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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • "We shall take you to the healer," he said. Calista nodded. She wanted to ask him how long it had been since Atlantis, what had happened there, but she knew it would be foolish. How could he know? Well, she satisfied herself with the thought, at least I am where I need to be. Close enough.
  • Dr. Sock was still focused on the pain, only half accepting the argument hed been given. Maybe he had considered supervillainy as a kind of game. Maybe he hadnt. He didnt care right now. He just wanted to lie down on his couch, drink some water and cringe away the agony. But he hadnt been to his apartment in days. The landlord could have rented it to someone else. He was a capricious bastard like that.
  • Regards, Joff paused again to consider how he wanted to sign the letter. Laird Telamon had probably never heard him. Joff shrugged and wrote Joff the Scirbe. Joff blew on the ink to dry it and looked over his letter.
  • The store wanted me to recommend the most expensive model Allan could afford. Something that would bring in a few more dollars to contribute to the sales goal.
  • Hal folded his arms, feeling more than a little insulted. 'Thats all very well!’ he replied. 'But Gangrel knew what he was doing. All I know is that I was supposed to go to the realm of the dwarves to get this Runeblade forged. Alright; Ill do it. The Princess has convinced me. Its either that or go home, somehowand I dont have a home to go to. And since we... since I abandoned Gangrel, the least I can do is what he wanted me to do.
  • They kept the horses going at a pretty good speed after that without tiring them out. They needed to open a gap between them and the town. As the sun got brighter, Legon felt himself getting hungry, but he ignored the feeling. One day without food wouldnt hurt him. They could only stop to let the horses drink, and even then it would have to be fast. There was a silence over them as they went. No one wanted to say anything. There was too much tension in the air and with every word came the chance of emotional upheaval from the previous day and night.
  • "In a wind duel, the purpose is to stay planted on the ground while you attempt to raise your opponent by wind alone. As Ayna is a fairy and not typically a creature of the ground, the rules were bent to instead say that the winner is the one who lifted the opponent highest. Ayna won, but apparently wanted there to be no doubt in anyone's mind. She lifted him until he disappeared in the clouds, then released him. He managed to bring himself to the ground safely, but the sheer force of the wind that lifted him had torn his clothes off and . . . plucked away every last hair of his body," he recalled.
  • That night they hadnt moved much from the center and now both were nearing sleep. One might turn on a side, either side, either one. The other would follow, snuggling right up against their partner, but for a few more minutes Rose wanted to lie flat, her husbands warm body beside her.
  • She blinked, and he could tell she wanted to argue, but then did as he asked. Chains rapped around his wrists did not prevent Jebe from using the wands against his captors, however, so Billy sliced into the muscles of both arms. Champa, naturally stopped to determine what the hell the Baron was doing, but he just gestured her to continue. With a wand in each hand, Billy then ordered Champa to slowly kill him. Finally understanding, she started slicing Jebe up to inflict maximum pain all over his body, enjoying every minute of it -- therapy for finding ones family massacred. His body now knew death was imminent, so Champa took Jebe's wands as she looked into his eyes and watched him die.
  • Slipping outside, Flora found the boy dozing against the wall. "Your mother wants you, lad," she said not unkindly, her sympathy rising for the boy.
  • "Go on," she said, her face flushing. "Go! No need to act a fool!" A few hawkers looked up. She called behind, "Rich foreigner and she wants me to give things away! To hell with her!"
  • Surrender emerged in Petras voice, also acceptance. Of what, Rose wasnt sure. Of at least that there, in the Burnett house, children came first. Sesame Street could be used to occupy time, sugared bread sufficed in a pinch, and that Petras place was of the occasional sleepover, not full time lodger. Rose wanted to tell her, wished to offer another side of their life; maybe it would revert to baby furniture and long stretches of exhausted parents, but something held her back. Petra stared at the house, Rose feeling as if her sisters eyes were searching through her.
  • Mirra wanted to run, but knew she could not break away from him, and even if she did, he would catch her in a few strides. The headache that Mord's potions no longer soothed communicated itself to her as they traversed a glassy-walled passage, its curved floor slightly abraded by time and traffic. The walls reflected the light of the torches that burnt in sconces every few feet, but their acrid smoke could not compete with the stench of death that filled the keep.
  • Sebastian remembered what shed saidhow she thought she could stand it if they were both alone, still loving each other. She would rather they were apart than see either of them forced to be with someone they hated. Serenity was the one person who understood Sebastians position; after all, shed been forced to live with a man she despised for so many years. Shed wanted to try to defeat Madeline and the thought of what she might be planning terrified him. He had no idea what she was thinking, but whatever it was, it wouldnt work.
  • Summer heard her laughing with Betsy, Spring, and Autumn. Maybe she was altered, eight and a half sitting with the hens, crowing about this and that. Spring didnt speak of babies, neither did Betsy. Autumn waxed about Florida, how Erika could come visit, maybe fly on her own. Erika seemed hesitant at first, but Betsy coaxed that a flight attendant would keep an eye on her, and how much fun would Autumn have with Erika, only the two of them! Going to the beach, maybe to Disney World. Skye then piped up, wanting to see the Disney princesses. But Autumn said Skye was too young; only big girls like Erika could fly alone.
  • He knew the question had to be asked, but wasnt fully-confident that she would want to continue their relationship from the previous weekend. Besides, he had the backup plan of the century with a woman that most men would kill for such access. Henry tried to tell Jinny that it was okay, but she wanted to tell him what she was doing as part of her fully working through her anxiety.
  • Peter nodded, "They didnt want me to fight. To die. We argued over the matter. Next morning, I slipped out of the estate and headed for the nearest port. And now Im here. I didnt come here to die, but I did come here to live. All my life Ive been following rules. Ive always wanted to make my own mistakes, but no one has let me. I had to cut the net and swim free. Im a fish at heart…"
  • "Yeah, Im so good my last plan played things just the way he wanted them. Its time for me to retire before I cause more trouble."
  • Pete started thinking about how uncomfortable he felt at the party. It wasn't even the Jenny thing, but it was more of a feeling that he just wanted to jump out of his skin. That wasn't his scene. Those weren't his people.
  • Meanwhile, Gruffudd had reached down and flung back the heavy cloth covering the bed of the wagon, wanting to see if the treasure were something he might be able to carry with him. But the grin died on his face as he looked down and saw a cart laden with straw. He frowned. Straw.
  • "My dear fellow, how could I help it? My mother wanted the general, my father's friend, and of course his wife must be asked also. I couldn't tell my mother that the lady had been a most arrant coquette, to put it mildly, and had married the old man in a pet, because my cousin and I declined to be ruined by her."
  • Yave spoke on, unrelenting in her charges. "We have identified the elves, and they are indeed from Dark Spruce. It appears that our former trading partners will not allow us to simply end our dependence upon them. They have their reasons for wanting us to lose to the algors. These same elves now are left without a source of gems, gold, or iron. They are incapable of mining for themselves. Is it any wonder they would seek to sabotage our efforts? If they weaken us, they force us to renew our trade with them. If they attack us while our forces are occupied, they could march on Dunop and take whatever they desire."
  • It was glowing the same color as her eyes. An almost translucent and iridescent orb with of pulsing rays of emerald green light rested in her delicate right hand. It spiraled and rotated in her hand like it had a life of its own. It was, without a doubt her life-force. It was the size of a baseball and she held it with both reverence and joy. Her eyes gazed upon the orb longingly, like she has always wanted to see it. Connor felt the heat that radiated from it upon his very skin. It felt like a warm sun in the spring time. He could feel the love and purity of her spirit coming from the object that she pulled from within.
  • Joe continued, "Tony sent this letter. He says the States started moving troops out a few months ago. Evidently, they started up a draft because not enough people wanted to go to war. They werent signing up fast enough. He said there was a lot of vocal negativity over going in. So the government passed a law saying you could be arrested, or deported, if you talked down the war effort." Joe looked back at the letter and read directly from it, "Theyre even asking people to report others who say anything against the waror against Britain." Joe looked up at Annie. "That doesnt sound like America to me."
  • And so they talked. As they turned up from Hollyfort, through the great canopy of trees and rhododendron leaves, up past the Protestant church, Mungo asked him about a good place to fish, as he wanted to be away from the ghosts of their own place with Aidan.
  • John's dad had a run to make, and Sarah wanted to work on some things for Christmas dinner, so they stayed behind while John and Candice took the boys out to his brother's. There was a pretty good amount of snow on the ground out in the country a few miles out of town, where Josh and Tiffany lived, The road to their place was gravel, and usually pretty rough, but now it was covered with packed snow, and it was smooth and easy driving back to where they turned at a sign that said, "Run-8 Kennels".
  • "And," Jim said, taking over and continuing the rant, "So when Michael Jacksons nose was removed along with the part of his brain that kept him from wanting to do bad things to little boys with unmentionable parts of his body laced with Jesus Juice both pieces were sent into space at imperceptible speeds and sent through the space time continuum to the point that it came back into the hands of the generically named man just in time to be in place for it to be used in this idiotic book."
  • He wanted to live somewhere else, but his grandma said that she was the only person who would take him in because his other relatives hated his parents, and wanted no part of their, "horrid child." He didnt know any different because none of his other relatives would ever visit her.
  • No one came to the funeral. Only a minister and Jake. And in all the confusion of her death, everyone simply forgot about Jake. So he had been living all by himself for the past couple of months. He didnt bother telling anyone, because he figured his grandma was rightnobody would have wanted him. And thats why he read so muchbooks kept him company. They were his only friends.
  • "He wanted to capture us. Dark thoughts were in his heart. Thoughts contrary to those of his Master." Alastor does not ask anything further. The Fairy girl leans close to his ear. "She also wanted me to tell you that the dark one fled."
  • In May, Goldman Sachs acquired Dwight Asset Management, a $17 billion stable-value fund manager. Last December it agreed to buy a dividend mutual fund from Dividend Growth Advisors LLC. The bank wants to grow assets by boosting fund performance, which is its priority, Eric Lane and Timothy ONeill, co-heads of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, said in an interview.
  • "What was so god-awful about it?" asked Petie. "So the Cubans paraded you around on TV and humiliated you for a little bit. So what? Youre theirwhaddaya call ittheir prodigal son. They just wanted you to play a little ball for them. And the first wife wanted to see her kid. After they sprung you, you went on to the fat contract with the Keys, and now everythings hunky-dory. If anything, you oughtta be thanking them."
  • "Had to be sure I had the right woman," he said, gesturing with his bloody blade, his voice raspy from disuse. "My master wants me to give you a message, thief."
  • "I just wanted to see Grandmas place one more time," she said, turning off the pavement onto the gravel road that led to her childhood home.
  • He wanted to run away, to wake up, anything to put an end to this chaos, to those reverberating voices and nightmarish visions. A kick on the shin and a cuffed ear chased away both his hope of escape and his sense of unreality.
  • "Now get it. If you contest the suit, Crandall will get this father of the girl, whoever she is, to swear out a warrant charging you with this mythical assault. You'll be picked up on the charge at once, if you're in the state. They could extradite you on it, if they wanted to, but I doubt if they would. They'll be satisfied to have you away. If you fight it, the judge has got two strikes called on you before you open your mouth; Crandall tells me the judge knows the girl they've got working with them. Of course the judge thinks she's a sweet innocent kid. You're going to get stuck with that robbing settlement if the thing goes through. There's no way out of it."
  • From seemingly out of nowhere, my Boo-bear appeared. I had no idea how long he had been standing in front of me before I noticed him. He reached his small hand out, so he could hold mine. The silver mist wrapped around his hand. It obviously wanted to include him in our embrace.
  • I didnt want to look away from her until we were safely outside. All I wanted to do right then, was grab her, and run away fast. I needed to get her out of this house of horrors. I have never been able to deny her anything she wants and, Im not going to start now. So I held her tiny hand and surrendered to her wishes. Turning around cautiously, I looked to see what she was pointing at.
  • "You seem jolly sure about it," Sir Giles said. "How do you know? You wanted to be as you would be at twelve, didn't you? Well, how do you know you're not? You seem to remember, I know; so do I"
  • I tried to shrug off the shadow that seemed to crawl up my skin. His whispered comment had made me very uncomfortable though. Ive always hated to have anyone invade my personal space unless I invited them inside. Given the fact that Eli was already a major annoyance in my Tray and Willow matchmaking world, I decided to spend the rest of the day in careful avoidance of him. I had taken a huge risk asking him for Brylies name because I knew he wanted to cash in that dinner rain check. I had major plans for Willows immediate relationship future that didnt have anything to do with Eli Weston.
  • Campbell is clearly starting to tire of Logans attitude and wants to calm it down and get back to the facts. "Okay, Dr. Logan. I understand. Perhaps you should tell us what the actual results of the study were."
  • Alana answered next but she stared off at the purple sunset. "You have me too Rommus. We have come a long way together, and in our travels you have taught me things about life; things I never thought about myself. I have seen how complex things are, and yet you explain everything so plainly and simply. You have changed me Rommus, and while I might not agree with you all the time, I think I am becoming who I always wanted to be; and it's because of you. I can't imagine not fighting alongside you in this war."
  • Finally they walked through the large, swinging metal doors. He tracked her through his peripheral vision, not wanting to face her fully, but still wanting to ensure she was all right.
  • One of the doctors came out of the tent in a bloodstained apron, holding a cigar between the thumb and little finger of one of his small bloodstained hands, so as not to smear it. He raised his head and looked about him, but above the level of the wounded men. He evidently wanted a little respite. After turning his head from right to left for some time, he sighed and looked down.
  • "Yeah, I know. But we're burning it to the ground. The fires on the top floor and a few fire bombs on the first floor should do the trick. This will send a little message not to fuck with Jack. Jack wants the news organizations to know that he doesn't like investigations. He'll love it."
  • She knew what he spoke of, even though he would never say it. Lanyan wanted her to decide, make the choice to run or stand and fight till the bitter end. Ristalln, Rhimaldez and every other member of Light would. But there were others to think about, ones she turned to look at. She had come to know them over the three months. Sarahlya and Javal, Varalis and Tanea. El would fight to the death, she could not order others to. She tried to cast it off, shifted to face Gerin, who sat across the field, waiting patientlyand oddly, for those who could see him, he looked disappointed. Perhaps he knew what she was considering.
  • "I was saying that some people think that Mevrin here... uh... could become the next... Emperor." Saalteinamariva almost whispered the last word. She couldn't really believe what she was saying. She knew the boy was troublesome, Roseduck implied that much, but she wasn't prepared for the extent of it. First of all, he wasn't really a boy, at least visually. More like a young man. Behaviour was definitely boyish. Or even mad-hungry-goatish. Even watching him from afar triggered her maternal instincts, which meant that she wanted to put him on fire and drop the ceiling on him. She decided not to watch anymore. Those instincts were bound to take over eventually.
  • "He wants you to enter the tournament and try to kill him. He wants to kill you publicly, in front of the Countess. Do you realize that?"
  • William had more than his family on the line. Over one hundred million civilians had died because Genghis Khan wanted to rule the world. How many more would die before someone stopped him?
  • "Oh, Katie just walked into my room. She wants me to read to her. Katie, Im busy right now. Ill get one of your toys."
  • Odd. His brother was being nicer to him than before. Maybe he felt bad about what had happened. It didnt matter; the change was welcome. He knew that Kovos cared about him and only wanted him to be safe and happy, so he didnt really hold it against him when he was mean. Still, this new way was easier to take. When they were ready to leave Sasha walked Murray over to him.
  • Edward nods agreement. "Even as thou wilt, sweet Warwick, let it be! For by thy shoulder do I build my seat, and never will I undertake a thing wherein thy counsel and consent are wanting.
  • Jain wanted to say that Eduard had to stay somewhere and that Marcus the innkeeper needed the coin. But even though she would soon be married, Jain was still considered a child in this house and thus was to be seen and not heard.
  • " You arson my office. You set the whole building ablaze. You have gone insane," he said in an aggrieved tone." If you wanted any explanation you should have contacted me rather! "
  • On the ninth of August Prince Vasili at Anna Pavlovna's again met the "man of great merit." The latter was very attentive to Anna Pavlovna because he wanted to be appointed director of one of the educational establishments for young ladies. Prince Vasili entered the room with the air of a happy conqueror who has attained the object of his desires.
  • The part about nobody wanting Jake was partially true. He did not know this then, and I myself learned it only recently, but every single relative was indeed deadnot one aunt, uncle, or even cousin was alive. All were dead from various tragedies of their own.
  • "But you love your family more." Sallis forced a smile. "You loved your husband so much that you slept in separate rooms. Your family wanted you to dissuade him from extending the franchise in Marka and he refused, again and again. You moved the house sylphs from the villa and made them sleep in converted stables. So they could not hear your rows? Or to ensure there would be no witnesses if you felt compelled to commit violence? Those pieces of evidence are nothing by themselves."
  • Jonesy had gone out for revenge, and they had used it against him. Their own twisted sense of justice. There was no reason, he said, to think it would stop there. Could be, he reckoned, that they wanted justice as well. Kill us lot and that's the end of the war.
  • `It was all squeezed into an hour in the afternoons, though, that was the trouble, so it was all frenzy and madness. I could hardly ever see him in the evenings because I couldn't afford a baby-sitter so often. He wanted to pay, but it's best to stay independent in these matters. And then somehow, Arthur seemed to sense what was happening and became very diffi¬cult and wanted his father back. He's usually quiet and easy¬going, but Arthur is a jealous young man as you discovered this afternoon.'
  • "My parents told me I couldnt." As Overlord, Lucifer can grant a reprieve, but only if the mates are not expecting. "They wanted another grandchild."
  • "But if I were you," Books continued, "I wouldn't presume it to be absolute. Be careful. You trust too easily. The first day we met, you told me you were wanted by the enforcers. What if I had turned you in?"
  • The bawd wants immediate return on the outlay. "Boult, take you the marks of herthe colour of her hair, complexion, height, age, with warrant of her virginityand cry up that he who will give most shall have her first! Such a maidenhead were no cheap thing, if men are still as they have been!
  • She was still standing by the creek, a confused look on her face as she stared up at him. He could see she was deep in thought. Her green eyes were hidden behind half closed lids and long lashes, and although he wanted to leave he wouldn't leave her behind.
  • "He was the tall man with the black braid?" Rhona asked, her warm tone of voice expressing her appreciation of Salvors looks. When Geret nodded, she replied, "He said your caravan was bound for Yaren Fel. He said hed leave it to you to explain any specifics you wanted us to help you with along the way."
  • Messick goes back to the lectern to decide what he wants to do next. This is actually going very well, he thinks. And Goddard seems less resistant now. Maybe theres more I should explore with him. Its worth a try, anyway.
  • We were on foot, running through the undergrowth in the woods, the light fading too quickly. Andrew wanted to fly, but I told him times had changed and the skies werent safe anymore. He didnt answer, only followed in my wake silentlyso quietly I had to turn several times to see if he was still there.
  • "I'm sorry, my darling, but I fancied he had a great deal more to tell me than he really had. I don't think I'm likely, at least for a little time, to be pressed by my duns -- and -- I wanted to make out exactly what money he's likely to get me for a horse he is going to sell, and I'm afraid, from what he says, it won't be very much; really, twenty pounds, one way or other, seems ridiculous, but it does make a very serious difference just now, and if I hadn't such a clever, careful little woman as you, I don't really know what I should do."
  • "Because you always try to make them! You wanted one after you killed that old and scrawny wolf yesterday, not to mention that hedgehog two days ago... Why did you even kill it?"
  • Instead, he focused on his main objective and toward that end he needed two thingsa covered spot to take out a few goblins with his crossbow, and then a safe path of retreat. That path had to allow him a route away from the goblins and not to a dead end. He wanted his withdrawal to take him a safe distance away, but also allow him to turn back in a direction toward his home.
  • During these discussions with Nathan, Sophie soon perceived that she wanted to undertake new activities that would give her a sense of satisfaction in life. When it was time for Nathan to return to Paris, he invited her to come with him. She didnt hesitate long. Once in Paris, she devoted herself wholly to sculpturing, an art that until then, had just been a hobby for her. Nathan went out often. Sophie, on the other hand, did not really like the night life and rarely accompanied him. She was convinced that, for Nathan, it was just a matter of time before he realized that the nightlife was not for him as well.
  • Spencer was about to move from the counter, but then decided he wasn't satisfied with this little social encounter. The poor girl was probably forced to repeat that single approved response, client after client, day after day. He wanted to give her the chance to jump out of auto mode and say something original, something she'd made up herself. So he asked her: "Does the video play all day?"
  • I set my burger down on the plate untouched. I couldn't eat anything. My stomach was in knots. I risked a look back and saw the three friends walking together toward their table. Brooke stopped mid-stride and looked straight at me. My mouth opened and I sucked in a gulp of air. I wanted to look away, but I froze instead.
  • They lay in the disheveled mass of the bedspread, letting the covers absorb the rest of the stray droplets of water from their bodies. Omari tucked her head in against Noahs shoulder and wrapped her legs across his body. She felt relaxed enough that she was afraid that she might fall asleep if they stayed like that too long. She wanted to ask him what hed found out at the lab, but she didnt want to wreck the wonderful peace by bringing up bad omens again.
  • "Aye." Graham could think of nothing else to say, or at least wanted to admit. But he knew that anyone who spent more than a day with him would see his true feelings.
  • Auralia and I spoke little after that meeting and my gloom now enveloped her as well. Although I wanted to say something, share our grief now that everything had been revealed, she managed to rise earlier than me, but come to bed later. If I ever made an effort to speak to her in the dark, as we usually did each night before bed, I would only be answered by her steady breaths. Without Auralia, I passed much of my time sneaking into taverns under the amused eye of my brothers or embroidering and gossiping with my older sisters, or cavorting with Gieneve. I did what I could to surmount my depression, to stymie the black fog that threatened to engulf my mind. Every time I turned a corner and saw a familiar face, I could not but wish that I could flee from this guilt, leave this world behind where I had single-handedly destroyed thousands of futures.
  • Of course, Sarah knew something was up the moment his littlelets go out for dinnersuggestion escaped his lips. Was he upset and wanted to get his mind off of his grandparents? Was the trip to the lawyers office a waste of time? No, she shook her head. That couldn't be it. If that were the case, they wouldn't be eating out. Okay, so why are they going out then? Wait a minute. Out to dinner? On a weekday? Did he inherit some money? Why wont he tell me? She sighed. Steve and his surprises. This had better be a pleasant surprise.
  • Rommus touched the wall and she was astounded to see it open easily. He said nothing but walked inside, holding it open for her. She wanted to tell him how amazed she was that he could do that; that it looked like he was able to use magic, but she said nothing and followed him down the wooden stairs. Soft candlelight lit their way.
  • When he finished asking questions I said, "I cant believe that your guru didnt tell you about this whole other world of ours. Mom and dad told me that we were constantly moving because they were being hunted all the time by creatures of evil that wanted them dead. If youre starting to carve wards now, too, its only a matter of time before you start drawing attention to yourself. Heck, I dont even carve wards and Im constantly in danger just because Im the daughter of wardcarvers and I can manipulate fire."
  • But she won't leave it. "Suki said she felt something. It was pretty intense. Then you ran out like the place was on fire. What happened?" She watches my face. "Did it feel as if the ghosts wanted to hurt her?"
  • As the fire took, he calculated how many days he could devote to sculpting with the money he had accumulated working for Erin. Once he settled on the details of the piece, he wanted to work on it straight to completion without the stops and starts that usually interrupted his sculpting to clam for his rent and food. There was one other psychological barrier to beginning the Erin statue. He needed to contact Linda Gold to find out when she wanted to do her shoot of him on the water in his clam boat; how much time he could expect to devote to it. Until he got past the modeling gig, he would clam. Once everything was behind him, he would start the sculpture.
  • "Yes," he continued, turning round and taking his handkerchief out of his pocket; "his painting had quite gone off. It seemed to me to have lost something. It had lost an ideal. When you and he ceased to be great friends, he ceased to be a great artist. What was it separated you? I suppose he bored you. If so, he never forgave you. It's a habit bores have. By the way, what has become of that wonderful portrait he did of you? I don't think I have ever seen it since he finished it. Oh! I remember your telling me years ago that you had sent it down to Selby, and that it had got mislaid or stolen on the way. You never got it back? What a pity! it was really a masterpiece. I remember I wanted to buy it. I wish I had now. It belonged to Basil's best period. Since then, his work was that curious mixture of bad painting and good intentions that always entitles a man to be called a representative British artist. Did you advertise for it? You should."
  • There were far more people than Monson had anticipated as well. He looked around counting, although his back corner seat made it difficult to see everyone. As far as he could tell, there were at least thirty students, probably more. That was odd. What normal, healthy, high school student wants to take a class in analytical history? Monson finally looked to the seat beside him. He gawked.
  • No, he wants to talk to a manager. I go into the kitchen and find Mike in the little office and tell him the story. "This guys crazy, right?"
  • When the Sun began to shower fire on the earth, we were at the outskirts of Madras. The traffic thickened. The hurried people had started to move to and fro with unfathomable determination. The wind blew swiftly through the window. I wanted to sleep. The sleeplessness was now overpowering me. But I knew there wouldnt be sleep
  • After speaking of Colin a breeze swirled, Rose also wondering if the dead had heard them. She never felt her parents were close, never felt Colin was. Would she sense Aunt Margaret? She doubted it. She knew when people were going to die, but not of them afterwards. Rose hoped she would never know about her husband or their children. She wanted to go first, before everyone else, then she wouldnt have to worry, never be leery. She could be blissfully unaware, and then she thought about Elmo.
  • "You know as well as I do that Marduk is a very dangerous man. As much as he wants to be, hes not like us." Iyash was starting to get a serious cramp in his arm. "Hes the perfect example of the worst possible evolution of humanity."
  • Donovan tried to restrain from biting his lower lip. She was adorable. Not only could not wait to kiss her on her delectable lips but he wanted to taste every spare inch of her body. And not only that but she wasnt aware that the quilt she had wrapped around her body was slipping and he was getting a tantalizing glimpse of berrylike nipples. "If you say youre a librarian for a special group, the Committee," he said easily. "Then I believe you."
  • To Summers knowledge, Dan hadnt called the police, nor did she hear anyone but their footsteps, their breaths. She wanted to run inside the apartment, but the image of her children, waiting in the door, held her still. They had lost one parent and Summer couldnt bear to harm them further.
  • Max was dead set on picking me up at my house Saturday morning, but after a great deal of convincing, I told him I could wait for him at his apartment building, not wanting to delay our reunion for one second longer than I had to. I was in front of his building thirty minutes before his plane even landed.
  • Bin Laden - who by then had moved from Afghanistan to Sudan - sent several emissaries to the GIA to discuss whether they wanted to join up with his then still struggling al Qaeda.
  • Hawksworth groaned inwardly. What English host would have the effrontery to suggest a guest needed a bath? For that matter, what Englishman would even consider bathing more than twice a year? Its known well enough King James never bathes, that he never even washes his hands, only brushes them with a moist napkin at mealtime. Yet this Moor wants a full bath before a meal, merely to remove a bit of dust.
  • This one, he decided, was too clever for her own good, and he might be able to turn that to his advantage; if he could just lead her in the direction he wanted her to go.
  • "So then I was rolling around on the ground, feeling like my sinuses were trying to explode out of my face. Feeling like my eyeballs were melting. Feeling like my lungs were all shriveled up into raisins. I couldnt scream, I couldnt even breathe. By the time I could even roll over and open my eyes, they had me cuffed: ankles and wrists in zapstraps that were so tight, they felt like piano wire. I was a cool fifteen year old, but not that cool. I started up the waterworks, boohoohoo, couldnt shut it down, couldnt even get angry. I just wanted to die. The Sony cops had seen it all before, so they put a tarp down on the Veddics backseat upholstery, threw me in it, then rolled it into their recovery truck and drove me to the police station.
  • "What my lord is most interested in is avoiding, shall we say, royal entanglements," John said. "He too wants to be sure that news of the activities of Owain, Humphrey, and your brother remain within Wales and the Marche."
  • All hands tore away from the board. Some wanted out right then; others wanted more. I kept hold of my silence, patient enough to wait out the slew of ridicule and persuading against those with uncertainty of continuing. When calm blanketed the group, we continued on with renewed awe, with renewed fear.
  • "She came through the door like Yosemite Sam, frothing at the chops and howling for my blood. She wanted to press charges, see me locked up to teach me a lesson. She didnt care how the Sony cops had gassed and trussed meas far as she was concerned, Id betrayed her and nothing was going to make it right. She kept howling for the sergeant to give her the papers to sign, she wanted to swear out a complaint, and he just let her run out of steam, his face perfectly expressionless until she was done.
  • Milo wanted answers more than anything else at that moment. He wanted to know what was the mysterious army that came to their rescue.
  • "Yes, sire, he is saying that the Count de Gobignon wants to bring about your death. And I am certain he speaks the truth."
  • It turns out that our landlord wants to get rid of the separate apartments and rent the whole house to a bunch of college students. He can get more than hes making now if he rents it to a group of college students for three hundred each. Its not personal, he said. Its business.
  • Liza was already trying the door, and finding it locked, was reaching into her backpack for something. Dave wasnt sure he wanted to see what shed come out with, even though there was nobody else in sight. "Hang on," he said, and scrabbled among the white pebbles of the ornamental border for a minute before coming up with the spare key. He unlocked the door, and waved Liza through.
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