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Okunuşu: / θəːd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: third
Türü: sıfat, isim, zarf


s. üçüncü;

i. üçte bir;
müz. üçlü;
, huk. dul kadına kocasından kalan üçte bir miras, mak. üçüncü vites;

z. üçüncü olarak.

third için örnek cümleler:

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  • On the third of September Pierre awoke late. His head was aching, the clothes in which he had slept without undressing felt uncomfortable on his body, and his mind had a dim consciousness of something shameful he had done the day before. That something shameful was his yesterday's conversation with Captain Ramballe.
  • Even an array of six 'small' blocks nearly doubled the amount of power they had available. And by the end of the third day, all the batteries had reached a full charge.
  • "Ay, ay, sir!" came from far away, for the tide ran hissing by our sides in full rush for the sea, and the third blue-light which blazed out looked smaller and smaller, while those of the first boat and the life-buoy began to show faint, and then all at once that on the buoy seemed to go out.
  • My skin was warm. Flushed. I switched on the cars air conditioner, but I knew it wasnt the afternoon heat. It was the massage and hot towel treatment from the chiropractor. third visit this week. The sixth in two weeks.
  • Ben tried the keys in the lock. The third one opened it. Winston Mackay walked out into the dim light. ‘Joke, right?’
  • Aboard the Hazelton, the crew, or what remained of the crew, were attempting to lower lifeboats. Directly one was lowered safely, and loaded to the guards with human freight. A second and a third were lowered safely, and put off toward the Brigadier.
  • The third company was the last, and Kutuzov pondered, apparently trying to recollect something. Prince Andrew stepped forward from among the suite and said in French:
  • In third world nationalism it is the middle class intelligentsia oppressed by imperialism.
  • They continued washing until all the white items were soaking in the first rinse water. Then, after a few swirls with her arm, Jennie wrung out the white articles and tossed them into the third tub, the second cold rinse, to make sure all the soap was out. She stood and stretched, then returned to the different piles of dirty clothes.
  • "I puked on the tarp twice before they got me there, and almost did it a third time on the way to booking. It got up my sinuses and down my throat, too. I couldnt stop gagging, couldnt stop crying, but by now I was getting pissed. Id been raised on the whole Sony message: ‘A Car for the Rest of Us,’ gone with Mom to their Empowerment Seminars, wore the little tee shirts and the temporary tats and chatted up the tire-kickers about the Sony Family while Mom was busy. This wasnt the Sony Family I knew.
  • However, the trend in the demand for automobiles began to increase starting from the third quarter of 2012, signaling reasonably well a recovery for the sector. The recovery is steadily taking place and that is why we are more optimistic about the economic growth in Turkey in the final quarter of 2012 and for 2013, and also in general as well.
  • And for the third time Rollo Blair, out upon his adventures, had come face to face with General Don Ramon Cabrera of Tortosa.
  • Once they all reached the final platform, they made their way to the third chamber where Jeralyle and Merial had spent most of last night. Javal, as well as Gort and the others, were sitting at the table, waiting patiently for them.
  • Jimmie Dale finished the second reading of the letter, read it again for the third time, then tore it into tiny fragments. His fingers delved into the box again, and the transformation of Jimmie Dale, member of New York's most exclusive social set, into a low, vicious- featured denizen of the underworld went on--a little wax applied skilfully behind the ears, in the nostrils and under the upper lip.
  • So on they went up the slope till they came to the base of the third wall, and as before, passed round it, and reached a point above the river. But now there was no passage, only some shallow and almost precipitous steps cut from single stones leading from the foot of the wall to its summit, more than thirty feet above.
  • I was pretty sure I'd win, modestly remarked the bully, as he began shouldering his way through the press toward the judges' stand. He was closely followed by the boys, as it looked as if Paul Perkins might have won the second prize and Ed Rivers the third.
  • The third individual inside the carriage belonged to that profession, one of whose members usually makes the third in a duel the doctor. He was a young man who, in the capacity of surgeon, had attached himself to the band of filibusters.
  • I saw Colonel Despard, repeated the stranger, for the third time, "on board the Vishnu in the Indian Sea. I learned from him his story --"
  • "No, its nothing, dont worry about me. The third World War is about to begin," and he grimly walked to the window.
  • Ryson glanced over his shoulder for the third time in a span of but twenty paces. He said nothing to the others, but he noticed Holli making similar checks. They had left the loose sand and the dry wind behind them, but he doubted it was the fading sight of the desert which called to her.
  • Karlas eyes popped wide and she made her way down to the third pod. Its occupant dangled calm and motionless. Another blast of foul wind came rolling up the passage, its stink more intense, and this time it was accompanied by the sound of claws ripping into roots.
  • This brought me to my third error in judgment on that fateful day. It also kind of related to the first onealways follow the lead of your mark.
  • Dry sand was lighter than wet, but it was hard to find on the saturated coast, and damp was the best Catrin could find by her second trip. Gustad attempted to carry water back to the fire, but his bag leaked and he had only about a third of what he'd started with by the time he reached the fire. Steam rose into the air as the coals hissed and snapped, but his efforts covered only a small area, and he went back for more sand.
  • Most of the herring vessels are luggers, from thirty to forty tons burden, and entirely decked over. Each carries from eight to ten men. They are divided below into compartments, or tanks: in one compartment, salt is stowed; into another, the herrings, as soon as caught, are thrown; in a third they are salted, and are then packed away in lockers, on either side of the vessel, till she is full. She is then steered for the shore to the point nearest to a railway, or where there is a market. Each vessel has several long nets: the upper part of the net floats close to the surface of the water, buoyed up by bladders; the lower part is kept down by small bits of lead, and one end is moored to the bottom by a heavy weight. The fish, as they swim in large shoals, strike against the net as against a wall, and are caught in the meshes. Herring fishing is carried on at night, when the fish cannot see the nets. When a vessel or boat has cast out her nets, she hangs on to the lee [See note 2] end of them till the morning.
  • Nipped past woodward on the third lap to limit the damage to an even split of the points.
  • The other ten concluded that there was a lack of evidence to support prophylactic removal of impacted third molars.
  • Communitarian ideal has become very much associated with the recent politics of the " third way " .
  • The men, and the three labouring women, were employed two days in getting the cargo of the Neshamony up on the plain; or to Eden, as Bridget named the spot, unconscious how often she herself had been likened to a lovely Eve, in the mind of her young husband. Two of the marquees had been brought, and were properly erected, having board floors, and everything comfortably arranged within and without them. A roof, however, was scarcely necessary in that delicious climate, where one could get into the shade of a grove; and a thatched shed was easily prepared for a dwelling for the others. By the end of the third day the whole party in Eden was comfortably established, and Mark took a short leave of his bride, to sail for Rancocus again, Bridget shed fears at this separation short as it was intended to be; and numberless were the injunctions to be wary of the natives, should the latter have visited Betts, in the time intervening between the departure of the Neshamony and her return.
  • It is short and decisive. The captain knows his third officer to be a thorough seaman; though young, capable of any duty, however delicate or dangerous. Without further hesitation he assigns him to the command of the cutter.
  • And so it did. As Darrin shook the spray from his eyes he made out the "Grigsby" only as a dark mass far ahead. Then a wave blotted her out. When next he looked he saw nothing. The third time he made out a still more indistinct mass, which, he judged, was turning to come back and look for him.
  • The Bantus speedily gathered, and played like children about the dead bodies of the two beasts, which had been placed side by side. They proved themselves surprisingly good mimics, one taking the part of the lion and jumping with a growl at the others. Another took Burt's part, snapping his fingers as he stepped backward and finally fell; while a third played Mvita, running to the thorn tree with the lion in hot pursuit. At this instant an angry voice stopped the proceedings, and the boys looked around in alarm to see Mr. Wallace running toward them.
  • Barbara, or "Barbie" as her friends called her, was so trained to all of the running in her life that most men only lasted a short time with her and were thrust off the bucking bronco. She was as unsettled as a drunk walking to an AA meeting and passing a bar along the way. There had been a stable of guys, mostly football players and juice-heads that wound up playing tonsil hockey with Barbara in high school and college. Most of these guys got to second base and were running so fast that there was no stopping them going to third base, but there wasnt a single guy that was able to go the distance and round the bases. They all claimed to their friends that they "went deep," but all the lot of them displayed was "warning track power."
  • They found poor Fah Moo rushing around the somewhat narrow confines of his kitchen. The Chinese was still yelling and holding both yellow hands across the pit of his stomach. On a table, amid pots, pans and dishes, were the three bottles of the Elixer of Life. Two were completely emptied and the third had but a little fluid remaining in it.
  • The porter, though very heavily loaded, could not but admire the magnificence of the house, and the excellent order that every thing was placed in; but that which particularly captivated his attention was a third lady, who seemed to be a greater beauty than the second, and was set upon the throne just now mentioned: she came down from it as soon as she saw the two former ladies, and advanced towards them: He judged, by the respect which the others showed her, that she was the chief, in which he was not mistaken. This lady was called Zobeide, she who opened the gate was called Safie, and Amine was the name of her who went out to buy the provisions.
  • With regard to demographics, California has the largest population of White Americans in the U.S., an estimated 22,2000,000 residents, although most demographic surveys do not measure actual genetic ancestry. The state has the 5th largest population of African Americans in the U.S., an estimated 2,250,000 residents. California's Asian American population is estimated at 4.4 million, about a third of the nation's 13 million Asian Americans. California's Native American population of 285,000 is the most of any state. While the population of minorities accounts for 102 million of 301 million U.S. residents, 20% of the national total live in California.
  • After a few weeks of toil the horse was his. He mounted his steed, deeming himself one of the richest men in the far West, and rode to see his girl and fix upon his wedding-day. He confesses that as he rode along, considering that he had been twice disappointed, he experienced no inconsiderable trepidation as to the result of this third matrimonial enterprise. He reached the cabin, and his worst fears were realized.
  • Curly looked as if he would have liked to turn the rifle upon the men instead of the bottles. He was angry, and an angry man is always at a great disadvantage, especially where a steady nerve is needed. He accordingly fired wild, and when, the third shot had been made, the bottles remained untouched.
  • "You already know the outcome of Richard Arnold's visit to Russia; how he was present at the trial of the Tsar's war-balloon, and was compelled to pronounce it such a complete success, that the Autocrat at once gave orders for the construction of a fleet of fifty arostats of the same pattern; and how, thanks to the warning conveyed by Anna Ornovski, he was able to prevent his special passport being stolen by a police agent, and so to foil the designs of the chief of the third Section to stop him taking the secret of the construction of the war-balloon out of Russia. You also know that he brought back the Chief's authority to build an air-ship after the model which was exhibited to us here, and that since his return he has been prosecuting that work on Drumcraig Island, one of the possessions of the Chief in the Outer Hebrides, which he placed at his disposal for the purpose.
  • The entire second day passes without violence. They stop once at midday, but none of them speaks much. The sun descends, and again they stop to sleep. The morning of the third day heralds ill omen. It is cold. The clouds gather but there is no rain. Not bird nor beast is seen or heard. Morion wakes groggily. Only Mikha'el is there, sitting, watching over her.
  • The three leaned shoulder to shoulder in an effort to stabilize their tenuously upright positions, but the steadiness of their tripod was in much doubt. Moths fluttered around a lamp in a nearby window, and had only one of the insects flown close to the men, all three would have been knocked to the ground by the breeze from its tiny wings. Then the men began to speak. The one on the left said something and the man in the middle roared with laughter as if he had just heard the funniest joke in history. The third drunk was less amused and he made a fist and took a swing through the air. Neither companion was in any danger of being punched but the movement of number three's arm disturbed his balance. Suddenly all three were stumbling crab-wise in a loose-kneed dance as they struggled to avoid falling. Only by grabbing each other firmly around the shoulders until their staggering synchronized were they able to keep standing.
  • Brasik chokes back a sob. But he does not fail to miss that Spydercos face has hardened into a mask of anger and determination. She presses down on the third lever.
  • Twice Michael came and looked at him in the light of a torch from the fire, and retreated muttering. Ivan decided to pretend sleep. The third time Michael gave a grunt of satisfaction.
  • The first assassination attempt came as soon as the Olympics ended and most tourists left. It left seven of his hotel guards dead. The second attempt occurred after another exhausting day in the arena, but he simply out-flew them. In the third attempt, one hundred quads descended upon his hotel in the middle of the night. William beat them by hiding a few dozen foreign super-quads nearby who pounced on the attackers from behind.
  • This could be a clear result of the changing nature of the emerging classes of society. We expect to see the same trends and outcomes repeated in the coming years. There were some sectors that benefited a strong domestic demand and loan growth in 2010 and 2011. Starting from the third quarter of 2010, the construction permits constantly increased and exceeded the number of apartments sold in each following quarter. Finally, the first half of this year showed record levels for construction permits, reaching 550,000 while only 400,000 sold in the same quarter.
  • Ryson began to feel a dull ache in his legs and a sharper pain in his side. He was finally tiring, but there was still roughly a third of the city left to scour. He bit back his pain, but he could not forget it completely. It slowed him, forced him to pause on more than one occasion. It would not, however, conquer his determination. Even as the trees continued their attempts to evade him, he proceeded to follow every trail, to hunt them down with cold precision.
  • You bunch never learn do you? asked Rod stepping up next to Sax. "You've gone up against us twice so far and each time you've had the worst of it. You'd imagine that you'd think twice about tempting fate a third time but nooo. Here you prance in as if you owned the place and don't even post any sentries to cover your rear."
  • The third soldier is angry: "A murrain ont!—I took this for silver!" He tosses away a pewter heirloom and goes back inside.
  • I have been having a delightful voyage with moonlight all night and sunlight all day. Africa kept in sight most of the time and before that we saw beautiful mountains in Spain covered with snow and red in the sunset. There were a lot of nice English people going out to India to meet their husbands and we have "tiffin" and "choota" and "curry," so it really seemed oriental. The third night out we saw Algiers sparkling like Coney Island. I play games with myself and pretend I am at my rooms reading a story which is very hard to pretend as I never read in my rooms and then I look up and exclaim "Hello, I'm not in New York, that's Algiers." The thing that has impressed me most is how absolutely small the world is and how childishly easy it is to go around it. You and Nora MUST take this trip; as for me I think Willie Chanler is the most sensible individual I have yet met.
  • Throw down your weapons and surrender, or you are dead men! he shouted again, and at this the third Tory, who must have believed there was more than one man in the thicket, took to his heels in alarm, while Corporal 'Lige, who had received no worse injury than a severe choking, seized upon the three muskets which were lying close beside him.
  • As the visitors settled themselves around the hearth, Maida picked up the bucket to draw fresh water for their tea, but before she could take even a step toward the door, Lady Merrit said, "Mother Peg, I know it is rude among you to speak of important matters before food and drink are served, but this cannot wait. There is a third surprise this night." Maida stopped, the bucket swinging slightly from her hand. Lady Merrit nodded at the dark servant, who stepped hesitantly forward, her eyes fixed in some mix of hope and fear on Mother Peg. She reached into the purse hanging from her waist and took out a cloth-wrapped bundle. She pulled the cloth away from a metal box, opened the lid and held it out to Mother Peg. It contained three, small leather-bound journals.
  • The third member of the rare team is karen weir, who keeps everything moving.
  • The Frenchmen District was still alive and kicking when we climbed the stairs to my third floor studio. Any other night, I would have stopped in at one of the clubs along the way, thrown back a few and listened to the jazz being played. Instead, I was cramming way too many people into a small space.
  • "Get your wand and we'll start. Now, to attract the benevolent spirit to your wand, take out your school bag and shake the magical writing quill that Eibhlin gave to you. Hold the quill and wave it three times around your wand. Over and over and over. That's a boy," Kah'la said. "Your wand needs that charm to start the beginning to this empowerment. It's the enhancement of a female power. I'll say this in a language you may understand. It's your first step and I'll say it first to ward off evil. The third eye of all will increase psychic gifts with its presence here.
  • Then all at once he detected a movement over at the fence, and the figure of a man or boy was seen to quickly clamber over, dropping in the field. Even as he looked a second followed suit, then a third and even a fourth.
  • Momentum swung back and forth like a pendulum in the third quarter, but West Valley held on to the lead for dear life by the quarter's end. Their 47-45 advantage was keyed by Pete's six points and four rebounds and Tom Sullivan's four points, giving them 24 points and 16 rebounds, and 14 points, respectively, for the game. The crowd was on the edge of their collective seats. The teams could not be more evenly matched.
  • Fig 12 the blast sequence display for protein blast hits has a third glyph for the similarities between the amino acids shown in white.
  • "Mademoiselle Maryette, they are devouring everything in the house!" exclaimed old Julie, flinging both hands toward heaven. "Tenez, mamzelle, I have heard of eating in ancient days, I have read of Gargantua, I have been told of banquets, of feasting, of appetites! But there is one American in there! Mamzelle Maryette, if I should swear to you that he is on his third chicken and that a row of six pint bottles of '93 Margaux stand empty on the cloth at his elbow, I should do no penance for untruthfulness. Tenez, Mamzelle Maryette, regardez un peu par l'oubliette--" And old Julie slid open the wooden shutter on the crack and Maryette bent forward and surveyed the dining room outside.
  • Wrongful Death is also a novel, another fictitious court case that "reads like a cross between a John Grisham legal thriller and an informative scientific treatise on AIDS," according to one reviewer, complete with "the crackling tensions of Twelve Angry Men, the sublime discoveries of the Microbe Hunters, and the numbing absurdities of The Pentagon Wars," in the words of another. "A legitimate page-turner!" says a third.
  • You may not submit postings intended to promote and or generate revenue for yourself and or any third party business activity.
  • Again he rode out into the reeking heat. He clutched the black's neck tightly, and drew a long breath; but the dead air seemed to shrivel his lungs, and he dropped his head and dozed till the house was reached. Every effort of will was torture, yet he was called upon continually to make efforts of will. He gave the black he had ridden a nip of tradegin. Viaburi, the houseboy, brought him corrosive sublimate and water, and he took a thorough antiseptic wash. He dosed himself with chlorodyne, took his own pulse, smoked a thermometer, and lay back on the couch with a suppressed groan. It was midafternoon, and he had completed his third round that day. He called the houseboy.
  • In order to make the connection, laughed Will. "I will state for the third time that we know that the boys are in the mine. It may also be well to state, once more, that we are reasonably certain that this other boy came to the mine for the specific purpose of communicating with the other two. Now this boy didn't drop into the river. He dropped the provisions he bought for the boat into the coal mine, and left them there for the consumption of the two boys inside. That's reasonable, isn't?"
  • Frank ground his teeth with impotent rage. He blamed himself for falling into the trap, and still he could not see how he was to blame. Surely he had been cautious, but fate was against him. He had escaped Miller twice; but this was the third time, and he feared that it would prove disastrous.
  • It was a pleasant dinner in Sir Sidney Smith's cabin. There were present the first and third lieutenants, the captain of the marines, the doctor, Wilkinson, and Edgar. Sir Sidney Smith was a delightful host; he possessed a remarkable charm of manner, was most thoughtful and kind to all his subordinates, and, though strict in all matters of discipline, treated his officers as gentlemen and on terms of equality in his own cabin. He had already accomplished many dashing exploits in the Baltic and elsewhere, and was beloved both by the sailors and officers. It was a time when life in the navy was very rough, when the lash was unsparingly used for the smallest offences, and when too many ships were made floating hells by the tyranny of their commanders.
  • Breault, the third man, had regained his wind, and was listening to him. One look at his dark, thin face told McKay that he was the wilderness man of the three. He was staring at Jolly Roger in a strange sort of way. And then, as if catching himself, he nodded, and began rubbing his frosted face with handfuls of snow.
  • As much as he wanted to, Grahamas didn't curse a third time. In the span of half an hour, he had ruined his shirt, lost all three lights, and was now trapped in a dark, empty chamber. And something else was in here with him. Most likely the same creature that had plastered those corpses into the wall, and the Champion feared he might be next. Slowly and silently he drug the blade out of its sheath, doing his best not to give away his location.
  • By contrast European politicians and officials warned that Monti's policies must continue to prevent a return of the crisis which brought him to power a year ago, when he was charged with rescuing the euro zone's third biggest economy from the threat of a Greek-style collapse.
  • "I am a native of the island Z - in the West Indies. Isabel Saxby, known as van Cannan, is my wife. While travelling to the Cape Colony on some business of mine, she met van Cannan and his wife and stayed with them at East London. When she did not return to Z -, I came to look for her and found that, Mrs. van Cannan having died, she had bigamously married the widower and come to live at Blue Aloes. I loved her, and could not bear to be parted from her, so, through her instrumentality, I came here as manager. The eldest boy was drowned before my arrival. The youngest died six months later of a bite from one of my specimen tarantulas. The third boy is, I expect, drowned tonight. I take the blame of all these deaths and of Bernard van Cannan's, if he does not return. It was only when all male van Cannans were dead that Blue Aloes could be sold for a large sum enabling us to return to Z -. We would have taken the little girls with us.
  • Then raising his eyes heavenwards he said, "O my God![FN#62] verily Thou wottest that I cast not my net each day save four times[FN#63]; the third is done and as yet Thou hast vouchsafed me nothing. So this time, O my God, deign give me my daily bread." Then, having called on Allah's name,[FN#64] he again threw his net and waited its sinking and settling; whereupon he haled at it but could not draw it in for that it was entangled at the bottom.
  • His voice trailed off into silence, and he fell asleep once more. Presently he was wakened, for a third time, by a man's voice calling his name. Or was this only another dream? He sat up and listened intently. The call sounded from some point back on the trail, and there could be no mistaking its reality; it was loud, gruff, yet kindly.
  • There was also a third reason that influenced the young navigators in deciding to take the longer course across the Atlantic. This concerned the fogs such as can always be met with off the Newfoundland Banks, and which are often so dense that vessels flounder through them for several days at a stretch.
  • She crawled forward and listened. The blows came again. From theshe swung her face to orient by the starswest. Were they closer or further than the first time? She settled against an upturned boulder. Daniels teeth drew blood. She flinched, withdrew her hand, Daniel yelled "Help," she felt around for a pine cone and stuffed it into his mouth. The horn sounded for a third time. It was neither nearer nor further. She ripped off a piece of cloak and tied it round Daniels head like a gag. They must be travelling parallel, she decided. The altar was to the east, so she still had a clear a line. Another piece of cloak torn off, she rolled Daniel onto his stomach and gathered his hands on his back, keeping him in place with her knee, and tied his wrists together. His screams continued: muffled. The distinct sound of an arquebus echoed through the forest and around her head, followed by more blasts on the horn. Perhaps they were getting closer.
  • Without entering his own tent, Jadar proceeded through the circle of guards protecting the womens quarters. Mumtaz was waiting, surrounded by two of her women and the now-constant midwife. She was almost to term with Jadars third child. The first two had been daughters. His first thought when he saw her was that this birth must be male. Merciful Allah, make this a son.
  • As the third week drew to a close and another desolate Sunday confronted him, Daylight resolved to speak, office or no office.
  • What do I know about dark magicks? Jack shifted infinitesimally. This was his job, something he enjoyed. To combat the violent creatures that flowed through the underworld of the earth, he had to know what he was fighting. Dragons, for example, were allergic to water. They were also disposed to negotiation and concepts of honor. The Whitelaws were cranky, sneaky, disposed to dishonorable activities and untrustworthy on their worst day. Not all werewolves were like the Whitelaws, of course, and not all weres were shades of black and white. Otherworlders were one thing. Dark magicks were another story. All otherworlders had the potential of being mages and sorcerers. It took something inside them to use the black enchantments to their whims. Dark magicians were exactly that, dark. The elves had used the blood magicks to bind the third piece of the moon relics to a living soul.
  • The second and third chapters of John recall the early days of Christs ministry. Looks like we have a wedding and a shortage of wine; Jesus performed his first public miracle, changing water into wine. There are many references to miracles in these four gospels, but Im looking for the treasure, so my attention will be on his teaching. Next is the story of Nicodemus, but more information is needed before I tackle this thing about beingborn again.’
  • Next day, unmistakable signs showed that a large bear had visited the camp. Two huskies had been killed, and a third carried off into the woods.
  • It was plenty. One of them was already out of the booth with a gun in his hand. The second also had a gun but he was still sitting down and trying to get a good solid aim at MacIntosh, who was standing in the door and swinging his own gun up. The third man was having trouble; he was sitting in such a way his gun was hanging in the clip and he was dragging gun and holster and all out from under his coat.
  • It was not a very long time, before he had adjusted the first two pegs in their proper places; and, then letting himself off the ladder, and placing both his feet upon the first cross-piece, in a way that they balanced one another and kept the stick in a horizontal position--he proceeded to attach the third about the height of his chin.
  • The third bandit had managed to stay unnoticed as he circled to the other side of the wagon. No one, including Caelia, saw him uncoil his rope until he threw a loop over the girl from behind. He jerked the rope and pulled Caelia over the side of the wagon. She hit the ground hard enough to stun her and she was only vaguely aware of being pulled up and thrown face down across the horse. Voices calling "Stop! Stop!" and "Caelia!" diminished behind her as the horse ran.
  • In the third bay from the west is a doorway with a two-centred, chamfered arch of two orders.
  • He doubted very much, in view of the semitropic character of some of the foliage, whether even in January the temperature would now go below freezing; but in any event he foresaw that there would be no fruits available, and he objected to a winter on flesh foods. In preparation for the trip he had built a little "smoke-house" near the beach, and here he smoked considerable quantities of meat--deer-meat, beef from a wild steer which he was so fortunate as to shoot during the third week of their stay at the bungalow, and a good score of hams from the wild pigs which rooted now and then among the beech growth half a mile downstream.
  • He spent the afternoon in scouting through the entire neighborhood from Sixth Avenue as far east as third and from Twenty-Seventh Street down through Union Square.
  • Here upon taking a seat he came out again in despair. Even with the aid of the glass he found he could not get a glimpse of a third of the house, and feeling that at all costs he must get into the stalls in as central a position as possible, he descended again to the box-office, and secured a stall nearly in the centre of the third row.
  • Day followed day, and one day was like another. Saturday came, and Paul received his wages. He paid his first weekly bill at his boarding-house by aid of the remnant of the sovereign left for pocket-money. Next week saw him in debt. The third week saw him dinnerless. He knew the mistake his father had made, but it did not occur to him to take any active steps to remedy it Any lad of his years with a farthing's-worth of business faculty would have written home to explain his case, and would have gone into cheaper lodgings. Paul chose to do nothing, but to wander hungrily and vacantly through the city in the dinner-hour. He found no more varnish for the work of art, and his working comrade was less amiable than he had been. The week's end found him a little further in debt, in spite of abstention. His landlady, who thought he had been impertinent in that unconscious matter of the aspirate, was not disposed to be friendly.
  • "You look nice, by the way," Jayce said, sweeping his gaze over Aradia from head to toe for probably the third or fourth time.
  • In the generation following the Black Death, with a third of the population dead, amidst all the horror, grief and stinking bodies, order and morals were shaken to the ground. Throughout Europe the next generation struggled on, probably far better than we would today. It was in these times Langland took the fabric of his own experience to make a hero fit to set beside Christ himself, and the knowledge of it was set before Edward in those days at Knowsley. The "Vision of Piers Ploughman" is still in print and you can read it for yourself, in modern translation if you like. Even after six hundred years it still has the power to inspire. What a pity it came to Edward as mere schoolwork.
  • And finally, francine stock narrates a documentary chronicling the story of the third program.
  • Pete didn't acknowledge the remark, or the slap, and walked to the middle of the 2-3 zone. Confidence had turned to confusion in the minds of the Port Lincoln players. The young team had been instructed told to go at Pete to foul him out of the game, but were thrown off the scent by his torrid second half start. Coach Johnson had been confident that his helping man-to-man defense had solved the riddle of Pete Berman. By the end of the third quarter West Valley had taken a six-point lead on the strength of Pete's 14 point, six rebound and four assist outbreak.
  • By the time the super-quads dropped like a blanket over the air base, another hundred Mongols had already flown to the city, and Billy was shooting it out with a dozen Mongols outside the third barrack. When he saw the shadow above, Billy dove into the fifth barrack to avoid the furious blasts about to rain down. To the astonishment of the furious Mongols, Billy locked the door behind him.
  • Here he turned to the assembly and continued: "God has given me this power, but do you take fear out of your hearts. My spirit pierces the earth and tells you: Your enemies lie, there are no powder dragons under the church. You, people of timid hearts, you in whom fear has stifled faith, deserve not to enter the kingdom of grace and repose to-day. There is no powder under your feet then! God wishes to preserve this retreat, so that, like Noah's ark, it may be borne above the deluge of disasters and mishap; therefore, in the name of God, for the third time I tell you, there is no powder under the church. And when I speak in His name, who will make bold to oppose me, who will dare still to doubt?"
  • She had trekked perhaps three hundred yards when she stopped. There was an opening in the scrub, a long patch of cracked earth and thena street!—her streetEdgemont Street! She stood there for a long time, transfixed by the total weirdness of it all, absentmindedly pulling at the low vegetation brushing her left hand, yanking pungent buds off it, staining her palm green. She didnt notice. She stepped onto the hot black asphalt and stooped, running her hand over its rough surface. It feels real enough, she thought. She stood and started walking cautiously towards her house, watching it draw closer and closer. And there: there was the stop sign at the corner of Edgemont and third Street! But third Street wasnt here! … And there, exactly where it would be back on Earth, was the sidewalk that ran in front of her home, the same one shed draw chalk pictures on as a little girl, the same one shed walk her black lab Sara on in the early evenings!
  • When it was the third Night, And the King had had his will of the Wazir's daughter, Dunyazad, her sister, said to her, Finish for us that tale of shine;"" and she replied, ""With joy and goodly gree! It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that when the third old man told a tale to the Jinni more wondrous than the two preceding, the Jinni mar veiled with exceeding marvel, and, shaking with delight, cried, Lo! I have given thee the remainder of the merchant's punishment and for thy sake have I released him."" Thereupon the merchant embraced the old men and thanked them, and these Shaykhs wished him joy on being saved and fared forth each one for his own city. Yet this tale is not more wondrous than the fisherman's story."
  • I watched a third tier smoked out, and a fourth. A few of the Folk escaped up the cliff, but most of them were shot off the face of it as they strove to climb. I remember Long-Lip. He got as far as my ledge, crying piteously, an arrow clear through his chest, the feathered shaft sticking out behind, the bone head sticking out before, shot through the back as he climbed. He sank down on my ledge bleeding profusely at the mouth.
  • A tiny vial rolled away upon the carpet. Jimmie Dale picked it up. A drop or two of liquid still remained in it--colourless, clear, like that liquid this same man had dropped into the rabbit's mouth the night before, like the liquid in the glasses they had carried into that third room, like the liquid that his man had said was from a formula of their own, that was instantaneous in its action, that defied detection by autopsy!
  • Twice already had he carried unavailingly my request that Roxalanne should accord me an interview ere I departed. On this the third occasion I had bidden him say that I would not stir from Lavedan until she had done me the honour of hearing me. Seemingly that threat had prevailed where entreaties had been scorned.
  • It sure does look like gold,"" agreed Thure. ""It looks and feels just like the nuggets dad sent home, only larger. Oh, if we only could find the cave where it came from! Let me see, he said that it was in the Golden Elbow of Crooked Arm Gulch, in Lot's Canyon, near a white pillar of rock and a big tree that we must climb to the third limb--a mighty queer place I call that to find a cave! I reckon he must have been lunaticy,"" and Thure turned a disappointed face to Bud."
  • He stood on the balcony of the third floor of his fortress, a luxury one at that. The wind blew through the open door, sending the black curtains into a frenzy that caused them to flap about like a fish out of water. His hands rested on the metal railings of the balcony, squeezing them tight, but the railings resisted for a while. White hair flew up and around, like strands of the finest silk, as the wind nested in it, before flying away into the room beyond, rattling the handles of his wardrobe. He shook the hair out of his bright blue eyes and continued staring out at the armies amassing in the courtyard below. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Gardor were lined up, single file, in twenty equal length lines that stretched from one end of the courtyard to the other. The hems of his robes draped and dragged along the floor as he moved away from the railings and back into his room. A faint humming could be heard from outside. He turned to the balcony once more to see a ship touch down, just miles away. He smiled.
  • I have a third nipple on the right hand side just under my rib cage!
  • A narrow opening is made in the fence and half a dozen Kafirs enter. An ox is turned out. No sooner is the poor beast clear of the fence than it is suddenly seen to plunge and fall forward in a heap, stabbed to the heart by a broad-bladed assegai. The slaughterer steps back to his lurking position and stands with arm upraised. Quickly another ox follows upon the first. The weapon, now dimmed and reddened with blood, flashes in the air. The second animal plunges forward dead. A third follows, with like result.
  • Affiliate marketing is the process of using third parties to sell your products.
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