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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • She hadn't appreciated how fast and deep the river was. On her second gasp for air, she saw that the current was already dragging her out of sight of the screaming girls on the bank. Some of them, including Jensi and Gwenika, were running along the edge of the river, trying to keep up with her, but trees and rocks slowed them down, while the fae propelled Dindi forward even faster. Now she could see where they wanted her to go. A whirlpool of froth and fae roiled between two large rocks in the middle of the river. The rusalka and her sisters tugged Dindi toward it. Other water fae joined the rusalki. Long snouted pookas, turtle-like kappas and hairy-armed gwyllions all swam around her, leading her to the whirlpool, where even more fae swirled in the whitewater.
  • "Erling!" Trevor exhaled in relief. "We need to get out of here. I ran into some goblins and they wanted me to pay some kind of toll so I ran away from them."
  • He seated himself on a wooden bench, with his back against a decrepit vine; he gazed at the stars, past the puny and stunted silhouettes of his fruit-trees. This quarter of an acre, so poorly planted, so encumbered with mean buildings and sheds, was dear to him, and satisfied his wants.
  • Now that he found her, he should have felt relieved, but the disquiet that engulfed him refused to unclamp its jaws. He breathed like a fever victim, squirmed in his seat, unable to get comfortable. When the light of an oncoming truck silhouetted her, his heart bounded. Somehow, he didnt want to go home any more. He wanted to go wherever she went. Nothing else mattered.
  • As I mentioned, my making was probably the last root he had from my Mother. All she wanted was a pet that belonged to her. A self moving doll to play with. The more I grew, the less important my Father became to my Mother.
  • Now, I need to keep in mind that both sides claimed a Jewish heritage, but they appear to be divided and in separate camps. It looks as if they wanted nothing to do with each other. And these foreign rulers probably had a hand in this situation. Romans would have supported the Pharisees and teachers of the law who co-operated with them. Foreign domination would have had a big effect on those who held the prominent positions. I suspect that many of the great spiritual leaders of this period were pushed aside during this foreign occupation.
  • "I just wanted to thank you again for coming. Its great to see someone around my age coming along on this long journey. Im glad youre here."
  • I was nave, more so than I wanted to be. I didnt have skills in seduction. My only experience had been hearing stories from my girlfriends and watching hundreds of movies. I didnt want this moment to end and definitely wanted the fire within me to continue to burn. I whispered, "Its okay, I really want this."
  • It was almost a relief to be around strangers again. He'd been polite, but hadn't tried to fawn over me. My being asked out had changed my treatment from almost every girl at school. Half the student body, the more sensible portion it seemed, had all decided that I was some kind of massively stuck-up slut. The other half had decided they needed to be my new best friend if they wanted to get invited to any of the 'cool' parties ever again.
  • As a novice gun operator, confirming that the weapon was securely loaded would entail firing at least one shot. Yet to fire that one shot was to announce my presence to the Murahaleen. I slid the safety catch forward and notched it down against the gun's body. Not prepared to yet attack, not desirous of attention, yet not wanting to fire blindly into the wall behind me.
  • "Where we going to put them?" Misha asked. He himself wanted to rest. He also wanted to get away from the woman's screaming. Hours. He was going to snap if he had to listen to even a little bit more. He could barely keep his eyes open and he wanted a cigarette.
  • What in the name of Seasons is happening? The carriage rocked dangerously and my hand flew out to grip the burgundy velvet seat. My breath came in rapid puffs. I was torn between wanting to huddle beneath the seats and wait for everything to go away and curiosity to see what was happening. Curiosity won out and I sidled to the window. My fingers trembled almost uncontrollably as they drew back the curtain only to reveal the slightest sliver.
  • Range really needed to get that Sword."Thank you, Your Majesty, but we have some tokens that are from our friend who is now dead. We wanted to take them to his family in Romus. They are irreplaceable."
  • Syrill sighed. "Naunsthey don't look as much like us, do they?" He allowed his buck to a canter. "Blix has been trying to tell me for the last quarter league that he wants to run."
  • She turned and opened the cupboard drawer to her left and withdrew a small slip of paper. She hadn't wanted to use this, to call the number listed on this ripped off bit of stiff, white paper. She'd jotted it down just to be polite, to keep from making waves. She was one of those sorts who hated giving someone a "no." But she'd never had any intention of following through with the gentleman's suggestion.
  • When she was ten, Aradia's parents had told her, at her insistence, the story of how they found her. None of her powers had yet developed fully, but it was already clear that she had precognitive, telepathic, and physical abilities, and she wanted to know why. Her parents had always planned on telling her eventually where she came from, or at least what they knew of it, so they obliged her curiosity.
  • Benjin accepted the gifts and weighed the purse in his hand. He looked as if he wanted to return it, to say it was too much, but then he seemed to swallow his pride. Catrin was glad he mastered himself. They would need coin during their travels, and now she had one less worry.
  • She didn't know then they'd hunted for that feather to add to their power of evil use. It belonged to a mystic creature which they wanted to have on their side. Now to have a feather that belonged to it, they thought she had knowledge of the creature's whereabouts or she attained the true power of the bird. They ran back, slammed the door and locked her in until they could find out how she got that feather. They stood outside the closed door, their eyes peering through the keyhole, watching every move she made.
  • Then the reality of today grabbed me, and I asked myself whether it really mattered what we did with our time. I just wanted to spend time with him. This might not be the most romantic choice, but it was bound to be a blast, literally.
  • "His Highness has taken a particular fondness for this room and refuses to allow anything to be placed in it. He sits here for hours, and on the balcony there, doing I dont know what." Mumtaz gestured toward the doorway. "He wanted me to bring you here to wait for him." She sighed. "I agree with him that this room brings a great feeling of peace. But what good is peace that cannot last? I dont know how much longer we can stay here." Mumtaz turned and hugged Shirin again. "I so miss Agra. And the Jamuna. Sometimes I wonder if well ever see it again."
  • "If I wanted to collaborate with your pathetic little council old man I wouldve done so years ago." Marduk now directed his anger at Iyash. "You know as well as I that humanity has chosen the dark path. Theyve accepted their fate as slaves to their fear and insecurity. They will continue to look to me for the information and resources they believe they need to survive. People do not want to have to think for themselves. They want to be looked after by an omniscient benefactor who they can rely on to cure all their ills and provide them with the necessary thrills to make their short, futile lives interesting."
  • Her heart pounded hard in her chest as she pulled her hand back and looked up at him. His long, dark mustache framed his upper lips and his deep, dark eyes drew her in. This was the moment she realized that she wanted to think of this man as more than just a close friend.
  • He must be going crazy. He meant it when hed told Serenity not to leave her husband for him. Their being together was inconceivable. He wouldnt contemplate the events that needed to happen to make their union a possibility, yet he wanted to be around her. Being close to her healed his wounds but Sebastian knew his being there wasnt good for her. He could bring her nothing but confusion, anguish and despair. With a single word, he would turn her whole idea of the world and what it contained upside down.
  • The strangest figures we saw were the Slovaks, who were more barbarian than the rest, with their big cow-boy hats, great baggy dirty-white trousers, white linen shirts, and enormous heavy leather belts, nearly a foot wide, all studded over with brass nails. They wore high boots, with their trousers tucked into them, and had long black hair and heavy black moustaches. They are very picturesque, but do not look prepossessing. On the stage they would be set down at once as some old Oriental band of brigands. They are, however, I am told, very harmless and rather wanting in natural self-assertion.
  • Max looked for all the world like he wanted to hit him with a cricket bat. 'Look, this is really not the time,' his lips tightened around his teeth 'she-'
  • For the first time all day, I was speechless. Max was quiet, too, and the awkwardness I had been worried about earlier finally arrived. I so very much wanted to be alone with Max, away from prying eyes, but I didnt want to be so forward that I gave him the impression I was a skank.
  • "He's free Grahamas," Valaira said, dragging her hand down one of the sporadic patches of scales still on the creature's body. "Free from the cold, dark place you sent him," she smiled, "He wants vengeance. And he will have it, the moment you give me H…" but a quickly fired bolt driven into her chest ceased her words. Lanyanat the front of the groupflicked his wrist and locked another into the chamber, prepared to shoot again.
  • Bingo. That had to have hit home. Campbell flips a page on his yellow pad and finds where he wants to go next. "When you talk about false positive viral load results, exactly what do you mean?"
  • With reference to the military side--the plan of campaign--that work of genius of which Thiers remarks that, "His genius never devised anything more profound, more skillful, or more admirable," and enters into a polemic with M. Fain to prove that this work of genius must be referred not to the fourth but to the fifteenth of October- that plan never was or could be executed, for it was quite out of touch with the facts of the case. The fortifying of the Kremlin, for which la Mosquee (as Napoleon termed the church of Basil the Beatified) was to have been razed to the ground, proved quite useless. The mining of the Kremlin only helped toward fulfilling Napoleon's wish that it should be blown up when he left Moscow--as a child wants the floor on which he has hurt himself to be beaten. The pursuit of the Russian army, about which Napoleon was so concerned, produced an unheard-of result. The French generals lost touch with the Russian army of sixty thousand men, and according to Thiers it was only eventually found, like a lost pin, by the skill--and apparently the genius--of Murat.
  • "But what? We can talk about it. In fact, I wanted to get your opinion; Im surprised you already know were supposed to meet. Did he tell you he went to Hillside and interviewed my friends at the nursing home?"
  • Once, a man in dress pants and a golf shirt sat right beside me. He held a bag of popcorn between his legs and asked me if I wanted any. I moved up several rows, and he didn't follow me.
  • He had wanted the super prestigious position of island construction. That was the job he had applied for. But he didn't turn down the offer that came instead.
  • Eadie heard there was an old woman in the village; who made potions and cures. It was the reason for their visit. Eadie wanted something for a hound in the manor. It was old and lame and hung round the kitchen hearth for warmth and comfort. Eadie nursed it, looking after it with tit-bits of food; she gave it a new name and its own blanket.
  • "Range, I agreed when we got married to leave when you say leave, hide when you say hide, run when you say run.But when do we stop?When is the running done? Why dont you just give the Sword to whoever wants it and be done with it?"
  • The smile Caelia gave him was genuine in one sense of that word. While her lips curled up, her eyes flashed a genuinely serious expression to Tabari. Having made her point, she turned to observe the trees on the left side of the wagon again. She had watched with interest as the wagons drew closer to the forest and now they were riding parallel to the edge of the woods. When the little convoy stopped for the evening later, she wanted to enter the forest on foot for a better view.
  • "It always hurts, losing good men," he said quietly. "But they died in service to the crown, and thats a good way to go in my book. Look, I have to get back out there and provide some leadership, since Im the highest ranking member of the military in the region now. But I just wanted you to know, youve got a place in the Rangers, should you want to work with us again."
  • Officer Johnson offered words of encouragement and we hung up. This was the first time Id felt shaken since the shooting. I should have been getting ready for graduation, but I couldnt think straight. I just wanted to lie down and let the world go by for a little while.
  • I saw through the moist eyes his old weak body shudder and collapse in a pool of dripping blood. He writhed with pains. He was not deadnodont die you bastardI need youthank godI wanted him alive. I wanted him back again. I rushed to him in all wildernesses.
  • Ryson offered solace so as to calm the wounded reader. "Don't be too hard on him. I was at first. I was mad at him. That's hard. Just looking in their faces, all you can see is peaceful content. It still bothered me he wouldn't help, but I started to think about it as I was coming here. It may be a blessing that they can remain so detached from such things. I mean, what would happen if the cliff behemoths started to think it was their right to interfere in every single matter? I don't know how many of them live up in those mountains, but I'm sure there's enough to basically take over. If they wanted to, I'm sure they could dictate everything we do."
  • Although the question was asked lightly, Leena could sense its seriousness. These were simple folk that wanted no trouble from the authorities.
  • Maureen Stewart wanted to ask the obvious question, but she knew that her tall golden boy hadpitcherwritten all over him. God didnt make something that beautiful to be acatcher.’ So Stewart asked the next logical question, "What will be your position?" knowing full-well he would access the hidden meaning of her double entendre of sorts.
  • Despite his fatigue, Pauls mind protested. What did she mean "use your breath and intention to access information"? All he wanted to do was rest.
  • "After lunch Ill show it to you. Some of the original barrels are still down there," he said, passionately. But after lunch, everyone wanted to go straight into the garden to relax for a while, so his invitation was passed up. They all sat in the shade of a large apple tree and ate some chocolate. After everyone had rested enough, they went back to work. Many sunny hours and emptied buckets later, the day was done and the workers took a refreshing shower at the farm. After they got paid, they all went home happy.
  • "Then where the hell is he? Fifty thousand quads don't just beat everything around them for months, then disappear when they run out of resistance. He killed my wife and slaughtered my cities because he wanted a fight. Why wont he fight?"
  • Perched on an uncomfortable wooden chair, Amaranthe flirted with making up an identity, but with her wanted posters plastering the city, the soldiers would figure it out sooner or later. Besides, her interrogator would probably see through her lies.
  • The next attacker was finally a handful. He was monstrous, but quick. The crusader swung his sword at the shoulder but missed. The monster tackled the crusaderstill in midswingand both landed on the ground. The monster swung several times at the crusaders face, gleeing that he could draw blood at each punch. Blood was everywhere. This embarrassed the crusader. He wanted it to stop quick. He craned his head sharply, his jaws connecting with the monsters wrist. He bit down. The monsters eyes widenedhe never felt pain like this. He fell off the crusader and slid to the wall, trying not to weep while clutching his bloody, broken hand.
  • Ken appeared to ponder while he did some fancy driving, then replied as if he were winging it in a story conference. "Suppose... suppose he isnt paying? Suppose he just wants the bills to make an audit trail? He spends two hundred K cash but he shows two mil in costs. Thats a nice tax loss."
  • Terry had only told her Jody was dead, which was the ultimate in shit, but it was one sentence, spoken as quickly as Terry could deliver the words. Rafes declarations went on and on, spilling all those details, things Summer had asked, but had she really wanted to know? Now that she thought about it, maybe not. Maybe a little ignorance was better than the entire flood of Jodys problems drowning her.
  • Something about the sound of his voice made her want to relax. She no longer wanted to throw the amulet in his face, hoping to at least chip a tooth or two. Instead, she tried once more, this time taking deep breaths that came slower and slower, deeper and deeper.
  • We were home before I knew it. Although I didnt want to tell Jacob what had happened, I desperately wanted to find him and receive a reassuring embrace. There was nowhere like his arms to remind me of how safe and loved I was.
  • "Steve and Rhenyon were whispering together, and then he told me to get all of you to safety, myself included. Dont you understand? My husband was worried about me. He wanted me safe. So he looked to Rhenyon to see if thats how he felt about you three. And your captain agreed."
  • The woman to my right... maybe she was ten years older than me, her face round, soft, peasant-like, pretty... something about her showed youth,that she hadn't yet grown into being a woman. Her large eyes flicked upward at heaven, as if relieved, yet her whole body, other than her relaxed shoulders, flexed. Enjoy, I wanted to tell her. Enjoy that for a few hours, a few days, you don't have to hustle, you can rest, sleep, do nothing concrete about your own or anyone else's situation: you don't have to wait in anything other than a bathroom line, you don't have to scrounge for kopecks, scrape together to buy a sausage, a hotdog, an imported or smuggled-in can of chopped pork.
  • She had wished to start it much later, when she had hundreds, perhaps thousands of soldiers rather than just five. But she could not let Jeralyle be executedeven if she had no idea who he wasjust to spare her safety and her conspiracy. That went against everything they stood and fought for. And she had not known that the King would send his most fearsome warrior to stop her. Prior to this incident, it was obvious she had unnerved himeven as secretive as she'd been, he was aware. She didn't know to what extent, and she had no idea if he knew of her uprising, but he knew about her and apparently wanted her badly enough that he sent the general of his entire army to capture her, leaving her a bit flatteredalbeitedgy.
  • He took the lead once more, his men falling dutifully behind, Patreli abreast about a meter to his left. It would take longer to get there now. They'd have to skirt round the base of this hill if they wanted to be protected from the brunt of the gale. Why were they headed for the abandoned farm house anyway? If something was hiding, his bet would be the forest.
  • "Oh? Why?" Scott asked, feeling terribly curious. It wasn't that he wanted Maggie backnot now. He might have been that desperate in the weeks following his divorce, but Josie had changed everything. It wasn't that he was madly in love with her and wanted to marry her, but he had finally discovered what passionate sex could be like, andeven more importantlyhe had found someone who accepted him the way he was. He would have preferred to live alone than go back to Maggie.
  • I scowled, took another deep drag. I tried to rationalize my way around this rebuttal. Who would be impressed by my working below management-level at a C-store anyway? But I couldnt deny that removing it from the resume would leave too big a hole in my work history. And they always wanted to call the most recent employers.
  • It was nearing midday. Trem had sat quietly for an hour beside the still sleeping Soran, then roused himself. His savage headache had dulled to a manageable throbas long as he did not turn his head too fast. Looking at the injured, Trem realised they would be forced to stay here at least another night. He found Baras and Salak and the three officers organised the Guards to drag some of the rocks closer to the overhang. He wanted a fairly solid wall of stone, half circling the camp. Three narrow gaps were left: Trem thought the Shardi might be stupid enough to try to enter the camp through these spaces rather than climb the rock wall. If they did, it would enable the Guards to deal with them singly as they attempted to enter.
  • Why the bastard wanted so much junk was beyond him. He never even got out of his wheelchair, never looked through any of it. It was all just boxes of junk cluttering up the house, just sitting there.
  • The noise of the traffic sounded much louder, the children too. The sting of the Professor's words was followed by some strange slow relief, the beginning of realisation. "I wanted to prove myself, I guess."
  • As Natalie suspected, we were allowed to paint anything we wanted on our first canvas. It was a practice picture in order to learn certain techniques. Mr. Bales laid out a selection of brushes, and paint dispensers. We had about ten colors on offer and had to learn how to combine primary colors to create different shades.
  • I snorted. "Ooookay, Mom. You enjoy your little warp jump to the planet of conclusions. Do not drag me into it. If Karen wants to talk to me about it, then I will start penciling dates on the calendar."
  • He hadn't brought up the subject of fulfilling her destiny lately. She still didn't believe a word of it. Who witched this Oscar into being and for what? All she wanted was to go home, if only she could figure out where she was and how to get the clan to take her back.
  • Forcing thoughts of Sebastian from her mind, Serenity went into her bedroom and dressed in her usual outfit of jeans and a sweater. On top of the dresser, herSnecklace nestled in a small dish. She picked the chain up between her fingertips and carefully hooked the silver around her throat. The necklace slipped beneath the collar of her sweater. The jewelry against her skin comforted her. The last memento of her old life, the only thing her mother had ever given her, and as much as she wanted to hate the woman, Serenity found it impossible to let go of the past.
  • Shit, Paul thought, it looked like maybe he wasnt free to leave even if he wanted to. There was definitely more to this crystal than met the eye.
  • I wanted to scream but my mouth was swamped with the bile of disgust that abscesses boiled from every taste bud. All attempted noise was negated into deafening silence. But that howl had to escape. That howl needed to find an exit. It erupted through the only possible escape route. In my eyes that howl burned with the acidity of denigration.
  • "Check and see if he's still there, please," Holder said. Ignacio rose just high enough to peek over the canvas wagon cover, and he did not turn his head all the way around, just sideways as if he were observing something beside the road. By moving his eyes in their sockets, he could see behind well enough to find out what he wanted to know.
  • "No! Because they would have destroyed you, my lord!" He tried to keep his voice even but he was strangely elated. Hed long wanted to explain everything hed done to Hugh; he wanted no secrets between them. He hadnt envisioned this time, this place, these circumstances but it was all right. Hed get the burden of secrecy off his shoulders and then he and Hugh could start again. "You cared for them more deeply than they cared for youthey wanted only what your money and power could give themthey cared nothing for you as a man!"
  • "So," she dragged out the word, not exactly sure how the phrase the next part, "you wanted to bite me?" Her tone was somewhere between playful and accusatory. For effect, she held out her forearm. She'd applied the last of her healing salve at home and finally had the chance to properly dress the wound. It looked neat and tidy, but Roy still grimaced, knowing what lay beneath the bandages.
  • "And what of all this?" Lucentio is pleased with Tranios preparations, of course, but he wants to hear the boys version.
  • "Forgive me, Mister. He's an old friend of mine and my advisor for the games." She stood up for the poor boy, not truly knowing if he was the one they wanted or not.
  • The judge looked up from under its tiny spectacles and seemed as if it wanted to say something, but thought better of it. "Don't make the guards tear you apart, Silas Ainsley."
  • "Oh, now, that's another question entirely." He wiped his forehead with a handkerchief and continued to dig. "I'm figuring on making us all rich. First, me and Digger'll dig us this hole to China and set up a toll booth at each end. Then any time someone wants to get to Peking or America faster'n by jet plane, they can just pay my toll and jump on through."
  • His knees felt weak when he stood up and his first few steps were clumsy. He tried to make a lot of noise to be sure the cats heard him. He wanted them to leave or stay hidden deep under the rock pile.
  • Part of me wanted to offer to help, yet part of me wanted to keep my shameful secret hidden from the pack. The two desires battled against each other in my mind. "Does Jacob need us there?"
  • "Your blood glucose levels and your electrolytes were all over the place when I checked them at the lab. Ive still got a few tests waiting to come back, but we need to be really careful with you right now." He wiggled out of her embrace and gently put her head on a pillow. Omari wanted to sit up in protest, but that was sounding like a lot of effort at the moment.
  • Directly behind the platform was a tent. A strong consciousness emanated from the tent as if many minds were linked as one. Eertu wanted to explore further but mindsight required visual contact. He could jump from a mind into the tent, but he could not control an individual into moving to a better vantage point.
  • Range let out a sigh. His legs suddenly wanted to give way, and his heartbeat was to the point of bursting.He began to come down from the rush.When Nicodemus heard Range was going north, he expected to go as well. Range reluctantly welcomed his friends assistance, another tool for him to use. On this long journey they would need more than one arm to wield a sword. Selfishness had won out over concern.
  • Today was the day the nomads should have packed up their horses and their wagons and their carts and gone their twelve separate ways, but nobody left. They wanted to hear from her.
  • "I doubt shell ever give him more than a passing glance. Some people think shes a tease, but I personally think she has a boyfriend that goes to a private school somewhere. Of course if thats true, its not serious enough for her to stop flirting and being flirted with. Thats very unfortunate for her admirer over there. Guessshe wants to keep her options open…" Krista finally offered her real assessment of the situation.
  • "We were about your age when Sam got the itch for adventure, and wanted to head south to sign up with a mercenary company, and travel the land. I wanted to go along with him, but my old man was sick, and I had to work as a lumberjack to bring in enough money to keep us fed. So I said my goodbyes to Sam, and we went our separate ways." Aiden turned to face his father, even though the man was still paying attention to the new spokes he was fitting to a wheel.
  • I must admit, the odds were completely stacked against me but that didnt stop me from working my butt off that summer. I worked at a day camp all day and then worked out with free weights and played in basketball leagues at night. I also met this girl at camp named Jocelyn who just graduated high school. She was going to Cornell University in the fall but I was trying to take advantage of every moment we had together. I knew once she headed off to school that I would be just a summer memory. Part of me wanted more, but most of me was focused on recommitting myself both academically and athletically for my sophomore year.
  • Buster sat alone in his Chevy truck, then got out, walking toward Gray. The window was cracked and he only offered that if they wanted him to take Lovie, there was room.
  • "What are you guys doing at the bus stop? Mom wants you to drop me off at school because I have to be there early to set up for the bake sale."
  • Jessa did what she could to tend all the men and work with Eldrin making decisions while her heart traveled with Locheil. Sometimes he lay deathly still, and at other times he tossed and moaned, burning with fever. Jessa did not know which she feared the most. She wanted so badly to find an Earth People Healer, but the Earth People, it seemed, were staying out of their way. Once they reached the villages of the Westlands, the King's People came out with food and comfort for their retreating army. As word spread about the visits from Roxtrianatrix, they would stare at her or bow to her, always from a safe distance.
  • She returned his gaze. Hope rose within her. Surely someone as kind and as caring could not be a party to the atrocities committed by the Great Wizard. She wanted so much to tell him what had happened, to enlist his aid in finding her parents, to tell her how to right the wrongs that had been done. But the time was not right. Besides she wanted to hear the end of his tale. Hopefully by that time she would have found a way to open the sealed chest of her own sorrows.
  • The truth was he was having second thoughts about the plan. Yes, she needed his help and yes, it was not fair that she had been tricked into slavery, Denny had strong opinions on that kind of thingbut ... She would have such a lot of power if she were free. Did he really want to be responsible for unleashing her on an unsuspecting world? Would that be fair on the world? Who knew what she might do? Oh, she said she wanted to save the world, and he believed her, but how would she go about it? It was as she had said; she might look human, but she was not, she was an ancient and powerful Djinn with an altogether different set of values and morals to humansthat fact had been made apparent to him in the alley. She clearly had no problem at all with vigilante justice. Imagine vigilante justice on a worldwide scale.
  • The Worst fell onto Rose with Lovies words. It wasnt Garth wanting a baby or that hed hurt her. He had wanted to marry her! "Jesus Christ! Are you sure?"
  • Monique's lips curled back as she stared at Max's photo. This was the creep that had not been satisfied with abandoning her like the other morons. He had wanted her dead. She would see him rot in hell.
  • "We dont know. We will do whatever we can to prevent it from coming to that, of course. No one, except perhaps King Rivenor, wants to go to battle."
  • 'Yes, I'm sorry to have disturbed you,' said Permission, in a placatory tone. 'It's just thatwelloriginally my companion here just wanted to go home, but now he needs to collect back-taxes for the Creator, and before he can do that he must find Bb.
  • Brad, on the other hand, died well after Sarah and Bill had moved to Arizona. Although they stayed in touch by phone, it was clearly not something Gwen wanted to discuss in depth long distance.
  • Louis and Gladys looked at each other before Gladys finally spoke. "We started to leave. It didn't take long for us to realize there was nowhere to run. The planet will never be habitable, at least not in the way we know it, not for a long, long time. Louis is the former head of the U.S. Aeronautical Space Administration. He had the bright idea that he wanted to die watching the impact first hand."
  • "For one thing, theyre not hostages - you can bet hes not holding them for ransom. He can never let them loose and expect to live, remember? Lets see... heres some possibilities. Start off assuming he wants to take over, wants to be the only god around, or the supreme god anyway - having the former big-cheese gods toady to him would be just his kind of satisfaction. So, a preemptive strike, obviously, and now hes just about won almost before hes begun. But does it end there?" Max stared into space for a moment. "Could he be drawing power from the ones hes got confined? He is, isnt he."
  • The cell phone in my hand had become damp with sweat. "Please, Jess, try to calm down. You can help us by taking care of yourself and the baby. I really think Petie just wants to sound off. He doesnt seem insane to me."
  • Talon spent his time telling him about his brother, his father, Prince Philip, and what he had gone through during the last two years. "My father and brother had been killed and it all comes back to one person, Prince Philip. The irony in this whole thing, Trall, was that the Southern Towne had been retaken; Redderin was ours. There was no reason to go any further. Of course, I would find out later that Prince Philip was acting on his own and I still remember that day so clearly." Talon braced himself against the desk. "Trall, let's take a walk. This room is starting to feel smaller. I wanted to check on my horse and mule anyway."
  • Edward started off, "well first of all, I want to thank you, both of you, for meeting with us. I know its a busy time and Ill try not to take too much of your time." Dispensing with the niceties, he launched into the heart of the matter. "Ill get right to the point, as you know our association represents a number of mining companies. They do business all over the world and have interests and offices in a number of countries. This of course creates a lot of opportunities, but also challenges and obstacles." He continued with what appeared to be a well rehearsed introduction. Jennifer shifted in her seat waiting for the punch line. She always hoped they would just tell her what they wanted and get on with it. "Our members of course accept that they will be subject to the laws of the countries in which they do business. We of course dont object to that. Our problem and what we do object to is restrictions by extranational organizations with contested jurisdiction."
  • "Azriel," he croaked in hoarse whisper. His head turned slowly, and when his eyes met mine, I jumped back in revulsion. I couldnt help it, my stomach tightened, and I suddenly wanted to flee. It wasnt that he looked sickly or ugly. He was almost too handsome, with sharp hawkish features, that couldnt be disguised by the layers of grime covering his face. But despite his prettiness, his eyes were not right; they were too large, and all black. I knew he wasnt right, wasnt human. How strange. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, steadying myself.
  • Sy offered one more reminder to the delver about the challenges he faced. "Remember, the people in Pinesway knew raids like this were coming. They still wanted to stay. Although you might want to, sometimes you cant save people from themselves. You have to let them be."
  • "I totally agree. The Red Cross, for example, wanted to have 100% certainty that the blood they were providing did not have any chance of containing HIV, so every effort was made to screen all blood donors who could possibly be infected."
  • I tried to scrounge up what I had written in this one. Very likely something mind-numbingly embarrassing and slightly incriminating: in short, not something I wanted in Gwydion's hands.
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