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Okunuşu: / trʌɪ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: try
Ekler: tries/tried/try·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. uğraşmak, çalışmak;
teşebbüs etmek, kalkışmak;
denemek, tecrübe etmek, imtihan etmek, sınamak;
araştırmak, teftiş etmek, tetkik etmek, tahkik etmek;
huk. yargılamak, muhakeme etmek, davasını görmek;
tasfiye etmek;

i. çalışma, uğraşma;
deneme, tecrübe.

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  • Four days later, Manette returns from La Force. Lorry notes a change in the once-fragile Manette, who now seems full of strength and power. Manette tells him that he has persuaded the Tribunal, a self-appointed body that tries and sentences the revolutions prisoners, to keep Darnay alive. Moreover, he has secured a job as the inspecting physician of three prisons, one of which is La Force. These duties will enable him to ensure Darnays safety. Time passes, and France rages as though in a fever. The revolutionaries behead the king and queen, and the guillotine becomes a fixture in the Paris streets. Darnay remains in prison for a year and three months.
  • I gave her my best "who me?" look, but we both knew I wasn't fooling anybody. Luchtaine took her by the arm and escorted her into the main tent. I did a quick search for the rest of the gang. Poor Josh was still trying to disentangle himself from Badb's attentions, while Alex sat cross-legged across from some huge, hairy, wart-covered ogre--playing paddy whack. Alex didn't seem too concerned with her father's predicament, so I decided who was I to butt in.
  • On the other hand, the other interested party is obviously Russia. Recently Moscow has signaled that it may move away from Medvedev's balanced approach to Armenia and Azerbaijan; Putin has announced Russian assistance in strengthening Armenia's military capabilities. Moscow's main concern is that Georgia will try to put pressure on South Ossetia, using Russia's reluctance to jeopardize the Abkhazian rail link as political leverage. The possible agreement on the resumption of traffic through Abkhazia opens up tremendous opportunities for political games from Moscow's perspective, with the possibility of radically increasing Yerevan's dependence on Russia. Currently some political groups in Armenia are looking to the EU for political reforms, and the railway would make the Armenian government hostage to the "other: EU -- the Eurasian Union.
  • "A few more burns and you'll be better looking than me." She tried not to laugh because it hurt so much. "This changes nothing between us, you know. Don't make me enforce our contract: you still have to marry me and have my babies. If your hair doesn't grow back, I'll cut off your brother's while he sleeps. He doesn't like me anyways."
  • "Message? What message? My grandmother didnt tell me anything about you," said Elias with suspicion. Then he sighed. "Butshe didnt tell me much of anythingshe always had her secrets. Thorinmy grandmother is dead. Soldiers came to our village this morning. They forced their way into the cottage and attacked her. She died trying to save me." Elias sat down, putting his head in his hands.
  • "Aye, my lady," he said, bowing, "It is my namesake, that is true, though a truly rough interpretation, I am sad to say." For a moment, his charm broke and he slipped into an awkward period of genuine irritation. "Must have been five, six times I tried before I got that pattern, and--oh!--the knots I made, where they should not have been. But, I am remiss. What shall we do about that leg, then?"
  • "We are all heading to Minnesota State." The middle guy spoke. "We were wondering if you would join our colleges Football team?" He tried to sound confident, but he looked skittish when Connors piercing gaze settled upon him.
  • I tried to grin. I suspect it wasn't a very good oneit hurt, and a trickle ran down my jaw. "You should be telling us," I said. "Where did you get to?"
  • She skirted around the table, her pace quickening with fear of discovery. Nothing else seemed out of place. Digging through the trunk, she mentally checked off the items she knew he had kept in here. Years ago, she would sift through the contents, longing for better times, happier times, while Johan was away. Today, the memories did nothing to wring tears from the ice that filled her. Only one item came up missing: his knife. While it had been several years since he had dared face the painful contents of the trunk, she knew that Johan would not have taken the knife out. Ghosts from the Rebellion haunted his dreams, and the knife only uncovered the faces he tried so hard to bury.
  • "No. Why does it matter? Is it supposed to keep me from speaking my mind? Or is there so you can control what I do?" Uh oh. I was angry, but I'd never been THIS way before. I was actually trying to start a fight with my mom, and I couldn't stop myself. I stood up to get in her face and started yelling. "No good parent would keep secrets like you and dad have from their kids!"
  • Though Gladys had been practicing the answer to that question over and over in her head since Saturday, she still wasn't prepared for it. A heavy, unsettling feeling spread through her stomach as she tried valiantly to regain control over her breathing.
  • Pearl thought for a moment. ‘Louie, I think Lulu would be disorientated and not know where she was. I believe her first thoughts would be to try and find you, but she wouldnt know where to look. Remember in healing her after the accident you have taken her back in time. What I suggest is that we just sit here very quietly and listen.
  • "Interesting. When I come across a mirror I shall have to look in it," Uritus said as he looked down at the sacred robes of his god. In all the commotion over the past few days, he was unable to even try them on. Finally he found time to return to the room where they were found and wear them. It was odd clothing to say the least; the inside did not seem to be made of fabric at all, but rather some sort of strange blackness. It was almost as if the inside of the robes was made of shadow, his fingers unable to feel it. The sight was very disorienting, so he did not examine it for very long. Instead he had pulled the strange robes over his head and finally completed the task that his god had given him. At last he wore the robes of Inshae.
  • So the Infinity Fish had a predator, yet a sensitive one. The Piscadors fished only what they needed to cook their favourite dish, a sort of gumbo made with a good strong stock and thickened with the pulped starchy fruit of the Hook Tree. The stock was by far the most important part of the dish, and competitions have been and are still held each year to see who can make the best. It is said that the longer a fish takes to catch, the better the stock, and good fishers would deliberately spend hours teasing a fish to try and make the perfect ingredient. Perhaps they deceive themselves and the whole thing is a myth, but in a treetop world above the clouds without the slightest hint of science, myths are a form of truth. Whatever. The belief that a long battle with a fish leads to a good stock meant that for most of their history the Piscadors caught fish at a relatively gentle rate, for they savoured quality over quantity in their culinary endeavours. A balance emerged.
  • "I saw him in the woods, while hunting," Bill says, his eyes still fixed on the falling rain. "But he wasnt normal, not like the man we knew. He was wild. You could smell him more than anything. He was wearing mask of a dead wolf that I think he made himself, the rest of his body was covered in either shit or dried mud. He carried a blade-tipped spear. I tried to talk to him, to get him to explain what he was doing. At first I thought it was some kind of crazy author shit, like trying to get in touch with his animal side for his stories, you know? But he started at me, howling like a wolf, threatening me with his spear. I pointed my rifle at him, and asked him what the hell he was doing and he just kind of growled at me and backed off. Then he disappeared off into the woods. Im sorry, I know that this is your family Im talking about, but something has gone horribly wrong. Have you noticed anything? I know you were away at school, so is Daniel, but have you suspected anything through phone conversations, or anything?"
  • With a nod, Merial began riding again. "Yes. I actually met her weeks before. She was with Gort and as you can imagine, my bar was his favorite place to be. She was sweet and polite when I first met her, I had no idea what she had planned or the quest she had taken on. But only days after I found the note, she approached me and asked me in a very cold, monotone voice if I wanted vengeance. We've been together ever since." Merial turned her eyes up to look at the approaching forest, then dropped them to Carsis. Again the man stared back at the two. "I am sorry that he lied to you, and I did not address it until now. I think he was just trying to spare me from recalling painful memories."
  • The silence became heavier. He shook his head thinking his ears were not working properly, but nothing changed. He refocused on his prayers and tried to ignore the strange feeling. Curiosity took him, and he opened his eyes to make sure nothing was abnormal. Something was different. He pulled back his hood so that he could better see what was going on. Everything in the room seemed to be swaying, the light flowing in a dreamy haze around him. He followed the strange current with his eyes to the opposite wall. There, hovering above the floor was a giant form, much larger than a man, darker than the blackest skies. His black robes swayed gently in a wind that Uritus could not feel himself. His eyes rose to the face, and he saw that he was looking upon his god for the first time.
  • "Thank you," Catrin said, nodding, but things had changed between them. Knowing he would not accompany her, their relationship felt thin and strained. Nat sat for a while in uncomfortable silence then excused himself. It was a strange parting, and Catrin was saddened by the tension. She tried to wish Nat well, but she kept seeing herself alone in a strange land where everyone wanted her dead.
  • "He is trying to save the world, Margarita, from a bloodthirsty and cruel being, one who is, I must remind you, just a handful of days away from Vanerrincourtian shores."
  • He hung up and MacIntosh got the Federal jail. He told them what was going to happen and to let Wendel loose as soon as anybody tried to get him out. But not before. They said okey and he quit talking and said to me:
  • One month later, Seth and I had settled into our new home in Seattle. My moms sister, Aunt Gabby, owned a small, second storey two-bedroom furnished apartment in a quiet, leafy, respectable part of the city. She agreed to rent it to Seth and me for a nominal amount each month, and it was considerably nicer than we could have otherwise afforded. Overall, our transition from La Push to Seattle was smooth, as I tried not to dwell on the things we had left behind.
  • "No, no, it wasn't like that at all," Aiden insisted, trying to keep Pacian on track. "The dragon looked right at her, and she screamed, like it was about to attack her or something. That dream has been identical every time except for last night, and when I awoke, she was holding on to this shard thing, and then she collapsed." Pacian took a deep breath and appeared to think about it a little.
  • Gort looked at the plum, then back at Lanyan. "Grahamas? Aye. I do." He muttered, dropping his hand and staring forward. For a time, that seemed all he was going to say. Eventually though, a hard breath pressed out of his lungs and the Dwarf continued. "I meant what I said. About him feeling like a friend. Grahamas...never treated me any different than tha rest of ye. He didn't do that with anyone. He didn't treat me like a stupid rock-head, or ye like a stubborn Elf. He treated me like Gort and you like Lanyan. All my life I've dealt with people having their own... thoughts about my race before they ever get ta know me, and I know ye have too. Graham never did. He even tried ta teach us how ta use a sword, something maybe neither of us would have ever learned, at least not well. But it wasn't about that. It was his way of trying ta show us something we could use, something that would make us believe in ourselves, because he believed in us. That's something only a friend does."
  • "Niece, a piece of advice," the voice started again. "Let instinct and the Strachan Sword guide you. It will know what to do, it has Chirons blood in it. try to defeat the horse before you defeat the man. His powerful body will be your greatest challenge. And it is very possible that Pendragon will keep you from pulling magic from the circle."
  • Once back in his room at Ulena's boarding house, Sallis began packing his saddlebags. He distributed his gold between the bags and secreted some on his person. He doubted if anybody trying to rob him would be successful, but he wasn't about to risk all his gold in one place.
  • Rordan tried to get a grip on what his strategy should be. Vacias personal questions disturbed him. He played another low points card. Nyah and Fikna played downer cards on him.
  • Finally, he shrugged and said, ‘Im pretty good at jumping ditches but Ive not a clue about jumping dimensions.’ Paul looked the Magur straight in the eye, ‘I guess, what Im trying to say is, just so were both clear, I haven't understood half of what youve said,’ he took a much needed breath, ‘but, the way my options are looking, you tell me where to go, and what to do, and how to do it and Ill give it a shot. Reserving the right to quit if I want,’ he added quickly.
  • The words were not registering however. Instead, she could hear the thuds and voices behind the wall. Kate lowered the book and sat there looking into the fire whilst he must have finished his bathing and gone to his chambers. That short, shared ride had been enlightening. Another layer to the complicated man, who could be shockingly intimate one moment and somewhat bitter the next. She had to deal with males to some extent in her life, aside from her father, and the Duke too, as her neighbor, some had all the preconceived ideas about females and few treated her with any seriousness. Oh, she could not completely write off her steward, he tried to get used to dealing with only her after her fathers passing. However, it was bred into most men and women too, she had discovered in London.
  • "That's the way it is, guys. We're on the bottom rung and that means we get stepped on a lot. Just try to survive, that's all," says Mark philosophically.
  • There were so many people in the gallery, Jaxon almost felt claustrophobic. She weaved in and out through the crowd talking to patrons and answering questions about the spectacular sketches adorning the walls of the gallery. She was trying really hard to keep herself aware of who was asking questions and about what. After all, the whole point of this was to see if it conjured any leads to help Caislyn find her parents. She was sure Caislyn would be waiting anxiously to know if she found anything.
  • The wounds his companions had suffered were healing over, even as Aiden watched. Pacian managed to stand up straight, and Colt stopped favouring one leg. Nellise's leg had stopped bleeding and the wounds had closed over, but the bite marks from the vicious attack she had suffered remained. Aiden tried not to stare at her leg for more than a moment, conscious of its alluring shape. He noted instead that she would most likely be colder now with one leg exposed to the bitter chill in the air and the driving sleet.
  • "Yes, you could. you may try and kill a dragon, for example. They have wards that help against swords and claws, so you could use the energy to get past those wards and more important, the wards that help the dragon heal after getting hurt. But I make this warning to you now, Un Prosa: if you used the fenna in that way it will take all of the blades energy, then you are stuck with an oversize fenna against a dragon. So pick your attack well or dont try it at all," Sydin said.
  • Ryson tried to maintain his composure. He checked his fear as he continued to move, using his speed to his advantage. He kept a safe distance and at least two trees between himself and the corpse as he watched the creature carefully. The more he watched the more confused he became. With muscle and tissue missing from many parts of its body, movement should have been impossible. But apparently, these facts held little meaning. The creature continued its prodding, unyielding attack. It proved its ability to turn, move, and fight even as rotting flesh dropped off its visible bones.
  • Turning his attention back to Colt, he noticed Nellise hadn't bothered trying to bandage his wounds. She had instead taken out her crystal and closed her eyes, her lips moving silently. The adrenaline rush was fading and Aiden was starting to feel the cold, not to mention the ache of his leg, but as he sat there in the snow, the warm glow of the acolytes healing prayer suffused him.
  • I ran my eyes over him again, because he was too bright. There was something glowing and pulsing around him. I tried to move away and as I did, he took hold of my head in both of his hands. They were overly warm and almost feminine, delicate. His eyes locked mine down and I stilled. Something pressed on my mind, tethered itself inside me.
  • Graham sighed as he set the cup down, head still full of fog as he tried to piece together the events that led up to this. He remembered the fight, recalled Rhimaldez leaving Drogan incapacitated and driving his spear towards him, but his eye caught a frail hand creeping out from a shadowed cornerthen a bright light. That was the last thing he could remember. He pushed his hands to the ground and stood slowly. The person slipping from the shadows had to have been Kalinies. He never traveled without Drogan and whatever spell he had cast was still affecting Graham. The Champion tried again to shake the feeling of fatigue and detachment as a door above him creaked. He turned, tugging his sword out, trying to ignore the woozy feeling that stayed with him.
  • The remaining archer's eyes were wide as he stepped back, frantically trying to notch an arrow to take another shot at them. Aiden was about to step in and engage the man when he felt a sharp pain in his back. He whirled around, slashing down with his short blade in the hope of hitting whoever had just attacked him. The sword connected with a cloaked bandit who had been hiding in the brush next to the archers, practically invisible. The bandit screamed as Aidens sword took him in the chest, and Sayana was quick to follow through with her axe, finishing him off.
  • The rain continued to hammer the ground unabated as they walked along the highway to the south. All of Aiden's companions had their hoods up to try and keep as dry as possible, but mere clothing could only do so much. Unless they wanted to be wrapped in oilcloth like Colt's longbow, this was as dry as they were going to get for the foreseeable future.
  • "Do we fight them, or run?" Colt asked, his voice tight. Despite their apparent hostility, the dwarves still hadn't actually tried to harm them, giving Aiden pause. Talking didn't seem to be an option, as Clavis had run into a dead-end, and he was the only one that even spoke the language.
  • The sun was waning and for three hours straight, Graham had not let up for more than ten minutes here and there to rest his horse. He was trying to gain as much ground as possible before he lost the light. No longer able to see what was ahead of him would force him to slow down immensely, or risk crashing into something.
  • "I'll consider the first three but not the one that the man in the red cap is holding," Holder declared. "It's favoring its right foreleg and will go lame after a few days on the road. I see the way your man is trying to hide him behind the others, you know."
  • Shinshin, lowering his voice, began to tell the count of some intrigue of Kuragin's in Moscow, and Natasha tried to overhear it just because he had said she was "charmante."
  • She forced her mind to the task at hand. How would they get out of here? Raven had taken a wound last night and he was just trying to keep them at bay, not push his way past. She would slow him down. With his innate sense of the Mother's woods, he could slip by them on his own. He would be safe. Then where would that leave her?
  • "Everyone film me," the Matriarch commanded the family as they took out their wands. "Lady Elizabeth and her fianc, Baron Wilhelm, offer a gold kilo or its equivalent to every family started by Prince Richard that attends their wedding the day after tomorrow. Only one member of each family has to come, though all are welcome. But come armed in case Prince John tries to arrest them."
  • My insides were too raw. Just coming out long enough to listen to Mrs. Campbell had opened everything back up. My mind tried to shy away, to sink away from the certainty of more jagged shards being shoved into me, but this voice was an important one.
  • I couldnt call Mom or Dad as they would be so disappointed in me, and might try to remove me from school. I needed Rosalie as she would know how to handle the situation. I whipped my phone out and dialed her number.
  • Leaning against the gate staring into the arches I thought, I don't want to go in there. I can't go in there. I spent some time trying to reopen the gate; the lever was well out of reach. I knew my efforts were in vain; I wanted only the distraction of the effort.
  • It was travelers tradition to try to pull free the purple-handled knife that stood fast in the tree, but even the mightiest could not remove it. When they left the garden they gave their children coins to toss into the well.
  • Range had not thought out that part of the story. His mind was not as sharp as usual; the pain was trying to swallow him up, again."My friend was killed by an Osaban priest and my priest thought if one was in the vicinity and I was traveling with my family, that I would need its protection."
  • Seth Conroy, the teams small forward, was generally quiet but was the wrong guy to mess with. The last time Fowler tried to embarrass Conroy was in eighth grade when a bunch of the guys were playing street hockey in the parking lot of Salisbury Elementary School.
  • Serenity dialed the number with shaking fingers, but in her rush she dialed wrongly, and was rewarded with the recorded operators voice telling her to hang up and try again.
  • Facing the first group once more, Aiden turned just in time to see the first wolf leap towards Colt's throat, only to be cut in half with one swing of his massive blade. The spray of blood hit Aiden straight on, and he recoiled reflexively from the gruesome sight. That move cost him dearly, however. Before he could recover, Aiden was knocked down, and a searing pain tore along his right leg. He screamed and thrashed around, trying to dislodge his attacker, but to no avail.
  • "Look," Dave said, trying to sound firm but nonthreatening, "Im really not interested. And Ive gotta tell you, I wouldnt be cut out for this anyway. I dont know anything about threatening people, kidnapping them off the street, stealing stuff, or anything like that."
  • The sound of a bell ringing dragged Serenity from a deep sleep. She tried to ignore it but the insistent jingle forced her awake. She opened her eyes, heavy-headed and disoriented, trying to figure out where the sound came from.
  • As she tried to remember the nickname and place it with her older memory of him, she froze completely still suddenly. Her face paled and she looked at him again, more closely. She then looked at Mark who no longer laughed and he nodded in confirmation. Her voice became shaky "UmmConnor II have toaa…" She turned and ran as fast as she could back to her friends, and for safety. As she told them who he was, their faces paled and they looked at him and back to her like she just lied to them.
  • "It felt kind of like a game of capture the flag, with me as the flag." It wasn't the most flattering comparison ever invented, but at least it allowed me to try and convince myself I'd imagined the near violence.
  • "I have something I need to discuss with you guys," Alan Noble said with a concerned look on his face. I looked at Kathy and she glanced at Mindy, and I said, "We might be full but I think we can still hear you," trying to lighten the mood of his heavy stare.
  • He was trying to make a good impression on his first day, but wearing a business suit only made him stand out in the land of leisure suits and flammable fabrics. This setting was as far as possible from any boardroom, but he wanted to show the proper respect afforded any new job.
  • She looked around and noticed that at some point in time Naomi had cleaned up the mess that was the usual state of affairs for her room. Suzana was tall, at an even six feet, but Rakuen towered several inches over her. An extreme rarity for the time and place he had been born in. Suzana tried to think of some clothes of hers that might fit him.
  • "Is there any way possible to feel the people being kept hostage? Some magical, or vampire way?" I couldn't do anything about the people already gone, but I could damn well try and do something about those still alive. My heart pounded hard in my chest. If they told me something could be done at this particular moment, then by God, I was willing to do it.
  • Jinny was trying to keep a low profile but noticed the sickly look on Kens face and had to mother. Maureen Stewart, from her glass-fronted office, noticed early-bird Jinny counseling ken and flashed a brief victorious smile at her good judgment.
  • Without instruction, she climbed atop the table. trying to center herself, she closed her eyes, took slow, deep breaths on the count of seven, and calmly addressed her thoughts. No one touched her, but she could feel the presence of hands above her head, feet, hands, and naval. She felt no pressure, but a warm tingling sensation infused her flesh as the energy shifted and moved.
  • Natasha was ashamed of doing nothing when everyone else was so busy, and several times that morning had tried to set to work, but her heart was not in it, and she could not and did not know how to do anything except with all her heart and all her might. For a while she had stood beside Sonya while the china was being packed and tried to help, but soon gave it up and went to her room to pack her own things. At first she found it amusing to give away dresses and ribbons to the maids, but when that was done and what was left had still to be packed, she found it dull.
  • "Yes, we did. See, I told you no one would try to stop us from crossing te highway. It was easier tan crossing te River. You didn't have to steal a boat to row across." They were reclining in the shade of an embankment overgrown with bushes and vines. Belo had taken the extra precaution of spreading Rafe's jacket over some branches above him so he was safe from sunburn during their daytime rest stop.
  • Louie tried holding his left fist some distance from the remaining buttercups and squeezing. There was no reaction until his fist was moved close to the plants; in fact nothing happened until the blue aura engulfed part of the plant. With Lulu it was exactly the same.
  • Dorel shrank back, but her expression was defiant and her eyes spat venom. Bane thrust her away with a grunt of disgust. "Make more food, and if you ever try to harm my person again, you will pay, understand?"
  • Prince Andrew was standing before her, saying something to her with a look of tender solicitude. She, having raised her head, was looking up at him, flushed and evidently trying to master her rapid breathing. And the bright glow of some inner fire that had been suppressed was again alight in her. She was completely transformed and from a plain girl had again become what she had been at the ball.
  • "Places, I think," Squee frowned, trying to remember exactly, "Remarkable places and things, yes, I'm sure that was it."
  • He tried to take a last look at her through the tears. He wanted to reach out and stroke that smooth olive cheek. What will I do? he thought. God knows. try to find some honorable way to die.
  • I learned to shift the wind and I kind of thought that I could lift myself off the ground by calling to it. I didnt dare try to do this however, because Tray would likely chain himself to me if I took flight againeven though I would be the one controlling it this time.
  • It was the voice of the groom, trying to wake him. The sun shone straight into Pierre's face. He glanced at the dirty innyard in the middle of which soldiers were watering their lean horses at the pump while carts were passing out of the gate. Pierre turned away with repugnance, and closing his eyes quickly fell back on the carriage seat. "No, I don't want that, I don't want to see and understand that. I want to understand what was revealing itself to me in my dream. One second more and I should have understood it all! But what am I to do? Harness, but how can I harness everything?" and Pierre felt with horror that the meaning of all he had seen and thought in the dream had been destroyed.
  • We tried to calm the fire between the Kramers but were about as unsuccessful as feeling full an hour after a Chinese meal. Mindy started house shopping shortly after our night out and it wasnt long before she found one that she liked. The house was in Merrick, New York, which was the adjacent better-looking cousin to Bellmore. Zack said that he wanted to live in Bellmore but Mindy had an itch to climb a little.
  • His eyes, ears and tongue had been burnt away, and his body lacked skin, the raw, weeping flesh glazing in the air. She recoiled, trying to jerk her arm from Bane's grip, but he held her implacably, his face as hard as the granite walls.
  • Graice allowed them to hold her down but her tensed muscles did not relax. When she looked back up, she saw that the metal creature was stumbling about while Holder was now standing uneasily by the bank of the stream. It tried to step towards him but its damaged leg twitched and jerked spasmodically. Instead of moving forward, it spun in a quarter turn to the right and then hopped on three legs to turn back to face the man. As Holder backed up, it staggered along the edge of the water after him. Seeing something move behind the thing, Holder picked up a rock and threw it left-handed. Simultaneously, Belo dropped a second rock from the sky. The stones did no damage but the crab-like thing failed to notice Rafe running at it from behind holding a large and very heavy chunk of a boulder over his head. While still moving at full speed, the lupun slammed the big stone against the knee joint of the thing's left rear leg and this time the stone did a considerable amount of damage. The metal dented badly and the joint bent at an ungainly angle.
  • "I dont want you moving around too much. I gave you a really strong muscle relaxant back at the house, and I think youll find that you still feel pretty weak when you try to stand up. I dont want you to fall and hurt yourself or make me get into an accident or something. Besides, your wings will barely even fit through the space in the seats. Why dont you back down again and rest for a bit," he said. She saw his glasses flash momentarily in the light from an oncoming cars headlights.
  • "I don't think he's faking," Sayana remarked, "I carried him all the way down the hallway, and he didn't even try to grope me once."
  • At the command, one of the men came up to them and placed a large wad of stained and dirty rag in each of their mouths and tied it in. The rags had probably been used to wipe sweat from the soldiersfaces and necks. There was a taste of salt, dirt, and several other things Legon didnt want to think about. Keither gagged a bit. This was not good. If their commander was supposed to be back tonight then that meant they would have to try to escape from ten royal guards, not just four, and that this whole thing was a trap. A bead of sweat ran the length of his back, and he was feeling weak from the lack of sleep and food.
  • Spring Airlines Co., Chinas biggest privately-owned carrier, is considering a venture in Hong Kong as it joins operators trying to break Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (293)’s grip on the citys aviation market.
  • I could feel the ache of my body, as if I had been tied up for hours. I flexed my hand and made a fist a second time, then did it with my other hand. As I did so, I could feel a tightness in my chest and a heaviness in my body. I tried to sit up, but couldnt. I opened my eyes and looked at a white room with sunlight flowing in the window. I lay on a hospital bed and could hear a machine that looked a little like a plunger, forcing air into my lungs. I was on a ventilator. I couldnt pick up my head to look around. My body felt wrong.
  • "You already know that Im going to be flying fast. try as best as you can to keep up with me, but Ill keep an eye out for you still. If youre in trouble or feeling ill, wave your hand back and forth, and you bet your ass Ill be there to pull you out of the sky if you need it," she said. Omari knew that she was good for her word, and beyond that she wouldnt feel right relying on someone else to save her ass, especially while someone elses life was on the line. Even though she had a bad history lately of not being able to do so, she didnt hold anyone else responsible for making sure she didnt fall out of the sky. If she felt sick, she would make a good effort to land safely.
  • She turned to her, wanting to thank her Mam, but found she could not voice the words. Her voice would not work. She tried to reach out to her, to touch her one last time, to tell her she loved her one last time through touch, but could not lift her hand.
  • Roughly half an hour after the fight, Sayana stirred weakly in Aiden's arms. He called for the others to stop while he tried to determine if she was all right, and discovered a few moments later that she was indeed conscious when the wild girl punched him in the face. There was no strength behind the blow, but that wasn't the point.
  • Time flew by all too quickly. Soon it was just me holding down the fort and trying to take care of a trio of freshmen girls who seemed to be at least slightly ahead of the normal cramming curve. I was glad they weren't waiting until the day before the test to come in for help, but it was looking like tomorrow wasn't going to be any fun. Maybe I'd get lucky again, and most of the lazy ones would give up before my shift started.
  • The Prince was a skilled hunter and tracker, but try as he might, though his memory of the path did not seem at first to be overly befuddled, he could not manage to proffer any more intricate directions than if his tongue had been tied in a knot. The King spat in his sons face and turned his wrath to the Princess.
  • We crept behind the buck on both sides. I cocked my head, and we sprinted toward him. The buck tried to run, and we chased him for about a mile. Wolves may not be fast, but we have a ton of stamina. Soon, the buck ran out of energy, and slowed. We caught up to him, and I lunged for his neck.
  • She laid her head down on the gravel of the alley and tried not to move. The huge cat moved close to her, looking at her, his eyes green, concentrated slits. The pain was coming from every part of her body. Her brown eyes simply stared at the impressive animal and waited for the worst. The cat came to her and she saw the clear details of whiskers and hairs of his muzzle. A smear of blood soiled one corner of his mouth. The softness of his face nuzzled her cheek questioningly. Dimly she realized that the animal wasnt just a cat, but a black jaguar.
  • With that Steve straightened up and started working feverishly on his bonds, trying to wriggle his wrists free. Sarah decided to look around for anything that might help her. While Steve struggled with his ropes Sarah started feeling around the straw strewn about the floor.
  • "My prophecy is not ready, you cannot force it out of my mind, no one can. Vishnu has tried. Brenna has tried. My father has tried. The Demons thought they should be able to heal me. Vishnu tried to spare my father the death of a son, my sister the death of a sibling she treasures."
  • Esmerelda wondered if she had misjudged. Maybe the priest wasnt planning anything. Maybe hed simply taken a devastating spill off his rocker. Madness could snuff out fear well as anything. Maybe he was even trying to convert her.
  • Renfield seemed herself aware of having made a lapse, for she hurried on, as though to distract my attention from it, 'I don't take any stock at all in such matters. 'Rats and mice and such small deer,' as Shakespeare has it, 'chicken feed of the larder' they might be called. I'm past all that sort of nonsense. You might as well ask a woman to eat molecules with a pair of chopsticks, as to try to interest me about the less carnivora, when I know of what is before me.'
  • Honestly, the thought never even crossed my mind to try to kiss Shari that first night. I just wanted the uncomfortable feeling of being the only guy not to kiss his girl goodnight. We waited until every other couple had finished and all of the girls had entered their bunks before I said, "Goodnight." Shari looked at me quickly and replied, Yeah, I had fun. Goodnight." She took a step toward her bunk and then lunged at me with her clenched right fist and punched my left arm. She ran into the bunk giggling and I shook my head in disbelief and started the walk back to my bunk.
  • Indeed, all of India lay prostrate at their feet. The Khan had taken far too many troops from India, then lost the rest trying to overwhelm the rebels.
  • Dave heard the sound of Jeans car starting and the crunch of gravel as he pulled it into the road. Then nothing. Lizas eyes were fixed on the road as she tried to catch up to Cox and Liang. Dave could see the headlights ahead of them, but he had no idea how far they were from Jeans car. He hoped that Lizas plan would work. He hoped that Jean got away from his car in time.
  • "The decision was mine, and I made it. The Tribe is made up of simple fairies trying to live their lives. There are a core few devoted to Devlin and his way of life. These influence and control the rest. It is because of them that demonkind is experiencing the darker side of the fairy race." His face was sad. "It's their nature which leads them to dominate. To twist things for their own gains."
  • The heat immediately responded to my unspoken request. It started to rise softly and it made me feel all tingly. I tried to focus on the person talking to me, but my eyes refused to cooperate with that idea.
  • He seized Russ by the arm in a vice-like grip, and started to drag him across the roof. Russ tried to jerk away, but his struggle was in vainhe couldnt get at his useless knife because Ricalli had grabbed his free arm, and Fortya, terrified, wrapped both skinny arms around him when he tried to let her go.
  • In 10 days of conversations across Australia, however, apprehension about Chinas rise among many in the countrys middle class was a consistent theme. One junior officer in the Australian military who I spoke to put it this way: The government can try to make Australia as Asian as it wants, but most people are happier believing their country is solidly in the American sphere of influence, rather than the Chinese.
  • Sara gripped the edge of the table, her words spilling out faster. "Another man grabbed Eric. I screamed and went after him. One of the men grabbed me before I got to Eric. Mr. Casey looked worried as I tried to get the man to let go of me. He asked the old man what he wanted done with me. I could feel the old mans eyes go over every inch of my body. He said that I wouldnt make a good soldier, but hed put me to good use.
  • As Paul's feet pounded across the next garden, the sound of his pumping blood loud in his ears, he tried frantically to think of some kind of plan.
  • "Yes, we try our best George. Although, sometimes it is very difficult to accommodate all of the competing interests." Susan sighed deeply. "But the challenge keeps us going."
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