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Kelime, sayı veya tarih giriniz.
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Okunuşu: / trʌɪɪŋ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Türü: sıfat


s. yorucu, sabır tüketici, sinirlendirici, sıkıcı.

trying için örnek cümleler:

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  • He turned and ran against the crush of his peers. He was certainly the only one trying to get back into the house. He peeked over his shoulder as he ran, obviously feeling a little guilty at having left Aradia. Then he was back inside.
  • "Well, I havent talked to them in a few monthsI mean I havent been necessarily trying with me not doing as good as they would have liked in school," Jack says, mentally suppressing the urge to slap himself for such an understatement regarding his school performance.
  • "Well," remarked Josh with a yawn, "by this time Jules is beginning to understand that we don't mean to handle him with gloves if he runs afoul of us. While he may keep on trying as hard as ever to get that paper in his hands, it'll be through some sneaky way, and not in a stand-up fight. Schemers like him seldom do feel like facing the men they aim to beat. I'm keeping an eye out for Jules; and say, if ever I do get a chance to give him my compliments you listen to what he says about it; that's all."
  • One wolf, more gaunt and rugged and grey than the others, with black lips and red tongue and bloodshot eyes, moved about the circle uneasily as if trying to screw up its craven spirit to the sticking point. The others evidently regarded this one as their leader, for they hung back from him a little, and kept a watchful eye on his movements. So did Vixen, the mare. She kept her tail always turned towards him, looking savagely back at him with her great eyes glittering, her ears laid flat, and her heels ready.
  • Legon felt every emotion coursing through him. On the one hand he was mad that he hadnt been told this, but on the other he knew his parents were just trying to protect him. He understood the desire to protect the ones you love; when he thought about it, he didnt know if could have handled this news when he was younger. Still, something didnt seem right. Where had his birth father been in this whole affair? He had to know about the hiding place and had to know that his son was missingunless he was killed too, and Edis, Brack, and Arkin hadnt found the body.
  • That's a pity, rejoined the tyrant regretfully, "for if we only knew that, we should have a clew that might lead to our discovering the truth about this most suspicious affair. It is only too evident that some one is trying to put you out of the way, quibuscumque viis, as the pedant would say. Although we unfortunately have no proof of it, I am very much inclined to think that this same carriage belongs to his lordship, the Duke of Vallombreuse, who wished to indulge himself in the pleasure of driving over the body of his enemy in his chariot, in true classical and imperial style."
  • Lifting the engine hood Dave took one look inside and gulped with relief. Messerschmitt bullets had not touched the American built engine. A quick glance down at the priming can in the dead man's stiff hand told Dave he had been trying to start the engine when the Messerschmitt first dived. Perhaps he had throttled too much, and stalled the engine. There was no way of knowing that, and no time to wonder about it. If there was something else wrong, and the priming can didn't do the trick, then he and Freddy could at least save the boat from being slammed up against the rocks.
  • Count Hendrick Luitken and I now stepped forward, and, the rapiers living been handed to us, we fell to the task of I trying to kill one another according to the rules of the duello.
  • He sighed. "Omari, I know youre planning on trying to escape. Or if youre not planning on it, youre at least thinking about it. I told you, I gave you a very large dose of drugs. In fact Im incredibly surprised that you woke up so quickly. You should have been out most of the rest of the night. If you try to fly away, either you wont get far, or youll really injure yourself. Can you just trust me for now?"
  • He gave himself a few minutes to relax as his navigational computer scanned the open space trying to find a nearby system. After long moments, the computer switched to a star recognition program and fixed the scout's position without having wave scanned a single object in space.
  • As a result, automakers are trying to work with fire departments and educators around the country to train rescuers in new techniques and inform them about potential risks in person or with an avalanche of information and diagrams.
  • All my fears and doubts about being able to maintain balance in my life, it turns out, were well-founded. For one thing, I'm teaching six classes. The mere task of trying to learn a hundred and eighty names so that I can call on my students properly instead of, "you, the boy in the blue shirt" is difficult. Some seasoned teachers have techniques for this challenge. One takes pictures of students, in groups of five, prints them, labels them, and takes them home to study. Another teacher has each student create a name card, and for the first two weeks she walks around the room and says each students name while studying their faces. Another teacher has assigned seating and strictly enforces it for the first few weeks, as it helps with name recognition to identify a person with their location in the room.
  • Both shots had struck the bear, one through its ribs and chest, the other hitting its near hip. What a wonder it was able to run off at all, much less at good speed. Further, three musket balls had found it, evidence of goodor luckyshooting. One had carved a furrow above its eyes, and might have contributed to its mis-aim when trying to hide. The beast had not gone far, lying down and dying shortly beyond view. Yet the bacon stayed in its teeth.
  • I wasnt trying to listen to their conversation, but I couldnt block it out. It was so annoying and yet too close to me to ignore.
  • "Thats too far!" wailed Todd. "I already walked like seven years today." Hed actually spent about an hour and a half walking from his parentshouse to Subway with a three hour nap on a public bench on the way. He reasoned with himself that itd been a long, trying day, and he needed every bit of rest he could get. "DAMN it," he shouted, wishing he could really stop this cussing habit hed picked up. "I wish I had my car that I was saving up for!"
  • "I wonder how old Blinkie will look?" said Bob, trying to picture the jackdaw as he would appear when conscious of his owner's return; and then, deciding in his own mind that the only tribute of affection which he might expect would, most probably, be a sharp peck from Blinkie's beak, he added, "I dare say he won't remember me at all!"
  • Antony regards her with open affection. "Let us go," he says quietly, trying to take her by the hand. "Come, our separation abides and flies, so that thou, residing here, goest yet with meand I, hence fleeting, here remain with thee!"
  • The ship is on fire, a glowing beacon in the oceans wide abyss. She also notices there is another ship, and its partially sticking into the side of the Cosmos, which is much lower in the water than Summers ever seen. Were sinking, she realizes in horror, frozen in place. If the woman looks up shell be able to clearly see Summer standing there. A few seconds pass with her mouth wide open, her mind frantically trying to put the pieces together. But all she can think about is Landon and if hes okay.
  • She followed Francesca around the side of the building where the Korean restaurateurs had pointed her towards. True to expectations, it was dark and forbidding, and Omari heard more chunks of glass and cans crunching beneath her feet in the gloom. Once her eyes adjusted, she was able to see a set of double metal doors with a strong iron bolt with a massive chain lock strung across the front for good measure. It certainly looked like someone was trying to protect something either valuable or secret inside it. Even for this neighborhood, the security looked excessive.
  • Jack's face darkened. "It was, though it was one of the worst kinds there are. They're what we classify as an abomination. When a powerful vampire tries to turn someone that was very good in life - and I'm talking about someone who dedicated their life to serving others and trying to better the world - it takes a long, long time for the corpse to turn into something that can rise from the grave. The hatred the powerful vampire had has time to fester, though, and when the vampire rises it rises as an abomination, even to other vampires. It's a shell of a being, open to any force that can take advantage of it. It's easy for ghosts to possess this being, and as many as seven or eight ghosts can inhabit a single being in this state."
  • Certainly it's a scheme! added Shadow. "It puts me in mind of a story I once heard about a fellow down South who stole three watermelons, and----But, oh, pshaw! what's the use of trying to tell a story now? I'm going to cut them out until we get this thing settled," he added, in disgust.
  • Many hours did the Englishmen spend in trying to discover the inner Temple of Hydas, but its secret baffled all their efforts, neither were they able to find any parts of the broken slab which might have aided them in their search. They were equally unsuccessful in getting any trace of Appoyas, who had so suddenly disappeared while his cry of revenge was ringing through the Cave of Hydas.
  • On the weekend I had a meaningless little paper to write for Sociology class worth 10% and I gave it 10% worth of effort - about 30 minutes. I didn't bother proof reading. I wasn't trying to get published. I'm sure professors hated this crap and I'm sure it happened all the time. But when the system stressed ideas over presentation, what else could they expect? Not that ideas weren't important, but who wants to be given a diamond ring inside a pile of cow shit? Sure, give us credit for the diamond ring, but at least take something away from us for forcing you to sift through dung to get it. But they never did. On top of that, the ideas were far from diamond rings, so really it was just shit inside of shit, for the most part.
  • With Hamish running by her side and holding her on to the pony, Tricksy was not long in reaching Corranmore, and when the others arrived she was already in bed, with Mrs. MacGregor beside her; the little girl drinking hot milk and trying to restrain the tears that would roll down her cheeks, even when she forced herself to laugh.
  • I had tried to have him to hear me out, describing the situations. And he had listened precisely until I stopped talking, then dismissed it all with a shake of his head and a wave of his hand. They were coincidence, or the not surprising news that an old sick person had died, or both. It didnt mean anything. Even my raw nerves tracking these things, trying to remember the dates or at least time of year, were unimportant, silly. It would do no one any good to dwell on it.
  • "What is that behind it?" asked the man peering through the telescope, trying to focus it. "It looks like a ... a thin red line ..."
  • Names don't matter, said Dave, trying to retain his calmness. "You can call me Injun Jack if you like, but I want to ask you a few questions."
  • Poor Smellie behaved most admirably under the very trying circumstances. That he was fearfully agitated and anxious, I, who knew him so well, could easily see; but with a determination and firmness of will which I heartily envied he resolutely put aside all other considerations and devoted all his energies to the solution of the problem of what it would be best to do. We were a silent and thoughtful party as we wended our way back to the ship; but once there, the skipper promptly led the way to his cabin and informed Don Manuel and me that he had decided upon a plan of action.
  • "Acquisitions are attractive not because were trying to get scale, but because we are trying to get a fit," Niedermeyer said in an interview. "Our focus will be on adding product quality or product depth."
  • Nancy was not able to speak a single word. When she was trying to gather the nerve to talk, her brother George came in. George Collins was in his thirties, a weird person with an eerie appearance. He stood beside Nancy. Nancys head was still lowered.
  • Maggie noticed that Conors voice had become quiet and steady, affable and warm. A natural storyteller. Without trying to, she imagined him telling Melody this bedtime story, and smiled warmly through her tears.
  • Pierre rushed to the wing, but the heat was so great that he involuntarily passed round in a curve and came upon the large house that was as yet burning only at one end, just below the roof, and around which swarmed a crowd of Frenchmen. At first Pierre did not realize what these men, who were dragging something out, were about; but seeing before him a Frenchman hitting a peasant with a blunt saber and trying to take from him a fox-fur coat, he vaguely understood that looting was going on there, but he had no time to dwell on that idea.
  • "Mother of bastards!" Consprite exclaimed, yet he revealed more despair than disbelief. He did not question what he saw; he did not stare with gaping silence. Instead, he dropped himself back into his chair as if capitulating. His large bottom hit the seat with a resounding thump. He placed his left hand over his eyes as if trying to block out a nightmare.
  • As the silence wore on, Jasper tended Lonesome, who was trying unsuccessfully to extract the spear from his shoulder. Several others held Lonesome while Jasper withdrew the spear and bound the wound, then looked about for other wounded.
  • "I am his niece, Lady Elizabeth. My father is Prince Richard. Because I am his only legitimate child, some refer to me as the heir to the heir." And, with that, she bowed, then threw her hair over her head because she knew guys really liked that. She ended up with one foot forward and her hands on her hips, trying to look as sexy as possible. He saw through it, of course.
  • These latter were the last things in Tom's mind, for just then, as Dave resumed the pole, and began sending the boat quickly through the water, the boy was trying to grasp an eel, which had found the meshes one size too small for his well-fed body, and was now in regular serpentine fashion trying to discover a retreat into which he could plunge, and so escape the inevitable frying-pan or pot.
  • Another experience, that's all, remarked Jack, trying to look cheerful, as if these things should not bother any one worthy of calling himself a scout.
  • The 'Kiltopher boys' won't come this time; they say there's no use trying to vote when so many were transported last assizes for perjury.
  • Muriel held out a bit of banana on a sharp stick to the bird. Methuselah Polly took it gingerly off the end, like a well behaved parrot? "God save the king!" Muriel said, in a quiet voice, trying to draw him on to speak a little further.
  • "Oh, man, it's been a long time. I thought you would have forgiven me by now. You know, forgive and forget? Besides, I was just trying to help you out."
  • It was then that Jimsy suddenly realized what his rival was trying to do. To use a slangy but expressive phrase, Le Roy, the veteran aviator, was trying to rattle the boy.
  • Erling was at a loss for words. He kept motioning with his hands, as if he was searching for the right thing to say, but he kept stammering. "All I'm trying to say, sirwhether or not we see Coriath in Port Paravel, we've got to reach the City of Ancients. With or without him. Coriath would want that."
  • Suddenly, there was a loud metal clanging. Cho looked around the room, trying to figure out what was happening. He caught sight of the Chairman, the panic painted on his face, and the now empty tumbler on the floor. The banging grew louder and louder. Cho whipped his attention back to the far wall. The paint and plaster were starting to crack and crumble to the floor. He stood up and started to back away from the wall. Just as he saw Reed start to stand, a copper pipe burst through the ceiling. Reed screamed and covered his face with his arms, but nothing happened. No water, no mist, no nothing. The clanging had stopped.
  • Coon scanned the faces of the two men in the room. Neither of them matched the sketch or the photographs he had received from Bast Security of the dangerous suspect he was trying to track down.
  • "I'm not joking, Salig Singh, and this business is no joke at all. What I'm trying to drive into your head is the fact that you've made the mistake of your life.
  • Fast! he muttered, and tore his jacket away from under the rock. Then he turned about, trying to locate his torch. But that was missing, and all was dark around him.
  • Langdon is old, and is trying hard to withdraw from business and seek repose.
  • Tom and Bob pay for their purchases, and walk slowly back to the car. They stop for the gas. Bob jumps up and down in the frigid wind trying to keep warm stomping his feet doing the cold weather dance while the gas nozzle slowly pumps into the car's tank. When the nozzle kicks, he takes it and fills the gas can. He replaces the nozzle into the pump and puts the cap onto the can. He carefully puts the can into the back seat, wedged so as not to bounce around. Bob buys cigarettes and a newspaper then pays for the gas. Their shadows wait patiently at the curb.
  • It was almost pitiable to see how Tavia clung to Dorothy, never suspecting, of course, that Dorothy had herself gone through an experience more trying than her own.
  • Pelivor walked away without another word, opened the exterior hatch, and secured and unrolled the rope ladder. Catrin dreaded climbing out of the hatch backward, especially with her staff slung across her back, but she set her jaw and prepared herself. Pelivor helped her climb out into the darkness, and she groped in the air with her toes, trying to locate the next rung. It was a frightening climb, but she reached the boat that waited below. Her eyes were slow to adjust to the darkness, and she could not make out any details of the men in the boat. No one spoke a word.
  • There were numerous bidders at the auction, and Bert grew deeply interested in the selling, as pony after pony was put up, and after a more or less spirited contest, according to his looks, was knocked down to the person that bid the highest for him. By the time the pony his father had selected was reached, he was fairly trembling with excitement. He was full of apprehension lest somebody else should take him away from them, and when the bidding began, he watched every movement and word of the auctioneer with breathless anxiety, raising quite a laugh at one time, by answering his oft-repeated question "Will anybody give me five? I have thirty--will anybody give me five?" with an eager "I will!" that was easily heard by everybody in the crowd. It was an immense relief to him, when, at length, after what seemed to him most unnecessary persistence in trying to get more, the auctioneer called out "Going, going, going, at thirty-five dollars. Will you give me any more? Going at thirty-five--going, going, gone; and sold to Mr. Lloyd."
  • That was a close shave, Jack, the coast-guardsman who was at the helm said. "It was lucky I made you out with my glass when I did. It was touch and go; I saw you trying to get them on their backs. If they had kept quiet you would have managed it; but drowning people never will keep quiet."
  • 'But, you forget, the only one who has the ability to do that will not risk infection from your impure souls. Even if it was he who started your journey back in Wilderment. This isn't Wilderment and different rules apply here,' reminded Agatha, who had remained quiet throughout the previous debate. 'However, in the spirit of what you are trying to achieve, I do have a suggestion. We could try the previous First-Creator!'
  • Now that WAS a hat. To describe it but let me first bespeak the indulgence of my feminine readers. I am not an authority upon hats most distinctly not; and I shall probably display my ignorance with the first word out of my mouth. But what matter. I am simply trying to tell of what these poor mortal eyes have seen.
  • "Are you not well?" Criosa asked with uncertainty, looking back and forth between Nellise and Aiden, trying to ascertain what was going on.
  • "These are the people from the famous exodus that started World War Three! We always wondered where those millions of people wenteveryone blamed—" Max snaps his fingers like hes trying to find the name. "Ah, I forget the name of the organization. And then they pointed their fingers at the U.S." He laughs quietly without humor. "Now we know where they all went, eh? Into the future!"
  • James felt he little trust in this friend of Kyle. Minutes into the business and he was already trying to take over. He knew Kyle could keep a lose eye on things. Kyle would be the one to hold together this partnership-- like Tito in Yugoslavia...
  • The attack was still trying to overwhelm me, but Brandon not knowing the full extent of my weakness robbed it of some of the momentum necessary to roll me all the way under.
  • "Im trying to brainstorm the rest of the book," the author shrugged, "That means that talking to you is part of it. Beats describing a tuna sandwich in detail. So Im talking to you while I watch the Patriots beat the Chiefs."
  • Avery snapped the phone shut and threw Raine a bitter glance. "Are we trying to alert the entire nation that were here? Keep your freakinvoice down! Im making a call to Blakedon to let him know to keep an eye out just in case Archane makes an appearance. Something tells me hes probably hiding her out."
  • That you, little un? How long you have been. The next moment Dyke was on his knees by the rough couch, holding one of the thin hands in his and trying to speak; but it was as if something had seized him by the throat, for not a word would come.
  • "Lets mow these apes down and then get another night of blissful shut-eye," Thaddeus said trying to avoid the fact that he was about to kill his wife and her friends again.
  • "I'm trying to avoid exposing myself to my enemies. You heard Babs Budinsky lie about me on the radio. Can you imagine how she would rip me, especially with the born-agains, for posing naked in front of a man who wasn't my husband?"
  • Their remarks were on a par with those the cave-man must have used when some one came from over the sky-line and told them that fire could be made by rubbing bits of wood together. They recalled to us what the Gray Mahatma had said about Galileo trying to make the Pope believe that the earth moved around the sun. The Pope threatened to burn Galileo for heresy; they only offered to pillory us with public ridicule; so the world has gone forward a little bit.
  • OUT THE BIG, NEW PLAN 173 The admiral approves. Off for the real thing. Stirring up a tidal wave. Knowing how to get the thrills out of life. trying to run up the score. The traveller in the haze. A ship of mystery and shots.
  • He stared at her another moment before stepping back and closing the door after him. Kate found the book shed been reading and picked it up, hurling it at the door before she fell apart again, sinking to the floor with her fingers digging into the cushion of the window seat, trying to anchor herself to somethingso that the shattering wouldnt hurt so bad.
  • "I've been up to Culdeny recently, and tried to get the Mayor to send down some more patrols to this region," he explained," but they're short-handed everywhere, and I guess Tim Redfurn's squad was about all they could spare. But the threat down here is very real, and we're trying to remove that threat before they escalate their attacks. I'm trying to defend the town, and it has nothing to do with my 'quest', as you put it."
  • The video shows mrs schiavo trying to talk to her mother and showing exasperation that she could not do so.
  • The children, it seemed, had forgotten the country already, but as they walked up the platform at Connolly Station they were more good-humoured and tolerant of each other than they had been for some time. And then, at the exit they spot¬ted their mother and ran to her. She was the last person Mungo had expected to see. The children were excited, trying to tell her everything at once, and she was laughing. When was the last time he had seen her laughing, except in a pub with her girlfriends? She looked up at Mungo and smiled, and, warily, he smiled back.
  • Cyril was really a nasty little piece of work. He was allowed to take his council car home at night; it was strictly for council use only. However so he could use the car at weekends Cyril disconnected the speedo during the week to make it look as though he was only doing council business. Not that this has really got anything to do with the story, it just demonstrates the sort of person Cyril was. (As Pearl had said, humans are always trying to cheat each other).
  • The hundreds of dead outside were nothing compared to the number within. Tears of grief and pity streaked Mirra's cheeks at the savage slaughter of innocents inside the walls. Children lay strangled, their thin arms outstretched in helpless supplication. Men and women had been crucified and gutted. Piles of corpses blocked streets and alleys where defenders had stood back to back. In the centre of each mound lay the women and children the village men had been trying to protect. Everything, even the horses and dogs, had been slaughtered.
  • Joy spent the next 15 minutes explaining in detail what had happened on the night she was approached by the three bike riders. There were tears in her eyes as she tried to explain how helpless and frightened she felt. There was no-one around. No-one to help. She knew it was likely they would kill her and there was nothing whatsoever she could do to protect herself. Then a total stranger appeared out of no-where. He moved with lightning speed and within less than 30 seconds the three bikers were on the ground…..two not moving and the third clutching his throat and trying to scream through broken vocal chords.
  • Pah! Food would disgust me. And I'm not crazy, Beth. Dreadful things happen in this world, at times, and Louise has a queer lot of people around her. Think a moment. Our baby has disappeared. Her two nurses, neither of whom are especially trustworthy, have also disappeared. There's a reason, Beth, and you may be sure it's not any common, ordinary reason, either. I'm trying to be logical in my deductions and to face the facts sensibly.
  • The god, Hura, swept from above, her talons outstretched, five of her heads spouting flame while the other three hungrily gnashed their teeth... But Jorden shook aside the disturbing vision that plagued his mind, trying to concentrate on the nearest thing to reality that was available, and that was the endless halls of the witch-god's black castle.
  • There. 601. The door was tucked around a corner, invisible unless you were right next to it. It couldnt have been more perfect if Dave had asked for it. He opened the hip flask and screwed the mister in place over the mouth, then looked around again, trying to seem casual. Wasted effort - the hallway was still empty. He gave the mechanism of the card locker a couple of sprays of the vodka, then heated it up as hot as he could make it. He didnt know what he was expecting, but the little click and puff of smoke drifting from the side of the lock was very satisfying. He pulled down cautiously on the door handle, and the door swung open. He slipped into the room and closed the door behind him, setting the chain lock on the door. It wouldnt help him if he were discovered, but it made him feel irrationally better.
  • "No, thats all right. We should get out more and spend some time with the people, "Gil said trying to recover from being reduced to a little box turtle receding into its shell.
  • The Billeviches, said he, "scream in heaven-piercing voices of injustice and captivity; but nothing has happened to them here, and nothing will happen. The prince has not let them go from Taurogi, it is true; but that is for their good, for three furlongs beyond the gate they would perish from ravagers or forest bandits. He has not let them go also, because he loves Panna Billevich, and that also is true. But who will not justify him? Who would act otherwise, who had a feeling heart and a breast burdened with sighs? If he had had less honorable intentions, being such a powerful man, he might have given rein to himself; but he wanted to marry her, he wanted to elevate that stubborn lady to his princely estate, to cover her with happiness, place the coronet of the Radzivills on her head; and these thankless people are hurling invectives at him, thus trying to diminish his honor and fame."
  • "If nobody knows this man, I dont think we should let him in," Daniel said, trying to fill in as the leader of the pack while Hartwell was not present.
  • The lines were four fingers wide, from pink skin to black mark and back to skin again. The skin no longer revealed any sweat glands and seemed uniform. She touched the center of his chest again, but this time with the palm of her right hand, it felt almost like rubbing the surface of rubber. She looked up at Connor and he continued wearing the expressionless mask and eyes were still closed tightly, trying to remain oblivious to their scrutiny. "Connor, please tell me what happened to have caused this?" She asked softly and tenderly.
  • It takes you off track into a narrow taped chicane around fir trees, trying to miss stumps on the off side.
  • Meanwhile, the four racers, at Nyoda's suggestion, had towed their canoes out some distance from the dock and were trying to right them and climb in. This was easier said than done, for as fast as they splashed the water out on one side it ran in at the other. Nyoda and Medmangi were trying to get all the water out of theirs before getting in themselves, while Nakwisi and Chapa had theirs half empty and had managed to get in and were splashing the water out from both sides at once. Sahwah and Migwan stopped ducking each other to watch the righting process. Nakwisi and Chapa had just triumphantly paddled up to the canoe dock, and Nyoda and Medmangi were just about ready to start, when Hinpoha shouted that the Bluebird was coming. The girls looked up to find the little steamer hardly a hundred yards from the dock. "Sahwah," cried Nyoda, hastily coming up on the dock, "where is the sheet you were going to wave from the tower when the Bluebird came in sight?"
  • An eager conversation ensued between Mr Reardon and the captain, during which I carefully scanned the two Chinese vessels, and could see the men swarming here and there, as if in an intense state of agitation, but they soon ceased trying to rock the junks, and, as I judged, they were waiting for the tide to rise higher and float them off.
  • Calista tried to draw herself taller but barely reached Philyras ear. "It has been a long day," she assented, trying to keep the accusation from her voice. After all, there was nothing Evadne could have done to shorten itunless she had spoken up sooner but that was neither here nor there.
  • I'll be terribly disappointed, though, Tom, admitted the other boy, with a sigh that told how he had lain awake much the last two nights trying to solve the puzzle that seemed to have no answer.
  • Even after so much time, his words rang in her memory and raised her fury. Belegra had caused hundreds to die then laid the blame at her feet. trying to contain her rage was like standing before a flash flood, and despite her efforts, it threatened to consume her. Only the reason in Benjin's voice kept her from succumbing. His logic and planning gave her something to hold on to, something to believe in.
  • "Hold them," Mayor Flisher said quickly, but then she altered her position slightly. "Actually, no. Have them ride out and assist the escaping farmers, but they are not to engage the goblinsjust a rescue mission, nothing else. Its going to be light soon enough and its already starting to snow. We have enough food in the city that we can afford to lose those reserves, but I dont think we will. They dont have enough time to take everything. Pretty soon its going to be light out here and the snow is going to pile up and slow them down. If the goblins are still out there when it gets lighter, well see them and know what were really up against. If theyre loading up with supplies and trying to run back to the forest, we can send out your forces then. What do you think?"
  • In a clinical, emotion-free voice, "One, he wasnt in bed with me in the hospital: he was concerned about me and his feelings for me got confused. Two, he was an ass to you during my discharge, but only because he knows me so well, and realized in that moment he had lost me. Three, that day that you saw him twirl me in the yard was a fluke. Had you waited thirty seconds or opened your door and saidHi,’ I probably would have knocked myself out trying to sprint over to you." I grabbed Max with both arms and pulled him to me. Im not certain whether my stinging words, my ferocious kiss, or the desire welling up in my eyes convinced him, but our argument was over.
  • "So we meet again Rhimaldez," Graham spoke, trying to get him talking and keep it that way. If he went on long enough, he may be able to devise a plan.
  • Frank was indeed trying to figure out whether it would not be best after all for him to stay by the hydroplane, on guard as it were, while Andy, by using a horse, if the Hoskins happened to still possess such an animal, managed to get to another farm, where they were up-to-date enough to have a telephone in the house, by means of which he could get in touch with Dr. Bird or Judge Lawson in Bloomsbury.
  • He sighed, telling her of the plot the Nekodah council had hatched and his unfortunate part in it. As the tale unfolded, cries of disbelief and shock rippled through the soldiers. Elena seemed to grow calmer. When he finished, he sat in silence waiting for the angry wrath that had followed his previous telling. When she said nothing he glanced at Johan, trying to judge his reaction on the second hearing.
  • The thought was fascinating, but not without its fears. It was strange that a man who had abandoned hopes should still be haunted by fears-- like everything else in the world, this is unjust. For a little while, five or ten minutes, not more than ten, I would let my mind dwell on that thought, trying to dig down to its roots which doubtless drew their strength from the foetid slime of human superstition, trying to behold its topmost branches where they waved in sparkling light. No, that was not the theory; I must imagine those invisible branches as grim skeletons of whitened wood, standing stirless in that atmosphere of overwhelming night.
  • He looked questioningly at the King. Louis's great blue eyes held his, and he could feel the King trying to penetrate his soul.
  • He joined her on the rock beside the pool. She glanced at him occasionally as he gathered their few things, and pulled his shorts and shirt back on. Mostly she looked around at the amphitheater, the water pocket and the stunning view she had from the ledge, trying to impress it on her mind, so that she'd never forget how wonderful she'd felt in the few hours they'd spent in this place. She wanted every minute, every detail, to stay with her forever. She stood there, just taking it in, until Al's gentle voice brought her back to reality. "Uh, Karin?" he asked. "You want to wear your swimsuit back to camp?"
  • In the morning when I wake up it's stopped raining, and the sun's dried everything out. It's nice to be warm and dry but I have a hell of a hangover, booze and ghosts. The glare hurts my eyes. It takes me a while to get things into focus. People are hurrying by clutching cups of coffee. My mouth is dry and poisonous as a cat's litter tray. I would die for a coffee. I sit for a while, head in my hands, trying not to throw up or moan out loud. A lady stops to ask if I'm all right. She gives me enough money for coffee and breakfast. She's so nice, I get a good feeling; perhaps things are going to go well today.
  • Bil's mother laughed, and then she cried a little, while she asked Bill if he was trying to get rid of his troublesome parent. But Bill knew that she was trying to joke away the remembrance of her tears, so he kissed her and went out, wondering if he had lost his darling mother or had won a new and dandy father.
  • "Stephen. Stephen." He said it a few times, trying it on for size. "Sounds like a right proper name." Nodding once, he sat down and patted the ground next to him. "We've got some catching up to do, son."
  • He leaned back in despair, as if trying to uncover his own remains off the past. I knew he had nothing to do with ethnic problems that loomed over the earth from all quarters. I knew him as a humanitarian devoted to the well being of the global society.
  • Very well; but I believe the Customs searchers, who examine your baggage, are sometimes officious. They might think I was trying to smuggle and make me open the thing.
  • The elongated Go Ahead Boy already had measured twenty yards of the ground and after every yard had been indicated he was walking over the distance trying to see how closely he could adjust his footsteps to the measurements which had been made.
  • Carramba, Senor Capitano, said Captain Farmer, trying to soothe him. "You do yourself an injustice. I can't see where you were to blame!"
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