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Okunuşu: / θəːd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: third
Türü: sıfat, isim, zarf


s. üçüncü;

i. üçte bir;
müz. üçlü;
, huk. dul kadına kocasından kalan üçte bir miras, mak. üçüncü vites;

z. üçüncü olarak.

third için örnek cümleler:

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  • "It doesnt seem physically possible, does it?" Reverend Doughty noted. "I can see the third wall, the first wall, the mountains and the Chateau itself. But these estates," and he paused. "There must be a mansion for every family here."
  • Two of these sites are fluctuating meres while the third is a man-made pond.
  • Before the year had ended, the perjured King of Prussia had marched his myrmidons into South Germany, trampling out the revived flame of Badish and Bavarian revolution; the ruffian soldiers of the third Napoleon had forced back upon the Roman people their detested hierarch; while a grand Cossack army of two hundred thousand men was advancing iron-heeled over the plain of the Puszta to tread out the last spark of liberty in the East.
  • Zhanna! Forgive me, Zhanna! Two-thousand. A third of a step here, then straight five paces, then careful, live wire, trapeze balance, flare skip...
  • Indemnifys will be indemnified against any third party claim for damages where legal liability can be established.
  • Without waiting to make answer George handed Waggie to Jenks, jumped from the tender to the ashy road-bed, and started towards the nearest telegraph pole, only a few feet away from the engine. It was a far more difficult task to coax one's way up a smooth pole than up the rough bark of a tree, as George soon learned. Twice he managed to clamber half way up the pole, and twice he slid ignominiously to the ground. But he was determined to succeed, and none the less so because the men in the baggage car were looking on as intently as if they were at the circus. Upon making the third attempt he conquered, and reached the top of the pole amid the cheering of the spectators.
  • Just a click ahead, one of his companies jumped a larger group of enemies, judging by the fireballs illuminating the night sky. His two companies banked sharply left to attack from the rear. He noticed a third company rushing to follow him, so he slowed down so it could catch up.
  • But the LDPs anachronistic ways will be set against a fast-changing global backdrop. Fiscal and monetary easing are Band-Aids that treat the symptoms of Japans slump, now in its third decade, not the causes. Deregulating industry, reducing trade barriers and encouraging innovation outside of a handful of corporate champions would do more to fuel growth than building new roads or ordering the Bank of Japan to print yen.
  • The Professor noticed that the area was divided into three main sections. He could see an office section complete with open area workspaces and a few closed offices, a main lab area that took up the majority of the space, and a third area consisting of sealed experiment bays.
  • "All the same, one is afraid! Oh, you clever people," said a third manly voice interrupting them both. "Of course you artillery men are very wise, because you can take everything along with you--vodka and snacks."
  • The game was decided in the third quarter as bristol finally got out of second gear and began to start playing some good polo.
  • Pouring some tap water into the cup, and filling it about one third full, he began to stir it round and round with a thermometer. The mercury in the tube quickly dropped, until it read 50-, showing the temperature of the water.
  • Captain Bergen and Mate Storms did their utmost to undo the wrong act of their sailors, but at the end of the third day they held an anxious consultation as to what was the right course left to pursue. They had given up hope of meeting the Polynesia except by chasing her all the way to Japan, they having learned that Tokio was her destination.
  • "Sweezy's liaison then went on to argue that the real case for her being awarded tenure was her outstanding service record. She then started to list Ann's accomplishments in this realm. And here is the strange part: when she mentioned that Sweezy was now serving in her third year on the Sexual Assault Complaint Review Committee, Gibson blew up.
  • STMicroelectronics reported total operating expenses of $1.5 billion for the third quarter and $943 million for the second quarter.
  • He took her out for dinner the night after that talk and they made out on his sofa. But she wouldnt sleep with him at his house, preferring her own place. Why shouldnt she date? It was over with Jody, he had walked out on her and their kids. On Nathan and Erika; Summer still sometimes called Nat Nathan then. Nathan and Erika were with Autumn two days later when Summer first slept with Dan Bailey. The moment Jody barged in was their third time.
  • David warmed up the car for five minutes and then drove down the block and past a gas station, "Look, its like a third of the price!" he said to Bruce.
  • Clawbonny, Grace, Lucy, and Mr. Hardinge, often rose before my mind's eye, in those distant seas. It was seldom I passed a tranquil watch at night, without revisiting the scenes of my boyhood, and wandering through my own fields, accompanied by my beloved sister, and her quite as well beloved friend. How many hours of happiness had I thus passed on the trackless wastes of the Pacific and the Atlantic; and with how much fidelity did memory recall the peculiar graces, whether of body or mind, of each of the dear girls in particular! Since my recent experience in London, Emily Merton would occasionally adorn the picture, with her more cultivated discourse and more finished manner; and yet I do not remember to have ever given her more than a third place on the scale of my admiration.
  • Ryson glanced over his shoulder for the third time in a span of but twenty paces. He said nothing to the others, but he noticed Holli making similar checks. They had left the loose sand and the dry wind behind them, but he doubted it was the fading sight of the desert which called to her.
  • Denudethis has not prevented the government from denuding third world countries of skilled health workers.
  • From Hooligans vantage point down the third baseline, he witnessed a wild pitch that got past. He smelled blood in the water and instinctively reacted. Hooligan took off for home plate. The crowd cheered.
  • She did not give it so much as that he drew it from behind her. It was tightly clenched. Holding it in his own, he drew her to a chair at last. She seemed to have no more strength to resist. Then, sitting down before her, he gently unclenched one finger after another until what she had hidden there lay sparkling in the night. Almost as if it had been something evil, he shook it from her palm into her lap, and taking her hand to his lips, kissed it, then placed upon the third finger a ring.
  • The youngest one was a tall woman with French-braided black hair, dressed in denim overalls. She paused to say something to the sitting man, but there was a tilted curve to her lips that hinted at her amusement. The next one was older, with more gray in her hair than black, attired in semi-professional clothing as if she were on her way to work or on her way home. The third was a little younger than the second, with the same kind of gray-streaked black hair. Dressed in shabby jeans and a black and gold jersey, she appeared as though she had stepped out of doing some kind of manual labor. She also held a brown bag in her hand.
  • "I am surprised that you, of all people, are keeping a Garner around, especially one as rowdy and disrespectful as you described." the third woman spoke up.
  • With an axe in his hand, and with merciless wrath in his heart, Jim Grimm descended upon the dogs. He stretched the uppermost dead. A second blow broke the back of a wolf. The third sent a dog yelping to the outhouse with a useless hind leg. The remaining dogs decamped. Their howls expressed pain in a degree to delight Jim Grimm and to inspire him with deadly strength and purpose. Tog and the surviving wolf fled.
  • I have a third nipple on the right hand side just under my rib cage!
  • Another rocket and a third pierced the night and the response came, in a rising glow of light from the beach. "The life-savers are at hand," observed the professor below. "Make haste, daughter. If we are----"
  • Looking doubly red and uncomfortable, with these two grave-looking second classmen present, Flint bent down, attempting to stand on his head in the bowl of water, while he tried, at the same time to push his feet up the wall, thus standing on his head. Twice Flint essayed the feat and failed, splashing a good deal of water over the floor. Then, for the third time, Flint tried the performance. This time he succeeded, but his two previous failures had provoked such a storm of laughter that no man present heard a cautious rap on the door. The next instant that door was flung open and Lieutenant Preston stepped into the room.
  • As with human friendships, the interactions among second-order super-alliances could not be explained by reciprocity. For example, a group of dolphins the researchers called PD prevailed over another group called KS in two separate occurrences. A social exchange-based theory of dolphin friendship would predict that PD and KS never cooperate. But that's exactly what the researchers saw when a third coalition, WC, attacked KS. To their amazement, PD swam into the fray to help their one-time nemesis defeat WC.
  • Cautiously she crept out into the moonlight. A low exclamation escaped her lips as her hand closed upon the glistening object. As she examined it closely, she found it to be three teeth, apparently elk teeth. They were held together with a plain leather thong, but set in the center of each was a ring of blue jade and in the center of each of two of the rings was a large pearl. The center of the third was beyond doubt a crudely cut diamond of about two carats weight. Lucile turned it over and over in her palm.
  • From where she crouched, she could see two boats cruising back and forth in front of the island. One, inside the reef, was a fast zodiac bearing three men. She could see that two of them were holding guns while the third piloted the boat. There seemed to be an argument going on, she could hear them shouting and see their adamant gestures. Apparently, they had been waiting for a diver who, as she watched, emerged from the water next to the boat. Katharines heart pounded when she realized that he was handing her camera to the men in the boat.
  • "Once upon a time, when we were paying a visit to my blessed grandmamma, I saw a ghost in this wise: The dear old lady was ill with a cold and kept her room, leaving us to mope, for it was very dull in the great lonely house. Blanche and I were both homesick, but didn't like to leave till she was better, so we ransacked the library and solaced ourselves with all manner of queer books. One day I found Grandmamma very low and nervous, and evidently with something on her mind. She would say nothing, but the next day was worse, and I insisted on knowing the cause, for the trouble was evidently mental. Charging me to keep it from Blanche, who was, and is, a sad coward, she told me that a spirit had appeared to her two successive nights. 'If it comes a third time, I shall prepare to die,' said the foolish old lady.
  • Alas! had they only known which way to proceed,--what direction would lead them to their home and friends, it would have been well with them. But they had pursued so many different directions they had become bewildered, and all courses seemed to them alike. The next and the next day passed over and found them undecided whether it was best to cross over the prairie or not; but the third day they concluded to do so, and refreshed and invigorated they set out. Two days of their journey they found occasional supplies of water, and on the third towards noon they came to its boundary. The forest skirting the border of the prairie was a clump of stunted trees, and there was very little grass or shrubs growing around. Everything looked forlorn and desolate about them, offering but scanty subsistence for themselves or beasts.
  • The Senate has 100 members with each state having two senators, elected at-large to six-year terms; one third of Senate seats are up for election every other year. The president serves a four-year term and may be elected to the office no more than twice. The president is not elected by direct vote, but by an indirect electoral college system in which the determining votes are apportioned to the states and the District of Columbia. The Supreme Court, led by the Chief Justice of the United States, has nine members, who serve for life.
  • The young hunter rose to his feet, and ran forward. He did not, according to usual custom, stop to load before approaching his quarry. The plain was perfectly level, and he saw no other animal upon it. What was his surprise on reaching the antelopes, to perceive that there was a third one of the party still alive!
  • "Get down, get down, your position is not good," a rebel commander can be heard saying on an unverified YouTube video posted by fighters of the Tawheed Brigade opposing President Bashar al-Assad. "Spread out in twos and threes," the voice says. The sound of gunfire is heard. The next film purports to show the control room of the 630-megawatt Tishrin Dam following the assault, while a third displays captured military hardware including assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.
  • Annulment of the order on the grounds of payment in full using third party funds.
  • The fact was, these two gentlemen had been very near exchanging pistol shots, or sword thrusts, only a week or two before; and all about the unconscious gentleman who was smiling in his usual pleasant fashion over the back of Sturk's chair. So Dangerfield's little dyspepsy had like to have cured one or other of the village leeches, for ever and a day, of the heart-ache and all other aches that flesh is heir to. For Dangerfield commenced with Toole: and that physician, on the third day of his instalment, found that Sturk had stept in and taken his patient bodily out of his hands.
  • My father, a trader, traveled often, looking for the chance exotic or rare item. People of means often sought him out, interested in what he turned up. The day came when he brought back a wand, a fine wand as all could see, but no one was allowed to touch that piece of holly. He gave it to me on my third birthday and I learned it uses quickly. A given wand to the hands of a child meant great things to come. It seemed to be the looking for, more than the finding, that special thing to bring back that pleased my father. He had always been happy to part with his latest discovery so he could be off after the next.
  • Jim Corrigan turns left out of Alexandra Avenue. He changes down and leans into the bend, and the Norton roars as he accelerates and heads south up the Punt Road hill. This is his third day in Melbourne, and the weather is cool and cloudy and threatening to rain.
  • At least she has flown, went on Calhoun. "But why? What made her go? 'Tis all over now, unless, unlessunless" he added to himself a third time.
  • The first thing Paddington saw in the interview room was the pile of clothes stacked on the otherwise-empty table. The second thing Paddington saw were the two empty chairs, one on either side of the table. The third thing Paddington saw was Lisa, huddled in the corner of the room, arms wrapped around her knees, naked.
  • "Aye. 'Here's a black passage to Captain Penfeather--curse him!" says a voice. 'Aye,' says another, 'by knife or bullet or--' and here he falls to singing of a knife and a bullet and a hook. 'Avast!' says a third voice. 'Belay that, Abny, you'll be having all the lubbers about the place aboard of us!' 'Why,' says the man Abny, 'since you're wi' us well and good, but don't forget we was hard in his wake, aye, and ready to lay him aboard long before you hove in sight and damn all, says I.' 'Some day, Abny, some day,' says the other, "I shall cut out that tongue o' yourn and watch ye eat it, lad, eat it--hist, here cometh Gregory at last--easy all.' Now the moon was very bright, master, and looking out o' my hay-pile as the door opened I spied this rogue Gregory--"
  • Jeffs dad, Benjamin, worked as hard as any human being could. He had finished law school at night in three years, and then proceeded to take the New York State Bar Exam with all of the hope of a kid in a candy shop. His first attempt ended painfully in failure. His next try came up short, but the third time was truly the charm. His success sparked a tremendous celebration between the Feldmans and the Greenbergs. I remember going out for a great dinner, then going to Jones Beach until it was dark. For my family, it was a way to show our support for a happy, hard-working friend. For the Greenbergs it was their one-way ticket out of mediocrity. Although they attained success, they were a humble family and would remain that way for decades.
  • "Thrice will the trumpets blow. At the third blast of the trumpets the knights shall charge and meet in the centre of the bridge. Thenceforward they may fight as it pleases them, ahorse, or afoot, with lance, with sword, or with dagger, but to the vanquished no mercy will be shown. If he be brought living from the bridge, living he shall be cast into the gulf.
  • A third voice spoke up convincingly, "Thats Miss Liberty. Shes there to welcome us!" he accentuated the final word.
  • At that moment, the nine o'clock bells were ringing in two wooden steeples in the village of Crofield; but the bell of the third steeple was silent, down among the splinters of what had been the pulpit of its own meeting-house. The village was very still, but there was something peculiar in the quiet in the Ogden homestead. Even the children went about as if they missed something or were listening for somebody they expected.
  • In vain Lord Hastings signalled the third boat to stop. It came on, paying no heed; and what Lord Hastings feared came to pass. Just as the first boat grounded and its occupants leaped ashore, the third craft passed between the first and the pursuers. Although all held revolvers ready, there was no chance to fire; and when the pursuers reached shore their quarry were some distance away.
  • "Hank? Hank!?" Wait that wasn't the man's name. What was it again? Harry? Horse? Ham? Yes that was it, Ham. "Ham! What's going on?" Dr. Shu continued through the sitting room towards the front of the apartment. "Ham! Answer me! What was that noise? You in heat or something? You find a nice girl bear to mate with?" Girl bear. That was funny. Yep. third one was definitely one too many. "Ham! Ha-"
  • Sespian pushed past him to the window. Footprints trampled the snow below. Even from the third floor, the spots of blood were visible. But the courtyard was empty, Amaranthe nowhere to be seen. The front gate was locked, the guards in place. She had not fled that way.
  • The third and most incomprehensible thing is that people studying history deliberately avoid seeing that this flank march cannot be attributed to any one man, that no one ever foresaw it, and that in reality, like the retreat from Fili, it did not suggest itself to anyone in its entirety, but resulted--moment by moment, step by step, event by event--from an endless number of most diverse circumstances and was only seen in its entirety when it had been accomplished and belonged to the past.
  • "Prior to entering the study, these couples in the prospective phase were only using condoms about a third of the time. At the end of the study, more than a quarter of them were still not using condoms consistentlyagain, despite all the propaganda they were getting in our education classes."
  • "He won. He beat us at our own game. He's been thinking of this ever since he killed the third Millennial. He wont back down, even if we threaten to leave him. Besides, he needs us. I need to ensure his personal security and you need to keep track of the numbers so he can concentrate on fighting."
  • The six English officers made it a practice, so far as they could, to dine together; and during the third week of the siege the conversation happened one evening to take a particular turn.
  • The third case involved a soldier who killed an iraqi detainee in september 2003.
  • Bender looked sick and weary as Carson seized a bat and rushed out to the plate. The pitcher delivered an easy one, which Berlin drove into left field. Roach took the ball on the run, and this made the third out.
  • There were three operating tables in the tent. Two were occupied, and on the third they placed Prince Andrew. For a little while he was left alone and involuntarily witnessed what was taking place on the other two tables. On the nearest one sat a Tartar, probably a Cossack, judging by the uniform thrown down beside him. Four soldiers were holding him, and a spectacled doctor was cutting into his muscular brown back.
  • By James, said Kettle savagely, after the third attempt, "are they all farmers on that ship? I've had a nigger steward that knew more about handling a vessel."
  • "Oh! wonderful. A gigantic, circular wall built by heaven knows who, then half-way up the hill another wall, and near the top a third wall which, I understood, surrounded a sort of holy of holies, and above everything, on the brink of the precipice, a great cone of granite."
  • In the uk, respiratory conditions are the third commonest cause of chronic sickness in working people aged 45 - 64 years.
  • That's thrue, sor, put in Corporal Macan, who had lately regained his stripes after a long spell of good behaviour that atoned for his debauch at the Cape which lost him his rank; the Irishman now being engaged in serving the bow gun of the gunboat with the utmost deliberation, taking steady aim with each shot which he pitched into the cavalier of the nearest battery and knocking the gun into "smithereens" at his third attempt, though, for every weapon of the enemy which we silenced they seemed to bring a hundred others to bear on us. "Jist kape hopping about an' faith ye'll niver be hit, sure. Och, murther, what's that now?"
  • For three days more they floated down the river, but on the third evening both boys noticed signs of uneasiness among the pigmies. In the morning, before the start, Mbopo approached Critch.
  • Abe lost a little time in turning to throw toward second. This lost time enabled Brooks to reach the sack safely, while Hollis landed on third.
  • And collecting that very day the remnant of Butzov's defeated troops and his own, he marched, but not to Prussia, only to Rossyeni, against the Billeviches, who were encamped in the forests of Girlakol. They did not expect an attack, for news of the intended withdrawal of the troops from Taurogi had been repeated in the neighborhood for several days. The starosta struck them while off their guard, cut them to pieces, and trampled them. The sword-bearer himself, under whose leadership the party was, escaped from the defeat; but two Billeviches of another line fell, and with them a third part of the soldiers; the rest fled to the four points of the world. The starosta brought a number of tens of prisoners to Taurogi, and gave orders to slay every one, before Anusia could intercede in their defence.
  • Unprincipled means: third section was corrupted by imposing michael supporters on lists, against the wishes of constituencies.
  • Again in the third and in the fourth round Jack seemed to be getting the worst of it. In the fifth he braced and sent in as good as he received. In the sixth he almost floored Harris with a straight right to the side of the jaw; and in the seventh Harris was kept on the defensive.
  • Good. Now back to work. We're still running behind in our order fulfillment. I'm thinking about a third shift in the factory.
  • All stood silent, and a soft, pleasant velvety voice began to sing. At the end of the third verse as the last note died away, twenty voices roared out at once: "Oo-oo-oo-oo! That's it. All together! Heave away, boys!..." but despite their united efforts the wattle hardly moved, and in the silence that followed the heavy breathing of the men was audible.
  • The little fellow who arrived last night in a post-chaise with his sister, and who asked for an apartment with two beds. The bell here rang for the third time, with another shriek of anguish.
  • The Grey Lady? My dear, she's gone. Always used to walk the back stairs on third Fridays, and one night the servants left the lights on. She gave notice the next day. Wanted a change, I think. You see, she'd been in one place nearly two hundred years. Besides, the stairs were bad.
  • The third area concerns examples of the design and development of several medical devices and implants using polymer composites.
  • Hydrogen cyanide hydrogen cyanide is the third constituent of nicotine thought to impair wound healing in cigarette smokers.
  • "Nevertheless, there was one chance remaining that you might both be drowned; and one chance that you might be recaptured before you could tell any one what you had seen. And there was a third chance that, if you should be recaptured, you might be persuaded to promise never to reveal what little of our secrets you already know. In that case, your lives might be spared, although not mine.
  • Ah!’ he says, moving round and facing the kettle. He side-shuffles to a cupboard, opens it and takes down two cups. He sneaks a third cup out of someone elses cupboard.
  • Here is where Gleason's part of the story begins. The bear attacked a band of sheep one afternoon, killed four and stampeded the Mexican herder, who ran down the mountain to the camp of the Harris boys, good hunters who had been engaged by the majordomo to do up Old Pinto. Two of the Harris boys and another man went up to the scene of the raid, carrying their rifles, blankets and some boards with which to construct a platform. They selected a pine tree and built a platform across the lower limbs about twenty feet from the ground. When the platform was nearly completed, two of the men left the tree and went to where they had dropped their blankets and guns, about a hundred yards away. One picked up the blankets and the other took the three rifles and started back toward the tree, where the third man was still tinkering the platform.
  • You've got a horse power engine and planes hard to beat. There are self-priming oil pumps, an auxiliary exhaust, and the machine follows the lines of the lowest gasoline consumption. Remember the triple axis conditions, Dashaway. One controls the fore and aft axis, producing tipping. The second is the vertical axis, producing turning. The third is the lateral axis, producing rising and falling.
  • [Illustration: third camp in the Grand Basin--17,000 feet, showing the shattering of the glacier walls by the earthquake.
  • And in the end of that ardent interview Jim Galloway's caution was still with him, his knowledge of the girl's nature clear in his mind. He did not ask her answer; he merely sought a third opportunity to speak with her, suggesting that upon the next night she slip out and meet him. He would have a horse for her, one for himself; they could ride for a half-hour. He had so much to tell her.
  • During the rest of the day preparations were actively carried on for the night's work. The fifty marines and a hundred bluejackets were to take part in the landing expedition; the ammunition to be carried was ranged along the deck, and the men told off for the various work there was to be done, some being allotted to carry stretchers and surgical requirements for the wounded. The first lieutenant was to command the party, having with him the third lieutenant, the master's mate, and the two senior midshipmen; besides, of course, the marine officers. Dr. Horsley was also to accompany them. Some cartridges were made up with powder and musket bullets for two of the brass guns captured, in order that, if the Malays succeeded in landing, they might meet with a hot reception. It was decided that no carriages should be taken for them, but that they should be simply laid on the sandbags.
  • We walked to class and sat in the back. I was high as a kite when professor Blumstein walked in and threw the Beatles Anthology DVD on the screen. We were onto the third disc. There were five in the set. This was the one with Revolver and Sgt. Pepper - it was the good shit. Being stoned made it that much better. I looked over at Julia. Her eyes were half open and red as the back of the Sgt. Pepper's album sleeve. We shouldn't have smoked so much. I was starting to get a bit anxious. I prayed to God that the professor didn't call on me for anything. She didn't. We just watched the video.
  • Again, Shylock was completely baffled and finally guessed, wrongly. The note explained that apparently an allegro is played faster than an allegretto, but slower than a presto. This explanation resulted in a raised stamp-corner and more tutting from the note, followed by the third and final question which Shylock also failed.
  • The S&P 500, the benchmark for U.S. equities, rose 0.2 percent yesterday to 1,494.81 in New York, while the yield on the 10-year Treasury note fell 0.02 percentage point to 1.82 percent. The yield has increased from 1.72 percent on Sept. 13, the day the Fed announced its third round of quantitative easing, while stocks have climbed 4.8 percent this year.
  • The Scoville Memorial Libraries collection began in 1771, when Richard Smith, owner of a local blast furnace, used community contributions to buy 200 books in London. Patrons could borrow and return books on the third Monday of every third month. Fees were collected for damages, the most common being "greasing" by wax dripped from the candles by which the patrons read.
  • But Camden made the mistake of splitting her coachers, putting one at third and one at first, and the men did not "open up" in a way to get the Rockland pitcher on the string.
  • Thank heavens, then, for Fatoş, not a woman who expects to have a potential customer say no to her! I wouldnt go so far as to claim that she actually said "open wide" to me, but thats certainly what it felt like as I struggled to chew my way through one sample with a second balanced on a paper napkin in my hand, while she stood in front of me with a spoon held up at mouth level, willing me to swallow and move on to a third tasty tidbit.
  • Rod thereupon laughed, accepted the rude drinking cup from the joker, filled it from the dripping bucket, and offered it to the third member of the group.
  • We crossed two cols (elev. 1,550 ft.) with a beautiful plain between. Then we descended into a third lovely valley on the north side of the outer wall of the crater. The grazing was perfect for the animals. Clusters of vigorous, healthy burity palms stood in great numbers in the centre and at the sides of the valley. This great valley was bounded by two ridges extending in a northerly direction--two spurs, as it were. The rounded, channelled outer sides of the crater to the north would tend to strengthen the theory that those slopes were formerly a gradual continuation of the present inclined valley. On those slopes of the mountain hardly any vegetation could be noticed, perhaps owing to the fact that hard volcanic rock existed under the thin surface padding of yellowish earth.
  • Here the expedition was divided. The first and third divisions were to cross the river and proceed southwesterly, by way of the Raton Mountains and Fort Union, to Santa F; while Mr. Hobart was to take the second still farther up the Arkansas Valley, and almost due west to the famous Sangre de Cristo Pass through the mountains, just north of the Spanish Peaks. For two weeks longer they worked their way slowly but steadily across the burning Plains, towards the mountains that almost seemed to recede from them as they advanced; though each day disclosed new peaks, while those already familiar loomed up higher and grander with every mile.
  • Zhu pulled the PDA out of his pocket as it vibrated. He looked at the screen and saw the alert for an incoming call. The number that flashed on the screen was one that was not familiar to Zhu, and it said only Private Call on the screen. Zhu let it run to voice mail. The caller called back again but left no message. Finally Zhu left his meeting on the third attempt and took the call in the corridor.
  • A third step was similarly established; then a fourth and fifth, and so on, till the pegs and cordage carried up with him gave out, when he came back to the ground to provide himself with a second supply. Obtaining this, he once more ascended, and continued to carry aloft his singular "shrouds."
  • "The third on the right is his," said the inspector. "Here it is!" He quietly shot back a panel in the upper part of the door and glanced through.
  • A short time ago the Daily Independent in an editorial strongly criticized the methods or rather routes used in the past in making world tours for a time record, stating that such journeys had all been made unfairly, in that the routes adopted were about a third less than the actual circumference of the globe, and that in our opinion the only legitimate around-the-world record could be made by following approximately the equatorial line.
  • Mr. Darkness had taken a few unsuspecting drunks for a leisurely stroll in the alley for a little puncture and drink, and was focusing on a third pigeon when he was impeded by an unfamiliar face.
  • I'm thinking of becoming your manager and introducing you to the hide and seek world tour. You're amazing. That's the third time you've crept up on me without the slightest sound. Brick strayed off topic once more.
  • She should be twisting away. You're not supposed to go to third until you're going steady. Nice girls don't go to second until they're on a second or a third date, maybe. This isn't a date. This is a make-out session. Men keep going until women say no. Where's CC's "no"? She keeps hugging and pressing and kissing and breathing fast, and that's what you're doing, except for the pressure in your jeans, so intense it hurts, but it's a hurt you don't want to stop.
  • We would recommend leaving the grass clippings on the lawn every third mow.
  • The entire second day passes without violence. They stop once at midday, but none of them speaks much. The sun descends, and again they stop to sleep. The morning of the third day heralds ill omen. It is cold. The clouds gather but there is no rain. Not bird nor beast is seen or heard. Morion wakes groggily. Only Mikha'el is there, sitting, watching over her.
  • As we were driving, he wasnt talking, and I couldnt think of anything to say. Five minutes went by and neither of us spoke. I had considered sliding across the bench seat to sit closer to him, but I didnt get up the nerve to move. How could someone be so attracted to another person and not have the courage to do anything about it? Im not sure how much time passed, but it was the third song I had heard on the radio, so I guessed close to ten minutes when I finally said, "So what are we doing next?"
  • And still the giant Cossack, with herculean strength and unbelievable prowess, was fighting his assailants. A sword had pierced him through the left hand, another had scratched his cheek and a third had struck him in the right shoulder. But still, unmindful of these wounds, he fought on with the same determination and courage as before.
  • As if by instinct the deer looked up just as the order to fire was given. They were fairly close to hand and afforded good targets for the hunters. The firearms rang out almost simultaneously, and two of the deer leaped into the air, to fall back dead. The others started to run, some jumping from the top of the cliff to the rocks far below. Again the weapons were discharged, and this time a third deer fell. The fourth was badly wounded and toppled down in a split of the cliff.
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