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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • But they weren't. He kept up the amble all the way to the car in case Kohl was watching through the door, although every muscle in his body, even the most abused ones, wanted to break into a run. At any moment he expected to hear Kohl's footsteps behind, checking to find out why his commanding voice had been disobeyed.
  • She wanted to argue with him. Pictures in her head raced; shapes moving, the sound of her ragged breathing, and the glow of the salt under the earth in the single yellow light of the headlamp. But there was doubt in Anna's head. After sleeping the night through and listening to Gabriel's explanation about Meg, she felt uncertain. Everything from the night before was a distant blur of frantic energy. How can you help me?
  • "There's no crime in being proud of your ancestry, Johnny. Eastern Europeans have a noble history. Besides I would have been Ivan Petrov if my father hadn't been scared of persecution during the Cold War. But I wanted to know what you thought of the manufacture, not the content."
  • Those red eyes, they had fire in them, fire that would consume the earth and crush everything in their vision. She felt it still within her like a lingering thought. She feared it, the way it compelled her to do something awful, and even though damning it, she wanted to see it just once more. They were eyes icy, unbreakable, scheming and persuasive. She wanted to know what they wanted with her and if they belonged to that dark that called from inside the castle. She didn't understand why they had such a hold on her.
  • I didnt answer. His arm snaked around my waist and pulled me to his body. He was so warm. The current intensified between us. All my anxiety and fear were momentarily forgotten. I thought he would close the distance between us. I wanted him to more than anything on this planet. I wanted his lips on mine. Electricity crackled in the air. He pulled me tighter, and I gasped. He quickly let go and pushed back, releasing all of me. I was disappointed and felt a little rejected. Silly, of course.
  • It was in the afternoon as he sat on the stoop and debated his fortune. His dreams of being a horse-trader were frustrated because Mama had wanted him to become educated, and did not want him to waste his life being a 'horse-tramp'. His dreams of going to school had seen him become practically a servant of the other students. His dreams of becoming a matador... well, maybe those dreams were a bit extravagant, anyway.
  • "We also know that Tori would have wanted us to have the strongest squad possible for the rest of the games and competitions coming up this year. The sophomores that tried out yesterday did an amazing job, and I would like to thank each one of them for coming out this week and giving a hundred percent."
  • Pain and fear radiated from him. She wanted to use his pain, wanted to make him hurt, to prod at it like a hole in a molar. Suddenly, she wanted him to suffer.
  • The old clergyman was looking out upon the listless yard through a window which wanted cleaning. A silence followed the close of the dismal narrative. The Jew sat down and made half-a-dozen notes in his pocket-book, and totted a sum or two, and pulled out some letters.
  • I considered making a "Do Not Enter" sign to let Agnes and the others know I wanted privacy, but I knew that if Ella Mae or Mrs. Shadowford wanted to come in, they could. Then again, I thought, Mrs. Shadowford was in a wheelchair. I hadnt noticed any kind of elevator or special contraption to move her upstairs, so maybe it was only Ella Mae and the other girls I had to worry about when it came to privacy.
  • She told Carino about Aster. She showed him Keldar's children. She told him she wanted out. She must go back home. She had to take her throne back and control the situation. It was time to free herself from that prison and get her revenge. She had enough of Keldar anyway.
  • It was late Sunday night and Andrew couldn't sleep. Actually, Carla had returned earlier in the evening and kicked him out of the room. She wanted nothing to do with him, at least for the time being.
  • They all pulled their horses together into a tight circle as they discussed their plans. After a few minutes of discussion, they galloped out of the castle and along the drawbridge, the horse hooves clunking dull on the wood. They galloped oceandeep into the woods until they came upon a nearby meadow. The horses wanted to stop and nibble on the long grass, but the riders had game larger than grass in mind.
  • Yeah, great consolation,’ Paul said bitterly. He wasnt sure which idea he found the most unpalatable; humanity being created in a laboratory or the Invaders installation of ready made religion. Something deep inside him rebelled against both ideas, desperately wanting to discredit their validity.
  • "Yes," he replied bluntly. "I will not pretend that my brother is a saint, but he wants peace. Lochlann wishes to bring back the old ways."
  • She sounds pissed off but I don't look back. This is what she wanted all along. She should be pleased. She won out after all. I wonder how she knew.
  • The Devil smiled his agreement, while more heads nodded round the table as no-one else wanted to be anywhere near the worst bad-soul-matter.
  • A normal person, one who was really as self-confident as I pretended to be, would have just turned and headed towards the eastern set of doors. Not wanting to look like a ditzy blond who couldn't even remember that someone had run a SUV into the flagpole and temporarily rendered one of the four main exits inoperable, I kept walking.
  • Steve had finally slowed their pace. A little. He wanted to put as much distance as possible between the house and themselves. Did Sarah just say something? She hated it when he didnt pay attention. Something about doubts and messes. Doubts about getting out of the mess they were in? Well, Steve thought, I have a fifty-fifty shot at this.
  • She rocked back and forth, wishing she was dead. Wishing she was the female lead from Kells book, a woman having thrown herself from the Golden Gate Bridge. Tossing aside her life was all Marthe wanted to do.
  • My whole body felt extremely shaky as I grabbed the soap off the dish and lathered up. As I washed, a strange feeling wrapped itself around me like a vine and sent something peculiar through my throbbing veins. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I wanted to unseal the room below and visit the undying creatures, which was a strange sensation considering how frightened Id been only hours before. Were the creatures really undying, though? Or was there some scientific explanation for the whole incident? I needed to pull it together. It was paramount I forget these deviant desires that gradually leaked into my brain.
  • I had given up sex with a hot waitress who worked at a strip club to take a phone call from a chick who wanted nothing more than her computer to be fixed. I didnt know what the technical definition of loser was, but I thought it must be something close to that.
  • Corry nodded and was out the door before she could say more. He went to the lake, because that was the best way to get into the grove without being seen from the house. A stiff wind was whipping off the water, blowing his hair into a dark tangle as he entered the trees. Three o'clock. He'd wanted the whole day. He felt angry and sad and frustrated.
  • I went through the motions of the afternoon anyway, not wanting to give Mina the satisfaction of knowing I was worried. The worst was when she purposely passed by me very close as she left the classroom when the bell rang, so I could smell the heavy, smoky and honey-sweet smell on her - the same smell that was on the vampire that drank my blood.
  • A surge rebounded from Franks handshake, Kell now aching to reach for Marthes. He needed to know if those siblings possessed some strange, otherworldly power, or maybe it was this city. This legendary place Kell never wished to leave, only wanted to further explore, much like this young woman in front of him. What might her hands reveal?
  • "Try? I dont want attempts, I want heirs!" He pushed her up against the wall again and regarded her weeping face with distaste. "Youre nothing much to look at, are you? Robert was so beautiful. And clever. I only married you because he wanted it. I would have done anything for him…" He trailed off, seemingly lost in thought. Suddenly he frowned at her. "You didnt like him at all, did you? He was a good man, your brother, and you hated him. Isnt that right? Youre glad hes dead!" He shook her violently. "Cant you answer? Or is what Im saying the truth?" She tried to protest but he overrode her. "Your fathers as graceless as you but at least he had the decency to feel the tragedy of Roberts death. Now hes left with the one he never wanted!" He banged her shoulder into the wall and she cried out again. "And so am I!"
  • "I think it freaked them out." Dave paused. "Okay, I know it freaked them out. But I told them that everything was okay, and that I had friends who were helping me try to set the record straight. I dont know if that was much comfort. Dad wanted to get on a plane right then and come get me, but I told him that was a bad idea. And then I told them Id be fine, and that Id call again in a day or two, and that was it."
  • Shivrasan, the most wanted man by the Indian government who was being searched for everywhere by the Interpol. SIT desperately needed this man. He was the only man who could throw light on the conspiracy of assassination of the ex-prime minister of India. Newspapers were carrying his pictures almost everyday. There was a huge bounty on his head. The biggest prize ever declared by the Indian government. He was a monster, a cold-blooded murderer…. And Krishnan was telling me that he was involved in all this... that he knew Shivrasan... who knows, he might have even trained that human bomb that took Rajiv Gandhis life! How dangerous he was.
  • She was evasive, yes, she would put "something" in writing, but I was left to guess exactly what. I wanted a simple set of questions for each offender, but she couldnt even do that. She assured me; each person is different and needs to be treated individually.
  • Drunk on aggression my footsteps echoed on the cold lobby floor. Not wanting to slide into the humdrum schedule of you pesky humans I refused to sleep with nightlife still a possibility. Inside the elevator of ice I hit the penthouse button for the posh trendy rooftop sushi lounge that, according to the hotel directory, rivaled the twilight stars with its neon lighting and posh people.
  • "We believe aristocratic Rajput women have always wished to do it. To honor their brave warriors. The Moghul has tried to stop it, however. He claims it began only a few centuries ago, when a Rajput raja suspected the women in his palace were trying to poison him and his ministers. Some believe the raja decreed that custom as protection for his own life, and then others followed. But I dont think thats true. I believe women in India have always done it, from ancient times. But what does it matter when it began. Now all rani, the wives of rajas, follow their husbands in death, and consider it a great honor. Today it seems his other women also insisted on joining her. I think it was against her wishes. She did not want to share her moment of glory. Sati is a noble custom, Captain Hawksworth, part of that Rajput strength of character wanting in other races."
  • There was silence, the kind of silence that follows the shattering of a precious vase. Roland glanced over his shoulder to see if any of the other knights in the hot, dark room had heard. But they had all withdrawn to the far side, perhaps wanting to give Perrin privacy in his dying and any confession he might make. Only Louis and himself had heard the damning name of the last Sacrament of the Cathars.
  • Toole, passing by, saw him in the window. Devereux smiled and nodded, and the doctor stopped short at the railings, and grinned up in return, and threw out his arms to express surprise, and then snapped his fingers, and cut a little caper, as though he would say--'Now, you're come back--we'll have fun and fiddling again.' And forthwith he began to bawl his enquiries and salutations. But Devereux called him up peremptorily, for he wanted to hear the news--especially all about the Walsinghams. And up came Toole, and they had a great shaking of hands, and the doctor opened his budget and rattled away.
  • "I thought the same thing when I came to Santa Cruz for the first time. Except I got spoiled by the beach and the nice weather and wanted to stay on the west coast. Otherwise, I wouldnt have minded moving into this area. It was really nice to see Brian again though. I feel bad, we were really good friends and then we drifted apart when I moved to California."
  • "I wish she wouldn't do that. You could get hurt. She treats you much too rough. Sometimes I think she wants you to grow up to be a warrior."
  • "He wanted to capture us. Dark thoughts were in his heart. Thoughts contrary to those of his Master." Alastor does not ask anything further. The Fairy girl leans close to his ear. "She also wanted me to tell you that the dark one fled."
  • She concentrated on the dim sidewalk, not wanting to step on dog crap or snails that might have emerged due to moisture Rose still felt. It seemed damp, but she was sure it hadnt rained, only some odd weather the Central Valley was experiencing. It was hot here, warm even at night. Even as night was turning to day.
  • 'What's that?' Nubs asked breathlessly, running in and coming to a halt beside him. The bugger was as nimble as a rabbit when he wanted to be.
  • Wasnt teasing his voice, but the rest of him throbbed. Hed not had an erection around a woman since Sam and that had been half hearted, their last time with plenty of birth control. She was on the pill, he wore a thick condom, and theyd even used jelly. No way was he going to risk another visit to the clinic, at least not that clinic. Kell had endured other trips, but across from Marthe, all he wanted was to make love.
  • At low tide, the isle was a one half kilometer cluster of palms and mangroves with a wide, shallow sand beach on the southern side, and a reef and lagoon complex on the north side. At high tide, however, the only thing above water was the circle of trees, which was a convenient resting place for migrating sea birds. Although numerous birds used the refuge daily, there was insufficient shelter during storms to warrant any nesting pairs wanting to make a home on Little Curieuse. Most of the Fairy Terns, Noddies, and other birds that migrated through every year passed by the islet and nested on Praslin Island to the south.
  • Jack wanted to bite his tongue for saying anything to the contrary previously or implying it. "And protective, too."
  • Kethudrim reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture. It was of a small, clay (or perhaps brown stone) carving of a naked woman. She had massive breasts, a rounded belly, and exaggerated genitals. It was hideous. I made a face and pushed the picture back across the table. "Eww. Who wants that? The art police?"
  • Directly behind the platform was a tent. A strong consciousness emanated from the tent as if many minds were linked as one. Eertu wanted to explore further but mindsight required visual contact. He could jump from a mind into the tent, but he could not control an individual into moving to a better vantage point.
  • He felt ashamed, it was ridiculous, it was a touch of madness perhaps, but something snapped inside and he started to sob. A stifled almost guilty weeping which set his jaw trembling and sent spasms through his taut stomach. Such deep rooted sadness! He tried to control himself, suddenly becoming aware of the fact that, although half hidden, he was nonetheless in public. If they could see me now... But another part of him wanted to continue, to ride the tears despite the pain, convinced of their healing powers. Suffering, loss, the finite nature of existence, Mum, the smell of burning flesh, lost and alone in the darkness. Lost and all alone. Thats it, let it out, let it all out, thats it, good boy, good boy, have a good cry.
  • "Oh Christ, you know why! He couldnt stop, couldnt stop loving you or drinking, either one. All he wanted was for it to stop hurting, it was driving him insane. Thats what he said, what he said to me over and over. Every night after he left you Summer, he came back here, then called me. God, whyd he do that? He knew how I felt about you, maybe he wanted to rub it in my face. But he was so damned drunk and I talked to him until he passed out. All he said was how much he loved you, but not enough. Not you or the kids, never enough to stop. He never thought hed be able to quit and it hurt him Summer, because you and the kids, you were everything to him, more than the music, more than anything."
  • A trouble of a new kind had come. Squire Fairfield, who wanted money, raised a claim for rent for the vicarage and its little garden. The Vicar hated law and feared it, and would no doubt have submitted; but this was a battle in which the Bishop took command, and insisted on fighting it out. It was a tedious business.
  • She always blushed when he said that; it just sounded so cute with that heavy Scottish accent. But blushing was the last thing she wanted to do while staring down the barrel of one Lieutenant Patreli.
  • "Its actually something the queen thought of," Sarah explained. "I had asked her what I might be able to do that could be considered useful, and she wanted to know how much I could teleport at a time. I told her I truthfully didnt know, so she said that shed have a pack of food all ready to go on the bed in our quarters. All I had to do was conjure the bag here. When were finished, Ill send it back, where it will be filled and ready for the next time."
  • Billy wanted to hit as many military bases and government offices as possible, so he broke up his force and let Russians guide them to their targets. By nightfall, as planned, they were all back in Moscow, weighted down with as much gold as they could carry. Like in Kiev, the locals started killing every Mongol and Mongol supporter, in their homes and businesses. Even those who were not quads, because their hatred ran so deep.
  • Magnolia Ward was on the right, through an open double doorway leading straight into the dayroom. There seemed to be no security of any kind. If a patient had wanted to walk out of the place, there was nothing to stop them apart from the length of the corridor and the friendly receptionist.
  • Desperately curious, but not wanting to appear too nosy, Pheron fidgeted from one leg to the other, a fact not lost on his attentive captain. How often have they been able to keep in frequent contact like this? Even the fastest methods of communication, by trained familiar, or by jhorun, could easily take several hours, maybe even a half day. He fidgeted again.
  • "It seems coincidental that they attacked just when the Akorans were going to, also," Sayana added. "Wait... show me that battle plan you took from Erag, Aiden." The young man took the rolled up plans from inside his tunic and handed them over to her, wondering what she wanted with them. The wild girl unfurled the parchment and took a closer look at it.
  • "He said he wants me to have a childhood and experience everything possible while I had a chance. I hate the hazing ritual thing that he believes is some rite of passage. So I stayed locked in a losing argument with him this entire school year. Maybe next time I request something hell just listen to me and I can win one for a change…" I explained to Willow and she gave me the most unknowable look I have ever witnessed.
  • Ryson could not as of yet determine what exactly had the guards, the whole town, so unnerved. Thus, he did not wish to speak in detail. If the guards had a run-in with shags, they might interpret the description of the undead as the ramblings of a lunatic. He played out his hand cautiously, acting as if speaking too much might bring a return of the insanity. "I really don't like to talk about it. I even wonder about my own eyes, hoped that it was the fading sun playing tricks on me. But whatever it was, it left me wanting to return to the safety of a town as soon as possible."
  • "Oh, that," Michael said. "Charlie called. You and Sarah scared him pretty badly. He said you acted a little too shocked when he mentioned what was in the box. Said he came up with a little story to test you. He wanted to be sure you werehow did he put itin the loop."
  • There was the sound of sirens, and in a few minutes there were fire engines, fire hoses, and firemen everywhere, rushing to and fro. Blake tried to get out of the way and was separated from Weldon and the others, then he saw Weldon's van taking off. They were leaving without him? Somehow, he was not surprised. Free Love was surrounded by a group of firemen, grinning broadly, who seemed to want to give her assistance, as the house burned down behind them. Chief Able and the fake Vietnam vet were also there, pointing at a mysterious moving light in the night sky. Blake looked at the moon and wondered why he wasn't back there as General Atlantis, visiting the original Pentagon levitated to the lunar surface by the hippie war protesters, he wanted to be but things didn't seem to work that way and instead he felt himself falling again, spinning round and round in darkness, blackness, as if he was being sucked down a drain, until there was nothing left.
  • "I noticed my father stop the ceremony to talk to Blackheart and I thought that was rather odd. Later on that night, I talked to my father about the interruption. I had tears in my eyes that night from laughing so hard. I can imagine how uncomfortable the comment had made Blackheart and how he must have wanted to see Talon or Trall again, who my father still thinks were innocent of the whole affair." The Prince looked in Blackheart's direction and waited for the outburst. He didn't have to wait long.
  • Claire envisioned the nightly battles to be an old school approach, which obviously was downloaded from the influence of Lowery. He wanted to maximize the potential difficulty in every match-up, which meant that warriors of equal skill levels would be squaring off. The following is a list of the individual fights:
  • The Wookie grabbed both my arms and twisted them painfully behind my back. I was yanked up to my feet and half bent over the table. My face was uncomfortably close to the blood and tissue smeared statue. I never wanted to see the ugly little thing again. The Priestess raised the knife again and continued her chant.
  • "Hi Mr. Borden, this is Jim Crayson. I sent you a proposal last November for Tome Thumb, my micro-fiction collection. I wanted to let you know about a new development that might affect your decision on the book."
  • And that proved to be the only consolation he received that night for his hard travel. Guy Lene was visibly agitated when he greeted the arrivals and practically dancing in an effort to contain himself. Longsword had wanted only to change out of clothing hed been wearing so long he half-suspected was fused onto his skin, make a quick appearance at the supper board and then crawl into his bed with enough wine to override the pain in the entire right side of his body and knock him into oblivion. But Lenes need to share his burden scuttled those plans. Before Longsword had even reached the steps leading up to the hall, Lene told him that the earl and the men whod been captured with him were gone.
  • "Yeah! What about the little woman? Tell us 'bout her? She still good in bed?" Saul said what all wanted to ask. "Tell us about that. You used to tell us about that little gal in bed. What about -"
  • "Exactly. He simply wanted people to listen to him. Jesus was sent by God to preach (Luke 4:43). He didnt come to die, he came to teach."
  • "That I am, my friend." Jace smiled. He shared with Shelly the thoughts of what he wanted to do to her that very night as she sent him promises of a full night of pleasure to come. He couldnt help smiling a little wider noting the distraction of Shellys boyfriend as she turned to him once again. Maybe this evening was looking up after all. "That I am."
  • "Both. Every fiber of me wanted nothing more than to have him killed. That is a lie. I wanted to do it myself, and watch each drop of life ebb out from him. But..."
  • "That was not the image we had wanted to portray in front of outsiders. We preferred you not lose face. I have asked you time and again to come home, as Starrlana has, and you've refused. We've come to terms that you will not until it's settled, and that you will be spending a fair amount of time with your group. We did not want their loyalty to diminish. We worried of their opinions."
  • "First, he wants to offer terms," Longsword said, lowering himself onto the ground with a bit of effort. Three years in Wales seemed to have stiffened his muscles and he found the activities hed once done with ease were slightly more arduous. Delamere had told him the culprit was age, not Wales, but he didnt believe that. "Which he fully expects to be rejected."
  • "And that was why she shrieked and fainted when she saw the coronet," cried Mr. Holder. "Oh, my God! what a blind fool I have been! And his asking to be allowed to go out for five minutes! The dear fellow wanted to see if the missing piece were at the scene of the struggle. How cruelly I have misjudged him!"
  • "You were right, you know," she said. "About Rhirid wanting to make a good impression. Its gratifying to know theres someone more interested in me than in a wall."
  • `The toilet's up there,' she pointed. She had just remem¬bered the question of condoms. She wasn't going to fuck him without condoms, and for a few desperate moments she won¬dered if Mungo had left any behind him; but no, she would have come across them by now. The toilet flushed. There was no other way. She was going to have to ask him straight out and if he hadn't she would jerk him off where he stood and send him back to the hostel. Maybe it was enough just to know she could seduce him. Then he stood before her, look¬ing down on her, and she knew it wasn't enough, knew she wanted him, all of him.
  • Caio cradled the dying man's head in his hands and looked into his faraway eyes. "She blesses you. She wants your suffering to end. She will protect you in the afterlife."
  • "I shot him," said the district attorney, "with Exhibit A of your counterfeiting case. Lucky thing for me -- and somebody else -- that it was as bad money as it was! It sliced up into slugs very nicely. Say, Kil, can't you go down to the jacals and find where that Mexican girl lives? Miss Derwent wants to know."
  • "Well, we were very impressed with your audition. We wanted to find out if you were still interested competing on Quiz Slam."
  • "An agreement between Rhirid and the earl of Chester," she said, and was rewarded with a shocked gasp. "Dont ask me how or why, but somehow Rhirid and his men ended up in Hawarden fighting for the earl against some chief or another from Powys. Afterwards, the earl went up to the Perfeddwlad and then to Rhuddlan and when he returned, he told Rhirid that hed heard about the trouble between him and Lord William. He told Rhirid he wanted to help but he couldnt do it openly. He gave Rhirid weapons and horses and in exchange there were two things he wanted Rhirid to do for him. Kidnap you and Lady Teleri."
  • Standing in front of a house that had survived more than me, I had a sudden, acute longing for my crowded, but very much my own, apartment. Yes, this building had been my mother's, and her mother's, and so on for God knows how long, but it wasn't mine. Looking at the key in my hand and the lock it would open, I wanted to hand it back over politely, find the closest bar, and get so drunk I couldn't remember my name, let alone any of the other events from the recent past.
  • The Child was looking at Liseli, and did not reply at first. Russ wanted to take the hand away from Liselis face, but he couldnt touch it. "You may call me Alisiya," the Child said, looking up at him again. "Will you listen to what I have to say?"
  • all of the Elven dragons that theyd seen were bright, vibrant colors, most assigned here in part because of that. The Elves wanted humanity to see a brighter, nicer side to the dragon, but Sydin was here because house Evindass was currently in charge of this dome.
  • Weve been arguing for some time that Twitter is becoming a media entity in its own right, and some of the companys moves around the Summer Olympics and other events have helped flesh out that theory. John Battelle of Federated Media argues much the same thing in a new blog post. He says Twitter wants to become a media company and that doing so means curating and even creating or "co-creating" content for its users. While this is undoubtedly true, Twitter is going to need to become a lot better at relevance and discovery if it really wants to be a new-media player.
  • Had I done an okay job otherwise? How was I doing in the training? Was Ben telling me everything I wanted to know? Fuck all that. Gotta have the nines.
  • "Look, Demetri. I dont know what it means. We arent exactly suited to each other." That was an overstatement. I peeked at him quickly, wanting to know what he was thinking. There was no point asking, and I just stared at my feet again. Under normal circumstances, it would mean that everything in the wolfs life changes, becomes secondary to the person they have imprinted on. The Elders told us that imprinting creates a deep need to please and protect the other person.
  • Stewart Shaw flew out of his chair like a demented banshee and rushed onto the bedroom set. He looked up at Brenda and screamed, ‘You follow the damn script! If I had wanted your boobs in this shot I would have put them in the shot. I run this bloody show, not you.’
  • More than anything, Todd wanted to raise his hands and climb out of the dumpster, but he couldn't because they weren't attached to him anymore. Only his head remained, and it was cleverly propped up in the dumpster so that it just peered over the edge.
  • "The Queen wants her pet assassin back, Lord Conash," he sneered. "Got herself mighty steamed up about it, too." His voice dropped to a growl. "But she'll not see you alive again unless you tell us what we want to know."
  • "I don't have that kind of influence! Hell, I don't think even the Vice-President could swing what they want, if he wanted to."
  • "Boys always want to be older than they are," Dalyn said. "But when they get to be our age, everyone wants to be younger, eh Poponio?"
  • Elena could not move. She wanted to. She screamed at her legs to respond, and willed her arms to reach out to Bardulf as he ran past her, sadness in his eyes, but her body would not respond.
  • While Gash had been working on his ex-wife Jill, trying to convince her in the tradition of professional skullduggery to look past the multilevel vendetta they had been pursuing against each other since their breakup and see her way to a current modus vivendi, I had been thinking hard about the larger state of the game board. Protector of Nature had offered to make me head of her cabal if Max was removed from the scene, but of course shed thought I was really Gash. Or had she? "With the way things are going," I said with conscious disingenuity, "if you dont take Protector of Nature up fast on that deal everythingll be off. I know you were interested, not that Im entirely sure why. Youve never shown me any sign you wanted to run anything openly. Behind the scenes, thats where you like to hang out, right? If anything, itd only make you a target for Arznaak." On the other hand, it might make Gash someone the Scapula could cut a deal with.
  • Still in her arms, Calista patted her awkwardly. She had wished to know the truth of her parentage but this was altogether too odd to understand. She wanted to drop to the ground and bury her face in her hands and will the insanity away. Is any of this real or am I trapped in my own mind? Here she was, somewhere? Atlantis? Below the sea, standing before Neptune, being introduced to a nymph who said she was her mother. It was too much. It was unbelievable. It could not be real.
  • More shells whistled over. He could hear helicopters. The damn fools in the air troop always ran out and tried to get their ships off the ground before they were damaged. It didnt seem to matter that so many people were killed or that in the confusion crippled ships collided or carried dying men into the air without a place to put down again. Morning would find them making repairs and hosing the blood out of the ungainly birds. It would make more sense to sit out the mortar attacks on the ground; they could cut their casualty rate by more than half, even though they would undoubtedly lose more aircrafts. Helicopter crews had to be the stupidest men in the Army. He had tried to volunteer once just to be able to wear a clean uniform and be able to shower once a day, but they had wanted him to extend his tour by six months before they would consider him.
  • Agnes opened her mouth to speak, but before she was able to reply, the sound of a loud meow startled her. She looked down and spotted Henry at her feet. ‘Oh, its that beastly cat!’ she declared, moving her legs away from where Henry was sitting. She looked apprehensively at Michael. ‘Michael, can you please get that thing away from me. I think it wants to attack me.’
  • I think, by now, Ive come to know Thomas is Eadie's father, we talk often of my love for her and how I wanted news of her; just to talk about her and what she might be doing.
  • Back in Beach Haven, Hartwell ventured out into town to see if his wife was around. Normally, if Hartwell wanted something or someone, he would just take it. But this was a special circumstance, and his wife was a special ladythe one.
  • We cruised around until twelve, then went to a hole in the wall and ate. I called the station and tried to get Kirby, but he'd gone home. I tried the Sheriff's office for MacIntosh and got the same answer. It didn't make a great deal of difference; I just wanted to call in so they'd know things were moving along. I had no intention of telling them the plan I'd made for Wendell and myself.
  • I waited for the fear and for the panic. I waited for the scream of terror to rip from my throat, but it never came. I waited for him to grab me, and murder me, and cut me into pieces and hide me under the small patch of wild flowers over there. But he said and did nothing. The clever thing would have been to get the hell out of there and start running again. But I didn't want to, and I was curious as to who and what he was. I wanted to know why he was stood in front of me, and what he was after.
  • Ght about laying here by herself with Rakuen. Naomi was right. He was alive and they were together again. But why did he do this? He had planned this, there was no way around it. He had wanted this to happen. He risked both their lives to do this, to make himself a daywalker. But why? What would drive him to such extremes? She had barely said more than one word to him when he surprised her. He must have known. If hed given her time to process what was going on, even he wouldnt have been able to get close enough to bite without Suzana figuring out what was going on. If he had asked her to do this for him, she would have refused. He knew that. She wasnt mad at him. She just didnt understand why.
  • The pigs were in ecstasies over Napoleon's cunning. By seeming to be friendly with Pilkington he had forced Frederick to raise his price by twelve pounds. But the superior quality of Napoleon's mind, said Squealer, was shown in the fact that he trusted nobody, not even Frederick. Frederick had wanted to pay for the timber with something called a cheque, which, it seemed, was a piece of paper with a promise to pay written upon it. But Napoleon was too clever for him. He had demanded payment in real five-pound notes, which were to be handed over before the timber was removed. Already Frederick had paid up; and the sum he had paid was just enough to buy the machinery for the windmill.
  • "If you don't be quiet I'll have to enforce you," the officer told her, once they were heading down toward the underground parking lot. Edeline knew what that meant. They would gag her, blindfold her, put her in a straitjacket, carry her if they had to, like a sack of potatoes. She had heard about this kind of thing. Who hadn't? What she wanted to know now was, why had they mistaken her for one of those creatures? The A.I.D. was not known to make mistakes, but clearly they had done so this time.
  • Now I was back in one of the Volturis tunnels. My throat screamed from the sudden burning sensation. Humans were here. I grabbed at my neck, trying to cool the fire. I hadnt been around a human for some time, and the smell was an overpowering force like nothing I had ever experienced. I wondered how many humans were here. My throat roared for blood, as it had never done before. I knew I should retreat but something was pulling me forward. Thick, double, wooden doors stood in front of me, and I felt like they were calling to me, wanting to be opened.
  • "Sergeant O'Rourke's the one you have to look out for. He wants a promotion too, but he attracts attention by throwing his weight around in front of the Captain."
  • In any case, I stood, muttering a quick excuse me to everyone I jostled as I squeezed to the door. I didnt care, Id walk the extra blocks, arrive late, I just wanted out of there.
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