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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • Its not far from heretwo or three miles perhaps. Its a deserted farmhouse down towards Whitcome. Most of the cattle and sheep were taken by raiding parties of soldiers from Wareham or somewhere, and the farmer went off his head and hanged himself. So his wife moved outI dont know where to. Its a lonely spot so I suppose she wanted to be nearer other people. But its just right for us, or has been.’
  • The sixth party, the Bennigsenites, said, on the contrary, that at any rate there was no one more active and experienced than Bennigsen: "and twist about as you may, you will have to come to Bennigsen eventually. Let the others make mistakes now!" said they, arguing that our retirement to Drissa was a most shameful reverse and an unbroken series of blunders. "The more mistakes that are made the better. It will at any rate be understood all the sooner that things cannot go on like this. What is wanted is not some Barclay or other, but a man like Bennigsen, who made his mark in 1807, and to whom Napoleon himself did justice--a man whose authority would be willingly recognized, and Bennigsen is the only such man."
  • "Actually, that's part of what I want to understand. I mean I didn't come here wanting to learn your story specifically, but there's so much history I don't know. There's this shared past that I'm not a part of. It's like, oh I don't know, I think maybe learning about the past will help me understand what's going on right now."
  • "Shut up, OK. Shut up. Shut. Im in the hospital." More chipmunk. "Got hit by a car. Ill be OK. No. Shut up. Ill be fine. Ill send you the FAQs. I just wanted to say. . ." She heaved a sigh, closed her eyes. "You know what I wanted to say. Sorry, all right? Sorry it came to this. Youll be OK. Ill be OK. I just didnt want to leave you hanging." She sounded groggy, but there was a sob there, too. "I cant talk long. Im on a shitload of dope. Yes, its good dope. Ill call you later. I dont know when Im coming back, but well sort it out there, all right? OK. Shut up. OK. You too."
  • Teleri wanted to slap Gladys senseless. Actually, she reconsidered, that would be difficult as it seemed the slut was already senseless. She decided she just wanted to slap Gladys for the pleasure of it.
  • Sarah ran her hands over the scuffs and scrapes of the unfinished tunnel wall. She once again tried to imagine there was something she wanted on the other side, waiting for an image to form. Nothing. Shaking her head, she turned to Steve.
  • Why did you allow Berri to come with us?’ Tika kept her voice low. ‘She teases Kran, and most of the other men now, but I cannot work out why she wanted to come.’
  • Barry and Emmett sat up with anyone who wanted to stay (Tanya, Sheila, Levin MacHill, Sarah, James) talking and drinking until about 4am. Then they went to bed.
  • "Darius, it seems that you have been in the thick of this from the beginning. The lead merchant vilified your name, the Colonel seems to have taken an extreme dislike to you, and now I find the King here wants you present for our talk. It appears that you have been a busy knight indeed. Now if you do not mind, I would like to hear the tale in your own words."
  • "On receipt of this have the sitting rooms and several bedrooms put in order, and thoroughly aired. Prepare for my use the suite of three rooms over the library and drawing room; and have the two great wardrobes, and the cabinet in the state bedroom, removed into the large dressing room which opens upon the bedroom I have named. Make everything as comfortable as possible. If anything is wanted in the way of furniture, drapery, ornament,
  • That nearly made Rose vomit, but she withheld the tomato soup shed eaten. That and crackers, what had seemed appetizing. Alicias news wasnt, but Rose forced it down her throat, and to her surprise, Alicia then said goodbye. It had been short and sweet and Rose wanted to think it was because Alicia needed a drink. Rose did, but couldnt have one.
  • Although the memo was complete and well supported, she wasnt satisfied. She felt she was missing something. Why would the mining industry feel threatened by the ICC, she thought. It was no great leap that members of the industry did business with countries with questionable human rights records and even dictators who may be wanted by the Court. Sudan came to mind. A direct link between the industry and the Court would prove the case, she thought. The Senator would think twice before being associated with a company linked to war crimes.
  • 'What's that?' Nubs asked breathlessly, running in and coming to a halt beside him. The bugger was as nimble as a rabbit when he wanted to be.
  • Suddenly, he wanted some of that gaiety back. He hadnt ridden a horse in over two and a half years, really ridden a horse, but he was sure he could manage. How difficult could it be? He remembered how to hold the reins; he knew to put his feet in the stirrups. Surely that was all he needed to know.
  • 'Well then, Sir, I accounts for it this way. It seems to me that 'ere wolf escaped--simply because she wanted to get out.'
  • He looked past the King into Amalric's eyes and knew that de Gobignon wanted to fight him, too. Amalric shrugged his shoulder, making his fur-trimmed cloak fall away from his arm and his sword.
  • 'When you shall be convinced that I am so changed that it is better that I die that I may live. When I am thus dead in the flesh, then you will, without a moment's delay, drive a stake through me and cut off my head, or do whatever else may be wanting to give me rest!'
  • The King's face morphed from rage into bewilderment, confusion running rampant through his mind. Idimus was tempted to scream insolence and dispose of the General right there, but he was too shocked to even move. Gerin had been loyal to him for more than a lifetime, he had served him and asked for little in return. The General was not one for money or prestige. He simply wanted to be the best at what he did. It had always been that way. His desires were simple and in their own twisted way, pure. In that, Idimus had forgotten how obsessed he could get.
  • On the one hand, she wanted to snap at Roy that it was none of his business. On the other, the mixed signals Dax was sending made her want to spill her guts so Roy might beat the crap out of him.
  • "And what of all this?" Lucentio is pleased with Tranios preparations, of course, but he wants to hear the boys version.
  • Summer heard her laughing with Betsy, Spring, and Autumn. Maybe she was altered, eight and a half sitting with the hens, crowing about this and that. Spring didnt speak of babies, neither did Betsy. Autumn waxed about Florida, how Erika could come visit, maybe fly on her own. Erika seemed hesitant at first, but Betsy coaxed that a flight attendant would keep an eye on her, and how much fun would Autumn have with Erika, only the two of them! Going to the beach, maybe to Disney World. Skye then piped up, wanting to see the Disney princesses. But Autumn said Skye was too young; only big girls like Erika could fly alone.
  • He flipped on the light and Marthe didnt miss his face, red and aching, as though where shed hit him was still apparent, and maybe it was. Maybe that mark could be found, but she didnt want to look that hard. She wanted him to give her an answer, some verbal response that wouldnt be so difficult to swallow.
  • He pushed himself forward slowly, not wanting to suddenly alter his blood pressure and lose his precious little balance. His fingers scrabbled against the wet, grimy stone as he inched his way forward on hands and knees.
  • "And therefore sit you down in gentleness, and take upon command what help we have, that to your wanting may be ministered."
  • I paid little attention to Jason as he busied himself with inventory, only asking him to put on Marilyn Manson. I wanted to stop thinking about the girl, yet I wanted her to come back. I realized she was growing into an obsession.
  • With the manors Hugh had granted him, Sir Robert was now a modestly wealthy man of property. There was no longer any reason for him to serve as a member of the kings assembly except when he was called for his annual guard duty, and even then he could simply hire a knight to go in his place or pay, as his father had done for many years, the shield tax. But despite Hughs entreaties to remain with him at Chester through Christmas, Bolsover had instead decided to accompany Henry to Ireland. His reason, which he didnt share with the earl, was a vain one: he wanted to wear his new riches among the landless knights of the kings company, the group to which he had formerly belonged. Hugh, who had been born heir to enormous riches, wouldnt have understood Bolsovers flashy need to show off.
  • For $12,021, The Curtis Hotel offered a "Party Like There's No-To-Maya" special that included rental of an entire floor of the Denver hotel along with Doomsday supplies including anti-radiation tablets, freeze-dried food and gas masks. A tattoo artist was also included if guests wanted to mark the end of the world with some fresh ink.
  • Eadie looked down the long hall at this new ward, another child of some great family, to be kept by Lady Margaret, here at Coldharbour. Eadie was uncomfortable in her Sunday dress and shoes; it made her resentful. She wanted to be out in the open, at a secret place she knew, it had once been a quarry for building stone, long, long ago, and now all sorts of wild animals lived there. They were her friends. It wasnt as if she was going to meet this boy, not that she was interested anyway. She liked it best when she was by herself. Who was he anyway? The servants said he was a great lord, when you spoke to him you were to curtsey and call him "Sir Edward". He didnt look much like a great lord. He looked frightened, he was small and silent, and he didnt even smile once, not at anyone.
  • We were also going to play The Whisky one day. This was our lifes raison detre. Indeed, nothing was as pure, unbridled, and urgent than my days as the drummer for The Flip-Flops, who in our heyday, were the coolest breeze in Calabasas, California. Living on the western edge of the San Fernando Valley, the four of us were authentic Valley Girls when they were the girls you wanted to be. In our high school yearbook, we were given space to enshrine a Fondest Memory. Me, Lauren, Melindaall of us wrote: Rockinwith The Flip-Flops: 1985-1987. A year later, Ginger wrote the same in her yearbook. Soon after this, we suffered through the brutal battle that ultimately destroyed the band. But without question, the memory of how we sparkled back in the day far outshines how we drifted apart when adulthood stole us from our stage.
  • This human was different. Why, the griffin could not say. But it appeared as though he truly wanted to help. If this fire thrower had wanted them dead, then dead they would have been by now.
  • LADY CLARINDA. Next to him is Mr. Toogood, the co-operationist, who will have neither fighting nor praying; but wants to parcel out the world into squares like a chess-board, with a community on each, raising everything for one another, with a great steam-engine to serve them in common for tailor and hosier, kitchen and cook.
  • He didn't dare lift his head to look, on the off chance he would be spotted, but he felt exposed, lying there with nothing but a white cloak to give him cover, and he desperately wanted to know if the raiders had seen them. But he held position as Colt had ordered, and prayed that they would remain undetected.
  • "Three days," Toryn repeated and tugged at his bonds. Garyn noticed and glanced at the Parmittans again. They argued with Sellaris and Lavan over the gauntlet. Sellaris wanted to keep the wagon and the Parmittans refused to take it across the river. They insisted the oxen that towed the wagon were too short and would drown. They gave no heed to Sellaris's protests that oxen could swim and the wagon would float. The shouting went on until the rain began. By then, some of the warriors had caught some fish from the river and cooked them over a smoky fire.
  • All the more reason to presume his brother was near. Arznaak would naturally guard against some sort of feedback overload. His power surge would be affecting anyone who had any capability for magic - the more powerful you were, the more the potential for traumatic burnout, but there would be folks around the city whose abilities had been only latent whod suddenly be finding themselves shooting flames out of their fingertips before they fell over in a crisp. He wouldnt want to fricassee himself, though - it appeared Arznaak wanted to be the only magic user of any ability whatever still left standing when he was done, as well as the only functional god.
  • Mirra quailed a little, not wanting to enrage him, but her concern for him drove her to continue, "Maybe, but every ward you break forces you to use more power, does it not? The mages want you to use it so much that it kills you before you reach the final ward."
  • Serenity couldnt respond. She stood frozen. Part of her wanted to turn and run, the other part of her wanted to fall to her knees and weep, but she stared, inert.
  • The divan and its head-pillows bore the imprint of a human-sized body. Not, however, the recent imprint - someone had spent enough time there in the past to dent the springs, but they didnt seem to have been around any too lately, judging from the quantity of dust and the number of drooping cobwebs. Either Iskendarian hadnt wanted to spend the effort to set up a perpetual cleanliness spell or he just hadnt cared one way or the other about housekeeping. Or, possibly, he hadnt planned on coming back. From the number of books on the shelves and the height of the stacked manuscript notebooks and loose pages by the desk, though, that last guess seemed less than apt. Now, how much of the stuff could Max carry? Maybe it would be better to settle in for a few weeks and just read everything.
  • Don laughed. "Ok, fair enough. No it was a bar near my office. I just finished up a long day and wanted a drink or two before I headed home. Her name was Lily. God she was gorgeous. Long dark hair and the deepest brown eyes you ever saw. And that bodywow. Anyway we got to talking and wellI think you know the rest."
  • "It will mean that we will see a whole lot more false positive test results than normal. In fact, if we take the Burke study and apply it to the 300 million people in this country who the CDC wants to test, we will get 3 million people who test positive on their initial ELISA. But even the CDC believes that only 1.2 million of them will actually be infected with HIV. That means that were going to be telling almost 2 million people that they have tested positive on an HIV ELISA test who are actually false positive. And if the CDCs guess is wrong about the total number of HIV-Positives in this country, and the Burke statistics are correct when the test is given to low-risk groups, the number of false positives could be as high as two-and-a-half million. That, to me, is statistically outrageous."
  • "In a way," she answered, "all the things that I have sometimes hated most in myself. But not altogether. Never--no, in all my life, I never wanted so utterly to grab without giving anything at all, never before." In her agitation she stood up, "I'm not like that," she said, "O indeed I'm not."
  • "I wasn't trying to—" Anna bit off what she was trying to say. She hadn't come to the Landry home for supper. She had wanted to continue reading the book she had found in the house before. The book that had an interesting history about the lake and the people who had chosen to live there for so long. There was a chapter in the book about the salt mine that she particularly wanted to read.
  • She hurries from the monument toward her bus stop. When she passes Taunus Street she hears footsteps behind her; she turns hoping it is the American serviceman, but instead it is the laborer. Her heart goes up into her throat. Her Grandpa neglected to warn her about middle-aged perverts. He needed to tell her that there were men, not necessarily American G.I.s, who were willing to take what they wanted anywhere anytime without asking or bringing flowers.
  • More than a smile, it made him hard, and hed only just come. Reading Marthes note spurred an erection, but more; it warmed his heart, filled his being. Not only what shed said, but that this had been within her possession since signing her book. After taking in his inscription, shed been waiting for him, wanting to present proof of feelings reciprocated. Some written proclamation that while short and to the point was more powerful than his note to her on page one hundred six, as fluid as the entire book hed penned.
  • The rink then was clear again (thanks to Archie's great exertions) before his secret life made any step forward. But one afternoon when he had been watching the skating from his balcony, something further occurred. He was alone, for his mother had gone down with Jeannie to the rink, and Blessington had gone shopping, and there was a bell by him, by means of which he could summon Madame Seiler if he wanted anything. But he had no thoughts of summoning Madame Seiler, he was extremely content to lie in the sun, and watch the rink sometimes, and sometimes to read a fascinating book called "The Rose and the Ring," which his mother had given him. There were absurd pictures of Prince Bulbo, an enormously fat young gentleman, whom Archie did not wish to resemble, but was rather afraid of resembling, since Dr. Dobie at his last visit had told him he was getting f at...
  • "You'll go with me," the boy said but he could see that wasn't what she wanted to hear. "I'll find it myself if I have to. I promise."
  • And those seas became steadily more rough with each passing day, and the rain fell heavily. At least to Jorden it was rough. From what he caught of the chat amongst the crew, far worse was yet to come, and most were not pleased that they had been delayed in Thagul for so long. Now had to face the coming of the Time of Darkness while still well out from port. If this is what the Time of Darkness was about, Jorden thought, then he wanted nothing to do with it, and it was certainly something to be feared.
  • It must be Kaitlin, Emma, Pat and Courtney. There were no other girls except me in that class. I wanted to know more than ever what was going on.
  • "Even if you wanted to hide in denial about whether or not youre really pregnant, I need to figure out whats going on with your blood sugar before you lapse into a coma and die."
  • Yeah, great consolation,’ Paul said bitterly. He wasnt sure which idea he found the most unpalatable; humanity being created in a laboratory or the Invaders installation of ready made religion. Something deep inside him rebelled against both ideas, desperately wanting to discredit their validity.
  • With their security taken care of, Donovan had taken her to the cabin he was using as a base. Once he had her cleaned up and tucked into bed, he had contacted his people to report the situation. A werecat doctor had been dispatched to check on Isabella. The Cat Clans council had wanted to confiscate the book Isabella had stolen, but Donovan had talked them out of it.
  • Yave turned her back upon the sight. She found no relief, no joy in the sight of her city's saviors. She waited for the sand giants to come for her. They did not. Once more her hate began to boil. She wanted this moment, wanted to face the sand giants on these terms. She would never have the opportunity.
  • "I was in church, praying," Chance said gruffly. The word church closed the conversation instantly; Colin wanted nothing to do with it.
  • She had a look like she wanted to knock her head into a wall, or maybe just my head. "Look Piper. Someone out there just tried to kill you. If you want to risk taking that into your home with your husband, children, and mother-in-law, be my guest." She rolled off me, but I noticed she was still keeping low to the ground and in-between me and the street.
  • Donovan tried to restrain from biting his lower lip. She was adorable. Not only could not wait to kiss her on her delectable lips but he wanted to taste every spare inch of her body. And not only that but she wasnt aware that the quilt she had wrapped around her body was slipping and he was getting a tantalizing glimpse of berrylike nipples. "If you say youre a librarian for a special group, the Committee," he said easily. "Then I believe you."
  • "Yeah. Mama wanted me to. Ive been looking forward to finding the bastards who ambushed my dad while my mother was giving birth to me. That attack cost me some little brothers and sisters."
  • "Excuse me a moment, I think the Archioness wants to speak with me," Nellise said as soon as Ariel had finished, getting up off the floor and making her way over to speak with Celeste, whos white robe was stained with blood and ash, but her face showed she was resolute and in control of the situation.
  • Katie had enjoyed the outing too. Shed loosened up. She needed to get out of the houseboat. She could go out anytime she wanted to, of course. She was an adult, mother of two. But she didnt. Most days she just stayed in, doing stuff around the house or reading. And if I did not come up with an idea for going somewheremost nights I was too tired toshed stay in all night too.
  • Ignoring her command, I scurried to my room, heart thumping uncontrollably. I suddenly had a great deal of empathy for hunted and cornered animals. My heart nearly gave out when I looked out the window and saw Gwydion peering in. Every muscle hummed with tension. Should I run? Should I brazen it out? Should I hide? All I wanted to do was close my eyes and will him away. When I opened my eyes next, he was gone from my window, but I knew enough not to let my body sag with relief.
  • Gwenika clutched Dindi by the elbow for the day's trek. Dindi felt uncomfortable, like a leashed goat, but also pleased, just a little, someone besides the fae wanted her company. Also, Puddlepaws liked Gwenika, and that sealed it. The furry little traitor took to riding on Gwenika's shoulder. As she pet Puddlepaws, she explained she'd had to leave her pets behind in the care of her grandmother.
  • "And do not basely die!—nor cowardly relinquish my helmet to my countrymana Roman by a Roman valiantly vanquished!" He wants to be remembered as having denied Caesar a triumph.
  • Loss crashed in from all sides, the night empty without Sebastian. She cried out of confusion and turmoil. She wanted him to come back, at the same time terrified he would.
  • Of course, such opulence is easily forgotten sitting in a giant pile of rotting grain. She wanted to leave the wretched place, but she knew that out there in the streets thousands of bloodthirsty soldiers roamed around looking for a female with long blonde hair. How they had not thought to look in this stable was beyond her. She picked at the hem of her shirt as she sat there, frustrated that she didn't think to plan an escape, or at least bring some kind of disguise.
  • Amy and Morion discover themselves outside the keep, exactly where they left. As Amy expected, she has reverted to her fallen form. She takes her alternate shape, not wanting to endure her more grotesque self.
  • The first splash of rain slightly revived her; cold, fine droplets. She was glad of the rain: she wanted to be as uncomfortable as possible, to feel as sorry for herself as she could. She hoped it was a long, steady storm and not merely a shower. She raised her head and closed her eye and the cool water on her face seemed to restore her equilibrium. And then something happened which banished all her tiredness.
  • We went through Melcombe, and turned away from the sea on the Dorchester road. Nat might have tried heading directly for his home by the track along the beach and on through Osmington, but I suspect he did not know his way about as well as I did, and I was not going to tell him, for I wanted him to come further with me. In truth on that road he might have been stopped by sentries on the outskirts of the town, or caught by a patrol and punished as a deserter, so I was not doing him a disservice, for if he came with me to the Ridgeway he would probably be safer. In any case, I dont think he had quite made up his mind what to do.
  • Not of me! I meant she might see a troll or something. Although I did look pretty good, if I do say so myself. I was muscular, lean, and tanned. Heck, I could probably even give myself a huge...ego...if I wanted to. My appearance was more than just healthy self-image now. I had conscious control over how I looked, right down to the clothes I was wearing--or wasn't wearing, as was the case at the moment.
  • It looked like we wouldnt be needed for anything, so I thought wed be able to escape back into the mall without so much as a wave, when a policeman did finally walk in our direction. He asked, "Which one of you is Lauren?" I identified myself, and he followed with, "Miss, Im not sure why you thought to call the emergency line when you did, but I wanted to tell you, your instincts are amazing." I didnt know what to say.
  • Theyre silent for a while. Then David says, ‘So at Port Wakefieldyou told me you might have got over your…’ He cant think how to say what he wants to say, and he stops.
  • It was the same the following day. I stood by the gate, looking in all directions, but couldnt see him. As I waited, disappointment rushed through my body. All I wanted to do was say goodbye, but he was nowhere in sight.
  • He awoke feeling unwell. There was an adolescent jack-hammer in his head that wanted to go out cruising with its friends but had been grounded by its parents, so now it was trashing its bedroom. His bladder had broken the dam-burst glass and pushed the red button; the sirens were wailing and even now the body's emergency services were gathering around his urethra wondering if there was anything they could do or whether they should get the hell out before they all drowned.
  • Donovan repressed an instinctive growl of anger. No husband. She didnt have a ring on her left hand. She didnt have a mark where a ring would have left a pale streak. He couldnt be wrong about that. This woman, whatever her name was, was single and without a mate. Then he did curse at himself. I dont even know her name. I dont know anything about her. I dont know what shes up to, except that the Whitelaws want her dead and they want that book back. So in a few minutestime how can I want her more than Ive ever wanted a woman before?
  • "This has not escaped my contemplation. Especially since whatever my brother wants from your Archives he has yet to obtain. You might also consider what that might be. Ah - you know what it is? You are looking at me in a more than casually speculative manner."
  • "Ah, no, no, not really. Why?" Although the mayor wanted to get rid of his visitor, he couldn't help himself. Why would this strange man ask about weasels?
  • Terry came to me with an investment system. He showed me yards of computer printout by way of proof that it worked. Yet the system was a logical impossibility, you could never have all the information it called for. Trying not to dent his faith, I gently probed the man. I was sure, if you actually put money into it, the system would fail. We tested it. The results were mind bendingly bad. Id more or less expected it, all the charisma and psychic power Terry put into getting impossibly good results suddenly went into getting impossibly bad ones. You see Terry wanted his system to work but he didnt, he really didnt want to make money.
  • The snow tasted good, and the instant the first crystals melted on her tongue, she realized she did not know how long it had been since she had had a drink. She ate it all, leaving a thin layer of ice across his hands. She wanted more, needed more, but she would not lick it from his hands.
  • Robert just snorted. He really wanted to ask her what had happened since the last time he had seen them to make Phillip attack him like he had. But he knew that this was not the time to ask and Maureen probably wouldnt tell him anyway.
  • Lanyan hoped his words would have an effect, any effect; but Carsis was devoid of emotion and he stood fully towards the Elf. Lan's voice had fallen on empty ears. Only rage and dissension was evident. Carsis, for years, had no desire to understand the things around him; he only fed the hedonistic side of his soul. He didn't see that he was in danger of crossing a line, losing his fianc and his friend. He still only saw what he wanted and desired, and only those that stood in his way. "What will you dofriend? Shoot me?" He clenched his fists so tightly that Lanyan swore he heard the flesh of his fingers straining.
  • "The scrolls say Yahu doesn't turn from a goal or think past one. He burned babies and pregnant women in Sodom. He turned Lot's woman to salt for the crime of looking at her home. He flooded the world and only let a few worshippers escape. Now he wants the last war. We must survive to save as many as we can from his wrath."
  • "You might have been followed. I want to be far and away by the time the sun rises. If your Magister wants the book for one thing, perhaps someone else has stumbled upon your research, and they want it for themselves."
  • I did, but I was desperately trying to be nice to her. I knew how much she wanted to be a Demons cheerleader. It was one of the first things she'd told me about herself when we met, and I had taken it from her.
  • His shoulders shook with frustration at the unfairness of it all. What can I do? Take her back? But Sorid will kill us both if we return, and I couldnt carry her back up the mountain all by myself even if I wanted to! He knelt beside her and pressed his hand firmly onto the cut to slow the blood flowit bubbled against his fingers like a stifled burpand looked east, out to the slowly rolling sea.
  • Ryson ignored her. "He wanted to seal the breach, keep the sphere buried. He held to this for long meetings with the elf elder Mappel. He ignored the requests of the humans as well. He was not convinced the sphere was a true threat. Do you know what changed his mind?"
  • A Stag asked a Sheep to lend him a measure of wheat, and said that the Wolf would be his surety. The Sheep, fearing some fraud was intended, excused herself, saying, "The Wolf is accustomed to seize what he wants and to run off; and you, too, can quickly outstrip me in your rapid flight. How then shall I be able to find you, when the day of payment comes?'
  • She also wanted to ask him about the pregnancy test results, but since he hadnt mentioned them, she already knew what the answer was going to be. She felt like vomiting again and tried to use her tried and true method of suppressing thoughts of unpleasant things. It wasnt working so well in this case.
  • She saw their faces change with knowledge. Anger and horror mingled together as they realized what power had done to one of their own, what the Benoits had been doing with the salt mine for decades. She heard their comprehension in waves of thoughts. Missing people? That girl from Detroit. Her mama said her credit card receipts stopped in Unknown. Remember that couple ten years ago? They said they wanted a look at the salt mine, wouldn't take no for an answer. Twenty-something years ago that man from New Orleans up and vanished. Outsiders disappeared, and we never even caredAnd Gautier Debou. And Meg Theriot. Not only outsidersin the mine?
  • "You shouldn't be so presumptuous. I, of course, don't mind. A dragon might." He turned over some pages. "Sarcorlan was never known for his humility, even on his deathbed. Listen to this, however, for his love of the truth was equal to his pride, as he remarks. 'What I am about to relate is true, for I am Sarcorlan of Vomaro, and all of Tormay has never known a greater wizard than I. My latter years were spent in peace, living in the mountains east of the great forest. A village nearby saw to my wants, which were few.'"
  • "Rennir taught us that the Great Father, whom we no longer knew as our own, was in fact the Great Enemy, the liar, the deceiver, and that the god which we all now served was the opposing force. Rennir, acting as our seer, our oracle, instructed us to go out and take what we needed and what we wanted from them who claimed the nameless God as their master. This was our divine right, and in this endeavor we were successful. Too successful. We began to indulge in the conquest, the bloodlust, and the other crimes which I shall not name, for you know them well. We roamed as a horde. We would lay siege to a city or town to settle in it, but grew bored as we sat in one place, so we would move on."
  • "It was Saris idea," said Mal. "She wanted this smooth segue where she could just strut across the floor and start in with Vida."
  • 'No. Why? You think I forgot about her, didn't you. Well, if you want to be with Rose so badly, then go!' he said angrily. He didn't want to debate with Mickey any further right now. He wanted to find Lynne as soon as possible.
  • Good God, Agnes. I was only bluffing. You know I would never strike a child, and I think that under the circumstances, I was perfectly entitled to say what I did. Did you see what he was up to this morning? He climbed over my bed, literally climbed over my bed. As it is, Im only getting about three hours of sleep a night, and the last thing I wanted was for some child to wake me up, for no good reason. In all sincerity, his behaviour was disgraceful. I cant believe that Thomas didnt put a stop to it.’
  • Oston wanted to come with him, but Sallis insisted he stayed to keep an eye on the south gate. Sallis didn't return to the city, but moved around outside the walls, staying in the forest where possible to avoid prying eyes from the city.
  • Two weeks later Kell drove to Marthes new apartment, new to him. Warehouses had been reclaimed by developers, turned into condos, Kell having run into their mutual acquaintance only a few months previous. According to Marian Williams, the women shared the space, Marthe still working at the hospital, still friends with Ash. That Ash was still up and around had been news to Kell, but when Marthe left in 1987, Kell had been excised from her existence, and those she loved. It was only coincidence he hadnt run into any of the Souzas over the last three years, a strange one for the enormity of that clan. Kell prayed Marthe hadnt joined the baby brigade. She had never wanted kids, not his, nor from anyone else that shed said. She hadnt said much when she left him, that particular issue not included in her last words.
  • "About time you woke up," Pacian chastised him as soon as he came within sight. "I could really use a hand here. Our merchant friend wants to leave as soon as possible, so he roused me out of a nice warm bed to carry heavy objects in the rain." Aiden peered inside and did a quick count of the ingots.
  • In the snow-cloud sky, one spot of sun peeked through, again, clearing a very small some-blue. I wanted another cigarette but couldn't bear digging through all the layers to get to the pack, and Lyosha, though a junkie, didn't smoke. My craving waned. Nowhere colder than prison. The phrase danced a circle in my head. Sappy sad-sack babushkas-nowhere colder than prison... Ironda, nonsense, nonsense danced in my brain. I should've gone with Jeff to the press conference. Why didn't I go?
  • Nobody in her family wanted to leave, but they couldn't afford to stay without his income, and they were all smart enough to know he was right about the waterlogged writing on the wall.
  • Jane is lying stretched out on her beach towel on the river bank, soaking up the sun, with her radio playing softly into her ear. Shes still recovering; just ten minutes ago the young idiot whos now sunbathing in his underpants fifty yards along the bank came very close to smashing his old bomb into Dereks precious car, and shes trying hard to blot the memory out of her mind. The main thing, she tells herself, is that it was a close shave, but in the end there was no collision and no damage done. So now shes just going to relax and enjoy the feel of hot sun on her skin. And when the heat gets to be unbearable shell dive into the water to cool off. It was just another narrow escape, thats all. She seems to have a talent for narrow escapes, of one sort or another, like the one in Bunbury. She shivers, in the hot sun. She wants to blot that memory out as well.
  • I turned to help Josh, but he didnt really need it. He was crouched over the ogre, one knee on its chest while he flayed at its eyes and throat. The ogre panicked, all thoughts of battle replaced by the primal need for survival. All it wanted now was to escape, and it bellowed and roared in an effort to screw up the strength to break free. Josh rolled to the side and allowed the beast to scramble to its feet. It shuffled off down the alley after its master. It wasnt mercy that had saved the creature; we just couldnt leave the corpse lying in the street, and we didnt have the time or the resources to bring it with us.
  • hear hear (alternatively and wrongly thought to be 'here here') - an expression of agreement at a meeting - the expression is 'hear hear' (not 'here here' as some believe), and is derived from 'hear him, hear him' first used by a members of the British Parliament in attempting to draw attention and provide support to a speaker. The use of 'hear him, hear him' dated from the late 1500s according to Random House and the OED; the shortened 'hear hear' parliamentary expression seems to have developed in the late 1700s, since when its use has been more widely adopted, notably in recent times in local government and council meetings, committee meetings, formal debates, etc. Today the 'hear hear' expression could arguably be used by anyone in a meeting wanting to show support for a speaker or viewpoint expressed, although it will be perceived by many these days as a strange or stuffy way of simply saying 'I agree'. Let's face it, the House of Commons, home of the expression, is not the greatest example of modern constructive civilised debate and communications.
  • Every half hour or so she took out her compass and corrected her course west. The shape of the mountain didn't agree with the direction she wanted to take, and she found herself getting turned away from it more and more. And there was always the chance she was headed for a place that didn't exist. Even if there was a village, she could go right past it with all these hills of bare rock and never know.
  • Pete smiled and nodded, and took his place on the line. Fifty it was. He wanted to give the bench a chance to play so he would try make it as quick as possible. Gerry Williams was just another body out there, as Pete hit a jump hook and then tapped in his own miss on the following trip. He wanted the 49th and 50th points to come from his staple long-range bomb, so he set up in the corner and hoisted a soft jumper. The huge gym went dark through Pete's eyes as a spotlight focused on the basket. The ball splashed through the net as the crowd exploded, brining Pete back into the here and now. This time, confetti and streamers were thrown onto the court and play was temporarily halted.
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