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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • The next morning, Kell woke early, rousing Marthe from sleep. Not by making love to her, only a simple push; he had showered, wanted to get started. They had driven straight to the hotel after the last flight, but hed called his mother after checking into their room. His father was still in the hospital, would be there until the end. According to Laura Vander Kellen, perhaps another day, maybe two.
  • "She should have been Queen the moment she was birthed, but that wasn't to be. There were too many competing interests at court. Too many nobles wanted the throne for themselves. And in the chaos that followed the fall of the south lands, they might have done it, had it not been for the church. Little Princess Elleena Postuma was whisked off to the temple in Fall City, where she stayed for the next fourteen years, and Pope Bartholomew I became the regent of the kingdom."
  • "Well..." Aiden hedged. Part of him wanted to stay at the inn without crossing paths with his family, but another, louder part said he should at least stop by to let his mother know that he was still alive. "Maybe. I think I'll stop by and see my family while I'm in town."
  • In the snow-cloud sky, one spot of sun peeked through, again, clearing a very small some-blue. I wanted another cigarette but couldn't bear digging through all the layers to get to the pack, and Lyosha, though a junkie, didn't smoke. My craving waned. Nowhere colder than prison. The phrase danced a circle in my head. Sappy sad-sack babushkas-nowhere colder than prison... Ironda, nonsense, nonsense danced in my brain. I should've gone with Jeff to the press conference. Why didn't I go?
  • Sam was droning on and on about how he couldnt believe that Holly just fell into his lap, that he convinced her and her friend to stay when they were ready to turn around and go home. In reality, the girls werent going anywhere; they wanted someone to fawn all over them, and shower them with a Sam-diculous amount of attention. He did everything to praise his persuasive abilities but pat himself on the back. Conspicuously missing from the conversation that day was any mention of hot sex. Sex was the basis of most of our conversations and I was starting to wonder what this relationship was all about. Could the loveless mans heart be awakening from an extended slumber? Was this girl so wonderful that Sam had fallen in love? Stay tuned for these and more answers on, As the Sam Spins.
  • It was odd, because I knew it was demon fast, but I could track his movement with my gaze. Was it crazy that I wanted to follow him? Grudgingly, I admitted to myself I'd never wanted to follow someone so badly, and I was never one to shy away from a physical challenge. I'd run blindingly fast from the hounds, and the only difference between now and then was that then I was scared. Huh, piece of cake. I had loads of scared stored up around the solar plexus area. Tapping into the well of energy inside me was too easy and I burst forward.
  • 'We just came to see you, Dad,' Kevin replied. 'Jimmy missed you and he cried all morning, so I promised him I'd bring him in to see you. He wants a ride home in the Cruiser.'
  • "Whats with the extra supplies?" I asked her. I stuffed my hands in my pockets, not wanting her to touch them. Even a brush of our fingers would let her glimpse my thoughts.
  • Ryson had come to a complete halt within a broad leafed maple. He stood rigid upon a heavy bough. He looked off to the north. His nose sniffed the air as he remained motionless. Only the elf's continued movement caused him to react. As Lief stepped forward to Ryson's side, the delver put out an arm and grabbed the elf's shoulder. He made it very clear that he wanted silence.
  • "Books!" She stood and slashed her hand in exasperation. "You were married; don't you know how this is supposed to go? The woman doesn't want you to argue or try to solve the problem with logic. The woman wants you to commiserate with her. You don't have to fix anything. Just stand there and nod and say 'uh huh' and 'I understand.' That's all you're supposed to do."
  • Beyond Shamshevo, Dolokhov was to observe the road in the same way, to find out at what distance there were other French troops. They reckoned that the convoy had fifteen hundred men. Denisov had two hundred, and Dolokhov might have as many more, but the disparity of numbers did not deter Denisov. All that he now wanted to know was what troops these were and to learn that he had to capture a "tongue"--that is, a man from the enemy column. That morning's attack on the wagons had been made so hastily that the Frenchmen with the wagons had all been killed; only a little drummer boy had been taken alive, and as he was a straggler he could tell them nothing definite about the troops in that column.
  • "I do not understand," Leon starts. "Yesterday, you looked at me as though you would have wanted nothing more than to kill me. Both of you. Yet, now, you act toward me as one might an old friend."
  • "I dont drink that stuff anymore," a somewhat polite Mark said because he obviously wanted his sister to believe that he wasnt after something, when he was obviously after everything.
  • Linda was shocked by his outburst. "Ryson. Try to clam down. I don't think he wants this to happen any more than you do."
  • Rose. Michael hoped she would be sleeping. He wanted to tell Gray first, alone, then Gray could inform his wife about who Michael was fucking. Rose would know eventually, Alicia would let it slip. Michael didnt want Rose learning from her drunken cousin, nor from him directly. Indirectly, as he always dealt with her. As circuitously as possible.
  • `"But, you and your husband ..." Frau Pohl looked up from the cards, then back, and said nothing for a while. "If a woman is unhappy for too long, she eats up everything around her, she sucks it dry until the life is bled white; but that is because she craves for life. When a man is unhappy, he is worse than a beast in a corner, he is eaten away by a wish to destroy, he empties himself of life and light, he sinks lower and lower, until he wants only that which is a perversion of what once made him happy. And the cards say that this is your husband, and the first one is you."'
  • Italys Pier Luigi Bersani, the front-runner to succeed Prime Minister Mario Monti, wants markets to know he has fully abandoned the Communist allegiance of his youth.
  • He flung his shield wide when Amalric's lance struck, driving the point off to one side. His own lance hit the purple shield square in the middle. Roland's lance shrieked and splintered. Yard-long slivers of wood flew past Roland's head. So hard was the blow, Roland was amazed to see Amalric still in the saddle - amazed but pleased, because he wanted him there.
  • "Christ," he mumbled. He wanted to cover up his head with a king sized pillow and pray for the motor to abruptly blow up and leave him in peace.
  • Summer whimpers and struggles in his grasp as tears trail down her freckled cheeks, but its no useshes trapped. Each stroke of his hand is like sandpaper, jagged and agitating to her skin. The feel of him touching her turns her stomach sour, like curdled milk. She wants to yell out, but knows it will cause more trouble than staying quiet. Her silence has kept her alive in the past, and this time is no different. If she yells he might knock her out, and though she doesnt want to witness or feel what hes about to do to her, she doesnt want to be unconscious either. Or he might kill her. She doesnt have the best life, but shes still willing to fight for itno matter how pathetic it is shes not about to give in.
  • That made tomorrow hard. After a night of heavy snow two nights ago the weather since had improved greatly. With obligations to keep they would have to leave in the morning even though he found himself wanting to stay more and more. Eitreen laid her head upon his shoulders and he wrapped and arm round hers.
  • That particular profession was one I wanted to successfully check off, soon. It was very difficult for my best friend to help me, because she still hadnt met Willow yet. When we stopped by Sunridge to pick her up for school on January 2nd, I was no closer to having an answer or meeting my career goal either. I was extremely worried because Eli Weston could mess up my Tray-Willow-relationship plan. I couldnt do anything about that particular relationship wrecking problem though because I had already introduced him to Willow.
  • Continuing to sit with outward calm at her desk, Jeptha turned her thoughts to the mysterious invaders, partly just to keep the fear from her mind. She wanted to believe it to be the work of another country, of course, but who, and why?
  • I felt warm inside for the first time in years. I had taken care of my mom out of the "goodness of my heart," not because I wanted something in return.
  • "Just a short in the fuel pump. They wanted him to buy a whole new one." Anna shrugged. She had heard them in her head. Loose tongues might have fit if they had been speaking. Loose thoughts are more apt.
  • One of the doctors came out of the tent in a bloodstained apron, holding a cigar between the thumb and little finger of one of his small bloodstained hands, so as not to smear it. He raised his head and looked about him, but above the level of the wounded men. He evidently wanted a little respite. After turning his head from right to left for some time, he sighed and looked down.
  • He looked at her without moving and saw that she wanted to draw a deep breath after stooping, but refrained from doing so and breathed cautiously.
  • "You understand all right. No cutting corners and no throwing curves. This woman lives here; you don't. If she wants to talk to you it's fine with me. If she doesn't, let her alone. You're butting in on her business and I want you to remember it. When did you say you got here?"
  • For a moment I feel a bit pleased for the ghost, seems he got what he wanted after all. But the moment doesn't last. Kev's here for his revenge and he doesn't know anything about the ghost. I say, "How's that my problem?" I try to make it sound like a reasonable question. I'm wondering how to get Suki out of here.
  • I heard the words and wanted nothing more than to follow the voice. I moved toward the light. I wanted so desperately to run into the light. As if frozen in time, I was no longer afraid. I called out again, "Mother?"
  • "You're not alone, paisano. I almost can't afford it here anymore myself. The rent goes up faster than my pension, but so far, the boss gives me just a big enough raise so I can meet the new price. If I didn't have this job, I guess I'd have to follow you around on the street a couple weeks a month. But enjoy it while you can. Boss says he's tryin' to sell this dump to a guy who wants to rip it down and put up some high hat apartments. If he does, you an' me are both on the street."
  • "About time you woke up," Pacian chastised him as soon as he came within sight. "I could really use a hand here. Our merchant friend wants to leave as soon as possible, so he roused me out of a nice warm bed to carry heavy objects in the rain." Aiden peered inside and did a quick count of the ingots.
  • He had been wary around her at first, but now he had stopped worrying about bad things happening. After all, it had been three weeks, and, so far, everything was fine. As long as he did not make any wishes, he decided, nothing could go wrong. And, as his initial anxieties faded, he found that he was enjoying her company. She had a lot of entertaining stories to tell. She could talk virtually non-stop, in fact, which saved him the bother of trying to think of something interesting to say himself. The only thing he found mildly irritating was her habit of sneakily trying to make him wish for stuff. But he could not blame her for that really, in fact, he felt kind of sorry for her situation, stuck here with him for the rest of his life. Denny had no illusions about himself; he could well imagine that she would rather be off somewhere else, doing her own thing instead of putting up with him. He felt a little sad about this. Despite the fact that they had no real interests in common, he had begun to think of her as a friend. At least she had shown no signs of wanting to kick his head in.
  • "Okay, now what? How do I make it stop?" Sarah shrugged. She didnt know. Now what? Not really wanting his hand to burn, he rushed over to the lake and thrust it in. Steam hissed up from the water, coalescing around his face. After a minute or two, the clouds of vapor drifted away, and he pulled his hand out.
  • A burning grew in my chest. I roared with frustration. I wanted those pesky roots to turn to jelly. To my surprise, jelly they became, plopping me down on the floor of the tunnel in a sticky pile of goo.
  • "No, dummy. They must have some name for themselves. Its like they are a huge private society of people, like the pastorals or the mystagogues. She said it was bad to talk about stuff. So I guess there was lots she wanted to talk about, but couldnt."
  • The divan and its head-pillows bore the imprint of a human-sized body. Not, however, the recent imprint - someone had spent enough time there in the past to dent the springs, but they didnt seem to have been around any too lately, judging from the quantity of dust and the number of drooping cobwebs. Either Iskendarian hadnt wanted to spend the effort to set up a perpetual cleanliness spell or he just hadnt cared one way or the other about housekeeping. Or, possibly, he hadnt planned on coming back. From the number of books on the shelves and the height of the stacked manuscript notebooks and loose pages by the desk, though, that last guess seemed less than apt. Now, how much of the stuff could Max carry? Maybe it would be better to settle in for a few weeks and just read everything.
  • I felt as if I was starting a long journey with no turning back. I hadnt wanted to get too close to her. Yet Id come here. And now I would cross the threshold into her home. If I got too close to her could I stop myself? Stop myself from doing what? I didnt know.
  • "No. But I just finished wrapping it up so a potential buyer can take a look at it. I got a call from a dealer in New York saying that a client of hers wanted to see The Jynx. She's someone I've dealt with before. She is a heavyweight so you can be sure her client is someone with real money."
  • Pierre knew he was not to blame, for he could not have come sooner; he knew this outburst was unseemly and would blow over in a minute or two; above all he knew that he himself was bright and happy. He wanted to smile but dared not even think of doing so. He made a piteous, frightened face and bent down.
  • "Because you always try to make them! You wanted one after you killed that old and scrawny wolf yesterday, not to mention that hedgehog two days ago... Why did you even kill it?"
  • Okay, so it probably was his imagination. But they were disturbing, compelling ideas all the same, and not easy to dismiss. He thought of asking Lilac about it all, but couldnt quite figure out how to say what he wanted to say, so he left it. Hopefully, when they were both back on the ground, and safe and sound, he might find it easier to broach the subject. Until then, there was nothing else to do but plough on, and accept that whatever further distractions the immediate future held, they were not going to come in the shape of a diverting discourse.
  • "He'll pay by the end of the mid-summers collection term, or beor be…" Aggravated now at this farce, the king wanted the business before him to be finished. His voice was as hard as the marble walls around him. "…or he will be put to the block, and made an example of! This is my judgment, and it is final!"
  • Mungo surprised her by arriving early on Thursday and, although he said nothing about it, she could see he was pleased she had moved in. Her bags were still on the floor, unpacked, and she apologized, offering to move them under the stairs, but he stopped her. There was someone coming to see the house; it would give the impression they were in the process of moving out. Before she grasped what he was say¬ing, he kissed her and held her close. It was what she had wanted for days, hardly knowing she did, and she gave herself up to it.
  • Rick left hurriedly, the usual change of heart after he'd come. The only other people he wanted to see weren't there yet and he didn't want to waste his time in a cheap, sleazy hole.
  • Chance stared into space, unbelieving. So it was finally over. The South had lost, shed its blood in vain, sacrificed its sons for nothing to suffer a humiliating defeat. Why feel like this? You knew it was coming. Yes, but now that the outcome is here, it feels so depressingly heavy. Chance slumped back on his bed, the strength draining out of him. He lay there motionless, not wanting to, not daring to think. Around him the hospital was quiet, half the beds empty, a testimony of the nursescare of their patients.
  • "I need to talk to you,meet me in the auditorium at lunch hour."rahul whispered to me while i'm on my way to class.I thought it was a message that was meant to be passed to jyo.so,i said to her.but she it was to her only.What could he probably talk to me?May be he wants to say thanks for the party thing?but he has already said it like thousand timesnch hour."rahul whispered to me while i'm on my way to class.I thought it was a message that was meant to be passed to jyo.so,i said to her.but she it was to her only.What could he probably talk to me?May be he wants to say thanks for the party thing?but he has already said it like thousand times and i warned him that if he says one more time i wouldn't be his friend.
  • The pair of them hung on my words in a flattering way. I found myself actually wanting to tell them more, where I generally tended to frown upon such sharing.
  • The second day he had spent crying. It seemed like years since he and his beautiful Maria had spent the day picnicking on the Cumberland. At one point, he even decided to cry out to God, but God didn't have anything to say. Now he just lay on his bed in the dark, thinking dark thoughts. He didn't think he wanted to live anymore. He was looking at ten years or more for drug possession. That was, if the asteroid didn't kill him. He didn't think he could find the strength to live with people like Hector, Madrid and Tacoma and he knew he didn't want to live without Maria. The trap in the door flew open. He jumped. It was breakfast, lunch or dinnerhe wasn't sure.
  • The Whitelaw shifters were clannish by nature and generally unhappy with their lot. Even in the freedom of the United States, they greedily wanted more lands, more possessions, and more money. They desired to be the undeclared kings of many states and operated under the radars of the local authorities, often shifting the balance of power by recklessly changing humans into their own. The Whitelaws specifically most wanted the Colorado regions that the Cat Clan called home and were willing to do anything to gain their wishes. Thievery, murder, and terrorism were all their tools, and only recently had the Cat Clan declared war on the aberrant shifters. Donovan, one of the elite cat warriors and protectors, was a single instrument in the war. For weeks he had infiltrated the area the Whitelaws called home and spied on their highest leaders, Jonah and Geraud Whitelaw, and on their heavily guarded enclosure.
  • The Colonel put his hand against the wall and steadied himself. There was no doubt anymore. She had taken it upon herself to remove any doubts. She was telling him who she was, and letting him decide how far he wanted to go. He had a choice to leave now, or make a lifetime of this moment. He said: "Is it considered appropriate for an ordinary man to ask Her Ladyship to go out with him the way ordinary people do among themselves?"
  • My emotions threatened to overwhelm me. I desperately wanted to give him his freedom. I wanted him to have a career, be able to attend college and have a real relationship with a girl his own age. He deserved all those thingshe deserves a life of his own. Tray shouldnt have to sacrifice everything for me.
  • Amanda turned slowly, not wanting to lose sight of the creature. Afraid that if she didn't keep it in her vision it would scurry up at her. The blurred figure of the prisoner was closeby, she could see the shadow of his mouth open and close.
  • She was mine, mine for the taking. I remained her shadow. Humphries had offered an introduction, but there was more rapture in pursuit. Convergence was finally obtained at the partys rooftop garden. A modern day flora labyrinth with twists and turns around every well-manicured corner. The blackened night sky loomed overhead so ebony in hue it had began to look blue again making it almost cerulean in color. Amazing, I thought, somehow the rich were able to cover up even the inescapable tarnishment of light pollution if they wanted to.
  • "My fault. I wasn't watching where I was going," she explained, not wanting to discuss her experience until she understood it better.
  • "Most team owners would," replied Erickson. "But Mr. Carters philosophy is that solid isnt good enough. He wants that, of course, but he also believes in youth and economy."
  • "Thats right, trade. Heres what Ive got. I was approached this afternoon by someone who wants my help in straightening out the political mess you guys have gotten yourselves into. In return they were gonna make me Dictator of the Gods. For some reason I thought they might not really have had me in mind."
  • Sebastian wanted to wrap his hands around her throat and squeeze the life from her, and it wasnt just the piece of silver keeping him away. "Dont you fucking dare!" he snarled. "I could kill you for this."
  • However, Sally did take a peek over her shoulder. Her face lit up when she saw him and she opened her mouth to say something, but he wanted to surprise Maureen so he quickly put a finger in front of his lips to keep her quiet. She closed her mouth, nodding a little so as not to alert Maureen. She turned back to her duties, trying to suppress her smile.
  • I shrugged. "Dad smells like spray starch and old spice, and Grandpa...well, Grandpa always smells like someone just pulled his finger." She laughed, and I wanted to hold her so bad, but I knew she wasn't there. Not really. Alison looked wistful. Somehow, I got the feeling she was thinking the same thing about me. Who knows? Maybe I'm not really here either.
  • "They wanted custody of Susie and for me not to be able to see her, ever, and they tried to get a court to agree. But I think that George actually stepped in and helped stop this insanity at that time, because I know he really loved Susie, and he didnt want to see her put through everything that his family planned to do. But he was dependant on them for so much personally, taking care of him through his struggles with the brain tumor, that he simply couldnt protect Susie as I know he would have wanted to do."
  • He cleared his throat and stood, but did not sheath the knife. Under thin black brows, he watched her reaction. "The Overlord wants you."
  • EMT. Were all like something else. But nothing is the real thing. Thats why no-one wanted to clean the house, even though everyone wanted a clean house. Its because were all like people who would like a clean house, but no-one is that person. And so the house clutters up, the crap on the floors covers up the floor so you cant see it any more. And then I come down the stairs and I say, Lets clean the place up, because its just too much! And no-one does. Until today. Thats why Im happy. But beneath my happiness lurks a curious rage.
  • She noted the resignation in his voice; he didnt want this to be true. He wanted Legon to be full human, but why? Elves were immortal. The thought came to her then: But humans are unnoticed. Legon was looking down at his drink. She knew the same thing was going through his mind. There was no need to ask Arkin about how or when it would happen; the day would come when he would change.
  • What do I do? This guy doesnt look like he wants to make a social call! I frantically thought. Suddenly my mind screamed a one-word command "Run!"
  • "I'm sorry, my darling, but I fancied he had a great deal more to tell me than he really had. I don't think I'm likely, at least for a little time, to be pressed by my duns -- and -- I wanted to make out exactly what money he's likely to get me for a horse he is going to sell, and I'm afraid, from what he says, it won't be very much; really, twenty pounds, one way or other, seems ridiculous, but it does make a very serious difference just now, and if I hadn't such a clever, careful little woman as you, I don't really know what I should do."
  • Once he was well on his way, Grahamas debated on turning to retrieve the other guards' bodies, but he first wanted to find Rhimaldez. In this light, he could not see the other man's massive footprints, so he instead went on instinct, heading the way he hoped Rhimaldez had. He had only walked ten feet when a voice, instead, came from the trees, very close behind him. "True." Apparently, he would not have to travel far. Grahamas stopped to find a large, white hand extended out to him. Grahamas returned the gesture and shook firmly, "Thank you," said Rhimaldez humbly.
  • Embers spirit light was channeling through my arms because they were locked firmly around her chest. The light pushed against my embrace with the velocity of a torrential hurricane. The moon was trying to force me to surrender my sister. The celestial body in the heavens wanted to steal her away
  • "How do you know when you're actually at the school?" I wanted to know. "I mean, even if you take the proper amount of steps, how do you know it's the school and not something else, like a bank or a high-rise?" I pictured him tapping his way around a building, trying to figure out what it was just by its size and shape. Maybe counting taps like he did steps.
  • They ran, wanting as much distance between them as they could. Raven pulled her farther forward, constantly watching behind them. Her legs burned. Her lungs ached for air. None of it mattered, though. Every step took them closer to Joss. Every step tugged them closer to the girl who was losing who she was; afraid she would end up a slave and a whore for the Duke.
  • "Thats incredible," he said, touching his hair, which had been bleached, curled, and outrageously mulleted. "This is the exact haircut I wanted in the first grade, except my mother wouldnt let me. I cant believe you thought of it.
  • I tried hard to push away the heavy curtain of mist looming about me. I wanted desperately to know if I was dead. But it was Krishnan, who stood beside me and kept on patting. I detested his touch. I, in vehemence, shoved him away, I abused him, and I wanted to hit him...
  • Billy celebrated his eighth birthday with the pack's other boys in the leader's ger. His parents took advantage of having their hut to themselves. The next morning, when they looked for Billy, they were told he went on one of his long distance exercises. His parents wanted Billy to learn to survive on his own, so they encouraged these long trips.
  • Turning to shelves nearby, Marthe peeked to the deserted store. Her watch read ten to eight and with no one behind her, she held the last book Kell would sign. She hadnt planned it that way, hadnt meant to appear wanting all his attention. As the two women stepped to the table, Marthe felt eyes on her as she did a year ago in this very place, Kells eyes.
  • "Betsy, let Forest get a clue about what a father really is. Jody wasnt any sort of role model, but that man in there? Dan wants to be my kidsdad, lock stock and barrel. Let that be what Forest sees for a while and let me tell you, its what hes gonna see, because you know my kids. Skyes not gonna let Dan take two steps without asking where hes going, why hes going there. She did the same to Jody, never got a straight answer out of him, but Dan tells her the truth. Let Forest hear that for a while and if hes still acting like an asshole then…"
  • Just by looking at Mikes face I could tell he had a dozen things that he wanted to say to Jameson, but he kept his mouth shut.
  • The governor, however, wants a show of sympathy for the citizens clustered about them. He raises his voice. "Oh, Dionyza, who wanteth food but can not say he wants it?—or will conceal his hunger till he famish?
  • Leena was surprised that he had noticed the pleasure she took in the honey. It was pleasing to find that he could be thoughtful when he wanted to. She returned to the cottage to fetch them.
  • I collected my locker combination and class schedule from the lady. My schedule showed that I was in math, history and science classes today, and my first class started at nine oclock. I looked at my watch. It was ten minutes to nine and I hurried to my first classroom, not wanting to be late.
  • Caislyn allowed a giggle to slip before she answered Jax, "Alright come on, just don't burn down the bookstore!" She began walking down the stairs with Jaxon following behind her, "I'm pretty sure it's just someone wanting to get a book. The wards tend to signal if someone has a malicious intent and they didn't do that."
  • I must admit, the odds were completely stacked against me but that didnt stop me from working my butt off that summer. I worked at a day camp all day and then worked out with free weights and played in basketball leagues at night. I also met this girl at camp named Jocelyn who just graduated high school. She was going to Cornell University in the fall but I was trying to take advantage of every moment we had together. I knew once she headed off to school that I would be just a summer memory. Part of me wanted more, but most of me was focused on recommitting myself both academically and athletically for my sophomore year.
  • It happened. New blood came seeping in now and then. For years Ember had tried to foretell it somehow. There must be a pattern. From every newcomer's description she knew there was only one road, and only one gate that exiles were brought to, so when they entered the forest you would think they would arrive at the same location every time, but it just didn't work that way. They could appear anywhere and it always seemed they showed up in the middle. There were no visible edges, no boundaries or borders. Ember and the others all wanted to discover a seam, a way in or way out, but it was another maddening fact of life that no one could find such a thing. You could walk in a straight line for days, weeks or years and never come across an edge of the woods. Instead you would always find yourself somewhere familiar. It all seemed familiar. It was circumscribed somehow, infinite and impossible.
  • This one, he decided, was too clever for her own good, and he might be able to turn that to his advantage; if he could just lead her in the direction he wanted her to go.
  • Following the voice, Summer stared. Dan stood in front of her, not looking as tired as before. Scared, terrified; had he wanted a baby that much, had her news rocked him that deeply?
  • Elryia nodded, the smile still dominating her face. "Aye. We saw many things in those years and he taught me even more. We made it a point, no matter how far away we were, to return to see my parents once, sometimes twice, a year." Her once smiling face turned dark and incredibly sad, "When I was twenty-four, and I'll never forget the day, we were returning that summerwalking up the road to my home when I saw black smoke rising over the hill. I ran as fast as I could and when I made it to the top Grahamas pulled me back and forced me to hide. I wanted to charge in when I saw the home I grew up in burn to the ground, but he wouldn't release his grip on me. It was only when I saw someone coming out did I understand why he wouldn't let me go." El's usually gentle demeanor turned sharp, then her mouth erupted in a snarl.
  • Our decision on where we wanted to move was becoming more and more clouded each day. The plan was to live in New York City, but the house in West Barton was starting to grow on us. The real question was, were we ready to settle down and plant our roots in West Barton?
  • Having doctored her coffee from supplies set out on an oak sidebar, Katherine went back to where she had stood overlooking the deck. To say that she wanted Matthew Butler to be able to find her easily would have embarrassed her, but it would have been true. When he did appear, she was relieved to see that Doc Sanders was accompanying him.
  • With a whimper of horror, Sarli fell to her knees. She had been wrong, horribly wrong; now she would be punished for it, and the Snake-God would kill her himself. She threw herself forward onto her face, not wanting to see the horrible god rearing above her, waiting for his fangs to strike.
  • "Whatwhat are you talking about? Why on earth would you think we dont want you here? Youre really cool and everyone likes you. I was just going to ask you if there was a group you wanted to stick with. Ive noticed that you switch almost every day between the two styles, and youre really good at both of them, but we dont have enough money to get both kinds of costumes for you for our winter performance. I just wanted to see what group you wanted to perform with."
  • "Love to see you too." Love; and Sarah blushed. "Mark is on the phone, he wants to talk to you." He still smiled at her, as he turned to look at Sarah with her favorite smile, she knew he was already back to normal.
  • "Okay," I said and held out my hand. Anna clambered out of bed and toddled toward me, staggering slightly on sleepy feet. I eased open the latch to the door, not wanting to wake Llywelyn, and left it ajar. Anna and I walked down the hall to the toilet. I opened the door and stuck in my head. The room was empty, and the smell wasnt too bad. Llywelyn had ordered the toilet cleaned daily because I had a tendency to lose my lunch if the stench got too bad.
  • "Not intentionally, its a side effect of being exposed to his magic for a prolonged period of time. Or, rather, exposed to his magic while it is directly focused on you. The mind goes a little soft because it wants to do magic and cant. Eventually, with enough time, it will break the soul as well."
  • "Good girl. Ive got someone who wants to meet ya. His name is Travis Jonesbut itll be Captain Jones, or Master depending on what he wants, to you," explains Jag as they walk in the direction of a car with tinted windows. "Well have to drive there, though. If you cause me any trouble at all Ill whip you. And if you try to run away Ill shoot you." He points to his pants where the outline of a gun is barely noticeable.
  • Jessamine went to lie on the bed, thoughtful. Fourteen years of studies to become a good queen hadn't left her the free time necessary to discover men on her own. She would have loved to discover sex with Ileana, but as princess and heir to her mother's throne they hadn't allowed her to breathe. And now at last she'd have the Rite. Nothing to be afraid of, as it was a knowledge she had been longing for for months now, but she would have preferred to choose the partner and time, without following the rules of forceful initiation. Such a shame. She was mature enough to understand that as future queen she had more duties than rights, but sometimes a little voice inside her whined it wasn't fair: she wanted to be free to choose. Thinking about it, though, she'd have the rest of her life to do so, at least regarding men: she could have as many or as few as she chose, as long as she had daughters to continue the Goddess's line.
  • Enin heaved another heavy sigh as the bubble of distortion faded before him. "I think we should get back to Burbon. I need to tell Sy what Ive seen. I doubt it will be a threat to us at this instant, but he needs to know. I must ask that you allow me to move us both together. If you wanted to, you can run faster than I can fly, but Im not just going to levitate. Im going tohmmmm, how should I say it? The egghead that liked science might state that I was bending space. If that helps you understand, then Ill leave it at that. In essence, Im going to reduce the distance we have to travel, but we have to move together."
  • A detective from the District Attorney's office had stopped by the house a week ago. He insisted on showing Billy his badge and on sitting in the living room to give him a lengthy explanation of the plea deal. The detective, who admitted to being a dog lover, seemed angry that Boston would be escaping without jail time. He said that off the record if he were Billy, he would demand that Boston replace Sweeney with another pure-bred Yellow Lab. Billy said he just wanted the whole thing to go away. Another dog wouldn't be Sweeney. That suggestion, Billy said, would be like someone guilty of killing a little boy or a little girl providing a new child to the grieving parents. The detective seethed with such anger at Billy's remarks that he got right up to leave. He turned in the doorway to say, "If you answered your goddamn phone I wouldn't have had to come by here today to hear your bullshit."
  • Robert just snorted. He really wanted to ask her what had happened since the last time he had seen them to make Phillip attack him like he had. But he knew that this was not the time to ask and Maureen probably wouldnt tell him anyway.
  • The guy recognized Benny. Nice guy who wanted to be polite. His wheels spun as he formulated a way to get rid of us. I felt like apologizing and running out of the store.
  • Hadrenn paced restlessly in the throne room. The cries of agony echoed relentlessly throughout the cavernous halls driving Hadrenn mad. Hadrenn wanted much to march in and find a way to put a stop to it, but as much as it irritated him to admit it there was nothing he could do. It didn't stop him from taking it out on Vessa though. "How is it you can just sit here and listen to this?"
  • Jag is a jack of many trades: black market, smuggling, pirating, bootlegging, andhis favoritethe slave trade. He especially loves it when he finds the young ones because they are easily trained to do as you wish. To his disappointment, he wont have the time he wants with the young girl hes trapped in his human market. The people who want her, whoever they are, offered to pay for him to capture her specifically. He finds that very interesting and is only intrigued more by the little blonde girl who cries too much for his liking. When he had finally caught up with her and her mother, he was worried about the open space. With the help of his crew, the kidnapping went better than he would have predicted. He grins at the fond memory as he opens the door to the long hallway full of boys and girls for sale. Its feeding time.
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