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Okunuşu: / taʊəl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow·el
Ekler: tow·els
Türü: isim, fiil


i. havlu, silecek, peşkir;

f. havlu ile kurulamak veya kurulanmak.

towel için örnek cümleler:

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  • I almost moaned, closing my eyes when I felt the cool towel on my forehead. Even with them closed, I could see true black eating at the edges of my vision. Gillian's voice sounded like it was coming from far away when she answered.
  • If any of you wish, the water is hot. Bathe your feet, or swim. There are substances in the water, which refresh and soothe. We have towels and blankets for you.’
  • Coach Andrews warned his players that Fellingwood was not going to quit, but they ignored his pleas, as usual, over the next two minutes. Gerry still couldn't get his hands on the ball, but his teammates took up the slack and narrowed the deficit to 44-42 with 15 seconds left. On the inbounds pass Tom Sullivan got hit on the nose and surrendered control of the ball. The ref's ignored his anguish and Fellingwood called a time out with 20 seconds left. Sullivan was immediately escorted to the locker room while holding a bloody, red-stained towel to his nose.
  • What's the matter? inquired Jack, coming up, while he endeavoured to scrub his long hair dry with a towel of cocoa-nut cloth.
  • "Oh by the waythanks for leaving me a clean towel to dry off with. That was very sweet and sisterly of ya’…" my brother said, dramatically once he stopped laughing.
  • My skin was warm. Flushed. I switched on the cars air conditioner, but I knew it wasnt the afternoon heat. It was the massage and hot towel treatment from the chiropractor. Third visit this week. The sixth in two weeks.
  • Sarah came in with a handful of clean towels and the first aid box he stocked in the house just incase of an accident. Only because they live so far out in the woods they might need them. She sat them all on the table and walked around to the sink and filled the empty fruit bowl full of hot water. She brought it over and sat down in a chair in front of him. As she cleaned his chest wounds first she asked "How were you able to stand while being shocked."
  • Bob takes the towel ends and braces. Sean takes the arm and in one forceful jerk yanks it out then back into the socket. Tom yelps. Sean feels around the cuff and says, "Good, it feels like it's back in place. Just go real easy on it for a week or so. The tendons are all stretched and you might pull it out again. Otherwise, you'll be good as new. I'll see if I can find a sling. That will help with the healing."
  • "It's for my hope-chest," she informed Bobby with dignity, and not even the shout of laughter which greeted this statement could ruffle her. "You may think it's funny," she observed serenely, "but I have six towels and three aprons made and put away all ready."
  • Yes, yes, we do. But oh, my goodness. What have you done? Oh, dear. She crossed the room and dropped to the side of her injured husband. Before she got to him she wiped her hands on a tea towel and tossed it on the couch. "What have you hurt?"
  • The villains were just beginning to feel safe enough to yell at their acolytes for towels and magic cleaning powder when the earth shook.
  • She yelled into the apartment. Someone responded from the bathroom. The door burst open and a bearded guy bustled out, a towel wrapped around his waist.
  • The lead tank straddled the narrow road and churned up a huge cloud of red dust, which enveloped the rest of the platoon. The dust cloud rose as high in the sky as a man could see and covered the plants and trees beside the road for a distance of more than a mile. The sun baked dust was as light and as fine as talc. For those at the end of the column it became almost unbearable. The drivers wore eye goggles but that didnt help them to breathe or to see. Those who hadnt been able to requisition goggles shut their eyes or tilted their head forward to deflect the dirt with the rim of their helmet. Others tied shirts over their faces, and closed their eyes. The guns were all loaded with short belts of ammunition and wrapped in towels to keep the firing mechanisms clean.
  • "Grandma, this is an embarrassing subject to be talking about to your grandmother, Sandra says and moves over to the towel rack to get one of the highly embroidered towels draped over the rackfolded and placed exactly in the center of the rack.
  • 'Because I said so. Just do as you're told and keep out of trouble.' He used the mottled blue-and-white-striped towel that was hung around his neck to dab at his face as he stepped out onto the veranda. 'Where the hell are your useless cousins?'
  • Turning to two crewmembers Butler commanded, "Get the ropes out of the Duck, the first aid kit, some towels, and the two-way radios."
  • I awoke to flames crackling and dancing before my face. Smoke stung my nostrils. Hushed and worried voices speculated and disagreed. I lay on a pair of spongy pads, wrapped like a mummy in poly towels under two layers of down sleeping bag.
  • "I went to the police. They added her to the hundreds of missing persons," Bill said. "Ive got to go. Ill keep calling her mother." He tossed the towel on the table and headed toward the entrance door.
  • "He's back in town. I just heard last night. One of the gymnasium pickpockets we've been after all winter turned himself in. Seems he was in the baths, doing his looting circuit, and he touched Sicarius's towel before realizing whose stuff he was trolling through. The thief spent half the day looking over his shoulder and then showed up at HQ wanting to be arrested so he could hide out in a cell."
  • First he felt embarrassed. God, Mom knew he was fucking a stripper. Then he thought of how hot she looked, and felt only lust. Maybe he could get her alone upstairs in the towel closet. Then he thought of her marrying Gordon and felt like beating his brother to death over it. Then he thought of continuing to fuck her once she was married. Take that, little brother. She loves me more than you.
  • As soon as the tent was up, Bane entered it, and Mirra hesitated for a moment before joining him. He glared at her, rubbing water from his hair with a dry cloth. Settling on the floor, she strived to hide her shivering. Bane had already shucked his wet shirt and cloak, now he put down the towel and pulled off his boots, wincing as he tackled his injured foot. It was badly swollen and discoloured; she was amazed he was able to walk on it. The torn skin had healed, but the broken bones would not, for he gave it no rest. The longing to heal him flared, but she kept silent, knowing his reaction. He studied the appendage for a moment, then went back to drying himself.
  • Kerrion glanced around at his room, which was almost devoid of furnishings. Two cream-coloured linen cushions were piled together in the centre of the sitting area, next to a low puffwood table topped with glass. A narrow bed stood in the far corner, a plain chest of drawers beside it. Within curtained alcove was a brass tub, a rough towel and a table with a basin and pitcher of water on it. A solitary, rather threadbare tapestry covered one wall, and another had two lead-paned windows in it, a puffwood tree blocking the view.
  • I carried the towel back into the bedroom and tossed it near the shower in the bathroom. "I forgot about all of those properties. Thanks for showing them to me," I said.
  • There was another knock on the door and the nurse walked in balancing a tray covered with a towel in one hand, deftly closing the door behind her with the other.
  • You take the towel and scrub your head and hands. You like the rough terrycloth against your skin. It defines the world: if the cloth is real, then you are.
  • Prices fully inclusive, beds made up for your arrival, towels, toweling robes and molton brown toiletries provided.
  • Now wave! commanded Katherine, when the Huronic was almost opposite them, and the towels fluttered frantically over the edge of the little balcony. Dozens of handkerchiefs were waved in answer from the deck of the big liner. "They think we're just waving at them for fun," said Katherine, when nothing took place that looked like an effort at rescue.
  • "Dont get sour because she never had any interest in you," Brangot said. He wadded the towel in his leafy knuckles and looked expectantly at Diotitus. "Well, are you coming?"
  • Then Bob would put the bundle of towels in a hole in the shingle, or under some big boulder, which did not improve them, by the way; Rover observing everything his young master did with the keenest attention, barking the while, and with every hair of his mane bristling with excitement.
  • Literally, my arm was holding a towel half way on route to its destination and there it remained as I processed what I had just heard.
  • Margret opened a cabinet and pulled out a large white towel. "You can soak for a while, and then you can rinse off with the shower. Ill be in the other room when youre done," she said as she added the towel to the pile of clothes.
  • The golden hands on his sons neck burned white hot. Steam rose from the towel that protected his chest. Simon Says grabbed a pail and began to ladle water directly on the ring. It sizzled and hissed.
  • Fay was gone as he entered the master bedroom. A towel was wrapped around his hips. He shaved, brushed his teeth and dressed casually. Now he felt more like facing the world but only marginally.
  • Lance says, "Watch for prints. I think there's gonna be police here soon," as he tosses him a small towel and begins wiping all the surfaces they may have touched.
  • If the knee pan is broken, put the boy on his back and straighten out the leg on a padded splint which reaches from the heel to the hip, putting some cotton or a folded towel under the knee and the heel. Then bandage the splint on at the ankle, at the upper part of the leg, and above and below the knee pan.
  • A servant meandered through, offering water, towels, or bandages as needed. A musician wandered from fight to fight, beating an invigorating pattern on a hand drum. He held out his fur cap for donations between bouts.
  • The girls were put straight to bed when they returned home. Annie then kicked off her shoes, grabbed an old towel and headed for the living room. She laid flat out on the living room floor with her feet up on the towel covered couch. This was the only way she knew how to straighten the kinks out of her back when she overdid things.
  • Personal towels are provided we will provide bathrobes for 2 person b. .
  • Her eyes shot-gunned opened, expecting to find herself surrounded by the aseptic austerity of a hospital room. And instead she her eyes locked onto familiar items: couches, chairs, a television. She was back at home. At home, naked and wrapped in a towel on the floor of her living room. The tendrils of her soaking wet hair tickled the back of her neck.
  • "Don't you know a Molotov cocktail when you hear one? You mix the gasoline with the detergent, fill the bottles and stuff towel tightly through the top. You light the part of the towel sticking out and hurl the thing. It breaks and the gasoline explodes. The detergent makes the gasoline stick to whatever you hit. I saw it on TV."
  • Alastor takes his sword off, tossing it onto the bed. He then starts to remove his outer coat and shirts. Amelia returns to find Alastor half naked. She hands the basin and towel to him, trying to avoid looking at him. Alastor sets the basin down on a nearby vanity, splashing water onto his face and chest. Amelia looks on as he washes, blushing as she does so, but she finds that she cannot look away, for the sight of a large number of scars on Alastor's body will not let her. At least, that is the justification she convinces herself of.
  • If Annie hung the clothes outside, the goats would have to be put back in their pen. The woman stopped and watched her children play for a moment. She decided that drying the clothes inside for a few more weeks wouldnt hurt, so turning around, she headed back inside. She laid the clothes over some long poles that she balanced between the backs of two chairs. She also laid clothes on several dry towels along the couch. She added another coal to the box stove to warm the room. The clothes would be dry before morning, as they had done all winter.
  • In addition we only use terry towels which will not cause any scratches.
  • I went downstairs and stood in the big bay window staring at the street, my erection prominent. I was in a frenzy to rub and suck some woman's skin and no longer having other options, I took care of myself right there in plain view, my good standing in the neighborhood be damned. I made a mess. Practicality snapping to attention as soon as my penis had eased, I ran back to my rooms for a robe, a towel and a tonic of bubbly water and lemon juice, which I doused on the spray of semen on the rug.
  • This banshee cry sent a convulsion through the crowd. Many were galvanised into action. Amongst cries for towels and boiling water andCall the fire brigade, the heftiest guests, not all guys, lurched forward in order to lift Carla and carry her into the bedroom. Though some of them tried to take her to the kitchen instead. As she receded into the darkness of the bedroom, Carla saw Philip holding onto Juliet while calling for an ambulance on his mobile. Several guests were also calling for an ambulance on their mobiles. But then, she reflected, you could never have enough ambulances, could you?
  • If the upper arm is broken, make three splints, one long enough to reach from the shoulder to the elbow to go on the outside of the arm, one to go on the inner side of the arm, and one on the back of the arm. Pad the arm from the armpit to the elbow with cotton, towels, or newspapers wrapped in cloth, and, after bandaging on the splints, put the forearm in a sling and bind the arm to the body.
  • Bedrolls with linen, feather duvets and pillows, towels and all amenities ( soap etc ) are provided.
  • Cameron ignored him. He was conscious mainly of a resolute determination that at all costs he must not yield to his almost uncontrollable desire to wipe off the apologetic smile with a well directed blow. Mr. Denman's parting advice was in his mind and he was devoting all his powers to the business of adjusting himself to his present environment. But to his fastidious nature the experiences of the morning made it somewhat doubtful if he should be able to carry out the policy of adjustment to the extreme of schooling himself to bear with equal mind the daily contact with the dirt and disorder which held so large a place in the domestic economy of the Haley household. One thing he was firmly resolved upon, he would henceforth perform his toilet in his own room, and thereby save himself the horror of the family roller towel and the family comb.
  • With English love of fair fight, the cockneys divided themselves impartially between the battlers and converted themselves into impromptu rubbers and handlers. There was perhaps not a man in the crowd who liked Caradoc; nevertheless they hustled him to his awning, put him down on a box, procured towels, water, sponges from somewhere, and set up a vigorous fanning and rubbing, all out of a desire to see fair play. At the end of a minute they carried their champions back and set them facing each other like human game cocks.
  • Slipping inside the shed and closing the door behind him, Carter pulled out the front of his shorts and looked at his manhood. Everything seemed to be in the right place. Clearly, this was just a freak occurrence, and the next time he saw her hed be good to go all night like he usually was. Crossing to the table, he grabbed a towel from his bag to wipe himself down. The door gave the slightest creak behind him.
  • She sprayed some cold water on her face and then breathed deeply into the moistened paper towel before heading back to the conference room. Her mood had shifted because she knew the question about the weekend had to be answered even before he formally asked the question.
  • "Okay," she said, scooping up Po in the towel before he could finish. She strode over to the gate and put him inside the fence.
  • The dancehall overlooked Hawkins Springs and a sliver of the darker waters of the Suwannee that flowed past the spring's mouth. A narrow dirt path, rutted from rains, ran in front of the dancehall and down to the sandy beach. We would change into our swimsuits in the shadows of the echoing dancehall, leaving our clothes on the floor, and run down to the water with our towels and toys. Pa usually dropped his shirt and towel in the sand as he ran, kicked off his flipflops, and plunged in, splashing all about him while we kids giggled, and diving under water when he was in up to his thighs.
  • "Oh I do." Rose wrung as much water from her hair as was possible, then wrapped the towel around her body. Her hair still dripped; she had inherited her mothers thick, near-curly tresses, Petra with their fathers more lank hair. Rose owned not only their mothers hair, but her eyes, wide and noteworthy. Petra looked like their father, smaller features in a face that otherwise seemed similar to her younger sister. They did look alike, from far away.
  • Emily was reaching for a paper towel when Daniel glided into the kitchen and said, "Did you cut your hand, Aunt Emily?"
  • If any part of the above scenario describes you, go ahead and throw in the towel because that's just pathetic. However, if you are free from that concentrated amount of depression, but can still identify with the overall sentiment, then this latest volume in the Images of Cutesy series is for you.
  • Chris looking at some bath towels, replies, "I dont know if you can. Im trying to decide either to get his or her towels or both.
  • Walking out to the front deck, he watched appreciatively as Rachel emerged from the turquoise blue ocean and strolled up the beach to the shower where she rinsed off. He met her with a towel and robe.
  • That afternoon to restock his larder, Billy went to the butcher shop in Huntington Village to buy sausage, chicken cutlets, a steak, hamburger, and cold cuts. His next stop was the supermarket for fresh mushrooms, celery, a box of Cheerios, lemon and strawberry yogurts, canned soups, baked beans, refried beans, cans of peas and carrots, eggs, milk, pita bread, rye bread, coffee, a box of Irish tea bags, a pound cake, two kinds of cookies, napkins, paper towels, olive oil and a copy of Newsday.
  • He stepped across the threshold, his eyes trained to quick observation of details taking in at a glance all there was to be seen. The room showed all signs of a fresh unpacking, the one table and two chairs piled high with odds and ends. For the most part the miscellany consisted of big, fat books, bundles of towels and fresh white napkins, rubber-stoppered bottles of varicolored contents, and black leather cases, no doubt containing a surgeon's instruments. Through an open door giving entrance to the adjoining room he noted further signs of unpacking with a marked difference in the character of the litter; the girl stepped quickly to this door, shutting out the vision of a helter-skelter of feminine apparel.
  • I dialed her again, imagining a bath towel turban on my head. After a brisk electronic cadenza, the phone was picked up. "A.G. Enterprises this is Kimberley."
  • Feeling dizzy, I struggled to keep holding my breath. Then, something terrible happened and suddenly, lack of oxygen was the least of my problems. Lawrence bent over to pick up the paper towel trying to delay the inevitable!
  • That night Laurie was alone at the trailer. She was bored, and the devils from the past were bothering her again. She drank up all the wine. She drank up all the beer. She drank the Listerine. She drove to the liquor store dressed in only a towel and high heels, and made it back home just in time for a three day drunk.
  • Reynolds certainly did understand, and with an exclamation of surprise and delight, he entered the little room, where he found a bath tub partly filled with water, clean towels, a suit of clothes, and a shaving outfit.
  • A pack of frozen peas wrapped in a damp towel applied for 10 minutes would suffice.
  • "At the end of the hall, on the left," she nodded her weather reddened face in the direction away from the stairs, "here's a towel and I'll run and have your bath ready quick as a doe. Leave any clothes you want washed in the basket by the bureau."
  • After a diligent search in the neighbourhood for journals or relics, McClintock led his party along the coast, till on 30th May they found another relic in the shape of a large boat, with a quantity of tattered clothing lying in her. She had been evidently equipped for the ascent of the Great Fish River. She had been built at Woolwich Dockyard; near her lay two human skeletons, a pair of worker slippers, some watches, guns, a Vicar of Wakefield, a small Bible, New Testament, and Prayer Book, seven or eight pairs of boots, some silk handkerchiefs, towels, soap, sponge, combs, twine, nails, shot, and cartridges, needle and thread cases, some tea and chocolate, and a little tobacco.
  • "For what? Remembering my name?" The server bent forward and used a folded bar towel to wipe up a spot from the table, smiling up to Ed and he looked deeply into her cleavage.
  • At least, thats Sarahs impression as she sits near the back of the courtroom. She takes a minute to look around at this very creative, circular structure used mostly for swearing in new American citizens, ceremonial proceedings, and an occasional appeals hearing. But it is also the perfect venue for large, high profile trials like this one, with its state-of-the-art audio, video and digital capabilities. A glass cylinder one-hundred feet in diameter and one-hundred feet high starting on the second floor of the Federal Courthouse and reaching all the way to the top of the building, this Special Proceedings Courtroom is paneled ten-feet high all around with Anigre wood from Africa and capped with a million dollar suspended glass ceiling that costs $4000 just to clean. Sarah heard that window washers have to crawl across the top of the laminated glass with towels and window spray.
  • A clank woke her. Amaranthe sat up, cursing the disease that left her so weak. Sicarius had produced a metal laundry bin. Inside, water shimmered yellow with the reflection of lamplight. He had even scrounged a towel and a bar of soap. She beamed with heartfelt pleasure for the first time in days. Sicarius dropped a nondescript set of utility clothing on her cot.
  • "Justwanted to know…" She slowly came towards him, the towel still loosely draped around her. He was instantly, overwhelmingly, aroused. She moved to him, pressed her firm breasts into his chest, and slowly lifted her resplendent face toward his, until their lips all but touched.
  • Chrome towel warmer radiators will be fitted in the bathroom and master bedroom en suite.
  • Care of hands and nails is much neglected in camp, Nails should be properly trimmed and the "mourning" removed from underneath the nails. The habit of biting the finger nails is dangerous. Finger nails should be cut once a week with sharp scissors or "clip." If the nails be neglected and a scratch received from the infected fingers the system may be inoculated with disease. The cleansing of the hands after using the lavatory needs special emphasis, for in no place do more germs collect and spread. Boys should not be permitted to use each other's towels, combs, brushes, or soap. A towel may carry germs from one boy to another.
  • Wanting to get him to bed quicker she told him "Hand me the soap and the sponge." He did and she washed his back and chest. Sarah didnt dare go lower or she might lose what little control she had left and take him as her own. As they both finished drying off she stepped out of the room first with a towel wrapped over her middle and hurried into the kitchen to take out dinner. Connor came out wearing the towel, covering only his waist. He walked to the wagon and pulled it into their bedroom. "Dinner is ready." she yelled into the back.
  • He sat dejectedly on a chair in the kitchen and stared at the opposite wall. The dish towels hanging from the rack were filthy. He must wash them - soon. Why was he thinking of washing towels? Why had Liz put her dress on that rack, with the dirty towels - her print dress with ruffles at the collar? She rarely wore that dress, but that was no reason to -
  • "You mean in the tub? No. Youll get all wrinkly, and the steam would get into the fabrics and start four different kinds of mold." Sanych waved a wet hand at the stack of towels that awaited use by clean journeymen. "Shall I recite their life cycles for you?"
  • She threw it over him and he fell back, bumping his head once again on the tub. He pulled the towel from his shoulder, gazed at it for a moment, gazed at himself, then lay the towel carefully across his naked loins, grinning.
  • Try Il Fornaio Caldo on Columbus, I think you'd enjoy that more. After you've gone out, I'll get your wet towels and empty your trash.
  • He crawled out of bed early, wandered aimlessly about the apartment most of the morning, then, at noon, he turned on Bach and took a hot bath, laying the gray towel on the side of the tub. He lay with eyes closed, the steaming water lapping gently at his chin. Then began the toccata and fugue in D minor. He hadn't realized before; Bach was frightening. This fugue had always been cheerful, fanciful, one of his favourites - now it was sombre, scary. He felt the apprehension creeping up his leg, and he turned uncomfortably - and still, the creeping. He opened his eyes, lifted his foot. A hairy cord, wrapped about his leg, clinging, and he pushed himself upright and gasped and jerked his foot and the thing leaped wildly out of the steaming tub, up and down, reaching for him, flailing, gray and tortuous, and he pushed himself from the tub, over the side, falling to the floor, and the thing followed, sloshing, cleaving to his face and he couldn't breath and he twisted his head, banging against the tub - and everything went black.
  • Rose had taken a shower and her hair was still damp, a towel covering the pillow. She nodded, but wasnt sure if her daughter had seen it. "Daddy told her."
  • Nickel Nose bends over the sink and gently pulls the bloody nickels out of his nose. He takes a handful of paper towels from the sink top and hold s them against his nose.
  • Here his young attendant re-entered the cabin with a tin-bowl in one hand, a bucket of freshly dipped sea-water in the other, and a towel thrown over his shoulder.
  • I listened to the playful sarcasm and realized that I had used the only two bath towels last night. A hand towel would never work in his case. Its barely big enough for his hand. I couldnt suppress my laughter anymore. I extracted my head and tried to look innocent.
  • "We should still look for some clothing, blankets, canned food, towels and shampoo and stuff," Jason said. "I mean, this thing looks like a robbery or simple looting. Looks like they were looking for money. I mean, this place doesn't look ransacked, so, I think money or a safe or cars or something was all the killers wanted, not just a random burglary. Any-what-way, food and clothing should still be around. No burglar steals that crap."
  • BANG! (In point of fact, "BANG!" is a bit of an understatement when describing a noise that would make a nuclear explosion sound no louder than an Aerosmith concert, and when accompanied by the kind of special-effect that would have George Lucas throwing in the towel and going into radio).
  • He finally succeeded in getting into camp, and hurried directly to his own tent. As he entered, he was surprised to see a lamp had been lighted, and somebody was wringing out a towel in the water bucket, at the same time having his head and face well swathed with another towel, that was dripping wet.
  • They paid their fee to an old woman sitting behind the door. Anna paid extra for some towels and then they entered. First they came to a room that contained wooden benches and shelves along the walls. Some of them held other customersclothes, but most were empty. They hung their coats on wooden pegs under the shelves and then Anna started to take off her dress. Tapper turned to face the wall and fumbled with his breeches.
  • And two boxes of my cartridges, she added, "to say nothing of handkerchiefs, towels, sheets, and my best pair of slippers. But what they want with your toothbrush is more than I can imagine. They'll be stealing the billiard balls next."
  • Soon one boy, who was acting as a spy, announced the coming of Plum and Poole. The pair were allowed to reach the door of their dormitory, when they were pounced on from behind and made prisoners. They tried to escape, but the crowd was too many for them, and towels pulled down over their mouths kept them from raising an outcry.
  • His bros damp towel and old clothes had been tossed in a corner beside the desk. The backpack had been opened and rummaged through. A smile played across his face. Fikna had found the shower stations and taken advantage of the luxury.
  • Duke and Nickel Nose stop pacing. the trailer is silent. They look at each other. They start toward the trailer. J.J. appears in the doorway with a towel wrapped around his hips. Blood drips from the scratches on his back. "I think Gertie is dead."
  • As if he found one, might it stop the peanut assault? Summer giggled, then set the damp towel on the rack. The bottom rack, the top one now empty.
  • He handed her a dollar and she was wearing nothing but a towel on her top and a change belt on her bottom. Cindy clicked out two quarters and then a nickel and a penny and handed it to her brother.
  • Mavisnaked body was muted by the steam-glazed glass of the burning shower. The phone rang. She stepped from the shower. Her long fingers twisted a towel across her breasts. At the phone, she looked back at the steam filled bathroom. She rearranged her towel: opening it wide to give the phantom in the shower a better look.
  • It's a fact, said Toro, dropping the towel and feeling for a cigarette. "They're all so mighty well sure they won't be let go down to Bavaro for the Saint Gavino kick-up to-morrow that they've settled to do that. If there ain't no portering to do, they'll be let go. That's how they look at it. They don't care, not a peseta between 'em, how much it costs the company to get the machine put right again; not them skunks don't. What they want is to have a twelve-hour go at the wine in the valley. You won't tell of me, Don Jimmy?"
  • She didnt mind dry-heaving in front of him, had done it before. Not only when pregnant, but just when she felt lousy. Too many tokes would sometimes make her queasy, but this didnt feel like that. She was clearheaded, not fuzzy, and was Gray ready to step off the bathmat, the towel maybe around his middle or only set on the rack, leaving Rose plenty of space to kneel in front of their toilet and set her head over the bowl?
  • The contents were a little disappointing (Millennium Falcon notwithstanding) including some ragged bath towels, two ancient LP's (one of which he already had, but would have denied having even under torture) and what appeared to be a dead cat, but which, on closer inspection, when taken out with great trepidation, turned out to be a Davy Crockett hat.
  • Catrin flushed crimson. She certainly didn't consider herself fetching, and she eyed the crack in the wall with trepidation. Collette smiled kindly and covered the crack with a towel.
  • The sopping wet end of a bath towel came out of the darkness with considerable force and struck Matthew Butler full in the face. The pain was excruciating for a brief moment before becoming just another one of a dozen new pains that were queuing up along the tormented synapses of his brain. He blinked at a bright light in his eyes, unable to focus beyond it. Smooth, distinctly soft hands lifted him off the floor and pushed him into an amazingly comfortable couch. He tried to inventory his body. His hands were bound behind his back with what felt like a nylon zip tie. It was painfully tight and he knew by the sensation that it would soon cause his hands to swell. Fortunately, his feet were unfettered. Things were looking, if not up, at least horizontal.
  • A vortex appeared over the bed. Loose things around the room flung themselves toward it - the water pitcher, my folded towels, a basket of fruit Id picked up on the street for snacks. My clothes lashing my body in the sudden gale, I felt myself being dragged across the room too, and Jill, arms flailing, was trying to dig her heels into the floorboards, but then the whole flaming bed took a hop off the floor, twirled once, breaking apart, folded itself through the vortex, and vanished. The vortex made a loud slurp, fell in about itself, and followed the bed into nothingness.
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