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Okunuşu: / sək’sɛs / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: suc·cess
Ekler: suc·cess·es
Türü: isim


i. başarı, muvaffakiyet;
başarılı şey veya kimse.

success için örnek cümleler:

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  • In 905, the dynasty founded by nigo Arista was overthrown through the machinations of neighboring princes, and Sancho I Garcs (90525), nephew of the Count of Ribagorza, was placed in the throne. He fought against the Moors with repeated success and joined Ultra-Puertos, or Basse-Navarre, to his own dominions, also extending its territory as far as Najera. As a thanksgiving for his victories, he founded, in 924, the convent of Albelda. Before his death, all Moors had been driven from the country. His son and eventual successor, Garcia Sanchez I (93170), who had the support of his energetic and diplomatic mother Toda (Teuda) Aznarez of the line of Arista, likewise engaged in a number of conflicts with the Moors. At this time, the county of Aragon, previously only nominally a vassal state, came under the direct control of the kings of Pamplona.
  • By this time both were well-nigh exhausted. Their efforts were attended with little success compared with what they had done earlier in the battle. White was struggling to get his adversary overboard, while Dan was seeking to overcome the Hawaiian without doing him serious injury.
  • Still problems with pt retrieval some success with constituent retrievals using ab microwindows ( not all mws processed ).
  • Republicans have argued that the Obama administration tried to play down the terrorist angle in its initial comments to avoid undermining the president's claims of success in fighting al Qaeda in the run-up to the November 6 election.
  • It's curious how an innocent request can turn into a test of character when heard for the fifteenth time. I've stopped smiling when I hear it, though I haven't murdered anybody yet. I'm trying to stay on best behaviour, as this grand party is in my honour following my success on the Gary Triumph Show. I didn't realise at the time, but the show only pretended to be live, when actually it was recorded, so it turns out that only the studio audience got to see me in my birthday suit, and TV viewers have had to use their imagination. It may even have helped that the show wasn't live and had the chance to pick up momentum before it was aired. Yesterday, the day after recording, the newspapers were full of stories of disgusthow indecent I'd been, how mortified Gary Triumph felt, how embarrassed the producers wereso embarrassed they brought my appearance forward by four weeks and aired the show this evening.
  • Amy was pulled aside at the party and shown a picture of Alan that the organizers had in a bound book. The Meet Your Match people were quite organized and had experienced a 75% success rate on formal introductions. Of course, this number was slightly padded because at least one-third of every proposed introduction was turned down at the picture-viewing phase.
  • Drake had long had reason to suspect the second in command, Doughty, though he was his dear friend. He had been guilty of worse than disobedience, and the very success of the voyage was threatened. So Drake called a council together and Doughty was tried according to English law. After two days' trial he was found guilty and condemned to die. One of the most touching scenes in the history of exploration now took place. One sees the little English crews far away on that desolate shore, the ships lying at anchor in the harbour, the block prepared, the altar raised beside it, the two old friends, Drake and Doughty, kneeling side by side, then the flash of the sword and Drake holding up the head of his friend with the words, "Lo, this is the end of traitors."
  • The rain was coming down in torrents, but the bull carried a large and massive pair of antlers, and as I did not want to allow a chance to go by, Hunter and I were soon in pursuit. We circled well around in order to get the wind, and then forced our way through the heavy underbrush for some hours until we finally came to the belt of alders where we had last seen him. I now climbed a tree at the edge of the timber, hoping that from a lofty position I should be able to locate him, but met with no success.
  • However, such a shift does not make success inevitable: effort does.
  • From Troy, ill winds cast Ulysses and his fleet upon the coast of the Cicons, a people hostile to the Grecians. Landing his forces, he laid siege to their chief city, Ismarus, which he took, and with it much spoil, and slew many people. But success proved fatal to him; for his soldiers, elated with the spoil, and the good store of provisions which they found in that place, fell to eating and drinking, forgetful of their safety, till the Cicons, who inhabited the coast, had time to assemble their friends and allies from the interior; who, mustering in prodigious force, set upon the Grecians, while they negligently revelled and feasted, and slew many of them, and recovered the spoil. They, dispirited and thinned in their numbers, with difficulty made their retreat good to the ships.
  • Haven't you been listed? asked Hamilton, glad that the subject should have seemed to come up in so natural a way and mentally congratulating himself on the success of his device to secure the friendship of the crowd.
  • The right nail was hit upon the head, for at the time when, some seven or eight years earlier, the Clareborough family were, through their wild expenditure, utterly penniless and hopelessly in debt, this man, after many experiments, so advanced his project that he laid it before James Clareborough, who jumped at the idea; his brother Dennis and cousin Robert, both helplessly aground and forced to enlist in cavalry regiments, eagerly joined, and in a very small way the coining was begun, but they were terribly crippled by the cost of each piece. James Clareborough was for producing something cheap, saying that it was absurd to be making imitation sovereigns the material for each of which cost ten shillings; but his uncle's theory was that only by the great perfection of the coins could success and immunity from discovery be assured.
  • It was utterly useless for Van to protest his ignorance of the reservation ground. He owned a deposit of placer gold. success had crowned his efforts. It was something to get in touch with success, rub shoulders with a man who had the gold.
  • The success of the primaries and the rise in the lefts poll ratings has increased the likelihood that a PD-SEL coalition will be in a position to form a new government with an outright majority after the election, which will probably be in March. A lot of the voters who went to cast a ballot on Sunday did so in the knowledge that they might be electing their next prime minister. And if the social media were any guide, what counted more than anything was Mr Bersanis experience. He has been a minister in four governments.
  • As Christmas drew near, the weather increased in severity. Blinding snow-squalls swept whirling from the northeast, accompanied by a high wind. The air was full of it,--fine, dry, powdery, like the dust of glass. The men worked covered with it as a tree is covered after a sleet. Sometimes it was impossible to work at all for hours at a time, but Thorpe did not allow a bad morning to spoil a good afternoon. The instant a lull fell on the storm, he was out with his scaling rule, and he expected the men to give him something to scale. He grappled the fierce winter by the throat, and shook from it the price of success.
  • Nevertheless, in looking at it I could not help feeling that this is the fat swine, or the beef Durham of its kind. The head, gills, fins, tail, vital organs and bones all were reduced to a minimum and the meat parts enlarged and solidified, as though they were the product of ages of careful breeding by man to produce a perfect food fish, a breeding that has been crowned with the crown of absolute success.
  • My views of the other sex were neither more nor less than my words to the Count had been calculated to convey. It may be - I know now that it was that the women I had known fitted Chatellerault's description, and were not over-difficult to win. Hence, such successes as I had had with them in such comedies of love as I had been engaged upon had given me a false impression. But such at least was not my opinion that night. I was satisfied that Chatellerault talked wildly, and that no such woman lived as he depicted. Cynical and soured you may account me. Such I know I was accounted in Paris; a man satiated with all that wealth and youth and the King's favour could give him; stripped of illusions, of faith and of zest, the very magnificence - so envied - of my existence affording me more disgust than satisfaction. Since already I had gauged its shallows.
  • Oje will get another one in a minute, Thede ventured, overjoyed at the success of the first shot, "and then we can open fire with our automatics."
  • "Dumping the bodies far offshore is generally safe enough," Tynon went on, "but most noble houses had their underwater graveyards as near to their lands as possible. Not that it much matters now," he shrugged. "But to return to the matter of sirens. I have personally garnered their services on occasion myself, all in the interest of recovering sunken spoils, but Ive been met with only moderate success in these instances. Sirens," the pirate explained, "have a very short attention span, and are easily distracted."
  • His success showed us the value of patient, hard work in preparing for an expedition that was hazardous at the best and would have been criminally reckless, if we had not had some one with a good head like Jim's to guide us through. It wasn't boy's work.
  • The success of this marriage between broadcasters and college football will depend on a set of assumptionsone of them being that the current structure of the cable television business won't change.
  • The Spring of 1918 had now arrived, and the Germans were preparing for the last desperate drive, on the success of which their fortunes depended. If they could once break through the Allied lines and seize Paris or the Channel ports they would have come near to winning the war, or at any rate, would have greatly delayed the Allies' final victory. The Americans were brought to the front to check the thrust of the Crown Prince's army toward Paris, and the old Thirty-seventh found itself in the very van of the fighting. Tom was captured, and had a series of thrilling experiences before he was able to escape and rejoin his comrades. Nick Rabig came out in his true colors, and his guilt as a traitor was discovered by Tom, while hiding in the woods. How the boys were brought again and again within arm's length of death in the terrific fighting is told in the third volume of the series, entitled: "Army Boys On the Firing Line; Or, Holding Back the German Drive."
  • Immediately there came a loud crash as the bomb exploded. The exhausted French soldier had no further strength to sustain him, for the boys saw him fall over as though he may have died in the climax of his success.
  • "They key to our success will be to keep Lowerys army at bay until our reinforcements make their way to Beach Haven," he continued.
  • Larry was not an ugly person-- not even unattractive. People, relatives and some friends could not fathom why Larry's life did not fall into place. He was acceptable, clean cut dirty blond hair, average features, none too severe or too recessed. He was five-foot-eight and average in weight only having to work on excess weight three times in his life. Only when agitated, did his voice falter and stammer; apart from that, he was a fine orator. Of all these qualities, Larry lacked only one trait: success.
  • In the 1917 Battle of Arras, the only significant British military success was the capture of Vimy Ridge by the Canadian Corps under Sir Arthur Currie and Julian Byng. The assaulting troops could - for the first time - overrun, rapidly reinforce, and hold the ridge defending the coal-rich Douai plain.
  • Foster frowned. It looked as if he had not much talent for detective work and could only concentrate upon one point at a time. While he had been content to watch what was going on at the hotel, Pete had watched the bridge, and had found out something. Foster admitted that such success as he had had was rather due to luck than ability.
  • The condition of the islands along this coast is now of the greatest interest to the world at large, and to the people of the South in particular. Upon careful inquiry, I find that there are over two hundred thousand acres of land under cultivation by free labor. The enterprises are mostly by Northern men, although there are natives working their negroes under the new system, and negroes who are working land on their own account. This is the third year of the trial, and every year has been a success more and more complete. The profits of some of the laborers amount to five hundred, and in some cases five thousand dollars a year. The amount of money deposited in bank by the negroes of these islands is a hundred and forty thousand dollars.
  • Skilfulive factors for success were the enthusiasm of individual teachers, or individual veterans who were particularly skillful at engaging young people.
  • Here the place seemed undefended until we came close up to it, when without warning we were met with a withering rifle fire that laid low dozens of our comrades. The man who had been so enthusiastic a moment before and who had told me of our successes, was struck full in the breast by a ball and fell against me dead.
  • "Since the day of our brilliant success at Austerlitz," wrote Bilibin, "as you know, my dear prince, I never leave headquarters. I have certainly acquired a taste for war, and it is just as well for me; what I have seen during these last three months is incredible.
  • Mr and Mrs Stringfellow remained with us for a few days ere they set out on their return trip to the province of Ontario. We took sweet counsel together, and I received a great deal of valuable information in reference to the prosecution of our work among these Red men. For eleven years the missionary and his wife had toiled and suffered in this northern land. A goodly degree of success had attended their efforts, and we were much pleased with the state in which we found everything connected with the Mission.
  • "Trying to escape," Haworth replied and laughed, flushed with his success and quite a bit of celebratory wine. "At least, thats what the Welshman we intercepted told us. He was taking her to the prince."
  • "Good-by, Captain Prescott," he said. "We have been rivals, but not altogether enemies. I have always wished you well where your success was not at the cost of mine. Let us part in friendship, as we may not meet again."
  • Frank was an inventor, one of some note. His big success had been a knife that cut a loaf of bread and buttered it with one stroke. But that was back in the '90s during the bread-machine craze, and it hardly sold at all now. The royalties were pitiful. He spent his days trying to come up with the next big thing, but he never seemed to get it right.
  • In a few minutes, all had joined him. They were in high spirits at the success of this first skirmish; and wondered why they had been so suddenly called off, when the Romans had shown no signs of advancing against them.
  • Our aim is to build on our successes and become the regions premier rugby club.
  • In the first place, because I had spoken much of you to him, as you may believe; and in the second, because he delighted to see a countrywoman take so lively an interest in his success.
  • Aiden was in amongst the enemy first, stabbing with his sword to pierce the armour of the mercenary warrior he had engaged. The speed advantage from the incantation was invaluable, making their opponents seem like they were moving through molasses. Again and again, Aiden's blade struck true, cutting through chain mail and flesh with equal precision. His allies were having similar success in the opening battle, outmatching the greater numbers of their adversaries with speed, tactics, and high morale.
  • The truth should not be overlooked, that the partial success of the expedition was not due to General Hooker, nor even to his Lieutenant, General Stoneman. The one man to whom more credit is probably due than any other was General Alexander, the Chief of Staff of the Cavalry Corps, who served both with Stoneman and Pleasonton. It was he who planned and organized this great raid; it was his object and aim to go to Richmond, and that we did not go in while at the back gates of the city is to be charged solely to Stoneman or Hooker.
  • The Council of Wizards met late into the evening and into the dawn. The main topic was, of course, the best of successes for the Carrying of the Book of Life. They met on many things that had nothing to do with the Carrying. It had, after all, been nearly three years since they had convened. By noon the next day, all matters had been decided upon.
  • Inspirational stories to find out how they achieved success to become some of the top slimmers in the uk.
  • Euclind further realized that his efforts to aid Hadwin and the people of Anglio had been of limited success so far. His warnings had stirred some activity but not enough. If Anglio was attacked openly by the forces which were gathering around it, help would be slow in coming. Torae would send some of its warriors but would keep the best of its forces home to guard their own city, and Aidano, the Mayre of Iteneris, was already vacillating. He expressed concern and made vague promises of support but kept talking about the need to protect his own people. Even the news from Hinterland was distressing. A small but vocal group of hotheads was urging residents to 'fight back against the hu-men intrusions,' 'protect our heritage,' and 'take back our land.'
  • They copied and poem and put the publication back. As they quietly slipped back down the stairs, the reader in the back corner coughed. The leather chair creaked. A quavering voice called out, "Polly? Polly, is that you?" The two children slipped out the front door and raced down the steps. They didn't stop until they reached Telah's house, exhilarated and laughing at their success.
  • Geret was equally as shaken, having been sure moments earlier that he wasnt going to be fast enough to catch her. His success flushed him with glee, and he got to his feet and helped Rhona stand as well.
  • The Perfectly Perfect is never at a loss for words. She knows no talker's block. There is a right way and a wrong way and one must always prefer the right. One must perform each activity correctly. One must know in advance what to think and do and say. Preparation is the key to successful success.
  • The reason for this significant impact on the reproductive success of the remaining partner is not yet completely clear, but the researchers surmise that it may have to do with a delay in reproduction due to the fact that female owl monkeys in Argentina typically only conceive between March and May. It's also possible the delay occurs because the two individuals take time to assess one another before reproducing, given the significant commitment to infant care that both males and females make.
  • "Next, a message was sent by Lady Mayo in London to Lord Mayo at Simla, which, with the acknowledgment of it, occupied 15 minutes in transmission. Of course time was lost in some cases, because the persons telegraphed to were not on the spot at the moment. The Prince of Wales telegraphed to the Viceroy of India, `I congratulate your Excellency on England and India being now connected by a submarine cable. I feel assured this grand achievement will prove of immense benefit to the welfare of the Empire. Its success is thus matter of imperial interest,' which telegram passed out, and the acknowledgment of its receipt in India was returned to London, all within eleven minutes, but, as in the former case, the Viceroy was in bed, so that his reply was not received till forty-five minutes had elapsed. Had the Viceroy been at the Indian end of the wire, he and the Prince could have conversed at an average rate of five minutes a sentence.
  • The instruction received from your good mother, said Mr. Harper, "I am sure can never be forgotten by you. You have a fair education for your age; and I say to you as I did to Jimmy Travers, when he stopped here a while ago, be honest, truthful, obliging always, and your reward is certain. You will meet with disappointments and all sorts of trials, but keep up your courage. Never let go; hang fast; take whatever comes in your way and do it with all your might, and success is sure, sooner or later."
  • Dick listened, appalled. Did they think, then, that he, a boy, could not understand? Or were they so sure of success that it did not matter? As a matter of fact, he did not fully understand. Who was Von Wedel? What was he going to do when he came? And how was he coming?
  • "Let this be so, and doubt not but that success will fashion the event in a better shape than I can lay it down as likelihood. If all false aim be revealed by this as supposition, the ladys death will quench the wonder at herinfamy,’" the priest argues. "And if it sort not well, you may conceal her, as best befits her wounded reputation, in some reclusive and religious life, out of all eyes, tongues, minds and injuries."
  • Frozen in place, Catrin was terrified that trying to prove her powers and failing would mean their deaths. Even success would be fraught with danger.
  • He knew what the signs boded. For years he had ministered to these necessities, and no man had ever approached his success.
  • After a slight hesitation, he capitulated. He bowed and left the council chamber. Immediately, she jumped out of the great chair and paced the floor. If one guard was going to give her this much trouble over simply seeing the earl, what did that say about her chance of success with the rest of her scheme?
  • It makes no difference in the eyes of the gods. If his bloodline continues on for a thousand years, we will be there when it ends. You, however, will not. My plan will not fail; it is only a matter of waiting for its success.
  • REV. DR. FOLLIOTT. Well, sir, these gentlemen among them, the present company excepted, have practised as much dishonesty as, in any other department than literature, would have brought the practitioner under the cognisance of the police. In politics, they have ran with the hare and hunted with the hound. In criticism, they have, knowingly and unblushingly, given false characters, both for good and for evil; sticking at no art of misrepresentation, to clear out of the field of literature all who stood in the way of the interests of their own clique. They have never allowed their own profound ignorance of anything (Greek for instance) to throw even an air of hesitation into their oracular decision on the matter. They set an example of profligate contempt for truth, of which the success was in proportion to the effrontery; and when their prosperity had filled the market with competitors, they cried out against their own reflected sin, as if they had never committed it, or were entitled to a monopoly of it. The latter, I rather think, was what they wanted.
  • At full speed the Russian advanced, and when within two hundred yards swung her broadside to the enemy and poured in a rain of shells. The Germans fought back gamely, but with the first success of the Russians they seemed to have lost their heads and fired wildly. Their aim was poor, and the Russians suffered little.
  • Pop behemoths coldplay have scored great success with melancholy hits like " yellow " and " shiver.
  • His success was phenomenal, and for an hour he kept moving around the edge of the pond, the banks of which were heavily wooded for the most part.
  • In this he was disappointed, but he had the good fortune to meet Miss Florence Douglas, by whom he was invited to accompany her to California as her escort, his expenses of course being paid by his patroness. It is needless to say that Ben accepted this proposal with alacrity, and, embarking on a steamer, landed in less than a month at San Francisco. He did not remain here long, but started for the mining-districts, still employed by Miss Douglas, in search of Richard Dewey, her affianced husband, whom her guardian had forbidden her to marry. As we have already said, Ben and his chosen companion, Jake Bradley, succeeded in their mission, but as yet had been unable to communicate tidings of their success to Miss Douglas, there being no chance to send a letter to San Francisco from the lonely hut where they were at present living.
  • I agree with M. de Villefort, said Monte Cristo, fixing his eyes on Madame de Villefort; "and if I were sufficiently intimate with him to allow of giving my advice, I would persuade him, since I have been told M. d'Epinay is coming back, to settle this affair at once beyond all possibility of revocation. I will answer for the success of a project which will reflect so much honor on M. de Villefort." The procureur arose, delighted with the proposition, but his wife slightly changed color. "Well, that is all that I wanted, and I will be guided by a counsellor such as you are," said he, extending his hand to Monte Cristo. "Therefore let every one here look upon what has passed to-day as if it had not happened, and as though we had never thought of such a thing as a change in our original plans."
  • Of course Señor Carlos was delighted with the success of the mission. For two days the Bird boys were the center of an enthusiastic demonstration. Frank was a little nervous lest they be visited by some of the revolutionists, but such did not turn out to be the case. And on the third morning the little steam yacht once more headed down the turbulent Magdalena, with a heavy rain promising more water to add to the flood, as wet weather had seemingly set in again.
  • Sympatric parasitism plotted against parasitoid success as predicted by the model.
  • Grandmahad put money aside for me to go to college, so it really didnt matter where I went. Miami seemed warm and so did Gail, one of my dads ex-students, who was a freshman at U of M. Gail and I had met through my dad, who had little success opening the Gail vault after I figured out the combination. Before I made my Miami decision, I called Gail to see if I could visit. Call it on-campus research, if you will. I hopped on a plane, and one thing led to anotherman, I got an instant education from Gail and her roommate Courtney. The University of Miami, it was.
  • Captain Spark was secretly delighted with the success of his experiment. He thought Bob had given up all his tricks, but that same day showed how much mistaken he was. The boy, seeing a chance to have some sport with one of the sailors--a German--sewed up the sleeves of the man's Jersey. When the man tumbled out of his bunk, in a hurry to take his watch on deck, he could not understand the reason why he could not put on his garment.
  • This circumstance excited within me anew the direst apprehensions; for I had not the slightest doubt that the savages were away in pursuit of the boat, and I every moment dreaded to see her reappear, and to hear the triumphant shouts proclaiming our enemies' success.
  • After the success of The Spectator, more political periodicals of comment appeared, including the vaguely Tory The Guardian and The Observer (note that none of these periodicals continued to the present day without interruption). The Gentleman's Magazine and Gentleman's Quarterly both began soon after. Some of these journals featured news more than commentary, and others featured reviews of recent works of literature. Many periodicals came from the area of the Inns of Court, which had been associated with a bohemian lifestyle since the 1670s. Samuel Johnson's later The Rambler and The Idler would self-consciously recreate the pose of Mr. Spectator to give a platform for musings and philosophy, as well as literary criticism.
  • Featherstone began to talk about something else, but Foster felt embarrassed. It looked as if he owed his success in business to the girl's generosity, and although he could not see why this should disturb him, it did.
  • "I guess you'll have the chance, Ben. You're the boy to succeed. You're smart, and you're willin' to work, and them's what leads to success out here."
  • "I can assure you that I have no Corvus in me," replied the man. "I do recall the experiments we conducted to create you and your clan, however. Such an intriguing animal you are. We had varied success in the laboratory with the earth-felis. Many failed experiments we killed out of kindness. What we learned from those experiments we integrated into the genetic manipulations of the Corvus genus. Unfortunately we learned later that the bird and cat species did not co-exist very well, especially after our manipulations. "
  • By building on the success of metro, project Orpheus can change the panorama for ever.
  • Hugh felt considerably relieved when he discovered that it would be possible to gain the other roof from the main structure. There was really no time to lose, however, for the fire seemed to be getting a pretty good headway, and any delay was likely to imperil their chances of success.
  • I can see why you got the job of Fate. Its responsible thinking like that that'll see us to the success you foresaw. Brick walked away before Fate could answer.
  • That very afternoon, while out shooting on the hills, Jackman opened the campaign by making some delicate approaches to the keeper on the subject, in a general and indirect way, but with what success he could not tell, for Ivor was respectfully reserved.
  • The Branwyns, the species that controlled most of the portals, were contacted and Anarion bartered with them about reopening the portal. On the contrary they didnt want to barter about this particular portal because, and Jack almost smiled, it led to a cursed realm. What had made Jack smile was not that it was a cursed realm, but that Anarion had threatened tocursethe Branwyns if they didnt reopen the portal because his Amaias was in there. The slender Branwyns had renegotiated but it had been short and to the point. Conversely, the spelled portal had proven to be difficult to reopen. They had slaved over it for days without success.
  • Wales environment trust has enjoyed considerable success over recent months.
  • It seems strange, Doctor, to hear you reason in that way, but I suppose some of our race were just as narrow, if you will pardon me for using that word, as you are, before our wonderful successes in astronomy. I believe you have not properly considered the subject, for it seems to me you had knowledge enough, before you left the earth, to justify you in holding to a strong probability of life beyond your own globe."
  • Assembling a task force of this size and stature led to some extension preparation. Knowing the players would not only assure us of success during the week, but it also would give me the necessary insight into their beings. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then past is the road map to the future. It should be an interested week.
  • The real reason, no doubt, of his anger was that he found he had overrated the advantages he would gain from Montezuma being in his hands; but for this he himself, and not the emperor, was to blame. At first the capture had all the success that he had expected from it. The people had obeyed their emperor as implicitly, when a captive, as when his power had been supreme. They had sent in their nobles, prisoners and bound, at his orders. They had built ships for these strangers. They had suffered them to go unmolested through the country.
  • "I must really ask you to be a little more quiet!" said Holmes severely. "You have already imperilled the whole success of our expedition. Might I beg that you would have the goodness to sit down upon one of those boxes, and not to interfere?"
  • Helped by the words I had learnt in my former intercourse with savages at the islands we had visited in the early part of the voyage, I was soon able to make myself understood to Moira, and to understand what she said when I confided to her my desire to escape to the sea coast At first she would only shake her head, but I became so insistent that at length she consented to help me. A tribal ceremony was very shortly to be celebrated, so Moira informed me, when the night would be favourable for the success of our project, since the tribe would then be assembled at the camp fires. On that night, moreover, there was no moon until late, and we trusted to be able to slip away in the darkness unobserved.
  • Their prayer ended, they rose and embraced one another in the impulse of mutual congratulation. Every heart beat high with hope; and that night there was not a single member of the party who was troubled by the slightest doubt as to the success of their great undertaking.
  • Those riders making up the first assault turned about and headed back to the outer circle before the goblins could reload. As they returned to the perimeter, those soldiers that had held steady now moved forward with hopes of matching the success of the first attack. Again, a second inner circle formed and tightened about the outskirts of the city. As this group reached the ground marked by the goblinsbolts, they prepared for the next volley of crossbow fire.
  • Celebrating success meeting, wandsworth primary care trust, november 11th 2003.
  • When Congress met soon after this, of course this wretched Indian war was much talked of. It was proposed at once to raise three additional regiments. Upon this a hot debate sprang up, the proposal was opposed warmly; the opponents said that it would be necessary to lay a heavy tax upon the people to raise them, that the war had been badly managed, and should have been trusted to the militia in the west under their own officers, and, moreover, that no success could be expected so long as the British continued to hold posts in our own limits, and furnish the Indians with arms, ammunition, and advice.
  • Our regiment, alone, had to lament the loss of twenty-two officers killed and wounded, ten of whom were killed, or afterwards died of their wounds. We had scarcely got our men together when we were informed of the success of the fifth division in their escalade, and that the enemy were, in consequence, abandoning the breaches, and we were immediately ordered forward to take possession of them. On our arrival, we found them entirely evacuated, and had not occasion to fire another shot; but we found the utmost difficulty, and even danger, in getting in in the dark, even without opposition. As soon as we succeeded in establishing our battalion inside, we sent piquets into the different streets and lanes leading from the breach, and kept the remainder in hand until day should throw some light on our situation.
  • A free public lecture by one of the worlds leading astronomers proved to be a huge success last night.
  • Network news getting connected is the secret to success for every small business owner.
  • Us data point to the considerable success of these services for the recovering misuser.
  • Before embarking we had a hasty meal and drank a toast to our success and the confusion of the Devil's Admiral and his men. We looked to our pistols and ammunition, and, thrilled with the prospect of battle, felt better than we had since the death of Trego.
  • Yes, the officer who had accomplished this daring flanking movement was none other than Santiago Mariano, who, with the flush of success on his handsome face, was again leading his men to the charge.
  • "Then, though the attempt to lay the last Atlantic Cable proved a failure," continued Robin, "the first one, the 1858 one, was a success at the beginning, no one can deny that."
  • We celebrate achievements; we share in the success of our colleagues.
  • The directors had paid no heed to the speaker's bantering remarks, but the superintendent was getting hot, tired, and annoyed by the constant chatter of the man he was longing to arrest; and, though he had treated everything so far with calm indifference, his lack of success in his search for something incriminating in such places as experience had taught him were in favour with those who carried on diamond-smuggling began now to tell upon his temper, and he turned sharply upon the speaker: to snap out words which showed that his thoughts ran on all-fours with those of Ingleborough.
  • "Potts declared that night and day he had been on the watch for a chance to escape, but so infernal was the cunning of these wretches, and so quick their senses, sharpened as they had been by long practice, that success became hopeless. He had fallen into deep dejection, and concluded that his only hope lay in the efforts of the Government to put down these assassins. Our appearance had at last saved him.
  • In fact, as news of the ugandan success has spread, the defense of condoms has grown more insistent.
  • For some minutes the boys listened to the details of the deputy's scheme. It involved danger, there was no doubt of that, but it also gave a chance for success.
  • Aiden was in amongst the enemy first, stabbing with his sword to pierce the armour of the mercenary warrior he had engaged. The speed advantage from the incantation was invaluable, making their opponents seem like they were moving through molasses. Again and again, Aiden's blade struck true, cutting through chain mail and flesh with equal precision. His allies were having similar success in the opening battle, outmatching the greater numbers of their adversaries with speed, tactics, and high morale.
  • While there is jubilation across the UK at the success of Team GB, there are some who less than delighted over the nomenclature.
  • Looks natural, remarked Dave, as he stood on the tiny piazza of the cottage and looked around on the familiar scene. Then his thoughts went back to the past. What tremendous changes had taken place since he had left that home! He had found a father, a sister, and an uncle, and had made a host of friends. Not only that; he was rich, and had received a good education, and was on the fair road to success.
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