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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess
Ekler: suc·cess·es
Türü: isim


i. başarı, muvaffakiyet;
başarılı şey veya kimse.

success için örnek cümleler:

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  • I've said it before and I'll type it again, your embarrassing moments are really the only things that are truly yours. It's hard to picture any success I've had without thinking of the people or circumstance behind it. Not so with those times where you are completely mortified. While I won't go as far as to say they define a person, they certainly throw a spotlight into the nether regions of who you truly are. Now obviously you're sitting back slightly in your chair eager to hear about one of mine. I mean, I've set the stage, now all I have to do is start in and tell you about that one time at the bachelor party ...
  • Curious thoughts again flowed through the frank mind of the Secretary. Much of his success in life was due to his ability to recognize facts when he saw them. If he made failures he never sought to persuade himself that they were successes or even partial successes; thus he always went upon the battlefield with exact knowledge of his resources. He wondered again why he did not fall in love with Lucia Catherwood. Here was the exact complement of himself, a woman with a mind a fit mate to his own. He had come far already, but with her to aid him there were no heights to which he--no, they--might not climb. And she was beautiful--beautiful, with a grace, a stateliness and dignity beyond compare.
  • Slung in a boatswain's chair over the sloping deck the lad soon completed this task. Feeling a considerable degree of elation at the success of his undertaking Jimmie returned with his brush and paint.
  • The hostility of the royal family of England to the ex-dictator of Hungary is easily understood. It had a double source of inspiration: fear of the republican form, and a natural leaning to the alliance of kinship. The crowns of Austria and England are closely united in the liens of a blood-relationship. In the success of Kossuth would be the ruin of cousins-german and German cousins.
  • He had no better success in his effort at conversation with the stranger than his chums had met and shortly gave over trying to be pleasant. Making a hurried meal he again hastened to the pilot house where he assumed charge of the craft, for the fog was still thick.
  • "The old-timers took horse-feed. It was a limiting factor as much as food for the men. I'm telling you, Cam, good logistics is what makes for success on campaign."
  • This almost broke the boy's heart; but he declared he would some day regain his horse, and for weeks he tried to do so, but without success.
  • Paul was willing. Encouraged by his success thus far, and bent upon ending the fracas as soon as possible, he met his adversary with a heavy swing which just cleared the man's ear. Deveaux struck, but missed also. Pressed backward, he clinched to save himself, and in this position, where nobody could see his movements, he viciously tried to put some short jabs into Paul's abdomen.
  • Foster, who had hitherto lived in tents and shacks, remembered his misgivings when they built the house. Indeed, he had grumbled that it might prove a dangerous locking up of capital that was needed for the enlargement of the mill. Featherstone, however, insisted, and since most of the money was his, Foster gave in; but they had prospered since then. They were good friends, and had learned to allow for each other's point of view during several years of strenuous toil and stern economy. Still, Foster admitted that their success was not altogether due to their own efforts, because once or twice, when they had to face a financial crisis, the situation was saved by a check Featherstone got from home. By and by the latter turned to his comrade.
  • The success of Daves team had opened the door for Coach Dohertya door that would otherwise have been bolted shut. The town and the superintendent believed in him, and there was never a shortage of reminiscing when they got together.
  • Well, then, listen. You must know I felt so interested in the splendid roan horse, with his elegant little rider, so tastefully dressed in a pink satin jacket and cap, that I could not help praying for their success with as much earnestness as though the half of my fortune were at stake; and when I saw them outstrip all the others, and come to the winning-post in such gallant style, I actually clapped my hands with joy. Imagine my surprise, when, upon returning home, the first object I met on the staircase was the identical jockey in the pink jacket! I concluded that, by some singular chance, the owner of the winning horse must live in the same hotel as myself; but, as I entered my apartments, I beheld the very gold cup awarded as a prize to the unknown horse and rider. Inside the cup was a small piece of paper, on which were written these words--'From Lord Ruthven to Countess G----.'
  • Continueuing success the pharmaceutical industry is by far the largest industrial investor in research in the uk.
  • "My predictions are fallible, Kieran Conor. The future is never set. Men have free will. Most despise it and never use it. But those who do can alter what is to be, however minutely. That includes, perhaps especially, you. There is nothing to stop the cancer from becoming too powerful; I predict however that Necrolius Anaxagorius will err and believe that his time is now, and that he need not press so forcefully ahead, that all the worlds will be his eventually anyway. The success of his invasion is surpassing even his wildest fantasies. But the many human beings who are capitulating to him even as we speak are, quite ironically, by their cowardice, damaging their own spirits so severely that he will be unable to glean much power from them. Those his navy will have to fight will provide him much more power by their courage and resistance. Rightly or wrongly, there wont be many of these.
  • Beginning to despair, I applied for one or two minor appointments in answer to advertisements inserted by the Board of Guardians and other public bodies. In each case was I not only unsuccessful, but men equally unknown, though with a greatly inferior college and hospital record, were chosen over my head. At length, suspecting that I was not being fairly dealt by, I made inquiries to discover that at the bottom of all this ill success was none other than Sir John Bell. It appeared that in several instances, by the shrugs of his thick shoulders and shakes of his ponderous head, he had prevented my being employed. Indeed, in the case of the public bodies, with all of which he had authority either as an official or as an honorary adviser, he had directly vetoed my appointment by the oracular announcement that, after ample inquiry among medical friends in London, he had satisfied himself that I was not a suitable person for the post.
  • Of course, when Giraffe took it upon himself to find out if he could not make a fire after every known method, there was more or less fun for the crowd. But he had proved that his studies in this direction were worth while; for he had used flint and steel, matches, a burning glass for the sun to do the business, and various other methods with stunning success.
  • I afterwards found that he reported us also, so that the Water Lily duly appeared in the "shipping" columns of the various papers, and my yachting friends thus got an inkling of our success so far.
  • The project was a bold one, full of difficulty, perhaps impracticable. Mr. Fogg was going to risk life, or at least liberty, and therefore the success of his tour. But he did not hesitate, and he found in Sir Francis Cromarty an enthusiastic ally.
  • Life is truly all about balance, and for me it's all about BlueBalance. Every high has a corresponding low, every good has a bad, every smile has a tear, every extreme has an equal on the other side of the wall waiting to develop. success is often an equally bitter pill to swallow as failure, because once the chase has ended the silence can be deafening.
  • It is not considered good form to ask questions, even a member of the family coming home at night is not asked as to what success he has had in the chase. His bundle or game bag is thrown inside the door and remains there until his mother has placed food before him. While partaking of this his mother (or wife if it happens to be the father) opens his bag and takes out, piece by piece, the contents. If he has killed a deer the head and heart only are brought to camp. If a bear, the four paws, if a moose, the tongue and muzzle.
  • After the birth of their son, however, the marriage had crumbled. Her drinking and volatile temper were bad enough, but her fundamental insanity became plain when she began denouncing the wealthy lifestyle that Mannys success promised and conceived a plan to return to the workers paradise that Castro and his successors had built.
  • Then it looks as if the raid hasn't panned out a success so far, remarked Frank. "I'm sorry, too, because I believe I'd sleep sounder if I only knew our friend Jules was caged once more."
  • He wiped his wet eyes with the sleeve of his white dress shirt and then replied, "No. Ive wasted so many years after high school, living off the success of one game, one night in my life that also damaged the life of my best friend. That all stops now! We never went on a honeymoon and I think its high time that we went to Hawaii, so I booked a trip for next week and your mom is coming in to watch the kids."
  • Most pathologists have a grudging respect for the tenacity and success of plant pathogens.
  • "Thanks to the tireless activity and splendid handling of the Channel fleet, the North Sea Division, and the Irish Squadron, the enemy's flag has been practically swept from the home waters, and the shores of our beloved country are as inviolate as they have been for more than seven centuries. These brilliant achievements go far to compensate us as an individual nation for the disasters which have befallen our allies on the Continent, and, in addition, we have the satisfaction of knowing that, so far, the most complete success has attended our arms in the East, and that the repeated and determined assaults of our Russian foes have been triumphantly hurled back from the impregnable bulwarks of our Indian Empire.
  • Hastily then did Perk scramble for the rocks mentioned by his companion it was much too dark for him to see where they lay, but he used his common sense with such signal success that almost immediately he found what he sought.
  • Bradley and Ben got to work at once. They had had their vacation, and were ready to settle down to business. They were stimulated to effort by the success of some of their fellow miners. Ben's next neighbor had already gathered nearly three thousand dollars' worth of gold-dust, and it was quite within the limits of probability that our young hero might be as successful.
  • We read of and are told about the great slaughter the Indians used to make among the buffalo in the good old days; but this success was not to be attributed to their good marksmanship, because they killed these noble beasts with their guns almost "boute touchant."
  • Several countries have used military force with varying degrees of success over the last three decades to rescue hostages.
  • Espoused by long term success stories such as tnt, and more modern ones such as metro and innocent.
  • I had received letters from England, that had been waiting at the British Consulate;--the first I opened informed me, that the Royal Geographical Society had awarded me the Victoria Gold Medal, at a time when they were unaware whether I was alive or dead, and when the success of my expedition was unknown. This appreciation of my exertions was the warmest welcome that I could have received on my first entrance into civilization after so many years of savagedom: it rendered the completion of the Nile Sources doubly grateful, as I had fulfilled the expectations that the Geographical Society had so generously expressed by the presentation of their medal Before my task was done.
  • Of teachers, there was Dr. Grenfell's paternal grandfather, the Rev. Algernon Grenfell, the second of three brothers, house master at Rugby under Arnold, and a fine classical scholar, whose elder and younger brothers each felt the ancestral call of the sea and became admirals, with brave records of daring and success.
  • Tundra RX had a good success rate with these add-ins. Happy customers were usually big-impulse purchasers. Julie Sontag called it "saturation bombing," and her staff was an expert in developing the collateral marketing material and inserts for the package shipments. They tracked it, like everything they did: rigorously. They had a software program that catalogued additional sales by existing customers within one week of an online purchase. In twenty-eight of the cases, existing customers came back online and bought more products, usually one of the supplements that was flyered in the shipping package.
  • Oh! I wouldn't put it that way, Bud, advised Hugh. "You mustn't call yourself hard names, even if this invention fails to work. They say Edison has lots of rank failures that the public never hears about; only his brilliant successes become known. Suppose this scheme doesn't do all that you expect it to, why, perhaps you'll see where it falls short and be able to remedy the fault. If you have faith in yourself, it's going to turn out all right every time. Try seventy times seven, and never give up as long as life lasts."
  • Yes, certainly, sir. I allowed my valet to write my last; but he had such immense success that the rogue asked so exorbitant an increase of wages that, to my great regret, I was unable to keep him.
  • In the meantime, the success of this company attracted the attention and excited the emulation of the American Fur Company, and brought them once more into the field of their ancient enterprise. Mr. Astor, the founder of the association, had retired from busy life, and the concerns of the company were ably managed by Mr. Ramsay Crooks, of Snake River renown, who still officiates as its president. A competition immediately ensued between the two companies for the trade with the mountain tribes and the trapping of the head-waters of the Columbia and the other great tributaries of the Pacific. Beside the regular operations of these formidable rivals, there have been from time to time desultory enterprises, or rather experiments, of minor associations, or of adventurous individuals beside roving bands of independent trappers, who either hunt for themselves, or engage for a single season, in the service of one or other of the main companies.
  • The success of burgerheaven could only happen in an age when hope, naivety and easily satisfiable gluttony were in the ascendant.
  • At least it is to these primary principles over and above my technical skill that I attribute my success while I was successful. That at any rate was undoubted. Day by day my practice grew, to such an extent indeed, that on making up my books at the end of the second year, I found that during the preceding twelve months I had taken over 900 pounds in fees and was owed about 300 pounds more. Most of this balance, however, I wrote off as a bad debt, since I made it a custom never to refuse a patient merely because he might not be able to pay me. I charged large fees, for a doctor gains nothing by being cheap, but if I thought it inexpedient I did not attempt to collect them.
  • Why, what a woman you have grown, May! said Charlie, grasping her hand, and attempting to resume the old familiar terms--with, however, imperfect success.
  • The cut and thrust of debate and development has covered everything from pay to targets, from assessment success to merging inspectorates.
  • Ned, however, did not deceive himself into such a belief. He had had some little experience with stories of this type, and knew the vast difference between the reality and the wonderful things prospective sellers were apt to mark upon the maps they had prepared. These usually described things as they might appear in case all went well, and the mine turned out a splendid success.
  • In that moment of acknowledging the importance of their accomplishment, full comprehension followed. The thought of Tun dampened Ryson's exhilaration. There was a cost to be born for their success and even as Dzeb brought the talisman fully free from Sanctum, the delver began to feel as much sadness as joy.
  • The Corporal and his little wife had also sown fresh seeds, encouraged by the success of the last in the warm season. The ground had been prepared beforehand for the planting of scurvy grass and Labrador Tea. It was important that there should be no lack of these valuable anti scorbutics.
  • The 2012 apocalypse story didnt go over as anticipated. Marduks interpretation of the timeline hadnt taken into consideration the directed efforts of the Council. Marduk sunk a lot of money into information streams and various media presentations in an effort to enhance the fear and anxiety around that particular date. The success of the movie he funded was only the tip of the iceberg. But the Council of Light had proved to be more of a force to contend with than he reckoned. While his apocalypse story gained increasing momentum as Winter Solstice 2012 approached, the Council was able, somehow, to mitigate the effects of his information bombs, and shift the energy back to their favour.
  • It was a marketing hit. The Hipsi company riding on the wave of success decided to promote a couple of new versions: a magic tongue-coating powder and multi-flavor bullion cube. The general manager of Hipsi was immediately promoted to the position of the CEO for the regions of Central Europe and Afroasia.
  • The film was an enormous success that spawned two sequels and propelled li into instant stardom.
  • The House last year became the spiritual home of the Tea Party, which helped elect dozens in the 2010 Republican landslide. success in the Senate was limited.
  • I inclined my head. "As you say. You have but to call upon me." Nodding at the other Council members, I rejoined Ferdas. As the heady, golden buzz of success filled me, I was hard-pressed to not break out in a jig. They did not have a vote, but they had influence.
  • Rewards had been offered, the country had been scoured, but no Injun Joe was found. One of those omniscient and awe-inspiring marvels, a detective, came up from St. Louis, moused around, shook his head, looked wise, and made that sort of astounding success which members of that craft usually achieve. That is to say, he "found a clew." But you can't hang a "clew" for murder, and so after that detective had got through and gone home, Tom felt just as insecure as he was before.
  • Ve comes, said the wide German; and the three ladies all tried to express their thanks at the same time, as Jack led the way. Jack was proud of his success in actually finding his own door again.
  • ... Another important element that contributes to the success of the novel is how the lovers amuse each other by telling tall tales about their pasts. This is done to give their affair an exotic quality and to hide the disappointments which define their "actual" lives. But the stories they tell of adventures in places they havent visited (Tesss Germany and Mungos Spain) form a fascinating double narrative, one which allows for deep insights into both of their lives, and which contributes to the novels complexity.
  • Il viendra et puis--"" was the continued exclamation of the young Frenchman. Any notion of our successfully resisting the overwhelming might of the Emperor, he would have laughed to scorn, and so I let him go on prophesying our future misfortunes till the time when, driven back upon Lisbon, we should be compelled to evacuate the Peninsula, and under favor of a convention be permitted to return to England. All this was sufficiently ridiculous, coming from a youth of nineteen, wounded, in misery, a prisoner; but further experience of his nation has shown me that St. Croix was not the exception, but the rule. The conviction in the ultimate success of their army, whatever be the merely momentary mishap, is the one present thought of a Frenchman; a victory with them is a conquest; a defeat,--if they are by any chance driven to acknowledge one,--a fatalit."
  • Huge success in asian markets, the drink has now been adapted to western tastes.
  • During breakfast, the doctor proceeded to inform me that my destined companion was a young man of excellent family and good fortune who, with very considerable talents and acquirements, preferred a life of rackety and careless dissipation to prospects of great success in public life, which his connection and family might have secured for him. That he had been originally entered at Oxford, which he was obliged to leave; then tried Cambridge, from which he escaped expulsion by being rusticated,--that is, having incurred a sentence of temporary banishment; and lastly, was endeavoring, with what he himself believed to be a total reformation, to stumble on to a degree in the "silent sister."
  • But not even the girl's fluent French could bring any light on this subject, and laughingly she had to admit to the boy that her success had been no greater than his own.
  • The government's continued efforts to diversify the economy by attracting foreign and domestic investment outside the energy sector have had little success in reducing high unemployment and improving living standards, however. In 2001, the government signed an Association Treaty with the European Union that will eventually lower tariffs and increase trade. In March 2006, Russia agreed to erase $4.74 billion of Algeria's Soviet-era debt during a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the country, the first by a Russian leader in half a century. In return, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika agreed to buy $7.5 billion worth of combat planes, air-defense systems and other arms from Russia, according to the head of Russia's state arms exporter Rosoboronexport.
  • IT WAS nearly dark when at length I beached the boat and made the painter fast to a tree. The Links were in a state of great anxiety, fearing the dread lake had swallowed me down. They had fished, during my absence, with such success that they had lost every hook, snarled all the lines, broken several rods and procured about a hundred pounds of shiners for dinner.
  • The letter was sent about one o'clock, not to surrender; but to repeat the answer given Kuklinovski, that the church and the cloister are called Yasna Gora, and that the town Chenstohova does not belong to the cloister at all. "Therefore we implore earnestly his worthiness," wrote the prior Kordetski, "to be pleased to leave in peace our Congregation and the church consecrated to God and His Most Holy Mother, so that God may be honored therein during future times. In this church also we shall implore the Majesty of God for the health and success of the Most Serene King of Sweden. Meanwhile we, unworthy men, while preferring our request, commend ourselves most earnestly to the kindly consideration of your worthiness, confiding in your goodness, from which we promise much to ourselves in the future."
  • That Dick was proud and happy, and that Mr. Vardon and the chums of the young millionaire were pleased with the success of the airship, scarcely need be said. There was, for the first few moments, however such a thrill that scarcely any one of them could correctly analyze his feelings.
  • Entrepreneurial success put equity into the hands of investors willing to underwrite the risks that produce innovation. No surprise, the U.S. has more equity per dollar of GDP than Europe and Japan, and has produced more innovation. Although commercializing the Internet may have created a tailwind, a lot of that tailwind was earned.
  • Jenna's fourth shot deflected off of a barrel of oil, cracking it and causing some to leak onto the decking. The leaking oil was not the success of the shot, however. Instead it was the deflected bullet that chewed into the leg of the ship's helmsman that spoke of the success. The second elven firefly listed in space and changed course for well over a full minute, taking it on a path that sent it out and away from the Voidhawk. It swung back around to face them and began once again closing the distance.
  • I'd like to know just what success they have had, Jack went on. "Say," he continued, "can't we do something to attract their attention? Why not set fire to some big dry tree and let her blaze up?"
  • Her hands slipped in her haste, tearing more skin away. She pushed ahead, not even bothering to check the flood's progress. A part of her knew that she would never make it. She slammed the door in the face of those thoughts, locking them away as she pressed on, trying without success to block the now deafening roar.
  • Tonight’, said Pearl as they walked back up the tunnel. ‘I think we should all go back to the Nest Caf and celebrate the success of today. This could in fact have been one of the most important days of our lives, not only for us, but for the whole insect community’.
  • It was my fortune to be acquainted with General Lyon. During the progress of the war I met no one who impressed me more than he, in his devotion to the interests of the country. If he possessed ambition for personal glory, I was unable to discover it. He declared that reputation was a bubble, which no good soldier should follow. Wealth was a shadow, which no man in the country's service should heed. His pay as an officer was sufficient for all his wants, and he desired nothing more. He gave to the Nation, as the friend he loved the dearest, a fortune which he had inherited. If his death could aid in the success of the cause for which he was fighting, he stood ready to die. The gloom that spread throughout the North when the news of his loss was received, showed a just appreciation of his character.
  • What on earth is that fellow doing?’ wondered Neil. It was entirely mysterious why, having failed success in whatever objective he had, he did not give up and go to bed. Or just leave the house and go somewhere else. Why, upon not achieving an aim, did he persist with it for so long? The fellow was evidently without a deal of wit.
  • We were now nearly thirty miles from the ship; and a few stations were still necessary to be made to complete the survey so far. Our proceeding farther was therefore useless, especially as an exploring expedition must pass up the river; and retracing our steps we reached the ship near midnight on the 20th. The intelligence of the success of our cruise was received on board with an enthusiasm which explorers only can appreciate. Mr. Fitzmaurice had not returned, which favoured my surmises that he would find a river.
  • I repeat that I was just like the half-breed. Our aim was not merely to discover the survivors, nor was success in this matter the only success we looked for. However, since land was before our eyes, we must get nearer to it first.
  • He played out the image of their success in his deranged mind. They would exit free of Sanctum together. Without distraction, their focus would be placed squarely upon the sphere and their intention of destroying it. That would indeed be very dangerous to his plans.
  • 'Since I am encouraged by your lordship,' said I, 'this shall be the first labour of my life; and, though I grant it is Herculean, I have little doubt of executing it effectually.' His lordship, though not quite so certain of my success as I was, in the name of the church, again gave his hearty assent; and we, with smiles, thanks, and bows in abundance, took our leave: Enoch with a fine pisgah prospect of the land of promise; and I another Caleb, bearing away the luscious grapes I had been gathering, on which my fancy licentiously banqueted.
  • The savages were for all the world like packs of wild animals brought to bay. Gaudy Bogobos from Davao brushed shoulders for the first time with Sabanas and Kalibugans, and their snarls and bickerings boded ill for the success of the bichara; but finally the natives huddled together, linked by the common suspicion of their Christian enemy.
  • The most popular sport in Mauritius is football and the national team is the Club M. However, Mauritius' national sports teams has had little success internationally because of its small population, lack of funding and a local culture that values academic achievement over other activities. Water sports are popular, including swimming, sailing, scuba diving and water skiing. Other popular sports in Mauritius include cyling, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, handball, boxing, ptanque, judo, karate, taekwondo, weightlifting, bodybuilding and athletics.
  • Betts went off to meet the governor, in order to make in early report of his proceedings. It was apparent that the langer was over, and Woolston was not sorry to find that success was obtained without recourse to his batteries. The ship went immediately alongside of the natural quay, and her people poured ashore, in a crowd, the instant a plank could be run out, in order to enable them to do so. In an hour the cows were landed, and were grazing in the crater, where the grass was knee-high, and everything possessing life was out of the ship, the rats and cock-roaches perhaps excepted. As for the enemy, no one now cared for them. The man aloft said they could be seen, paddling away as if for life, and already too far for pursuit. It would have been easy enough for the vessels to cut off the fugitives by going into the offing again, but this was not the desire of any there, all being too happy to be rid of them, to take any steps to prolong the intercourse.
  • In 1962 success was achieved again at the 24 hours endurance race at le mans.
  • Valerie also happened to another child of a bad divorce between her mother, the child psychologist, and her father, the automobile advertising executive. The relationship fell apart the day that she started her own practice and was making more money than him, but it was completely obliterated when he was laid off from his Account Executive job at Ford. Rita Grosss practice was obviously a success because there was so many fucked up kids running around and banging their heads against the wall in the Midwest suburb.
  • Shall we continue? Brick led the ignorance of Spiritwind's comment. "I'm happy to investigate the red dot. As long as everyone understands I believe it will only lead to trouble, and I will remind you all of the concerns I am now airing should I be proved right." The general nods and murmurs of agreement were underwhelming, but contractually binding. As the map holder Brick set off at the front, the remaining three followed behind at their own pace. The mission had a direction to add to its purpose, success still needed convincing before it would consider joining.
  • Whilst Tavernier was accomplishing his last and distant excursions, a distinguished archµologist, Jean de Thvenot, nephew of Melchisedec Thvenot--a learned man to whom we owe an interesting series of travels--journeyed through Europe, and visited Malta, Constantinople, Egypt, Tunis, and Italy. He brought back in 1661 an important collection of medals and monumental inscriptions, recognized nowadays as so important a help to the historian and the philologist. In 1664, he set out anew for the Levant, and visited Persia, Bassorah, Surat, and India, where he saw Masulipatam, Burhampur, Aurungabad, and Golconda. But the fatigues which he had experienced prevented his return to Europe, and he died in Armenia in 1667. The success of his narratives was considerable, and was well deserved by the care and exactitude of a traveller whose scientific attainments in history, geography, and mathematics, far surpassed the average level of his contemporaries.
  • Huwaidi was very realistic about Turkey's influence over the Middle East. According to Huwaidi, Turkey's success in developing economic relations with Middle Eastern countries does not necessarily translate into political relations.
  • The guy who used to play center, Gary Tyrell, left school after the first semester because he saw the handwriting on the wall. Nobody had to tell Gary that I would be starting once I was eligible. Practice after practice went by with me kicking his ass; it got so bad at the end of the semester that Coach simply let me run with the first team so we could gel together. Gary was a nice guy but he was a bit spoiled by his success in high school against inferior competition. I heard he transferred to another Division II school but wound up quitting after not getting enough playing time.
  • There was, too, the chance that the Kincaid might be sighted by some passing ship, and as she was well stocked with provisions and water--the men had assured her of this fact--and as the season of storm was well over, she had every reason to hope for the eventual success of her plan.
  • Its a long shot, but Im a pretty sharp guy, and I know as much about this stuff as anyone out there. More to the point, trying stuff and doing research yields a non-zero chance of success. The alternativessitting pat, or worse, getting into a moral panic about "piracy" and accusing the readers who are blazing new trail of "the moral equivalent of shoplifting"—have a zero percent chance of success.
  • These thoughts flashed through my mind whilst busily employed in taking the necessary steps to return in search of him, for I had no idea of continuing the voyage without making such a search; indeed, it would have been impossible. And my chances of success were not so meagre as might at first sight be supposed.
  • Also in 2008, the Comoros were ranked 14th out of 48 sub-Saharan African countries in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance. The Ibrahim Index is a comprehensive measure of African governance, based on a number of different variables which reflect the success with which governments deliver essential political goods to its citizens.
  • His whimsical little impulse having met with complete success he lay in his shroud of bushes and intense enjoyment thrilled through every vein. He had not known a happier night. All his primitive instincts were gratified. The hunted was having sport with the hunters, and it was rare sport too.
  • Due to the lack of success lately on the international level, in recent years, Armenia has rebuilt 16 Soviet-era sports schools and furnished them with new equipment for a total cost of $1.9 million. The rebuilding of the regional schools was financed by the Armenian government. $9.3 million has been invested in the resort town of Tsaghkadzor to improve the winter sports infrastructure because of dismal performances at recent winter sports events. In 2005, a cycling center was opened in Yerevan with the aim of helping produce world class Armenian cyclists. The government has also promised a cash reward of $700,000 to Armenians who win a gold medal at the Olympics.
  • I looked at Marble with astonishment; the subject on which the Major had spoken in pleasantry, rather than with any real design of carrying his project into execution, was one that my old messmate regarded seriously! I had noted the attention with which he listened to our discourse, during breakfast, and the strong feeling with which he spoke at the time, but had no notion of the cause of either. I knew the man too well, not to understand, at once, that he was in sober earnest, and had too much experience of his nature, not to foresee the greatest difficulty in turning him from his purpose. I understood the true motive to be professional mortification at all that occurred since he had succeeded Captain Williams in command; for Marble was much too honest and too manly, to think for a moment of concealing his own misfortunes behind the mantle offered by my success.
  • Part of the success of dublin and wicklow is that it offers affiliated membership allowing visiting brethren from northern ireland to join.
  • I mean, answered Ralph Nelson, another American aviator, "that the United States has made a big success of the Liberty Bonds loan and is going to send a million soldiers over here as soon as possible! Say, isn't that great?"
  • Buoyed by the success of the operating system, the company was floated in 1986, raising $ 61 million.
  • The man in the other airship did fire three more times, but without any success whatever. And as though the rival navigator realized that Frank's tactics would effectually prevent his coming into closer contact with the pursuing craft, he no longer tried to close in, but increasing his speed, was quickly about the old distance away.
  • At last Tom came back. Jack could read success in his looks, even before the other had had a chance to open his mouth and say a single word.
  • The way she keeps using my name is bad. Like she's had this conversation before and she needs to keep straight in her head which loser she's dealing with now. I remember the feel of her in my arms and know we're moving further away from that moment. Even if she forgives me I'm back to being some loser she helped out. Not even a success story.
  • Tom was not so sanguine of success as either of his mates; but he kept his doubts to himself. As an ambitious airman he was thrilled by the vastness of the scheme. As Lieutenant Beverly had truly remarked, while it held chances of disaster, they were accepting just as many challenges to meet their death every day of their service as battleplane pilots.
  • Captain Len Guy admirably combined boldness and prudence in his command of his ship. He never passed to leeward of an iceberg, if the distance did not guarantee the success of any manoeuvre whatsoever that might suddenly become necessary. He was familiar with all the contingencies of ice-navigation, and was not afraid to venture into the midst of these flotillas of drifts and packs. That day he said to me,--
  • While it is not clear to us why these Abbott segments have generated such dismal margins, we suspect immunology drug Humira's success may have covered a multitude of sins in the other divisions. We anticipate management will focus its attention on this issue as new Abbott gets off the ground. We are heartened to see that Abbott has already taken some steps to improve efficiency, including streamlining its distribution channels and building facilities in lower-cost locations like China and India. Management has already committed to raising margins in the nutritionals business by at least 500 basis points by the end of 2015. We think this emphasis on margin improvement should pay off over the next five years.
  • For a fortnight he worked almost night and day, attending to every detail with the utmost care, and bringing into play all those rare powers of mind which in the first instance had led Natas to select him as the visible head of the Executive. In this way the chief consequence of the love-madness of Roburoff had been to place at the head of affairs in America the one man of all others most fitted by descent and ability to carry out such a work, and to this fact its complete success must in a great measure be attributed.
  • The launch success seems to represent a significant ratcheting up of the countrys "hard power". But it also raises the stakes in the outside worlds dealings with the rogue regime, at a time of new administrations in America and China. It comes just before elections in South Korea on December 19th. In those elections, both presidential candidates have spoken of increased engagement with the North, after a prolonged and tense standoff under South Koreas outgoing president, Lee Myung-bak.
  • The hunters sat upon a knoll waiting for oilpigs to show themselves, and weGardt Wentik, Harkness, Doctor Tannahill and myselfsat facing into the forest on the far side of the knoll, hiding behind the boleslistening and looking with our full might. Some time passed without any occurrence. But as darkness closed in a gun sounded on the other side, a possible signal of success.
  • It was past midnight when the General rose, and my brain rioted with the pictures he had drawn for me. Surely, if I had ever considered turning back, I now no longer tolerated the thought of it. If he had wished to convince me that the life of a soldier of fortune was an ungrateful one he had set about proving it in the worst possible way. At that moment I saw no career so worthy to be imitated as his own, no success to be so envied as his failures. And in the glow and inspiration of his talk, and with the courage of a boy, I told him so. I think he was not ill pleased at what I said, nor with me. He seemed to approve of what I had related of myself, and of the comments I had made upon his reminiscences. He had said, again and again: "That is an intelligent question," "You have put your finger on the real weakness of the attack," "That was exactly the error in his strategy."
  • They had been entrusted with a number of especially dangerous missions, and had met with considerable success in putting these through. Like most other ambitious young fliers, they hoped soon to merit the title of "ace," when they could point to at least six proven victories over rival pilots, with that number of planes sent down in combat.
  • Telepathy tests, there was an expectation of 25 % success by chance.
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