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Okunuşu: / taʊəl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow·el
Ekler: tow·els
Türü: isim, fiil


i. havlu, silecek, peşkir;

f. havlu ile kurulamak veya kurulanmak.

towel için örnek cümleler:

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  • Sam piled the dishes in the sink and turned on the hot water. "Writing. Always wanted to be a writer. Mystery stories. Lots of ideas from cases I've been on. Should have the first story finished by the end of the year." Bryan grunted and pulled a towel off the rack and started to dry the dishes.
  • Red-headed, Thomas OMalley, Jr. walked behind the bar with a small towel over his shoulder, looking like a choir boy.
  • Lori leaned up, moved the towel slightly, sipped her water, and set the glass down and returned the towel to cover her face.
  • My head pounded. I sat up and shrugged off both sleeping bags. I had one microfiber towel wrapped around my waist, another draped over my shoulders like a shawl. I only retained my skivvies. "Where are my clothes?"
  • Mallory ran to the bathroom, found a towel, moved back to Barney and began wiping his face. "Are you all right Baby?" she asked, brushing the towel against the front of his shirt.
  • She dropped the towel and pulled the shirt over her head while he prepared wine before handing her a glass. They sat on the bed, the platter of meat, fruit, bread and cheese between them, and ate, sipped from their glasses, with only the tic of the mantle clock, and the pop of sparks from the fire breaking the thick silence.
  • Summer watched her children run toward the house, the rain pounding. It had started as a gentle tap tap, now sounded like the SLAP of Nats ball into his mitt. Skye seemed to dance instead of run and she was the wettest, Summer keeping her on the tile as Dan brought a towel.
  • "You know how to make a Molotov cocktail? You put the gasoline into the bottles, mix in a little detergent so it will stick when the bottle breaks then cut the towels up and stuff them into the bottle tops tightly like wicks."
  • The lad had finally fallen completely asleep, his mouth going slack, her wet nipple slipping from his foamy milk-covered lips. Maureen efficiently covered herself with a towel she kept handy at all times, saying, "Robert, take him please and lay him down. Hes gotten so heavy."
  • By the time Mrs. Brant was satisfied with arrangements and had counted the towels for the third time, Steve called from downstairs that the boat was arriving.
  • Yet he was not listless---far from it. On the contrary Dave fairly ran to dressing quarters, hustled under a shower and then began to towel and dress.
  • 3. Room must be kept clean: (a) Do not wipe shelves with the hand towels. (b) Hang hand towels on nail provided. (c) Leave buckets and trays in clean condition. (d) Put paper, empty tubes, etc., in box provided for same and not upon the floor.
  • "You mean in the tub? No. Youll get all wrinkly, and the steam would get into the fabrics and start four different kinds of mold." Sanych waved a wet hand at the stack of towels that awaited use by clean journeymen. "Shall I recite their life cycles for you?"
  • Filo pastry sheets, keeping them under a damp towel to prevent them from drying out.
  • Usually very collected and fastidious, Noah had left the covers uncharacteristically disheveled and literally strewn about the room, as though hed sat up and bed and stumbled trying to free himself from the covers in his haste. The door to their large master closet was open, and she saw some of her clothes mixed with Noahs in piles about the floor. Seeing her familiar clothes brought her a strange sense of comfort, and she felt a stray tear floating down her face. She sniffed, wiped away the tear, and peered into the bathroom to see if there were any clean towels left.
  • Reynolds certainly did understand, and with an exclamation of surprise and delight, he entered the little room, where he found a bath tub partly filled with water, clean towels, a suit of clothes, and a shaving outfit.
  • Literally, my arm was holding a towel half way on route to its destination and there it remained as I processed what I had just heard.
  • Lance says, "Watch for prints. I think there's gonna be police here soon," as he tosses him a small towel and begins wiping all the surfaces they may have touched.
  • This was perfectly true but Nick had set himself the task of clearing up the kitchen speedily. He was determined to show her it would always be neat and tidy under his regime. Her refusal to co-operate in his self-imposed pursuit of perfection infuriated him. Grabbing a tea towel from off the chair on which she was perched he ostentatiously started drying the dishes himself.
  • The brownies cooked up in no time flat but I had no idea what the dosage was, which was always half the fun of eating them. I had no idea how much pot I used in relation to the mix. I just sort of tossed everything together haphazardly. Brownie Surprise, I called it. I let them cool on the stove and sat down to read a book, Nausea by Sartre. I thought it fucking drivel, whiny little cunt, but I was determined to get through it. Sartre made it difficult though. I just wanted to go back in time, hand him a razor, and let him get on with it. No one understands you? Everyone is oblivious except for you? Not sure if you exist, you lonely bastard? He'd make Mr. Rogers want to off himself. I was just glad none of the Emos in high school had been intellectual enough to have read it - they would have been insufferable in their pretentiousness. The buzzer rang and I picked it up. It was Ray and he wanted in. I let him up. I took the towel away from the door and he came in.
  • They paid their fee to an old woman sitting behind the door. Anna paid extra for some towels and then they entered. First they came to a room that contained wooden benches and shelves along the walls. Some of them held other customersclothes, but most were empty. They hung their coats on wooden pegs under the shelves and then Anna started to take off her dress. Tapper turned to face the wall and fumbled with his breeches.
  • Care of hands and nails is much neglected in camp, Nails should be properly trimmed and the "mourning" removed from underneath the nails. The habit of biting the finger nails is dangerous. Finger nails should be cut once a week with sharp scissors or "clip." If the nails be neglected and a scratch received from the infected fingers the system may be inoculated with disease. The cleansing of the hands after using the lavatory needs special emphasis, for in no place do more germs collect and spread. Boys should not be permitted to use each other's towels, combs, brushes, or soap. A towel may carry germs from one boy to another.
  • And then she broke down altogether, and hid her face in the towel with which she had been washing Archie's left foot. He saw her shoulders shaking: he knew that, for some reason, she could not speak. But she was crying, and was not cross with him for being cross. It behooved a man to administer consolation.
  • Then Bob would put the bundle of towels in a hole in the shingle, or under some big boulder, which did not improve them, by the way; Rover observing everything his young master did with the keenest attention, barking the while, and with every hair of his mane bristling with excitement.
  • "Check the linen closet over there. There'll be towels, soap, and all. I keep it stocked for out of town clients. The fridge should have some frozen dinners and the bar is well stocked. If you need anything else, dial 909 and Todd or who ever is at the console will have what you want sent up."
  • The last they saw of him was the end of his tufted tail disappearing over the sea-wall at the place where Bob had secreted the towels, so on they went in the expectation of Rover presently overtaking the party with the towels, which he seldom failed to do before the roadway skirting the other side of the common was reached, the retriever being generally very rapid in his movements.
  • She didnt mind dry-heaving in front of him, had done it before. Not only when pregnant, but just when she felt lousy. Too many tokes would sometimes make her queasy, but this didnt feel like that. She was clearheaded, not fuzzy, and was Gray ready to step off the bathmat, the towel maybe around his middle or only set on the rack, leaving Rose plenty of space to kneel in front of their toilet and set her head over the bowl?
  • "Trouble." She tossed the towel to Barker. He caught it in his teeth because his arms were busy behind him trying to pull the slicker sleeves off his wet clothes. Cecilia grabbed the towel and gave his hair a quick rub down. She tossed the towel toward the sink and nudged Barker onto one of two padded benches that met in a V, with a table between. Barker watched Cecilias dress rise higher as she reached into a cabinet above the sink.
  • He lay down directly, and Saxe ran to the spring for a good sluice, to come back glowing and scrubbing his scarlet face with a towel.
  • He produced a towel from the box for Norma, who managed to rub off most of the grease from her hands. She put on her jacket and climbed into her place between Betty and her sister. George proceeded to make up for lost time at a speed that left them breathless.
  • Brenda and Susan laughed hysterically. Ben got to his feet, grabbed the beach towel and flopped off to his room in bright green thongs.
  • I turned on the television. Housekeeping stopped by. I told the maid we were there for an extended stay and my fianc was ill. Could we leave the old sheets and towels out in the hall? I asked. If they replaced those with fresh bedding I could do the rest. That, combined with a good tip, convinced her. Ash slept through all of it.
  • There was another knock on the door and the nurse walked in balancing a tray covered with a towel in one hand, deftly closing the door behind her with the other.
  • Simply wipe it with a paper towel lightly dampened with a mild cleaning solution.
  • He moved away from the mini-bar to the bathroom and began his mildly obsessive ablutions: the little bead of toothpaste, shampooed pubes, running the towel between his wet toes like a fluffy white felling-saw. Feeling clean and slightly heroic after his won battle, he put on fresh clothes and went back to lie on the bed again. He set the alarm on his watch for eight o'clock, just in case.
  • "I'm going to have to put a bell around your neck," I said. "You almost gave me a heart attack." I wiped at my face with the towel I kept off to the side.
  • "Okay," she said, scooping up Po in the towel before he could finish. She strode over to the gate and put him inside the fence.
  • Kerrion glanced around at his room, which was almost devoid of furnishings. Two cream-coloured linen cushions were piled together in the centre of the sitting area, next to a low puffwood table topped with glass. A narrow bed stood in the far corner, a plain chest of drawers beside it. Within curtained alcove was a brass tub, a rough towel and a table with a basin and pitcher of water on it. A solitary, rather threadbare tapestry covered one wall, and another had two lead-paned windows in it, a puffwood tree blocking the view.
  • Chris looking at some bath towels, replies, "I dont know if you can. Im trying to decide either to get his or her towels or both.
  • You know you can, too. The towel is tight against your head. You can't see, and you hear little more than the stereo. You strain, certain that when the towel is pulled away, you'll snap upward and finish with ease. It's odd the other boys couldn't do it. Their failure will make your success sweeter.
  • Look for paper towels, sponges, old sweaty socks, brown paper bags, and flowers.
  • Lori turned to her side, adjusting the towel so it covered the side of her face, leaving no skin above her neck exposed to the sun. "I dont know, Bixie. Ill think about it. Im kinda thinkinabout a lot right now…."
  • I carried the towel back into the bedroom and tossed it near the shower in the bathroom. "I forgot about all of those properties. Thanks for showing them to me," I said.
  • "Don't you know a Molotov cocktail when you hear one? You mix the gasoline with the detergent, fill the bottles and stuff towel tightly through the top. You light the part of the towel sticking out and hurl the thing. It breaks and the gasoline explodes. The detergent makes the gasoline stick to whatever you hit. I saw it on TV."
  • David Martin makes his way down through the dunes to just above the tide line. Amy is already there, stretched out on a beach towel on the sand. She raises an eyebrow at him. ‘Not going in?’ she says.
  • The room was warm but Emory shivered, moving toward her mother. Rose embraced her, getting the entire front of her shirt wet. As Gray put a towel around them, Rose helped her daughter from the bathtub, cuddling Emory in her lap.
  • For the first 20 minutes, Dave read the book and then they both interpreted the words, as Sarah continuously took foul shots. Once Daves electrolytes were restored, he switched places with Sarah after he fetched a towel and wiped up the pool of sweat that had accumulated under him.
  • Specialty of international holiday insurance uk their prosperity or that savage holiday supplier towel specialties.
  • Pits cowered on the sofa, clinging to the uphill arm, the towel with which hed wiped his head still dangling from one hand. He squinted up at Scuzzy as if wincing in advance. "I didnt sicem on you, honest!"
  • Annie was laid on a pile of towels at the edge of the bed. Jennie then placed three pillows behind Annies shoulders and directed her how to hold her legs. She then knelt down before her sister-in-law to see how far along the baby was. Jennie looked carefully. "Babys coming quick. I can see the top of her head."
  • He had washed his face and was drying it with the towel when a sound made him look over beyond the rocks. It was the crackling sound made by a dead stick stepped upon, or a sapling broken down. Either meant the bear.
  • A waiter strolled leisurely into the room, looked about, then approached the table at which the American and English officers were seated. Dropping a towel at Dave's side, the waiter bent over to pick it up, at the same time slyly pressing into Dave's hand a piece of paper.
  • "'So you had better come right away,'" Scotty read on. "'You can fly down and land right at the Millers'. We have shown on the map where to land, and we will put out white towels to make a panel so you can see us from the air. Please hurry. Barby and Jan."
  • Bob takes the towel ends and braces. Sean takes the arm and in one forceful jerk yanks it out then back into the socket. Tom yelps. Sean feels around the cuff and says, "Good, it feels like it's back in place. Just go real easy on it for a week or so. The tendons are all stretched and you might pull it out again. Otherwise, you'll be good as new. I'll see if I can find a sling. That will help with the healing."
  • She sat up, pulling the sheet close to her body. She was dressed in a large nightshirt, but didnt remember coming home or getting a shower. Gray had cleaned her off, a towel covering her pillows.
  • Saxe went off rather dissatisfied, towel in hand, to pass their landlord's wife and receive a nod and smile. Then he went on towards the place which he had visited before; and now, one by one, the cold-looking peaks began to turn rosy and brighten, the scene changing so rapidly to orange and gold that Saxe forgot his dissatisfied feelings, and at last stopped to look round in admiration, then in dismay, and at last in something approaching rage; for not a dozen yards behind him was the heavy, stolid face of Pierre, his mouth looking as if it had not been shut since he spoke to him.
  • Ashamed to be leaving his father alone with the bats but having no choice, Zachary groped along the door and forced his trembling fingers to turn the lock. Then, he backed away until his cast struck the towel rack on the back wall. Pain vibrated through his arm. He fought the need to scream, but couldn't stop his breath, which came and went in great gasps. The windowless bathroom was pitch black. In an attempt to hear over the sound of his own sobs, Zachary clamped his good hand over his mouth.
  • She sprayed some cold water on her face and then breathed deeply into the moistened paper towel before heading back to the conference room. Her mood had shifted because she knew the question about the weekend had to be answered even before he formally asked the question.
  • Tired of feeling the fibers of the yellow towel clinging incessantly to her sticky and sand-encrusted skin, she dropped it to the floor, and stood naked in the kitchen, leaning against the marble tiles of the breakfast counter. She shivered in defianceher body temperature was still low from the glycemic shock and the dip in the ocean. Unlike some of the warm pacific waters, coastal California is fed by arctic streams coming down from Alaska, and the water is always cold, even in the summer. The surfer that found her must have gotten to her quickly, otherwise she might have had hypothermia on her hands to deal with too.
  • Presently the sobs ceased. Sniffling something awful, Jamie rubbed his face across Roberts shoulder, using his shirt like a towel to dry his eyes. Robert pushed him away, scolding, "Do not do that!" He turned his head to look at the spot where Jamie had left a nasty wet patch. "What the hell do you think I am, your goddamned snot rag?"
  • Helene, though not unpleased by the compliment, was disturbed at its implications. But before she could speak, Rannee called out to her sisters and two of them came with woven towels and care fully dried the jungle girl. Next they brought silver flasks containing rare and exquisite scents which they applied. Rannee herself put breastplates delicately fashioned from gold and gleaming with rare gems on Helene, and fastened about the jungle girl's shapely hips a girdle of worked gold likewise resplendent with jewels. About Helene's shoulders was thrown a cape of purest white, exceedingly soft and fine to the touch. Small gold sandals were placed on her feet.
  • Drain on paper towels, and serve as soon as possible while they are still very crisp and brittle.
  • At the far end, a pair of nets hung from polished brass hooks in the ceiling. The nets had been fashioned from bone white rope and tied with small, bright red rope tassels. They held changes of clothing, towels, and washcloths. A folded hammock hung from a hook in the corner.
  • The strand slaps against the front door, probing the gap I seal with a rolled up towel in the winter. It finds a space and shuttles into the house. For long minutes I watch, wondering if I should escape. But where would I go?
  • "Sort of like when were going through our changes during battle," Brandon said naturally and then peaked out from the corner of his towel to see if anyone was listening.
  • A dozen or more of the cowboys were at the house when they arrived, all ravenous for "grub." Outside of the door was a broad bench on which was a basin, which the men in turn replenished from a hogshead standing near, and in which they plunged their hands and faces, emerging dripping to dry themselves on a roller towel behind the door. The boys did the same, and as they came in were introduced by Sandy to the rest of the men. There was a breezy absence of formality that was most refreshing after the more or less artificial life of the East, and the boys warmed at once toward these hardy specimens of manhood, who looked them straight in the eyes and crushed their hands in their hearty grip. This wild, free spirit of the plains was akin to their own, and although their mode of life had been so different, a subtle free masonry told them that in substance they were members of the same brotherhood.
  • Her hunger sated, she wanted a nap, but more than that she desperately wanted to get clean. As if someone were reading her mind, several women approached Catrin with soft towels and scented soaps. One motioned for her to follow and walked toward the towering fountain Catrin had created. She was delighted to see a pond forming outward from the fountain, and she hoped it would continue to grow. She envisioned a lush oasis nestled in the valley, full of life and vigor--a jewel in the desert.
  • The next day Marigaff gave Mia a few assignments. First, she had her read to a small group of children, well behaved three or four year olds. Next, she helped Marigaff fold some linens, but did it with Saa. Mia thought it went well. She only tore two towels in half, well, one in four places, before she got the hang of it. Marigaff said she did well, too. That afternoon she helped with the lunch dishes, but not with Saa. Marigaff said there were too many people about for one as young in Saa as Mia to be practicing invocations. Someone would get hurt. After dishes, she was given a book to start reading, ‘Basic Geography of Morrah’, and returned to her quarters to look it over. At first it was boring, but it was all so new that putting the book down soon became difficult.
  • The modest shorts and sleeveless blouse the Japanese girl wore when she stepped out to retrieve the towel held no special interest to Robbie and Ernie. Brad felt immediate guilt about spying on the gentle teenager. All at once she was a person he was sure he wanted to know better.
  • With rising excitement, he grabbed his own towel and soap jar from the backpack, along with a fresh pair of clothes. Rordan returned to the shower stations and found them deserted. He had a quick, private rinsing and wash to his satisfaction.
  • Not at all, cried Jack, rolling his towel up into a ball, and throwing it into the face of Peterkin, who had been grinning and winking at him during the last five minutes. "Not at all. Look here. There is water of a certain saltness in the sea; well, fill your tank with sea water, and keep it at that saltness by marking the height at which the water stands on the sides. When it evaporates a little, pour in FRESH water from the brook till it comes up to the mark, and then it will be right, for the salt does not evaporate with the water. Then, there's lots of sea-weed in the sea; - well, go and get one or two bits of sea-weed, and put them into your tank. Of course the weed must be alive, and growing to little stones; or you can chip a bit off the rocks with the weed sticking to it. Then, if you like, you can throw a little sand and gravel into your tank, and the thing's complete."
  • We should ask around and find out if somebody saw the human and the canine, responded Kerr at his highest vocal levels before his vocal chords finally gave up the struggle and threw the towel in. Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. Sometimes disability has been known to play the role of step-mother to invention. This was one such instance. Having lost the ability to rise above the general uproar around him, Kerr belatedly realized that they might not have to scream if they moved off the main thoroughfare to a slightly more quieter environ.
  • Mrs. Engle was in the room, bending over the bed with a dampened towel to lay upon Norton's forehead; he showed a sign of fever and his head ached constantly. He looked about quickly as the girl came in, his hand stirring a little, offering itself. She took it by way of greeting and sat down in the chair drawn up at his side.
  • But before mom could open the adjacent linen closet, Daniel was standing on the light blue bath mat completely dry and coifed, with a towel neatly wrapped around his waist.
  • It was quite obvious he was too much of a dullard to be kidding; he must have thought it just neighborly to mention it as he saw me putting away my towels.
  • They helped him get into the back seat of the carGary put a beach towel down firstand then drove home in the time it took Blake to bend over and put on his sneakers earlier in the day.
  • Emily was reaching for a paper towel when Daniel glided into the kitchen and said, "Did you cut your hand, Aunt Emily?"
  • Okay, make a note, I said as I rode along sweating as if I were sitting in a sauna, "remember to bring along plenty of liquids, towels, and a change of clothing the next time you take a trip in this vehicle on a hot day." I played with the idea of telling the truck's owner that the A/C barely functioned in hopes he might rectify the problem, but I knew better. Junior Junior did not fix things. He merely added the newest broken object to the large pile of broken objects located behind the station and bought a new one. Fixing, to Junior Junior, meant hitting it once very hard with a big hammer, and if that didn't correct the problem, he tossed it on the pile.
  • She threw it over him and he fell back, bumping his head once again on the tub. He pulled the towel from his shoulder, gazed at it for a moment, gazed at himself, then lay the towel carefully across his naked loins, grinning.
  • When the phone rang Bryan was just finishing the supper dishes, placing them neatly in the cupboards. His head was wrapped in a towel and ached. He walked slowly to the phone hanging on the kitchen wall, rubbed his sore head and sat in the small chair.
  • The crowd of men who were gathered about the old house were dressing for dinner, or supper, out in the yard; using an old stump for a toilet stand and the lye soap (which had been manufactured by some sort of process through the barrel of ashes that stood on a sloping bench close by), and, throwing my hat and coat on the limb of a gooseberry bush, I plunged into the water, like the rest; but I reckon they all thought I was putting on airs when I declined to use the one towel that had served for all, using instead a dirty pocket handkerchief on my face.
  • "Oh I do." Rose wrung as much water from her hair as was possible, then wrapped the towel around her body. Her hair still dripped; she had inherited her mothers thick, near-curly tresses, Petra with their fathers more lank hair. Rose owned not only their mothers hair, but her eyes, wide and noteworthy. Petra looked like their father, smaller features in a face that otherwise seemed similar to her younger sister. They did look alike, from far away.
  • Just a puff of wind, replied Uncle Teddy, "but I would advise you all to batten down the hatches, I mean, tie your tent flaps." As he spoke a white towel came fluttering over the bluff from one of the tents above and went sailing off over the lake. At that they all scattered to make their possessions secure.
  • "I gotta go back, tho," said Lori. "I love you, but I gotta get home and return this car. I may not have a job when I get back, but Im not gonna get tossed in the klink for theft." Lori stood, and Larry did as well. She put the towel on a lounger and slipped on a pair of cut-offs and a tee-shirt. "And please take December with you guys."
  • A commotion commenced between her legs, ending with Jennie catching a bundle of slime as it poured out of the orifice. She cradled it in both hands and declared, "Okay, shes here." Jennie reached for a warm, wet towel and quickly began wiping the baby down, relieving it of its birth package. At the same time, Jennie also rubbed the childs back, awakening the newborns ability to breathe on its own. Several minutes passed before she finally laid the baby into her lap. Carefully, she reached back and tied a piece of heavy string around the bluish-gray umbilical cord. Then, taking a pair of scissors, she severed the babys connection to its mother. (In 1900, 95% of all births took place in the home.)
  • Waltz around like a diva all day long, without this hair towel falling off.
  • Welcome back to the show and back to the action. Before the break we had a chance to see just how volatile the situation between KaBoom and Mean Mike Ford and the situation between Raoul and Rage really is. At least Raoul and Rage are fighting over what each did to each other. KaBoom and Mike started all their fighting over a towel for crying out loud! So I guess its kinda appropriate for those two to have a figurative "throw in the towel" match because the man who cant stand up before the ten count loses. No pins, no submissions, just good olfashion beatings.
  • This is getting to be a real hare and hound chase, observed Hinpoha, as they proceeded slowly, looking into every little cove and inlet. Soon they rounded the last point and were spied by the anxious watchers in the lighthouse, who waved their towels and shrieked at the tops of their voices.
  • Not all have towels - please check. galley equipment: oven, electric refrigerator, dishes, sink, hot & cold water.
  • I'll come, grumbled Samson; "and I never kears about washing myself now. Never a drop o' hot water, no towels, no soap, and no well, and no buckets. Once a week seems quite enough, specially as you has to wait till you get dry."
  • No,’ David says. Hes wearing old faded jeans and a shirt. The sand burns his feet and he digs them in to where its cooler. He hasnt brought a towel with him. ‘I came down to protect you,’ he says. ‘From the Scarborough bodgies.’
  • Over the sudden noise, Hugh continued, "And just in case Im wrong, I dont wish to offend my neighbors, do I? I might be the one looking for allies. So Ill entertain Aymer and his brothers for a few days, pretend sympathy with their plight and promise them nothing." He finished relieving himself in silence and then went over to a side table. "Anyway, I dont think theyre serious. The prince has been successfully asserting his physical power in Aquitaine for a few years. They cant fight him. Better for them to try to obtain satisfaction through legal means. If they appeal to the king, he would probably intervene." He splashed water over his face and held out a hand for the towel Haworth placed in it. "Didnt you sleep well, Roger?" he asked. "You woke me several times with your tossing."
  • Waffle weave microfibre towel in place of a traditional chamois leather.
  • Cindy came downstairs in a bathrobe and with a towel wrapped around her head. She kept her eyes on the carpet, not looking at anybody, not Mac, not John, not Donnie. She went into the kitchen and made a plate of avocado and corn, with a little arugula on the side.
  • She looked up red faced and saw him standing by the door. She quickly looked away, embarrassed by her makeup streaked face. Her hopeless expression suddenly made him forget his own inadequacy. Without speaking she buried her face back in the limited seclusion provided by the dampened towel and continued to cry.
  • Daniel got inside of Hartwell's body and accelerated his blood flow after introducing some of his suped-up stem cells. Hartwell was slumped over on the bench in the corner of the gymwhite towel draped over his head and nearly collapsed from the broken bones he had suffered from the brick hands of Cal Brewster.
  • Still carrying a hand towel I'd used to dry the dishwater from my hands, I motioned towards a table farthest away from the customers, "Okay! Why don't we sit over here?"
  • There was a general hustle and confusion, as exhibitors led forth their dogs from shelter; benching them and plying brush and chalk and towel in frantic haste.
  • "I dont eat tuna fish," Asta said from behind him. He turned before he could think better and saw that she was fully dressed in t-shirt, jeans, and New Balance shoes. The t-shirt said, ‘Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.’ Her hair was towel dried and hanging over her shoulders.
  • They finished the joint. McIlroy went to his bedroom. He lifted his towel from the door. He took his shampoo in his right hand. He marched up the stairs. In the shower he breathed that it was finally warm and his face melted a bit. He breathed and rubbed the water over his head and over his face. Steam rose up from the unscrubbed floor.
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