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Dil: İngilizce
Türü: zarf


z. başarıyla, muvaffakıyetle.

successfully için örnek cümleler:

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  • I will acknowledge that, while I felt no reluctance at making this arrangement in favour of Rupert, I felt mortified he should accept it. There are certain acts we may all wish to perform, and, yet, which bring regrets when successfully performed. I was sorry that my friend, Lucy's brother, Grace's admirer--for I was quick enough in perceiving that Rupert began to entertain fancies of that sort--had not pride enough to cause him to decline receiving money which must be earned by the sweat of my brow, and this, moreover, in a mode of life he had not himself sufficient resolution to encounter a second time. But he accepted the offer, and there was an end of it.
  • We already successfully vaccinate at-risk groups such as those with heart conditions, chronic lung disease and chronic liver disease.
  • Then you can see it? asked the other, himself more than anxious, because of the fact that the fleeing bank robbers who had stolen the biplane of Percy Carberry apparently intended to escape over the line into Canada, even if to accomplish their purpose they had to daringly cross Lake Ontario, many miles wide, a feat as yet only successfully done by one or two bold fliers of national repute.
  • Thirdly, and most significantly, a variable temperature liquid nitrogen cryostat has been successfully commissioned.
  • So, the three Browns had been dealt with, the prophecy was defeated, but there were still a couple of thousand zombies outside the quarantine zone. The citizens couldnt possibly contain a breach this size. The zombies would bite and breed and take over the island, but at least they couldnt get off it. Even if the zombies infected whoever came to investigate Mitchells radio silence, theyd never successfully pilot a helicopter back. The situation was contained.
  • The bank successfully differentiates local currency reserves from the incoming foreign exchange reserves and minimizes the US dollar inflow. This policy limits domestic loan growth, and giving the opportunity to banks to keep their reserves in gold and foreign currency helps them drain excess US dollars from the market. This supports the financial stability of the market and limits the appreciation of the Turkish lira as well. Financial stability is evident, and after the policies worked successfully and mitigated the vulnerabilities, the Turkish economy was upgraded to investment level, which was a long overdue rating upgrade, by Fitch Ratings
  • This tree is distinguished from other trees by a straight trunk forty feet high. To the naturalist's eye, its gracefully rounded crown, formed of big multilobed leaves, was enough to denote the artocarpus that has been so successfully transplanted to the Mascarene Islands east of
  • During the night they successfully repulsed all attempts to drive them out despite abnormal exposure to attack.
  • There was a hearty cheer to greet Bracy and his half company as they successfully crossed the stone swept track and reached the shelter of the rocks, ready to turn on the instant and help to keep down the stone throwing as Roberts and his men came along at the double.
  • And although through striving and endeavour the Risale-i Nur has spread the Quranic truths everywhere in an age as obstinate and atheistic as this, the fact that no one has opposed it successfully proves that the Quran, which is its master, source, authority, and sun, is heavenly and revealed, and not mans word.
  • For close upon 13 kils. the river flowed--with slight deviations--almost always due north, and with its limpid waters was of extraordinary beauty. The country was open on the right side of us. We saw that day two white urub (Cathartes). The Brazilians have a curious superstition about them. They say that if you write with a quill taken from the wing of one of these birds any business which you may be transacting will go well; in fact, anything you may wish to do and which you set down on paper with one of these quills and ink is sure to turn out successfully.
  • This story deals with the guerrilla aspect of the Boer War, and shows how George Ransome is compelled to leave his father's farm and take service with the British. He is given the command of a band of scouts as a reward for gallantry, and with these he punishes certain rebels for a piece of rascality, and successfully attacks Botha's commando. Thanks to his knowledge of the veldt he is of signal service to his country, and even outwits the redoubtable De Wet.
  • In addition, the citb have just successfully piloted a fast-track nvq level 2 for experienced roofers.
  • But the isolation of our desperate retreat dismayed nobody, for we all had an unconquerable belief in the future. There must be some French somewhere, and in spite--as we thought then--of our better judgments, we stuck to the story that was ever being circulated: "We are luring the Germans into a trap." It was impressed upon us, too, by "the Div." that both at Mons and Le Cateau we were strategically victorious. We had given the Germans so hard a knock that they could not pursue us at once; we had covered the retirement of the 1st Corps; we had got away successfully ourselves. We were sullen and tired victors, never defeated. If we retreated, it was for a purpose. If we advanced, the Germans were being crushed.
  • A Gnat came and said to a Lion, "I do not in the least fear you, nor are you stronger than I am. For in what does your strength consist? You can scratch with your claws and bite with your teeth an a woman in her quarrels. I repeat that I am altogether more powerful than you; and if you doubt it, let us fight and see who will conquer." The Gnat, having sounded his horn, fastened himself upon the Lion and stung him on the nostrils and the parts of the face devoid of hair. While trying to crush him, the Lion tore himself with his claws, until he punished himself severely. The Gnat thus prevailed over the Lion, and, buzzing about in a song of triumph, flew away. But shortly afterwards he became entangled in the meshes of a cobweb and was eaten by a spider. He greatly lamented his fate, saying, "Woe is me! that I, who can wage war successfully with the hugest beasts, should perish myself from this spider, the most inconsiderable of insects!"
  • Aileen could successfully exchange repartee against a dozen at once.
  • He gave a sigh of relief. Some of the strain seemed to have departed, now that his signaling task had apparently been successfully carried out.
  • Accepted when a payment is successfully submitted, the following processes take place.
  • "Emasculatems are such extraordinary devices, dont you think?" asked Luis brightly, still looking away, the kindness in his voice untainted by the simmering subsurface fury cowering Maggie at the door. "Your Lord Emperor has but a beginners understanding of them, though I theorize that he has tinkered somewhat successfully with them, which explains how he can keep his Dreamcatchers so pathetically tamed ..."
  • "Police are baffled by a break-in at the Institute of Movement, on Westway," began Ted. Spencer was definitely awake now. The institute came on screen, looking uglier than ever. "The incident happened in the small hours of this morning. The burglars successfully disarmed a sophisticated alarm system and police describe them as professionals. But there was one thing they forgot to do."
  • A curious gas was discovered shortly after the first settlers arrived in the valley along the eastern edges of the Great Salt Lake and in 1872 "Salt Lake City Gas Works Company" began lighting the streets of Salt Lake. Twenty three years later in March, 1895, the "American Natural Gas Company" successfully delivered gas as a heating supplement into the heart of the city and Salt Lake became the first city west of Indiana to begin using the fuel for heat, a newcleaner burningfuel. However, the majority of the homes would still burn coal until 1929, when natural gas from Wyoming was piped in.
  • Her first instinct was to snap back some angry reply. She certainly wasnt about to admit the truth: that she was feeling low because Gladys had successfully escaped Rhuddlan a week earlier and Longsword hadnt even noticed. It seemed all her plotting had been for nothing. And now Gladys was walking the same halls she longed to walk and talking to the same people to whom she wished she might speak.
  • Soybean growers have used cover crops successfully in conjunction with herbicides to reduce cultivation and control weeds.
  • Apparently secure in the belief that the forts at Duala could successfully ward off the attacks of any enemy, the German commander at Boak had grown careless, and the lads could not see a single sign of soldiers or sentries.
  • From whatever angle the doughty skipper viewed it, therefore, the tangle became more and more incomprehensible. Cappy and Matt knew full well the rules of the game as promulgated by their Uncle Samuel, and the dire penalties for infraction. However, granted that they knew they could scheme successfully to evade punishment at the hands of their own government, Mike Murphy knew full well that no man could guarantee immunity from the right of a belligerent warship to visit and search, or from confiscation or months of demurrage in a prize court in the event that his ship's papers and the course the vessel was travelling failed to justify her presence in that particular longitude and latitude. And with the huge profits to be made in neutral trade, it seemed incomprehensible that a sound business man like Cappy Ricks should assume all these risks for the sake of a little extra money.
  • Because you have no properly trained gunners. You know how strong Algiers was, and yet it was attacked with success, twice by the French, twice by ourselves, and once by us and the Dutch; but it is a rule that a strongly defended fort cannot be attacked successfully by ships. If these forts were in proper condition and well manned, I don't think that even Nelson would attack them, though he might land somewhere along the coast, attack and capture the town from the land side, and then carry the batteries. Successful as he has been at sea, he has had some experience as to the difficulty of taking forts. He was beaten off at Teneriffe, and although he did succeed in getting the Danes to surrender at Copenhagen, it's well known now that his ships really got the worst of the fight, and that if the Danes had held on, he must have drawn off with the loss of many of his vessels.
  • Two-thirds of the mink located by the hounds successfully evaded capture.
  • "Yes. And during the period between October 1943 and August 1944 Helga and Jacob successfully smuggled one hundred and twenty-eight children and thirty-five adults into France and into the arms of the Underground. It wasnt a lot, but it was enough for one woman and a boy. They made twenty-six round trips altogether. Her last trip was in August, but by then everything had changed for her."
  • In their childlike glee, aroused by the fire and their luck in successfully cannonading the French, our artillerymen only noticed this battery when two balls, and then four more, fell among our guns, one knocking over two horses and another tearing off a munition-wagon driver's leg. Their spirits once roused were, however, not diminished, but only changed character. The horses were replaced by others from a reserve gun carriage, the wounded were carried away, and the four guns were turned against the ten-gun battery. Tushin's companion officer had been killed at the beginning of the engagement and within an hour seventeen of the forty men of the guns' crews had been disabled, but the artillerymen were still as merry and lively as ever. Twice they noticed the French appearing below them, and then they fired grapeshot at them.
  • He laughed, not quite as successfully as he could have wished, and, "Not I, Naraini," he returned in English: a tongue which seemed somehow better suited for service in combating the esoteric influences at work upon his mind. "What's the next turn on the programme?"
  • I promise you, that if this project does not successfully conclude ten days from today, I will have you tied to a stake on that beach; petrol will be poured over you and you will be set on fire. The dead people out there will welcome you. Is there any part of what I have said that you dont understand Mr. Du?’
  • With the confidence born of ten years of successfully ruling the wealthiest emirdom in Ghalain, Quenela elaborated on a business-minded philosophy. After all, her years in Vizira had driven into her the importance of trade and innovation, and the benefits that support for these endeavors could reap for Ghalain as the world changed. Hadil nodded along pompously. Although our views were alike, we differed in one key respect: I favored encouraging prosperity among the commoners. Her plan strove to retain wealth for only the very upper echelons. She was a convincing orator, and her plan was well-thought out, with an appeal to those who wished to maintain their superiority. I had no doubt she would find supporters with it.
  • The female was successfully extricated from the vehicle and conveyed to hospital by ambulance.
  • They were Cheyenne scouts, belonging to the Dog Soldier band, at that time the most famous fighters of that warlike tribe. They had been sent out from their village, on the American Fork, two days before, to find out what they could concerning General Lyle's exploring expedition, rumors of which had already reached the ears of their chiefs. So successfully had they accomplished their mission that they had not only discovered all they wanted to know about these new invaders of their territory, but had actually taken one of their number prisoner. Besides this they had stolen three fine saddle ponies, and a powerful white mule, from the corral of a stage station some twenty miles up the trail.
  • In 2005 some adventurous members explored the submarine ocelot in dry dock at chatham, successfully negotiating all the hatches.
  • Meena chortled, unconcerned. "Not if you dont pass your Age Quest. And that judgment call is not one you can make. Only the one whom you take your quest to can tell you if and when you have successfully completed it. Which in this case," Meena pointed, "is Geret. So you can do as he says, with a spirit of learning, and prove useful to your Clan, or you can get tossed back in the sea to grow a year more, and earn the deserved mockery of every Clan member in your fleet. Good luck trying to rule the seas at that point." Meena folded her arms and stared Rhona down.
  • The Argentine wine industry, long among the largest outside Europe, has benefited from growing investment since 1992; in 2007, 60% of foreign investment worldwide in viticulture was destined to Argentina. The country is the fifth most important wine producer in the world, with the annual per capita consumption of wine among the highest. Malbec grape, a discardable varietal in France (country of origin), has found in the Province of Mendoza an ideal environment to successfully develop and turn itself into the world's best Malbec. Mendoza accounts for 70% of the country's total wine production. "Wine tourism" is important in Mendoza province, with the impressive landscape of the Cordillera de Los Andes and the highest peak in the Americas, Mount Aconcagua, 6,952 m (22,808 ft) high, providing a very desirable destination for international tourism.
  • Brandon successfully defused any awkwardness, chuckling as he pulled into the school parking lot. "You really didn't know any of that?"
  • This operation was repeated successfully another three times and now the bots had unhindered access to the whole castle. Rory drove the limousine around the back of the garage nearby so it could not be seen from the house or the front gate, and prepared it for a quick getaway. Then she went up to the balcony of the house and set herself up to watch the road leading to the property gates for any newcomers. All seven bandits including the driver, were rounded up and escorted to the wine cellar in the basement where the hostages were kept. The guards with dogs brought their canines with them and ordered their dogs to behave, which was an order from Botzi anyway. Don Pablo, his wife, the sheriff and his deputy were astonished to see seven zombie-like guards marching towards them with four large dogs, one golden ringed robot and one shiny red robot at the rear. He couldnt speak for a moment as he tried to understand what was happening.
  • The layout of the book takes the reader through the basic requirements of successfully maintaining aquatic and semi aquatic chelonia in captivity.
  • Flying two and two abreast, and guarded on both sides by those sturdy fighting craft came the four huge bombers, each heavily laden with the most destructive of explosives. They, too, could show teeth if cornered and compelled to depend on their own defensive powers; for each of them carried a machine gun, of which the observer had been trained to make good use, just as he must know how to drop his bombs successfully when the proper instant arrived.
  • Cheetahs cannot manage very successfully in large parks as they are bullied by the other large cats.
  • You must also have successfully completed any professional training required to enable you to practice the profession concerned.
  • Marthe filled in the gaps; while his youngest brother Lance had successfully avoided fatherhood, Kells sister had produced offspring for all three Vander Kellen siblings, and was pregnant with her sixth at the age of thirty-eight. Which would be okay, except that Fred Smith, Trishs second husband, was gone.
  • The king, of course, was continuously briefed about the unrest in his country. The problem only was that he did not care very much about it. Living quite in another reality altogether, one that was dominated by thoughts of him successfully battling the dominance of Bonaparteas well as the design of new fancy uniforms and medals for his starving troops, he neither saw the danger closing in on him nor made any real plans to counteract it.
  • Reifythis stage of modernity, we only seem to be able to work together successfully through the mediation of reified social relations.
  • The Portuguese government and army successfully resisted the decolonization of its overseas territories until April 1974, when a bloodless left-wing military coup in Lisbon, known as the Carnation Revolution, led the way for the independence of the overseas territories in Africa and Asia, as well as for the restoration of democracy after two years of a transitional period known as PREC (Processo Revolucionario Em Curso). This period was characterized by social turmoil and power disputes between left- and right-wing political forces. The retreat from the overseas territories and the acceptance of its independence terms by Portuguese head representatives for overseas negotiations, which would create independent states in 1975, prompted a mass exodus of Portuguese citizens from Portugal's African territories (mostly from Portuguese Angola and Mozambique).
  • It was in 1899 that Rhodes got the Charter. In his conception of the Rhodesia that was to be--(it was first called Zambesia)--he had two distinct purposes in view. One was the larger political motive which was to widen the Empire and keep the Germans and Boers from annexing territory that he believed should be British. This was Rhodes the imperialist at work. The other aspect was the purely commercial side and revealed the same shrewdness that had registered so successfully in the creation of the Diamond Trust at Kimberley. This was Rhodes the business man on the job.
  • Suzana spent the next several days longing to search for mysterious rescuer. After the incident her father had done a much better job of preventing her from leaving the grounds than before. As crafty as Suzana was, she had yet to successfully find a way off the grounds. It didnt help that her cracked ribs made sudden movements difficult. Susana spent the time she was held captive reading books, but her mind refused to stop wandering to those moments in the cave with the stranger.
  • No one said a word for half a minute. The proposition was so astounding that it might well have appalled the stoutest heart. At that time no one had attempted to cross the Atlantic in a heavier-than-air plane, a feat later on successfully accomplished. Nobody had piloted the way in a Yankee-made seaplane; nor had any one navigated the air passage in a monster dirigible. The three thousand miles of atmosphere lying between Europe and America still stood an uncharted sea of vapor, where every imaginable evil might lie in wait for the modern Columbus of aerial navigation.
  • The man to Brick's left had been successfully blanking the human puddle, and the endless streams he'd created. The morning commuter wanted desperately to bury his head in his newspaper so he could ignore the situation in a socially acceptable manner, but Brick had inadvertently sat on it. The man's heart sank further as Brick spoke.
  • Not only did his reason not reproach him for what he had done, but he even found cause for self-satisfaction in having so successfully contrived to avail himself of a convenient opportunity to punish a criminal and at the same time pacify the mob.
  • Others who have been treated successfully develop an under active thyroid in the future.
  • We are not done, their leader said. "We have things to say regarding this Senor Zorro. What has he done--actually-- excellency? Is he guilty of any treason? He has robbed no man except those who robbed the defenseless first. He has whipped a few unjust persons. He has taken sides with the persecuted, for which we honor him. To do such a thing, he took his life in his own hands. He successfully evaded your soldiers. He resented insults, as any man has the right to do."
  • This snake she quickly separated from its head, and placed upon its cunning female body the head of Dionaea, doing all that was needful successfully to incorporate the two into one life.
  • Il viendra et puis--"" was the continued exclamation of the young Frenchman. Any notion of our successfully resisting the overwhelming might of the Emperor, he would have laughed to scorn, and so I let him go on prophesying our future misfortunes till the time when, driven back upon Lisbon, we should be compelled to evacuate the Peninsula, and under favor of a convention be permitted to return to England. All this was sufficiently ridiculous, coming from a youth of nineteen, wounded, in misery, a prisoner; but further experience of his nation has shown me that St. Croix was not the exception, but the rule. The conviction in the ultimate success of their army, whatever be the merely momentary mishap, is the one present thought of a Frenchman; a victory with them is a conquest; a defeat,--if they are by any chance driven to acknowledge one,--a fatalit."
  • The UCLA team successfully tested the iTube using commercially available cookies, analyzing the samples to determine if they had any harmful amount of peanuts, a potential allergen. Their research was recently published online in the peer-reviewed journal Lab on a Chip and will be featured in a forthcoming print issue of the journal.
  • Succeeding Khamenei as president was pragmatic conservative Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who served two four-year terms and focused his efforts on rebuilding Iran's economy and war-damaged infrastructure though low oil prices hampered this endeavour. His regime also successfully promoted birth control, cut military spending and normalized relations with neighbors such as Saudi Arabia. During the Persian Gulf War in 1991 the country remained neutral, restricting its action to the condemnation of the U.S. and allowing fleeing Iraqi aircraft and refugees into the country.
  • "Woo-hoo, VICTORY! I have just successfully run my very first con job and without anyones help at allEmber girl, you are the flippinSTUFF…" I applauded myself, mentally.
  • The straits between Shuyak and Afognak are extremely dangerous, for the great tides from Cook Inlet draw through this narrow passage. My nerve was tested a bit as the baidarka swept by the shore, for had it once got well started we should have been drawn into the rapids and then into a long line of angry breakers beyond. At one point it seemed as if we were heading right into these dangerous waters, and then abruptly turning at a sharp angle, we glided around a point into a shallow bay. Circling this shore we successfully passed inside the line of breakers and soon met the long ground swell of the Pacific, while Seal Bay stretched for many miles inland on the other side.
  • He came at me again. His hands and arms outstretched. I went to swing the sword, but he caught my arm. Chiron jerked me into him, not enough room to move the sword even with the other hand. His face was only millimeters from mine. He bit. I felt his teeth sink into the flesh of my cheek. I jerked, felt the skin tear away. Felt more blood. Something inside told me that I was losing. I couldnt break free from his grasp. He slammed his forehead into mine, the world seemed to slide a bit on its axis. He did it again, I had just enough time to move down, tilt my head just a bit. He impaled his forehead on the tiny horns that my hair had successfully hidden since birth.
  • Felix now saw that the waters were white with suspended chalk, and sounding with the paddle, found that the depth was but a few inches. He had driven at full speed on a reef. There was no danger, for the distance to the shore was hardly two hundred yards, and judging by the appearance of the water, it was shallow all the way. But his canoe, the product of so much labour, and in which he had voyaged so far, his canoe was destroyed. He could not repair her; he doubted whether it could have been done successfully even at home with Oliver to help him. He could sail no farther; there was nothing for it but to get ashore and travel on foot. If the wind rose higher, the waves would soon break clean over her, and she would go to pieces.
  • Two students walked by and greeted him. They looked familiar but he couldn't remember their names. He never could remember names. He had read a book on how to memorize: associate each name with an item of furniture and just run through the pieces of furniture, recalling the names as you go. He had done this quite successfully using the furniture in his mother's house. He learned the 40 books of the old testament. The collection of furniture ran around the living room and down the hall to the dining room. The 40th piece of furniture was the large chair by the window. It worked quite well until he moved out and took a place of his own. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, ... He couldn't even remember the pieces of furniture now, let alone the books of the old testament - just to Numbers. Did that have something to do with his being a math prof?
  • He gave his orders. The Abraham Lincoln stayed at half steam, advancing cautiously so as not to awaken its adversary. In midocean it's not unusual to encounter whales so sound asleep they can successfully be attacked, and Ned Land had harpooned more than one in its slumber. The Canadian went to resume his post on the bobstays under the bowsprit.
  • Amphibians were the first group of vertebrates to successfully conquer land almost 400 million years ago.
  • "There is only one country in the world where such things can be successfully explained, and that is India; but not even in India until India is free. When the millions of India once grasp the fact of freedom, they will forget superstition and understand. Then they will claim their powers and use them. Then the world will see, and wonder. And presently the world, too, will understand.
  • Students who successfully complete the general pathway will be awarded the bsc business administration.
  • Meanwhile, our former acquaintance, Alvarez, whom we lost sight of at the Careenage, had successfully made his way through the Cuban jungle, and, arriving at the port of Matanzas, with the remainder of the men, had sailed thence to Vera Cruz, in Mexico, where he had received a high appointment from the viceroy, which he now held.
  • Let Percy come along with his new one! cried Andy, after they had volplaned successfully down toward the earth, until not more than a few hundred feet above the tree tops of the forest; "it would tickle me to have a turn with him again. He has forgotten his other beat, and is beginning to boast again about what great stunts he means to kick up."
  • 'While we were drifting, we had to protect ourselves from flying timbers by holding planks between us and the wind, and with this protection we were frequently knocked great distances. Many persons were killed on top of the drifting debris by flying timbers, after they had successfully escaped from their wrecked homes."
  • Time sped on. The earth had traveled its circuit many times since father sold his little place in Putnam County, State of New York, and bade adieu to all the dear scenes of his childhood and youth and came to battle, for himself and family in the wilds of Michigan. And he did his part bravely. He was a strong man; mentally and physically strong, and possessed just enough of the love of a romantic and strange life, to help him battle successfully with the incidents and privations common to such as settle in a new country, with but little capital. He worked his way through. He had a very retentive memory and possessed the faculty of pleasing his visitors, to no common extent.
  • For our implementation, indexing of resource content is restricted to a maximum of one thousand successfully parsed html pages per resource.
  • "Market expectations are that the U.S. cutbacks will be watered down and spread over several years," said Matthew Sherwood, Perpetual Investments head of markets research in Sydney. Perpetual manages about $25 billion. "If the cliff is successfully flattened out over several years, the U.S. recession feared by markets is unlikely to occur."
  • "No. At least, its not logical. The immune system would not create antibodies until it knew with 100% certainty that it had found the right key required to successfully defeat the HIV, as evidenced by the actual performance of the Killer T-cells. Remember that a primary function of antibodies is to record exactly what key is required to destroy a particular invading organism, and that wont occur until the destruction process is clearly working."
  • Match- Nathan " Unique" Taylor vs The Flying Jalapeno- Despite his earlier apparent angry mood during the interview, he showed no signs of being out of control during this match. The Flying J on the other hand seemed out of control as he mainly used high flying and high risk moves that almost gave him the victory but eventually cost him the match. After hitting Unique with a missile dropkick, then a tornado DDT, Unique rolled out of the ring. The Flying J runs off the ring apron and successfully lands another DDT to Unique. Next, the Flying Jalapeno set up a table and rolled the groggy Unique on top. He places a steel chair on him, then rolls back into the ring and climbs the top turnbuckle and attempts a super frog splash all way down to the area floor. Unique rolls out of the way at the last possible moment and the Flying J breaks through the table. While he lays on the arena floor, Unique rolls back into the ring for the count out victory. >
  • ''You said that South Indian culture developed separately and independently, denying the influence of Aryan culture! How true! I personally subscribe to this idea and believe that Aryans were invaders. They destroyed the original social fabric that India developed so painstakingly. They wanted to destroy the Dravidians too... but our forefathers stood strong against them. And today Dravidian is the only surviving ancient civilization on earth! They successfully maintained their purity in which the Aryans failed. But... also look at the present situation... these impure Aryans want to rule the sacred Dravid race! They never spare a chance to humiliate us! There is not much scope left for our leaders since the new system of democracy has been introduced years ago. Now the North is in control. Our leaders have to bow before the north to sanction our genuine demands and have to depend on their mercy.
  • Treating erectile dysfunction successfully can have a very positive effect on quality of life.
  • "Commendable." The Puppetmaster clapped his hands. "Well. Youve successfully completed your first truly villainous act: Youve robbed a bank. Now I suspect youll want to consolidate your newfound power, and that means grabbing yourself some territory."
  • One by one, Messick was producing testimony that the virus called HIV could not qualify as the cause of AIDS under the conditions required by Kochs Postulates. So far, he had successfully made it to Postulate Number Three, and he was feeling good about the progressso good that he thought hed take another shot at Crawley.
  • The hero is a young officer in the Irish Brigade, which for many years after the siege of Limerick formed the backbone of the French army. He goes through many stirring adventures, successfully carries out dangerous missions in Spain, saves a large portion of the French army at Oudenarde, and even has the audacity to kidnap the Prime Minister of England.
  • Then Richard Wood himself looked crafty. He did not like finding other pursuers so near him who might claim part of the reward, at least, when the search was successfully ended. But reflection came to his aid and told him that these Saxons were ignorant hinds who might be made useful on the search, and afterward cheated of their share of the reward.
  • I say fortunately with good reason, for in that wild country a man without a horse was worse off than one without a country, all patriotic reasons aside, of course. It was impossible for a man on foot to successfully make his way from water hole to water hole, and an automobile would have been worse than useless.
  • It is a painful thing to tell a lady, said the doctor kindly; "but I will explain. Mrs Winthorpe, he has a terrible wound. The bullet has passed obliquely through his chest; it was just within the skin at the back, and I have successfully extracted it. As far as I can tell there is no important organ injured, but at present I am not quite sure. Still I think I may say he is in no immediate danger."
  • Once I cleared my mind of hunger by eating six, foot long sandwiches (hey, I said I was hungry), I was able to start thinking more effectively about what to do next. First things first, however, I would have to drive to the Library Tree distribution center and yell at everyone who might be willing to take the blame for the huge mishap. Blaming other people for something that wasnt their fault was something I believed I was quite good at, but, as youll see in future chapters, it does not always turn out as successfully as one can hopemore on this later.
  • As for Sparrer, he said nothing at all, but glued his face to the window that he might drink in as long as he could the beauty of this land of enchantment, where the test of a man was his ability to contend successfully with the forces of nature and to live within the law when beyond the watchful eyes of the law; this land where a man was gauged by his moral strength no less than by his physical strength. These two weeks in the heart of the wilderness had wrought a change in the lad's whole attitude toward life. His inherent love of battle for battle's sake had been given a new turn.
  • He was happy because he was too busy to be anything else. The insistent need of success which he had created for himself, absorbed all other sentiments. He demanded it of others rigorously. He could do no less than demand it of himself. It had practically become one of his tenets of belief. The chief end of any man, as he saw it, was to do well and successfully what his life found ready. Anything to further this fore-ordained activity was good; anything else was bad. These thoughts, aided by a disposition naturally fervent and single in purpose, hereditarily ascetic and conscientious --for his mother was of old New England stock--gave to him in the course of six years' striving a sort of daily and familiar religion to which he conformed his life.
  • All virus isolates tested were successfully amplified using degenerate primers designed by deng et al; 1994.
  • Yes, agreed Grosvenor, "I suppose you are right, Dick. Put as you put it, it certainly does seem an absurd and fantastic distortion of our sense of fairness that in the ceaseless struggle between good and evil the latter should be helped and the former handicapped as much as possible; and at all events in the present case I think you have successfully demonstrated your right to act as you did. Now, having settled that point, I propose that we have dinner, which seems to be ready, if one may judge by the looks and actions of Ramoo Samee."
  • My eyes were disciplined and sure, and successfully avoided direct contact with him again. I couldnt deny that there was a small part of me that wanted to run towards him and lock eyes, allowing whatever force of nature that existed between us to have its way. I shook the thought away before anyone else could notice. I wanted to phase back to being human as soon as possible so that I could think through everything that had happened on my own.
  • Mr Evans had been for years a Minister and Missionary in the Canadian Methodist Church. With the Reverend William Case he had been very successfully employed among the Indians in the Province of Ontario. When the English Wesleyan Society decided to begin work among the neglected tribes in the Hudson's Bay Territories, the Reverend James Evans was the man appointed to be the leader of the devoted band. In order to reach Norway House, which was to be his first principal Mission, his household effects had to be shipped from Toronto to England, and thence reshipped to York Factory on the Hudson Bay. From this place they had to be taken up by boats to Norway House in the interior, a distance of five hundred miles. Seventy times had they to be lifted out of these inland boats and carried along the portages around falls and cataracts ere they reached their destination.
  • THE Rio Barreiros was about 100 metres wide. It was reached through a thick belt, 100 metres in width, of trees and bamboos of large diameter, which lined both its banks. The river flowed swiftly where we crossed it, over a bed of lava and baked rock, red and black, with huge treacherous pits and holes which rendered the job of crossing the stream dangerous for our animals. There were rapids lower down in the terraced mass of rock forming the river bottom. The rock, worn smooth by the water, was extremely slippery. It was only after we had all undressed and taken the baggage safely across on our heads--the river being too deep for the loads to remain on the saddles--that we successfully drove the animals over to the opposite bank.
  • The mafias have not yet, as they have in some ec countries, successfully infiltrated mainstream politics.
  • For example, joshua 12 is viewed as a list of those kings whose holdings were successfully wrested from them.
  • It now began to appear that the unusual activity during the night had been for the purpose of drawing the attention to the side of the camp opposite Davis' post, so that the attack upon him might be carried out successfully.
  • The boys who are mechanically inclined, will want to have the fun of making a camp box. The illustration is a suggestion successfully worked out by a number of boys. The dimensions may be determined by the maker. Don't make it too big, or it will be a burden and also occupy too much room in the tent. It stands upright and serves as a dresser. Boys who spend a summer in camp should have either a steamer trunk or this dresser.
  • A year later the same scam was perpetrated, this time by Robin Books, who successfully obtained copies ofThe Salmon of Doubtby the late Douglas Adams, as well as volumes 1 and 3 ofA History of Britainby a famous TV historian.
  • Former player, manager and tv pundit hill successfully campaigned to abolish the maximum wage and was an early advocate of all-seater stadia.
  • In 2005 the festival successfully repositioned, concentrating on new music entirely and opening up the range of venues to include central london locations.
  • Back in 1994, Algerian militants fighting the French-backed government in Algiers hijacked an Air France plane. Though it was successfully stormed by French forces in Marseille, French intelligence believed they planned to fly it into the Eiffel Tower, foreshadowing the September 11 attacks on the United States.
  • Not to sound snotty, but has anyone successfully purchased items from the store yet?
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