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Dil: İngilizce
Türü: zarf


z. başarıyla, muvaffakıyetle.

successfully için örnek cümleler:

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  • They could deny that truthfully, and did. Paul was rather glad, as the matter had turned out, that his plan of pretending to be dumb had not been tried. He knew that it would be very hard for Arthur to tell an untruth, even by suggestion, excellent as was the excuse for doing so. Arthur could understand, of course, that to deceive the enemy was permissible, and, more than that, praiseworthy. It was a question simply of whether he could hope to do so successfully.
  • Once I cleared my mind of hunger by eating six, foot long sandwiches (hey, I said I was hungry), I was able to start thinking more effectively about what to do next. First things first, however, I would have to drive to the Library Tree distribution center and yell at everyone who might be willing to take the blame for the huge mishap. Blaming other people for something that wasnt their fault was something I believed I was quite good at, but, as youll see in future chapters, it does not always turn out as successfully as one can hopemore on this later.
  • She was looking radiant. The systematic rest-cure, combined with the services of her maid, a finished masseuse, had done wonders for her, and a gown of chiffon shaded like a bunch of pansies and so transparent that most of her could be seen through it successfully crowned her efforts.
  • Next day was devoted to watering; but as I have elsewhere described that necessary if prosaic occupation, I will not repeat the story. Sufficient to say that the job was successfully "did" in the course of the day.
  • Following the lead means reading the marks reaction to what was offered, and then responding to the situation accordingly. Tray and Willow both agree that unless reading people is a natural gift, that I would need months of gypsy education before I could even assist them on a job. Even then, I most likely couldnt say anything. The most I could do successfully was hand them stuff or pretend to be mute, for heaven sakes. They were both still laughing when they informed me of this, so they might have been joking.
  • Aiden took a moment to check his back for blood, but thankfully the dagger hadn't pierced his chain shirt. During this brief time, the other archer had readied another arrow and loosed a shot at Sayana. Prepared for the attack, she positioned her magical shield between herself and her assailant with a quick gesture, successfully deflecting the arrow. Cursing loudly, the bandit dropped his bow and went for his dagger, but not before Aiden took a swipe at him. The man was too quick though, dodging to one side and avoiding the blade's edge.
  • The female was successfully extricated from the vehicle and conveyed to hospital by ambulance.
  • Mo Run opens again Saturday afternoon at five pm, later than usual because there was a lot of cleanup to do after the night before. The door alarms are reset and new cameras are positioned to watch over them. Several plain clothes police mingle with the crowd to look for anything unusual. For the most part, it's a quiet night. The crowd trickles in and there's a lot of subdued talk about the night before. People mill around the stage and gesture to where the guy was shot, all traces of the blood stains now removed. They ogle upwards and nod approvingly at the light racks trying to spot the laser mechanisms that worked so successfully the night before.
  • The Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers in the war, the secret Ottoman-German Alliance having been signed in August 1914. It threatened Russia's Caucasian territories and Britain's communications with India via the Suez Canal. The British and French opened overseas fronts with the Gallipoli (1915) and Mesopotamian campaigns. In Gallipoli, the Ottoman Empire successfully repelled the British, French, and Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs). In Mesopotamia, by contrast, after the disastrous Siege of Kut (1915-16), British Imperial forces reorganised and captured Baghdad in March 1917.
  • "We have successfully crossed the first tier," he stated without emotion. No hint of sadness, relief or joy existed in his expression or voice. He looked over them all with a stone cold glance. He saw the confusion in their faces which merely served to irritate him. "I told you you would not be able to see it. The door to the next level is here." He pointed to ordinary looking ground. There was nothing which indicated a door of any kind. Shaking his head and muttering, he bent down as if to prove its existence by opening the invisible passage.
  • The mafias have not yet, as they have in some ec countries, successfully infiltrated mainstream politics.
  • The office for fair trading has successfully prosecuted both of these concerns.
  • Strog replied firmly. "A tactical decision I completely agree with. Blind dwarves can not fight successfully against a delver and two elves, especially in the open sand. We suffered no casualties in this skirmish and we have learned much."
  • "Eh? What was that?" The dwarf was certain he just caught the human telling a lie. If the door did not open, then there were enchantments in place to prevent any unwanted intruders. They would have been unable to breech the Barrier, so they must be telling lies. The Barrier had been successfully blocking unauthorized entry for centuries. "Then how did ye make it inside? Ye cannot have made it past the door without unlocking it."
  • Now that he had successfully touched the Gift, Sallis found it easier the next time, and the time after. Just as Elvallon had assured him. To see the world effectively slowed down gave him a strange mix of feelings, euphoria and fear among them.
  • The knowledge I acquired in this way, however, was only skin deep, so to to speak, exemplifying the truth of the old adage "lightly come, lightly go;" for albeit this hot-bed process of imparting learning served its turn in enabling me to pass the crucial ordeal to which I was subjected, I verily believe that I could not have answered satisfactorily one tithe of the questions a fortnight after the dreaded examination was over that I then grappled successfully.
  • Then you can make your mind easy, laughed Frobisher. "To tell you the simple truth, I believe I had practically made up my mind to sail with you before I said good-bye to you yesterday. Yes, I'm coming, skipper; and I hope, for both our sakes, that the voyage will turn out as successfully as you desire."
  • Then the sailors put out the long-boat. This was a difficult undertaking, but it was successfully accomplished, and the men were all on board at last. Instantly they prepared to row away.
  • Historian herodotus, his hired phoenician fleet successfully completed its mission of circumnavigating africa.
  • "French military planes successfully attacked Islamist positions at Ansongo and nearby areas," the source said. "The strikes were very successful and caused damage to the enemy."
  • Prisoners who successfully complete an externally accredited qualification are rewarded with an achievement bonus.
  • The Jesuits tell me that it was more clicked and guttural fifty years ago, but that they are successfully weeding out many of the more unpleasant catarrhal sounds.
  • It is a painful thing to tell a lady, said the doctor kindly; "but I will explain. Mrs Winthorpe, he has a terrible wound. The bullet has passed obliquely through his chest; it was just within the skin at the back, and I have successfully extracted it. As far as I can tell there is no important organ injured, but at present I am not quite sure. Still I think I may say he is in no immediate danger."
  • Gwilym sighed loudly, frustrated. Eleven days ago, Corrados soldiers had successfully overthrown his defenses and set up camp around the walls of Vasos. Unexpectedly, however, they had as yet made no move to try and take the city. It was ridiculous to consider that they hoped to wait them outVasos could last within itself for months if need beand their unknown intent and sudden lack of action was driving the king mad.
  • "What about the girl? I want that girl. Without her these artifacts mean nothing to me." Marduk peered intensely at black bag lying on his desk. "You said you could deliver. Do I need to find somebody else who can successfully complete a task I assign to them."
  • Back in 1994, Algerian militants fighting the French-backed government in Algiers hijacked an Air France plane. Though it was successfully stormed by French forces in Marseille, French intelligence believed they planned to fly it into the Eiffel Tower, foreshadowing the September 11 attacks on the United States.
  • Stampede had started with one of the two saddle-deer left at the range, but to ride deer-back successfully and with any degree of speed and specific direction was an accomplishment which he had neglected, and within the first half-dozen miles he had abandoned the adventure to continue his journey on foot. As Tatpan had no saddle-deer in his herd, and the swiftest messenger would require many hours in which to reach Amuk Toolik, Alan set out for his range within half an hour after his arrival at Tatpan's camp. Stampede, declaring himself a new man after his brief rest and the meal which followed it, would not listen to Alan's advice that he follow later, when he was more refreshed.
  • Tannoy announcements, each of which i had successfully filtered out.
  • Defy popularized the idea that unjust laws can be successfully defied.
  • "Not many people of your Aysha culture can successfully channel with the full moon. It seems youre always full of surprises and questions for us Ember Skyy," Rave announced as he walked into the Arboretum to join us.
  • For example, aluminum bronzes are used very successfully for inert gas fans in oil tankers.
  • "There is only one country in the world where such things can be successfully explained, and that is India; but not even in India until India is free. When the millions of India once grasp the fact of freedom, they will forget superstition and understand. Then they will claim their powers and use them. Then the world will see, and wonder. And presently the world, too, will understand.
  • When they had quit the Abbey, De Lacy again summoned Raynor Royk and questioned him regarding the Abbot of Kirkstall. The old soldier, like the majority of his fellows who made fighting a business, had a contemptuous indifference to the clerical class. A blessing or a curse was alike of little consequence to men who feared neither God, man, nor Devil, and who would as readily strip a sleek priest as a good, fat merchant. Raynor's words were blunt and to the point. He knew nothing of the Abbot except through the gossip of the camp and guard-room, and that made him a cadet of a noble family of the South of England, who for some unknown reason had, in early manhood, suddenly laid aside his sword and shield and assumed Holy Orders. He had been the Abbot of Kirkstall for many years, and it was understood had great power and influence in the Church; though he, himself, rarely went beyond the limits of his own domain. He was, however, regarded as an intriguing, political priest, of Lancastrian inclination, but shrewd enough to trim successfully to whatever faction might be in power.
  • Autonomous cafe has successfully commandeered edb cafe of the university of sussex on the 31/01/06.
  • That particular profession was one I wanted to successfully check off, soon. It was very difficult for my best friend to help me, because she still hadnt met Willow yet. When we stopped by Sunridge to pick her up for school on January 2nd, I was no closer to having an answer or meeting my career goal either. I was extremely worried because Eli Weston could mess up my Tray-Willow-relationship plan. I couldnt do anything about that particular relationship wrecking problem though because I had already introduced him to Willow.
  • Removed when we have successfully sourced and e-mailed you with availability.
  • I was still leafing through my binder when Alec started testing the strength of our, 'tow line.' I scooted my desk over and picked up a weight to hand to him, only to see the thread break as he successfully figured out the breaking point.
  • Match- The Stud vs Rick RichHeavyweight Title MatchAs expected, Rich Inc interfered most of the match and a tired Crowd Control tried to prevent them and did successfully for most of the match. After an exchange of reversals, The Stud nails Rick with a spiked DDT. The Stud lands his finisher, top rope elbow drop "Shows Over."
  • My eyes were disciplined and sure, and successfully avoided direct contact with him again. I couldnt deny that there was a small part of me that wanted to run towards him and lock eyes, allowing whatever force of nature that existed between us to have its way. I shook the thought away before anyone else could notice. I wanted to phase back to being human as soon as possible so that I could think through everything that had happened on my own.
  • Of the two camp hands, one was an Indian called Harry, a fine specimen of one of the famous tribes which successfully resisted Russian rule in the early years, and who was regarded as one of the most expert canoeists who had ever been in the Survey.
  • To grow wisteria successfully you need to recreate these conditions in the original planting and the yearly maintenance.
  • Then, after thus successfully overcoming the obstacles that lay in the way of his going to sea, so far as this initial stage to that ultimate end was concerned, the lucky fellow, in addition to gaining the Captain's favour and making the acquaintance of Bob and Nellie, put the finishing-touch to his good fortune by winning over Mrs Gilmour to his side--a lady who, as a friend, was worth perhaps all the rest, she being true as steel and thoughtful and considerate in every way.
  • The newcomers gave one satisfied glance at their future home, and then set to work to erect log huts forthwith. Soon the axe was heard ringing through the forests, and tree after tree fell to the ground, while the occasional sharp ring of a rifle told that the hunters were catering successfully for the camp. In course of time the Mustang Valley began to assume the aspect of a thriving settlement, with cottages and waving fields clustered together in the midst of it.
  • The bed of the cañon, through which a little stream ran, fell away before us along a slight down grade; which descent, since we found also a good foot-way beside the stream, made walking comparatively easy notwithstanding our heavy back-loads. Now and then our way would be barred by masses of rock fallen from above, and by whole trees blown down from their insecure roothold on the rocky cliffs; and twice we came to steep descents which would have given us trouble had we not brought along the ropes wherewith our packs had been bound. Shifting El Sabio down these places was our hardest task; but with the ropes, and the intelligent part that he took in the performance, we managed it successfully.
  • Sanych spent endless hours with the Counts, poring over the details found in the few books that had successfully been loaded on board the Kazhak. During the voyage, she found time to read every one of them. Runcan, Armala and Sengril listened to her summations and estimates as if she spoke the foreseen truth, and worked her to the point of exhaustion with possible scenarios.
  • His cigar glimmered dully through the silence. Presently he went on; "Speaking of tyranny, I think it may be classed as a recognized and tolerated business carried on successfully by those born with a genius for it. It flourishes in the shade--like the Helmet-Flower.... But the sun in this Western Hemisphere of ours is devilish hot. It's gradually killing off our local tyrants--slowly, almost imperceptibly but inexorably, killing 'em off.... Of course, there are plenty still alive--tyrants of every degree born to the business of tyranny and making a success at it."
  • You must also have successfully completed any professional training required to enable you to practice the profession concerned.
  • The process of getting Robert off the horse was more difficult than getting him on the horse because he would have to swing his right leg over and land on it, which he couldnt do because it hurt too much. But as much as Robert hated doing this in front of this crowd of people, he managed somehow to successfully dismount. And he didnt even fall on his arse!
  • "Market expectations are that the U.S. cutbacks will be watered down and spread over several years," said Matthew Sherwood, Perpetual Investments head of markets research in Sydney. Perpetual manages about $25 billion. "If the cliff is successfully flattened out over several years, the U.S. recession feared by markets is unlikely to occur."
  • Seconds later Mathew dashed at Connor while his back was turned. Here he comes, should I side step or take the hitIll take it so he can feel better about himself. When Connor was successfully tackled to the ground Mathew yelled "And thats how you tip a retarded cow!"
  • In 2005 the festival successfully repositioned, concentrating on new music entirely and opening up the range of venues to include central london locations.
  • In fact nothing had been said during the trip to Footscray about Yoosuf. Caroline had tried to let Hasna speak when she wanted to, and as to where Yoosuf was at that moment, neither of them knew a thing. But it was clear to Caroline that Hasna knew a lot more about events than she was letting on. Apart from the initial shock and fear displayed when his cell had blown up, over the last few hours she had observed in Hasna a calm, almost serene peace as if the first stage of a plan had successfully come together. Her bodily movements had been slow and deliberate, not the jerky and snappy movements of someone under pressure, and she was sure that with a bit of coaxing, and maybe a wad of money, she would have Yoosuf sitting across from her, telling his own story.
  • Montgomery launched a counteroffensive in october 1942, which successfully broke the axis line.
  • It had all been talked over before, of course; and it would be talked over again before a fortnight was past and the Black Eagle had set sail for the French Shore with a valuable cargo. Tom Tulk had begun gingerly; he had proceeded with exquisite caution; he had ventured a bit more; at last he had come boldly out with the plan. Manned with care--manned as she could be and as Tom Tulk would take care to have her--the Black Eagle was the ship for the purpose; and Skipper George, with a reputation for bad seamanship, was the man for the purpose. And the thing would be easy. Tom Tulk knew it. Skipper George knew it. It could be successfully done. There was no doubt about it; and Skipper George hated to think that there was no doubt about it. The ease and safety with which he might have the money tumble into his pocket troubled him. It was not so much a temptation as an aggravation. He found himself thinking about it too often; he wanted to put it out of his mind, but could not.
  • You are nervous, Yellow Bird, he said, thinking of the two days and three nights of her conjuring, when she had neither slept nor taken food, that she might more successfully commune with the spirits. "There is no danger. The night is a hard one for sleep. It has frightened you."
  • Then there was the difficulties that came with Simon Says himself. Simon became obsessed with stealing more and more items for his creation. He desired Chew-on to have a piece of every great baseball player. There were only two among the living that had successfully eluded him. The first was Babe Ruth, who was such a celebrity at that time that he was almost untouchable to the likes of Simon. The second was the one that the Tanzanian craved the most - the Georgia Peach, Tyrus Cobb.
  • Perhaps the only four men with the fleet who did not really have their interests aroused were Davis and his three fellow conspirators. Their only hope was that the sooner they came through the venture successfully the sooner they might get to work on their own plans.
  • Humiliateex incident proved humiliating for security organizers, coming two days after protesters successfully stormed the building.
  • Our judges consider how well entrants have used plain english, and how successfully and passionately they have fought gobbledygook.
  • Cleaveave used fresh garlic, cinnamon, clove oil, lavender oil successfully with bacteria.
  • We had just finished supper when we saw another bear in a better position, and I proceeded to make the stalk, going part of the way in the baidarka, for the great meadow was intersected by a stream from which small lagoons made off in all directions. The wind was very baffling, and although we successfully reached a clump of brush in the middle of the marsh, the bear for some time continued to graze in an unapproachable spot. We had almost given up hope of getting a shot, when he turned and fed slowly some fifty yards in a new direction, which was up-wind. This was our chance. Quickly regaining the baidarka, we paddled as noiselessly and rapidly as possible up the main stream of the marsh to a small lagoon, which now at high tide had sufficient water to float us.
  • On a windoze machine, eudora software successfully retrieves email from the machine.
  • Several times they had successfully run the blockade in the Kiel canal, passing through the narrow straits in submarines just out of reach of the foe. In Russia, they had, early in the war, lent invaluable assistance to the Czar; and more lately, they had been in the eastern monarchy when Czar Nicholas had been forced to renounce his throne.
  • We have successfully crossed the first tier, he stated without emotion. No hint of sadness, relief or joy existed in his expression or voice. He looked over them all with a stone cold glance. He saw the confusion in their faces which merely served to irritate him. "I told you you would not be able to see it. The door to the next level is here." He pointed to ordinary looking ground. There was nothing which indicated a door of any kind. Shaking his head and muttering, he bent down as if to prove its existence by opening the invisible passage.
  • But Asgeelo explained that a shark could be successfully encountered by a skillful swimmer. The shark is long, and has to move about in a circle which is comparatively large; he is also a coward, and a good swimmer can strike him if he only chooses. He again repeated triumphantly that he had killed more than a hundred to avenge his son.
  • The site is currently occupied by the french firm, alcatel, which is successfully making repeaters there.
  • A brief period of prosperity continued for Bulgaria while John Assen II. was on the throne. He was the most civilised and humane of all the rulers of ancient Bulgaria, and there is no stain of a massacre or a murder remembered against his name. He made wars reluctantly, but always successfully.
  • Thirty days from the time it left Dawson, the Salt Water Mail, with Buck and his mates at the fore, arrived at Skaguay. They were in a wretched state, worn out and worn down. Buck's one hundred and forty pounds had dwindled to one hundred and fifteen. The rest of his mates, though lighter dogs, had relatively lost more weight than he. Pike, the malingerer, who, in his lifetime of deceit, had often successfully feigned a hurt leg, was now limping in earnest.
  • Using models for coalescence and breakage from literature, dsa is successfully applied to the case of a laboratory scale rotating disk contactor.
  • "Yes, of course," Sengril confirmed, nodding. "With the wisdom that our culture imbues in its citizens from a young age, we believe ourselves to be more capable of successfully controlling a large empire than any other nation on our continent. Weve put years of study into the feasibility of a Vinten empire, and have since decided to move forward with the next stage: field-testing other nationsreceptivity to new Vinten legal requirements."
  • Zombie apocalypse arcade level: successfully complete chapter 7: clooney hospital in story mode.
  • Despite these efforts, however, much of wales successfully resisted assimilation into the roman empire.
  • "Many criminals have been prosecuted and are now safely guarded in prisons, but unhappily the greater number of criminals are loose all over the State without fear of being prosecuted, and terrorizing the population. Bands of gipsies were followed by officers and soldiers, and their attacks on property and individuals were prevented.... In the town of Catalo the two armed parties were successfully prevented from violence and 'viessem s mos' (coming to blows). At Morrinhos armed citizens in a menacing attitude were dispersed by the police ... in other localities other riots or attempts (sic) at disorder were immediately repressed, and we can now say that the State enjoys perfect peace, save the municipality of Douro, which is threatened by bandits from Bahia. They are constantly springing upon the terrified population of the municipality and especially of the town.
  • N'Soon and Sadders were with the 13th. On the Sunday night they had to march to a new position more towards their right. The Signal Section went astray and remained silently on a byroad while their officer reconnoitred. On the main road between them and their lines were some lights rapidly moving--Germans in armoured motor-cars. They successfully rejoined, but in the morning there was something of a collision, and Sadders' bicycle was finished. He got hold of a push-bike alongside the waggons for some distance, finishing up on a limber.
  • Teleri was determined to punish her husband for humiliating her in such crude fashion in full witness of so many people. Now that she had successfully gotten rid of his slut, she felt near to invincible. She was well aware, from the buzz surrounding the earls arrival, that Longsword disliked and distrusted Chester; these would be her weapons.
  • In 499 BC, Athens lent support to a revolt in Miletus which resulted in the sacking of Sardis. This led to an Achaemenid campaign against Greece known as the Greco-Persian Wars which lasted the first half of the 5th century BC. During the Greco-Persian wars Persia made some major advantages and razed Athens in 480 BC, but after a string of Greek victories the Persians were forced to withdraw while losing control of Macedonia, Thrace and Ionia. Fighting ended with the peace of Callias in 449 BC. In 404 BC following the death of Darius II Egypt rebelled under Amyrtaeus. Later Egyptian Pharaohs successfully resisted Persian attempts to reconquer Egypt until 343 BC when Egypt was reconquered by Artaxerxes III.
  • For example, joshua 12 is viewed as a list of those kings whose holdings were successfully wrested from them.
  • The quest to unify the fundamental forces through quantum mechanics is still ongoing. Quantum electrodynamics (or "quantum electromagnetism"), which is currently (in the perturbative regime at least) the most accurately tested physical theory,(blog) has been successfully merged with the weak nuclear force into the electroweak force and work is currently being done to merge the electroweak and strong force into the electrostrong force.
  • Alas, madame, returned Villefort, "my profession, as well as the times in which we live, compels me to be severe. I have already successfully conducted several public prosecutions, and brought the offenders to merited punishment. But we have not done with the thing yet."
  • We have spent the day scouring London for her ..... and were hoping to successfully terminate our assignment,’ replied the first Agent uncomfortably.
  • Schedule the schedule is too big to successfully transfer to a text file - sorry.
  • Claudia seferius has successfully inveigled her way into marriage with a wealthy roman wine merchant.
  • "So." Shaa pivoted on his heel and paced deliberately back in the other direction along the rug. "Whoever this hypothetical co-conspirator might be, my brother would know better than to trust them, which means he would do his best not to be dependent on them, which means he would throw himself into learning everything he could about the guts of their contribution as fast as he could, so as to be able to do without them when the time came... but then again things have been moving so quickly, he may have run out of time to learn everything he needs to know. Or maybe his confrere really is clever enough to successfully keep their secrets intact, making their expectation for longevity greater than a matter of minutes."
  • This announcement at once banished the glum looks which Grosvenor's ill- timed levity of demeanour had called up, and restored matters to the favourable condition that had been momentarily endangered. A brief consultation was held, and at its conclusion Malachi, the chief Elder, hurried away to seek an audience of the Queen with the object of endeavouring to secure her consent to an interview with the wonderful doctor from afar. Meanwhile the two Englishmen were conducted up a magnificently wide marble staircase to the building that formed the second story, as it were, of the immense edifice in which they had been brought to trial, and which they now learned was the Government building in which the business of the nation generally was transacted, and the chief officials of the Government had lodging, the topmost story of all being a temple to which the Elders were wont to resort in times of especial national stress and danger, and where they were supposed to seek--and obtain--inspiration and guidance enabling them to successfully grapple with the crisis.
  • Yes, in order for humanity to successfully breed, a certain amount of Magur DNA had to be left intact. Sexual energy has the possibility of raising your vibration. As your chakras start to spin again, your DNA is reorganised. It is this DNA that has been the thorn in their sides throughout the ages.’
  • Jorge quickly moved past the man before he had to answer any questions about his assigned floor duty. Once in the stairwell, Jorge checked that the file had uploaded successfully and then ran upstairs as if for the first time.
  • "Commendable." The Puppetmaster clapped his hands. "Well. Youve successfully completed your first truly villainous act: Youve robbed a bank. Now I suspect youll want to consolidate your newfound power, and that means grabbing yourself some territory."
  • "Sir, the device has been successfully tested. Our prototype maintained complete stealth frequencies. The RF pulses transmitted with almost no loss of power. We were particularly impressed by the gyrotron specs you provided. This baby can produce one hell of a massive pulse."
  • Additionally, wartime press censorship successfully limited public knowledge about the executions.
  • "When I think of all these things, and a great deal more that I cannot venture to inflict on the indulgent company (Go on!) I feel that the toast which I have the honour to propose deserves a foremost place in the toasts of the day, and that you will heartily respond to it, namely, Success to the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company, for that Company has laid scores of cables since its formation, and has now successfully commenced, and will doubtless triumphantly complete, the laying of the cable which we have met to celebrate to-day--the fourth great enterprise, I may remark, which the Company has undertaken--the cable that is soon to connect India with England."
  • To be sure, said the tyrant, who was greatly amused; "as we have prevented your successfully plying your trade we certainly do owe you an indemnity. Here, take these two pistoles to drink our healths with."
  • "Are you saying that, uh, someone else created those doors? Alright, alright, lets think about this." His turn to pace. "Youre right. Theres nobody out there that has successfully teleported something, let alone someone, from point A to point B. This sort of thing is straight out of Star Trek."
  • A Gnat came and said to a Lion, "I do not in the least fear you, nor are you stronger than I am. For in what does your strength consist? You can scratch with your claws and bite with your teeth an a woman in her quarrels. I repeat that I am altogether more powerful than you; and if you doubt it, let us fight and see who will conquer." The Gnat, having sounded his horn, fastened himself upon the Lion and stung him on the nostrils and the parts of the face devoid of hair. While trying to crush him, the Lion tore himself with his claws, until he punished himself severely. The Gnat thus prevailed over the Lion, and, buzzing about in a song of triumph, flew away. But shortly afterwards he became entangled in the meshes of a cobweb and was eaten by a spider. He greatly lamented his fate, saying, "Woe is me! that I, who can wage war successfully with the hugest beasts, should perish myself from this spider, the most inconsiderable of insects!"
  • After analyzing individual transformants, nucleoplasmin was shown to successfully target aequorin to nuclei.
  • It would take too long to follow all the varied incidents of the siege. But one thing was constant. Night after night recruits from inside the town managed to scale the walls and join King Humyon's forces. They were getting tired of Kumran, who, unable to satisfy his cruelty on the little Heir-to-Empire, vented it on all and sundry. And day by day as the number of the besieged dwindled, bit after bit of the town fell into the besiegers' hands, until at last only the Bala Hissar remained. But the Bala Hissar is a town in itself, and many a time has it withstood a siege successfully.
  • Of course no demerits were imposed as a result of the crazy reports ordered by Midshipman Clairy on that memorable night. Three days later the unfortunate young man's father arrived and had his son conveyed from Annapolis. It may interest the reader to know that, two years later, the ex-midshipman fully recovered his reason, and is now successfully engaged in business.
  • As the money crossed national borders, it was converted into foreign currencydollars, usuallywhich meant it had to pass, if only for a split second, through a correspondent bank in New York. Hermitages lawyers successfully petitioned U.S. courts to force the New York banks to turn over records of these wire transfers. Hermitage obtained additional banking records through court complaints it filed in Russia and in Austria, where USBs main correspondent bank was located. These and other records reviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek show that as the money exited Russia it was split up and transferred to accounts in Moldova, Cyprus, the Baltics, Hong Kong, and elsewhere. The accounts were held by dozens of companies based in such far-flung locales as the British Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Panama, and the Seychelles. The records show that millions landed in accounts held by USBs former owner, Dmitry Klyuev, or by the ex-husband of Olga Stepanova, who headed one of the tax offices that approved the refund.
  • The 2007 bidding war for psychiatrists in California took a human toll, said Michael Bien, a lawyer for prison inmates who successfully sued California over mental-health care. A mental hospital drained of such specialists was the scene of two suicides within three months of the salary increases at prisons. The state settled a lawsuit filed by one family for $975,000 without admitting liability.
  • During the following week, Arthur Pym and Dirk Peters, living on nuts and bitterns' flesh, escaped discovery by the natives, who did not suspect their presence. They found themselves at the bottom of a sort of dark abyss including several planes, but without issue, hollowed out from the hillside, and of great extent. The two men could not live in the midst of these successive abysses, and after several attempts they let themselves slide on one of the slopes of the hill. Instantly, six savages rushed upon them; but, thanks to their pistols, and the extraordinary strength of the half-breed, four of the assailants were killed. The fifth was dragged away by the fugitives, who reached a boat which had been pulled up on the beach and was laden with three huge turtles. A score of natives pursued and vainly tried to stop them; the former were driven off, and the boat was launched successfully and steered for the south.
  • Mr Evans had been for years a Minister and Missionary in the Canadian Methodist Church. With the Reverend William Case he had been very successfully employed among the Indians in the Province of Ontario. When the English Wesleyan Society decided to begin work among the neglected tribes in the Hudson's Bay Territories, the Reverend James Evans was the man appointed to be the leader of the devoted band. In order to reach Norway House, which was to be his first principal Mission, his household effects had to be shipped from Toronto to England, and thence reshipped to York Factory on the Hudson Bay. From this place they had to be taken up by boats to Norway House in the interior, a distance of five hundred miles. Seventy times had they to be lifted out of these inland boats and carried along the portages around falls and cataracts ere they reached their destination.
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