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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • The boy meant Ashleigh's second husband, by all accounts a prince of a man. Swann almost couldn't hate the guyalmost. Ashleigh and Jeff wanted to make their new family more official, but Swann had refused permission.
  • There was silence, the kind of silence that follows the shattering of a precious vase. Roland glanced over his shoulder to see if any of the other knights in the hot, dark room had heard. But they had all withdrawn to the far side, perhaps wanting to give Perrin privacy in his dying and any confession he might make. Only Louis and himself had heard the damning name of the last Sacrament of the Cathars.
  • "No. Mard told me he'd asked Crandall to let them talk it over but that Crandall said she wouldn't do it. That she never wanted to speak to her husband again."
  • She told Carino about Aster. She showed him Keldar's children. She told him she wanted out. She must go back home. She had to take her throne back and control the situation. It was time to free herself from that prison and get her revenge. She had enough of Keldar anyway.
  • Edeline had other worries to keep her company throughout the cold night. She had assumed that the task given to them by The Hidden One had been meant to end their captivity. It was only when Baudry had hinted otherwise that she even considered that she might have been wrong about that. If she wanted to live, then the quest might not be what she wanted? Wasn't that what he'd said? But if not to live, then, what? To die? Why would anyone want that? The answer came trickling to her like drops of water slowly falling. Some of them were more than a hundred years old. Ember had been trapped as a little girl for what seemed forever to her. The Hidden One might be a hundred twenty eight, unable to move, barely able to speak very long. Even Barque, even Baudry, were much older than they seemed. And if there was no escape? The thought was astounding. Of course they'd been trying for years! They were trapped in some sort of a supernatural maze. Yes, she could see where they might want to end their ordeal.
  • "And Devlin? How did he find out? I doubt Breandan would have proclaimed my existence to the Tribe." I remembered the reluctance in his expression when he held me for the first time. And I remembered his words, 'The white witch was right and now I'll never hear the end of it.' "And as much as you tell me Breandan wanted to meet me, I have a hard time believing it."
  • Mungo surprised her by arriving early on Thursday and, although he said nothing about it, she could see he was pleased she had moved in. Her bags were still on the floor, unpacked, and she apologized, offering to move them under the stairs, but he stopped her. There was someone coming to see the house; it would give the impression they were in the process of moving out. Before she grasped what he was say¬ing, he kissed her and held her close. It was what she had wanted for days, hardly knowing she did, and she gave herself up to it.
  • "Yes, they are splendid, splendid youngsters," chimed in the count, who always solved questions that seemed to him perplexing by deciding that everything was splendid. "Just fancy: wants to be an hussar. What's one to do, my dear?"
  • The King rose from his throne, almost with a twinge of gratitude for Valaira, as she had been able to do what he had not: find Elryia. But a King that cautious doesn't let anything but paranoia linger for too long, and he began to wonder what she planned to do with the young woman, why he wasn't allowed to touch her, and what she intended to take; but most of all: was it something he could use for himself? He stared out the window as night broke, knowing tonight would be like most nights and he would not sleep for a minute. He wanted to be ready the moment she entered his castle. He may even leave his throne room, disturbingly desperate to see the face of the girl who had caused him so much trouble.
  • Lunch with Sam was a thing of the past a week later when I started my new job at corporate headquarters. I missed the great pasta at Callinis but with catered food to choose from each day and a free gym membership, I was living a healthier existence. In a weird way, I also felt a sense of relief to be separated from Sam. While I enjoyed our therapy sessions, it took a lot of energy away from me. We had transitioned into talking on the phone every now and then, and e-mailing each other almost every day. It was a much more efficient method of communication for me because I was able to read what I wanted and ignore the remaining babble.
  • They didn't have much to say to each other. They'd been married forever and raised a couple of kids. Now that they were left to themselves, he just wanted to tinker and she just wanted to sit and think. They had all their meals together and sat on the couch watching TV at night, and they even kissed each other before going to sleep. But they hadn't had sex in years, and she snored so loudly that Frank was grateful when she started sleeping in the kids' beds. They loved each other; they accepted each other's annoyances and failings and made the best of it. It wasn't a bad life at all. Each was free to spend their days as they wished, and neither saw any reason to object to what the other one did.
  • Stewart Shaw flew out of his chair like a demented banshee and rushed onto the bedroom set. He looked up at Brenda and screamed, ‘You follow the damn script! If I had wanted your boobs in this shot I would have put them in the shot. I run this bloody show, not you.’
  • Marthe waited in their room, Kells footsteps in the kitchen. Nate was delayed and she just wanted to get this underway, start this new chapter in their relationship, one where the man she cared for might share more of his sex life with her. Even if it meant another person involved, Marthe wanted Kell to be all hers.
  • Afghanistan wants to project an image of stability ahead of 2014, a critical year when presidential elections will be held and the 350,000 Afghan security force will take over security.
  • At a minimum, the White House wants a multi-year extension of the debt limit to prevent another standoff early in 2013 and risk a government default.
  • That voice was the last one Nasan wanted to hear right now. She turned to see Gurban holding a sack. He thrust it at her.
  • "Dev, I didnt…" I struggled with my words as if I was just learning to talk. I knew what I wanted to say, but no idea how to say it.
  • "That's a tricky one. I think they wanted to see how well you understood the situation, why your race is being destroyed. They wanted to hear you argue against your own kind."
  • Only when Gray took her hand did she remember. His fingers felt good in her palm and Rose wanted him, wished for a distraction. Then she turned his way.
  • Alfonso looked back at the two readers and then again at Annie. "While we were playing cards with that Irishman, he told us an interesting story." He stood and walked around to the bench behind Annie, leaving the two cousins alone. He sat down and leaned forward, resting his elbows against the back of Annies bench. "His parents came over to America quite a while ago, back in the 1850s. They were pretty well off, but wanted to come to America because of the famine and unrest back in Ireland. They were involved in the "land grab" of 1862, when the governments "Homestead Act" allowed people to take 160 acres of open land for a small fee, but only if they would stay and farm it for five years. They got some land out by the Mississippi."
  • Marthe felt tears, never considering the future and Frank in the same thought. Was that deliberate? "My brothers a heroin addict," she whispered. "No one in my family wants to talk about it, but its the truth. Hes a mess, just a goddamned mess!"
  • As commanded - for one thing he wanted Glyder back - Sallis turned up at the gatehouse exactly one hour after noon. Two fresh guards stood at the gate, but Crallin and Oston, now wearing leather armor instead of their uniform, waited.
  • "Very good," the commander mused. "He wants us to go to the door. He'll have his men waiting there on the inside. We break through the door and fight to get through a narrow passage way. Just when we break his force, reinforcements would hit us from behind. He would probably sacrifice his own life in the process, but we would be trapped."
  • Who were these strangers, anyway? As the young man disappeared into the large and brightly lit house, party sounds floated out of the open door, and snatches of dancing music. The big house was alive with people, and their music and laughter only sharpened her aloneness. Impulsively, she wanted more than anything to join them, meet them, talk to them.
  • They said nothing, only breathing, taking in the hushed house. No guests, no one on the sofa. No late night calls or dreams, no one disturbing. Nothing but a question Rose wanted to ask, one she knew Gray was reluctant to answer.
  • Like many people, Rob turned out to be all right once he got past the shock of her towering over him. Her height was intimidating and made her memorable, which was part of the reason that she usually wore heels that made her have to duck going through door frames. Most of the reason, though, was that heels brought door frames down to something approaching eye level, so shed remember to duck in the first place. In any kind of regular shoes, say athletic shoes, she was just a touch too tall for most doors, and shed whacked her head more times than she wanted to remember. Door frames fell into that "spatial referencing skill challenged" category; shed learned clear back in middle school that it was either wear heels or a hard hat. Shed told kids clear back then that if she was going to be a freak, there was no point in being half-assed about it.
  • "Nice to meet you, Sir." Russ thrust out his right hand, keeping his left in his pocket. Arlic shook his hand, and Liseli wondered if women were supposed to shake hands with men or if that would be a faux pas. She decided not to chance it, and didnt offer her handshed let him extend his hand if he wanted to. He didnt, instead bowing his head very slightly before turning back to Pillari.
  • "And I am still arguing with your husband. I can't understand why he wants to go to the war," replied Pierre, addressing the princess with none of the embarrassment so commonly shown by young men in their intercourse with young women.
  • Not of me! I meant she might see a troll or something. Although I did look pretty good, if I do say so myself. I was muscular, lean, and tanned. Heck, I could probably even give myself a huge...ego...if I wanted to. My appearance was more than just healthy self-image now. I had conscious control over how I looked, right down to the clothes I was wearing--or wasn't wearing, as was the case at the moment.
  • Billy celebrated his eighth birthday with the pack's other boys in the leader's ger. His parents took advantage of having their hut to themselves. The next morning, when they looked for Billy, they were told he went on one of his long distance exercises. His parents wanted Billy to learn to survive on his own, so they encouraged these long trips.
  • "Hi," I said, quietly. I knew he could hear me clearly. The distance between us was still about sixty feet, but it was a void either of us could close in an instant if we wanted to. "I saw you the other day in the stadium."
  • Sam was droning on and on about how he couldnt believe that Holly just fell into his lap, that he convinced her and her friend to stay when they were ready to turn around and go home. In reality, the girls werent going anywhere; they wanted someone to fawn all over them, and shower them with a Sam-diculous amount of attention. He did everything to praise his persuasive abilities but pat himself on the back. Conspicuously missing from the conversation that day was any mention of hot sex. Sex was the basis of most of our conversations and I was starting to wonder what this relationship was all about. Could the loveless mans heart be awakening from an extended slumber? Was this girl so wonderful that Sam had fallen in love? Stay tuned for these and more answers on, As the Sam Spins.
  • Billy pulled his pickup truck into the driveway. He left the bag with the meatball hero and the half pound of potato salad from the Italian deli on the front seat. He wanted to find out what the stranger was doing on the porch before he unloaded his gear. He walked up the porch steps and immediately recognized him. Ted Neary. The wire glasses, the black mustache and thick black hair on his head. Even the baggy sports jacket. He had seen Neary interviewed on TV and his picture in the paper a couple of times a week. He remembered the opening words of the column he did on Tommy Ledge a good number of years ago. "When Tommy Ledge, Huntington's legendary clammer, isn't scooping up those delicious bivalves somewhere on Huntington Bay, he can be found on his favorite bar stool in Sugar's." Neary had come to Tommy's wake and the party celebrating his life at Sugar's. Billy was grateful that Neary didn't write a column about the exchange between Monnie and Robin Ledge.
  • Relief entered a splinter of his mind. His pursuit was coming to an end. The cold dirt of a grave to lie in was welcoming to Venir. His lazy eyes looked up as the garbled sounds of the underlings chittered away. He still wanted to kill just a few more, but he would have to rest first. Venir's blue eyes rolled up into his head and he no longer moved at all.
  • "Who?" But Ramn did not have to ask. He knew that Francisco and Pablo had saddled up and gone with the Yanquis cowboys to rescue Mama. "That was why Don Pedro wanted me to push him in to see the Dona, to keep me busy!"
  • Dereck gave Aradia a look of pure hatred. "You know so little after all. And your friend Kaiser held you in such high esteem. I never wanted to kill."
  • The only thing I heard during the 45-minute session, was Keiko gently saying, "Front, please" when she wanted me to turn over. I had this half-daydream, half-sleeping dream that I had gotten hard when she was rubbing me down. The only twist was that Nina had taken over and was working her sexy magic on me. The next thing I heard was the gentle sound of a small gong. I slowly opened my eyes and immediately looked down, expecting to see a tent forming from my towel.
  • Eventually Connor walked towards the idling red pickup truck and opened up the passenger door. David sat patiently, waiting in the purring vehicle that wanted to get a move on. He sat his bag and chest strap in the bed of the truck and slid Tool into the belt loop on his right hip. Connor stepped up and sat down in the seat. "Ready, Son?" David asked casually.
  • Dredrik held the torch aloft in his left hand while holding Eitreens free hand in his right. They had not spoken much, both not wanting to face what the morning would bring. It was Eitreen who finally broke the silence.
  • "Yeah. And he said he was representing this person who wanted this other person run off the road and made to look like an accident, and could I do it with my truck."
  • The clouds still covered the sunlight, but at least the diffused rays were able to warm their skin. After another hour or so they finally reached the bottom of the mountain where the air was now warm. At the bottom there was no river, but the path continued on. Silas caught a glimpse from Dink. Neither was sure of what needed to be done next. Obviously the only choice was to follow the path. The forest to their right was so thick that trying to navigate through would be impossible. The mountain was on their left and none of them wanted to go back. The only way was forward.
  • Sir Bale asked him to come to the Hall and take luncheon; but Trebeck was in haste. Cattle had arrived which he wanted to look at, and a pony awaited him on the road, hard by, to Golden Friars; and the old fellow must mount and away.
  • 'Sorry I'm late, I've been running behind schedule since this morning. Crazy, crazy timetable. Everyone wants the prime spots overlooking the river. Let me take you up and show you around this little baby.' He inverted commas with his fingers whilst promising this little baby. Duncan smiled.
  • "That seat is for my sister," said Adrienne, turning around to look back at the door, "but she hasnt come down yet." The words rang hollow, confirming Valentins suspicion that they had set the third chair out as a pretence, to mask the fact that they wanted to spend time together.
  • Suki moves at the same time. The expression on her face is a fist to my gut. She stands off a few paces and doesn't look like she wants to risk coming any closer. It's too late to wonder what Mickey told her.
  • "It always is." It was not the answer he wanted but more than the man usually heard, so he was satisfied, and allowed Graham the stillness he obviously sought.
  • I still haven't spoken. I'm not sure what I would even say. They have made it clear that they decide if and when I find out information related to my capture. Part of me curses my foolishness for being captured. How simple it would have been to write a letter to my professors or my family telling them where I was or what I was doing. I may have been captured but at least I would have the comfort of knowing I was being looked for. Another part of me, a darker part of me ... a part that hadn't existed in me until now, wants to know their purpose. What are they up to? Why do they need my blood? Why do they need my mind?
  • Certainly not very long, and he pulled out, then removed the spent condom, hardly getting his moneys worth. Hed brought a box of them yesterday, when he arrived for dinner. The children were surprised, but it was pleasant, no baseball to watch, only supper to eat, stories to read, some homework that Erika wanted to complete before the weekend actually started. At eight-thirty Skye went to bed. At nine Erika said goodnight. But Dan and Nat were playing chess, Dan taking over from where Jody had left off, teaching Nat the basics. Summer had no idea Dan played chess. He let Nat win once, then used smarter moves. Finally at ten, Summer said enough, and Nat mumbled that he hoped Dan would come tomorrow night, before the game.
  • "Oh no, frankly I could do without it. I know, it helps," she added, before I could object. "Just wanted to mention it, in case someone suddenly comes to fetch me."
  • Consprite noted the uncomfortable gaze of the elder elf. He sensed the confusion and concern like a shark senses the distress of another fish. He wanted to smile but he kept his emotions hidden. This was a battle he was determined to win.
  • "So where did you come from? Not originally. I mean before you came to live out here." Sarah thought he just wanted a conversation to get his mind off certain things. Probably the fact that she intentionally pressed her breast against his arm forced the subject change.
  • Women are encouraged to marry up, so even the most powerful of women wanted an even more powerful husband. Princess couldnt throw the first stone because she did the same thing.
  • He was enjoying himself. This Mick Gubbins isn't so bad, at least he's an eager listener. He rested his arse on the rim of the basin and warmed to his topic. Mick settled down to listen, he couldn't go even if he wanted to.
  • Geret, Salvor and Kemsil had slipped into anonymity among the myriad harbor repairmen, at Anjoyas suggestion. There was good pay for any man who wanted it, and though the hours were long, there would be no shortage of work for several more weeks. It was an ideal way to gauge the harbors eventual readiness to receive a ship of sufficient size to carry them safely back to Vint, whether a Sea God or not.
  • When we split up and ran in different directions into the dark forest, I didn't know I saved myself by turning back to look for John. I lay down, out of breath, unable to run any longer. In the middle of trampled tulips, sleep came. The one whom they wanted most of all was me, for my power would come soon. The fire pit meeting marked the starting point of my rise to power. If we'd stayed any longer in the forest, we would have seen a few hundred more headed to the fire pit to meet up with the Evil Goblin.
  • Marthe giggled. While that one president remained Kells nemesis, the epidemic as a whole rarely crossed his lips. Yet remorse ran thick through her body. She wanted to sit next to him. Instead, she threaded her needle, attempting a few stitches.
  • A flush stole over Miss Sutherland's face, and she picked nervously at the fringe of her jacket. "I met him first at the gasfitters' ball," she said. "They used to send father tickets when he was alive, and then afterwards they remembered us, and sent them to mother. Mr. Windibank did not wish us to go. He never did wish us to go anywhere. He would get quite mad if I wanted so much as to join a Sunday-school treat. But this time I was set on going, and I would go; for what right had he to prevent? He said the folk were not fit for us to know, when all father's friends were to be there. And he said that I had nothing fit to wear, when I had my purple plush that I had never so much as taken out of the drawer. At last, when nothing else would do, he went off to France upon the business of the firm, but we went, mother and I, with Mr. Hardy, who used to be our foreman, and it was there I met Mr. Hosmer Angel."
  • She wanted desperately to cry, to let the tears of agony wash through her, cleansing her. They did not come. Nothing came. Every hope and fear; every wish and aborted dream; every emotion; every memory. They had vanished with the tears, leaving a colossal chasm inside her chest. She wanted to hold on, but nothing was left to grab on to.
  • Sam was happy to feel wanted after Rhonda Free-Bush passed him up for Mr. Doogie Howser light. Carla nestled into her seat and the bus started rolling. No more than 20 seconds passed before the conversation began. Sam started talking about his past experience at Camp Hook-Up, offering the G-Rated version for a change. Carla was so distracted by the excess lox spread on Sams cheek that she reached into her purse to find a wiping device. She pulled out a moist wipe and, despite his refusal to stop talking, held the clean side of his face in her left hand while wiping off the excess bagel with the right.
  • "Now, where were we? Oh yes, you wanted to predict the future of the Third Reich to me. I am not going to fall for that of course, but I can predict that your future is not looking rosy," and he again made a sea of light appear. Because of these hard hits, Michel could barely think anymore, his volatile body was trembling dangerously and was on the verge of evaporating. One more attack would have been fatal. Right at that moment, the door opened and Magda came in.
  • Christianson wanted to hang out with Rogers the following night, be he had returned to Arizona to take care of some family business, or so he he told his younger charge. He then turned to Erickson, who had just returned from a week with one of his girlfriends in Europe and was looking to catch up on some sleep.
  • "For example, if someone wanted to test Dr. Gallo's contention that his HTLV-3 virus caused AIDS, and they wanted to grow the virus in their own lab according to Koch's Postulate Number Two so they could do Postulates Number Three and Four, what did they have to do, now that it was believed that only the H9 culture would work?"
  • The Duke deliberated. Since he was in on the joke now and wanted to be a regular guy and go along with the gag since that was his image and he was a regular guy, how should he respond? It took him only a moment to decide. "Hell no," the Duke drawled. "I think you're a real camel, and a helluva fine camel at that, too. You're the best damn camel I've ever seen, in fact."
  • Again the feeling of entrapment came over her, but weakly. The priest in all his madness was sincere. She remembered his contorted face materializing out of the smoke, the harsh sounds of his prayers at the base of the burning mound, just before he touched his candle to the wood. She wanted to want vengeance. She envied the human capacity for retaliation for its own sake. But as she raised the sword and held it over the kneeling priest, she felt nothing other than a slight consolation. Incapacitated, he might free himself; dead, his passivity was certain.
  • I searched through my defective memory banks and chose the forest flight story. As much as I wanted to trust her, I couldnt bring myself to share the silver mist with anyone else other than Tray. The temperamental burning still lapped underneath my heart. Although she might be able to actually explain how I can retrieve that wandering piece of my soul, it didnt feel right to tell her about the silver mist.
  • How many times had Diane told him death was but a release from the sufferings of life? At this moment he wanted to throw himself on the nearest fire and burn up with the casters he had failed to save. Burn as she had burned.
  • "Yeah, she always said she wanted to be over there, wished she knew why that was where they were buried." Lovie sighed. "I guess shell never know."
  • Dans hands moved to her sides, fingers running along her waist. She leaned back, Dans body warm, hard, and she wanted him, then wondered if he had brought the condoms back here. "Do we have any rubbers?"
  • "He doesnt want me," Ivy said, her eyes narrowing. "He wants you. Just like everyone else. Its always about you, Reychel. When is it going to be about me?"
  • Maria was not only available but she wanted to bring her boyfriend, Carlo Bruzzi. Kathy was desperate, so she was happy that there would be a significant buffer between she and her parents. It was odd but she was less concerned with her fathers behavior than her mothers. Genie Lamb had a way of getting under your skin, like dirt from the garden, while smiling all the while.
  • He wondered if Mr. Wayne was still here, or had left him to his fate. Perhaps the Duke would feel guilty over his behavior and come back to retrieve him, even realize that he still needed him, but did Sydney really want that? To his surprise he found it exhilarating to be on his own like this, to have the opportunity to do something different with his life, but what else could he do? What did he want to do? He was made for only one thing. He didn't even know where he wanted to go or how he could get there. He had some power of movement but it was very limited, he would need someone to come along and pick him up, or for a strong wind to blow him somewhere. He wished the other wigs were around so he could ask their advice, but they were too far away to communicate with.
  • Sergeant Major at Arms Victual nervously stuffed the remains of a nutrition bar into his pants pocket before knocking on the Generals hatch. The Mars outfitted Venus had cast an ominous shadow from its pedestal where hed left it half an hour prior. The polymorphic skeleton had been coded with every conceivable fetish available from Earths historical society. Yet the shadow was somehow longer than it should have been, especially a shadow cast from such a comely machine as a Venus series. It made no sense that deFöl pressed desperately for Argos principle civilization, enough for the enigmatic Argentice to lead a singular expedition. His mouth tasted of spoiled milk and rancid beef. Victual stared dumbly at the hatch before reaching into his pocket for the remainder of his nutrition bar. If deFöl wanted to send Argentice then that was none of his business and he decided not to worry the General with his concerns.
  • I think deep down Mr. Cohen knew that I was digging a deeper and deeper hole for myself. At the time, I never even thought I was struggling. In fact, I viewed my situation as ideal; to be a member of the greatest gang in the world was both an honor and an extremely powerful position. No one even bothered to mess with me at school and all of the girls knew whom to come to if they wanted some action. I was 11 years old going on 20 and I never wanted the fast ride to end.
  • "She wants a drink. Got a canteen right here," said Sandy. He handed it to her and watched her pour the water all over herself. Then he stared in shock.
  • Gidas almost laughed out loud.Lazerek would never share power.Perhaps that is why Jahvel wanted to send his own men with Lazerek so they could keep watch on him.Gidas knew Lazereks power and Jahvel and his entire school had no idea of what real power was. Lazerek needed no man to protect him. Bellatrix would belong to Lazerek, and no other. At least not for a while.
  • Sarah is stunned. She remembers Campbell saying in his opening statement that he had subpoenaed Gallo, but will Gallo actually testify? Will Campbell get him to appear and finally answer questions a lot of people have been wanting to ask for a very long time? Campbell has got some guts, she realizes.
  • She was another one of the first to have these "powers" or talents, or whatever else you want to call them. She was put in charge when headquarters was first built. It was a place for all of the freaks and outcasts to live together away from the outside world. It all seemed to be a good idea, but Isabella Magmilan was not the right person to lead this new community. She was greedy and power-hungry, wanting to create an army and destroy all those who had not accepted people like us, but it was a slow process and she didnt want to leave it up to someone else to finish if she were to become too old to remain in charge.
  • Thursday afternoon, I sat on the wooden bleachers in the gym and listened as Mrs. King outlined the audition procedures. A panel of judges had been called in to watch us perform, including Brooke as captain of the squad and Mrs. King herself. Each girl would perform the cheers by herself, then all eight of us would perform the long dance as a group at the end of the auditions. Anyone who wanted to watch the auditions was welcome to sit in throughout the entire thing.
  • Sam piled the dishes in the sink and turned on the hot water. "Writing. Always wanted to be a writer. Mystery stories. Lots of ideas from cases I've been on. Should have the first story finished by the end of the year." Bryan grunted and pulled a towel off the rack and started to dry the dishes.
  • Marthe had wanted to protest, but kept her mouth shut. His body had led him towhere they stood with each other. It wasnt turning out pretty or lasting, but it had been thirty years, three decades since theyd met, since he had turned up at her clinic. And since he was going to die at home, at least she wouldnt have to go back to the hospital. Neither would he.
  • All a mother had been would cease as soon as a daughter left this spot, this place of rest where people were buried and the living couldnt stay. Alicia wanted to plant herself right alongside her mother and Rose let go of her cousin with small, jerking motions, as if to say she understood. "Oh yeah honey, well be there. Just gonna stop and see Mom and Dad."
  • "I don't know but Jack can come up with some pretty mean characters when he wants to. Whoever they are, don't cross them. Anyone willing to blow up a night club full of kids is not someone whose bad side you want to be on."
  • "It looks to me like the runt of the litter wants to prove himself." Connor sat down Sarahs drink and Marks food. He turned back towards the ingrate in an unafraid and confident manor and stood with his arms crossed over his chest.
  • It wasnt the first thing Rose wanted to know, but in the top three. First were stories from Emorys day, then from Grays. Liam had started back to his educational base last week, so that childs tales were perfunctory. After Rose heard Emorys news, the usual from her husband followed, students returning, new faces to learn, and a few altercations with those unaware of how Mr. Burnett ran his classroom. Then she asked. "So Gray, how did you get there this morning?"
  • If she wanted to hear him deny it, she had a long wait. He dragged himself to his feet, glowering down at her hard enough to make her shake and back up, then spun on his heel and headed off down the hill.
  • As we walked toward her I abandoned my habitual vampires stealth and let my feet crunch dead leaves. I didnt want her to notice anything out of the ordinary. I would drop my human facade soon enough, but first I wanted her to trust me. Instead she looked as if she was having a panic attack.
  • The other episode Id rather forget. Edward hadnt wanted to go but Master Gibbons insisted, reminding him of his indemnity and promise of good behaviour; that decided it. He was to visit Lady Margaret at her new house in the country. She would have someone with her and this was the cause of Edwards reluctance.
  • "We should have guessed that when he had her child brought here, he had a definite reason inside his small mind," Teleri continued. She bent her head over a section of needlework she had just finished and appeared to squint critically at it. In reality she was watching Gladysreactions from the corner of her eye. She noted with satisfaction that the slut seemed suitably shocked. "Its quite obvious that he wants her around. There can be only one reason why."
  • Eventually she mastered a sort of control over the barrow. She supposed that she could have used her hedge witch wand to make the job easier but something warned her that she dared not reveal her magic to the watcher until she had more information about who was hiding, and why, and what they wanted.
  • "Well, I got fed up with waiting in the car. After all it was our plan to save Amelia. I wanted to help too. Then the dog came barking at me. I followed her, just like in the movies, and there I saw you and your-"
  • It was true that Isaac had ended Nortons life awhile back, justice for the Irishmans murdered wife. But Peter could always see it in Isaacs eyes, that the vengeance was never enough. The Irishman wanted Humphrey, but Benedict beat him to the punch. Perhaps that was why Isaac rushed out into the throne room earlierit wasnt out of bravery or insanity, but out of frustration. Frustration of losing your final chance at everything.
  • "I also wanted to ask you," continued Prince Andrew, "if I'm killed and if I have a son, do not let him be taken away from you- as I said yesterday... let him grow up with you.... Please."
  • He explicitly backed German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeubles call for a beefed-up EU economic and monetary affairs commissioner who could reject national budgets if theyre judged to be too lax. He also wants the International Monetary Fund to police whether a government is meeting the conditions it agrees to in return for bond purchases.
  • As much as this may sound like selfless advice from a renowned financier who simply wants what's best for America, in reality he's immune from almost all of it. As I discuss with Aaron Brown, Risk Manager at AQR, in the attached video, Buffett's do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do proposals seem to fit the criteria needed to be a patriotic millionaire.
  • The Goblin questioned John at the fire, like what type of protection did the school have from them. The evil men want to take a hold of helpless kids. John knew they really wanted Eibhlin. Even as he thought her name, he felt her power beside him.
  • There was another related problem. Magicians wanted to store up as much power as they could, of course, but it turned out there the possible power you could store was limited, too. A single person or aura could only absorb a certain amount of energy at any one timea person, an aura, or a god. Gods could hold more, a lot more in fact, but they normally chewed through it at a higher rate too. What they could do, though, was store the excess, ending up with a network of power reservoirs they could couple into and recharge from, even at a distance, like a high-altitude reservoir of water when you needed a drink, or a bank when you needed cash.
  • While graduates of top universities can aim for jobs with Samsung or Hyundai, those from lower-ranked universities set their sights on a state job, with 28.7 percent of graduates wanting to get government work.
  • "But you didnt actually see him arrive," fitz Maurice said. "And the ladys feelings on this matter were clear two nights ago when the earl showed up. Shes Welsh; of course she wants to protect Llanlleyn. And since when has she any love for Rhuddlan? Shes never cared about it or Lord William."
  • Seven months later, he sent me on my first mission. He said it was an initiation. The Barbers tried to object, but Mr. Garner sent me anyway. He said that he had prepared me well. There was some kind of undercover business going on at this restaurant that he wanted me to "check out." The "backup" that he sent were a bunch of scared, new guys who were even less experienced than me. They were led by someone more experienced but he was shot. I tried to take control of the situation with little success, and was shot in the arm and the neck. I shot and killed two men that night, putting a bullet right through ones head and he fell only feet away from me. I was only fifteen.
  • I wanted to get right back to our original plan of finding my original universe by checking all the doors in the nexus one at a time.
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