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Okunuşu: / taʊəl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow·el
Ekler: tow·els
Türü: isim, fiil


i. havlu, silecek, peşkir;

f. havlu ile kurulamak veya kurulanmak.

towel için örnek cümleler:

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  • Stewart laughed so hard that she started to choke on a chink of burger. He looked at her to make sure she was all right, but within a few seconds she started to struggle for breath. She pointed with her thumb to her back and Henry moved quickly behind her and picked her up while applying force to her sternum. He repeated the lift and push technique a second time and a wedge of burger became dislodged from her throat and was propelled like a pebble in a slingshot toward the male bartender turned goalie, who caught the churned meat in a towel wrapped around his left glove hand.
  • If the leg is broken above the knee, lay shoulders slightly back, with the head and shoulders slightly raised. Draw the leg out straight, and, after padding it with cotton or towels, cut a small sapling long enough to reach from the foot to the armpit, and fasten it at the ankle, knee, and waist. If it is necessary to move the boy, bind both legs firmly together.
  • The next morning at six o'clock Bert was rapping loudly on his father's door, and calling upon him to get up, and a quarter of an hour later the pair with towels on their arms were off in the direction of a secluded, deserted wharf that would just suit their purpose.
  • A few minutes after the water stopped, Gina emerged with a towel around her head and some fresh clothes on. "You awake?"
  • They finished the joint. McIlroy went to his bedroom. He lifted his towel from the door. He took his shampoo in his right hand. He marched up the stairs. In the shower he breathed that it was finally warm and his face melted a bit. He breathed and rubbed the water over his head and over his face. Steam rose up from the unscrubbed floor.
  • Now wave! commanded Katherine, when the Huronic was almost opposite them, and the towels fluttered frantically over the edge of the little balcony. Dozens of handkerchiefs were waved in answer from the deck of the big liner. "They think we're just waving at them for fun," said Katherine, when nothing took place that looked like an effort at rescue.
  • The others fussed around getting ready and Cat gave Audi a good dunk and clean in a tub. The dog looked pretty miserable until she got to the drying. Then she had great fun, pushing through the towel as Cat worked on drying her and even sat back on her haunches to "yell" at them all about it.
  • When Liz arrived, she found the door unlocked and the record spinning silently. She placed her packages on the kitchen table and ran to the bedroom, then saw the bathroom door closed. She pushed it open. Bryan was lying naked on the floor, a wet, gray towel wrapped about his face.
  • Drumstick holder, a drink holder and a towel ( not so sure about that one ).
  • Omari wrapped the towel closer around body, and the fibers clung to her body that was sticky with salt. While she was used to Francescas stern and commanding attitude, her voice held a note that reminded her of the frantic quality in Noahs voice before she had attempted to flee. It felt good to know that people cared about her so much, but at the same time she hated putting people through so much stress constantly. Ever since shed been born, she felt like shed been a disaster magnet, and each month seemed to be proving this hypothesis to be more and more correct.
  • A burly looking man burst from the kitchen. He had no hair except for a gray tuft above each ear, and a pudgy face that looked like a baby about to cry. He wiped his sweaty forehead with a towel and stuffed it back into the filthy apron he was wearing. The threadbare apron sported numerous unhealthy looking spots. A sour look fell on Miriams face.
  • Personal towels are provided we will provide bathrobes for 2 person b. .
  • The water treatment was new, now, and Tom's low condition was a windfall to her. She had him out at daylight every morning, stood him up in the woodshed and drowned him with a deluge of cold water; then she scrubbed him down with a towel like a file, and so brought him to; then she rolled him up in a wet sheet and put him away under blankets till she sweated his soul clean and "the yellow stains of it came through his pores"--as Tom said.
  • Connor had another idea and pulled a towel that came from their bathroom and held it out to Jack. "Will you please blindfold my eyes so that you know that Im not tracking them by following a trail?" After the blindfold had been secured over his eyes Connor started walking. He clearly remembered the layout of Jacks house so he walked casually out the front door without stubbing his toe. Focusing on that feeling inside that proved that their bond lived Connor felt the exact direction she waited at and her mood. She wasnt scared anymore, Sarah actually felt jubilant.
  • Adult diapers are made up of continuous layers of cloth or towel fabric, or such a material that can absorb liquid.
  • Rory fell asleep on the floor and although I didnt want him staying in my room, I was too high, drunk and tired to care. I dropped a hotel towel on top of him to use as a blanket then crawled into bed and instantly fell asleep.
  • He wet a dish towel and bent to scoop the coffee from the floor and bumped his head on the counter. He stepped backward abruptly, dropped the wet towel and slipped on it.
  • The maid very slowly crossed the room to the washing stand and set the can in the basin, covering it with a towel with elaborate care and deliberateness, looking at Viola out of the corners of her eyes as she did so.
  • He carried four clay water basins, a large wooden pitcher, and a stack of soft, white towels. He nodded to Catrin over the towels as he set them down. She was impressed he managed it all in one trip, but the mess also embarrassed her. Pelivor's face registered no surprise, though. He immediately began folding and stacking the piles of clean garments. Catrin rushed to help him, but he seemed shocked.
  • "Check the linen closet over there. There'll be towels, soap, and all. I keep it stocked for out of town clients. The fridge should have some frozen dinners and the bar is well stocked. If you need anything else, dial 909 and Todd or who ever is at the console will have what you want sent up."
  • Wishing that magic really did exist, Zachary Pill kept smashing the Billy Timkin voodoo doll he had made from a white hand towel until its blue toothpaste eyes and mouth were smudged beyond recognition. When the bar of soap fell out of the Billy doll's head, he glanced up at the mirror to see his bruised cheek and swollen lip.
  • Hugh threw the towel to him. "Roger, we spoke of this last night. They want to come. What do you care? They wont have anything to do with you. You frighten them."
  • He hung up the towels in the closet and stashed the old clothes in a laundry bag. Rordan unpacked the rest of his bros everyday clothes and put them in the top two drawers of the closet dresser. He hung his bros surcoats and jackets on the hangers above Borus, who slept through all the noise and fuss.
  • Yes, yes, we do. But oh, my goodness. What have you done? Oh, dear. She crossed the room and dropped to the side of her injured husband. Before she got to him she wiped her hands on a tea towel and tossed it on the couch. "What have you hurt?"
  • Toiletrydrooms have hair dryers, bed linen, towels and complementary toiletries.
  • She placed a large, beach towel on the flagstone close to the pools edge. Reaching around behind her back, she unhooked her bra and slipped out of it. She laid face down turned away from the pool. A deep bellowing sound came from the open pipe at the bottom of the vault. Mavis jumped up and looked down into the pool. It was twelve feet to the top of the vaults star-shaped opening and another eight feet to the pipe at the base of the vault, but Mavis was positive she could see two yellow eyes staring from the open pipe. She threw the suntan lotion bottle at the pipes opening. It bounced off a sharp corner of the vault, then rolled around the bottom and teetered on the flange of the pipes opening, then dropped in. It made no sound when it dropped. Something had caught it.
  • "You mean in the tub? No. Youll get all wrinkly, and the steam would get into the fabrics and start four different kinds of mold." Sanych waved a wet hand at the stack of towels that awaited use by clean journeymen. "Shall I recite their life cycles for you?"
  • "You know how to make a Molotov cocktail? You put the gasoline into the bottles, mix in a little detergent so it will stick when the bottle breaks then cut the towels up and stuff them into the bottle tops tightly like wicks."
  • Wanting to get him to bed quicker she told him "Hand me the soap and the sponge." He did and she washed his back and chest. Sarah didnt dare go lower or she might lose what little control she had left and take him as her own. As they both finished drying off she stepped out of the room first with a towel wrapped over her middle and hurried into the kitchen to take out dinner. Connor came out wearing the towel, covering only his waist. He walked to the wagon and pulled it into their bedroom. "Dinner is ready." she yelled into the back.
  • At the far end, a pair of nets hung from polished brass hooks in the ceiling. The nets had been fashioned from bone white rope and tied with small, bright red rope tassels. They held changes of clothing, towels, and washcloths. A folded hammock hung from a hook in the corner.
  • They went on washing dishes and drying them on the spotless towels with methodical exactness; and as they worked they said that there had never been any little room, so far as they knew; the china-closet had always been there, and the gilt-edged china had belonged to their mother, it had always been in the house.
  • Bedrolls with linen, feather duvets and pillows, towels and all amenities ( soap etc ) are provided.
  • "Dont get sour because she never had any interest in you," Brangot said. He wadded the towel in his leafy knuckles and looked expectantly at Diotitus. "Well, are you coming?"
  • As soon as the tent was up, Bane entered it, and Mirra hesitated for a moment before joining him. He glared at her, rubbing water from his hair with a dry cloth. Settling on the floor, she strived to hide her shivering. Bane had already shucked his wet shirt and cloak, now he put down the towel and pulled off his boots, wincing as he tackled his injured foot. It was badly swollen and discoloured; she was amazed he was able to walk on it. The torn skin had healed, but the broken bones would not, for he gave it no rest. The longing to heal him flared, but she kept silent, knowing his reaction. He studied the appendage for a moment, then went back to drying himself.
  • Duke and Nickel Nose stop pacing. the trailer is silent. They look at each other. They start toward the trailer. J.J. appears in the doorway with a towel wrapped around his hips. Blood drips from the scratches on his back. "I think Gertie is dead."
  • The women peaked out from behind their towels and then everyone started laughing at Brandons expense. Although he had become one of the most feared competitors on the field of battle, he was just one of the girls when they all went out together. He credited Belinda and Carla for helping him get in touch with his feminine side, a process that did not include his birth mother, Julie Justice, who never encouraged him in any capacity. His father, Gregory Justice, had been living off the fumes of his high school football exploits before he took a place in the bottom of the ocean with his wife, as Brandon was finally able to focus after his abusive parents were removed from the picture.
  • The trailer rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks, and then stops. J.J. comes to the trailer door with a towel wrapped around his waist. He is sweating. He is smoking a small cigar. He poses in the doorway and blows a smoke-ring into the night air. "Here fellows," he hands Nickel Nose coupons and a hundred dollar bill, "take these toNed's World Famous Hamburgers’. We're going to have something to eat after this first time, then were going to do it a couple of more times. Maybe ten. Keep the change."
  • She hadnt even wrapped a towel around herself and headed to the bedroom for clothes. She didnt have to work, was going to do some shopping, then maybe meet with one of her sisters. Gathering underwear, Marthe decided she really didnt need a bra, only wanted to put in her contacts. View the world through clearer eyes and as she turned, there stood Kell.
  • Coupled w.c., heated ladder towel rail, recessed downlights to smooth finished ceiling.
  • I chewed on that one for a few seconds as Lou walked into the bathroom. He yelled, "Could you get me a towel from the linen closet, please. I'm going to take a quick shower."
  • "I dont know whats going on," I said, avoiding a pile of wet towels in the middle of the floor, "but Lori told me to find out." This could have been high school. This could have been Saturday night, sneaking beers at the suite. This could have been another disastrous drive with Larry, the only person I had ever known who could get carsick as he drove. "I can sort of figure it out, but why doesnt someone tell me."
  • Muffin tray has only six sections, keep half the squares under the towel while the rest are cooking.
  • Four guys made a mad dash for freedom between him and the threshold. They were in such a frenzied hurry that they didnt even notice me crouching on the floor! A paper towel had sailed in my direction during their escape attempt. It had landed near my foot, but I couldnt move it away without getting caught.
  • Emory Calla Burnett had no idea her mother smoked an occasional joint, nor did she know her mother had sex. Emory didnt know what sex was and Rose wanted to keep it that way for at least a few more years. "Honey, are you gonna use my shower?" Rose asked, the towel snug around her body.
  • After that the boys sought the faucet where running water could be had; soap and towels were forthcoming from the stores, and they cleaned themselves up.
  • The gipsy tramp, who had sworn to Bob, and at him too, that the bundle was his own, and that he was walking quietly along the shore in search of work, when he was assailed by "that savage dog o' yourn there," now said, on the Captain's telling him curtly to drop the towels, or he would have him locked up, that he had "only picked 'em up on the beach, and didn't mean no harm by it to nobody, that he didn't."
  • Lester stood, smoothed out his white smock and swung the barber chair around to greet the customer. He smacked the red leather seat with a towel and threw an inviting smile to the man who walked in. When he laid eyes on his potential customer, however, the smile dropped off of his face like a bad habit.
  • Jessie had the girl free and the towel off in half a minute. She saw then that the prisoner was the girl she and Amy had seen carried away by Martha Poole and Sadie Bothwell, out of Dogtown Lane.
  • Ignoring her, Zachary hurried back down to see his new friend lean against the railing and puff on an inhaler. Zachary grabbed several loose newspapers they had earlier kicked out of the way and used them to cover the vomit mess his friend had made. Not having seen any remotely clean towels anywhere in Madame Kloochie's apartment, Zachary pulled off his tee shirt and offered it to his new friend. Bret shook his head and wiped a few speckles of barf from his lips with the back of his hand. Fortunately, he hadn't gotten much on his clothes and only had a few splatter marks on the tips of his shiny black shoes.
  • He had washed his face and was drying it with the towel when a sound made him look over beyond the rocks. It was the crackling sound made by a dead stick stepped upon, or a sapling broken down. Either meant the bear.
  • He was doomed to another day of desertion; for, much to his surprise, his young master, instead of taking him down to the sea as usual in the morning, started off alone, and without his towels, too, which puzzled Rover more than anything else.
  • "Calvin, there are children in the room!" his father Thaddeus stated. "Maybe something a little less drafty," he added, as he grabbed a towel and placed it around his almost-naked daughter.
  • This was perfectly true but Nick had set himself the task of clearing up the kitchen speedily. He was determined to show her it would always be neat and tidy under his regime. Her refusal to co-operate in his self-imposed pursuit of perfection infuriated him. Grabbing a tea towel from off the chair on which she was perched he ostentatiously started drying the dishes himself.
  • Liseli was drying her hair; first squeezing the ends over the tub, then patting it with a towel and dragging a comb through the knots. She heard the sound of a door opening, and froze.
  • Here his young attendant re-entered the cabin with a tin-bowl in one hand, a bucket of freshly dipped sea-water in the other, and a towel thrown over his shoulder.
  • A sheet of kitchen towel placed in the bag will help to absorb any moisture.
  • A small army of roaches, agitated by the dim beams of the nasty parking lot lights, skittered under the bed. A television rendered worthless by a bullet hole tilted meekly on a cheap wooden dresser. towels and covers lay in tattered piles all over the floor. Todd kicked one aside to find a small hole in the floor occupied by a swarming mass of termites.
  • The girls were put straight to bed when they returned home. Annie then kicked off her shoes, grabbed an old towel and headed for the living room. She laid flat out on the living room floor with her feet up on the towel covered couch. This was the only way she knew how to straighten the kinks out of her back when she overdid things.
  • John staggered back from the sink, fluttering like a lame pigeon. With that same air of casual efficiency, Karl used a pink-on-cream bath towel to plug his masters trembling bottom, simultaneously lifting him free of his bloodied and soiled pajamas.
  • What would you have, my dear viscount? said Monte Cristo, wiping his hands on the towel which Ali had brought him; "I must occupy my leisure moments in some way or other. But come, I am waiting for you." Both men entered Monte Cristo's carriage, which in the course of a few minutes deposited them safely at No. 30. Monte Cristo took Albert into his study, and pointing to a seat, placed another for himself. "Now let us talk the matter over quietly," said the count.
  • They stayed together for long moments. Neither of them spoke. Finally, Linda released her iron strong hold. She stepped back and she wiped the tears from her eyes. She quickly moved around the bar and got a towel to wipe her face. She laughed a little, embarrassed by her own emotional outburst. The relief of seeing Ryson fueled her joy, and she laughed a little harder.
  • A commotion commenced between her legs, ending with Jennie catching a bundle of slime as it poured out of the orifice. She cradled it in both hands and declared, "Okay, shes here." Jennie reached for a warm, wet towel and quickly began wiping the baby down, relieving it of its birth package. At the same time, Jennie also rubbed the childs back, awakening the newborns ability to breathe on its own. Several minutes passed before she finally laid the baby into her lap. Carefully, she reached back and tied a piece of heavy string around the bluish-gray umbilical cord. Then, taking a pair of scissors, she severed the babys connection to its mother. (In 1900, 95% of all births took place in the home.)
  • Shower room tiled shower cubicle, tiled floor, wash hand basin, w.c. bidet, heated towel rail.
  • The modest shorts and sleeveless blouse the Japanese girl wore when she stepped out to retrieve the towel held no special interest to Robbie and Ernie. Brad felt immediate guilt about spying on the gentle teenager. All at once she was a person he was sure he wanted to know better.
  • When cleaning dentures it is recommended that you do so over a folded towel or sink of water.
  • Ashamed to be leaving his father alone with the bats but having no choice, Zachary groped along the door and forced his trembling fingers to turn the lock. Then, he backed away until his cast struck the towel rack on the back wall. Pain vibrated through his arm. He fought the need to scream, but couldn't stop his breath, which came and went in great gasps. The windowless bathroom was pitch black. In an attempt to hear over the sound of his own sobs, Zachary clamped his good hand over his mouth.
  • Percale bed linen and towels are included, but please bring your own beach towels.
  • She stood later and made dinner while he washed his blood out of the towels and threw away the rubbish from the first aid.
  • "But the basketball game wont be the only competition going on that night. Oh, no! It wouldnt be right if we didnt reward our first victory with a little time between the sheets. Every guy who bags a virgin Friday night after the game and shows me a bloody towel or sheet just like this one will get to hang out at my cabin by the lake for the weekend. Itll be all-you-can-drink all weekend!
  • With English love of fair fight, the cockneys divided themselves impartially between the battlers and converted themselves into impromptu rubbers and handlers. There was perhaps not a man in the crowd who liked Caradoc; nevertheless they hustled him to his awning, put him down on a box, procured towels, water, sponges from somewhere, and set up a vigorous fanning and rubbing, all out of a desire to see fair play. At the end of a minute they carried their champions back and set them facing each other like human game cocks.
  • Saxe went off rather dissatisfied, towel in hand, to pass their landlord's wife and receive a nod and smile. Then he went on towards the place which he had visited before; and now, one by one, the cold-looking peaks began to turn rosy and brighten, the scene changing so rapidly to orange and gold that Saxe forgot his dissatisfied feelings, and at last stopped to look round in admiration, then in dismay, and at last in something approaching rage; for not a dozen yards behind him was the heavy, stolid face of Pierre, his mouth looking as if it had not been shut since he spoke to him.
  • Solid beech top with two roomy drawers, shelf, towel rail and bottle storage bin.
  • Back on deck they shed their diving gear and were handed towels by the first mate. The zodiac was gone. The Captain explained that the zodiac had moved back in the direction of Skull Island within 15 minutes of them going underwater.
  • At the palace, Valentin and Cassius squired Caspar and his entourage to the bath house. Adelais was summoned to accompany Beryl to the womens baths, but hadnt arrived by the time the men departed. In the bath house, they shed their clothes and took linen towels, wrapped around their waists. Valentin caught Cassius admiring Caspars smooth, toned back and smirked.
  • If any of you wish, the water is hot. Bathe your feet, or swim. There are substances in the water, which refresh and soothe. We have towels and blankets for you.’
  • Her movement revealed a towel partly spread out on the sand, and a comb, a brush, and a small toilet bag. Philip did not see these. She was turning, slowly, scanning the rocks beyond the valley.
  • Somehow I must have showered, and crawled into bed, because the next time I was aware of anything it was daylight, and I was in bed, with a damp towel tangled around me. Someone was knocking at my bedroom door.
  • More than this she could not do, for her hands and feet were strapped, and on the pillow, near her head, was a big bath towel saturated with water which had been employed in stifling her healthy screams which marked her return to understanding.
  • Annie was laid on a pile of towels at the edge of the bed. Jennie then placed three pillows behind Annies shoulders and directed her how to hold her legs. She then knelt down before her sister-in-law to see how far along the baby was. Jennie looked carefully. "Babys coming quick. I can see the top of her head."
  • And Mr. Darrin has neglected to empty his washbowl. He has also thrown the towel on the floor. Put Mr. Darrin on the report for that as well.
  • A curtained washing alcove housed a brass tub and an ironwood table with a basin and pitcher of water upon it, as well as a selection of soft towels, scented soaps and sponges.
  • You might well think that the concept of bamboo towels and diapers makes as much sense as steel pillow cases or a chocolate fireguard.
  • Tired of feeling the fibers of the yellow towel clinging incessantly to her sticky and sand-encrusted skin, she dropped it to the floor, and stood naked in the kitchen, leaning against the marble tiles of the breakfast counter. She shivered in defianceher body temperature was still low from the glycemic shock and the dip in the ocean. Unlike some of the warm pacific waters, coastal California is fed by arctic streams coming down from Alaska, and the water is always cold, even in the summer. The surfer that found her must have gotten to her quickly, otherwise she might have had hypothermia on her hands to deal with too.
  • What sort of person did they hit? Denny wondered. He must have been a right weirdo. Denny conveniently glossed over the fact that he had coveted at least one item that this person had previously owned and already owned another. His own bath towels would not have stood up to close scrutiny either. Only the coonskin hat did not fit in, and Denny had once bought a deerstalker on impulse, though he had never worn it in public. He just knew he was not cool enough to pull it off without being beaten up on every street corner.
  • The blond youngster, with a towel wadded in a glass, did not stir. Miller rushed from the back of the store, seized the boy by the shoulders, tried to shake him. But Pete was rooted to the spot.
  • The second bathroom comprises marble-topped vanity unit, shower, wc and heated towel rail.
  • Then came the most exciting part of the bath, for close at the side of it was a big tin full of the coldest possible water. He had then to stand up in his bath and after washing his face in the cold water, to put cold water everywhere within reach of him, on one arm and then the other, on a chest, on a stomach, on one leg and on another right down to the foot, and finally (a vocal piece) to squeeze a full sponge down his back. Archie squealed at this, and flew for a towel.
  • Speaking of gym teachers... these guys and gals, and you can make your own judgment which side of the fence they fall, were probably the one's snapping the wet towels and punching kids in their more sensitive areas when they were in school. Once these academically-challenged people step into a gym they came alive. It should make perfect sense that they didn't want to leave their power center. When your career choice in life hangs between test dummy and gym teacher, the decision tends to work itself out.
  • The last they saw of him was the end of his tufted tail disappearing over the sea-wall at the place where Bob had secreted the towels, so on they went in the expectation of Rover presently overtaking the party with the towels, which he seldom failed to do before the roadway skirting the other side of the common was reached, the retriever being generally very rapid in his movements.
  • 3. Room must be kept clean: (a) Do not wipe shelves with the hand towels. (b) Hang hand towels on nail provided. (c) Leave buckets and trays in clean condition. (d) Put paper, empty tubes, etc., in box provided for same and not upon the floor.
  • He sat dejectedly on a chair in the kitchen and stared at the opposite wall. The dish towels hanging from the rack were filthy. He must wash them - soon. Why was he thinking of washing towels? Why had Liz put her dress on that rack, with the dirty towels - her print dress with ruffles at the collar? She rarely wore that dress, but that was no reason to -
  • The three paramedics tending to Larry gently eased him away from Ginas hold. One peeled away the towel he held pressed to his face, now soaked with blood, and cleaned Larrys wounds with sterile pads and rubbing alcohol, followed by an antibiotic ointment. As one worked on Larry, another began questioning Gina and the third questioned December, each asking calmly "Are you okay? Do you feel faint? how does your breathing feel? Do you want someone to hold your hand?" As each question was posed, the two paramedics looked closely at Gina and December, checking their faces, ears, eyes. "Youll be okay. Your friends will be okay. You did a good job."
  • If the upper arm is broken, make three splints, one long enough to reach from the shoulder to the elbow to go on the outside of the arm, one to go on the inner side of the arm, and one on the back of the arm. Pad the arm from the armpit to the elbow with cotton, towels, or newspapers wrapped in cloth, and, after bandaging on the splints, put the forearm in a sling and bind the arm to the body.
  • She looked up red faced and saw him standing by the door. She quickly looked away, embarrassed by her makeup streaked face. Her hopeless expression suddenly made him forget his own inadequacy. Without speaking she buried her face back in the limited seclusion provided by the dampened towel and continued to cry.
  • Jane is lying stretched out on her beach towel on the river bank, soaking up the sun, with her radio playing softly into her ear. Shes still recovering; just ten minutes ago the young idiot whos now sunbathing in his underpants fifty yards along the bank came very close to smashing his old bomb into Dereks precious car, and shes trying hard to blot the memory out of her mind. The main thing, she tells herself, is that it was a close shave, but in the end there was no collision and no damage done. So now shes just going to relax and enjoy the feel of hot sun on her skin. And when the heat gets to be unbearable shell dive into the water to cool off. It was just another narrow escape, thats all. She seems to have a talent for narrow escapes, of one sort or another, like the one in Bunbury. She shivers, in the hot sun. She wants to blot that memory out as well.
  • "Dont get sour because she never had any interest in you," Brangot said. He wadded the towel in his leafy knuckles and looked expectantly at Diotitus. "Well, are you coming?"
  • Sarah grabbed the towel from around his waist and ripped it off. She looked back at his face and saw his goofy grin. "Whats on your mind this morning?" He said playfully as he arched one hopeful eyebrow.
  • "Please enjoy yourself. I'll just tidy these up. No need for you to bother with it. Would you like me to bring a washbasin into your room?" He walked to the basins, filled one, and questioned Catrin with his eyes as to which room she had chosen. He placed the washbasin in the room she indicated, handed her three soft towels, and returned to folding clothes.
  • The villains were just beginning to feel safe enough to yell at their acolytes for towels and magic cleaning powder when the earth shook.
  • I have it, replied Will. "Tablecloths, napkins, towels, and all sorts of household linen came on board yesterday at Portsmouth unhemmed, so I laid in a supply of needles and thread this morning on purpose for the present emergency."
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