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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • Dexter sighed. "It's a beautiful little rock, I'll admit," he said. "I'll not stop anyone that wants to. We've flown shorthanded before."
  • "A coward. That is all I have ever been able to say for certain," Alastor says sharply, wanting to bring the conversation to an end.
  • She could see it in her minds eye, though she had never seen it before. It burned itself into her minds eye. It was by the tree, of course it was. The tree by the bench by the wall, where Eliashas guitar was sitting. She saw it up ahead. Her legs didnt want to move, they wanted to buckle and fall down, but she didnt listen. She could see the patch of ivy that she knew would move aside and there would be the hole. The jug felt like a thousand tons in her hands. It would be so easy to fall down. And then she would never get up. Never get up again.
  • "Uh." Allen wasn't willing to bring up the subject, but he was sure curious as to what song Rick wanted him to sing for his supper. He would more than likely find a way to squeeze out of it, but he needed to know just how persistent he'd have to be to make the problem go away. He hoped he wasn't gonna hafta give him a blow job.
  • Certainly not very long, and he pulled out, then removed the spent condom, hardly getting his moneys worth. Hed brought a box of them yesterday, when he arrived for dinner. The children were surprised, but it was pleasant, no baseball to watch, only supper to eat, stories to read, some homework that Erika wanted to complete before the weekend actually started. At eight-thirty Skye went to bed. At nine Erika said goodnight. But Dan and Nat were playing chess, Dan taking over from where Jody had left off, teaching Nat the basics. Summer had no idea Dan played chess. He let Nat win once, then used smarter moves. Finally at ten, Summer said enough, and Nat mumbled that he hoped Dan would come tomorrow night, before the game.
  • "Philip, you dont understand. There were no printing presses in those days, and not everyone could read. Books didnt even exist back then. There were some scrolls in the temple, but I think that was about it. If Jesus wanted his disciples to read scripture, he would have needed the help of dozens or even hundreds of scribes to prepare the scriptures for the people. It took a long time to copy just one book, so Bible study wasnt an option for the common person back then. We get so involved with these Bible books, but Im wondering if this is the right thing to do. Jesus was in charge of everything, and I dont see the disciples doing any of this. I cant see the connection between what were doing now, and what was going on under the Lords careful supervision. Theres something very different about it."
  • "Ive been real busy lately, but I promise that I will get their eventually," he replied with a shit-eating grin on his face. "I am calling you because I wanted to remind you about the first quarter earnings call tomorrow morning with Mr. Zorn," he added, showing respect to Zorn only for show.
  • She would be accepted and have people of her ownpeople that would call her friend for who she was, not who they wanted her to be. She could have the love of any man she wanted, simply with a gesture and a look. All of Deepingdale was to be hers for the taking, all she had to do was to give in to the voices and let them teach her the things only it could teach her.
  • She wanted to answer, but he said, "Wasnt a question, lady," then hooted and puffed on his pipe. "But do not you worry, Im not one to pry. Youve done the courtesy of company, myself of rations, and its good like that. No need for one to know more about the other than the first willing to tell. I dont have to know as much as your name. You can just be my lady by the river."
  • Summer takes in several deep breaths and is finally able to open her eyes. She realizes shes dead, because before her is an angel. Theres no mistaking it. Theres a halo of light around his golden blonde hair, and his rich, green eyes stare at her with an intensity shes never seen beforenot even in Landons fathomlessly deep eyes. His nose has a tiny bump on it that she immediately finds so endearing she wants to kiss it. Shes never kissed anyone beforeexcept her mum. He smiles at her, and she melts at the small dimples at the corners of his mouth. His teeth are white and straight, she notes, but regardless of his handsome features, she cant seem to shy too far away from his hypnotic green eyes.
  • Robert felt a jolt of fear. He and Jamie exchanged another look of dread. Not wanting to voice the horrible thought, Robert stuttered, "Is he…? Is he…?"
  • His obvious pride in her made Catrin smile, and she thought again, as she had so many times before, of what it would be like to have a brother or sister. Chase was the closest thing she had, and she shared Kenward's loss. That thought led to her wondering again how her father, Benjin, and the others had fared. wanting desperately to see them or at least know they were well, Catrin despaired. That knowledge was beyond her reach, taunting her. She had no illusions about the journey ahead of her, and she accepted the possibility that she might never see any of them again.
  • He reached me and Gwen and said, "Surprise! The thing that I wanted to surprise you guys with is outside right now."
  • "Yes, but Mr. Clerishaw wants a great deal of publicity, Mr. Garterr Browne smiled. "O a very great deal. He objects to any kind of secrecy."
  • I sat down and placed the book before me as I stared at it. The binding was hard and a dusty grey. The only word on it was Timeless. There were no pictures, no author name, just Timeless. I blew dust off the cover and opened it to reveal yellowed pages that looked so fragile I wasnt sure if I wanted to turn them. I looked up to Andrew who smiled back. He placed his hand over the page.
  • Eighteen year-old Thaddeus in his hawk persona pursued a flying for the first time Hartwell, who was weighed down by Gary, for more than three hours, not because Thad couldnt catch them but because he wanted to learn more about his natural enemies.
  • Alice quietly freaked out. Telling Cindy some things had made them more real, and she had an unpleasant vision of Rick as a slavering monster looming over her and the kids. She was living with a dangerous predator who wanted to hurt her and eat her children. And there was no way out. She started to cry, and Cindy drew her close and stroked her hair while she sobbed.
  • Gerin toyed for a moment with the idea of following them. Perhaps uncovering this looming secret for himself of who she was and what part she played. But their direction was not the same one he headed to and Gerin had no hopes of catching such a creature on a horse. As much as he wanted answers, he was not willing to set aside his current task to obtain them. Though his curious side couldn't help but wonder where they headed or even who they were.
  • "The King is not some impractical holy man, though," Roland said, "with his eyes fixed on the next world. He works at being King the way a master mason works at planning and building castles and cathedrals. In planning this war he has moved slowly and carefully, and his preparations have been as complete as he could make them. He does not want to shed blood unnecessarily. He does not hate Islam. He only wants Jerusalem, because to us it is a holy city. If you could strike a bargain with him, you could trust him to keep faith with you forever."
  • The Nix boys had a reputation for an easy way with girls, according to Pa. When Uncle Mark was a teenager, he had the easiest way of all. He was tall and good-looking, he played the guitar, he drove a shiny Studebaker convertible, and he was the captain of the football team. It's true that almost every boy in that community was tall, and Mark only knew a few songs and probably didn't play them well, and the Studebaker was second-hand, and there were so few high school boys in that small town school that anyone who wanted to could be on the football team. But it's also true that boys and girls both liked Uncle Mark's smile, and not everyone was brave enough or driven enough to sing in front of others, and the Studebaker's paint gleamed and its engine hummed, and even if anyone could be on the team, only one could be captain, and that one was Uncle Mark.
  • The hours passed in excruciatingly slow fashion; each moment seemed endless as they waited in silence. Catrin wanted to go out on deck to assess the situation, but the mercenaries had made it quite clear that she and her companions were not welcome there.
  • The Welshman, however, wasnt intimidated. Hed thought that the dizziness might return once the battle on the road had died away and the breathless excitement with it, but images flashing through his mind of his fortress invaded and Olwen snatched away kept his heart pounding rapidly and every muscle in his body tingling. Rhirid wanted this fight. Without hesitation, he lifted his sword
  • I wanted to secure a friend, and not to make an enemy, so I thanked her, gave the address at Dr. Seward's and came away. It was now dark, and I was tired and hungry. I got a cup of tea at the Aerated Bread Company and came down to Purfleet by the next train.
  • When I got to the cafeteria I chose whatever table I wanted to sit at. Whoever wanted to try and sit at that table could go ahead and try.
  • The old man sitting halfway back couldnt believe what he was watchingwhat he was hearing. Snelly never spoke beyond the shortest, sternest courtesies to his riders. And the man sitting there, challenging him ... even the drunkest, blindest bum down Arnies Alley could see that this was no ordinary man. The old man felt that should he walk between themthe other riders eyes were, unbelievably, just as intense and intimidating as Snellysthat hed be reduced instantly to ashes. The old man wished hed sat closerhis hearing aid was already at maximum, but the conversation was still too maddeningly muddled to catch every wordbut decided not to move up a little. It would be too obvious. Hell, he thought, nothing escaped Snellys attention. And he knew somehow that the same was true for the regal-looking man as well. Theyd both probably already surmised what he was about, what he was thinking, what he wanted to do.
  • Dionyza is annoyed; deigning to visit the commoners, she has not encountered the customary adulation, but only protest. She finds the visit futile. "He who digs into hills because they do aspire throws down one mountain to cast up a higher!" She wants to go home.
  • Angie was frightened that Briggs was going to come after her somehow, but she herself had made that virtually impossible. Not only, as I mentioned before, was her phone number unlisted (as was mine), but Angie had not bothered to ask the Postal Service to forward her mail when she left Briggss house. She just let the few parties whom she wanted or needed to continue contact with know her new address instead.
  • Omari smiled at the couple that looked so physically different, but were so obviously meant for each other. She thought of Noah, and hoped that when other people saw them together, they though the same thing. Noah! She was supposed to call him a long time ago. He would definitely be home from work, and wanting to know if she made it into St. Louis okay.
  • She whirled on Valentine, who stood her ground even though she wanted to shrink away. If she was old enough to offer herself to the wizard, she was old enough to stand her ground before this beautiful, well-fed blonde woman.
  • She didn't have the heart to tell him she still didn't have any friends. "I wanted to thank you again for the wand. It made all the difference in there."
  • I tugged my hand away but it was a pitiful attempt. More for the sake of telling myself I had resisted, rather than actually wanting him to let me go.
  • The scimitars were awkward in her grip and bloody heavy. However, she couldn't just leave them propped against the wallnot in this giant retirement town. She'd probably get away with the ones she'd left in the woods and in the sea cave, but stashing these babies outside Patsy Chamber's houseSunny Bay's foremost quilterwas not the kind of message you wanted to send to an old lady. The gold scimitars were likely to raise a couple of eyebrows, and possibly even warrant a trip down to the local police stationand who knew how that would end. Nope, she had to get rid of them.
  • Lief responded with conviction. "I must disagree with that thought. I can't believe any of the elves wanted to see the sphere removed."
  • Louisa, meanwhile, had observed the entirety of this playful repartee, and was growing more uneasy by the second. She was well acquainted with Georges disgraceful past associations with women, and feared that Frances was about to become his latest object. The last thing Louisa wanted was for someone like George Brearly to have designs on her niece. As chaperone, it was her duty to protect Frances from unwelcome and assiduous attentions.
  • The bird was the latest player to be out of its mind - that much was merely empirical evidence - but it plainly wasnt going to do Max any good to try to cure it, or put it out of its misery, either. The damn thing was squawking at him, too, and you didnt have to be Haddo and actually be able to hold two-way conversations with the creature to have a pretty good idea what it had in mind. Or how limited your options were if you wanted to do anything else. At least Max had a sword, although he might as well use it to run himself through for all the good it was going to do against Arznaaks runamok Corpus. Arznaak was too smart to leave the proverbial soft unguarded patch the size of a grapefruit where a single sword-stab could hit a vital ganglion and fell a construct the size of a small mountain.
  • Tommy tried to explain. He couldnt deny he had a lust for powerful women and had jumped on his "first real chance" to indulge it. Madelines combination of well-preserved good looks, sharp mind, and her unsubtle promises to advance Tommys career had been impossible to resist. The pipeline shed offered to Carter Industries, with its wonderland of opportunities for an ambitious man, was something he wanted to keep open.
  • "In Reno," he said. "That's what Toddy wants to talk to you about. Toddy and I went to Yale together. I met him in Reno when he wired me."
  • All of which seemed likely to mean that he was exactly where the Scapula wanted him to be in preparation for whatever he might have planned next.
  • I planned to leave work early that day. My wife, Laura, was going to drop off our daughters at a neighbors house and pick me up at noon. I found a lump on my left testicle a week ago and Laura insisted I get it checked out. After a physical, the doctor said he wanted me to get an ultrasound. That test came back with concerning results and I had to follow up with a serum tumor marker test.
  • "People are gathering over there." Dink pointed to a trio of soldiers standing nearby. Two of them were clothed in warm garments and boots meant for the snow. They looked quite comfortable with their swords and bows strapped to their sides and backs. They did not seem to be expecting any sort of fight. People just wanted heat. In between the two stood a man dressed in leather armor. His bald head and bulging arms were exposed to the cold, but he seemed to prefer this. An ax the size of Silas was strapped tightly to his back. He was not a man to fool with, Silas could tell. Slowly, Silas and Dink made their way with the crowd in front of the bald man who stood on a wooden platform towering above the rest. His arms were crossed and his look remained severe with eyebrows darting forward as he surveyed those standing in front of him. Silas heard one of the soldiers to Baldy's side say that the last of them were through for the afternoon. The mean, bald one didn't move.
  • "Well, I've always wanted to see the Canadian forest," Connie said, "but I really had a more specific reason for being on this trip."
  • Jane is lying stretched out on her beach towel on the river bank, soaking up the sun, with her radio playing softly into her ear. Shes still recovering; just ten minutes ago the young idiot whos now sunbathing in his underpants fifty yards along the bank came very close to smashing his old bomb into Dereks precious car, and shes trying hard to blot the memory out of her mind. The main thing, she tells herself, is that it was a close shave, but in the end there was no collision and no damage done. So now shes just going to relax and enjoy the feel of hot sun on her skin. And when the heat gets to be unbearable shell dive into the water to cool off. It was just another narrow escape, thats all. She seems to have a talent for narrow escapes, of one sort or another, like the one in Bunbury. She shivers, in the hot sun. She wants to blot that memory out as well.
  • Still full of sleep, it was hard to pull on her white uniform. This morning she resented it more than most. Being a waitress at Ricks Caf was a lousy job. She was on her feet more than she wanted to be, tipping had never taken hold in Spearfish Lake, and the pay was nothing to be happy with. Still, she wasnt spending a lot of money, and was able to save a bit. It was a job, not a good one, but the best shed found after shed graduated the spring before, though she knew it wouldnt last forever. It was still better than babysitting for her four-year-old half-brother.
  • 'There is someone who looks a bit like meperhaps it's him you've seen. A criminal, wanted by the policehim, I mean, not meI do hope they get him soon. He's an evil man, a complete and utter fiend.' As the black car tore past, screaming hatred into the dazzle-bright day, her genial eyes bored into the side of his face like a pair of gamma-ray lasers. 'It's not me, honestly it's not. I'm perfectly innocent, really I am. A decent sort of chap, in fact. Never touched a chain-saw. Love puppies, wouldn't dream of hurting one. And you can't blame me for what happened with the doll, it was all her fault, you see…'
  • I wanted to fall back, to run and hide from whatever was within. I waited for an explosion or for the room to turn into a dark mist or for the apocalypse. I waited and waited.
  • "Some bodyguards. Leading this pathetic little girl right where we wanted her." Morion unsheathes her blade, but the lead mercenary busts out in laughter. "What's that? A butter knife? Sorry, missy, that won't be helping you," scoffs the leader.
  • When he got to the throne room, he felt an odd feeling. He closed the door and locked it, wanting no interruptions from the nosey Mages wandering the halls. The room seemed more silent than usual. He felt as if he was being watched, but after he inspected the shadows, he determined that that was impossible. He knelt in front of the small altar at the side of the room and began to pray to his god.
  • "You'll go with me," the boy said but he could see that wasn't what she wanted to hear. "I'll find it myself if I have to. I promise."
  • The inherently disorganized nature of The Holdings, where lairds routinely warred with one another and had not managed to agree on a king in centuries, had made it all but impossible for the Adaran Church to maintain any meaningful foothold. The Adarans had eventually stopped trying to win converts and instead switched to the tactic of encouraging the Adaran monarchs of Genasi and Sorena to invade The Holdings. But the Adaran kings had quickly fallen to fighting each other. The Holdings remained happily free, for the lairdsand augursdefinitions of "happy" and "free". Adarans viewed anyone who was not an Adaran as something less than human. This made travel difficult for anyone wanting to enter Sorena from The Holdings. To cross into Adaran lands was to risk death at the hands of the shepherds.
  • Louis's large eyes remained sympathetic, and Roland felt doomed. "That is it exactly, do not you see, dear Roland? Now that I know you are a son of Languedoc, I must, I must win you over. The Albigensian Crusade - I cannot say it was wrong, because the Pope commanded it and my grandfather and my father both supported it. But it is time to write an end to all that. I want all France, north and south, united." Now his eyes were alight with fervor. He held up clenched fists. "Think of it ? men of Languedoc and men of France fighting side by side to recapture Jerusalem for Christendom. I believe God wants that. He wants France healed."
  • She wanted babies - unborn babies. Liz was pregnant and Sam knew Liz ... too well perhaps. Bryan frowned at the thought. He shook his head. Keep on track - think.
  • The town may revert to its Soviet-era name of Stalingrad, following a request to get rid of appalling horror with charred bodies, severed limbs and sacrifice, wants again to China. Finally he settled on northern Italy. Dickinson, 60, retained his modesty for the Radio Times snap with a wall.
  • Even though he knows not where the Hollow is exactly, he feels a pull toward it, as one might feel for their own home. Fortunately, Alastor needs not worry about navigation, given that the stallion seems to share a mind with him, going directly where Alastor wants to go, starting north toward Judeheim.
  • No reply could reasonably be expected before Christmas, despite the letter, I had to make my own remedy. Fortunately there was much left of the allowance William had sent to Cambridge, to maintain my station there. It wasnt there I wanted to maintain it! There was still smouldering anger at the poorness of my homecoming.
  • "Tough to break up a streak," but then he looked into Nicole bright blue eyes and, as usual, she got whatever she wanted from her grandpa'.
  • "Well, hes full of it, but hes perceptive too." But mostly, he just wanted me to need what he was selling, I thought. I was perceptive too, and bottom line, that much was clear.
  • She always lit up with a smile when she was reminded of his coming glory. She had always wanted to be with someone who was powerful, and she used her looks to seduce men ever since she discovered the talent. Uritus didn't fall for it though. Yes, he was moved by her looks and her charm, and he even cared for her, but if she was expecting to share his coming power, she was sadly mistaken. She was probably too simpleminded to truly understand power anyway, but she would be happy enough just to be the wife of the Emperor. She would play an important role though, since the people would probably feel better with a female figurehead. There had not been a maternal figure for the people of Medora since his mother died when his younger brother was born. He was six years old, but he could not remember much about her.
  • "I think its magnificent." Jadar seemed not to need encouragement, as he drank again from his sharbat. "So now you know the other reason I invited you here this afternoon. To tell you what you may see when you return to Agra. I havent decided on the exact location yet, but it will be on the bank of the Jamuna, placed so Mumtaz can watch the sun set over the water, just as we do here. I wanted to tell you both, for I sense you two are among the few who could really appreciate what a bold idea this is." Jadar looked sharply at Shirin. "Now, you must never, never tell Mumtaz, whatever else you two Persians may chatter on about. For now lets keep it a secret among us. But someday, someday it will tell all the world how much I love her." He sighed. "You know, at times I worry Im nothing more than a romantic Persian myself, deep inside."
  • "From me," Eliasha intervened, looking up at Arlic. Liselis mouth fell open as her stomach plunged in horror. She looked at Russ, who smiled weakly. How could you trick me like that? She wanted to yell at him. What were you thinking? It was humiliating. Hed pretended to give her a present, which was really from . . . Eliasha! And now everyone was staring at her. I cant believe I thought it was sweet of you. You jerk.
  • A pang of anxiety went through him when he still could not sense her, and he stood up, pulling on his shirt, boots and cloak. The stupid girl had fled. Cold pain stabbed his chest as he stepped out of the tent into the watery dawn light. He hated the feelings that burgeoned within him, cursing his inability to let her go. The demons, or Orran's people would kill her, freeing him, yet the thought brought a fresh stab of pain and a deep sense of loss. Her spell still held him powerfully. He could not resign himself to her loss; he had to get her back. Rage washed through him, and he told himself he only wanted her back to thwart his father. He would not let him win.
  • He wanted to be objective, to run through her theories, find their faults and discredit them one by one, but which ever way his mind turned, he seemed to just find further evidence and support for their validity. If you thought about it, how much real knowledge did human society have of the past?
  • Hed also insisted, consistently, that Jeremy would take over the shop. This destiny, more than anything, had annoyed Jeremy into taking up the mantle of a supervillain. He wanted to be a person of recognition, not a clothierand since dear papa had shot down a degree in art, well, that was strike one.
  • "Good question," said the snake. "Get on my back theres somebody who wants to see you. She can answer all your questions."
  • The cabin door opened and the Skipper came outside. "Good morning. Noss, get everybody up if they arent awake yet. Its getting late and we have to waste some time checking out a water hazard. Crow for anyone who wants it. Sausage and eggs with hardtack leftovers for anyone who feels like working."
  • Paul smiled with an effort. He couldnt quite imagine it, but not wanting to disappoint his hosts whod given him so much, he replied,
  • The entrance itself was nothing dramatic. It had instead the studied nonchalance of someone who knows theyre cool and wants to underline the point by pretending they took it for granted. Characteristically, the obvious entrance that you came into off the street was a well-stocked bar, with the real entrance being a staircase leading down from an unmarked alcove to the left through the door to the kitchen. I had to wait at the top for a party of guys with swords to exit, and close on their heels an axe-toting dwarf, before I got my own chance to descend.
  • Michelles eyes opened wide with fright. She wanted to scream for her friend, but could not force air from her lungs. She could only watch as her best friend made her way toward the safety of her house. Suddenly she felt the moist cloth pressed against her lips and nose before quietly slipping into unconsciousness. The last thing Michelle had seen was the excited face of her captor.
  • He took a sip of cedar. "I think he will, but I want his input on what part of the empire he wants to live in. I think hell want to go to the south where its warmer. That could be good for us too, in case we need to leave the empire."
  • "But you like living on the water?" Chance wanted to know. If he was to spend his life on a narrow boat he wanted to know if it was worth it.
  • "Oh nothing, only a trifle," said Natasha, smilingly still more brightly. "I only wanted to tell you about Petya: today nurse was coming to take him from me, and he laughed, shut his eyes, and clung to me. I'm sure he thought he was hiding. Awfully sweet! There, now he's crying. Well, good-by!" and she left the room.
  • "I was saying that some people think that Mevrin here... uh... could become the next... Emperor." Saalteinamariva almost whispered the last word. She couldn't really believe what she was saying. She knew the boy was troublesome, Roseduck implied that much, but she wasn't prepared for the extent of it. First of all, he wasn't really a boy, at least visually. More like a young man. Behaviour was definitely boyish. Or even mad-hungry-goatish. Even watching him from afar triggered her maternal instincts, which meant that she wanted to put him on fire and drop the ceiling on him. She decided not to watch anymore. Those instincts were bound to take over eventually.
  • By the time I returned to the valley, Ra had his chariot riding high in the sky. The gods namesake was the first to greet me with news that he was a father! This pleased me to no end and I felt justified in my decision to go it alone. He noticed the amulet was missing and quickly deduced what I had done without him. "You told me you would wait!" he exclaimed, "I wanted to help!"
  • It must be Kaitlin, Emma, Pat and Courtney. There were no other girls except me in that class. I wanted to know more than ever what was going on.
  • He put the strip back into the envelope and the envelope in his daypack. If Fikna saw the strip, his browould not approve. Rordan wondered if hed ever known who Tora was and what she was about. It dawned on him he hadnt understood she wanted him. He had ignored her. Now he wished hed asked Ivixa about her experiences.
  • The Mongols apparently did not appreciate how useful a communications network would be to the Red Baron. His father wanted England to remain a staunch Mongol ally because that made it easier to expand their English bank across the Empire. Which they used to send and receive messages. Its how they communicated with American Jack, the bounty hunters who killed the Khans descendents for money, and how he kept in touch with the Americans he fielded in Central Asia.
  • Dr. Tolman looked over at his assistants, but they didn't know what to tell the Lieutenant, either. "I'm not sure where Coriath is, but he certainly isn't at the Palace. He's wanted by the Military State on charges of treason. There's a warrant out for his arrest."
  • Stroma said, "Oh, thats what the shrine is called. The Dimmurians wanted a different name when the place was commissioned."
  • Collins said she still wanted more information about the September 11 attack on the U.S. mission and a nearby CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya in which the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed.
  • Passing her end of the steel tub to Gabriel, Anna laughed. "Alby only wants to go get more of his moonshine so he can sell it to the tourists as genuine lake liquor. They'll be lucky if it doesn't poison them."
  • That became a truth, what he and Marthe having shared in the past returning as the norm even if she was wobbly on her feet. Even as she needed his help in the shower, even as he walked her around the neighborhood. Whichever way, Kell was back in Marthes arms, their bed, her body. It had only taken a few days for that strength to be regained and while the first time had been intense and immediate, every subsequent day had only expounded on that passion. With her, Kell needed no other, couldnt imagine wanting anyone else. Was it her illness, time apart? He wondered until two weeks after his return, when they had dinner with Ash and Greg.
  • "I'm sure I'll manage," Aiden assured the old fellow as he took the old tome, then recalled that he wanted to ask about the enchanted glove he now wore. "Something I wanted to mention before I forget is this item I found while travelling along the southern highway. Would you know anything about this?" Dale looked down at the glove Aiden presented on his left hand, and gave it a cursory examination.
  • Elizabeth and Evelyn had never known their Uncle Francis; they had only been two years old when he had gone away. But they had been told of him by their father and always in an angry, bitter tone. They had heard stories of their fathers and uncles boyhoods, how they had learned their trade and had worked side by side with their father in a prosperous goldsmithing business in London. The twinsgrandfather had been an esteemed member of the Goldsmiths Guild assuring the boysmembership when they finished their apprenticeships. But when Elizabeths and Evelyns grandfather had died sixteen years ago, their Uncle Francis had wanted something different, something more exciting.
  • "Very well." Delamere took a deep breath. "Theres the third reason. Last week she asked me to persuade you to release her. She told me she wanted to return to the abbey."
  • Chosen? Who chose me? Roland wondered. Was it Amalric who selected me, as he suggested me to guard the casters? Roland remembered Amalric's face when he came out of his delirium after mentioning Diane. He wants me dead.
  • Jessamine went to lie on the bed, thoughtful. Fourteen years of studies to become a good queen hadn't left her the free time necessary to discover men on her own. She would have loved to discover sex with Ileana, but as princess and heir to her mother's throne they hadn't allowed her to breathe. And now at last she'd have the Rite. Nothing to be afraid of, as it was a knowledge she had been longing for for months now, but she would have preferred to choose the partner and time, without following the rules of forceful initiation. Such a shame. She was mature enough to understand that as future queen she had more duties than rights, but sometimes a little voice inside her whined it wasn't fair: she wanted to be free to choose. Thinking about it, though, she'd have the rest of her life to do so, at least regarding men: she could have as many or as few as she chose, as long as she had daughters to continue the Goddess's line.
  • "You seem jolly sure about it," Sir Giles said. "How do you know? You wanted to be as you would be at twelve, didn't you? Well, how do you know you're not? You seem to remember, I know; so do I"
  • His chest was warm. Her whole body was cold, but he was warm. She wanted to nuzzle into his shirt, but part of her knew she shouldn't.
  • She spent the next few hours posting items that she wanted to be rid of. National Geographics. Gothic romance novels. Excess kitchen equipment. Curtain rods. Old clothes. Lamps. Puzzles. Fish bowls. Used mom, cranky. Mother for sale, no offer refused.
  • Then the shaking started. This wasnt the first time he got the shakes, after barely escaping death, but this was the worst. His whole body shook as if a demon wanted to get out. A rabbit could have nibbled him to death, Billy had so little control over his body.
  • Both Evadne and Philyra guided her to the room and although Calista would have tumbled into the invitingly soft bed right then, Evadne insisted on undressing her. Philyra handed her a soft wool tunic, her sapphire eyes unreadable. At long last, Calista slipped into bed. It was as soft and warm as she could have wanted.
  • And she really did like him, indeed perhaps loved him. There were no others in the whole twisted universe that she even thought of in such a way. Jorden considered what he had offered in return. Nothing. She had fed him and protected him and taught him the way of the land and remained his friend, no matter what, while all he wanted was to get out of the place. Jorden felt suddenly quite guilty.
  • She was gone before Olwen could answer. The shadows in the building lengthened as the day waned and she sat there alone, musing over the events of the last few days. As she had thought, the earl hadnt wanted to let her go with Lady Teleri. She was to be used instead to bait a trap for Lord Rhirid. The earl wished to entice Lord Rhirid into battle because of the insult hed received when she hadnt been delivered to Hawarden as promised.
  • With Miko leading the horse, they travel through the crowded streets until they see an inn. Not wanting to leave their horse out front where someone fleeing may try to help themselves to it, they go around back and secure it near the back door before proceeding inside.
  • Still, Mr Guo does have a strategy for increasing margins. First, he is moving upstream. In March he announced plans to buy a stake in Sharp, a troubled Japanese technology firm, and to help finance Sharps glass-panel research. (When Sharps shares later plunged, he waffled when asked to reconfirm the stake-buying.) Already, almost everything Foxconn makes has glass display screensand this week it was reported to be working with Apple and Sharp on a new range of high-definition televisions. Foxconn wants to learn how to make screens better and cheaper. By using its manufacturing savvy to scale up any breakthroughs, it plans to boost Sharps salespocketing a share of the gains. Other such deals are likely.
  • She stood there with her mouth open. I don't blame her; my siblings and I treated our parents with nothing but respect, even when we were mad at them. Most of the time we just gave our parents the silent treatment when we wanted to let them know we didn't like what they were saying or doing, and while I was a pretty sarcastic person to everyone else, I did my best to bite my tongue around mom and dad. Never, in the history of our family, had anyone said anything rude to mom. She narrowed her eyes and looked at my neck.
  • If Delamere had not been feeling as if his entire life had just been turned on its head, he might have seen a wry humor in the situation in the hall that evening. Always in the past, it was Longsword who would sit in silence, morosely contemplating a cup of wine, while Delamere made the attempt to cajole him out of his misery; now it was the other way around. And now he understood how maddening it was to endure the friendly but strained conversation when all he really wanted to do was disappear into some dark recess.
  • Shit, Paul thought, it looked like maybe he wasnt free to leave even if he wanted to. There was definitely more to this crystal than met the eye.
  • Still, he did not want to be a factor in the culmination of the coming conflict. He did not want his decisions to change the course of events. In all honesty, he wanted the war more than he wanted this single raid. He would have both if he could, but he would not risk the one for the other. That is where he needed to remain careful.
  • As much as I wanted to, I couldn't tell her what happened with the fairy-boy. It was weird, admittedly not weirder than the vampire slumbering in my wardrobe, but still pretty messed up. If I tried to tell her the boy was a fairy she'd take me to get my head checked. If I said the word 'vampire' she'd probably hit the klaxon as a reflex.
  • Kell and Marthe knew that to be a falsehood, but Marthe hadnt wanted that sequel to Emily Dickinson to emerge, never spoke of what Kell had proposed in 2004 after hed been so sick, had quit smoking. Too damn late for that to matter, and she lay next to him, noting these precious minutes for what they were; time with him as he breathed.
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