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Okunuşu: / taʊəl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow·el
Ekler: tow·els
Türü: isim, fiil


i. havlu, silecek, peşkir;

f. havlu ile kurulamak veya kurulanmak.

towel için örnek cümleler:

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  • "Dont get sour because she never had any interest in you," Brangot said. He wadded the towel in his leafy knuckles and looked expectantly at Diotitus. "Well, are you coming?"
  • "I hated him!" she said. "As you pointed out, Jackson used to get his rocks off by beating the shit out of me. One time, he dragged me out of the shower by the hair and beat me with the shower head until I passed out. I woke up naked and freezing on the bathroom floor. In so much pain, I had to drag myself to the bedroom. I couldnt even get on the bed, so I just lay on the floor with a towel over me, trying to stay warm until Jackson came home. When he finally rolled back from the bar, I asked him to help me and he laughed. He told me if I behaved like a dog, I should sleep on the floor like one."
  • "Hmm," considered Melody, shifting the large beach bag she was carrying to her other shoulder. "I guess I hadnt thought this through enough. Ill have to come back for your wheelchair ... Is the towel around your legs tight? Are you ready?"
  • Directly after, the fight began at the front, the firing growing hot, and not without effect, for one of the settlers went down with a musket bullet in his shoulder, and soon after Gordon stood back, holding his arm for Don to bind it up with a strip off a towel.
  • The coach shoved him in the chest with an open hand and the midget went sliding across the concrete floor. He struck the lockers on the opposite side of the room. A stack of dirty towels fell on top of him and a mop slowly teetered over. The handle struck him in the head. Everyone stared.
  • "You mean in the tub? No. Youll get all wrinkly, and the steam would get into the fabrics and start four different kinds of mold." Sanych waved a wet hand at the stack of towels that awaited use by clean journeymen. "Shall I recite their life cycles for you?"
  • Then Bob would put the bundle of towels in a hole in the shingle, or under some big boulder, which did not improve them, by the way; Rover observing everything his young master did with the keenest attention, barking the while, and with every hair of his mane bristling with excitement.
  • He produced a towel from the box for Norma, who managed to rub off most of the grease from her hands. She put on her jacket and climbed into her place between Betty and her sister. George proceeded to make up for lost time at a speed that left them breathless.
  • Coupled w.c., heated ladder towel rail, recessed downlights to smooth finished ceiling.
  • They stayed together for long moments. Neither of them spoke. Finally, Linda released her iron strong hold. She stepped back and she wiped the tears from her eyes. She quickly moved around the bar and got a towel to wipe her face. She laughed a little, embarrassed by her own emotional outburst. The relief of seeing Ryson fueled her joy, and she laughed a little harder.
  • Rordan gave his broa weak smile. "I feel like a wet noodle. How was your walk?" He used the towel to dry his hair a little more.
  • Curiously enough, at that precise moment, the question of law was a very pressing one with two young Houssa officers who sat on either side of Sanders' big table, wet towels about their heads, mastering the intricacies of the military code; for Tibbetts was entering for an examination and Hamilton, who had only passed his own by a fluke, had rashly offered to coach him.
  • He knelt down and lipped a towel in the water and started to slap the girl across the face with it. After a bit of this she started to moan and he dumped some whisky in the palm of his hand and held it over her nose and mouth. She started to strangle and cough and he grinned at the Chief and said:
  • To wash in? enquired Tim, wondering at the exuberance of his friend's desires. "I'll get a tub," he added, and, running to the house, returned with wash tub and towel.
  • She sat up, pulling the sheet close to her body. She was dressed in a large nightshirt, but didnt remember coming home or getting a shower. Gray had cleaned her off, a towel covering her pillows.
  • Lance says, "Watch for prints. I think there's gonna be police here soon," as he tosses him a small towel and begins wiping all the surfaces they may have touched.
  • Four guys made a mad dash for freedom between him and the threshold. They were in such a frenzied hurry that they didnt even notice me crouching on the floor! A paper towel had sailed in my direction during their escape attempt. It had landed near my foot, but I couldnt move it away without getting caught.
  • Omari wrapped the towel closer around body, and the fibers clung to her body that was sticky with salt. While she was used to Francescas stern and commanding attitude, her voice held a note that reminded her of the frantic quality in Noahs voice before she had attempted to flee. It felt good to know that people cared about her so much, but at the same time she hated putting people through so much stress constantly. Ever since shed been born, she felt like shed been a disaster magnet, and each month seemed to be proving this hypothesis to be more and more correct.
  • At least, thats Sarahs impression as she sits near the back of the courtroom. She takes a minute to look around at this very creative, circular structure used mostly for swearing in new American citizens, ceremonial proceedings, and an occasional appeals hearing. But it is also the perfect venue for large, high profile trials like this one, with its state-of-the-art audio, video and digital capabilities. A glass cylinder one-hundred feet in diameter and one-hundred feet high starting on the second floor of the Federal Courthouse and reaching all the way to the top of the building, this Special Proceedings Courtroom is paneled ten-feet high all around with Anigre wood from Africa and capped with a million dollar suspended glass ceiling that costs $4000 just to clean. Sarah heard that window washers have to crawl across the top of the laminated glass with towels and window spray.
  • Chris looking at some bath towels, replies, "I dont know if you can. Im trying to decide either to get his or her towels or both.
  • Ashamed to be leaving his father alone with the bats but having no choice, Zachary groped along the door and forced his trembling fingers to turn the lock. Then, he backed away until his cast struck the towel rack on the back wall. Pain vibrated through his arm. He fought the need to scream, but couldn't stop his breath, which came and went in great gasps. The windowless bathroom was pitch black. In an attempt to hear over the sound of his own sobs, Zachary clamped his good hand over his mouth.
  • They finished the joint. McIlroy went to his bedroom. He lifted his towel from the door. He took his shampoo in his right hand. He marched up the stairs. In the shower he breathed that it was finally warm and his face melted a bit. He breathed and rubbed the water over his head and over his face. Steam rose up from the unscrubbed floor.
  • Care of hands and nails is much neglected in camp, Nails should be properly trimmed and the "mourning" removed from underneath the nails. The habit of biting the finger nails is dangerous. Finger nails should be cut once a week with sharp scissors or "clip." If the nails be neglected and a scratch received from the infected fingers the system may be inoculated with disease. The cleansing of the hands after using the lavatory needs special emphasis, for in no place do more germs collect and spread. Boys should not be permitted to use each other's towels, combs, brushes, or soap. A towel may carry germs from one boy to another.
  • "You see," Tapper started, but then his voice faltered and he clutched at the towel he had placed in his lap so it would cover what now apparently was stirring after all. "God, you are so lovely!"
  • His bros damp towel and old clothes had been tossed in a corner beside the desk. The backpack had been opened and rummaged through. A smile played across his face. Fikna had found the shower stations and taken advantage of the luxury.
  • We should ask around and find out if somebody saw the human and the canine, responded Kerr at his highest vocal levels before his vocal chords finally gave up the struggle and threw the towel in. Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. Sometimes disability has been known to play the role of step-mother to invention. This was one such instance. Having lost the ability to rise above the general uproar around him, Kerr belatedly realized that they might not have to scream if they moved off the main thoroughfare to a slightly more quieter environ.
  • Brangot heaved a heavy fist of tightly knotted roots against his neighbors apartment door. When no answer came, he rapped the door with two fists, his other two fists holding a towel around his naked trunk. Soapy water dripped from his bark and leafy skin onto Diotitusdoormat. He knew there would be no response at Tifs door. She was a Drooler in Myrrh Desert Park and hadnt been home in several years.
  • The pixies in the bag were busy dodging debris from the cleanup that came flying down from above. They could hear the sweep of the broom across the floor, and then they were showered with debris as the dustpan was emptied. There was the sound of running water and the rattling of dishes. Soggy paper towels covered with batter and bits of dough dropped down through the opening, much to their disgust.
  • Filo pastry sheets, keeping them under a damp towel to prevent them from drying out.
  • On the way back to Mrs Gilmour's house to breakfast, the Captain and Dick being specially invited this morning, so that they might leave together immediately afterwards for the steamer without losing any time, the boys had great fun with Rover and the towels.
  • A second time the bell was heard, and at that they all started on a run for the rear of the house, where several tin basins, and some soap, as well as clean towels announced that the farmer's good wife had gotten things ready for them.
  • What's the matter? inquired Jack, coming up, while he endeavoured to scrub his long hair dry with a towel of cocoa-nut cloth.
  • She sprayed some cold water on her face and then breathed deeply into the moistened paper towel before heading back to the conference room. Her mood had shifted because she knew the question about the weekend had to be answered even before he formally asked the question.
  • 'Twon't hurt you, laughed Perkins. "Wash day ain't till next week, you know, and this is only Wednesday." Suddenly the towel was snatched from Cameron's hands.
  • There was another knock on the door and the nurse walked in balancing a tray covered with a towel in one hand, deftly closing the door behind her with the other.
  • He was back a couple minutes later, carrying a canvas bucket with a towel thrown sloppily into it. "I told Harold we're going on a little hike upriver and we ought to be back for supper," he said. "You want to throw your stuff in the bucket? There'll be a couple places where you'll need your hands."
  • I'll come, grumbled Samson; "and I never kears about washing myself now. Never a drop o' hot water, no towels, no soap, and no well, and no buckets. Once a week seems quite enough, specially as you has to wait till you get dry."
  • He could hear the sound of wings grow louder and louder until something touched down on the ground outside; several of Erling's servants rushed outside The Leaping Pony with all matter of pales of water, wet towels and knapsacks filled up with dried fruits.
  • Not all have towels - please check. galley equipment: oven, electric refrigerator, dishes, sink, hot & cold water.
  • "'So you had better come right away,'" Scotty read on. "'You can fly down and land right at the Millers'. We have shown on the map where to land, and we will put out white towels to make a panel so you can see us from the air. Please hurry. Barby and Jan."
  • You might well think that the concept of bamboo towels and diapers makes as much sense as steel pillow cases or a chocolate fireguard.
  • The shared bathroom is fully tiled and has quadrant shower, toilet, wash basin and heated towel rail.
  • I went downstairs and stood in the big bay window staring at the street, my erection prominent. I was in a frenzy to rub and suck some woman's skin and no longer having other options, I took care of myself right there in plain view, my good standing in the neighborhood be damned. I made a mess. Practicality snapping to attention as soon as my penis had eased, I ran back to my rooms for a robe, a towel and a tonic of bubbly water and lemon juice, which I doused on the spray of semen on the rug.
  • She then reached for the girl and with her own hand, poured a generous amount of water over the girls head, soaking her hair fully. She soaped it up, washed it and rinsed itall the while Tressa was squirming and hollering. Annie knew she had to work quickly with the child, if she wanted to get anything done. She then removed the towel from her own head and dried the girls hair.
  • Unroll the remaining filo pastry sheets, keeping them under a damp towel to prevent them from drying out.
  • Pedestal hand basin, close coupled w.c. , heated ladder towel rail, recessed downlights to smooth finished ceiling.
  • The golden hands on his sons neck burned white hot. Steam rose from the towel that protected his chest. Simon Says grabbed a pail and began to ladle water directly on the ring. It sizzled and hissed.
  • She curved left, moving swiftly down Seacoast Drive, which was a swirling, wave-fed river running parallel to the flooded shore. Garbage flew everywhere: signs and strips of metal, roofing tiles and clothing, umbrellas and beach towels.
  • He moved away from the mini-bar to the bathroom and began his mildly obsessive ablutions: the little bead of toothpaste, shampooed pubes, running the towel between his wet toes like a fluffy white felling-saw. Feeling clean and slightly heroic after his won battle, he put on fresh clothes and went back to lie on the bed again. He set the alarm on his watch for eight o'clock, just in case.
  • "The vision Saa gives for the selection of a representative is quite unmistakable," Marigaff remarked. She handed a towel to Mia.
  • Bugger,’ Amy says. She drops back down to lie flat on her towel and hurriedly adjusts her top. ‘Sorry, white boy, I forgot. And Id better be careful, or theyll have me up for corrupting young boys.’
  • I liked Mermaid Springs better because I felt safe there. Ma could not swim, so she never made me jump off a dock into deep water, and she always insisted that I wear an orange styrofoam cylinder on my back like a skindiver or spaceman. Ma usually sat on a towel on the grass near the beach, reading a magazine or a book while tanning her legs. Every now and then she would call to us not to go too far or not to splash each other. When she wore her one-piece red swimming suit, she would come in up to her waist, then lower herself to her shoulders, being careful not to get her hair wet. On the rarest occasions, she would wear a swimming cap and float on her back in the shallow water. Often she stayed in her shorts and shirt, adding sunglasses and removing shoes as her concession to summer and the beach.
  • There is an extractor fan, inset spotlights to the ceiling and a heated towel rail.
  • That night Laurie was alone at the trailer. She was bored, and the devils from the past were bothering her again. She drank up all the wine. She drank up all the beer. She drank the Listerine. She drove to the liquor store dressed in only a towel and high heels, and made it back home just in time for a three day drunk.
  • Back on deck they shed their diving gear and were handed towels by the first mate. The zodiac was gone. The Captain explained that the zodiac had moved back in the direction of Skull Island within 15 minutes of them going underwater.
  • Markel? said Wilbur again, the same trembling anxiety in his voice, as he handed Jimmie Dale the towels and motioned toward a washstand in the corner of the room. "Did you say Markel--Theodore Markel?"
  • At the palace, Valentin and Cassius squired Caspar and his entourage to the bath house. Adelais was summoned to accompany Beryl to the womens baths, but hadnt arrived by the time the men departed. In the bath house, they shed their clothes and took linen towels, wrapped around their waists. Valentin caught Cassius admiring Caspars smooth, toned back and smirked.
  • Meanwhile, Dave was flying around IKEA in Hicksville like Superman on an interior decorating spree. Couch, bed, dining table, small entertainment center, bathroom rug, towels, an anything else that wasnt nailed down and could fit into the truck. He then raced across town and was motoring past OMalleys Pub when he saw a grounded sign that read, "WELCOME HOME, D.A.!" Bailey Woods was a large Long Island town with a small-town feel. News traveled fast as fast as e-mail, and it always felt like the gossip-mill present in high school was alive and kicking in the adult world.
  • She gave us a quicker tour. The bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi, radiators on the wall to keep your towel warm and heated tiles for the winter months, a small bedroom with a massive bed, a fully equipped kitchen that could have done with less appliances and more space and finally the living room or saloon as she called it with a wall mounted flat screen TV, surround sound and wi-fi internet access to complement its leather couch.
  • Porky started with dessertall manner of honeyed, nutted and flakey-pastried concoctions which made him quickly realize he wasn't going to make it through dessert without coffee. He went back behind the counter, said "Hello" one more time and then put on a pot of coffee. He looked at the cash register, thought briefly about what a life on the lamb would be like if he should grab it and run. He looked around at the order pads on the worn shelving underneath the counter where several moist towels were stained with drink and constellated with coffee grounds and congratulated himself on his good dumb luck.
  • The modest shorts and sleeveless blouse the Japanese girl wore when she stepped out to retrieve the towel held no special interest to Robbie and Ernie. Brad felt immediate guilt about spying on the gentle teenager. All at once she was a person he was sure he wanted to know better.
  • Summer watched her children run toward the house, the rain pounding. It had started as a gentle tap tap, now sounded like the SLAP of Nats ball into his mitt. Skye seemed to dance instead of run and she was the wettest, Summer keeping her on the tile as Dan brought a towel.
  • Catrin filled her cupped hands and splashed her face repeatedly. Each time, gray water seeped into the corners of her eyes, stinging and burning. When Wonk returned with another basin, Catrin stuck her entire face in the warmer water even before he had settled it on the stone bench. Using one of the towels, she dried her face and frowned when she saw how dirty the cloth came away. It seemed she might never get clean, but Wonk tirelessly brought fresh basins of water.
  • If he wanted her back, he would have to work for it. Avery stormed out, stealing a bath towel for good measure and leaving Carter standing there alone amongst all the staring shoppers. All the next day, she waited for him to put together some big surprise to show her how much he really cared. Every time she opened her locker, she expected to find a present. Her phone was deader than Elvis. And he just gave her sheepish looks in the classes they had together.
  • First he felt embarrassed. God, Mom knew he was fucking a stripper. Then he thought of how hot she looked, and felt only lust. Maybe he could get her alone upstairs in the towel closet. Then he thought of her marrying Gordon and felt like beating his brother to death over it. Then he thought of continuing to fuck her once she was married. Take that, little brother. She loves me more than you.
  • "Of course you dont," Ivy said. "Theres no good reason for it. We were slaves. We did what he said. Who knows why he wanted to talk to Reychel? Who cares?" She slapped her towel on the counter as she handed Mark his mead.
  • I knew it would come to this one of these days, Tom, said Eanswyth, who now reappeared with the necessary refreshment, and water and towels for dressing his wounds.
  • She looked down. It wasn't exactly that she had forgotten she was standing in icy water, stark naked; she'd just forgotten to care. Reminded of her state, she blushed and grabbed the towel.
  • This is getting to be a real hare and hound chase, observed Hinpoha, as they proceeded slowly, looking into every little cove and inlet. Soon they rounded the last point and were spied by the anxious watchers in the lighthouse, who waved their towels and shrieked at the tops of their voices.
  • Okay, make a note, I said as I rode along sweating as if I were sitting in a sauna, "remember to bring along plenty of liquids, towels, and a change of clothing the next time you take a trip in this vehicle on a hot day." I played with the idea of telling the truck's owner that the A/C barely functioned in hopes he might rectify the problem, but I knew better. Junior Junior did not fix things. He merely added the newest broken object to the large pile of broken objects located behind the station and bought a new one. Fixing, to Junior Junior, meant hitting it once very hard with a big hammer, and if that didn't correct the problem, he tossed it on the pile.
  • And two boxes of my cartridges, she added, "to say nothing of handkerchiefs, towels, sheets, and my best pair of slippers. But what they want with your toothbrush is more than I can imagine. They'll be stealing the billiard balls next."
  • I dialed her again, imagining a bath towel turban on my head. After a brisk electronic cadenza, the phone was picked up. "A.G. Enterprises this is Kimberley."
  • "Again, I mean, cmon," said Lori, flat on her lounger, speaking with her face smooshed into the towel under her. "Is Hollywood knocking on her door? As great as the money thing is, its not like you have contacts with filmmakers wholl put Dee in a movie just cuz you wave dollars atem."
  • "Sure, you can. Lie down here." Vaughn indicates a braided rug. "Banner'll put a towel over your head to hold you down. Can't weasel out on me if you're doing the holding, can you, Banner?"
  • "Look! In the window! Gaaad! She has a tan all over!" Brad whispered hoarsely while he pointed with a grimy, shaking finger. The well developed, young body stayed in view for just a short moment which was only as long as it took Elinor to drop her bath towel onto the foot of her bed, turn to her dresser for her hair brush and then step behind the open closet door. The image of a small, warm smile as she hummed to the soft waltz music that drifted from her hi-fi, stayed with Brad. "She's beautiful, she's gorgeous," He said quietly.
  • Katie padded up to me in her towel. She smiled a heavy-lidded smile, put her arms around me. I could feel her body under the towel.
  • Passengers will arrive in fully made-up cabins with fresh towels and bed linen.
  • If the knee pan is broken, put the boy on his back and straighten out the leg on a padded splint which reaches from the heel to the hip, putting some cotton or a folded towel under the knee and the heel. Then bandage the splint on at the ankle, at the upper part of the leg, and above and below the knee pan.
  • After a diligent search in the neighbourhood for journals or relics, McClintock led his party along the coast, till on 30th May they found another relic in the shape of a large boat, with a quantity of tattered clothing lying in her. She had been evidently equipped for the ascent of the Great Fish River. She had been built at Woolwich Dockyard; near her lay two human skeletons, a pair of worker slippers, some watches, guns, a Vicar of Wakefield, a small Bible, New Testament, and Prayer Book, seven or eight pairs of boots, some silk handkerchiefs, towels, soap, sponge, combs, twine, nails, shot, and cartridges, needle and thread cases, some tea and chocolate, and a little tobacco.
  • Coach Andrews warned his players that Fellingwood was not going to quit, but they ignored his pleas, as usual, over the next two minutes. Gerry still couldn't get his hands on the ball, but his teammates took up the slack and narrowed the deficit to 44-42 with 15 seconds left. On the inbounds pass Tom Sullivan got hit on the nose and surrendered control of the ball. The ref's ignored his anguish and Fellingwood called a time out with 20 seconds left. Sullivan was immediately escorted to the locker room while holding a bloody, red-stained towel to his nose.
  • Katie came out of the bedroom in a towel at that moment. She looked at the dripping mess Tim now attempt to stuff in his mouth.
  • Mavis had showered and put on a robe. A towel was wrapped around her head. She looked down at her folded hands as she sat rocking back and forth on the entrance landing, watching the people below. She puffed her lips, sucked them in, and then puffed again. She felt happy. But she felt so sleepy. "Its in the pool. Its smarter than you. Its in the pool," she said in a singsong voice. The two paramedics each gently took her arms and led her up the stairs toward the master suite. "Its in the pool," she repeated.
  • I figured, what the hey, and wrapped the towel around myself, then stepped completely through him and smacked my head on the opposite wall.
  • I almost moaned, closing my eyes when I felt the cool towel on my forehead. Even with them closed, I could see true black eating at the edges of my vision. Gillian's voice sounded like it was coming from far away when she answered.
  • Daphne had finished her rounds, including tending to these three, and was now leaning casually against the back bar, listening to the conversation, her arms loosely crossed, a white bar towel slung over one shoulder. When it appeared that Midge, Bud, and Skeeter had forgotten about the mysterious man at the other end of the bar, she glanced at himhe was already watching herand decided to approach his corner. She leaned over the bar and asked, noticing that his beer was nearly gone:
  • The dancehall overlooked Hawkins Springs and a sliver of the darker waters of the Suwannee that flowed past the spring's mouth. A narrow dirt path, rutted from rains, ran in front of the dancehall and down to the sandy beach. We would change into our swimsuits in the shadows of the echoing dancehall, leaving our clothes on the floor, and run down to the water with our towels and toys. Pa usually dropped his shirt and towel in the sand as he ran, kicked off his flipflops, and plunged in, splashing all about him while we kids giggled, and diving under water when he was in up to his thighs.
  • "How many last days of the last month have you spent here? Have you ever, ever had a problem ... discounting, of course, vicious towels that -"
  • Waltz around like a diva all day long, without this hair towel falling off.
  • Sarah came in with a handful of clean towels and the first aid box he stocked in the house just incase of an accident. Only because they live so far out in the woods they might need them. She sat them all on the table and walked around to the sink and filled the empty fruit bowl full of hot water. She brought it over and sat down in a chair in front of him. As she cleaned his chest wounds first she asked "How were you able to stand while being shocked."
  • Leslie was habitually an early riser, and, notwithstanding the fact that the previous night's rest had been a broken one, he was once more astir by sunrise, taking his towels and soap with him to a little rocky pool in the stream where he was wont to indulge in his morning's "tub;" and by eight o'clock he was seated at table in his tent, enjoying his breakfast, and at the same time keeping an eye upon the barque.
  • She peed on the stick and then placed it on a paper towel on the counter next to the sink. "I mean, it could one of two people. Either Danny or Drew. How long does this take?"
  • Lester stood, smoothed out his white smock and swung the barber chair around to greet the customer. He smacked the red leather seat with a towel and threw an inviting smile to the man who walked in. When he laid eyes on his potential customer, however, the smile dropped off of his face like a bad habit.
  • She threw a towel over her arm as he placed himself upon a stool. When he carefully moved the end of the sheathed sword to keep it from striking the bar, she appeared even more grateful for his appearance. She stepped up to his place and quickly wiped the bar surface with the towel before replacing it over her arm.
  • Cameron ignored him. He was conscious mainly of a resolute determination that at all costs he must not yield to his almost uncontrollable desire to wipe off the apologetic smile with a well directed blow. Mr. Denman's parting advice was in his mind and he was devoting all his powers to the business of adjusting himself to his present environment. But to his fastidious nature the experiences of the morning made it somewhat doubtful if he should be able to carry out the policy of adjustment to the extreme of schooling himself to bear with equal mind the daily contact with the dirt and disorder which held so large a place in the domestic economy of the Haley household. One thing he was firmly resolved upon, he would henceforth perform his toilet in his own room, and thereby save himself the horror of the family roller towel and the family comb.
  • He had washed his face and was drying it with the towel when a sound made him look over beyond the rocks. It was the crackling sound made by a dead stick stepped upon, or a sapling broken down. Either meant the bear.
  • A vortex appeared over the bed. Loose things around the room flung themselves toward it - the water pitcher, my folded towels, a basket of fruit Id picked up on the street for snacks. My clothes lashing my body in the sudden gale, I felt myself being dragged across the room too, and Jill, arms flailing, was trying to dig her heels into the floorboards, but then the whole flaming bed took a hop off the floor, twirled once, breaking apart, folded itself through the vortex, and vanished. The vortex made a loud slurp, fell in about itself, and followed the bed into nothingness.
  • They stayed together for long moments. Neither of them spoke. Finally, Linda released her iron strong hold. She stepped back and she wiped the tears from her eyes. She quickly moved around the bar and got a towel to wipe her face. She laughed a little, embarrassed by her own emotional outburst. The relief of seeing Ryson fueled her joy, and she laughed a little harder.
  • When she shut the door of the bathroom Connor walked into the kitchen. He turned on the stove and sat a skillet down, to get the metal heated. He walked to the refrigerator and opened it. Pulling out a carton of eggs and bacon he begin cooking for the both of them. Just as he finishing cooking the satisfying meal, Sarah walked in with a towel wrapping her wet hair and wore a tight blue top and white shorts. He was glad that he thought about stocking the bathroom with towels and other bathroom necessities. "How was it?"
  • If any of you wish, the water is hot. Bathe your feet, or swim. There are substances in the water, which refresh and soothe. We have towels and blankets for you.’
  • QUasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization. Now also ironically and alternatively interpreted (ack AM) as Quite Unacceptable And Nasty Government Offshoot. Either way, the QUANGO acronym is now firmly established as a word in its own right. In generations to come, folk will muse over its origins and whether the wrestler of the same name (Johnny Kwango - phonetically the same that is), who used to polish his forehead with a towel before administering his trademark head-but, had anything to do with the term.
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