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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • 'And, look'ee,' said Toole, returning, for he was going out, as he generally did, whenever he was profoundly ruffled; 'you remember the affidavit-man that was whipped and pilloried this time two years for perjury, eh? Look to it, my fine fellow. There's more than me knows how Mr. Nutter threatened to cane you that night--and a good turn 'twould have been--and 'twouldn't take much to persuade an honest jury that you wanted to pay him off for that by putting a nail in his coffin, you young miscreant! Go on--do--and I promise you'll get an airing yet you'll not like--you will.'
  • "Sorry, wrong number," says Mark who flips the phone shut and puts it on the table next to him as David predicted. "Someone wanted a donut shop."
  • Trevor wanted to say something else, but something awful happened first: Azrael took over Mariah's body. "Don't you see?" Azrael said. "You've ruined the lives of those around you. It's time to put an end to this."
  • Eventually Connor walked towards the idling red pickup truck and opened up the passenger door. David sat patiently, waiting in the purring vehicle that wanted to get a move on. He sat his bag and chest strap in the bed of the truck and slid Tool into the belt loop on his right hip. Connor stepped up and sat down in the seat. "Ready, Son?" David asked casually.
  • The 64" Green was rarely overshadowed by anyone, let alone a man his size that surprised him with a sucker punch. In many ways, it was the beating that he wanted to take for years, but he couldnt let the event go without retaliation. He was nobodys bitch, having fought every step of the way in his life on he way to the top.
  • I nodded, looking around slowly. If this was Ancient Greece, I wasnt entirely sure I wanted to leave before I met quite a few people.
  • Jaxon sighed. This had not been on her agenda and she was tired of watching her step everywhere she went. All these supernatural creatures and their demands were really beginning to get on her nerves. "Fine. I'll talk with you for a moment," she replied trying to sound as sweet and vulnerable as she could while she walked over to the counter to put down her things. At least that's what she wanted the vampire to think. She was actually putting herself in a better fighting position and allowing herself to have both hands free. She needed to be able to grab the dagger she had hidden in her boot if the situation required it.
  • "Oh, Mr. Decker. I'm so glad you called. I just wanted to thank you for what you did for Alex. It just makes me sick when I think of what might have happened if you hadn't have shown up when you did, and--"
  • "No, theres another possibility," I said loudly, nearly yelling. "Theyve been set up to be killed. A few less zealots in the world. An Elder gives them this information knowing they are going up against four Overlords. They wouldnt stand a chance. My guess, whatever Elder they think is helping them, really wants them dead. This is their way of disposing of them."
  • She hadn't appreciated how fast and deep the river was. On her second gasp for air, she saw that the current was already dragging her out of sight of the screaming girls on the bank. Some of them, including Jensi and Gwenika, were running along the edge of the river, trying to keep up with her, but trees and rocks slowed them down, while the fae propelled Dindi forward even faster. Now she could see where they wanted her to go. A whirlpool of froth and fae roiled between two large rocks in the middle of the river. The rusalka and her sisters tugged Dindi toward it. Other water fae joined the rusalki. Long snouted pookas, turtle-like kappas and hairy-armed gwyllions all swam around her, leading her to the whirlpool, where even more fae swirled in the whitewater.
  • She walked along the rows of the garden, amidst the scents of lavender, lilac, and sage. Berries and melons grew in the open spaces, while beans and scallions and tomatoes flourished in the rows. Don Pedro was generous to all who worked for him, and he would give them any of the fruits of the garden. But while she admired the abundance, it never occurred to her to accept the hacendado's offers to take what she wanted for her own family. She preferred to bargain for vegetables at the town market.
  • ('She's stalling for time. You got her goat. She wants to deliver a parting knock out punch, not just some pithy throw away,' Harvey said.)
  • It was dark when I left the stable and went back to the living quarters. I wanted nobody to see my blotchy face or hear my unsteady voice. Never in all imagination could anyone be as homesick as at this moment.
  • He turned on Judy. "I can't believe you're here," he shouted at her, red faced. "I know what you're doing here." Filthy addict. He reared back. "And you've been drinking." She stared at him. He'd always wanted to say it - I'll deal with you later - but she was using her big sister stare on him and he couldn't get the words out. "Mom isn't going to like this."
  • Monson laughed at his expression. But he also wanted him to finish. "Artorius, focus, you were in the middle of a story."
  • "Thank you, Daughter," Ignacio said to Graice. Turning to Sybille, he said, "Holder wants to buy a bottle of walawa extract when we reach Lucidus. He said you would know what that is."
  • "Wanting? Oh, I'm sure I'd be getting in a bit of trouble if I wanted anything like that from you, dear. Old Johan would have my hide." His smile widened as his fingers traced the bottom of his leather tabard with its beaded bird design. When she did not smile in return, he shrugged. "Not ready for that, yet, are we? Time enough later."
  • But when we cut into it, its dense and the center is doughy. The flavor is yeasty, and no one wants a second piece. Its hard not to be disappointed, even though all the baking books warn that it takes a few tries.
  • Isabella shifted so that her eyes stared into his. She wanted him to know how serious she was about what she was going to say. "Be that as it may, I still have an obligation to the Committee about The Book of the Black Moon. I have to finish my task."
  • Tyler, whom I later found out was the main creator of these devices, explained that these communicators might not work over such long distances. He was giving instructions to someone named Abram about how the two groups may still be able to communicate. Justin and Melissa began arguing about whether or not totake the next step.’ Justin wanted the others to do something while Lady Magmilan was overseas, but Melissa wanted to wait. They did a good job of not giving away very much information. I had no idea what they were talking about.
  • The inside noise also quadrupled my hangover headache, and I really wanted a cigarette. I reminded myself I only had six left and should wait till later in the day, when my craving would become uncontrollable.
  • Michele snuggled up to Kat and placed her hand in Kats. Kat was thankful for the distraction, as Micheles warm hand help occupy her thoughts if only momentarily. Feeling her discomfort as well as Cades and not wanting to acknowledge the sexual tension that had so suddenly appearedKat decided that maybe it was time to make a graceful exit. But just as she was about to make her announcement Michele spoke-up.
  • Hed also insisted, consistently, that Jeremy would take over the shop. This destiny, more than anything, had annoyed Jeremy into taking up the mantle of a supervillain. He wanted to be a person of recognition, not a clothierand since dear papa had shot down a degree in art, well, that was strike one.
  • I still haven't spoken. I'm not sure what I would even say. They have made it clear that they decide if and when I find out information related to my capture. Part of me curses my foolishness for being captured. How simple it would have been to write a letter to my professors or my family telling them where I was or what I was doing. I may have been captured but at least I would have the comfort of knowing I was being looked for. Another part of me, a darker part of me ... a part that hadn't existed in me until now, wants to know their purpose. What are they up to? Why do they need my blood? Why do they need my mind?
  • Later she would have to sort out what had been an incredibly busy day. A miserable battle in which she'd seen far too much, finding out what Menkar really had in store for her and losing Oscar. But for now, to hell with it all. She up and did what she'd been wanting to do the whole timeshe threw her good arm around his neck and tackle-hugged him.
  • Spencer didn't like it at all. Where was Kohl? He'd had this all figured out and now it was sliding from his grasp. He wanted to whine, to moan, stamp his feet in frustration. Kohl was up to something. But what? Where was the bastard?
  • The girl stopped singing and the sight vanished. Monson opened his eyes and chanced a look, hoping to see the girl's face. He wanted to know who she was.
  • "Hold there!" the prince said in a commanding voice, completely wasted on Range."I believe you forgot something."He stood with his hands on his hips.Why this morning? All Range wanted to do was get out of this castle, not conflict with the crown prince of Rommel.
  • "Yeah, I know that," said Tom, a clear note of dejection in his voice. "He called Dan a Prince. He said that the world is in danger. Some army is going to invade. We should all watch out." Tom tried to remember all that he wanted to say.
  • "Well, his son has taken the bloody castle back! Ive wanted to buy some of that land for years and old Albert wouldnt let it go. And I hear his son is just as stubborn…"
  • Forcing thoughts of Sebastian from her mind, Serenity went into her bedroom and dressed in her usual outfit of jeans and a sweater. On top of the dresser, herSnecklace nestled in a small dish. She picked the chain up between her fingertips and carefully hooked the silver around her throat. The necklace slipped beneath the collar of her sweater. The jewelry against her skin comforted her. The last memento of her old life, the only thing her mother had ever given her, and as much as she wanted to hate the woman, Serenity found it impossible to let go of the past.
  • One kiss. Just one kiss with her had made it all feel magical. He knew she wanted to take it slow. Very slow. He knew her well enough to know why, too.
  • And he now saw what really happened. The monster did not draw his blade in a sword grip. Instead, he had drawn it with a dagger grip, which meant that he wanted to commit seppuku even as he drew. It was absolutely clear that Swami was never in any danger.
  • While Jack organized the attack, Bear turned to Champa. "Better get your money now because that kid has a death wish." Champa, who really liked Billy and desperately wanted financial security, cursed softly.
  • A few brave souls kept several paces behind him, Cindy and Mac among them, holding hands now unabashed, torches raised high as the twilight plunged into nightfall. John wanted to feel jealous or aggrieved, but he felt nothing of the sort. His heart held only worry for Aerie.
  • The tension surrounding his eyes contrasted with his warm smile. There was a shield up around his energy, preventing her from using it to read him. It was so rare for him to hide his energy from her that it sent a prickling sensation creeping up her neck. She wanted to step away from the car but his unyielding, muscular frame blocked her path.
  • "It was early next morning I arrived at Penshurst, on a surprise visit, full of love and contrition at my absence and, yes, with pride at my deeds as captain and with longing for Eadie, Abigail, Thomas and Aletia. True wed fought the Cornish but thered been attempts to raise Kent and I was both reassurance and protection; for all wiser heads than mine had stopped a Kentish rising weeks before. I wanted to show off my command, for all it numbered only a dozen men with me.
  • Even though he knew it was rude, he studied her face, worried for her health. He wanted to ask her what had happened, but knew that she would say it was none of business. And Robin was demanding her attention, tugging on her skirt and nearly screaming at her. Once Maureen focused on Robin, he proudly showed her his new treasure and once she and her children all oohed and aahed at the toy, Elizabeth explained that they were going to find Evelyn whom she assumed was still watching the dogs. Of course, Maureens children wanted to go along and Elizabeth welcomed them. Robert stayed behind, saying he just wanted a few minutes of Maureens time.
  • "I was going to ask if you wanted to make camp, but I can't recommend that now," Ryson stated almost harshly. "We have to reach the sandstone mountain as soon as possible."
  • If Elizabeth was surprised by his question, she didnt show it. It seemed that in these past five months no one had ever asked her or Evelyn what they wanted to do with their lives or if they were in any way troubled by the arrangements that had been made on their behalf. They had simply been told what to do and when to do it, and just when she had the chance to speak her mind and declare, ‘No! I am not happy. I do not want to marry you. I do not want to follow any more orders!’ she didnt do it. Instead, with quiet dignity, she answered, "I am."
  • "American Jack wants us to help him invade Africa. He has been planning this huge migration of Americans to Africa to take mining operations from the Mongols. Taking Africa from the Mongols would probably bankrupt the Empire."
  • Up close he was much more handsome. His features were regal, his build perfect. He could have passed for a Vii-theater star if he wanted to; shoot, even if he didn't want to he could pass as one. She wanted to talk to him. She had never wanted to do something so bad in her whole life.
  • "Precisely, that is where that gesture originates," said Hache, who noticed, "but it really wasnt such a crazy idea, because in this way, they wanted to allow the evil spirits, which they thought were the cause of illness, to escape from the body. This was also called trepan." A student from Toulouse put up his hand.
  • I grabbed Willow by the arm just as she walked underneath the archway to the Vaydem Arboretum. She gasped in shock, because she didnt notice me sitting there. I gestured for her to be quiet. Then, I pointed toward the high ceiling so she could see why I wanted her to keep the noise down. Willow immediately covered her mouth in surprise.
  • But they weren't. He kept up the amble all the way to the car in case Kohl was watching through the door, although every muscle in his body, even the most abused ones, wanted to break into a run. At any moment he expected to hear Kohl's footsteps behind, checking to find out why his commanding voice had been disobeyed.
  • The hansom cab crossed Tower Bridge and on the other side, Chance dismounted with his rug and paid the cabby. He was on the wrong side of the river, but he wanted to misdirect any possible pursuit. He watched the cab drive away and waited ten minutes before recrossing the bridge and turning right along the riverside on the north bank. It took him nearly an hour to reach the warehouse hed selected for his purpose. He took the creaking stairs to the third floor, then into a side room within a larger room where he deposited his burden and gratefully stretched out his back. The room was ten by ten, no windows and only one stout door. Behind so many walls, her cries would not be heard.
  • Since the Chief had still not returned, the militia went back to the village, stole all they could carry and made their own way back. The Americans were afraid of reprisals from the villagers and so left too. They were all in a foul mood, and Simpson decided that they would go on no more patrols. If the Chief wanted their protection he would have to stay in the village.
  • "That she is," Lyosha answered and hugged me to him. I wanted to run, leave them standing, watching me on the frozen horizon far away.
  • This was something that came naturally to him. Pressure focused him, made things clear, and presented the best and sometimes only options. Maybe thats why he was a good fighter. Most people lost their heads in a fight, like the soldiers today, but you couldnt do that, not if you wanted to win.
  • The day dawned to the sound of rain after an eventful night, which was fast becoming the norm in Bracksford. Sayana was sleeping peacefully, her head nuzzled against Aiden's shoulder as they huddled together for warmth under the blankets. Their lovemaking had been gentle at first, for they were both still recovering from their respective wounds, but they eventually found their rhythm. Aiden had been with a woman before, roughly a year ago - a brash young farm girl named Millie back in Coldstream, who wanted to get back at Pacian for something he'd done (or not done) to her, which had been quite an education for the young man.
  • I didn't turn to see whatever he saw, because I knew for his voice to go flat and empty it wasn't something I wanted to see. "We're seven blocks away. They'll never make it in time."
  • "I wanted to be your first customer," Mr. Drake said. "But I see I'm a little late." The lunchtime traffic had lightened, but half of the tables were still occupied, keeping Ma and Lurleen busy.
  • After ten minutes of eating, David started the conversation they all wanted to hear, after putting his fork down on the table. "Alright, Son. Now we may talk about whatever you have planned."
  • A flush stole over Miss Sutherland's face, and she picked nervously at the fringe of her jacket. "I met him first at the gasfitters' ball," she said. "They used to send father tickets when he was alive, and then afterwards they remembered us, and sent them to mother. Mr. Windibank did not wish us to go. He never did wish us to go anywhere. He would get quite mad if I wanted so much as to join a Sunday-school treat. But this time I was set on going, and I would go; for what right had he to prevent? He said the folk were not fit for us to know, when all father's friends were to be there. And he said that I had nothing fit to wear, when I had my purple plush that I had never so much as taken out of the drawer. At last, when nothing else would do, he went off to France upon the business of the firm, but we went, mother and I, with Mr. Hardy, who used to be our foreman, and it was there I met Mr. Hosmer Angel."
  • Man this guy was hard to read. Why didn't he just come out and tell her he thought she was a lying idiot? No, of course not, he had her exactly where he wanted her. She was exposed. At least he hadn't seen the fight though.
  • "Ill look forward to it." Gwen sets her wine glass down. "Which reminds me, I made that appointment for you at the lab this Thursday for the viral load test you wanted to take."
  • Even though I knew I wouldn't remember the void when I finally came to, I wanted nothing more than to just float in the darkness. It had been a hard day. I'd....actually I wasn't sure why it'd been a hard day, but something told me I'd unconsciously been at the end of my rope just before I'd collapsed. Unfortunately that same thing told me I couldn't dwell here in the comforting absence, there was a very important reason for me to regain my feet.
  • "Actually its not." George sat forward in his chair, "In his special theory of relativity, Einstein mapped out that time does not flow at a fixed rate. For example, think of two twin brothers. On their twentieth birthday, one of the brothers decides he wants to go on a space journey in a superfast rocket that travels at the speed of light. The space traveller stays on his journey for precisely one year, then returns to Earth for his twenty-first birthday. On Earth, however, seven years have elapsed. The twin brother is thirty-seven years old at the time of his arrival. This is due to the fact that time is stretched by factor seven at the speed of light. In the space travelers frame of reference, one year is equivalent to seven years on Earth, even though time appears to have passed normally to both brothers, in their respective temporal references."
  • What can you say? He knows Heller's the daughter of a rich man who wouldn't like the idea that she's dating a hippie weirdo. That's the essence of what he needs to know, right? And love is love, right? At least he wants to be with someone who wants to be with him.
  • "Hey!" Rafe interrupted in a mock-harsh tone. "Did ya mean somethin' insultin' when you said I worried?" Belo wanted to explain that he had just asked a question, not stated that Rafe worried, but the little guy couldn't get a word in. "Do ya think worryin' means the same as bein' afraid? Should I get mad at ya now?" The big guy tried to maintain an intimidating glare to finish the joke but he couldn't contain his amusement at his own clever (by lupun standards, that is) words and "Hey, hey, hey," burst out. Belo chuckled along. Kiropterans may seem more knowledgeable when they speak, but their senses of humor are truthfully no higher than lupuns'.
  • She could see him trying to sneak his way around it and how much it was costing him. The rules for spirit guides weren't just stupid, they were a curse. The poor bird wanted to be straight with her, but every time he tried it was like something was strangling him. For the moment she forgot her excitement about the Star.
  • "We're eight kills away from turning the corner," Emily said without giving away too much of the landscape. She wanted to save the final kill for a special occasionone that shouldn't be wasted on her inexperienced son.
  • I took his hand from the top of my breast to my nipple. His hand set me on fire, I could feel my body tightening, stiffening. I wanted nothing more than for him to touch me, to explore every inch of me. I didnt care that I wasnt sure how I would kiss him, I only cared that his hand not leave my body.
  • As always, the voices were right: the Master wanted to concentrate his entire work force to uncovering the rune crystal, but it wouldn't be long before the Palace would attack Dracwyn Mine. The Master had the obsidian dragon and Arachnia at his side, not to mention hundreds of dwarves, but the Master needed to be well- prepared for this attack.
  • "Well, I wanted to tell you that," Trevor began, but when he looked at Mariah, he got nervous all over again, so he stared at the ground for a while.
  • Anna broke loose of his grip and stepped back. With a small cry she realized what it was that she had tripped over in the first place. It was a gravestone. A large gravestone made of dark granite with a cross on top of it, all alone in the forest with a well-worn trail leading right to it. She shivered involuntarily, not wanting to think about what it meant, for some reason not daring to kneel closely enough to read the name carved there. "He was murdered," she said softly. "Someone killed him."
  • Jessamine gave birth in her cage, and Keldar stayed by her side, serious and silent. At first she thought he had come to humiliate her again, but soon understood he only wanted to support her. Exhausted, she thought his behavior was strange: he was a man and a king. He wasn't bound to assist his prisoners, slaves or concubines, when they gave birth. Why he had decided to be present baffled her, but she was too tired to inquire.
  • Not wanting to mess with success Cade kept his mouth glued to hers as he carried her toward his bedroom. He could not believe that his kisses were having such an effect on any woman, especially this woman, but he was not about to meddle with evidently what was seemingly working so well.
  • She had a look like she wanted to knock her head into a wall, or maybe just my head. "Look Piper. Someone out there just tried to kill you. If you want to risk taking that into your home with your husband, children, and mother-in-law, be my guest." She rolled off me, but I noticed she was still keeping low to the ground and in-between me and the street.
  • "I think I'd rather press on," she said. She wanted to hear more of the tale, to find out more about this man that rode beside her.
  • "You always make a big deal out of being attracted to me, of wanting something huge from me. I think it makes me entitled to something in return."
  • Something in Kate responded to the fact that he not only enjoyed being inside her, but he wanted to pleasure and stroke, to taste her. It was not the sort of selfish hedonistic sex, she had expected. He reveled in his desire. True, but as often as not, he reveled in hers.
  • King finally stopped spraying the mace and the officers yanked Todd up from the floor. Moments later he was being dragged, still retching, down a long corridor. He tried opening his eyes. He wanted desperately to rub them, but the officers had him firmly by the arms. He couldn't take a breath without coughing, but the feeling of suffocation was finally starting to abate. They came to a stop. Todd could hear the sounds of a metallic lock clanging open. He was tossed into a tiny cell. The door slammed, and he was left alone in total darkness….
  • "There's no crime in being proud of your ancestry, Johnny. Eastern Europeans have a noble history. Besides I would have been Ivan Petrov if my father hadn't been scared of persecution during the Cold War. But I wanted to know what you thought of the manufacture, not the content."
  • Valentin rubbed his hands over his face, roughly. "Let me think. Beold has converted to Papirianism, which means he is an enemy of Jovan, and of the Empress. He wants to marry her and plans to secure our support by threatening to tell Adrienne what we did." He sat down on the stool again, and looked at Cassius over his hands.
  • As his own surprise passed, he felt himself suddenly wanting to take her in his arms. "What does it matter now? Youre divorced." The words filled him with momentary exhilaration, till he remembered the rest. "Youre also in danger, whether Im seen or not."
  • "Here, give me the phone; Ill explain it to her. Sarah, Katie wants to move faster. She thought we would be finished by now. Katie, is that what you wanted to say?"
  • He didn't like that. He cut in front of me and pushed me back by the shoulder. It was not meant to hurt me or knock me down, but in his anger he went too far. I tried to swing the force from falling to my advantage and roll back up, but I was not nearly skilled enough. I hit the floor face first and spat a leaf out of my mouth. Huh. Looked like we were going to have it out right there and then. I had wanted to give him some time, since he'd only just been brought back from the brink of death, but clearly he had something to get off his chest. Getting annoyed at his high-handedness would get me nowhere. We'd been here before too, him pulling and chucking me around like I was unbreakable.
  • It had been too much, three mornings in a row. Suddenly Mungo had taken over her life, so she had applied the brakes, asked him not to see her for a few days. Maybe she was also afraid they would get used to each other too soon, and never having known such exquisite passion she wanted to keep it on edge. Yes, that too. So much to work out! She dragged herself from the window, humming as she tidied Arthur's books. At the back of her mind she knew she would probably never work anything out. An instinct against being taken over might well protect her, but as likely as not she would let the affair take its inbuilt course.
  • Now Sandra will pick another movie star to fantasize about during sex with Jim and during her horrid job of waiting on tables at Louries. Sandra works her restaurant job in a gray funk as gray as the funk that covers most of New York City. Sandra wants out of the city and out of her mother-in-laws apartment. All her money goes to the witch to be parceled out as the old hag sees fit.
  • "I wanted to be the first to let you know about the exciting news." He paused for dramatic effect, smiling at me like a moron. "Are you ready?"
  • The joy of drop biscuits was that they took only 11 minutes to bake in his worn oven. The recipe said eight minutes. That was for a kitchen with a good oven like the one in The Guest Cottage. That thought sparked the recall of his dream. He had hauled himself out of bed during the night, feeling the presence of someone in the room. His heart was pounding. He was ready with his fists. She stood there, a sneer on her lips, her hair alive with writhing snakes. She laughed at him. The snakes hissed. He screamed: No! And realized he was standing naked, shaking with fear, on the rug next to his bed. He got under the covers, but couldn't sleep. He didn't want to sleep; he didn't want the Medusa to come back into his dream that night. He looked at the alarm clock. Four AM, the witching hour in his lexicon. He lay awake for the longest time, not wanting to fall back into the nether world of sleep, where she might be waiting.
  • "Yes, but Mr. Clerishaw wants a great deal of publicity, Mr. Garterr Browne smiled. "O a very great deal. He objects to any kind of secrecy."
  • Julian wanted to punch something. He did understand. It wasn't as big of a deal as most on the council seemed to think it was, but it was worth going after. The plans for stealing the medallions came to Julian only a year after he had been on the council. He remembered being told all about the secrets of the Jekyll Rock fortress. In a place that few had seen there was a large, flat, stone wall known simply as Marenon's Map. It was ancient, and the Erellens laid claim to its handiwork, just as they did with the medallions. Much of the story of the medallions and their beginning was now lost in history, but their uses were well known. In front of Marenon's Map stood a stone pedestal with six round slots in which the six medallions of each territory in Marenon could be placed. With each medallion the map revealed the activity of anything currently happening in that specific territory. It was like a live-action map. If one had the medallion of Mudav, the territory of the Stühocs, one could see anything happening in Mudav with a bird's eye view.
  • Neither of the kids wanted to hear that, but they had played all the games they had, anyway. They hid them in plastic bags under the garden in such a way that, if randomly looked for, they would fall overboard and sink to the ocean floor.
  • And I didn't know if it was really time for me to rocket off headlong into the unknown, however much I had longed for something which I couldn't identify, something that had the unknown written all over it. Part of me wanted to go home to Oklahoma City, obviously even the city name having such a homey sound to it. Yet, this "unknown" I was staring in the eye was beginning to have the sense of home to it as well. I had a sense that I knew more about where I might be about to go than I had at first thought. It seemed like I was being pulled to two homes at the same time, and I was very uncomfortable. Drifting between two very inviting places, though one of them one inviting and forbidding at the same time.
  • I saw through the moist eyes his old weak body shudder and collapse in a pool of dripping blood. He writhed with pains. He was not deadnodont die you bastardI need youthank godI wanted him alive. I wanted him back again. I rushed to him in all wildernesses.
  • "I know you are pure, Diane. But have you never loved a man? wanted one? Wondered what it was like? You must have. I want you because you are so pure - so untouched. Will you let me do what I want? I can help you. Think of the power I have. I can say a word, and you will not suffer at all. If you are very good to me, I can even save your life."
  • "Why must we drop to our knees, if I may be so bold, young prince?" Cortibis asked.Why must the man add fuel to the fire?Why cant he just leave it alone?Range wanted to slap him and the prince.
  • Confident that his adventurous teammates would find trouble, Pete returned to the gym and sat two rows behind Adam. He just wanted some peace and quiet for a few minutes. Adam's thoughts were coming in loud and clear, and Pete wanted to distance himself from his floating friend.
  • "With your permission?" Anna responded feebly. She had a weakness for children. She wanted them to be happy and have the things she never had in the orphanage and in the foster homes. Possessions and uninterrupted playtime and time to enjoy their childhood.
  • I couldnt believe this was happening. I wanted to proclaim that I was no racist, that I was innocent. But I knew that there was no point. I could see from the expressions on their faces that most of the demonstrators really believed that I was a racist and that what they were doing was absolutely right.
  • "You know that Im a good guy. You raised me. Im not nuts, OK? They just wanted to get me out of the way while they did their deal. A week or two and Ill be out again, but it will be too late. Do you believe that you know me better than some girl I met a month ago?"
  • "She came to see you, Mr. Littlefield. Her name's Joya Trevinas. She wants to see you about -- well, she's mixed up with that Rafael Ortiz. She's his -- she's his girl. She says he's innocent. She says she made the money and got him to pass it. Don't you believe her, Mr. Little-field. That's the way with these Mexi- can girls; they'll lie, steal, or kill for a fellow when they get stuck on him. Never trust a woman that's in love!"
  • Gredel felt a surge of excitement. Citaan would be waiting for him when they arrived. He was almost tempted to ask Phroma to fly faster but he knew that wasn't fair. She already wanted to get there faster so she could see her son, Ageip. Gredel wondered how much the youngster had grown since he last saw him. Perhaps his child would bond with Ageip once it was born, Gredel smiled at the thought.
  • He explicitly backed German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeubles call for a beefed-up EU economic and monetary affairs commissioner who could reject national budgets if theyre judged to be too lax. He also wants the International Monetary Fund to police whether a government is meeting the conditions it agrees to in return for bond purchases.
  • She was there and he was close. He wanted to tell her something, or wished she could speak. Of course she couldnt and Michael never talked during sex, not after Petra. Since that disaster, he maintained a stoic silence, only moans and grunts passed through his lips. Most of his lovers didnt mind, or if they did, they never lasted long enough for it to be a problem. Michael held all he was inside, too risky otherwise. As Alicia brought him to a climax, again his brain screamed one name, one word. Over and over, Rose was all Michael knew.
  • Bluebeard gazed over at her blankly. A small part of him was annoyed at her evasive answer; he had wanted detail, not rhetoric. Yet most of him was calm, peaceful (for how could you not be in the presence of Liu?); he could see wisdom in her answer. Yes, they had suffered much in theft and shipwreck, but he now knew that they would get out of it, sooner or later, and be rewarded for it.
  • Maggie looked in awe at the house as her cell phone buzzed, alerting her that she had an e-mail. She pulled her phone out of her purse and opened the e-mail, which was from the Beach Haven School District. They wanted to interview Maggie for their soon-to-be-open librarian position.
  • Why did you allow Berri to come with us?’ Tika kept her voice low. ‘She teases Kran, and most of the other men now, but I cannot work out why she wanted to come.’
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