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Okunuşu: / truːli / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tru·ly
Türü: zarf


z. hakikaten, gerçekten, doğrulukla, sadakatle, samimiyetle;
tamamen, doğru olarak;

truly için örnek cümleler:

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  • "I saw that this could work in my favor. I told her that I would return to the Colonel with her once the wounds were healed. This would serve two purposes. First, she would use a spell or poultice that would work quickly. I truly felt that the Sergeant had not much longer to live. Secondly, her ego would ensure that I was taken straight to the Colonel. In her mind this would prove to the knighthood that she was better than they."
  • It is truly extraordinary how facts can be ignored in the need to confirm and strengthen cherished illusions.
  • This human was different. Why, the griffin could not say. But it appeared as though he truly wanted to help. If this fire thrower had wanted them dead, then dead they would have been by now.
  • There are things to say, dear ones. And they are hard things. I will say them to you straightly, and then you may question me. I swear by the stars that I will answer all I can as truly as I know.’
  • " ‘That which this prayer falls on,’ she said, ‘shall become indestructible. It shall be so because I shall be your wife, and you shall be my husband, and we shall become One. Our union will be both your greatest victory and your bitterest defeat: for the Daen-Cer-Tain you sought to bleed from my brood will now only reside in the hands of those very few brave enough to truly love, as I truly love my children.’ "
  • Outside the door Sven Anderssen paused with the noonday meal he had been carrying to Lady Greystoke. Upon the end of his long, stringy neck his little head was cocked to one side, his close-set eyes were half closed, his ears, so expressive was his whole attitude of stealthy eavesdropping, seemed truly to be cocked forward--even his long, yellow, straggly moustache appeared to assume a sly droop.
  • "You are truly a great bard," James exclaims. "I can't believe you are able to repeat back the song after only one hearing."
  • "Johnnies juvenile tendencies are not my problem. Hey, do you truly believe I could get big, bad wolfs attention?" she questioned cat girl dreamily and I had to hold my breath to keep a horrified gasp from escaping.
  • Dzeb pressed forward. He wanted the delver to truly contemplate such a significant occurrence. "Think carefully. Do not end with that simple answer. Consider completely what it might mean if I told you Godson Himself sent a message. Whether you believe in the word or not, you must consider this carefully. What would that mean to you? What would be the potential if others thought that way? Every time there would be a conflict in the future, you would think to rely on some sign from the heavens to tell you when you have gone too far. That is not the way it should be. All the races of this land must learn to rely on their own judgment, their own decisions."
  • "I was watching her waste away and they didn't do anything. Didn't care. We had already lost a few that had come with us, for tha same reason. But when one faded, they replaced them with another. We were all justfaces ta them. But Almri wasn't ta me. And I was not going ta let that happen ta her, no matter what it cost me. I knew if I fought, it would come back on Javal and even more dwarves would be killed. That I didn't want. Almri…" He chuckled dryly, "She was a lot smarter than I was and she devised a way for me ta sneak her away in one of tha many, many, carts of rubble we were taking out. We spoke ta the others and they agreed that they would help us escape, as long as I promised ta tell Javal what was truly going on."
  • One eyed gargantuan beasts, their entire body was coated in a thick brown fat, obscuring the complex system of muscles beneath. Veins and arteries could be seen on the layer of fat, which hung off of the Cyclopses muscles and bones like clothes on a washing line. Speaking of clothes, they wore none, but the stomach fat drooped down low enough to obscure what would be covered. The fat was not there because they ate too much, but to soften blows and to make sure that the Cyclopses looked less dangerous than what they truly were.
  • I truly don't believe you are thinking about it hard enough. Try again. Flashing lights, blaring sirens, the yellow fire-resistant suits and big rubber boots. Chinese guys scrambling to get in and out of the fire engine as a building somewhere down the street is burning down.
  • Fire Chief Cinder was hollering again, waving his men in his line of sight back from their spread-out positions along the block, where they had been fighting the secondary blazes and trying to keep the situation from spreading too far downwind. New streams of water hit the site of the lab building from several angles at once, and for the first time the bounding flames and towering gray smoke were supplanted by steam and a welcome white smoke. Dortonn was breathing but unconscious. Jurtan Mont was breathing as well, and his eyes were open, but he seemed more glazed than truly aware of his surroundings. From the amount of blood in evidence, that might be just as well. In tearing itself apart, his harmonica had ripped its way across fingers and lips and -
  • "Enough of this," he exclaimed in pleasanter tones, "come, dinner is served," and turning, he led the way through the broad doorway of the log ranch house into an almost sumptuously furnished dining room where two silent, soft-footed Indians began immediately to serve a truly remarkable meal.
  • She could never face all of the villagers again. Not this time. The looks she had gotten, and the whispers she was not supposed to hear when she was but thirteen still haunted her. She could not suffer through those again. She would not. Johan was dead at the hands of the soldier, and Joss was being taken to the Duke for the Mother only knew what depraved reasons. She was well and truly alone.
  • Yet she couldn't. Even if she wasn't bound, she wondered if she could muster up anything in her state. She was drained; completely and utterly unharmed, but absolutely exhausted. She imagined that was the way Idimus wanted it. If orders had not been given that they weren't to be harmed, it would have happened already. She knew Kalinies, his sick nature and desire for pain. He would have made it a point to torture each of her companions just to get under her skin. Drogan was no better, twice as mean as the person he protected and half as smart. But he followed orders, they both did. Elryia knew deep down that that Idimus wanted them in one piece when they were brought to him. As cruel and evil as Drogan and Kalinies were, she knew that they held not a candle to Idimus; in that category, he truly was King. He would be the one to bring the first ounce of pain to them as well, the last. Kalinies and Drogan would not cast a scratch on a single one, but Idimus most likely never said anything about draining them of all energy.
  • The truly happy pair flew off to the Nest Caf to meet Pearl. They told Pearl what had happened. Of course Pearl asked the question. ‘When will the wedding be?’
  • I am sure by now the judgment has crept into your mind. How can a creature of the night truly fight for his belief of Godbut hey let us examine the logic: I am, what is known as, a minion of the Devil. Does that mean I have ever met the big man down below? No. But supposedly he still manages it all from underneath. He is the wizard behind the curtain; at the end of the day, he is the one who writes my check of existence. Hopefully you can wrap your brain around this kindergarten syllogism.
  • At first, Jon wondered if such a prospect was truly such a misfortune. However, he bit back his desire to escape his new responsibilities and attempted to focus on the validity of Hern's distress.
  • "No!" commanded Fernando, seeing him rise to go back down the path, "We have to go ahead! There is something truly diabolical happening here!"
  • Also, he speaks truly of a future that is such that the future in this world is like a tiny mirage in comparison.
  • In this truly trustful as well as philosophical state of mind, the negro retired to his familiar couch in the inner cave, and went to sleep.
  • "My fears truly became heightened when a very gifted youngster turned invisible at his own will. At that point, I spoke up. I declared that something was very wrong, that the only answer was that the magic long trapped in the sphere was now being released. With no surprise, my announcement created great fear. There were those that refused to believe me. They wished to believe it a blessing and not a curse. Yet, within a day, the more sensitive of my people found themselves feeling ill at ease.
  • Having gone over many of the thrilling scenes in the life of W.F. Cody, Buffalo Bill, from boyhood to manhood, and shown what indomitable pluck he possesses, and the pinnacle of fame he has reached unaided, and by his own exertions and will, I can only now say that much remains to be told of his riper years, from the time he stepped across the threshold from youth to man's estate, for since then his life has been one long series of perilous adventures which, though tinged with romance, and seeming fiction, will go down to posterity as true border history of this most remarkable man, the truly called King of Prairiemen.
  • We pride ourselves on providing a truly all-round education, building students for life.
  • "You will be meeting him in our second trip. His name is Baannat. I am not completely certain of what he truly is, though I have my ideas. He is a very powerful sorcerer, that much I do know. He is nearly my exact duplicate in what I can do with the magical energies. He is also very evil."
  • After a long siege of helpless laughter, the beast simmered down to hiccuppy chuckles and snorts, while lava tears oozed down his cast iron cheeks. "Oh my, oh my," the firedrake wheezed, "Oh, I needed that." He grinned down at Filbert. "I thank you, Sir Knight; you have truly made my day." He wiped at his eyes. "Oh, I almost forgot: ruucckkk-TOOEY!!"
  • "The problem is that they will follow my lead for only as long as they agree with my decisions or as long as we dont face difficult times. The moment, and I mean the very instant I make a decision which with some might disagree, they will look for an alternative. They will look to you. That is something we can not have, even you would agree to that. The magic has returned fully to the land, we are using it to our best advantage, but we also face so many dangers that we have never faced before. We have an opportunity for a truly wonderful time or a truly desperate time. We can use the magic to help our camp prosper, but we also face dark creatures returning in force to our home. That means we face difficult decisions at every turn. This camp must act with one voice, one direction, or else we will not survive."
  • We had been some days at sea when we came in sight of Cherry Island, rising some three hundred feet above the surface of the ocean, and thickly covered with vegetation, but only two miles and a half in circumference. It appeared truly a little gem in the midst of the world of waters. As there were no dangers off it, we were able to stand close enough in to observe the fine sandy beach extending round it for a considerable distance. Along the shore we saw no canoes, but a number of natives appeared, waving green branches--emblems of peace. As we watched them through our telescopes, we saw that they were of the Polynesian, or brown race--fine-looking fellows, unlike the Papuans, who inhabit the islands we were about to visit. As it was not likely that they could supply us with either cocoanut oil or sandal-wood, we did not communicate with them, but continued our course westward.
  • It wasn't until little birdies started chirping in his ears that Bauman truly got the itch to retire. Such a distinguished career would not be smudged by the actions of others, he thought. Walter had many friends in the government, including one that sat next to him every Friday night a Temple Shalom.
  • I jumped on board and we parted, both of us filled with truly fraternal emotions.
  • "Yes master, they are. They have obeyed my every command, all to serve you. I have eliminated the Mages who have given me trouble, and now I am left with only truly devout followers. They will obey your every command without question, as will I."
  • Also, he speaks truly of a world so wondrous and a revolution that is such that if the earth was a bomb and exploded it would not be all that strange.
  • 'Spin me no spiders' webs of words. Is not the thing the same thing? The one giveth, the other taketh; but the gift passes, and what matters it which is the most guilty? Sorais! oh, I hate her -- Sorais is a queen and my sister. She had not stooped so low had he not shown the way. Oh, truly hath the poet said that man is like a snake, whom to touch is poison, and whom none can hold.'
  • It was the same presence which he sensed before he parted with Holli and the algors, the presence that only the delver's keen senses could distinguish. This set of eyes was still upon him. It remained with him even as he and the mountain shag began their chase through the hills. It lagged behind as the encounter progressed, but Ryson always felt the nagging existence of the watchful eyes. It was when Ryson turned away from the shag and sped to freedom, ending that particular chase once and for all that the delver truly honed in on the second follower. Ryson's sudden moves and speed must have surprised the distant pursuer, caught it out of position and unprepared. Ryson extracted a full taste of the scent from the air. It was a scent he knew, the scent of a human.
  • This bizarre spectacle seems to confirm that america is becoming a military theocracy - again, a truly medieval concept.
  • The bridge was a lot longer than it had looked from a distance, and his footsteps reverberated through it as he ran. He glanced back over his shoulder, aware that if they should return now, he was well and truly caught without any cover, his only escape the rushing rapids below. But the road remained empty, and Paul reached the cover of the forestry woods on the other side, collapsing in a heap, and gasping the icy air desperately into his lungs.
  • Jenna walked up to the podium to speak. Her face was tear-stained, and her nose was red from wiping it. My heart gave a horrible, wrenching jolt. What made the whole scene even worse was little Jules, holding several white roses in her tiny palms. She was a doll in her black dress. She stood next to the silver casket as her tiny tears dripped on her tiny cheeks. It was that which made me break down. I cried, not for my death, but for my family. I knew what it was like to lose someone you truly loved. It was only a week ago that I placed my own momthe most beautiful angel of allinto the solid ground below.
  • "They said she was very lonesome here. Well, it is a lonesome place, you know -- awful lonesome, and always the same. For old folk like me it doesn't matter, but young blood's different, you know, and they likes to see the world a bit, and talk and hear what's a-foot, be it fun or change, or what not; and she was very lonesome, mopin' about the old garden, plantin' flowers, or pluckin' roses -- all to herself -- or cryin' in the window -- while Harry Boots was away wi' his excuses -- now wi' his sogerin', and now wi' the hounds, and truly wi' worse matters, if all were out. So, not twice in a year was his face -- handsome Harry Boots, they ca'd him -- seen down here, and his pretty lady was sick and sore and forsaken, down in her own lonesome house, by the Vale of Carwell, where I'm telling you this."
  • Tex and Rich Inc are all standing in the ring amidst boos. "I truly apologize for doing what I did earlier, but I did say I had some last minute details to iron out and it was getting the Dollar Dollar Bills, the best damn unsigned tag team in the world, signed here to S.A.W. So I had to promise them the belts. Trust me, they are that good, well worth it as you all will see very soon. Again, I apologize, but lets keep this show going. Time for the names in the Americas title match."
  • It had been over a week since Ristalln had lost his brother, his friend and his leader. He knew that was not long enough to recover. A month would not be, maybe even a year. Perhaps, it may never truly fade. Normally, this would have rendered him distraught. Had he actually stopped to think about it, it most likely could. The Knight had made it a point to keep going, and stay busy, fearful it would overwhelm him. It wasn't a dread of dealing with it that motivated him, but his appreciation for that man that was causing it. Grahamas would have done the same had it been him on the opposite of things. So in some small way, at least in Ristalln's head, this was his way of paying tribute to him. Grahamas was a man that deserved a memorial, but until he was in a situation where he could build one, Ristalln found peace in this temporary tribute. As the sun cast across the sky, turning dawn into morning, those frail thoughts had cast their way in, despite his agenda to turn Forgas into a training ground in such little time.
  • "It's truly unfair that some doctors, no matter how questionable their choice of practice, are able to make seventeen times the amount a criminal lawyer is paid working for the state. On top of the salary, that criminal lawyer has to deal with a lifetime of stress and sacrifice. And the lawyer's salary is supplied by tax dollars, a tiny drop in an ocean of dues and fees and taxes. That's the kind of revenue that should make the IRS burst out laughing!"
  • The beans are a pale white in color and feature a truly unique flavor.
  • He's right, Sheldon assured her, as they swung in behind. "Any weapon was permissible. I lay in the grass where he couldn't see me, and bushwhacked him in truly noble fashion. That's what comes of having women on the plantation. And now it's antiseptics and drainage tubes, I suppose. It's a nasty mess, and I'll have to read up on it before I tackle the job."
  • "Disappointing? Nonsense. As far as sensation goes, it is all the same. Perception, thats all thats different, but you can change your perception. With the wind in your face and your legs pressing you forward, you feel what the bird feels. As that same wind rushes past your ears, you hear what the bird hears. As you look to your left and right and see the landscape pass you by, you see what the bird sees. If instead of the clearing you ran through the trees, you would know what its like for a bird to soar through branches. Perception! Focus on it. Understand that what you are doing is no different then what the bird is doing. The bird is simply lighter so it can stay off the ground longer. It can beat its wings against the air while you must press your feet against the ground, but in those moments that your feet have propelled you off the ground and into the air, you are truly in flight. It may only be for scant moments, but for those moments, as brief as they are, you are as the bird. Perception."
  • Lopp aims to establish a truly reciprocal relationship between the regulators and the regulated.
  • Enin stood near the south gate. His attention remained focused beyond the wall, upon his magic web that covered the blind spot in the hills. The wizard had recast the spell only moments ago, and the web was restored to full power. It was ready to catch its intended prey, but Enin truly doubted it would be necessary. Since Ryson had left, there were no further signs of goblins, or of the serp and the shag. The wizard felt nothing, sensed nothing. If there were goblins out there, they were far in the hills. They were certainly not near his web or he would have sensed them. Enin felt secure enough to consider what he had learned about the web spell. Though several guards stood around him, he spoke openly to himself of altering the spell in another form.
  • Yariv Oppenheimer, head of the Israeli anti-settlement group Peace Now said: "If we build in E1 the two-state vision will truly be history ... it is a strategic point that if built, will prevent the Palestinians from having a normal state."
  • Lucia seized him with her obsidian eyes. "After we survived the object from the heavens truly a miracleYsa channeled a great storm through me, through her implements, and then …" She stopped and struggled to swallow. "I felt a great evil around me. Dark Pawelon magic. I felt a presence. I am certain someone was there, close to me. I thought I was going to die. That's the last thing I remember."
  • "God Almighty alone can decide the fate of our fatherland, Papa," said Berg. "The army is burning with a spirit of heroism and the leaders, so to say, have now assembled in council. No one knows what is coming. But in general I can tell you, Papa, that such a heroic spirit, the truly antique valor of the Russian army, which they--which it" (he corrected himself) "has shown or displayed in the battle of the twenty-sixth--there are no words worthy to do it justice! I tell you, Papa" (he smote himself on the breast as a general he had heard speaking had done, but Berg did it a trifle late for he should have struck his breast at the words "Russian army"), "I tell you frankly that we, the commanders, far from having to urge the men on or anything of that kind, could hardly restrain those... those... yes, those exploits of antique valor," he went on rapidly. "General Barclay de Tolly risked his life everywhere at the head of the troops, I can assure you. Our corps was stationed on a hillside. You can imagine!"
  • Ryson maintained his balance even as Lief was sent to his knees. The delver turned about to examine the effects of the blast upon the rest of the city. More testimony to the dwarves' great skill, the hardy buildings remained intact, undamaged as if nothing had happened. And so it truly appeared, even at the very point of collapse. There was no sign of devastation other than the absence of the western city section. There were no crumbled buildings, no broken roads. Only rock. There were no crevices, no cracks, the seal was complete. It was as if the ground had meshed together and that portion of Dunop had never existed.
  • It was wrong, said the captain, meekly. "I am in such a nervous condition that I'm hardly myself. I am truly grateful for what we have here, and glad that we made the long voyage to secure them. We have enough--to crave more is wicked."
  • "No!" He slugged the boards, scattering their contents across the tent, where they pounded into the silk-woven canvas walls. All of the Breaths, all of the time spent with the girl. It could not come to this. She truly believed; he knew she did. She was his daughter!
  • 'I guess so. Never really thought that much about it actually. We just lost interestthe debate went on interminably. Personally, I thought that Bb had the best idea; he wanted to use Jonah to generate a random-date everyday. It could have doubled as a truly multi-dimensional lottery draw, with inter-galactic personalities lined up regularly to announce the date, and the franchise for the multi-dimensional ticket booths would have been highly profitable. No one listened - shame really.'
  • No, the only truly shameful thing you can do in this city is to wear a rangers shirt in a celtic pub.
  • Was their wickedness truly devilish, or was it born of such thoughts as you or i might find in our own hearts?
  • When Blair walked into Georgia, he wanted to be seen with the best. Miss Georgia seemed like a good place to start when Blair met Tracey at a benefit for the American Cancer Society. He also made similar moves around the world, dating everyone from models to heiresses to princesses. His dating resume was truly a whos who of the finest women in the worldat least on paper.
  • Take these to Mr. Boyd's assistance; and you, Munson (to the younger sergeant) "bring me back word of what is going on. Hark at that!" A rapid, running fire was beginning, and above Boyd's voice, which was shouting directions or encouragement to his men, there rose the truly fearful warwhoop peculiar to the Cherokee Indians. "Hurry; off with you! I've enough men here to guard the horses in case"
  • This impressive home is situated in a truly idyllic rural location yet civilization is on the doorstep.
  • Ay, an' by the pale-faces too, said the scout. "Why, I've had occasion to use it myself more than once. And, as you truly obsarve, sir, there's small chance of findin' a man once he's in here. As well run after a rabbit in his hole."
  • "The orc king. Hes been wanting to get his revenge on the dwarf clans for a long time," said Thorin. "If Vosper forms an alliance with the greenskins, then the entire continent is at risk. Orcs have no sense of morality or decency. They will kill everything in their path. I would not have imagined it, but if this is true, then the emperor has truly gone mad. Elias, we must return to Mount Velik at once. Our lives are in more danger than I originally predicted. Im sorry, but we will not be going to the Elder Willow."
  • Because, I said, "if I can trust my hunches, if I truly understand the captain's way of life, his Nautilus isn't simply a ship. It's meant to be a refuge for people like its commander, people who have severed all ties with the shore."
  • On a large spring tide the flows between the islands can be truly awesome.
  • Where was Gangrel now, though? Had he truly died when he fell from the swart-elf stronghold? Frowning, Hal ran his fingers along the hilt of the Runeblade, the sword he wore almost uncomfortably at his side.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention. The fisherman bethought himself of a stratagem. Since I must die then, says he to the genie, I submit to the will of Heaven; but, before I choose the manner of death, I conjure you by the great name which was engraven upon the seal of the prophet Solomon, the son of David, to answer me truly the question I am going to ask you. The genie, finding himself obliged to give a positive answer by this adjuration, trembled, and replied to the fisherman, Ask what thou wilt, but make haste. Day appearing, Scheherazade held her peace.
  • During the weeks that followed these momentous days often and often I wondered to myself whether a more truly wretched being had ever lived than the woman, or the spirit, whom we knew as She, Hes, and Ayesha. Whether in fact also, or in our imagination only, she had arisen from the ashes of her hideous age into the full bloom of perpetual life and beauty inconceivable.
  • They were Irish. He could remember that easily now he was awake. The three of them had run the detox centre with Spencer as their single patient - attention only George's money could buy. Father Kenneth was the eldest, the one with the verge of hair and the strong grip that left warning bruises on Spencer's arm. The two in the dream's background were Father Dougal and Father Liam. Father Dougal played perpetually with the tassels of the cord around his habit. His hands were truly enormous. They made Spencer think of elephants' feet. Father Liam was the youngest. His hair was full and dark and almost, but not quite, cut in a fashionable flat-top. All three had impressive physiques. When the sleeve of Father Liam's habit rode up it revealed the blue of a tattoo on his muscular forearm.
  • The ones who were truly surprised were the earls knights, when the hidden archers jumped to their feet at Gruffudds signal, fitted an arrow and took almost immediate aim. The charging horsemen were too close to halt or shy away and the result was confusion, swirling dust and a lot of noise.
  • Finally, on the thirtieth anniversary of the discovery of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, I dedicate this book to the memory of the more than 300,000 men and women who died of AIDS from 1987 to 1997, not from some awful virus that infected mostly homosexual men, but from the drug they were given tocureortreatthem, and to their friends and family who were equal victims in this tragedy. I realize that the information in this book may cause pain and anguish for many of those who lost a loved one, and I truly am sorry for that.
  • Though from Bry that wasn't a strong negative. If she'd been truly pissed-off about his clumsy pass at the hotel and wanted nothing more to do with him, she'd have found far more forceful ways to express herself. As far as Spencer could sense, she was simply being as caustic and disinterested as she usually was when she switched from work-mode to personal affairs, as if she felt a need to demonstrate that the charm of business had been fully disengaged.
  • As Rath looked over his shoulder and back upon the transport, he couldn't ignore the blackened damage to the starboard rear panel. The hull was shredded. He could only wonder how close the hit came to a full breach. He was glad he didn't know about this until now, when they were already on the ground. With that much damage to a vessel that was not truly designed for atmospheric flight, landing safely was like a winning the lottery - the big one, the Intergalactic pot.
  • I stood and watched them for a while. Children truly were the most precious gift in the world. I knew that tomorrow or the next day they would do something to drive me nuts and I would talk about selling them to the gypsies, but I didn't mean it. I would do anything to keep them safe.
  • The birds which we saw, and which came from every point of the horizon, were those I have already mentioned, petrels, divers, halcyons, and pigeons in countless flocks. I also saw--but beyond aim--a giant petrel; its dimensions were truly astonishing. This was one of those called "quebrantahnesos" by the Spaniards. This bird of the Magellanlan waters is very remarkable; its curved and slender wings have a span of from thirteen to fourteen feet, equal to that of the wings of the great albatross. Nor is the latter wanting among these powerful winged creatures; we saw the dusky-plumed albatross of the cold latitudes, sweeping towards the glacial zone.
  • Her hatred for Kalinies was nearly unfathomable. All the pain he'd caused, the havoc he wreaked and deception he cast was immeasurable. Her goaltheirswas not just the fall of Idimus, but his Kingdom entirely, of which the Wizard was an integral part of. He was most likely the one to take the King's place were he to collapse. That meant he had to be stopped. All of them did. When the revolt truly began, El's rebellion would seek his death just as fiercely as they did Idimus'.
  • He wasnt paying attention to her because he began digging in the bag he has been hiding from her all day. He quickly put something in her hands that felt very soft yet hard. Looking down, Sarah saw a doll. It wasnt just any old doll, it was a porcelain doll that truly is a real antique. It was wearing a black and green dress and it wore a tiara. "Is this doll a princess?"
  • "Can everyone hear me now?" Daniel asked as the sound was greeted by scattered thumbs-ups and raucous applause, while Kayla truly slept in silence.
  • Spencer didn't respond. He was watching the two youths by the hedge on the far side of the park, pitching and catching with the glove and baseball. Would those actions one day be transformed into a graceful meditation, maybe a thousand years from now? It wasn't a truly ridiculous idea. There was potential in the stylised movements and repetition.
  • How little they knew what plans of ours this dashed away. But our disappointment is truly an infinitesimal drop in the great waves of triumph and despair surging to-night in thousands of hearts.
  • I have experienced people being truly selfless, putting the interests of others before their own - with joy and freedom.
  • These issues need to receive greater attention if a truly cohesive society is to become a reality.
  • The sun was on its last rays as the Team left the already-gutted gun store and night truly began as they drove toward the supermarket. If the vampires were the cautious type, Truman guessed theyd be at the Tree in half an hour. That didnt give the Team much time to stock up, secure the Tree, and fortify its defences. Theyd need to go in with a clear strategy.
  • The brother mentioned shot an angry glance at the speaker. "Yes, I come from Manila," he said. "But I belong truly in Spain, being a merchant of Madrid."
  • The fools, he muttered, referring to the mutineers; "if they had acted the part of honest men they might have shared this, but they chose to be scoundrels, and truly they have had their reward."
  • Napoleon iii commissioned haussman to create the boulevards of paris, a truly monumental vision of beauty in the public sphere.
  • "No one really knows," Johna said. "After he died, there were people born with the gift of premonition, or knowing what was to come. He had the unique ability not only to see forward but to see the truth in the past. It is said he could tell when someone was lying and he knew what they were going to say. It was a truly unique gift."
  • On the whole, the situation worked. Aradia was finally accepting herself for who she was, but she still wanted to know where she'd truly come from and why she was the way she was.
  • Ten minutes of hard pulling brought their boat in behind the point, where it was quieter water and better rowing. This took them to a position quite out of sight of the white spot on the distant beach. If the pirate robbers were truly located in the bay and had not seen the girls they were safe to steal up close.
  • For burton obviously relishes finally being allowed to get his hands truly dirty in the ichor.
  • Some of the truly devout have crossed a thousand-year distance in a day like lightening.
  • With a deep breath he squeezed in through the reluctant branches and thorns and stepped into darkness. Had Falk known truly of the malice of the woods he might have known that their reluctance to allow him entry was a façade and that it was not by chance or his own will that he trod beyond that barrier. As Falk entered the western wood the shadows of its arms did in fact usher him along, deeper and deeper into their embrace.
  • Smiling slightly, Cheyne applied pressure and dragged the steel down the mans back, watching with obvious pleasure as blood quickly spread over his shirt. "Answer the wizards question," she demanded. Obviously, such an insignificant wound was meant to announce that she was simply only readying herself to truly begin.
  • The other had dropped flat on his chest. He was seen to stretch his neck in the endeavor to get the best results with a minimum of risk; and they did say that when Giraffe really and truly did his prettiest in this respect he could cover more territory than any one else ever seen.
  • They were deep underground now, and the pressure of it was starting to get to Aiden. He was constantly nervous now, worrying about too many things to truly relax - if his theory about the breach being on the fifth floor was wrong, they were most likely doomed to die down here. The ceiling was much lower this far into the city as well, being little more than fifteen feet above their heads, acting as a constant reminder of their location. The sound of water splashing could be heard just up ahead, which puzzled Clavis no end, until they arrived at the edge of the stone floor, and looked out across a vast body of water.
  • Catered stood next to Eibhlin and held her hand. Linking Tree watched as this little elf showed he was truly a kind soul deep inside. The illumination of the forest and its Grim smoke was eerie. They had never seen this before.
  • She stepped toward him. Her eyes locked upon him, bore through his outward shell. Any hint of her trepidation evaporated as she saw into the caverns of his conniving, greedy soul. "I also know of the spies you placed around the church to watch us. I read you as easily as a tavern sign." Indeed, Lauren's eyes glowed with new found power and they uncovered the mayor's deepest thoughts and intentions. "The escorts, the spies, even your intentions now. I see them all. Tell them what you really want, mayor. End this charade. You want the sphere for yourself. You want to unravel its secrets and learn to tap into its power. You have a twisted soul, Consprite. You would kill us all, even these guards that now serve you if it meant truly grasping this power."
  • Its truly holographic surround sound complements not only your taste but your space.
  • He knows. He does not doubt the exchange occurred, and he does not truly question Shayed's wisdom. Unfortunately, he wishes to explore other opportunities.
  • The power Arangbar now possessed was thought by many to have brought his own undoing. Originally an introspective if sometimes whimsical sovereignwhose early memoirs were filled with scientific observations on Indias fauna and flora, and statesman-like ruminations on the philosophy of governinghe had become slowly dissolute to the point of incapacity. A man who had forsworn both alcohol and drugs until well into his third decade of life, he was now hopelessly addicted to both. In consequence his judgment and instincts had grown ever more unreliable. And since all appointments of salary and place depended on his word alone, no career or fortune was truly secure. It was into this vacuum of sound leadership that the "Persian junta" of Janaharas family had moved.
  • The tropical atmosphere masked the fact that this was intended to be the place of my death. Would my death be a relief? I didnt know. The only thing I was sure of was that no one should live as long as I had. My kindwhat the world calls vampiresdont have souls. That makes us unique, but it also means that death is truly the endno reincarnation or afterlife of any kind. What would it be like to sleep with no dreams? Sweet oblivion? I tried to imagine nothing. I had lost my belief in any god a long time ago. The incarnates confirmed this, telling me gods did not exist. After all, why would any god create a monster like me?
  • The truly penitent are content to leave it to god to make them whole eventually.
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