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Okunuşu: / tə’wɔːdz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


edat. -e doğru, doğrultusunda, tarafına doğru;
-e yakın, -e karşı;

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  • "Go you down that way towards the Capitol; this way will I," he tells Murellus. "Disrobe the images, if you do find them decked with ceremonies," he says. The two will confiscate the wreaths of laurel leavessymbolic crownsplaced on the citys statuary of Julius Caesar by his admirers, who want to elevate him to emperor.
  • But the servants tending the pack-animals were accustomed to this exhibition of popular interest. They warned off the rabble with the insolence every jack-in-office displays towards his inferiors.
  • He insisted that Bob and Dick should run races across the common on their way towards the south parade, in which gymnastic display Miss Nellie and Rover both joined, for company sake as well as to set a good example; the big black retriever going over more ground than either of the competitors ere they reached `The Moorings,' as Mrs Gilmour's house was christened.
  • "Then get your pack made up," she ordered, "for we must be well up towards the head of Black Bear Creek before it grows dark enough to camp."
  • Her parents and the Mays made their way to the front as well. As Sarah spotted them, they spotted her. David and her fathers features went to pure murderous expressions as they saw how Mr. V. held her hostage by the throat. Jenny, Rhoda and Jillian looked towards her in fear, shock and then it changed as a primal fury began to dominate them all. Her father and David moved side by side to come and help her. Both of their fists were clenched and they didnt look at each other as she knew what was going to happen to her captor next.
  • For every act of kindness towards me, Mr. Beverly, I am sure I try to feel very grateful, and since I have been within these walls, my feelings have been so little exercised in that way that it is really refreshing to feel under their influence, even in the smallest degree. The very servants treat me as a lost and abandoned creature. Those of my own sex that once professed love and respect for me, fly from the apartment when I speak to them, as if there were contamination in my very voice. I know that some horrible tale has been told them about me: would you but take the trouble to correct the false impression, before you depart, my solitary lot might be greatly softened, and I would then have double cause for gratitude.
  • "Im sorry Princess, but this water is for me to clean your wounds, not to be drunk." He said while walking towards her. He stopped in front of her and shoved his hands into his black jeans pocket. He pulled out some green leaves which Sarah recognized instantly.
  • They seated themselves at the river bank, and Crouch kept an ear towards the jungle, in order to be warned if any one should approach.
  • Azserix dug his claws into the ground against the force, pulling himself to his knees and struggling to reach the bard again. "You resign yourself to this fate, then?" he called out, scrabbling at the stone floor as he made their way towards them, "Forever is a damned long time, bard!"
  • Floki lifted the tarp covering the hides, and the soldiers nodded in silent approval. They saw nothing but hides. Floki smiled, replaced the tarp, and dug his heels into his horse. The horse started trotting towards the gate. They were almost through when he heard a shriek, like the sound of breaking glass.
  • They shook hands vigorously. In another minute the old seaman was sailing down the cinder-cone at the rate of fourteen knots an hour, while his son, setting off under the guidance of Moses towards a different point of the compass, was soon pushing his way through the tangled forest in the direction of the hermit's cave.
  • Right now, I am directing light from our entrance back towards Ryson. His sword is now magnifying light from two different sources. Even without your sword, this reflected light would allow dwarves to see for long distances in tunnels. Even though the gems beyond this point will bend it, change it to create the illusions my brother spoke of, it will reach the door to the next level. For now, I will hold it in the open so that even when Ryson's sword passes through, those that remain on this side will still have light. He took the gem back in his hand and waited for Tun to retake command.
  • The lumberjacks reached him at this juncture and, together, Spike and his companions brought the unconscious man towards the shore.
  • Before quitting this subject it may be as well to mention that my own impression, which the most recent information bears out, is that instead of an inland sea, there is in the centre of Australia a vast desert, the head of which, near Lake Torrens, is not more than three hundred feet above the level of the sea. The coast being surrounded by hilly ranges, the great falls of rain that must occasionally occur in the interior, may convert a vast extent of the central and lowest portion, towards the north side of the continent, into a great morass, or lake, which, from the northerly dip, must discharge its waters slowly into the Gulf of Carpentaria, without possessing sufficient stability to mark either its bed or boundaries.
  • And will you direct us? exclaimed the young man. "Listen, M. d'Avrigny, listen!" Noirtier looked upon Morrel with one of those melancholy smiles which had so often made Valentine happy, and thus fixed his attention. Then, having riveted the eyes of his interlocutor on his own, he glanced towards the door.
  • Not knowing what else to do, he followed the creek round the foot of the hill, and so onwards for a mile or more. This bank was steep, on account of the down; the other cultivated, the corn being already high. The cuckoo sang (she loves the near neighbourhood of man) and flew over the channel towards a little copse. Almost suddenly the creek wound round under a low chalk cliff, and in a moment Felix found himself confronted by another city. This had no wall; it was merely defended by a ditch and earthwork, without tower or bastion.
  • There's still time to slip back down, there's still a chance to know who you are. I edged towards the closing gap. If I go back in there again I'll never leave. I shuddered at the thought of how long I had been down there, how many times had I turned back to the room? The conversation I could recite verbatim, the familiar pull of the door, the cozy feel of my cushioned chair. I can't go back.
  • A rest and a slight attack upon the provisions, and we were once more journeying towards the mouth, but only to pause in the chamber where lay the opening that had saved our lives.
  • She squirms in her chamber, boiling with frustration, wishing she could just squeeze his aorta shut and be done with it. Two tendrils blindly obey her whim, pinching together like scorpion claws. They push against the artery, dimpling it, but fail to overcome the vital pressure pulsing within. The tips slide off and go limp. She settles her bulk and drifts towards slumber, watching, waiting.
  • She gave a little cry, and clutched the railing, else she would have fallen. One moment she stayed so, looking up towards his face that was hid in the deepening shadow--looking with wild eyes of hope and fear and love.
  • She stood, slow, unsteady. The blanket dropped away, and icy wind pounded through her silk nightgown. Goosebumps pierced every inch of her skin. Her head rose, facing her mother squarely. Behind Elena, she saw the man who had claimed her striding towards them.
  • He looked gingerly at the figurehead, which depicted a woman whose body was half-skeleton and half flesh. These people had unhealthy imaginations. Sighing, he gazed towards the distant mountains. Somewhere up there, Gwen was a prisoner of the swart-elves. Assuming she was still alive! Who knew what Prince Helgrim might have done to her, might be doing to her now
  • Arrows flew towards the paladin. Most of them completely missed. A few struck his armour, but did no damage. "Keep firing!" the chieftain screamed, for no reason really, because the goblins didn't stop. Neither did they improve their aim. Their bows were primitive, but they usually were quite good with them. Not this time. It was some of the most awful shooting this village had ever seen. One goblin even managed to shoot himself in the feet. Both at once.
  • A few long seconds later, he reached the surface and breathed deeply, treading water as best he could, looking around the dark chamber he had entered. He could make out the faint sight of Nellise' white robe on the shore up ahead, and slowly swam towards her, struggling with the weight of the chain shirt which threatened to pull him under again. Colt was at the edge of the waters, reaching out a hand to guide him ashore.
  • "The Indians," said Whirlwind, "say there are stones still farther towards the setting sun that give light like stars, and glitter in their bed with a hundred fires; but they are never seen in these hunting grounds. All through the mountains these are to be found in abundance," said he, pointing to the gold that lay glittering in the earth.
  • He too slumped over his drink, the bill of his blue cap pointing down as well; now it too angled towards her beer. She glanced out the corner of her eye at him, the canyons on her cracked face peeling back scornfully.
  • Wearied at last with his researches, he sauntered towards afternoon in the direction of the port, and began in a listless sort of way to watch the movements of a man who was busily engaged with a boat, as if he were making preparations to put to sea.
  • "My first thought was to get near them, and have a shot; and I was about to start off over the plain, when I perceived that the antelopes were coming towards me. I saw that they were approaching with considerable rapidity; and if I only remained where I was, they would save me the trouble of stalking in upon them. I lay down behind a bush and waited.
  • After another day and a half, I could no longer contend with the general discontent. The schooner must ultimately retrace her course towards the north.
  • We soon gained almost another two miles, when I availed myself of the opportunity to satisfy a second time my ambition of outstripping my companions in approaching towards that land of mystery, Central Australia. Desiring Brown to make the river abreast, I ran a short distance further, when I again met the Albert, flowing on as before, with undiminished size. Even this short distance was something to gain in a new and untrodden country.
  • With such knowledge of their natural history, it was with feelings of no ordinary interest that our young hunters turned their faces towards that vast serried rampart that separates the land of the Gaul from the country of the Iberian.
  • The girls, stood staring at the shield speechless. The Fey weren't quite as surprised as they launched their energy blast towards them. Seth, who had stopped running when the shield appeared, started towards the girls when the blast hit them. The girls had ducked but their shield repelled the blast firing it back at the Fey.
  • "Well leave tomorrow," Vincent said into the fire. "Margret wouldnt mind if you borrow some of her clothes, but Ill send her to get you some." He looked up at the ceiling. "Speaking of Margret," he turned and started to walk towards the hallway.
  • "Better not to concern yourselves with that," Jacob stated as he started hustling them towards the back rooms and to the back door. "Ve has instructed me to let you know he will contact you at once about your Fey problem as soon as he takes care of his affairs here." The girls followed in a mutual silence. Caislyn was pissed off and wondering what was going on in the other part of Ve's building.
  • I was just about to do as he advised me, when old Tom, pointing to the eastward, towards which our starboard broadside was turned, exclaimed, "As sure as I'm an Englishman there come the boats, and I can make out three of them pulling abreast; we shall see them more clearly presently."
  • I think we must be near the end, said I at last. We had a tinder-box: Obed struck a light. The blue glare of the match showed us two hairy bundles rolled up near the the wall of the cave. While he lighted another match, I rushed up to one of the bundles, which I found, by receiving a sharp bite, was a little bear. I soon, however, had the young gentleman's fore-paws bound tightly together, and was dragging him out towards the mouth of the cave. Obed seized the other, while the match was still burning on the ground, and we thus had them both captives. We brought them in triumph to our friends, who were feasting on their mother. We did not offer them any of the poor brute, and I dare say they thought us very greedy for not doing so, not probably entering into our delicate feelings on the subject.
  • True, said Noirtier, looking carelessly around him, "true, if this person were not on his guard, as he is;" and he added with a smile, "He will consequently make a few changes in his personal appearance." At these words he rose, and put off his frock-coat and cravat, went towards a table on which lay his son's toilet articles, lathered his face, took a razor, and, with a firm hand, cut off the compromising whiskers. Villefort watched him with alarm not devoid of admiration.
  • He went out from the Palace and down the hill towards the place where the British forces were encamped just outside the city. When he came to the tents, he asked for Mr. Linforth, and was conducted through the lines. He found Linforth sitting alone within his tent on his camp chair, and knew from his attitude that some evil thing had befallen him. Linforth rose and offered Ralston his chair, and as he did so a letter fluttered from his lap to the ground. There were two sheets, and Linforth stooped quickly and picked them up.
  • Her eyes filled with pain. None of us could converse easily about Dad. She walked towards me slowly and put her hands on my shoulder. "Your father would be proud of you. Dont doubt that for a moment. He never had the chance to see you in action, as I did."
  • Meyer watched her leading her dogs back up the hill towards her estate. When she was finally gone from view he replaced his gloves and turned to his men.
  • I mean it's likely they was wiped out, was the reply. "When the fust quake an' slide came I was lookin' down towards thet ledge. I saw some heavy rocks go down, and a big mass o' dirt, too, an' the ledge was buried out o' sight. If they was down thar, it's more'n likely they was buried alive!"
  • "Take cover!" he shouted, crouching to leap aside as a stroke of lightning coursed through the charged air, hitting all four of them and knocking them to the floor, momentarily stunned. They didn't have time to recover before the terrifying visage of a giant man, his head obscured by a fearsome visored helm, roared a battle cry and leaped up before them, a six-foot long battle spear held in both hands, driving down towards Aiden's chest.
  • This was very obvious. The men of the tribe, who might be described as glaring maniacs, had dropped their robes, and, almost naked, ran waist-deep into the water in a vain attempt to catch some of the larger fish as they were slowly forced towards the beach. Even some of the women lost self-control and, regardless of petticoats, floundered after the men. As for the children, big and little, they developed into imps of darkness gone deranged.
  • "I do esteem you, as you term it, more than ever; but I also love you. When a little helpless thing, I took you from your father's arms: I loved you then as a parent would love a child. When Lady Cecil took you under her care, and I saw you but seldom, my heart leaned towards the daughter of my best friend with a brother's love.
  • The emberquicks song was now so strong that he felt almost as if he could understand it. And he found, as suspected, that it was at its strongest when aimed at one precise place in the room. "Its a lullaby," he said, his eyes gleaming. "The first one my mum sang to me. I can feel her breaths on my face." He walked towards the wall-cabinet, the shining stone held out ahead of him. "Yes, its here. Its definitely here."
  • And our friends inside could hear her feet scrunching the gravel as she walked towards the gate in order to see who it was; so they went to the window also to look on, and the interesting conversation I have just detailed, was abruptly broken off at the indefinite point it had reached.
  • With a swirl of his head, he picked up sight of the corpse. It made no attempt to retrieve its spear. Instead, it moved unerringly towards him, apparently ready to block any attempt of escape.
  • He reached his house almost at the same time that Chloe by a slower and longer method came to her own, full of similar half-conscious anxieties and alarms. She found, opened, and read a couple of letters that awaited her, and realized when she had finished that she knew nothing of their contents, and did not particularly want to know. She put down the New Statesman in its place on the table, took off her things, and looked vaguely round the room. It was here then that Lord Arglay had been during that unbelievable and terrifying disappearance; to this the Crown of Suleiman had transported him. The Crown of Suleiman.... the Lord Chief Justice. Chloe Burnett. It might have happened but she didn't believe it; at least, except that she couldn't disbelieve in that sharp spasm of fear. She moved towards a chair and noticed, with a slight annoyance, that she had forgotten to shake the cushions up when she left the house that evening. Or had another visitor-? Chloe dropped into the chair where Lord Arglay had sat and burst into tears.
  • Turning, Studoe whistled and shouted, "Bring a team over for these gentlemen to see, Rufus." That man spoke to three others and each took a beast by the reins and began tugging it towards the fence. Holder studied the animals as they arrived.
  • But the affair could not last long. Vani failed to understand this jolly philosopher. She had an extreme attraction towards the romantic life. She wanted to have a heart full of romance, to live in the dream world of fairy queens. And Krishnan, Alas, how indifferent he was towards such things! She soon left him to engage herself with one of our so-called literary laureate professors.
  • Like as in the same spectral phenomenon, too, this vessel seemed to be gliding towards them without sound or apparent motion.
  • Captain Len Guy's intention was to take the Sandwich Isles for his point of departure towards the south, after having made acquaintance with New Georgia, distant eight hundred miles from the Falklands. Thus the schooner would be in longitude on the route of the Jane.
  • "Keep moving towards the inn!" Aiden cried aloud, hoping the militia would recognise the order and assist him and his companions in reaching that goal. The main street ahead of them was a scene of chaos, with people struggling to get to safety after the initial assault of the mercenaries and the wounded defenders who had sought to aid their escape with their lives. In a few houses, more soldiers could be seen destroying chests and wardrobes, no doubt looking for any valuables that might be hidden.
  • A canoe immediately put off and came paddling out towards us; then turned round and accompanied us back to the bank, on which Kepenau, with Ashatea and other members of his family, stood ready to receive us. As we shook hands he told us how glad he was to see us; and Ashatea had many questions to ask about Lily and Dora.
  • "The ground was all damp. Those things dont like damp. So it kinda gravitated towards the aquarium and scuttled in and stayed there. I kept playing. It got all slow and settled in like it was sleeping. I just worked my way closer and pounced with the glass lid. Piled rocks on top. And that was that. I had to replace the lid with that flagstone because I cracked it. But thats where we stand. Its only been a couple days that its been captive."
  • And as Earth grew larger, and they began to see forms that seemed like seas and mountains, they looked for their own country, but could not find it: for, travelling straight from the Sun, they approached that part of the world that was then turned towards it, and were heading straight for China, while Spain lay still in darkness.
  • I directed the horse towards the causeway, aiming for the road wed left and anxious not to stray into the bog. Since Goronwy was unhorsed, I rode more slowly than I might have otherwise. I was never outside the castle without my guard and felt strangely vulnerable, almost naked, without them.
  • Lord Arglay listened and looked. Then, "Well," he said, "whether I believe I do not know and what I believe I most certainly do not know. But it is either that or this. And since this is in your mind I also will be with your mind and I will take upon me what you desire. So, if there is indeed a path for the Stone, in the name of God let us offer it that path, and let whatever Will moves justly in these things fulfil itself through us if that is its desire." He lifted up the Stone, kept it for a moment raised upon his hand in the full view of all of them, and held it a little out towards Chloe. "Go on, child," he said.
  • ECB President Mario Draghi hailed the deal on banking supervision, the first stage towards a banking union with more pooled sovereignty, as an important step towards a stable economic and monetary union.
  • He thinks me guilty! he said to himself, as he stood with his head bent, listening, and unaware of the fact that some one was still in the room, till a light step came towards him, his hand was caught, and his cheek rapidly kissed.
  • Fishermen are a persevering race, the young man in the soft hat was still at his post. But no, he was not fishing! He was walking up and down in a moody, purposeless way, and it seemed to the Captain that he turned his head very often towards the Castle.
  • On the 6th January, towards eleven o'clock in the morning, Kellet, whose turn it was to look out, suddenly called the Sergeant, and pointed to some moving masses indistinctly visible in the gloom. Long, approaching the window observed quietly
  • The whole party now proceeded to the fisherman's hut, Bacon supporting the feeble steps of its exhausted mistress. Here a new disaster awaited them. A few yards from the house towards the river, they discovered the body of the fisherman himself, cold, stiff, and lifeless. O'Reily was directed to remain with the woman of the house until she should completely recover her senses, but on no account to stay longer, or enter into any explanations.
  • After trying on a few of the clothes, he picks a shirt, one with a minimum of sequins, glitter and decorative patterns and a pair of jeans. In fact, he notes, looking in the mirror, these fit and look better than the old pair he had on. He finishes dressing, combs back his long, wet hair and walks back down the hall towards David's apartment.
  • His host heard him through without a word, but towards the end of his story his face betrayed an interest, or rather an expectant anxiety, to hear what was coming next that no mere friendly concern of the moment for one less fortunate than himself could adequately account for. At length, when Arnold had completed his story with a brief but graphic description of the last successful trial of his model, he leant forward in his chair, and, fixing his dark, steady eyes on his guest's face, said in a voice from which every trace of his former good-humoured levity had vanished--
  • Tone glanced over towards Sam. He elbowed him and nodded towards the door. All three older boys jumped into action, running into the house with a set purpose in mind. Within a minute, they were all back, scampering into their places and breathing heavily. They all returned to the exact spot they had just been in, looking as if they never left. Each one had a wry smile on his face.
  • "Hard to tell," she said. "Theyre certainly loud." She strained to distinguish the parts. There was a synthesizer buried in the mud, but no trace of vocals. She squinted towards Mal as a guitar solo unwound. "I dont hear Sari. Is this supposed to be an instrumental?"
  • I thought you'd do that, said Samson to himself; and he turned sharply round, ran a few yards towards his pursuer, and then turned along one of the courses of a stream, and in a minute was out of sight, but only to double again in quite a different direction along the dry course of another rivulet, which wound here and there to the south.
  • For the third time the trumpets blew, and from either end of that bridge, two hundred paces long, the knights flashed towards each other like living bolts of steel. The multitude rose to watch; even Sinan rose. Only Rosamund sat still, gripping the cushions with her hands. Hollow rang the hoofs of the horses upon the stonework, swifter and swifter they flew, lower and lower bent the knights upon their saddles. Now they were near, and now they met. The spears seemed to shiver, the horses to hustle together on the narrow way and overhang its edge, then on came the black horse towards the inner city, and on sped Smoke towards the further gulf.
  • Scarcely had I spoken than well-nigh fifty savages appeared on the banks, and, yelling loudly, let fly a cloud of arrows towards us, while one of them shouted to us to come to shore.
  • Although Sam had swallowed Maika's tale, he was not one for crusades, and had no intention of going to the police or standing up for her against her bosses. Mainly because he had no respect for any of them, they were merely a bunch of unscrupulous whores and pimps, foreigners mostly, and in reality he couldn't care less one way or the other what they did to each other or why. However, he had started to feel a certain amount of animosity towards the owners and their sadistic methods, especially after half a dozen pints.
  • What the? The small black rectangle slid with tremendous speed down the corkscrew. It shot straight across the floor and crashed unspectacularly into the iron gateway. It was the journal. I stared at it in utter disbelief. How in the hell? After a few tense moments of questioningly looking at the journal I decided it was safe to look away. My eyes swung towards the spiral. Journals don't move on their own. I strained my senses for any sound of movement at the top of the spiral. A dozen heartbeats passed, I got up to retrieve the book. I opened it.
  • I havent spoken to Sarah in all the time since this happened, though sometimes I think of her and wonder what shes doing. The pain of my lost hopes slid towards its proper place, yet how can I forget that vibrant link between Sarah and Eadie? the lost hopes of my project and that poor young man, the client I told you about in The Beginning; still in prison for a crime he didnt commit? Most of all, how shall I forget the sound of that soul as it screamed its pain to the World?
  • He started moving towards the front line, and as he looked around him for more surprises, he was amazed to find one. Off to his left were three riders coming at the army at full speed. They were partly hidden by the shadows thrown from the buildings in Burnhamheade, but something about them was strange. He couldn't make out who they were or even how they were dressed, but he felt something in his stomach when he looked at them. There was something important about these riders, and he could not tell what it was.
  • Ah,’ George breathed, ‘this must be the unlucky lady.’ He stepped forward, and in a most gentlemanly and chivalrous manner, bowed to her. ‘George Brearly, at your service,’ he smiled. ‘I heartily welcome you to the Brearly tribe.’ He then playfully saluted her, before turning towards Michael. ‘For shame,’ he said, regarding his brother with a rather dark look, ‘you didnt tell me that your bride was this beautiful.’
  • Yah! yah! hold a light, put in one of the Boers. "I don't trust that black schepsel of yours, Heer Quatermain; he may have some of his countrymen with him." Accordingly a lantern was produced and held towards the voice. There was Indaba-zimbi alone. We let him into the laager and asked him the news.
  • Slowly he backed towards the window, unperceived in the general excitement; and Hugh dodged rapidly towards the car. It struck him that the sance was over, and he just had time to see Lakington snatch something which appeared to have been let down by a string from above, before turning into the bushes and racing for the car. As it was, he was only a second or two in front of the other, and the last vision he had through a break in the trees, before they were spinning smoothly down the deserted road, was an open window in Laidley Towers from which dense volumes of vapour poured steadily out. Of the house party behind, waiting for the light to burn low in the brazier, he could see no sign through the opaque wall of green fog.
  • I'm so glad you-- began Miss Milton, quite confidentially; I pulled my chair a trifle closer, and cast an apparently careless glance towards Mrs. Hilary. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me.
  • From this time forward old Samson constantly spoke about Lily; and, persuaded by his own hopes that she was his grand-daughter, he seemed to be fully convinced that such was the case. His anxiety to see her, and to examine the clothes and ornaments which Aunt Hannah had preserved, increased every day; but how were we to find Lily and Aunt Hannah? Had our friends turned back; or had they pushed forward, fighting their way successfully towards the fertile region to which they were bound? Neither he nor I could bring ourselves to contemplate what might otherwise have happened--had they been overwhelmed by the hordes of savages, and met the fearful fate which had overtaken the smaller band whose remains we had discovered?
  • Never, I feel sure, were truth and falsehood more craftily interwoven; yet I had thought of none of it until the woman was at my door, while of much I had not thought at all. It had rushed from my heart and from my lips. And no sooner was I alone than I burst into hysterical tears, only to stop and compliment myself because they sounded genuine - as though they were not! towards morning I took to my bed in a burning fever, and lay there, now congratulating myself upon it, because when night came they would all think me so secure; and now weeping because the night might find me dying or dead. So I tossed, with her note clasped in my hand underneath the sheets; and beneath my very body that stout weapon that I had bought in town. I might not have to use it, but I was fatalist enough to fancy that I should. In the meantime it helped me to lie still, my thoughts fixed on the night, and the day made easy for me after all.
  • We had previously been trained to obey this order with the utmost alacrity, by running towards our leader, carrying our loaded guns with us, and forming into line, so as to be ready for any emergency. It was a fancy of Lumley to drill us thus, and we fell in with his humour, most of us counting it a piece of fun, to break off from what we chanced to be doing at the moment the order was given, and trying who should be first to reach the spot where he stood. As our guns were always loaded and primed, we never had to lose time in charging them.
  • "Then we must lure her in, and destroy her quickly." Idimus thought for a moment, then turned his eyes towards the window. "For that, I hope Gerin is successful, and he returns with Fate."
  • I do not think that Saduko spoke of her to me again until towards the climax of this history, and certainly I did not mention her to him. But from that day forward I noted that he was a changed man. His pride and open pleasure in his great success, which had caused the Zulus to name him the "Self-eater," were no longer marked. He became cold and silent, like a man who is thinking deeply, but who shutters his thoughts lest some should read them through the windows of his eyes. Moreover, he paid a visit to Zikali the Little and Wise, as I found out by accident; but what advice that cunning old dwarf gave to him I did not find out--then.
  • Nick had been determined to stay cool but the dam holding back his emotions finally burst. "Jesus, Alan, what kind of a risk is it for the bank? Like you say Im the one taking all the risk. Im the one whos borrowed all the bloody money. The banks got me by the fucking balls. Ive put my house on the line for the bank. Ive given personal guarantees, signed away my life. Thats proof of how much faith Ive got in the business. Ive put my fucking neck on the line even though theres a fucking train hurtling towards me."
  • "Up the hill he climbed, until finally, he was almost to the top. He had to really work at it to make it over that last boulder that blocked his way." By this time, her fingers were tickling the girls neck, gently wiggling around towards the back.
  • The captain surveyed the throng of people all heading straight towards them. At the front were the newly famous Nohrin, along with the king and queen. Congratulating himself yet again for being the first person to "discover" the identities of the Nohrin, he nodded his head at the tall foreigner as Steve gave him a two finger salute. He had been quite impressed with how the stranger had handled himself with the ruffians that had attacked them earlier. Personally, he reflected, had someone attacked he and his wife, and he had a jhorun as powerful as Steves, there wouldnt have been any survivors. Yet the resourceful fire thrower had managed to incapacitate three of them. Three!
  • Maximilian, said the count, "the friends that we have lost do not repose in the bosom of the earth, but are buried deep in our hearts, and it has been thus ordained that we may always be accompanied by them. I have two friends, who in this way never depart from me; the one who gave me being, and the other who conferred knowledge and intelligence on me. Their spirits live in me. I consult them when doubtful, and if I ever do any good, it is due to their beneficent counsels. Listen to the voice of your heart, Morrel, and ask it whether you ought to preserve this melancholy exterior towards me."
  • "We shall never be able to see the ship, Mr Russell," said Mark towards mid-day, as they lay there parched beyond endurance, rising slowly and falling upon the smooth Atlantic swell. "Do you think they will fire again?"
  • "Don't interrupt," the Archmage said, lifted his hand, and a beam of light fired towards the Emperor. Mevrin screamed. The Marquis didn't even flinch. He calmly observed Mevrin the First getting hit in the chest with a loud bang and subsequently being composed into the castle wall. There was a lot of shouting and screaming.
  • A massive ball of fire materialised in front of him and shot towards the assembled warriors. It detonated in the centre of their group, shaking the very foundations of the tunnels and blasting Aiden and his companions off their feet with a wave of fire. The effect upon the barbarians, however, was far more pronounced, sending charred bodies crashing against the walls as the force of the blast shattered bones and ended lives.
  • On the 23rd of August, after having at the expense of much danger and fatigue, overcome the perils of this bay, Columbus issued from the Gulf of Paria by the narrow strait to which he gave the name, retained to this day, of the Dragon's Mouth. Arrived in the open sea, the Spaniards discovered the Island of Tobago situated to the north-east of Trinidad, and then, more to the north, the Island of Conception, now known as Grenada. They next steered to the south-west and returned towards the American coast; after sailing along which for 120 miles, they discovered, on the 25th of August, the populous Island of Margarita, and afterwards the Island of Cubaga, situated very close to the mainland. At this place the natives had established a pearl-fishery, and busied themselves in collecting this valuable product. Columbus sent a boat on shore, when a very profitable traffic was carried on, the natives giving in exchange for broken pottery or hawks' bells, pounds' weight of pearls, some of which were very large, and of the finest water.
  • From the windward side of the verandah he and Slaughter leaped to the ground. The smoke was rolling towards them in great opaque billows and the air scorched their faces, for through the dense mass they saw the lurid gleam of the flames leaping and springing like living things thrown out in a skirmishing line across the grass-covered stretch of country. They dashed forward towards it, their eyes half blinded, their lungs choking, and their skin blistering.
  • Oh! If only that were true, my dear,’ Louisa responded, patting her daughter affectionately on the shoulder. ‘If only that were true.’ She sighed, then turned towards the window, looking through the glass to the darkening world outside. ‘They will all be here soon,’ she said, staring fixedly at the entrance drive. She was soon startled by a voice behind her.
  • From the shadowy church I passed at a step into a small vaulted room brilliant with the sunlight that poured into it through a broad window that faced the south. Just where this flood of sunshine fell upon the flagged floor, rising from a base of stone steps built up in a pyramidal form, was a large cross of some dark wood, on which was the life-size figure of the crucified Christ; and there, on the bare stone pavement before this emblem of his faith, his face, on which the sunlight fell full, turned upward towards the holy image, and his arms raised in supplication, clad in his Franciscan habit, of which the hood had fallen back, knelt Fray Antonio; and upon his pale, holy face, that the rich sunlight glorified, was an expression so seraphic, so entranced, that it seemed as though to his fervent gaze the very gates of heaven must be open, and all the splendors and glories and majesties of paradise revealed.
  • A sudden uproar was heard in the direction of the bunk house. The lumberjacks having discovered that a fight was in progress were running towards the river to see if they too could not get into the fray, for a lumberjack loves nothing in the world so violently as he loves a fight.
  • Come on! cried Cameron again, laying his hand upon the nearest Indian. "Let's go to your camp. Take your furs. He is a thief, a robber, a bad man. All that," sweeping his hand towards Raven's goods, "no good. This," kicking the keg, "bad. Kill you."
  • Folding up the paper, he undid a button of Benita's blouse and thrust it away there, knowing that thus she would certainly find it should she survive. Then he stepped out on to the deck to see what was happening. The vessel still steamed, but made slow progress; moreover, the list to starboard was now so pronounced that it was difficult to stand upright. On account of it nearly all the passengers were huddled together upon the port side, having instinctively taken refuge as far as possible above the water. A man with a white, distraught face staggered towards him, supporting himself by the bulwarks. It was the captain. For a moment he paused as though to think, holding to a stanchion. Robert Seymour saw his opportunity and addressed him.
  • I looked up at the boy, to see what he meant. I saw that he was pointing to the south-east, and I turned my eyes in that direction. I uttered an exclamation of joy, which startled my companions; for I saw that what Frank had taken for a white cloud was the snowy cap of a mountain! I might have seen it before, had my eyes been searching in that quarter; but they were not, as I was examining the sky more towards the south and west."
  • 'Madge,' he said, rolling over where he lay and stretching out his hand towards her. It fell upon her own, and she made no motion to evade him. It was the first caress he had ever offered her, and her tacit acceptance of it hurried him into passion. 'Madge,' he said again; 'dear little Madge!'
  • "No," said Lilac, managing, at last, to raise something of a smile. "If youre not due for the alignments -" she nodded towards the horizon "- then youll have to wait for tomorrow. Which will not do."
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