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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛsfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. başarılı, muvaffakıyetli.

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  • The group was regularly invited to Japan. In January 2000, during a tour in Tokyo, Kishin Shinoyama, a successful Japanese photographer, published a photo book Manuel Legris A L'Opera de Paris, a book dedicated to him.
  • "The true burden must be carried by the one who holds the sword," Lief said as he placed his eyes squarely upon the delver. "Your weapon is the only thing that will keep us alive down there. It is the only thing which will force the trees to part from our path. I must ask you to keep your attention upon one most important task. You must always keep the point of the sword toward the opening where the light enters. You must never slip in your concentration of this single duty. The sword was forged so that the light reflected from the point would fashion a tightly concentrated beam. This beam is the life-line between the sword and the light source. If it is broken by a careless swing or a drop in concentration, the shadow trees will have the opportunity to block out the light. As you now know, the sword does not create light, it simply reflects it. If the trees are successful in completely surrounding us, sealing us off from the light, the illumination from the sword will end. We will have no defense against the trees. They will eventually overpower us all, even Dzeb."
  • I was also quiet sure that you can't claim to have thought of a story about Rome first. I know there is a Hollywood trend where they like to copy successful formulas but I doubt even J.K. Rowling thinks she thought of a schoolboy wizard first, she was just more successful than most with the concept.
  • But Tom and Jack had been coached in the course they were to take and, in addition, they had a pilot who, a few weeks before, had made a partially successful raid in the region beyond the Rhine, barely escaping with his life.
  • Boathouse on the river cam, which houses the extensive equipment required for our successful rowing club.
  • Yes, we should be very successful here, and I think our trip altogether will be a lucky one. When we return, we shall have plenty of dollars' worth of ivory, and I shall then be quiet for a while.
  • There could not be such things, and yet no one in his heart doubted their existence; deny it as they might with their tongues as they sat at the supper-table and handed round the ale, out of doors in the night, the haste to pass the haunted spot, the bated breath, and the fearful glances cast around, told another tale. He endeavoured to call philosophy to his aid; he remembered, too, how many nights he had spent in the deepest forest without seeing anything, and without even thinking of such matters. He reproved himself for his folly, and asked himself if ever he could hope to be a successful leader of men who started at a shadow. In vain: the tone of his mind had been weakened by the strain it had undergone.
  • THE STRANGER. No, sir; I beg pardon if my questions seem impertinent; I have no such design. There is a son too, I believe, sir, a great and successful blower of bubbles?
  • "For shame, my liege! Make them your precedent!" He nods toward Prince Edward, who is standing beside Lord Northumberland. "Were it not a pity that this goodly boy should lose his birthright by his fathers fault?—and long hereafter say unto his child, ‘What my great-grandfather and his grandsire got, my careless father foolishly gave away!’ Ah, what a shame were this! Look on the boy!—and let his manly face, which promiseth successful fortune, steel thy melting heart to hold thine ownand leave thine own with him!"
  • For a moment a dizzy sickness overcame him, but this passed away. Again he struggled to gain the platform above. This time he was successful.
  • "A terrible waste. Ah, here are our drinks. A toast!" Jean exclaimed, raising his glass. "To our master criminal, and his successful endeavours!"
  • The night passed at length, though it must have seemed interminable to Andy. Frank knew that often his chum would rise up on his elbow and put out a hand gently, just to touch the form of his sleeping father close to him. And Frank did not wonder at it, for there were times when even he found it difficult to realize that their remarkable mission had actually proven successful.
  • "So my question is this." Fowler looks at the jury rather than at Campbell. "How are we going to know when we have made a successful vaccine against HIV?"
  • This article highlight some tips on how to becoming a successful caregiver.
  • The leader of the Matabili soon saw that this system of fighting was not likely to lead to satisfactory results, so he whistled a signal to his men, who halted and began a retreat. The hunters however were not the men to spare their foe, but followed on their traces, shooting down their enemy with a fatal accuracy, until they reached the denser part of the forest, where the hunters dared not enter on foot against at least ten times their number, and where they could not enter on horseback. A short council of war decided them to leave half their number to watch the Matabili, whilst the remainder rode with all speed to the waggons, to stop them in their advance, and to make preparations for their defence in case an attack should be made upon them; for to defend waggons was very much more difficult than to carry on the light cavalry manoeuvres which had been so successful in the late attack of the black warriors.
  • "It is, of course, well known to you that in a successful banking business as much depends upon our being able to find remunerative investments for our funds as upon our increasing our connection and the number of our depositors. One of our most lucrative means of laying out money is in the shape of loans, where the security is unimpeachable. We have done a good deal in this direction during the last few years, and there are many noble families to whom we have advanced large sums upon the security of their pictures, libraries, or plate.
  • A neighbouring miner, who had offered to weigh the result for them, pronounced this first day's work as an unusually successful one, being, he said, a little over thirty-six pounds sterling.
  • Without saying a word, the successful combatant quitted the room along with his companion, leaving Dwyer to shift as best he might for his fallen comrade.
  • Edward Stratemeyer, who is the author of the present work, has proved an extraordinarily apt scholar, and had the book appeared anonymously there could hardly have failed of a unanimous opinion that a miracle had enabled the writer of the famous Army and Navy and other series to resume his pen for the volume in hand. Mr. Stratemeyer has acquired in a wonderfully successful degree the knack of writing an interesting educational story which will appeal to the young people, and the plan of his trio of books as outlined cannot fail to prove both interesting and valuable.
  • In order to secure a desire or wish he cannot obtain, a child will either cry or ask for it, that is, he will supplicate through the tongue of his impotence either actively or verbally, and will be successful in securing it.
  • One senior Republican aide said a successful filibuster seemed unlikely. Getting five Republicans to oppose one "doesn't seem to be an impossible hurdle to clear," the aide said.
  • Born of mining people in Colorado, Blades lost two fingers and the sight of both eyes when as a lad of nine years he refused to take the dare of some playmates and set off a giant firecracker. While still a youth he entered the Colorado State School for the Blind. Here he spent six years. In the crash at Creede, when the bottom fell out of so many mining fortunes, the Blades family lost their all. Then young Blades took up the burden of his own keep. For two successful years he maintained himself at the University of Colorado by teaching music. When the family moved to Oregon, the indomitable Leslie followed. At Eugene he entered the State University and continued to support himself by music and lectures. After receiving his degrees of B.A. and M.A. he was a substitute teacher in the English Department.
  • Part One of the book finds young Jonathan Livingston frustrated with the meaningless materialism and conformity and limitation of the seagull life. He is seized with a passion for flight of all kinds, and his soul soars as he experiments with exhilarating challenges of daring and triumphant aerial feats. Eventually, his lack of conformity to the limited seagull life leads him into conflict with his flock, and they turn their backs on him, casting him out of their society and exiling him. Not deterred by this, Jonathan continues his efforts to reach higher and higher flight goals, finding he is often successful but eventually he can fly no higher. He is then met by two radiant, loving seagulls who explain to him that he has learned much, and that they are there now to teach him more.
  • I read a statement online claiming that the Tiger Woods affairs have increased female paranoia about their mates' fidelity. One "expert" (whom I'd love to kick in the testes) says that, to have a successful relationship, complete access must be granted; that means no secrets, no private emails, and no hidden phone call logs or text messages.
  • Envisioning a successful outcome when beginning courses or activities.
  • Robert has come a long way since his days as a member of the highly successful birmingham acoustic jazz trio, swans way.
  • Alexander had put the house on the market, putting aFor Sale By Owner' sign in the front yard, and placing various advertisements on the Internet. It would still be a few months until Alexander himself would become licensed to sell real estate. He was taking classes at Hall High, his old school, and within a few short months he would hopefully become a salesperson. Becoming a Realtor like his brother Ivan would take him a little longer, but Alexander seemed determine to follow in his older brother's footsteps. Secretly, I hoped that he wouldn't be quite as successful as Ivan. In Alexander, confidence didn't cross over into arrogance and ruthlessness as it had in his older brother. I wondered if that gentle soul of his was indeed the legacy of his mother, Catherine. I wished that I could have met her when she was alive; I think that we could have been friends.
  • To all persons interested in the successful extension of our free institutions over this now wilderness portion of our land, this work of Fremont commends itself as a faithful and accurate statement of the present state of affairs in that country.
  • The credit ratings implications successful business all boils down to confidence in potential trading partners.
  • Identified areas for continual improvement against the indicators of successful presentations.
  • "I was angry with it and moved everything around. Thanks for asking how I'm doing, by the way. Decor before daughter, that's gotta be a successful parenting technique."
  • She worked in summer school and Hofstra basketball camp to get back into the swing of things. Sarah Lindman grew up the youngest of four kids to Mike and Deidre Lindman. She had three older brothers that were athletes, so she really has no choice to either blend in or be left behind. Her eldest brother, Gary, was six years older and was an all-state lacrosse player. He went on to star at Syracuse University and has been a successful high school lacrosse coach since graduating.
  • Stay just about here, Dave,"" he said. ""I'm going over to the machine and see what I can do to fix it so they can't run very well. If I'm successful it may mean that we can save the boys on the Eagle."
  • This large force had not been brought up without good reason. The Aurania was the biggest prize afloat, and well worth fighting for, if it came to blows, as it very probably would do; added to which there was a very good chance of one or two other liners falling victims to a well-planned and successful raid.
  • Yes, standards are what we need. I, all of a sudden, realize this great need for standards because it would appear as if we have allowed them to slip as of late. As a publishing house, there are things that we do, things that we won't do, and things that we couldn't do even if we wanted very badly for them to be done. We have been in business for over thirteen years, and in that time have devoted ourselves to one thing: making books. We make books and that's all we do. And we do it well, I might add. Just a glance over the trophy cabinet near the executive washroom - just a glance mind you, as to stare any longer at the sheer blinding brilliance of a well-polished faux gold leaf bookend is enough to make even the most seasoned awards viewer avert his gaze in hopes of finding a more dull-finished honorable mention plaque at the bottom - well, is quite enough, frankly. But we have evidence of having published a successful book or three in our day.
  • "To be successful in organizing unions in the United States in 2013, it's not enough just to appeal to workers on the basis of their own individual problems," said David Johnson, organizing director of the California Nurses Assn., which added five new hospitals last year. "There has to be a broader vision set forth so that people see unions and the labor movement as an answer to the corporate domination and the Wall Street greed that has devastated our country."
  • How to search see successful search techniques see also more searching below.
  • As he spoke, the portieres parted and a stout, fresh complexioned gentleman, ruddy from his bath and shaving, appeared. He had the pompous manner of the successful man of business and seemed to the Chester boys to be the least bit patronizing in his manner.
  • It was the weekend. Julie Sontag was at her boyfriend's house in Twin Brooks, fifteen miles west of Edmonton. Paul Kendrickson owned a small business distributing after-market car parts. He was a successful entrepreneur, and had a nice house in a gated community at the edge of town. It was a 3,500 square footMcMansion, with a big redwood deck off the back that faced the mountains.
  • Eric af Klint smiled at the memory. That had been an exciting adventure. And a successful one as well. They had saved Anna right in the middle of Russian occupied territory and killed a Swedish traitor in the process.
  • It wasn't just Mom, tho. It gave her the shakes dealing with anyone in the family. They were so different from her. They weren't sensitive like she was, they didn't have feelings for people who suffered and didn't understand why she couldn't take the hostility they threw about the place so casually. All she wanted was peace, and since she was a child she'd done everything she could to be the peacemaker in the family, to lead by example, and look where it got her. They made fun of her. They ignored her. They went on with their successful lives and didn't spare a thought for poor, principled Judy, their oldest sister. She should have been the leader of a far-seeing family of philanthropists and do-gooders, but what she ended up being was the joke in a family of right winged capitalists.
  • Near Llanfairfechan, the presenter accompanies a local farmer who rounds up ponies using quad bikes. Llyn Idwal is a lake area that was once covered by forest and scrubbut no longer, thanks to sheep. However, it does play host to alpine plants, and particularly those that also grow in the Arctic. In Dinorwic Quarry, Rhys Jones meets with Johnny Dawes to witness him scale a near-smooth, 70 feet (21 m)-high slate wall with apparent ease. The region's former slate industry is highlighted, and under the shadow of Cadair Idris, two entrepreneurs have set up a business in a former tool shed at a disused mine. They collect sheep droppings from the surrounding area and recycle them to make paper. Finally, Rhys Jones accompanies George Band, the youngest member of John Hunt's successful 1953 Mount Everest expedition (and now aged 77), on an ascent of Tryfan.
  • Of course all three young men were a good deal excited, although they were careful not to let each other know it, for fear of being the target for a little fun from the others. In this effort at reserve, the irrepressible Tom was the least successful of the trio, as might be expected, and when he caught John and Paul slyly winking at each other and glancing in his direction as he nervously tried the same control for the third time, he blurted out: "Oh, you fellows needn't laugh at me! You're just as much on edge as I am, now that we're really going to fly this old bird!"
  • The Crows at that time were struggling almost for existence with their old enemies, the Blackfeet; who, in the past year, had picked off the flower of their warriors in various engagements, and among the rest, Arapooish, the friend of the white men. That sagacious and magnanimous chief had beheld, with grief, the ravages which war was making in his tribe, and that it was declining in force, and must eventually be destroyed unless some signal blow could be struck to retrieve its fortunes. In a pitched battle of the two tribes, he made a speech to his warriors, urging them to set everything at hazard in one furious charge; which done, he led the way into the thickest of the foe. He was soon separated from his men, and fell covered with wounds, but his self-devotion was not in vain. The Blackfeet were defeated; and from that time the Crows plucked up fresh heart, and were frequently successful.
  • Paul shared his enthusiasm, but his feelings went further. Beyond a doubt they had been successful in their great journey to the south, but another and large purpose was yet left. Their task had brought them into contact with the world outside, and Paul devoutly hoped that the supply train would reach Fort Pitt in time.
  • One of the reasons why live donor kidney transplantation is so successful is because the cit is only one to two hours long.
  • It would never do to return to the post and report this mishap and the loss of the gun, so Ralson undressed and began to dive for its recovery. Robert, the man, told me, when describing the adventure, that he never laughed so much in his life as when sitting on the bank and watching Ralson making desperate and repeated efforts to recover the weapon. He was finally successful and exacted a cast iron promise from Robert not to inform the people at the post. A promise which Robert promptly broke.
  • It is to no purpose, continued he, watching the successful impression of his discourse, it is to no purpose to discuss the subject further. I perceive your indignation at the treacherous requital of your love, and your thoughts all aiming at a just revenge. Take your own course. Heed not in what relation to you your victim may stand: but convince the whole city that there is no earthly being whom you would not sacrifice to your honour.
  • This sounded practical, and the matter was dropped. The boys hurried up the valley, and presently came to the deer which Jerry had shot. It was a fine, plump animal, and lay in the very center of the salt lick. Two minutes later they reached the spot where the successful hunt had been planned.
  • Within the town, merchants lived in wooden houses thatched with palm leaves. It must have been a quaint sight to see Vasco da Gama, accompanied by thirteen of his Portuguese, waving the flag of their country, carried shoulder high through the densely crowded streets of Calicut on his way to the chief temple and on to the palace of the King. Roofs and windows were thronged with eager spectators anxious to see these Europeans from so far a country. Many a scuffle took place outside the palace gates; knives were brandished, and men were injured before the successful explorer reached the King of Calicut.
  • About the same time Hiram Dobbs came along, ambitious to change his farm life for an aviation career, and secured work helping about the grounds. Mr. King sent Dave to Grimshaw for training. The Interstate Aeroplane Co. wanted to exhibit its Baby Racer, a novel biplane. Dave made a successful demonstration, and won the admiration and good will of the company.
  • "Well I believe in you and Im sure your store is going to be very successful Maeve. You have this amazing ability to make things happen!"
  • Conclusion: images show a decline in both cellular energetics and proliferative rate after successful chemotherapy.
  • These had not been attacked during their absence, although a scattered musketry fire had been kept up upon them until dark. To this they replied vigorously, and the guns had done good service to the square while on its march by keeping up a shell fire upon any bodies of the enemy that could be made out on the eminences near it. The garrison had suffered great suspense after the square had disappeared from their sight, for they could see large bodies of men hurrying in that direction, and their anxiety was great when the sudden outburst of musketry told them that the square was attacked. What the issue of the fight had been they knew not, but their hopes that the Arabs had been defeated increased as time went on and no attack was made upon themselves, for had the enemy been successful they would speedily have poured down to the attack of the feebly-defended baggage.
  • The successful groups have all moved on - to early burnout, violent feuds or tax exile.
  • Apparently the young pilot of the new aircraft was filled with exultation over his successful start. He sent the biplane swiftly around in eccentric circles, as though testing its ability in various lines. Now he shot upward as if intending to mount like an eagle in gigantic circles until among the fleecy clouds that floated overhead. Then he would volplane downward at dazzling speed, to resume a horizontal flight when close to the earth.
  • Most of the Williamses' missionary work, and their delivery of a cultural message, was very successful and they became famed in Congregational circles. However, in November 1839, while visiting a part of the New Hebrides where John Williams was unknown, he and fellow missionary James Harris were killed and eaten by cannibals on the island of Erromango during an attempt to bring them the Gospel. A memorial stone was erected on the island of Rarotonga in 1839 and is still there. Mrs. Williams died in June 1852. She is buried with their son Rev Samuel Tamatoa Williams, who was born in the New Hebrides, at the old Cedar Circle in London's Abney Park Cemetery; the name of her husband and the record of his death were placed on the most prominent side of the stone monument.
  • Well, your Calydonian Hunt was more successful than you expected, said Uncle Teddy, "for now you will really have the antlers as a trophy instead of just seeing the moose. If only all big game hunting were so easy!"
  • The three elves turned as Mappel ended his instruction. Lief and Holli moved with the same resolve that brought them to this point, but a thread of gloom hung ever so slightly upon their faces. Some of their spark had faded, and even Holli's eyes revealed a hint of weariness. She attempted to swallow this gloom and fatigue when she again faced the entire group. She was only marginally successful.
  • It proved highly successful and was also taken up by local housewives as a sewing thread superior to the older linen thread.
  • We were successful the first day in running down a young deer, with which we returned to the camp. As we approached, what was my surprise to hear the sound of a fiddle! Surely those tones could be produced by no one but Mike Laffan! Could he have escaped? There, sure enough, as we rode up to the lodges, was Mike himself, standing in the midst of a group of Indians; while he was fiddling away with might and main, they were dancing to the best of their ability, and keeping very good time too.
  • The forerunner of the DSN was established in January 1958, when JPL, then under contract to the U.S. Army, deployed portable radio tracking stations in Nigeria, Singapore, and California to receive telemetry and plot the orbit of the Army-launched Explorer 1, the first successful U.S. satellite. NASA was officially established on October 1, 1958, to consolidate the separately developing space-exploration programs of the US Army, US Navy, and US Air Force into one civilian organization.
  • You see, John was nearing 50 and had three children and a mortgage and had recently decided to chuck it all in and begin again as an actor in California. He was actually on his way to a used car place to turn in the minivan in the hopes of getting a vehicle that would better express his new outlook. At that point he would throw the luggage from the former into the trunk of the latter and make his escape with nobody the wiser. Lurking somewhere out there, he believed, was a dinner theater one man short of a successful production.
  • The sand giants within the palace sensed the growing threat of the cliff behemoths. They understood that the newly arrived titans planned to prevent the successful completion of their mission. The queen within the structure would have to wait as the behemoths became the primary danger. The algor protectors went back to the streets to deal with this new menace. They did not return.
  • I'll do my best, Mr Harry, and I pray that you may have a successful voyage, and when you return find all things going on well, he said, as he shook hands with us all.
  • This accredited short course covers the skills required to be a successful and creative fundraising all-rounder.
  • A wide array of sports are played in Armenia, the most popular among them being wrestling, weightlifting, judo, association football, chess, and boxing. Armenia's mountainous terrain provides great opportunities for the practice of sports like skiing and climbing. Being a landlocked country, water sports can only be practiced on lakes, notably Lake Sevan. Competitively, Armenia has been successful in chess, weightlifting and wrestling at the international level. Armenia is also an active member of the international sports community, with full membership in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). It also hosts the Pan-Armenian Games.
  • Teachyou taught the lesson prepared how successful was it, did you achieve your objective of raising an equal opportunities issue?
  • The successful tests confirm the commercial viability of ev-do revision a for powering next-generation broadband wireless services.
  • "I hope that Im as successful as you are," Todd had gushed before gulping half the drink and handing it to Edgar. Unfortunately, hed forgottenonce againto ask for a decaffeinated beverage.
  • There was a fair amount left after they had done, and this was carefully tied up ready for taking with them if they were successful that night. After this there was nothing more to be done but to wait till darkness fell, and they sat back watching while the sentry was again changed, when the fresh man visited the wagon, to climb in, look carefully round, and eye them suspiciously before returning to his post.
  • In spite of the fact that only in one instance had such a raid resulted in any serious damage, the British Admiralty had been roundly censured. Germany's policy of "whittling down" the British fleet, so that the Germans could give battle on even terms, while by no means successful thus far, had nevertheless considerably reduced the size of the English navy.
  • That they should beg the turnkey to let them have another old umbrella to work at by way of recreation, as the sack-making was rather monotonous; that, if they should be successful in prevailing on him to grant their request, they should work at the umbrella very slowly, so as to give them time to carry out their plan, which was to form a sort of parachute by adding sail-cloth round the margin of the umbrella so as to extend it to twice its circumference. After it should be finished they were to seize a fitting opportunity, cut the bars of their window, and, with the machine, leap down into the yard below.
  • He put the picture above the linen chest, where it had a 180 view of the front door, living, room, dining room, kitchen and back door. The den was out of sight thru the kitchen but you had to pass it to get there. Anyone using the stairs to another level had to pass it. It had pride of place. Everyone would see it, anytime they went anywhere in the house. They would be reminded how successful Mom's eldest was, and would subconsciously affirm his right to rule the family fortunes.
  • Weaken the yen: That has been a desperate plea by the captains of Japanese industry for years as the strong currency has hurt such exporters as Sony (SNE) and Toyota (TM). Reversing the yens rise was a major goal of Liberal Democratic Party leader Shinzo Abe during his successful campaign against incumbent Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda last month.
  • Sprinklers use this section to find out more about how sprinkler installations have been successful in safeguarding commercial buildings.
  • Joe Blunt usually was the foremost and always the most successful of the hunters. He was therefore seldom seen on the march except at the hour of starting, and at night when he came back leading his horse, which always groaned under its heavy load of meat, Henri, being a hearty, jovial soul and fond of society, usually kept with the main body. As for Dick, he was everywhere at once, at least as much so as it is possible for human nature to be! His horse never wearied; it seemed to delight in going at full speed; no other horse in the troop could come near Charlie, and Dick indulged him by appearing now at the front, now at the rear, anon in the centre, and frequently nowhere!--having gone off with Crusoe, like a flash of lightning, after a buffalo or a deer. Dick soon proved himself to be the best hunter of the party, and it was not long before he fulfilled his promise to Crusoe, and decorated his neck with a collar of grizzly bear claws.
  • The men belonging to the fort had been successful in extinguishing the flames, though the whole front was either in ruins or presented a fearfully shattered and blackened appearance.
  • While lovely Nepeese was still shuddering over her thrilling experience under the rock--while Pierrot still offered grateful thanks in his prayers for her deliverance and Baree was becoming more and more a fixture at the beaver pond--Bush McTaggart was perfecting a little scheme of his own up at Post Lac Bain, about forty miles north and west. McTaggart had been factor at Lac Bain for seven years. In the company's books down in Winnipeg he was counted a remarkably successful man. The expense of his post was below the average, and his semiannual report of furs always ranked among the first. After his name, kept on file in the main office, was one notation which said: "Gets more out of a dollar than any other man north of God's Lake."
  • "You will give me another, which I will try to grow here in my cell, and which will help me to beguile those long weary hours when I cannot see you. I confess to you I have very little hope for the latter one, and I look beforehand on this unfortunate bulb as sacrificed to my selfishness. However, the sun sometimes visits me. I will, besides, try to convert everything into an artificial help, even the heat and the ashes of my pipe, and lastly, we, or rather you, will keep in reserve the third sucker as our last resource, in case our first two experiments should prove a failure. In this manner, my dear Rosa, it is impossible that we should not succeed in gaining the hundred thousand guilders for your marriage portion; and how dearly shall we enjoy that supreme happiness of seeing our work brought to a successful issue!"
  • JPMorgan, the largest U.S. bank by assets, has been the most successful of its peers in attracting money to its investment unit, despite returns lower than Goldman Sachss. Thats partly because New York-based JPMorgan has courted financial advisers and opened hedge-fund-like products that appealed to investors fleeing stock funds. The company also invested in the business as others pulled back.
  • Hence, a degree in the biological sciences is an excellent springboard to a successful future career in a wide range of fields.
  • Audit senior 40000 central london permanent 15-jul-2006 00:00 we are looking for audit seniors to join our successful london office.
  • I do. These great steel forts are practically impregnable. They can successfully withstand the fire of the big German guns for weeks; and for the Germans to try and take them by storm will mean annihilation. But a successful charge would put the city proper into their hands.
  • A year later, Darnay makes a moderate living as a French teacher in London. He visits Doctor Manette and admits his love for Lucie. He honors Manettes special relationship with his daughter, assuring him that his own love for Lucie will in no way disturb that bond. Manette applauds Darnay for speaking so "feelingly and so manfully" and asks if he seeks a promise from him. Darnay asks Manette to promise to vouch for what he has said, for the true nature of his love, should Lucie ever ask. Manette promises as much. Wanting to be worthy of his confidence, Darnay attempts to tell Manette his real name, confessing that it is not Darnay. Manette stops him short, making him promise to reveal his name only if he proves successful in his courtship. He will hear Darnays secret on his wedding day. Hours later, after Darnay has left, Lucie hears her father cobbling away at his shoemakers bench. Frightened by his relapse, she watches him as he sleeps that night.
  • We arranged a code of signals, and agreed that if either party were successful the other should be notified and the descent made only when all had come together. After dividing the provisions we made our adieus and separated, not knowing when we should see one another again.
  • He enjoys particularly successful appearances in rome, where he has had a rapturous reception annually for the past five years.
  • On the morrow, from the justices' private room, where none could see me, I heard the verdict given in and judgment rendered upon James. The Duke's words I am quite sure I have correctly; and since that famous passage has been made a subject of dispute, I may as well commemorate my version. Having referred to the year '45, the chief of the Campbells, sitting as Justice-General upon the bench, thus addressed the unfortunate Stewart before him: "If you had been successful in that rebellion, you might have been giving the law where you have now received the judgment of it; we, who are this day your judges, might have been tried before one of your mock courts of judicature; and then you might have been satiated with the blood of any name or clan to which you had an aversion."
  • Something had to give; either Sam would let his guard down and be true to himself, or he would prepare for another long winter, alone. The real trick was figuring out how he could be true to himself. What the hell did Sam need? What type of woman could domesticate the untamable beast? The only woman that was somewhat successful at keeping Sam in line was his mother. It hit me, sitting there that afternoon with Sam that he had to marry his mother. While the thought of that happening makes my stomach turn like a tornado, it was exactly the medicine he needed. The spark that my ex-wife Nina ignited had now turned into a full-scale blaze of fire.
  • The sentiment which promises to save the Sequoia is due to the spread of knowledge regarding this wonderful tree, largely through the efforts of the Division of Forestry. In the official chronology of the United States Geological Survey--which is no more nor less reliable than that of other geological surveys, because all are alike mere approximations to the truth--the Sequoia was a well developed race 10,000,000 of years ago. It became one of a large family, including fourteen genera. The master genus--the _Sequoia_--alone includes thirty extinct species. It was distributed in past times through Canada, Alaska, Greenland, British Columbia, across Siberia, and down into southern Europe. The Ice Age, and perhaps competition with other trees more successful in seeding down, are responsible for the fact that there are now only two living species--the "red wood," or _Sequoia sempervirens_, and the giant, or Sequoia gigantea. The last refuge of the gigantea is in ten isolated groves, in some of which the tree is reproducing itself, while in others it has ceased to reproduce.
  • He did not mention that the way he was "in it" was to try to swindle a diamond merchant out of some precious stones, in which he was partly successful.
  • The two living non-archosaurian reptile taxa, testudines (turtles) and lepidosaurs (snakes, lizards, and amphisbaenians (worm lizards)), along with choristoderes (semi-aquatic archosauromorphs that died out in the early Miocene), survived through the KT boundary. Over 80% of Cretaceous turtle species passed through the KT boundary. Additionally, all six turtle families in existence at the end of the Cretaceous survived into the Tertiary and are represented by current species. Living lepidosaurs include Rhynchocephalia (tuataras) and Squamata. The Rhynchocephalia were a widespread and relatively successful group of lepidosaurs in the early Mesozoic, but began to decline by the mid-Cretaceous. They are represented today by a single genus located exclusively in New Zealand.
  • "I am sure I don't understand why you fail to mention Herr Crippen, child, who is to have a room here with us and teach his pupils in our big drawing room. I am glad he has been so successful with his music pupils that he is able to give Esther the advantage of studying in New York. I wish you did not have such a ridiculous prejudice against him. Indeed, my dear, I have a very strong reason for insisting that you be kind to him.
  • Upon the following morning we started on our shooting expedition, the party consisting of myself, my servant Scowl, who, as I think I said, hailed from the Cape and was half a Hottentot; Saduko; the merry old Zulu, Umbezi, and a number of his men to serve as bearers and beaters. It proved a very successful trip--that is, until the end of it--for in those days the game in this part of the country was extremely plentiful. Before the end of the second week I killed four elephants, two of them with large tusks, while Saduko, who soon developed into a very fair shot, bagged another with the double-barrelled gun that I had promised him. Also, Umbezi--how, I have never discovered, for the thing partook of the nature of a miracle--managed to slay an elephant cow with fair ivories, using the old rifle that went off at half-cock.
  • Yes, I think she's as successful on the waves as he was in the clouds, agreed Dick, as he looked at a speed-measuring gage. "We're hitting up forty miles an hour right now."
  • If I am successful in my search perhaps I'll return to Oak Hall before a great while, continued Dave. "In the meantime I trust you all have good times, and that you may have no more trouble with our enemies. More than this, as I expect to be away during the holidays, I wish each one a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
  • The specimen of the species of Helix I have above mentioned was found by Mr. Dring, one of our most successful collectors in that department. In the Appendix are figured some of the new shells discovered during the voyage.
  • Just because you know and enjoy sewing does not translate into a successful business.
  • How lucky for Dr. Sock. At least hed get a look at a successful supervillain before he died. Somebody whod actually made something of the name.
  • The corroboree was, perhaps, the greatest institution known to the blacks, who, obliged to do no real work, as we understand it, simply had to pass the time somehow; and there can be no doubt that, were it not for the constant feuds and consequent incessant wars, the race would greatly deteriorate. The corroboree after a successful battle commenced with a cannibal feast off the bodies of fallen foes, and it would be kept up for several days on end, the braves lying down to sleep near the fire towards morning, and renewing the festivities about noon next day. The chiefs on these occasions decked themselves with gorgeous cockatoo feathers, and painted their bodies with red and yellow ochre and other glaring pigments, each tribe having its own distinguishing marks. A couple of hours were generally spent in dressing and preparing for the ceremony, and then the gaily-decorated fighting-men would dance or squat round the fires and chant monotonous songs, telling of all their own achievements and valour, and the extraordinary sights they had seen in their travels.
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