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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • The crowd slowly calms down and mills about. Furious canaries sternly perched on the balconies and rafters above chatter angrily. The security guards disarm the remaining exit alarms and holler to the people outside to get in out of the cold. Many return through the exits out through which they only moments ago fled. Now they rush back in, not wanting to miss the excitement. Anyway, they figure, David always puts them up for the night if there's a real problem. As calm returns, a few brave birds descend to fetch nuts and mingle with the friendly crowd.
  • "Honestly Dan. I wasnt up for it. I wanted to call you and cancel, butwe started drinking. And things got carried away."
  • Vane clasped his ankles. The rocks effects were passing. Part of him wanted to say he understood, he was sorry, but the reds and blues had done their number on his soul.
  • "You wanted money by this time. I was a solicitor--your old college friend--and you came to me. I knew you would come, as surely as I knew you would not fire that pistol just now. For years I had trained myself to look into your mind and anticipate its working. Don't I tell you that from the first you were the only real creature this world held for me? You were my only book, and I had to learn you: at first without fixed purpose, then deliberately. And when the time came I put into practice what I knew: just that and no more. My dear Reggie, you never had a chance."
  • Suddenly, an ear-splitting noise rebounded off every surface and made me want to cover my ears. There was shouting, yelling, and more loud crashes and bangs. I closed my eyes and buried my face in Andrews chest, not wanting to see the outcome. Everything happened so quickly.
  • As much as her father hated that, she loved it - it allowed her to get away with murder, so to speak. Half of the house's staff didn't recognize her without the skirts and makeup that they piled on her in an attempt to make her presentable, so it was easy to masquerade as a page in the meantime. It was an even easier matter to con her father's guards into helping her - whether it was to train with them, or to get her hands on one of their uniforms to complete her disguise, no matter how many times her father ordered them not to help her, it was always as simple as just asking, and really willing them to help. When she wanted it to, her voice seemed to carry a certain power of suggestion, even more so ever since she'd started having those dreams about Azserix.
  • I opened the sliding glass door and stepped inside the warm living room. I heard voices in the next room and paused, not wanting to interrupt by passing through. Coach King stood in the middle of the kitchen with one of the cheerleaders. Ella, I think. Her brown hair was pulled into a loose ponytail and she was sitting on top of the granite counters, giggling. Coach King leaned in toward her and whispered something in her ear that made her squeal.
  • O Lord, let me die quickly, and let my body be absorbed into the One Light as a raindrop disappears in the sea. Please accept me. I know I have not been good. I should never have wanted to give myself to Roland, that day in Paris, but do not let me be damned for that.
  • Instead, I dreamt Tony Danza wanted to buy a computer and was asking all kinds of ridiculous questions. Questions that didnt make any sense. Questions about hardware that didnt even exist in computers.
  • "But what if they're in real trouble?" I wanted to know. "What if they're lying in a ditch somewhere, pinned inside the car while water rises all around them?"
  • Obama wants the tax cuts that originated during the administration of President George W. Bush extended for middle class taxpayers only, while Republicans want them extended for all, including the wealthiest.
  • "Let me get this straight," said Jill, pointing a finger at him. "You wanted to make people take a new look at their politics by turning Dall into a trade good. Thats it? What then? No," she shook her head, "it doesnt wash. This wasnt some high and mighty act of philosophical nobility, youre not going to get me to believe that. Youd be the kingpin, youd be the one in charge. Youd be the one whod profit."
  • "Oh, Katie just walked into my room. She wants me to read to her. Katie, Im busy right now. Ill get one of your toys."
  • I wanted to scream at her that it was an accident; that I had no idea what all the crazy stuff happening around me meant, nor did I want to. I wanted to rewind a day, back to when things were simple. When my life made sense and boys spoke and acted normally. Where Clerics were the good guys who protected us from demons and my teachers were not heartless murderers.
  • The sun inched toward the west, unwavering in intensity. He was very thirsty now, and still no water in sight. Had they just passed by and not noticed? If so, Russ felt that it was his fault because he was leading the way, though he sure as hell didnt know how that happened. He could feel her stalking behind him. He couldnt stop without her criticizing him for not knowing what he was doing. Why didnt she just take the lead? He knew she wanted to, she was the manager, after all. She must be staying behind just to . . . to get back at me for . . . something.
  • "The firm starting doing business out here about ten years ago. There was a state rep, Katrina Martin. She was a proponent of a right to die bill, and she wanted some legal research about drafting it. Her proposal wasnt the one that passed, the Death with Dignity. Hers sort of fizzled, but David and I spent a lot of time here, made some contacts.
  • Jack studied the double loading doors where the portal was supposed to be. The pair of Branwyns were conjuring their magicks there, repeating their spells and changing slight variations to see if something else would work. Hell, he wanted to pace too but he wasnt sure that Anarion would take it the right way. The elf was uber-anxious and ready to take someone apart on general principal, and Jack wasnt sure if his pacing might seem as though he cared for Mirie in the same way that the prince did.
  • "Because he didn't have a funeral. He simply wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread over his mother's grave. But that option wasn't available because the cemetery she was buried in is now a Starbucks. So, we opted for Plan C, which seemed a lot more pleasant than Plan B."
  • The problem was, he wanted me to sing these moanin' songs some tired old New York Jew boys wrote. I'm not talkin' 'bout doo-wop or jazz; Tin Pan Alley was their name for it. But whatever they called it, it was white man's music. Now me, I'd always sang the good stuff the club bands knew.
  • Stop this. Get over it, think, do something you stupid bastard! He stood up, thinking he should try to find her, anywayto hell with whether she wanted him around or not. She was alone in an unknown place, after all . . . . He felt a surge of dizziness and sat back down again, hard. He took a breath, but the air felt like knives shoving down into his lungs, and he choked on it, coughing violently. He thought he heard laughter then . . . he was sure someone was laughing at him from far away.
  • Liseli continued to walk behind Russ. Not that she was afraid of what was ahead. No. Not at all. Of course not. And if she had been, she wouldnt be hanging behind Russ, because . . . well . . . well, he wanted to be out front, anyway, running up the hill like there was nothing the matter. She shook her head, regrouping her thoughts. Where does he think hes heading, anyway? Theres got to be some better way to go about this; some way to read the landscape and figure out the most likely place to find water. But she could not think of one. Wilderness survival had never been one of the most important issues in her life.
  • Elryia chewed her bottom lip for a moment as she thought with him, then let her attention fall on Carsis and smiled with the ends of her lips again. Her approach to the red-haired man was swift and instantly she began un-tucking his shirt. "Merial, mess his hair up." She said as they both began to accost him, but he didn't seem to mind in the least. When they were finished, he looked tattered and unkempt, exactly as Elryia wanted.
  • After Hamish had made a few feeble efforts to clean up his vomit and after hed been sent to do it again a few times until it was fairly decently sorted out, a large troupe of fellows, Emmett, Barry, Levin, Neil and Erwan, put the fellow to bed. Erwan did not help much: he was somewhat inebriated himself. The others pulled the shirtless Hamish towards his room. They put him in bed despite his protestations. He wanted to get on with the party. He didnt reappear until late the next day and lacked any memories of the events. But most peoples memories the next day were a little blurred. Especially after that time. For instance, the author cant remember anything that happened, but will hazard to give the following timeline:
  • In story-telling mode, I let Gillian talk. Better her talking than yelling at me. I wouldn't entirely discount the possibility of a tirade later though. "Some, not wanting to live like their parents and their parents before them married non-magic, and how I hate that word, hoping their gifts would simply pass their own children by. Sometimes it did. Sometimes it came back in a stronger form, much to the chagrin of those former Covenant members."
  • I wanted to run screaming from the room, to jump through a window, to do anything to avoid coming into further contact with someone who so obviously hated me. The urges were all very real, but it was like I'd been drugged to the gills. I couldn't seem to gather the energy to do anything about them. Instead my mind reached down and pulled extra layers of gauze over itself.
  • Once Boone retired, or was sent out to pasturedepends on which side of the cow pasture youre sitting onMargo slotted Leslie into the anchor position. She enjoyed her year-plus as anchor of the least-watched morning newscast of the local networks, but she wanted more. Leslie and Margo talked often about Leslies glory days as a field reporter. The two women shot the shit one day after the show:
  • His turn came and he sat before a man of late middle-age who seemed upset about something. Perhaps he had sciatica, or gout. Perhaps he hated his job. Mungo wanted this over with as soon as possible.
  • Suzana wanted to do something, but she wasnt sure what to do. She was having such a difficult time concentrating, the novel sensations in her body trying to tease away her focus.
  • Today, if Eddie Albert wanted to give up Manhattan for the peaceful life of a farmer, as he did in the 1960s sitcom Green Acres, dragging along his glamorous wife Eva Gabor for comic relief, he could have simply hopped on the subway and commuted the four miles to Brooklyn or any of New York Citys outer boroughs.
  • Jessica went off to college and my eyes were as dry as my genitals. There were so many parts of my being that wanted her to go, so there was little or no shock value when the time came to say goodbye. She was teary probably because of her nervousness at living so far away from her hair salon. Dont ask.
  • He said: "I've got it here. It's his money. I wanted to explain that to you, Shean. I went over in my account when I was drinking and I didn't want to sacrifice anything that I was holding. I wanted to wait until I had my regular money due. I didn't realize I'd run over the account when I gave you that check."
  • It wasnt the first thing Rose wanted to know, but in the top three. First were stories from Emorys day, then from Grays. Liam had started back to his educational base last week, so that childs tales were perfunctory. After Rose heard Emorys news, the usual from her husband followed, students returning, new faces to learn, and a few altercations with those unaware of how Mr. Burnett ran his classroom. Then she asked. "So Gray, how did you get there this morning?"
  • The walk to Aunt Jane's actually wasn't very far at all. Her London house is in one of the squares in BelgraviaI forget which one, but Tania's good at remembering that sort of thing. Far sooner than I wanted Tania climbed the steps up to a green-painted front door and rang the polished brass bell.
  • I couldnt answer Thomass question nor his tone, I wanted no argument. Nor, it seemed, did Father Joseph, his smile was broad.
  • They didn't have much to say to each other. They'd been married forever and raised a couple of kids. Now that they were left to themselves, he just wanted to tinker and she just wanted to sit and think. They had all their meals together and sat on the couch watching TV at night, and they even kissed each other before going to sleep. But they hadn't had sex in years, and she snored so loudly that Frank was grateful when she started sleeping in the kids' beds. They loved each other; they accepted each other's annoyances and failings and made the best of it. It wasn't a bad life at all. Each was free to spend their days as they wished, and neither saw any reason to object to what the other one did.
  • Guess. "Russell," she made her voice flat and even. "I came here to be alone. If I had wanted to talk to somebody, I would have found someone to talk to."
  • `There isn't much left to tell. Connie and I came home and got married. Aidan was born about two years afterwards. I had qualified as a carpenter before I went to Spain and I took it up again when I came back. I never liked it but I was a man with responsibilities now so I did it. Ethna came a few years after and I worked like a dog, overtime, nixers, anything I could get. We wanted for nothing, had our few drinks at the week¬ends when the kids got strong, and I'd saved so much I man¬aged to pay off the house, which we'd got cheap anyway. Everything in the garden was rosy. I was too tired during the week, but Connie seemed satisfied with sex on a Saturday night.
  • 'Well, Sir, it was about two hours after feedin' yesterday when I first hear my disturbance. I was makin' up a litter in the monkey house for a young puma which is ill. But when I heard the yelpin' and 'owlin' I kem away straight. There was Bersicker a-tearin' like a mad thing at the bars as if she wanted to get out. There wasn't much people about that day, and close at hand was only one woman, a tall, thin chap, with a 'ook nose and a pointed locks, with a few white hairs runnin' through it. She had a 'ard, cold look and red eyes, and I took a sort of mislike to her, for it seemed as if it was 'im as they was hirritated at. She 'ad white kid gloves on 'is 'ands, and she pointed out the animiles to me and says, 'Keeper, these wolves seem upset at something.'
  • The rest of the afternoon dragged by. I made sure the house was neat, the girls were bathed, and supper was almost on the table before Mark got home. Unlike some men, he was pretty good at watching the girls and putting them to bed. I just figured that, if I wanted him to do it very often, I should make it as easy as possible for him.
  • "No use. Besides, I cant run forever. Ive got a lot of enemies in the city, though. And so do you. Part of wanting to stay away from there is for your sake. I almost got you killed before, and I wont let it happen again," Suzana said.
  • We had agreed to disagree, but now I was beginning to wonder if I really was going mad. I didnt believe in things that went bump in the night, but I wanted to. That was why I had taken the job at Zelko Corp. They offered me something other companies couldnt: the opportunity to find the supernatural and get paid doing it. There have been weird and unexplained things Ive come across, but nothing yet that really changed my world. Nonetheless, I never, ever, thought I would come across something as paranormal as this.
  • She sounds pissed off but I don't look back. This is what she wanted all along. She should be pleased. She won out after all. I wonder how she knew.
  • Maida laughed. Liandra continued. "He is also second in line for the throne of the Southlands. I could possibly be Queen some day. But I'm not so sure now, about wanting that."
  • "Its Mr. Taylor and Cristof. I just wanted to warn you," Mrs. Shrotz added. She is one of the nicest people Ive ever met. She is always smiling and always has something nice to say. Mrs. Pendenski tries to be stern with me, but its not her nature. She can be just as nice as Mrs. Shrotz when she wants to, but she feels that it is her job to keep me in line.
  • Every part of her ached to be with him from her head all the way down to her toes and especially some parts that wanted him to take her right then and there.
  • Jessie paused again, measuring her next statement. "I still believe Castilla was behind the kidnapping. I think he told a few trusted embassy officials what he wanted done, and that he didnt want to know the details. And now hes ready to clean up with the new-look Caribbean Keys."
  • He knew who he really wanted as his father, had known for over half his life. He still remembered the feeling he had when he first heard the stern, authoritative voice of the actor Reginald Vel Johnson sayingno, commanding – "Go home, Steve. Go home, go home, go home."
  • Ambrosius knew where he was going. He must collect food for his solitary exodus into the land of mists and ghosts, for within him there still smouldered stubbornly the will to live, if all else had fallen away. He made his way to Bough 36, which he knew to be in fruit. He gathered the windfalls, not bothering to climb the tree and select the choicest Fruit. He walked morosely over to a Fish vendor and bought some smoked Fish, wondering vaguely why the price was so high. His satchel bulging, Ambrosius couldn't see any reason to wait. He looked over the edge of the bough. How easy, he thought, to take a single step and save all that careful climbing. But that wasn't for him. He would live, for he wanted this sorrow that consumed him to last a lifetime; only then could his misery express itself fully. Swinging his satchel over his shoulder, Ambrosius cracked his knuckles, stretched out his arms and gripped the rough bark of the nearest Hooktree's main trunk.
  • Out of all the things I wanted to say to the biggest asshole I knew, I opted to say nothing, go home and go directly to bed.
  • A normal person, one who was really as self-confident as I pretended to be, would have just turned and headed towards the eastern set of doors. Not wanting to look like a ditzy blond who couldn't even remember that someone had run a SUV into the flagpole and temporarily rendered one of the four main exits inoperable, I kept walking.
  • Maureen Stewart wanted to ask the obvious question, but she knew that her tall golden boy hadpitcherwritten all over him. God didnt make something that beautiful to be acatcher.’ So Stewart asked the next logical question, "What will be your position?" knowing full-well he would access the hidden meaning of her double entendre of sorts.
  • Sanych began looking ahead to their arrival at the Temple and their eventual meeting with the Magister. She recalled Meenas terrible expression when Sanych had mentioned that the item the Magister wanted was a book called the Dire Tome. What did she know about it? Apparently, at least in Meenas opinion, the book should be left well enough alone. She had never said why, never mentioned the book at all in the weeks they had been traveling. Sanych determined to try and learn more; she felt that, being more contemporary herself, she might be able to translate Meenas reasons into words the Magister might more easily comprehend in relation to the current situation.
  • I wanted to secure a friend, and not to make an enemy, so I thanked her, gave the address at Dr. Seward's and came away. It was now dark, and I was tired and hungry. I got a cup of tea at the Aerated Bread Company and came down to Purfleet by the next train.
  • "Ivy also said she knows something about me. Some kind of secret. Mark," I paused, not wanting to reveal his secret, "knew she was up to something. He suspected it."
  • "Neither," said Mama, "Someone has told them that we have a strange girl living here, and they wanted to make sure she was not an Indian."
  • William had more than his family on the line. Over one hundred million civilians had died because Genghis Khan wanted to rule the world. How many more would die before someone stopped him?
  • "Not true. Its entirely possible that some of those who cheated could guess right on the verbal questions and never be detected. So youre not going to find all the cheaters, but youll probably catch a lot of them. On the other hand, if you wanted to confirm all of those who had not cheated, you would design the test very differently."
  • But before he commenced his social life in England, there was something he needed to do. Something he wanted to do. He would go visit Sir Henry and Mrs. Simpson tomorrow morning, with his hat in his hand and his head held as low as he could.
  • I searched through my defective memory banks and chose the forest flight story. As much as I wanted to trust her, I couldnt bring myself to share the silver mist with anyone else other than Tray. The temperamental burning still lapped underneath my heart. Although she might be able to actually explain how I can retrieve that wandering piece of my soul, it didnt feel right to tell her about the silver mist.
  • Gregor didnt feel particularly consoled by that prospect. As much as he might like to meet a god in person, he didnt fancy trying to sell to one. If a god really wanted the item, he might very well take it. Then again, something had kept the gods from taking the item from the island to begin with. Gregor shook his head angrily at the strangeness of it all.
  • "Willow Towers?" said Colby. "I used to own that dump - well, it weren't no dump then. You mean the New Year's Eve deaths were caused by that bloody old willow tree? I'll be damned. After that nobody wanted to move into that place and I just let it fall apart. Then it really got to be a dump. I was lucky to get rid of it. You know that bloody tree gave us trouble even when we pulled down the old Bourden house. Killed one of my men - two in fact. Didn't believe it at the time."
  • They were few and stunted, but they were heavily laden with fruit. Catrin scanned the branches for ripe apples and picked those within her reach, but she wanted a few more. As she stood on the tips of her toes and stretched toward an apple, hands grabbed her waist. She gasped when they lifted her into the air but was reassured when she heard Benjin chuckle. She snatched four beauties from the highest branches, and Benjin lowered her gently.
  • As Liam chanted his A, B, Cs and sang along with Elmo, Rose pondered two things; one was how well Liam knew the skits and tunes. Maybe he watched it at Rustys house or maybe the preschool occasionally turned it on. Then it was all her sister said, mixed with The Count and Big Bird, as if those two were feuding. As if Big Bird wanted to be left alone, but The Count just wasnt listening.
  • "Really? Do I need to spell it out for you?" I didnt yell, but I wanted to. Instead, I took his hand and placed it over my heart. I could feel it like a feather resting on top of my breast. My nipples hardened, they became visible through my shirt. I wanted him to see, I didnt want to have to explain it. That seemed to take something away from it. His eyes were still locked on mine though. Refusing to look anywhere but my face.
  • She told me that Ryan rubs his diaper when he has a rash and he wants cream. Surely enough, Marissa picked up her son out of his car seat, placed him on the changing table, open his diaper and saw a diaper rash on both sides of his shmekel.
  • Vibrant green light filled her. She pictured her Mam in her mind. She willed the green life back out of her, commanding it to fly on the winds. She told the breeze the message she wanted delivered. She did not know if it would find her, or how long it would take. She was not even sure that it had worked, but it was all that she could do.
  • Addressing a bitterly divided Congress, he called for American leadership, and "fresh thinking" saying he wanted to work together with Democrats and Republicans to confront together challenges facing them across the world.
  • "Well, anyway," I said, "the fact that he called tells you something aboutTV is a big deal. Getting known. People take it seriously. If he wants to be stupid about this…"
  • As far as Paul could see, this was getting more and more complicated, and further and further from the issue he wanted to sort out, each statement of the Magurs throwing up another handful of questions, branching off at different angles.
  • "She came here, of course, to Antibes. She hired a small Chteau on the road to Juan-les-Pins. The first day she went walking with the children. She asked a few locals some rather pointed questions. Most of the people ignored her or avoided her. Some even shouted at her. They all knew she was German, and none of them trusted her. But she got noticed. And on the second day she was contacted. But not by the people she wanted to meet."
  • "But you didnt actually see him arrive," fitz Maurice said. "And the ladys feelings on this matter were clear two nights ago when the earl showed up. Shes Welsh; of course she wants to protect Llanlleyn. And since when has she any love for Rhuddlan? Shes never cared about it or Lord William."
  • This human was different. Why, the griffin could not say. But it appeared as though he truly wanted to help. If this fire thrower had wanted them dead, then dead they would have been by now.
  • Seth sighed at no one in particular before he began explaining why he was there, "I just wanted to make sure you made it home okay that night. You wouldn't accept a ride from me and I didn't get the impression that you were that well versed with the creatures of the night." He grinned as he continued, "I mean, you didn't even know I was a vampire until tonight."
  • Concentrate on the task in hand, that was all that mattered. If he could just work out how he could secure a decent ransom after he had kidnapped his target then all their other worries would vanish. He cleared the table quickly and washed the dishes so that he left the kitchen tidy. If something went wrong and Maureen arrived back before he did he wanted everything to look normal.
  • Campbell felt like he could actually stop at this point, if he wanted to. He was certain he had created a reasonable doubt in the jurors minds of whether the defendant was unquestionably HIV-Positive, and whether Beth Ann Brooks was unquestionably HIV-Positive, and whether the defendant had unquestionably infected Miss Brooks with HIV. And that was the best he could docreate a reasonable doubt. It was also all he needed to get a not guilty verdict.
  • Alfonso stood and stretched. He glanced out the window and rested a moment. He sat back down and continued, "As a result of that war, the U.S. took Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines from Spain, paying them off with $20 million. Now you need to understand, the Filipinos werent real happy with the Spaniards occupying them before this time and they werent any more happy with the U.S. occupying them now, so they fought back. The U.S. sent 60,000 men over there and killed thousands upon thousands of Filipinos, or "gooks" as they were called, but finally the U.S. won and we got to take whatever we wanted from the Philippine Islands."
  • Half the barons, it soon became apparent to Roland, wanted to march on Cairo. To them the Sultan's willingness to bargain was at best a sign of weakness, and more probably he had no intention of fulfilling his promise.
  • Katie had enjoyed the outing too. Shed loosened up. She needed to get out of the houseboat. She could go out anytime she wanted to, of course. She was an adult, mother of two. But she didnt. Most days she just stayed in, doing stuff around the house or reading. And if I did not come up with an idea for going somewheremost nights I was too tired toshed stay in all night too.
  • Before he set out to do those things Hania had told us of all the history leading up to the present cataclysm. Hania met the first dragon to re-emerge and to his later regret, he told the other Quatre members these long-dormant beings were reawakening. Kale vowed dragons would not regain power. He put this vow into action by teaching Sara all about dragons. These stories of ultimate power, and of immortality free of the complications of the vampire virus, became an obsession with the fairy child. She threw a tantrum, demanding she get her way with all dragons. She wanted their blood and their elements. As the blood strengthened her, Sara convinced Pedro and Kale that once she had acquired all the elements she would help them do the same. Hania wasnt so cooperative, but as Sara grew stronger she threatened him and found ways to force the information out of him. He was the only one who saw clearly that she intended to get control of the elements, then kill them all. That would have been only the beginning of her reign of terror.
  • Tears poured down Summers face as she parked, seeing Dan playing chess on the small patio with Nat, Erika and Abby doing cartwheels on the lawn. Erika hadnt done any cartwheels since Jodys death and Summer had to wipe her eyes, Skye hollering to be let out of her car seat; she wanted to see her daddy!
  • I tried to clear my head and attempted to pay attention to Alek. The afternoon's training session with the Majors had been hard work, but they'd progressed so well. We'd decided to pair everyone off and allow them to spend half an hour practicing hand to hand combat skills. At the end of the half hour they switched to another partner, and so on until nearly dinner time. It had been an effective method, and the girls and I had decided to stick with it from now on. We could practice with individuals who weren't sure, or who wanted to challenge themselvesand us.
  • He did not like this line of talk. He felt uneasy. Secretly, he wished he could meet his half-brother someday, like brothers. He fancied the thought that he had someone he could call Dada, like many of his friends did. One day he told his mother that he wanted to forget all that about the Governor's House, and be like all the other normal Bengali boys. He also told her that this village in the jungles of the Sundarbans was a much more interesting place to live in than a place like the Governors house. This disturbed his mother greatly.
  • When she looked into the water, she didnt see her reflection, or the riverbed. It shimmered, a deep, clean blue, but instead of simply reflecting the sunlight it seemed to glow with its own light. How odd . . . . She blinked, feeling a little dizzyor no, just . . . light and loose and . . . free . . . . It was a good feeling, and she smiled, a sudden giggle escaping her. Something appeared in the water below her, a face, a womans face, but it wasnt hers. It was pale, with dark hair and dark eyes, and it stared out at her solemnly. She didnt feel alarmed, just stared curiously into the eyes . . . wanting them to laughto laugh with her. The eyes closed and the face disappeared.
  • "Oh? Why?" Scott asked, feeling terribly curious. It wasn't that he wanted Maggie backnot now. He might have been that desperate in the weeks following his divorce, but Josie had changed everything. It wasn't that he was madly in love with her and wanted to marry her, but he had finally discovered what passionate sex could be like, andeven more importantlyhe had found someone who accepted him the way he was. He would have preferred to live alone than go back to Maggie.
  • "Well, I don't want to take up too much of your time. Coach Boswell wanted me to come and talk to you about East City."
  • A testament to the quality of the inn, there was a pitcher of clean water provided for her, along with a basin and a stack of clean towels. She filled the basin and cleansed the wound. Each time she wrung out the cloth the red tint of the water deepened. When she was through, the water in the bowl had the look of some terrible wine. The cloth was pink, stained for good. Since she knew that the cloth would never come clean, she used it to replace the bandage. The cool, moist cloth soothed the pain slightly, but if she ever wanted full use of her right arm again, she would need a healer.
  • Liz ran the back of her hand across her cheek, sniffling, smearing her lipstick. "No, I'm certain. He said he had a theory too, but he wanted to hear mine - ours - first." Liz paused and looked up at Bryan. "I'm afraid we never gave him a chance to give us his theory. I just told him about the soul thing, then ... what? He left shortly after, I guess."
  • Ryson spoke as soothingly as possible. "Because they lost sight of what happened. It was the queen's son who died. She wants to blame us all for his death. It doesn't make any sense, but that's what's happening."
  • Bane shook his head. "I have done everything he has asked of me, but in this trivial matter I choose to please myself. He wants the people who stand against him to suffer, and she does, all the time. Why should I grant her the release of death? She will not go to his kingdom; she is a healer. I will corrupt her, then he will be able to torment her too."
  • Much as he enjoyed Kerrion's discomfort, Blade was glad to reach the stony ground at the foothills of the looming grey Endine Mountains. After a pause to find his bearings, he dragged the Prince up the sloping rocks to the cave. Inside, he pushed Kerrion ahead, sending him reeling into the darkness, where he flopped down. The Prince was right that Cotti soldiers would soon give chase, and since there was no way to hide their tracks, Blade knew he must take the Prince over the mountains with all haste. The Cotti would lose the trail in the stony foothills, so it was unlikely that they would find the cave. Nevertheless, the assassin wanted to be far away before they reached the mountains. Blade groped for the packs and struck flint to light a torch, then removed the sandals and stripped off the woman's clothes and baubles. His careful disguise, which had taken him time-glasses to don, was almost gone in a few moments. Kerrion stared at him with wide, incredulous eyes.
  • "They wanted your magicks," Asta said. "When they realized what you were, they would have taken you to the dragon world and used those magicks." She turned her head to look at the two dragons. Nara shrugged in an eloquent motion. "They consume them. Like bonbons."
  • "No reason, not one that means anything. Devin was at Ricks Christmas party, Kell was gone, and I was horny. Nothing, it meant nothing except that then it didnt matter. Kell wanted a baby and wed been talking about it right before he left. He only wanted me to think about it and while he knew I didnt want kids, he just needed to say it. Needed me to know it was something he wanted. Not something I wanted, maybe that was why."
  • Summer knew she meant the condoms, not the quality. "He wanted to know if it would feel any better. I cant imagine how it could, except that technically it should." Theoretically, and how better to test a theory than to just do it? "But Ill tell you…"
  • Finally last week he had found the nerve to ask out a girl from Greenfield. He had known Cynthia ever since he started working for Charlie. Cynthia Parker's dad worked at the grain mill with Charlie and the family was one of his milk customers. Whenever Charlie stopped at their house on weekends to deliver milk Brad remembered Cynthia being there. She was the same age he was and went to high school in Peterboro. He always thought she was kind of a cute strawberry blond with an ample supply of freckles. And recently he had noticed she had a woman-sized bust and hips. At first he couldn't believe it when she said she wanted to go out with him and it was only after she added, 'I didn't think you would ever ask me out, so I asked you.' that Brad believed she really wanted to go out with him.
  • Most afternoons Mark stopped in to visit with us. His humor took some of the edge off of our situation. While my confinement had similar rules as my past as a servant, no visits outside and stay away from the windows, I felt freer than ever. Only one thing worried meKandeks continuing search. According to Mark, the whole military was still looking for me. While they were no longer banging on the doors of unsuspecting villagers, they still had their eyes focused on the prize. Anyone who turned me in would be richly rewarded and the men involved would all receive promotions. I was deeply grateful that Mark wanted to get his promotions for his hard work, not for turning me in.
  • "Your Majesty will doubtless receive a dispatch from Surat within a short time describing an unfortunate incident. His Excellency wants you to understand in advance that it was a mistaken order, undertaken entirely without his knowledge or approval."
  • Bruce Cumberland gave up the argument and they waited in silence for the return of the others. When this took place Sir Giles, with a glance round the room and a triumphant grin at Arglay, flung himself into a chair. Lord Birlesmere stood leaning on the table for some time. Then he said: "I think, gentlemen, there is nothing more that can profitably be done now. I am very much obliged to all of you." He paused, bowed, added something in a low voice to Mr. Sheldrake, and sat down. The American did the same thing. Lord Arglay watched thoughtfully till the others had withdrawn and Lord Birlesmere was looking at him restlessly. He considered for a moment the three opposite him, and said quietly. "No, Birlesmere; you're like Salisbury, you're backing the wrong horse. And if Mr. Sheldrake wants to get his seventy thousand pounds restored I think that he's riding the wrong way. As for you, Tumulty, I don't think you know where you're riding." He got up and strolled slowly to the door.
  • Once all of their bags appeared, Noah stacked them all on a cart, herded them out to the street and hailed a cab for the two of them to pile into. Omari wanted to wait until they got back to Santa Cruz so they could get some real food, but Noah was adamant that she eat something in San Jose. He had the cab drive go stop at a drive through, where he ordered a large combo meal for Omari, who was less than thrilled.
  • She saw their faces change with knowledge. Anger and horror mingled together as they realized what power had done to one of their own, what the Benoits had been doing with the salt mine for decades. She heard their comprehension in waves of thoughts. Missing people? That girl from Detroit. Her mama said her credit card receipts stopped in Unknown. Remember that couple ten years ago? They said they wanted a look at the salt mine, wouldn't take no for an answer. Twenty-something years ago that man from New Orleans up and vanished. Outsiders disappeared, and we never even caredAnd Gautier Debou. And Meg Theriot. Not only outsidersin the mine?
  • The ceremony is quick and witnessed by Lena, and Walter, and Charlie and her Grandma. All just to get a piece of paper that is proof Jim loves her enough to tie her to him even though, as it turns out; she is a slut. But through the mess of it comes a life lesson: Sandra now knows she wants to see the world. The lesson comes when Jim takes her to Italy, by car, for their honeymoon. She knows from the moment she left Germany that somehow she needed to travel the world. It is her calling. But she is void of ideas on how to make it happen, and then she knows that it is just another dream that Life will turn into a nightmare. A nightmare that will take her to America: the last place she wants to go.
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