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Okunuşu: / truːli / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tru·ly
Türü: zarf


z. hakikaten, gerçekten, doğrulukla, sadakatle, samimiyetle;
tamamen, doğru olarak;

truly için örnek cümleler:

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  • The world of spelunking is an exciting one for those that happen to live in northwest Tennessee. Home of the infamous Dunbar Cave State Park, Clarksville, TN, is visited every year by literally millions upon millions of avid spelunkers. Perhaps that figure has been inflated drastically by yours truly for shock value, but I think you still get the point. It is visited. And definitely by people. And occasionally those people are spelunkers, or are at least aware of the term.
  • 'The Tarnhelm,’ Eric said thoughtfully. He looked at the helmet in Alfreks hands. 'Does it truly make you invisible?’
  • This is a very real but safe adventure with magnificent scenery, wonderful camaraderie and truly unforgettable ancient art.
  • Of course, terms for the case of Bari's victory had never been decided upon, so being in the current position of power, Bari, who had never really been the assertive type, named his terms, with the threat of Milenkoooooo's death if they were not carried out to the ever present proverbial T. The terms were that Milenkoooooo would cancel the carnival, free the souls, and devote the rest of his natural life to works of charity, giving back what he had taken. Bari wanted nothing for himself but to be able to continue on his merryole way. In addition, he also requested that Milenkoooooo's moustache be transferred to him, on the basis that he read it belonged to him in a prophecy that had fallen out of the sorcerer's hat. So, once the terms were satisfied, he had seen the souls sent back to their respective homes, and he had seen the carnival dissipate, and he saw Milenkoooooo escorted to the nearest soup kitchen, he continued walking on, feeling better than he ever had, now possessing the moustache that was truly his. And how handsome that was!
  • "I know the late King Louis of France scoured the World for relics to save his life. Even the Holy Father in Rome helped him. The good king still died when God intended. Though truly Father, I know nothing of relics save to doubt the piety of those who call on them."
  • Well. Once again then, Messire, what were you doing at Mont Segur in the first place? she said sharply. "If the crusaders are truly your enemies, how could you have joined them?"
  • "My white brother speaks like a child. Whirlwind has said and will do it," returned the chief, who possessed a truly royal soul, imperious in decision, impatient of contradiction, and never turned from a course he had determined to pursue, when assured it was for the good of others.
  • A view of turmoil greeted the coordinator as he peered through the front viewshield. The battle had ended with the fleet's departure. Wreckage filled every line of sight. Far off to the portside, remnants of destroyed marauder freighters drifted casually toward the sun. A few crippled vessels labored to establish a safe anchor for emergency repairs. A handful of space tugs appeared to assist the truly crippled, but not near enough to do the job. Jack could only wonder how many hands would be lost in the next few minutes as power supplies failed and life support systems dwindled on these disabled vessels.
  • Sam and Grant started up with sudden exclamations, and stared at the object which met their gaze in speechless wonder. And truly there was cause for astonishment; for there, on the shore, close to the water's edge, stood the fair Raneilda, clothed in the gorgeous costume of a Norwegian bride.
  • The whole stunt smacked of a cheap attempt to position channel 4 as a truly daring broadcaster once again.
  • Lillie almost cracked a rare smile at that. "Of course. Hector, you're the most selfless soul I know." Hector truly was a humanitarian. He didn't talk much about his life, but apparently he was hugely invested in charity work. Naturally he had a one-way ticket to heaven when he died, but he declined - not out of fear or disbelief, but he caught a glimpse of all the souls that had made the mistake of staying on earth and decided to help them instead. He insisted that there was no better way to show love to God than to show love to his fellow ghosts, which made him one of about a dozen ghosts on the whole face of the planet that preferred earth to heaven.
  • Paul rang the bell no great time later, and called for a second bottle. The doyen protested, but with a discernible faintheartedness. He talked of vintages as the twilight fell and the lamp beamed more brightly on the snowy napery. Well, he had travelled, he had seen the world, he had been young. Of all wines in the world for him Johannesberg. One bottle, one truly imperial bottle, he remembered.
  • Evelyn laughed at her sister, amused by her description. "He was a little excessive in his praise, wasnt he? Now Im truly curious though. What will you do if one of them is the man in your dream?"
  • Coronation st tho is not truly representative of manchester or a manc accent.. .
  • Once the cat was well and truly out of the bag the discussion had quickly become a free for all as everyone wanted their say. And the only one of them who didnt join in was Brannigan, who still sat in the driving seat of the first jeep chewing on his cigar. As the shouts increased and Kowalski shoved Bertolli, Captain Taylor decided enough was enough.
  • "Now promise me you'll do whatever I say without hesitation," she pleaded. "I won't order you against your will unless it's truly necessary. Please promise, son."
  • It was wrong, said the captain, meekly. "I am in such a nervous condition that I'm hardly myself. I am truly grateful for what we have here, and glad that we made the long voyage to secure them. We have enough--to crave more is wicked."
  • Next came Connors shocking performance. He pulled off his shirt to reveal the body of a Greek God. His black X was perfectly centered on his chest and was announced to the world. The result of seeing this silenced the crowd. Marks torso looked like an exact replica of Connors, but only on a smaller scale. It was truly a sight of two perfect male specimens.
  • 'My brother, however, who was truly affectionate, and active in efforts to protect us, afforded my mother some aid. From being a chorister, he had gained admission into the grammar-school; of which, while he remained there, he was the pride and boast. Immediately after our father's death, from the recommendation of his own merit and the misfortunes of the family, he was appointed a Latin usher in the same school; in which station he remained five years. The difference of our age made him consider himself something rather like a father than a brother to me: he loved me tenderly, took every method to improve and provide for me, and expected in return something like parental obedience. The manners of my mother were of the mild and pleasing kind, with which qualities she endeavoured to familiarize me, and the behaviour of the whole family gained general approbation and esteem.
  • Youre sad, dear, arent you, because we didnt fight. But for Marks sake Im glad we didnt. Im truly relieved that if the Cavaliers had to capture Dorchester theyve done so without violence.’
  • Given the depth of complicity of governments in the UK and potentially other countries as well, it bears reflection as to how broadly the moral and legally culpability for these attacks truly lies.
  • For truly sensational views, take to the skies with our optional helicopter ride.
  • Andrew was spinning so fast that the naked eye could no longer detect any movement. He and his blade were completing seamless revolutions, and the efficiency of sharp circle was truly a immortal sight to behold.
  • The rest of that afternoon was spent in casual conversation with Linda, listening to the news from those who entered, or simply listening to the music. Ryson realized that he direly needed this moment of calm, far more than he needed sleep in fact. He had slept on his journey, but he never truly relaxed. Every moment was spent on guard. In this pleasant inn, he could finally afford to drop that guard. His tensed muscles eased slowly but surely. The ever present watchfulness evaporated, though not easily and not at first.
  • Fut beamed at the compliment his belt received. "Taste truly is a universal flavour. A much appreciated comment my greenest friend. My name is Fut." The hand Fut extended could not be shaken due to the restraint. A nod was shared instead.
  • The grand opening party was truly a gala affair, complete with catered food that Blair deemed "Edible for a change." Shawn wanted his home/business to be the kind of place that people would feel like they were wearing their favorite sweater or pair of shoes.
  • Daddy is a Mathematician! I must destroy my courage for the betterment of mankind…. I must destroy my courageby an act of courage…. I am nothing…. There is no such thing as a self, as free will…. Heroes have almost destroyed the earth…. To be truly great, I must destroy who I am…. The Teardropthe amazing light I am walking towards now, the light that really isnt a lightstarted life on Earth four billion years ago!... Only the herd counts....
  • "However, her motive might be solely for the mere enjoyment of spreading misery. We were already assaulted earlier this evening. Those six creatures were demons disguised as people. Rord is able to perceive them as they truly appear."
  • I got into the bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around my waste and kissed me. Marcus was truly different from any other man that Ive dated. Instead of sex he gave me something that seemed more important. He gave me complete and total intimacy. Most guys would have jumped off a bridge to get with me. Id known since the day I had first saw him that he would be different.
  • "If, in a momentary weakness, in my nescience of you as you truly are, I did make some such admission, I did entertain such feelings for you, things have come to my knowledge since then, monsieur, that have revealed you to me as another man; I have learnt something that has utterly withered such love as I then confessed. Now, monsieur, are you satisfied, and will you let me pass?" She said the last words with a return of her imperiousness, already angry at having been drawn so far.
  • The two struggled to ascend Sanctum. Neither was truly fit nor able for such a climb. Neither had the algors claws, or a delver's ability, and neither had the strength of youth. Unlike the group of ten that preceded them, Matthew and Mappel moved slowly, clumsily up the mountain. With each step their breath became heavier and more labored. The wet rock increased the strain on their aching calf muscles as they both slipped numerous times. Even with Mappel's hard-edged resolution to reach the summit, they both requested breaks at several intervals.
  • When I met Nina, she was 25 years old and had only dated a few guys before me. I think I was the second or third guy to receive a golden ticket to enter the forbidden palace; truly wonderful imagery for something as simple and wonderful as making love. In our case, it was more like making Ed happy once a month.
  • After glancing into History of the Goths, Sutton commented, "They were a great people, weren't they? It's truly sad everything fell apart for them."
  • Looking at Leah, I was both happy for her and suddenly worried about her. Demetri was a violent member of the Volturi guard. I couldnt remember a time when Id seen her look so vulnerable, so exposed. Leah was always the strong, angry fighter. She had once been Jacobs loyal second-in-command who would do anything to protect him. But now she just looked confused. My family hadnt seen Leah for a couple of years. Maybe she had changed over this time. Maybe all the hurts from the past few years were finally catching up with her. Perhaps she did truly love Demetri in return.
  • Connors expression turned fierce, sharp, dangerous and focused on something. It felt frightening and some primal part of her felt a thrill of seeing a dominant male become protective over her. StillWhen he looked back at her with those hunters eyes, she still felt truly frightened, but not from him. Sarah felt frightened from what could make Connor look so dangerous and deadly.
  • His words faded as the bearded assessor smiled. "I doubt that you even know the real reason for your coming within the palace, boy" he said. "Very few ever seem to know why they truly come within these walls. The truth is known only by the very old and the very wise, and she is Hura."
  • "It's all right. I can finally say such things without weepingsometimes." Imelda, seeing that Melisande was truly all right, settled back into her chair, but did not pick up the embroidery hoop again. Instead she gave her former mistress her full attention.
  • Upon the smooth surface of one of these rocks, apparently inaccessible, they saw, with surprise, two figures painted in very brilliant colors and with truly artistic outline. They thought that the painting would have done honor to any European artist. The figures were of two rather frightful looking monsters, about the size of a calf, in red, green, and black. Stoddard, in his history of Louisiana, says that these painted monsters, between the Missouri and the Illinois Rivers, still remain in a good degree of preservation.
  • My friend and myself are most truly thankful that that custom did not continue to the present day. But did it remain long?
  • Spend a few minutes sitting in the peaceful garden gazing out at the ngong hills, a truly tranquil spot.
  • The structure was fashioned in the image of some of Europes greatest buildings. Naturally, for nothing in this City of Man is truly original. With each heel I thrust I rediscovered my assurance in domination over the mortal life. I was a being of superiority.
  • Wonderful, and the same time truly sickening in only ways that an ode to gravy can be!
  • That's the second time yuh see he's ben knocked out a-tryin' to rob me. Nancy done it fust a-fallin' into the water, and this time Darry here cum to the front. Darius he must be concludin' he was borned under an unlucky star, 'specially wen he tackles Nancy Peake. I'd give somethin' to see the gal jest now, he added wistfully as he tried to picture what she must look like when really and truly happy.
  • When they were halfway to the city he said, "Madame, I do know something of the world. If you were truly a great sinner, you would not weep so after confessing."
  • The lovely old oak beams, warm carpeting and cheerful fabrics all combine to make your stay truly comfortable and relaxing.
  • The quality, the diversity of design, and the sheer originality of mexican silver jewelry makes the items on sale here truly special.
  • The truly penitent are content to leave it to god to make them whole eventually.
  • One look at his really white face told them that at least Davy's fright had been genuine. He may not have seen a truly savage panther up there in the tree, but he firmly believed he did.
  • "I am truly sorry to hear of her death. I spent a short amount of time in Redderin before the war and had some work down in her shop. You were a little younger back then. How long has it been since she died?"
  • And in this, the tip of a truly mighty Law of All-Encompassing Knowledge is apparent.
  • Claudio is amused; before seeing Hero he, too, had reveled in the posture of a resolute bachelor. "Thou thinkest I am in sport! I pray thee, tell me truly how thou likest her."
  • So why not take the bus, sit back, relax, and truly admire the majestic beauty of the borrowdale and watendlath valleys.
  • The room behind her seemed to be filled with a glow, and when they went in the fire blazed and sparkled and its red light fell across the floor. Miss Grayson, small, quiet and gray as usual, came forward to meet him. Her tiny cool hand rested in his a moment, and the look in her eyes told him as truly as the words she spoke that he was welcome.
  • Oh how necessary is that prayer! and I am sure it is one which is always answered, when the sinner is truly desirous of turning from his sins, and is seeking, by every means in his power, to strengthen his belief.
  • The sausage & mash being judged " like english sausage & mash but with more pizazz " whilst the breaded trotter was truly succulent.
  • He laughed. "I wont deny your bravery, although I guarantee it will not help you now." He leaned toward her. "Your people," he went on, sounding disgusted, "appear to, for whatever reason, hold a ridiculously deep amount of loyalty for you. Im thinking the act of torturing and killing you in front of them might make it clear as to who it is they should truly be worshipping."
  • Rest assured it will be truly memorable. But enough said on it. If I dont leave now I wont have time to make the finishing touches to my brothers present.’ He smiled. ‘Adieu, Miss Norwood,’ he said, and with a cold, formal tip of his hat, he disappeared behind a clump of shrubs, and promptly out of sight.
  • Getting to his feet as fast as he could - which was no easy task, considering that the drop had left him with an aching shoulder to go along with the bad knee - Benjamin scrambled away, in the direction of the amber-lit street that lay at the eastward end of the alleyway. There, he knew, he would find people, roused by the commotion and watching out; if he was lucky, there was every possibility that the clown might be shy enough of those spying eyes to call off the chase. It was a small hope, but it was all he had. Either that, or he was acting as only the truly doomed can act, and grasping for the light even though he knew that, deep down, it was hopeless.
  • Frank was truly the hero of the college, and it was many a day before his wonderful dash was forgotten by even the most indifferent of the students.
  • Myranda stood silent. Solomon very seldom gave any critique, good or bad. As a result, what little words of encouragement he did give were truly meaningful. Ayna, it would seem, felt almost obligated to qualify any compliment by hiding it in an insult.
  • These kids were on a high from the experimental psychedelic warm up act, but they had the musical munchies for Robby's band. They truly were a generation together in one place. Each kid shared the dream of world peace and harmony that they vainly vowed to create when they ran the world.
  • Bekka nodded, accepting that she would get nothing else from him. Truly, it was not her place to demand more. She cared for him though, as a friend and a brotherneither of which she had truly had. Likewise she cared for Jenna and the others of his crew, though it seemed in peril of being sundered.
  • Just as evading their multitude of slow, weak fireballs became truly challenging, the first of the out-of-breath Mongols started falling out of the sky from lack of oxygen. The heavier they breathed, the more oxygen they required. Now he had to divert their attention even more while leading them up just a little higher.
  • "Be that as it may, do you truly believe that you will be able to take him aside as soon as he arrives? Have you not told us that he is to speak to everyone gathered?"
  • They were truly good little bees and were no bother for Rose to look after. In fact she just adored them and helped greatly with the gradual process for them to learn about life itself.
  • Perhaps it was time to place a burden upon them, to let them know just how vulnerable their lives truly were. It was now his desire to let those within Sanctum taste defeat. He wished not to end their quest, but to shake their confidence, to give them a distraction that would break their thoughts from their ultimate goal.
  • Ryson maintained his balance even as Lief was sent to his knees. The delver turned about to examine the effects of the blast upon the rest of the city. More testimony to the dwarvesgreat skill, the hardy buildings remained intact, undamaged as if nothing had happened. And so it truly appeared, even at the very point of collapse. There was no sign of devastation other than the absence of the western city section. There were no crumbled buildings, no broken roads. Only rock. There were no crevices, no cracks, the seal was complete. It was as if the ground had meshed together and that portion of Dunop had never existed.
  • There was but one hope Strog could seize upon. If Yave could be pacified with a small strike upon the elves of Dark Spruce and one human village, he may yet keep his army intact without inviting major reprisals. The humans will not know where to attack and the elves may be too confused to understand what is actually happening. If he was lucky, he could regroup his army and send them to finish off the algors before they truly allied in force against him. It was thus now to his advantage to uncover the very knowledge Yave desired. He needed to narrow the possible human target sites as well as uncover any information as to possible dwarf traitors that might warn the elves.
  • Gifted with uncommon manual ability, Ned Land was a Canadian who had no equal in his dangerous trade. Dexterity, coolness, bravery, and cunning were virtues he possessed to a high degree, and it took a truly crafty baleen whale or an exceptionally astute sperm whale to elude the thrusts of his harpoon.
  • Mukarrab Khan laughed heartily, and when he glanced toward his eunuchs, they returned obsequious grins. "You are truly more naive than I ever imagined, English Captain Hawksworth. What effect can one small engagement have on the fleet of warships at Goa? If you want protection at sea, you will have to provide it yourself. Is that what your king hopes to gain from the Moghul, or from me?"
  • It seems like days until the train leaves tomorrow morning, as if Im living through a slow moving Oklahoma history book, which, in a real way, was what I had been doing much of my life, that is, until Ran entered curtain left. He caused an acceleration. And also a deceleration, for that matter. I'd been trapped in time. He helped me escape. He would say, "Faith is now, faith is now. It's an act. It is now." Ran told me he had slowed down into now, which, he said, caused great acceleration. He spoke truly.
  • The light, which lit the soil thirty feet below the surface of the ocean, astonished me by its power. The solar rays shone through the watery mass easily, and dissipated all colour, and I clearly distinguished objects at a distance of a hundred and fifty yards. Beyond that the tints darkened into fine gradations of ultramarine, and faded into vague obscurity. truly this water which surrounded me was but another air denser than the terrestrial atmosphere, but almost as transparent. Above me was the calm surface of the sea. We were walking on fine, even sand, not wrinkled, as on a flat shore, which retains the impression of the billows. This dazzling carpet, really a reflector, repelled the rays of the sun with wonderful intensity, which accounted for the vibration which penetrated every atom of liquid. Shall I be believed when I say that, at the depth of thirty feet, I could see as if I was in broad daylight?
  • "I've been in slumber, as you stated, so it's been a long time since I last wrote to her. Now she might fear the worst for me and my whereabouts. I urgently want to tell the others there are less Dark Robes around now, thanks to your amazing, wonderful deed in updating my magic wand. I had no idea you were so old and so great. That's truly sorcerer's magic at work in my presence."
  • Ingar found only more joy in Mappel's reaction. He sought to add to the elf's despair. "You have doubts, but you had no doubts as to Shayed's return. You believed her capable of returning, why not Ingar? Do you truly think her superior to me? You have spoke so highly of Shayed, climbed all the way up to meet her as if she was some goddess. She is nothing."
  • Ambulation was certainly an interesting way of categorising people, of partially defining them, of trying to guess something about their personalities. It was surely no coincidence that it shared something here with the two existing elements of Balloons - eyes and voices, Michael and Pierre's specialities. Eyes and voices fitted categories too and were commonly used as guides to personality. George had talked about measuring them as part of Balloons, though it was difficult to know whether anything he'd said was true. Jill Freedy and ambulation could be a simple extension of this. Spencer tried to figure out how it all fitted together, what Balloons was truly about, but George's explanation of altering attractiveness kept bulldozing its way into his thoughts and refusing to go away even though he had no faith in it, so he didn't make much progress.
  • Medical aid was, of course, instantly procured, and Colonel O'Mara, though at the time seriously indisposed, was urgently requested to attend without loss of time. He did so; but human succour and support were all too late. The wound had been truly dealt--the tide of life had ebbed; and his father had not arrived five minutes when young O'Mara was a corpse. His body rests in the vaults of Christ Church, in Dublin, without a stone to mark the spot.
  • Baibars spoke suddenly. "Do you truly mean to buy the lives of every least man we hold prisoner, as well as your nobles and knights?"
  • "Time stopped here, so you could take care of what needed to be done elsewhere." Gillian's hand rubbed at the tension knot at the base of my neck, the movement just shy of heavenly. "Again, your powers are growing at an astonishing rate. There can be no doubt among the members of the Covenant you are truly the Prophecy once news of this is heard."
  • But can a decade that gave us the music center and the pocket calculator truly be considered mediocre?
  • By this time Mrs. Mavor had finished with the manager, and was in the centre of a group of miners. Her grand air was all gone, and she was their comrade, their friend, one of themselves. Nor did she assume the role of entertainer, but rather did she, with half- shy air, cast herself upon their chivalry, and they were too truly gentlemen to fail her. It is hard to make Western men, and especially old-timers, talk. But this gift was hers, and it stirred my admiration to see her draw on a grizzled veteran to tell how, twenty years ago, he had crossed the Great Divide, and had seen and done what no longer fell to men to see or do in these new days. And so she won the old-timer. But it was beautiful to see the innocent guile with which she caught Billy Breen, and drew him to her corner near the organ. What she was saying I knew not, but poor Billy was protesting, waving his big hands.
  • "Yeah. I gathered that." As he had approached, the post had begun to glow brighter, it actually seemed to be threatening him. He was full of questions. What were these exactly? truly pure magic? How was that possible? He glanced over his shoulder. Gen was busy picking at things in her bottomless little satchel.
  • "There were, additionally, two documents transferring everything Father possessed to either his manservant, Karl Günfel, or to his only genuine son, Yours Truly.
  • He would've reacted differently if he had known what it truly was, but was distracted when a sudden knock at the door interrupted his thoughts. Annoyed, he said "come in!"
  • Equanimity anything less than a truly auspicious beginning having the good wishes of everyone concerned.
  • Don Pedro scoffs at such a defection. "Hang him as truant!—theres no drop of true blood in him to be truly touched with love!" He laughs. "If he be sad, he lacks money!"
  • After dinner Leroy produced cigars, and with the permission of Miss Mackenzie the two men smoked while the conversation ran on a topic as impersonal as literature. A criticism of novels and plays written to illustrate the frontier was the line into which the discussion fell, and the girl from the city, listening with a vivid interest, was pleased to find that these two real men talked with point and a sense of dexterous turns. She felt a sort of proud proprietorship in their power, and wished that some of the tailors' models she had met in society, who held so good a conceit of themselves, might come under the spell of their strong, tolerant virility. Whatever the difference between them, it might be truly said of both that they had lived at first hand and come in touch closely with all the elemental realities. One of them was a romantic villain and the other an unromantic hero, but her pulsing emotions morally condemned one no more than the other.
  • The battle surged around him, and for a few minutes he couldn't tell if they were winning or losing. Half of the militia had fallen, but a greater number of the mercenaries had been beaten as well, many of them with clothyard shafts sticking out of their bodies from Colt's unrelenting assault. Without his expert archery, they would have been well and truly finished off by the sheer number of their adversaries. A crackle of lightning suddenly surged through the militiamen once more and caught Aiden as well, this time. His muscles were wracked with pain for a brief moment, and he fell to the ground, twitching involuntarily as he tried to regain control of his body.
  • The chicken soup was highly praised, and truly it was a good broth and deserved all praise. Then came the fish, all done to a turn and served piping hot with butter sauce. The Indian cucumber went well with the lake trout, and here the boys had another surprise.
  • Macumazahn, half of all these belong to you, and truly you have earned them, for it was your cunning and good counsel that gained us the victory. Now we will choose them beast by beast.
  • You might ride for many days over that prairie without seeing anything of the forest, except a clump of trees and bushes here and there, and now and then a little pond. The whole region is extremely beautiful. One that ought to fill the hearts of men with admiration and love of the bountiful God who formed it. But men in those regions, at the time I write of, thought of little beauties of nature, and cared nothing for the goodness of God. At least this may be truly said of the red-skinned owners of the soil. It was otherwise with some of the white people who dwelt there.
  • With Sy's approval, she had placed the defenders on their highest alert. She brought all the archers, both human and elf, to the walls and rooftops just before twilight. That was the normal time for a dwarf attack. It gave them the whole evening before they had to deal with the rising sun and its effect on their eyes. It was at that time Holli truly believed the attack would commence.
  • Tuesday, 7th October, The Taylor. What a miserable life mine is now! I get no rest night nor day from this terrible gnawing pain; the nights are too long, and the days are too long, and I am so weak that I am hardly able to move about the camp. I am truly wretched. When will this cease? Wind, south east.
  • This is where Kins filled in a blank for me because when I went to the bathroom to clean myself up I apparently called him and told him of my escape attempts. I think I had well and truly lost it at this point. I just remember waking up and feeling great. I had a hole the size of the Tatra mountains in my memory but physically I was great. Elly informed me that I'd been ribbing Ken doll with a load of farmer jokes. Again I wasn't sure if it was true but some of the stuff sounded like me.
  • Yet, they had been and now it was over. For Rose, it was truly over, but Alicias pain would linger. Rose had felt it, deep and lasting. Alicia would be a mess for ages, but Margaret was her mother, and Rose wouldnt begrudge Alicia that time, no scale by which to measure. Rose had mourned Judith a good while, wishing her mom had lived long enough to see her grandchildren. Then Rose thought of Gray.
  • Cronus sighed monumentally. He was alone in the darkness of the pit, yet all he could think about was Hades and his death. No-one knew if Hades was truly dead, but Cronus believed it inevitable. Even Gods cannot live forever.
  • I was bereft of all the people I loved in the World. Thomas gone again before I could know if we were truly reconciled; and further absence from Eadie - for who knew how long. Thomas was as a father to me, Eadie was the only woman I should ever love. I couldnt speak.
  • The water was still fairly deep, but the stakes were so numerous that even a nonswimmer could be in no danger. The boat was soon in clear water again, and Csar Augustus could now be seena truly pitiable figurehelping himself ashore from stump to stump, a sadder if not a wiser man.
  • My alarm pulled me out of the strangest night of sleep I'd ever experienced. Maybe I'd just been overtired, or possibly the strange, symbol on the note, inked into the place where a signature normally would've been, had reminded me of the other truly alien experience so far in my life.
  • As always the winter was full of socials and the odd very rare winter carp and on one occasion we truly excelled ourselves.
  • Oh, that Gulf Stream! It truly lives up to its nickname, the Lord of Storms! All by itself it creates these fearsome cyclones through the difference in temperature between its currents and the superimposed layers of air.
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