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Okunuşu: / taʊəl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow·el
Ekler: tow·els
Türü: isim, fiil


i. havlu, silecek, peşkir;

f. havlu ile kurulamak veya kurulanmak.

towel için örnek cümleler:

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  • Monogrammed towels and bathrobes complete the luxury hotel ambiance.
  • Bern took a handgun off the wall that I had assumed was just for decoration. He swaddled it in a towel along with a spare magazine.
  • He wades out through the shallows into the deeper water and dives under. The brown river water is wonderfully cool and he splashes it over his arms and face and through his hair, until the clay and dust has all been washed off. One last dive, and he heads back to the bank. He takes his watch from the pocket of his trousers and checks the time: ten minutes left before he has to be back. That means he can spend another five minutes drying off in the sun before he has to go. He lies back on his towel and enjoys the faint prickling sensation of water evaporating off his skin.
  • The dancehall overlooked Hawkins Springs and a sliver of the darker waters of the Suwannee that flowed past the spring's mouth. A narrow dirt path, rutted from rains, ran in front of the dancehall and down to the sandy beach. We would change into our swimsuits in the shadows of the echoing dancehall, leaving our clothes on the floor, and run down to the water with our towels and toys. Pa usually dropped his shirt and towel in the sand as he ran, kicked off his flipflops, and plunged in, splashing all about him while we kids giggled, and diving under water when he was in up to his thighs.
  • Brenda and Susan laughed hysterically. Ben got to his feet, grabbed the beach towel and flopped off to his room in bright green thongs.
  • Ned was up with the sun on Monday morning. He pulled the tent flaps wide open, so that the cool air would stream in and awaken his companions. Then he threw a towel over his shoulder and marched down to the mouth of the brook to wash his face and hands.
  • He hurried off towards the tent closely followed by the seven other boys. A brisk rub down with heavy towels soon got their blood to circulating once more and no one felt any ill effects from all their exercises and exertion of the day.
  • Soon one boy, who was acting as a spy, announced the coming of Plum and Poole. The pair were allowed to reach the door of their dormitory, when they were pounced on from behind and made prisoners. They tried to escape, but the crowd was too many for them, and towels pulled down over their mouths kept them from raising an outcry.
  • Brangot heaved a heavy fist of tightly knotted roots against his neighbors apartment door. When no answer came, he rapped the door with two fists, his other two fists holding a towel around his naked trunk. Soapy water dripped from his bark and leafy skin onto Diotitusdoormat. He knew there would be no response at Tifs door. She was a Drooler in Myrrh Desert Park and hadnt been home in several years.
  • Specialty of international holiday insurance uk their prosperity or that savage holiday supplier towel specialties.
  • He carried four clay water basins, a large wooden pitcher, and a stack of soft, white towels. He nodded to Catrin over the towels as he set them down. She was impressed he managed it all in one trip, but the mess also embarrassed her. Pelivor's face registered no surprise, though. He immediately began folding and stacking the piles of clean garments. Catrin rushed to help him, but he seemed shocked.
  • They stayed together for long moments. Neither of them spoke. Finally, Linda released her iron strong hold. She stepped back and she wiped the tears from her eyes. She quickly moved around the bar and got a towel to wipe her face. She laughed a little, embarrassed by her own emotional outburst. The relief of seeing Ryson fueled her joy, and she laughed a little harder.
  • Katie padded up to me in her towel. She smiled a heavy-lidded smile, put her arms around me. I could feel her body under the towel.
  • I liked Mermaid Springs better because I felt safe there. Ma could not swim, so she never made me jump off a dock into deep water, and she always insisted that I wear an orange styrofoam cylinder on my back like a skindiver or spaceman. Ma usually sat on a towel on the grass near the beach, reading a magazine or a book while tanning her legs. Every now and then she would call to us not to go too far or not to splash each other. When she wore her one-piece red swimming suit, she would come in up to her waist, then lower herself to her shoulders, being careful not to get her hair wet. On the rarest occasions, she would wear a swimming cap and float on her back in the shallow water. Often she stayed in her shorts and shirt, adding sunglasses and removing shoes as her concession to summer and the beach.
  • She lead him through the house and showed him the bathroom. It was small, but had a large, claw-foot tub. "There are towels up there," she said, gesturing to the cabinet hanging above the toilet.
  • "Sure, you can. Lie down here." Vaughn indicates a braided rug. "Banner'll put a towel over your head to hold you down. Can't weasel out on me if you're doing the holding, can you, Banner?"
  • The woman returned with another cupful of the liquid.She poured only half into the wound this time. She reached behind Ranges head and lifted it. She poured some down his throat. He swallowed involuntarily and choked up some.She removed the cup from his lips and wiped it with a black towel in her hand.
  • At least, thats Sarahs impression as she sits near the back of the courtroom. She takes a minute to look around at this very creative, circular structure used mostly for swearing in new American citizens, ceremonial proceedings, and an occasional appeals hearing. But it is also the perfect venue for large, high profile trials like this one, with its state-of-the-art audio, video and digital capabilities. A glass cylinder one-hundred feet in diameter and one-hundred feet high starting on the second floor of the Federal Courthouse and reaching all the way to the top of the building, this Special Proceedings Courtroom is paneled ten-feet high all around with Anigre wood from Africa and capped with a million dollar suspended glass ceiling that costs $4000 just to clean. Sarah heard that window washers have to crawl across the top of the laminated glass with towels and window spray.
  • With English love of fair fight, the cockneys divided themselves impartially between the battlers and converted themselves into impromptu rubbers and handlers. There was perhaps not a man in the crowd who liked Caradoc; nevertheless they hustled him to his awning, put him down on a box, procured towels, water, sponges from somewhere, and set up a vigorous fanning and rubbing, all out of a desire to see fair play. At the end of a minute they carried their champions back and set them facing each other like human game cocks.
  • She pressed at her face with a fresh corner of the towel and nodded to him. "I guess it all just caught up with me. I just hadn't really stopped to think about it until now."
  • You're wet, shivering, furious, and terrified. Deal with the easy ones first. You reach for the towel in Jonathan's hand, then say, "Will that turn into a snake or something?"
  • 3. Room must be kept clean: (a) Do not wipe shelves with the hand towels. (b) Hang hand towels on nail provided. (c) Leave buckets and trays in clean condition. (d) Put paper, empty tubes, etc., in box provided for same and not upon the floor.
  • Linen, towels, and all cooking utensils including pots and pans, cutlery is provided.
  • A sheet of kitchen towel placed in the bag will help to absorb any moisture.
  • Meanwhile, Dave was flying around IKEA in Hicksville like Superman on an interior decorating spree. Couch, bed, dining table, small entertainment center, bathroom rug, towels, an anything else that wasnt nailed down and could fit into the truck. He then raced across town and was motoring past OMalleys Pub when he saw a grounded sign that read, "WELCOME HOME, D.A.!" Bailey Woods was a large Long Island town with a small-town feel. News traveled fast as fast as e-mail, and it always felt like the gossip-mill present in high school was alive and kicking in the adult world.
  • He hung up the towels in the closet and stashed the old clothes in a laundry bag. Rordan unpacked the rest of his bros everyday clothes and put them in the top two drawers of the closet dresser. He hung his bros surcoats and jackets on the hangers above Borus, who slept through all the noise and fuss.
  • Filo pastry sheets, keeping them under a damp towel to prevent them from drying out.
  • Nevertheless, Michael J. Murphy smiled as he wrapped a wet towel round his throbbing head, for he had already decided upon his plan of campaign for regaining command of his ship, a coup for which he required no weapon more formidable than his native intelligence. As he sank groaning into the arms of Morpheus, however, even a Digger Indian would have realized that for the next two weeks the master of the Narcissus would be unable to defend himself against an old lady armed with a slipper.
  • Melody quickly unslung the beach bag from her shoulder, reaching in it for the large beach towels that made up most of its bulk, spreading them quickly beside each other. She then reseated Yaeko on the right one with minimal difficulty, whose face mirrored instant relief when she touched down on the cool cloth. Alexandre reappeared soon after carrying a huge blue-and-white-striped umbrella and a couple of low-seat beach chairs.
  • I think having a pet is a great way for children to learn about responsibility and commitment. The first thing you can teach them is that if they buy a goldfish there is no point in giving it a name. None whatsoever, and if they do they are stupid. Make this point by yelling various names at the fish in the bowl and then pointing out the complete lack of attention the goldfish gives you. Sometimes your young son or daughter will point out that even though fish don't have ears, they feel sound waves as vibrations and that is why you should never tap on their tank. You'll want to nip this sort of insurrection right in bud. I would suggest tapping forcefully on the goldfish's bowl with a ball peen hammer until such a time as the child is required to get a large towel to soak up the water pouring out all over the floor and something to hold the fish that is now flopping around on the carpeting. You don't want to waste a valuable teaching moment, so make sure and reinforce the point that it's a fucking fish so it doesn't need a name.
  • "At the end of the hall, on the left," she nodded her weather reddened face in the direction away from the stairs, "here's a towel and I'll run and have your bath ready quick as a doe. Leave any clothes you want washed in the basket by the bureau."
  • The three paramedics tending to Larry gently eased him away from Ginas hold. One peeled away the towel he held pressed to his face, now soaked with blood, and cleaned Larrys wounds with sterile pads and rubbing alcohol, followed by an antibiotic ointment. As one worked on Larry, another began questioning Gina and the third questioned December, each asking calmly "Are you okay? Do you feel faint? how does your breathing feel? Do you want someone to hold your hand?" As each question was posed, the two paramedics looked closely at Gina and December, checking their faces, ears, eyes. "Youll be okay. Your friends will be okay. You did a good job."
  • Bob takes the towel ends and braces. Sean takes the arm and in one forceful jerk yanks it out then back into the socket. Tom yelps. Sean feels around the cuff and says, "Good, it feels like it's back in place. Just go real easy on it for a week or so. The tendons are all stretched and you might pull it out again. Otherwise, you'll be good as new. I'll see if I can find a sling. That will help with the healing."
  • "Yeah, Ive got to find coach and get some more of that Gongdong stuff. Im starting to run low. Hopefully two weeks will be enough time to get my muscles in shape for the first game. Maybe Ill even run a feature on us for my website," Paul chuckled. Sounds of slapping and whipping towels echoed to Avery outside.
  • Personal towels are provided we will provide bathrobes for 2 person b. .
  • The blond youngster, with a towel wadded in a glass, did not stir. Miller rushed from the back of the store, seized the boy by the shoulders, tried to shake him. But Pete was rooted to the spot.
  • "Whoa there girl! First, I don't want to know what you and Seth are doing in your dreams and second, it looks like you have a drinking problem!" Caislyn laughed as Jax threw a dish towel at her. "I don't know what's going on with him, or if we will ever know. What I do know is that he feels like ripping your clothes off too."
  • Not all have towels - please check. galley equipment: oven, electric refrigerator, dishes, sink, hot & cold water.
  • Ashamed to be leaving his father alone with the bats but having no choice, Zachary groped along the door and forced his trembling fingers to turn the lock. Then, he backed away until his cast struck the towel rack on the back wall. Pain vibrated through his arm. He fought the need to scream, but couldn't stop his breath, which came and went in great gasps. The windowless bathroom was pitch black. In an attempt to hear over the sound of his own sobs, Zachary clamped his good hand over his mouth.
  • There were indeed towels enough hanging on the rack by the washstand, which with its drapings of white and blue was so dainty, that Jim regarded it as much too fine for mere washing.
  • Jessie found a door open at the top of the flight. Henrietta was chattering at top speed somewhere ahead. The rooms were dark, but when Jessie found the room in which Henrietta was, she likewise found a girl bound to a chair in which she sat, with a towel tied across her mouth which muffled her speech.
  • But though Marco revels in the description of wonderful cities, he is continually leading us back to the Great Khan himself. His festivals were splendid. The tables were arranged so that the Emperor sat higher than all the others, always with his face to the south. His sons and daughters were placed so that their heads were on a level with his feet. Some forty thousand people feast on these occasions, but the Khan himself is served only by his great barons, their mouths wrapped in rich towels embroidered in gold and silver, that their breath might not blow upon the plates. His presents were on a colossal scale; it was no rare occurrence for him to receive five thousand camels, one hundred thousand beautiful horses, and five thousand elephants covered with cloth of gold and silver.
  • Leslie was habitually an early riser, and, notwithstanding the fact that the previous night's rest had been a broken one, he was once more astir by sunrise, taking his towels and soap with him to a little rocky pool in the stream where he was wont to indulge in his morning's "tub;" and by eight o'clock he was seated at table in his tent, enjoying his breakfast, and at the same time keeping an eye upon the barque.
  • Sarge stayed at the club house next to the stadium late into the afternoon. He double checked that all of the teams supplies were packed and accounted for. He made certain there was plenty of bandages, ointments, and towels, as well as extra uniform pants and shirts. He packed the bats and practice balls into two large army duffle bags. These were the less than glorious moments of the Carny Ball coach. He was in essence the mother hen to a gang of men, robots, shamans, and now a wooden spiritual statue.
  • "A four gallon gasoline container, 16 pint size glass pop bottles, some small dish towels, and we should fill the gas can."
  • Mrs. Engle was in the room, bending over the bed with a dampened towel to lay upon Norton's forehead; he showed a sign of fever and his head ached constantly. He looked about quickly as the girl came in, his hand stirring a little, offering itself. She took it by way of greeting and sat down in the chair drawn up at his side.
  • Nearby are several beaches where you may find yourself whale watching from the shore or sharing your towel with a jackass penguin.
  • `To my surprise and relief it came out with ease. Twenty crisp notes, twenty thousand pesetas. Obviously this was a special trip to Madrid, possibly of importance to the young woman. Yet, having taken the money, I couldn't leave it back. Then I remembered I had Irish notes stashed at the bottom of my rucksack. The train would stop at any moment and I'd be caught, maybe beaten up by the conscripts disillusioned in their romantic idea of the Irish, but I couldn't stop now. I plunged my hand down through the books, maps, toilet bag, towels and underwear and found the embossed leather wallet, quickly counted the Irish notes and calculating the exchange, found that it amounted to a thousand pesetas more than I had stolen. What the hell. He would have a pleasant surprise when he went to the bank, and laugh about the crazy Irish for years to come. I hadn't the nerve to replace the wallet, but left it beside his open hand and was out of the compartment just as the train stopped.'
  • Presently the sobs ceased. Sniffling something awful, Jamie rubbed his face across Roberts shoulder, using his shirt like a towel to dry his eyes. Robert pushed him away, scolding, "Do not do that!" He turned his head to look at the spot where Jamie had left a nasty wet patch. "What the hell do you think I am, your goddamned snot rag?"
  • She yelled into the apartment. Someone responded from the bathroom. The door burst open and a bearded guy bustled out, a towel wrapped around his waist.
  • At five-and-twenty a night of wearisome and broken sleep makes small difference to the spirits, and when he had washed as well as he could by the aid of a cream-jug full of water and a saucer, and a towel handkerchief, and without the aid of soap, he dressed, and sallied out with the intent to lose himself in Paris. There is nothing so exhilarating as the first sight of a foreign city, and Paul wandered on and on, past the Palace of Justice and over the bridge, and, turning to the left, made along the Rue de Rivoli, passed the far-stretching fa?ade of the Louvre, and so went on till he reached the Place de la Concorde. There, staring into the basin of one of the fountains, as if he had been waiting for Paul to come to him, was Darco, fur-coated and silk-hatted as of yore, and looking neither older nor younger by a day than when they had parted.
  • Her hunger sated, she wanted a nap, but more than that she desperately wanted to get clean. As if someone were reading her mind, several women approached Catrin with soft towels and scented soaps. One motioned for her to follow and walked toward the towering fountain Catrin had created. She was delighted to see a pond forming outward from the fountain, and she hoped it would continue to grow. She envisioned a lush oasis nestled in the valley, full of life and vigor--a jewel in the desert.
  • Ferdas, who had disappeared during my disrobing, appeared again, with a towel and water basin. Gently, he bathed my forehead. I squeezed his hand, my nails digging into the tender flesh of his palm.. Although he flinched, his eyes were steady. "You will be fine Selene. You and the baby will be fine." He repeated the words continuously like a mantra. I could not believe his words.
  • Porky started with dessertall manner of honeyed, nutted and flakey-pastried concoctions which made him quickly realize he wasn't going to make it through dessert without coffee. He went back behind the counter, said "Hello" one more time and then put on a pot of coffee. He looked at the cash register, thought briefly about what a life on the lamb would be like if he should grab it and run. He looked around at the order pads on the worn shelving underneath the counter where several moist towels were stained with drink and constellated with coffee grounds and congratulated himself on his good dumb luck.
  • I turned the blue privacy glass on in my office and stripped down to only my most essential elements, a towel and my birthday suit. Before I stretched out on the massage table, we squared off and Keiko and I bowed at each other.
  • Mark, one of the seniors, climbed onto a bench to address the team. Wearing only a pair of boxer shorts, he rolled up his towel and snapped it at some of his friends.
  • He could hear the sound of wings grow louder and louder until something touched down on the ground outside; several of Erling's servants rushed outside The Leaping Pony with all matter of pales of water, wet towels and knapsacks filled up with dried fruits.
  • Sarah came in with a handful of clean towels and the first aid box he stocked in the house just incase of an accident. Only because they live so far out in the woods they might need them. She sat them all on the table and walked around to the sink and filled the empty fruit bowl full of hot water. She brought it over and sat down in a chair in front of him. As she cleaned his chest wounds first she asked "How were you able to stand while being shocked."
  • The gipsy tramp, who had sworn to Bob, and at him too, that the bundle was his own, and that he was walking quietly along the shore in search of work, when he was assailed by "that savage dog o' yourn there," now said, on the Captain's telling him curtly to drop the towels, or he would have him locked up, that he had "only picked 'em up on the beach, and didn't mean no harm by it to nobody, that he didn't."
  • The room was warm but Emory shivered, moving toward her mother. Rose embraced her, getting the entire front of her shirt wet. As Gray put a towel around them, Rose helped her daughter from the bathtub, cuddling Emory in her lap.
  • Lori leaned up, moved the towel slightly, sipped her water, and set the glass down and returned the towel to cover her face.
  • Not at all, cried Jack, rolling his towel up into a ball, and throwing it into the face of Peterkin, who had been grinning and winking at him during the last five minutes. "Not at all. Look here. There is water of a certain saltness in the sea; well, fill your tank with sea water, and keep it at that saltness by marking the height at which the water stands on the sides. When it evaporates a little, pour in FRESH water from the brook till it comes up to the mark, and then it will be right, for the salt does not evaporate with the water. Then, there's lots of sea-weed in the sea; - well, go and get one or two bits of sea-weed, and put them into your tank. Of course the weed must be alive, and growing to little stones; or you can chip a bit off the rocks with the weed sticking to it. Then, if you like, you can throw a little sand and gravel into your tank, and the thing's complete."
  • There was another knock on the door and the nurse walked in balancing a tray covered with a towel in one hand, deftly closing the door behind her with the other.
  • The brownies cooked up in no time flat but I had no idea what the dosage was, which was always half the fun of eating them. I had no idea how much pot I used in relation to the mix. I just sort of tossed everything together haphazardly. Brownie Surprise, I called it. I let them cool on the stove and sat down to read a book, Nausea by Sartre. I thought it fucking drivel, whiny little cunt, but I was determined to get through it. Sartre made it difficult though. I just wanted to go back in time, hand him a razor, and let him get on with it. No one understands you? Everyone is oblivious except for you? Not sure if you exist, you lonely bastard? He'd make Mr. Rogers want to off himself. I was just glad none of the Emos in high school had been intellectual enough to have read it - they would have been insufferable in their pretentiousness. The buzzer rang and I picked it up. It was Ray and he wanted in. I let him up. I took the towel away from the door and he came in.
  • Lori covered her face with a towel while adjusting her position on the lounger on Emmas balcony. "Bix, has December spent any time over here?"
  • The next day Marigaff gave Mia a few assignments. First, she had her read to a small group of children, well behaved three or four year olds. Next, she helped Marigaff fold some linens, but did it with Saa. Mia thought it went well. She only tore two towels in half, well, one in four places, before she got the hang of it. Marigaff said she did well, too. That afternoon she helped with the lunch dishes, but not with Saa. Marigaff said there were too many people about for one as young in Saa as Mia to be practicing invocations. Someone would get hurt. After dishes, she was given a book to start reading, ‘Basic Geography of Morrah’, and returned to her quarters to look it over. At first it was boring, but it was all so new that putting the book down soon became difficult.
  • "I went to the police. They added her to the hundreds of missing persons," Bill said. "Ive got to go. Ill keep calling her mother." He tossed the towel on the table and headed toward the entrance door.
  • "Jack, before we go; will you warn me if I might run head first into a tree?" He smiled out in the darkness of the towel.
  • Mavis had showered and put on a robe. A towel was wrapped around her head. She looked down at her folded hands as she sat rocking back and forth on the entrance landing, watching the people below. She puffed her lips, sucked them in, and then puffed again. She felt happy. But she felt so sleepy. "Its in the pool. Its smarter than you. Its in the pool," she said in a singsong voice. The two paramedics each gently took her arms and led her up the stairs toward the master suite. "Its in the pool," she repeated.
  • Newly fitted large walk-in shower, heated towel rail, wash hand basin, wc.
  • "Dude," called out Ed Loss. "Lets get back on the water." Ed, in long, brightly colored trunks and an equally colorful shirt, tossed the towel and brown bag he had been carrying into the boat, and started to gather up the four oars, flotation devices and several empty beer bottles from alongside the rowboat. He lifted the oar rings from each of the sides of the boat and slid one onto each of the four oars, laying the oars across the width of the rowboat.
  • Mallory ran to the bathroom, found a towel, moved back to Barney and began wiping his face. "Are you all right Baby?" she asked, brushing the towel against the front of his shirt.
  • Back on deck they shed their diving gear and were handed towels by the first mate. The zodiac was gone. The Captain explained that the zodiac had moved back in the direction of Skull Island within 15 minutes of them going underwater.
  • So they wrapped another towel over my eyes and pinned it with a cursed export safety-pin that pierced clean through my scalp. And the harder I struggled, the tighter they pulled on the ropes and the louder Yasmini laughed, until I might as well have been on that rack that King and I saw in the cavern underneath the temple.
  • She leaned over and kissed his cheek, then she kissed the stumpy towel on his wrist. Arnie was dumbfounded. Was he dreaming? Maybe he had dreamed it. Melly was always right about these things. Surely he had dreamed it all. A tree that tried to - to - it was silly, he was silly. Melly was right.
  • He had washed his face and was drying it with the towel when a sound made him look over beyond the rocks. It was the crackling sound made by a dead stick stepped upon, or a sapling broken down. Either meant the bear.
  • David would wrap the wet towel around the Phoenix's neck. "You're doing better and better, Phoenix. I especially like that part where you twist over on your back and loop and plunge, all at the same time."
  • "Again, I mean, cmon," said Lori, flat on her lounger, speaking with her face smooshed into the towel under her. "Is Hollywood knocking on her door? As great as the money thing is, its not like you have contacts with filmmakers wholl put Dee in a movie just cuz you wave dollars atem."
  • Slipping inside the shed and closing the door behind him, Carter pulled out the front of his shorts and looked at his manhood. Everything seemed to be in the right place. Clearly, this was just a freak occurrence, and the next time he saw her hed be good to go all night like he usually was. Crossing to the table, he grabbed a towel from his bag to wipe himself down. The door gave the slightest creak behind him.
  • Prices fully inclusive, beds made up for your arrival, towels, toweling robes and molton brown toiletries provided.
  • Omari wrapped the towel closer around body, and the fibers clung to her body that was sticky with salt. While she was used to Francescas stern and commanding attitude, her voice held a note that reminded her of the frantic quality in Noahs voice before she had attempted to flee. It felt good to know that people cared about her so much, but at the same time she hated putting people through so much stress constantly. Ever since shed been born, she felt like shed been a disaster magnet, and each month seemed to be proving this hypothesis to be more and more correct.
  • Four guys made a mad dash for freedom between him and the threshold. They were in such a frenzied hurry that they didnt even notice me crouching on the floor! A paper towel had sailed in my direction during their escape attempt. It had landed near my foot, but I couldnt move it away without getting caught.
  • Adult diapers are made up of continuous layers of cloth or towel fabric, or such a material that can absorb liquid.
  • The trailer rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks, and then stops. J.J. comes to the trailer door with a towel wrapped around his waist. He is sweating. He is smoking a small cigar. He poses in the doorway and blows a smoke-ring into the night air. "Here fellows," he hands Nickel Nose coupons and a hundred dollar bill, "take these toNed's World Famous Hamburgers’. We're going to have something to eat after this first time, then were going to do it a couple of more times. Maybe ten. Keep the change."
  • Sam piled the dishes in the sink and turned on the hot water. "Writing. Always wanted to be a writer. Mystery stories. Lots of ideas from cases I've been on. Should have the first story finished by the end of the year." Bryan grunted and pulled a towel off the rack and started to dry the dishes.
  • Elise stood behind him, lost in admiration, and giving an imbecile flap now and then with a towel to anything that happened to come in front of her.
  • "I'm going to have to put a bell around your neck," I said. "You almost gave me a heart attack." I wiped at my face with the towel I kept off to the side.
  • There was a general hustle and confusion, as exhibitors led forth their dogs from shelter; benching them and plying brush and chalk and towel in frantic haste.
  • Yes, yes, we do. But oh, my goodness. What have you done? Oh, dear. She crossed the room and dropped to the side of her injured husband. Before she got to him she wiped her hands on a tea towel and tossed it on the couch. "What have you hurt?"
  • He wet a dish towel and bent to scoop the coffee from the floor and bumped his head on the counter. He stepped backward abruptly, dropped the wet towel and slipped on it.
  • Summer wraps her arms around herself, feeling exposed and vulnerable. Johnny turns a hose on, and the mocking water splashes against the tile like a waterfall of crystallized droplets beading up and rolling toward her in battle. He holds it up and sprays her with the cold water as she contains her shrieks before they escape and run rampant through the flowing water. She spins around as he commands and shudders through the whole ordeal. After several minutes he turns the hose away and flips a towel toward her. She dries and dresses quickly, impatient to be warm again. Her teeth rattle in her head.
  • Though the bed was inviting, Catrin could not bear the thought of soiling the linens; she needed a bath desperately. A parade of liveried servants arrived with steaming basins of water and washtubs that required four men apiece to carry. The men placed the tubs within the private rooms, and they filled them with water and rose petals before departing with respectful bows. Others followed with soft towels, robes, and a bounty of exotic foods. Catrin thanked them for their efforts, which seemed to confuse them more than anything, but she was truly grateful for the gifts.
  • A commotion commenced between her legs, ending with Jennie catching a bundle of slime as it poured out of the orifice. She cradled it in both hands and declared, "Okay, shes here." Jennie reached for a warm, wet towel and quickly began wiping the baby down, relieving it of its birth package. At the same time, Jennie also rubbed the childs back, awakening the newborns ability to breathe on its own. Several minutes passed before she finally laid the baby into her lap. Carefully, she reached back and tied a piece of heavy string around the bluish-gray umbilical cord. Then, taking a pair of scissors, she severed the babys connection to its mother. (In 1900, 95% of all births took place in the home.)
  • Mavisnaked body was muted by the steam-glazed glass of the burning shower. The phone rang. She stepped from the shower. Her long fingers twisted a towel across her breasts. At the phone, she looked back at the steam filled bathroom. She rearranged her towel: opening it wide to give the phantom in the shower a better look.
  • A burly looking man burst from the kitchen. He had no hair except for a gray tuft above each ear, and a pudgy face that looked like a baby about to cry. He wiped his sweaty forehead with a towel and stuffed it back into the filthy apron he was wearing. The threadbare apron sported numerous unhealthy looking spots. A sour look fell on Miriams face.
  • "Are you nervous?" I fired at him in a stage whisper. "How's your back? You shouldn't even try to," I added the last word by leaning into his ear, "fight-" He put his index finger to my lip in a "shh," and kissed me quick. "I'm okay," he said, low. His face was wet and he mopped at it with the thin train hand towel we got with our fresh sheets; he leaned toward the window. "The sea, mountain girl, the sea."
  • Bob pours the last of the whiskey into Tom's glass. Sean goes into the bathroom and gets a big bath towel and puts it around Tom's chest and hands the ends to Bob and says, "Here, pull hard on these while I pull on the arm from the other side."
  • Cameron ignored him. He was conscious mainly of a resolute determination that at all costs he must not yield to his almost uncontrollable desire to wipe off the apologetic smile with a well directed blow. Mr. Denman's parting advice was in his mind and he was devoting all his powers to the business of adjusting himself to his present environment. But to his fastidious nature the experiences of the morning made it somewhat doubtful if he should be able to carry out the policy of adjustment to the extreme of schooling himself to bear with equal mind the daily contact with the dirt and disorder which held so large a place in the domestic economy of the Haley household. One thing he was firmly resolved upon, he would henceforth perform his toilet in his own room, and thereby save himself the horror of the family roller towel and the family comb.
  • Then came the most exciting part of the bath, for close at the side of it was a big tin full of the coldest possible water. He had then to stand up in his bath and after washing his face in the cold water, to put cold water everywhere within reach of him, on one arm and then the other, on a chest, on a stomach, on one leg and on another right down to the foot, and finally (a vocal piece) to squeeze a full sponge down his back. Archie squealed at this, and flew for a towel.
  • I turned around and there she was again, looking more beautiful than I had remembered. Wet hair, towel covering breasts to ass and dripping all over my new hard wood floor.
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