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Okunuşu: / trʌɪ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: try
Ekler: tries/tried/try·ing
Türü: fiil, isim


f. uğraşmak, çalışmak;
teşebbüs etmek, kalkışmak;
denemek, tecrübe etmek, imtihan etmek, sınamak;
araştırmak, teftiş etmek, tetkik etmek, tahkik etmek;
huk. yargılamak, muhakeme etmek, davasını görmek;
tasfiye etmek;

i. çalışma, uğraşma;
deneme, tecrübe.

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  • The Princess finally made a mistake, dodging left when she should have gone right, and receiving an unexpected kick to her midriff which sprawled her out in the snow, winded. Nellise stood alone against the powerful mercenary, and appearedn to have given up all hope of trying to take him down herself, instead choosing to slowly step backwards, keeping her guard up to prevent Black from hitting her. She had moved back about three yards when Aiden noticed a form descending from above, immediately assuming that the dragon had silently approached them, but as it emerged from the fog, he could see that it was, in fact, Sayana.
  • She rose and bounded around the corner, trying to catch the woman and give her flowers back. The way she had been startled, she probably needed the comfort, too.
  • I tried to just concentrate on driving to Sunridge, although I still felt the lingering darkness somewhere in the back part of my mind. I couldnt shake the bad feeling so I decided to go back to school and pick up Ember. Before I made that U-turn I remembered why I left her in the first place. A belligerent customer would be waiting for me. So I rolled up the windows in my new truck and enjoyed the smell of the interior as I worked to rid myself of the shadowed thoughts.
  • "Rain," he grunted sleepily, then rolled onto his back, trying to find a more comfortable position on the hard floor. Then he was still again, breathing deeply, but Liseli didnt find it so easy to fall back to sleep. She sat up, rubbing her arms and wondering when it had got so chilly. The sound of rain pounding on the roof far above continued, but otherwise it was eerily quiet. She gazed toward the lighted hall, where several dogs lay sleeping, and then to the altar in the chamber where Alisiya lay dead.
  • "He does have a unique way about him, doesn't he?" Nellise replied with a lingering glance at Pace as she lowered the crystal. "Your nose should be fine now, just... try to duck next time, okay?"
  • It was still dark in her room, and she debated on whether or not to turn the light on. She decided to take a gamble and turn on the overhead light on. Without illumination, there was no way she was going to be able to see what she was doing or where she was going. The lamp flickered on, revealing the sparse room again. Her first reaction was to try and leave through the door Samantha and Dominic had come from. It was the only obvious way out. But the more she thought about it, if this was a basement, it was awfully small. Now Omari didnt know a great deal about the sizes of basements in the St. Louis area, but she was fairly certain they would be bigger than this. Plus, where were the others being held? There were at least five other people being held captive, presumably on the same premises. Omari suspected the basement had been artificially divided.
  • There were still so many unknowns in the whole equation that Elodie could only pray that her decision to give him the crystal had been the right one and he would make it to Alesia on time. But the thought that worried her most, though she tried to suppress it from her mind, was, even presuming Paul was there and she could find him and get the crystal, with her body so loaded with toxins, would she be able to create the necessary energy to make the leap?
  • Menacing spiders had built elaborate webs that spanned open areas between trees. When Catrin walked into one of the clinging webs, she thought she felt its occupant land in her hair, and she gave the boys a good laugh while she tried to shed the imagined spider. Afterward she armed herself with a long stick, which she waved in front of her like a wand, clearing the webs as she walked.
  • Ben sat in the prow facing Sam. A stiff ocean breeze slapped at his back. He could feel the familiar cold hands of fear starting to clutch at his throat. He slowed his breathing and tried to relax. He flexed his fingers open, shut, open, shut. He moved his head and neck slowly from side to side. Akira had taught him dozens of relaxation techniques but now he couldnt remember most of them.
  • Agnes went into a rage. She turned her back to me and stepped out of the pentagram, desperately trying to put out the fire. Whatever spell she had cast that held my feet in place was released and I ran toward the stairs.
  • "Enough," Colt growled. "You two can get married later. We got lucky, simple as that. This isn't over yet, but they won't be trying something that bold again anytime soon. If you want to heal us up some, now's a good time to do it. I reckon we have about three hours before they come back in greater numbers. I aim to be holed up in a cave by then, preferably in front of a fire. Any objections?"
  • "Dont feel bad, Wayne. Half the people in the doctors office knew before I found out," I said trying to pick up my friend.
  • Just as Aarons long, muscular arm started its downward ascent toward Maggies face she prepared to break free of Kayla clutch but was meeting with some tremendous resistance. She tried to test the limits of her bounds but was unsuccessful at providing enough space to duck at just the right time. So she did the only thing that she could think of at the time, as the scent of blood continued to infiltrate the nostrils of the five vampires across the park. Instead of continuing to resist to Kayla choke-hold, she simply extended her fangs and took a bite out of her bicep, which reduced the huntersstrength enough to enable Maggie to duck at the last moment as she felt the breeze of Aarons fist whiz past her ear and continue toward Kaylas cheekbone where it found a more suitable landing place.
  • Estechian seemed idle and uncaring, and Gerin consideredfor a momentvoicing his concerns. But not knowing where his loyalty lay would be dangerous. If Estechian remained devoted and word ever got back to the King about Gerin's dissension, then it would certainly mean his death. "Well, if it is necessary that he tells us," Gerin pressed, trying to gauge Estechian's reaction to his statement, "he will."
  • I held onto the sound of his voice, held on to his stern command. If he had molly-coddled me, I'd have curled into a ball and cried. His matter of fact outlook kept me grounded. I tried to block out everything but that closest to me. My body responded immediately and every sensation collapsed on itself.
  • Catrin, Rolph, and Benjin worked on the oxcart in the afternoon sun. The cart was in poor condition, and one of the wheels was seized. After they removed the wheel and greased the hub, it moved more freely, but was still less than perfect. Catrin was glad to have the cart as it would make their travels much easier, and she hoped it would help them appear more like locals. Collette folded the blankets from the loft and insisted they would make a good cushion for the splintery wooden seat. Their kindness in such a trying time spoke volumes for their generous souls, and Catrin vowed to never forget them and all they had done for her.
  • "The game isnt over, gentlemen, was one of the many clichs he tried to interject between boasts and jokes by his team. No strategy was discussed and the only thing that was decided was the night club they would be rockinafter the game.
  • So the Infinity Fish had a predator, yet a sensitive one. The Piscadors fished only what they needed to cook their favourite dish, a sort of gumbo made with a good strong stock and thickened with the pulped starchy fruit of the Hook Tree. The stock was by far the most important part of the dish, and competitions have been and are still held each year to see who can make the best. It is said that the longer a fish takes to catch, the better the stock, and good fishers would deliberately spend hours teasing a fish to try and make the perfect ingredient. Perhaps they deceive themselves and the whole thing is a myth, but in a treetop world above the clouds without the slightest hint of science, myths are a form of truth. Whatever. The belief that a long battle with a fish leads to a good stock meant that for most of their history the Piscadors caught fish at a relatively gentle rate, for they savoured quality over quantity in their culinary endeavours. A balance emerged.
  • "I know you do, you just didn't show it enough, I guess. I am just worried about Lynne, that's all. I can't help it.", Mickey said trying not to blame Rose too much, because he knew it wouldn't do much good to start arguing again. He totally avoided talking about the Doctor, who, wisely kept out of the conversation. Though, he listened and watched silently while eating at a steady pace.
  • I stopped and turned to him. "You have to try to understand where I'm coming from here, Drake. You guys were all really mean to me my first week here. Then I get practically arrested and can't even remember why. And now, after being out sick with a terrible fever for a full week, I come back to find that you all are acting completely different toward me. How am I supposed to react? Eternally grateful that you're all descending from your thrones long enough to converse with a low-life like me?"
  • "The Godfist is pretty far outside established trade routes, and pirate ships only dock here to avoid pursuit, though sometimes they trade goods and information with the Vestrana. There are now two ships docked at the cove, as far as we know. They sought refuge from the Zjhon fleet, fearing the ships had been sent after them. The last Miss Mariss had heard, they were still there. She's going to try to get word to them and arrange passage for us. Though they are not here with us, agents of the Vestrana are doing all they can to help. I know the Zjhon are going to scour the Godfist in search of Catrin, so I propose we travel to the cove and leave the Godfist with the pirates. Even if Miss Mariss is not able to contact them, we may be able to work something out, and to be completely honest, I don't have any better ideas."
  • The wand grew warm and shook in my hand, sweaty from the excitement of trying this task. I knew I was attempting to do what a wiser older wizard would not think of doing.
  • Maki, 47, challenges the conventional wisdom that the unemployment rate is dropping -- it fell to 7.9 percent in October from 8.7 percent a year earlier -- because discouraged workers have stopped trying to find jobs.
  • Ryson looked about as if trying to decide what to do next. "I dont understand how you know this, but Im not going to question it. Is Burbon in any immediate danger?"
  • 'Look, Patchwork. You don't want them. They're no good to you, poor specimens. The boy's got Parrot Brain Syndrome. And she, well, she's just his girlfriend. Can you imagine?' the Doctor said trying to keep Mickey and Rose from being imprisoned too. 'You have what you want, why bother with them?'
  • Thoughts of Brandon made it hard to really get into the chapter. Also, it was hard not to notice the borderline hostile stares from the other kids. I sighed in relief when the bell rang, and pulled out my schedule and map to see where I'd be going next. Physics? I mentally reviewed my conversation with the secretary, but couldn't remember either of us mentioning the class. As if trying to catch up in Algebra wasn't going to be bad enough, I was going to face the same kind of problem in physics.
  • The connection between Ellison and Lawrence was too strong, and Ellison could finally see a righteous end to all of Lowerys madness. Ellison stayed out of the house all day and tried to focus his mind because he knew that his favorite hunters, Cal and Thad, would be coming to try and permanently punch his lights out. Since Lowery stopped Ellison from getting a proper revenge, he was completely jacked up to finally be getting an opportunity to at least even the score.
  • "Let me see, you live on the West Side and I live on the East Side," I said trying to figure the plans out, and move on from her dig.
  • If Jessica hadn't grudgingly complimented me on just how good my hair looked, I might have suspected Jasmin was trying to purposefully make me look worse than the other girls. Dominic and Rachel had to tell me I looked good, that was an unwritten girl-rule regardless of what species you were. Jessica had no such imperative, so I was forced to conclude Jasmin had done the best she could considering what she had to work with, and resigned myself to being the homely one in the group.
  • The horrible press of Camilias power reached her a moment before the woman stood over her. Shannon tried to sit up but a wave of dizziness kept her down. For all Aidens miraculous healing, he couldnt replace the blood shed lost and now it was catching up to her. Tears burned her eyes. She lifted her head enough so that she could kiss Aiden.
  • Isaac had his hand cocked, ready to smack his son upside his head if he bugged him again while he was trying to concentrate. Instead, he turned around and saw Oliver Meyer standings in front of him, David moving out of range.
  • I tried breaking through one of the side walls. The stuff looked like plaster or sheet rock, but felt like stone. The opposite wall proved no better. I paced like a captive animal.
  • Cassie was still trying to pry information out of Krista about her 'secret relationshipwith Tray. My best friend noticed me looking at her, misinterpreted the meaning, rolled her eyes and shot me a small grin. They continued their conversation without giving me a second look. My friends hadnt seemed to notice anything either. As the revelation was ushered into my awareness, I freaked out accordingly.
  • "You men come down one at a time. Walk twenty paces toward town and stop in the middle of the road. My men have you covered and anyone that makes a move toward the weapons or tries to run will be shot instantly." His tone was that of someone used to being obeyed.
  • During Dirk's various incarcerations, he would always try to occupy his mind. When he would run out of rocks to scratch vulgar messages on the dingy cell walls, he would turn to pacing his cell. When that had lost his interest, he would start to sing. After realizing that he didn't know that many songs, he would turn to writing. Upon realizing almost instantly that he had nothing to write with nor to write upon, Dirk would settle into reviewing his life to see where he had gone wrong. And this ritual had only occupied the first two days of this particular incarceration.
  • Maeve tried to keep her voice calm. She was definitely feeling edgy all of sudden. Being out here alone with this sketchy man she had almost gone out on a date with didnt feel quite right.
  • I reached out to pat the closest one the head. Every dog whipped its head around and snapped in my direction. The one I tried to pat nearly took off my fingers.
  • "I'll tell you what, my dear fellow," said Prince Andrew, who evidently also felt depressed and constrained with his visitor, "I am only bivouacking here and have just come to look round. I am going back to my sister today. I will introduce you to her. But of course you know her already," he said, evidently trying to entertain a visitor with whom he now found nothing in common. "We will go after dinner. And would you now like to look round my place?"
  • The fool tried not to think about what's or why's. He had seen the man, as plain as day, when he stepped out from the hanging tapestry behind the throne. He felt the world around him slow, and he heard the king's voice drop in tone, until it slurred into an inaudible jumble. The fool's eyes met the killer's for an instant, and the fool saw something powerful in them, something dangerous. The fool watched helplessly, as the demigod, or demon, or whatever the mannish thing was, stepped out to swing a clean, two-handed arc with a glistening blade before stepping back into nothingness. The world then snapped back into sync, but the king's voice had stopped, and the several dozen petitioners, counselors, and nobles in the hall, all paused in courtesy, politely waiting for him to continue what he had been saying.
  • "My head hurts," Hartwell said, as Daniel flashed back to the previous day and an ill-fated baseball catch he had with his dead father. He looks at us and says, "I was just trying to get in some father-son activities that we missed."
  • The lack of mages amongst his troops was worrisome. The General had tried to enlist some before marching out, but to no avail. Most of them locked themselves in their tower. He tried to ask the Archmage for help, but he wasn't even let inside the Tower of Mages. The mage at the gate was rather rude. He told the General that the Archmage had forbidden the mages to join the army. Fair enough, although rather puzzling.
  • Aiden tried not to think about the countless tons of water just above their heads, but jumping through a small waterfall gushing down from the ceiling in the middle of the passageway, was something that couldn't be ignored.
  • I dont care. Bianca is trying to sell me on Elysium, but I am already sold, and have been ever since she shared that potent kiss on the floor of Yoshikos courtyard.
  • "No!" Maggie exclaimed. "I was hooked from the moment our eyes first met. Trust you? I was trying to save you from yourself and protect you."
  • "Here," I tried to shout. Instead, my voice came out cracked and dry. I coughed and fell to my knees on the second floor landing.
  • She tried another angle. "All right, but what if he cannot break the spell, and kills me out of revenge for all the trouble I have caused, then what?"
  • "I dont want your wisdom," Liseli said, trying to keep the waver from her voice. "Maybe I made a mistake last night, but whatever else he is Russ is still my friend and Im not in the habit of killing my friends."
  • "I told Beechworth that he needed more than two guards to get safely through to Bracksford. I don't suppose there were any survivors?" Colt shook his head gravely, and the guard nodded. "And now the damn fool is dead. But to answer your question, they haven't tried attacking the town yet, though they've had no compunctions about hitting anything else around it. Did you lot run in to any other trouble on the way here?"
  • "Shes very tired," Halla said. Russ walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to decide whether or not he was going to wake her up. It might just be selfish to disturb her . . . but . . . . He glanced up at Halla and cleared his throat.
  • "One has to accept the new reality," said Just, 55, chief investment officer at Bayerische Versorgungskammer, Germanys biggest public retirement fund. "One only has two alternatives basically: reduce return expectations and payouts, or try to practice some form of magic."
  • Hartwell had so many questions, but his mind instantly shut down from the emotional toll of being separated spiritually from his wife for the first time in over a century. He sat down in the sand and thought back to a time when he met Maggie and how his life had no real meaning before he tried to rob her bank. It was the days before he hit it big and staked his claim of goldit was also a time when he first considered ending his miserable life, with the other time being after Maggie and Daniel, then Nathanial, tragically lost their lives during the 1902 Black Plague in San Francisco.
  • Johan squinted against the late Third Quarter sun as it bounced off of the snow, blinding. He glanced around, trying to clear his vision. Where was Rickward?
  • He hung up and MacIntosh got the Federal jail. He told them what was going to happen and to let Wendel loose as soon as anybody tried to get him out. But not before. They said okey and he quit talking and said to me:
  • He tried to breathe evenly, but couldnt. The longer he was awake, the heavier the clamps felt, the less able to move he felt, the faster and shallower he felt himself breathing. He turned over on his right side, feeling the chains on his left side tense as they met their limit. Even as he realized that he was panicking, he yanked at the chains violently, twisting around and feeling his throat constrict as the iron bit into his skin. He couldnt breathe. He couldnt see anything. He could only feel the chains, hear the chains, oh God they wouldnt go away . . . .
  • "Don't even joke about that, you cruel bastard," Colt spat, turning to glare at the blond rogue. "Clavis may have had his problems, but he died trying to save us, so if you ever crack wise about death again, my fist and your face are gonna have a short conversation." Pacian lowered his gaze at the outburst, and wisely held his tongue.
  • "Dont lie to me," Tamas said, standing and leaning over the mage."Youre one of them! Youre trying to take my kingdom away from me!Ive seen it. Well that harlot wife of mine wont do it and neither will you, youmage."Gidas was not entirely certain what the mage had said wrong, but Lazerek was surprisingly calm.
  • "Yesterday, I was trying to paint a picture from my mind, and rambling like an idiot," the fool grinned. "But, today, I was also a king. Today, I was the King of Fools."
  • Paul ran the length of the crypt, stooping slightly to avoid hitting his head and lifted the door latch. He flicked on another light switch revealing yet more stone steps leading downwards. There was nothing for it but to go on, he realised, bolting the door behind him whilst trying to suppress the feeling of suffocating claustrophobia that this lower, narrower staircase gave him. He knew he was heading like a rabbit into a dead-end trap and prayed the Magur had a good trick up her sleeve, when he reached the end.
  • Graice allowed them to hold her down but her tensed muscles did not relax. When she looked back up, she saw that the metal creature was stumbling about while Holder was now standing uneasily by the bank of the stream. It tried to step towards him but its damaged leg twitched and jerked spasmodically. Instead of moving forward, it spun in a quarter turn to the right and then hopped on three legs to turn back to face the man. As Holder backed up, it staggered along the edge of the water after him. Seeing something move behind the thing, Holder picked up a rock and threw it left-handed. Simultaneously, Belo dropped a second rock from the sky. The stones did no damage but the crab-like thing failed to notice Rafe running at it from behind holding a large and very heavy chunk of a boulder over his head. While still moving at full speed, the lupun slammed the big stone against the knee joint of the thing's left rear leg and this time the stone did a considerable amount of damage. The metal dented badly and the joint bent at an ungainly angle.
  • "Paul, Im sure you dont believe me, but Im not interested in how the car came into your possession or any of the events leading up to that. I really only want to know why you were so focused on Rachael Sunday." I held his stare and could see the disbelief in his face, as if I were trying to trick him into a confession.
  • Jack stood there motionless, staring at Connors arm. "Before I do I have to ask a question. Ive tried to make a shield like that before and it could never hold a shape. How did you manage to accomplish it?"
  • "Not the one you were wearing, I'm afraid. The sleeve was still smoldering when we took it off of you but I dug out one of your spares," Ignacio said as he reached behind himself and picked up the other shirt. "We didn't try to put it on you earlier because you kept groaning when we moved your arm. How does it feel now?"
  • "You are goingto getyourself killed." I tried to catch my breath. "Just go!" I was nearly in tears. He wasnt going to listen to me no matter how much I begged him. I tried to get free of Lady Magmilan and knock the gun out of her hands.
  • "Funny," I said, "it's dug out like a cabin or a place for storing grain." Through a window in a round knothole, I tried to get a first glimpse of the dark rainy path that lay just ahead of this tree. But it was a moonless night and the rain-streaked window of a knothole was grimy.
  • The troubadour shrugged. "It has been almost a year since that happened, Madame, and he has yet to try to avenge himself."
  • I succeeded with my goal of making him laugh. "Well, I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to keep my friends away from each other's throats. We've got some pretty strong personalities, and it's nearly a full time job stopping minor disagreements from boiling over into something bigger. Apart from that, I spend an hour or two every day vetting Donovan's management of the family assets. He does an incredible job with everything, but even so, there are certain things I have to approve myself."
  • A disappointed look took hold, and I could tell Rachael was irritated with me. She was not arguing with me, so at least she was thinking straight. I tried to ease her frustration, "Seriously, pick any other guy."
  • "Why do you always help your sister out when I try and ask her a serious question? Im trying to teach her that she cant always be so rash and impulsive." She asked in a tone that was quite obviously annoyed.
  • "How did you find out? What happened?" I asked, trying to control my anger. I had to know now. I needed to know everything.
  • "Because you believe you have proven your pointthat it is in fact pointless to continue on, to try to reclaim Aquanus and stop that evil gnat." Conor grinned sadly. "But I have merely grabbed the hilt of your own sword, Tesche. Believe me, I have not tortured myself for twenty years in a Gaian secondary mathematics classroom teaching triangles to apathetic, drug-addled teenagers, or rebuilt the Saeire Insu fleet, or that Pier, or raised the castle ..."
  • "I can't discount the possibility," Pacian conceded. "But if we make it to Highmarch and get those supplies the town needs, I reckon he'd be a fool to try anything against us. We'll be heroes!"
  • A terrible, sharp pain wrapped around her ribs and her lungs burned. She tried to ignore the pain but she needed to rest. Serenity forced herself to stop and bent over, trying to catch her breath. Her legs trembled, her calf muscles threatening to cramp.
  • The Vindyri capital could still be seen in the valley beneath them, but they were far from any habitable civilization, and in fact the only manmade thing nearby was the paved road beneath them. Since the overcast sky was bringing darkness a little earlier than expected, they decided to camp in the woods and not try to make it to the next town. None of them knew much about horses, and they were afraid that forcing the horses to walk in the dark might lead to some kind of injury.
  • I tried to sit up, but as I moved my head to help center my balance I felt a sharp, painful tug at my chest and had to lie back down. I lifted up my head as far as it would go and looked around. Jack was sitting in a chair looking deep in thought, eyes closed with his elbows on his knees and chin resting on his knuckles.
  • "These are the people from the famous exodus that started World War Three! We always wondered where those millions of people wenteveryone blamed—" Max snaps his fingers like hes trying to find the name. "Ah, I forget the name of the organization. And then they pointed their fingers at the U.S." He laughs quietly without humor. "Now we know where they all went, eh? Into the future!"
  • Amanda ordered a light breakfast, sat at a window and stared out onto the early morning traffic. What had possessed her? A ridiculous situation where she had let her imagination get the better of her, letting fly with a fanciful murder investigation worthy of a Miss Marple novel. Kirkwood was mostly right. She did want out. She wanted to escape, and perhaps that was why she let her imagination run. Created a theory and tried to force them into a shape of murderous intent.
  • After several infuriating seconds of winding, Aiden set a bolt into place and with shaking hands, raised the weapon to take aim. The giant serpent was thrashing about, trying to dislodge the persistent rogue who was stabbing it over and over again, but the sheer bulk of the monster was such that Aiden couldn't fail to hit it at this range.
  • She had prepared herself carefully for this interview, spending an hour before her silver mirror braiding her long black hair because Amalric had said he found her lovely in braids. Her face in the mirror looked anxious and pale, though she had pinched her cheeks to give them color. She pinched them again now. She wore a long green velvet gown that clung to her figure, with a belt of gold links that emphasized the slenderness of her waist. She wanted to look her best for Amalric, though she knew it would be useless to try to be seductive with him. Not because he did not desire her, but because he knew she did not desire him.
  • Breakfast was a strange meal to us all. We tried to be cheerful and encourage each other, and Minas was the brightest and most cheerful of us. When it was over, Van Helsing stood up and said, 'Now, my dear friends, we go forth to our terrible enterprise. Are we all armed, as we were on that night when first we visited our enemy's lair. Armed against ghostly as well as carnal attack?'
  • "Then as ambassador of His Majesty, King James of England, I must insist that you rise to receive me." Hawksworth tried to
  • "Why your fianc of courseWho else is there?" He was now smiling broadly and trying not to laugh. His jaw muscles flexed as he restrained himself.
  • She was about one-third of the way around the circle, and knowing that running to greet her across the shadow-less space of no-mans land between the wire and the crowd wasnt an option, Paul started pushing his way around the ring towards her, trying to keep her in sight as he went. She was also dodging towards him, and a minute later they were facing each other. There was so much to say that Paul found himself lost for words.
  • The monks serving their meal must have been watching for the honored guests to arrive because they entered almost immediately with bowls of steaming broth and vegetables. Catrin and the others laughed as they all blew on their soup, and made slurping noises as they tried not to burn their lips or tongues. Other monks served platters of cheese and fruit, and they carried the empty bowls away. Mother Gwendolin ate in relative silence, letting them exchange news.
  • Three o'clock struck, and four, and the half-hour rang its double chime, but Dorian Gray did not stir. He was trying to gather up the scarlet threads of life and to weave them into a pattern; to find his way through the sanguine labyrinth of passion through which he was wandering. He did not know what to do, or what to think. Finally, he went over to the table and wrote a passionate letter to the girl he had loved, imploring her forgiveness and accusing himself of madness. He covered page after page with wild words of sorrow and wilder words of pain. There is a luxury in self-reproach. When we blame ourselves, we feel that no one else has a right to blame us. It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution. When Dorian had finished the letter, he felt that he had been forgiven.
  • Spring Airlines Co., Chinas biggest privately-owned carrier, is considering a venture in Hong Kong as it joins operators trying to break Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (293)’s grip on the citys aviation market.
  • She felt winded as if someone had punched her in the stomach. She remembered his words from before: ‘There is something you have Philyra could never haveMy interest.’ Bullshit. She did not blame her sister. Philyra loved Hadrian and had made it clear from the beginning...but Hadrian, Hadrian who had sought her company, who smiled at her with knowing sweetness, who tried to draw out her secrets, convince her to stay in Atlantis, with that unspoken promise of a life with him.
  • My insides were too raw. Just coming out long enough to listen to Mrs. Campbell had opened everything back up. My mind tried to shy away, to sink away from the certainty of more jagged shards being shoved into me, but this voice was an important one.
  • "No, no, it wasn't like that at all," Aiden insisted, trying to keep Pacian on track. "The dragon looked right at her, and she screamed, like it was about to attack her or something. That dream has been identical every time except for last night, and when I awoke, she was holding on to this shard thing, and then she collapsed." Pacian took a deep breath and appeared to think about it a little.
  • Benjamin complied without protest, the sweetly warm smell of the edibles doing much to shake him out of his reverie. Setting the plate down on the arm of his chair, he pored over the titbits awhile, then picked out a plain, rather shapeless morsel that reminded him of a small rock-cake. Before bringing it to his mouth, he looked over to Lilac, in the hope that her smile might impart some clue as to the marvels in store for him should he take a bite. Would there be lightning, as there was with the last one? Or something different? The lady, however, was giving nothing away. "Just try it," she said, bringing a cake of her own to her lips and leaving it poised there. "Take the plunge. Show me what a great adventurer you have become."
  • "I say we try it," Vohl said. "I'll go first. You heard the gods. I cannot die. If it works, follow me. If it sends me to the void, don't"
  • "I was sorta hovering around and I wanted to keep flying. My spirit wanted to return to its rightful place so thats precisely where it was headed. I was descending, but I wasnt happy about it. I tried to protest because I desperately wanted to return to my tree. Of course, it did what it wanted to do, regardless.
  • "No!" yelled both Bluebeard and Hirosaki simultaneously. They both looked at each other with shock, then with sudden understanding in their eyes: for Liu was as precious to each of them as she was to the other. She was the whole reason for this war, the true treasure that the ninjas had been trying to steal.
  • After a while his sobs became less frequent and more faint, and then she said to me, speaking with a studied calmness which I felt tried her nervous power to the utmost.
  • "Yes, unless someone tries to stop us on the road." Then he added, "We'll need to carry our own food, of course."
  • My mother awoke me with a flourish of light and what not. She was beaming from ear to ear. I struggled to wake up and try to figure out why she was so enthusiastic.
  • He tried to draw Guido out. "Why do you mix yourself in this quarrel? Why does a Templar write troubadour poetry and seek dangerous company in a bookseller's wineshop?"
  • "Look," Guy put on a dangerous tone, "there must be more than seven hundred bucks of funny money around. If you try anything clever, they're liable to duck out of sight with the rest. Which won't go down very well with your bosses. And I doubt whether it'll go down too well in the British newspapers, either."
  • The Black Lord sighed an exhalation of fire, and the red sun vanished, leaving only blackness. "Very well, but I shall not stop trying to kill her. Yalnebar was hurt. try not to kill anyone, Bane, they are your kin."
  • "Right! Let's get inside and stay there." I tried not to let my hurt feelings show. We reached the twenty-first floor and I rubbed my aching leg. We'd been doing nothing but walking upstairs.
  • Holding on with his left hand, Greenbeard reached up with the sword in his right and tried to stab into the monsters mouth. His blade flailed this way and that, each time almost reaching its target: now it scrapes the tongue, now it pricks the gums. Yet although this irritated the dinosaur, he succeeded only in enraging it further. It began stomping around furiously, causing all the assembled pirates and ninjas to leap five foot into the air each time, and flung the rude Greenbeard from its neck and into the marble wall, where his unconscious form slid painfully down to the ground.
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