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Okunuşu: / θəːd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: third
Türü: sıfat, isim, zarf


s. üçüncü;

i. üçte bir;
müz. üçlü;
, huk. dul kadına kocasından kalan üçte bir miras, mak. üçüncü vites;

z. üçüncü olarak.

third için örnek cümleler:

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  • The underlying meaning of the connections between these two levels represents a third and often hidden dimension of culture.
  • The third night found him still on the bank of his stream, which was flowing happily, with many a laugh and gurgle, through a narrow but wonderfully beautiful valley, carpeted with a luxuriant growth of grass and dotted with clumps of cedars.
  • Our present task was to drop from the third Bench to the Second. For some distance we followed the Narossara; then, when it began to drop into its tremendous gorge, we continued along the hillsides above it until, by means of various "hogs' backs" and tributary cañons, we were able to regain its level far below. The going was rough and stony, and hard on the porters, but the scenery was very wild and fine. We met the river bottom again in the pleasantest oval meadow with fine big trees. The mountains quite surrounded us, towering imminent above our heads. Ahead of us the stream broke through between portals that rose the full height of the ranges. We followed it, and found ourselves on the Second Bench.
  • Prescott hesitated, not fancying this oblique method of attack, but a third person relieved them both from present embarrassment. A door to an inner apartment opened, and the woman in brown--but not in brown now--came into the room.
  • On the morning of the third day land was sighted, but it was afternoon before they reached it. Here they found themselves on a portion of the coast where the foot-hills of the great mountains stretch themselves almost down to the edge of the ocean. To all appearances, the shore was barren and uninhabited.
  • He rushed to open a third story window after listening to hours of droning monotone on the cardiff bay barrage bill.
  • When he was finally settled and focused on the ride, he slowed down againthough only a littleas he worked his way towards Loruze. The last of the dream eventually fading from his mind the further he traveled; hours passed with little activity, in his mind or otherwise. The sun broke over the mountains and the smoke that Grahamas had seen earlier was visible once more, much thicker and darker than before. Graham thought nothing of it until he saw a second plume rising up over the hill, then a third.
  • Grote was raised in San Antonio, Texas. When he was just ten years old, he and his family were caught in an F-4 tornado. His mother, father and two sisters made it to safety, however, he lost his grandmother in the storm. Grote attended Douglas MacArthur High School, where he played on the baseball team as a pitcher, catcher and third baseman. As a high school pitcher, he threw a no-hitter and a one hitter. Grote played for Trinity University in 1962, and led the Tigers in batting average (.413), home runs (five), RBI (19), runs (29), and hits (31).
  • Dave, you look rather worried, remarked Phil, as he caught the youth reading the communication for the third time. "No bad news I hope?"
  • A vain hunt for lions occupied all the next day. The third morning C. started for the boma, leaving Billy and me to look about us as we willed. Shortly after he had departed a delegation of Masai came in, dressed in their best, and bearing presents of milk. Leyeye was summoned as interpreter.
  • There were three messages on the machine. He pressed the play button: "Billy. Ledge," the rest of her message was lost in tears. He recognized Monnie's voice. The second message was Monnie again. Her words halting as she strained for composure: "Billy this is Monnie, if you're there please call." He listened to the third message four times before he able to decipher the words through her tears: "Ledge is dead."
  • We arrived at Narabanchi late at night on the third day out. As we were approaching, we noticed several riders who, as soon as they had seen us, galloped quickly back to the monastery. For some time we looked for the camp of the Russian detachment without finding it. The Mongols led us into the monastery, where the Hutuktu immediately received me. In his yurta sat Chultun Beyli. There he presented me with hatyks and said to me: "The very God has sent you here to us in this difficult moment."
  • Twice again Jimmie Dale fired--then crouching, running low, he zigzagged his way across the next roof. The bullets followed him-- once more his pursuers dashed forward. And again Jimmie Dale, his face set like stone now, his breath coming in hard gasps, dodged behind a chimney, and with his gun checked their rush for the third time.
  • Advisory panel, will be established to advise the office on third sector issues.
  • The first line threw themselves to the ground. The second line fell to their knees, their rifles pointing over their prostrate comrades, while above them protruded the weapons of the third line, standing erect.
  • On another road, another man made his way south on horseback. Carrying only a bag of despatches, alike the one Dillquist brought till land, sub-lieutenant Winther was on his third horse since he left the capital, only having stopped to eat and sleep for four hours. Despite being dead tired, he was committed to continue to his destination without further delay. Or the first of his possible destinations in any case. Because there were three of them, three places along the coast that might or might not be ice-free. Winther desperately hoped the first one would be. Then he could get himself a room in a boarding house at the harbor, have a good meal, some ale and perhaps even a girl. And just wait.
  • There is also one 2 bedroomed apartment available on the third floor.
  • A Wild Ass and a Lion entered into an alliance so that they might capture the beasts of the forest with greater ease. The Lion agreed to assist the Wild Ass with his strength, while the Wild Ass gave the Lion the benefit of his greater speed. When they had taken as many beasts as their necessities required, the Lion undertook to distribute the prey, and for this purpose divided it into three shares. "I will take the first share," he said, "because I am King: and the second share, as a partner with you in the chase: and the third share (believe me) will be a source of great evil to you, unless you willingly resign it to me, and set off as fast as you can."
  • Humphry won the regard of Captain Summers by his steadiness and good conduct, and at the end of his third voyage he married his daughter, and soon afterwards obtained the command of a ship. When at length he was able to quit the sea and live on shore, he often used to relate to his children, among his many adventures, how he spent five years of his life alone on an island.
  • Colonel Rice had been fighting Indians almost every day since he had been encamped at this point, and he was very anxious to notify General Terry of the fact. Of course I was requested to carry his dispatches. After remaining at Glendive a single day, I started back to find General Terry, and on the third day I overhauled him at the head of Deer Creek, while on his way to Colonel Rice's camp. He was not, however, going in the right direction, but bearing too far to the east, and so I informed him. He then asked me to guide the command, and I did so.
  • In the third part of the book are the last words of Jonathan's teacher: "Keep working on love." Through his teachings, Jonathan understands that the spirit cannot be really free without the ability to forgive, and that the way to progress leadsfor him, at leastthrough becoming a teacher, not just through working hard as a student. Jonathan returns to the Breakfast Flock to share his newly discovered ideals and the recent tremendous experience, ready for the difficult fight against the current rules of that society. The ability to forgive seems to be a mandatory "passing condition."
  • He could not tell them what we say now: "Why fight, why block the road, losing our own men and inhumanly slaughtering unfortunate wretches? What is the use of that, when a third of their army has melted away on the road from Moscow to Vyazma without any battle?" But drawing from his aged wisdom what they could understand, he told them of the golden bridge, and they laughed at and slandered him, flinging themselves on, rending and exulting over the dying beast.
  • Ahmed Ismail crossed the road once more out of the lights into the shadows, and walked on, keeping close to the lines of houses. Shere Ali followed upon his heels. But these two were not alone to take that road. A third man, a Bengali, bespectacled, and in appearance most respectable, came down the steps of the musichall, a second after Shere Ali had crossed the road.
  • Spanish companies processed through bankruptcy proceedings climbed an annual 23 percent to 6,142 in the third quarter, according to the National Statistics Institute in Madrid.
  • The return march was destined to be a very unpleasant one. Large and small bodies of the Indians whom Wayne had driven to the forests persistently harried the column, flank and rear, firing from behind rocks and among the trees, till, in a couple of days, the hundred men had become only seventy, and many of the horses had escaped or been stolen. At noon on the third day the men halted for dinner on a barren tract between a range of hills and a thick forest; and, in order to guard against a surprise, Lieutenant Boyd with twenty men was sent to patrol the woods while the rest ate their meal in comfort. Half an hour later, while Lieutenant Lowry was preparing to send another twenty men to relieve the scouts, the report of a gun, followed quickly by a dozen others, warned him that the day was not to be gone through without further trouble.
  • Silvanus Rock was nervous and ill tempered. Consuming his third cup of strong black coffee, he rose from the breakfast table and walked to the French windows and glared out at the curling waves as they flung themselves upon the beach.
  • The girls had already started on their third candy, which meant there was only two left. They walked obediently behind their mother, as they headed home down a different street. Tressa was given the bag of meat and cornmeal to carry, while Annie was in charge of the 25 pound bag of flour. Annie also carried the lightweight bag of lettuce leaves and apples, allowing that bag to hang from her belt strap.
  • "Nothing much," Candice said. "I'm third assistant comptroller at a regional office for First Decatur Savings and Loan, but that really means I'm just a glorified bookkeeper."
  • I hope our youngsters aren't going too far, Dave remarked, "youngster" being the accepted term for the third classmen, and the same as "yearling" at West Point.
  • Another minute, and I felt that all was over, for the water covered my face once, twice; and half strangled, I waited gasping for the third time; but it came not. Half a minute passed, and then again it washed over my face, seeming as if it would never leave it; but at last it was gone, and too unnerved to hope, I awaited its return, but it came not.
  • Nor are you apt to know another her like. Look, here she is, the paid spy, the secret agent, of England. Additionally, she is intimately concerned with the private life of Mr. Pakenham. For the love of adventure, she is engaged in intrigue also with Mexico. Not content with that, born adventuress, eager devourer of any hazardous and interesting intellectual offering, any puzzle, any study, any intrigueshe comes at midnight to talk with me, whom she knows to be the representative of yet a third power!
  • "Essentially, youre saying its started and were fucked." I paraphrased and finished the last of my donuts. For a moment, I stared at the box debating a third.
  • So do I, cried Jem, tossing off his third cup of tea; and then to his little wife's astonishment he took a thick slice of bread and butter in each hand, clapped them together as if they were cymbals, rose from the table and put on his hat.
  • The Hun craft pursuing him was the slowest of the three enemies. This Dave had already guessed. He allowed the other craft to gain for half a mile, then suddenly shot ahead. By this time several hits had been scored by both combatants, and the third enemy destroyer was maneuvering for a position from which she could render herself effective to send Darrin and his men to the bottom.
  • Max turned his hand over, revealing a miniature striking pad and flint affixed to the end of his thumb and third finger. Max grinned at her, then slipped the device off and returned it to a pocket. "So hows that animalcule stuff you were up to?"
  • The original bill had been put into the usual banking chain by the named shipper ( a third party supplier ).
  • The fighting now had lost the first intensity that had signalized the day of the mine explosion. The Germans had been strongly reinforced, and had held their third line, which had now become their first.
  • Ranked third in the Index of Economic Freedom (2010), Australia is the world's thirteenth largest economy and has the fifth highest per capita GDP (nominal) at $66,984. The country was ranked second in the United Nations 2011 Human Development Index and first in Legatum's 2008 Prosperity Index. All of Australia's major cities fare well in global comparative livability surveys; Melbourne reached first place on The Economist's 2011 and 2012 world's most livable cities lists, followed by Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide in sixth, eighth, and ninth place respectively. Total government debt in Australia is about $190 billion20 per cent of GDP in 2010. Australia has among the highest house prices and some of the highest household debt levels in the world.
  • At this time (and at her suggestion) I builded a fireplace and oven within our third or inmost cave (that was by turns her larder, stillroom, dairy and kitchen) and with a chimney to carry off the smoke the which I formed of clay and large pebbles, and found it answer very well. Thus, what with those things I contrived and others she brought from her treasure-house (the secret whereof she kept mighty close) we lacked for nothing to our comfort, even as Adam had promised in his letter. Moreover, I was very well armed both for offence and defence, for, one by one, she brought me the following pieces, viz., a Spanish helmet, inlaid with gold and very cumbersome; a back and breast of fine steel of proof; four wheel-lock arquebuses, curiously chased and gilded, with shot and powder for the same; three brace of pistols, gold-mounted and very accurate; and what with these, my sword, axe, and trusty knife, I felt myself capable to drive away any should dare molest us, be he Indian, buccaneer or pirate, as I told her.
  • Outside the little cottage could be heard a murmur of voices, as the old farmer tried to comfort his wife, while inside the house no one spoke lest he should seem careless of the grief and disappointment of those who were still within hearing. Suddenly a third voice was heard outside, speaking excitedly. Once again that tense clutch of suppressed emotion permeated the room and Colin, with his heart in his mouth, looked up. No one moved. Outside the voices ceased.
  • For a couple of hours Kendric sat in the dark by his window, staring out into the gardens, pondering. Of two things he was certain: He was not going to remain shut up in the Hacienda Montezuma if there was a way to break for the open; and he was not going to leave Lower California without his share of the buried treasure or at least without knowing that the tale was a lie. And, little by little, a third consideration forced itself in with its place with these matters; he could not get out of his mind the picture of the "poor little kid of a girl" in Escobar's hands. Like any other strong man, Kendric had a quick sympathy and pity for the weak and abused. Never, he thought, had he seen an individual less equipped to contend with such forces than was the little American girl.
  • It was a fearful apprehension, and it would have banished sleep from the eyes of the young hunters had they been certain that grizzly bears were in their neighbourhood. They were not certain, however; still they resolved not to sleep all at one time, but to keep watch in turns. The fire was replenished with fresh wood, so that the blaze would enable them to see for a good distance around; and then two of them lay down to sleep again, while the third watched, sitting up with his piece in readiness for any sudden attack.
  • When Vaz Cortereal was settled at Terceira from 1490 to 1497, he caused a fine palace to be built in the town of Angra, where he lived with his three children. His third son, Gaspard, after having been in the service of King Emmanuel, when the latter was only Duke de Beja had felt himself attracted while still young to the enterprises of discovery which had rendered his father illustrious. By an act dated from Cintra the 12th of March, 1500, King Emmanuel made a gift to Gaspard Cortereal of any islands or terra firma which he might discover, and the king added this valuable information, that "already and at other times he had sought for them on his own account and at his own expense."
  • "I dont like it," said a third person at the table. The aides in the room suddenly began writing. "These gifts take hedonistic form. Spending is untraceable. Vulnerability and exploitation walk hand-in-hand. I simply cannot sit idly by and let legitimate concerns go unvoiced."
  • Some hedge funds began buying Greek bonds after the March debt swap, concluding that prices and yields reflected an erroneous market view that the country was headed to default. Traders at firms including Dan Loebs third Point LLC determined that other investors were too concerned about the risk of Greece dropping the euro, especially after European Central Bank President Mario Draghis July 26 pledge to protect the currency bloc.
  • Late in the afternoon of the third day since his arrival among the pirates the men were suddenly startled by the appearance of an exhausted and blood smeared apparition amongst them. From the nearby jungle the man had staggered to fall halfway across the clearing, spent.
  • Fig 12 the blast sequence display for protein blast hits has a third glyph for the similarities between the amino acids shown in white.
  • The Little Giant came running at the sound, leaving Boyd on guard at the mouth of the pass, and as he arrived a third rock struck, though, like the second, at a distance, and he knew without any words from Will, what the Sioux were now trying to do. As he looked up, a fourth crashed down, and it fell very near.
  • Two of the troykas were the usual household sleighs, the third was the old count's with a trotter from the Orlov stud as shaft horse, the fourth was Nicholas' own with a short shaggy black shaft horse. Nicholas, in his old lady's dress over which he had belted his hussar overcoat, stood in the middle of the sleigh, reins in hand.
  • "We ate and slept the next day in the castle, too. But after we had breakfasted on the morning of the third day, the castle was suddenly filled with the echoes of demonic laughter. I heard the voice of the scarouche for the first time, telling me that since I had eaten of its food for three consecutive days, my soul and those of my companions now belonged to it. And indeed it was so, for neither I nor my men could disobey any order it gave us. We became its total slaves.
  • On the evening of the third day the siege was lifted; for with the fourth morning no Indians were to be seen. All about, on the grassy plain between the town and the hills, dead ponies were scattered; the walls of the buildings were furrowed by bullets; rude loopholes gaped; and in the little street the dust was dyed red.
  • 'Twas in the third King William's time, When many a pirate bold Committed on the seas the crime Of shedding blood for gold.
  • It was on the third day that leaving Meroo in charge for a few hours Foster-father and Roy set off to explore. They were fortunate in finding some shepherds' huts within a walking distance for even footsore women, and returned ere nightfall with a skin bag of fresh milk.
  • On the third stern repetition of her name, Ivira turned and scampered toward Currun. He picked her up and said some things that Liseli couldnt make out, but which sounded like a scolding.
  • The third problem where electoral reform would help us is the status of parliament.
  • The hours turned into days and the days turned into weeks. I tried calling Max several times a day that first week. By the second week I had weaned myself down to just calling once a day in the evening. Each time I left a voice mail asking him to call me, but he never did. By the third week of his absence he had already missed my twenty-second birthday and Valentines Day without so much as a card, a call or even a text. I felt so very irrelevant, I distanced myself from everything.
  • Sellaris took pity on him on the third day of the crossing, after he was knocked unconscious by a particularly hard jolt that sent his head slamming into the side of the wagon. When he came to, he discovered that his legs had been untied. His hands were still bound, but they had been cleaned of blood and dirt and tied in front of him instead of behind his back, giving him limited use. Toryn glared at Sellaris for thanks. She shrugged. He climbed down from the wagon, gratefuldespite his hatredto be allowed to walk rather than ride in the vehicle with the gauntlet.
  • Putin was elected to a six-year third term in March and the parliament, dominated by his party, has pushed through laws which critics say can be used to stifle dissent - tightening controls of the Internet, imposing new checks on foreign-funded lobby groups and broadening the definition of treason.
  • He has found a guide for you, said one of the Delawares at last, pointing to a strange figure that came stalking along the quay behind the third Indian.
  • "You got it," says Jim as he heads back to help Ed move the first of the RDX kegs. Lance watches as the first, then the second, then the third of the red dotted kegs are neatly arranged in a triangle with a slot in the middle where he knows the fuse will go. He heads back into the bar but watches on the closed circuit TV as the rest of the kegs are delivered and placed so that the RDX kegs are furthest away. Then he spots Jim slip the detonator out from his heavy coat and place it in the opening.
  • About the third day there was no longer any doubt as to the nature of the malady. A rash came out all over the child's body, and it was evident that he had malignant scarlatina, which would certainly produce internal inflammation.
  • There remained some, however, in Goa and in Rome, who believed the Great Moghul Akman still could be converted. Furthermore, as the Protestant countries began to venture into the Indies, the political usefulness of having Portuguese priests near the ruler of India became increasingly obvious. Thus, in 1595, a third mission was sent to Akmans court. Father Pinheiro remembered well their instructions upon departing Goa. They would convert Akman if they could; but equally important now, they would ensure that Portuguese trading interests were protected.
  • CNBC's list of "Top States for Business for 2010" has recognized Colorado as the third best state in the nation, falling short to only Texas and Virginia.
  • Ferrer, 30, was as game as ever, muscling the ball back but without being able to hurt the world number one, who broke for the fifth time at the start of the third set.
  • The reply of the outlaw officer, telling what the third demand to be made upon Celeste Seldon would be, caused her face to pale and her lips quiver, while her eyes burned brightly with indignation.
  • "Well, it seems to be getting quieter," remarked Ferapontov, finishing his third cup of tea and getting up. "Ours must have got the best of it. The orders were not to let them in. So we're in force, it seems.... They say the other day Matthew Ivanych Platov drove them into the river Marina and drowned some eighteen thousand in one day."
  • They came to the head of the street they sought, and, looking down it, beheld ruins greater than they had seen before. As the officer had said, two buildings had been completely demolished, and a third partly so, the wreckage of all mingling. And amid these ruins police and soldiers were working frantically to get out the injured and remove the dead, of whom there was a sad number.
  • There was a further reason against marrying her, which was as potent as any. He would forfeit his revenge on her, if he did that. Once, dim ages ago, it seemed, and on another plane of existence, he had loved her, and she, knowing it, had fed his devotion with smiles and glances, and at the end had chosen hirn whose body now decayed in some graveyard of North France, already probably desecrated by the in-swarming Germans. Now it was Archie's turn; already, he was sure, she expected to marry him, and she would learn that he had not the least intention of doing so. That delightful situation might easily be arrived at in the third act for which he was waiting now.
  • Nobody argued with him. It was strange, Murdoch thought as he settled down for the third time that night, that, instead of being the hunters, they appeared to have become the hunted, but there must be a way to get out of the predicament. He wondered if he should pick up the pace of the march but discounted the notion. It would be a sign of weakness to be seen running away. No, he would stick to his original plan and take the appropriate precautions. He might however, let someone else take the lead on the march. If the beasts attacked, he did not want to be the one wielding his sword in earnest.
  • Two of the three rear scouts had returned while they were breaking for lunch.What was left of the Duke's men were riding up hard on their rear.The third never returned.
  • The first was simply an empty shed, and the second proved equally useless. The third was much larger than the others, and the big, closed doors showed it to be a coach-house.
  • I am of the same opinion, said Sheriff Miller. "I think we may all be very much obliged to Prestongrange for taking a most uncomfortable witness out of our way. And chiefly, I think, Mr. Balfour himself might be obliged. For you talk of a third accomplice, but Mr. Balfour (in my view) has very much the appearance of a fourth."
  • "I heard about your whereabouts from some dwarves in Davenport and flew out to the East. On my third day of journeying, I spotted Port Paravel below me, which would have been a fine place to restockbut the obsidian dragon already had a head-start on me and I couldn't afford to waste any more time, so I flew to the Eastern skiesright into a storm, the likes of which I had never seen before."
  • Late victorian holocausts: el nino famines and the making of the third world.
  • Then Merriwell went into the box again, but he did not attempt to work his double shoot till Rockland had filled the bases with a hit, a wild throw by Mower and a dropped fly by McDornick, followed by a poor throw to third.
  • "80%, 15,000 for five years, and you get to keep these beautiful Millennial Wands that I took from the third Millennial." The crowd gasped as Billy took four wands from his arm launchers and boots. He held them up so those closest could confirm their identities. "You've seen what I can do with these beauties."
  • At last the Swedes enclosed themselves in the very corner where the two rivers meet, and rested. On one side the Vistula defended them, on the other the San, both overflowed, as usual in springtime; the third side of the triangle the king fortified with strong intrenchments, in which cannons were mounted.
  • Formerly one was obliged to travel in India by the old cumbrous methods of going on foot or on horseback, in palanquins or unwieldly coaches; now fast steamboats ply on the Indus and the Ganges, and a great railway, with branch lines joining the main line at many points on its route, traverses the peninsula from Bombay to Calcutta in three days. This railway does not run in a direct line across India. The distance between Bombay and Calcutta, as the bird flies, is only from one thousand to eleven hundred miles; but the deflections of the road increase this distance by more than a third.
  • Cards and supper were over, but the visitors had not yet dispersed. Pierre threw off his cloak and entered the first room, in which were the remains of supper. A footman, thinking no one saw him, was drinking on the sly what was left in the glasses. From the third room came sounds of laughter, the shouting of familiar voices, the growling of a bear, and general commotion. Some eight or nine young men were crowding anxiously round an open window. Three others were romping with a young bear, one pulling him by the chain and trying to set him at the others.
  • For two days I turned it over in my mind, and on the third there came something which first brought all my resolutions to a head, and then blew them all to nothing like a puff of smoke in the wind.
  • "All aboard," was the cry on the morning of August 19, and once more we set out. We reached the north arm of the lake, then turned north-eastward. In the evening I got photos of a Polar Hare, the third we had seen. The following day (August 20), at noon, we camped in Sandhill Bay, the north point of Aylmer Lake and the northernmost point of our travels by canoe. It seems that we were the fourth party of white men to camp on this spot.
  • Coming now to the ruminants, all digits except the third and fourth have disappeared from camels and llamas, and the nails on these are limited to their upper surface without forming a hoof, the under side being a broad pad, upon which they tread. No camel-like beasts have inhabited North America since the Pliocene age. Chevrotains, or muis deer (_Tragulidae_), are not deer in any true sense, as they have but three compartments to the stomach; antlers are absent and in their place large and protruding canine teeth are developed in the upper jaw, and the lateral metacarpal bones are complete throughout their length, instead of being represented by a mere remnant. They are the smallest of ungulates, and inhabit only portions of the Indo-Malayan region. Camels also have upper canines, and the outer, upper incisors as well.
  • Their combined onset was too much for that particular turk, who took to wing forthwith. Scotty raised his rifle but hesitated. The bird was big as a barrel, but still mighty easy to miss on the wing, with a rifle! Red Jake spurred after him at top speed, whipped out his revolver and fanned shot after shot up into the air at him. At the third report the turkey collapsed and came down into the brush with a sounding thump.
  • In a bellicose statement singling out the United States as the "sworn enemy" of the Korean people, North Korea today announced plans for a third nuclear test and continued rocket launches.
  • The next day, although Manette rejoices in having saved Darnays life, Lucie remains terrified for her husband. Later that afternoon, she reports hearing footsteps on the stairs, and soon a knock comes at the door. Four soldiers enter and re-arrest Darnay. Manette protests, but one of the soldiers reminds him that if the Republic demands a sacrifice from him, he must make that sacrifice. Manette asks one of the soldiers to give the name of Darnays accuser. Though it is against the law to divulge such information, the soldier replies that he is carrying out the arrest according to statements made by Defarge, Madame Defarge, and one other individual. When Manette asks for the identity of this third person, the soldier replies that Manette will receive his answer the next day.
  • Poor young man, said Monte Cristo in a low voice; "it is then true that the sin of the father shall fall on the children to the third and fourth generation." Meanwhile Albert had revived, and, continuing to read, he threw back his head, saying, "Florentin, is your horse fit to return immediately?"
  • What's the matter with taking a log and straddling the same? asked Tom. "Three of us could manage it, one to troll with a spoon, another to cast near the shore and the third to paddle the log."
  • No, no; he must take the chances of his parents' approval, and likewise--and here came in the third difficulty--of Dr. Johnston's also, for he could not help wondering what the doctor would think when he heard of it, as he was certain to do.
  • There was belonging to Sandhills, the little hamlet about which I have spoken, as fine and bold a set of fishermen as any to be found on the British coast. There were from fifteen to twenty families. The largest family was that of old John Hadden. He had eight sons and several daughters: three of his sons were away at sea--two of these were on board men-of-war, and the third was on board a trading-vessel; four followed his calling as fishermen, and formed part of the crew of the lugger of which he was master; the youngest, the eighth--Little Ben as he was always called, the son of his old age--was as yet too young to go regularly to sea. He, however, went with his father and brothers in the summer season, when fine weather was looked for, and he would not probably be exposed to hardships too severe for his tender years.
  • But this section has been a help to me. Ive heard people say: "I cannot save myself," so this third chapter of John is important in that respect. It shows that the saving grace comes through the Spirit and light of God. And this fits in perfectly with Luke 4:43. Jesus was sent to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God and along with his preaching, he must have been passing out the key to the saving grace and the light of God. I have yet to figure out how he did it, but at least the pieces appear to be coming together.
  • On the third day Zach calls me into his office. I've been getting some looks off Ally so I'm not surprised. Things have been going too well, it couldn't last. But I haven't missed another day so I don't know what it's about. Zach looks normal, not furious or anything. I sit down and he asks,
  • Oh, you didn't do a thing, I guess, laughed Shaw as the two turned up the acclivity, planning to keep some distance in advance of the party behind. "Say, do you think this third man recognized Scoby as a person he had seen in the Cameron building? What? That might be one reason for marching the two off."
  • By a decision of the first of May, 1903, Captain de Saint-Avit (Andr), unattached, is assigned to the third Spahis, and appointed Commandant of the Post of Hassi-Inifel.
  • When the white men had waited for more than two hours, they lost patience and rode further into the forest in search of the rival companies, guiding themselves more or less by the warlike howls that proceeded from the distance. And presently they came upon the bulk of the missing men, some walking in twos and threes, others stopping to adjust private grievances with the strangers or their own people (they did not seem particular), and a third contingent lying in the rank grass, singing warsongs, sleeping, smoking, or bedizening themselves. These latter, who had left the putting on of their bravery till the eleventh hour, were painting their eyelids (one black and the other yellow) and adorning their persons artistically with feathers and the tails of monkeys or wild cats. Clearly it would be idle to suggest their hurrying themselves; and the Captain and his conductor rode back to the field very much at their leisure.
  • And what they did was to have it out like good fellows, and agree to wait a couple of years, unless any third party should interfere. In two years' time, they agreed, Selina Johns would be wise enough to choose-- and then let the best man win! No bad blood afterwards, and meanwhile no more talk than necessary--they shook hands upon that. That January, being tired of the free-trade, they shipped together on board a coaster for the Thames, and re-shipped for the voyage homeward on board the brig Hand and Glove, of London.
  • The islands of the Pacific,"" said our friend, ""are of three different kinds or classes. Those of the first class are volcanic, mountainous, and wild; some shooting their jagged peaks into the clouds at an elevation of ten and fifteen thousand feet. Those of the second class are of crystalized limestone, and vary in height from one hundred to five hundred feet. The hills on these are not so wild or broken as those of the first class, but are richly clothed with vegetation, and very beautiful. I have no doubt that the Coral Island on which you were wrecked was one of this class. They are supposed to have been upheaved from the bottom of the sea by volcanic agency, but they are not themselves volcanic in their nature, neither are they of coral formation. Those of the third class are the low coralline islands usually having lagoons of water in their midst; they are very numerous."
  • The promotion of 5 of his squad did not faze doug ramsay, whose third team continue to set the pace in their division.
  • Naturally the hearts of both lads went out toward the gallant aircraft which had answered every call made upon it for speed and endurance. It was equipped with an engine of the latest make, weighing only a third as much as the average aeroplane motor and a triumph of modern scientific discovery. Since the Bird boys had constructed that monoplane themselves, after patterns obtained elsewhere, surely they had reason to be proud of their work and the gallant victory which had come to them.
  • The ipcc third assessment report notes that this would place additional stress on the already overextended health systems of most pacific island countries.
  • The third limb was about twenty feet from the ground, of huge size and thrust itself straight out to the rocky wall of the canyon, against which its end appeared to be tightly pressed.
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