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Okunuşu: / təʊ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: tow
Ekler: tows/towed/tow·ing
Türü: fiil, isim, isim


f. yedeğe alıp çekmek;

i. yedekte çekme veya çekilme;
yedekte çekilen duba;
çekme halatı.

i. kıtık.

tow için örnek cümleler:

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  • Well, Pan Kuklinovski, said he," who is better, Kmita or Kuklinovski?" Then he seized the burning tow and took a step nearer. "Thy camp is distant one shot from a bow, thy thousand ruffians are within call, there is thy Swedish general a little beyond, and thou art hanging here from this same beam from which 'twas thy thought to roast me.--Learn to know Kmita.! Thou hadst the thought to be equal to Kmita, to belong to his company, to be compared with him? Thou cut-purse, thou low ruffian, terror of old women, thou offscouring of man, Lord Scoundrel of Scoundrelton! Wry-mouth, trash, slave! I might have thee cut up like a kid, like a capon; but I choose to roast thee alive as thou didst think to roast me."
  • They were fast leaving behind them the wrecked motor boat which bobbed about on the waves. It was no longer on fire, and the brothers would liked to have towed it to the pier, but this was impossible in the storm.
  • We'll take 'er, sir! "We'll tow th' dock, sor!" "We weel tow zee dock to zee moon for zat!" "Sphend our loives and die rich min!"
  • He drove the car to Stanton Hall, leaning over the steering wheel, his knuckles white, a determined look of frustration and anger on his face. He parked on the road. No parking there, but he wouldn't be long. They'd mark the tires and tow him away in - he looked at his watch - in about an hour. He wouldn't take that long. He would be back before then.
  • July 26th the schooner hove to about four miles from the mouth of the Grand River, the shoals rendering a nearer approach dangerous, and the boats of the river detachment were sent over the side, taken in tow by the yawl, and the start made on what proved the most eventful part of the Labrador expedition. Cheers and good wishes followed the three boats till out of hearing, and then the Julia gathered way and headed for North West River, while the party in the yawl with the two Rushtons in tow put forth their best efforts to reach the mouth of the river and a lee before the approaching squall should strike them.
  • Wal, said the skipper, "even then their intentions wasn't more'n middlin' benevolent, I allow. How did they calc'late we'd make any way when a neefarious gang had cleared out our propelling gear for uss'posing we was towed that way? You'd better argufy with 'em, and bring that p'int home to 'em, Mr. Barnes."
  • These were not the stars or sparks that had any interest for the midshipman now. He watched with interest the lantern in the bows of the schooner they were towing astern, and then from time to time walked forward in the solemn silence, only broken by a sigh from the hold uttered by some black sleeper, dreaming, perhaps, of the village far-away in his own land; then laying the glass on the bulwark, Mark carefully swept the horizon--astronomer like--in search of the star that would send hope and delight into his breast--the lamp shown by the Nautilus coming down to their aid.
  • "'Yon's a tow for us,' said Bell, lickin' his chops. 'She'll be worth more than the Breslau. We'll go down to her, McPhee!'
  • "The Russian fleet is in sight, heading to the westward, and therefore evidently meaning to reach the Atlantic by the north of the Shetlands. There are twelve large battleships, about twenty-five cruisers of different sizes, eight of them very large, and a small swarm of torpedo-boats being towed by the larger vessels, I suppose to save their coal. I see no signs of the Lucifer at present, but from what we have learnt she will be on the deck of one of the large cruisers. What are your orders?"
  • Presently they drew in to Cougar Bay. Men moved about on the beach; two bulky scows stood nose-on to the shore. Upon them rested half a dozen donkey engines, thick-bellied, upright machines, blown down, dead on their skids. About these in great coils lay piled the gear of logging, miles of steel cable, blocks, the varied tools of the logger's trade. The Panther lay between the scows, with lines from each passed over her towing bitts.
  • Behind him, the bottle-nosed sea mammal that had towed him from the channel nuzzled him again and made another comment in its high-pitched squeaky voice. The creature had dragged him out of the way of the iceberg with not too much time left to spare. As far as Karlini was concerned, though, it was time for a vacation. The world could go on with its plots without him for -
  • And, had their numbers not been so dreadfully reduced during that fierce, all-day struggle, it is quite possible that they might have won, after all; for the guns were so well served, and the rifle volleys directed with such deadly aim, that the boats and their crews were beginning to suffer severely. Already two of the towed boats had been sunk, and had been cut adrift so that they should not delay the others; and so terrible was the punishment inflicted by their enemies that the landing party could not afford to stop to pick up their crews. The bay was known to be swarming with sharks, and it was not therefore probable that very many, even of the unwounded, would reach the shore alive.
  • "Hah, Pink Poodle Poop!" exclaimed Tommy, pointing ahead. The same woman who had been at the hotel bar the day before was now tottering down the street in front of them, towed by her little pink poodle.
  • I have been pondering the subject myself, he replied, "and I think I can give you some hope of seeing home once more. If our old measurements of the moon are correct, and if we are, as I suppose, somewhere near the equator, we must be about fifteen hundred miles from the earth, following the curve of the moon's surface. Now, after we have finished our investigations here, we can start for home on foot. We can cover a good many miles a day, since walking can be no burden here, and we can easily tow our balloon along. As we approach the earth, my impression is that we shall become more and more light-footed, for we shall be gradually getting back to the earth's attraction. Somewhere between this point and our planet there must be a spot where the attraction of both bodies will be equal, and we can stay on the moon or drop off and return to the earth in our balloon as we please."
  • But now the creature that had seized Tubby's big hook started to move in circles. Round and round the Flying Fish was towed in dizzy swings that made the heads of her young occupants swim.
  • By daybreak the sea had calmed down somewhat, and the wind had still further moderated. But the danger was by no means over till they could get in communication with the Brutus. Frank was set to work on the wireless and soon "raised" the towing ship, the captain of which was delighted to hear of his consort's safety. The position of the Southern Cross being ascertained, her bearings were wirelessed to the Brutus, and she then cast anchor to await the arrival of the towing ship.
  • The Spaniards peppered us too hotly to enable us to tow them out, sir, and the wind afforded no help, was the answer. "I am afraid Mr Falconer's boat, too, has got into a mess--he had taken one of the whalers, but would not leave his prize, though I suspect several of his men were killed or wounded."
  • We got among them and had a good time, being more hampered by the curiosity of the unattached fish than by the pugnacity of those under our immediate attention. So we killed three, and by preconcerted signal warned the watchers on the lofty points ashore of our success. As speedily as possible off came four boats from the shore stations, and hooked on to two of our fish, while we were busy with the third. The wind being off shore, what there was of it, no time was to be lost, in view of the well-known untrustworthiness of the weather; so we started to cut-in at once, while the shore people worked like giants to tow the other two in. Considering the weakness of their forces, they made marvellous progress; but seeing how terribly exhausting the toil was, one could not help wishing them one of the small London tugs, familiarly known as "jackals," which would have snaked those monsters along at three or four knots an hour.
  • Not quite, but the next evening the gunboat was well out in deep water, comparatively undamaged, and flying Don Ramon's colours, making her way towards Velova Bay, towing a whole regiment of boats, the Teal proudly leading under easy sail.
  • For over twenty minutes the tuna towed the boat, and then his mood changed. Though not by any means exhausted, the first undaunted freshness had worn off and, sulky and savage, the fish charged back at the line again, that strange white thing in the water that he could not shake off and that followed him no matter where he went. But in charging back at the line, as before, he found the boat at the other end of it. The return charge had been slower than before, and the big multiplier on the reel had done its work, so that when the tuna came near the boat not more than seventy feet of line was out, and the boy determined to hold on to this.
  • Wheelbase van specification it provides a real alternative budget priced towing vehicle in the nissan range.
  • Examine areas where water splash from both the trailer and the towing vehicle wheels would strike the underside of the trailer.
  • Why such a spot should be chosen?--Why a power that sank one ship out of hand and towed another mile after mile?--Why it operated only at night?--What lay at the heart of this brooding fabric of terror--he could not form the slightest conception. Outlawry, piracy, smugglery, were all goals too small for such operations.
  • The woman who exited the passenger side of the tow truck was a stark contrast to Tonya. She wore a brown business suit that was precisely tailored to her body. Her auburn hair fell just below her shoulders, and the colors flattered her ivory skin. She held a cell phone to her ear, engrossed in a conversation that I couldnt hear, but as she spoke she was jotting notes into a small note pad balanced on the hood of the truck.
  • All too soon the pleasant occupation came to an end. The long row of casks, filled to the brim and tightly bunged, were towed off by us to the ship, and ranged alongside. A tackle and pair of "can-hooks" was overhauled to the water and hooked to a cask. "Hoist away!" And as the cask rose, the beckets that had held it to the mother-rope were cut, setting it quite free to come on board, but leaving all the others still secure. In this way we took in several thousand gallons of water in a few hours, with a small expenditure of labour, free of cost; whereas, had we gone into Mayotte or Johanna, the water would have been bad, the price high, the labour great, with the chances of a bad visitation of fever in the bargain.
  • "Ready to waste the taxpayers money," the Captain said, then waddled out through the side gate with his men in tow.
  • In a few minutes eighteen Malays were brought to the side, and the two canoes, which were floating level with the water, were towed up and fastened by a rope to the stern of the gunboat. Even when safely on deck, the two parties were still so infuriated that they had to be separated and placed under guards apart from each other. Three or four had been killed by the stabs of the deadly krises, and their bodies could be seen floating astern. Several of those rescued had wounds more or less severe.
  • A short time before noon they came to a sharp bend in the creek where the nature of the bank hid the current ahead from the boys in the two boats. Suddenly the Indians towing the leading craft stopped, and as three held it against the current, the leader of the team beckoned to Swiftwater, who had fallen behind.
  • The four boys worked like demons. Down the whole length of the island they raced, neck and neck. The same amount of open water showed between the two canoes all the way along. It almost looked as if the first canoe was towing the other. Maintaining these same positions they approached the last turn.
  • I thought that I was at sea, when a violent storm arose, and that a huge whale got hold of the vessel, and towed her on at a terrific rate, spouting away and roaring most furiously. Suddenly there was a crash, and I found that the whale had dragged us against a rock, and ran itself on shore. There it lay floundering away, till suddenly it gave a curious kick with its tail, and sprung back again right over our heads into deep water. I never saw a whale, or indeed any creature for that matter, give such a leap. I had very serious doubts, however, whether it was a real whale after all. As it went off skimming over the sea, it looked back with such a wicked expression in its little twinkling eye, as much as to say, "There, I've done for you. I hope you may like it;" at the same time snorting and blowing louder than ever, in a way most unusual, at all events for whales, which, except when in a flurry, are generally quiet, well-behaved creatures.
  • Todd browbeat the tow man with incessant orders all the way back to the garage. The driver didn't flinch, he just quietly maneuvered his truck through the choking traffic as he'd done for years, with or without help from thousands of expert passengers who rode in the seat next to him.
  • Then came a long interval of solemn silence, with the light on the schooner they were towing rising and falling slowly on the long heaving swell, and both vessels gliding gently along toward the north.
  • With a boatswain's mate in charge, another steamer was despatched down the bay to recover and tow home the capsized sailboat.
  • Miraculously, it seemed to work. The bearded man stopped short and examined them again closely. Then he turned and dictated rapidly to the group of waiting porters. In moments the men had plunged into the chilled morning water, calling for the mooring line of the pinnace. As they towed the pinnace into the shallows near the steps, other porters swarmed about the boat and gestured to indicate the English should climb over the gunwales and be carried ashore.
  • Still, after several hours of work, a canal appeared in the ice and the men were ordered to tow the frigate through it, all hands pulling the lines, including the officers and an insistent Miss Anna. The task completed, the ship was one cable length closer to the open water and the sun was setting.
  • He got run over once by getting in the way of this vessel. I wonder if he's trying it again, mused Jack, holding the Fortuna on her course. "We've got crew enough now so that we can mount guard over him day and night if we want to. Let's pick him up and see what he knows. We can easily tow his skiff along."
  • Kombo, in tow of the acolyte who had been sent to find him, burst just then upon the scene, and immediately began pouring forth his woes.
  • The Gull was swiftly slipping through the water. In a little while it was almost abeam of the craft towing the mysterious motor boat. Frank threw her head up into the wind, and, as he did so a voice from the other sailboat hailed him.
  • No need to worry yourself about that, Senor, answered Milsom. "The weather is fine, and the boat, no doubt, sound enough. The worst that is likely to happen to them is that they will have to stay where they are until something comes along and tows them into Havana."
  • In a Sunday morning, while Benicia's bells were chiming for early Mass, we cast off from the wharf at Port Costa and towed down Sacramento. Though loaded and in sea trim, we were still short of a proper crew, so we brought up in 'Frisco Bay to complete our complement.
  • The skiff was towing with too long a painter, and was behaving very badly. Every once in a while it would hold back till the tow-rope tautened, then come leaping ahead and sheering and dropping slack till it threatened to shove its nose under the huge whitecaps which roared so hungrily on every hand. Joe climbed over the cockpit-rail to the slippery after-deck, and made his way to the bitt to which the skiff was fastened.
  • Driving licenses a full ( not provisional ) driving license is required to tow a caravan.
  • Only yesterday while a part of them had been hunting a mile or two inland they had been attacked by savages who had killed tow and captured one of their number.
  • It was almost night, and Behram, fearing the queen would do as she threatened, had weighed anchor, and was under sail, mightily troubled at the loss of Assad, by which he was disappointed of a most acceptable sacrifice. He comforted himself as well as he could with the thoughts that the storm was over, and that a land-breeze favoured his getting off from that coast. He was towed out of the port, and, as he was hoisting more sail to hasten his course, he remembered he wanted some fresh water. My lads, said he to the seamen, we must put to shore again, and fill our water-casks. The sailors excused themselves, for they did not know where to get water. Behram had observed, while he was talking to the queen in the garden, that there was a fountain at the end of it, near the port. Go, said he, to such a place of the palace-garden. The wall is not above breast high; you may easily get over. There is a fountain, where you may fill all your barrels, and hand them on board without difficulty.
  • "Right, my lad. Get your men together in the stern of your boat, and keep up the fire, while we make fast and try and tow you off. Hi! quick there!" he roared; and a cheer told us that another boat was close at hand.
  • Darragh was right. The towboatmen had Captain Barney where they wanted him, and they meant to gaff him hard. He had always been too sharp for the rest, too good at a bargain, too mean; and what was more, he was in every way the best towboatman that ever lived. No one liked him; but the steamship-captains engaged his services for towing and piloting, nevertheless, for the reason that they considered him a disagreeable necessity, believing that no other tugboatman could serve them so well.
  • Steadily we battled northward, until at last, with full hearts, we made Cape Navesink ("Ole Neversunk"), and on the next day took a tug and towed into New Bedford with every flag we could scare up flying, the centre of admiration--a full whale-ship safe back from her long, long fishing round the world.
  • Tipper lorry, they replaced the two pair twisted with more tow pair twisted.
  • The American was lost amid the wildest speculations as to the mysterious agent that had the Vulcan in tow. He was trying to think logically, but found it hard in that atmosphere of terror. The utter weirdness of the whole affair defied analysis. The towing of the Vulcan by an unknown power was the very climax of the fantastic. No hypothesis he could form even remotely approached an explanation.
  • "There's no safe way in; no excuse or cover that will allow the Voidhawk to land. They won't even tow a captive ship into the docks, for fear of contagion. Remember, Fort Prudence is a living ship too."
  • The boys were not long left in doubt. Way was checked on the stranger. As the vessel drew close to the small boat a churning of foam at the stern told the lads that the engines were reversed in an effort to stop. Presently the stranger ranged alongside. A line was flung to the boys. They were towed beside the other under bare steerageway.
  • With first light they were away, in the beginning towed by a small steam tug that took them from the congestion of the port station. It wasnt until they were on the northbound stretch of Emerson Canal that they fell back into a routine. The horses found it easy to tow the empty boat in weather that was pleasant through the last days of June.
  • He was familiar with these streets now, had become acquainted with their glass-topped walls and dead ends, their subways and factory gates. They held no fear for him any longer. He made his way towards the canal. A soft cool night along the tow path, heavy boughs motionless overhead straining to reach the waters edge, vainly hoping to catch their reflection in the grey-brown canal. He looked up for a moment in time to see the clouds reveal for an instant a couple of quivering stars. Not long enough for him to be disturbed by their immense age and distance, but nonetheless a brief subliminal reminder of his mortality. The sky closed once more and they were gone. To the pleasant beat of shoes on gravel he thought: we get no further than this. For every one thing created, another destroyed. For every lesson learnt, another forgotten.
  • I suppose he thinks he can tow me 'round wherever he likes, and I've got a mind to show him he can't,"" Nathan said to Isaac, motioning with his thumb toward the corporal."
  • Meanwhile, Shadowings was not happy with his new accommodations. She could tell he wasn't behaving himself because the stable boys the city sent down to watch him came out again at the end of their shift looking petrified. Paine tracked her down with one of the poor kids in tow and told her in no uncertain terms she had to do something. She thought she might have seen a few white hairs on the boy's head.
  • Two weeks later, after an uneventful voyage through tropic waters, during which the boys had had the interesting experience of crossing the equator, and had been initiated by being ducked in a huge canvas pool full of salt water placed on the fore deck, the Southern Cross steamed into the harbor of Monte Video, where she was to meet her consort, the Brutus, which vessel was to tow her down into the polar regions.
  • For several days the Brutus and the vessel she was towing kept on down the coast. At last one morning the captain announced that they were off the coast of Patagonia, where the famous giant tribes of aborigines and a kind of ostrich are to be found. The professor was greatly excited at this and begged to have the ships stopped and be allowed to go ashore.
  • Hank and Thunderbags hung on for dear life as the UFO towing them went through a series of wild, drunken maneuvers. The long line of mud-brick ships whipped back and forth over the desert sand with each sudden turn.
  • What's the matter with all of us going in the big boat and towing the skiff behind? questioned Tom. "I don't want to be alone just now. I'd much rather keep together if it's possible to do so."
  • The other lads agreed that this was very probable, but there was no time to speculate on it. The anchor line was quickly made fast, and being attached to the stern of the boat the work of towing the whale to the beach was begun.
  • The four girls took one of the two rooms they secured, the others, the second room. Strongwind, as usual, stayed in the stables with the horses. They were exhausted after the long day, and went straight to their bunks after saying their good-nights. Finnegaff, however, elected to show honor to the tradition of 'being towed by whales' or 'being towed by whales to Durma's Point' or something similarly fabricated. Mia didn't quite catch which one it was; she believed that Finnegaff didn't, either. He did, however, quite easily get the idea of honor to tradition across to the crew of the Lady Heretielle, for, as it is well known, sailors are a superstitious lot. They believe it to be bad luck to not show honor to tradition when offered.
  • The Scartossi tow truck came chugging up the road and pulled over next to Bill. Bill hopped into the truck that looked as though it needed a tow. He put the back of his hand under his chin and flipped his hand toward Tony Scartossi. "Howd you know where I was?’
  • When Father Kordetski had put the light aside quickly, Pan Andrei placed on a table a roll, a foot and a half long and as thick as the arm of a sturdy man, sewn up in pitched linen and filled firmly with powder. From one end of it was hanging a long string made of tow steeped in sulphur.
  • The troops were speedily on the cascos, which were to be towed by several steam launches and escorted by three tinclads. Although Larry and his friends did not know it till several hours later, the destination was Santa Cruz, a pretty town, situated on a slight hill overlooking the placid waters of the Laguna de Bay. The general's plan was to reach the lake by nightfall, and steal over the silent waters in the dark until the vicinity of Santa Cruz was gained, in hopes that the garrison might be caught "napping," as it is called.
  • The tow truck driver, had shoulders that sloped up to the top of his bald head. His head looked for all the world like a smooth round spud with dried apricots stuck on for ears! He slung his tattooed arm out the window and shouted. ‘Wheres this bloody car thats upside down?’
  • While resting on our paddles Corney and Pierre had overtaken us, and now followed astern of Uncle Donald, so that our canoe was the last. We had got nearly half-way up, the navigation becoming more difficult as we proceeded. The rocks extended farther and farther across the channel, the water leaping and hissing and foaming as it rushed by them. One of our Indians sat in the bows with a rope ready to jump out on the rocks and tow the canoe should the current prove too strong for us. Red Squirrel stood aft with pole in hand guiding the canoe, while Hugh and I worked our poles on either side. Corney and Pierre were at some little distance before us, while Uncle Donald, having a stronger crew, got well ahead.
  • Wonderingly the lads sat in the boat as they were rowed across the intervening distance to the steamer. Scarcely had they set foot on deck before a line was passed to the submarine and the vessel was under way, towing their recent habitation.
  • Ahead, on the edge of town, Barker saw an LED display over a small brick building that showed a tow truck hauling a car in a never-ending loop. He checked for traffic, then crept back onto the road with the pedal to the floor as the storms first raindrops hit his windshield. A moment later he pulled into the parking lot of Freds Fixit. His car sputtered to a stop on the cracked asphalt next to an ancient gas pump island.
  • The Imp was quickly righted and towed to shore. The contents were little damaged, and Nugget made haste to change his clothes.
  • The man-of-war was short-handed, and did not see the necessity for putting a prize-crew aboard the Haliotis. So she sent one sublieutenant, whom the skipper kept very drunk, for he did not wish to make the tow too easy, and, moreover, he had an inconspicuous little rope hanging from the stem of his ship.
  • But on the second day of our enforced detention a ship poked her jibboom round the west end of the little bay. No words could describe our condition of spellbound astonishment when she rounded-to, cumbrously as befitting a ship towing a whale, and revealed to us the well-remembered outlines of the old CHANCE. It was like welcoming the first-fruits of the resurrection; for who among sailor men, having seen a vessel disappear from their sight, as we had, under such terrible conditions, would ever have expected to see her again? She was hardly anchored before our skipper was alongside, thirsting to satisfy his unbounded curiosity as to the unheard-of means whereby she had escaped such apparently inevitable destruction. I was fortunate enough to accompany him, and hear the story at first-hand.
  • He left the room with a few processed snacks in tow and then checked his cell phone voicemail. There was a message from Maureen Stewart, who rarely ever called candidates directly, preferring to have Kathy Melvin perform the mundane task.
  • The engineer's advice was good. In fact, the canoe probably would not have been able to contain the articles possibly enclosed in the chest, which doubtless was heavy, since two empty barrels were required to buoy it up. It was, therefore, much better to tow it to the beach at Granite House.
  • Didn't one of your girls tow in another one with both her arms broken? asked one of the boys standing near. Sahwah and Gladys laughed outright at this version of the story. When Gladys announced that Sahwah was the heroine in question and she the nearly drowned maiden a ripple went went through the camp.
  • Carruthers lost major points with the driver as he bitched and fretted about paint and body damage. The young tow man calmly listened to Todd's instructions as he raised the car with the hook. The driver's precision and accuracy went unnoticed.
  • The system would then be deployed in low earth orbit prior to being towed to geostationary orbit.
  • Nearly all whaling is done by steamers and not very far from the coast, say within a day's steaming. We catch the whales, blow them out in the way you see the men doing now, and tow them to the nearest 'trying out' factory. These places have conveniences that would be impossible on shipboard, they get a better quality of oil, and they use up all the animal, getting oil out of the meat as well as the blubber. Then the flesh is dried and sold for fertilizer just as the bones are. The fins and tail are shipped to Japan for table delicacies. Even the water in which the blubber has been tried out makes good glue. So, you see, it pays to tow a whale to the factory. And besides, the smell of trying out on one of the old whalers was horrible beyond description.
  • Ensure the trailer is nicely balanced with a modicum of downforce at the towing hitch.
  • They made up an imposing fleet, led by M. de Rivarol's flagship, the Victorieuse, a mighty vessel of eighty guns. Each of the four other French ships was at least as powerful as Blood's Arabella, which was of forty guns. Followed the lesser buccaneer vessels, the Elizabeth, Lachesis, and Atropos, and a dozen frigates laden with stores, besides canoes and small craft in tow.
  • Local vessels took part and captured galleons were towed across the bay to weymouth.
  • Oh, why didn't you say so the first time, for Christ's sake, he said to Porky and then half to himself, "Nobody. Nobody? – Wait a minute." Then he began yelling again, "Nobody! I know you; you're no good. I'm gonna get you!" He then began climbing into his tow truck but the engine wouldn't start. By this time Porky had started up his truck and was driving it away with his foot all the way to the floor, improvising a prayer that someone or something must have heard because he got clean away.
  • Yes, sir. They torpedoed another submarine that we were towing, and in casting off the towing line the gentleman below was caught in the line. His leg is badly broken.
  • The skiff in which their friends had been seen was in tow and soon after it was discovered both Grant and George were seen in the bow of the swift little motor-boat.
  • It could not be some sea monster surging steadily at the tow line of the Vulcan. That theory was untenable. A monster might attack; it would never tow.
  • We threw a string over its horns and towed it back to the portage, picking up in passing our floating black animal, which proved to be a very large wolverine, carcajo or Indian devil, the beast going under all of these names with hunters and traders.
  • Another motor boat near by, the occupants of which were deeply interested spectators of what was occurring, at once took the Gadabout in tow and noisily proceeded toward the wharf which was not more than two hundred yards away.
  • The creature proved to be a full-grown herring-hog, weighing around four hundred pounds, and as this species destroys great numbers of foodfish, Mr. Choate made preparations to attack it. Reaching the proper position, a hand harpoon was thrown by him. It found its mark, and away went the great fish at so fast a clip that the line fairly smoked as it shot from the reel barrel. In a few moments it was all out, and then the motor-boat gave a jump forward and rushed after the herring-hog. He was towing it, as if it had been a chip!
  • "Well, shipmate," says Adam, glancing up from his papers, "last of all, there's yourself! Here's you with the rope in prospect unless you quit this ship, and yonder, Martin, yonder is the long-boat towing astern, all stored ready, a calm sea and a fair wind--"
  • Chance grabbed Reds lead and started along the tow path. Red pulled and behind the big gelding, Cricket pulled; the narrow boat slowly swung free of shore just as the next boat emerged from the tunnela grain boat, hauling rye covered with canvas. Chance looked back at the clean boat wistfully. Aboard the collier everything was dark, gritty and dirty. The Hardcastle Rose transported coal from the coal fields to the north to London for the factories or household sales, or even into the Thames estuary for the steamships to use. Always the same, load on, the long haul, and load off. They had no cargo on the way back and consequently, the return journey was always easier even against the river current.
  • They came to a giant willow that hung over the water, interrupting their progress. The tree was reputed to be over two hundred years old and was protected by law. They had to uncouple the tow line and pass it behind the obstructing tree to resume their journey. Theyd done this so often that even the horses knew the routine. Red, of course, didnt want to continue. He was grazing by the side, and Chance had to jerk him hard into compliance. It reminded him how hungry he was; again he thought of the menu for the day. Not lentils, he hoped; he hated lentils, for that was all theyd served in the workhouse, expecting him to labor all day on the thin fare. May they all rot in hell for all the misery they allowed in their institutions.
  • There are only two, or at most three of them, Edgar said, in a tone of disappointment, "and I doubt whether they are not big rowing-boats. The strokes are too quick for either sweeps or for boats towing. What a beastly nuisance! I suppose when these fellows took back the report, that though we were a good-sized brig we did not seem to have many hands, they thought that it was not worth while to tow out a big craft when row-boats would do. They think that with twelve or fifteen hands in each boat, and the advantage of surprise, they would be able to overpower us at once."
  • With the breaking of the big jam the luck of the drive seemed to change. The river was rising, the water was good, the logs travelled freely day and night without halt. Indeed, the delays seemed about to prove blessings in disguise, for other firms' drives, more fortunate, would be out of the way. Also when they reached the lower almost currentless stretches of the river, down which the logs would have to be towed in booms by steamers, there would be no delay. But these calculations were upset one day when they got news of a drive just ahead of them.
  • The group exchanged greetings as the newcomers boarded the dinghy under the curious stares of beach idlers. Then Doc heaved his passengers afloat. Squatting in the stern at the outboard motor, he seemed to be all arms and spindly legs. Bob passed him one of his French cigarettes and clicked his lighter into life. The Canadian smiled appreciation, then he returned his gaze to straight ahead. Half a dozen small craft were zooming around close inshore in the Baie des Anges, four of them towing skiers. The rule of the road seemed to be: Solid craft have nothing to fear from inflatables and therefore need not avoid them.
  • As soon as dinner had been cooked, they set to work to get everything in readiness for a start. The stores were taken out of the canoe, and she was carried down to within a few feet of the water. The tent was dismantled, and the boat also carried down. Then they devoted themselves for the rest of the afternoon to collecting more drift-wood, for the water was again falling, and the highest level it had reached was strewn with debris. As there was now no practical distinction between night and day they lay down and slept for four or five hours, then put the large canoe into the water, and placed the firewood in her, with the stock of flour, frozen meat, and the bears' flesh; then with the kettle and frying-pan they baled eight or ten buckets of water into her, for Godfrey did not know how soon the river would become brackish. They spread the bear-skin over all, then having carefully repacked the canoe, they put her also into the water, stepped the mast, took their places in her, hoisted the sail, and with the boat in tow started north again.
  • I reached my father and leaped down. He knew what must be done, and with my help mounted. Another bullet flew by, cutting the leaves overhead, and we saw men running out of the gate. My father gestured me to the far side of Brownie, and off we went, me running as never before, the horse towing me along. Shots followed us but none came near as we reached the trees, working our way between and angling up the hillside.
  • As soon as the drawbridge collapsed against the moat, Milo and the Irishmen quickly strode across and into the stronghold. Peter met them halfway, saying, Milo! Im glad to see you made it back safe and with this good man in tow.
  • The boat by this time had been caught in the tow of the torrent. We swung down into the foam and tossing waves and drifted into the mass of brutes as they fought and drowned in the irresistible flood. Two of them flung an arm across our gunwale. Yelling as madly as themselves, we beat them off with the clubs, Fatty fighting like a fury. The hideous old female clutched in desperation and fastened her deadly grip on the wrist of the goddess. What a scream of malice and triumph she gave! I jumped across the seat and struck her arm a blow that smashed the bone and flesh to a quivering pulp on the edge of the boat. About her neck was flung the arm of a drowning beast at her side; and down they went together.
  • Chill hands gripped her and pulled her back to the surface, allowing her to gasp air. Her unknown rescuer towed her towards the beach with the ease of a fish, unhindered by the strong current that had defeated her. She tried to grab hold of her saviour, her hands encountering fragile wings of soft skin that made her recoil with a snort of shock. The shore approached at an amazing speed, the sea foaming around her with the swiftness of her travel, and soon her rubbery legs touched sand. The sea man dragged her onto the beach, his long webbed fingers gripping her sodden jacket. Talsy sobbed with relief and gratitude, wiping stinging brine from her eyes as she peered at him in the moonlight.
  • You'll have to take him in, Davy, announced Midshipman Dalzell. "Canty isn't strong enough to tow behind. And I'm coming aboard for a fresh look before I dive for Miss Wright."
  • We were engaged in these various tasks until the 24th of January. The atmosphere was clear, the temperature was even, and the thermometer had indeed gone up to two or three degrees above freezing-point. The number of icebergs coming from the nor'-west was therefore increasing; there were now a hundred of them, and a collision with any of these might have a most disastrous result. Hardy, the caulker, hastened first of all to mend the hull; pegs had to be changed, bits of planking to be replaced, seams to be caulked. We had everything that was necessary for this work, and we might rest assured that it would be performed in the best possible manner. In the midst of the silence of these solitudes, the noise of the hammers striking nails into the side, and the sound of the mallet stuffing tow into the seams, had a startling effect. Sea-gulls, wild duck, albatross, and petrels flew in a circle round the top of the berg with a shrill screaming, and made a terrible uproar.
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