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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛsfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. başarılı, muvaffakıyetli.

successful için örnek cümleler:

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  • A Doe blind in one eye was accustomed to graze as near to the edge of the cliff as she possibly could, in the hope of securing her greater safety. She turned her sound eye towards the land that she might get the earliest tidings of the approach of hunter or hound, and her injured eye towards the sea, from whence she entertained no anticipation of danger. Some boatmen sailing by saw her, and taking a successful aim, mortally wounded her. Yielding up her last breath, she gasped forth this lament: "O wretched creature that I am! to take such precaution against the land, and after all to find this seashore, to which I had come for safety, so much more perilous."
  • That was what stirred Tom's heart. He knew the danger he and Jack had run, coming across to do their part in flying for France, and he well realized that the Germans might have been more successful in attacking the vessel on which his father had sailed, than they had the one which had carried Tom and Jack.
  • Soon after my return from Young's Point, General Grant crossed the Mississippi at Grand Gulf, and made his daring and successful movement to attain the rear of Vicksburg. Starting with a force less than the one his opponent could bring against him, he cut loose from his communications and succeeded in severing the enemy's line of supplies. From Grand Gulf to Jackson, and from Jackson to the rear of Vicksburg, was a series of brilliant marches and brilliant victories. Once seated where he had his antagonist's army inclosed, General Grant opened his lines to the Yazoo, supplied himself with every thing desired, and pressed the siege at his leisure. With the fall of Vicksburg, and the fall, a few days later, of Port Hudson, "the Father of Waters went unvexed to the Sea."
  • "I hope that Im as successful as you are," Todd had gushed before gulping half the drink and handing it to Edgar. Unfortunately, hed forgottenonce againto ask for a decaffeinated beverage.
  • The Crows at that time were struggling almost for existence with their old enemies, the Blackfeet; who, in the past year, had picked off the flower of their warriors in various engagements, and among the rest, Arapooish, the friend of the white men. That sagacious and magnanimous chief had beheld, with grief, the ravages which war was making in his tribe, and that it was declining in force, and must eventually be destroyed unless some signal blow could be struck to retrieve its fortunes. In a pitched battle of the two tribes, he made a speech to his warriors, urging them to set everything at hazard in one furious charge; which done, he led the way into the thickest of the foe. He was soon separated from his men, and fell covered with wounds, but his self-devotion was not in vain. The Blackfeet were defeated; and from that time the Crows plucked up fresh heart, and were frequently successful.
  • "Broad-based domestic and international support will be crucial for the successful implementation of the planned policies. The authorities intend to disseminate the contents of their economic program to a wide range of domestic stakeholders, which is welcome. The IMF, for its part, is stepping up to the challenge of supporting Egypt and its people by providing financial resources and technical assistance in the fiscal, financial, and statistical areas," Mr. Bauer said.
  • The clout wasnt deadly; the earl had outfitted his men with the best equipment available and that included sturdy helmets, but it was enough to halt the mans barrage. The more successful piece of the attack was the shove with his shield, which had the fortunate effect of knocking the guard off-balance. At the same time, Longsword let out a roar of pain and frustration and the guards horse backed nervously away, shaking its riders already precarious position. As Longsword watched in disbelief, the man struggled to regain his seat but he was weighted down by his heavy gear and finally, arms flailing, slid from the saddle until he was upside down, his head nearly touching the ground, because one of his boots was entangled in a stirrup and he couldnt pull it loose.
  • Okay,may be i have more than enough money or pretty looks but what do i have that shows only me not my legacy.consider a successful career or a boyfriend who sees me for what i am or a loyal friend or the love of my family.See how lucky iam.
  • You see, here I am with a husband who worships me; a successful career; my sisters at school and well cared-for, and wherever I go I am so well received; and all this I owe to Mr. Morris.
  • And well you may, added Constance, whose dignity of soul led her to appreciate, with as much judgment as enthusiasm, the extraordinary man who commanded the admiration, not only of England, but of Europe. "Well may you be proud of the most successful statesman, the most resolute general, the most useful Christian that ever governed a state. By his power he holds our enemies in subjection; and guides our friends by his wisdom. I am but a poor politician, yet, methinks, I could almost worship your father for the spirit and humanity with which he succours those poor persecuted Vaudois, who have kept their faith pure as the breath of their native valleys: when I think of this, even the conqueror is forgotten in the man."
  • The map he had procured at the United States Land Office in Detroit. He had set out with the scanty equipment just described for the purpose of "looking" a suitable bunch of pine in the northern peninsula, which, at that time, was practically untouched. Access to its interior could be obtained only on foot or by river. The South Shore Railroad was already engaged in pushing a way through the virgin forest, but it had as yet penetrated only as far as Seney; and after all, had been projected more with the idea of establishing a direct route to Duluth and the copper districts than to aid the lumber industry. Marquette, Menominee, and a few smaller places along the coast were lumbering near at home; but they shipped entirely by water. Although the rest of the peninsula also was finely wooded, a general impression obtained among the craft that it would prove too inaccessible for successful operation.
  • Neuro linguistic programming and learning paul hobbs explains the importance of mentally envisioning a successful outcome when beginning courses or activities.
  • Jack, seeing how successful his comrade was, attacked the three giants who were striving to make him a captive. He succeeded in disposing of them, knocking one down so hard that the man was unable to rise until his companions helped him.
  • Captain Matt Peasley's first act after consummating his first successful deal was to purchase for the Pacific Shipping Company a membership in the Merchants' Exchange, on the floor of which he knew he would meet daily all the shipping men of San Francisco, and thus be enabled to keep in touch with trade conditions.
  • Oh, dry up!"" spluttered Uncle Ezra, who was now ""real mad"" as he admitted later. He and the lieutenant wheeled the machine back to have another try, and this time they were successful in getting up in the air. The aviator circled about and headed for Dankville, the airship having come down about three miles from Uncle Ezra's place."
  • Obviously part of the purpose of this book was to challenge the delusions and myths built around Texas, and the mythical "Texas Republic," that failed racist terrorist movement that should be a cause of shame, not pride. Another was to chastise Rick Perry, and to warn the public of his recklessness and the dangerous company he keeps. The "Republic of Texas" and other militias rank alongside the Aryan Nation and the Ku Klux Klan in the level of dangerousness they represent. While America has (supposedly) focused on fighting Al Qaeda, most forget that their one successful strike in the US was, to an extent, a fluke. Both post 9-11, and in all of Americas history, more Americans have been killed or terrorized by white American (and theoretically Christian) right wing terrorists than by so called "Muslim terrorists" who, again, are actually largely politically motivated zealots.
  • On the morrow, from the justices' private room, where none could see me, I heard the verdict given in and judgment rendered upon James. The Duke's words I am quite sure I have correctly; and since that famous passage has been made a subject of dispute, I may as well commemorate my version. Having referred to the year '45, the chief of the Campbells, sitting as Justice-General upon the bench, thus addressed the unfortunate Stewart before him: "If you had been successful in that rebellion, you might have been giving the law where you have now received the judgment of it; we, who are this day your judges, might have been tried before one of your mock courts of judicature; and then you might have been satiated with the blood of any name or clan to which you had an aversion."
  • We had both knelt down behind the bush, with our rifles ready to raise to our shoulders at any minute. Alec, only the moment before I returned, had thrown some wood on the fire, so that it was now blazing up brightly, and we could see all the objects round it. Just then three figures appeared. Two were Indians--there could be no doubt about it; but the other we could not make out clearly. They advanced, looking eagerly around, but as they came more into the light, instead of savages, with scalping knives in hand ready to kill us, great was our joy to discover that one was Pierre, and the others Red Squirrel and Kondiarak. They looked very much astonished at not seeing us. We did not keep them long in suspense, and Pierre then told us that they had come on purpose to advise that we should at once return to the fort, without waiting for daylight. They had been successful in hunting, having killed three buffalo cows, with the meat of which the sleighs were already packed, and as the track was formed, the dogs would find their way without the slightest difficulty.
  • When the Fire-Men had in this fashion cleared the first tier of caves, they began making arrangements to duplicate the operation on the second tier of caves. It was while they were climbing up with their grass and wood, that Red-Eye, followed by his wife, with the baby holding to her tightly, made a successful flight up the cliff. The Fire-Men must have concluded that in the interval between the smoking-out operations we would remain in our caves; so that they were unprepared, and their arrows did not begin to fly till Red-Eye and his wife were well up the wall. When he reached the top, he turned about and glared down at them, roaring and beating his chest. They arched their arrows at him, and though he was untouched he fled on.
  • I attended Mr. Evelyn, according to appointment; and paid my respects to his cousin, Sir Barnard. Having engaged myself thus far, I own I was sufficiently piqued to desire to make a favourable impression: in which I was almost as successful as I myself had hoped.
  • The three elves turned as Mappel ended his instruction. Lief and Holli moved with the same resolve that brought them to this point, but a thread of gloom hung ever so slightly upon their faces. Some of their spark had faded, and even Holli's eyes revealed a hint of weariness. She attempted to swallow this gloom and fatigue when she again faced the entire group. She was only marginally successful.
  • A successful information campaign will require three elements, each of which focuses on shifting the paradigm in which the conflict is understood.
  • The school or service may be asked to meet the reasonable and proportionate incidental expenses necessarily incurred by a successful complainant.
  • We were also very successful in generating a significant cash inflow which benefits the whole group.
  • The new figures confirm that sub-Saharan Africa has been the least successful region of the world in reducing poverty ($1.25 per day); some 50% of the population living in poverty in 1981 (200 million people), a figure that rose to 58% in 1996 before dropping to 50% in 2005 (380 million people). The average poor person in sub-Saharan Africa is estimated to live on only 70 cents per day, and was poorer in 2003 than he or she was in 1973 indicating increasing poverty in some areas. Some of it is attributed to unsuccessful economic liberalization programs spearheaded by foreign companies and governments, but other studies and reports have cited bad domestic government policies more than external factors.
  • "Ah! the work of God on earth seems magical the more we reflect on it," returned the lady. "The fact that our Institute was conceived, planned, and carried into successful operation by an invalid lady, in spite of discouragement, and, at first, with inadequate means, is itself little short of miraculous, but what is even more surprising is the fact that the Government, which began by throwing cold water on her Portsmouth work, has ended by recognising it and by affording us every facility here in Alexandria."
  • Most of the men and a few of the women revolted at the thought. To them the most powerful of motives in human conduct were those of revenge, of prowess in battle, and of mercilessness toward an enemy. To be told that they must root out this passion and be governed by the Golden Rule was turning themselves into squaws, and spurning that nobility which is the crowning glory of the red man's life. Their demeanor was stolid. The wise Deerfoot plainly saw, however, that his doctrine found favor with only a few. He made his appeal as clear and direct as he knew how, but he did not need to be told that he was only partially successful.
  • It was also found that rapid alternation between 0 % and 100 % opacity was an extremely successful aid to spotting differences between witnesses.
  • Katharine s. way ( 1982 ) is a successful tv scriptwriter for casualty and the bill and is developing original projects.
  • The ghost's ready for this. "I'll investigate the case for a twenty percent cut of any settlement, should the case come to a successful conclusion. I will require some up front money for expenses. I will also need information from you and introductions."
  • Slaine gave the agency an insiders view of Wall Street from the vantage of one of its more successful operators, relaying rumors ("Raj liked the pretty girls"), pointing out market peculiarities (unusual activity in Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) stock) and recounting instances where others used illicit information to trade shares.
  • "Thats an interesting tactic," a glib Thaddeus stated, as he had seen his share of battles and knew that blind aggression was rarely successful.
  • "A terrible waste. Ah, here are our drinks. A toast!" Jean exclaimed, raising his glass. "To our master criminal, and his successful endeavours!"
  • The paper has a successful digital strategy, and analysts have said that its strict online pay wall is considered a financial success. But like most newspapers, it is struggling in an industrywide decline in print advertising revenue. In the three months ending Oct. 1, the papers total paid circulation exceeded 600,000, more than half of which was from digital subscriptions. In its most recent earnings report, Pearson said it expected profit to decline because of a sluggish advertising market and "the shift from print to digital."
  • It helps young scientists develop business awareness and an understanding of the skills needed to become a successful biotechnology entrepreneurs.
  • Nationality regulations nationalities of successful applicants are restricted mainly to eu member states or associated states ( with possible exceptions ).
  • Why, you know, it struck us as queer that these fellows should want to hang out within twenty miles of the town where they'd just made a successful raid on the bank. It would stand to reason that they'd be only too glad to cut for it, after getting possession of Percy's fine new aeroplane, and by keeping on north, reach Lake Ontario, and perhaps fly across to Canada, where they'd be safe.
  • Dick was successful in turning the donkey, but not homeward, and he stopped short unwillingly as he saw the course taken.
  • Jack the Boy had rushed into Bluebeards office on board the Merry Martin in a hurry. He had forgotten to knock, which was pirate custom (for the Captain could have been in the middle of some secret or important business), so Bluebeard was naturally annoyed. And drunk. He was on his third bottle of Whiskey that day in celebration of a recent successful raid. They had stolen into a Scottish village under the cover of darkness and taken whatever pleased them: gold, jewellery, wood, whiskey. Mainly whiskey. Most of the crew were now lolling about the deck, unconscious, and most of the whiskey was gone.
  • All of the three contesting crews to finish have broken Mears's record, and deserve great credit for their praise-worthy performance. The sponsors for this first great Air Derby around the world, the prominent aero clubs of this country and the Eastern Hemisphere, also deserve much praise for conceiving and promoting such a successful contest, and in posting such magnificent prizes.
  • Now, as she went downward, she searched the woods at each side with redoubled care, and at last she found what she had been looking for, or what, it seemed to her, must be the place, since she had seen no other that offered even a chance for a successful passage through the thick growth of trees and underbrush.
  • The channel ran straight ahead, close to the shore of the mainland, and if the Follow Me's exploit proved successful she was due to increase her dwindling lead by a good mile unless the Adventurer accepted the challenge and followed her example. For a minute Steve hesitated. Then: "If she can do it, we can," he muttered, and slowly turned the wheel, his eyes darting to the chart. "No depth shown here," he said. "Two feet further along. Then four and seven. If we can get to the point of sand there we're all right."
  • A bird was in the air, you could faintly hear its tiny bell tinkling as it circled above. Then it swooped on a quarry. Bright eyes and flushed cheeks betrayed Eadies excitement as she clutched Edwards arm. Edward looked from the merlin and its chase to Eadie. No hawk is successful at every cast, on this occasion the merlin missed.
  • For many days his wanderings carried him in no one particular direction. He followed the hunting, living chiefly on rabbits and that simple-minded species of partridge known as the "fool hen." This diet, of course, was given variety by other things as they happened to come his way. Wild currants and raspberries were ripening, and Baree was fond of these. He also liked the bitter berries of the mountain ash, which, along with the soft balsam and spruce pitch which he licked with his tongue now and then, were good medicine for him. In shallow water he occasionally caught a fish. Now and then he hazarded a cautious battle with a porcupine, and if he was successful he feasted on the tenderest and most luscious of all the flesh that made up his menu.
  • A "down-east" plucky lad who ships as cabin boy, not from love of adventure, but because it is the only course remaining by which he can gain a livelihood. While in his bunk, seasick, Ned Rogers hears the captain and mate discussing their plans for the willful wreck of the brig in order to gain the insurance. Once it is known he is in possession of the secret the captain maroons him on Spider Island, explaining to the crew that the boy is afflicted with leprosy. While thus involuntarily playing the part of a Crusoe, Ned discovers a wreck submerged in the sand, and overhauling the timbers for the purpose of gathering material with which to build a hut finds a considerable amount of treasure. Raising the wreck; a voyage to Havana under sail; shipping there a crew and running for Savannah; the attempt of the crew to seize the little craft after learning of the treasure on board, and, as a matter of course, the successful ending of the journey, all serve to make as entertaining a story of sea-life as the most captious boy could desire.
  • We call it fever break.’ Lorak took a leaf in his twisted fingers, a bitter scent rising as he bent the leaf in half. Time passed swiftly as Mim and Lorak exchanged tips for successful gardening. Lorak was highly gratified by Mims rapture when shown the vegetable section. Ashta listened, occasionally asking a question, but mainly glad that Mim was so happy.
  • In 1991 he led his first successful civil action against the police for a racist attack.
  • Above all, how does one actually go about generating successful firesides?
  • He is a colleague of the count, and one of the most active opponents to the idea of providing the Chamber of Peers with a uniform. He was very successful upon that question. He stood badly with the Liberal papers, but his noble opposition to the wishes of the court is now getting him into favor with the journalists. They talk of making him an ambassador.
  • My difficulty was that I couldn't really work up the proper amount of fear. If I really thought that I was in danger of imminent death, I would call everyone I knew for help. I just couldn't believe that these witches meant to kill me. Stupid maybe, but that's how I felt. This was America. People just don't go around kidnapping and murdering here. Ok, so, some people do, watch the news. But they are usually trailer trash psychotics, not successful business operators. Besides, I often daydreamed about being a superhero, or a bounty hunter, or a cool-headed person who conquered impossible situations. Now was my chance. I could handle this.
  • Uncle malcolm and the four grinning loons he calls his sons will only ever make any money if united has a successful team.
  • "Avery, there is a spell Ive been working on for days now. I can harness the energy of a storm. That is now childs play. It is a simple feat to bring the necessary elements together to create a tempest of any quality. I have also already been successful in combining the essence of an individual with the power of a storm. In truth, that was also fairly simple. It was just a matter of transference. Build up the energy of the storm and then meld it to the inner energy of the individual. The problem in that spell is the physical body is lost to the greater power of the storm. I wish to accomplish more of the reverse. I want to capture the power of storm and maintain the body of the individual. Do you understand?"
  • Bristol international airport had a successful season during the world cup, with security measures limiting the amount of recorded crime.
  • But the system was not very satisfactory. Too much time was lost hunting for new men, and the labourers always quit before they got into Riles' way of managing the farm. The suggestion of the man who knocked him into the wheel of the buckboard stayed with him almost as tenaciously as the scar he then received. "Hire a green Englishman--some poor fool that doesn't know any more than be a victim of a blood-sucker of your class." Of course the words were rather strong--even Riles objected to them--but the sentiment was all right. Besides, it was doing the Englishman a good turn. It brought him away from a congested country and gave him an insight into life in a new land. With industry and application even an Englishman might become--might become--as prosperous and successful a farmer as he himself! There was something for a young man to look forward to!
  • You better. We've been successful in diluting the generics with a whole bunch of trash but we can't get tripped up now. If we get a reputation for diluted pills, it'll pass through the market like shit through a goose and kill sales.
  • Combo amp, with more than 20,000 units sold, became the most successful product in swr history.
  • This accredited short course covers the skills required to be a successful and creative fundraising all-rounder.
  • Looking at empirical evidence, Adelman and Morris (1999) have shown the role institutions played in successful growth and development in the 19th century experience. They found that institutions determine the nature of the market by dictating property rights, land tenure and its allocation, the distribution of assets, human resource development, the size and the structure of transportation investment, and crucial relative prices affecting the speed of agricultural and industrial change.
  • The Superstition and the Santa Catalinas are the very essence of ruggedness, but notwithstanding this I am constrained to believe that the days of big game are nearly numbered in Arizona. The reasons for this are readily apparent. The mountain ranges are more or less mineralized. To this there is hardly an exception. There is no place so wild and forbidding that the prospector will not enter it. If 'pay rock' or 'pay dirt' is struck, then good-by solitude and big game. A second cause is to be found in the cattle industry, which, as a rule, is very profitable. One of the most successful cattle growers in the country once told me that cattle in Arizona would breed up to 95 per cent. These breeders during the dry season leave the mesas and climb to the top of the very highest mountains, and, of course, the more cattle the less game. A year ago I was in the Harshaw Mountains, and was told by a young man named Sorrell that a bunch of wild cattle occupied a certain peak, and that on a certain occasion he had seen a big mountain sheep with the cattle."
  • Eric af Klint smiled at the memory. That had been an exciting adventure. And a successful one as well. They had saved Anna right in the middle of Russian occupied territory and killed a Swedish traitor in the process.
  • In his last venture Asgeelo had been no more successful than before. Needle Island was now to the southwest, and Brandon thought that their only chance was to try farther over toward the west, where they had not yet explored.
  • See how slowly things move forward here in heaven? The heavyweight gods are thousands of years old. A few lightweights pop up, last a few generations and are gone. And nothing much changes. Joe has his work cut out even trying to get us to drive rather than walk, or to shop in supermarkets. He's far more successful down in the other world, because they have shorter lifespans.
  • The sun was just disappearing when at last I awoke. Disgusted with myself, for having thus overdone the time-wasting business, I rowed rapidly for Outlet river, to which I came duly. Standing up in the boat I arrayed myself in my costume; then I worked slowly down the river, as before, and beached the boat in the spot where I had landed on the last successful venture.
  • However, we had the decks dirtied in the same way many a time for several weeks after that, being very successful in catching whales.
  • "Isnt it? Since they were built, and the fire ferns planted, we havent had a single successful raid by the Sea Rats. These beasts can hurl fire many hundreds of feet and burn their ships before they get close enough to land."
  • The Finn thought that, as a rule, the cow bear comes on at a gallop and a bull rises on his hind legs when getting in close. When wounded the bear usually strikes the injured spot, or if it is a cow and cubs, the old one cuffs her young soundly, thinking them the cause of pain. The nose is the main source of protection, as, like all bears, these are followed to their very dens in the fall by the keenest of hunters, and their only restful sleep is the long winter one. Fortunately some excellent game laws for Alaska have been passed, and by making a close season for several years, followed by severe restrictions, we may yet hope that the perpetual preservation of this grand brown bear will be assured on the Kadiak group, which, from its situation, fitly offers him, when well guarded, his best chance of making a successful stand against his enemies.
  • Born of mining people in Colorado, Blades lost two fingers and the sight of both eyes when as a lad of nine years he refused to take the dare of some playmates and set off a giant firecracker. While still a youth he entered the Colorado State School for the Blind. Here he spent six years. In the crash at Creede, when the bottom fell out of so many mining fortunes, the Blades family lost their all. Then young Blades took up the burden of his own keep. For two successful years he maintained himself at the University of Colorado by teaching music. When the family moved to Oregon, the indomitable Leslie followed. At Eugene he entered the State University and continued to support himself by music and lectures. After receiving his degrees of B.A. and M.A. he was a substitute teacher in the English Department.
  • But the ruling provoked a backlash from Mexican anti-crime activists, including Isabel Miranda de Wallace, who led a successful decade-long fight to bring her son's kidnappers to justice even though his body was never found.
  • Jack replied almost humbly, decided to explain his position despite the doctor's opinion. "I was a rather successful coordinator when Regency operated as it should. It allowed me to work with Govern. I guess in that respect, I gained their trust."
  • Looks as if you've got him wound up so's he can't stop, replied Haley, pointing to the boy, who was still going at racing pace and was just finishing his drill. "Oh, well, a boy's a boy and you've got to humour him now and then," continued Haley, making conversation with diplomatic skill. Then turning to Perkins, as if dismissing a trivial subject, he added, "Looks to me as if that hay in the lower meadow is pretty nigh fit to cut. Guess we'd better not wait till next week. You best start Tim on that with the mower in the mornin'." Then, taking a survey of the heavens, he added, "Looks as if it might be a spell of good weather." His diplomacy was successful and the moment of danger was past. Meantime Cameron had sauntered to the end of the drill where Tim stood leaning quietly on his hoe.
  • Seymour Ivan Rubinstein (born 1934) is a pioneer of the PC software industry. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and after a six-year stint in New Hampshire, later moved to California. Programs developed partially or entirely under his direction include WordStar, HelpDesk, Quattro Pro, and WebSleuth, among others. WordStar was the first truly successful program for the personal computer (in a commercial sense) and gave reasonably priced access to word processing for the general population for the first time.
  • "What youre saying is that people are already testing Positive for HIV antibodiesthe very things an HIV vaccine would be designed to createbut an HIV-Positive test result is being interpreted completely differently for some reason; and if we want to produce a successful HIV vaccine, wed be trying to create antibodies to HIV, which already exist in these people and show up on the HIV tests."
  • Apparently the young pilot of the new aircraft was filled with exultation over his successful start. He sent the biplane swiftly around in eccentric circles, as though testing its ability in various lines. Now he shot upward as if intending to mount like an eagle in gigantic circles until among the fleecy clouds that floated overhead. Then he would volplane downward at dazzling speed, to resume a horizontal flight when close to the earth.
  • General Sherman long since retrieved his failure at Chickasaw Bayou. Throughout the war he was honored with the confidence and friendship of General Grant. The career of these officers was not marked by the jealousies that are too frequent in military life. The hero of the campaign from Chattanooga to Raleigh is destined to be known in history. In those successful marches, and in the victories won by his tireless and never vanquished army, he has gained a reputation that may well be enduring.
  • Many successful entrepreneurs come from tough, working class backgrounds.
  • "Slaines cooperation has been nothing short of extraordinary," Assistant U.S. Attorneys Andrew Fish and Reed Brodsky wrote in court papers before Slaine was sentenced this year for his own illegal trade. "Slaines cooperation was one of the key factors that led to a series of successful investigations and prosecutions."
  • Sensible talk, son, the circus man told Max. "And to tell the truth I'm so sure you boys will be successful that I'm tempted to turn right back, and get an early train for Greenburg, so as to be with my show to-night. Things go wrong when the old man is away. It's a one-man concern at best. Nobody knows what to do in an emergency but me. Yes, Kline, after we're done eating take me back to your house, and then to the station again for the first train. I'll gladly pay you what I promised, and then wait to hear from these bright lads."
  • We have seen him, more successful under the name of Jacob than under that of Isaac, gain the friendship of Gryphus, which for several months he cultivated by means of the best Genievre ever distilled from the Texel to Antwerp, and he lulled the suspicion of the jealous turnkey by holding out to him the flattering prospect of his designing to marry Rosa.
  • Teachyou taught the lesson prepared how successful was it, did you achieve your objective of raising an equal opportunities issue?
  • Players betting just corporate sponsorships sometimes successful medical by now the.
  • "And finally, the immune system creates an antibodya kind ofmemory chipthat remembers exactly what key was successful in breaking through this particular invaders defenses. The immune system will keep this antibody memory chip for the rest of its life to fight any future invasion by this same intruder. This is the basic theory behind the flu vaccines, or measles vaccine, or any other vaccine."
  • Following the successful trials of universal newborn screening, it is being introduced across the uk.
  • Charles kennedy in contrast led the liberal democrats to their most successful result for 80 years.
  • We can now proudly announce, that she has been successful and will dance a part in the nutcracker ballet in november.
  • "On the 17th of July I killed Yellow Hand, a noted Cheyenne chief, and took the first scalp for Custer. I returned to the stage in October, 1876, and during the season of 1876 and 1879 I cleared $38,000. I have generally been successful financially on the stage. I am now in the cattle business in Nebraska, to which place I will return as soon as the season is over, providing nothing serious occurs to call me home earlier."
  • Sinatra also forged a highly successful career as a film actor, winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in From Here to Eternity, a nomination for Best Actor for The Man with the Golden Arm, and critical acclaim for his performance in The Manchurian Candidate. He also starred in such musicals as High Society, Pal Joey, Guys and Dolls and On the Town. Sinatra was honored at the Kennedy Center Honors in 1983 and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Ronald Reagan in 1985 and the Congressional Gold Medal in 1997. Sinatra was also the recipient of eleven Grammy Awards, including the Grammy Trustees Award, Grammy Legend Award and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • "Well, you have been permitted immediate Master-level training in all of our mystic disciplines, so I got to thinking. If it is agreed you have this remarkable propensity for magic, perhaps you will do equally well in combat. After all, you told me your father was a particularly successful soldier," Deacon offered.
  • Which wasnt to say that one was always successful in what one set out to do. "What sort of past history do you have with this Crawfish?"
  • Presidents who enjoy successful second terms usually pull fresh thinking into their inner circles and maintain close working relations with Congress. Barack Obama has shown little inclination to do either.
  • Talon related the story to Marilyn. One of the raids that occurred in the final stages of the War of Occupation was almost successful in breaking into Heartfelt. If it weren't for the Queen, the castle would have been overrun. With most of the units gone, the Queen led a small group of Guardsmen and a lot of civilians to reinforce the wall before it fell. Just as they got the wall secured an arrow made it over the wall. It was a random shot, but it struck down her majesty. She died later that week from an infection. It effected the King in a big way.
  • My grandfather had accepted his rectory at the same commutation that the former incumbent had enjoyed it; and, while the patron to whom he owed the presentation was living, he contented himself with his bargain as well as he could: but, soon after the accession of Squire Mowbray, considering that tie as no longer a clog to his conscience, he began to inquire very seriously into the real value of his first fruits and tythes, personal, predial, and mixed: that is, his great tythes and his small. The calculation inflamed his avarice, and he purchased and read all the books on the subject of tythes he could collect. Being fond of power, and having discovered (as he supposed) that the man who knows the most quirks in law has the greatest quantity of power over his simple and ignorant neighbours, he was a tolerably laborious and successful student of these quirks. I say, tolerably; for it seldom happens that the rector is the most industrious person in the parish.
  • There was a fair amount left after they had done, and this was carefully tied up ready for taking with them if they were successful that night. After this there was nothing more to be done but to wait till darkness fell, and they sat back watching while the sentry was again changed, when the fresh man visited the wagon, to climb in, look carefully round, and eye them suspiciously before returning to his post.
  • And playboy playmate random number generator the successful social folds losing the.
  • About this time a stranger arrived at the settlement. He quickly made himself known as Mr Simon Sparks; and said, moreover, that he was the chief land agent of a new territory far to the west, which wonderfully surpassed our settlement in richness of soil, and fertility, and abundance of game. His accounts were eagerly listened to, and my uncles were completely carried away, as were a large portion of the community. Still, some of the older people were of the opinion that well should be let alone; and that if we took as much pains in cultivating the ground as we should have to do were we to make a long journey, we should prove, notwithstanding the difficulties which might beset us, as successful in the end.
  • The successful applicant will have experience of computerized payroll and be it literate.
  • Max could say no more, because they were so close to the little island in the midst of the raging flood that he had to conserve his breath in order to make a successful leap himself.
  • She spotted Noah and Shea at the far end of the bar near a highly trafficked dartboard. From the looks of Sheas flushed freckled face, and the expansive hand motions both men were making, Shea had been quite successful with his charges. She heard Noah laugh, truly laugh, and it was almost a foreign sound to her. How long had it been since either of them had genuinely laughed at something?
  • The theater also produces a highly successful pantomime that brings festive entertainment to thousands of families each year.
  • "The problem is it can take one or two good men to cover for a bad one. We can't afford dissension in the ranks. I warn you now, Camwe might have to get rid of him sooner or later, if the jump is successful and he's truly unhappy as a result."
  • "Its not me you should thank, but a secret admirer of yours." The doctor shrugged his shoulders in surprise and accepted the gift. At home, Victor was fast asleep in his little bed and his father had a chance to recuperate in peace from his long work day. Yolande poured her husband some jasmine tea and they enjoyed each others company, sitting in front of the fire. The successful physician looked contentedly at his beautiful wife, gave her a kiss and laid his hand on her swollen belly; the unborn child was already kicking a bit. When hed finished his tea, he decided to read his new kabala book and took it down from the shelf. "The bestowal of mystical knowledge", was the sub-title. While he made himself comfortable, nestling close to his spouse on the carpet, he opened the book and found a card in it with a name and address on it: "Julius Scaliger, 15 Avenue de Lattre, Agen." This must undoubtedly be his secret admirer.
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