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Okunuşu: / taʊəl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow·el
Ekler: tow·els
Türü: isim, fiil


i. havlu, silecek, peşkir;

f. havlu ile kurulamak veya kurulanmak.

towel için örnek cümleler:

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  • Muffin tray has only six sections, keep half the squares under the towel while the rest are cooking.
  • Sam piled the dishes in the sink and turned on the hot water. "Writing. Always wanted to be a writer. Mystery stories. Lots of ideas from cases I've been on. Should have the first story finished by the end of the year." Bryan grunted and pulled a towel off the rack and started to dry the dishes.
  • I found a wadded up gym towel on the floor in the back seat and pressed it to his chest. "Yes, Im applying pressure. He isnt breathing." I could hear Rewsna clearly through my thoughts. "Remain calm, pay attention to your surroundings." I looked in all directions while I had both hands holding a towel against Pauls chest. I didnt see the gray sedan. I started blaring the car horn with my free hand trying to get someones attention.
  • He pulled a handful of paper towels from the dispenser, wet them down, and began gingerly dabbing at his face. The pain in his nose quickly convinced him not to bother with it, but he managed to get most of the dried blood off. There was nothing he could do about the bruising, and, he concluded, nothing he could do about his hoodie. He took it off, and tied it about his waist. It was really too cold for just a T-shirt, but there was no point drawing attention to himself by walking around in a gory bloodied shirt if he didnt have to. He rinsed his hands, threw the paper towels in the trash, and headed back out to the platform just in time to catch the train.
  • Not all have towels - please check. galley equipment: oven, electric refrigerator, dishes, sink, hot & cold water.
  • I spent a good half hour in the mens room trying to make myself look and smell presentable. I rinsed out my muddy socks and sneakers in the sink, wringing the socks as dry as possible before slipping them back on, stuffing paper towels into my sneakers to absorb some of the moisture.
  • The shared bathroom is fully tiled and has quadrant shower, toilet, wash basin and heated towel rail.
  • The crowd of men who were gathered about the old house were dressing for dinner, or supper, out in the yard; using an old stump for a toilet stand and the lye soap (which had been manufactured by some sort of process through the barrel of ashes that stood on a sloping bench close by), and, throwing my hat and coat on the limb of a gooseberry bush, I plunged into the water, like the rest; but I reckon they all thought I was putting on airs when I declined to use the one towel that had served for all, using instead a dirty pocket handkerchief on my face.
  • They turned simultaneously and looked into the room. There was little furniture, but they were patient. They would save and buy what they needed, little by little. Together, hand in hand, they walked to the bathroom. It was all chrome and yellow and shiny plastic. Even the tub was yellow, with avocado trim. They had bought olive green towels and they each in turn hung their towel on the chrome rack then stood back to admire the effect.
  • "You mean in the tub? No. Youll get all wrinkly, and the steam would get into the fabrics and start four different kinds of mold." Sanych waved a wet hand at the stack of towels that awaited use by clean journeymen. "Shall I recite their life cycles for you?"
  • Lightly grease the pan with a thick wad of paper towel dipped in oil or melted butter.
  • The lad had finally fallen completely asleep, his mouth going slack, her wet nipple slipping from his foamy milk-covered lips. Maureen efficiently covered herself with a towel she kept handy at all times, saying, "Robert, take him please and lay him down. Hes gotten so heavy."
  • The women peaked out from behind their towels and then everyone started laughing at Brandons expense. Although he had become one of the most feared competitors on the field of battle, he was just one of the girls when they all went out together. He credited Belinda and Carla for helping him get in touch with his feminine side, a process that did not include his birth mother, Julie Justice, who never encouraged him in any capacity. His father, Gregory Justice, had been living off the fumes of his high school football exploits before he took a place in the bottom of the ocean with his wife, as Brandon was finally able to focus after his abusive parents were removed from the picture.
  • "I'm so hungry," announced Betty, coming out of her room, once more trim and neat, and sniffing the delicious odor of hot waffles. "I wonder if I could pin my hair up in a towel and dry it after lunch?"
  • Usually very collected and fastidious, Noah had left the covers uncharacteristically disheveled and literally strewn about the room, as though hed sat up and bed and stumbled trying to free himself from the covers in his haste. The door to their large master closet was open, and she saw some of her clothes mixed with Noahs in piles about the floor. Seeing her familiar clothes brought her a strange sense of comfort, and she felt a stray tear floating down her face. She sniffed, wiped away the tear, and peered into the bathroom to see if there were any clean towels left.
  • Percale bed linen and towels are included, but please bring your own beach towels.
  • To wash in? enquired Tim, wondering at the exuberance of his friend's desires. "I'll get a tub," he added, and, running to the house, returned with wash tub and towel.
  • The last they saw of him was the end of his tufted tail disappearing over the sea-wall at the place where Bob had secreted the towels, so on they went in the expectation of Rover presently overtaking the party with the towels, which he seldom failed to do before the roadway skirting the other side of the common was reached, the retriever being generally very rapid in his movements.
  • Leena watched the woman scurry up the hall then shut the door and tugged clean clothing from her pack. She removed her hedge witch wand, purse, and scabbard belt from her soiled clothing and tossed the rest into the basket. Wrapped in the oversized towel with the Garlan branch sticking firmly to her hand, carrying her clean clothes, she padded barefoot to the bath.
  • "Check the linen closet over there. There'll be towels, soap, and all. I keep it stocked for out of town clients. The fridge should have some frozen dinners and the bar is well stocked. If you need anything else, dial 909 and Todd or who ever is at the console will have what you want sent up."
  • He had apparently guessed right, Shaa thought sourly. Seated on a chair in the entry hall, sword at the ready though resting across his knees, relaxed in posture but with the same coiled-spring tautness he always sported, even during his rare episodes of being either drunk or asleep, was Svin the ex-barbarian. As was typical for members of Shaas extended family as this day wore on, Svins clothes were distinctly the worse for wear, but Svin himself was largely unscathed. Indeed, he seemed freshly laundered. Shaa spared a brief prayer for the fate of his guest towels, nodded to Svin, and moved along toward the living room, from whence the clamor of voices that had assaulted him as hed opened the door was emanating.
  • Landon quickly removes Jacks coat and undershirt. He takes great care in folding them up nicely and sets them beside Jack. Landon reaches for a white towel that is sitting on the bed and wipes down Jacks face and bare chest in an almost comforting way, the way a mother would wash her son after he has been caught in a rainstorm. He loosens Jacks belt, and removes his pants. He finds the handcuffs first.
  • He stepped out and pat somewhat free of water, before fixing the drying towel on his hips. Holding the other wide, he motioned for her.
  • Drumstick holder, a drink holder and a towel ( not so sure about that one ).
  • They helped him get into the back seat of the carGary put a beach towel down firstand then drove home in the time it took Blake to bend over and put on his sneakers earlier in the day.
  • "We should still look for some clothing, blankets, canned food, towels and shampoo and stuff," Jason said. "I mean, this thing looks like a robbery or simple looting. Looks like they were looking for money. I mean, this place doesn't look ransacked, so, I think money or a safe or cars or something was all the killers wanted, not just a random burglary. Any-what-way, food and clothing should still be around. No burglar steals that crap."
  • She sprayed some cold water on her face and then breathed deeply into the moistened paper towel before heading back to the conference room. Her mood had shifted because she knew the question about the weekend had to be answered even before he formally asked the question.
  • Granger Tate steps from the crowd of old people. Granger pushes his false teeth back into his mouth. He has a bath towel over his forearm and a toothbrush in his hand. "It's that damn old fart Walt Whittiker. He gets up at dawn. You can't follow him. No human being can follow him."
  • No, you can take a hand-bag and sleeping things, but beyond a bit of soap and a towel I don't suppose you will have need of anything, for you will most likely sleep at some farm-house, or perhaps in a woodman's hut, and there will not be any undressing. There are six of us going from here, counting you, but the party is got up by two or three men we know there. They tell me some of the officers of the regiment stationed there will be of the party, and they will have a hundred or so of their men to act as beaters. I have a spare gun that I will bring for you.
  • He sat dejectedly on a chair in the kitchen and stared at the opposite wall. The dish towels hanging from the rack were filthy. He must wash them - soon. Why was he thinking of washing towels? Why had Liz put her dress on that rack, with the dirty towels - her print dress with ruffles at the collar? She rarely wore that dress, but that was no reason to -
  • The front door had been locked for over an hour and the only door that still swung both ways was the back door. Sal was busy cleaning the kitchen and preparing food for the next day when he heard a faint knock on the back door. All the kitchen help had gone home for the night, so Sal put down a potato and wiped his hands off on a towel before opening the back door.
  • My head pounded. I sat up and shrugged off both sleeping bags. I had one microfiber towel wrapped around my waist, another draped over my shoulders like a shawl. I only retained my skivvies. "Where are my clothes?"
  • Tim got a towel under me and was rather perturbed when i informed him that the baby was coming " now!
  • Sawyer moved to leave, but did a double take when he saw Rory passed out on the floor with a neatly folded hotel towel sitting on top of him.
  • The young man's first act on entering the dining-room was to go straight to a mirror, remove his hat, arrange his hair with a little comb which he took from his pocket; after which he went to a porcelain basin with a reservoir above it, took a towel which was there for the purpose, and bathed his face and hands. Not until these ablutions were completed--characteristic of a man of elegant habits--not until these ablutions had been minutely performed did the stranger sit down to the table.
  • Porky started with dessertall manner of honeyed, nutted and flakey-pastried concoctions which made him quickly realize he wasn't going to make it through dessert without coffee. He went back behind the counter, said "Hello" one more time and then put on a pot of coffee. He looked at the cash register, thought briefly about what a life on the lamb would be like if he should grab it and run. He looked around at the order pads on the worn shelving underneath the counter where several moist towels were stained with drink and constellated with coffee grounds and congratulated himself on his good dumb luck.
  • It was quite obvious he was too much of a dullard to be kidding; he must have thought it just neighborly to mention it as he saw me putting away my towels.
  • Katie came out of the bedroom in a towel at that moment. She looked at the dripping mess Tim now attempt to stuff in his mouth.
  • Lester repositioned the chair and pulled the lever to tilt the Stranger back. He clipped the beard down to a manageable length and then placed a hot towel on his face. The Stranger never flinched. When Lester grabbed the leather strap attached to the barber chair to sharpen his blade, he saw tattoos on the mans hands. He stropped the straight razor across the worn cowhide and swallowed hard. His throat was suddenly dry.
  • She dipped the end of a towel in cold water and with it began to flick her on the face, her husband all the while holding his face between his hands and sobbing in a way that was heart breaking to hear. I raised the blind, and looked out of the window. There was much moonshine, and as I looked I could see Quincy Morris run across the lawn and hide herself in the shadow of a great yew tree. It puzzled me to think why she was doing this. But at the instant I heard Harker's quick exclamation as she woke to partial consciousness, and turned to the bed. On her face, as there might well be, was a look of wild amazement. She seemed dazed for a few seconds, and then full consciousness seemed to burst upon her all at once, and she started up.
  • "How many last days of the last month have you spent here? Have you ever, ever had a problem ... discounting, of course, vicious towels that -"
  • Lori leaned up, moved the towel slightly, sipped her water, and set the glass down and returned the towel to cover her face.
  • Presently the sobs ceased. Sniffling something awful, Jamie rubbed his face across Roberts shoulder, using his shirt like a towel to dry his eyes. Robert pushed him away, scolding, "Do not do that!" He turned his head to look at the spot where Jamie had left a nasty wet patch. "What the hell do you think I am, your goddamned snot rag?"
  • Try Il Fornaio Caldo on Columbus, I think you'd enjoy that more. After you've gone out, I'll get your wet towels and empty your trash.
  • She watered the plants, emptied a wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry.
  • "I was gettingout of the shower, clothes off, naked as a Sp-Ed kid. Reached for a towel to dry myself off, went to the mirror, but slipped and fell to the ground like a ton of bricks. Seems your old manLeon, that drunk bastardlost track of his seed after a wank-session not too long before. Came right down on top of it and got a bruise this big around. He wouldnt touch my ass for a week, saying it lookedbout to fall off, but that wasnt the only surprise. Just goes to show, even the hardest falls can bring an unexpected miracle," Candice babbled, smiling and reaching out for Avery, who slapped her hand away.
  • The gipsy tramp, who had sworn to Bob, and at him too, that the bundle was his own, and that he was walking quietly along the shore in search of work, when he was assailed by "that savage dog o' yourn there," now said, on the Captain's telling him curtly to drop the towels, or he would have him locked up, that he had "only picked 'em up on the beach, and didn't mean no harm by it to nobody, that he didn't."
  • "He cannot get the towels from under the stone," cried Bob, turning back. "It is either that, or somebody has stolen them, or something. I must go and see what's the matter."
  • He crawled out of bed early, wandered aimlessly about the apartment most of the morning, then, at noon, he turned on Bach and took a hot bath, laying the gray towel on the side of the tub. He lay with eyes closed, the steaming water lapping gently at his chin. Then began the toccata and fugue in D minor. He hadn't realized before; Bach was frightening. This fugue had always been cheerful, fanciful, one of his favourites - now it was sombre, scary. He felt the apprehension creeping up his leg, and he turned uncomfortably - and still, the creeping. He opened his eyes, lifted his foot. A hairy cord, wrapped about his leg, clinging, and he pushed himself upright and gasped and jerked his foot and the thing leaped wildly out of the steaming tub, up and down, reaching for him, flailing, gray and tortuous, and he pushed himself from the tub, over the side, falling to the floor, and the thing followed, sloshing, cleaving to his face and he couldn't breath and he twisted his head, banging against the tub - and everything went black.
  • Directly after, the fight began at the front, the firing growing hot, and not without effect, for one of the settlers went down with a musket bullet in his shoulder, and soon after Gordon stood back, holding his arm for Don to bind it up with a strip off a towel.
  • The villains were just beginning to feel safe enough to yell at their acolytes for towels and magic cleaning powder when the earth shook.
  • Show some nearly human intelligence, and maybe you'll get a chance at one of the Saturday cruises, Peckham, called back Farley, as he began to towel down vigorously.
  • Sarah came in with a handful of clean towels and the first aid box he stocked in the house just incase of an accident. Only because they live so far out in the woods they might need them. She sat them all on the table and walked around to the sink and filled the empty fruit bowl full of hot water. She brought it over and sat down in a chair in front of him. As she cleaned his chest wounds first she asked "How were you able to stand while being shocked."
  • A clank woke her. Amaranthe sat up, cursing the disease that left her so weak. Sicarius had produced a metal laundry bin. Inside, water shimmered yellow with the reflection of lamplight. He had even scrounged a towel and a bar of soap. She beamed with heartfelt pleasure for the first time in days. Sicarius dropped a nondescript set of utility clothing on her cot.
  • So what does all this progress mean? How does it help me, a lowly consumer? you may be asking yourself. Well, sadly it won't help you a whole stinking lot. Were you just a little smarter, or a little richer, or a little bit better looking, you might have a small shred of hope of improving your quality of life with these technological marvels. But unfortunately, and lamentably, that will never happen for you. These wonderful and strange apparitions are well beyond the reach of a simpleton such as yourself. In fact, I suggest you give up now and throw in the towel while you still can. Leave the big toys for the big boys, as they say somewhere in the swamps of the South.
  • I figured, what the hey, and wrapped the towel around myself, then stepped completely through him and smacked my head on the opposite wall.
  • `Here, help me get her up to the bed.' Connie said. Then she remembered the children. `Hush,' she whispered, hugging them to her. `Hush, hush, it's alright.' They quietened. `Go on outside for a wee while.' They obeyed, unsure, looking over their shoulders, and with difficulty the two adults carried the body upstairs and laid it on the bed. As Mungo looked on, Connie got some towels from the hotpress and placed them underneath.
  • He lay down directly, and Saxe ran to the spring for a good sluice, to come back glowing and scrubbing his scarlet face with a towel.
  • Mavis had showered and put on a robe. A towel was wrapped around her head. She looked down at her folded hands as she sat rocking back and forth on the entrance landing, watching the people below. She puffed her lips, sucked them in, and then puffed again. She felt happy. But she felt so sleepy. "Its in the pool. Its smarter than you. Its in the pool," she said in a singsong voice. The two paramedics each gently took her arms and led her up the stairs toward the master suite. "Its in the pool," she repeated.
  • "I was busy doing things to the house." This much was true. He had kept himself busy doing all the things Maureen had been nagging him about for years. Broken towel rails, a noisy central heating pump, loose tiles in the bathroom, a leaking tap. The list was endless and despite his efforts had grown longer since he became unemployed. Sometimes he imagined the house was afflicted by some sort of sick building syndrome. Maybe it had a virus. The unemployment virus. The antidote for which he had yet to discover.
  • You might well think that the concept of bamboo towels and diapers makes as much sense as steel pillow cases or a chocolate fireguard.
  • Daphne had finished her rounds, including tending to these three, and was now leaning casually against the back bar, listening to the conversation, her arms loosely crossed, a white bar towel slung over one shoulder. When it appeared that Midge, Bud, and Skeeter had forgotten about the mysterious man at the other end of the bar, she glanced at himhe was already watching herand decided to approach his corner. She leaned over the bar and asked, noticing that his beer was nearly gone:
  • Catrin filled her cupped hands and splashed her face repeatedly. Each time, gray water seeped into the corners of her eyes, stinging and burning. When Wonk returned with another basin, Catrin stuck her entire face in the warmer water even before he had settled it on the stone bench. Using one of the towels, she dried her face and frowned when she saw how dirty the cloth came away. It seemed she might never get clean, but Wonk tirelessly brought fresh basins of water.
  • The strand slaps against the front door, probing the gap I seal with a rolled up towel in the winter. It finds a space and shuttles into the house. For long minutes I watch, wondering if I should escape. But where would I go?
  • Annie dipped her soapy head down into the water once again, rinsing the bubbles away. She swished her head back and forth to get as much of the soap out as she could. Then she stood and patted the towel over her head to dry it. Leaning forward, she wrapped the towel around her hair and stood up, looking as if an Arabs turban had suddenly become fashionable.
  • She curved left, moving swiftly down Seacoast Drive, which was a swirling, wave-fed river running parallel to the flooded shore. Garbage flew everywhere: signs and strips of metal, roofing tiles and clothing, umbrellas and beach towels.
  • "It's for my hope-chest," she informed Bobby with dignity, and not even the shout of laughter which greeted this statement could ruffle her. "You may think it's funny," she observed serenely, "but I have six towels and three aprons made and put away all ready."
  • So I stripped, padded the track-line with a towel and put it around my waist, then plunged in. Ouch! it was cold, and going seven miles an hour. The boys lowered me to the spot where I was supposed to dive or reach down. It was only five feet deep, but, struggle as I might, I could not get even my arm down. I ducked and dived, but I was held in the surface like a pennant on an air-blast. In a few minutes the icy flood had robbed me of all sensation in my limbs, and showed how impossible was the plan, so I gave the signal to haul me in; which they did, nearly cutting my body in two with the rope. And if ever there was a grovelling fire-worshipper, it was my frozen self when I landed.
  • The lead tank straddled the narrow road and churned up a huge cloud of red dust, which enveloped the rest of the platoon. The dust cloud rose as high in the sky as a man could see and covered the plants and trees beside the road for a distance of more than a mile. The sun baked dust was as light and as fine as talc. For those at the end of the column it became almost unbearable. The drivers wore eye goggles but that didnt help them to breathe or to see. Those who hadnt been able to requisition goggles shut their eyes or tilted their head forward to deflect the dirt with the rim of their helmet. Others tied shirts over their faces, and closed their eyes. The guns were all loaded with short belts of ammunition and wrapped in towels to keep the firing mechanisms clean.
  • But the three boys stayed clustered around the lilac bush with their mouths open and eyes glued to the blue stripped bath towel laying on the bed in a pool of hot, yellow sunlight.
  • Nickel Nose bends over the sink and gently pulls the bloody nickels out of his nose. He takes a handful of paper towels from the sink top and hold s them against his nose.
  • Hartwell removed his ball from the washer and then wiped it off with his own handkerchief, avoiding the dirty towel that was hanging for everyone else to use.
  • This was perfectly true but Nick had set himself the task of clearing up the kitchen speedily. He was determined to show her it would always be neat and tidy under his regime. Her refusal to co-operate in his self-imposed pursuit of perfection infuriated him. Grabbing a tea towel from off the chair on which she was perched he ostentatiously started drying the dishes himself.
  • At the palace, Valentin and Cassius squired Caspar and his entourage to the bath house. Adelais was summoned to accompany Beryl to the womens baths, but hadnt arrived by the time the men departed. In the bath house, they shed their clothes and took linen towels, wrapped around their waists. Valentin caught Cassius admiring Caspars smooth, toned back and smirked.
  • Brangot heaved a heavy fist of tightly knotted roots against his neighbors apartment door. When no answer came, he rapped the door with two fists, his other two fists holding a towel around his naked trunk. Soapy water dripped from his bark and leafy skin onto Diotitusdoormat. He knew there would be no response at Tifs door. She was a Drooler in Myrrh Desert Park and hadnt been home in several years.
  • Duke and Nickel Nose stop pacing. the trailer is silent. They look at each other. They start toward the trailer. J.J. appears in the doorway with a towel wrapped around his hips. Blood drips from the scratches on his back. "I think Gertie is dead."
  • That afternoon to restock his larder, Billy went to the butcher shop in Huntington Village to buy sausage, chicken cutlets, a steak, hamburger, and cold cuts. His next stop was the supermarket for fresh mushrooms, celery, a box of Cheerios, lemon and strawberry yogurts, canned soups, baked beans, refried beans, cans of peas and carrots, eggs, milk, pita bread, rye bread, coffee, a box of Irish tea bags, a pound cake, two kinds of cookies, napkins, paper towels, olive oil and a copy of Newsday.
  • She lead him through the house and showed him the bathroom. It was small, but had a large, claw-foot tub. "There are towels up there," she said, gesturing to the cabinet hanging above the toilet.
  • "Then the sooner you are off out of this, the better for you, my friend," said the Captain, on the man's letting go the bundle of towels, which Rover at once carried off in triumph and laid at Bob's feet. "Be off with you, you rascal, at once!" The man took his advice, and slouched away round the castle, soon disappearing from their sight; when, much excited by the unexpected little incident that they now would have to detail to Mrs Gilmour and Nellie, besides being full of Rover's bravery and sagacity, they took their way home again, for the second time, across the common, the clock of old Saint Thomas's church in the distance striking as they turned their faces homeward--"One--two-- three--four--five--six--seven--eight--*Nine*!"
  • A curtained washing alcove housed a brass tub and an ironwood table with a basin and pitcher of water upon it, as well as a selection of soft towels, scented soaps and sponges.
  • Harvey removed the rest of his clothes and stood under a scalding shower for twenty minutes, hands braced against the wall, head hung low. He emerged gasping but refreshed. He dried himself gingerly, swearing aloud as he caught the towel on an unseen cut that opened afresh, leaking blood. He held a cloth to the open wound and kept it in place whilst he dried his hair, walking through the hotel room and checking out of the window.
  • Jessie had the girl free and the towel off in half a minute. She saw then that the prisoner was the girl she and Amy had seen carried away by Martha Poole and Sadie Bothwell, out of Dogtown Lane.
  • "Oh I do." Rose wrung as much water from her hair as was possible, then wrapped the towel around her body. Her hair still dripped; she had inherited her mothers thick, near-curly tresses, Petra with their fathers more lank hair. Rose owned not only their mothers hair, but her eyes, wide and noteworthy. Petra looked like their father, smaller features in a face that otherwise seemed similar to her younger sister. They did look alike, from far away.
  • Coach Andrews warned his players that Fellingwood was not going to quit, but they ignored his pleas, as usual, over the next two minutes. Gerry still couldn't get his hands on the ball, but his teammates took up the slack and narrowed the deficit to 44-42 with 15 seconds left. On the inbounds pass Tom Sullivan got hit on the nose and surrendered control of the ball. The ref's ignored his anguish and Fellingwood called a time out with 20 seconds left. Sullivan was immediately escorted to the locker room while holding a bloody, red-stained towel to his nose.
  • Five blocks later, the two were allowed into the visiting locker room at Edgar Allen Poe Park, the Bombers stadium near Inner Harbor. They found a few of their teammates there as well, even though they still had a full hour until they were required to suit up. Sarge scanned the crew that was already present: Catcher Jimmy "No Legs" Ruben stood (or what counted as standing for a man with no legs) next to the Whispers bat boy, Mickey the Midget; Pitchers Lil Boner, Haney Mane, Marty Wood, and Rube Robinson crowded around a folding card table involved in a game of spades; Third baseman Erv Bream chatted with the janitor next to the towel rack, and center fielder Kid "Crazy Legs" McCoy was sprawled out on a wooden bench reading Life magazine. The place reeked of medicinal balms and feet.
  • "You see," Tapper started, but then his voice faltered and he clutched at the towel he had placed in his lap so it would cover what now apparently was stirring after all. "God, you are so lovely!"
  • Annie was laid on a pile of towels at the edge of the bed. Jennie then placed three pillows behind Annies shoulders and directed her how to hold her legs. She then knelt down before her sister-in-law to see how far along the baby was. Jennie looked carefully. "Babys coming quick. I can see the top of her head."
  • He produced a towel from the box for Norma, who managed to rub off most of the grease from her hands. She put on her jacket and climbed into her place between Betty and her sister. George proceeded to make up for lost time at a speed that left them breathless.
  • No,’ David says. Hes wearing old faded jeans and a shirt. The sand burns his feet and he digs them in to where its cooler. He hasnt brought a towel with him. ‘I came down to protect you,’ he says. ‘From the Scarborough bodgies.’
  • The Tanzanian witch doctor stepped in. Wearing a grass skirt and no shoes, Simons unexpected insertion into the game brought forth thousands of sighs, moans, and groans. Most figured Sarge had thrown in the towel and that a Wilmington loss was imminent.
  • Tuesday the boys had the same ill luck. Also Wednesday. But Thursday night promised better. Tom slipped out in good season with his aunt's old tin lantern, and a large towel to blindfold it with. He hid the lantern in Huck's sugar hogshead and the watch began. An hour before midnight the tavern closed up and its lights (the only ones thereabouts) were put out. No Spaniard had been seen. Nobody had entered or left the alley. Everything was auspicious. The blackness of darkness reigned, the perfect stillness was interrupted only by occasional mutterings of distant thunder.
  • Turning to two crewmembers Butler commanded, "Get the ropes out of the Duck, the first aid kit, some towels, and the two-way radios."
  • Antibacterial spray to add to the paper towels to enable users to clean down the equipment as you suggest.
  • At five-and-twenty a night of wearisome and broken sleep makes small difference to the spirits, and when he had washed as well as he could by the aid of a cream-jug full of water and a saucer, and a towel handkerchief, and without the aid of soap, he dressed, and sallied out with the intent to lose himself in Paris. There is nothing so exhilarating as the first sight of a foreign city, and Paul wandered on and on, past the Palace of Justice and over the bridge, and, turning to the left, made along the Rue de Rivoli, passed the far-stretching fa?ade of the Louvre, and so went on till he reached the Place de la Concorde. There, staring into the basin of one of the fountains, as if he had been waiting for Paul to come to him, was Darco, fur-coated and silk-hatted as of yore, and looking neither older nor younger by a day than when they had parted.
  • What would you have, my dear viscount? said Monte Cristo, wiping his hands on the towel which Ali had brought him; "I must occupy my leisure moments in some way or other. But come, I am waiting for you." Both men entered Monte Cristo's carriage, which in the course of a few minutes deposited them safely at No. 30. Monte Cristo took Albert into his study, and pointing to a seat, placed another for himself. "Now let us talk the matter over quietly," said the count.
  • The others fussed around getting ready and Cat gave Audi a good dunk and clean in a tub. The dog looked pretty miserable until she got to the drying. Then she had great fun, pushing through the towel as Cat worked on drying her and even sat back on her haunches to "yell" at them all about it.
  • "I am Miss Chambril. Welcome to the First Inn. I'll send Wonk to the bathhouse with water and towels in a moment. You can leave your bags here if you wish," she said as she walked into the kitchen. Catrin sifted through her pack in search of the soft clothes she had packed from the Trader's Wind, looking forward to being warm, dry, and in comfortable clothes. She sighed, realizing the time aboard the Wind had completely ruined her. In days gone by, she would have judged clothes by how tough or water resistant they were; now comfort was a definite consideration.
  • "Don't you know a Molotov cocktail when you hear one? You mix the gasoline with the detergent, fill the bottles and stuff towel tightly through the top. You light the part of the towel sticking out and hurl the thing. It breaks and the gasoline explodes. The detergent makes the gasoline stick to whatever you hit. I saw it on TV."
  • Yes, yes, we do. But oh, my goodness. What have you done? Oh, dear. She crossed the room and dropped to the side of her injured husband. Before she got to him she wiped her hands on a tea towel and tossed it on the couch. "What have you hurt?"
  • They leave the farmhouse and transfer their goods to the farmer's car. Carefully they wipe down their car for prints with towels from the house then get in the farmer's car and drive off towards the interstate. Winter crows circle curiously above.
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