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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • Rock and the Sons of Thunder loved what they wanted him to be. They would have insisted on going with him. So I can believe he said something like, "My soul's very sad. Stay and watch with me." He might very well have fallen on his face and prayed loudly enough for them to hear, "Maker, all things are possible for you. Let this pass. Still, don't let it be as I want, but as you do."
  • Like he was just now coming up with the idea. Which I doubted. But should I see him again, try to get to the bottom of all this? Or was I making excuses because I wanted to meet again and never mind why? I temporized with the need to check my calendar and told him Id phone him back.
  • This is such an important point for later testimony that Campbell wants to see how many times he can get Fowler to explain it. "Im beginning to get the picture, Dr. Fowler. Someone with more antibodies, inherited from their parents or created as a result of exposure to a lot of different illnesses, will stand a better chance of having one of their existing antibodies be enough of a match to deal with a new foreign substance."
  • David says to Todd, "Well, while the twisted sisters plot their attack, did you get what you wanted from his cell phone?"
  • I let out a frustrated gurgle and kicked the brick as hard as I could with my boot. Never in a million years did I dream my first day could go this badly. I wanted to go home, and it wasn't even noon yet.
  • "Dylan doesnt know the reason. He says Rhirid doesnt know it. They only know the earl hates Lord William as much as they do and he wants to destroy Rhuddlan and Lord William in it." Goewyn looked at the other woman anxiously. "Does this ease your mind a little with regard to Rhirid?"
  • The party which ventured out into the swirling weather in the forest behind Rhuddlan was largely silent and brooding, following the lead of its two primary members. Longsword could not erase the image of Chesters burning eyes from his mind; hed known immediately that Gwalaes hadnt exaggerated when shed said she feared the earl and wanted protection from him: there was something between the two of them, and he wondered what it was.
  • The snow tasted good, and the instant the first crystals melted on her tongue, she realized she did not know how long it had been since she had had a drink. She ate it all, leaving a thin layer of ice across his hands. She wanted more, needed more, but she would not lick it from his hands.
  • I'd only heard that kind of blatant willingness to kill once before, and just like with Jasmin, I was absolutely convinced Cassie was serious. I wanted to get up, to do something other than just lie shaking on the rocks, but my mind was like an appliance with stripped gears. It was spinning but not grabbing onto anything, so nothing was happening.
  • I ran towards the exit, terrified of the influence the demon had on me and wanting nothing more than to get away from it. I only made it a few steps into the hallway, though, before the demon noticed I was getting away and tightened its grip again. I fell to my knees and started sobbing. I couldn't get away. It put images in my head, showing me that I could run all my life and I would constantly feel that desire for power the demon had planted in my heart. It would eventually dominate my every thought and drive me mad.
  • "This wont be set aside," Schaeuble said yesterday. "If you wanted to set it aside, you have to know that as quickly as the capacity of the ESM would be used up through a direct recapitalization of all banks in Europe without further conditions -- the spring snow in the Pyrenees or the Alps melts that quickly."
  • "Yes, but not everyone agreed with these criteria. The Red Cross didnt for example. They were concerned that these criteria were too limited and would not catch all the blood tainted with HIV; so they wanted something less specific. Plus, there was no proof that the proteins the FDA had chosen were the best ones to represent HIV. So the Red Cross came up with their own criteria, which was one protein from each of the three genesone gag, one pol, and one envbut without specifying which particular protein in each group. This meant that more people would test Positive, and they could be assured that their blood supply was clean."
  • "About time you woke up," Pacian chastised him as soon as he came within sight. "I could really use a hand here. Our merchant friend wants to leave as soon as possible, so he roused me out of a nice warm bed to carry heavy objects in the rain." Aiden peered inside and did a quick count of the ingots.
  • Benjin, Chase, Osbourne, and Strom moved to her side, overjoyed. They speculated on how long the fountain would last. Catrin was physically drained, mentally exhausted, and wanted nothing more than sleep. The carved fish still in the palm of her hand looked terrible; it was chalky to the touch, and its surface was again dull.
  • So Scott makes an appointment with someone whos recommended to us as being good with first time homebuyers, and we go in with our pay stubs and social security cards. The loan officer beams, so happy to meet us. She must see a hundred people a week, yet she treats us like were her only clients. Come to think of it, she treats us better than my doctor does. Shes just so incredibly excited for us, she says, and wants to do everything in her power to make it all work out.
  • I wedged the book back onto the shelf. I couldn't reach the upper shelves, but there was no ladder in the room, and I wondered how anyone got to them. I wanted to stay longer to see if I could find a book written in English, but I was afraid that if I stayed too long, someone would find me up there and I would be in some serious trouble.
  • "If you knew my mother…" Anna said after a pause. Does she mean Gabriel? Or the one who wants to judge her? Or are they one and the same? But there was something she wanted to know more than the other... "I'd like to hear about her?"
  • "No, but I dont know what theyre up to. Its platoons of the main army, so its not the Senashows doing. But if youre on a wanted list youd still better avoid the area."
  • Strangers? Sixpence a great charge? But the servant wants to continue this odd talk with his master at home, over the midday meal. "I pray you, sir: ask as you sit at dinner! I from my mistress come to you in post; if I return alone I shall be post indeed, for she will score your fault upon my pate!"—add to the tally on his scalp. "Methinks your maw,"—hunger, "should be your clock like mine, and strike you home without a messenger!"
  • Upon Burundis independence, a constitutional monarchy was established and both Hutus and Tutsis were represented in parliament. When King Mwambutsa appointed a Tutsi prime minister, the Hutus, who were the majority in parliament, felt cheated. An ensuing attempted coup by the Hutu-dominated police was ruthlessly suppressed by the Army, then led by a Tutsi officer, Captain Michel Micombero. When the next Hutu Prime Minister, Pierre Ngendandumwe, was assassinated in 1965, Hutus engaged in a series of attacks on Tutsi, which the government repressed ruthlessly, fearing the killings of Tutsis by Hutus, who wanted to follow the "Model Rwanda". The Burundi police and military were now brought under the control of the Tutsi.
  • I wanted to scream at her that it was an accident; that I had no idea what all the crazy stuff happening around me meant, nor did I want to. I wanted to rewind a day, back to when things were simple. When my life made sense and boys spoke and acted normally. Where Clerics were the good guys who protected us from demons and my teachers were not heartless murderers.
  • That was the final word needed. I agreed to do it and told Sawyer how I wanted him to act when she came back. He agreed with a curious smirk on his face.
  • "Youre our last chance Maeve." Raven softened his voice. "Marduk believes that you and he are a match made in heaven. Hes been alive for over a thousand years, thanks to the Annunaki powder, and wants a queen to keep him company for the next thousand years. You can get close to him. Closer than anybody on the Council of Light. He needs to be stopped."
  • She then reached for the girl and with her own hand, poured a generous amount of water over the girls head, soaking her hair fully. She soaped it up, washed it and rinsed itall the while Tressa was squirming and hollering. Annie knew she had to work quickly with the child, if she wanted to get anything done. She then removed the towel from her own head and dried the girls hair.
  • From now on, the people of Austin were not only taxed progressively, they were even fined progressively. If a millionaire and a man making minimum wage got the same traffic ticket, they no longer paid the same $250, which is inherently unfair. Instead, they both paid one weeks income, $250 for the poorer man and $40,000 for the millionaire. Justice was served. Activists across the nation took note, and the same proposal spread quickly to small towns as far away as Alaska and Maine. Even Sarah Palins hometown of Wasilla considered it, and passed the law. The former governor learned to drive more cautiously, not wanting to lose the wealth she made fleecing anti-intellectuals.
  • "Whatwhat are you talking about? Why on earth would you think we dont want you here? Youre really cool and everyone likes you. I was just going to ask you if there was a group you wanted to stick with. Ive noticed that you switch almost every day between the two styles, and youre really good at both of them, but we dont have enough money to get both kinds of costumes for you for our winter performance. I just wanted to see what group you wanted to perform with."
  • "Well, down they came to the west country, there was no shaking them off, and there they have lived rent free on my best land ever since. There was no rest for me, no peace, no forgetfulness; turn where I would, there was his cunning, grinning face at my elbow. It grew worse as Alice grew up, for he soon saw I was more afraid of her knowing my past than of the police. Whatever he wanted he must have, and whatever it was I gave him without question, land, money, houses, until at last he asked a thing which I could not give. He asked for Alice.
  • Gordon brought his attention back to his drink, which was empty. He was out of smokes, he wanted to slip off to the john without Allen in tow.
  • Her mood shifted to anger. "That's bullshit. Roger Truman got a medal he didn't deserve and put on this act about being a modest war hero. The man's a fraud. He wanted to go to Congress where we need stand-up men to back the President. I helped save the country from having a bleeding heart loser occupy that congressional seat, and I'm proud of it."
  • In New York he pored over the papers and the magazines, hoping to catch a glimpse of her in print. No such luck. The nursing organization had also lost track of her and had no record of her past. What had her friend said? Shed assumed her mothers maiden name to hide her titled identity: shed wanted to be known simply as April, not as Lady Bethune. The trouble was there was also no trace of Bethune anywhere. Not in Boston or New York. He thought of writing to her family in London but where would they send a reply that would take close to three months if, in the unlikely event, they were inclined to release private information? Again a dead end.
  • "I dont really know." Maeve had been wondering the same thing. "At first he presented himself as a jewel merchant who wanted to buy an old antique necklace of mine. After I refused to sell it to him he asked me out on a date. After I turned him down, he showed up at this show I was at tonight and propositioned me. I refused. I guess he followed me home and broke in when I was in the bath. He seemed really interested in my family for some reason. I really thought he was going to hurt me." Maeve could feel tears starting to well up in her eyes. "If you guys hadnt shown up when you did, I dont know what would have happened."
  • Despite his obvious underestimation of both her will and her determination to keep him safe, she saw no need to argue over it further, as he was currently where she wanted him. "Once the royal city of Vasos has been taken, it will be considerably safer for you to re-enter Dargis and oversee everything personally." She shifted slightly as Macala, her familiar, slithered from around her waist and moved over the sand to lie mere inches from the blaze of the fire. The snakes tongue flickered in and out, seeking the scent of prey.
  • "So while I was here, I wanted to get some good images to help pay for the trip. Thats why I was diving this morning. I was looking for the perfect photograph. And, the most amazing thing happened; I got some shots of a Coelacanth! This would have been a big discovery if I could have published the photos. Unfortunately, those bastards took my camera. I had to leave it on the reef when I rescued Kobi. I saw one of their divers hand it up into the boat. Those photographs could have made my career."
  • "You do not know anything, my dear. You know nothing. Do you think I ever wanted to become like this? Didn't I want to be a preacher, as I told you this morning? Even today, I am the same somewhere in the depths of my heart. But what an injustice they committed to me, you know not, my friend. You simply know not. There always bliss in ignorance. Do you think all this I wanted to do? What I thought of these Tigers, do you know? How could India become my enemy? Oh friend, India is our motherland! How I can became alien to my mother, after all? But... again... could I see my mother alienated from me? No, Venu, my friend. Everyone seeks life in the security and comfort of a warm blanket. Which fool will throw away that lovely blanket and rush blindly into the jungle of death? No. I never thought my life would become like this."
  • "I dont think so. Im only on the fourth chapter, and there are lots of chapters in these gospels. But were going to move ahead quickly because I dont think Jesus was asking people to read the Bible. Maybe this book will tell us what he wanted them to do, so lets get going. Look here, John the Baptist is already in trouble. Hes in jail now."
  • Charles Mannering saw her, and would have liked to go to her side, and look out also. But he was vexed and high with her, and would not go till he was very clearly wanted.
  • "You wanted to be taken to Earth, Lynne. Well, hold on, we're going down." the Doctor said excitedly and put the TARDIS in motion. He flew her down spiralling around the cable, in pursuit of the elevator.
  • The large black and white shape stepped down the stairs and deftly went over the dead werewolf. Jack could see it was an oddly colored wolf, the size of a lion, with footpads that could be likened to large plates. He frowned as it moved into the shadows and gold eyes glittered at him. Crap, what now? A rival faction? Someone who wanted to make certain that Elijah failed?
  • It was Maa, a Rattlingbones girl. She was a few years younger than Nasan and not even interested in joining the warrior class. Nasan wanted to kick herself. If she'd just let her go instead of trying to grab her, nothing would have happenedall this realized after the fact, of course. Maa's exclamation was too loud, and the hand went back on.
  • He stole another quick look around the doorway into the kitchen. The water faucet came on and Brad rapidly cranked the phone as quick and short as he dared. He hoped that if his dad heard it he would think it was someone ringing off the party line. But on the other hand Brad wanted the operator to know he needed her.
  • Tamar noticed a strange look on the woman's face, almost like triumph. They had just gone through when they heard her call. ‘So, will you still be wanting that room?'
  • "What's so easy?" Edeline shouted, and she turned her back on Ember and began to pick her way down the tree. She'd had enough of the little snot and, without even thinking about it, had decided to make her own way. Ember was tempted to let her go, but there was something she'd wanted to ask.
  • All she knew was that there were no cacti in this part of the desert, and this was no family vacation. She didnt even want to imagine the horrors that might be waiting for her in Las Vegas. The last time shed been in Vegas had been for a bachelorette party for Lana before shed married her scrawny, sickly-looking accountant of a husband. Omari had gotten wasted, which is an accomplishment for a Feathered person. Just like other drugs, they metabolized alcohol very quickly, and it was quite a feat to get more than just a little bit buzzed. Omari was trashed, and conservative Lana barely even drank anything, even though she had said that she wanted to have a wild evening before finally settling down. It had been fun at the time, but Omari had to hear about how shed ruined Lanas bachelorette party for years to come.
  • Jon did not stir, did not care. Elves? Spies? Who cared of elves and spies? His life was ruined. He had lost everything. But then, he had also realized his wish. He was relieved of his responsibilities. Yes, the crown was taken from him, but it was something he never wanted in the first place. Being thrown into this prison was a small price to pay for being freed of such responsibility.
  • It worried her to see him so sick. Yesterday he had been healthy and strong, a young man in the prime of life, just the kind of man she would need to provide for her in this new, untamed land. But it also greatly disappointed her that she wouldnt have a perfectly healthy husband like Elizabeth would. And he had acted poorly last night, attacking her in front of everyone. But if she wanted to live close to Elizabeth for the rest of her life, then she would have to marry Jamie, healthy, gentlemanly, or not.
  • So, it seems the war over 'Embers-really-revealing-potential-birthday-outfithadnt been resolved between my brother and Willow before they went to bed. This unresolved issue could partially be attributed to my rather lengthy, but totally useless, attempts to release my spirit the previous night. I had selected the birthday outfit battle as my one argument because I wanted Tray to allow me to at least wear it to the Jansens’. I planned to keep my mouth shut because he is probably going to have a heart attack when he sees me and I dont want to add to his suffering.
  • Then Emily began to talk compulsively. "Im not used to doing nothing for so long with no one to talk to. From morning to night theres always someone around wanting me to do something. I have a governess, a tutor, a chaperone and a maid. They keep a body busy. Some days I hardly get to sit down."
  • "Here, take one of mine," the man said, taking a small white plastic card out of his shirt pocket and handing it to Blake. "It should get you the bare necessities, which is the idea. I don't make too many of those because everyone wants the rainbow card or the royal blue card, which gets you access to all the primo consumer items, but there's nothing wrong with the white card, or the starving artists' card, as it's sometimes called. It can get you what you need. Just don't use that one for more than a week, or they'll catch up to you."
  • "The plan is to make a quick break in at the club and finish this Mike business tonight. Pete's figured out the layout. He wants to send four guys through the loading dock door on the southwest side. From there, they go up to the apartments on the top floor and take care of Mike."
  • He said he did, and looked very sad while he said it. All the matter with him was that he wanted to go along with me; didn't want to miss anything. But I couldn't see walking into the Chief of Police's office with Lester in tow; Wendel and Joey Free had already put me under a handicap by whatever fool stunt they'd done to get themselves chased out of town. I blamed them for that, knowing Joey Free and some of the dizzy stunts he'd pulled in the city. And I knew of Chief Kirby by reputation. He was supposed to be a damn good man and he had a tough job to hold with Reno as open as it was. Lester would have been no help.
  • By the time Andrew got through stuffing Brandon's mouth with brazil, cashew and almond nuts, the vampire was worn out and wanted the beat-down to stop. Carla was enjoying the torture up until the point when Andrew put a dry-roasted peanut in Brandon's sight and the vampire started crying. No icicles for the young vampire, just straight tears.
  • I struggled against the water to pull myself up, but the boat moved too fast. The water pushed against my face and I couldnt manage to breathe in the brief seconds between my continued submersions. I would have to let go to keep from drowning, but I wanted to be ferried along as far as possible.
  • "Or it could show the urgency the Great Wizard feels in wanting to question the girl. Have you ever heard of a witch that could destroy a town?"
  • "Really," Humphries said, "Its a little too gay for me, especially for only one night, but nobody wants to the hear the opinions of an old man."
  • "I don't know but Jack can come up with some pretty mean characters when he wants to. Whoever they are, don't cross them. Anyone willing to blow up a night club full of kids is not someone whose bad side you want to be on."
  • In a typical population, only 10% can use wands to light fires or move furniture. Only 10% of those are powerful enough to kill. Of those, only 10% can use two hand wands at once, and only 10% of them can use foot wands to fly. Since only 1 out of 10,000 people can use four wands at once (i.e., quads), everyone wanted to mate with them.
  • The young man stood up and loomed over me. "She doesn't want to go." Something about the way he said it gave me the chills. It wasn't just that he was tall and ripped, or that he had a spider tattoo covering the side of his neck. He was creepy. I wanted to run for the door and not look back. Perhaps I should have. But I was young and arrogant and thought I ruled the world.
  • He had lightened up and now began to tease her. She countered, and soon they were laughing continuously as every nuance assumed a double meaning. A lot of it was crude, but very funny, and even as she laughed she was aware of how des¬perately she wanted to laugh like this; and then they were on a roll, the repartee coming instinctively, and she was lost in it; she had given herself up to what she would afterwards recall as pure happiness.
  • Captain Z met Matthew, Katharine, and Tommy just as they were boarding the ship on their return from Praslin. He took one look at their condition and said, "You can tell me about it later. Doc wants us all down in sickbay; his patient is awake and wants to talk to us. Trask is already on his way."
  • I still didnt answer him, but knowing how much he wanted to move home made me jump up quickly and unbolt the door. I didnt want to be here without Seth.
  • "I cant believe you even wanted to have children with a human." Cody sounded surprised, and maybe a little disgusted at the thought.
  • "We can talk more about it on the trip north," he assured her. "I should go and have some breakfast before we set out. Uh, was there something you wanted Nel?"
  • Moms would hit their husbands over the head with, "Your son got in trouble today," or "Arent you going to do something about your kids behavior." Actually, all dad wanted to do was changes his clothes, eat some food, and then settle in on the couch and hopefully nod off in the middle of the game.
  • For the second time today, each other member looked confused immediately after the Dwarf's response. He was gone before any could question or argue the fact. His stature, his approach and manner seemed formal, and far too strange. Most ignored it, and seemed content to only wait for his return, but a certain, curious elf wanted to know exactly why Gort had left them behind. He crept up to the tunnel's edge, and turned his ear inward.
  • The breakaway faction of Ansar al-Dine said in a statement it "rejected all forms of extremism and terrorism and was committed to fighting them," adding it wanted a "peaceful solution" to the Mali crisis.
  • I sighed as Dylan and Daxton entered my office. They bowed their heads and approached my desk, I could see them staring into the pink jagged scars, and bowing their heads in shame when they caught my eye. They as much as I did wanted to know what my father meant when he said that "she knows". I mean, I have no idea! It was all so frustrating! I slammed my fist on the table, and they both jumped. "Sorry, just thinking." I murmured. The fear sneaked away from their eyes, like a snake choosing another prey.
  • As Natalie suspected, we were allowed to paint anything we wanted on our first canvas. It was a practice picture in order to learn certain techniques. Mr. Bales laid out a selection of brushes, and paint dispensers. We had about ten colors on offer and had to learn how to combine primary colors to create different shades.
  • "Yeah. She caught me at the door and I made an excuse I was looking for my friends. She works here and she wanted to help me find you. Luckily you found me first.", Mickey said as Rose stopped only a few feet away from the door.
  • Stepping from the shower, Marthe heard Kell banging round, stupid Bruce Springsteen blaring through the speakers. She should have cracked those records when Kell left in 1984, but there was The Boss harping on this cause and that, always something stuck in his craw. Just like Dave Kedayis and all she wanted was Patsy, smooth, soaring Patsy Cline. Marthe felt better, her head not so fuzzy, her stomach not so woozy. A little internal venting wasnt a bad thing and she exited the shower naked as usual, not giving it another thought.
  • "I was in your neighborhood. Aro wanted to visit the Cullens. I didnt need to take him the whole way. Once their location was determined, the party went on alone without me. Felix and I had decided to return to Volterra, when another thought occurred to me - a thought to visit you." He looked at me intensely with such indescribable longing.
  • Stay where you are, George,’ Louisa warned. ‘Your brother wants an explanation, as we all do. Are you, or are you not, studying?’
  • Alfonso finished up, "Thats right. When a country wants something theyll usually turn to war to get it, especially if they think theyre a stronger country." The man turned towards his cousins, who seemed as interested in this history lesson as Annie was. "Let me tell you some of the other countries the United States has had military forces in during the last sixty yearsArgentina, Nicaragua, Japan, Uruguay, China, Portugal and Hawaii. Sometimes this country wont annex the foreign lands like so many other countries do, but they do want to control it and get a good foothold in it, so they can sell their wares there and ship out whatever pleases them. American trade exceeds every country in the world, except England. They export tons of cotton and crude oil to other nations, to say nothing of their beef and grains."
  • Slipping through the opening, he spun, hands in the air. As he backed towards the smithy. He stumbled from the heady rush of air and whiskey. "I don't be wanting any trouble," he said, "Just leave my wife be."
  • Eibhlin wondered, "What keeps you alive in here? Hunger makes you most fearful to all after a full sting of your sharp spear. I see you are here to do me harm. If you poison me, I imagine the pain is excruciating!" Eibhlin lay motionless, an entangled prisoner, wanting to scream out loud for dear life.
  • "I think if you ask most international business leaders, bankers whether they wanted to abolish elections to remove any element of uncertainty in the commercial world, well of course they would love to do that," Mayor Boris Johnson told CNN's Richard Quest.
  • "That's because I had the prettiest girl in the whole school right there, front and center," he said. "I wanted to impress you."
  • It took me a moment to put meaning to her words and I replayed the conversation we'd had in order to do it. I laughed and shook my head to clear it. "No, the guy over…." I trailed off when I shifted my eyes and realized sometime in the moment Izzy had caught my attention the man had vanished. "Well, he was there. And he was gorgeous. As in, you would have wanted me to share."
  • I decided to just escort her out, and I asked her to please knock the next time she wanted to speak with me. She sort of giggled and muttered, "Knock, ha ha, on an open door, ha ha." I decided she must be the senile mother of the boutique owner. I later found out she wasnt senile, and she was in fact the owner of the boutique. As is common of many Humbug women, she suffered from the inability to speak with other women on any topics other than husbands, children, and baking. Sad.
  • Sallis wanted to take no chances. He rode with his quarterstaff strapped beside him and his sword hung from the pommel. Calcan controlled lands allegedly safe and stable, but he knew people everywhere were not always friendly towards strangers.
  • I felt as if I was starting a long journey with no turning back. I hadnt wanted to get too close to her. Yet Id come here. And now I would cross the threshold into her home. If I got too close to her could I stop myself? Stop myself from doing what? I didnt know.
  • Bane shook his head. "I have done everything he has asked of me, but in this trivial matter I choose to please myself. He wants the people who stand against him to suffer, and she does, all the time. Why should I grant her the release of death? She will not go to his kingdom; she is a healer. I will corrupt her, then he will be able to torment her too."
  • "The sphere has changed," Dzeb answered simply. "The Wizard War was a conflict of individuals, those that wanted the magic free and those that wanted the magic removed from the land. Such matters are not the concern of Godson, thus they are not the concern of cliff behemoths."
  • Natasha knew why he mentioned Mitya's likeness to Nicholas: the recollection of his dispute with his brother-in-law was unpleasant and he wanted to know what Natasha thought of it.
  • It was probably the hardest thing that Cail Vinney ever had to do, but now it was done. The doctors had agreed to the terms of the contract after much debate and he had taken the papers back to Colby. By the following week Colby had put a full page ad in the Gazette advertising the opening of the all-new Colby Clinic for the best in personal care. As Vinney had expected, the mayor turned out for the ceremonies as well as many members of city council. The paper had carried it on page three. How did Colby miss not having it on the front page? Surely it was more important than some middle-east crisis. Anyway, they could hardly keep up with the demand for their services and other doctors wanted to join the team. They weren't so excited about being on Colby's payroll, but they came anyway.
  • After a month of hanging around the office and becoming more familiar with the product line, it was time for me get out and sharpen my people senses. Graves wanted me to be completely in tune with the consumer, which meant that I had to be in tune with myself. Lou suggested a combination of therapy/meditation/tai chi, as this was the "health cocktail" that he lived by. I learned early on that if something was good enough for Lou Graves, it was good enough for me.
  • A big reason I really wanted to go was that the 7-11 was on a tall hill overlooking the area. I wanted to judge for myself the severity of the damage. I cautiously stepped around a smeary mess in a pink bath robe (at least, all the blood made it look pink) and had a tough time getting around a row of crushed cars that looked like they had been stacked. One guy threatened to shoot me for walking through his lawn, but once he saw I wasnt interested in looting his home, he withdrew quietly into the shadows of his garage.
  • "Well, I dont know that I agree with you on that point, but Id be happy to listen while Dr. Gallo tells me what he wants to take the place of Koch's Postulates, because we have to have some criteria, Mr. Crawley. We have to have something that gives us a system to determine causality. And I haven't found anything better than Koch's Postulates, to this day."
  • 'Well, Sir, you see, Mr. Archer sat down by the fire and smoked a pipe, and was as easy and pleased, you'd say, to look on him, as a man need be; and he called for cards when my lord wanted them, and whatever else he needed, making himself busy and bustling--as I afterwards thought to make them both remember well that he was in the room with them.
  • "Both. Every fiber of me wanted nothing more than to have him killed. That is a lie. I wanted to do it myself, and watch each drop of life ebb out from him. But..."
  • She rested her glowing and empty left hand upon his chest, over his own heart. Connor felt the energy in the palm of her hand soaking through his skin and into his body, wanting access. He didnt move, knowing that whatever she was doing was important and could not be altered. I trust you. Not a moment later after that thought Connor felt her hand push through her chest. There wasnt any sense of pain, but it was not a comfortable feeling either. A strange pressure weighed heavily in the chest cavity from the added mass of her hand. Connor felt her fingers moving inside his chest until she wrapped her fingers around something inside of his. She has found what she was searching for. Something that he never knew existed in the first place, but there nonetheless. She had a firm grip on it and pulled it gently out of his chest.
  • Olwen had spoken of nightmares. Teleri would have sworn she was living one. Far from being her hero, Rhirid had turned out to be just a petty Welsh chief administering a petty Welsh commote. And to add insult to injury, he wanted nothing to do with her because he was in love with Olwen! It was the low point of several years of bad luckdating from her unfortunate marriageand it was the last straw. She was going back to her uncles court and she would not budge from it unless God Himself came down from Heaven with a divine command.
  • In the twenty minutes we sat letting my leg recuperate, we had talked about places we would like to travel to, all time favorite movies, books that we liked, and favorite running shoes. I kept anticipating that our day would be full of awkward silences, but there were very few. I got the feeling that he really wanted to know as much about me as I wanted to know about him.
  • The Giles' edition of the ART OF WAR, as stated above, was a scholarly work. Dr. Giles was a leading sinologue at the time and an assistant in the Department of Oriental Printed Books and Manuscripts in the British Museum. Apparently he wanted to produce a definitive edition, superior to anything else that existed and perhaps something that would become a standard translation. It was the best translation available for 50 years. But apparently there was not much interest in Sun Tzu in English- speaking countries since it took the start of the Second World War to renew interest in his work. Several people published unsatisfactory English translations of Sun Tzu. In 1944, Dr. Giles' translation was edited and published in the United States in a series of military science books. But it wasn't until 1963 that a good English translation (by Samuel B. Griffith and still in print) was published that was an equal to Giles' translation. While this translation is more lucid than Dr. Giles' translation, it lacks his copious notes that make his so interesting.
  • During these discussions with Nathan, Sophie soon perceived that she wanted to undertake new activities that would give her a sense of satisfaction in life. When it was time for Nathan to return to Paris, he invited her to come with him. She didnt hesitate long. Once in Paris, she devoted herself wholly to sculpturing, an art that until then, had just been a hobby for her. Nathan went out often. Sophie, on the other hand, did not really like the night life and rarely accompanied him. She was convinced that, for Nathan, it was just a matter of time before he realized that the nightlife was not for him as well.
  • The boom also set the stage for collapse. As markets grew more volatile, and everyone more uncertain, lenders of all kinds naturally wanted to preserve their money, so they increased collateral demands accordingly. By 2008, investors could buy only $1.20 in mortgage securities for each dollar of their own money, compared with $15 in 2006. The down payments required on new mortgage loans rose to as much as 30 percent.
  • He shook his head. "I have to find my brothers. I can't leave without them. I just wanted to make sure you got out safely."
  • The man smiled, showing his straight white teeth. "Just beyond this hill. We wanted to show you one before we took them to Burnhamheade. I must warn you though, the smell is quite bad."
  • It was a quite different story on the other side of town, where Gabriel Billingsley appeared to be the only one in on the grand plan. The other seven would-be apes had absolutely no idea what was going to happen when they stepped on the pitch of the great lawn at Beach Haven Park. They all knew they were powerful beings capable of snapping a think tree limb in their bare hands, but were somewhat apprehensive about the vampires and other assorted creatures that would be in front of them. The intel on these creatures was quite thin, as Billingsley decided to keep them in the dark and let things play out naturally and the way he wanted it to be.
  • Serenity hung up the phone without bothering to say goodbye. As if she didnt have enough on her plate. She wanted to ignore the request, but didnt want him calling back when Jackson was home. She didnt want to imagine how that conversation would go.
  • So heres the set-up: Turns out that Jakes love for books isnt as much as his love for snooping around. If digging around for clues is a hobby, then it turns out old Jake has one after all. Way to go, right? Not exactly. If he was just snooping around his neighbors trash because he wanted to know what they had for dinner, then Id say way to goI myself do the same when Im bored or curious. But he went beyond this and was snooping around the library. And heres the thing about librarians: were really into privacyespecially our own. As it was, however, Jake was stopping at nothing to find out about the Library Tree. So thats the set-upJakes a nosy nerd intent on ruining the librarys ultimate cover-up.
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