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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛsfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. başarılı, muvaffakıyetli.

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  • But this was white, exactly of the size and form of a swallow; which fact roused the greater wonder, because it was deep winter, and swallows were not thinking yet of return. But all were rejoiced, and the king for the first few days spoke of nothing else, and promised himself the most successful future. It appeared from the beginning, too, how sound was Kmita's advice to travel apart.
  • "When we had learned by our successful experiments that some of our sister planets were inhabited, and when our powerful telescopes had revealed what we believed to be planets of other systems, there was intense interest in the search for any evidence of life in these more distant worlds. They were so very far away that we doubted if we could ever know enough about them to tell whether they were habitable, and it seemed as if we could only judge of their condition from analogy with our own solar system. These views prevailed until the brilliant suggestion was made, and it is not known by whom it was first advanced, that perhaps we had, right here with us, the means of discovering what we so much desired to know. It had always been assumed that our comet was of uniform structure, but why let such a matter rest in uncertainty? It is one of the strange things in our history that this question was not seriously asked long before that time. But now that the idea was broached the work was entered into with great earnestness.
  • The assignment was given to me because I was the only man on the paper who was supposed to know anything about bears. Such knowledge as I had, and it was not very extensive, had been acquired on hunting trips, some successful and more otherwise, in the Sierra Nevada and Cascades. I had had no experience in trapping, but I accepted the assignment with entire confidence and great joy over the chance to get into the mountains for a long outing. The outing proved to be much longer than the editor expected, and trapping a bear quite a different matter from killing one.
  • There was nothing to do but to choose another tree trunk. This time he selected a much smaller one, and one that lay at the top of the little slope or incline from the bank of the creek. After another weary six months of work he had his second boat ready for launching. With a good stout lever he gave it a start, when it rolled quickly down into the water. Robinson again wept for joy. Of all his projects this had cost him the most work and pains and at last to see his plans successful filled him with delight.
  • So successful had their first tour proven that the Stanhope Boy Scouts began to talk of other outings which might be arranged later on; and which will be treated of in the next volume of this series, to be called "The Banner Boy Scouts Afloat; or, the Secret of Cedar Island."
  • Mr. Hornblow has made his novelization of an enormously successful play in a workmanlike manner. The story, like the play, belongs to this very minute. It is full of a spirit and a feeling that are in the air. It deals with subjects which much iteration has strongly impressed on the people, and its point of view is the most obvious. The novel is likely to have an enormous sale.
  • "Ah, thats why you mentioned salt when we were riding around in the Camargue. It must have been a successful business."
  • The day after our successful cup exploits, david may, the ex-rover, arrived on a one season deal at the turf.
  • Carole had forgotten to set out his nighttime pills that morning before she left for work, as she had been in a hurry and distracted. Seth had ADD-related symptoms, and took a handful of medicines to combat the twitches and erratic behavior that the chemicals in his brain produced. It was a constant struggle for both him and Carol, and all her attempts to keep the family together with some semblance of normalcy were only half successful.
  • On the whole, she had enjoyed the winter, for she had induced Richard to open Wyncham House, Mayfair, the Earl's town residence, where she had been able to hold several entirely successful routs, and many select little card-parties. Admirers she had a-many, and nothing so pleased her vain little heart as masculine adulation. Carstares never entered his home without stumbling against some fresh flame of hers, but as they mostly consisted of what he rudely termed the lap-dog type, he was conscious of no jealous qualms, and patiently submitted to their inundation of his house. He was satisfied that Lavinia was happy, and, as he assured himself at times when he was most tried, nothing else signified.
  • The first successful fluoridated dentifrice, crest, was introduced in the usa in 1955.
  • General Joffre, he said quietly, "speaks highly of you both. He says that you are to be trusted implicitly and he appears to have great confidence in your resourcefulness. Upon his recommendation I should say that, if you are willing to undertake the work, you would come as near bringing it to a successful termination as any men we might find."
  • To the boys the reason for the great marshal's presence here was obscure, but, as usual, his movements were dictated by very sufficient reasons. He was preparing the future movements of the Allied armies in the event of Germany's refusal to sign the peace treaty. Where a civilian might have said: "Oh, of course they'll sign the treaty; what else can they do?" the man who had led the Allies to victory had no intention of leaving the smallest thing to chance. At present he was making an inspection of all the Allied armies at the Rhine crossings, together with their equipment, transportation facilities, artillery, and all the other branches on which a successful advance would so much depend.
  • Aguskogaut then, as we supposed, gave them an account of what had occurred; to which (as I judged from their gestures) they replied, that we ought to have been killed, and our scalps taken to adorn their lodges. On this Aguskogaut--who was, happily, our friend--made another speech; and lifting up his hand to heaven, appeared to be invoking the Great Spirit, and letting his countrymen understand that we were under his protection, and that no harm must happen to us. So successful was his eloquence, that the warriors appeared to be satisfied. At all events, we were allowed to move about within sight of the camp, no one molesting us.
  • Those institutions that recognize this and move their programs online will be successful and flourish. They will ensure job security for their faculty, find themselves able to reduce tuition, and extend access to underserved and under- represented students who need education to advance in their jobs, raise a family and provide a quality education for their own children.
  • Transaction, Relationship, Information, Partnership. The sequential development of a successful customer-supplier co-operation.
  • It was the most successful of the english medieval planned towns, rising in wealth above many an older town.
  • If ever there was a time for a successful goblin raid, this was the night. Sazar had the means and the opportunity. It was almost as if Burbon was welcoming him. This was no trap, no false illusion. Food and supplies waited for his taking. With a little luck, he and his goblins would be set for the entire dormant season. Now is the time, now we should raid.
  • Finance chiefs from the European Unions 27 nations meet in Brussels today to discuss setting up a common bank supervisor as part of a wider crisis-fighting plan. French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici told reporters yesterday he is "confident" Greece will pull off a successful bond buyback.
  • Expansion was a more complex thought process the second time around for Brad than it had been when he ran Organic Nation. In those days, size did matter and he was in a race to further the growth prospects of the public company. Being privately-held definitely had its advantages, and Brad wanted to keep it that way. The initial stab at the concept was so successful that, at the very minimum, natural curiosity would demand at least a second and third location.
  • Post Kyoto, policymakers and pundits argued that the only ways to lower greenhouse gas emissions was either to put a tax on carbon or to create markets for CO2, using the mechanism of cap and trade. Since cap and trade was successful in reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain, the reasoning was it could solve the much larger problem of CO2 emissions.
  • Ned Sinton and old Mr. Shirley applied themselves with diligence and enthusiasm to the cultivation of their farm, and to the cultivation of the friendship and good will of their neighbours all round. In both efforts they were eminently successful.
  • Now, though, she found herself trying that again and praying that she was more successful at this than she had been at altering her pet. She tried to visualize herself finding Threnn, unconsciously scrunching her face up with the effort. If this didn't work, she didn't know what she would do. She couldn't kill the Witch herself, that much was for sure, and she couldn't bear the thought of her fate if Threnn couldn't either.
  • Word of mouth is unlikely in this case but publicizing the anonymous details of a successful web complainant might encourage others.
  • "Remember, this war occurred before Ingar and his sphere. Magic still resided over the land. The magic was used with the elves' great knowledge of nature to produce the end result. Elf sorcerers and elf naturalists worked together on cross breeding and magically altering the seeds of different trees. Their efforts proved quite successful.
  • Our business advisory guides contain information on all aspects of running a successful business.
  • Already it was growing dusk below them, and the dense foliage of the interlocked branches of the trees seemed to offer an insuperable barrier to a successful landing.
  • The paper has a successful digital strategy, and analysts have said that its strict online pay wall is considered a financial success. But like most newspapers, it is struggling in an industrywide decline in print advertising revenue. In the three months ending Oct. 1, the papers total paid circulation exceeded 600,000, more than half of which was from digital subscriptions. In its most recent earnings report, Pearson said it expected profit to decline because of a sluggish advertising market and "the shift from print to digital."
  • France, under the Directory, had commenced a career of unwarrantable conquest, for the simple purpose of self-aggrandisement, and her great general, Bonaparte, had begun that course of successful warfare in which he displayed those brilliant talents which won for him an empire, constituted him, in the ordinary acceptation of the word, a hero, and advanced France to a high position of tyrannical power. But brilliant talents and success could not free him from the charge of being a wholesale murderer.
  • Sprinklers use this section to find out more about how sprinkler installations have been successful in safeguarding commercial buildings.
  • "I think, Bill, that you will have no trouble in learning to control a machine when your mother feels like releasing you from your promise. I knew of a fellow once who made a long and successful flight with no preparation at all other than what he had learned from books and observation."
  • As the reader will doubtless remember, it is a favourite trick of his to talk of himself as a timid man, whereas really, though very cautious, he possessed a most intrepid spirit, and, what is more, never lost his head. Well, in the great battle of the Pass, where he got the wound that finally killed him, one would imagine from the account which he gives of the occurrence that it was a chance blow that fell on him in the scrimmage. As a matter of fact, however, he was wounded in a most gallant and successful attempt to save Good's life, at the risk and, as it ultimately turned out, at the cost of his own. Good was down on the ground, and one of Nasta's highlanders was about to dispatch him, when Quatermain threw himself on to his prostrate form and received the blow on his own body, and then, rising, killed the soldier.
  • After the Safavids, the area was ruled by the Iranian dynasties of Afshar and Zand and briefly by the Qajars. However de facto self-ruling khanates emerged in the area, especially following the collapse of the Zand dynasty and in the early Qajar era. The brief and successful Russian campaign of 1812 was concluded with the Treaty of Gulistan, in which the shah's claims to some of the Khanates of the Caucasus were dismissed by Russia on the ground that they had been de facto independent long before their Russian occupation.
  • The courier announcing the successful issue of Bacon's campaign against the tribes of the Peninsula, which had so long disturbed the peace and tranquillity of the planters, was received with general manifestations of joy and expressions of gratitude to the youthful commander of the expedition.
  • They failed in their attempt, Strog stated victoriously, as if the queen had nothing to rave about. "My forces crushed the algors before they could be warned. There is little left of the algors in the Lacobian, certainly too few and too disorganized to mount a successful response attack. I need only send my army on another offensive tonight, and the algors will be vanquished completely. We will then destroy their stronghold. Though there are still many wandering about the desert, they are isolated. They will not be allowed to regroup, and without their stronghold, they will have no place to coordinate any counter-offensive. Those that are left will be forced to wander the desert, and we will pick them off one by one."
  • Lynn and Jan left, their portion of the bill Auroras treat. Marthe would leave the tip, but her mother bandied a credit card, swiping all their lunches upon it, the wife of a prominent heart surgeon, the mother of seven living children, one dead. Of that child no one spoke, but those on two feet were, even with personal troubles, successful and happy. Mostly content; Lynn was fairly miserable, but hid it under scrubs.
  • When these had been duly admired Upton demanded that Sparrer tell his story, and this he did, sparing himself nothing. At the first mention of the black fox there was an eager leaning forward on the part of all his listeners, and when he told of the successful shot Hal whooped with joy.
  • Frobisher now turned his attention to the third junk, still carrying out his plan of sinking them one at a time, and determined to lay and fire the four-inch gun again himself, in the hope of repeating his former successful shot. The shell and cartridge were rammed home and the breech closed and screwed up, and having trained the gun, he pressed his finger to the firing key, springing back directly afterward to avoid the recoil. But to his astonishment there was no report: the weapon did not discharge. He therefore set and pressed the key again, but once more there was no result. It was evidently a miss-fire. The young man knew, of course, that sometimes a cartridge will "hang fire", and that many a gun's crew have been blown to pieces by prematurely opening the breech, but he forgot all about that now in his anxiety, and unscrewed and opened the breech-piece immediately. Nothing happened. There were the marks of the percussion-pin upon the primer of the cartridge, but the ammunition had failed to explode.
  • Here I saw several interesting persons: Miss Christine Gordon, the postmaster; Joe Bird, a half-breed with all the advanced ideas of a progressive white man; and an American ex-patriot, G------, a tall, raw-boned Yank from Illinois. He was a typical American of the kind, that knows little of America and nothing of Europe; but shrewd and successful in spite of these limitations. In appearance he was not unlike Abraham Lincoln. He was a rabid American, and why he stayed here was a question.
  • Managing a successful start-up within a new market, however, demanded a whole new set of skills.
  • Normal seemed to be looking for something but it was apparent that he wasn't successful in locating whatever that he was looking for. At last, he stopped to comment, "You know, it might not be so easy to find the Dog Boy this early in the morning."
  • Bugün's Vedat Bilgin believes Turkey has foiled the bloody games of the PKK by waging a determined and effective fight, which made today's negotiations possible. "The fact that Turkey understood the terrorist organization's strategy and cracked down on the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), an umbrella organization which encompasses the PKK, played a key role in this," he explains. In his view, the fact that Turkey's fight against the PKK has been so successful and the terrorist organization's own failure have brought the PKK to the negotiating table with the state.
  • In about 1867, the house was let to edward grove, a successful restaurateur, who purchased it in 1870.
  • All the while he was sawing away as if his very life depended upon bringing the ordeal to a successful termination; and possibly Giraffe thought it did.
  • Halliday sets the boundaries of successful modern revolution at 1789 and 1989, when soviet power virtually abdicated ( 130 ).
  • Geoffrey looked upon this abject suppliant with the most unmitigated scorn. There is always something contemptible in the sight of one man pleading to another for assistance in his love affairs--that is a business which he should do for himself. How much greater, then, is the humiliation involved when the amorous person asks the aid of one whom he believes to be his rival--his successful rival--in the lady's affection?
  • Following the culmination of a hugely successful run on bbc two, the popular genealogy series who do you think you are?
  • There arose a chorus of bitter cries of disappointment, showing how the scouts felt over the escape of the intruder who had played such a successful practical joke on the troop.
  • There are the girls! exclaimed Dick, after they had made a successful landing at the fort, which they would soon leave on their long flight.
  • It helps young scientists develop business awareness and an understanding of the skills needed to become a successful biotechnology entrepreneurs.
  • Seven years after Julia went into business, she was bought out by Nabisco, who was looking to come out with a line of soft-batch cookies. A few million dollars later, combined with a lucrative consulting contract, Julia Easton was on to her next successful venture: motivational speaking.
  • Smudge had been the principal actor in this frightful scene; and, as soon as it was over, he caused his men to return to their ambushes. I now thought the officers and men were to be murdered, in this manner, as one by one they appeared on deck. It would soon be time for Marble to turn out, though there was the hope he might not unless called, and I could not do this office, situated as I was. But, I was mistaken. Instead of enticing any men on deck, the savages pursued a different course. Having destroyed the captain, they closed the doors of the companion-way, drew over the booby-hatch, and adopted the safe expedient of making all below prisoners. This was not done altogether without noise, and the alarm was evidently given by the means taken to secure the fastenings. I heard a rush at the cabin-doors, which was soon followed by one at the booby-hatch; but Smudge's ingenuity had been sufficient to prevent either from being successful.
  • Back in the same waiting room the two young men lingered until nearly eleven o'clock. More than two score of candidates had passed the medical examiners by this time, and some others had failed to pass. Yet many of these successful candidates had yet to take their scholastic examinations over in Academic Hall, and so did not wait with Dave and Dan, who had now passed in everything.
  • "Those are the property of my people," Morik was saying to Pacian, the blond rogue having been successful in cracking open the lock on the chest. In his hand he held a piece of glittering gold jewellery, and gave Morik a look that might result in someone's death, probably his own.
  • As this seemed like good sense to us, we at once went off to find a storage place, a quest in which we were successful at the first attempt.
  • Oh, come now, Roger, old fellow, you must not think like that! answered Harry. "Now that they have seen that we know they watch us, they may not attempt it again; and they would surely not do very much to us for a little thing like that. Besides, it is intolerable to think that we are being spied upon all day long, and that whatever we do or say is known. There would be absolutely no chance whatever of our making a successful attempt to escape at any time if we had not closed the hole. At any rate, it is done now, and it is no good our worrying over it; we must just wait and see what happens. If they are going to make a fresh place of observation, or punish us for what we have done, they will not defer it long; so to-day will, in my opinion, decide the matter. Meanwhile we must wait; and, while we are unobserved, we had better make the most of our time."
  • He happened to be in that evening, because he was rarely out in the evenings, not being very successful in the romantic lead department.
  • But the system was not very satisfactory. Too much time was lost hunting for new men, and the labourers always quit before they got into Riles' way of managing the farm. The suggestion of the man who knocked him into the wheel of the buckboard stayed with him almost as tenaciously as the scar he then received. "Hire a green Englishman--some poor fool that doesn't know any more than be a victim of a blood-sucker of your class." Of course the words were rather strong--even Riles objected to them--but the sentiment was all right. Besides, it was doing the Englishman a good turn. It brought him away from a congested country and gave him an insight into life in a new land. With industry and application even an Englishman might become--might become--as prosperous and successful a farmer as he himself! There was something for a young man to look forward to!
  • "And finally, the immune system creates an antibodya kind ofmemory chipthat remembers exactly what key was successful in breaking through this particular invaders defenses. The immune system will keep this antibody memory chip for the rest of its life to fight any future invasion by this same intruder. This is the basic theory behind the flu vaccines, or measles vaccine, or any other vaccine."
  • White fire flickered up the face of the rock to a height of four man lengths. Then the fire wove sideways. Several more times the white fire sliced at the rock, then Rhaki slumped where he sat. He was drenched in sweat and trembling from the effort, but he forced himself to go and see how successful he had been. The line hed cut was smooth and straight, the stone feeling slightly warm under his hand. He moved back and sat down again.
  • Well, you take it all through. There's the time and money spent by the thousands of prospectors that spend all their lives wandering up and down the mountains trying to locate the gold. Then, when a vein is found, some fellow's got to put in a lot of capital to start to work it, and thousands have to be spent for machinery to crush it, before it is at all certain that the mine will pay. Then, in order to raise this money, brokers all over the United States are selling shares of these mines, and they make a good living out of it. And when you think how many tens of thousands of dollars are spent on each mine, and how many thousands of mines there are which have proved dead failures, and over and beyond this, how narrow the margin of profit is even on a successful strike, it doesn't look like much of a paying business, eh?
  • It also conducted the only successful rescue of a downed aviator using nvg.
  • THE STRANGER. No, sir; I beg pardon if my questions seem impertinent; I have no such design. There is a son too, I believe, sir, a great and successful blower of bubbles?
  • If I had gone into that miserable prison as a Union Spy, with the object of gathering information from an intimate association with the inmates, I could not have hoped to be as successful in this direction as I had been while I was acting as an involuntary Spy.
  • Director D. W. Griffith was central to the development of film grammar and Orson Welles's Citizen Kane (1941) is frequently cited as the greatest film of all time. American screen actors like John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe have become iconic figures, while producer/entrepreneur Walt Disney was a leader in both animated film and movie merchandising. The major film studios of Hollywood have produced the most commercially successful movies in history, such as Star Wars (1977) and Titanic (1997), and the products of Hollywood today dominate the global film industry.
  • As the August days passed on, they tried to get out of their prison, but it was impossible, and there was nothing for it but to winter "in great cold, poverty, misery, and grief" in this bleak and barren spot. The successful pilot was to explore no more, but the rest of the tragic tale must be shortly told. With the ice heaping high, "as the salt hills that are in Spain," and the ship in danger of going to pieces, they collected trees and roots driven on to the desolate shores from Tartary, "wherewith as if God had purposely sent them unto us we were much comforted." Through the September days they drew wood across the ice and snow to build a house for the winter. Only sixteen men could work and they were none too strong and well.
  • "More!" he said, looking at me in surprise. "Why, my lad, the coast swarms with them. We never hear a hundredth part of the attacks they make. It is not only European vessels they seize, but anything that comes in their way. It strikes me, Mr Herrick, that we have only just begun what may turn out a very successful cruise."
  • It is to no purpose, continued he, watching the successful impression of his discourse, it is to no purpose to discuss the subject further. I perceive your indignation at the treacherous requital of your love, and your thoughts all aiming at a just revenge. Take your own course. Heed not in what relation to you your victim may stand: but convince the whole city that there is no earthly being whom you would not sacrifice to your honour.
  • I beg to report that several of the British vessels of war now lying at anchor in the harbor of Pensacola, have just returned from a brief voyage, the object and nature of which I have endeavored to discover. I have succeeded in finding a deserter from the British marine corps, from whom, under promise of protection, I have drawn such information as he possesses. He accompanied the late expedition, and tells me that it went to the Island of Barrataria, to seek the assistance of Jean Lafitte, the pirate, and his gang of outlaws, against the United States. Whether the negotiations to that end were successful or not, he does not know, but he supposes, from the temper in which the officers returned, that they were.
  • The forerunner of the DSN was established in January 1958, when JPL, then under contract to the U.S. Army, deployed portable radio tracking stations in Nigeria, Singapore, and California to receive telemetry and plot the orbit of the Army-launched Explorer 1, the first successful U.S. satellite. NASA was officially established on October 1, 1958, to consolidate the separately developing space-exploration programs of the US Army, US Navy, and US Air Force into one civilian organization.
  • After another successful winter we returned to Dawson sold our furs and went first to Eagle and chucked up and journeyed to Fort Yukon. Now Fort Yukon stands in the Arctic Circle and the Steel registers during cold weather 65 below zero. From here we went up the Porcupine river to Rampart Ho on the Eastern boundery of Alaska We did not like the country in this part so we returned to Fort Yukon; and turned down the Yukon river to the Tanana river then we up this last named stream to Fairbanks.
  • It proved highly successful and was also taken up by local housewives as a sewing thread superior to the older linen thread.
  • I was reading the autobiography of moss hart, who wrote very successful comedies with george kaufman.
  • The longbow archers from aquarius were not as successful this time round, but some excellent shots on gold ensured that everyone kept smiling.
  • It was mentioned that there were several inaccuracies on the website, particularly in relation to examples given as successful mainstreaming.
  • They had, indeed. He commanded a privateer of twenty guns that had dropped anchor in the bay a week ago, manned by a crew mainly composed of French boucanhunters from Northern Hispaniola, men who had good cause to hate the Spaniard with an intensity exceeding that of the English. Levasseur had brought them back to Tortuga from an indifferently successful cruise. It would need more, however, than lack of success to abate the fellow's monstrous vanity.
  • It took but a minute to get rid of the very fine fish he had sold, and then the uncommonly successful angler made his way out of the Washington Hotel through the side door.
  • Dredrik watched with a sense of dread as the sky began to fall. Memories of the destruction he had witnessed firsthand still fresh on his mind. This was one of two hurdles they would have to survive if they hoped to defend the wall for any time at all. The second, mind alterations causing soldiers to fall upon each other in a rage fueled free for all. If the second was successful they would simply not notice any change.
  • Immediately the high priest announced that the successful candidate would be conducted to the palace zenana and confined there till the final ceremonies were over.
  • There are some persons in this world whom troubles brace. After the first shock of a sorrow or calamity has passed they stand reinforced with new strength and new courage. These are the world's successful people. For after a while, ill luck, finding that it can never down a really valiant spirit, grows weary and leaves it alone.
  • I'll stop here and let's just assume you're three steps ahead of me and you've already digested the pertinent details concerning his successful rise in business. The wife. The three kids. The minivan.
  • It proved to be a farm wagon, pulled by two tired nags, and headed for home, after a day in the town market. The driver was asleep on the seat, leaving to the sagacity of his animals the successful navigation of the road.
  • For the three following weeks Joe Buntin contrived to spend several days on shore in the society of Sergeant Ramrod's family, though the "Pretty Polly" during that time made several trips down Channel, and was very successful in falling in with some large East Indiamen, the pilotage money of which was considerable; and besides that she landed several rich passengers who paid well, so that Joe was rapidly becoming a wealthy man. He would have been wise to stick to his lawful and regular calling; but there was so much excitement in smuggling, and the profits of one trip were so much more than he could gain in several winters' hard toil, that he could not resist the temptation. Had he taken the trouble of comparing himself with others, he would, we suspect, have considered himself a more honest man than the railroad speculators of the present day.
  • Talon related the story to Marilyn. One of the raids that occurred in the final stages of the War of Occupation was almost successful in breaking into Heartfelt. If it weren't for the Queen, the castle would have been overrun. With most of the units gone, the Queen led a small group of Guardsmen and a lot of civilians to reinforce the wall before it fell. Just as they got the wall secured an arrow made it over the wall. It was a random shot, but it struck down her majesty. She died later that week from an infection. It effected the King in a big way.
  • "So my question is this." Fowler looks at the jury rather than at Campbell. "How are we going to know when we have made a successful vaccine against HIV?"
  • Lobbyists for the private school industry became ever more successful at gaining access to public funds.
  • Meanwhile my duty was not to speculate on the dreams and mental attitudes of others, but like a practical hunter and trader, to carry to a successful issue an expedition that I was well paid to manage, and to dig up a certain rare flower root, if I could find it, in the marketable value of which I had an interest. I have always prided myself upon my entire lack of imagination and all such mental phantasies, and upon an aptitude for hard business and an appreciation of the facts of life, that after all are the things with which we have to do. This is the truth; at least, I hope it is. For if I were to be /quite/ honest, which no one ever has been, except a gentleman named Mr. Pepys, who, I think, lived in the reign of Charles II, and who, to judge from his memoirs, which I have read lately, did not write for publication, I should have to admit that there is another side to my nature. I sternly suppress it, however, at any rate for the present.
  • These had not been attacked during their absence, although a scattered musketry fire had been kept up upon them until dark. To this they replied vigorously, and the guns had done good service to the square while on its march by keeping up a shell fire upon any bodies of the enemy that could be made out on the eminences near it. The garrison had suffered great suspense after the square had disappeared from their sight, for they could see large bodies of men hurrying in that direction, and their anxiety was great when the sudden outburst of musketry told them that the square was attacked. What the issue of the fight had been they knew not, but their hopes that the Arabs had been defeated increased as time went on and no attack was made upon themselves, for had the enemy been successful they would speedily have poured down to the attack of the feebly-defended baggage.
  • The Electric Drum was humming. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that the Electric Drum was drumming up business at a steady rate. The Drum, as it was commonly known, was busy all the time since it had the two key elements that any successful bar needs - the right location and the right kind of clients, the drinking kind. The fact that the Drum was run by a bunch of wild young girls did not hamper the success of the business either.
  • Our voyage was very successful for forty days together; but on the forty-first night the wind became contrary, and withal so boisterous that we were like to have been lost in the storm. About break of day the wind grew calm, the clouds were dispersed, and the sun having brought back fair weather, we came close to an island, where we remained two days to take in fresh provisions; this being done, we put off again to sea. After ten days sail, we were in hopes of seeing land, for the tempests we had gone through had so much abated my curiosity, that I gave orders to steer back to my own coast; but I perceived at the same time that my pilot knew not where we were. Upon the tenth day, a seaman being sent to look out for land from the mast-head, he gave notice that on starboard and larboard he could see nothing but the sky and the sea which bounded the horizon, but just before us, upon the stern, he saw a great blackness.
  • "When they presented this world to us," the stranger continued, "they stressed the importance of balance, that this was the most important factor in any successful world. The six of us therefore decided to divide ourselves to rule Good, Evil and Neutrality to protect that balance." He glanced down at his mug of ale, but did not move to touch it. "My brother Gauvin, God of Good, took the icy lands of Wherry in the northwest and chose His monarchy."
  • This role is due to expansion of an already well established successful company with a multi-million turnover.
  • In point of publication, "Darnley" is that work by Mr. James which follows "Richelieu," and, if rumor can be credited, it was owing to the advice and insistence of our own Washington Irving that we are indebted primarily for the story, the young author questioning whether he could properly paint the difference in the characters of the two great cardinals. And it is not surprising that James should have hesitated; he had been eminently successful in giving to the world the portrait of Richelieu as a man, and by attempting a similar task with Wolsey as the theme, was much like tempting fortune. Irving insisted that "Darnley" came naturally in sequence, and this opinion being supported by Sir Walter Scott, the author set about the work.
  • There were real grounds for supposing, as the Daily Telegraph said, that the thief did not belong to a professional band. On the day of the robbery a well-dressed gentleman of polished manners, and with a well-to-do air, had been observed going to and fro in the paying room where the crime was committed. A description of him was easily procured and sent to the detectives; and some hopeful spirits, of whom Ralph was one, did not despair of his apprehension. The papers and clubs were full of the affair, and everywhere people were discussing the probabilities of a successful pursuit; and the Reform Club was especially agitated, several of its members being Bank officials.
  • Recent statistics show that perhaps 40% of four-year college students do not graduate within six years of entering. In other words, there are millions of non-billionaire dropouts; the odds of becoming a successful high-tech entrepreneur after dropping out are about as good as the odds of winning the lottery.
  • Percy did not know whether to look pleased at this suggestion or not. It would be just like the everlasting luck of the Bird boys to make another remarkable success out of this thing, for they seemed to have a failing that way, while all the hard fortune came in his direction. That would give him a pain to be sure, for he was horribly envious of their local fame as successful aviators; but at the same time he hated to lose that beautiful biplane, which he had not owned very long, and which had taken his heart by storm.
  • The planting was a successful mixture of native and cottage style planting, all done in a very naturalistic style.
  • She spotted Noah and Shea at the far end of the bar near a highly trafficked dartboard. From the looks of Sheas flushed freckled face, and the expansive hand motions both men were making, Shea had been quite successful with his charges. She heard Noah laugh, truly laugh, and it was almost a foreign sound to her. How long had it been since either of them had genuinely laughed at something?
  • "This is it! I know it. This creek will lead us to the mother lode." But it didnt and after two weeks of effort they moved on. Three days later they found traces again, then further up a more substantial yield. Again Hawthorn was jubilant. They tracked up and down the length of the creek, finding where the trace ended. Finally, they staked out their claim, and set up their tents in the middle of it. Hawthorn called the unnamed creek the Lost Creek after a place where hed been successful.
  • Why not try the Blitzenhorn, herr? Melchior would say: "the young herr is getting to be a clever, sure-footed mountaineer now, and I have hopes of our being successful there."
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