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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • Pierre knew he was not to blame, for he could not have come sooner; he knew this outburst was unseemly and would blow over in a minute or two; above all he knew that he himself was bright and happy. He wanted to smile but dared not even think of doing so. He made a piteous, frightened face and bent down.
  • Brad felt a large hand grab for his ankle which he sidestepped easily, but he almost barreled into Miss Bishop the young and very sexy new math teacher. Any other time he would gladly have careened into his favorite teacher's book filled arms, but now he didn't have time for there was a more important woman headed for the front door. He glanced over his shoulder as he continued headlong down the stairs and he caught a fleeting glimpse of one of the school jocks staring down at him with a malicious grin spread from ear to ear. He knew who had tried to trip him. He couldn't be bothered enough to care. He just wanted to get down the stairs.
  • The coach said,"Never let an opponent see that you are hurting. If you pay any attention to the pain, then you are giving your opponent an advantage." The coach was right, and if there were any non-Helmsdale alumni in the stands, they would all be rooting for West Valley in the second half. White, or black, basketball fans wanted a fair fight. It was all right to use an elbow or an occasional shove, but hitting a guy when he's down was definitely frowned upon.
  • "Its Elis ginormously obnoxious chess move on the 'get to Willow through Embergame board. Ive been avoiding his rain check inquiries and he apparently doesnt like being dismissed. Hes determined to get me to surrender her to his ridiculous dinner scheme and prove he has plenty of money to throw around too. Youd know all about this if you could manage more than seven minutes between classes to chat with me," I responded, angrily and with more bitter hurt than I had wanted her to know about.
  • She should have left then. He normally made his own tea and washed up. That was their understanding, but she wanted to make it up with Arthur and hadn't the courage to face him for the moment. The cartoons were still on but it would soon be six o'clock, the news would replace the children's pro¬grammes, and she would have to make some move. Or more likely, the drama would come to her, overwhelm her, leaving her without control, as ever. Taking an apple, she sat down at the table and ate it slowly, trying to think. Brian, continuing to chew his steak, looked at her curiously. He swallowed, removed a fibre of steak from his front teeth with a prong of his fork, and went on eating, his eyes on his food.
  • "How the fuck should I know? I guess the powers that be wanted a handy excuse to invade Cuba. But they musta lost their nerve, ’cause they backed off from conquering the hellhole when they had the chance. Not that I give a shit about politics, or ever did. I just wanna get back to playing ball, be a hero again, do a little partying on the side."
  • Breandan's reluctance to go to the Grove made sense now, as did the fairies' reaction to news that we were bonded. The fairy Priestesses were usually the life mates of the fairy-lords. Lochlann was trying to overthrow Devlin, who definitely needed overthrowing, and that would make him High Lord of all fairykind. The Priestess kept the spiritual balance and the High Lord kept physical order. Breandan had not wanted to see me, because he knew he would be stealing his brother's future mate. Yet, he could not help but seek me out, knowing that the white witch had seen we were to be together.
  • "What do you mean?" I pulled Meghan closer to my heart. "We cant hurt her. Shes just a child. I looked down at her calm, sweet face, and just wanted to hold and comfort her forever.
  • But other than being quick and hardy, hal?ings were considered little more than occasional inconvenience. They were amusing little people who traveled with caravans or in small nomadic packs, fetching supplies as needed. Often, they would not leave a person alone until they had traded whatever it was they had, for whatever it was they wanted. People would take what they neither wanted nor needed just to see them gone. It was as if halflings could talk people into letting themselves be robbed. Yet, there was much more to these little people.
  • Myranda's imagination seized this new fact and constructed a new set of possibilities. What about his face could make him an outcast? He may be the victim of some terrible disease. Worse, he could be a wanted criminal. There were more than a few outlaws who would find themselves in a cell for life if they ever showed their faces again. She was even more uneasy now. What sort of man had she let into this room? Could the kindness have been nothing but a ruse?
  • You be wanting Malachy Moore,’ said one at last. ‘He be the only wise man hereabouts.’ That set them laughing again, and I asked with some asperity,
  • In April, Rostov was on orderly duty. One morning, between seven and eight, returning after a sleepless night, he sent for embers, changed his rain-soaked underclothes, said his prayers, drank tea, got warm, then tidied up the things on the table and in his own corner, and, his face glowing from exposure to the wind and with nothing on but his shirt, lay down on his back, putting his arms under his head. He was pleasantly considering the probability of being promoted in a few days for his last reconnoitering expedition, and was awaiting Denisov, who had gone out somewhere and with whom he wanted a talk.
  • Emla shivered as Kemti answered. ‘There are herbs to cause instant sleep if only inhaled lightlyas you well know. If he wanted her alive, that would be the obvious way to get her to his stronghold.’
  • I raked the cash out of the register. I had not done a drop in a while. Lots of running back and forth to the lottery machine, as usual. Looked like he was getting a couple hundred this time. I didnt give a fuck. I just wanted him not to recognize me and get out.
  • The book was there, its pages still musty from the moist air at sea. He reached the page he wanted and ran his finger down a column of figures until he reached the one he had read off the astrolabe.
  • The problem was 90% of his quads carried bombs. The other 10% he had already sent. Should he send a company, but have them drop their bombs? They flew so high that he could not even see what lay below them. No one wants to carry bombs in a dogfight because a fireball can explode the bomb and kill everyone near it.
  • "I noticed my father stop the ceremony to talk to Blackheart and I thought that was rather odd. Later on that night, I talked to my father about the interruption. I had tears in my eyes that night from laughing so hard. I can imagine how uncomfortable the comment had made Blackheart and how he must have wanted to see Talon or Trall again, who my father still thinks were innocent of the whole affair." The Prince looked in Blackheart's direction and waited for the outburst. He didn't have to wait long.
  • I was apprehensive of his offer, as I replayed our exchange in his car Saturday morning. Had he really accepted that I was no longer his girlfriend? Was he being considerate, or was this his way of inserting himself back into my daily routine? Not wanting to believe that he had an ulterior motive, but not wanting him to believe that there was a chance for reconciliation either, "Seth, you dont have to take me to school. I called a cab."
  • "Very good," the commander mused. "He wants us to go to the door. He'll have his men waiting there on the inside. We break through the door and fight to get through a narrow passage way. Just when we break his force, reinforcements would hit us from behind. He would probably sacrifice his own life in the process, but we would be trapped."
  • "Putting it simply, I objected to codling terrorists for the purpose of burnishing our reputation with people who wouldn't sympathize with us in any casewho wanted our heads regardless of how honorable we might be. I believed, and still believe, if we'd have been less wimpy we'd have tamed them quicker. They didn't fear us enough to respect us, you see."
  • Just as I had predicted, I didnt become very good friends with Nate and Jennie. They were the typical high school coupleobnoxious about the fact that they had a relationship when the majority of the student body didnt, and always trying to dish out relationship advice to anyone that mentioned any interaction with a member of the opposite gender. Dani only hung out with them during her lunch because the school split lunch into two groups to keep the lunch crowd down, and all of her friends were on the second lunch schedule. Nate and Jennie were friends of friends, and, not wanting to feel like a loser with no one to eat lunch with, Dani chose to hang out with them.
  • She dragged herself to her feet, not bothering to take the inhaler with her. Her limbs burned now and wanted to move, no matter how much it hurt, and she lurched to the wizard's door, moaning in the back of her throat.
  • "I dont!" Jeremy clenched his fist, energized. He was pissed. "Thats not me! I dont know why the fuck I wanted to do the supervillain thing anymore, but thats not me! I cant hurt people like that! Not without a good fucking reason!"
  • Finished with their meal, everyone began heading for the stairs that led down to the berth deck. Sanych smiled and asked Geret if he had a moment; she had found something she wanted him to see. Geret, against his will, glanced at Salvor. The young nobleman averted his eyes, but not before Geret read a mixture of smugness and disdain in his hazel gaze.
  • "This could sour fast," Dexter said after he came to a stop a block away from the wizard's large house. "Anyone that's not for wanting the risk can go back to theHawk right now."
  • "Here, take one of mine," the man said, taking a small white plastic card out of his shirt pocket and handing it to Blake. "It should get you the bare necessities, which is the idea. I don't make too many of those because everyone wants the rainbow card or the royal blue card, which gets you access to all the primo consumer items, but there's nothing wrong with the white card, or the starving artists' card, as it's sometimes called. It can get you what you need. Just don't use that one for more than a week, or they'll catch up to you."
  • What in the name of Seasons is happening? The carriage rocked dangerously and my hand flew out to grip the burgundy velvet seat. My breath came in rapid puffs. I was torn between wanting to huddle beneath the seats and wait for everything to go away and curiosity to see what was happening. Curiosity won out and I sidled to the window. My fingers trembled almost uncontrollably as they drew back the curtain only to reveal the slightest sliver.
  • "Yes, nothing definite. In fact, if Trays promised not to say or do anything this might end up working to my advantage in our next inevitable debate. See, we stayed involved in this 'semi-argumentbecause I told him I wanted to skip my freshman year of high school. He refused to give into me no matter how many logical reasons I gave him.
  • "I think I do," Liseli insisted, pleadingly. "’Cause you know . . . what I really want . . . I think . . . is someone I can count on. To always be there. And, I mean, he is always there. Whether I want him to or not." Alisiya was staring her down with a displeased scowl, but she soldiered ahead. "I, um, well, I know hes late getting there, and sometimes screws things up when hes there but," she laughed weakly, "I mean, he wants to be there. I dont want to lose that. I dont even deserve that. I dont know why you want me to lose it. I dont understand you."
  • After watching some of the trial on TV, she was afraid this is where Messick wanted to take her. But there was nothing she could do. She wasnt going to lie, but she would do everything in her power to minimize the damage that might be done to the AIDS charity work her husband had started before his death.
  • I wanted to go. If Brianna fucked like she kissed shed be average in bed, and that was a hell of a lot better than sitting at home trying to decide if I should masturbate to classycougars.com or hotwetteens.com. At the very least it would be a great story to tell people. Not that theyd believe it.
  • The principal leaned back, lacing his fingers together and setting them on his lap. "I wont hold you long since class is about to begin in twenty minutes." Then his tone turned calm and serious. "Ive been hearing word of an incident and altercation in your class that happened last Friday and some of it sounds to be fabricated, but I wouldnt be doing my job if I didnt understand the situation. I even got a call from the mayor wanting evidence to the situation. Apparently his son Mathew was physically assaulted by Mr. Mark Connolly. That in itself was hard to believe since he is one of our top students and has never caused this school any grief, but another other story Ive heard is that Mr. Connor May would have done much more if you hadnt intervened…"
  • "You know, love, I wanted to tell you... Countess dear... an officer came to me to ask for a few carts for the wounded. After all, ours are things that can be bought but think what being left behind means to them!... Really now, in our own yard--we asked them in ourselves and there are officers among them.... You know, I think, my dear... let them be taken... where's the hurry?"
  • Sebastian hadnt been given a choice of how his own destiny would unfold. The choice had been taken away by someone who thought it all right to be possessive, to take what they wanted at any cost, to own another person.
  • Vaughn tells him, "You, neither, O'Reilly." He looks back at you. "I said I wanted you to join us. That's why we're here. To prove our good intentions."
  • Argile starred back at the sorcerer wishing he could at least manage some last act of defiance but the immobility of the field robbed him of even that. The sorcerer now starred directly into his eyes causing Argiles mind to explode with pain. He desperately wanted to cry out but no sound would come. As quickly as the intrusion came the pain subsided leaving him with a deep throbbing headache.
  • His face became somber as he sat the paint roller in the bucket. "After her brutal chastising she gave me about last Friday, I wanted to say I was wrong for my actions." Sounds like Mother tore you a new one, Father.
  • I havent told you much of Alianore. Its something Ive wanted to skirt around; that marriage should be no part of this story, and yet... Neither she nor Edward were consulted, Edward had been barely twelve years old and she was no more willing than he. Typical of the Tudors, once the contract was made and paid for, Lady Margaret took no further interest. The children went their own way with no thought, no counselling or advice.
  • I shrugged, then closed my eyes because thats what people always do in the movies when they concentrate, and built a mental picture of myself in my minds eye. While I was at it I gave myself a tan, dropped a few pounds, and bulked up a bit. I figured that if I could be anything I wanted to, I might as well be buff.
  • My day after that was much more pleasant. I saw Sheila after a lecture, at 2pm. We ate lunch at her house, spaghetti, bacon and bread. We shared a few stories, told each other about this and that. We hardly mentioned the war. John Cleese would have been proud. I dont know why we didnt talk about it. Maybe because it had nothing to do with us; it was thousands of miles away. We talked about the philosophy class Sheila was going to tonight. She wanted to do some preparation.
  • More than anything, Todd wanted to raise his hands and climb out of the dumpster, but he couldn't because they weren't attached to him anymore. Only his head remained, and it was cleverly propped up in the dumpster so that it just peered over the edge.
  • "Do you think I wanted to break my word? I'm no power-hungry tyrant. I have always been content to advise. But the boy would destroy the empire." He cleaned his eyeglasses with a handkerchief. "In his first week on the throne, he vowed to make peace with all the nations we've ever warred with, cut military spending in half, funnel the money to education, and...oh, yes, and phase out the empire itself, instating some ridiculous people's republic with elected officials."
  • At the game, Agnes asked me where I wanted to sit. She'd barely even talked to me the whole week, and I was surprised she even cared where I was sitting. Still, I hated to admit I'd been invited to the reserved section.
  • Barty stepped in front of Tomas, brushing his shaggy, raven black hair out his eyes. "We had to go somewhere after the Duke put us out, so Tomas said we might find work here. The others wanted to go home. But not me, no sirree. Miss out living in a real palace? Anyway, Tomas said he could get us here, and we followed him, and here we are. Gosh, that sure is a nice dress."
  • Leena woke the next morning to the smell of roasting fowl. It took several seconds to orient perceptions. They had traveled far after the encounter with the ruffians yesterday, not even stopping to eat. Both had ridden silent, lost in private thoughts. By unspoken agreement they had wanted to put as much distance as possible between them and the dead men. Several times she had tried to initiate conversation but the boy remained silent and distant.
  • Through the afternoon he entertained himself with music and videos, the curtains drawn, the computer turned off. He wanted to be entirely alone so that his emotions could rest undisturbed, untarnished by contact. Perhaps if he lost himself in idle activity he would not think that Kora was a drug, or that sex was painful, or love impossible.
  • William had more than his family on the line. Over one hundred million civilians had died because Genghis Khan wanted to rule the world. How many more would die before someone stopped him?
  • Mirra's heart sang with joy as she trotted through the heaving ship to the galley. A twinge of trepidation made her pause, for she was away from him again. Was that why he had agreed, to see if she would ignore his warning? She shrugged it off, determined not to let her fear of demons keep her from her calling. At last he was going to let her help him, and this was her chance to prove her good intentions. Once she had shown him her ability to sooth his pain with her healer's skills, surely he would soften his demeanour towards her and accept her as the friend she wanted so desperately to be?
  • Suddenly I realized that there was something really, really wrong going on, and Dane knew what it was. I wanted to believe that he was protecting me, I really did, but I needed to know what was going on, because I was positive at this point that it had something to do with my final dance.
  • "As for Peking, you mean that cocky Prussian? Of course! He was a baron, too. Richthofen, right? His mother Hildred caused me more trouble than he ever did." Genghis, despite everything that happened in the last few minutes, now laughed viciously. "You descended from Karl van Richthofen? The jokes on you then, because Baron von Richthofen was my son. The baroness sought me out after I received the ten sets of Millennial wands because she wanted a powerful son. Well, I gave her one, only to have the turncoat lead thousands of quads against me in China. I tried to reason with him. I gave her a kilo of gold for child support, but she wanted me to marry her. Ha! Like I would give up Borte for a cranky bitch like her. She was all beauty, zero gratitude."
  • Gotcha, Art thought. "Well, I know thatd be the sensible thing, but my Gran, I dunno, she really wants me to do this. Itd make her so happy."
  • "Its impossible to measure yet how many people are leaving or have left as no one wants to go public," Kenel said. "But frankly, Ive doubled the number of relocations this year with a sharp increase since Hollande unveiled his new fiscal rules in September. Retirees go to Switzerland. Entrepreneurs go to Belgium or to London."
  • He looked away. "Yeah. Kissing. It was naming day. I had come to watch my older brother. I wanted him to get picked so badly. He would have appren
  • These quads didnt travel fast -- no wonder the Khan left them behind. Instead of terrifying them, Billy pretended to be wounded so that they would chase him. Before he tore them down; now he wanted them over-confident as they approached the Indus River.
  • He felt the ground was a place for worms and dirt, not bodies without life. Throwing dirt on a box was not the way Brad wanted to pay homage to his father. Instead, he decided to start the Henry Greenberg Scholarship Fund to send local teenagers to Israel for the summer. The scholarship went on as planned for the two years before Brad diverted the funds to pay for his own vacations. At least four or five kids got to see the homeland before Brad opened Organic Nation locations in Japan and Norway. Most of the money was sunk into happy endings after that.
  • The Nix boys had a reputation for an easy way with girls, according to Pa. When Uncle Mark was a teenager, he had the easiest way of all. He was tall and good-looking, he played the guitar, he drove a shiny Studebaker convertible, and he was the captain of the football team. It's true that almost every boy in that community was tall, and Mark only knew a few songs and probably didn't play them well, and the Studebaker was second-hand, and there were so few high school boys in that small town school that anyone who wanted to could be on the football team. But it's also true that boys and girls both liked Uncle Mark's smile, and not everyone was brave enough or driven enough to sing in front of others, and the Studebaker's paint gleamed and its engine hummed, and even if anyone could be on the team, only one could be captain, and that one was Uncle Mark.
  • He knew what she meant. He knew how easy it would have been to make some provocative rejoinder to his father. But simply, he had not wanted to. Martin and Martin's counsel was still like sunlight within him.
  • "Mom, here." I reached into my pocket and handed her my cell phone. It was one of those newest models, a gift from a mom who wants her son to call her more. My mother could barely boot up a computer, so I walked her through how to access the internet on the tiny device.
  • "Prayers don't come cheap, devushka," the woman said, her voice flat. The tone change worked, as if she'd wanted this, to make me even sadder. I hated her. I knew that any moment I would reach across the table and one, two, smack.
  • Louie put his arm around Lulu. Louie as we know has become quite an assertive bee and he wanted things to be just right for the beloved Lulu that he nearly lost.
  • "They bought me from my previous owners." She shudders and absently rubs her wrists again. "Anyway, theyve been searching for you, but your captain, Travis Jones I believe it was, has been dodging them, apparently. So this is where I come inthey knew we were in that house at the same time. When they found out I had known you they wanted me to help them capture you."
  • She wanted to know if Akstyr knew anything about soul constructs, such as how to kill them. She peered past counters and drying bills but did not see him.
  • A surge rebounded from Franks handshake, Kell now aching to reach for Marthes. He needed to know if those siblings possessed some strange, otherworldly power, or maybe it was this city. This legendary place Kell never wished to leave, only wanted to further explore, much like this young woman in front of him. What might her hands reveal?
  • Fuck. Maybe I had been wrong about Jason. Could he give her everything she deserved? Everything I couldnt? Could he give her a real life? Love? Marriage? Children? Happiness? I might give her love and marriage, but not children. Even then, we would be on the run, with the Quatre trying to hunt us down and kill us. I wanted nothing more than to give her happiness, yet I knew there was little chance of it. Most likely any life with me would end with capture, pain, and death.
  • Sara instantly took off, bounding down the porch steps and walking as fast as she could away from the house. It felt good to be doing something other than sitting in the backseat of a car. Even though she wanted to run towards her son, she made herself keep to a fast walk. She knew better than to run: Vincent would find her and keep his promise.
  • "Prince Dafydd isnt the sort to go around slaughtering young, pregnant women, Will! Lady Teleri just wanted to provoke you and once again she succeeded admirably. She knows exactly how to get to you, do you know that?"
  • She was whining. Frank didn't like it when she whined. He hadn't married a spoiled teenager, and when she started whining he just wanted to slap her. But if he said anything now, she would turn on him and start to push for a fight. And Frank was Mister Wimpy when it came to fighting with women. "Yes, dear."
  • "I'm a wizard!" He snapped, then took a breath and calmed down. "You wanted me for my talents, don't turn them aside when they may be most useful."
  • "Yes, Mrs. Sheldrake," Frank rebelled suddenly, "but Miss Burnett wanted to get to London, and really we seem to be going over the same ground again and again."
  • Emory Calla Burnett had no idea her mother smoked an occasional joint, nor did she know her mother had sex. Emory didnt know what sex was and Rose wanted to keep it that way for at least a few more years. "Honey, are you gonna use my shower?" Rose asked, the towel snug around her body.
  • The School of Shines hosted their own cemetery since the building of the school in the year 1025. Merlin, our first Headmaster, wanted the school built along with Condon the Great, and Lady Bilatine of O'Brien. Merlin, the founder of the School of Shines, decided to have a place for the teaching of Wizardry, for the good and care of its knowledge to keep the Order of Wizards in the land. Our great Merlin rested well through his ten years of heading the school. He named the School of Shines after an old Dragon he took one hundred long years to battle, Griffin Shines the Terra.
  • Jurtan Mont had his face contorted, a sign often noted when he was trying to follow Shaa through some unnecessarily abstruse argument. "Wait a minute," he said. "The Scapulas a villain, right? Hes evil. Isnt that all the explanation you need? He tortured you and Eden when you were kids, now he made himself a god because he wants to run the world - I mean, that makes him evil. Doesnt it?"
  • "Those three words made me a partner. When everything went to instant media buys they wanted me wired so Id be available twenty-four/seven. I wish I hadnt agreed but I was pretty ambitious back then."
  • A pang of anxiety went through him when he still could not sense her, and he stood up, pulling on his shirt, boots and cloak. The stupid girl had fled. Cold pain stabbed his chest as he stepped out of the tent into the watery dawn light. He hated the feelings that burgeoned within him, cursing his inability to let her go. The demons, or Orran's people would kill her, freeing him, yet the thought brought a fresh stab of pain and a deep sense of loss. Her spell still held him powerfully. He could not resign himself to her loss; he had to get her back. Rage washed through him, and he told himself he only wanted her back to thwart his father. He would not let him win.
  • 'Well, Sir, you see, Mr. Archer sat down by the fire and smoked a pipe, and was as easy and pleased, you'd say, to look on him, as a man need be; and he called for cards when my lord wanted them, and whatever else he needed, making himself busy and bustling--as I afterwards thought to make them both remember well that he was in the room with them.
  • "Those are Joes eyes," the other remarked without emotion. This was very uncomfortable for me. Rarely, if ever, do people talk about my parents, at least not in front of me. I wanted to know how they knew my parents, but I didnt dare ask.
  • "He staged clandestine raids against each nation, disguising his men as soldiers from the opposing nation. His instructions were clear: he wanted people captured, not killed, because he wanted slaves. Those captured were transported in secret to the Knell Downs, which we believe to be high in the Pinook Mountains. Camps were built, and the slaves were forced to experiment with creating powerful weapons using Istra's power.
  • That Friday he surprised me by walking me home again. I realized that I was actually really happy that he wanted to spend time with me, and that he wasn't just putting up with me. We walked very slowly, and talked about normal stuff. Movies, books, and amusement parks we'd been to and our favorite rides in each park. I talked about how one day I wanted to travel to Australia and spend a summer with the aborigines. I had no particular reason for wanting to do this, I had to explain, no particular fascination with their culture or the continent itself. It just sounded like an adventure, and I wanted to experience something exciting and maybe a little dangerous.
  • But then he realized he did not want to face Diane. Nicolette's kiss was fresh on his lips, and guilt clawed at his heart. He just wanted to be alone, perhaps to sleep, if he could.
  • It was during Gregs senior year when the devastating news surfaced. It was a routine physical for life insurance his parents wanted to take out on him before he left for college, a simple blood test that normally means nothing.
  • Andr was never comfortable with Helgas dogs. They were German, he was French, and somehow they knew it. As a result neither dog needed encouragement to make a noise. They barked and yelped and wagged their tails as they pulled him along. Every so often they tried to turn and go in another direction. Andr knew they wanted to find the Countess, but he also knew that the noise they made drew everyone towards him.
  • Now, the apostles were exhausted from sorrow and fell asleep. He had to wake them up. Finally, Judas came to betray Jesus. At this point the disciples wanted to draw their swords to protect him and one of them actually cut off the ear of a servant. So it appears to me that the disciples were not afraid. They were ready to defend him and fight on his behalf. But Jesus didn't want a fight, so he proceeded to heal the man who was hurt. After a short exchange with the officers and priests, he was taken away (Luke 22:42-54).
  • It all started with a boy in his class who had targeted a quiet, shy girl for bullying, knowing that she would not speak up for herself or talk to the teacher about the situation. Like most bullies, this boy pushed the girl around and insulted her in front of classmates, but he did this during recess or when the teacher was out of the room. On the few occasions that students spoke up on the girls behalf, the bully threatened them, saying he would beat them up if they told anyone. As he became more confident that he could do whatever he wanted and suffer no consequences for his actions, he began to branch out and verbally attack other students, again threatening them with violence if they said anything about the situation to a teacher or parent.
  • "Eh?" I said, teary eyed to see people I loved. This must have been planned to bring us in here. The storm was forgotten for that fact remained we were watching something very religious coming about. The dead wanted to fight evil from their side of the dark.
  • When he reached his home in Galil, Maryam looked on him with horror and fear. He begged her forgiveness. She fed him and told him how he was made by El and how magi called him a saoshyant. When she finished, she said, "Agents will look for you here. Find a land where El's names aren't known. Become something better than El wants you to be."
  • Barnin had left seeking adventure a year or so ago. He was headstrong and had always wanted to find the resistance and join them. He wasnt anything amazing on a physical level but he made up for it in determination and confidence.
  • Britney might hate me. I might have lost the cool factor resulting from all of the rumors about my imaginary boyfriend having died in a car wreck, but Brandon still miraculously wanted to spend time with me, and Rachel was still shaping up to be the best friend any girl ever had.
  • Arviragus too wants to join the British fighters. "It is not likely that when they hear the Romanshorses neigh, behold their quartered fires!—have both their eyes and ears so cloyed by invaders as now are ours!—that they will waste their time inquiring from whence are we!"
  • I cringed away from the whole sight by putting my back as flat against the wall as possible. The pain in my hand brought me back to my predicament. I tried to shake off the terror. I had to get my act together or I wasnt going to make it through this. My head was the first body part to move away from the wall, and the rest of my body followed. I turned to see a door and went immediately to the knob. My good hand reached out to rotate it, but nothing happened. It was locked. I needed to fix my hand before I decided to do some famous, prison-break style escape. But first, I wanted to see what was behind door number one.
  • "Thats not all that Lady Magmilan and I talked about," I began. "She wants whatever is going on between us to stop, and she said shell step in if it doesnt. I dont really know what that means."
  • Jocelyn could not keep the tears from her eyes. They stung as they escaped, and her throat wanted to close in on itself from the grief. "Gran?"
  • As much as he wanted to continue on to the buildings, he first searched the other piles of clothing, and found something even more disturbing: a gun. A military-issue pistol still in its holster. Stan didnt know what to make of it. Even if this was a closed military base, no one would leave behind a loaded gun lying in the dirt. More bad signs. But he had nowhere else to go. If he didnt get out of this killer sun, he would die.
  • She jumped at me trying to get at my hands, but we both knew it was pointless. I gave her a devilish grin. She wanted to know everything while I wanted her to know only which was absolutely necessary. Though I could confide in Jessica about things I wouldnt discuss with anyone else, I had to consider the law. Besides, the one time shed read my thoughts, shed acted so strange.
  • While I drifted off to sleep, the song kept coming out of the forest. At one time, it sounded close to the hut and it relaxed my soul so that I finally dozed off. I didn't know that the bird found me. Others wanted this bird to use against the school and to aid in their power. The bird found me because of my pure heart. For a young wizard boy, I'd put temptations behind me when I asked myself, "Am I here for the good of it all or just to use my darkest magic against the Dark Robes?" I felt truly deep in my heart on that day I was here to fight and do my best to wipe out the evilness of the men that killed my Headmaster.
  • Rommus felt a hot rage boil up inside him and it was almost too much for him to control. He had no idea if Oderion would kill him instantly or if the god was truly afraid. The other gods had all stood, but backed away, either out of fear of what Oderion would do, or fear of what Archenarius would do to a god. Either way Rommus held his ground. He knew that Vohl and Alana were probably terrified as they stood behind him, and he would be surprised if Alana had not fainted. Although he wanted to turn around and check on his friends, he kept his eyes locked on the god in front of him.
  • "Im not sure. I just didnt look into it because Jesus wasnt asking people to wait. He wanted them to seek out something thats hidden."
  • Those who were in the know thought nothing of the unusual sight of a Major of the Indian Army barging into the office of the Viceroy in Delhi without any appointment. The Major was somebody special. He was betrothed to a close member of the royal family. Also, his father had been a Governor of Bengal. Everybody knew that the Major was paying his dues in India, and would soon return as a hero of the Empire and would be addressed as Your Lordship. If the Major wanted something, he did not bother talking to his military chain-of-command, but simply had a word with the Viceroy. The chain-of-command, in the event, had no real choice.
  • `Yes.' His smile disappeared, but he soon rallied. He had aired the house, and he wanted her to stay the night with him there. She didn't answer. She had noticed how Arthur had stopped playing and was glowering at an oblivious Mungo.
  • Hamilcar took a few more sips of coffee. He had had them put his tent away from the others. He wanted some privacy.Things would be simpler if no one knew the truth.
  • "I wanted to talk to you about the discussion you had with one of my employees earlier this week. Bruce. Im sure you remember it." This voice could makeGood morningsound like a deadly threat, so the things he was actually saying were enough to make Dave glad he hadnt eaten breakfast that morning.
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