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Okunuşu: / truːli / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tru·ly
Türü: zarf


z. hakikaten, gerçekten, doğrulukla, sadakatle, samimiyetle;
tamamen, doğru olarak;

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  • It is truly terrible, said Miss Brodie. "I wish I had known yesterday, but those men have spoilt it all. But here's 'Lily' Laughton," she continued hurriedly, "coming for his dance." As she spoke a youth of willowy figure, languishing dark eyes and ladylike manner drew near.
  • In the accompanying video, the truly vibrant susana took us round the gardens herself and we were captivated!
  • If the crystal really had the potential to free the Earth from the Invaders and reopen this awareness to everyone, then he truly had, as the Magur had said, the most important mission in human history. Paul knew inside himself that the Magur had clinched her deal tonight.
  • Such access will be the foundation for truly pervasive services. sales call
  • But when you release that orb, it will shatter, and it will release the sisters, unbridled. This is your last test; it's a test of the most crucial characteristic you need to have to join me, the will to truly live."
  • It is ironic that both our parents have been killed by the British, and my unborn child and I will probably suffer the same fate, and yet you are now a British noble lady. I am so deeply and so truly happy for you. It is probably very cruel of me to drag you into this. If so, please forgive me and ignore this entire matter altogether. Nothing will be held against you.
  • "He did, but it didn't seem to be his goal. Scuadimnes disappeared after the university was destroyed. The army of the dead wandered the city streets for days, witless and stumbling on limbs that slowed until they no longer moved. And when the armies of the duchies of Tormay arrived at the city gates, they found only the deadthe truly deadwithin. Hearne was as a tomb, the silence broken only the harsh cries of the carrion fowl feeding in the streets. Thus it was that the monarchy of Tormay ended. The king's body was found in the castle. None wasted grief on him, because the land bore a larger grief. A regency was installed in Hearne, and the duchies went their own ways, each seeing to their lands and no longer giving fealty to Hearne. And so the years have come to our times and our own regent, Nimman Botrell."
  • "But, as I thinkfor truly would I speakand now do I bethink me, so it is!—I came with Hermia hither; our intent was to be gone from Athens, where we might marry without the peril of the Athenian law."
  • A view of turmoil greeted the coordinator as he peered through the front viewshield. The battle had ended with the fleet's departure. Wreckage filled every line of sight. Far off to the portside, remnants of destroyed marauder freighters drifted casually toward the sun. A few crippled vessels labored to establish a safe anchor for emergency repairs. A handful of space tugs appeared to assist the truly crippled, but not near enough to do the job. Jack could only wonder how many hands would be lost in the next few minutes as power supplies failed and life support systems dwindled on these disabled vessels.
  • The audience clapped at this for quite some time. And then, the contest was over, as quickly as it had begun. I took a moment to examine my blue ribbon. I had to admit that it was beautiful. I had never won anything back home, and here I was in America, winning my first baking contest. I turned sideways to search for Father Nicolai. But to my disappointment, he seemed to have mysteriously vanished from the hall. I turned it over in my mindperhaps he truly had been upset at not winning a blue ribbon. But this was impossible. Wasn't it?
  • Lying faceup at the center of the grove, just as Catrin had found herself, Nat drew a ragged breath. Sweat ran into his eyes, and his heart beat so fast and hard that he thought it might burst. He realized then that it might be better if he were truly mad.
  • "But really, its the lifestyle of it," I tell him. "Thats what this book calls it: a lifestyle. Its about being grounded, and real, and about being self-sufficient. People are too dependent on the system to fill their needs. If you can fill your own needs, if you can sustain yourself, then you can be truly free."
  • He held her gaze for another breath, and knew, by the love in her eyes, that she truly forgave him everything. Tears burst free, and streamed down his cheeks.
  • If you know someone that is doing some truly great work, beacon would like to hear about them.
  • Consort who in order to truly become king must marry the sovereign goddess of the land.
  • Why didnt I say this to them, I hear you whining. If they cannot truly accept that I am the Shanallar, then nothing I can say will change their minds. I have better uses for my breath.
  • The boy blinked. He was accustomed to the studied understatement of the cowpunchers and he was accustomed, also, to their real vanity which underlay the surface shyness. But it was patent that Bull Hunter, in spite of his size, was truly humble. This conception was new to Tod and slowly grew in his brain. His active eyes ran over the bulk beside him; he almost pitied the giant.
  • "Whats your question, Jack?" Connor felt oddly confident and it truly was complimented in the tone of his voice and posture. Jack calmly asked "What are your honest feelings towards my daughter?" Concern now dominated his eyes as well as his voice.
  • The office building was leased, but it was on a prime site, in the centre of the commercial district, it still had value. At the height of the property boom Id thought to get rid of it at a truly exorbitant price, the landlord didnt want to pay. Now I went back to him with a much more reasonable figure; to my surprise he accepted it. I could walk away with at least some sort of cheque in my pocket; not really in my pocket, it would go to supporting the rest of my business.
  • The Blackness whispers through the Veil. It threatens such terrible things. But now there are other voices. Is it truly the Shearim I hear? They comfort. But their voices are so faded.
  • So the days sped, each with its meed of work, but each full- charged of joy. And dear to me beyond expressing is the memory of those days whenas I, labouring with my new tools, had but to lift my head to behold my dear comrade (herself busy as I). truly how dear, how thrice-blessed the memory of it all! A memory this, indeed, that was to become for me sacred beyond all others; for now came Happiness with arms outstretched to me and I (poor, blind wretch) suffered it to plead in vain and pass me by, as you shall hear.
  • "You are lost, dwarf." The sorceress spoke plainly and without joy in seeing a visitor or anger in confronting a trespasser. The dwarf queen's presence meant little to her, an oddity to be sure, but nothing that truly evoked a meaningful response from the sorceress.
  • Enin struggled for a moment and then did his best to convey his own understanding of what he did and why he did it. "I did not truly interfere when I warned Tabris. It is not within her to kill Ryson, its just not a possible course of action. When I went to warn her on your request, I told her something she would have found out on her own. She even told me as much. Nothing I did by going to the desert affected anyones choice."
  • In the flickering firelight, the unidentified womanthe vampiremaintained her hold on the tracker, both with her hands and with her fangs. Her face remained a shadow. Her fangs also now dodged the light, for they were fully embedded in raw flesh. Only her hair and her swaying, silent coat were truly clear to the delver's eyes. That, and of course, her victim.
  • Tables should be used to mark up truly tabular information ( " data tables " ).
  • I wondered, as I had done a dozen times since the funeral, if I had been right in betraying Gwydion's trust. Yes, he had proven himself capable of great malice and unkindness, but I had sent him to his death with words he had spoken to me in confidence. And I owed him a blood debt. He had once defended my life with his own. I had not truly understood the ramifications of that until Gwydion stood on the precipice of his own demise.
  • "At first, it was me that prevented you," said Aurore. "Now it's her. She won't let you. You didn't trust her. Now you can't help her. truly you can't." She smiled sadly at her son. "She could have been the strongest of all of us."
  • So side by side we began the terrible descent. At first it was easy enough, although a slip would have hurled us to eternity. But we were strong and skilful, accustomed to such places moreover, and made none. About a quarter of the way down we paused, standing upon a great boulder that was embedded in the ice, and, turning round cautiously, leaned our backs against the glacier and looked about us. truly it was a horrible place, almost sheer, nor did we learn much, for beneath us, a hundred and twenty feet or more, the projecting bend cut off our view of what lay below.
  • Japan, by far the largest in the group, is a truly colossal economy.
  • On this point, thanks to her ignorance of bears in general, she was right. Most bears would have been discouraged. But this bear in particular had learned that when men started out to be disagreeable to bears, they succeeded only too well. He had realized clearly that Mrs. Gammit had intended to be disagreeable to him. There was no mistaking her intentions. But she had not succeeded. Ergo, she was not, as he had almost feared, a man, but really and truly a woman. He came back the next night fully determined that no squeals, or brooms, or flying petticoats, or explosions, should divert him from his purpose and his pork. He came early; but not, as it chanced, too early for Mrs. Gammit, who seemed somehow to have divined his plans and so taken time by the forelock.
  • She stepped toward him. Her eyes locked upon him, bore through his outward shell. Any hint of her trepidation evaporated as she saw into the caverns of his conniving, greedy soul. "I also know of the spies you placed around the church to watch us. I read you as easily as a tavern sign." Indeed, Lauren's eyes glowed with new found power and they uncovered the mayor's deepest thoughts and intentions. "The escorts, the spies, even your intentions now. I see them all. Tell them what you really want, mayor. End this charade. You want the sphere for yourself. You want to unravel its secrets and learn to tap into its power. You have a twisted soul, Consprite. You would kill us all, even these guards that now serve you if it meant truly grasping this power."
  • Consprite paused for a moment and reflected upon his own devious thoughts. He shuffled papers about as if looking for a particular report. "We also, however, should not be so unsympathetic as to refuse funds to those that truly suffered damage. After all, an earthquake is an act of God, so to speak. We have to help the truly deserving members of our community in these trying times. I did notice some small damage to some of the local establishments very near here. They only appeared as small cracks in the foundation, but we can't let these things go without quick repair. Some of these establishments serve every member on this board. In order to show our gratitude, uh excuse me, our understanding to their plight, I suggest we set aside ten percent of the town funds to refurbish these local enterprises. Any objections?"
  • A day or two afterwards the crew had their suspicions confirmed by the appearance of Mrs and Miss Mizen on the deck of the cutter. In the mean time Hearty had been constantly on board the brig-of-war. He dined on board every day, as indeed we all did, only we dined in the gun-room, and he with the captain and ladies. The accommodation, however, on board the brig was rather confined, and as the weather promised to continue fine, he became naturally anxious to get them on board the yacht. At last he broached the subject. Old Rullock did not object; the ladies finding that there was nothing incorrect in the proceeding were very willing; and to give them more accommodation, an exchange was effected between them and Bubble, who took up his quarters on board the brig. I should have gone also, but Porpoise begged I would remain and keep him company, so I doubled up in his cabin to give the ladies more accommodation. Hearty took Snow's berth, and the old man was very glad on such an occasion to swing in a hammock forward. The thought of those days are truly sunny memories of foreign seas.
  • "If you explore ancient legends and stories of the gods and goddesses, you will find all the major heavenly bodies represented in some way or another. The sun is known as Vestra, the periodic comet storm is known as Istra, and the moon is known as the Dead God, father of the gods and goddesses, who was said to have been killed by his children. Groups of stars were given names and attributed grand deeds. It was even believed that great kings and heroes would become chains of stars upon their deaths. I believe the comet storm is a very natural occurrence, and some of our order have even hypothesized that comets may have been the very source of life itself. If comets are truly made of ice, then it could have been a comet that collided with Godsland and provided her oceans."
  • Seeing through to her confusion, he laughed. "Youve been so wrapped up in your lost God that youve failed to see the new power that is taking overthe only power. How truly oblivious youve been."
  • It will be possible to be truly moral only in a world which has overcome these dichotomies.
  • Libuse grew quiet and distant, and said, "I suppose I'm a university revolutionary at heart. If I could have my way there would be no Empire. The Ploughman speaks of a world where the people rule themselves, but I fear that too. I long for a ruler. One who will be merciful and just. Who will be good, truly good. Life would be so small if we were all we had. We need somethingsomeoneto make us look up."
  • But to become truly corporate I had to study from the masters. I read every piece of material out there from Machivelli to Sun Tzu, from serial killers and Starbucks. I employ all their classic techniques, naturally throwing in my own personal flare. Timeless tricks such as relocation; move them to another location and psychologically they are tricked into thinking that emotionally we have progressed into a closer more intimate bond. This company move is also vital for pouncing at yet to be determined undisclosed site.
  • Paul felt a moments self-pity as he thought of the necklace in his pocket that he hadnt had time to give her. His romantic intentions had been well and truly trampled on.
  • For Colonel Bright was a truly great man. They were to learn that fact more and more as time went on, and as they saw him tried by circumstances that could only bring out the best and noblest in men. They saw troubled, perplexed, wounded and distressed. It was their great good fortune to feel that there were times when this great man really needed their boyish but deeply loyal and loving support. It was just as well that the future, so terrible and so bloodstained, was hidden from their young eyes.
  • Is it? Or is that just your point of view? A point of view which does not sound that of a purebred delver. You might have been living with the humans for too long, Ryson Acumen. Perhaps we live as we were all supposed to live. It may very well be that the lives of humans, and the delvers that choose to follow, are the truly tough lives, as you put it. I would think it may be more difficult to try and ignore the seasons, to continue as if nothing changed from the growing season to the dormant season. Yet, isn't that what humans attempt to do? They build towns and roads so that their lives remain uninterrupted. They work the same amount throughout the cycles of the season. There is no period of hibernation, no time to rejuvenate. Perhaps, this is the difficult life.
  • "Indeed I do. And that, Lief, is truly an illustration of the problem that exists. If you do not agree, I can not force you. I could order the elf guard to remove you, but I wonder if they would actually follow that order. Only an elf guard might be able to answer that, and I am not ready to put that to the test. The traditions of the elf guard are very strong. I do not wish to be remembered as the elf that destroyed those traditions."
  • Rhenyon thought a moment. "If the entrance is truly here, then it will be concealed and more than likely disguised even better than the main entrance."
  • Home to some truly spectacular peaks, they are renowned throughout europe to the climbing fraternity.
  • I crumpled onto the floor, crying for Demetri. In an instant he had become my center, my whole world, and I understood how my needs embraced him. I had never truly loved Sam like this. I would do anything for Demetri, anything for him to be happy. Even if I could be only a small part of his life, I would take it. Just to be near him was all that I wanted and needed.
  • The chess bag was full. Spencer drew the strings at the top and gave it to the Professor. A plane was coming in over the bay, murmuring, its engines cut back low. Spencer looked into George's grey eyes. Did he really mean what he'd just said? For a moment he wished he was truly sober so he could tell. It passed. A pointless thought. He'd never been able to tell.
  • The apparitions, the fogs, circled the group from all directions. When they would collide, no notice on their part was apparent, for they would pass through one another as if the other had not been there at all. They never ventured closer than two spans from the party at any time, and were often farther away. The forest was alive with them, alive but in a manner of speaking, of course, for they were not truly alive. They crowded in all directions for a hundred feet or more, including up. The mournful voices were now plentiful and dominated all sound. Though not loud as one might believe, they were intermixed, and so jumbled were the voices that it sounded like a low buzz. Mia was still shaking in fear.
  • Acting on Elmer's initiative, Lil Artha now also picked up his gun, and started to keep a sharp watch. As Toby had truly said, they could not really continue on their way without passing under the wide-stretching branches of the tree where he claimed to have seen "something that looked like a wildcat."
  • People who don't have as much money as they think they should have are never truly happy anyway; someone might come and steal their treasure while they're out getting more.
  • "Aye. Most cannot enter Sayassa, however a few chosen have a marked soulone that is either unknown or allowed by the barriersome who entered did so unknowingly, a few have even sought Fate. Though they can pass, the mists are no less forgiving to them and in order to protect perhaps the greatest weapon in existence, the traveler's body, mind, and faith are tested. But an ordinary test would not suit everyone, so each is different. The mist is able to draw out and bring life to each person's greatest fears, desires, and regrets. As much as I wish I could Grahamas, I can't tell you what trials you'll encounter because I don't know. All I can say is whatever you truly fear is what you'll face inside."
  • Dear! dear! dear! he cried, looking slowly at each of the boys in succession, and then at their silent and sulky captive, "and so you railly and truly were attacked and made prisoners by bandits. Dear! dear! dear!"
  • Loosening her scarf, Marthe draped it over her shoulders. Frank had also moved out, was living on the south side, a good twenty minutes by bus. When not busy with class, Marthe made that journey, finding him either sacked out in bed or on the rare day at his job. He worked at an Italian restaurant, his arms a swirled pattern of burn marks from the pizza oven. She had noticed those scars masking others, ones that truly frightened her, his needle tracks more visible over the last year. Marthe had scolded in jest, her fears cloaked in medically appropriate warnings. He needed to use clean needles to stay clear of hepatitis B, but Frank had only laughed, then kissed her, rolling from his single bed in a dank room smelling of urine. Marthe was the only Souza to brave that seedy, drug-infested neighborhood, Rick and Lynn not stepping foot on those streets, only Jan sometimes accompanying Marthe on those missions. Mercy missions Jan would sniff, yet, Marthe was undaunted. She didnt go there at night, only during the day, trying to reach into that brother, one of two younger than her.
  • The delver forced the chase northward, towards higher elevations. All the while he kept his own strength and ability in check. Hiding the full extent of his own endowments, disguising what he could truly do, he forced the shag to reveal every secret of its own.
  • Prince Helgrim dismissed the dragon-rider, and began to stride back and forth. 'Your plan has inconvenienced us,’ he told the fourth member of the group. 'Did I not know otherwise, I would think you truly were in the pay of Aurvangar.’
  • I hadnt read any fiction in a long time, and had no desire to. Teen novels about fitting in at High School seemed shallow, while science fiction and fantasy novels started turning into horror stories for me as I wondered if each of these authors wrote from experience or if they truly made up something unique. Instead I wanted to know more about wardcarvers. I had tried looking it up on the internet, of course, but the search engine insisted I look for a person named "Ward Carver" instead.
  • Tahori rose and beckoned to the people to return. "Look at this man. He is a truly great man. His heart groweth from his loins upwards to his throat. Bring food to my house quickly, that he and his wife and child may eat.
  • And he did. He sang songs of heroic deeds in battle, and comic songs. A servant placed a silver goblet set with jewels on the table within his reach and kept it refilled, Cardenal drinking deeply after each song. He began to sing sirventes about happenings of the day, about the rumor that the widowed Queen Mother of the present King of France had taken the Count of Champagne as a lover, about the Pope threatening to excommunicate Frederic, the Holy Roman Emperor, for failing to lead a crusade to the Holy Land. He sang a tenson with Guacelm, a debate on whether a man could truly love two women at once. Cardenal took the affirmative, and the applause of the de Combrets' guests declared him the winner. Much as he admired Cardenal, Roland, who shyly abstained from applauding either side, was sure that a man could love - truly love - only one woman. Roland's own father, he knew, had never loved anyone but his mother.
  • Briraji kept pace with Rao. "You will see us using some truly amazing powers today. I have a deadly surprise for their leadership. Watch for it. It will come from the heavens." Briraji recoiled as crackling lightning illuminated swift, dark clouds over the valley.
  • If he felt any hesitation he did not show it as he made his way to the foot of the broad stairway and commenced mounting, step after step. Always the sounds seemed to grow a little clearer, and this fact told Hugh his scout instinct must be truly leading him directly toward the place from which they issued.
  • What make our ladies so special? Well I, the owner and creator Hugh Richards, have traveled the world to bring to you the worlds truly unique ladies, so that all your special fetishes can be fulfilled. Bearded ladies, gigantism, dwarfs? Got em. Three breasts? We got em too!
  • It had been a truly awesome experience when Agnew was ten. His discovery of God had set the course for his life, he felt. He read and reread the Bible, learning all about the various aspects of the deity. There was the ruthless God, condemning seven generations of innocents for one parents sin of wearing wool socks with a linen shirt. Then there was the powerful God, smiting various enemy soldiers and armies, able to flood the Pharaohs chariots but not willing to knock down a city wall unless a group of people marched around it for days blowing trumpets.
  • Yet I had no qualm of fear, no doubt, even, touching the issue. Not that I was an habitual ferrailleur. As I have indicated, I had fought but one man in all my life. Nor yet am I of those who are said to know no fear under any circumstances. Such men are not truly brave; they are stupid and unimaginative, in proof of which I will advance the fact that you may incite a timid man to deeds of reckless valour by drugging him with wine. But this is by the way. It may be that the very regular fencing practice that in Paris I was wont to take may so have ordered my mind that the fact of meeting unbaited steel had little power to move me.
  • It seems like days until the train leaves tomorrow morning, as if Im living through a slow moving Oklahoma history book, which, in a real way, was what I had been doing much of my life, that is, until Ran entered curtain left. He caused an acceleration. And also a deceleration, for that matter. I'd been trapped in time. He helped me escape. He would say, "Faith is now, faith is now. It's an act. It is now." Ran told me he had slowed down into now, which, he said, caused great acceleration. He spoke truly.
  • I do not believe you, she said, "for if you meant it you would have done this when the others were present to witness it--then I should truly have been your mate; now there is no one to see you do it, for you know that without witnesses your act does not bind you to me," and she withdrew her hand from mine and turned away.
  • I breathed hard at the thought of what his speech meant. I was in act indeed to ask him if I were truly a Fitzmaurice and of noble birth when his next words held me, and, as it proved, the silence between us was to last to the edge of the grave for one of us.
  • Perrin shrugged. "Even I can use reds and yellows a little. It's the others that need a true Kaedith, and only Hura can produce and utilize those of green, although I'm not sure what they are truly for."
  • The world of spelunking is an exciting one for those that happen to live in northwest Tennessee. Home of the infamous Dunbar Cave State Park, Clarksville, TN, is visited every year by literally millions upon millions of avid spelunkers. Perhaps that figure has been inflated drastically by yours truly for shock value, but I think you still get the point. It is visited. And definitely by people. And occasionally those people are spelunkers, or are at least aware of the term.
  • So saying, he took up the kettle, went to the margin of our hole, and filled it with fresh snow well pressed down. This being put on the fire, soon melted; more snow was added, till water enough was procured, and then fresh tea was put in to boil. We were not particular, you see, as to the mode of infusion. While my friend was thus engaged, I had plucked, split, cleansed and impaled another bird. In a marvellously short time--for our fire was truly intense--the tea and ptarmigan were ready, and we proceeded with supper as comfortably as before.
  • The word had been passed around for a good many miles, and consequently a crowd numbering over a hundred had assembled on the field, including half a dozen ladies and several children. The cowboys were out "on parade," as Mr. Endicott expressed it, and each wore his best riding outfit, and had his horse and trappings "slicked up" to the last degree. All wore their largest Mexican sombreros, and, taken together, they formed a truly picturesque assemblage.
  • Jack Rasco stopped short and pulled up his horse. A wild, unearthly scream rent the air, rising and falling on the wind of the night. The scream was followed by a burst of laughter which was truly demoniacal.
  • "You didn't hear him. He truly sounded like he didnt want this place. Almost like he was offended that he was given it"
  • "They chose a young woman of nineteen to be the Benevola. Your mother. No one from any previous generation had ever been given so much responsibility so young. I told you everyone loved herand not for her beauty. People saw what was in her heart and mind. Folks knew of her compassion and kindness, and her strength, beginning when she was just a little girl. I'm not exaggerating. My sister was truly extraordinary."
  • 'Good, oh my friend Joan! Well thought of! truly Mister Lucas, if he be sad in the foes that beset him, is at least happy in the friends that love him. One, two, three, all open their veins for him, besides one old woman. Ah, yes, I know, friend Joan. I am not blind! I love you all the more for it! Now go.'
  • At last, I (that knew myself a man about to die) turned me towards our habitation, those rocks she had called "home," and reaching the plateau I stood still, swept alternately by grief and passion, to see this our refuge all desecrated by vile hands, our poor furniture scattered without the cave. And presently I espied her three-legged stool standing where she had been wont to sit to watch and cheer me at my labour; coming thither I fell on my knees, and laying my head thereon wetted this unlovely thing with my tears and kissed it many times. As I lay thus, much that she had done and said (little things forgot till now) rushed upon my memory; her sweet, calm presence seemed all about me soothing away the passion of my grief. And in this hour that was to end my miserable life, I knew at last that I had loved her purely and truly from the first, and with such love as might have lifted me to heaven. And kneeling thus, I spake aloud to this her sweet presence that seemed to hover about me:
  • Her plight, however, went unnoticed as Tun called for their attention. "With our thanks to the sorceress, we can now begin." If he was truly thankful, his voice concealed it. He continued as if wanting to move beyond the use of magic as soon as possible. "It is time I reveal to you what waits for us beyond the darkness. The delver is correct, the cover of dark is an illusion. It is the first veil to discourage unwanted visitors into Sanctum. The dwarves were never able to use magic to create illusions, but we know how to use what the land gives us. Gems and crystals can bend the light, reshape it, create things which are not there and hide things which are. That is what awaits us.
  • Chase nodded in morose silence. Strom and Osbourne did not object to her forceful requests, and she truly believed they could help the Cathurans in some way. She worried about their safety, but security seemed to have vacated their world, leaving only fear and despair to fill the void.
  • They are only likely to stop if they have truly repented of the action.
  • "But--" Catrin began. Her words were cut short when Chase tackled her. He and Osbourne coerced her into submission by means of the dreaded tickle torture. It was the first time Catrin had truly laughed in a long while, and she felt better for the release.
  • The cool dewy days of early spring turned to into the hot dry days of summer, and as Thelliums apprentice, I was learning more than I had ever imagined. However, I only felt truly happy during my hours with Cedric. Cedric taught me how to fence and I taught him how to fish in the babbling streams in the woods. Cedric taught me how ride a horse as if I was born on it, and I taught him how to swim. Cedric taught me how to box, and I taught him how to navigate the market. Our days were peaceful and good and not clouded with guilt, for Thellium did not seem to mind or notice my absences, and no one cared about Cedrics whereabouts.
  • "I understand. Well we can only hope that at least some have stayed in your land to control the beasts. None on this side have spoken with a Dirujen for countless years." He sat down in a chair and pulled at his beard. "I am sorry for taking up your time my friends. I would not have brought you down here but I truly believed that you were Arius. You should be on your way, but please tell no one of this secret place. Be careful on your journey and wherever it leads you. It would be best for you to leave this city as soon as possible."
  • For the people to be truly free of Idimus, they had to know they were free. Their hope had to be restored. Idimus had been ruler for so long, he had robbed them of their history, their culture, peace of mind and any sense of optimism they once had. They no longer knew a better life was waiting for them. They merely lived, happy or not, day by day. No joy, no happiness, no love for themselves or others because they never had them to begin with. They had not the desire to fight for these thingshad completely forgotten they existed.
  • Justice is the beautiful woman, she whose wisdom lies in the root of the truly feminine soul.
  • April saw clearly what she meant, and that it was as useless to try to divert her from her intention as to argue with an octopus. The very fact that she knew Mrs. Janis would probably put an extinguisher on April's career as a governess. Her impersonation of Lady Diana was bound to come out, and if Mrs. Janis was cut on the same pattern as her friend, she would be truly outraged by such an impertinence in a mere governess. There was little to do but keep a tight lip and hope for the best. For the moment, indeed, her troubles were swamped by a flood of pity for Diana. She felt sure that Diana was in love with Bellew, and feared that he had not told her the truth. On the other hand, he might honourably have done so, and Diana being the reckless scatterbrain she was, still chose to dally on the primrose path of danger. It was hard to know what to do.
  • The ways of fate are very diverse,"" and it has truly happened to me that this sweet face looked into so long since has never been forgotten in all the years that have passed or are yet to come."
  • Fenj muttered something about selfish old Dragons, quite clearly overcome by this welcome from the Lady. She turned to Kija, touching the gleaming face as she said: ‘Of you I have heard much, Kija. I am proud to greet you as my guest, and bid you truly welcome.’ She moved towards Jeela. ‘And you! You are so dainty, yet I see such strength within you!’ Her smile embraced them all. ‘Come, let us talk. Will you enter my House, my dear ones?’
  • There was good news though. Wikkid with the assistance of the Galnathians had truly done wonders in the short time they've had to drill the recruits. Some could even pass for Royal Army regulars in a pinch.
  • NINETEENDaniel gulped down the blood and flew around for a little while, pondering his fate. If he was truly a vampirea seriously-dangerous creaturethen he would have to remove himself from mainstream life for a while until he could gain control of himself.
  • For this, I am truly sorry. Nothing I could say or do can bring back your loved one. But perhaps this book can help prevent others from losing theirs to the same tragic and lethal lies.
  • Whoever that military gentleman may have been, Ned had no idea, but he determined to find out some day, and just now he was glad to grasp the golden hilt, and remember all that he had ever heard about the Moors. He had not at all expected to hear of them again, just after escaping from a norther in the Gulf of Mexico, but, without being aware of it, he was learning a great deal about the old Spanish-Mexican aristocracy, and why it could not easily become truly republican, even in the New World, which is beginning to grow old on its own account.
  • He reconnected with the rest of command. The problem was dragons. They were evenly set, but with the somewhat tight air space they were being forced to fight in, only about half could engage at any given time while the others circled over their sections of the army, strengthening wards. It was rare for dragons to die in battle, but often they would get hurt and have to retreat. This wasnt a problem in this fight; all they had to do was get close to being truly hurt and then fly back away from the fight and rest.
  • To conclude, I can now say that I have verified the saying of an old Indian who signed Col. Henderson's deed. Taking me by the hand, at the delivery thereof, Brother, says he, we have given you a fine land, but I believe you will have much trouble in settling it.--My footsteps have often been marked with blood, and therefore I can truly subscribe to its original name. Two darling sons, and a brother, have I lost by savage hands, which have also taken from me forty valuable horses, and abundance of cattle. Many dark and sleepless nights have I been a companion for owls, separated from the chearful society of men, scorched by the Summer's sun, and pinched by the Winter's cold, an instrument ordained to settle the wilderness. But now the scene is changed: Peace crowns the sylvan shade.
  • For more than a month the burning fever raged, and La Salle was brought to the verge of the grave. The fever then left him. For some time it was doubtful whether there was sufficient strength remaining for him to recover. Slowly he gained. After a detention of forty days, they placed him carefully upon mats, in the bottom of a canoe, and, by short stages, resumed their voyage. They left Fort Prudhomme, and, following the same track which Tonti had pursued, did not reach Fort Miami, at the mouth of the St. Joseph's River, until the end of September. But July and August were months of delightful weather. The scenery, rich with forest grandeur and prairie flowers, was varied and enchanting. Game was abundant. Ripe fruit hung on many boughs. Hospitable villages were scattered along the way, where the general voyagers were invariably received with kindness truly fraternal.
  • I am a hero worshiper; an insatiable devourer of biographies; and I say that no man in all the splendid list ever equaled Edmund Stonewall. You smile because you have never heard his name, for, until now, his biography has not been written. And this is not truly a biography; it is only the story of the crowning event in Stonewall's career.
  • I've said it before and I'll type it again, your embarrassing moments are really the only things that are truly yours. It's hard to picture any success I've had without thinking of the people or circumstance behind it. Not so with those times where you are completely mortified. While I won't go as far as to say they define a person, they certainly throw a spotlight into the nether regions of who you truly are. Now obviously you're sitting back slightly in your chair eager to hear about one of mine. I mean, I've set the stage, now all I have to do is start in and tell you about that one time at the bachelor party ...
  • This part of the Pacific was always deserted. No vessel showed itself in these parts. It was a latitude truly forsaken by navigators. The whalers of the southern seas were not yet prepared to go beyond the tropic. On the "Pilgrim," which peculiar circumstances had obliged to leave the fishing grounds before the end of the season, they must not expect to cross any ship bound for the same destination.
  • "Disappointing? Nonsense. As far as sensation goes, it is all the same. Perception, thats all thats different, but you can change your perception. With the wind in your face and your legs pressing you forward, you feel what the bird feels. As that same wind rushes past your ears, you hear what the bird hears. As you look to your left and right and see the landscape pass you by, you see what the bird sees. If instead of the clearing you ran through the trees, you would know what its like for a bird to soar through branches. Perception! Focus on it. Understand that what you are doing is no different then what the bird is doing. The bird is simply lighter so it can stay off the ground longer. It can beat its wings against the air while you must press your feet against the ground, but in those moments that your feet have propelled you off the ground and into the air, you are truly in flight. It may only be for scant moments, but for those moments, as brief as they are, you are as the bird. Perception."
  • Tam-Lien had said something about Aeshma not really being able to manipulate matter; that his power was illusion. If that was true, then the Nancy-boy was a fake, and the demon visage his true appearance. That meant that when I tried to decapitate him, all Id truly done was swing at the empty air between the demons straddled legs, so...
  • To conclude, I can now say that I have verified the saying of an old Indian who signed Colonel Henderson's deed. Taking me by the hand, at the delivery thereof--"Brother," said he, "we have given you a fine land, but I believe you will have much trouble in settling it." My footsteps have often been marked with blood, and therefore I can truly subscribe to its original name. Two darling sons and a brother have I lost by savage hands, which have also taken from me forty valuable horses, and abundance of cattle. Many dark and sleepless nights have I been a companion for owls, separated from the cheerful society of men, scorched by the summer's sun, and pinched by the winter's cold--an instrument ordained to settle the wilderness. But now the scene is changed: peace crowns the sylvan shade.
  • He only spent a second or two gazing around at this level, but what he saw was astonishingthis was truly the home of royalty, for the remaining buildings and adornments here were shining with gold trim, and intricate carvings. Moss and other plant life were growing amidst the decaying ruins of the dwarven nobility, but it barely detracted from the opulence on display. Aiden could only assume Pacian had been cursing to himself as he swam past such riches, knowing he couldn't stop to take any with him.
  • "My own reading tells me that they are only too true to the dreadful reality. I think that the civilised and Christian Society which permits such crimes to be committed against humanity, when it has the power to stop them by force of arms, is neither truly civilised nor truly Christian."
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