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Dil: İngilizce
Türü: zarf


z. başarıyla, muvaffakıyetle.

successfully için örnek cümleler:

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  • This story deals with the participants in an expedition that successfully captures the presidency of a Central American republic. It is very exciting, the incidents being fresh and daring with not too much reliance placed on coincidence.
  • "We look forward to the speedy and final resolution of this dispute, and will continue to focus our efforts on successfully competing in the marketplace," Hilowitz said.
  • Reifythis stage of modernity, we only seem to be able to work together successfully through the mediation of reified social relations.
  • Goldfish successfully launched its internet based savings account and began active marketing in the autumn.
  • "Uh yes, Hugh, typically, asteroids are primordial objects left over from the formation of the solar system. Basically, we believe they're leftover rocky matter that never successfully coalesced into a planet. Usually they reside within the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Occasionally a collision knocks them off course. These asteroids are pretty much all made of the same thing. We find from the debris Dante657 left behind that it is made up of something entirely different."
  • Others who have been treated successfully develop an under active thyroid in the future.
  • Ever since, the odds of anyone successfully rehabilitating this incredible hulk have been the longest in the development business.
  • The only downer was the absence of Leah. The packs were out of touch with her, and even Seth had lost contact. Jacob regretted that he had not spent more time with her before leaving for Alaska two years earlier. Their relationship was something which I never fully understood. Sue told us that she successfully completed her degree in Seattle but had chosen to move to South America for work. Apparently she had not been regularly phasing either, and everyone was worried that she was trying to lose her spirit wolf deliberately.
  • An arrow took the goblin leader in the chest. He looked down at it and grimaced, his sharp teeth clenched in a parody of a smile. Then the goblins spindly legs gave out and he collapsed. The other goblins looked up in the direction from which the arrow had come, as did Eduard, Jain, and Airk. More than twenty additional goblins with bows and arrows in their hands and steel swords and axes in their belts stood halfway up the hill. They wore clothing of a similar, crude cut to the other goblins, but they also wore thick boots and many of them wore steel armor. Some of them wore plate mail, some chain, and some wore hardened leather scales. A lot of the armor ill fitted the wearers. Still, for the goblins to have successfully plundered so much they must have been both vicious and cunning.
  • Turning, he saw a girl of about seventeen, with little grace and less beauty, but strongly and stoutly built, and with a good- natured, if somewhat stupid and heavy face. Her hair was dun in colour, coarse in texture, and done up loosely and carelessly in two heavy braids, arranged about her head in such a manner as to permit stray wisps of hair to escape about her face and neck. She was dressed in a loose pink wrapper, all too plainly of home manufacture, gathered in at the waist, and successfully obliterating any lines that might indicate the existence of any grace of form, and sadly spotted and stained with grease and dirt. Her red stout arms ended in thick and redder hands, decked with an array of black-rimmed nails. At his first glance, sweeping her "tout ensemble," Cameron was conscious of a feeling of repulsion, but in a moment this feeling passed and he was surprised to find himself looking into two eyes of surprising loveliness, dark blue, well shaped, and of such liquid depths as to suggest pools of water under forest trees.
  • This image can be successfully segmented using a single threshold T1.
  • When they had quit the Abbey, De Lacy again summoned Raynor Royk and questioned him regarding the Abbot of Kirkstall. The old soldier, like the majority of his fellows who made fighting a business, had a contemptuous indifference to the clerical class. A blessing or a curse was alike of little consequence to men who feared neither God, man, nor Devil, and who would as readily strip a sleek priest as a good, fat merchant. Raynor's words were blunt and to the point. He knew nothing of the Abbot except through the gossip of the camp and guard-room, and that made him a cadet of a noble family of the South of England, who for some unknown reason had, in early manhood, suddenly laid aside his sword and shield and assumed Holy Orders. He had been the Abbot of Kirkstall for many years, and it was understood had great power and influence in the Church; though he, himself, rarely went beyond the limits of his own domain. He was, however, regarded as an intriguing, political priest, of Lancastrian inclination, but shrewd enough to trim successfully to whatever faction might be in power.
  • At last, after a fierce struggle, in which the defenders very nearly succeeded in driving us out or slaughtering us where we stood, the field pieces were silenced, a charge of explosive was successfully placed beneath the gate and a loud roar followed that shook every stone in that colossal pile.
  • The competition has been run successfully for the last 3 years and attracts the top ranking national fencers in each weapon.
  • Mark felt an almost irresistible desire to laugh outright, but as the gratification of that desire might have cost him his head he did resist it successfully.
  • Nicole, for her part, was always so focused on Daniel that she never really thought of Drew in a relationship kind of way, but she did periodically fantasize about him. Consciously, she just knew him as Andrew, but subconsciously, he was the forbidden fruit. He was a seemingly untouchable enemy that was to be scorned, not lusted after. But a whole host ofl' words accompanied such mixed, amped-up feelings, such as lust, loathing, longing, and losing. And Nicole was just starting to realize how confusing all of those contrasting feelings could be.Special Agent Blake Wallace of the FBI's Aquatic and Other Mammals Division was also quite familiar with the disquieting effect of contrasting feelings. Wallace had successfully made the jump from summer lifeguard to marine biologist in the years following his split from Sharon Phillips.
  • I say fortunately with good reason, for in that wild country a man without a horse was worse off than one without a country, all patriotic reasons aside, of course. It was impossible for a man on foot to successfully make his way from water hole to water hole, and an automobile would have been worse than useless.
  • Francescas bar was on the outskirts of St. Louis, but she lived in the farmlands on the other side of the Mississippi in Illinois. If losing her sister hadnt been enough, Francesca and Sheas farmhouse had been destroyed in by one of errant tornados that often sweep through the area in the late spring and summer. The two women had a bad track record for keeping their houses intact. Fortunately they were both intrepid workers, and most of their house and farm buildings already been successfully rebuilt.
  • Suzana spent the next several days longing to search for mysterious rescuer. After the incident her father had done a much better job of preventing her from leaving the grounds than before. As crafty as Suzana was, she had yet to successfully find a way off the grounds. It didnt help that her cracked ribs made sudden movements difficult. Susana spent the time she was held captive reading books, but her mind refused to stop wandering to those moments in the cave with the stranger.
  • No one said a word for half a minute. The proposition was so astounding that it might well have appalled the stoutest heart. At that time no one had attempted to cross the Atlantic in a heavier-than-air plane, a feat later on successfully accomplished. Nobody had piloted the way in a Yankee-made seaplane; nor had any one navigated the air passage in a monster dirigible. The three thousand miles of atmosphere lying between Europe and America still stood an uncharted sea of vapor, where every imaginable evil might lie in wait for the modern Columbus of aerial navigation.
  • The scene of this story is laid on the upper part of Narragansett Bay, and the leading incidents have a strong salt-water flavor. Owing to the conviction of his father for forgery and theft, Budd Boyd is compelled to leave his home and strike out for himself. Chance brings Budd in contact with Judd Floyd. The two boys, being ambitious and clear sighted, form a partnership to catch and sell fish. The scheme is successfully launched, but the unexpected appearance on the scene of Thomas Bagsley, the man whom Budd believes guilty of the crimes attributed to his father, leads to several disagreeable complications that nearly caused the lad's ruin. His pluck and good sense, however, carry him through his troubles. In following the career of the boy firm of Boyd
  • Assisted by unison, she then successfully sued the council; in a legal first, the council accepted liability.
  • If C4 photosynthesis is successfully transferred to C3 plants through genetic engineering, farmers could grow wheat and rice in hotter, dryer environments with less fertilizer, while possibly increasing yields by half, the researchers said.
  • In their childlike glee, aroused by the fire and their luck in successfully cannonading the French, our artillerymen only noticed this battery when two balls, and then four more, fell among our guns, one knocking over two horses and another tearing off a munition-wagon driver's leg. Their spirits once roused were, however, not diminished, but only changed character. The horses were replaced by others from a reserve gun carriage, the wounded were carried away, and the four guns were turned against the ten-gun battery. Tushin's companion officer had been killed at the beginning of the engagement and within an hour seventeen of the forty men of the guns' crews had been disabled, but the artillerymen were still as merry and lively as ever. Twice they noticed the French appearing below them, and then they fired grapeshot at them.
  • The king, of course, was continuously briefed about the unrest in his country. The problem only was that he did not care very much about it. Living quite in another reality altogether, one that was dominated by thoughts of him successfully battling the dominance of Bonaparteas well as the design of new fancy uniforms and medals for his starving troops, he neither saw the danger closing in on him nor made any real plans to counteract it.
  • Then you can make your mind easy, laughed Frobisher. "To tell you the simple truth, I believe I had practically made up my mind to sail with you before I said good-bye to you yesterday. Yes, I'm coming, skipper; and I hope, for both our sakes, that the voyage will turn out as successfully as you desire."
  • The colony successfully surmounted the financial stringency caused by the withdrawal of the imperial troops in 1905.
  • "That will be the easy part," Pillari said, staring to the side as they went. "Getting out with the ChAlisiya . . . that will be the impossible part. If hes kept her secreted away so successfully this long . . . ."
  • You are nervous, Yellow Bird, he said, thinking of the two days and three nights of her conjuring, when she had neither slept nor taken food, that she might more successfully commune with the spirits. "There is no danger. The night is a hard one for sleep. It has frightened you."
  • Audrey sighed. She had never learned the name of the boy who broke into the castle four years ago and cut down the wooden frame of Richards keep. If the Normans knew his name, they had successfully kept any slaves from discovering it. They said only that the boy had been exiled from Engla-lond for his crimes and and henceforth was known as the Outlaw. "The Outlaw is the reason Lord Richard wanted us to build the keep in stone so quickly," she pointed out. She didnt like speaking against the Outlaw; she admired him as much as anyone. Nonetheless, their lives had become doubly miserable ever since his visit. "Hes also the reason its so difficult for us to get our hands on weapons or do anything at all without permission."
  • Rhodes waited patiently and his perseverance was eventually rewarded. One by one the chiefs came down from the hills and succumbed to the persuasiveness and personality of this remarkable man who could deal with wild and naked warriors as successfully as he could dictate to a group of hard-headed business men. After two months of negotiating the Matabeles were appeased and permanent peace, so far as the natives were concerned, dawned in Rhodesia. After his feat in the Matopos the Matabeles called Rhodes "The Man Who Separated the Fighting Bulls." It was during this period in Rhodesia that Rhodes discovered the place which he called "The View of the World," and where his remains now lie in lonely grandeur.
  • Evidently the Nurnberg's commander figured that the Sylph, being as badly crippled as he was, could not successfully pursue. The British cruiser was still some distance off, and he hoped to be able to outrun her also.
  • Towards the afternoon of that same day the travellers began to wake up, stretch themselves, and think about supper. In the course of conversation it transpired that a tiger had been prowling about the village for some days, and had hitherto successfully eluded all attempts to trap or spear it. They had tethered a goat several times near a small pond and watched the spot from safe positions among the trees, with spears, bows and arrows, and blow-pipes ready, but when they watched, the tiger did not come, and when they failed to watch, the tiger did come and carried off the goat. Thus they had been baffled.
  • "Emasculatems are such extraordinary devices, dont you think?" asked Luis brightly, still looking away, the kindness in his voice untainted by the simmering subsurface fury cowering Maggie at the door. "Your Lord Emperor has but a beginners understanding of them, though I theorize that he has tinkered somewhat successfully with them, which explains how he can keep his Dreamcatchers so pathetically tamed ..."
  • During this journey I had successfully treated two of the men for slight ailments, and Squirrel had made mental note of the fact. A result of it was that in the morning an old, old, black-looking Indian came hobbling on a stick to my tent and, in husky Chipewyan, roughly translated by Billy, told me that he had pains in his head and his shoulder and his body, and his arms and his legs and his feet, and he couldn't hunt, couldn't fish, couldn't walk, couldn't eat, couldn't lie, couldn't sleep, and he wanted me to tackle the case. I hadn't the least idea of what ailed the old chap, but conveyed no hint of my darkness. I put on my very medical look and said: "Exactly so. Now you take these pills and you will find a wonderful difference in the morning." I had some rather fierce rhubarb pills; one was a dose but, recognising the necessity for eclat, I gave him two.
  • Within half an hour they had successfully landed at the place indicated, and which had witnessed the coming and going of the young aeronauts on numerous occasions.
  • Swann's story of Sheila and the Goths sent Dimarico into gales of laughter, even as both worried once more over security. Time was growing short, as was dog food with two of the big creatures to feed. The pilot-model transporter successfully checked out, as did a mock-up of the final versionnot yet updated with new controls.
  • "Are you saying that, uh, someone else created those doors? Alright, alright, lets think about this." His turn to pace. "Youre right. Theres nobody out there that has successfully teleported something, let alone someone, from point A to point B. This sort of thing is straight out of Star Trek."
  • Her heart beat furiously. Her tiredness evaporated. Down below, Longswords men were struggling to close the gate before the Welsh arrived. There was only a handful of defenders but Teleri knew from her husbands ceaseless bragging that only a handful was necessary to successfully defend his well-stocked fortress from a larger opposing force.
  • "Market expectations are that the U.S. cutbacks will be watered down and spread over several years," said Matthew Sherwood, Perpetual Investments head of markets research in Sydney. Perpetual manages about $25 billion. "If the cliff is successfully flattened out over several years, the U.S. recession feared by markets is unlikely to occur."
  • "Fine then," said Lilac jauntily, as she began to stride across the overgrown lawn towards the gate. Once the gate was successfully vaulted, she clambered back up to the topmost saddle of the tandem and awaited her companion. The matter, it seemed, was decided. The gourd was his to possess, and their excursion was at an end. Now all that remained was another skybourne journey back to Lilacs flat, and then ... well, who knew what.
  • Treating erectile dysfunction successfully can have a very positive effect on quality of life.
  • Wildfeather, part Yakima Indian and part Yukon Inuit, was well-versed in detection, assessment, and pursuithad in fact earned his promotion to Special Forces by successfully tracking the infamous Wraith Brigade during Operation Desert Sabre. It was jocularly rumored that he could determine, through vestigial evidence alone, the age, gender, and political persuasion of a midget pulverized in a cattle run.
  • There was no contradicting him; Dinah was too weary for discussion in any case. But he had successfully checked her tears at last; he had even in a measure managed to comfort her torn soul. She lay for a space pondering the matter.
  • Montgomery launched a counteroffensive in october 1942, which successfully broke the axis line.
  • Then the sailors put out the long-boat. This was a difficult undertaking, but it was successfully accomplished, and the men were all on board at last. Instantly they prepared to row away.
  • He recently successfully steered his private members bill, the tobacco advertising and sponsorship bill through the house of lords.
  • "No. At least, its not logical. The immune system would not create antibodies until it knew with 100% certainty that it had found the right key required to successfully defeat the HIV, as evidenced by the actual performance of the Killer T-cells. Remember that a primary function of antibodies is to record exactly what key is required to destroy a particular invading organism, and that wont occur until the destruction process is clearly working."
  • Antispasmodic action is also successfully used in the treatment of bronchial asthma.
  • Sanych spent endless hours with the Counts, poring over the details found in the few books that had successfully been loaded on board the Kazhak. During the voyage, she found time to read every one of them. Runcan, Armala and Sengril listened to her summations and estimates as if she spoke the foreseen truth, and worked her to the point of exhaustion with possible scenarios.
  • Off once more rattled "The General," and George, in his capacity of fireman, felt about three inches taller than he had five minutes before. The spirits of Andrews seemed to be rising higher and higher. Thus far everything had gone so successfully that he began to believe that the happy ending of this piece of daring was already assured.
  • "I, ahI successfully auditioned for the television showQuiz Slam.’ I am headed out to the studio tomorrow. Taping takes place the next day. I thought it would be great if I could mention on the show that I have a forthcoming book with Clytemnestra Press. You, ah, you have my contact information, so, um, just send me an email, give me a calllet me know what you think. Okay, thanks. Bye."
  • During the night they successfully repulsed all attempts to drive them out despite abnormal exposure to attack.
  • Stern viewed the ugly, triangular head with apprehension. Well he knew that venom dwelt there, but he said nothing. The one and only chance of successfully transplanting the Folk must be to regions warm as these. All dangers must be braved a time till they could grow acclimated to the upper air. After that--but the vastness of the future deterred even speculation. Perils were inevitable. The more there were to overcome the greater the victory.
  • Meanwhile, our former acquaintance, Alvarez, whom we lost sight of at the Careenage, had successfully made his way through the Cuban jungle, and, arriving at the port of Matanzas, with the remainder of the men, had sailed thence to Vera Cruz, in Mexico, where he had received a high appointment from the viceroy, which he now held.
  • We have spent the day scouring London for her ..... and were hoping to successfully terminate our assignment,’ replied the first Agent uncomfortably.
  • "‘For, certes,’ says he, ‘I have already chosen my officer.’ And what was he? Forsooth, a great arithmetician: one Michael Cassio, a Florentine, a fellow almost damned in a fair wife,"—the young lieutenant has successfully retained his bachelorhood, "that never set a squadron in the field, nor of the division of a battle knows more than a spinster, unless by the bookish theoric wherein the togad consuls"—ancients—"can propose as masterly as he! Mere prattle without practise is all his soldiership!
  • Deborah started laughing as David stepped back and starting walking away, "That old lady is probably still drunk from last night!" she yelled. "Hey, where are you going?" she wondered, as guys rarely slipped through her web once she had successfully lured them in with excessive cleavage.
  • On the 23rd of July the Great Eastern was not more than 500 miles from Newfoundland, when they telegraphed from Ireland the news of the armistice concluded between Prussia and Austria after Sadowa. On the 27th, in the midst of heavy fogs, they reached the port of Heart's Content. The enterprise was successfully terminated; and for its first despatch, young America addressed old Europe in these words of wisdom, so rarely understood: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men."
  • The elf tapped her forehead immediately underneath the red sash which was tied about it. The Sergeant, though eager to hear her story and marvelling at such sentiments from the lips of a child, successfully concealed his curiosity, and said gently, "Tell me how you came to think of to night "
  • Claudia seferius has successfully inveigled her way into marriage with a wealthy roman wine merchant.
  • The fleet successfully passed the Pillars of Hercules, the rocks of Gibraltar and Ceuta which command the Strait, and ventured on the Atlantic, taking a southerly course. Two days after passing the Straits, Hanno anchored on the coast, and laid the foundation of the town of Thumiaterion.
  • Static burst successfully deployed a building to building bridge for a manufacturing company in taunton.
  • "No, sir, none whatever--he laid a wire from Folkestone to a steamer two miles off the shore, and sent messages to it. At last, in 1851. Mr Brett laid down and successfully wrought the cable between Dover and Calais which had been suggested by Wheatstone eleven years before. It is true it did not work long, but this may be said to have been the beginning of submarine telegraphy, which, you see, like your own education, Bob, has been a thing of slow growth."
  • Having successfully negotiated the drive, you only have more water over which to attack the green.
  • "The course of events has been exactly that which he predicted. I know, too, that whatever causes may have led him to unite himself to those known as the Terrorists, he is an English nobleman, and a man to whom falsehood or bad faith is absolutely impossible. In your marvellous arial fleet I know also that he wields the only power capable of being successfully opposed to those terrible machines which had wrought such havoc upon the fleets and armies, not only of Britain, but of Europe.
  • A Gnat came and said to a Lion, "I do not in the least fear you, nor are you stronger than I am. For in what does your strength consist? You can scratch with your claws and bite with your teeth an a woman in her quarrels. I repeat that I am altogether more powerful than you; and if you doubt it, let us fight and see who will conquer." The Gnat, having sounded his horn, fastened himself upon the Lion and stung him on the nostrils and the parts of the face devoid of hair. While trying to crush him, the Lion tore himself with his claws, until he punished himself severely. The Gnat thus prevailed over the Lion, and, buzzing about in a song of triumph, flew away. But shortly afterwards he became entangled in the meshes of a cobweb and was eaten by a spider. He greatly lamented his fate, saying, "Woe is me! that I, who can wage war successfully with the hugest beasts, should perish myself from this spider, the most inconsiderable of insects!"
  • But the isolation of our desperate retreat dismayed nobody, for we all had an unconquerable belief in the future. There must be some French somewhere, and in spite--as we thought then--of our better judgments, we stuck to the story that was ever being circulated: "We are luring the Germans into a trap." It was impressed upon us, too, by "the Div." that both at Mons and Le Cateau we were strategically victorious. We had given the Germans so hard a knock that they could not pursue us at once; we had covered the retirement of the 1st Corps; we had got away successfully ourselves. We were sullen and tired victors, never defeated. If we retreated, it was for a purpose. If we advanced, the Germans were being crushed.
  • The new MIT system appears to work for many cell types -- so far, the researchers have successfully tested it with more than a dozen types, including both human and mouse cells. It also works in cells taken directly from human patients, which are usually much more difficult to manipulate than human cell lines grown specifically for lab research.
  • Now things were getting interestinghe dropped two more scrolls onto the ground before him, hoping that they would become visible, otherwise this was going to be a very short rescue mission. The scrolls appeared on the ground the moment he let go of them, allowing him to read the complex incantations and successfully evoke the energies within, augmenting Aiden's combat prowess even more with protective measures. The remaining two scrolls he kept for later use, for if he had read them correctly, one would unleash devastating destruction upon anyone he cast it upon, and the other was only of benefit to a large number of people.
  • So, the three Browns had been dealt with, the prophecy was defeated, but there were still a couple of thousand zombies outside the quarantine zone. The citizens couldnt possibly contain a breach this size. The zombies would bite and breed and take over the island, but at least they couldnt get off it. Even if the zombies infected whoever came to investigate Mitchells radio silence, theyd never successfully pilot a helicopter back. The situation was contained.
  • At the first conference of the naacp she successfully persuaded the organization to resolve to make lynching a federal crime.
  • He had the highwayman now! If Senor Zorro continued to ride, he could be seen and followed because of the bright moonlight; if he stopped, Senor Zorro could not hope to cope successfully with half a score of troopers with Gonzales at their head.
  • Save for a few small details, and the stocking and provisioning of the craft in preparation for the trip across the continent, everything had been finished. The big motor had been successfully tested, and had developed even more power than had been expected. The propellers delivered a greater thrust on the air than was actually required to send the Abaris along.
  • When you have successfully placed your order you will receive an order acknowledgment and a unique username and password.
  • Where most of the old prairie posts stood in the old days, the company now have "Sale Shops" for the whites and at these places they are successfully meeting competition, by the superiority and cheapness of the goods they supply.
  • Campbell-Brown, winner of the 200m at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, will become the first woman in history to win an individual athletics crown in three consecutive Games if she successfully defends her title once more.
  • Cheetahs cannot manage very successfully in large parks as they are bullied by the other large cats.
  • The oar upon being fitted in the cavity could be rapidly turned to the right and to the left, with a peculiar motion known to those who have learned the art of successfully sculling a craft in this way. It is wonderful what progress can be made in that fashion. Shack seemed to know all about it, for presently Bandy-legs emitted a whoop that would have shamed an Indian brave.
  • Nasa has successfully rebutted the theories of artificial structures with the release of the mars global surveyor images of cydonia.
  • I have often thought since that, had I fallen into the hands of those infantry officers, after having successfully passed through their lines, they would have been tempted to hang me without trial, and the old bushwhacker would have been glad to have acted hangman. He looked like a veritable Jack Ketch. They well knew that the report of the cavalry officer to headquarters would expose the weakness of their line.
  • On the morning of the 6th of June, the newspaper publishers, like most other gentlemen of Memphis, were greatly alarmed. The Avalanche and The Argus announced that it was impossible for the Yankee fleet to cope successfully with the Rebels, and that victory was certain to perch upon the banners of the latter. The sheets were not dry before the Rebel fleet was a thing of the past. The Appeal had not been as hopeful as its contemporaries, and thought it the wisest course to abandon the city. It moved to Grenada, Mississippi, a hundred miles distant, and resumed publication. It became a migratory sheet, and was at last captured by General Wilson at Columbus, Georgia. In ability it ranked among the best of the Rebel journals.
  • While yet the candidate's wounds are streaming with blood, he is required to run with lightning speed for two or three miles and fetch back from a given spot a kind of toy lance planted in the ground. Then, having successfully passed the triple ordeals of fasting, stabbing, and running against time, and without food and water, the candidate, under the eyes of his admiring father, is at length received into the ranks of the bravest warriors, and is allowed to take a wife. At the close of the ceremony, the flow of blood from the candidate's really serious flesh-wounds is stopped by means of spiders' webs, powdered charcoal, and dry clay powder.
  • Mr. president, is that we cannot successfully preach nonviolence at home while we escalate mass violence abroad.
  • Overwintered successfully with fleece will bring them into active growth more quickly.
  • The site is currently occupied by the french firm, alcatel, which is successfully making repeaters there.
  • Now that I was so near the treasure the hopelessness of getting hold of it and successfully taking it from the Roundheadscastle and through the Cavalierslines seemed overwhelming. I was tormented by being tantalised like this, being so near and yet so far. At best I would get away safely myself, and perhaps carry out my plan of finding a boatmen to ferry me. But supposing the Governor refused to release me? Even if I convinced him I was not a spy he might want to keep me in the Castle to tend his sick soldiers. Unless I was free to walk out of the gate I would be virtually a prisoner.
  • Using models for coalescence and breakage from literature, dsa is successfully applied to the case of a laboratory scale rotating disk contactor.
  • After Anu had taught him how to travel through these timelines, Marduk leaned to successfully manipulate them to serve his own interests. Lately he had been trying to manipulate the timelines to ensure the successful completion of his plan. But every time he encountered the future and tried to shape it with his intent, the timeline would split into the same two scenarios.
  • Already vr has successfully helped treat phobias like fear of flying.
  • The voyagers now had game in profusion. They could kill as many buffaloes as they pleased, and, occasionally, were wanton in their havoc; especially among scattered herds, that came swimming near the boat. On one occasion, an old buffalo bull approached so near that the half-breeds must fain try to noose him as they would a wild horse. The noose was successfully thrown around his head, and secured him by the horns, and they now promised themselves ample sport. The buffalo made prodigious turmoil in the water, bellowing, and blowing, and floundering; and they all floated down the stream together. At length he found foothold on a sandbar, and taking to his heels, whirled the boat after him like a whale when harpooned; so that the hunters were obliged to cast off their rope, with which strange head-gear the venerable bull made off to the prairies.
  • Amphibians were the first group of vertebrates to successfully conquer land almost 400 million years ago.
  • But the start was successfully accomplished. Frank always paid so much attention to little things that he was not very apt to be caught napping.
  • Acephalous societies in southern cameroon has enabled the state to successfully capture them.
  • "Each candidate I presented yesterday is eligible to become our next Emperor. Four votes are needed. Every High Lord has a vote. In order to start a vote on a candidate, a High Lord must submit a candidature, and one other High Lord must second it. Each High Lord may successfully submit only one candidate a day and no more than four in every ten day period. After every ten day period there are three days of break."
  • My friend Clark had led a life of strange vicissitudes, said the stranger, "having slipped through the meshes of the law very successfully a great number of times, but finally he was caught, and sent to Botany Bay. He served his time out, and left; but, finally, after a series of very extraordinary adventures in India, and some odd events in the Indian Ocean, he came to England. Bad luck followed him, however. He made an attempt at burglary, and was caught, convicted, and sent back again to his old station at Botany Bay.
  • By his skillful diplomacy dufferin successfully denied turkey any military involvement in egypt.
  • The above guidelines are very useful in every situation in life and you can successfully tackle hostile circumstances by following them.
  • He successfully negotiates the tangle of tram tracks at St Kilda Junction and continues across into Barkly Street. Hes looking for a small street which should be on the right, according to the map, about a half-mile south of the junction. There was a pub on the corner, Sally had said, when he finally got her on the phonethe Prince Charles. Jim smiles to himself. Dave should appreciate that, he thinks, having a pub at the end of his street. After he gets acclimatised to the crap taste of Carlton
  • As the money crossed national borders, it was converted into foreign currencydollars, usuallywhich meant it had to pass, if only for a split second, through a correspondent bank in New York. Hermitages lawyers successfully petitioned U.S. courts to force the New York banks to turn over records of these wire transfers. Hermitage obtained additional banking records through court complaints it filed in Russia and in Austria, where USBs main correspondent bank was located. These and other records reviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek show that as the money exited Russia it was split up and transferred to accounts in Moldova, Cyprus, the Baltics, Hong Kong, and elsewhere. The accounts were held by dozens of companies based in such far-flung locales as the British Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Panama, and the Seychelles. The records show that millions landed in accounts held by USBs former owner, Dmitry Klyuev, or by the ex-husband of Olga Stepanova, who headed one of the tax offices that approved the refund.
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