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Dil: İngilizce
Türü: zarf


z. başarıyla, muvaffakıyetle.

successfully için örnek cümleler:

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  • Brandon successfully defused any awkwardness, chuckling as he pulled into the school parking lot. "You really didn't know any of that?"
  • Happily no lives were lost on this occasion, for it would have indeed been grievous to have seen our shipmates sacrificed to the MANES of a mere black-fish, after successfully encountering so many mighty whales. The episode gave us a great deal of unnecessary work getting the two halves of the boat saved, in addition to securing our fish, so that by the time we got the twelve remaining carcasses hove on deck we were all quite fagged out. But under the new regime we were sure of a good rest, so that did not trouble us; it rather made the lounge on deck in the balmy evening air and the well-filled pipe of peace doubly sweet.
  • He was happy because he was too busy to be anything else. The insistent need of success which he had created for himself, absorbed all other sentiments. He demanded it of others rigorously. He could do no less than demand it of himself. It had practically become one of his tenets of belief. The chief end of any man, as he saw it, was to do well and successfully what his life found ready. Anything to further this fore-ordained activity was good; anything else was bad. These thoughts, aided by a disposition naturally fervent and single in purpose, hereditarily ascetic and conscientious --for his mother was of old New England stock--gave to him in the course of six years' striving a sort of daily and familiar religion to which he conformed his life.
  • He successfully negotiates the tangle of tram tracks at St Kilda Junction and continues across into Barkly Street. Hes looking for a small street which should be on the right, according to the map, about a half-mile south of the junction. There was a pub on the corner, Sally had said, when he finally got her on the phonethe Prince Charles. Jim smiles to himself. Dave should appreciate that, he thinks, having a pub at the end of his street. After he gets acclimatised to the crap taste of Carlton
  • During this journey I had successfully treated two of the men for slight ailments, and Squirrel had made mental note of the fact. A result of it was that in the morning an old, old, black-looking Indian came hobbling on a stick to my tent and, in husky Chipewyan, roughly translated by Billy, told me that he had pains in his head and his shoulder and his body, and his arms and his legs and his feet, and he couldn't hunt, couldn't fish, couldn't walk, couldn't eat, couldn't lie, couldn't sleep, and he wanted me to tackle the case. I hadn't the least idea of what ailed the old chap, but conveyed no hint of my darkness. I put on my very medical look and said: "Exactly so. Now you take these pills and you will find a wonderful difference in the morning." I had some rather fierce rhubarb pills; one was a dose but, recognising the necessity for eclat, I gave him two.
  • Freshly picked beans can be frozen very successfully after briefly blanching them.
  • When you have successfully placed your order you will receive an order acknowledgment and a unique username and password.
  • He successful created a unique set of movements, which he successfully used to clear chronic catarrh and facial acne.
  • Suzana spent the next several days longing to search for mysterious rescuer. After the incident her father had done a much better job of preventing her from leaving the grounds than before. As crafty as Suzana was, she had yet to successfully find a way off the grounds. It didnt help that her cracked ribs made sudden movements difficult. Susana spent the time she was held captive reading books, but her mind refused to stop wandering to those moments in the cave with the stranger.
  • The notes which he had made in the afternoon at the Museum, were still spread open before him, and he suddenly closed the book, fearful of anything calculated to distract him from the mood of tense resistance. His life, and more than his life, depended upon his successfully opposing the insidious forces which beyond doubt, invisibly surrounded that lighted table.
  • Nicole, for her part, was always so focused on Daniel that she never really thought of Drew in a relationship kind of way, but she did periodically fantasize about him. Consciously, she just knew him as Andrew, but subconsciously, he was the forbidden fruit. He was a seemingly untouchable enemy that was to be scorned, not lusted after. But a whole host ofl' words accompanied such mixed, amped-up feelings, such as lust, loathing, longing, and losing. And Nicole was just starting to realize how confusing all of those contrasting feelings could be.Special Agent Blake Wallace of the FBI's Aquatic and Other Mammals Division was also quite familiar with the disquieting effect of contrasting feelings. Wallace had successfully made the jump from summer lifeguard to marine biologist in the years following his split from Sharon Phillips.
  • The succeeding weeks were filled with busy and arduous toil. A winter in that latitude, where the mercury often falls to 20 degrees and even 30 degrees below zero, can only be successfully encountered after elaborate preparation, and the little company who now found themselves stranded on the verge of that vast northern forest, had everything to do, with but slight means and scanty time. The followers of Mahng had abandoned many things in their hasty flight which now proved of the utmost value, and a welcome addition to the limited outfit of Donald and Atoka. Among these things were several blankets, an axe, and a few rude cooking-utensils.
  • "No woman can ever successfully play the role of a man," he said to himself. Despite her former denial and her air of truth he was still thinking of her as a spy.
  • Then the pilot, so as to follow a better current, which turned off from the bank, directed the raft toward the right side of the river, which he had not yet approached. The maneuver was not accomplished without certain difficulties, which were successfully overcome after a good many resorts to the demijohn.
  • Even had they not possessed the air-ship, this force was so far inferior to their own that there would be little chance of successfully defending the town against them. They had eleven battleships, twenty-five cruisers, eight of which were very large and heavily armed, and forty torpedo-boats, to pit against the little British force and the two forts.
  • The 1800 tequila popular today as a premium drink, was actually produced in 1800, the year of the first successfully aged tequila.
  • "She does. She targets teens as much as she can. Teens dont have as much time to develop hate. Many teens think they feel true despair, but few do. She tries to spend time with them at school to implant as many doubts and hatred in those that show the potential to successfully turn. She enjoys achallenge.’"
  • Matta reported a 5 % incidence of infection but was able to manage these cases successfully with early aggressive debridement.
  • Despite these efforts, however, much of wales successfully resisted assimilation into the roman empire.
  • For example, joshua 12 is viewed as a list of those kings whose holdings were successfully wrested from them.
  • However, the argument was successfully resurrected, in part at least, in a case on which judgment was given last month.
  • An arrow took the goblin leader in the chest. He looked down at it and grimaced, his sharp teeth clenched in a parody of a smile. Then the goblins spindly legs gave out and he collapsed. The other goblins looked up in the direction from which the arrow had come, as did Eduard, Jain, and Airk. More than twenty additional goblins with bows and arrows in their hands and steel swords and axes in their belts stood halfway up the hill. They wore clothing of a similar, crude cut to the other goblins, but they also wore thick boots and many of them wore steel armor. Some of them wore plate mail, some chain, and some wore hardened leather scales. A lot of the armor ill fitted the wearers. Still, for the goblins to have successfully plundered so much they must have been both vicious and cunning.
  • For close upon 13 kils. the river flowed--with slight deviations--almost always due north, and with its limpid waters was of extraordinary beauty. The country was open on the right side of us. We saw that day two white urub (Cathartes). The Brazilians have a curious superstition about them. They say that if you write with a quill taken from the wing of one of these birds any business which you may be transacting will go well; in fact, anything you may wish to do and which you set down on paper with one of these quills and ink is sure to turn out successfully.
  • The chapter provides a very clear and concise argument and successfully challenges the historiography.
  • New irrigation schemes are also in place and new varieties of crops, successfully bred using participatory breeding techniques, are being grown.
  • Retakever the teachers have successfully fought back, retaking the square from which they were evicted.
  • They were Cheyenne scouts, belonging to the Dog Soldier band, at that time the most famous fighters of that warlike tribe. They had been sent out from their village, on the American Fork, two days before, to find out what they could concerning General Lyle's exploring expedition, rumors of which had already reached the ears of their chiefs. So successfully had they accomplished their mission that they had not only discovered all they wanted to know about these new invaders of their territory, but had actually taken one of their number prisoner. Besides this they had stolen three fine saddle ponies, and a powerful white mule, from the corral of a stage station some twenty miles up the trail.
  • During the heat of the battle, a woman of the Nez Perces, seeing her warrior badly wounded and unable to fight, seized his bow and arrows, and bravely and successfully defended his person, contributing to the safety of the whole party.
  • Sooner or later, Zalzyn Shaa thought to himself, he would have to finish all this dancing around, dropping suggestive hints and floating innuendoes, convincing those around him - by the evidence, fairly successfully - that he did know what he was doing, and was operating on the cryptic gyre of some master plan, and actually decide on such a plan. Truth be told, he was running on instinct more than conscious device. In the general order of things this was not recommended, since the major element separating the highly crafty from the brute of force was the multiplier of cunning. On the other hand, when dealing with Arznaak instinct was not necessarily such a bad idea.
  • Emily had a hunch and was in a mood to give her nephew ahard' time. She had successfully reigned Drew back into the foldas much as Drew could be reigned inand was still a little steamed at Daniel and Nicole.
  • But what was most astonishing was that Flemming was flat on his back at the bottom when the lads struck the ground, although it had appeared that he had successfully accomplished the cross-buttock.
  • The restaurants proved to wildly successfully like the Westbury location, prompting the guys to sell the concept to Yum! Brands through a national franchising and consulting agreement. The guys agreed to sell all but the Westbury location, which obviously held a great deal of sentimental value.
  • To grow wisteria successfully you need to recreate these conditions in the original planting and the yearly maintenance.
  • We already successfully vaccinate at-risk groups such as those with heart conditions, chronic lung disease and chronic liver disease.
  • 'But, it's my job' replied the seat-belt in a high-pitched squeal, while successfully snapping a buckle closed around Bb's waist. 'You wouldn't want me to contravene our illustrious owner's instructions, would you?'
  • Percussive playing, successfully combined with violent strumming and, again, highly entertaining singing.
  • We have successfully developed a novel method of obtaining long ( slowly varying ) tapers in channel waveguides using this technology.
  • These remarks, however, were very far from the truth, for the apparent enemies were the greatest friends and bound together by the most solemn vows, and in fact the realistic fight had been pre-arranged with a definite object, which was successfully attained, as indeed the Museum officials discovered later.
  • Like Willie Sutton robbing banks , the IRS is drawn to returns that claim home office write-offs because it has found great success knocking down the deduction and driving up the amount of tax collected for the government. If you qualify, you can deduct a percentage of your rent, real estate taxes, utilities, phone bills, insurance and other costs that are properly allocated to the home office. That's a great deal. However, to take this write-off, you must use the space exclusively and regularly as your principal place of business. That makes it difficult to successfully claim a guest bedroom or children's playroom as a home office, even if you also use the space to do your work. "Exclusive use" means that a specific area of the home is used only for trade or business, not also for the family to watch TV at night. Don't be afraid to take the home office deduction if you're entitled to it. Risk of audit should not keep you from taking legitimate deductions. If you have it and can prove it, then use it.
  • "No…" she said. "Ill stay here." She felt uncharacteristically lethargic and shy. The memory of the events of the last two days was slowly returning; the escape from Llanlleyn, the plodding horse, the rain and the mud, the frightening meeting with the Normans, the uncomfortable, sleepless night in the forest on the way to HawardenBut the worst memory was of her harsh treatment. Shed been chased, struck, addressed without respect, and abductedagainst her will this timeand brought to Hawarden. Apart from the arrangement of her marriage, there hadnt been one situation in her life which she hadnt been able to successfully manipulate to her advantage, until shed entered Llanlleyn. It was little wonder she felt overwhelmed by her current circumstances.
  • Raf uses airborne radar successfully the raf used airborne radar successfully for the first time.
  • You give a fine description of this bachelor, said I to Fabricio; and questionless a character of such merit must have attracted an infinite deal of envy. The whole gang of authors, answered he, good and bad equally, are open mouthed against him. He deals in bombast, says one; aims at double meanings, luxuriates in metaphor and affects transposition. His verses, says another, have all the obscurity of those which the Salian priests used to chaunt in their processions, and which nobody was the wiser for hearing. There are others who impute it to him as a fault, to have exercised his genius at one time in sonnets or ballads, at another in play-writing, in heroic stanzas, and in minor efforts of wit alternately, as if he had madly taken upon himself to eclipse the best writers each in their own favourite walk. But all these thrusts of jealousy are successfully parried, where the muse, which is their mark, becomes the idol of the great and of the multitude at once.
  • ''You said that South Indian culture developed separately and independently, denying the influence of Aryan culture! How true! I personally subscribe to this idea and believe that Aryans were invaders. They destroyed the original social fabric that India developed so painstakingly. They wanted to destroy the Dravidians too... but our forefathers stood strong against them. And today Dravidian is the only surviving ancient civilization on earth! They successfully maintained their purity in which the Aryans failed. But... also look at the present situation... these impure Aryans want to rule the sacred Dravid race! They never spare a chance to humiliate us! There is not much scope left for our leaders since the new system of democracy has been introduced years ago. Now the North is in control. Our leaders have to bow before the north to sanction our genuine demands and have to depend on their mercy.
  • "Unfurl the sails, for Gods sake!" he bellowed into the air behind him with such ferocity that it made every member of his crew shudder. A pirate always fears his captains rage and, though Bluebeard had not been happy all night, it was obvious his anger was rising. With Jack the Boy gone, his own crew would come to feel the force of his wrath as punishment for their incompetence if they could not successfully hunt down the fugitive.
  • Then you can see it? asked the other, himself more than anxious, because of the fact that the fleeing bank robbers who had stolen the biplane of Percy Carberry apparently intended to escape over the line into Canada, even if to accomplish their purpose they had to daringly cross Lake Ontario, many miles wide, a feat as yet only successfully done by one or two bold fliers of national repute.
  • Let Percy come along with his new one! cried Andy, after they had volplaned successfully down toward the earth, until not more than a few hundred feet above the tree tops of the forest; "it would tickle me to have a turn with him again. He has forgotten his other beat, and is beginning to boast again about what great stunts he means to kick up."
  • Yes, in order for humanity to successfully breed, a certain amount of Magur DNA had to be left intact. Sexual energy has the possibility of raising your vibration. As your chakras start to spin again, your DNA is reorganised. It is this DNA that has been the thorn in their sides throughout the ages.’
  • Off once more rattled "The General," and George, in his capacity of fireman, felt about three inches taller than he had five minutes before. The spirits of Andrews seemed to be rising higher and higher. Thus far everything had gone so successfully that he began to believe that the happy ending of this piece of daring was already assured.
  • Thirdly, and most significantly, a variable temperature liquid nitrogen cryostat has been successfully commissioned.
  • In the meantime the boys were busy examining the motor. They found that the specially prepared oil worked perfectly and that, although it changed color in the low temperature, it showed no disposition to freeze. The gasolene, too, was successfully kept at the right temperature by means of the vacuum casing of the tank.
  • Next day was devoted to watering; but as I have elsewhere described that necessary if prosaic occupation, I will not repeat the story. Sufficient to say that the job was successfully "did" in the course of the day.
  • I pedaled a couple of times, but he was already running to get in front of my bike to try and stop me. I tried to maneuver my way around him, but he caught the front of my handlebars to stop the bike. He underestimated how much power there already was behind the bicycles movement, probably not expecting me to keep it set on the highest gear, and I lurched out of my seat. He caught me around my waist and pulled me towards him so I wouldnt fly over the handlebars. We fell to the ground and rolled a couple of times. He tried his hardest to shield me from the fall, so I was just fine, but if anything the fact that he successfully stopped me from leaving made me more pissed. I elbowed him hard in the ribs. He loosened his grasp on me and I jumped up as quickly as I could.
  • The listeners stood dumfounded. Then the whole situation dawned upon them. They had been most gloriously and successfully duped. This Major Lightfoot was none other than Walter Jenks, a sergeant from General Mitchell's camp, whom Andrews had sent out on the bridge-burning party. He had shaved off his beard, and assumed a Southern accent (something he was able to do because he was a Marylander), so that the guests at the Page mansion had failed to recognize him.
  • Teleri was determined to punish her husband for humiliating her in such crude fashion in full witness of so many people. Now that she had successfully gotten rid of his slut, she felt near to invincible. She was well aware, from the buzz surrounding the earls arrival, that Longsword disliked and distrusted Chester; these would be her weapons.
  • Mo Run opens again Saturday afternoon at five pm, later than usual because there was a lot of cleanup to do after the night before. The door alarms are reset and new cameras are positioned to watch over them. Several plain clothes police mingle with the crowd to look for anything unusual. For the most part, it's a quiet night. The crowd trickles in and there's a lot of subdued talk about the night before. People mill around the stage and gesture to where the guy was shot, all traces of the blood stains now removed. They ogle upwards and nod approvingly at the light racks trying to spot the laser mechanisms that worked so successfully the night before.
  • Yachtsman2004/05 global challenge she successfully skippered 18 amateur yachtsmen around the world.
  • In 499 BC, Athens lent support to a revolt in Miletus which resulted in the sacking of Sardis. This led to an Achaemenid campaign against Greece known as the Greco-Persian Wars which lasted the first half of the 5th century BC. During the Greco-Persian wars Persia made some major advantages and razed Athens in 480 BC, but after a string of Greek victories the Persians were forced to withdraw while losing control of Macedonia, Thrace and Ionia. Fighting ended with the peace of Callias in 449 BC. In 404 BC following the death of Darius II Egypt rebelled under Amyrtaeus. Later Egyptian Pharaohs successfully resisted Persian attempts to reconquer Egypt until 343 BC when Egypt was reconquered by Artaxerxes III.
  • In 2005 the festival successfully repositioned, concentrating on new music entirely and opening up the range of venues to include central london locations.
  • The king, of course, was continuously briefed about the unrest in his country. The problem only was that he did not care very much about it. Living quite in another reality altogether, one that was dominated by thoughts of him successfully battling the dominance of Bonaparteas well as the design of new fancy uniforms and medals for his starving troops, he neither saw the danger closing in on him nor made any real plans to counteract it.
  • Edward had not spoken to Donna Isabel for some seconds, or it might be a minute or two; certainly not since he had heard Lizard's voice. Now came the perplexing point, what would she do? Don Joao was not in the boat, nor any of her countrymen. Would she desire to accompany him? He turned to address her, to express his deep gratitude for her noble exertions, and the arrangements she had made thus far so successfully to enable him to escape. Great and painful was his astonishment, however, when, on turning, Donna Isabel was nowhere to be seen. Lizard had not perceived her.
  • Meanwhile, our former acquaintance, Alvarez, whom we lost sight of at the Careenage, had successfully made his way through the Cuban jungle, and, arriving at the port of Matanzas, with the remainder of the men, had sailed thence to Vera Cruz, in Mexico, where he had received a high appointment from the viceroy, which he now held.
  • The North America Aerospace Defense Command said in a statement that it detected the launch at 9:49 a.m. Korea time, after which the first stage fell into the Yellow Sea and the second dropped into the Philippine Sea. The U.S. agency said the missile deployed an object that appeared to achieve orbit, after North Koreas official news agency said the Unha-3 rocket had successfully sent a satellite into space.
  • The area is almost entirely rural. Most towns, including the county seats, are less than 2,000 people. Often the smallest settlements are fewer than a hundred people, and a typical county may only have a few. The closest thing to a major city is Odessa, with about 130,000. This would become the last state to successfully break away from Rick Perrys Texas. And ironically, it would include Perrys own hometown of Paint Creek. Paint Creek has been disgusted with Perry for a long time now.
  • The giant Brogar swept over the first bank of spears, pounded three steps and cleared the second, and then with a rush threw his bulk over the third hurdle. The warrior who tailed Brogar cleared the initial jump, stumbled, tore himself back to his feet, and awkwardly but successfully leaped the second hurdle.
  • Using models for coalescence and breakage from literature, dsa is successfully applied to the case of a laboratory scale rotating disk contactor.
  • Louis stepped between Amalric and Roland, his white robe rustling. "Count, your baiting of this loyal knight distresses me. I am pleased with you tonight. Please do not do anything to mar my feeling. Remember, your appointment is not final until our army has successfully crossed the river."
  • The Boy cried out in pain, yet considered himself lucky. To have faced a man such as Captain Bluebeard at such close quarters when he was so full of rage and pride and the necessity to look strong before his crew, and to have walked away with simply a cut on his lower left back, was luck indeed. He knew it was conditional, though. His life was now in the hands of the mad man who had just held him so tightly, the strange ghost of the seas with beard as blue as the waters he sailed on. To have deceived him even now would cost him the air in his lungs; even if he did lead the man into a successfully orchestrated ninja trap, the Captains last act before meeting his end at Eastern hands would be to take the Boy down with him, to deprive him of life just as he was suffering the same. It would not do to disappoint his Captain.
  • If you are reading this, I assume you are safely away on your quest and out of my jurisdiction. I trust you will hold to your duty and strive your hardest in order to successfully complete this endeavor, even had you not read this letter. But you are reading, for what I have to say must be said. It is only fair that you know why you are truly questing for this Dire Tome in far-off Shanal.
  • She successfully represented a client in proceedings against a solicitor and recovered the repayment of monies obtained by deception and costs.
  • The voyagers now had game in profusion. They could kill as many buffaloes as they pleased, and, occasionally, were wanton in their havoc; especially among scattered herds, that came swimming near the boat. On one occasion, an old buffalo bull approached so near that the half-breeds must fain try to noose him as they would a wild horse. The noose was successfully thrown around his head, and secured him by the horns, and they now promised themselves ample sport. The buffalo made prodigious turmoil in the water, bellowing, and blowing, and floundering; and they all floated down the stream together. At length he found foothold on a sandbar, and taking to his heels, whirled the boat after him like a whale when harpooned; so that the hunters were obliged to cast off their rope, with which strange head-gear the venerable bull made off to the prairies.
  • OLENKA AND Anusia, having freed themselves from Taurogi, under the protection of Braun, came successfully to the sword-bearer's party, which at that time was near Olsha, therefore not very far from Taurogi.
  • Was there time for another little Burnett too? Rose almost felt a tear with that notion. Almost, but none emerged. She hadnt cried when she and Gray talked of conceiving Emory and Liam, no test for Rose to have failed there. She had wept when they were born, wishing her mother was at her side, wiping her eyes as Garth held Liam, so much in Garths face like Colin, if Colin had lived. What Colin would have looked like growing older, but instead he was always twenty-one. Garth was now in his forties, with no children of his own. Garth, Petra, Lovie, even Michael; none of them had reproduced, not successfully.
  • Historian herodotus, his hired phoenician fleet successfully completed its mission of circumnavigating africa.
  • Students who successfully complete the general pathway will be awarded the bsc business administration.
  • By 8:30 the Nautilus's skiff had just run gently aground on a sandy strand, after successfully clearing the ring of coral that surrounds Gueboroa Island.
  • We were the first to successfully launch the digital jukebox in 1998.
  • Stampede had started with one of the two saddle-deer left at the range, but to ride deer-back successfully and with any degree of speed and specific direction was an accomplishment which he had neglected, and within the first half-dozen miles he had abandoned the adventure to continue his journey on foot. As Tatpan had no saddle-deer in his herd, and the swiftest messenger would require many hours in which to reach Amuk Toolik, Alan set out for his range within half an hour after his arrival at Tatpan's camp. Stampede, declaring himself a new man after his brief rest and the meal which followed it, would not listen to Alan's advice that he follow later, when he was more refreshed.
  • I was sure I could not be weak enough to be held so firmly by her beauty alone, lovely as she was. Her mental equipment did not seem to furnish the ground for such a deep attachment, and I could not believe that I was good enough to be so powerfully drawn to her by the inimitable character of her spiritual nature. What, then, was the attraction? It was not far to seek. What was it that first moved me, before I had ever seen her? What accomplishment was it that always came to my mind first when I thought of her? In short, what would Mona, silent, be? I could hardly imagine. But then, she was not silent, and I knew well enough that, struggle as I night, I never could successfully resist the subtle charm of that voice.
  • Projects undertaken on tips in derbyshire have successfully rehabilitated these areas.
  • Zombie apocalypse arcade level: successfully complete chapter 7: clooney hospital in story mode.
  • This is a dramatic narrative of the unaided rise of a fearless, ambitious boy from the lowest round of fortune's ladder--the gate of the poorhouse--to wealth and the governorship of his native State. Thomas Seacomb begins life with a purpose. While yet a schoolboy he conceives and presents to the world the germ of the Overland Express Co. At the very outset of his career jealousy and craft seek to blast his promising future. Later he sets out to obtain a charter for a railroad line in connection with the express business. Now he realizes what it is to match himself against capital. Yet he wins and the railroad is built. Only an uncommon nature like Tom's could successfully oppose such a combine. How he manages to win the battle is told by Mr. Hill in a masterful way that thrills the reader and holds his attention and sympathy to the end.
  • The Allies did have some successes during this time. In the Middle East, Commonwealth forces first quashed a coup in Iraq which had been supported by German aircraft from bases within Vichy-controlled Syria, then, with the assistance of the Free French, invaded Syria and Lebanon to prevent further such occurrences. In the Atlantic, the British scored a much-needed public morale boost by sinking the German flagship Bismarck. Perhaps most importantly, during the Battle of Britain the Royal Air Force had successfully resisted the Luftwaffe's assault, and the German bombing campaign largely ended in May 1941.
  • One is being organized in the mountains of Auvergne, under the orders of M. de Chardon; another in the Jura Mountains, under M. Teyssonnet; and, finally, a third is operating most successfully at this time, in the Vende, under the orders of Escarboville, Achille Leblond and Cadoudal.
  • We are not done, their leader said. "We have things to say regarding this Senor Zorro. What has he done--actually-- excellency? Is he guilty of any treason? He has robbed no man except those who robbed the defenseless first. He has whipped a few unjust persons. He has taken sides with the persecuted, for which we honor him. To do such a thing, he took his life in his own hands. He successfully evaded your soldiers. He resented insults, as any man has the right to do."
  • It now began to appear that the unusual activity during the night had been for the purpose of drawing the attention to the side of the camp opposite Davis' post, so that the attack upon him might be carried out successfully.
  • He used large amounts of beetroot successfully for cancerous tumor regression, up to 1 kg daily have been used.
  • The biggest piece of machinery on the list was the PCR machine, also known as a thermocycler. Its essentially a souped-up water bath, but it enables an indispensable technique worthy of a Nobel prize. Invented by Kary Mullis in 1983, the Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR for short, amplifies genetic material quickly and reliably, creating up to one billion times the DNA you started out with. Its the technique used by forensic teams to get evidence from crime scenes, by lawyers for paternity tests, andwe hopedby a group of German journalists to successfully carry out genetic experiments.
  • Adrian boynton assembles the orchestra and directs it so successfully that everyone involved must share the sheer joy of doing something so well.
  • "Many criminals have been prosecuted and are now safely guarded in prisons, but unhappily the greater number of criminals are loose all over the State without fear of being prosecuted, and terrorizing the population. Bands of gipsies were followed by officers and soldiers, and their attacks on property and individuals were prevented.... In the town of Catalo the two armed parties were successfully prevented from violence and 'viessem s mos' (coming to blows). At Morrinhos armed citizens in a menacing attitude were dispersed by the police ... in other localities other riots or attempts (sic) at disorder were immediately repressed, and we can now say that the State enjoys perfect peace, save the municipality of Douro, which is threatened by bandits from Bahia. They are constantly springing upon the terrified population of the municipality and especially of the town.
  • Now that he had successfully touched the Gift, Sallis found it easier the next time, and the time after. Just as Elvallon had assured him. To see the world effectively slowed down gave him a strange mix of feelings, euphoria and fear among them.
  • In stealth mode, I started to pursue them. Of course, my master spy plan didnt account for something critical. Luck or a well-laid plan is required to successfully spy. I had no plan at all and luck wasnt going to grant me any favors, either.
  • I say fortunately with good reason, for in that wild country a man without a horse was worse off than one without a country, all patriotic reasons aside, of course. It was impossible for a man on foot to successfully make his way from water hole to water hole, and an automobile would have been worse than useless.
  • On february 15, 2004 rodriguez was successfully traded to the new york yankees for second baseman alfonso soriano.
  • F-zero ax machine parts cheats successfully complete the game in story mode on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the f-zero ax machine parts.
  • They have successfully passed the dwarf tier as well as the human's. They have reached the delver's tier, the false Shayed revealed.
  • Accepted when a payment is successfully submitted, the following processes take place.
  • A brief period of prosperity continued for Bulgaria while John Assen II. was on the throne. He was the most civilised and humane of all the rulers of ancient Bulgaria, and there is no stain of a massacre or a murder remembered against his name. He made wars reluctantly, but always successfully.
  • Her feet moved automatically, her thoughts successfully distracting her from the aching calf muscles, the ice scratched face and the overall coldness of her whole body. Sket and Motass linked arms behind her back, trying to protect her from some of the storm. Black curls, blown across her forehead, had frozen to her skin, and her eyelashes were caked with snow.
  • The Argentine wine industry, long among the largest outside Europe, has benefited from growing investment since 1992; in 2007, 60% of foreign investment worldwide in viticulture was destined to Argentina. The country is the fifth most important wine producer in the world, with the annual per capita consumption of wine among the highest. Malbec grape, a discardable varietal in France (country of origin), has found in the Province of Mendoza an ideal environment to successfully develop and turn itself into the world's best Malbec. Mendoza accounts for 70% of the country's total wine production. "Wine tourism" is important in Mendoza province, with the impressive landscape of the Cordillera de Los Andes and the highest peak in the Americas, Mount Aconcagua, 6,952 m (22,808 ft) high, providing a very desirable destination for international tourism.
  • He had the highwayman now! If Senor Zorro continued to ride, he could be seen and followed because of the bright moonlight; if he stopped, Senor Zorro could not hope to cope successfully with half a score of troopers with Gonzales at their head.
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