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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • But Skye hadnt asked that. Instead she wanted to know why Forest couldnt have kids, why the rutabaga queen didnt like Brussels sprouts. Summer knew the answers to those questions. Forest hated Brussels sprouts, so of course the rutabaga queen would find no redeeming quality in them. As for children
  • "Its a ridiculous catch-22no one is willing to welcome the airhead, because they are terrified of what the hulk might do when he finds out. At least thats what I think. I know Cam was blustering about trying to welcome her. I discovered that he was all talk and no action. I offered to help him out when we were alone and he still backed down! Can you believe that?? He even said I could do it myself if I wanted to try. He expected mea girlto attempt a 'welcoming partywithout any assistance from the guys.
  • Despite the mildness of the day, the hall remained full after the heavy main meal. The rain Haworth had felt since the morning and Gilbert had predicted now seemed imminent to everyone. The sky had turned a thin white, with the orange disk of the sun showing plainly but dimly. At the dais, the two Aymers and William pressed their case onto Hugh in voices unrestrained by drink and the flush of the successful hunt. Haworth, at the end of the table, paid scant attention although he was annoyed. One of the reasons the viscount had given Hugh for the hunt was because he suspected the kings spies in Hughs household; spies Henry might have placed, in the guise of knights or servants, after the Rebellion. He and his half brothers had wanted a private conversation. Now listen to them, Haworth thought sourly; if the king himself was anywhere in Normandy, he would be able to hear their plotting without the expense of paying spies.
  • Arthur as usual was last, holding his satchel in front of him, his knees bumping it forward as he walked. She always meant to reprimand him for dragging his feet coming out of school as if she was the last person he wanted to see, but as soon as she saw his dreamy brown eyes, she forgot. They stayed on her until he had almost reached her, and then his face would come alive, in a mischievous, embracing grin. Like an actor with per¬fect timing, he left it to the last moment, keeping her sense of expectation flickering.
  • `Good.' They smiled as the children arrived and exchanged good-byes. Tess followed with Annie and Arthur, watching Mungo walking down Jervis Street to Abbey Street with his children. `It's in the Savoy,' she said to herself. She wanted an evening out with a man friend; it was something she hadn't enjoyed for a long, long time, and she wanted it very badly, caring not at all that he was married. She guessed that he was so in much the same way as she was, and he would call at six. What might lie beyond the cinema she refused to allow herself to consider.
  • "I'm going to be found with the bodies, aren't I?" said Spencer very quietly. He hadn't wanted to say it, he didn't want them to know he'd worked it out, but alcohol has a habit of becoming a truth-drug sometimes. "Drunk, dead, your man Alex's gun in my pocket, my address in Michael's. Spencer de Gresseur, the big fuck-up disposable drunk. His final blunder."
  • What Sam needed he could not get, which was a mind that could convert all of the inputted data and tell it to him straight. The straight dope was that he needed to cut the shit and grow up! No, Im not talking about losing all of the child-like goodness in his fluffy center; its more like taking responsibilities for your actions. I would be the first man to tell you that I will be a kid for life. Hiding behind sporting events, spending weekends sleeping in the same room with five other guys, and sleeping with the enemy is great if you want to live a life of both mental and physical masturbation. There is much more to life than waiting for the other shoe to dropin other words, if you want something you have to make it happen. It was a real challenge for me to get inside of Sams head and try to vacuum away all of the cob webs. He wanted a change but had no idea which foot should hit the ground first. It was baby steps, for now.
  • I hate her, that silent strange girl who wasnt my niece at all. I thought I was using her. I thought I was bringing her, to trade for you. But all the time it was the other way around. She wanted to get her mother out, and she needed a trade.
  • "We knew nothing of it when we started from Moscow. I did not dare to ask about him. Then suddenly Sonya told me he was traveling with us. I had no idea and could not imagine what state he was in, all I wanted was to see him and be with him," she said, trembling, and breathing quickly.
  • She came up to him at the table and stole his brand new drink, downing it in a moment. "How about a snort?" she asked, a note of tension in her voice. "I'm flat broke and I think I'm getting sick." She sagged against him and ran her hand up his thigh. He felt sorry for her. All those guys, always trying to grope her, and she feeling ill. He just wanted to wrap her in his arms and snuggle in the bed with her until she fell asleep. But no, she was intent on making money, and struggled bravely to her feet. He tried to arrange to pick her up when her shift was over, but she said something about meeting him at home later.
  • "What my lord is most interested in is avoiding, shall we say, royal entanglements," John said. "He too wants to be sure that news of the activities of Owain, Humphrey, and your brother remain within Wales and the Marche."
  • Sheldrake felt almost off his head with anger, despair, and doubt. He had realized during the slow crawl that to go to the police would be to broadcast the rumours of the Stone, but what was to happen he could not guess. That he would recover it he had no real doubt, but he wanted to recover it quietly and get out of England with it at the earliest possible moment. He peered out of the car to see Oliver, his back against the door of the house, giving a dramatic description of Mrs. Ferguson's recovery to as many of the crowd as could hear him; he saw, remotely, the helmets of one or two policemen approaching slowly; he saw windows and doors open all round and new conversations leaping up every moment; he even discerned one or two members of the crowd scribbling in small note books, and dropped back with an oath. But he sat up again in a moment and managed to attract Oliver's attention, who slid through the crowd to the car.
  • So that was it. He couldn't be angry. Hura was just doing her job, protecting her Domain. He had wanted to get home and he was home. Now there was one last thing he could do for Taf and the others in thanks for all they had done for him. "Dont worry, Ill take care of it," Jorden said carefully. It was the least he could do. "I have a feeling that this is as close to home as I'm going to get. I'll do what I can to delay the rig, at least for a few cycles, so if you could just say goodbye to Taf for me..." Words trailed.
  • "I didnt have any choice. When I managed to get through to my division HQ, I came clean and told them the lot. I thought they would chew me out, and at first they did. But when the knowledge of who Trojan was filtered through, I was told to stay right there with her until she could be moved. It was strange, really. All I wanted to do was to get back and do my job. And the only thing Lieutenant Wellman wanted to do was stay right there with her. Instead I stayed and he was ordered back with the men. Even Andr left. Only Stephane remained in the hospital. He couldnt walk. I hardly saw him. I spent all my time with Helga."
  • Benedict could feel the triumph squeezing at his heart as he looked out at Ravens Crest. It had only been a day before when one of the rebels had shouted from the curtain wall, saying that Peter de Vere wanted to speak with the General in private. Benedict thought that was madness, that Peter was willing to leave the castle in the middle of a siege just to speak with him. But Benedict wasnt going to argue with that.
  • "I…" I searched for words to say. I wanted to say I loved him, for my heart swelled within me, but he had not said the words to me. He leaned down and kissed my lips.
  • Furthermore, though the avowed purpose of the crusade was to secure the holy places, these men, Roland saw, wanted more. They wanted to seize more land, to crush the Muslims.
  • Jeremy twitched. He felt as though hed just licked a dozen batteries, the copper taste on his tongue seeping throughout his body and sparking a cascade of convulsions. He wanted to go to sleep, to avoid this disgusting sensation.
  • 'It'll be good for me, too. I need some space. The boss is really happy with how things are going at work. I just need to get this big job done and I'm set. There are a lot of contracts coming up and I seem to be the only one around here who wants to get off his arse and do anything. They have to hire someone from us local bunch, so I may as well take their money while they're giving it.'
  • Jonesy had gone out for revenge, and they had used it against him. Their own twisted sense of justice. There was no reason, he said, to think it would stop there. Could be, he reckoned, that they wanted justice as well. Kill us lot and that's the end of the war.
  • "Of course." She gazed at the garden. The sight of him brought the unfamiliar gush of interest that she strived to quell. "You have an excellent reason for wanting his death; no one can deny you that. This accursed war has caused too much suffering already, and I shall end it forever."
  • It works both ways: Hosts who are planning a fancy cocktail party should give their guests a heads-up, so they can pack the right clothes and avoid an expensive last-minute shopping trip, Bertone says. Meanwhile, "if the guest wants everyone to go a Broadway show at $150 ticket, this request should be made upfront," she says. Same goes for a night out at an expensive silver-service restaurant, she says. And if those same guests have turned vegan in the past 12 months, they should inform their host before they buy a 20-pound turkey. Otherwise, Bertone says, all parties might prefer to wait another year until they see each other again.
  • "Summer, she looked at me with the biggest grin on her face. Asked if I was going to stay, you know, she meant stick around. And I said Id like to, that it was up to you. Then she got off the bench, shed been sitting there, Id given her a piece of toast, what she said she wanted. She ate, god, maybe two bites. But she left it there and ran to me. Just ran right at me, telling me she wanted me to be her daddy. That her daddy, did I know Jody? And I said I did and she said he was dead, but that was okay. It was okay if Id be her daddy."
  • We met just with swords; wearing no more than light helms and leather jerkins, for the day was hot and work with the sword is warm. The crowd called in rude demand; they wanted us to use edged swords, not our blunt and safer tourney swords. It angered me. It seems they did want a Roman circus. Father Francis was all confusion, trying to still the crowd. My temper got the better of me, we would use edged swords, they were still hacked and blunt by the standards I remembered with Thomas. Sir John went white but my look of reassurance settled him, he must have known I wasnt here to hurt him.
  • She did not want to know what the Duke wanted with her. Her imagination conjured many possibilities, and none were worthy of her daughter. In many of them, she did not live. Elena would find a way to harness the amulet's power. She had done it once. She could do it again.
  • "But you love your family more." Sallis forced a smile. "You loved your husband so much that you slept in separate rooms. Your family wanted you to dissuade him from extending the franchise in Marka and he refused, again and again. You moved the house sylphs from the villa and made them sleep in converted stables. So they could not hear your rows? Or to ensure there would be no witnesses if you felt compelled to commit violence? Those pieces of evidence are nothing by themselves."
  • I think deep down Mr. Cohen knew that I was digging a deeper and deeper hole for myself. At the time, I never even thought I was struggling. In fact, I viewed my situation as ideal; to be a member of the greatest gang in the world was both an honor and an extremely powerful position. No one even bothered to mess with me at school and all of the girls knew whom to come to if they wanted some action. I was 11 years old going on 20 and I never wanted the fast ride to end.
  • Now that his classmates were gone, the nine-year-old boy sat wide-eyed in a perfect combination of terror and embarrassment. The source of the terror was a 30-centimeter throwing knife glowing with a faint blue light, lodged deep into the floor right between the boy's legs, nestled next to his crotch. The sight of it made Sam's anger towards the black body-suited woman turn to rage. The boy was terrified. He looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Tears and snot were running freely from his face and he was sniffling incessantly. It was then that Sam noticed the puddle of liquid the boy was sitting in and the wet splotch on his pants.
  • I knew after the first television that when these people said they wanted a really good one, ‘goodwas being used as a very relative term. These people were going gauge the quality of the television by the price tag. In their eyes, the lower the price got, the better the television got.
  • At the summons, the dragon turned and lumbered his way to the bird on that log. Kah'la stood there, trying to act as tall as he. The mystic bird wanted the dragon to set fire to that door and bring it to ashes. He'd also wanted to gain access to that dwelling.
  • Another sharp crackle and Tara shivered. Gone was her idea of gathering the greenfruit. All she wanted was to finish her task and get home as fast as her legs could carry her. Placing the last of the wood on the top of the load she turned to fit the pull straps up and on to her shoulders.
  • "No, just those papers and that case. I have been waiting awhile for you to come back. I wanted you to have those." Minty watched Talon look over the items.
  • America wants to shield the net from the treaty, but its diplomats fear that a broad coalition is taking shape against them. They hope to fend off most of the 450 or so proposed amendments. Many seem innocuous, or even worthwhile: for example, calling for international co-operation against fraud, child abuse or spam. But Terry Kramer, the head of Americas 122-strong delegation, says that some of these hide attempts to facilitate or legitimise censorship of political speech. America decries any wording, however mealy-mouthed, that could increase governmentscontrol over content.
  • Glazing towards the eyesore all I wanted was an elephants weight worth of dynamite. "The dog is dead and I killed him," I chuckled underneath my breath.
  • "Mr. Harrison, I wanted to bring you back to the stand to tie up some loose ends, statistically, about AIDS and HIV, based on your expertise as mathematician and statistician with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
  • "Thats right, trade. Heres what Ive got. I was approached this afternoon by someone who wants my help in straightening out the political mess you guys have gotten yourselves into. In return they were gonna make me Dictator of the Gods. For some reason I thought they might not really have had me in mind."
  • Moving sluggishly at first, Aiden was compelled to clothe himself faster than he wanted to by the bitter cold inside the Lodge. He quickly donned his normal winter attire, and then added the layer of armour over the top of his tunic. As they had experienced, a chain shirt wasn't much protection against arrows, something that was of no small concern in the impending confrontation. Despite this, the novice warrior found himself feeling remarkably calm, although it might have something to do with still being half asleep. Ignorance was bliss, after all.
  • "I wanted to make sure Lord Valentin looked after Argo properly," said Luca with an age-old gesture conveying the frustration all children occasionally experienced with adults in their life. He dropped to his knees and peered under the bed. "Argo?" he called.
  • "Because I wanted to give you something special for all this and also for you trying to make me blushAgain!" She finally cracked a beautiful smile. She turned on her side, now resting her head on his left arm. She used her free hand to caress the mark on his chest. "Well?"
  • The King's face morphed from rage into bewilderment, confusion running rampant through his mind. Idimus was tempted to scream insolence and dispose of the General right there, but he was too shocked to even move. Gerin had been loyal to him for more than a lifetime, he had served him and asked for little in return. The General was not one for money or prestige. He simply wanted to be the best at what he did. It had always been that way. His desires were simple and in their own twisted way, pure. In that, Idimus had forgotten how obsessed he could get.
  • He then regained his composure."Let's start with a man-to-man press, Melvin on Berman, Williams on Fuller. Gentleman, this team is hungry, this crowd wants blood. Let's take it two points at a time and play Fellingwood basketball."
  • Isabella shifted so that her eyes stared into his. She wanted him to know how serious she was about what she was going to say. "Be that as it may, I still have an obligation to the Committee about The Book of the Black Moon. I have to finish my task."
  • After a month of hanging around the office and becoming more familiar with the product line, it was time for me get out and sharpen my people senses. Graves wanted me to be completely in tune with the consumer, which meant that I had to be in tune with myself. Lou suggested a combination of therapy/meditation/tai chi, as this was the "health cocktail" that he lived by. I learned early on that if something was good enough for Lou Graves, it was good enough for me.
  • Mirra quailed a little, not wanting to enrage him, but her concern for him drove her to continue, "Maybe, but every ward you break forces you to use more power, does it not? The mages want you to use it so much that it kills you before you reach the final ward."
  • I said this in spite of broken nights with the baby, Mark, and our little quarrels (usually because Im rushing out when Agnes wants me in). Mostly since my marriage to her a little over a year ago life had been better than ever before. My parents had both been carried off by the plague when I was still quite young. Aunt Alis, who then cared for me, had been well-meaning enough, but could not take the place of a mother.
  • Summer squinted at the path, dust raised from Johns car now settled. She felt chilled, then noticed she was alone, her sisters and John Walters having gone inside. As Summer heard Nat ask who was taking them trick or treating, she wanted to scratch her arm; it ached as if welts had risen. Instead she turned, looking to the doorway.
  • "Im not a storyteller." Liselis shoulders rose and she crossed her arms. She paused, then laughed nervously. "Im not . . . you know, my stories are lame anyway. Keeping them to myself is an act of mercy. No one even wants to read them."
  • Strangers? Sixpence a great charge? But the servant wants to continue this odd talk with his master at home, over the midday meal. "I pray you, sir: ask as you sit at dinner! I from my mistress come to you in post; if I return alone I shall be post indeed, for she will score your fault upon my pate!"—add to the tally on his scalp. "Methinks your maw,"—hunger, "should be your clock like mine, and strike you home without a messenger!"
  • From the moment I opened my door, all I heard was, "Hey, did you hear about Jake? Hes here!" I wanted to shout (in fact I did shout at one point) "You fools! Why do you think Im here?" I wasnt trying to sound mean, but come on! Why else would I have driven all the way to the center. I mean I like going, but I dont go just to gothere has to be a reason for me going there, otherwise it would be silly. Visiting three-eyed people just becausehow ridiculous is that? They had it coming, right? Right? Tell me Im right. Well then pretend that you think Im right.
  • Asked last year why women who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan conducting security details and house-to-house searches were still being formally barred from combat positions, Pentagon officials said the services wanted to see how they performed in the new positions before opening up further.
  • "If I had my guess, she wants to keep the two of you apart. Maybe she's afraid the two of you will fight if you get together."
  • He seated himself on a wooden bench, with his back against a decrepit vine; he gazed at the stars, past the puny and stunted silhouettes of his fruit-trees. This quarter of an acre, so poorly planted, so encumbered with mean buildings and sheds, was dear to him, and satisfied his wants.
  • Gregor met Angelo in Port Fogsrow, the last place Gregor and the Lucky Licker had docked. They saw each other in a tavern and recognized an immediate attraction. After a frenzied tumble in the tavern stables, Angelo confessed that he had heard of Greedy Gregor and wanted to join his crew. He knew of a island in the Kelt Seas that harbored an item coveted by the gods themselves. Angelo refused to say what the item was, and every time Gregor asked, the fellow grew timid. As for why the gods had not bothered to take this precious item, Angelo claimed that the gods feared it, and wished to obtain it only for the sake of destroying it. But it could not harm a mortal.
  • Why, was what I wanted to ask, but I didnt think it was a good time for more questions. So, I just started talking, giving my life story in a synopsis version. "Well, when I was ten years my parents were killed in a car accident. So I went to live out in the hills of Pennsylvania with my grandfather. I was home schooled, but my grandfather put me in this tiny public school, though I never really fit in. My favorite times were on the farm when I could be alone and just lose myself in a daydream. Then about a month ago he got really sick." I had to pause and take a deep breath as I once again saw him on the hospital bed. Daydream made a sympathetic noise and nudged my shoulder.
  • Samantha Waters was not the kind of person you wanted to confront in an aggressive manner, but Gretchen let her emotions get the best of her.
  • Sam wanted to do a back flip right then and there, but was reluctant to believe him. "Really? No lecture? No telling me how I don't think, and how you're right and I'm wrong, and that I was stupid for not going home when I should have, or for listening to Cammie? Nothing?"
  • The thought did little to comfort the delver. Ryson focused on his own desire to help instead. "We don't give up, not as long as Yave wants to continue this. Do you hear me?"
  • Before 1095, Andorra did not have any type of military protection and the Bishop of Urgell, who knew that the Count of Urgell wanted to reclaim the Andorran valleys, asked for help and protection from the Lord of Caboet. In 1095, the Lord of Caboet and the Bishop of Urgell signed under oath a declaration of their co-sovereignty over Andorra. Arnalda, daughter of Arnau of Caboet, married the Viscount of Castellb and both became Viscounts of Castellb and Cerdanya. Years later their daughter, Ermessenda, married Roger Bernat II, the French Count of Foix. They became Roger Bernat II and Ermessenda I, Counts of Foix, Viscounts of Castellb and Cerdanya, and also co-sovereigns of Andorra (shared with the Bishop of Urgell).
  • I also sought for rekindling the bond between myself and our crops and our fields. I wanted to learn again the ways our people made for survival. I left space for no one to say in any wise; that I returned home and behaved as a noble, while waiting to leave on my journey.
  • Summer stood, taking her coffee to the window near her computer. Gray skies seemed a cover, as if she could hide under them, not have to think about the man in her bed, or the one dead. She wanted nothing more than for Dan to stay, not leave, but was that feasible, realistic? Was it fair to sleep with him when something inside her ached more than any period, something so ingrown, like a tumor? Summer laughed. Jody wasnt any more than an awful disease, some dreadful condition. Her kids seemed to have recovered from his sporadic presence, then abject absence. Their mother was having a much harder time.
  • 'Oh don't worry about it, don't really remember him.' She shrugged and tried for a smile, not wanting anyone to think she was on the edge of tears or anything.
  • "Hah, I knew it!" the mage sneered. "The Archmage wouldn't even speak with the likes of you. So why are you here? wanted to see the Tower one more time? Yes, I know who you are, Saalteinamariva. Everyone knows. Everyone remembers what you did to poor Thimaneriamus. Yet another proof why women shouldn't be mages! Many healers spent many hours putting his face back together!"
  • After a few months in Venice, Michel started to crave change; he wanted to travel some more. He had checked in with a shipping company and would go on the first ship that would leave the harbor. Three days later he packed up his stuff and went to the three-master that had just arrived and was moored next to the shipyard. The Dutch merchant ship, commanded by Captain Pelsaert, was usually used for trade, but this time there was little cargo and paying passengers were welcome. Michel zigzagged through a group of carpenters to the schooner, which had a sailor on guard at the ramp. "Providence" looked slender compared to the grotesque and clumsy ships of the previous century. A fever for discovering the world had broken out among the Portuguese and the Spaniards and the shipbuilding industry had been making rapid progress.
  • "Well, I shouldn't wonder if it's doing what Sapum wants you to do," said she, Sapum being her equivalent of the Arch-enemy.
  • But to see that, she would have to turn, and that was the last thing she wanted. All she wanted was to lie next to Dan, snorting or not, perhaps entice him to wake by some small, rhythmic movements. She tried that, but he began to snore.
  • The next day, we went south to Samaria. At Shokar, the Samarians said Rome was too strong in Yahudea. They wanted the first blow to fall in their land. Esu said Yahu wanted the attack in Hill Salem. They said the city didn't matter because El's true home was their mountain. Esu said a victory in Hill Salem would bring the world to our side. They said a loss there would end all our hopes.
  • "Someone I know is trying to help you," she said. "Hes my ex. Not the most dependable guy thats ever lived, but his hearts in the right place, and he wants to save you from a premature death."
  • Billy did not care about money, fame, glory, or power. He just wanted to stop the Mongols from taking over the world. Ten generations of his ancestors died for that mission. As the world's most powerful quad, he owed it to them. Everyone has to decide what they want to make their life about -- stopping a corrupt, oppressive empire from subjugating the entire human race seemed a pretty good way to spend one's life. It was not just worth fighting for, but worth dying for. But Princess knew all this.
  • Rordan made a grimace. "She looks like trouble bro’. Attractive, but theres a distance there that doesnt seem like it wants to be bridged."
  • Then he realized that he was, of course, the most logical choice for role of protector; he was the one in charge at Rhuddlan. Nearly all his good will drained away then, leaving just the anger behind. Hed been a fool. What he had wanted to believe shed done out of affection, she had really done out of duty. It was Alan dArques whom she loved, not him.
  • "I like the notion that he thought you wanted Palliser," Lord Arglay said contentedly. "The Stone seems to have a subtle irony of its own. But why you? Very much pleasanter for him, of course; but I had an idea, from what you said, that I was doing most of the work. Why--didn't he see me?"
  • I was about to expound further when my cell phone rang. "Hey, babe," drawled the scratchy voice on the other end of the line. "First off, I gotta thank you for not shooting me. I know you probably wanted to. But I dont think I coulda taken that from a chick."
  • "No," he answered, serious for once. "I was trying to figure out why the Duke wanted your daughter specifically. If he is gathering children for another of the Overlord's rejuvenations, he could have taken anyone. Instead he gave his troops specific orders not to kill you or your daughter. That says that he knew beforehand you might be there. Has he ever met you?"
  • Brutus led the revenge taken by Lucreces family, bringing about the Tarquin kings expulsion and the founding the Roman Republicdeteriorated, now, into empire. Marcus wants the Andronici to rid their country of dictatorship and foreign infection.
  • Billy laughed. The brass ring again. "Call Mr. Dragon and tell him it's a deal. He'll get what he wants, because he's got the money. I'll get what I want, the winter off to sculpt, maybe two or three winters off, because he's giving me a little of his money."
  • When Jacob had explained, Helga had wanted none of it, but Andr had merely nodded and Stephane had dragged her away. Then Andr had snatched the leads of Tirpitz and Bismarck from his hands and had run away with them. Jacob had just stood there in shock. The dogs had started barking straight away.
  • He turned and left the room. Her thoughts suddenly turned to Lotus, and she panicked at the thought that her paramedic friend might not have kept his promise. Lotus would have a good prognosis if she received oxygen and fluids support, but how would she know that she was actually taken to the veterinary emergency clinic? She wished that shed had a moment to ask him about whether any of her family members had been contacted. Not that any of them would probably show up. Her Mother and Father lived in Southern California, and didnt particularly care for their feathered daughter. They had a strange, damaged relationship, and she wasnt particularly sure she wanted to see any of them anyway. She loved her Grandparents, but they were hippies, and they lived in a cabin up in northern California. They finally had running water and electricity, but still no telephone. If she wanted to reach them, she would have to send them a letter, the old fashioned way.
  • THERE WAS MORE shouting outside, and the corporal wanted to see what was happening, so he dragged me into the alcove where the window overlooked the main gate so that he could keep hold of me while he had a look. I could hear the portcullis being raised and the creak as the great doors were opened, and the clatter of hooves on the cobbles of the yard. Next moment the shouts turned to yells, bellows eventhere were some clashes of swords and a pistol shot, then more horse-hooves galloping and entering the castle.
  • The FTC has signaled it wants a greater role in determining whats fair and reasonable. The agency, in a 3-2 decision Nov. 26, forced Robert Bosch GmBh to make standard-essential patents for air conditioners available to competitors as a condition for approving acquisition of the patent owner.
  • Ryson looked nervously toward the glowing stones in the far corners of the tier. He spoke with urgency. "It looks like there's at least one thing that's still dangerous here. The rocks you spoke of still glow. So unless anyone really wants to poke their head out to see if the air is free of poison, I suggest we keep moving."
  • Once a month, the whole family takes a bath upstairs after Grandpa prepares the firebox; but the daily sponge baths are always in the kitchen. The kitchen is large and comfortable and always warm. All the meals are taken on the large table in the kitchen. Grandma cooks on a wood stove and sometimes uses coal, but coal is not always available or is very difficult to get because the "war effort" is consuming everything. Sandra is growing tired of the war effort. She wants it to get back to when there was enough to eat; enough of the good things to eat. She wonders why there is always fighting.
  • It annoyed the crap out of me. I wanted to turn them all into Yorkies, and the way I was feeling at that moment I probably could have, but I kept my composure.
  • Messick looks across the room at Crawley, sitting at the defense table, as if to ask whether Crawley has changed his mind yet and wants to cross-examine this witness. Crawley turns and begins to confer with a few other members of the defense team. After a couple minutes, Judge Watts gets impatient.
  • The flashlight was immediately adjusted so that it was the broad span. She wanted to see as much as possible. Anna took a breath and began to thread her way down the narrow passage. It didn't really seem like a mine to her. It was just a constricted burrow someone had once dug looking for something to mine. Whomever it had been could probably see that the sand on the walls indicated the closeness of the surface and that no more salt was to be found here. Was it to make an airway for the miners? Was it a construct so that some industrious miner could steal salt from the mine on his own time? It didn't really matter. She set her shoulders and went deeper.
  • Ma said, "Oh, Luke, you're so cheery some mornings," and brought another plate of French toast to the table. "Who wants seconds?"
  • Damn him and his refusal to think any good of somebody who broke the laws! She wanted to start another shouting match, but she couldn't afford to. They had the same goal now, and everything depended on it. After this was over she could let everything else flood back into her mind. If she let herself, she'd realize she was tired, achy, and about ready to fall face first onto the pavement.
  • As he spoke, he drained the tiniest tendrils of life from one and used it to cement the goal in the other. They would not shirk their tasks, now. They could not, even if they wanted to. They probably would not eat or sleep until it was done, either, but that did not concern him. They should find Elena before the lack would take a severe toll.
  • The plan was simple, though full of problems. "You wanted to establish a motive and a track record of people after him, and then kill him yourself."
  • Vincent looked back towards the trees. "We separated to cover more ground. I did find one way in, but she wanted another. She thought that it was just too convenient."
  • Sian had a look through the shop windows. The girls joined her, curious to see what each window revealed. Their newly made acquaintances tagged along, appearing to enjoy the experience of seeing it all through strangers' eyes. All the shops were interesting and there were more than a few that she wanted to have a good look at. The men had finished their business with the mayor and wandered with them.
  • The incident had made Aradia realize that whether she wanted her powers or not was irrelevant. They made her feel isolated from everyone, but no matter how much she wished it, they would never go away, and she could not turn her back on them.
  • Marthe giggled. While that one president remained Kells nemesis, the epidemic as a whole rarely crossed his lips. Yet remorse ran thick through her body. She wanted to sit next to him. Instead, she threaded her needle, attempting a few stitches.
  • "Obviously I don't want you to make disrupting my class a habit, but that isn't why I wanted to talk to you. Your studies are coming along nicely, and I've heard quite a few good things about you from other sources, so I'd like to offer you a job."
  • You're Esu bar Abba. You hang on the invader's stake with a blade in your side. You wanted people to care for each other. This is your father's answer.
  • After rummaging through the faerie gifts, she looked at herself in the mirror, which was just a mirror when it wasnt wanted for viewing. "Cap," she said, "check. Excalibur, check. Ring, got it. Dragon feather, ditto." She puffed out a breath. "Right: the sooner I do it, the sooner its done."
  • I frightened the dog. In avoiding my anger he hurt himself and now crouched down, whimpering. He brought me back to the World. I wanted no one hurt, not even this dog. First in concern and then in relief I searched for his injury; there was nothing worse than a thorn in his paw.
  • "I chose this location on purpose. I wanted to safely "demonstrate" my ability for you. I knew that if Id driven us directly home that youd be asleep in about two nanoseconds. There are a few things that you need to hear from me and I wanted you to hear them before you fell asleep for the night. So are you awake and ready to listen for a minute or two?" Tray asked and I nodded then pretended to zip my lips together.
  • Joe arrives looking ashen. He knows things are going downhill quickly and it's just a matter of time before St. Louis goes berserk. He just wants to be sure it's Pete that gets toasted, not himself.
  • Tom flips the phone shut and turns to Bob and says, "That was Joe, he wants us to get some stuff and meet him at the Prairie Buffet at noon."
  • They were swiftly leaving my view and they werent talking anymore. Of course, my curiosity battled ferociously with my common sense. I was wiggling around in anticipation because I desperately wanted to follow them. Getting caught was a real danger, though because the final bell had already sounded. Also, my own backpack was still currently located at the juncture in the venting system. I couldnt reach it from here. So if I do get caught ditching class and escorted to the office, I have no way to retrieve itdecisionsdecisions
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