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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛsfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. başarılı, muvaffakıyetli.

successful için örnek cümleler:

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  • Neuro linguistic programming and learning paul hobbs explains the importance of mentally envisioning a successful outcome when beginning courses or activities.
  • But the ruling provoked a backlash from Mexican anti-crime activists, including Isabel Miranda de Wallace, who led a successful decade-long fight to bring her son's kidnappers to justice even though his body was never found.
  • Having been thus successful in launching our vessel, we next shaped the levers into rude oars or paddles, and then attempted to embark. This was easy enough to do; but, after seating ourselves astride the log, it was with the utmost difficulty we kept it from rolling round and plunging us into the water. Not that we minded that much; but we preferred, if possible, to fish in dry clothes. To be sure, our trousers were necessarily wet, as our legs were dangling in the water on each side of the log; but, as they could be easily dried, we did not care. After half an hour's practice, we became expert enough to keep our balance pretty steadily. Then Peterkin laid down his paddle, and having baited his line with a whole oyster, dropt it into deep water.
  • The successful applicant will need to possess a confident telephone manner and will undoubtedly display an enthusiasm for sport and recreational aviation.
  • 'Prime Minister. You can't do it. You can't sanction theft from the Victorian State Police,' Parker was outraged but he knew that he was powerless to stop what was about to occur. The last physical evidence that Mr and Mrs Ahmet were Australian citizens was about to be stolen from the office of head of detectives in the State of Victoria. He knew that if the Ahmet's could not prove that they were natives of this country, it would be far easier for Chalmers to sell the idea of a successful terrorist capture. He also knew that apart from the PM, and the now departed Mr Smith, he was the only other person who new what was about to happen. He didn't know what he could do to stop what was about to happen, but he resolved there and then to do something.
  • Low-level heuristics which have been shown to be very successful in bin packing and knapsack problem.
  • A stinging medication, jolting him back to consciousness, was applied to his countless wounds by the cool, assured hands of Dr. Howard Friedman, the personal physician of M 33 and 1/3 personnel, the man who had invented the phenomenally successful combination suppository and thermometer with a menthol tip.
  • The blood bay had kept his feet and his master his saddle a hardy pair, these two. But the desperate expedient had proved successful in that Issa was safe. Already Sir Gavan had her in his arms, and before the horseman had fully found himself the fugitives were under the shadow of the keep's walls.
  • "I have no wish to harm a child," Rhirid agreed. "What I really want is her mother. If the Normans were successful using the girl as bait, why should I not also succeed?"
  • Bud had not been very successful in his wonderful inventions. They were apt to disappoint him in the severe testing out. Theory might be all very well, but when it came to practice there was generally a screw loose in his figuring that could not be tightened; and, in consequence, trouble often perched on Bud's shoulders.
  • "Do they? Then Captain Sam it shall be, and I wish you a successful campaign before Pensacola, Captain. Get your forces into marching order at once.
  • We had not yet ascertained whether the settlers had been successful in finding gold in this place. Pearls and silver they possessed as evidence of their wealth, but we saw no gold among them. Pedro, who came to consult with us regarding this, informed us that his mother, the queen, had heard nothing of the place of the painted hands, or of gold being found there, but had told him that some years previously an expedition, sent to punish a tribe of natives who had proved hostile to the settlers, had reported the discovery of caves, very deep and mysterious, into which the natives could not be induced to enter, where, it was reported, gold was to be found by washing the sand from the bed of a subterranean stream which took its course through the caves from none knew where, and emptied itself into the sea.
  • They failed in their attempt, Strog stated victoriously, as if the queen had nothing to rave about. "My forces crushed the algors before they could be warned. There is little left of the algors in the Lacobian, certainly too few and too disorganized to mount a successful response attack. I need only send my army on another offensive tonight, and the algors will be vanquished completely. We will then destroy their stronghold. Though there are still many wandering about the desert, they are isolated. They will not be allowed to regroup, and without their stronghold, they will have no place to coordinate any counter-offensive. Those that are left will be forced to wander the desert, and we will pick them off one by one."
  • That same week the first batch of 50 parolees were assembled, carefully checked off a list and marched out the gate. 50 men who had sworn an oath of loyalty to the Union were now free to go. Some prisoners jeered and called them "turncoats." The guards, too, taunted them, "Now behave Johnny Reb, or well have you back in your luxurious accommodations." And they laughed. The troop marched out the gate, into Elmira to the train depot to be shipped to City Point, Virginia for final processing. The first successful discharge reignited the debate in camp whether to resist the program or take advantage of it. There was a stigma attached for signing on. Certain only was that the next 50 places were quickly filled.
  • The Guards waited without flinching the impetuous rush of the advancing columns, and when at length within a short distance, dashed forward with the bayonet, driving everything before them. The French fell back upon their sustaining masses, and rallying in an instant, again came forward, supported by a tremendous fire from their batteries. The Guards drew back, and the German Legion, suddenly thrown into confusion, began to retire in disorder. This was the most critical moment of the day, for although successful upon the extreme right and left of our line, our centre was absolutely broken. Just at this moment Gordon rode up to our brigade; his face was pale, and his look flurried and excited.
  • "Avery, there is a spell Ive been working on for days now. I can harness the energy of a storm. That is now childs play. It is a simple feat to bring the necessary elements together to create a tempest of any quality. I have also already been successful in combining the essence of an individual with the power of a storm. In truth, that was also fairly simple. It was just a matter of transference. Build up the energy of the storm and then meld it to the inner energy of the individual. The problem in that spell is the physical body is lost to the greater power of the storm. I wish to accomplish more of the reverse. I want to capture the power of storm and maintain the body of the individual. Do you understand?"
  • When it was set up in 2002 it planned to achieve 284 successful quitters after a year and actually achieved 323.
  • A flourish of trumpets is heard, and from the street a military officer comes through the gate, strides along a high stone wall, and stops near the dark opening into the massive tomb of the Andronici. "Romans, make way!" calls the captain to the many nobles, gentles and common citizens. "The good Andronicuspattern of virtue, Romes best champion, successful in the battles that he fights!—with honour and with fortune is returned from where he circumscribed with his sword!—and brought to yoke the enemies of Rome!"
  • Even in the free-and-easy atmosphere of a watering-place, she felt that she was excluded. She had discovered, as had also her mother, that Newport was too fashionable for the family of a New York retail storekeeper, however successful he may have been in disposing of his commodities. What her mother had just said was like the realisation of a vague vision already floating in her fancy; and the word "coronet" had more effect in spoiling the chances of Captain Maynard, than would have been the longest maternal lecture on any other text.
  • Max could say no more, because they were so close to the little island in the midst of the raging flood that he had to conserve his breath in order to make a successful leap himself.
  • I can see that nature never intended you for a trapper, Owen, remarked Cuthbert, sagely; "for you have too much sympathy in your composition. I imagine a man has to harden himself to all such things before he can become a successful fur gatherer; but then it is necessary that there should be some people follow such an occupation, else what would all our lovely girls do for wraps? After all, the taking of furs does not compare in cruelty with the shooting of herons and other birds by the tens of thousands, just to pluck an egret or plume and toss the body away. That is a cruel deed that ought to make every woman blush who ever wears an egret on her hat or bonnet. But what you've been telling us is mighty interesting, do you know? I am determined to learn all I can about this strange business while here on the spot. Nothing like getting things at first hand. Are other animals taken in the same way?"
  • All of the successful candidates have confirmed that they are politically inactive.
  • Indeed you may, said Jeffson, "for Bradling has been one of the most successful diggers in Bigbear Gully since you left it, and has made his fortune twice over. The value of gold-dust and nuggets left by him in my charge for you is about ninety-six thousand dollars, which, I believe, is nigh twenty thousands pounds sterling of your money."
  • Serious evolutionary thinking originated with the works of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. However, it was the British naturalist Charles Darwin, combining the biogeographical approach of Humboldt, the uniformitarian geology of Lyell, Thomas Malthus's writings on population growth, and his own morphological expertise, that created a more successful evolutionary theory based on natural selection; similar reasoning and evidence led Alfred Russel Wallace to independently reach the same conclusions.
  • Idrees grinned and lifted his glass to toast me. The wine danced merrily in his goblet. "Merely that Emira Selene has shown a remarkable adroitness in spinning an occurrence to reflect the best of the matter, which, I would argue, is a useful skill for any ruler to have, king or emira. And the Thirds Council supports her. Good relations between the monarch and the Council are essential to a successful Ghalain."
  • I afterward carelessly walked inside and tried, without exciting any suspicion, to ascertain what the information about Banks amounted to. I was not successful at the time, but kept the matter in my mind constantly during the evening, and the more I thought about it the more eager I became to know its purport.
  • Bradley and Ben got to work at once. They had had their vacation, and were ready to settle down to business. They were stimulated to effort by the success of some of their fellow miners. Ben's next neighbor had already gathered nearly three thousand dollars' worth of gold-dust, and it was quite within the limits of probability that our young hero might be as successful.
  • And playboy playmate random number generator the successful social folds losing the.
  • When that insufferable idiotic ignoramus Normal had gone missing with the dog, he knew he'd have to hunt him down. That, after all, was part and parcel of the job. But to find himself half-way to Donagar and then be told by his clients that they'd take care of it and that he should go back to Kabul City and contact their representatives, that was what stuck in his craw. The customer might be king, queen or even galactic emperor, but they still should realize that you couldn't order a trained professional around as if they were a common android without giving any logical reasons. Of course, he hadn't said any of this to the client. He'd just agreed to their request and set back for Kabul City. [Wylie had discovered that the secret to a successful business was good communication. Not communicating certain things to the client was as important as communicating what the client needed to know. A good balance of the two kept a client happy and the credits flowing.]
  • A successful luxury brand "is essential for us to be a global and successful enterprise," Field said in October at the opening of Lincolns new design studio in Dearborn, Michigan, where the company is based. He acknowledged Lincolns turnaround wont "happen overnight."
  • Following that successful foray, the group was on to another club, where the conquered Europe through a bunch of German businessmen, and the emerging markets, through a group of Indian businessmen, who attempted to negotiate the price down before taking the drug and surrendering to a point-of-purchase impulse for a change and paying full price.
  • "For me? Impossible! I am supposed to be dead at home," exclaimed Sam, tearing it open. "Oh, it's from Frank Hedley, and--well, he has been successful after all! Listen, Robin. Excuse me, Mrs Redpath. May I read it aloud?"
  • Managing a successful start-up within a new market, however, demanded a whole new set of skills.
  • "Therein lies the issue. The legs must be re-broken. Generally the patient would be put to sleep or at least deprived of feeling for such a procedure, but Leo apparently asked to have the work done free of aid. Two successful breaks had been made when your other little friend made her appearance. She has taken a stance atop Leo and will not allow any of our healers near. We've tried to take care of the situation with magic, but it appears our spells are not having an effect. A number of the clerics were eager to put the more powerful spells to work, but I thought perhaps you could handle it more easily," he said.
  • On several occasions British submarines had penetrated the mine fields and created considerable havoc, and aircraft had dropped bombs from the air. But along these lines the German submarines had been more successful and now were the one real menace confronting the naval supremacy of the Entente powers.
  • The story of two English lads who go to Holland as pages in the service of one of "the fighting Veres." After many adventures by sea and land, one of the lads finds himself on board a Spanish ship at the time of the defeat of the Armada, and escapes only to fall into the hands of the Corsairs. He is successful in getting back to Spain under the protection of a wealthy merchant and regains his native country after the capture of Cadiz.
  • Co-star bonaduce had his own drug and personal problems, but eventually became a successful radio announcer and briefly hosted a syndicated talk show.
  • The day after our successful cup exploits, david may, the ex-rover, arrived on a one season deal at the turf.
  • Shortly after the death of the gorilla, night settled down upon the scene, so we hurried back towards our camp, where we arrived much exhausted, yet greatly elated, by our successful day's sport.
  • Portugal has a successful roller hockey team, with 15 world titles and 20 European titles, making it the country with the most wins in both competitions. The most successful Portuguese roller hockey clubs in the history of European championships are Futebol Clube do Porto, Sporting Clube de Portugal, Sport Lisboa e Benfica and quei de Barcelos.
  • Somatostatin analogs, given as injections, are successful in treating acromegaly by inhibiting the release of gh.
  • If ever there was a time for a successful goblin raid, this was the night. Sazar had the means and the opportunity. It was almost as if Burbon was welcoming him. This was no trap, no false illusion. Food and supplies waited for his taking. With a little luck, he and his goblins would be set for the entire dormant season.
  • Why, you know, it struck us as queer that these fellows should want to hang out within twenty miles of the town where they'd just made a successful raid on the bank. It would stand to reason that they'd be only too glad to cut for it, after getting possession of Percy's fine new aeroplane, and by keeping on north, reach Lake Ontario, and perhaps fly across to Canada, where they'd be safe.
  • But Richard was naturally gregarious and at heart had a great fondness for clubs and social gatherings. Therefore, having refused the offer of several fraternities that did him the honor to ask him to become a member, it was necessary for him to form a few clubs that held meetings, but no secrets. Perhaps the most successful of these were "The Mustard and Cheese," a dramatic club devoted to the presentation of farces and musical comedies, and The Arcadia Club, to the fortnightly meetings of which he devoted much time and thought. The following letter to his father will give some idea of the scope of the club, which, as in the case of "The Mustard and Cheese," gained a permanent and important place in the social life of Lehigh.
  • Essay question: what problems did alfred face in defending wessex from viking attack and how successful was he in solving them?
  • Particular geographical locations can form the basis of historical study, for example, continents, countries and cities. Understanding why historic events took place is important. To do this, historians often turn to geography. Weather patterns, the water supply, and the landscape of a place all affect the lives of the people who live there. For example, to explain why the ancient Egyptians developed a successful civilization, studying the geography of Egypt is essential. Egyptian civilization was built on the banks of the Nile River, which flooded each year, depositing soil on its banks. The rich soil could help farmers grow enough crops to feed the people in the cities. That meant everyone did not have to farm, so some people could perform other jobs that helped develop the civilization.
  • The carriage which was to take Violet Oliver and her friends back to their camp had been parked amongst those farthest from the door. Violet stood for a long while under the awning, waiting while the interminable procession went by. The generals in their scarlet coats, the ladies in their satin gowns, the great officers of state attended by their escorts, the native princes, mounted into their carriages and were driven away. The ceremony and the reception which followed it had been markedly successful even in that land of ceremonies and magnificence. The voices about her told her so as they spoke of this or that splendour and recalled the picturesque figures which had given colour to the scene. But the laughter, the praise, the very tones of enjoyment had to her a heartless ring. She watched the pageantry of the great Indian Administration dissolve, and was blind to its glitter and conscious only of its ruthlessness.
  • Tanner ran over to Sarge and pulled his gold, Irish claddagh ring off of his finger. Once he was successful in freeing it, Tanner dropped the ring into Sarges hand.
  • This passage looked a good deal more promising, there being no less than four other corridors branching off it at right angles, each, curiously enough, leading away to the left. But they determined to go straight ahead in the first instance, exploring the corridors afterwards, if not successful in their present direction. They traversed so long a distance in a perfectly straight line, the ground rising gently all the way, that they soon became convinced that they were at last on the right track, as the passage must, some distance back, have passed from under the foundations of the palace itself, and be leading, undoubtedly, to some exit at a considerable distance from the building. It seemed probable that it might have been constructed with a view to providing a means of escape, should the palace ever be attacked and stormed.
  • The next day, Chance said yes to Hawthorn. Chance had always had an instinctive feel for people; he knew who to trust and who not to. Jeremiah was a good sort, a little verbose but true of heartfull of qualities that cemented a successful partnership.
  • This time it was the Vicompte de Lesseps, another French engineer, who took up the subject. He was born at Versailles in 1805, had been educated for the diplomatic profession, and had served his country acceptably in this capacity at Lisbon, Cairo, Barcelona, and Madrid. In 1854 he began upon the work, and two years later obtained a concession of certain privileges for his proposed company, which was duly formed, and began the actual work of construction in 1860. Nine years after it was completed, and formally opened with extraordinary ceremonies and festivities, and has now been in successful operation about twenty-two years. Queen Victoria of England made the distinguished Frenchman a K. C. S. I.
  • There was no significant difference in their median duration of successful monotherapy.
  • I was about to ask him, boylike, whether he was successful in his mission, when he added, "The only pity is that you didn't let me stay there a bit longer--but you were not to know, so I appreciate your promptness."
  • The authors claim to have extensive experience in implementing six sigma on successful business improvement projects.
  • Some camps pay for all work done and give boys more freedom, but experience has clearly proven that the successful camp is the one where boys all have responsibility and definite duties to perform. Dishwashing is never attractive. It may be made less irksome by carefully systematizing the work. There are several ways. One way is that of having each boy wash his own dishes, working a tent at a time. A number of tubs of hot, soapy water are provided for washing, and several extra tubs filled with very hot water for rinsing. At a signal from the Camp Director or person in charge, each table of boys by rotation passes from the dining room with the dishes to these tubs and each boy proceeds to do his own dishwashing and rinsing and drying.
  • Specifically: I have both a mother and a mother in law. They are each very bright and accomplished women. They stayed home to raise their children after which they went on to successful careers. They do not offer advice about my household or children unless I expressly ask them.
  • Community cause comes up trumps heath countryside corridor ( hcc ) has been successful in buying their second parcel of land.
  • Putin, who once described himself as "a successful product of Soviet patriotic education," has long displayed a penchant for reviving attributes of the USSR. He brought back the Soviet national anthem soon after he came to power 12 years ago. His pet project, the Eurasian economic community, has reunited the former Soviet republics of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in a customs union, and he is working hard to pull in Ukraine. His rhetoric on international issues, harassment of protest leaders, control of the national media and near-total renationalization of the energy sector all hark back to the Cold War era.
  • I tried to calmly explain the plan to him, how I was going to let him win and all he needed to was let me slide underneath him for 3 or 4 seconds and the entire endeavor would come to a successful conclusion, but he once again assured me that he was in fact not scared of me and to drive his point home he once again flashed his winning grin.
  • For my own especial purpose, we had arranged a few additional signals by which I was to quickly "km" with headquarters. For instance, the important information that I had been successful in spreading the false information was to be known by a continuous repetition of the signals "sk, sk, sk," signifying successful.
  • See how slowly things move forward here in heaven? The heavyweight gods are thousands of years old. A few lightweights pop up, last a few generations and are gone. And nothing much changes. Joe has his work cut out even trying to get us to drive rather than walk, or to shop in supermarkets. He's far more successful down in the other world, because they have shorter lifespans.
  • Did you get the rustlers, Dad? asked Bud as he and his cousins, with Dirk and Chot, rode up to the ranch buildings after their successful trip.
  • Ogc, through its successful delivery skills program, to promote professionalism in all procurement teams.
  • Strong-willed woman who has forged a successful career, mostly in spite of her family.
  • I would also like to welcome sue mayne, who was successful in winning the recent by-election in kings ward.
  • The Electric Drum was humming. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that the Electric Drum was drumming up business at a steady rate. The Drum, as it was commonly known, was busy all the time since it had the two key elements that any successful bar needs - the right location and the right kind of clients, the drinking kind. The fact that the Drum was run by a bunch of wild young girls did not hamper the success of the business either.
  • These two Venetians belonged to the family of Polo, which had come originally from Dalmatia, and, owing to successful trading, had become so opulent as to be reckoned among the patrician families of Venice. In 1260 the two brothers, Nicholas and Matteo, who had lived for some years in Constantinople, where they had established a branch house, went to the Crimea, with a considerable stock of precious stones, where their eldest brother, Andrea Polo, had his place of business. Thence, taking a north-easterly direction and crossing the country of the Comans, they reached the camp of Barka´-Khan on the Volga. This Mongol prince received the two merchants very kindly, and bought all the jewels they offered him at double their value.
  • Of course all three young men were a good deal excited, although they were careful not to let each other know it, for fear of being the target for a little fun from the others. In this effort at reserve, the irrepressible Tom was the least successful of the trio, as might be expected, and when he caught John and Paul slyly winking at each other and glancing in his direction as he nervously tried the same control for the third time, he blurted out: "Oh, you fellows needn't laugh at me! You're just as much on edge as I am, now that we're really going to fly this old bird!"
  • The three elves turned as Mappel ended his instruction. Lief and Holli moved with the same resolve that brought them to this point, but a thread of gloom hung ever so slightly upon their faces. Some of their spark had faded, and even Holli's eyes revealed a hint of weariness. She attempted to swallow this gloom and fatigue when she again faced the entire group. She was only marginally successful.
  • Whatever the reason, he had, in the past included in his parcels a toaster, a set of tools, which Denny had sent to his brother as a Christmas present. It served him right for being better looking and more successful than him, in Denny's opinion, as well as being the most complete and total git that had ever stalked the earth. Also, on one memorable occasion, Barry had stuck in a state of the art ten CD changer mini system stereo which Denny, never technically minded, though he would have loved to be, promptly broke, to his great dismay. He could only assume that its inclusion had been an error, or an example of Barry's pity. He could not find out, because Barry never mentioned it, and Denny was afraid to, in case he asked for it back.
  • Then came the reaction. I must have exerted myself beyond what I had any idea of, for to Samuela I was obliged to delegate the task of fluke-boring, while I rested a little. The ship was soon alongside, though, and the whale secured. There was more yet to be done before we could rest, in spite of our fatigue. The other boats had been so successful that they had got two big fish, and what we were to do with them was a problem not easily solvable. By dint of great exertion, we managed to get another whale alongside, but were fain to come to some arrangement with the ELIZA ADAMS, one of the ships that had been unsuccessful, to take over our other whale on an agreement to render us one-third of the product either in Port William or at home, if she should not find us is the former place.
  • She felt simultaneously composed and nervous. She was at ease with her decision but the successful execution of it was a variable over which she had only partial control. While she could swear her intention was written clearly on her face for everyone to read, she knew in reality that it was the least likely action anyone could suppose she would take.
  • Very cordial was my welcome by the Saulteaux at my new field. I was very much gratified to find that they had had a successful winter, and that those left in charge had worked faithfully and well.
  • The beginning of the Peninsular War in Spain and the capture of the Spanish king Ferdinand VII created great concern all around the viceroyalty. It was considered that, without a King, people in America should rule themselves. This idea led to multiple attempts to remove the local authorities at Chuquisaca, La Paz, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, all of which were short-lived. A new successful attempt, the May Revolution, took place when it was reported that all of Spain had been conquered, with the only exception of Cadiz and Len.
  • Supper hour cannot come too promptly for active boys. The announcement of the day's inspection should be made at the meal and the honor pennant or flag presented to the successful tent, and accepted by one of the boys.
  • Players betting just corporate sponsorships sometimes successful medical by now the.
  • Why, then, was the Saint, Muhammed (PBUH), successful in holding an inward conversation with God that any saint may do in his heart only after and as a result of a long journey like the Ascension?
  • Why, upon my soul, my dear fellow, it strikes me that our elegant and attentive neighbor must either be some successful stock-jobber who has speculated in the fall of the Spanish funds, or some prince travelling incog.
  • Besides that, I suspected she still resented Jansen for an incident this past May, when he and Manny had collided in the outfield while chasing a fly ball. Petie had walked away almost unscathed, while Manny spent a week in the hospital, undergoing tests to make sure the initial temporary paralysis hed suffered was unlikely to recur. Petie paid him a visit, which happened to coincide with one of Jessies sojourns in his room. She claimed that Petie had sneered to find her nursing Manny back to health by reading to him from her archive of articles. That day, Manny had requested to hear the one that had brought them back together a year earlier. Jessie had chronicled his ultimately successful battle to retrieve his son from his ex-wife, who had snatched the three-year-old after their divorce and fled with him to their native Cuba.
  • That same afternoon Mr. Giddings called upon his business rival, Mr. Wrenn, of the Clarion, and presented to him the tentative program for the great race around the world's girdle, as the Daily Independent had planned it. Mr. Wrenn declared that he was willing to stand by his former agreement to allow the Independent to select the route, and said it was entirely satisfactory to him, and that he would at once take steps to have fuel supplies on hand at the various airports for his crew when they should arrive. He made no comments as to his own airplane, but agreed that the advertising plan his caller had worked out was a capital one, stating that he would co-operate heartily with him in carrying it to a successful conclusion.
  • He is totally dependable, the sort of player you need in any successful side.
  • It did not seem as if the squire would win, for though he was gradually being successful in extinguishing the burning thatch, the great waves of fire which came floating from the blazing stacks licked up the moisture and compelled him from time to time to retreat.
  • With eyes ready to start from her head, Religion with the rest bent forward to look. She saw, or thought she saw, in the curling gray cloud a woman's face. It seemed to take shape and expression, as she gazed, until it grew familiar. The forsaken woman, who had seen the face of a successful rival, sank heavily upon the floor. Some of the others screamed, some moaned and prayed. The cloud over the fire was repeated many times, and dissolving into fantastic shapes, pictured to the excited fancy of the others their enemies and distresses. At last the exhibition ended, and the visitors were sent from the room, and called in again, separately, to receive directions, medicines, and charms against further evil.
  • The initial volume is entitled "The Boy Ranchers," and tells how Nort and Dick Shannon went to visit their cousin, Bud Merkel, on the ranch of the latter's father. This ranch, Diamond X, was in a western state, not far from the Mexican border. And, as you know, the Yaqui Indians were, in the main, a tribe of Mexican Redmen, who made their home partly in the Land of Montezuma and partly in Arizona, as best pleased them. Efforts were made by the Mexican Government to keep the Yaquis on a reservation, but the efforts were not always successful.
  • Captain Redwood dared not send a bullet nor Saloo an arrow. Slight as the chances were of saving the girl, either would have made them slighter. A successful shot of the rifle or puff of the blow-gun would be as fatal to the abducted as the abductor; and the former, with or without the latter, would be certain to fall to the foot of the tree. It was a hundred feet sheer from the point which the ape had attained to the ground. The child would not only be killed, but crushed to a shapeless mass.
  • Recently, the sun hosted a hugely successful charity day for world aids day.
  • Early experiments? Unlucky for others? Her paranoia levels shot through the roof. Omari had no idea that fertilization of any Feathered ovum had ever been achieved, let alone something successful enough to be viewed on an ultrasound. It shouldnt have surprised her, given the high interest in the subject, and the knowledge that twisted hack scientists like Dominic existed. But somehow the idea that legitimate researchers were fooling with such delicate biological technology was highly disturbing. It occurred to her that she had no idea what Jenners background or research specialty was, and she wasnt sure that she wanted to know at this point. Being tied down and cut up in a basement research facility seemed to have that effect on her. She made a note to consider moving to the high Andes or another faraway place if she ever made it out of there, because this was becoming a chronic problem for her.
  • Uncle malcolm and the four grinning loons he calls his sons will only ever make any money if united has a successful team.
  • He suggested a plan which met with the approval of his employer, and promised his co-operation on the understanding that if successful Campbell should properly reward him.
  • Talon related the story to Marilyn. One of the raids that occurred in the final stages of the War of Occupation was almost successful in breaking into Heartfelt. If it weren't for the Queen, the castle would have been overrun. With most of the units gone, the Queen led a small group of Guardsmen and a lot of civilians to reinforce the wall before it fell. Just as they got the wall secured an arrow made it over the wall. It was a random shot, but it struck down her majesty. She died later that week from an infection. It effected the King in a big way.
  • You see, here I am with a husband who worships me; a successful career; my sisters at school and well cared-for, and wherever I go I am so well received; and all this I owe to Mr. Morris.
  • The end of it was that I did not enjoy my pipe that night, though luckily Anscombe returned after a successful evening's netting, about which he was so full of talk that there was no need for me to say much. So I put off any discussion of the problem until the morrow.
  • I reflected on her history of blowing opportunities only to end up with something better. Her whole college career was a case in point; shed left a perfectly successful academic and journalistic setup at Maryland and fled to Florida, which had ultimately opened major doors. Still, what could be more prestigious than this invitation to the White House? I decided to take a self-sacrificing stand.
  • A particularly fine fat thrush hopped on a twig in the midst of the thicket; and, as it was only about a yard from the muzzle of his gun, the young imp was more successful this time. He fired and brought down his bird; but he also brought down something else which he had not bargained for.
  • All the emotion was gone. All the excitement that used to bubble inside her at a successful shot had dissipated. Now she just waited, bouncing from target to target without a thought.
  • Berg was satisfied and happy. The smile of pleasure never left his face. The party was very successful and quite like other parties he had seen. Everything was similar: the ladies' subtle talk, the cards, the general raising his voice at the card table, and the samovar and the tea cakes; only one thing was lacking that he had always seen at the evening parties he wished to imitate. They had not yet had a loud conversation among the men and a dispute about something important and clever. Now the general had begun such a discussion and so Berg drew Pierre to it.
  • Instantly she began to speak. How glad she was that she had prepared herself to speak as she would have spoken to any other good friend! So she expressed her joy at seeing him again, well and successful after all these months of peril, toil, and anxiety, and they sat down near each other.
  • This successful plan was followed out with the others, with the result that we had four prisoners lying safely in the bottom, and then turned to capture some more in the same way.
  • He leaned against the windowsill and watched the crowd form. Although his sword dug into his side, he refused to straighten. He wouldnt let the sword have that satisfaction. Vaunted and much-bejeweled ivory Witchkiller. It was a coarse name, he thought; not to mention that Witchkiller had never touched a witch, let alone put one to death. The only way to kill a witch was by burning. Even schoolchildren knew that. Schoolchildren and most ordinary adults didnt know that the fire had to be kindled using specific types of wood in careful proportions, or that it was the fumes that actually killed the witch, not the heat; but that knowledge wasnt necessary for the sword to be pure nonsense. The armor and insignia he could acceptthe Demssous tree was the key ingredient to a successful burning, the only one that couldnt be substituted by anotherbut he hated the sword. He made a mental note to again bring up the issue with the Council or, if possible, the King himself.
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