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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess
Ekler: suc·cess·es
Türü: isim


i. başarı, muvaffakiyet;
başarılı şey veya kimse.

success için örnek cümleler:

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  • So the fat scout commenced a systematic search, Every single pocket did he feel in with trembling fingers, while his comrade watched his face anxiously, knowing that it was likely to indicate the success or failure of the search.
  • From the slight experience I had gained in the journey to Berber, I felt convinced that success in my Nile expedition would be impossible without a knowledge of Arabic. My dragoman had me completely in his power, and I resolved to become independent of all interpreters as soon as possible. I therefore arranged a plan of exploration for the first year, to embrace the affluents to the Nile from the Abyssinian range of mountains, intending to follow up the Atbara river from its junction with the Nile in lat. 17 degrees 37 minutes (twenty miles south of Berber), and to examine all the Nile tributaries from the southeast as far as the Blue Nile, which river I hoped ultimately to descend to Khartoum. I imagined that twelve months would be sufficient to complete such an exploration, by which time I should have gained a sufficient knowledge of Arabic to enable me to start from Khartoum for my White Nile expedition. Accordingly I left Berber on the 11th June, 1861, and arrived at the Atbara junction with the Nile on the 13th.
  • For them the success or failure of the soviet union depended on the working class of other countries successfully overthrowing capitalism.
  • None of it is new for the founder of Los Angeles-based Muddy Waters LLC, who said he stopped trying to bet against Chinese companies this year after government agents hindered his analysts and harassed workers at a storage company he owns in Shanghai. "Tattooed gangsters" came looking for him, he wrote in an e-mail to Bloomberg on Dec. 4, retaliation for his success uncovering financial sleight of hand at companies such as Sino- Forest Corp., which is now bankrupt.
  • The first time John brought the Sky-Bird by he was too high; Torrey could not reach the ladder. The second time a sudden gust of wind blew the ropes too far to one side at the critical moment. The third time the machine itself was a trifle too far to one side. But on the fourth attempt success met their patient efforts; Torrey's hands seized the bottom rung of the ladder, and a few minutes later he had climbed up into the cabin and sunk weakly upon the floor. Paul then brought in the ladder, laughing nervously, and released Grandpa, who had not relished his part of the proceedings in the least, to judge from his excited chattering, most of which was bestowed upon the rescued man.
  • Lieutenant Carstens appeared to be astonished and decidedly out of temper when the commander of the gunboat stepped out on the north Tusk. He was nervous, too, and cursed roundly at one of the men who crossed his path as he advanced to meet the officer. The three boys, who did not now act like prisoners, flocked off the Manhattan and gathered around Ned and Frank. Their faces, however, still showed anxiety rather than joy at the success of their efforts to bring the gunboat to the island.
  • Magnetics industry without substantial success at present. 	 new generation of biomaterials.
  • My wardrobe was done up in as small a bundle as was possible, and while the others were fully immersed in their sport, I slipped both bundles further down the shore; my friend watching the movement from among the crowd. At a hint from me he swam down the stream and, quickly picking up the two bundles in the darkness that had now come upon us, safely towed them to the other shore, where he waited for me. I joined him as soon as possible, without being missed; we hastily dressed and ran back from the bank into the bushes to finish our toilets, and take an observation and both laughing at our success in escaping from our friends.
  • Basset horns have been selling like hot cakes following the success of our short term rental scheme.
  • His success story began in 1967 in a tampa, florida gym when he started bodybuilding.
  • When, by accident, Monkey Stallings chanced to step in the way, Billy hastily moved his position. When a Worth was being immortalized in this fashion far be it for a worthy scion of the race to allow a mere Stallings to crowd him out. When, presently, the grinding ceased, with the operator hurrying across to report his success to the bustling stage director, Billy grinned in conscious triumph, for he felt convinced that he stood out prominently in that picture, so that any one who saw it must notice what a handsome chap one of the Boy Scouts appeared to be on the screen, at least.
  • H'm, said the Admiral; "there's some truth in that, at all events. See here, Captain, it's no business of mine if you choose to get yourself shot or cut up to satisfy an old grudge, but I'm not going to sacrifice even twenty good men to further your interests, unless I can be reasonably sure of having something to show for it. Now if you can convince me that there's any chance of making the capture and bringing your prisoners back again and at least part of your detachment with them, I'll give you the men you want and my best wishes for your success as well."
  • Our only reason for visiting this place being to discharge Captain Count's oil, and procure a sea-stock of salt provisions and hard bread, these duties were taken in hand at once. The skipper sold his venture of oil to good advantage, being so pleased with his success that he gave us all a good feed on the strength of it.
  • The early bird gets the worm, and success comes to the man who creates his own opportunities. I thought it all up out of my own head, Cappy, and then tried it out on Ford
  • Friend, replied the prince, continuing his pace, and looking earnestly on the eunuch, it was because none of your astrologers or magicians was ever so sure of their art as I am: they were certain, indeed, that they should die if they did not succeed; but they had no certainty, at the same time, of their success as I have. On this account they had reason to tremble at approaching the place whither I go, and where I am sure to find my happiness. He had just spoken these words as he was at the door. The eunuch opened it, and introduced him into a great hall, whence there was an entrance into the princess's chamber, divided only by a piece of tapestry.
  • Unable to face the powerful Castilian-Aragonese army, Jean d'Albret fled to Pau, and Pamplona, Estella, Olite, Sanguesa, and Tudela were captured. Some months later the legitimate King returned with an army recruited north of the Pyrenees and attacked Pamplona without success.
  • He made sure to heap praise upon his companions for their various parts in the success of the journey, and cautioned the crowd to treat Sayana gently. Not that he thought she'd attack anyone, but she was uncomfortable in crowds and likely to act unpredictably.
  • My captor had evidently been exerting himself a great deal to overtake me, and after binding me he contented himself by sitting upon my back, panting heavily, to rest himself, while, knowing that struggling would be in vain, I remained motionless, satisfied that every minute was of inestimable value, and that once the doctor knew of the black's success he would use every exertion to get the captive in safety, and then he would be sure to come in search of me.
  • Bad weather came, and several days were lost by storms, so that the trip, even in the Eskimo umiaks and under the conditions the natives knew so well how to overcome, was by no means easy, and Roger shivered at the thought of the terrible experience he would have had to face, if they had not overtaken the Eskimo boats. The canoe, which was being towed behind the largest umiak, was almost a fetish for the natives, and the way it rose to every wave, never shipping even a drop of water, to them was a constant source of delight. They jabbered the whole trip through of their sure success in the races of next season.
  • Realising that it was imperative to silence the fire from the junks if success was to be obtained at all, he signed to the gunners to load and direct all their pieces upon the next junk, firing together, in the hope that the combined discharge might effect the desired result. And so it did. The missiles all struck the craft almost on the same spot, and a few minutes later she, too, took herself and her crew to the bottom, leaving only three junks to deal with--and the fort, which was blazing away merrily and doing a good deal of damage, though not so much as the junks, the gunners on board which appeared to be specially-trained marksmen.
  • Second, our success in a globally competitive economy depends on unlocking the talents of all our people.
  • In explanation of which charitable sentiment it may be explained that Farmer Hare, on the departure of Watson, Macgreggor and George Knight, had run all the way to Jasper. Here he told the Vigilants that the three men had returned in the boat (which he had previously declared they had taken) and landed on the bank of the river. They could be easily caught, he said. He carefully suppressed any account of the way in which he had been outwitted by Watson. The fact was that Hare made up his mind, logically enough, that the fugitives would keep along the Tennessee until morning came, and as he had seen the direction they had taken he determined to set the Vigilants on their track. His scheme, as we have seen, was nearly crowned with success.
  • Ach! It will not be strong enough to cope with the Apaches. Besides, the surprise itself augurs well for the success of the plan.
  • "There are very few men, I presume, who have not heard of Holkar's sudden and gallant incursion into the Dooab, in the year 1804, when we thought that the victory of Laswaree and the brilliant success at Deeg had completely finished him. Taking ten thousand horse he broke up his camp at Palimbang; and the first thing General Lake heard of him was, that he was at Putna, then at Rumpooge, then at Doncaradam--he was, in fact, in the very heart of our territory.
  • But Captain Frobisher knew that curses and shouts of execration would not bring back the Ting Yuen. If she was to be saved to the Chinese Navy she must not be allowed to gain the shelter of the Japanese main body. If she reached that, she would be lost for ever, and the day would be lost beyond hope of redemption for the Chinese. To lose one powerful battleship, and to find another suddenly arrayed against them-- for that is what it would of course amount to--would so weaken the already enfeebled Chinese strength that success would be out of the question; and the Englishman determined that, come what might, he would prevent the traitor prince from carrying out his foul intentions.
  • They had observed--at the time when the Japanese were first landing their stores, after the troops had been disembarked--that the crews of transports and war-ship had been allowed to come ashore in detachments to stretch their legs after the voyage, being permitted also to go into the woods at the back of the cliffs with rifles, after tigers and other game, provided always that they went in large parties, so as to avoid any danger of being cut off by the cannibals. They had also made a note of the fact that, when the gunboat's crew had taken their turn at shore leave, fully three-quarters of the men had arranged to do so at the same time, so that a battue on a large scale might take place, leaving only a few men behind to look after the ship. This battue had proved such a tremendous success that the crews of the two transports had followed the example of their Service comrades, and had likewise had excellent sport.
  • Do not look for success in your incompetence. Rommus Tirinius is still a threat to you. You must kill him, and you must also kill his father. Only after that bloodline ends will you finally annihilate one of the gods of light and shift the balance of power to the dark gods. You had better hope that you can accomplish this before he has time to father a son of his own.
  • During breakfast, the doctor proceeded to inform me that my destined companion was a young man of excellent family and good fortune who, with very considerable talents and acquirements, preferred a life of rackety and careless dissipation to prospects of great success in public life, which his connection and family might have secured for him. That he had been originally entered at Oxford, which he was obliged to leave; then tried Cambridge, from which he escaped expulsion by being rusticated,--that is, having incurred a sentence of temporary banishment; and lastly, was endeavoring, with what he himself believed to be a total reformation, to stumble on to a degree in the "silent sister."
  • I should say not, was Jack's reply. "Still, I am afraid American cruisers will have no more success in nabbing the raider than have British vessels."
  • It was my fortune to be acquainted with General Lyon. During the progress of the war I met no one who impressed me more than he, in his devotion to the interests of the country. If he possessed ambition for personal glory, I was unable to discover it. He declared that reputation was a bubble, which no good soldier should follow. Wealth was a shadow, which no man in the country's service should heed. His pay as an officer was sufficient for all his wants, and he desired nothing more. He gave to the Nation, as the friend he loved the dearest, a fortune which he had inherited. If his death could aid in the success of the cause for which he was fighting, he stood ready to die. The gloom that spread throughout the North when the news of his loss was received, showed a just appreciation of his character.
  • Frank was an inventor, one of some note. His big success had been a knife that cut a loaf of bread and buttered it with one stroke. But that was back in the '90s during the bread-machine craze, and it hardly sold at all now. The royalties were pitiful. He spent his days trying to come up with the next big thing, but he never seemed to get it right.
  • We've also had great success with the vegetation. Dr. Morgan supervised the planting sites personally. He selected a mix of plant life, genetically altered of course, which will provide plenty of varied food sources for our creation. To his credit, Morgan has developed a botanical ecology which will not overtake the planet, but remain almost static. Over seventy percent of the land mass on Fenrir will remain barren, with no sign of plant life. This will provide the needed explanation as to why initial satellite scans failed to pick up any signs of life. In such a vast area of desert, no one will question the oversight. If anything, the scientific community as a whole will insist on more sensitive search methods equipment for the future. Another benefit to our cause.
  • The guy who used to play center, Gary Tyrell, left school after the first semester because he saw the handwriting on the wall. Nobody had to tell Gary that I would be starting once I was eligible. Practice after practice went by with me kicking his ass; it got so bad at the end of the semester that Coach simply let me run with the first team so we could gel together. Gary was a nice guy but he was a bit spoiled by his success in high school against inferior competition. I heard he transferred to another Division II school but wound up quitting after not getting enough playing time.
  • Ned, however, did not deceive himself into such a belief. He had had some little experience with stories of this type, and knew the vast difference between the reality and the wonderful things prospective sellers were apt to mark upon the maps they had prepared. These usually described things as they might appear in case all went well, and the mine turned out a splendid success.
  • But their hearts were still apparently undaunted. The success that had rewarded their bold starting out gave abundant promise of still better things ahead. Tom resolutely refused to allow himself to have any fear. What if two thousand miles still lay between them and the goal of their hopes? Was not the miracle-worker of a monster plane doing remarkably fine work, and should they not continue to believe the end justified the means?
  • This point gained and my vanity thus disburthened, I left the divine man, and hastened to Bruton-street, to defend subscription with ten fold vigor. My young laurels were ripening apace: they were already in bud, and were suddenly to bloom. Every new sprig of success burst forth in new arguments, new tropes, and new denunciations. My margin was loaded with the names of High Church heroes, and my manuscript began to swell to a formidable size.
  • No sooner had the words left his lips than the others brought their repeaters once more to their shoulders. On account of the poor light on the barrels of their weapons they were again compelled to take snap shots, shooting with both eyes open; but this time with greater success.
  • The presentsbeads, knives, briar pipes, condemned small arms, etc.were soon collected and packed, and the four men rode away in search of natives and horses. The Indians were not easy to find; at least not the Indians of the right sort; of the wrong sortidlers, campfollowers, and hangerson, who had quarrelled with hard work the day they were born and never become reconciledthere were plenty. But it was not till they reached the Orinoco and had travelled down it for a couple of days, that they came across any who looked like the men they wanted. These were fishing, and the workmanlike way in which they went about their task augured well for the success of the aidedecamp's mission.
  • Jenna's fourth shot deflected off of a barrel of oil, cracking it and causing some to leak onto the decking. The leaking oil was not the success of the shot, however. Instead it was the deflected bullet that chewed into the leg of the ship's helmsman that spoke of the success. The second elven firefly listed in space and changed course for well over a full minute, taking it on a path that sent it out and away from the Voidhawk. It swung back around to face them and began once again closing the distance.
  • But it was no mere play for the sake of pastime. They were not flying that kite for their amusement; nor yet for the purpose of making some scientific experiment. They were flying it as a means of obtaining their personal liberty; and they were all of them interested in the success or failure of the attempt--almost as much as if their lives rested on the issue.
  • Well, then, listen. You must know I felt so interested in the splendid roan horse, with his elegant little rider, so tastefully dressed in a pink satin jacket and cap, that I could not help praying for their success with as much earnestness as though the half of my fortune were at stake; and when I saw them outstrip all the others, and come to the winning-post in such gallant style, I actually clapped my hands with joy. Imagine my surprise, when, upon returning home, the first object I met on the staircase was the identical jockey in the pink jacket! I concluded that, by some singular chance, the owner of the winning horse must live in the same hotel as myself; but, as I entered my apartments, I beheld the very gold cup awarded as a prize to the unknown horse and rider. Inside the cup was a small piece of paper, on which were written these words--'From Lord Ruthven to Countess G----.'
  • For the often enigmatic rommedahl, it was another away day success story.
  • There was no conversation as the little troop rode along, and at length they were well inside the German trenches. Here, after some delay, the three prisoners were conducted before General von Hindenburg, the Teuton commander in the East, a man of kindly face and courteous bearing, the man whose successes, brief though they were, earned him the name of "The German Napoleon."
  • I was preparing myself to give thanks to the princess, but she prevented me, by addressing herself to her father thus: Sir, I have got the victory over the genie, as your majesty may see; but it is a victory that costs me dear; I have but a few moments to live, and you will not have the satisfaction to make the match you intended; the fire has pierced me during the terrible combat, and I find it consumes me by degrees. This would not have happened, had I perceived the last of the pomegranate seeds, and swallowed it as I did the other, when I was changed into a cock. The genie had fled thither as to his last intrenchment, and upon that the success of the combat depended, which would have been successful, and without danger to me. This slip obliged me to have recourse to fire, and to fight with those mighty arms as I did between heaven and earth in your presence; for, in spite of all his redoubtable art and experience, I made the genie to know that I understood more than he: I have conquered and reduced him to ashes, but I cannot escape death, which is approaching.
  • That's what I've been hoping for, returned Andy, a little fretfully, "but so far without meeting any success that you could notice. But what ought we to do about it, Frank?"
  • A peacock herl body would seem essential to the success of a grayling fly tied in traditional style.
  • Wales environment trust has enjoyed considerable success over recent months.
  • He threw a cordon around the town and dispatched three men in a little boat to inform Captain Marcus of the success of his expedition.
  • Interagency collaboration has been central to the success of the project.
  • Life is truly all about balance, and for me it's all about BlueBalance. Every high has a corresponding low, every good has a bad, every smile has a tear, every extreme has an equal on the other side of the wall waiting to develop. success is often an equally bitter pill to swallow as failure, because once the chase has ended the silence can be deafening.
  • Alexis dashed for the open air, where his friends stood awaiting him, a happy smile on his face at the success of his exploit.
  • A terrible strain on such a rod but it brought me my first successes with plaice, flounder, dab, whiting and mackerel.
  • The interview was a very pleasant and profitable one. Lord Dufferin questioned Mr Crosby about British Columbia and his work, and was pleased to hear of his great success.
  • What on earth is that fellow doing?’ wondered Neil. It was entirely mysterious why, having failed success in whatever objective he had, he did not give up and go to bed. Or just leave the house and go somewhere else. Why, upon not achieving an aim, did he persist with it for so long? The fellow was evidently without a deal of wit.
  • I got rid of her as fast as was possible. I found a trick: an iPod can get very loud and headphones block sound to a large extent. The two combined meant that you could ignore most anyone. It was a good trick. Moleth never said anything of value anyway. All she had been doing as of late was talking about her possible vacation to Peru. Apparently it had been in the works for a few years. Moleth was a believer of UFOs. Supposedly there had been crop circles or abductionssomething had happened. So, she and her husband were taking a trip down there to help make first contact. Moleth said that the day she checked flights her horoscope was good, and how could you question the papers horoscope section? Mine was good today too: I had a chance of success but if it didnt happen, I would get over it. It was deep.
  • Then he dictated a letter to Hal telling him of the success of their conspiracy, for the two had hatched the plan together. Hal's description of the events in Smugglers' Hollow had so delighted Mr. Harrison that he had at once exclaimed: "We've got to have that skin, my boy. As a piece of fur it is worth as much to me as it is to any one else. For sentimental reasons it is worth more to me than it is to any one else. I don't believe in mixing sentiment with business, my boy, but there are exceptions to all rules. This is one.
  • By the time they arrived at the inn, no brilliant ideas had appeared in Aiden's mind, aside from personally heading back home to try and protect the village himself. Despite his recent successes in battle, the novice warrior was under no illusions about his prowessfor the most part, he considered himself lucky, not skilled, in the art of war. He continued pondering these weighty issues as he sat at a table in the common room.
  • Antiaircraft missiles, had limited success in downing the incoming missiles.
  • Bones had none of these qualifications, save the latter, but as he told himself he'd jolly soon be made a member if his book was a howling success.
  • As the days passed with no fortune for him, and no word from the King of success elsewhere, he went from fierce anger to stern determination and from headlong haste to dogged persistency. He had refused to entertain for an instant the notion that the Countess of Clare was dead, though he knew that such had become the prevailing view at Court, and that even Richard himself was growing fearful lest murder had followed the abduction.
  • Having signed a five year, four novel contract, she had quickly found herself frantically struggling to match or even come close to the success ofTaylor's Waybut her subsequent attempts at writing novels were dismal failures.
  • Often academic success received little encouragement from parents or peers.
  • Fine! said the explorer, gathering together several coils. "Now when I get this over to the Metropolitan, I think the first step toward success will have been taken."
  • For some time the thought uppermost in the mind of the survivor was that of relief. An incubus had fallen from him; a plague spot that for the last two or three years had been eating into and embittering his life, and rendering its otherwise achieved success null and void.
  • "Dont be." Belinda reached across the table and took his hand. Dave was amazed. "Its not your fault. Im not saying its my fault either, but its not your fault. Im not sure how I imagined things would be between us, but nothing worked out the way that I hoped. I didnt get the career I wanted, I didnt have the success I thought Id have. Nothing worked out. I hated everything about it. I hate everything about it." She took her hand back, frustration and anger in her face, but Dave knew it wasnt directed at him, and he was surprised to find that he actually felt sorry for her. "I wanted to blame you for everything, and it made me furious to know I was being so unreasonable. There was no way things were ever going to work, no matter what happened. I think we both know that."
  • Hereupon he related all that had transpired at the council of war, and the final success of his own speech, with that of the old warrior, in producing a peaceful solution.
  • None in Bish ever needed so much, but the Royals were the most sel?sh beings in the world. Each house competed with the others to obtain more material, slaves, and bragging rights, and Lord Almen would not be outdone. It was his passion, the acquisition of beautiful things, but how he acquired them was dark, dark indeed. Fear and killing were the formulas for success in ruling this cruel world. Lord Almen excelled at this. He descended down a spiraling set of stone-cut stairs. At the bottom, a lone door and sentry appeared. The sentry saluted, opened the door, and closed it behind him. He now stood in a makeshift bedroom with a large, plush bed. The room was dry and dusty, unlike the chambers of the rest of the castle. Two figures stood beside a bed, and one turned to greet him with a bow. It was the house cleric, Sefron. The other figure was scrawny and black-robed, with a sharp fuzzy face and a sparkle of violet in his eyesan underling.
  • Derision from many intellectuals and other critics, the show has been a commercial success around the world.
  • "They have established themselves in a high-end market and are still affordable," said Reinhard Berger, president of Liechtenstein-based investment company Valluga AG, which compiles an annual report on Austrian, German and Swiss wealth, in a telephone interview. "This is luxury for the masses and the key to their success has been the strength of their brand."
  • The Ostjaks had been astounded at the success of their visitors, both in fishing and shooting. Godfrey now had a conversation with their chief, and offered to shoot a supply of geese for the natives, if they would furnish him and his companion with a complete outfit of furs for the winter. This the chief at once agreed to, as they had a large supply of foxes' skins in camp, and these, with the exception of the rarer sorts, were practically worthless for the purpose of exchange.
  • In the third, atkinson again came out attacking with elriani finding success driving to length then sticking a trickle boast or straight drop.
  • The reason for this significant impact on the reproductive success of the remaining partner is not yet completely clear, but the researchers surmise that it may have to do with a delay in reproduction due to the fact that female owl monkeys in Argentina typically only conceive between March and May. It's also possible the delay occurs because the two individuals take time to assess one another before reproducing, given the significant commitment to infant care that both males and females make.
  • They can however be absolutely pivotal to the success or failure of an expedition.
  • The siesta over, the afternoon was taken up with much the same kind of work as had filled the morning. By six o'clock Mr. Pulitzer was ready to sit in the library for an hour before he dressed for dinner. This time was generally devoted to novels, plays and light literature of various kinds. J. P. often assured me that no man had ever been able to read a novel or a play to him satisfactorily without having first gone over it carefully at least twice; and on more than one occasion I was furnished with very good evidence that even this double preparation was not always a guarantee of success.
  • These efforts were to bring some success and led in november 1999 to the formation of the power-sharing executive proposed under the gfa.
  • They picnic along Gass Peak trail, not far into the seven-mile trail that takes hikers to the summit of the mountain. The terrain looks jagged and rough to Owen, and neither one of them is dressed for the kind of effort the trail suggests. How she handles the rocky ground in her heels is something of a miracle, yet her movements are stylish and effortless. She hardly looks like she feels the heat and yet the temperature is stifling. Finally, she takes pity on him and they head back to the car. He has no idea if the training is a success.
  • 'At last, I was fortunate enough to obtain double the sum. It was printed; but, being written in haste and in a state of mind entirely adverse to that fine flow which is the token, the test, and the triumph of genius, its success was less than I expected. Still however it more than answered the hopes of the bookseller; and I think I may safely affirm, it had marks of mind sufficient to excite applause, mingled with the censure of just criticism.
  • "He's not flashy, but he's the fighter - one I could always count on when the going got difficult," Mattis said in an email. "He is tactically cunning and does a superb job at setting his subordinate commanders up for success by orchestrating complex battle plans into harmonious actions."
  • For weapons they selected the two flintlock guns, which were likely to be more useful to them than the percussion fowlingpieces, the first only requiring flints which could be easily replaced, and the latter needing fulminating caps, a frequent use of which would soon exhaust their limited stock. However, they took also one of the carbines and some cartridges. As to the powder, of which there was about fifty pounds in the barrel, a small supply of it had to be taken, but the engineer hoped to manufacture an explosive substance which would allow them to husband it. To the firearms were added the five cutlasses well sheathed in leather, and, thus supplied, the settlers could venture into the vast forest with some chance of success.
  • Frozen in place, Catrin was terrified that trying to prove her powers and failing would mean their deaths. Even success would be fraught with danger.
  • In a few weeks time Dave scored a big success and won several trophies. His final exploit was taking the place of an aviator who had fainted away in his monoplane, and winning the race for Mr. King's machine. Dave was now the proud possessor of a pilot's license, and had fairly entered the professional field.
  • Republicans have argued that the Obama administration tried to play down the terrorist angle in its initial comments to avoid undermining the president's claims of success in fighting al Qaeda in the run-up to the November 6 election.
  • Sheer willpower proved little better, with a success rate of only 6 per cent.
  • When the news reached O'Halloran that Megales had scored on the opposition by arresting Bucky O'Connor, the Irishman swore fluently at himself for his oversight in forgetting the Northern Chihuahua. So far as the success of the insurgents went, the loss of the ranger was a matter of no importance, since O'Halloran knew well that nothing in the way of useful information could be cajoled or threatened out of him.
  • But I haven't any left, Helen, said the discouraged woman; "and I don't believe I'll ever recover any. I've rested hope after hope on Dave's assurances of his ability to make a success in life. Really he is a queer genius, and I don't use the word genius entirely with disrespect. In some ways he's clever, very clever, but in other ways he is the most impossible man you ever knew. I believe he is thoroughly honest, but he has no idea of the value of money or what it means to his family. I believe he is by far the strongest leader among the men, but it does neither him nor his family any good. Many a labor leader would make such power and position a source of revenue for himself, but not Dave. Instead, half of his earnings, when he works, are devoted to the labor cause."
  • The man in the other airship did fire three more times, but without any success whatever. And as though the rival navigator realized that Frank's tactics would effectually prevent his coming into closer contact with the pursuing craft, he no longer tried to close in, but increasing his speed, was quickly about the old distance away.
  • The EQ concept argues that IQ, or conventional intelligence, is too narrow; that there are wider areas of Emotional Intelligence that dictate and enable how successful we are. success requires more than IQ (Intelligence Quotient), which has tended to be the traditional measure of intelligence, ignoring essential behavioural and character elements. We've all met people who are academically brilliant and yet are socially and inter-personally inept. And we know that despite possessing a high IQ rating, success does not automatically follow.
  • "And what if a mishap falls upon one of the party and the secret becomes buried in an untimely death. I loath to speak of such things, but you are entering Sanctum. If something should happen to you, Stephen Clarin, how would we continue our struggle? The risk is high. We must do whatever is necessary to reduce the risk. Remember, you yourself can not foretell the success or failure of this mission. Should you fail, the rest of us will still strive to destroy the sphere. If we speak of the secrets now, openly, we allow for hope in such a case."
  • "I guess you'll have the chance, Ben. You're the boy to succeed. You're smart, and you're willin' to work, and them's what leads to success out here."
  • Dural puncture headache with a reported success rate of greater than 90 % .
  • If I am not mistaken, said Captain Dreyfuss, pointing ahead, "that dark hull there is an Austrian vessel, whether a warship or not I cannot say. Now, the success of this venture depends upon silence. A shot from a big gun aboard that ship would mean failure for us. I have called you two lads to ask if you would like to undertake a dangerous task?"
  • The success of American drillers in coaxing fossil fuels from shale rock has the potential to boost production so much that it may deny OPEC the power to set global oil and gasoline prices, an intelligence advisory panel concluded.
  • Hardly had the train stopped when Darrin and Dalzell were out and moving through the station. Seaman Runkle kept at a distance behind them, his sharp eyes searching for any signs of spies. But Runkle was able to make no report of success when he stepped into the taxicab in which his superior officers sat.
  • Oh! I wouldn't put it that way, Bud, advised Hugh. "You mustn't call yourself hard names, even if this invention fails to work. They say Edison has lots of rank failures that the public never hears about; only his brilliant successes become known. Suppose this scheme doesn't do all that you expect it to, why, perhaps you'll see where it falls short and be able to remedy the fault. If you have faith in yourself, it's going to turn out all right every time. Try seventy times seven, and never give up as long as life lasts."
  • "Id say the evening was a grand success then," she said. "Hey Jay, listen friend, Ive got an assignment for you, a real assignment, not photocopying." She hoped a sufficient build up would create some enthusiasm. "I need some research. I have a list of companies, mining companies, and I need you to research them. Ive got the list here, Ill make you a copy," she said interrupting herself. "What Im looking for is articles about these companies doing business in foreign countries and any problems theyve had."
  • The success was greeted with a roar of approval here at mission control at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.
  • At full speed the Russian advanced, and when within two hundred yards swung her broadside to the enemy and poured in a rain of shells. The Germans fought back gamely, but with the first success of the Russians they seemed to have lost their heads and fired wildly. Their aim was poor, and the Russians suffered little.
  • What's In It For Me? The essential element of all successful communications and organisational initiatives, and the principle of persuasion and influence. If there's nothing in it for the other person, they may hear but they won't really listen, and without the WIIFM factor they'll never commit to action. An example of the WIIFM factor in selling: Airman Peters was assigned to the Air Force induction training centre to explain and sell the Air Force Life Insurance to new conscripts. The office manager noticed that amazingly Peters' success rate was close on 100%, so he decided to listen to Peters' technique. After outlining the insurance policy basics to the new recruits, Peters was heard to say: "If you're killed in action and have the Air Force Insurance, the government has to pay £500,000 to your beneficiaries, whereas if you don't have the insurance, compensation is just the statutory £15,000." Peters paused, and then finished with the WIIFM line, "So which group do you think they are going to send into action first?..."
  • According to the story, Redbeard had been on a five-day drunkperfectly acceptable behaviour in academic circles. His evil twin, resentful of Redbeards success and intelligence, ousted Redbeard from his office. He changed the locks on the doors. Redbeard eventually sobered up and tried entry to his office. But the imposter phoned the police, who refused to believe Redbeards story. Ever since Redbeard had sought to drown his sorrows in alcohol.
  • He bore his defeat bravely, however, although all his schemes were thus dashed to the ground when they were trembling on the verge of success.
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