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Dil: İngilizce
Türü: zarf


z. başarıyla, muvaffakıyetle.

successfully için örnek cümleler:

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  • "A bloat spider can make a web of this size in a very short amount of time. This one started the moment you gave your order to the cavalry to leave. Others have since begun making similar webs all around your city. At this point, they are close to successfully blocking nearly every road exiting the city. You could not escape if you wanted to. I know which areas remain unblocked and I have ordered my shags to guard them. My goblins will now use these to enter the city."
  • I promise you, that if this project does not successfully conclude ten days from today, I will have you tied to a stake on that beach; petrol will be poured over you and you will be set on fire. The dead people out there will welcome you. Is there any part of what I have said that you dont understand Mr. Du?’
  • By his skillful diplomacy dufferin successfully denied turkey any military involvement in egypt.
  • Now things were getting interestinghe dropped two more scrolls onto the ground before him, hoping that they would become visible, otherwise this was going to be a very short rescue mission. The scrolls appeared on the ground the moment he let go of them, allowing him to read the complex incantations and successfully evoke the energies within, augmenting Aiden's combat prowess even more with protective measures. The remaining two scrolls he kept for later use, for if he had read them correctly, one would unleash devastating destruction upon anyone he cast it upon, and the other was only of benefit to a large number of people.
  • How it came about that Bob got his story; how the treasure left in the Turquoise Temple was finally lifted; how the young aeronauts in doing it battled successfully with a maelstrom in the clouds, were driven far out over the Pacific, cast away on a derelict and finally made an escape with their "sneering idol" by aeroplane into the wilds of Mexico, is a later and more remarkable chapter in the adventures of Ned Napier and Alan Hope, to be told in "The Air-Ship Boys Adrift, or Saved by an Aeroplane."
  • Cheetahs cannot manage very successfully in large parks as they are bullied by the other large cats.
  • There was a hearty cheer to greet Bracy and his half company as they successfully crossed the stone swept track and reached the shelter of the rocks, ready to turn on the instant and help to keep down the stone throwing as Roberts and his men came along at the double.
  • It describes an international business and technology degree program which has been operated successfully for twelve years at northumbria university.
  • That ended about 30 minutes later, when she successfully showed Drew that no girl wasbetter' than her. Drew was a believer until a dazed Nicole called him "Danny" as he was leaving her room.
  • Quite rightly, those firms who successfully innovate will be rewarded for the risks they carry by higher profits.
  • Although much of the country he had passed over was already known, no previous African traveller more successfully encountered and overcame the difficulties and dangers of a journey through that region.
  • Dave, of course, knew what he and Sarah were going to do, but he wanted to be diplomatic and preserve a critical friendship. Actually, the unedited version that he was scared shitless of Bianca, and he really didnt want to be on her bad side, was more accurate. He thought about buying a house after his six-figure settlement finally arrived from his old companythe merger had taken a few months to complete and another four months before the two companies could successfully integrate their accounting systems.
  • Accordingly it was not long before they were skirting the upper reaches of the diminishing fog bank, being about a thousand feet or so above the sea itself. Now and then slight rifts appeared in the disappearing mist, and at such intervals it was possible for them to catch fleeting glimpses of the Atlantic, whose wide expanse they had successfully spanned, an event that would make history, if only it could ever be publicly known.
  • I was sure I could not be weak enough to be held so firmly by her beauty alone, lovely as she was. Her mental equipment did not seem to furnish the ground for such a deep attachment, and I could not believe that I was good enough to be so powerfully drawn to her by the inimitable character of her spiritual nature. What, then, was the attraction? It was not far to seek. What was it that first moved me, before I had ever seen her? What accomplishment was it that always came to my mind first when I thought of her? In short, what would Mona, silent, be? I could hardly imagine. But then, she was not silent, and I knew well enough that, struggle as I night, I never could successfully resist the subtle charm of that voice.
  • The grand vizier, who, as has been already said, was the executioner of this horrid injustice against his will, had two daughters, the eldest called Scheherazade, and the youngest Dinarzade: the latter was a lady of very great merit; but the elder had courage, wit, and penetration, infinitely above her sex; she had read abundance, and had such a prodigious memory that she never forgot any thing. She had successfully applied herself to philosophy, physic, history, and the liberal arts, and for verse exceeded, the best poets of her times; besides this, she was a perfect beauty, and all her fine qualifications were crowned by solid virtue.
  • Letters smuggled back in cipher kept the Levant Company informed of progress. The party reached Tripoli without incident, made their way successfully overland through Arabia, and then hired passage on an Arab trader for her trip down the Persian Gulf. The plan seemed to be working perfectly.
  • Felix now saw that the waters were white with suspended chalk, and sounding with the paddle, found that the depth was but a few inches. He had driven at full speed on a reef. There was no danger, for the distance to the shore was hardly two hundred yards, and judging by the appearance of the water, it was shallow all the way. But his canoe, the product of so much labour, and in which he had voyaged so far, his canoe was destroyed. He could not repair her; he doubted whether it could have been done successfully even at home with Oliver to help him. He could sail no farther; there was nothing for it but to get ashore and travel on foot. If the wind rose higher, the waves would soon break clean over her, and she would go to pieces.
  • N'Soon and Sadders were with the 13th. On the Sunday night they had to march to a new position more towards their right. The Signal Section went astray and remained silently on a byroad while their officer reconnoitred. On the main road between them and their lines were some lights rapidly moving--Germans in armoured motor-cars. They successfully rejoined, but in the morning there was something of a collision, and Sadders' bicycle was finished. He got hold of a push-bike alongside the waggons for some distance, finishing up on a limber.
  • "Uh yes, Hugh, typically, asteroids are primordial objects left over from the formation of the solar system. Basically, we believe they're leftover rocky matter that never successfully coalesced into a planet. Usually they reside within the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Occasionally a collision knocks them off course. These asteroids are pretty much all made of the same thing. We find from the debris Dante657 left behind that it is made up of something entirely different."
  • They had successfully transferred several loads of the precious fluid to the tank of the Eagle, working with extreme caution, when Jack gave a warning hiss from his post at the hedge screening the field.
  • Diversifylast two years the business has successfully diversified into the supply of unique aquatic products which has further improved the profitability.
  • It was dreadful work, having thus to kill our fellow-creatures; but at that moment all we thought about was that they intended to kill us, and that it was our business to defend our lives. Whether or not we should do so successfully seemed very doubtful; for as far as we could judge, while they flitted in and out among the trees, there were a hundred or more of them yelling and shrieking and hurling their sharp-pointed spears towards us. A hundred opposed to three were fearful odds. Probably they were not aware of the smallness of our number, or they might have made a rush at our camp, and knocked us all over with their waddies. Every moment we expected that they would do so. Should one of us be killed or wounded so as to be unable to fire, the other two must inevitably become their victims.
  • Not only did his reason not reproach him for what he had done, but he even found cause for self-satisfaction in having so successfully contrived to avail himself of a convenient opportunity to punish a criminal and at the same time pacify the mob.
  • The competition has been run successfully for the last 3 years and attracts the top ranking national fencers in each weapon.
  • Having received this august opinion, Stirling paddled back in his dug out canoe to the swamps of Arkansas, much amused, if not impressed, with the negro's simple method of successfully disposing of a case, so unlike the usual procrastinating customs which fetter the courts presided over by learned white men.
  • If, on the other hand, the plans of the Terrorists were successfully worked out to their logical conclusion, it would not be war only, but utter destruction that Society would have to face. And then with dissolution would come anarchy. The thrones of the world would be overthrown, the fabric of Society would be dissolved, commerce would come to an end, the structure that it had taken twenty centuries of the discipline of war and the patient toil of peace to build up, would crumble into ruins in a few short months, and then--well, after that no man could tell what would befall the remains of the human race that had survived the deluge. The means of destruction were at hand, and they would be used without mercy, but for the rest no man could speak.
  • "Think about it, Mr. Campbell. Why would the body, this incredibly efficient and lazy machine, produce antibodies to something before it had discovered how to destroy it? That would be a waste of time, dont you think? Why create an antibody that turned out to be the wrong keythat did not result in successfully neutralizing the invaderand take up valuable memory space with useless data?"
  • After 44 weeks, all were given a second oral food challenge. Those who were able to consume either 5 grams, or at least 10-fold more peanut powder than their baseline amount, were considered to be responders (i.e., desensitized to peanut). At 44 weeks, 70 percent of those who received peanut SLIT were responders, compared to 15 percent of those receiving placebo. Among the peanut-SLIT responders, the median amount of peanut powder they could successfully consume increased from 3.5 to 496 milligrams. After 68 weeks, that amount increased significantly, to 996 milligrams.
  • Not to sound snotty, but has anyone successfully purchased items from the store yet?
  • "She does. She targets teens as much as she can. Teens dont have as much time to develop hate. Many teens think they feel true despair, but few do. She tries to spend time with them at school to implant as many doubts and hatred in those that show the potential to successfully turn. She enjoys achallenge.’"
  • Having successfully negotiated the drive, you only have more water over which to attack the green.
  • This story deals with the guerrilla aspect of the Boer War, and shows how George Ransome is compelled to leave his father's farm and take service with the British. He is given the command of a band of scouts as a reward for gallantry, and with these he punishes certain rebels for a piece of rascality, and successfully attacks Botha's commando. Thanks to his knowledge of the veldt he is of signal service to his country, and even outwits the redoubtable De Wet.
  • The sword had won, for now. But he would outlast it. Of that he was certain. Tomorrow morning he would wake up having presided successfully over thirty-eight burnings. After forty he would force his catchet upon the High Council. Yes, he concluded, it was best to wait until after the fortieth. He patted the sword like a rabbit before a skinning. Yet there was an advantage to the sharp but subsisting pain in his side: it cut short his internal ruminations, which were growing more frequent with age. The secret to success, as hed learned it, was to keep ones attention always on where it was needed mostthe present.
  • The restaurants proved to wildly successfully like the Westbury location, prompting the guys to sell the concept to Yum! Brands through a national franchising and consulting agreement. The guys agreed to sell all but the Westbury location, which obviously held a great deal of sentimental value.
  • Percussive playing, successfully combined with violent strumming and, again, highly entertaining singing.
  • The hero is a young officer in the Irish Brigade, which for many years after the siege of Limerick formed the backbone of the French army. He goes through many stirring adventures, successfully carries out dangerous missions in Spain, saves a large portion of the French army at Oudenarde, and even has the audacity to kidnap the Prime Minister of England.
  • Every time this horribly ingenious contrivance was successfully brought into play a battleship or a cruiser was either sunk or reduced to impotence. In order to make their aim the surer, the aerostats descended to within three hundred yards of their prey, and where the missile failed to pass through the funnel it invariably struck the deck close to it, tearing up the armour sheathing, and wrecking the funnel itself so completely that the steaming-power of the vessel was very seriously reduced.
  • "Woo-hoo, VICTORY! I have just successfully run my very first con job and without anyones help at allEmber girl, you are the flippinSTUFF…" I applauded myself, mentally.
  • Off once more rattled "The General," and George, in his capacity of fireman, felt about three inches taller than he had five minutes before. The spirits of Andrews seemed to be rising higher and higher. Thus far everything had gone so successfully that he began to believe that the happy ending of this piece of daring was already assured.
  • Towards the afternoon of that same day the travellers began to wake up, stretch themselves, and think about supper. In the course of conversation it transpired that a tiger had been prowling about the village for some days, and had hitherto successfully eluded all attempts to trap or spear it. They had tethered a goat several times near a small pond and watched the spot from safe positions among the trees, with spears, bows and arrows, and blow-pipes ready, but when they watched, the tiger did not come, and when they failed to watch, the tiger did come and carried off the goat. Thus they had been baffled.
  • Silence, sir!"" cried Fred, angrily; and, after giving the men orders, the little party returned with their prisoners in their midst, Scarlett behind, gazing haughtily before him, and paying no heed to a few words addressed to him at first by his captor, who reined back at the slight, and followed afterwards at the rear of his little troop, angry and indignant at Scarlett's contemptuous manner, and at the same time sorry and glad, the latter feeling perhaps predominating, for he had successfully carried out his father's commands."
  • You are convinced now, Edmond, are you not? asked the abbe. "Depend upon it, I know what I say. Since the first attack I experienced of this malady, I have continually reflected on it. Indeed, I expected it, for it is a family inheritance; both my father and grandfather died of it in a third attack. The physician who prepared for me the remedy I have twice successfully taken, was no other than the celebrated Cabanis, and he predicted a similar end for me."
  • The female was successfully extricated from the vehicle and conveyed to hospital by ambulance.
  • Jake looked in the back seat where Ralph was staring at the tree quietly mumbling trivia facts about people who had successfully plotted revenge. "Thats not exactly comforting."
  • In 1957 the first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, was launched; in 1961 the first human trip into space was successfully made by Yury Gagarin; and many other Soviet and Russian space exploration records ensued, including the first spacewalk performed by Alexey Leonov, the first space exploration rover Lunokhod-1 and the first space station Salyut 1. Nowadays Russia is the largest satellite launcher and the only provider of transport for space tourism services.
  • We have successfully developed a novel method of obtaining long ( slowly varying ) tapers in channel waveguides using this technology.
  • Strog replied firmly. "A tactical decision I completely agree with. Blind dwarves can not fight successfully against a delver and two elves, especially in the open sand. We suffered no casualties in this skirmish and we have learned much."
  • Further to the west, the Suez Canal was successfully defended from Ottoman attacks in 1915 and 1916; in August, a joint German and Ottoman force was defeated at the Battle of Romani by the Anzac Mounted and the 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Divisions. Following this victory, a British Empire Egyptian Expeditionary Force advanced across the Sinai Peninsula, pushing Ottoman forces back in the Battle of Magdhaba in December and the Battle of Rafa on the border between the Egyptian Sinai and Ottoman Palestine in January 1917.
  • "Many criminals have been prosecuted and are now safely guarded in prisons, but unhappily the greater number of criminals are loose all over the State without fear of being prosecuted, and terrorizing the population. Bands of gipsies were followed by officers and soldiers, and their attacks on property and individuals were prevented.... In the town of Catalo the two armed parties were successfully prevented from violence and 'viessem s mos' (coming to blows). At Morrinhos armed citizens in a menacing attitude were dispersed by the police ... in other localities other riots or attempts (sic) at disorder were immediately repressed, and we can now say that the State enjoys perfect peace, save the municipality of Douro, which is threatened by bandits from Bahia. They are constantly springing upon the terrified population of the municipality and especially of the town.
  • Tannoy announcements, each of which i had successfully filtered out.
  • Hot and panting, Alf fought to get a grip of the creature's throat. She, on her part, seemed to divine his purpose, and battled successfully to prevent him.
  • I pedaled a couple of times, but he was already running to get in front of my bike to try and stop me. I tried to maneuver my way around him, but he caught the front of my handlebars to stop the bike. He underestimated how much power there already was behind the bicycles movement, probably not expecting me to keep it set on the highest gear, and I lurched out of my seat. He caught me around my waist and pulled me towards him so I wouldnt fly over the handlebars. We fell to the ground and rolled a couple of times. He tried his hardest to shield me from the fall, so I was just fine, but if anything the fact that he successfully stopped me from leaving made me more pissed. I elbowed him hard in the ribs. He loosened his grasp on me and I jumped up as quickly as I could.
  • Suddenly Polly flung her arms about her friend's neck and began crying like a disappointed child. One never could count on Polly's doing what might be expected of her. She had had the boldness of defy opposition and to act successfully for a week on the professional stage; yet now when she most needed her nerve she was breaking down completely.
  • Wildfeather, part Yakima Indian and part Yukon Inuit, was well-versed in detection, assessment, and pursuithad in fact earned his promotion to Special Forces by successfully tracking the infamous Wraith Brigade during Operation Desert Sabre. It was jocularly rumored that he could determine, through vestigial evidence alone, the age, gender, and political persuasion of a midget pulverized in a cattle run.
  • The Portuguese government and army successfully resisted the decolonization of its overseas territories until April 1974, when a bloodless left-wing military coup in Lisbon, known as the Carnation Revolution, led the way for the independence of the overseas territories in Africa and Asia, as well as for the restoration of democracy after two years of a transitional period known as PREC (Processo Revolucionario Em Curso). This period was characterized by social turmoil and power disputes between left- and right-wing political forces. The retreat from the overseas territories and the acceptance of its independence terms by Portuguese head representatives for overseas negotiations, which would create independent states in 1975, prompted a mass exodus of Portuguese citizens from Portugal's African territories (mostly from Portuguese Angola and Mozambique).
  • Nicholas benevolently chided his younger brother. "Now, Alexander. Show some respect. I've successfully searched the Web in the past. "In fact," he said as he looked straight at me with interest. "I discovered some rather interesting things as I was browsing on the Internet. Some truly fascinating information concerning Russian history," he declared.
  • Ever since, the odds of anyone successfully rehabilitating this incredible hulk have been the longest in the development business.
  • "You successfully traveled through the centennial portal. You weren't taking to the light and the noise well, so I blocked out most of it–"
  • Here, unison successfully overturned an injunction granted in an unusually trenchant judgment by a deputy high court judge.
  • Topological quantum field theory provided an example of background-independent quantum theory, but with no local degrees of freedom, and only finitely many degrees of freedom globally. This is inadequate to describe gravity in 3+1 dimensions which has local degrees of freedom according to general relativity. In 2+1 dimensions, however, gravity is a topological field theory, and it has been successfully quantized in several different ways, including spin networks.
  • The three friends remained silent, and looked fixedly at the chart of the fearful Polar regions, towards which they were being irresistibly drawn, and which have hitherto successfully resisted all attempts to explore them.
  • Capita successfully implemented the central london congestion charging scheme on 17 february 2003.
  • Detoxifywho have been successfully detoxified should continue to have access to relapse prevention in the community.
  • Marthe filled in the gaps; while his youngest brother Lance had successfully avoided fatherhood, Kells sister had produced offspring for all three Vander Kellen siblings, and was pregnant with her sixth at the age of thirty-eight. Which would be okay, except that Fred Smith, Trishs second husband, was gone.
  • He successfully represented bondholders in the litigation arising out of efforts to block the construction of the hubert h. humphrey metrodome in minneapolis.
  • F-zero ax machine parts cheats successfully complete the game in story mode on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the f-zero ax machine parts.
  • The boys who are mechanically inclined, will want to have the fun of making a camp box. The illustration is a suggestion successfully worked out by a number of boys. The dimensions may be determined by the maker. Don't make it too big, or it will be a burden and also occupy too much room in the tent. It stands upright and serves as a dresser. Boys who spend a summer in camp should have either a steamer trunk or this dresser.
  • The project employs a professional conservator who has successfully trained a team of khmer staff in these areas of expertise.
  • Over the sudden noise, Hugh continued, "And just in case Im wrong, I dont wish to offend my neighbors, do I? I might be the one looking for allies. So Ill entertain Aymer and his brothers for a few days, pretend sympathy with their plight and promise them nothing." He finished relieving himself in silence and then went over to a side table. "Anyway, I dont think theyre serious. The prince has been successfully asserting his physical power in Aquitaine for a few years. They cant fight him. Better for them to try to obtain satisfaction through legal means. If they appeal to the king, he would probably intervene." He splashed water over his face and held out a hand for the towel Haworth placed in it. "Didnt you sleep well, Roger?" he asked. "You woke me several times with your tossing."
  • If you are reading this, I assume you are safely away on your quest and out of my jurisdiction. I trust you will hold to your duty and strive your hardest in order to successfully complete this endeavor, even had you not read this letter. But you are reading, for what I have to say must be said. It is only fair that you know why you are truly questing for this Dire Tome in far-off Shanal.
  • This plan was successfully followed, without suspicion being aroused, and the young mine boss met his boy companion at the appointed time and place. They both had safety-lamps, and each carried a small can of oil, for they did not know how long they might have to remain in the mine.
  • Removed when we have successfully sourced and e-mailed you with availability.
  • The book successfully straddles the boundary that separates a text book from a history book.
  • Perhaps the only four men with the fleet who did not really have their interests aroused were Davis and his three fellow conspirators. Their only hope was that the sooner they came through the venture successfully the sooner they might get to work on their own plans.
  • For nearly a thousand years, we have successfully resisted foreign domination.
  • Stampede had started with one of the two saddle-deer left at the range, but to ride deer-back successfully and with any degree of speed and specific direction was an accomplishment which he had neglected, and within the first half-dozen miles he had abandoned the adventure to continue his journey on foot. As Tatpan had no saddle-deer in his herd, and the swiftest messenger would require many hours in which to reach Amuk Toolik, Alan set out for his range within half an hour after his arrival at Tatpan's camp. Stampede, declaring himself a new man after his brief rest and the meal which followed it, would not listen to Alan's advice that he follow later, when he was more refreshed.
  • Accepted when a payment is successfully submitted, the following processes take place.
  • Let Percy come along with his new one! cried Andy, after they had volplaned successfully down toward the earth, until not more than a few hundred feet above the tree tops of the forest; "it would tickle me to have a turn with him again. He has forgotten his other beat, and is beginning to boast again about what great stunts he means to kick up."
  • Louis stepped between Amalric and Roland, his white robe rustling. "Count, your baiting of this loyal knight distresses me. I am pleased with you tonight. Please do not do anything to mar my feeling. Remember, your appointment is not final until our army has successfully crossed the river."
  • At Louvain Hal was wounded, and Chester had him conveyed to Brussels. Here the lads again fell in with Captain Anderson, and, through the good offices of the latter, eventually found themselves attached to the British forces on the continent. They had gained favor in the eyes of Sir John French, the British Field Marshal in command of the British troops, and had successfully accomplished several difficult missions.
  • "Yes, of course," Sengril confirmed, nodding. "With the wisdom that our culture imbues in its citizens from a young age, we believe ourselves to be more capable of successfully controlling a large empire than any other nation on our continent. Weve put years of study into the feasibility of a Vinten empire, and have since decided to move forward with the next stage: field-testing other nationsreceptivity to new Vinten legal requirements."
  • Turning, he saw a girl of about seventeen, with little grace and less beauty, but strongly and stoutly built, and with a good- natured, if somewhat stupid and heavy face. Her hair was dun in colour, coarse in texture, and done up loosely and carelessly in two heavy braids, arranged about her head in such a manner as to permit stray wisps of hair to escape about her face and neck. She was dressed in a loose pink wrapper, all too plainly of home manufacture, gathered in at the waist, and successfully obliterating any lines that might indicate the existence of any grace of form, and sadly spotted and stained with grease and dirt. Her red stout arms ended in thick and redder hands, decked with an array of black-rimmed nails. At his first glance, sweeping her "tout ensemble," Cameron was conscious of a feeling of repulsion, but in a moment this feeling passed and he was surprised to find himself looking into two eyes of surprising loveliness, dark blue, well shaped, and of such liquid depths as to suggest pools of water under forest trees.
  • As we passed across the lawn on our way to the station to catch our train we could see the front of the asylum. I looked eagerly, and in the window of my own room saw Minas. I waved my hand to him, and nodded to tell that our work there was successfully accomplished. He nodded in reply to show that he understood. The last I saw, he was waving his hand in farewell. It was with a heavy heart that we sought the station and just caught the train, which was steaming in as we reached the platform. I have written this in the train.
  • At last, after a fierce struggle, in which the defenders very nearly succeeded in driving us out or slaughtering us where we stood, the field pieces were silenced, a charge of explosive was successfully placed beneath the gate and a loud roar followed that shook every stone in that colossal pile.
  • After successfully getting her straw into the unusual drink, she took a sip and was pleasantly surprised. It was creamy, and had an unusual flavor that she had never experienced before. The wide straw easily sucked up the chewy balls in the bottom that tasted like they were floating in some kind of sweetened syrup. It took a bit of getting used to the texture, but she decided that it was actually a nice addition to the drink.
  • Chosen by informed elected people for their ability to rise above the political dogfight, speakers have successfully fulfilled a non-political role for centuries.
  • Soldiers are not made in a few weeks or months; and where the League had millions in the field, Britain, even counting the remnant of her German allies, that had been brought over from Antwerp, could hardly muster hundreds of thousands. All told, there were little more than a million men available for the defence of the country; and should the landing of the invaders be successfully effected, not less than six millions of men, trained to the highest efficiency, and flushed with a rapid succession of unparalleled victories, would be hurled against them.
  • I gave a last minute straighten to my top and brushed some invisible lint off my pants and I was ready as I ever would be. Squaring my shoulders I stepped towards the doors and was able to keep from reacting when they swung open on their own before my outstretched hand could touch them. I walked through them, head held high, and successfully fought the urge to look back over my shoulder at Cecily in mute appeal. There was no help in that direction. It was now up to me alone and I prayed that I would have the nerve to at least get through this without making a colossal fool of myself.
  • The next few days were busy ones, the work going on from the first peep of daylight until it was impossible to see. And in due time the shipment was successfully made.
  • "What about the girl? I want that girl. Without her these artifacts mean nothing to me." Marduk peered intensely at black bag lying on his desk. "You said you could deliver. Do I need to find somebody else who can successfully complete a task I assign to them."
  • There are seafarers studying with the ou at all levels and, to prove the point, many successfully achieve graduate status every year.
  • After this little affair had been so happily passed, to my great relief, they all seemed to be in good humor with themselves and with me, and were rather inclined to give me credit for having passed through their infantry successfully.
  • "Market expectations are that the U.S. cutbacks will be watered down and spread over several years," said Matthew Sherwood, Perpetual Investments head of markets research in Sydney. Perpetual manages about $25 billion. "If the cliff is successfully flattened out over several years, the U.S. recession feared by markets is unlikely to occur."
  • Aiden took a moment to check his back for blood, but thankfully the dagger hadn't pierced his chain shirt. During this brief time, the other archer had readied another arrow and loosed a shot at Sayana. Prepared for the attack, she positioned her magical shield between herself and her assailant with a quick gesture, successfully deflecting the arrow. Cursing loudly, the bandit dropped his bow and went for his dagger, but not before Aiden took a swipe at him. The man was too quick though, dodging to one side and avoiding the blade's edge.
  • We have used fresh garlic, cinnamon, clove oil, lavender oil successfully with bacteria.
  • Then, after thus successfully overcoming the obstacles that lay in the way of his going to sea, so far as this initial stage to that ultimate end was concerned, the lucky fellow, in addition to gaining the Captain's favour and making the acquaintance of Bob and Nellie, put the finishing-touch to his good fortune by winning over Mrs Gilmour to his side--a lady who, as a friend, was worth perhaps all the rest, she being true as steel and thoughtful and considerate in every way.
  • Instead, I can't help but think that the sea can provide me with far more thought provoking fare on this rainy morning. I realize that I wouldn't be honest if I didn't feel the need to start muddying the waters by suggesting intent and outcome are never clear on the sea or on the internet. Some days we are nothing short of Master and Commander of the HMS Audacious plowing resolutely through the world wide web and other days we sit in front of our screens like the Skipper trying to control the Minnow as our "tiny ship gets tossed." Most days we experience the duality of having successfully delivered the bomb to Tinian only to be sunk later and at the mercy of the sharks.
  • In fact nothing had been said during the trip to Footscray about Yoosuf. Caroline had tried to let Hasna speak when she wanted to, and as to where Yoosuf was at that moment, neither of them knew a thing. But it was clear to Caroline that Hasna knew a lot more about events than she was letting on. Apart from the initial shock and fear displayed when his cell had blown up, over the last few hours she had observed in Hasna a calm, almost serene peace as if the first stage of a plan had successfully come together. Her bodily movements had been slow and deliberate, not the jerky and snappy movements of someone under pressure, and she was sure that with a bit of coaxing, and maybe a wad of money, she would have Yoosuf sitting across from her, telling his own story.
  • Sooner or later, Zalzyn Shaa thought to himself, he would have to finish all this dancing around, dropping suggestive hints and floating innuendoes, convincing those around him - by the evidence, fairly successfully - that he did know what he was doing, and was operating on the cryptic gyre of some master plan, and actually decide on such a plan. Truth be told, he was running on instinct more than conscious device. In the general order of things this was not recommended, since the major element separating the highly crafty from the brute of force was the multiplier of cunning. On the other hand, when dealing with Arznaak instinct was not necessarily such a bad idea.
  • Former player, manager and tv pundit hill successfully campaigned to abolish the maximum wage and was an early advocate of all-seater stadia.
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