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Okunuşu: / sʌtʃ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: such
Türü: sıfat


s. bunun gibi, böyle, şöyle, öyle.

such için örnek cümleler:

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  • Tom was bald and wore whiskers to compensate. In the shop he was straight and business-like; he would joke with the regulars, but always kept his distance in the end. Here, in. his garden with his grandson, he was a frail, gentle teacher impart¬ing knowledge. It moved Tess very much and she was grateful that Arthur had such a man to look to.
  • Meanwhile the baboons drew nearer, talking to each other as they came. Tota began to cry, and clung to Stella. Stella clung to me, while I and Indaba-zimbi put as bold a front on the matter as we could. Only Hendrika stood looking at the brutes with an unconcerned smile on her monkey face. When the great apes were quite near, she suddenly called aloud. Instantly they stopped their hideous clamour as though at a word of command. Then Hendrika addressed them: I can only describe it so. That is to say, she began to make a noise such as baboons do when they converse with each other. I have known Hottentots and Bushmen who said that they could talk with the baboons and understand their language, but I confess I never heard it done before or since.
  • Twenty minutes later they both stood in Governor Smith's office listening while Smith outlined both the situation and what was required of them. Both Churchill and Barrett had, effectively, retired 5 years before, but as part of the contingency plan that Frederick Ambrose had had to present to the State Government as part of his tender, they had been listed as experienced staff that could be called upon to cover illness, rostering problems and, in the worst case, riot. There was none of that here and the paltry $5000 per annum each received to cover such eventualities did not, at that moment, seem a fitting on-call payment when called out to look after a terrorist, but when it was explained that they would only be required to work at night, while the prisoner was, presumably asleep, and for that would be paid $35 per hour, they both saw this addition to their small superannuation funds as a great positive.
  • Few could endure the monotony of such an existence, deprived of the psychological war games of high school life, forbidden the pleasures of math homework and Shakesbeake, ignorant of punk rock, never even imagining the furtive smooching behind furnaces or the opportunities for honorable death on football fields and in basketball courts!
  • "And there I stood amazed for a while, as on a pillory, looking through the lutewhile she did call me rascal fiddler and twangling Jack!—with twenty such vile terms, as if had she studied to misuse me so!"
  • Nor do I intend to do so, Julie; I am only bent now on so frightening them that they will no more attempt pursuit. Moreover, I am anxious that they shall convey tidings of our bloodthirstiness among all the tribes; for when such rumour obtains circulation, we shall be harassed less by pursuit.
  • I have a real fear that when such schools are faith schools, this, too, may re info rce divisions.
  • All of which are combined with high quality extras such as nuts, chocolate chunks caramel, marshmallow and chunks of fruit!
  • Mr. Holmes! please see what has happened? she cried, with wild anxiety in her eyes. "I hear such dreadful noise, and see men running down toward the laundresses' quarters."
  • Programs compiled for risc processors tend to be substantially larger than those compiled for cisc architectures such as the 680x0.
  • When they had finished the porridge made with the remains of the barley, Nasan's father went over to the safe chest where her bow lay. He picked it up in both hands. It was a good old bow, one that had been passed down through his side of the family almost back to the time of the disaster. The artisan had taken such time with it, even carving it to look like a bent dragon. It held one end of the string in a slit between wooden teeth and the other end in the crook of its tail. Shallow dents like scales ran down its body and gave it grip. It had been painted green and blue at one point but only flakes of color remained. Her father held it out to her.
  • The changes were made even as he spoke; the propeller's hum grew into a mild roar through the cabin walls, and the Sky-Bird leaped away over the ground, gaining momentum at every yard. To the surprise of even two such veteran flyers as John Ross and Tom Meeks, the airplane had gone less than fifty yards when she began to rise as gracefully as a swallow in response to her up-turned ailerons and elevators. In less than ten seconds she was well up over the fair-grounds, and the roofs of all the buildings in the neighborhood were seen below them.
  • Reichert finished his drink and ordered another. When the waitress returned for his drink and another cup of tea he refused to pay for anything but the whiskey. Much to his amusement, his bar girlwho had like him so well just a minute beforepronounced himnumber tenand left to find another table. Newer to the game and unable to pretend such indifference, Stans bought another cup of tea. His girl smiled her thanks and pointedly avoided looking at Reichert who was laughing at them both. Reichert finished his second drink in record time and invited Stans to go into the back room with him. Stans declined saying that he was in no hurry and wanted to finish his drink first. The truth of the matter was that he was profoundly embarrassed. He thought his bar girl to be a modest, intelligent girl who had been displaced by the war and forced by circumstances to accept work beneath her station, though undoubtedly retaining her virtue. He did not want to appear crude or vulgar by leaving her for one of the whores in the back room.
  • Like something from ancient history, the five-story structure boasted stone walls, arrow slits, turrets, and even a crenellated rooftop. Modern additions such as picture windows, glass doors, and new wings crafted from brick and timber suggested the building had seen numerous renovations over the years. They did little to dilute the impression that Amaranthe and Maldynado were visiting a fortress.
  • Convergens are obviously too short for such slowly converging learning schemes.
  • "Never, Mamma; he is too honorable and too unhappy to speak or think of that. I am his little nurse, sister, and friend, no more, nor ever shall be. Do not suspect us, or put such fears into my mind, else all our comfort will be spoiled."
  • Daylight left the two armies looking at each other, near the village of Illama. The smoking roofs of the houses showed that the French had just quitted and, as usual, set fire to it, when the company to which I belonged was ordered on piquet there for the night. After posting our sentries, my brother-officer and myself had the curiosity to look into a house, and were shocked to find in it a mother and her child dead, and the father, with three more, living, but so much reduced by famine as to be unable to remove themselves from the flames. We carried them into the open air, and offered the old man our few remaining crumbs of biscuit, but he told us that he was too far gone to benefit by them, and begged that we would give them to his children. We lost no time in examining such of the other houses as were yet safe to enter, and rescued many more individuals from one horrible death, probably to reserve them for another equally so, and more lingering, as we had nothing to give them, and marched at daylight the following morning.
  • It is a maxim with charitable persons--and no more than a recognition of a great constitutional axiom--to assume, in the absence of proof to the contrary, that every British subject is an honest man. Now, if we had gone to Lord Castlemallard for his character--and who more competent to give him one--we know very well what we should have heard about Dangerfield; and, on the other hand, we have never found him out--have we, kind reader?--in a shabby action or unworthy thought; and, therefore, it leaves upon our mind an unpleasant impression about that Mr. Mervyn, who arrived in the dark, attending upon a coffin as mysterious as himself, and now lives solitarily in the haunted house near Ballyfermot, that the omniscient Dangerfield should follow him, when they pass upon the road, with that peculiar stern glance of surprise which seemed to say,--'Was ever such audacity conceived? Is the man mad?'
  • Actually, it isn't that much of a coincidence, smiled the burly man. "Most humans know enough of the ways of this city to stay out of trouble. But these humans have such strange customs that we are the ones who end up falling into trouble wherever we go!"
  • I don't exactly know what you and the Padre are jawing about at such a rate, Professor, he struck in; "but as well as I can catch on, it's about things which happened three or four hundred years ago. I don't want to interrupt you, of course; but I do want the Padre--he knows something about surgery, as I saw the other day when he took that cactus thorn out of Pablo--to do something to plug up this hole in my leg. It's bleeding a good deal, and it hurts like the very devil. And I guess Rayburn'd be glad to have that slit in his forehead tied up too."
  • Blade affected a startled air. "Did I threaten you?" He smiled. "I never kill without a client, but she may grow weary of your foolishness yet, and decide to take another course, such as the one I have suggested. And since I now have her ear, I may suggest it to her myself, especially if I should find myself at all annoyed by certain disclosures regarding my occupation."
  • THE PART OF THE planet earth that the seas occupy has been assessed at 3,832,558 square myriameters, hence more than 38,000,000,000 hectares. This liquid mass totals 2,250,000,000 cubic miles and could form a sphere with a diameter of sixty leagues, whose weight would be three quintillion metric tons. To appreciate such a number, we should remember that a quintillion is to a billion what a billion is to one, in other words, there are as many billions in a quintillion as ones in a billion! Now then, this liquid mass nearly equals the total amount of water that has poured through all the earth's rivers for the past 40,000 years!
  • The cigars came; they are O. K. and a great treat after Tampa products. Captain Lee and I went out to the volunteer camps today: Florida, Alabama, Ohio and Michigan, General Lee's push, and it has depressed me very much. I have been so right about so many things these last five years, and was laughed at for making much of them. Now all I urged is proved to be correct; nothing our men wear is right. The shoes, the hats, the coats, all are dangerous to health and comfort; one-third of the men cannot wear the regulation shoe because it cuts the instep, and buy their own, and the volunteers are like the Cuban army in appearance. The Greek army, at which I made such sport, is a fine organization in comparison as far as outfit goes; of course, there is no comparison in the spirit of the men. One colonel of the Florida regiment told us that one-third of his men had never fired a gun. They live on the ground; there are no rain trenches around the tents, or gutters along the company streets; the latrines are dug to windward of the camp, and all the refuse is burned to WINDWARD.
  • It was so easily done. Had I missed something? The Board had seemed to find in my favour. Im certain they tested the truth of my motives and arguments. Would they not have told me if Id overlooked something important? It was such an anti-climax to walk out through that anti-chamber.
  • Extensive import options import single or multi-layered images such as psd and ufo files, as well as gif animations and video clips.
  • There is but one kind of missile which produces such a terrible wound--the percussion rifle-shell, perfected years ago by an army officer in India, and since then introduced into every part of the globe. Into the point of a cylindro-conical slug is inserted a thin copper cartridge, loaded with powder, and primed with fulminate of mercury. This bullet enters the flesh, but explodes when it strikes a bone, and a huge mass of bone and muscle is usually driven out in front of the issuing projectile. such a bullet has destroyed this man.
  • There is the place, he said, pointing to an opening in the cliff. This opening was about forty feet from the ground, and ellipse-shaped. It cannot have been more than twenty feet high by ten wide, and was partially hidden by ferns and bushes that grew about it in the surface of the cliff. Keen as my eyes were, I doubt if I should ever have noticed it, for there were many such cracks and crannies in the rocky face of the great mountain.
  • At least I had my sister and, in time, I would reunite with my brother. Of that I was determined. My anger now seethed against the king. I had ceased calling him Grandfather, for he had shown me no feeling of such.
  • When I happened to pass near his stall a little later I saw that he had a lot of customers, and thought, hell do well, and no doubt get over his disappointment in love. Whenor ifhes successful, and has made a bit of money, hell be able to choose a good wife and wont be refused. But until then any careful father is going to look rather askance at a man with such an odd, not to say low, profession. But I liked the fellow, and thought I would put in a good word for him if I got the chance.
  • Titillates that such fights were particularly shocking to middle-class readers, as well as possibly being sexually titillating.
  • The situation was very unsatisfactory and perplexing. Sheldon played the difficult part of waiting and looking on, while his rival devoted himself energetically to reaching out and grasping at the fluttering prize. Then, again, Tudor had such an irritating way about him. It had become quite elusive and intangible, now that he had tacitly severed diplomatic relations; but Sheldon sensed what he deemed a growing antagonism and promptly magnified it through the jealous lenses of his own lover's eyes. The other was an interloper. He did not belong to Berande, and now that he was well and strong again it was time for him to go. Instead of which, and despite the calling in of the mail steamer bound for Sydney, Tudor had settled himself down comfortably, resumed swimming, went dynamiting fish with Joan, spent hours with her hunting pigeons, trapping crocodiles, and at target practice with rifle and revolver.
  • Sir Andrew seconds: "By my troth, the fool has an excellent voice! I had rather than forty shillings I had such a leg, and so sweet a breath to sing, as the fool has!
  • Abnormalities and deformities were frequently noticeable among them, such as hare-lip, supernumerary toes and fingers, and hypertrophy of the limbs. Abnormalities of the genitals were general owing to tribal customs.
  • Without such software, the hardware would have remained virtually inaccessible to most users.
  • Annies face almost hurt from smiling so long. She finally realized how tired she was as Giuseppe showed her to their room. "Do you think they would mind if I washed up a bit and changed my clothes? Its been such a hot day."
  • I am leaving Aquia for the time being. I cannot marry Gwydion nor can I bear to stay in Aquia, knowing that my birth will bring you all to such an end. Everywhere I look, I cannot but think I have ruined your lifeand yoursand yours. I cannot live like this. I must go.
  • Another example of such impunity was the armenian genocide of 1915 that was orchestrated by the ottoman empire.
  • "That all depends. As I said, details are trivial things. I'm interested in results. A small, neutral ship like yours might be able to produce such results."
  • The interest was maintained because it led to discussion about the problems faced in cooking / killing such whoppers.
  • Addressing these challenges do such challenges provide an insurmountable barrier to deployment?
  • Symptoms caused by niacin supplements, such as flushing, have been reduced with sustained-release ( also called " time-release " ) niacin products.
  • But few of these delicate animals have lived long enough in captivity to permit study of the same individual through a course of years, and the scarcity of observations made upon them in a wild state is remarkable. That irregularity in the process would not be without analogy, is shown by the case of the Indian sambur deer, of which there is evidence from such authority as that king of sportsmen, Sir Samuel Baker, and others, that the shedding does not always occur at the same season, nor is it always annual in the same buck; and by Pore David's deer, which has been known to shed twice in one year.
  • The resistance may be lowered temporarily by trauma or infectious disease such as measles, and skeletal tuberculosis or miliary tuberculosis may supervene.
  • They reach the outlying buildings a good two hundred yards before they even get to the outer wall that surrounds the city. Cardri has three defensive walls dividing up sections of the city. One encircles the castle proper and several large buildings which comprise the Castle Area. The second encompasses a much larger area and protects the homes and businesses of many merchants and wealthy individuals. The third is the outer wall and the primary defense for the city. Almost two miles in circumference, it boasts many towers spaced at regular intervals. Half seem to have some sort of siege equipment such as catapults sitting atop them for defense.
  • Objectives differ according to the mode, but all basically consist of destroying capital ship emplacements such as radars, communications and engines.
  • Whatever aspect of a wonder-displaying book which thus teaches, convinces, and satisfies with the same lesson, the same words, numerous levels of people whose understanding and degrees are all different - whatever aspect of such a book is studied, a flash of miraculousness will surely appear.
  • You will readily conceive my distress, when you reflect upon my strong dislike to my cousin Edward, combined with my youth and extreme inexperience. Any proposal of such a nature must have agitated me; but that it should have come from the man whom of all others I most loathed and abhorred, and to whom I had, as clearly as manner could do it, expressed the state of my feelings, was almost too overwhelming to be borne. It was a calamity, too, in which I could not claim the sym- pathy of my cousin Emily, which had always been extended to me in my minor grievances. Still I hoped that it might not be unattended with good; for I thought that one inevitable and most welcome consequence would result from this painful eclaircissment, in the discontinuance of my cousin's odious persecution.
  • Be that as it may, said Merlin, "Do you think you can educate Arthur and his chums in such a way as to foster ruthless competitive behavior?"
  • I stood silently, but my eyes bore out my confusion. I felt my heart pierced with the keenness of the king's glance. My own blood held me in such contempt. For what? Why?
  • It was the aftermath of a murder, and a disappearance. Clearly, the Unknown Comrade had been uncovered, and his only option had been to murder the unfortunate man who had stumbled across his deceit. Murder is regrettable, but for such Comrades it is often the only way of preventing further regret.
  • The training modules include generic teaching and learning strategies such as starters, plenaries and assessment for learning.
  • After the genie had put the question to me, he gave me no time to answer, nor was it in my power, so much had his terrible aspect put me beside myself. He grasped me by the middle, dragged me out of the chamber, and, mounting into the air, carried me up as high as the skies, with such swiftness, that I perceived I was got so high as not to be able to take notice of the way, being carried in so few moments. He descended again in like manner to the earth, which, on a sudden, he caused to open with a knock of his foot, and so sunk down at once, where I found myself in the enchanted palace before the fair princess of the isle of Ebone. But, alas! what a spectacle was there; I saw that which pierced me to the heart; this poor princess was quite naked, all in blood, and laid upon the ground, more like one dead than alive, with her cheeks all bathed in tears.
  • Mr Mackenzie, by way of answer, went out of the room and returned, bringing with him a most curious sword. It was long, and all the blade, which was very thick and heavy, was to within a quarter of an inch of the cutting edge worked into an ornamental pattern exactly as we work soft wood with a fret-saw, the steel, however, being invariably pierced in such a way as not to interfere with the strength of the sword. This in itself was sufficiently curious, but what was still more so was that all the edges of the hollow spaces cut through the substance of the blade were most beautifully inlaid with gold, which was in some way that I cannot understand welded on to the steel {Endnote 5}.
  • "Cinradahs's forces have determined the location of one of the Meta-humans involved with the Andromeda Disaster." Foton and Viretta looked at Hurricane fleetingly. "Cinradahs has sent his best men after him, including his personal bodyguard, Trexor." Foton cursed quietly. The reporter put a hand to his earpiece and mouthed a couple of words, before nodding and continuing. "We, um, we know have a picture of the Criminal, courtesy of the Archives." The Archives were a huge database that spanned the entire universe and stored every single person's data inside them. "While we wait to receive that, Cinradahs has issued a ten-thousand Credit reward to anyone with any information regarding any of the Perpetrators of the Andromeda Disaster. We still do not know all of them, such as one of the Females and there is only speculation that ex-Overlord Tahkshi had anything to do with it." The reporter put a hand on his earpiece again, this time for longer.
  • Even without Rigel they reached Calgary's suburbs by nightfall. Jalal told them that Rigel's orders were for the army to make camp for the night. They would attack in the morning when they were fresh. It was such a warm spring night that they hardly needed to build fires, so the beings of Rigel's army ate their dinners cold, bathed in the beauty of a half-moon with a ring around it. A very good omen. Calgary's towers looked like distant pieces of opal. They didn't talk much. They were too excited.
  • "Shes right, hunny," added December. "And you were such a gentleman to that nice girl when she gave you dat pen."
  • Why is it that the british have such a reluctance to embrace the idea - popular on the continental mainland - of european federalisation?
  • After a short discussion, they agreed that anyone who ever did anything worthwhile would never be seen in such a dump. It was definitely anothing happening' place.
  • While the gale lasted the ship was driving onward, and might in reality be approaching home, but now she was motionless, and it seemed that thus she might remain till their food should be exhausted and all should die, and the rigging should rot, and the bulwarks and decks decay, and at length the ship herself go down into the depths of the sea. That such had been the fate of many a stout ship with her gallant crew there could be no doubt. Waymouth fully believing, however, that some island would be reached ere long where provisions and water could be obtained, had in no way stinted the crew of their usual allowance. One day, however, the carpenter desired to speak with him. His countenance, expressive of consternation, showed that something was very wrong.
  • "What probably happened was this: He saw the end coming and was smuggled out of Berlin, probably in an Allied soldiers uniform, those lethal eyes disguised by incredibly blue contact lenses. A sub took him to Argentina with a few trusted confederates. And as for money, Switzerland, yes, but it came from a Swiss bank account established for just such a getaway. The Swiss never question who dumps the money in their banks.
  • Hell, maybe what Pa did to his own and only head was best for his old self. Happen what with all the sleeping he does every night with no negotiationa number of hours needing more than one hand to countmeans that time spent surviving would be nasty and short. As for myself with my less wearied age and more flexible mindset, I can dispense with such patterns more befitting of an ole-timer. Right now, standing here with a mind clear and calm as the forest air, I have denied myself slumber for two nights and two days running, and I ain't experienced no symptoms of withdrawal. Pa also had a difference of opinion with me regarding the matter of pills, but what with my medicine bottle I can intend to remain in a wakeful state much longer should it be required in order to establish myself in the new quarters.
  • They may engage in dangerous activities such as smoking or climbing icefalls in winter.
  • He went first; Morhange followed him, and I brought up the rear. We passed at every step most curious specimens of volcanic rock. But I did not examine them. I was no longer interested in such things. Another kind of curiosity had taken possession of me. I had come to share Morhange's madness. If my companion had said to me: "We are doing a very rash thing. Let us go back to the known trails," I should have replied, "You are free to do as you please. But I am going on."
  • As we rode on and daylight increased, we looked out eagerly for any smoke which might indicate a camp fire, but not the slightest wreath dimmed the clear sky. Pierre and Long Sam both agreed that we were not far from the high road, and that we must soon come upon the track of the train if it had passed. Not a quarter-of-an-hour after this, we saw-- not a fire burning--but the remains of several, and all the signs of a train having halted on the spot. We hastily rode over the ground, when Armitage, suddenly leaping from his horse, picked up a small object which he intently examined. It was a lady's glove, such as the usual travellers by emigrant trains are not wont to wear. He placed it in his pocket.
  • "Ha! ha! I might have thought so," said Waymouth. "That comes of living on shore. Now at sea we have no time for thinking of such matters. I doubt not, however, that the fair one, whoever she may be, is worthy of your love. Tell me, do I know her?"
  • Such, continued the governor, is the state of mankind; such are the unlucky accidents to which they are exposed; however, my child, added he, since we are both of us equally unfortunate, let us unite our sorrow, and not abandon one another. I give you in marriage a third daughter I have still left; she is younger than her sisters, and imitates their conduct in no manner of way; besides, she is handsomer than they were, and I assure you is of a humour fitted to make you happy: you shall have no other house but mine; and, after my death, you and she shall be my heirs. Sir, said I, I am ashamed of all your favours, and shall never be able to make a sufficient acknowledgment. That is enough, said he, interrupting me; let us not waste time in idle words. He then called for witnesses, ordered the contract of marriage to be drawn, and I married his daughter without further ceremony.
  • Theres no more to this, no other action. YetIts strange enough to be presented with such an image on closing my eyes but theres something else. For a young child to be given such gems is strange also, but theres some other quality, a haunting quality, almost blissful and infinitely reassuring; thats what struck me most.
  • Studying smart requires concentration so encourage your student to eliminate distractions such as telephones, television and loud music.
  • Op-Ed pages or in the personal columns become endowed with such importance?
  • I owed such a lot of money, I couldnt tellem to go to hell as I ought. But I wouldnt have hurt the old man, I swear it.’
  • The faithful Jaggers should have arrived to-day, or will do so this evening-- I am sure you will make the poor little chap comfortable-- I do regret having sent him on such a journey especially since the papers here made such an infernal row over it-- However, neither of us will lose by it in the end--
  • Geraldine studied the bouquet. Yellow roses and pink daisies and canna lilies in cream mingled together in a magnificent display. She couldn't help tallying the cost of such excess. But Jake never had done anything in a small way.
  • In the pioneer days the Poplar river had presented a serious obstacle to traffic in the spring and early summer freshets, until old Simon Crotton had squatted on the bank and constructed a passable ford. Simon had a team of shaganappies whose only virtue seemed to be that they were proof against every form of abuse, and when the settler, with his wagonload of rude implements or household effects, became entangled in the river, old Simon, if not too thoroughly intoxicated, could be depended upon to lend the assistance of himself and team, receiving therefore such dole as the settler could afford or his generosity prompted. A fine steel bridge now spanned the river at the spot, and Simon Crotton had long ago been gathered to his fathers, but the place retained the name of Crotton's Crossing and will probably so be known until the end of time. In such humble ways do common men leave their indelible impress upon a new country.
  • They were the sometimes tools of his trade, used for special assassinations, such as this one. With a sigh, he poured water onto a cloth and washed his face, then stripped to the waist and bathed his torso, wiping the sweat from his armpits. He opened a pot of oily dye he had purchased along the way and rubbed it onto his arms and face, covering his neck and some of his chest. The colour was right, a pale golden-brown. Selecting a bottle of cheap perfume, he anointed himself.
  • For you are frightened of such ones that will either not pity you or not accept your pleas for mercy.
  • And he sang it in a tuneful and plaintive tenor, that had power to make rude and ridiculous things pathetic; and Aunt Rebecca thought he was altogether very agreeable. But it was time she should see what Miss Gertrude was about; and Devereux and Lily were such very old friends that she left them to their devices.
  • They were sorry to learn that Pete Deveaux and his flyers had departed less than a half-hour before their own arrival; but they had been expecting such a report owing to the fact that they had been left so far behind at Singapore. They now determined to hurry up refitting operations, and leave at the first opportunity, hot upon the trail.
  • "I don't know what it may look like," observed David Saunders, gulping down a huge lump. "But its not such bad eating after all, and I am much obliged to you, friend Esquimaux, for your kindness."
  • It was an age of plenty, at least in a household like Lady Margarets, but even her hospitality was little to the lavishness of court. The King would feed any who came, on such a sumptuous scale as to draw half the capital. For all the richness of the food there were no vegetables, though many types of fruit, the centre of the feast was meat, except on Fridays, for religious rules were obeyed strictly. Tables groaned not with slices of meat but with whole animals. There was every kind of fish, fowl, pastry, bread, fruit and even comfits, though rare delicacies like marzipan were kept from the public. It would all have appalled a modern dietician.
  • "Seeing his reputation touched to death, he did oppose his foe! And he did behoove his anger with such sober and unseen passion, eretwas spent, it appeared as if he had but proven an argument." The duel was unavoidable, the general argues, and was handled with a solemn dignity.
  • The dignity of the quarter-deck does not permit an officer, much less a seaman, to ask questions of his superior. This sacred limit on board of a ship was entirely constructive so far as the Maud was concerned; for she was provided with no such planking, and the dignity was applicable only to the persons to whom the quarter-deck is appropriated. But Captain Ringgold was a strict disciplinarian, having served in the navy during the War of the Rebellion.
  • As Fray Antonio thus spoke he so drew up his slight figure, and in his sweet voice was a ring of such commanding sternness, that he was for the moment transformed. Here was a man wholly different from the gentle scholar whom I had already learned to love. In the glimpse that I thus had of his underlying character I saw vivified again the spirit of the early Christian Church; and I understood, as I never had understood before, of what stuff they were made who heard pronounced upon them the sentence, "To the lions!" and joyfully accepted their cruel fate, defiant of what man might do to them because of the perfection of their faith in the merciful forgiveness and upholding steadfastness of their Christian God.
  • The trolling motors could be used to get them closer to shore, but they risked getting the anchor caught on junk that would naturally accumulate after such a disaster.
  • "All the children in the camp fell ill eventually, and they all died. A disease carried by sand fleas, I was told, one that Jashimari have no resistance to." He paused, staring past Kerrion with such intensity that the Prince was hard put not to turn and look behind him. "I got it too, but for some reason, I survived." He lowered his gaze to the fire. "I seem to have a charmed life, for there have been many times when I should have died. Yet I have never failed to kill the man I was sent to slay. Even your father, who survived all the other attempts on his life."
  • Whoso judgeth not by that which allah hath revealed: such are disbelievers.
  • Denitrification filters convert nitrate to nitrogen gas, the bacteria in such filters are anaerobic.
  • Eliot uses the parallelism to good effect, such that subject and theme are related but divergent at the same time.
  • Eagles will usually hunt and kill live animals, but will often eat carrion such as dead hares and sheep.
  • The present one is of a different sort, answered the commander. "But the ruins found in this vicinity were supposed to belong to a Serapeum such as several we have seen on the Nile; but Lepsius says they could not have been a part of a temple to Serapis, but were monuments built on the ancient canal by Darius.
  • `These are delicious,' he said, regarding his half-eaten scone. She had baked them for Arthur, primarily, and she thanked him for the compliment. He waited till he was almost finished, and cleaned his teeth with his tongue. Then he looked into the dregs of his tea, and swirled them around. such a clich she thought, as she waited for him to speak.
  • That is why dog and cat allergies usually cause signs associated with the skin and ears such as itching, hives and inflammation.
  • "Ay!" cries Timon, scowling, "that I am one now!"—squandering time on such conversation. "Were all the wealth I have locked up in thee, Id give thee leave to hang! Get thee gone!
  • The captain drew a deep breath, and folded his arms upon his chest. "Miss Markham," said he, "if this marriage should take place, it would be entirely different from other marriages. If I should not return, and it should be considered legal, it may make you all rich and happy. If it should not hold good, we can only think we have done our best. But as to anything beyond this, or to any question of my return, or any other question in connection with the matter, our minds should be shut and locked. This matter is a business proposition, and as such I lay it before you. If we adopt it, we do so for certain reasons, and beyond those reasons neither of us is qualified to go. We should keep our eyes fixed upon the main point, and think of nothing else."
  • As he spoke a high foaming wave came roaring up. Already the raft was mounting a wave in front, or the consequences would have been more disastrous. The upper part of the sea broke completely over the raft, but it still floated on. Those on it looked anxiously round to see if any of their number were missing. The old man was still at his post at the helm, and the two boys at their places. It was evident, however, that a few more such seas would utterly destroy the raft. As Harry again gazed astern, he saw to his dismay many similar seas preparing to follow; still he would not say this, even to David, and tried in his own hearty way to keep up his companions' spirits. An hour or so thus passed away, when the raft gave stronger signs than ever of not having power to hold together.
  • Can you blame me? Is there anything worse than having a quick superficial question answered in such a way that you're expected to clear your social calendar for the next hour and listen to the problems of some nut job as if you can actually do anything to help? "Sure Charlie, tell me all about your dead Aunt and I'm sure I'll have her up and walking about in no time!" you want to exclaim. No matter what you offer up they are going to immediately counter that they already thought of that and it is completely not going to help in any way at all.
  • "First, our word. Second, we have no personal or national desire to help the French in anything. Although I cant say that I have enjoyed my stay in your city, Im not vengeful enough to unleash such a catastrophe." Challenging, he looked the judges in the eye. "You dilemma is to risk our word against the certainty that the letters will be sent to your enemies... unless you reconsider your judgment."
  • The Street of Willows was lined with manors, complacent behind their high walls. Gates were locked against the weather and thieves such as himself. The trees from which the street took its name stood in rows of drooping branches on either side of the cobblestones. He stood underneath one and considered the wall a few yards further down. Water dripped down from the leaves onto his head. Under normal circumstances, without broken ribs, the height of the wall would not have been a problem. He scowled. Children!
  • "Two-fifty." His head dropped, and his hair flopped about his angular cheekbones as he slunk back to the paper cutter. "Bounty hunters won't even bother to get up from the table when they see me in an eating house. Why risk a muscle pull drawing a sword for such a measly reward? I'll be lucky if they throw a fork."
  • Aids the relief of lung problems such as congestion and chronic catarrh.
  • You know, i often read all the glossy sales bumf the funds send out such as artemis.
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