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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess
Ekler: suc·cess·es
Türü: isim


i. başarı, muvaffakiyet;
başarılı şey veya kimse.

success için örnek cümleler:

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  • WHEN Don Alphonso had concluded the melancholy recital of his misfortunes, the old hermit said to him -- My son, you have been excessively rash in tarrying so long at Toledo. I consider in a very different light from that you affect to place it in, what you have told me of your story; and your love for Seraphina seems to me to be sheer madness. Take my word for it, you will do well to cancel that young lady from your remembrance; she never can be of your communion. Retreat like a skilful general, when you cannot act with effect on the offensive; and pursue your fortune on another field, where success may smile on your endeavours. You will be terribly out of luck to kill the brother of the next young lady who may chance to succeed this only possible object of your affection.
  • Tonnage of allied ships sunk approached half a million, despite some success with the convoy system.
  • As night came on, they cast about for some place to sleep, but met with little success. The only place to lie was on the ground, but by that time the four friends were so tired that sleep, even under any hardship, was desirable. They finally settled down in a corner that appeared a little less crowded than the rest. However, before going to sleep they tried to formulate some plan of escape, but with indifferent success.
  • I hope that it will be long before our kings march against Scotland again. The ill success of all our efforts should have taught them that, do what they will, they will never conquer Scotland; and Henry is not likely to court another failure, such as he met with two years since. 'Tis not like the wars with the Welsh."
  • Anthony Mark Johnson (born October 2, 1974) is an American former professional basketball player who last played with the Orlando Magic of the NBA. At 6'3" (1.91 m), he played the point guard position. He found success in pro basketball, becoming the first NBA D-League player to participate in an NBA Finals. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Johnson played college basketball at the College of Charleston and was drafted in the NBA in 1997.
  • No better success attended Captain Ripon's search than that which his wife had met with. He looked anxious, now. The gardeners and servants were called, and soon every place in the garden was ransacked.
  • Magick was such a perverse entity. What worked in one situation didnt work in another. It was the reason agents for the Committee had to be prepared. Foreknowledge often meant the difference between success and failure.
  • Her beloved grandmother had died. But her grandmother lived long enough to see her, Sandra, become a success in the luxury travel business. Sandra sent her postcards and gifts from every corner of the world, and there was always a letter, from her grandmother, waiting for Sandras anxious eyes, when she returned from far away to L.A. The letter usually told of how jealous the entire neighborhood is and especially the neighbor ladies are that Grandma raised such a successful, well-traveled, worldly granddaughter. Sandra traveled first class to the funeral, and is forever grateful to the company for footing her travel expenses; if she had been a dressmaker, she could have never made the trip. "Goodbye, Grandma. Thanks for everything. GruB GroBmutt."
  • No pleasing you, no contenting a fellow like you, said Power, returning to the charge; "that's the thing; you get a certain ascendancy; you have a kind of success that renders you, as the French say, tte monte, and you think no woman rich enough or good-looking enough or big enough."
  • Only in such a situation do seemingly trivial problems arise that in reality may determine the success or failure of a system.
  • The reader may have observed, that Fathom, with all his circumspection, had a weak side, which exposed him to sundry mischances; this was his covetousness, which on some occasions became too hard for his discretion. At this period of time it was, by the circumstances of his situation, inflamed to a degree of rapacity. He was now prevailed upon to take a hand at whist or piquet, and even to wield the hazard-box; though he had hitherto declared himself an irreconcilable enemy to all sorts of play; and so uncommon was his success and dexterity at these exercises, as to surprise his acquaintance, and arouse the suspicion of some people, who repined at his prosperity.
  • It betokeneth success in thy present undertaking after first meeting with difficulties. We have met with difficulties, and what were they but the king's men? They be now behind us, and success is to be ours. But come thou to breakfast now."
  • Bill Crooks regarded them wistfully. In their youth and hope he saw his own. He thought of a far day when he and a girl had faced the world together, determined to wring from it success. The success had come, but the woman of his heart no longer shared it with him. Suddenly he felt old and lonely. He roused himself with a sigh and a shake of his big shoulders. No one, not even his daughter, suspected old Bill Crooks of sentiment. His thoughts were his own.
  • And thus was solved the mystery of the sinister house with the copper beeches in front of the door. Mr. Rucastle survived, but was always a broken man, kept alive solely through the care of his devoted wife. They still live with their old servants, who probably know so much of Rucastle's past life that he finds it difficult to part from them. Mr. Fowler and Miss Rucastle were married, by special license, in Southampton the day after their flight, and he is now the holder of a government appointment in the island of Mauritius. As to Miss Violet Hunter, my friend Holmes, rather to my disappointment, manifested no further interest in her when once she had ceased to be the centre of one of his problems, and she is now the head of a private school at Walsall, where I believe that she has met with considerable success.
  • I have not come in my professional capacity, sir, but about that other matter, the one we talked about, and for which you asked me to keep my eyes open,’ I said. ‘I have had some success in that, and I need to confer with you in private.’
  • After the success of The Spectator, more political periodicals of comment appeared, including the vaguely Tory The Guardian and The Observer (note that none of these periodicals continued to the present day without interruption). The Gentleman's Magazine and Gentleman's Quarterly both began soon after. Some of these journals featured news more than commentary, and others featured reviews of recent works of literature. Many periodicals came from the area of the Inns of Court, which had been associated with a bohemian lifestyle since the 1670s. Samuel Johnson's later The Rambler and The Idler would self-consciously recreate the pose of Mr. Spectator to give a platform for musings and philosophy, as well as literary criticism.
  • Grandmahad put money aside for me to go to college, so it really didnt matter where I went. Miami seemed warm and so did Gail, one of my dads ex-students, who was a freshman at U of M. Gail and I had met through my dad, who had little success opening the Gail vault after I figured out the combination. Before I made my Miami decision, I called Gail to see if I could visit. Call it on-campus research, if you will. I hopped on a plane, and one thing led to anotherman, I got an instant education from Gail and her roommate Courtney. The University of Miami, it was.
  • We had with us a diary which Jack Sumner had kept on the former voyage, and the casual way in which he repeatedly referred to running through a "hell of foam" gave us an inkling, if nothing more, of what was coming. Our careful preparations gave us a feeling of security against disaster, or, at least, induced us to expect some degree of liberality from Fortune. We had done our best to insure success and could go forward in some confidence.
  • He knew what the signs boded. For years he had ministered to these necessities, and no man had ever approached his success.
  • I expect you to show up to-morrow night, and then we can slip away unnoticed in the dark, said the lieutenant. "I've kept tabs on the weather conditions, as it's always been a fad with me; and I'm happy to say there seems to be no storm in prospect, while the winds are apt to be favorable, coming from the east, a rare thing these fall days. So-long, boys, and here's success to our jolly little flight!"
  • "You knew what you were getting into when you accepted this assignment. Keep walking." Both knew this was a mission from which they would not return; they also knew they had to succeed. General Dempsy would keep his word, which meant there was no turning back. He did not know what deal Enit struck, and he did not care to know. For Borga, success was the only option. To fail was to send his daughter, Bella, to her death, and that he could not even think about.
  • The ascent was easily made, for, as Tom had said, they were favored with an unusually level stretch of ground beyond, over which the plane rolled decently until the pilot switched his lever and they started to soar. From some place close by an unseen enemy commenced to fire again, but without success.
  • It is a good many years ago, but even now it is painful to think of those days, he began. "We came from Cornwall, in the `old country,' where your Uncle Stephen, your mother, and I were born. She had married your father, Michael Penrose, however, and had emigrated to America, when we were mere boys; and we were just out of our apprenticeship (Stephen as a blacksmith and I as a carpenter) when we received a letter from your father and mother inviting us to join them in America, and setting forth the advantages to be obtained in the new country. We were not long in making up our minds to accept the invitation; and in the spring of the next year we crossed the sea, with well nigh three hundred other emigrants,--some going out to relatives and friends, others bent on seeking their fortunes, trusting alone to their own strong arms and determined will for success.
  • Fa vase record buckingham town have had a lot of success in the past in the fa vase record buckingham town have had a lot of success in the past in the fa vase.
  • "Wealth is not the definition of success. Equality is success. They will come to see that in time. Until they do, we will pull at their heartstrings and make them feel guilty. We will parade the poor people in front of them and show them what inequality has done to Medora. We will constantly show them how terrible it is to have success while others suffer. We will show them how easy and proper it is to help the needy. Then, when we are all on the same level, we will advance to the greatest level of civilization. We will all become one, and as one we shall bring our light to the rest of the world; from this land to Bhoor-Rahn and beyond!"
  • In 905, the dynasty founded by nigo Arista was overthrown through the machinations of neighboring princes, and Sancho I Garcs (90525), nephew of the Count of Ribagorza, was placed in the throne. He fought against the Moors with repeated success and joined Ultra-Puertos, or Basse-Navarre, to his own dominions, also extending its territory as far as Najera. As a thanksgiving for his victories, he founded, in 924, the convent of Albelda. Before his death, all Moors had been driven from the country. His son and eventual successor, Garcia Sanchez I (93170), who had the support of his energetic and diplomatic mother Toda (Teuda) Aznarez of the line of Arista, likewise engaged in a number of conflicts with the Moors. At this time, the county of Aragon, previously only nominally a vassal state, came under the direct control of the kings of Pamplona.
  • The most popular sport in Mauritius is football and the national team is the Club M. However, Mauritius' national sports teams has had little success internationally because of its small population, lack of funding and a local culture that values academic achievement over other activities. Water sports are popular, including swimming, sailing, scuba diving and water skiing. Other popular sports in Mauritius include cyling, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, handball, boxing, ptanque, judo, karate, taekwondo, weightlifting, bodybuilding and athletics.
  • One of the few government bodies to have had any success improving the system is a special agency created by the Supreme Court. For 10 years it has struggled to ban private firms from the feeding program.
  • "Will they give up trying to cross over now?" asked Hanky Panky, after it was seen that the efforts of the circling birdmen, much more than half a mile aloft, had not met with any sort of success.
  • A book of stories centering about the character of "Uncle Wash," which even in the brief time since its publication has achieved a large and notable success among all classes of readers. Many editions have already been sold.
  • "You should've gotten that manager position, Larry, you've been there long enough." That was very true. He had several years on Leo and all the experience. What Larry did lack was either the demeanor of success or the illusion of concern for his position. Either way, he did not advance.
  • HOW they toiled and sweated to get the hay in! But their efforts were rewarded, for the harvest was an even bigger success than they had hoped.
  • Ralph felt very brave, and proud, and happy, when he had reached this point, which was just as he opened the door of his father's room, which contained a very small library--books being rare and precious in those days--plenty of handsome armour and war-like weapons of offence, and a corner set apart for alchemy and the study of minerals; for, in a desultory way, Sir Morton Darley, bitten by the desire to have a mine of his own to produce him as good an income as that of his enemy neighbour, had been given to searching without success for a good lode of lead.
  • Early success will give you confidence and results to help you persuade more resistant colleagues.
  • In the morning, after breakfast, it was decided that the men should begin to dig a sloping bed which would allow the Halbrane to slide to the foot of the iceberg. Would that Heaven might grant success to the operation, for who could contemplate without terror having to brave the severity of the austral winter, and to pass six months under such conditions as ours on a vast iceberg, dragged none could tell whither? Once the winter had set in, none of us could have escaped from that most terrible of fates--dying of cold.
  • None of it is new for the founder of Los Angeles-based Muddy Waters LLC, who said he stopped trying to bet against Chinese companies this year after government agents hindered his analysts and harassed workers at a storage company he owns in Shanghai. "Tattooed gangsters" came looking for him, he wrote in an e-mail to Bloomberg on Dec. 4, retaliation for his success uncovering financial sleight of hand at companies such as Sino- Forest Corp., which is now bankrupt.
  • Haworth believed that his master had never quite forgiven him for trying to dissuade him from a plan of vengeance against the Bastard upon their return from Rhuddlan. Indeed, despite the apparent success of the plan, Haworth was still far more interested in expanding Hughs influence in southern Gwynedd than in hounding the kings son into war. Yet Hugh was like a dog worrying a bone: he could not stop thinking about the Bastard. And now they were waiting for the Welshman to send them the whore of Richard Delamere because Hugh had the strange idea that he would be justified before the king in this abduction. If the Bastard chose to retaliate on his friends behalf (as Hugh hoped), then Hugh would be well within his rights in defending himself. And this time, unlike Dol, Hugh intended to win.
  • The education sector will both drive and benefit from this growth in the middle class, the report projects, and economic success will be closely tied to educational levels. In the Middle East and North Africa, average levels of schooling are expected to rise from 7.1 years to 8.7 years. Education for women -- a driver of both economic growth and social health and welfare -- will rise from 5 years to 7 years in the region, according to the report.
  • Whilst Tavernier was accomplishing his last and distant excursions, a distinguished archµologist, Jean de Thvenot, nephew of Melchisedec Thvenot--a learned man to whom we owe an interesting series of travels--journeyed through Europe, and visited Malta, Constantinople, Egypt, Tunis, and Italy. He brought back in 1661 an important collection of medals and monumental inscriptions, recognized nowadays as so important a help to the historian and the philologist. In 1664, he set out anew for the Levant, and visited Persia, Bassorah, Surat, and India, where he saw Masulipatam, Burhampur, Aurungabad, and Golconda. But the fatigues which he had experienced prevented his return to Europe, and he died in Armenia in 1667. The success of his narratives was considerable, and was well deserved by the care and exactitude of a traveller whose scientific attainments in history, geography, and mathematics, far surpassed the average level of his contemporaries.
  • Nokia, which has seen its smartphone market share plummet in the past five years, is depending on the success of the Lumia line to help it rebound from six consecutive quarters of losses. The deal with China Mobile, whose network standard has prevented it from carrying the iPhone, will widen the Hong Kong-listed carriers range of more expensive smartphones to battle for market share.
  • 'The ardour with which I began my work, the deep consideration I gave to every character, the strong emotions I felt while composing it, the minute attention I paid to all its parts, and the intense labour I bestowed in planning, writing, correcting, and completing it, were such as I believed must insure success.
  • CH. VI. The application of the three hundred pistoles, and Scipio's commission connected with them. success of the state paper mentioned in the last chapter.
  • Holli virtually ignored him, and for the first time since their trip began, she allowed him to move about without following close behind. She kept a steady breath and a watchful eye, but she knew in her current position she was defenseless, an easy target for a myriad of attacks. She accepted the role with the same stubborn determination which moved her full speed through the desert. If she was to be sacrificed for the success of her mission, that was merely the distinction of her duty.
  • The wireless is all right as far as it goes, said the captain grimly. "Certainly its invention is a great step forward, but two things are essential for its success in a critical situation. Firstly, it must be in working order. In bad weather the aerial wires are apt to be put out of commission. Secondly, there must be a Marconi station or receiver within a few hundred miles of where you happen to be. If these conditions are not present, you might as well whistle!"
  • I 'm done,"" panted the Captain, referring both to his chances of success and to his physical condition; and he saw with despair that across the ford the road rose as boldly and as steeply as it had descended on the near side of the stream."
  • Sparrer, having no rifle, insisted on carrying the fox, an honor granted him with one accord. Very different was their entrance into Smugglers' Hollow from their departure in the small hours of that same day, and there was much jesting and hilarity, for their buoyant spirits had rebounded wonderfully now that the load of anxiety and dread had been lifted. Pat and Alec each carried a bundle of furs sufficient in themselves to raise their spirits to a high plane, for these, added to those they already had, assured the financial success of their partnership.
  • Kettling, however, began to visit Olenka; for she, meeting him on a certain day, extended her hand to him. The young officer prophesied evil from this profound silence. According to him the prince, out of regard for the elector and the Swedes, would not hold silence touching the least victory, and would rather exaggerate by description than weaken by silence the significance of real successes.
  • Among the European nations, only Italy, which headed the fencing medal table with three gold, two silver and two bronze, will look back at London with satisfaction. Since the dawn of the modern Olympic era, Italy has won 48 gold medals from fencing, compared with 41 for France and 35 for Hungary. For all three nations, fencing has produced more gold than any other sport. It will be a hard way back for France and Hungary, given the continuing success of the Chinese in all weapons, and the brilliant performances of the South Koreans.
  • Aiden was in amongst the enemy first, stabbing with his sword to pierce the armour of the mercenary warrior he had engaged. The speed advantage from the incantation was invaluable, making their opponents seem like they were moving through molasses. Again and again, Aiden's blade struck true, cutting through chain mail and flesh with equal precision. His allies were having similar success in the opening battle, outmatching the greater numbers of their adversaries with speed, tactics, and high morale.
  • He is needed for the place that awaits him, and so almost apart from his will and despite his indecision, his lack of a plan, and all his mistakes, he is drawn into a conspiracy that aims at seizing power and the conspiracy is crowned with success.
  • Apparently they had, for presently the column was in motion again. Somehow, even Jimmy had sobered more or less. Something about the passing back and forth of the smoke communications must have put a damper on his spirits; though, a short time before, he had been fairly bubbling over with joy, because of the success that had recently come their way.
  • Mike was right. If I had put a little more time into it, worked her a little more and pushed her in the right direction, I probably could have had success.
  • "I guess you'll have the chance, Ben. You're the boy to succeed. You're smart, and you're willin' to work, and them's what leads to success out here."
  • He achieved great success designing furnishing fabrics, and designs for the theater.
  • As I had done many times before, I elaborated my simple but straight-forward plan that I had discussed with Calenda, one which strove to promote the prosperity of Ghalain through support of her merchants, craftsman, and farmers, but unlike Quenela's plan, one that intended to give power into the hands of those who formed the backbone increasing learning and thus ingenuity, and pull Ghalain steadily towards a future that held success for more than the wealthiest.
  • Far as the eye could reach were seen scattered herds of horses. These were tended by little boys who were totally destitute of clothing, and who seemed to enjoy with infinite zest the pastime of shooting-practice with little bows and arrows. No wonder that these Indians become expert bowmen. There were urchins there, scarce two feet high, with round bullets of bodies and short spindle-shanks, who could knock blackbirds off the trees at every shot, and cut the heads of the taller flowers with perfect certainty! There was much need, too, for the utmost proficiency they could attain, for the very existence of the Indian tribes of the prairies depends on their success in hunting the buffalo.
  • Ha! ha! laughed Archie in high glee at the success of this his first experiment in backwoods warfare; "you're a trump, Little Bill!"
  • Below the Cascades I had a sample of Indian gratitude that set me thinking. My success with John MacDonald and others had added the whole community to my medical practice, for those who were not sick thought they were. I cheerfully did my best for all, and was supposed to be persona grata. Just below the Cascade Rapids was a famous sucker pool, and after we had camped three Indians came, saying that the pool was full of suckers--would I lend them my canoe to get some?
  • Huwaidi was very realistic about Turkey's influence over the Middle East. According to Huwaidi, Turkey's success in developing economic relations with Middle Eastern countries does not necessarily translate into political relations.
  • Haven't you been listed? asked Hamilton, glad that the subject should have seemed to come up in so natural a way and mentally congratulating himself on the success of his device to secure the friendship of the crowd.
  • His success showed us the value of patient, hard work in preparing for an expedition that was hazardous at the best and would have been criminally reckless, if we had not had some one with a good head like Jim's to guide us through. It wasn't boy's work.
  • The condition of the islands along this coast is now of the greatest interest to the world at large, and to the people of the South in particular. Upon careful inquiry, I find that there are over two hundred thousand acres of land under cultivation by free labor. The enterprises are mostly by Northern men, although there are natives working their negroes under the new system, and negroes who are working land on their own account. This is the third year of the trial, and every year has been a success more and more complete. The profits of some of the laborers amount to five hundred, and in some cases five thousand dollars a year. The amount of money deposited in bank by the negroes of these islands is a hundred and forty thousand dollars.
  • "He's not flashy, but he's the fighter - one I could always count on when the going got difficult," Mattis said in an email. "He is tactically cunning and does a superb job at setting his subordinate commanders up for success by orchestrating complex battle plans into harmonious actions."
  • He went away, and was absent a whole year; at the end of which, a poor man, who, I thought, had come to ask alms, presented himself before me in my shop. I said to him, God help you. God help you also, answered he, is it possible you do not know me? Upon this, I looked to him narrowly, and knew him. Ah, my brother! cried I, embracing him, how could I know you in this condition? I made him come into my house, and asked him concerning his health, and the success of his travels. Do not ask me that question, says he; when you see me, you see all. It would only renew my grief to tell you all the particulars of the misfortunes that have befallen me, and reduced me to this condition, since I left you.
  • "Yes?" said the girl carelessly. Her thoughts seemed elsewhere, and she did not look happy, in spite of the success that had been hers that evening.
  • Thank you, gentlemen; that is all I have to ask at present. It is a very difficult nut we have to crack, Mr. Ferguson, he went on, when he and the first lieutenant were alone. "To attack six strongly armed prahus with the boats of this ship would be a serious enterprise indeed, and its success would be very doubtful, while the loss would certainly be very heavy, especially as, if any of the boats were sunk, the crews would have but little chance in a place swarming with alligators. I don't think I should be justified in risking such an enterprise."
  • Not since the days preceding the Firemen's Tournament when the motorcycle fire department was being outfitted had the scout engineers been busier than they were the following few weeks. Every afternoon after the academy let out, and every evening they could spare from their studies was devoted to the construction of the moth trap. They worked with snap and vim, for upon the success of their product depended the possibility of a troop motorboat.
  • On arriving at their hut, supper was cooked and eaten, with that zest which hunger always gives, even to the coarsest viands; and, having carried out the remaining part of the programme which Karl had suggested--that is, the offering up a prayer for success on the morrow-- the trio sought their grass-covered couches with a feeling of renewed hopefulness.
  • He thought of his faith, thought of the ten that sought the sphere. He prayed silently for the safety of those within the rock before him. He prayed for the success of the mission, prayed as he had prayed many times that evening, but that was during the gloom of the storm, when the clouds served as a partition between him and the heavens. Now, the skies were clear. The sparkling light that now surrounded him convinced him that these prayers would not be ignored.
  • As they journeyed they had plenty of opportunities to lay out their new program and build fresh castles in the air concerning the success which they meant to attain if it lay in mortal power.
  • Dave looked at the Saturday afternoon ceremony as closure for a great part of his life. He had worked hard and the success that he and his teammates experienced would be something he would never forget.
  • The whole scheme had already been made clear by the youth. The large proa was in sight, by appointment, having been cruising back and forth for several days, on the lookout for the smaller boat with the party who it was expected would be robbed and killed for the valuable pearls in their possession. The signal of the fluttering handkerchief from the triangular sail meant that the party were on board, and the original program was to be carried out. That is, the pursuing boat was to hold off until after dark. She was to keep on a converging course, so as not to lose sight of the small proa, and gradually approaching, overhaul and attack her at the time when the chances of success were at the best.
  • I used to be able to foresee these kinds of things, he thought. I was still pure then, but my success has been going to my head lately; I thought I was invulnerable.
  • The reason was apparent. Missouri was a slave State, though bounded on three sides by free soil. Few Northern emigrants desired to settle in the midst of slavery. The distinction between the ruling and laboring classes was not as great as in the cotton States, but there was a distinction beyond dispute. Whatever his blood or complexion, the man who labored with his hands was on a level, or nearly so, with the slave. Thousands passed up the Missouri River, or crossed the northern portion of the State, to settle in the new Territory of Kansas. When political influences ceased, the result was still the same. The Hannibal and St. Joseph Railway threw its valuable lands into the market, but with little success.
  • As the flyers now headed for home they were all much elated at the success of the first flight of the new airplane. And as it gracefully swooped down into the fair-grounds a little later, coming to a stop in a surprisingly short run over the ground owing to her braking feature, this elation was increased.
  • I'd say thank you very much and cheekily ask how to control them? Spiritwind's wink poured salt across Zarg's gaping error. A sulk descended across the alien as his lower lip poked out to signal his mood to the world. The concepts looked at each other amazed that success had found its way through such chaos.
  • Sign up now e-newsletter success stories real life example - nina nina had always bought aids and equipment to support her visually impaired granddaughter.
  • Monson let his attention slip as Casey and Artorius tried to figure out where they were. He allowed himself a selfish moment, not being able to help feeling pleased with himself. He found that his confrontation with Coach Able left him with the feeling of invincibility; like no matter what he did he would come out victorious. Monson knew that it was not huge victory, that Coach Able was probably getting the better end of their little deal. However, Monson's successes in the past couple months felt few and far between. He needed this. Besides, it is not very often you have the opportunity to totally disregard a teacher's power trip and turn it to your favor. He had also earned Casey and Artorius' undying loyalty and respect, which was also a good thing.
  • Mr Butterfield's office--My future prospects--I again visit the "Emu"--Aunt Deb's good advice--I rebel--All sailors are not beggars-- My next visit to the "Emu"--Shall I stow myself away?--Conflicting ideas--Looking over the ship, I meet with an accident--Once more a prisoner--The hold of the "Emu"--Not a stowaway--My possible fate--No bones broken--"The blue above and the blue below"--Perseverance conquers all difficulties--On the high seas--Sea-sick--On the kelson-- I give way to despair--"Help! Help!"--The yarn of Sam Switch's ghost--I feel the pangs of hunger--I review my past life--Never say die--Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink--My efforts meet with some success.
  • Cortez however, as usual, speedily allayed the tumult. He pointed out that his loss was the greatest, since the ships were his property; and that the troops would in fact derive great advantage by it, since it would swell their force by a hundred men, who must otherwise have remained in charge of the vessels. He urged them to place their confidence in him, and they might rely upon it that success would attend their efforts. If there were any cowards there, they might take the remaining ship and sail to Cuba with it, and wait patiently there until the army returned, laden with the spoils of the Aztecs.
  • The volunteers assist in releasing the hatchings and excavating the nests to determine the hatching success rate.
  • Well was it said, "Vanity, vanity--all is vanity!" He that lives as long as I have lived, will have seen most of his opinions, and I think I may add, all his tastes, change. Nothing short of revelation has a stronger tendency to convince us of the temporary character of our probationary state in this world, than to note for how short a period, and for what imperfect ends, all our hopes and success in life have been buoying us up, and occupying our minds. After fifty, the delusion begins to give way; and, though we may continue to live, and even to be happy, blind indeed must be he who does not see the end of his road, and foresee some of the great results to which it is to lead. But of all this, our quartette thought little in the year 1799.
  • The prospect pleased them all so much that they made light of the merciless jostling received in that springless wagon over wretched Virginia shore roads. In fact, they were so elated over the great success that had rewarded their daring venture that it seemed just then as if nothing could ever again make them feel blue, or depressed in spirits.
  • I afterwards found that he reported us also, so that the Water Lily duly appeared in the "shipping" columns of the various papers, and my yachting friends thus got an inkling of our success so far.
  • These two were great favourites with the ship's company, and many willing hands had gone back to bring them out of the smoking edifice; but no traces of them could be found. It was then thought that they might have missed their way on the road down from the fort, and search was made in that direction, but without success.
  • Storeyconsumer success stories of the internet will be the future success stories of mobile.
  • Only real success in belgium, which broke away from dutch control, some success in german states and swiss cantons.
  • Kittredge and others could have known of the success of international accounting congresses in paris in 1889 and at lyons in 1895.
  • Still problems with pt retrieval some success with constituent retrievals using ab microwindows ( not all mws processed ).
  • The French, with great dash, carried part of the German positions; but this success dampened the vigor of their artillery bombardment, which could not be continued without endangering their own men. The big German guns opened a heavy fire on the rearward communications of the French, preventing the bringing up of renforcements.
  • My position being such that I could ensure her a splendid future, I was naturally anxious that she should make a brilliant marriage, since with monstrous injustice destiny has decreed that a woman's road to success must run past the altar. But as yet I could find no man whom I considered suitable or worthy. One or two I knew, but they were not peers, and I wished her to marry a peer or a rising politician who would earn or inherit a peerage.
  • My success with the white sheep had come only with the hardest kind of work, but I now had five really fine heads--which I later increased to six, my limit. I was quite satisfied with the measurements of these horns along the curve, but had hoped to have shot at least one which would tape over 14 inches around the butts, although this would be extreme, for the horns of the white sheep do not grow so large as the common Rocky Mountain variety. They are also much lighter in color. I believe that large and perfect heads will be most difficult to find a few years hence in this section, and the sportsman who has ambitions in this direction would do well not to delay his trip too long; for this range of hills is not over large, and unless these sheep have some protection, it is only a question of time before they will be almost entirely killed off.
  • With the help of their friends, Betty, Amy and Louise give a play which is full of laughable mishaps. They have lots of fun getting ready for the great event and it is voted a huge success.
  • One of the best ways to break down such barriers is to provide opportunities for success and increased self-worth as early as possible.
  • "Can the Herald travel a third of the Greatland in the span of just one breath?" a familiar voice asked, and Catrin searched for the speaker without success.
  • Geret was equally as shaken, having been sure moments earlier that he wasnt going to be fast enough to catch her. His success flushed him with glee, and he got to his feet and helped Rhona stand as well.
  • Although British immigrants brought the sport to Argentina, it was not until late in the 1970s that Guillermo Vilas' success made the sport popular, reaching second place in the 1975 ATP ranking. He was internationally recognised and was later included in the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
  • The next winter Clark and I: for we were alone again, went to New Windsor and trapped Rat on Storms Lake. We also caught a lot of skunk and coyotes, with fair success we continued til spring and took all our fur nearly $3,000,00 worth and sold to different houses in the East. Then we bought good clothes, I managed to visit parks and ride shoot the shoots Conversed with Indians and enquired of strangers concerning good trapping grounds through the summer--while Clark studied so he could do our writing. That winter we trapped in Pine Bluffs Wyoming. For Coyotes, Rat and skunk, But we grew tired toward spring and moved To Scotts Bluff Nebraska, where we finished the winter and sold out in the spring I lounged around and got pointers and the Kid attended school as we did the year previous.
  • This leaves companies that are embedding sustainability into their organization and supply chain in a curious situation. Even as they are working hard to formulate and execute a long-term strategy, companiesown pension funds are often putting pressure on other companies to deliver short-term results. Its worthy noting that sustainability success stories in the corporate sector are achieved despite these headwinds.
  • They had been entrusted with a number of especially dangerous missions, and had met with considerable success in putting these through. Like most other ambitious young fliers, they hoped soon to merit the title of "ace," when they could point to at least six proven victories over rival pilots, with that number of planes sent down in combat.
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