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Okunuşu: / taʊəl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow·el
Ekler: tow·els
Türü: isim, fiil


i. havlu, silecek, peşkir;

f. havlu ile kurulamak veya kurulanmak.

towel için örnek cümleler:

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  • 'Twon't hurt you, laughed Perkins. "Wash day ain't till next week, you know, and this is only Wednesday." Suddenly the towel was snatched from Cameron's hands.
  • We should ask around and find out if somebody saw the human and the canine, responded Kerr at his highest vocal levels before his vocal chords finally gave up the struggle and threw the towel in. Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. Sometimes disability has been known to play the role of step-mother to invention. This was one such instance. Having lost the ability to rise above the general uproar around him, Kerr belatedly realized that they might not have to scream if they moved off the main thoroughfare to a slightly more quieter environ.
  • She sat up, pulling the sheet close to her body. She was dressed in a large nightshirt, but didnt remember coming home or getting a shower. Gray had cleaned her off, a towel covering her pillows.
  • The patches were stolen by an elite division of spiders. These spiders cleverly made a hole in Mr McFarlands bathroom wall and gained access to the bathroom cabinet by sneaking along the underside of a bath rail fastened to the wall. This elite group were known as theBathrailiesand were appropriately attired with tea towels on their heads. The stolen patches have been sinisterly stained with blackberry juices from blackberries growing wild in the valley. Its all very scary!
  • "Sure, you can. Lie down here." Vaughn indicates a braided rug. "Banner'll put a towel over your head to hold you down. Can't weasel out on me if you're doing the holding, can you, Banner?"
  • Great Jerusalem, Mandy! You ain't goin' to bring on a clean towel the middle of the week? said Perkins in mock dismay. "Guess it's for Mr. Cameron," he continued with another laugh.
  • Still carrying a hand towel I'd used to dry the dishwater from my hands, I motioned towards a table farthest away from the customers, "Okay! Why don't we sit over here?"
  • She dipped the end of a towel in cold water and with it began to flick her on the face, her husband all the while holding his face between his hands and sobbing in a way that was heart breaking to hear. I raised the blind, and looked out of the window. There was much moonshine, and as I looked I could see Quincy Morris run across the lawn and hide herself in the shadow of a great yew tree. It puzzled me to think why she was doing this. But at the instant I heard Harker's quick exclamation as she woke to partial consciousness, and turned to the bed. On her face, as there might well be, was a look of wild amazement. She seemed dazed for a few seconds, and then full consciousness seemed to burst upon her all at once, and she started up.
  • Porky started with dessertall manner of honeyed, nutted and flakey-pastried concoctions which made him quickly realize he wasn't going to make it through dessert without coffee. He went back behind the counter, said "Hello" one more time and then put on a pot of coffee. He looked at the cash register, thought briefly about what a life on the lamb would be like if he should grab it and run. He looked around at the order pads on the worn shelving underneath the counter where several moist towels were stained with drink and constellated with coffee grounds and congratulated himself on his good dumb luck.
  • The golden hands on his sons neck burned white hot. Steam rose from the towel that protected his chest. Simon Says grabbed a pail and began to ladle water directly on the ring. It sizzled and hissed.
  • Over the sudden noise, Hugh continued, "And just in case Im wrong, I dont wish to offend my neighbors, do I? I might be the one looking for allies. So Ill entertain Aymer and his brothers for a few days, pretend sympathy with their plight and promise them nothing." He finished relieving himself in silence and then went over to a side table. "Anyway, I dont think theyre serious. The prince has been successfully asserting his physical power in Aquitaine for a few years. They cant fight him. Better for them to try to obtain satisfaction through legal means. If they appeal to the king, he would probably intervene." He splashed water over his face and held out a hand for the towel Haworth placed in it. "Didnt you sleep well, Roger?" he asked. "You woke me several times with your tossing."
  • Elise stood behind him, lost in admiration, and giving an imbecile flap now and then with a towel to anything that happened to come in front of her.
  • Nickel Nose bends over the sink and gently pulls the bloody nickels out of his nose. He takes a handful of paper towels from the sink top and hold s them against his nose.
  • Hugh threw the towel to him. "Roger, we spoke of this last night. They want to come. What do you care? They wont have anything to do with you. You frighten them."
  • A second time the bell was heard, and at that they all started on a run for the rear of the house, where several tin basins, and some soap, as well as clean towels announced that the farmer's good wife had gotten things ready for them.
  • Jessie found a door open at the top of the flight. Henrietta was chattering at top speed somewhere ahead. The rooms were dark, but when Jessie found the room in which Henrietta was, she likewise found a girl bound to a chair in which she sat, with a towel tied across her mouth which muffled her speech.
  • This banshee cry sent a convulsion through the crowd. Many were galvanised into action. Amongst cries for towels and boiling water andCall the fire brigade, the heftiest guests, not all guys, lurched forward in order to lift Carla and carry her into the bedroom. Though some of them tried to take her to the kitchen instead. As she receded into the darkness of the bedroom, Carla saw Philip holding onto Juliet while calling for an ambulance on his mobile. Several guests were also calling for an ambulance on their mobiles. But then, she reflected, you could never have enough ambulances, could you?
  • She dipped her sandals in the water, swirled them clean and then shook them dry. Wrapping her towel around her wet hair, Calista crouched to open the chest of clothes. Her fingers ran pleasurably over the fine materials. It was lana pinna, she realized, a fabric drawn from the shells of Mare Nostrum. From the bottom, she tugged out a snowy stola with delicate gold embroidery parading along the border. This hallucination is detailed and strange enough for Homer, she thought wryly, combing her hair with one hand and strapping on her sandals with another.
  • This was perfectly true but Nick had set himself the task of clearing up the kitchen speedily. He was determined to show her it would always be neat and tidy under his regime. Her refusal to co-operate in his self-imposed pursuit of perfection infuriated him. Grabbing a tea towel from off the chair on which she was perched he ostentatiously started drying the dishes himself.
  • Antibacterial spray to add to the paper towels to enable users to clean down the equipment as you suggest.
  • Care of hands and nails is much neglected in camp, Nails should be properly trimmed and the "mourning" removed from underneath the nails. The habit of biting the finger nails is dangerous. Finger nails should be cut once a week with sharp scissors or "clip." If the nails be neglected and a scratch received from the infected fingers the system may be inoculated with disease. The cleansing of the hands after using the lavatory needs special emphasis, for in no place do more germs collect and spread. Boys should not be permitted to use each other's towels, combs, brushes, or soap. A towel may carry germs from one boy to another.
  • At the palace, Valentin and Cassius squired Caspar and his entourage to the bath house. Adelais was summoned to accompany Beryl to the womens baths, but hadnt arrived by the time the men departed. In the bath house, they shed their clothes and took linen towels, wrapped around their waists. Valentin caught Cassius admiring Caspars smooth, toned back and smirked.
  • He handed her a dollar and she was wearing nothing but a towel on her top and a change belt on her bottom. Cindy clicked out two quarters and then a nickel and a penny and handed it to her brother.
  • Liseli was drying her hair; first squeezing the ends over the tub, then patting it with a towel and dragging a comb through the knots. She heard the sound of a door opening, and froze.
  • Newly fitted large walk-in shower, heated towel rail, wash hand basin, wc.
  • Salvador came through the doors at that moment with some towels draped over his arm. "Doc says you can all relax a little. Your friend is stable and theres no new bleeding. We wont know more until he wakes up." Turning to Katharine, he offered her a large beach towel. "Doc said you did a good job of taking care of him," he commented.
  • Lori leaned up, moved the towel slightly, sipped her water, and set the glass down and returned the towel to cover her face.
  • David Martin makes his way down through the dunes to just above the tide line. Amy is already there, stretched out on a beach towel on the sand. She raises an eyebrow at him. ‘Not going in?’ she says.
  • Bob glanced to his right. It was not a topless beach, but some of the local ladies were doing their best to tan the maximum area. "Pasmatri na nyeyo," he remarked, recalling a fragment from distant evening classes in Russian. He nodded sideways, towards an impressive display of brown flesh on a pure white towel.
  • Ferdas, who had disappeared during my disrobing, appeared again, with a towel and water basin. Gently, he bathed my forehead. I squeezed his hand, my nails digging into the tender flesh of his palm.. Although he flinched, his eyes were steady. "You will be fine Selene. You and the baby will be fine." He repeated the words continuously like a mantra. I could not believe his words.
  • As if he found one, might it stop the peanut assault? Summer giggled, then set the damp towel on the rack. The bottom rack, the top one now empty.
  • Well, you sure have traveled some! exclaimed Tom Dillon. "You'll do for this trip. I'm glad you know how to rough it. I onct had a bunch of tenderfeet along--young fellers from the East, who had never roughed it before--and, believe me, what those chaps didn't know would fill a boomer's wagon twict over. Why, they couldn't wash less'n they had a basin to do it in an' a towel to dry on, an' it mixed 'em all up to try to sleep on the ground rolled in a blanket. An' when it come to grub, well, they was a-lookin' for napkins an' bread-an'-butter plates, an' finger bowls, an' I don't know what all! It jest made me plumb tired, it sure did!" And the old miner sighed deeply.
  • Welcome back to the show and back to the action. Before the break we had a chance to see just how volatile the situation between KaBoom and Mean Mike Ford and the situation between Raoul and Rage really is. At least Raoul and Rage are fighting over what each did to each other. KaBoom and Mike started all their fighting over a towel for crying out loud! So I guess its kinda appropriate for those two to have a figurative "throw in the towel" match because the man who cant stand up before the ten count loses. No pins, no submissions, just good olfashion beatings.
  • Kerrion glanced around at his room, which was almost devoid of furnishings. Two cream-coloured linen cushions were piled together in the centre of the sitting area, next to a low puffwood table topped with glass. A narrow bed stood in the far corner, a plain chest of drawers beside it. Within curtained alcove was a brass tub, a rough towel and a table with a basin and pitcher of water on it. A solitary, rather threadbare tapestry covered one wall, and another had two lead-paned windows in it, a puffwood tree blocking the view.
  • With rising excitement, he grabbed his own towel and soap jar from the backpack, along with a fresh pair of clothes. Rordan returned to the shower stations and found them deserted. He had a quick, private rinsing and wash to his satisfaction.
  • Mrs. Engle was in the room, bending over the bed with a dampened towel to lay upon Norton's forehead; he showed a sign of fever and his head ached constantly. He looked about quickly as the girl came in, his hand stirring a little, offering itself. She took it by way of greeting and sat down in the chair drawn up at his side.
  • She sprayed some cold water on her face and then breathed deeply into the moistened paper towel before heading back to the conference room. Her mood had shifted because she knew the question about the weekend had to be answered even before he formally asked the question.
  • Experience only can determine what should be taken to camp. Usually the first camping trip decides what to take on the second trip, and also reveals how few things, providing they are right things, one really needs to be comfortable in camp. A boy's mother, who is generally the official trunk packer of the family, makes a mistake in stowing away in the trunk a lot of things not serviceable or suitable for camping. Cotton goods, except towels, handkerchiefs, and hose, are of no use.
  • The lead tank straddled the narrow road and churned up a huge cloud of red dust, which enveloped the rest of the platoon. The dust cloud rose as high in the sky as a man could see and covered the plants and trees beside the road for a distance of more than a mile. The sun baked dust was as light and as fine as talc. For those at the end of the column it became almost unbearable. The drivers wore eye goggles but that didnt help them to breathe or to see. Those who hadnt been able to requisition goggles shut their eyes or tilted their head forward to deflect the dirt with the rim of their helmet. Others tied shirts over their faces, and closed their eyes. The guns were all loaded with short belts of ammunition and wrapped in towels to keep the firing mechanisms clean.
  • "Look! In the window! Gaaad! She has a tan all over!" Brad whispered hoarsely while he pointed with a grimy, shaking finger. The well developed, young body stayed in view for just a short moment which was only as long as it took Elinor to drop her bath towel onto the foot of her bed, turn to her dresser for her hair brush and then step behind the open closet door. The image of a small, warm smile as she hummed to the soft waltz music that drifted from her hi-fi, stayed with Brad. "She's beautiful, she's gorgeous," He said quietly.
  • I have it, replied Will. "Tablecloths, napkins, towels, and all sorts of household linen came on board yesterday at Portsmouth unhemmed, so I laid in a supply of needles and thread this morning on purpose for the present emergency."
  • She yelled into the apartment. Someone responded from the bathroom. The door burst open and a bearded guy bustled out, a towel wrapped around his waist.
  • Prices fully inclusive, beds made up for your arrival, towels, toweling robes and molton brown toiletries provided.
  • Rose had taken a shower and her hair was still damp, a towel covering the pillow. She nodded, but wasnt sure if her daughter had seen it. "Daddy told her."
  • Connor had another idea and pulled a towel that came from their bathroom and held it out to Jack. "Will you please blindfold my eyes so that you know that Im not tracking them by following a trail?" After the blindfold had been secured over his eyes Connor started walking. He clearly remembered the layout of Jacks house so he walked casually out the front door without stubbing his toe. Focusing on that feeling inside that proved that their bond lived Connor felt the exact direction she waited at and her mood. She wasnt scared anymore, Sarah actually felt jubilant.
  • Emily was reaching for a paper towel when Daniel glided into the kitchen and said, "Did you cut your hand, Aunt Emily?"
  • The maid very slowly crossed the room to the washing stand and set the can in the basin, covering it with a towel with elaborate care and deliberateness, looking at Viola out of the corners of her eyes as she did so.
  • The brownies cooked up in no time flat but I had no idea what the dosage was, which was always half the fun of eating them. I had no idea how much pot I used in relation to the mix. I just sort of tossed everything together haphazardly. Brownie Surprise, I called it. I let them cool on the stove and sat down to read a book, Nausea by Sartre. I thought it fucking drivel, whiny little cunt, but I was determined to get through it. Sartre made it difficult though. I just wanted to go back in time, hand him a razor, and let him get on with it. No one understands you? Everyone is oblivious except for you? Not sure if you exist, you lonely bastard? He'd make Mr. Rogers want to off himself. I was just glad none of the Emos in high school had been intellectual enough to have read it - they would have been insufferable in their pretentiousness. The buzzer rang and I picked it up. It was Ray and he wanted in. I let him up. I took the towel away from the door and he came in.
  • Both girls raced to their room, and when they came out they were provided with the rope, and the dripping towels were tied across their nostrils and mouths. As they stood momentarily on the little porch of the cottage to see where they might render the best service, the uproar from the upper stories in the rear was awful.
  • He felt himself suddenly snatched out from the tank, warm towels were wrapped about him, his limbs were rubbed with soft linen, and at last he opened his eyes. He still heard the sound of running water, but now the place in which he was was no longer dark and gloomy. Some one had flung open the slatted window, and a great beam of warm, serene sunlight streamed in, and lay in a dazzling white square upon the wet floor. Two men were busied about him. They had wrapped his body in a soft warm blanket, and were wiping dry his damp, chilled, benumbed hands and feet.
  • A waiter strolled leisurely into the room, looked about, then approached the table at which the American and English officers were seated. Dropping a towel at Dave's side, the waiter bent over to pick it up, at the same time slyly pressing into Dave's hand a piece of paper.
  • Desperate to escape the cabin before she lost control, she shoved Bryn aside and ran headlong to the railing where she expelled the remains of her stomach contents; she didn't think there'd be any more after her revival in the small boat, but there was. Bryn came to her side and offered her water and a towel.
  • The next day Marigaff gave Mia a few assignments. First, she had her read to a small group of children, well behaved three or four year olds. Next, she helped Marigaff fold some linens, but did it with Saa. Mia thought it went well. She only tore two towels in half, well, one in four places, before she got the hang of it. Marigaff said she did well, too. That afternoon she helped with the lunch dishes, but not with Saa. Marigaff said there were too many people about for one as young in Saa as Mia to be practicing invocations. Someone would get hurt. After dishes, she was given a book to start reading, ‘Basic Geography of Morrah’, and returned to her quarters to look it over. At first it was boring, but it was all so new that putting the book down soon became difficult.
  • I awoke to flames crackling and dancing before my face. Smoke stung my nostrils. Hushed and worried voices speculated and disagreed. I lay on a pair of spongy pads, wrapped like a mummy in poly towels under two layers of down sleeping bag.
  • Margret opened a cabinet and pulled out a large white towel. "You can soak for a while, and then you can rinse off with the shower. Ill be in the other room when youre done," she said as she added the towel to the pile of clothes.
  • The shared bathroom is fully tiled and has quadrant shower, toilet, wash basin and heated towel rail.
  • Rose got out of bed, grabbing some clean underwear. She took off the cami top, throwing it in the hamper, then used the toilet. Setting her panties over her towel on the rack, she removed the braid from her hair, standing naked just outside the shower curtain.
  • I carried the towel back into the bedroom and tossed it near the shower in the bathroom. "I forgot about all of those properties. Thanks for showing them to me," I said.
  • I'll come, grumbled Samson; "and I never kears about washing myself now. Never a drop o' hot water, no towels, no soap, and no well, and no buckets. Once a week seems quite enough, specially as you has to wait till you get dry."
  • She wrapped four pocket pies that she had made into a red and white checked cloth, put the cloth into a wicker basket lined with a wool towel blanket, and wrapped the towel around the cloth. She then procured a dark green bottle of cedar from a cabinet that was built into the lower part of the counter and turned to Legon.
  • "The vision Saa gives for the selection of a representative is quite unmistakable," Marigaff remarked. She handed a towel to Mia.
  • I grabbed a fresh set of towels and made my way upstairs to her room. She had made the space her own within hours of her arrivalflowers on the mantel, a few books and magazines on the tables. She had taped a picture to the wallstrictly forbidden, but in capitulation to my growing affection, lust even, tolerated. Like some illicit drug from the Summer of Love, her odor was in the air and I inhaled it.
  • Walking out to the front deck, he watched appreciatively as Rachel emerged from the turquoise blue ocean and strolled up the beach to the shower where she rinsed off. He met her with a towel and robe.
  • "I dont know whats going on," I said, avoiding a pile of wet towels in the middle of the floor, "but Lori told me to find out." This could have been high school. This could have been Saturday night, sneaking beers at the suite. This could have been another disastrous drive with Larry, the only person I had ever known who could get carsick as he drove. "I can sort of figure it out, but why doesnt someone tell me."
  • "Dont get sour because she never had any interest in you," Brangot said. He wadded the towel in his leafy knuckles and looked expectantly at Diotitus. "Well, are you coming?"
  • You know you can, too. The towel is tight against your head. You can't see, and you hear little more than the stereo. You strain, certain that when the towel is pulled away, you'll snap upward and finish with ease. It's odd the other boys couldn't do it. Their failure will make your success sweeter.
  • I liked Mermaid Springs better because I felt safe there. Ma could not swim, so she never made me jump off a dock into deep water, and she always insisted that I wear an orange styrofoam cylinder on my back like a skindiver or spaceman. Ma usually sat on a towel on the grass near the beach, reading a magazine or a book while tanning her legs. Every now and then she would call to us not to go too far or not to splash each other. When she wore her one-piece red swimming suit, she would come in up to her waist, then lower herself to her shoulders, being careful not to get her hair wet. On the rarest occasions, she would wear a swimming cap and float on her back in the shallow water. Often she stayed in her shorts and shirt, adding sunglasses and removing shoes as her concession to summer and the beach.
  • When she shut the door of the bathroom Connor walked into the kitchen. He turned on the stove and sat a skillet down, to get the metal heated. He walked to the refrigerator and opened it. Pulling out a carton of eggs and bacon he begin cooking for the both of them. Just as he finishing cooking the satisfying meal, Sarah walked in with a towel wrapping her wet hair and wore a tight blue top and white shorts. He was glad that he thought about stocking the bathroom with towels and other bathroom necessities. "How was it?"
  • Lester stood, smoothed out his white smock and swung the barber chair around to greet the customer. He smacked the red leather seat with a towel and threw an inviting smile to the man who walked in. When he laid eyes on his potential customer, however, the smile dropped off of his face like a bad habit.
  • "I hated him!" she said. "As you pointed out, Jackson used to get his rocks off by beating the shit out of me. One time, he dragged me out of the shower by the hair and beat me with the shower head until I passed out. I woke up naked and freezing on the bathroom floor. In so much pain, I had to drag myself to the bedroom. I couldnt even get on the bed, so I just lay on the floor with a towel over me, trying to stay warm until Jackson came home. When he finally rolled back from the bar, I asked him to help me and he laughed. He told me if I behaved like a dog, I should sleep on the floor like one."
  • The Angel's legal look flashed into her face. Her eyes grew tense with earnestness. She glanced around, and seeing no towel or basin, held out her hand for Sears to pour water over them. Then, using the skirt of her dress to dry them, she climbed on the wagon.
  • The lad had finally fallen completely asleep, his mouth going slack, her wet nipple slipping from his foamy milk-covered lips. Maureen efficiently covered herself with a towel she kept handy at all times, saying, "Robert, take him please and lay him down. Hes gotten so heavy."
  • Squeaky clean, he shuts down the valves and takes the towel from the heated towel rack and dries off. A high capacity ventilation system quickly draws all the vapor from the air while a laminar air flow system has kept the wall-sized mirror fog free.
  • After thus hiding the towels, if it could be called hiding where every detail of the operation was watched by the dog, Bob would, as he did on the present occasion, set out on his return across the common; Master Rover prancing in front of him, and anxiously keeping his speaking brown eyes fixed on his face, awaiting the order which he knew to be impending for him to go back and fetch the bundle left behind.
  • You take the towel and scrub your head and hands. You like the rough terrycloth against your skin. It defines the world: if the cloth is real, then you are.
  • I turned around and there she was again, looking more beautiful than I had remembered. Wet hair, towel covering breasts to ass and dripping all over my new hard wood floor.
  • Butler went back down the hole, this time juggling ropes and a flashlight. His two helpers followed behind him. Butler handed the flashlight to Katharine to hold while he and the two crewmembers started making a cradle out of rope to lift the unconscious man. Butler used the towels he had asked for to wrap around the ropes, so that they would not cut into the mans bruised skin.
  • The trailer rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks, and then stops. J.J. comes to the trailer door with a towel wrapped around his waist. He is sweating. He is smoking a small cigar. He poses in the doorway and blows a smoke-ring into the night air. "Here fellows," he hands Nickel Nose coupons and a hundred dollar bill, "take these toNed's World Famous Hamburgers’. We're going to have something to eat after this first time, then were going to do it a couple of more times. Maybe ten. Keep the change."
  • So I slowly took off her drenched shorts and panties and then removed her t-shirt and bra. I put the wet cloths in a towel and placed them in another garbage bag.
  • A curious canary lights on Mike's shoulder as he watches from the balcony high above. The bartender walks up, drying his hands on a towel and says to Jim and Ed, "What'll it be, guys?"
  • And then she broke down altogether, and hid her face in the towel with which she had been washing Archie's left foot. He saw her shoulders shaking: he knew that, for some reason, she could not speak. But she was crying, and was not cross with him for being cross. It behooved a man to administer consolation.
  • Omari wrapped the towel closer around body, and the fibers clung to her body that was sticky with salt. While she was used to Francescas stern and commanding attitude, her voice held a note that reminded her of the frantic quality in Noahs voice before she had attempted to flee. It felt good to know that people cared about her so much, but at the same time she hated putting people through so much stress constantly. Ever since shed been born, she felt like shed been a disaster magnet, and each month seemed to be proving this hypothesis to be more and more correct.
  • Twenty minutes is sufficient length of time to be in fresh water. When the boys come out of the water, have a towel drill, teaching the boy how to use the towel so that his back may be dried as well as every other part of his body. This rubbing down induces circulation of the blood and gives that finish to a swim which makes the boy feel like a new being. It is unwise to permit boys to lie around undressed after a swim, for physiological as well as moral reasons. Swimming tights should be wrung out dry, either by hand or by a wringer kept near the swimming place, and hung out on a rope or rustless wire, stretched back of the tent. Do not permit wet clothes to be hung in the tent, on the canvas or tent ropes.
  • Now wave! commanded Katherine, when the Huronic was almost opposite them, and the towels fluttered frantically over the edge of the little balcony. Dozens of handkerchiefs were waved in answer from the deck of the big liner. "They think we're just waving at them for fun," said Katherine, when nothing took place that looked like an effort at rescue.
  • Her hunger sated, she wanted a nap, but more than that she desperately wanted to get clean. As if someone were reading her mind, several women approached Catrin with soft towels and scented soaps. One motioned for her to follow and walked toward the towering fountain Catrin had created. She was delighted to see a pond forming outward from the fountain, and she hoped it would continue to grow. She envisioned a lush oasis nestled in the valley, full of life and vigor--a jewel in the desert.
  • Pedestal hand basin, close coupled w.c. , heated ladder towel rail, recessed downlights to smooth finished ceiling.
  • "Dont get sour because she never had any interest in you," Brangot said. He wadded the towel in his leafy knuckles and looked expectantly at Diotitus. "Well, are you coming?"
  • Show some nearly human intelligence, and maybe you'll get a chance at one of the Saturday cruises, Peckham, called back Farley, as he began to towel down vigorously.
  • I found a wadded up gym towel on the floor in the back seat and pressed it to his chest. "Yes, Im applying pressure. He isnt breathing." I could hear Rewsna clearly through my thoughts. "Remain calm, pay attention to your surroundings." I looked in all directions while I had both hands holding a towel against Pauls chest. I didnt see the gray sedan. I started blaring the car horn with my free hand trying to get someones attention.
  • Brangot heaved a heavy fist of tightly knotted roots against his neighbors apartment door. When no answer came, he rapped the door with two fists, his other two fists holding a towel around his naked trunk. Soapy water dripped from his bark and leafy skin onto Diotitusdoormat. He knew there would be no response at Tifs door. She was a Drooler in Myrrh Desert Park and hadnt been home in several years.
  • A commotion commenced between her legs, ending with Jennie catching a bundle of slime as it poured out of the orifice. She cradled it in both hands and declared, "Okay, shes here." Jennie reached for a warm, wet towel and quickly began wiping the baby down, relieving it of its birth package. At the same time, Jennie also rubbed the childs back, awakening the newborns ability to breathe on its own. Several minutes passed before she finally laid the baby into her lap. Carefully, she reached back and tied a piece of heavy string around the bluish-gray umbilical cord. Then, taking a pair of scissors, she severed the babys connection to its mother. (In 1900, 95% of all births took place in the home.)
  • "I have to admit that Mathew deserved far more than that slam you delivered." She smiled as she dipped the towel again in the water. "Im finished with this part, lean over here and let me work on your head."
  • There was another knock on the door and the nurse walked in balancing a tray covered with a towel in one hand, deftly closing the door behind her with the other.
  • She wasn't used to seeing her husband looking beaten, feeling so sorry for himself, throwing in the towel like this. His present demeanour was a worrying contrast to his usual blithe, sometimes even foolish, optimism. The collapse of the business seemed to have changed him completely, knocked all the stuffing out of him, so that at times she hardly recognised him any more. She felt desperately sorry for him even if a lot of his present problems were self-inflicted, maybe could have been avoided with a little common sense. Even so, however responsible he might be for their current dire straits, she had no wish to twist the knife in him when he was down, whatever he might think. She loved him too much to see him hurt any more. Not unsympathetically she said, "If only you'd talk about these things more...open up a bit. Perhaps we could find the solution together."
  • He finally managed to wriggle out and take a few gasping breaths as he trotted away. His face looked like hed just been on a roller coaster. Staggering toward his bag, he grabbed a towel to wipe himself off. His phone was right there, showing another message from Avery. He reached for it but checked himself. Feeling a quick flash of anger, he turned back to his friends.
  • Rory fell asleep on the floor and although I didnt want him staying in my room, I was too high, drunk and tired to care. I dropped a hotel towel on top of him to use as a blanket then crawled into bed and instantly fell asleep.
  • If he wanted her back, he would have to work for it. Avery stormed out, stealing a bath towel for good measure and leaving Carter standing there alone amongst all the staring shoppers. All the next day, she waited for him to put together some big surprise to show her how much he really cared. Every time she opened her locker, she expected to find a present. Her phone was deader than Elvis. And he just gave her sheepish looks in the classes they had together.
  • They turned simultaneously and looked into the room. There was little furniture, but they were patient. They would save and buy what they needed, little by little. Together, hand in hand, they walked to the bathroom. It was all chrome and yellow and shiny plastic. Even the tub was yellow, with avocado trim. They had bought olive green towels and they each in turn hung their towel on the chrome rack then stood back to admire the effect.
  • A sheet of kitchen towel placed in the bag will help to absorb any moisture.
  • Brangot heaved a heavy fist of tightly knotted roots against his neighbors apartment door. When no answer came, he rapped the door with two fists, his other two fists holding a towel around his naked trunk. Soapy water dripped from his bark and leafy skin onto Diotitusdoormat. He knew there would be no response at Tifs door. She was a Drooler in Myrrh Desert Park and hadnt been home in several years.
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