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Okunuşu: / θəːd / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: third
Türü: sıfat, isim, zarf


s. üçüncü;

i. üçte bir;
müz. üçlü;
, huk. dul kadına kocasından kalan üçte bir miras, mak. üçüncü vites;

z. üçüncü olarak.

third için örnek cümleler:

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  • The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the country's population now to be 314,843,000, including an estimated 11.2 million illegal immigrants. The U.S. population almost quadrupled during the 20th century, from about 76 million in 1900. The third most populous nation in the world, after China and India, the United States is the only major industrialized nation in which large population increases are projected.
  • "At this Council, held on the great meeting-ground beyond the hangars, I again and for the third time submitted the question of trying to colonize from the races still in the Abyss. If feasible, this would rapidly add to our population. The Folk are now civilized to a point where they could rapidly assimilate outside stock.
  • During three whole days, Ned went from camp to camp and from hospital to hospital, in search of his father, but Mr. Crawford had heard tidings of his son which satisfied him, and he stuck to his wounded soldiers. It was not, therefore, until the afternoon of the third day that Ned found a grand reception prepared for him in the parlor of the Paez mansion.
  • They will remain so, Dr. Cairn answered. "But my studies have gone far, and I know that Mirza, wife of the third Baron Lashmore, practised the Black Art in life, and became after death a ghoul. Her husband surprised her in certain detestable magical operations and struck her head off. He had suspected her for some considerable time, and had not only kept secret the birth of her son but had secluded the child from the mother. No heir resulting from his second marriage, however, the son of Mirza became Baron Lashmore, and after death became what his mother had been before him.
  • On the third day of the kings self-imposed confinement, an impressive line of horsemen appeared on the winding road which followed the River Orne, flowing beneath the shadow of the fortress. Bolsover had been in the western guard tower and had recognized the pennants and colors of the earl of Chester. Hed gone down to greet Hugh and his entourage, and to explain the quiet, tense atmosphere in the castle.
  • A Martian spaceship just landed on third base, and the aliens have already taken half of the Busters hostage." I kept my voice conversational.
  • Id already given the dates for the others, now I gave Edwards dates, still taken aback by talk of "the third duke".
  • On the third of these golden autumns there were great festivities at the homestead, the occasion being no less than a barn-raising. It took place on a clear, cool, golden October day, when the woods were yellowed with softly-falling leaves, and late sunflowers and goldenrod carried on the scheme of colour, with the brave purple asters to add a last royal touch to the loveliness of nature looking forward to her winter rest. The wide fields and the forest-bordered clearing had rung all day with shouts and merriment, and the cheerful noise of willing labour, for all the O'Brien family had lent their aid, and there were nine of them. And now, when the early evening had darkened down in clear grey twilight, they were all gathered in the great, low-ceilinged living-room of the homestead, brightened only by the warm flicker of flames from the logs upon the hearth.
  • One was the village schoolmistress, one was head housemaid at loders court and the third kept house for the other two.
  • "You look nice, by the way," Jayce said, sweeping his gaze over Aradia from head to toe for probably the third or fourth time.
  • I could have been nicer to the female of the three but she had obviously been charmed by one of the males, while the third was his bum bitch. They took their little love triangle to a different table as everyone else laughed it up.
  • I have been having a delightful voyage with moonlight all night and sunlight all day. Africa kept in sight most of the time and before that we saw beautiful mountains in Spain covered with snow and red in the sunset. There were a lot of nice English people going out to India to meet their husbands and we have "tiffin" and "choota" and "curry," so it really seemed oriental. The third night out we saw Algiers sparkling like Coney Island. I play games with myself and pretend I am at my rooms reading a story which is very hard to pretend as I never read in my rooms and then I look up and exclaim "Hello, I'm not in New York, that's Algiers." The thing that has impressed me most is how absolutely small the world is and how childishly easy it is to go around it. You and Nora MUST take this trip; as for me I think Willie Chanler is the most sensible individual I have yet met.
  • He wept too, then they loved again, and that time Marthe thought she would lose her mind. If Devin Henderson was a great lay, Kell Vander Kellen could have eaten Devin for breakfast, and Marthe surmised that if given a chance, Kell would do just that. However, it was only she and Kell in that bed, just them. Only the two that actually made up their relationship and if ever Marthe had wished for a third party to dilute the emotion, it was on that day.
  • "The new consciousness emerging is in fact not new. It is an awakening from a deep slumber," continued Essa. "The human species has not been able to maintain the link between consciousness and technology. The Lyrians were hopeful that the humans would be able to access their genetic memory and activate the third strand of their DNA. This is the evolutionary process we have been expecting for some time. Ongoing developments in human technology are contingent on spiritual development. There are things that can only be understood through the lens of high vibrational frequencies. Breakthroughs in human mathematics and physics, medical science, computer interfaces and engineering have always been connected to these shifts in vibration frequencies."
  • We therefore thought it bootless to row so far down the stream, or to seek any farther of this old fox; and therefore from the river of Waricapana, which lieth at the entrance of Emeria, we returned again, and left to the eastward those four rivers which fall from the mountains of Emeria into Orenoque, which are Waracayari, Coirama, Akaniri, and Iparoma. Below those four are also these branches and mouths of Orenoque, which fall into the east sea, whereof the first is Araturi, the next Amacura, the third Barima, the fourth Wana, the fifth Morooca, the sixth Paroma, the last Wijmi. Beyond them there fall out of the land between Orenoque and Amazons fourteen rivers, which I forbear to name, inhabited by the Arwacas and Cannibals.
  • I walked slowly to the end of the hall. My long nightshirt billowed around my legs and I shivered. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I wanted to know the truth. Whoever that woman was, she had lived in this house before. Maybe over a hundred years ago. And she wanted me to know how to get up to the third floor.
  • I travelled in a coach, attended by two lacqueys and a score of men-at-arms in my own livery, all commanded by Ganymede. My intendant himself came in another coach with my wardrobe and travelling necessaries. We were a fine and almost regal cortege as we passed down the rue de l'Enfer and quitted Paris by the Orleans gate, taking the road south. So fine a cortege, indeed, that it entered my mind. His Majesty would come to hear of it, and, knowing my destination, send after me to bring me back. To evade such a possibility, I ordered a divergence to be made, and we struck east and into Touraine. At Pont-le-Duc, near Tours, I had a cousin in the Vicomte d'Amaral, and at his chateau I arrived on the third day after quitting Paris.
  • Three of the most aggressive guur chose to attack the largest of the bipeds. As they rushed to overtake the human, a fireball slammed into two of the large insects, reducing them to deep-fried status. The third actually made it to the ungainly biped. Chittering victoriously, it leapt at its prey. It was then that it realized part of its abdomen had stayed behind, while the half with its head still attached learned what it was like to become a shish-kabob.
  • Mappel always held that blasted staff of his, always walked about thumping the end on the ground. That staff was a third leg for that feeble old elf.
  • Five years later I am back to chumming it up with my money managers, now impersonating an expectant Dad. At the ten-year mark, I am into my wife and son, Junior, looking for sound investments, but still willingly to take a guaranteed risk or two. Fifteen and twenty bring more groundwork on "my boys future." The last decade has me "traveling" extensively. I conduct most my business by third parties during these years allowing the memory of me to fade into shadows and fog. Besides who really remembers a boring infrequent businessman? Sure, you would identify me when I am upon your immediate vision, but when asked to describe me the adjective of choice would be average.
  • On the third out breath she opened her eyes. In moments like this, it was essential to stay centred, and was worth the few seconds it took.
  • A long moment passed before one of the two moved again. The beast took the initiative. It walked to her left side and reared onto its hind legs briefly, brushing its head across her hand. Not knowing what else to do, and eager to prevent the creature from rearing up again, she dropped her hand to her side. The dragon swiftly thrust its head into her palm. The feeling of the ridges above its eyes brushing against her fingers for the third time made her realize what the animal was after. She stroked the dragon's brow. It sat beside her, pushing back with every stroke.
  • With the full surrender in place, West Valley finished the third quarter with an insurmountable 57-30 lead. Pete's 30-points and 18 rebounds were an afterthought to this statement game. The starters played only two fourth quarter minutes and gave way to the equally game second team. Of Pete's 30 points, only four came from points outside of the paint, as he chose to drive the ball straight through the Pikesville defenders. Nothing cerebral about this win. It was all about defending your home turf, and West Valley responded by finishing a classic game of cat versus outmatched mouse.
  • He scratched with his nails, but the earth was too hard. What should he do? He sought a stick with a fork in it and dug in the earth, but it was slow work. Then he found a clamshell. He did better with it, but it was hard work, and Robinson was not used to hard work. The sweat ran down his face and he had often to stop and rest in the shade. The sun burned so hot and the rock so reflected the heat that he was all but overcome. But he worked on. When evening came, he would sleep in the tree and next morning he would go at it again. On the third day the roots were all laid bare.
  • "Not the whole time," Ryson admitted. "I found shag tracks on the top of that third hill. I believe it was acting like a lookout."
  • Being accommodated with proper care and attendance, his constitution in a little time overcame the fever; and, at the third dressing, the surgeon declared him out of all danger from his wounds. Then was Renaldo indulged with opportunities of conversing with the patient, and of inquiring into the particulars of his fortune and designs in life, with a view to manifest the inclination he felt to serve him in his future occasions.
  • At the bottom of the third slope, Mark came upon Ralph, who was approaching to meet him, and at a glance he saw that something terrible had happened, for the lad's face was haggard and wild. There were smears of blood about his temples, while his face looked as if it had been washed, and some injury had bled again. In addition, a closer inspection showed that his hair had been singed off on one side, while the other was matted by dry blood.
  • A female allotment gardener has won best allotment plot competition for the third year running.
  • The genesis and collapse of third millenium north mesopotamian civilization.
  • "I explained it that way for simplicity. Most of us can imagine adding a third dimension to two, but it's hard to start with three and imagine adding a fourth, which is what we should really have done. We aren't capable of that. Do you follow me?"
  • The third bandit had managed to stay unnoticed as he circled to the other side of the wagon. No one, including Caelia, saw him uncoil his rope until he threw a loop over the girl from behind. He jerked the rope and pulled Caelia over the side of the wagon. She hit the ground hard enough to stun her and she was only vaguely aware of being pulled up and thrown face down across the horse. Voices calling "Stop! Stop!" and "Caelia!" diminished behind her as the horse ran.
  • Woodbridge was so fast with each ball, but Braskum seemed to anticipate her throws. The first one sailed high, the second one was wide, the third one was low and made Maggie jump, and the fourth one was a laser beam right at the middle of her body. She was still in the air, with her legs folded under her, when the ball caromed off of her knees. She almost cursed when she came down but refrained and then headed for the sideline.
  • Exactly twelve days after we left Dima the captain told me that we were nearing Djoko Punda. The country was mountainous and the river had become swifter and deeper for we were approaching Wissmann Falls, the end of navigation for some distance. These falls are named for Herman Wissmann, a lieutenant in the Prussian Army who in the opinion of such authorities as Sir Harry Johnston, ranks third in the hierarchy of early Congo explorers. Stanley, of course, comes first and Grenfell second.
  • Shylock, realising that he could literally be in this debate forever and not get anywhere, also that he already had a virtually infinite sum to find back on Earth, readily agreed. Bb instantly produced a small writing desk, chair, blank scroll of parchment and a feather quill. Shylock sat and committed to pay the bearer as much as he could have, sometimeand signed the document Shylock Winston the third.
  • The last letter of the year brought him the word that she was alone. That night Jack French packed his buckboard with grub for his six hundred mile journey, and at the end of the third week, for the trail was heavy on the Portage Plains, he drove his limping broncho up the muddy Main Street of Winnipeg.
  • The word reached his ear as a wave which he no longer had the strength to surmount passed over his head. He rose again to the surface, struggled with the last desperate effort of a drowning man, uttered a third cry, and felt himself sinking, as if the fatal cannon shot were again tied to his feet. The water passed over his head, and the sky turned gray. A convulsive movement again brought him to the surface. He felt himself seized by the hair, then he saw and heard nothing. He had fainted.
  • "I do." Spencer tapped the steering wheel with his fingers. "But shouldn't the soul just be a piece of string hanging down? A string would be a third dimension."
  • There has been the devil's own work here! said Rayburn, as he fully took in this extraordinary situation. "Whoever did this must have spent months over it, perhaps years, working with such tools as these. They evidently went at it systematically, with the deliberate intention of drowning the whole crowd down below. From an engineering stand-point I must say that it's a good piece of work. See how cleverly they've picked out this particular spot, where the wall of rock went down almost perpendicularly into the lake, and so got the full value of the thrust of the water when their cuts were finished. If I'm not mistaken, there was a third line of drill-holes sunk in the middle of the mass that they meant to cut loose. That's the way I should have done it: then there would have been a little giving in the centre that would have helped to loosen the sides. But what a lot of incarnate devils they must have been to go at such a job!"
  • It was the third day of absolute hopelessness. The water was reduced to so little that only a small cupful could be served to each one as the day's supply. Enough biscuits for two days remained. They had lost all sense of direction, for a fog obscured the sun.
  • "That you are very kind to allow me a third of what belongs wholly to me. But even if I should think this a profitable arrangement to enter into, how am I to feel secure against your carrying off all of the treasure?"
  • They have fired on the flag of truce! The cry arose from a hundred throats, and then a scattering volley rang out. At the same time the Filipinos opened up in a body, and Major Morris, Gilbert, and the third man were seen to pitch into the tall grass in such a manner that they were almost hidden from view.
  • "I proceeded to load for the third time; but before I had finished, the front ranks had passed on both sides of me, and I found myself in the midst of the herd!
  • The whole party were so highly amused by this, that they "went in," as Jeffson said, "for an evening's entertainment." One tossed the poor man a cut of ham, another a slice of pork, a third a mass of bread, and so they continued to ply him with victuals, determined to test his powers to the uttermost.
  • The leading socialist and trade union cliques have their roots intertwined with those of the ruling stratum of the third republic.
  • Mortice deadlock - fit a five-lever deadlock about a third of the way up the door.
  • On Mondays those belonging to the first and second divisions marched down to the seamanship building, there to get their first lessons in seamanship. This began at eight o'clock, lasting until 9.30. During the same period the men who belonged to the third and fourth divisions received instruction in discipline and ordnance. In the second period, from 10 to 11.30 the members of the first and second division attended instruction in discipline and ordnance while the members of the third and fourth divisions attended seamanship.
  • There was considerable dissatisfaction with the food provided in hospital; only a third of mothers said they had enjoyed meals.
  • General, said Roland, "I have the honor to present to you Sir John Tanlay, who proposed to go to the third cataract for the purpose of seeing you, but who has, to-day, obliged me to drag him by the ear to the Luxembourg."
  • The spiderwort was a rich blue with its two large petals rounded, while the third one was tiny and colorless. There was also a purple variety known as "Job's Tears."
  • We shall not attempt to follow the course of the game here. The Navy eleven hurled itself into the fray with undying heroism, but the Army won the great game. It is all told in the third volume of THE WEST POINT SERIES,"" entitled ""DICK PRESSCOTT'S third YEAR AT WEST POINT."" In that volume, too, is described the meeting of the old-time High School chums, their first meeting since the old-time days back in the tome town of Gridley."
  • "After Austerlitz!" said Prince Andrew gloomily. "No, thank you very much! I have promised myself not to serve again in the active Russian army. And I won't--not even if Bonaparte were here at Smolensk threatening Bald Hills--even then I wouldn't serve in the Russian army! Well, as I was saying," he continued, recovering his composure, "now there's this recruiting. My father is chief in command of the third District, and my only way of avoiding active service is to serve under him."
  • That may be it, of course, Frank conceded. "But at the same time, I didn't like the tone of the third officer just now."
  • In the third phrase, it says: Who is it that resurrects the dead earth and raises to life hundreds of thousands of sorts of dead beings? Who could bring this about apart from the True God and Creator of all the universe? It is surely He Who brings it about, He raises them to life.
  • Jadar sighed. "You know, it troubles me that a feringhi would conclude the same thing I have. But I think its a classic problem. And that will dictate a classic solution in the mind of Inayat Latif, whose alleged brilliance does not include a flair for originality. Hell have to mount a conventional attack. Whats more, because of the restricted terrain, hell have no room to split his army into a right wing and a left wing. Theyll have to be a single phalanx. Thats dangerous if you ever need to retreat, but hell not even consider that possibility. And you say you also believe hell hold his cavalry for the third wave." Jadar paused. "Thats more important here than you probably realize. Everything else depends on it. The cavalry must attack last."
  • It just so happened that each of the airport security personnel were having a particularly bad day too. The spouse of one had walked out on him that afternoon. Another, after studying her horoscope that morning, realised that she would not meet her soul mate the following year. Yet another was bracing himself for a poor decision he was due to make that day, and worried that he shouldn't have eaten that third subway meat platter. Already his stomach was churning.
  • Well, we can only hit the ground twice between here and San Francisco, remarked Dick, as he turned on more power. "If we have to come down the third time--we lose the prize."
  • This exit barred to him Turan turned back into the corridor. He followed it cautiously and silently. Occasionally there was a door on one side or the other. These he tried only to find each securely locked. The corridor wound more erratically the farther he advanced. A locked door barred his way at its end, but a door upon his right opened and he stepped into a dimly-lighted chamber, about the walls of which were three other doors, each of which he tried in turn. Two were locked; the other opened upon a runway leading downward. It was spiral and he could see no farther than the first turn. A door in the corridor he had quitted opened after he had passed, and the third warrior stepped out and followed after him. A faint smile still lingered upon the fellow's grim lips.
  • This was their third day in the dragon-ship, though, so Trevor looked up at Erling, swallowed a mouthful of Wilderbeast, and asked: "How much longer till we reach Port Paravel, Erling?"
  • When deciding a name for the award, Academy founder Syd Cassyd originally suggested "Ike", the nickname for the television iconoscope tube. However, "Ike" was also the popular nickname of World War II hero and future U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and therefore Academy members wanted something more unique. Finally, television engineer and the third academy president, Harry Lubcke, suggested the name "Immy", a term commonly used for the image orthicon tube used in the early cameras. After "Immy" was chosen, it was later feminized to Emmy to match their female statuette.
  • Whilst the club was the eighth largest spender in the premier league during the summer transfer window, its wage bill remains third lowest.
  • As much as Alan tried to reassure and comfort Amy, he was fighting an uphill battle. Amys double devastation took her months to get over. It was bad enough that her plans had been destroyed, but taking her first child put her over the edge. The house was real quiet for a whileit even took a few months for the Nobles to start having sex again. Once Amy realized that her schedule was being thrown off, the fire returned to her eyes and her loins. The doctor told Amy to wait a few months for her body to heal and "settle in." By the end of the third month Amy was ready to get back on the horse again. Alan was a bit cautious at first but after a few sessions was happy to be getting any attention.
  • MacQueen looked back from the end of the train at the two figures on the platform. A third figure had joined them. It was Jack Flatray. The girl and the sheriff were looking at each other. With a furious oath, he turned on his heel. For the evidence of his eyes had told him that they were lovers.
  • Stand back, please, he went on, as Jack tried to protest. "I want to say," he went on in a loud tone, holding up his hand to command attention, "that there has been a grave mistake made. The machine which actually flew the longest distance is disqualified, as it was made at a New York model factory. The first prize of fifty dollars, therefore, goes to Paul Perkins, of the Boy Scouts, the second to Edward Rivers, of Hampton, and the third to Hiram Green, also of the Boy Scouts.
  • These men, it would seem, although our officers and guides professed ignorance of the matter, must have left the King's palace at dawn on the day of our departure, whereas we did not mount in the city till a little after noon. Therefore they had six hours good start of us, and what is more, travelled lighter than we did, having no sumpter beasts with them, and no cooks or servants. Moreover, always they had the pick of the horses and chose the three swiftest beasts, leading the third in case one of their own should founder or meet with accident. Thus it came about that we never caught them up although we covered quite a hundred miles a day. Only once did I see them, far off upon the skyline of a mountain range which we had to climb, but by the time we had reached its crest they were gone.
  • "Even so," I agreed. "Well, at the time my story takes place, there was one such goblin king, who came to power by killing and eating his many rivals. And as happens when the goblins become unified in such a way, they experienced a population explosion. The mountains of the Goblineld were teaming with the little blighters. When the mountains could no longer contain them, they swept out across the southern third of the Kingdom of Aerithraine, destroying everything in their path."
  • Twice was this pressure applied, almost exactly on the same spot, and with scarce a second's interval between the applications. It could not well have been repeated a third time with like exactness, even had such been the design of whatever creature was causing it; for, after the second squeeze, each had recovered sufficient consciousness to know he was in danger of being crushed, and make a desperate effort to withdraw himself.
  • A third source close to the situation said Clearwire is also in talks about other strategic alternatives besides the Sprint offer. The person did not give details about what those alternatives were.
  • The third plate also shows an individual zooid, but in even greater detail and also has additional figures of statoblasts.
  • The quadrupeds underwent a hard time during the winter, when grass was scanty, so that such halts were appreciated by them. The spot where they were grazing was far enough removed to screen them from the sight of Deerfoot, when he was reconnoitering the camp. While two of the company were hunting for the weapon, the third remained behind, smoking his pipe, and, when the time came, prepared dinner against the return of the other ones. The meat was good, but not so delicate as the beaver tails on which they frequently feasted during the cold season.
  • There was no answer. A second time he repeated the question, and then again a third time. The mate heard him. The sea roared outside, the wind boomed overhead, the cluttered wreckage clanged about the alleyway. The old man was past speech but he opened an eye, his one remaining eye, and slowly and solemnly winked.
  • "He has been very unwell since the evening and this is the third night he has not slept," said the orderly pleadingly in a whisper. "You should wake the captain first."
  • Paulsons Advantage Plus fund, which seeks to profit from corporate events such as takeovers and bankruptcies and uses leverage to amplify returns, lost 3 percent in October and was down 17 percent in the first 10 months of this year. The Advantage strategy, which includes the firms similar Advantage Plus fund, has $6 billion in assets. Paulson Credit Opportunities, the firms largest strategy, with $6.1 billion in assets as of the third quarter, rose 3.8 percent in October and 6 percent this year.
  • Now in its third edition, this best-selling handbook is a practical, authoritative guide to more than 600 diseases.
  • But the first night in camp shattered all my illusions. The Turk unharnessed and lit the camp fire. I cooked my supper and gave him a share. Then he squatted by the fire and resumed smoking. The horses over which he had shed tears waited. After the Turk's third cigarette I suggested that the horses should be watered and fed. The village well was about 300 yards away, and the Turk evidently did not like the idea of moving from the fire. He did not move, but argued in Turkish of which I understood nothing. Finally I elicited the fact that the horses were too tired to drink and too tired to eat the barley I had brought for them. As a remedy for tiredness they were to be left without water and food all night.
  • When she had eaten what she could--it was not much--Beatrice went to her room, undressed herself, bathed, and put on clean, fresh things. Then she unbound her lovely hair, and did it up in a coronet upon her head. It was a fashion that she did not often adopt, because it took too much time, but on this day, of all days, she had a strange fancy to look her best. Also her hair had been done like this on the afternoon when Geoffrey first met her. Next she put on the grey dress once more which she had worn on her journey to London, and taking the silver Roman ring that Geoffrey had given her from the string by which she wore it about her neck, placed it on the third finger of her left hand.
  • Stairs appeared in the opening. A secret passageway up to the third floor. The woman looked back one last time, terror on her face, then disappeared up the stairs. I tried to follow her, but as I stepped into the shadows, I lost my footing and fell. I fell through the house and down into darkness.
  • A dog is not at his best, in mind or in body, until he has passed his third year. And, before he nears the ten year mark, he has begun to decline. At twelve or thirteen, he is as decrepit as is the average human of seventy. And not one dog in a hundred can be expected to live to fourteen.
  • The little fellow who arrived last night in a post-chaise with his sister, and who asked for an apartment with two beds. The bell here rang for the third time, with another shriek of anguish.
  • The radio was still on. Commercials arrived for the third time in fifteen minutes and Raymond lunged at the switch to kill them. Then he stared through the side-window again, still glum. He licked his fingers and took his gum from his mouth, rolled it in the wrapper and put it in the ashtray.
  • Well, proceed! cried the third man irritably. "Proceed! Proceed! Proceed! Himmel, you must be led step by step! Speak, idiot! How goes it?"
  • Valence replied that Louis had pulled his queue as if it were a bell-cord (queues were then in vogue)--that he had warned him twice to desist, but that Louis had repeated the prank the third time, whereupon, considering him a mischievous youngster, he had treated him as such.
  • The second and third chapters of John recall the early days of Christs ministry. Looks like we have a wedding and a shortage of wine; Jesus performed his first public miracle, changing water into wine. There are many references to miracles in these four gospels, but Im looking for the treasure, so my attention will be on his teaching. Next is the story of Nicodemus, but more information is needed before I tackle this thing about beingborn again.’
  • The power Arangbar now possessed was thought by many to have brought his own undoing. Originally an introspective if sometimes whimsical sovereignwhose early memoirs were filled with scientific observations on Indias fauna and flora, and statesman-like ruminations on the philosophy of governinghe had become slowly dissolute to the point of incapacity. A man who had forsworn both alcohol and drugs until well into his third decade of life, he was now hopelessly addicted to both. In consequence his judgment and instincts had grown ever more unreliable. And since all appointments of salary and place depended on his word alone, no career or fortune was truly secure. It was into this vacuum of sound leadership that the "Persian junta" of Janaharas family had moved.
  • Ethiopia has close historical ties with all three of the world's major Abrahamic religions. It was one of the first areas of the world to have officially adopted Christianity as the state religion, in the 4th century. While Christianity remains the majority religion, there is also a substantial Muslim demographic, representing about a third of the population. Ethiopia is the site of the first Hijra in Islamic history and the oldest Muslim settlement in Africa at Negash. Until the 1980s, a substantial population of Ethiopian Jews resided in Ethiopia.
  • As she stood too quickly, the blood seemed to rush from her head. Dizziness overwhelmed her, and the monk lent support while she regained her balance. Catrin thanked the woman and drank three mugs of water while she waited for the spell to pass. Slowly she began to feel better. Supporting herself again, Catrin gave a nod, and the monk led her back to the hall and opened the third door in. Catrin followed, whimsically wondering how they could top the previous days, and she tried to prepare herself for the unexpected.
  • With legislative and executive, the courts are the third column of Austrian state powers. Notably the Constitutional Court (Verfassungsgerichtshof) may exert considerable influence on the political system by ruling out laws and ordinances not in compliance with the constitution. Since 1995, the European Court of Justice may overrule Austrian decisions in all matters defined in laws of the European Union. Austria also implements the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, since the European Convention on Human Rights is part of the Austrian constitution.
  • "In the third place, I don't think I have the right, for I'm a soldier. I'm working for Uncle Sam, and I don't believe I ought to take up mining claims. I'm not sure there is anything to prevent it, but neither am I sure it would be quite the square thing--are you?"
  • "Youll want to wait and talk to the Captain about where he wants you. He and the First Sergeant went down the road to check up on third Platoon, theyll be back in an hour or so."
  • The third thing, said Zoraida sharply, "that you may understand why I mention to you the second, is this: You will never go free until I say the word! And I shall never say the word until you and I have brought the rest and placed it here!"
  • They arrived at the front of the brick building, where the constant pulse of music throbbed beneath their feet. The letters "T" and "U" were carved in a flowery script and flanked the large doors at the entrance. The second and third stories were rings of glass, all painted black. Three metal flagpoles, devoid of any colors, were on the left. A podium was on the right, staffed by two large men in overalls, black boots, and construction hats.
  • "Sir, it is; and I am constant." Martius smiles at the third commander: "Titus Lartius, thou shalt see me once more strike at Tullusface! What, art thou stiff? Standst out?" He wonders if the officers injury will hold him back.
  • The third party right of veto only applies to acts done by agreement, not unilateral acts such as termination for material breach.
  • Next day their aunt arrived and with her a school-teacher friend. With their forces increased by two the girls were not afraid to maintain their camp. In fear of the return of the robbers they established a nightly watch. That this fear was not unfounded was proved by the events of the third night of vigil. It was again in the early morning when Marian was on guard, that heavy footsteps could be heard in the underbrush about the camp.
  • Addition and multiplication are familiar operations in the theory of complex numbers and are given in the figures. The sum is found as follows. Let the start of the second arrow be at the end of the first. The sum is then a third arrow that goes directly from the start of the first to the end of the second. The product of two arrows is an arrow whose length is the product of the two lengths. The direction of the product is found by adding the angles that each of the two have been turned through relative to a reference direction: that gives the angle that the product is turned relative to the reference direction.
  • And now the great moment approaches! The little fellow takes his stand fearlessly below his father; before him the semicircle of green veiled ladies; a hundred in the first row, a hundred in the second row, a hundred in the third row.
  • "A doctor? What kind?" Martha asked. She was clearly in her thirties, but her breasts were still firm, her nipples still hard. They sat like citadels, covered by a tight, tubetop. The good thing about whores in the third world was that their breasts were real.
  • The third message, also from Ruth, asked Rob whether he knew Scott and, since his morning class ended at 11:45, requested that he please go straight over to the provost's office afterward to pick Scott up and walk him over to the departmental conference room. "I've already notified the provost's office that you will be collecting him, so let me know if this is a problem for you." Rob sent her a reply saying he'd be delighted to bring Scott over--even though he wasn't.
  • Peel the top third of the skin from the apples and cut a sliver off the bottom so the apples can stand upright.
  • Paul had virtually invented the divine trinity, the third aspect of which was the holy ghost.
  • Over half the estimated time gone, and we re only a third of the way there! exclaimed the young millionaire. "I'm afraid we aren't going to do it, Mr. Vardon."
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