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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • As a young man I was determined not to die a poor man as my father had done before me. Not that he was an unhappy man by any means of the word, but to the contrary. He and my mother seemed very happy. I never understood how a husband and wife could be so poor, live in a tiny three room flat. They had to take public transportation to work and church, for they could not afford an automobile. And yet be so happy and content in their life. However, they were just that, happy. I know now that it was their love for each other, and of God that bonded them so to happiness. I knew of course that was not for me. This was not the kind of happiness I envisioned for myself as I grew older. I was becoming a young man, growing out of my childhood. Somewhere in my transition from a child to man, I had lost sight of the reason my father and mother worked so hard. I had somehow forgotten that they wanted a better life for me. Almost as if that memory was blocked out, replaced by my strong desire for the finer things in life.
  • It was to give governments time to review safety standards needed in laboratories to conduct research with enhanced viruses and whether they wanted to fund such research.
  • Outside, she said her goodbyes to the brothers and to Robin. Once Robert and Robin were settled onto their horse and Jamie had mounted Pisador, she handed Jamie a sack full of dried apples, leftover corncakes, walnuts and dried venison. They thanked her and she watched them as they rode towards the back of the property. A feeling of relief washed over her; once Connelly had eaten and started on the chores Robert had given him, she could finally be alone in the house where she could do absolutely nothing if she wanted to, but most likely she would sit and read her Bible and grieve for her dear friend.
  • It sickened me to realize the power that customers held over me. I could put in my time for months, maybe a couple of years. Dragging my ass out of bed at 4:30 to start counting the money by 5:00. Putting in 10 hour shifts, stocking the shelves. All of it. Then some redneck fuck comes in here and decides he wants to make trouble. Baits me into it, then goes crying to the boss. Next thing I know, my job is toast.
  • Alastor wants nothing more than to keep asking this kind old woman more questions, but the longer he stays, the more likely someone will see him.
  • "Yeah, me neither. I guess people stopped taking our pictures a few years ago. Pictures are for remembering and not many people have wanted to remember us, I guess," says Bob.
  • "Not that Im aware of. Apparently Raven was trying to steal her as well but ended up with the old man instead. The Council of Light wanted us to protect her at all costs. Just before you arrived, though, she was snatched away."
  • I was sure I had said enough by now to convince these detectives that I was jealous as hell of my sister. Who wouldnt envy a love story like that? Jessie and I were the quintessential twenty-first-century women who wanted it all. Personal fulfillment and professional success were equally essential to us. But if Washington and Byrd thought I was secretly in love with my future brother-in-law or that I would intentionally undermine Jessies relationship, I knew I must set them straight.
  • Eventually Connor walked towards the idling red pickup truck and opened up the passenger door. David sat patiently, waiting in the purring vehicle that wanted to get a move on. He sat his bag and chest strap in the bed of the truck and slid Tool into the belt loop on his right hip. Connor stepped up and sat down in the seat. "Ready, Son?" David asked casually.
  • Lornya, although happy that they agreed, regretted keeping things so secretive. A part of her truly worried about the aura mixed within the group. Where they were headed and what lay on the horizon were events that would determine not only the future of a kingdom, but Eldonia itself. She wanted to take no chances, didn't want to reveal too muchespecially if someone were to turn. They needed time to finish their quest and retain the things that had long since been hidden. If Valaira were to find them first, it would be drastic. All would be lost.
  • Shaa watched as the ice floe slipped beyond the stern. He was not necessarily a person of action at most times in any case, but he did go through phases. The one he was in at the moment was certainly frustrating. Shaa wanted nothing better than to be up and around, pursuing leads, stirring things up, and generally getting into trouble, but his health had betrayed him. More to the point, his curse had betrayed his heart, which had in turn passed the betrayal on to the rest of his system. This time, no sooner had he gotten involved in enough shenanigans to get his senses keyed up than he was undercut by his body. Now look at me, he thought, reduced to banter with an underage keeper on a placid river in the middle of civilized territory. It was enough to make a grown man ... whine.
  • For a moment, he stood transfixed. He had wanted to punch Osbern and he had done so. But he had not expected anything quite so gruesome. A gesture intended to injure the lords pride had caused a wound much more grievous.
  • Leena was surprised that he had noticed the pleasure she took in the honey. It was pleasing to find that he could be thoughtful when he wanted to. She returned to the cottage to fetch them.
  • "Dont blame me for this! I refuse to swing from the gallows alone on this one. My grandmother was the culprit who wanted to throw it. What was I supposed to do, refuse her?? Ive gotta live in that house and shes extraordinarily persuasive. If Im gonna face the death sentence on Monday then shes walking with me…" Krista offered and tried equally hard to maintain a serious facial expression.
  • Camille grasped the wheel with her hands so hard that her knuckles turned white. She could feel the fear. The reverberations through Gabriel were so frightening, so terrifying, that she wanted to dive into a hole where all sides could be protected. She wanted to cradle her head in her hands just as he was doing.
  • He'd given her a big lecture, wanting take her home and have Tony arrested or toss him through the window. A knight in shining armor! Exactly what she needednot!
  • The Wookie grabbed both my arms and twisted them painfully behind my back. I was yanked up to my feet and half bent over the table. My face was uncomfortably close to the blood and tissue smeared statue. I never wanted to see the ugly little thing again. The Priestess raised the knife again and continued her chant.
  • Qatada is wanted by Jordan to face terrorism charges. British governments have for years tried to get rid of the cleric, who has been in and out of jail for a decade since first being arrested in 2001 and is currently on bail under tight restrictions which include a 16-hour curfew.
  • "Boo wanted you to walk, huh? Im sure he led you right up this path too. This is his favorite place to play. Weve tried everything to keep him away from this creek, especially when its this cold outside, but we havent been successful, obviously.
  • "Summer, honey, what I wanted to tell you was that I know what Jody did, he did on his own. Why, shit. Well never exactly why he did that, stupid bastard." Terry shed a few more tears. "My god, I loved him, but none of us could reach him, make him stop. I couldnt, you couldnt, not even those kids couldnt! Motherfucking asshole."
  • Terry had only told her Jody was dead, which was the ultimate in shit, but it was one sentence, spoken as quickly as Terry could deliver the words. Rafes declarations went on and on, spilling all those details, things Summer had asked, but had she really wanted to know? Now that she thought about it, maybe not. Maybe a little ignorance was better than the entire flood of Jodys problems drowning her.
  • "Excuse me a moment, I think the Archioness wants to speak with me," Nellise said as soon as Ariel had finished, getting up off the floor and making her way over to speak with Celeste, whos white robe was stained with blood and ash, but her face showed she was resolute and in control of the situation.
  • "I'm sorry for your loss," Tara replied soberly, diverting her attention to the map in her hands. "This seems fairly straight forward," she mused after examining the plans for a moment. "Plunder, rape and pillage. It looks like they wanted to move in instead of destroying the town itself. Fair enough I suppose, must be hard living down there in the mountains all year 'round. It also says something here about another group supposed to come in from the north?"
  • They kept the horses going at a pretty good speed after that without tiring them out. They needed to open a gap between them and the town. As the sun got brighter, Legon felt himself getting hungry, but he ignored the feeling. One day without food wouldnt hurt him. They could only stop to let the horses drink, and even then it would have to be fast. There was a silence over them as they went. No one wanted to say anything. There was too much tension in the air and with every word came the chance of emotional upheaval from the previous day and night.
  • Dave shivered. He wanted to say something, but he couldnt think of anything that would sound right. He wasnt sure exactly what Jean meant, but he has a couple of scenarios running around inside his head, and none of them were pleasant. He reached up, found Jeans forearm, and gave it a squeeze. "I wont ask."
  • Flopped on the grass of the front lawn beside Ed, Jeremy watched black clouds floating by above. Distant rumbles announced the coming of a thunderstorm. Theyd have to go inside soon. Jeremy wanted to look a bit longer, though, and he moulded the clouds into shapes in his mind.
  • Johan drew his breath in sharply as the truth slapped him. He wanted to fight it, wanted to yell and scream, but he knew what the boy was saying was the truth. He had been blind to the damage he caused her over the years, but that same damage had made her a strong woman, indeed.
  • "Love to see you too." Love; and Sarah blushed. "Mark is on the phone, he wants to talk to you." He still smiled at her, as he turned to look at Sarah with her favorite smile, she knew he was already back to normal.
  • I also sought for rekindling the bond between myself and our crops and our fields. I wanted to learn again the ways our people made for survival. I left space for no one to say in any wise; that I returned home and behaved as a noble, while waiting to leave on my journey.
  • "You should be honored to go with me." He sounded hurt and confused. I wanted to laugh, but I stopped myself when I saw Mr. Garner glaring at me. I took a deep breath to compose myself.
  • Under the water she cried, not caring if he heard her. She loved Kell but sometimes he was the biggest bastard, a bigger pain in the ass than Dave Kedayis. That man drove Marthe round the bend, a whiny, childish, primping queen. She hated using those terms, but even Ash called him a flaming shithead. Kissing up to Kell, insisting he use the beach house, but not because Dave had wanted to get Marthes lover into bed. Dave wanted to be in with an author, wanted to say he knew Kell Vander Kellen, wanted to prance Kells name around like they were former lovers or at least old, close friends. wanted to insinuate himself between them, but not in order to bust them up like that prick Nate Green. All Dave Kedayis wanted to be was Kells best friend, then reveal every single detail of Marthe and Kells lives. Just a gossipy prick, but even Marthe wouldnt wish on Dave what had befallen him since finding his way onto Ward 5B.
  • "Dan, I almost didnt make an issue of it." She almost let him leave her with his issue, and she wanted to see his eyes, let him see hers, that she wasnt offended, not in the least.
  • Rordan concealed his frustration. He wanted to speak openly with his friends but Blai got in the way. "So what happened after I took off from dinner? Did you come here and wait all this time?"
  • "Aha! We finally got up to thiswithin youverse (Luke 17:20-21). Jesus wanted people to turn away from worry about money and the like, so making this turn from the outer life to this special inner life fits right in."
  • "Put a lid on it," I told him, "or Ill have to blast you or something." Of course, blasting folks was the last thing I wanted to start doing again. Id had quite enough of that with Iskendarian, thank you. Now that I was Byron again, more or less, I thought it was past time to try fixing things for a change.
  • "People are gathering over there." Dink pointed to a trio of soldiers standing nearby. Two of them were clothed in warm garments and boots meant for the snow. They looked quite comfortable with their swords and bows strapped to their sides and backs. They did not seem to be expecting any sort of fight. People just wanted heat. In between the two stood a man dressed in leather armor. His bald head and bulging arms were exposed to the cold, but he seemed to prefer this. An ax the size of Silas was strapped tightly to his back. He was not a man to fool with, Silas could tell. Slowly, Silas and Dink made their way with the crowd in front of the bald man who stood on a wooden platform towering above the rest. His arms were crossed and his look remained severe with eyebrows darting forward as he surveyed those standing in front of him. Silas heard one of the soldiers to Baldy's side say that the last of them were through for the afternoon. The mean, bald one didn't move.
  • The young man looked at him and said, "They cant see what I do. No one ever wants to see the kind of things they let happen. But you can, bungler. And youll see every detail as I perform my specialty on Glenys. Watch me crush her dreams into cruor for the bugbears?"
  • Mom had called and confessed that she was writing her will. And in a moment of weakness had asked if there was anything Cindy especially wanted. She hadn't been expecting everybody to be there for dinner, but it had struck her funny that Mom wanted Bill to come along. Mom hated Bill.
  • Abrafo said, "You want to talk zany, how about that Gretlah family? The mother wanted to talk your ear off. I bet she wants you to marry Lewinna."
  • There was a general shuffling of feet and clearing of throats before a cousin of Grimas stepped forward and launched into a story of their childhood. The cousin, whose name was Lanslow, had wanted to climb a tree and Grima had consented to go with him. Lanslow had known that this was out of character for Grima but had not questioned it. When they had reached the higher branches Grima stopped and made his way out on one of the limbs. A nest was there and on the nest sat a bird about the size of a chicken. It had bright red, green, and blue feathers in a crest on the back of its head. Neither Grima nor Lanslow had ever seen anything like it. Grima had agreed to climb the tree because the strange bird was there and he wanted to study it. He had no more interest in his cousins treetop game than the cousin had in the bird.
  • "But I still dont understand. When I came to work as your research assistant, you seemed to hate vampires so much. I helped you develop Formula V becausebecause of my parents. I wanted there to be a better way to defend against attacks. But if you knew Rakuen was still out there, and you yourself were really still partially vampiric, why would you do it?"
  • God, it was so weird. She wanted to break into a run and leave it far behindbut that wouldn't help, it was in her hand, after all. And what could be worse than being caught in the middle of the night with a gun? Caught running with one.
  • "Then why did he say 'her' dress?" Graice replied. "No, he was speaking to me but he was seeing someone else in his minda woman in a white dress standing before the walls of Abbelon. This means he's remembered something, a small fragment anyway, without my help, and now I have a clue about what to look for the next time I induce a dream for him. That needs to happen when we reach Lucidus." Sybille wanted to ask more but she saw Ignacio approaching with their breakfast.
  • "No. Jesus is peaceful in here. His disciples called himrabbi,’ which means teacher. So as a teacher, he was there to teach, not to hurt anyone. I think he wanted people to love each other and be kind to the animals. And it seems that a great many people in Palestine liked this message of peace and kindness."
  • She stood there with her mouth open. I don't blame her; my siblings and I treated our parents with nothing but respect, even when we were mad at them. Most of the time we just gave our parents the silent treatment when we wanted to let them know we didn't like what they were saying or doing, and while I was a pretty sarcastic person to everyone else, I did my best to bite my tongue around mom and dad. Never, in the history of our family, had anyone said anything rude to mom. She narrowed her eyes and looked at my neck.
  • The hansom cab crossed Tower Bridge and on the other side, Chance dismounted with his rug and paid the cabby. He was on the wrong side of the river, but he wanted to misdirect any possible pursuit. He watched the cab drive away and waited ten minutes before recrossing the bridge and turning right along the riverside on the north bank. It took him nearly an hour to reach the warehouse hed selected for his purpose. He took the creaking stairs to the third floor, then into a side room within a larger room where he deposited his burden and gratefully stretched out his back. The room was ten by ten, no windows and only one stout door. Behind so many walls, her cries would not be heard.
  • Caislyn grabbed her friend's arm and tugged her on, "It was a Water Fey Jax. They set a trap on the pier and you just happened to see through it. It means we aren't alone and someone wanted one of us, or maybe both of us to fall into the water."
  • Jack had the other water balloon cocked in his arm. The look of the amber dragon was enough to give him hesitation. He wanted to go to Asta to see if she was all right, but he didnt dare look away from the dragon.
  • His mother's rages never lasted long. In minutes, sometimes only seconds, and they were over. But it was the lack of any expression of remorse that hurt. Even a quiet "I'm sorry, Brad," would have dulled his pain. It was not like he wanted to be held or hugged. That didn't happen in his family. A ritual peck on the cheek at bedtime was all of the physical contact in the Burgess household.
  • "I agree. Persons can be cruel sometimes," said Belo. "Your mama was quite tall for a lady and as I recall her parents were big too, even if tey weren't your size. I'm sure you come from a long line of ancestors who were extra large and strong." In truth, Rafe's parents and grandparents were no larger than average lupuns, but Belo was being polite and it seemed like the right thing to say. "Tat's why you're te toughest guy in all of lupunmanity, not because of what any rumors say. Besides, I have an idea about why tey wanted us to go."
  • Under Milos jokes, though, he was worried. He realized he never told Peter about Isaacs demand, that he only wanted to be paid with the lives of Norton and Humphrey. And how could he bring himself to tell Peterwho stuttered with bloodlust for the Kingthat he had to step to the side and let the mad Irishman take the credit? All Milo could do was thank God that Isaac never said more than a couple words at a time. Because Milo needed all the time he could get to break the news to Peter.
  • She watched her brothers walk off with their ladies. Hubert and Filbert were shoving each other playfully, while Gwendolyn and Mandolyn were pretending that this behavior wasnt juvenile. All four of them appeared happy. Alix desperately wanted to be like them - wanted friends to talk to and laugh with. Nurse Hildegard loved her, but couldnt understand Alixs interest in science and history and art. Her mother…? Who ever knew what the queen felt? The princess sat alone on the grass, hugging volume Q to her chest and wondering what was so wrong with her? It was the thousandth time shed wondered that, but she still wasnt a finger-width closer to an answer.
  • Sam was droning on and on about how he couldnt believe that Holly just fell into his lap, that he convinced her and her friend to stay when they were ready to turn around and go home. In reality, the girls werent going anywhere; they wanted someone to fawn all over them, and shower them with a Sam-diculous amount of attention. He did everything to praise his persuasive abilities but pat himself on the back. Conspicuously missing from the conversation that day was any mention of hot sex. Sex was the basis of most of our conversations and I was starting to wonder what this relationship was all about. Could the loveless mans heart be awakening from an extended slumber? Was this girl so wonderful that Sam had fallen in love? Stay tuned for these and more answers on, As the Sam Spins.
  • I was curious myself and thought it wouldn't hurt to watch it from a discrete distance. We found a deserted alleyway and I pulled out my PDA and searched through the menu for the app that I wanted and activated it.
  • "Im fine," he said not wanting to be disturbed. As if in response to the unasked question, she said, "Im Nicole." She did not know what else to say, she wasnt in the habit of striking up conversations with strangers.
  • Her brown eyes were kind, absolution Kell ached to accept. He returned her small grin, hearing in her slow, easy tone leisure and relaxation. A party atmosphere, and his accidental attendance hadnt set her off. He wouldnt have wanted that, not on her thirty-second birthday or any other day. "Good." He took a bite of cake, then gave one to Marie. "Thats really good."
  • The matter of course was settled on those lines and Helena was duly credited with having wanted to go enormously, but with having done her utmost to efface herself for the sake of others. This was precisely the end she had in view all along, and now having had the dance, so to speak, forced on her, she was quite free to enjoy herself. She had produced precisely the impression she wanted on Archie and his mother, and though it was likely that Jessie with her long familiarity with such manoeuvres was not equally unenlightened, she knew by corresponding familiarity Jessie's loyalty. She gave a little butterfly kiss to Cousin Marion and a murmur of delighted thanks, and went to her sister to finish up this very complete little picture.
  • Jacob gave me an inquisitive look. He wanted to know what Dad was talking about. Even though Jacob was the one who was injured, his reflex was always towards me in the first instance. His own needs were put second.
  • I put my hand on her armher very real, incredibly warm arm. I didnt want to leave. If she couldnt go back with me then I wanted to stay here with her. It was too much for her to be taken from me againI just couldnt go through that loss for the third time. She looked down at my hand, put hers on top of mine, and smiled dejectedly at me.
  • Hell, maybe Daniel wasnt being exploitative so much as just doing what he had to do to make a living. How else could he take care of his rent and health care, not to mention save for retirement, on a freelancers income when nobody wanted to pay for content anymore?
  • "Youre our last chance Maeve." Raven softened his voice. "Marduk believes that you and he are a match made in heaven. Hes been alive for over a thousand years, thanks to the Annunaki powder, and wants a queen to keep him company for the next thousand years. You can get close to him. Closer than anybody on the Council of Light. He needs to be stopped."
  • I looked over my shoulder and sent Breandan a wobbly smile. The reason known only to the complicated workings of my heart, I wanted to reassure him that I was okay. Jaw working soundlessly, he walked close behind us and kept his eyes locked on Devlin's long fingers wrapped around mine.
  • Catriona came from a long line of witches, many with special talents. Hers would prove to be one of the rarest talents a witch could inherit, future sight. It had not been seen in their family line for more than five generations. She didn't just see glimpses or random predictions, if she focused on a particular person she could see their entire life and beyond flashed before her in waves of emotions, knowledge, and sometimes as clear as a movie playing in her head. When her great granddaughter, Vesta, was born she would use her gift despite the fact that she did not agree with meddling into the family line and looking to their own futures. Vesta had been sick from birth and they all just wanted to have a little piece of mind about whether the child would make it or not.
  • "An I loveim like hes me own," Rant said solemnly, "but yer a chieftains daughter, and sometimes ya got to put yer own personal wants an' desires aside an do whats fer da good a da Clan."
  • But Ravi Shankar wanted to soar; he thought beyond boundariesin a sense, embracing the Tagorean notion of nationalism, of striding confidently outside your shores with your culture as your talisman, and meeting other cultures on equal terms and embracing possibilities to create something new. He did not wish to keep Indian culture imprisoned in a cage; he wanted it use its wings; his music was not meant to be fossilized. And so he dipped into other forms, including the Japanese rokudan with Miyashita Susumu and Yamamoto Hozan, creating a new kind of music; he played the ragas in minor scale with Philip Glass.
  • "I doubt shell ever give him more than a passing glance. Some people think shes a tease, but I personally think she has a boyfriend that goes to a private school somewhere. Of course if thats true, its not serious enough for her to stop flirting and being flirted with. Thats very unfortunate for her admirer over there. Guessshe wants to keep her options open…" Krista finally offered her real assessment of the situation.
  • They had only started trying; did people get pregnant that easily? Rose was thirty-six, not a kid. Not in her twenties, not some youthful girl. Was she knocked up? She wanted to smile, wanted to giggle. Instead, all she felt was ill.
  • Unbelievable. He'd just made things worse. "Stop, stop," pleaded Spencer. He was confused. Everything should have been fine, but it wasn't, and he couldn't explain himself properly. Whatever happened, he mustn't let her leave like this. He had to make some kind of amends. He wanted to give her something, but there was nothing to give. He wanted to show her... what? Trust?
  • Syrill sighed. "Naunsthey don't look as much like us, do they?" He allowed his buck to a canter. "Blix has been trying to tell me for the last quarter league that he wants to run."
  • Allan wanted a computer that could surf the Internet and type up a document. I could surf the Internet on my cell phone and type a document on a typewriter. Any laptop in the store would have done the job.
  • Of course, the damage Shaa had already suffered through past injudicious use of conjuration was probably permanent; nevertheless, one must look forward, not behind, unless one wants to do nothing but fall over ones feet. And it was a near-certainty that Arznaak would reinstate the curse eventually. However, he might also - most probably did also - have other plans that needed prosecution first. So by the time Arznaak got around to the curse again many things could be different.
  • Sven Giegold, member of the European Parliament for Germany's Green Party, said he wanted the German tax authorities to "have a very critical look at this".
  • Omari wanted to explode, screaming at the woman for doing this to her, kidnapping her and allowing some insane man rape her and break her collarbone. But the woman was offering relief from her broken collarbone and maybe information if she played her cards right.
  • "That's the whole joke! You know. He wanted a tramp but she sent him a trap." He shook his head. "Get it?" He stared. "Thought he wanted a little shaft. You know." He motioned at his crotch. "Get it?"
  • Those Agents might have the place staked out, and they were the last people he wanted to meet again. Paul turned around, gazing distractedly across the throng of people towards the main entrance, trying to make a decision, when he saw something that made his heart miss a beat. Their slicked back grey hair and mirrored shades clearly visible above the heads of the crowded hallway, Paul saw three Agents enter the station, half a dozen uniformed gendarmes at their heels. Once inside the station, Paul saw them freeze for a moment, before all three heads swivelled slowly to look in his direction. The police spread out, covering each of the many exits, as one of the Agents detached himself, striding purposefully towards Paul.
  • Sorrow for him engulfed her. Tears burned her eyelids. The poor man. To have the only child he has ever sired in the hands of his worst enemy. She wanted to stroke his head to comfort him.
  • "Is that so? And what about the algors. You attacked them. Slaughtered them! Don't they have a right to send more sand giants? And what about the humans at Connel? I saw what you did there. And why? I know why. Oh, I know for damn sure why. Your queen wanted to get even with me. She knew that I used to live there. That's why thousands of humans died. She ordered the attack on my home for the same reason. When I go back, what am I going to find? Neighbors and friends dead. Buildings destroyed. Does that give me the right to kill all of you right now? Don't tempt me."
  • The bird said, "Colin, the power of the Evil Goblin is getting much too strong and he wants the book brought to him and his men to the Forgotten Forest. But take heart. You will win one day. In the end, you will come through to the last."
  • But then I looked at those eyes, now seeming one-hundred miles deep, and I believed him. Right there that second. The cynic in me melted away like the Oscar Wilde figure would in a fire at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. And I knew people must be wanting to murder him if he was really saying that they were. The train was sailing along again as if nothing had happened. I believed him completely, totally, however much I thought it strange that I did. I gave him the benefit of the doubt pending proof one way or another down the line, though I was almost sure any evidence would be the confirming kind. Any honest, sane, open-minded person has a very hard time disbelieving this man. I knew I was not talking with a crank as the distant blue-tinted lights moved and twinkled across the window behind him.
  • Rommus went and found a suitable pack and brought everything to the counter and paid for it. They said farewell to the happy shopkeeper and left the building. When they came out into the sunlight, their breath caught in their throats. A Mage stood against a wall across the street. He was facing them, but he did not pay them any particular attention. Rommus nudged Alana in the direction he wanted her to go and she obeyed.
  • Two hours before dawn, they began their careful and slow hike, climbing over endless patches of sharp rocks and bare mountain. Weapons drawn, Grigoryan, Simon the communications guy, and Franzuzhik marched a little ahead and a little farther west. Hunger gnawed again at Misha, reminding him of Soviet jail, but he swallowed the soured taste of emptiness down; more than he wanted to breathe, he wanted another cigarette, but under no circumstances were they to light up. Maybe it'd be visible to whoever had fired from the hill across. To appease his craving, Misha withdrew a small portion of tobacco from where he kept it in the torn corner of a paper bag, shreds hoarded from emptying out other cigarettes; he motioned to Vova, offered a pinch. The Russian shook his head, so Misha tucked the mixture into his lip, sucked the terrible and chemical-tasting substance through his teeth; at least the burning on his gums gave him something to concentrate on.
  • Adaras followers never made sacrifices, shunned drunkenness, magic, and violence, and sought to bring others into the light of their church. Jain did not understand what any of this had to do with pants or anything else she wanted to wear but she chose not to make an issue of it. Instead she enjoyed the meal and thanked the shepherd when he showed them to their room. The accommodations consisted of a bed with a straw stuffed mattress and . . . that was all.
  • "Oh, be my little baby," he says, "I wont hurt you." He drops his coveralls and opens the front of his trousers and shows her what he isnt going to hurt her with. He takes her hand and moves it in position to grip him. It is big! It will hurt, that is for sure; Fred isnt going to con her into believing the big, old thing isnt going to hurt. But she wants to try it. When Peter tried to get her to touch his; he sort of pulled her hand toward it and brought it out against her hand, but it was dark in the backroom of the store so Sandra couldnt see the size of itnot that she wanted to see the size of it thennow, she is thinking how fantastic if she had had a look at Peters so she can compare it to Old Freds which seems gigantic and is most likely much bigger than Peters.
  • Messick wants somehow to find a way to repeat all this three times so he is certain the jury gets it, without Crawley lodging his "asked-and-answered" objection.
  • The dread turned into a mild panic. He wanted to be back home. All the excitement and exposure to people he didnt understand brought on a sensation of helplessness. The panic subsided and the dread returned.
  • For a few moments Rose wanted to tell Lovie, but then refrained. He seemed upbeat, chipper almost. Her children knew, Gray knew. Perhaps that was all who needed to be aware.
  • I remember a debate between us. It was a very strange affair and it happened over two days, in front an audience of other spirits. It was related to Edward and Eadie and tolife plans; I very much wanted to get the basis of our discussion agreed. If I needed any confirmation of their relationship, I was given it in that debate, Sarah did stand in the shoes of Eadie. The debate itself was mostly about the purity of motive, which seems to be of the very greatest importance and explanations of cause and effect. It was as if there was a wager; the prize for that debate, if the spirit won, was that I should drop my project, on the other hand, if I won, I would receive the co-operation I needed.
  • Christmas 1492 was such a happy time for Edward; he was among those he loved. This spring was so very different, the need for touring estates was prompted by a "whistle blower", possibly even more than just John Corbett alone, a tissue of abuse was being revealed that ran all the way from tenants to Lady Margaret herself. Yet Edward didnt want to see it, this tour flicks in and out of consciousness leaving only a sense of wasting time. Yet if Edward had wanted to see, there was so much for him to learn, how feudal tenure worked, how the loyalty of those his family had ruled for centuries could still be rekindled, if only hed wanted to see.
  • "You…" Edgar faltered; the words he wanted to express were beyond his grasp. "You really have a gift, man. Dont you ever forget that."
  • It was bad; as a child others picked on him. As a youth, to get revenge, he wanted to be what his father had searched for and wanted to become, great. His father died from the attempt to steal a forbidden spell to use to find this book of magic. The cast attempt drove him to madness first to do dismal things that would prove to make him great.
  • By the time we arrived at the hideout, all I wanted to do was sit, but when we got there Robin Hood and I where both surrounded by Robins men and questions. It was hard to make out what everybody was saying. I knew they were confused though, b then a girls voice said broke through the others.
  • "Oh, well…" She said, forgetting about his fingers for the time being. What did she care if he made himself sick? "Uncle Francis also said that the both of you had not had much schooling, but you were smart and quick to learn..." Robert let out a short chuckle. He took a huge bite of the egg bread, shaking his head a little in amusement. Elizabeth stared for a second, then remembering her manners, continued, "…but Maureen told us that you and Jamie hated the rigors of the lessons; that all you wanted to do was learn about planting tobacco and that all Jamie wanted to do was ride horses."
  • "He'll pay by the end of the mid-summers collection term, or beor be…" Aggravated now at this farce, the king wanted the business before him to be finished. His voice was as hard as the marble walls around him. "…or he will be put to the block, and made an example of! This is my judgment, and it is final!"
  • Of course, his bad luck with investments lately was part of the reason why he was in such a fix, and the last thing he wanted was for Mom to rub it in his face. It reminded him of when she used to wash his mouth out with soap, humiliating him in front of the rest of the kids. He never thought about it without a poisonous surge of rage.
  • The only sparks that were flying that night were concentrated on our unfiltered mouths. Our views were anchored on the opposite sides of the spectrum, and the likelihood of compromise seemed bleak. She said she wanted to call her father to pick her up after I called her "frigid" at one chilly valley.
  • "Anytime. Just need to get out the food. Ill call Terry, see if hes coming. Ill tell you this, once I sit down, Im just getting up to pee." Summer wanted to watch the game, a pitchers duel that hadnt occurred last Wednesday when Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee met. Maybe that night they would perform as to what had been expected, predicted. But as Summer watched her family gather in the kitchen, John with Skyes hand in his, sometimes the unforeseen worked out better than anyone imagined.
  • "No, I'm not, Dad. I thought I'd go up on the mountain bird hunting until about noon and then I'll be back in case Charlie wants me to work in the afternoon.
  • "Maybe youre right, nevertheless, youll have your chance to make your arguments at trial," Matanda responded not wanting to indulge him.
  • Noah was trying to loosen up, she could tell that he wanted to relax, but he was having such a hard time. Omari tried to think of what she would be like if Noah had been the one so close to death. Last year he had been burned severely by an explosion in her house, and he had been injured to be certain, but nowhere near the kinds of wounds she had just lived through. Even so, seeing Noah in pain had been devastating to her, and she still blamed herself for not protecting him. Noah was a doctor, watching helplessly as someone he loved was hurt was so hard for him.
  • "Why the fuck not? He did! He went off all cocked, went right off the fucking edge of the world. He left them Autumn, LEFT THEM." Summer didnt shout, didnt scream, but her children squealed in peals of giggles. "He left them, that drunk sonovabitch. Just fucking ignored all we ever were to him. We never mattered to him Autumn, never. If I want to matter to someone, well pardon me. Excuse me for wanting some small piece of my life back. Ex-cuse the fuck out of me!"
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