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Dil: İngilizce
Türü: zarf


z. başarıyla, muvaffakıyetle.

successfully için örnek cümleler:

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  • The fact that we were not appalled by the mere thought of rising to such a height shows how thoroughly we were carried away with the excitement. But we were better prepared for a lofty flight than might be supposed. For among the recent wonders of science had been the invention of an air- condensing machine, by which the rarefied atmosphere of the upper regions could be converted into good food for the lungs. These machines had been successfully tested more than once by voyagers of the air, but the present occasion promised to give them a much more severe trial than they had yet received. And, indeed, it is impossible to imagine how we could have survived without them. Another important aid to science rendered by this air-condensing apparatus is that in the process of condensation water is produced in sufficient quantities to drink. Our little car was tightly inclosed, and we took enough surplus gas with us to keep it comfortably warm. So, with plenty of food, air, water, and fuel, we were pretty well prepared for a long journey.
  • I pedaled a couple of times, but he was already running to get in front of my bike to try and stop me. I tried to maneuver my way around him, but he caught the front of my handlebars to stop the bike. He underestimated how much power there already was behind the bicycles movement, probably not expecting me to keep it set on the highest gear, and I lurched out of my seat. He caught me around my waist and pulled me towards him so I wouldnt fly over the handlebars. We fell to the ground and rolled a couple of times. He tried his hardest to shield me from the fall, so I was just fine, but if anything the fact that he successfully stopped me from leaving made me more pissed. I elbowed him hard in the ribs. He loosened his grasp on me and I jumped up as quickly as I could.
  • Acupuncture can successfully treat: lower backache arthritis headaches muscle spasms there are various forms of acupuncture.
  • Turning, he saw a girl of about seventeen, with little grace and less beauty, but strongly and stoutly built, and with a good- natured, if somewhat stupid and heavy face. Her hair was dun in colour, coarse in texture, and done up loosely and carelessly in two heavy braids, arranged about her head in such a manner as to permit stray wisps of hair to escape about her face and neck. She was dressed in a loose pink wrapper, all too plainly of home manufacture, gathered in at the waist, and successfully obliterating any lines that might indicate the existence of any grace of form, and sadly spotted and stained with grease and dirt. Her red stout arms ended in thick and redder hands, decked with an array of black-rimmed nails. At his first glance, sweeping her "tout ensemble," Cameron was conscious of a feeling of repulsion, but in a moment this feeling passed and he was surprised to find himself looking into two eyes of surprising loveliness, dark blue, well shaped, and of such liquid depths as to suggest pools of water under forest trees.
  • Using models for coalescence and breakage from literature, dsa is successfully applied to the case of a laboratory scale rotating disk contactor.
  • My eyes were disciplined and sure, and successfully avoided direct contact with him again. I couldnt deny that there was a small part of me that wanted to run towards him and lock eyes, allowing whatever force of nature that existed between us to have its way. I shook the thought away before anyone else could notice. I wanted to phase back to being human as soon as possible so that I could think through everything that had happened on my own.
  • "Unfurl the sails, for Gods sake!" he bellowed into the air behind him with such ferocity that it made every member of his crew shudder. A pirate always fears his captains rage and, though Bluebeard had not been happy all night, it was obvious his anger was rising. With Jack the Boy gone, his own crew would come to feel the force of his wrath as punishment for their incompetence if they could not successfully hunt down the fugitive.
  • The company had successfully removed oil from a sunken warship in the past.
  • From this time forward old Samson constantly spoke about Lily; and, persuaded by his own hopes that she was his grand-daughter, he seemed to be fully convinced that such was the case. His anxiety to see her, and to examine the clothes and ornaments which Aunt Hannah had preserved, increased every day; but how were we to find Lily and Aunt Hannah? Had our friends turned back; or had they pushed forward, fighting their way successfully towards the fertile region to which they were bound? Neither he nor I could bring ourselves to contemplate what might otherwise have happened--had they been overwhelmed by the hordes of savages, and met the fearful fate which had overtaken the smaller band whose remains we had discovered?
  • Endotracheal intubation can be used successfully under the right conditions.
  • After analyzing individual transformants, nucleoplasmin was shown to successfully target aequorin to nuclei.
  • A series of over 50 different composite multi-layers were successfully fabricated in our laboratory.
  • They hugged and Mike was off to successfully propose to Natalie. Mike subsequently told me about his conversation with Dalia, and I was on the look-out for a potential suitor for her. One afternoon I sat in on a marketing meeting and was about to leave at the end when a soft, high-pitched voice stopped me in my tracks, "Brandon, I can speak with you a minute?"
  • Louis stepped between Amalric and Roland, his white robe rustling. "Count, your baiting of this loyal knight distresses me. I am pleased with you tonight. Please do not do anything to mar my feeling. Remember, your appointment is not final until our army has successfully crossed the river."
  • Maggie was playing defense from Cal's first strike, as her nails extended a few feet to block his attempts. Sparks were flying as Maggie continually backed up across the field. Hartwell had just ended his former charge Sharon's game participation, and had his back to the fight as he glided toward Andrew. He turned around as Cal moved closer to Maggie, and he knew the end was near because it was a similar strategy that Cal had employed successfully against him.
  • "French military planes successfully attacked Islamist positions at Ansongo and nearby areas," the source said. "The strikes were very successful and caused damage to the enemy."
  • It proves that owners can exercise absolute power irrespective of whether they possess the aptitude to run a company more successfully than its board.
  • Now that I was so near the treasure the hopelessness of getting hold of it and successfully taking it from the Roundheadscastle and through the Cavalierslines seemed overwhelming. I was tormented by being tantalised like this, being so near and yet so far. At best I would get away safely myself, and perhaps carry out my plan of finding a boatmen to ferry me. But supposing the Governor refused to release me? Even if I convinced him I was not a spy he might want to keep me in the Castle to tend his sick soldiers. Unless I was free to walk out of the gate I would be virtually a prisoner.
  • To grow wisteria successfully you need to recreate these conditions in the original planting and the yearly maintenance.
  • But what was most astonishing was that Flemming was flat on his back at the bottom when the lads struck the ground, although it had appeared that he had successfully accomplished the cross-buttock.
  • "Each candidate I presented yesterday is eligible to become our next Emperor. Four votes are needed. Every High Lord has a vote. In order to start a vote on a candidate, a High Lord must submit a candidature, and one other High Lord must second it. Each High Lord may successfully submit only one candidate a day and no more than four in every ten day period. After every ten day period there are three days of break."
  • "No. At least, its not logical. The immune system would not create antibodies until it knew with 100% certainty that it had found the right key required to successfully defeat the HIV, as evidenced by the actual performance of the Killer T-cells. Remember that a primary function of antibodies is to record exactly what key is required to destroy a particular invading organism, and that wont occur until the destruction process is clearly working."
  • Sanych spent endless hours with the Counts, poring over the details found in the few books that had successfully been loaded on board the Kazhak. During the voyage, she found time to read every one of them. Runcan, Armala and Sengril listened to her summations and estimates as if she spoke the foreseen truth, and worked her to the point of exhaustion with possible scenarios.
  • The office for fair trading has successfully prosecuted both of these concerns.
  • Instead, I can't help but think that the sea can provide me with far more thought provoking fare on this rainy morning. I realize that I wouldn't be honest if I didn't feel the need to start muddying the waters by suggesting intent and outcome are never clear on the sea or on the internet. Some days we are nothing short of Master and Commander of the HMS Audacious plowing resolutely through the world wide web and other days we sit in front of our screens like the Skipper trying to control the Minnow as our "tiny ship gets tossed." Most days we experience the duality of having successfully delivered the bomb to Tinian only to be sunk later and at the mercy of the sharks.
  • That ended about 30 minutes later, when she successfully showed Drew that no girl wasbetter' than her. Drew was a believer until a dazed Nicole called him "Danny" as he was leaving her room.
  • "‘For, certes,’ says he, ‘I have already chosen my officer.’ And what was he? Forsooth, a great arithmetician: one Michael Cassio, a Florentine, a fellow almost damned in a fair wife,"—the young lieutenant has successfully retained his bachelorhood, "that never set a squadron in the field, nor of the division of a battle knows more than a spinster, unless by the bookish theoric wherein the togad consuls"—ancients—"can propose as masterly as he! Mere prattle without practise is all his soldiership!
  • It has been used successfully to prolong islet allograft survival in a canine model ( ref.
  • The giant Brogar swept over the first bank of spears, pounded three steps and cleared the second, and then with a rush threw his bulk over the third hurdle. The warrior who tailed Brogar cleared the initial jump, stumbled, tore himself back to his feet, and awkwardly but successfully leaped the second hurdle.
  • Retinoblastoma tumors can be successfully treated if detected early enough, but the required chemotherapy and surgery can result in blindness.
  • People with successfully treated heart/lung diseases ( eg emphysema, asthma ).
  • She cried out again and the voice responded again. But she was panicking, the frustration and fear were coming out. On the burning mound shed kept her calm. Here, by the side of a river, her nerves exploded. Perhaps it was that the burning meant death. There was a preordained end. These vines, snaking and tugging, wouldnt kill her. She was a witch; she couldnt be drowned. They would drag her into the water and she would stay there, struggling and wading like the fish, as the plants loosened and tightenedpermitted: a lifetime of drowning without drowning. Then there was the gentle factor of importance. If she burned, she would burn as a witch who had successfully carried out a mission for the benefit of the Coven. Here, she would be pulled underwater forever for whata fish that she didnt even catch? She cursed her own hungry foolishness.
  • Within half an hour they had successfully landed at the place indicated, and which had witnessed the coming and going of the young aeronauts on numerous occasions.
  • Removed when we have successfully sourced and e-mailed you with availability.
  • So, he would now deny me, or reject me, just as Sam had done. Except this time, I would want the rejection. I should be rejoicing that he was making a choice that I didnt have the strength to make. However, the pain would be doubly unbearable. Had any wolf lived successfully without the object of their imprinting? I didnt think so. The pain would certainly destroy them.
  • Mom had always gone on and on about how nurturing I was. When she was less happy with me, she tended to focus more on just how stubborn I could be. It wasn't always obvious what would set off a bout of 'stiff neck' as she referred to it, but the only people who'd ever successfully talked me into a 'reasonable, rational' response had been Dad and Cindi.
  • Frank was watching closely, to pick out a favorable opportunity to alight. Well did he know the chances he and his chum were taking in thus dropping upon the heaving surface of such a tremendous body of water as Lake Ontario. It was true that they had successfully performed this operation many times with their other hydroplane, but that was upon the much calmer waters of little Sunrise Lake, where the sea never arose heavy enough to imperil the floating aircraft. It would be much more perilous now, under these conditions; but Frank had made up his mind to attempt the rescue of those in the water, and was not to be easily daunted.
  • Yes, agreed Grosvenor, "I suppose you are right, Dick. Put as you put it, it certainly does seem an absurd and fantastic distortion of our sense of fairness that in the ceaseless struggle between good and evil the latter should be helped and the former handicapped as much as possible; and at all events in the present case I think you have successfully demonstrated your right to act as you did. Now, having settled that point, I propose that we have dinner, which seems to be ready, if one may judge by the looks and actions of Ramoo Samee."
  • Next day was devoted to watering; but as I have elsewhere described that necessary if prosaic occupation, I will not repeat the story. Sufficient to say that the job was successfully "did" in the course of the day.
  • "I don't know. I am not yet sure as to what is going on. Shivrasan was so important to us. He had successfully executed all the dangerous assignments. He was the most trusted man..."
  • Sure enough, when he pulled himself out into the open once more and marched purposefully towards Hirosaki, he saw Alice lying on the ground with blood dripping from her abdomen. Marley was trying to simultaneously tend to her wounds and fight of Hirosakis swordplay, with mixed results: though he was successfully keeping the ninja leader at bay, he was doing so by sacrificing his own limbs. He was already missing two fingers by the time Bluebeard came close and wincing with pain.
  • Here, unison successfully overturned an injunction granted in an unusually trenchant judgment by a deputy high court judge.
  • "No…" she said. "Ill stay here." She felt uncharacteristically lethargic and shy. The memory of the events of the last two days was slowly returning; the escape from Llanlleyn, the plodding horse, the rain and the mud, the frightening meeting with the Normans, the uncomfortable, sleepless night in the forest on the way to HawardenBut the worst memory was of her harsh treatment. Shed been chased, struck, addressed without respect, and abductedagainst her will this timeand brought to Hawarden. Apart from the arrangement of her marriage, there hadnt been one situation in her life which she hadnt been able to successfully manipulate to her advantage, until shed entered Llanlleyn. It was little wonder she felt overwhelmed by her current circumstances.
  • Jorge quickly moved past the man before he had to answer any questions about his assigned floor duty. Once in the stairwell, Jorge checked that the file had uploaded successfully and then ran upstairs as if for the first time.
  • Off once more rattled "The General," and George, in his capacity of fireman, felt about three inches taller than he had five minutes before. The spirits of Andrews seemed to be rising higher and higher. Thus far everything had gone so successfully that he began to believe that the happy ending of this piece of daring was already assured.
  • Amulet coin: cheats successfully complete the game, then go to the deep Colosseum.
  • For a quarter of an hour Dol Farrar sat by this forest pond engaged in the cheerful occupation of "booming himself," as his friend Cyrus would have said. He told himself that he had made a pretty smart beginning, not alone in shooting a brace of black ducks, but in successfully following a difficult trail on his fourth day in the woods. Henceforth, he thought, there would be little reason for him to dread the unknown in this great wilderness.
  • But whatever Anstruther's reflections might have been I had no means of knowing, as our bearers trotted onwards with his bamboo palanquin abreast of mine, both of our craft making good headway; the artful, yellow-hatted old scoundrel who had so successfully planned our capture bringing up the rear of the procession and grunting away at a fine rate behind.
  • Shaa eyed the Archivist. His question had been more misdirection; Arznaak wasnt that charming, especially after youd seen his other side, as she had quite recently. No, the problem would be her feelings for Max. Well, perhaps she could resolve them before the question became too important, although if she could successfully resolve her relationship with Max in a mutually acceptable manner that would stand the test of time shed be the first one. Damn that Maximillian, anyway.
  • "‘For, certes,’ says he, ‘I have already chosen my officer.’ And what was he? Forsooth, a great arithmetician: one Michael Cassio, a Florentine, a fellow almost damned in a fair wife,"—the young lieutenant has successfully retained his bachelorhood, "that never set a squadron in the field, nor of the division of a battle knows more than a spinster, unless by the bookish theoric wherein the togad consuls"—ancients—"can propose as masterly as he! Mere prattle without practise is all his soldiership!
  • They found Kaymins parents in their sitting room, and to Jians relief, the kings own royal wizard, Rolin, was not present. The two wizards got along well enough, but it was never easy to lie successfully in front of a fellow user of magic, and Jian sent a silent prayer of thanks to Gauvin.
  • "There is only one country in the world where such things can be successfully explained, and that is India; but not even in India until India is free. When the millions of India once grasp the fact of freedom, they will forget superstition and understand. Then they will claim their powers and use them. Then the world will see, and wonder. And presently the world, too, will understand.
  • The man to Brick's left had been successfully blanking the human puddle, and the endless streams he'd created. The morning commuter wanted desperately to bury his head in his newspaper so he could ignore the situation in a socially acceptable manner, but Brick had inadvertently sat on it. The man's heart sank further as Brick spoke.
  • Students who successfully complete the general pathway will be awarded the bsc business administration.
  • Mr Evans had been for years a Minister and Missionary in the Canadian Methodist Church. With the Reverend William Case he had been very successfully employed among the Indians in the Province of Ontario. When the English Wesleyan Society decided to begin work among the neglected tribes in the Hudson's Bay Territories, the Reverend James Evans was the man appointed to be the leader of the devoted band. In order to reach Norway House, which was to be his first principal Mission, his household effects had to be shipped from Toronto to England, and thence reshipped to York Factory on the Hudson Bay. From this place they had to be taken up by boats to Norway House in the interior, a distance of five hundred miles. Seventy times had they to be lifted out of these inland boats and carried along the portages around falls and cataracts ere they reached their destination.
  • The commander of the Nurnberg had noticed the approach of the British cruiser at the same instant, and, realizing that he could not successfully battle with another enemy, he ordered the Nurnberg put about, and made off as fast as his crippled condition would permit, his stern guns still playing upon the Sylph.
  • They could deny that truthfully, and did. Paul was rather glad, as the matter had turned out, that his plan of pretending to be dumb had not been tried. He knew that it would be very hard for Arthur to tell an untruth, even by suggestion, excellent as was the excuse for doing so. Arthur could understand, of course, that to deceive the enemy was permissible, and, more than that, praiseworthy. It was a question simply of whether he could hope to do so successfully.
  • When they had quit the Abbey, De Lacy again summoned Raynor Royk and questioned him regarding the Abbot of Kirkstall. The old soldier, like the majority of his fellows who made fighting a business, had a contemptuous indifference to the clerical class. A blessing or a curse was alike of little consequence to men who feared neither God, man, nor Devil, and who would as readily strip a sleek priest as a good, fat merchant. Raynor's words were blunt and to the point. He knew nothing of the Abbot except through the gossip of the camp and guard-room, and that made him a cadet of a noble family of the South of England, who for some unknown reason had, in early manhood, suddenly laid aside his sword and shield and assumed Holy Orders. He had been the Abbot of Kirkstall for many years, and it was understood had great power and influence in the Church; though he, himself, rarely went beyond the limits of his own domain. He was, however, regarded as an intriguing, political priest, of Lancastrian inclination, but shrewd enough to trim successfully to whatever faction might be in power.
  • Mr. president, is that we cannot successfully preach nonviolence at home while we escalate mass violence abroad.
  • It was thus our good fortune to find at last some traces of the Investigator's voyage, which at once invested the place with all the charms of association, and gave it an interest in our eyes that words can ill express. All the adventures and sufferings of the intrepid Flinders vividly recurred to our memory; his discoveries on the shores of this great continent, his imprisonment on his way home, and cruel treatment by the French Governor of Mauritius, called forth renewed sympathies. I forthwith determined accordingly that the first river we discovered in the Gulf should be named the Flinders, as the tribute to his memory which it was best becoming in his humble follower to bestow, and that which would most successfully serve the purpose of recording his services on this side of the continent. Monuments may crumble, but a name endures as long as the world.
  • 'But, it's my job' replied the seat-belt in a high-pitched squeal, while successfully snapping a buckle closed around Bb's waist. 'You wouldn't want me to contravene our illustrious owner's instructions, would you?'
  • Static burst successfully deployed a building to building bridge for a manufacturing company in taunton.
  • If I wanted anything ever so badly, I would not ask you for it, for you have your own work cut out, and in doing that successfully you will greatly please both me and my father.
  • The biggest piece of machinery on the list was the PCR machine, also known as a thermocycler. Its essentially a souped-up water bath, but it enables an indispensable technique worthy of a Nobel prize. Invented by Kary Mullis in 1983, the Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR for short, amplifies genetic material quickly and reliably, creating up to one billion times the DNA you started out with. Its the technique used by forensic teams to get evidence from crime scenes, by lawyers for paternity tests, andwe hopedby a group of German journalists to successfully carry out genetic experiments.
  • Already vr has successfully helped treat phobias like fear of flying.
  • I promise you, that if this project does not successfully conclude ten days from today, I will have you tied to a stake on that beach; petrol will be poured over you and you will be set on fire. The dead people out there will welcome you. Is there any part of what I have said that you dont understand Mr. Du?’
  • It was possible for me, as an expert telegrapher, to have drawn the ends of the wire together, and, by simply tapping them together, to have sent by this simple method a message of defiance to General Beauregard. I suspect that this story would be enlivened somewhat by such a trick, but it don't come in here. It was successfully played afterward while I was on Stoneman's raid to Richmond's outskirts; but the truth is, that I was too badly scared to think of such a thing at this time. The accident, if I may so term it, served me a good turn in one or two ways; first, it destroyed communication for the time, and it brought about a valuable means to the end of assisting my escape, but it was not a safe place to loiter.
  • Zombie apocalypse arcade level: successfully complete chapter 7: clooney hospital in story mode.
  • You are convinced now, Edmond, are you not? asked the abbe. "Depend upon it, I know what I say. Since the first attack I experienced of this malady, I have continually reflected on it. Indeed, I expected it, for it is a family inheritance; both my father and grandfather died of it in a third attack. The physician who prepared for me the remedy I have twice successfully taken, was no other than the celebrated Cabanis, and he predicted a similar end for me."
  • In stealth mode, I started to pursue them. Of course, my master spy plan didnt account for something critical. Luck or a well-laid plan is required to successfully spy. I had no plan at all and luck wasnt going to grant me any favors, either.
  • Handicapped by his lighter weight, the boy could not hope successfully to cope with the burly German on anything like an equal footing, and consequently determined to press the advantage to the utmost, hence he wasted no blows, but made every one count.
  • Towards the afternoon of that same day the travellers began to wake up, stretch themselves, and think about supper. In the course of conversation it transpired that a tiger had been prowling about the village for some days, and had hitherto successfully eluded all attempts to trap or spear it. They had tethered a goat several times near a small pond and watched the spot from safe positions among the trees, with spears, bows and arrows, and blow-pipes ready, but when they watched, the tiger did not come, and when they failed to watch, the tiger did come and carried off the goat. Thus they had been baffled.
  • It is a painful thing to tell a lady, said the doctor kindly; "but I will explain. Mrs Winthorpe, he has a terrible wound. The bullet has passed obliquely through his chest; it was just within the skin at the back, and I have successfully extracted it. As far as I can tell there is no important organ injured, but at present I am not quite sure. Still I think I may say he is in no immediate danger."
  • And such, indeed, was Lord Hastings' intention. The German battleships were so close together that Lord Hastings believed he could strike a double blow successfully and with perfect safety to his own vessel.
  • You are nervous, Yellow Bird, he said, thinking of the two days and three nights of her conjuring, when she had neither slept nor taken food, that she might more successfully commune with the spirits. "There is no danger. The night is a hard one for sleep. It has frightened you."
  • It can be played successfully for knockabout farce, sweet sentimentality or dark irony.
  • We have successfully crossed the first tier, he stated without emotion. No hint of sadness, relief or joy existed in his expression or voice. He looked over them all with a stone cold glance. He saw the confusion in their faces which merely served to irritate him. "I told you you would not be able to see it. The door to the next level is here." He pointed to ordinary looking ground. There was nothing which indicated a door of any kind. Shaking his head and muttering, he bent down as if to prove its existence by opening the invisible passage.
  • The new MIT system appears to work for many cell types -- so far, the researchers have successfully tested it with more than a dozen types, including both human and mouse cells. It also works in cells taken directly from human patients, which are usually much more difficult to manipulate than human cell lines grown specifically for lab research.
  • Emily had a hunch and was in a mood to give her nephew ahard' time. She had successfully reigned Drew back into the foldas much as Drew could be reigned inand was still a little steamed at Daniel and Nicole.
  • This story deals with the participants in an expedition that successfully captures the presidency of a Central American republic. It is very exciting, the incidents being fresh and daring with not too much reliance placed on coincidence.
  • No man has done that, Donald, so long as there remains an unperformed task for which he is fitted, interrupted Major Hester, gravely. "So long as I believe a crisis in Indian affairs to be imminent, and that by remaining here I may be able to avert it, at least until the reinforcements which it is now yours to hasten can arrive, it is clearly my duty to stay. So off with you, lad. Don't run any risks that can just as well be avoided, and don't try to avoid any that, if successfully taken, will serve to speed your errand. Farewell, my son. May God bless you and keep you and bring your enterprise to a happy termination."
  • Ax n, say, breed successfully and that bx n 2 die from overcrowding.
  • This operation was repeated successfully another three times and now the bots had unhindered access to the whole castle. Rory drove the limousine around the back of the garage nearby so it could not be seen from the house or the front gate, and prepared it for a quick getaway. Then she went up to the balcony of the house and set herself up to watch the road leading to the property gates for any newcomers. All seven bandits including the driver, were rounded up and escorted to the wine cellar in the basement where the hostages were kept. The guards with dogs brought their canines with them and ordered their dogs to behave, which was an order from Botzi anyway. Don Pablo, his wife, the sheriff and his deputy were astonished to see seven zombie-like guards marching towards them with four large dogs, one golden ringed robot and one shiny red robot at the rear. He couldnt speak for a moment as he tried to understand what was happening.
  • An implementation in clam has successfully planned proofs for a number of mutually recursive examples.
  • In 2005 some adventurous members explored the submarine ocelot in dry dock at chatham, successfully negotiating all the hatches.
  • The fleet successfully passed the Pillars of Hercules, the rocks of Gibraltar and Ceuta which command the Strait, and ventured on the Atlantic, taking a southerly course. Two days after passing the Straits, Hanno anchored on the coast, and laid the foundation of the town of Thumiaterion.
  • The Argentine wine industry, long among the largest outside Europe, has benefited from growing investment since 1992; in 2007, 60% of foreign investment worldwide in viticulture was destined to Argentina. The country is the fifth most important wine producer in the world, with the annual per capita consumption of wine among the highest. Malbec grape, a discardable varietal in France (country of origin), has found in the Province of Mendoza an ideal environment to successfully develop and turn itself into the world's best Malbec. Mendoza accounts for 70% of the country's total wine production. "Wine tourism" is important in Mendoza province, with the impressive landscape of the Cordillera de Los Andes and the highest peak in the Americas, Mount Aconcagua, 6,952 m (22,808 ft) high, providing a very desirable destination for international tourism.
  • In order to crease a wild horse the hunter requires to be a perfect shot, and it is not every man of the west who carries a rifle that can do it successfully. Creasing consists in sending a bullet through the gristle of the mustang's neck, just above the bone, so as to stun the animal. If the ball enters a hair's-breadth too low, the horse falls dead instantly. If it hits the exact spot the horse falls as instantaneously, and dead to all appearance; but, in reality, he is only stunned, and if left for a few minutes will rise and gallop away nearly as well as ever. When hunters crease a horse successfully they put a rope, or halter, round his under jaw, and hobbles round his feet, so that when he rises he is secured, and, after considerable trouble, reduced to obedience.
  • The Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers in the war, the secret Ottoman-German Alliance having been signed in August 1914. It threatened Russia's Caucasian territories and Britain's communications with India via the Suez Canal. The British and French opened overseas fronts with the Gallipoli (1915) and Mesopotamian campaigns. In Gallipoli, the Ottoman Empire successfully repelled the British, French, and Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs). In Mesopotamia, by contrast, after the disastrous Siege of Kut (1915-16), British Imperial forces reorganised and captured Baghdad in March 1917.
  • Stampede had started with one of the two saddle-deer left at the range, but to ride deer-back successfully and with any degree of speed and specific direction was an accomplishment which he had neglected, and within the first half-dozen miles he had abandoned the adventure to continue his journey on foot. As Tatpan had no saddle-deer in his herd, and the swiftest messenger would require many hours in which to reach Amuk Toolik, Alan set out for his range within half an hour after his arrival at Tatpan's camp. Stampede, declaring himself a new man after his brief rest and the meal which followed it, would not listen to Alan's advice that he follow later, when he was more refreshed.
  • The hero is a young officer in the Irish Brigade, which for many years after the siege of Limerick formed the backbone of the French army. He goes through many stirring adventures, successfully carries out dangerous missions in Spain, saves a large portion of the French army at Oudenarde, and even has the audacity to kidnap the Prime Minister of England.
  • F-zero ax machine parts cheats successfully complete the game in story mode on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the f-zero ax machine parts.
  • Adrian boynton assembles the orchestra and directs it so successfully that everyone involved must share the sheer joy of doing something so well.
  • Of the two camp hands, one was an Indian called Harry, a fine specimen of one of the famous tribes which successfully resisted Russian rule in the early years, and who was regarded as one of the most expert canoeists who had ever been in the Survey.
  • 'While we were drifting, we had to protect ourselves from flying timbers by holding planks between us and the wind, and with this protection we were frequently knocked great distances. Many persons were killed on top of the drifting debris by flying timbers, after they had successfully escaped from their wrecked homes."
  • 'The Profligate' is a good story. The principal personage of the book is a young man wholly given to gambling and dissipation. Yet the author successfully intimates instinctive reserves of decency in his hero and thus prepares us to accept his final turning away from former pursuits under the inspiration of a good woman's affection. The author must be given credit for a certain originality of treatment; the denouement is sufficiently dramatic and the interest admirably sustained to the end.
  • The knowledge I acquired in this way, however, was only skin deep, so to to speak, exemplifying the truth of the old adage "lightly come, lightly go;" for albeit this hot-bed process of imparting learning served its turn in enabling me to pass the crucial ordeal to which I was subjected, I verily believe that I could not have answered satisfactorily one tithe of the questions a fortnight after the dreaded examination was over that I then grappled successfully.
  • The above guidelines are very useful in every situation in life and you can successfully tackle hostile circumstances by following them.
  • Paul shut off power, and waited to see whether the companion boat succeeded in reaching the calm waters of the big lake as successfully as they had done. As it was now pretty close to dark, in spite of the half-moon that hung overhead, seeing the partly hidden rocks was not an easy task.
  • Now things were getting interestinghe dropped two more scrolls onto the ground before him, hoping that they would become visible, otherwise this was going to be a very short rescue mission. The scrolls appeared on the ground the moment he let go of them, allowing him to read the complex incantations and successfully evoke the energies within, augmenting Aiden's combat prowess even more with protective measures. The remaining two scrolls he kept for later use, for if he had read them correctly, one would unleash devastating destruction upon anyone he cast it upon, and the other was only of benefit to a large number of people.
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