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Okunuşu: / sʌtʃ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: such
Türü: sıfat


s. bunun gibi, böyle, şöyle, öyle.

such için örnek cümleler:

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  • Undoubtedly, replied the captain, "if it possesses such dreadful power, it is the most terrible animal that ever was created. That is why, sir, I must be on my guard."
  • Vested in any trustee until such time as the bankruptcy order is annulled.
  • And although the Quran was revealed in order to guide and lead to various aims, it possesses such an perfect integrity, such a careful balance, such a fine order that it is as though the aim was one.
  • We hung up and I couldnt help myself. I thrust my arms out and up in victory chops, wanting to yell, wanting to laugh from my gut. Months of fear, doubt, anger, self-loathing, and such got painted over quickly inside of me.
  • Some, such as the coupling shot are amazingly clever, but very difficult to master.
  • Is there a veil that can obscure a Window such as this? And can the person who accusingly does not look through this Window be said to possess reason? Come on, you say!
  • But the best thing about Hawarden was that it was only ten miles from Chester. Henry might have put down this rebellion but everyone knew that the kings sons were notoriously unfaithful and Hugh was gambling on the very real possibility of another uprising. There were disaffected barons stillHugh was wryly certain Ralph de Fougeres would jump at yet another chance to go against Henryand if such an opportunity presented itself the first thing Hugh would do would be to march on Chester and reclaim it from the royal garrison.
  • But it is doubtful if it can avoid at least some check to growth or even outright recession such circumstances.
  • Kethudrim sat back like I had slapped him. There was such pain in his eyes that I desperately wanted to take back my last words. "I'm sorry," I didn't know what else to say.
  • During this argument of Barron's his obstinate and offended listener had become quite convinced of the justice of her own conclusions. The sarcasm had settled it. She knew, now, that she had been right all along in her suspicion of the porcupines. And with this certainty her indignation suddenly disappeared. It is such a comfort to be certain. So now, instead of flinging his ignorance in his face, she pretended to be convinced--remembering that she needed his advice as to how to trap the presumptuous porcupine.
  • I now know 100% that there are no such things as ghosts. I always believed it, but I now have proof because if such things existed there would be no way in this world or the next that I wouldn't have been awaken in the depths of night by a confused or even angry apparition wondering why I was throwing all of his stuff away. No visitation. Except for the rumbling of the garbage truck outside hauling away all that remains of Dennis to the dump.
  • Selection would life, health, and annuity insurance company links a thru b suggest depending on the such as receipt state-specific asset thresholds.
  • Inconceivable that a man could return such treachery for divine love.
  • He was equally convinced that she loved him. He didnt give it much thought; he merely assumed that such strong attraction on his part must surely be reciprocated. But she was shy, perhaps owing to her position, and never approached him or spoke to him unless he spoke to her first. It didnt matter; he needed a little time anyway. He needed to figure out what he was going to do with Teleri because of course he couldnt marry Gwalaes if he were still married to the princes niece. He would like to have asked Delamere for advice but sensed that his friend did not approve of his interest in Gwalaes. But that didnt matter, either; he was prepared to sacrifice a friendship for a relationship with the woman he loved.
  • "I am a soldier, my man," added the Colonel in a milder tone, as he stamped his cold feet on the porch and shook off the rain from his travelling-gear; "I am used to rough fare and a hard couch: all we want is shelter. A corner of the floor will suffice for me and my rug; a private room I can dispense with at such times as these."
  • The following rule corrects many such cases from subordinating conjunction ( cjs ) to prepositions ( prp ) tags.
  • Most of Kells conquests hated rubbers, well, all of them did. Kell slept with few men as concerned as himself, but he was the rare sport who had a serious partner who also happened to be female. A few of Kells partners were in relationships, but everyone screwed around, too tempting not to with the baths, bars, and discos. such a free, easy city to dwell in if ones tastes were inclined toward the same gender, but that hadnt been why Kell moved here, which Marthe knew, what she understood.
  • In such a brief poem, the incident narrated in the two middle stanzas seems rather indulgent.
  • Thin films of such a material will be deposited using magnetron sputtering.
  • "Yes, Master. You see this beautiful Cup of his is after all--his beautiful Cup. Her mind is the shadow of his mind and from her he pours out his wisdom. So I told him all the case. At first he was angry, for, notwithstanding the words he spoke to you and me, when it came to a point the holy Tanofir, being after all much like other men, did not wish to lose his Cup. Indeed had he been a few score of years younger I am not sure but that he would have forgotten some of his holiness because of her. Still he came to see matters in the true light at last--for your sake, Master, not for mine, since his wisdom told him it was needful that I should become King of the Ethiopians again, to do which I must be married. At any rate he worked upon the mind of that Cup of his--having first settled that she should procure a younger sister of her own to fill her place--in such fashion that when at length I spoke to her on the matter, she did not say no."
  • What do such hopes tell us about our attitudes to mortality and our attitudes to human finitude?
  • It was done, and I was broken-hearted, and broken-hearted I must wander to the end. Those who have endured my loss will know my sorrow; it cannot be written. In such peace and at such an hour may I also die!
  • Up go the colours! exclaimed Harry, with a shout. "Hurrah! There's the glorious old flag of England, and the other is French--there's no doubt about it. Then there'll be a fight. Hurrah! I wish I was aboard the old ship; I'm sure it's her. Couldn't we manage it even now? Pull the raft up to her. I wish that she would see us and pick us up. Oh dear! how provoking! I'd give anything to be on board!" such were the exclamations to which the young midshipman gave utterance, as he stood watching the ships. "The old ship has tacked, she is standing away from us! The Frenchman is about also. They'll be away. We shall not see any of the fighting after all."
  • Rogation day ceremonies, with their blessing of the fields, is probably a christianisation of such activities.
  • "Oh, would that he did!" growls Richard, standing astride the body. "And so perhaps he doth!—’tis but his policy to counterfeit, because he would avoid such bitter taunts as he gave our father in the time of death!"
  • With its burgeoning popularity, a scouting system the likes of which had never been seen was created. Men and women were put on teams payrolls to find the best and the brightest from every corner of the globe. The invention of the airplane was taken to its limits as the quest for players went to remote locations in South America, Africa, and Asia. No one was off limits, as the ever-expanding rules of Carnival Ball allowed players with all sorts of talents, supernatural or otherwise. Although never confirmed, some say that a scout for the Baltimore Bombers was secretly working with Lord Carnavon in 1923 when he located King Tuts Tomb. Since all attempts to resurrect Tutankhamun in hopes he could play shortstop failed, the scouting records were destroyed. It was one such expedition for talent that brought "Sarge" Safran and Anthony "Mink" Cosgrove into the Carnival Leagues fold.
  • The Leagues leadership includes outright terrorists such as Michael Tubbs. Tubbs was a League leader in Florida. In the military, Tubbs was found with arms and explosives caches. Tubbs had lists of targets; newspapers, television stations, and businesses owned by Jews and Blacks.
  • The benefit of any such condition, warranty or representation by careers in logistics is hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waived by the client.
  • I can find you two such men, the governor said. "They both used to be captains of craft that traded among the islands, but now own several vessels; some of these have disappeared, and they are continually coming up here and pestering us with their complaints, though I have told them again and again that I can do nothing in the matter; I know that they would very gladly go with you in order to aid in the punishment of the pirates."
  • "Then we should use it in ways that don't. Let the rich think we're sheep. Let's teach love and sharing. Let's build bands to spread our word. And when we're ready, we'll rise in such numbers that no one will dare oppose us."
  • "Athwart the lane,"—blocking British retreat, "he and two striplingslads more likely to run a country race than to commit such slaughterwith faces fit for bold masks; rather fairer than those faces cased for preservation in shamecontrolled the passage!
  • A white man's skull would have crunched like an eggshell under that impact, but the African cranium is stout. The fellow toppled to the ground under the sheer tonnage of the blows, and he lay there with the whistle half-frozen on his lips, and such a ludicrous look of surprise growing over his features that Carnforth burst into an involuntary laugh. Kettle, however, was more business-like. The negro had a machete dangling from his hip, and the little sailor darted out and snatched it from its sheath. He jumped back again to cover with slim activity, and a couple of pistol bullets which followed him made harmless grey splashes on the opposite wall. Then there was a pause in the proceedings, and Carnforth felt his heart thumping noisily against his watch as he waited.
  • The area is known for its excellent free-range pork and lamb, as well as seasonal game such as partridge and hare.
  • Under the general name of Blackfeet are comprehended several tribes: such as the Surcies, the Peagans, the Blood Indians, and the Gros Ventres of the Prairies: who roam about the southern branches of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers, together with some other tribes further north.
  • "All the children in the camp fell ill eventually, and they all died. A disease carried by sand fleas, I was told, one that Jashimari have no resistance to." He paused, staring past Kerrion with such intensity that the Prince was hard put not to turn and look behind him. "I got it too, but for some reason, I survived." He lowered his gaze to the fire. "I seem to have a charmed life, for there have been many times when I should have died. Yet I have never failed to kill the man I was sent to slay. Even your father, who survived all the other attempts on his life."
  • You will continue to pay bt for your line rental and added services such as call waiting.
  • There was such varied force of the vividness in these images. There must be some reason why some images are totally compelling while others are vague and some just will not come at all.
  • My views of the other sex were neither more nor less than my words to the Count had been calculated to convey. It may be - I know now that it was that the women I had known fitted Chatellerault's description, and were not over-difficult to win. Hence, such successes as I had had with them in such comedies of love as I had been engaged upon had given me a false impression. But such at least was not my opinion that night. I was satisfied that Chatellerault talked wildly, and that no such woman lived as he depicted. Cynical and soured you may account me. such I know I was accounted in Paris; a man satiated with all that wealth and youth and the King's favour could give him; stripped of illusions, of faith and of zest, the very magnificence - so envied - of my existence affording me more disgust than satisfaction. Since already I had gauged its shallows.
  • Other estimates suggest 200 million buffalo roamed the plains. Indians also use the animals stomach by filling it with water and vegetables such as onions, potatoes and carrots, then hanging it over a fire to cook. They called it a paunch. They would eat the food from the paunch one day and then they could eat the paunch the next.
  • It wasn't clear that he was really provost material, Michaelson thought to himself as Dean DiSola timidly raised his hand and smiled weakly at the assemblage. He was far too close to the faculty for Michaelson's taste, and would not willingly play the role of executioner on promotion and tenure decisions as Jeannette Bobier had done. But Michaelson really had no other choice at such short notice. The College of Arts and Sciences was the biggest and most diverse unit within the university. Hence Dominic had some experience dealing with the range of issues that a provost had to deal with, unlike the deans of the smaller, more specialized schools and colleges who were intimately familiar with their own fields and little else.
  • Pomp, as we have hinted further back, was not an African with a perfectly clear record. The rumors about his belonging to a gang of river pirates in San Francisco were correct, and he had been engaged in some deeds which were of a character that the law puts the severest ban upon. He was known to be daring, and possessed such prodigious power, united to activity, that, beyond a doubt, if he were placed upon an even footing, he could have conquered the captain, mate and the two sailors, without any special effort upon his own part.
  • It is as if such an animate being is a drop filtered from the whole universe with an extremely fine balance.
  • The child had no idea of her having seen any thing more formidable than a thief. With the prowling, cautious, and noiseless manner of proceeding common to such marauders, the air and movements of the man whom she had seen entirely corresponded. And on hearing her perfectly distinct and consistent account, I could myself arrive at no other conclusion than that a stranger had actually got into the house. I had, therefore, in the first instance, a most careful examination made to discover any traces of an entrance having been made by any window into the house. The doors had been found barred and locked as usual; but no sign of any thing of the sort was discernible. I then had the various articles--plate, wearing apparel, books,
  • Listen, then, and I will tell you what John Calhoun meansJohn Calhoun, who has loved his own state, who has hated those who hated him, who has never prayed for those who despitefully used him, who has fought and will fight, since all insist on that. It is true Tyler has offered me again today the portfolio of secretary of state. Shall I take it? If I do, it means that I am employed by this administration to secure the admission of Texas. Can you believe me when I tell you that my ambition is for it allall, every foot of new land, west to the Pacific, that we can get, slave or free? Can you believe John Calhoun, proslavery advocate and orator all his life, when he says that he believes he is an humble instrument destined, with God's aid, and through the use of such instruments as our human society affords, to build, not a wider slave country, but a wider America?
  • Huge congratulations go to friedman for profiting off such an obvious notion.
  • Social Etiquette. Help replace phrases such as, "Move your fat ass! Youre blocking the TV" or "Whats the hold up? My beer aint gonna find its way to me, is it?" with more socially acceptable phrases such as, "Dear, could you please move a little to the, why nevermind. Why dont you just have a seat next to me, honey." or "I appreciate you getting that beer for me, but please hurry, I miss you and need you near to feel whole again."
  • It is probable that most other membrane-bound organelles are ultimately derived from such vesicles.
  • Still inside the barn he heard footsteps on the path and he actually stiffened, the old reflex returning unbidden. It had taken him quite a few years to get over that fear of his older brother tracking him down even though he knew he was far, far away from that place. But even now, every once in a while when he least expected it, that moment of terror could return. He knew it could only be Robert, after all, who else would be coming around? He cursed himself for being such a fool. "Stupid idiot." he muttered under his breath.
  • Such big roos were incredibly strong, composed entirely of knotty muscle stretched over bone and with not a shred of fat on them. They more than made up for their tiny little tyrannosaurus hands with their massive hind legs, each sporting claws that could disembowel the unexpecting with one swipe. Their tails were strong enough to send the animals leaping nine metres ahead with each bound. The bucks were niggly, bad-tempered animals, always tearing strips out of each other and fighting over the does, but had developed strategies over the millennia to cope with iteven able to retract their testicles safely into their bodies at such times of distemper. They had evolved to deal with such battles, but humans had not, so it was much safer to stay on the good side of a roo where possible.
  • Alise typed in the blogsite's address. "I'd rather not be here when you look at this anyhow. I'm old enough to be embarrassed by such things. If you run into a problem, I'll be out front."
  • He turns to Miranda. "Wipe thou thine eyeshave comfort! The direful spectacle of the wreck, which touched the very virtue of compassion in thee, I have with such provision in mine art so safely ordered that there is no soulno, not so much as a hair!—fallen to perdition!—nor any creature in the vessel which thou heardst cry, which thou sawst sink.
  • At daylight they were in the saddle again, and skirted along the river, passing through fresh grassy meadows, and a succession of beautiful groves of willows and cotton-wood. Toward evening, Captain Bonneville observed a smoke at a distance rising from among hills, directly in the route he was pursuing. Apprehensive of some hostile band, he concealed the horses in a thicket, and, accompanied by one of his men, crawled cautiously up a height, from which he could overlook the scene of danger. Here, with a spy-glass, he reconnoitred the surrounding country, but not a lodge nor fire, not a man, horse, nor dog, was to be discovered; in short, the smoke which had caused such alarm proved to be the vapor from several warm, or rather hot springs of considerable magnitude, pouring forth streams in every direction over a bottom of white clay. One of the springs was about twenty-five yards in diameter, and so deep that the water was of a bright green color.
  • The two men fell silent for a long moment, and each face betrayed such conflict that it hurt Maggie to see it. At last Huss smiled a thin smile and said, "Go, Jerome. You have very little time."
  • Considering the importance for hospital ophthalmology, all participants believed that such a workshop was relevant to their work.
  • You told me it was General Newry's, said the visitor with a frown, as he buttoned up his coat as though he was about to take his leave of such a disagreeable locality. "General N-e-w-r-y."
  • Oh, hush, Frances!’ Louisa commanded, ‘how can you say such things?’ She cast Frances a censorious look. ‘Do not believe a word of what she is saying. Frances likes to say controversial things. Speaking of being controversial,’ she went on, ‘where is that ghastly bicycle of yours? The one you fled my house on? As long as you live under my roof you shall not ride it.’
  • At turin they will speedily commit such robbery that in the fort they will ravish their hostage.
  • For each pcp-element g there exists an integer e such that g e is normed.
  • The concern was that such stratagem may have a negative impact on their learning.
  • "He first tried to suggest HTLV-1 as a possible cause of such odd diseases as Kaposi's Sarcoma and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, which had started to appear in gay men in the early 1980s. This was hard for anyone else to believe because, according to Gallo himself, HTLV-1 was supposed to cause leukemia, a cancer where cells are multiplying uncontrollably. Kaposi's Sarcoma and Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia are diseases where the cells are dying prematurelyexactly the opposite. Besides, there was no sign of these diseases in Japan where the HTLV-1 virus is found in at least one million people. But Dr. Gallo was desperate; he needed something that would win him a Nobel Prize. Much more than money, the Nobel Prize seems to be the force that drives Robert Gallo, and in his mind justifies any means to get the prize he so richly deserves. So when AIDS was discovered and the world needed a cause for this new, deadly disease, Dr. Gallo saw his chance for fame and glory."
  • "Ah, yes sir," Reichert drawled, "Since the local V.C. dont usually operate in such large units, am I to assume that these are N.V.A. regulars?"
  • The study puts forward an alternative explanation for such sponsorship that is an alternative theory to standard realist and neo realist explanations.
  • Put off the use of sharp instruments such as tools, nail trimmers, razors or knives.
  • "I can't shake the thought from my mind, Owain. such eyes she has. She's always staring and not noticing anything about her. Perhaps she sees things we cannot see. Sometimes she seems to focus on Loy—"
  • The tall gentleman is perturbed. I do much wonder that one man, seeing how much another man is a fool when he dedicates his behaviors to love, will, after he hath laughed at such shallow follies in others, become the argument of his own scorn by falling in loveand such a man is Claudio!
  • I had many close calls during the war. They ranged from the first-line trenches of France, Belgium, and Italy to the mine fields of the North Sea while a winter gale blew. I can frankly say that I never felt such apprehension as on the face of those surging waters, with black night and the impenetrable jungle about me. The weird singing of the paddlers only heightened the suspense. I thought that every tight place would be my last. Finally at eight o'clock, and after it seemed that I had spent years on the trip, we bumped up against the shore of Kabambaie, within a hundred feet of the fatal spot.
  • Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands, to millions.
  • "Hagger, I saved your life once when all hope seemed gone," exclaimed Ap Reece, as the mutineer's weapon was about to descend on his head. "I don't ask for my life from you or such a one as you. Strike, and add a gross act of folly to your crimes and madness. But the fever has not left the ship yet; and the time will come ere long when you and your comrades in your night's work will want my aid, and will be ready to give for it all the gold you have got in your possession. Strike, I say."
  • The rapid was a very strong one, but there were no falls in it; only a furious gush of water over the broken bed of the river, where many large rocks rose up and caught the current, hurling the water back in white foam. Any one who knew not what these hunters could do, would have laughed if you had told him they were about to ascend that rapid in such an egg-shell of a canoe!
  • In a wet spring however any such protective covering should be removed to avoid rotting of the young shoots.
  • We came, at last to Penshurst. Aletia must have seen our sorry burden as she looked out from her window. Her frenzy more than the ride brought me partly back to myself. I had to try anything I could do. I had been useless to the others, I must comfort Aletia. I hugged her and she clung for such comfort as there was but her staring eyes did not see and then she screamed and struck out as in a fit. I do not know what she would have done if she had not been taken by a seizure. She was carried off to bed and I was sat down in the hall. Thank God for the household that moved in round us, even taking care of the soldiers. I sat by Aletias bed nearly all the time over those next days. She spent her time screwing her pillows in hers hands, screwing them into tight crumpled balls, her knuckles standing out white. She could not talk but when she cried and when she screamed I think it relieved her a little, it made her tired so she could sleep. It was no sound sleep, I do not believe she truly slept in all this time, rather she collapsed and fell still.
  • It is littered with basic presentational errors such as missing or incorrect bibliographic details, spelling errors and at least five unexplained acronyms.
  • The risk is, of course, the sheer unknown. The possible consequences of the sort of quantum manipulations we are conducting with this machine are, for such a large part, unimaginable until after the event. So wanton experimentation is inconceivable. I know that you will be careful.
  • The north downs supports chalk grassland and surrey acts as a stronghold for species such as the silver-spotted skipper.
  • How can we die in wholeness when we have lived our lives in such partiality?
  • "Then, at my farm I have a hundred milch-kine to the pale,"—milk cows in a fenced pasture, "six-score fat oxen standing in my stalls, and all things answerable to such portion.
  • CAPTAIN BONNEVILLE found his caches perfectly secure, and having secretly opened them he selected such articles as were necessary to equip the free trappers and to supply the inconsiderable trade with the Indians, after which he closed them again. The free trappers, being newly rigged out and supplied, were in high spirits, and swaggered gayly about the camp. To compensate all hands for past sufferings, and to give a cheerful spur to further operations, Captain Bonneville now gave the men what, in frontier phrase, is termed "a regular blow-out." It was a day of uncouth gambols and frolics and rude feasting. The Indians joined in the sports and games, and all was mirth and good-fellowship.
  • [The unwonted meal. In former days, meat was very sparingly eaten among the Amaxosa races, milk and mealies being the staple articles of diet. When employed on such a scale as above described, it had a curiously stimulating effect upon a people habitually almost vegetarians. Hence it was looked upon as a preparation for war.]
  • The matter of course was settled on those lines and Helena was duly credited with having wanted to go enormously, but with having done her utmost to efface herself for the sake of others. This was precisely the end she had in view all along, and now having had the dance, so to speak, forced on her, she was quite free to enjoy herself. She had produced precisely the impression she wanted on Archie and his mother, and though it was likely that Jessie with her long familiarity with such manoeuvres was not equally unenlightened, she knew by corresponding familiarity Jessie's loyalty. She gave a little butterfly kiss to Cousin Marion and a murmur of delighted thanks, and went to her sister to finish up this very complete little picture.
  • Informatics seeks to understand and to construct ( or reconstruct ) such systems, using analytic, experimental and engineering methodologies.
  • Well, there are no such scruples in macau, which is why daytrippers from hk flock here.
  • "Can the mechanism be thrown out of gear when desired? I should think such a feature might be desirable," remarked Mr. Giddings.
  • Paul was awakened the next morning by feeling a gentle tug at his nose. Unused to such a summons as this, he opened his eyes with a start.
  • No such thing! Never did rival lawyers, after a wrangle at the bar, meet with more social good humor at a circuit dinner. The hunting season over, all past tricks and maneuvres are forgotten, all feuds and bickerings buried in oblivion. From the middle of June to the middle of September, all trapping is suspended; for the beavers are then shedding their furs and their skins are of little value. This, then, is the trapper's holiday, when he is all for fun and frolic, and ready for a saturnalia among the mountains.
  • One of these craters extended from east to west, and had in one section on its rim a giant dome split into quadrangular and lozenge-shaped sections, not unlike magnified mosaic work. Next to it was a great hill with a vertical natural wall overlooking the crater itself. The horizontal strata of this natural wall, each about a foot thick, looked exactly like a wonderful masonry work, so perfectly straight were the strata, and the square and rectangular rocks laid in lines with such extraordinary regularity. This wall stood upon solid masses of rock of immense size--hundreds of feet in height.
  • "Generous as ever, Edith, and impetuously frank. Thank you for your sincerity, your kindness, and the affection you once gave me. I say 'once,' for now duty, truth, and honor bar us from each other. My life must be solitary, yet I shall find work to do, and learn to be content. You owe all devotion to the good old man who loves you, and will not fail him, I am sure. Leave the future and the past, but let us make the present what it may be--a time to forgive and forget, to take heart and begin anew. Christmas is a fitting time for such resolves, and the birth of friendship such as ours may be."
  • Boogies such as the espace; his dives are imaginative and his positive approach is inspiring.
  • Getting an early start by raising them under cover such as on a bright windowsill will give earlier and better harvests later.
  • There was a grinding noise from the ceiling which began quietly then grew louder, keeping in time with the pounding in her head. She looked up and saw the single coil, writhing, spiralling down from behind the plastic ceiling panel. Fran looked around, grabbed the broken bottle and waved it frantically in the air. The coil dropped suddenly, directly onto the sharp edges of the bottle. Fran swung the glass from side to side. A piece of vine fell away, the rest spiralled up into the ceiling. She leaned back, still breathing heavily, her hand fell to her side, clinging to the bottle. She waited, staring at the ceiling. No sound except her own heavy breathing. She closed her eyes, only for a moment. This was a nightmare. She would awaken soon. She would make a hot pot of coffee and wait for Kay. Kay always took such a long time to dress, but she always looked neat, hair pulled back without a strand out of place.
  • Strategyies will have to adopt new strategies to maintain their hiv presence in the face of such challenges.
  • Calista looked as satisfied as a strategist who finds himself in control of a desired situation: its difficulties made her spirits rise. Her eyes wandered about and fixed upon the child again. "She gets sleepy early for such a big girl," she said. "Wasn't she five on Christmas?"
  • Fred calls her over, "Sandra," he says. "You look like you need a friend." He motions to her and she runs into his open arms. She sobs against his broad shoulder. "It is such a sad situation," he says. "Your grandfathers death. He was such a good man. He took such good care of you and your grandmother. You tell your grandmother that I will help around the house with anything she needs. And of course you are my sweetie and always will be. I can come to the house everyday, if you need me. And if sometimes when your grandmother is gone and youre frightened and you just need a friend to hug you, just call and sayUncle Fred, I need a hugor just come by here and get your daily hug."
  • Nuclide inventories offer a means of generating such longer term data.
  • "As for the third of our friends," Ginger went on, ignoring her. "That remains to be seen. We have secured the address of this Mister Dave Claunney and are now helping the police to locate him. Given the other two cases so far, this one could be quite the emergency. It seems he was forced from his comfy little closet. God only knows how he'll react. such matters don't always go well, don't you know?"
  • Apologies to the members of the science support network who already have had large helpings of such stuff!
  • It was certainly very curious how the coming of little Inez Hawthorne upon the ship threatened for awhile to disarrange every plan; but so it was. There was a time when the better nature of the two evil men asserted itself, and they began to consider the question in the light of their awakened consciences; but these divine monitors were only roused into temporary wakefulness and speedily dropped asleep again. The manifest distrust which Inez showed toward them seemed to fill their hearts with the most atrocious feelings, and neither of them would have hesitated to fling her overboard, had the opportunity been given. Incredible as it may seem, it is the fact that they would have preferred to do so, being restrained by the simple question of policy. They saw that Pomp had grown very fond of her, and any such action on their part might alienate him--a catastrophe which they were anxious to avert above everything else.
  • You know not what you say. A thousand men came into Oregon last year. It iss like one of the great migrations of the peoples of Asia, of Europe. I say to you, it iss a great epoch. There iss a folkmovement such as we haf not seen since the days of the Huns, the Goths, the Vandals, since the Cimri movement. It iss an epoch, my friend! It iss fate that iss in it.
  • Blushed very much at being seen by all her friends in the company of two such wild creatures.
  • "Yes," said Clayton. "It leads down into a large room, with rocks jutting up from the floor and one which has a golden plate with those words written on it. The gorbo stuff, as Tom would say. I didn't get a chance to look at anything else in there, but I agree, there must be an exit which leads down the mountain. Why else would one build such a place? What purpose does it serve?" He groaned. "I never should have let him go back in. But if he makes it to the golden plate, he'll be safe."
  • Look out, Peter, when you get on board the Princess, for Lund has secured such a story to tell, that he may pitch you two overboard to keep you from spoiling it by your return.
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