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Okunuşu: / taʊəl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow·el
Ekler: tow·els
Türü: isim, fiil


i. havlu, silecek, peşkir;

f. havlu ile kurulamak veya kurulanmak.

towel için örnek cümleler:

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  • Lightly grease the pan with a thick wad of paper towel dipped in oil or melted butter.
  • The blond youngster, with a towel wadded in a glass, did not stir. Miller rushed from the back of the store, seized the boy by the shoulders, tried to shake him. But Pete was rooted to the spot.
  • Catrin filled her cupped hands and splashed her face repeatedly. Each time, gray water seeped into the corners of her eyes, stinging and burning. When Wonk returned with another basin, Catrin stuck her entire face in the warmer water even before he had settled it on the stone bench. Using one of the towels, she dried her face and frowned when she saw how dirty the cloth came away. It seemed she might never get clean, but Wonk tirelessly brought fresh basins of water.
  • The strand slaps against the front door, probing the gap I seal with a rolled up towel in the winter. It finds a space and shuttles into the house. For long minutes I watch, wondering if I should escape. But where would I go?
  • He was doomed to another day of desertion; for, much to his surprise, his young master, instead of taking him down to the sea as usual in the morning, started off alone, and without his towels, too, which puzzled Rover more than anything else.
  • Cindy woke up with a fearsome headache. Nothing was right. Her head was at Bill's smelly feet, the air conditioning was on full blast and there were no covers on the bed. The curtains were down off the rods. The bathroom door was blocked with towels and cosmetics. The carpet was torn up on the grand staircase, the rips snagging at her feet as she went downstairs. The statuary in the foyer was smashed, the ferns were torn up. The dining room chairs were slashed. The mahogony table had a long, deep scratch down the middle of it.
  • If he wanted her back, he would have to work for it. Avery stormed out, stealing a bath towel for good measure and leaving Carter standing there alone amongst all the staring shoppers. All the next day, she waited for him to put together some big surprise to show her how much he really cared. Every time she opened her locker, she expected to find a present. Her phone was deader than Elvis. And he just gave her sheepish looks in the classes they had together.
  • Bern took a handgun off the wall that I had assumed was just for decoration. He swaddled it in a towel along with a spare magazine.
  • Frantically he stabbed at the last few droplets of water. He rushed back to the bedroom, grabbed his new clothes from the wardrobe, picked up the Raymond Kite papers, remembered the battery recharger - just - stole the towel because it was still wet and swept out of the apartment to the car, almost at a run.
  • "I was busy doing things to the house." This much was true. He had kept himself busy doing all the things Maureen had been nagging him about for years. Broken towel rails, a noisy central heating pump, loose tiles in the bathroom, a leaking tap. The list was endless and despite his efforts had grown longer since he became unemployed. Sometimes he imagined the house was afflicted by some sort of sick building syndrome. Maybe it had a virus. The unemployment virus. The antidote for which he had yet to discover.
  • I chewed on that one for a few seconds as Lou walked into the bathroom. He yelled, "Could you get me a towel from the linen closet, please. I'm going to take a quick shower."
  • Literally, my arm was holding a towel half way on route to its destination and there it remained as I processed what I had just heard.
  • At the far end, a pair of nets hung from polished brass hooks in the ceiling. The nets had been fashioned from bone white rope and tied with small, bright red rope tassels. They held changes of clothing, towels, and washcloths. A folded hammock hung from a hook in the corner.
  • "A four gallon gasoline container, 16 pint size glass pop bottles, some small dish towels, and we should fill the gas can."
  • A commotion commenced between her legs, ending with Jennie catching a bundle of slime as it poured out of the orifice. She cradled it in both hands and declared, "Okay, shes here." Jennie reached for a warm, wet towel and quickly began wiping the baby down, relieving it of its birth package. At the same time, Jennie also rubbed the childs back, awakening the newborns ability to breathe on its own. Several minutes passed before she finally laid the baby into her lap. Carefully, she reached back and tied a piece of heavy string around the bluish-gray umbilical cord. Then, taking a pair of scissors, she severed the babys connection to its mother. (In 1900, 95% of all births took place in the home.)
  • The trailer rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks, and then stops. J.J. comes to the trailer door with a towel wrapped around his waist. He is sweating. He is smoking a small cigar. He poses in the doorway and blows a smoke-ring into the night air. "Here fellows," he hands Nickel Nose coupons and a hundred dollar bill, "take these toNed's World Famous Hamburgers’. We're going to have something to eat after this first time, then were going to do it a couple of more times. Maybe ten. Keep the change."
  • I'll come, grumbled Samson; "and I never kears about washing myself now. Never a drop o' hot water, no towels, no soap, and no well, and no buckets. Once a week seems quite enough, specially as you has to wait till you get dry."
  • There is an extractor fan, inset spotlights to the ceiling and a heated towel rail.
  • Connor sensed her distress, leaned down and kissed her head again and she momentarily lost her senses and he took the moment of hesitation to take the towel back from her hand. He then started drying his desolate back of knotted muscle.
  • No,’ David says. Hes wearing old faded jeans and a shirt. The sand burns his feet and he digs them in to where its cooler. He hasnt brought a towel with him. ‘I came down to protect you,’ he says. ‘From the Scarborough bodgies.’
  • She threw a towel over her arm as he placed himself upon a stool. When he carefully moved the end of the sheathed sword to keep it from striking the bar, she appeared even more grateful for his appearance. She stepped up to his place and quickly wiped the bar surface with the towel before replacing it over her arm.
  • Five blocks later, the two were allowed into the visiting locker room at Edgar Allen Poe Park, the Bombers stadium near Inner Harbor. They found a few of their teammates there as well, even though they still had a full hour until they were required to suit up. Sarge scanned the crew that was already present: Catcher Jimmy "No Legs" Ruben stood (or what counted as standing for a man with no legs) next to the Whispers bat boy, Mickey the Midget; Pitchers Lil Boner, Haney Mane, Marty Wood, and Rube Robinson crowded around a folding card table involved in a game of spades; Third baseman Erv Bream chatted with the janitor next to the towel rack, and center fielder Kid "Crazy Legs" McCoy was sprawled out on a wooden bench reading Life magazine. The place reeked of medicinal balms and feet.
  • Mavis hung up the dead phone. She looked up at a plaque above the bed and read it out loud. "Beauty . . . The power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband." Charles hated the plaque. Mavis laughed, lit a cigarette, readjusted the towel across her breasts, and then walked to the balcony doors. At the balcony doors, she looked absently at the cigarette and grimaced at its bitter taste. A beautiful, multicolored bird was perched on the end of the diving board with the Graffees gray cat crouched several feet behind it. Mavis turned slightly from the door to snuff her cigarette. A flash came from the pool. The bird disappeared. Mavis turned her head back to the door. She sensed the movement in the water and looked quickly toward the sky. The bird had no time to fly away. The blue, afternoon sky was empty except for a few white-on-white clouds.
  • Leslie was habitually an early riser, and, notwithstanding the fact that the previous night's rest had been a broken one, he was once more astir by sunrise, taking his towels and soap with him to a little rocky pool in the stream where he was wont to indulge in his morning's "tub;" and by eight o'clock he was seated at table in his tent, enjoying his breakfast, and at the same time keeping an eye upon the barque.
  • I am literally oozing with unbridled joy. Usually I am bridled, but right now I am oozing in a way that even paper towels could not handle.
  • Melody quickly unslung the beach bag from her shoulder, reaching in it for the large beach towels that made up most of its bulk, spreading them quickly beside each other. She then reseated Yaeko on the right one with minimal difficulty, whose face mirrored instant relief when she touched down on the cool cloth. Alexandre reappeared soon after carrying a huge blue-and-white-striped umbrella and a couple of low-seat beach chairs.
  • The golden hands on his sons neck burned white hot. Steam rose from the towel that protected his chest. Simon Says grabbed a pail and began to ladle water directly on the ring. It sizzled and hissed.
  • I hadn't heard a peep from the English couple and was hoping to avoid them. Around ten I was upstairs putting some fresh towels in the bathroom at the end of the hall, which I glanced down to see him peering over the banister trying to reconnoiter if the coast was clear. He gave a startled turn of his head in my direction and turned four shades of red as he flicked me one of those reflexive smiles that I no longer found intriguing. "Sorry," he mumbled as he opened the door to his room. When would I come to accept that's just an Englishman's way of acknowledging my existence?
  • Walking out to the front deck, he watched appreciatively as Rachel emerged from the turquoise blue ocean and strolled up the beach to the shower where she rinsed off. He met her with a towel and robe.
  • And those times when I do put the effort? The times that I have broken out cleaning supplies and gloves and towels reserved for the act of cleaning? I scrub and scrape and vacuum and dust and do everything I ever saw The Mothers do in my youth to produce a house worthy of visitors. As soon as the visiting mom crosses the threshold, a swipe of what you hope to high heaven is chocolate pudding that has been streaked across a perfectly white wall stands out like the Vegas strip at night. In all the hours you disinfected every surface, how did this glaringly obvious sign of your inadequacies disguise itself?
  • Gina came in from the rain and hung her plastic coat by the door. "Caught another tuna, Mom," she said, plopping down in a chair by the door as she took off her soaked shoes and wrapped a towel around her wet hair. "This is so odd, it's like they're totally confused. Like they got lost or something. Maybe it has something to do with the gaping hole in Panama, I don't know. They're not supposed to be here, and we keep finding them."
  • She yelled into the apartment. Someone responded from the bathroom. The door burst open and a bearded guy bustled out, a towel wrapped around his waist.
  • The room was warm but Emory shivered, moving toward her mother. Rose embraced her, getting the entire front of her shirt wet. As Gray put a towel around them, Rose helped her daughter from the bathtub, cuddling Emory in her lap.
  • Her hunger sated, she wanted a nap, but more than that she desperately wanted to get clean. As if someone were reading her mind, several women approached Catrin with soft towels and scented soaps. One motioned for her to follow and walked toward the towering fountain Catrin had created. She was delighted to see a pond forming outward from the fountain, and she hoped it would continue to grow. She envisioned a lush oasis nestled in the valley, full of life and vigor--a jewel in the desert.
  • Rose had taken a shower and her hair was still damp, a towel covering the pillow. She nodded, but wasnt sure if her daughter had seen it. "Daddy told her."
  • Lance says, "Watch for prints. I think there's gonna be police here soon," as he tosses him a small towel and begins wiping all the surfaces they may have touched.
  • Soon one boy, who was acting as a spy, announced the coming of Plum and Poole. The pair were allowed to reach the door of their dormitory, when they were pounced on from behind and made prisoners. They tried to escape, but the crowd was too many for them, and towels pulled down over their mouths kept them from raising an outcry.
  • Hugh threw the towel to him. "Roger, we spoke of this last night. They want to come. What do you care? They wont have anything to do with you. You frighten them."
  • "Dont get sour because she never had any interest in you," Brangot said. He wadded the towel in his leafy knuckles and looked expectantly at Diotitus. "Well, are you coming?"
  • Here his young attendant re-entered the cabin with a tin-bowl in one hand, a bucket of freshly dipped sea-water in the other, and a towel thrown over his shoulder.
  • Simply wipe it with a paper towel lightly dampened with a mild cleaning solution.
  • "Oh by the waythanks for leaving me a clean towel to dry off with. That was very sweet and sisterly of ya’…" my brother said, dramatically once he stopped laughing.
  • You can put clean clothes, linen, rags, towels and other household textiles in the banks.
  • "I hated him!" she said. "As you pointed out, Jackson used to get his rocks off by beating the shit out of me. One time, he dragged me out of the shower by the hair and beat me with the shower head until I passed out. I woke up naked and freezing on the bathroom floor. In so much pain, I had to drag myself to the bedroom. I couldnt even get on the bed, so I just lay on the floor with a towel over me, trying to stay warm until Jackson came home. When he finally rolled back from the bar, I asked him to help me and he laughed. He told me if I behaved like a dog, I should sleep on the floor like one."
  • "Do you want to go see Josie?" he asked Po. Po didn't pay any attention. He was out of the towel and was standing up in the passenger seat, looking out. Every ten seconds, he would get down, run a few frantic circles around the seat, then stand up on the door again, looking out.
  • Room 19! It was Edgars lucky number, and he hoped feverishly that it was a portent of spectacular things. He envisioned a British butler greeting them as they walked in with warm, fluffy towels and a cold beverage each. "Tis a jolly oltime seeing you two blokes here," the butler would announce before announcing that there were plenty of cheddar Goldfish crackers and orange soda stocked in the mini-fridge next to the sauna. "I wonder if the butler will be able to play checkers in such a way so that he gives a good game, but I end up winning," he muttered thoughtfully as they made their way to the room.
  • First he felt embarrassed. God, Mom knew he was fucking a stripper. Then he thought of how hot she looked, and felt only lust. Maybe he could get her alone upstairs in the towel closet. Then he thought of her marrying Gordon and felt like beating his brother to death over it. Then he thought of continuing to fuck her once she was married. Take that, little brother. She loves me more than you.
  • Salvador came through the doors at that moment with some towels draped over his arm. "Doc says you can all relax a little. Your friend is stable and theres no new bleeding. We wont know more until he wakes up." Turning to Katharine, he offered her a large beach towel. "Doc said you did a good job of taking care of him," he commented.
  • "Oh I do." Rose wrung as much water from her hair as was possible, then wrapped the towel around her body. Her hair still dripped; she had inherited her mothers thick, near-curly tresses, Petra with their fathers more lank hair. Rose owned not only their mothers hair, but her eyes, wide and noteworthy. Petra looked like their father, smaller features in a face that otherwise seemed similar to her younger sister. They did look alike, from far away.
  • Toiletrydrooms have hair dryers, bed linen, towels and complementary toiletries.
  • I have it, replied Will. "Tablecloths, napkins, towels, and all sorts of household linen came on board yesterday at Portsmouth unhemmed, so I laid in a supply of needles and thread this morning on purpose for the present emergency."
  • I spent a good half hour in the mens room trying to make myself look and smell presentable. I rinsed out my muddy socks and sneakers in the sink, wringing the socks as dry as possible before slipping them back on, stuffing paper towels into my sneakers to absorb some of the moisture.
  • "At the end of the hall, on the left," she nodded her weather reddened face in the direction away from the stairs, "here's a towel and I'll run and have your bath ready quick as a doe. Leave any clothes you want washed in the basket by the bureau."
  • A curious canary lights on Mike's shoulder as he watches from the balcony high above. The bartender walks up, drying his hands on a towel and says to Jim and Ed, "What'll it be, guys?"
  • 'Because I said so. Just do as you're told and keep out of trouble.' He used the mottled blue-and-white-striped towel that was hung around his neck to dab at his face as he stepped out onto the veranda. 'Where the hell are your useless cousins?'
  • Guy number eight obviously doesnt have text capability or something. He was headed in my direction and loudly, called my name. I bolted for the girls locker room and thought, like a nave babe left to wander in the woods alone, that surely I would be safe inside those walls. Instead, I got cornered the instant I stepped out of the shower. Only two towels separated my body from a bunch of girls that were intent on hooking me up with their best male friends.
  • With English love of fair fight, the cockneys divided themselves impartially between the battlers and converted themselves into impromptu rubbers and handlers. There was perhaps not a man in the crowd who liked Caradoc; nevertheless they hustled him to his awning, put him down on a box, procured towels, water, sponges from somewhere, and set up a vigorous fanning and rubbing, all out of a desire to see fair play. At the end of a minute they carried their champions back and set them facing each other like human game cocks.
  • John staggered back from the sink, fluttering like a lame pigeon. With that same air of casual efficiency, Karl used a pink-on-cream bath towel to plug his masters trembling bottom, simultaneously lifting him free of his bloodied and soiled pajamas.
  • When she heard the shower cut off Sarah reluctantly pulled herself out of bed and put on one of his t-shirts. They are so comfortable and were almost like a dress as they reached all the way down to her knees. Her favorite thing about his shirts were the lingering smell that permeated his tops. It always lifted her spirits. Sarah opened the door and as her Greek God stood before her completely cleaned up and she noticed something as he dried his hair with another towel.
  • Lester repositioned the chair and pulled the lever to tilt the Stranger back. He clipped the beard down to a manageable length and then placed a hot towel on his face. The Stranger never flinched. When Lester grabbed the leather strap attached to the barber chair to sharpen his blade, he saw tattoos on the mans hands. He stropped the straight razor across the worn cowhide and swallowed hard. His throat was suddenly dry.
  • Connor had another idea and pulled a towel that came from their bathroom and held it out to Jack. "Will you please blindfold my eyes so that you know that Im not tracking them by following a trail?" After the blindfold had been secured over his eyes Connor started walking. He clearly remembered the layout of Jacks house so he walked casually out the front door without stubbing his toe. Focusing on that feeling inside that proved that their bond lived Connor felt the exact direction she waited at and her mood. She wasnt scared anymore, Sarah actually felt jubilant.
  • Rose got out of bed, grabbing some clean underwear. She took off the cami top, throwing it in the hamper, then used the toilet. Setting her panties over her towel on the rack, she removed the braid from her hair, standing naked just outside the shower curtain.
  • Look for paper towels, sponges, old sweaty socks, brown paper bags, and flowers.
  • "Of course you dont," Ivy said. "Theres no good reason for it. We were slaves. We did what he said. Who knows why he wanted to talk to Reychel? Who cares?" She slapped her towel on the counter as she handed Mark his mead.
  • "Are you nervous?" I fired at him in a stage whisper. "How's your back? You shouldn't even try to," I added the last word by leaning into his ear, "fight-" He put his index finger to my lip in a "shh," and kissed me quick. "I'm okay," he said, low. His face was wet and he mopped at it with the thin train hand towel we got with our fresh sheets; he leaned toward the window. "The sea, mountain girl, the sea."
  • Bob pours the last of the whiskey into Tom's glass. Sean goes into the bathroom and gets a big bath towel and puts it around Tom's chest and hands the ends to Bob and says, "Here, pull hard on these while I pull on the arm from the other side."
  • Antibacterial spray to add to the paper towels to enable users to clean down the equipment as you suggest.
  • "How many last days of the last month have you spent here? Have you ever, ever had a problem ... discounting, of course, vicious towels that -"
  • I grabbed a fresh set of towels and made my way upstairs to her room. She had made the space her own within hours of her arrivalflowers on the mantel, a few books and magazines on the tables. She had taped a picture to the wallstrictly forbidden, but in capitulation to my growing affection, lust even, tolerated. Like some illicit drug from the Summer of Love, her odor was in the air and I inhaled it.
  • I think having a pet is a great way for children to learn about responsibility and commitment. The first thing you can teach them is that if they buy a goldfish there is no point in giving it a name. None whatsoever, and if they do they are stupid. Make this point by yelling various names at the fish in the bowl and then pointing out the complete lack of attention the goldfish gives you. Sometimes your young son or daughter will point out that even though fish don't have ears, they feel sound waves as vibrations and that is why you should never tap on their tank. You'll want to nip this sort of insurrection right in bud. I would suggest tapping forcefully on the goldfish's bowl with a ball peen hammer until such a time as the child is required to get a large towel to soak up the water pouring out all over the floor and something to hold the fish that is now flopping around on the carpeting. You don't want to waste a valuable teaching moment, so make sure and reinforce the point that it's a fucking fish so it doesn't need a name.
  • Solid beech top with two roomy drawers, shelf, towel rail and bottle storage bin.
  • Experience only can determine what should be taken to camp. Usually the first camping trip decides what to take on the second trip, and also reveals how few things, providing they are right things, one really needs to be comfortable in camp. A boy's mother, who is generally the official trunk packer of the family, makes a mistake in stowing away in the trunk a lot of things not serviceable or suitable for camping. Cotton goods, except towels, handkerchiefs, and hose, are of no use.
  • If the knee pan is broken, put the boy on his back and straighten out the leg on a padded splint which reaches from the heel to the hip, putting some cotton or a folded towel under the knee and the heel. Then bandage the splint on at the ankle, at the upper part of the leg, and above and below the knee pan.
  • If any of you wish, the water is hot. Bathe your feet, or swim. There are substances in the water, which refresh and soothe. We have towels and blankets for you.’
  • Summer wraps her arms around herself, feeling exposed and vulnerable. Johnny turns a hose on, and the mocking water splashes against the tile like a waterfall of crystallized droplets beading up and rolling toward her in battle. He holds it up and sprays her with the cold water as she contains her shrieks before they escape and run rampant through the flowing water. She spins around as he commands and shudders through the whole ordeal. After several minutes he turns the hose away and flips a towel toward her. She dries and dresses quickly, impatient to be warm again. Her teeth rattle in her head.
  • David Martin makes his way down through the dunes to just above the tide line. Amy is already there, stretched out on a beach towel on the sand. She raises an eyebrow at him. ‘Not going in?’ she says.
  • She curved left, moving swiftly down Seacoast Drive, which was a swirling, wave-fed river running parallel to the flooded shore. Garbage flew everywhere: signs and strips of metal, roofing tiles and clothing, umbrellas and beach towels.
  • She dropped the towel and pulled the shirt over her head while he prepared wine before handing her a glass. They sat on the bed, the platter of meat, fruit, bread and cheese between them, and ate, sipped from their glasses, with only the tic of the mantle clock, and the pop of sparks from the fire breaking the thick silence.
  • A curtained washing alcove housed a brass tub and an ironwood table with a basin and pitcher of water upon it, as well as a selection of soft towels, scented soaps and sponges.
  • I found a wadded up gym towel on the floor in the back seat and pressed it to his chest. "Yes, Im applying pressure. He isnt breathing." I could hear Rewsna clearly through my thoughts. "Remain calm, pay attention to your surroundings." I looked in all directions while I had both hands holding a towel against Pauls chest. I didnt see the gray sedan. I started blaring the car horn with my free hand trying to get someones attention.
  • I carried the towel back into the bedroom and tossed it near the shower in the bathroom. "I forgot about all of those properties. Thanks for showing them to me," I said.
  • Landon quickly removes Jacks coat and undershirt. He takes great care in folding them up nicely and sets them beside Jack. Landon reaches for a white towel that is sitting on the bed and wipes down Jacks face and bare chest in an almost comforting way, the way a mother would wash her son after he has been caught in a rainstorm. He loosens Jacks belt, and removes his pants. He finds the handcuffs first.
  • The next day Marigaff gave Mia a few assignments. First, she had her read to a small group of children, well behaved three or four year olds. Next, she helped Marigaff fold some linens, but did it with Saa. Mia thought it went well. She only tore two towels in half, well, one in four places, before she got the hang of it. Marigaff said she did well, too. That afternoon she helped with the lunch dishes, but not with Saa. Marigaff said there were too many people about for one as young in Saa as Mia to be practicing invocations. Someone would get hurt. After dishes, she was given a book to start reading, ‘Basic Geography of Morrah’, and returned to her quarters to look it over. At first it was boring, but it was all so new that putting the book down soon became difficult.
  • Usually very collected and fastidious, Noah had left the covers uncharacteristically disheveled and literally strewn about the room, as though hed sat up and bed and stumbled trying to free himself from the covers in his haste. The door to their large master closet was open, and she saw some of her clothes mixed with Noahs in piles about the floor. Seeing her familiar clothes brought her a strange sense of comfort, and she felt a stray tear floating down her face. She sniffed, wiped away the tear, and peered into the bathroom to see if there were any clean towels left.
  • "Please enjoy yourself. I'll just tidy these up. No need for you to bother with it. Would you like me to bring a washbasin into your room?" He walked to the basins, filled one, and questioned Catrin with his eyes as to which room she had chosen. He placed the washbasin in the room she indicated, handed her three soft towels, and returned to folding clothes.
  • Mrs. Engle was in the room, bending over the bed with a dampened towel to lay upon Norton's forehead; he showed a sign of fever and his head ached constantly. He looked about quickly as the girl came in, his hand stirring a little, offering itself. She took it by way of greeting and sat down in the chair drawn up at his side.
  • Wanting to get clean and dry as quickly as possible, she and the others hurried to the baths. Wonk turned out to be a man in his middle years, and he seemed like a pleasant sort of fellow. He brought a stack of towels on his first trip and asked if any of them needed a robe. Catrin and the others declined the offer but appreciated it nonetheless, and they were grateful when he returned with a basin of lukewarm water. He said he would be back with more, but they descended on the washbasin with intent purpose.
  • Speaking of gym teachers... these guys and gals, and you can make your own judgment which side of the fence they fall, were probably the one's snapping the wet towels and punching kids in their more sensitive areas when they were in school. Once these academically-challenged people step into a gym they came alive. It should make perfect sense that they didn't want to leave their power center. When your career choice in life hangs between test dummy and gym teacher, the decision tends to work itself out.
  • Passengers will arrive in fully made-up cabins with fresh towels and bed linen.
  • In addition we only use terry towels which will not cause any scratches.
  • Gina leaned in close to Larry, handing him a towel. He reached up and as he took the towel, Gina released it into his hand, whispering, "Youll be okay." She strategically tossed two of the towels onto the floor just in front of Larry before returning to the stack, grabbing several more towels and crossing the cabin to a sink area, where she ran water onto one of the towels. She returned to the spot next to Larry and offered him the wet towel.
  • I had seen a photo of three large men wrapped in luxurious towels, smoking pipes in extremely opulent surroundings.
  • Drain on paper towels, and serve as soon as possible while they are still very crisp and brittle.
  • His bros damp towel and old clothes had been tossed in a corner beside the desk. The backpack had been opened and rummaged through. A smile played across his face. Fikna had found the shower stations and taken advantage of the luxury.
  • The next afternoon Daisy departed for M'Niami, to make ready for the week of wedding-feast and ceremony; and four forenoons afterwards Spiciewegiehotiu, after her bath, left her bevy of attendants, and worked her way with furtiveness, eyeings and lurkings, to climb a mound covered with mimosa, whence to descry the road out of the town. There she waited until cavalry cantering appeared, within which was Sueela; and "let her go," she glumly muttered; but when the dust of it was no more visible, suddenly her countenance convulsed, and but that she stuffed up her mouth with a towel and bit into it, bitterly she would doubtless have howled aloud....
  • Strong winds during the night had blown my towel from the washing line, where it had been drying.
  • I turned the blue privacy glass on in my office and stripped down to only my most essential elements, a towel and my birthday suit. Before I stretched out on the massage table, we squared off and Keiko and I bowed at each other.
  • Pile spun around on the table and his towel flew off and dropped to the ground, revealing a man that resembled the widest, tallest tree.
  • Todd quickly rinsed off and moved out of the shower. The guard threw a towel at him as he entered the room. "Get dressed!" he yelled, as another guard pushed a clean set of country blues towards him. He put the clothes on and the guard led him out of the room and into another hall.
  • Filo pastry sheets, keeping them under a damp towel to prevent them from drying out.
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