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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Yeah. Why would they?" Barque really wanted to know, but Baudry didn't have an answer. He knew that people did stuff because, well, because people like to do stuff. Here in this world there was no money in it, no possible reward, no tangible goals. You'd just have to write for the fun of it. And then what? You could give it away, if anyone wanted it.
  • "Yes, well, I wanted to take this chance to talk with you. I understand your father passed away on the farm and, though I never knew him, I could tell he came from your grandfather: looks, attitude, and all. I am extremely uncomfortable with the circumstances under which he died. The effects of that war are still weighing down the kingdom. It seems you have given quite a sacrifice for the crown over the last few years. I was disheartened to see Barlow's name on the list of confirmed dead. I don't know the full circumstances surrounding his death, but I am sorry you have been forced to deal with both losses. In some ways, I feel like I have let your grandfather down, though since he wasn't about to visit me and tell me different, I won't have to incur his legendary wrath." The King nodded and paused for a moment. "Be very careful on this mission. You are the last Bastian and I don't wish to see such a name erased from the walls of Heartfelt. Now, I won't take up anymore of your time, so God speed to you, my son, and may the shadow of Heartfelt fall in your favor."
  • When the guards brought breakfast on this day, one tossed a newspaper into the presidents cell. We all watched as he read the front cover. I could see the shock in his face, but he tried to appear unfazed. The guards had wanted a reaction, but they didnt get one, so they left. He read it aloud.
  • "YesAnd then, as you know, I found my wife, whom I had believed to be dead, alive and well and living at Rhuddlan with a child I never knew I had. After that, Lord William lost all pretense at politeness. I felt, quite naturally, that I had been used and made to look a fooland I admit I wanted a small measure of revenge. Because your husbands father happens to be the king, there isnt much I can do overtly, so I thought to lend a little assistance here and there to Lord Rhirid. And that was what Sir Roger was doing when he came across you."
  • "Do you think it's about the baby?" she said, moving closer to him, "I hadn't thought of that. But why 'woe unto the earth'? Dr. Donahue said the voice told him God wanted the baby to be born."
  • "Wait," I whispered. The dwarf didnt hear me, but in truth I wouldnt have known what else to say to him. There was nothing I could do to save the boy - and I wasnt sure I wanted to save him.
  • The remaining mountain warriors spread out and circled, coming to meet any stragglers who attempted a coupbut the many who still wanted to fight had lost their footing, more than a dozen pushed into the cavalry's fray.
  • "This one I think is different. Did you see him refuse to teslim? I think His Majesty is already awed by him. I fear for India if the English ever gain influence here. Do you really believe the English king wants nothing more than trade?" Janahara found herself searching for the key to Nadir Sharifs thoughts. "What do you suppose would happen if these English defy the Portuguese and one day decide to blockade Surat? To allow trade only to those who have supported them at court." She paused as she studied him. "Could there be some here already who are fearful enough to pretend friendship to the Englishman?"
  • There was definitely a sound, like humming, coming from the first floor. Liz switched off her flashlight, slipped the notebook into her pocket, walked slowly to the top of the stairs and looked down. There was a light, from somewhere. She began to descend the stairs, stopping each time they creaked. The light wavered and she continued to the bottom, looking intently at the arched doorway to the living room. The light came from there. The stairs creaked behind her and she heard Bryan breathing heavily. The light from the room below wavered then brightened then rose and fell in brightness. She wanted to say something to Bryan, to tell him to be quiet, not to breath, not to say a thing, but she thought better of it. Surely he wouldn't speak, not at a time like this.
  • Catrin wanted to take the fish back to the river, but she knew it would require too much time to do it right. She and Benjin had spent hours once catching fish in buckets after they were stranded by the Pinook River, which had overflowed its banks. Because the fish would die if they were quickly moved from warm water and put into frigid river water, they put the buckets into the river at the shallows until the water temperature gradually dropped. Then they tipped the buckets over so the fish could swim out. She had enjoyed seeing the fish disappear into the river, safe, and wished she could save these fish too, but there was no time.
  • Spencer's mind was working overtime. On the train he'd felt safe, and at Nathan's, even on the street in Fidel where nobody would dream of looking for him. But now they were leaving the district, he didn't feel safe at all. Once again he'd moved from an unreal world of drunkenness and peculiarity back into the real universe and the transition made him feel less secure rather than more. Kohl would be furious at having lost him, and Kohl was a powerful man - on official agency business or otherwise. The hotel would be under surveillance. They'd be monitoring his credit card use. That was one of the reasons he'd wanted Bry to meet him. She could book him into another hotel on one of her cards. But maybe it wasn't that simple.
  • The aestri shrugged. "The kaedith may not have known all, just that you were wanted by Hura." Then she sighed. "But it would not have mattered. Tsarin still had her precinct to consider, and she could not have you running about kissing her and thinking evil thoughts, could she! Anyway, if it were not for her then we would not have met!" Taf crawled nearer and stroked Jorden's fabric-clad legs.
  • I kept thinking that Sam would be vulnerable to the first women he met that weekend, and I was right. Carla Weisberg knew Sam and she sat next to him on the trip up to the camp. Carla was the anti-Sam; a person that went against everything he wanted in a woman. He had met her a few times, but obviously he made a much better impression than she did. Carla was aptly named because she bore a striking resemblance to Carla Tortelli from the show Cheers. She was a strong 36 year-old woman that had never been married. Not only had she never been married, the thought had never really crossed her mind. Carla had been a lifetime student, a perennial book worm, until her mom passed on some wisdom before she passed on.
  • I was overcome by emotion and was prepared to throw the most righteous, holy fit known to human existence. They had scared half the life out of me. I wanted to yell like a raving psychotic. I opened my mouth to shout something. I didnt know if my voice would respond, but right then I would settle for anything.
  • A man was at the register by then, waiting for me. He had his hand on the top of the bottle of orange juice he wanted to buy. I made my past Ben and to the front counter. Steeled myself for at least eight hours in this spot.
  • He only sighed, but she wanted to hear him say it, tell her he was leaving. Just tell her, then it would be over. It was over, she knew it, but wanted him to set it in stone.
  • He turned his attention toward Glenys and saw a similar shadow on her injury. She gave off an acute odor of metallic fear and her body tensed with pain he could literally see. Rordan wanted to express horror at these sights, yet knew he had nothing to give. He cleared his throat of phlegm and swallowed hard, twice.
  • "You saw how close I have already come to the gallows, and for no other reason than that my younger brother wished to get rid of me. It is well known that he was my father's favourite, and that he wanted Lerton to inherit the crown. I am not well liked because of that, my claim to the crown is only upheld because I am the first born son. Perhaps, over the course of a few years, I can make powerful friends and talk to them of the disadvantages of war, but I cannot call an end to it the moment I am crowned."
  • At least thats what Harold told himselfthat the clown was a person in his own right. The clown was evil, out of control. It was the clown who wanted to hurt. It was the clown who hated children. It was the clown who loved the smell of blood and the sound of screams. It was not him, not Harold.
  • "I wasnt going to tell you, yet. I wanted it to be a surprise, but Im too excited to keep this a secret. My cousin Mediera is coming to stay with us for the rest of the summer. Youll love her. Shes a year younger than we are, only thirteen, but shes great - shes my best friend."
  • Leena was surprised that he had noticed the pleasure she took in the honey. It was pleasing to find that he could be thoughtful when he wanted to. She returned to the cottage to fetch them.
  • "Silence!" Rand ordered. He did not want to get into it, especially not in the presence of the thing. Mermaids could not be harmed. It was true. No matter what you did to them, they could not be harmed and that was the very problem. You wanted to test that theory. You wanted to do things, just to see, and if you did, if you let down your guard and gave in ... Sergeant Rand had seen it happen before. Good men, helpless against themselves, utterly ruined because of these mutants. It was entirely their fault.
  • "No. Jesus is peaceful in here. His disciples called himrabbi,’ which means teacher. So as a teacher, he was there to teach, not to hurt anyone. I think he wanted people to love each other and be kind to the animals. And it seems that a great many people in Palestine liked this message of peace and kindness."
  • It can be guessed that what Erdoğan wants to achieve is to make Turkey a strong country. Perhaps, he is trying to create the trappings of notions of power and prestige in his mind. He aims to stand behind the legacy he inherited from his ancestors and develop it. There is no problem with this. If you rule a country, you can see that country as your area of creation, your lego park. There can be nothing more pleasing than in addition to God giving you the chance to have any dream you want realizing your dream. Who can be luckier than an individual who forces the limits of his/her imagination? Nevertheless, although the dream Erdoğan has interests all of us, we are living in a country where the realization of that dream is not possible as there are many painful facts forgotten by the government.
  • Mom and Dad were busy planning for Dartmouth. Mom had always wanted to study there, and Dad was set on making it happen next year. The plan was for Mom, Dad, Jacob and I to move there next year to allow Mom to study for the year. It was a possibility that Dad would decide to enroll as wellhe hadnt decided. He had already completed a number of degrees, and nothing particularly interested him at the moment.
  • Blade eyed him from across the fire. "Try anything like that again, and you will have more than a sore gut and neck to worry about. The Queen wants you alive, but she did not specify in what condition."
  • I opened my mouth to answer, and then lowered my eyes, not wanting to hurt his feelings. You have no idea, Llywelyn. You have no idea what its like. "So many terrible things have happened since I came here. I wasnt prepared for any of it."
  • REV. DR. FOLLIOTT. Well, sir, well; there is cogency in a good supper; a good supper in these degenerate days bespeaks a good man; but much more is wanted to make up an Athenian. Athenians, indeed! where is your theatre? who among you has written a comedy? where is your Attic salt? which of you can tell who was Jupiter's great- grandfather? or what metres will successively remain, if you take off the three first syllables, one by one, from a pure antispastic acatalectic tetrameter? Now, sir, there are three questions for you: theatrical, mythological, and metrical; to every one of which an Athenian would give an answer that would lay me prostrate in my own nothingness.
  • "We can talk more about it on the trip north," he assured her. "I should go and have some breakfast before we set out. Uh, was there something you wanted Nel?"
  • I wish I knew what was happening. I sighed, if only the waiting was over already. My brain was in complete overdrive coming up with wild theories on what Elena wanted with us, and what if Alek did have a girlfriend or wife here? What if he'd used me and I'd completely misjudged his actions?
  • If she drank, it was wine, usually red. If she did have a beer, it was in a can, and not Coors. Coors cans were yellow, too close. She preferred Fosters, the blue striking, looking not at all like beer. Then she noted Dans voice, that time he had been speaking, but shed not been listening, again caught up in Jody. Fucking Jody Sims! She wanted to kill him herself, at least savor the satisfaction.
  • Liseli had wanted to leave almost the minute shed sat down, and she took the opportunity to stand as well. "Im sorry. I dont think Im hungry this morning," she said. "Ill, um, look forward to the play . . . dancers . . . yeah." She backed up.
  • Suddenly he heard a cough. Distinctly, only a few paces behind him. His tenseness and contained fear forced him to panic. He ran out of the alley, and fled down the road as fast as he could. He desperately wanted to look behind him to see if anyone was chasing him but he wouldnt let himself. On and on he flew along the empty streets, taking whichever turning presented itself, blood rushing through his veins and pounding in his head as if he were going out of his mind, his face contorted into an expression of interminable pain as he begged his chest to respond to the wild stumbling pace of his legs. Terror-stricken he hurtled through the night, imagining that at any second a hand would reach out and grab him from behind in an unshakeable grip, this fear pumping spurts of adrenalin into his chest like blood gushing from a severed vein.
  • She worked for the Headmaster in his ghostly state now as a ghostly headmistress. I never figured those two to be working together now that he'd passed on to this life. I wanted to tell him what'd happened since his murder, but couldn't get his attention.
  • After Yeardley left, Robert moved to stand beside Jamie. He put his arm around Jamies waist in, he hoped, a casual manner. If Jamie started to fall, he wanted to be prepared to catch him. He knew Jamie might shake him off and he was prepared for that too, but Jamie remained still, much to Roberts pleasure. "What do you think?" He asked, looking straight ahead at the horses.
  • Um, this creature came out of the box? Nope, that definitely wouldnt go over well, unless I wanted to be hospitalized.
  • "Some bodyguards. Leading this pathetic little girl right where we wanted her." Morion unsheathes her blade, but the lead mercenary busts out in laughter. "What's that? A butter knife? Sorry, missy, that won't be helping you," scoffs the leader.
  • We both agreed that all new forms of information should flow very gradually in her direction. Thats a pace well suited for my liking. I needed to chat this over with Rave before I said anything to my sister about our newly discovered heritage. I wanted him to give me the details first and be able to plan for a time to teach her.
  • I was kidding myself if I thought this town was normal. American as apple pie and all the bull. Deep down, I knew it was different. Was that why I fit in better here than anywhere else I'd ever lived? It was the real reason they wanted me to be a part of the cheerleading squad. To keep an eye on me. Because I was like them.
  • Yeah, great consolation,’ Paul said bitterly. He wasnt sure which idea he found the most unpalatable; humanity being created in a laboratory or the Invaders installation of ready made religion. Something deep inside him rebelled against both ideas, desperately wanting to discredit their validity.
  • "No, it definitely do not be easy. I wanted to be staying. To hug you. To be telling you I be missing you and thinking of you all of these years, but I couldn't."
  • "Yes, when we met in Pinesway, I told you about Sazar the serp. It seemed to me you might go out of your way to hunt him down. After I returned to Burbon, we learned that he has teamed with a sorceress and I wanted you to know that. If you started hunting the serp, you might have stumbled on a dangerous situation."
  • Indeed, their rooms were small but simple and clean with comfortable beds, enticing Aiden to lie down and rest his weary body immediately. Pacian was certainly doing so alreadyhe had a knack for being able to sleep whenever he wanted under all sorts of conditions. But for now he was content to lie face down in his dirty leathers.
  • Why would Max volunteer for a three month trip? This didnt make any sense. Trying to steady myself as much as possible when I really wanted to curl up in a little ball, I asked, "Oh, well, is that why you couldnt stop by yesterday?"
  • Cynthia snuggled against him as they drove in silence. Both of her hands held Brad's right hand on her bare legs well above her knees. His mind was in a turmoil. He knew what he wanted and he knew what Cynthia was suggesting. But he wasn't sure if it was right or not and most confusing was whether Cynthia really meant what her body language was saying or was she, as he had heard other boys call some girls, a "cock teaser". Nothing he had ever seen or heard about Cynthia led him to believe one way or the other about her. Never had she done anything or said anything in front of Brad to make him believe that she was an easy lay, or that she would lead him on.
  • I twisted round further in my seat and bit my lip. I had loads of questions I wanted to ask. The slums were melting pots of every religion, race, and minority you could think of. They were so intermixed there was little distinction between skin colours. Occasionally you got the odd throw-back; some, like Alex, were dark and some were pale or oriental in appearance and feature, but most were a creamy tan.
  • Although the question was asked lightly, Leena could sense its seriousness. These were simple folk that wanted no trouble from the authorities.
  • He watched Martin cramming food into his mouth. He had always loved the child more than anything else in the whole world. Looking at him was like seeing himself at that age. He had wanted desperately to ensure that his son had a happy childhood, a good start in life. Failing him as a father was the thing that hurt most of all. In some ways their relationship had been a history of failure, a mutual inability to communicate their love for each other. Even, on many occasions, to communicate at all. Nick had always tried to give the boy unconditional love but the reservoir from which he drew this most basic human emotion had been too shallowleaving them both starved of affection.
  • It took a while to find a tunnel that actually had pods, but when we did we didnt dilly-dally. We got together and combined our weaving skills to bust them open without permission or warning from the occupants, rudely dumping them onto the tunnel floor whether they wanted to be free or not.
  • She tottered out on the street. The way she felt, she couldn't walk properly. Her hips wanted to give way with every step, and so she walked like a funky disco dancer through the early, cold streets, toward the wizard's house.
  • Aunt Mary lives in a big house at the eastern end of Portloe. There we should be able to get food and rest, even if she wasn't home, and some help on our way. For the first time since Dad disappeared I felt as if things were turning our way. Calum walked beside me on the road to Portloe. He didn't speak much, and his head turned from side to side as he took in the scenery and the occasional glimpse of the sea. The village was busy. It was market day, and no-one bothered about another bunch of teenagers. Robin wanted to stop for ice cream, but none of us had any of the right money. Intending to go to Grandmother's we had brought Scottish pounds, not Cornish ones. Tania glared at me as if it was my fault. It was one of those days where it is too hot to wear a jacket but the wind from the sea scythes through you, so we were all grumpy and uncomfortable by the time we got to Aunt Anne's.
  • "You can hardly even find one," said Bob ODonnell, an analyst at market researcher IDC in Framingham, Massachusetts. "So even if you wanted to buy it, it would be difficult."
  • "You have always been so concerned with being someone outside of your fathers daughter. Do you remember being a child and you had a friend that turned out not to be a real friend, but a person that just wanted to be your friend because of who you were?"
  • My chair creaked as I readjusted myself in it. Time to do my work. I navigated to the fiction site. I wanted to lose myself in tinkering with it. Links, editing, grammar checks. Little annoyances, but it felt like I was doing something for myself, at least.
  • He wasnt hard at all, only kind, loving, touchy. He smelled like a brewery, but his hands were pleasant, aware. Rose realized that some part of Gray Burnett, no matter how drunk, sick, or tired, knew her. Recognized her needs, her wants, how to touch her, or when to stay away. That wasnt often and not how she felt now.
  • Brad's heart melted as it had dozens of times before. He knew the smile on his face was big and stupid. He felt self conscious and at the mercy of the events about to unfold here on the granite steps. Worse yet he was at a complete loss for words. The smile stayed glued to his lips and his words refused to come out. The terrible thoughts which were crawling through his mind kept trying to articulate themselves in place of the words he wanted to say.
  • I thought the chances of finding any bugs in the middle of a leafless, January woods in Wales slim to none, but he had the right idea. I bent to her and spoke in English. "Will you go with him? Mommys going to be right over there, helping some people who got hurt. Rhodri wants to know if youd like to look for bugs with him?"
  • Levin also owned a soulbut not his own. His own was in a jam jar being carefully stored, for hour of need, on a shelf in Meabhs bedroom. She had refused at any point to give it back, even when Levin wanted to sell it to Neil for beer. Levin had sulkedit had seemed such a simple transaction, satisfying to both parties. He attempted to sell his soul anyway, but Meabh gave the game away. James had already traded his. Neil had been hoping for a complete set.
  • He said nothing but I could sense defeat in his manner. Max leaned up on one elbow and played with a strand of my hair with his free hand. I couldnt understand what his reservation was. Rather than trying to pull it out of him, I opted for silence, knowing that if he wanted to tell me he would. Max, too, remained silent, paying more attention to that stray strand of hair than resuming his disapproval of my plans. Finally, I couldnt take it anymore, "Okay, Ill bite, are you mad?"
  • Faced with an unusual situation, the orcs didn't know what to do. Basic instincts took over. Fight or flee. So they fought or fled. The smaller orcs tried to flee. The bigger ones wanted to fight. At this point they didn't really mind who they were fighting, orcs or humans. Deer were fine too.
  • Bill was in a rare mood tonight. Cindy was out with her girlfriends doing something silly so he was here soaking up the pussy. He always had as much as he wanted from all sorts of women. It wasn't as if he had to pay for it. He just loved looking at them. All shapes and sizes. These girls were young and skinny with fake breasts, and he preferred plump and juicy, but a girl smells like a girl, and he wanted to meet them all. And since he'd run thru all the girls at the Pink Beaver crosstown, and Pole Acts downtown, he thought he'd test the water at the Scarlet Pimpernel.
  • The area was extremely hilly. As he walked up each knoll, Range thought he would not make it another step and as he descended into each dell he was certain that he would lose his balance and go tumbling down in front of everyone.On the top of one rise, they could see the bend to the left where Sterlin said they would find the Grazing Doe.Range was glad it was downhill. He looked over to see how Nicky was doing.His friend was walking along, whistling a tune, carefree and loving life.Range wanted to strangle him.
  • It wasnt so much what she said, it was the way she said it and the manner at which she glared at me. The sneer in her lip told me that she was the boss and I was the piece of shit she would be doing whatever she wanted to, whenever she wanted to. That attitude flash was sandwiched between a whole mess of creamy goodness that was hard to resist. I have been pushed by a boat-load of bitchy women in my life, so I tended to not be as impacted by ordinary attempts to back me up.
  • "Yes. I know how difficult it is to love someone the way I described to you! But does it means that we should accept whatever comes our way? Vani wanted me to be her mate forever! Why? What did she find in me in those short interludes? Could she fathom the depths of my soul? No. She liked my company because I suited her ideals; I could satisfy her feminine ego. She thought I would be crazy for her. Stupid girl... she was! No.. that was not love... Venu. That was not! She thought I would worship her beauty. I will hum around her. I will make attempt to touch her... to kiss her and with all queenly glamour, she will keep on protesting mildly my attempts. I will praise her heavenly beauty and woo for her. I will tell her how I dream of her and how so much I love her!
  • "So were ours, except our stage was the world and it was guerilla theater we were practicing. We wanted our every act to be a protest against the system, the status quo. Long live the Revolution!"
  • The bastard obviously wanted her to fight him every step of the way, therefore it would behoove her to lie still and placid. Too bad she could barely tolerate the touch of his hands. She felt his fingers upon her bare ankle, slowly moving up to her knee. This time she did pull away, unable to stop herself. A new cramp bloomed near her hip. She twisted and opened her mouth to scream, but no sound emerged. Through half-lidded eyes, she watched Reed stare at her, perplexed. He checked her bonds; she was quite sure her hands were blue from lack of circulation.
  • "Sergeant O'Rourke's the one you have to look out for. He wants a promotion too, but he attracts attention by throwing his weight around in front of the Captain."
  • "Alright." We held eye contact for a moment. He acted as if he wanted to say something more, but I looked down and examined my fingernails. He got the hint and left without another word.
  • "Not all the time," Enin joined him with a chuckle, "just most of the time." The wizard's delight allowed him to face the elf with less antagonism. "I offer my apologies to you. I was, like the captain said, acting like a child. In regard to my spells, I will also try to defer to your judgment. I have to admit, I also practiced my mind reading spell upon you while you were training these people. I know you are sincere. I did not wish to accuse you of anything. I just wanted you to understand my feelings toward your mistrust."
  • When you wanted certain kinds of answers, though, going through ruins and books was nothing but a waste of time. Max glanced idly around again. There was someone around here laying for them, he could feel it. Beyond the matter of foiling whatever the somebody had in mind, the larger question was whether they were just freebooters out to waylay travelers in general or whether they had a particular target in mind. The options werent exclusive, of course, if you were going to be logically comprehensive, since the kind of customers whod ambush someone in particular in a forest probably were the sort who wouldnt mind an extra spot of fun and profit if someone else happened along while they were waiting.
  • On my fourth date with Jill I struck pure gold! A kiss on the lips was my reward for being so patient, even though I was still getting it from Samantha on a regular basis. I felt like I was falling in love but the battle between my brains was just beginning. My lower brain obviously wanted more, but my upper brain told me to wait for the big payoff. As usual, my lower brain kicked my upper brains ass and I continued to run home to Samantha after each date with Jill. I just couldnt stop myself; it was like taking meat from a vegetarian.
  • Zack could have met me inside but he looked like he wanted to be spotted while meeting me in front of the alley. With so many yentas in Bellmore, they would be more than happy to talk about the suspicious meetings of Zack Kramer. He stayed away from Bellmore women, preferring to prey on the innocence and loneliness of women in other towns and states. Although he suspected that Mindy knew what he was up tohell, half of the free-speaking world knew what he was up tohe wasnt going to flaunt it in her face. The road was his world and he was comfortable with leading a separate life away from Long Island.
  • A surge of anger threatened to overwhelm Anna. She wanted to scream with frustration. Good guys were supposed to win. Bad guys were supposed to lose, and lose dramatically in a flaming ball of fire that clearly showed their pain-wracked deaths. And the bad guy was certainly not supposed to threaten the life of the man she loved after her own wretched death had occurred. It isn't fair.
  • He paused again, thinking. I was thinking too, or Id have kept the pressure on him. If he wasnt a god, the big question at the moment was where hed gotten the power of a god. It looked to me like the ring was the key. If somebodys power was in their aura, and the black aura that seemed to be the manifestation of Oskin Yahleis godlike abilities was tied to the ring, then it was only logical to conclude the ring was the source of that power. The problem was, I didnt know anything about the abilities of the ring itself, and only a little about the capabilities of Oskin Yahlei wearing it. Eventually I was going to have to try to take Oskin Yahlei out, me with only Gashanatantras crotchety sword and my own wits to fall back on, and I wanted to have a better idea of what Id have to face.
  • Tears spilled from Shannons eyes. Aidens very name meant born of fire. Panic roared back up with enough force to make her sick to her stomach. She wanted to roll the window down but a glance at the speedometer convinced her not to.
  • Brad finally worked up his courage to tell Elinor something he had wanted to tell her since the day he had glimpsed her slim naked body pass through the patch of sunlight streaming in her open bedroom window.
  • She wanted to tell him not to bother looking at her but instead she sat down on the bench in front of his and set the lamp between them. "Is it true?" she asked, her voice again under control but her arms crossed over her chest in case she weakened.
  • "Good for him!" Phillip was pleased. "Then hell need one of these…" He added, unbuttoning one button of his doublet and reaching into the opening. He pulled out a small, black pouch and held it out to Robert. "…and youll need the other one. This is the other reason why I wanted to talk with you."
  • "Really? How exciting!" The beholder flew closer. "I always wanted to know what was in the middle." He waved some of his eyestalks. "NamesRobert," he said. "Bob for short."
  • She snuggled with her son, then tightened Emorys braids, which had held from the morning. Emory decided she wanted her hair braided every day, as she could run around at recess and lunch and not have it in her face.
  • "Perhaps I will," Master Jarvis said. "I'm concerned about Master Edling's motivation. I suspect he had another reason for wanting the people moved."
  • When Sweetie Pie reached his fastest gait, a speed considered pathetically pokey by more accomplished horses, Tino wished hed taken Prince Charmers white stallion from Pinkie instead. Things worked out for the best, however. Seeing him approach slowly, the legionnaires assumed he was a Sargasso-ian officer who wanted to parlay and so they didnt shoot arrows or throw spears at him.
  • 'Sorry I'm late, I've been running behind schedule since this morning. Crazy, crazy timetable. Everyone wants the prime spots overlooking the river. Let me take you up and show you around this little baby.' He inverted commas with his fingers whilst promising this little baby. Duncan smiled.
  • "Away from the windows?" I had been looking forward to having some freedom and time to see the outside world. At the least I had hoped I could stare out a window in my free time. I had done so little of it and our flight hadnt allowed me much time to enjoy my surroundings. I wanted to see what my world looked like.
  • Longsword fumed. The fact that he knew she was deliberately flirting with the Traitor did not lessen his embarrassment. Others wouldnt see it that way; they would think that he, who had wanted to spurn the earl, was instead being spurned himself. He would be a laughingstock.
  • It annoyed the crap out of me. I wanted to turn them all into Yorkies, and the way I was feeling at that moment I probably could have, but I kept my composure.
  • "You might know me by my nickname." Mark still laughed as his friend continued to tease the poor girl. Connor forced his expression to remain calm, but he wanted to laugh as hard as Mark was doing.
  • Her thoughts drifted suddenly back to her childhood friends in Maidstone, North Dakota - Joni and Sharon - how the three of them would sit around talking and fantasizing about their future dream homes, how they would be decorated, and whose would be the best. Everything had been planned to the most minute detail, including what their husbands would look like and what color schemes would be used in the dayrooms. Joni was to have a large flat in the upper Manhattan East Side and Sharon wanted an ocean front home in Malibu. But by contrast, Teri had wanted only a cabin in the mountains. She wondered what might have become of those girls as her thoughts reflected out into the deep green forest.
  • Swann dabbed at his eyes and peered around, but no one seemed within earshot. He wanted to calm the lad but didn't know what he could do. His son's arguments made more sense than his own. He knew the ultimate selfishness of his motives for leaving, yet what choice had he?
  • After a month of hanging around the office and becoming more familiar with the product line, it was time for me get out and sharpen my people senses. Graves wanted me to be completely in tune with the consumer, which meant that I had to be in tune with myself. Lou suggested a combination of therapy/meditation/tai chi, as this was the "health cocktail" that he lived by. I learned early on that if something was good enough for Lou Graves, it was good enough for me.
  • "But why did you take Maeve to Anwin?" Iyash was starting to feel out of breath. "If you wanted to keep your cover so badly."
  • Kewpie started to laugh and I wanted to. Gino said then: "But not you. I don't mean that. I can see you're not that kind."
  • "A little more complicated than that, darling. Mr. Dragon loves The Jynx. I don't have to tell you $15,000 is nothing to him. What he wants to do is to pay you another $25,000 for all rights to The Jynx." She sucked her teeth again. She was nervous.
  • You glance at him, wanting to say that doesn't seem fair. But then, private schools exist to give rich kids an advantage over poor ones. Take what you can get.
  • "Now get it. If you contest the suit, Crandall will get this father of the girl, whoever she is, to swear out a warrant charging you with this mythical assault. You'll be picked up on the charge at once, if you're in the state. They could extradite you on it, if they wanted to, but I doubt if they would. They'll be satisfied to have you away. If you fight it, the judge has got two strikes called on you before you open your mouth; Crandall tells me the judge knows the girl they've got working with them. Of course the judge thinks she's a sweet innocent kid. You're going to get stuck with that robbing settlement if the thing goes through. There's no way out of it."
  • Mom thought Judy looked homeless. Her eldest daughter was dressed in dusty shapeless clothes covered in stains and grit. She was dripping with paper squares full of the most alarming handwriting. Her hair looked haglike, and she smelled. Mom wanted to make her take those clothes off and get in the bath that instant.
  • Elizabeth wanted to believe her sister. She wanted to feel secure and lighthearted again. But it was so difficult when all she could think about was what they had lost. They had lost everything they had ever known, their warm home, their beloved parents, their friends and their dedicated servants. And Elizabeth not only grieved for the loss of the people and the material things, she also grieved for the loss of her beliefs. So much of what their father had told them had been lies, lies to shelter them from the truth, lies about their Uncle Francis because their father had never forgiven him.
  • The tension surrounding his eyes contrasted with his warm smile. There was a shield up around his energy, preventing her from using it to read him. It was so rare for him to hide his energy from her that it sent a prickling sensation creeping up her neck. She wanted to step away from the car but his unyielding, muscular frame blocked her path.
  • A young, beautiful, but mysterious little girl wanders into a village. The village rejoices, because there is a monster in the woods that lured their own girls into the woods and ate them up, so they no longer have young girls of their own. They watch over her night and day until she is eighteen years old. She announces that she is ready to make her own decisions, and that she wants to travel to the closest village so she can start to see the world. She wants to go by herself, but the villagers insist that she be escorted to ensure that she comes back. She travels to all the villages in the area, discovering new things and meeting new people every time. She is safe on each journey and returns home willingly every time, and there had been no attacks from the monster for years, so over time she has fewer and fewer escorts until soon she is traveling on her own.
  • "You are a very irritating person," said the Rocket, "and very ill-bred. I hate people who talk about themselves, as you do, when one wants to talk about oneself, as I do. It is what I call selfishness, and selfishness is a most detestable thing, especially to any one of my temperament, for I am well known for my sympathetic nature. In fact, you should take example by me; you could not possibly have a better model. Now that you have the chance you had better avail yourself of it, for I am going back to Court almost immediately. I am a great favourite at Court; in fact, the Prince and Princess were married yesterday in my honour. Of course you know nothing of these matters, for you are a provincial."
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