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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess
Ekler: suc·cess·es
Türü: isim


i. başarı, muvaffakiyet;
başarılı şey veya kimse.

success için örnek cümleler:

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  • As when a window is opened a whiff of fresh air from the fields enters a stuffy room, so a whiff of youthfulness, energy, and confidence of success reached Kutuzov's cheerless staff with the galloping advent of all these brilliant young men.
  • Frustrated by the lack of success which is apparent, regardless of the party in office.
  • Then we were in great luck to have you around just when we needed help most, declared Ned; who had already arranged with Captain Bill to carry the whole party down to Halifax, where they could be landed; Francois and the Cree to head for their home country, well paid for their services, and the scouts starting for New York by the first steamer, after wiring to Jack's father about the success of their great expedition.
  • Well, success go with you, was Lucas Langley's response, and the two men began to make preparations for the start of the one with information of where the retreat of the outlaw band could be found.
  • On the 23d September we moved our camp, and took possession of a village within half a mile of the Victoria Nile. Kamrasi was now very valorous, and returned from his island to a large village on the banks of the river. He sent Ibrahim an immense quantity of ivory, in addition to the store that had been concealed by Eddrees on our departure from Kisoona; this was sent for, and in a few days it was safely deposited in the general camp. Ibrahim was amazed at the fortune that awaited him. I congratulated him most heartily on the success of the two expeditions-- the geographical, and the ivory trade; the latter having far more than fulfilled my promise.
  • Should not we allow it to celebrate its successes rather than wave farewell to it?
  • They speedily broke up into excited groups, eagerly discussing the news they had heard. The new hands plied the older ones with questions, as to the general strength of the Spanish ships, the number of men they carried, and their armament. The guns were examined with fresh attention and admiration, and men looked along the sights as if already, in fancy, engaging in an encounter with the Dons. A horn of strong ale was served out to each, by the captain's orders, to celebrate the occasion; and the men drank success to the enterprise, shaking each other by the hand, and each vowing to do his share, bravely.
  • Shall we continue? Brick led the ignorance of Spiritwind's comment. "I'm happy to investigate the red dot. As long as everyone understands I believe it will only lead to trouble, and I will remind you all of the concerns I am now airing should I be proved right." The general nods and murmurs of agreement were underwhelming, but contractually binding. As the map holder Brick set off at the front, the remaining three followed behind at their own pace. The mission had a direction to add to its purpose, success still needed convincing before it would consider joining.
  • That's why he'd picked this backwater hick planet  so that he'd be out of the thick of things for a while and have time to slowly build up his business again. He'd been surprised at the rate successes had come, not with his detective agency but with the fake business he'd set up as a facade, the talent agency.
  • Strom was tempted to go get some big, strong men to carry the looking glass, but he knew he could not. No one else knew how much work went into repairing this relic, and he could not trust anyone else to handle it. Thinking back to the feeling of success he'd had when they finally produced a workable lens, he smiled. Though they never achieved a perfect pour, Strom was proud to have gotten close. The imperfections in the first lens were few, and there was a perfectly clear area in the center. The second lens was even better, for which Strom was thankful; there was barely enough material left to make even one more pour. Milo was insistent that they not resort to remelting glass, and Strom often wondered what it was he feared.
  • "I so much hope that you and Helena will stop with us. You must think of it as a great kindness to me, for it will be the utmost comfort to me, now that both my girls are married, to have you two with me for the rest of the season. I spoke to Archie about it while we were at Silorno, so ask him whether he approves or not. I hope all goes well with you. Is Archie quite black yet from bathing? Send me a line as soon as you have thought it over. Helena is having the greatest success in town; everyone thinks her charming, and admires her enormously."
  • She said, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that Chosros wrote his son, 'Be not thou too open handed with thy troops, or they will be too rich to need thee; nor be thou niggardly with them, or they will murmur against thee. Give thy giving deliberately and confer thy favours advisedly; open thy hand to them in time of success and stint them not in time of distress.
  • Of course I knew he would not, but then Miller was Miller, who had not, to my thinking, his equal in South America. And Plaza wished to imitate his chief, forgetting he did not possess that marvellous personal influence over men which accounted so much for the English colonel's success.
  • There, I am telling you too many horrors. They beat them back step by step, at the point of the bayonet; and a fierce struggle it was, a long fight kept up from room to room, for our men were fierce now as the mutineers, and it was a genuine death-struggle; and the broken window being guarded, not a man of about a dozen mutineers who gained entrance lived to go back and relate their want of success.
  • Interagency collaboration has been central to the success of the project.
  • It betokeneth success in thy present undertaking after first meeting with difficulties. We have met with difficulties, and what were they but the king's men? They be now behind us, and success is to be ours. But come thou to breakfast now."
  • The departure from Tlascala was witnessed by the whole of the population of the state, who assembled to bid the white men farewell, and to wish them success upon their way. A day's march took them to within a mile or two of Cholula. Here they were met by many nobles from the city, who urged them to enter it that evening; but Cortez, bearing in mind the warnings he had received, and thinking it dangerous to enter the streets of an unknown and possibly hostile city after dark, declined to move forward until morning. Seeing the hostility and distrust excited in the minds of his visitors at the sight of the Tlascalans in his camp, he ordered his allies to remain in camp when he advanced in the morning, and to join him only when he left the city on his way to Mexico.
  • Bully for us! shouted the excited Andy, ready to dance in his delight over the success of his labors. "Didn't we send 'em a flying, though? Perhaps they just dare to come snoopin' around here again, when they're not asked! Frank, I guess you nailed that critter, all right. Dast we look and see?"
  • This was soon over, and then they lay down to rest. When the morning broke, their horses had disappeared, and on examining the trail where they went, they discovered they had been led away in Indian file, having been stolen by savages. Here, now, was new trouble for them; for, without doubt, the Indians would hang around, and attack them, perhaps, the first moment it suited them, or that they could be sure of success.
  • "My predictions are fallible, Kieran Conor. The future is never set. Men have free will. Most despise it and never use it. But those who do can alter what is to be, however minutely. That includes, perhaps especially, you. There is nothing to stop the cancer from becoming too powerful; I predict however that Necrolius Anaxagorius will err and believe that his time is now, and that he need not press so forcefully ahead, that all the worlds will be his eventually anyway. The success of his invasion is surpassing even his wildest fantasies. But the many human beings who are capitulating to him even as we speak are, quite ironically, by their cowardice, damaging their own spirits so severely that he will be unable to glean much power from them. Those his navy will have to fight will provide him much more power by their courage and resistance. Rightly or wrongly, there wont be many of these.
  • ZocDoc is not Massoumi's first entrepreneurial experience. He founded his first web startup in 1999 to specialize in online logistic solutions. In these experiences, he has found that one of the keys to success in a startup is hiring right people. In fact, he often screens through applicants' resumes himself to find a perfect match.
  • The case of psion says something about business success in highly uncertain, future oriented industries.
  • The justice of her contention came abruptly home to Sheldon. What she had done she would have done just the same if she had not been his partner. And in the saving of the Martha he had played no part. Singlehanded, unadvised, in the teeth of the laughter of Guvutu and of the competition of men like Morgan and Raff, she had gone into the adventure and brought it through to success.
  • "Why do you always have to be so bad-tempered, Nick?" she said, struggling with only partial success to keep the irritation out of her voice, "It's not our fault we're late."
  • Incorrigible habit of claiming credit for every success and washing his hands of every failure makes him exceptionally vulnerable to criticism.
  • How to account for it became the problem. For, allowing the largest possible success in their former business to Smithers
  • Mainstay of therapy although some success has been reported with the use of thalidomide ( see below ).
  • So the fat scout commenced a systematic search, Every single pocket did he feel in with trembling fingers, while his comrade watched his face anxiously, knowing that it was likely to indicate the success or failure of the search.
  • It seems strange, Doctor, to hear you reason in that way, but I suppose some of our race were just as narrow, if you will pardon me for using that word, as you are, before our wonderful successes in astronomy. I believe you have not properly considered the subject, for it seems to me you had knowledge enough, before you left the earth, to justify you in holding to a strong probability of life beyond your own globe."
  • Yes, I brought some away, continued Anson, rejoicing fatly in the success of his words; and, raising his voice, he said, first in English and then in Boer-Dutch: "I brought some away, and I wish I had brought more."
  • An amusing instance of this occurred on an occasion when Pollard was sea-sick and could not read to J. P. at breakfast. I was hurriedly summoned to take his place. I was dumbfounded, for I had never before been called upon for this task, and Mr. Pulitzer had often held it up to me as the last test of fitness, the charter of your graduation. I had nothing whatever prepared of the kind which J. P. required at that time, and I knew that upon the success of his breakfast might very well depend the general complexion of his whole day.
  • "Potts declared that night and day he had been on the watch for a chance to escape, but so infernal was the cunning of these wretches, and so quick their senses, sharpened as they had been by long practice, that success became hopeless. He had fallen into deep dejection, and concluded that his only hope lay in the efforts of the Government to put down these assassins. Our appearance had at last saved him.
  • Accordingly the children were set to work to pluck the birds, which were then left out to freeze in the same way as the fish. That night and the next day they rested, and then had another night's shooting. The amount of success was as great as that which had attended the first.
  • Let me digress, yes again. I am often amused by the human sense of the macabre. I find it entertaining that beings other than my kind would be amused by black comedies of death. It is funny to me because you all die and I never will. Why is it funny to you? But this movie was hysterical to it generation. It was a quite a success in its day breaking box office records, blah blah blah, blah blah. Here is another stupid fact to reiterate at cocktail parties: this mediocre black comedy about death was made by the same guy who directed the most saccharine movie of all time: Its a Wonderful Life. Is it a Wonderful Life? Not in for all of you since in the end you all turn to dust, jut like Little Zuzus flower petals.
  • Your lawyer will explain to you the terms of your father's will in case a mining company should be organized, continued Denmead. "Of course, I don't know what they are, but I assume that when you reach your majority you'll be the chief owner of any mine on your land, and a director in the company. success to the future, Ralph! May health and wealth and happiness be yours!"
  • No pleasing you, no contenting a fellow like you, said Power, returning to the charge; "that's the thing; you get a certain ascendancy; you have a kind of success that renders you, as the French say, tte monte, and you think no woman rich enough or good-looking enough or big enough."
  • Andrews arose from the bed, and solemnly shook hands with each of his four companions. Then he said, very impressively: "I am confident of the success of our enterprise, and I will either go through with it or leave my bones to bleach in 'Dixieland.' But I don't want to persuade any one against his own judgment. If any one of you thinks the scheme too dangerous--if you are convinced beforehand of its failure--you are at perfect liberty to take the train in any direction, and work your way home to the Union camp as best you can. Nor shall I have one word of reproach, either in my mind or on my lips, for a man whose prudence, or whose want of confidence in his leader, induces him to draw back."
  • We celebrate achievements; we share in the success of our colleagues.
  • I notice how long it has been since I have been here; a sign of the fragility of our infamous drive to join the European Union. That said, I have many interesting meetings lined up and should be able to get a better sense of the mood here. The subject of Turkey is not necessarily popular in Europe these days. Europe has enough problems to deal with already. Buoyed by its economic success and the treatment it is subjected to, Ankara is less keen to engage with a crisis-torn Europe. That said, Turkish apathy is not only due to how Turkey is treated in Brussels or complications surrounding the post-2004 developments on the Cypriot issue. Turkey's internal dynamics as well have very much influenced how Turks approach the issue of EU membership.
  • He sprang nimbly up the rungs, cleverly retaining his rifle at the same time, an example which Guy followed with equal success as he mounted behind his companion.
  • About this time he went with the fleet to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and took part in the war then raging between the British and French in Canada. Winter in that region is long and bitterly cold. The gulfs and rivers there are at that season covered with thick ice; ships cannot move about, and war cannot be carried on. Thus the fleet was for a long period inactive. Cook took advantage of this leisure time to study mathematics and astronomy, and, although he little thought it, was thus fitting himself for the great work of discovery which he afterwards undertook with signal success.
  • Grandmahad put money aside for me to go to college, so it really didnt matter where I went. Miami seemed warm and so did Gail, one of my dads ex-students, who was a freshman at U of M. Gail and I had met through my dad, who had little success opening the Gail vault after I figured out the combination. Before I made my Miami decision, I called Gail to see if I could visit. Call it on-campus research, if you will. I hopped on a plane, and one thing led to anotherman, I got an instant education from Gail and her roommate Courtney. The University of Miami, it was.
  • Such were my happy thoughts, as with a proud and elated heart I set forth upon my march. The notice the commander-in-chief had bestowed upon me had already done much; it had raised me in my own estimation, and implanted within me a longing desire for further distinction. I thought, too, of those far, far away, who were yet to hear of my successes.
  • The Crisis at length began to take in her bales and boxes for the North-West Coast, and, as the articles were received slowly, or a few packages at a time, it gave us leisure for play. Our captain was in such good humour with us, on account of the success of the outward-bound passage, that he proved very indulgent. This disposition was probably increased by the circumstance that a ship arrived in a very short passage from New York, which spoke our prize; all well, with a smacking southerly breeze, a clear coast, and a run of only a few hundred miles to make. This left the almost moral certainty that la Dame de Nantes had arrived safe, no Frenchman being likely to trust herself on that distant coast, which was now alive with our own cruisers, going to or returning from the West Indies.
  • Ho, ho! ejaculated the skipper with a whistle of surprise. "That is how the wind blows, is it? Upon my word, Smellie, I heartily congratulate you upon your conquest. Quite a romantic affair, really. And pray, Mr Hawkesley, what success have you met with in Cupid's warfare?"
  • I inclined my head. "As you say. You have but to call upon me." Nodding at the other Council members, I rejoined Ferdas. As the heady, golden buzz of success filled me, I was hard-pressed to not break out in a jig. They did not have a vote, but they had influence.
  • To my mind, the key to success on land tax is a degree of cross-party consensus.
  • His success has become the unofficial yardstick for any overseas executive put in charge of a local firm in trouble.
  • In this locality there gaped the mouth of a magnificent cave. My companions and I took great pleasure in stretching out on its finegrained sand. Fire had polished the sparkling enamel of its inner walls, sprinkled all over with micarich dust. Ned Land tapped these walls and tried to probe their thickness. I couldn't help smiling. Our conversation then turned to his everlasting escape plans, and without going too far, I felt I could offer him this hope: Captain Nemo had gone down south only to replenish his sodium supplies. So I hoped he would now hug the coasts of Europe and America, which would allow the Canadian to try again with a greater chance of success.
  • "My Lord,--This is to bring to your notice my namesake and cousin, David Balfour Esquire of Shaws, a young gentleman of unblemished descent and good estate. He has enjoyed, besides, the more valuable advantages of a godly training, and his political principles are all that your lordship can desire. I am not in Mr. Balfour's confidence, but I understand him to have a matter to declare, touching His Majesty's service and the administration of justice; purposes for which your Lordship's zeal is known. I should add that the young gentleman's intention is known to and approved by some of his friends, who will watch with hopeful anxiety the event of his success or failure.
  • While studying the new system in the hands of others, we were urged to bring it under our personal observation. Various inducements were held out. We were convinced of the general feasibility of the enterprise, wherever it received proper attention. As a philanthropic undertaking, it was commendable. As a financial experiment, it promised success.
  • "When this Dingell Report was made public, Dr. Gallo was forced to leave the National Institutes of Health in disgrace. But not for long. In 1993, a review board of lawyersnot scientists, mind youlawyers had serendipitously changed the definition ofscientific misconduct.’ No longer able to convict Dr. Gallo of anything more than the misdemeanor already on his record, the government dropped all the charges. Gallo, of course, claimed total vindication. But not everyone found him so innocent. For example, if the highest honor for scientific success is to be awarded the Nobel Prize, the second highest honor is membership in the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Gallo's nomination was rejected six times. He was finally admitted in 1988, six years after winning the Lasker Prize for the discovery of a virus he didnt discover, and even then it had to be done through a special nomination process."
  • That very afternoon, while out shooting on the hills, Jackman opened the campaign by making some delicate approaches to the keeper on the subject, in a general and indirect way, but with what success he could not tell, for Ivor was respectfully reserved.
  • Again, no success whatsoever in gm crops, with limited returns on marker-assisted breeding.
  • An Indian came in late one afternoon from his hunting grounds at the south to get his spring ammunition. It was about the middle of April and there was at the time a hard crust on the snow. He told us that on the way he had seen cuttings of a very big bull moose and he was sure he was on the top of a mountain near by where he had noticed the cuttings. He had no gun and besides the moose was useless to him so far from his camp being four or five miles from our post. Now he continued if you want to have him you can come along with me in the morning and you will surely kill him. He can't get away with the crust. The Indian was so sure of our success that he told me to take my two men with sleds to bring home the meat and hide.
  • I thought about many things as I took the number 4 Subway train downtown to R&R Headquarters. It was amazing to even think that our desire to move to the suburbs would land us in California, not Westchester or Long Island. To think that San Diego would be home, put in instant smile on my beach-going, 70 degree-loving face. What a wild ride it all had been; to think that Sam had anything to do with any of my success seemed a bit of a stretch at first. When I thought about it deeper, it could have been his indecision and windy path-walking that made me focus on the straight and narrow. By hearing his intricate and mostly far-fetched stories every day, it taught me to shed all of the superfluous garbage in my life and concentrate on the things that really mattered.
  • It was late afternoon of the day that Frank, Harry and Ben had left the River Camp. Lathrop, Billy, Barnes and old Sikaso had wandered into the jungle with their rifles, intent on bringing down some sort of game to replenish the camp larder. For hours they tramped about in the thick jungle and a fair measure of success had fallen to their rifles. Shortly before sundown the trio met in a glade not more than a mile from the camp and compared notes. To Billy's gun had fallen a plump young deer and Lathrop had brought down, not without a feeling of considerable pride, a species of wild hog which Sikaso proclaimed with a grunt was "heap good."
  • Hartog was anxious, before returning home, that we should call again at the Molucca Islands, and demand an explanation, together with a ransom of pearls, from King Thedori, for having treated us so scurvily on our former visit. We knew that this treacherous chief depended for the success of his piratical schemes on taking by surprise those for whom he pretended friendship, and for that reason we had arranged to meet the "Speedwell" so that we might, by strategy, pay Thedori back in his own coin, capture him, and hold him to ransom.
  • Fa vase record buckingham town have had a lot of success in the past in the fa vase record buckingham town have had a lot of success in the past in the fa vase.
  • The getting out and raising of the frame of the 'Friend Abraham White' took six weeks. Great importance was attached to success in this matter, and everybody assisted in the work with right good will. At one time it was doubted if stuff enough could be found in the ship to plank her up with, and it was thought it might become necessary to break up the Rancocus, in order to complete the job. To Bridgets great joy, however, the good old Rancocus--so they called her, though she was even then only eight years old--the good old Rancocus' time had not yet come, and she was able to live in her cabin for some months longer. Enough planks were found by using those of the 'twixt decks, a part of which were not bolted down at all to accomplish all that was wanted.
  • Anthony Mark Johnson (born October 2, 1974) is an American former professional basketball player who last played with the Orlando Magic of the NBA. At 6'3" (1.91 m), he played the point guard position. He found success in pro basketball, becoming the first NBA D-League player to participate in an NBA Finals. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Johnson played college basketball at the College of Charleston and was drafted in the NBA in 1997.
  • The proposed scheme potentially enables project stakeholders to reach the same project success or failure verdict.
  • Stans envied their disconcern, but had little success in emulating them. He told himself that it would never have the slightest affect upon him if every rubber plantation in South Vietnam were flattened. He told himself that he didnt give a damn about the Vietnamese countryside; he was going home and would never see it again anyway. What did it matter to him anyway? Even as he tried to assure himself that it didnt matter, he knew it did. It irritated him that he could not put this last maddening bit of conscience to rest. At the same time he began to feel a distance grow between himself and the others. Without hearing anyone say so, he knew they found him too serious and lacking in humor. Stans felt no regrets as the estrangement grew. He seemed caught in an insoluble tangle of conflicting emotions. The absurdity of his entire military existence reinforced itself with every action. The senselessness of the destruction and callous, stupidity of his superiors filled him with rage and at the same time his own sense of complicity shamed him into inaction.
  • Of course Nelson was blamed in England for his want of success in this expedition, and Earl St. Vincent was severely censured for having sent so young an officer on a service so important. Anticipating the objection, that he ought not to have made so long a voyage without more certain information, Nelson said, in vindication of his conduct:--
  • So accustomed were Moselekatse's warriors to success in any engagement, that they made no halt before commencing hostilities, although not more than two hundred of them had got forward upon the ground.
  • Rose joined them and Louie introduced Rose to Pearl. The four watched Tiger and Lily get up to their usual antics. The game of hide the apple seed was on the go. Poor Lily was not having much success at finding it. Tiger had stuck it to Lilys back.
  • It looks all right, was Lieutenant Grant's comment, "but it is always well to have a big enough force. success to you!"
  • Euclind further realized that his efforts to aid Hadwin and the people of Anglio had been of limited success so far. His warnings had stirred some activity but not enough. If Anglio was attacked openly by the forces which were gathering around it, help would be slow in coming. Torae would send some of its warriors but would keep the best of its forces home to guard their own city, and Aidano, the Mayre of Iteneris, was already vacillating. He expressed concern and made vague promises of support but kept talking about the need to protect his own people. Even the news from Hinterland was distressing. A small but vocal group of hotheads was urging residents to 'fight back against the hu-men intrusions,' 'protect our heritage,' and 'take back our land.'
  • I had received instructions from the Missionary Secretaries to visit Oxford Mission as soon as possible, and to do all I could for its upbuilding. This Mission had had a good measure of success in years gone by. A church and Mission house had been built at Jackson's Bay, and many of the Indians had been converted. But the village was too far from the Hudson's Bay Company's Post, where the Indians traded, and where naturally they gathered. For several years the work had been left in charge of a native teacher. The people regretted the absence of an ordained Missionary, and the place suffered accordingly. Making all the arrangements I could for the successful prosecution of the work in my absence, I left Norway House in a small canoe, manned by two of my Christian Indians, one of whom was my interpreter. With this wonderful little boat I was now to make my first intimate acquaintance.
  • "If nothing else, we can at least confirm that youre not actually pregnant, because you know Noah isnt going to have any success with that at the lab."
  • Although British immigrants brought the sport to Argentina, it was not until late in the 1970s that Guillermo Vilas' success made the sport popular, reaching second place in the 1975 ATP ranking. He was internationally recognised and was later included in the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
  • Network news getting connected is the secret to success for every small business owner.
  • Indeed, sir! replied he, with a sarcastic curl of his mouth as he spoke. "Then, perhaps, you will tell me, too, that your very success is a secret to you--"
  • Tom was not so sanguine of success as either of his mates; but he kept his doubts to himself. As an ambitious airman he was thrilled by the vastness of the scheme. As Lieutenant Beverly had truly remarked, while it held chances of disaster, they were accepting just as many challenges to meet their death every day of their service as battleplane pilots.
  • Minna made an impatient gesture. "I have made the decision. Much of my future rests upon the success of the men who go to King Shandor's camp. If I require consorts, I shall inform you. Anything else?"
  • They dropped inside the house, and immediately found themselves up to their necks in water. Max took his bearings, and was pleased to discover that the coil of clothes line still hung from the hook, the water not having disengaged it as yet. Somehow the small success of finding this seemed to give him renewed courage.
  • Also, in old age you will see that you have achieved success in performing more worship, and so will be more worthy to receive Divine mercy.
  • He's a big man, and he's gut an' orful temper; but it's them tew critters he goes with thet's the wust cases. They jest draw him inter slick games, Cale, he'd never think o' tryin', left by hisself. But we heerd as haow he's struck a new thing, if so be he on'y knows enuff ter keep it agoin', an' shakes them other fellers. An' if anybody kin make a success o' fox raisin', I jest guess Cale is ther man, 'cause he knows all erbout the slick little varmints from A ter Z.
  • That same year, 1896, American Samuel Langley had success with models of steam powered airplanes. He received war department grants of $50,000 (and $20,000 more from the Smithsonian) to develop the plane he called an "Aerodrome". He hired Charles Manly to fly it and to designand then make, a 50 hp engine, compared to the Wright Brothers 12 hp one. After two crashes on take-off, Langley gave up on his plane. His pilot, Manly, was not injured in the crashes. In 1914, another pilot, Glenn Curtiss tried to fly the machine, after it had been modified extensively. He succeeded by flying it a few hundred feet. The Smithsonian accepted it as the first man-carrying aeroplane in history capable of sustained free flight.
  • In fact, as news of the ugandan success has spread, the defense of condoms has grown more insistent.
  • He was working with mad haste as he spoke. One minute at the outside was, perhaps, all he could count upon. Already he had caught the rattle of the locked door down the hall. He lit a match and turned on the gas over the bed--it was the most dangerous thing he could do--he knew that well enough, none knew it better--it was offering himself as a fair mark when the others rushed in, as they would in a moment now--but the Skeeter and his gang and this man here must have no misconception of his purpose, his reason for being there, the same as their own, the theft of the stones--and no misconception as to his SUCCESS.
  • Paul was willing. Encouraged by his success thus far, and bent upon ending the fracas as soon as possible, he met his adversary with a heavy swing which just cleared the man's ear. Deveaux struck, but missed also. Pressed backward, he clinched to save himself, and in this position, where nobody could see his movements, he viciously tried to put some short jabs into Paul's abdomen.
  • I agree with M. de Villefort, said Monte Cristo, fixing his eyes on Madame de Villefort; "and if I were sufficiently intimate with him to allow of giving my advice, I would persuade him, since I have been told M. d'Epinay is coming back, to settle this affair at once beyond all possibility of revocation. I will answer for the success of a project which will reflect so much honor on M. de Villefort." The procureur arose, delighted with the proposition, but his wife slightly changed color. "Well, that is all that I wanted, and I will be guided by a counsellor such as you are," said he, extending his hand to Monte Cristo. "Therefore let every one here look upon what has passed to-day as if it had not happened, and as though we had never thought of such a thing as a change in our original plans."
  • "Von was pleased by Imeteri's discovery, and after several refinements and small-scale demonstrations, he declared it the success he had been looking for. Imeteri was raised to the highest status of slave, barely less than a free man. Von ordered the other slaves to build enormous statues in the likeness of Istra and Vestra sharing a loving embrace. These great behemoths became known as the Statues of Terhilian, and packed with the new explosive, they were sent to the various Zjhon and Varic cities. Appearing to be tokens of peace, they were readily accepted and revered. The wars had drained the Zjhon and Varic nations, and lacking the resources to fight, they were relieved to receive the gifts.
  • "He saw me first," I said, finally understanding what that statement meant. If Breandan had managed to ignore me, we never would have met the way we did, and maybe we never would have bonded. I saw then our connection was largely attributed to the improbable success of our meeting and was intrinsically linked to the awakening of the demon within me.
  • In the euro area, we will continue to engage with members to help build support for pan-European policies and to ensure the success of country programs underway. The latter increasingly depend on supportive euro area-wide policies being in place.
  • Tonnage of allied ships sunk approached half a million, despite some success with the convoy system.
  • Those three days were the happiest that his life had so far contained. The complete success of his invention, and the absolute fulfilment of his promises to the Brotherhood, had made him a power in the world, and a power which, as he honestly believed, would be used for the highest good of mankind when the time came to finally confront and confound the warring forces of rival despotisms.
  • The bond buyback is central to the efforts of Greece's foreign lenders to put the near-bankrupt country's debt back on a sustainable footing, and its success is essential to unlocking funding Athens needs to avoid running out of cash.
  • Only with the success of the Oxford Movement and its increasing emphases on ritualistic revival from the mid-19th century onward, did the term "High Church" begin to mean something approaching the later term "Anglo-Catholic". Even then, it was only employed coterminously in contrast to the "Low" churchmanship of the Evangelical and Pietistposition. This sought, once again, to lessen the separation of Anglicans (the Established Church) from the majority of Protestant Nonconformists, who by this time included theWesleyans and other Methodists as well as adherents of older Protestant denominations known by the group term "Old Dissent". In contrast to earlier alliances with the Tories, Anglo-Catholicism became increasingly associated with socialism, the Labour Party and greater decision-making liberty for the church's convocations. Anglo-Catholics, particularly in London, were sometimes called "sacramental socialists".
  • Of course Señor Carlos was delighted with the success of the mission. For two days the Bird boys were the center of an enthusiastic demonstration. Frank was a little nervous lest they be visited by some of the revolutionists, but such did not turn out to be the case. And on the third morning the little steam yacht once more headed down the turbulent Magdalena, with a heavy rain promising more water to add to the flood, as wet weather had seemingly set in again.
  • Continuing thus till within half a mile of the coast, the yacht was brought about, and with sails close hauled, followed its contour for quite some time without success.
  • At full speed the Russian advanced, and when within two hundred yards swung her broadside to the enemy and poured in a rain of shells. The Germans fought back gamely, but with the first success of the Russians they seemed to have lost their heads and fired wildly. Their aim was poor, and the Russians suffered little.
  • Still chattering, she led the way into the house. Mrs. Brill was an elder sister of the Hagar's Corner's agent and very like him in face, manner, and bright, cheery way of speaking. The house was tastefully furnished, and a white-capped maid could be seen hovering over the table as they went upstairs. Betty learned long afterward that Mr. Brill's father was wealthy and idolized his son's wife, who had given the younger man the ambition and spur his career had lacked until he met and married her. It was lovely Rose Gowdy who persuaded Steve Brill to take the job of telegraph operator, forgetting his prematurely white hair, and she who encouraged him to work his way to the top of the railroad business. Rose, and Rose's son, were given all the credit of that ultimate success by the older Brill.
  • However, Dick Sand fell back again on that idea. He said to himself that the strong black man was free. Of his devotion there was no doubt. All that a human being could do, Hercules would do in Mrs. Weldon's interest. Yes, either Hercules would try to find them and put himself in communication with them; or if that failed him, he would endeavor to concert with him, Dick Sand, and perhaps carry him off, deliver him by force. During the night halts, mingling with these prisoners, black like them, could he not deceive the soldier's vigilance, reach him, break his bonds, and lead him away into the forest? And both of them, then free, what would they not do for Mrs. Weldon's safety. A water course would enable them to descend to the coast. Dick Sand would again take up that plan so unfortunately prevented by the natives' attack, with new chances of success and a greater knowledge of the difficulties.
  • "I never used to think much of these matters. I suppose my own failure at a thing in which I was cocksure of success had made me a bit dubious about anybody I care for starting so serious an undertaking as marriage under any sort of handicap. I do like Charlie Benton and Linda Abbey. They are marrying in the face of her people's earnest attempt to break it up. The Abbeys are hopelessly conservative. Anything in the nature of our troubles aired in public would make it pretty tough sledding for Linda. As it stands, they are consenting very ungracefully, but as a matter of family pride, intend to give Linda a big wedding.
  • Upon reaching the wall beyond which the guard were stationed, still in perfect ignorance of what had taken place within, a few shouts set the men to work, the defence was rapidly demolished, and the wounded were borne out into the light--a ghastly procession, though not a man murmured; and as soon as they were laid upon the heather, began to chat eagerly together about the success of the underground expedition.
  • Vikram : No, Padmini, gods never come to our rescue. Agonies are always inevitable. Must we suffer them the way they keep coming. Cursed is this human race of inviting agonies all the time. And to tell you dear, all this is falseall happiness and pains, success and failure. False are our ambitious and our crazy dreams.
  • Neal took no part in the triumphal capers. He still leaned upon his rifle, his breath coming in gusty puffs through his nostrils and mouth. Not alone the desperate sensations of those moments when he had faced the gnashing, mumbling brute, but the unexpected success of his first shot at big game, had unhinged him. By his endurance in the chase, by the pluck with which he stood up to the bear, above all, by his being able, as Joe phrased it, to "take a sure pull on the beast at a paralyzing moment," he had eternally justified his right to the title of sportsman in the eyes of the natives. The guides, Joe and Eb, were not slow in telling him that he had behaved from start to finish like no "greenhorn," but a regular "old sport."
  • from the impenetrable stage, were lost in the exultant ovation of his public. They had no need to hear the actual words, were able to recite and chorus them all, and would do so during almost every concert. All they wanted was to hear that voice again, and soon, any second now, to see their idol in the flesh, to have contact with the living legend, to believe him and follow him. One white spotlight picked him out as the first chords struck, and amidst gasps and screams the show swung into action. In the wings Leo was trying hard not to congratulate himself on the huge success of the concert, telling himself that he would only breathe easily again once everybody was safely out of there, not to tempt fate, to ignore the thousands of dollars worth of television rights until tomorrow. He sneaked a look at the audience and thought: youve got to hand it to the son-of-a-bitch, hes got them eating out of his hand.
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