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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • The pain reminded me of the time after Dads heart attack. Dad had known that some of the boys from the reservation were starting to change for the first time, and he had been watching Seth carefully, wanting to guide and support him. The shock and disappointment in seeing me transform had killed him. Mom and Seth hadnt said so, of course, but there was no one else more responsible for his death than I was. If only I hadnt been inside with him when it first happened, he would still be around today.
  • A rumor immediately spread in Petersburg, not that Helene wanted to be divorced from her husband (had such a report spread many would have opposed so illegal an intention) but simply that the unfortunate and interesting Helene was in doubt which of the two men she should marry. The question was no longer whether this was possible, but only which was the better match and how the matter would be regarded at court. There were, it is true, some rigid individuals unable to rise to the height of such a question, who saw in the project a desecration of the sacrament of marriage, but there were not many such and they remained silent, while the majority were interested in Helene's good fortune and in the question which match would be the more advantageous. Whether it was right or wrong to remarry while one had a husband living they did not discuss, for that question had evidently been settled by people "wiser than you or me," as they said, and to doubt the correctness of that decision would be to risk exposing one's stupidity and incapacity to live in society.
  • The young soldier who had brought her protested, "The Lord told me to torture her. He said he wants to hear her scream."
  • Before I get to the recounting of this customer, allow me to give you a tour of the store I spent so much of my time in. The lunchroom that we were all hanging out in was situated at the very back of the store. I think that was done on purpose so employees had to walk all the way through the store when they got to work, and then again when they were leaving work. This provided customers extra opportunities to bother an employee who just wanted to take a lunch or a smoke break. Most employees resorted to wearing a coat or sweater when making the long walk. Most of the time it served well enough, but when it was really busy even covering the store uniform didnt seem to stop customers from asking for help.
  • Gray squeezed her hand. Hed heard, so had Lovie. "Rose," Lovie said. "I think she wanted to be with your folks."
  • Forgive my long delay in writing, but I have been simply overwhelmed with work. The life of an assistant schoolmaster is sometimes trying. I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air. I have been working very hard lately, because I want to keep up with Joanna's studies, and I have been practicing shorthand very assiduously. When we are married I shall be able to be useful to Joanna, and if I can stenograph well enough I can take down what she wants to say in this way and write it out for her on the typewriter, at which also I am practicing very hard.
  • "Of course." The mayor nodded and led them to a dismount area. Afoot, the group began to look around and decide what they wanted to do first. Salvor clapped a hand onto Ruels shoulder and began to lead him away, but Meena stepped over to join them.
  • Now on a border hill, the unit zigzagged along a ridge, landing at the base of an outer mountain. Misha wanted to stand at the peak, look out at the snow, at the Arcakhyan lerner. Here villages spread far apart; once and again, a lonesome house stood on a rocky terrace.
  • "No," I screamed. Rage propelled me forward, though Aiden was stronger and held with a firmer grip. Liz turned her white eyes upon my struggling form, and I froze. A mocking smile crept across her face. I wanted to slap that grin right off her face.
  • She looked at him in dismay trying to guess what he wanted of her. When she changed her position so that his left eye could see her face he calmed down, not taking his eyes off her for some seconds. Then his lips and tongue moved, sounds came, and he began to speak, gazing timidly and imploringly at her, evidently afraid that she might not understand.
  • Korol spoke on the lessons she had gained on her own, as well as the things learned to her. She spoke of some who had mentored her during the time in which she was away. Korol was grateful for their guidance and for their protection; and said that it was because of them that she was so much more sensible now, than she had been before. She had plans to still remain in their lives from afar. But mainly Korol said how she was so glad to finally be in the place where she always wanted to be - here with the one whom she loved.
  • At Eleventh Street, other early risers were getting ready for the event. The baskets she'd seen go up on the lightposts yesterday, now workmen were filling them with flowers, absolutely beautiful hothouse sprays, pink and blue and white. Performers milled about like butterflies among the blockades and registration tables. And the ordinary people who wanted to see the Representation were camped out on the sidewalks behind barriers set up to keep them out of the street.
  • Berta Schmidt is buried in the little villages hillside cemetery. Sandra is in the funeral procession that follows the coffin to the cemetery up the steep hill. All the relatives come back to Grandmas house for coffee and cake and everyone wants to hug Sandra and she becomes more and more annoyed all Sandra wants to do is sit on her Grandmas lap.
  • "Jack, I know why your shield didnt work. When you made your shield you wanted it to only repel an attack, right?" Jack confirmed his suspicions. "Well fire is the purest form of energy and it gave me an idea. Instead of blocking from it I made the shield absorb. When you threw that fireball at my shield it absorbed the energy and transferred it into me. Thus I just increased my energy from your attack." Connor looked at Sarahs mother who was still upset from his last show and tell. "This shield cannot work against anyone other than a fire wielder. Jillian, throw a small amount of water at my shield."
  • "She will. She wants to rule this world just as I do. Valaira may no longer need me, but she will still have to finalize her claim, and she can't do that without killing me. This world cannot have two rulers. She will come to take it from me, and when she does, I will be ready with Fate to destroy her."
  • "Oh, I am sorry, Brad." BJ cut herself off as if she had read Brad's impatient mind. "Muriel, Brad Burgess wants to talk to George. Is he there?"
  • "So what are we going to do if he comes back empty-handed?" Susan wanted to have a plan B. "If we have an idea of what this Raven guy looks like, I think we should consider reporting this to the police."
  • Andy? Liz just wanted to know how her exam went. Okay? You did sit in on her exam, didn't you? Yes, of course. It went well? Good. Liz was worried about that last question. Thanks.
  • A half second passed, and then responding to something too faint for me to hear, Alec gently opened the door. A slightly tilted eyebrow seemed to ask Rachel if she wanted to come inside, but she shook her head, now with the slightest of quivers to her chin.
  • "We believe aristocratic Rajput women have always wished to do it. To honor their brave warriors. The Moghul has tried to stop it, however. He claims it began only a few centuries ago, when a Rajput raja suspected the women in his palace were trying to poison him and his ministers. Some believe the raja decreed that custom as protection for his own life, and then others followed. But I dont think thats true. I believe women in India have always done it, from ancient times. But what does it matter when it began. Now all rani, the wives of rajas, follow their husbands in death, and consider it a great honor. Today it seems his other women also insisted on joining her. I think it was against her wishes. She did not want to share her moment of glory. Sati is a noble custom, Captain Hawksworth, part of that Rajput strength of character wanting in other races."
  • "Yes I can!" I hadnt meant to shout. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt Alison, but I just couldnt deal with this. Not now. Maybe not ever. I turned back to her to tell her I was sorry, but she was already fading.
  • It ends a few weeks later when a man who works for the Pepsi Corporation comes in and sits in my section. He orders a Pepsi, and I tell him (nicely) that we serve Coke products. He says he knows that, but if I want a tip I need to serve him a Pepsi. He has one in the car that hell bring in, he says, and he wants me to bring a glass with ice and hell pour the Pepsi into the glass.
  • Hello! Red flag! I know that its inevitable that every woman Sam meets will be compared to the great and powerful Mindy Lipshitz, but what chance do any of them really have? Its impossible for anyone to compete with a person that has become a complete figment of your imagination. We have all romanticized about a certain person and the what if scenario. Sam had placed Mindy on such a high pedestal that it would be nearly impossible to take her down and replace her likeness with someone else. I didnt think he was seeing the whole picture of who Mindy was - she was a person who was willing to give up a great thing just because her mother put the whammy on it. Could it be possible that Mindy really wanted to marry a man that she thought could give her instant stature? Was she really that influenced by her mothers opinion that her love life could take a back seat to tainted opinion? Would either Sam or Mindy ever be truly happy? Stay tuned for these answers and more.
  • "Seriously? He wasnt pissed. I think he just wanted to know. He said he was taken by surprise when you broke up with him on the way home from the hospital. He said the last few months you wouldnt discuss any of it with him. He felt like youd shut him out."
  • It was easy to appreciate his beauty without feeling anything else. My heart was too full of Jacob, and that love blocked any romantic interest in other men. My eyes stared only out of curiosity. Who was he? Why was he at the game? I wanted to know everything about him.
  • Later.--When the Professor came in, we talked over the state of things. I could see that she had something on her mind, which she wanted to say, but felt some hesitancy about broaching the subject. After beating about the bush a little, she said, 'Friend Joan, there is something that you and I must talk of alone, just at the first at any rate. Later, we may have to take the others into our confidence.'
  • "Pits, look: you can calm him down. He just wants to hear it from you, Pits." Silence. "Otherwise, hell pop this door like a beer tab and get you anyway."
  • Jurtan Mont had his face contorted, a sign often noted when he was trying to follow Shaa through some unnecessarily abstruse argument. "Wait a minute," he said. "The Scapulas a villain, right? Hes evil. Isnt that all the explanation you need? He tortured you and Eden when you were kids, now he made himself a god because he wants to run the world - I mean, that makes him evil. Doesnt it?"
  • Ryson shrugged. He decided to put the question before them as simply as possible. "Is there anyone here that still wants war? Anyone that wants to challenge what the cliff behemoth said? Everybody else wants this to end. I know Burbon doesn't want this to continue. Is there still one among you that wishes to continue the war against the algors, or the humans, or the elves?"
  • "I'm sorry." I wanted to smack her for hurting him. "Do you still love her?" I asked. I added, "What was her name?"
  • Richardson laughs again. "Maybe initially, yes. But when Dr. Mullis was writing his proposal to use the PCR with HIV, he ran across a big problem right at the start. His paper began with the sentence, ‘HIV is the probable cause of AIDS;and like any good scientist writing a paper to be peer-reviewed, he wanted to reference that statement with the scientific studies that supported it."
  • Keiran closed his eyes tight and held his breath, holding in the cry that wanted to come from his belly through his throat.
  • The thought of Sebastian hurt her deep down and she desperately wished him beside her. But, once again, she remembered what he was and her eyes filled with tears. How could she believe him a monster when every part of her soul wanted to be with him?
  • Kell brushed graying curls from her face. He loved touching the skin near her eyes, wrinkles so beautiful, in that they spoke of time. He had known her for ages, long before the sides of her face sported little lines. Now he only wanted to grow old with her, see how many would accrue. That was hard to swallow, why he had to write. Time was a fleeting notion, its linage unknown.
  • But he's your roommate. He's sharing something with you, or he wants your help. And maybe it is something cool. You would love a distraction from the Academy and the elohim and love and death and being you.
  • He wants to say more, but his voice is choked with emotion. "Oh," he adds, "joy has made away even eret can be born! Mine eyes cannot hold back water, methinks," he says, tears welling. "To forget their faults, I drink to you!"
  • "She wanted to bathe! Its wet work! And first the water was too hot and then it grew too cold. And then she was annoyed when I told her there was no scented soap but when I offered to throw crushed herbs in the water instead she very curtly refused. Then she became angry because it was taking so long to comb out her hair but she complained we were too rough with the snarls and knots! Why does she insist on wearing her hair unbound? And her gown!" Goewyn snorted with disbelief. "Thats the best part. She said that under normal circumstances she would have tossed her gown out for rags because it was ruined from rough treatment these past five days but she knows there cant possibly be anything suitable at Llanlleyn to borrow and so now every day we must take it away and brush and clean it for her to wear again in the morning!" She stepped closer to her husband. "Im asking you once more, how long is she staying?"
  • "I meant no offense, sir, I just wanted to make sure she was positively identified. The crime is more significant when it is committed against a Maturing Demon."
  • "She wants me to teach her how to be human." I didn't know why the idea bothered me so much. It had nagged at the back of my mind since Tam-Lien had brought it up.
  • Andrew cleared his throat again. "Well, he has no daughter of his own. He has no son either, which is complicating things in Vindyrion, since the King is getting older now. Even if he does eventually have a son, he will not be able to raise him and shape him into the leader he wants him to be; but that is another matter.
  • Whether she wanted just his hand or actually his heart is another matter but certainly, Alianore now wanted to marry Edward. To be thwarted by his coldness made her angry. It was she more than money or policy which prompted Lady Margaret to write that letter. It was Alianore, not Lady Margaret, who would be waiting for Edward to answer that summons.
  • Breandan moved ahead of me and took my hand. I heard a group of Disciples nearby, their high and happy voices floating through the dark coming straight toward us. He turned so we no longer walked on the path to the main gate but out onto the lawn surrounding the Temple, into the darkness. Over my shoulder I saw Devlin followed silently; he didn't look alarmed but rather annoyed. Rather than a silhouette, I made out his angular features and the green of his eyes. With a start I realised everything looked lighter, and then I saw why. Breandan's tattooed skin glowed in the dark. It was like he wanted to get caught. Like he didn't care Devlin could name him as demon.
  • Lief responded with conviction. "I must disagree with that thought. I can't believe any of the elves wanted to see the sphere removed."
  • He had lightened up and now began to tease her. She countered, and soon they were laughing continuously as every nuance assumed a double meaning. A lot of it was crude, but very funny, and even as she laughed she was aware of how des¬perately she wanted to laugh like this; and then they were on a roll, the repartee coming instinctively, and she was lost in it; she had given herself up to what she would afterwards recall as pure happiness.
  • Strom cleared his throat and said, in his best imitation of Miss Mariss's voice, "Miss Mariss sends these with her best wishes to some of her favorite patrons. She looks forward to your next visit. Her words, not mine," he added, just to make sure Catrin understood the message was intended for her. The subtle message surprised Catrin, as did the support from Miss Mariss, who had always been stern with her, but she decided she would process that information later. Today she was on a grand adventure, and she wanted nothing more than to enjoy the sausage bread.
  • I wanted to ask what Alec meant, but it was more and more obvious he wasn't going to answer anything he didn't want to. We walked in comfortable silence for several minutes before turning off into what I could only assume was the Lilac Room.
  • Beautiful things do not last forever! Our college days ended. We spent an evening on the Marina beach, watching the sun set in the ebbing waters reflect the many dreams we had about our life that lay ahead of us. We wanted to become powerful. We thought if we could build together a business empire. We wanted to be virtuous. We wanted to change the world
  • "Summer, she looked at me with the biggest grin on her face. Asked if I was going to stay, you know, she meant stick around. And I said Id like to, that it was up to you. Then she got off the bench, shed been sitting there, Id given her a piece of toast, what she said she wanted. She ate, god, maybe two bites. But she left it there and ran to me. Just ran right at me, telling me she wanted me to be her daddy. That her daddy, did I know Jody? And I said I did and she said he was dead, but that was okay. It was okay if Id be her daddy."
  • Rakuen said nothing, and instead still seemed smitten by their kiss, wanting more. He pet her hair, and his hand drifted to her neck, stroking the warm flesh where it joined her collar bone. Suzana paused, lifting an eyebrow at him.
  • Ok, if that is what we needJack Wack is a gay, Jewish Black dude who is probably about five feet six inches tall. Hes thin, has a shaved head because he wanted to hide the fact that he was losing his hair. Unless it is funnier to give him a large afro. Well figure that out when Chris does the cover. He favored any stereotypical gay or Jewish clothing and did this mainly to make it easy to identify or describe him. He also has secret fantasies about a certain elderly male member of the 60 minutes cast
  • Rose wanted to say that, make Petra giggle. Instead she held her sister as more emerged. "The worst thing, and I mean, its really not like hes beating me or cheating, my god. Maybe I have nothing to complain about."
  • Kaymin paused, wanting to shake the insolent attitude right out of the little thief. "What land do you name as home?"
  • And he explained like one, a person, someone, can only explain in Russian, Vahan said, I wanted to see you, and only you.
  • This wasnt that much of a problem for me. When I felt an intrusion into my brain, I could put up a wall. Any vampire could. Whenever I fed I could read and control my victims thoughts. They had no control over mine, but once I bit into them they could read my mind. My bite created the link. Normally it went both ways, but I had learned how to put up a wall to keep my thoughts private. I could allow others to see only those thoughts I wanted them to see. I did that now with Ash.
  • Her fingers closed around cold metal and she threw herself forward, screaming, her mind blank. She wanted everything, all the pain and torment and fear, to stop! She lunged at him, swiping with the hand holding the metal object.
  • "That is just it. They had decided that mother had imagined it all, and yet you see how exactly everything was painted in her mind, for she had even remembered that Hiram had told her that Maria could have married the sea-captain if she had wanted to!
  • Economists say failure to reach an agreement before January 1 could push the country back into recession. The main hurdle is the expiring tax cuts, which Obama wants extended for all but the rich and Boehner wants extended for everyone.
  • "In the middle of a fucking hostage situation, yeah. Nobody even wanted to talk to us. I wanted to keep recording, but no, you had to-"
  • The Innkeeper, however, didn't seem to be fazed by Colt's aggressive demeanour and heavy build. He may have been past forty years of age and carrying a lot of extra weight, but he didnt show any fear of yet another rowdy drunkard in his bar. Aiden hoped his confidence wasnt misplaced, for Colt could probably make an Innkeeper-skinned rug from the old fellow if he really wanted.
  • But first came a girl, Emory Calla. Then a son, Liam Grayson, for his father. And now another baby. Gray wanted another child. And Rose still didnt know what to do.
  • Lepidus wants progress. "Be pleased to tell usfor that is aside from the presenthow you take the offer we have sent you."
  • Without losing eye contact, he continued, "I just met this really incredible woman named Amanda who wants to meet you. I told her we were tight. I told her Id introduce her to you."
  • The knowledge that the Americans were close and that they had been travelling away from them had worried Jacob. He didnt like the idea of going back to Germany. But when Leutnant Spiegal had turned up so unexpectedly there was no way Helga could have argued with him. Jacob even wondered if she wanted to. The way she had almost dismissed Andrs fears when he also arrived so unexpectedly in their compartment on the train made him wonder again. But the Frenchmans bluntly spoken news about her father had obviously upset Helga. She had gone with him without a word and she still hadnt spoken. She also hadnt cried.
  • Needing to get my mind off of Cupids incompetence, I thought about the plans I had made for my personal, secretive birthday adventure. After Tray fell asleep tonight, I was going to give myself a birthday gift. I would go outside, listen to my iPod and play in the wind. I figured I deserved this treat because I wanted to release my spirit and fly again. This might be the only chance I would have for a while to do it too.
  • Louie put his arm around Lulu. Louie as we know has become quite an assertive bee and he wanted things to be just right for the beloved Lulu that he nearly lost.
  • Patience was the better plan, but he had doubts. One could never trust the City Watch, controlled by the Royal brethren. They would slit a woman's throat with little more than a word; he had seen it before. If someone had drugged him, he wanted to know who and why. He was perturbed and embarrassed to have been duped at the tavern.
  • "No one wants to admit it." Then Marthe smiled. "Next time I see him Ill tell him hes in a book. Hell like that."
  • He continued to frown. "Well I do," he said, and he did. Then he had difficulty in thinking of anything else he could possibly say. "I like you a lot, Taf. I'm just tired and not thinking straight." The aestri simply stared. "I shouldn't have kissed you." He felt terrible. The last thing he wanted to do was upset Taf. After the kaedith he really should have known better. This world just wasn't like home.
  • "I'll make a note of it in my journal," Pacian replied with a healthy dose of sarcasm. "'Dear diary, when we get back to town, Colt wants to express his manly affections for me through violence.'"
  • A tiny sound just outside the door preempted my next question. Alec carefully maneuvered a pair of huge metal baskets in through the door. I felt my eyes go wide as I realized that they were full of hundreds of cans of food. I didn't even want to guess at how much weight was in each basket, but as Alec cleared the door it was obvious that the slow speed that he'd been moving at had only been due to him not wanting to hit anything. He moved like they weighed no more than a couple of pillows as he crossed the cabin and set them down in front of what must be the food pantry.
  • Brad tried not to think about the one time he had told his mother he wanted to take Annie out on a date. It was shortly after Easter vacation and he had some extra money from working for Charlie Carr.
  • I knew I'd gotten a little carried away. The prime rule of high school survival involved avoiding situations people could use to ridicule you later, but I'd really wanted a rational explanation for my dreams. They seemed so real. I needed a friendly face to get me through the rest of class.
  • Her mind struggles to come to grips with what has happened to her, faced with this strange place that defies logic, like an un-waking dream. She begins to fear what has happened to her. Worst of all, she has no idea what has become of Jack. Although her last memories of him are fragmented in her mind like shards of a broken mirror, she still feels that connection. That sense, that longing, that has not been dulled or hidden away like her others feelings have. She senses that she should feel more worried or confused for her current situation, the water, the flood, and the moon, yet all she wants right now is Jack Wolfe, his comfort, his voice. She has a memory of making love in a red room, at a red rose motel, yet it feels like a lifetime ago. She wonders if she will ever see Jack again.
  • "Yes ... you could do that I suppose." Clayton picked up his pencil and scribbled something in his notebook. "Suppose we restrict access to the hotels and apartment buildings. We can do that starting today. Memorial Day is still a week off and if you wanted to break into a room you'd do it just before the day of the speech. Right? If you broke in and killed the tenant too early then somebody is bound to get suspicious and you would want to avoid that. Good. Have every tenant checked in and out of the buildings around the square, starting immediately."
  • The girl. For a moment I saw a slim figure in the mirage of the desert. She vanished. Come back. My only desire was to be comforted, to be told it was going to be ok. I doubted my strength to see this trial through to the end. I doubted my mind to uncloud the mystery. I doubted everything. Most of all I just wanted someone to help. I'll never see her again. I didn't fight the emotions, I let them come freely. The intensity of them filled me like a wave, building, peaking, and vanishing. The minutes ticked away and I was rejuvenated.
  • "I'm sorry, sweetie," Maria said softly, breaking the silence. "I just wanted you to know how differently I felt about things now. I think falling in love with you has really changed meI just wanted you to know that."
  • Peter snarled, "I want you and your men to leave this castle. Right now. You tell your garrison we arent who we say we are? We will kill all of you. I dont want to spill blood in my home, but if need be, I will. If you leave quietly, you will survive. All I ask in return is that you tell our King that this castle belongs to its rightful owners. If he wants it, he has to fight for it. And if I have to die for it, I willat least I wont die alone. I have a garrison standing behind me thats just as stubborn. Now, be a good guest and leave."
  • The clouds still covered the sunlight, but at least the diffused rays were able to warm their skin. After another hour or so they finally reached the bottom of the mountain where the air was now warm. At the bottom there was no river, but the path continued on. Silas caught a glimpse from Dink. Neither was sure of what needed to be done next. Obviously the only choice was to follow the path. The forest to their right was so thick that trying to navigate through would be impossible. The mountain was on their left and none of them wanted to go back. The only way was forward.
  • Later, at the back of the plane, the other tour guides and Sandra hold a meeting to make sure everything will go smoothly. No one wants a disgruntled client. There will be calls to the headquarters in Los Angeles. Caligan will ream everybody out. "You expect these yahoos to spend fifty to one hundred-fifty grand again next year if they get pissed at us this year?" he will whisper through tight lips. Sandras superior, Martha, lays out the plans and itinerary for each of the countries the tour passes through. "I realize weve all had a late night," Martha says softly, "most of our clients are snoozing. Lets all get a few winks in after lunch."
  • Abe also wants to revise Japan's U.S.-drafted constitution, never altered since it was adopted after World War Two. U.S. officials have indicated in the past that they would like to see Tokyo loosen constitutional restraints on its military to allow a bigger global security role.
  • So instead, Jeremy pictured the scoop on the spoon as Eds head. He wanted Ed badly, he wanted to shove him on a pike and make him pay for what hed done. Ed was his goal, his dream, his overriding purpose in life. That sarcastic, sadistic fat bastard.
  • "We won't be seeing the sun again for a fewyears. The Admiral wants you to know that the ship will be under martial law after this point. Criminal activity will not be tolerated…."
  • By the time she got home, Gray was just stepping into the shower, and she joined him, letting him make love to her under the water. It felt intimate, only them and a third baby. Rose wanted to concentrate on that notion and with the curtain drawn, the room humid, and her husband near, nothing intruded in what Rose and Gray meant to the other. Rose felt him inside her and no part of her was at all chilled.
  • Sara instantly took off, bounding down the porch steps and walking as fast as she could away from the house. It felt good to be doing something other than sitting in the backseat of a car. Even though she wanted to run towards her son, she made herself keep to a fast walk. She knew better than to run: Vincent would find her and keep his promise.
  • Lester said: "I'll tell Joey what you said. Your girl called and wanted to know how you are. She wants you to call her."
  • The wary chief, a former lieutenant, wants to wait. "Let us first see peace in Athens. There is no time so miserable but that a man may be true."
  • "There are people who seek a way out," he told her more quietly. "They can seek all they want. They won't find it. There are others who want to destroy us. It's for our own good, they say, and maybe it is. Who knows for how long this life will go on? But the thing about life is, it just wants to live. It's really as simple as that. Even for us. The life force is strong."
  • Not now. Later, I promise. Sorry to bother you. I wanted to get things straightened out in my head and I cant even talk about it.
  • "Thats a great question. This light of God and the living water fit together somehow. My dad wanted to take on this part of the puzzle. I hope he can come up with something. But regardless of that, we already know the gift of God is about God, and God is omniscient. So if you give omniscience to someone, you are giving the light of God. I think John and Jesus were passing this gift along as they baptized. This would explain the stream of people coming to see them."
  • Eighteen year-old Thaddeus in his hawk persona pursued a flying for the first time Hartwell, who was weighed down by Gary, for more than three hours, not because Thad couldnt catch them but because he wanted to learn more about his natural enemies.
  • By the time we left police headquarters, most of the alcohol buzz had worn off. The incessant droning of Captain Schmitt must have brought us back to our senses. We headed toward Baus room to find out what happened to him and get him to buy us a case of beer for our troubles. The three of us made quiet a trio because Bosco and I didnt even have time to kick Baus ass. He had already gone to the beverage store and bought a case of cold beer. That bastard must have known that two wild bears were on the loose and he better give us what we wanted.
  • Pouring a cup of coffee, Marthe clutched a book from her locker and sat near a table, placing her mug on the edge. Taking occasional sips, she was engrossed with the novel, one she hadnt wanted to read, as if Dave Kedayis was still alive, pushing it into her hands, his weak grin teasing. "I know you know this guy," he would have smiled. "Souza, you HAVE TO read it!"
  • In any case, I stood, muttering a quick excuse me to everyone I jostled as I squeezed to the door. I didnt care, Id walk the extra blocks, arrive late, I just wanted out of there.
  • God, he could be so irritatingly cool when he wanted to be. The patient fox. Foxglove. A fox wearing boxing gloves, or kid gloves, or gauntlets. A whole goddamn drawer full. They'd been together when George had come up with the name. They were both twenty-one. George earned two thousand dollars a year from selling display-modifiers, before anybody had even thought of the expression "screen-saver", and was up to his still-freckled brows in debt, but he knew he was going to be big, that he needed a company name. He'd come up with it through reading a piece in Reader's Digest that said a drug was extracted from foxglove flowers, a drug called digitalis. Digital is. A cute little connection for a computer company.
  • "What's so easy?" Edeline shouted, and she turned her back on Ember and began to pick her way down the tree. She'd had enough of the little snot and, without even thinking about it, had decided to make her own way. Ember was tempted to let her go, but there was something she'd wanted to ask.
  • "Because he didn't have a funeral. He simply wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread over his mother's grave. But that option wasn't available because the cemetery she was buried in is now a Starbucks. So, we opted for Plan C, which seemed a lot more pleasant than Plan B."
  • While I drifted off to sleep, the song kept coming out of the forest. At one time, it sounded close to the hut and it relaxed my soul so that I finally dozed off. I didn't know that the bird found me. Others wanted this bird to use against the school and to aid in their power. The bird found me because of my pure heart. For a young wizard boy, I'd put temptations behind me when I asked myself, "Am I here for the good of it all or just to use my darkest magic against the Dark Robes?" I felt truly deep in my heart on that day I was here to fight and do my best to wipe out the evilness of the men that killed my Headmaster.
  • "Now how do you know all that?" Sir Giles said meditatively. "God strike you dead, Arglay, have you been spying on me with that blasted bit of dried dung? You have, have you? So it does do something with knowledge. Good, that's what I wanted to know. Now listen. This morning Palliser and I-"
  • "Theyre not from Samarkand or Kabul, like youve probably grown accustomed to at the palace in Agra. But I think youll like them anyway." She squinted across the square, in the direction of the mosque. "I love Samad dearly. He did all of this for me. But he refuses to listen to anything I say." She handed him an apple, then reached and took some grapes. "You know, I think he secretly wants to die a martyr. Like a lover eager to die for his or her beloved. He wants to die for his wild freedom, for what he thinks is beautiful. Perhaps to be remembered as one who never bowed to anyone. I wish I had his strength."
  • Jacob gave me an inquisitive look. He wanted to know what Dad was talking about. Even though Jacob was the one who was injured, his reflex was always towards me in the first instance. His own needs were put second.
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