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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess
Ekler: suc·cess·es
Türü: isim


i. başarı, muvaffakiyet;
başarılı şey veya kimse.

success için örnek cümleler:

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  • He sighed and left.Apart from this the party was a great success and above all it opened doors to a new world to all of us.Mom introduced sneha to Mrs.singhania the top most designer in india.She was really impressed by sneha's work and they had a long chat.
  • On a crest of land overlooking and sloping gently down to the blue lakelet which Major Hester had named in honor of his wife, he erected a substantial blockhouse of squared timbers. Behind it were ranged a number of log outbuildings about three sides of a square, in the centre of which was dug a deep well. Having thus in a time of peace prepared for war, the proprietor began the improvement of his estate with such success that, within three years from the felling of the first tree, several acres of gloomy forest were replaced by smiling fields. A young orchard was in sturdy growth, a small herd of cattle found ample pasturage on the borders of the lake, and on all sides were evidences of thrift and plenty.
  • It seemed odd their two attacks had failed. Maybe they hadn't maybe those first two attacks were just the preamble. The journal's entries were clear about the sistersruthless methodical nature, why then would they act as wild monsters? Strange, something else might be influencing them. The only thing I didn't doubt was the success of their experiment, their aura of raw power was only matched by the terror they instilled. They'll be back.
  • Tonight’, said Pearl as they walked back up the tunnel. ‘I think we should all go back to the Nest Caf and celebrate the success of today. This could in fact have been one of the most important days of our lives, not only for us, but for the whole insect community’.
  • These gentlemen, none of whose names I remember, excepting Wm. L. Yancey, were so intent upon their success in thus "precipitating" the rebellion, that they took no notice of the innocent boy who was apparently so intent at that moment upon some interesting item in the paper, but I quietly gathered in all they had to say to each other, and at the first opportunity set about planning to make use of this information; but here I experienced, at the beginning of my career as a spy, the same unfortunate conditions that had so often baffled me and interfered with my success in the months and years following.
  • That Dick was proud and happy, and that Mr. Vardon and the chums of the young millionaire were pleased with the success of the airship, scarcely need be said. There was, for the first few moments, however such a thrill that scarcely any one of them could correctly analyze his feelings.
  • The publication of The Gremlins by Random House consisted of a 50,000 run for the U.S. market with Dahl ordering 50 copies for himself as promotional material, handing them out to everyone he knew, including Lord Halifax and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who read the book to her grandchildren. The book was considered an international success with 30,000 more sold in Australia but initial efforts to reprint the book were precluded by a wartime paper shortage. Reviewed in major publications, Dahl was considered a writer-of-note and his appearances in Hollywood to follow up with the film project were met with notices in Hedda Hopper's columns.
  • Some people might have been puzzled how to get the lines, but we were not to be defeated in our object. We procured them by cutting off a small portion of the two hobbles, which consisted of long strips of deer-hide, and plucking some hairs out of our horses' tails. The deer-hide we cut into thinner strips, which served for the upper part of the lines, while the lower were formed of the hair platted together. We thus in a short time had two good lines, to which we carefully secured the hooks. Having caught some grasshoppers, we determined to try them for bait; while our spears served us for fishing-rods. Hunger made us keen sportsmen, and never had I felt so anxious for success.
  • They made fairly good progress, considering the difficulties before them and the darkness in the woods. However, they kept close to the edge, where the tree growth was not very heavy and where the snow reflected sufficient light to guide their feet. Ernie ordered that none of the flashlights be used, and perhaps it was fortunate for the success of the expedition that this order was issued and obeyed.
  • We breakfasted at nine o'clock in the tents. Our sailors were perfectly confident, and could not refrain from drinking "success to the event"; and although this was a little premature, we added our hurrahs to theirs. success seemed very nearly assured, as the captain and the mate had worked out the matter so carefully and skilfully. At last we were about to leave our encampment and take up our stations (some of the sailors were there already), when cries of amazement and fear were raised. What a frightful scene, and, short as it may have been, what an impression of terror it left on our minds!
  • Hereupon he related all that had transpired at the council of war, and the final success of his own speech, with that of the old warrior, in producing a peaceful solution.
  • It would be a fearfully risky business, Clinton, Easton said gravely. "The betting would be tremendously against you, but I don't say that it is absolutely impossible that you should be successful. I don't think it would be necessary to carry out the idea of having your tongue cut out. As you say, a tongue is nothing in comparison to a brother, and if I thought that the loss of your tongue would ensure your success I should say nothing against it, it would be a matter for you and you only to decide; but I should think it might be managed in some other way. The fellow you would be with would naturally avoid all large encampments, and would send you off to look after camels or something if other natives arrived at the same encampment."
  • "You should've said something, my dear," said the duchess. There's a tea of willow bark and jona flowers I've had splendid success with."
  • Several countries have used military force with varying degrees of success over the last three decades to rescue hostages.
  • The eyes which fastened upon him most ardently were those of Josephine and Roland. Moreau for Bonaparte added twenty chances to the success of the plot; Moreau against Bonaparte robbed him of fifty. Josephine's eyes were so supplicating that, on leaving Lucien, Bonaparte pushed his brother toward his wife. Lucien understood, and approached Josephine, saying: "All is well."
  • Every now and then one of the boys would be overcome by an irresistible temptation to stoop, gather up enough of the soft clinging snow to make a hard ball, which was thrown with more or less success at some tree or other object.
  • Just this. In 1861, to the northeast of Tenerife and fairly near the latitude where we are right now, the crew of the gunboat Alecto spotted a monstrous squid swimming in their waters. Commander Bouguer approached the animal and attacked it with blows from harpoons and blasts from rifles, but without much success because bullets and harpoons crossed its soft flesh as if it were semiliquid jelly. After several fruitless attempts, the crew managed to slip a noose around the mollusk's body. This noose slid as far as the caudal fins and came to a halt. Then they tried to haul the monster on board, but its weight was so considerable that when they tugged on the rope, the animal parted company with its tail; and deprived of this adornment, it disappeared beneath the waters.
  • The effect of food and water in restoring the energies of a starving man is almost miraculous; and he now congratulated his companions on the success of his scheme.
  • A moment later he dropped softly to the deck. Thoughts of the hideous pack which tenanted the ship induced cold tremors along the spine of the cowardly prowler; but life itself depended upon the success of his venture, and so he was enabled to steel himself to the frightful chances which lay before him.
  • "To be sure. For three days you've been as still as a corpse, and no one knew anything about you. No missing persons reports about you. No family members pounding our doors down in search of you. Not a bit of identification on you." Camille glided into Gabriel's kitchen and pulled out the chairs, waving Anna into one. Cecily followed with an odd expression on her face. Aurore yanked open cupboard doors until she found a bright red teakettle with a small "ah," of success.
  • With France neutralized, Germany began an air superiority campaign over Britain (the Battle of Britain) to prepare for an invasion. The campaign failed, and the invasion plans were canceled by September. Using newly captured French ports, the German Navy enjoyed success against an over-extended Royal Navy, using U-boats against British shipping in the Atlantic. Italy began operations in the Mediterranean, initiating a siege of Malta in June, conquering British Somaliland in August, and making an incursion into British-held Egypt in September 1940. Japan increased its blockade of China in September by seizing several bases in the northern part of the now-isolated French Indochina.
  • Tom was not so sanguine of success as either of his mates; but he kept his doubts to himself. As an ambitious airman he was thrilled by the vastness of the scheme. As Lieutenant Beverly had truly remarked, while it held chances of disaster, they were accepting just as many challenges to meet their death every day of their service as battleplane pilots.
  • I don't mind that, returned Dick. "Of course I am not anxious to throw money away, but I want to make a success of this, and win the prize, not so much because of the cash, as to show how your equilibrizer works, and to prove that it is possible to make an airship flight across the continent.
  • Suddenly his face leapt into light as he struck a match, and the gain of a fortnight's London season seemed to her insignificant. And the success of her plan, the wisdom of which she still endorsed, was but a frigid triumph, for she felt to a degree yet unknown to her his personal charm.
  • It was at this point that Nick realised to his surprise that he had suddenly come to a major, and extremely radical, decision that, whatever the outcome, was bound to change his life for ever. For the first time in months he had glimpsed a ray of hope penetrating the gathering storm clouds. What was needed now was the courage and the clarity of vision that would allow him to formulate a workable plan. He needed to concentrate and to think clearly about his next steps. That would be hard. He had spent the last six months daydreaming, hoping for a miracle. To have any chance of success he had to plan and execute his mission with the precision of an SAS raid. It was a daunting prospect but there was no alternative.
  • Michael Colby looked out of the office tower and gazed at Tooly Peak. He had been successful, very successful. His office was in the penthouse and even the washroom was larger than a standard office. He had made it in real estate, a meat packers, a tool and die plant, investments, communications. Tooly Peak was the citadel upon which his success was emblazoned. The TV tower on the peak carried his name: Colby Communications Corporation - triple C. That was Michael Colby. He could walk into the mayor's office without an appointment. He had paid good money to place people in important positions and he could call on them at any time. His black Cadillac was recognized by everyone in New Bamberg. People would tip their hats when he walked by, even when he drove by. The girl in the donut shop always bowed when he walked in for his morning coffee - maybe that was because he owned the donut shop.
  • Cautiously, he found his way to the steward's store-room, filled a case with meat tins and biscuit, and then coming on deck again, stowed it away in the lifeboat, which hung in davits out-board, without being noticed. With equal success he took the boat's breaker forward, filled it from a water tank, and got it fixed on its chocks again, still without being seen. The moon was behind clouds, and the darkness favoured him. He threw down the coils of the davit falls on deck, cast off one from where it was belayed, took a turn and carried the bight to the other davit so that he could lower away both tackles at once.
  • Fa vase record buckingham town have had a lot of success in the past in the fa vase record buckingham town have had a lot of success in the past in the fa vase.
  • Still, he tried not to dwell on Scott. Life, after all, was not a zero sum game. Scott's success was not hindering him in any way. In fact, the best news Rob had gotten in a while had arrived on Tuesday, when the managing editor of Foreign Affairs had called him asking for an article extending the argument in his new book. Rob had to have it in by the end of March to be considered for the next issue, and so had canceled his planned trip to Boston for spring break in order to write it. But canceling the trip would be worth it, he knew, since an article in Foreign Affairs would get far more attention than his book, and would--more than anything else--enable him to move on from NDU. But thanks to getting tenure here, as now seemed certain, he would be in a strong position to be hired with tenure by a "real" university. He would begin working on this in earnest this coming summer and fall.
  • Marriage advice: eight steps to marital harmony the formula for marital harmony and success is not a mysterious secret.
  • Mr Whittle,’ I said, ‘you started poor, and look how youve come up in the world. Which is best, to marry some pampered young heir, whos going to waste his substance like the Prodigal and come down in the world, or to marry an up and coming man wholl make a success of his lifeand be a good husband as well?’
  • Shall we continue? Brick led the ignorance of Spiritwind's comment. "I'm happy to investigate the red dot. As long as everyone understands I believe it will only lead to trouble, and I will remind you all of the concerns I am now airing should I be proved right." The general nods and murmurs of agreement were underwhelming, but contractually binding. As the map holder Brick set off at the front, the remaining three followed behind at their own pace. The mission had a direction to add to its purpose, success still needed convincing before it would consider joining.
  • It would be much better if I could get some stock in one of your companies. Your experience and credit would make it a success.
  • After the success of The Spectator, more political periodicals of comment appeared, including the vaguely Tory The Guardian and The Observer (note that none of these periodicals continued to the present day without interruption). The Gentleman's Magazine and Gentleman's Quarterly both began soon after. Some of these journals featured news more than commentary, and others featured reviews of recent works of literature. Many periodicals came from the area of the Inns of Court, which had been associated with a bohemian lifestyle since the 1670s. Samuel Johnson's later The Rambler and The Idler would self-consciously recreate the pose of Mr. Spectator to give a platform for musings and philosophy, as well as literary criticism.
  • I'm going to take you into my confidence, said the ranch owner. "It's time you knew something of my business affairs, and I am going to entrust you with a commission. A good deal depends on the success of it."
  • I guess he does have more moments set to music than most of us, and I'll bet, too, he has hidden way in him a list of 'Thou shalt nots.' I read a book once by a man named Stevenson that was sure virgin gold. He showed how every man, no matter how low he falls, has somewhere in him a light that burns, some rag of honor for which he is still fighting I'd hate to have to judge Leroy. Some men, I reckon, have to buck against so much in themselves that even failure is a kind of success for them.
  • I was 28 years old and living in New York when mylife earthquake' occurred. I was working in Midtown Manhattan for a well-known publisher and was experiencing some success in my career despite yearning to venture out on my own. I had read so many books that it left me feeling empty and wondering if I could put words and stories together to fill that void.
  • I agree with M. de Villefort, said Monte Cristo, fixing his eyes on Madame de Villefort; "and if I were sufficiently intimate with him to allow of giving my advice, I would persuade him, since I have been told M. d'Epinay is coming back, to settle this affair at once beyond all possibility of revocation. I will answer for the success of a project which will reflect so much honor on M. de Villefort." The procureur arose, delighted with the proposition, but his wife slightly changed color. "Well, that is all that I wanted, and I will be guided by a counsellor such as you are," said he, extending his hand to Monte Cristo. "Therefore let every one here look upon what has passed to-day as if it had not happened, and as though we had never thought of such a thing as a change in our original plans."
  • Each of them was armed with one of those long guns of Spanish make which slightly remind us of the arms of the Arabs, guns of long range and considerable precision, which the dwellers in the forest of the upper Amazon handle with success.
  • He thought of his faith, thought of the ten that sought the sphere. He prayed silently for the safety of those within the rock before him. He prayed for the success of the mission, prayed as he had prayed many times that evening, but that was during the gloom of the storm, when the clouds served as a partition between him and the heavens. Now, the skies were clear. The sparkling light that now surrounded him convinced him that these prayers would not be ignored.
  • Some petitioners were still hung over, shuffling along at a slow trod, mumbling apologies when they bumped into others. One drunk bumped into Gidas. He elbowed the man in the ribs causing the drunk to fall over. Gidas could not understand why someone would even attempt to participate in the Opening if he was not mentally prepared.Many people were so afraid of success they would purposely do anything to ensure their failure. There were probably many people who attended the Day of Opening every year and were turned down every year.He felt no pity for such fools.
  • It seemed to Tom that there was an attempt to smother the sound made by the feet, which plainly belonged to two people, though the effort was far from being a success.
  • He is a strange man, Sir Henry, and subject, I fancy, to changeable moods. When I was brought before him he was in a happy one, over the success he had gained; and it may be that he took a liking for me. At any rate, he fixed my ransom at a very small sum.
  • I wished Fabricio joy on the unhappy fate of "The Count of Saldagna," and probably most authors would have envied his failure more than all the success that ever succeeded. You are in the right, continued he, to prefer my fortune to my fame. What a lucky peal of disapprobation in double choir! If the public had chosen to ring the changes on my merits rather than my misdeeds, what would they have done for my pocket? A mere paltry nothing. The common pay of the theatre might have kept me from starving; but the wind of popular malice has blown me a comfortable pension, engrossed on safe and legal parchment.
  • "Oh, that's because the captain gave him orders before he went out to examine the wall from end to end for traces of a second set of wires. But I guess that the Japs had such confidence in their handiwork that they had no doubt of the success of their one set. I must confess that I haven't much doubt regarding them, either, if we hadn't happened along to spoil the whole show for them."
  • from the impenetrable stage, were lost in the exultant ovation of his public. They had no need to hear the actual words, were able to recite and chorus them all, and would do so during almost every concert. All they wanted was to hear that voice again, and soon, any second now, to see their idol in the flesh, to have contact with the living legend, to believe him and follow him. One white spotlight picked him out as the first chords struck, and amidst gasps and screams the show swung into action. In the wings Leo was trying hard not to congratulate himself on the huge success of the concert, telling himself that he would only breathe easily again once everybody was safely out of there, not to tempt fate, to ignore the thousands of dollars worth of television rights until tomorrow. He sneaked a look at the audience and thought: youve got to hand it to the son-of-a-bitch, hes got them eating out of his hand.
  • The 2012 apocalypse story didnt go over as anticipated. Marduks interpretation of the timeline hadnt taken into consideration the directed efforts of the Council. Marduk sunk a lot of money into information streams and various media presentations in an effort to enhance the fear and anxiety around that particular date. The success of the movie he funded was only the tip of the iceberg. But the Council of Light had proved to be more of a force to contend with than he reckoned. While his apocalypse story gained increasing momentum as Winter Solstice 2012 approached, the Council was able, somehow, to mitigate the effects of his information bombs, and shift the energy back to their favour.
  • As the supper went on my fears began to vanish, for if Graeme did not 'roar,' he did the next best thing--ate and talked quite up to his old form. Now we played our matches over again, bitterly lamenting the 'if's' that had lost us the championships, and wildly approving the tackles that had saved, and the runs that had made the 'Varsity crowd go mad with delight and had won for us. And as their names came up in talk, we learned how life had gone with those who had been our comrades of ten years ago. Some, success had lifted to high places; some, failure had left upon the rocks, and a few lay in their graves.
  • To the success of our enterprise! said he, grinning at his discomfited companion. "All goes well. The innkeeper knows the Countess's maid, and the note will reach the Countess by midday; I have described Dieppe to him most accurately, and he will hang about till he gets a chance of delivering the second note to him, or seeing it delivered."
  • Nothing daunted, however, he again set to work. Numberless experiments were made, and at length success crowned his efforts. The powder was pronounced as good as that in the small cask they had remaining. Months, however, had rolled on from the time of their first landing till the powder was produced. Though all had worked hard, the repairs of the big ship had made no great progress. Want of skill and want of tools was the cause of this. They had now, however, forged tools, and were gaining skill. Necessity truly is the mother of invention. Those who had never before handled axe or hammer were becoming fair carpenters and smiths. Sometimes as they examined the old Lion, and timber after timber and the whole lower part of the planking was found to be rotten, they were almost in despair. Some even declared that it would be useless to continue the work, till Waymouth's cheerful voice aroused them.
  • "Third, arent you tired of hearing how much these guys are being paid for the same percentage of success that would get you fired at your job? Think about it. No matter what you do for a living, what would happen if you got your job done correctly only two out of ten times and the man of the office was doing it right three out of ten times? Please! So to increase batting averages, we are using softball size baseballs and remember those plastic bats with regular size handles but with fat ends? Well, we use those style of bats in the XLB. So with bats and balls like that the game will be extreme."
  • They had been entrusted with a number of especially dangerous missions, and had met with considerable success in putting these through. Like most other ambitious young fliers, they hoped soon to merit the title of "ace," when they could point to at least six proven victories over rival pilots, with that number of planes sent down in combat.
  • Cortez endeavored to induce the inhabitants of the city to embrace Christianity; and would have resorted to force here, as at Cempoalla, but he was dissuaded by Father Olmedo; who, as on former occasions, urged that conversions effected by force were of little use, and that the cause would be injured, rather than benefited by such measures. Christianity would, as a matter of course, result from the success of the Spaniards; and that success would be imperiled, by exciting the animosity of the whole people by violence to their gods. As the great teocalli had been captured in fair fight, and a large portion of its buildings burnt, Cortez converted a massive stone edifice that had escaped the flames into a church, and erected a gigantic crucifix on the summit of the teocalli, visible from all points of the city.
  • The Branwyns, the species that controlled most of the portals, were contacted and Anarion bartered with them about reopening the portal. On the contrary they didnt want to barter about this particular portal because, and Jack almost smiled, it led to a cursed realm. What had made Jack smile was not that it was a cursed realm, but that Anarion had threatened tocursethe Branwyns if they didnt reopen the portal because his Amaias was in there. The slender Branwyns had renegotiated but it had been short and to the point. Conversely, the spelled portal had proven to be difficult to reopen. They had slaved over it for days without success.
  • Then we were in great luck to have you around just when we needed help most, declared Ned; who had already arranged with Captain Bill to carry the whole party down to Halifax, where they could be landed; Francois and the Cree to head for their home country, well paid for their services, and the scouts starting for New York by the first steamer, after wiring to Jack's father about the success of their great expedition.
  • "My friend also told me that his Majesty had decided to take an entirely disinterested opinion with regard to this invention, and asked me if I could recommend any English engineer who had made a study of arial navigation, and who would be willing to go to Russia, superintend the trials of the war-balloon, and report as to their success or otherwise.
  • Of course Señor Carlos was delighted with the success of the mission. For two days the Bird boys were the center of an enthusiastic demonstration. Frank was a little nervous lest they be visited by some of the revolutionists, but such did not turn out to be the case. And on the third morning the little steam yacht once more headed down the turbulent Magdalena, with a heavy rain promising more water to add to the flood, as wet weather had seemingly set in again.
  • What a dreary, depressing hope it was that now possessed the souls of Captain Horn, of Burke and Shirley, and of even the three negroes! After all the hardships, the labor, and the anxieties, after all the joy of success and escape from danger, after all happy chances which had come in various ways and from various directions, after the sweet delights of rest, after the super-exultation of anticipation which no one on board had been able to banish from his mind, there was nothing left to them now but the eager desire that their vessel might keep afloat until she could find some friendly sands on which she might be run, or some shallow water in which she might sink and rest there on the wild Patagonian coast, leaving them far from human beings of any kind, far from help, far, perhaps, from rescue and even safety.
  • Think about it. Why did you enjoy the last book you enjoyed? Five-to-one its because you identified with, hated, laughed at, fantasized about, despised, appreciated, admired, or just plain LIKED one of the lead players. Yes, yes, yes - of course other elements contribute to the success of the book. But when you turn the last page of a novel which youve savored and begin immediately to miss the company of at least one key character, you know the author must be doing something right, and you know youve just finished a certifiable, two-thumbs- up, grade-A Good Book.
  • In Antium near the market, citizens are gathering in a festive mood this afternoon to welcome home their army, following its success against Rome. Terms of the peace have been received, approved, and affirmed by the Volscian Senate.
  • When the news reached O'Halloran that Megales had scored on the opposition by arresting Bucky O'Connor, the Irishman swore fluently at himself for his oversight in forgetting the Northern Chihuahua. So far as the success of the insurgents went, the loss of the ranger was a matter of no importance, since O'Halloran knew well that nothing in the way of useful information could be cajoled or threatened out of him.
  • Yes, I brought some away, continued Anson, rejoicing fatly in the success of his words; and, raising his voice, he said, first in English and then in Boer-Dutch: "I brought some away, and I wish I had brought more."
  • I mean, answered Ralph Nelson, another American aviator, "that the United States has made a big success of the Liberty Bonds loan and is going to send a million soldiers over here as soon as possible! Say, isn't that great?"
  • As there seemed to be a never-ending eagerness on the part of the blacks to witness the wonders of the white man, I even tried my hand at making ice--a commodity which is, of course, absolutely unknown in Central Australia. The idea came to me one day when I found myself in a very cool cave, in which there was a well of surprisingly cold water. Accordingly, I filled some opossum skins with the refreshing fluid, placed them in the coolest part of the cave, and then covered them with saltpetre, of which there was an abundance. When I tell you that the experiment was quite fruitless, you will readily understand that I did not always succeed in my role of wonder-worker. But whenever I was defeated, it only had the effect of making me set my wits to work to devise something still more wonderful--something which I was certain would be an assured success.
  • I used to be able to foresee these kinds of things, he thought. I was still pure then, but my success has been going to my head lately; I thought I was invulnerable.
  • We'll take advantage of the first opportunity that presents itself, said Frank, "no matter how small the chance of success may seem."
  • Tommy, you're a brick, said his friend, slapping him on the back; a proceeding which ensured the success of his neat manoeuvre, by which a note or two was transferred from Wyck's pocket-book to that of his friend, who was "rather hard-pressed, you know," and Wyck was "a devilish good chap for helping a fellow out of a hole."
  • By doing the duty that lies nearest you, replied Nyoda, pressing her shoulder with a gentle hand. "You can be just as much of a Torch Bearer at home as anywhere. I know the prospect seems empty, even with the knowledge that you are doing your duty. By all the tokens, your place in life seems to be out in the busy world, rubbing elbows with people on all sides. Your great dream of social settlement work seemed one which was destined to be fulfilled with singular success.
  • This was not without good reason, as the whole training of the Master of those days was unfavourable to success in command of ships or men. The exception was, however, in this case amply justified.
  • 'My success however was thought extraordinary. The actors when the play was over swarmed into the green-room, to congratulate me. The actresses were ready to kiss me; good natured souls! The green-room loungers, newspaper critics, authors, and pretended friends of the house flocked round me, to wish me joy and stare at that enviable animal a successful poet. One of them, himself an approved writer of comedy, offered me five hundred pounds for the profits of my piece, and as far as money was concerned I thought my fortune was made: doubts and difficulties were fairly over, and the reward of all my toils was at last secure. Sanguine blockhead, thus everlastingly to embitter my own cup of sorrow! Secure? Oh no! The nectar of hope was soon dashed from my lips.
  • Pringle and the young officers finished the evening very agreeably with the Inskip girls at their residence, the former not agitating himself much about his sister, "of whom," the campaigner observed, "she was sure Doctor Jolly would take every care, notwithstanding his rudeness to her!" So everything went well with Lady Inskip, and the pic-nic was voted a success, although Captain Curry Cucumber dubbed her "an infernal old harridan, by Jingo!" and wished he had had her "out at Rhamdaghur, by Gad!" and he would have taught her how to "insult an army-man, by Jingo!" in taking no notice of him, while she "could pamper a civilian, by Gad!"--alluding, we very much fear, to the Revd. Herbert Pringle, to whom the campaigner had been really very ingratiating. If only that accident had not happened, who knows what other success might not have fallen to her share! But Lady Inskip had the satisfaction that night of boxing Mortimer's ears.
  • He will if he can, Nathaniel; and that he does not do so immediately, is the best evidence to my mind either that he knows nothing on the subject, or that some powerful reason exists why he should not disclose his knowledge at present. Come, then, return with me to our house; my father will take no notice of your absence or its cause, unless to jest with you upon your want of success in your fishing expedition, which it seems was the ostensible motive of your absence.
  • The condition of the islands along this coast is now of the greatest interest to the world at large, and to the people of the South in particular. Upon careful inquiry, I find that there are over two hundred thousand acres of land under cultivation by free labor. The enterprises are mostly by Northern men, although there are natives working their negroes under the new system, and negroes who are working land on their own account. This is the third year of the trial, and every year has been a success more and more complete. The profits of some of the laborers amount to five hundred, and in some cases five thousand dollars a year. The amount of money deposited in bank by the negroes of these islands is a hundred and forty thousand dollars.
  • The thunder spirits had even less success in trying to hurl thunderbolts at him.
  • Something will happen, see if it don't, Frank observed, with a faith that had solid foundation; because they had just been talking of many occasions when circumstances had suddenly arisen to bring them a glorious success.
  • On seeing this, Hans used his utmost speed to reach the banks of the Tugela river, which he knew was not more than two miles from him. On the banks of this river there were wooded krantzs and dark ravines, in which an army almost might lie concealed; and if he were pursued, he believed that in this locality he would have the best chance of escaping the keen eyes of his foes; or if unable to do this, he could fight with the best chance of success.
  • Buoyed by the success of the operating system, the company was floated in 1986, raising $ 61 million.
  • Osmund Maiden! the law clerk shouted in a tone of wild excitement. "It is he! it is he! There, you can read it! plainly! success at last!"
  • Minna made an impatient gesture. "I have made the decision. Much of my future rests upon the success of the men who go to King Shandor's camp. If I require consorts, I shall inform you. Anything else?"
  • The interview was a very pleasant and profitable one. Lord Dufferin questioned Mr Crosby about British Columbia and his work, and was pleased to hear of his great success.
  • Geret was equally as shaken, having been sure moments earlier that he wasnt going to be fast enough to catch her. His success flushed him with glee, and he got to his feet and helped Rhona stand as well.
  • With extremely atmospheric sound design and a suitably grandiose score, the success of the roof of the world is complete.
  • The prospect was good that Central Missouri would soon be clear of Rebels. Our general success in the State depended upon occupying and holding the Southwest. General Lyon was to move thither from Booneville. General Sweeney had already gone there by way of Rolla, while another force, under Major Sturgis, was moving from Leavenworth in a southeasterly direction. All were to unite at Springfield and form an army of occupation.
  • "Can the Herald travel a third of the Greatland in the span of just one breath?" a familiar voice asked, and Catrin searched for the speaker without success.
  • Such losses convinced Mexicans in the state that violence would never be a solution to defeating oppression. In the aftermath, LULAC or League of United Latin American Citizens formed. Made up of members of the tiny Mexican middle class in Texas, LULAC members were doctors, lawyers, teachers, journalists, and small businessmen. They stayed with legalistic approaches or quiet petition and negotiation, especially suing in court to obtain rights. LULAC had many victories in challenging segregation laws, obtaining more rights for Latinos, and success in the larger society.
  • Rosa, reassured by this sort of encouragement which the stranger was giving her, related all that had happened for the last three months, all that she had done, and all that she had suffered. She described the cruelty of Gryphus; the destruction of the first bulb; the grief of the prisoner; the precautions taken to insure the success of the second bulb; the patience of the prisoner and his anxiety during their separation; how he was about to starve himself because he had no longer any news of his tulip; his joy when she went to see him again; and, lastly, their despair when they found that the tulip which had come into flower was stolen just one hour after it had opened.
  • The doctor gloomily recognized what trifling success he had obtained from his manoeuvre, and was relapsing into deep meditation, when he heard Joe exclaim, in tones of most intense astonishment:
  • In his recently published book of experiences during the war, Mr. Richardson has given a full and graphic account of his interview with the President. Mr. Lincoln unbent himself from his official cares, told two of his best stories, conversed for an hour or more upon the military situation, gave his reasons for the removal of General McClellan, and expressed his hope in our ultimate success.
  • "You bringing a date?" mom inquired. Shawns mom was the equivalent of a pin through a balloon. Although success had finally knocked on Shawns door, he had gone through a pretty dry patch with the ladies. Work had consumed so much of his time that an occasional fling with a stewardess or a pharmaceutical rep was all he muster.
  • Republicans in Virginia and a handful of other battleground states are pushing for far-reaching changes to the electoral college in an attempt to counter recent success by Democrats.
  • The whole scheme had already been made clear by the youth. The large proa was in sight, by appointment, having been cruising back and forth for several days, on the lookout for the smaller boat with the party who it was expected would be robbed and killed for the valuable pearls in their possession. The signal of the fluttering handkerchief from the triangular sail meant that the party were on board, and the original program was to be carried out. That is, the pursuing boat was to hold off until after dark. She was to keep on a converging course, so as not to lose sight of the small proa, and gradually approaching, overhaul and attack her at the time when the chances of success were at the best.
  • Proves time, the series ran from september to december without a break, proving the success had been no fluke.
  • Strog turned from Yave, exasperated but intent on obtaining what he needed to know. He swung the cell door back open and again stepped back inside. He pulled the door shut before Yave could accompany him. Best to leave her outside where her tirades would not deter the success of the interrogation.
  • This follows the success of the nkd spectrophotometer in the us market, with several prominent installations.
  • "Mr Herrick," said the captain, as I saluted, "I have decided that, as you know so much about this business, you shall go with Mr Brooke in one of the boats; but I wish you to observe what I say: the success of our expedition depends a great deal upon secrecy, so do not chatter anything about your mission in the hearing of the men."
  • During the month which followed Sir Godfrey's escape, the forces of the Parliamentarians achieved success after success, Colonel Forrester and his son being despatched with a little column to the east two days later.
  • Truth was evident in his words; for he spoke with clearness and strength, like a soldier who had seen everything, touched everything, passed through everything. He praised to the skies Pan Zamoyski and Pan Charnyetski; spoke of Kordetski, the prior, as of a holy prophet; exalted other fathers; missed no one save himself; but he ascribed the whole success of the defence, without deviation, to the Most Holy Lady, to Her favor and miracles.
  • Accepting the invitation, Hugh and Ralph bustled about for several minutes, hunting all through the interior of the shack, but without any success.
  • Frontman with rock band marillion, who scored top 10 chart success on sunday.
  • Where would the genius of a Napoleon have been, remarked Lieutenant Fosdick in turn, "if aeroplanes had been in common use as far back as Waterloo? You may remember that the secret of his great success in battle was the mobility of his troops. He would divide his army and hurl a part of it so as to strike the enemy unexpectedly on the flank, timing his own frontal attack so as to complete the confusion. Well, if the enemy had known what was coming they could easily have whipped the divided force of the great French leader in detail. The coming of man's mastery over the air will cause new and strange happenings in case of war. By degrees, fighting will become so terrible that all nations must unite in a bond to keep the peace forever."
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