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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛsfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. başarılı, muvaffakıyetli.

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  • Exactly. And what a quagmire a properly experienced lady may lead a man into if she so wills! This particular experiment suggested by the Baroness is singularly successful in the enslaving of the eager, and it has the great merit of permitting the willing horse to do all the work. The lover can moon and rhapsodise at a safe distance, and it makes not a pennyworth of difference to him whether the mistress moons and rhapsodises also, or whether she is engaged in a flirtation through another telepathic line, or whether she has a score of different lines converging upon her all at once.
  • By 1804, a Great Britain designed the first successful glider that could carry a man. Sir George Cayley is known as the Father of Aerodynamics, discovering and identifying the forces found in flightdrag, thrust, lift and weight. He is credited with the first break-through in "heavier-than-flight" aircraft and diagrammed the elements of vertical flight.
  • The fact that the old designs were successful lends weight to the usefulness of the design assumptions.
  • Iceberg internet provides successful e-commerce websites for clients in a variety of industry sectors.
  • Very well. Then as I promised the Mayor and Preacher Roy, I will look into the matter. But, as I told them, the chances of our being successful are slim to none. You need to know that going in. If I find there is even the slightest chance of coming up with a viable plan that will keep this plant and your jobs here, I will let you know as soon as possible. Now, other than you selecting those from amongst your group who can best assist me and my two associates here in gathering the data necessary for us to make a decision, I suggest we all get to the regular business of the day. Any questions?
  • But enough men from other places were hired to run the ranch, and matters were shaping themselves nicely. Bud sent word home that in spite of the sensational stories, and the one or two strange happenings the boys had themselves experienced, it looked as if the proposition would be a successful and paying one. Fah Moo was a jewel of a cook and there was soon established quite a happy little family at Dot and Dash.
  • The company is also introducing several additions to its successful lineup of bath toys.
  • France, under the Directory, had commenced a career of unwarrantable conquest, for the simple purpose of self-aggrandisement, and her great general, Bonaparte, had begun that course of successful warfare in which he displayed those brilliant talents which won for him an empire, constituted him, in the ordinary acceptation of the word, a hero, and advanced France to a high position of tyrannical power. But brilliant talents and success could not free him from the charge of being a wholesale murderer.
  • A rigger can upgrade to an advanced rigger after two years and a successful exam course.
  • Olaf and Sandy McCormick and Sandy's wife were in the cabin when he returned at midnight. He was exhausted. Seven months in the States had softened him, he explained. He did not inquire how successful the others had been. He knew. The woman's eyes told him, the almost mothering eagerness in them when he came through the door. She had coffee and food ready for him, and he forced himself to eat. Sandy gave a report of what he had done, and Olaf smoked his pipe and tried to speak cheerfully of the splendid weather that was coming tomorrow. Not one of them spoke of Mary Standish.
  • To us youngsters who had come expecting to aid in a successful defense of the city, this kind of talk was not particularly cheerful, and I would have welcomed any change in the conversation; but Bill Jepson had used his eyes to good advantage during the short stay in Washington, and was determined that we should receive the benefit of what he had seen and heard.
  • The carriage which was to take Violet Oliver and her friends back to their camp had been parked amongst those farthest from the door. Violet stood for a long while under the awning, waiting while the interminable procession went by. The generals in their scarlet coats, the ladies in their satin gowns, the great officers of state attended by their escorts, the native princes, mounted into their carriages and were driven away. The ceremony and the reception which followed it had been markedly successful even in that land of ceremonies and magnificence. The voices about her told her so as they spoke of this or that splendour and recalled the picturesque figures which had given colour to the scene. But the laughter, the praise, the very tones of enjoyment had to her a heartless ring. She watched the pageantry of the great Indian Administration dissolve, and was blind to its glitter and conscious only of its ruthlessness.
  • This story tells how four sisters, left alone in the world, went to London to seek their fortunes. They had between them 400, and this they resolved to spend on training themselves for the different careers for which they were severally most fitted. On their limited means this was hard work, but their courageous experiment was on the whole very successful.
  • As he neared his tent, he looked up at the stars, brilliant even through the lingering evening smoke from the cooking fires, and mused about Jadar. The rebel prince would soon be facing Inayat Latif, just recalled to Agra two months earlier after a brutally successful campaign in Bengal extending the Imperial frontier against local Hindu chieftains. Inayat Latif was a fifty-five-year-old veteran commander who revered the Moghul and would do anything in his power to protect him. Although he had made no secret of his dislike of the "Persian junta," he shared their common alarm at the threat of Jadars rebellion. It was Arangbar he would be fighting to defend, not the queen.
  • Sensational journalism " which had been successful in regard to the navy.
  • Nationality regulations nationalities of successful applicants are restricted mainly to eu member states or associated states ( with possible exceptions ).
  • Now they were closing in. The hydroplane round-up was being carried out in what seemed to be a successful manner; and if all went well during the next few minutes the drifting fugitives would be hauled aboard by Andy, who stood ready to act the part of gallant rescuer to the king's taste.
  • Jack the Boy had rushed into Bluebeards office on board the Merry Martin in a hurry. He had forgotten to knock, which was pirate custom (for the Captain could have been in the middle of some secret or important business), so Bluebeard was naturally annoyed. And drunk. He was on his third bottle of Whiskey that day in celebration of a recent successful raid. They had stolen into a Scottish village under the cover of darkness and taken whatever pleased them: gold, jewellery, wood, whiskey. Mainly whiskey. Most of the crew were now lolling about the deck, unconscious, and most of the whiskey was gone.
  • "We divvy up the pay and have ourselves a good time," Dexter said, grinning. It had been three successful jobs for them, following the double cross and run in with the pirates. Of course that had been successful too, Dexter figured, because Rosh had joined his crew and he seemed to be worth his weight in gold.
  • Incidentally the leader had found that the little bank at Buffalo Center had its safe loaded with the sum of ten thousand dollars, which had been placed therein for the convenience of a certain wheat buyer in making some deals. This being rather in the line of work in which he had been most successful the leader had decided to relieve this congestion of cash and had so notified Mr. Jervice as soon as they met.
  • Chief Operating Officer Joe Margolis has spent the last 20 years operating the successful Margolis Bakery. Joe will be immersed in the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, including sourcing ingredients from the Long Island-based, Salt of the Earth food distributorship.
  • She certainly was thorough and began to wash my pubic hair as well. I laid there part intoxicated, part aroused and just let it happen. She had a zip at the front of her dress and zipped it off. She was naked underneath and a light bulb went off, I understood what the curtain was for. A strange, unique front but am guessing a successful one.
  • "Sergeant Wolffang's trip was successful in several ways. Because the ship had come and gone by the time they arrived in Oliman, they were able to trade the weapons for much more than they had expected. When the Town Leader explained their plight to the Town Leader of Oliman both agreed that the outlanders represented a threat to their way of life. Each agreed to cease trade with the outlanders and to send envoys to other coastal towns and villages to warn them. They also agreed that, should the decision cause conflict, each would support the other."
  • Oh, come now, Roger, old fellow, you must not think like that! answered Harry. "Now that they have seen that we know they watch us, they may not attempt it again; and they would surely not do very much to us for a little thing like that. Besides, it is intolerable to think that we are being spied upon all day long, and that whatever we do or say is known. There would be absolutely no chance whatever of our making a successful attempt to escape at any time if we had not closed the hole. At any rate, it is done now, and it is no good our worrying over it; we must just wait and see what happens. If they are going to make a fresh place of observation, or punish us for what we have done, they will not defer it long; so to-day will, in my opinion, decide the matter. Meanwhile we must wait; and, while we are unobserved, we had better make the most of our time."
  • If I am successful in my search perhaps I'll return to Oak Hall before a great while, continued Dave. "In the meantime I trust you all have good times, and that you may have no more trouble with our enemies. More than this, as I expect to be away during the holidays, I wish each one a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
  • "Ya, okay. I don't think Greta is home yet either. She and lover boy must be in Wilmet yet." Brad added. He was successful in getting the result he had expected. Even in the dim glow of the feeble yellow dome light he saw his father's jaw muscles tighten. Bringing up Greta's boy friend was a touchy thing in the Burgess household and would always provoke some kind of reaction. Brad hated his sister's grimy lover Edgar, and put him down every chance he got.
  • "So how do I ensure that you do not show up, either alive or dead, and embarrass me at an inopportune moment? Well you just have to disappear. Do you know how hard that is in a foreign country? If I just kill and bury you someone's likely to notice the fresh turned earth and dig you up. I cannot imprison you in town, it would be impossible to convince anyone that you are waging a successful war while my prisoner. If I could figure a way to row you out to sea and drop you over with an anchor tied to you I would, but I would have to pass through the heart of town and too many people would notice the bundle and wonder what, or who, it could be."
  • The Professor smiled broadly and set the bottle on the ground. "Good man. I always thought you had it in you." Only the Professor would say that, bless him. Most vagrants resented a successful attempt to stop drinking, on the grounds that there's nothing worse than somebody trying to act superior.
  • The old man turned from the window. "Eli Thurman is the reason this company has been so successful in our interface pursuits. Eli Thurman combined the needed theories to produce the science that allowed us to build the prototype. Eli Thurman is unmatched in his understanding of quantum dynamics and Tesla's works. Aside from his moral objections to some of the things we do around here, Eli Thurman could advance this company into the next century with the knowledge he possesses." The old man walked over and sat in his chair. "With the combined talents of the head of the interface lab and Thurman on board, we would finally be able to change the recovery of the project into the termination of the project and eliminate those who perpetrated its theft. We would be able to produce what we have been trying to craft for almost the last decade. So in answer to your question, yes, we believe that Thurman has that ability. Gentlemen, I believe that will be all for today. Please file your reports with your respective division heads."
  • Several rose sniggers later and the tally was: successful shots 2, prematurely ejaculated bulbs 4, and burnt fingers.
  • India remains committed to working for the successful conclusion of her security dialog with key interlocutors on the ctbt.
  • And in this hope he is not deceived or disappointed, but successful beyond his most sanguine expectations. For he at length obtains a clue, not only to the insubordination of the sailors, but all else that has been puzzling him.
  • In the present case, however, the "Pierce" gun was in the hands of a man by no means nervous, and above criticism or blame in case of failure. So when he sailed in to the attack, and delivered his "swashing blow," the report of the gun was immediately heard, proving conclusively that a successful stroke had been made.
  • Soon after my return from Young's Point, General Grant crossed the Mississippi at Grand Gulf, and made his daring and successful movement to attain the rear of Vicksburg. Starting with a force less than the one his opponent could bring against him, he cut loose from his communications and succeeded in severing the enemy's line of supplies. From Grand Gulf to Jackson, and from Jackson to the rear of Vicksburg, was a series of brilliant marches and brilliant victories. Once seated where he had his antagonist's army inclosed, General Grant opened his lines to the Yazoo, supplied himself with every thing desired, and pressed the siege at his leisure. With the fall of Vicksburg, and the fall, a few days later, of Port Hudson, "the Father of Waters went unvexed to the Sea."
  • After high school, Lance went to U of N in Lincoln where he played football and majored in management. After college, he tried working briefly for an insurance company in Omaha but loathed the tedium of it. A year later, he went back to school at the U of N in Omaha. There, he received an MS degree in criminal justice and, subsequently, a Ph.D. in information technology. Following grad school, he started a successful information systems security consulting business. He met David at a bar late one night. David turned out to be straight but they kept running into one another and eventually became friends.
  • I read a statement online claiming that the Tiger Woods affairs have increased female paranoia about their mates' fidelity. One "expert" (whom I'd love to kick in the testes) says that, to have a successful relationship, complete access must be granted; that means no secrets, no private emails, and no hidden phone call logs or text messages.
  • All the emotion was gone. All the excitement that used to bubble inside her at a successful shot had dissipated. Now she just waited, bouncing from target to target without a thought.
  • Jim Travers lived alone with his father, who was in fair circumstances. His mother had died in his infancy; and his only sister, Maggie, was his playmate for a few years longer, when she departed to join the loved one that had preceded her. The husband and father became a lonely and bowed man, whose years were far less than they seemed. Although a farmer in a small way, he committed the sad error of engaging in stock speculations, more with a view of diverting his mind from his gnawing grief than with the hope of bettering his fortune. It is hardly necessary to relate what followed. He was successful for a time, and improved his financial standing. He gladly welcomed Tom Gordon beneath his roof, for he knew his own boy could not have a playmate whose company would be more improving to him. Then Mr. Travers dipped more deeply into speculation. With brighter prospects than ever, there came the fateful hour in Wall Street, when every penny was swept from him.
  • The central bank has already started to ease its monetary policy to spur on growth in the Turkish economy without losing the gains of 2012. However, Turkey needs growth through structural reforms in the economy and strong political will. We have enough reasons to convince us that a higher growth level will be achieved in 2013. The especially recent and successful privatization of state assets, a countrywide urban renewal project along with expectations for new credit upgrades by international credit agencies are all stories that will be shaped in 2013.
  • Tom and Jack had their share of danger and glory during the week they were on duty following the receipt of the two pieces of news. They went up together and alone, and once, coming back from a successful trip over the enemy's lines, Tom's machine was struck by several missiles. His cheek was cut by one, and his metal stability control was severed so that his craft started to plunge.
  • He is a colleague of the count, and one of the most active opponents to the idea of providing the Chamber of Peers with a uniform. He was very successful upon that question. He stood badly with the Liberal papers, but his noble opposition to the wishes of the court is now getting him into favor with the journalists. They talk of making him an ambassador.
  • Fowler seems pleased that he has the opportunity to repeat what he thought was the most important point in this trial. "First, by ensuring that the proteins used in the test are as specific and unique as they can be to the agent you want to test for. Youve already heard that this was apparently not done for the HIV test. But you can never be 100% successful with that. So the second way is to dilute the blood sample from the patient youre testing to limit the number of antibodies that will react with the test kit."
  • England has hosted four Cricket World Cups (1975, 1979, 1983, 1999) and the ICC World Twenty20 in 2009. There are several domestic level competitions, including the County Championship in which Yorkshire are by far the most successful club having won the competition 31 times. Lord's Cricket Ground situated in London is sometimes referred to as the "Mecca of Cricket". William Penny Brookes was prominent in organising the format for the modern Olympic Games. London has hosted the Summer Olympic Games three times, in 1908, 1948, and 2012. England competes in the Commonwealth Games, held every four years. Sport England is the governing body responsible for distributing funds and providing strategic guidance for sporting activity in England. A Grand Prix is held at Silverstone.
  • "I was a merchant in London, and I had inherited a large fortune from my father, which I had more than doubled by successful trading. I was married to an English wife, a woman whose grace and beauty are faithfully reflected in her daughter"--
  • Vaynor sighed. "There have been a string of thefts from homes of the wealthy. With every successful theft, the reward money goes up and more hunters stream into the city. Whoever the thief is, he's very good."
  • Did hevel violate any known principle by being successful and gaining favor in the eyes of his maker?
  • Jer's face turned as he tried to picture it, still in awe of Drogan. Elryia saw his distaste and debated going further, but deep down she knew that it was better that he was prepared for these things. "There's more. Perticus has only been successful with those two, but he's had better luck with others, and created them more abundantly. We imagine it's because creatures he's made were so similar, drawing from the same lineage."
  • All the while he was sawing away as if his very life depended upon bringing the ordeal to a successful termination; and possibly Giraffe thought it did.
  • "What youre saying is that people are already testing Positive for HIV antibodiesthe very things an HIV vaccine would be designed to createbut an HIV-Positive test result is being interpreted completely differently for some reason; and if we want to produce a successful HIV vaccine, wed be trying to create antibodies to HIV, which already exist in these people and show up on the HIV tests."
  • Thoroughly disgusted, I left Alphonse to look after himself, which he did by following me like a shadow, and proceeded to join the others by the large entrance. The first thing that I saw was Mackenzie, seated on a stone with a handkerchief twisted round his thigh, from which he was bleeding freely, having, indeed, received a spear-thrust that passed right through it, and still holding in his hand his favourite carving knife now bent nearly double, from which I gathered that he had been successful in his rough and tumble with the Elmoran.
  • There would be more noughts on the end of a successful libel award than there are in the sri lankan telephone directory.
  • It is strange but true, that Diaz not only received no reward of any kind for this voyage which had been so successful, but he seemed to be treated rather as though he had disgraced himself, for he was not employed again for ten years. More than this the command of the expedition that was sent to double the cape which Diaz had discovered, was given to Vasco da Gama, and Diaz was only to accompany it to La Mina holding a subordinate position. He was to hear of the marvellous campaign of his successful rival in India, and to see what an effect such an event would have upon the destiny of his country.
  • In reaching this conclusion Ned assigned envy as the prime motive on the part of the Captain and his son. They had expected to be assigned the duty of searching the ocean floor for the wreck of the mail steamer. In their great disappointment nothing was more probable than that they had resolved to hamper the efforts of their successful rivals in every way.
  • "Because ever since HIV came along, it is considered unethical to run a study full-term that might have a negative impact on one of the two groups. The most famous example was the AZT drug trials, which were stopped when it was decided the trials were so successful that it was unethical to withhold AZT from anyone any longer. Of course, now we know the opposite was true, and that the AZT drug trials were a total farse. But the most recent example happened in Africa, where they were running a study about the so-called benefits of circumcision in preventing the transmission of HIV, and they even stopped that trial short, saying that the evidence was so overwhelming that they werent going to wait for the final outcome to start cutting on every African mans penis."
  • And in pilot projects throughout the country, the scheme had been successful in dealing with young thugs.
  • Perkyianne, do hope that you are feeling a bit perkier my dear and that the operation has proved successful and on the mend.
  • The rains just held off for a successful fireworks extravaganza by the derwent.
  • Well, then,"" continued, Captain Dreyfuss, ""I believe that by a quick and silent dash you may be able to board her. If You are successful in getting aboard, your first duty will be to prevent the firing of one of the big guns."
  • Kyoto nods. "And I can say that with certainty because of the successful lawsuits later filed against Ciba-Geigy, where this was proven."
  • He looked in the grinning faces of the homely youths, and made quite a successful effort to join their laughter (though precious little mirth was there in the essay), and then started back toward the lodge of Ogallah.
  • But here in Manator, when they play in the great arena with living men, that rule is altered, explained Lan-O. "When a warrior is moved to a square occupied by an opposing piece, the two battle to the death for possession of the square and the one that is successful advantages by the move. Each is caparisoned to simulate the piece he represents and in addition he wears that which indicates whether he be slave, a warrior serving a sentence, or a volunteer. If serving a sentence the number of games he must play is also indicated, and thus the one directing the moves knows which pieces to risk and which to conserve, and further than this, a man's chances are affected by the position that is assigned him for the game. Those whom they wish to die are always Panthans in the game, for the Panthan has the least chance of surviving."
  • Wilmington squeezed out some singles here and there, but it was never enough to drive in runs across the plate. Although Rube was successful at shutting the DRHs offense down, their gloves were an untouchable force.
  • When these had been duly admired Upton demanded that Sparrer tell his story, and this he did, sparing himself nothing. At the first mention of the black fox there was an eager leaning forward on the part of all his listeners, and when he told of the successful shot Hal whooped with joy.
  • Yes, I think she's as successful on the waves as he was in the clouds, agreed Dick, as he looked at a speed-measuring gage. "We're hitting up forty miles an hour right now."
  • Knee replacement is now also successful in bad cases ( see figure 11 ).
  • Before long, they reached the wider spaces of Regents Avenue, a good road with streetlamps, almost half of which were lit. Holder's torch hissed and faded now but it still shed a modicum of light. Here the buildings were spaced apart and surrounded by stone walls with sturdy gates. Although still not exactly a fashionable neighborhood, these homes were for successful businessmen who had made enough coin to move up a notch in the world. Separated from the others stood a building with no protective wall at all, only a low fence made of wooden slats painted white.
  • That night, instead of rejoicing in the camp of the buffalo runners after their successful hunt, there was uneasiness and gloom, for Duncan McKay lay in his tent dangerously wounded, and it was generally believed that the shot which laid him low had been fired not by accident, but with deliberate intent to kill.
  • Entry process with this years triathlon now gone, we are currently planning for another successful event in 2007.
  • Good morning, Ganimard, he said. And turning to the two companions, "Thank you, my friends, and all my congratulations on the successful result. Here's the reward I promised you."
  • And now messages filtered in from other parts of the field. The Belgians had been successful all along the line, with the exception of one point, which had permitted the Germans to enter the city of Lige. The losses of the Germans had been appalling; those of the Belgians comparatively light.
  • Only by setting an example of humility, obtained through fulfilling the commandments, can we ever hope to be successful missionaries.
  • Together, these colonists would build one of the most commercially successful realms in the british empire.
  • Well, your Calydonian Hunt was more successful than you expected, said Uncle Teddy, "for now you will really have the antlers as a trophy instead of just seeing the moose. If only all big game hunting were so easy!"
  • At any rate he proved to be a successful pilot on the present occasion, for in a short time they were passing through an abandoned grain field where the bees and butterflies were swarming about the many lavender colored flowers of the great clumps of thistles; and the smoke from the farmhouse kitchen arose just over a little knoll.
  • It provides a successful acute knee injury service for the local community and for tertiary referrals.
  • For many days his wanderings carried him in no one particular direction. He followed the hunting, living chiefly on rabbits and that simple-minded species of partridge known as the "fool hen." This diet, of course, was given variety by other things as they happened to come his way. Wild currants and raspberries were ripening, and Baree was fond of these. He also liked the bitter berries of the mountain ash, which, along with the soft balsam and spruce pitch which he licked with his tongue now and then, were good medicine for him. In shallow water he occasionally caught a fish. Now and then he hazarded a cautious battle with a porcupine, and if he was successful he feasted on the tenderest and most luscious of all the flesh that made up his menu.
  • Aga and range cooking a great course for those who wish to learn the delights of successful and innovative aga and range cooking a great course for those who wish to learn the delights of successful and innovative aga and range cooking.
  • I'll do my best, Mr Harry, and I pray that you may have a successful voyage, and when you return find all things going on well, he said, as he shook hands with us all.
  • Sometimes large parties would go out to try their skill at their sports of racing and shooting at a mark. Boone was always with them; he knew, however, that in trials of this kind the Indians were always jealous if they were beaten, and therefore he had to act very prudently. At racing, they could excel him; but at shooting, he was more than a match for any of them. Still, when the target was set up, he was always certain to be beaten. If he shot too well, they would be jealous and angry; if he shot badly, they would hold him in contempt: and therefore he would manage to make good shots, and yet never be the successful man. He knew too much of Indians not to conduct himself properly.
  • A neighbouring miner, who had offered to weigh the result for them, pronounced this first day's work as an unusually successful one, being, he said, a little over thirty-six pounds sterling.
  • There were many who could not understand why, if they were free, they should be restricted from going where they pleased at all times. I explained that it was necessary, for the successful management of the plantation, that I should always be able to rely upon them. I asked them to imagine my predicament if they should lose half their time, or go away altogether, in the busiest part of the season. They "saw the point" at once, and readily acknowledged the necessity of subordination.
  • Chasing a fish tail first with a slow boat was never too successful and head on, the point of meeting came quicker.
  • In the third year of his reign [512 B.C.] Ho Lu, king of Wu, took the field with Tzu-hsu [i.e. Wu Yuan] and Po P`ei, and attacked Ch`u. He captured the town of Shu and slew the two prince's sons who had formerly been generals of Wu. He was then meditating a descent on Ying [the capital]; but the general Sun Wu said: "The army is exhausted. It is not yet possible. We must wait".... [After further successful fighting,] "in the ninth year [506 B.C.], King Ho Lu addressed Wu Tzu-hsu and Sun Wu, saying: "Formerly, you declared that it was not yet possible for us to enter Ying. Is the time ripe now?" The two men replied: "Ch`u's general Tzu-ch`ang, [4] is grasping and covetous, and the princes of T`ang and Ts`ai both have a grudge against him. If Your Majesty has resolved to make a grand attack, you must win over T`ang and Ts`ai, and then you may succeed." Ho Lu followed this advice, [beat Ch`u in five pitched battles and marched into Ying.] [5]
  • In most patients, early discontinuation of the drug resulted in successful resolution of the symptoms, as was our experience.
  • For my own especial purpose, we had arranged a few additional signals by which I was to quickly "km" with headquarters. For instance, the important information that I had been successful in spreading the false information was to be known by a continuous repetition of the signals "sk, sk, sk," signifying successful.
  • "Yes, Your Honor." Messick agrees with herenough is enough. "Mr. Yamashuri, were you in fact successful in reproducing the virus we now call HIV in your lab?"
  • I was amazed at his knowledge of American literature. He knows Hamilton backwards, has read diligently about the life and times of Washington, and is familiar with Irving, Poe, Hawthorne and Emerson. One reason why he admires the first American President is because he was a farmer. Smuts knows as much about rotation of crops and successful chicken raising as he does about law and politics. He said:
  • Andy moved about, looking to see that all obstacles threatening to interfere with a successful launching were removed from in front of the waiting aeroplane.
  • Transaction, Relationship, Information, Partnership. The sequential development of a successful customer-supplier co-operation.
  • After all it was a mistake to suppose that men like these desperate rascals would allow themselves to feel anything like gratitude. Their instincts were brutal to the core, and they only knew the law of force. These boys and girls had plenty to eat, and they were far from satisfied. If further food was not forthcoming through voluntary means, they would just have to take things as they pleased. They could have nothing to fear from interruptions, in this lonely neighborhood; and as for these four half-grown boys putting up a successful fight against two such hardened characters as they were, was an absurdity that they did not allow to make any impression on them.
  • When the Fire-Men had in this fashion cleared the first tier of caves, they began making arrangements to duplicate the operation on the second tier of caves. It was while they were climbing up with their grass and wood, that Red-Eye, followed by his wife, with the baby holding to her tightly, made a successful flight up the cliff. The Fire-Men must have concluded that in the interval between the smoking-out operations we would remain in our caves; so that they were unprepared, and their arrows did not begin to fly till Red-Eye and his wife were well up the wall. When he reached the top, he turned about and glared down at them, roaring and beating his chest. They arched their arrows at him, and though he was untouched he fled on.
  • With eyes ready to start from her head, Religion with the rest bent forward to look. She saw, or thought she saw, in the curling gray cloud a woman's face. It seemed to take shape and expression, as she gazed, until it grew familiar. The forsaken woman, who had seen the face of a successful rival, sank heavily upon the floor. Some of the others screamed, some moaned and prayed. The cloud over the fire was repeated many times, and dissolving into fantastic shapes, pictured to the excited fancy of the others their enemies and distresses. At last the exhibition ended, and the visitors were sent from the room, and called in again, separately, to receive directions, medicines, and charms against further evil.
  • I don't create the workings of the universe, I only report them. Once it finds a successful method of distribution, why not repeat it?
  • And they had won through, but were now forced to stretch out on the ground and fight another battle--the battle for new strength and new energy that would carry them forward to the most terrific struggle of all. Yes, carry them forward to the struggle--and the successful completion of an almost impossible task.
  • In half an hour Akbar had sold three fourths of their stock and retained the best quarter for nothing. They, all aglow with pleasure at this successful close of their venture, watched the proceedings in patience until the Emperor approached them again. '
  • They continued their merry tour around the zoo. They became a variety of other animalsbutterflies, spider monkeys, reptiles, bits of graveland some people did not change at all, but retained their original shape. Levin was not amongst these. Chris was; he retained his identity, by accepting every event that occurred to him. Others were more like wind-buffered plants growing in weird shapes. They saw an otter during a split second before it vanished in the stony water. Other animals they were less successful in seeing.
  • Colburn turned, walked out of the office, thanked the women, and headed back to the receptionist area. His job was done. He was out of the building a minute later. It had been a hugely successful day for him and it was only 9:30 in the morning. He got in the rental car and headed back onto the highway. He was thinking he could get an earlier flight back to Atlanta, and maybe catch the Braves game on TV that night. He could also charge an extra one hundred dollars as he completed service of process to the named individual in the lawsuit. It was a standard fee. He knew that Frank Billings would be ecstatic, and wouldn't care about the extra fee when he heard the news and saw Callahan's signature on the papers.
  • Dr. johnson was also involved in the successful flotation of cat on the london stock exchange.
  • The icr " and her team are always very open and offer constructive suggestions which aid successful case handling.
  • "Ah, thats why you mentioned salt when we were riding around in the Camargue. It must have been a successful business."
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