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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • Rommus looked down in his hand at the golden pendant he still held. He knew where Uritus was; or at least he knew where he was a short time ago. All of the destruction, all of the death, all of the innocent people suffering all around him was doing something to him. He felt sorrow and anger searing his soul as he thought about the things he had lost: the Emperor, Mirra, his city, his normal life. He felt that strange feeling in his blood boiling inside him, burning him like a weapon in a hot forge. He thought of Uritus betraying him, Mirra betraying him, his nation left unprotected by the selfish new Emperor; that Emperor who wanted him dead.
  • Furthermore, though the avowed purpose of the crusade was to secure the holy places, these men, Roland saw, wanted more. They wanted to seize more land, to crush the Muslims.
  • Marthes small body looked ready to explode and Kell fought a smile, but bit it back, chewing his upper lip until pain replaced the giggle. He knew this needed to happen, her surprise and anger. Let her have a fit, then they could make love. He wanted her, the first time since coming home it had been so fevered, felt so instinctive. Kell wanted to fuck her brains out, wasnt sure if he could actually do that in his weakened state, but the desire for raucous sex burned in his belly. If nothing else, at least that remained.
  • It was 1971 and all David wanted to be was George Thomas Seaver, right-handed pitcher for the New York Mets, while his friend dreamt about flying around the bases like Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • As he and Captain Ames went toward the rear, Ralff said to me, "I wanted to tell him bacon is strong-scented anytime, but this particular piece... whee-oo! But the man's so hasty there's scarce any politeness in him."
  • "What a beautiful butterfly!" he called out, but it was too noisy to make himself heard. The woman saw him approach and, without saying anything, handed him a mask of the devil. The gesture probably meant that he should fit in with the partying folks and he willingly put the mask on. Just when he wanted to ask her if she thought it looked good on him, the intriguing woman and all the children had disappeared as if by magic. He looked in all directions, but the many party goers were blocking his view. He was surprised to discover her once more next to an age-old library and she beckoned him to come closer. Speechless, he pushed through the crowd, but when he got to the library, she was gone again and he felt embarrassed. He saw her again, with the children. They were dancing through the Gate of Paper and he elbowed his way to the central building. But when he arrived at the inner courtyard, all he saw were the statues of Mars and Neptune. He hastily looked around everywhere. There she was, running up the Stairs of the Giants; she was obviously playing a game with him.
  • "None of that, now. You wanted proof that we can do as we say, well here it is. The ambassador will be here in an hour to pick it up, and tomorrow he'll present it. A day after that, the country'll spiral into chaos while the privy council scrambles to find an heir. She's never named one—"
  • In this time, my heart remembered much about Magdalen. I was made melancholy over the nature of our parting, and Korol had begun to convince me that I may have been somewhat in the wrong for the way in which I handled the disappointment over my injury; at least where Magdalen was concerned. I as well, became aware - even devoid of such coaxing - that it was erroneous to find blame on Magdalen. I was made conscious that my perspective that he had somehow wanted to see me injured this way was out of kilter, at best.
  • Jain wanted to cry as she listened, but she did not. If storytelling got Airk through his grief then she would let him do it all he wanted. Airk was in the middle of telling the story of the time Eli had somehow managed to replace ten egg yolks with water without their mother noticing until she tried to cook with them, when a knock at the door interrupted. "Open, in the name of Laird Tomkin!"
  • Amanda ordered a light breakfast, sat at a window and stared out onto the early morning traffic. What had possessed her? A ridiculous situation where she had let her imagination get the better of her, letting fly with a fanciful murder investigation worthy of a Miss Marple novel. Kirkwood was mostly right. She did want out. She wanted to escape, and perhaps that was why she let her imagination run. Created a theory and tried to force them into a shape of murderous intent.
  • `I'll leave Arthur with his father's parents. They wanted him back, anyway. Well then,' she said rising, `if I was back here about five?'
  • "Well..." Aiden hedged. Part of him wanted to stay at the inn without crossing paths with his family, but another, louder part said he should at least stop by to let his mother know that he was still alive. "Maybe. I think I'll stop by and see my family while I'm in town."
  • She didn't move; even when she was bound with the runic handcuffs that made her hands utterly harmless, she didn't so much as flinch. When fitted with a choker that rendered her voice unable to cast spells, she didn't argue. Even when her chain was linked with a much larger one, along with everyone else, she didn't fight back; despite how badly she wanted to.
  • Mark took a dainty sip of the steaming liquid and then defiantly replied, "Dont get your stockings all in a bunch their Alice! Ive been working on a special project lately and I wanted to ask you if you would help me?"
  • "No, you don't see." He took her good hand in both of his. She grimaced and wanted to pull away. "Iwhat is your name?"
  • That was a hint to change the subject. "Oh!" She exclaimed, suddenly remembering something. "Walter wanted me to tell you that he will take care of the horses."
  • Then Dan kissed Summers neck, setting his hands to her underwear-clad hip. He offered no other motion, insinuating nothing further. But Summer had accepted his invitation. If nothing else, they could make as much noise as they wanted.
  • Belarius wants no further delay. "It is great morning! Come!—away!" But as they start to go, he is startled to spot someone, his back to them, rising in the brush. Whispering, the old man asks the princes, "Whos there?"
  • "Tomorrow!" It was the only word Jillian said that rang through Sarahs entire being. "Are you positive that this cant wait until later? What if he gets hurt or worse? What if he wants nothing to do with me?" Sarah was truly pleading at this point and with a sharp tug she somehow managed to break her mothers hold. Jillian was stopped physically, but her excitement was easy to read and impossible to quench.
  • "Ember has declared my indentured servitude until every 'thank you cardis written. Well probably be graduating from college before we get finished from the looks of it. So much for having a life between then and now. My poor boyfriends never gonna see me again unless he wants to sit and write thank you notes beside me. Theres definitely NOTHING romantic about that little proposition no matter how creative I am…"
  • "I stole them from Wesleys chamber. Do you remember when he accused his doxy, Rochelle, of stealing the jewelry?" When Robbie saw Jamie nod, he continued, "Well, that was me. I stole them. Theyre ours too. And you know he would never give them to us like Papa wanted him to."
  • Id gotten free of the better part of the debris now, and had squirmed my lower body out of the dirt. If it wasnt my imagination I thought Id dropped weight since Id woken up, too; maybe as much as five pounds I hadnt particularly wanted to lose. Since I needed food and needed sleep and wasnt sure which was more urgent, it was just as well Id lost weight, I suppose; that way I didnt have to consider whether I might be pregnant. Instead -
  • I tried summoning the courage to go up to the door and knock, but I couldnt get myself to budge. I suppose it made sense to be patient. Karla had a reason for not wanting to be found and I needed to know more about why that was before barging into her life. I hadnt come all this way to toss away what might be my only opportunity.
  • The most important result of the conference has been to demonstrate that the world now splits into two camps when it comes to the internet: one is comprised of more authoritarian countries, which would like to turn back the clock and regain sovereignty over their own national bits of the internet; the other wants to keep the internet and its governance as it is (bearing in mind that some of its membersmotives may not always be as pure as they pretend).
  • Cat appeared rather pale, considering they'd just completed an hour long run, and Alek had to fight the urge to touch her. Her green eyes stared up at him, anxiety and nervousness apparent in her gaze. He wanted to reassure her.
  • Yet that was not what was forcing his eyes outside rather than in. He knew that if his eyes went, his body might soon follow. His will to resist temptation was stronger than the urge to see his family, to retrieve a new weapon. Perhaps he had time before Grahamas and Elryia returned, but he would not risk it. Such an act would make him look irresponsible and immature. As much as he wanted to use his bow again, he did not want the rest of his companions lost or injured as a sacrifice to get one.
  • The men locked their room, returned downstairs, and left the inn by the back door, using the excuse of wanting to check their horses.
  • Desperately curious, but not wanting to appear too nosy, Pheron fidgeted from one leg to the other, a fact not lost on his attentive captain. How often have they been able to keep in frequent contact like this? Even the fastest methods of communication, by trained familiar, or by jhorun, could easily take several hours, maybe even a half day. He fidgeted again.
  • Korol spoke on the lessons she had gained on her own, as well as the things learned to her. She spoke of some who had mentored her during the time in which she was away. Korol was grateful for their guidance and for their protection; and said that it was because of them that she was so much more sensible now, than she had been before. She had plans to still remain in their lives from afar. But mainly Korol said how she was so glad to finally be in the place where she always wanted to be - here with the one whom she loved.
  • Gordon got back on track. "Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. There's these Mafia guys been staking out inside the club for awhile." The owner watched the road. "Regulars."
  • The Sam-Mickey relationship had a good balance to it as long as nature was allowed to take its course. By nature, I mean that Sam would be the guy that all of the women wanted to sleep with and Mickey would be the guy that women would just want to talk to. As good as their friendship was, each man was more than willing to pick on the flaws of the other guy. Mickey was quick to point out Sams bottomless shallowness, and Sam could not deny that Mickey was not the prototype for a Chippendalesdancer.
  • "Doesnt this remind you of the dump, Jer?" Eds voice faded as he inched deeper into the labyrinth, somehow moving without light. "That was quite a night. Retarded, too. I cant believe you wanted to dip yourself in toxic oozethough why turn down a friends request, especially when you can tip off that friend about the ooze in the first place?"
  • It had been too quiet around the house for a couple of weeks. In fact, it had been that way since he broke the window in his mother's French door and it worried him. He also realized that during the past two weeks there had been hardly an argument from anyone in the household. Even his sister wasn't talking back in her high whining voice about wanting to spend all of her time with her grimy anemic looking boyfriend Edgar.
  • Ryson now felt certain that Sazar was up to more than a simple raid for supplies or a blood hunt for his goblins to release their dark desires. Everything he saw pointed to the goblins securing the town. The problem remained that he could not truly know why. Sazar was not allowing anyone to escape, thus he could be targeting an individual or a group. Pinesway was now a haven for thieves and bandits, perhaps they stole something he coveted. Ryson also considered that the serp may have simply wanted to pick the town clean and his tactics kept any humans from escaping with possible treasure. The truth of the matter was that Ryson simply could not be certain of the serps intentions without further information.
  • "She wanted to chew me out for sending you overseas with yourcrippling back injury.’ She told me shed hold me responsible if you got into trouble over there."
  • Her phone chimed as she poured hot water into their mugs, letting the guys choose how dark they wanted their coffee while she laid a bag of Lipton in the water remaining in the pot.
  • For a few seconds Rose thought about asking if he wanted another baby. Had that been it? Had Garth wanted Petra to try to get pregnant? That would be the worst, for it would kill her. Kill her, and them, all in one request. Instead Rose smiled. "Gray, you dont like Elmo, do you?"
  • I felt my mouth drop open as his words hit me with almost physical force. I wanted to turn and run away, but the quasi dream from the night before was just barely vivid enough to keep me in the room.
  • led by Roger Symmes of the Levant Company. But Peter Elkington wanted a fourth, for protection, and he eventually persuaded a young army captain of some reputation to join the party. The captainoriginally a painter, who had later turned soldier after the death of his wifewas vigorous, spirited, and a deadly marksman. Peter Elkington promised him a noblemans fortune if they succeeded. And he promised to take responsibility for Captain Hawksworths eight-year-old son, Brian, if they failed.
  • Natasha at that moment felt so softened and tender that it was not enough for her to love and know she was beloved, she wanted now, at once, to embrace the man she loved, to speak and hear from him words of love such as filled her heart. While she sat in the carriage beside her father, pensively watching the lights of the street lamps flickering on the frozen window, she felt still sadder and more in love, and forgot where she was going and with whom. Having fallen into the line of carriages, the Rostovs' carriage drove up to the theater, its wheels squeaking over the snow. Natasha and Sonya, holding up their dresses, jumped out quickly. The count got out helped by the footmen, and, passing among men and women who were entering and the program sellers, they all three went along the corridor to the first row of boxes. Through the closed doors the music was already audible.
  • Eventually, Seth got used to the idea that we werent going to become a couple again. He asked if I wanted to go to any end-of-year parties with him, but I said no. Dancing really wasnt an option, and as graceful as I normally was coupled with my reliance on crutches - drinking was out of the question. I really felt like Seth would be better off hanging out with someone else. My heart was broken, but it had nothing to do with Seth. As weeks turned into months, I eventually stopped calling Max. After two months apart, many of my vivid memories started to become hazy. I wasnt certain if I would ever see him again.
  • "Most certainly if you are she, you do usurp your selffor what is yours to bestow is not yours for reserving!" argues Cesario, annoyed by the veil; Viola wants to see the face Duke Orsino finds so attractive. "But this is apart from my commission.
  • I looked at Hunter then turned to look at the ramp. So this was it? This ramp and whatever lay at its end was what the song so wanted me to find? I could feel the song tingling through my body. It wanted to sing out loud for the world to hear. It was almost physically lifting me up, not onto the ramp, but into the sky. And I wanted to follow.
  • "I didnt have enough time," I whispered, afraid speaking loudly would ruin her paradise, because surely that was where she was now. But more than anything, I wanted to get her out of the Divine Library. I wanted to put her to rest. I leaned down to kiss her cold cheek. With much effort, I placed the cloth back over her face. My previously exhausted emotions revived themselves. I closed my eyes and let a single tear escape and trickle down my cheek. In that second, I decided I couldnt afford to let something like this happen again. I would protect those I loved, no matter the cost to myself.
  • Whatever had moved was still now, blocking the trap door. She could use a spell to open it but something in her told her that this was just what the thing wanted.
  • Mac pauses before he answers. "About five years ago I was dating a young girl, twenty, twenty-one years old. Wed been seeing each other intimately for a few months when she called me one day and said she really needed to talk. I thought she was either pregnant, had a sexually transmitted disease, or she couldnt live without me and wanted to get married right away. At that point, I had solutions to all three of those problems…"
  • "May? Youre leaving for three months? Today? But why?" I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, threatening to stream down my cheeks. Not wanting to sound pathetic, I did my best to add a frustrated tone to my last two words.
  • The Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman will sit at the witness table Thursday when he appears before the panel, a month after President Barack Obama said he wanted him to succeed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton is stepping down.
  • Another euphemism, he wants me to mop up vomit or something equally unpleasant. I don't argue. When I'm done with the vomit, I stick my head round the corner just long enough to say bye. I'm out of there before Ally can find me anything else to do.
  • Omari didnt respond, waiting for Francesca to finish her side of the story. She bit her tongue and struggled not to make any sarcastic remarks. One of the reasons they got along was that Francesca could dish out the sarcasm just as well as Omari could, and she wanted to avoid a cynicism war for the moment.
  • "Um . . . ." He folded his hands in his lap, then reached up to scratch his head. "Like Ive been mauled by wolves, I guess." He tried to laugh, and watched her reaction. He wanted to know if it had really happened. Maybe he was just going crazy.
  • Camille grasped the wheel with her hands so hard that her knuckles turned white. She could feel the fear. The reverberations through Gabriel were so frightening, so terrifying, that she wanted to dive into a hole where all sides could be protected. She wanted to cradle her head in her hands just as he was doing.
  • "Don't have to," the tall one assured him. "I know Sarkonians who'll buy them, and they won't tell their bosses what they got either, let alone where they got them." Scar-face wanted to say something else but the young one cut him off.
  • "Now, Mr. Crawley has been so intent on saving this court so much time, I thought perhaps we could skip all these witnesses if Mr. Crawley wanted to agree that the drug AZT actually creates the very disease it is supposed to treatAIDS."
  • Mirra scrambled off the bed at the sound of Bane's voice. He stood in the doorway, scowling, his eyes blue once more, the power leashed within him. She backed away, not wanting him near her after what she had just seen.
  • They approached the Foothills Spring campground cautiously, ready to hide and wait if anyone was camped there. As they studied the log shelters arranged in a semi-circle around the springhouse, Keiran suddenly doubled up and vomited. Gleve knelt beside him, wanting to touch him but not daring. "I'm sorry," Keiran whispered when he could speak. "This is a place I'd rather not remember.
  • "Yes, my dear," she wailed, "you just wanted to feed me." She sighed and lay back on the sofa. "Or perhaps to check out the merchandise." Bryan dropped his napkin on the floor, next to the wine glass, and lay beside her. They were silent for some time, then Bryan drew a deep breath.
  • What threat did Alianore see in Edward that she wanted him dead? Just as I will not yet tell you Alianores place in history, so youll have to wait for her reason to incite men to murder.
  • Do you really call the sort of marriage you had arranged with the Dashwoods "good"? Do you know the kind of young man Nicholas Dashwood is, and what he would have done with your money? Ill tell you, Mr Whittle: as soon as he got his hands on that dowry he would have used it to pay off his gambling debts, and any over he would have squandered on more gambling and riotous living. Did you really want to see your hard-earned money wasted like that? And what sort of a husband would he have been for Elizabeth?—careless at best, cruel in all kinds of ways; her life would have been a misery. Is that what you wanted for your dear daughter?’
  • Food is rationed. Very, very, very small rations. And if Sandras chicken lays an egg, the egg still must be delivered to the Nazis to feed the troops even though the Nazis know that little Sandra needs and wants the egg. One egg per person per week one can keep; if it is found that more than one egg per week per person is kept, the entire family of the culprit is punished severely; there are even rumors that villagers get shot for withholding food. One loaf of bread for the family for the week; and Grandma gives the biggest share to Sandra. The potatoes, they dig from the garden, keep them alive along with the plumb butter that is cooked in a big kettle in the kitchen. Her brave grandmother runs between the shelter and the kitchen during any slowdown in the bombing raids.
  • I looked down at my palms and quietly said, "II dont know. I lost control. I got so angry at Mina for trying to kill you, and I wanted her dead so badlyI nearly set you on fire, didnt I?"
  • Kell still didnt look at Marthe, not wanting to know if she fell into that group. He kissed Dis hand, making her blush, an old joke for the crush shed had when Marthe first brought him around, long before Kell had been Marthes boyfriend. Now Di was in her late twenties, Kell guessed, a few years between her and Marthe.
  • Maida was trying to resist looking out the window. Every time she did, Rafe clambered up from his favourite stool by the hearth to look as well. Sometimes he managed to set down his dish. More often it hit the floor and scattered food all over the room. From experience, Maida knew better than to give him pottery dishes or serve him much at one time. Rafe ate out of a shallow metal bowl. It made more noise hitting the flagstones, but at least it did not have to be picked up in pieces. The small servings meant she had to refill the bowl over and over again, because the big lad had a huge appetite, but that meant she could remind him each time that she wanted him to sit up straight, eat one bite at a time, use the spoon. In spite of this, by the time the food was half-consumed, he would forget and slouch over the bowl pushing the last of the meal into his mouth with his hand. If it were soup or stew, he would sometimes tip the bowl up and drink from it.
  • She continued to shoot us nasty looks throughout the class, but I hardly noticed. Alec spent the rest of the class time writing questions for me in the margins of my notebook. By the time I'd described my grandparents, kindergarten teacher, and top three most embarrassing moments, I wanted to get a chance to ask some questions of my own, but he just shook his head and passed me my notebook back with a new set of quickly-jotted queries. The sentences should have been a careless mess based on the speed with which he was writing. Instead they somehow turned out more even and carefully constructed than anything I'd ever been able to accomplish.
  • I tried to clear my head and attempted to pay attention to Alek. The afternoon's training session with the Majors had been hard work, but they'd progressed so well. We'd decided to pair everyone off and allow them to spend half an hour practicing hand to hand combat skills. At the end of the half hour they switched to another partner, and so on until nearly dinner time. It had been an effective method, and the girls and I had decided to stick with it from now on. We could practice with individuals who weren't sure, or who wanted to challenge themselvesand us.
  • Fowler finally understood that the video was still too high a level and just how simple and basic Messick wanted him to be.
  • My shoulders felt like the skin was on fire, but I knew it was just my imagination. His grip had been rock hard, but he hadn't actually squeezed enough to hurt me. He'd shown pretty good control for someone who'd just been spanked in a debate, and obviously wanted to rip my head off.
  • The crowd slowly calms down and mills about. Furious canaries sternly perched on the balconies and rafters above chatter angrily. The security guards disarm the remaining exit alarms and holler to the people outside to get in out of the cold. Many return through the exits out through which they only moments ago fled. Now they rush back in, not wanting to miss the excitement. Anyway, they figure, David always puts them up for the night if there's a real problem. As calm returns, a few brave birds descend to fetch nuts and mingle with the friendly crowd.
  • Amalric stepped forward with a confident smile. "You have all heard that the Sultan had many officers of the Egyptian garrison at Damietta strangled for abandoning the city. It happens that one of those executed was the former Saracen master of my man Maurice. A kinsman of Maurice's dead master holds high position in Mansura. Maurice slipped a message to him through the Saracen lines. The Saracen pigs are like us in one respect, they are loyal to family. As we hoped, this Egyptian Maurice wrote to wants to avenge himself on the Sultan. Today, before dawn, he will guide us to a place where it is shallow enough for men on horseback to cross the river. It is three leagues south of here. All of you present here have been chosen to be in the first troop of the army to go over." Amalric bowed graciously to the King.
  • But Ravi Shankar wanted to soar; he thought beyond boundariesin a sense, embracing the Tagorean notion of nationalism, of striding confidently outside your shores with your culture as your talisman, and meeting other cultures on equal terms and embracing possibilities to create something new. He did not wish to keep Indian culture imprisoned in a cage; he wanted it use its wings; his music was not meant to be fossilized. And so he dipped into other forms, including the Japanese rokudan with Miyashita Susumu and Yamamoto Hozan, creating a new kind of music; he played the ragas in minor scale with Philip Glass.
  • Tuskar withdrew his toothpick and flicked it into a corner of the room where it landed in a pile of similar discards. He took the stack of papers off his desk, shifted through them, and pulled out two sheets. He slapped down the wanted posters for Amaranthe and Sicarius.
  • "We are not engaged in a containment strategy of China. The idea that the Chinese would be flummoxed by 2,500 Marines is a little bit of an odd proposition." She quickly added: "I know the Marines are a very elite force, but 2,500 of them do not pose an emerging threat to China." She said the Marines were being stationed in Darwin primarily because they wanted a tough terrain on which to train.
  • "Ha, serves you right, having a slap-up feed and not inviting us along." Percy put his hands on his hips. "Lets all split up," he said in a bad imitation of Dreth. "Now the truth outs. Mr.Piggy here wanted to wallow in gluttony."
  • "No, I have not; but this is what I have been thinking and wanted to tell you. There is a war now against Napoleon. If it were a war for freedom I could understand it and should be the first to enter the army; but to help England and Austria against the greatest man in the world is not right."
  • Where should he start looking? Madeline liked fine things. She liked to be treated as though she were someone special; wanted those around her to know she had money and wasnt afraid to spend it. Hed only known her in Europe, never in America, and it had been many, many years since they spent any time together. She could be anywhere in this huge cityeven outside of itand he had no idea where to start.
  • Furthermore, the word "LETTER" is only associated with paper size in the US, Canada and some Latin American countries; A4 is the standard size used in the rest of the world. Thus, users encountering this message may believe that they are being instructed to transfer the data or content of their typed letter (as in correspondence) to the printer, even though they have already sent the job to the printer. (The printer could not "know" that they had anything they wanted to print if the print job had not already been initiated from the computer, however.)
  • "Ah! here's the warrior! wants to vanquish Buonaparte?" said the old man, shaking his powdered head as much as the tail, which Tikhon was holding fast to plait, would allow.
  • Fleeing in a speedy manner was impossible, Marthes pace a slow, unhurried trod due to her footwear and the patient. Nate was sleeping, but it wasnt peaceful. Adjusting his IV, Marthe then checked his chart, meds in another thirty minutes. As he thrashed about, she tapped her heels. The noise was more than shed wanted to make and he stirred.
  • Rordan considered what he might report about his tutor to Vacia. He intuited Master Beag as one of the officials behind efforts to minimize the Council. A yawn came over him; he realized his body wanted to sleep in response to his recent brushes with evil. He grabbed his daypack and headed in the direction of the community hall.
  • A flush stole over Miss Sutherland's face, and she picked nervously at the fringe of her jacket. "I met him first at the gasfitters' ball," she said. "They used to send father tickets when he was alive, and then afterwards they remembered us, and sent them to mother. Mr. Windibank did not wish us to go. He never did wish us to go anywhere. He would get quite mad if I wanted so much as to join a Sunday-school treat. But this time I was set on going, and I would go; for what right had he to prevent? He said the folk were not fit for us to know, when all father's friends were to be there. And he said that I had nothing fit to wear, when I had my purple plush that I had never so much as taken out of the drawer. At last, when nothing else would do, he went off to France upon the business of the firm, but we went, mother and I, with Mr. Hardy, who used to be our foreman, and it was there I met Mr. Hosmer Angel."
  • "Look who accepted our invitation," Bear announced, gesturing grandly to Billy, who looked uncomfortable with two hundred eyes sizing him up. "He wants to be called Red. I know, I know. I thought he would be taller, too. He only came on the condition that he would not show his face or answer questions. When I asked if he had a pleasant flight, he refused to answer me."
  • With the sheet around her, Kell noted Marthes bust where before it had been only flat skin, nothing to distinguish her upper torso from the body of a man. Now Kell was different, wanting other things. Only her, his desires for anyone else, male or female, having dissipated.
  • Six red roses. Romance on the welfare shed say, if she said anything. She hadnt spoken to him, not a word, for nearly a year after the fire, but nobody could keep that up all the time, so now she only spoke to him when necessary. Maybe she was softening. The response when he brought her breakfast in bed this morning had given him hope. He had been trying to work up the courage to do it for weeks. Perhaps there was no going back, but he just wanted to be part of the human race again.
  • He barely heard Delameres shout through the confusing haze of noises in his head, the shrieking horses, the pounding of his own mounts hooves, his rapid, steady breathing and the wind echoing inside his coif, but he knew his friend wanted him to slow down and wait to be joined by more of his men. But his blood was up and he did not want to lose his momentum. And just before him, not a hundred yards away, he had seen Welsh who were stopped and facing him. Waiting for him.
  • "My aunts brought mother up; they were nearly twenty years older than she. I might say Hiram and they brought her up. You see, Hiram was bound out to my grandfather when he was a boy, and when grandfather died Hiram said he 's'posed he went with the farm, 'long o' the critters,' and he has been there ever since. He was my mother's only refuge from the decorum of my aunts. They are simply workers. They make me think of the Maine woman who wanted her epitaph to be, 'She was a hard working woman.'"
  • I gathered what semblance of my shattered being was left behind and lifted my face away from his shoulder. I wanted to tell him how we couldnt leave yet, apologize for everything and tell him how much I loved him. Then I would have to face the crowd and somehow try to explain the unexplainable.
  • I left the library, left the car there, and walked. I walked past the Strand and on down to the Bay Pier. There was a coffee house there near the dock for the old tall ship, the Eliza. I got some coffee and sat at a table on the veranda and looked out over the bay for awhile. The little fishing ships and sailboats slowly slipped by me. I sipped my coffee slowly, finally finishing it. By then it was noon. I wanted to go back to the ocean side of the island. Always the ocean. Always the thought, See the ocean again.
  • Collins said she still wanted more information about the September 11 attack on the U.S. mission and a nearby CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya in which the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed.
  • Aiden wanted to lie there as still as possible, but he knew if they didn't take this bastard down that none of them were going to live. Before he could do anything else though, a grey form dashed past his head and dove at Fletcher's exposed legs. It was Colt's wolf! The animal, snarling fiercely, sunk its vicious teeth into the bandit's hamstring and brought him to his knees. The wolf was thrashing about so much that Fletcher couldnt bring his weapon to bear, much less regain his footing.
  • With that realisation, and her acceptance of it, the heat and humidity of the night vanished, and her skin was dry and clean. Her dress was crisp and bright and new, devoid of all the stains and specks of dirt that she had imagined into being upon it. The shadows of night were now just thin veils for her and she could see everything in the darkness clearly. She had no eyes to gather the light. She was dead and she could see what she wanted to see. She was a ghost, but her dear brother was not, and he meant everything to her. If she could die again to save him, she would.
  • I nodded. "Now we can talk to someone on the other side of the planet and see their face as if they were two feet away from us. People can fly to any country in the world in planes, and most of us have our own cars. Theyre like this bus, but smaller. We have cell phones, so we can talk to anyone we want, anytime, no matter where we are." I watched him engulf the knowledge. "Theyre great, you know, when youre at the grocery store and you forget if your sister wants the baked chips or the Cheetos." I smiled, knowing he had no idea what I was talking about.
  • Willow and Tray were waiting for me outside the lunchroom, so we could walk in together. My brother was still on high alert anytime I get near the cafeteria. Everyone we walked by wanted to be introduced to Willowwell, except the dark clique. I was relieved when I realized they wouldnt be welcoming her, because she was walking with the hulk. Willow was polite and smiled at everyone, but she looked overwhelmed by the prospect of remembering the several hundred names and faces. Tray looked around cautiously, like he was ready to react if necessary. I wondered as we worked our way across the lunchroom if my brother would ever relax again in this cafeteria.
  • By the time I returned to our stall, Gil had everything organized. The biggest fish hung from broad iron hooks on the highest wooden plank, and assorted fish were artfully arranged in wooden bins. The majority of the fish stayed tightly wrapped to avoid spoiling in the heat the day would bring. Gil wrote a single word in bright red paint on a large plank of wood that spanned the front of our stall. I wanted to know what the word meant, but I felt too embarrassed to ask.
  • Althiof glared at Prince Helgrim, dabbing at his cheek. 'All I knew was they wanted to rescue a prisoner,’ he protested. 'I put them in the same cell, to taunt them.’
  • "He doesnt communicate like you and I do right now, but that doesnt mean hes not gifted. I actually think he might be more gifted than all of us. Think about it. He led me to the creek because he knew the water wanted to commune with me. You had the opportunity to see my spirit light only because Boos intervened.
  • As I waited for our challenger to speak, I heard the song began to pulse loudly again in my heart. This time though, I willingly let myself fall into the music, knowing it would show me something I needed to see. The song gently flowed out of me and to my surprise surrounded the young man. Somehow I knew beyond a doubt the song wanted me to trust him, and I found myself whispering my consent to do so. But the song only became stronger. Its power grew to the same intensity I had felt when we first reached the mountain and the strength of it forced me to step towards the man. "I dont understand," I whispered, but in the moment I had taken the step it settled back to its constant humming in my heart. Whoever this guy was, the song felt he was important.
  • "Yeah…" Talia frowned. "Which means weve wasted an hour. Not that I really know what he wants with all these people, other than sparking panic. We could have days to follow through on our plan. Still, thoughif hes not here, how the hell do we find him?"
  • With a nod, Merial began riding again. "Yes. I actually met her weeks before. She was with Gort and as you can imagine, my bar was his favorite place to be. She was sweet and polite when I first met her, I had no idea what she had planned or the quest she had taken on. But only days after I found the note, she approached me and asked me in a very cold, monotone voice if I wanted vengeance. We've been together ever since." Merial turned her eyes up to look at the approaching forest, then dropped them to Carsis. Again the man stared back at the two. "I am sorry that he lied to you, and I did not address it until now. I think he was just trying to spare me from recalling painful memories."
  • "What's his story?" Amaranthe glanced toward the door as she spoke, torn between wanting to flee and wanting to recruit this Maldynado.
  • There was a car to fix. A good, dirty job that would take a few weekends and afternoons and ruin any plans his mother may have had in introducing Jorden into human society. Mechanical things were his greatest joy anyway, even Bill's bomb, and people he could really live without. He never really got on with others, especially at school or wherever. He was always that sickly kid that nobody wanted to deal with.
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