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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat

wanted için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Remember Charlie asking you if you wanted to go with us to the Simpson's about two weeks before school started? You told him you would ask your folks and get back to him?
  • Damn him and his refusal to think any good of somebody who broke the laws! She wanted to start another shouting match, but she couldn't afford to. They had the same goal now, and everything depended on it. After this was over she could let everything else flood back into her mind. If she let herself, she'd realize she was tired, achy, and about ready to fall face first onto the pavement.
  • She laughed again and turned to help prepare to land. Dexter watched her go then scanned his crew working. He wanted to yell at Rosh for his actions earlier, risking his own life to save Willa's. It was foolish and damn near impossible, but he had to admit, it worked. What was worse, Dexter knew he'd have done the same thing without a second thought. Not having the strength of an ox as Rosh did, he suspected he would have failed.
  • Carlisle had wanted to return to the Calgary General Hospital where he had worked decades ago, but was saddened to hear that it was now closed. Instead he had accepted a position at the Rockyview General Hospital, and it was evident how much he was looking forward to working again. Helping and healing the humans gave meaning to his life, and he missed it while we were in Alaska.
  • The School of Shines took evil Goblin Mr. Greeley in way back when Headmaster Barns was himself a professor and Headmaster Parks ran the school. Placed in charged of the school's most difficult creatures, Mr. Greeley always wanted to teach. He tried to hold self-made classes for the students about the creatures, but once the students attended, he turned the tables on them and taught dark arts. He also changed the creatures into horrible things that would get out of control and eat people. He pleaded with the old Headmaster to make him a professor. As time passed, his anger grew at being turned down over and over again.
  • After we were finished talking, I asked my parents about the wards we had around our house. The sun, which was the most common ward, represented clarity. The mask torn in half represented truth. Trees were a common symbol to ward off evil, so they were put as close to doors as possible. They explained how, when they made wards for furniture, they wanted to make the wards as broad as possible, so they encouraged, rather than forced, whatever they stood for. Our kitchen table was a good example, and why we had our conversation there. The suns helped us understand each other, and the masks torn in half encouraged us to tell the truth. I tested it out, just for fun, and tried telling my parents a story of something that could have happened to me at school, but didn't really. I was able to get through the story, but I could tell I wasn't convincing my parents, and I kept stumbling over words.
  • Ryson now felt certain that Sazar was up to more than a simple raid for supplies or a blood hunt for his goblins to release their dark desires. Everything he saw pointed to the goblins securing the town. The problem remained that he could not truly know why. Sazar was not allowing anyone to escape, thus he could be targeting an individual or a group. Pinesway was now a haven for thieves and bandits, perhaps they stole something he coveted. Ryson also considered that the serp may have simply wanted to pick the town clean and his tactics kept any humans from escaping with possible treasure. The truth of the matter was that Ryson simply could not be certain of the serps intentions without further information.
  • Now with six guns pointed on them from all sides, the Dashnaks marched through the slush to a supply truck. The driver spoke back to Franzuzhik in Karabakhi and got down out of the seat. The blond soldier shifted to the back, lifted the flap. Behind them in the shack, the Babo wailed again. Misha wanted to go back to his unit, forget all of the last twelve hours.
  • "It was the lead merchant bellowing that I was finally here to rescue him. After his first few words of thanks and praise he started berating me for having taken so long. Did I not understand how important he was? If I did not get him out of here immediately I would have to answer to the Great Wizard himself. He wanted this situation settled this very day and these vagabonds taught a lesson they would not soon forget. I would of course put myself immediately under his command. He would tell me exactly how to punish these vermin for interfering with an ambassador of the Great Wizard or I would find myself imprisoned upon our return to Allivan."
  • And before Bruce could think of the hundreds of provocative and dirty things he always wanted to do, a cuddly Golden Retriever puppy appeared in Davids hands.
  • The others ignored George and Mr. Oagars sidebar conversation and continued their own dialog. The girl opined once again that she wanted to hire Tinos brother.
  • The men in front stopped, and his heart almost leapt from his chest.He could not get a breath. He pulled his collar away from his neck. Why had they stopped?What was going on ahead?The men in front had made a corner and he could not make his way past to find out what in the blazes was stopping them.He wanted to berate the men blocking the way, but he could not gather a breath.The fear of being trapped in this abysmal pass was about to drive him out of his head.He frantically fought his way forward, men finally pushing against the side of the canyon as he forced his way through.His throat was tight and his breathing was almost done.He had never experienced such an acute case of claustrophobia before. He must get out!
  • "They knew I was trying to pay bills," she said. "It was hard for them. They just wanted me to come home and have family time and I just couldn't."
  • I walked through the cool dark, the only light coming from the grimy attic window, and fondled each piece. I picked up an oilcan and started oiling the joints and bearings and axles of each machine in turn. Pa would have wanted to know that everything was in good working order.
  • As the New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte pointed out, the only impact the treaty would have on Americans would be to make it easier for disabled people to live and work in other countries. Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which was signed by Republican President George H. W. Bush, said Dole had come to the chamber because "he wants to know that other countries will come to treat the disabled as we do."
  • Morion's heart pounds in her chest with each foot forward. In her mind she knows that Alastor's feud with the Necromancer goes back further than hers and her father's involvement, but in her heart a darkness grows. She wants to be the one to end his life, to take from him what he has taken from so many others.
  • "How was training?" It was hard to sound casual. The urge to kiss him had become almost overpowering in the last few days. He knew me better on every level imaginable than anyone outside my immediate family ever had, and all I could think about right now was how much I wanted to touch him.
  • There in Evanston, or might she want to lay with their parents? Rose tried to remember if they talked about it after Margarets funeral, but all she recalled was a conversation about Elmo. About fucking Elmo and Rose fucking Gray to make their own version. Petra had wanted her to have another baby, but hadnt said squat about where she wanted to be buried. Or if. Maybe Garth knew.
  • Soon they reached her house, and Dax got out to open Aradia's door. She was already out of the car, though, and coldly brushed past him to get inside. Then she hesitated. She realized at this point that if she wanted to know what was going on, it was now or never.
  • Clearly, the Major had heard about the famed sword and probably wanted it for a trophy to take back to England. But the priest did not respond. At that, the Major flew into a wild rage, and toppled the image of the goddess. He started madly kicking the image with his heavy military boots, shattering the clay image to pieces. Then he asked again: "Where is the Plassey Kharga?"
  • I tried to clear my head and attempted to pay attention to Alek. The afternoon's training session with the Majors had been hard work, but they'd progressed so well. We'd decided to pair everyone off and allow them to spend half an hour practicing hand to hand combat skills. At the end of the half hour they switched to another partner, and so on until nearly dinner time. It had been an effective method, and the girls and I had decided to stick with it from now on. We could practice with individuals who weren't sure, or who wanted to challenge themselvesand us.
  • As all of this took place, a very nervous Jake did his best to stay still and not shake. He was certain if they found him, then he would be in serious trouble, and he wanted no part in thatbut lets be honest here: if he didnt want trouble, what was he snooping around for? Fine, fineIll quit whining about his snoopingfor now anyway.
  • America wants to shield the net from the treaty, but its diplomats fear that a broad coalition is taking shape against them. They hope to fend off most of the 450 or so proposed amendments. Many seem innocuous, or even worthwhile: for example, calling for international co-operation against fraud, child abuse or spam. But Terry Kramer, the head of Americas 122-strong delegation, says that some of these hide attempts to facilitate or legitimise censorship of political speech. America decries any wording, however mealy-mouthed, that could increase governmentscontrol over content.
  • They were an exhausted, miserably cold bunch by the time they finally saw a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, leaning on each other for support and to stave off the chill from their soaked clothing, for despite the hardship, no-one had wanted to sleep inside the caves. Aiden had been limping along, barely coherent, for the better part of the journey from the drained lake, and when they finally emerged from the cave into the night air, he almost toppled over in relief.
  • Was it Holgren, somehow reaching out to me? Did it have something to do with this place, the Tabernacle, or the death lands? I didn't know. I just wanted it to stop.
  • I TOLD Wendel I'd look into the thing for him and they left for Joey Free's apartment. They wanted a drink and needed one; they'd headed for my office directly from the airport. They wanted clothes, and needed them as badly as the drink. But before they left, I took Joey to one side and said:
  • Yeah, great consolation,’ Paul said bitterly. He wasnt sure which idea he found the most unpalatable; humanity being created in a laboratory or the Invaders installation of ready made religion. Something deep inside him rebelled against both ideas, desperately wanting to discredit their validity.
  • Why did you allow Berri to come with us?’ Tika kept her voice low. ‘She teases Kran, and most of the other men now, but I cannot work out why she wanted to come.’
  • When an apple has ripened and falls, why does it fall? Because of its attraction to the earth, because its stalk withers, because it is dried by the sun, because it grows heavier, because the wind shakes it, or because the boy standing below wants to eat it?
  • She kept her eyes closed and remained silent, unsure of whether she wanted to attempt to process all the physical and emotional stimuli, or just block it out. Attempting to sort her feelings seemed like a dicey activity, given the circumstances.
  • After dinner, the children were bathed, Emory taking a shower before her brothers bath. Petra braided the little girls long brown hair, Emory wanting to wake in the morning with big waves. Before that commenced, Rose had towel-dried her childs long tresses, hinting that perhaps in the morning they wouldnt be quite dry.
  • "Ah, Don, here, has informed us that he wants to make a change in his career path. He will be taking on an opportunity in the drugstore business. Managing for, ah…"
  • "That guy practically lives on Yahoo. Hes posted your entire speech, word for word on MySpace, FaceBook and every other site he comes across. Hes offered a reward to anyone who has a video of it because he wants you to go viral…" Krista informed me.
  • Elena knew her instantly. How many times had she wanted this day to come? For how many years had she wanted to stand with her and yell and scream at her? But those emotions were gone. Instead, joy and love swelled
  • If she wanted to hear him deny it, she had a long wait. He dragged himself to his feet, glowering down at her hard enough to make her shake and back up, then spun on his heel and headed off down the hill.
  • She smiled. "I just wanted to let you know about Mochan," she paused, "and about me. By the way, it might be a piece of shit, but I want my car and everything that was in it back. Ill be at your office in a few days. You better have it waiting for me."
  • Jacob gave me an inquisitive look. He wanted to know what Dad was talking about. Even though Jacob was the one who was injured, his reflex was always towards me in the first instance. His own needs were put second.
  • "Youll have to learn control your wants to match each other," Alisiya said firmly. "If you want freedom, you want to do that. You want to lose him."
  • "Mors will be expecting to bludgeon through our lines and break our wills with a sudden, violent attack. If my memory of Magda is not too clouded, and based on how Eoin wants us to line up, I believe more than roughly half the army will be hidden from view. We will be able to wrap around them unnoticed, forming a nice, little noose. The center will catch Mors' proverbial 'punch' and the rest come in to attack their rear. As I said, perfect in its simplicity."
  • Enin suddenly offered his own opinion on the matter. He spoke with a greater weight to his voice as if he wanted to offer a deeper understanding. "What the captain says is very true. Do not dismiss it, my friend. You cant save people from themselves, and even more so, you cant keep people from their fate."
  • If they got a good head start on the soldiers, there was a good chance of getting away for now. There might be wanted signs on city bulletins eventually, but it was unlikely. Their encounter with the men had been short, and it was unlikely they would remember enough to make a good illustration. Even then it was improbable that the empire would do that much. wanted posters meant attention, and even if posters went up, the empire was a large place to hide in and its agents were corrupt. A small amount of coin could buy their way anywhere. Of course they would need money for that. At any rate, he didnt have time to figure that out now. Time was running out.
  • "Where we going to put them?" Misha asked. He himself wanted to rest. He also wanted to get away from the woman's screaming. Hours. He was going to snap if he had to listen to even a little bit more. He could barely keep his eyes open and he wanted a cigarette.
  • Watching him clutch his cloak around himself, I had a pang of regret that Id brought him on this journey. I valued his advice and selfishly wanted him with me, but if I needed extra cushions on the road, he needed a bed. God willing, we wouldnt spend any night on the open road. The mountains between us and Brecon formed a barrier that was only thirty miles acrossforty miles if we took the old Roman road from Llaniobut in a blizzard, forty miles could be four hundred for all the difference it would make.
  • Keither also had on a look of annoyance. The two brothers couldnt have been more different. Kovos was short and stocky and Keither tall and rather large. Kovos was leading, or more like pulling, Keither from the house. It looked like someone trying to pull a dog away from chasing a deer or a small child from his favorite toy. When they came out Kovos had two bows; one was his combat bow and the other Keithers hunting bow. Keither didnt have a combat bow. His family wouldnt let him get one until he could shoot his hunting bow with some degree of accuracy, which Keither had yet to do. The boy hated going outside and didnt like to shoot, but it was important to learn, so whenever Kovos was having a hard time leaving the house he would tell his father or mother that he would bring Keither and try and work with him. Keither never wanted to go, but Kovos was much stronger so Keither didnt have much of a choice in the matter. Sasha attempted to greet Keither by waving at him, but the boy only returned her wave with a glare.
  • Wordlessly, they returned to Rhakis study to find Kemti had hauled the carpet back into place, hiding the circle - no one had wanted to stand on its exposed surface. Tika looked at Emla, then at Nolli but before anyone could speak, an unearthly wailing echoed from the passage. Farn moaned and his prismed eyes darkened to midnight blue.
  • "Connor, is that you?" Connor entered the lively laundry room before he stepped into the shower. "Hi Mom, Im sorry, but I cant stay and chat. I have to get going before it gets too dark out. I just wanted you to know that Im finished and I will show you and everyone tomorrow what I have been up to. If you want another update call Grandma like youve done everyday in secret." She smiled, knowing she was caught. Connor hugged her and went into the bathroom to get ready and look presentable.
  • In that moment I also realised it didn't matter what Breandan wanted or what Devlin wanted, but what I wanted. My moral compass was crooked at best, but I would never choose to be evil. But nor was I so saint-like that I wanted to be part of a fairy revolution. I cared deeply for Breandan, maybe it was impossible for me not too, and so I stepped closer to him. If he let his nature rule him, Devlin could overpower him easily. He needed to keep a level head for what I had planned. I placed a hand on his shoulder and looked up into his face, my eyes pleading for him to calm down.
  • "Well, the kicker is shes some kind of news reporter, but she just wants to meet you, and I really, really want to help her. I hate to use you like this, and I have no idea why Im so stinking nervous right now, but I need your help."
  • "I'm sorry for your loss," Tara replied soberly, diverting her attention to the map in her hands. "This seems fairly straight forward," she mused after examining the plans for a moment. "Plunder, rape and pillage. It looks like they wanted to move in instead of destroying the town itself. Fair enough I suppose, must be hard living down there in the mountains all year 'round. It also says something here about another group supposed to come in from the north?"
  • "…but I decided I better meet her in a public place, because if she ended up slitting her wrists or my throat, I wanted to be able to get medical treatment quickly."
  • "You mean you want to know what its going to be after taxes?" I knew he didnt mean that. He wanted a discount. He felt he deserved a discount.
  • "Yeah! My dad's gonna come in any second to bring me my stuff, but I wanted to tell you that I'm gonna be able to practice!"
  • I started crying again. I had cried more in this past month than I had my entire life. I couldnt help it anymore, but now another emotion accompanied my grief. Anger burned my insides. I flushed out any thought of giving up. I wanted revenge. I wanted to be the one to defeat Lady Magmilan. I wanted to be the one to finish her off for good. I promised myself that I would never give up or ever consider it. I was in this for good now…..until one of us dies. That would be the only thing that could possibly stop me from finishing this.
  • "So where did you come from? Not originally. I mean before you came to live out here." Sarah thought he just wanted a conversation to get his mind off certain things. Probably the fact that she intentionally pressed her breast against his arm forced the subject change.
  • "Well, I wanted to tell you that," Trevor began, but when he looked at Mariah, he got nervous all over again, so he stared at the ground for a while.
  • All throughout my scheming since my second return from 75, the prospect of what to do with all the money had niggled away at the back of my mind. All I knew for sure was that I didn't want to grow up in New Jerusalem. I wanted adventure, exotic places and people, danger and excitement. Over dinner, though, a plan had been forming in my head.
  • Sebastian felt utterly powerless. He wanted to tear Madelines throat outwould do anything to stop her going after Serenitybut one vampire couldnt kill another. To kill another vampire was impossible; a prime rule written in the dark laws of their kind. An instinct written into their cells prevented them from committing such an act. If he tried to sink his teeth into her throat, his jaw would lock, his strength would melt away, and he would end up helpless until the urge to kill her faded.
  • Quiet, shy Johannes sat and told me all I wanted to know about the people surrounding my family. My heart raced when I saw Cono for the first time in the Shimmering Pool, tall and broad of shoulders, muscles abound on his frame. His hair lengthened down to his shoulders; his dark eyes intense on his look.
  • He dragged in a deep breath to prepare himself and 'On-on!' he bellowed. In response, one of the two behind him blew a barrage of rasping toots on the short bugle in his handhis efforts to carry a decent tune hampered by his shortness of breath. The tune was not quite sure what it wanted to be, caught halfway between Reveille and the theme for F-Troop, and any efforts to properly identify it would have been further hampered by the fact that only about six warbling notes made it out.
  • MR. TOOGOOD. The reverend gentleman has hit the nail on the head. It is the distribution that must be looked to; it is the paterfamilias that is wanting in the State. Now here I have provided him. (Reproducing his diagram.)
  • "The Queen wants her pet assassin back, Lord Conash," he sneered. "Got herself mighty steamed up about it, too." His voice dropped to a growl. "But she'll not see you alive again unless you tell us what we want to know."
  • Poor Lady Elizabeth had the wit to duck under the deadly blade while her hands held large travel bags. Not wanting to die, today of all days, she quickly shouted out:
  • "Im glad of that, Sir; upon my soul, Im glad." He slapped his black serge knee and his thick thigh wobbled. "I distrust contented men; they keep their wants a secret."
  • I had heard of the Beatles, but I didn't know how popular they were. I met all four, but with George, I clicked immediately. He said he wanted to learn properly. I said it's not just learning chords, like the guitar. Sitar takes at least one year to sit properly because the instrument is so difficult to hold. Then you cut your fingers to this extent . He said he would try. He seemed so sweet and sincere that I believed it.
  • Roc nodded his head. He wouldnt, or couldnt, look at me. Despite everything he said, I wanted to reach out and hug him. This hulking man, a warrior in a secret band of rogues, had been bested by Ivys gifted manipulations. He sat beaten as if he lost an entire army on the battlefield.
  • "I had to get new shoes, um, a couple of weeks ago. My old ones didn't fit." She stuck a foot a little closer to Scott, showing him her white and purple tennis shoes. "I wanted the ones with lights in them, but they didn't have any in my size. I'm already wearing women's shoes," she added, almost proudly.
  • "It's already been four days you insane mule headedmule headed…" she struggled for an insult that seemed fitting. "…fool!" That was obviously not what she wanted to say, but she looked rather frazzled dangling in the air as he held her.
  • "Then theres nothing yet?" Hawksworth set down the glass of wine. "I assumed that was why you wanted to speak to me. But you just wanted to talk about Persian gardens and Persian poets."
  • "Yeah, I'm pretty sure this was a setup. I think Pete wanted this to be our first and last job. I know we're just a couple of jerks no one gives a fuck about, ooops, sorry. But, well, I don't want to end up dead just yet."
  • The Jenners phoned Guy from Nice. He told them that he had seen Toby but he was still puzzled. Grant Hardy was flying home on Monday evening with his wife and the other couple. The Jenners were going on to Monte Carlo. They had enjoyed a good run on the tables at Nice, and they wanted to try their luck with Nicki's system in Monte.
  • He nodded and disappeared into the shadows. Amaranthe and Akstyr headed out of the gang's territory, setting as brisk a pace as the snow would allow. With Sicarius gone, she wanted to escape the neighborhood as soon as possible. Too many faces peered at them through broken windows. A fresh blood stain splattered the snow in front of a stoop.
  • Robbie laid Jamie down in the lumpy bed they shared in one of the cold, drafty rooms up on the third floor. There was once a time when they each had a room of their own on the second floor, rooms with fireplaces filled with coal fires and fine heavy furniture and velvet draperies on the windows. There was once a time when they slept together only when they had wanted to, particularly when a storm was passing over or simply because they only wanted each others company. But not anymore. Those times were over and now the two of them shared a servants room, far away from the sumptuously decorated guest rooms and away from Wesley and his doxies. Now there were no carpets on the rough wooden floor, no velvet draperies on the small dormer windows, only one old rope bed with a lumpy rag-filled mattress and one old chest for their scanty wardrobe. Looking around him only made Robbie more determined to go through with his plan and succeed.
  • Cotton mouth. Cat shit in my eyes. Someone snuck in my room in the middle of the night and rubbed my teeth with sand. I woke up. Another day. Another drunken night with Lyosha and Alya. I got up. A prayer said against my will for Timothey. I didn't believe in prayer, yet here I was with a prayer on my lips: be good be safe wherever you are, I wish. I wanted to say goodbye. I wanted to say stop. Be good be safe. Stop-
  • When Blair walked into Georgia, he wanted to be seen with the best. Miss Georgia seemed like a good place to start when Blair met Tracey at a benefit for the American Cancer Society. He also made similar moves around the world, dating everyone from models to heiresses to princesses. His dating resume was truly a whos who of the finest women in the worldat least on paper.
  • "She was never happy at home, Miss Alice wasn't, from the time that her father married again. She was slighted like and had no say in anything, but it never really became bad for her until after she met Mr. Fowler at a friend's house. As well as I could learn, Miss Alice had rights of her own by will, but she was so quiet and patient, she was, that she never said a word about them but just left everything in Mr. Rucastle's hands. He knew he was safe with her; but when there was a chance of a husband coming forward, who would ask for all that the law would give him, then her father thought it time to put a stop on it. He wanted her to sign a paper, so that whether she married or not, he could use her money. When she wouldn't do it, he kept on worrying her until she got brain-fever, and for six weeks was at death's door. Then she got better at last, all worn to a shadow, and with her beautiful hair cut off; but that didn't make no change in her young man, and he stuck to her as true as man could be."
  • Gallant nodded after some forethought. "Dont say anything to Doughty, sir, and Im still struggling with the moral implications myself, but what she said made sense. And she proved it. At least to me. She is everything Ive ever wanted in a wife. She claims that I am likewise for her. Nightshade has been here for two hundred years and has worked at one of the markets nearest the gate to make sure she found the right man the moment he entered the gate. In the few hours Ive known her, I know more about her than I know about my own wife."
  • I did not tell Aunt Mae or anyone else, for that matter, that I had lost any faith I had in god the day my mom and dad were brutally murdered. As far as my dear old Aunt Mae knew, I was her sister's darling little boy who went to church with her every Sunday, sang hymns and prayed every day. These things were meaningless to me anymore. If the adults wanted to be foolish enough to think that god was out there looking over them and protecting them every day, that's fine. As for me, I knew better than that now. There was just good, bad and evil. This I knew because I had felt evil. I felt it when it comes in.....the Wave.
  • The Overlord wanted her, and he wanted her at full strength. What could he be planning? Could he steal her powers? Or turn them against her somehow, twisting them until they only worked against her? So many things she did not know, so many skills that she did not have the time to learn.
  • "Why would I be upset? You told me most of that dream stuff before, remember?" Pacian shrugged. "And I'm pretty sure Sayana wants to have your children, so she's not going to stay mad at you, even if she is now. So yeah, we're good. Just give Colt and Nel a chance to cool down before you speak with them, yeah?"
  • I just wanted to clarify a few things on this class of the professor. You might have heard about it from the teller and I am not a teller or professor myself but in plain and simple Godly terms, "trouble shooting humans", is an endeavor which is increasingly becoming very important for my day to day survival. Initially humans developed as a means of communication for Gods. We were increasingly getting tired of the quantum ocean of pure consciousness with its irritating drone of Aummmmmmmm emerging from the depths like a burp from time to time serving as our only input. We decided we needed badly to have some fun. Bathe in a running stream for instance. Yeah! Yawn. The stream of consciousness beats the ocean any day, yawn. Goshthose streaming videos last night were real tiring.
  • "Im sure it is, but thats no answer," Sterlin said, with a chuckle."I wanted to know what made you decide to become one. Not why you are one."
  • David says, completing Todd's remark, "Why, what everyone wants, Todd. An afternoon with the one, the only, Mary Murphy!"
  • "I thought and thought about what to do, but couldnt think of a thing. I was desperate that day before I went to the post office. I knew that altering the index would annoy him, but it wasnt enough for me. And then suddenly it dawned on me that altering the dedication would send the message I wanted to send, and that he wouldnt be able to respond."
  • "Tough to break up a streak," but then he looked into Nicole bright blue eyes and, as usual, she got whatever she wanted from her grandpa'.
  • "With my sisters at Chateau Lumel, where he will hear nothing but the Langue d'Oc spoken for all the years we are here in Outremer. Amalric wanted him at Gobignon with our girls, but I had my way. So Simon may grow up to be a true son of Languedoc."
  • Timmi broke loose and raced toward the Graffees’. Timmi swung open the Graffeesfront door without knocking. Mary Jean Graffee sat at a long table by the bay window looking through some old story boards of two of her favorite movies she had produced. Timmi stumbled down the stairs and stopped next to her. "I hate him! All he wants to do is beat on me and blame me for his lonely, pathetic life. I wish he would die. Be torn apart by the thing in that Mavispool. Or maybe he will be shot by my Charles. He is going to have that Mavis and that Mavis is going to like it. Charles will find out and shoot both of them." She pointed her finger and made a pop sound with her lips. "He beat me again."
  • Half of me wanted to be angry, but the other half just wanted to collapse into the void. Force of habit won over anger and I passively let my defenses crumble, but apparently being shocked out of a collapse functioned much the same as having just come out of an attack. For the next few seconds at least I was safe, could think about anything I wanted without fear of the repercussions. Only Rachel was talking, ruining my concentration, so the only thing I could focus on was her words.
  • I wanted to force the issue, wanted it so badly I could feel the desire bubbling inside me, but even more than my natural shyness, the thought of him pulling away again, this time in disgust, was too much to contemplate.
  • "I dont want to die in a nursing home," Mom snapped, "I want to die in my own house. Thats why Im asking for your help. If I go to one of those, I will have to sell the house." Her voice began to crack. "Your father and I both wanted you two to have it, a place for you and your kids to spend the summers."
  • The waiting gave her time to thinkand doubt. She had no leverage to hold over Hollowcrest to make him answer her questions. She was walking naked into the grimbal's den, hoping chance gave her a weapon before the fearsome predator ate her. It was the sort of 'plan' she would have chastised a rookie for presenting. If Hollowcrest wanted her dead, it would be more logical to flee fast and far. She could go back to her flat, collect her savings, and leave the city forever. Of course, she would spend her whole life wondering if there might be an assassin on her trail. And then there was that niggling comment about the emperor and the tea. If she left now, she would not only be running away from her life, but she would be abandoning Sespian, the emperor she had sworn to honor and protect the day she became an enforcer.
  • And then he remembered the kindness, his warm smile, the firm but loving hand on his shoulder, the words of welcome. Robert remembered the overwhelming relief he had felt and how he hadnt been able to control the sobs that had seized him. He remembered how he had been so embarrassed to be crying like a baby; he had wanted to show the man he wasnt a sissified twelve-year-old boy. But then strong arms enveloped him and Jamie, holding them, comforting them and Robert had felt himself relent.
  • I couldnt believe this was happening. I wanted to proclaim that I was no racist, that I was innocent. But I knew that there was no point. I could see from the expressions on their faces that most of the demonstrators really believed that I was a racist and that what they were doing was absolutely right.
  • Sallis pointed to the dagger and continued. "But that condemns you. Only you had access to that armory and only you kept the key. Even your husband had to borrow it when he wanted to think. I know from my visit the armory door was never forced. Everywhere else that thief went, doors and windows were forced. Everywhere."
  • And now we come to the way these test results are interpretedhow someone makes a determination about which results are Positive and which are not. Right now there are ten different ways to interpret a so-called HIV Western Blot Antibody test. Youre going to see a chart of these ten different ways, and how someone can test Positive using one set of criteria and not test Positive using another set. Thats a big problem for Mr. Armand if he wants to prove that my client was correctly diagnosed as HIV-Positive, and therefore had the means of infectingand murderingBeth Ann Brooks.
  • "I am sorry…," Jack whispers, offering some form of penance, before he trains his aim upon the head of the child. Part of him wants to close his eyes as he squeezes slowly on the trigger, but he refuses himself the comfort. With a deafening bang, a single round discharges into the childs head. He releases his breath, and waits, his gun still aimed ahead. The child is quiet. The emergency light in the room flickers for a bit and then goes out completely. The room feels quiet once more, feels more normalif there could be a normal here in this place.
  • Daniel laughs with her. "YeahI think it will be a long time before I fly again. But yeah, this is pretty much most of my childhood. At least, once my father got a few books under his belt and could afford to live someplace hed always wanted tofar away from the things of man.
  • TJ stood fuming in the middle of a short drive leading to the gate of Dave's villa. Two FBI agents stood next to the car a few paces, away talking in low tones and doing their best to avoid her. She tried to decide who she wanted to kill first, Dave, or her idiot boss.
  • Was that why she had slept with him, forgoing birth control? Had she wanted to reel in someone to fill the gap? She swallowed her thoughts, finding Jordan Hower and his ubiquitous vitamin water, but no rubbers. She scanned the bottles, set them in a plastic, see-through bag. He said nothing, then went on his way.
  • Consprite had made his appearance known by simply walking out into the open. He had moved directly to a goblin in the streets as if walking up to a town guard to ask for directions. This particular goblin was under orders to assess the human occupation of an undamaged dwelling close to the citys western border. The ex-mayor stepped in front of the diminutive monster and grumbled that he was Edward Consprite and wanted to see Sazar. The goblin almost made the dreadful mistake of plunging a short sword into the mans belly. That would have certainly caused unnecessary conflict with Janindise. Luckily, however, Sazar caught the exchange in his mind and commanded the goblin to send the human forward before any damage was done.
  • "Dont complain; it could be worse. Lucky for you that Im not a saint," George said. "But thats another story. Now, Im going to let our bitchy leader tell you what she wants and then Ill say if you have to do it."
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