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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • The buses weren't running at this hour. He didn't have enough for cab fare. Eric made the long trek to Val's house. He went through every emotion along the way. More than once, he did an about face and backtracked a block. Then another emotion took hold and he resumed his way to Val's house. Sometimes, the same emotion sparked vastly different feelings. Thoughts of his mother ignited once a feeling a betrayal and later a feeling of emptiness. He looked to the past and wanted for those simple Saturday afternoons. He yearned for the lost feeling in his heart when all there was were times of play and grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • "Leland was a friend of mine," Manny said. "He had connections, found out where you lived and knew I was the assistant pastor at a church near you. He was convinced from the beginning that you were called by God. He wanted me to check up on you from time to time when you got out.
  • Did it help that Alicia looked so much like her cousin? Since Michael met Rose, Alicia had been the only one of his lovers at all comparable. That Alicia was blonde set her apart just enough to allow Michael the freedom to fuck her. Hed been intrigued at their first meeting the previous Saturday, seeing immediately in her alcoholic stupor she was easy pickings, that and how much she and Rose were alike. Rose had preferred pot, but both those cousins imbibed too much. How many times had Michael wanted to take one minute when Rose was fully wasted, but there was always someone around. She was never alone, and if she had been, would Michael have really done anything? Could he betray his best friend, his only friend? As Alicias movements grew steadier, Michael sighed. No, probably not.
  • Roland wanted to soften the wording of the King's reply, but to do so would be to falsify it. In Arabic he said, "My lord the King says he will trade a city for Jerusalem. However, the city will not be Damietta, but Cairo."
  • Campbell wants to try to keep Tanners emotions out of the testimony. "And the Western Blot was supposed to solve this problem?"
  • "I want you all to listen to me." His voice was filled with passion as he was careful to cast his plea over all of them and not focus solely upon Tun. He spoke with conviction, with urgency. He spoke with a comprehension of the depth of where they were and what they needed to do. And he spoke with the vibrancy of youth. "Someone should have said this before we entered this place, that someone should have been me. I guess we wanted to get this thing over with as soon as possible. But that's no excuse. We walked into Sanctum as if we were walking into a market, as if we could put aside the past like it never occurred. But it has occurred and it's time we deal with it. Before we take another step, we must come to the true understanding of what we must do."
  • "I have enough for both of us," Nigel retorted, cutting her off. What was she thinking, wanting to go into a public house where only floozies showed themselves? She could listen from the outside.
  • "Dear, Dear? Will you listen to me? We have to know now. If we're staying here Brad goes back to school next week and he isn't even registered for this year because you said you wanted to stay out there.
  • While Kayla wanted to help the family fight against Lowerys hoard, and they could use all the help they could get, it was decided that she would stay home and keep both of her eyes on Samuel. Daniel thought he could mask her appearance, but the elders figured that Lowery would wait to get to Kayla and her Samuel once they disposed of Hartwell. There was no sense in putting her center stage looking fit when she when her stomach was supposed to be stretched beyond any human capacity. The potential of discovery was just not worth the risk, and while Hartwell had made a secret agreement with Samuel, his participation in the plan was going to be tenuous at best, at least the first few days when he was younger and impatient.
  • "Not in mine, my good friend. They wanted me to become an executor, which I, yesterday, wrote to decline; and I am informed that if the receipt were in my name it would constitute me an executor in the eye of the law, and fix me in that position. Take it, pray, if you have no objection, in your own name."
  • He rides thus for some hours, eventually slowing to a pace much kinder for the horse when it appears that he is not being followed. The full force of the rain seems to retaliate against the previous peace as the day wanes. Not wanting to remain in these lands a moment longer than he needs to, Leon resolves to ride through the night.
  • "Hes alright," Garza answered, which was a compliment when an enlisted man was talking about an officer. "Hes pretty strict but as long as you do your job hes fair. Hes West Point though and he wants a promotion. Officers only do six months in the field and unless we get some action, hell be gone before Division ever knows he exists. He keeps volunteering for something hotter. Hes a decent enough guy but hed trade a lot of lives for a new set of oak leaves."
  • "I'm not afraid of them. I wanted to hit her, but that isn't the answer. She doesn't fight with her fists, and I can't fight with poison the way she does. I suddenly realized that I was on a dueling ground without a sword. And I don't know all the rules."
  • Bob quickly writes an address on a pad of paper and says, "That was Pete. He wants us to go check out something tomorrow."
  • Back in Beach Haven, Hartwell ventured out into town to see if his wife was around. Normally, if Hartwell wanted something or someone, he would just take it. But this was a special circumstance, and his wife was a special ladythe one.
  • "Perhaps I am just imagining it, but what if Im not. Do you see how they look at you? They are going mad over you! There has to be more to this. Its become typical for Mathew to have crushes on any new girls around here, but never has he acted on it, and this is more than the typical crush. Steven on the other hand resents any new person I try to bring into the group and makes them miserable, but hes different around you…" I didnt have any more to say, not wanting to argue with her. She was so convinced that that was the only explanation. I didnt think it was possible to hate her any more than I already did.
  • He put the strip back into the envelope and the envelope in his daypack. If Fikna saw the strip, his browould not approve. Rordan wondered if hed ever known who Tora was and what she was about. It dawned on him he hadnt understood she wanted him. He had ignored her. Now he wished hed asked Ivixa about her experiences.
  • "I tried for three years to make Dr. Shingu's virus meet those criteria as the cause of this disease. But in 1967, I had to address a symposium on SMON and announce the bad newsthat I had failed to be able to isolate this echovirus from patients, and I could not even find indirect evidence that the patients had previously been infected with the virus. As much as we all wanted the answer, I could not support the claim that we had found the cause of SMON. No one was very happy with me, but they at least listened, and stopped believing in this fantasy."
  • We sailed out past his flunkey in the front office and I said: "The mister told me to tell you he wants to be alone. Get it?"
  • Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner arrived from the U.S. with a goal in mind. He wanted an agreement to even out the imbalances in global trade -- reducing the surpluses of exporters such as China and Germany and cutting the deficits of the U.S. and other countries that are net buyers of the worlds goods.
  • His voice dropped low. "Do you not see why she says these things? She knows you have what she wants and she doesnt like it."
  • The 64" Green was rarely overshadowed by anyone, let alone a man his size that surprised him with a sucker punch. In many ways, it was the beating that he wanted to take for years, but he couldnt let the event go without retaliation. He was nobodys bitch, having fought every step of the way in his life on he way to the top.
  • When he put me down, I looked between my parents and a million questions flew through my mind. The one I wanted to ask the most, the one that I had been trying to find the answer to for years, came bounding out of my mouth.
  • His feelings seemed a little hurt. Perhaps I should be acting more like the other student nursesif I wanted to fit in better. The girls seemed to be competing for the attention of the three male nurses.
  • Richardson also knows that his testimony is coming to an end and wants to make sure he gets his major points across one more time. "First and foremost, I would think that scientists would question the use of the HIV viral load test and come to the same conclusion that Dr. Mullis did: that the results are meaningless because the test is invalid. And more immediately, as was pointed out by Dr. Keith Henry in another paper in that same September, 2006 issue of JAMA, viral load test results alone should not be used to determine whether or when to start anti-retroviral drug therapy."
  • "You better get inside," he said, checking his watch even though it was probably too dark to see the time. The way he raised his arm and leaned forward brought his chest so close to me, I wanted to run my hand along the rippled muscles I felt certain I would find underneath his black t-shirt. "It's way past your bedtime."
  • "Oh my god," he said, and started crying. Omari almost felt bad for him, but Francesca was right. His stupidity had possibly cost Molly her life. Part of her wanted to cry not just for the danger that Molly was in, but for the fact that she had been gullible and vulnerable to fall for such a ploy. Just watching her for one night, Omari could tell that the girl was vulnerable and so in need of love.
  • Aurora stood in stunned silence and Marthe continued. "Mom, if youd come to me three or four hours earlier, Id have said go for it, do what you gotta do. But now, oh God, now its all different. Mom, if nothing else, go home. You pray, Ill pray. See how you feel in the morning. If you still want to leave, my guest beds all yours. But Mom, please give it one night. One little night for me, for me and Nate." And for Frank, Marthe wanted to add, but didnt.
  • Amanda was still asleep in the bed when I walked out of the bathroom. She looked far more comfortable than someone who slept on the bathroom floor. I got dressed slowly. Not because I wanted to keep from disturbing Amandas sleep, but for the fatigue, headache and nausea I was suffering from.
  • Even though she wasnt fluent in Dutch, the meaning of the news flash on the television at the other end of the room was clear. She span her barstool round and watched riveted, as images of herself and Paul filled the screen. She concentrated, listening hard to the news readers rapid Dutch, informing her that Paul had avoided capture in Paris, and was now, like her, a wanted Terrorist.
  • Summer whimpers and struggles in his grasp as tears trail down her freckled cheeks, but its no useshes trapped. Each stroke of his hand is like sandpaper, jagged and agitating to her skin. The feel of him touching her turns her stomach sour, like curdled milk. She wants to yell out, but knows it will cause more trouble than staying quiet. Her silence has kept her alive in the past, and this time is no different. If she yells he might knock her out, and though she doesnt want to witness or feel what hes about to do to her, she doesnt want to be unconscious either. Or he might kill her. She doesnt have the best life, but shes still willing to fight for itno matter how pathetic it is shes not about to give in.
  • "Yes. She wanted to see you, so I let her stay up to-night; and anyhow I didn't want to be sitting up-stairs when you got here."
  • Even if pleased to have his suspicions allayed, part of Sallis almost wanted Barten to be something evil. When had he become so jealous?
  • Captain Z met Matthew, Katharine, and Tommy just as they were boarding the ship on their return from Praslin. He took one look at their condition and said, "You can tell me about it later. Doc wants us all down in sickbay; his patient is awake and wants to talk to us. Trask is already on his way."
  • It was a pity, because there was so much more he wanted to say to her. Yet he let it go, because he could at least be satisfied that he had managed to broach the subject without the luxury of lies. From now onwards, he might be able to tell her everything: about the lady who travelled in a cage held high by birds; about the monster that his mother hadnt quite seen; about wondrous atulphi and dark phragodols; about his father, perhaps, and what he believed had become of him.
  • Martins gaze remained fixed on the television, a forkful of bloody-looking peas suspended in front of his open mouth. Nick regarded his son with distaste. Sometimes it was hard to love even the person you cherished above all others. And because he loved his son so much he wanted him to be perfect. Unfortunately the reality fell a long way short of the ideal. The reality was a person whose table manners left a an enormous amount to be desired, creating a hole in his affections the size of Denmark.
  • He wanted to say more, to shame them into action, but the faces of the old men were staring at him with annoyance and he knew they were too preoccupied with their own plans for conciliation to take him seriously. He whirled around angrily and plowed into a servant bearing cups of sweet mead on a platter. The tray was upset and the cups went crashing to the ground but Rhirid stormed through the doorway and outside without a backwards glance.
  • "But how?" Mama drew back, wanting to hold him but suddenly afraid, somehow, that holding him only made things worse. Afraid that he had become something unclean. Ramn squeezed back the tears that forced their way to his eyes.
  • The building, its innards shaded by the setting sun, loomed in the distance, growing by the second. Taking a deep breath, refusing to look down at the streets that were doubtless packed with police, protestors and other problems, Dr. Sock cradled his cannon in both arms. He wanted to get off at least three shots to make sure the glass broke, because if it didnt hed just hit the side and slide to his doom like an idiot.
  • Keldar wanted to break his enemy and tortured the heir of the neighboring kingdom, hoping the old king would surrender. He had no idea his wife took care of the prisoner, comforting him as soon as the warder finished his job.
  • He wanted to give up this argument. He wanted to salvage something from it. But he had to bring this to a head. "I think this isn't working." A good start. It was Larry's way of holding his own hand through this affair. "I think you should move out."
  • As they neared the ruins, Lady Wyndmere had a vague sense that they were being stalked by someone in the jungle, traveling parallel to them. But the jungle was too dense to see anyone that wanted to stay out of view. When they came within the view of the ruins, they saw that the door of the hut was ajar. Major Simpson said: "Your Ladyship, you had best wait here for a moment behind the tree line while I have a look at the hut to see if everything is safe."
  • "Pardon me, sir; it was a black, ill-favored fly," says Marcus carefully, "like the empressMoor; therefore I killed him." He wants to call Titus back from maudlin musing.
  • "I wonder what he wants from Kenya," Kobi mused sardonically. Behind his musings, a thought briefly crossed Kobis mind. There are fewer guards than I would have expected, considering the high rank of the officials waiting on the ground.
  • "I know what they did to you," Father Mallory told him. Keiran's eyes widened. "You forget, I'm the one who cleaned you up and salved your wounds." Keiran flushed scarlet, turning away. Father Mallory sighed deeply. "I have watched you both work so hard to resist becoming fond of one another. For you, Keiran, the problem is that you believe men loving men is a sin. For you, Gleve, it's a matter of being unprofessional as a Healer and knowing it might be dangerous to share too much with someone who might someday return to King Anglewart's service. But think, both of you. All is now changed. Keiran cannot return to his world. He is a wanted man; to return would mean death. And what is there for him to return to anyway? His beloved brother is gone. He will stay here, find some destiny among us." He turned back to Keiran, "Among a people who value the love between men, if that is part of your destiny."
  • "Mom looked like she wanted to tell him yes, go ahead, call his bluff, but he was too good at it. She broke. ‘No, its not,’ she said. ‘Ill take her home and deal with her there.’
  • No one expected where this would finally end up, with a man who aspired to be president humbled and humiliated, beaten repeatedly, and the state he not-too-seriously-nor-smartly claimed could become a nation instead shattered, broken in almost half a dozen pieces, leading to the rise of movements the exact opposite of what secessionists wanted.
  • "Iwas wondering if you could help me with custody. My ex and I've been divorced forabout five years, now. We had joint custody of my boyyou know, where we split our time with him; I'd have him one week and she'd have him the other one. But when I became a vampire, she told me I shouldn't have him. At first I agreed with her, because I didn't know what was going to happen, and I certainly didn't want to hurt my kid, you know. But after a while, when things kind of settled down, and I saw I was still pretty normalI mean, that I could be around people okayI told her I wanted to go back to having him every other week. And she hemmed and hawed and made excuses, and I'm just tired of it.
  • Rordan made a grimace. "She looks like trouble bro’. Attractive, but theres a distance there that doesnt seem like it wants to be bridged."
  • "You also told me you twod been a couple since puberty, which isnt something you just turn off like a light switch. I didnt want to get in the middle. If you broke up because you wanted to, that was one thingbut I didnt want to be the reason you broke up."
  • Peter smiled thinly, "I know you do. And yes, there is something different about him. But he wants to live as much as anyone else in this castle does. If he thinks someone is out to get us, I wont ask why but Ill ask him where he thinks the man is at. We have to trust each otherthere is no doubt about that."
  • Mike lights another cigarette and then continues, "But that was where my problems began, more or less. You see, there was this news crew in town from one of the cable news networks, ANN, to cover the run up to the Iowa Caucuses. I got to talking with one of their producers, a guy named Jim Monroe. He remembered a piece I'd sent them earlier in the year. He said he liked it a lot but they couldn't buy it due to budget limits. Then he said he had something, though, if I wanted it, but was potentially dangerous. I said that pumping gas in a small town in Iowa is dangerous too, to your career. He laughed and then told me what he was up to."
  • Only when Gray took her hand did she remember. His fingers felt good in her palm and Rose wanted him, wished for a distraction. Then she turned his way.
  • "So, Alastor, have you given any thought to settling down?" Gawain asks, his voice revealing that he genuinely wants to know.
  • The question hung in the air. It went unanswered. Again, only for a moment, Jons mind lost its confusion and Strog's desire was clear to Jon. He wanted names, names of dwarves he could list as traitors and publicly execute. Jon thought of Hern, his friend, his advisor, pierced through the heart because he condemned the actions of the true traitors. Jon knew, knew if he spoke a single name, he would condemn that dwarf to death. For the first time since being thrown in this cell, he felt that familiar twinge in his stomach. He felt the burden of knowing too much. He shook his head at Strog.
  • There would be no getting rid of her until Mark came home at six. Unless . . . but no. I had made it for years now without using the Voice on her. Oh, how satisfying it would be though! I could have her packed up and out the door in seconds. I savored the mental image before reluctantly discarding it. I would have to put up with being the third wheel in my own home for a couple of hours. My faithless children would act like she was the sun and moon and completely ignore me. And my skills as a housewife would be criticized at every turn. Joy. Exactly how I wanted to spend my afternoon.
  • Cade wanted to silence the machine without drawing attention to the fact that he wanted his friends words to stop in the worst way. But rather than chance what Matt might say next he quickly took a step to the right of Kat hoping to push the mute button before his friends words inadvertently ruined the evening. He did not anticipate Kat stepping just as quickly to her left blocking his path. Their eyes met suddenly and violently, hers opened wide in surprise and his full of fear of what his friend might say next. Cade watched with a failing heart as she snapped the bra back together without ever revealing those beautiful mounds of womanhood.
  • The coffin, which had been constructed from special boards that Tyler had saved over the years, had been placed on the ground in front of the grave. A bunch of holly branches with their bright red berries lovingly picked by Maureen and her girls, lay on top of it. The two servants who had dug the grave in an amazingly fast time stood off to the side, the cool air chilling their sweat-soaked skin. They had been invited to stay for the service along with Sally and the remainder of the servants. All but two were present. Walter had been chosen to mind the beagles and the other servant, Edward Blockhaws, was still recovering in the servantsquarters. They had no idea what was to become of them now; there had not been time for Phillip to speak to them. Their contracts of indenture stated that they were to serve Francis Tyler, his heirs and assignees. That meant that Maureen and Phillip could do whatever they wanted with them, keep them or transfer their service to someone else. If they were to be transferred, they could only hope for a master as kind as Mr. Tyler had been.
  • There was no sign of Monoch in his book, though. He had a section on paraphernalia hidden in various parts of the scenery, staffs in trees, swords in anvils, and whatnot, but these were accompanied by literal illustrations that made it clear that these were not cases of cloaks or disguises but rather riddles or curses or traps of one sort or another. Arundi did prove to have a section on transubstantiations, but it was uncharacteristically short and elliptical. I shoved the book back on the shelf. I could stand around reading all day and still never come across anything useful except by luck. This wasnt the way to do it at all. What I needed to find was somebody whod already read all this stuff, and had some experience under their belt to boot. What I needed wasnt only a legman, I needed a research assistant. I should ask Shaa, or Karlini. They knew these kinds of folks. The way things had been going lately maybe one of them wanted the job.
  • The red-haired vampire towered over Serenity. In many ways, she appeared to be an ordinary woman, dressed in a pants-suit, high-heeled boots, an expensive bag hanging off her arm. No wonder people didnt suspect her. Like Sebastian, she looked like the type of person everyone else wanted to be.
  • When she returned to Ohio, her boys ran to her. They embraced their mom. Her son Cresston, though, needs her attention right now. He doesn't want her to leave again, and she opted to be inactive for now, with the Army Reserve. But she wants to go back badly.
  • Needing to get my mind off of Cupids incompetence, I thought about the plans I had made for my personal, secretive birthday adventure. After Tray fell asleep tonight, I was going to give myself a birthday gift. I would go outside, listen to my iPod and play in the wind. I figured I deserved this treat because I wanted to release my spirit and fly again. This might be the only chance I would have for a while to do it too.
  • Technology Reviews headline, running below the face of Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, now 82, is a play on another slogan: "We wanted flying cars. Instead we got 140 characters." That one comes from the manifesto of Founders Fund, a Silicon Valley venture-capital firm started by PayPal founders Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery to invest in "transformational technologies and companies." (Among their investments is Space X, the launch-system business founded by Elon Musk.)
  • "Exactly. He could wait ten years yet return one minute after we leftin theory, of courseand land right on the deck of the Petrel. But he's in a hurry to get back to fame and fortune, as he sees it, so he wants to immediately start building a new and stronger boat. He wasn't thrilled at making the trip in the first place, and now he sees all sorts of drawbackssickness, discomfort, deterioration of equipment. He's right, of course, but I didn't come here for a week's excursion."
  • "Hm, yes." the Doctor answered absentmindedly. He was concerned about the change of behaviour of the people around them. They were looking strangely at them, especially at the Doctor himself. They eyed him out as if he were a wanted criminal.
  • I wanted to ask more, but didn't want to venture into the kinds of things that would get him in trouble with Alec. We walked for another minute or so before I was struck with the silliness of someone who was old enough to be my great grandfather calling me 'Mistress Paige.'
  • In the hallway he turned toward the tower steps. He would walk with her on the battlements. One would think more readily of the garden for walking with a young daughter, but this time he wanted to be sure no one was listening. The battlements were one of the few places that offered a clear view of anyone nearby.
  • And yet he felt no threat emanating from this man. The Templar appeared to regard Diane with the intelligent interest of one who shared her art. And he had saved Perrin's life by bringing him here. Roland wanted to feel gratitude toward him, though he dared not.
  • "Well, I dont know that I agree with you on that point, but Id be happy to listen while Dr. Gallo tells me what he wants to take the place of Koch's Postulates, because we have to have some criteria, Mr. Crawley. We have to have something that gives us a system to determine causality. And I haven't found anything better than Koch's Postulates, to this day."
  • Turkey has been supportive of the CSDP. We value the strategic partnership between NATO and the EU. Turkey has participated in major CSDP operations and missions and dedicated substantial human and financial resources to this end. That said, Ankara is disappointed with the European inclination to exclude Turkey from further CSDP involvement. Most CSDP operations have taken place in the geographic proximity of Turkey and could have potential security implications for Turkey. Ankara wants full involvement in shaping the decisions on CSDP activities in which Turkey takes part. The EU still has a long way to go to adopt the level of inclusiveness and transparency NATO generously extends to its partners.
  • Theyre dead, he thought, feeling sick. Hed be dead too if he hung around. Oh shit. He turned, and leaning heavily against the wall, shuffled down the steps as quietly as he could. He wanted to close the door, but feared it would make too much noise. The back of his neck tingled, expecting some kind of thug to appear at the top of the stairs and see him at any moment. But he fought the urge to careen down the steps.
  • "I know its not really your style, but youre just going to have to have a little faith here. And if you even think of trying to run off again, Im going to personally tar and feather your hide. Ill take it out in blood and youll wish that you had died of natural causes if you pull something like that again, you hear?" Francesca said jokingly, but Omari knew that she was partially serious. She may have been able to escape Noah relatively easily, but Francesca was another matter entirely. If the two of them ever seriously faced off, Omari wasnt sure she wanted to see the outcome of such a skirmish. Someone was going to get hurt, and it was likely to be both of them. Omari had the upper hand in that she was trained in martial arts, but Francesca had speed and strength on her side.
  • "Comon' your real name is Robert Masterson. You stole the identity of Sam Reynolds who died some years ago. You're wanted in 3 states for grand larceny. This isn't any time to play games, Masterson."
  • The Welsh captain wants to discuss tactical theory. "Captain Macmorris, I beseech you now, will you voutsafe me, look you, a few disputations with you, as partly touching or concerning the disciplines of the war, the Roman wars, in the way of argument, look you, in friendly communicationpartly to satisfy my opinion, and partly for the satisfaction, look you, of my mindas touching the direction of the military discipline! That is the point."
  • Mom wanted to let her down easy. Nah, she'd been doing that for 50 years. "I'm afraid you don't have what it takes to be an artist. You'd be better off working in a call center, the way you dress."
  • The biggest problem is the lack of adequate space for spectators, especially for a case that is drawing as much attention as this one. Every media in the world wants a seat, and therefore all six district courtrooms on the fifth floor of the Federal Courthouse were converted to closed-circuit coverage that will be different from the live TV feed to commercial stations. This allows a reporter to be there in the courthouse, see everything that goes on, and still be able to participate in the typical press conferences that will undoubtedly occur on the steps leading down from the Special Proceedings Courtroom into the huge atrium on the ground floor of the building.
  • "This is broken. Can I return it?" he blurted. He wasnt angry. Just a little blunt, and maybe hyperactive. He rapidly chomped on a piece of chewing gum and looked around the store, not like he was being followed, but like there was so much to see in the store and he wanted to see it all right from where he was standing.
  • True to their former agreement, Capricia found employment for Corry as a royal clerk, an occupation he discovered he enjoyed, because it gave him access to the royal library. Unfortunately, the publicly available texts only went back about five hundred years, and Corry wanted to look into the more distant past. Capricia, however, said that most of her books in the old picture language had been burned the day he disappeared, and she would not let him view the salvage from the fire. Capricia herself spent little time in her study these days. Her efforts seemed all consumed in the tasks of the new Filinian alliance, in the political maneuvering between her father and Lexis as they worked out the practical details of splitting the former wolfling kingdom between them. Capricia spoke to Corry more and more rarely as he settled into his life at court, and there were times when he even fancied she was still angry with him.
  • deFöl dismissed the Sergeant Major at Arms and looked through the large view port at the sliver of Argo visible along the edge of the second moon. Paradise awaited. Possibly. And he felt the excitement intensify. He knew all of his staff wanted to set foot upon the mythical planet, but he had to give Argentice its chance. Perhaps the machine would come through in the end. And then he left the bridge for the space dock.
  • "You can't go!" Popa shouted at her. "Are you crazy? You can't go to the front! You have two small children, woman!" He was red-faced, and his hands were clenching and unclenching. Trover was having a tantrum that was so loud and horrible that Valentine wanted to rip her hearing aids out.
  • Max eased back over to me and slid his body to mine. He was shaking, his hands moved to my face, "You dont get it. I love you. Ill be with you until my last breath. Can you blame me for wanting to savor you a little?" He pulled me in close and began caressing me gently from my shoulder to my hips, he whispered how much he loved me while I felt his heat against me. His words of loved acted as a lullaby and without meaning to, I fell gently to sleep in his arms.
  • The joke in the family was that Randy spoke to me. I seemed to know what he wanted whether it was water or an emergency trip out the door. Randy attached himself to me in the house, lying at my feet when I worked in my office at home reading papers or writing poetry. When I came home from work, he would be waiting to greet me with a frenzy of barking and licking and leaping, as if I had been away for a year. You can't help but love someone who puts on displays of affection like that.
  • We shall see what the future holds for Ristalln. I hope that his heritage will play no part in the decision, and I wanted him to make his own path. It seems as though he has done that, at least with the Champion.
  • Chuck saw Rubby from a different angle because he still held onto those old values he'd learned in grade school. "Take care of your brother. Every person is important to our democracy. America's greatness comes from the strong protecting the weak." Chuck's life had exposed it as a load of bullshit, but his gut still wanted to believe the valued platitudes.
  • "You dont actually believe that, do you? What do I have against the Emperor? What do I have against you? Somebody wants me on ice, thats all, and maybe frozen so solid Ill never thaw out. Ive got a pretty good guess who, too."
  • She knew what he spoke of, even though he would never say it. Lanyan wanted her to decide, make the choice to run or stand and fight till the bitter end. Ristalln, Rhimaldez and every other member of Light would. But there were others to think about, ones she turned to look at. She had come to know them over the three months. Sarahlya and Javal, Varalis and Tanea. El would fight to the death, she could not order others to. She tried to cast it off, shifted to face Gerin, who sat across the field, waiting patientlyand oddly, for those who could see him, he looked disappointed. Perhaps he knew what she was considering.
  • "We both wanted to fight to the finish the first time," he resumed. "But there was too many goddamned wimps down there in Havana hankering for a compromise. We know who got rich from that, dont we?"
  • It would be easy. He would need only a platoon of goblins and his shag. The shag would overpower any dwarf sentinels and the goblins would quickly collect the treasures. Any other resistance from the dwarves would be token at best. The fight of their warriors had been shattered by the power of the wizard. There was little left of their pride, and probably less of their desire to fight. All he needed now was to follow the weakened force back to its home. His mind focused upon the new tunnels dug by the dwarves. He wanted access to them. His own captured tunnel led from Burbon to the hills, but these new tunnels, they led directly to the dwarf underground city. Of course, he could have used his smaller tunnel to access this new passage, but his shag would exhaust itself in digging to make the connection. He did not wish to waste the time or his shag's energy, especially when a better alternative waited within Burbon itself. Besides, he wished to keep his own tunnel a secret. It might be needed in the future.
  • The hansom cab crossed Tower Bridge and on the other side, Chance dismounted with his rug and paid the cabby. He was on the wrong side of the river, but he wanted to misdirect any possible pursuit. He watched the cab drive away and waited ten minutes before recrossing the bridge and turning right along the riverside on the north bank. It took him nearly an hour to reach the warehouse hed selected for his purpose. He took the creaking stairs to the third floor, then into a side room within a larger room where he deposited his burden and gratefully stretched out his back. The room was ten by ten, no windows and only one stout door. Behind so many walls, her cries would not be heard.
  • A flaming star fell from the sky and crashed with a bang just over the nearest hill. Otto didn't ponder on that long. He had heard many stories about legendary Heroes having swords made from starmetal. Metal from a star. Or basically from a rock that fell down from heavens. The stories weren't clear on details, but Otto didn't really need details. Something flaming that fell from the sky meant material for an awesome sword, and material for an awesome sword meant a lot of gold. As simple as that. He hurried to get his most prized possession: a donkey and a cart. He threw a shovel, a pitchfork and a length of rope onto the cart. He had no idea how big that thing would be, and he wanted to be prepared.
  • As he and Captain Ames went toward the rear, Ralff said to me, "I wanted to tell him bacon is strong-scented anytime, but this particular piece... whee-oo! But the man's so hasty there's scarce any politeness in him."
  • Because the son had wanted the job to go to a friend of his, he sabotaged Anna. Dropped an auto lift on her, all the while professing innocence. Then he got really nasty, dumping a barrel of recycled oil on the floor while she was under a Toyota and then slammed a hood on her fingers. Anna glanced down at her left hand. She still had a straight half-healed cut running across the upper part of her fingers.
  • The driver nods and assumes a fetal position on the cold metal floor of the van. He wants to believe Tom but knows things don't always work out. He hopes his wife and kids will be okay and he silently begins praying and shivering.
  • "Strader said we didnt have to report in to her. In fact, he wants to keep you away from her. Were to continue checking in with him."
  • he wanted to be Eragon and Frodo Baggins and every other hero he read about. Trevor wanted to journey across epic lands and rescue the damsel-in-distress and save a kingdom from certain doomnot only had Trevor got to do these things, but it had all been recorded in book formand Trevor couldn't have wished for more.
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, I want to apologize for not returning to court yesterday afternoon. My oldest son and his family were in a car accident, and I wanted to be at the hospital with them. It looks like they will all be alright, nothing critical, but I would appreciate the opportunity to go back to the hospital and be with them this afternoon as well. I also think weve heard a lot of testimony that we could use the time to consider. So I am recessing this trial until ten a.m. Monday morning."
  • "Of course it fits. Jesus is coherent; he was giving a coherent message. Everything he taught has to fit together. This is why I wanted to stay within these four gospels. And considering the fit, I think we can have some confidence in our interpretation."
  • The pair of them hung on my words in a flattering way. I found myself actually wanting to tell them more, where I generally tended to frown upon such sharing.
  • Then the Doctor found himself back in the TARDIS, but the girl was no longer there. He went up to the wardrobe, because that was where the only mirror in the TARDIS stood. The Doctor wanted to see if he could get back to the other side somehow.
  • That is how it came to be that John Alexander Poleshaw and Scott Jameson Shartrande decided to visit a bar one Saturday night despite both of them being under the age of nineteen. They had just received the last of their summer paycheques that mid-September week. While Vancouver doesnt have a winter quite like the rest of Canada, people do start to hibernate around the time of the rainy season. Scott and John wanted to enjoy themselves before settling down to another long school year of math, history, and football.
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