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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • Oan trotted up to the mule, grabbing its rope and yanking it forward. He smirked at Russ as he walked the animal past, leading it to Pillari. Russ followed, trying to look nonchalant, smiling about the humiliation. Currun turned away shaking his head. Liseli had stopped laughing, but he still didnt look her way. He could imagine what she was doinghands on her hips, thrust to the side, head tilted, mocking smirk, a little shake of the head. Youre so lame, Russell. He didnt want to see it. No, he wanted to. He peeked over at her, and saw her helping Martilia dismantle the tripod the pot had hung from over the fire. So she wasnt even looking anymore. Well. That was good.
  • Now, I need to keep in mind that both sides claimed a Jewish heritage, but they appear to be divided and in separate camps. It looks as if they wanted nothing to do with each other. And these foreign rulers probably had a hand in this situation. Romans would have supported the Pharisees and teachers of the law who co-operated with them. Foreign domination would have had a big effect on those who held the prominent positions. I suspect that many of the great spiritual leaders of this period were pushed aside during this foreign occupation.
  • "I'll tell him, Shean. Gee, I had an awful time last night. Hazel wouldn't get out of the car. She wanted to stay in the car and ride around and see the sun rise. It was terrible."
  • He awoke feeling unwell. There was an adolescent jack-hammer in his head that wanted to go out cruising with its friends but had been grounded by its parents, so now it was trashing its bedroom. His bladder had broken the dam-burst glass and pushed the red button; the sirens were wailing and even now the body's emergency services were gathering around his urethra wondering if there was anything they could do or whether they should get the hell out before they all drowned.
  • Omari couldnt believe that this woman was directly threatening her like that. She didnt know whether to be more insulted by the fact that she was denigrating her martial art, or flaunting it in her face when she was injured at her mercy to begin with. Looking at those long legs of hers, Omari wasnt surprised that she would specialize in Martial Arts that are primarily kicking based. And wounded or not, part of her wanted to take her on, just to prove her wrong. She was already wrong about one thing: she had tangled with others of their kind, and won. Definitively. Death matches leave little to guess in terms of who the winner is.
  • Roses face met his and he wanted to smile, but didnt. Relief that Michael was dead was tempered with how that asshole had carried it out, but Rose looked better than Garth. If possible, Gray would have kicked the shit out of Michael. Too late for that, Gray sighed, but at least he had gotten in one last shove.
  • "But how?" Mama drew back, wanting to hold him but suddenly afraid, somehow, that holding him only made things worse. Afraid that he had become something unclean. Ramn squeezed back the tears that forced their way to his eyes.
  • "The King is not some impractical holy man, though," Roland said, "with his eyes fixed on the next world. He works at being King the way a master mason works at planning and building castles and cathedrals. In planning this war he has moved slowly and carefully, and his preparations have been as complete as he could make them. He does not want to shed blood unnecessarily. He does not hate Islam. He only wants Jerusalem, because to us it is a holy city. If you could strike a bargain with him, you could trust him to keep faith with you forever."
  • Nervous and jumpy, I tripped over the sidewalk at school. My heart pounded and was lodged squarely in my throat. Tray tapped his pocket to remind me that he had his cell phone if I needed to reach him. We exchanged a knowing glance. I didnt want him to leave me anymore than he wanted to go but what choice did we have? The warning bell sounded, so we headed in opposite directions.
  • He leaned his elbows on the table with his pen in his hand and, evidently glad of a chance to say quicker in words what he wanted to write, told Rostov the contents of his letter.
  • He was searching the crowd for me, but he hadnt seen me yet. His desperate hunt wouldnt be complete until he found me. Knowing how much he loved and wanted me was sometimes an overpowering sensation. I missed him so much today while at school, and I knew he would have felt the same. This was the price to pay for doing something new and interesting for myself, though. Part of me couldnt help wondering if I should defer school for a few decades.
  • Serenity was finally accepting her identity. She would have the life Sebastian wanted for her. But she was still heartbroken and couldnt imagine having a normal life; meeting someone, getting married, having a family of her own, but she dealt with it. Serenity was her own person now. Shed stood up for herself. Sebastian had been right; no one else could save her, she needed to do that for herself.
  • I must have drifted off to sleep at some point because when lucidity returned I discovered I was lying on a couch just inside the Vaydem Sacred Arboretum. The protected forest was colossalI couldnt even see the other side. I heard birds singing in the trees that towered above my head. The air brushed against my exposed skin. It felt like the worlds most refreshing breeze. I wanted to inhale deeply, but I lacked the strength to accomplish that.
  • "I asked him not to. I knew my presence or knowledge of such would influence your decision and I wanted Elryia to convince you on her own."
  • It was with mixed feelings that Jill had accepted to look after her young brother-in-law. She had desperately wanted to get to the hospital to find out exactly what was going on, but she feared that having been landed with the night shift she would have little opportunity to quiz the doctors and nurses. A hospital at night is like a haunted monastery, full of shadows and whispers, and although she had done her best to investigate, she had been fobbed off withbest consult the doctor in the morningand the like.
  • To make things worse, he somehow got wind of my true assignment. Perhaps I spoke carelessly, or perhaps he saw something on my desk. He held it over my head, through very subtle hints. I would sacrifice almost anything to bring this brutal soldier to task, but I could not bear to jeopardize the Bose plan. I had personally assured the PM that I would live up to the confidence he placed in me. And I wanted very badly to prove to my lady that I was worthy on my own right and was not living under the reflected glory of my father.
  • "Calista, follow me. There is to be an attack and Domina Olympia wants you in a safe place until we win the battle." That was said with utter confidence. He led her into the hall and halted near a spare chamber. He knocked on a thick door (which Calista realized, much to her mortification she had never noticed before) cannily disguised as a part of the wall.
  • Strog gripped her arm. He wanted her to remain silentlet the prisoner spout important information, leave him in his trance. To interrupt with aggressive, hostile remarks was plain foolishness, and he would not have it.
  • I sat down and placed the book before me as I stared at it. The binding was hard and a dusty grey. The only word on it was Timeless. There were no pictures, no author name, just Timeless. I blew dust off the cover and opened it to reveal yellowed pages that looked so fragile I wasnt sure if I wanted to turn them. I looked up to Andrew who smiled back. He placed his hand over the page.
  • "Is the eagle about to fly again?" Abu asked when the recovered physician wanted to see him. The latter smiled meekly.
  • Agness bottom lip dropped open in amazement, and it was some time before she was able to regain her composure. Once her breathing had settled into its habitual regularity, she looked up into his eyes and read the message that he wanted her alone to read. He made no attempt to disguise his meaning. The only thing now that was unclear was the ambiguity of her own feelings.
  • I nodded no. Maybe you think Im mean because of how Ive acted in the narration during previous chapters, but you know what? I really did feel bad. I guess in some respects I should have known about Jake, but that doesnt change the fact that I didnt. It was like Gatsby wanted me to shout out that I was wronghe should have known better than that! I would never admit that out loud.
  • "It was an incredible bit of luck. I went back a bit to that small stream we passed last night. I wanted to get some more water. Thought itd be a good idea before we started out again. This thing apparently made a wrong turn somewhere and was caught in a shallow part and was struggling to get back. Personally, Im tired of fruitcake, so I thought some fresh fish would be good for breakfast."
  • "Yes! I know!" she replied, then ran from the livery. She shot a beckoning glance at Mia. Certainly not wanting to be left alone and not knowing what else to do, (everything was happening so fast!), Mia followed Romessee toward a ramp in the other direction from the one Finnegaff was destined. They dodged alarmed Centaurs, soon to arrive at the base of the ramp before Mia thought to look up. More than an occasional arrow was coming over the wall. She actually saw a Centaur take an arrow in the shoulder. The Centaur glanced at the arrow protruding from his flesh. The manhorse ignored the wound and continued his assail of arrows.
  • "I just wanted to see Grandmas place one more time," she said, turning off the pavement onto the gravel road that led to her childhood home.
  • His excitement wasn't overwhelming. The sound was shallow and miniscule. Hearing it was impressive, but it was only five feet behind him. And as much as he wanted to push on, he left the grapple where it was and intentionally came back to reality. The Champion, opening his eyes, wanted to both verify he was still headed in the right direction and intentionally lose his focus.
  • The quest was on its way. As they finally began riding, Geret nodded to Counts Runcan, Armala and Sengril as they fell in next to him. Sanych rode on one far edge of their group, with Salvor Thelios on the other. These would be his traveling companions for the next few seasons. He already knew the Counts well enough, and he knew more than he wanted to about Salvor. That left him with Sanych. She was younger than he by a couple of years, but she was certainly no child. She was already his favorite companion, simply by default. He slowly edged his way over to her, trying to appear so casual as to be aimless.
  • "Oh, now, that's another question entirely." He wiped his forehead with a handkerchief and continued to dig. "I'm figuring on making us all rich. First, me and Digger'll dig us this hole to China and set up a toll booth at each end. Then any time someone wants to get to Peking or America faster'n by jet plane, they can just pay my toll and jump on through."
  • "I overheard something. Something bad. People wanting to do bad things to others... for money. To capture and hold prisoner," Chance said in a rush.
  • The King rose and approached the Mujar to gaze down at the slender unman's bowed head. "How ironic. He gives up his precious freedom for the sake of a Trueman slut, just because of some silly Wish he granted. Yet he would have let my son die had he not wanted that boy released to fulfil the Wish of some other Trueman. He could have earned riches and respect, if only he had not insisted on turning the tables and making me the one who had to obey his orders to earn his favour."
  • She sucked her teeth again. She wanted this sale. This would be the biggest single sale in the history of Gallery Alise. "You know I get 35 per cent for representing you on the statue, but I'm not taking any part of the $25,000. That's all yours. That's a lot of money. If Mr. Dragon has something in mind that will make him a fortune that could be to your benefit too. The whole world will be coming to you for your sculptures. He'll give you a name in the process. If you don't want to clam any more you won't have to if that comes true. Alternatively, I don't know of anyone else willing to pay the price. We haven't had any other offers. Mr. Dragon is a miracle of sorts. So you either get $40,000 and maybe a name. Or you take The Jynx home and put it in your living room and say to yourself, 'Why didn't I grab the brass ring when I had a chance.'"
  • "How the fuck should I know? I guess the powers that be wanted a handy excuse to invade Cuba. But they musta lost their nerve, ’cause they backed off from conquering the hellhole when they had the chance. Not that I give a shit about politics, or ever did. I just wanna get back to playing ball, be a hero again, do a little partying on the side."
  • "You have learned a lot about this woman, and each thing you have learned has made you want to know more. From a mere nuisance pulling you away from your duties, she has slowly become a person you wanted to know and be with. You have fallen in love with her from afar, and you did this after you met her. Each thing you learned made you realise how valuable she was and how foolish you had been not to have seen it in her eyes and in her face. You held her in your arms and yet you let such a wonderful woman slip you by. And that knowledge has caused you to search for her, to track her down until you could see her again. And why? Because you wish to have said the things you could not say, because you were ignorant, and you seek the opportunity to say them. You wish to rewind time and recapture that moment when she was weak in your arms. You said that it is not love that brings you here, but that is a lie. You are besotted by this woman."
  • I paid little attention to Jason as he busied himself with inventory, only asking him to put on Marilyn Manson. I wanted to stop thinking about the girl, yet I wanted her to come back. I realized she was growing into an obsession.
  • "I wanted to make things work, and I tried to make them work for years. For a long time after it was really obvious that there was probably no point in trying. Im not sure why I did, but I dont want to do it anymore. And I dont think you want to do it either. I think this is the best thing for both of us."
  • I stiffened. Evil bitch, I thought in my head at her, and then felt instantly bad. I tried to never use language that I didn't want my children using, and "bitch" would definitely not be a word I wanted hear out of a four year-old's mouth. I amended it to "Vicious, back-biting spider," all in my head of course.
  • "I'll have my people keep an eye out for them," she said after calming down a bit. "And I'll set up some wanted signs to post around the town. I imagine they'd be out the gate by now, but hopefully we'll get lucky. That's about all I can do with the resources at my disposal. Next time you go and interrogate a suspect, try sitting on them."
  • He continued his clandestine progress through the woods for another twenty minutes before he eventually came within sight of the bridge. To his dismay, from his new vantage point on the northern edge of the woods, he discovered he was too low down to see the actual river which was obscured by a high bank as far as he could see in either direction. There was no escaping the fact that if he wanted to observe his quarry properly he would have to leave this part of the wood and cross the main road again to get to higher ground. Unnerved, he sat down on an uprooted tree trunk in a small clearing while he regained his composure and tried to work out his next move.
  • Send you? deFöl thought to himself. The robot wanted him to send it to the surface as the chief investigator; that much was for certain. Throughout the voyage, he had discovered as many mysteries in Argentice as he had about Argo. But, again, to his dismay, it made the most sense. Argentices dermis and skeleton were polymorphic. It could assume almost any conceivable form of equal mass. It was superior to humans in every way.
  • She paused. She so wanted a word from him that would explain to her what had happened and to which she could find no answer.
  • Shaa watched as the ice floe slipped beyond the stern. He was not necessarily a person of action at most times in any case, but he did go through phases. The one he was in at the moment was certainly frustrating. Shaa wanted nothing better than to be up and around, pursuing leads, stirring things up, and generally getting into trouble, but his health had betrayed him. More to the point, his curse had betrayed his heart, which had in turn passed the betrayal on to the rest of his system. This time, no sooner had he gotten involved in enough shenanigans to get his senses keyed up than he was undercut by his body. Now look at me, he thought, reduced to banter with an underage keeper on a placid river in the middle of civilized territory. It was enough to make a grown man ... whine.
  • "I wanted to be close to San Francisco, where Greg had felt at home, and I immersed myself in my studies to try to get over his death. I also offered my help at a local AIDS clinic as often as I could. But it wasnt easy, and it took a long time for me to feel even somewhat normal again." Sarah looked out the window as she said, "I loved my brother very muchand he was so talented."
  • She inhaled deeply. "Yeah, Im one of those things. Sorry, if you were wanting a free ride Im not really in good shape to be giving tours of the strip at the moment."
  • 'No, sir. But ye needn't have no difficulty about that. It's a 'igh 'un with a stone front with a bow on it, an' 'igh steps up to the door. I know them steps, 'avin' 'ad to carry the boxes up with three loafers what come round to earn a copper. The old gent give them shillin's, an' they seein' they got so much, they wanted more. But 'e took one of them by the shoulder and was like to throw 'im down the steps, till the lot of them went away cussin'.'
  • "Okay," he replied, surprising her. "I just wanted to tell you that Dereck wasn't the lone wolf you and your little team make him out to be. At least, not by choice."
  • I rebelled and pushed that decision away from me and I chose to live. I could not embrace the defeatist and ice-cold position of death, and I stepped back from the edge of the rock although I had never intended to jump, because I wanted to make a gesture. With no one to see me except myself I took one symbolic step back and the air still rang. And death receded.
  • The book was there, its pages still musty from the moist air at sea. He reached the page he wanted and ran his finger down a column of figures until he reached the one he had read off the astrolabe.
  • The girl. For a moment I saw a slim figure in the mirage of the desert. She vanished. Come back. My only desire was to be comforted, to be told it was going to be ok. I doubted my strength to see this trial through to the end. I doubted my mind to uncloud the mystery. I doubted everything. Most of all I just wanted someone to help. I'll never see her again. I didn't fight the emotions, I let them come freely. The intensity of them filled me like a wave, building, peaking, and vanishing. The minutes ticked away and I was rejuvenated.
  • "Oh eventually yes. Hes been asking forever. wants to do a whole big thing in Ireland with his folks and whatnot. Trouble is, Sheas folks aint too keen on me, and neither is Ireland itself for that matter. You know, with me being Feathered, with black wings, and being pint-sized to boot, they think Im some kinda small demon. I walk down the street over there and set off this furious streak of people crossing themselves left and right. Gets old after awhile, you know?"
  • "It was the perfect time to do it. I was young and single and just wanted to live on the east coast. I worked a bunch of odd jobs, took in the culture and the changing seasons, and it was a really good experience. I learned a lot, especially how to live in a big city like that."
  • How badly he had wanted to reach out and touch her skin. To lay his head against her chest; feel her warmth and the thud of her heartbeat beneath his ear. The longing gripped him like an addiction and he thought he might lose himself in it; hell, he wanted to lose himself in it. He craved, just for a moment, to forget his nature.
  • We said a hasty goodbye back at my building, my workload suddenly pressing on me. And my denial; I both wanted and didnt want this to be strictly business between us. Anyway, I was glad for the churning stream of passersby elbowing past usthis was about as un-intimate a setting as I could have hoped for.
  • "She said that balanced nutrition was important and she wanted her grandchildren to eat something that didn't come out of the microwave at least once in a blue moon."
  • He continued to frown. "Well I do," he said, and he did. Then he had difficulty in thinking of anything else he could possibly say. "I like you a lot, Taf. I'm just tired and not thinking straight." The aestri simply stared. "I shouldn't have kissed you." He felt terrible. The last thing he wanted to do was upset Taf. After the kaedith he really should have known better. This world just wasn't like home.
  • She hugs him and kisses him and decides she will never leave him. She will be the best wife ever. She will always tell him the truth. And she will become an American and leave all the Nazis behind. The day of her marriage comes and she is in total shock. She wants to get married and get out, but she always dreams of a major wedding with her Grandpa giving her away, but her Gramps is dead and life hasnt turned out the way she hoped.
  • "Well, he seemed to think they were beyond his means," laughed Dorian. "By this time, however, the lights were being put out in the theatre, and I had to go. He wanted me to try some cigars that he strongly recommended. I declined. The next night, of course, I arrived at the place again. When he saw me, he made me a low bow and assured me that I was a munificent patron of art. He was a most offensive brute, though he had an extraordinary passion for Shakespeare. He told me once, with an air of pride, that his five bankruptcies were entirely due to 'The Bard,' as he insisted on calling him. He seemed to think it a distinction."
  • "Girl, with all youve done for me, I would jump into a volcano for you. We can definitely postpone dinner until tomorrow. Get some rest and enjoy the time with you man. Im sticking with what I said from the beginning; you found yourself a good one. I know hes being kind of hard on you right now, but just humor him. He only wants to keep you safe."
  • Collins said she still wanted more information about the September 11 attack on the U.S. mission and a nearby CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya in which the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed.
  • The doctor promised to procure it for him and began to ask how he was feeling. Prince Andrew answered all his questions reluctantly but reasonably, and then said he wanted a bolster placed under him as he was uncomfortable and in great pain. The doctor and valet lifted the cloak with which he was covered and, making wry faces at the noisome smell of mortifying flesh that came from the wound, began examining that dreadful place. The doctor was very much displeased about something and made a change in the dressings, turning the wounded man over so that he groaned again and grew unconscious and delirious from the agony. He kept asking them to get him the book and put it under him.
  • I felt that slight pang of nausea I get when I learn I am the subject of gossip. I wanted to change the subject. Gain some leverage.
  • "Theres a lot more customers on some corners than there are on others. Hes got a real good corner now and he wants to keep it. It seems every boy wants his corner."
  • Shirin nodded, her eyes misting. "Its Mumtaz, the first wife of Prince Jadar and the only daughter of Nadir Sharif. He told Prince Jadar he decided today he wanted to see his grandson, since he wanted to see the face of the child who would be Moghul himself one day. Then he told Mumtaz he will die in peace now, knowing that his blood will someday flow in the veins of the Moghul of India." Shirins voice started to choke. "I cant tell you what this moment means. Its the beginning of just rule for India. Nadir Sharif knew that if Prince Jadar was defeated today, the child would be murdered by Janahara. By defecting with his Rajputs, he saved Prince Jadar, and he saved his grandson." She paused again. "And he saved us too."
  • Amanda ordered a light breakfast, sat at a window and stared out onto the early morning traffic. What had possessed her? A ridiculous situation where she had let her imagination get the better of her, letting fly with a fanciful murder investigation worthy of a Miss Marple novel. Kirkwood was mostly right. She did want out. She wanted to escape, and perhaps that was why she let her imagination run. Created a theory and tried to force them into a shape of murderous intent.
  • Best of all, with this crisis distracting everyone, Billy killed several thousand more duelers before they staged the Wonder Boys death in the Peking Arena. No one tried to assassinate them since. Under new identities, they dueled across the Empire with a thirst that could never be quenched. His father beat millennials that he would never have even challenged just a few years ago, as if he wanted to end his loneliness.
  • "Well..." Aiden hedged. Part of him wanted to stay at the inn without crossing paths with his family, but another, louder part said he should at least stop by to let his mother know that he was still alive. "Maybe. I think I'll stop by and see my family while I'm in town."
  • Louisa was so distressed by this last development that as soon as she could manage it, she hastened into town to alter her will, disinheriting her eldest daughter with a swift stroke of her pen. She then gathered together Agness few remaining possessions (whatever Agnes hadnt taken to Melbourne with her) and in less than an hour, her discarded belongings were distributed to either Charlotte or to manifold charities. But in spite of Louisas suffering, she continued to live her life as though nothing had happened. She was at heart a proud woman, and she was desirous to show the world at large that nothing, not even the loss of her once favourite daughter, could induce her to change her lifestyle. After all, she had reasoned, Agnes had sinned, she had not. The doors to Wintersleigh were therefore thrown open to anyone who wanted to visit, and to Louisas relief her acquaintances did not shun her. If anything, they rallied behind her, and lauded her courage and fortitude. Little did they know that Louisa cried herself to sleep every night.
  • "Not exactly," said Gloria. "But I did wait until I had a clear picture of where I wanted to be before I rubbed the amulet."
  • "You have done plenty, my little sister. If you ever attempt such an action again," Falco interrupted. "It was Sareta herself that weakened Johannes's shield around her. She wanted Amicia to see her sheen."
  • One of the many things Grahamas sought to rectify. He not only wanted to free the people, he wanted to inspire them to live their lives again.
  • Time passed quickly during our first year in Seattle and before I knew it, Seth was almost finished his one-year program. He had accepted an apprenticeship with a local car dealer to start the following year, although I knew he was struggling with the idea of staying here. He missed the forest, seeing Mom every day, and the pack too of course. Seth needed to see the big picture - his apprenticeship would help him to become qualified, and he could work anywhere after that. Therefore, I wanted him to stay in the city at least one more year.
  • Still, what else could he do? Tell Lilac that he was scared, and that he wanted to come down? Well, yeah, he could; but it was she who was in command here, not him. And he knew enough of her by now to know that she was not about to give up just because her passenger was getting a bit wussy. People capable of fighting demonic clowns whilst hanging upside-down from mile-high cages simply did not do things like that.
  • 'Why, mother dear,' cried Mag suddenly, 'what the plague ails your pretty face? Did you ever see the like? It's for all the world like a bad batter pudding! I lay a crown, now, that was a bill. Was it a bill? Come now, Mullikins (a term of endearment for mother). Show us the note. It is too bad, you poor dear, old, handsome, bothered angel, you should be fretted and tormented out of your looks and your health, by them dirty shopkeepers' bills, when a five-pound note, I'm certain sure, 'id pay every mothers skin o' them, and change to spare!' And the elegant Magnolia, whose soiclainet and Norwich crape petticoat were unpaid for, darted a glance of reproach full upon the major's powdered head, the top of which was cleverly presented to receive it, as he swallowed in haste his cup of tea, and rising suddenly, for his purse had lately suffered in the service of the ladies, and wanted rest--
  • The rebellious Roman is expecting war, given his attempt to overthrow the republics government, and Pompey wants to attack first. He tells Menecrates firmly, "If the great gods be just, they shall assist the deeds of justest men!"
  • They said nothing, only breathing, taking in the hushed house. No guests, no one on the sofa. No late night calls or dreams, no one disturbing. Nothing but a question Rose wanted to ask, one she knew Gray was reluctant to answer.
  • I tried to shrug off the shadow that seemed to crawl up my skin. His whispered comment had made me very uncomfortable though. Ive always hated to have anyone invade my personal space unless I invited them inside. Given the fact that Eli was already a major annoyance in my Tray and Willow matchmaking world, I decided to spend the rest of the day in careful avoidance of him. I had taken a huge risk asking him for Brylies name because I knew he wanted to cash in that dinner rain check. I had major plans for Willows immediate relationship future that didnt have anything to do with Eli Weston.
  • The Prince was considerably surprised when he was first told that Sir Giles Tumulty wanted to speak to him, but he condescended to answer.
  • She was careful not to irritate her wound, but it did hurt her as she walked. If Rommus knew she had followed him, he would probably be angry with her for getting out of bed, but worst of all, he might think that she wanted to harm him, thinking she was indeed the guilty Vindyri who stabbed his father. Although she really was that Vindyri, there was nothing she could do to change the facts, and she would do all she could to hide the truth from him. As the cold rain started to fall harder upon her, she decided that she would make sure that this man did not hurt Rommus, and then she would leave Brinn. It broke her heart to have to go, but she really had no other choice.
  • "You didnt foresee that Edward would be here though." Aro looked towards him with a bloody desire. I knew he wanted my dads power as much as he wanted Alice.
  • "I guess," grumbled Todd. Edgar let him toss one of the empty plastic motor oil bottles in the back seat at the library that the ruffians had slouched against so long ago. Todd wanted to write "Your heads are all crates" on the bottle, except the only pen in Edgars floorboard was a dried up Bic pen that would not write. Todd flung that at the library, too.
  • Rave was a descendant of the shaman bloodlinethe most powerful of his lineage. My curiosity overwhelmed me. I wanted to learn about Raves people, but I also wanted to respect their privacy. It turns out my unquenchable thirst for knowledge outweighs my privacy obsession. I finally couldnt tolerate it anymore and asked Celeste a question about the Vaydem ritual dances. She told me that her husband can channel very potent dance rituals, but he rarely performs them anymore. I had to literally bite my tongue to keep myself quiet. Celeste didnt offer any explanation and I took that to mean the reason was personal.
  • Chosen? Who chose me? Roland wondered. Was it Amalric who selected me, as he suggested me to guard the casters? Roland remembered Amalric's face when he came out of his delirium after mentioning Diane. He wants me dead.
  • After gingerly putting on some clothes, wincing when she had to lift up her left arm to get her shirt on, she dialed down to the lobby to see what was going on with the conference. The conference had been cancelled for the day, but depending on the power situation they were intending to resume the convention on Tuesday or Wednesday. Omari was both relieved and a little disappointed. She had wanted to go back to Noah, go back to California where there was a sweet ocean breeze, electricity, and no tornadoes.
  • Asked last year why women who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan conducting security details and house-to-house searches were still being formally barred from combat positions, Pentagon officials said the services wanted to see how they performed in the new positions before opening up further.
  • Pain shadowed her face under the strange Eastern turban. "I do not think he really was expecting to find out. He just wanted to hurt people, make them pay for Hugues's death. I thanked God when King Louis made him stop. But now Amalric has yet another reason for hating Louis. Roland, I am still afraid he may try to kill the King. I told you he lusts for the throne."
  • The officer then explained he worked for the Japanese Naval Intelligence. He was about to send four of his men over Malaya and across the Burma border into India, to set up a secret radio installation. Once they were in place, supplies would be dropped by aircraft. After the installation was up and running, it would be a rather routine assignment. But the officer was worried about his men - boys, really. They were fifteen to nineteen years of age. The Colonel felt that if the Samurai wanted to go with them and look after them and tell them stories and in general be their Uncle Masahiro, the officer could get him a civilian post with the Navy. Uramatsu agreed instantly. As they were taking leave, the officer asked: "If you dont mind, just out of curiosity, what do you use the Netsuke-and-Inro for?"
  • Sam and I had branched off from our six-layer lunch group once the layers started peeling away. Cal was the first to leave R&R as a result of the pressures of living around wealth. Although he had a secure job that paid adequately, Cal and his wife wanted more. Cal resigned so he could take a position at a brokerage firm, where he would be working 60% more hours for a 20% increase in pay. I suppose he was headed for a slow climb up the social ladder.
  • Anna wanted to scream with frustration. The last two times she'd found her way to the graveyard it was as if it had pulled it toward her with the tractor beam out of a Star Wars movie. Now it seemed like the tunnels had begun to tangle their Gordian knot into a more twisted version of a ball of yarn well-played with by a horde of hell-bent kittens. She'd run into three dead ends and was panting with exhaustion. Maze designers could learn a thing or two from this mine. She gritted her teeth. Not that they'll be swimming through it anytime soon.
  • Not even the voices could dispute the Master's progress; they were, in fact, ahead of schedule. Boril had upheld his end of the contract (as the Master knew he would, considering the amount of gold that was at stake). The Master wanted as many dwarves as possible, so he put a bonus of two thousand gold coins if Boril managed to recruit more than two hundred dwarves; Boril had not only managed to surpass this quota, he even demanded more of a bonus, claiming that it had been harder than expected to recruit his fellow dwarves.
  • "I had an idea that I wanted to bounce off my brother and I wanted Sarahs opinion as well." She looked nervous which is highly unusual and suspicious. She wore her usual pink top and white pants.
  • Frances deliberated. Given her cousins aversion to George, Frances wondered how it was that Agnes knew about his decision to abandon medicine in favour of journalism. She also wanted to know how long Agnes had known about it. She intended to ask her cousin these questions when Agnes returned to the room.
  • She hugged him - tight - like she'd never let go of him. But she knew she'd have to. He was sweating and warm to the touch. His heart raced like he had run all day. Now he wanted to run like a wild creature through the woods, looking forwhat?
  • Id picked it out a long time ago as the song I wanted to play the first time Imy hand covered my gaping mouth as I took in the rest of the room. Every detail set the tableau of my dreams.
  • Delamere was so perplexed by Longswords attitude that he forgot his previous anger. Usually, Longsword was overly sensitive to any perceived slight and often reacted to it like a rabid dog, snapping and snarling at anything in his path. Now, however, he just sat back in his chair, meeting Delameres confused frown with a bland face. "After your initial recovery, you wanted a quick revenge…" Delamere said, less stridently.
  • "Thats an essence charm made by one of the finest Vaydem craftsmen on the Preserve. The charm itself is made from the rare savayic crystal and its filled with a small portion of Boos water essence. He wants you to have a piece of his spirit wherever you go…" Rave explained and I was suddenly, fighting back tears.
  • On occasion, when Rose needed cheering up, Gray sang a quiet, soft song by a New Jersey Band, Yo La Tengo, led by a husband and wife duo, Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley. Their bassist, James McNew, had come along after a few years, and the song Gray loved to sing was from the bands 2000 album And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out. A quiet record, one that Rose played often after the death of her parents, and her favorite song was "Our Way to Fall". It reminded her of exactly how Gray had come to Evanston at Michaels behest, but unstated were Michaels true hopes; that Gray would move north, joining their band. In 1994, shortly after James McNew joined Yo La Tengo, Michael Roddy wanted what could be termed his best friend, but really his only friend, to play for The Pool Gurus.
  • "My name is Matthew Butler, and you know very well what Im talking about. Your two assassins made it very clear whose errand boys they were." In truth, the two mercenaries had not said a word, but Matthew wanted to see Levasseurs reaction. Levasseur didnt rise to the bait although he did look like he wanted to rip out Butlers heart and roast it over the open grill.
  • Unfortunately, thered also been those days when Trev hadnt listened whether or not Id held silent or begged him to stop, allowing his own inner demons to overcome him without regard to me. Now, with Llywelyn settled, I wanted to ask him more about where I was, but didnt know how to begin, and was afraid to set him off again. In a way, the fact that he was pretending to be a centuries dead Welsh prince didnt even matter. He could think he was a purple hippopotamus for all I cared. I just wanted to get out of the room in one piece.
  • He patted his pocket. Next to the ear was still the Azeri-varsovshek drawn map. That fucking ear! He'd like to strangle the dumb hick kid Tiko! If he wanted an ear so much, let him have it!
  • "No, just those papers and that case. I have been waiting awhile for you to come back. I wanted you to have those." Minty watched Talon look over the items.
  • The sun inched toward the west, unwavering in intensity. He was very thirsty now, and still no water in sight. Had they just passed by and not noticed? If so, Russ felt that it was his fault because he was leading the way, though he sure as hell didnt know how that happened. He could feel her stalking behind him. He couldnt stop without her criticizing him for not knowing what he was doing. Why didnt she just take the lead? He knew she wanted to, she was the manager, after all. She must be staying behind just to . . . to get back at me for . . . something.
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