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Okunuşu: / səb’vəːsɪv / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: sub·ver·sive
Ekler: subversives
Türü: sıfat


s. tahrip edici, yıkıcı, altüst eden.

subversive için örnek cümleler:

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  • Dirty, sir, dirty! was the unenlivening answer, as the old master looked with one eye to windward, which just then was the south-west. In that direction thick clouds were gathering rapidly together, and hurrying headlong towards us, like, as Carstairs observed, "a band of fierce barbarians, rushing like a torrent down upon the plain." The sea grew darker and darker in hue, and then flakes of foam, white as the driven snow, blew off from the hitherto smooth surface of the ocean. The sea rose higher and higher, and the cutter, close-hauled, began to pitch into, them with an uneasy motion, subversive of the entire internal economy of landsmen.
  • The groups that have been waging a precarious struggle against Turkey's militarist and subversive circles have recently started to exhibit signs of incredible relaxation and lethargy as if the process has concluded.
  • Drawing attention to the fact that the policy Iran pursued in the post-revolution era has played a major role in contributing to the international communitys tendency to link Islam with violence and terrorism long before al-Qaedas heinous terrorist attacks, Keneş maintains that Tehran not only lent support to all kinds of subversive activities against the regimes of neighboring countries including Turkey, but also aided in all possible ways local and global terrorist organizations.
  • "Nineteen nobles, four jacks," he remarked, pouring the coins back into the pouch after a few moments of counting. Aiden had already started flipping through the documents he had been handed and he barely took note of Pacian's remark. The papers seemed to mention financial transactions on a large scale, but he was yet to find anything illegal or subversive about it.
  • - You have been charged with plotting to overthrow the State, of belonging to a subversive group, and of revolutionary attitudes. How do you intend to plea?
  • "Yeah," I said, "right. But there arent others around now." The statements Id reminded him of werent all, either. There had been his remarks about his association with the long-dead god who had started Abdicationism, a guy called Byron, remarks that had implied that Phlinn Arol might now be the main keeper of the flame. And Gash had told me to stay away from Phlinn because he was a subversive radical, too.
  • "Well, I think I do," he said, smiling. "Decidedly not. As Mr Reardon would say, it would be totally subversive of discipline. It couldn't be done. But one gentleman can of course apologise to another, and I do so most heartily. My dear Mr Herrick, I beg your pardon for being so unjust."
  • This picture further tells us that while the operational power of Ergenekon might have been undermined considerably, the Ergenekon terrorist organization and subversive juntas have their extensions and collaborators within various social groups and segments and state organizations, particularly the media, and these extensions are still alive and active.
  • 'Initial enquiries made by Mr Smith and his team indicate that, far from being a terrorist, Mr Yoosuf Ahmet is, in fact, a seller of kebabs. He is well known in St Kilda, as a hard-working and pleasant man who rarely takes time off and appears to have no links to any subversive groups in Melbourne; not that there are any there. He even votes for the Liberal Party,' Parker concluded eying Chalmers' bemused face with interest.
  • Ostensibly, this is a deeply subversive film: its hero is a suicide bomber.
  • We can't go on like this, said Thunderbags. "Our young people have begun fraternizing with the Canaanite young people. They're wearing flowers in their hair and bones in their noses, and they've formed a rock group called Bronze Camels. They're singing subversive songs."
  • The latent political charge of anti-discrimination legislation is laid bare in all its potentially subversive colors.
  • In the final issue of Blue Beetle (vol. 2), Nadia, one of Jaime Reyes' tech supports, is killed by the Kahji Dha Revolutionary Army, a subversive group of Reach Infiltrators inspired by Jaime's Scarab. Hector, Nadia's brother, angrily blames Jaime and leaves the country. It is revealed that Hector has bonded with Reach technology taken from the invaders, potentially granting him the same powers as Jaime, and that he has taken the alias "Joshua" based on "Djo Zha" the previous owner of his scarab, and a member of the KDRA. Joshua is the name used by the Black Beetle in his earliest appearances. The use of Hector is intended to cause speculation regarding the Black Beetle character, as future storylines evolve regarding the character. When Black Beetle finally confronts Jamie, he claims that he is indeed Hector, blaming Jamie for Nadia's death, but instantly retracts this statement, instead stating that he in fact killed Hector and stole his technology. In the following issue, he claims to be Jaime's future self, driven mad after being attacked by a brain-damaged Milagro.
  • Allegoryfilms are often subtle allegories of the totalitarian society and functioned as a subversive voice within state-controlled production.
  • This is a relatively new model and one with a truly subversive character.
  • The Ergenekon terrorist organization, subversive groups and their ubiquitous extensions do not waste a second in whitewashing these dreadful crimes. But are democrats sufficiently concerned about these efforts?
  • It is extremely revealing to follow discussions about subversive plots and groups like Sledgehammer and Ergenekon in terms of understanding their defenderscrooked mentality and attitudes.
  • Subsidiarity means more that developing national action plans to implement international targets: it is potentially more open, participatory, subversive and deviant.
  • It is extremely revealing to follow discussions about subversive plots and groups like Sledgehammer and Ergenekon in terms of understanding their defenderscrooked mentality and attitudes.
  • Of course none of these considerations would matter if anybody discovered that he was consorting with a bunch of Commie beatniks though, the Duke cagily reasoned inspired by an instinct for professional survival honed by decades of practice, he could always say that he was just spying on these characters and trying to find out what they were up to, having recognized them immediately, or almost immediately, as agents of the Red Menace: that would cover things up, and no one need be the wiser. He was just doing his duty as any red-blooded American would, stringing these fellows along until he could learn their true intentions, though it would be better if no one had noticed that he had come in with these subversive deviants or been riding with them, that would be the simplest way out, if he could get that lucky.
  • "I have had occasion recently to correct a certain tendency on your part to employing War Department property and the servants of the Crown for your own special use. I need hardly point out to you that such conduct on your part is subversive to discipline and directly contrary to the spirit and letter of regulations. More especially would I urge the impropriety of utilizing government telegraph lines for the purpose of securing information regarding your gambling transactions. Matters have now reached a very serious crisis, and I feel sure that you will see the necessity for refraining from these breaches of discipline.
  • The british censor found this film so subversive that he banned it for nineteen years.
  • The letter wasnt interesting only for its contents, either. Intrigued by Byrons openly subversive remarks, Leen had set out to learn more about him. Shed gone first to the standard suppressed sources, Pinks Compendium and the Divine Roster, and Men Into Myth to boot, but drawn a total blank. Even Acts and Actors, for all its demonstrated errors still the most readable general history, and with significant chunks of narrative that the others skipped as unsubstantiated hearsay, didnt have a smidgen.
  • Pasook gave him one of those thin grins that said many things, good humor not being among them; the kind of expression these folks all seemed very good at. Maybe they had a particular exercise regimen that included helpful facial muscle calisthenics. "So youve given up your subversive ways? Youre willing to join shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of us in exercising our power?"
  • "We believe you knew nothing." Lenas father says. "WeIam certain you knew nothing about him hiring subversives and Jews to fill positions at the markets."
  • Knowing what she was going to have to do didnt make her feel better. Mirie was going to face off against her mother, Anarions personal bodyguard, and the unknown human. She was going to be the only thing standing between the artifacts and the use of them by a subversive group of elves and humans.
  • Memorandum circulated within the organization outlining its subversive action policy.
  • The intention behind these dreadful murders could be discovered thanks to the Kafes (Cage) action plan with which the subversive junta members targeted non-Muslim citizens. This devilish plan sought to sponsor attacks against and murders of non-Muslims at a time when a political party with Islamic sensitivities was in power so as to discredit it in the eyes of the international community. They further intended to pave the way for a military takeover by provoking international reactions through such attacks and massacres. The recently uncovered attempt in İzmit is concrete proof that these plans have not been shelved altogether.
  • "They're godless, negative, backstabbing ambushers of everything good and true, subversive opponents of liberty, justice, and the American way."
  • Hasna's removal from the scene had, in it's own way, added to the comedic nature of events, and could only be blamed on the fact that the closest Australia had ever come to be being threatened by terrorism was in the nineteenth century by a certain Mr Ned Kelly, and the idea that someone was prepared to blow up St Kilda on behalf of International subversives was a far cry from Kelly's argument that the wages of an ever increasing police force had led to taxes so high that an honest Irishman could only get drunk every other day, and twice on Sunday. There was, simply, no precedent and, knowing this, the government had provided a document detailing a step-by-step approach to handling the perpetrator.
  • The groups who have always collaborated with subversive juntas have managed to turn this disillusion into opportunity. With the help of the media and the power of propaganda, these groups have been able to fabricate the image that those who plotted to overthrow the democratically elected government under the Balyoz (Sledgehammer) coup plan or those people who are accused of being members of the Ergenekon terrorist organization -- a clandestine organization nested within the state trying to overthrow or manipulate the democratically elected government -- are actually innocent but are being victimized by the judicial authorities. Making the best use of people's forgetfulness, these groups and the media outlets at their disposal are making fun of the memories and intellects of those who can still remember who is who and who is part of which anti-democratic schemes and attempts.
  • This successful whitewashing campaign alone is enough to show that the Ergenekon terrorist organization and the deep state organizations, whose networks spread even to business circles and media outlets, are alive and kicking. Moreover, neither Ergenekon nor the subversive tradition of the army and society consists solely of those who have been arrested and prosecuted so far. It is true that since the beginning of the criminal prosecution of Ergenekon members and coup perpetrators, no scandalous, politically motivated murders by unknown assailants have occurred in the country. But this does not mean that illegal, clandestine and shadowy affairs have come to an end. A brief look at the Uludere tragedy -- in which 34 civilians were mistaken for terrorists and killed by military airstrikes in Şırnak's Uludere district, due to false intelligence -- is enough to prove my case.
  • Could I then feel this deficiency at an epocha like the one in question: when means so despotic were daily adopted to curb the growing spirit of enquiry that despot ministers might pursue measures so tragical; so subversive of the order which they pretended to maintain, and so destructive to the happiness they were appointed to guard? Alas! the topics were so numerous, so melancholy, so almost maddening, that the man who would paint them truly must temper and rein-in his feelings with an iron arm: otherwise, imagination will so hurry him away that, while describing evils past, evils present, and evils impending, there is danger of his being deemed an incendiary.
  • As the cell door closed, Yoosuf looked around at his new home, happy, lonely and not a little bemused. He now knew that he was a terrorist prisoner; had been poked, prodded and strip-searched and been placed in a hotel room with a charge account that allowed almost everything except alcohol, which he didn't drink anyway. With curiosity, he turned on the TV to see what may, or may not be, too subversive or too exciting to watch. Football on Channel 10, motor racing on Channel 7 and what seemed to be a cooking show on Channel 9. ABC had a show about a sculptor who made things out of macaroni and the SBS channel was showing overseas news. 'News from Peru' was just finishing and the next offering to Australia's diverse population was about to begin. As he sat in the $3,000 leather sofa, hanging his left leg over the arm, something Hasna would never allow, he began to sway to the sounds of the next program. Middle Eastern music was emanating from the speaker and an earnest young Arabic man began reading the news from his own area of the world.
  • Aesthetics also be a subversive attempt to explore alternative child design esthetics.
  • News of the arrest had spread quickly. On its heels came speculations, which hardened into full-blown facts before the sun had risen to the middle of the sky. Jarin Huss, Pravik's oldest and most respected scholar and professor, had been charged with subversive activities against the Empire. His apprentice, ostensibly acting on his master's orders, had been charged with the murder of Princess Libuse.
  • Repression not every local organization or post-colonial immigrant organization has a politically subversive language.
  • This was one of her ploys, and not dangerous subversive talk. She fully understood the antagonisms inherent in the hierarchical council system and exploited it for her own benefit. ‘Im on your sideshe seemed to say, ‘you can trust me, not a word shall
  • Like all of Napoleon's speeches, it was short and to the point. He too, he said, was happy that the period of misunderstanding was at an end. For a long time there had been rumours-circulated, he had reason to think, by some malignant enemy-that there was something subversive and even revolutionary in the outlook of himself and his colleagues. They had been credited with attempting to stir up rebellion among the animals on neighbouring farms. Nothing could be further from the truth! Their sole wish, now and in the past, was to live at peace and in normal business relations with their neighbours. This farm which he had the honour to control, he added, was a co-operative enterprise. The title-deeds, which were in his own possession, were owned by the pigs jointly.
  • They are becoming increasingly subversive in how they target, particularly young people, with their evil message.
  • A subversive revolutionary or a stalinist stooge with a swiss bank account?
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