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Okunuşu: / trʌɪ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: try
Ekler: tries/tried/try·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. uğraşmak, çalışmak;
teşebbüs etmek, kalkışmak;
denemek, tecrübe etmek, imtihan etmek, sınamak;
araştırmak, teftiş etmek, tetkik etmek, tahkik etmek;
huk. yargılamak, muhakeme etmek, davasını görmek;
tasfiye etmek;

i. çalışma, uğraşma;
deneme, tecrübe.

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  • Unlike the phantom from "The Phantom of the Opera", I wouldnt be a stalker trying to get someone to love me for me. But I would need a mask. But what kind of mask is the question, maybe a ghost-like mask or a black Zoro-like mask? The phantoms mask covered up one side of his face, the side that represented his faults and his shame. Maybe my mask can be something like that?
  • Indeed, coughing, hacking and wheezing were everywhere. Gremius was surrounded by them. And cursing and yelling. The crowd had transformed into a mass of disorientation. First, someone screamed. Then more people screamed. Others teetered and tottered blindly, bumped into each other, fell trying to find their way to clearer air. The smoke choked at them. Gremius pushed through it. On his left, a man was sprawled on the ground, a woman over him, imploring him to breathe. From the right a soldier burst suddenly into viewand into Gremius. Who dodged and pushed the soldier aside, cutting short his apology.
  • "Right! Let's get inside and stay there." I tried not to let my hurt feelings show. We reached the twenty-first floor and I rubbed my aching leg. We'd been doing nothing but walking upstairs.
  • The IMF forced Madagascar's government to accept structural adjustment policies and liberalization of the economy when the state became bankrupt in 1982 and state-controlled industries were gradually privatized over the course of the 1980s. The political crisis of 1991 led to the suspension of IMF and World Bank assistance. Conditions for the resumption of aid were not met under Zafy, who tried unsuccessfully to attract other forms of revenue for the State before aid was once again resumed under the interim government established upon Zafy's impeachment. The IMF agreed to write off half Madagascar's debt in 2004 under the Ravalomanana administration. Having met a set of stringent economic, governance and human rights criteria, Madagascar became the first country to benefit from the Millennium Challenge Account in 2005.
  • He pushed further to certify, trying desperately not to stir El, but tension caught him. With a better view, he could now confirm: Ristalln was nowhere to be seen. Desperate, he slid as cautiously as possible from the arm draped over his chest, gathered his wits and sat. He allowed a breath, then reached down to gather his sword, and like the Knight, it was gone. Frantic, he scanned the campsite, fearing an ambush. He first looked to Gort, still sprawled out as he had been when he fell asleep, both Gnert and his hammers tucked at his feet. On he moved to Lanyan, finding the Elf to be in the same conditionweapon untouched.
  • They would have made it down even earlier, but Steve ran into a little trouble trying to don the custom norhstaf holder. It consisted of a metal plate designed to fit into the small of the back with several small, elastic loops embedded into it to allow the weapon to be easily removed and deployed. The problem came, however, from the four straps sticking out of all four corners that required his arms to slip into the harness just so, buckling securely into place below his right arm. Fortunately, once the brains of the outfit figured out where each strap went, she was able to tighten the harness snugly with no possibility of losing the unique weapon.
  • I could see one or two still behind a tree. My victory didn't seem to stop this madness of evil against me and my school. I ran over to pick up my newfound friend and placed him on my arm. Running away from all this doom, further into the forest, he tried to have a conversation.
  • Youre thinking of her again! I scolded myself. But her fur keeps me warmno! Dont think about her! I spent the rest of the night wide-awake and trying not to think of the white wolf.
  • Mirra glanced at the crowd behind her. No healers accompanied this army, and the men's glares were distinctly hostile. She raised a hand to fondle her silver necklace, trying to calm her pounding heart by assuring herself that even enemy troops needed a healer's services.
  • "I will try to be there, Harry," he said, leaving the room. As he drove back to his own house, he was conscious that the sense of terror he thought he had strangled had come back to him. Lord Henry's casual questioning had made him lose his nerves for the moment, and he wanted his nerve still. Things that were dangerous had to be destroyed. He winced. He hated the idea of even touching them.
  • But she could not put the message out of her mind. "I'm going to take some time to meditate. Perhaps I'll find some inspiration," she said as she went into her tent. Her own clothes were by her bed, cleaned and folded. The solitude of the tent and the feeling of changing back into her old clothes comforted her, as if they helped her hold onto that which was Catrin. Her thoughts were scattered, and she tried to focus and meditate on each one. She pondered the archmaster's words and Benjin's reaction to them, but she thought there had to be some undercurrent she was not seeing. She found no answers.
  • "No, not like that. A really good opportunity related to her job came up and she had to leave very suddenly. It's just really weird, though, and I can tell that it's really bothering dad. Oh, and do you know Mina?" She nodded. "She's trying to torture me during class. Not, like, hurt me. But I think she knows where Jack is and I think he's in trouble, and she's trying to get me worried."
  • He snarled and wrapped his hand around the knotted end of his armrest, trying and failing to squeeze his frustrations out. Six months ago, the war was not a threat. He imagined it would take place much latera decade, maybe even a century. Now one event, one person, had shoved him into a very jagged reality.
  • "I hate to be like this to you, Peter, but you need to understand. Our Lord had need of your father. So our Lord came and he took what he gave us. Our Lord gave his life a purpose, and Im sure his death had a purpose too. You need to understand this, Peter. You need to understand this quickly. It took me too long to understand my wifes death. Im just trying to spare you."
  • Hes trying too hard to get her attention. I wish that I could tell him to back off slightly. Tray could have helped me get the message to him, but he left early for work. He meant it about never leaving me at school after hours
  • She took her shirt?which was dark blue, but she hoped in the darkness would pass for black?and wrapped it around her head, hiding her blonde hair inside. She tried her best to tuck and tie parts so that it would stay on her head. This blue shirt would have to pass for the dark hair of the Medorans, and it was a fairly poor imitation. It would have been easier just to cover her head with the burlap, but the burlap was a light color and would not pass for dark hair at all. And in all her travels here in Medora, she had not once seen any women with any kind of covering over their heads. She decided this was the only practical solution.
  • The crewmen moved around the deck quietly, trying to take advantage of the brief respite. They all knew the way these storms behaved and that the other side of the storm was yet to come and would likely be worse. Using large hunks of rope, soaked in tar, they temporarily patched the holes in the damaged hull.
  • My thoughts took their sweet time forming up and translating into actions. Every step took focus and effort. It was like being on high-powered sedatives. Some little piece of rationality trapped under all that fog started to panic. I had matches somewhere deep in my pack. It seemed prudent to try and build a fire out of the wind. But what would burn in all this slop? I kept slogging ahead.
  • "It is difficult. That's why I'm here to help you. FACE YOUR INNER PEASANT!" the fish shouted. SLAP! It slapped the paladin in the face with its tail. The world whirled around him. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The hits came from all sides. Water splashed in his eyes. He couldn't see. He tried to protect his head with his hands, but to no avail. SLAP! A powerful hit on the back of his head made him fall into the lake, face first. SPLASH!
  • "The possum nesting inside it was even more surprising," the paladin said and took off the aforementioned helmet. His face looked like he had tried to wear a helmet containing an angry possum, which was exactly what had happened. "You could have told us it was there."
  • Four days in San Francisco produced one ten-minute session of sexual activity. It got so quiet by the end of the third day that Sam stopped trying to get his grove on. He was fully resigned to the fact that he was on his way to getting married and this was the lifestyle he was destined to lead. I never told Sam what to do when we sat down for our lunch conversations, and this time would be no different.
  • He said nothing but I could sense defeat in his manner. Max leaned up on one elbow and played with a strand of my hair with his free hand. I couldnt understand what his reservation was. Rather than trying to pull it out of him, I opted for silence, knowing that if he wanted to tell me he would. Max, too, remained silent, paying more attention to that stray strand of hair than resuming his disapproval of my plans. Finally, I couldnt take it anymore, "Okay, Ill bite, are you mad?"
  • "And I don't forgive you for being late for dinner," broke in Lord Henry, putting his hand on the lad's shoulder and smiling as he spoke. "Come, let us sit down and try what the new chef here is like, and then you will tell us how it all came about."
  • "A goblin kid hid in a shack close to the Sect church, a simple catch and release." He shrugged, shifting on the spot. "Same old thing. Dirty and cold, but it be my home, y'know?" He paused and made a clicking noise with his tongue, a sound one made unconsciously before bringing up a touchy or dangerous subject. It was a slum dwell habit I knew he'd been trying to get rid of for a while. "Something happened to you this morning?"
  • While the Islamists' critics, including representatives of the Christian minority, have accused the Brotherhood of trying to hijack the constitution, investors appear to have seen Mursi's moves as a harbinger of stability. They were also relieved that Saturday's mass Islamist protest went off calmly.
  • Emily was chewing on a piece of bagel, a strip of bacon, and a onion ring, but responded anyway like a true New Yorker trying to do everything at once.
  • "I slept," Leeton said, his voice shaking, "I slept . . . and now my daughter. . . . and my dogs. There is someone inside," he declared, trying to compose himself, "one of them must have survived; we will find them, and kill them."
  • As she had finished her shopping, Nancy began to walk home. She tried to finish up things quickly but it still took time. It was now getting dark and the road was sparsely populated. Suddenly, Nancy felt that somebody was following her. She started walking fast with fear, without looking behind. When she realized that she as being followed, she increased her pace.
  • It was later in the day when Aiden finally managed to grasp a simple concept that a frustrated Sayana had been trying to explain for the past few hours. It was a simple incantation that would allow him to view the energies of people and objects around him as a kind of aura. The mindset involved in such a task was difficult to maintain, but he had managed to achieve it nonetheless, noting with some pride that he could see a shifting blue outline around the girl as she smiled at him.
  • That helped a little, my breathing was starting to slow back down, but that was too related to the other reasons we'd moved. I wasn't mentally back in safe territory still. I sought refuge in something even more mundane. Namely the fact that tomorrow I would have to go enroll in school and try to blend in with a bunch of small-town Juniors who've all probably known each other since they could walk.
  • "Shes very tired," Halla said. Russ walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to decide whether or not he was going to wake her up. It might just be selfish to disturb her . . . but . . . . He glanced up at Halla and cleared his throat.
  • I was dumbfounded. I was dirty and tired and drained. Too emotional to try and explain how I felt, I simply said, "Later. We'll talk later." It was anti-climactic but he didn't seem to mind.
  • The only way I managed to keep myself from obeying that insane impulse was to grab a metal support beam and hold on tight. I had already searched every square inch of that ground, and all that was left of her was the broken iPod I had given to her for Christmas. I shouldnt care about who sees it or picks it uptheyll probably just toss it in the trash anyway. I tried to convince myself as I struggled against following the impulse.
  • He left, and left me staring at the four blank walls, trying to figure the connection between the murdered French girl, the attempt to kill me, and Mrs. Wendel's refusal to talk with her husband.
  • "Those ravens get pretty big you know." Tom tried to support the young guard. "Itd be real easy to mistake it for a man. Some of those birds have a wingspan of almost two meters you know."
  • There was a look in his eyes, like the woman, that said, I'll smile while you scream. I'd spent a scant two weeks on the streets at sixteen before recognizing such a look. I'd tried to explain it to one of the other kids, and he hadn't understood. He got into a car one night, and none of us ever saw him again. I'd like to think he had a Julia Roberts-Pretty Woman moment, but I severely doubt it.
  • Mirra stood before him, her head bowed. He drew his dagger and gripped her arm, using the weapon to slice her skin. Mirra gasped and bit her lip as blood welled from the wound, trying to tug her arm away. Bane grinned, revealing even white teeth.
  • "Zombies not alive. Zombies not trying to survive. They just eat. They eat anything. They will eat my fallen. They will eat your fallen. You cant heal them. They not alive."
  • "There's an appetite among these low-wage workers to try and get a collective voice to give themselves opportunity and a middle-class lifestyle," said Steve Smith, a spokesman for the California Labor Federation.
  • The light was uncomfortably bright; I just wanted to sleep in for a few more minutes. I tried fidgeting to get into a more comfortable position but pain jolted through my body. Oh God I wish I was still asleep. I saw the silhouettes of two men standing over me. "Well done my friend, well done. You don't have to suffer anymore." The man kneeled and placed his hand on my head and chest. The pain evaporated. "Wow, do that again please," I asked unashamedly.
  • Eibhlin felt it best if she told the truth, but her true feelings were of me and an overwhelming desire to leave the school, despite the fear of getting caught by the Evil Goblin and his Dark Robes. She felt mad because I disappeared as a cloud of smoke took us away. I didn't know it was her looking at us through the magical viewer, just like she didn't know I created the smoke to cover our tracks. It caused the evil presence hunting us to see where we might be. Moreover, Eibhlin thought there was much undiscovered magic out there that she would have to deal with and learn quickly how to use or avoid its harmful way. She was very excited to try the outside again. The rebellion in her grew stronger.
  • "I tried to forget about them and my father's warnings. I pretended none of it was real, telling myself they were all mad, but then sweet Julet died." He sucked in an unsteady breath before he went on. "She was bitten by a glass viper, which are extremely venomous and usually only found in the desert. How it came to be in her bedding is still a mystery, but it cost me everything. All my hopes and dreams died with Julet, may her soul be free."
  • Since the Tapti had been badly silted for decades, navigable only by cargo barge or small craft, he and the merchants must travel upriver to Surat by pinnace, the twenty-foot sailboat lashed amidships on the Discoverys main deck. There the merchants would try to negotiate Englands first direct trade with India. And Brian Hawksworth would undertake a separate mission, one the East India Company hoped might someday change the course of trade throughout the Indies.
  • "Then its settled." Arangbar tried unsuccessfully to rise, and Nadir Sharif stepped forward, assisting him to his feet. "I have to hold durbar one last time today, quickly before we leave. The Persian Safavid ambassador notified the wazir he has gifts and a petition that must be brought to me before the court leaves Agra." He grinned. "The Safavis are so worried I will form an alliance with the northwestern Uzbeks that their Emperor Shah Abbas sends gifts every month."
  • He did try to remember the names of those that seemed the closest friends of Taf, like Raindrop and Dustmite, Greywhisker and Yellowtail. Yellowtail seemed an odd name to Jorden, or odder than most, for he was yet to see an aestri with a tail. There were certainly none within the loft. To the aestri, Yellowtail was quite a normal name and it was Midnight that approached the odd. A name such as Pandora was totally unacceptable to most normal aestri, and old Pandora had suffered a great deal of ridicule in her younger days. She was a great aestri and much loved in her later years nonetheless, but many were glad when the horrible name was gone. Midnight was only just considered a proper name, whereas Deadrat would have been quite acceptable. There were no aestri in the lofts of the area who were called Deadrat, however.
  • "Oh, were sorry to hear that," widower Theresa Bernard said as she poked her seemingly insensitive sister in the ribs. "We would be happy to go to Vegas with you tomorrow," trying to salvage a connection with the only two guys in town with both a heartbeat and money to burn.
  • Cohen and his top-flight legal team will probably work around the clock to try to negotiate a resolution and avoid a civil lawsuit, Crimmins said.
  • Stepping back, she tried to look at her world objectively and to shed her preconceptions. The comet and other heavenly bodies gave evidence of unimaginable size and distance. The shapes in the sky had one common factor: they were all spherical. The Godsland was a sphere, Catrin realized, and it, too, was spinning. She reveled in her intuitive realizations as if shedding overly tight skin.
  • Doles dramatic appearance was meant to advance the values of compassion and nondiscrimination, not the UN. He was trying to rally the 13 Republican senators needed to reach the two- thirds supermajority necessary for ratification. All Democrats voted in favor. In the end, only eight Republicans voted "aye," almost all of them senators who have announced plans to retire or are in safe seats.
  • "Great day, Fasthoof! Great day, Mare Starrelocke!" Finnegaff tipped his hat. Starrelocke's eyes widened. She smiled with a hand to her mouth. Fasthoof, son of King Stronghoof, Prince of Centauria and first contender to the throne looked at this old man who had run out of the woods from the desolate plain, pursued by savage darkhounds, who happened to know him by name. He squinted, trying to get a better look at Finnegaff as he came up on him. Then it struck him.
  • Rordan nodded, trying not to worry about Fiknas sudden lack of gallant speech. "Yep, I guess so. Im just glad they didnt hurt us worse than they did."
  • I saw the glint of silver overhead, then felt a searing pain on my palm. I tried to jerk away. To sit up. To cry out. But I was powerless and weak. Warm blood trickled down my hand and onto my wrist and the chanting continued. In the dim light, a woman with flowing black hair stood over me. Her face was covered with a shiny black mask. Her eyes glowed a deep crimson.
  • Now, falling behind in his payments, and taking out new loans at even higher interest rates as he tries to keep up, Freddy appears unsure and saddened about what to do next.
  • Grandma' Tess was my mom's mother and she really paved the way for me to have a better relationship with my mom in the later years. I obviously carried a lot of anger toward my parents and she really tried to focus my energies toward more positive and constructive pursuits.
  • Mirra huddled into the blanket and tried to imagine what manner of people inhabited the Old Kingdom. The Black Lord's worshippers had driven the good people from the Old Kingdom a long time ago, and the river had become the boundary. The prospect of crossing into that place frightened her, although she had only been told that the good people had been forced to leave by others who followed the Black Lord. She wondered what they would be like, and to what level of depravity they had sunk over the many years of their isolation.
  • Rolin did not cry out, but spun his staff about him with such speed the man had no chance to avoid it and took the brunt of the heavy wood with his shins, losing his balance and falling sideways.Rolins staff was spun so quickly it slipped from his wounded left arm and rattled to the ground.The other man with the broken wrist, now weaponless, was coming toward Rolin.Rolin engaged the man in hand-to-hand combat.They thrust and ducked, both trying their best to ignore injuries. Rolin outmatched his opponent and he knew it. He moved like a mongoose in a dance. He connected on many of his punches, while his adversary either missed or landed glancing blows. Rolin succeeded in kicking the man squarely in the chest. Rolin jumped into the air, spinning like a top, connecting his foot to the mans temple. His adversary dropped like a sack of wet meat.
  • "Make no mistake though, Jeralyle. All try to make their King happy, and since I now believe that we are number one on the list of enemies, they will be incredibly driven and dangerous. When you find one, the others will not be far behind. I promise you that."
  • When we had been researching our venture in the United States Kay Aull, one of its pioneer biohackers, had warned us: "There's a lot that can go wrong, and you don't have colleagues who can come to the rescue and explain what your mistake was and what to do about ityou're lonesome warriors." In our case, we tried not to think of the money wasted on failed experiments, or the fact that our regular daytime jobs which paid the rent were taking a hit because the experiments had become an obsession.
  • Jill Heller was the director of the West Barton Jewish Center Youth Group. She was everything that makes up a good person. She was kind, generous, caring, loving and completely selflessbasically all of the things I had avoided in a woman up to that point. For some reason, I was overcome with the desire to settle down. Maybe I was trying to prove something to myself, my parents, and the rest of the robots in town? Maybe I had suffered a complete nervous breakdown and wasnt aware of it? In reality, however, it was probably a perfect blend of all of those factors.
  • A stunned silence had descended upon them as the rippling water grew still, and the magnitude of what had just occurred hit home. Aiden doubled over, hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath after the furious fight, trying not to retch at the image of the horrible way Clavis had perished. Despite his deceptions, in the end he had been a loyal friend, to the point that he chose to fight and die, rather than abandon another group to the perils of Ferrumgaard.
  • Something bothered Billy, so he crossed his legs and fell into his usual meditative state. Meditation helped reduce his "fever," as he called it -- the excess energy that burned off his weight. Clearing his head also worked better than thinking. Everyone around him argued over each other, each trying to come up with a counter-tactic. Instead, Billy thought of his dad. He would know what to do. He always did.
  • It sounded like Leah. Was Leah here on Isle Esme? What the hell was she doing here? Was she trying to protect Jacob, even at the end? By coming here, Leah had orchestrated her own death too, and I found enough room in my heart to feel sorrow for her. Leah, who lost Sams love to her cousin Emily. Leah, who lost the respect of her pack through her own negativity. Leah, who never belonged to anyone. Ever her own brother used to push her away. Poor, poor Leah.
  • The sides were cut deep with finger marks and the three captiveshands were mud stained. They had clearly tried many times to escape their entrapment without success. Upon seeing her Captain, Lius voice burst into a pur of happiness; Marley had to look twice before realising this was a pirate rescue, not a ninja punishment; Woody, meanwhile, simply avoided looking at Bluebeard out of embarrassment that his legendary tracking skills had led him and his colleagues straight into a ninja trap. His face glowed crimson and his body language was tight.
  • "Im gonna try andsleep this off. Theres a spear under the eaves. Get ituse itto keep the Collectors away. They know Im weak. Theyll be coming for me tonight. I just know it."
  • Elizabeth rolled her eyes and looked out the window. Brenda sat back in her chair and tried to keep the smile off her face.
  • "Sorry sarge, that was my doing, and it won't be happening again," he advised, looking around at the scene before them. Their diversion had worked, for the second trebuchet had its ropes cut, and the fires were slowly making their way toward it, thanks to a trail of pitch left on the ground by Pacian. The remaining engineers were in disarray, trying to put out the fires and save the trebuchets from total destruction, while a good number of the mercenaries had been ordered to attack the newcomers.
  • Ninja use tried and tested skills and weapons. A spear gun is not something they would normally carry; not one with a cord attached to a spear with floppers or barbs. Thats a gun for shooting fish. They grabbed that from somewhere on the way to their boat along with any diving gear used.’
  • "The downfall of the great man might give rise to a greater one even, one that would be with the Empire in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health, in famine and in... uhh, like... overeating..." Roseduck managed a quick glance at Duke Thinoak, whose face turned somewhat red. Perhaps he would be considering some physical violence, if not for the fact that any display of physical violence between the two would be Baron Oxrabbit throwing Duke Thinoak, marking where the Duke fell, and then repeating and trying to beat the record. "...in flood and in drought and in locusts, and who would bring home the strawberry jam. Until death does them apart. Like it did, well, sort of now. Maybe not just now, but a bit sometime before, you know. When those lions happened to him. So, like this, but maybe not exactly like this. A bit later and not that violent. Yes."
  • Rakuen simply nodded his head at her, still unable to communicate humanly, the tight muscles in his neck making the movement strained and jerky. Suzana left first, dashing out the door and kicking up little swirls of sand behind. Rakuen followed, standing a great distance apart from her, still not trusting himself. She could hear him taking in short breaths of air, trying to trick his mind into assuming control again. The night was dark, but neither Suzana nor Rakuen would have any trouble seeing.
  • The men did as they were told. They all picked trees at the far end of the field. Peter commanded, "As you look at that object, I want you to look through one eye while bringing the object to your face. Then try the other eye. Whatever eye feels more comfortable, use that while aiming your arrows."
  • The carving grew warm in her hand as she drew on it, and she reached into the night sky. Heavy water vapor in the air thrashed her vortex wildly as it tried to form. Catrin poured herself into the vortex. Straining with everything within her, she fed the vortex with every emotion she contained. Fear, anger, resentment, joy, and love all went into the shimmering funnel. It fluctuated and wobbled around her, liquid veins of color dancing across its surface, but it finally established itself and became organized.
  • This was turning out to be a very bad idea. Gladys clutched at her bag and umbrella as she tried to flip her plait back over her shoulder. She should have just talked Gran into giving her a lift; this was madness. She was sacrificing life, limb, and toast for a glimpse of the wonderful Jogging Man. Ever since that awful Saturday she'd been practicing her comeback speech should she happen to run into him. She would start off with how darn sorry she was, she'd go on to explain that she wasn't an idiot and that she was enormously thankful for his assistance. Then, Gladys grabbed her face with her free hand to stifle a giggle, he'd kiss her right then and there!
  • Duncan tried not to roll his eyes. A mutual love for the Tilt-a-Whirl was a good basis for a relationship now? "Did you ask her out?"
  • Dan picks his way over to the lab bench, trying not to crush any snails. He pulls a wrench out of a tool drawer, a couple twists, and the flow is shut off. The cascade slows to a trickle.
  • "You broke your nose last time you tried this!" the Queen shouted when she realized what the Prince was about to attempt.
  • "I dont want to leave you alone in there," Noah said, but she already knew that was the reason before he said anything. She couldnt quite decide if his paranoia was endearing or annoying. Given the circumstances, she decided to try going with endearing for the moment.
  • I manage to kick the boots off, however, as well as unpin the broach that held the cloak around my neck. Further on, Humphrey fought the force of the water, trying to swim toward me, but in vain. The river swept us downstream and further apart with every second that passed. Then, our river met another and spun us into a larger channel twice as big as the first. Debris sailed past me and I tried to grab onto something that would keep me afloat.
  • Calista tried to draw herself taller but barely reached Philyras ear. "It has been a long day," she assented, trying to keep the accusation from her voice. After all, there was nothing Evadne could have done to shorten itunless she had spoken up sooner but that was neither here nor there.
  • The trek down from the hill was just as relaxed as the trek up was tense. There was no fear now. This was truly now a sanctuary - the forest of no fear. This was now the primal jungle at its most benevolent. People were walking in ones and twos over a wide length of the trail. The Swami at this time was walking alongside Vajraninad. Suddenly he thought of something and asked: "Vajraninad, try to remember carefully if you can. When did Sapnabhairavi inform Maj. Simpson that she was pregnant?"
  • Currun hit him in the chest with the cheese, and he fell silent. Hed forgotten already that they were not Currun and Russ, but Ayohdi of Varaneshe and his cousin Rulun from one of the northern fishing villages. "If we cant even get out of Elharan without being recognized," Currun said in a low voice as he yanked open Russs travelling pack and shoved the cheese in, "we may as well stay. Now, for the last time, try to act like youre a lad from the fishing villages come to Elharan for the first time." He swore and headed off down the street. Russ swore back at him, mentally, but followed without a word. It doesnt have to be this complicated, he thought. All they had to do was walk out with the other travelers; it wasnt like anyone was even paying that much attention to them. Currun seemed to be playing incognito just for the sake of it.
  • Your business is definitely not your own when you live in the suburbs. We saw the Lambs arrive and tried to keep a low profile the entire weekend. Too bad Im a pretty big guy and its usually a real struggle for me to stay out of sight
  • The constitution is one of the main reasons Mursi is at loggerheads with non-Islamist opponents. They are boycotting the 100-member constitutional assembly, saying the Islamists have tried to impose their vision for Egypt's future.
  • This isnt a dream!’ Saras mind shouted as she looked at what the woman was trying to push into her chest. A piece of wood, sanded to a smooth finish, was sliding between Saras palms and through her filthy pink blouse, making its way into her chest.
  • A rustling noise caught my attention. I glanced over my shoulder to see Conall shifting uncomfortably. I tried to meet his gaze but he avoided it to stare down at his fisted hands.
  • If theres a way to make ourselves happier now, Im all for it. If Scott wants to try something else, he should. We can get on with other parts of our lives if we want to. School isnt everything. Besides, I have it all under control. Ive proven that I can handle school and anything else I decide to take on.
  • Once Hartwell killed Cal, he stood motionless with his arms extended as the hunters made quick work of him. His team picked him up and brought him home the first six days, but left him in the field by himself on the seventh, trying to not-so-subtly let him know that the one-man crusade would have to come to an end.
  • "You have to, Samantha. If she asks, just tell her you told me to leave. You need to be convincing." She stood up. "Oh I almost forgot." She tossed me what looked like a small stone. "This is how we will be able to communicate. Only those who are completely dedicated to defeating her are able to open it." I tried to pull it apart, but it didnt budge.
  • Isabella squared her shoulders and tried to keep the urge to move closer to Donovan tucked away. She wanted to step up to his powerful figure and rub against him just like acat.
  • Shanna felt grateful, but not that grateful; when it was time to get off the boat, she refused to go. Danny had to pick her up and carry her, and with every step he took closer to the memory of death, she screamed louder. Everyone stared. Her mother, who was not that brave - despite that one moment of courage years ago that had changed their lives and then vanished - hunched her shoulders as if trying to collapse into herself.
  • Jeralyle wound his arm around her shoulder, "If you're worried about Grahamas or Lanyan, I don't think they meant to hurt you. I think they were trying to spare you from even more pain."
  • "We try to draw out his king and checkmate him. It will be hard now, because so many of our pieces are out of playall our pawns, and Andrew. And I don't know how many Micol has left. There's Lord James, and Bhaltair, although he might be out by now. The trouble is, I don't know who else. I'm guessing Tod Lowery and Aunt Anne's lovely neighbour, just because... well, it's guilt by association really. It's really down to you and me, Robin, Emma and Calum. And it's our job to prevent them taking our king."
  • "Dont disturb her, shes sleeping," Halla said, but didnt move. She seemed aware of the futility of trying to stop him.
  • Mickey wasn't sure what to do. Lynne's advice was the clever thing to do, but he was itching to take some action and to try to get out of the abyss now.
  • "Fine, I'll accompany you," she huffed, "because I believe there is danger and I'll try to learn to use the sword. Thank you sir!"
  • "I tried to convince Wendel to move on quickly and escape the unwanted attention that his relationship with Elsa could only bring, but he insisted she was the key to our quest. She was highborn. She would have access to important information and would have contacts at her disposal. It didn't help matters that the Zjhon were waging war along the coasts, and the Mundleburins were building up forces along the border with Lankland. There had already been skirmishes, and the long-standing feud between the Mangst and Kyte families had begun anew. No one could remember what caused the original feud, but times of peace never lasted long.
  • He looked questioningly at the King. Louis's great blue eyes held his, and he could feel the King trying to penetrate his soul.
  • It was something she wished could have been done when she first met him, but Carsis was immune to her magick. She had tried on several occasions to persuade him, order him, but failed on every account. Valaira toyed with the idea that her magick was gone, wasted when she ripped him half way across Eldonia, but Estophicles had proven otherwise with his willingness to follow orders.
  • Sayana didn't even wait for anyone to speak; she dashed past Aiden before he could react and made a run for the other group trying to flee through the tunnel ahead. Colt moved almost as fast, but instead of running, he pulled out his longbow and quickly started to string it.
  • Benjamin lifted the head of the guitar, taking aim at what he guessed must be the bulk of the swarm. But it was difficult; his hands felt cumbersome and saggy, unready for the moment. He tried to strum and missed; the second time his fingers brushed the strings but made no discernible sound. "One sec," he said, in a small, tremulous voice that spoke of just what he was: a boy so suddenly panicked that he couldnt even comprehend the obvious. He checked the guitar, with some vague notion that there might be something wrong with it. "No!" Strifer screamed, glancing feverishly to the sky, then back to the boy. "Let go of the neck - LET GO OF THE STRINGS!"
  • Most of my ideas about stirring up trouble were pretty tame; that was until I came up with the mother of all pranks. I was pretty disturbed at Mr. Cohen for not agreeing with me in class the previous day. He asked the class, "If you could go out to eat with anyone who would it be?" We were doing a history lesson, but the answers were anything but historical. He probably expected answers like "Harriet Tubman" or "George Washington," but what we heard was more like "50 Cent" and "B2K." My answer was sweet and simple; "I would go out to dinner with my dad." I then asked Mr. C who he would go out with and when he hesitated, I said "Wouldn't you want to go out with your wife?" He tried to avoid the issue but I pressed him for an answer, "Don't you miss your wife?" Mr. Cohen had talked about getting remarried and he even had a picture of his new wife on his desk. Since I hadn't moved on, why had he? I didn't think he ever gave me an answer and it was one of the rare occasions when he didn't have an opinion.
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