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Okunuşu: / taʊəl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow·el
Ekler: tow·els
Türü: isim, fiil


i. havlu, silecek, peşkir;

f. havlu ile kurulamak veya kurulanmak.

towel için örnek cümleler:

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  • Daniel got inside of Hartwell's body and accelerated his blood flow after introducing some of his suped-up stem cells. Hartwell was slumped over on the bench in the corner of the gymwhite towel draped over his head and nearly collapsed from the broken bones he had suffered from the brick hands of Cal Brewster.
  • With rising excitement, he grabbed his own towel and soap jar from the backpack, along with a fresh pair of clothes. Rordan returned to the shower stations and found them deserted. He had a quick, private rinsing and wash to his satisfaction.
  • "The vision Saa gives for the selection of a representative is quite unmistakable," Marigaff remarked. She handed a towel to Mia.
  • Toiletrydrooms have hair dryers, bed linen, towels and complementary toiletries.
  • `Here, help me get her up to the bed.' Connie said. Then she remembered the children. `Hush,' she whispered, hugging them to her. `Hush, hush, it's alright.' They quietened. `Go on outside for a wee while.' They obeyed, unsure, looking over their shoulders, and with difficulty the two adults carried the body upstairs and laid it on the bed. As Mungo looked on, Connie got some towels from the hotpress and placed them underneath.
  • She yelled into the apartment. Someone responded from the bathroom. The door burst open and a bearded guy bustled out, a towel wrapped around his waist.
  • You might well think that the concept of bamboo towels and diapers makes as much sense as steel pillow cases or a chocolate fireguard.
  • His bros damp towel and old clothes had been tossed in a corner beside the desk. The backpack had been opened and rummaged through. A smile played across his face. Fikna had found the shower stations and taken advantage of the luxury.
  • The last they saw of him was the end of his tufted tail disappearing over the sea-wall at the place where Bob had secreted the towels, so on they went in the expectation of Rover presently overtaking the party with the towels, which he seldom failed to do before the roadway skirting the other side of the common was reached, the retriever being generally very rapid in his movements.
  • The young man's first act on entering the dining-room was to go straight to a mirror, remove his hat, arrange his hair with a little comb which he took from his pocket; after which he went to a porcelain basin with a reservoir above it, took a towel which was there for the purpose, and bathed his face and hands. Not until these ablutions were completed--characteristic of a man of elegant habits--not until these ablutions had been minutely performed did the stranger sit down to the table.
  • He had washed his face and was drying it with the towel when a sound made him look over beyond the rocks. It was the crackling sound made by a dead stick stepped upon, or a sapling broken down. Either meant the bear.
  • Connor had another idea and pulled a towel that came from their bathroom and held it out to Jack. "Will you please blindfold my eyes so that you know that Im not tracking them by following a trail?" After the blindfold had been secured over his eyes Connor started walking. He clearly remembered the layout of Jacks house so he walked casually out the front door without stubbing his toe. Focusing on that feeling inside that proved that their bond lived Connor felt the exact direction she waited at and her mood. She wasnt scared anymore, Sarah actually felt jubilant.
  • I hurried back bestowing the towel upon the child like Don Quixote to his Lady Dulcinea. Cautiously I placed the cloth in her mouth like a trainer bit breaking a colt for the first time. Her eyes melted from anguish to ecstasy as the terrycloth began to numb her gums. Within minutes there was nothing but silence, interrupted by the subtle sound of teeth gnashing in delight. Daisy, the delightful little beaver.
  • Thank you, dear one.’ Emla scrubbed her face and hands, noticing that the water turned an unpleasantly dirty red, as did quite a lot of the towel.
  • Granger Tate steps from the crowd of old people. Granger pushes his false teeth back into his mouth. He has a bath towel over his forearm and a toothbrush in his hand. "It's that damn old fart Walt Whittiker. He gets up at dawn. You can't follow him. No human being can follow him."
  • A curious canary lights on Mike's shoulder as he watches from the balcony high above. The bartender walks up, drying his hands on a towel and says to Jim and Ed, "What'll it be, guys?"
  • The blond youngster, with a towel wadded in a glass, did not stir. Miller rushed from the back of the store, seized the boy by the shoulders, tried to shake him. But Pete was rooted to the spot.
  • As if he found one, might it stop the peanut assault? Summer giggled, then set the damp towel on the rack. The bottom rack, the top one now empty.
  • When the phone rang Bryan was just finishing the supper dishes, placing them neatly in the cupboards. His head was wrapped in a towel and ached. He walked slowly to the phone hanging on the kitchen wall, rubbed his sore head and sat in the small chair.
  • I slipped into the bath and hooked the door. Afternoon light peeped in from the one high window. I disrobed. The room was freezing, too. I put my hand above the water in the small tub. Very hot. Perfect. A washrag and a towel lay on the rim. I didn't see any soap anywhere... and I was already naked. Didn't want to put everything back on and run back to my pack, so I did the best I could. A few minutes later, Vahan knocked. I was shy, shy in this house full of strangers. I wrapped the towel around me and let him in. He closed the door behind him.
  • The day went forward without any additional major announcements or crises, and that was fine with me because my plate looked to be piled high. When the time came for me to depart for my dinner date with Mary June and her mother, I decided to walk instead of drive the several blocks to Mary June's and her mother's house. While expecting a nice walk might help clear my head probably had some merit, I did not take into account the late afternoon, Kansas high plains, heat factor. By the time I arrived at my destination, I needed a towel to dry the sweat pouring forth from every pore on my body. The back of my Polo shirt absorbed so much body juice that wet cotton threads stuck to my skin.
  • Her hunger sated, she wanted a nap, but more than that she desperately wanted to get clean. As if someone were reading her mind, several women approached Catrin with soft towels and scented soaps. One motioned for her to follow and walked toward the towering fountain Catrin had created. She was delighted to see a pond forming outward from the fountain, and she hoped it would continue to grow. She envisioned a lush oasis nestled in the valley, full of life and vigor--a jewel in the desert.
  • Mallory ran to the bathroom, found a towel, moved back to Barney and began wiping his face. "Are you all right Baby?" she asked, brushing the towel against the front of his shirt.
  • Four guys made a mad dash for freedom between him and the threshold. They were in such a frenzied hurry that they didnt even notice me crouching on the floor! A paper towel had sailed in my direction during their escape attempt. It had landed near my foot, but I couldnt move it away without getting caught.
  • She dipped the end of a towel in cold water and with it began to flick her on the face, her husband all the while holding his face between his hands and sobbing in a way that was heart breaking to hear. I raised the blind, and looked out of the window. There was much moonshine, and as I looked I could see Quincy Morris run across the lawn and hide herself in the shadow of a great yew tree. It puzzled me to think why she was doing this. But at the instant I heard Harker's quick exclamation as she woke to partial consciousness, and turned to the bed. On her face, as there might well be, was a look of wild amazement. She seemed dazed for a few seconds, and then full consciousness seemed to burst upon her all at once, and she started up.
  • Porky started with dessertall manner of honeyed, nutted and flakey-pastried concoctions which made him quickly realize he wasn't going to make it through dessert without coffee. He went back behind the counter, said "Hello" one more time and then put on a pot of coffee. He looked at the cash register, thought briefly about what a life on the lamb would be like if he should grab it and run. He looked around at the order pads on the worn shelving underneath the counter where several moist towels were stained with drink and constellated with coffee grounds and congratulated himself on his good dumb luck.
  • Other attractive items include bathrobes, towels, peg bags laundry bags and scent sachets.
  • I beg your pardon, she apologized to Glen. "I was anxious about my boy. I am every time he goes out. I'll just show you up to the bathroom. There is plenty of hot water and soap and towels, and I'll bring you a clean suit that Willie used to wear."
  • The contents were a little disappointing (Millennium Falcon notwithstanding) including some ragged bath towels, two ancient LP's (one of which he already had, but would have denied having even under torture) and what appeared to be a dead cat, but which, on closer inspection, when taken out with great trepidation, turned out to be a Davy Crockett hat.
  • I have it, replied Will. "Tablecloths, napkins, towels, and all sorts of household linen came on board yesterday at Portsmouth unhemmed, so I laid in a supply of needles and thread this morning on purpose for the present emergency."
  • Butler went back down the hole, this time juggling ropes and a flashlight. His two helpers followed behind him. Butler handed the flashlight to Katharine to hold while he and the two crewmembers started making a cradle out of rope to lift the unconscious man. Butler used the towels he had asked for to wrap around the ropes, so that they would not cut into the mans bruised skin.
  • Duke and Nickel Nose stop pacing. the trailer is silent. They look at each other. They start toward the trailer. J.J. appears in the doorway with a towel wrapped around his hips. Blood drips from the scratches on his back. "I think Gertie is dead."
  • Hartwell removed his ball from the washer and then wiped it off with his own handkerchief, avoiding the dirty towel that was hanging for everyone else to use.
  • Brangot adjusted his towel and shrugged anxiously. "I told them she was a Drooler. I figured they would know what I meant."
  • She peed on the stick and then placed it on a paper towel on the counter next to the sink. "I mean, it could one of two people. Either Danny or Drew. How long does this take?"
  • The golden hands on his sons neck burned white hot. Steam rose from the towel that protected his chest. Simon Says grabbed a pail and began to ladle water directly on the ring. It sizzled and hissed.
  • "'So you had better come right away,'" Scotty read on. "'You can fly down and land right at the Millers'. We have shown on the map where to land, and we will put out white towels to make a panel so you can see us from the air. Please hurry. Barby and Jan."
  • The women peaked out from behind their towels and then everyone started laughing at Brandons expense. Although he had become one of the most feared competitors on the field of battle, he was just one of the girls when they all went out together. He credited Belinda and Carla for helping him get in touch with his feminine side, a process that did not include his birth mother, Julie Justice, who never encouraged him in any capacity. His father, Gregory Justice, had been living off the fumes of his high school football exploits before he took a place in the bottom of the ocean with his wife, as Brandon was finally able to focus after his abusive parents were removed from the picture.
  • There was another knock on the door and the nurse walked in balancing a tray covered with a towel in one hand, deftly closing the door behind her with the other.
  • The maid very slowly crossed the room to the washing stand and set the can in the basin, covering it with a towel with elaborate care and deliberateness, looking at Viola out of the corners of her eyes as she did so.
  • What's the matter? inquired Jack, coming up, while he endeavoured to scrub his long hair dry with a towel of cocoa-nut cloth.
  • There was more food and drink when she returned from her bathing, and Benjin and the boys were there too. In the flurry of the morning, she had not thought of them, and she was relieved to see they were fine--just dirty. The women offered the towels and soap to them, and they wasted no time in getting to the fountain.
  • "Of course you dont," Ivy said. "Theres no good reason for it. We were slaves. We did what he said. Who knows why he wanted to talk to Reychel? Who cares?" She slapped her towel on the counter as she handed Mark his mead.
  • "I hated him!" she said. "As you pointed out, Jackson used to get his rocks off by beating the shit out of me. One time, he dragged me out of the shower by the hair and beat me with the shower head until I passed out. I woke up naked and freezing on the bathroom floor. In so much pain, I had to drag myself to the bedroom. I couldnt even get on the bed, so I just lay on the floor with a towel over me, trying to stay warm until Jackson came home. When he finally rolled back from the bar, I asked him to help me and he laughed. He told me if I behaved like a dog, I should sleep on the floor like one."
  • Waffle weave microfibre towel in place of a traditional chamois leather.
  • "You want a towel?" asked Lori, stepping back out onto the balcony and handing a bath towel to December, who wrapped the towel around her, tucking the end into her deep cleavage.
  • I love this. She said emerging from the bathroom in the skimpiest towel possible. I think it was meant for drying your face.
  • Saxe went off rather dissatisfied, towel in hand, to pass their landlord's wife and receive a nod and smile. Then he went on towards the place which he had visited before; and now, one by one, the cold-looking peaks began to turn rosy and brighten, the scene changing so rapidly to orange and gold that Saxe forgot his dissatisfied feelings, and at last stopped to look round in admiration, then in dismay, and at last in something approaching rage; for not a dozen yards behind him was the heavy, stolid face of Pierre, his mouth looking as if it had not been shut since he spoke to him.
  • The modest shorts and sleeveless blouse the Japanese girl wore when she stepped out to retrieve the towel held no special interest to Robbie and Ernie. Brad felt immediate guilt about spying on the gentle teenager. All at once she was a person he was sure he wanted to know better.
  • The girls scattered to their tents, and began a hasty cleaning up. Gladys had never made a bed before, and had trouble getting hers straight and smooth, but Migwan took a hand and showed her how to spread the sheets evenly and tuck them in neatly. Her night gown she folded and tucked under the pillow. "One quarter of this swinging shelf belongs to you, Gladys, so you might as well put some of your stuff up here," she said when the bed was finished, "as well as part of the table and the washstand." She moved things around as she spoke, leaving spaces clear for Gladys's possessions. "We aren't supposed to have anything hanging over the edge of the shelf, or out of the compartment of the table," she explained as she moved about. "Nothing is to be left on the bed except one sweater or one folded up blanket, and not more than two pairs of shoes under the bed. Our towels and bathing suits are to be hung on the tent flies as inconspicuously as possible. We also clean up our dooryards and see that there is no waste paper about."
  • They soaped each others bodies, Kevin enjoying the yielding softness of her breasts under his hands. They make love afterwards, facing the mirror, still dripping water, with her glorious breasts resting on a towel over the washbasin, and her reflected self panting and moaning and grinning back at him.
  • "I was busy doing things to the house." This much was true. He had kept himself busy doing all the things Maureen had been nagging him about for years. Broken towel rails, a noisy central heating pump, loose tiles in the bathroom, a leaking tap. The list was endless and despite his efforts had grown longer since he became unemployed. Sometimes he imagined the house was afflicted by some sort of sick building syndrome. Maybe it had a virus. The unemployment virus. The antidote for which he had yet to discover.
  • Connor sensed her distress, leaned down and kissed her head again and she momentarily lost her senses and he took the moment of hesitation to take the towel back from her hand. He then started drying his desolate back of knotted muscle.
  • This is getting to be a real hare and hound chase, observed Hinpoha, as they proceeded slowly, looking into every little cove and inlet. Soon they rounded the last point and were spied by the anxious watchers in the lighthouse, who waved their towels and shrieked at the tops of their voices.
  • Tex says, "What? Family emergency? He should have told me. I would have let him use a company limo." As Tex turns to leave the room, he notices a window opened with what appears to be tied together towels and clothing. Tex inspects it and sees its a makeshift rope tied to the heater. He looks out the second story window, then back to the monitor. "Why that yellow-belly coward!" yells Tex.
  • There was only one window, and that was perhaps two feet high, big enough, that is, to scramble through, but practically inaccessible, and barred. The only weapon I had was that infernal brass safety-pin that had held the towel to my scalp, and I stuck that away in my clothes like a magpie hiding things on general principles.
  • Pile spun around on the table and his towel flew off and dropped to the ground, revealing a man that resembled the widest, tallest tree.
  • They helped him get into the back seat of the carGary put a beach towel down firstand then drove home in the time it took Blake to bend over and put on his sneakers earlier in the day.
  • He moved away from the mini-bar to the bathroom and began his mildly obsessive ablutions: the little bead of toothpaste, shampooed pubes, running the towel between his wet toes like a fluffy white felling-saw. Feeling clean and slightly heroic after his won battle, he put on fresh clothes and went back to lie on the bed again. He set the alarm on his watch for eight o'clock, just in case.
  • The shared bathroom is fully tiled and has quadrant shower, toilet, wash basin and heated towel rail.
  • Frantically he stabbed at the last few droplets of water. He rushed back to the bedroom, grabbed his new clothes from the wardrobe, picked up the Raymond Kite papers, remembered the battery recharger - just - stole the towel because it was still wet and swept out of the apartment to the car, almost at a run.
  • Prices fully inclusive, beds made up for your arrival, towels, toweling robes and molton brown toiletries provided.
  • "But the basketball game wont be the only competition going on that night. Oh, no! It wouldnt be right if we didnt reward our first victory with a little time between the sheets. Every guy who bags a virgin Friday night after the game and shows me a bloody towel or sheet just like this one will get to hang out at my cabin by the lake for the weekend. Itll be all-you-can-drink all weekend!
  • He pulled a handful of paper towels from the dispenser, wet them down, and began gingerly dabbing at his face. The pain in his nose quickly convinced him not to bother with it, but he managed to get most of the dried blood off. There was nothing he could do about the bruising, and, he concluded, nothing he could do about his hoodie. He took it off, and tied it about his waist. It was really too cold for just a T-shirt, but there was no point drawing attention to himself by walking around in a gory bloodied shirt if he didnt have to. He rinsed his hands, threw the paper towels in the trash, and headed back out to the platform just in time to catch the train.
  • She threw a towel over her arm as he placed himself upon a stool. When he carefully moved the end of the sheathed sword to keep it from striking the bar, she appeared even more grateful for his appearance. She stepped up to his place and quickly wiped the bar surface with the towel before replacing it over her arm.
  • He carried four clay water basins, a large wooden pitcher, and a stack of soft, white towels. He nodded to Catrin over the towels as he set them down. She was impressed he managed it all in one trip, but the mess also embarrassed her. Pelivor's face registered no surprise, though. He immediately began folding and stacking the piles of clean garments. Catrin rushed to help him, but he seemed shocked.
  • Nickel Nose bends over the sink and gently pulls the bloody nickels out of his nose. He takes a handful of paper towels from the sink top and hold s them against his nose.
  • Simply wipe it with a paper towel lightly dampened with a mild cleaning solution.
  • "I gotta go back, tho," said Lori. "I love you, but I gotta get home and return this car. I may not have a job when I get back, but Im not gonna get tossed in the klink for theft." Lori stood, and Larry did as well. She put the towel on a lounger and slipped on a pair of cut-offs and a tee-shirt. "And please take December with you guys."
  • The dancehall overlooked Hawkins Springs and a sliver of the darker waters of the Suwannee that flowed past the spring's mouth. A narrow dirt path, rutted from rains, ran in front of the dancehall and down to the sandy beach. We would change into our swimsuits in the shadows of the echoing dancehall, leaving our clothes on the floor, and run down to the water with our towels and toys. Pa usually dropped his shirt and towel in the sand as he ran, kicked off his flipflops, and plunged in, splashing all about him while we kids giggled, and diving under water when he was in up to his thighs.
  • After that the boys sought the faucet where running water could be had; soap and towels were forthcoming from the stores, and they cleaned themselves up.
  • Bern took a handgun off the wall that I had assumed was just for decoration. He swaddled it in a towel along with a spare magazine.
  • Red-headed, Thomas OMalley, Jr. walked behind the bar with a small towel over his shoulder, looking like a choir boy.
  • "I'm going to have to put a bell around your neck," I said. "You almost gave me a heart attack." I wiped at my face with the towel I kept off to the side.
  • Mavisnaked body was muted by the steam-glazed glass of the burning shower. The phone rang. She stepped from the shower. Her long fingers twisted a towel across her breasts. At the phone, she looked back at the steam filled bathroom. She rearranged her towel: opening it wide to give the phantom in the shower a better look.
  • At the palace, Valentin and Cassius squired Caspar and his entourage to the bath house. Adelais was summoned to accompany Beryl to the womens baths, but hadnt arrived by the time the men departed. In the bath house, they shed their clothes and took linen towels, wrapped around their waists. Valentin caught Cassius admiring Caspars smooth, toned back and smirked.
  • Lay the boy on his back with head somewhat raised. Apply heat, such as bottles of hot water, hot plates or stones wrapped in towels to the extremities and over the stomach, but keep the head cool with wet cloths. Do not give any stimulant; it would drive blood to the brain.
  • "Are you nervous?" I fired at him in a stage whisper. "How's your back? You shouldn't even try to," I added the last word by leaning into his ear, "fight-" He put his index finger to my lip in a "shh," and kissed me quick. "I'm okay," he said, low. His face was wet and he mopped at it with the thin train hand towel we got with our fresh sheets; he leaned toward the window. "The sea, mountain girl, the sea."
  • We specialize in tea towels, kitchen textiles, paper, ceramic and melamine giftware featuring your own artwork or a design.. .
  • He gingerly splashed his hands, and looked up to find a steaming towel being proffered. He sponged away the remaining mud of the playing field and watched as one by one the servants began to melt into the darkened recesses of the marble galleries. The last was an old withered gamekeeper, who wandered through the garden berating a sullen peacock toward its roost. And then the courtyard fell austerely quiet.
  • Heat soaked into her bones as she slid into the scented water, and she allowed herself to remain in the tub until the water had gone nearly cold. She dried her wrinkled skin with the plush towels and donned a robe that bore her family sigil.
  • Linen, towels, and all cooking utensils including pots and pans, cutlery is provided.
  • She placed a large, beach towel on the flagstone close to the pools edge. Reaching around behind her back, she unhooked her bra and slipped out of it. She laid face down turned away from the pool. A deep bellowing sound came from the open pipe at the bottom of the vault. Mavis jumped up and looked down into the pool. It was twelve feet to the top of the vaults star-shaped opening and another eight feet to the pipe at the base of the vault, but Mavis was positive she could see two yellow eyes staring from the open pipe. She threw the suntan lotion bottle at the pipes opening. It bounced off a sharp corner of the vault, then rolled around the bottom and teetered on the flange of the pipes opening, then dropped in. It made no sound when it dropped. Something had caught it.
  • The gipsy tramp, who had sworn to Bob, and at him too, that the bundle was his own, and that he was walking quietly along the shore in search of work, when he was assailed by "that savage dog o' yourn there," now said, on the Captain's telling him curtly to drop the towels, or he would have him locked up, that he had "only picked 'em up on the beach, and didn't mean no harm by it to nobody, that he didn't."
  • So I stripped, padded the track-line with a towel and put it around my waist, then plunged in. Ouch! it was cold, and going seven miles an hour. The boys lowered me to the spot where I was supposed to dive or reach down. It was only five feet deep, but, struggle as I might, I could not get even my arm down. I ducked and dived, but I was held in the surface like a pennant on an air-blast. In a few minutes the icy flood had robbed me of all sensation in my limbs, and showed how impossible was the plan, so I gave the signal to haul me in; which they did, nearly cutting my body in two with the rope. And if ever there was a grovelling fire-worshipper, it was my frozen self when I landed.
  • Then Bob would put the bundle of towels in a hole in the shingle, or under some big boulder, which did not improve them, by the way; Rover observing everything his young master did with the keenest attention, barking the while, and with every hair of his mane bristling with excitement.
  • The villains were just beginning to feel safe enough to yell at their acolytes for towels and magic cleaning powder when the earth shook.
  • That night Laurie was alone at the trailer. She was bored, and the devils from the past were bothering her again. She drank up all the wine. She drank up all the beer. She drank the Listerine. She drove to the liquor store dressed in only a towel and high heels, and made it back home just in time for a three day drunk.
  • Annie was laid on a pile of towels at the edge of the bed. Jennie then placed three pillows behind Annies shoulders and directed her how to hold her legs. She then knelt down before her sister-in-law to see how far along the baby was. Jennie looked carefully. "Babys coming quick. I can see the top of her head."
  • "I dont eat tuna fish," Asta said from behind him. He turned before he could think better and saw that she was fully dressed in t-shirt, jeans, and New Balance shoes. The t-shirt said, ‘Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.’ Her hair was towel dried and hanging over her shoulders.
  • Without breakfast, dinner, or supper, we had to live on as best we could. Before we lay down to sleep there had to be a considerable tightening of the belts, or there would be no sleep at all, so keen were the gnawings of hunger. I found it helpful to sleep to roll up my towel as hard as possible, and then crowd it under my tight belt over the pit of my stomach. Nearly three days without food was no pleasant ordeal even in missionary work.
  • She watched the rest of the grey water drain away as she stood under the shower. The dingy soap bubbles that were in her hair raced down her skin. Adjusting the water temperature again, she realized that she was just about out of hot water. Hurriedly she finished rinsing the last of the soap from her body. As the water turned from lukewarm to cold, she turned it off, wrapped the towel around her body, and stepped out of the tub. With her fingers pressed against the front of the towel, the scar itching at her skin, she looked back at the tub, wishing she could take another shower, not believing she was that dirty.
  • "He cannot get the towels from under the stone," cried Bob, turning back. "It is either that, or somebody has stolen them, or something. I must go and see what's the matter."
  • Blood was gushing from the guys nose as Brad tossed a towel at him. He moved really close to the guys face and then repeated the same move the doctor had just performed on Charles.
  • They stayed together for long moments. Neither of them spoke. Finally, Linda released her iron strong hold. She stepped back and she wiped the tears from her eyes. She quickly moved around the bar and got a towel to wipe her face. She laughed a little, embarrassed by her own emotional outburst. The relief of seeing Ryson fueled her joy, and she laughed a little harder.
  • Feeling dizzy, I struggled to keep holding my breath. Then, something terrible happened and suddenly, lack of oxygen was the least of my problems. Lawrence bent over to pick up the paper towel trying to delay the inevitable!
  • If the knee pan is broken, put the boy on his back and straighten out the leg on a padded splint which reaches from the heel to the hip, putting some cotton or a folded towel under the knee and the heel. Then bandage the splint on at the ankle, at the upper part of the leg, and above and below the knee pan.
  • Just a puff of wind, replied Uncle Teddy, "but I would advise you all to batten down the hatches, I mean, tie your tent flaps." As he spoke a white towel came fluttering over the bluff from one of the tents above and went sailing off over the lake. At that they all scattered to make their possessions secure.
  • Specialty of international holiday insurance uk their prosperity or that savage holiday supplier towel specialties.
  • Now that Nat didnt need to avoid the game, dinner would be served as soon as Terry and Rafe arrived. Leftover chips from Monday night sat in bowls, pretzels, peanuts, and dips gracing the counters. The spicy chili waited in a large crock pot, the milder version in one smaller. Spring hadnt planned dinner according to the weather, but it was perfect comfort food on an evening where there seemed no pause to the rain. Terry and Rafe might run from their trucks, but would still be drenched and Summer said they could towel off under the awning, the rain falling from the north, hammering the back side of the house.
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