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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛsfʊl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess·ful
Türü: sıfat


s. başarılı, muvaffakıyetli.

successful için örnek cümleler:

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  • He enjoys particularly successful appearances in rome, where he has had a rapturous reception annually for the past five years.
  • You must also be prepared to further develop the business and have a proven track record of successful sales.
  • In due time I reached Toronto, and there met the Missionary Secretaries, and obtained from them an outline of the work before me. Here it was my great joy to meet for the first time the Reverend Thomas Crosby, the energetic and successful Missionary from British Columbia, who has been wonderfully owned of God in his glorious work. Uncalled by any Church, but impelled by the good Spirit, shortly after his conversion he made his way to British Columbia at his own expense, and offered himself to one of the Missionaries there as a volunteer teacher among the poor, neglected Indians, who, uncared for by any one, were prowling around the cities and towns of that new Province, living lives of shame and sin. Great indeed was his success.
  • The successful groups have all moved on - to early burnout, violent feuds or tax exile.
  • "Abstract means that not everyone can see it. And if a person cant see something, it would leave an empty space. I think people had to fill in that gap with something they could understand. But Katie, this idea of waiting is not for us. Were just going to pay attention to what Jesus taught. And even though these abstract things are difficult to understand, well be successful by keeping everything very simple."
  • Players betting just corporate sponsorships sometimes successful medical by now the.
  • We came on the river over a steep bank covered with high reeds, and as a party of natives were distinctly audible below, myself, Mr. Forsyth, and Mr. Bynoe led the way. The natives crossed immediately, and were visible for a few moments through the foliage on the other side: however, they appeared but to wait in order to verify the astonishing report just brought in by their breathless countryman; for as the foremost of our party emerged from the tall reeds, our opposite neighbours slowly drew off, and were soon hid in the dense obscurity their position afforded. They had evidently examined our old fireplace very minutely, but the precaution taken to preserve the meat canister had luckily been successful.
  • Those institutions that recognize this and move their programs online will be successful and flourish. They will ensure job security for their faculty, find themselves able to reduce tuition, and extend access to underserved and under- represented students who need education to advance in their jobs, raise a family and provide a quality education for their own children.
  • She worked in summer school and Hofstra basketball camp to get back into the swing of things. Sarah Lindman grew up the youngest of four kids to Mike and Deidre Lindman. She had three older brothers that were athletes, so she really has no choice to either blend in or be left behind. Her eldest brother, Gary, was six years older and was an all-state lacrosse player. He went on to star at Syracuse University and has been a successful high school lacrosse coach since graduating.
  • This Koskinen fellow looked to be a big con artist, however successful his experiments. If they ended up in the past instead of being blown to Kingdom Come, Gephart for one would be staggered.
  • The courier announcing the successful issue of Bacon's campaign against the tribes of the Peninsula, which had so long disturbed the peace and tranquillity of the planters, was received with general manifestations of joy and expressions of gratitude to the youthful commander of the expedition.
  • He and Mudhead listened to the patter of laughter, near and distant, as families struggled with their Packets. Canopies began sprouting about them, clumsily as first, then with increasing efficiency. Rather than sit on their thumbs, the successful Afar rushed to help their neighbors; sometimes they were met with venomous stares or verbal threats. Vane thrilled at the way the Afars eyes lit up when confronted by an interesting challenge. He got the feeling that, even without instruction, theyd sooner or later assemble the parts correctly, like clever children around a Christmas tree. He bowed to his neighbors, and they all bowed back. Everyone contributed to erecting Mudheads Canopy.
  • Naved ali ( jackie shroff ), a successful media personality, takes him under his wing and suraj believes in him completely.
  • Provece adverts in shop windows and local papers, consider a leaflet drop which is proving very successful at the moment.
  • His host heard him through without a word, but towards the end of his story his face betrayed an interest, or rather an expectant anxiety, to hear what was coming next that no mere friendly concern of the moment for one less fortunate than himself could adequately account for. At length, when Arnold had completed his story with a brief but graphic description of the last successful trial of his model, he leant forward in his chair, and, fixing his dark, steady eyes on his guest's face, said in a voice from which every trace of his former good-humoured levity had vanished--
  • I read a statement online claiming that the Tiger Woods affairs have increased female paranoia about their mates' fidelity. One "expert" (whom I'd love to kick in the testes) says that, to have a successful relationship, complete access must be granted; that means no secrets, no private emails, and no hidden phone call logs or text messages.
  • Thus as he lay awake still pondering on the past, the present and the future, in the depths of Ree's heart of hearts there may have been a wish that he should become a successful man, wealthy perhaps, well to do certainly; but in any event, looked up to and respected.
  • Exactly. And what a quagmire a properly experienced lady may lead a man into if she so wills! This particular experiment suggested by the Baroness is singularly successful in the enslaving of the eager, and it has the great merit of permitting the willing horse to do all the work. The lover can moon and rhapsodise at a safe distance, and it makes not a pennyworth of difference to him whether the mistress moons and rhapsodises also, or whether she is engaged in a flirtation through another telepathic line, or whether she has a score of different lines converging upon her all at once.
  • Throughout the Soudan money is exceedingly scarce and the rate of interest exorbitant, varying, according to the securities, from thirty-six to eighty percent; this fact proves general poverty and dishonesty, and acts as a preventive to all improvement. So high and fatal a rate deters all honest enterprise, and the country must lie in ruin under such a system. The wild speculator borrows upon such terms, to rise suddenly like a rocket, or to fall like its exhausted stick. Thus, honest enterprise being impossible, dishonesty takes the lead, and a successful expedition to the White Nile is supposed to overcome all charges. There are two classes of White Nile traders, the one possessing capital, the other being penniless adventurers; the same system of operations is pursued by both, but that of the former will be evident from the description of the latter.
  • Matanda and Bembe had known each other from childhood in Ituri. Bembes father had been a successful businessman and Mobutu supporter, from whom Bembe inherited his considerable wealth. Bembe followed his fathers legacy as a supporter of Mobutu. When Mobutu was forced out, Bembe took his support into the bush leading a militia against the government in Kinshasa. An eventual peace agreement allowed him to leverage his political opposition into becoming vice president in the transitional government under a power sharing arrangement. While Bembe was in the bush it had fallen to Matanda to manage what remained of his commercial affairs. This he did while keeping his hands clean and maintaining his distance from Bembes adventures as a warlord. Tall lean and dignified, he was the self contained erudite compliment to Bembes effusive and capacious brashness,
  • In an accept action, the parser announces successful completion of parsing.
  • On the jetty itself a few anxious wives, mothers, and sisters stood eagerly scanning the sea of faces, in the almost hopeless endeavour to distinguish those for which they sought. Yet ever and anon an exclamation on the jetty, and an answering wave of an arm on the troop-ship, told that some at least of the anxious ones had been successful in the search.
  • At any rate he proved to be a successful pilot on the present occasion, for in a short time they were passing through an abandoned grain field where the bees and butterflies were swarming about the many lavender colored flowers of the great clumps of thistles; and the smoke from the farmhouse kitchen arose just over a little knoll.
  • A constitutional review mechanism has been used in other divided societies with mixed results. South Africa enacted an interim constitution in 1994, then two years later held a successful referendum on a final document considered the finest and most legitimate constitution in Africa.
  • "We have only encountered this situation once, its not wide-spread and we hope this doesnt get any worse," she said."The issue of guarantees is one of the most decisive factors for Spanish companies to be successful when expanding abroad. We could attack the market much more for railroad projects if we had more support in terms of guarantees."
  • Mr. Hornblow has made his novelization of an enormously successful play in a workmanlike manner. The story, like the play, belongs to this very minute. It is full of a spirit and a feeling that are in the air. It deals with subjects which much iteration has strongly impressed on the people, and its point of view is the most obvious. The novel is likely to have an enormous sale.
  • "And finally, the immune system creates an antibodya kind ofmemory chipthat remembers exactly what key was successful in breaking through this particular invaders defenses. The immune system will keep this antibody memory chip for the rest of its life to fight any future invasion by this same intruder. This is the basic theory behind the flu vaccines, or measles vaccine, or any other vaccine."
  • And well you may, added Constance, whose dignity of soul led her to appreciate, with as much judgment as enthusiasm, the extraordinary man who commanded the admiration, not only of England, but of Europe. "Well may you be proud of the most successful statesman, the most resolute general, the most useful Christian that ever governed a state. By his power he holds our enemies in subjection; and guides our friends by his wisdom. I am but a poor politician, yet, methinks, I could almost worship your father for the spirit and humanity with which he succours those poor persecuted Vaudois, who have kept their faith pure as the breath of their native valleys: when I think of this, even the conqueror is forgotten in the man."
  • I had received instructions from the Missionary Secretaries to visit Oxford Mission as soon as possible, and to do all I could for its upbuilding. This Mission had had a good measure of success in years gone by. A church and Mission house had been built at Jackson's Bay, and many of the Indians had been converted. But the village was too far from the Hudson's Bay Company's Post, where the Indians traded, and where naturally they gathered. For several years the work had been left in charge of a native teacher. The people regretted the absence of an ordained Missionary, and the place suffered accordingly. Making all the arrangements I could for the successful prosecution of the work in my absence, I left Norway House in a small canoe, manned by two of my Christian Indians, one of whom was my interpreter. With this wonderful little boat I was now to make my first intimate acquaintance.
  • Most of the Williamses' missionary work, and their delivery of a cultural message, was very successful and they became famed in Congregational circles. However, in November 1839, while visiting a part of the New Hebrides where John Williams was unknown, he and fellow missionary James Harris were killed and eaten by cannibals on the island of Erromango during an attempt to bring them the Gospel. A memorial stone was erected on the island of Rarotonga in 1839 and is still there. Mrs. Williams died in June 1852. She is buried with their son Rev Samuel Tamatoa Williams, who was born in the New Hebrides, at the old Cedar Circle in London's Abney Park Cemetery; the name of her husband and the record of his death were placed on the most prominent side of the stone monument.
  • Most people have an exaggerated idea of the number of bears on the Kadiak Islands. Personally I believe that they are too few ever to make shooting them popular. In fact, it was only by the hardest kind of careful and constant work that I was finally successful in bagging my first bear on Kadiak. When the salmon come it is not so difficult to get a shot, but this lying in wait at night by a salmon stream cannot compare with seeking out the game on the hills in the spring, and stalking it in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • Our business advisory guides contain information on all aspects of running a successful business.
  • In a number of colonial and semi colonial countries sections of the fourth international already exist and are making successful progress.
  • Yet a few survived, and their rifle bullets riddled the gas chambers of the big balloons, but these tiny perforations availed nothing. The French flyers who survived darted beyond the Zeppelins and withdrew. The attack had accomplished little, for, while some of the Austrian aeroplanes had been sent into the sea, the dirigibles were still intact. A mean for successful attack against these giants of the air had not been found.
  • Yes, there are to be several, spoke the colonel. "I heard something about the government offering a big prize for a successful trans-continental flight--from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but I know nothing of the details."
  • It was the most successful of the english medieval planned towns, rising in wealth above many an older town.
  • That they should beg the turnkey to let them have another old umbrella to work at by way of recreation, as the sack-making was rather monotonous; that, if they should be successful in prevailing on him to grant their request, they should work at the umbrella very slowly, so as to give them time to carry out their plan, which was to form a sort of parachute by adding sail-cloth round the margin of the umbrella so as to extend it to twice its circumference. After it should be finished they were to seize a fitting opportunity, cut the bars of their window, and, with the machine, leap down into the yard below.
  • In 1891, German Otto Lilienthal became the first person to make successful and well documented glider flights. His final flight killed him in 1896, after first breaking his spine in a fall.
  • It may be remarked here that the buffalo runners generally went on the credit system, trusting to a successful hunt to pay off their debts, and leave them supplied with food for the winter. But, then, most of these men were in earnest, and meant to pay off their debts loyally.
  • It was his last successful attempt at speech. Thereafter he babbled incoherently, pawing the air with shaking arms till a fresh convulsion stretched him on the floor.
  • This accredited short course covers the skills required to be a successful and creative fundraising all-rounder.
  • It took but a minute to get rid of the very fine fish he had sold, and then the uncommonly successful angler made his way out of the Washington Hotel through the side door.
  • "The problem is it can take one or two good men to cover for a bad one. We can't afford dissension in the ranks. I warn you now, Camwe might have to get rid of him sooner or later, if the jump is successful and he's truly unhappy as a result."
  • Recently there was a very successful this season with designer hipster briefs which sold phenomenally.
  • A decided thaw had been operating all that day, rendering the snow soft. If the mare had only known the advantage thus given to her, a successful effort at escape might have been made. When snow on the prairie is frozen with a hard crust on the surface, the light wolf can run easily on the top of it, while the heavy horse breaks through at every stride and is soon knocked up.
  • The sand giants within the palace sensed the growing threat of the cliff behemoths. They understood that the newly arrived titans planned to prevent the successful completion of their mission. The queen within the structure would have to wait as the behemoths became the primary danger. The algor protectors went back to the streets to deal with this new menace. They did not return.
  • In his last venture Asgeelo had been no more successful than before. Needle Island was now to the southwest, and Brandon thought that their only chance was to try farther over toward the west, where they had not yet explored.
  • If the camp is a large one it is usually customary to send an advance party several days ahead to erect the tents and get the camp in readiness for the larger party. The successful management of a camp depends very much upon placing the tents in such a position as to give plenty of room and yet be compact. When tents are scattered the difficulty of control is increased. The above diagram is a suggestion for the laying out of a camp which provides for room and control.
  • When the tackle was finally removed and the bridge platform settled into place and gave every indication of being safely propped up by the crib, the scouts gave a ringing cheer, for their efforts had been successful.
  • And every grain stood for a successful argument in favour of one or the other of the contestants--the pot to the right being for the Akasava, and that to the left for the Isisi.
  • The next day, when Glen announced the successful result of his efforts to Captain Winn, that officer informed him that he expected to be ordered East very shortly on special duty, when he would be willing to take charge of the Indian boy, and deliver him to Mr. Matherson in Brimfield. Nothing could have suited Glen's plans better; and he at once wrote a long letter to his adopted father, telling him of all that had happened, and begging him to receive the young Indian for his sake. He also wrote to Mr. Meadows and asked him to announce the coming of the stranger to the Brimfield boys.
  • His mind went back over the adventure of yesterday, if of yesterday it was. He was clear on the matter of the easily successful raid upon the Island of Barbados; every detail stood vividly in his memory up to the moment at which, returning aboard, he had stepped on to his own deck again. There memory abruptly and inexplicably ceased.
  • At the energies reached in current experiments, these strings are indistinguishable from point-like particles, but, crucially, different modes of oscillation of one and the same type of fundamental string appear as particles with different (electric and other) charges. In this way, string theory promises to be a unified description of all particles and interactions. The theory is successful in that one mode will always correspond to a graviton, the messenger particle of gravity; however, the price to pay are unusual features such as six extra dimensions of space in addition to the usual three for space and one for time.
  • In 1961 it performed one of the world's first radiolocations of the planet Venus. In June 1962 it performed the world's first successful radiolocation of the planet Mercury. In February 1963 it performed successful radiolocation of the planet Mars. In SeptemberOctober 1963 it performed successful radiolocation of the planet Jupiter.
  • Learning points amp has been an extremely successful project for impact arts for a number of reasons.
  • The proper and most successful time for hunting is in the latter days of November and the whole month of December. They are hunted again in March, but by that time the sun has bleached out the color of the hair, which causes a depreciation in value.
  • I'll do my best, Mr Harry, and I pray that you may have a successful voyage, and when you return find all things going on well, he said, as he shook hands with us all.
  • Today hitachi is even more successful in developing and providing high-end broadcast technology.
  • Word of mouth is unlikely in this case but publicizing the anonymous details of a successful web complainant might encourage others.
  • Refinement: noise suppression is not very successful in the four-cylinder diesel.
  • It was the weekend. Julie Sontag was at her boyfriend's house in Twin Brooks, fifteen miles west of Edmonton. Paul Kendrickson owned a small business distributing after-market car parts. He was a successful entrepreneur, and had a nice house in a gated community at the edge of town. It was a 3,500 square footMcMansion, with a big redwood deck off the back that faced the mountains.
  • But how utterly impossible to dream of doing anything like that now! Jack looked down to where, in the declining light of the sun, he could see that limitless sea of billowy water. How different indeed all might be were their airship a seaplane, capable of floating on the surface of the water and making a successful launch from it, just as a gull would do.
  • You permitted the strange noises which issue from her throat to please and soothe you, knowing well that their origin and purpose had nothing whatever to do with logic or the powers of reason. This in itself constitutes an unimpeachable indictment of weakness, Then, influenced doubtless by an illogical feeling of sentiment, you permitted her to walk abroad in the fields to a place where she was able to make an almost successful attmept to escape. Your own reasoning power, were it not defective, would convince you that you are unfit. The natural, and reasonable, consequence is destruction. Therefore you will be destroyed in such a way that the example will be beneficial to all other kaldanes of the swarm of Luud. In the meantime you will remain where you are.
  • It is not necessary that we should follow the varied fortunes of our hero and his friends, day by day, while they were engaged in digging for gold. Suffice it to say that sometimes they were fortunate, sometimes the reverse, but that on the whole, they were successful beyond the average of diggers, and became sanguine of making their fortunes in a short time.
  • New Orleans has a class of men peculiar to the South, whose business it is to sell cotton for the planters. These gentlemen are known as "factors," and, in former times, were numerous and successful.
  • A good and successful job brokerage will be far more than only a job placement company.
  • Things in the colony had at this time come to what may be styled a complicated pass, for distress and starvation were rampant on the one hand, while on the other hand the weather was superb, giving prospect at last of a successful harvest.
  • The authors claim to have extensive experience in implementing six sigma on successful business improvement projects.
  • Putin, who once described himself as "a successful product of Soviet patriotic education," has long displayed a penchant for reviving attributes of the USSR. He brought back the Soviet national anthem soon after he came to power 12 years ago. His pet project, the Eurasian economic community, has reunited the former Soviet republics of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in a customs union, and he is working hard to pull in Ukraine. His rhetoric on international issues, harassment of protest leaders, control of the national media and near-total renationalization of the energy sector all hark back to the Cold War era.
  • We were also very successful in generating a significant cash inflow which benefits the whole group.
  • Nevertheless Frank Allfrey did not like the life. Whatever else might arouse his ambition, he was evidently not one of those whose soul was set upon the acquisition of wealth. Although successful as a digger, and with more gold in his possession than he knew what to do with, he detested the dirty, laborious work of digging and dabbling in mud from morning till night. He began to see that, as far as the nature of his daily toil was concerned, he worked harder, and was worse off than the poorest navvy who did the dirtiest work in old England! He sighed for more congenial employment, meditated much over the subject, and finally resolved to give up gold-digging.
  • See how slowly things move forward here in heaven? The heavyweight gods are thousands of years old. A few lightweights pop up, last a few generations and are gone. And nothing much changes. Joe has his work cut out even trying to get us to drive rather than walk, or to shop in supermarkets. He's far more successful down in the other world, because they have shorter lifespans.
  • Bombastic shrugged. Jeremy had an answer, though: because Ed thought it would be fun. Whats the point of being a successful villainand Ed had more or less proven that he waswithout a few heroes to jam up the works? Especially since Ed had a city full of self-proclaimed, doped-up supervillains to throw at his nemeses?
  • A message from the Queen arrived while they were at dessert. Her Majesty offered her compliments to the two travellers, and expressed her wishes for their safe and successful journey. This, of course, rendered imperative fresh toasts to "Her most gracious Majesty."
  • After Reconstruction, the state began to receive more immigrants and migrants. Chinese, Italian, and Syrian men were recruited for farm labor in the developing Delta region. None of these nationalities stayed long at farm labor; the Chinese especially quickly became small merchants in towns around the Delta. Some early 20th century immigration included people from eastern Europe. Together, these immigrants made the Delta more diverse than the rest of the state. In the same years, some black migrants moved into the area because of opportunities to develop the bottomlands and own their own property. Many Chinese became such successful merchants in small towns that they were able to educate their children at college.
  • Billy tried to impress upon them how pleased he was. "You have devastated their economy and terrified the Empire. Because you occupied so many quads here, we've been successful elsewhere." They hadn't heard of the victories in the Pyrenees, the Alps, and in Russia, so Billy showed them clips from news agencies. From their looks, he could tell that they could not believe their ears. They especially didn't believe that he got Hulagu and Borte until he showed them the wand memories. They did not look pleased.
  • The name Peace River itself is the monument of a successful effort on the part of the Company to bring about a better understanding between the Crees and the Beavers.
  • He had caught a deep breath as he was drawn under, however, and this stood him in good stead. Calmly the lad reached for the large pocketknife he always carried, and with this, under water as he was, proceeded quietly to cut the sides of the craft sufficiently to allow him to escape. And in this he was successful.
  • I looked at my watch and saw that I needed to get back to work. "Sorry guys, but I got to get to work. If you have any interest in pursuing this idea further give me a call. I can put you in touch with professionals who can give you more details. Or, you personally might consult one of the more established financial consulting firms in Topeka or Wichita to get more information. This is a commonly used and successful stratagem which I'm surprised you're not familiar with, Mr. Olson."
  • The final result was a highly successful ( and profitable ) product, which rapidly outpaced competing products already on the market.
  • Oh, dry up!"" spluttered Uncle Ezra, who was now ""real mad"" as he admitted later. He and the lieutenant wheeled the machine back to have another try, and this time they were successful in getting up in the air. The aviator circled about and headed for Dankville, the airship having come down about three miles from Uncle Ezra's place."
  • Even in the free-and-easy atmosphere of a watering-place, she felt that she was excluded. She had discovered, as had also her mother, that Newport was too fashionable for the family of a New York retail storekeeper, however successful he may have been in disposing of his commodities. What her mother had just said was like the realisation of a vague vision already floating in her fancy; and the word "coronet" had more effect in spoiling the chances of Captain Maynard, than would have been the longest maternal lecture on any other text.
  • Bristol international airport had a successful season during the world cup, with security measures limiting the amount of recorded crime.
  • My grandfather had accepted his rectory at the same commutation that the former incumbent had enjoyed it; and, while the patron to whom he owed the presentation was living, he contented himself with his bargain as well as he could: but, soon after the accession of Squire Mowbray, considering that tie as no longer a clog to his conscience, he began to inquire very seriously into the real value of his first fruits and tythes, personal, predial, and mixed: that is, his great tythes and his small. The calculation inflamed his avarice, and he purchased and read all the books on the subject of tythes he could collect. Being fond of power, and having discovered (as he supposed) that the man who knows the most quirks in law has the greatest quantity of power over his simple and ignorant neighbours, he was a tolerably laborious and successful student of these quirks. I say, tolerably; for it seldom happens that the rector is the most industrious person in the parish.
  • Noughts on the end of a successful libel award than there are in the sri lankan telephone directory.
  • Aga and range cooking a great course for those who wish to learn the delights of successful and innovative aga and range cooking a great course for those who wish to learn the delights of successful and innovative aga and range cooking.
  • He retired after playing more than 500 career games, and became a successful hotelier in his native cumbria.
  • If I had gone into that miserable prison as a Union Spy, with the object of gathering information from an intimate association with the inmates, I could not have hoped to be as successful in this direction as I had been while I was acting as an involuntary Spy.
  • "I think, Bill, that you will have no trouble in learning to control a machine when your mother feels like releasing you from your promise. I knew of a fellow once who made a long and successful flight with no preparation at all other than what he had learned from books and observation."
  • Russia continued its territorial growth through the 17th century, which was the age of Cossacks. Cossacks were warriors organized into military communities, resembling pirates and pioneers of the New World. In 1648, the peasants of Ukraine joined the Zaporozhian Cossacks in rebellion against Poland-Lithuania during the Khmelnytsky Uprising, because of the social and religious oppression they suffered under Polish rule. In 1654 the Ukrainian leader, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, offered to place Ukraine under the protection of the Russian Tsar, Aleksey I. Aleksey's acceptance of this offer led to another Russo-Polish War (16541667). Finally, Ukraine was split along the Dnieper River, leaving the western part (or Right-bank Ukraine) under Polish rule and eastern part (Left-bank Ukraine and Kiev) under Russian. Later, in 167071 the Don Cossacks led by Stenka Razin initiated a major uprising in the Volga Region, but the Tsar's troops were successful in defeating the rebels.
  • "I was angry with it and moved everything around. Thanks for asking how I'm doing, by the way. Decor before daughter, that's gotta be a successful parenting technique."
  • A successful track record in electrical design and site test, commissioning and fault finding on rotating machines and controls.
  • The map he had procured at the United States Land Office in Detroit. He had set out with the scanty equipment just described for the purpose of "looking" a suitable bunch of pine in the northern peninsula, which, at that time, was practically untouched. Access to its interior could be obtained only on foot or by river. The South Shore Railroad was already engaged in pushing a way through the virgin forest, but it had as yet penetrated only as far as Seney; and after all, had been projected more with the idea of establishing a direct route to Duluth and the copper districts than to aid the lumber industry. Marquette, Menominee, and a few smaller places along the coast were lumbering near at home; but they shipped entirely by water. Although the rest of the peninsula also was finely wooded, a general impression obtained among the craft that it would prove too inaccessible for successful operation.
  • Jack, seeing how successful his comrade was, attacked the three giants who were striving to make him a captive. He succeeded in disposing of them, knocking one down so hard that the man was unable to rise until his companions helped him.
  • In august 2003, michelle was the inspiration behind a hugely successful fashion extravaganza, which helped raise
  • I can see that nature never intended you for a trapper, Owen, remarked Cuthbert, sagely; "for you have too much sympathy in your composition. I imagine a man has to harden himself to all such things before he can become a successful fur gatherer; but then it is necessary that there should be some people follow such an occupation, else what would all our lovely girls do for wraps? After all, the taking of furs does not compare in cruelty with the shooting of herons and other birds by the tens of thousands, just to pluck an egret or plume and toss the body away. That is a cruel deed that ought to make every woman blush who ever wears an egret on her hat or bonnet. But what you've been telling us is mighty interesting, do you know? I am determined to learn all I can about this strange business while here on the spot. Nothing like getting things at first hand. Are other animals taken in the same way?"
  • Bradley and Ben got to work at once. They had had their vacation, and were ready to settle down to business. They were stimulated to effort by the success of some of their fellow miners. Ben's next neighbor had already gathered nearly three thousand dollars' worth of gold-dust, and it was quite within the limits of probability that our young hero might be as successful.
  • As the morning advanced, Hans began to believe that the trackers had proved successful in their search. The spoor of the giraffes must have been found and followed, or they would have been back before then.
  • It organized trials of poliovirus and measle vaccines and more recently the very successful combined measles, mumps and rubella ( mmr ) vaccine.
  • As the road wound down into the valley, the way became a mixture of ancient asphalt and packed stones. There were trees here, healthy ones, and even some more or less successful fields. Almost the end of harvest time. Most of the wheat was already cut down and stacked, but every few minutes they passed a farmer loading a cart to go to the thresher's and maybe a mule or two. The people stopped what they were doing to eye the nomads as they rode by. Nasan felt her cheeks burn. It was all very respectable-looking: Freeholder City was a respectable city.
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