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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess
Ekler: suc·cess·es
Türü: isim


i. başarı, muvaffakiyet;
başarılı şey veya kimse.

success için örnek cümleler:

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  • What a dreary, depressing hope it was that now possessed the souls of Captain Horn, of Burke and Shirley, and of even the three negroes! After all the hardships, the labor, and the anxieties, after all the joy of success and escape from danger, after all happy chances which had come in various ways and from various directions, after the sweet delights of rest, after the super-exultation of anticipation which no one on board had been able to banish from his mind, there was nothing left to them now but the eager desire that their vessel might keep afloat until she could find some friendly sands on which she might be run, or some shallow water in which she might sink and rest there on the wild Patagonian coast, leaving them far from human beings of any kind, far from help, far, perhaps, from rescue and even safety.
  • WHEN Don Alphonso had concluded the melancholy recital of his misfortunes, the old hermit said to him -- My son, you have been excessively rash in tarrying so long at Toledo. I consider in a very different light from that you affect to place it in, what you have told me of your story; and your love for Seraphina seems to me to be sheer madness. Take my word for it, you will do well to cancel that young lady from your remembrance; she never can be of your communion. Retreat like a skilful general, when you cannot act with effect on the offensive; and pursue your fortune on another field, where success may smile on your endeavours. You will be terribly out of luck to kill the brother of the next young lady who may chance to succeed this only possible object of your affection.
  • "Believe me, sirs, we shall charge again! Whiles we have struck, by interims and conveying gusts we have heard the charges of our friends! Ye Roman gods, lead their successes as we wish our own, so that both our powers, with smiling fronts encountering, may give you thankful sacrifice!"
  • I can't help it! cried West passionately. "Give me credit for having kept up well till now. It's because we are so near success that I feel everything so keenly."
  • Sometimes I curse the cruelty of quantum physics and its perennial mysteries. Desperate to ensure that Edgar and Rumpole had not died in vain, I offered up dear little Terrance the hamster next. Our calibrations more accurate, I was certain that nothing but success could be the result. And indeed, Terrence's quantum status was suitably tensed by the field so as to shield him from the ravages of thermodynamics for precisely ten minutes. However, although his body was held in temporal suspension for that period, his mind did not appear to survive intact. Our subsequent tests showed that my ham-fisted meddling had reduced Terrence's once cunning intelligence to that of a simpleton.
  • The guard groaned. "Not another one." His expression was certainly unfriendly now. "Look boy, the Guard might not have enjoyed much success of late, but we have enough bounty hunters here."
  • In recent years north sailing have enjoyed an incredible 98.5 % success rate for whale sightings.
  • Triple Bottom Line. The modern criteria for sustainable organisational and business success: the Triple Bottom Line - Profit, People, Planet. TBL (or 3BL) is fast becoming a highly significant and influential factor in the success of businesses and organisations. While the robustness of '3BL accounting' principles are still subject to much debate, there is no doubt that customers and staff are increasingly aware, and expect ever more, in terms of corporate responsibility and all that it extends to: business ethics, social and community responsibility, environmental sustainability, fair trade, etc. Organisations which understand and incorporate TBL principles into their fabric and behaviour are therefore more likely to thrive and grow, assuming staff and customers continue to assess and make decisions about supplirs and employers from a 'triple bottom line' perspective.
  • These they removed to the spot selected for their winter home, about a mile from the river on the bank of a small stream that flowed into it and near by a pond formed by an old and very large beaver dam. Here, before night of that first day, a snug hut of bark was erected for Ah-mo's accommodation, and from here the young men set forth the next morning on the busiest season of hunting and trapping in which either of them had ever engaged. Everything that wore fur or feathers and could furnish meat to be smoked or dried for future use was eagerly sought. Their success was phenomenal. Deer, bear, turkeys, and geese fell before their rifles, while their traps, in the construction of which Atoka was a past-master, yielded beaver, otter, muskrat, and raccoons.
  • Unfortunately all success has some measure of psychism, in it. Terry so thoroughly avoided using his powers hes condemned himself to a life of material mediocrity.
  • Fa vase record buckingham town have had a lot of success in the past in the fa vase record buckingham town have had a lot of success in the past in the fa vase.
  • His success was phenomenal, and for an hour he kept moving around the edge of the pond, the banks of which were heavily wooded for the most part.
  • The success of burgerheaven could only happen in an age when hope, naivety and easily satisfiable gluttony were in the ascendant.
  • Despard and Mrs. Thornton exchanged glances, and at last Despard told him that there was a person of the same name at Brandon Hall. She was living in a seclusion so strict that it seemed confinement, and there was a mystery about her situation which he had tried without success to fathom.
  • The hunters sat upon a knoll waiting for oilpigs to show themselves, and weGardt Wentik, Harkness, Doctor Tannahill and myselfsat facing into the forest on the far side of the knoll, hiding behind the boleslistening and looking with our full might. Some time passed without any occurrence. But as darkness closed in a gun sounded on the other side, a possible signal of success.
  • Now the success of everything depended upon John. He must be skillful enough to bring the ladder across Torrey's position in just the right place for the flyer to grasp it as it swept past.
  • During the month which followed Sir Godfrey's escape, the forces of the Parliamentarians achieved success after success, Colonel Forrester and his son being despatched with a little column to the east two days later.
  • We have no servants and you could help a great deal, she answered. And then without any pretense of concealing them, she let two tears slide down her face. "It is only that I had forgotten for the moment that we are not going to be able to stay in our house much longer. We can't afford to keep it for ourselves and I haven't been a success with having boarders.
  • "Dumping the bodies far offshore is generally safe enough," Tynon went on, "but most noble houses had their underwater graveyards as near to their lands as possible. Not that it much matters now," he shrugged. "But to return to the matter of sirens. I have personally garnered their services on occasion myself, all in the interest of recovering sunken spoils, but Ive been met with only moderate success in these instances. Sirens," the pirate explained, "have a very short attention span, and are easily distracted."
  • Yet, although thus consoling himself with illusory suppositions, Boxtel was not able to resist the burning curiosity which was devouring him. In the evening, therefore, he placed a ladder against the partition wall between their gardens, and, looking into that of his neighbour Van Baerle, he convinced himself that the soil of a large square bed, which had formerly been occupied by different plants, was removed, and the ground disposed in beds of loam mixed with river mud (a combination which is particularly favourable to the tulip), and the whole surrounded by a border of turf to keep the soil in its place. Besides this, sufficient shade to temper the noonday heat; aspect south-southwest; water in abundant supply, and at hand; in short, every requirement to insure not only success but also progress. There could not be a doubt that Van Baerle had become a tulip-grower.
  • And yet he longed for her society with an intensity that alarmed him. He had her letters indeed, but what are letters! One touch of a beloved hand is worth a thousand letters. In the midst of his great success Geoffrey was wretched at heart, yet it seemed to him that if he once more could have Beatrice at his side, though only as a friend, he would find rest and happiness.
  • Capitalize on the success of the whole nine yards with three to tango.
  • But to offset that unfortunate occurrence Bernice had several signal successes to her credit. Little Otis Ormonde pleaded off from a trip East and elected instead to follow her with a puppy-like devotion, to the amusement of his crowd and to the irritation of G. Reece Stoddard, several of whose afternoon calls Otis completely ruined by the disgusting tenderness of the glances he bent on Bernice. He even told her the story of the two-by-four and the dressing-room to show her how frightfully mistaken he and every one else had been in their first judgment of her. Bernice laughed off that incident with a slight sinking sensation.
  • Burton flushed a little. He had been brought up to believe that strict honesty was the best policy, and it seemed to him that the very foundations of his conception of business success were being swept away. These great merchant princes, who were lauded in the papers and welcomed in the most distinguished circles, were they men of high standards and noble principles, or were they consummate liars and cheats?
  • The success of the workshop in exploring the many ramifications of telework laid the groundwork for a second event in amsterdam in september 1997.
  • While it is not clear to us why these Abbott segments have generated such dismal margins, we suspect immunology drug Humira's success may have covered a multitude of sins in the other divisions. We anticipate management will focus its attention on this issue as new Abbott gets off the ground. We are heartened to see that Abbott has already taken some steps to improve efficiency, including streamlining its distribution channels and building facilities in lower-cost locations like China and India. Management has already committed to raising margins in the nutritionals business by at least 500 basis points by the end of 2015. We think this emphasis on margin improvement should pay off over the next five years.
  • "He's not flashy, but he's the fighter - one I could always count on when the going got difficult," Mattis said in an email. "He is tactically cunning and does a superb job at setting his subordinate commanders up for success by orchestrating complex battle plans into harmonious actions."
  • Again, no success whatsoever in gm crops, with limited returns on marker-assisted breeding.
  • Pressure is mounting for Muddy Waters to repeat its early success after its most recent targets failed to turn a profit. Beijing-based Fushi Copperweld Inc. (FSIN), a maker of copper-clad metal wire that Block said in April may be committing fraud, has gained 25 percent in New York this year after China Development Bank Corp. offered funding for the company to buy back its shares.
  • The Council of Wizards met late into the evening and into the dawn. The main topic was, of course, the best of successes for the Carrying of the Book of Life. They met on many things that had nothing to do with the Carrying. It had, after all, been nearly three years since they had convened. By noon the next day, all matters had been decided upon.
  • Frontman with rock band marillion, who scored top 10 chart success on sunday.
  • You have problems, man, and I don't mean the part about wanting to become an outlaw. Sheesh, lighten up. How bad could a dog be? Dick realized that he was getting impatient. That would not do if Normal was crazy. He'd better watch himself. [Not that Dick had ever had any success doing that. He usually went cross-eyed trying to watch himself.]
  • The success of this entire concept relied on a crucial, untested notion: If a mans neighbors were to copy his competent efforts step-for-step, then a number of equivalent copies of his project would be produced. Additionally, if these neighborsefforts were, in turn, copied by their neighbors, a multitude of surrounding copies, mirroring the best efforts of the original, would be produced. The ripple effect would, in theory, eventually produce a community of copies that were functionally and aesthetically as stable or unstable as the prototype; Mamuset was to be the sum of thousands of independent attempts to mimic a single effort. Practically speaking, if ground zero was the ideal, the standard would be a diminishing return relative to that prototype, with the outskirts harboring those copies of highest imperfection.
  • The apartment was Marthes, one that Kell bought for her after they reconciled in 1990, after the blockbuster success of The War On Emily Dickinson. She hadnt liked that book, but couldnt argue with Dave Kedayis, and not only because he was dead. Emily Dickinson was a fantastic novel, deserving of all the accolades and financial benefits that had come Kells way. Brothers In Arms was another story, but Marthe left that for critics to study.
  • But enough of gossip. I am at the end of my second sheet of paper, and Mamma has sent for me to go and dine at the Apraksins'. Read the mystical book I am sending you; it has an enormous success here. Though there are things in it difficult for the feeble human mind to grasp, it is an admirable book which calms and elevates the soul. Adieu! Give my respects to monsieur your father and my compliments to Mademoiselle Bourienne. I embrace you as I love you.
  • A peacock herl body would seem essential to the success of a grayling fly tied in traditional style.
  • 'The Countess is a criminal and of criminal type. Nordau and Lombroso would so classify her, and qua criminal she is of an imperfectly formed mind. Thus, in a difficulty she has to seek resource in habit. Her past is a clue, and the one maid of it that we know, and that from her own lips, tells that once before, when in what Ms. Morris would call a 'tight place,' she went back to her own country from the land she had tried to invade, and thence, without losing purpose, prepared herself for a new effort. She came again better equipped for her work, and won. So she came to London to invade a new land. She was beaten, and when all hope of success was lost, and her existence in danger, she fled back over the sea to her home. Just as formerly she had fled back over the Danube from Turkey Land.'
  • I was sure I had said enough by now to convince these detectives that I was jealous as hell of my sister. Who wouldnt envy a love story like that? Jessie and I were the quintessential twenty-first-century women who wanted it all. Personal fulfillment and professional success were equally essential to us. But if Washington and Byrd thought I was secretly in love with my future brother-in-law or that I would intentionally undermine Jessies relationship, I knew I must set them straight.
  • Equate success at tesco as a negative for the retail industry as a whole.
  • Zetak pondered for a long moment before deciding what to say next. The implications were serious. What if Urzon, the second rank in Zulla's triskaidek, chose this moment to challenge for leadership? Zulla had been instrumental in planning their operation. His removal at this point began would be detrimental to their chances of success in the coming war, but a purge would create an opportunity for Zetak to further his own ambitions. He decided to risk a brief comment and was careful about his choice of words.
  • I had restored two treasures to their owners, but Whittles had disappeared. I tried without success to put it out of my mind.
  • Oh, Nan is equal to almost anything; we consider her the greatest success in our Camp Fire club, Betty protested. "Nan is studying domestic science at the High School and intends teaching it some day, so she will make you awfully comfortable at home."
  • When the news reached O'Halloran that Megales had scored on the opposition by arresting Bucky O'Connor, the Irishman swore fluently at himself for his oversight in forgetting the Northern Chihuahua. So far as the success of the insurgents went, the loss of the ranger was a matter of no importance, since O'Halloran knew well that nothing in the way of useful information could be cajoled or threatened out of him.
  • Buoyed by the success of the operating system, the company was floated in 1986, raising $ 61 million.
  • I must confess that my heart condemned me while the teacher spoke in this earnest manner, and I knew not what to reply. Peterkin, too, did not seem to like it, and I thought would willingly have escaped; but Jack seemed deeply impressed, and wore an anxious expression on his naturally grave countenance, while he assented to the teacher's remarks and put to him many earnest questions. Meanwhile the natives who composed our crew, having nothing particular to do, had squatted down on the deck and taken out their little books containing the translated portions of the New Testament, along with hymns and spelling-books, and were now busily engaged, some vociferating the alphabet, others learning prayers off by heart, while a few sang hymns, - all of them being utterly unmindful of our presence. The teacher soon joined them, and soon afterwards they all engaged in a prayer which was afterwards translated to us, and proved to be a petition for the success of our undertaking and for the conversion of the heathen.
  • Mr. Lloyd was very much pleased when he heard of Bert's success in getting Frank to the Sunday school. He recognised in Bert many of those qualities which make a boy a leader among his companions, and his desire was that his son's influence should always tell for that which was manly, pure, and upright. To get him interested in recruiting for the Sunday school was a very good beginning in church work, and Mr. Lloyd felt thankful accordingly.
  • Here Volodyovski nodded to Jendzian, who during this time was talking to Akbah Ulan, explaining the former successes of Kmita over Hovanski. And both rode back to Lvoff.
  • Accordingly, the next morning the lad accompanied his uncle to Sir Henry's private apartment, and found the knight alone. Sir Henry, Lord Percy, was now about forty years old. He had received the order of knighthood at the coronation of Richard the Second, when his father was created earl; and, nine years later, he was made governor of Berwick and Warden of the Marches; in which office he displayed such activity in following up and punishing raiders, that the Scots gave him the name of Hotspur. He was then sent to Calais, where he showed great valour. Two years later he was made Knight of the Garter, and was then appointed to command a fleet, sent out to repel a threatened invasion by the French. Here he gained so great a success that he came to be regarded as one of the first captains of the age.
  • Second, our success in a globally competitive economy depends on unlocking the talents of all our people.
  • Standing at the far end of the apartment, in that part of it enclosed by the circular portion of wall, was a sinister-looking machine, and to the gearing of one of its handles was attached a short piece of iron rod which he thought he might disengage without much difficulty. Forthwith he applied himself to the task, with such success that, half an hour later, he found himself in possession of what he required. True, it was somewhat stouter than it should have been for his purpose, but this was one of those occasions upon which he found his exceptional strength very useful, and after a few experiments he succeeded in bending it to the shape he wanted.
  • After all, she had got this far without detection, so her strategy must have some merit. With the rest of the society stuck behind bars, and so much dependent on her, now was not the moment to falter. As long as Paul was free and in possession of the crystal, the possibility of success still existed.
  • Tom was not so sanguine of success as either of his mates; but he kept his doubts to himself. As an ambitious airman he was thrilled by the vastness of the scheme. As Lieutenant Beverly had truly remarked, while it held chances of disaster, they were accepting just as many challenges to meet their death every day of their service as battleplane pilots.
  • These were good enough reasons for Mrs. Hading's decision that Druro, as well as Wankelo, should be impressed by the finished splendour and grace of her "little jolly." She intended to show him that, when it came to choosing a wife who could spend his thousands graciously and to the best effect, he could never do better than Marice Hading. To which end, she concentrated her whole mind on the purpose of making her entertainment a complete and conspicuous success.
  • Abilityvent was a great success providing a unique opportunity for our senior managers to focus on enhancing their leadership abilities.
  • When Bert told of the morning's experience at home, his mother became very much agitated, and seemed strongly inclined to oppose his continuing the work. But Mr. Lloyd was not of the same opinion at all. He thought it a very admirable training for Bert, and Bert himself had no disposition to give it up. Accordingly, he went on as though nothing had happened, meeting with many discouragements, and few real successes, yet sustained by a steady impulse to willing service, strengthened by a real interest in the work itself.
  • "Why, Whirlwind, had you dropt from the clouds you could not have come more noiselessly. What success did you have?" said Howe.
  • No pleasing you, no contenting a fellow like you, said Power, returning to the charge; "that's the thing; you get a certain ascendancy; you have a kind of success that renders you, as the French say, tte monte, and you think no woman rich enough or good-looking enough or big enough."
  • Spring Lake academy, located on a lake of the same name at the southern outskirt of Kingston, was originally a boys' military school, and it still retained that primal distinction. But the success of Hiawatha Institute as a Camp Fire Girls' school set the imaginative minds of some of the leaders of the boys at Spring Lake to work along similar lines, with the result that the faculty's cooperation was petitioned for the organization of the student body into a troop of Boy Scout patrols. The scheme was successful, and as it served to inject new life into the academy, the business end of the institution had no ground for complaint.
  • But after Bennigsen's departure, the Grand Duke Tsarevich Constantine Pavlovich joined the army. He had taken part in the beginning of the campaign but had subsequently been removed from the army by Kutuzov. Now having come to the army, he informed Kutuzov of the Emperor's displeasure at the poor success of our forces and the slowness of their advance. The Emperor intended to join the army personally in a few days' time.
  • Among girls' books the success of the year has fallen, we think, to Mrs. Norway, whose True Cornish Maid is really an admirable piece of work.... The book is full of vivid and accurate local colour; it contains, too, some very clever character studies.--Review of Reviews.
  • The crisp, bracing air seemed a stimulant to his lungs which had never breathed any but the contaminated air of New York, and he gloried in the fact that he was at last in a land where success did not depend on influence and riches, but where a man "made good" or failed, according to whether he was made of the right stuff or not.
  • For, as Beatrice had said, Geoffrey Bingham was a man who had success written on his forehead. It would have been almost impossible for him to fail in whatever he undertook.
  • From that moment Allan believed his rule established now by stronger bonds of love than any force could be. And through all the intoxication of success and consummated power he felt a love for Beatrice, who had rendered all this possible, such as no human words could ever say.
  • By the time they arrived at the inn, no brilliant ideas had appeared in Aiden's mind, aside from personally heading back home to try and protect the village himself. Despite his recent successes in battle, the novice warrior was under no illusions about his prowessfor the most part, he considered himself lucky, not skilled, in the art of war. He continued pondering these weighty issues as he sat at a table in the common room.
  • Thanks to initiatives by the Gorton and Whitlam federal governments, the New Wave of Australian cinema of the 1970s brought provocative and successful films, some exploring the nation's colonial past, such as Picnic at Hanging Rock and Breaker Morant, while the so-called "Ocker" genre produced several highly successful urban-based comedy features including The Adventures of Barry McKenzie and Alvin Purple. Later hits included Mad Max and Gallipoli. More recent successes included Shine and Rabbit-Proof Fence. Notable Australian actors include Judith Anderson, Errol Flynn, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Geoffrey Rush, and Cate Blanchettcurrent joint director of the Sydney Theatre Company.
  • Ach! It will not be strong enough to cope with the Apaches. Besides, the surprise itself augurs well for the success of the plan.
  • There has been no report of success in targeted gene insertion in any gm plant or animals.
  • Republicans have argued that the Obama administration tried to play down the terrorist angle in its initial comments to avoid undermining the president's claims of success in fighting al Qaeda in the run-up to the November 6 election.
  • There are times when men of the greatest energy and enterprise fail in the attempts they are making to obtain certain results; these failures do not invariably occur in consequence of want of skill or care on the part of the men themselves, but seem to be the effect of some inscrutable power, which is often termed luck. When again and again such failures happen, we are accustomed to be thoroughly cast down, and to feel that no endeavours of our own can aid us: do what we may, think what we may, yet an evil luck will attend us, and failure must follow. These seasons of ill-luck or want of success may be the means used to teach us that man's efforts alone can be but fruitless, and that it needs the assistance of higher powers to ensure success.
  • One of the methods that have spawned many success stories in driving targeted web site traffic into websites is viral marketing.
  • 'Since I am encouraged by your lordship,' said I, 'this shall be the first labour of my life; and, though I grant it is Herculean, I have little doubt of executing it effectually.' His lordship, though not quite so certain of my success as I was, in the name of the church, again gave his hearty assent; and we, with smiles, thanks, and bows in abundance, took our leave: Enoch with a fine pisgah prospect of the land of promise; and I another Caleb, bearing away the luscious grapes I had been gathering, on which my fancy licentiously banqueted.
  • After the birth of their son, however, the marriage had crumbled. Her drinking and volatile temper were bad enough, but her fundamental insanity became plain when she began denouncing the wealthy lifestyle that Mannys success promised and conceived a plan to return to the workers paradise that Castro and his successors had built.
  • She lay awake, silently waiting with the rest of the travelers to be released from their cage. Annie reflected on the past few months back home. She thought about how letters would arrive promoting the good life in America where the average yearly income was almost $500/ year, more than twice that of Italys income (where jobs were hard to come by at any wage). News of great successes were printed in the local papers and the high wages that were offered, teased the unemployed men in far off countries to come to work and make their own fortunes. It seemed, no one could lose in the land halfway across the world. Unlike the poverty and famine in her own country, America had plenty of work, plenty of food and plenty of money.
  • I love to think of the success of Berande, he said; "but that is secondary. It is subordinate to the dearest wish, which is that some day you will share Berande with me in a completer way than that of mere business partnership. It is for you, some day, when you are ready, to be my wife."
  • Obamas success with Congress partly will depend on his ability to reach out, which some lawmakers say he has failed to do.
  • Continueuing success the pharmaceutical industry is by far the largest industrial investor in research in the uk.
  • My success stirred the savages up a little, drawing a chorus of vengeful whoops, and a straggling shower of lead that pelted the stockade like hail.
  • I'm going to take you into my confidence, said the ranch owner. "It's time you knew something of my business affairs, and I am going to entrust you with a commission. A good deal depends on the success of it."
  • "The day she left your house in Paris I had a last word with her. She knew then that if she returned to Languedoc it was only a matter of time before the Inquisition caught her. She said that even though you had rescued her once and might want to try again, sooner or later she was certain to die a martyr's death. Your efforts to prevent that would be futile. Try to understand, master, she does not need to be rescued. Even less does she need you to lay down your life. We are still your men, master, and if there had been the slightest chance of success today, we would have gone into the plaza with you - if need be died with you. But when I saw how hopeless it was, then I knew that Madame?s request must be honored."
  • As Christmas drew near, the weather increased in severity. Blinding snow-squalls swept whirling from the northeast, accompanied by a high wind. The air was full of it,--fine, dry, powdery, like the dust of glass. The men worked covered with it as a tree is covered after a sleet. Sometimes it was impossible to work at all for hours at a time, but Thorpe did not allow a bad morning to spoil a good afternoon. The instant a lull fell on the storm, he was out with his scaling rule, and he expected the men to give him something to scale. He grappled the fierce winter by the throat, and shook from it the price of success.
  • This thought inspired hope, especially when from the window she saw her persecutor ride away on horseback. This would gave her a fair field and a chance to try the effect of money upon her jailer without risk of interruption. She would have felt less sanguine of success if she had heard the conversation which had just taken place between Mrs. Bradshaw and her captor:
  • Us data point to the considerable success of these services for the recovering misuser.
  • Through some feat of agility or raw strength, Maldynado and his cargo stopped in front of the cannery instead of skidding out onto the lake. Books and Akstyr came slipping after, shouting and laughing at their success.
  • Now, I remember noticing a field near what seemed to be a lonely farmhouse; in fact there were a number of open places there, and they seemed to have Canada thistles growing in clumps, all a-bloom, as if the farmer had given up cultivating, and let things just go to rack and ruin. I was never up there myself, but from what I've heard my father say, I rather think that must be the Hoskins place. They say he consulted some fortune teller a couple of years ago, who told him he would some day discover a gold mine on his property that would make him a millionaire; and ever since the farmer has spent about all his time digging here and there, but up to now without any success at all.
  • The three remaining brothers charged right behind them. Billy rose to give himself enough room to dodge. His cousins, however, had less success evading his much wider, hotter, and faster blasts. Billy took out both two-wanders to concentrate on Aidian. They both went to blades, their sword fight criss-crossing one end of the great hall.
  • Haven't you been listed? asked Hamilton, glad that the subject should have seemed to come up in so natural a way and mentally congratulating himself on the success of his device to secure the friendship of the crowd.
  • "PICC can probably get this deal done with a reasonable valuation and good names such as AIG among its long-term investors," said Nelson Yan, a fund manager at Sinocap Management (Hong Kong) Ltd. Still, "cornerstones are no guarantee of success in IPOs." Yan said he isnt planning to subscribe for PICC Group shares.
  • No, replied the leader. "We will beat those Southerners yet!" He positively refused to think of failure at this late stage of the game. Yet it was a game that did not seem to promise certain success.
  • Others want immediate success and earnings, in much the same way as an employed person receives payment for everything he does.
  • That Dick was proud and happy, and that Mr. Vardon and the chums of the young millionaire were pleased with the success of the airship, scarcely need be said. There was, for the first few moments, however such a thrill that scarcely any one of them could correctly analyze his feelings.
  • In September 1951, Sinatra made his Las Vegas debut at the Desert Inn. A month later, the second season of The Frank Sinatra Show began on CBS Television. Ultimately, Sinatra did not find the success on television for which he had hoped. The persona he presented to the TV audience was not that of a performer easily welcomed into homes. He projected an arrogance not compatible with the type of cozy congeniality that played well on the small screen.:439
  • Every now and then one of the boys would be overcome by an irresistible temptation to stoop, gather up enough of the soft clinging snow to make a hard ball, which was thrown with more or less success at some tree or other object.
  • 'Ah no,' Duvalier shook his head. 'I wish to make a sacrifice for the success of the project. And the Professor will make a fine lamb, seeped in the blood of innocents as he is.'
  • Yes, certainly, sir. I allowed my valet to write my last; but he had such immense success that the rogue asked so exorbitant an increase of wages that, to my great regret, I was unable to keep him.
  • The effect of spinal anesthesia on the success of external cephalic version: a randomized trial.
  • I inclined my head. "As you say. You have but to call upon me." Nodding at the other Council members, I rejoined Ferdas. As the heady, golden buzz of success filled me, I was hard-pressed to not break out in a jig. They did not have a vote, but they had influence.
  • He wiped his wet eyes with the sleeve of his white dress shirt and then replied, "No. Ive wasted so many years after high school, living off the success of one game, one night in my life that also damaged the life of my best friend. That all stops now! We never went on a honeymoon and I think its high time that we went to Hawaii, so I booked a trip for next week and your mom is coming in to watch the kids."
  • "And as we wend through the camp, let us loudly extol the manifold virtues of the oilnut, while I congratulate you on your family's success with it."
  • The great ship quivered, and seemed for a moment to stagger under the blow, while the wind shrieked through the rigging as if laughing at the success of its efforts, but the whitey-grey hull rose heavily, yet steadily, out of the churning foam, rode triumphant over the broad-backed billow that had struck her, and dived ponderously into the valley of waters beyond.
  • Still, the labor movement faces significant challenges in applying moderate successes in California to the rest of the country.
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