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Okunuşu: / tə’wɔːdz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce


edat. -e doğru, doğrultusunda, tarafına doğru;
-e yakın, -e karşı;

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  • "Yeah, I hope you're right. Okay, I'll see'ya tomorrow," says Mike as he staggers towards his apartment. As he does and once out of David's sight, he nearly breaks down, overwhelmed by the events of the day and his sudden change of fortune.
  • In the meantime the other three men dared not shoot for fear of missing the ferocious cat and killing their comrade. H. had the presence of mind to swiftly fix his bayonet, and, rushing towards the tiger, he thrust it in the animal's side, firing as he did so. The tiger fell backwards off the verandah mortally wounded, but to the amazement of the Sahebs struggled tip and made another attempt to get at B. He was however too badly wounded and fell back dead.
  • Chanter pondered the information. A stroke of luck, it seemed, had fallen across his path. Spreading his wings, he flew towards the distant palace in the heart of the city. King Garsh's citadel rose above humbler buildings, fluted marble pillars supporting its high domed roof. Manicured gardens surrounded it, and mighty pillared buildings flanked them. A sprawl of servants' quarters and stables bordered these.
  • For some moments the spell of moonlight on sunlight hovered: the air was brimming and quivering with it: magic touched earth. For some moments, some thirty beats of a heron's wing, had the angels sung to men, had their songs gone earthward into that rosy glow, gliding past layers of faintly tinted cloud, like moths at dusk towards a briar-rose; in those few moments men would have known their language. Rodriguez reined in his horse in the heavy silence and waited. For what he waited he knew not: some unearthly answer perhaps to his questioning thoughts that had wandered far from earth, though no words came to him with which to ask their question and he did not know what question they would ask. He was all vibrating with the human longing: I know not what it is, but perhaps philosophers know. He sat there waiting while a late bird sailed homeward, sat while Morano wondered. And nothing spake from anywhere.
  • I don't like it, said Mr Marston. "Someone shooting at me; someone striking down this man. I'm afraid it's due to ill-will towards me, Dick. But," he added, laughing, "I will not suspect you, as Bargle lets you off."
  • The young native had no idea where she had been thrown, whether on the continent or on the floating island, which she had so bravely sought, but she hoped the latter. Yes, hoped that she had reached her friends, although she knew that the wind and current had driven them into the open sea, and not towards the coast!
  • She waved her hands in circles to alternately form small voids of darkness or balls of light. When Avril Lavigne mentioned being high, Aradia saw a huge tree and grinned. She ran towards it and jumped as high as she could, grabbing hold of a branch at least fifteen feet off the ground. In just a few seconds she climbed to the tree's apex. The day was clear, and from that height she could easily make out the smokestacks of the Salem Harbor Power Station, and beyond that, the Atlantic.
  • Almost an hour later, dressed in tunic, draped in cloak, and dripping with jewels, including the medallion of gens Sylvana on its heavy chain, Cassius waddled out of his suite. Valentin gave his cloak a judicious tug, and they hurried away down the hall towards the Throne Room. Caspar, Beryl and the Toqueian delegation met them outside the great doors. Caspar looked rather magnificient in his tunic and the sable-trimmed sleeveless black robe which dragged along the floor behind him. His thin gold crown cast highlights into his hair.
  • With a cheer the red boinas of the Estella regiment followed, and then straight up the opposite slopes of shale they dashed towards Rollo and his poor defences.
  • When she comes towards us the ghost stops staring at her and looks out into the garden. There's a trampoline and a few toys scattered around. She follows our gaze.
  • No one had tasted food since the previous day, nor had I drunk water, although the sun had been burning hot; I now obtained some muddy rain water from a puddle, and we went towards home, where we arrived at half-past eight, every one tired with the day's work. The camels came into camp about an hour later.
  • Elryia thought about it for a moment, then about Graham, wondering if it was true for him. Which led to her simply thinking about the man himself; realizing that she's neveror at least couldn't recallhaving that feeling when he was around. And it dawned on her that was probably the reason she was disturbed. She missed himplain and simple. Though she would never tell Samsun that. "You're probably right," she said and turned her back towards him, "or perhaps I just need rest."
  • As he spoke he beckoned to Peyrolles, who rose from his seat and moved with what he considered to be dignity towards the pair, making great play of cane, great play of handkerchief, great play of jewelled hilted sword flapping against neatly stockinged leg.
  • No matter whose it is! I welcome you here. You shall not go, she cried, impulsively, and both little hands were tagging at his arm. He had found the railing, and was pulling himself towards the gate, but her words, her clinging hands, were too persuasive.
  • Come on, then! he cried, dragging Cameron at a run towards his father. "Here, Dad!" he cried, "this is my friend, Mr. Cameron! Come on home. I'm going to hitch up. We'll be awful late for the chores and we got them groceries to git. Come on, Dad!"
  • Only towards the lake. It's nothing but marsh to right and left. I think I'll come to you again. What is it? Did I hurt you?
  • Goronwy harrumphed again. It was an old argument. Simon de Montfort, married to King Henrys sister, had brought the English crown to its knees, ruling for a time in Henrys stead. A parliament of barons, Humphreys father and grandfather among them, resented Henry for his capriciousness, mismanagement of the realm and favoritism towards his French relatives whod aided him. Montfort had recognized me as the Prince of Wales in 1265 and Id held him a friend, but hed been unlucky in battle, and in the end, the rising star of Prince Edward could not be stopped.
  • When I did emerge, that guy was gone. There was a new crowd of people greeting the arrivals. I shuffled past, turned the corner towards the ground transportation area and took off running.
  • Johan shuddered, moving towards the light that streamed through the window, hoping its fire would burn away the feeling of filth that coated his skin. "Could you be stopping another if you had to now?"
  • Come on, Bob, she cried, "we might save it ye. Mr Ross, pull out the fence along there," and she indicated a point beyond the fire. They tramped down and tore up the wheat where it ran between the stumps--the fire was hissing and crackling round and through it, and just as it ran past them in one place there was a shout, a clatter of horses' hoofs on the stones, and Mary saw her father riding up the track with a dozen men behind him. She gave a shriek and ran straight down, through the middle of the wheat, towards the hut.
  • "It is the abode of the Evil Spirits," said he, "and they have lured me hither." Starting in the direction whence he came, he saw within half a mile, a camp-fire dimly burning as if struggling with wet fuel. Highly elated at the discovery, as it plainly showed by their lighting a fire that they were unaware of others being around, he crept noiselessly towards them. Approaching within a few rods he saw they were a party of about thirty, who were evidently on a hunt. They were not Snakes; he was sure of that; but of what tribe they were he could not tell. Evidently not of any tribe of which he had any knowledge, and they had a stronger resemblance to the cannibals than to any others he had seen. With this information he returned about midnight, much to the relief of the rest at the camp, who had feared he had been captured, and were in great suspense for his safety.
  • How is King Otho getting on?"" asked Albert in the most sprightly tone. Danglars cast another suspicious look towards him without answering, and Monte Cristo turned away to conceal the expression of pity which passed over his features, but which was gone in a moment. ""We shall go together, shall we not?"" said Albert to the count."
  • In a moment more she came from behind the screen. She looked white and cold, and came towards the fire shivering. I drew her into my arms, strained her against my breast, and kissed her over and over again in a passion of gratitude.
  • Even as he spoke, Helga saw men with long coats and helmets walking back up the hill towards them. They all carried machine-guns slung over their shoulders. And they all wore the same SS uniforms as Meyer. Two of them were leading Tirpitz and Bismarck by their collars.
  • The Baron grabbed the final dynamite as it fell, just out of Indy's grasp. He then faked left around Herstaff and charged towards the net for a slam dunk. Just in time Indy's bear smashed into the side of the Baron's, throwing him off balance in a mix of blood and fur. He dropped the dynamite and Indy swung down dangerously from the side of his bear and snatched it out of the air. Indy's plan had not worked at all, so he had to think fast, looking down the court he saw Harvey, un-marked, two thirds of the way towards the opposite net.
  • I could hardly see his face, but there was light enough to tell that he turned towards me, and he stopped speaking, and seemed to be endeavouring to comprehend what I said.
  • From somewhere a voice spoke to her, an outer voice, increasing in clearness; she heard it through the night. "Child," Lord Arglay was saying with a restrained anxiety, and then, still carefully, "Chloe! Chloe, child!" She made a small effort towards him, and suddenly the pain passed from her and the outer world began to appear. But in the less than second in which that change took place she saw, away beyond her, glowing between the darkness and the returning day, the mild radiance of the Stone. Away where the apparition of Lord Arglay had seemed to be, it shone, white interspersed with gold, dilating and lucid from within. Only in the general alteration of her knowledge she was aware of that perfection, and catching up her breath at the vision she loosed it again in the study and found the Chief Justice watching her.
  • Steves response was a few degrees less than formal. "That is no bullshit, hands down, the freakiest thing Ive ever seen." He took several steps toward the "doors" and stopped. "That looks real! It looks like we could stroll right across and be walking on that path!" He grabbed Sarahs hand and started pulling her towards him.
  • I am very sorry if I have brought you or any others into trouble, I said. "If you'll ask Roger Riddle, he'll tell you that I have no ill-feeling towards smugglers. I was the means of getting his son Mark out of prison. If you keep me here you'll make my father and mother very miserable, for they won't know what has become of me. You can't be so cruel, surely."
  • "The warning was neither heard nor needed. John was flat on his stomach, worming his way towards me--wriggling slowly out, his eyes glistening.
  • He sprang up the next moment, as Chester recovered himself and advanced, but neither of the three ladies, who had turned, made the slightest movement towards acknowledging him, and left it to their companion to speak.
  • Fitz turned sharply towards the companion hatch, to see the head and shoulders of the skipper as he stood there holding on by the combings, and swaying to and fro, looking very ill and weak. His voice, too, sounded feeble as he said huskily, addressing the boatswain
  • I got the captain to call me about 4, Wednesday morning, to fish, but got none. We were then off North Cape, having had a good breeze all night. The wind was light all day, but towards the latter part of the afternoon commenced to blow from the southeast, kicking up a nasty sea very soon. We double reefed the mainsail reefed the foresail and hauled the flying jib down. About 8 P.M. we laid to with the jib hauled down, on the starboard tack. The wind had backed to the east about four points and was blowing a gale.
  • The steps to be taken towards democratization and further freedom in terms of agreeing on a solution to the Dersim issue may include the following:
  • Whats Bella doing? Jakes attention was diverted away from Aro towards Bella. He whined, and I could feel overwhelming layers of emotion welling through him. Bellas saying goodbye to Nessie. She trusts me to run with her, and to look after her, he thought.
  • "I'm just going to take a quick look," Pacian assured them, clambering over the rubble with ease towards the gap in the wall.
  • "Call me Fishmael," he said with a deep rumble evocative of a bass drum full of pitch. He did not smile, and his eyes burned with all the fires of hell, yet by some unidentifiable signal it was clear that he was being friendly towards Ambrosius, insomuch as such a man can be friendly to anyone.
  • Those who had effected our capture, dumbfounded, first by the appalling explosion, and then by the hostile attitude of the people, released us instantly, being compelled to fight for their lives back towards the smoking ruins of the palace gate.
  • The kitchen was clean, I realized, and I was just idly scrubbing the same discolored spots in the sink and staring out the window towards my own reflection in the dark glass. I joined Doug in the living room, ready to relax with the paper then a book.
  • I perceive it, was the short reply of Sir Arthur, as placing his hands carelessly behind his back, he walked towards the window, and looked out upon the river.
  • She turned her head and looked towards the shore. "Some day perhaps--if we should come to be friends--I'll tell you more about it."
  • He crossed the courtyard towards the stables, pausing by the gate for a longing look across the fields that sloped down towards the estuary. Beyond the river, the blue-grey hills of Wales stood dark and dramatic against the morning sky, seeming to beckon him away from the drudgery of farm life towards some wild and incredible future. Clouds piled upon the peaks like vaster mountains, topped by enchanted castles. He stared dreamily into the distance.
  • Wulf went to his horse, turned it about on the bridge, and throwing his arm around its neck, rested for a space. Then he mounted and walked slowly towards the inner gate. Pushing through the guard and officers, Godwin rode out to meet him.
  • When they first saw the kobaoba, he was, as stated, just coming out of the thicket. Without halting, he headed in the direction of the vley already mentioned; and kept on towards it, his object evidently being to reach the water.
  • Ill give you heartburn, asshole. Jeremy slowly nudged the cannon towards his waiting fingers. He didnt care if Ed saw it or not. The bastard dictator couldnt leave his seat with his mangled foot. "Andwhats the third option?"
  • Tressas attitude improved immediately as she heard her friends names mentioned. She happily kept up with her mother as they moved towards the stairwell.
  • Her mother was bent over Mr. Conor, who was propped up on one arm. He gave a bass roar of great painand Melody shrank back with a whimper…. Others on the Pier were running towards them, running to help, Alexandre, Surfing Bessies owner, among them
  • "Mackenzie, you were supposed to rest!" The medic yelled, running towards her. That explained why she had winced when I had nudged her. She had taken a shower, and went to find me instead of much needed nursing. "Pack." I shouted seriously and lowly, a tone my pack knew I used when I wanted to be heard. "We shall tell the story of our birth." My father ordered. I nodded my head and he rested on a stool in the middle of the room. We all took our seats at the plastic tables and listened to my father begin the story we had all heard countless times.
  • Jeralyle shrugged "I suppose that's why me and Gnert get along so well. My mind works the same way, though with different things. I've always been fascinated by magick. The actual science of it: twisting and bending to your will what you think to be reality and creating something else from it. I leaned more towards the healing aspect just for its complexity. It's quite easy to destroy something, to burn it down or smash it to pieces. You can do that with any number of tools. But to heal a wound or lift objects that not even the strongest person could lift; well, there are few things that allow you to do that outside of magick."
  • Ferrara turned slowly to face her, until his back was towards the two men in the library. She began to speak, in a toneless, unemotional voice, raising her finger and pointing at a ring which Ferrara wore.
  • The glow of embers was all but out. It was cold and dark in there; but before I closed the door behind me the dim light from the hall showed me Dona Rita standing on the very same spot where I had left her, statuesque in her night-dress. Even after I shut the door she loomed up enormous, indistinctly rigid and inanimate. I picked up the candelabra, groped for a candle all over the carpet, found one, and lighted it. All that time Dona Rita didn't stir. When I turned towards her she seemed to be slowly awakening from a trance. She was deathly pale and by contrast the melted, sapphire-blue of her eyes looked black as coal. They moved a little in my direction, incurious, recognizing me slowly. But when they had recognized me completely she raised her hands and hid her face in them. A whole minute or more passed. Then I said in a low tone: "Look at me," and she let them fall slowly as if accepting the inevitable.
  • He reached a long angular hand towards a concealed console built into the rim of the table and pressed a button. Instantly the hologram began to change.
  • It would be useless to follow the details of this remarkable will suit, which lasted two days, and attracted much attention. Geoffrey won it and won it triumphantly. His address to the jury on the whole case was long remembered in the courts, rising as it did to a very high level of forensic eloquence. Few who saw it ever forgot the sight of his handsome face and commanding presence as he crushed the case of his opponents like an eggshell, and then with calm and overwhelming force denounced the woman who with her lover had concocted the cruel plot that robbed her uncle of life and her cousins of their property, till at the last, pointing towards her with outstretched hand, he branded her to the jury as a murderess.
  • The sonant tried to cling to the back corner of the aquarium, but as it tipped, had no choice but to come to rest on the glass wall. Aaron pulled the slate back a few inches, then a few inches more. It darted out, pressing into a gap between the tank and Rons plate of glass. Aaron plugged the breach with his gloved hand and batted the sonant towards the bell jar with his other hand.
  • The General waited patiently for Idimus. When it was obvious that he was not going to attack, he struck again; this time poking both blades towards the King's stomach much faster than before. Idimus didn't remember Gerin ever having that kind of speed and he was caught off guard once again, dropping his sword down between the blades then back up to catch the undersides and flick them up.
  • The door slammed open and a policeman stood in the doorway. "Good, you're up. You're now coming with me." The policeman grabbed him, dragged him out into the jail corridor, down towards a door into a small dark room.
  • "We had now reached the foot of the mountain, and halting near the entrance of the ravine, we loosed Pompo from his cart, and rested ourselves on the banks of the little stream. After a while we commenced ascending up into the defile in search of the pinons. As we advanced, Mary pointed out the trees which she had noticed on a former occasion. They appeared of a light green colour, much lighter than others that grew near them. We made towards one which stood apart, and was most accessible to us. This we hoped might prove to be the bread-pine tree; and we approached it with feelings of anxiety and expectation.
  • I could definitely hear the rumble of a high-performance engine. I nodded again, and turned to go, hopeful that I could somehow avoid the inevitable question of why Brandon was coming to pick me up in the mornings as well as dropping me off most afternoons. Unfortunately, mom's hearing was nearly as good as mine, and she was walking towards the windows before I managed to get the door open.
  • Hold my tail small one, it will make the climb easy.’ Tika hesitated at the idea of hanging onto Fenjs tail but after again nearly losing her footing completely, she did as he bade. Within seconds, she found herself whisked up beside the black Dragon onto a patch of grass. They were under an overhang of grey rock half buried under cloud bushes. Farn was pushed up by Kadi and herded towards the back of the natural shelter.
  • "Wait!" Trevor cried out. He spotted the elf-captain, who was near the stern of the ship (manning the wheel as always) and ran towards him. "You're going the wrong way! Port Paravel is that way!"
  • I thank you, King Cacama, and I am glad, indeed, that it is my good fortune to behold so great and magnificent a king. I have come, as you have heard, from a far country, towards the rising sun; so far that it takes many months to traverse the sea which divides it from you; but had the distance been far greater than it is, I should have been more than repaid for the journey by the sight of you, and of this great city over which you rule.
  • I remember that I need something from him, so this is not the moment to get pissy. "Yeah, thanks. I appreciate it, dude." He's staring at me as if he's waiting for something. It makes me nervous. "I had a bad few days." I don't know why I say this. It sounds like I want his sympathy and I don't, even if he gave a shit. But I need to keep talking. I think maybe he's pissed off that he had to wait for the bathroom. I nod towards it and say, "Sorry. Mick said it would be all right."
  • Once they were sure the spell was complete, signaled by the tingle of energy flowing through their connected hands, the girls moved quietly towards the council members. They listened momentarily as a vampire who oozed authority stood asking Seth if he had anything else he wanted to add before the council went to confer. They assumed at that point that things were not going well for Seth and they took a couple steps forward to be near him.
  • Menenius addresses the crowd: "Now the good gods forbid that our renowned Rome, whose gratitude towards her deserving children is enrolled in Joves own book, should like an unnatural dam now eat up her own!"
  • [The royal welcome] The account would be incomplete, though, were reference omitted to the royal welcome that awaited us at Rockland. Upon landing we found the church bells ringing, and the city's business for the moment stopped, while the city fathers as well as a goodly number of her sons and daughters greeted us at the wharf. In the evening there was another reception, and there the expedition as such appeared for the last time, and as the most fitting way in which we could express our gratitude at the interest shown in our work and safe return, as well as to contribute our share towards the evening's entertainment, the Bowdoin College Labrador Expedition Glee Club rendered, as its last selection, a popular college song, of which the burden was, as also the title, "The wild man of Borneo has just come to town."
  • Dr. Sock slumped. The Puppetmaster struck him again, jabbing his knee. Dr. Sock leaped up and sat straight, every ounce of willpower directed towards maintaining a proper posture while he sobbed.
  • They had not gone half a mile when ahead they saw two of the men who had hastened on earlier in the day coming towards them.
  • Maggie, wide-eyed, gawked around herself, for the new king had entered into the Portal and was now walking cautiously towards the pedestal. The leaves fell on him, but he didnt bother noticing that they didnt melt through him, as they had through his palms, but bounced off him to the sheet of sparkling white at his feet. Instead he ignored them; they crunched beneath his boots, creating little geometric patterns of rainbow shapes that bled aecxes before fading away.... The leaves lived, they died, they fell, they vanished.... They were nothing but aecxes, nothing but enormous collections of aecxes, aecxes just like the ones that made up Conor Kieran and the columns and the cobblestone walkway and the Portal and ...
  • And with that, dim blue light reached languidly from his finger towards the ceiling. The light seemed fuzzy, out of focus, like diving into sea water and opening ones eyes. He played the blue light over the smoking cuts for several seconds, in no apparent hurry. Satisfied but still looking puzzled, he slowly lowered his hand. "Do not touch her, Highness," he said. "These gashes came from her eyes. Very unusual! The residual aecxal energy around them suggests an initial discharge greater than anything I have seen since …"
  • As if picking up on her surge of emotion, the dog shifted back towards her and gave a sharp bark. Her hand tightened around the leash.
  • The sun was hot, and a warm breeze gently shook the leaves, so that Dick's garments were soon dry. A few minutes served to change the locks of his rifle, draw the wet charges, dry out the barrels, and re-load. Then, throwing it across his shoulder, he entered the wood, and walked lightly away. And well he might, poor fellow, for at that moment he felt light enough in person if not in heart. His worldly goods were not such as to oppress him, but the little note had turned his thoughts towards home, and he felt comforted.
  • If any one took notice of the individual in question, it was merely to remark that he was a stranger un Inglese and perhaps wonder why he was trudging out towards the hills, while he might be enjoying himself ten times better in the cabarets and inns of the Eternal City.
  • Heading towards the town would be suicidal, he realised, as the police would soon have the roads cut off, but going the other direction towards the open countryside didnt seem to offer much more hope.
  • "YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING!" shrieked her mother, dropping the telephone on the stove as she hurried from the kitchen, barring Melody's progress towards the front door.
  • There was no great show of grief when it was known. Perhaps a bit catch in the voice when speaking of it, an unusual gentleness in our manner towards one another, but no resemblance of mourning, no shadow of woe. His was no young life untimely ended, there was no accident to be discussed, no blame to be apportioned. It was just that old lamp had flickered out at last. Ours was a sense of loss, we had lost a shipmate.
  • 'What if you send out, say, half your forces to meet them in the middle of the plains?’ Eric suggested suddenly. 'Fight a pitched battle, then retreat and lead them away from Aurvangar for a while - long enough for us to get these feathercloaks. Then they can retreat towards Aurvangarhopefully, the swart-elves will find it tough going over these muddy fields - where the other half of your force can encircle them. Then in comes the aerial division.’
  • I had scarcely done, when, casting my eyes upon the sea towards the main-land, I perceived the vessel coming to fetch home the young man. I began then to consider what I had best do; I said to myself, if I am seen by the old man, he will certainly lay hold on me, and perhaps cause me to be massacred by his slaves. When he has seen his son killed, all that I can allege to justify myself will not be able to persuade him of my innocence. It is better for me, then, to withdraw, since it is in my power, than expose myself to his resentment.
  • The old woman delighted in the girls attention towards her cat, watching from the fence line. She turned towards Annie and put her hand upon her chest. "Millie."
  • A moment after that thought had occurred to me, my eye caught something new. A fifth boat arrived and my family ran towards us up the beach. Mom, Dad, Carlisle, Jasper, Esme, Emmett and Rosalie were all here. The Volturi all took a step back, surprised to see their numbers dwarfed.
  • And as he walked quietly towards the bridge, where the speaking-tubes and signals joined with the engine-room were, he was as calm and deliberate as if there was not the slightest danger menacing the Teaser; while for my part I could not help feeling that the position there upon the bridge was a highly-exposed one, and that I should have been much safer in the shelter of the bulwarks, or down below.
  • Their moderately sized school is made up with both middle and high school students put together and is three stories tall. It is old and built mostly from red brick, back in the nineteen forties, and a few beige portables stood out in the backside of the campus. The teachers are usually nice and understanding to everyone, except towards Connor. The real problem isnt primarily with the teachers, but with all of his peers. He has always worn long, solid black sleeved shirts and black pants or jeans. At all times, he wear hiking boots instead of sneakers. He has shaggy, sandy blond hair and keeps his disheveled hair over his eyes, so the nickname he was grew up with was Black Sheep.
  • Yes, you, said the count, at the same time advancing towards Andrea, and slipping a packet of bank-notes into the young man's hand.
  • There was an instantaneous triple clap of thunder as warriors snapped to attention. And then there Conor was, walking straight towards her.
  • Annie followed the crowd to the baggage area and before long, her two pieces of luggage were located and pushed towards her, relenting the ships responsibility of them. The crewman immediately turned his attention to help the next passenger, leaving the woman to handle the luggage by herself.
  • "But there is no matter to be dead, Highness. It isgone." He nodded ominously towards Melody. "Touch her and even you will die. Her powers are that potent right now. He stepped closer, his eyes narrowing. "Where is thisYaeko’?"
  • The gale that howled around him tossed him like chaff, and his tiny wings beat the cold air with a desperation born of dread. Spying a dot in the sea ahead, he veered towards it. The ship wallowed in the foaming waves, her sails shredded by his wind, listing as mighty swells swept over her, threatening to capsize her. He swooped down to land with a flutter on the deck. Before he could invoke the change, the faint warning of Dolana told him that Talsy was not on board. He took wing again, soaring above the rolling ship, where sailors clung to ropes and railings as they fought the raging sea. Again he commanded Ashmar to sweep him onwards, leaving the ship behind.
  • The state's trend towards the Democratic Party and away from the Republican Party can be seen in state elections. From 1899 to 1939, California had Republican governors. Since 1990, California has generally elected Democratic candidates to federal, state and local offices, including current Governor Jerry Brown; however, the state has elected Republican Governors, though many of its Republican Governors, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, tend to be considered "Moderate Republicans" and more centrist than the national party.
  • Her voice died down to a mournful monotone as she spoke--colourless, unimpassioned, melancholy. But to Dickson it was twice as terrifying as when she shouted and laughed. He looked as she directed towards the big column of smoke, which suddenly sprang up, as it were, from a bed of writhing, twisting tongues of flame.
  • Mr. Prescott paused. "Im not entirely sure what youre talking about," he said, pushing the two men towards the front door. "The Reverend Wayne Crumlick is the only speaker at this convention. Perhaps you two gentlemen are in the wrong place." And with that, he turned on his feet and marched back into the convention hall.
  • They stood by the fence on the opposite side of the street, a bit up towards the railway station, with their portmanteaux and bundles at their feet. One girl leant with her arms on the fence rail and her face buried in them, another was trying to comfort her. The third girl and the woman stood facing our way. The woman was good-looking; she had a hard face, but it might have been made hard. The third girl seemed half defiant, half inclined to cry. Presently she went to the other side of the girl who was crying on the fence and put her arm round her shoulder. The woman suddenly turned her back on us and stood looking away over the paddocks.
  • Umbelazi talked with me a good deal at that time, impressing upon me how friendly he was towards the English white men of Natal, as distinguished from the Boers, and what good treatment he was prepared to promise to them, should he ever attain to authority in Zululand. It was during one of the earliest of these conversations, which, of course, I saw had an ultimate object, that he met Mameena, I think, for the first time.
  • Long, bare white legs led up to wide hips, a tiny waist and full chestone that was covered in a bodice, fabric draping up over her breasts and creeping to her shoulders like black flames, a tiny red diamond set against her cleavage. The long white hair ran halfway down her back, and she shook her head once, allowing the mane to ripple through the air like a cloud tearing across the sky. Her lips were a dismal purple against a face more pale than the rest of its flesh. Bright lavender eyes shot up towards the King, jaw clenching a few times causing her cheeks to hollow and accentuate the sharp line, those eyes narrowedseeming to smirk as she looked at him.
  • These surmises were not pleasant. Still, we could not hope to cope with twelve well-armed Indians, with any chance of success, and we must therefore, we saw, attempt only pacific measures. In another minute they were up with us. They held out their hands in a friendly manner, and we observed that their general appearance was very similar to that of old White Dog. In a friendly manner, therefore, we proceeded towards the camp. When we got near, we made signs that we would go and prepare our friends for their reception. They made no objection to this, but, letting us go, squatted down on the snow about two hundred yards from the camp. Immediately we got in, we told Noggin, who interpreted our report to White Dog.
  • They went out, and turned up the lonely beach. The place was utterly deserted, and they walked a little way apart, almost without speaking. The sunset was magnificent; great flakes of golden cloud were driven continually from a home of splendour in the west towards the cold lined horizon of the land. The sea was still quiet, but it moaned like a thing in pain. The storm was gathering fast.
  • Sneha was running towards us calling our names pratically out of breath.We all looked at her and we were all like "What now?"
  • The governor himself rushed forward, sword in hand, as he spoke, the sturdy burghers with a shout pressed on, and the two parties were immediately engaged in a sanguinary conflict. The pirates fought with demoniac fury, while the townsmen, excited by the smell of powder and the clash of steel, dealt blows that told wherever they fell. Nevertheless, the bucaniers, by long habit, discipline, and indifference to danger, got the better of them, though scarcely numbering half their force, and drove them, in spite of the cries and commands of the earl, towards the gate. Everywhere Kyd was present, and high above the sounds of conflict was heard his voice cheering and encouraging. But, though victors for the moment, they were soon confronted with a fresh and better disciplined foe. The barges had by this time landed their crews, and they now advanced upon them with loud cries and in overpowering numbers.
  • "You will not take my throne!" he growled, yanking hard and wrenching the weapon from Gerin's firm grip, then threw it to the ground with a loud clang. Idimus didn't give the General time to breath as he raised his arms and, in the same instant, swung them down towards Gerin's head.
  • Proceeding up the Sound we anchored in Princess Royal Harbour, Mount Clarence bearing North-North-East, and the south end of Michaelmas Island just open of Point Possession. The entrance to this great basin is by a narrow channel in the north-east corner; a long spit extending off the inner western entrance-point forms the chief impediment. Few vessels escape touching it; but although the passage is thus contracted the Beagle was worked through both ways. Inside, there is water sufficient for the largest ship in the navy; but only for a limited space, a short distance within the entrance--merely a hollow scooped out towards the north-west corner of the harbour.
  • When the afternoon grew towards the evening, Koll, watching, saw the boats of Atli draw to the landing-place. Then he went down, and, going to the Earl, bowed before him:
  • She said, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that the young merchant continued to Taj al Muluk: "So I repaired to the garden and went up into that same pavilion and occupied myself in gazing upon the flower beds and in holding my eyelids open with my fingers and nodding my head as the night darkened on me. And presently I grew hungry with watching and the smell of the meats being wafted towards me, my appetite increased: so I went up to the table and took off the cover and ate a mouthful of every dish and a bit of meat; after which I turned to the flagon of wine, saying to myself, I will drink one cup. I drank it, and then I drank a second and a third, till I had drunk full ten, when the cool air smote me and I fell to the earth like a felled man.
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