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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • Well anyway, here comes the life of Jesus. His ministry is the next topic. Peterson wants me to understand why Jesus Christ was sent to us. Jesus ought to know why he was sent, so maybe I can find something.
  • Leena was surprised that he had noticed the pleasure she took in the honey. It was pleasing to find that he could be thoughtful when he wanted to. She returned to the cottage to fetch them.
  • India wants to shift its exports to China to value-added products such as pharmaceuticals from raw materials such as copper and iron ore, which account for about half the total.
  • Zhanna had wanted a gift, for him to bring her something. Oh, he would never see her! Did they sit alone, she and her grandmother? He rolled his head back, fever, fever, knives struck, what had happened to Zhanna?
  • Pete started thinking about how uncomfortable he felt at the party. It wasn't even the Jenny thing, but it was more of a feeling that he just wanted to jump out of his skin. That wasn't his scene. Those weren't his people.
  • And Peter should have been worried. They were in enemy territory, where everyone wanted to kill him. But he looked on either side of himseeing his good friends marching with himand he could feel his morale blush up into his face. If he had to die today, it would be with those men.
  • Except this was not a story. This was her life. And Jocelyn's. If he wanted her dead, he would have let the wild men take her. That only left two choices: either he was not working for the Duke and his side trips were something else entirely; or the Duke did not want her dead. She was not sure which she preferred.
  • There were many things Petya wanted to say to the drummer boy, but did not dare to. He stood irresolutely beside him in the passage. Then in the darkness he took the boy's hand and pressed it.
  • Svin was leaning against the low wall that separated the bar from the step-down floor holding the tables and dance area that surrounded the stage. The vantage point allowed him to keep his various charges in sight, not that any of them were showing any signs of wanting to be in sight. The same could scarcely be said of this Hazeel woman. She was obviously trying not to be out of his sight.
  • Mom tried another conversation starter. "It's warm for this time in autumn," she observed. Alice looked at her watch and sighed. "I suppose you'll take the kids sledding when it snows, she continued." Alice shrugged, pained. Rick thought it was dangerous. "I don't mean to be rude, but was there a reason you wanted to see me?" Mom was getting a little irritated.
  • "Sometimes little brother. Sometimes." Summer giggled as they reached the living room. Betsy waited in her space on the sofa and once free from the plastic, Forest took control, only one rotation to reach his spot. The carpet sported grooves where Forest sat, but Summer didnt say anything, watching as Betsy stood, asking her boyfriend if he wanted anything.
  • Dave didnt know what to say. He wanted to spit, or shout, but everything in him said that that would be a very bad idea. He pursed his lips, but said nothing for a long moment. "What do you want," he asked at last, managing to keep his voice relatively level.
  • Aster died and Jessamine stared petrified at his bloodied body. Keldar glanced at her, then grabbed the newborn, still boiling with fury. He couldn't touch her, but he wouldn't allow her little bastard to scorn him forever. His heart was bleeding and he wanted to scream, but he wouldn't let her see how much he was hurt.
  • He said it too readily. Eleanor stared at him, her eyebrows knit together, until he flushed and looked away. She believed him when he said he didnt knowhe didnt want to know! Obviously, she thought, he had found this object of some small value and had wanted to keep it for himself. Hed made no effort to find its owner; just waited until he considered sufficient time had passed and he could assume no one was coming for it.
  • "Hey, Im not an old fart," Anne protested, and she jumped up and playfully chased Paul as he flew off. So the days passed and everyone enjoyed their freedom. After some time, the sons started to get rowdy and the neighbors peevish. Father just let them be, but when one day they were playing butcher and Paul wanted to cut Dianes belly open with a pen knife, he intervened.
  • The rest of my day was pretty uninteresting. Jack had no apparent desire to confront me again, I wanted to go straight home to catch up on the classes I was behind on so I wasnt struggling for the rest of the school year, everyone was home on time for dinnerwhich was pleasantwe watched the same movie we always watched to inaugurate the new house every time we moved, and I went to my room to read until I was tired enough to fall asleep.
  • "Good luck," the chief repeated, as if by saying it she was creating the truth. Backing away, she paused, her face softening, lines smoothing. "Be careful, Jada. Be careful," she said, and stepped forward again, shook my hand, too firm, like she wanted to remember its feel.
  • Somewhere down the hill a blast sounded. Misha scratched his face, his head; he wanted this hair gone. The basement shook again. Behind the carpet his cousin's little girl cried and cried. Sleep. Misha, sleep. Sleep. You think you can keep going, going. Again he started counting, 1000, 999, 998, 997, 996....
  • "So, naturally, if someone talks, then dirty secrets come out and people start to lose money. No one wants to do that, am I right?"
  • They wanted her to give to them. Give what? Do what, prove myself worthy to be a member? And what about these mysterious elders? When do they show up and start inspecting me? Do they take out a checklist? Check to see if all my teeth are present? Make sure I can have babies? That I didn't sully the family name? She simmered silently. Is it too much to ask for answers?
  • "You would hope so, wouldnt you? And there were some who did. But no one in the AIDS Industry said anything, probably from fear of losing their jobs. And no one wanted to have it publicized that HIV is not transmitted heterosexually. It was just the AIDS dissidents who picked up on it right away and recently have made a big deal out of itto the point where Dr. Padian had to publish a letter on the Internet defending her study."
  • The market was enormous, and packed with stalls selling everythingfood, clothes, jewellery, perfumes, electronics, mechanical parts, you name it. We progressed slowly, partly because we five foreigners wanted to look at everything and partly because of the crush of people. About half way across was a courtyard with seats and a fountain in the middle. We flopped onto the seats, and Andrew asked who wanted food. Of course we all did. He took Robin, Calum and Emma to help bring it back.
  • "That would be wonderful!" Liandra went back to her work smiling. "I wish my mother could meet you. She always wanted to read and write. She wanted it so badly she tried to learn secretly when she was a child. Fortunately, she was found out by her nanny, who loved and protected her. It would have been a lot more serious if someone else had caught her."
  • "She wants a drink. Got a canteen right here," said Sandy. He handed it to her and watched her pour the water all over herself. Then he stared in shock.
  • "No! As far as Im concerned, the next scheduled stop is Peridol." Max eyed the sack with Iskendarians manuscripts. There would be help available in Peridol, perhaps, if he was careful; untangling Iskendarians code looked to be a nontrivial task. A nontrivial task, but a worthwhile one. Max very much wanted to know if hed identified the equations properly, and correctly intuited their meaning. The thought that Iskendarian had figured out how to decode the communications system of the gods was worth the price of admission all by itself, but that was by no means the only topic of interest. It would very tantalizing indeed if Iskendarian had actually been the original creator of the Spell of Namelessness.
  • Bart smiled as he thought of how money had brought him everything he ever wanted in life. No diaper changes or feedings would ever get in the way of he and his ladies when the urge arrived. Sam kissed his neck as Gretchen and Helga walked in the room wearing only grins on their faces.
  • 'Right, whatever. The ones that grew up here especially, and the ones that have to be on call or something. I don't really know. And to answer the question you really wanted to askMax's got a place on the edge of town, it's small but nice. Frank's staying there.'
  • "My brother . . . hes got some tickets to a rock concert . . . and him and his friend Phil was goin’ . . . and, well, there were three tickets, but my brothers girlfriend is sick . . . so he said I could use her ticket . . . and well, I wanted to go . . . ."
  • Filling the center of the plaza was a mass of piled-up wood, higher than a man, square in shape and about fifty feet on each side, streaked with black pitch, contained by crude wood fencing. It is Mont Segur all over again, thought Roland, wanting to disbelieve his own eyes. Out of the heap of wood jutted rows and rows of stakes. A spiral of thick black smoke rose from the opposite side of the square, beyond the pyre. That would be the fire from which the executioners would ignite their torches. The sight made Roland curl his lips in revulsion.
  • Gordon brought his attention back to his drink, which was empty. He was out of smokes, he wanted to slip off to the john without Allen in tow.
  • Teleri wanted to slap Gladys senseless. Actually, she reconsidered, that would be difficult as it seemed the slut was already senseless. She decided she just wanted to slap Gladys for the pleasure of it.
  • "Not at all," said Lilac. "He wasnt after you - or me. It was the silf he wanted -" she nodded to the satchel, which stirred in the corner of the cage as though stuffed with restless animals "- not us. Youll be safe, I assure you."
  • Summer and I always knew which buttons to avoid on Mindy Kramers hot panel. As much as we wanted to talk about Zack and their marriage, we knew there would come a time and day when the topic would again be open for discussion.
  • Rhenyon met her eyes. "Its not often that we see someone with an elemental jhorun, milady. I wanted to see for myself if that were the case." He studied the two of them. "What are yer intentions? Why are ye here?"
  • "Whats with the extra supplies?" I asked her. I stuffed my hands in my pockets, not wanting her to touch them. Even a brush of our fingers would let her glimpse my thoughts.
  • I ate, wondering what the One of the screen wanted with me. Not for an instant did I suppose that her actions had been prompted by the reasons she pretended; the life of the underworld had taught me that none of its denizens leaned toward philanthropy. And underworld the chamber of mystery had been, in spite of its elaborate and bizarre nature. And where could it be located? How far had I walked along the corridor? I shrugged my shoulders, wondering if it were not all a hashish-induced dream; then my eye fell upon my hand--and the scorpion traced thereon.
  • 'Well if you want my opinion, it's not natural, mate. To just push off on your own and live like a bloody hermit all on your own, stuck up there in the cold with nobody to talk to, nobody to see, nobody to even fuck with! Self-sufficiency, all right. But solitary confinement? He's a freak, he wants to punish himself I reckon.'
  • " And see now, we both are conspirators. We are running away from our own community and law. You are in danger and am I too. I am innocent. All the time I wanted not to do what was asked me to do by the culprits. You were on the mission of your own people and yet, your life is hated by your mentors."
  • There was that word again. Spell. Breandan had mentioned a spell had broken and that something would hurt. My heart picked up. Was this going to be painful? Is that the real reason why Breandan wanted this fairy to show me instead of him? I realised Conall was waiting for my answer.
  • Standing in the relative warmth of the entryway Brad struggled to break his shotgun open while his dog danced around him also wanting into the warmth of the house. Brad finally gave up trying to unload the shotgun and set the loaded gun into a corner of the enclosed entry before trying to open the inside door.
  • My dad must have felt some guilt about not having spent so much quality time with my brothers and sisters. He would take me to the park when I was real small, and then we went to a few basketball games together once I was out of diapers. By the time I realized who my father was and what he meant to me, he was gone. I heard people talking about an "old score" that a few local drug dealers wanted to settle with him. Seems that dad had infiltrated their operation and the dealers served about ten years of hard time for their indiscretions.
  • Alice quietly freaked out. Telling Cindy some things had made them more real, and she had an unpleasant vision of Rick as a slavering monster looming over her and the kids. She was living with a dangerous predator who wanted to hurt her and eat her children. And there was no way out. She started to cry, and Cindy drew her close and stroked her hair while she sobbed.
  • Trevor wasn't sure he wanted an answer to that question. So, alone and homesick, he sat down on that boulder and looked out at the ocean but an object fell out of his pocket like loose change. Trevor stooped off the boulder to pick it up and was about to put it back in his pocket, but stopped short.
  • With Miko leading the horse, they travel through the crowded streets until they see an inn. Not wanting to leave their horse out front where someone fleeing may try to help themselves to it, they go around back and secure it near the back door before proceeding inside.
  • The tracks driver was an evangelizing Baptist by the name of Morgan. Since he was a pacifist he objected to using a gun and preferred to drive. The only things he seemed concerned with were his new wife and his religion, both of which he talked about incessantly. Reichert never tired of goading him, but the two men worked well together. If they had nothing else in common, they at least shared one immediate goal, and that was getting home in one piece. All they wanted from the Army were their discharge papers. If in the process of their jobs, they were also promoted; well and good, but their ambitions would never drive them to sabotage each other.
  • They even wanted little tweet sized success stories to post online. That had at least given us a laugh. Wally, at the white board, suggesting why stop there, why not Haiku? Wed jotted several lines down, ending with We Cured Cancer.
  • That was exactly the sort of response the General had been afraid of. He was going to explain why Vannard's idea was very, very stupid, but Saalteinamariva interjected. "You moron! Of course he doesn't want you to slaughter a village! If he wanted a village slaughtered, he would have asked me! Magic is a much more efficient way to do this."
  • I'm on my feet. "Give it back, asshole." I scoop up one of his full bottles of beer and flip it ready to throw. I hold onto the beer like it's a hostage to stop him. It's stupid but I was wasted; I don't know what I was thinking. I just wanted him to stop.
  • Its clear to Campbell that Tillman is just a bit too emotional, and he wants to calm things down if he can. He also wants to get the most important question out in the open now, while the jury is with him. "Dr. Tillman, in your expert opinion, what are the chances of the defendants positive Western Blot test result being accurate?"
  • Amanda was still asleep in the bed when I walked out of the bathroom. She looked far more comfortable than someone who slept on the bathroom floor. I got dressed slowly. Not because I wanted to keep from disturbing Amandas sleep, but for the fatigue, headache and nausea I was suffering from.
  • "He has. Thrusting this knowledge into it would not improve matters. He has read my records. He knows everyone I tortured and killed for Raumesys and Hollowcrest. And since. He's the one who put the bounty on my head. I am likely the only person in the world he truly wants dead."
  • Alec released my waist and spun me out and back in without missing a single step. I wished I could be so lucky, only the fact that his arm was like an iron bar allowed me to keep my misstep from resulting in a fall, or possibly a sprained ankle. "Donovan has very inflexible standards when it comes to some things. Dancing happens to be one of them. In fact, I don't think I'll ever forget the expression on Jasmin's face when he told her she could go clubbing all she wanted after he judged her suitably proficient in real dancing. He said he wouldn't have her 'seduced by throbbing beats and soulless contact' before he'd at least exposed her to proper dance steps."
  • Emory had wanted to walk, but Petra could occupy a handicapped spot, and they wouldnt be late. "Em, that okay with you?" Rose asked.
  • He listened carefully any time he heard the radio. He wanted to hear if they were playing his name again. They sometimes did. Nope, not today. He shuffled on. Some lad was beating some other lad in a phone booth. I asked them for some money. They wouldnt give me any. I said, ok lads, some other time. There was some other young kid walking past too. I asked him, do you have any spare change? Nope. Not for me. He didnt even say anything, just shook his head and looked at the two boys beatin each other like it wasnt the same thing he saw every fuckin day.
  • "She wanted to bring him back here and turn him into a hippie with sex and drugs. I would have gone along with that plan, except it never got beyond the talking stage."
  • I just wanted to clarify a few things on this class of the professor. You might have heard about it from the teller and I am not a teller or professor myself but in plain and simple Godly terms, "trouble shooting humans", is an endeavor which is increasingly becoming very important for my day to day survival. Initially humans developed as a means of communication for Gods. We were increasingly getting tired of the quantum ocean of pure consciousness with its irritating drone of Aummmmmmmm emerging from the depths like a burp from time to time serving as our only input. We decided we needed badly to have some fun. Bathe in a running stream for instance. Yeah! Yawn. The stream of consciousness beats the ocean any day, yawn. Goshthose streaming videos last night were real tiring.
  • The questions swirled around in a maddening circle and all wanted to be asked. When I finally opened my mouth to say something though, what I spoke and what I thought I was going to ask were two different things entirely.
  • Jorden stood and offered a hand in greeting, but like most aestri, and unlike Taf, Midnight rarely used the human gesture of touching limbs. "Taf wanted me to come, but if it's any trouble I'll..."
  • "Why, you've hardly even sniffed out a decent goal this whole season," Barque declaimed. "You know the only reason you are ever selected for any team at all is that ludicrous rule that no one who wants to play can be rejected. As it is, you barely contribute at all."
  • Once we were in the parking lot I looked for a space far from the entrances. As long as Ash had to stay in the car I didnt want anyone bothering her. I gave her one last look, shut the car door, and walked to the entrance. Inside the mall most of the older people stared at me. It was one more reminder of why I wanted to leave the conservative Midwest. As I reached the food court overlook I saw another vampire nodding to me. I assumed he was my contact.
  • This god (she wondered which one it was and was leaning towards Hephaestus as the most likely suspect, since all the other gods were reputed to be handsome). Be that as it may, this god apparently wanted her to make a wish, and Tamaria did not like it. Since, she reasoned, the gods knew her every thought, it had to be a trap to make her say something to offend them. The only question was, why bother?
  • Hugh grinned. "What if I did? Come on, Roger! When was the last time I entered a tournament? Five years ago? Six? Im the earl of Chester, for Gods sake; I have nothing to gain by throwing myself into the midst of a frenzy of swords and risking my life! Why did you think I wanted to enter this one?"
  • Daniel laughs with her. "YeahI think it will be a long time before I fly again. But yeah, this is pretty much most of my childhood. At least, once my father got a few books under his belt and could afford to live someplace hed always wanted tofar away from the things of man.
  • She stared at him, trying to gauge his sincerity. For some reasonperhaps it was because she so desperately wanted Bronwen and was willing to clutch at any straw offeredshe trusted him.
  • The thief leaned back in his chair. It had been almost five years since Melegal had left Bone. The Outlands and the thief didn't mix well. No comfort or companionship. It was the city life for the rogue, and Melegal wanted no part of the underlings, either.
  • "My mother didnt know she was a Strachan until she mated with my father. Only then did her mother come clean about her Bloodline. She had wanted to keep her own children away from magic as much as possible. She claimed they were Lesser Witches, only capable of a few parlor tricks. My father didnt know either until he saw her mark. By then it was too late. I know that my parents union was a thing of great worry in the Elder community once it became public knowledge that she was a Strachan Witch. I also know that Elders had considered the Bloodline dead until then. What the Elder world doesnt know is that it wasnt just my grandmothers decision. For about six generations, the Strachan Witches had been hiding in plain sight. They were using their magic to keep the Bloodline hidden. It was not an accident, it was intentional."
  • For the first time in the entire month, the courtroom is packed with press wanting to hear the closing arguments from both sides and await the jurys verdict. All the major TV networks are there, represented by their local channels. GNN is there as well. Sarah recognizes Dr. Frank Keating, GNNs chief health correspondent, standing in the back giving final instructions to his camera crew. Its obvious Sarah isnt going to be able to give The Arizona Tribune a scoop this time, as she did in the AIDS trial. At least she has the deal with Campbell for an exclusive interview as soon as the trial is over.
  • "Sarah, Philip and I were just getting to that. Now keep in mind, this wordconsciousnesswasnt in common use until the seventeenth century. If Jesus spoke about consciousness, he would have described it in a different way. Talking about an eye is really quite interesting. Most people think the two eyes give us our sight, but thats a very superficial understanding of the process of seeing. Perception also depends on wakefulness. Consciousness sees, the two eyes simply collect the image. For perception, the image falls on the screen of the mind, and the mind can only see when its awake. So wakefulness or consciousness is the most fundamental aspect of perception. You have two eyes, but only one consciousness. So this singular termeyeseems rather appropriate if a person wants to look more deeply into the actual process of perception. The eye of wakefulness is single, not dual. It is singular, not plural."
  • His breath was so shallow, I could barely hear him breathing, but I could see the effect I had on him. This was a power I had never known. Well, not never, but I wanted the power this time. I wanted to make love to him. He was my future. I couldnt allow myself to focus on things that would make us both miserable.
  • "No, dummy. They must have some name for themselves. Its like they are a huge private society of people, like the pastorals or the mystagogues. She said it was bad to talk about stuff. So I guess there was lots she wanted to talk about, but couldnt."
  • Every morning, at first light, he left the cottage, went down to the beach, trying to penetrate the grayness in search for what he so wanted to see. Because it would be the end of this desperate mission. On the other hand, he did not want it to happen, imagining an eternal bubble of bliss, living here, with Maria, and forgetting loyalties, wars and politics completely.
  • Jorden cleared his throat and returned his gaze to the sign. That meant that the city of Hell, the childhood home of the Kaedith Mariland, was over a million footfall. That was a long walk, Jorden considered, but Hell was only halfway to Nowhere. "I always wanted to be Miles from Nowhere," Jorden joked, "and I always knew I'd go to Hell some day." He whistled. "It's a long walk from here though!"
  • "I realize the time is early. I wanted to find you at home. And to come here when there were the fewest possible eyes on the street." Pinheiro paused and then decided to sit. He was perspiring heavily from the walk, even though the real heat of the day lay hours ahead.
  • "They are waiting for their younger son," Pierre replied. "He joined Obolenski's Cossacks and went to Belaya Tserkov where the regiment is being formed. But now they have had him transferred to my regiment and are expecting him every day. The count wanted to leave long ago, but the countess won't on any account leave Moscow till her son returns."
  • "She wanted me to look at her, not the waitresses boobs that were practically shoved in my face," Henry said to Jinny.
  • "Wicker baskets," said Sophie triumphantly. "I wanted to tell you about the wonderful wicker baskets at the Farmer's Market."
  • "As I was saying, there's always some damned Harp who wants a Guinness so, as you can see, there's quite a lot of them over there along with just about every other freaking beer known to man."
  • "I thought and thought about what to do, but couldnt think of a thing. I was desperate that day before I went to the post office. I knew that altering the index would annoy him, but it wasnt enough for me. And then suddenly it dawned on me that altering the dedication would send the message I wanted to send, and that he wouldnt be able to respond."
  • I wanted to ask more, but didn't want to venture into the kinds of things that would get him in trouble with Alec. We walked for another minute or so before I was struck with the silliness of someone who was old enough to be my great grandfather calling me 'Mistress Paige.'
  • Jain left alone in the morning. Airk wanted to come, but Coursa said she had chores for him, Eduard, and Grima to do around the cottage. Jain wanted to do this alone, but she would not have said so to her husband. The way Coursa smiled made Jain suspect that the old woman knew that. Jain rode away alone, dressed in trousers, a tunica, and a hooded cloak and with a sword on her hip. She was the picture of an outlaw woman. That, or a nervous girl shivering in the forest by herself.
  • "I'll tell him, Shean. Gee, I had an awful time last night. Hazel wouldn't get out of the car. She wanted to stay in the car and ride around and see the sun rise. It was terrible."
  • "I told the Judeheim leaders everything I witnessed regarding the barbarians. When the time came to tell them of how Alastor defeated them, they had many questions, more than they had for the whole series of events that led to the encounter. They wanted to know how long it took him, what he may have said during the battle. They even asked to know in what ways he killed the barbarians. I told them of Alastor's instructions, and that I only saw the death of the barbarian leader. I then told them of the scene afterwards, in the morning. They seemed..."
  • Suddenly, he wanted some of that gaiety back. He hadnt ridden a horse in over two and a half years, really ridden a horse, but he was sure he could manage. How difficult could it be? He remembered how to hold the reins; he knew to put his feet in the stirrups. Surely that was all he needed to know.
  • For a moment, he stood transfixed. He had wanted to punch Osbern and he had done so. But he had not expected anything quite so gruesome. A gesture intended to injure the lords pride had caused a wound much more grievous.
  • Althiof glared at Prince Helgrim, dabbing at his cheek. 'All I knew was they wanted to rescue a prisoner,’ he protested. 'I put them in the same cell, to taunt them.’
  • "Were taking you," the voice responded. "Someone wants to see you, if you cause any trouble we will shoot you."
  • It was during Gregs senior year when the devastating news surfaced. It was a routine physical for life insurance his parents wanted to take out on him before he left for college, a simple blood test that normally means nothing.
  • Around ten o'clock Wednesday morning Bob's cell phone rings. After several grunted answers he flips the phone shut and says, "That was Joe. He wants to make sure we're at the warehouse by eleven. He's not too happy that Pete's on his way over here."
  • Quiet, shy Johannes sat and told me all I wanted to know about the people surrounding my family. My heart raced when I saw Cono for the first time in the Shimmering Pool, tall and broad of shoulders, muscles abound on his frame. His hair lengthened down to his shoulders; his dark eyes intense on his look.
  • "For example, if someone wanted to test Dr. Gallo's contention that his HTLV-3 virus caused AIDS, and they wanted to grow the virus in their own lab according to Koch's Postulate Number Two so they could do Postulates Number Three and Four, what did they have to do, now that it was believed that only the H9 culture would work?"
  • "Im going to go out and pick lavender with the kids in a minute, and then I am going to rub it all over your body," she informed him. The kids were up now too and Csar and Madeleine were going to help their mother. They left for the fields with a straw basket to pick the herb that had a healing effect on rheumatism. They had to search for a while, because the herb, with its grey-green leaves, only grew on steep hills during this season. Once the basket was full, they quickly returned home. Christophe had arrived, in the meantime, and together they dragged the scholar up the stairs for the third time. Anne wanted to undress her husband on the bed, but the faithful servant was still there.
  • Jon did not stir, did not care. Elves? Spies? Who cared of elves and spies? His life was ruined. He had lost everything. But then, he had also realized his wish. He was relieved of his responsibilities. Yes, the crown was taken from him, but it was something he never wanted in the first place. Being thrown into this prison was a small price to pay for being freed of such responsibility.
  • The man, his attention diverted from the jailer to Groot, but obviously not wanting to waste an already uplifted hand, swept it down into Groots face. Groot rolled to the left with the slap as the mans fingers scraped down his cheek and spun his head heavily around. Slightly too late, Groot realized fuzzily that there was more beneath the glove than just a hand, that under the glove the man was wearing an appliance giving him the force of heavy mass and a raw flaying surface studded with the hooks or tiny barbs that had just ripped their way through his flesh. He could clearly feel the warmth of blood as it trickled down toward his jaw from his mauled skin. Rather than concentrate on that, Groot unscrewed his eyes and looked back up. The man was standing with his arms crossed. "It is ordered," he said.
  • Saying those words felt funny, like a premonition. Was it really over or was Marthe sparing herself from further disappointment? wanting all her relations present for that day, she had arranged Franks arrival. Spilling that to Kell eased her, but she hadnt informed her family. They still assumed Franks entrance was his own idea.
  • "Im sure it was because all the drugs they wanted him to take would start wasting away his body, and they wanted him to try to keep his weight up by consuming massive quantities of sugar. I tried to tell him that if he wanted to maintain his health, eating lots of sugar or fries wasnt the best way to do it."
  • "Really small placeoff the map, these days," Daniel answers. "Thats just how my dad wanted it. He wanted to be part of nature, see the animals that he wrote about in their natural habitat. He thought it would help him become in touch with their ways."
  • "N-no," Nanci said, afraid of the Amazon who stood before her, seeing the fire in her eye. The last time shed seen her sister, Crystal had come close to killing Kip. Kip had beaten Nanci up, but not as badly as Crystal had beaten him in retaliation. It was that memory, and that alone, that made her think Crystal might be willing to help again, in spite of all that shed done to her. "I - I havent seen Kip for years," she said, her voice hanging on the verge of tears. "C-Curt did this to me. He knew I had some money and he wanted it to buy drugs."
  • We met just with swords; wearing no more than light helms and leather jerkins, for the day was hot and work with the sword is warm. The crowd called in rude demand; they wanted us to use edged swords, not our blunt and safer tourney swords. It angered me. It seems they did want a Roman circus. Father Francis was all confusion, trying to still the crowd. My temper got the better of me, we would use edged swords, they were still hacked and blunt by the standards I remembered with Thomas. Sir John went white but my look of reassurance settled him, he must have known I wasnt here to hurt him.
  • "I wasn't trying to—" Anna bit off what she was trying to say. She hadn't come to the Landry home for supper. She had wanted to continue reading the book she had found in the house before. The book that had an interesting history about the lake and the people who had chosen to live there for so long. There was a chapter in the book about the salt mine that she particularly wanted to read.
  • Max laughed, "Only, if Im on your team." We found a couple twelve year olds who wanted to play, and we smoked them.
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