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Okunuşu: / tə’wɔːdz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


edat. -e doğru, doğrultusunda, tarafına doğru;
-e yakın, -e karşı;

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  • While we were talking we had observed some commotion among the inhabitants of the lodges; and presently we caught sight of a band of horsemen scouring across the prairie towards us, and flourishing their spears as they came along. At first I thought they might be enemies; but as no preparations were made for the defence of the camp, I knew that they must be friends. In a few minutes they galloped up; and the leading warriors, decked in war-paint and feathers, dismounted, each of them carrying one or more scalps hanging to the end of his spear. Our chief, Aguskogaut, who had put on his finest robes, advanced to meet them while they stepped forward; and their leader began a long harangue, which sounded very fine, although I could not make out what it was all about.
  • Presently, Oswald Forster saw one of the party wave his hand; and at his order four or five of the horsemen rode out, and began to drive the scattered cattle and horses towards the house. Oswald at once ran down.
  • I won't lie down just yet, Luka. It will be quite light in half an hour, and I want to have a good look towards the shore before I go to sleep.
  • But there was no more time for thought; Hulton's orders were being obeyed. The front was changed, and the little battery faced round towards the approaching cloud of horsemen, who were about to deliver their attack at a gallop before the Rajah's troops could recover from their surprise.
  • Sunday afternoon we put on somber dressy clothes and made our way out the avenues to the small church where Yvettes family held her service. The modest chapel was quite full, from what I gathered was indeed a large extended family. Doug and I werent late, but nonetheless sat towards the back. I made a point of saying hello to Mags, Della, and some other ladies from Hillside, who were seated together in their wheelchairs in a pretty little alcove. But they had family members with them, and it wasnt really a chatty sort of social occasion.
  • "This is Salvatore Rizzuto and his new wife, Filippa. The two girls are her sisters, Loreta and Angelica. I met Sal when I first came over, when I was just six years old. We came over on the same ship. His family went to New York, while my family went south into West Virginia. I thought Id never see him again and now look, here he is." Alfonso had his arm around the man and a grin on his face stretching from ear to ear. He turned to Sal and nodded back towards Annie. "This is my friend, Annie."
  • They paused at the traces of an old abandoned dirt road, evident only from the strip of younger trees that filled its curves. John glanced up towards the sun again, still concealed behind a thick screen of cloud. He made a quick sign of the cross.
  • Thuleke trailed sweatily back towards the trees with Aldragon pacing slowly beside him, and as they drew near to the first mess of undergrowth he tried to wriggle swiftly from his captor. Aldragon had leisure to walk into the path of the escaping sloud and show him the length of his claw, and the sloud cried, ‘Dear and formidable beast, I tripped, thats all, I tripped.’
  • My back being towards the fall I could not see it, for I could not turn round while waiting every instant for orders. Nearer and nearer came the angry tumult; the Major shouted "Back water!" there was a sudden dropping away of all support; then the mighty waves smote us.
  • Her horse impatiently pawed at the ground and Calista gently guided her towards a flush of brittle leaves. She rubbed her arms to warm them against the pink-gold chill of dawn. Portus Tarrus seemed no different than before, more real than it had been in memory. Its smallness shocked her after the grandeur of Atlantis: despite the immensity of the Circus Maximus and the Coliseum, this was a town populated with modest homes, not opulent palaces.
  • A white hand was put forward, and the canoe glided on towards the bird. Presently the hand plunged downwards into the misty waters and the curlew was bagged. Then, while Geoffrey was still struggling with his waistcoat, the canoe sped towards him like a dream boat, and in another moment it was beneath his rock, and a sweet dim face was looking up into his own.
  • The other man agreed and then quickly changed the subject as he turned towards Alfonso. "Hey, when we were waiting at the station back in Philadelphia, we took a look into one of those cars that theyve got up ahead, the Pullman cars. Wownow theyre nice. Theyve got velvet drapes, carpeting and…"
  • "Need some help here," Blake cried, but Free Love was busy so he pumped the shotgun and started firing at will as the noises and shaking of the tvs increased. More screens exploded and more horrible snake-like creatures spilled out of them, trying to grab at Blake in their death throes and he backed up, almost falling over Free Love who tried to grab him and pull him down on top of her and Greg, but he broke free, dropping the shotgun and running for a double glass door that led outside to a small town street, a street that looked awfully familiar for a moment, then he was outdoors somewhere standing by a big swimming pool with a lot of other people who were talking to each other and holding drinks. The sun was shining at him from a bright blue sky and Mink came towards him out of the crowd, wearing a big floppy pink hat, sunglasses, long glittering earrings, a bikini and high heels. She looked taller, more full-bodied than he remembered, a woman instead of a girl. She handed him one of the two drinks that she was holding.
  • Prof. declared it was impossible to proceed farther in this direction towards our goal. The canyon of the river was narrow, and with the stream swimming high it was out of the question as a path for us now, and even had we been able to go down far enough to get out on the other side, the region intervening between it and the distant mountains was a heterogeneous conglomeration of unknown mesas and canyons that appeared impassable.
  • Captain Bertram was on deck, walking with Mr Charlton. He stopped, and earnestly looked towards the north-east His keen eye had detected a peculiar colour in the water extending across the horizon in that direction. He pointed it out to Mr Charlton. "What does it seem to you like!" he asked.
  • Hah! ejaculated West, for at that moment there was a flash from the front of the laager they were approaching, followed by a tremendous roar and a hissing sound overhead, as a shell winged its way towards the town, whose outskirts were certainly not more than a couple of miles away.
  • Nellise was much more effective than he was, smashing armour and crushing bone with her mace, pushing the mercenaries back towards the flames with the intensity of her attacks, her face etched with a pure hatred that was startling to behold. When Pacian finally joined them, Aiden knew they were going to make it. The blond rogue stabbed one of the warriors in the side of the throat, practically dropping him instantly, and providing enough of a distraction to allow Aiden to strike at another.
  • Thorpe ate, his eyes half closed, in somnolent satisfaction. Occasionally he smiled contentedly across at Wallace, who smiled in response. After the coffee he had the waiter bring cigars. They went back between the tables to a little upholstered smoking room, where they sank into the depths of leather chairs, and blew the gray clouds of smoke towards the ceiling. About nine o'clock Thorpe spoke the first word.
  • Uncle Moses was not gone long. By some wonderful means or other he had succeeded in procuring a vehicle of that kind which is universal in this city, and he now reappeared to the delighted boys, coming at a tearing pace towards them, seated in a Neapolitan caleche.
  • Johan pushed past the boy, ignoring the shakes that refused to leave. That had been her voice, he knew it. She was still here and the specter was lying to him. He should never have trusted him twelve years ago. He burst free of the woods, at the bottom of a thirty foot climb over sheer rock. He did not even pause. He jumped onto the cliff, his feet finding purchase. He scrambled upwards towards Elena's shop. As he dragged his weary body over the edge, he searched the road. His muscles tensed, ready for a fight. No one was here.
  • I advanced towards it and discovered a little man, who had made no sound or movement till I came into his view, sunk deep in the green velvet. He altered his position slowly and rested his hollow, black, quietly burning eyes on my face in prolonged scrutiny. I detected something comminatory in his yellow, emaciated countenance, but I believe now he was simply startled by my youth. I bowed profoundly. He extended a meagre little hand.
  • Soon we had left the melancholy procession behind us and, issuing from the gorge, turned up the Mountain slope towards the edge of the bright snows that lay not far above. It was as we came out of this darksome valley, where the overhanging pine trees almost eclipsed the light, that suddenly we missed our guide.
  • Looking his old friend over, Johan noticed a red mark on his face and motioned towards it with his eyes. "The lasses still don't be caring much for the Wildlander ways, eh?"
  • Between the Forsters and the Bairds such a feud had existed for three generations. It had begun in a raid by the latter. The Forster of that time had repulsed the attack, and had with his own hand killed one of the Bairds. Six months later he was surprised and killed on his own hearthstone, at a time when his son and most of his retainers were away on a raid. From that time the animosity between the two families had been unceasing, and several lives had been lost on both sides. The Bairds with a large party had, three months before, carried fire and sword through the district bordering on the main road, as far as Elsdon on the east, and Alwinton on the north. News of their coming had, however, preceded them. The villagers of Yardhope had just time to take refuge at Forster's hold, and had repulsed the determined attacks made upon it; until Sir Robert Umfraville brought a strong party to their assistance, and drove the Bairds back towards the frontier.
  • Hastily raising the rifle to his shoulder he fired at the advancing enemy, and then fled towards a clump of trees that chanced to be near by.
  • Rigid in speechless amazement he stood for a moment, then recognizing that his lost love was actually present, alive and well, he bounded towards her, and with a loud cry of joy embraced her, brushing back her soft hair and covering her white open brow with passionate kisses.
  • 'They are all converging,’ she said. 'When the time comes we shall have gypsies on all sides.'I got out my revolver ready to hand, for whilst we were speaking the howling of wolves came louder and closer. When the snow storm abated a moment we looked again. It was strange to see the snow falling in such heavy flakes close to us, and beyond, the sun shining more and more brightly as it sank down towards the far mountain tops. Sweeping the glass all around us I could see here and there dots moving singly and in twos and threes and larger numbers. The wolves were gathering for their prey.
  • Nothing loth I rose and stumbled towards the ladder, marvelling to find my hands and feet so unwieldy as I climbed; the higher I went the more the rolling and pitching of the ship grew on me, so that when at last I dragged myself out on deck it was no wonder to find the weather very blusterous and with, ever and anon, clouds of white spray lashing aboard out of the hissing dark with much wind that piped shrill and high in cordage and rigging.
  • "Well," said Cole, casting an admiring glance towards Jane, "I think quarters might become tolerable, if well supplied with venison--and I think they might, between us all."
  • As I had been on my legs for the best part of the last two days and nights, I was excused doing sentry's duty, and no sooner had I wrapped myself in my buffalo robe, with my feet towards the fire, and my head on a pine log, which served me as a pillow, than I was fast asleep. How long I had slept I could not tell, (it was, I afterwards found, some hours), when I was awoke by the most unearthly shrieks and cries, which seemed to come directly from under the very spot on which I lay.
  • Macgreggor and Jenks walked up to the register on the desk, without showing any sign of recognition, and put down their names respectively as "Henry Fielding, Memphis, Tennessee," and "Major Thomas Brown, Chattanooga." The latter, it will be remembered, wore a Confederate uniform. Watson wrote his real name, in a bold, round hand, and added: "Fleming County, Kentucky." Then he turned towards Andrews. "Well, stranger," he said, "did I hear you say you were from Kentucky? I'm a Kentuckian myself. What's your county?"
  • The old woman glared at the younger woman as she walked away, pinching her right eye shut. She reached out and pointed a bony finger towards Jennie as she was leaving. Her mouth pulled tightly into a hideous frown, brown rotten teeth protruding from its center.
  • David drives out of the service station and turns into West Coast Highway. He heads south, past the house, with Rons Kombi parked in the front yard, and on towards City Beach. The Indian Ocean is on his right: a wide blue plain, smooth and flat. On his left theres nothing but sand dunes and low scrub.
  • They were asked to wait in the barßmada, or porch, until a messenger took particulars of their errand to the Diwßn. But fortune smiled on them that day and carried them far. The man had scarce set out towards the house when the clatter of a horse, hard ridden, announced the approach of some cavalier in hot haste.
  • I felt my hands start to shake. It was like I'd had too much forced on me too quickly. I wanted to just collapse and let unconsciousness overcome me, but something pulled me onward towards the next series of pictures, and then the next after that. I wanted to stop. Each piece seemed to open up another fragment of my soul, revealing a new pain that I'd kept hidden for the last few months.
  • "Will this work?" Shiv spits out, reaching behind his back and swinging a mallet at Dukkons head. Dukkon drops him, more startled than hurt, and Shiv rolls out of the way. Dukkon looks up to the moon and howls. His call is answered by hounds nearby, heading rapidly towards them.
  • Garsh thumped Yusan, who clung to the King's legs, preventing him from regaining his feet. The Prince, finding himself in a stranger's arms, wailed. Merrilin hastened towards the Mujar with a joyful smile, her gaze riveted to her son. She stopped a few steps away, meeting Chanter's eyes. He held out the boy, and she snatched him away, clasping him to her bosom.
  • But, the dog, although hitherto always obedient to his young master's call, paid no attention to it now, turning a deaf ear to all his whistles and shouts and swimming steadily towards the shore.
  • He would have liked to wait, but reflected that if he killed or disabled somebody, he would have to justify his action, and he had compromising papers in his pocket. He did not want to destroy the checks or tell his story to the police yet. Then he noticed that the rustling was getting farther away, as if the man was pushing through the wood towards the moor behind it, and he turned back half-reluctantly to the road. After getting over the fence, he kept on the wet grass, and had nearly reached the end of the wood when he heard somebody running behind him. The moon was now behind the firs and their dark shadow stretched from fence to wall. It looked as if Pete had heard the shot and was coming to his help, but Foster kept on until he was nearly out of the wood, and then stopped, standing against the fence, a yard or two back from where the moonlight fell upon the road. There was no use in running an unnecessary risk.
  • On the 2nd of August a long canoe, manned by twenty-four natives, came towards the ships. These Indians, tall of stature, and paler in colour than those of Hispaniola, wore upon the head a turban formed of a cotton scarf of brilliant colours, and a small skirt of the same material around the body. The Spaniards endeavoured to entice them on board, by showing them mirrors and glass trinkets; the sailors even executing lively dances, in the hope of inspiring them with confidence; but the savages, taking fright at the sound of a tambourine, which seemed to them a sign of hostility, discharged a flight of arrows, and directed their canoe towards one of the caravels, whose pilot endeavoured to reassure them by steering towards them; but in vain, the canoe soon made off, and was seen no more.
  • With that final retort, he rose from his chair and began moving toward the door. Half-way across the room though, he faltered, and turning back towards the breakfast table, caught a glimpse of his half-eaten breakfast. In the next moment he returned to the table, and in one skilful swoop, reclaimed his pork pie. Before Louisa could protest, he had disappeared into the distant realms of the house.
  • Kneeling, she ran her hands along the edge of the ledge, praying for something to anchor the rope on. She looked back into the tunnel, terrified of what she might find. The corpse was where she had left it, slumped closer, leaning towards her. The light was brighter now. Perhaps it was forcing the corpse into action, to inch his way towards her as she huddled on the ledge with nowhere to go.
  • Her next awakening revealed the Sun God Ra was driving his chariot past the mountains in the west and it was getting dark, "Time to hunt!" she thought. If she had known what was coming next, she said she would have stayed in bed! The patrol started out pretty routine as it always does. A few mice trying to slip in by the stables, a few snakes sliding along the bushes near the palace steps, but as she turned the corner towards the granary Isis said she caught the scent of, something.
  • The shadows! As I turned away from the obelisk and back towards the unknown haze a massive lightning bolt struck not far from me. In the same instant it struck the sun over the obelisk reappeared and swiftly lifted the veil of the toxic shadow. The animal fear of being hunted faded. In the distance near where the lightning had struck there was a new figure, a small black pedestal.
  • She wasn't alone when he arrived, two of her student friends, a young, fervent couple, were paying a social visit. Although Richard knew them and liked them, he was secretly annoyed at their presence. He found it difficult to talk easily in company, became muddled and only half-stated his case, and he knew that these two excitable youths would be sure to start a discussion about something controversial and intricate. He wished they would leave so that he could unburden himself with Eleanor, so that he could be personal and specific, not general and confused. Clara, the girl student, was talking about feminism, a familiar theme in Eleanor's flat. She was smoking feverishly, constantly brushing her side-parted blonde hair off her face or jabbing her cigarette accusingly towards the door, sending fine sprays of ash and smoke into the air which danced together in slow motion before departing, the ash gently snowing to the carpet or coffee table, the smoke rising to the ceiling where it gradually faded away. Richard didn't smoke and he found the room obsessively stale.
  • Joe's question was put in consequence of a gleeful smile that overspread the countenance of Dick Varley, who replied by pointing to a wigwam towards which they were approaching.
  • As if flying through the withering clouds, I felt, I was being driven towards stinking filth, soaring high above the mystic clouds. The darkness surrounding me was suffocating. The sticky and warm touch of the dark was nauseating. Then suddenly a piercing ray shook me from my vain efforts to fight out darkness. The ray did not bring any relaxation. I grew more anxious, more alarmed and more frightened. Awakening within me had stench of curses. I was still alive and it was not at all a comfortable realisation.
  • He thinks me guilty! he said to himself, as he stood with his head bent, listening, and unaware of the fact that some one was still in the room, till a light step came towards him, his hand was caught, and his cheek rapidly kissed.
  • There were two other persons who also had a long memory, and who remained at the outside of the crowd. Dusty Star's sharp eyes caught sight of a tall, slightly stooping figure, standing alone in solitary contemplation, and he immediately made his way towards it.
  • "When your kinsmen," he motioned towards Brangot, "move to invade afterworlds two hundred ninety nine through three hundred two, they will not be able to pass through Oblivion itself, and will tear through every afterworld, starting with afterworld number one, which is where the Spirit Channel operates."
  • The Shary was reached on the 23rd. The travellers were surprised at the magnitude of the stream, which appeared to be fully half a mile in width, running at the rate of two or three miles an hour towards the Chad.
  • They made their way towards the great doors, careful not to trip over the corpses left from their earlier fight. Mercy weighed heavily in their hand, and exhaustion had truly begun to make itself known. If the Wisemen had bolstered them earlier, it seemed as if the bard's decision to walk away from the Witch had caused them to withdraw their aid. Though it was tempting to wonder if they'd made the right choice, especially under those circumstances, the bard chose not to dwell on it for now. Azserix had to be their primary concern, even ifespecially ifthe old woman's directions had been a trap.
  • Helga was surprised when the dogs led her away from the camp. She was sure they would take her straight to it. But instead they ran along the side of the hill and down towards the far side of the limits of the camp. There was nothing here but derelict land. Why did they come here? There was nothing here.
  • Meanwhile a portion of the sail had been left loose, as has been said, and afforded something for the breeze to act upon. The consequence was, that the boat moved along slowly before the wind, and gradually approached the island which David had already noticed. For some time he remained with his eyes fixed upon the land astern, and Vesuvius. When he withdrew them and looked around, the island was much nearer. He began to see that he was approaching that island, and that before long he would reach it. This prospect excited in his mind the utmost hope, and all his attention was now directed towards that place. The time passed slowly, but it did pass; and at length, about three hours after he had first tried to turn the boat, he found himself so close to the island that he could step ashore.
  • The slope that now lay before them was smooth and grassy, flowing before them far, a gentle slope that was soon to lend speed to Rodriguez' feet, adding nimbleness even to youth. Soon, too, it was to lift onward the dull weight of Morano as he followed his master towards unknown wars, youth going before him like a spirit and the good slope helping behind. But before they gave themselves to that waiting journey they stood a moment and looked at the shining plain that lay before them like an open page, on which was the whole chronicle of that day's wayfaring. There was the road they should travel by, there were the streams it crossed and narrow woods they might rest in, and dim on the farthest edge was the place they must spend that night. It was all, as it were written, upon the plain they watched, but in a writing not intended for them, and, clear although it be, never to be interpreted by one of our race. Thus they saw clear, from a height, the road they would go by, but not one of all the events to which it would lead them.
  • When he ceased chasing the squirrel, he imagined that he retraced his steps directly towards the point where he had quitted the trail.
  • Anna walked over to Annie and put her arm around her. She whispered, "Lets go inside. Its getting too hot out here." The two started towards the house, leaving Jennie on her own. They picked up the baby, ushering the other children inside as well.
  • The insects always wanted to do what they could for Mr McFarland as he was kind towards them and of course allowed them to use his shed to run the Factory.
  • It was towards this inner recess that our guards led us. Here another grating was raised that we might pass, and we went onward through a narrow passage cut in the rock, along the sides of which were many openings giving access to small cell-like rooms. Nor was this place, as we had expected to find it, wholly dark; for narrow slits had been cut through the rock out to the face of the cliff, through which came so much light that we could see about us very well. And but for that blessed light, faint though it was, I doubt not that we should have gone mad there; and even with the light to cheer and to comfort us I felt a black despair settling down upon me at the thought of being thus imprisoned within the very bowels of the mountain, with no possibility of other release than being taken thence to die.
  • Smoke? asked Merriam, pushing the box towards his friend. When the Captain had made his selection, he took a cigar himself and lighting a match, held it to the end of the weed with steady fingers.
  • There was at the distance of twenty yards a large house with lodgings to let, principally frequented by foreign nobility. I rented at once a suite of apartments, consisting of five or six rooms elegantly furnished. From my style of living, any one would have thought I had two or three thousand ducats of yearly income. The first month was paid in advance. Afterwards I returned to business, and employed the whole afternoon in going on with what I had begun in the morning. In a closet adjoining mine there were two other secretaries; but their office was only to copy out fair. I got acquainted with them as we were shutting up for the evening; and, by way of smoothing the first overtures towards friendship, invited them home with me to my tavern, where I ordered the choicest delicacies of the season, with a profusion of the most exquisite wines.
  • That cry made Marguerite shudder: her thoughts flew back to the episodes of this night and to Chauvelin, the dark bird of prey with his mysterious death dealing plans, his subtle intrigues which all tended towards the destruction of one man: his enemy, the husband whom Marguerite loved.
  • Film Producer Derek Disano and the stunning Japanese Director Sandra Quinn, emerged from a limousine and moved quickly with other members of the film crew towards the Executive Jet building. Susan caught Elizabeths attention and signalled with her hands to keep moving. Elizabeth nodded and gently urged Brenda towards the entrance of the building.
  • Valaira's eyes shot open. "NO!" she screamed and raced towards the window. "No, no, NO!" She leapt, hand extended towards the butterflyintent on crushing itbut it fluttered away and her palm found only stone. For only a moment she remained, hand sprawled out over the sill, body kneelinga drastic look upon her porcelain features as though she had just received a death sentence.
  • Mike obeyed, running off as hard as he could go, chased by Vince, till they were well out of sight, and then, by making a detour of a good half-mile, they reached the oak wood a long way north of their customary way of entrance, and began to plod onward towards their goal.
  • But there was one more thing, she'd heard it too. As the conversation had lulled, as she'd pulled back her long, messy hair, her eyes had widened with clear recognition. But she hadn't asked what it was, hadn't drawn attention to the fact something was clearly scampering towards them through the tunnels. That told him all he needed to know about Gladys.
  • This time he hit Dave in the breast. The blow was a heavy one, but it did not hurt nearly as much as did the words which accompanied it. They made Dave shiver as if with ague, and, all in a blaze he could not curb, he sprang towards Link Merwell. Out shot first one fist and then the other, the blows landing on the eye and chin of the tall youth. They made him stagger back against the ice-boat. Then came a third blow, and Merwell gave a gasp, swayed from side to side, and would have fallen had not Nat Poole caught him as he was going down.
  • As they approached Hollyfort his interest quickened. He had known some of the people there as he grew up, and as they turned uphill towards Monaseed, past the Protestant church and graveyard where some old friends of the family were buried, it seemed as if he was slowly being restored to the fabric of the area.
  • "I still think we should let headquarters make the call on this, David," Taylor said to Wellman as they walked towards their men. They had known each other for three years and their friendship had been born under conflict. They both knew that they could trust each other. They both also knew that what they had learned would test their friendship.
  • 'Hurry!' she called to Mickey and Lynne, who were not far behind. They came running across the field towards the TARDIS hand in hand.
  • At last the prince of Persia, after they had thrown water on his face, recovered his spirits. Prince, said Ebn Thaher to him, we run the risk of being destroyed, if we stay here any longer; let us therefore endeavour to save our lives. He was so feeble that he could not rise unassisted. Ebn Thaher and the confident lent him their hands, and supported him on each side. They came to a little iron gate which opened towards the Tigris, went out at it, and got to the side of a little canal communicating with the river. The confident clapped her hands, and immediately a little boat appeared, which came towards them with one rower. Ali Ebn Becar and his comrade went aboard, and the trusty slave staid at the side of the canal. As soon as the prince sat down in the boat, he stretched out one hand towards the palace and laid the other upon his heart. Dear object of my soul! cried he with a feeble voice, receive my faith with this hand, while I assure you with the other, that for you my heart shall for ever preserve the fire with which it burns!
  • An occasional explorer strikes out towards the southeast, down the Courantyne River on the border between Guyana and Surinam, or takes the Essequibo to the Onoro River and then goes eastward to the New River which rises in the Sierra Accarai on the borders of Brazil. Like the Amazon, mother of South American rivers, all these waters are infested with pirani and sharks, and are dull-yellow or muddy in color. They carry the silt of the Interior, decayed lillies and roots of ancient trees, segments of shoreline that fall in at floodtime. Somewhere in the region of the source of the New River is a mountain range that connects the Accarai and the Carawaimi. It is called Ouangouwai, or Mountains of the Sun. The area is densely wooded, vegetation is luxurious. All is mostly virgin territory. Common knowledge and the municipal archives in Georgetown have it that, for all intents and purposes, the region is uninhabited.
  • Everything went quiet. The men were staring at Richard completely silent, frozen with strange expressions on their faces. The leader looked livid. He flipped the blade around and brought it down sharply, aiming for Richard's spine. Sam closed her eyes in terror as the knife plummeted towards him.
  • In the end, Todd decided that no one really liked to read and that the best way to get a ride was to mime. He found himself dancing down the highway, waving his thumb madly at passing vehicles and dramatically hoisting his backpack over his shoulder like a woman displaying a bulky infant. He waved frantically to other cars, jerking his thumb towards Wichita as if directing traffic. He was relieved and delighted when a beige station wagon pulled over twenty minutes later.
  • Going upon deck next morning, I found the wind blowing strong from the north, and the ship going through the water at a splendid pace. As much sail was on as she could carry, and she dashed along, leaving a broad track of foam in her wake. The captain is in high glee at the speed at which we are going. "A fine run down to the Line!" he says, as he walks the poop, smiling and rubbing his hands; while the middies are enthusiastic in praises of the good ship, "walking the waters like a thing of life." The spirits of all on board are raised by several degrees. We have the pleasure of feeling ourselves bounding forward, on towards the sunny south. There is no resting, but a constant pressing onward, and, as we look over the bulwarks, the waves, tipped by the foam which our ship has raised, seem to fly behind us at a prodigious speed.
  • "To recreate creation in their own image. There is something of both sephiroths in all of us, though some tend more one way or the other. Some species lean more towards one or the other. Only the ilven belong purely to the benefic sephiroth."
  • Contempt and rage soon succeeded amongst the Spaniards to the intoxication of success; the immense riches upon which they had reckoned either had no existence, or they had been thrown into the lake. Corts found it impossible to calm the malcontents, and was obliged to allow the emperor and his principal minister to be put to the torture. Some historians, and notably Gomara, report that whilst the Spaniards were stirring the fire which burnt below the gridiron upon which the two victims were extended, the minister turned his head towards his master and apparently begged him to speak, in order to put an end to their tortures; but that Guatimozin reproved this single moment of weakness by these words, "And I, am I assisting at some pleasure, or am I in the bath?" an answer which has been poetically changed into, "And I, do I lie upon roses?"
  • Finding that the British force would not attack any of the natural strongholds nor step into any of the traps contrived at river crossings where the perpendicular banks were filled with trench, pit, and shelter, but that the carefully-guarded convoy went on slowly towards safety day after day, the enemy became more daring, changed their tactics, and gathered together for attacks, getting their guns into action ready for their own captured artillery to be halted, and with a few well-directed shots at a tremendously long range to put the carefully planted guns out of action and compel a rapid retreat.
  • It was darkening when they met there, Rodriguez having found nothing but that iron barrier going on from trunk to trunk, and Alderon having found a great gateway of iron; but it was shut. Through the silent shadows stealing abroad at evening the three men crashed their way on foot, leading their horses, towards this gate; but their way was slow and difficult for no path at all led up to it. It was dark when they reached it and they saw the high gate in the night, a black barrier among the trees where no one would wish to come, and in forest that seemed to these three to be nearly impenetrable. And what astonished Rodriguez most of all was that the chains had not been across the path when he had feasted with the green bowmen.
  • The northern end is a level, stony flat, terminating towards the sea in projecting cliffs six or eight feet high; with patches of bushes large enough to serve as fuel here and there, all full of a new species of wallaby, which, being plentiful on both the large islands, suggested their name. The reader will obtain a good idea of the numbers in which these animals were found, when I state that on one day, within four hours, I shot 36, and that between three guns we killed 76, averaging in weight about seven pounds each; which gave rise to the name of Slaughter Point for the eastern extreme of the island.
  • Sitting up, she scanned the beach with idle eyes, and a movement caught her attention. A man rose from the sea and moved towards the beach, pulling something. She wondered who he was. The object he dragged looked like another man, his head swathed in black hair and seaweed. Curious, she rose to her feet. The sun glinted on silver skin, and her heart leapt. Talsy ran along the beach, the soft sand dragging at her feet.
  • Alecto screeches and charges Sabonis, long fingernails flashing like stilettos. I spin towards her. The spear catches her beneath the ribs and keeps penetrating. She gasps but does not scream. I use her momentum to push her against the wall, pinning her against the writhing threads.
  • "Wait!" Trevor cried out. He spotted the elf-captain, who was near the stern of the ship (manning the wheel as always) and ran towards him. "You're going the wrong way! Port Paravel is that way!"
  • George turned towards the dowager mistress of Wintersleigh. ‘This family,’ he began after a long and uncomfortable pause, ‘may indeed be very proud, but by the same token, theyre also incredibly unforgiving. Take that trifling incident all those years ago. Youve never forgiven me for that, have you?’
  • It was the skipper himself who dropped into the hold. The cargo was packed tight. Heavy barrels of flour, puncheons of molasses, casks of pork and beef, lay between the skipper and the powder. He crawled forward, wriggling in the narrow space between the freight and the deck. No fire had as yet entered the hold; but the place was full of stifling smoke. It was apparent that the removal of the powder would be the labour of hours; and there were no hours left for labour. The skipper could stand the smoke no longer. He retreated towards the hatch. How long it would be before the fire communicated itself to the cargo--how long it would be before the explosion of six kegs of powder would scatter the wreck of the First Venture upon the surface of the sea--no man could tell. But the end was inevitable.
  • We had not gone far before we saw him standing in front of a large rock, and in the rock there was a cavern, and at the mouth of the cavern there appeared a huge grizzly she-bear rubbing her eyes, Elihu declared, as if just awoke out of her winter's sleep. I rather think she was licking her lips at the thoughts of the repast she was going to make of Sam Short. She would have found him a tough morsel I suspect. Why she did not at first rush on and try to gobble up our friend I could not tell, till Elihu observed that she probably had her cubs inside the cave, and that she was guarding them. Our appearance, however, instead of daunting her increased her rage, and with a savage roar she began to waddle towards Short. He retreated slowly. We sang out to him to give him confidence. He had before not thought it prudent to fire, lest, as was very likely, his shots should not kill the bear; but when he heard our voices, he lifted his rifle and fired. I thought that the ball had gone through her head; but I suppose that it did not, because on she came at poor Sam faster than ever.
  • It was his last day. Hed spent nine months here, September through to June, four months of it in Geraldines room. Hed eaten pizza. His exams were over so he was moving back home. His face was still the same as when hed moved in. Hed had a learning experience. His attitude towards that learning was indifference. Hed move somewhere else next year. He endeavoured to make less overt effort in all his acts. He smiled. He caught himself. He was a like a zen buddhist clutching at passing twigs of thought at will, or letting them go, floating down the meaningless stream. He was like a gangster, taking pops at the weak and disaffected. Fundamentally he was nothing. He enjoyed it. When the next Eminem album came out hed buy it from HMV. It was June the 12th 2003.
  • And on the next day Rodriguez spoke with Dona Mirana as they walked in the glory of the garden. And Dona Mirana gave him her consent as Don Alderon had done: and when Rodriguez spoke humbly of postponement she glanced uneasily towards Shadow Valley, as though she too feared the strange man who ruled over the forest which she had never entered.
  • In two or three hours' time they reached the main road, and turning to the right, rode towards Salerno. Thus far Bob had not noticed much of his surroundings, but now his eyes gazed most eagerly upon the road ahead of him, for he expected to meet his friends. He rightly supposed that they would have driven to Salerno on the preceding day, hoping to find him there, and that they would drive back in search of him at the earliest dawn of another day.
  • "Here!" I said. He was five yards from me, moving in a faster current and I spun in a complete circle, my legs working furiously, before I managed to angle myself more towards him. He reached for me and I grasped his fingers, allowing him to pull me to him. I stopped fighting the current and began floating with it, thankful to be alive.
  • After this happy deliverance, we immediately began our search for your dead body, Ralph, and you have no idea how low our hearts sank as we set off, day after day, to examine the valleys and mountain sides with the utmost care. In about three weeks we completed the survey of the whole island, and had at least the satisfaction of knowing that you had not been killed. But it occurred to us that you might have been thrown into the sea, so we examined the sands and the lagoon carefully, and afterwards went all round the outer reef. One day, while we were upon the reef, Peterkin espied a small dark object lying among the rocks, which seemed to be quite different from the surrounding stones. We hastened towards the spot, and found it to be a small keg. On knocking out the head we discovered that it was gunpowder.
  • "Never mind, I shouldn't have asked so soon. We'll talk about it later." Try as she might, Graice couldn't stop her eyes from glancing towards Sybille and their new friends and she caught the Madrre staring back at her. Holder noticed.
  • Brangot and Diotitus walked briskly towards a car marked clearly for the Generally Unsaved, and boarded. They found two uncomfortable and cramped seats near the back and stowed their ceremonial appointments in an overhead storage vat.
  • Five minutes later, they were in the canoe, paddling quickly towards the portage. With the rifle in the canoe, Tony felt better, as long as they were away from the shore.
  • Dave was really anxious concerning Mr. Dale. He truly believed it his first duty towards the old friend of his father to do all he could to assist him. For all that, Dave was relieved to know that he could go on without interruption in service of his employers.
  • What have you written? Let us see, said Considine, drawing the paper towards him, and holding it to the light. "Why, what the devil is all this? You have made him 'drop down dead after dinner of a lingering illness brought on by the debate of yesterday.'"
  • My friend remained on the course until it was too late to return to Majorca that night. As the moon did not rise until towards morning, we were under the necessity of waiting until then, otherwise we might get benighted in the bush. We tried to find a bed in the hotel, but in vain. All the beds and sofas in Avoca were occupied. Even the billiard tables were engaged for the night.
  • "Theyre looking for us," Ivy said. "I just know it." Her hands began to shake as she let go of mine and reached out towards the road.
  • Dick started forward at once towards the horse, while the sergeant looked frowningly from one to the other, as if he could not believe his ears.
  • Beresteyn quickly followed him. The prince looked faint and ill, and had to lean on his host's arm as he tottered towards the window. The little incident was noticed by a few. It caused consternation and the exchange of portentful glances.
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