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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • Cindy yelled at him; she wondered why he was attacking Amanda; she called 911. On her own brother. And it felt good. She enjoyed telling the police about his awful behavior toward his wife and kids. She told them that he'd been a bully all his life, always ready to beat down the slightest opposition. But they didn't want to go back to Rick's childhood. They wanted to know if he'd said anything. They wanted to know if he appeared intoxicated. They wanted to know if he had a gun.
  • Jorden didn't see the man at the bar that had taken an instant dislike to the aestri lover who had wanted to bring one of the horrible little things in with him.
  • Serenity couldnt respond. She stood frozen. Part of her wanted to turn and run, the other part of her wanted to fall to her knees and weep, but she stared, inert.
  • "He doesnt want me there. Its her, Marie, she just wants me to be her slave, to watch the children while she lounges around. Thats all she does, you know. She doesnt want me. She just wants a housekeeper. A permanent babysitter and a housekeeper. Im not going to go, why should I be punished this way. Im not ever going back to that place."
  • The rest of my day was pretty uninteresting. Jack had no apparent desire to confront me again, I wanted to go straight home to catch up on the classes I was behind on so I wasnt struggling for the rest of the school year, everyone was home on time for dinnerwhich was pleasantwe watched the same movie we always watched to inaugurate the new house every time we moved, and I went to my room to read until I was tired enough to fall asleep.
  • Krishan wanted to laugh at this young activist, but instead, he said- ''I read all about it in the newspapers. This country has provided refuge to the enemies of India. They broadcast interviews of Khalistani leaders. They provide them with money, arms, and logistics. They don't want to see peace established in the Indian subcontinent. I see an international conspiracy behind all this. And the youths like you fall prey to their vicious intentions."
  • "Are you okay?" Jackson let go of my hand, but didn't move away. I could smell his soap, woodsy and natural. The scar on his side wrapped around the front of his body. I wondered what in the world happened to have caused such an ugly scar. Warmth radiated from his bare skin, and I wanted to move closer. I wanted to run my hand along the mark.
  • Then I would have to think about what to wear. The problem every woman faces. Do I go with the high heels that make my legs look fantastic but are a pain to walk in? Or do I wear the flats? How low a neckline will I actually feel modest wearing in public? For some reason, an outfit that looks killer in the bathroom mirror suddenly feels skanky when other people are around. If I had to face a magical version of the U.N. I wanted to look my best. Nothing gives a girl confidence like knowing she looks good.
  • By his reckoning, corruption hadnt abated from any World Bank program. Most noticeable to him were the new Mercedes outside the government ministries when the World Bank checks came through. Corruption and poverty were healthy in east Africa and no poverty eradication white paper would change that. And yet, with his skepticism firmly in place, change was happening. Incomes were rising as was the Kampala skyline whether he wanted to acknowledge it or not.
  • "Dont complain; it could be worse. Lucky for you that Im not a saint," George said. "But thats another story. Now, Im going to let our bitchy leader tell you what she wants and then Ill say if you have to do it."
  • "I was trying to look for you, wanted to know if you needed a ride home. I couldnt find you, I even started driving to your house. I came here, thinking maybe youd be just crazy enough to stay after school at the start of winter break... before we change the subject too much, what the hell do you mean you can spontaneously produce fire?"
  • "The most wanted accused in the assassination of late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Shivrasan and Shuba have been exposed by the Special Investigation Team at Bangalore. Armed police have surrounded their place of hiding and it is expected that at any moment the police will enter the premises. ''
  • You like being on the water. You would happily row up and down the river, watching the countryside slip by. But the coach has seen too many movies about Roman slave ships. He only wants two things: your best effort, and a little more.
  • I tried to contain my excitement when I heard his decision. Although it was unexplainable, I desperately wanted to remain in this area. The surrounding forest calls out to my spirit
  • "This one, I think," Jack announces as they stop before room 606. The room is almost completely dark, and a strange sickly smell fills the air in the room. The emergency lights along the back wall are covered in an almost-fine dark mist that dances like lines of cigarette smoke. The cry comes even more loudly, like that of an upset child that is not getting the attention it wants or needs.
  • "Ill remember it all." He encircled her in his arms, wanting her warmth, and together they watched the last shafts of sun die in the dark waters below.
  • "Sure," said the boy and the ogre started stuffing his pockets. He wanted lots of money so they could buy many rabbits.
  • "I dont want you to go. I want you here where I can protect you from…" He had wanted to say something, but chose not to. Actually it seemed as if he had wanted to say someone, someone in particular, but he finished, "…people like him, but nothing can be done about that now." As much as I wanted to ask who he was worried about, I knew I couldnt. He obviously didnt want to talk about it.
  • Venir was brooding. He wanted to just walk away, grab a wench and go to bed. He could see the worried faces around him. Their expressions seemed to suggest that he might lose. It made him mad. Then he let out a loud sigh.
  • Faced with an unusual situation, the orcs didn't know what to do. Basic instincts took over. Fight or flee. So they fought or fled. The smaller orcs tried to flee. The bigger ones wanted to fight. At this point they didn't really mind who they were fighting, orcs or humans. Deer were fine too.
  • As the tracks began pulling off the road, Bolts began to feel his confidence returning. If the days mission was successful it would only be because his detour had worked. If they did succeed in finding a weapons cache it would attract a lot of attention at Headquarters. With the Colonel taking such a personal interest in their progress, it was the perfect time to distinguish himself. For the first time since his arrival, Bolts began to feel that volunteering for Vietnam had been the right thing to do after all. He began to try to think up ways of telling the Colonel about the detour when he called. He wanted to take full credit for the idea and put it in such a way as to impress him with his ingenuity but to be subtle at the same time, so that he would appear to be boasting. By the end of the day he could be well on his way to a promotion and a First Lieutenants silver bar. Then, with a bit of luck, he might yet be the first one in his R.O.T.C. class to make Captain.
  • Next morning, as early as I decently could, I called on Mr Dashwood. I had decided not to tell him yet that his lost property had been discovered, partly because the affair still smelt odd to me and I wanted to get to the bottom of it, and partly because I had not yet recovered all the stolen goods and wanted the old woman (if she was part of his household) to show herself.
  • She straightened up at the sound of his voice and brushed the dirt from her knees. "I wanted to see if the storm had left us anything," she said, smiling at him. "Besides, I have to do something. Im used to being very busy. Where were you all day?"
  • "Were taking you," the voice responded. "Someone wants to see you, if you cause any trouble we will shoot you."
  • Ants found their way up the boys' pants, biting their legs. The boys wanted to scream and jump to get them off, but they couldn't. They bit their tongues, desperate to keep still, for the slightest movement made the dry meadow grass noisy. The rustlings cannot be louder than a breath of a sleeping child. Any louder meant death, for the men by the fire would hear us.
  • Ken appeared to ponder while he did some fancy driving, then replied as if he were winging it in a story conference. "Suppose... suppose he isnt paying? Suppose he just wants the bills to make an audit trail? He spends two hundred K cash but he shows two mil in costs. Thats a nice tax loss."
  • It was almost a relief to be around strangers again. He'd been polite, but hadn't tried to fawn over me. My being asked out had changed my treatment from almost every girl at school. Half the student body, the more sensible portion it seemed, had all decided that I was some kind of massively stuck-up slut. The other half had decided they needed to be my new best friend if they wanted to get invited to any of the 'cool' parties ever again.
  • Bridget showed me to her den, where she wanted her new computer set up, and disappeared while I started unpacking the boxes. She returned a minute later with a rock glass full of whiskey and ice.
  • How many times had Diane told him death was but a release from the sufferings of life? At this moment he wanted to throw himself on the nearest fire and burn up with the casters he had failed to save. Burn as she had burned.
  • "Nobody wants me!" thought Rostov. "There is no one to help me or pity me. Yet I was once at home, strong, happy, and loved." He sighed and, doing so, groaned involuntarily.
  • Annie knew that he wanted to see which goat was for sale, so she pointed out the billy goat. She told him in her best English, "Five dollars."
  • "Aye." Graham could think of nothing else to say, or at least wanted to admit. But he knew that anyone who spent more than a day with him would see his true feelings.
  • Ryson spoke out first. "I just know what I learned from the sword when I was in Pinesway. He wanted to take over the town to turn it into some kind of breeding ground for his minions. The sword made it pretty clear to me though that if I put the scare into the goblins, Sazar would lose out. I honestly believe I did exactly what I had to in order to kill that plan. I dont think the goblins are going back to Pinesway anytime soon."
  • Hamilcar could see their scoffing looks as they trudged over the flat vistas and plateau hilled lands.They had no trouble traversing the arid plains.Hamilcar attempted to give the Zmarly a part of his mind, and argue with them about it.He yelled at them for an hour about how they were born into this heat and knew nothing else, but they either didnt care, or couldnt understand. Hutch had stared at him like a tired old dog just wanting to lie down in a river.
  • When deciding a name for the award, Academy founder Syd Cassyd originally suggested "Ike", the nickname for the television iconoscope tube. However, "Ike" was also the popular nickname of World War II hero and future U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and therefore Academy members wanted something more unique. Finally, television engineer and the third academy president, Harry Lubcke, suggested the name "Immy", a term commonly used for the image orthicon tube used in the early cameras. After "Immy" was chosen, it was later feminized to Emmy to match their female statuette.
  • Its clear to Sarah that Gwen wants to talk about this in detail. More than that, Sarah feels Gwen needs to talk about it, and wonders whether she ever had with anyone else. When Gwen didnt continue immediately, Sarah took the lead.
  • "The only problem is that everyone else did their schedules in June and they got the pick of the classes. I'll have to take what no one else wanted.
  • " Three goons are dead. Transmission system is destroyed after passing on the information I wanted to pass. There is no way how Thyagrajan can confirm the news until he comes to know what happened at Dhanushpalayam. And the fact is they accepted the message of our death only because they were anticipating the same message. For now we are dead for your bloody organisation and now there is no reason why Janaki should remain in your custody. Ask him to release her and he will be too happy to do so..."
  • "Sarah, you didn't know…. No one knew…. You did, you said, what you thought was right…. You wanted only the best for Greg, I know that, and so did he, I'm sure.... You didn't kill him.... He died, apparently like a lot of others, from a really crazy situation. He died from a drug that was supposed to save his life. That's what you thought you were doingsaving his life, not taking it...."
  • The Nazis arrest Grandpa as he waits, at the train station, on his way to work. He sees them coming and attempts to move into the crowd, to use it as camouflage, but the crowd sees what he is doing and quickly disperses not wanting to do anything to make this day their last day of freedom; if you call these days in Germany freedom; it is more like one big prison waiting to collapse around its once proud ears.
  • Of course, the damage Shaa had already suffered through past injudicious use of conjuration was probably permanent; nevertheless, one must look forward, not behind, unless one wants to do nothing but fall over ones feet. And it was a near-certainty that Arznaak would reinstate the curse eventually. However, he might also - most probably did also - have other plans that needed prosecution first. So by the time Arznaak got around to the curse again many things could be different.
  • As usual, the Princess of Many Names rode in front while the guys followed in a little group. Today, they trailed even farther behind since they wanted to talk among themselves. Everyone had questions, and George, a Fae creature himself, provided as many answers as he could.
  • "So it doesnt matter to anyone that I never wanted to be..." she muttered, trying to fight her tears, "a vampire."
  • Monday morning I find an e-mail message waiting for me. I click on it, certain itll say thanks for the inquiry, well be reviewing applications shortly. But instead the e-mail is from a woman named Kayla whos very interested in meeting me and wants to know if I have plans to visit the West Coast over the next couple weeks. I hit reply and tell her Ill be there next week.
  • "Schmuck," she said. "I could have killed you any time, if I'd wanted to. I know nine ways to kill you with one blow." Then she was off and rolling around, finally going down the slope and ending up with her face in shallow water among some arrowhead plants.
  • Anna's mouth opened. She looked at the little tube with its pull ring. This was a fuse igniter that had already been activated. It was connected by safety cord to the detonation cord in the rough center of the ceiling. There the cord splintered off to the explosives that had been strategically placed in the ceiling by Sebastien. The holes could hold explosives of some kind. She had no idea what a salt mine would use to break great chunks of salt from the earth. Aurore hadn't been making light when she said she wanted to collapse the room and leave no evidence. When the roof went, the salt would bury this place, and everything in the room at the time would be buried.
  • My feet stopped obeying me. I wanted them to rise and swing and plant but they refused. I just stood there, sleet slapping at my cheeks, until there was nothing else to be done but sit down and make myself comfortable.
  • In the pause which followed I reckoned furiously. I cant remember being scared, though I should have been. He was better armed, taller and stronger, stronger beyond measure; if we went on like this I must surely lose. You could see him recover confidence for the second time. I wanted to bring this folly to an end. The man looked out of his senses. I wanted to cry out,
  • Pacian was holding the battered young woman with both arms as she cried, clutching at the holy symbol of the Church of Aielund, the halo-ringed sword of Kylaris, in amongst the torn robes on the floor. She looked at Aiden and suddenly held her breath, thunderstruck at his apparent return from the dead, but said nothing. He wanted nothing more than to get them all out of here safely and never return, but there was only one way they were going to make it out alivethe only way out, was through.
  • The gnomes dragged her to the forest's edge and bound her to a tree, the ropes cutting into her skin. She sagged in her bonds, wondering what was in store for her next. The situation made no sense. She had done nothing to earn the wrath of the strange, handsome man, yet he wanted her dead.
  • "A pity," Astas throaty voice followed him and he knew that she was morphing her shape into the human one. He wanted to turn and look to see if she had conjured the clothes with it, but he didnt think he would get very far if she hadnt. Mirie had told him something about Mirmirs. They were born human. When they matured they became able to take on several shapes. As they grew older, the stronger ones were able to maintain several shapes. Most could only maintain their human form and one animal shape.
  • "No, hes not." Maureen said, sniffling. She took a deep breath and her voice deepened with sadness as she continued, "But Im losing hope and I think he is too. He and his solicitor have just spoken to me and Phillip; and now he wants to see you two."
  • The retreating shape paused, only to dart deeper into the gloom. Cresting the slope it winked out of sight. I ran after it. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. Skidding to a stop at the slope summit, I let out a surprised grunt. I could see down and far out into the forest. There was nobody down there, nothing but more trees. Fear whispered in my ear, no humans are supposed to be Outside, but I shook it off. Such a thing was surely nothing but my imagination. No demon would be this close to Temple. It would be like a human who wanted to live a long life doing a jig with their eyes closed on the edge of a cliff.
  • Halfway there it hit me. I should just turn on the store lights but leave the doors locked. I would watch for customers, and unlock one of the doors when they arrived. That way nobody got in unless I wanted them to. I would have to leave it unlocked while customers were inside, but I figured robbers didnt want to come in when there were people in here, anyway. It all made sense.
  • Ash had only been dead a few hours, but would have appreciated Marthes sense of continuation. Until he could no longer reason, Ash hadnt wanted that one guest to appear. That Christ had also stood in Ashs room made Marthe smile. For years shed been telling Ash that Jesus would come for him and damnit if she hadnt been correct!
  • My mind ran round and round like a cornered animal. I was driven back, back in my mind, into my forgotten childhood when people wanted to kill me then. When we were on the run, when Papa was killed, this is what it felt like now.
  • "Here, take one of mine," the man said, taking a small white plastic card out of his shirt pocket and handing it to Blake. "It should get you the bare necessities, which is the idea. I don't make too many of those because everyone wants the rainbow card or the royal blue card, which gets you access to all the primo consumer items, but there's nothing wrong with the white card, or the starving artists' card, as it's sometimes called. It can get you what you need. Just don't use that one for more than a week, or they'll catch up to you."
  • He started the car and then thought to himself, "Just as well. I wanted her awake when we take it to the next level."
  • Sophia went back to the door, opened it and looked outside again. There was still no one around. She went back in her room. This was ridiculous: if someone wanted to warn her that Mr. Wayne was in danger, then why couldn't they tell her in person, instead of leaving a note? And why tell her, why not Mr. Wayne himself? On the other hand, if it was merely a practical joke, should she be a good sport as someone would say in English, a language still very much a mystery to her, should she be a good sport and just go along with it? Sophia wished her mother were around. She would know what to do having handled tougher situations than this, like the scandal of having two children out of wedlock, then bringing them safely through the war. Or Carlo or Cary, they would probably know what to do too, but they weren't available either. So should she go back to sleep and forget this incident, or put on the disguise, locate Abdullah's and try to find out what was going on?
  • Her hand patted mine gently. "I wanted to reassure you, send you the feelings I thought you should be feeling, but I didnt want to intrude. It seems I can only change your moods when you wish for me to. Ive already tried to steer you in other directions during our conversation, but you deflected all of them."
  • The crowd of students had drifted to the sides of the hall, like worshipers making way for a pair of pagan gods. Even so, there still wasn't quite room for them to walk side by side. The girl was leading. Her dark, wavy hair and perfect skin would've made her pretty in any crowd, but she also had perfectly symmetrical features and one of those bodies that required hours each day in the gym to maintain. I wanted to hate her. It didn't make any sense, she could hardly be blamed for taking care of herself, but it just didn't seem fair. Simply by being in the same town as us, she automatically made every other girl in school feel like bloated, heifers. Surely she was somehow cheating to be doing so well in the subtle, nasty game in which every high school girl ranked herself against every other female.
  • David and Bruce recovered enough to play their normal pre-life games, finishing the half scoring 12 and 10 points, respectively, but the team was down 45-30. Usually, a walk into the locker after the first 16 minutes of a high school game would be fairly routine, but it never was during the Lewis-Meyer Show. Girls came up and wanted to pose for pictures and have their boobs signed with markers, while local kids yearned for autographs and had $20 bills at the ready to pay for such an in-demand item.
  • I almost choked on my food. If only she knew how ridiculous that question was. If only she knew that she should be asking about my normality... and suddenly I wanted to tell her everything, about Faerie and the Justices and how they had come for me while I was dancing in the fields. I wanted to tell her how strange the house, the world, is to me, and how much I hated it at first. How much I still sometimes hate it. I wanted to tell her all this, and I almost did. The only thing that stopped me was the knowledge that shed find me silly - until she saw how serious I was, and then shed be scared.
  • Philomene listened to this story and knew it was the story shared by many in that country, the actors varied but the narrative was essentially the same and always ended in violence. Not knowing what else to say and not wanting to have to recount their own circumstances, she shifted the subject to the present. "We dont have much with us, we also left in a hurry, we have some water we can share." She produced a plastic water bottle which she handed to Rose unsolicited and Rose thanked her.
  • I wanted to go. If Brianna fucked like she kissed shed be average in bed, and that was a hell of a lot better than sitting at home trying to decide if I should masturbate to classycougars.com or hotwetteens.com. At the very least it would be a great story to tell people. Not that theyd believe it.
  • "All right," the maid squeaked. After finishing the clean-up, and dragging the piece of furniture up the stairs, she left and the scholar was free to get back to work in peace. He wanted to use the bed to comfortably get into a trance and he pushed it to where he wanted it.
  • Wringing a kerchief between her hands this morning before the tavern, the hostess, saddened and worried, wants to accompany the soldiers at least part of the way from London on their eighty-mile journey to join the still-amassing English forces.
  • The Wyvern doctor said the vis-vit was wanting -- he had lived quite too low, and had not stamina, and so sank like a child.
  • Mr. Cohen would often look at me when we were approaching lunchtime. He probably wanted to get out of that stuffy classroom as much as the rest of us, so he would give us an incentive to finish our work in a timely fashion. He was not one for details, so we were all usually on the playground a good ten minutes before any other class. This gave us plenty of time to run our own hoop game before it got too crowded.
  • She shook her head. She needed to adjust her thinking. No general ever won a victory by pitting his weaknesses against the enemy's strengths. It had to be the other way around. What were her strengths? Since she would soon be labeled a criminal, she supposed there was no need to be constrained by the law. She found that thought unsettling, but it inspired creativity. Criminals did all sorts of unorthodox things to get what they wanted from each other. What could she do? Use force? Steal? Blackmail?
  • "You've always told me that I'm exceptional, Madrre. More than anything else, I'm a person of your own creation." Graice knew that Sybille wanted to say more about the impulsiveness of young people and the value of experience, but Ignacio returned at that moment with the leather bag the Sistre had requested. Graice took the bag but said to Ignacio, "Please give us some privacy. Madrre Sybille and I haven't finished our conversation."
  • Yet, as Roy got closer to her and she started to feel the heat from his face and even his lips, Aradia began to wonder if what he wanted would really be wrong at all. She leaned a fraction of an inch toward him.
  • Strangely, it seemed to him, the Ricallyn kept their distance, moving with him as he walked cautiously toward the door. Once he was out of the dark chamber he wanted to make a run for the main doors, but till then he moved very slowly. Breathing, rustling fabric, and the fall of footsteps were the only noises he heard, but they were magnified in his hearing to echo through the room.
  • Between rounds, things got even nastier. The groups had to lose one member of their tag-teams. Team members held up signs to say who should go. The rational, fair thing would be to get rid of the people who answered incorrectly or too slowly. The points for correct answers translated into the jackpot that the winner finally received, so you wanted a strong team. But this was where human bias and greed stepped in. Where you saw the alliances and the back-stabbing.
  • He tried to take a last look at her through the tears. He wanted to reach out and stroke that smooth olive cheek. What will I do? he thought. God knows. Try to find some honorable way to die.
  • He turned and left the room. Her thoughts suddenly turned to Lotus, and she panicked at the thought that her paramedic friend might not have kept his promise. Lotus would have a good prognosis if she received oxygen and fluids support, but how would she know that she was actually taken to the veterinary emergency clinic? She wished that shed had a moment to ask him about whether any of her family members had been contacted. Not that any of them would probably show up. Her Mother and Father lived in Southern California, and didnt particularly care for their feathered daughter. They had a strange, damaged relationship, and she wasnt particularly sure she wanted to see any of them anyway. She loved her Grandparents, but they were hippies, and they lived in a cabin up in northern California. They finally had running water and electricity, but still no telephone. If she wanted to reach them, she would have to send them a letter, the old fashioned way.
  • "No!" he interrupted. "Dont say it!" Agitated, he pushed himself away from the door and took a few steps forward but he didnt know what he wanted to do or where he was going and he stopped and glanced back at the door. Now he felt like a person trapped. He glared at her. "I swear to God I dont know how you have the nerve to stand before me like this!" he said angrily. "Are you insane? I know it isnt stupidityDid you imagine I would be rational in my response? Be able to control myself?" He started walking towards her, slowly and deliberately. "From the moment you arrived, you set yourself against me, Teleri! The only good days Ive had at Rhuddlan are the ones Ive managed to escape seeing your disapproving, arrogant face. And now this! Am I supposed to just take it?"
  • Part of me wanted to offer to help, yet part of me wanted to keep my shameful secret hidden from the pack. The two desires battled against each other in my mind. "Does Jacob need us there?"
  • "The Necromancer serves one that only wants to cause hurt and pain. A force that will never have its appetite for misery satiated. To the Necromancer, this is an homage to He Whom Is Served. It is a prayer. It is a tithe. Simply put, Morion... it is his form of worship."
  • "Anyway," Sy continued, "what we have so far is that Sazar probably ventured out to the Lacobian and met up with Tabris. He might have been looking for any magic-caster or he might have been searching for her in particular. We cant be sure of which. Sazar met Tabris who is a very powerful sorceress in her own right. Something happened which led to Tabris making a decision to turn from being a neutral practicing magic-caster to being an ally of a serp we know we cant trust and we know wants to cause some serious trouble. At this point, we really dont know why he joined with the sorceress or what they might be up to at this very moment. Thats how I understand the situation. Am I missing anything?"
  • "What makes you think he doesnt already?" Stans said. "Its just too simple. You said it yourself. Hes got to know O'Rourke's M.O.S. and the rank for the radio slot. He knows the line platoons are short of N.C.O.’s too, I heard him talking about it with Hernandez the other day. He could add it all up if he wanted to. Hes not that stupid. He just wants to keep O'Rourke on is all. And maybe hes right, O'Rourke is pretty good on the radios and hes got more experience. I dont blame the Captain for choosing O'Rourke and I dont blame O'Rourke for trying to stay on, I just mind the way they went about it."
  • Mrs. DeLyon smiled and got into her car. Ranger looked up at her window as if he wanted to lean on her door, but he didn't. Mrs. DeLyon said, "Don't be a stranger," and started her engine.
  • A brief meditation calmed her mind, and she considered seeking him out. Part of her wanted to avoid him, but she needed to make amends, knowing she would have no peace until she did. She found him at the bow of the ship, glowering out to sea and leaning heavily on the rail. Catrin read his posture: he wanted to be alone, but she decided not to honor his unspoken request for privacy. She approached him and placed her hand on his shoulder.
  • Seeing Kharusamazed expression, Steve grinned. "I thought this was part of the reason why you wanted my help. Fire and heat dont really faze me too much."
  • Afterwards, I heard Sheila on the phone with her mom, ridiculing the way I acted in court the other day. I could barely contain myself. I wanted to burst in through the door, give her a piece of my mind, but I stayed hunkered down in the weeds.
  • "There's no law in the light or shadow that says a woman must void a child she wants, even if she was raped," said Kavio. "Or are you telling me that someone hated the baby so much it might have been a motive for the hex?"
  • "We'll stop here for the night," he announced, turning towards Cracov, who was, as usual, not six paces away from him. The man certainly takes his duties seriously, thought Murdoch as he walked towards an attractive looking copse of trees some twenty yards from the riverbank. He knew what drove the man; Cracov wanted a fair share of the booty after the fight and that included one of the women for his very own. He was certainly not the best looking of his followers; in fact Murdoch could only describe him as a brute, a man whose coarse face never broke into a smile. Certainly none of the women that they hoped to capture would opt for him if given any choice in the matter.
  • In my insanity, I had forgotten that her cell phone is equipped with the latest in GPS technology. I could track Embers physical location just by touching the app on my own phone. My cell phone was still in the console where I tossed it. The GPS lit up and I realized she was still at school. I could barely see the indicator because my vision was still colored bloody red. I followed the signal and it led me right back to her locker. Her cell phone was tucked inside the outer pocket of her backpack. It still displayed my unread text message. I wanted to shriek from the revelation as I stood immobile, but my mouth refused to cooperate with my mind. The text message indicator flashed on her cell phonea glaring reminder. The hideous reality of this situation swept through my body in sickening waves of relentless horror.
  • He left before Rose could say anything else, holding his speed down the hallway to just below a run. When he got to his office, he shut the door and sat down, his head in his hands. What the hell was I thinking, he asked himself. Sure, it was a shock to see Bruce right there, and sure I wanted him out of there as soon as possible, but seriously. He gave me six weeks, and Ive given myself one. What an idiot.
  • Serenity struggled to think of him as anything more than a friend. James was a good man, and she was an idiot for overlooking him. He could have been the happy ending Sebastian wanted for her, but it was impossible for her to imagine him as anything else. She knew he wanted moresaw it in the awkward way he held a door open for her or accidently brushed her handyet with him she felt guilty. Guilty for tricking him and what shed put him through. The emotion also came from her being with another man when there was only one person she wanted.
  • Not wanting to jinx whatever Officer Johnson was about to tell me, I stayed quiet. He was so excited he made a game show noise and announced, "Thank you for playing but too slow, yes he drives a gray Chrysler 300. Things were starting to add up, so we had a search warrant issued for his residence. Where do you suppose his residence is?"
  • After I rode by her house a few times with no luck, I saw Robin looking at me from her window. She waived at me to come so she could talk to me, so I dropped my book on the grass near the sidewalk and ran toward the window. I walked into the dirt of the planting bed and she said, "My mother wants me to play with girls. I replied, "Why?" She countered, "I'm not sure but I can't play with you anymore."
  • "I trust Blair Tinsley like he is my brother. While I might have been busy lately, Im not deaf, dumb and blind. Im going to be out of the office the next few weeks but I wanted to call to offer you the job of VP of whatever title you like. If its technology, thats fine. If you decide on something else, thats great, too. How does that sound to you?"
  • Crandall held up his hand and said: "I just wanted to see if I could take you over the hurdles a bit, Connell. You've got that flary Irish temper and I always enjoy seeing a man lose control of himself. I'll tell you approximately what Mrs. Wendel thinks is fair. Understand, this is tentative; it will bear discussion."
  • Kara kicked his shin gently saying "Go track her down then! Youre the best there is and she is probably lost if she hasnt come back yet. This isnt the city, Brother, there are animals out here capable of making a snack out of someone like her. Ill be fine." His sister wanted him to go.
  • Finally, Max whispered, "At this point Ive been trying to take it as slow as possible, not wanting to smother you. I would move a mountain one bucket of dirt at a time if you asked me to." He took a deep breath. "The day I decided to give you some room and let you deal with the Seth situation was one of the hardest days of my life. I couldnt get you outta my head, and I couldnt stand to see you with Seth. I knew if I didnt give you space, I would be this enormously jealous guy who you would end up hating. So I took the easy way out - I left. But what you dont realize is from that very first moment, I knew you were the reason for me to breathe." His amazing green eyes never dropped my gaze, and he took both my hands in his. "I dont want to take you back to the city, I want you to stay here with me. At least for a little while." Max, without even a trace of apology in his voice, led me to his bedroom.
  • Rordan concealed his frustration. He wanted to speak openly with his friends but Blai got in the way. "So what happened after I took off from dinner? Did you come here and wait all this time?"
  • "This woman," she snapped back. "‘This womanis your wife. And Im so sorry that you see my wanting to save your damn life is foolishness! Do you not know how much I care for you? I went out on a limb to save you and this is how you repay me. I have a question for you, Mr. Boss man."
  • Myron wanted to say more but his voice choked up. All he could do was squeeze Izak's hands before crawling out from under the hedge and hurrying away. He was almost home when he heard a dog barking and the awful sound of a Yuzoi weapon firing.
  • Farn found a hopper colony, which provided him with a snack. Dabbling his hands in the snowcold stream, he asked over-casually, ‘It hasnt been difficult to find Seela. Do you think this journey the Lady wants us to make will be much more difficult? Or dangerous?’
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