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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • "That was a grand time indeed," Lazerek said, pulling out his pipe."Its been a long time, and the kings were a different sort.There were five kings when I first went to Akilade, and the annual recruitment day was not held. If one wanted into the school, one had to prove himself worthy.It was no easy task. No task worth doing ever is.But all were accepted into the school as a pot scrubber, or a gardener assistant or some menial task below standards of humanity."Lazerek patted himself down for a moment, looking for his quicklflint. Gidas watched as he began to call up the magic to light the pipe.
  • The man turned to me for an explanation of some kind. It was fun watching Sawyer mess with people, but I wasnt so sure I wanted to be involved in the games directly.
  • The Champion growled again and shoved his blade firmly in place, keeping his back turned. He knew who it was, but what he wanted was still a mystery, so he wouldn't attack, not yet. Simply lead him out of hiding and confront him then. Feiron reared his head as Grahamas tugged the reigns and charged him up the hill, driving him to the place he once called home.
  • Rios favela residents make the vast majority of their purchases within their communities, except in the case of electronics and appliances, the Data Popular study said. Morandi, who has lived in Rocinha more than 40 years and until recently wanted to move away, nabbed a blender, a mixer, a fan, a coffee maker and a scale in Casas Bahia. She paid for her goods in two installments.
  • "The same old hippie pipe dream," sighed Freek. "That was why we wanted everyone to take drugs and get high, remember? It's the only way you can have that kind of world."
  • "I met this grad student my first year in a class I was taking on medical records. His name was Stan Jones. He was doing a doctorate in computer science and wanted to get into medical records software with a built-in artificial intelligence backbone so that it could be used to spot diseases, run treatment protocols, that sort of thing. I got interested too. I took a few courses in computer science and got more and more interested in data mining, artificial intelligence, Internet applications, all that sort of thing. After a while I realized that I was less interested in practicing medicine than in computer based medicine."
  • Ryson took little time in leaving Connel and racing directly to the site of the elf camp in Dark Spruce. He bypassed Burbon completely, even as the thought of his home gnawed at him. He wanted to know what was happening there, wanted to know if the dwarves had attacked again. He realized quickly, however, that such knowledge would not help him. He needed to get to Dunop. That was now the simple crux of his plan. Attempting to learn the fate of his new home was now nothing more than a distraction.
  • Detested by the mere sight of the traitors to Gawain, Mikha'el, using his twin swords, takes to fighting the turncoats without mercy, using his blades and wings to separate them from the militia. Not so much to help the defenders, rather he wants the betrayer army to himself. The militia watch in shock as Mikha'el moves and battles in his inhuman way. One militia member turns to see Morion standing beside him, sword drawn.
  • It had been some time since he heard the name Greenberg spoken in his direction. Although the name "Green" seemed to fit Brads previous lifestyle and corporate image, using his given name definitely helped set the wheels in motion toward feeling whole again. Toward being more in tune with where he came from and where he wanted to go.
  • "But you were not de trop, and I did not send you away; on the contrary, you made yourself very much the reverse. I wanted to say a few words to Mr. Dacre, and I thought you very considerate, if you meant it."
  • From her chair, Rose picked up Petras hand. Rose wanted to speak, but words might lead to a conversation Petra had already endured. Plus, Rose remembered, Petra hadnt wanted to hear it, at least not from her.
  • He didn't like that. He cut in front of me and pushed me back by the shoulder. It was not meant to hurt me or knock me down, but in his anger he went too far. I tried to swing the force from falling to my advantage and roll back up, but I was not nearly skilled enough. I hit the floor face first and spat a leaf out of my mouth. Huh. Looked like we were going to have it out right there and then. I had wanted to give him some time, since he'd only just been brought back from the brink of death, but clearly he had something to get off his chest. Getting annoyed at his high-handedness would get me nowhere. We'd been here before too, him pulling and chucking me around like I was unbreakable.
  • He laughed cruelly, and took his hand off the back of her head. Serenity lay across his lap, humiliated; exactly what he wanted.
  • "Yeah I don't think you needed to kill him Pace," he said grimly. "Or rather, if you wanted him dead, you should have done it in the fight. Killing a man while he's helpless is pretty low."
  • Dont puff up your chest at me Mister. This is a tough part of Australia and our jobs are even tougher. No-one wants our jobs, as if you didnt notice, but our jobs are important.’
  • I was hooked up to an IV in no time, and while my adrenaline rush had passed and I wanted to pass out, the doctors wanted to make sure I was awake so they could check for a concussion.
  • "Damn it, Red!" Instead of helping him up, Princess hit him while he was down. "Blade has the best rack in the outfit. If I played for that team, she would be my favorite player. And you messed it all up. Now she'll never give you any, even though she wants kids from a powerful father."
  • Chosen? Who chose me? Roland wondered. Was it Amalric who selected me, as he suggested me to guard the casters? Roland remembered Amalric's face when he came out of his delirium after mentioning Diane. He wants me dead.
  • "Are you sure, Maggie?" His green eyes intensified. "My guess is that Melody has always been an introspective, inquisitive child, one who has had to fight, to struggle for what she wants to do or become. She has had to struggle to learn; it hasnt come easily or naturally for her; she hasnt fit in and has had to deal with the consequences of choosing against popularity and herd acceptance. Am I right?"
  • "You have learned a lot about this woman, and each thing you have learned has made you want to know more. From a mere nuisance pulling you away from your duties, she has slowly become a person you wanted to know and be with. You have fallen in love with her from afar, and you did this after you met her. Each thing you learned made you realise how valuable she was and how foolish you had been not to have seen it in her eyes and in her face. You held her in your arms and yet you let such a wonderful woman slip you by. And that knowledge has caused you to search for her, to track her down until you could see her again. And why? Because you wish to have said the things you could not say, because you were ignorant, and you seek the opportunity to say them. You wish to rewind time and recapture that moment when she was weak in your arms. You said that it is not love that brings you here, but that is a lie. You are besotted by this woman."
  • William put a priority on tactical sense. He would outline a specific scenario and help Billy walk through it. Then he would change something that forced a different strategy. Rage and terror guided most fighters, but William wanted Billy to foresee how any given situation would play out before engaging. William collected video montages of every battle he could, and together they analyzed who did what right and wrong.
  • "Dorian! What an extraordinary piece of luck! I have been waiting for you in your library ever since nine o'clock. Finally I took pity on your tired servant and told him to go to bed, as he let me out. I am off to Paris by the midnight train, and I particularly wanted to see you before I left. I thought it was you, or rather your fur coat, as you passed me. But I wasn't quite sure. Didn't you recognize me?"
  • Isabella shifted so that her eyes stared into his. She wanted him to know how serious she was about what she was going to say. "Be that as it may, I still have an obligation to the Committee about The Book of the Black Moon. I have to finish my task."
  • He gestured to several men to step forward. One of these was Dylan ab Owain, who had been Rhirids champion. Guri had never cared much for Dylan because he hadnt liked the influence Dylans wife had had over Rhirid, particularly where the cast-off mistress of one of the Normans was concerned, but Dylan was always eager to prove himself as loyal to the new chief as hed been to Rhirid and Guri decided to test him now. He wanted Dylan and the others to find the Normans and track their progress. There was a certain route through the forest which was narrow and winding. Perhaps a small ambush of a sort could be devised to help slow that progress.
  • "Go ahead. Hurry back." It pained her to say it and say it nicely. She wanted to rip me apart, but she couldnt let her anger show.
  • I knew immediately of what he wanted and nodded. My arms heaved downward. The ground shivered slightly, but little else. Cono rounded me, taking my hand in his.
  • 'Well, errreveryone knows it's true. That's why no-one wants to come down below level two hundred, and the safe-keeper in the finance department never leaves,' explained the guide.
  • The room was silent again as everybody held their breath, waiting for the King to sic his guards on the funny man in the colorful jester suit, but apparently the King wanted to hear an answer.
  • Approaching a second time, I could see several people gathered inside and a couple more lined up by a paper sign in sheet. I joined them, attempting what I hoped was a nonchalant expression. I debated for a moment whether to put my real name. Feeling silly, I hedged my bets with sloppy handwriting. They wanted an email too, and I put down the yahoo one I used for public type transactions.
  • He turned to regard her with empty eyes. "Because my father wants the Overworld, and these people are in his way. He does not want them here."
  • "We dont encourage it. Were about quality of life and allowing our patients to decide whats right for them. If a patient wants fluids and nutrients after the procedure, were happy to comply. We want them to be as comfortable as possible. Most people, when they understand, dont opt for that kind of intervention. It's really more for the families. Let me show you something, but please no camera, ok?"
  • Except this was not a story. This was her life. And Jocelyn's. If he wanted her dead, he would have let the wild men take her. That only left two choices: either he was not working for the Duke and his side trips were something else entirely; or the Duke did not want her dead. She was not sure which she preferred.
  • Ve rolled his eyes, knowing he would have to start from the beginning. "The Seer goes into hiding after every major prophecy he spews forth, especially one as controversial as this was. Do you know how many inter-breed couples were murdered at the onslaught of that pretty little prophecy? How many people wanted the Seer's head on a pike in their front yard? Everyone wanted to get their hands on him either to find out more or for interesting lawn art. Either way, the Seer had to disappear and I simply offered my services to the poor fool. Everyone has a price you know." Ve sat back smiling.
  • "But why would you come all the way from the capital to ask about weasels nesting in roofs?" The mayor's curiosity knew no bounds and was stronger than desire to get rid of his guest. Vannard, on the other hand, wanted the mayor to get rid of him, therefore he decided to use his universal two step-plan for dealing with annoying people. Step one: threaten to kill them. Step two: make good on this threat if needed. It was a bit less harsh version of his one-step plan which contained only the second step from the two-step plan, but he decided he won't kill this peasant unless it turned out to be really necessary. And this peasant was just a few annoying sentences away from 'really necessary'.
  • With the general hubbub outside, Sanych couldnt hear anyone inside, but she saw that Gerets lamp was lit. She lifted the flap and began to step through, not thinking of personal space, not thinking of intruding. The only thing on her mind was the topic she wanted to advise Geret on. She was surprised and discomfited, therefore, at the sight that met her eyes within the tent.
  • How did we get here? I wondered dreamily, still in a fog-like daze. The sun lowered in the sky, and I shivered, which made my muscles knot and caused piercing pain to shoot through me. One-by-one the angels appeared around me. First Abelie, who was at my side in an instant, and then the others. Ehno was last, Josephs arm around his shoulder. Now that I knew everyone was okay, I wanted to sleep. Exhaustion began to overtake me as I started to tumble through a cold blackness.
  • Rose did know for Garth Emory was Colins older brother. Emory Burnett was Colins namesake, Emory a name for Roses first child whether it had been male or female. That it was a girl seemed easier for everyone, especially for Garth, who at the time of Emorys birth wasnt yet Petras lover. Rose had asked Garth if he minded, and hed been touched, shedding a few tears. That he and Petra had slept together after the news of Aunt Margaret didnt surprise Rose, what she would have imagined if the couple was together. That they werent only added to Roses curiosity. Margarets illness surely wasnt enough to brook reconciliation, but it was adequate for sex to be shared. "Well, what I mean is are either one of you wanting to use this to, you know…"
  • The fortress, the only secure post remaining in the city, had been commandeered by Jadar and his hand-picked guard. His officers had taken accommodations in the town, and the troops had erected an enormous tent complex along the road leading into the city from the north. Their women now swarmed over the bazaar, accumulating stores for the march south. Bullock carts of fresh produce glutted the roads leading into the city, for word had reached the surrounding villages that Burhanpur was host to the retinue of the prince and his soldiers from the northbuyers accustomed to high northern prices. The villagers also knew from long experience that a wise man would strip his fields and gardens and orchards now and sell, before an army on the march simply took what it wanted.
  • Suddenly a shooting star crossed the sky. Another followed a couple minutes later. Then they could be seen every minute or two. It was the beginning of a meteor shower that would last all night. The gnomes wandered in and out of the hall, watching the sky, nibbling bits of food, sipping drinks, and enjoying the company and conversations of their neighbors. The band continued to play softly outside for those who wanted to dance under the stars.
  • The ceremony is quick and witnessed by Lena, and Walter, and Charlie and her Grandma. All just to get a piece of paper that is proof Jim loves her enough to tie her to him even though, as it turns out; she is a slut. But through the mess of it comes a life lesson: Sandra now knows she wants to see the world. The lesson comes when Jim takes her to Italy, by car, for their honeymoon. She knows from the moment she left Germany that somehow she needed to travel the world. It is her calling. But she is void of ideas on how to make it happen, and then she knows that it is just another dream that Life will turn into a nightmare. A nightmare that will take her to America: the last place she wants to go.
  • And on learning that tomorrow they were to attack the enemy, and hearing from the highest quarters a confirmation of what they wanted to believe, the exhausted, wavering men felt comforted and inspirited.
  • Roland felt cold despite the high sun. His heart was being pulled in two directions. He wanted to give this man, to whom he owed his life, anything he asked. Yet this was the same king whose armies had pillaged Languedoc.
  • Once they were sure the spell was complete, signaled by the tingle of energy flowing through their connected hands, the girls moved quietly towards the council members. They listened momentarily as a vampire who oozed authority stood asking Seth if he had anything else he wanted to add before the council went to confer. They assumed at that point that things were not going well for Seth and they took a couple steps forward to be near him.
  • The Gnome smiled, sniffing as he crawled his way over. He had stuck out his left hand. Lanyan, though shocked, believed the Gnome wanted to shake, but the instant their palms met, Gnert yanked the Elf's forearm forward with unfathomable strength, turning it upright and examining the crossbow. His head turned this way and that, his tiny fingers pulled at the strings and cranked the weapon from its locked position. Once he had made sure everything was in working order, he smiled one final time, let go and crawled back to his position next to the Dwarf.
  • Annie knew that he wanted to see which goat was for sale, so she pointed out the billy goat. She told him in her best English, "Five dollars."
  • Benjin, Chase, Osbourne, and Strom moved to her side, overjoyed. They speculated on how long the fountain would last. Catrin was physically drained, mentally exhausted, and wanted nothing more than sleep. The carved fish still in the palm of her hand looked terrible; it was chalky to the touch, and its surface was again dull.
  • "Perhaps I am just imagining it, but what if Im not. Do you see how they look at you? They are going mad over you! There has to be more to this. Its become typical for Mathew to have crushes on any new girls around here, but never has he acted on it, and this is more than the typical crush. Steven on the other hand resents any new person I try to bring into the group and makes them miserable, but hes different around you…" I didnt have any more to say, not wanting to argue with her. She was so convinced that that was the only explanation. I didnt think it was possible to hate her any more than I already did.
  • Wee Cam chewed on a bit of straw and looked at them with squinty eyes out of a sooty face. "What would you be wanting her for?" he asked.
  • We wanted to hit Arty in the head again, to make him better. We tried a stick. The stick bounced right off and killed a cow. So Chegg threw a brick at him. It circled around Arty and took out Chegg's eye. We stopped hitting him with things after that.
  • Ten minutes after I sat down, a woman looking like she had just run five blocks, walked in carrying a large envelope. It was a chilly October night, so the woman had a long coat on and a pair of mittens. She looked around for a few seconds and then spotted me waving, so she walked toward me. She handed me the envelope and said, "Sorry I'm late. I just wanted to make sure everything was in there," she said looking at the envelope.
  • Then suddenly he felt a stab in his arm. It went deep and he jerked in shock, looking at the man whod snuck up on him and jabbed him with a knife. But no, it wasnt a knife he was holding, it was a needle. The messy stab tore at his arm and now blood dripped from the needle. Russ felt all the adrenaline, all the strength, drain out of him as something else took its place . . . like pollution spreading through water he felt weakness creep through his body, crawling toward his heart till he felt as if even that slowed to a crawl. He couldnt thrash anymore. He couldnt lift his head. When he blinked, his eyelids crept slowly down over his eyes and wanted desperately to stay shut. He had to force them back up with all the willpower it seemed he had left. He slowly looked from side to side, first to the left, then to the right, then agonizingly down at the rest of his body. His chained hands rested heavily on his chest, but he couldnt shift them away, and his lungs didnt seem to want to respond.
  • "No, good my lord; lets fight with gentle words till time lend friendsand friends their helpful swords!" Richard may ponder a lamentable demise, but the young duke, aware of the summary treatment of Bushy and Green, wants to live.
  • "None," he said feebly. Then as the fever rose in his eyes and even flushed his pallid face, he said excitedly, "I had a master once--one I perilled my soul for. He knows I am dying; but, spite of all my letters, he will not come. He wants me dead, he wants me dead--and his wish is coming to pass now."
  • "No," Airk replied soberly. "You see, my love, you are one of Coursas band. Dont make it difficult. Tomkin already knows where this place is. Hell be here with soldiers soon. He wanted the augur dead so there would be no magic against him. You he wanted alive. Im sorry Jain, but we cant have a decent home and you have given me no children. This is my chance at a better life."
  • His voice became low. "Someone wants very badly for you to not contest for the throne, to not stand in the way of their plans. They have failed now, but the longer this Assembly is drawn out, the more chances they will have to be successful."
  • Every morning, at first light, he left the cottage, went down to the beach, trying to penetrate the grayness in search for what he so wanted to see. Because it would be the end of this desperate mission. On the other hand, he did not want it to happen, imagining an eternal bubble of bliss, living here, with Maria, and forgetting loyalties, wars and politics completely.
  • "Oh, I have no doubt thats his name," replied Pinkie as he nodded his head up and down. Tino hunched his shoulders and lowered his head. "You see, my dear, the Searle family re-uses first names from one generation to the next. The hero of your book died many years ago, and I would guess this man is probably his grandson. You wanted Aretino the Virtus and you got Aretino the Vilis."
  • Omari wanted to explode, screaming at the woman for doing this to her, kidnapping her and allowing some insane man rape her and break her collarbone. But the woman was offering relief from her broken collarbone and maybe information if she played her cards right.
  • Gredel felt a surge of excitement. Citaan would be waiting for him when they arrived. He was almost tempted to ask Phroma to fly faster but he knew that wasn't fair. She already wanted to get there faster so she could see her son, Ageip. Gredel wondered how much the youngster had grown since he last saw him. Perhaps his child would bond with Ageip once it was born, Gredel smiled at the thought.
  • When I was twelve we moved to San Francisco. I instantly fell in love with the city; the art, the music, the wide variety of people I met, even the crazy way all the apartments were painted. There was nothing I didnt love about the city, and it seemed to me my parents felt the same way. We stayed there for years. I dont know what was special about San Francisco, but my parents showed no signs of wanting to leave.
  • "And dad, speaking of privacy, Jesus was keeping secrets about the kingdom of God. Thats quite a problem for us, since this kingdom is at the very heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Why was he keeping secrets? He wanted everyone to have this kingdom, so keeping secrets in this case doesnt make any sense to me."
  • "Do you think I wanted to break my word? I'm no power-hungry tyrant. I have always been content to advise. But the boy would destroy the empire." He cleaned his eyeglasses with a handkerchief. "In his first week on the throne, he vowed to make peace with all the nations we've ever warred with, cut military spending in half, funnel the money to education, and...oh, yes, and phase out the empire itself, instating some ridiculous people's republic with elected officials."
  • "The King wants to see you. Now!" Without waiting for an answer the aide turned and disappeared into the King's bedroom.
  • Gladys thrust herself against the sandstone wall behind her. She wanted to melt through it and pass into the safety beyond. But the scratching sound of claws scampering on stone cut through the air.
  • What the hell was he talking about? My breeding and lineage, my potential, my fate. He was right about me wanting to know more about my family. But how the hell did he know that?
  • They were an exhausted, miserably cold bunch by the time they finally saw a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, leaning on each other for support and to stave off the chill from their soaked clothing, for despite the hardship, no-one had wanted to sleep inside the caves. Aiden had been limping along, barely coherent, for the better part of the journey from the drained lake, and when they finally emerged from the cave into the night air, he almost toppled over in relief.
  • She had bought this book a week ago, wanting to read it before this night. It had only taken her two days, over a weekend, but an entire box of Kleenex had gone with it, and Marthe felt her eyes were still red, although Sherry Canfield insisted she looked just fine. Sherry and Bobby Crosby were getting married, she and Marthe the only ones of that original foursome remaining in the apartment. Two others had left via marriage, but Marthe had sworn Sherry to stay through this school year. The wedding, Marthe as a bridesmaid, wasnt until next summer, all the time Sherry and Bobby needed to convince their parents a mixed marriage would work. Marthe had laughed, the only time that weekend shed broken away from Kells novel, assuring Sherry that a Catholic and Lutheran could make a go of it. It wasnt like Bobby was a Baptist or anything.
  • There was that word again. Spell. Breandan had mentioned a spell had broken and that something would hurt. My heart picked up. Was this going to be painful? Is that the real reason why Breandan wanted this fairy to show me instead of him? I realised Conall was waiting for my answer.
  • In a quandary, Diane had stayed on at Aleth's house these past few weeks, nursing the old lady. She liked Aleth and wanted to see her make a good end. But it had been a mistake, she realized now, to have remained with Aleth when she knew the inquisitors would be stopping here on their regular rounds of the villages. Her superior back in Paris had warned her against courting death.
  • Scott frowned as he looked over his clothes. Most men didn't have a suit to their name; he didn't seem to have anything but. And as Josie saw him in a suit everyday, he wanted something different for their first date. He didn't want her to feel like she was on a date with her bosseven if she was.
  • "Use your head," I said. "Kewpie ran into me at the Rustic Bar, not even knowing I was in town. He'd heard this job was open out there and thought I was still in the music business. So he told me about it. How can you make anything out of that? And why would he? Why would anybody want me to take a piano job out there? How would anybody know I wanted to meet Mrs. Wendel and think that was a good way to do it? Tell me that."
  • "You know how sometimes things dont add up? He was my age, he was at a food court in a mall by himself, on a Sunday before the stores opened, and he wanted to show my friend his Porsche. I didnt expect for the dispatcher to send in the Cavalry. I didnt know he was a criminal. I just felt like it was an odd situation, and I didnt know what else to do."
  • "What did you do?" Jain asked, leaning closer. She very much wanted to see Coursas face at that moment. Was the old woman remembering grief, hope, fear?
  • "Hollowcrest gave his reasons for wanting you killed, described the tea he's using to drug Sespian, and explained why he feels the need to manipulate the emperor in the first place." He folded his arms and leaned against the wall. "To you."
  • She continued to shoot us nasty looks throughout the class, but I hardly noticed. Alec spent the rest of the class time writing questions for me in the margins of my notebook. By the time I'd described my grandparents, kindergarten teacher, and top three most embarrassing moments, I wanted to get a chance to ask some questions of my own, but he just shook his head and passed me my notebook back with a new set of quickly-jotted queries. The sentences should have been a careless mess based on the speed with which he was writing. Instead they somehow turned out more even and carefully constructed than anything I'd ever been able to accomplish.
  • Gwen looks at Sarah in disbelief, and Mac seems a little embarrassed to have it phrased that way. "Something like that, yes. But I wanted that tattoo placed in a very intimate location of the body, so that anyone could see it in the process of having sex with the person."
  • Elena could not move. She wanted to. She screamed at her legs to respond, and willed her arms to reach out to Bardulf as he ran past her, sadness in his eyes, but her body would not respond.
  • I finally realized that it wasnt time that slowed; it was just that I was that much faster now. I dont know how many rounds a second those machine guns can throw at you, but I could have counted each one as it buzzed toward me had I wanted to. I twisted my upper body and leaned to the right a bit, and several rounds blurred past where my head had been. Luckily for me they hadnt fired simultaneously, because I saw the next burst of rounds hot on the heels of the first, only these were about waist high.
  • Not now, Jack,’ George emphasised. ‘Ill be with you presently.’ He returned his attention to Agnes. ‘Now, Miss Wentworth,’ he said condescendingly, ‘what is it you wanted to say?’
  • "Good question," said the snake. "Get on my back theres somebody who wants to see you. She can answer all your questions."
  • Liseli continued to walk behind Russ. Not that she was afraid of what was ahead. No. Not at all. Of course not. And if she had been, she wouldnt be hanging behind Russ, because . . . well . . . well, he wanted to be out front, anyway, running up the hill like there was nothing the matter. She shook her head, regrouping her thoughts. Where does he think hes heading, anyway? Theres got to be some better way to go about this; some way to read the landscape and figure out the most likely place to find water. But she could not think of one. Wilderness survival had never been one of the most important issues in her life.
  • "If she wants to go, I suppose it will be okay." Thellium sighed and turned to me. "How many quills did you finish?"
  • On reaching the main road, Paul set off walking fast alongside the stream of traffic, crawling toward the T-junction. He realised quickly that if he wanted to save himself a long, uphill hike, now was the moment to hitch a lift. The flustered police were hardly going to recognise him amongst so much mayhem. Just ahead he spotted a flatbed truck piled high with bundles of sapling poles, rolls of tarpaulin and a heap of building site salvaged firewood.
  • We first met at Angharads house for lunch. But it seemed Sarah had wanted to talk to Angharad privately, some personal problem, with her partner, a cinematographer. It sounded most exotic. Im sure she resented my presence, an intrusion into their friendship. I excused myself, faining an interest in Angharads collection of art.
  • Enin spoke with great sincerity as he attempted to do more than simply comfort Linda. With all honesty, he wanted to convey his own certainty that Tabris would not be able to harm the delver. "If you are looking for assurances that Ryson is safe from Tabris, I can tell you that I am not concerned at all with the possibility of Tabris being successful in killing Ryson. You really have nothing to worry about. Youre only causing yourself a great deal of unnecessary strain."
  • "Nightshade took me to one of these huge mansions which she treated as hers. Or ours." Gallant pointed towards the Chateau. "The one nearest the wall, over there. She was very intent on making up for lost time." He fell silent for sometime, coming to terms with what he wanted to say. With a quick glance at the Reverend, "I did my best to show my disinterest, but her lithe body and sweet sound had me in bed in her arms before I thought to argue. Before our consummation, even before a willing kiss, I told her that I was married, very happily so.
  • "Again, you would think so, but it was even worse there. Dr. Gallo and other scientists started refusing to attend conferences if I was going to be there. And if youre putting on the conference, whom are you going to choose, between the hero who is supposed to have found the cause of AIDS and some unknown doctor who has a different opinion from the rest of the world? So as long as Dr. Gallo wanted to go to some conference, he could keep me away. Or if I insisted, he would bow out. In New York in 1989, when I showed up, Dr. Gallo excused himself because of sickness in his family, he said. In Germany in 1990, Dr. Gallo excused himself because of sickness in his family, he said. Again in Germany in 1993, Dr. Gallo excused himself three hours before he was supposed to deliver the opening address, because of sickness in his family, he said. I began to get very concerned about the health of Dr. Gallos family."
  • "You did say you wanted to keep your destination secret and your budget was limited," he said, and Sybille nodded in acknowledgement. "Ma'am, camping is more covert and less expensive than staying in inns."
  • "She couldnt have heard. Those walls are soundproof," Mr. Brown said. She let me go and it seemed as if Mr. Brown had convinced her. I kept my head down and didnt make eye contact, still fearing I would give myself away. I wanted to be anywhere but there.
  • She looked farther down at her bush, and closed the blan¬kets about her and towelled her hair again. She felt only an emptiness and bitterly knew that in such a state, far from wanting pleasure, she only wanted to hurt herself. Perhaps thats what puritans meant when they called it self-abuse. Not that she was against giving herself pleasure and she thought about some of her more memorable explorations, which made her feel good and she stopped rubbing her hair and silently laughed. She had done it first while still at school, where the precocious Marian had alerted her to its possibilities, but it wasnt until she had come to live here, at the age of thirty¬two, that she deliberately sat down one evening in this same armchair in her open dressing-gown before a warm fire, and began to explore her body, inch by inch, in a way no man had done and perhaps no man could know how.
  • She left my house after asking only a few questions, claiming that she was starting to feel sick. I didnt blame her, and let her know that she was welcome to talk to me at any time. Not that she wanted to have anything to do with me for a while, I was sure, but I tried to give her the impression that I was still me, just able to manipulate fire in a way I hadnt been able to before. She gave me a halfhearted smile and said, "Yeah, okay. Thanks."
  • Kell stiffened with her words, but it was odd, not like he did with men. He felt something else, more personal, intimate. Again he wanted to touch her hands, ascertain if there was something about her, only her. He hadnt felt this way with Sam, or any of the girls back home.
  • A flaming star fell from the sky and crashed with a bang just over the nearest hill. Otto didn't ponder on that long. He had heard many stories about legendary Heroes having swords made from starmetal. Metal from a star. Or basically from a rock that fell down from heavens. The stories weren't clear on details, but Otto didn't really need details. Something flaming that fell from the sky meant material for an awesome sword, and material for an awesome sword meant a lot of gold. As simple as that. He hurried to get his most prized possession: a donkey and a cart. He threw a shovel, a pitchfork and a length of rope onto the cart. He had no idea how big that thing would be, and he wanted to be prepared.
  • "Sometimes little brother. Sometimes." Summer giggled as they reached the living room. Betsy waited in her space on the sofa and once free from the plastic, Forest took control, only one rotation to reach his spot. The carpet sported grooves where Forest sat, but Summer didnt say anything, watching as Betsy stood, asking her boyfriend if he wanted anything.
  • "We couldn't hide him if we wanted to," Mappel said with finality. "His height and size would make any attempt foolish."
  • "I see." Cassius found a shirt and tunic in a chest, which he threw on and belted, before beginning the long process of wrapping himself into his formal cloak. It was a shoddy job, but Adrienne would be used to that by now. If she wanted someone immaculately turned out, she could easily admire Valentin.
  • Reminded of that, Russ looked around to see if the others had made it through behind him. He saw Leeton standing a few feet away, holding his daughter. Ricalli was walking past him, a little to the left, but it was not the usual purposeful stride Russ had seen the god use. He wandered aimlessly, as if his legs remembered that he wanted to be going somewhere but the rest of him wasnt sure.
  • Jessa did what she could to tend all the men and work with Eldrin making decisions while her heart traveled with Locheil. Sometimes he lay deathly still, and at other times he tossed and moaned, burning with fever. Jessa did not know which she feared the most. She wanted so badly to find an Earth People Healer, but the Earth People, it seemed, were staying out of their way. Once they reached the villages of the Westlands, the King's People came out with food and comfort for their retreating army. As word spread about the visits from Roxtrianatrix, they would stare at her or bow to her, always from a safe distance.
  • "Mom, she was keeping a frog in the house. I wanted her to take it outside, so I just explained how frogs love singing under the stars. I guess I did dress up the idea just a bit."
  • Everyone wanted to interject, though none of them did. It was not their place to speak, even as relaxed as the environment seemed. It was up to Gort, who grew quite serious rather quickly. "That's why I've come, and why I've brought them with me. I need ta ask something of ye."
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