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Dil: İngilizce
Türü: zarf


z. başarıyla, muvaffakıyetle.

successfully için örnek cümleler:

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  • It was thus our good fortune to find at last some traces of the Investigator's voyage, which at once invested the place with all the charms of association, and gave it an interest in our eyes that words can ill express. All the adventures and sufferings of the intrepid Flinders vividly recurred to our memory; his discoveries on the shores of this great continent, his imprisonment on his way home, and cruel treatment by the French Governor of Mauritius, called forth renewed sympathies. I forthwith determined accordingly that the first river we discovered in the Gulf should be named the Flinders, as the tribute to his memory which it was best becoming in his humble follower to bestow, and that which would most successfully serve the purpose of recording his services on this side of the continent. Monuments may crumble, but a name endures as long as the world.
  • Dr. gall said: " unions have worked successfully to extend the ambit of union recognition.
  • The Boy cried out in pain, yet considered himself lucky. To have faced a man such as Captain Bluebeard at such close quarters when he was so full of rage and pride and the necessity to look strong before his crew, and to have walked away with simply a cut on his lower left back, was luck indeed. He knew it was conditional, though. His life was now in the hands of the mad man who had just held him so tightly, the strange ghost of the seas with beard as blue as the waters he sailed on. To have deceived him even now would cost him the air in his lungs; even if he did lead the man into a successfully orchestrated ninja trap, the Captains last act before meeting his end at Eastern hands would be to take the Boy down with him, to deprive him of life just as he was suffering the same. It would not do to disappoint his Captain.
  • Next day was devoted to watering; but as I have elsewhere described that necessary if prosaic occupation, I will not repeat the story. Sufficient to say that the job was successfully "did" in the course of the day.
  • She cried out again and the voice responded again. But she was panicking, the frustration and fear were coming out. On the burning mound shed kept her calm. Here, by the side of a river, her nerves exploded. Perhaps it was that the burning meant death. There was a preordained end. These vines, snaking and tugging, wouldnt kill her. She was a witch; she couldnt be drowned. They would drag her into the water and she would stay there, struggling and wading like the fish, as the plants loosened and tightenedpermitted: a lifetime of drowning without drowning. Then there was the gentle factor of importance. If she burned, she would burn as a witch who had successfully carried out a mission for the benefit of the Coven. Here, she would be pulled underwater forever for whata fish that she didnt even catch? She cursed her own hungry foolishness.
  • Soybean growers have used cover crops successfully in conjunction with herbicides to reduce cultivation and control weeds.
  • "Naturally." Nadir Sharif cleared his throat. "But enough of affairs. Permit me to toast your arrival. When your request for a safe-conduct pass arrived from Surat, we all wondered if a feringhi new to India could successfully travel our bandit-infested roads, even with the Moghuls pass." He took a delicate sip of the beverage. "I trust your journey was without mishap."
  • In a brief time the two boats were near enough to enable a sailor to cast a rope to the Gadabout. After one or two attempts this was successfully seized and then made fast. As the lake boat swung around to resume its course, the Gadabout, one hundred feet or more astern, followed.
  • Percussive playing, successfully combined with violent strumming and, again, highly entertaining singing.
  • It is very difficult for events to be reflected in their real strength and completeness amid the conditions of court life and far from the scene of action. General events involuntarily group themselves around some particular incident. So now the courtiers' pleasure was based as much on the fact that the news had arrived on the Emperor's birthday as on the fact of the victory itself. It was like a successfully arranged surprise. Mention was made in Kutuzov's report of the Russian losses, among which figured the names of Tuchkov, Bagration, and Kutaysov. In the Petersburg world this sad side of the affair again involuntarily centered round a single incident: Kutaysov's death. Everybody knew him, the Emperor liked him, and he was young and interesting. That day everyone met with the words:
  • Aiden took a moment to check his back for blood, but thankfully the dagger hadn't pierced his chain shirt. During this brief time, the other archer had readied another arrow and loosed a shot at Sayana. Prepared for the attack, she positioned her magical shield between herself and her assailant with a quick gesture, successfully deflecting the arrow. Cursing loudly, the bandit dropped his bow and went for his dagger, but not before Aiden took a swipe at him. The man was too quick though, dodging to one side and avoiding the blade's edge.
  • Yes, in order for humanity to successfully breed, a certain amount of Magur DNA had to be left intact. Sexual energy has the possibility of raising your vibration. As your chakras start to spin again, your DNA is reorganised. It is this DNA that has been the thorn in their sides throughout the ages.’
  • Then the pilot, so as to follow a better current, which turned off from the bank, directed the raft toward the right side of the river, which he had not yet approached. The maneuver was not accomplished without certain difficulties, which were successfully overcome after a good many resorts to the demijohn.
  • A Gnat came and said to a Lion, "I do not in the least fear you, nor are you stronger than I am. For in what does your strength consist? You can scratch with your claws and bite with your teeth an a woman in her quarrels. I repeat that I am altogether more powerful than you; and if you doubt it, let us fight and see who will conquer." The Gnat, having sounded his horn, fastened himself upon the Lion and stung him on the nostrils and the parts of the face devoid of hair. While trying to crush him, the Lion tore himself with his claws, until he punished himself severely. The Gnat thus prevailed over the Lion, and, buzzing about in a song of triumph, flew away. But shortly afterwards he became entangled in the meshes of a cobweb and was eaten by a spider. He greatly lamented his fate, saying, "Woe is me! that I, who can wage war successfully with the hugest beasts, should perish myself from this spider, the most inconsiderable of insects!"
  • Felix now saw that the waters were white with suspended chalk, and sounding with the paddle, found that the depth was but a few inches. He had driven at full speed on a reef. There was no danger, for the distance to the shore was hardly two hundred yards, and judging by the appearance of the water, it was shallow all the way. But his canoe, the product of so much labour, and in which he had voyaged so far, his canoe was destroyed. He could not repair her; he doubted whether it could have been done successfully even at home with Oliver to help him. He could sail no farther; there was nothing for it but to get ashore and travel on foot. If the wind rose higher, the waves would soon break clean over her, and she would go to pieces.
  • Then Richard Wood himself looked crafty. He did not like finding other pursuers so near him who might claim part of the reward, at least, when the search was successfully ended. But reflection came to his aid and told him that these Saxons were ignorant hinds who might be made useful on the search, and afterward cheated of their share of the reward.
  • Thirdly, and most significantly, a variable temperature liquid nitrogen cryostat has been successfully commissioned.
  • There had been ample time for the arrangement of Toole's ambuscade. Now was the moment. The crisis was upon her. But poor Mrs. Mack, just as she was about to say her little say about the front windows and opposite neighbours, and the privacy of the back bed-room, and to propose their retiring thither, felt a sinking of the heart--a deadly faintness, and an instinctive conviction that she was altogether overmatched, and that she could not hope to play successfully any sort of devil's game with that all-seeing sorceress. She had always thought she was a plucky woman till she met Mistress Mary. Before her her spirit died within her--her blood flowed hurriedly back to her heart, leaving her body cold, pale, and damp, and her soul quailing under her gaze.
  • Meena chortled, unconcerned. "Not if you dont pass your Age Quest. And that judgment call is not one you can make. Only the one whom you take your quest to can tell you if and when you have successfully completed it. Which in this case," Meena pointed, "is Geret. So you can do as he says, with a spirit of learning, and prove useful to your Clan, or you can get tossed back in the sea to grow a year more, and earn the deserved mockery of every Clan member in your fleet. Good luck trying to rule the seas at that point." Meena folded her arms and stared Rhona down.
  • The biggest piece of machinery on the list was the PCR machine, also known as a thermocycler. Its essentially a souped-up water bath, but it enables an indispensable technique worthy of a Nobel prize. Invented by Kary Mullis in 1983, the Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR for short, amplifies genetic material quickly and reliably, creating up to one billion times the DNA you started out with. Its the technique used by forensic teams to get evidence from crime scenes, by lawyers for paternity tests, andwe hopedby a group of German journalists to successfully carry out genetic experiments.
  • There was no contradicting him; Dinah was too weary for discussion in any case. But he had successfully checked her tears at last; he had even in a measure managed to comfort her torn soul. She lay for a space pondering the matter.
  • Tannoy announcements, each of which i had successfully filtered out.
  • The newcomers gave one satisfied glance at their future home, and then set to work to erect log huts forthwith. Soon the axe was heard ringing through the forests, and tree after tree fell to the ground, while the occasional sharp ring of a rifle told that the hunters were catering successfully for the camp. In course of time the Mustang Valley began to assume the aspect of a thriving settlement, with cottages and waving fields clustered together in the midst of it.
  • From this time forward old Samson constantly spoke about Lily; and, persuaded by his own hopes that she was his grand-daughter, he seemed to be fully convinced that such was the case. His anxiety to see her, and to examine the clothes and ornaments which Aunt Hannah had preserved, increased every day; but how were we to find Lily and Aunt Hannah? Had our friends turned back; or had they pushed forward, fighting their way successfully towards the fertile region to which they were bound? Neither he nor I could bring ourselves to contemplate what might otherwise have happened--had they been overwhelmed by the hordes of savages, and met the fearful fate which had overtaken the smaller band whose remains we had discovered?
  • The king, of course, was continuously briefed about the unrest in his country. The problem only was that he did not care very much about it. Living quite in another reality altogether, one that was dominated by thoughts of him successfully battling the dominance of Bonaparteas well as the design of new fancy uniforms and medals for his starving troops, he neither saw the danger closing in on him nor made any real plans to counteract it.
  • The oar upon being fitted in the cavity could be rapidly turned to the right and to the left, with a peculiar motion known to those who have learned the art of successfully sculling a craft in this way. It is wonderful what progress can be made in that fashion. Shack seemed to know all about it, for presently Bandy-legs emitted a whoop that would have shamed an Indian brave.
  • This image can be successfully segmented using a single threshold T1.
  • "Yes. And during the period between October 1943 and August 1944 Helga and Jacob successfully smuggled one hundred and twenty-eight children and thirty-five adults into France and into the arms of the Underground. It wasnt a lot, but it was enough for one woman and a boy. They made twenty-six round trips altogether. Her last trip was in August, but by then everything had changed for her."
  • My friend Clark had led a life of strange vicissitudes, said the stranger, "having slipped through the meshes of the law very successfully a great number of times, but finally he was caught, and sent to Botany Bay. He served his time out, and left; but, finally, after a series of very extraordinary adventures in India, and some odd events in the Indian Ocean, he came to England. Bad luck followed him, however. He made an attempt at burglary, and was caught, convicted, and sent back again to his old station at Botany Bay.
  • A good lot of it, by twisting his head from time to time, replied Chief Waller. "And after the thing had been successfully done, he could watch the two thieves gathering the swag together, and putting it in a satchel they found in the cashier's room. Then, just at a quarter to three they doused the glim, which was only an electric torch one of them carried, and skipped out, locking the door on poor Cadger. It was hours afterwards when the day watchman came on duty and the discovery followed."
  • The restaurants proved to wildly successfully like the Westbury location, prompting the guys to sell the concept to Yum! Brands through a national franchising and consulting agreement. The guys agreed to sell all but the Westbury location, which obviously held a great deal of sentimental value.
  • Enzymic phosphoryl transfer and amide hydrolysis have been successfully modeled.
  • Schedule the schedule is too big to successfully transfer to a text file - sorry.
  • If C4 photosynthesis is successfully transferred to C3 plants through genetic engineering, farmers could grow wheat and rice in hotter, dryer environments with less fertilizer, while possibly increasing yields by half, the researchers said.
  • The competition has been run successfully for the last 3 years and attracts the top ranking national fencers in each weapon.
  • He was sufficiently fluent in italian as to be able to translate english works successfully unto that language.
  • People with successfully treated heart/lung diseases ( eg emphysema, asthma ).
  • Mr Evans had been for years a Minister and Missionary in the Canadian Methodist Church. With the Reverend William Case he had been very successfully employed among the Indians in the Province of Ontario. When the English Wesleyan Society decided to begin work among the neglected tribes in the Hudson's Bay Territories, the Reverend James Evans was the man appointed to be the leader of the devoted band. In order to reach Norway House, which was to be his first principal Mission, his household effects had to be shipped from Toronto to England, and thence reshipped to York Factory on the Hudson Bay. From this place they had to be taken up by boats to Norway House in the interior, a distance of five hundred miles. Seventy times had they to be lifted out of these inland boats and carried along the portages around falls and cataracts ere they reached their destination.
  • At last, after a fierce struggle, in which the defenders very nearly succeeded in driving us out or slaughtering us where we stood, the field pieces were silenced, a charge of explosive was successfully placed beneath the gate and a loud roar followed that shook every stone in that colossal pile.
  • Sure enough, when he pulled himself out into the open once more and marched purposefully towards Hirosaki, he saw Alice lying on the ground with blood dripping from her abdomen. Marley was trying to simultaneously tend to her wounds and fight of Hirosakis swordplay, with mixed results: though he was successfully keeping the ninja leader at bay, he was doing so by sacrificing his own limbs. He was already missing two fingers by the time Bluebeard came close and wincing with pain.
  • The constant maneuvering needed to compensate for the asteroid's rotating orbit slowed the operation down to a maddening pace but was painfully necessary. They had successfully cleared a docking sight and drilled three holes in the surface of the asteroid. This would be the last hole needed to complete the four-point tether by which the main propulsion assembly would be attached to Dante657.
  • Louis stepped between Amalric and Roland, his white robe rustling. "Count, your baiting of this loyal knight distresses me. I am pleased with you tonight. Please do not do anything to mar my feeling. Remember, your appointment is not final until our army has successfully crossed the river."
  • "Woo-hoo, VICTORY! I have just successfully run my very first con job and without anyones help at allEmber girl, you are the flippinSTUFF…" I applauded myself, mentally.
  • Topological quantum field theory provided an example of background-independent quantum theory, but with no local degrees of freedom, and only finitely many degrees of freedom globally. This is inadequate to describe gravity in 3+1 dimensions which has local degrees of freedom according to general relativity. In 2+1 dimensions, however, gravity is a topological field theory, and it has been successfully quantized in several different ways, including spin networks.
  • Underpinning knowledge required to successfully complete the enterprise module.
  • Mr. Frazer was not only the keeper of the station but the helmsman of the lifeboat, which latter was a most responsible position, since he must direct the movements of the men who pulled the oars, bring the boat under the vessel in peril, manage to rescue as many of those aboard as could be carried, and finally navigate the craft successfully to the shore.
  • Letters smuggled back in cipher kept the Levant Company informed of progress. The party reached Tripoli without incident, made their way successfully overland through Arabia, and then hired passage on an Arab trader for her trip down the Persian Gulf. The plan seemed to be working perfectly.
  • Injectable penicillin has been used successfully for many years to treat rabbits with vent disease ( rabbit syphilis ) with no apparent problems.
  • Back in 1994, Algerian militants fighting the French-backed government in Algiers hijacked an Air France plane. Though it was successfully stormed by French forces in Marseille, French intelligence believed they planned to fly it into the Eiffel Tower, foreshadowing the September 11 attacks on the United States.
  • This tree is distinguished from other trees by a straight trunk forty feet high. To the naturalist's eye, its gracefully rounded crown, formed of big multilobed leaves, was enough to denote the artocarpus that has been so successfully transplanted to the Mascarene Islands east of
  • I was still leafing through my binder when Alec started testing the strength of our, 'tow line.' I scooted my desk over and picked up a weight to hand to him, only to see the thread break as he successfully figured out the breaking point.
  • The Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers in the war, the secret Ottoman-German Alliance having been signed in August 1914. It threatened Russia's Caucasian territories and Britain's communications with India via the Suez Canal. The British and French opened overseas fronts with the Gallipoli (1915) and Mesopotamian campaigns. In Gallipoli, the Ottoman Empire successfully repelled the British, French, and Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs). In Mesopotamia, by contrast, after the disastrous Siege of Kut (1915-16), British Imperial forces reorganised and captured Baghdad in March 1917.
  • When you have successfully placed your order you will receive an order acknowledgment and a unique username and password.
  • Through all this, the three skilled horsemen did not lessen the speed of their steeds. Side by side they rode, Bill and Woods glorying in the fact that they had been able to successfully execute their daring attempt at rescue.
  • Two of my cameras were by my side when the canoe was swamped, one containing eighteen plates, the other twelve, all of which had been exposed. The cameras, being heavy, remained at the bottom of the canoe and were saved, but the bath did not do them good. I did not want to lose the plates, so there was only one course to follow, and that was to develop them while they were still wet. While my men slept I sat up a good portion of the night developing all those plates--quite successfully too--and trying to clean and fix up the cameras again for use the next day. One of my other cameras had been destroyed previously by one of my men, who sat on it, and of course smashed it to pieces. Another camera, which was still in excellent condition, having been in an air-tight case, was rather too big to be used for the work in going down the rapids.
  • The North America Aerospace Defense Command said in a statement that it detected the launch at 9:49 a.m. Korea time, after which the first stage fell into the Yellow Sea and the second dropped into the Philippine Sea. The U.S. agency said the missile deployed an object that appeared to achieve orbit, after North Koreas official news agency said the Unha-3 rocket had successfully sent a satellite into space.
  • But after seeing how successfully a method of communication had been established between the scouts in camp, and Aleck, when the latter was being held a prisoner up on that shelf of rock, Step Hen had had his eyes opened. He realized what a really valuable thing a little knowledge along these lines was apt to prove, at most any time. And he had then and there resolved to improve his scanty share of information whenever the chance came.
  • Retinoblastoma tumors can be successfully treated if detected early enough, but the required chemotherapy and surgery can result in blindness.
  • Accordingly it was not long before they were skirting the upper reaches of the diminishing fog bank, being about a thousand feet or so above the sea itself. Now and then slight rifts appeared in the disappearing mist, and at such intervals it was possible for them to catch fleeting glimpses of the Atlantic, whose wide expanse they had successfully spanned, an event that would make history, if only it could ever be publicly known.
  • It would take too long to follow all the varied incidents of the siege. But one thing was constant. Night after night recruits from inside the town managed to scale the walls and join King Humyon's forces. They were getting tired of Kumran, who, unable to satisfy his cruelty on the little Heir-to-Empire, vented it on all and sundry. And day by day as the number of the besieged dwindled, bit after bit of the town fell into the besiegers' hands, until at last only the Bala Hissar remained. But the Bala Hissar is a town in itself, and many a time has it withstood a siege successfully.
  • I do not doubt for a second that had the uk actually been successfully invaded we too would not have lasted long.
  • Adrian boynton assembles the orchestra and directs it so successfully that everyone involved must share the sheer joy of doing something so well.
  • The company had successfully removed oil from a sunken warship in the past.
  • Additionally, wartime press censorship successfully limited public knowledge about the executions.
  • Amulet coin: cheats successfully complete the game, then go to the deep Colosseum.
  • A brief period of prosperity continued for Bulgaria while John Assen II. was on the throne. He was the most civilised and humane of all the rulers of ancient Bulgaria, and there is no stain of a massacre or a murder remembered against his name. He made wars reluctantly, but always successfully.
  • Emily had a hunch and was in a mood to give her nephew ahard' time. She had successfully reigned Drew back into the foldas much as Drew could be reigned inand was still a little steamed at Daniel and Nicole.
  • The captain shouted his directions to the men to clear the deck, whilst he swore at his luck; for he now saw that capture was almost certain. He dared fight the boats of the brig, but he had no means of successfully combating a vessel armed as she was. Finding that capture was almost a certainty, he called to the mate next in command, rushed to the side of the vessel, and lowered a boat which hung there; then rushing to the cabin, he brought up a heavy bag, apparently containing gold, and before any of his crew were aware of his intention he had left the vessel with the mate alone, and thus hoped to escape to the coast, which was not more than fifty miles distant.
  • Then, after thus successfully overcoming the obstacles that lay in the way of his going to sea, so far as this initial stage to that ultimate end was concerned, the lucky fellow, in addition to gaining the Captain's favour and making the acquaintance of Bob and Nellie, put the finishing-touch to his good fortune by winning over Mrs Gilmour to his side--a lady who, as a friend, was worth perhaps all the rest, she being true as steel and thoughtful and considerate in every way.
  • - "Ikumen." These are family-oriented male workers who take advantage of the 2011 employment equality law to apply for extended leave, to spend time with their wives after giving birth. The figure last year reached an all-time high of 2.6% of workers. Because firing them violates the law, men who were so dismissed have successfully sued their employers; but nothing ends a career faster than beating ones employer in court.
  • Audrey sighed. She had never learned the name of the boy who broke into the castle four years ago and cut down the wooden frame of Richards keep. If the Normans knew his name, they had successfully kept any slaves from discovering it. They said only that the boy had been exiled from Engla-lond for his crimes and and henceforth was known as the Outlaw. "The Outlaw is the reason Lord Richard wanted us to build the keep in stone so quickly," she pointed out. She didnt like speaking against the Outlaw; she admired him as much as anyone. Nonetheless, their lives had become doubly miserable ever since his visit. "Hes also the reason its so difficult for us to get our hands on weapons or do anything at all without permission."
  • Two students walked by and greeted him. They looked familiar but he couldn't remember their names. He never could remember names. He had read a book on how to memorize: associate each name with an item of furniture and just run through the pieces of furniture, recalling the names as you go. He had done this quite successfully using the furniture in his mother's house. He learned the 40 books of the old testament. The collection of furniture ran around the living room and down the hall to the dining room. The 40th piece of furniture was the large chair by the window. It worked quite well until he moved out and took a place of his own. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, ... He couldn't even remember the pieces of furniture now, let alone the books of the old testament - just to Numbers. Did that have something to do with his being a math prof?
  • Sanych spent endless hours with the Counts, poring over the details found in the few books that had successfully been loaded on board the Kazhak. During the voyage, she found time to read every one of them. Runcan, Armala and Sengril listened to her summations and estimates as if she spoke the foreseen truth, and worked her to the point of exhaustion with possible scenarios.
  • The Radah Guard began its march, quickly forming a wedge within the ranks. The two leading horses made the point. They began to run and the Tasmorean army braced for impact, pikes with shields held tight. A crash echoed through the trees as the guard hit the army. The point wedged its way down the centre, slicing deep within the army. Men began to fall, little by little the guard hacked its way parting the army in two. The ground became soaked in blood. Once the army was successfully divided the guard pushed hard, forcing each side back toward the treeline. But the Radah Guard seemingly overwhelmed by a superior force, retreated slightly, momentarily giving the offence to the army, regrouping in the middle.
  • From Fort 9, where the Germans were so very suspicious, this method of escaping would need, I think, more than an average amount of luck to be successful, though from a normal prison camp it was to my knowledge successfully employed on several occasions.
  • We had just finished supper when we saw another bear in a better position, and I proceeded to make the stalk, going part of the way in the baidarka, for the great meadow was intersected by a stream from which small lagoons made off in all directions. The wind was very baffling, and although we successfully reached a clump of brush in the middle of the marsh, the bear for some time continued to graze in an unapproachable spot. We had almost given up hope of getting a shot, when he turned and fed slowly some fifty yards in a new direction, which was up-wind. This was our chance. Quickly regaining the baidarka, we paddled as noiselessly and rapidly as possible up the main stream of the marsh to a small lagoon, which now at high tide had sufficient water to float us.
  • The boats being ready, we took leave of the chief, leaving him an acceptable present of beads, and we descended the hill to the river, thankful at having so far successfully terminated the expedition as to have traced the lake to that important point Magungo, which had been our clue to the discovery even so far away in time and place as the distant country of Latooka. We were both very weak and ill, and my knees trembled beneath me as we walked down the easy descent. I, in my enervated state, endeavouring to assist my wife, we were the "blind leading the blind;" but had life closed on that day we could have died most happily, for the hard fight through sickness and misery had ended in victory; and, although I looked to home as a paradise never to be regained, I could have lain down to sleep in contentment on this spot, with the consolation that, if the body had been vanquished, we died with the prize in our grasp.
  • The above guidelines are very useful in every situation in life and you can successfully tackle hostile circumstances by following them.
  • How it came about that Bob got his story; how the treasure left in the Turquoise Temple was finally lifted; how the young aeronauts in doing it battled successfully with a maelstrom in the clouds, were driven far out over the Pacific, cast away on a derelict and finally made an escape with their "sneering idol" by aeroplane into the wilds of Mexico, is a later and more remarkable chapter in the adventures of Ned Napier and Alan Hope, to be told in "The Air-Ship Boys Adrift, or Saved by an Aeroplane."
  • The mafias have not yet, as they have in some ec countries, successfully infiltrated mainstream politics.
  • "No…" she said. "Ill stay here." She felt uncharacteristically lethargic and shy. The memory of the events of the last two days was slowly returning; the escape from Llanlleyn, the plodding horse, the rain and the mud, the frightening meeting with the Normans, the uncomfortable, sleepless night in the forest on the way to HawardenBut the worst memory was of her harsh treatment. Shed been chased, struck, addressed without respect, and abductedagainst her will this timeand brought to Hawarden. Apart from the arrangement of her marriage, there hadnt been one situation in her life which she hadnt been able to successfully manipulate to her advantage, until shed entered Llanlleyn. It was little wonder she felt overwhelmed by her current circumstances.
  • Evidently the Nurnberg's commander figured that the Sylph, being as badly crippled as he was, could not successfully pursue. The British cruiser was still some distance off, and he hoped to be able to outrun her also.
  • If his cousin had been a different stamp of man and one built of finer clay, it is more than probable that Eustace would have acted differently--would have conquered that overmastering and unlawful love which he had so long and so successfully concealed, or at any rate would have fled from temptation. But it was far otherwise. The fellow was such a rough, assertive, thick-headed, inconsiderate boor, utterly unable to appreciate his own splendid good fortune. He deserved no mercy. Yet this was the being to whom Eanswyth was bound--whom, moreover, she had managed to tolerate with every semblance of, at any rate, contentment, until he himself had laid siege to the castle of her outwardly calm, but glowingly passionate nature, and had carried it by storm, by a single coup de main.
  • Exploiting platform synergies the organizations that successfully use several digital channels in a complementary fashion will unlock the full value of digital marketing.
  • He gave his orders. The Abraham Lincoln kept up half steam, and advanced cautiously so as not to awake its adversary. It is no rare thing to meet in the middle of the ocean whales so sound asleep that they can be successfully attacked, and Ned Land had harpooned more than one during its sleep. The Canadian went to take his place again under the bowsprit.
  • For close upon 13 kils. the river flowed--with slight deviations--almost always due north, and with its limpid waters was of extraordinary beauty. The country was open on the right side of us. We saw that day two white urub (Cathartes). The Brazilians have a curious superstition about them. They say that if you write with a quill taken from the wing of one of these birds any business which you may be transacting will go well; in fact, anything you may wish to do and which you set down on paper with one of these quills and ink is sure to turn out successfully.
  • Warren was distinctly surprised when--the exchange having been effected--the man relieved proved to be none other than G. Reece Stoddard himself. And G. Reece seemed not at all jubilant at being relieved. Next time Bernice danced near, Warren regarded her intently. Yes, she was pretty, distinctly pretty; and to-night her face seemed really vivacious. She had that look that no woman, however histrionically proficient, can successfully counterfeit--she looked as if she were having a good time. He liked the way she had her hair arranged, wondered if it was brilliantine that made it glisten so. And that dress was becoming--a dark red that set off her shadowy eyes and high coloring. He remembered that he had thought her pretty when she first came to town, before he had realized that she was dull. Too bad she was dull--dull girls unbearable--certainly pretty though.
  • We therefore went through an important ceremony, always carried out in the same way. All 13 boats were beached, the 13 pilots went ahead on the bank to study the problem, they decided on the one safe place and manner, then returned, and each of the 13 boats was run over in 13 different places and manners. They always do this. You are supposed to have run the Cascades successfully if you cross them alive, but to have failed if you drown.. In this case all were successful.
  • The chapter provides a very clear and concise argument and successfully challenges the historiography.
  • Our judges consider how well entrants have used plain english, and how successfully and passionately they have fought gobbledygook.
  • Goldfish successfully launched its internet based savings account and began active marketing in the autumn.
  • Benjamin brought his attention back to the figure on the helter-skelter staircase. "Hey, uh, Mickey," he said, successfully defeating the urge to shout. "Havent seen any oranges about, have you?"
  • An arrow took the goblin leader in the chest. He looked down at it and grimaced, his sharp teeth clenched in a parody of a smile. Then the goblins spindly legs gave out and he collapsed. The other goblins looked up in the direction from which the arrow had come, as did Eduard, Jain, and Airk. More than twenty additional goblins with bows and arrows in their hands and steel swords and axes in their belts stood halfway up the hill. They wore clothing of a similar, crude cut to the other goblins, but they also wore thick boots and many of them wore steel armor. Some of them wore plate mail, some chain, and some wore hardened leather scales. A lot of the armor ill fitted the wearers. Still, for the goblins to have successfully plundered so much they must have been both vicious and cunning.
  • Kaymin nodded in agreement. "But if Dargis should fall, you will then run the risk of standing against the might of Gaal, Morvay and Corrado combined. Even if you successfully capture Morvay, many of its invading soldiers will be routed from Dargis to Corrado for safety, and it would be unwise to assume that they will not return seeking vengeance." He leaned forward in his chair, his eyes glittering. "Tell me, your majesty. Do you believe that Wherry can stand against such forces alone?"
  • We have spent the day scouring London for her ..... and were hoping to successfully terminate our assignment,’ replied the first Agent uncomfortably.
  • Hot and panting, Alf fought to get a grip of the creature's throat. She, on her part, seemed to divine his purpose, and battled successfully to prevent him.
  • To be sure, said the tyrant, who was greatly amused; "as we have prevented your successfully plying your trade we certainly do owe you an indemnity. Here, take these two pistoles to drink our healths with."
  • Swann's story of Sheila and the Goths sent Dimarico into gales of laughter, even as both worried once more over security. Time was growing short, as was dog food with two of the big creatures to feed. The pilot-model transporter successfully checked out, as did a mock-up of the final versionnot yet updated with new controls.
  • For nearly a thousand years, we have successfully resisted foreign domination.
  • He successfully represented bondholders in the litigation arising out of efforts to block the construction of the hubert h. humphrey metrodome in minneapolis.
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