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Okunuşu: / θəːd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: third
Türü: sıfat, isim, zarf


s. üçüncü;

i. üçte bir;
müz. üçlü;
, huk. dul kadına kocasından kalan üçte bir miras, mak. üçüncü vites;

z. üçüncü olarak.

third için örnek cümleler:

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  • When the portress heard the third song she cried aloud; and, laying hands on her garments, rent them down to the very skirt and fell to the ground fainting a third time, again showing the scars of the scourge. Then said the three Kalandars, "Would Heaven we had never entered this house, but had rather righted on the mounds and heaps outside the city! for verily our visit hath been troubled by sights which cut to the heart." The Caliph turned to them and asked, "Why so?" and they made answer, "Our minds are sore troubled by this matter." Quoth the Caliph, "Are ye not of the household?" and quoth they, "No; nor indeed did we ever set eyes on the place till within this hour." Hereat the Caliph marvelled and rejoined, "This man who sitteth by you, would he not know the secret of the matter?" and so saying he winked and made signs at the Porter.
  • Blood scanned the French ships, and chuckled. The Victorieuse and the Medusa appeared to have taken no more than a few scars; but the third ship, the Baleine, listing heavily to larboard so as to keep the great gash in her starboard well above water, was out of account.
  • Sir, replies the sultaness, the third old man told his story to the genie; I cannot tell it you, because it is not come to my knowledge, but I know that it did so much exceed the two former stories in the variety of wonderful adventures that the genie was astonished at it; and no sooner heard the end of it, but he said to the third old man, I remit the other third part of the merchant's crime upon the account of your story. He is very much obliged to all three of you, for having delivered him out of this danger by your stories; without which he had not now been in the world. And, having spoken thus, he disappeared to the great contentment of the company.
  • Syr richard died as it is said, the second or third day aboard the generall, and was by them greatly bewailed.
  • Although a good third of his flesh had wasted away, Rayburn would have been a heavy load for us to carry over level ground, even had we been hale and strong. Worn as we then were by our prison-life, we found carrying him up that long steep path in the heart of the mountain a weary work that only the hope and joy that strengthened us enabled us to accomplish. As it was, we went so slowly, and made so many halts for rest, that the sun had sunk almost to the level of the distant mountains, wherewith that great plain was bordered to the westward, when at last our toilsome journey was at an end. But we thought nothing of the heaviness of our labor as we saw the glad look that came into his face when he gazed out over that broad expanse of sunlit landscape, and snuffed eagerly the sweet fresh air, and so felt his soul grow light within him as he realized that he once more was safe and free.
  • "I looked like a fool. I didn't even know there were rebels, or amulets that could sway the balance of power into the hands of evil." I sucked in a breath. "You told me nothing. Nothing." Regulating my voice to conversation level, I thrust my hands into my pockets and pulled my wings back, embarrassed. The fire to fight left me and I felt an urge for the comfort of four walls. Rain plastered my hair to my head, dripping from my nose and fingertips. I closed my eyes and breathed in the scent of the wet soil beneath me. "I'm the guardian of one third of the key, aren't I? That's what this thing is hanging around my neck. But why didn't Ana know and why do you, Conall, and Devlin know?" My voice was barely a whisper. "I feel lost."
  • In its 2006 religious freedom report, the U.S. State Department named Eritrea a "Country of Particular Concern" (CPC) for the third year in a row.
  • That day passed, and the following night. Early on the morning of the third day after Jack's arrival home came a telegram to Mr. Smedley.
  • A week of walking and running had left Ben exhausted and aching. He had blown a shoe at Lane Cove on the third day and had to limp back to his home in Roseville, around two kilometres away, in socks. That incident prompted him to get a more expensive pair of joggers and made all the difference to his daily exercise routine.
  • A market rally made it difficult to stick to that pledge. Greek bonds rose for a third day yesterday, pushing the 10-year yield below 15 percent for the first time since the nations debt was restructured in March. The price has more than doubled since a post-restructuring low of 13.3 percent on May 31.
  • In the third game of the season, West Valley paid a visit to non-conference opponent Kelpham High School. Pete was overpowering in the first half, well on his way to outscoring the Rams in the first 16 minutes. A desperate opposing coach called on a 6'4" 250 pound junior football player to lay a body on him. Pete, usually unaffected by the man guarding him, felt someone hold onto his jersey while jabbing an elbow into his side and Pete said, "Are you football player?"
  • This doesn't explain why it is we have both romantic comedies, which spend the entire time documenting the attempts of a man to get a girl into the bedroom, and porn, where we see what actually takes place there. Why is that? Why do we need two movies for one transaction? For any young viewer that has sat through an hour and a half of Sandra Bullock being wined and dined only to have the credits start to roll just as she is led through the bedroom door, it must send an odd message. For an audience member who has been to third base but hasn't rounded home it could actually be terrifying.
  • Joy spent the next 15 minutes explaining in detail what had happened on the night she was approached by the three bike riders. There were tears in her eyes as she tried to explain how helpless and frightened she felt. There was no-one around. No-one to help. She knew it was likely they would kill her and there was nothing whatsoever she could do to protect herself. Then a total stranger appeared out of no-where. He moved with lightning speed and within less than 30 seconds the three bikers were on the ground…..two not moving and the third clutching his throat and trying to scream through broken vocal chords.
  • First, they bethought them of the well into which it might possibly have been thrown, but the fact of this matter proved very difficult to ascertain. Tying a piece of metal--it was an old Portuguese sword-hilt --to a string, they let it down and found that it touched water at a depth of one hundred and twenty feet, and bottom at a depth of one hundred and forty-seven feet. Therefore there were twenty-seven feet of water. Weighting a bucket they sank it until it rested upon this bottom, then wound it up again several times. On the third occasion it brought up a human bone and a wire anklet of pure gold. But this proved nothing, except that some ancient, perhaps thousands of years ago, had been thrown, or had fallen, into the well.
  • "Mademoiselle Maryette, they are devouring everything in the house!" exclaimed old Julie, flinging both hands toward heaven. "Tenez, mamzelle, I have heard of eating in ancient days, I have read of Gargantua, I have been told of banquets, of feasting, of appetites! But there is one American in there! Mamzelle Maryette, if I should swear to you that he is on his third chicken and that a row of six pint bottles of '93 Margaux stand empty on the cloth at his elbow, I should do no penance for untruthfulness. Tenez, Mamzelle Maryette, regardez un peu par l'oubliette--" And old Julie slid open the wooden shutter on the crack and Maryette bent forward and surveyed the dining room outside.
  • While we were occupied as I have described, I saw a third canoe, paddled by two strangers, darting out from behind a point in pursuit of another deer. Whether the people were friends or foes, I could not tell; but as soon as Kakaik saw them he declared that they were the latter, and that we must be prepared for an attack should they have many companions in the neighbourhood.
  • In order to make the connection, laughed Will. "I will state for the third time that we know that the boys are in the mine. It may also be well to state, once more, that we are reasonably certain that this other boy came to the mine for the specific purpose of communicating with the other two. Now this boy didn't drop into the river. He dropped the provisions he bought for the boat into the coal mine, and left them there for the consumption of the two boys inside. That's reasonable, isn't?"
  • For twenty days in the evening and night moans resounded through the air. More tears were shed by the relatives and by the barih, who frequently proceeded to the grave to pour water on it. On the twentieth day, while some one set at play the awe-inspiring revolving board, others proceeded to exhume the body--by then in a state of absolute decomposition. The remains were taken to the stream and the bones cleaned with great care. The skull was placed within two inverted hemispherical baskets, whereas all the other bones of the body were heaped into a third concave basket of a larger size.
  • The British cruiser Lawrence, under command of Lord Hastings, with Jack as first officer and Frank the third in command, was ordered forth from a Canadian port as one of the convoy for the third section.
  • The most sickening apprehension fell upon Dick. He ran forward like one possessed, forced his way into the house among the foremost, and mounted without pause to the chamber on the third floor where he had last parted from Joanna. It was a mere wreck; the furniture had been overthrown, the cupboards broken open, and in one place a trailing corner of the arras lay smouldering on the embers of the fire.
  • You bunch never learn do you? asked Rod stepping up next to Sax. "You've gone up against us twice so far and each time you've had the worst of it. You'd imagine that you'd think twice about tempting fate a third time but nooo. Here you prance in as if you owned the place and don't even post any sentries to cover your rear."
  • Another third comprise a development of geological skills including sedimentology, structural geology and plate tectonics.
  • This time our journey lasted five hours, so that our relaying consumed three days. We broke back through the ramparts, by means of another pass we had discovered when looking for kudu, to the third Bench again. Here we camped in the valley of Lengeetoto.
  • So far, I have talked about the policy actions needed from the advanced economies and implications for Asia. I have talked about increased economic integration within Asia. Let me now turn to my third pointthe importance of international policy cooperation.
  • Zachary did as asked and was halfway through the third line when the sinister doctor grabbed his arm and jammed his broken bones together. Like a white hot firecracker, pain exploded in his arm and shot straight to a spot behind his eyes. Zachary gasped for breath and felt himself falling backwards. Then everything went black.
  • Stunning and dramatic scenery and landscape is found throughout Norway. The west coast of southern Norway and the coast of northern Norway present some of the most visually impressive coastal sceneries in the world. National Geographic has listed the Norwegian fjords as the world's top tourist attraction. The 2012 Environmental Performance Index put Norway in third place, based on the environmental performance of the country's policies.
  • The stranger raised a dark eyebrow of obvious disapproval before continuing. "My third sister, Yanoka, Goddess of Evil, took up the stony lands in the north, known as Morvay, and my brother Diamont, God of Evil, took the southwestern lands, the country Gaal."
  • There, he exclaimed, in tones of perfect satisfaction, "if anybody should ever come here in the future, and require a citadel upon which to retreat against overwhelming odds, this is the place. And so long as he can command the nerve to remain behind this barricade and maintain a steady rifle-fire upon that narrow gap--through which, as you may see, only one man can pass at a time--he will be absolutely safe. Well, thank God, we are not likely to need its protection, for we ought to be at sea on the third evening from now."
  • The third morning, I awoke as Johna tiptoed out of her bed. My mind felt clearer, the pain only a dull throb in my head and my heart. Ivy was gone. She hated me. How could I go on without her? I waited for my heart to stop beating but the thudding continued regardless reminding me with every thump that I was alive.
  • I'd written over a dozen notes for Eibhlin, who only found a few. With no other way to get news, the school relied on Eibhlin and her third eye. If anyone remained alive fighting the Dark Robes, she would know, for a great magical sensibility touched her. The children hurried through the halls, never ever to make any noise due to Eibhlin's third eye watching all movement.
  • The first time, he broke my arm; the second, he wounded me in the breast; and the third time, made this large wound. The Englishman turned down his shirt-collar, and showed a scar, whose redness proved it to be a recent one. "So that, you see, there is a deadly feud between us."
  • Look, I said before she could respond, "the last time I even touched a dick other than my own was in third grade and only because this older kid Louis paid me a dollar to do it and as soon as he started moaning, I stopped. I have never had any desire to do it again. I don't like penises, except my own of course; I think they're ugly, they're like some weird slimy, aquatic mollusk thing, like gooey-ducks.
  • "Todd is forever grateful," said Todd, now inexplicably speaking in third person. "But Todd feels that Edgar actually did want to visit Wichita and brought Todd along so he could use Todds money."
  • Creeping out of the darkness, the two intruders cautiously advanced down Broadway, stopping at every doorway to listen before moving on to the next. Just as they reached the halfway point and were only twenty feet from the Sickbay door, as if by magic, a third blob detached itself from a darkened corner and glided silently up behind the stalking pair.
  • In these days of strain and striving Sir Aymer de Lacy had few hours of leisure. He who was of the third Richard's household must needs keep pace with a master in whose slender body was concentrated the energy of many men, and who in times of war never rested nor grew tired.
  • Access to third level education for students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • The third victim of bogus callers on february 8 was a 69 year old man living at bucks hill.
  • Ambrosius opened the lid and peered through the gloom at the objects that were lit by the pale lunacy of Xiphias. In the first box was a small bobbin, hopelessly and irretrievably tangled with line. In the second box was a spinner, cast of iridescent silver which caught the light and sent it sparkling back. In the third box was a selection of hooks, covered in the red flaky Rust Fungus that is the primary decomposer of dead Hooktrees. In the fourth box was something entirely unidentifiable. In the fifth box were some dessicated maggots. These, as well as many more miscellanea in many, many more boxes, are all the usual contents of the Box of Things.
  • Over a third of movers to jsa from ib had become inactive due to sickness or disability five to ten months later.
  • Although Joey Lorain was two years younger than Brad, they had been equal coon hunting partners for a couple of years. They were stomping their feet more from nervous energy than in an attempt to keep their feet warm even though the November air was getting chilly. They kept waiting and listening to the hound as he turned across the face of the ridge for the third time instead of continuing towards the road.
  • Flash Lightninplayed an amazing second set and the crowd had called them back for three encores. Even though the house lights were turned on pretty soon after the third encore, people left the Black Sheep satisfied, and tired, after all the dancing. At one point, the band had the whole crowd grooving with their hard driving blues.
  • For an instant the Black Panther recoiled at the noise, and in that instant Sid's .30 whipped out its sharp report. High in the air leaped the great cat. All that had gone before was nothing to the feats of strength and agility he displayed now. He was hit,--he was enraged,--he was frantic with fury! In one terrific leap he cleared half the distance between himself and Sid; in the next he was pawing and striking around Sid's gun muzzle, stuck into his face as the boy retreated, prodding at him and trying to reload. Scotty had picked up his .405 and was frantically yanking on its lever. Then past him leaped a brown shape, bellowing attack. Ruler it was--in the nick of time to save Sid! He had done the incredible thing, the impossible thing, of climbing along the cougar's cliff route through the spruces! At the hound's raging bark, the Black Panther whirled about from Sid and his back and tail went up until he seemed ten feet tall. Ruler was a third his size, but the instinct to hump up at the sight of a dog seems ineradicable in all the cat tribe.
  • Metreletics stefan hargrave came third in the intermediate boys 100 meter hurdles at the kent county athletics championships.
  • Messick is a little surprised to hear the familiar third voice express such optimism and emotion; he was usually the most conservative of the four.
  • We were a long time regaining our lost ground. I remember at length finding the ship gliding over huge glass-like billows, which came rolling slowly and majestically, as if moved upwards and onwards by some unseen power, with deep, broad valleys between them, into which the ship sinking, their sides alone bounded the view from her deck ahead and astern. On the right rose however, above them, a high, rocky headland, which the third mate told Miss Kitty, as she stood on the deck gazing at the shore, was Cape Horn.
  • From the first two that Dick dropped there was no result. But with the falling of the third a hissing sound came from below, and as Dick rapidly dropped three more, the noise increased.
  • The bull came thundering behind me and actually touched my horse, which nearly sent me over its head as it kicked out viciously to defend itself. Happily Bracewell was close behind, and coming up presented the muzzle of his pistol at the bull's head. The next moment I was safe. In the meantime Guy had been pursuing a third bull. I had heard him fire twice. I now saw the animal rushing on, with head down, about to run at him. Fortunately a tree was near at hand, round which he managed to guide his horse, when the bull for a moment losing sight of him he was able to take a steady aim: he fired and the monster rolled over.
  • The Hun craft pursuing him was the slowest of the three enemies. This Dave had already guessed. He allowed the other craft to gain for half a mile, then suddenly shot ahead. By this time several hits had been scored by both combatants, and the third enemy destroyer was maneuvering for a position from which she could render herself effective to send Darrin and his men to the bottom.
  • The third vehicle came in next, the driver anxious to show off his skill and outdo the others. His plan was to drive by with a narrow but safe margin of space and then pinwheel the rear of the track toward the cart by braking one side. The track would then slide toward the cart as though to collide, but with its forward momentum carrying it safely by.
  • Very gently, with almost imperceptible motion, Mrs. Gammit slid her right hand, armed with the pepper-pot, over the edge of the window-sill. The porcupines, enraptured with the flavour of the herring-tub, never looked up. Mrs. Gammit was just about to turn the pepper-pot over, when she saw a third dim shape approaching, and stayed her hand. It was bigger than a porcupine. She kept very still, breathing noiselessly through parted lips. Then the moonlight reached the ground, the shadows vanished, and she saw a big wildcat stealing up to find out what the porcupines were eating.
  • The third trip was delayed by a tremendous rain that poured with tropic suddenness and fury over the face of the world, driven on the breath of a wild-shouting tempest.
  • This was Madame Perrodon, a native of Berne, whose care and good nature now in part supplied to me the loss of my mother, whom I do not even remember, so early I lost her. She made a third at our little dinner party. There was a fourth, Mademoiselle De Lafontaine, a lady such as you term, I believe, a "finishing governess." She spoke French and German, Madame Perrodon French and broken English, to which my father and I added English, which, partly to prevent its becoming a lost language among us, and partly from patriotic motives, we spoke every day. The consequence was a Babel, at which strangers used to laugh, and which I shall make no attempt to reproduce in this narrative. And there were two or three young lady friends besides, pretty nearly of my own age, who were occasional visitors, for longer or shorter terms; and these visits I sometimes returned.
  • A small fire, just re-kindled by a servant, awaited her in the drawing room, and under the light from the gasoliers, she sank gratefully into a Chippendale chair beside the fireplace. She had hardly reached the third page of her book of poetry, when a loud meow, emanating from beside the chair, commanded her attention. She peered curiously over the arm rest to see a rather rotund cat, with a smug, aristocratic face, looking up at her. She had seen this cat earlier in her travels, but she had only caught fleeting glimpses of his cloudy ginger fur and a mass of white whiskers. She had called out to him on several occasions, but to her frustration he ignored her. From the way he pompously presided over his domain, it was clear to Frances that he had more important things to do with his timeuntil nownow that there was a fire glowing in the grate, and an empty lap in front of him.
  • So he sent for his secret scribe and dictated to him, briefly but clearly, the substance of our bargain, nothing being added, and nothing taken away. This roll written on papyrus was afterwards copied twice, Peroa taking one copy, I another, and a third being deposited according to custom, in the library of the temple of Ptah.
  • The second day, in the center of a lake, he came upon the body of a wolf that had died of one of the poison baits. For a half-hour he mauled the dead beast until its skin was torn into ribbons. He did not taste the flesh. It was repugnant to him. It was his vengeance on the wolf breed. He stopped when he was half a dozen miles from Lac Bain, and turned back. At this particular point the line crossed a frozen stream beyond which was an open plain, and over that plain came--when the wind was right--the smoke and smell of the Post. The second night Baree lay with a full stomach in a thicket of banksian pine; the third day he was traveling westward over the trap line again.
  • Rhodes was the third of five children, to Philip and Elizabeth, a doctor and a homemaker, respectively. Among his early musical influences were his father, who played banjo ukulele, as well as the Telstars and the Beatles.
  • Her parents held a catered lunch in their backyard after the ceremony. It was themed "Influential Women in Music," given Addison's newfound love of the kazoo. At my table, some of the other moms compared this event to some of theirs. (For those of you who don't know, "comparing" in Mom talk means "lambasting.") It was a gently worded war to see who loved her child more. For Sunshine's first day of eighth grade, her mom made a colorful banner adorned with smiling suns (nice tie-in). On Pylon and Fleur de Lys' first day of third grade, their moms thought it would be cute to dress in their old cheerleading uniforms. They wrote cheers and chanted them out front of the elementary school as their children emerged. Aloysius' mom had a bouncy house on retainer, just in case.
  • "So this is the main collections, where over a third of the museums objects are stored, including the sizable collection of sacred materials we have acquired over the years." The first voice noted.
  • Their third single was deliberately completely over-the-top pop, like t rex.
  • I have often thought (Mr. Quatermain's manuscript begins) that I would set down on paper the events connected with my marriage, and the loss of my most dear wife. Many years have now passed since that event, and to some extent time has softened the old grief, though Heaven knows it is still keen enough. On two or three occasions I have even begun the record. Once I gave it up because the writing of it depressed me beyond bearing, once because I was suddenly called away upon a journey, and the third time because a Kaffir boy found my manuscript convenient for lighting the kitchen fire.
  • This exit barred to him Turan turned back into the corridor. He followed it cautiously and silently. Occasionally there was a door on one side or the other. These he tried only to find each securely locked. The corridor wound more erratically the farther he advanced. A locked door barred his way at its end, but a door upon his right opened and he stepped into a dimly-lighted chamber, about the walls of which were three other doors, each of which he tried in turn. Two were locked; the other opened upon a runway leading downward. It was spiral and he could see no farther than the first turn. A door in the corridor he had quitted opened after he had passed, and the third warrior stepped out and followed after him. A faint smile still lingered upon the fellow's grim lips.
  • My daily routine probably does not fit the stereotypical image of a third year law student.
  • The only problem with their story is that we were there. Did The Mothers take a deep breath when we, as children, first discovered food coloringon their imported Persian carpet? Did they calmly explain why we should not cut the pretty flowers out of the $1,200 print they just purchased? Did they merely say "Oops" when we knocked over our third glass of milk at the dinner table? No, I don't believe they did. The only deep breath they blew out the window was to hide their cigarette smoke. And we know full well why they did not have dust on the groundbecause they hired Marcella to clean it every week.
  • "Sonya?" she thought, glancing at that curled-up, sleeping little kitten with her enormous plait of hair. "No, how could she? She's virtuous. She fell in love with Nicholas and does not wish to know anything more. Even Mamma does not understand. It is wonderful how clever I am and how... charming she is," she went on, speaking of herself in the third person, and imagining it was some very wise man--the wisest and best of men--who was saying it of her. "There is everything, everything in her," continued this man. "She is unusually intelligent, charming... and then she is pretty, uncommonly pretty, and agile--she swims and rides splendidly... and her voice! One can really say it's a wonderful voice!"
  • In the third series the compositions range from purely epigraphic, to abstract ornamental inscriptions, to the total filling of the central area.
  • On April 27, 1964, the massive "Good Friday Earthquake" killed 133 people and destroyed several villages and portions of large coastal communities, mainly by the resultant tsunamis and landslides. It was the third most powerful earthquake in the recorded history of the world, with a moment magnitude of 9.2. It was over one thousand times more powerful than the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. The time of day (5:36 pm), time of year and location of the epicenter were all cited as factors in potentially sparing thousands of lives, particularly in Anchorage.
  • Furious, Blade rose again, clearly going to beat him to a pulp, so Billy used his superior wand to levitate a rock and smack his opponent from the side. Again, Blade went down. Fuming, Blade made a more cautious approach, using superior skill to unfairly smack Billy again and again on his legs, sides, and head. Desperate, Billy extended a leg blade and flipped Blade in the air, then struck his opponent hard into the ground with a steel bat. For the third time, Billy made Blade hit the ground in humiliation in front of everybody.
  • Two days passed without the apprehension of the Mexican lad being made or any trace of him discovered. On the forenoon of the third day Frank suddenly came face to face with Bantry Hagan in front of the Vendome Hotel, on Broadway.
  • Alastor and the grey cloaked man pass her room on the way up to the third floor. Curiosity strikes the Queen, so she rises up from the bed and stealthily follows the two. At the stairs, she ascends them as carefully as she can, constantly looking over her shoulder for signs of anyone who might catch her, not that what she is doing is by any means wrong. Rude, but not wrong. The third floor is designed similarly to the previous, except rather than art showing picturesque landscapes of cities or nature, they are images of war, battle and conflict.
  • Many conductors, again, will hold no communication with an emigrant. I asked a conductor one day at what time the train would stop for dinner; as he made no answer I repeated the question, with a like result; a third time I returned to the charge, and then Jack-in-office looked me coolly in the face for several seconds and turned ostentatiously away. I believe he was half ashamed of his brutality; for when another person made the same inquiry, although he still refused the information, he condescended to answer, and even to justify his reticence in a voice loud enough for me to hear. It was, he said, his principle not to tell people where they were to dine; for one answer led to many other questions, as what o'clock it was? or, how soon should we be there? and he could not afford to be eternally worried.
  • At the conclusion of the third inning, Erika and Nat had stopped watching. The Phillies were ahead six to one, and Uncle Forest hadnt even gloated. It was all Cliff Lee as Forest had predicted, one man holding the game in his hand.
  • He gestured at Fikna. "You should see what I see bro’. You look infected to my third eye. And Glenys looks the same. But they meant to finish me off. They skipped Nyah and Eshe because they didnt know anything. But me, three on one? Bro’, isnt that the death number?"
  • She felt hands clasp her about the shoulders and shake her as the light rushed back. Myranda screamed again, the second scream joined by a third and fourth as her voice echoed off of the cave walls. The light was from the torch, and the hands shaking her were those of Leo. The dream was over.
  • Devin seemed aware this was temporary as he didnt reach for her, nor stir conversation. Marthe remained on her back as he discarded the rubber, then he stood, heading to the bathroom. This apartment on the east side of the city was Devins alone, a small but airy one bedroom walk-up on the third floor. Rufus had played as they made love and Marthe longed to hear the rest of that album, 1978s Street Player, once Devin returned from the bathroom. His routine, one side as they made love, the other as they dressed to leave.
  • "Cozen! cozen!" cried the third man. "I would I could see the man that could cozen me! He were a cozener indeed! Nay, I was not born yesterday. I can see a church when it hath a steeple on it; and for my part, gossip Arblaster, methinks there is some sense in this young man. Shall we go hear him, indeed? Say, shall we go hear him?"
  • Twice did the horse try to ascend to the plain above and fail. Then Rasco urged him forward a third time. This time the beast balked and away went the man of the plains over his head.
  • Ron had got his way, as usual. He seemed to have contacts everywhere, and Paul had been moved into a private room, away from the gaping and gossiping of the public wards. From the third floor window she had a view of another hospital department directly in front of her, and below that, to the left, the entrance to the morgue, its bright neon lights reminding her of a bingo hall. A little further off a few trees had been placed in between dull buildings in a sloppy attempt at decoration, and the whole bleak scene was illuminated by tall yellowish lights reminiscent of motorways or railway sidings.
  • The moon hid behind a cloud. The darkness deepened. It was the third hour after midnight, when the tide of blood is at its lowest ebb, when the soul sinks so low in slumber that the sleeper drifts near to death. The third hour after midnight is the time when dreams and nightmares gain form; the scratching at the door, the tapping at the window, and the stealthy step in the hallway come close to reality.
  • "No!" he cried at last, with the stoicism of a Roman of old, "it would be a weakness, it would be a folly, it would be a meanness! If I thus give up the only and last resource which we possess to the uncertain chances of the bad passions of anger and envy, I should never deserve to be forgiven. No, Rosa, no; to-morrow we shall come to a conclusion as to the spot to be chosen for your tulip; you will plant it according to my instructions; and as to the third sucker," -- Cornelius here heaved a deep sigh, -- "watch over it as a miser over his first or last piece of gold; as the mother over her child; as the wounded over the last drop of blood in his veins; watch over it, Rosa! Some voice within me tells me that it will be our saving, that it will be a source of good to us."
  • Smaller coins - one third and one quarter farthings - were minted mainly for use in some british colonies.
  • I had three similar ones, returned Monte Cristo. "I gave one to the Sultan, who mounted it in his sabre; another to our holy father the Pope, who had it set in his tiara, opposite to one nearly as large, though not so fine, given by the Emperor Napoleon to his predecessor, Pius VII. I kept the third for myself, and I had it hollowed out, which reduced its value, but rendered it more commodious for the purpose I intended." Every one looked at Monte Cristo with astonishment; he spoke with so much simplicity that it was evident he spoke the truth, or that he was mad. However, the sight of the emerald made them naturally incline to the former belief. "And what did these two sovereigns give you in exchange for these magnificent presents?" asked Debray.
  • He found on the third day his reward in another glimpse of the elusive and now tantalizing brown figure under the brow of Shockoe Hill, strolling along casually, as if the beauty of the day and the free air of the heavens alone attracted.
  • About three o'clock of the third afternoon we came in sight of a long line of forest trees running down parallel with the nearest mountain ranges. These marked the course of the Narossara, and by four o'clock we were descending the last slope.
  • The old man attempted to regale her with a painfully long tale of his athletic exploits of youth. After the third off-topic story, Myranda cut in to request directions to the church. He indicated that there was a fork in the road a half-hour south. If she took a left there, she would find the church about an hour down the road. She thanked him, and, after getting the less than generous offer in writing, headed down the road.
  • Lumia unit sales rose to 4.4 million in the fourth quarter and total sales fell to 86.3 million phones, including 700,000 units in North America. Sales in China fell 69 percent to 4.6 million units. Apple said yesterday it sold 47.8 million iPhones globally during the period. Android shipments rose to 136 million units in the third quarter, according to researcher IDC.
  • A third round of spades revealed that east now held the thirteenth trump.
  • Now, as we approach the mine, Will cautioned his companion, "keep your eye out for Ventner and this third boy. They are both likely to be chasing around in the darkness."
  • "Hurrah, Blagrove! this is glorious. I am all the more pleased that you are going with me. How lucky Condor being promoted to the Theseus, or of course he would have had it. Then Knight, being still unfit for duty from the effects of the wounds he received in the sortie, and our first lieutenant being new to the ship, the third lieutenant cannot be spared. Sir Sidney spoke very kindly. He said that it was a heavy responsibility for so young an officer, but that he trusted I should prove equal to it, and that I must remember that prudence was just as necessary as courage and dash. He gave me a good deal of advice, which I shall think over and try to act on when I sober down a bit. Now we are both relieved from other duty, so we will pack up our kit.
  • The necessary and justifiable sacrifice of some half a dozen savages was, at that time, too common a circumstance in Jamestown, long to affect the gayeties-of-the day. Accordingly the afternoon found the daughters and wives of the hardy citizens gayly tripping it over the green common, to which we have already introduced the reader, inspired by the music of two sable musicians, who rattled and scraped defiance to all untoward interruptions whatsoever. The town was full of strangers from the neighbouring plantations, together with many members of the House of Burgesses from surrounding counties, who had arrived in preparation for the meeting of that body, summoned to be held on the third succeeding day. Many of these dignified personages had collected on the green, to witness the enjoyment of the humbler citizens and their wives and daughters.
  • Ebay's own consumer research sends conflicting signals. On the one hand it says more than half of Americans surveyed deem gold and silver to be sound investments. Yet these same consumers have no firm sense of gold's current value. On average, they figure an ounce of gold is worth less than $1,000; a third guess that the price is less than $500. The spot gold price, which hit a record above $1,900 last year, is currently around $1,700, up from a 2001 low of $250.
  • The third letter came to my hand while we were deep in some such talk: and it will be seen how pat it fell to the occasion. James professed to be in some concern upon his daughter's health, which I believe was never better; abounded in kind expressions to myself; and finally proposed that I should visit them at Dunkirk.
  • Why, no. You brought your own camping outfits with you. I shall sleep in one, Mr. Barr in another, while the third will be occupied by the sailor assistants.
  • Oubliette was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, as were the rest of the episodes of the third season. The location of the antagonist's house was an important factor during production. Craig's screenplay called for a remote house in the "middle of nowhere", but the producers required a site closer to the studio. With a production crew consisting of 60 members, it was decided to use somewhere that could appear "rustic while being next to a parking lot." A suitable area was found near the peak of Mount Seymour, a location that had previously been used in "Ascension". The mountain featured both a parking lot and a log cabin that met the needs of the filming crew. An issue arose because the mountain had a ski lift, which needed to be avoided while composing shots. Over 1000 prop trees had to be brought to the filming site to camouflage surroundings, to give the atmosphere a "remote" feel.
  • Two men lift the tinker by the arms, a third by the ankles, and they carry him across the road and down to the manor house. Others run ahead to gather appurtenances of the incipient lords new station.
  • It was on the third or fourth dunk, as I was trying to get all the soap out of my hair, that I noticed something across the river, on the thin ribbon of bank between river and tree line.
  • A Wild Ass and a Lion entered into an alliance so that they might capture the beasts of the forest with greater ease. The Lion agreed to assist the Wild Ass with his strength, while the Wild Ass gave the Lion the benefit of his greater speed. When they had taken as many beasts as their necessities required, the Lion undertook to distribute the prey, and for this purpose divided it into three shares. "I will take the first share," he said, "because I am King: and the second share, as a partner with you in the chase: and the third share (believe me) will be a source of great evil to you, unless you willingly resign it to me, and set off as fast as you can."
  • On December 11th, what now look like erroneous reports from South Korea had said that the Unha-3 rocket was being dismantled at the Sohae space station northwest of Pyongyang. There may have been some wishful thinking involved. Tacitly, the two siblings have been engaged in a space race ever since the North unsuccessfully sought to launch its first rocket in 1998. Then only last month the tech-savvy South failed in its third attempt to put a satellite into orbit, partly because of faulty Russian technology.
  • Hewett married alice, third daughter of nicholas leveson of halling in kent, a rich mercer of london and sheriff in 1534.
  • We have secured third spot in the league and entertain lowly weybridge at home on saturday with a shot at remaining unbeaten this year.
  • Cobby did nothing of the sort. Hot-headed as ever, he sent at the man a blow that staggered him, and had actually felled the second, before he was struggling with the third. As this third and he dropped together, he cut the hand of this one with a lancet, and, reaching out, cut the hand of the second, too, who was still half-prostrate.
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