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Dil: İngilizce
Türü: zarf


z. başarıyla, muvaffakıyetle.

successfully için örnek cümleler:

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  • Sparrer was at complete loss as to what he should do. The temptation to crawl forward so as to get within easy range of the end of the dam was almost irresistible, but he realized that the first move on his part would be likely to attract the keen eyes of his quarry, and arouse his suspicions. Had the fringe of brush through which he was watching been leaved out it might have been possible to successfully make this move, but as it was his dark body against the white background could hardly fail of detection despite the screen of brush. He knew enough of animals to know that so long as he was motionless he would appear to be no more than a part of the log on which he sat, and wisely concluded to sit tight and await developments.
  • High carbohydrate intakes reduce appetite far more successfully than high fat intakes.
  • In the course of the morning he successfully disposed of a dozen or more, and was highly elated.
  • "You successfully traveled through the centennial portal. You weren't taking to the light and the noise well, so I blocked out most of it–"
  • Goldfish successfully launched its internet based savings account and began active marketing in the autumn.
  • It had all been talked over before, of course; and it would be talked over again before a fortnight was past and the Black Eagle had set sail for the French Shore with a valuable cargo. Tom Tulk had begun gingerly; he had proceeded with exquisite caution; he had ventured a bit more; at last he had come boldly out with the plan. Manned with care--manned as she could be and as Tom Tulk would take care to have her--the Black Eagle was the ship for the purpose; and Skipper George, with a reputation for bad seamanship, was the man for the purpose. And the thing would be easy. Tom Tulk knew it. Skipper George knew it. It could be successfully done. There was no doubt about it; and Skipper George hated to think that there was no doubt about it. The ease and safety with which he might have the money tumble into his pocket troubled him. It was not so much a temptation as an aggravation. He found himself thinking about it too often; he wanted to put it out of his mind, but could not.
  • Quite rightly, those firms who successfully innovate will be rewarded for the risks they carry by higher profits.
  • He laughed, not quite as successfully as he could have wished, and, "Not I, Naraini," he returned in English: a tongue which seemed somehow better suited for service in combating the esoteric influences at work upon his mind. "What's the next turn on the programme?"
  • Other trout fisheries - notably lake of menteith - have successfully extended their seasons by allowing privileged access pike angling events.
  • Deborah started laughing as David stepped back and starting walking away, "That old lady is probably still drunk from last night!" she yelled. "Hey, where are you going?" she wondered, as guys rarely slipped through her web once she had successfully lured them in with excessive cleavage.
  • You are convinced now, Edmond, are you not? asked the abbe. "Depend upon it, I know what I say. Since the first attack I experienced of this malady, I have continually reflected on it. Indeed, I expected it, for it is a family inheritance; both my father and grandfather died of it in a third attack. The physician who prepared for me the remedy I have twice successfully taken, was no other than the celebrated Cabanis, and he predicted a similar end for me."
  • Treating erectile dysfunction successfully can have a very positive effect on quality of life.
  • "I had suspected that is was you, Miss Garner, but I didnt recognize you. The last time I saw you, you were just a toddler. Youve grown to be a very lovely young woman." She successfully jerks her arm away from him, but only because he allows her to this time.
  • Emily had a hunch and was in a mood to give her nephew ahard' time. She had successfully reigned Drew back into the foldas much as Drew could be reigned inand was still a little steamed at Daniel and Nicole.
  • This plan was successfully followed, without suspicion being aroused, and the young mine boss met his boy companion at the appointed time and place. They both had safety-lamps, and each carried a small can of oil, for they did not know how long they might have to remain in the mine.
  • Kaymin nodded in agreement. "But if Dargis should fall, you will then run the risk of standing against the might of Gaal, Morvay and Corrado combined. Even if you successfully capture Morvay, many of its invading soldiers will be routed from Dargis to Corrado for safety, and it would be unwise to assume that they will not return seeking vengeance." He leaned forward in his chair, his eyes glittering. "Tell me, your majesty. Do you believe that Wherry can stand against such forces alone?"
  • By 8:30 the Nautilus's skiff had just run gently aground on a sandy strand, after successfully clearing the ring of coral that surrounds Gueboroa Island.
  • Yes, in order for humanity to successfully breed, a certain amount of Magur DNA had to be left intact. Sexual energy has the possibility of raising your vibration. As your chakras start to spin again, your DNA is reorganised. It is this DNA that has been the thorn in their sides throughout the ages.’
  • How it came about that Bob got his story; how the treasure left in the Turquoise Temple was finally lifted; how the young aeronauts in doing it battled successfully with a maelstrom in the clouds, were driven far out over the Pacific, cast away on a derelict and finally made an escape with their "sneering idol" by aeroplane into the wilds of Mexico, is a later and more remarkable chapter in the adventures of Ned Napier and Alan Hope, to be told in "The Air-Ship Boys Adrift, or Saved by an Aeroplane."
  • You only pay when your nominated solicitors have successfully received endowment compensation on your behalf.
  • On the other hand, it seemed to Jack that summer, as if everybody he knew was out of the city. Business kept pressing him harder and harder, and all the plans he made to get a leave of absence for that second year's Thanksgiving Day failed to work successfully.
  • It fell like a dying meteorite over the hundreds of Gyssian boats that had successfully evaded the ice tornadoes, those relatively near the Great Pier itself. There was no blood contrail behind it. Sailing for them was the Saeire Insus sparse Southern Contingent. There were too many of the enemy for the Contingent to take onfar too many! The Gyssian warships were fronted by a massive white-and-brown wall of seagulls and pelicansTracluse. From here it looked like an undulating layer of pollution tens of feet thick and just over their sails. As the shooting star fell in their midst, several vessels fired at it. The blue heron struck the sea, disappearing in a hazy splash.
  • They have been less successfully assimilated by intermarriage than have the chinese, spanish, and american mestizos, or mixed groups.
  • After this little affair had been so happily passed, to my great relief, they all seemed to be in good humor with themselves and with me, and were rather inclined to give me credit for having passed through their infantry successfully.
  • In 2005 some adventurous members explored the submarine ocelot in dry dock at chatham, successfully negotiating all the hatches.
  • Traditional quilting had been successfully used to the same ends in county durham.
  • The hero is a young officer in the Irish Brigade, which for many years after the siege of Limerick formed the backbone of the French army. He goes through many stirring adventures, successfully carries out dangerous missions in Spain, saves a large portion of the French army at Oudenarde, and even has the audacity to kidnap the Prime Minister of England.
  • The default value is no, which allows users to be trusted once they successfully authenticate themselves.
  • Percussive playing, successfully combined with violent strumming and, again, highly entertaining singing.
  • Dave left the principals office and took the long way around to the gym. He cruised through the halls until he came upon his locker, number 1032. The locker felt smooth and cool as he ran his fingers over the faded number plate. Across the hall from the locker was the room he first learned about how to successfully rob a house from Mr. Henderson, an aged Social Studies teacher going senile in the twilight of his career.
  • Match- The Stud vs Rick RichHeavyweight Title MatchAs expected, Rich Inc interfered most of the match and a tired Crowd Control tried to prevent them and did successfully for most of the match. After an exchange of reversals, The Stud nails Rick with a spiked DDT. The Stud lands his finisher, top rope elbow drop "Shows Over."
  • "Many criminals have been prosecuted and are now safely guarded in prisons, but unhappily the greater number of criminals are loose all over the State without fear of being prosecuted, and terrorizing the population. Bands of gipsies were followed by officers and soldiers, and their attacks on property and individuals were prevented.... In the town of Catalo the two armed parties were successfully prevented from violence and 'viessem s mos' (coming to blows). At Morrinhos armed citizens in a menacing attitude were dispersed by the police ... in other localities other riots or attempts (sic) at disorder were immediately repressed, and we can now say that the State enjoys perfect peace, save the municipality of Douro, which is threatened by bandits from Bahia. They are constantly springing upon the terrified population of the municipality and especially of the town.
  • Then there was the difficulties that came with Simon Says himself. Simon became obsessed with stealing more and more items for his creation. He desired Chew-on to have a piece of every great baseball player. There were only two among the living that had successfully eluded him. The first was Babe Ruth, who was such a celebrity at that time that he was almost untouchable to the likes of Simon. The second was the one that the Tanzanian craved the most - the Georgia Peach, Tyrus Cobb.
  • "Naturally." Nadir Sharif cleared his throat. "But enough of affairs. Permit me to toast your arrival. When your request for a safe-conduct pass arrived from Surat, we all wondered if a feringhi new to India could successfully travel our bandit-infested roads, even with the Moghuls pass." He took a delicate sip of the beverage. "I trust your journey was without mishap."
  • A series of over 50 different composite multi-layers were successfully fabricated in our laboratory.
  • Other missionaries have introduced them among other tribes, with additions to meet the sounds used in those tribes which are not found among the Crees. They have even been successfully utilised by the Moravians among the Esquimaux.
  • That particular profession was one I wanted to successfully check off, soon. It was very difficult for my best friend to help me, because she still hadnt met Willow yet. When we stopped by Sunridge to pick her up for school on January 2nd, I was no closer to having an answer or meeting my career goal either. I was extremely worried because Eli Weston could mess up my Tray-Willow-relationship plan. I couldnt do anything about that particular relationship wrecking problem though because I had already introduced him to Willow.
  • Mr. president, is that we cannot successfully preach nonviolence at home while we escalate mass violence abroad.
  • The company had successfully removed oil from a sunken warship in the past.
  • "No…" she said. "Ill stay here." She felt uncharacteristically lethargic and shy. The memory of the events of the last two days was slowly returning; the escape from Llanlleyn, the plodding horse, the rain and the mud, the frightening meeting with the Normans, the uncomfortable, sleepless night in the forest on the way to HawardenBut the worst memory was of her harsh treatment. Shed been chased, struck, addressed without respect, and abductedagainst her will this timeand brought to Hawarden. Apart from the arrangement of her marriage, there hadnt been one situation in her life which she hadnt been able to successfully manipulate to her advantage, until shed entered Llanlleyn. It was little wonder she felt overwhelmed by her current circumstances.
  • The North America Aerospace Defense Command said in a statement that it detected the launch at 9:49 a.m. Korea time, after which the first stage fell into the Yellow Sea and the second dropped into the Philippine Sea. The U.S. agency said the missile deployed an object that appeared to achieve orbit, after North Koreas official news agency said the Unha-3 rocket had successfully sent a satellite into space.
  • Handicapped by his lighter weight, the boy could not hope successfully to cope with the burly German on anything like an equal footing, and consequently determined to press the advantage to the utmost, hence he wasted no blows, but made every one count.
  • Nicholas's successor Alexander II (185581) enacted significant changes in the country, including the emancipation reform of 1861. These Great Reforms spurred industrialization and modernized the Russian army, which had successfully liberated Bulgaria from Ottoman rule in 187778 Russo-Turkish War.
  • The 1800 tequila popular today as a premium drink, was actually produced in 1800, the year of the first successfully aged tequila.
  • Adrian boynton assembles the orchestra and directs it so successfully that everyone involved must share the sheer joy of doing something so well.
  • Soybean growers have used cover crops successfully in conjunction with herbicides to reduce cultivation and control weeds.
  • It proves that owners can exercise absolute power irrespective of whether they possess the aptitude to run a company more successfully than its board.
  • When they had quit the Abbey, De Lacy again summoned Raynor Royk and questioned him regarding the Abbot of Kirkstall. The old soldier, like the majority of his fellows who made fighting a business, had a contemptuous indifference to the clerical class. A blessing or a curse was alike of little consequence to men who feared neither God, man, nor Devil, and who would as readily strip a sleek priest as a good, fat merchant. Raynor's words were blunt and to the point. He knew nothing of the Abbot except through the gossip of the camp and guard-room, and that made him a cadet of a noble family of the South of England, who for some unknown reason had, in early manhood, suddenly laid aside his sword and shield and assumed Holy Orders. He had been the Abbot of Kirkstall for many years, and it was understood had great power and influence in the Church; though he, himself, rarely went beyond the limits of his own domain. He was, however, regarded as an intriguing, political priest, of Lancastrian inclination, but shrewd enough to trim successfully to whatever faction might be in power.
  • Diversifylast two years the business has successfully diversified into the supply of unique aquatic products which has further improved the profitability.
  • Concrete repairs were also successfully completed to the internal and external parapets and to the east and west stairwells.
  • The mafias have not yet, as they have in some ec countries, successfully infiltrated mainstream politics.
  • "I don't know. I am not yet sure as to what is going on. Shivrasan was so important to us. He had successfully executed all the dangerous assignments. He was the most trusted man..."
  • Enzymic phosphoryl transfer and amide hydrolysis have been successfully modeled.
  • The after-tank, on the contrary, was by that time a huge yawning pit, twenty-five feet deep, lighted by numerous swinging lamps like a subterranean church, with its hands, like Lilliputians, attending to the last coil of the cable. That coil or layer was full four miles long, but it would soon run out, therefore all was in readiness. The captain was giving directions in a low voice, and seeing that every one was in his place. The chiefs of the engineers and electricians were on the alert. Every few minutes a deep voice from below announced the number of "turns" before the last one. At last the operation was successfully accomplished and the danger past, and the cable was soon running out from the fore-tank as smoothly as it had run out of the other.
  • In april 2001 i successfully applied for secondment as practice placement facilitator which was made substantive in june 2003.
  • Other projects are focusing on IT, nanotechnology, biotechnology, helicopters, farming machinery and military defensive systems. Space research has also become increasingly active in Argentina. Established in 1991, the CONAE has since launched two satellites successfully and, in June 2009, secured an agreement with the European Space Agency on for the installation of a 35-m diameter antenna and other mission support facilities at the Pierre Auger Observatory. The facility will contribute to numerous ESA space probes, as well as CONAE's own, domestic research projects. Chosen from 20 potential sites and one of only three such ESA installations in the world, the new antenna will create a triangulation which will allow the ESA to ensure mission coverage around the clock.
  • Not to sound snotty, but has anyone successfully purchased items from the store yet?
  • This snake she quickly separated from its head, and placed upon its cunning female body the head of Dionaea, doing all that was needful successfully to incorporate the two into one life.
  • For nearly a thousand years, we have successfully resisted foreign domination.
  • The island was still ahead, but it was beginning to slip around to their right. Atop the rocks and curtain walls were the lights of torches and watchfires, casting splashes of red and yellow across the towers and crenellations. The building was a palace primarily by convention, having started life as the local Imperial garrison keep centuries before, in the time of a greater empire. The fortifications had been designed to resist a large-scale assault, and had indeed successfully done this several times over the years. Still, Mont thought, a few hand-picked, highly trained, supremely motivated men mightMont stopped himself. It wouldnt help to treat this thing like it was just another adventure story.
  • Of course the details for this anticipated railroad destruction had been carefully planned before we started. All the necessary appliances for the work had been brought along. Each officer knew exactly what he was expected to do, and, as a rule, they all successfully completed their tasks. It was expected that I should be of service in tapping the telegraph wires, and to me was left, in a general way, the oversight of the telegraph business.
  • Silence, sir!"" cried Fred, angrily; and, after giving the men orders, the little party returned with their prisoners in their midst, Scarlett behind, gazing haughtily before him, and paying no heed to a few words addressed to him at first by his captor, who reined back at the slight, and followed afterwards at the rear of his little troop, angry and indignant at Scarlett's contemptuous manner, and at the same time sorry and glad, the latter feeling perhaps predominating, for he had successfully carried out his father's commands."
  • The voyagers now had game in profusion. They could kill as many buffaloes as they pleased, and, occasionally, were wanton in their havoc; especially among scattered herds, that came swimming near the boat. On one occasion, an old buffalo bull approached so near that the half-breeds must fain try to noose him as they would a wild horse. The noose was successfully thrown around his head, and secured him by the horns, and they now promised themselves ample sport. The buffalo made prodigious turmoil in the water, bellowing, and blowing, and floundering; and they all floated down the stream together. At length he found foothold on a sandbar, and taking to his heels, whirled the boat after him like a whale when harpooned; so that the hunters were obliged to cast off their rope, with which strange head-gear the venerable bull made off to the prairies.
  • Jorge quickly moved past the man before he had to answer any questions about his assigned floor duty. Once in the stairwell, Jorge checked that the file had uploaded successfully and then ran upstairs as if for the first time.
  • On the 23rd of July the Great Eastern was not more than 500 miles from Newfoundland, when they telegraphed from Ireland the news of the armistice concluded between Prussia and Austria after Sadowa. On the 27th, in the midst of heavy fogs, they reached the port of Heart's Content. The enterprise was successfully terminated; and for its first despatch, young America addressed old Europe in these words of wisdom, so rarely understood: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men."
  • They could deny that truthfully, and did. Paul was rather glad, as the matter had turned out, that his plan of pretending to be dumb had not been tried. He knew that it would be very hard for Arthur to tell an untruth, even by suggestion, excellent as was the excuse for doing so. Arthur could understand, of course, that to deceive the enemy was permissible, and, more than that, praiseworthy. It was a question simply of whether he could hope to do so successfully.
  • His first song successfully combined vigorous strumming, impassioned singing and lyrics which were direct and to the point.
  • Flying two and two abreast, and guarded on both sides by those sturdy fighting craft came the four huge bombers, each heavily laden with the most destructive of explosives. They, too, could show teeth if cornered and compelled to depend on their own defensive powers; for each of them carried a machine gun, of which the observer had been trained to make good use, just as he must know how to drop his bombs successfully when the proper instant arrived.
  • As we passed across the lawn on our way to the station to catch our train we could see the front of the asylum. I looked eagerly, and in the window of my own room saw Minas. I waved my hand to him, and nodded to tell that our work there was successfully accomplished. He nodded in reply to show that he understood. The last I saw, he was waving his hand in farewell. It was with a heavy heart that we sought the station and just caught the train, which was steaming in as we reached the platform. I have written this in the train.
  • The Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers in the war, the secret Ottoman-German Alliance having been signed in August 1914. It threatened Russia's Caucasian territories and Britain's communications with India via the Suez Canal. The British and French opened overseas fronts with the Gallipoli (1915) and Mesopotamian campaigns. In Gallipoli, the Ottoman Empire successfully repelled the British, French, and Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs). In Mesopotamia, by contrast, after the disastrous Siege of Kut (1915-16), British Imperial forces reorganised and captured Baghdad in March 1917.
  • They were Cheyenne scouts, belonging to the Dog Soldier band, at that time the most famous fighters of that warlike tribe. They had been sent out from their village, on the American Fork, two days before, to find out what they could concerning General Lyle's exploring expedition, rumors of which had already reached the ears of their chiefs. So successfully had they accomplished their mission that they had not only discovered all they wanted to know about these new invaders of their territory, but had actually taken one of their number prisoner. Besides this they had stolen three fine saddle ponies, and a powerful white mule, from the corral of a stage station some twenty miles up the trail.
  • In 2001 abacus successfully achieved certification to the third edition iso 9001:2000.
  • Succeeding Khamenei as president was pragmatic conservative Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who served two four-year terms and focused his efforts on rebuilding Iran's economy and war-damaged infrastructure though low oil prices hampered this endeavour. His regime also successfully promoted birth control, cut military spending and normalized relations with neighbors such as Saudi Arabia. During the Persian Gulf War in 1991 the country remained neutral, restricting its action to the condemnation of the U.S. and allowing fleeing Iraqi aircraft and refugees into the country.
  • Now that I was so near the treasure the hopelessness of getting hold of it and successfully taking it from the Roundheadscastle and through the Cavalierslines seemed overwhelming. I was tormented by being tantalised like this, being so near and yet so far. At best I would get away safely myself, and perhaps carry out my plan of finding a boatmen to ferry me. But supposing the Governor refused to release me? Even if I convinced him I was not a spy he might want to keep me in the Castle to tend his sick soldiers. Unless I was free to walk out of the gate I would be virtually a prisoner.
  • As the money crossed national borders, it was converted into foreign currencydollars, usuallywhich meant it had to pass, if only for a split second, through a correspondent bank in New York. Hermitages lawyers successfully petitioned U.S. courts to force the New York banks to turn over records of these wire transfers. Hermitage obtained additional banking records through court complaints it filed in Russia and in Austria, where USBs main correspondent bank was located. These and other records reviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek show that as the money exited Russia it was split up and transferred to accounts in Moldova, Cyprus, the Baltics, Hong Kong, and elsewhere. The accounts were held by dozens of companies based in such far-flung locales as the British Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Panama, and the Seychelles. The records show that millions landed in accounts held by USBs former owner, Dmitry Klyuev, or by the ex-husband of Olga Stepanova, who headed one of the tax offices that approved the refund.
  • On a windoze machine, eudora software successfully retrieves email from the machine.
  • Cheetahs cannot manage very successfully in large parks as they are bullied by the other large cats.
  • Two students walked by and greeted him. They looked familiar but he couldn't remember their names. He never could remember names. He had read a book on how to memorize: associate each name with an item of furniture and just run through the pieces of furniture, recalling the names as you go. He had done this quite successfully using the furniture in his mother's house. He learned the 40 books of the old testament. The collection of furniture ran around the living room and down the hall to the dining room. The 40th piece of furniture was the large chair by the window. It worked quite well until he moved out and took a place of his own. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, ... He couldn't even remember the pieces of furniture now, let alone the books of the old testament - just to Numbers. Did that have something to do with his being a math prof?
  • Seconds later Mathew dashed at Connor while his back was turned. Here he comes, should I side step or take the hitIll take it so he can feel better about himself. When Connor was successfully tackled to the ground Mathew yelled "And thats how you tip a retarded cow!"
  • Of the two camp hands, one was an Indian called Harry, a fine specimen of one of the famous tribes which successfully resisted Russian rule in the early years, and who was regarded as one of the most expert canoeists who had ever been in the Survey.
  • During the following week, Arthur Pym and Dirk Peters, living on nuts and bitterns' flesh, escaped discovery by the natives, who did not suspect their presence. They found themselves at the bottom of a sort of dark abyss including several planes, but without issue, hollowed out from the hillside, and of great extent. The two men could not live in the midst of these successive abysses, and after several attempts they let themselves slide on one of the slopes of the hill. Instantly, six savages rushed upon them; but, thanks to their pistols, and the extraordinary strength of the half-breed, four of the assailants were killed. The fifth was dragged away by the fugitives, who reached a boat which had been pulled up on the beach and was laden with three huge turtles. A score of natives pursued and vainly tried to stop them; the former were driven off, and the boat was launched successfully and steered for the south.
  • It was possible for me, as an expert telegrapher, to have drawn the ends of the wire together, and, by simply tapping them together, to have sent by this simple method a message of defiance to General Beauregard. I suspect that this story would be enlivened somewhat by such a trick, but it don't come in here. It was successfully played afterward while I was on Stoneman's raid to Richmond's outskirts; but the truth is, that I was too badly scared to think of such a thing at this time. The accident, if I may so term it, served me a good turn in one or two ways; first, it destroyed communication for the time, and it brought about a valuable means to the end of assisting my escape, but it was not a safe place to loiter.
  • I do not doubt for a second that had the uk actually been successfully invaded we too would not have lasted long.
  • Teleri was determined to punish her husband for humiliating her in such crude fashion in full witness of so many people. Now that she had successfully gotten rid of his slut, she felt near to invincible. She was well aware, from the buzz surrounding the earls arrival, that Longsword disliked and distrusted Chester; these would be her weapons.
  • Meanwhile, our former acquaintance, Alvarez, whom we lost sight of at the Careenage, had successfully made his way through the Cuban jungle, and, arriving at the port of Matanzas, with the remainder of the men, had sailed thence to Vera Cruz, in Mexico, where he had received a high appointment from the viceroy, which he now held.
  • It is late autumn now. The new council administration has been running successfully and thriving with a new core of vitality.
  • He came at me again. His hands and arms outstretched. I went to swing the sword, but he caught my arm. Chiron jerked me into him, not enough room to move the sword even with the other hand. His face was only millimeters from mine. He bit. I felt his teeth sink into the flesh of my cheek. I jerked, felt the skin tear away. Felt more blood. Something inside told me that I was losing. I couldnt break free from his grasp. He slammed his forehead into mine, the world seemed to slide a bit on its axis. He did it again, I had just enough time to move down, tilt my head just a bit. He impaled his forehead on the tiny horns that my hair had successfully hidden since birth.
  • During the heat of the battle, a woman of the Nez Perces, seeing her warrior badly wounded and unable to fight, seized his bow and arrows, and bravely and successfully defended his person, contributing to the safety of the whole party.
  • "We have successfully crossed the first tier," he stated without emotion. No hint of sadness, relief or joy existed in his expression or voice. He looked over them all with a stone cold glance. He saw the confusion in their faces which merely served to irritate him. "I told you you would not be able to see it. The door to the next level is here." He pointed to ordinary looking ground. There was nothing which indicated a door of any kind. Shaking his head and muttering, he bent down as if to prove its existence by opening the invisible passage.
  • Before she reached home, that self-sacrificing mood had vanished in the face of sundry twinges of pride. Jack Fyfe hadn't asked her to come back; he never would ask her to come back. Of that she was quite sure. She knew the stony determination of him too well. Neither hope or heaven nor fear of hell would turn him aside when he had made a decision. If he ever had moments of irresolution, he had successfully concealed any such weakness from those who knew him best. No one ever felt called upon to pity Jack Fyfe, and in those rocked-ribbed qualities, Stella had an illuminating flash, perhaps lay the secret of his failure ever to stir in her that yearning tenderness which she knew herself to be capable of lavishing, which her nature impelled her to lavish on some one.
  • "They have successfully passed the dwarf tier as well as the human's. They have reached the delver's tier," the false Shayed revealed.
  • Historian herodotus, his hired phoenician fleet successfully completed its mission of circumnavigating africa.
  • "It means that the body, at some time, had successfully neutralized the HIV and developed antibodies against it. That's all."
  • The great flight had been carried through, and here they were landed on the soil of America, three young aviators who but a few days before had been serving their country on the fighting-front in Northern France. Yes, the Atlantic had been successfully bridged by a heavier-than-air plane, and from the time of leaving France until this minute their feet had not once pressed any soil; for that ice-pack in mid-Atlantic could not be counted against them, since it too was nothing but congealed water.
  • Gwilym sighed loudly, frustrated. Eleven days ago, Corrados soldiers had successfully overthrown his defenses and set up camp around the walls of Vasos. Unexpectedly, however, they had as yet made no move to try and take the city. It was ridiculous to consider that they hoped to wait them outVasos could last within itself for months if need beand their unknown intent and sudden lack of action was driving the king mad.
  • The UCLA team successfully tested the iTube using commercially available cookies, analyzing the samples to determine if they had any harmful amount of peanuts, a potential allergen. Their research was recently published online in the peer-reviewed journal Lab on a Chip and will be featured in a forthcoming print issue of the journal.
  • Not only did his reason not reproach him for what he had done, but he even found cause for self-satisfaction in having so successfully contrived to avail himself of a convenient opportunity to punish a criminal and at the same time pacify the mob.
  • Having successfully negotiated the drive, you only have more water over which to attack the green.
  • We already successfully vaccinate at-risk groups such as those with heart conditions, chronic lung disease and chronic liver disease.
  • Under pressure for increased political freedom, Banda agreed to a referendum in 1993, where the populace voted for a multi-party democracy. In late 1993 a presidential council was formed, the life presidency was abolished and a new constitution was put into place, effectively ending the MCP's rule. In 1994 the first multi-party elections were held in Malawi, and Bakili Muluzi became president. Muluzi remained president until 2004, when Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika was elected. Although the political environment is described as "challenging", as of 2009, the multi-party system still exists in Malawi. Multiparty parliamentary and presidential elections were held for the fourth time in Malawi in May 2009, and President Mutharika was successfully re-elected, despite charges of election fraud from his rival.
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