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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • After only one year in Ottawa, he concluded that the new home of the Survey and its museum at the Clarendon Hotel was completely inadequate. The lack of space prevented the display and storage of the Surveys increasing collection and, the nine thousand visitors to the museum in its first full year in Ottawa surely was some indication that the public wanted greater access to the museums collections. The conservative government, however, was tight on the purse-strings and would not increase the museums operating budget or even provide the survey with a larger space to facilitate the ongoing public visitations.
  • To Summers knowledge, Dan hadnt called the police, nor did she hear anyone but their footsteps, their breaths. She wanted to run inside the apartment, but the image of her children, waiting in the door, held her still. They had lost one parent and Summer couldnt bear to harm them further.
  • "Hi, Mom!" I answered the phone, "I'm just cleaning house here." I wanted to make sure that she knew I was a responsible adult.
  • Instead of going to the bank to drop off the daily deposit, I stuck it under the seat in my car. It was just a little brick of money in a plastic bag, barely noticeable. I wanted to go on home, get that nap. We were going out later, Katie, the twins and I. I had a key for the deposit drop at the bank. I could do it then.
  • That was the last thing I wanted to do right now, but I kept my mouth shut anyways. It was almost like I could see the gray matter starting to heat up as the mayor tried to figure out exactly what I knew and how much I just suspected.
  • Stepping from the shower, Marthe heard Kell banging round, stupid Bruce Springsteen blaring through the speakers. She should have cracked those records when Kell left in 1984, but there was The Boss harping on this cause and that, always something stuck in his craw. Just like Dave Kedayis and all she wanted was Patsy, smooth, soaring Patsy Cline. Marthe felt better, her head not so fuzzy, her stomach not so woozy. A little internal venting wasnt a bad thing and she exited the shower naked as usual, not giving it another thought.
  • Marthes smile was honest. She had never wanted kids, one sticking point with Kell, but not the main one. The main point had been
  • "Theyve never told her. She doesnt know. Jacob wanted to tell her, but Bella wanted him to wait till she was older."
  • As she walked unsteadily along the quays, the wail of a siren rose above the hum of the city, and she wondered if it was the police, or an ambulance, or the fire brigade. Someone, some¬where was in trouble. Real trouble. At another time this might have assured her that her life wasn't so bad after all, that she could pick herself up and make something of it, but not now. All she wanted to do was sleep, for days on end. No, that wasn't it. She wanted to give in.
  • No one expected where this would finally end up, with a man who aspired to be president humbled and humiliated, beaten repeatedly, and the state he not-too-seriously-nor-smartly claimed could become a nation instead shattered, broken in almost half a dozen pieces, leading to the rise of movements the exact opposite of what secessionists wanted.
  • He repeated it again and again in his mind. It was fear that he faced. He saw that now, but to face fear he must leave the light. He let the darkness of pain and thought flow through him, letting it saturate his mind and body. Leaving the others behind, going on a journey that no one else could take with or for him, he was the darkness. He wanted to die but the litany brought him back. He saw a pinprick of light. It expanded and he felt heat from it. Soon the dark was light. The fear was gone but the pain remained as it should, as a reminder. No longer would he be afraid of it. Pain was part of life. Without it there could be no happiness. With this realization he found peace. He would not feel pain and sorrow to the point of no return; it could only destroy him if he permitted it.
  • "She called me a few days after she left me the note because she wanted to move a bunch of her stuff to her apartment," Zack explained.
  • Lief eyed the delver harshly. "Fire upon you! Now you leave me no choice. I could not leave now if I wanted to! I'm aware of your powers and your great senses. By telling me an answer is so close, I could not do anything but follow you to whatever you seek! I only hope what you say is true. To waste time now may be more than foolish, it may be fatal." The elf paused. He sighed and groaned simultaneously. He brought one hand to his forehead as if trying to wipe away his problems. When he spoke again, his tone was forceful, yet sincere. "I will not hang that upon you, though. I will only ask you to probe deeply that which you feel. Is it merely curiosity to a story I spoke of which attracts you, or is it something more? Examine closely! Do you truly believe it is something related to what we now face or is it simply the hold of a legend?"
  • Messick goes back to the lectern to decide what he wants to do next. This is actually going very well, he thinks. And Goddard seems less resistant now. Maybe theres more I should explore with him. Its worth a try, anyway.
  • On reaching the main road, Paul set off walking fast alongside the stream of traffic, crawling toward the T-junction. He realised quickly that if he wanted to save himself a long, uphill hike, now was the moment to hitch a lift. The flustered police were hardly going to recognise him amongst so much mayhem. Just ahead he spotted a flatbed truck piled high with bundles of sapling poles, rolls of tarpaulin and a heap of building site salvaged firewood.
  • "Uh... a love of food?" he replied weakly. "Honestly I didn't know what to think. But we're getting off-topic here; you know why I wanted to speak with you." She nodded, and stuffed her mouth full of bread. "I'll accept that you somehow managed to appear in my dream... or whatever it was. I've seen you do some pretty amazing things, so I can believe you're capable of entering a person's mind. But if it wasn't a dream, then what was it? I've been experiencing that every few nights for many years, over and over." He had to wait a few moments until Sayana was able to speak. When she did, it was in hushed tones, as if she were afraid someone, or something, might be listening.
  • The sixth party, the Bennigsenites, said, on the contrary, that at any rate there was no one more active and experienced than Bennigsen: "and twist about as you may, you will have to come to Bennigsen eventually. Let the others make mistakes now!" said they, arguing that our retirement to Drissa was a most shameful reverse and an unbroken series of blunders. "The more mistakes that are made the better. It will at any rate be understood all the sooner that things cannot go on like this. What is wanted is not some Barclay or other, but a man like Bennigsen, who made his mark in 1807, and to whom Napoleon himself did justice--a man whose authority would be willingly recognized, and Bennigsen is the only such man."
  • "Mayla?" He reached for the light blue sky. He just wanted to feel her skin. To touch her hair. To know that sharp, sweet smell that was her.
  • Me? The prettiest girl in school? Something about this felt so fake, but there was a part of me that wanted to believe it could be real.
  • "Don, you must take something at least--for the materials." She went into the living room and returned with a check which she handed to him. "I have wanted that painting for so long," she said, breaking a silence.
  • My heart sank. I had strong feelings for Ash and I felt like ripping his head off for even thinking of her like that. It was like a blow to the stomach. Yet I knew he was right. Jason wanted a partner. By law she was right for him, not me. I was supposed to continue fucking and killing humans as needed. After all, how could someone actually care about a monster like me?
  • CHAPTER FORTY-ONEComing off the first-round playoff bye, West Valley's second round opponent was 3-13 (2-10 in Conference 1-B) Colts Neck. The Pirates barely beat Pikesville, 50-49, which played like it wanted no part of West Valley again. Colts Neck and 2-14 East Shores had the unenviable task of playing West Valley and Helmsdale, the respective second a first seeds in the county tournament. The Friday match-ups would put the players in a game situation for the first time in a week, but would do little to test either teams resolve. In fact, none of the top four seeds in the county tournament were even challenged.
  • This girl Deidre really knew how to work a room. She was sitting on the couch between me and Sam, holding his hand and leaning her head against my shoulder. I looked at Sam through the corner of my right eye and shook my head in disgust. I never wanted to compete with Sam over any woman; especially one who enjoyed the attention and adoration of as men as Deidre. Once I digested my Chicken with Cashews, I became hungry again and told the two of them I was going into the kitchen if they wanted anything.
  • Elizabeth wanted to believe her sister. She wanted to feel secure and lighthearted again. But it was so difficult when all she could think about was what they had lost. They had lost everything they had ever known, their warm home, their beloved parents, their friends and their dedicated servants. And Elizabeth not only grieved for the loss of the people and the material things, she also grieved for the loss of her beliefs. So much of what their father had told them had been lies, lies to shelter them from the truth, lies about their Uncle Francis because their father had never forgiven him.
  • "He wants to see a battle," said Zherkov to Bolkonski, pointing to the accountant, "but he feels a pain in the pit of his stomach already."
  • Better than the group he had today. There was Mr. Glenn, first name unknown, who was a fisherman and braggart. He'd caught a twelve-inch trout and thought he had a trophy fish. There was Mr. Glenn's friend, who liked to tell jokes about Polish men he hadn't met, and then when he had drunk all the beer they'd brought on board, he retold the jokes, the second time far worse than the first. Then he'd tried to pinch Camille's butt, and Gabriel had to discourage him. And then there was Mrs. Glenn, whose first name Gabriel didn't want to know. But she wanted to know his first name and some things he didn't want to share. She wouldn't have minded a few more minutes alone with him in the galley of the Belle-Mere with her hands running all over Gabriel's upper body.
  • Max eased back over to me and slid his body to mine. He was shaking, his hands moved to my face, "You dont get it. I love you. Ill be with you until my last breath. Can you blame me for wanting to savor you a little?" He pulled me in close and began caressing me gently from my shoulder to my hips, he whispered how much he loved me while I felt his heat against me. His words of loved acted as a lullaby and without meaning to, I fell gently to sleep in his arms.
  • Her moms image appeared. She was sitting in Dads old white rocker, her face pale and her eyes wet. Her hair, now grey, hung loosely around her neck. She cut it short after her husband died. She said that shed wanted to cut it off years ago but left it long because he loved it so much. Sara sat next to Robin on the orange couch, both looking at their mom.
  • With a desire to make his first assault one of such overwhelming fury, Sazars greatest obstacle was arming this vast horde of goblins. Most had some sort of crude weapon when he persuaded them to join his league of minions. For what he had in mind, however, this was not enough. He wanted each goblin to carry a crossbow and a short sword of iron at the bare minimum. He wanted the bolts made of metal as well. The number of goblins he controlled soared into the thousands and equipping them beyond simple daggers or crude clubs proved to be a near impossible task. Though they raided several human outposts and two dwarf underground mining stations, he still had many more goblins than weapons. In the end, he ordered many to construct short bows from tree limbs and to carve wooden arrows from broken branches. Not quite what he first envisioned, but it would be enough, enough to obliterate the defenses of his first target and enough to make it clear that his army was never to be trifled with again.
  • Gray Burnett didnt drive Alicia back to Sessay, her ex-husband Carl Hester did. Not long after Alicia asked her question and Gray offered an untrue reply, Alicia received a text from Chris. Craig had called their dad and Carl was heading to Evanston, not wanting Gray to drive. Gray was Michaels best friend after all and with Petras death still weighing on the family, Carl would fetch his ex-wife.
  • He didn't realize he had been serving the greater good of Bish for quite some time. He was the one the underlings called the scourge of their kind. He had decimated their ranks, time and again. They wanted him dead, a kingdom for his head. Now, the Outland butcher was shackled by another set of enemies, for other reasons. The underlings did not realize their thorn was little more than a common man who hung helpless at the mercy of softer opponents. No, the name of Venir meant nothing to the underlings, for they called this human by a different name. With great hatred and reverence, they called him the Darkslayer.
  • Myranda may have hated death, but if being near to a corpse for a few minutes could save her life, she would not hesitate. She grasped what little of the cloth was visible and pulled with all of her might, but it was no use. The pack was frozen to the ground and pinned beneath the heavy shield. If she wanted to free the pack and its precious contents, she would need something to pry the metal sheet off of it.
  • "You know, I felt the same way when I first got here. I didn't fit in and wanted to go back home something awful. But, Headmaster Barns told me to give everyone time and they'd come around. I thought he was just saying that, but it turned out to be true. I don't have a lot of friends, but I have some. And, I count you at the top of the list. If you leave, what will I do?"
  • No, thought Roland, his heart chilled by foreboding. Not if Amalric has devised this. He looked at de Gobignon, standing proudly beside Louis, his arms folded across his purple and gold tunic. Even more than he wants my death, Amalric wants to destroy the King. And Maurice, that gray bird of ill omen who appeared just before the burning of the casters; if he is in on this, there is surely doom in it.
  • Trevor wanted to say something else, but something awful happened first: Azrael took over Mariah's body. "Don't you see?" Azrael said. "You've ruined the lives of those around you. It's time to put an end to this."
  • "I know what they did to you," Father Mallory told him. Keiran's eyes widened. "You forget, I'm the one who cleaned you up and salved your wounds." Keiran flushed scarlet, turning away. Father Mallory sighed deeply. "I have watched you both work so hard to resist becoming fond of one another. For you, Keiran, the problem is that you believe men loving men is a sin. For you, Gleve, it's a matter of being unprofessional as a Healer and knowing it might be dangerous to share too much with someone who might someday return to King Anglewart's service. But think, both of you. All is now changed. Keiran cannot return to his world. He is a wanted man; to return would mean death. And what is there for him to return to anyway? His beloved brother is gone. He will stay here, find some destiny among us." He turned back to Keiran, "Among a people who value the love between men, if that is part of your destiny."
  • "Hitler! Yes, he certainly is. What our leader wants to attain is the purity and the idealization of the Arian race. In this way he stimulates the ideal German model family: white and blonde. Ein Kind für den Führer. My seven children, Helga, Hilde, Harald, Helmut, Holde, Hedda and Heide all have blonde hair and blue eyes and are particularly suitable for our propaganda. See, this is a picture of the Führer," and he held up a portrait of a man with a small mustache. Michel was getting fed up with the know-it-all attitude of the minister. The professional orator kept trying to win him over, even from his height.
  • Bronwen didnt understand what was happening but she knew the man on the horse wanted her. He had said her name; she was the only Bronwen at the abbey. She glanced up and craned her neck, searching for the woman who was watching her while her mother was gone but when their eyes met, the woman covered her face with her hands and turned away. That just made Bronwen even more nervous.
  • This particular game of Sawyers depended on people being sheepish and wanting to avoid confrontation. Therefore the people arent supposed to say anything to Sawyer, theyre supposed to argue between themselves as they walk away.
  • Allen met Ben after work in the same row of gravestones where they'd met before. Allen really enjoyed the place. Judy was supposed to meet them there, but never showed. They took care of business. Allen tried to interest Ben in an upgrade this time - the dealer he got his pot from wanted to test the waters for some hydroponic shit. He produced a dime bag stuffed full of fuzzy looking pot. White widow. The good stuff.
  • I said, and tried to keep from choking on the words: "Is that all?" All I wanted to do was get my hands around the fat yegg's throat and be left alone for three minutes.
  • The babies that I have observed scream and cry all of the time, between being cute and trying to find any sense of balance. Life has come a long way from wanting a fresh diaper or warm bottle, to toasting my own Pop Tarts and managing bathroom trips.
  • The School of Shines hosted their own cemetery since the building of the school in the year 1025. Merlin, our first Headmaster, wanted the school built along with Condon the Great, and Lady Bilatine of O'Brien. Merlin, the founder of the School of Shines, decided to have a place for the teaching of Wizardry, for the good and care of its knowledge to keep the Order of Wizards in the land. Our great Merlin rested well through his ten years of heading the school. He named the School of Shines after an old Dragon he took one hundred long years to battle, Griffin Shines the Terra.
  • Not only will this planning give them a better chance of having enough money no matter how long they live, it will also make them more confident about their retirement. The annual Retirement Confidence Surveys from the Employee Benefit Research Institute consistently show that people are less anxious about their retirement if they do the math to estimate how much savings they'll need to cover their wants and needs.
  • He still wouldnt look at her. "Summer, I just…" He sighed, then turned her way. "I just wanted to know. Its been so good, really good. I just wanted to know if they made any difference."
  • "Tell him to stop sending flunkies. He knows none of you are a match for me. Mealle has already tried, and Yangarra learnt the hard way. If he wants the girl killed, then he must give me a better reason than that he thinks she is dangerous. I do not find her dangerous. I find her amusing, so why should I kill her now? I intend to send her below, as a gift for him."
  • "The swivel chair?" he sputtered. "Oh that ... no, I'm very happy with it - it's great. But I thought I saw a tear in the leather ... wanted to see if they'd replace it. Turned out not to be a tear after all, just a seam, a piece of cloth. You know me, Liz. Silly - it wasn't even close to being a tear. Just a little piece of cloth sticking out - I took it off. It's great, just great. The chair is great."
  • "I shot him," said the district attorney, "with Exhibit A of your counterfeiting case. Lucky thing for me -- and somebody else -- that it was as bad money as it was! It sliced up into slugs very nicely. Say, Kil, can't you go down to the jacals and find where that Mexican girl lives? Miss Derwent wants to know."
  • They were few and stunted, but they were heavily laden with fruit. Catrin scanned the branches for ripe apples and picked those within her reach, but she wanted a few more. As she stood on the tips of her toes and stretched toward an apple, hands grabbed her waist. She gasped when they lifted her into the air but was reassured when she heard Benjin chuckle. She snatched four beauties from the highest branches, and Benjin lowered her gently.
  • I raced to the waters edge. It was Meghan, only it wasnt. My little Meghan, the sweet toddler who I talked to most days stared back at me with bright, crimson eyes. Staring at her brought back memories from when I was last in Caiuspresence. I had stared in his deep red eyes knowing with certainty that he wanted to destroy me. I hadnt looked into eyes like these for some time now.
  • My condo was bought for me. My parents, particularly my father, are a bit indulgent. Go several millennia desperately wanting children and not getting any and well, you tend to spoil them when you do have them. Of course, Elders have been hording Human treasures for centuries upon centuries. Any Elder over about 100 years old, is worth more money than I can even imagine.
  • Ryson tried to break free, but the elf held him firm. The delver questioned Lief with irritability. He wanted to finish his job and he let Lief know it. "What are you talking about? There's still the west side. We can't leave any trees. Even one can take over and destroy the city."
  • He added: "The Muslim Brotherhood, whose members were the main victims in the Hama and Homs massacres, where Hafez al-Assad ordered the killing of thousands of people, is considered the most ardent opponent of the Baath regime. The Muslim Brotherhood movement is strongly opposed to modernization and secularization. It wants to reestablish an Islamic state under the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah for an Islamic society. But the game is played between the barracks and the mosque there, too. The choices the country has represent a dilemma between secularism and Shariah. However, the choice offered Egypt should be for democracy and Shariah [not secularism and Shariah] because democracy is inherently secular. With the recent uprising in Syria, this discussion has re-emerged.
  • Just before Daniel was going to answer, because his son surely wanted no part of starting that discussion with his mother, the rays of the morning sun reinvigorated Hartwell and he also strolled into the main room.
  • Anatole with his swaggering air strode up to the window. He wanted to smash something. Pushing away the footmen he tugged at the frame, but could not move it. He smashed a pane.
  • "I suppose they must be very gullible." She wanted so badly to pin this on me, but I knew she couldnt. I hadnt done anything wrong. It was the guardsmistake. I wasnt getting defensive or angry, and this seemed to make her even more irritated.
  • The Jenners phoned Guy from Nice. He told them that he had seen Toby but he was still puzzled. Grant Hardy was flying home on Monday evening with his wife and the other couple. The Jenners were going on to Monte Carlo. They had enjoyed a good run on the tables at Nice, and they wanted to try their luck with Nicki's system in Monte.
  • "Theres nothing for you to understand, mistress!" Haworth interrupted sharply. "The girl is the earl of Chesters daughter and he wants her. With as little trouble as possible," he added, glaring.
  • "I'm sorry to have ruined your night. I wanted it to be perfect. I should have known that wasn't possible. Not with everything hanging over our heads."
  • "Let's begin. Gentlemen, as you know we'll be offering a course at the farm this summer based on your research called `the dog as Master.' Dr. Maye had the role of researching "the dog as a public menace?" He wanted to expand that to wild dogs, coyotes, wolves, etcetera, but I restricted his efforts to domestic animals in the United States as a base to build upon in future years. May I congratulate you Dr. Maye for producing a report that is impressive both in size," Ortega held up the three-inch thick report, "and stats, and is rich with anecdotal material and analysis."
  • Zack had so many things he wanted to say at once, and all of his thoughts seemed to reach his mouth at the same time, so he paused.
  • Fuck. Maybe I had been wrong about Jason. Could he give her everything she deserved? Everything I couldnt? Could he give her a real life? Love? Marriage? Children? Happiness? I might give her love and marriage, but not children. Even then, we would be on the run, with the Quatre trying to hunt us down and kill us. I wanted nothing more than to give her happiness, yet I knew there was little chance of it. Most likely any life with me would end with capture, pain, and death.
  • "My mother," he thought. His birth mother hadnt forgotten him or left in a hurry, running away from robbers. She had been murdered and had most likely spent her last few moments alive hiding him, in a place apparently prepared for just that. This also meant that she had at least planned for the possible day that she would have to hide her son from people who wanted to hurt him. The fact that the house had been searched was disturbing as well, because nothing was taken, or at least nothing obvious had been taken. That probably meant that whoever had attacked was there for reasons other than financial gain. Before Legon had time to fully comprehend what he just been told, his adopted mother pushed on, almost as if by saying this she was free of some burden.
  • "Wait," I whispered. The dwarf didnt hear me, but in truth I wouldnt have known what else to say to him. There was nothing I could do to save the boy - and I wasnt sure I wanted to save him.
  • "Shes exactly what we need to make this attack quick and successful. How much do you want for her?" Lady Magmilan wanted to purchase me from Mr. Brown? I was just an object to them to be bought and traded. Great.
  • Not sure what to expect, and not really wanting (or needing) protective clothing, Sarah approached. However, the garments Kharus held out to her had her staring open-mouthed. The fabric the dwarf craftsman presented to her didnt even come close to resembling the suits of armor the others were wearing. What she was looking at was a much thinner, much stronger variant of the dwarvesspecial metal, bryl, which had been deftly woven into the fabric of the light purple gown being presented to her.
  • She went around in filthy socks, soiled pajamas and a ratty housecoat, the pockets overflowing with stickies. Why they hadn't seen to her right away when she'd gone to the hospital like that, she couldn't say. A reasonable person would have wanted Judy put away the moment he saw her.
  • Hed meant it when he told her he wasnt asking her to leave for him. Their being together was impossible, but it didnt stop him wanting her to be happy. To go through each day knowing some creep tormented her while he remained helpless to do anything, filled him with fury and made his heart ache in some inexplicable way.
  • "He speaks truly," Tefir said. "My claim to my title is legitimate, but that is not the only reason Telamon helped me. Coursa wanted me to have this title. It was in repayment for her help that I was awarded my shire."
  • Vibrant green light filled her. She pictured her Mam in her mind. She willed the green life back out of her, commanding it to fly on the winds. She told the breeze the message she wanted delivered. She did not know if it would find her, or how long it would take. She was not even sure that it had worked, but it was all that she could do.
  • "No, it definitely do not be easy. I wanted to be staying. To hug you. To be telling you I be missing you and thinking of you all of these years, but I couldn't."
  • It had been several days since he and Jillian had rejoined the Lord General's legions in the city of Aknoir placed purposely to intersect all the major eastern trade routes at a place the locals called crossroads. Reinforcements from the homelands across the Beriatic sea had arrived in mass greatly swelling the numbers and reducing the need to rely upon enslaved locals. Most of the legion made camp in the outlying countryside but the lords and commanders had made the city itself headquarters forcing the locals to flee, be enslaved, or drafted for the cause. Since their arrival He had secured private quarters within the city for him and Jillian, had even met with the Lord General briefly but Merca had been silent until now. It was a fair bet that Merca wanted to gloat over his recent failure and assign him some new quest Merca was sure to deem of great importance. He was not in the mood. Much had changed recently.
  • Audrey sighed. She had never learned the name of the boy who broke into the castle four years ago and cut down the wooden frame of Richards keep. If the Normans knew his name, they had successfully kept any slaves from discovering it. They said only that the boy had been exiled from Engla-lond for his crimes and and henceforth was known as the Outlaw. "The Outlaw is the reason Lord Richard wanted us to build the keep in stone so quickly," she pointed out. She didnt like speaking against the Outlaw; she admired him as much as anyone. Nonetheless, their lives had become doubly miserable ever since his visit. "Hes also the reason its so difficult for us to get our hands on weapons or do anything at all without permission."
  • "How about we give Sanych as much rope as she wants, eh, Alii?" interrupted Godric loudly. "Lets see what she does with it."
  • "Uh-huh," said Freek, nodding his head. "So that's what you were doing in that soup kitchen; you were trolling for someone that you could bring up here and brainwash with your ideas, someone down and out who might be more susceptible, or would at least listen to you. When you saw me, you must have thought you had lucked out. I was perfect for your plans, Mink too, some poor little runaway who wouldn't mind listening to you if you fed and sheltered her, gave her a ride to wherever she wanted to go. You know, that kind of makes you a sneaky, manipulative, devious son of a bitch."
  • "So then I was rolling around on the ground, feeling like my sinuses were trying to explode out of my face. Feeling like my eyeballs were melting. Feeling like my lungs were all shriveled up into raisins. I couldnt scream, I couldnt even breathe. By the time I could even roll over and open my eyes, they had me cuffed: ankles and wrists in zapstraps that were so tight, they felt like piano wire. I was a cool fifteen year old, but not that cool. I started up the waterworks, boohoohoo, couldnt shut it down, couldnt even get angry. I just wanted to die. The Sony cops had seen it all before, so they put a tarp down on the Veddics backseat upholstery, threw me in it, then rolled it into their recovery truck and drove me to the police station.
  • The Goblin questioned John at the fire, like what type of protection did the school have from them. The evil men want to take a hold of helpless kids. John knew they really wanted Eibhlin. Even as he thought her name, he felt her power beside him.
  • "Ah, no, no, not really. Why?" Although the mayor wanted to get rid of his visitor, he couldn't help himself. Why would this strange man ask about weasels?
  • "Spare your oaths," he tells them, raising a hand for silence. He regards the voluptuousness that promises the gruesome result he wants for men. "Ill trust to your conditions."
  • No, the reality was much darker. Dirtier. Unclean and far from innocent. The future was not bright and shining. It wears a black cloak, it carries a scythe and it wants nothing more than to rape the souls of the just and the damned alike in one fell swoop.
  • As the tracks began pulling off the road, Bolts began to feel his confidence returning. If the days mission was successful it would only be because his detour had worked. If they did succeed in finding a weapons cache it would attract a lot of attention at Headquarters. With the Colonel taking such a personal interest in their progress, it was the perfect time to distinguish himself. For the first time since his arrival, Bolts began to feel that volunteering for Vietnam had been the right thing to do after all. He began to try to think up ways of telling the Colonel about the detour when he called. He wanted to take full credit for the idea and put it in such a way as to impress him with his ingenuity but to be subtle at the same time, so that he would appear to be boasting. By the end of the day he could be well on his way to a promotion and a First Lieutenants silver bar. Then, with a bit of luck, he might yet be the first one in his R.O.T.C. class to make Captain.
  • Peter slowly took the letters and hesitantly glanced through them. He wasnt surprised that they were correspondence between Killigrew and Benedict himself. Peter wanted to know what secrets were shared between the two, although Peter was terrified of what he would find. Each of the letters were short and to the point. Although Benedicts handwriting was cramped and hard to read, Peter could make out most of what was written, like in this letter:
  • "Yes. Only four copies exist. Chance and Meuril each have one, and Laylan has the original. Recently he entrusted one to me, because my soldiers have gotten caught in them, and I wanted to try the traps on Filinians." Syrill's hands were free. He wrenched the other shoe off and started working on his feet.
  • Tania nodded. "That's why she's helping us at all. She knows you and Robin, and what you two are capable of. And she is wary of Andrew. She has reasons, apparently, for not wanting to offend his father. Pity she doesn't apply those reasons to the rest of the world. She is uncertain about you and Calum, Emma. She isn't sure if I've got a Five, but I've worried her."
  • But the evening paper had a different story about Jews and the Jewish Brewer. As it turned out; the lady of the Jewish Brewery house infected two of the employees, under her charge, two other than Sandras mother: the Brewer and his wife left the country before they could be held responsible for three deaths. The Nazis announced that the Jewish brewer did it because he knew his wife was dying and he wanted to use the disease to murder as many Germans as possible before his wife withered away and died.
  • Now, they stared at the barricade in silence, unsure. It seemed as if they still wanted to enter the cityand somehow, they realized, they didthey would have to move all of this out of the way. There was always the port entrance, sure, but they didn't want to try their luck with the water, even a year later.
  • "That is just it. They had decided that mother had imagined it all, and yet you see how exactly everything was painted in her mind, for she had even remembered that Hiram had told her that Maria could have married the sea-captain if she had wanted to!
  • Good God!’ he broke out with unexpected vehemence. ‘Writing letters is one thing, but wanting to live there? Thats something else entirely!’
  • A pang of anxiety went through him when he still could not sense her, and he stood up, pulling on his shirt, boots and cloak. The stupid girl had fled. Cold pain stabbed his chest as he stepped out of the tent into the watery dawn light. He hated the feelings that burgeoned within him, cursing his inability to let her go. The demons, or Orran's people would kill her, freeing him, yet the thought brought a fresh stab of pain and a deep sense of loss. Her spell still held him powerfully. He could not resign himself to her loss; he had to get her back. Rage washed through him, and he told himself he only wanted her back to thwart his father. He would not let him win.
  • Pretty fucking amazing, Rose wanted to say. All of this was beyond what Rose usually knew, not contained or set out ahead of time. They had decided to have a baby and as if conceiving immediately, here they were, reality moving at a far faster pace than either dreamed.
  • And our fears for the Captain were justified about 4 a.m. by a report of firearms in the direction of the ship. I sprang to the door and waved a torch, and in a minute or so our comrades came running in through a shower of stones and lances, several of which struck the tents. The natives, it appeared, had attempted to plunder the ship. At great risk Obed ran out to seek one of the toens and reason with him: but the mischief happened too quickly. Some of our men caught up their muskets and fired. Our assailants at once broke up and fled; and half-a-dozen of us charged down to the water's edge, where we saw a score and more with torches, busily setting fire to the ship. They too dispersed before us, leaving two of their number dead on the field and carrying off several wounded. But we came too late to save the Independence, which was already ablaze in a dozen different places; nor could we make any effort against the flames, for we knew not how sorely we might be wanted at the tents.
  • Entering the temple, she sticks to the shadows, not wanting to be seen by Alastor. Not that it is of much use, the temple is very well lit, but empty. Alastor descends a set of stairs at the rear of the main hall, entering a room marked as a library. He does not close the door fully, allowing Amelia an ample eavesdropping opportunity. She stands to the left of the door, heart pounding, afraid of being caught by Alastor.
  • "Good question," said the snake. "Get on my back theres somebody who wants to see you. She can answer all your questions."
  • "Oh, yeah, but this time Jack wants lots of publicity," chides one of them. "He wants it known that he can take care of a fuck up like you. We're here to make this as messy as possible."
  • "Use the scope," said the lady. "But youd be better off looking to your left, if you really want to know what they are." Just in case hed forgotten where his left was, Lilac indicated the way for him. "Go on," she continued, when she saw that hed finally caught notice of what it was she wanted him to see.
  • Emily wasn't in the mood for jokes. She wanted real answers, so she looked Thaddeus dead in the eye and asked the question again, "How many months?"
  • When Mother Peg had scanned all of her notes for that night, she closed the precious Journal and set it carefully on a shelf Rafe had built for her behind one of the beams in the stable. She had decided to keep her current Healing Journal as well as the Project Journal well away from the Princess' eyes and came to the stable when she wanted to work on them.
  • Summer knew she meant the condoms, not the quality. "He wanted to know if it would feel any better. I cant imagine how it could, except that technically it should." Theoretically, and how better to test a theory than to just do it? "But Ill tell you…"
  • A villain, to be memorable, should have dignity balanced by remorselessness, an implacable integrity in pursuit of his goal. Think the early Vader and Lecter; think Dracula as originally envisioned by Bram Stoker and then by Hollywood, before vampires turned out to be unhappy teenagers; think Auric Goldfinger, who in the book just wants the gold in Fort Knox and will kill whomever he must in order to get it. Think of the killers who drove the "Halloween," "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th" franchises in their heyday.
  • "A lone maiden, Helena, Crestiana's cousin, arrived upon the steps of the house carrying an infant in her arms with the tale of his existence. The poor maiden carried only the babe and a letter: a letter that Master Pers himself had written before his death in case something happened to him. He worried about his wife and wanted her to be given entrance to the house if fate didn't allow him to bring her. Fate was cruel; Crestiana died within hours after giving birth. Her last actions sent young master Cono to his home here. She feared for his life.
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