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Okunuşu: / səb’vəːt / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sub·vert
Ekler: sub·verts/sub·vert·ed/sub·vert·ing/sub·ver·sions/sub·vert·ers
Türü: fiil


f. altüst etmek, harap etmek;
devirmek, yıkmak;
bozmak, ifsat etmek.

subvert için örnek cümleler:

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  • That's why he was liquidated. He never knew what was going on. No spies, no proper command structure. No central committee. It was easy for the running dog capitalists to subvert his reign.
  • Skipping on the backs of recent asian music trends, the buttersprites subvert the stereotypes into strangely classic interpretations of a fad.
  • "This Iskendarian thing is disincarnate; its got no body. Its just sitting out there subverting the network. It even looks like - yeah, its already cross-infected the Scapulas lower-level functions. I wonder if he realizes it? His command effectuation is still within nominal but -"
  • This would make the forging of cards fairly pointless, unless one could also subvert both the master databases.
  • They may subtly subvert the whole nhs reform agenda, undermining attempts to tackle their poor performance with threats of no-confidence votes.
  • You went to law school for this, she thought. Had she become some kind of bag man relegated to subverting the criminal court? Did this put her on the side of war criminals? She knew lobbyists that worked for corrupt foreign governments, slimy was the word that came to mind. This was not why she went to law school. She rubbed her face, it was Friday afternoon, she felt like getting drunk, maybe she would go to happy hour. In the meantime, she was determined to procrastinate. She didnt have to respond until Monday. She could think about it over the weekend.
  • "Well, my dear." Arbitan's gaze pinned her and she froze. "The counterfeit money would have been fun to play with, but you're too troublesome to keep around." His eyes flickered toward Basilard and back to her. "You'd probably subvert the torturer I sent to interrogate you."
  • "I know what you are," added Brena. "I know why you approached my daughters. But if you want help, you'll have to come to me. I won't let you subvert them with your faery wiles."
  • The three exchanged relieved smiles and I suddenly understood how much they had worried for my health. Feeling my upswell of joy, I knew that coming to Aquia, despite all of the tragic history with the curse and family, had been the right thing to do. Unbidden, an image of how this visit would have been were my family uncursed, swam in my mind. Uproarious music to greet me, the castle swimming in light, and my family, the whole troupe of them, ready to meet me with their spouses and children. A wistful smile crossed my face, and I resolved that once I returned to Nynevehno, starting tonightI would begin in earnest my quest to lift the curse. The djinn, in their effort to subvert the Pari's handiwork, had decreed that Auralia needed to be awoken by true love's kiss. I would sift once again through her room tonight, searching for clues to a preexisting love. It would be difficult, but if I would not do it, then who could?
  • The works introduce new meanings and messages; forge technical and esthetic innovations and sometimes subvert the standards imposed by the mainstream gaming industry.
  • Just as prolonged and stubborn is the struggle now proceeding between the old and the new conception of history, and theology in the same way stands on guard for the old view, and accuses the new view of subverting revelation.
  • Some part of me began to feel like I had made another mistake. This attitude of the Pellton officials wasnt helping. I was never much for institutionalized "authority" and "security." I tried to ridicule it and subvert it whenever possible.
  • Tho the work follows the general contours of innumerable previous settings of the latin mass, at every turn patterson subverts the genre.
  • That the russians involved in the peace keeping will not subvert the process on the ground.
  • But this case gave him no such impression, just a vague feeling that the tables had turned, that they were working against the Lord. Never before had an infernal entity so thoroughly penetrated his cordon of protections. This could be a demon of a different order, a being with the power to subvert his senses, instill confusion.
  • Such a development completely subverts the purpose of the quota and has a very demoralizing effect on in-house production.
  • Sandra wonders what her Grandpa and the Jews did to the country. It must be real bad for the Nazis to come and get her Grandpa because he hires some workers to fill positions at one of the markets. What can Grandpa and the Jews do to subvert Germany from a market? Poison the food? Maybe the Jews would but her wonderful Grandpa wouldnt hurt a fly. If a fly gets in the room and Grandpa can catch it, with fast hands and a fast mind, Grandpa will catch the fly and hold it gently in his cupped hands and push the door to the outside open with his foot and spring open his hands so the fly can buzz off toward the forest. Then he looks at Sandra and smiles. "It could be someones mother," he says and they both laugh.
  • Atomistic theory of democritus to subvert belief in the olympian gods.
  • The mass choreography of societal life is so delicate that whatever stage of life you're at you are part of it. It may be that you're learning or teaching, subverting or converting others. It is all the same and when individuals want affirmation of their lives they turn back to the age old steps and dance the dance of those before. Everybody dances along, some counting out the steps as they go and others free-styling because they haven't quite mastered it yet.
  • This test too, as a regulation, could be easily subverted by the addition of a nitrate compound.
  • The Black Lord sighed, his glowing eyes dimming. The mood vision changed to a calm sky of deep red streaked with glowing yellow clouds. "Do you believe these lies? I told you they would try to turn you against me. How else can they win? They cannot defeat you, so they try to subvert you. I formed your spirit myself. I created your soul, and housed it in that body so you might perform this task. Once it is over, you shall have a dark form, like mine, and we will rule together. Have I not always told you that? Do you doubt me?"
  • Idyll of the area is subverted by the omnipresence of the british military machine.
  • Light-handed approach subverts the original function and challenges our understanding of conventional systems of classification.
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