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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛsfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. başarılı, muvaffakıyetli.

successful için örnek cümleler:

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  • He waved him an adieu, and went his way, very well pleased with himself and full of self-confidence. The old pitcher in the fable succumbed at the hundredth journey, and Wyck's successful career will be cut short by the fiftieth notch.
  • The clout wasnt deadly; the earl had outfitted his men with the best equipment available and that included sturdy helmets, but it was enough to halt the mans barrage. The more successful piece of the attack was the shove with his shield, which had the fortunate effect of knocking the guard off-balance. At the same time, Longsword let out a roar of pain and frustration and the guards horse backed nervously away, shaking its riders already precarious position. As Longsword watched in disbelief, the man struggled to regain his seat but he was weighted down by his heavy gear and finally, arms flailing, slid from the saddle until he was upside down, his head nearly touching the ground, because one of his boots was entangled in a stirrup and he couldnt pull it loose.
  • You cannot be successful calling prospects unless you learn to take the rebuffs.
  • He retired after playing more than 500 career games, and became a successful hotelier in his native cumbria.
  • The only case of successful use of the bowie in defence against a Grizzly that seemed to be well authenticated, among all the stories I heard from hunters, was that of Jim Wilburns' fight in Trinity. Wilburn was a noted hunter and mountaineer of Long Ridge, and he had the scars to show for proof of the story. His left arm was crippled, the hand curled up like a claw, and the end of a broken bone made an ugly knob on his wrist. On his scalp were two deep scars extending from his forehead almost to the nape of his neck.
  • Bud had not been very successful in his wonderful inventions. They were apt to disappoint him in the severe testing out. Theory might be all very well, but when it came to practice there was generally a screw loose in his figuring that could not be tightened; and, in consequence, trouble often perched on Bud's shoulders.
  • Catherine denley catherine denley has devoted most of her long and successful career to the oratorio repertoire.
  • They sprang into their saddles together, and dashed off to follow the elands, while at their first movements the whole plain was covered with the startled herds, one communicating its panic to the other. There was the rushing noise of a tremendous storm; but Dyke in the excitement saw nothing, heard nothing, but the elands, which went tearing away in their long, lumbering gallop, the horses gaining upon them steadily, and the herd gradually scattering, till the young bull was all alone, closely followed by the brothers; Emson dexterously riding on the great brute's near side, and edging it off more and more so as to turn its head in the direction of Kopfontein; hunting it homeward, so that, if they were successful at last in shooting it, the poor brute would have been helping to convey itself part of the way, no trifling advantage with so weighty a beast.
  • He's grinning in a way I haven't seen him do before. He's probably the person I get on with best here, since he's not a complete arse and he's not more successful than me. So I don't mind that he's let himself in, and in fact I'm a bit curious as to what he's so happy about.
  • Once Organic Nation made the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Bruce moved in like a hawk that had just spotted a mouse. After all, he said, "Every successful company needs an equally successful attorney."
  • Particular geographical locations can form the basis of historical study, for example, continents, countries and cities. Understanding why historic events took place is important. To do this, historians often turn to geography. Weather patterns, the water supply, and the landscape of a place all affect the lives of the people who live there. For example, to explain why the ancient Egyptians developed a successful civilization, studying the geography of Egypt is essential. Egyptian civilization was built on the banks of the Nile River, which flooded each year, depositing soil on its banks. The rich soil could help farmers grow enough crops to feed the people in the cities. That meant everyone did not have to farm, so some people could perform other jobs that helped develop the civilization.
  • In fact, the slip of paper he had picked up at the Dead Line had been a warning to that effect, and hence he had dared take the drive at night, hoping thus to elude his foes, and had been successful.
  • Noodles and Botzi both wondered whether they would be successful in this last chance to at least save one of the Gnomes. Noodles saw his chances of being paid by Pope Speculatus getting less and less but at least they had found three of them even if they were too late. Rescuing one still paid 25% of $10m so the incentive was still there. Nothing was spoken between them for some time.
  • "So how do I ensure that you do not show up, either alive or dead, and embarrass me at an inopportune moment? Well you just have to disappear. Do you know how hard that is in a foreign country? If I just kill and bury you someone's likely to notice the fresh turned earth and dig you up. I cannot imprison you in town, it would be impossible to convince anyone that you are waging a successful war while my prisoner. If I could figure a way to row you out to sea and drop you over with an anchor tied to you I would, but I would have to pass through the heart of town and too many people would notice the bundle and wonder what, or who, it could be."
  • European finance ministers voiced confidence that Greece will pull off a successful bond buyback, the key element in a revamped effort to stem the debt crisis in the country where it started.
  • His whole heart and soul were wrapped up in the strange calling that seemed to be his birthright; so that he could even admire the clever work of a bitter rival, and applaud his successful evolutions.
  • In point of publication, "Darnley" is that work by Mr. James which follows "Richelieu," and, if rumor can be credited, it was owing to the advice and insistence of our own Washington Irving that we are indebted primarily for the story, the young author questioning whether he could properly paint the difference in the characters of the two great cardinals. And it is not surprising that James should have hesitated; he had been eminently successful in giving to the world the portrait of Richelieu as a man, and by attempting a similar task with Wolsey as the theme, was much like tempting fortune. Irving insisted that "Darnley" came naturally in sequence, and this opinion being supported by Sir Walter Scott, the author set about the work.
  • So Giraffe had to climb into Eli's canoe, looking very much discouraged. Really, it did seem as though an evil spirit took especial delight in baffling him, just when he seemed in a fair way to reach the goal of his present ambition. As he had once before complained, he had even had his tinder soaked by a sudden shower, and just at the critical moment when he felt sure it was about to burst into a successful blaze.
  • Omari hoped that Shea had been successful in his mission, because it would make for a much more pleasant evening with her uptight boyfriend. She was glad that Francesca had had the wherewithal to orchestrate this evening with that in mind. Though she was often mistaken for a simple-minded barfly, Francesca had in fact gone to college, and there was a sharp mind inside of that small body. She was a hell of a lot better at dealing with people than Omari was, that was for sure.
  • Something had to give; either Sam would let his guard down and be true to himself, or he would prepare for another long winter, alone. The real trick was figuring out how he could be true to himself. What the hell did Sam need? What type of woman could domesticate the untamable beast? The only woman that was somewhat successful at keeping Sam in line was his mother. It hit me, sitting there that afternoon with Sam that he had to marry his mother. While the thought of that happening makes my stomach turn like a tornado, it was exactly the medicine he needed. The spark that my ex-wife Nina ignited had now turned into a full-scale blaze of fire.
  • He was successful in the entrance exam, only to fail the medical on account of his diminutive stature.
  • Between 1984 and 1988 he also ran three successful businesses of his own, selling curios, fast food and clothes.
  • There are some persons in this world whom troubles brace. After the first shock of a sorrow or calamity has passed they stand reinforced with new strength and new courage. These are the world's successful people. For after a while, ill luck, finding that it can never down a really valiant spirit, grows weary and leaves it alone.
  • I attended Mr. Evelyn, according to appointment; and paid my respects to his cousin, Sir Barnard. Having engaged myself thus far, I own I was sufficiently piqued to desire to make a favourable impression: in which I was almost as successful as I myself had hoped.
  • The admonition had not been in vain, and since joining the Serpent Morrison had made a successful effort to break himself of the habit. He had very seldom gone ashore, and when he did so, never went alone, and always returned at an early hour, and without having taken more than he would have done in the ordinary way on board. He had not, however, given up his habit of grumbling, and his messmates were so accustomed to his taking a somber view of everything that his prognostication as to the nature of their work up the river had but little effect upon them.
  • What are Altruists?"" humbly asks a small boy. ""They are only people who try to help others,"" replies the Girl of To-Day. To help their poorer neighbours, the boys and girls of Woodend band themselves together into the Society of Altruists. That they have plenty of fun is seen in the shopping expedition and in the successful Christmas entertainment."
  • "Abstract means that not everyone can see it. And if a person cant see something, it would leave an empty space. I think people had to fill in that gap with something they could understand. But Katie, this idea of waiting is not for us. Were just going to pay attention to what Jesus taught. And even though these abstract things are difficult to understand, well be successful by keeping everything very simple."
  • What's In It For Me? The essential element of all successful communications and organisational initiatives, and the principle of persuasion and influence. If there's nothing in it for the other person, they may hear but they won't really listen, and without the WIIFM factor they'll never commit to action. An example of the WIIFM factor in selling: Airman Peters was assigned to the Air Force induction training centre to explain and sell the Air Force Life Insurance to new conscripts. The office manager noticed that amazingly Peters' success rate was close on 100%, so he decided to listen to Peters' technique. After outlining the insurance policy basics to the new recruits, Peters was heard to say: "If you're killed in action and have the Air Force Insurance, the government has to pay £500,000 to your beneficiaries, whereas if you don't have the insurance, compensation is just the statutory £15,000." Peters paused, and then finished with the WIIFM line, "So which group do you think they are going to send into action first?..."
  • Donor kidney transplantation is so successful is because the cit is only one to two hours long.
  • Allen did a double take. "No." He looked from one to the other. "He doesn't look like you. He's real successful looking and." He stopped. "I mean, you look like you enjoy life, and he's just a miserable sack of shit landlord."
  • Originally a joint venture between west london tec and the business link it became an independent company in 2001 after a successful management buyout.
  • This role is due to expansion of an already well established successful company with a multi-million turnover.
  • The two scouts which Captain Bonneville had sent out to seek for the band of free trappers, expected by Fontenelle, and to invite them to his camp, had been successful in their search, and on the 12th of August those worthies made their appearance.
  • Now an order was given for the troop to spread out, and, leaving the road, the two lads led their men into the woods, where they could advance with less danger of being seen. They had not been ordered forward to give battle, and there would be no fighting unless it became necessary in order that their mission might be successful.
  • Jack replied almost humbly, decided to explain his position despite the doctor's opinion. "I was a rather successful coordinator when Regency operated as it should. It allowed me to work with Govern. I guess in that respect, I gained their trust."
  • She felt simultaneously composed and nervous. She was at ease with her decision but the successful execution of it was a variable over which she had only partial control. While she could swear her intention was written clearly on her face for everyone to read, she knew in reality that it was the least likely action anyone could suppose she would take.
  • No, I won't quit now. I'll see this thing through, whatever it costs, and with this resolve he set himself to the business of getting to sleep; in which, after many attempts, he was at length successful.
  • We lost the battle of the posters, which we were successful at in 2004.
  • Why, you know, it struck us as queer that these fellows should want to hang out within twenty miles of the town where they'd just made a successful raid on the bank. It would stand to reason that they'd be only too glad to cut for it, after getting possession of Percy's fine new aeroplane, and by keeping on north, reach Lake Ontario, and perhaps fly across to Canada, where they'd be safe.
  • "Yes, Your Honor." Messick agrees with herenough is enough. "Mr. Yamashuri, were you in fact successful in reproducing the virus we now call HIV in your lab?"
  • The next day dawned clear and bright, and, as soon as it was light enough to make successful photographs, the big machine set out, while hovering above and to either side of it were several Nieuports. Tom and Jack were each occupying one of these, ready to give battle to the Huns above or below the clouds.
  • The post which Cabot occupied in England seems to be best expressed by the name of Intendant of the Navy; under the authority of the king and council, he appears to have superintended all maritime affairs. He issues licences, he examines pilots, he frames instructions, he draws maps, a varied and complicated function for which he possessed the rare gift of both practical and theoretical knowledge. At the same time he instructed the young king in cosmography, explained to him the variation of the compass, and was successful in interesting him in nautical matters, and in the glory resulting from maritime discoveries. It was a high and almost unique situation. Cabot used it to put into execution a project which he had long cherished.
  • I can see that nature never intended you for a trapper, Owen, remarked Cuthbert, sagely; "for you have too much sympathy in your composition. I imagine a man has to harden himself to all such things before he can become a successful fur gatherer; but then it is necessary that there should be some people follow such an occupation, else what would all our lovely girls do for wraps? After all, the taking of furs does not compare in cruelty with the shooting of herons and other birds by the tens of thousands, just to pluck an egret or plume and toss the body away. That is a cruel deed that ought to make every woman blush who ever wears an egret on her hat or bonnet. But what you've been telling us is mighty interesting, do you know? I am determined to learn all I can about this strange business while here on the spot. Nothing like getting things at first hand. Are other animals taken in the same way?"
  • They combine filial obedience and propriety with a steadfast resolve to take no real notice of parental disapproval of her unlikely but successful match.
  • General Sherman long since retrieved his failure at Chickasaw Bayou. Throughout the war he was honored with the confidence and friendship of General Grant. The career of these officers was not marked by the jealousies that are too frequent in military life. The hero of the campaign from Chattanooga to Raleigh is destined to be known in history. In those successful marches, and in the victories won by his tireless and never vanquished army, he has gained a reputation that may well be enduring.
  • The purpose of an Ambush Patrol was to send a small group of heavily armed men into an area to intercept enemy troop movements after dark. It was reasoned that with artillery support, the element of surprise and the cover of darkness, a small group of men could hold off an indefinite number of V.C. Sometimes they were highly successful and, other times they were disastrous.
  • I'll stop here and let's just assume you're three steps ahead of me and you've already digested the pertinent details concerning his successful rise in business. The wife. The three kids. The minivan.
  • JPMorgan, the largest U.S. bank by assets, has been the most successful of its peers in attracting money to its investment unit, despite returns lower than Goldman Sachss. Thats partly because New York-based JPMorgan has courted financial advisers and opened hedge-fund-like products that appealed to investors fleeing stock funds. The company also invested in the business as others pulled back.
  • 'Be careful…’ he gulped, as Hal whirled round, pretending to decapitate an opponent. 'Look, let me show you…’ He gave Hal a series of tips for successful Dark Age swordplay. Hal flourished the weapon dramatically, and the re-enactor cringed.
  • The blood bay had kept his feet and his master his saddle a hardy pair, these two. But the desperate expedient had proved successful in that Issa was safe. Already Sir Gavan had her in his arms, and before the horseman had fully found himself the fugitives were under the shadow of the keep's walls.
  • Low-level heuristics which have been shown to be very successful in bin packing and knapsack problem.
  • It was a matter of the utmost importance, apparently of absolute necessity, that they should lay in a store of corn. There was so much uncertainty as to hunting, that they might be many days without food, and thus perish. But a pint of corn, pounded into meal and baked in the ashes, would afford a hungry man a very nutritious dinner. And if so successful as to take some game, this bread gave great additional zest to the repast.
  • Solid rock beneath his feet at last Red beard had forced him to the exact spot he desired to reach Gregory's muscles contracted with a jerk. He stopped retreating and began to slide around the islander. If he was successful in carrying out his plan it was best to have Red beard on the outside of the ledge.
  • A small mound of bodies had been stacked on its deck and covered with a thick linen blanket. Flies buzzed. From his chair, Gremius reflected on the sad fact that funeral wagons were always fuller after a witch burning, successful or not. The border guards approached. Close the city for a few days and the dead accumulated. It was a visual reminder of just how many deaths there were in this city. Gremius waved them away.
  • I read a statement online claiming that the Tiger Woods affairs have increased female paranoia about their mates' fidelity. One "expert" (whom I'd love to kick in the testes) says that, to have a successful relationship, complete access must be granted; that means no secrets, no private emails, and no hidden phone call logs or text messages.
  • With her strong customer focus, alison led her already successful team at wycombe to new heights.
  • A particularly fine fat thrush hopped on a twig in the midst of the thicket; and, as it was only about a yard from the muzzle of his gun, the young imp was more successful this time. He fired and brought down his bird; but he also brought down something else which he had not bargained for.
  • If I had gone into that miserable prison as a Union Spy, with the object of gathering information from an intimate association with the inmates, I could not have hoped to be as successful in this direction as I had been while I was acting as an involuntary Spy.
  • He looked in the grinning faces of the homely youths, and made quite a successful effort to join their laughter (though precious little mirth was there in the essay), and then started back toward the lodge of Ogallah.
  • He suggested a plan which met with the approval of his employer, and promised his co-operation on the understanding that if successful Campbell should properly reward him.
  • Again was the dancing and shouting repeated. This time Tarzan felt no doubt they would enter the village and complete the work that a handful of determined white men would have carried to a successful conclusion at the first attempt.
  • It so happened that there was to be a shooting match on Saturday, at one of the cabins not far from the home of his intended bride. David made some excuse as to the necessity of going home to prepare for his wedding, and in the morning set out early, and directed his steps straight to the shooting-match. Here he was very successful in his shots, and won about five dollars. In great elation of spirits, and fully convinced that he was one of the greatest and happiest men in the world, he pressed on toward the home of his intended bride.
  • Jang accompanied Kim to the rocket command centre to watch the successful launch on Wednesday, the North's state news agency KCNA said.
  • Moreover, our labor market, with its greater gender equality, makes childbearing a very expensive prospect for successful professionals.
  • When the Fire-Men had in this fashion cleared the first tier of caves, they began making arrangements to duplicate the operation on the second tier of caves. It was while they were climbing up with their grass and wood, that Red-Eye, followed by his wife, with the baby holding to her tightly, made a successful flight up the cliff. The Fire-Men must have concluded that in the interval between the smoking-out operations we would remain in our caves; so that they were unprepared, and their arrows did not begin to fly till Red-Eye and his wife were well up the wall. When he reached the top, he turned about and glared down at them, roaring and beating his chest. They arched their arrows at him, and though he was untouched he fled on.
  • All of them were feeling considerably brighter, now that their wonderful venture seemed to be drawing close to a successful termination. If only their luck held good and allowed them to make a safe landing, they felt they would have good reason for gratitude.
  • Within the town, merchants lived in wooden houses thatched with palm leaves. It must have been a quaint sight to see Vasco da Gama, accompanied by thirteen of his Portuguese, waving the flag of their country, carried shoulder high through the densely crowded streets of Calicut on his way to the chief temple and on to the palace of the King. Roofs and windows were thronged with eager spectators anxious to see these Europeans from so far a country. Many a scuffle took place outside the palace gates; knives were brandished, and men were injured before the successful explorer reached the King of Calicut.
  • "And ours with thine," says the Gothschief, "befall what Fortune will." He and the captains from the northern land are indeed thinking of fortune: even a successful siege in winter would prove long and costly, but a negotiated settlement could soon mean vast wealth. And Romes willingness to talk implies weakness.
  • For various reasons, sales of dab digital radios have been pathetic - especially compared to successful products like dvd!
  • The attack was as daring and brave as could be; but the defence was no less gallant, and was supplemented by a desperate valour, which seemed to be roused to the pitch of madness as the women's cries arose over some fallen warrior. A spear was thrust through at the defenders; answering thrusts were given, but with the disadvantage that the enemy were about two to one. Tomati fought with the solid energy of his race, always on the look-out to lead half-a-dozen men to points which were most fiercely assailed; and his efforts in this way were so successful that over and over again the enemy were driven back in spots where they had made the most energetic efforts to break through.
  • A bird was in the air, you could faintly hear its tiny bell tinkling as it circled above. Then it swooped on a quarry. Bright eyes and flushed cheeks betrayed Eadies excitement as she clutched Edwards arm. Edward looked from the merlin and its chase to Eadie. No hawk is successful at every cast, on this occasion the merlin missed.
  • Whether to be successful or not, the making of the rope did one thing-- it relieved them of a great deal of mental strain.
  • "Suppose she shouldn't be at home, or suppose Mr. Cameron doesn't feel like helping me? I guess under those circumstances it would be necessary for me to get a job somewhere. But I won't be an errand boy in a grocery store," he promised himself. But with the custom of looking only on the bright side of things, which is a fortunate habit of youth, he began to think of the good times he would have riding the horses on the plains, and of watching the cowboys as they roped the steers and branded them. And his fancy even pictured himself as a successful participant in various nerve-stirring contests.
  • A Fisherman, engaged in his calling, made a very successful cast and captured a great haul of fish. He managed by a skillful handling of his net to retain all the large fish and to draw them to the shore; but he could not prevent the smaller fish from falling back through the meshes of the net into the sea.
  • But Richard was naturally gregarious and at heart had a great fondness for clubs and social gatherings. Therefore, having refused the offer of several fraternities that did him the honor to ask him to become a member, it was necessary for him to form a few clubs that held meetings, but no secrets. Perhaps the most successful of these were "The Mustard and Cheese," a dramatic club devoted to the presentation of farces and musical comedies, and The Arcadia Club, to the fortnightly meetings of which he devoted much time and thought. The following letter to his father will give some idea of the scope of the club, which, as in the case of "The Mustard and Cheese," gained a permanent and important place in the social life of Lehigh.
  • A voice from the living room suddenly greeted us. "What is that delicious smell?" Nicholas Pavlovich inquired as he slowly entered the dining room. He was dressed even more slovenly than the previous day. This morning he was wearing wrinkled cotton pajamas, white socks upon his feet, and a maroon sweat shirt. His graying brown hair was greasy and uncombed, his eyeglasses badly in need of a cleaning. The negative impression of him that I had from the previous day was reinforced by his current appearance. He was not the sophisticated, successful American that I had expected. Harriet addressed him first, her head motioning toward me. "Sonia has surprised us with delicious breakfast. If breakfast is delicious, I will be surprised," she added sarcastically.
  • Naturally, since Bari's body parts washed up on a shore, the islanders assumed that their God was returning, just in need of a little bit of assembly, and perhaps a couple of AA batteries. Wrong o! It was just a suicidal young man who had until this point been successful in his suicide attempts. I think it'll be funnier if we don't let them in on this secret though.
  • Strong-willed woman who has forged a successful career, mostly in spite of her family.
  • "I would say that was a successful test," Steve observed, removing the medallion from his neck and returning it to his wife.
  • Mrs. Hading gracefully surrendered herself to the arms of a great man who had been obliging enough to drop in accidentally by the evening train from Buluwayo, and, floating down the room, opened the ball. Her partner was a very great man indeed, both in South African and English politics, and it was a feather of no small jauntiness in Marice Hading's cap that she had been able to secure him for the vacant seat at her supper-table and afterward beguile him to the ballroom and into asking her to dance. His presence lent a final note of distinction to an extraordinarily successful evening, and she had every reason to be proud and triumphant--except one! But it was that one thing that poisoned all. No triumph could quench her rage and humiliation at Druro's defection.
  • She often chatted with Passepartout, who did not fail to perceive the state of the lady's heart; and, being the most faithful of domestics, he never exhausted his eulogies of Phileas Fogg's honesty, generosity, and devotion. He took pains to calm Aouda's doubts of a successful termination of the journey, telling her that the most difficult part of it had passed, that now they were beyond the fantastic countries of Japan and China, and were fairly on their way to civilised places again. A railway train from San Francisco to New York, and a transatlantic steamer from New York to Liverpool, would doubtless bring them to the end of this impossible journey round the world within the period agreed upon.
  • A good and successful job brokerage will be far more than only a job placement company.
  • The night passed at length, though it must have seemed interminable to Andy. Frank knew that often his chum would rise up on his elbow and put out a hand gently, just to touch the form of his sleeping father close to him. And Frank did not wonder at it, for there were times when even he found it difficult to realize that their remarkable mission had actually proven successful.
  • All three were seasoned military leaders. Abdullah Khan, a young Moghul warrior, had been promoted to a rank of three thousand suwar after the successful siege at the northern fortress of Kangra. Under the prince he had risen from the rank of foot soldier to cavalry, and now he commanded his own division. The next was Abul Hasan, a cool-headed Afghan strategist with rank of five thousand suwar, who had led Prince Jadar to his first victory in the Deccan three years before. Finally there was Raja Vikrama-jit, a bearded Rajput of royal blood, who led the Hindus. He scorned matchlocks and fought only with his sword, and he was the bravest man in battle that Jadar had ever known.
  • This large force had not been brought up without good reason. The Aurania was the biggest prize afloat, and well worth fighting for, if it came to blows, as it very probably would do; added to which there was a very good chance of one or two other liners falling victims to a well-planned and successful raid.
  • The next day, when Glen announced the successful result of his efforts to Captain Winn, that officer informed him that he expected to be ordered East very shortly on special duty, when he would be willing to take charge of the Indian boy, and deliver him to Mr. Matherson in Brimfield. Nothing could have suited Glen's plans better; and he at once wrote a long letter to his adopted father, telling him of all that had happened, and begging him to receive the young Indian for his sake. He also wrote to Mr. Meadows and asked him to announce the coming of the stranger to the Brimfield boys.
  • Cuthbert made a tutting noise and attempted to take a deep breath, though this was not altogether successful as his lungs were quite rotten.
  • Clearly, Sarah Meadows doesnt have to work. Her husband, Dr. William Meadows, is a very successful chiropractor who makes all the money they need, and then some. Their Scottsdale home is top-of-the-line, all three kids go to the right schools, and Sarah could stay at home and play mom fulltime if she wanted.
  • Uncle malcolm and the four grinning loons he calls his sons will only ever make any money if united has a successful team.
  • "Robert Gallo was born in 1937 in Waterbury, Connecticut. His father was apparently a workaholic who owned a successful company. At the age of 11, Gallo's younger sister, Judith, was stricken with leukemia. Thirty years later, Dr. Gallo would be dedicating his life to finding a virus that caused this deadly cancer."
  • And in this hope he is not deceived or disappointed, but successful beyond his most sanguine expectations. For he at length obtains a clue, not only to the insubordination of the sailors, but all else that has been puzzling him.
  • Joe Blunt usually was the foremost and always the most successful of the hunters. He was therefore seldom seen on the march except at the hour of starting, and at night when he came back leading his horse, which always groaned under its heavy load of meat, Henri, being a hearty, jovial soul and fond of society, usually kept with the main body. As for Dick, he was everywhere at once, at least as much so as it is possible for human nature to be! His horse never wearied; it seemed to delight in going at full speed; no other horse in the troop could come near Charlie, and Dick indulged him by appearing now at the front, now at the rear, anon in the centre, and frequently nowhere!--having gone off with Crusoe, like a flash of lightning, after a buffalo or a deer. Dick soon proved himself to be the best hunter of the party, and it was not long before he fulfilled his promise to Crusoe, and decorated his neck with a collar of grizzly bear claws.
  • Audit senior 40000 central london permanent 15-jul-2006 00:00 we are looking for audit seniors to join our successful london office.
  • One suggested starting point is ordinary quantum field theories which, after all, are successful in describing the other three basic fundamental forces in the context of the standard model of elementary particle physics. However, while this leads to an acceptable effective (quantum) field theory of gravity at low energies, gravity turns out to be much more problematic at higher energies.
  • Post Kyoto, policymakers and pundits argued that the only ways to lower greenhouse gas emissions was either to put a tax on carbon or to create markets for CO2, using the mechanism of cap and trade. Since cap and trade was successful in reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain, the reasoning was it could solve the much larger problem of CO2 emissions.
  • Armenia is very successful in chess, and their men's team is the current World Champion, Armenia had also won the World Chess Olympiad twice in a row.
  • At the energies reached in current experiments, these strings are indistinguishable from point-like particles, but, crucially, different modes of oscillation of one and the same type of fundamental string appear as particles with different (electric and other) charges. In this way, string theory promises to be a unified description of all particles and interactions. The theory is successful in that one mode will always correspond to a graviton, the messenger particle of gravity; however, the price to pay are unusual features such as six extra dimensions of space in addition to the usual three for space and one for time.
  • Geoffrey looked upon this abject suppliant with the most unmitigated scorn. There is always something contemptible in the sight of one man pleading to another for assistance in his love affairs--that is a business which he should do for himself. How much greater, then, is the humiliation involved when the amorous person asks the aid of one whom he believes to be his rival--his successful rival--in the lady's affection?
  • Uncle Allen wrote to mother very often after she came to Michigan. He told her how much he missed her, that she had been a mother to him. He said the doors of the house, as he turned them on their hinges, seemed to mourn her absence. It was this brother and his family that we wanted to see the most. We heard from him often and learned that he had been successful in business. He bought two farms, joining the one he bought of father, and one about a mile off and paid for them, they were farms which father and mother knew very well. We learned, from others, that he was a wealthy, prominent and influential man, in that old country. Fickle fortune had smiled on him and he had taken what she offered to give. In the fall we were going to see them. The war of the rebellion had commenced, 1861, when we got ready to go and see them.
  • The team was under the command of a bright-faced lad of sixteen, therefore almost grown-up to Tara's twelve-year-old eyes, whose mission in life seemed to be to lead the most successful work-group in the colony. Bill, for that was his name, knew what had happened during the space storm when Tara's parents and little brother had died and was kind to her in his own way, keeping her beside him as they toiled on the beach and at the fringes of the woods. The two talked about generalities and Bill did not mention his own family.
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