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Okunuşu: / sʌbweɪ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sub·way
Ekler: sub·ways
Türü: isim


i. , A.b.d. metro;

subway için örnek cümleler:

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  • Five oclock mercifully came and the fictitious white-collar whistle blew, signaling the end of the day and week. Sixteen out of the 20 people in the program ventured out to the subway and filled up the better part of a car. Chu was meeting his sister Nosh for a bite to eat, Carla Penters was an extreme introvert and hadnt spoken in at least six monthssave for the interview, Grace Summers had a boyfriend and they were in the having sex like rabbits stage, and Andrew Collins parents had a house in the Hamptons and he was headed out East.
  • And from then on, they were the best of friends. Edgar was a nervous man who worked at subway while he attempted to write a book on how math and history complemented each other. "It will be an outstandingly fascinating work," he explained, "and something that I dont have time to explain right now." Todd nodded curtly. Hed managed a C in algebra and remembered little about history except the line about "In fourteen hundred and ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue", because it was one of the tightest raps hed ever heard.
  • The Roundabout sweats a lot, in every situation. He is unusually salty and moist. On winter days he wears both scarf and hat. In summer he wears suits. He is always the last to squeeze into the subway car, with much commotion and apology. Everyone makes way for The Roundabout and hopes he moves along so they're not stuck standing next to him.
  • I ignore him, drawn by a vacant curiosity. A fluttery feeling envelops me, like a shroud of silk has dropped over my head. I smell bagels baking, Szechuan pork, diesel exhaust. A soft rumbling emanates deep withina subway.
  • A highway sign greeted him as he trudged by. "Wichita: 28 miles," it read. Twenty-eight miles! Todd groaned as he remembered the trip to the subway shop that seemed so many months ago, though it had just been the day before yesterday. It had taken him nearly a quarter of a day to walk the two miles. "So how long will it take for me to get to Wichita?" he wondered. He scratched his stomach, wishing Edgar was around to tell him the answer. He was surprised to realize that he almost missed the back-stabbing cretin.
  • He started along the Bowery, walking briskly now, toward the nearest subway station, at Astor Place, his mind for the moment electing to face the situation in a humour as whimsical as his smile. Supposing that, as Larry the Bat, he were caught and arrested during the next hour, in Jimmie's Dale's residence on Riverside Drive! With his arrest as Larry the Bat, Jimmie's Dale would automatically disappear. Would follow then the suspicion that Jimmie Dale, the millionaire, had met with foul play, and as time went on, and Jimmie Dale, being then in prison as Larry the Bat, did not reappear, the assurance of it; then the certainty that suspicion would focus on Larry the Bat as being connected with the millionaire's death, since Larry the Bat had been caught in Jimmie Dale's home--and he would be accused of his own murder! It was quite humourous, of course, quite grotesquely bizarre--but it was equally an exceedingly grim possibility! There were drawbacks to a dual personality!
  • "They cut in automatically and run on natural gas. They use the same emergency system for the Boston subways without the flywheel," says Todd. "Both engines at full power can do a total of almost 180 megaWatts. We could power half Omaha if we wanted to," adds David.
  • "Its no problem at all, man," Edgar said. He shrugged. "You know," he said, "if you want, I can probably get you a job at subway when we get back home."
  • Advertisement your story continues below the underground subway connects the three platforms at the station.
  • After covering up the evidence as much and as quickly as possible, the brothers went back to their car, where no one was waiting. Maybe loud noises were common in the valley. They drove home, contemplating April Fools Day, a couple of weeks away, and the Toronto subway system. Lunch was a sub from the subway in Kitchener, just for the irony of it all.
  • I took the subway or cab back to his apartment at 5 or 6 each morning.
  • Story after story would flow in and it became hard to distinguish one from another. Sam would meet a girl, sleep with the girl for a few weeks, and then the girl would meet another guy and become engaged to him within a few months. It was almost as if he had been given the job of Vagina Warm-up. He had become a subway car that women would ride until they got off on their stop. He had become the vehicle that provided clarity for females to find their future. By realizing what they didnt want in a man, they also were able to focus in on the man they would walk down the aisle with. Sam didnt know it but he had become the hottest set-up man in the trendy extremes.
  • In the subway, ten minutes before, a freckled-faced messenger boy had squeezed himself into a seat beside Jimmie Dale, yanked a dime novel from a refractory pocket, and, blissfully lost to all the world, had buried his head in its pages. Jimmie Dale's glance at the youngster had equally, perforce, embraced the lurid title of the thriller, "Dicing with Death," so imperturbably thrust under his nose. At the time, he had smiled indulgently; but now, as he left the subway and headed for his home on Riverside Drive, the words not only refused to be ignored, but had resolved themselves into a curiously persistent refrain in his mind. They were exactly what they purported to be, dime-novelish, of the deepest hue of yellow, melodramatic in the extreme; but also, to him now, they were grimly apt and premonitorily appropriate. "Dicing with Death"--there was not an hour, not a moment in the day, when he was not literally dicing with death; when, with the underworld and the police allied against him, a single false move would lose him the throw that left death the winner!
  • Bluesy riffs took deconstruction to plummeting lows, often likened to the new york subway itself.
  • Into the subway he penetrated at Eighteenth Street, climbing with difficulty down the choked stairway, through bushes and over masses of ruin that had fallen from the roof. The great tube, he saw, was choked with litter.
  • "So you admit it!" hollered Todd. "Look at Mister Hard Working subway guy, MisterI never lie to anyone and betray my friends’!
  • He was wondering, instead, how he got there. In his mind, undetectable and unknowable from without, the scenes replayed and repeated incessantly. Something inside him knew there was an answer on the tapes. The visions scrolled past in slow motion, no audio now, just images. It began, he had a feeling, on the sidewalk on Market Street. Usually he walked quickly to the subway entrance, not wanting to see, not wanting to know about the hordes in rags lining the thoroughfare, some muttering quietly, others shouting. This one was shouting. Moss couldn't hear it now but he shivered at the memory of the words.
  • In response to the lawsuit, the head baker for subway reiterated their commitment to 12 inches with each "footlong" sub.
  • Whatever the economics, costs do not necessarily concern a lot of Chinese. Chen Lianying, a 58-year-old cleaner at the subway station construction site in west Nanchang, says her home is just a 20-minute walk away so she returns for lunch every day.
  • Extending subway lines to sparsely populated areas that may be future high-density neighborhoods allows cities to plan their urban environment before it is too late, said Gerald Ollivier, a transport specialist at the World Bank.
  • ON THE London Underground or the Paris Metro, only a brave passenger would dress as a Jewish version of Santa Claus. Such an outfit would risk stares, grumbles about Israeli policies, or worse. Yet in Philadelphia on December 8th, as subway trains filled with youthful, costumed Santasrevellers at an annual drinking festivalfew glanced twice at the young woman in robes and hat of blue and white fur, embroidered with a menorah, or sacred candelabra. Flanked by friends clad in red and white, her fancy-dress paid homage to Hanukkah, a once-obscure Jewish festival thatusually falling in Decemberhas been built up to become a response to the "December dilemma", meaning the puzzle posed for non-Christians by Christmas.
  • They were all going somewhere, and after a few moments, she joined them. Keeping pace, she held the box close in front of her and stayed three or four steps ahead. The crowd thickened, as people heading to work came off subways and busses. Footsteps, traffic and voices, all fought to be the loudest. More people pushed in until she was engulfed, her blue cap and dingy coat in contrast to their business attire. Everyone was walking shoulder to shoulder, moving in a single direction, making it difficult for one person to deviate from the rest.
  • It seemed for a while, even after he had gained the street and made his way again to the subway, that nothing was concrete around him, that he was living through some fantastical dream. His head whirled, and he could not think rationally--and then slowly, little by little, his grip upon himself came back. She had come--and gone! With the roar of the subway in his ears, its raucous note seeming to strike so perfectly in consonance with the turmoil within him, he smiled mirthlessly. After all, it was as it always was! She was gone--and ahead of him lay the chances of the night!
  • Abruptly, the two sat on a bench and watched a train leave. The backpack went beside them. Copeman continued past them, then turned. The students got up, leaving the backpack beside the bench, coming towards Copeman. Two polite Canadians tried to tell them theyd forgotten the packsack, but the Bonisteel Brothers shook them off and kept coming. People started getting concerned, and were obviously starting to look for subway security. Copeman considered drawing his gun, but wasnt sure what would trigger the bomb.
  • He said he has had sandwiches from 17 shops measured, and every one came up short. The lawsuit claims it is a "deceptive practice for subway to advertise its large sandwich as a 'footlong.'"
  • I thought about many things as I took the number 4 subway train downtown to R&R Headquarters. It was amazing to even think that our desire to move to the suburbs would land us in California, not Westchester or Long Island. To think that San Diego would be home, put in instant smile on my beach-going, 70 degree-loving face. What a wild ride it all had been; to think that Sam had anything to do with any of my success seemed a bit of a stretch at first. When I thought about it deeper, it could have been his indecision and windy path-walking that made me focus on the straight and narrow. By hearing his intricate and mostly far-fetched stories every day, it taught me to shed all of the superfluous garbage in my life and concentrate on the things that really mattered.
  • All over the new york subway you find adverts offering to remove tattoos.
  • The subway always smelled of wee back then, so i guess it must be pretty unbearable by now.
  • Start by going down the steps in the Yorkville subway station. When you come to the turnstiles, however, cut sharply to the right. You'll see a little door off to one side, behind a homeless person who looks remarkably like a heap of newspapers and food scraps bound together by a dense miasma of wretchedness and despair.
  • "Thats too far!" wailed Todd. "I already walked like seven years today." Hed actually spent about an hour and a half walking from his parentshouse to subway with a three hour nap on a public bench on the way. He reasoned with himself that itd been a long, trying day, and he needed every bit of rest he could get. "DAMN it," he shouted, wishing he could really stop this cussing habit hed picked up. "I wish I had my car that I was saving up for!"
  • Well, don't ever take a subway to Brooklyn! Dawson advised. "You wouldn't be back for a week. What shall we do now? Where'll we go, I mean. Want to take a subway ride?"
  • She pushed a button on her phone and all of Brads files were transferred to the home base. It was a routine she had completed for the past two months without fail. The process involved an index finger and a thumb, but her gut was the area of her body that experienced the most sensation on this day. Stacey sensed that her assignment was coming to an end. Any feelings she had for Brad were melting quickly like an ice cube on an oppressive subway platform in the middle of summer.
  • Of course. Come on. It's safe, even if it does shake a bit. It always does. There's no danger of it falling off. Next time we'll take the subway.
  • Here's your problem, he said. "This isn't a map of the ancient Near East; it's a map of the subway system in Toronto, showing the entrance to the Underworld."
  • It just so happened that each of the airport security personnel were having a particularly bad day too. The spouse of one had walked out on him that afternoon. Another, after studying her horoscope that morning, realised that she would not meet her soul mate the following year. Yet another was bracing himself for a poor decision he was due to make that day, and worried that he shouldn't have eaten that third subway meat platter. Already his stomach was churning.
  • But Terry had convinced him that it would be seen as an act of cowardice, or that of some terrorists who were too inept to blow up anything more important than the Home Hardware in a village. Pathetic, is what he figured it would seem. Since the subway was the most obvious, it was the most protected, and if they blew it up it would seem a real coup. Tom finally agreed, with the proviso that a second bombing, if necessary, would be considered for a small-town location.
  • The pedestrian subway at hereford street will be replaced with a new on-street toucan crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • We could fly into the Underworld. That would be a safe place. There's an entrance in the Yorkville subway station, in darkest Toronto.
  • Ideograms carved in mammoth teeth by cro-magnon men, to hobo signs and subway graffiti.
  • Remember, an elder persons' world is ruled by questions, not answers. Sam said, "The subway was delayed and there was a huge line at the bakery." Sam shows her the hot pound cake, "I waited until this came out of the oven."
  • Earlier, the jury was shown cctv images of both singh and the alleged victim entering the secluded subway alone.
  • Sammy shrugged. "Something with high visibility, like a world-famous building, or the government building. Or the subway. It was the subway in Madrid and London." Since they couldnt remember if there were government buildings in Toronto, and couldnt think of any world-famous buildings in Toronto, they headed for the nearest subway entrance.
  • As the world's second-biggest economy limps to its weakest full-year expansion in 13 years, Beijing has leaned once again on a tried-and-tested model of ramping up investment, this time in subways, bridges and other infrastructure, to aid growth.
  • Doing so now can save costs as subway lines become more costly to build as economies grow, he said, stressing that each subway project needs to be reviewed on its own merit.
  • It was the dog days of summer in New York City. Egg sandwiches with American cheese and bacon could have been cooked on the pavement of the concrete jungle, and tempers were boiling in the subway platform heat.
  • This is a pretty fine way to live, after all, Stern said one day, "even if it is a bit lonesome at times. There's no getting up in the morning and rushing to an office. It's a perpetual vacation! There are no appointments to keeps no angry clients kicking because I can't make water run up-hill or make cast-iron do the work of tool-steel. No saloons or free-lunches, no subways to stifle the breath out of us, no bills to pay and no bill collectors to dodge; no laws except the laws of nature, and such as we make ourselves; no bores and no bad shows; no politics, no yellow journals, no styles--"
  • And after that--WHAT? His own chances were pretty slim at best. Jimmie Dale, staring at the grayness of the subway wall through the window, shook his head slowly--then, with a queer little philosophical shrug of his shoulders, he smiled gravely, seriously. It was all a part of the game, all a part of the life--of the Gray Seal!
  • Sometimes, catching the subway from astoria to manhattan, the city feels like poetry.
  • Sal nodded. "Interesting, isnt it. In addition to the subways, New York has a great seaport leading out into the Atlantic, which youve also seen. There are two big lakes up on the north end of the state and someone told me theres this waterfall between them that drops 200 feet straight down and is 1400 feet across. (Niagara Falls.) I was hoping Id be able to see that before we left, but we didnt have time." He turned away for a moment, took a deep breath and shook his head. "But New York City also has its down side." Sal made a sour face. "It has a certain smell to it. An unpleasant smell."
  • Just before they went into the subway system, Lester got a call from headquarters. The satellite photo was described in detail, but Lester just rolled his eyes and told the sender that the suspects were in Toronto to set off a bomb and they, Sammy and Lester, would do their best to stop them. Without using any weapons. Which was, of course, all they normally used, but they were SEALs, and would figure it out.
  • The traffic was horrendous, but we finally reached a place called Termini, which sounded kind of fatal. I had exact no address for Karla, only the vague sense that she lived within walking distance of the Vatican, since she had said she often attended mass under that alabaster dove. So I headed off on foot in that general direction, thinking Id save a little cash by not taking the subway.
  • In just six months this year, Beijing has approved the building or expansion of metro lines in 23 Chinese cities. Nanchang, in eastern China, is one of the smallest cities building a subway system.
  • The usual subway philosophers had covered it with scrawls, some obscene. One, patently a progressive jazz fan from Texas, had written:
  • Daily ridership on the subway system this month is averaging 658,000 a day.
  • At the University of Waterloo, two brothers were in separate classes, a couple of building apart, with only part of their minds on their classes. They were both, in the way close brothers do, thinking about the same thing, their plot to bomb the Yonge-Bloor subway station and get away with it. It would be an April fools joke on Canada. Even if a few people had to die for it.
  • The last time I saw a smile that wide on Sams face was when the Mets got to the subway Series against the Yankees. He didnt even use his classic line "To make a long story short," because there werent any short stories in the hopper.
  • Brad, of course, had no response for such high praise, so he told his own first meeting story. "I remember the first time I saw you. I was taking the subway into work in those days, and it was just another day until I looked across the car and saw a woman wearing headphones and scribbling on a note pad. I couldnt take my eyes off you the entire 20-minute ride."
  • He was lucky to board one of the subway cars with air conditioning, although this good fortune was tempered by the overcrowded, sardine-like nature of the car. City living had its advantages, but commuting in the summer heat wasnt one of them.
  • Existing ryder street pedestrian subway closed with alternative route via new surface puffin crossing on james watt queensway.
  • In response to the original photo on Facebook that unleashed the wave of complaints, subway Australia posted a statement clarifying that "footlong" subs were just a trademark, not reality.
  • "This is not something that if you want today, you can have tomorrow," said Wang Chaohua, a deputy general manager at the Nanchang Railway Transit Group. "A subway line will burnish Nanchang's branding as a big city."
  • Then a week in New York, where they walked until they thought their feet would give out entirely, necks cricked at a permanent, upward-staring angle to gawp at the topless towers of Manhattan. The sound the sound the sound of Manhattan rang in their ears, a gray and deep rumble of cars and footfalls and subways and steampipes and sirens and music and conversation and ring tones and hucksters and schizophrenic ranters, a veritable Las Vegas of cacophony, and it made Linda uncomfortable, she who was raised in the white noise susurrations of LAs freeway forests, but it made Art feel wonderful. He kept his comm switched off, though the underfoot rumble of the subway had him reaching for it a hundred times a day, convinced that hed left it on in vibe-alert mode.
  • On a recent weekday afternoon when there was more poultry on the streets than people, a local grocer doubted the new subway will draw enough commuters to make the investment worthwhile.
  • Here a ramp leads down to the original station entrance subway with its white glazed brick walls now looking very grimy.
  • He was in a downtown subway train now--the roar in his ears in consonance, it seemed, with the turmoil in his brain. But now, too, he was Jimmie Dale again; and, apart from the slightly outthrust jaw, the tight-closed lips, impassive, debonair, composed.
  • There were a few guys on the other side of the subway car that had passed their bar-hopping peak, but apparently they missed the memo. In the 20-something world of the South Street Seaport Friday night scene, 30-somethings were seen as outsiders needing to be jettisoned to the suburbs.
  • The words "law firm" initially dulled his senses, but when Lisha Fong said, "It pays upwards of $200,000," all of the trepidations that he had about returning home melted away like a Good Humor Toasted Almond Bar on a subway platform in the summer.
  • Technically, its a skyscraper. Forty floors with three condos on each floor, plus a ground floor that holds a subway Restaurant, a bakery and a small general store and a lobby, total it is forty two floors, but we only seem to count the ones that have residents. Floors are much different as well. My ceilings tower an impressive twenty feet over my head. Since Im only 55" tall, this seems like overkill for me, but is very useful when my father or some other Elder of incredible stature decides to pop by for a visit.
  • Jimmie Dale stared out at the black subway walls. The answer would not come. Station after station passed. At Fourteenth Street he changed from the express to a local, got out at Astor Place, and a few minutes later was walking rapidly down the upper end of the Bowery.
  • After much persuasion, Todd began working at subway with Edgar as he concurrently began his latest opus: a triumphant rap song about their journey to Wichita, their trials and tribulations, the lessons learned by the pair, and the hot chicks theyd scored with. Originally conceived as a four minute long rap song with a chorus predominantly featuring the word "magnificent" that Todd announced would take "at least a week to write", Todd continued to work on the song long after he was fired from subway a scant two weeks later. Management did not appreciate his creative promotional tool called "Big Free Freestyling with Twelve Inches", especially after many customers switched to only buying the six inch subs so that they would not be inundated by Todds improvised rap verses after theyd ordered.
  • Symphony Hall was inaugurated on October 15, 1900, after the Orchestra's original home (the Old Boston Music Hall) was threatened by road-building and subway construction. Architects McKim, Mead and White engaged Wallace Clement Sabine, a young assistant professor of physics at Harvard University, as their acoustical consultant, and Symphony Hall became one of the first auditoria designed in accordance with scientifically derived acoustical principles. Admired for its lively acoustics from the time of its opening, the hall is often cited as one of the best sounding classical concert venues in the world.
  • At nine Copeman and Christiana were still at the Yonge-Bloor subway section, going up and down the escalators between the Bloor platform and the Yonge platform. They carried Sears shopping bags, and scanned the people. It was crowded. People had bags. Students of all ages had backpacks. They recognized nobody except two lean and muscular dudes who passed them several times. Copeman wondered if Jake had sent a couple of JTF2 buddies to help. But then, he remembered, Jake knew nothing about this little upcoming event. And that was assuming neither the alien nor Christiana had lied to him.
  • Intercity rail travel is provided by Amtrak California, which manages the three busiest intercity rail lines in the U.S. outside the Northeast Corridor, all of which are funded by Caltrans. This service is becoming increasingly popular over flying and ridership is continuing to set records, especially on the LAX-SFO route. Integrated subway and light rail networks are found in Los Angeles (Metro Rail) and San Francisco (MUNI Metro). Light rail systems are also found in San Jose (VTA), San Diego (San Diego Trolley), Sacramento (RT Light Rail), and Northern San Diego County (Sprinter). Furthermore, commuter rail networks serve the San Francisco Bay Area (ACE, BART, Caltrain), Greater Los Angeles (Metrolink), and San Diego County (Coaster).
  • That was ages ago, of course. He was long since past those days. Respectable, in fact, with his honest day's work and his honest day's pay, with his railroad flat, his mountain bike, and his annual new shoes. The images of these prized possessions flashed through his fevered mind as he lay on that hospital bed, unseen nurses worrying above him. Down he went, down the white tiled honeycombed stairway, following the blue line to the gates and tugging out his wallet for the ticket which he slipped into the slot and felt much safer then. Those people hardly ever came down into the tracks. That was money. Now it was only more of his kind of folks, the working kind. They had all survived that rush and stood there on the platform, watching the subway scoreboard and waiting for their own. He could jump on any train since they were all going to go his way. What wasn't?
  • Two New Jersey men sued subway this week, claiming the world's biggest fast-food chain has been shorting them by selling "footlong" sandwiches that measure less than 12 inches.
  • A skeleton--the first one of our vanished race we've ever found! exclaimed the man. "All the remains in New York, you remember, down in the subway or in any of the buildings, were invariably little piles of impalpable dust mixed with coins and bits of rusted metal. But this--it's absolutely intact!"
  • It was just about closing time at the subway when Todd burst in. "Edgar!" he shouted. "Edgar! Edgar!" He shouted Edgars name repeatedly as the two customers in line stared at him balefully.
  • No, that'd attract attention. This isn't the New York City subway so people here will stare at what's out of the ordinary.
  • Quick! he flung at the startled chauffeur. "The nearest subway station--there's a ten-spot in it for you! Quick man--QUICK! Here they come!"
  • The Canadian government eventually figured out that the Bonisteel Brothers were, in fact, Jim and Bryce McCrum, residents of Sarnia. It was pointed out that showing how close the subway had come to being bombed might just make the public nervous, but the government was, at first, not inclined to let these guys off the hook. Things got to looking better, however, when it was discovered that the Bonisteel Brothersexplosive turned out to be a small charge with a lot of fine white powder wrapped around it, and the radioactive cores of a few smoke detectors. It might not have killed anyone but it would have taken weeks to assure the public that the powder was harmless and the radioactivity negligible. Which, of course, would have been a longer-term problem than a single blast.
  • Besides, there are lots of facilities to fill my need for food. In New KC, there are places that go to other places, pick up food orders and deliver them to your house. All you need is a phone or an internet connection. I have both. Some of them even offer reward programs. Hell, there are people who will deliver my groceries and pick up items like toothpaste, cigarettes and anything else you might desire. And the best part, they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The need to go to a store has been completely removed. If Im feeling energetic, I go downstairs and get something from the subway Sandwich shop, that way I can say I walked a few extra steps.
  • The two largest metropolitan areas have subway systems: Lisbon Metro and Metro Sul do Tejo in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and Porto Metro in the Porto Metropolitan Area, each with more than 35 km (22 mi) of lines. In Portugal, Lisbon tram services have been supplied by the Companhia de Carris de Ferro de Lisboa (Carris), for over a century. In Porto, a tram network, of which only a tourist line on the shores of the Douro remain, began construction on 12 September 1895 (a first for the Iberian Peninsula). All major cities and towns have their own local urban transport network, as well as taxi services.
  • Ah heartbeats, the soundtrack for my endless life. I have to say it is the poltergeist pallor trick that I am most proud of. Forget the preteen romance novels, I do not have supersonic hearing; I cannot hear people from miles away. But I can hear the deluge of blood underneath your skin. And in the center, the Archimedes screw powering the impulse of life. It can be spellbinding. Strolling though a subway after a symphony concert, bodies pressed up close, is more a cacophony than any orchestra ever could be. In these moments of stalking though a crowd I feel the true hunger, animalistic almost. I must vanquish these ever beating tell tale hearts and find peace in satiation. And so I have become an inadvertent seducer of over the hill females, tackling the harder trial of manipulating the heart.
  • In the subway station Jimmie Dale read the letter--read it twice over, as he always read those strange epistles of hers that opened the door to new peril, new danger to the Gray Seal, but too, that seemed somehow to draw tighter, in a glad, big way, the unseen bond between them; read it, as he always read those letters, almost subconsciously committing the very words to memory with that keen faculty of brain of his. But now as he began to tear the sheet and envelope into minute particles, a strained, hard look was on his face and in his eyes, and his lips, half parted, moved a little.
  • Btw: the new subway on west street looks like it will open tomorrow.
  • Might as well take it in, suggested Jack. "I don't want to crawl down into a cellar or a subway quite yet, even if there's one around here; do you?"
  • You mean you English guys call the subway the tube, Dawson cut in again. "How many times have I got to tell you that when in Rome shoot Roman candles! So you went to the subway, and--? Now what?"
  • They pulled into a busy shopping center that was crammed with tiny, badly parked cars, and Omari struggled to refrain from making any Asian driving jokes. It seemed like an unreasonable amount of divergent businesses were stuffed into the small strip mall. There was a subway Sandwich place, a Mexican restaurant, an Asian bakery of some sort, a small Japanese restaurant, a video rental store that looked to be mostly filled with bootleg copies of movies and other unidentifiable objects, a Vietnamese restaurant, a Japanese supermarket, a Korean coffee shop, a massage parlor, a Thai restaurant, and a place called "Beijing City" that she assumed was their destination.
  • The trick, argues Zhao Jian, a professor at Beijing's Jiaotong University, is for China to allow no more than 20 of its biggest cities to build subways to minimize any losses. Such a ranking would exclude Nanchang.
  • The city plans to build two subway lines over 51 km by 2015 at a cost of 27.4 billion yuan - 10 percent of its 2011 GDP and 67 percent of 2011 fiscal revenues.
  • "Am I really fat?" wondered Todd to himself. He didnt think so, but he decided to start ordering the six inch sandwiches in addition to his diet colas whenever he went to Subway.
  • Meanwhile, Rob was watching Barbara make a move on Henry as they were on the subway to the Seaport. He hadnt been around them all week and knew that a predator like Barbara was seeking Henry as her prey for a reason. It wasnt just the thrill of the kill or the desire for fresh meat that brought this women downtown that night.
  • Bacillus subtilis, was introduced into a subway station in new york city.
  • "I dont care, just food. If I dont like it, Ill get more donuts or Ill call the front desk and have a subway Sandwich brought up to me."
  • In the Chinese city of Nanchang, where the local government is building a new subway network, the modern train station rising out of the red earth sits in an empty part of town. The crowds that Nanchang envisions will someday use its metro are nowhere in sight.
  • The suit, filed Tuesday in Superior Court in Mount Holly, N.J., might be the first legal filing aimed at the Milford, Conn.-based company since a subway customer in Australia posted a photo of a "footlong" sub next to a ruler on the company's Facebook page to allege that the sandwich was not as long as advertised.
  • At the other end of it, where the rocks again approached each other, was probably a precipice. After a few minutes' cogitation, Captain Horn felt sure that he understood the whole matter: a subway from the lake led to this amphitheatre, and thus there had been no audible rush of the waters until they reached this point, where they poured in and filled this great basin, the lower end of which was probably stopped up by accumulations of sand and deposits, which even in that country of scant vegetation had accumulated in the course of years. When the waters of the lake had rushed into the amphitheatre, this natural dam had held them for a while, but then, giving way before the great pressure, the whole body of water had suddenly rushed down the ravine to the sea.
  • That said, while metro lines are costly and tend to provide low returns at best, not all Chinese subway plans are unwise.
  • He was familiar with these streets now, had become acquainted with their glass-topped walls and dead ends, their subways and factory gates. They held no fear for him any longer. He made his way towards the canal. A soft cool night along the tow path, heavy boughs motionless overhead straining to reach the waters edge, vainly hoping to catch their reflection in the grey-brown canal. He looked up for a moment in time to see the clouds reveal for an instant a couple of quivering stars. Not long enough for him to be disturbed by their immense age and distance, but nonetheless a brief subliminal reminder of his mortality. The sky closed once more and they were gone. To the pleasant beat of shoes on gravel he thought: we get no further than this. For every one thing created, another destroyed. For every lesson learnt, another forgotten.
  • Theyd decided on the Toronto system because it was the obvious choice. It would be easier, Tom had argued, to blow up something in New Hamburg, and might be more effective, since everybody feared terrorists only in major cities, especially in the subway system. Hes argued that if they hit a small place, nobody could feel safe anywhere.
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