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Okunuşu: / sʌtʃ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: such
Türü: sıfat


s. bunun gibi, böyle, şöyle, öyle.

such için örnek cümleler:

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  • For emaciated women, words such as " wan " and " lithe " can make them sound elegant.
  • One of my valuable cameras was badly damaged in the accident, and one of my sextants was soaked to such an extent that it took me the best part of two hours to clean it all up again. I saved the negatives which were in the damaged camera by developing them at once during the night while they were still wet.
  • The hulking brutes fingered their weapons and showed long fangs at such insolence from a female; but they did not detain her.
  • I have been meaning to tell you about it,’ Edwina said, casting her grandson a censuring look, ‘but I have been rather pre-occupied lately, especially now that my daughter Vivian is expecting.’ She paused and allowed herself the luxury of a self-satisfied smile. ‘The truth is, Miss Norwood, that I didnt want you to get involved in such indelicate and unsavoury proceedings. It was no place for a young woman with such impeccable morals.’
  • He latched firmly the gate of the holding pen and set his Lur-hound Skel to guard the entrance against unwelcome foes. It would be a brave red wolf indeed that would tussle with a Lur-hound, brave to try and lucky to survive. With the herd secure, Falk began the treacherous climb down to where the fallen sheep lay. The bleats were still there, fewer though and fainter than before. Falk began to steel himself against the possibility of slaying the animal were it wounds severe enough to warrant such mercy. A full hour did the climb take for it was a treacherous way that required much care from the climber. He passed several cave mouths on his descent but they looked to be empty of any potential predator.
  • Antemortem tests, such as recently published online by professor ebringer et al ( 5 ), have still to be evaluated.
  • The essence of poetry is invention; such invention as, by producing something unexpected, surprises and delights.
  • Some hours passed. I often looked at the instruments hanging from the partition. The manometer showed that the Nautilus kept at a constant depth of more than three hundred yards; the compass still pointed to south; the log indicated a speed of twenty miles an hour, which, in such a cramped space, was very great. But Captain Nemo knew that he could not hasten too much, and that minutes were worth ages to us. At twentyfive minutes past eight a second shock took place, this time from behind. I turned pale. My companions were close by my side. I seized Conseil's hand. Our looks expressed our feelings better than words. At this moment the Captain entered the saloon. I went up to him.
  • His voice verged on becoming hysterical, so I hurried to fend off any such fears. "They weren't shooting at you. They were most likely shooting at me," I told him as calmly as I could. "You folks just happened to be in the way. So, if you have a cell phone, call the Sheriff. I urge none of you to leave. This is now a crime scene, and I'm sure we all will be questioned as to what happened."
  • The reason for choosing such an old specimen was simple: it unambiguously predates the period when neandertals cohabited with modern humans.
  • But best of all are black folks with their sassy Ebonics: The street-corner guys who talk like pirates – "Yo', ho', wuhchoo do dat fo'." Black girls, (well, Black girls on TV anyway,) are such queens, with their glorious, nine-volt battery operated necksmesmerizing necks only a snake charmer could tame.
  • And he is displaying such wonders that they leave no doubt that he is a special envoy of the King.
  • "I do not suppose, Inez, any girl was ever left with such a heritage of shame and trouble. You think me hard and cold; but can you blame me? Always I think some one will discover my secret, that they will say I am the daughter of Leighton the smuggler and point the finger of shame at me.
  • To the bronzed and rugged Captain Strathmore she was such a reminder of his own lost Inez that she became a second daughter to him, and something like a pang stirred his heart when he reflected upon his arrival at his destination and his parting from the little one.
  • Tenth anniversary of fidel makes me realize how far we have come in such a short time.
  • During the three following days, the loth, 11th, and 12th of August, the work of repairing and re-victualling the schooner went on briskly; but all this was done with regularity, and without such noise and quarrelling as seamen at anchor usually indulge in. The Halbrane was evidently well commanded, her crew well kept in hand, discipline strictly maintained.
  • Inhalee are more or less dangerous ways of inhaling solvents such as glues, gases and aerosols.
  • There was one feature of this camp that greatly puzzled our young woodsman, and that was its silence. Surely the night was too young for all the inmates of those lodges to have retired, and yet there was no sound of voices. Not even the wail of a child was to be heard nor the barking of a dog. It was unaccountable, and gave Donald a creepy feeling that he tried in vain to shake off. He moved with an even greater caution than if he had been guided by the usual sounds of such a place and spent a full hour in examining the camp from all points before daring to enter it.
  • Besides, Sarah is glad that her friends had the chance to see how perverted this HIV/AIDS issue had become. Maybe its time more women watch Guinea Pig Kids; maybe its the mothers of this world who have to take the lead to stand up against such atrocities; maybe theyre the ones needed to provide the spark that will finally light up the sky and expose this tragedy for the crime it really is.
  • Mr. Giddings and Bob were loud in their praise, and John smiled in that quiet way that told the younger brother how well pleased he was. It was found that the Sky-Bird had passed over the lower fence in just one minute and three seconds, which was certainly good speed for such a diminutive contrivance. Several other flights were then made, all of which were equally successful. At the conclusion Bob Giddings was so excited that he could hardly stand still.
  • What's wrong? asked the Preacher. "How come you got such a constipated look? I thought you'd be real happy with the deal I worked out for you. You ain't thinking of letting me down are you, Will? I would be surely disappointed if you are, Will. Cause' I have to tell you, Will, I've had a real tryin' day. Tell me it ain't true, Will."
  • "Looks a little pale, doesn't she, Mr. Bingham?" said her father. "I think she must be troubled in her mind. The fact is--well, there is no reason why I should not tell you; she thinks so much of you, and you might say a word to brighten her up--well, it's about Mr. Davies. I fancy, you know, that she likes him and is vexed because he does not come forward. Well, you see--of course I may be mistaken, but I have sometimes thought that he may. I have seen him look as if he was thinking of it, though of course it is more than Beatrice has got any right to expect. She's only got herself and her good looks to give him, and he's a rich man. Think of it, Mr. Bingham," and the old gentleman turned up his eyes piously, "just think what a thing it would be for her, and indeed for all of us, if it should please God to send a chance like that in her way; she would be rich for life, and such a position! But it is possible; one never knows; he might take a fancy to her. At any rate, Mr. Bingham, I think you could cheer her up a little; there is no need for her to give up hope yet."
  • "He first tried to suggest HTLV-1 as a possible cause of such odd diseases as Kaposi's Sarcoma and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, which had started to appear in gay men in the early 1980s. This was hard for anyone else to believe because, according to Gallo himself, HTLV-1 was supposed to cause leukemia, a cancer where cells are multiplying uncontrollably. Kaposi's Sarcoma and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia are diseases where the cells are dying prematurelyexactly the opposite. Besides, there was no sign of these diseases in Japan where the HTLV-1 virus is found in at least one million people. But Dr. Gallo was desperate; he needed something that would win him a Nobel Prize. Much more than money, the Nobel Prize seems to be the force that drives Robert Gallo, and in his mind justifies any means to get the prize he so richly deserves. So when AIDS was discovered and the world needed a cause for this new, deadly disease, Dr. Gallo saw his chance for fame and glory."
  • Look! Stop that old hood! That makes ten. My goodness! I never see such seal! That's right, Peter, head him off. Hit him again, Waring! Take that, you old bladder-nose!
  • That is the property will be valued as if such disrepair or defect did not exist.
  • The majority of such complaints are about levels of residual chlorine in drinking water.
  • Royaltyollects royalties from exercise of such rights in the compositions.
  • I would have cried out. But what good would it have been at such a distance! My swollen lips could utter no sounds. Conseil could articulate some words, and I heard him repeat at intervals, "Help! help!"
  • "And this afternoon my guest made a prediction about our main course. Now, I personally dont believe in such hoopla, but we shall see if he was right. Again the key question, Mister Nostradamus: will a white or a black swine be served for our dinner tonight?"
  • My men were getting tired of exploring, and were perplexed, because the more dangers we surmounted the greater seemed the dangers confronting us. They were beginning to lose the nerve they had temporarily acquired, and were now so scared at the vicious waters that they tried to keep the canoe all the time close to the banks or islands, the river being so deep that they thought this was the best way of saving their lives in case we had a bad accident. The current was extraordinarily swift, and to make things worse a strong north-easterly wind blew with great fury, driving us back and producing such high waves that our canoe was constantly filled with water. The result of keeping so close to the bank, and having our heads continually brushed by the foliage which overhung the stream, was that each time we came in contact with the branch of a tree thousands of ants would drop on to the canoe and upon us, and would bite us furiously. This was most trying--an additional torture to that we had to endure of being stung all over by other insects which followed the canoe in swarms.
  • For such a world icon the study of handaxes has remained curiously parochial.
  • Ford was on his way to England to act as the London correspondent of the New York Republic. For three years on that most sensational of the New York dailies he had been the star man, the chief muckraker, the chief sleuth. His interest was in crime. Not in crimes committed in passion or inspired by drink, but in such offences against law and society as are perpetrated with nice intelligence. The murderer, the burglar, the strong-arm men who, in side streets, waylay respectable citizens did not appeal to him. The man he studied, pursued, and exposed was the cashier who evolved a new method of covering up his peculations, the dishonest president of an insurance company, the confidence man who used no concealed weapon other than his wit. Toward the criminals he pursued young Ford felt no personal animosity. He harassed them as he would have shot a hawk killing chickens. Not because he disliked the hawk, but because the battle was unequal, and because he felt sorry for the chickens.
  • The day after one of those negative sort of victories is always one of intense interest. The movements on each side are most jealously watched, and each side is diligently occupied in strengthening such points as the fight of the preceding day had proved to be the most vulnerable.
  • He pulled up a news feed search highlighting every story, article, or blog mentioning Baroty's Bridge. He put his phone up to Monson's face as they reached the doors leading outside, where they were greeted with a blast of surprisingly cool air. Monson grabbed Casey's phone and scanned the most popular results. There were millions of hits. Apparently Baroty's Bridge was a hot topic. If that was the case, why was everyone making such a ruckus about him?
  • "And let no comforter delight mine ear but such a one whose wrongs do suit with mine! Bring me a father that so loved his child, whose joy in her is overwhelmed like mine, and bid him speak of patience! Measure his woe by the length and breadth of mine, and let it answer every strain for strain as thus for thus, and such a grief for such, in every lineament, branch, shape, and form!
  • In writing hoellein advises department of insurance such coverage on entitled to apply.
  • Recent scientific research has shown a link between poor oral health and other conditions such as heart and lung disease.
  • But there was not even a hint of it. Falk went into a tavern and sat on a rickety stool staring out in the the busy street that may as well have been empty and contemplated his next action. Falk thought that if this was what the wish of the statue maker was like then he prayed that he never saw one of his curses, then of course he realised that was the whole point, that was why it was drummed into them from such a young age, to steer clear of that place and His cold dark promises, to him a wish was the same as a curse. Maybe he wasn't really evil at all, to him these might actually be blessings, but then Falk shook that thought from his head, he'd stood in the presence of the statue maker, and of the many things he might and might not be, one thing was certain, he was evil.
  • `It does, doesn't it.' She touched him lightly on his neck, absent-mindedly tugging the hairs which sprouted there. `And then of course,' she said, moving on quickly, `I had the odd beer with the girls at work, only one of whom was German, mind, and good old Marian kept me afloat. Apparently Frau Pohl had been asking about me, so we arranged another evening. Her beautiful granddaughter let us in with a big smile. "This way, girls," she laughed, as if we were in for the time of our lives, and she led us to Frau Pohl's room with such a bounce in her step I thought she was going to break into a dance. "Granny, your visitors!" she announced in English, and Frau Pohl nodded, with an indulgent smile, to her grand¬daughter.
  • Am I, dear? Well,’ Shelly hesitated for a moment and removed the carton once again. ‘Thank you very much. Just lately youre made to feel such a leper if you smoke. Do you smoke, by the way?’
  • Ok, so, two questions, I said to him when he was finished with his story, "One: Why didn't you tell us about this before we agreed to go to this thing?" I guess I was yelling by the time I finished my first question, because he was wincing. But I continued: "and Two: Why would you agree to ever go back after such a hellish experience?"
  • Thus, since it was for mysteries such as these, and for other most subtle and elevated instances of wisdom which we do not yet know of that the Pre-Eternally All-Wise One willed the world in this form, He also willed the change and transformation of this world for those instances of wisdom.
  • The public police will not normally patrol such areas and will only attend if called to a crime scene.
  • As regards his jealousy, a single instance which I give in justice to myself and Nyleptha will suffice. The reader will, perhaps, recollect that in one or two places he speaks as though Nyleptha monopolized me, and he was left by both of us rather out in the cold. Now Nyleptha is not perfect, any more than any other woman is, and she may be a little exigeante at times, but as regards Quatermain the whole thing is pure imagination. Thus when he complains about my not coming to see him when he is ill, the fact was that, in spite of my entreaties, the doctors positively forbade it. Those little remarks of his pained me very much when I read them, for I loved Quatermain as dearly as though he were my own father, and should never have dreamed of allowing my marriage to interfere with that affection. But let it pass; it is, after all, but one little weakness, which makes no great show among so many and such lovable virtues.
  • I eventually decided on one thing I felt safe telling the Preacher. "Preacher Roy, I'm going to be succinct. Right now, don't do anything. You may have issues, but basically, you are still in better shape than the vast majority of people who call themselves citizens of the richest country in the world. Pardon my French, but I fear a real shit storm is in store for this country in the not too distant future. It may very well be that few investments will hold their value in the coming years other than assets such as farmland, mineral resources, and the basic craft and survival skills. I would urge you not to contemplate making a career change while this ax is held over our collective heads."
  • We therefore accept that any such debenture will also be a security for taper purposes.
  • Those interested in such matters may perhaps remember the article upon the Refuge published in one of the prominent magazines. A full description of it was given in that paper. The building stood upon Bay Street overlooking the harbor; it was one of the most beautiful situations in the town; without, the building was architecturally plain, but in perfect taste; within, it was furnished with every comfort and convenience--a dormitory immaculately clean; a dining-room, large and airy, where plain substantial food, cooked in the best possible manner, was served to the inmates. There were three bath-rooms supplied with hot and cold water, and there was a reading and a smoking-room provided not only with all the current periodicals, but with chess, checkers, and backgammon-boards.
  • She said that, being then young, she and Miss Susan undertook a long attendance upon the sick bed of their sister, Miss Kitty, whom I have heard remembered among her contemporaries as the merriest and most entertaining of human beings. This light-hearted young lady was dying of consumption. The sad duties of such attendance being divided among many sisters, as there then were, the night watches devolved upon the two ladies I have named: I think, as being the eldest.
  • "That's Ok." Viretta said, "I wanted to go to the Norse universe anyway. The Midgard Serpent could be quite a specimen." Tahkshi remembered then how much Viretta valued nature and how, in the face of universal destruction, was fantasizing about such things.
  • The therapeutic scenario has moved from dapsone monotherapy in the 1970s to mdt using drugs such as dapsone monotherapy in the 1970s to mdt using drugs such as dapsone, rifampicin and clofazimine.
  • Madam Baroness, said I, laughing, "it is wholly impossible for you to be here, yet you are here! Never again will I say there is no such thing as chance, no such thing as fate, no such thing as a miracle!"
  • Rouen had been under siege for more than a fortnight by the time Henry returned to Normandy. Although the city was defended by a sizable garrison, it could not hope to hold out for any great length of time against the combined forces of the king of France and the count of Flanders. Already its walls were suffering from the constant bombardment of siege machines such as the one Longsword had employed at Dol. It was also more difficult to defend an entire city instead of a single fortress; there was a large and unpredictable civilian population to be taken into account and a greater preponderance of timbered buildings that only increased the chances of widespread destruction from fireballs hurled by the attackers. And due largely to its strategic placement on the Seine, Rouen was an important commercial center. It couldnt afford to lie dormant for too long.
  • Genesis works in partnerships and supports emerging artists through organizations such as the young vic, the royal court theater and others.
  • Fate had been to Brick and Spiritwind's street for preliminary research. With uncertainty over the final digit of the address he'd been debating between two houses when Brick and Spiritwind stumbled home. Overhearing the duo using each others names Fate had presumed they were the heroic pair; although he had wondered why they found opening a door so difficult, and why two bastions of physical good would be so drunk at such an hour, and have an intimidating stack of takeaway food. He looked towards his brother with a sense of resignation. "Well I can't do anything to change it now. We'll just have to work with Brick and Spiritwind. Maybe we'll have to help them a little more than I'd planned."
  • Proof of the inability of an expert committee to express opinion will not discharge such onus.
  • Because when the orb of day sweeps in such long spirals, it's difficult to measure its exact altitude above the horizon, and our instruments are open to committing serious errors.
  • In fact, such awful dragons, lions, and monsters appeared around me and on the bridge in front of me that I exclaimed: Oh! This torch brings me only trouble!, and I angrily cast it to the ground and broke it.
  • As such a function, it is, of course, constant between integers and has a jump discontinuity at each integer where.
  • Other reporters kept joining the group, and in twenty minutes from the time of my arrival on the scene there must have been a good dozen of us. Every paper in town was represented. It was a first-class news story, and the men who were paid by space were already working hard to improve its value by getting new details, such as the animal's history and pedigree, names of previous victims, human or otherwise, the description and family history of its favourite keeper, and every other imaginable detail under the sun.
  • Typically such pumps are used where higher pressures are required than can be achieved with a single impeller.
  • Therefore, in order to form a barrier against such attacks, the Sharia states concerning them: Your ablutions will be spoilt; do not touch the women.
  • 'Faults! have I? To be sure I have. So have you, more, Sir, and worse than I, maybe,' cried Devereux, wild again; 'and you come here in your spiritual pride to admonish and to lecture, and to insult a miserable man, who's better, perhaps, than yourself. You've heard ill of me? you hear I sometimes drink maybe a glass too much--who does not? you can drink a glass yourself, Sir; drink more, and show it less than I maybe; and you listen to every damned slander that any villain, to whose vices and idleness you pander with what you call your alms, may be pleased to invent, and you deem yourself charitable; save us from such charity! Charitable, and you refuse to deliver my miserable message: hard-hearted Pharisee!'
  • Jilted gentlemen, your most sacred feelings have been trifled with by the delicate, the harmless, the innocent (groans) daughters of Eve. They are not to blame, oh no, they could not do such a thing; but we, gentlemen, we know better (hear, hear), and we are here to-night to ratify our bond to stand united against the insidious onslaught of those 'whose fangs,' as an American writer so aptly and so eloquently expresses it, 'drip with the blood of the foolishly fond and true' (loud cheers.) I shall now call upon our esteemed member, 'Wyck,' to relate to us his story of the revenge he has taken upon the sex which has wronged him.
  • Also, he speaks truly of a future that is such that the future in this world is like a tiny mirage in comparison.
  • It was a foolish thing to make any remark at such a time and in such a place, he said. "It was sure to provoke strife. Go and get him a tot of grog," throwing them a sixpence, "and then you'd better get away home."
  • Furthermore, his moral justification for revision was that times had changed and in his day usury need not have such consequences.
  • "Marry, sir, such claim as you would lay to your horse!—and she would have me as a beast!" He amends: "Not that she would have me be a beast, but that she, being a very beastly creature, lays claim to me!"
  • Then there exists a unique homomorphism: g * k h f such that i = and j = .
  • They sat a long time in loving converse, and, finally, Captain Strathmore told the story of Inez Hawthorne, who came to and went from him in such an extraordinary manner, and for whom he sighed and longed as he had for his own child, taken from him years before.
  • Doctor Danvers resolved to keep this dreadful secret, at least for a time, to himself. He could not make up his mind to inflict upon those whom he loved so well as Charles and Rhoda the shame and agony of such a disclosure; yet he was sorely troubled, for his was a conflict of duty and mercy, of love and justice.
  • "Well, if I must be blunt, Mr. Burton, I cannot tell you whether I would accept such an invitation until I receive it."
  • Word metrics, for example. If word counts were too far out of balance, this could indicate a lack of reciprocity, a one-way street. If word sizes were likewise out of whack, that could be an indication of a lack of compatibility, a mismatch. A real world friendship could not be all give and no take, but a professional one could withstand - and would probably demand - a drastic imbalance in sympathy. Not everything was clear and simple. This was a new tangle of weeds for Kandhi and her team, a jungle of complexity such as they had never faced before. Fred and Wen came in the room and were immediately overwhelmed by Kandhi's presentation, and started whining in unison.
  • Accordingly they soon slipped off their clothes, and were quickly disporting themselves like young dolphins in the water, when Harry, glancing up, saw the ships lying, as it seemed, only some quarter of a mile away, their shapes reflected in the water with such distinctness that it was difficult to say where the substance ended and the shadow began.
  • Barlow laid the Waterbug alongside the float. He had already told her that Lefty Howe, with the greater part of Fyfe's crew, was extending and guarding Benton's fire-trail, and he half expected that Fyfe might have turned up there. Away back in the smoke arose spasmodic coughing of donkey engines, dull resounding of axe-blades. Barlow led the way. They traversed a few hundred yards of path through brush, broken tops, and stumps, coming at last into a fairway cut through virgin timber, a sixty-foot strip denuded of every growth, great firs felled and drawn far aside, brush piled and burned. A breastwork from which to fight advancing fire, it ran away into the heart of a smoky forest. Here and there blackened, fire-scorched patches abutted upon its northern flank, stumps of great trees smoldering, crackling yet. At the first such place, half a dozen men were busy with shovels blotting out streaks of fire that crept along in the dry leaf mold. No, they had not seen Fyfe. But they had been blamed busy. He might be up above.
  • Exceptions such as these, and those described above involving miracidia containing fully developed redia is evidence of the evolutionary past of these organisms.
  • The tense YENTZ agent could hardly believe his ears. He let go an irrepressible squeal. Surely Gamal Goy must think he, Achmed, was worthy indeed to have proffered such a monumental assignment. He chortled merrily at the nameGamal Goy. And who said we Arabs lacked subtlety? Then he realized something else! Virtually the entire conversation with his superior had been conducted in English, a language Achmed was totally unfamiliar with. What a magnetic man Goy must be to draw a foreign tongue out of me!
  • Yes--with the help of God! Cook did not hesitate to assert that no one would ever venture farther than he had gone, and that the Antarctic lands, if any such existed, would never be seen, but the future will prove that he was mistaken. They have been seen so far as the eighty-fourth degree of latitude--
  • Certainly, to suppose the impossible, there was no reason for Hells existence, it would be created for unbelief, which comprises denial and ascribing impotence to this degree, and such an unbeliever would be cast into it.
  • "You cant be serious! And youre happy about this? Shes only twelve years old! Shes got such an awful memory. Its pull out and pray. You cant forget the second half!"
  • Images found on works such as athenian red-figure vases and roman cameos will be the inspiration for block printing on to t-shirts.
  • Guiderius tells Imogen, "And such a welcome as Id give to him after long absence, such is yours! Most welcome! Be sprightly, for you fallmongst friends!"
  • Beneath a cirro-cumulus--or mackerel sky--again that day, wonderfully beautiful because of its perfection of design, we were gradually rising over the domed elevation we had previously observed, upon which we found masses of tiny pebbles--what are known to geologists by the Italian name of "puzzolana" or scori reduced to a granular condition. Farther on, travelling over other undulations, we sank into thick deposits of grey and yellow volcanic scori, such as fine sand, cinders, and lapilli. At the highest point (elev. 1,270 ft.) we travelled over deep sediments of sand and ashes mixed together. All those undulations, as a matter of fact, were above great buried flows of red lava, which were invariably exposed to sight in the depressions, particularly in the beds of rivers.
  • As the man who stood over me returned his pistol to his belt, I took a glance round to try and ascertain what had become of my companion, but he was nowhere to be seen, and I feared, therefore, that they intended to bind him to a tree at such a distance that we could hold no communication with each other. My dog Carlo was also not to be seen; I felt, however, nearly sure that the bushrangers had not carried him off. I had often remarked his peculiar sagacity, and hoped that, finding he could do me no good, he had kept out of the way to avoid the risk of being either killed or captured. I soon found that my anticipations were correct. The bushranger now holding a pistol to my head made me get up and walk to a tree some distance from the track, so that should any travellers pass by I should not be discovered. I might have acted a more heroic part had I struggled desperately, seized a pistol, and attempted to blow out the brains of one of the ruffians; but as I felt that it was more than likely I should lose my own life, I considered it wiser to yield with calmness and dignity.
  • We were all determined the day should be a happy one. Maybe it was my own depression that made it such hard work. The brightest part of the occasion was the female registrar who believed in bringing to the day all the gaiety she could.
  • You are right, she said at last. "We must go away from here. I cannot bear that you should be exposed to such frightful peril. O Eustace! Why did we ever meet!"
  • Had Ithuriel touched with his spear the beautiful young woman, thus for a moment, as it seemed, lost in a trance of gratitude and love, would that angelic form have stood the test unscathed? A spectator, marking the scene, might have observed a strange gleam in her eyes--a strange expression in her face--an influence for a moment not angelic, like a shadow of some passing spirit, cross her visibly, as she leaned over the gentle lady's neck, and murmured, "Dear madame, how happy--how very happy you make me." such a spectator, as he looked at that gentle lady, might have seen, for one dreamy moment, a lithe and painted serpent, coiled round and round, and hissing in her ear.
  • One part of him prayed that the assassin reached Jashimari lands safely and bore his message to the Queen, another part longed for his death. Each time they met, Blade had humiliated Kerrion in one way or another, first by his ill treatment of the captive Prince, and now by offering his aid with such mocking effrontery and then killing Lerton despite the precautions that had been taken. Forewarned was forearmed, but against Blade, it seemed to do little good.
  • The old woman took leave; and as I weighed within myself all the obstacles she had been talking of, the fear of her not succeeding inflamed my illness. Next day she came again, and I read in her countenance that she had no favourable news to impart. She spoke thus: My child, I was not mistaken in the matter; I have somewhat else to conquer besides the vigilance of a father; you love an indifferent, insensible girl, who takes pleasure in making those to burn with love that suffer themselves to be charmed by her; when she has once gained that point, she will not deign them the least comfort. She heard me with pleasure, when I spoke of nothing but the torment she had made you undergo; but I had no sooner requested her to allow you to see, and converse with her, than, with a terrible look, You are very bold, said she, to make such a proposal to me; I discharge you ever to see me again with such discourse in your mouth.
  • You gods that made me man, and hold sway in lovewho have inflamed desire in my breast to taste the fruit of yon celestial tree, or die in the adventureas I am son and servant to your will, be my help to compass such a boundless happiness!
  • The Captain called Bolts over to his track one afternoon for a conference. such meeting were common, but word had it that something big was in the air. Stans learned from Garza that intelligence had just come up with some captured documents that showed an enemy battalion assembling in the area. It was assumed that this was the beginning of an offensive and since the V.C. were bypassing American units; it was thought that they might be on their way to the Bien Hoa Airbase. For the Captain, it was a long awaited opportunity to let Division know who he was. Since it was too wet to send the tracks off the road, hed try to establish contact with the Ambush Patrol.
  • In such a society, what use to the common people is the fashionable nostrum of writing off foreign debt?
  • Exploration geophysics, and classes in geophysical topics such as signal processing.
  • 'And yet, Macumazahn, I slew not. Thrice as Inkosi-kaas flew the spirit entered into me to end him, and send her crashing through his skull; but I did not. Nay, it was but a jest; but tell the "heifer" that it is not well to mock at such as I. Now I go to make a shield, for I smell blood, Macumazahn -- of a truth I smell blood. Before the battle hast thou not seen the vulture grow of a sudden in the sky? They smell the blood, Macumazahn, and my scent is more keen than theirs. There is a dry ox-hide down yonder; I go to make a shield.'
  • I repeat it, boatswain. If this last accident had not occurred, everything would have been over by this time, one way or another. We should still have had more than six weeks to get out of these southern seas. It is seldom that a ship is so roughly treated as ours has been, and I consider it real bad luck, after our having profited by such fortunate circumstances--
  • We already use remote monitoring systems to measure such things as wheel condition or the status of track lubricators.
  • The camp was in a small clearing at the bottom of a short hill and as he reached the crest, Hugh paused to extract his sword from his belt. He glanced briefly below at the scene below and the thought crossed his mind that the Welsh had flouted a basic rule of campaigning by making camp in such a low lying, vulnerable spot. The twenty-odd warriors whom his scouts had reported were stirring from their casual seating on the ground and his soldiers were almost upon them. He gripped his sword and prepared to join them.
  • The trolling motors could be used to get them closer to shore, but they risked getting the anchor caught on junk that would naturally accumulate after such a disaster.
  • Marthe had never experienced such pain. She had heaved tears once Kell took her to his apartment, not falling apart until she was away from her family. She had chewed the inside of her lower lip to a raw mess, then in Kells room, on his bed, she began to feel, recalling her fathers blistering anger, her brothers deep hopelessness, Franks despair as well as acceptance.
  • At last the welcome day broke, and halting to take a drink themselves and water their horses, they remounted, and galloped rapidly through the forest. In about two hours they came to the bank of a river, the largest they had seen in their wanderings. Entering this in order to throw their pursuers off the track, they rode up it as long as the river continued wide, but as it contracted the water became too deep to be breasted by the horses, and they crossed to the opposite bank. Here, to their great sorrow, their goat and her kid gave out, and no urging could induce them to proceed. The animals had evidently gone as far as they were capable, and with sorrow they turned them loose and left them. The goat's milk had been such an indispensable addition to their store that they felt as if parting with one of their main reliances in leaving her behind.
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