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Dil: İngilizce
Ekler: wants/want·ed/want·ing
Türü: sıfat


s. istenen, aranan.

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  • all of the Elven dragons that theyd seen were bright, vibrant colors, most assigned here in part because of that. The Elves wanted humanity to see a brighter, nicer side to the dragon, but Sydin was here because house Evindass was currently in charge of this dome.
  • "He's free Grahamas," Valaira said, dragging her hand down one of the sporadic patches of scales still on the creature's body. "Free from the cold, dark place you sent him," she smiled, "He wants vengeance. And he will have it, the moment you give me H…" but a quickly fired bolt driven into her chest ceased her words. Lanyanat the front of the groupflicked his wrist and locked another into the chamber, prepared to shoot again.
  • My heart sank. I had strong feelings for Ash and I felt like ripping his head off for even thinking of her like that. It was like a blow to the stomach. Yet I knew he was right. Jason wanted a partner. By law she was right for him, not me. I was supposed to continue fucking and killing humans as needed. After all, how could someone actually care about a monster like me?
  • As I finished up the dishes, I could hear Mark in the girls' room telling them a bedtime story. When he was a child, his father had read him a book about a gentleman rabbit named Uncle Wiggly. Megan and Cassidy loved to hear Uncle Wiggly stories but I was pretty sure that the stories Mark told had only the character's name in common with the book his father read him. Mark asked them every night what story they wanted to hear, and they would get to make up a title. Tonight it was "Uncle Wiggly and the Steve Bong."
  • Stroma said, "Oh, thats what the shrine is called. The Dimmurians wanted a different name when the place was commissioned."
  • "No," Betsy sighed. "No, its just that I get my stupid period, and its like a slap in my face. Guess what we cant do, again! But I cant talk to him about it because he doesnt wanna hear it. He wants to hear the Phillies win in seven, well, screw baseball!"
  • Not now, Jack,’ George emphasised. ‘Ill be with you presently.’ He returned his attention to Agnes. ‘Now, Miss Wentworth,’ he said condescendingly, ‘what is it you wanted to say?’
  • I didnt like where this was leading. My alter ego was the one whod destroyed the lab, and I was sure he hadnt done it with an eye toward helping the world. Whatever theyd been working on in that laboratory was not unfamiliar to Iskendarian; the Karlini gang even had his notes on hand with them. Iskendarian had wanted his papers back and at least he hadnt gotten them - as far as I knew theyd gone to embers along with everything else in the place. But how much could he do on his unaugmented own?
  • As Sarah realizes whats coming, the nausea returns. Shes not sure she wants to see the rest, but knows she cant leave. Sam wouldnt understand.
  • I was curious myself and thought it wouldn't hurt to watch it from a discrete distance. We found a deserted alleyway and I pulled out my PDA and searched through the menu for the app that I wanted and activated it.
  • I struggled to my feet, having to fall on the floor first to manage it. Helices and flaming balls and the sharp flashes of released energies were still rolling down through the top of the staircase. I was aware of the blood flowing down my left hand and the fiery mass of bruises along my front, but I wasnt going to let a little pain stop me now. The man fighting upstairs was my big hope for getting loose from Gashanatantra. If I was going to get him to do that, though, the thing he had to do first was deal with the aura Id set loose from the ring. I grabbed up the sword Monoch with my right hand. The sword was more sluggish than usual - it tried to do its turning-my-arm-inside-out number but its heart wasnt in it; all it really wanted to do now was lay around and digest. "Shut up and cooperate," I growled at it, and I was just starting toward the stairs when the wall into the temple and that side of the ceiling fell in.
  • The fighters were still making passes over the smoldering ground as they disappeared from Stansview. He felt strangely ill at ease but was at a loss to explain why. There was something surrealistic about the whole scene. The double paned window could just as easily have been a television screen with a broken volume adjustment or the airliner a flying movie theatre. The trimly dressed stewardesses with their manufactured faces and cotton candy hair looked more like mannequins than real people. They were within sight of the war and yet could not have been more removed from it. Stans looked forward to the day when he would be something more than just an observer of the war. He wanted to be a part of all the sweat and danger that the war had to offer. He wanted to do his part.
  • This Monday, two days after that work in the library, I met my buyer. We met in a pub. in one last effort to come to terms. He was a thin faced, mean minded man; his suit a combination of slight fashion and high street economy, his tie a Christmas present given by someone without taste or thought. He came into control of his own family business quite young and on little merit, with a balance sheet in one hand and ambition in the other. Now he wanted to increase his business at the expense of mine, without effort or cost to himself.
  • He knew who he really wanted as his father, had known for over half his life. He still remembered the feeling he had when he first heard the stern, authoritative voice of the actor Reginald Vel Johnson sayingno, commanding – "Go home, Steve. Go home, go home, go home."
  • Omaris adventurous side was actually one of the things that usually made her and Noah so compatible. As an E.R. doctor, it was no surprise that he was an adrenaline junkie. He enjoyed going spontaneous and sometimes dangerous adventuresanything extreme was typically an enjoyable time for him, and he loved that Omari could keep up with him and then some. Until recently, at least. Now everyone wanted to encase her in some glass bubble like she was a fragile porcelain doll. Considering how many times shed broken her body or nearly died, she wasnt doing a good job of convincing them otherwise. And so at the end of the day it seemed that she was both the child, and a childs broken doll all in one. Great.
  • Meena looked at Geret again, her eyes heavy with age. "I never had the luxury of questing simply because I wanted to. I have sought a remedy for the Limbless Plague, a lost king whose throne was stolen by an evil usurper, and a prophesied child who was supposedly destined to reunite an empire in ruins. I have quested for truth, for justice, and for love. I have quested for things, for people, and for my own sanity. You name it, Geret, Ive probably quested after it.
  • Betzalel reached a hand towards Johan, signaling that he wanted to stand. Johan grabbed his arm and hauled him to his feet where he steadied for a breath. "That creature was a Maveth. One of the Overlord's assassins, though I have not heard of them being in use for centuries. It seems you have an enemy you did not realize."
  • Even if pleased to have his suspicions allayed, part of Sallis almost wanted Barten to be something evil. When had he become so jealous?
  • "Mom looked like she wanted to tell him yes, go ahead, call his bluff, but he was too good at it. She broke. ‘No, its not,’ she said. ‘Ill take her home and deal with her there.’
  • Benjin came to her side and placed a hand on her shoulder. She supposed he was trying to reassure her, but it felt like compulsion, as if he were trying to persuade her to make the sacrifice. She wanted to rebel against him and her grandmother, to lash out and make them regret asking this of her, but a vision of her mother came to her. Strong and proud, she said nothing, but her eyes commanded Catrin to be noble, to take the lives of her subjects in her hands and cradle them, just as she had cradled Catrin those many years ago. And mostly, she seemed to ask Catrin to do that which her mother had failed to do: accept the responsibility of her birthright and protect those who needed her.
  • "Im happy to hear that," Consprite laughed. "I didnt want to ruin any false hopes. The truth of the matter is that you are anything but saved. You wanted to know why I was here. I am here for a good long time, and no one is leaving this place until I send them away. You see, the serp that now rules Connel is in need of some humans. It seems he made a deal with a sorceress out in the desert. This sorceress wishes to practice her newfound craft, but there really isnt anything out in the desert other than some scorpions. She needs something a bit bigger. Knowing you as well as I do, I felt you and your followers would be perfect for the task. The serp asked me to select ten of your followers and send them to the Lacobian so they might assist the sorceress in her practice. What do you think about that?"
  • There wasnt time to mourn. The city was in turmoil and I had to escape if I wanted to see my family again. I climbed the metal stairs to the top of the five-story building. Looking back on it, I suppose I should've gone over to the ladder to lower it to 13th Avenue and save whomever I could, but I didnt. I didnt understand what was going on at the time, and my survival instinct took over. How was I supposed to know the people attacking each other were zombies? How was I supposed to know they couldnt climb a ladder? At the time, it seemed like this disease or virus or whatever it was just turned people into homicidal maniacs.
  • I will never be completely sure why I did it. Perhaps I wanted some validation, someone to recognize me. Perhaps I was just bored with the status quo. Whatever the reason I did something that I had not done since my amateur days when I still had a flair for the dramatic. "Do you know who I am?" I asked him.
  • "Im not sure." I just wanted to get away and experience life on my own. I wasnt going to share my life with the pack for one more day. I wanted to feel things by myself, and not to be ashamed to question things. When Sam had imprinted on Emily all those years ago, I had had a right to be angry. Being in the pack had denied me the right to express myself. I would not go home until the wolf in me was gone forever.
  • "Damn right that's my answer. She threw me out on the street and took everything I own. And now that she's in trouble, she wants to get me back so she can take my money. I'm not a fucking credit card she can use whenever she wants to buy something; she can take care of herself like I took care of myself."
  • Sy entered the debate cautiously, made a point of his own, a consideration of the humans in Burbon. "I don't know much of these shadow trees, but I do know the dwarves are a threat. They attacked us. They attacked the elves. You can't fault them for wanting to defend themselves. The dwarves want to kill us, all of us."
  • Even though she wasnt fluent in Dutch, the meaning of the news flash on the television at the other end of the room was clear. She span her barstool round and watched riveted, as images of herself and Paul filled the screen. She concentrated, listening hard to the news readers rapid Dutch, informing her that Paul had avoided capture in Paris, and was now, like her, a wanted Terrorist.
  • Barry fucking started talking about Troys gee and how to increase it and then have sex with Commander Troy in various unusual positions. Emmett became darker and his introspection descended deeper into the deep caverns from which few venture and fewer return. The deep underwater squids. He wanted to catch one and stop its inky blackness upsetting his internal and carefully maintained personal chemistry. Wring its neck.
  • Chloe made an obviously intense effort. "I think I hate the way he looks at it," she said. "He doesn't care about it, only about the way it works. He doesn't care about Suleiman--or Charlemagne--or... He only wants to see what it will do."
  • Not wanting the girl to disappear, he didn't take the chance of leaving the front porch. Neither did he want her to be upset. He couldn't hear anything from inside. And there was nothing from inside his head. She seethed with internal wrath. Bits of red haze surrounded her consciousness and made it impossible for him to penetrate it.
  • Kirby said thoughtfully: "I wanted to tell you this, Connell, because I think Wendel is mixed up with this murder someway. I know you're in the clear, of course. But I don't know anything about him."
  • "Well, kind of like that, but this is for people. Its a complete change from thinking dad is my father, to knowing God is my father. Jesus said in Matthew 18:3-4, ‘Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.’ No question about it, Jesus wanted change. People had to be transformed to enter the kingdom. Gosh, he just had to give them a way to do it."
  • It occurred to her at that moment that the miles-high wall of glowing flame was heatless. It was heatless! The light it cast upon the waters shimmered blindingly, the sun a minor round spot rising above itbut there was no heat at all coming from it! Maggie wanted to think more on this miracle, but the sounds of distant explosions behind her ripped her attention away, brought her to pray impulsively again:
  • The army behind us didnt move but stiffened with terror. Why werent they fighting? I wanted to scream at them, "Fight back you cowards!" Tears rolled down my face, and I wiped them away with my fingers. The wetness was gold against my skin.
  • "I started out singin' professional back in Georgia in the early '50s. I was just a dumb kid then, fresh in off the farm. My mama and daddy were sharecroppers. They got old early from all the hard work in the fields every day. I wanted a lot more than that from my life. Anything that didn't look like breakin' my back looked good to me. I could sing, and that was my ticket out.
  • They lay in the disheveled mass of the bedspread, letting the covers absorb the rest of the stray droplets of water from their bodies. Omari tucked her head in against Noahs shoulder and wrapped her legs across his body. She felt relaxed enough that she was afraid that she might fall asleep if they stayed like that too long. She wanted to ask him what hed found out at the lab, but she didnt want to wreck the wonderful peace by bringing up bad omens again.
  • At sea the day proved bright and clear. Swann stood alone at the aft end of the freight deck, his attitude announcing he wanted no company.
  • He shrugged. A loner all his life, he found it difficult to return the banter his shipmates considered the norm. He was, however, becoming closer to these three people than he had ever been to anyone before. He was actually finding that he liked them and wanted to be liked by them.
  • I'd gone back and forth, both with myself, and with Rachel, on how much to dress up. Going in normal street clothes would've cheapened the experience, but I hadn't wanted to stick out too much from the rest of the kids, all of whom I'd been pretty sure would be in shorts and polo's.
  • "We knew nothing of it when we started from Moscow. I did not dare to ask about him. Then suddenly Sonya told me he was traveling with us. I had no idea and could not imagine what state he was in, all I wanted was to see him and be with him," she said, trembling, and breathing quickly.
  • "He doesnt want me," Ivy said, her eyes narrowing. "He wants you. Just like everyone else. Its always about you, Reychel. When is it going to be about me?"
  • The buzzing in Sashas head was driving her nuts. Her breath caught and she excused herself. Walking away from the group still intently looking at Legon, she walked out of their clearing and past the trees that blocked them from view. She stood alone looking at the blank hilly landscape. Trembling, with her head still buzzing, she held her hand out, palm up. She looked at it, never having done this before, not wanting to do it, but she had to
  • "I shot him," said the district attorney, "with Exhibit A of your counterfeiting case. Lucky thing for me -- and somebody else -- that it was as bad money as it was! It sliced up into slugs very nicely. Say, Kil, can't you go down to the jacals and find where that Mexican girl lives? Miss Derwent wants to know."
  • Towards the back of the crowd he saw a tight little group of Councilmen; William Claiborne, Samuel Mathews, Richard Bennett, George Menefie and William Pierce. Robert stiffened a little when he saw them. These men were good friends and business associates of Francis Tyler and it had been assumed that the brothers would follow in Tylers footsteps, sharing the same political views and business ventures. Robert felt the same respect that he would always have for them and as with Menefie, he wanted to remain on good terms with the lot of them. While Robert didnt have any political aspirations himself, he could still learn much from them. They had all been in the colony for many years and each had thriving plantations and controlled the trade with England. Robert knew it would be foolish to alienate them, but by associating with the Yeardley brothers, he feared he might have already done that.
  • "The same old hippie pipe dream," sighed Freek. "That was why we wanted everyone to take drugs and get high, remember? It's the only way you can have that kind of world."
  • She turned and opened the cupboard drawer to her left and withdrew a small slip of paper. She hadn't wanted to use this, to call the number listed on this ripped off bit of stiff, white paper. She'd jotted it down just to be polite, to keep from making waves. She was one of those sorts who hated giving someone a "no." But she'd never had any intention of following through with the gentleman's suggestion.
  • Of course, the damage Shaa had already suffered through past injudicious use of conjuration was probably permanent; nevertheless, one must look forward, not behind, unless one wants to do nothing but fall over ones feet. And it was a near-certainty that Arznaak would reinstate the curse eventually. However, he might also - most probably did also - have other plans that needed prosecution first. So by the time Arznaak got around to the curse again many things could be different.
  • "Dylan doesnt know the reason. He says Rhirid doesnt know it. They only know the earl hates Lord William as much as they do and he wants to destroy Rhuddlan and Lord William in it." Goewyn looked at the other woman anxiously. "Does this ease your mind a little with regard to Rhirid?"
  • "I jumped in the air and changed into a hawk and kept climbing until I couldn't breathe anymore. And then I plunged into the ocean, picking speed as I bulleted downward, wanting to crash my head into any unforgiving surface.
  • Pearl continued. ‘Louie its mainly to do with the fact that the community has grown so much in the past two years that I wanted to talk to you and see what you think’.
  • "That's only the half of it," Colt continued. "Mona thought of me as a typical savage human, told me so, then left. That was the last time I saw her, 'cause Armin had me take a leave of absence. For all I know, she never wants to speak to me again. But I still love her Aiden, and it tears me up inside."
  • That last bit she read directly from my file. She paused and flipped through several more pages, then looked up, her eyes meeting mine for the first time. She had caramel-colored eyes that were almost hypnotic. I wanted to look away, but I couldn't.
  • She was my perfectly imperfect person, completely mortal in every way. She breathed and I felt it. Her heart palpitated and I listened on completely enchanted. I have never had the desire to be an everything to anyone, but now I had unexpectedly discovered I wanted to be something for a single someone. I felt it burning from my skin inwards and my center outwards. Two fuses running towards a stick of dynamite: I was happy.
  • Better than the group he had today. There was Mr. Glenn, first name unknown, who was a fisherman and braggart. He'd caught a twelve-inch trout and thought he had a trophy fish. There was Mr. Glenn's friend, who liked to tell jokes about Polish men he hadn't met, and then when he had drunk all the beer they'd brought on board, he retold the jokes, the second time far worse than the first. Then he'd tried to pinch Camille's butt, and Gabriel had to discourage him. And then there was Mrs. Glenn, whose first name Gabriel didn't want to know. But she wanted to know his first name and some things he didn't want to share. She wouldn't have minded a few more minutes alone with him in the galley of the Belle-Mere with her hands running all over Gabriel's upper body.
  • "We wanted to highlight the risks," says council chairman Wolfgang Franz, who is also president of the Center for European Economic Research, known by its German acronym, ZEW.
  • I contemplated all the steps of my life and how I got to the point of drinking by myself and hating everything. It didnt seem that long ago that my life felt relatively good. What had happened? What had changed? Had I changed or was it the circumstances around me that had changed? Whatever changed, I wanted to find a way to change it back. I needed to change it back. I wondered if I had enough whiskey to change it back. Thats when I noticed the bottle was empty.
  • Nat asked a few more questions, but Erika snuck from her spot, Summer not scolding. Then Nat walked away, leaving Summer with her sisters, John and Milt. As an installment of "The Rutabaga Queen" began, Summer whispered another story, the bits she could manage to repeat. She gripped her mug, warming her fingers, wishing Dan would return, wanting him to hold her, tell her it was over. It wasnt, a long ways from that, but some part had been laid to rest, maybe only Jody. But that was something, Summer considered.
  • "You wanted someone to find the artifact and carry it out of here, so you could take it away from them. It would be easier that way."
  • He shook his head. He wanted to remind her if it was the same side, she would be able to see the remains of her beloved Onsho. For some reasonhe didn't.
  • Kaymin watched with relief as she finally seemed to realize that she was pushing the wizard toward a place where no one wanted to see him go. She shifted on the chair and looked away, apparently opting to say nothing further rather than apologize.
  • "I shouldn't press Miss Burnett to stop if she wants to go," Sir Giles said. "The station is about the fourth turning on the right."
  • Another time a lady came into the store claiming she wanted to return a CD. The store policy at the time said that all products being returned get a little yellow sticker at the door so customer service would know it was brought from outside the store. The lady took the CD back to the computer department and transferred the little yellow sticker from her $14.99 CD onto a $1499.99 iMac computer. Then she tried to return the computer, but since she didnt have a receipt with it, the store sent her home, with the iMac. Once the store figured out what had happened a company wide policy was implemented which changed the little yellow sticker policy to a multi-coloured sticker policy. Each colour represented a specific price range. A week later some asshole tried a similar thing, but when the computer didnt have the right coloured sticker, he was busted.
  • "Like I told you before, we will get through this together," he declared with obvious sincerity. I wanted to tell him how much it meant to me that he was here for me, but words werent enough. He placed his hand on my knee, and I deflated under his penetrating gaze. "Now, what did you see?"
  • But I could feel him, the whole time we were there. I was so intensely aware of him watching me. I wanted to leap out of my seat and march over to him, demanding to know what this was about.
  • Trish. Jacob could see her, hair pulled up, wearing her white robe and curled up on her couch with two large pillows propping her up. She always did that when she was upset. More than anything else, he just wanted to see her again. Even the picture in his wallet would be enough. He took a deep breath then said quietly "How long have I been here Don?"
  • Her father was unflinching as he faced her, leaning back in his chair. "Exactly what I said, Aradia. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could do that. I'd need a court order just to get in there myself."
  • "She wants us to I.D. ever-body who buys a pack of cigarettes," Marta said. "You believe that? Says ever-body, no matter what you THINK their age is."
  • He added: "The Muslim Brotherhood, whose members were the main victims in the Hama and Homs massacres, where Hafez al-Assad ordered the killing of thousands of people, is considered the most ardent opponent of the Baath regime. The Muslim Brotherhood movement is strongly opposed to modernization and secularization. It wants to reestablish an Islamic state under the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah for an Islamic society. But the game is played between the barracks and the mosque there, too. The choices the country has represent a dilemma between secularism and Shariah. However, the choice offered Egypt should be for democracy and Shariah [not secularism and Shariah] because democracy is inherently secular. With the recent uprising in Syria, this discussion has re-emerged.
  • He liked that. Her concern. He wanted to say something nice to her, but it was difficult with Raymond sitting next to him. Incredibly, she read his hesitation perfectly.
  • "And he will comply, if he wants to trade in India." Arangbar turned to Nadir Sharif. "Order a horse for the Inglish. He will ride with us today. And have the woman Shirin sent to the zenana."
  • "Yeah, I think our whole family is getting into it. Katie said she wants to figure out the rest of the story herself. We talked about the biggest puzzle of all. Just for fun I offered her a prize if she could solve it."
  • I looked over to him, wanting to tell him how much I loved him. But he was concentrating very hard, trying to find the wolf within. Maybe he could find it again after all this time. To my surprise, he started to tremble, the way he used to. I was shocked to see him like this. It had been so long.
  • "Hi, Randi," Tommy said. "Just wanted to let you know Im in Madelines office. Whats the situation over there?"
  • "I know what hes thinking. Even now, he still wants to believe the kidnapping was some kind of prank gone amoka plot cooked up by jealous teammates who somehow hooked up with jealous Cubans. He cant fathom the idea that prominent American politicians or baseball executives could have been behind it. He told me that when the abduction began, despite his terror and disbelief, it felt like a huge practical joke. In fact, the first thought he had when he came to in a jail cell in Havana was, how far will these clowns go?"
  • The effect of this episode on Archie's mind was that his mother understood, and his father didn't. The prospect of a whipping had not made him falter in his resolve not to say he was sorry, so long as he wasn't sorry, but the moment his mother had put his misdeeds in a sensible light, he saw them sensibly, and would not have minded being whipped if by that drastic method he could have borne witness to the reality of his sorrow. But only three days later he received six smart cuts with that horrible cane for climbing onto the unparapetted roof of the house out of his bedroom window, which he had been expressly forbidden to do. But then there was no question of being sorry or not--as a matter of fact he was not--summary justice was executed for mere disobedience, and before doing the same thing again he added up the pleasure of going on the roof, and balanced it against the pain inflicted on the tight seat of his sailor-trousers as he bent over a chair, and found it wanting.
  • Rommus touched the wall and she was astounded to see it open easily. He said nothing but walked inside, holding it open for her. She wanted to tell him how amazed she was that he could do that; that it looked like he was able to use magic, but she said nothing and followed him down the wooden stairs. Soft candlelight lit their way.
  • ('She's stalling for time. You got her goat. She wants to deliver a parting knock out punch, not just some pithy throw away,' Harvey said.)
  • "Not yet! Let me make sure its safe." They wanted to check the damage for themselves. He told them to wait and give them an ok. Connor looked at Jack who then glanced at their impatient women. He looked back and nodded to make sure it was safe for them even though he still seemed somewhat shaken.
  • Aurora stood in stunned silence and Marthe continued. "Mom, if youd come to me three or four hours earlier, Id have said go for it, do what you gotta do. But now, oh God, now its all different. Mom, if nothing else, go home. You pray, Ill pray. See how you feel in the morning. If you still want to leave, my guest beds all yours. But Mom, please give it one night. One little night for me, for me and Nate." And for Frank, Marthe wanted to add, but didnt.
  • Garyn snorted wryly. "Far from it. Tar-Tan is a barbaric country and we had trouble from the moment we entered it. Men wanted to buy Sellaris, they wanted to keep the horses, raiders tried to steal the horses once we had themit was a nightmare and Sellaris thrived on it. We delivered the horses, returned to Reed, got our money, and then Sellaris requested another job. He gave us another assignment, and another, and another, until we were taking the horses from the very borders of Akarska. The more dangerous the job, the better Sellaris liked it. We have been running horses for four years now."
  • But the feeling behind that shudder twists. An urge builds. Some part of him wants to climb over the rail. A pressure builds inside his head. His heart pounds. His breathing deepens.
  • "It was all they could do to rescue the poor man," continued the visitor. "And to think it is Cyril Vladimirovich Bezukhov's son who amuses himself in this sensible manner! And he was said to be so well educated and clever. This is all that his foreign education has done for him! I hope that here in Moscow no one will receive him, in spite of his money. They wanted to introduce him to me, but I quite declined: I have my daughters to consider."
  • "A knight, you say? Sir Tristan? Not a very lordly name, is it Rennir?" Rennir does not speak, but grunts in agreement. The Necromancer gestures to Rennir for Alastor's claymore. Slowly the Necromancer examines the blade carefully, not wanting to miss any details, running his finger along its length. "Oh, I do believe you lied to me. This is not the standard weapon of the men in your court, Gawain."
  • "Your mother, Servia…. she loved you so much. I wanted to love you, I did, but the Military State wouldn't allow it. You know the State! Can you imagine a Commander sneaking out every night to see his wife and child? No, that would be impossible."
  • "What is that?" Edeline wanted to know as she inspected her body for damage. There was blood on her hands and she stared at it.
  • Sy rubbed his chin, considered the whole of the news brought by the delver. "I'll have to take a look at that. I don't think there'll be a problem with building another tower, especially if it helps keep the goblins away, but what bothers me is that shag. What's a shag doing with a serp and a pack of goblins? I though shags ate goblins. And even if we build a sixth tower, a shag might not care if we see it coming or not. If it wants to attack, it may run right up to the gate."
  • Although the memo was complete and well supported, she wasnt satisfied. She felt she was missing something. Why would the mining industry feel threatened by the ICC, she thought. It was no great leap that members of the industry did business with countries with questionable human rights records and even dictators who may be wanted by the Court. Sudan came to mind. A direct link between the industry and the Court would prove the case, she thought. The Senator would think twice before being associated with a company linked to war crimes.
  • The procession wound away, taking everyone but me and Gardt Wentik, with whom my uncle wanted nothing more to do. The three of us strolled toward our home, where Mother had promised him room and board for a day or two.
  • Michelles eyes opened wide with fright. She wanted to scream for her friend, but could not force air from her lungs. She could only watch as her best friend made her way toward the safety of her house. Suddenly she felt the moist cloth pressed against her lips and nose before quietly slipping into unconsciousness. The last thing Michelle had seen was the excited face of her captor.
  • I wondered now, if I was extra conscious of my own reactions simply from having listened to her. Empathetic listening, wasnt that one of the terms on that website? And Id empathized it right into my own psyche now, my nerves jangled as if wired to the tension of everyone pressed around me. Whatever you wanted to call it, some extra dimensional tapping of others, energy fields or plain misplaced anxiety, it was no fun for the person experiencing the sensations.
  • She gasped as I looked down. I had drawn a scene I had always wanted to forget. It was a black wolf and a chocolate brown wolf observing two fighting wolves. One was plain grey and boring, while the other had sleek white fur and violet eyes, me. You could tell the she-wolf was strong, swifter, and more powerful. They were crouched, ready to fight.
  • She writhed inwardly. She loved Roland, and that made any closeness with Amalric impossible. She wanted to offer Amalric some comfort - the wrongdoing was not all on his side - but she did not want to utter another lie.
  • "Obviously I don't want you to make disrupting my class a habit, but that isn't why I wanted to talk to you. Your studies are coming along nicely, and I've heard quite a few good things about you from other sources, so I'd like to offer you a job."
  • Sam and I had branched off from our six-layer lunch group once the layers started peeling away. Cal was the first to leave R&R as a result of the pressures of living around wealth. Although he had a secure job that paid adequately, Cal and his wife wanted more. Cal resigned so he could take a position at a brokerage firm, where he would be working 60% more hours for a 20% increase in pay. I suppose he was headed for a slow climb up the social ladder.
  • "Yeah. Dan…" Summer wanted to ask if her childrens forward manners werent a hindrance, but Dans look of anticipation wasnt only to lovemaking. Far more complicated were his emotions, something tapped, maybe for the first time. Fatherhood had reached into him, Summer recognizing the long-term implications in Dans eyes. Jody had held a similar gaze when all three kids were born. Yet, he hadnt been able to stay.
  • Joff stood by the fire, wondering if he should sit down. He wanted to ask Coursa what they were going to do but Jain was still bawling on Coursas shoulder. "I guess Ill go and dig a grave for Airk and Grima then," Joff finally muttered.
  • "Hes alright," Garza answered, which was a compliment when an enlisted man was talking about an officer. "Hes pretty strict but as long as you do your job hes fair. Hes West Point though and he wants a promotion. Officers only do six months in the field and unless we get some action, hell be gone before Division ever knows he exists. He keeps volunteering for something hotter. Hes a decent enough guy but hed trade a lot of lives for a new set of oak leaves."
  • I couldnt tell her about the eyes that reflected back at me, reminding me of my time in Volterra. These were the eyes I never wanted to see again.
  • Diane explained what she wanted from me; then everyone rehearsed together, while Stogie personally crabbed the camera dolly back and forth and in and out with an ease that denied his age and bulk. At times like this a cast and crew are like a team in the Super Bowl, merging deep individual concentration with an almost psychic communication among the company - becoming, temporarily, a huge single organism.
  • " Three goons are dead. Transmission system is destroyed after passing on the information I wanted to pass. There is no way how Thyagrajan can confirm the news until he comes to know what happened at Dhanushpalayam. And the fact is they accepted the message of our death only because they were anticipating the same message. For now we are dead for your bloody organisation and now there is no reason why Janaki should remain in your custody. Ask him to release her and he will be too happy to do so..."
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