeping her captive. Li wanted to mouth"Fuck off!" but that would have splintered her geisha girl persona. So she simply smiled in a respectful manner and added blushing cheeks to the perfect employee formula, which sent Worth temporarily off the trail because he had to focus on spewing more bullshit that was going to be ignored.
  • "I realize that I just kicked a vampire's butt and you apparently know him. He wanted to know what you were talking to me about." Jaxon replied and walked back towards the counter to collect her purse.
  • The moment his journey began he realized just how out of touch with the world he had become, and how much of being a warrior he had actually lost. Kalinies, for the third time, had managed to finish his spells before Grahamas was even aware of him. Rhimaldez, despite his intentions, had followed him twice without Grahamas detecting even the slightest hint of him. Now Jeralyle. When he had met the Mage he'd had nothing but a great impression of him. He was a bit outspoken when he wanted to know something and he was still young and headstrong, but he seemed the furthest thing from evil. At least, Graham had thought so.
  • Stroma said, "Oh, thats what the shrine is called. The Dimmurians wanted a different name when the place was commissioned."
  • Richardson laughs again. "Maybe initially, yes. But when Dr. Mullis was writing his proposal to use the PCR with HIV, he ran across a big problem right at the start. His paper began with the sentence, ‘HIV is the probable cause of AIDS;and like any good scientist writing a paper to be peer-reviewed, he wanted to reference that statement with the scientific studies that supported it."
  • "The president wants to create a new dictatorship," said 38-year-old Mohamed Sayyed Ahmed, an unemployed man, in Tahrir.
  • The question surprised him and he knew that the answer was a problem. He thought or at least wanted to believe that they had an understanding. She was paid to cook the rest was a matter of comfort, nobody got hurt. He stopped eating and looked up to see her eyes fill but no tears shed, her cheerfulness replaced by an expression of stoicism. The response confirmed what she had suspected that their relationship remained a matter of convenience. Her hope that over time it had become changeable was set aside by this curt response. She had been foolish to expect more she told herself.
  • The matter of course was settled on those lines and Helena was duly credited with having wanted to go enormously, but with having done her utmost to efface herself for the sake of others. This was precisely the end she had in view all along, and now having had the dance, so to speak, forced on her, she was quite free to enjoy herself. She had produced precisely the impression she wanted on Archie and his mother, and though it was likely that Jessie with her long familiarity with such manoeuvres was not equally unenlightened, she knew by corresponding familiarity Jessie's loyalty. She gave a little butterfly kiss to Cousin Marion and a murmur of delighted thanks, and went to her sister to finish up this very complete little picture.
  • In contrast to his earlier energy, the boy now crept deliberately across the floor so as not to make a sound. The flame of the candle was steady. There was the bed and in it, the shape of a man. The boy could hear his rhythmic breathing, soft and low, and hesitated again. Hed never woken someone so important before. How would the man react? Perhaps he was in the middle of a good dream. Would he be angry? Annoyed? Would he shout at him, perhaps cuff him? He was a powerful man, not merely a viscount of Normandy but an earl, a premier magnate, of Englandhe could do anything he wanted and who would deny him?
  • It had been some time since he heard the name Greenberg spoken in his direction. Although the name "Green" seemed to fit Brads previous lifestyle and corporate image, using his given name definitely helped set the wheels in motion toward feeling whole again. Toward being more in tune with where he came from and where he wanted to go.
  • He dragged in a deep breath to prepare himself and 'On-on!' he bellowed. In response, one of the two behind him blew a barrage of rasping toots on the short bugle in his handhis efforts to carry a decent tune hampered by his shortness of breath. The tune was not quite sure what it wanted to be, caught halfway between Reveille and the theme for F-Troop, and any efforts to properly identify it would have been further hampered by the fact that only about six warbling notes made it out.
  • "So, Alastor, have you given any thought to settling down?" Gawain asks, his voice revealing that he genuinely wants to know.
  • Her anger and alarm turned to fear. Out in the open on the Barrens, in full daylight. She must make her way back to the Healer's cabin as fast as she could. And yetShe scanned the sky above her, the huge, blue vault of it, empty. They could easily have taken her too. There had been at least ten Dragons. It was just Liandra they wanted.
  • After the .22, he handed me a .38, then a .45. He called the .45 a Magnum, and it was so powerful it knocked me back a couple steps when I fired. Had he not warned me ahead of time, it probably would have knocked me on my butt. What a rush! I had been a pretty good marksman with the .22, but as the caliber progressively increased with each new gun, I got significantly sloppier. After unloading the rounds in the .45, Max asked if I wanted to take a little break.
  • Pain and fear radiated from him. She wanted to use his pain, wanted to make him hurt, to prod at it like a hole in a molar. Suddenly, she wanted him to suffer.
  • "Honey, I know you want to help out, but this person has you targeted. Havent you had enough of being hunted? I mean, theres a guard outside your door right now, in case this guy wants to come back and finish what that note threatened to do."
  • He looked at Larya. "I'll give it a go if you're sure." He grinned wickedly at those in the daga. "You know, this might be fun. I've always wanted to ride fast over the countryside. Never had the chance before, never being dirt side long enough."
  • She wanted to know more so she pushed deeper into his mind and hit a solid wall that he erected of her green eyes as he felt the intrusion. Sarah felt her forehead frown. "Connor, what are you hiding from me?"
  • Not that Grand Rounds at the Thaumaturgical Guild, or even the University, had been much more of a help. No one wanted to tamper with the handiwork of a god like the Curse Administrator, especially while he was in town and had already staked out his victim face-to-face. And then there was his brother, too; no one was eager to go up against him, either.
  • And the thought of further treatment frightened her. Although she couldnt imagine anything worse than having half her organs ripped out like they were radishes in a garden plot, she didnt want to imagine what other horrors these treatments might entail. It occurred to her that Noah must have known what Jenner had wanted to do to her before bringing her to Vegas. No wonder he hadnt shared any details. She questioned whether Francesca had also been privy to all of the gruesome details of the planned procedure, or if Noah had just kept to generalities.
  • He wants to say more, but his voice is choked with emotion. "Oh," he adds, "joy has made away even eret can be born! Mine eyes cannot hold back water, methinks," he says, tears welling. "To forget their faults, I drink to you!"
  • "Shes not going turn you down, Brad. Take my word for it, I have it from the very best source that Annie wants to go out with you."
  • Hed already given his son a hug and didnt bother him now, better to end this day. In snatches of conversation Rose had explained how they came home, in addition to how they had left school. One far the superior, both with long-range consequences. Petra might spend a few nights, but a baby; Gray couldnt help his smile. Rose wanted to make a baby!
  • "Leave me alone," but they ignored me and entered my cell. I disappeared and ducked around both of them, although I had no intention of trying to escape. I would just be brought back and she would probably punish someone else for my disobedience. All I wanted to do was teach them a lesson.
  • "How do you know when you're actually at the school?" I wanted to know. "I mean, even if you take the proper amount of steps, how do you know it's the school and not something else, like a bank or a high-rise?" I pictured him tapping his way around a building, trying to figure out what it was just by its size and shape. Maybe counting taps like he did steps.
  • "Sam?" she whispers into the phone. "I cant talk any louder, Sam, just listen carefully…. What's the latest deadline for the evening edition?… No, not the morning edition tomorrow; tonights edition…." Sarah looks at her watch when Sam answers. "Its almost two now. Can you give me a few more minutes?… Sam, you wanted a scoop. I might have a scoop…. How would you like to be the first to report a settlement in the AIDS trial?… Well, that's the only thing I can figure out. I'm watching Baker and Crawley sitting and talking in a caf down the street from the courthouse right now. What else would they be doing?… No, there's no guarantee that theyre talking settlement, and no guarantee that Baker will take it even if they are. But, Sam, its worth the wait to be the first to break the story, if it is a story…. I dont know. Just wait for me. I'll let you know in ten minutes."
  • "Oh," laughed Sebastien. "One day in the40s the townsfolk got a mind to incorporate. Don't recollect why. Something to do with getting a traffic light out there." He waved at the single traffic light just outside the store. "Maybe they wanted some revenue from giving people tickets when they ran it."
  • Their conversation was interrupted by the cries of several voices at the gate and by Morel, who came to say that some Wurttemberg hussars had come and wanted to put up their horses in the yard where the captain's horses were. This difficulty had arisen chiefly because the hussars did not understand what was said to them in French.
  • We started back around the slough - Ken taking picky, loafer-saving steps while I considered more arguments to keep him here. "The fact is, theres something else." I told him about the sabotage. "Someone wants to shut us down, Ken. I need time to find out why."
  • When Sheila and I parted, my mood changed. I felt anger, or irritation. I dont know what caused it. I was heading down Eglantine Avenue from Islamist Centre side. Maybe it was a lack of caffeine. I didnt want a cup though. I wanted to make dinner. The dinner I made was crap: a pork chop sandwich. I wondered about my intentions and inner thoughts, hidden from me like bastards. I ate the pork chop. The sun went down. I spoke to Levin briefly on my way up stairs; he was about to go to work.
  • "No worries." Not like he wanted to see a chick flick like that. Though if he'd had a date, The Princess Bride would certainly be the movie he'd take her to.
  • "I'm sorry for your loss," Tara replied soberly, diverting her attention to the map in her hands. "This seems fairly straight forward," she mused after examining the plans for a moment. "Plunder, rape and pillage. It looks like they wanted to move in instead of destroying the town itself. Fair enough I suppose, must be hard living down there in the mountains all year 'round. It also says something here about another group supposed to come in from the north?"
  • Peter wants nothing more then to comfort her, but she slaps him and in resignation, he walks back to the mourning crowd. Peter was the only man she ever loved, even as a child after her mother died he would come to her grandmothers house and let her ride on his knee. He was many years older then Sandra; he was to be the successor to her grandfather at the market chain; it was everybodys belief that he would marry Sandra when she became of age. But fate changed all that: one day she found out that, although Peter tried to hide the affair, the entire village knew his secretary was expecting his baby. Sandra was constantly lectured by her grandmother that sex was only for the married; so when it got a little hot between Peter and Sandra, Sandra remembered what her grandmother said and held back. Now, her commitment to be a "good girl" is making her suffer without end; how can love become a tragedy? What is it that drives men so crazy that they forget all of their promises?
  • Legon didnt want to be protected by the magic. He wanted to feel it, wanted to know the damage it caused. He let the walls down, letting it flood over him. He felt scared. It was too much. This was stupid. Why did this have to happen? Why did there have to be so much suffering in this life? Was that all life was?
  • Gordon was the majordomo of the Scarlet Pimpernel. You wanted to score, you went to Gordon. You needed a favor, you saw Gordon. When there was trouble, Gordon jumped into the fight. When the girls were having a bad night, Gordon comforted them. Everybody's pal.
  • "It sure is. I wanted to give it to you first thing yesterday, but when you came home you were so tired you couldnt acknowledge little old me. Your so like David, working yourselves to death. I held it for you till now." She now stood directly behind him, enjoying his sincere expression.
  • "We didnt know that it was only the Ladies of Light who wanted humans to be their slaves," he confessed. "We thought it was all the angels. That was how I met Abelie." His eyes were reminiscent. Sad.
  • There was nothing he wanted to do more than shoot himself right now. Well, that wasn't top of his to do list, but he had to push that right to the back of his mind.
  • "Grima was a strange one," Coursa said with a smile. "While other children ran and played, he asked questions. He wanted to know everything about everything. He hated distractions. It was his love of learning and focus that made him such a good augur. He was wise in the ways of the gods and he loved all of them. He came into the service of Lord Hadrid and Grima was loyal and loving of his lord. And he remained loyal and loving to his family throughout. It is hard to believe that a man could have loyalties so divided, between rogues and gods and lairds, and still remain faithful to them all. But Grima did. He never forgot his home. We were blessed to have him." Coursa stepped aside.
  • "Oh, that," Michael said. "Charlie called. You and Sarah scared him pretty badly. He said you acted a little too shocked when he mentioned what was in the box. Said he came up with a little story to test you. He wanted to be sure you werehow did he put itin the loop."
  • The babies were beautiful Andalusian cross-breeds, both of them a rare bay color, a male and a female, chosen specifically for their breeding abilities. The male was only two years old and not at his full height yet, but would reach perhaps fifteen hands full grown. The female was also two years old, smaller, only fourteen hands high, and Jamie already knew he would have to wait at least another year before breeding her. They were extremely fine horses, strongly built and elegant and Jamie had felt some satisfaction that he had arranged their purchase through their agent from their fathers estate without ever letting it be known to that bastard brother, Wesley. As much as Jamie loathed the thought of paying his hard-earned money to the man; he knew the reputation of the horse farm and had wanted stock from that line of Spanish Andalusians.
  • "Thats it? A meeting? Jesus, its just a meeting. He probably wants you to reassure him before he presents to the CEO, is all."
  • I cleaned up all the dishes after dinner and put on a movie in the living room for anyone that wanted to watch. Arvin was pretty much done with worrying about mom and dadwhether it was because mom was back or because worrying made him tired I wasnt sure. I didnt blame himI was getting pretty tired myself, wondering if dad was actually going to get better now that mom was back, and how long it was going to take mom to get better, if at all. They sat in the living room once I told them I had gotten a movie going, but I could tell they werent paying attention. Dad was looking at mom the whole time, trying to take her hand, but whenever he touched her bare skin she shivered and tried to curl up into a tighter ball. She just stared off into the distance, as though there was something watching her, and she needed to keep it in her sight.
  • Halfway there it hit me. I should just turn on the store lights but leave the doors locked. I would watch for customers, and unlock one of the doors when they arrived. That way nobody got in unless I wanted them to. I would have to leave it unlocked while customers were inside, but I figured robbers didnt want to come in when there were people in here, anyway. It all made sense.
  • "Im going to Gardarsholm, to meet another merchant. He wants to purchase some of my premium leathers. Thats what I have in the cart." Floki tapped the cart twice, and Elias said the cloaking spell quietly.
  • Sometime while I'd been studying, most of the kids had left. I hadn't expected all of them to stay until my shift started, but I expected more than the two or three I usually had. Only it didn't look like that was going to be the case. Apparently most of them hadn't been serious about learning the material, they'd just wanted to come to the lab, make a half-hearted attempt, and then leave secure in the knowledge that if they failed the test they could whine to their parents about how hard they'd worked. But mom, I even went to the lab.
  • Normally that wouldn't have bothered her. She was very comfortable amid trees and nature, and under other circumstances might have even preferred that path to the road. However, whatever she'd sensed earlier had her spooked. Until she knew more, she wanted to play it safe.
  • Jeannette, of course, had failed to calculate that going elsewhere would be an option for Barnes. And now that she too was leaving, she no longer cared. What Michaelson feared was that word would spread about not just Scott Halpern, but now also Robert Barnes turning down a tenure offer from NDU in favor of an untenured position elsewhere. Would others like them think that there was something wrong with NDU? This was not the sort of reputation Michaelson wanted for his university. He'd try again to persuade Barnes to stay, or if not that, take a leave of absence instead of resigning. He'd ask Ruth and Dominic to work on him, too. They should do this for him, Michaelson thought, since they both now owed him for their new acting positions--as well as higher salaries.
  • Levin also owned a soulbut not his own. His own was in a jam jar being carefully stored, for hour of need, on a shelf in Meabhs bedroom. She had refused at any point to give it back, even when Levin wanted to sell it to Neil for beer. Levin had sulkedit had seemed such a simple transaction, satisfying to both parties. He attempted to sell his soul anyway, but Meabh gave the game away. James had already traded his. Neil had been hoping for a complete set.
  • Truth be told, Trevor had been wanting to practice his elvish with the elf-captain, but he wasn't about to say no to a meal in his room, either, so he eagerly took the tray from Erling and looked it over.
  • "I don't have that kind of influence! Hell, I don't think even the Vice-President could swing what they want, if he wanted to."
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