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Okunuşu: / ðiːz / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: these
Türü: sıfat


s. ,
zam. (tek. this) bunlar.

these için örnek cümleler:

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  • Anodyne styling of these later convertibles, compared with the finely chiseled beauty of the original.
  • "Thus hath the candle singed the moth!" the lady tells Nerissa happily. "Oh, these deliberative fools; when they do choose, they have the wisdom by their wit to lose!"
  • Precision molded to cover each key, these new keyboard protectors are form fitting and do not slide or move while being used.
  • Underwater visibility on some of these reefs has to be seen to be believed, sometimes reaching 60 meters plus.
  • If they do not fish for them, sailors see them at least. One of my friends, Captain Paul Bos of Havre, has often affirmed that he met one of these monsters of colossal dimensions in the Indian seas. But the most astonishing fact, and which does not permit of the denial of the existence of these gigantic animals, happened some years ago, in 1861.
  • Robert didnt miss the hint of mockery and resentment in Sparshotts tone, but he chose to ignore it. He turned to the relaxing crowd. Now that the small altercation was over the men could return to their festivities. Robert knew that at other times the men would have enjoyed a good fist fight or a bit of swordplay. And that might still happen between these two; one could always lay a wager on it.
  • Campaign will be used in these areas to help encourage local residents to get involved with the program.
  • Throughout these formative years my peers went on to become key industry figureheads.
  • Anorexic waifs - these are real men and women, abundant, sensuous and committed.
  • Passing into a narrow channel, in which at every turn they came close upon swimming and sleeping seals, they suddenly swept up to the verge of a vast and heavy field, on which thousands of the young of these animals lay in helpless inability to move. Most of these were what are called "white-coats,"--fat little things, covered with a thick coat of woolly fur,--but a few had attained their third week of existence, and wore their close-laid fur, whose silvery, sword-like fibres, when wet, lie flat and smooth as glass.
  • The taliban have repeatedly disavowed any intention of taking their struggle beyond these frontiers.
  • Because of these problems it is often better to use image subtraction or image division for change detection.
  • "Trust me, Billy," I said, "if what's happening in the city starts happening here, that oar won't do you much good. When I was swimming in the bay there were zombies on the bottom. One of them tried to drag me under. Its only a matter of time before they get here. Youd be safer in the bay. I don't think these zombies, or whatever they are, can swim, but they can obviously walk around down there."
  • A major concern is the lack of knowledge regarding the ecotoxicity and the environmental impact of these ultrafine particles.
  • Ye gods, just give me a good harpoon! You see, sir, these sharks are badly designed. They have to roll their bellies over to snap you up, and in the meantime . . .
  • Both these options would, in my option seriously detract from the historic integrity of the building.
  • In time we would expect one of these companies to become the program integrator.
  • Myeloid leukemias have been reported but no complete review of these cases has been performed.
  • I didn't reply, and while staring at these suspicious waves, I began to put on my heavy aquatic clothes, helped by the longboat's sailors. Captain Nemo and my two companions suited up as well. None of the Nautilus's men were to go with us on this new excursion.
  • Staggering to note that even in these critical remarks, antisemitism was in no way questioned, but was often explicitly affirmed.
  • Appetite nausea and vomiting abdominal pain these symptoms last for around a week.
  • Dustbin liner or two with you as these can be used for kit which is still damp.
  • Oran the underling cleric arrived home with his barge full of slaves. He led them off the barge and into the underground river called the Current. Their feet and legs sank into the sandy bank, forcing him to pull them along by the ropes that held them. They followed him, silent and morbid, in a labyrinth ?lled with stalagmites, stalactites, streams, ponds and bats. It was pitch black, the setting into which all underlings were born and raised. these men, women and children were some of the few creatures that ever ventured beneath the word of Bish.
  • Marcus chides both: "Romes emperor, and nephew, you break the parle! these quarrels must be quietly debated. The feast is ready!—which the careful Titus hath ordained to an honourable end: for peace, for love, for leagueand good to Rome!
  • Allura laughed maniacally as she shrugged off these onerous burdens and plunged directly into the warm bath of childhood, free of responsibilities.
  • More on conditions like these is available, as are many other fascinating nuggets of information, which include a range of interactive tests.
  • Almost all of these fungi grow in symbiotic association with trees, forming mycorrhizas that aid the uptake of mineral nutrients from soil.
  • During the next three years more and more areas of the world will experience these outages and nobody will be able to explain why.
  • I stepped forward as if to seize her arm, but she drew back and said, ‘Dont touch me. I wont run away, and I will explain all. I will explain it to you, sir, privately, and I will show you that these things are not stolen. But there is no need for this man to hear, for it is a very delicate and private matter. I will come with you quietly and explain.’
  • "Master Constable, let these men be bound and brought to Leonatos! I will go before, and show him their examination." He gathers up his book and implements and leaves the jail.
  • The last time? Nasan was keenly aware of the difference between these two Stars. Rigel was larger, stronger, more vibrant. Yet Menkar possessed a dim sort of power and would not back down. They pawed the ground, sending up sparks with each touch. Oscar slunk in, an afterthought.
  • Neither of the two rigs in these cases had a rudder or motive power.
  • Cartilage degradation associated with high il-1 levels far outstrips any attempts at repair by these growth factors.
  • "This guy. Ive got the sale, I think, but hes asking all these questions about the price and what Im going to throw in. There was nothing in the video about this."
  • Television commercials don't appear to be peopled with those who have had difficulties with intimacy or other inter-personal issues or substance abuse problems, which means that the actors are doing a really good job since actors often seem to be the demographic most afflicted with these very things, though maybe not so much in these early stages, or what they hope to be the early stages, of their successful careers. Perhaps all those problems only come later with real celebrity and not just the vague recognition that those who act in television commercials receive.
  • Tranios Lucentio implores: "See not your bride in these unreverent robes! Go to my chamberput on clothes of mine!" he offers.
  • Thus, these aspects of this blessed planet of ours prove the necessary existence and Unity of a Possessor of Absolute Power with a testimony as powerful as the globe of the earth itself.
  • A. yes, we are capable of insuring overseas properties but these are not quotable online.
  • Katie nodded. Her long legs looked especially brown in her pale yellow shorts. She liked to lounge around reading in these short little fucking shorts. Made me want to bend her over the armrest of the sofa every time I looked at her.
  • "The first reactions have not been great," Max grumbled. "Maybe it will be better with these new additions. To tell you the truth, I dont really find him exciting enough to shoot at. Cant you make him look more dangerous, but in such a way that he still looks like a magician?"
  • I made some really cool shirts for hilken and i to wear that had all these cool patches sewn into them.
  • Pichon pere was a short, squat, powerfully built man, verging on sixty, whose thick, dark grizzled hair, sturdy limbs, and hard hands, on which the muscles showed like cords, spoke of endurance and strength; he was, indeed, noted in the neighborhood for those qualities. His sons resembled him slightly, and each other closely, as was natural, for they were twins. They were heavy, lumpish fellows, and they made but an ungracious return to the attempted civilities of the stranger, to whom the offer of their mother to show him his room was a decided relief. As he rose to follow the woman, Paul de Snanges lifted his small valise with difficulty from the floor, on which he had placed it on entering the house, and carried it out of the room in both his arms. The brothers followed these movements with curiosity, and, when the door closed behind their mother and the stranger, their eyes met.
  • Thus, you may understand from these ten indications of miraculousness that in the summaries at the conclusions of verses are numerous sprinklings of guidance and flashes of miraculousness.
  • We were playing the role of sheriffs, escheators and bailiffs. A rude introduction my tenants had to me, but at least these people could learn to treat me as a man, even if the high servants of my estates did not.
  • Some 10 kil. beyond a beautiful beach of white sand was noticeable on the left bank. We were always glad to see these beaches, as we frequently found on them quantities of tortoise eggs--most delicious to eat.
  • After I finished my sandwich, I leaned back in my chair. I looked at Katie sitting there in her towel. Her legs were shiny from baby oil. Probably smelled nice. I realized I had just been sitting there thinking about the store with these legs a couple of feet away.
  • But all these issues pale into insignificance next to the potentially seismic impact of the prudential code.
  • A quorum of the crew had gathered for the third general meeting in less than forty-eight hours, a new record. No one cheered the news Maya Nguyen brought about Mister Wonderful or the potential resurrection of their lunar reality show. The carpet area was filled with signs and moans as she spoke. Then, when Barley appeared with these results, the groaning only grew louder.
  • That was my conclusion from all this channelling. I was exhausted from looking for any other explanation, and finally I admitted it. Id been shown Marbles whose origin was lost in antiquity, a sword of power and the cup with Christs blood. Each of these had figured in Edwards life. The Marbles were still withheld from him and the Holy Grail was locked up in Stafford Castle, all that remained to him was the Sword.
  • The cooling is hastened by refrigerators in the room beneath, these refrigerators in the room beneath, these refrigerators being supplied with water which has come from two ice machines.
  • An Addendum to the Discussion on the Nightingale: However, do not suppose this proclaiming and heralding and these songs of glorification are peculiar to the nightingale.
  • To celebrate both these occasions we are looking to hold a reunion on the weekend of 20th 22nd january 2006.
  • The professor paid no attention to these words. "I came here," he said, "to demand of you why you made that absurd and malicious charge against me the other day. Such charges are not passed over in France, but I will give you a chance to explain yourself."
  • "They are here for me!" Johnny almost choked on the words. Just as they had come for him and Lyle before. They had followed him all the way to Korea seeking that chemical which was playing these tricks on his brain. They had followed him to somewhere near the ocean, an eddy of dust told him. Lyle! What had ever become of him? But the dust carried no news of that. Either he had gotten away or he was wherever Dr. Bronski was now. Heaven or hell.
  • These are the usual nautical instruments, I replied, "and I know the use of them. But these others, no doubt, answer to the particular requirements of the Nautilus. This dial with movable needle is a manometer, is it not?"
  • But Afanasei was not finished. He was the first of them to realise that it was not just the land that would draw these man north.
  • All other sifakas have a gray or black visage, but the faces of some of these individuals were strangely pink with dark blotches.
  • All right, said Burke, "I'll stop growling. But look here, captain. How much do you suppose one of these bags is worth, and how many are there in all? I don't want to be inquisitive, but it would be a sort of comfort to know."
  • However, risk stratification of aml based on these methods is still incomplete.
  • Interleave these sequences producing undesirable results, as illustrated in figure 23.
  • Edmund looks up just as his brother enters the hall. And pat he comes, like the catastrophe of the old comedy! He considers his demeanor. My cue is villainous melancholy, with a sigh like Tom oBedlams. Oh, these eclipses do portend these divisions! ‘Fa, sol, la, me!’ After three rising notes, he sounds a sharp fall.
  • As Captain Nemo pronounced these words, I turned to Conseil and Ned Land. But my two friends had already encased their craniums in their metal headgear, and they could neither hear nor reply.
  • He was willing to be patient and figure these guys out. They'd said a lot in a few minutes. The last time they were here they looked like salesmen. This time they were more like Teamsters at a bowling alley.
  • "Sam, Ive read some reports that these people who are being told they are HIV-Positive are being pressured into taking what may still be highly toxic drugs."
  • A set of default om window configurations is available: these will generally be satisfactory for most proposals.
  • The picture painted by these three witnesses was of a home dominated by the matriarch, mrs joan cave.
  • "Is it?" he demanded angrily. He stepped around Rhirid before the other had a chance to react. "It seems to me its pretty easy for you. How much thought did you give it? Just these last few moments or since the day he fired our manor and stole you away?"
  • Thus across the grave of these old Lowes did the two shake hands, as they had never done before; and Dangerfield, white and glittering, and like a frolicsome man, entering into a joke, wrung his with an exaggerated demonstration, and then flung it downward with a sudden jerk, as if throwing down a glove. The gesture, the smile, and the suspicion of a scowl, had a strange mixture of cordiality, banter and defiance, and he was laughing a quiet 'ha, ha, ha;' and, wagging his head, he said--
  • Thus, all these beings show all the results desired of them to the utmost degree and in the best possible way.
  • Before you decide to develop the course... ...you 2 need satisfactory answers to these questions.
  • "But it does not hang on these walls. Somewhere inside there minds they must of known their failures. Why bother be an artist if you are just second rate?"
  • My own faith is growing by leaps and bounds and i am totally energized by the glowing faith i see in these wonderful people.
  • I don't see why. Toronto is part of Canada, isn't it? And these are Canadian hockey uniforms, aren't they? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Montreal is part of Canada, isn't it?
  • Whoa, look at Matthew 4:6! Could it be that the tempter is the first one in this story to quote scripture? This may serve as a good lesson. It shows that these books can be abused. The devil has just taken the word of God and turned it into the word of the devil. And he did so by simply opening his mouth and quoting scripture. This is like turning a prince into a frog! "No offense intended little one. How are you doing in there? Ill do my best to get you back outside soon, dont worry."
  • Wrap these short pieces around longer pipe cleaners to make dendrites.
  • I caught my breath and said: "In a few more days you wont have these limitations, but until then you need to save your strength. This is only the first day. Youve got four more to go."
  • "Suck itdont bite it. See how long it can last." Annie then took one as well. She wished that a vendor would come back through, so she could purchase more of these delightful candies. Giuseppe, Antonio and his family may not have experienced them yetand they should.
  • "Well, then, they are written by some one, as I said, who commands the services, of, at least, one spy in your house. It may take time to detect that agent; but accident, vigilance, a momentary indiscretion, may lead to detection. If we had that end of the thread in our fingers, it would, perhaps, answer as well. I think I should reach the other. But, for the present, we must be secret -- not a creature in your house must suspect that these letters affect your conduct, or even your spirits -- and as Mrs. Wardell does not know anything of them ----"
  • The nec Braille tutors are responsible for teaching Braille on two of these courses.
  • If kids ask me questions at the store and I attempt to answer, they get jerked away by their mothers who seem not to care that they've nearly pulled their child's arm out of its socket. God forbid there's a lost child at the shopping mall; my first instinct is to comfort and help them find the parents; but these daysproceed at your own risk. Once I took a kid by the hand to bring her to the security guard a mere twenty feet away and suddenly dad swoops in, grabs the kid and gives me a look like I was Adolf Hitler and I owed him money.
  • The practices of these nefarious conspirators had been carried on with consummate skill and secrecy. Their dupes were led, as I was, to be themselves auxiliary to the mystery which made their own destruction both safe and certain.
  • Bernard opened a plastic bag removing a white cloth that he had previously soaked in chlorophyll. He slowly opened the door and walked around the front of the car, all the while scanning his surroundings for anything that could interfere with what he was about to do. Smiling broadly at the little girls he said, "I sure am thirsty!" He immediately saw concern grow within the little girls faces; it was a look that he was all too familiar to him. He was not an attractive man by any stretch of the imagination and these little girls were once again painfully revealing that fact, but their reaction to his appearance was after all what motivated him. Anyway, in a little while this pretty little girl would help him feel better about himself. And after all wasnt that why he was here.
  • Far better divide thine enjoyments with thy neighbor than with these enemies.
  • Now you'll be wanting to know what made these two men hate each other, for friends they had been, as two men ought to be who had been taken prisoners together and spent ten years in captivity to the French, and come home aboard the same ship like brothers. The bigger the love the bigger the hate, and no difficulty to guess there was a woman in the case. So there was; but the way she came between them was curious, for all that.
  • The hood liner was removed as was the front valence and mud flaps - these would get torn off pretty quickly anyway.
  • "I do not pity you," Kerrion stated. "I should think it must be impossible to pity a man like you. But what those soldiers and my father did was wrong. If I am returned to the desert, I shall see to it that these abominable practices are stopped." Blade shook his head, and the Prince went on, "I shall appoint overseers and employ spies to ensure this. I know that is the only way."
  • Not least of these was the geographic dispersal of the personnel involved.
  • Tighter budget may forego these luxuries in order to pay lower rent.
  • Rational debate - it would be nice to see it on these increasingly tiresome forums.
  • Sifting through thousands of cds to find these gems we expected great things of our performers and those expectations were more than met.
  • Dictate the extent to which these questions of assessment inform the selection of a game.
  • "Dr. Pullman, you mentioned a number of times while you were discussing these studies that some of the initial ELISA tests were laterconfirmed’ – thats the exact word you used, I believe – ‘confirmedto accurately detect HIV infection, is that correct?"
  • So much for the characters. Whats important is what they say; and every word that is said in testimony from all the witnesses in this fictitious trial, or in interviews on "GNN," is indisputably true and factual and based on over 900 published scientific and medical papers, along with documented news stories, books, and other publications. The actual references can be found at www.theAIDStrial.com, for anyone who wishes to challenge the validity of any of these statements.
  • What real freedom is there for nhs foundation trusts within these national standards?
  • Sutherland contains freshwaters with examples of these unique strains as does the borders where some streams also hold comparatively undiluted strains.
  • The study of the great models of the past serves to show how these masters achieved the truly sublime without falling victim to bathos.
  • No, my boy; and the whiteness which surprises you is caused only by the presence of myriads of infusoria, a sort of luminous little worm, gelatinous and without colour, of the thickness of a hair, and whose length is not more than seventhousandths of an inch. these insects adhere to one another sometimes for several leagues.
  • Even tho these efforts may not have swayed the undecided senators, it certainly did help to plant seeds of doubt about the treaty.
  • The story has even in our time received what I may call some fireside embellishments; but these are the facts, and the parish knows little beyond them. I (as you conjecture) know a great deal more; and yet there is a sense in which I know nothing more. You and I, my old friend, have come to an age when men do not care to juggle with the mysteries of another world, but knowing that the time is near when all accounts must be rendered, desire to take stock honestly of what they believe and what they do not. And here lies my difficulty. On the one hand I would not make public an experience which, however honestly set down, might mislead others, and especially the young, into rash and mischievous speculations. On the other, I doubt if it be right to keep total silence and withhold from devout and initiated minds any glimpse of truth, or possible truth, vouchsafed to me. As the Greek said, "Plenty are the thyrsus-bearers, but few the illuminate"; and among these few I may surely count my old friend.
  • So much for the frescoes. A thin coat of plaster had been laid over them to receive the second series, which consisted of the most disgusting and fantastic images, traced in black. One of these drawings represented Satan himself--an erect figure, with hairy paws clasped in a supplicating posture, thick black horns, and eyes which (for additional horror) the artist had painted red and edged with a circle of white. At his feet crawled the hindmost limb of a peculiarly loathsome monster with claws stuck in the soil. Close by a nun was figured, sitting in a pensive attitude, her cheek resting on the back of her hand, her elbow supported by a hideous dwarf, and at some distance a small house, or prison, with barred windows and a small doorway crossed with heavy bolts.
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